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Date: Thu Jul 29 1999 - 15:45:35 MET DST

Several colleagues from the R-help list have indicated
me this software for high-dimensional data. I'm very
impressed. There is also an R interface.
The installation was very simple.

The URL is:


XGobi is a data visualization system for viewing
       high-dimensional data.
       The authors are
              Deborah F. Swayne (AT&T Labs),
              Di Cook (Iowa State University), and
              Andreas Buja (AT&T Labs).
       Copyright of most code belongs to Bellcore, where much
       of the work was done.

       XGobi is FREELY AVAILABLE from this page, see

       XGobi's primary views are SCATTERPLOTS and LINE
       DRAWINGS whose points and lines can be brushed and
       identified across LINKED VIEWS.

       XGobi's auxiliary views include a PARALLEL
       COORDINATE window and a case list window with text labels, both
linked to the primary scatterplot window.

       XGobi has LINKED SCATTERPLOT MATRICES. See Di Cook's web page on
this topic.

       XGobi features INTERACTIVE DYNAMIC GRAPHICS: realtime zoom and
pan, 3-D data rotations, grand
       tours, correlation tours, projection pursuit, and more.

       XGobi can be used as a simple HIGH-DIMENSIONAL DRAWING PROGRAM:
Data points in p-dimensional
       space can be moved around manually, and lines can be drawn to
connect points.

       XGobi can handle MISSING VALUES !

       XGobi can be run on a PC running Windows -- with a little effort.

       XGobi supports REMOTE PROCEDURE CALLS (RPCs) as a means for
interprocess communication (IPC).

There is also the following one for MDS, but have not tried it yet

XGvis is an interactive visualization system for proximity
       data as well as for graphs and networks.
       The authors are:
              Andreas Buja (AT&T Labs).
              Deborah F. Swayne (AT&T Labs),
              Michael L. Littman (Duke University),
              Nathaniel Dean (Rice University),
       Copyright of much of the code belongs to Bellcore, where
       the work was begun.


       XGvis uses XGobi as its VISUALIZATION ENGINE.

       (MDS) to analyze
              dissimilarity data (to produce maps of objects),
              multivariate data (for dimension reduction), and
              discrete graphs (for graph layout).

       Some XGvis FEATURES:
              Metric MDS with
              power transformations,
              power weights,
              animation of MDS optimization and interactive stepsize
              within/between/anchored MDS with regard to groups defined
by brushing colors and glyphs (includes
              multidimensional unfolding),
              lower and upper trimming of dissimilarities,
              missing dissimilarity handling,
              hand-editing of configurations,
              viewing of configurations with 3D rotations and grand
              linked views of covariates,
              saving and printing of configurations,
              XGobi window for Shepard diagram of fit ...

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