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From: Liam Mack (Tuscanize@zircoa.com)
Date: Mon Oct 10 2005 - 14:20:41 MEST

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    Best stock for Year 2005 - read the story and you will see for yourself.
    Get WWBP First Thing Monday, This Is Going To Explode next 2-3 days!!!

    Date: 10 Oct 2005
    Company: Worldwide Biotech & Pharmaceutical Company
    Stock: WWBP.OB
    Current Price: $1.93
    1 Week Target: $3 - $4
    Buy: "Strong"
    Expectations: Max

    About Worldwide Biotech & Pharmaceutical Company

    Worldwide Biotech & Pharmaceutical Co. ("WWBP") is a hi-tech biotech company
    with top-ranking pharmaceutical R&D abilities, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
    licensed manufacturing facilities and a well-established marketing network
    in China and Southeast Asia. The product range of WWBP covers Hepatitis C Virus (HCV)
    products, diagnostic medicines and Over-The-Counter (OTC) drugs.
    WWBP currently possesses 35,940 square meters of land and 5,359 square meters
    of GMP standard facilities. With strong pharmaceutical R&D abilities especially
    in the HCV field, WWBP has been known as the first biotech company in the world
    to hold the technology of culturing intact HCV in vitro by cell culture.

    WWBP has achieved a GMP production scale level of 10,000 ml for concentrated
    HCV material and 10 grams HCV antigen per month, which is expected
    to bring WWBP considerable gross sale revenue each year and greatly strengthen
    the company's R&D on anti-HCV drug screen and HCV human vaccine.
    WWBP had successfully reached two Memoriam of Understanding of Merger Agreements
    with pharmaceutical companies in China, all of which have scalable production
    and well-established sales networks, and the acquiring is expected
    to be finished before the end of September 2005. The acquisitions will strengthen
    WWBP's R&D abilities and production scale, as well as extend its marketing network
    throughout China and Southeast Asia. WWBP has been working closely
    with pharmaceutical research institutes, and has established connections
    with both central & local governments.

    When this Stock moves - WATCH OUT! This is your chance to get in
    while it is still low. Big watch in play this Monday morning!
    Put WWBP on your radar's now.

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