sco.match {ade4}R Documentation

1D plot of a pair of numeric scores with labels


Draws evenly spaced labels, each label linked to the corresponding values of two numeric score.


sco.match(score1, score2, label = names(score1), clabel = 1, 
    horizontal = TRUE, reverse = FALSE, pos.lab = 0.5, wmatch = 3, 
    pch = 20, cpoint = 1, boxes = TRUE, lim = NULL, grid = TRUE, 
    cgrid = 1, include.origin = TRUE, origin = c(0, 0), sub = "", 
    csub = 1.25, possub = "bottomleft")


score1 a numeric vector
score2 a numeric vector
label labels for the score
clabel a character size for the labels, used with par("cex")*clabel
horizontal logical. If TRUE, the plot is horizontal
reverse logical. If horizontal = TRUE and reverse=TRUE, the plot is at the bottom, if reverse = FALSE, the plot is at the top. If horizontal = FALSE, the plot is at the right (TRUE) or at the left (FALSE).
pos.lab a values between 0 and 1 to manage the position of the labels.
wmatch a numeric values to specify the width of the matching region in the plot. The width is equal to wmatch * the height of character
pch an integer specifying the symbol or the single character to be used in plotting points
cpoint a character size for plotting the points, used with par("cex")*cpoint. If zero, no points are drawn
boxes if TRUE, labels are framed
lim the range for the x axis or y axis (if horizontal = FALSE), if NULL, they are computed
grid a logical value indicating whether a grid in the background of the plot should be drawn
cgrid a character size, parameter used with par("cex")* cgrid to indicate the mesh of the grid
include.origin a logical value indicating whether the point "origin" should belong to the plot
origin the fixed point in the graph space, for example c(0,0) the origin axes
sub a string of characters to be inserted as legend
csub a character size for the legend, used with par("cex")*csub
possub a string of characters indicating the sub-title position ("topleft", "topright", "bottomleft", "bottomright")


The matched call.


Stephane Dray



Worked out examples

> library(ade4)
> ### Name: sco.match
> ### Title: 1D plot of a pair of numeric scores with labels
> ### Aliases: sco.match
> ### Keywords: multivariate hplot
> ### ** Examples
> sco.match(-5:5,2*(-5:5))

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