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From: Sal Carpenter (barbmart@cisco.com)
Date: Tue Jan 10 2006 - 00:11:25 MET

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    RYNL Climbs Again, And Is Set to Double!

    Company: Reynaldo's Mexican Food Inc.
    Symbol: RYNL (OTCBB)
    Monday Open: $0.
    Prev Price: $0.15
    Monday Close: $0.16
    Price Increase: 6.7%
    Short Term: $0.30 - $0.40
    Long Term: $1.50 - $1.75

    Why RYNL

    Before Christmas we began watching Reynaldo's Mexican Food Inc. (RYNL OTCBB)
    a producer of packaged Mexican Cuisine. From multiple factories RYNL
    distributes via several of the United States largest retail and grocery
    chains throughout Mexico and 14 different states. Go to the website and look
    at the list of huge partnerships with strategic distributors.

    These partnerships not only give them a great deal of stability and a strong
    market share but it also gives them the ability to continue expanding into
    an ever broader market through their partners avenues of distribution.


    This stock had some large volume and price jumps once their exposure to the
    the market increased. These increases have held ground throughout the holidays
    and today we saw another increase in price.

    With increasing demand for quality convenience food, and growing interest
    in this stock we believe we will see larger increases tomorrow and through
    the week.

    Indicator: B U Y

    Review the website and grab an opening buy in the morning. This is a low
    price walk in buy which we believe can easy double your investment
    dollar this week alone.

    Members, this is one solid company that has already show huge potential
    by their ability to expand and make all the right connections.

    Don't over look this solid stock. Add this one to your investment portfolio.
    You wont regret it."

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