Bye !

From: Federico Spinazzi (
Date: Fri Jul 03 1998 - 11:28:43 MET DST

I would like to say bye bye to all the people here around. (I'm leaving
for 10 month civil service in a three days.)

I would like to thanks all the people who care my questions here,
especially D.Chessel and J.Thoulouse.

I plan to write some program (I'm working on them) as I've said in the
past. I've had a lot of trouble with basic I/O routines, just to say, so
I stopped when I was on the way. Now I have resolved some problems so, if
I'll have time to work on them I'll announce my work also here (given
that's OK)

To Jean (and anybody interested): if it could be usefull for ADE
developement, I've written some ANSI C function that could recognize and
read in memory at run-time:

(ASCII) data with/without columns labels, with/without row labels,
with/without comments, with/without class specifiers for some columns,
allowing blank lines in the data, not recognizing missing data.

They could recognize the format run-time, so there is no need to specify
anything. Moreover, data file are always valid gnuplot datafiles ;-)

Even if far from perfect, they are quite robust.

My dream is to work on an ADEsheet.exe module wich could be usefull to
data management. I would plan to use DELPHI or C++ BUILDER, but, for the
moment it is only a project, and it will be difficult to port to MAC.
Any comment ?

If someone is interested in my program for Bray-Curtis Ordination (with a
little postscript manual and examples) could write me. It is possible to
put it somewhere on the ADE WEB pages while I have no access to e-mail ?

Well, basically, thank for all your work and support.


Federico Spinazzi

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