Numerical output from mca, how?

From: Kent (
Date: Wed Nov 23 2005 - 10:22:38 MET

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    Hallo again adelist!


    You guys made the move to an R-environment while I was away. That's cool - I
    know nothing about R but I am willing to learn.


    BACKGROUND: I want to do a multiple correspondence analysis. I successfully
    load the data from a text file (, create the factors (mm) and
    execute the mca (dudi.acm):


    Select the number of axes: 2


    This is the output in R-window:

    [R output]

    Duality diagramm

    class: acm dudi

    $call: dudi.acm(df = mm)


    $nf: 2 axis-components saved

    $rank: 9

    eigen values: 1 0.2017 0.1598 0.1416 0.1275 ...

      vector length mode content

    1 $cw 24 numeric column weights

    2 $lw 201 numeric row weights

    3 $eig 9 numeric eigen values


      data.frame nrow ncol content

    1 $tab 201 24 modified array

    2 $li 201 2 row coordinates

    3 $l1 201 2 row normed scores

    4 $co 24 2 column coordinates

    5 $c1 24 2 column normed scores

    other elements: cr

    [/R output]


    QUESTION: How do I read/print the numerical output, for example the weights
    or the eigenvalues?

    print($cw), print(data.frame) or.?


    I have read the R manuals and searched the web, including the ade-4, seqinr
    and R mailing list archives.




    //Kent L. (ph.d.)


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    Address: Umea Univ., BVM, SE-90187 Umea, SWEDEN

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