From: Sara Mouro (
Date: Mon Dec 08 2003 - 18:27:00 MET

Dear all,

I am writing you all to know if someone as already received the error message: "file as not only 1 column" when trying to do the KTabUtil-InitKTab, when in fact it is a .txt file with ONLY 1 column.

After half an hour trying do demystify it, I could solve the problem via text-to-bin and then again bin-to-text...

But now not even doing all that my InitKTab recognizes only 1 column at the .txt file !!!
It considers 0 column and 299238299222... lines.

I have also tried to put that file in C:\ and to run the module directly from dir_exe, but it gives the same error message.

I would really appreciate if someone please have an(other) idea for solving this mystery...

Best regards
Sara Mouro.

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