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From: Jean Thioulouse (
Date: Fri Jan 22 1999 - 10:24:44 MET

Agustin Lobo <> wrote:
>As they are actually pasting ADE output, could it be that they
>switched to a different file and did not notice it?

No, this is a bug in the program. The value 4 is written whatever
the number of components. Note that this is only a problem in the
listing. The file itself has the right number of columns.

>1. Could I plot the *_PLS2mod components against the original Y variables
>using ADE? (The example in p.11 of the "fiche" seems to imply a 3rd variable
>(default=1,2,3,...n). I just want an scatter plot for each
>(component,variable) pair.

This is possible with the ADEScatters module, which is unfortunately
only available in the Macintosh version of ADE-4. You can however
do it with the Curves module but one variable at a time (i.e., all
components for one variable, or conversely).

>2. Is there any way to get docs by Tenenhaus (93,95 and 97...)?

You may ask them directly to him :

Note that he also recently published a book on PLS regression (in French),
which should be easily available :

Tenenhaus, M. (1998). La régression PLS. Technip, Paris.

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