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From: Bryanna (flaunted@yyahoo.com)
Date: Wed Aug 31 2005 - 03:00:08 MEST

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    Las Vegas Company grabs part of the Simulcast pie!
    The horse-racing industry is coming off its best year ever with a record $15.9 billion in bets placed. We in the USA are not the only gamblers.
    The rest of the world is betting on horses and ponies too. Simulcasting has changed the way making it easier
    to bet bringing you right to the front lines of the race.
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    Carnegie Cooke & Company, Inc.
    Symbol: CGKY
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    It's all about,
    International simulcast horse racing, gambling and betting
    Horse racing is fun, it's exciting and it's a HUGE money maker.
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    According to USA Today
    Galloping in the face of a soft economy, the horse-racing industry
    is coming off its best year ever with a record $15.9 billion in bets placed.
    Why is this? New technologies making betting much easier.
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    Expanded simulcasting. The ability to transmit races to cable TV channels,
    off-track gambling parlors and even the Internet has brought
    in a whole new remote-control audience for horse racing.
    This is a major reason for the sudden boom. People just love it.
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    Now back to Brazil for a moment,
    Carnegie Cooke & Company, Inc
    . (CGKY.PK) is in the process of acquiring
    two new locations in Niteroi, the island city adjoining Rio de Janeiro.
    Niteroi is one of the most affluent suburbs in Brazil.
    Its population is greater than 500,000 with a daily average of 300,000 commuters.
    These potential new locations are in addition to the existing domestic
    revenue generating OTB's currently being expanded in Campos and Macae.
    Carnegie Cooke recently signed a three year contract, with an option
    for three additional years, for exclusivity with the Jockey Club de Campos
    to operate both domestic and international simulcast signals related
    to the turf industry throughout the state of Rio de Janeiro.
    (Partial clip of the news. Make sure you go to any financial site
    to read the entire release)
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    LAS VEGAS, Carnegie Cooke & Company. Inc. (CGKY.PK) is a media and distribution company
    in the Brazilian turf industry. The Brazilian Department of Agriculture reports
    that in 2003 turf/gaming industry revenues were in excess of US $400 million,
    in local racing events, using un-mechanized facilities. Carnegie Cooke's Brazilian subsidiary
    has been granted the right by the Brazilian Association of Jockey Clubs
    and the endorsement of the Brazilian Government to mechanize Jockey Club facilities,
    and to implement international simulcast racing throughout Brazil.
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    You see how the horse racing industry was affected due to simulcasting as stated
    by USA Today in America, Carnegie Cooke & Company. Inc. says it's Brazils turn...

    Do we need to talk about how passionate many people are over horse racing?
    Gambling? Do we need to talk about how huge this industry is? WE think not.
    Companies didn't invest in major tracks around the world for no reason.
    Simulcasting didn't happen because there wasn't a major demand for it.
    Let's face it, Horse racing is fun, it's exciting and it's a HUGE money maker.
    Simulcasting can bring you right to the front line no matter where the race
    is being held.
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    Big watch in play Wednesday morning!
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    Put CGKY on your radar's now

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