Re: Logiciels universitaires, freeware et ouverture

From: Federico Spinazzi (
Date: Wed Jan 07 1998 - 11:47:10 MET

Well, I know the problem of file extensions.

A DOS port means that it is necessary to make new conventions for
extension for it.

However: DJGPP allows to access all the memory fisically avaiable (up
to 2GB !) even if under DOS
and, I think that memory avaiable would be the maior limitation on a
DOS system, not file extension.

Pheraps we mean two different thing for DOS port:
Jean means a DOS port,
I mean 'porting the tools avaiable in ADE to DOS program'

For me, new to numerical computations, for example, the difficult to write
a program for various PCA is in the avaiability of numerical routines.

I'm trying with the meschach library, but, of course, code already written
for that particular pourpose (e.g.: ADE sources) could be more

I really don't pretend to port ADE on DOS, of course...

Federico Spinazzi

On Wed, 7 Jan 1998, Jean Thioulouse wrote:

> Federico Spinazzi <> writes :
> >If I think that sources of ADE are avaiable, I think that, for example, it
> >could be good to port it on DOS (at least computational modules)...
> Unfortunately, ADE-4 is not compatible with DOS or Windows 3. I worked on
> this problem a while ago, but the limitation of filenames to 8+3 characters
> is very difficult to get round. ADE-4 makes heavy use of filename extensions
> and this is completely incompatible with DOS.
> Jean
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