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From: Nancy Tomlinson (bahts@cimedia.com)
Date: Wed Jan 18 2006 - 02:00:27 MET

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    CWTD Climbs another 23 cents, Price UP 32.5% Since Friday Morning And Heavy Trading UP 176%

    CWTD's announcement has created a fantastic stir in the market. Investors have been
    pushing up the volume and the price has been following.

    The announcement hit late Friday and has only started to create its waves this morning.
    Today we watched as the price climbed to a high of $1.62 from Fridays close of $1.36.

    Tomorrow we expect much of the same pushing the price to $2.00 and UP. Take a look at
    today’s stats and review last weeks announcement.

    Company: China World Trade Corporation
    Symbol: CWTD
    Previous: $1.36
    Monday Open: $1.43
    Monday Close: $1.59
    Monday High: $1.62
    Volume: UP 505327
    Short Term: $2.00 - $2.20
    Note: Volume And Price Increase
    Indicator: S T R O N G B U Y

    CWTD's corporate services are spread across the scale through their many divisions.
    Working with some of the largest corporations in the Asian market, combined with strategic
    alliances gives the foundation to continue expanding the their market share.

    How We See It:

    This company has continued to generate a growing interest among investors. Each time it
    releases news on its expansion or strategic changes, the stock soars giving both day traders
    and long term investors fantastic returns on there investments.

    We are looking forward to another climb in price and volume tomorrow. If you have not already
    jumped on this stock we think you should take advantage of it in the morning before it climbs
    any higher. For those of you have already gotten on board, tomorrow enjoy another prosperous day.

    Last Weeks Announcement:

    China World Trade Corporation Announces the Appointment of Chi Ming Chan as New CEO

    China World Trade Corporation announced today, the appointment of its new CEO,
    Chi Ming Chan. John Hui, the Company's current CEO will remain as Vice Chairman and Director
    of the Company and his role will be mainly focused on the Company's potential mergers and
    acquisitions strategy.

    Mr. Chan, Chief Executive Officer of China World Trade Corporation (CWTD) stated,
    "I am honored and excited to become CWTD's new chief executive officer and to help
    strategically steer the company to near-term growth and execution on management's
    corporate initiatives.... I have been involved with driving the company's operational
    activities for over a year and believe we have a strong position in China's travel
    industry. We also continue to maintain our position as the leading global platform
    and provider of value added services to international companies operating their
    businesses in China. I strongly believe in the market opportunities and look forward
    to aggressively pursuing our growth strategy...."

    Mr. Chan comes from an extensive background in strategic planning, corporate
    development, and project implementation as a Director and General Manager of the
    Registrant. Before joining the Registrant, Mr. Chan was a Corporate Development
    Strategist for Renren Holding Ltd., a publicly listed company on the Hong Kong Stock
    Exchange. Mr. Chan also founded Asian Information Resources Ltd. in 1995, which
    eventually listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1999.

    For More on CWTD or their new CEO go to the website.

    Good Night, and Happy Trading Tomorrow!

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