Re: EcoTabCoding

From: Jean Thioulouse (
Date: Mon Feb 15 1999 - 17:43:07 MET

Agustin Lobo <> ecrit:
>Si la date est a peu-pres (more or less) as you have
>on your disc, then you just need to make a list
>ordered by date (i.e., using the win explorer or the
>unix ls -l), save it (cut and paste) to a text
>file and post it on your server.
>Can't do it myself as you are the only one with
>the most up-to-date files!

Well, in fact anybody can do it : just connect to the server
by FTP, go to the desired directory (for example /pub/mac/ADE/ADE4/
SeparateModulesForWindows95), get a listing and sort it by date.

You can also do it with a Web browser : just type the right URL, for
example :

You'll get the listing for this directory. Copy/paste it into, e.g.,
Excel and sort it by date.


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