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Date: Wed Nov 30 2005 - 19:06:35 MET

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    Kent a écrit :

    > c) You may of course export coordinates and import them into Microsoft
    > Excel. These xy coordinates are easy to display in an Excel graph.
    > However, it is not possible to plot dots with labels for each dot,
    > e.g. point xy1 with the name "AA", point xy2 with the name "BB" and so on.
    > To do this, you need to download and install ChartLabeler, a free
    > add-on for Excel. Read more here:
    I'm wondering WHY you want to export things from R to MS Excel,
    especially for graphs! (Eventually, from R to OOo Calc, but I still
    can't see the expected advantages of the export). R has very good
    graphic abilities.

    A nice example for your labels problem :

    logo <- read.pnm(system.file("pictures/logo.ppm", package="pixmap")[1])
    x <- rnorm(10)
    y <- rnorm(10,sd=.4)+x
    plot(x,y, type="n")
    for(i in 1:10){
        u <- runif(1)/10 + .1
        addlogo(logo, x[i]+c(-u,u), y[i]+c(-u,u), asp=1)
    points(x,y, pch=letters[1:10], col="darkred")



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