From: Sara Mouro (
Date: Thu Dec 11 2003 - 17:18:44 MET

Dear all,

I did Co-inertia analysis for Table 1=SamplesxEnvir variables and Table 2=SamplesxSpp.

Could you please tell me how to plot samples and species abundance along the F1 co-inertia axis defined by the environmental variables?
I saw that in DolÚdec S and Chessel D 1994, Coinertia analysis: an alternative method for studying species-environment relationships. Freshwatre Biology 31.

I have already used module Scatters-Values + (file --.iil1) + (Spp as G values).
Could you please confirm this is really the graphic representation of the species abundances at samples positioned acording to the co-inertia F1/F2 axes defined by the environmental variables?

I would also appreciate to know how to use ADE4 for ploting samples at axisXX=(CoInertia axis F1 for species) and axisYY=(Coinertia F1 axis for environmental variables).
The idea (according to the same authors) is to plot samples at these axis so that to show correlation between the environmental ordination of samples and the species ordination of species.
Trying to do that, I did extract 1st column of --i.il1 and 1st column of --.iil2 to plot samples at other graph software.
Could you please tell me if it is correct?
Anyway I would prefer doing that at it possible?

Best regards.
Sara Mouro

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