Re: Logiciels universitaires, freeware et ouverture

From: Federico Spinazzi (
Date: Wed Jan 07 1998 - 09:21:24 MET

Here I am. Happy new year.

I'm reading the e-mails of the last part of december.

The WEB site of ADE-4 was so stimulating for me that I decided to
contribute in some way to it.

Some weeks ago I wrote an e-mail to ADELIST about a contribution section
for ADE.
Then I started to study C/C++ (I'm using DJGPP) and I decided to try with
a DOS program for Bray-Curtis ordination.

I am working on it quite hardly. I really hope that it could be usefull,

I have a lot of other ideas about software to write, but a lot of bug in
my knowledge of C/C++, especially user interface.

Well, what do I want to say ?

The freeware concept or philosophy could stimulate one's creativity and
could be an occasion for learning many, many things.

If I think that sources of ADE are avaiable, I think that, for example, it
could be good to port it on DOS (at least computational modules)...

Federico Spinazzi

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