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Date: Sat May 17 1997 - 18:54:22 MET DST

>1) In the ACP I can't convert in binary (TEXT->BINARY) the file.txt, with
>decimal number (decimal donneÚs)?

This is probably a problem with the text file. Did you check that the
decimal mark was a dot (.) and not a comma (,) ? If it comes from Excel,
check that there is no empty cells. Make a try with a small text file
(just 5 lines and 2 or 3 columns). Try to use ADETrans.exe instead of
TextToBin.exe. Try to use the data sets provided with the WinPlus
interface to check that your installation of ADE-4 is correct.

>2) When I make SCATTERS I can't change the value of the axis, also if in the
>label I write "1" to obtain the correlation circle, on the grafic the values
>are different from 1. This is a very big problem when i want match two
>scatters (AFC)

You must also set the minimum and maximum of abscissa and ordinates to
(-1,+1),(-1,+1) in the "Min & Max" window (in the "Windows" menu).

Note that you probably don't want to use a correlation circle if you are
doing a correspondence analysis.

>3) In Lyon I learn to do the ELLIPSE GRAPH and the ELLIPSE GROUP (ACP),
>now I can't find the command to make the second one.

Sorry, I don't understand what you mean. I leave this one to someone else...

>4) In ACM: CATEGVAR.exe, input file.bin and output O.K. Then
> I don't Know why but the program QUIT.

At which moment does it quit ? How many rows and columns does file.bin have ?
Are you sure that CategVar.exe runs fine ? Check the output files.


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