Volume 8 : Spatial statistics

Thema 8.1: Spatial structure analysis of heterogeneous point patterns: examples of application to forest stands.

Abstract: Classical tools for spatial structure analysis, like Ripley's function, are only defined for homogeneous point patterns. Ecological reality is often more complex and presents various sources of heterogeneity that can alter the results of spatial structure analysis.
This topic documentation introduces a method to analyze in a simple way the spatial structure of heterogeneous point patterns using the modules Ripley and Density of ADS. The basic points take up the works developed in Goreaud & Pélissier (1999), Goreaud (2000) and Pélissier & Goreaud (2001).

Thema 8.2: Spatial structure analysis of bivariate point patterns

This documentation is actually in course of writing and will introduce to the use of the module Intertype of ADS. You can nevertheless download the PhD Thesis of François Goreaud (in French):
Apports de l'analyse de la structure spatiale en forêt tempérée à l'étude et la modélisation des peuplements complexes.


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