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From: Drew (arousal@youngsengineering.co.uk)
Date: Sun Oct 02 2005 - 04:53:58 MEST

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    Allixon International Has Been Granted Venture Certification
    by Korean Government Small and Medium Business Administration
    Friday September 30, 4:01 pm ET

    Symbol: AXCP
    Price: $3.92
    Status: Strong Buy
    Rating: 5(5)
    Short Term Target: $7
    12month Target: $15

    *****Breaking News*****Breaking News*****Breaking News*****
    SEOCHO-KU, SEOUL, Korea, Sept. 30, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -
    Allixon International Corporation (Other OTC:AXCP.PK - News)
    is pleased to announce that it was granted venture certification
    by SMBA (Small and Medium Business Administration).
    The South Korean government, on an annual basis,
    grants special benefits to companies like Allixon International
    who continue to demonstrate innovation and investment within their field
    of expertise. Additional benefits include the ability for Allixon
    to apply for new technology development programs
    within the Korean government.

    Allixon's management was quick to point out that while this development
    is a continued positive step in the right direction for growth
    in their RFID sector, it does not represent a contract. Other benefits
    that can have an impact on a company's bottom line is the reduction
    in various corporate taxes for a specified period of time,
    and preferential interest and loans for equipment and management
    from government monetary facilities.

    Mr. Lee, CEO of Allixon International Corporation, said "The Small
    and Medium Business Administration approved Allixon International
    as a venture company based on Allixon International's commitment
    to RFID technology and their continued investment for research
    and development in RFID applications since 2003."

    Today we are issuing another ALERT on AXCP.
    But we think the fun is just beginning with this stock.
    It has been showing a steady move up on increasing volume.
    It appears to us that the stock is in an accumulation phase
    and might be ready for a big pop to new highs.
    *******PUT AXCP ON YOUR RADAR FOR Monday October 3, 2005**********

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