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From: doledec (sylvain@biomserv.univ-lyon1.fr)
Date: Tue Aug 21 2001 - 15:00:21 MEST

Dear Byungok Ahn,
You are not lucky because the paper you cite is again in French.
Fig.1 and Fig.2 of Barbaro et al. (2000) were made with Scatterclass:Stars.
This is the usual star graph resulting from a MCA with the plot of a
category label and a circle (environmental vs. trait) at the weighted
average of sites (vs. species) (small squares). Note that the current
version of Scatter Class does not allow an entirely correct graphs since no
weight option is available for positioning sites (vs. species).
Fig.3 uses the species scores from the RLQ analysis along the first two
axes (instead of one axis as in the RLQ doc).

Your data do not seem to follow this context since you use "fuzzy" traits.
We are being thinking of ways to represent the relationships between "fuzzy
traits" and environmental features. At the moment may I suggest you first to
identify whether your traits are correlated (see Thema 5D.pdf and
Thema5E.pdf). It might be in a first step that running several RLQ for each
trait could be helpful for you and would be a way of circumventing the
difficulties with graphical presentation.

All the very best,

PS: reading the paper by Barbaro et al. (2000), I saw that the citation of
ADE-4 was not correct. The present citation is
Thioulouse J., Chessel D., Dolédec S., & Olivier J.M. (1997)
ADE-4: a multivariate analysis and graphical display software.
Statistics and Computing, 7, 1, 75-83.

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Objet : RLQ graphics; sorry I forgot....
Date : Mar 21 aoû 2001 1:54

Unfortunately I have forgotten to write the following question:

The graphics (Fig. 1, 2, 3) presented in Barbaro et al. (2000): Résponses
fonctionnelles des.....- Can. J. Bot. 78: 1010-1020 seem to be an
alternative to plot the results of RLQ analysis.

Can anyone please point me how these graphics can be made?


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