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Distribution of Alpine plants in Aravo (Valloire, France)


This dataset describe the distribution of 82 species of Alpine plants in 75 sites. Species traits and environmental variables are also measured.




aravo is a list containing the following objects :


is a data.frame with the abundance values of 82 species (columns) in 75 sites (rows).


is a data.frame with the measurements of 6 environmental variables for the sites.


is data.frame with the measurements of 8 traits for the species.


is a vector with full species names.


The environmental variables are:

Aspect Relative south aspect (opposite of the sine of aspect with flat coded 0)
Slope Slope inclination (degrees)
Form Microtopographic landform index: 1 (convexity); 2 (convex slope); 3 (right slope); 4 (concave slope); 5 (concavity)
Snow Mean snowmelt date (Julian day) averaged over 1997-1999
PhysD Physical disturbance, i.e., percentage of unvegetated soil due to physical processes
ZoogD Zoogenic disturbance, i.e., quantity of unvegetated soil due to marmot activity: no; some; high

The species traits for the plants are:

Height Vegetative height (cm)
Spread Maximum lateral spread of clonal plants (cm)
Angle Leaf elevation angle estimated at the middle of the lamina
Area Area of a single leaf
Thick Maximum thickness of a leaf cross section (avoiding the midrib)
SLA Specific leaf area
Nmass Mass-based leaf nitrogen content
Seed Seed mass


Choler, P. (2005) Consistent shifts in Alpine plant traits along a mesotopographical gradient. Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research, 37,444–453.


coa1 <- dudi.coa(aravo$spe, scannf = FALSE, nf = 2)
dudienv <- dudi.hillsmith(aravo$env, scannf = FALSE, nf = 2, row.w = coa1$lw)
duditrait <- dudi.pca(aravo$traits, scannf = FALSE, nf = 2, row.w = coa1$cw)
rlq1 <- rlq(dudienv, coa1, duditrait, scannf = FALSE, nf = 2)

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