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Phylogenetic trees in Newick format


This data set contains various exemples of phylogenetic trees in Newick format.



Format is a list containing 14 character strings in Newick format.


Trees 1 to 7 were obtained from the URL

Trees 8 and 9 were obtained by Cl?mentine Carpentier-Gimaret.

Tree 10 was obtained from Treezilla Data Sets .

Trees 11 and 12 are taken from Bauwens and D\'iaz-Uriarte (1997).

Tree 13 is taken from Cheverud and Dow (1985).

Tree 13 is taken from Martins and Hansen (1997).


Bauwens, D. and D\'iaz-Uriarte, R. (1997) Covariation of life-history traits in lacertid lizards: a comparative study. American Naturalist, 149, 91–111.

Cheverud, J. and Dow, M.M. (1985) An autocorrelation analysis of genetic variation due to lineal fission in social groups of rhesus macaques. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 67, 113–122.

Martins, E. P. and Hansen, T.F. (1997) Phylogenies and the comparative method: a general approach to incorporating phylogenetic information into the analysis of interspecific data. American Naturalist, 149, 646–667.


radial.phylog(newick2phylog([[7]]), circ = 1,
 clabel.l = 0.75)

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