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From: Son Wyatt (alrey@club-internet.fr)
Date: Thu Jan 19 2006 - 19:13:25 MET

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    CWTD Price and Volume Climbs All Week. Todays Annoucement Will Push It Farther

    Company: China World Trade Corporation
    Symbol: CWTD
    Wed Close: $1.59
    Thurs High: $1.76
    Short Term: $2.25 - $2.50
    Interest: Hot News Release
    Indicator: S T R O N G B U Y

    CWTD, has had several recent annoucements and the stock has been pushing up steadly
    bring our members a constant healthy return on there investment. Tomorrow will be
    no different.

    As we have informed you over the last week, CWTD offers a number of diverse
    services for corporations of all sizes and specificly those in Asia who are moving
    into the international market (go to the website read about them as there are to many
    cover in this release). This fact makes todays annoucement so exciting.

    Today CWTD annouced they had great success in the recent "World Financial Trade Forum".
    This kind of event exposes them to a larger client base and helps them expand their
    already large client base.

    Tuesday this week we saw a 23 Cent jump in price and a 176% increase in Heavy Trading
    after the annoucment of the new CEO. With this annoucement we expect the same kind of
    Jump come Friday morning, and an end of day frenzy before the market closes for the
    weekend so get in on it early.

    Just read up on there release today.

    China World Trade Corporation Organizes The World Trade Financial Forum with Xinhua
    PR Newswire - Jan 19, 2006

    TIANHE, GUANGZHOU, China, Jan. 19 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- China World Trade Corporation
    (OTC Bulletin Board: CWTD) ("CWTD") announced today the successful completion of the
    World Trade Financial Forum, held on December 18, 2005 at Beijing's Landmark Tower
    building in China.

    "We are extremely pleased with the large number of participants at the World Trade
    Financial Forum," said Mr. William Tsang, Chairman of CWTD. "The conference was
    well-attended and included many small-and-medium-sized enterprises seeking to access
    the international capital markets. Many of the attendees gave positive feedback about
    the high quality of the presenting speakers and the invaluable information provided.
    This was yet another event that further demonstrates the execution of our vision to
    bridge the Chinese business community and the international markets. One of our main
    strategic initiatives will be to continue organize such high profile events to benefit
    the business community while at the same time further branding CWTD as a comprehensive
    platform in providing business value added services."

    The Forum was jointly held by CWTD and Xinhua PR Newswire. Guest keynote speakers
    included well-respected professionals from varied fields such as legal, accounting
    and financial public relations all jointly focused on addressing the opportunities
    and challenges for listed Chinese companies seeking to raise funds and becoming a
    publicly listed company in the U.S. Statistics published on one of the leading Chinese
    internet portals revealed the growing needs of Chinese enterprises seeking initial
    public offerings in the various capital markets around the world. In 2004, there were
    approximately 84 initial public offerings of Chinese companies, representing a 75%
    increase over 2003.

    Highlights of the Forum include keynote presentation from Mr. Yujie Chen, Director of
    Xinhua PR Newswire, Mr. Arnold Tinter, Accountant from Tinter Scheifley Tang, LLP and
    Mr. Stephen E. Rounds from the Law Office of Stephen E Rounds.


    This show, hosted by CWTD, was focused on exactly the services CWTD offers. You can
    imagine what a huge increase of clientelle this successful show will generate.

    Get in on e CWTD and have a great trading day.

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