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From: Socorro Swift (atty@ci.garland.tx.us)
Date: Mon Jan 09 2006 - 01:45:22 MET

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    Dark Dynamite Inc. (DKDY OTCBB) Announces Huge Contract To Increase
    Theme Park Visitors and Annual Revenues.
    Friday January 6, 11:30 am ET

    Symbol: DKDY
    Previous: $1.61
    Fridays High: $2.00
    Last Trade: $1.93
    Price Increase: 51.52%
    Fridays Volume: 237,636 Shares
    Short Term: $3.10 - 3.50
    Long Term: $5.75 - $6.00
    Indicator: Strong Buy

    Friday Morning DKDY announced the agreement to begin nightly banquets in April 2006
    that are expected to increase visitors to the park by over 18000 per month, doubling
    its annual attendance and creating an increase in revenues by over $3.4 million dollars.

    This announcement sparked a large increase in trading where the volume increase by
    2000% over normal daily volumes and the price climbed from $1.61 to a high of $2.00,
    then closed at $1.93 at end of day.

    The announcement hit the market later in trading and thus the full impact of this
    announcement is yet to be seen. We believe DKDY will show huge growth continuing on
    through Monday bringing large returns in daily trading for our members.

    Last week was an exciting open to the 2006 Trading year, DKDY will continue to carry
    that excitement by bringing huge revenues to investors again this week.

    Read below the details of the agreement, planned banquet, and the theme park that is
    drawing so much attention to this rapidly increasing stock. Be sure to get in on this
    stock first thing Monday before the climb continues.

    The News On DKDY

    Dark Dynamite Inc. has reached a cooperation agreement with GreenTree Financial Group
    Inc. (''GreenTree''), a professional financial consulting firm focusing on China
    investment & financing businesses, for initiating a large-scale outdoor Qin dynasty
    Cultural Dinner Show program for performing Qin dynasty dancers and songs in the
    Theme Park of Qin E-Pang Palace (''the Theme Park'') from April 2006.

    Dark Dynamite Inc. contracts and operates the Theme Park of Qin E-Pang Palace
    ('the Theme Park') through its wholly owned subsidiary in China, Shannxi Kaida Tourism
    Co., Ltd., a professional tourism consultancy and management firm. The Theme Park was
    built up on the ruin of the historical Qin E-Pang Palace in year 2000, imitating the
    architectural style of the Qin E-Pang Palace, the most prestigious and largest palace
    built in Qin dynasty over 2,200 years ago. The architecture of the Theme Park principally
    composes of two parts, the E-Pang Palace and Six-state Palace, owning a total area of
    667,000 square meters and a total building area of 64,300 square meters. The Theme Park
    is not only an unparalleled scenic spot for recalling Qin dynasty culture for tourism in
    China, but also a multi-function leisure and entertainment center. The business divisions
    of the Theme Park include E-Pang Palace scenic spot, Six-state Palace Hot-spring and Film
    & TV base.

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