@mail addresses of the staff of MHNG

From: Claude Weber (weber@dns1.ville-ge.ch)
Date: Wed Mar 13 1996 - 08:19:29 MET

The server <ville-ge.ch> is actually in reorganization.

Please note that since the beginning of March we have lost all messages
sent to the previous address <@musinfo.ville-ge.ch>, without feedback

We have now a provisional address:

               <<<<<<<<<<<<<< @mail.ville-ge.ch >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

instead <@musinfo.ville-ge.ch>.

As soon as possible, the definitive one will be communicate to you.

<@dns1.ville-ge.ch> is also provisionally still valid.

Claude Weber
Assistant Curator

Museum of Natural History of Geneva
Dpt. of Herpetology & Ichthyology
CP 6434 1211 Geneva 6 Switzerland
Voice: ++ 41 22 735.91.30
Fax: ++ 41 22 735 34.45


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