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From: Jean lobry (
Date: Sat Sep 17 2005 - 11:11:11 MEST

>Hi All
>I am PhD student of immunology and Have a good research Idea but I
>don't have any experience about working with ADE4 package. I
>appreciate you if you give me some help to do my job
>Thanks in advance

Dear all,

I do support this request, but I think it's a little bit too
specific. Fery is just asking for the implementation of the
function"good research idea"), and that
would be fine indeed.

Could you please implement something more generic? I would also
like a"great research idea") and also

Could you please upload the patch on CRAN before the end of
the week? I'm in a great hurry, so put this on the top of
the wish list.

Thanks in advance


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