(data stored in ACNUC7820 zone)

EMBL: AC098483

ID   AC098483; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 177865 BP.
AC   AC098483; AL391534;
DT   26-OCT-2001 (Rel. 69, Created)
DT   04-JAN-2002 (Rel. 70, Last updated, Version 2)
DE   Homo sapiens chromosome 1 clone RP11-438F14, complete sequence.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-177865
RA   Kaul R.K., Olson M.V., Zhou Y., James R.A., Raymond C., Haugen E.D.;
RT   "Direct Submission";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-177865
RA   Kaul R.K., Olson M.V., Raymond C., Haugen E.D.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (23-OCT-2001) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Center, University of Washington, Box 352145, Seattle, WA 98195, USA
RN   [3]
RP   1-177865
RA   Kaul R.K., Olson M.V., Zhou Y., James R.A., Raymond C., Haugen E.D.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (03-JAN-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Center, University of Washington, Box 352145, Seattle, WA 98195, USA
DR   MD5; 059a0846f5dcb5f977ed5b27bc3df11a.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000018.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000183310; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000189181; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC098483.2:1-177865; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000328782; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000342623; homo_sapiens.
DR   GOA; A6ND48.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:19575; OR14I1.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:31256; OR2T34.
DR   InterPro; IPR000276; GPCR_Rhodpsn.
DR   InterPro; IPR000725; Olfact_rcpt.
DR   InterPro; IPR017452; GPCR_Rhodpsn_7TM.
DR   RFAM; RF00019; Y_RNA.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; A6ND48; O14I1_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q8NGX1; O2T34_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A075B732; A0A075B732_HUMAN.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A494C0A1; A0A494C0A1_HUMAN.
CC   On Jan 3, 2002 this sequence version replaced gi:16328289.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: University of Washington Genome Center
CC   Center Code: UWGC
CC   Web site: http://www.genome.washington.edu
CC   Contact: uwgchtgs@u.washington.edu
CC   Drafting Center: SC
CC   -------------- Project Information
CC   Center project name: chr-1
CC   Center clone name: RP11-438F14 (sc0161)
CC   ------------- Summary Statistics
CC   Sequencing vector: plasmid; L08752; 100% of reads
CC   Chemistry: Dye-terminator Big Dye; 100% of reads
CC   Assembly program: Phrap; version 0.990319
CC   Consensus quality: 177789 bases at least Q40
CC   Consensus quality: 177858 bases at least Q30
CC   Consensus quality: 177865 bases at least Q20
CC   Insert size: 177849; sum-of-contigs
CC   Quality coverage: 7.6x in Q20 bases; sum-of-contigs
CC   --------------.
CC   Overlapping Sequences:
CC   5':  RP11-407H12 (UWGC:sc0688) AL358874
CC   3':  Mapping in progress
CC   --------------------
CC   Sequence Quality Assessment:
CC   This entry has been annotated with sequence quality
CC   estimates computed by the Phrap assembly program.
CC   All manually edited bases have been reduced to quality zero.
CC   Quality levels above 40 are expected to have less than
CC   1 error in 10,000 bp.
CC   Base-by-base quality values are not generally visible from the
CC   GenBank flat file format but are available as part
CC   of this entry's ASN.1 file.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were either double-stranded or sequenced with an
CC   alternate chemistry or covered by high quality data (i.e., Phred
CC   quality >= 30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing
CC   problems, such as compressions and repeats; all regions were
CC   covered by at least one plasmid subclone or more than one M13
CC   subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by restriction digest.
CC   --------------------
CC   Sequence Validation:
CC   This sequence has been validated by Multiple Complete Digest
CC   fingerprinting. Comparison of the experimentally derived digest
CC   fragments with sequence-predicted fragments is given below.
CC   The electronically-digested sequence consists of both insert and
CC   vector, in order to accurately represent the entire circular BAC.
CC   Small fragments below a variable cutoff (approximately 400-800 bp)
CC   are not resolved in the fingerprint and hence do not appear
CC   in the table. There are no significant remaining discrepancies
CC   between the experimental and predicted values. Uniquely ordered
CC   fragments are separated by dashed lines.
CC   BglII                 EcoRI                HindIII
CC   -------------------   -------------------   -------------------
CC   SeqDerMap  FngrPrnt   SeqDerMap  FngrPrnt   SeqDerMap  FngrPrnt
CC   ---------  --------   ---------  --------   ---------  --------
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   6622      6388        8696      8822        5834      5709
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   2067      2146           6      <800        6382      6463
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   4428      4673        1147      1143         512      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   5977      5833        3738      3635         449      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   5951      5833         105      <800        2030      1979
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   2648      2581         802       809        3178      3301
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   961       965        2806      2887         643      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   5180      4962        1166      1143        9246      9131
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   2464      2581        1124      1143         282      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   5503      5833        4962      4914        2919      2952
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   2140      2146        3943      4067        2263      2274
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   4447      4223        2200      2191        3574      3619
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   847       850        4168      4067          35      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   2229      2325        2342      2374        6436      6463
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   1045      1053        6480      6501        4700      4706
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   1128      1120        1721      1744         588      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   2373      2325        8305      8253        4579      4512
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   352      <800         518      <800        4394      4364
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   202      <800         883       909        1662      1608
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   2273      2325         459      <800        1627      1608
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   557      <800        1085      1143        1333      1315
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   592      <800         556      <800        6089      6077
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   3400      3336        1527      1481        4162      4161
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   1324      1278         535      <800         490      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   1234      1182        1275      1250         589      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   224      <800        2556      2550          21      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   1658      1591         555      <800        7711      7778
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   956       965         578      <800         257      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   2571      2581        2294      2374        1204      1169
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   1143      1120        1483      1481         225      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   1085      1120        2091      2191        2873      2952
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   9634      9789         572      <800        2727      2717
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   4054      4010          32      <800        2661      2717
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   1071      1120        1137      1143        3011      2952
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   836       850        4208      4067        2391      2483
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   121      <800        1474      1481         604      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   1296      1278        2657      2675        5034      4955
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   4247      4223         443      <800        6444      6463
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   1108      1120        5072      4914         607      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   1592      1591        1523      1481       20573     20626
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   438      <800        4023      4067        1774      1781
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   1205      1120        3365      3334        2328      2483
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   1906      1960        1165      1143        1801      1781
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   1971      1960        3819      3635        3035      2952
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   4407      4673        1931      1968        3919      3929
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   5464      5353         414      <800        3948      3929
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   313      <800        3527      3635         259      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   4833      4962        1196      1250         266      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   3392      3336        8929      8822        2504      2483
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   4784      4962         202      <800        3248      3301
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   5187      5353        7104      7041        8210      8181
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   8773      8785         437      <800        2253      2274
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   2355      2325        1173      1143        1510      1480
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   1294      1278        3570      3635          40      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   2349      2325        8637      8822        1172      1169
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   2218      2325        2906      2887         379      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   1017      1053        1180      1143         323      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   2120      2146         931       909         596      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   2002      2146        2443      2550         152      <800
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   4318      4475        6928      7041        4724      4706
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   1210      1182        1265      1250        3390      3301
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   2195      2325        2637      2675        1977      1979
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   551      <800        1540      1481        6536      6463
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   4289      4010          10      <800        1881      1979
CC   ---------             ---------             ---------
CC   1697      1591         178      <800
CC   ---------             ---------
CC   2115      2146        7065      7041
CC   ---------             ---------
CC   1518      1591        2591      2675
CC   ---------             ---------
CC   7221      7121        4026      4067
CC   ---------             ---------
CC   7882      7843        1727      1744
CC   ---------             ---------
CC   54      <800
CC   ---------
CC   2305      2374
CC   ---------
CC   3736      3635
CC   ---------
CC   1180      1143
CC   ---------
CC   5857      5686
CC   ---------
CC   1289      1250
CC   ---------.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..177865
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="1"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI human BAC library 11"
FT                   /clone="RP11-438F14"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   misc_feature    140666..140915
FT                   /note="Single subclone region"
SQ   Sequence 177865 BP; 57542 A; 34263 C; 34080 G; 51980 T; 0 other;
     gaattcacta atgactcagg ctgcctcttc acaaataccc tgtccagctg gcacctcttc        60
     aatatacttt tagcaaacaa aatgatgaat atccaattta acaaaaacga gggaaaagaa       120
     gcctggttaa atttgtcttc taggatattc ttatgtgatt ttcctcctcc agtaatggag       180
     aggagagttg ggaactgagc agaacatgct gaggagcaca tgtttttatt tacaatatgc       240
     aagtagagaa gtagttctac aggaagcgtc acatgtacaa atgcattatt cctgataacc       300
     cgagcaacac agcataggaa agaatgtacc tgtgtcagag tctcaatcaa tttacatgga       360
     atatggcccc agggcaaaag atgtggcatt taaaggaaag aaatagctcc aggtgaaaag       420
     acaaccatgt gtaaagcaat gatatgaaca caatatgtag aaaaacctac atatgaattg       480
     tgaagcaacc attttcaaag acaaactcac atccatttaa ggtaatatgg aatacaaatc       540
     ccactgaaaa taaaatcaaa ttattactgt atacaataaa ttcaaacata attcagaaaa       600
     aaatagaata tctgcttatt gctgaaatta gcatctttag ctgtaagtta tttgcaccca       660
     aaaggaaacc agaaaataat agatataaca taggcaaagc aacctaaaaa aactacttaa       720
     ctgcagatga aaatgggaac acatttgaaa ataaaatcct gttactactt tcttgaattt       780
     agagctttcc tatgatatgg atatgtttat actgctttta taatcatcat acatgtataa       840
     tttcatacta tttttattta taatgtgagc atttttctga ttaatctaaa aaatatccac       900
     catttattaa aaatcttccc tataattgaa taacatgagt agtttctctt ttttaaatac       960
     ctacattgag catacttttg tttgtgaatg cttataatta tgtacttata atgtatttta      1020
     taaatacaat tagtaaatct aaaacaggta cacatcagtc aatttgcaca cattactagc      1080
     ttgatctgca gaacacgttt tcaaaggatg cgccaagaaa aaaactatca cttagttaaa      1140
     tgaccattca gtattgcaat tatttaaaaa ctatacaatg agaatgctgt aataagtata      1200
     tggttccacc actccaaaca ccatgaattt tttttaaaag atatttttaa gaaaaaataa      1260
     aatgatttta cataacaaat attaatgaat tcatgaaaaa caaaaaccat ataggaccac      1320
     agctcagaga agaaaaatgg gaggcactta ctatttaaac cctaacccaa atggtcagta      1380
     aaaagacaag taccagctac tacaaaaaaa caccaaaata taaagaccaa tgatactgtg      1440
     aagaaactgc attacctaat gtgcaaaata accagctagc atcacgatga caagatcaaa      1500
     ttcacacata aaaatattaa tcttaggcag ggcacagtgg ctcacacttg taatcatagc      1560
     actttgggag gctgagtcag gtggatcatg aggtcaggag ttcaagctca gcctggccag      1620
     catggtgaaa ccccatgtct cctaaaaaaa atacaaaaaa ttagccaggc acagtggtgc      1680
     atgcctataa tcccagttac tcaggaggct gaggcaggag aattgcttga acctaggagg      1740
     cagaggttgc agtgagccaa gatcgtgcca ctgtactcca gcctgggcaa cagagcaaga      1800
     ctccatctca aaaaaaaaag aaaaaaatgt atatgttatc actttggtct catttgagta      1860
     tgaatgatca gacagggaaa ataaaagtac caagaaaaat aaacaagggt cttataataa      1920
     aagcaacaca gaatggccaa agctatcctg agcaaaaaga ggaaaaaagc tggagccatc      1980
     acattactag acttcaaaat atactaccaa gttatagtta ccaaaacagc ctggtattgg      2040
     cataaaaaca gacacatggg ccaatagaac agaatggaga acctagaaat agattcatgt      2100
     atttacagcc aactgatttt tgacaaaggt gccaagaaca tacactgggg aaaggagagt      2160
     ttcttcaata aatgtcctgg aacagtaatc agcagctggg gctggtacca tagggatact      2220
     taaagttgaa tttatcaatt gctggaagct catgtgaact aacttgacaa ataaaaaaaa      2280
     tgttgagccc cagtcttagg aaatcctccc tatactcatg atttttacct tcaggagtct      2340
     caacagcttc tcactgtgca aagtagagag aaattccctt ttgctttggc agagagagga      2400
     gaaaataaac atttgaaata tgcccagagc tctctgttca ccataacctg atctcagtag      2460
     taactattta atgattgcca ttctaactgg tgtgagatga tatctcattg tggttttgat      2520
     ttgcatttct ctgatggcca gtgataatga gcattttttc atgtggctgt gggctgcata      2580
     aatatctttt gagaagtgtc tgttcatatc tttcgcccac tttttgatgg gttttttttt      2640
     tcttgtaaat ttgtttgagt tctttgtaga ttctggatat tatccctttg tcagatgagt      2700
     agactgcaaa aattttctcc cattctctag gttgcctgta cactctgatg gtagtttctt      2760
     ttgctgtgca gaagctcttt agtttaatta gatcccattt gtcaattttg gcttttgttg      2820
     ccattgcttt tggtgtttta gacatgaagt ccttatccat gcctatgtcc tgaatggaat      2880
     tgcctaggtt ttcttctagg gtttttatgg ttttaggtct aacatttacg tctttaatcc      2940
     atcttgaatt aatttttgta taaggtgtaa ggaagggatc cagtttcagc tttctacata      3000
     tggctagtca gttttcccag caccatttgt taaataggga atcctttccc tatttcttgt      3060
     tttgtcaggt ttgtcaaaga tcagatagtt gaagatgtgt ggtattattt cggagggttc      3120
     tgttctgttc cattggtcta tctctctgtt ttggtaccag tgccatgcta ttttggttac      3180
     tgtagccttg tagtatagtt taaagttagg tagcatgatg cctccagctt tgttcttttg      3240
     gcttaggatt gacttggcga tgcaggctct tttttggttc catatgaact ttagtttttt      3300
     ccaattctgt gaagaaagtc attggtagct tgatggggat ggcattgaat ctataaatta      3360
     ccttgggcag tatggccatt ttcatggtat ttcttcttcc tatccatgag catggaatgt      3420
     tcttccattt gtttgtatcc tcttttattt cattgagcaa acaggtgctg gagaggatgt      3480
     ggagaaatag gaacactttt acactgttgg tgggactgta aactggttca accattgtgg      3540
     aaaacagtgt ggtgattcct caggtatcta gaactagaaa taccatttga cccagccatc      3600
     ccattactgg gtatataccc aaaggattat aaatcatgct gctataaaga cacatgcaca      3660
     tgtatgttta ttgcagcagt attcacaata gcaaagacct ggaaccaacc caaatgtcca      3720
     acaatgataa agtggattaa gaaaatgtgg cgaagatggc cgaataggaa cagctccggt      3780
     ctacagctcc cagcgtgagc gacgcagaag acaggtgatt tctgcttttc catctgaggt      3840
     accgggttcg tctcactagg gagtgccaga cagtgggtgc aggtcagtgg gtgcgcgcac      3900
     catgtgcaag ccaaagcagg gcgaggcact gcctcactcg ggaagcgcaa ggggtcaggg      3960
     agttcccttt cctagtcaaa gaaaggggtg acggagggca cgtggaaaat tgggtcactc      4020
     ccacccaaat actgcacttt tccgacgtgc ttaaaaaaca gcgcaccacg agattatatc      4080
     ccgcacctgg ctcggagggt cgtactccca cggagtcgga gtctcgctga ttgctagcac      4140
     agcagtctga gatcaaactg caaggcggca gcaaggctgg gggaggggca cccgccattg      4200
     cccaggcttg cttaggtaaa caaagcagcc aggaagctcg aactgggtgg agcccaccac      4260
     agctcaagga ggcctgcctg cctctgtagg ctccacctct gagggcaggg cacagacaaa      4320
     gacagcagta acctctgcag acttaaatgt ccctgtctga cagctttgaa gagagcactg      4380
     gttctcccag cacgcagctg gagatctgag aacgggcaga ctgcctcctc aagtgggtcc      4440
     ctgacccctg acccctgagc agcctaactg ggaggcaccc cccagcaggg gcagactgac      4500
     acctcacacg gcagggtact ccaacagacc tgcagctgag ggtcctgtct gttagaagga      4560
     aaactgacaa acagaaagga catccacacc aaaaaccctt ctgtacatca ccatcatcga      4620
     agaccaaaag tagataaaac cacaaagatg ggaaaaaaca gaacagaaaa actggaaact      4680
     ctaaaaagca gagcgcctct cctcttccaa aggaacgcag ttcctcacca gcaacggaac      4740
     aaagctggat ggagaatgac tttgacgagc tgagagaaga aggcttcaga cgatcaaatt      4800
     actctgagct acgggaggac attcaaacta aaggcaaaga agttgaaaac tttgaaaaaa      4860
     atttagaaga atgtataact agaataacca atacagagaa atgcttaaag gagctgatgg      4920
     agctgaaaac caaggcttga gaactacatg aagaatgcag aagcctcagg aggcaatgca      4980
     atcaactgga gaaaggctat cagtgatgga agatgaaatg aatcaaatga agtgagaagg      5040
     gaagtttaga gaaaaaagaa taaaaagagc aaagcctcca agaaatatgg gactatgtga      5100
     aaagaccaaa tctacatctg attggtgtac ctgaaagtga tggtgagaat ggaaccaagt      5160
     tggaaaacac tctgcaggat attatccagg agaacttccc caatctagca aggcaggcca      5220
     aaattcaggt tcaggaaata cagagaatgc cacaaagata ctcctcgaga agagcaactc      5280
     caagaaacat aattgtcaga ttcaccaaag ttgaaatgaa ggaaaaaatg ttaagggcag      5340
     ccagagagaa aggtcaggtt accctcaaag ggaagcccat cagactaaca gcggatctct      5400
     tggcagaaac cctacaagcc agaagagagt gggggccaat attcaacatt ctaaagaaaa      5460
     gaattttcaa cccagaattt catatccagc caaactaagc ttcctaaatg aaggagaaat      5520
     aaaatacttt acagacaagc aaatgctgag agattttgtc accaccaggc ctgccctaaa      5580
     agagctcctg aaggaagcac taaacatgga aaggaacaac cggtaccagc cgctgcaaaa      5640
     tcatgccaaa atgtaaagac cattgagact aggaagaaac tgcatcaact aacgagcaaa      5700
     ataaccagct gacatcataa tgacaggatc agattcacac ataacaatat taactttaaa      5760
     tgtaaatgga ctaaatgttc caattaaaag acacagactg gcaaattgga taaacagtca      5820
     agacccatca gtgtgctgta ttcaggaaac ccatctcacg tgcagagaca cacataggct      5880
     caaaataaaa ggatggagga aaatatacca agcaaatgga aaacaaaaaa aggcaggggt      5940
     tgcaatccta gtctgataaa acagacttta aaccaacaaa gatcaaaaga gacaaagaag      6000
     gccattacat aatggtaaag ggatcaattc aacaagaaga gccaactatc ctaaatatat      6060
     atgcacccaa cagaggagca ctcagattca taaagcaagt cctgagtgac ctacaaagag      6120
     acttagactc ccacacatta ataatgggag actttaacac cccactgtca acattagaca      6180
     gatcaacaag acagaaagtc aacaaggata cccaggaatt gaactcagct ctgcaccaag      6240
     cagacctaat agacatctac agaactctcc atcccaaatc aacagaatat acattttttt      6300
     cagcaccaca ccacacctat tccaaaattg accacatact tggaagtaaa gctctcctca      6360
     gcaaatgtaa aagaacagaa attataacaa actatctctc agaccacagt gcaatcaaac      6420
     tagaactaag gattaagaat ctcactcaaa accactcaac tacatggaaa ctgaacaacc      6480
     tgctcctgaa tgactactgg gtatataaca aaatgaaggc agaaataaag atgttctttg      6540
     aaaccaatga gaacaaagac acaacatacc agaatctctg ggacacattc aaagcagtgt      6600
     gtagagggaa atttatagca ctaaatgccc acaagagaaa gcaggaaaga tccaaaattg      6660
     acaccctaac atcacaatta aaagaagtag aaaagcaaga gcaaacacat tcaaaagcta      6720
     gcagaaggca agaaataact aaaatcagag cagaactgaa ggaaatagac acacaaaaaa      6780
     cccatcaaaa aattaatgaa tccaggagct ggttttttga aaggatcaac aaaatagacc      6840
     gctagcaaga ctaataaaaa aagagagaag aatcaaatag aagcaataaa aaatgataaa      6900
     ggggatatca ccacctatcc cacagaaata caaactacca tcagagaata ctacaaacac      6960
     ctctacgcaa ataaactaga aaatctagaa gaaatggata aattcctcga cacatacact      7020
     ctcccaagac taaaccagga agaagttgaa tctctgaata gaccaataac aggatttgaa      7080
     attgtggcaa taatcaatag cttaccaacc aaaaagagtc caggaccaga cggattcaca      7140
     gccgaattct gccagaggta caaggaggaa ctggtaccat tccttctgaa actattccaa      7200
     tcaatagaaa aagaaggaat cctccctaac tcattttatg aggccagcat catcctgata      7260
     ccaaagctgg gcagagacac aaccaaaaaa gagaatttta gaccaatatc cttgatgaac      7320
     attgatgcaa aaatcctcaa taaaatactg gcaaaccgaa tccagcagca catcaaaaag      7380
     cttatccacc atgatcgagt gggcttcatc cctgggatgc aaggctggtt caatataagc      7440
     aaatcaatca atgtaatcca gcatataaac agagccaaag acaaaaacca catgattatc      7500
     tcaatagatg cagaaaaggc ctttgacaaa attcaacaac ccttcatgct aaaaactctc      7560
     aataaattag gtattgatgg gatgtatttc aaaatcataa gagctatcta tgacaaagcc      7620
     acagccaata tcatactgaa tgggcataaa ctggaagcat tccctttgaa aactggcaca      7680
     agacaggatg ccctctctca ccactcctat tcaacatagt gttggaagtt ctggccaggg      7740
     caattaggca ggagaaggaa ataaagggta ttcaattagg aaaagaggaa gtcaaattgt      7800
     ccctgtttgc agatgacatg attgtatatc tagaaaaccc cattgtctca gcccaaaatc      7860
     tccttaagct gataagcaac ttcagcaaaa tctcaggata caaaatcagt gtacaaaaat      7920
     cataagcatt cttatacacc aacaatagac agagagccaa atcatgagtg aactcccatt      7980
     cacaattgct tcaaagagaa taaaatacct aggaatccaa cttacaaggg atgtgaagga      8040
     catcttcaag gagaactaca aaccactgct caaggaaata aaagaggata caaacaaatg      8100
     gaagaacatt ctatgctcat gggtaggaag aatcaatatc atgaaaatgg ccatactgcc      8160
     caaggtaatt tacagattca atgccatccc catcaagcta ccaatgcctt tcttcacaga      8220
     attggaaaaa actactttaa agttcatatg gaaccaaaaa agagcccaca tcaccaagtc      8280
     aatcctaagc caaaagaaca aacctcgagg catcacacta cctgaattca aactatacta      8340
     caaggctaca gtaaccaaaa cagcatggta ctggtaccaa aacagaaata tagatcaatg      8400
     gaacagaaca gagccctcag aaataacgcc gcatatctac aactatctga tctttgacaa      8460
     acctgagaaa agcaatgggg aaaggattcc ctatttaata aatggtgctg ggaaaattgg      8520
     ctagcaatat gtagaaagct gaaactggat cccttcctta caccttatac aaaaatcaat      8580
     tcaagatgga ttaaagactt aaacgttaga cctaaaacca taaaagccct agaagaaaac      8640
     ctaggcagta ccattcagga cataggcatg ggcaaggact tcatgtctaa aacaccaaaa      8700
     gcaatggcag caaaagccaa aattgacaaa tgggatctaa ttaaactaaa gagcttctgc      8760
     acagcaaaag aaactaccat cagactgaac aggcaaccta caaaatggga ggaaattttc      8820
     gcaacctact catctgacaa agggctaata tccagaatct acaatgaact caaacaaatt      8880
     tacaagaaaa aaacaacccc atcaaaaagt gggtgaagga tatgaacaga cacttctcaa      8940
     aagaagatat ttatgcagcc aaaaaacaca tgaaaaatgc tcatcatcac cggccatcag      9000
     agaaatgcaa atcaaaacca caatgagata ccatctcaca ccagttagaa tggcaaacat      9060
     taaaaagtca ggaaacaaca ggtgctggag aggatgtgga gaaatagaaa catttttaca      9120
     ctgttggtgg gactgtaaac tagttcaacc attgtggaag tcagtgtggc gattcctcag      9180
     ggatctagaa ctagaaatac catttgactc agccatccca ttactgggta tatacccaaa      9240
     ggactataaa tcatgctgct ataagaccca tgcacacgta tgtttattgc ggcattattc      9300
     acaatagcaa agacttggaa ccaacccaaa tgtccaacaa tgatagactg gattaagaaa      9360
     atgtggcaca tatacaccat ggaatactat gcagccataa aaaaggatga gttcatgtcc      9420
     tttgtaggga catggatgaa attggaaatc atcattctca gtaaactatc gcaagaacaa      9480
     aaaaccaaac accgcataat ctcactcata ggtgggaatt gaacaatgag atcacatgga      9540
     cacaggaagg ggaacatcac actctgggga ctgttgtggg gtggggggag ggatagcatt      9600
     gggagatata cctaatgcta gatgacgagt tagtgggtgc agcgcaccag catggcacat      9660
     gtatacgtat gtaactaatc tgcacaatgt gcacatgtac cctaaaactt aaagtataat      9720
     aataaaagaa aaacttaaac aaaacaaaaa aaaaaacaca cacacaaaag aaaatgtggc      9780
     acatatacac catggaatac tctgcagcct taaaaaatga tgagttcttg tcctttgtag      9840
     ggagatggat gaagctggaa accatcattc tcagcaaact attgcaaaac aaaaaaccaa      9900
     acatcgcatg ttctcactta taggtgggaa ttgaacaata agaacacctg gacacaggaa      9960
     gggggacatc acacaccagg gcctgttgtg gggtgggggg aggagggagg gatagcatta     10020
     ggacatatac ctaatgtaaa tgacgagtta atgggtgtag cacaccaaca tggcacatgt     10080
     atacatatgt aacaaacctg cacgttgtgt acatgtaccc tagaacttaa agtataatta     10140
     aaaaaaataa actatttaac agaggctgcc gtattactgg ggttttacca caggctaacc     10200
     aatatgctag aaggaaaata cccaactcca ggtccttcta acctgtgtca cacctatgtg     10260
     ggggtgggca ggggatgtta agaagctctt tgaaggttgc agtccaagaa cacatgctgg     10320
     caaatagatt cagaccaatt tgtaggacta tagaatgatt tctctccctt ccacactgac     10380
     aaacacatta aaatatctca tgtatgataa cagaggatgc acatggaagg atgacaagcc     10440
     tcaaatcctg tttaacaatg aatctgtaga aaagccaaag ataacagagg acacaaaaat     10500
     aagaacacta gagcaaatta tggcctctga catcagaggt aaaactagcg ataaacatag     10560
     cctaacacat aaacataaac ttcacactaa acgcctgttt atctttacct aacacatcat     10620
     gtaaattatg gtaagaattg tatccccaca gactcatata ttgaagtcat acccccaact     10680
     atctcagaat gtacccttat ttggaaatag gaccattgca gatgtaatta gttaattgaa     10740
     gatgagaaca tactctagta gaaagtgtcc ctaatccaat atgattgaag aaaaagtagt     10800
     aacaacatat tttaatgagt catatactat tgaaacagag aaaacagtcc agcacgcact     10860
     gaactcaatt ttgatgtata cagagttgac gatcatttta aacttgacga aactctagcc     10920
     agggtcttct gagccttctc aattcagcct taactttggt ctataaaaac ttgaaaaaga     10980
     caggaacata gttggtaaca gttcaagtct acatctctag aacgaacgac ccagtctccc     11040
     ttaaagtgaa ctgtctgaga aaactgaaac ctgcctgtct tcatggttcc tataacaaaa     11100
     ataccatggc cttacacaac acttatttct cacatttcca cagattggaa agtccacaat     11160
     aaaggtgcca gccagtttgg tctgtaagga cccattttct gatttataga gcatggtctt     11220
     cttgctgtgc cctcacatgg cagaagaggc aagaaagctc tctggagtct cttttatgag     11280
     gtcactaagg ccattcatga gttcatcact catgatctaa tcaaccccca aagacttcct     11340
     ctcccaatat catcacattg gggtttaaga tttcaacata taacttatgt aagtacacag     11400
     acaatctata gcatgcttgt cccagccaag acttgaagat aggcctggtg tctcctgacc     11460
     tctgtgggag ggtagaagcc caacatcagc aagtatcagt taacaaagca aatgggtttc     11520
     acaggaacca actcccccct tctcacgatt tgtaatttct cacatccctg accctcctga     11580
     gcccccacta actcccattt ctctttcctc aaactccctt taacattttc ctcaacctgg     11640
     atacatcaaa gttaagttca tgctgaactc ttgcctgttt caatagtata tgactagtta     11700
     aagcacgttc ttacctcttt aaccagtttt ccattttgtt tgtcttgaca gttatctggc     11760
     actggaactc aaatccagat tggaaccctt atctggccct tggacaaaac agtcaatcct     11820
     ttctgcatgc gtagaaacct ttgtctgatc ttcagttgac ttactttttt gggtatttgg     11880
     tggcgagttc aacttctggc ctaacactgt gtagaaattt gcactgaggc atggcgagga     11940
     catattttct tcctatgttt ctggctgtag tctctaaggc tgggttataa ttccaggctg     12000
     cttttgaaag acatctcctg ggctggctgt ttatcttcct ggctccctgt tttcagtggg     12060
     aattcacttc ctaactcctg tgctggaatg ttcactctgg cttcttgtga gacctcttca     12120
     ttctatttga acttactctt cccacaggaa ctccacagtt aaaccccttt tgggttccta     12180
     ctctctatat atactatgac actaaccatg tctgcttcta ttttaggcaa aatgacttta     12240
     ctgtggataa ttcggaactg caatggttta tttgaaaatc ttaagatctg cctaaagtgg     12300
     ctcttatagg actgctccct tcccatttcc ttcttttttc cttctttctt ttaccatctt     12360
     aactttttcc attgaactcc cctgacactt tgatatgcac ctcttttcca ttaaacaccc     12420
     ctgacttttg atatataccc atccttttac ccctaccaga tgtttcactt acctctttag     12480
     cccctcgact ccctatagtc actggaacgt atgcctcctg attcacaggg ggttctcgag     12540
     agactgatgc acacacaaag caacacacgg ggcttcctgg aaacagagat ataatctaca     12600
     gcctgtgtaa gattacattt taggtgaaaa acccacaaat accccaaaat atgttactaa     12660
     ttaaaatctg tcctcactac cttaaccagt gtctgggctt tacctttgaa actggtgtcc     12720
     ttatttaaaa aaagttggac atgcacccag gaatattatc ttttgaagat aaaggaatag     12780
     attgaagtaa tgctacttca agccaaggaa tgccaaaggt tgtcatcaaa ctaccagaat     12840
     gctatggtac gcatagcaaa tgaatacatc agctttcaac aacatcatca aaaattacaa     12900
     gtcatggtag caggcaaaaa atatgcttta aaaagaaaaa caaaattaga aaaggacttg     12960
     gacatggcaa gccaatcatg tgatttcttg atgtttcttc tgtgttttct gcctagaaaa     13020
     acccactgca ctcactgctg ggtggatcta tctgaacctc ttatggctct gagtgccatc     13080
     tgaaaaagat gatggttccc tttaccttga gtcgttttcc ccagatacac tagaacccat     13140
     tatttcagtt cttttaggtc tcttctgtgc tattcgatta tcagaaaaga tttcaatgac     13200
     caatgaataa aaatgactga tctgtccctt atgctgtctt atttttcttc ataaaattaa     13260
     caatcttgaa catatttttt acaattgttt ctcttttcca caatatagtg tcatattaat     13320
     aagatgagac attttgctca tttttatcac tgctgtgtgc tgaaagccta acacagtggt     13380
     agccccaaag tagatgctca aaaataaata tgctctgaat gagtatattt agtcatttcc     13440
     tggaaggaga ggctgggtca aacagagtgc taaggactca gaatccttac tgctagaatg     13500
     acaatgaaat gacagcatca tgttagtggc acatttaaaa tgaaacaata tcaatattga     13560
     aaatatttgt aaggcttatt tgaaaaaaga aaatcataac acatttacct ataattcaga     13620
     aatttaaatt tctagataat ttctaagatt aaggtttttt aatttcttaa acttttagat     13680
     aaccatttta aagaatatat attgtatata tctctgttat taaaaagtaa ttgaaagtaa     13740
     ttacttcata ttatattaag gcattatagc tataaatatg gtgtaaactg taatggttat     13800
     tctgcccttt cttctcttgc tacctcctgc catcctaaga gaagttgcct taagcagaat     13860
     tgtctcatcc cgatccccag aatcactcta tccactcaca cattatcttt cccaagcttg     13920
     aggaaaaaat aacagagtga gagacgaaga ttatgtatta ttattgcgac tcttggtgtt     13980
     tgcaaaattc caaaatactg agatatggct aaataaaatt ctatgcaact tcttttgaat     14040
     gcatgaatgt atatatttat gtaagtttta ttttgtttac attttgtttt ggtaattaga     14100
     gttttatttc ccttggtgac agaactttct gttgtctttc agatgagtat atttttgatt     14160
     ttgatttaaa tataatttcc caaaataaac atttttgact tatacctatt ttatgttttt     14220
     tatgatgtca agtccatggc atttgttcag ggcgagactt taatgactga acttcatgat     14280
     tatctttcta cttgccaaac acttcattta tctttcccat tattcaagag ctgctatatc     14340
     cttgagtttg atattcttta tctggaattc aatgcaaagc tctgctaagt ggtcatgatg     14400
     atccaagagt ggatgttaga attctaggat gccacaggtc tttctctttc cataaatctt     14460
     aaagtctgta ggtttatgaa agacagtttt gtcacagcca gttagattca tgggttagca     14520
     ttgtggtgta aggaggtgaa tataatgaat gaactcagca atgaacaggt tttctgatgc     14580
     cagaagaagt tttccctgcg tgttctatag gtcttgtgcc gtgtatcaag tatttcttct     14640
     cttgatctac tgtgcaatgg gtataaggtt tcagtgacac aagatgaagt cctagagatt     14700
     ggctgtgcag caccgtgcct ggagttcaca gtactgaatc gtgcactgaa aaagtgtaag     14760
     agggtaaatt tcctgttaag tgctctcacc acactaaata aataaaattt atcatgagcc     14820
     aggcactgaa ctaagctcag gatatattat gatgaacaaa tttagacatg acaaacgatc     14880
     tcaataaaac ttaaaatgtt ttgctacaat aatcacctga aaaaaaagtc agtcttctct     14940
     acagtataat gtggatggac acaaatgagt ggttttaaga ttatgtttcc ttcccttgtt     15000
     tttaaaaaac atttataata agtaaaattc ttcaacaaga gcaaaatcat atcagtttct     15060
     agtatcagtg tttgccaaag actgctcttt aaaataaagg gatcacctca gtccaatcta     15120
     cttgacatga tcctaccttg tcagacaagc tagtcaagat ttggaaaagg caactacatt     15180
     tcaatccttt gaaaatctac ataatcctaa gcacagactt atcaggattg gtaatgggtc     15240
     aagtttaggg acacgttaca attacaatgt aatttttggc tgtagttgat cagcaagttt     15300
     acatccatat attcatccaa gttgctcttc ctcaaaaaaa ttaatatgtt gacatttcta     15360
     cctgcaagat ttgtgattca tgttttaatt attacaattt tcatataaca tgttttagaa     15420
     tacctgatat tgtgggtgat ctcaatttct tcctgggtga tctttcctgg tttaatattt     15480
     gtatgattcc aatgataaat ctcagataat ataaatagca aaaaattaaa atactgagaa     15540
     aataatatac aacttattag gggagaaaga ggaagagatg ctcccttagt ggcacacaga     15600
     aggtgggatg cctggtctgc tttttctata tttttgcata tttggggttc agaaaactga     15660
     aacccataga gtcaccatat gctacataca ctgaacctaa agtaataagt agttctgaaa     15720
     gagaacagag gagaagaggg actccctaca gggataaatg gtccagactt aaggtatggc     15780
     ttatttatgc tttcaacacc ccagggacta caatcccagc tgaccaatta aacttcgaga     15840
     gtttcagtgg agatttaagg tcctgggatt acttctggaa aaaaattaaa aagcttaccg     15900
     tgcaattggc ccaatactca aaccaaaatc taatggacag aaaatataca atttacaaac     15960
     ttgtgctttt tttaaatgtt aattaaaaat atgtttatta aacccacaga tttttttagt     16020
     tggaaatttt aaaattaaat ttgattaatg aaaaaataaa atataaggaa aaatgacatt     16080
     tggaagcaaa atgaagaatt tcagaagaaa gaaaacattc aactaaatga tcttttgaac     16140
     atattgaatt cagtttgcta gtgttgagaa tctttacatc catgatcata aaataaattg     16200
     gcctgtaatt ttcttatacc gtccttgtct gacattggtg ttagggtaat gcatgaaaaa     16260
     atgtgttgga aagtgcaccc tttttaattg tttggaaaag tttgagaata gcattaatct     16320
     gtctttagat atttggtagc aatcaccagt aaaagcatca agtcctgaac ttttaagttt     16380
     attattatta ttattggtga tttaatctct gtactagtta ttaatttgtt caggtttatt     16440
     ctttcttcag gacatacatg tctaagaatt tatccatttc ttctacgtta ctcaatttat     16500
     tgacataatt ggtcatgata atctcttatg accctttgta ttttggtagt attgactaat     16560
     ttctcctgct ttacttatag ttttatttga gtcatctctc ttagttttct tggtttgtct     16620
     acctaaaggt ttgccaattt tcctcacgtt tttacagaac caactcctcg tgttactgat     16680
     cttttctttt gtctttctta tctgtttaat tctgctctaa cctttataac tttcttcttt     16740
     cttctaactt ttggcttttt tcttcttttc taattcccag agtgccaagt taggttgctt     16800
     atttgggatc atttctctct ctgtctcagt agctatcaga actacttttg ctgtacccca     16860
     tgatttggta tgttatttgt ccatttttgt ttgtctcagg atatttttaa attgtcttta     16920
     tttttgggtc catttgttgt ttatgagtgt tgagagtggg gtattataat cccctactat     16980
     tatcatattg ctgtttattt cttttttgtg ttctgctcat gtctgctcca tccattttgg     17040
     tgttccaatg tttcctgggc ctatattgag gcaccctaac taataacact ttgcacatca     17100
     attcatctca tttctcacaa aagcaaacag aacaaaactg ttcaaacata cataagggag     17160
     tcctagttgc tgatacaaac ttttagatag tcttccaatc tttttatcct actttaattc     17220
     tccaatgata taataaacat ccaagacaaa aaaaatgaaa aaagcacaaa tgattccttc     17280
     actgaaatca ggagacaaag gcaatccatc aactataaat tacacgtaag gaaggggaag     17340
     aaagtcacgg acactcatca gaattggtac agaaactcca tattggaagc aggaagtccg     17400
     gcagagaaga gacccagtca aggtcactgg tggtggtaat gataaaaaat accaggaaat     17460
     attattcccc aagaaggaga gggtcctctc acaagtgtaa actgctatac ccaagcctga     17520
     tgaacacgga gccaggtagc aatctgagga ttattgaaga gatagatgca gggagtatac     17580
     ctgggaaaga agtggtggag ataacaggac aatcttgcct aaactaaggg ggtcaccatc     17640
     ccaggcataa ccacgaatag gaaggtggta gaaatgaaca tggagaagac agcaggaatg     17700
     catacaatga agctgtaggg cttgagaaac aagaatattc cccaatgcct gcaagcccta     17760
     tgcaatccac ctggtaacaa ctggaaaggc aaatcaaatt ctgaaaaatg aaattagaaa     17820
     atgcaacgtc tttccaaaaa tactatagaa aaaaaataaa tctaccccaa aattattgcc     17880
     ttaaatcgga gctaaatact gatataaact tcaaatactc tacaacccca aatccttaat     17940
     aaagcagttt tataaatgag aaaacatttt aaaacagaaa tatgacggtt cagagaactg     18000
     atgacccact aaaaagagac gacaatcggc caacagaaag atgtgaaatg ggaatcaccc     18060
     tgagtcagga gagaatttaa agggagtgat ggggacgaag ctgaatggct gctccgtggc     18120
     ttgtgagtga ttgtaaaata ataaagatga tggagaaaat ataaaagcaa gtgtaaagaa     18180
     atagtgataa gcactagtgt aaacatattg gctacaattg aatgatgaag gaaaggagaa     18240
     tagacatatc ttctgaaata ttttctgttc ttccttatgc taggaaacta gtagatactg     18300
     tgtaaagaga gggaaattaa ggatatttta gtcttataaa atatgtttta tgcataggta     18360
     tttgtacata atatacacat tttgttaaat agaaaatatt aaataccaca caatgaaata     18420
     attttgaaat aaaggcaaag agttgatttt gtcttcttac tgcaaagaat tataagtatg     18480
     tgaggtgatg catatgttaa ttacctcaat ttacccattc cacacaatat acatatttta     18540
     aaatatcaca ttgtacatga taaatatata caattttatt tgttcatcac aaaaatttaa     18600
     aaatggcaat taaaataaag gtaataacaa agtgtgaggg aatatgatta aactaatggg     18660
     gtatatcaat aaacacaatg catttaatac actgaataaa gaaaaaaaga ttactattct     18720
     ctctgcctgg tggtctcttt tccgatacgt tgtgacccat ttcttcaact gatttaggtc     18780
     tctcttctct gctctcttga ttatcagaga agacatctct gagcagtgaa tataaaacag     18840
     taattatctc ctacacaccc tattttactc ttctttataa tgtttatcat tcctgatagt     18900
     ttttttgcga ttattatctc ttctctacca tagaatgtaa gatccaggag ataaagcatt     18960
     ttaccatttt tatcactagt gtctttccaa tgcctaaaat atagcaccta ttccaaaaca     19020
     gacgctcaaa aataagtgtt tcttgagtca atgcatttat tcatttttga ggaggagaga     19080
     ttgggttaaa caagagggtt aaaaactcag aatagaatga caaccaaacg agagcatagt     19140
     cagtattaat acagaaaata tttacaagac ctacttgaaa gaagatatag ttgtaacaca     19200
     ttttccatga ttgttcagaa atttatattt ctgggtacat taacttctta ggcaactaga     19260
     gcttacttgt ttaattcttt aagcttaata aattttaaag tatggagtac aatatgccaa     19320
     gtgaaacaag tcaggcacag aaagaaaaat gcagcatgag ctcatttatg tgtaaaataa     19380
     atggaaattg agtaagataa atagggagtt gaagggcagt tgccagagtc agggaagtag     19440
     acaaattggg ataatgtagg taaaagaaga caaaattaca gttatgtaac ataaagatat     19500
     ttagagatct aatgtacaac agaaggacta tagttctatt ttattataca ttacaaattt     19560
     gctaagagaa taactagatt atatgtgttt ttatcacaaa aaagtaaact gcagacagtg     19620
     atggatgtgt taatttgcta gcatgtggta attatttcac tatagatatc tacatcaaaa     19680
     catgttgtac atcttgagtt tatacaataa aaaaaaatac tcgatttaat gaccaatctg     19740
     gacttattta ttttaatgtt tatttaaaat atttcatgct gtctgtggcc tggtatttgg     19800
     gagaaagggg gataaaatac ttcaatcaat catgtcaaca caatttttga tgagaaattg     19860
     aaaactgaat tgttcaaatt gttccagttc tcaagaggaa tgcttccaga ttttacttgt     19920
     ttagtatgat ggtggctgtg ggtgtgtcat agatggctct tatttttttg agataagttc     19980
     atttggtgcc cagtatattg agggttttta acaagaaagg atgctgaatg ttatgaaaaa     20040
     tcattttgct tctattgaga tgatcatgtg gtttttgtat ttaattatgt ttatgtggtg     20100
     aatcacattt actgatttgc acttgttgaa ccaaccttgc atcccagaaa taaagcctac     20160
     ttgatcgtgg tgaattcact ttttgatgtg ctgctggatt tggtttgctg gtatttcgtg     20220
     gaggattgtg tgtctatatt cctcaggaat gttggcccga actttacttt tttttgtcgt     20280
     atttgtgcct aattttggta tcagaatgat gctggcttca cagaatgact tagagagtat     20340
     tcccttctca atttttaaaa taatttcaga agattttgta ccaactctta tttatatgtc     20400
     tggtaggagt tggttgttaa tccatctggt ccagggcttg ttttggttgg taggtttttt     20460
     ttaatcactg acttaatttc agaacccatt attggtctgt tcaggatttc aatttcttcc     20520
     tggcttaatg tcaggaggtt aaataatctt gggtggagaa atagataaat tccttgtttc     20580
     gagggattta tatatttctt ctaggttttc tagtttgtct gcagagaggt gttcataata     20640
     gtcccttagg gttttttgta cttctatgta gttggttgta tttcaacttt gtcattcctg     20700
     aatttattaa gcatatgaaa ataataaact ataaaggaat aaagaaaata gatttagaag     20760
     aaaagaaagt gttcaaggaa attaaaaagc atattgaatc ataattttat actttaaatt     20820
     gttttatctg tgaatataac attttatcat atactataca tgaagataaa cagatacttc     20880
     gtgcagttgg taaccgaaag atagccagag tggctatgtt aatgtgagac aaagtgagtt     20940
     tatgacaaaa atttttataa gtaaaaaaaa aatcgtatac tgtttgggat catttgtgta     21000
     tcttccttgg agaatgtaat atagatcttt agatataaaa attgtaaaca tgaatgaatg     21060
     taacagagac ccaaaatata tgaagccaag gtggacagaa ttaaaggaag aaataaacag     21120
     ttctgtactt atagttcaat acttaaatgt ccattttcaa taatgcatag tgcacttaga     21180
     cagaatgtta atatagtagt aagtgactag aacagcacta taaaccaaat gacctaatat     21240
     atatgtggag aatactgaaa tagcagagta tagatgcttc tcaagtacta ataacacatt     21300
     ctccaggata aattgccaaa aacaaataag actaaatttt aaaagattta attcaaagta     21360
     tcttttccaa tcaatgaaat aaaactggaa atctgaaata gagggagaac tacaaaagtt     21420
     acacatatgt ggggattaaa caccacactg tgaagcaccg gtgggtcaaa aaagaaattg     21480
     gaaatgaagt tagaaaatat attcagatga cttaaaacat aacaaaacat ataggatgca     21540
     gctaaagcaa ctcttagaag gaaaatttta gctagattgc ctatactcaa aaaaagaaga     21600
     aacatctaaa aacaataata tatttttaca ccttaaggaa ctagaaaaag aagagcagac     21660
     tcaatacaaa gcaaacagaa ggaaaaaaaa gtattggaat agagattaat aaaatgcaga     21720
     atagaaaaaa caatttgact atttcgagct ttcaaaagat caacaaaata tagaaaactt     21780
     taggtaaact taccaaagag agaaagagag aagtcttaca tcatgaatac ataaatatga     21840
     atataacatg ggtacataac aactagcctt tcagaaacac aagcaattat aagagaatat     21900
     tacaaataat tgaatactaa ctagatacct tcagtgagat gaaaaccaaa tcctggaaac     21960
     acagaaacta ccaacactta ctcaagaaga aacttaaagt agtgttaaac aactaacaca     22020
     ctgaaaatta caaagtactg ctaatagcaa ataaaacata aaccgatgaa acaacatcgc     22080
     atgttaatgg attgggagac ttgtggttaa gataatacaa ccaaaatata tccacaggtt     22140
     caatacaatg cctataaaaa ttccatggct tttttttttt gcaagagtag aaaacactaa     22200
     aaatcatatg aaattacgag cgactgcaaa atccaaaaca accttgaata gaaaaacaaa     22260
     gttggaagat ttacacttcc tgagtacaaa atttgccaaa aagatacact aattttaaaa     22320
     gcctgataac agaataagga tatatgcata aataaataga agacaattga gaatctaatg     22380
     agaaatacac gcatgtgtct atggtcaata atcatctgac aagcatgcca cgtccattca     22440
     atgggaaaag aatactcact ttaacaaatt gtgctcagac aagaagatat ccacaaacaa     22500
     aagaatgaag tggcattaca aatcatactt aaactcaaat tgatcaggga cctaaacata     22560
     agaagtaaaa ttataaaaat atgagaaaag ataaggttaa atattcaaga ccttaagttt     22620
     agcatttttt ttagcatgat accgaaagaa cgagcaataa gaaaataaat aattggacct     22680
     catctaactt caaaattttt gtgcttcaaa ggtctcaatc aaaaaagtga aaagagagga     22740
     gagtgggaaa gctggcagaa cggaattctt taacaattgt atccccatag aaacatcaat     22800
     tttaataact attcttacac aacatacctt cacaaaagct agtaaaggca tgtgagagat     22860
     catagaacct ggtgatacaa ttttcatctt gttataaaat aataagatta gaagcattga     22920
     agagggcagg aaggagagtt ttgattacct gcatttttta tccccaacct cagacagcac     22980
     agtgcaggga gaaataccaa acacttggag aataaaaacg gaagtaagtg tgggacttgg     23040
     tcttggtgcc caacactagg cccaccacag aagaactgaa aaccaggcag cccccacaac     23100
     cactgactcc aggccagtac acaaagaccg agcctccaga tctacaccaa cactaggcag     23160
     aaacctgcag cccatgcaaa gcagaattaa tttgcagtca tcatcactgc cacccaccca     23220
     gagtggcctt aagctctgga aagtatccac tggcaggcag gcctcagtga acatgggctt     23280
     cagacttgca tcagtgctgc accagcccca gtggccacag gatatcatct gggacccaca     23340
     ccagttccag tggccatggg attacagcac tgcactgcac cagtcgtggc agtcccaggc     23400
     ttagggcacc acctagggct gcccccacca cagcaaacta gagcttaggg accacaccag     23460
     acaacctgct cagaatctct agacaggctt actattgaag aatgtttcag gataaaacaa     23520
     gtctgcaaag actggaataa gtacctatta tattagatgc atgactgcag acgcaagaga     23580
     aatcaaggaa gcatacatca ccaagcaaac aaatggagat gcataaacta cctgacaaag     23640
     catttgaaat aacagtctta gggaagctca gcaaacttca agaaaataca cagaaactat     23700
     tcaaacaaac gataaaaata atatgaccac aatgataaac ttagcaaata ttggaataac     23760
     ttaaaaatca aacaaattct aaagctgcaa aatataatga acaaaatgta aactgcagtt     23820
     gagaccatca acagcagaat ggatcaagcc aatgaatctg tgaactcaaa tacaggttat     23880
     atgaaaatag agaagagaaa agaatgaaaa ataataaagg aaacatgaga tttactggac     23940
     agcaacaaaa cagcaaattt ttgagtcatt ggagataagg gagttgaaat gataaaggag     24000
     tagaaagctt atatgaagaa ataatagaaa acttttcaaa cctggaaaaa gatataaata     24060
     accaggtaca gtgaggtaaa aagtaaccaa tcagattcaa tccaaacaaa actaccccta     24120
     agacatatta taatcaaacc accaaaaatt gaagggaagc ttctctgtat tggtggaagg     24180
     taggtagggc ttttctagcc cctacttcca ctctatcccc tgagttccac ctgcactgac     24240
     tcaaggaaga gtaagcatct agagctagtg agaatgggag gaacttacaa agtcaagaga     24300
     gaagcctatt gttccttgct cacccacaga ttacgtacta ttactcaagg cttgctgtat     24360
     ttattataga agagaaaatc ttcttgtatt atatatcagc tgagttattg cttatctgag     24420
     aatcaccaga agtttccacc cgagacagga taagagaata gaaccaacat gttgggattt     24480
     ccagagcaat caagagaaaa gaaaatctat tgtgttatta ttgcccctga gaaatcacac     24540
     ttttgtcttt cctaggaagc tgatgcttac aacaatggag attagcaata cctggacaga     24600
     gttgagcttc aaaggatact gagaaatagc taaagcaggt aaaaagagag aagactggaa     24660
     ctttgtctat gcttatcatc tagcttcaag gagaaacaca gttgagttca gccattttga     24720
     aacaatggtt agaaactaga taaaaagttc ttaagctttt cattatttat ttatttattt     24780
     atttattttt gagacagagt cttgctctgt gtcccaggct gcagtgcagt ggtgagatct     24840
     ctgctcactg caacctccgc ctcccgggct caagtgattc tcccacatca gcctcccaag     24900
     tagctggggt tgcaggtacc taccaccgtg cctggctaag ttttctattt ttagtagaga     24960
     aagggcttca tgatgttggc caggctggtt tcaaactcct gaccttaaat gatctgccag     25020
     cctagacctc tcaaagtgct gggattacag gcatgagccc ccgcacccag cccttaagct     25080
     ttttatgagc aaattaatat ttcaaattaa attgaaccaa atggttttct catacgatgg     25140
     agcaacattc ctcatgctgg aaaatgagat gctcctgaag tctttgcatc ttggtcctct     25200
     accgttgttt tccacattga tatttatgtg ttctgtttag agacttgatg tgttcccaga     25260
     actttctgaa gagccccacc acatccttgt ttctcaggat gtagatgagg gggtttagca     25320
     tgggggtgag tacagtgcaa aatacagaca cagcttgttt ctgctcaggg atgtgggaga     25380
     aaccctgtgt cacgtatatt aaacacacag ttcctaagta aagaccacgg aaagatggga     25440
     ggagcagttg gccaaagctt tgttcctact ttagggggat ttcatatgga ggactgtaag     25500
     gaagatgagg tatgagaggc cacaagtcca agatgaaatg gataagaagt agagagccac     25560
     aggccaagat caaatgggta aaaagtagag agcctgcatt tgaaccaggt agtctgactc     25620
     agggtccaca catcatctca atcatggatg actaccacag acagcttgtt cctttctcat     25680
     ccccatattc tggcttctct cttgccatgt acacctcccc ttagtctcca tacctggggc     25740
     cacctgcccc cacaatcctg ttcccataat atctcacctt gaatgaagag ctaagccagg     25800
     aaggaagcat ctgaaatagt gttgaagaaa agctgaagtg agtggagaag gacatcactt     25860
     tgtgtccttt actttctgtt ggccaatgcc tgtctcccgg tctagaccct accacctaca     25920
     ggtgaggcct caagcacagc tcatctctgg actgtctcca tgtagaacca atgtccctgc     25980
     tcagattaga tatatgaaat cccctagttg tagatgtggg ggcctatgga aatgaacctc     26040
     tcataaactg ctgaagggta caaattaaca cagcttgaga gaagtggcct ggagtgagct     26100
     tcacttcaca ctaggccagg accacattat tactcccaac aaaatagttt gtttataatc     26160
     cttttcgtgg actccagaag aggaagatgg cagataggag gcaggactaa cgtgcagctc     26220
     ccacttggat ggacagagca gcatgtggag attcacgctg tgaacttttg ctccaagaac     26280
     taccatagga cataccagga aagccaagag aatccaaaga ccctttgaag gaggtggcgg     26340
     ccactgtagg ctccgtgcca aaaactgagt gccaaaatgt gtgaaagtgt aaaaggggga     26400
     tgctccaccc ccaaacacag atcctcactg gggaacctga cggtccacat ggtgggaaaa     26460
     ggatttaatc ttacgcggag ctaagaggaa tttagagagc caagcaaaat attcgagtag     26520
     aggaaacaac aagaagagcc ctgtgggaaa ccatttcgga ctttgtcttg caggggtcct     26580
     ttgggagggc tgccagtgga attggggaaa gactacaagg agaagcaagc tttcagatga     26640
     attttgtaat aatcttgact aacgtgaagc ttcctggaca gaacctgggg gagggggcaa     26700
     actgggagtg cagatacaag ctcagaagct gaggcaggca gagaggcatg aaacctaaaa     26760
     gccctgcttg ctttcttcat gaggggcttg tagcctgggg caagttctca gccctgctca     26820
     ccagctgcct ggaaaaaact cagtgctact gggggcacaa ggtgggagtg agactggcct     26880
     tttgggctgc ctgggagctg agtgaagcat gtaactgccc gttccccccc ttctctggtg     26940
     acctgcatga cccagcagag gcactcataa tccccgtgga aacataactc catcagtctg     27000
     aggaccacac cccaatccca cacagcagcc acacagcaag ccccgcccaa ggagagtctc     27060
     agctcagaca cgcctaacac tgcccccacc tcttggcctt tctctaccca ccctgggagc     27120
     caaagacaaa ggacataatc tcatgggagc tctgaggccc ggcccattgc ctgagaaatc     27180
     tggatactta tccaggtaac cctaaggcaa gctcgtatct tccctacact actgcagctg     27240
     atgcaactct tgaaagaatc aactgctggc tggagaccaa ccagcaaact tatcaaaaat     27300
     acagccaagg accctcacag agtccacttc actcccctgc tccctccacc acagcatgtg     27360
     ctggtatcca tggctgagag acctgaagac agatcatacc acaagactct ttgcagacac     27420
     tctccggtac cagccagtac cagagcacag tagcttcgct gggtggttag atgtggaaga     27480
     gaaataacaa tctctgcact ttgtttctca ggaaccccca tccctagaag aaggggtaga     27540
     gcaccacatc aagggagcac cccatgggac aaaagaatct caacagcagc cctttagccc     27600
     cagaacttcc ctctcacata gtctacccaa atgagaaaaa tccaggaaaa ccattctgaa     27660
     aatatgacaa aacaagattt tctgacaccc ccaaaagatc acactagctc accagcaatg     27720
     gattcaaaca aaggagaaat ttctgaattg ccagaaaaag aattaagaag gtcaattatt     27780
     aagctactca acaaagtacc agagaaaggt gaataccaac ttaaatttaa aaatgtgtta     27840
     caggacatga atggaaaaat ctccggagaa acagatagca taaataaaaa acaatcacaa     27900
     ctgctggaaa tcaagaacac actagaaaaa tgcaaaatac actggaaaat ctcagaaata     27960
     gaatcaaaca agtagaagaa acaagttcag agcttgaaga caaggctatt gaactaaccg     28020
     aatccagcaa agacaattaa aaaacacacc tttaactgtg ttttcttata cttcgggctt     28080
     tttgtaggtt aatgactttt cttaattcct aagtaccatc tgagtaatta gtcacatggt     28140
     tataaagaat atcaaatgtc agactaaatt cttttcaagc ttccctcagc agcttaaagt     28200
     tgaaaccttt tcattccttc ttctataatc ttgggtattt gaaatgggta ttctcccact     28260
     tgaacatagg caaaatctaa tttcttgtct ctaccctatg gaatctcatt tagtaattat     28320
     ttctaaactt atcctgatgc catgcatcat tggtttgtta taaatatatc taaaggagta     28380
     cacaacattt actaaagaaa cacattcccc gtgtgatgtg tcctgataag aaaaatgacc     28440
     tccaaattta cattcctgta caggtatgat gatttcactc taccatactt tattttatac     28500
     ccatctattg tttcttccac aaatatacat aactggagtc atagccaaaa cttgtattgc     28560
     ctgggcctat ttgagcataa acagcaggta ttagccctaa atagggggtc ttctgccaac     28620
     ttgggtgtgt taggaaacat ggacaatatt caaaatggcc tgcaggactc cagtttcaaa     28680
     gtgaaagata ccatgcccat ccaagacatt gcagtttgcc tttccctgat gattagtgat     28740
     gttgagcact ttgtcatata cgtgctagcc atttgtatgt cttcttttga aatatgtttt     28800
     tcgatgtctt ttgcccattt ttaaaatcaa attatttgtg agataatttt ggtactcagt     28860
     tacttgagtt ctttatatat tctggatatg aaccccttgt caaatgcatt gttggcaaat     28920
     cttttctccc actcgtatgt tatctattca ctctgtgaat tgttttcgtt attgtgcaga     28980
     acctttcagt atgatgtaat ctcatttttt aattttttat tttttccctg tgattttgag     29040
     gttctacttt aaaaattctt gcccagatca atgtagtgat gatgcattct gcctgtgttt     29100
     tctaccagaa gttttacagt ttaagatctg atattaaagt ctttaatcca atttgagttt     29160
     aaaatagtga aataagtgtc tagtttcatt ctgtatttgg atatgcattt tttgcatcac     29220
     catttattga ggaagtagtg cttttcttgg tgtatgttct tttcaacttg gtcaaacatc     29280
     agttgactat aaatgagtga atttatatct gggctctcag gggttctctt ctgtttgtgt     29340
     gtctgctttt atgccagtac cattctcttt tgatgtttaa tagcttgtag tatatcgggt     29400
     agtatgatgc ctacatattc attcattttg ctcagaattg cattggctat ttggagtctt     29460
     ttttgcttcc atatgaactt taggattgtt tttttctatc tctgaagaat atcttttgta     29520
     ttcggatagt gattgcttta attctgtagc tctcttttgg tagatggaca ttttaatgat     29580
     atcaattctt ctaatccacg aacatgggga atctttccat ttatttgtga tctcttcaat     29640
     ttctttcatt agagttgtat agtttttctt gaagagatct tttactttgg ctaaatttat     29700
     tcctagttat tttgtattta ctttagtttt tgtaaatggg attgccttat ttctctttca     29760
     gattgctcac tgttggccta tataaatgct aattttgtat gttgattttg tatcttgcaa     29820
     atttactgaa ttcatttatc agttctcaca gtttttgctg gtgtcgttag gattttttta     29880
     atatatgacc atgtcatctg taaacaggga aaatttcagt tccttctttc caatttggag     29940
     gcctttgttt ccttctttta cctaattgct ctaagaccag acacagcttc tcttttttct     30000
     ctcctgaatt catgggaatt caggatgtta ttgtttttga atagtttcca gttctatttt     30060
     tgtgggtgtg gatgaatgat gctggaggat cttctattca tctatcttgt tgctataact     30120
     cctctctatg agtctttctt aactttttaa agatacagtt tgctgttaga gtatagaaac     30180
     tccaatttct gtctgttgat ttcctgaaac tttcctgaat ttgttaggga atagtttttg     30240
     ttgaaggctt tatgtttttt tatatgtaat attactttat taacaaacag aaacatgtca     30300
     cttcttcctt tcctatttac atttctattt atttttcttc cctaattgct ttagctggga     30360
     ctttcagtgc tatgttacat aaaagtggca agagtgaccg ttctggtctt ttgctggatc     30420
     ttagagaaaa agctttcaac atttcatcat taagtattat gtcagctgta ggcttatcat     30480
     atatggcctt tgttatggtg agatacattc cttgtatacc taatttgttg agagttttgg     30540
     aattttgtca aatgcttctc tccacctaaa taatcataaa attgtatcat tcattctgtt     30600
     aatgtgctat gtgatgttta ttaattggca tctgttgaag catccttgca tccctgggat     30660
     gaatcccatt ttatcatgat gaatgctttt tgaaatgtgc ttttaaattc agtttgctag     30720
     cattttttga ggaattttac atccatgttc ccaaatgata ttgacctgta gttccttttt     30780
     cattcccatg tccttctctg gctttggtat taggataatt ctggccttgt ataatgaatt     30840
     tggaagtatt cccacttctt caattttttg gaagtgtttg agaataattg gtattagttc     30900
     tttaaatttt tgatagaatt ttgcaatgag tccatattgt cctgggcttt tttttttttc     30960
     tggtgggaga cttttattac tacttcactg cattattcat tattggtttg ctaagattta     31020
     ctatcgtagg atttatgtat cagtcaattc atgtcttcca gcttatctaa tttttgacat     31080
     gcaattattc attatacttt cataatcttt tgtatttctg tggcctcagt tgtaatattt     31140
     cctttgtaaa tttctgattt gaaccttctt agtctagttt attttgtttt ttcacaaaac     31200
     aactcatctg atgttttgca ttgtttttat cattttttta tttctcctct aatcaatatt     31260
     aatgtatcta ctaattttga gtttagctta ttcttgtttt tctagttaat taaggtacaa     31320
     tattaccttt ccttatttga agtctttctt ctttattgat gtagccattc attgctataa     31380
     actataaact tcctctttga actgcttttg ctgtgtcctg taggttttgg tatgttgagt     31440
     tttccatttt tatttgtctc aaacaacctt ttattttccc ttttaatttt ttcattgacc     31500
     catctattgt ttaggagcat attatttaat caccatttat ttgtaaactt tctgagaatt     31560
     cttgcattcg tttataaact gctgtgatca gaaaagatga ttgatattat tttgaacttc     31620
     ttatctttaa gacttttttg tggtcaaaca tgtgatctaa cctagaaaat gtttcatgtg     31680
     caatcgagta taatgtgtat tctgcagcta ctgaataaaa tgttttgcat atgcttttta     31740
     ggtccattgc cctagagtgc aacttgaagc tgttatttca ttgtttacct cctgtctgga     31800
     tagtctttcc atggctgaaa gaggggtgtt gaagtttctt agtattattt tattgctatc     31860
     tatcccctta gatctattaa tactttattg tatttaggtt aatgtttcat acatagtcac     31920
     aattattata tactttttgt tgaattgact ttttaatcat tatatatgat cttctttgtc     31980
     tctttctaca gttctggact tcagtctatt ttatctgata taagcatagc tactcctgct     32040
     cttttctggt tacgacttgc atgggatatc cttttcaacc acttcacttc gtctgcatat     32100
     gtccttgcag gttaaagtaa cctgttgtag ttggcatttt ttatacattc tgccaccaga     32160
     tatcttttga ttggataatt taatacattt acatttaaga taatttttga tacataggga     32220
     cttaatgcta caattttgtt agttttccag ttgttttcta gagactttgt tcttttcttc     32280
     cattcttact atcttctttt aaggttaaat gatgtttttt ctagtggtat gcattgattc     32340
     cttgtttttt aaaaattttt gtatgtctac tacaggtttt tgctttgtag ttaccacgag     32400
     acttaccaac atattataac aggttatttt aggcagctaa caatttttag cacaataaag     32460
     ctctacaaaa atcatttttc atgaaatttt gctacatttc ctttcacaag gatgttttaa     32520
     agataaccat caaatgtgtc tataattata atccagcaaa ttgagagttg acaaatgctc     32580
     tttaattcat acaaagttag agtatgcatt ttatattgtc tgagttcagg aaaaatatta     32640
     aaaactagtt ctctcatatt tttccaaagc actacagaat ctttatatta tagtcataaa     32700
     ataattgagt gtggtgagag aaaagaagaa tgtgtactgt tgaaaacacc tgattattcg     32760
     caagttgtac atagccaatt aggaagttat agcatgcagc taccacatgt atgcttttag     32820
     gtaacaggtt cagcaggccc cacctcaaat gccctcctat cagcctattc tcgggtaaag     32880
     gcatggtcga ctccacttag atcaacatca tttagatcac cattctcatg tacctggtct     32940
     ctatgttttt ggtcttgcac atctccaatt gatcaccaca caaataacat ttctaaaata     33000
     caaatctgat catttcacta ttgtttgtaa aaccctgggc cacacaaggg caagaaataa     33060
     gcctaacatg aaataagaaa gatctactgg gcattgatct ctctcgcttg ctcagccctg     33120
     tctttgctca tgctgtgcct tttcccttgc agcgtgtctc agcaagttcc cctggctcca     33180
     acatcacaca ctcatctgag ggtaactttt cgtcactatt cagcactgag ccccggagtc     33240
     tcctctcagc tccttgtttg aactcagatg tcacagatag aattagtgtg tccttatgag     33300
     ctgcaccctt cacacgagta tcaaaacagc ttatttattt tcttacattt gtttgcataa     33360
     acaactacat gtatttttca aactccttgg taaaagccat gtgctattca aaatttaatc     33420
     ttatttaact atttttaatt ataaaatagt acaaaatgct tgttaaataa atgaaggatt     33480
     gaatgttgat gccatccctc tgcttgtttg tataacaagt tacatgtttg aaatctcagc     33540
     tcaggaatca ccctgggcag gtaaccttcc ttaaaactcc ttccactcag gtgtcatatt     33600
     ttttctgcag tcacttatgt ggtcctacat cctcaataca ccacatggca gtaattattt     33660
     cggagagata aatccactag acgccatcag aattggacca tgcagaaaaa tgtagccctc     33720
     aataaagaag gggcgatgac tggattttct cggtaatgat tagatataat gaaatgagca     33780
     tgatttctaa gatgtcacac tgccaccaag cagaaaggag aatattttca aaaagggaga     33840
     aaagcctggt atttaattat ttgtaaatga tttcaacttc acaaaaatca ttaaaaaaca     33900
     atagtacaat taatacctat atacccttta cccatactca tgtgtggcag caacattgaa     33960
     ctcagtttgt ttcattgccc ctctctatct ccctccctct ttccctctca tcatttgaac     34020
     acctcatgac ctttttgtct ctaaatatta agtatttcct gaggttaaga atattttttc     34080
     acaaaattag agaacagtta tcaacttcca aaaatgttac attagtataa cacaattgta     34140
     aaagaatttt ggatggacaa agactataaa atagagtttc cacacagtga aagaattcct     34200
     caaaatgaga tgaatatgag atgaggcatc attgtatgag agtctaagga ataacaggga     34260
     taaaatccta agtatctgat gggtagagaa aaggaaaata aatctttata tccaaatttc     34320
     ctactttata atttcctaaa ggacgaatct cacagttaac attttcttca gagcccccat     34380
     gacatcctta ttcctaagac tatagattaa agggttcagc accggagtga ggatggtata     34440
     gaagacagat accatcatgt ccttctcagg ggtgtggtag gagctgggga gcatgtaggt     34500
     gtagacggca gccccataga agaggatgac cacagtcagg tgggaggagc aggtggcaaa     34560
     ggcctttttc cggccctctg ctgagttcat cctgtggacg gtgaggagga tgagtaaata     34620
     ggagcttgaa atgatcgtca cagggatgag gagcatgagg acacagcata ggtacatgag     34680
     ggtctcatag agtgaggtgt ctgagcagga caggatcgtt acagcaggga cttcacagaa     34740
     gaaatgatga atctcccagg atctgcagaa ggggaagctc atggtgatgg gagtgagcat     34800
     gaagccatcc actgagccca ggaaccagca gcccgatgcc aggaaaagac agaccctatg     34860
     gttcatgagg acagggtaac ggagaggatg gcagatggcc acgtagcggt cataggccat     34920
     ggtggctaga aggaaaaatt ccgaacctgc tagtgtcaga tagaggaaca tctgcatccc     34980
     acactcaggg gctgagacct tattcacacc catgacctgg tccaggagca tcttgggcac     35040
     agtgacagaa atgtacgcca tgtccatgag agacaattga ctgatgaaaa agtacatggg     35100
     gctgtggagg tgggcgtcac agtgtatcag aaggatcagg acagcatttc cagacaacgc     35160
     cttcaggaaa accacaaaga tgaccacact aagtagagct ggatgtttgg attgtctgaa     35220
     gagtcccatg aggatgaaat ccaaccttcc agtgtggttg gccatcctgg tgatgttggc     35280
     catgaggttt cacctaggcc accaaggaga gttttggagt cagtgtaacg cgtccctttg     35340
     taatgagtgt ttagtgagta ctcacatttg tgtatgctca ttgtgctaac ctgagtcccg     35400
     tgggtctggg gatttgagta tataaatgac atataacaaa ttcacaaaac aaactaagaa     35460
     ttcacaacta taggccagaa gaattggtaa ctgatagtaa ggttgtcacg gttcaaattc     35520
     ataaactttc ctgatgataa tgccatttat caacaagtac tgaaaatttg cagaacctcc     35580
     ctcctctgct aacacaaaca gtgactcatt gaaagaaaga taaagcaaac tccttattgt     35640
     agagtttttg tcatagacag ctgaattgaa tcaacatcgc tggtttaaga aacaataggc     35700
     atcttcaaaa tactcagagg tatatatgat ataagaaaga tttagcaagt aactaaagcg     35760
     taacttggaa aaaaaattat gccagatgtt tgaacctcct cctcccatag gatcaggcca     35820
     tgctgtgagg ctctgtgatt gcgtggagcg agcctcacat tctcatgagc agggaagggt     35880
     cctcacacac agctgaccct ttagacatcg agagacgtga agtgaggagc ccacacacag     35940
     tagactccag ctatgggtcc acctttttct ctgtctgcca ttcctttctc caatctacat     36000
     caaaaaggat aaaaatcatg tttgagctca ggtgtggtga gggtaaaatg aggaaatgta     36060
     atgaaagtgc ttagaatagt acagtttccg atgaataaac acatatactc ttagtgtaga     36120
     tgttaactct ttaagctaac tattctgcac aacctaccta agagattgtt gctactatta     36180
     ttatataaga tatattactt ccattctcca gattcagtac ctattcatac atttaagaag     36240
     ctgactttca aaataaaaat ggcagaagtt ctgcaaaata aagcatatga cccactttaa     36300
     aaaaaaacaa tttggatttt atatttgtgt gtttatgtgt aaatactctg gttttatata     36360
     aatatatata atatatttat gtaaacatac acaggtgaat atataactat aacatttctt     36420
     attttaaccc tggttatgca gagctttttg gagactccta tgtccttcct gcctagtatg     36480
     tggtcctcca acctcatctc cttaaagctc ctctcatttt aaagctcatt aaatctcagc     36540
     gaggaagaac tagaatttgg agggtcactg ctgtttatca gacaaggctt tagttgtttt     36600
     tgcaaacctc atgtgcttta ttacttgcca caatcaatct ttcatacaaa ctgagaagca     36660
     gggaggaaaa tcaaacaaca ctgaggcatc tgacttcaac tcactgtttc tccctctacc     36720
     gtgacactca cagcctgtgt tatactgacg atgaatcgcc tctgacttca actcactgtt     36780
     tccttctcta tcatgatact cacagcctct gtgttatatg cagaagatga atcaaagaaa     36840
     aattgaactt gagtgcactt aaggaggtca cagtcagtct attcagggaa caactattat     36900
     gtaaatgtga tttgaagttg aatttttaaa tagttacaaa ataaataagg gcaatagaca     36960
     caaaatatat ctggccgttc tgaaataatc cataatagct gtttccacat tttctctgaa     37020
     agaaattaaa actttccaac ttttcaactt ctgacatatt aaatgttaaa ttttgagagc     37080
     ccttgccaag aataaggaca taataactcc tctttctggg aagactttag ctgtgattat     37140
     gatgcaggga cattttggaa tgaatttaca agtttcaaat atattttgta ttcttgtagt     37200
     aattacaaaa agtatttaag acattcaact caccaaaact tccaacattc tgggatgctt     37260
     cggtgcttta atataaatat ccaacaaatc tgagacacat tttatgtaca tatgtatata     37320
     tatgaataga tgatgatgat agatagatag atagataatg tgtatcaaac actaccccta     37380
     ctggcaaatg gtggctgaga tctgtgtaca atttaaaaac attccaataa actgcaaaac     37440
     acacctgctg acctcgtcca ttatttgtgg ccaaagtgaa gcaaggacca gaggagcgac     37500
     cagcacatgt gaagacctaa aaggtgtttg ctcagtaaat tgagggggag caggagggca     37560
     gggagatgcg gggtttccta agaaatctct gctgctcttt aggaaatggc catcactatc     37620
     attaagccac tatcattaag ccactatcaa cagctcaacc aggacacggg acagataagg     37680
     gaacactatc cacacacagt gaactggccc cctgttcatt cttcttctgt acccgcttgt     37740
     ttgactttca tgtaaattgc ttaatgcatg tttaacttgg ggatttatta taagtataaa     37800
     tggagtcaaa cctttatttg aagcatacag catcccagga attgttctaa tactaatact     37860
     aaaattaata ctttacattt cttctttccc aagagcctat gagttacttc ctattatttt     37920
     ctctctttac atattaaaaa atgcaggttc tcagggtacc tgcctaatat cacacaccta     37980
     acctgagata gaacgcacgt ctcagcccga gagtgagagc cagcgcacgt aactctgcct     38040
     gattcctctc agggacacca tcctccctct gcagtctaca ctttggattt aggccactgt     38100
     ctgtgggttt catcaaggaa acataaaatg attgagacat tgtttctagt gttttgtaac     38160
     cctcagaaat aatcccctct caaaagaaaa tcagtcactt ttcctctata aaacttcagt     38220
     gacaggaaaa taaatacatc attgtatgaa aatctaaaac tatagaatat atattattat     38280
     gtccataaat aattggaaat taaaaatcca tttaccatta tgtcacagta aataagtgtt     38340
     gtatagaagt tataagaaag aataacattt gcttttctcc attaaaaaca gatgataaag     38400
     aaaaaatgag gaaatgctgt gaagaactaa tagaacgttt cagaagcaga acaagtcgag     38460
     agcagtgatg acccttttgt tcctgctagt acctcctgtc tgtctggccg aactcaccat     38520
     cagatgatgt cttgaacctc acctagatgg gctggtggtg tgtggccagg ttaagagcac     38580
     caacaggagt aagaaagtga cctgcctggt tttaccgtgt gtactagggg aggggttgaa     38640
     agctttcggt tgatacatca cctctgggag ttgaagaaga atgcaattaa gagagctaaa     38700
     gaagtcagta ggtatctctc ctgaacaatt ctggttttct tctaatagct tttacaattt     38760
     ttacctctgt tatgaaatgc aaacttttaa ccaatattag taatagtaat ctcaaatctc     38820
     atcatcatca aaatcttatt tatgaaatat aggagttagt tcatatacag ccttagcctt     38880
     ttccacatta taaaatatat tccatatata tgtgtgatct tcatttaata ttcaagtaaa     38940
     tgttgtaaga tattgttatt tttattctaa catttcacag gtatagaatc tgaaactcag     39000
     aggtcaactg atgtgtcaaa gatacctcca caaatcagta ccttgattaa aactaaaatt     39060
     ggagtcatct tcatatctcc atctttctcc ctcttcatta ggaccgattg tagtctgttt     39120
     ccctctcact cacttgcaat ctttattgct ttagtgttgc atttgatttt tatctttgtt     39180
     tttgttttaa atactgtcat taaagtcata gaaaaatcta aaataaaact ggttgaataa     39240
     aaattttaaa atcgactcta atgtaataaa ccagacaaaa atgatacttt aaatgttata     39300
     tcttcccttt aaactacaaa tattcattga gtgtataccc tgtattaggc tgttggaata     39360
     aaacagggaa gaagacagaa gaaactgcac cgccatctta gatcttgcag ccaaattcct     39420
     ctgaactttt ctctaaagac gtgctctgga aaaatgttga tcattttcct acatcatgga     39480
     ggtcttttca tgaccacctt tgtctagaca atgtcctgtt tttaggtgca cgtttgaggg     39540
     ctggagtctc tgacccacag tgctgcagcc tgcacgtggt ttgtcctgac ttctttgcta     39600
     cttcactttt cgtaaggctc tgagagtgca ggcccttgtg ggtggacact gcagggtgag     39660
     aggaagaagt aaactacttt tttccgtttc tgatgggggt gtgggtcagc agctataagc     39720
     aacagggacc atggggggcc tcagacttca gcacctgaga ggcagtttca gtcgtattgg     39780
     ggagatgcag gcatctgggt tgctgcacat caccagggca gggttctctc agcagccctg     39840
     gagtgcagag ttcccatcag ctcagcagtg aggggcacat ggggctccag tggtgaggac     39900
     tcttggtcct tggatgacaa cactcccctg cccacttctc cagccttccc tgtaaccctt     39960
     tgccacctct aaccaatctt ctgtgttaca tctcttcggt ttgcaatatg tagtgttcgt     40020
     atatgactgg acagtatcta ctggagttaa tatctatcag agtaattata tcacaattgc     40080
     aatcttctcc taagagtgaa tagtgacatt aaaaatttca acattataaa ttatgcagaa     40140
     ataaaactaa ttatacaaaa aatacactct gaatgtcagt ttttccctga gacaatctac     40200
     catttgatat acggtgattc acacttctta atatacaaca ttgaattact tttccaaaag     40260
     cctcttcaaa ttttgctgca gaattaaact tcacttgcac cagctctgaa ttatgtgtgc     40320
     ttttccttct tggtcaattt cataggtgta tcattatttg tcttttttaa ttaatatgtt     40380
     tatataactt ttcatgttta tccatgtaac tactgctttt gtgaaacgtg tgtttttatc     40440
     cttttcacat ttttttctat tgaaatgttt tctttataaa tataaatgtg tttttggtat     40500
     gaaaataata actggccaga tgcggtggct cacacctgta atcccagcac tttgagaggc     40560
     cgaggtgggt ggatcacctg gcctcaggag ttcgggacca gcctggccag catagtgaaa     40620
     ccccatctct actaaaacta caaaattagc tggcgtggta gcacgtgccc tgtaatccaa     40680
     gctacttggg aggctgagac aggagactca gtcgaaccta ggaggcagaa gttgcagcaa     40740
     gccaagatca cgctattgca ctccagcctg ggcaaaaaga gcgaaactct gtctcaaaaa     40800
     gaagaaaaaa aatagtaact ctttgtgaat agtatcaact aaaatattta tatttcagtt     40860
     ttcattctga tattttgttt catcagaatt ttttaaagta ttttgtttaa tatattaact     40920
     ttaataattt cattaactgt ctcgtgctta caaagtcttt atgcatttgg ggattatgta     40980
     aagcatctac ctttacactt ttaatgagtt tcagaggttt tttggtacct ttgagttata     41040
     atacaaaaat aatttatttg ggtgtgatat gcagtgaatt gctaacatta ttgcttttaa     41100
     ttaaagatta aattccaatg ttgaatgata ttttctttaa tttcaaaaat aattagtaac     41160
     tgttccaggc actatctagg tttatgatgt ttgaaacaaa gattcttccc acacagcatt     41220
     tatatactag tggtaaatac aggcaataaa ctaataaata tgtaatgaaa tatcaagtat     41280
     taataatcac agtgaataaa aaataaaggc agagagatga gataggaatg attagcgaat     41340
     ctatttaaca caggctagtt aggagccctt tatttagaag gtgaaatttc atcagatccg     41400
     taaatgaagc aatggagtca ctcgtaaaca acggggcaga gatgtttaag cagaggaaac     41460
     agagaaagtt aaaagctgtg agactgaaag taacttgcaa cgtttgaaca gcagcaagaa     41520
     gatctgtggc cccagattga ggtgagaaag ttggcaaaac agaaaatggg gttagaaatg     41580
     gagccaagaa caggtcgtat aatatcatga tggtcctggg aaggaccagg gacaggcaga     41640
     ggtgtgttta agaaagggaa gacaaaagta tacacggcac tcaagagagt gcatgtgcac     41700
     ttagaaaaag aaaggaagtc tcagccaatg tttggcccct gtcttctaag aactcttcag     41760
     gaagtttacc aggcatgctc acagtctgtt ctgactgtag cctggcttcc cctccccacc     41820
     ccaccccacc atacaactcc cagcaacaga cagcactcag agaatctcca gagagtgaag     41880
     ggccccaaag ctttgactct ccttgcttct tggttaatcc cactctgaga tatcactgga     41940
     ggacggacag agaggaaaga catttggaac aggtatatga ttatcactga gaaggcttga     42000
     gcgagaatgc aggaaagggt ttgagctagt cctgatgaga catatggtgt ctgggcaagg     42060
     ggtgtggtgg aggaggagaa gttggattgc cgtttataca cacaggaata ttggggctgg     42120
     gcaggttggc atggaacgct gaaactgaaa tttgggactc cagttgccca gtacacatct     42180
     acatgaagat gatgcaaggc tagtgtatac acgaatccag agttcataag agaaggcagt     42240
     cctaaaatca tggttttgag aaccagtgtg tgtggaggaa acaacgggat cgcacaagga     42300
     aggagggtca acatcttata ccagaagcca gtgcagggga ggctaagttt ccacattatc     42360
     tcttcttttc cattggtctt tcactgaatt cctttaaaat atcttgtttt attgggtgtc     42420
     ccctcatgat aattttaaac aactagtgaa acaattcttg tcttcatgta tgttcatgtt     42480
     caaaataagc aagtttttgt ttttcctttc agttgatcta tttggctagg ttcaaaagat     42540
     ctaactaatt gtattgatta gaatacaatg aaatacattt gggaagaatt gatattgtta     42600
     aaatgttgca gatttttata aacaagcaca ataggtctca cagagatatc caaatactta     42660
     gaggtcgggt ctggattttg aagtaatttt aataaaattc ttccacaata attgagattc     42720
     tgagatattt ttataattta attttttgga gaatattttt catttaaaaa tacttaaaaa     42780
     gcattaacag tgacagaaaa gctattgata tatatttttt caacattaat atttatggtg     42840
     gaaaccctgc ttaaagttct actttttttt tacattttaa atgtaaactg agaaaatatt     42900
     tataaaaaca aaaataacat tttaagaatt aaactataaa tatataaaac atgtcaaaca     42960
     ttttgtaaat gatcctgaag gcaccatcag agatataaag aaatgcaaga tacatgcaca     43020
     gaacaaagga agaggggcca ccacctttat ggactggagg tcaggatatc aagccaaaga     43080
     ggacctcaag tcctgaaatc taacgaaact tgccctgcca ggcttcaagt ttgctttggc     43140
     tctaagactt ctatttaact tccaatttct ctttttcaga ataggaatgt ctatcctata     43200
     tgtgagtgtc actgttgcat tttgacagca gataacttgc tgtctggttt cacaggtttt     43260
     aaattaactt attgagtaaa atctaagttg aataatgtgc tagagaaata ttcttaatac     43320
     aaagagatta aaaacattag caagatgttt gaagaggagc tcctataatc gtatcccctc     43380
     aaagcagcaa taatatagca gcctgtctgg cacaaaagtc ccttggtggg aacttctgga     43440
     tcttgacagg aagtgtcaaa actggtgaat cccaacactg aagagagcta ttttgagaag     43500
     gcagggccac acccaggtgg caggctcact gactgtggtc ctggctacag acacagaatt     43560
     aacatccctc tggactcagc tagtgccctg tttggcattg gtcctgccac ctgaaccatc     43620
     tgccaagggg cccaggggca ctcacattga ccagtaccct caagtaacag gcctgctaac     43680
     cttagttcta gctctgaacc ctgaagcagt ccatgaccca gctccagtcc ccctcagcca     43740
     tggtctggga atagaccttc ctgcacagag acctgccagg aggcaaccct gttcatgtgc     43800
     ctagaggcag gctctcaaaa ctacgtccga ctgccaatct tgaagcagct ctgttacttg     43860
     gcaccctttt ccattgttca aaagcagtcc tgcccactca gtgacctcct gggtgacaca     43920
     ttgatcgatg cccctgtaaa caagactgct gacatcagtc agctggagat cctgaatcag     43980
     ccctcttatc cagctccagc ttccattcaa ccacagcttg gggatatctt atatcttata     44040
     tttacaggga ctatgcagga ggtacaccca tccatgcagg acagaagacc tcagactcag     44100
     ctgtggtcca tgacacagcc ctgagactca gttccaggtc ctctcaactg tggtctgggg     44160
     acaatccttc ttgcccagag actttcccac caatataatg ggagtccttc aagggactca     44220
     atagaatcca cacccatttc tgtacctcgt aagaggcatg ccatctacag aaccaaatgt     44280
     gaaccctgaa gcagagtgtc ctagcgatag ccctattgac caaggtacta gaggcagtct     44340
     tctctaccaa gagaccagac aggatttata ctcaactcga cttctggtaa caagcttgcc     44400
     aactaaaaat tctgctgtag actcaggagt agccacatga catggctcta accctgctca     44460
     actgcagtcc tggaggtaat tcttattagc ctagagaaat gacaggagaa tgtctttacc     44520
     taccgaaacc agtctatgca gaccagaaga gctgtttgca acttcaaatg tgcacacatc     44580
     aatgcatagc tacttgagtc acaaaaaatc aggcaaatgt gacaccaaag taataaataa     44640
     ataccaccaa agtaataaag cttcattaag caaccccaag gaaatggaaa tctatgaatt     44700
     gcctaagaat tttaaaatca tattaaatag gatcaaagag cttcaaaata gcagagatct     44760
     aaaactaata aaaaaatgca taaacaaaat gagaaatata ataaagacat tgacatcata     44820
     aaaggaaaga attcttgtgc tgagaagatt tgtagtcaaa tttggaacac tctagtactg     44880
     taatggaggt gtgtaaatct cgttaacttt agtgtaaagc ttgtaaaata ttctgaatac     44940
     aattatggaa gtgagaaggt caacagagta ctttaataac atatttcatc atacagcgaa     45000
     aggaagcaat gaacttgagt ttagatcata cagttagagg aacaaaaaaa ataaaatgca     45060
     gaagcatctg ggaactataa gacaacatca agcaaatata tatgtgtatt atgacattca     45120
     cagaaggaga agagagaaaa acagaaagct aaaatgacaa catttcctaa atttgtgagg     45180
     gatagggaca tgcagattca taaagttcaa aggaacccaa gcaagaacaa accaaaacat     45240
     tatacctgag acatattatg atcagtttgt caaaagtcaa agacaattct ataatttgga     45300
     aaaatatgga tgagcccaga ggacaatatt ttaaataaaa taagcctggt ataggacaaa     45360
     tattgcacaa tttcatttat atgtgaagtg tccaatagtc aaacacatag aaacaaagaa     45420
     taaaatggtg gttaccagag tttggagtga ggaaggaaaa gagaagatgt gggtcaaagg     45480
     atacaaaatt ttatttaagc aggagaaata agttcaggag gtttatggta catcatgctg     45540
     actacagttt caacaattat gtacttgaaa attgctaaga aagtaggtat aagagtactc     45600
     agcacatgaa atgattactt gaacccagga ggcggaggtt gcagtgagcc gaggtcatgc     45660
     cactgcactc cagcctgggc aacagagtaa gactttgtct taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     45720
     aactcccaag aaaagcctag gactagaaga cttcatgatg aattcatcca agcacttaaa     45780
     gaactaacac atatcctcct ctgatttttt caaaacattg aagggcaaaa acacttccaa     45840
     attcatttac tgaagccaac attaccttta aaccaaagcc agataagaac actaactccc     45900
     aaaatattat aggtcaatat tcctgacaaa cagctttcat aatttttggt aaaaattaac     45960
     aaaatactaa caaaccaaag cagtgcatta aaaggatact tcaccttaat caagtgggat     46020
     tattcctagg atgtataaac caaaagtatg tcagacaggt ctcaatcaga ttgaaagttt     46080
     atttcaccaa ggtaaaggac atgcttggaa aaaagaacac aattacagaa acagtctgtg     46140
     gtctgtgctt ttctttaaag ataattttga ggactttaat atttaaaggg gaaagcaggc     46200
     tagaggggaa agagggagag tatgataatc cacaggttgc aagaagaaaa gaagcaaaga     46260
     agcaggtagg tgaatagtca tttatgtatt cctttcacac tcagtagaag gatcatcgct     46320
     ttacgtcagg taaggagaat gtggagttac tgcctgttac tctaacattt tatcagtagt     46380
     taactgatta ggaacaaaaa acaaaaacca aaggaaatgc agtttcttgc ataactcagc     46440
     tttcagctta gtatcttttt tccttttggc atagtaaatt ggggtcccaa gtttttttcc     46500
     cacagatgca aagatggttc aacatacacc aatcaataaa tatgatatgc cacattaaca     46560
     gaataaatga caaaaacaat tgtgcatctc aatagacata gaaaaagcat tggataaaat     46620
     tcaacatctt ttcatgataa aaactcagca gatttgttat agaaggaatg tgcctttaca     46680
     taataaatct cacagctaaa tcatactcga tggagagaaa cagattttcc gctaagatca     46740
     ggaagaagac aagagtgctc actctcactg cttctattca acataatacc ggaaactagc     46800
     cagagcaatt aggcaataaa aagaaagaaa aggctttcaa atcagaggaa gttaaattat     46860
     cttgccatct gtttgcagat gacatgattt tacatataaa aaactctaaa gactccacca     46920
     aaatcccatc agagttaaag aattcaagaa acttgcagga tacaaaataa acatatataa     46980
     atgagttgta tttctataca ccaaaaagga accatccaaa tatgtaatta agaaaagaat     47040
     accattccca ataccatcca atagaataaa atacatagga ataaatacag ctgagggagt     47100
     gaaagatctg ttcactaaag aggagataaa taagtgggag gatatctcat gttaatgggt     47160
     tagaataact aatattcttt aaatgtccat attactccag aaaatgtctg attcagtata     47220
     accccaacta aaattccaca ggcatttttt acataaatag aataaaacaa ctctagaaat     47280
     tttgtgaatg cacaaaaata tcaaatagcc aaagcaatat tgataaaaag aacaaagctg     47340
     gaggcttgac tccgatttca aactatatta caaattatag aaataaagcc atgcttatat     47400
     ggtcaattag tctttgatga gggtgccaaa aatgcagcat gaagaaagga tagtctgttc     47460
     aataaatggc attgggaaaa ccagatacat acatgcagag gaacgaaatt ggactcttat     47520
     cctacactat tcccccaaaa ccaaatctaa atggatcgaa gacttaaatg gaagacctgg     47580
     acttgtaaaa gtcctagatg atgacatagg gaaacagctc tttgacattg atcttggccg     47640
     tgatattttt gatatgacac aaaaattaag gcaacaaaag caaaataagc aagtaggact     47700
     gcatcaacat gcaaaaactt ttgcacagaa aaggaaacaa taaaatgaaa aggtaatctc     47760
     tgcaatggga gaacatatct gcaaaccata ttttggataa ggagttagca tccaaaatat     47820
     aaaagaaact gacaaaatca ttagcaaata tcaaattacc caacttaaaa atggtaaaga     47880
     cagtgtgaat aggcattttt ccaaagaggc aatacaaata gccaacaggt gaatgaaaag     47940
     atgttcaaca tcactaatca tcagggccac acaaatcaaa accacaatga gatatcagct     48000
     cacacctgct aggatggcta ttaccaggca atacatagca agtgctgtca agtgtgtgta     48060
     ggaaatggaa cacttgtaca tgtgcattgc tggtagaaac gtaagttgca acagcctgtg     48120
     ttgaaagctg tatgacagtt ctataaagat taaaaataga gctactctat aattcagcaa     48180
     tcccactctg tacaccttcc tgaggtaaat aattatataa ataatataat gacaacataa     48240
     gaacattgtt aaattagtca tctgtggtgt ccatttgagc agttttgccc atttatttaa     48300
     ttacagcaat ttctgaaacc aaattttacc tacctctaac aaccccctct tacaagtgat     48360
     atttctgcac cacttggtgg aatttacttc caaattcaga tctctgtaca caaactcaga     48420
     caaactcctt tcatgcactg caggaataat tttcagtgag aagcaaaagt gttcggtcga     48480
     tgtgtcatgt aaagcaagta cttgtcattt ctctcgaaga tgcgataggc atgggaacac     48540
     ctggcttcca ttcattgtcg gtaaatcagg catggtcagg gctgtgccaa ggggaagtaa     48600
     attaacagct tcacgataca gctcgagatt cagcttcttg catattaatt agaacaaatg     48660
     tatttctttc ctaatttctc acgttccaga aatactacac ccatgaatta ttttgttaat     48720
     gaaaatgata gtgatctgat gctcatagat ttacagaagt tacgtttgta gcatgatata     48780
     catctggcaa actaaaggtt agtgacaagt ttataaccat tttgctggtt ttcccagttt     48840
     cagaagaaac atgccgaggg ggttaagctt tcctaagtct ccattatcgc acgcgactgt     48900
     tatgatattt attgtaaaca tagtagacca ttgtctggaa tagactaaat cctaaagaaa     48960
     ctaaatctgg aactactttt atttacatac tatgaaatag atgaacctat tctttgaatt     49020
     ttgaaatgga ttcatttttg gtttaggtgg ttccaatggc caatgctaaa actactggtg     49080
     tttacactac aaagttcact tcagcctttg gagaaaatgc gtttctttgt acttactgag     49140
     atacaatagc agaaacactg accccagtgg ctgccaatgt gaaccgaggt ttacaatgta     49200
     ttgcaaaggg agggagcagc caatactcct cctctagggc tctgctagga ttctaagtct     49260
     ttacaatgag tctcttcgag gggtaaagtg tttaagacca agtctcatac taaaatgctc     49320
     aatgaacctg ggatgggaga taagataaaa ggcactctat aaggtctttc ataggtcagc     49380
     tactgcagtg cagttaaaaa cactctaaag atattaaatc taatgagata aatgggagca     49440
     ataagcagta tggagggaaa acgccacgta taagaaagaa ggaaaatatg agtgggcttt     49500
     gtgctgggga cccggagacc tgagggcaaa agagaggaga gatagggagt aacggaatta     49560
     tagaaagagg aggggacaat gcttgtcctt tactactttt cttggttcat tcttgactgc     49620
     atcatgctcc tcagagccct ggtgacatct ttgttgcgga gactgtaaat gagggggttc     49680
     agcacaggag tgaagatggt gtaaaaggca gacaccatca tgtcctgctc agctgtgtgg     49740
     taggaactcc ggagcatgta ggtgtagaag gaagcaccga agagcagcag cactatgatc     49800
     atgtgggagg agcaggtggc caaggccttc ctgcggccgg cggcagaatt catcctgtgg     49860
     atgagatgca ggatgagggt gtatgagctg gagatgacca tgatgggggt gagaagcatg     49920
     aggatgcagc acaggtacgt gagcatctta tagagggaga cgtcagagca ggagagcttc     49980
     agcagggcag gagtctcaca gaaaaaactc aggattttcc tagactggca aaaggggaag     50040
     ctcatggtaa tgggggtgag caacaaacca tcaaccattc ccaaaaccca gcaggctgac     50100
     accaggagct ggcacaccct ctggttcatc agcagtgggt aatggagagg tctgcaaaca     50160
     gcagcatatc ggtcataggc catggcagcc aggaggaaaa cctcagctcc agccagggtc     50220
     aggtggaaga acatctggat cccacagcct gacggggaaa tggtatcatc tccagtgacc     50280
     tggcccacaa gcatcttggg cacagtcacg cataggtaca tgagatccat gagcgcgagc     50340
     tggctgatga agaagtacat gggggtgtgg aggcggggct ctgagtggat gaggaggatg     50400
     aggagggcat tcccagtgag ggccatcaag aaaagaagga aggtcacggt gtagaggagg     50460
     gcagcatgct tgctctcagc aaagagtccc gtgagggtga aatcagtgct tgctgtttga     50520
     ttctgagaag tctgattccc tgagcacatg actggctcac agtttccccc tgaggaaaaa     50580
     aaagtcatta attttaaatc tttcctatgt acatggcttt cctaaccttt ttctggtaag     50640
     acatgtgctt tgaattattt ttctaaatat tgagttaaac tgacataaaa tcataagttc     50700
     aaatcttagg tcaagtcgca tgttggccac aagctaaagt gaactacgaa acagatctgg     50760
     ggaggtgact attcctgagc taagtcaaga gtgaagacag gtacactcta tgtcttattt     50820
     ccccccagaa ttaagaacac aagtatactg gccttgtggg atggttagag actgaagtag     50880
     ggaatgcacg ttaggtctgt aacacagtgt tagtgttggg ttgagatttt cactactttt     50940
     tggatacagt agctcatcca ggactcagtg atggaaatca tggctgataa ggttaatatt     51000
     aatattgtta atggtacaaa tatcataact aataccatga aataatctga aaactggaaa     51060
     tctccttaaa tttcttctac cattatatat ctccatttaa gtccactttc ctcatgaaaa     51120
     cttttcaatt tattctgcta ttcctcacaa ggttgcattc cataagtagt gctgactggg     51180
     gcagaggagc agagggagag tcccgcctgc ctgaggagag tagcttggag tgcagaacga     51240
     gtgccgagca ggagagcagc agtaggcaca gtgagccctc ttcccagtcc ccagtgaaat     51300
     ctaaggcatt taatttatta actgtcaggc agagaaatat ttttacaaga aatcacagca     51360
     ataaatgctg cagatgccct aaatatcaag tatttatttg aaatataaac aaaatattta     51420
     ttttcaaaat gccatattta tcccccaaaa tcatgcctaa aatgtccaaa attccgtgca     51480
     tggtgattga aaaatgaagt taaagcacat gaggcagttg tgttgaatct ttcataaaac     51540
     cgcagccctg caaccaagcc tagggatcct cttgtcctgc atctcctttg cataacaaac     51600
     taatcaccac cccctcccat aaattcatag ctttgctcag tgactgcttt gtctgaatat     51660
     ttcagtttta attttccagt tgaattgttt caatcatgct tgatacaatt gtctcaaagt     51720
     taaaaagccc actaacttct agactaatga agagtcagga gctccatgac tgaggtttgg     51780
     tcatcctcag ggttgctgta ctgcaggtta gagaaataat gctgaggaaa aaactaacag     51840
     tgactgaggc acgtggaaat gcaaagtgaa atacaacgca ctgttcctag ggcaaaaaaa     51900
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aacaacaaca aaaacaaaac catacacaca aaacaagaga     51960
     ccaaaaaaaa aaaacaaaac ctgggacttc aggaaaccta aagtcagaat tacaaagagc     52020
     tagcaacaag agtcaggtat ctttgttcct tacttatccc ctttataaag cactgaagaa     52080
     acgggttatc aagacacctt tccacaaaga gacgaacatt gcacatagag cacaaaccat     52140
     ttgctccacc tcttctgctc catcagagaa taaatctaag ccacgccagc tcagtgaagc     52200
     tgctttcacc attctaaggc caaagcaaag gggtttaaat tcagaatgaa aatgagaaaa     52260
     ttacatcatc agtttcttca cattagggaa ttgagatgag tgtttattgc ttaattcttt     52320
     gcaccgtttt cccttttttt tttctgctta ttcatcttcc ctgtacttgg cattgtctct     52380
     tccctggagc ttctactttc tttaagacca tctcagaatc cattattttg gtatttttgt     52440
     tttgttttgc tatttgtttt tgatagttat attctaactt tccagttaca gtccacgtgg     52500
     taattaaaca tgtttttcat ttatgcgatg cgtctatcca aaagcaaatc catctttttc     52560
     atgacattgc acatttttaa acaacttcat ttttctagtt taaaattata ttttcgtatc     52620
     ggacatttaa agtaagctct ttgtaaaagc aaatctgaat ttcacaaagg gaggatcatg     52680
     gaaaaccagt gtcagaaatc tgtaaactaa atataaaatc ctaagacccc taatcaactg     52740
     aacagacccc cttctaggac aagagaatct caggaaagct gaaaagctta attgcaggac     52800
     ataacaagaa gggagacaca cttcattata cccctgtctg ttggaattta ggcacaactg     52860
     accagcaata acattgaaat agagttccta agactgacaa aacagactct gagtggcaat     52920
     aagataccaa attccaacct gactctagta tagcatcaca tgacagatag cagaccctga     52980
     ggaaaatcaa aatattccac cccaaagtat gtctttgaca tattttgaaa tggccctaca     53040
     aagccatctt tcgtggggaa aagttgcatc tatagagact ttccattaac acagcagggg     53100
     ctttcccaga ttcaggagaa aatatcggag tctgacaaca tttaaggttc taaaagaaac     53160
     atttaccatt tattatattt gcttccaatt aattgtgtaa tcttagtcaa gaccctaaaa     53220
     gctctgagtg tcacttcctc aatcaaataa aaggaggagt gttatgtact tgctatgctt     53280
     ctgtgactct taagacatct atgaatctga tgaccgaatg tggtctaaga tttctccatg     53340
     acagggtgac cttctcccac atcgcccctc tccttaaagg ctcagagact tcccttgaaa     53400
     tattagtctc atcgaattta gattatataa tttgggaatg aaaaagaatg gaaaaaggga     53460
     gccacttttc tcagtgcctg caaggttccg agactttgct gagtctttct agcatgacaa     53520
     acgtacaaat actgagtagt gtattcatcc ctgtgtacag tcatccctca ctatctgtcc     53580
     tcagtaccag gacatcgtga aaataccaaa atccatgatg ctaaagaccc taatatgaaa     53640
     tggcagagta tttctatata acctacacca atcttctcgt atgcttgaaa tcatgtctag     53700
     attacttata acaactaatg caatatgaat gctatgtaaa tagccgttat actatttttt     53760
     ttttacgaaa taatgacaag gaaaaaaagt ctggaggatg gaacaagatg acagaataga     53820
     agtttccact gatcatcccc ctgcaagaac accaatttaa aaactaccta cacaaaaaac     53880
     acctttacaa gaaccaaaaa tcgggtgagc actcacagta catggagtta aattcatatt     53940
     tctgaatgag gcattgaaga agttagaaaa acagtattgc atcactgaca ctaccactcc     54000
     ttcatccccc agcagtggag gtgtggtatg gagagcttct ctgtgcactg gggagaggga     54060
     gagccagcaa ttctaagaca ctgaactcag caatgccctt gttatagcag aaagaagacc     54120
     cagaccaaat tcagctgaca cccaccatga agggtgcatt taaatcagcc attgctggaa     54180
     gggaattgcg aatcccagtg tttggaactt gagttaccca agcctcacca tgaagggcta     54240
     aagtggctct ggagccacag acaaacctga agggcagtct aggccacaag agctgcaaat     54300
     cctaatgcta atctgggccc agagccagtg gactcagggg acacatgacc tgttaaaaca     54360
     ccagccaggg cagctaaact catcccctaa cctcagcctc cacggcttgt ggctccaaaa     54420
     gaggcctctt tcctctgctt taggagagga gagggaagag tgaggaggac tttgtcttgc     54480
     atcttggata ccagctcagc cacatcaggg ttggatacca gccagagtca tgagggcctt     54540
     gggtgagact ctgagacatg ctggcttcag gtgagactca gcatattacc agctatggtg     54600
     gctatggggc aagactcctt ctgcttgagg aaagtggaca gaaaattaaa ggagattttg     54660
     tcttgcactt tagtgcaact attgttacca ttgttattca acatattact ggaagttcta     54720
     gctagagcaa tcagacaaga gaaacaaaca tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     54780
     tatatatata tacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacatgca     54840
     tacggcatca aacgtcaaag aaaagtaaaa ttatctttgt tcacagatga taggacctta     54900
     tgcttggaaa aacctaaagt ctccccaaaa acctattaga actaataaac aaattcagga     54960
     aagttgcagg atacaaaatc aacatacaaa aggcagattt ctataagtca atagcaaata     55020
     gattaaaaca aatttaaaaa gtaatggcat ttatgatagc cacaaataaa attaaagagg     55080
     aattaaccaa agaagtgaaa gagttctata atgataacta taaaacagta ataattgaag     55140
     aggacactaa aaaatgaaaa gatattccag gttcatgaac caaaagaatc aatattgtta     55200
     aaatatccat agtactcaaa gcaatctata gattcaatgt tatccttatc aaaataccaa     55260
     tgacatttct tacagatata gaagacacta tcctatcatt tgtatgaagg cacaaaacac     55320
     ccagaggagc caaaattatt ctaagcaaaa ccgccaacca accaacccac caaaactgga     55380
     ggaatcccat tgcctgactt caaattatac tacagagcta ccataaccaa aacagcatgg     55440
     tgctggcata aatgcagata catagaccaa tgaaacagaa tagagaactc agaaacaaat     55500
     ccacacacct acagtgaact cattttctac aaaggtgcaa ggaacataca ccagggaaaa     55560
     gatcatctct tcaataagca gcactgggaa aagtggatat ctatatgaag aaaaatgaaa     55620
     ctagtcccgt ctctcgccat atacaaagat atagtcaaaa tggactaaag actttaagac     55680
     ctcaaactat gaaactacca gaagaaaaca ttggagaaaa tctccaggat atttgtctgg     55740
     gcaaatattt cttgagtaat actccataac acagacaacc aaagcaaaca tggacaaatg     55800
     agagcacatt ttgttaaaaa gcttctgcac agtgaaggaa ataaatcaac aaagagacat     55860
     cccacaaaat ggaagaaaat gttttcaaac tacccacctg acaaggaatt aataaccgca     55920
     atacataggg agctcaaaca aatctatagg aaaaaatata ataatctgat ttatatactg     55980
     ataaaagatt gaatacacat ttctcaaaag acaacataca aatcaaaaac aggcacataa     56040
     aaagtgctca acattgatca gagaaatgca gatcaaagct acaatgagat accatctcat     56100
     cccaattaaa atggctctta tacaaaagac atgcaaaaat aaatgctggt gaggacatgg     56160
     agaaaaggga accctcataa actctgtggg aatgtgaagt tgcatttaaa gttgtattta     56220
     aaggtgcaac agagaacagt ttggaggttc ctcaaaaaac taagaataga gctaacgtat     56280
     tatccagcaa tcccactgct gggtatatag ccaaaagaaa agaaatcaat atactgaaga     56340
     gacatctaca cttccatgtt tgttgcagct ctgttcacaa tagctacaat ttggaagcaa     56400
     cctatgtgtt cgtcaacaga tgaatgggta aagaaaatgt ggtacttata catgatagtg     56460
     tactatatag ccacaaaaca atgaaatcct gtcatttgca acaacataga tggaattgga     56520
     ggtcattatg ctaagtcaaa taagccaggc acagaaagac aaacattgca tgttctcagt     56580
     tatttgtggc accttaaaat caaaacaatt ggacttatgg agatataaat tagaaatatg     56640
     cttagcagat actgggaagg gtactggggg ggggtgaagg ggtaggtggg gatggttaat     56700
     ggatacaaca aagttgttag aatgaataag tactagcata atagactgac attgtcaata     56760
     acaatcgtac atttaaaaat aactaaaagg atatagtaat attgtaacac aaaagataaa     56820
     tgcttgagag gatactccat ttttcatcat gcatttatta tacattgcat tcctgtatca     56880
     aaacatctca tgtaccccgt aaatgtatac acctatgtca caacaaaaat aaaatttaga     56940
     aaagtctgta ccaatgtgac catgataagc ctaattatat tttcaatcca tgattggtta     57000
     agtccatgat tggttgaatc ttcagatgca gaatccaact cataagccca actgcagaag     57060
     cagatactga caccaggaga cagaatgagc atattctgtc cttggctggt acccacccta     57120
     tcttccaaca ttgcttcttc caatatctca gagtatcctt aaaccacaca ctttcatatt     57180
     ccttcataac ttcttgtatc ctgcttcctt gctgtgaatt taccaaatgc atttctgtat     57240
     aaactctacc agtcataaac acttagataa tatgacaatt tctttatgaa ggcgtgctct     57300
     actcaatcag tgagaactct cacacctcag acataacaat ccttctttta tacccttcac     57360
     acaagcctca actcactctt gtattttaat tatttctaag tttcaatgaa aattccacat     57420
     gaatatgtat aattagaaat tactttaatg agctgtatag gtatgaaagt taaaaaacta     57480
     aataagtgtt taaaaatcgc aggtggaggg ttgataatac gtaaaattgc aaaattctag     57540
     atacatttta ggtactgcta tgaaatcctt aatgagctgt acacttattt tttttatgga     57600
     tatacttcaa tagttgtaca agcttcatgt atagccacaa atataaacat attcaagaac     57660
     ataaaatgac aaaatggtca acaaatttat catcttaggt ccttgaggga cttttgatga     57720
     gtggaccctg agtaccatct gacagattta caatgtgaac atcacataaa caatgttttt     57780
     gtgcagcttg agatgttact atggcattac cttgtgcatt ctgactgatc cataattata     57840
     tttaaaattt gcaacagtgc tccctatttt atgttcataa catatatcat catctggcat     57900
     gaccacatca tatgttttac ctattcactg tttgggtttt tgttattgca caaggagacc     57960
     aaaatatatt cattttcttc tctgttgctt tctaacatta gcactatgcc tggcatatat     58020
     cactttcgca ccaacataat agtaaaaatt gattatttgt taaataaatg aagaagggaa     58080
     aatgatggtt agagagatta gtgcaactcc tttagagatg aatttagtaa tatctcataa     58140
     cattgaagat gttctttctt cactacctaa gacttccaag gagattatac gaggatagac     58200
     actctgttac actataaagc atgaaaaaag tggtaaacct aaatattcat ataaagaaaa     58260
     tgcacacatg accaatatta ataccaattt attgtgaaca tttcaataag taaagttgaa     58320
     ggaaaatata tgtggcagaa tgatcagtgt gttaccattt aacaaataca tcctgctaaa     58380
     atattacatt tggacacata tctgcaataa aaacattaaa aattgatagg gaagatacac     58440
     acctactgtt taaaaaaatt ggtctgagga cactaagaga gggaattcag gagagcacag     58500
     ataagacttt gatgtacctg taaaatatat acccccattt ttgagtcagg gtcttgctct     58560
     gtcacccagg ctggagtgca gtgtcacagt tgtggctcac tgcagcttca atctcccagg     58620
     ctcaagtgat cctctcacct cagcctcctg agtagctagg actatagaca cgtgccacta     58680
     tgcctcccta atttttttaa atttaatttt tggagagatg aggtctcact atgttaccca     58740
     ggctggtctc aaatacttag gctcaagcaa tcttcccacc tcagccttcc aaagtgttgg     58800
     gattataggg cataagccac tgcccctgga tgatgtacct atgatatata tatatttttt     58860
     tatttcaata ggtttttggg gaacagttgg tgtttggtta cattaagttc tttagtggca     58920
     atttgagaat ttggtgcact catcacccaa gtagtgtaca ctgtacccga tgtgtagtct     58980
     tttatccctc acctgctccc accctttccc ccaagtcccc aaagtctatt gtatcattat     59040
     tatccctttg tatcctcata gcttagctcc caggtgtgag tgagaacaat gtttggtttt     59100
     tcattcctga gttgcttcac ttggaataat ggtctctaat tacatctagt ttgctgcaaa     59160
     tgccattatt tcattccttt tcatggctaa gtaatattca tatatatata tatatatgca     59220
     tatataggaa tatatgtata tatgtgtata tatgtatata taaatatatg tatatgaata     59280
     tatgtatgtg aatatatgaa tatatatgaa tatatgaata tatacgaata tgagaatata     59340
     tgaatatata tgattttctt tatccactca ttgattgatg atcatttggg ctgcttccat     59400
     atttttgcaa ttgtgaagtg tggtgctgta aacatgtgta agtatctttt gaatacaatg     59460
     acttattttc ctctgggtac acaccaagta gtgggattgc tggatcaaat ggtagatata     59520
     cttttagatc tttaaggaat ctccagactt ttccatagtg gttgtacaag tttacatttg     59580
     caccagcagt gtaaaagagt tcccttttca gcacatccac accaatgtct atttttaaaa     59640
     aattttttga ttatggccat tcttgcagga gtgagatggt attgcattgc ggttttgaat     59700
     ttcatttccc tgataattag tgatgttgag catttttttc atgtttgttg gccatttgta     59760
     tattttctct tgagaattgt ctatttgtgt ccttagccca ctttttaatg gctttgtttt     59820
     gttcttgctg atttgagttt cttgtagatt ctagatatta gtcctttgtt ggatgtagag     59880
     actgaagatt ttctcccact ccatgggttg tctgtttact ctgatgatta tgtcttttgc     59940
     tgtgcacaag ctttttagtt taattaagtc ccatttattt ttgtttttat tgcatttgct     60000
     tttgggttct tggtcatgaa gtctttgcct aagccaatgt ctacaagtta acattttctg     60060
     acgttatttt ccagattttt aataatttca ggtcttaggt ttaagtcttt gatctatcct     60120
     gagttgtttt ttctataagg ttagagatga ggttccagtt tcattcttta catgtggctt     60180
     gccaattttc tcagcaccat ttgttgaata gggtgtcctt tccccacttt tatgtttttg     60240
     tttgctttgt tgaagatcag ttggctgtag tatttggttt tatttctggg ttctctatac     60300
     tgttccattg gtctatatac tgatttttat gccagtacca agctattttg gtgactatgg     60360
     ccttatagta tagtttgaag tcgagtaatg tgatgcctct ggtttcgttc tcttttccta     60420
     gtcttgcttt ggctatgtgg gctttttggt tccatatgaa ttttaggatt gtttaggatt     60480
     gtttttctgt gaagaatgat ggtggtgttt tgatgggaag tgcattgaat ttgtccattg     60540
     ctttggcaat atggtcattt tcaattattg attctactca cccataagca tgggatgtgt     60600
     ttcaatttat ttgtgtcatc tatgatctct ttcagcagtg atttgtagtt ttcctcatag     60660
     aggtctttta cctccttggt taggtattcc taagtatttt attttgcagc tattgtaaat     60720
     tgggttgagc tcttgatttg catctcagct tggtggctat tgctgtatta acagagctac     60780
     tgagtcgtgt acattaattt tgtattctga aactttgctg acttcattta ccagttccag     60840
     gagctttttg gatgagtctt tagggttttc ttggtatacg atcatattat cagcaaaccg     60900
     acagcataac ttcctcttta ctgatttaga tgccctttac ttctttctct tgtctgattg     60960
     ctctggctag gacttccaga actatattga atataagtgg ccaaaatggg catccttgcc     61020
     ttgttccagt tctcagaggg aatgccttca acttttcccc attcagaata atgtttgctg     61080
     tggatttgtc ataggtgact tttattacct tacagtgtgt cccttgtatg ctgattttgc     61140
     tgagggtttt aatcataaag ggatggattt tgtcaaatgc tttttctgca actattgaga     61200
     tacacagaat taaaaacaaa agtcacatgg ttatgcgatg tatcacgagt tgactcatat     61260
     atgttaaatc aaccctgcat ccctgttacg aaacccactt gatcatgatg atttatcttt     61320
     ttgatatgtt gttggattct gttagacagt attttgttga gaatttttgc atgtatgttc     61380
     atcagggata ttggtctata gttttgttat gtcctttcct gggtttggta ttagggtgat     61440
     actggcttca tagaatgatg taggaagttt tccctctatc ttgtggaata gtgtcagtag     61500
     gattgatgcc aattaattca gctgtgaatc catctggtcc cagacttttt ttgctggcat     61560
     tttttaatta ccattccaat cttgctgctt gttactggtc tcttcagagt ttctatttct     61620
     tctttgttta atctaggagc attgtatatt tccagaaatt aattcatctc ctgtaggttt     61680
     tctactttac acgcataaag ctgttcatag tagccacgaa taagcttttg tatttctgtg     61740
     atattggttg tcatatcacc tgtttcattt ctaattgagc ttatttggct attctcttga     61800
     ttaatcttgc taacagtatc aattttactt attttttcaa agaacctacg ttgtttcata     61860
     tagcttttgt attttttatt tcaatttcat ttagttctgc tctgatgttt gttatttctt     61920
     ttcttctgct gggtttgggt ttggtttgtt cttgtttctc tagttccttg aggtgtgacc     61980
     ttagattgcc tatttgtgct ctttcagact ttttgatgtg ggcattaata gtatgaaccc     62040
     catgtgattc aggaattcca ttactaagga tgtatccaat ttaattgggc atgtcaaaga     62100
     gatatctgca ctcccatgtt cattgcaaca ttattcacaa tagtcaagat atggaatcaa     62160
     cctaagtatc catcaatgga tgaatagata tagaaaacaa gacatatatc cacagtgaaa     62220
     tgtaattcag cctttaaata gaagaaaatc ttgttcatgt gtcaatgttc tatattgtgt     62280
     tgtatatatc aaaacattat aattgtatat ataatacata tgtgtatata atgtatatta     62340
     tatataatac ataattacaa ttatatgtgt aatatatatg tgttgtatat atcaaaattg     62400
     ctaagtgggt acattttaaa tgtctcacca tgaaaattgg tgataatatg ttcattaggt     62460
     taatttcatc attacaaata atattcgtat attaaaatat cacattctac cccataaaaa     62520
     tctatatttt aatatttcaa ttaaaaatat ttttaaaaat aatgcaataa gaacatgaaa     62580
     gtagaaaaat gattatagac ctttggtgtg gaactgaaat cagaaacaca aatattaacc     62640
     tatgatttct acatacattt ataaataatt gatggtgtct acttcattct ttactcgttt     62700
     tctttccaca ttttgtagat ataatttgag atttttttat tctatcttct tgaaatagga     62760
     gattagtcaa tatttaacct ttcttcttaa tgatctacag ggataaattt ttctgtaacc     62820
     actgcgttag ctgcatccta cacgttttat gtcatgttta tattattgtt ctgtcaaagg     62880
     cccacctgtg tttgattttg gtgagaatcc cacgtgaact agaaaagaac ttgacttttc     62940
     ttattgttgt gagcattgtt ccatatgtac aaagttttgt taccattaag tatgttgtat     63000
     aaatcttcta taactttagt aatttggagg tttctgtgct ctatcacata ttggcatgtt     63060
     aacatatata ctattaaatt gagcaatgac tgggcaaaag gaaaaatcaa aagagaatta     63120
     aaatctcaag acagacaaaa aatacactat actaaaactt atgagatgca ccaaacccag     63180
     tactaagaga aaagttgatt gcaatgaata gctacatgaa aaaaagaatt caaattaacc     63240
     aactaacttt atatatcaag aaactagaaa tagagagcct aagtccaaag ttataataca     63300
     gaagaaaaca ttaaagtaga aatgagacta gaaaaactaa agaaaaatca gcaaatctaa     63360
     attgtttttt aaaaatttaa aggtgataaa ccttagctag actaagaaaa agagtatcct     63420
     caactaaaat gagaaatagg aggagtcatt agaacaaatg cctcaaaatg aaaaggatca     63480
     taaaagacta ttatgaaaac tatgcactta taaattagat aatctataag aaatcaaact     63540
     tgatttatgc aacctaccaa aactaaatca agaggaaata ggaagcctga acagaggaag     63600
     aagatcaaat tagtaaacaa aaacttccca aagaaaagac cgaaccaaat ggcttcgtgg     63660
     atgaattcta aacattcaaa gaactaatag caatccttct taaactcttt caaaaaccag     63720
     gagaatgccc caaactcatt ttatgaggcc atcaaacact tatatcaaag ccagacaaag     63780
     ataatcaaaa gaaaataaaa ctacaggtca atatcactga taaacatagg tgtaaaaatc     63840
     ttcaacaaaa tactaacaaa ccaaattcaa cagcccatta aaaagagaat aaaccatagc     63900
     caactgaaat gtatctctgg gatgcaagaa tgcttcaaca taggcaaatc actcagtgtg     63960
     atataacaca ttaagagaat aaaaaaaaat tgcagcaaaa gcatttgaca gttcatgtca     64020
     aaactctgaa aaacaggtat agaaggaact tatttcaaca caacatatca tatatgaaaa     64080
     gcccacagtt aacataataa aaaatgaaaa tgtttctcct atggtctggt acaaagcaag     64140
     gatgttcatt gtcaccactt ttatttaaca tggtactgaa agtcctatcc aaagcaatta     64200
     gacaaaaaag catcaaaatt agaaaaatat taaaataatc tctgtgcagg tgacatggcc     64260
     atatatataa aaaccctaag actacaccaa aaaactattc gaataaacaa attcagtaaa     64320
     gttgcagaac ataaaatagc acacaaaaat cagtgacatt tctgcacaca aacgatgagc     64380
     tatttgaagg aaaataagaa agcaatccca tttaaaatag caaaaaataa tatatttagg     64440
     aatacttatc caatagggca gaagactcct acactaaaaa tcataatacc ttagtcaaag     64500
     atattgaagg agacacaaat aaatggaaag acactgtatt cattcatttg aataattaac     64560
     aaatcttcaa atttgtagat ttgaataatt aacattgttt aaaatgtcct tattaagcaa     64620
     aacaatctat aaattgcaat ttctataaaa tatcaccggt atttctttac agaaataaaa     64680
     aaacaataag taactacatc tagaaccata aaagatctca aatagccaaa tcaaccttga     64740
     acaaaactag aggcatcaca ttgatttcaa aatatattac aaaggtatgg gaattatcac     64800
     tgtaaagaac tgtcataaaa aagaaaaatg gacatataga ctaatgaaac acaatacgga     64860
     gaacagaaag caacccgagc atatttggcc aactgatcaa caaagtgaga aggcaaccta     64920
     cagaatggga gaaaatatct gcaaaccata tatctgtaaa gagggtaata tccagaactt     64980
     ataaggagct caaacaactc aatagcaaaa accaattacc ttgattaaaa ataagcaaag     65040
     ggcctgggta ggcatttctc aaaagacgac ataaaaatgg ccaccaggta aataaaaaga     65100
     gctgaacatc actaagcatc aggcaaatgc aaactaaaac cacaacgagg tatcacctcc     65160
     caccggttag aatagccatc attacagatc aaacaaaaga gagggaaagt ggagaaaaag     65220
     aaacctttga atattgttgg tgagaatgaa aattggcaca gcaattataa gcaaacagta     65280
     cagagtttct tcaaaaagtt aaaaatagta ctatcatatg gtctagcagt catgcttcta     65340
     ggtaatggtt cacccaaaga agtgaaagcg ggatttcaaa gaggtatcag cacaccagtg     65400
     tttattgcag cattattcac aatagcaaaa atagaaaaat aactgtaaat gaatgaaaat     65460
     gtaatgaaaa tataaataca catacttgca caatgaaata ttctttattt tttagcccaa     65520
     agtaaatcct gccatttggc acaacatgaa tgaacctgaa ctatattatg ctaagtgaaa     65580
     aatacacaga aagacaaata ccatatattc tcacttatct aaaatagtag actagctcat     65640
     agaaacagta gcatgttggt cccccgtgag gagtttaggg aaacgaataa agactggtca     65700
     aatgctacaa agttcagtca tgcaaaagtg aataatttct agagggctaa tatacagcat     65760
     ggtgactata gttagcaata ttgtcttgta tacttgacat ctgttaagag aataaatctt     65820
     gtatacttga catttgttaa gaggatatct taagtgttct aaccacacca aaaaaaaaat     65880
     aactgtgagg tgatggaaat gttaacgagc ttgatggtgg tcatgatttc ataatgtatg     65940
     aaatatatgt acataatgta tgaaataatg tcggaagaca ccgacacgcc gcgccgccgg     66000
     agccccagtg catgctggtt gcgctgaagg cgaccccgcc ccagaatgca cggagcctcc     66060
     gcccaggccc cggaaggaca atgtgcccga caactggcga tggctgtagg aagccatggt     66120
     gaggcggggg atggatggaa ccaccctggg cccagcagct gtgattggca ggaggagcca     66180
     catctttcat tcttacagcc tcagtctctc tgcatcctta tacttaaggt gtctgtaatc     66240
     ataatattgt ataatctgat aatctcagta ttttacttgg aacatttagt atattacata     66300
     ttttattgat acataatatt tctacatact tatggggcac atgtgatatt ttgatacatg     66360
     catgcaatgt gtaataatta ctgatataat tggggttcta tgtgagctat aacttctaac     66420
     catattctat ttggcccatc tgtttcacgt ctctttttca ttctttcgtt gcttctttta     66480
     gaaatataaa aatctatcat tttttcattt tataaacttg ttttggcgtt tactataaac     66540
     attacagcat gtactcttga tttactaaag tttaacacaa attactacct ctactacatc     66600
     aatattgata tatcttcaac atgatttttc atacatttaa gttttgcaca aatctaaact     66660
     gtatattaca ttaaaattat tgctaagtca atattgatta tgactcattt acatattact     66720
     ctttggggtt gatgtttgtc atttttgctt atatttctga gtttactttt gagataattt     66780
     ttctatggct gaagaatttt atccactttt gtttgttgga aaaatttatt ttactatcat     66840
     tttttataat tggagttaga ctcaatctac atctagttca tccctattac tgagacatgg     66900
     tcctactgga ctcttgattg acaggctggt agatgtccct atgctctgtc ttgaaagcat     66960
     ttctcccaat atcaatgtgg ctcattaact tgtaaactcc acatctttgc tcaactataa     67020
     ccagtgagga ttagcctaaa tccctacata aaacgtgacc cctacacact ccaagacccc     67080
     tctcctgctc aagattttcc aacacttttc ttctgataat actccatgtc ttcttctcaa     67140
     ttaccaaatt tattttctgt atacaccctt taagtgctaa aaaagatgaa gatttttatt     67200
     tgttttgctc actgatgtat cctcagtttg tagaacgggg cctggcaaac tataggggct     67260
     cagtagttat ttgttgaatg aatgaatgac ttggggccta aaggaagatt atgtagtcat     67320
     ggaaagttat cttcgtatcc ttgtacttac agataaaaaa acattccgaa gagagggaaa     67380
     gccacgtgaa aacattgggt atggaaagaa ctatagtgtt tccaaggttg gagtatggcc     67440
     ctcccagagg gagaggcaat gcagtgtgga aaaggccaca gactccacaa gacgtggcac     67500
     atgcagtggt caggggcagg gactccggcc tgcctgcctg ggcttaaatc cctgttgagc     67560
     actttataag ctgcacaccc ttttgttcat gttactcaaa cccatgggtt tcagttaaat     67620
     caactgtaga ataaggctaa taataggctg tgaaaataaa agtgttccat acatgtcacg     67680
     cactaaaaat ggtgccagat cataataatc acacaagacg ttataattat tatgttattt     67740
     gttaaataca aatacaacca tgcacatacg taaaactgtg atttgaaatt atattctaag     67800
     tatgtgtcac cattggcttg aacagggaga agtgtgcgaa acttccatat ttctctggtt     67860
     aagtctatga ataaaccaat tatactccaa acatgttgta gcccatgtct actggatagc     67920
     ccatgtctct gctctaattt tgggaggttt gacttcttat atgctcacag aaaataagaa     67980
     tttgattgag aacacattct agaaattctg atggaagaaa aatctcaact gtacatttag     68040
     catctctgag gtcttgaatg tgtttatctc caaatgccta tggatgaatg aacccccttg     68100
     tccctgagga tcccctgctt ggggcaagtc aggggaagcc tcaaaggctg ttttgtcatt     68160
     tgtgaaatgt gggtgacctt agcctcagcc acagagggtg aaggtcgaat gaggtggtga     68220
     acgaaaagcg tttagcacag agtggatgct gaggaacact ctgaatatgg tgttatttca     68280
     tactcatcaa tgggcccatg atagcaaaac aaattttctc tgtggtggaa ggtgctcaag     68340
     ggtcataaac acatttattt tcatatttct ccactgtaat ctaaaaaaag gaccattggc     68400
     cccgaaggac tggactagag atcaatgcta cgagggaagg gggggataag tgaacatcat     68460
     ctcaagtgtg attataggag ggaagaacac tgggctgaat ccccctgaag gacaactcag     68520
     ggagtcagac actaccacaa tatgctgatt gtttggtgga aggacaccta aagtgaagag     68580
     agactctaag aagagaggac caacttaagt tctttcacac tttaatatgg aggtttctgc     68640
     acgctcagca tttttttcaa agcccttgtg acatccttat tcctgaaact gtaaatgata     68700
     ggattcaaga caggtgtaag gatagtgtag aaaaaggatg acatcatatc tttctcagga     68760
     gtttggtagg agctggggag catgtagttg taaatagcag ctccatagaa gaggctgacc     68820
     actgtaatgt gggaggagca ggtggtgaag gcctttttcc gaccctcaac tgagttcatc     68880
     ttatggatgg tgaggatgat atagtagtaa gacactgaaa tgaccgtcac aggtatcagg     68940
     agcatgatga cacagcacaa gtacatgaaa atcttgtaaa gtgaggtgtc tgagcaagag     69000
     agcttcaaaa cagcagggac ctcacagaag aagtgctgaa tctcatggga tctgcagaag     69060
     gggaagctca tggcgatggg agtgagcatg aagccatcca ctgagcccac aaaccagcag     69120
     cctgatgcca ggaggagaca taccctatgg ctcatgagca cagagtaacg gagaggatgg     69180
     cagatagcca catagcggtc ataggccatg gcggctagaa ggcagcactc tgcacctccc     69240
     aactgcaggt agaagtacat ctgggtgcca cacccaagga ccgagatggt cttgtctttg     69300
     gccagctggt tcaccagcat tttggggaca gtgacagaaa tatatgtcaa gtctatgagt     69360
     gagagctggt ttataaagaa gtacatggga gtatgcagag aggagtcaat gtggatcaga     69420
     agtatcaatg taatattcca agacacagcc atcaaaaata tactgaagat aagcaagcag     69480
     aggcggccag ggtgtgagat ctggctgaag attcccaaca ggaaaaagtc accacccagg     69540
     gtctggttgg ccagccgcat gctgtatgat cggctgaagt ggctttacct ggaggacaaa     69600
     agtaaacttt atttataatc atgtgtgtac cacgtaaaag tatgtttgct tcactttacc     69660
     ttttaaaaat caatgtgaaa atcagagtgt atttccaaca tgaactgtga atttgcacta     69720
     aaaagagaca gcacattaga ttgtgaatct gattccccat ctagaatggg aatgaaatat     69780
     ttatattctc aatgaagagg tccatacaac tgaaattaaa ttatttccta tagattatat     69840
     agtcactaat agttattttt acttatatat gttcacattt tgtgtgtgtt agtatcttat     69900
     agttgcatgt tcctgtattg cccaaatccc attcccatgg gattttacag agctaataac     69960
     caatatagat atttctatat atttgaccct caagagtcat gtctgcaaaa aaggattagt     70020
     aatacttgtg tttcttaaat ctcgttacaa atctacgaac atacaatttt tcaatactta     70080
     aaagcaatat attaagccac cagtaattgt aaacatttta aacataaaat tccaaaccct     70140
     tatataacgt tacaaattta gtcaaatttc tttaaatgta ttaaagacac tagtacaact     70200
     tgtaaatttc tctaaaatga tttactttta cacatatgtg atttataaaa tgtattttta     70260
     tacttccact taacctatta caaagacatt aatcttgtga gttatttatt catattttca     70320
     taatttccat caagatgttc taatccgttg tgtttctgcc aatctttcaa gatatcaaaa     70380
     aaaaattatg gctatctcag atcaatgatg ctttaggaat cagcattatc atccaatcag     70440
     tttattctga ggtgattggt ctgaacctca cttggaattt cttgatgtga accttcttta     70500
     taaaattaaa gtaaaatgta attggatttt acaagcccac atcttttctt ccaatctccc     70560
     cattttgcct gtagaatttt ggtgagagaa agtttgcctc aatttatact tatcttatcg     70620
     tgacatccaa catatttatt gtatgcaggt aggtcatcct aaggtttctt ctcccagtgg     70680
     ttcaagcatg ggggtctctg aagttgcaat tttttttaaa gactactcaa gtgcactagt     70740
     gagaagggag gaaaatgtag aacaaggaat tctatctgta actggctgtg aacaatcaat     70800
     tgagataact atcttcagat catccaagtt ccaatttctt ctcagagcat ctagtcaatt     70860
     aatcaccttg taataggctg taggactctt cttctacctg gctattttgg ggggtcagtg     70920
     gtgctggtca gccctttccc gttgatagca ctatctttct cttgttcaga attctgtgat     70980
     ttacatatgg atgctcatta ttattattct ctacttaaag aaaatgcata tcctttataa     71040
     aatgaatagt tttagatatc attaatgttc aatatattaa taacgtgtca aatgtttatt     71100
     taaatcagac acatattcat cctttttata ttgcagcttt tcttatgtaa ccttttacat     71160
     tgtaatgtac actttatatt ttttatcatt aacttaaaat ttataaataa gaattattgc     71220
     aattggtcat attatttcct tttttatttc aaatatcttg ccctggccaa gactaaactc     71280
     gtgggttttc attttgtttt agaaatactt agcaaaggac acagaaagca taagagtaaa     71340
     gtaatgccag tttttaacaa attgctttct tatgttaaga gacttaaaac caaaggggac     71400
     ttaatgtatt ttcagtaaat aaacatgtca ttggccataa caaatggtag attttagtca     71460
     attaataaat tactagacta ataaactata ttttcctgga gcagaaagta attttctaag     71520
     tataaaggca aaataaataa ttcccaataa acttcaaaaa ttcagtggaa ttatttagta     71580
     gattccaaaa gacaatgaag caacatcatc tagaaaaatt tgaaaaaaaa attatggtcc     71640
     aagaatgaag catatatcca gcagtgaaac agcatagagg ccctgtctct cagatatcca     71700
     agaactcaga aagcagagaa tcaggtaaac cgtttcagaa attcactatc agccctgctc     71760
     cagccactgt cagtcaatgt ctgtcccgtc aaataaaaca actgcaaaat gtgagagtca     71820
     tggtacgcct ggaccaaagg cgaaacctga gacaaataaa acacacatgt gccaaattga     71880
     atgatcatcg tccatctgta tcacataatg tctcaaagaa aaatcaggaa gtaggcgcaa     71940
     aaggggtaag gaaaagtaga cttaacggaa tttccacaat ttataggaga taagcatttt     72000
     cacttgctgc ccagcttctc agtgaaataa gtgtatttaa tgtccgctcc caaaaatgga     72060
     gtccatttag ggacagtgtc caggataaga ctggtgcctg tcagagctaa ttaactctag     72120
     gtctatgtaa ggaggcccct tcccaagttg aacaggtggt ttacaatgag tataattatg     72180
     caaatcagca gtgagatgga catgagctag tcagggtgag catatctcag gtttattcag     72240
     gagaacaaaa gtgagagtgg atattgcatt tcttggccat gtagttcaag ctaccgttct     72300
     tccacagaca ctgaaacaag gggactgagt ccataaggct gcagaacaaa actcccctta     72360
     accaaatcaa ttaatttatc cacttctagg aaacaaatga caccagcaca gacggccacg     72420
     caaggcaaaa gaacagcaat taggttcatt caaaagcaat aaaatatttt aaagatgaac     72480
     tgctatttcc aaaatgaaac ctttatgaca aagcaagcaa accagttgtg acaggcttca     72540
     cagtagtaac atctgcactg taggaaggag agcacccctc cttcttgagt gggtatttat     72600
     actccaaagt gatgtgtcat gcttcaccca ggaagtagaa ttatgttgct caccatgagg     72660
     ctgaaacctc tatcaaccat ctcccactca tccacatctt cctgttttgg agtctgggag     72720
     atcagttatt taaaaacaag gggaaaaaag gaggaaagga agggagggag gaagaagaga     72780
     ggaaaagaaa actaatattc aacattgctc cgattttcag aggaaaaaat gtttataatt     72840
     taagtcagat ttgcctggaa aaatatacca ccaggaggaa aaggctcaag atctgaaatc     72900
     agttattttt ttagtttagt tctcttcttt tccgaggtac gttgcaagtc acctaaaact     72960
     tttgagtatc ttttttttcc atttatacct gtaggggtac acactactta tttctacagc     73020
     ctaattaata ggattgcaga gagtttcaga tataatatgc acagcaagta ctttctaaat     73080
     tatagctttg tattaggtta aatatgctta tgagttattt tatgtgatct ataatataac     73140
     aatgttagta taattttacc aattatattt gctgtattaa atatatatta actgttacat     73200
     tggtgattaa tatcaattga taatataatt ctataataca tatattatta aaagttaata     73260
     acaataaatt attcctttct tactggaaca aaggaagaaa tgtaataccc tgaggaattt     73320
     tatttccaat aagatacttc cagtatagtc gtcccgatga atgacagcct tgtcattttc     73380
     gttgtgatca atctgctctg tgatcagtga aacaccagcc tgcttttctg cgaaagggtt     73440
     tcagatgatg aaacacttat gaacttgatg actctccctg aagagcagct gatgctgccg     73500
     agtctaacac gtgcggtcct gggacgacaa acttgaagaa tgatgctgtc cacagggacc     73560
     cctcacaggg ctgtggtggc ctccatggga gcagtcctgg gggagtctct ctggcctttg     73620
     ttgaatggta gggcctgatt ctatagactt ttccaattgc ctaactcctc taaccctcca     73680
     aatgaaaaca agcatctact aatggcaaac agacttcacc agactgtttc cttgaagaca     73740
     acttcgctca caggtcaaac cattgcatca tcttgccatg agggaaaaga gtgaaacgaa     73800
     cctgaattag acaattgata acacatttaa tagagtatat tcttccattt atttattggt     73860
     tttcttagta ataactgtag aaaattttaa aactaagtat tattataaaa aggagaaata     73920
     acaacacata ctataaaaag ccaaagataa ctagagtttg aatttttctt gcttttaggc     73980
     aggcattttc atgtgatttt ctttatagaa ttttgtatcc atttgtcttt gaaaatatga     74040
     cattttaaac caaagtgttt gcatttgagt gtccataaaa tgtaaaactt atttgttatt     74100
     tctaatttct tatttatctc aaacaattgt gcataggaaa ctttttaatt atgaaaatgg     74160
     acattcgtga ttgatatcgc tttgttaaat gtataaaccc ttttaactga aattttcatc     74220
     agaagatagg gttattgctg aaaatttgaa aagcattgaa taatgtaaat aatacaaaat     74280
     aacatttttt acttttaacc cttagaagca ccaatttagg aataatgtaa catttccctc     74340
     caggatgtgt ttggagacaa ctgatatatc caaaaatttg gtttttgcat ttcaaacaga     74400
     agattataga atggccttta cactgtagca tatgactttg aaataattaa tgtagaacat     74460
     tggctgagta aacacattat atgacctccc tgtgtcttaa gtcttcaggg tgtttttcac     74520
     gttttgtaac atgagtgata tttcaataaa cagttctctg ttcaatgtgt ttattttggt     74580
     ggaattacaa atttgaaatt ccaggtgtga tggtcagagg atctatacct cttagaacat     74640
     tccactaaat gactttccaa aatgtaacca ctattaaaag ttttatagtt atggccggga     74700
     gcggtagctc acgcctgtaa tcccagcact ttgggaggcc aaggcgggtg gatcacgagg     74760
     tcaggagatc gagaccatcc tgggtaacac agtgaaacac cgtctctact aaaaatatta     74820
     aaaaattaaa aattagctgg gcgtagtggc gggcgcctgt aatcccaact actcaggagg     74880
     ctgaggcagg agaatggtgt gaacctggga ggcgaggcct gcagtgagcc gagatggcac     74940
     cactgcactc cagcctgggc gacagagcga gactctgtct ggaaaagaaa aaaaattata     75000
     gttatttatg gtcccaaaac aacacattcg ttataaaaaa tttacaaata caaacttcaa     75060
     ggaaggaata atctacagaa attgaatgtg ccattgaata ttctagtgtt ttatactaaa     75120
     aagtgtatca aacgtacttt accatgtgag tgttattaac atcagtccac ctccaaaaag     75180
     tgtgtgcatg tcacatgagg atacgttcca agcacacgga aagtgttcag tgattgatcc     75240
     aatcagtagt catgcagagt aggtgctaat aaacactacc ccgagtgagg atgcagacac     75300
     ggagacgcaa agggcatagg ggaatttccc caagtcagac agatgagtaa cagggcagct     75360
     ggactcaaga cagactgata agtaacagga cagctggact caagaacgtg cttctagaac     75420
     cacaatgctg cactaactcc taattgcaat tcctggtaac agctgaagga tcttctgatt     75480
     atattgtagt ccgtatttag tagacttttt agaaaataaa cagacaaaaa atgcaaaagt     75540
     cattagcgta cagctcaagt agtctttgga aactgaactc accacagcct gcccacagat     75600
     gcacaatcag aagtgagtta gcccccacgt agacccccag cctgcatccc aataccctcc     75660
     ccaaagaaac tgtgactctg ccttcctata aagtagtttt gcctggattt gaaatttatg     75720
     taaatagagt cacaaaacat gcactctttc atgcctacct tcttttacta aacattatgt     75780
     aagattcaag cacatttaca ggtagttatg ttggtggttt tttcattctt actctgtatt     75840
     gtatgctcta agaacaaaga acaatttgtt tattttgttg ttcatggcaa cttgttttct     75900
     atctatggct attataaata ataccctgtg atcattttta atttgaaatt cacaacttaa     75960
     gaagagataa tcagcacacc tttacatcca ctaataacac acagattgca tagtacaagc     76020
     taaaaggata acgcaaaaaa acaataccac agctaaactg accattttga cttttattaa     76080
     ttggagaaat ttattgtaaa tcatttaagt tttataaaac tatatacttt taaaaatata     76140
     tattaaccac tacaaaaaat ttattcagta aaatatttca cctacatttt aaaacatgta     76200
     ttttggtaaa cacatgtttg catttctgtt gcatatataa ccaggagtgg gatatctggg     76260
     tcatagatgg gcacatattc agctctatca gatactatca aactgttttc cagaggtttt     76320
     atcaatttat agtctcatta gcagttattt taatcatcat aaccacactg acagatgtgc     76380
     tatttcattg tggttttaaa gtgtcatttt ttgacaacta gccaagttga aaaccttttc     76440
     atacatttat tggaatgtac attttgtaca tttattggaa taatttattg gaatcatggc     76500
     tatcatattt gtaaattccc attctagtct tttgccattt ttaagtggat tttctgcttc     76560
     tttattgatt tgtaggaatt tcttctatgt gttctatatg aatccttcat acatatatct     76620
     atttataaat atttccttgt tttctatggg ttgctttttt acaatattaa ttttttaaaa     76680
     taaattttaa tttaatgaag tccaacttac tatgttttcc tttagtgtta gcacttttgt     76740
     tttctgttta agaaatactt gcttacctca tcattataat gtgttgttct atattttctt     76800
     ctaagagatt attttacctt ttatatttca atctatacag cccatctgaa atatattttc     76860
     ttatcctgta gtgtagggat caatattcat tttttccatg tggattgtgc agtggagtca     76920
     gaactattaa aagcatcctg catttcccac tctgagtggt tgccctggtc ataaatccaa     76980
     tgtacatgta ggtgttgatc catttctagg ctttattttc tgttccatct gttcatttga     77040
     caatttgcac agataccatg ccgtataaat tggtatagtt ttaaagtaaa gcacatggaa     77100
     attggctgcc accagcaagg aatggtggta tctgtgagag gagttgacat ttgaagagta     77160
     actcccaggg ctttgtttga gagtgctaat ttagaagagt acaaagaatg gctggaaata     77220
     atgtgttaat atccaccact gggagcacta acttggctga ctcttccatt ttcaatgcta     77280
     aaatttactg aaacctccaa ggaaaactca tacttcacat tttgaagaat aaatgcctca     77340
     gatggaagag agtgatattg attcaagaac ctggaaaaca aaaacttata agaggcatga     77400
     agactattaa tataatggaa gtctttgtta tgaagataaa gttgtcttgg aaaatcacat     77460
     gaaacaataa aaagtgttat taatatggaa attaaaatgt gctgtgtgaa ggagtcagtg     77520
     gatgaatttg aaggtttgga ttctccggaa tttgaaaatt tattcatggt cttgaacttt     77580
     agggtttcac ttttaatgac ctgtgcaagg ctgagtgtag agttagtgca gcaccagttg     77640
     tattcaattg ttcacataaa ggaatgaatg ttctaaaagc agtgacaacc cagtagcaat     77700
     gaatgagcac acggagtgcc tagatcttgg tttctaaatg ctaatggtag tttgtatttc     77760
     tgtgggatca gtggtgatat cccgtttatc atttttcatt gtgtctattt gactcttctc     77820
     tcttctttat tagtctagct agtggtccat ctattttgtt aatcttttaa aaaaaaaacc     77880
     cagttcctgg attcattgat tttctgaagg gattttcgtg tttctatttc attcagtctt     77940
     gctctcatct tagtcatttc ttgtcttctg ctagcttttg agtttgctct tgctcctcta     78000
     gttctattaa ttgtgatgtt agggtgtcaa ttttagatct ttccagcttt ctgttatggg     78060
     cctttagtgt tataaatttc cctcttaaca gtgcttgagc tgtgtgtcct agagattctg     78120
     gtatgttgtg ttttgtgctc atttggtttc agataaatta tttctgcctt aattttgtta     78180
     ctcagtcatt caagaacagg ttgttcagtt tccatgtagt tgtgcggttt tgagtgagtt     78240
     tcttaatcct gagttctaat ttgatagtac tgcgatttga gagacggtta cggtttccat     78300
     tcttttggaa ttgctgggga gtgttttaca tccagttatg tggccaattt tagcatacat     78360
     gctatgtggc actgagaatg tatgttctgt tcatttgggg tggagagtcc tgtaggtgtc     78420
     tgttcagtcc gcttggtcca gcctctctta ccactcctat tcaacatagt attggatgtt     78480
     ctggccagag caatcacgca agagaaataa aggtattcaa ataggaagag agaaagtcaa     78540
     attttctgtt tgcagaggac atgattgtat atttagaaaa ccccatcgac tcacccccag     78600
     aactcaagct gataagcaac ttcagcaaag tctcaggata caaaatcaat gtgcaaaaat     78660
     cacaagcaat cctgtacacc aacaatagac aagccaagaa caaaatcatg agtgaacccc     78720
     attcacaatt gctacaaaga ataaaatacc tagcaataca atttacaagg gatatgaagg     78780
     gcctcttcaa ggagaactac aaaccactac ttaaggaaat aagagacaac acaaacaaat     78840
     ggaaaaacat tccatgctca tggataggaa caattaatat cgtgaaaatg gccatactgc     78900
     ccaaagtaat tttagatcca atgcaattcc catcaagcta ctaatgactt tcttcacaga     78960
     attaggaaac tatttgaaat ttcatataga accaaaaaag agccagtaga gccaaaacaa     79020
     tcctaagcaa aaagaagctg ggggcatcac actacctaaa ttcaaactat actacaaggc     79080
     tacagtgacc aaaacagcat ggtacctgta ccaaaaacag atatatagac caatggaaca     79140
     gaacagagac ctcagcaata acaccacata tctactacca tctgttcttt gataaacctg     79200
     atacaaacaa gcaatgggac aaggattccc tatttagtaa gtggtgctgg gaaaactggc     79260
     tagccatatg cagaaaactg aaactggacc cattccttac acattataca aaaattaact     79320
     caagatacat ttaaatcttt aacttaaaac ccaaaaccat aaaaacccta gaagaaaacc     79380
     tagtaatacc attcaggaca cagggatgga caaggacttc atgactaaaa caccaaaagc     79440
     aattgcaaca aagccaaaat caacaaatgg gatttaatta aactaaagag cttctgcaca     79500
     gcaaaagaaa ctatcaccag agtgaacaag agacctacag aatgggggaa aatttttgca     79560
     agctacccat ctgacaaagg tcttgtatcc agaatctaca agaaagttaa acagatttac     79620
     aagaaaaaac aatcccatca aaaagtgggt gaagggtatg aacagacact tctcaaaaga     79680
     catttatgtg gctattaaac atggaaaaaa gctcatcact ggtcattaga gaaatgcaaa     79740
     tcaaaaccac gatgagatac catctcacgc cagttggaat ggtgattatt aaaaagtcag     79800
     gaaacaacag atgctggcaa ggctgtggaa aaatagaaat gcttttacac tgttggtgga     79860
     agtgtaaatt agttcagtca ttgtggaaga tagtgtggaa ttcctcaagg atctagaacc     79920
     agaaatacca tttgacccag caatctaatt gctaggtata tacccaaagg attagaaatc     79980
     attctactat aaagacacat tcacacatat gtttattgca gcactattta caacagcaaa     80040
     gacttgggac caaccaaaat gcccatcaat gatggattgg ataaagaaaa tgtggcacat     80100
     acacaccctg gaatactatg cagccatgag ttcatgtcct tcgcagggac atggatgaag     80160
     ctggaagcca tcattctcag caaactaaca cagaaacaga aaaccaaaca ccgcatgttc     80220
     tcacccgtaa gtgggagttg aacagtgaga acacatggac acagtgaggg gagcatcaca     80280
     cactggggcc tgttgggtgg tggtggggga aggggaggga gagcattagg aaaaatacct     80340
     aatgcatgtg gggcttgaaa cctggatgat gggttaatgg gtgcagcaaa tcaccatggc     80400
     acattatacc tatattatac ctgtgtaaca aacctgcaca ttctacacat gtatcccaga     80460
     acttaaagta aaatttaaaa aagctctaga gtctttgtgt ggtgttaaac catatctcta     80520
     aacaaaatga tactaaacaa aatttaaaaa tactaatatg tgtgatttgt tgtttgcaac     80580
     tttctctcgt gttcatactc ccaacgtggg taaattcagg ttgctaatat gatgtcactg     80640
     accacacagt tgggaaagga tatgaataat catatctcac cagctagtgc aagctggccc     80700
     cagcacaaca ctgcagaaat gttagaacag agactacttc caggaggaga aaataaggag     80760
     ggttaacagg acaaaataat aggaataaat ttctgaggtg agaaatgaca cctgtctcaa     80820
     atccaaaagg tatggtatag atactaaact gggtaaatga acccaacatt tttattttat     80880
     tattattact ttatattttt gagacagtct tgctctgtca cttaggctgg agtgcagtcg     80940
     cacgatctca ctgcaacctc tgcctcctgg gtttaagcga ttatccttcc tcagcctctg     81000
     aagtagctgg cattacaggc tgtgccacca cgtccagcta atttttgtat tttagtagaa     81060
     acttggtttc accatgttgg ccaggctgtt cttgaattcc tgacctcaag cgatccaccc     81120
     cgccttggcc tcccaaaatg ctgggattac aggtgtgagc cactgtgcct gaccaacagt     81180
     agctgttttt ttctgcttct ctctttcctc ccaccctcca tcctctagtg ggatccagtg     81240
     tctgttgttc ccctttgtgt cctcatcatt tagctcccac ttacaagtga gaacatgcaa     81300
     tatttggttt tctgttcctg tgttagtttg ctaagaatga tagcctccaa cttcgtccat     81360
     gtttctgcaa acaacatgat ctcattcttt tcatgactgc atagtatcgc atgatatata     81420
     tgtatcacat tttctttatc cagtctacca ttgatgggcg tttaggtcga ctctatgtct     81480
     ttgctattat gaacagtgct gttatgaaca catgcaagta tgtgtcctta tgatagaaca     81540
     atttatgttc ttttgggtat ataccaagta atgagactgc tgagtcgaat gctagttctg     81600
     tctttatatc tttgaggaat tgccatagtg ttattcacaa tgattgaact aatttacact     81660
     cccaccacca gtgcatatgt tcccttttct ctgcaatctc atcaacatgt tattttttga     81720
     ctttttgata atagtcacgc tgacaggtgt aagatggctt cccaatgtgg gtttgatttt     81780
     catttctcta atgatcacag atgttgagat ttttctcata tgcttcttgg ccacaagaat     81840
     atcttctttt gaaaagtgtc tgtacatgtc ctttgcctac tttttaattt ttttcttgta     81900
     aatttaagtt tcctatagat actggacatt agacctttgt cagatgcata gtttgtaaat     81960
     attttctccc attctgtaag ttgtctgttt attctgttga tagtttcttt tgctgtgcag     82020
     aagctcctta gttagattcc atttgtcagt ttttgctttt ggcatcttca tcatgaaatc     82080
     tttgcccatt cttatatgct gaaaggtatt gcctgggttg tcttctgggg tttctagagg     82140
     tttggatttt gcatttaagt ctttaattca tcttgagttg atttttgtaa atggtgtgag     82200
     gaagtggtcc agttctaatc ttttgcatat gagtagccag ttttcccagt accatttatt     82260
     aaatagggag tcctctcccc attgcttatg ttttaagctt tgtcaaagat cagatggttg     82320
     ttggtttgtg gccttgcttc cgagttctct attctgttgc tctatgtgtc tgttttttgg     82380
     acaagtgcca tgctgtttgg ttactgtata atcttgatgt ggtcccaaaa tgggaggaag     82440
     tgcaatatgc tccacctgga gagggagatg gagaatgcca aagatttctg gagaggtgga     82500
     ctaaggcaga ccctagaggg cttggtaggg acgataatca tttctaccac acagtgttgt     82560
     taaaagattc agatgcaaaa tctcccataa atcatagcag gaactacaca atccataaaa     82620
     agcaacctag taagatttca gtgagtaggc tactaattaa tcagtatgtt tcccctaagc     82680
     cagcaaaaac caattctaaa acagagtgag aagaaaccta ctccagaaag cgagcataga     82740
     aatacaggtc tagaattaaa ggttcacaac atgtgcaata tctgtggtga agcatcatca     82800
     cactcttcaa attggacaaa gacagctgga tggaagtctc tacatggtac acaggtagat     82860
     ttcacttaaa atagtacaaa aatcccaata tgacctttat caagctttgt tgatttatta     82920
     ttcttgttat gctggttcta ttgttcatac ctcccaattc tgtgagctgc tgtacgaaaa     82980
     ataaagcgtc tccgtgctaa aagaaaaaag ccaaagaaca aggcggcctc cacacttcta     83040
     ccatctaaat ctcctcacgt gcacctcatc aatagaacct aaattactgg tgaatctcag     83100
     ataccatgga gtttgtatac atagatttta gttttccagc tttaccagtc aaaagacata     83160
     tgaagaagtt gggatgaaaa caagcaagcc aactacagta tcctcggctt ctgcaacaca     83220
     catttaggtt ttgcctttac ttcaataccc tttctctttc aataggtctg tccgttcaat     83280
     ttatgcaaat tatgcaattt caatttatgg aaattagaaa tggttggtct cttttctgac     83340
     accttatttt tgctatgctt ccttttttaa ctttttattt ctccccatgt atagttaatt     83400
     atgtgtttgt gtttgagagc tcggttttta aaattaaaat tttttacttt ttcattttat     83460
     tcattttttc caacctcaga agagcacatt gttcttttag atctttggat tactcttata     83520
     tttcaaataa tatgctcaaa tgtctagttt ttccacaatc taattactat ttaagtacat     83580
     ttacacattt gccactctct ccaccatgca ctcaatttta gtttttcagt tacattattc     83640
     ctcttaaaac cttttagcat atccctatac tttaatcata taattatatc cgtattaact     83700
     gattcatcaa gtataaattg taaagaggtt ggtctgccaa ggaaggtatg gattttgtga     83760
     agatataaaa gaaaataaaa gacatgtaaa tactggtaga aggagacatc tttattagtc     83820
     atttccacat ccatctcccc agtttctaga tttttttata ttgttatcac agtctatatt     83880
     gtctcagttt gttacatttc tattttagtc ataccttcat ttacttattc atatagagtc     83940
     attttctcat gtgtttttat taaatgcttt tacatattat caggaacctt tccattatag     84000
     tttctccagg catcctttgg tgggttaagg tttgtcctca acctgtttta ttgtgatgta     84060
     tatatgtggc tattctactt ttcctttctc ttaaatctta aagaatggct ttgtttttta     84120
     aaagatattc cactaaaata ttgttaagta ttgctctatt ttttatcatt taatataaat     84180
     aaaattcaaa gaccggccta ataccactat attgtgatat tttgcctaga tttcctagta     84240
     attctaactt agacacacac agtaccatat ttttgtggga catatctgga tatagaaaat     84300
     actatatcac attttgaaaa agtatctgca tgtacatttt cattctaatc atttacatgt     84360
     atttttcaac cacaatattt atgtttgacc ctttttgttg gtttccaaat ccactgacac     84420
     tttttaacct ctctctttat tttcctcagg atttttaagc ctctttttct ggtccttcat     84480
     tatttttaag ctgtttctct tcatttgtta acatattttt attttacttt tatcttctat     84540
     ttattctcta acatctgtca cctcagtatt gatttctgtt tttgctttat accgattcct     84600
     ttgaccctca tgtagcattt gaattctatt acaaagaaat atcagatttc atttcaactt     84660
     tatttcaagg gaaccaactt ttcataattt tggtagatat tatgttgtat gttttctatt     84720
     ttgctttagc tttcttttta cttttgatat atgatgttgc ctaaaacgaa atatttaagt     84780
     aaatgtattt ccattcctag ctacctatgt gttttaggca gatatgagtt ttgaaatgta     84840
     tttgaaacct tttggatcct ttatatatgc tacatagctt tcataggaca ccaagcgacg     84900
     caatgtttta cagccttgtc ttgtatattc tgtcctatcc attgttacat gtctgagacc     84960
     aaatttggct gtttttatca tttctcttaa acatcagaac ctcatctcca tcatttttct     85020
     gtaaaccttg ctttgaattc ttcagtctct cctatcttta gttatctaat aacacatgca     85080
     atttaattca gactgataaa ggatattgtc ttaaatcttt ctgcctctct tttgtcctta     85140
     ctgtgccccc agtgaccagc ataggaatgg gcacaaagca ggcacctgac tgtggagtga     85200
     ataaaccaat gcctggcaac atttagaatt tataatcggc aaatccacta cttaattata     85260
     ttgagaggat taatttaaaa caatcaactt gaaaacagtt aaaatggtag ctcagttcat     85320
     ttactgaaaa caaaggaagc attttaaaca attctcttgg tcttcgtaac ctttcgggac     85380
     tagcccccta attacctgca agaatagaag agcccaggga cctcctgaga agcccagttt     85440
     cctccgtgtt ccttatgctt tttcccttcg tggaaaaaag tgattgcacc tttctttcca     85500
     tttcctaatt ctacatcatg ccttgtattt agctggagac tcactcagag tgggagagcc     85560
     tgagagaaga gctggagaca agcaaggtct gcaggggatt ccagggcagg ccggcccatg     85620
     acctggccag ccctgccatg acctgctttc ccacccaggt aagctgctta cacttccgag     85680
     gtgaaactat tagaaaatta agaaaaaaaa attagacgtg tgtaaattta ggaggcacaa     85740
     catttccctg gagttgaagg gaactatact aagttctaca gaacttgagt atttgaagat     85800
     gcttaaatta tcattgtgct ctattcagcc acaaggatct tgtgctataa atttatcgta     85860
     gaatttgctg ttaaaacaca cccacactaa agaagccacc acattactct atttgtgact     85920
     tttgttgcag aaatattact atacatttat ttttcatatt tcagctgtga atttttaaaa     85980
     tcacattcaa aggcatgaag agttaggtag tgaattgttt actaaagtgt cattttaaaa     86040
     gaaattcaaa agtttgtttt acaagtttaa acatttcatg tatactaatc agggtcagcc     86100
     ttaatgaagc tatggtctac ttagaatcga aacctgcata ttaagctatt aaatgttact     86160
     caacaaagtc actgaaaatt tctagtgcca taatctgatg aaaacagaaa agttatttct     86220
     cctcaataga ttgtcaatgg ttatggtaaa aaattaacca gtgaaatgtg tggttccttg     86280
     gcacgactgc aacacaattc tgggaaaata ctacaagtct caaactttcc attgtgattc     86340
     actgaactaa ggaagcatta ctcagtaaat tattatgaaa atttagtaaa aagttaggtg     86400
     aaactaggtc ctgttatcac attaatttaa aatatcaaat cgattaaagg tttacatgtg     86460
     gaaaataaaa atataaaaca agacacatga atgggtaaag atttagctaa acggtgagca     86520
     aaggcaatga agaaaacatg gaaagtaaaa ttagtatttg aaaactgaaa acaatctctg     86580
     aataaaacaa attttttcta attaggaaat ttatggttca catgacgaat caaaggctga     86640
     ggatcggtaa tgtgtaagat tctcttgcat attcataaga cagacatggc aatttttaaa     86700
     atgacacaaa catgttagta aacaatttgt ggaagacttg tacatacaaa ataagacaat     86760
     gacaaaaagc acaaaaatgt ccattaattt gttgaataac agagaggcaa aaaaatgtgt     86820
     gattatcagt gttgctgtga gtcagtgaaa acaccagtgc ggccttttgt ggtatgccgg     86880
     ggtagatcac tgacgggtac aacccgagta tatgaacatg aaagggacac tgtttaataa     86940
     aaatgtaata accgatacaa taaaggaatt ccttacacag atattcatta tagtattgtt     87000
     ttagattagt aaaaaattgg aagaaatcta cattggaaat aagaaaactc agattctgtt     87060
     attaaggtaa attgtgaagt tatattcaaa acaatatttt taaaaagtaa acactgaaaa     87120
     tatgtacaca agaatattta tgcagatgta gagctatata cagcatgatt ctaatctata     87180
     gtattttaat atatctatgt atctatatat taaaaatatc attttctccc acaaaaaata     87240
     agtatgtgag atggatatgt taattatcat gacatggtca ttccacaatg tgtacatgta     87300
     ttgaaatatc tcactgtacc caaatatata tacaattgtc aattaaaaac aattttcaaa     87360
     atcctatttt gaaaattttt attctgactt gatcattata caatgtatat atgtgtcaaa     87420
     acatcacccc ataccccata aaaatataca attgttatga gtcgattaaa aacaaaataa     87480
     actaaaattt ttacaaagaa aaaattttat agtaaatgtg gtaggattta ttttatacct     87540
     ttatttctcc ttttagttcc atctatgtct taaattatgt atagcactca cagatgtatt     87600
     tatagagtga aaaagatgtt ttaaaaagat aatatagttt taatcataag aaattattga     87660
     catgaatttt ttttgtcacc acgcagggcc ccctggtttg ggcccaaaca cagctgcccc     87720
     actctgggct gaccacacct attggtagca gctctgcatt tctctgggat ggggcccaag     87780
     aaacatgtga aaggccctct tccacaacac tgccaggacc ctgctcacac tgcctccagg     87840
     ctgaggggaa cataaagcct gagtcacccc agaggtgtgg cctgtagccc aggagtacca     87900
     agctgagatc tacagccagc actaaaggag gaagaggagc ccacactttc agagcactga     87960
     gagggagcaa gcctgcaatt gtgagaaaat aggcccttgt tcagccccac ggctcctcta     88020
     tctaccggcc attatgctta agcaccatct actggatcac agcccaaact tcgacaccaa     88080
     aaatactcta atatacctcc ccatgaaacc aaggccaaga actcagctat gagtaaagac     88140
     cctgcacaaa gccttgggcc ctctgaaaac atccagaagt caactgactg tactcaagtt     88200
     acaccacagt gaaggggaca tgagcccaca cagatgagaa ggaaccagtg caagaactct     88260
     ggcaactcaa aaagccagag catcttttct ccaaacaaat gcactagctc ccccaactag     88320
     ggttcttaag tagtctaaaa tggttgaaat gacagaaata ggattcagaa tatagatagg     88380
     aatgaagacc atcaagattc gggagagagt tgaaacccaa tccaaagaat ctaaggatta     88440
     caataaaata atacaggagt gatcgatgaa atggccatta taagaaccaa actgatctgt     88500
     gagagctgga aaacacacta caagaatttc ttaatacagt tacaaatatt aatagcagat     88560
     aggactaagc tgaagaaaat ctcagagctt gaagatgtac tctaaactca gaaaaaatta     88620
     aaaattaaaa agagtgaaga aaacatctga gaaatatgga attatgtaaa gagaccaaat     88680
     ctatgattta tatggtatct ctgaaacaga gcgggagaag acaagcaatt taggagacac     88740
     atttcaggaa attgtccatg aaaatttccc cgatgttgtt agagaggcca atattcaaat     88800
     tgagagcact gagagagaac acatttggtc tcccctgtga gccctttgtc ctcttgctca     88860
     tcaccaggaa gggcccccct ggtttaggcc catgacacag ctgtaacact ctggatcaat     88920
     cacacctatt ggtagcagct ctgcatttct ccatattcat gtggggtaaa gtgtggttgg     88980
     tcggaggaag gtagacactc tggcaactca aaaagccaga gttcttgcac tggtttgttc     89040
     tcatctgtgt gggctcatat ccctttaact gtggtgtaat ttgagtacaa ttaacttttt     89100
     tctgcaagac acaacacaag aagtccatca ctaagataca tagtcatcag attctcgaag     89160
     atggaaaaca agaaaaatgt taaaggcagc tagagaaatg gggcaggtca cctacaaagg     89220
     aaaccccata agctaacagc agatccttta gcagaaactc tacaaaccag aagaggttgg     89280
     gggcctatgt tcagcattcc taaagaaaag aattttcaac cacgtatttc atatccagcc     89340
     aaaggaagct tcataagcaa aggaaaaata agattctttt cagacaatgc taagggagtt     89400
     ccttacaacc agacctgcct tacaagaggt cctgaaagga gtgttaaatg tggaaagaaa     89460
     agaccattac cagtcactac caaaacacac ttaaatacat agaccattga cactataaag     89520
     caaccacaca aacaagcctg caaacaaaca aaaaaacacc taggaatagg atgacaggat     89580
     caaatctaca catatcaatg ttaatcttga atgtaaacaa gctaactgcc tcaaagggca     89640
     cagagtggga agctggataa agaagattca aaggtatgct gtcatcaaaa gacccattta     89700
     acatgcaatg acaccaatag gctcaaagta aagggatgga aaaaaatcta ccaagcaaat     89760
     ggaaacaaag aagcaagggt ttcgattcta gtttcaggca aaacagactt caaaccagca     89820
     aaggtcacaa aagacaaaga tggccataat ataatgctac aggtttccat tcaacaagat     89880
     ctaactatcc tagctatcta tgcatacaac acagaagcac ccaggttcat gaagcaagtt     89940
     cttaaagacc tacaaagata ctcagactcc catacaataa taatgggaga tttcagcatc     90000
     ccactgacag tattgaggca aaaagctaac aaagagactt gagacctaaa ctcaacactt     90060
     ggccaaatgg acctaataga catcttcaga actctgaacc ccaaaacaga atatacattc     90120
     ttctcacgtg tacacagcat atactccaaa attgaccaat cggacacaaa acaatcctca     90180
     gcaacttaat tataccaacc atattcttgg accacagtgc aataaataga gatcaatact     90240
     aagaaaatca ctcaaaacaa agttatatga aaattaaata tgctaatggt gacctttttg     90300
     tagacaacaa aattaaggca gaaatcaaga aattatttga aactaatgag aacaaaggta     90360
     aaatatacca gaatctctag gatgtagcta aagaagtgtt gaggagtctg caacactaaa     90420
     tatccacatg aaaaagtcag aaagacctaa aattaacaac ctaacatcac acacttagaa     90480
     ctagagaaac aaaagcaaac caactccaaa actagcaaag aactaatcaa aatcagagct     90540
     taatgggagg aaattgagat gtgaaaaacc atacgaaaga tcaacgaatc caggagttgg     90600
     tatttgaaaa acataaagag acaaatagac cactagatag actaagaaaa aagagaagct     90660
     acaaataagt acaatcagga ttgtcaaaga gttcattacc agcaacctga cagaaacacc     90720
     aaccaaagaa aaccctcaga ctactatgaa cagctttatg ctagagaatc tagaagaaat     90780
     caatgaattc ctggacacat acaacctctc aacattgaat caggatgaaa cagaatccct     90840
     gaacagacca ttaaaaagtt ctgaaattaa attcacaata gaaagcctgc caactacaaa     90900
     aagtccagga ccagacagat tcataactaa attctgcaag aggtacaaag aagagctcat     90960
     atcattccta cagaaagtat tccaaataat tgaggagaga cccctcccta acttattcta     91020
     taaggccagc atcatcctga tctcaaaacc tggcagagac acacacacaa aaagaaaaac     91080
     ttcaggccag tatctttgat taacagatgc aaaaatcttc aacaaaatac aaatagaatc     91140
     taacagcaca tcaaaaagtt tatccaccgt gaccaaagta ggattcatcc ctgggatgca     91200
     aggttggttc aacatcacat cacatagaat taaaaacaaa aaccaaatga ttatctcaat     91260
     gattcagaaa aggcttttga taaattttaa ctcccatgtt aaaaactctc aattaaacta     91320
     gtcattgaag aaatatacct caaaataaca aatgccttct atgaaaactc cacagtgatc     91380
     atactgaatg tgcaaaagct ggaagcattt cccttaaaaa ccagcacaag aaaaggatgc     91440
     cctctctcac cactcctatt caacatagta ttggaagttc tggccagagc aatcagcaag     91500
     agaaggaaat aaaagacatc caaataggaa gaaaaaaacc tcaaactatc cctgcttgca     91560
     gacaacatga tactatatct agtaaaccac atggtctctg tcccaaagct ccttgatctg     91620
     ataaacaact tcagcaaagt ttcaggatat aaaatcaagg tacaaaactc agtagccttc     91680
     ctatgcacta acattcatgc tgagagccaa atcaagaatg caatctcctt cataatagcc     91740
     acgaaaataa aatatctagg aatacagcta actggaggtg aaagatctct acaatgaaag     91800
     ttacaaaaca ctgctcaaag aaatgagaga tgaaacaaat ggaaaagcat tacatgctca     91860
     cgaataggaa gaatcaatac catgaaaatg gtcatcctgc ccaaggcaat ttccagattc     91920
     agtgctattc acatataaaa ctacctatgg aattcttcac agaattagaa aaaaatattt     91980
     taaaattcac atggaaccaa aaaagagccc aaatagccaa ggcaattcta agcaaaagaa     92040
     caaagctgga ggcatcacac tacccaactt taaatcatgc aacagagcta cagtaaccaa     92100
     aacagcacag tactggtaca aaaacagata tatagaccaa tgggacaaag tagagagccc     92160
     agaaataatg acacacacct aaaaccatct gatcttcaac aaggtgaaca aaaacaagca     92220
     atagggaaag aactccgtgt tcagtaaatg ttgctaaaat aactgtatag ccgtaatgca     92280
     aaagattgaa actggacccc ttccttatac tacatagaaa agtcaactca agattgatta     92340
     aacccttaac tgtaaaacct aaaaccataa aacatctgga aaataaccta agaaatatca     92400
     ttctagacat aggacccaga aaagatttta cggtgaagat ggcaatagca aggtcaagca     92460
     aggtcaacaa aagtgaaaac tgacaaatgg gatctaatta gactaaacag cttttgcaca     92520
     gtgggcaaag gatattaaca gatacttttc caaaaatgac ttacatgcag gcaacaagga     92580
     tataaaaaat gctcaatatc actaaccatt agagaagtcc aaatgaaaac cacaatgaga     92640
     taccatctca cacctgtcag tgtgtctatt actaaaaagt aaaaaaataa cagatactgg     92700
     ttaggttgca gagaataggg aatgcttata cactcctgtt gggaatgtaa attagttcag     92760
     ccattgtgaa agtagtttgg caatttctga aagaacgtag aattaccttt tgacccaaag     92820
     gaatataaat cattctacca tgaagtcaca cacacacaca tatgttcttc acagcatcgt     92880
     tcataatagc caagaaatgg aatcaaccta aatgcacatc aatggtagac tgaatcaaga     92940
     aaatactgta catatacatc atggaataca tgcagccaga aaaaacaaga tcttgttttt     93000
     tgtggcaatg ttgatggagc tagaggccac tatactaagt aaactaacac aaacagaaaa     93060
     ccaaatacca catattttca cttatgagtg ggagctaaac agagtaccta tggacacaaa     93120
     gaataacaga cccccccacc gggcctactt gagggtgtag ggaggaaagt gaggactgaa     93180
     aacctaccta tcaggaacta tgcttatcac ttgggtggtg aaataatcag tgacatgcaa     93240
     cttacctata taacaaacct gcacatgtac ccctcaacct gaaataaaag ttggaaaaaa     93300
     aactttaaaa aagagagaac gtctcaagga caaatgctgt tagaataaaa ctaccaatcc     93360
     cgaattgtaa acccagctat actatcattc aaaagtaagg gtagttagac aggagaaata     93420
     agtttagatc tattgtataa catgatgatt acagtttata tctacgtatt atatatttat     93480
     tttcaaattg ctagatttta aatactccac cactcaaaaa ttataggatg tgaagtaatt     93540
     gatatgttga ttagcttgat tttgtctttc caaaatgtgt atatatgtat atacatatta     93600
     aaacattggg ttgtacacca tatatacaat tgtcaattaa aatataaact taaaaatttg     93660
     aaagaaaatg gtaataaaaa attaaaagga ttaaattaac aaaagatatt ttcaggcctt     93720
     ttttgaaaca taagtgttta ccactcagtg aagggactct tatgtttaaa gcataaatac     93780
     agaagaatca agatgttggg agaaaaaaca gcaacaaagt tttggaagct ggaaagccaa     93840
     aggaaactgt ttttgactca aaaatctcaa agcagaacac tgagctggtg agtggagaag     93900
     ttcggaagca agttgattcc tgctggaaga actcctaatc aggtctgtct aaatattaca     93960
     ggtaacattg aaatgggagg cttggctaaa agtttgtata aaaactgtta tacacgcact     94020
     ttagttagac aacccttcct ccccgacctg acgcgacact aacttgggag gtggtggtgt     94080
     acccaaaggg ctctgggatt ggaaaacaga cattgcgtgg gtgtaagtgg gaagtctgca     94140
     ccctacattg tgaagcacac cagcacgttt ccccaacgtg ggttctcaga atgctggcag     94200
     cccccagaaa gatttgcaga ggaagcagac cataccaaag aaaataccta ggaatactga     94260
     catttgaggt ttccaaaata agtcatttac atcatagttt agtgactcct actcgttaag     94320
     gcttgtcctt atccagagac taacattagg agagagacag ggattacaaa acttgaggaa     94380
     agcttctaaa ataaaaggca gaaatcacac aaatcagtga aaataagaag aaatacagta     94440
     tgcagtaatt agagaaactc tttctataaa agataactga ctaatctgct atgacagata     94500
     agaacataca aacagatatt aaactagaac agggtgtttt aaacagagca ttggagaaat     94560
     ttttaagagt tcttgaacat ttagattatg gcagtgtaga ctgtaaagta ggacaagaca     94620
     gatgcaaaag aaggtagaag aagagatcca gtttgtgagt caggaggcaa atcaagtaat     94680
     aaaaattcca gaggaaaaga atgttttaga tggaaggaaa gcacatattt cagtcatgtt     94740
     tcagagcaaa aattctggaa ttgaaagaca cgtttcaaga ttaaaaggtt catcaattgc     94800
     ccaacataat tgttaaaaag agcccttatg aagacattat gaatgtttaa cacgactgcc     94860
     aaaggagagc ctgaagcctc caggggacga caacacaact aaaattgaga gcatggaact     94920
     cccaggagaa atactgaatg ttagaagaca atggaggagg gacatcctca tattcatgag     94980
     ggaaagcttt tttcaaccta cacattgaca cctggccaga tctactgtca aagtgggagg     95040
     ataaaaaaag tcattttcaa acatgcaagg cctttaaaaa atttcctccc acgtactttg     95100
     tttataaacc tgttgaaaga catgctccac aatggggagg ttttaaagta gaagacgtgg     95160
     tacacagaca atcaagaatc cagagggtca tggggaagag gcagcatctc aggaggagcc     95220
     ccgtgcagcg cagcccatct ctggggcaag cagcctggat ggaagcggca gagcaggggc     95280
     tgcagaagag ggagggctgt gaagacggca ccgagaattc ctgagggagt cacagtttca     95340
     acaggatatt tatcagaagg agattctata tacatatata tatatacaca cacacataca     95400
     catatatata gagattagtc agttttcttt catgtataca tatatatgta tatatacaca     95460
     cacacccata tatatgtata tacaaataca tatatctcct agctactggg gaggctgagg     95520
     tgggaggatt gctagagacc aggagctcaa tctctttctt gacccagctg gtcaagaatg     95580
     attaccaacc ctcaaaacct gtcctgtccc cactcagtca ccaaagtgat tgtgactctg     95640
     acttctgaca tggtattcta tcagtgtcaa tcttccatct ctgctcttta gacctatctg     95700
     cctctcagag catgctcaca ggagactgaa ccacacaacc tgcttgtgcc ccttagagtc     95760
     ctcttgtagc ccagcttgcc ctctgcactt gctcttctgc atatcactga tggcagctag     95820
     ttttgggacc ttgttcacca agtcaggttt tgagaggtga agtcaaattt tgttcataac     95880
     tactctaggc tcttcattaa tggctgggac tctggaaata agctcattct gatggaaagg     95940
     ctaataagga atctgttttc tttttaaaaa ttcttttaat cttcccattt ttgtgtcttt     96000
     tctctttact ggtatttgaa atgcacatct ttgtaaccag gtcacaagaa tgattttgct     96060
     tggattgttt ggtggcctca gacatagggt tcagaagcat ctttcaatgt cattatcttt     96120
     ttatcagatc ttgaattgct tatttgttgt ttgtgtatgt ttatgtccat gggcactaat     96180
     atgggttctt ctcactacaa aaatcagggt ccccttccta aaattccggc taaatactaa     96240
     agggttttaa accaaaagta aaattctaag cctccctcaa ccatctgaat agggccctcg     96300
     tctcagcaaa ggcattccaa agttaacctg ataaactagt tcaggccatg ataggaagga     96360
     agagcttgac atgcctcagg ataccctccc tcccttttgg aattactgat agaacagatt     96420
     ctttaagact taagtctaat taaaaaacat ttacaatctt ctctctgaag cctgcttgtt     96480
     ggaggcctca tctacaagat caagtcttgg tctccacaaa cccttaccat aaccagacat     96540
     ttctttctac tgataaacaa ctctttcagc taattgccaa tcagaaaatc tttgaatctg     96600
     cctctgactt agaaactcct gcttccaatt gttgtgtgtt tccaggtcaa accactgtac     96660
     atcttataca tgttgactga tgtcttatgt ctccctaaaa tgcgtaacac caagttgtcc     96720
     ggccacctca gacccgtgtt tctcaggatc ttctgagggt ggttccatgg gccattggtc     96780
     actcatttgg ctcagaataa atcttaaaat acagggtttg acttttcatc gacagggtat     96840
     acaatttata taattttcaa tgaatagtaa aaattaaact gtagtattta ggaatattta     96900
     tccagtcatg caagaagaaa tccagggaat aattactatg aaattcattt ggcaaaataa     96960
     ctgaccaata ttcttcgctg tcaaggccca actaaagaaa tgttagaaac ttaactgaaa     97020
     tgagtgagaa ttgctcagtc aagtttcatt aagccaatat tagagtatgt ctagaaaaat     97080
     aagccacaga cacacccatg gccatttttc caaagaggtt tttagaacac tcagtacgta     97140
     tatattttct taaggtgggg gaaggcatat aggaagacgg gcgggttggt ggtaaggtca     97200
     atggttacgt ttctgtgaga cttcagttag tgcccagtaa atgtacattt tacacaggat     97260
     aaggtgaatg tctgaagaga tagaaggagc caaggaagag tcaattatgc agaagtccct     97320
     gggtaggtgg aggaatgatt tgtctcatcc ggtctttctt ctgctcctgg aaagaagctt     97380
     gtcatcaaca ttatcagtgt gcaattgagc agacagaaga gttcaagacc agcctggcca     97440
     atatggtgaa accctgtctc tactaaaaat acaaaaaatt agccaggcat ggtggtgggt     97500
     gcctgtaatc ccagctactt gagaggctgt ggcaggagaa tcacttgaac ccaggagggg     97560
     aggttacact gagctgagat catgccattg cactccagcg tgggcagcaa gagcaaaact     97620
     gtttcaaaat aatgtcagca ttaagagaaa ttgagtgacg gccacattgg aagctcattg     97680
     tgctaatttt gcacattttt gcatgtctaa tagttcaaat gaaagttaga gacatttaga     97740
     ataatgcctg tttttgccct ggggcatgtg cggtgatcaa acaagagcgc cctggagtgc     97800
     tggttatgtt ccgtttcttg atggggtgcg gggttatttc atgaatggtt tcacaactgt     97860
     tttcttgaga tgattaataa tgagttttgc atggcatttc tagtgttata tttcatagta     97920
     taagaagaga ttaacgctga tttataatgt gattttctta gaagccctgc tgttgcctgc     97980
     gtcattaagt ggtgattcaa ttcactccct aaaattacaa agtggctgga attaaatatc     98040
     cccaagcaaa gacttctttc ctctatgttg tagcaaattc agtaactttt caagttttac     98100
     caaataaagt gagggatatt aactataata tttaaagcta ttaaattcta tctataatta     98160
     cagaaatata tatggagaaa caaacttttt ggcaaattat ttggcaataa ataatcatag     98220
     attcaaggtt tttatacaat tcattgtatt ttttccaatt gattctggag ggattacaga     98280
     gtaaaaataa ctgctaaaat gcagaaaatg tttaataaca aaaatgatgt caccatcagt     98340
     ccaaaggtac cgatattatt catttttttt tttttattct cctaatgata catgcagttt     98400
     taaagaatag agaacacatg gtgttgtttt aggataatgt catattacta actggccaca     98460
     aggtgtcagg aggaggatgt catggtgtcc catagtaaca atcacttggg acttcatatt     98520
     catgtataga tttcttcttc ctgtacagat agatcagcaa gccaagagaa agtggggaga     98580
     tatataacca tcttagacgc aatcgcaaat gtctcagtgc agtacctgag gtagaagcta     98640
     ttcaacgaat caaggaactc ctgatgagag ctttgcccag ggaacccaca gaagacggct     98700
     tggctagatc actcaggcag agcccccatg gcctgaagga gcaacagttg taggcttaga     98760
     aaatatctgc tctaagaagc ctcttcctca ttcttcaact atgatagact ctgagcaaga     98820
     tagtaaacta tggcacagag aggttaggta acatgctcag ggcacacagc ccagaaagaa     98880
     ataggctaat attcagactc cagggggttc aagctccaag catatggcct tatcaccctt     98940
     aaattgcctt tgaaattggc agatggggtg gaaataatta aagaacagtt aaatattcat     99000
     ggggaaaaaa ccttataaaa agctgttcaa catctgaaca atctgttgct gggcatatat     99060
     gctggtatca cacagtattt tagtgaaatc tgtgtgccca tctcctcttg gtgccaacta     99120
     caactaggac actcagagca gggacatttt cccacgctaa atgggaaccc atcaccagag     99180
     aagccaccac caaagccaag attacagaga gaatgtttta ggagtagggt ggaatttaac     99240
     ttctaaacgt aaataattaa cattttgaaa tgaagtgaca gtgtcacctt ataatgcaaa     99300
     atcatgccat attatacaag aaactccaca ccatgaagaa ttctgcctat acaactttta     99360
     attgcccaaa gagacaaatt tattgaaata aacagctact gaacatctat tacatactgc     99420
     aaattatatg ccttggaaaa gcataaatat gacacacttt attcacaaag gaataagttt     99480
     gtagtagtaa cagcagttgc tgctgttatt ttgtccttgt ttttaacata attctagtta     99540
     acatattgag tgcctactat tttctggcca ccatcccgaa cacacatcat gaatcgtctg     99600
     acaaatgtgc tgtgctaaat tcataaattc aatgcaaagg agggggagtc cgaaggttgt     99660
     cctacaaccc agatgtctct actagcttat taacttacct cttctccaag atgattctct     99720
     tctcctctca aacttttgac gggaccaccc tgatctttac tcatagacgc tctcattgat     99780
     tctaactgca ccgagaagat acaaaccatc ggaagggatc ttagttataa cacacgctct     99840
     gcctgacctc ctgctattgt cactgagttg gccatgctct tacaaaagtt caaactctcc     99900
     acttctaaac tggtttctgt gctttcggcc actctcaaag gccatctttc tgaaactttc     99960
     ctccatttct catatatcga ttttcttttt gtactgaatt attcctttga acttcatact    100020
     caatatcaca tgacagcacc attaacatca aacacattgg tatcacgttt ttctagttat    100080
     actccatttc ctttacaaaa aaatctaaaa attcatactc aacttacctt atccacttcc    100140
     tcccccttga ttttaccctg aatcatctct aagcatatct ccattaaaaa tggtcactaa    100200
     ggttacaagt aacctttcat gttgctaaat acagtaacca aatctcactt atttcaacca    100260
     tagactgcac ttgttgcagt tgcttttact ttctttaaac actttgtctt agatttcttc    100320
     taacctcata aaaccctatc tttctaattt ttcatgtgac gccagctgcc tcagatctca    100380
     gtctcaagct ttctcttaag aaaactctca aaaaacctgt ttttaaatgc tcttcgtact    100440
     ctgattatta aatgtatgct ttatgttcag aactctaatc tgaagtacaa ttgactttac    100500
     atatagcttc aatatctttc tgtatttatg tatttatctt gagacaaggc ctctctgcca    100560
     gtcaggctgg agcacagtgg tgccatcacg gctcactgca gcctcaactt ctcagcctcc    100620
     cgtgatcctc ccacctcagc ctcccaagta gctgggacta caggcatgtg ccaccacatc    100680
     caactgatat ttgtgttttt ggtagatggg gttttgctat gttggcaggc tggtctcaaa    100740
     ctcctgagct caagcaatcc accctccttg gtctccacta aagtgctggg agtacaggta    100800
     tgagctactg cacccggcct agcttaaata cctaatagat atttccaaat tatcttaagt    100860
     gaattcttga cttctgctac cgacaagttt tccaaatatc aatattccat ttttttattc    100920
     acttgggccc aaaccaataa gttatccttc actctacacc tgttgctaac acacgccaaa    100980
     tccatgagcc aaatcctttg tgtccacacc ctacacaagc catccttgtt tctcatctct    101040
     gaaacctcaa ttgtcttcct gtatccatgt ttgccctttg ttctattttc ctacactgta    101100
     ggcatagtga tgctttaaaa acgtgtctgt tatcatgtaa cacccgcatg gaaaactcca    101160
     gggacttccc accccactca gtcagtctca aagtgcctta agtgttgctg ttgaatcaca    101220
     gaacttggaa aagggaagtt tctggccatg gatgttaacg aacctggtat cctgttaata    101280
     catcctcaag gaaagtggca gtcatgttct ttgatgctaa gtgttagagt ctattccctg    101340
     tgagtagctg tgtcatgctg aacctccacc cattcatact cagttctgtt caattcacca    101400
     ccatttattg tggcctagta tttgatagct gctgtctgta ctcaagaggg tcagagattc    101460
     aacgataata ttagagctta tagttacttg gggttaatac taaaataaaa aacacgacta    101520
     aagtgtgtgc ttttatcttc tttgccactt gtgtattggc attcttttac tctattgctg    101580
     ctaatcacag aatttgactg taaacatttg atagcttttg caggtttctt tcattgtgtt    101640
     gtttaaacat gaacaaatgt tgtgaaggag atctagttca gagtgaaagg ttgctgtgaa    101700
     ctctaatatt tggggttttt cttccctaaa taaaaagact agataaatta tttaacttca    101760
     taataaacca tttttgatac ttcactgaaa gatctctgca taacagtaaa acatctttcc    101820
     cttgctcccg aggagcaaga atccagacag ggtgaatcat cttaactgcc agtagtaagt    101880
     gtaggttgat agctgagcag atcatctcca gggaaacagg gcaaatggag gaagtcctta    101940
     ggaagcctta tcctctgggc agtgactctc taagcatcac ttgttgctac tttctgagca    102000
     gatgagcaac atgcaaatac ctttttaaat gcccctatga cgtccttgtt tctgaggctg    102060
     tagatgagag gattaagcat gggcgtgaca atggtataga aggctgacac tactttgtcc    102120
     tgctcggggg tgtggaagga ctggggcagc acgtatgtgt agaaggcagc cccatagaag    102180
     atgctaacta cagtcaagtg ggaggaacaa gtggtgaagg cctttttgcg accttcagca    102240
     gagggcatgc ggtggatggt taacaagatg agggagtagg aagtggagat gatagagatg    102300
     gggatgagca acatgaggac acagcagatg tacatcagag tttcatacaa ggacgtgtct    102360
     gcacaggcca gtttcagaac tgctgggatc tcacagaaaa aatggttgat acttcgggag    102420
     ccacagtaag ggacattcat ggtgatggga gtgagcagaa agccatcgag ggagccccca    102480
     aaccaggcac cagcagccag caaaagacac ttcttgcggt tcatcaggac tgggtatctc    102540
     agagggttac agacagccac gtagcagtca taggccatga ggcccaggag gaagaactca    102600
     gaaccaatca tggtcaggta gaggaagatc tggatgccac aggccacaaa ggaaatgatc    102660
     ttctctttag aaaccatgtc tgccaggagt tttgggacag tggtacagat gaaaagggtg    102720
     tccatgatgg acagctgact gagcagaaag tacatggggg tgtggaggcg agagtccacc    102780
     tgaatcaaga atatcatgac caaatttgca gtcacggccc ccaagaaaac agcaaggatc    102840
     actgtaaata caatcccggc agcctcactg ttcaccagaa gccccaggag ggtgaagtca    102900
     gaggatgatg tgttcgtcat tgatatggcc cacgagcgtc ccagggcaac gggaagacac    102960
     aaggaccagg aaggaggcaa gagaacacgg tcaagatggg aaaggtctgc agtagaggtg    103020
     acacttctga gggtaccgtc aggatgaagc ttccaggcta gaggctagag aagaacaggc    103080
     agaccaacat gcacatcatg aagcaaaaac catggctgca tttccctgtc agagaacagc    103140
     tccttctata ttgcgtctat ggttcatcat gctgctggag gttatggtaa ctgcgtgata    103200
     caattgctgt atgctacacc aagaatgggg ttttaaccat atctgttctg tccatgctgc    103260
     atttcttgta tccagaaagt tatccagccc atagtagggt taagtaaata ctagttggaa    103320
     aaaagggtga ttcattgacc aaatggataa aggggagtga agtaaatcac tgaagaaatg    103380
     aagggttagg ataactatta gggaacgttt tattcacgaa gccccatgtt tctgttctat    103440
     ttctttttaa ttatttgtat aagtttaagg acgacaagtg cagtgtcatg acatggatgt    103500
     atcgcatagt ggagtcttgt cttttagggt aaccgtaagt caaatagcgt aggttgtgct    103560
     cacattacta atttctcacc cctcgctccg ctttcacccc ctactcttcc aagccttcga    103620
     tgcctattat tccactgttt atgtctaaag ttgggactcc tcactgttct ttgtgctgtt    103680
     ttgctaacct ttttgcagat ctttcttcag ataaattaga aggtaaaaaa aactatttgc    103740
     aaaaagctcc cagaattaag tttttaaaaa gcagtttatg acactaagct gactccctgc    103800
     attgctctcc attgctactg taggtttggg aaatgggcag ggaaattaaa ggaaaatgtt    103860
     ggtaggttga agctatgtca gcagcagaca cacaggagca gggttcacca agctacacgt    103920
     ctgccagcac ttaccagaac tgaggccaga gccaaactca ggcttagaaa gctacggagc    103980
     agatacatgg aaatgtgaca gcaacaggcc accgtttaag aaggaatttt atctttaaca    104040
     taccaggtgg aagatagatt taactgttag acaagagaaa gaaccataca tgtagtaaga    104100
     atcgcccccc tctccccgcc agcacctcct ccccggcatg gtaggcctca gtggcttgag    104160
     tctcaaacat ttgtgtaaaa atgaaagtcc gatcaacggg ggagcccgga tgctgcaggg    104220
     tttcccccca ttcacatgtt gctagacaca ccttggctcc actatctagt gttgccagat    104280
     ttagcaaaga tacaggattc tcagctatgt ttgactttca gataatcaaa aaatgtttta    104340
     gtgcaagttc ataatgttct taacaccaaa aaaaagggtt cactgtacat ctgaaattca    104400
     aatttagctg gttgtccttt accatgctga agtcatatct ggtttcacaa aggtaccaga    104460
     attgttatga ccttgaaaag tgaccagtag aatcagtaca aatagagtct aaacaaaaaa    104520
     gttatttact aacatcaaaa ttaaattggc ttactcccaa tttccctctg attgatatat    104580
     tcatattact gtgaaagggg ctaaggactg tggcctcctc tgtcaggcct cccagaaata    104640
     ctccgtggtc aaaactctac ttcagtgagt cttagcctcc tgatccactc ctgatcgttt    104700
     caattctatt ccatttccca aggatagtga acacaaatat tgcctaaaaa tatattctgc    104760
     taattcaaag tccaaaaata taaaagaaac attctatatt agactccaaa aacttcctaa    104820
     tagaattaac ccacactaag gagaagagag cacatctctt tgtcatatta aacaaattca    104880
     aacattttat ccaaaatgta taaaacagta aaaacaggcc aggtgtggtg gttcatgcct    104940
     gtaaccccag cacttaggga ggccagggcg gaaggatcac ttgaagccag gagtttgaga    105000
     tgagcctggg taacagagct cgtctttata aaaaactagc caggcgtggt ggtgcacgtc    105060
     agtcgtccca gctactcagg aggtcgagtt gggagaattg cttgaggcta ggagtttgag    105120
     gttacagaga gctatgattg tgccactgca ctccagcctg ggtgacagag caagaccctg    105180
     tttctaaaaa agaaatgaat aagtaaaact tatttattaa caattaaaaa cctataatat    105240
     ttctcatgtc catagctagt aggtgcctgg cttaatccat catgacacat tttaccctgg    105300
     ttgttccacg aactttccca cgatctccct gctgtctcat gaatccctcc aagtctagtc    105360
     tcagcacaac catcaaagtc acatcgggac ccgtgcatcc cgccacgcca ctttctgctt    105420
     gaaaccctgc agttgtgctt tacatcatac attaaggccc atcacgttct gaacattttg    105480
     tcttctgaaa tgatctcccg ccgactccag tctgtctgtc cctgggctgc agcgacggtg    105540
     gcttccttgt cctctgtccc cactttgcaa gagccctgag cccaggccat tgcctctgct    105600
     gctccccttg cctggggctc ctcctccaac cgtgcaaggc catccatccc ctcatgtact    105660
     tcagggcttt gctcaaaagc cacctgctca gaggtcctat gactattttt cttcactttt    105720
     cttaacaccg tctgacacta ccttgtgttt tgtgtctctt caagctagaa agtaagcttc    105780
     atgtgaataa ggatttgtgc ctattttgtt aactgtactc tcaccatcta aagatacgac    105840
     tggcacattg taaatctttg aataaatcat ttttaaacac attcagctag caaaaatgca    105900
     aattatttta tgctttttaa ggaatacctc tagaattcct tcaaaacacc tcctgatttt    105960
     atataatgtg ctgaagagaa ataatttttt ttaatgctag gcacttgtgt ttatcttcaa    106020
     tgcaaaatag acaaaaaaat gggatccacc aatatttgat caaaaaaaac ttcattctag    106080
     gaaaaataaa taacaagttt ctaagatcag acagcaatac aacttctaaa tcattaaggt    106140
     ttatatacag tacaaatttg agacaattac gctctggttt aaaatactta tagagtaatt    106200
     aagatgtcag cataattcac aaaaaaagga gggacttgcc acttcttctg tcttctgaat    106260
     ctgtccttgc tctgacagct cttcaactca ggtaccaatt aataggttga agataacttt    106320
     agcttcaagt gttattatac acccagagat tgtactgcag atgttaatct agttagaatt    106380
     caccttatgt taaacagata aaattgtgta tgatttattg caaaatgtca tctgccttct    106440
     atgatcagaa ttgtcttcaa taatgccata gggcttatta atttgctact taaattgaac    106500
     gacactgtaa tagacttagt gttaaatata accacatgtg ggcagaatca tcttccacct    106560
     ccagcaaagg tcctcatgtg ctaatgtctg gaaccgatga atatgctctc ttaagtggca    106620
     aaaaagactt tgtgggtatg attaagaact ctgagatgag gagattcttc tgaattatgc    106680
     tgttggactc aattgcaaat gccaaggcct tacatgggag agaggaggaa ggagagtcag    106740
     agacgtgata tgaaaacagg tcggagggac tcagtcggtc tccgggtttg acgatagagg    106800
     ggaccccaag ccaaggaatg tagatggtct ctagaaactg gagagggcta agaaatagat    106860
     tatctcctaa aacctcatag aaaagtaggt agccttccca acatcgtgat ttcagtccag    106920
     tgagaccggt ttccaacttc tgacctccag gctgtgatat tatgaacttt gtggtcattt    106980
     ggtaccacag ccatagggag cttctatgct gataaatgat tttcttactt agcttttaaa    107040
     caaaactgag acatgttgca ataatgaatt ggccagcact tgtgtagtgc ttcttgctgg    107100
     gtctcaggca ccgtggacgt gtgccaacgt ttccacgtgc tcttcacagc acctcgacgg    107160
     gtcgatcact aattatcacc atctcacagc tggtaaaact gaggctcaga gtcaggtggg    107220
     aggagctgga tccaggctca aggactcaac ttttgttttt catgctctct gccactaccc    107280
     ttaacttctc cccaaagata atatcccttt gagcatcact tccgtttaca accagccaaa    107340
     gagaagttaa atgaatgcag ggtaaaaggc cataaacaca cccaaggaaa agttgaattt    107400
     ctgatcacaa gttgtcaaca aagcaataaa gtgacaacat gaagttaata attttccaga    107460
     aacacaaaat tctccctaac tcttgggcaa ttctcagtca ttacacacct gcctgcaggt    107520
     gtctggcttt atactgaggt acataaaaaa aatctcatca aatgtacccc aagaaaggtc    107580
     ttacaaatgc cactcacaca cgtcactgtt gtgcaattgc agagggcaat gactcatctc    107640
     ccagcagaca tcataaagcc ccattcaata ggcatgtttc ctgcacagca tcaccgctgt    107700
     caacatgaag ccctgtacgt actattccct gttggggatc tgagatttga agatctctgt    107760
     aatgtggcag agttcactta aggagaaaat tccaatgttt ctagcataaa gaaaatacaa    107820
     atatatattt aaggtaatgg atatctcaat tacattgatc tttacaaatc atatgaatgt    107880
     gttatcacat gtaccctaag aaaaagaaaa acagaatgac ccttgaagaa tcttaaaatt    107940
     acatgaaaaa caaattcatt tcaaaagaaa aattacagaa gtgtgaactg agtttaaatc    108000
     cttgtggaat caattgaaat ggtactagtg atcctatcaa tgatttatga aacaatgagt    108060
     taaattatga taattttttt caacataatt gtcctcgtat cctatatttt cctaggtact    108120
     gaagacctct aatggacaga tttttttaaa agataatttg aagggccaac tgtgtagtca    108180
     gactttatat tcttatggtg atgtttactt ttgttgtaac acactagatc actttcttag    108240
     aagttcccta aagttggggg tttgggggaa ctaagttaca ggagagtctc cctgctgtgg    108300
     attggggaca gttgagggac catttctgaa atgattattc acaacttgag ccagatcaga    108360
     ttatctagac ttcgttattg aactaaacat ctttggaaaa ttaacgctgt ttttggcctc    108420
     ttgccaatca agcggtcttt tcaggcctct cttaggtgga gtcatgaaaa caactcatcc    108480
     ctccctctta atacatgtct atcactgcac agttagggtc acattcttct tactcttgca    108540
     aggcgatgaa atgcaatgac atgcacatct actcagctgg gccttggatt gccagaggca    108600
     gagggcttga acttaagttt attcttacct agagcatgat cccacgaagc ttccttaata    108660
     ggatagcaat gtagaagggc cacagtgcag aaatagagtt tcagtcaatc ttattcaact    108720
     tgaacttcta catgagagct gggttgtatc aacatcgagg ataaaggggg gaatctcaaa    108780
     ctgctggtgg gaattacaat gggttttctg tcttgttttc tggtttgaga gcgtgcactg    108840
     agtcaatgcc aggagtttaa aaaatacgta caagcttccg ctcctaggga agtgtagtat    108900
     ggaaataatc agatgagtgg gcaatttatt aaaaaagtcc attccggtgt tatttgcaat    108960
     aagaaagtgg aagtaaccta agcgtctgct aactggacat gtactaaata atttaggttt    109020
     tagtacataa tagaattcta agtgaccact ggaatgtgag gtgatctatg ttcatcttca    109080
     tcctatagca ggttcattgt attcttaagt gaaaaggtgg catattttca acctatataa    109140
     tcatctcctt acaactgtat tctctatctt tgaaatgaaa tcccttaata catacacagc    109200
     atgtattata atcttgttct tagaaataat caaaaaaggt aaagattttt acaatctttc    109260
     aaattacaca aagccattat ttgcaagcat ccctgccttg ggccaaaatt atattatcct    109320
     ttctcccttt caagtagttt ccccagttta tacagggaga cagaaaagca gttctcttca    109380
     ttaaaacttc agctattcag aagctgaggc ccaaagatat ggttttaact atgttcaaac    109440
     atgttttctg attttaattt ttccaagttt atagaatact tcattaacat cactggtcat    109500
     ttcaattaaa cactttggaa atccagggaa agaacaattt tgacaacatc aactgacata    109560
     tgtaatccta aactttgcat ttaaattttc agtcatgaaa gagttttctg cttccaccct    109620
     tgagaaatgc ccctaatggg acttacctcc tgtttgcttc aaagaaggac tatatgaaga    109680
     atctagcaaa agccaatgac tttttcacat aagctccaat tttaaaatag ttaatagaaa    109740
     tcacttatca gtgaagctgg aaataattta agtagttttt tggtgttttt ttttttgctt    109800
     ctagcatcac ccttgacatg cagttctatg tgagcctata aaagtctaac tttgttaatc    109860
     ttcagtttcc acgtcgtctc ttcaaacccg agatgccaag gaaactttct tttaaagatt    109920
     tttagaaggt actaagcctt ctaaagtgaa agttttcatt cgtttattac actagtattt    109980
     attaagggca aattctatgt taggaaaagt tttaagtgct tgcgatgcct aacaattctt    110040
     gtttttaggt atgtgatgat ttaacaaaac caaataagct taaagtgctc ataaaaaata    110100
     caatgtgaaa caaccagagt tgaagctaca ggtatttatt taccatttta tattcttagc    110160
     tagttgtata aaccaaagga atgtagtcaa agcaaaccaa gtattttcct ggcctttatt    110220
     acctgggatt tagaaggaag cacacagtga aatgctgcta agtgtgtgac atggtcacgg    110280
     gagtcaccca ggtttaagaa atccatcctc agtacaatcc cagctgaaaa agaagcttaa    110340
     aaatgcatct ggtttttatc atttgtgtgt gaatcagcct gttgttttaa ctaaataacc    110400
     tatcgatgcc ataaagttgt ctatgaatac aattgcttta tgtatggaac ttctttgtag    110460
     agtcaggacc tgacgtttca gtcattttgt tttcacagaa ttgtcagaat tcttagcaga    110520
     acttcacttc atttaaagtc agttgtccaa cttgacaggg atgttctgtc actttttcag    110580
     atttttaatt tttgtggata cagaggtctg cgtttttcct ttatgctaaa taattatcta    110640
     attatcttca gtttctctga tcattccttt ttgcctgata tcttcctgag cattgaataa    110700
     agcagttaat aaggtatgta ataagtagac tttatgcttt cttctattac aattttatat    110760
     tgcatataga tgtttattgt ataaaacaag tctgtagaag caagttaatt ttatatccat    110820
     atcccttacc tgcagaaaga ccccacaggg aatctgatta cccctcaatg tgggtcatca    110880
     ggtccttggc tagaccagcc taactagcat ccaacagcaa atgaacatgg cttttatcag    110940
     catgttgctc tgaagggacc tttgtcccca ggtcattatt agggttaaca agctggcaga    111000
     tacacattgt gccatgtgct tctccccttt gttttgtttt tgagacagtc ttgctctgtt    111060
     gccaaggctg gagtgcagtg gcacaatctt gactcactgt aacctccact ctgagttcaa    111120
     gcgattctcc tgcctcacct accaagtagc tgggattaca ggcatgtgcc accacgccca    111180
     gttaattttt tgtattttta gtagagacag ggtttcgcca tgttggccag gctggtctcg    111240
     aactcctggc ctcaagtgat ccaactgcct cggcctccca aagtgctgag attacaggcg    111300
     tgagccacca tgcccagcca cttctctcat ttgtaaattg tttatcagta tcatggcttg    111360
     gcacaaaaca ccagaccaga ggttagaaga cgtggttctg aagccccatc tgcctcttgc    111420
     tggaatgggg caataatttg ctgtgaacat cagcttcttc atctcccatg gggctaattc    111480
     tttctctaaa tactttataa gaatttgtga agatcagaat caaaatcagg taatgtagtt    111540
     aaatgttttc aaaactaggg acagtcttct attttttcct cattacctgg attagtgcat    111600
     gccatgtttc aggtatacaa ctgataattt agtaacttaa atatgatgtg tattactcaa    111660
     tattaaaatt tatatattat tttaataaag aagcaaatct ggtgaccaca aattacctta    111720
     tgtaagaatt tggtgagatg actggggaaa aatccttggt cactcccttt tacagtggga    111780
     ctagttttat gtgtgaaggg agtggataca caccatgtgt aaaatgagat taaaattttt    111840
     ttttaagttg tattaaagta gagcctaaca gaaaagcaca cacatcaaca gtggaaagat    111900
     tgataaatca ccaggaaaag aacacgttga tgtaaccacc atgaaatttg ttgaatagac    111960
     tcaaacattg aataagtcac ctccttccat gccccgatca ctaatgtcca tgatatccct    112020
     agaaacttgt caaaatgcat ttcgcttatt gcttcaggta tactcttgaa atgtctgtca    112080
     atgttagagt taaatattct agttaaatat gcaaagaatt aatcttggaa acataagaat    112140
     aaaagtccta atttttaata catagcaact gaggaaatgg gaaagaaaac acatatccca    112200
     ggatagagca caaatgcaat gtgaactgaa ggagttttgt agagggaaga tcgagaaggt    112260
     gctagctaag gcaggagaat ggagaatatg gagggcatta gtgcagagac acaaaagaat    112320
     aaaatgtgaa tggagctgaa ttgaaataac accgaggata tttcataaat gaatcctggt    112380
     ctgtttcttc acttaatccc tccaggacat tcttccatct cttttccatg tgtttgattt    112440
     cagggtaaag atcaaattat taggaacctt ctgaatgaaa agccacctag gggttagcat    112500
     attgaaggga atattcttta tctacgtcag caacaatgga ggaaacattt ttccttctat    112560
     ctgtgttgac actagaacaa cataaggctg agtaaccttt gcttagtctt tgtcaactat    112620
     gtaaccgctc tgtccaatgt tttctaagcc tcgtatcaac aaagaaaata aacaccaggt    112680
     ccgtcaatat tttttatgtc tcatatttca ggaccttaca cacaggagaa actaaagtta    112740
     catgaatcgt ggggtcagtg tagtctttgc ttagttaata ttccaccaaa gttacacatc    112800
     tatcaaagca ccacacctaa ctccaactaa ttacaaaaat acttgtcttc agcatatcaa    112860
     tgaagatgtt gagaataaga aaattgagca acttattcca cgggaactaa gttagctaat    112920
     aaaatgtctt ggtttattca ttctacattt atctattaac aatttgagca taaatggcag    112980
     ttttgtaggt ttttggccat gtaacaatct taatggcaga gtcaattttc aatcaatgaa    113040
     tcaatatttc caggaatata ttggactcca tgtgaataaa ggcagggcaa gtatttaatt    113100
     tcagaggtaa gtgataacat tcataaaatg taactaagaa catggaacca aaaatagtat    113160
     caccttccta aatgttttct aataaaattg ctacacattt agcactagaa aatattttac    113220
     ttgtattgaa tgtttgaaat taagtcatca aggaggtggc aaatgctcct tccaatttcc    113280
     attcaaaagt tggtcagcaa tacagacaga caggcaggac tcatgatcac aggttaacaa    113340
     tagagacagg caggactcaa tcacgtgtta gcaatacaga caggcaggac ccatgatcac    113400
     acgttagcaa tacagacagg caggacccat gatcacacgt tagcaataca gacaggcagg    113460
     actcatggtc acacgttagc aatacagaca ggcaggactc atggtcacac attagcaata    113520
     tagacaggaa ggactcacga tcacacgtta gcaatacaga cacagaagga ctcatcacac    113580
     gttagcaata cagacaggca ggactcatga tcacacgtca gcaatacagg caggcaggac    113640
     tcatgatcac acgttagcaa tacagacagg aaggactcat ggtcacatgt taacatgggc    113700
     acttccaaga gctgcttggc gtgccatgaa tggtttgtag ggctacttga ctgagaatgc    113760
     cctctggaaa tgtttgtgaa tccagttgaa caaagttgac taatgcggag atgctcacca    113820
     acttcgctac tgttcctaag taatccttgc aacaggatga ttttgcctgt taattttgaa    113880
     ttgctgaaag tgacactgaa cattcttcag aaccaatacc atattttctg taatagctgc    113940
     gttattggcc gcagcaccgc agatgtttgc actagtccct gctagtcctt cctgatcagt    114000
     caccacccct gatgctctgg gagtccccgc taatccttcc cgatcacagt caccactctg    114060
     atactctggg agtccctgct agcccttcct gatcacagtc gccaccctga tgctctggga    114120
     ggaaccacat ctccctagta ctttcctcag agctgcagcc acatctttat tcctcaagct    114180
     gtagatgagt gggttgagca tgggggtgag gatggtgtag aaggcagaca ccactttatc    114240
     tttctctgga gtgtggtagg agtggggcag cacgttggtg tagaaggctg ccccgtagaa    114300
     aacgctcacc accataatgt gggaggaaca cgtagcaaag gctttgcgcc ggccctcagc    114360
     agagttcatc ctgtggacag tcaggaggat gtgcgtgtag gacacagaga tgacagatag    114420
     agggataagc agcatcagca cgcagcaggc atacatcagg gtctcataga gtgacgtgtc    114480
     tgtgcaagac aacttcagca cggctgggat ctcacagaaa aagtgattga tctctcggga    114540
     tctacagaag gggaaactca tagtgacagg agtcagcatg aacccatcca aggaaccacc    114600
     aacccaggag ccgaccacca tgaataagca aaccctgcgg ttcatgagga gagggtaccg    114660
     tagagggttg cacacagcca catagcggtc ataggccatg agacccagca ggaagaattc    114720
     ccctccaatc agggtcaggt agaagatttg aactgcacag cccaggaagg aaatggtctt    114780
     gtccttggac aggaggtcct ggagcatctt ggggacagtg atacagatgt agatggtatc    114840
     catgatggag agctggctga gcaagaagta catgggtgtg tggaggcggg agtccatgtg    114900
     gatgagcaga atcatgacca agttggctgt tatagccacc acaaagatgg agaagactac    114960
     tgcaaagaga agcccgggga aggcaggatg ggtgatgagg cctgtgagga cgaagttagt    115020
     ggagttctgg agaagaccct ccatgcccat ggtccatgac aagctccttg ggctgtaaag    115080
     gcagaaatct ggcagcttat ttaacgacct gatatgtagg aagagcccac caggaatagt    115140
     atgtcagaag cagcgtgaga tcaagaaaag atcacctact tcaggatcat ttgaaatcct    115200
     gggtttcagt attaatgatc tgtatgatat tggacagaaa attaatctct caactcaatt    115260
     tcatcatctg tgaaaggtca tcatagttct gtactctaca ggctggatgt gagatgtaaa    115320
     tgtaattcat acagtacctg gtttagaatc tgatttttac tttgaactat cttctgaata    115380
     catttcataa tcttatcact tttagattga aagttttctg agggtggtta ctgtgcctta    115440
     tttcccattt cgcctagcga aatgatttga atttaaattg ctctctgcat ctccatcgag    115500
     atgattgtac tagagtcatc cacagacgtc tatttgtgac ttaaattgat agaaaacatc    115560
     tagataactg acttttttgg ctgctgttgt tactgaacag ctttatgaaa gtcaggaaca    115620
     tcaaagcagt acagatgacc tcatttgggg tcaggagcca cactgtcttg tggttagact    115680
     tttgtcctgc aaaaggagtt catcttttag gcatggactg ctgtgagaac ttgtgtctat    115740
     ttgttctcac agaataattt ggggatcata aatctggcag gacaaccacc acaaactgct    115800
     tcagaacagg gctttagttt cgttatcctg gtggtctttc cagttgacaa tgaattctgc    115860
     taaaatttag atgctgcatc atagaattca atcatgacct catcttaaaa tattgtttag    115920
     ccaaaatgtt agagtttctc tgacagagtg gcatcctgaa cctgtcctaa tattatatca    115980
     tcctagtaat ccactgctac ttgggttttt tcctcaagtt tatttctcta ccattttact    116040
     gatccttcat gtttataagt aaaaataact acagtcgggt gcagtggctc ccacccgtga    116100
     tcctagcact ttgggtggcc gaggcaggca gatcacttga ggtcaggact ttgagaccag    116160
     cctggccaac atggtgaaac ctcatctcta ctaaaaatac aaagattaat cgggcatggt    116220
     ggcaggtgcc tgtacaatcc cagctactca ggaggctgag gaaggagaat cgcttgaact    116280
     tgagaggcgg aggttgcagt gagctgagat cgtgccattg cactccagcc tgggggacaa    116340
     gagtaagact ttgtctcaaa aaacaaaaca agaaaacaaa aactatagat ggtaaagaaa    116400
     tttctgaact cagacgcgac acagcagtat caaacattcc ttgaatcaat ggaatgaatt    116460
     ctcatgcttt tttgagtaat atgaatgtgt gtccctttta tatgttcagg aatactgagg    116520
     gatgaatttt tctttattag attatggtgt atttcttctc attttagtga caggattact    116580
     gaagaaactt gttttctgtc aaacgttttg gccaccaata ctacaaatgt atctgaatct    116640
     tttggttcta gaatagtcaa aatttacagt ccctgaagca tcaaggaata aactctcctt    116700
     atgttgaagc aaaaacaata gcaacagtag agttttcctt cttagtgctc agagatggag    116760
     atatgagtaa taggcctaaa agatgaataa acatccaaag ggagaaagaa aaaaaagcaa    116820
     tttttgtgtt ggtctgtgct gaaacttcag tttgtcacac cttggttgag gagaaaaaaa    116880
     tacatgagca tcaaatatta actcctgtca agcgtgataa aagtcagcta cttttgcctt    116940
     ctctaacagg tgaaagattt tcttgtgata gccacagctt cgaatcatgg gtcaagagac    117000
     tatttaaata tacaattcca tttgcagtgg cttttgcaat agcttgttgg aaattaaaaa    117060
     tattaatctc gcagacagta agtttgtctt gacccacatc tattgtttca gttaaatgca    117120
     ttatggatat tatacattaa ttactatagt gttaggttag ctgacaatca tccttttaaa    117180
     aatatacttt gaggaactga aataggcaag aatgagacaa atgaaaatga cctaagaaaa    117240
     taaccaatta cttttgaatc agaacatgaa ccagagcatt ttgtttcatg taaataatca    117300
     gactccacaa ggtattcaaa gaggaggtaa aacactattg cctcaaatgt ctatgataaa    117360
     aggataagaa cgttttcaac ccctagatct tatcttactg taggatccca gaagaggaga    117420
     gtaaaaaagc tgaaacagga gaaagatatg attttagcca cctcattttt atacaaccga    117480
     gaccgtgtta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaggtt ccttgtgagt gtgagcgttg tgcgtacatg    117540
     tgtgtgtagt gtgttcatat gtgagtgtgt gagcatggta tgtgtggtgt gtgcatctgt    117600
     gagtgggtgg ggatatgtgt agggaaaagg ccctgctaaa gagcagaact acactgcttg    117660
     gcacaaacga gcaattcacc catttcaatg aagccaatat ttagaaccaa atgtgacatg    117720
     ttcaaatgca tgcctaatgt tattccatag gctactgggc attgcaagta gacagggaaa    117780
     atatctgcat tatggacaaa acatgtcatc agttacttct gtttacatcg gttccgagca    117840
     tctacatttt aacattagag ttgatgctat ttagcattac gacgtgtggt ttgacttatt    117900
     cacacataca agatcctaga ttccattccc catcagctca tctttccctc actatcatca    117960
     ttctccactc taagacactt aggttcccct tcatcaacta gtctttccaa aaaaaaaaaa    118020
     aaaaaaagaa aaagaaaaag aaaaagcttt tatttgcgtg atcaaagctt caggctcttc    118080
     aaggcggcga atgatttctc cccagtgcag attagaacat aacccagaac ccctgacccc    118140
     caggaccagt tataacatca cccagtgttg caacataatc atctggcagg aatgggaggg    118200
     tgggaagatc aagccgagag gtggaggaca ccaagcacag gagctccaca tctgttatct    118260
     gcacacttgg ggctgatgga tgagggatga gtgagctcgc caagaggcat ttattctacc    118320
     tgtggtctgc cacatggaga agagggaaag gagaatctct gcagggtgcc aggtgatcaa    118380
     agctgtatgt ttcaggacaa cagccctgga gttgttctgg gagaagccat agaaatcaag    118440
     aacaattggt gactcaccga aaattgaaga gatctccaag agaagtcaca ggttcttcta    118500
     ccagggagaa gagcttagag caattcattc tgacacccct ttctgggaat tcagcatgac    118560
     tagagctatg agaagtatct gccagtgtcc tttctgtggc aataaagctg ctaaccagaa    118620
     ctgatcttct ccacttgaca caacgtacct gtaaagcttg aaagggaagg gttttccatt    118680
     ccatccttag agacagaatg cctgaagcac aaacacattc cgtgttcaaa acactcacct    118740
     agcactgggt gagctatgaa gattgataga actgacaata ttcttaaggg gcacatagtt    118800
     aagtttgatt aatgtatcat atcaaaaatc ctcatagaag cagatcattt taagtctaaa    118860
     gtggggattt ctaaaaatga aaatatattg gggacttttt aaaggtgttt agccacaaat    118920
     aacagctaat gccattgtgc tttgctcagc tgtcaaattg ctctggggat gacacgcata    118980
     gttacttctc cagacctcag tgttctttca gtaaaagaat ggcatgtcac caacatgtta    119040
     ctaatcctaa gtgccacata gctctaagag tcatcgatta tttgttcctg aatgagaaaa    119100
     agggggccaa ggatagtata ttgggatctt tctgctttga ttaaagctta tgagagaaga    119160
     taatggtgtg gaaggcacta agagacggag gaagagaaac aggaagtttg gtattcccca    119220
     aaccataaac caatagggct ttacgtgtgc caggtacttt agaagtttta catacatgaa    119280
     gtcatagcaa accagaagat gctatgcatc agtttgagta gtggacaaag gtacagtttc    119340
     cccttatcag tgggagacag ttttcaagac ccccactgga tatctggaac tgcagacagt    119400
     actgagccct atatatatac catattttat cccatgcata catacctatg atcaagttga    119460
     atttataagt taggcacagt aagagattaa caataataaa atagaatacc taagacaata    119520
     tactgtggct ataacttttt cagtttgatg tgacagcaaa acttgcataa ttttttcctt    119580
     catgatttca aagataaagt ttttcttaat atagatcttg gcaaagtcag cttatgaggg    119640
     tttctctctc cttaagtcaa gaactttcac ctttttagtt aaagcaagca ccttacagcc    119700
     tctctttggc acatctaaat cgccagcttc actaactcca tctctttggg gccattaaga    119760
     aaaactgagt tacttgaaca caagcactga gtccgccaca gtcgatttga taacctagac    119820
     agctactgaa tgactcgggg tagcatagac agtgtgaatc aactacacag agggatgata    119880
     tttccaccac actactcaaa atggtgggca atttaaaatt tgagattttt catttaatat    119940
     tttttacaca tggtagatag caacctggcg gattgcaggt taactaaaac tatggaaatg    120000
     aaagtgttaa agagaggaat accatgtcag aattctttac ctcaaaggtt caaccctagg    120060
     gctagagact gaaaggatct taaagcatga aacttttgaa gagcatctaa gtgatcactg    120120
     ctttgaaaat agtggatcac aagaaccagg agaagacagg agtcagttca gttaaacagt    120180
     gcaatagtag agagggaaac cggtctgatt ccgaaactcg agactgaagg agagaggaca    120240
     tgatcagaga caatgtaaat aatgtcaaaa ggctcgaaaa tgggaattag caggcactag    120300
     gggtggaaga gagaggggag agtccagtct aactacagct gaagagcccg tggagagctg    120360
     aggtgtgtgg ggtggagtgc ggctggaaag tgaaggcaga gagaccagaa ctcagcgtcg    120420
     agaaataagg tgcaaatggg agttgtttca gtcagaaagt tacatgctga aataaggtac    120480
     ttatgaaaga tccacctggc agttttagtc ttgaaagcaa gattaatatt aattgctact    120540
     cataagtgtt catagccaca gtgggctttg gccaggaact ccttttcttc ttctacctac    120600
     acaagctact cctgtactcc gtctgctttt atgaatgaat gcatttggac cttgcttcct    120660
     acattaatca gattttatcc ccttctctcc acagcaacgt agtatccaat gatgtgaatt    120720
     tctcttttcc cttaccttat ctccagttct aattacatac tgccttagtt accacccccc    120780
     tttatctgcc tatttaaatg gtaactgttt tcattcgtgg aaaagtagtc tactttccct    120840
     cccatcccaa ctgacaattt ggaaattttc agtgtggaaa gttaggcata agatagaaga    120900
     ggtttgcttg gcttaaaaaa aaaacaaaac aaaatcagca ctataatggc atgtaggtga    120960
     acatttattg aacacttact atgccagaaa ttagttcagt ttgatgaata caggttttaa    121020
     tgctacatgc caacttacct aaactacatt gtcaaggata tcaccaatgg actagaaaga    121080
     aagaagtaca tctagtttcc tggagcattg agagtaaaag gtctaaattc caagctgcca    121140
     gcaggagggc tgtgatgtgg atgtgcaggg gaatgcttct gggcagcagt gtcagttcgt    121200
     gtggtggcaa atagaaatca aaggatctgg catatggccc atccagtcca ccctgctaac    121260
     gctgtggaag aggaaatgga gagtgagggc atggaggatt acacaggagc agcagtggtg    121320
     aggtgagatg aggtgaggcg agctgaggtt ggcccatcta gtccacccta ctaacgctat    121380
     ggaagaggaa atggagagtg agggcatgga ggattacaca ggaacagcag tggtgaggtg    121440
     aggtgagctg aagcaagggg cagacacctg cagctataaa cacaatgcac tcattattat    121500
     acccctacag tctgagcttc caacatgtcc acatctcccc ctaggctcca gttactcagc    121560
     tcaacaggct tttatatgcc atgctaagat ggcttctacg agacctctaa tagttttatt    121620
     aaaaaaaaaa agattatctt aaggcacacg tggatgcctt atgggttaaa taaaagagga    121680
     aggaggttaa aatgaaataa agaataaaat cataatttcc ctccaagcat gaagtcttca    121740
     gccacaccta aatgcatatg aacggaacaa tcatttaact taaaatgtaa attaaaattt    121800
     taacaagata ttcagagggc aatctatgct tatccaatag tatgcacccc tgctaccaat    121860
     taagtctgaa actttctcat tgtgaatacc aagcacattc ttccaactgt cggctcttac    121920
     atgccatttt ccttcagtaa atctattcat gttcttctga actattagat ttcccttagc    121980
     ttcccacgtt tcatactaaa tgcccttttc cagttgtctg cttgccagat agtgaatata    122040
     tgttatttat gcttaatctt gagaagacca ctgcctcagt tattagcaga taagctcaca    122100
     gtagtaacgt ggccttctaa tagttacaga gtaatacctg aagaaaacat cccagtatct    122160
     gggtgatgtt ctgtttttca tgaagatcta aggatcctac ctcagaagct gggtccaagt    122220
     ctttctaaag cagtagtgga atgtcagact tcttaaatac attgtgtagg ggtgaggcta    122280
     ggtcaaaaag tcttttcact aagagtccca catcccccag gaagaattcc tgggttagca    122340
     attaatccaa gttgactggg tttaccatga actttagaag cagcctgtcc tttcttgcag    122400
     agggtgcatt gttttcccaa gtgaaggact ggaatcgttt cttggtattt catcatgaaa    122460
     atgtcttact gaatcttggc atctctccag agagatttta aaggcagtga tgtggggata    122520
     agagcctcgc tctaaattga aaattagatt ttaaatttct ttagaaatag aggctatgac    122580
     aaactaaaaa agctctttct caaaagtcac tagcctcttt tgtttgggga gaaatcttta    122640
     aagttataaa taagtgtgaa tcaaaaagca ttggagccaa gtctcaatca atgtagatgt    122700
     ttctggtgcc aaggttgagg atgcacctgg gaaaaaggaa cacaagatga caggagcatc    122760
     tgagatttgt gcttcttcca aagacggttg ggagacttca atatttaaaa gggaaacagt    122820
     gggcattaga ggaaaaaaga aaaaggaagt gtgaataaat gaagtagttt ccttctttcc    122880
     aggctttaat cagtgttgac tgaattcgca ctttagatgt gacaggagag ggtttagagg    122940
     aacactcaac tgggcgttca tctcctgctc agtgaatctg gattgtatat aagataaggt    123000
     gcacaataga ggaagcagtc aaatatgcat ttgtttcagg ggagtggagg gatgactccc    123060
     aggcctgtct actgcctgtc aagataagcc attcatttac attgtcagca tgacattcaa    123120
     cagaatggtt ttcagggaaa gatctttggg ccagccagga atttccttgc tagcagattg    123180
     tgagggaggt cccttgggga ggtatgtagc ctacctgtgt agctgtccat tcaggaacag    123240
     tatggaatct gtagccatac agtcaggtac agatatggaa tatagttttg catgacagag    123300
     ttcccaagct tgacttttcc ctttggctta gtgagtttgg gtcccaagag attttccttc    123360
     tactttctcc tatcttctat tttcacaaaa gtggcatttg tcacttaggt taagtgtttt    123420
     tcagaattat ttgtcttacg tgtactacag aatattgaat tcagtacgaa taaaggagac    123480
     ataagaaaaa tgatggaaat aatgcaattg gtagagaaga aaaaagtgag ggtaatacaa    123540
     gttatgcatt ttctaaagtt ttcaccagag cacattaaga tatttaaaca ttaggaaaat    123600
     tgaacttcct aacatttatt ttactaatgg ggaaaagaag gtggtcttat tactaaattt    123660
     ttgcttccca atcatcattg aatgcttttc atgcattaag tcagctaatg ggcacattac    123720
     ttatgatttc tagtcatcac aaatccattg gacacatatt ttataccctc tgttgcaggt    123780
     aatcagaaaa ccctatacct ttttcagcct ttagaatgtg attcaataat tcctgaagaa    123840
     tattttatat gtcatccata aataaagttc tccaactatt ggattgattg gatacacttc    123900
     cctctggtgt gatgtgtctt tctccagagc cacaaatggg ttacaaccaa tattgatcct    123960
     ctcaaccctg gattggtctt cagtgcccga tttggctaca gccacagggg agttgatttt    124020
     gctgtcaaca gccacatcag ttttcctcaa ggtgccatat cactaatttt tatagttatg    124080
     tcatgaaagc atttgagaag tgctgctgta tcagttggga aaattgttaa tacaagccca    124140
     acctaaggaa aaaataacag acctgtgaac agtgtattga ttggtattag tttctaactc    124200
     ctgttcatgt gtcacaatac tttgtctagt gttgaactta gttatatgat ttagactttt    124260
     tacaagaggt attttgtggt gtcttaatct tccatgtttc ttattcacct tttttctctt    124320
     ttccttccct ttaactctct tcaggaagta atccttttat atcatcagta ggtatagact    124380
     tggttgctac aagccaagac tgactcccac agtttggagt ttagattctg ttttaatttc    124440
     agataattct gcctgcccac tctcactcca ttccaaagtg ccacttgaca tttttgggtg    124500
     aatctgtatt tggcaaaacc ttgctagctc ctataagact taatttttaa gtgttctata    124560
     tttctaaaga tattggccct ctgctcatgt ctctgaaaaa cagactatta attcattttc    124620
     acactgctat aaaacaccca agactgggta atttatgaag aggttaagtg ggctcagttc    124680
     cacatggctg gggaggcctc acagccaatg gtggaaggtg aaggagaagc aaaggcatgt    124740
     cttacatggc agcaggcaag actcatgtgc aggggaacca ccctttgtaa aaccatcaga    124800
     tctcgtgaga cttattcatc atgagaacag catgggaaaa acccaccccc aggattcaat    124860
     taactcccac caggcccctc ccactacaca tggggattat aggagctaca attcaagatg    124920
     atatttgggt ggggaaacag ccaaaccatt atcagagaca cattctaata agttcttaac    124980
     tggaggttct ggcaagaaaa aaagatatgc tgagattgcc aagatctaca gtaagaatga    125040
     atcttctttg aaattgtgta ggaggaaaaa cacatttgtg gtaattttgc tgtcacacct    125100
     caaactgcaa aacctacagc cacagtgtgt gataagtgct taggtaagaa agaaaatgta    125160
     ttacatttat ggtagaagat gagcaaatat gttgtgactg acagcagtca ggttctatag    125220
     ttctatacta tggtttcagg cttcccccaa aaaagactta gaacacagcc tgaggataag    125280
     atggtgactg ctatatttga aatatgataa atatttgagt tgattcttta taatggtcaa    125340
     tggacagact gtctaaaggg gaaaagtcga gagaagtcag ggaagtagtt gaagatgacc    125400
     gtttttgtca tgactgagca gagccagaaa caggctactc catgattttt agtggaatac    125460
     acaccttgtt aagagctcat gggtgactac taaacctcaa ctttatgcct accccagccc    125520
     aaactgttca ttgttcagag ccttcatacc tttcaaaaaa atgaaatcct taaaatccca    125580
     ggcagctttc caaatcccat aaatgcccca cagttggtgg catgtgggtc acttgtttcc    125640
     aggcagagaa tatttaaatt caagggcaat gataaagtct tgtatccttc atttcaagtc    125700
     tctagcagca tatgaaattt ctttagaaag tggttacctt tcctgaggac acacacctcc    125760
     ccacaacctt ctgtagggcc cctgtgacat ccttgttcct aaggctgtaa atgagtggat    125820
     tgagcatggg agtaaggatg gtgtagaagg cagatacagc tttgtcctgc tcaggggtgt    125880
     ggtaagaatg aggcagcacg tatgtgtaca tggcagcccc atagaagagg ctgacaacca    125940
     ccatgtgtga ggagcaggtg gccacagcct ttcccctccc ctctgcctcg ctcatcctat    126000
     aaacagtaat gagaattctt gtgtaagagc ccgagatgac agagaaaggg atgaggagca    126060
     tcataataca gcagacatac atggctgtct cgtaggctga tgtgtccgtg caggagagct    126120
     tcagaagggc aggcacctcg cagaagaagt ggttgatctc ccgagaggca cagaagggga    126180
     actgcatggt gacgggggtg agcaagaaac catcgataga ccctcccagc caggctgccg    126240
     ccacaatcaa ccagcagatc ttgcggctca tgaggacagg atagtgcaga gggttgcaga    126300
     tggctacgta gcgatcatag gacatgagtc ctaggaggaa gaactcagcc cctgctaagg    126360
     tcaagtagag gaagtgttgg gcagtgcatc cagcaaagga aatggctctc tggctcatca    126420
     cctggtcgac cagcattttg ggcacaatgg tggaaatata caggatgtcc ctgagggaga    126480
     gctggctgag caggaagtac atgggggtgt ggaggcggga gtctatgtgg atgagaatga    126540
     tcttgaccac gttgctggct atggaggtca aaaagaccag gagaatgagg gcaaagagaa    126600
     gccaggggaa acgggcgttg ctgaacaaac ccagaaggat aaagtcggca tacacggaat    126660
     aattgctctg ctccatagct ctgtagggta cacaaaagag atatgacaaa gttggaaagg    126720
     tatctgattt acataaaaca ttatgatgta gtcatgaaca aaccaaggtc aagtcgatct    126780
     tatttcttga agctcataat ttccctgaga gaactgcctg agcaggattg tgctacatct    126840
     cattatacca tcattgttca tttaaggatt ttcttgattt ggtgattact atttagagtt    126900
     catgatcaaa caatcttttt gttcatgacc atttatttct gtctttcgag taccacctta    126960
     cattggtgag gatgcatata agacataaga atggaaccag cctgattcaa taggataggg    127020
     tggtggggag gaaaggagga ttgtccacat cctacactgc tctccttata ctagactcta    127080
     agttctcaca cttagaatcc agtttgaaga tcaccacgag tatatatttg cctatggaag    127140
     aataactgca ttatttgacc taatttacac cattcttgac acacttgtac attgtaaaat    127200
     gagtactcaa cttacatgta tcaggtggag tattgcagaa tgagcctgtg ttgaataaaa    127260
     agagctgagt tctgagaagt catccaagaa ttcataggag gaaaaatcat gggagaaaac    127320
     gttgagggtc aagtggtgtt tgctttcctt cttgcagcag caaactacca attattaaca    127380
     tacaactcgt taaagtgtta gaatcccatt taacttatga aaaaataaac tagtttaagt    127440
     attagaccta gtgtatccca aaaagaaggg atctctcata cttgaagtta gattctgcat    127500
     atgtatccat atcagttaaa tattttacca caatttagga acacttgagt tatttggata    127560
     gcttctccct gcatcatata gatctgcact atccagggtg gtagccatga ggcttatgaa    127620
     gctgtggagc ccctgaaaca cgactgctcc aaatcaagat gtgccatgag cacaaagtta    127680
     attcaaacac ctgttaaaaa tatatgcaac acatctcctt aaaactttat attatggtaa    127740
     cttttagata tatttggata atatagatta aaattagttt cacctatttt ttacattttt    127800
     aatgtggtta ctagaaaatt tagaattctc tgtggctccc ctaggatttc tactaggcag    127860
     cactggtcta gagttatccc tgagaatatg acagctccaa ataccttcat ccaaacaagt    127920
     cctccagagt taaacacacc acaaattaga attgagccaa aaaatttagg tgtgtaccaa    127980
     attagaaaaa tggctttact tgtatatgca ttcaccctca aatagcagta agaacattaa    128040
     taagtgattc gtaaatttta cgtttccaaa caactttgta agatactaga ccattctaca    128100
     gttgaaaatt aggcttaagg aaacttcccc aaggaggaac attgttcttt aaacagtgac    128160
     agtgtaattg ttctatgctg ttttccaaca ggacaaagta gacatcaatt cattccataa    128220
     atatttctca agaggcacat tgggtaagcc aaagtttgat attctgaaag gccctgaaag    128280
     aatgtaagac atcatctgtc ttcgagccta gaattgaggc acatgaacgt gtgttgtgtg    128340
     accacaggtg cactttcaga atggttttaa gacctcagca ggtttgactt atttggtatg    128400
     tgaacaaagg acaataaaaa tgatggaagc tgcagcccac tggctggtag acaggaactt    128460
     cacaccaggg cccctcagta caattccacc acaaccatgc cacagtggat ggatggaaaa    128520
     cgatgaaaat tcagattttt actgatgaaa cccacattat atccttatgc atttttcagt    128580
     tctcattctt gaaatattac cagctttatg ccagagcttt ccatcagctg atttataatg    128640
     tatctttatt attttaaaaa ctgttaaacc agtgggaaaa ttaaaggcaa acatttagta    128700
     gcaattcgta tgatggagag tgctgaatgc tcacccagac ctggttgtcc ataatttaat    128760
     aagaacaaga tccttggagg gccgtgcttg ttatttcaca gtaaattcag agaatgatgg    128820
     ctacctactg gggaccagcc acagtgactg ctattggtcc actgggaata ttaaagccca    128880
     agatgaaaaa attggtccaa aaatatcctt atcagggcag ctgtgtcctg aaccctgacc    128940
     atgaatactc ctggccctga aacttgctaa tgagaccctg gggatctccc cagcttactt    129000
     cacaaaggga aaggggagat atgagtggct ccataaccac tcagatttta caaccatctt    129060
     ccaactctgg tagtgttgat tcattcactg tattttaaga gttacccagt atagcaacat    129120
     ttaagaatac ttggaaaata aaggaatcaa ctggattatg ccatgcccca tgtaataact    129180
     gtctatgcat aattccaaac cttagtaaac gtccagttct atgtatacct aataattagc    129240
     acatctttcc cagtctttat agagaatatt gctgtgattg aatatgagac actcagcttg    129300
     gttcacattc acgttgttga gtttgcttat aatgcaagta ttgtgaggtg aattctctgg    129360
     cataattcat ggacaacggt ttactatgct ttagaagctt atcaccaagt tgttaaatgc    129420
     ttaacagtaa gagaacacac ttgcggcagc atcatgcttg ccccagcatt tagcactagt    129480
     atcaaaactc acaatatgga tttgattatg aaaaaaattg aacatagtgt atattttggc    129540
     tattttgatt tttcatgacc ttttctatat ataggtgatt tgtcgagatt agtctataga    129600
     tttttatttt ttattaatat tcttttgttc tatttagtgc agctattttg ccccccgagt    129660
     tacatacatg taattgtaac tttgatgttt aggccaaaaa gttttgaaat atttcagaca    129720
     ttttcattct gtgtgctgga tttttgaaaa aaatattttc catcgaggta tgtgattaat    129780
     atacaattta aaatttttaa tgtaatttct atgcacttaa aatctttggt ctagacatta    129840
     aaactatgca accattggtt tatgagatca acaatgataa atttgtactt taagatcatg    129900
     ccagtgaatt ctatctaatt ggagttcttc aaataagcag gagttcaagt gtgaatgatg    129960
     agcaggaatg acctaagtaa caaggagaac tgttggaaat gtgggaacac tgtcatgggt    130020
     aaaattagtt ttcacccttg ttgcatgtac aaattctggt ataaaaagcg agtactaaaa    130080
     atgagtgcca ggttaacctt aagactgtga tagcgacagt tagctttggg aatctcaccc    130140
     tttgctgtcc attatgtttt tctcttcaat agcaggtcca gcagcaggta gccaagtttt    130200
     ctactttttc atttttgttg tcgttctgtc agaccctgct ctgcatcaaa gattggcaca    130260
     attcttggtg accatctaac tcagaatacg tttgagtgct aaaaggctaa gctagacagg    130320
     acatgaggac aacaggcata agaaagggaa tatcttgaga agacagggct aaatggtgac    130380
     cctgactata agacatttaa ttctctgtac aatcagattc attatgtttc ctccccagca    130440
     gtattttcac atgaagtgtc acttctagaa aatggctttt cttccacaac taaagtaaaa    130500
     tcacttgggg aatctttaga acgatagaga agttttgatt aaggccgagg gattgtcttg    130560
     aagcagacca agggcatgat caccttcagt ctctacagaa gttgaactga gttcttcccc    130620
     tgtctattcc taacccttga aacattcttg gcatgtttaa tgttcacaat gctacatgac    130680
     atggttttta atcaaagctg gctttatatt ctatcttcat cactgataag cttctggacg    130740
     tctggcaagc cactcacatt cttttcagct tctgggaact tctaagtatt aagtatgctg    130800
     caatggtttc tcggagcagg atatggaggg tcttcctaac taaaccattt ttagagatgc    130860
     ttatgaggta cctaaacaag gtggaatact acgatttaga taagctcttt atgaagattt    130920
     taaaattata ggtgaatata tgttgcaatg ataaaatctg ttggaatcat tatgcagaca    130980
     gatctgcata gaattcaagt aatctgctac attctgatgt acagaaaaga taagagtcca    131040
     taactactaa gaaacgagat tgaattatct aagatttata tattagtacc atccacaagt    131100
     atctgcagtt caaagtcaga tgtatcaact tcaacattct ccagtatttc tctggtttga    131160
     accaaaactt tctaggaagt ccagaatcta tttaaagcat cctgcgattg atcagcatca    131220
     agactgcaaa cttaccttac acagtatctt ccccaaacac gatgatctga atatttagag    131280
     agaaacctta cagaactaag gtagtacatg caattgttca gcatttcctt ttatgtagta    131340
     agtatgggga actaagaggc atacatcaga ctttctaaac tggaggtatt ctatgttctg    131400
     tatttcaaac ttgttttctg aactgaaaca gtacaggcag ggagagtatg aattcaaaca    131460
     agaaggtaca gtggattagg cgtgggaatt acatcttgtt ggcagaagga taagggtcag    131520
     tccctaactt attgagactt tttaaaatac agtgataggt gaatcctttg aagatctaga    131580
     aatagaacag cctgaatctg taaatgccta acgtcagttg acagcagctg cattatgcag    131640
     gctgttaaga agatagagat ccagtgacaa atagagcttg catcatggtg atggctagta    131700
     ctcccattca ggagatacat tgacatcact gtctctgggg tccttgtccc tagcctgcaa    131760
     ttacagttca tataaaatgt gacagactcc ttaagaaaaa tgtaacctct caatttacaa    131820
     agtaaacacc caagataagt caggttgctg gcagctgcaa cttaaattgc ttttttctct    131880
     tttactttgt tcacgacatt gttttgaaag tttctctttt tacacttcca actttcgggc    131940
     atctctcttg aaatagaaat caatgtttct aaggaagtat tgtcttgcaa aagatacatt    132000
     ttgggccatt ccccatcact caagtattag tatgtaatca tcctgtcttt cttgtaactt    132060
     gtaatacata aaactttcag cattgcaagc atttaaaaat attcatttta ctgatctcag    132120
     tgtatataag atctttgagt tacttcaaga agacagacct tttctcatcc agtattctca    132180
     aaagggccca caacgattcc tggggggagc ggggaagggt gggggggaat tttagaccct    132240
     gcagtcttgt tgtgctgcaa tctatgcctg catgatcttg gctttcatgt aattcatatt    132300
     tacctcactg gtgtttaaat tagtgggggt tggaattcag gttttctgag gctgaagctt    132360
     atgcaatctg gggcatctta agaaaacagg ctacaaatca tgattgcaca ggtataatat    132420
     tctcttcagt gaaactccaa caaaattaca cctttagaaa gctgacaaaa taccacaaag    132480
     aaatacataa acaccccaac ttaaatctta actggttgaa cttaccactt accatttttt    132540
     ccaacaactg gctacattac tatgtactct aatattttct ataagcaaga agagatgatt    132600
     caatcctagt acggttggtt gaaattttta aattttttgg tagtttagaa aattctttgg    132660
     gtctttcccc tttgttcagg attgaggtcc aatctgagaa agccactgtt aaattacttt    132720
     catatatgac ctgccttagc ttccccaaaa attgacctta gaaaatattt gaaactgaga    132780
     aaaatgattc agagcagtct gaagaatgtg agctttacca aacgtcttag gctcagagac    132840
     acgagcatga gaattcaata acttccctac ccagccctgc tcacacatgc gcacctgggg    132900
     ttgtttaaag gaattttata cttccccccg ctcccccgaa gtttccagac tagctgataa    132960
     gttacctaaa atgttacaag ttgtacaata tgacctttac caaccatctt catgttccct    133020
     acagagaata gtgtatagct gatcaatagc tacaaaagaa caatgtctag ttgatcaata    133080
     gtttatgtca gcttagaact tctcttttcc cttagaggcc ccattataac tgctgttagt    133140
     tggagcattt atttaaggct actagaatct gtctcctcag attgcatttc ccaatcttgg    133200
     tccaaatata cgtgttaact ttgcctcaag ttttttcctt taggttgata caaccatcac    133260
     caccatccat ctccaggact ttttcctcat cccaaacaaa tcttctgtac ccattaaaca    133320
     ttaactctat tttctccttt tcctcatctc tggggtaagg tgtattctgt ttctgtggat    133380
     tttcctcttc taggtactgt agcaaacctg tacaattgct acttgagacg gtcactaccg    133440
     cagttactgt tactgcttga gatgctcatt acagggctga gcgaagggag ggaggtagaa    133500
     gtggggggaa aacactgttc gaaggctaag ctcggggaag aagagctccc agcttctagt    133560
     gagcaagggc agccgcccca gcttctcagc cctccgcatg gatcgagtag gagcagggag    133620
     gaggacgcac gattgatcag ctgcgtgatt gatcgcaggt gcacatggtt gcgatcggac    133680
     cttcccacgc acctaatgac acactcgtgc ctgcgcgtga cgccctccgc tccacctccg    133740
     cgcggaaacg cagtctctca gtttgccaac attctgcatt tgtgagaagc agttttgctg    133800
     cttactcgtc cggcctccag tggtaaaccg agccgatcgc gaccctcgcc ctttctgcct    133860
     ccaacccttt tttaaattat gtctgtccct gtattatggg ggttgaggtc agcgggactg    133920
     cggtcggccc tcggtcccga gggcacccac acggttcatc tcctgtaaag acacaggcat    133980
     gtcctgtccc cacgttagta actctacaaa agcaaaaagc tttctggggc tgcagccggg    134040
     agccaggcca ttgctgaggc ctccgctcca caagctgcgg cgcagcttct gcctcttggc    134100
     ctaattgctg cggggtaaaa ctttccgttg atagtgaaag cagctttttc tgatgaacag    134160
     aaggcacaga gaaaacaagt tgaggcttat ccttctcgtg caacagtgta gcaaaaaagc    134220
     aatccttaaa ccttccattt gcacttacac aggcgggtct attagatgct gtgggttgtg    134280
     atagctttct cccagctgta cttccaaatg cctgacctcc tcgcttctta cgtagagaag    134340
     ggtacaattt acaggggatg agcaacagct gcgcaatata ttctcctgct tcaaaaccca    134400
     gagatcttgg gacatgaccg ctacctgaat ttctccataa gccgaagaac tcctgggact    134460
     tcagtaatgc cccgcaagtt aagatgactt ttgcctaaaa ttaatcccac ctatcctgtt    134520
     ggcaaaggtc cccaaacgcc agtgtgagtc aggttgcttt ccccccaaag ccggttgctt    134580
     tcccctaaac ccgttcgttt gggagatcta atcctgtgct tcctactgcg tgaggagggg    134640
     gagtcaaagc acctccagaa acccccctga aacggagttg tggcctggac tggggaagtc    134700
     cttgttcgag gtgcccaggt ccaggcccgc ttctggtttc cccacaggga gtgccgttct    134760
     ggtcaaatat agagtagcat tgattagcct agtgatttcc cttatttcaa cgacggcaaa    134820
     gtcctggcac tttttctgtt gagaactgtt ttaagacccc ttctgcccag aggtctgacg    134880
     gcattctctt ttgcaacgtc caattctcta cacttacaac ttttccactc tagggctcaa    134940
     cccttggctc cttttagatc tgtcaactac caaaattagc tgttgcctga atcaacatta    135000
     taaagtagtg aagctcagtt cccacatctt gaaaaactac gaaaacctcc tgaactttct    135060
     gcacacctca caggtgccac tgcacgttcc caatccacat ttgtagcctc aataagccat    135120
     agtcaaagtg agcatttctg tagccacaaa agatgctgcc agccagtttt cattctccct    135180
     cttgtctacc acttttgata ggtgctctaa gtggggcaaa acagtctctc cggccctgaa    135240
     ataacggaaa aggtatgtac caaactccaa atgaaagaaa aaaataacca aattcttccc    135300
     catgctaccc tgattcaaaa acttcccgtt cttcaaacct ctggggcact gacaagtacc    135360
     tttttagagc actagcctta tgttgctgct ggctgacttg taatggggtt tctcgtttgt    135420
     ctggctagtt ttagcttctg ttccagcaga ccttcctcgt tcaagtctct ataggaacct    135480
     gtctgtccct gcaagtttct gctagtctct gctagtcttt atctatccct atctgtcccc    135540
     atggtccctg ttagttcctg caagttcctg tctttcccta cctatactct gtctttctct    135600
     ctatccctgc tgatctattt atccctccag gcctcttcag gtctgtactt gtccctagat    135660
     gcccctgttc aggcaacact tgtgacagac ttgtacaatt actacttgaa accatcatta    135720
     caggactgaa tgaagaaatg aatgtagaaa tagtaacaaa agacagaaga aaacggtttt    135780
     aaggaaaggc tcgcttaggg gaagaagaga gatcccagct cctagtcagt aaaggcagcc    135840
     gcccgaactt ctcagccctc cgtatttatt gggtagaaag agcagggagg aggacgtcac    135900
     gattggtcaa ctacttgatt gattacaggt tcacatcatt gctatcagac tttcagacgt    135960
     acctaataat aacaaacact tgtgcctggg gcgtgaccgc cctcagcata acctctgtgt    136020
     ggcaaacgca gtttgtcagt ttgccaacat tctgcattta tgagaagcag ttttgctgct    136080
     tactcaccca gcctccagtg gggtactcag ttgatcacga ccctcactct ttcggcctcc    136140
     aacagggtac ctcaaatgag tagaatcata caatatctgc ctttatactt acttcacttc    136200
     attttcaggg ttcatccatg tggcagtaaa tatcagagtt tcattccttt tgaaggcgga    136260
     atagtatcac attgcttgta tatatcacat tttgctcatt tatttgtcta ttgatggaca    136320
     caacattttg gctaccgtaa ataatggagc tatgaacatt gttgtacaat tttctgagtt    136380
     catgatttta attcttttaa atttcaaaaa taattttgaa attcttttga atggtatctt    136440
     caataagttg agacacatac atttgttgtg taagtcactg agattttggg gtgttgtaag    136500
     taagtcctat gaaggactca gtgtgagcag actggtgcac tgttctccct tttcatggat    136560
     gcataggaat atggtcaggg ctagaatgac aacacactgg ctatttacct tgaaagactt    136620
     taacataata ataaagggag tttaaaaagg aactgattgt ttgagatact gaagaaatag    136680
     aaatagattc agagattaat gaagatagat acttagagcc agaactacag ttagaaacag    136740
     agatatagat tcaatgttct ctctctccca agatagacag atagctagat agatagccgg    136800
     aggatatgaa tacaatttgg caagctgatt cttaaaaaga tgatcaaaga gccaagaata    136860
     gcagccaaga taatgttaaa taagaacaac gcagataaat ggtcatgcca gaaattcaga    136920
     cttactttca agttaaaccg ttaaacagta tacaactcac acatcacaag acaaaccaaa    136980
     aaaaaaaaaa aagaataaag agttcagaaa taggtccatg catctacaga aattttatga    137040
     aaccttattt catctgacaa atgtttgttg aatttatact atgtacagcc atctattgaa    137100
     ctattaagac ccttgggata tatttgtttg caaaataggt gcctgtcctc atgaagctgc    137160
     ccatgtagcc cagaggcagt gaaaaataat aaacagaaga aagaagttaa ctatatagtc    137220
     tgtcaatgtc aaatggtata gagaaaggga aaaagtagat taagagagag aaagaattgc    137280
     cgaagctgtg gtaacgtttg ttgcttttta caatgtcatc gatagtacag atctctttgg    137340
     aaggataaca ttcatgcagt cttgaggaca taaagaattt agccctgaag agagtgttgg    137400
     ggtgggaggg atcccaagtg gagaaaaaaa aaaaaaaact ggtgggacag gcctgaggtg    137460
     agagtgtaca tggcttattc aaagaatgac aagaaggcca ggatggctgg agcagtgagg    137520
     gaaacagtgg cacaagcaga catctaagag gtaatggggc agaggagcat gtaaaagggc    137580
     cctgtagagc ttcctgtaag aattttagat tttactccca ataaacagtg agcgacagtg    137640
     gggttttaat caccaaagtg gcatgatctg acgtttcttc aactgttgct ttagaaataa    137700
     cccttagagg atttaggtaa agcaggaaca tattgtagaa atggttggaa cctagatgtc    137760
     ttctgaaggt agagccaaca ggattccttt actagttgga tatctgattc aagggaaaga    137820
     gaagcaccag gggcaactct aagggcttgg attgagcaac tgaaattgtg gacctcctac    137880
     cactgggcct aaggaaagac gcagttgcag gaagtttagg gtgggaagac agaggcacag    137940
     atcagtttgg tgaatgccaa gtttgctttg aactgcagtc attaatacat agatattatt    138000
     atatagatac atgtttatag ctaagaaccc caatgagctt aacagagaaa aggtacagga    138060
     aaaaaaagaa gaggacccat aactgagcta ggagccctcc agtattaaga agtgagcctg    138120
     gagaaatgac acaaggagaa aaaaaattaa aaggaaaaac aaaacaatga gttaggaaaa    138180
     gccatcagta tggtgtactt gaagacagat gaaaatgcaa caaaacaaaa tacacatctt    138240
     caatcgaggg aacagacagt tatatcaaaa caaggaaaaa aacagacaaa caaaaactgt    138300
     gctgattgcc ctgaaagatt tgatttatcc acataaagat cattgaaatg agaggtaaat    138360
     atcctgaata gagaggacag tggaggaatt agggagacca agagcaggca aagcttttat    138420
     ggaatgtgac tataaaggag acagagatgt cactgcagat ctgggaaaaa taaatttatc    138480
     aagttgtatt gggaaaattg tttgttcata tggggaatgg aaaatttgcc taaagtcaca    138540
     taccacagat atgttttagg cgggttaaaa actaaaaggt gaagaaagaa aaaaaaaaaa    138600
     ctatgagctt ttagaagata ggataatatt ttcttgactt caggttatga acagattact    138660
     taagacaaaa aaggctaata taaagtaaaa tattggtaat tcaatttaca aataaaattt    138720
     gaacacttgg ataggtcaca aactagcaga tgtgtaacaa aactgaaaac aaaatatcca    138780
     gcacatgtat aaaaaaattc ttatgtgtct ataacaaaag gccaaaattt gatagcaaat    138840
     gggaaaaata cttgaatagg tactttacaa aagggaaact ctaaatggct aataaatcaa    138900
     agaaaactta ctcaacctca ttataagtca gaaaaataca tacccatcaa ttctacccat    138960
     aggtatatgc actatatttt ttgcatttat atatgaaaac ataaggacat aaatgtcaat    139020
     agcaaaagca ttcataatag cctgaagctg aaaataacat acataccaaa taactataga    139080
     ataaatatat caattaagat attcaatgac tttgcatatg ctaaggaaaa tgagcaaacc    139140
     atacacgata atgagctgaa tatcacaaaa attatattta gcaaaaaagt caaaaaaata    139200
     ttcaaagtaa cttcattttt aaagttcaaa aatagacaag agtaaactct gttgtttaga    139260
     gatagatact gtattagtcc gtcctcgtgc tgccataaag acatacctgg gactgggtaa    139320
     tttatggaga aaagaggttt aattgactca cagttgctta ggcttcacag aaagctggct    139380
     ggggaggccc cgggaaacac acaatcatgg gggaaggtgg aggggaagca ggtacaatat    139440
     ttacaaggct gagcaggaga gagagagtga aaggggaagt gcttcacact ttcaagcaac    139500
     tagatctcag gagaactcac tcagaatcat gagcacagca agggggaaat ccaccccagg    139560
     atccaatcac ctcctaccag ctacctccct gaacactggg aattacaatt caacatgaga    139620
     tttaggtggg gacacagagc caaaccatat tgacacataa gatgtaaaac tatgaaaata    139680
     ataaaggaaa ctagtcacct atcagctaaa tgacagtacc tgattcattc aggccaaaat    139740
     gtgaaagtat tactaaccac aggttcttgg gctcctgtgc aatagaaatg gacatgagac    139800
     caagcaagtt ttccagacaa ggctttatta agggcttatg ctcgaacaca agggagacag    139860
     cactggaatg acagttctct ggctggttcc ccatggctag gtctttgctg tgttttaaga    139920
     tgagtgacgt ggataatcat gaggtatggg aggctcttta tacatgtgga gtggagcaca    139980
     ggatatgcag gcacagtgag aaattatgtg aacacataca ttgcatgatc aaaaaatggt    140040
     aggtaagccc ttccctgggt ggagatttta gtattataat gaagcaaggg gtaaagatca    140100
     gtcattcttc tggtcttagg cacacgtgag tgataaggtt aactcccttg aataagattt    140160
     atggtggaat gctgcttaac ttagtttctt caagttatcc atccagtggg tatcgtgcca    140220
     gtggaggtgg tggtgcaagg tctggaagtt ggcaggtacg ggaaaaaaat gtgatagtag    140280
     gagtgggggc caagccctgt ccttactgtg tctcagaagt aggttatgtg tattgataca    140340
     gttcagacac acattctgtc cctgatataa tgaactgata cagttcacag acacattcta    140400
     tccctgatgt aatgaactga tacagttcag agacacattc tatccctgat ataatgaacg    140460
     gatacagttc atagacacat tctatccctg atataatgaa cggatacagt tcagacacac    140520
     cttatatccc tgatataatg aactgataca gttcagagac acattctatc cctgatataa    140580
     tgaatgcata cagttcagac acattctatc cctgatataa tgaacggata cagttcagac    140640
     acattctatc cctcttagtg atgctaagcc taagaatcta ggagtataga aactgtagca    140700
     aaatcccgta taaatggact gcatagacca catgagctgt gtttggactt ccctgtgaat    140760
     gagatgggtc acaccataag atgatagata gtatcaaaac tttgcaaagt ttataattag    140820
     tgctacgggg ggggggggcg ggggggaagt aagacatttt ttccttgctc atcaaaaggt    140880
     tcgtggttgg taacttctaa caaaagacag attagcaaca gaaaagtata gcaaatttac    140940
     ttagtagaag tttcatgagg catgcgagcc ttaaaagtat gattagaaca tttaaaaata    141000
     tgatataatg gaaataaact taggaggagg acttagtgag gtttgttcag attcttagtg    141060
     gcctccccat gtgacatttt tttccctctg ggcattggtc agggcccctc tggaataagg    141120
     ggcttattac cttctctcag aacaggtagg tctgagaatt cttttgtgga cagctctcag    141180
     gggagaaggg cagaaaaaat cagaaagtga cctttctacc tcttcggttt tctcagtttt    141240
     cttcagctta tttagtatgt caagtttgca tctgatgaaa aagctgaaca ctgtaaaata    141300
     tttaaagagg tttattctga gccaatatga gtgacgatgg ccagggaaaa gcctcagaag    141360
     atcctgagaa agtgtgccca gggtaacttc tgtctcccta aaacttaggg aaagaacttg    141420
     caggcaaagt cataaatcaa tacatgtaaa atatacattg ttccagcctg aaaaagcagg    141480
     acatgaagtg gaaggcttat aagtcatacg tggatgcaaa gatttttctg attggcaatt    141540
     ggttgaaaga gttaaactaa agacttgaag tcagtagaaa aaaatgtttg agttaaggta    141600
     agggagtttg tggaagctaa gattcttgtt acatatatga agcctccatg tagctggctt    141660
     cagaaagaat agatggtaaa tgtctctttt tggaccttaa aaggtgtgag cctcacagtt    141720
     tatctttcct agatctggaa aaggcctagc tgcactaatg gcagatgcaa aatttccccc    141780
     acaaaagata gctttgcagg gccatttcga aatctgtcat ataaatatat tttgtggtaa    141840
     aatattttta tttctttcag tgtctactat ctgtcatgtg atgctatatg ggagtcaggt    141900
     tggaatttgg tatcttattg ttttgtcagt cctgtgatct ctattttaat gttaattcca    141960
     caatggaggg agtgcaacaa ggtgtgccca atcccccttc cctcatggcc tgaaatttac    142020
     tttttcagat tgctctcagc tccactggcc aagaaggggg atccattcag ttgattgggc    142080
     ggcttaggat tttactttta gatttcatca agaagccata tttggaagga tcatgttctg    142140
     aaccctgaca gaggagttta aaatttttca catctgtcta ttaactcatc atagactaaa    142200
     ctagtttatg cagttaaata aaataatgaa ctatttcaaa acaaaatttg actctagtag    142260
     acagtgtctg cacaatcata gcaatccagt tgtgaaaaat gttataaaag aaccaagaaa    142320
     taaccatgtg actacaaaac aatgagggat taggcatcag aagactgaaa ataagcaaca    142380
     tagttgagtg tactctattt tccatctctc tcattttatt gtatttactc ttgcattcca    142440
     tgagacagtg tttctgcctc tatccaaaat tagacctcct acttgggctt tgtgttgcaa    142500
     cctcagaaaa taataataat aataataata aatcccaagc cctgtcattg actgattgga    142560
     aactctcttg cccagggaga tctcaaagaa atctgaaaaa ctagttcagg ccatgcggga    142620
     agggaggtca gacatgactc cttgtatgcc atccctttgg agtttaggca aaactgacca    142680
     gtattgacat taacacagtg attataagac tgacaaaaca gactgtagca acaatagcag    142740
     attccaacct gactctggtg tagaatcaca tgacaggtaa caggccctga aggaaataaa    142800
     atattttacc ccaaaatgta tttctttgac atgttttgga atggccctgc aaagccaatt    142860
     cttctggggg aaatctgaat tctgtataga atttgcttcc ctttctaagt cctcgtgagg    142920
     atccagaaaa catttaacta agagtctgac accttttacc atctatcctc tctgaagcct    142980
     gctacttaga agctttcata ggttgattaa aaaattcttg actggcagtt ggttgaaaga    143040
     gttaaactaa acacttgagg tctctagcat taccattgaa tgctaaatga ctgaccagca    143100
     ttaacattaa aacagagatc atgagactga caaaacagat tctaggtggt aataagatac    143160
     taaatttcaa cctgactctc atatagcacc acatgacaga tagcaaacca tgaagtaaat    143220
     aaaaatactt taccctggaa catacttatt tgacaaattt tgaaatggtc ctgcaaaggt    143280
     atcttttgtg ggggaaattt tgcatctgta gagaaacttg attaatgccg ctaagccttt    143340
     tccagatcca ggagagagta aatgagagtc tgacatcttc taaggtgcaa gagagacatt    143400
     tgtcaactat tctttctaaa gcctgctaca tggaaacttc atctacataa caagaacgtt    143460
     ggcttccagg accccgttat cttaactcga gcatttcttt ctataacaaa aaccttggct    143520
     tccacaacta tgtaatctta agcattcctt tctactgaca ttttaagtct ttagacaaag    143580
     cttaactcaa acagttgcca atcagaaaat ctttgaatct atttttgact tgtaaacctt    143640
     gactttaaga tgtctaaact ttctggaacc aatgtatatc cctcatgtat tgatttatct    143700
     ctttgattgt aacttttgtc tccctaaaat gtatcaaacc aagctataac ccaaccacat    143760
     tgggcacata ttctcaggac catctggggc tgtgtcctgg gccatttggc tcagaataaa    143820
     cctcttcaaa tattttagag tttcactttt cttcatcaac attatttggt gcccaatgca    143880
     ggacctcaga gaagactaag gactcttctc cccaaaagga gtcatgtgaa cttggaaata    143940
     aggtaccaat ttgggcttgt taccagtgga aagtcttgac tacaagttgt ccaggtcctg    144000
     ctcccagacc ttggtgtttt ctcttttagg aagttagcat aaattggcct taagttccct    144060
     gtctccaggt ctccagacca tattctcctg ctgcaggctt attgaaagcc tcctgacttt    144120
     gaggttctcc ataggtggaa ctggtaagta agtactcctg agccacagat cccttatgta    144180
     gttaatagta ctttggttta ttctgagctg gtcttttcct gggaacttgt ttcagattct    144240
     aattttggat tcacaggttc attctagagt tttctccatt gcttttttct ccaaaaatta    144300
     gtctcaattg gttcatctgt gcatttgctt gaaaaacctg atgtttgtat aagtgaatga    144360
     gagacaactt ctgagcccca ctgcactgaa acccacgcta cagtctggct cctccactaa    144420
     aaaacaaaca aacaaaaaaa aaaacttgca aagcaaattc tcaaagattg agaaaagaca    144480
     aggagatgac ctcctttggg gcacccctgg gggttttatg gcactctact tgcaaatgtt    144540
     tgtgtaaatg tgaaggtttg agagcatgct tggttttcta gtactctggc tggttatgta    144600
     ttatagtctg ttctggcaca tttttaaact gatgggtaaa ttcagagctc aaagttgacc    144660
     tgcaactata gaattaaata tagcatctcc taaattctca atttctctat tttatttttc    144720
     tgttttaaat gtactgttgc ttttctactg gttttgagat aaaacccatt gtttaaatta    144780
     aaccatcttt tgcaagctgg tgaatctgta ttgctgtctt gtgactagag ttctgaaata    144840
     aaacctatgg gatctttgta tctgtgtatc tatgttgagt tgtgtttatg ttacatgtac    144900
     atgtattttc ttatatgttg taactgcaag gtatcaaatg ggcttaaaaa taaaggatta    144960
     ctcataaagt ccaaatgctc ttcaagttca catgacaagt aaatcttcaa taaataagct    145020
     ggctttataa ttattagtaa aataaaattt gaaatgcctt cagaattgtc agcatacatt    145080
     tttgtctgga tttattggtg aaatagtttt atatttagcg gtgtttgtat tataaggtac    145140
     caaactttgt catgaaggtt ataaaacttt aaaacccatc ccttaatgat cattgtgtaa    145200
     ttttttataa ataagacatt taatactgtt gatttattga aaataggtaa aaccttagtg    145260
     gttggccaaa aaaaaatcaa ataaacatat atttaacatt tggttcttat gtaggtaaac    145320
     acctgaaata ttcacagcct ataagaatgg ttagctgaaa aataacttta atgatgacta    145380
     gctttgtcta atatgtcagt ttttgtaagt aacctaggaa aactgtttta aaaaataaat    145440
     taggtagctt taatggcata aatgcttata aatgaacttg tcatataatt taaaatctta    145500
     aagttaaagt aaataatact cattaagtgt ctggatcatt tctaatttaa aaaacagaaa    145560
     aacatatttc taaaataata taaaatggtt ctcatctata aaatactgat atatgacaga    145620
     caattcaaga tttactactt cctaggtttt cacaaaaatt taaggttcta agaataaaaa    145680
     ttctagttaa tatataattc tgtatttaga gagtaccaaa gtaaatattt ttatggaaaa    145740
     gaaattataa taaagacata aaaatatgtt cttattaaaa ggaaaataat ctttgtcaaa    145800
     ttcaaaggct attatacaaa tccaaagatg tatttatttt taaaaatggg taaaaagtat    145860
     aattttgtat gagaaagaga cttgtatagt aaatgtagtt ctaaaataaa acaactcatt    145920
     atttaagagg gaaattttgg acaaaacaga aagtccaagt atgtcataaa tagtctgtgt    145980
     aagatatgat aaggtttata aagagaattt atgaaagaaa agtttttgga gactaaagct    146040
     actctttctt agatgggagg ctcaagtaac tccatcttga atggtgatct gccctattgg    146100
     cttctgatta actccagggg ggaaggcctt taagatttcc agtttattta ttgctcctcg    146160
     tgtaagaaca ggtacttatt ataaatcctg cccttaggtc aaacaacttt tatgttatca    146220
     tacttcaatt gtcctacaca tgccttctga atcattcctt ccctatggca tataagtcct    146280
     gggttttggg gttaatggca caggaatttg ccatctcatc tcactgctgc ctgagacaca    146340
     cacatggctt ctgttcataa gtccctatta attgtttctg cctaagaaac tgtatttatc    146400
     agcctctatc ttcagcatct cagcttcctc caactttgga taggtttgta tagacctgct    146460
     cattgtgaaa caattttgta tgtgactaag ttgtcgataa cttaaaaaga attatttgta    146520
     ttagtgtttc tagagattgg gatttaatat taaaaataca caaatagaaa aactacctat    146580
     agggtactat gcttattact tggaagatga aataatctgt acaccaatcc cttgtgacat    146640
     gcaatttacc tatatgacac ctacacaagt acttctgaac ctatgtaatt ggattgtttg    146700
     taatgcaaag gataaatgct taagaagata aatgccgcat cctccatgat gggcttattt    146760
     cacactgcat gcctgtatca aaacatctca tgtattccac aaatatatac acctaacata    146820
     tacccacaga aattttgaaa aataatttgt ggattaaaac caaaatgaca ctctaaaaaa    146880
     attaattttt tatgtagcag tattcagatg tggggccttt aagaggtgat ttggttgtga    146940
     ggcctctgct ctcataaatg aattaattaa ttcatggatt aatggattat catagaagtg    147000
     agattaactt tataagaaga agagagatct tggctagcac atcagactgc tcagctccct    147060
     catcatgtaa tgtcctgtgc cacctcatgc tctgcaggga atccacactg gcagaagtgt    147120
     ccccactggt ccacctgagg ctctgcaggg agtccccgct ggcagaaggg tccccactgg    147180
     tccaccttag gttctgcagg gagtctgcgc tggcaggagg gtccccactg gtccgcctga    147240
     ggctgtgcag ggagtccgtg ctggcaggag ggtccccact ggtctgcctg aggctctgca    147300
     gggagtcccc gctggcagga gggtccccac tggtctgcct gaggctctgc agggagtcca    147360
     cgctggcagg agggtcccca ctggtccggc ttaggctctg cagggagtcc ctgctggcag    147420
     gagggtcccc actcatccac ctgaggctct gcagggagtc cccgcaggca ggagggtccc    147480
     cactggtccc cctgatgctc tgcagggagt ccctgctggc aggagggtcc ccactcatcc    147540
     acctgaggct ctgcagggag tccctgcagg caggagggtc cccactggtc cccctgatgc    147600
     tctgcaggga gtccgtgctg gcaggagggt ccccactggt cctgctgagg ctcttcaggg    147660
     agtccctgct ggcaggaggg tccccactca tccgcctgag gctctgcagg gagtccccgc    147720
     aggcaggagg gtccccactg gtccccctga tgctctgcag ggagtccctg ctggcaggag    147780
     ggtccccact catctgcctg aggctctgca gggagtcccc gcaggcagga gggtccccac    147840
     tggtccccct gatgctctgc agggagtccg tgctggcagg agggtcccca ctggtctgcc    147900
     tgaggctctg cagggagtcc gtgctggcag gagggccctc gctgcatgtg gacccttgcc    147960
     cttggacttc tcagcctaca taattgtaag gaataaatgt attttcttta tagaaaatga    148020
     actaagagaa tgttatgggt tttcataaaa gtgaattttt aaaattcctc atattaggaa    148080
     acataaagag gtagtggaat atttatttaa atattgtttt aacataaacc ctactattta    148140
     attattctac atatgcgcat tttatgtgtg ttaactagaa acagggctag gcagccttag    148200
     tggaactatg gtctatttca aactaaaatc tatgtattaa tatatttatt aaatagtagt    148260
     acttaatgaa attactgaag ctttctagtg tcataaactg atgaaaatat aagagttgga    148320
     caagagaggg agaggtgttt tctcatcaac agattggttc attttggaca ttacatggca    148380
     atggaaagga aggtgtagtt ccctgccatg gttttagcac aactctttga aaacacaagc    148440
     agcaaagttg ccactgtgat tcagtgattg agaaaaaatt acttaaatat tctgaaattt    148500
     taataacacg ttaggaataa atgttatata ctgtttttac atataaaaaa taaaattgat    148560
     tacagctgta gaaaatgaaa ctctaaaaca actagaaaat atatgggtaa agatttgtct    148620
     aatgtataaa caaagacaac aaacaaaata ccatgtattc atggatataa agatgtcaac    148680
     aattgaaacc agggactgct agatggggaa cgagtcgggg gagataaagg ttagaaagct    148740
     aactactggg tgctatgctc agttcttggg taatgggatc acccataact caaacctcag    148800
     catcacacgc tatacccagg taagaaacct gcacatgtac cccctgaatc taaaatgaaa    148860
     gttgaaaaaa caaagtaaat actatggaaa ataaattagg atttgaaaag agaaaaaata    148920
     tatatatata tatatttggg aattaaagag tagattatta ttttacttgg aaaatttttt    148980
     tggatctatg acaaagcaaa agataaagat tagtaacata tagccatcac ttagatatta    149040
     ttaatatcag aataatgtag acatattttt taattgcaca ctttactaaa aaagaatttg    149100
     cagataacac aaatacaaga cattaatgat aaaaatgtaa actatatcca gaatatctac    149160
     aacaagatct cactcttact gctgaattac agaaagaaaa aaaataaatg atcatcagta    149220
     ctgttgtgaa taaagtaaaa agatgtcacc aggttctgcc ctctgtcatg atagattgtt    149280
     gagaggaagc aacttggata tataaattag aaatgaacac ttttttattt aaagacctat    149340
     cacaaagaga atcgaggaat tctttacata gatattcatt tcagtgttgt tttagataag    149400
     caaaaatttt aataagccta catttaaaat aagagaaaaa tgttttataa attctgtttc    149460
     aaaggcaaaa tgttatgaaa ctttaaatta tatccaaaaa tgtaatattt cttaaagtaa    149520
     ctaaagacat gagcctctgt acacaatttt atttatgcag atatagagct atatatggca    149580
     tgattctata gtatatatag aatctatggt atattctata tgatatatag tatatatact    149640
     tctatagtat atatagaata taaaaaagat actatatatt atccatatta tatattaaaa    149700
     atatatattg aaaataaatt tttataggaa atatatttga tgatggtatt gcagataact    149760
     ttatttcttc tttttgcttc atatatatgt taaattacct atggtgctca taaactgcat    149820
     ttacagagca aaaaaagata ttccacaaat ataatcaatg taatcaaaac cacataatgg    149880
     cattgacctg aatttattat tttttacatg aggaaaaact gaacacataa tatcatttca    149940
     aaaacaaaag ctgggtggac atcttgaaca ttcttgtcca aatgccacag tctcaggccc    150000
     tattgccttc tgagccaagt tgaggtaagt agatatacta gaatgctgtg gaaactgagg    150060
     taatgaaaga agtgatacag tttaaggaga cagaacgggc attgtgtagt taattcagcg    150120
     tgacttgcag acttaacaat gcgataagtt catggtcatg gtcacagaaa catgaaagag    150180
     aaactgagtt cagctgacgt acctgaccac atccagtgca catgaccctc gctttttcct    150240
     ggccatgctg gatttcttgg agctgacaca cttcctcagc agaaaactct ctcctctttt    150300
     agttatccct gagtgaaatg atcctcatct ggttcctgca tccttcactg ctgtccttaa    150360
     ttacaatacc ctgacctttt atgtataaaa ctggtcatat gaaatagtag aacccattta    150420
     tttgtccttt ctttgctctt ggcgtctctc tcttccacag gcctgtgagc tctataggag    150480
     gagggatatc atctctctag ttcacagtat ctccccacat tatagcacaa tgcctagagc    150540
     atggcagtca cagaatgcat acctatgaca ctgctgagta gaagtagtct cccatagtgc    150600
     tccccagaca cagaatatat acctatgaca ttgctgagta aaagcagtct cccgtagtgc    150660
     tccccaaaca cagaacacat acctatgaca ctgctgagta gaagcagtct cccatagtgc    150720
     tccccaaaca cagaatacat acctatgaca ctgctgagta gaagcagtct cccatagtgc    150780
     tccccagaca cagaatatat acctatgaca ttgctgagta aaagcagtct cccatagttc    150840
     tccccagaca cagaatacat acctatgaca ctgctgagta gaagcagtct cccatagtgc    150900
     tccctagaca cagaatacat acctatgaca gtgctgttga gtagaagcat tctcccatag    150960
     tgctcctcag acacagaata catacctatc acactgctga gtagaagcag tctcgcatag    151020
     tgctccccaa acacagaata catacctatg acactgctga gtagaagcag tctcccatag    151080
     tgctccccag acacagaata catacctatg acactgctga gtagaagcag tctcgcatag    151140
     tgctccccag acacagaata tatacctatg acattgctga gtaaaagcag tctcccatag    151200
     tgctccccag acacagaata catacctatg acactgctga gtagaagcag tctcccgtag    151260
     tgctccccag acacagaata tatacctatg acattgctga gtaaaagtag tctcccgtag    151320
     tgctccccag acacagaata catacctatg acactgctga gtagaagcag tctcccatag    151380
     tgctccccag acacagaata catacctatg acactgctga gtagaagcag tctcccatag    151440
     tgctccccag acacagaata tatacctatg acattgctga gtaaaagcag tctcccgtag    151500
     tactccccag acacagaata tatacctatg acattgctga gtaaaagcag tctcccgtag    151560
     tgctccccag acacagaata catacctatg acactgctga gtagaagcag tctcccatag    151620
     tgctccctag acgcagaata catacctatg acagtactgt tgagtagaag cagtctctcg    151680
     tagtgctccc cagacacaga attcatatct atgacactgc tgagtagaag cagtctccca    151740
     tagttctccc caaacacaga atacatacct atgacactgc tgagtagaag cagtctccca    151800
     tagtgctccc cagacacaga atacatacct atcacactgc tgaatagaag cagtctccca    151860
     tagtgctccc tagacacaga atacatacct atgacagtac tgttgagtag aagcagtctc    151920
     ccatagtgct ccccagacac agaatacata cctatcacac tgctgttgag tagaagccat    151980
     ctcccatagt gctccccaaa ttttccattc ttcagtcact ttcaaaaata taacatttaa    152040
     aatttacgct ctccctctcc cctctcccct ctcccctctc cctctccctc tccctctccc    152100
     tctccctctc cctctctttc cacggtctcc ctctgatgcc gagccgaagc tggactgtac    152160
     tgctgcgatc tcggctcact gcaacctccc tgcctgattc tcctgcctca gcctgccgag    152220
     tgcctgcgat tgcaggggcg caccgccacg cctgactggt tttcgtattt ttttggtgga    152280
     gacggggttt cgctgtgttg gccgggctgg tctccagctc ctaaccgcga gtgatccgcc    152340
     agcctcggcc tcccggaggt gccgggattg cagacggagt ctcgttcact cagtgctcaa    152400
     tggtgcccag gctggagtgc agtggtgtga tctcggctcg ctacaacctc cacctcccag    152460
     ccgcctgcct tggcctccca aagtgccgag attgcagcct ctgcccggcc gccaccccgt    152520
     ctgggaagtg aggagcgtct ctgcctggcc gcccatcgtc tgagatatgg ggagctcctc    152580
     tgccccaccg ccccgtctgg gaggtgagga gcgtctctgc ccggccgcca ccccgtctgg    152640
     gaagtgagga gcgtctctgc ctggccgccc atcgtctgag aagtgaggag cccctctgcc    152700
     tggcagccgc cccgtccggg agggaggtgg gggggtcagc cccccgcccg gccagccgcc    152760
     ccgtccggga ggtgaggggc gcctctgccc ggccgcccct actgggaagt gaggagcccc    152820
     tctgcccggc cagccgcccc gtccgggagg tgtacccaac agctcattga gaacgggccg    152880
     ggatgacaat ggcggttttg tggaatagaa aggcgggaaa ggtggggaaa agattgagaa    152940
     atcggatggt tgccgtgtct gtgtagaaag aagtagacat gggagacttt tcattttgtt    153000
     ctgtactaag ataaattctt ctgccttggg atcctgttga tctgtgacct taccccccaa    153060
     ccctgtgctc tctgaaacat gtgctgtgtc cactcagggt taaatggatt aagggcagtg    153120
     caagatgtgc tttgttaaac agatgcttga aggcagcatg ctcgttaaga gtcatcacca    153180
     atccctaatc tcaagtaatc agggacacaa acactgcgga aggccgcagg gtcctctgcc    153240
     taggaaaacc agagaccttt gttcacttgt ttatctgctg accttccttc cactattgtc    153300
     ctatgaccct gccaaatccc cctctgcgag aaacacccaa gaatgatcaa taaaaaaaat    153360
     aaaaataaaa aaaataaaaa aagtaaaaaa taaatttaca tctcagtttt ctttcactta    153420
     gtagcatttt tgtatccaat gtctcttgtg tttttgactt cctctgaact attctacaat    153480
     tcttggaaga cagaaaatta atattcaagg gcaatgttcc ccacattcaa tgtccctgat    153540
     tgatattatt catcgaagac tgctacatca tcttttctcc ctgccataaa acagggtttt    153600
     aaaacaatcg cagatttcac aatattgtca cttggatgaa ttactatttt tcaatgatac    153660
     ttcctggttg ataattattg attattgtgg tttttgccat taaaagcaat ggcaaaaatt    153720
     gcaattactt tttcaccaac ctaatacttc ttcagtcact caaaaatact gtgctcaggg    153780
     tctcactgat tagagtgcat actgggagca gtcaggtctt gtttatgcaa tgatctccat    153840
     ttcatgcatt cctattaata tcaccaaagg atacaagata ataccctgct actttagggg    153900
     ataacagtat agatacatga aagataaagt ttgcattcaa tattttattc caaatatttt    153960
     atagagctac tacataatga caaaaaggac aataaggcag gaacatataa ataagctaag    154020
     gtatctaatg tagtcatgag ggtgtccaca ggggatgttg tgataacaga tttaatgtct    154080
     ttgaggacat tccattcaac atcagaatat acttttattt caaagactca tgaatagtca    154140
     gcaagataga ccatttcaca gatcattaaa taaaccttaa caaatttaaa agattctaaa    154200
     tcatgtgcaa tgttttctct ggcaacactg aatcaaattg gaagtcaatt acacgaaaac    154260
     aactggaaaa atctgtaact acttggaaat taaacaatat gtttctaaat aatccacagg    154320
     acaaacagga agtctcaaag gaaaatgtta agaaatttat gaagttttaa ttctattttt    154380
     aaattacacg catatttcat taattatagt tgttgtatgt gctatgaaat aatttcaggt    154440
     tacctacaaa gccttaattc taaatccagc taaagtatca ttcaaaaata aaggcagaga    154500
     acacaagaaa ttttcagatt tcttttttta gacaagagtt tttaccattg tctgaaggaa    154560
     ctattatatt taaagcataa atacacaaag gccaacagtt tgggaaagaa gataacagca    154620
     agaaattttt ggaggctgaa aaaaaaataa ttagaattgg acttcttaga tctaaaaaag    154680
     ctgaatatta atgtggtcat agaagcagct cagaagcttg cagaattata ctagaagaat    154740
     ccctccaaaa gcttgaagtt gaagtaatca agtacctcta aacagttcaa ataggaggct    154800
     tgtctaaaat ttgtataaaa agctgttaga tcctgatcct tgtaactact tcatgtaggt    154860
     gagcagctac tcctgcccca aatggtacaa ccctagaaat ttacttaatg gaaatgttga    154920
     atgccagggg ctctggatca agaaaaatat gaatgacaca agtacataag tgaaactctg    154980
     tataaaatta ggagaagctg ggtgagcact acataaaaac tctgtacaaa ttttgcagct    155040
     tttctgaata cttaaagttc aacgtaagca ttaaaaaatt agaataatgt taatattttt    155100
     ggtggggagt gtgtgctgat tgggaggagt ggcaagaggg cttccgtgat ggtgatgttc    155160
     tgtcgcttga tgtttagtac taatataata tatattgtaa tatatattag tatgtttagt    155220
     actaatatat gtaatatagc tatatgctat attatactat gtgctttatt atactactta    155280
     atattaaaag ggattaaaaa ccatttataa tgtgcttgtc tttcttagaa gccctgttgc    155340
     ctctttcatt aagtgatgag tcaacttgct ccctaaaatt cccttaaaat agtccttgac    155400
     ctcaagaacc ctgagtagtc actcaggaac actcacacct gctctggtgg gacaggtgtc    155460
     atttgagcct tatcaggtat agctggtcct gagtccacct ccataaattt caggtctaga    155520
     agctgaagaa agctagcaca ttttccccat cctgggccat tggcttctct gacatcaggg    155580
     tcataagact gagggtgaaa gtacttgctt atctaggact gtatttaagt aaaaatatta    155640
     atccatggca aattatctta tagtttcaga tgttcatctt atgagagaaa aacagtgata    155700
     gcttaataac aaaggtttta ttatgcaata aaacatttac attcatttag aattataaac    155760
     aatatttaat gttttaaatg tactttcaag aacaggaaaa aacacatatt aagcattcaa    155820
     gtaaaatttt atataaaata gttgcaaata gataggtcta agcaaagaat tctttctcct    155880
     gtgttgtagc actttgagta acttttttcc ttgttttata aaattaaagc aggacagttt    155940
     ttaagaaaga catttaaagc aataaacatc tattacattg ataactacaa aagcatagtt    156000
     aaaaatgaga aaaaataatt ttacaaattt ttatttggca gcatatcgaa gaattatatt    156060
     tacagaattt tatgttttat tgtattttcc caattgtttg caatctctct ggaaagtaaa    156120
     agtgagattt gggatgtaaa gtccagtgcc taatggagag gtcagcctca cacacaactg    156180
     cgatgggcta atgacagttc acacatcaag actcttatcc tgaaccaact aagaatatca    156240
     gtgtttccac gaatcctctt cccatcccat caagtgaaaa tcaggaatag ccagtgtaca    156300
     tttcacgagc ccagtcacct gagaatggca gacagcccat gtgccaaggg actcacgctc    156360
     aggtgttctg acaaaataat gacaatggcg atgatgataa tcaccagcag tgaccaagaa    156420
     ctcagaccca ggaaagagct ctgtatgtat taacacattg aatattaaca caggtgtaga    156480
     aactgaggca ctaaaaccca ggaaagagat ccgtttctat caacacattg aatactaaca    156540
     caaatgcaga aactgaggca ctcagtgaca atctcagtag atgcattgat ggaaattgtg    156600
     ttaatttcct gacagatttc taaaaataac taagtgaaag agaaatatcc ttaaaatatt    156660
     tggcaaaatc taaaacatac gttcctgttc taataaccct tctgcttgtt ttatgttctt    156720
     ttttgttgac tggctaaatc aggtactaaa actgtgtgcg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    156780
     tgtgtgtatg tgtgtgtcct cttccaaaaa attcatacta acaggagtgc aaggctacag    156840
     gttcaagatg aggtaattaa agcagttcga acatgtgtgg aatgggaagg aataaatcac    156900
     cacaacaagc tgcagttaca caaccttgaa atattttatg aaggtacttt tatactttta    156960
     tacttttagt ttttgaagaa acatttgcat ttctatctac atatagtagt gcaaatattg    157020
     tctttctccc attcaacagg tttttttttt caggattttt catcatttca tcaacaattt    157080
     tttcatcttt ttttgtcata aagtatttat gcttttttgg ggttttgttg cagatcttct    157140
     atagtaaaga ccaggatgtt ctacttttgc agaaaatata tcttcacaaa gagtctccac    157200
     atggctgttt taatctcctt attcctaaga ctatatatga tgggattgag gaagggaggc    157260
     aaaactgtgt atgtcagagc aatcactaaa tcctgaatgg acagagcttt tgcaattggt    157320
     cctaaggcag caaagagccc tgtggtaaga aagagcatga tgacaatgag ctggggggag    157380
     caggtggaga aggcttttgc tcgactctgt cctgaaggga ttctgagcac cgttgagaag    157440
     atttggaaat aggagatcat catgagaata aagcatccca gaaccaagca tgagctcagg    157500
     gccagggtca aaaactctac aaagaaaacc tcacaggaaa ccagggccaa cacatgaggg    157560
     atgtcacgga agaactggtg gatcacactg gatctgcaaa cgtgctcccg aaacatgttg    157620
     ccagtgtgga cggctgcgta ggaaaagcag cttagccagg tggtgactgc catctgatag    157680
     caccctcctg atgtcatcac ggctctgtat tggagggggt ggcaaatggc aacatagcgg    157740
     tcataagaca tgacagtaag gaaggccagc tcagcagatg caaaggcaga gaaaaaatag    157800
     acttgagcca cacagccaag ataagagatg gagcttctgc gagtcaggga gttacggatg    157860
     gatttaggca cagtgactga gatgtagcac agatccaaaa cggagaggtt cttcaggaag    157920
     aagtacatgg gtgtgtgaag atgctgatcg agagtgatga ctgcaatgat gagcaggttc    157980
     cccaccagca ctgccagata aatcagcaga aacagcccgg cgtgcagcac ctgcagctcc    158040
     cagataccag aaaactccat cagcaggaat tctgtcactt ttgtgagatt gtccatttgg    158100
     cagggaaatc tgtgatctga ttgttgagaa aaaatataca atagttttaa atgagacaaa    158160
     aagtgaacac agtgtggtag gagtaatatc ctcctaaatt aaattcaatc cactggacat    158220
     cttccacact gcttaaacaa ataaaatggt gggagatttt taacatggaa agatcataaa    158280
     aaatatatgc ctaagactat gagttgagta accaatttct aaaagctttt gattagtact    158340
     gtttttctat tatatggaac ttctcaatct tgaaattaag atttttctca tcaaataatc    158400
     tagggtgctt attaaatatg cagaatttca agtctcaagg caaatatact aaataaaaat    158460
     ttgtgggata aaaccaataa tttgcttttc atacaagttt ctgggtgatt ttttagtaca    158520
     aaagtttgta gttttaactg tggttataca tcctgggcag agtcaactgt ctttagctat    158580
     ttgttgaata aattgggtgg taagccactt taaaatgagg atttactgtt taagacatgg    158640
     aatgagtatg gaatatgatt ttaaaaccat tgataattag ctctggtttg gagagaggga    158700
     aatttatttt gtgtcaatgt gcaagacatg acaatagtta tactaacaat gccattaccc    158760
     atgtgttgca ccttctctgt gcccgatgct attatctcta caggacacac cttggctcaa    158820
     ttaatattca taattgtaca ataaattaaa atatgccgtt attattcttt ttctcaagat    158880
     aaaacggagg cataacaaga tcaaataagt tgcccaatgc actgaaagag ccagcacctg    158940
     agccagcatt taaatcaagg cagttcattt ccaggatgtg ttgctgacct ctgcattcta    159000
     agtttttttc atagaaaata actttgacta acataagctc acaaaaataa cttttttcta    159060
     tatattgttt atcatatttt gtttattttc actggtatta tctatatgtt taaaattagt    159120
     ttttctgcat caaagtcatg tgtgttagat cctgttcaca tgactcaaat attctcacta    159180
     aaaacaactt attaattttt ttcaaactag agccaacttt aaacaagtga ttttaaaatc    159240
     aggttactga tcatctaagg tttagttgcc ttatttcatt aatgataaac tctattaagc    159300
     acataaatgc tatcccttgc taccaggcaa atgtgaaatg ttatttataa gacaggtaga    159360
     acctatgttt tatgacaaat tttaaagata atgtgaaatg ttatttttta taggacaggt    159420
     agaacctatg tttaatgaaa aaatttgaag ataatctttt gtccaaatgc tataaatgat    159480
     acagtcactt tgaagcattt cattgtatca ttaaaacaag taattgaaaa gaattgcact    159540
     cttggcaaag cgcggtggcg aactcctgta atcccagcac tttcggaggt tgaggtaggt    159600
     ggatcacctg aggtgaggag ttcgagacca gcctgaccaa catgctgaaa tcccgtctct    159660
     actgaaaata caaaatagct gagcgtggtg gcacatgcct gtaatcccag ctactcagga    159720
     ggttggagca ggagactcgc ttgaacctgg gaggtggagg tggcagtgag ccaagatcgt    159780
     gccactgcac tccagcctgg gcaataaggg cataactcca tctcaaaaag gaaaaacaaa    159840
     aagaattgta ctgtcacaca aagtcaagtg acgagcaata catatttaca atgaaaatga    159900
     caaaggagca ctatccctga taaacgacaa actataaaaa cacattagca taaacaatga    159960
     gcaaagtata tgaacaaggg ctcagaaaac tggaaagcta atgacccaat aacaattcaa    160020
     aatgtgttca actttactag ttatggaaat gcaaattaaa actttaacat gatgctattt    160080
     tgtgtccatt gctttagaaa acatatgtct ggcaagtaaa gtctcgacaa acatgtgaag    160140
     ggacgaagct ctttgctgct gcttagtttg ctgtgtaagc agcctaccta ctttggaggg    160200
     tcaactggaa attttgaaca caactgaaga tgcgcaagtt tgatgcagca atgctccttc    160260
     tcacaaatgt acacttgagt tttaaaaaat gacatatgtg aggatgtttg ctccatgacg    160320
     tttaaacccc taattaccat cactaggaaa atggataaca taccctactt tatcccagaa    160380
     tggaacactc tctagaagtt aaactgaatg ggatactcta catcaatatt gaacatttca    160440
     acatagtttt gaaaaaaccc cacaaactat tacacaaaat atgttcccag tcatatgcat    160500
     ttaaacattc aaattgtgca gtgcattatt tataaataca cacacataca tatatatata    160560
     tatatatata cacacacaca cagataagct tgtataaaac agttactgga atgaatacaa    160620
     atgccaataa atggggtagc ggagggaaaa aataagttga aaacattgaa cagtaattat    160680
     atctgtaata ttttaacagt taagatcatt aaagcaaaca aaaatatgaa taaatgataa    160740
     gcctaagtgc tcgttcttaa aaatcatttg ttatactctt tctagatttt ggatatttca    160800
     tatttttaat attatttata cattaatgtc aaagaagcaa ctgaaatact tttgtgtgtt    160860
     ataaattgct tttatatttt atatatttaa attgcttgta aaattcagtg aaaaaagctc    160920
     tcttttttcc actgttttct ttgacattat agattaaata aaatacctca catattaaag    160980
     taataatctc aaaaaatatg attaaacatt aataaaaaag taatggggac tcaggtgatt    161040
     acattctgca tattttgaca tccattataa tactatttaa caatgcagag taacttttaa    161100
     aactgggttt ttgttctgac tttttaatag aactcaatga aacaagtaat aaaatggttg    161160
     ttaattggtt tgtatttaaa atatctcaac caaacaacca agaattgcag ctgtcccata    161220
     aaacaaggca aaaggttacc cacccttcca gcagaatcag cagtgtacag gagtatacta    161280
     tctcccgggt tagcttgcta tcggtagatg taaaattcta caaaactgcc acgtggccaa    161340
     ttccttgtaa tgtattatct agagaatgag aaaataataa tgctctttcc ttgattctaa    161400
     cactcacatt tctgcactgc taaaggaaaa gcatcatata atttatatat agttgtgtat    161460
     atatagtgca tatatagttc gtgtatatat atacatataa atatacatgt atagtatata    161520
     tatacatata tatgtatagt tgtgtatatg tatacataca tatatatgta tatatagttg    161580
     tgtatatatt tgtgtacata tagtgtgtat atatagttac tgtttattga aaagttatta    161640
     aattaatatt ttccttgaaa attgtctaca atttgaaatt gaggacatac aaaacaaatc    161700
     tatagggatg caaacatatt atcattatga tatataagca tatatacaat acacctattc    161760
     aaaatattag gcaaattgat gtgcatttat taacaaaaac ttagtagtta acacattggt    161820
     taaaaagaca caatacattt tcatatacat atgtgcatca ttgatagata taagttgaaa    161880
     attttgaata tattattttt aaccgtaaag catattgaat taaatatgta taaagatttc    161940
     ctgcttccaa gtctgtctat tttaaattca cacatgtggt atgatgagta ataagattaa    162000
     aagagacctg aattcttgtc atgttctgac acagctgttt taagttgggg aacctacaaa    162060
     tacattttaa tttcaattta ctgaaatgta aaactacact caacaagatg gcctctgctg    162120
     ccccacctct gagagcattt gtatctaatc tatatgaagc ctttttactt cagtgtagtt    162180
     ttctctgagt ggcctgatgc tgaagagctg ccctttatcc cacttatatc aagcaaaaga    162240
     gcaacactga ggaacaaaac caatacacac tgcaccatga gctgcttcca ctctagtctc    162300
     aaactaaaaa tagatctctc caaaactgat taaaatgata aaaattcaag caaactgaat    162360
     gcactatttt gtttgcttgt ttcattggaa aaaaatatga aacataatta ctaagagaac    162420
     aattaaatca ctttaagcaa acatgtcttg atttttttct cataaaaaat ttgaaatgat    162480
     tgcttacata aatctcatgt agacaaattc aatttcctta ttgggtaaat atctgagaaa    162540
     tacaagacca gcaatacctt gattaaataa catgtagctt ctcaatatgt attcactgtc    162600
     tggaccaatg atgataaaga aacagttctg aagttttcct ctgtgtctca ccagaagaag    162660
     tgacccaatt taacatgcaa actcagtgat agagaaaacc tgatgtataa tatatcaagg    162720
     agacaatctt ctctgttagt ttcccataga gactgggccg ccacagtctg gaggagattg    162780
     gcttccagaa ggaagcctgg gggacgctgg tctcaggagg atgctgcctc ctctgggtta    162840
     aattgtaaat tacctgctga aacagaaagc agaatatgga gtaggtgcca actgaactca    162900
     gagtccgtga ggaagtgatg agcatgagat atagagattt tcattaagag agtgaggaga    162960
     gtaaacagtg aaaaaagtaa aggatttata ttttcacatt tcataaaata atcttcgata    163020
     aagtacaaaa cccagacatt taagtactca gaaaataata aattgtttta cttcatcact    163080
     atgcctagtc agtatgccac atgagagcag ttaagtgcgt atactcagtt tactttgcag    163140
     ttacagcagc ctgtttctgt attgcacata gactctcaga aaattattgg cttaatggag    163200
     acaatcatca tgcttctcat cttcctccaa atctatttgt tccacaacca gtcacagacc    163260
     aagaggatgg gtagatctca ctaaatacga tcatttgaaa attagaagtg aatagaaaaa    163320
     tctggcagaa atttaggaga tatatatttt atcatttcat ttttcaaatg aggaaagtga    163380
     gtcttaatat aaaaacttaa gacaaattaa acttagcaga ctttatttga tcaaagaatg    163440
     attcattatc agatcgcact acagatcaga agaaattcag agagctctgc ccagcagtgt    163500
     gaacaagctt ttatgggcca gacataggag caaagtagaa aaatcacctg cttgcctaca    163560
     gctagacatc cgtcttgttt gaacatggtg ttatttaatt ttggcaatac tataaggcag    163620
     tagaaaaata ttgcacatat gtacatacat ccagatatag atagacatgt aacagaaaca    163680
     ttacaaattt ttagccatgt gccaggtaca ataatacaaa tctcactaat ttattaaaga    163740
     atatctggat ctaaattgtt tttggctaat gccacttaaa tggctaaagc ttcttactaa    163800
     tatttgtgaa aaagatcatt aatgtttttt tatttgctca gtttccaaat atctattttt    163860
     cttacttcta cttctgatga gttatctacc ctaaacttgc attttaaata gatacctatt    163920
     aaactctaga gaagactgtg tagaaaattt atatctcaaa agcacagagc ttggacttcc    163980
     agcttaaatg ctttaatttg cccaaaccaa gaaagaaaga tgtaaagacc cagttagggc    164040
     aagacagcta ggaaaagcac tttaaaggca aggcttctgt agatttaagc caacgctttc    164100
     ttccttatca gagtttccag tgttctctgt ccagagaggt agaccttctt acaaatggag    164160
     attcccttta gggatgtaaa tttctcttac aaagagtcct caaaataagc aggtgaaaat    164220
     agtttttctg ccaaaaagtt gtattttgga gatttattct gctaaatcag tggttttcca    164280
     acccaccttc tgtcttttaa ctaaaatact aagtgggtgg aacccactga agactagaac    164340
     aaatattttg tgtgcctgac tcaccatggt tacttctaat cttgctctat aatcacagac    164400
     tggtacaact tttctctcct gttttgtttt caagattgca agactgaata atatttcccc    164460
     ccacccacca gaaagagttt ggggcatagc aaagatcatg acaacaagaa agaattggca    164520
     gagtatgtgt ttagcgggaa gtttcataag aggtgtttca gttgactgca gggttcccat    164580
     gggagaagca ggattaaaga gagaaaacag aaaagactca ttcttacaaa tgtttttcta    164640
     aatatgattc aactgtcagt cagatagctt caggtatggg gacttccaca tttgatttga    164700
     aacttccatt ttttttctct gggggattgg ttgattattg cccagggagt gtagcccttg    164760
     ggggctttct ctagtaggta gacaggccag gtccatcaga tgactggtat agaaatgaaa    164820
     aatttcttat gcaaaggcct gactatttaa aatacaggta aacttcttgg gacacgcggt    164880
     cctttacttt tgaggcaact cctctggggt tcaaaatagc tacaaggagg tcttctcagt    164940
     ccccatagct ggcgtattat aaaggcatgc acctctttgt cctttgtaaa aagtctcccc    165000
     actgtggcct ttgtaactta aaattacctt tggtcaggtt cactcatttt tctagaaaaa    165060
     cacatgttct gggtccatgg ttcttataca taaaatatgc tgcagtccca catggaagag    165120
     ttctagagcc cttggattca aaaaacacat gatatgctgt cttccaggaa ccttacctac    165180
     cagaggcctc ctactggacc cagtctggtt tctttaccag atccattcca attctgaacc    165240
     cagtccagtc aacaaattgc tcaaacaaag ttagagctca aaacataaat ttgcagagtt    165300
     tgaatccaag aggaaattta cccataatct tcagttgcag cgtgagagca atgggcccta    165360
     gtgggtatct acacttgggc attccttgtt ccggggggcc actgggtatc cttcaaatct    165420
     tacttctaac accaaatagt taaaagaaaa actttaccaa tgagacagaa aattaacagg    165480
     cctattcagg acttgaactc agctctggac caagcaaacc taatagacgt ctacagaact    165540
     ctctacctca aatcaacaga atatacattc ttctcagcac cacatagcac ttattctaaa    165600
     gttgaccaca taattggaac taaaacattc ctcagcaaag gcaaaacaat ggaaatcata    165660
     acaaacagtc tttcagacca cagtgcacca aattagaact caggattaag aaactcactc    165720
     agcaccacac aactacatgg aaactgaaca acctgctcct gaatgactac taggtaacta    165780
     acaaaattaa ggcagaaata aataagatat ttgaaaccaa tgagaacaaa gacacaacac    165840
     accagaattt ccgggacaca gctaaagcag tgtttagagg gaaatttata gcattacatg    165900
     gccacatcag aaagcaggaa agatctaaaa tcgacaccct aacatcaaaa ttaaaagaac    165960
     tagagaagca agagcaaata aattcgaaag ctagcagaag acaagaaata actaaaatca    166020
     gagtagaact gaaggaaata gagaaacaaa gaagccttca aaaaaacaat gaaatcagga    166080
     gctggttttt tgaaaagact aacaaaatag atagaccacc aagctaggct aataaagaag    166140
     caaagagaga agaatcaaat agacataata aaaaatggta aaggggatat caccactgat    166200
     ccaacacaaa tataaactac catcagagaa tactataaac atctctatga aaataaacta    166260
     gaaaatctag aagaaacgga taaattcctg gacacataca ccctcccaag actataccag    166320
     gaagaagtcg aatccctcaa tagaccagta acaagttctg aaatccaggc agtaattaat    166380
     ggtctaccaa ccaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagccca ggaacagacg gattcacaga    166440
     ggtacaaaga ctagctggta cagttccttt tgaaactatt ccaaacaaca gaaaaagagg    166500
     aactgttccc taactcattt tatgaggcca gcatcaccct gataccataa cctggcagag    166560
     acacaaccaa aaaaaaaaaa agaaagaaaa tttcacacca atatcgctga tgaacactga    166620
     tgtgaaaatc ctcaataaaa tactggcaaa ctgaatccag cagcacatca aaaagattat    166680
     ccatcacgat caagtaggct tcatccctgg gatgcaaggc tggtacaaca catgcaaatc    166740
     aataaacaca atccatcaca taaacagaac caatgacaaa aaccacatga ttatctcaat    166800
     agatgcagaa aaggcctttt ttaaggctga gtaatatttc atcttaggta gatatcacat    166860
     tttctttatc catttatccc ttgatggata tttaggttgc ttccaaaaag aattagagct    166920
     tctgcagctg ccagaaagta agccatcaaa acagcagttg ggtaacagga agaattctaa    166980
     cactcttgag ctcataggta gaagggaccc ttcattcatt caacacacac taacaatgca    167040
     tttatgtccc aggtacagtg ctaaaggctg gaagtatgtg gatcatgcat acatacacag    167100
     tccctgtcct ttcaaagtgt tcagtctcaa ggaggtgtga gtatgttaga aaatattctg    167160
     aggtgccaga attgcactag atgcattgat gacttggagg gtattggtag ggtagaatgt    167220
     tcccgtcaga gaattaagta tataggtacc ctttcctcaa aaatgcttag actaggtagg    167280
     gaagagggtg aggcacaata gcatatcttt aattgggtgg ggtgagaacc aaagaatcgg    167340
     aaaaacagac attccagctc ctccaagttc ttccaatcgt cagaactgtg gaactagccc    167400
     accaggcttt ctccagtcac gtgagccggg agccaccagg atctcattgg ccaaggctcc    167460
     cagagggcgg gaagagcggg aagtgaggac caatggggca ggccaaaggg actgtggagg    167520
     ccgacgcatg cgcagtgccc tccggcctag cccggccaac ccgcctgtcc cggaccgccc    167580
     ggcgtcaggt acgggttcac caagccaccc cgcccacctc aggacgcagc tgccggtcca    167640
     gctgctcccg cgggcccaca gcgcgctgtg gaaaggagcg gacaggccag aggctctctc    167700
     gggcctacaa gtctctaggc taggcagtgt ttccgagtcc caggtgcctc cagaggccga    167760
     gctcacagcg cggcccaccc agcatccggg ggcgctgtga ggggcgctcg cccagcagcg    167820
     gaaaggccat tcgcgtggcg cgggagcgcg ggcccggccg cctgggcgtg tccctttcgc    167880
     ggaactgagc tcactggctc ctctcttcca gacggagcga cggggccggc cgcagcctca    167940
     gccacgcgtc cctcggtggc gggcaggctc ctcttggcct gcagccttac tttcatgccc    168000
     ttcttcacag gtgagcggat ggcttggggt cctcccgcat ttcccgcagc gtcgctctct    168060
     gcattcccgc attcccaggt tcctgctgca ttcgtgaatt ccctcctgca ttcctgtact    168120
     ctccactctt ccagcctgca ttcccacatt tccaccctca ttcctgcatt cccaactgca    168180
     tcccccaacg ttgccacttt ctccccatcg ttcccacctg cgtttccgca ttcccacatc    168240
     cctgctctga ttcccacccg catttctgaa tccccacctg ctttctctac cccagtccag    168300
     cctttattcc ggcatttctg ccttcattct cgcgttccca gccacattcc cctttgcatt    168360
     ctgcagacct ccaatcacct ttctttgttg ggcagtgtac tcatcagcac ggcataagga    168420
     aagagcagac acggctcctg ccctcataat gcttacagtc tacagaacag tgctggggac    168480
     acagtcctga gtgttgcctt ctgatcaacc acttaactga ctgcctggcc tcaggaaagc    168540
     agctgagctt atctgttctt aggtatcctt attagagtac taagaatatt ggttcctgcc    168600
     tattatagtt gtaaggaaca tgtgagctag taaagggctg acacaatgcc tggcatgtaa    168660
     taagctctca ttaaagagag ctttaatgtt tgtctgtctt tctccagaga ccacttcatg    168720
     ttgggagaat tgtggggaga gaaaatgttc accagtgaaa cgtgaatcat gagccctcat    168780
     ccaagtagtt ctacttcccc gatttccctg aaggttatag ggtactgtgt gagcagcctc    168840
     taactctccc tggttgttca cagaagtaag atgttctggg tctgcttatc gggaggagtc    168900
     attcagttag tgccacataa tcattttaac atttctccca ttgctgccag ggcatcctgc    168960
     atcacctccc aagccagcct cccacgtcac ctgggtggtg tactaattca cggccaggag    169020
     cactgactgt tcctgctccc acgtcacctg ggtggtgtac tgattcacgg ccaggagcat    169080
     tgactattcc tggccacctc cttgcacctt tcctggttcc ctcagcctct caaagttctc    169140
     atctttcctt tgatgagaaa gagaagggca gactgaaaat agactcacca cccacctgtc    169200
     ctttccccct gccccatact ggtggaccag catcacagta aaaatagtta ccacttagta    169260
     agaattcatt atgagccaac ttaggatttt tgataagata aaagagttca gcataatttt    169320
     acataaaatt agttttttct tgatatattt tcttctcttc tgctttccac acctaataaa    169380
     acattacaga aagtcttgtt ttatttattt tgaggacagg ccttaggtaa aatgtggaag    169440
     tttatcttgg agcttccaat cttcaagttc tcttctcctt tccccatcct ctgtcttctc    169500
     cactctatcc tatcttatct cctctagagc ccaaacccag ccccactgat ttttctcaat    169560
     caaagctcat ttaaaaaaaa aaaaggatgg gaaaatcgtc gttcctctca ctatgaatag    169620
     ctaagaacag tgctattaac ttgcctggga tgctctgcat tttaacagaa atcaaagtcc    169680
     aaaactttta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaacat ttgctggaat attgggctta agagtgtttg    169740
     tgcatttggt tgagagggca ggaagaccta tcagtctgca tgtggcacac actctaataa    169800
     ttttcttcaa gttcacatgc cattgccttg ggacatcagg gccccagcca ggcactggag    169860
     gggcagaggg aggcatgtgg gcaactttga ggggagtggg agaaagtgat acttaatctc    169920
     atacttaacc aggtgaccac ttgtttcctc aaaagtgccc tcctttgctc tgctgatcag    169980
     agattgctta gtggttatga ttagtagtga agtttgtttg aatataatat tttctgtaac    170040
     aagccatttt ttttcgggag caaaaacaaa ttttaaaact ttttttcata tattgtccca    170100
     tttttaaaat ttacttacat ttgtttttaa ttgtgtaact gtaaaaataa ataatatatg    170160
     cctatgacat atattatcct accctcttca gcccccaaca caactcctgt ttagcaacca    170220
     tagttattcc tttcttgttt acctttccag aaatggtctg ttacttacaa acatatccaa    170280
     atgcatcttt tctttccatt ggcagcattt tatatcaaat gctctacatc ttgttttttt    170340
     ccccttaaaa gtacatcttg aagagctttt catttcatca gaatatggcc atattctgtc    170400
     tatggtggta ttcatctctg tttcatggat atgacagaat ctatctaacc atgagaattt    170460
     cagtcacttc tgatcacttc ttatcacaga ggatgctaca atgaatgacc ttgtacaagt    170520
     gcatgtagga aaatacctag gaattgctgg ataaaagagc ttgtgcaaat tgttctcaaa    170580
     aagaagtatt actaatttac ccaccagaaa tagatgagaa tacctgttgc ccctcattgc    170640
     aattttaatt tacattcatc attaccttct gcagtgatca aaatgtctat gcctgtgctg    170700
     tccagtacag tggccactag ccatgtgtgg ctatccagca tttgaaatga gactggtgtg    170760
     actaaggaac tgaattttta attacatttt attttaatta attttaaata gatacattgg    170820
     acagagtagc ttcagagcag agtagggtat gaaagagttt ggaaagagac aaaaggggat    170880
     atgagacata ttgctgagaa attatgaatt ggaaggtctc tctaacgtta accattgaaa    170940
     ttttcgttat tttgtctttt aattttcaaa attacttttt aaagtgataa gtttttacga    171000
     attacttttg aatgtatgct ttttgttttt ttgttttttt tttgagaggg agtctcgctc    171060
     tgtcgcccgg gctggagtgc agcggtgcaa tctcggctca ctgcaagctc tgcctcccag    171120
     gttcacgtca ttctcctgcc tcagcctcca gagtagctgg gactacaggc gcccgccacc    171180
     acgcccagct aattttttgt gtttttagta gagacggggt ttcaacgtgt tagccaggat    171240
     ggtctcgatc acctgacctc gtgatccacc tgcgtctgcc tcccaaagtg ctggtattac    171300
     aggtgtgagc cactgcgccc ggccgaatct atgcgttttt aaaattacat ttggattgtg    171360
     cttcctcaaa caagactctc cagagaaagc aagcctggtt agccctggat ctctaatggt    171420
     tgtagtggtg gagaggcatg tgggcgtctc tagtctctgc ttctccttct cttcatggca    171480
     gcacccagct cccaggcctc agcactgcct tcccaacccc ttctcctacc ccgggtggag    171540
     ggccagctgc cctcacattt gcagggccca tggtaatatg tcacaatact taaaagaaat    171600
     acagtaagct aaaaacaata ataaaatatt ttccatcctt ttacttacac aaatgtgtcc    171660
     tcagaatgac ctaaaaggtt tggaatgttc gcaagagttt catgccagag aattgcagca    171720
     ctgagaaatc tggatcctgg tctccagccc atctcctttc cccattccac actccccttc    171780
     aactgtgaag gccatcgcga tcatgtgtgt ggacacgcca atgctgaagt ttaaactccc    171840
     cactcccacc acctctgaca actgctaggt tagatctcag tctgtttgag caagaaatcc    171900
     caggattctt ggtagccagg caaagtgggg aaagggcata caggatctgg gtgggcatgt    171960
     ccccttggtg tcacatacta ctcatcccat aggggctaac agaggcagaa gaggccctgg    172020
     tctgggggag gtgaacaaat caaaactacc ttttgatagc ctaaggagaa ttcttcaggg    172080
     aaataccatg gcttttactc cttttttccc cttgctctta attttccaca gatttccacc    172140
     tctttattca tagtccccac cattctctgc tctgtgcctg gacatctttt actggaacag    172200
     ccaagcccag tctttgccca tgacagcagg tggcagcaag aacacttgaa tggaagcggg    172260
     gaatcagtcg acttctgttc actaggacat tattatggag ccccagaggc agatagtgca    172320
     gaagaagcta aggctctttc ttgttagggc cccttctttg agtatcctgt gcattctgcc    172380
     acccgtgacc tttacttgta agaccacatt tttctgtgta agtgtttgga agtagacctt    172440
     tttcaggcct ccactcaaaa aatgtccctt tttctgtgag gcctttcctg accaaccccg    172500
     tgaattatcc ctaccctgca catcctgtcc tgttttgtct ctctctgtag tatttatcat    172560
     catctgacat atcatatttt tttcttcttt gtttttttct gcttcctcca tctgaaaatg    172620
     agctccataa tggcagggat ttttatagta actctagtgt tattggatgc gtttgaaagt    172680
     gtcacatgag gaaggcaggg gtgaggatta gggaagggtg aatggggtgg gtggatctag    172740
     ttctagcggc tgttctatga gaatgagtac atttgcttgt caatggcaaa taactagcca    172800
     gtcttctatc tttttttaac agtctcctgg gagattaaga tgagtgatct agaggaggaa    172860
     gatgttgatg aattcagctc cagtggtttt aagtgcccaa catgctttgc agtgcaagga    172920
     aggaaatgcg atacagaact caaatggtgt gcagcagata aaataaagtg tattgaattc    172980
     tctggcatca taaacacagg tacttttcta ggatgtactg gtattctctc acaagcttat    173040
     ggggtatgtg ttccaagggt agggttgagg agaaatcagc ttttgtccaa atctcttaga    173100
     aatgaggaca cagcagtggt ctgactctgt acatatgtcc aactggcttt cacattcact    173160
     tatttttgaa ttgatacatg tattcattga caggctctct actagctttg aggaagttgg    173220
     ttcagcatat tggaggaatc ttcatcttct gcaaattttg gttaggttta aaaaaaaaaa    173280
     aaaaaaaaca tggctgggcg cggtagctca tgcctgtaat cccagcactt tgggaggctg    173340
     aggcgggcag atcacttgag gtcgggagtt caagaccagc ctgaccaaca tggagaaacc    173400
     ccgtccctac taaaaataca aaattggccg gagtggtggc acatgcctgt aatcccagct    173460
     acttgggaga ctgaggcagg agaatcactt gaacccagga ggcggaggtt gtggtgagcc    173520
     gagattgctc cactgcactc cagcctgggc aacaagagca aaactccatc tcaaaaaaac    173580
     aaaaaacaaa aaaccacggg ggcaatgtgt gcttttttcc tctgttgttg ttgttgaaat    173640
     tttcaaaata agagctttgg agagaggcaa tgaccaagct taaactttct tcaaaaagat    173700
     tgcaaattat attttactat gcttgcttta agaaaataca atacaaaatt ctaaattaat    173760
     tgaagacatt taaatgagaa atgatttagg agtgatagtg tggaatagca cgaaatgcag    173820
     tgggctgagt tccgtgaggg ttgggttgtt tccataattc ctctttacct gctcacttcc    173880
     tcctgctgac gctggggagc tccaccttcc tgaagttcat ctaagtgagg taattagaag    173940
     gctaaccatg ttggttggtc tcttggattc ttatgtttct actttctgta atttgcataa    174000
     taaaagagat ttatttgctt taaaatagca atcactcaat tgctattgac actgcagaag    174060
     aagtaagatg aaatcatcga gagcatagaa tatgtgccat gtgaaagaat atgtctgaag    174120
     gtgctttgaa aggcagggaa cacaatcaca gtcatagctt ttttatggct attgctagtt    174180
     cttaaatgat aactcagacc aagaataaga gattagattt atgttcctaa atttacaaag    174240
     agtctacata actgaaacac agacataccc cctcccctga gtatcagtag catacaggat    174300
     actgctaaca aagtcattag gacttcttac taccattggc ataaagggtc tataaaagca    174360
     tatgctatct caagtggtaa tgtaagttgg aaaaaagttc atataaagtt tagaaaatat    174420
     gccaatatgt gattgacata gattttgaga agatttagga atttggaagt cccgtctttg    174480
     gaggacacat ttctagctca ttgcctctgc tgcagagagc cctgtcagat ggatcacacc    174540
     agagtgtgac ttgacttata tcctactcca gcccagtctg tatgagtaaa atgcagagta    174600
     taaggaagga ggaggagagt ggaagtctca cttacagttt cttgcaggta ttcgtgacgt    174660
     agccattgaa atgaagagat gcacacaagc agacctatgc aaagagacga taacttctta    174720
     gatgggtttt ccaattgcta acaagagtag aaattgcaaa tcagccatca gaaatggggc    174780
     cagaatcaga cccccatctc ccatcttctt tgttcttttc ctggggaggg tacttcatgg    174840
     agctctggca agagcctagc cacttccatt tatgaattaa acctgaattt ttttgttaat    174900
     gtattctttc atgagtgtta atttctccat agttatattc agttgtccat ttgtttactc    174960
     attcaatgag tttacttgtt gtgtatccag ccttgcataa agtgcgttag ggtcaaagtg    175020
     aatcagcttt gggtccctgc ctttaaggtc ccaaagcatt tagagaatga ggacgtgtgc    175080
     agtcaaaatg ctgagaaagc aatttaagaa gaacataaaa gagcagaagc actctgctta    175140
     aggagcctga gggattggtt tggacatagg gtaaaagtag aagactgtgg gtttgattaa    175200
     ggaaagattg ggattttaga tggactttga ggagaccttt actatatggc agcagaaata    175260
     acatgcactg agacatggac atggggagat gggtggaggc taagatgcag tagctgaaat    175320
     taatggtagg aggagtgggg gagaggaaaa tgtcagcaag tatatgggcc tggctggaag    175380
     catctttctg agagggatgg aaagtgctgc cctggatgaa cacagtggac tcactgagct    175440
     gaggacaggc cagctctgtg atggaaaaca gtttccttca atccaccaga gagatgatca    175500
     aaagccaagg tccctggttc tcactgctga ctactttttg ttttgtttgt ttgtttgttt    175560
     gttttgagac agagtctcgc tctatcgccc aggctggagt gcagtggcgc aatctcggct    175620
     cactgcaagc tctgcctcct gggtcaagca attctcctgc ctcagcctcc caagtagctg    175680
     ggactacagg cacgtgccac cacgcccagc taatttttta tatttttatt agagatgggg    175740
     tttcaccatg atgttagcca ggatggtctt gatctcctga cctcgtgatc cgcctgcctt    175800
     ggcctcccaa agtgctggga tttcaggcct gagccaccgc gtccggccca ctgctgacta    175860
     cttagtacag aatcacccag gagctttaaa ttagaatgcg catcctaggc cccctgccag    175920
     aaattcagat tcagctgatt tgggatgagc ctggccttgc tcccgcattt ttgtcctttg    175980
     tgttgtttta aatgctcccc aaccagggtg actttaattt tcagctacta ttttttaaaa    176040
     taactgaagt ataagtaaaa gatcataatt tattttaccc aaagtgaaag acctccaatt    176100
     aaagccaacc aactatagcg tgtaaaacag aagattgttt acatgatatc aaatgtcaat    176160
     tgatataaag tttgaaaaat tgcaagtact cttctttagc tttagattag ttgtgcaata    176220
     caagaacact aaccaaatta atggcttttc ttctcaaagg actacctaat ttatggagaa    176280
     atgtcattca tgaccccgaa aatcaaactc atggcataaa tacattttaa tcctttatgt    176340
     ctctcaaaga aaaaaattcc aactaaatgt gattatattt gtttctgtca tgacaacttg    176400
     tactccagat gtattaagtc aactatcagg ttttattgga atttttaaac aagaggcaaa    176460
     tgcatttatt tatagctttg ttctcctgaa aatttttatt ctcagttttc tcaaacactc    176520
     tatgaaaagt gtcatggata gagttttttt aaatcattga gttcatatgc gtcagtgcca    176580
     taaatcgtca ccagtttatg gaataattat ataaaagaga agatagtgaa tttaatgaac    176640
     ttgtgttctt tgccaatgct cattgggtga atcatggaaa atttttacaa agatttacta    176700
     tattattaac tcgaattccc agttttattc aaacagaagg aatacttgcc aaccatttaa    176760
     taatcaaaga ccaaaatggg caatgtaatt tatgttttct cgttgatgct acatttcaca    176820
     catgagctaa gatttagcct ccaatcaaag gaaaagctta tttgtaaact tggtaaaaag    176880
     atatgacact atattgaaat agaaactttt tacaagacaa acaataatga ttttacacac    176940
     ttttaatttt ttttttttga gacggagtct ctctctatca cccaggctgg agtgcagtgg    177000
     caccatctcg gctcactgca acctctgcct tatgggttca agcgattctc ctgcctcagc    177060
     ctcccaagta gctgggatta caggtgcctg ccaccacatc cggctaattt ttgtattttt    177120
     taagtagaga cggggtttca ccatgttggc catgctggtc tcaaactccg gacctcaagt    177180
     gatccatcca cctcagtctc ccaaagggct gggattacag gcgtgagcca ctgcacatac    177240
     ttttaacttt ttaataatag gcagaagatt ttgattgtca tcaacattgt tatgtaaagt    177300
     ggctgtaaaa actataaaaa cattaaaaca ctcttggtat ttataaattt agggttgatt    177360
     ttcaattttt gtgataactt tcattatgat gttcataata ctgagtggac acagagttag    177420
     tgaaattact taatttggat gaatttagtt ttgaaattga tacgaagtga taggattcac    177480
     ttcaaatgaa atcaagagag cgatatcacc aagatgacag agtaggacat actggccttc    177540
     attccccttg ctcccctgca cccctccaaa aatagctatc cacaaatcaa catggcactg    177600
     acaggtctca aagaccctgt gttagtctgt tcttgcactg ctataaagaa ctacctgaga    177660
     ctgagtaatt tataaagaaa agaagtttaa ttggctcacg gttctgcagg ctgtacagga    177720
     agcatggctg gggggcctca ggaaacttac aatcacggtg gaaggtgaag gggaagcagg    177780
     catgtctttc atggctggag caggaggagg agagcaaacg ggaaggtgct acacattttt    177840
     aaacaaccag atctcatgag aattc                                          177865

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