statistical aid in COA

From: Dr Santos Alonso Alegre (
Date: Thu Oct 29 1998 - 19:32:26 MET

Hi everyone,

could somebody enlighten me about the use and interpretation of the
statistical support given by "rows:inertia analysis" and "columns: inertia
analysis" (absolute and relative contributions)? I use allele frequency
data for a series of populations, and I would like to know which is the
relationship between these values and the bootstrap values normally used
when building population trees (Neighbor-Joining or whatever).

On the other hand,I've been receiving contradictory opinions on which
method (Correspondence analysis or Principal Components) are more
informative for this kind of data (rows:populations, columns: allele
frequency data). Could anybody be so generous to share with me the virtues
and/or inconveniences of one and the other for these purposes?

thanks in advance

santos alonso
div. genetics. QMC Univ Nottingham

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