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From: Rudolf Bowden (jbbawykfqr@mstate.com)
Date: Fri Jan 20 2006 - 14:00:45 MET

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    DKDY Climbs from a low of $0.65 Last Month to a High Today of $1.72


    Symbol: DKDY
    Date: 20 Jan 2006
    Current Price: $1.72
    Short Term: $2.75+
    Long Term: $3.75 - $4.25

    Since Dec 19, and DKDY made initial annoucements of the agreement
    to begin nightly banquets in April 2006 at Qin E - Pang Palace
    (''the T h e m e P a r k''), they have climbed nearly 300%
    providing traders with huge returns on their investments.

    As per contract agreements DKDY now recieves an Initial Investment
    of $296,000 To Initiate the nightly dance banquets In April.

    Mr. Lei Ming, Chairman and President of Dark Dynamite Inc.,
    commented, "The Dinner Show will revitalise the Qin dynasty dances
    and songs from over 2200 years ago, which is unparalleled in China...
    It is estimated that the Dinner Show will bring in an increase
    of 18,000 tourists per month, as well as a income growth of

    DKDY has been managing the operations of the park and thus
    benifit from the increase in park revenues and traffic due
    to the banquets, dance shows, and the new highway making
    the park more accessable to tourists.

    Our Take On It.

    DKDY is a solid company with a number of influencial divisions
    internationally. There climb from $0.65 has certainly excited
    our members and brought them great returns. With Announcements
    of their curent projects proceeding as planned and increases
    in revenue following we expect to see more price jumps tomorrow
    and Wed.

    The News:

    DKDY is in schedule and recieving initial investments of $296,000 USD
    to produced the banquets listed in last weeks announcement.

    Last Week DKDY announced the agreement to begin nightly banquets
    in April 2006 that are expected to increase visitors to the park
    by over 18000 per month, doubling its annual attendance
    and creating an increase in re venues by over $3,400,000.00.

    Happy Trading Members! Enjoy the Ride, it's a good one..

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