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French Worker Survey (1970)


The worksurv data frame gives 319 response items and 4 questions providing from a French Worker Survey.




This data frame contains the following columns:

  1. pro: Professional elections. In professional elections in your firm, would you rather vote for a list supported by?

  2. una: Union affiliation. At the present time, are you affiliated to a Union, and in the affirmative, which one?

  3. pre: Presidential election. On the last presidential election (1969), can you tell me the candidate for whom you havevoted?

  4. pol: political sympathy. Which political party do you feel closest to, as a rule ?


The data frame worksurv has the attribute 'counts' giving the number of responses for each item.


Rouanet, H. and Le Roux, B. (1993) Analyse des donn?es multidimensionnelles. Dunod, Paris.


Le Roux, B. and Rouanet, H. (1997) Interpreting axes in multiple correspondence analysis: method of the contributions of points and deviation. Pages 197-220 in B. J. and M. Greenacre, editors. Visualization of categorical data, Acamedic Press, London.


acm1 <- dudi.acm(worksurv, row.w = attr(worksurv, "counts"), scan = FALSE)

if(adegraphicsLoaded()) {
  s.class(acm1$li, worksurv)
} else {
  par(mfrow = c(2, 2))
  apply(worksurv, 2, function(x) s.class(acm1$li, factor(x), attr(worksurv, 'counts')))
  par(mfrow = c(1, 1))

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