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From: Joseph Lane (
Date: Thu Dec 29 2005 - 06:10:12 MET

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    Today's stock notification is for RYNL.
    While reviewing a number of up and coming companies we came
    across this low entry investment stock that surprised
    with the stability and foundations for growth.

    Company: Reynaldo's Mexican Food Inc.
    Symbol: RYNL
    Date: Dec 29 2005
    Last price: $0.11
    Short Term Target: $0.5

    Reynaldo's Mexican Food Inc. (RYNL OTC:BB) has been
    in business for over 20 years supplying a wide variety
    of Mexican Foods. In their humble beginnings they began
    supplying prepared foods to industrial catering companies
    but in time expanded not only their list of products
    but their clientele.

    RYNL now supplies Mexican Cuisine from its multiple factories
    to Mexico and over 14 different states. They also distrinute
    through some of United states largest corporations, just go
    to their website to see a list of their business partners.

    Members, this is one solid company that has already
    show huge potential by their ability to expand and make all
    the right connections.

    Don't over look this solid stock. Add this one to your
    investment portfolio. You wont regret it.

    What Ever You Do...

    We give this to you again as a gift. This company is doing
    incredible things. They have cash and have made great
    strategic aquisitions. The current price is $0.11.
    Word on the street is this stock could take off at any moment.
    This company has dropped big news in the past, who's to say
    they dont have another big one brewing.


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