(data stored in ACNUC15260 zone)

EMBL: AC111009

ID   AC111009; SV 5; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 194287 BP.
AC   AC111009;
DT   21-FEB-2002 (Rel. 70, Created)
DT   28-JAN-2005 (Rel. 82, Last updated, Version 7)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-418A13 from 9, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-194287
RA   Higginbotham J., Cotton M., Bielicki L., Haglund K.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-418A13";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-194287
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (17-FEB-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [3]
RP   1-194287
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (10-JUL-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-194287
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (19-OCT-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [5]
RP   1-194287
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (27-JAN-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 43d6cbafcf3b89fee66b5beed2ea9b9d.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456148.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000051118; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000058659; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000063842; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000066905; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000095448; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0034404; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0034380; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0034382; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0034383; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0034384; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0034307; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0034309; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0034310; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0034311; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0034372; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0034374; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0034375; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0034376; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0034086; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0034087; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0034088; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0034894; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0034895; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0034896; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0034897; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0033412; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0033413; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0034061; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0034062; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0034216; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0034217; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0034218; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0034219; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0034159; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0034161; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0034162; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0034163; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0034303; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0034304; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0034203; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0034204; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0034205; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0034914; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0034917; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0034918; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0033116; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0033117; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0033527; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0033528; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC111009.5:1-194287; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000057596; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000073765; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000079660; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000086480; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000086482; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000211924; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000212353; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000212363; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000212540; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000215112; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000217280; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000217347; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0091305; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0091378; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0091380; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0091381; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0091382; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0091319; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0091321; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0091322; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0091323; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0091305; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0091307; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0091308; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0091309; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0090881; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0090882; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0090883; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0091828; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0091829; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0091830; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0091831; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0091463; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0091464; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0090811; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0090812; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0091024; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0091025; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0091026; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0091027; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0090855; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0090857; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0090858; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0090859; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0091043; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0091044; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0090875; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0090876; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0090877; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0092142; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0092145; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0092146; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0090901; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0090902; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0089913; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0089914; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; A0A1D5RM73.
DR   InterPro; IPR000276; GPCR_Rhodpsn.
DR   InterPro; IPR000725; Olfact_rcpt.
DR   InterPro; IPR017452; GPCR_Rhodpsn_7TM.
DR   MGI; MGI:1333790; Olfr58.
DR   MGI; MGI:2153206; Olfr77.
DR   MGI; MGI:3030693; Olfr859.
DR   MGI; MGI:3030694; Olfr860.
DR   MGI; MGI:3030696; Olfr862.
DR   RFAM; RF01417; RSV_RNA.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A1D5RM73; A0A1D5RM73_MOUSE.
CC   On Oct 19, 2004 this sequence version replaced gi:50200459.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BA0418A13
CC   --------------.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The RPCI-23 BAC Library has been constructed by Kazutoyo Osegawa
CC   and Minako Tateno in the laboratory of Pieter de Jong
CC   (http://www.chori.org) from female C57BL/6J mouse kidney and/or
CC   brain genomic DNA.  The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Research Genetics, Inc. (http://www.resgen.com) or
CC   Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..194287
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="9"
FT                   /map="9"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-418A13"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   unsure          140756..140901
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          143577..143643
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   misc_feature    188840..189076
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA."
FT   unsure          189225..189299
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          191892..192064
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
SQ   Sequence 194287 BP; 62718 A; 36269 C; 37190 G; 58110 T; 0 other;
     gaattctttg ttcagttctg agttccactt tttaatgggg ttatttgatt ttctgaagtc        60
     caccttcttg agttctttat atatgttgga tattagtccc ctatctgatt ttggataggt       120
     aaagatcctt tcccaatctg ttggtggtct ttttgtctta ttgacggtgt cttttgcctt       180
     gcagaaactt tggagtttca tgcttactcc tgttatctgt tttcatcaaa tacttggcca       240
     gtcatgttag agtcacttta tgaatatagc ttgtgatatt accaggagat ataccacaat       300
     ctcacagtat ctgatacttt tcctctcata atcaatcttt ccttctcttt ttccacaatg       360
     ttttcagaac cttagggtta ggaatgtttt gcaaacctat tccctgtgct tgggctccaa       420
     aactgatatt tggttaactg agattttcta taatggtctc tgttggttgc aaagaggcat       480
     ttccttgatg aggagtgaag actacactta tctgtaggta gaaggacaaa ttatttatat       540
     attgttacta tgctggtttg gtaaactagt tgttattgat cttctttcaa tatcatagta       600
     cctaaaatta ttatgcaaac tttcaataga tataagagag caacaattct ttccagctat       660
     gaatcctata agaatcatca accacaatga tgaccagaat gctgtgataa ccttaagcgt       720
     ataatagtgg gtaggtggga gggggaacac cctcatagaa gcagggggag gagggacggg       780
     atagggggtt tccagagggg aacctggaaa aggggataac atttgaaatg taaataaata       840
     aaatatccaa ttaaaaatgt acaatagtgg cacatatact tttgtgataa tcatagctca       900
     ctcttaactg ataaacaaaa gaaaccatac ctggtactga aacctggcta aacatacatt       960
     gctagtgtag tcatagtttc ttagtcttat ctcaggggag gttctgagat tgtggtataa      1020
     tctactttaa gccttatact tattcttata tttactgtgc tcctttcttc aatgactgac      1080
     atttgaatag gaaatttcca tgtacttgtt ttgtaagtag ttttattatt acatttttta      1140
     aaaaaattgt acagtttatt catatgcttc ttagaaattt gcaccttcat agaaggttat      1200
     gtcacttcag aatctcatct tttagctgtt atcatatccc gatctcactt tttgcaagca      1260
     gttttatcag ttatacaaat tgtaattttc cttgccatcc attatataat cttcatattt      1320
     gatgtttatc aaatatgcct ttacaagtgt ttttaatact gtgaaagttt tctgttttga      1380
     aagggatttt gtattgctaa atacacatgc ccaatagaaa agttatcctg aactcattgt      1440
     ttaactgaaa tccattcttt tttattaaca cctacttcac caccttccct tacactctga      1500
     tggtcacttt actctgtata aggtttactt cctaagatcc acatataaga aaatgcatgc      1560
     tatgtttata tttttagctg tttgccattt cacatgatct aatgacaaac tgatttattc      1620
     atgctacagc aaacatatta ttttattcaa atgcttatat cttttttgcc ttatatatgt      1680
     cagcattatc tatatatctt acaataaata ttttcataag tctgcacaca aaaataattc      1740
     tgtaaaaata atgacaatat acaaaatctt gatgcactca tttaatatcc attagataga      1800
     catgtatgaa tgagagtaat atatctaatt cttttgttgc caacaacgtg caatgaattg      1860
     ctatatttca taaacatttg ttgtttacta catttttgat aagtttatga ggcatacacc      1920
     aatgttctat tacattttaa aatttgtatt actttatgat tactgaatta gtaatatttt      1980
     ccttcttcat ctgtggcctt tcccagcctt gagtagactg aacagacctt gagttattgc      2040
     cattatggac cttttcagcc tggatagagt tatctgcttt ggctgtaaat actggttccc      2100
     atgggaactt ggaagattgc actgccgtgc tgaccttgct ttgcaacaaa ctctggatga      2160
     aacaaaggat ggattctgtg ggctttccct ttataaatga agtgctgaat gttaaacttt      2220
     gaaccttggt cagaaccttg tcttggcttc attcttttct ttcccctatt gtgcttttca      2280
     ttttcagccc cccacccccc ctttcaggta aacccagttc ttctgtggct gctggatgga      2340
     tacaggtggc acccaacatg gagcctgaaa atgggggcaa aactgagaat tgctgtcttg      2400
     ggtggagctc cacagaaaac agaagaaaag tgaaagtatt gatgaagcat gctaagcaac      2460
     atactgcatt catgctagtg ctagctataa attttattgt ttggaggctg ttgttgcagg      2520
     aggtgcattt gagggaatac tagctaggct gaaggggtgt tggccccaca ctgacttcac      2580
     ccaggggtga cgattcagtg gagcaggggc attccaaaca ggccttcatc cacagcctaa      2640
     aagagctgct tcaggtgaga ggagcagggt tttcaaaaca gatgttagaa atttttttta      2700
     gctcaaatag attcatgccg tctatgattt tcagaagaca aaactttaaa taaggaaacc      2760
     ttggaaaggg ttgcagaagt tctaggagtc acccagccag atcctgtcac cttctgcccc      2820
     tgagcactta taaatgatgc gattgataat aaagataaag agacctcaca agcattagtt      2880
     atttctcagg aacagcttaa ggaactccag gaagaatgcc tgtcagagag ggcttccaca      2940
     gaaagaggca ctctcaactc taaatcacag aaatacaggc ctagcatgcc ttatagagct      3000
     agggaaacag aatttggaga cattgataat gaattagaac cagagaaggg agctgatttg      3060
     aaagaagagg ctgacaaata tgaggattgg cctccttggg caccttctat tctgcctgtg      3120
     gcctttactg caggagatgc tacccagatg gaaattcaag tctgtaaatt agagatcgaa      3180
     gttaagctgc aaaaattgac taatgagcta caagaattaa agagtgcatc aagtacagga      3240
     aagagcaata attctaagat ataccagtag ccattagaaa gaactgtgaa tcaggctcgc      3300
     aggaaggggc agaatacaac ttaagtgtta gctttccctg tgaatgagac aattgaccag      3360
     cagggcaata ataatcagac aatatcaaat gtttgagttc aaagtgataa aagaattaaa      3420
     aacagttgtt gcatagtaaa ggtctacagc tccctatata caagccccgt tggatactgt      3480
     ggtggaagca aatttaaccc ctcaagattg gaaaactata tgtaaaaata aattgtcagg      3540
     agattactta ctttggattt ctgaatagca tgaaacaagt aaaaaagctg ctatgatgga      3600
     tgttcaggca ggtaattctc aataggatat taacatggaa ggtaatgata tgattatcag      3660
     gctatctgca ggttgcaatg gctgctcatc ttgcttggaa tcatttccca actaaagggg      3720
     atctcagtgt gaattcatct ggcattaaat aaggttctga cagaaccatt tcaggaattt      3780
     gtggacagat tgctaaaagt ggctggtaga atttttggcg atccttaatc agatgtccac      3840
     agcaagcagc ttatggggcc atgaagctgt tgccaagcca gggaaatcca tttctgaact      3900
     tatcagagca actccaggat gtgcaggatt ggaccttagt tccacacagt actgacccca      3960
     gaaatgggag ttcagatgct gcctacagga gtttttgggc ccttgcctcc agggacctgg      4020
     gggttacttc tgggccaaag caacattatt ataaaaggac tacagattta tccaggactt      4080
     aaagataatc attattcagg agaaattaaa actatggatg cttccccccc ccatggcatt      4140
     ataactgtac ctgctaataa aagaattgct caactttttt agttcccttg tatctgctac      4200
     cttccaaatt tgttaaaagt aaaagaggac aagatatgct ttggttcctc agatgtgtac      4260
     caggtccaat ctattactag caggaaacct acctttaagt tactagttga aggaaaaagt      4320
     tttgaaggat taatagatac tgggtctgaa gtaacaatta ctagaggaca agatttgcta      4380
     tcaacttggc atttatctga tactcttact caccttcaag tgacttctta tgccaatatc      4440
     acaaagcaaa gttccaaagt tctagcctgt aaagatgagg aagtcagttc aggacaaatt      4500
     caaccctata tcattccaca tttgcctgtt accctctggg gaagagatct ctattcacaa      4560
     atgggtctta tgatgtactg tcctaattaa gtatttttac ctggtcaagg tctaggaaag      4620
     gcaaggcaag gcattaaaac attttcaagg cctaagcctt actctaacac tagaggcttt      4680
     agatgttttc agtaatggcc actgtcttgc ctgcatgcca tactgataaa attcaatgcc      4740
     ttaataatgt tccagtgtgg gttgatcagt ggtctttatc taaagaaaaa atagaagatg      4800
     tctcttcact tgtacagaag cagttagagg cagggtatat aatagaatcc cagtcacctt      4860
     gaaatactct aatatttgtt atcaaggaaa aaatctggtt aatagagatt gctacaagat      4920
     ctaggaaagg ttaatgaaac catggtacct atgggagctt tacaacctgg gcttccatct      4980
     cttgtagcca ttcctaaagg atattgtgaa acagtagtat atttgaaaga ttgtttcttt      5040
     actcttcctt tgcatcccca ggattgtaaa agatgtactt ttagtattcc ttctatcaat      5100
     ttgaaataga ctacaaaaag gtatcaatgg ataattcttc ctcagaggat ggccaatagt      5160
     cctacattat gtcaaaaaat tgtggcacaa gccatttagc ctataagata gcaaggacca      5220
     atactataca ccatatatta catggatggt atcctattat caggaaaaga ctctcaaaag      5280
     aacttgcttt tatgttatag agatttacaa cagtcatgag taaataaagg attacaaata      5340
     gctccagaaa aggtacaaac tcgagatcat tataattatc tgtgctttag acttacagat      5400
     caagccattt actcccagaa gatgattatc tttaggggca gtttaaagtc tttaaatgat      5460
     tttcaaaagc tgttaggtga tatcaattgg cttcatcttt acttaaagct tacttcagga      5520
     gaattgaaac ccttatttga tattcttaaa gggaatgctg atcctgcctc ccctcgagct      5580
     ttaacctcag aaggtttctt agccttacaa caagtagaga gaactattga aaaacaattt      5640
     gttacttata tagattattc tttgccccta catttgctga ttgttaatac aactcataaa      5700
     cctacaggat tattgtgaca aaaagttcct attatgtaga tacattcaag gatatctcct      5760
     aaaagtaata ccttgctgta ttatgaggca ggagttcata tgattttact tggatgactt      5820
     atttttgcaa agaaacagac atcgttattc agcctttttg tgtggaccaa aataattggc      5880
     taaagcagaa tagtatggct tggttgcttg ctcaaataag atttaatggc attatagaca      5940
     atcattatcc tcaagaaagg ctgatcaaat ttttaaatgt acataaggtt atatttccta      6000
     atatggcatt tttacagcct ctacataatg ctcttttaat atttacttat ggctcctcta      6060
     aaggacgtgc aggatatctt gtaaataatc aacagtagac atagagactt ctgggctctc      6120
     tgctcagcta gcagaattaa cagaaatatt aaatgttttc cagtctataa atgatacttt      6180
     taatcttttg tgtatgtgta gctcagtcag ttcttttatt gaaaacttgt gctacatttc      6240
     atttcaatac acctgctgga tctcagtttt cacaactaca caacatcatt gttatccccc      6300
     taaaatccct tttatattgg tcatatatga gctctttcag atcttcctgg accttagctg      6360
     caggcaatga tcacactgac agagatttaa taggagaaga cttagtttca gatcctgttg      6420
     cattggctag acatgatcat aataaatttc atctctctag tcatacctta aggatctgac      6480
     ataaaatcac taagaagcag gctagaatga ttataaaaca atgccctaac tgtcttacat      6540
     tatctccagt tccttattta gggattaatc cacaagacct tatgcccaat catatttgga      6600
     aaatgaaggt aactcattat taagaattta gaaaatttaa atacatacat gtctgtattg      6660
     atttgttcag gattcatttt tgcttctcta catatgggag aaatatctag aaatgtaatt      6720
     gatcattact tacaggcctt taacactatg ggactatcta aagtcatcaa gacagataat      6780
     gggcctgctt atactagaaa caactttaca tcattttgta aggaatttag tattgaacct      6840
     aaaactggaa ttccttgtaa ctcaatggga caaggaattg ttgaacatgt gcatcacact      6900
     ctgaaaaatt ggcttttaaa aacaagaaag ggggagttat atccctcaaa ttcaccaaaa      6960
     tcacaccttg ttttggcttg ttttatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct      7020
     atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctgaaactaa ttctaaaggt aggtctgtag      7080
     tgaattgaca ctgacatcca gtcttttcca gctcatatgc catggttaaa tggcaagacc      7140
     ttctaactaa tatatggagt ggtcctgacc ctggtataat atagggatga ggttctttaa      7200
     gtactttttc acaggaagaa aatggagctc gatggctgcc tgaaatactg gttcatcaag      7260
     agtatgtgga ttctgagcct tctaatgatg atgataccaa tgatgaagat gattcaaaat      7320
     ccctatcagc cagctaagtt aatctggagt ctagttgcca cccttactgg tgagcaagtg      7380
     ctttctatca attctcaaag ccacccacca tatatctggt ggccagacct tgtgcttgat      7440
     ctttgccaat tagcaactgg attagatacc tgcgacattc ctgcagcctc tggtgcctca      7500
     cctcagtcac tccctaaaaa tgagtggaat ttcaggacaa gatatgtaga tatgggatgt      7560
     gggcaaccct atactcactt ctgtctttta aatactgctt ttaaatatat gccctaagga      7620
     ataaattaat agagaaaagc aatatcaatg tggagaagtt cagcattttt tctgctacaa      7680
     ctggagttgt attaccacaa gtgaagctag gtgaaatcct tcctcaattt gagatcttat      7740
     ttctgttaaa ataaatagtt ctaataatga tgagtgctta agaagcacaa acaaattgct      7800
     tacttctacc tgcagatatt caggaggttg caatccttta cgggtaagtt ttactaatcc      7860
     aggaagacat gtaaaggaag attggctaaa aaggaaaaac ttgaggactt tgactttata      7920
     tggaaggtta tgatgatggg ttacccttta ccatcaagtt taaaattgag cctatccctt      7980
     tttcagtagg acctaataag gtcataacta agcccccaaa gaggaataag aaagttaaaa      8040
     gttaaaagaa agaatagtgc taaaaaagag tagaaagaat agtgctaaaa agagcagaaa      8100
     taccaccgtt tacctatttt tcttctaccg tgtctgatat ccctcacagt cctaccattg      8160
     ccacccttac ctttcctacg tttgctattc cccttacaga attgatggtg ggcatgtttc      8220
     atgtacttaa agagaattct aagtacttgc ttttgttggc tttgctatga tattgcacct      8280
     ccttacttca aaggtatcct tttgttatgt agaaattttt cttattctag tagctcttct      8340
     gattagcaat ggaatcagaa aactggtata ggcctttcct aaacatgaag tttctgtatt      8400
     gggtacccgc atagggaaat tttataaagg taaaagacag agcttatgca accaatcggt      8460
     tactgtttcc acctcttttt ctaatcttat tcctcctaaa gagggatggt gggtttgtac      8520
     catagttctt accccctgca ttcatacaca agtattggat agctccaaag atttttgagt      8580
     gttggttcaa cttattgcta gactcattta tcattcttac gatgacctct tggatctttg      8640
     ggatggaggc ttctcttgcc taagagagaa cttgctacaa cttttaacta tttcagtact      8700
     gaagggcctc tgtgtgggag gagcagctac tggcatttct gccctggttt ttcaaggaaa      8760
     aaaatatgag ctccttagaa agtcaataga tacagatgtt gaaagaatag aaacttttgt      8820
     ttcccatttg caagagtctc ttaccttgtc tgagttagtc cttcaaaata ggagaggact      8880
     tgatctttta ttccttcaac agggaggaat atgtgcagac ctccaaaaag aatgctgctt      8940
     ttgcatctat cattcaggag tagtaaagga ttctatggct aaagttcaag aaggactggt      9000
     caaaaggaaa agagaaaaag aacagaaaca gatggtttga atcctggttc tccacttacc      9060
     catggcttac aactttaatt tttacattgc ttgtaccact aattataatc ttgctgcttt      9120
     taatttttgg atctaatatt ttaaacagat tgattgcctt catacaggat cactttcagg      9180
     aagctcagct attcaccatg gcagttatac atctgtatgg agagatgcat taagtgcata      9240
     ttcatatgtc ctttctggct ttggtgtgaa tgggaaagag tgtgctatag aagaccagtt      9300
     agtcagagaa gggtaagagt attcttgagg tcctatcaac ctaagacaga gacatacatc      9360
     aatactactt tcatctccat gatgggtaag aagcagcaat atagacagtg actgaagaca      9420
     gacatggtct cctggccact ctatgcaaga tgggattatg gaaaacaagt aaatcttgtg      9480
     cccccataca gcaactggta ctgctcatct tttttgtatt tttattagat attttcttta      9540
     tttacatttc aaatgctatc cccaaagtct cctatacccc ccatcccgct ccccaaccta      9600
     cccactcctg cttcctggcc tggcattccc ctgtactggg gcatataatc ttcacaagac      9660
     caagggcctc tcctcacatt gatggccaac taggccatcc tctcctacat atgcaactag      9720
     agacacaagc tctgggggtg ggggtggggt actgggtagt tcatattgtt gtttctccta      9780
     tagggttgca gaccccttta gttccttggg tactttctct acctccttca ttgggggccc      9840
     tgggttccat ccaatagatg actgtgagca tccacttttg tatttgccag gcactggcat      9900
     agcctcacaa gagttagcta tatcagggtc ctgtcagcaa aatcttgctg gcatatgcaa      9960
     tagtgtctgc tcatctttaa aaaatatata agggggcatt atggccattc ccagtcttga     10020
     gaaggctgaa cagaccttga gtccttgcca ccatgggcct tatcagcctg gatagagtca     10080
     tctgccctgg ctgtacatac tgctcccatg gaaacttgta agattgggct tctgtgctaa     10140
     ccttgctttg caatgtactc tggctaaaac aaaggatggg ttctgtgggc tttccctcta     10200
     taaatgaagt gctgaatatt aaactttgag ccttgatcag aacctcgtct tggcttcatt     10260
     cttctctctc ccctatttgt ccttttcatt cccagctccc ctttcaggta aacccagttt     10320
     atttgtggcc actggattac tgtactcatc acgcttaata acttttggtt gaaagtctac     10380
     tttatctctt tctcttcaac gaggcggccg agcggcagac accaacatgc agatcttcgt     10440
     gaagaccctg acgggcaaga ccatcactct tgaggtcgag cccagtgaca ccatcgagaa     10500
     tgtcaaggcc aagatccaag acaaggaagg catcccacct gaccagcaga ggctgatatt     10560
     cgcgggcaaa cagctggagg atggcctcac cctgtccgac tacaacatcc agaaagagtc     10620
     caccttgcac ctggtgctgc gtctgcatgg tggcatcatt gagccatccc ttcgtcagct     10680
     tgcccagaag tacaattgtg acaagatgat ctgccgcaag tgctacgcac gcctgcaccc     10740
     tcgtgcagtc aactgccgca agaagaagtg cggccatacc aacaacctgc gccccaagaa     10800
     gaaggtcaaa taaagctggg gtcatacctg gcatgtgacc ccgggaccaa ataaagtccc     10860
     cttccatcca ctggagcagt aaaaaaaaaa aaaagaaaat ctactttatt tgatattagg     10920
     atggcattgc ttggaagacc tttttccatc attttattct tctgagatag tgtccatctt     10980
     tgttattgag gtgtgttttt ttgtattcag caaaatgctg gctcttcttt gcatatccag     11040
     tctgttagct tatgtctttt tataggtagg ttcagagata tttaatattg aaagatatta     11100
     aagacatgac tgttggttcc tgttatgctt gttttggtag gttgctttat gtgctgtgat     11160
     tctctcgtat tggcgttgtt gtgagatgct tgatatcttg ccttttcttt ggttataggt     11220
     acctttctag tgttggagtt ttttttttcc taggatcctc tgtagggctg gattggtaga     11280
     taaacattgt tgaagttttg atcatgctga ttgagagttt tgttggacat agtagcctgg     11340
     gctggcattt gtgttcttag agtctgaatg acctctgaca tggatcctct ggcttttatg     11400
     tctctgttga gaaatctggt ataattctga tagctctacc tttgttactt gactcctttt     11460
     ccttacagtt tttaatattc tttctttgtt ctgtgcattt agtgttttaa ttattatgtg     11520
     ataagaagat tttcttttct ggtctcttta tttggtgttc tacaggcttc ctgtccattt     11580
     atgaccatct ctttctttgg gttatgaatt tttttctatg attttgttga acacattttc     11640
     aagtcctttg agcttggaat ctttgttctt ctctattcca attattctcg gatttggtct     11700
     tttcattgtg tcctgcattt cctggatgtt ttgggttagg agctttttat gttttgaatt     11760
     ttctgtaact actgacttct ttcctaggtt ttccattacc aggttttcct ccatctgtat     11820
     tttctttatt gttattacct ccactttaag atcctggggc cactttattt agttccattt     11880
     cctatttgat tgtgttttcc tgtatttctt taagaggttt atttgtttcc tctttaaggg     11940
     cttctacatt ttttatctgt cttcctgtat ttctttcagt gagttattta tatcctcctt     12000
     aaaggactct attatcttca tgagataggg ttttagggca gcttcctgat tttcaggtgt     12060
     tttagtgtat tcagggcttg ctgtgatgag agaactgcat tctgatgatg cccaaatata     12120
     ttggcttctg ttgcttatgg ccttgcactt gcctcttacc atatgtttat ctctgatgtt     12180
     tgctggtctg ggtgactcta tctggagtct gcctcttttg accctgcttt gcttcaggtc     12240
     tcctgatagg cctgaggccc tggctgtagc aaacctctca tggtgccttc caacgaaggg     12300
     atcttcagag cggtggagaa gctgctgatc tgttgctctg gctacagtag atctcctagg     12360
     aggcctttag actgttgtgt tttcagagga gcagtcaagc tgttatcctg tgtgaagcta     12420
     agatgcctaa ggattgtggt ttctatttcc ctgtgtgcag cagaacttca gggcgacttt     12480
     cagtctgttg tgtcagttgc cctgcttgct gcattgcccc agggctgtct ttggactgtt     12540
     gcattggttg ctcagttgcc ctgtgtacag tagatctcct gtgatgcctt caggctgtgg     12600
     tgtcagttgc actgtttgca gtggatctct tgggatgtct cagagtgtgg tgtcagatgc     12660
     cctgagtaca gcagatctcc tgggatgcct cagggtggtg tcttcagggg aatatactat     12720
     ctagaagtct gtttggtaga aaggaccagc cataaggggg tggcattcag tgagtggtga     12780
     ttttggggtg tggtgggtcc tgagtccact aggctcccag aagtagctgt gggacttcag     12840
     gagggttctt accaaaatct gctatttgtt ctattttctt cctttgtgat ggtcaattag     12900
     caacataagg acctagtttg tggcagagaa cgtttcttat caactatgcc caacctacaa     12960
     gatgacctga gatagaacac ataacactct caggagtgtt ttactgttta attttgtcta     13020
     cactcttttt ttcccctttt atttgatatt ttctttattt acattttaaa tgttgtctcc     13080
     tttccaggtc tcccctctgg aaactgccct agcacatcct ccctcacctg cctctatgaa     13140
     ggtgctccca cacccatcta tctactcctg ccttccagcc ttgacattcc cctacactgc     13200
     agcattgaac cccctcaggc ccaagggtca ctcctcccaa tgttgtccaa caaggccatc     13260
     ctctgccaca tatttagcca aatacatggg tccctccatg tgtattattt tgttggtggt     13320
     ccagtcccca gttattccag aggtttggcc agttgacact gttgctcctc acatgggact     13380
     gcaaacaccc acacctcctt cagccccttc tctaattcct ccatcagggt ccctgtgctc     13440
     agtccattgg ttggctgaga gtatccatct ctgtctttgt caggctatgg caaaggcttt     13500
     catgacacaa ccataccagg cacgtcatca agcacttcct ggcatctgaa ataatggctg     13560
     ggtttggtga ttgtatctct aggtggggca ctctctggat ggcctttcct caatctctgc     13620
     tctacacttt gtctgtgtat ttcctcttgt gagtattttg ttctcccttc taagaagcac     13680
     tgaatcatct acactttggt cttccttctt cttgagcttc atataatctg tacattttac     13740
     cttgggtttt ctgaactttt gggctaatac tcacttacaa gtcaatgaat atcctgtgtg     13800
     ctattttgtg actgggttac ctcactcagc atgatattgt ctacactttt atgtctgttc     13860
     tgactctggt tcctctggta cagatatata tcttttgtgc cttctgaaat atttgtttca     13920
     accatctcat caatgtcata tatatcactt ctcccactat tctcattcgc taatacttac     13980
     ctgccacaat gaattgcata caaccaccca ttctgttccc tgctcacaga actcctaaaa     14040
     ctaattcctg aagtcgatgg ttctcaaaga caagcgactt tggtcacttt ttgtatttta     14100
     tactatcacc tcattgaaaa gagttttcaa taattttgac ttaaagcacc aaagttcata     14160
     tacatactgt gagttaacac aaagaataaa tataagtgta gttatttcac aaagctgcaa     14220
     tctcaaattt actggacttt cttaagattc ttcaccagca ttacactttg ataatatgct     14280
     gcagagtaga gaagaattct ctagtgccag aatgatattc agctctacag gtcatttcct     14340
     taagctgtgt ttcttagttg gatgaaattt ggaccatttc tttcttttaa ctctaactta     14400
     cttcctccta tgctcctaca acataatgaa ttcactggca gagtattgtt tcttatggaa     14460
     ttaagaccac aaattagtga tcagaaaaca aagcaggttt acattagtac attttcacaa     14520
     atatatttca ggaatccaaa catcccagca ttagaatctt gttaccagac aacatatatc     14580
     tgtaaaccaa tacctggtga caaaaatcat tgacaatttc tgaactttct tcaacaaaga     14640
     atatcttcat tttcatgact gtggcttaaa tgactaacac ttacttgaca gaagcttgaa     14700
     acctcaaaac tgcattcaga acaggtcatg cttatctccc agaactgtaa acttgccagt     14760
     ctcctctcct ttccatggtg gtgttacatg ccagaacaca gtacagaaga aacttatcct     14820
     actcataaaa gagagagtca cataggccat ttctgtatgc tcccagaaaa gatgagagtt     14880
     gctcagcccc ctcttctacc ttaccatgta gtcaataatc aatgtttttg taatagtcta     14940
     cattgtgaat tctctttagt atcattctaa ctatagaagt aactgatttt caatccacca     15000
     tgttattcac ttccactttg attgatcttt gaatttctgg ggtttttgtt taatcactgt     15060
     ctttttggat attcaaagac agggcttctt ttgatatcat aactgagact ttaagtagga     15120
     gagagaaaga gagagcttca atgtctttcc aaactacctc acaggacagt ttctctctga     15180
     ttgtttttat tattgttcca agaaacttag aaattgctaa atgcttccaa gaactaaaaa     15240
     cctaaaacct ctaatactgt tatactttca gtaattttga aaatatcaag tctaataaga     15300
     aattgagaga tatgagcctc tacattccat gatgtgccag tgacctagga taggggaggc     15360
     tcacaggagt caatactggt tactttagct gagatgcata gcagtgggga tatggaacct     15420
     gaaaaggtca cttcctttaa ccagacacca accattccac aatgtttttt gaccaaaaat     15480
     tgttctatct acaacaaagg cagggataca gatggagcag agactaaggg aatggccaac     15540
     caataaccca ttcaacttga gacttattcc aggggaagca caaatccctg gcattataaa     15600
     tgatgctcta ttgcagacag gagcctagca tacctgtcct ctgagaggct ccacacagca     15660
     gttaactgaa acatatgcaa agacccacag ccaaatattg gacagagctt gtggactctt     15720
     atggggaatt tgggaaatta ttgacaccca aaaggaggag ctaacgccac agaaagatgg     15780
     acatagtcat ctaacctgga ccctatgggg caatcagaca cagacccacc aatgaaaggg     15840
     acttgaccaa ggcccctggc acatatgtag aagatgtaca gctcagtctt ctcatgtgtt     15900
     cccaagagtt gtaacagggc ctgtctgtgg aatccattcc cctaactggg ctgtcttgtc     15960
     tggccttact gggagaggat ttgcctagcc ttgtggagac ttaacatacc acggtatggg     16020
     aaactacatc cctcagatga gaaaaggagg ggactgggtg gaggagggcc tctgtaagtg     16080
     gtggacttga aggaagatca gcaattggga tgtaaaatta gtaaacaaat aaattaattt     16140
     aggaaaccaa gaaagtaaaa cgtgacaggt aaataaaaag tagtaattat tcaaatggtt     16200
     atatatatga gccaactctc ttattcttat acatttttcc aaataattga tcacaatcaa     16260
     ggtgtgataa ggacagttgt ttgtcacatg cattacaaga aaatttttat aattatataa     16320
     acaaacagag cagagtatgc tacatacata aacacagata tcacttctag tagacaatat     16380
     atattctgat acaccttcat gtaattattc tgttcatagt tagcatagtt actattgaaa     16440
     caaatctatt taaatattat aaataaaaag tcatagaaat tagtgacatg cccatcagtg     16500
     tgtaaaattg atatattaac taatatactc attcatagac ataatgatta gttaatgaaa     16560
     accaatgaaa caacaagagg aaagaagata ataaggataa aggaaatgag ggcaaaaaca     16620
     taaaatagaa aatgagataa gataaaaaga aaaagatcaa aggttttaaa agaatgaagc     16680
     aatgtttcag aataactcta gctactaagt aattaaaagt aaggtgggta aaattctttc     16740
     aaatttctat ctttatattc aaaattcaat tgttattaca aaaattggga tagtgaatat     16800
     atgccttatg aacatgtagt cattgccaag ttccagctgt ccatttcaag ttagtacttt     16860
     cttttcaaat attacataaa agagagaaaa attcttaaag aaatgttgcc atatgagtag     16920
     atttaaatgt ttaaagaaga aagaagaaaa ttactgtatc ctgatacagt gatagctata     16980
     ttgctgcagt gatttccctt acattgtttc ataagaagat acaaatgtac ctaaactatg     17040
     atgaaaatag taatattcaa acaatttatt ttaaattata aaaataattt ttattgtatg     17100
     tgtacatatg tgtgaacctg tgcatgccat aaggtgctgg tgaaggtcag aggacaaatt     17160
     tgtgaagttg attctctgat tccactttta cacaaatatc agttattgag tttatattaa     17220
     aagagctgca agctctttac acacatgttg aaccatctca cctttcctta agcaatatac     17280
     tttgaggaaa accagattag ttcctacata gattctgtag ataaacttca aaacatcaga     17340
     aaagtccata aaatttatgt caaactttta tatttcttca taaactttat ggaaaaaaat     17400
     gttaaaagat gataattgat tggtatttag ggagaaatca attaatatat tcacaaaacc     17460
     aaaacaatga gaatagtaga aacttcaaag atccagggat gaaaagactt tgaatattgg     17520
     tactcacaat aattatcttt ctttggtatc agtaatgcat caaggacaaa atttaactct     17580
     tctaaggagt cttactaagg ccccctttac atccttgttt cgcaagctat agatgaaggg     17640
     gttcaacata ggggtgacaa cagtgtacat tattgaagtg attgtgtttc tcttggatga     17700
     atgggctaca gcagaactga gatgaactac aaatcctgtc ccatagaaca tggataccac     17760
     acagaggtga gacccacagg tggaaaaggc tttatactta ttcttaatgg aggacatttt     17820
     cattaaagca gagacaatgt gaaaataaga gaaagctatc ccaatgacag gaaacatacc     17880
     tagcactgca gtaaccaaat acagaaaaat gttatttatg tgggtatcag agcgggccac     17940
     cctgagaagc tcagtgagtt cacaaaagaa atgtgggatt tcagtgctag tagagaagtt     18000
     cagttgtttc atcaacagca tatgaatcaa ggaaacccag aacataatga tccaagataa     18060
     aagaaccaga aggccacaga ttcgagggtt catgatgact gtgtagttaa gtggatgaca     18120
     gatggccaca aaacgatcat aggccataat ggtcagtaga aaattatcca ttccaagaaa     18180
     attattaaaa aaatatactt gagtaaggca ctctgtgtag gatatcttca tggtgtgcat     18240
     gtaaatgttc accaacattt tggggatagt agtggaggtt aaacaaatgt caacaaatga     18300
     caggttgcag aggaaaaagt acatgggggt gtgaaggtgg gagtcacagc tggtgactaa     18360
     gacaatgaga aagtttccaa gcatggtaat caggaacata gataggaata gtccaaaaag     18420
     aacagattga attttaggat cttctgaaag accaataagg aggaaatgta ctatggctgt     18480
     atggttctct gcttccatgc aggttttttg ttttctgaaa agaggaggaa ataaaaggat     18540
     gctcgctata tgatcaggta tcagttctat cagcattgtc actggtatag aaacattatt     18600
     ctctacgtgg acatatacag agtaatatga ccttcatagg caaggatcaa tcagttctct     18660
     tgcaatactt aattattcag tcacttatta aataaataga aatgttcctt ttattatcaa     18720
     ctcaataatc ttaattcaca cacacacaca cacacacaca tacacacaca tatatatata     18780
     tacacacaca caggatattt gtgtttattt ctttgtttgc ttttatatgg ctcatccaaa     18840
     gtaatggatg ctgaacatat attttcattt atgttctcta taccttttta ttttatatag     18900
     acatcatagg actgtatagt ttttaaattg aaatatgggt tctgttacct gaaacattat     18960
     cattatatag tagttatctc tcttagcctt tacttttttc ccccttttac acatgtggta     19020
     aatttttctt tcatatacag aattagcata ttttagcgag ttgtaacatg aaagtaaaat     19080
     ggggaagagt aaaaggaatg ggaggaaaac caaagagaat atttgatatc aacaagatga     19140
     aagtatatgg tacacataaa tgtcacagtg aaatcatatc tttcaattat atgcacaaat     19200
     aaaattagca tgcagatcca ttgataacat tttatcaata gctaaatatt actaggcaaa     19260
     tgaggtttat cagtaaagaa tgatatcata attttgtgaa tattgactag aaatttcttg     19320
     tttaatatct attttcctgt gtacagcaca gagcttacac agaatttaat actgggaatc     19380
     ttgaatatta ttttctgtga cttgacatat gaaaacacca gcataacagt tttgtgacct     19440
     tgaaattatt tttatattct gtattataat tatttatatt ggaaagcagg aacattaaat     19500
     atgcatacat cctaagattt aagagcaaaa tgaaaggata tgaaataatt ttctactatg     19560
     cttcctgaaa ctaaatgcct actctggaag attattattg aagaatattg ccctagaatt     19620
     gaggtggcaa ttgtgaatat agttatgatg attataattt caaacttcag ttaccatttt     19680
     gattaaaata cagcatttcc agttaaggag ttttcctaaa atataccctt ttacttacag     19740
     aacaaattat ggaggaatgc ttccaagaag ataaaaatat gtggagtaaa taaatgtgat     19800
     aaataaatgc tcaccattaa acataaaact aaatgtgtat ttattattgt gtaatgttta     19860
     tatttttgat tgagagtaag ttacctgaaa gttaaaaaaa aaggagtgtc tgaataagtt     19920
     cttgaaatta aaagacaaag atctgtatga tctgaagaga atccagaaag ttctccatta     19980
     aactaaacat cgttatgctt actgggttgc cccaatccaa aacgaagaaa atctatagag     20040
     agaacatatg tacataggta agaggtcact ctaaaataga aatattttat ttgtgagaaa     20100
     aatgtgtcac ggtttatcat taagaaagaa taaatacttt ggcagaaaaa tacaatatat     20160
     aatatcccaa tatgacagct gttttgttta gtaggagatc tgagaatcta gtgtgatata     20220
     aaacaaagaa agaagggcaa atatctgtaa atgaggagag tttgctgaaa gctttgtttt     20280
     atgtctctct tacactagta aatccaaatt tattttgatg gtagaataga tgaagtaact     20340
     tctcaaacat gtttatacag catctatagc agaaatatca tgacaaaatg tatcaatttt     20400
     gtcttataat ttgtgatttc ttggaattta aatggttaca gttatgtgtg ctgaacatag     20460
     aacacacatt tgaaatataa aacacatcag tctcaaactg tccacacaga caatataagt     20520
     tccagaccat catcctgaat atatataaga caaataaaca ctcattgcaa gtataataaa     20580
     tgttattctc aaacttgaga cacaaaggat gtgatctaga ttaccaccct gaatacaaat     20640
     atgaatacaa aaatacagaa ataagtagtc aaatatgaat aaaaactaca gaaataagta     20700
     gtctagtaac ttaagttaaa tatatgaagc caagatttga agaacagcaa ctgataggaa     20760
     atctggggat ataagctctt tttaagataa atatgttagc tctcataatt actgagaaat     20820
     aaccataatt catatcccag tatgcaaagt taactaaata aattaaataa ggaaatgacc     20880
     atttttcatc ctagtagaac atggctaatt tctaatcata taggggctat tgcatgaaat     20940
     ctctgaagta tttctgttgt ttataaatgt gtcagagaca cttccccaac cttaatcaat     21000
     atattcctag acatttaaat gggcttgcaa tatgagaaat gaaagttgcg ctgactttaa     21060
     tattactaag aatggtagac atgttgtaga tataaaagtg atctcaccac taccacttta     21120
     atgcagatta tattactcaa gtacagttat accattgtaa aacaatagcc tcatagtatc     21180
     tgaaaaaata tataaactgc ataattcata agagatactt attgaatagt taacaagtat     21240
     atgaatttat agcataattc taaaggagct taccttgtat taaaggatgg aaaaagtaga     21300
     gattttccag ggaataattc ttattggaaa atattctaca cttcaaaaat gggaaaagga     21360
     aatagtgata gttggataga cagggtttgt ggaaactata cttttgtgac atagaaagaa     21420
     tgctatgaaa tttatagttc ttgtatcata caaagactac aacctcatag tgttatagtg     21480
     ctaagatata aaggattctg ctatgctcag tgttgtaaaa ttgaagctta gtacccatat     21540
     catctcctcc atttactctg tctgccttaa ttagaagcat caacttttgt actgttttca     21600
     ctaaaggttg ttttcttcat gatacttggg aaatttaatg tacgttttcc acaaaagttg     21660
     agaaataatt acaagtaaag gtgattatca ctttcttagt ttgaattgtc aaagctccta     21720
     attaaaataa aagtcctatt ttctttcctt ctctaaatat ccccagtacc ctagggtaaa     21780
     aataatgtaa cggagtagaa ctgttcagtt aaatatgttt atactgaggg atacaagggt     21840
     aaggatttta atttcctcaa aggacagaca ctataaattg ctttttattg ttagaaatta     21900
     ttccctagag aaagtatagc atgtgtctta agctggagct tctaccaaat atcttttctg     21960
     gtaagtctcc cgaggtactt taagaatcat ataaattatt ttagatccaa gttttataga     22020
     aaattaaata cttttagtaa tttttgtttt taattttaaa ttttacttga gtgtttagga     22080
     tatctgagta tatagcactt ttaaactaag gctacaacac ttgtctcctt ggggtaattc     22140
     ttattttttt caatttttat tagatctttt cttcatttac atttcaaata ctatccagaa     22200
     agtcccccta taccctcccc cttccctgct cccctaccca cccacttcca cttcttagac     22260
     ctggcgttcc cctgtactgg ggcatataaa gttttcaaga ccaagaggcc tctcttctca     22320
     atgatggccg actaggccat cttctgctac acatgcagct agagatacga gctctggggg     22380
     tactggttag tacatattgt tgttcctcct atagagttac agaccccttc tgctccttag     22440
     gtactttctc tagctcctcc attgggggcc cttgtttcat ccaatagatg actgtgagca     22500
     tccacttctg tatttgccag gcactggcat agcctcacag gagacagcta tatcagggtc     22560
     ctttcagcaa aatcttgctg gcatagcaat agtgtctgtg tttggtggct gattatggta     22620
     tggatcctcg ggtggcctag tctctggatg gtccatcctt tcctgtgctg gggcatataa     22680
     attacattat tttttttttt taattcagaa agtagtattt accaataatc tttattacca     22740
     tattaaaata attctgtcaa cattctagtt ctatttaaat ggcttcctga atctcttacc     22800
     aacatttttc ccaacccagt agcctctgac aatctaagac ccattgtcta tttccaaaga     22860
     taatgcaata ttaatttata tacattgtat ccaagtaaac agcattgaaa aagaaaaaca     22920
     aatttctgtc catatatcca gtgtagaact ttaagaaaga ataacaccaa gaaacataaa     22980
     atataattca atatttgcca agggaacaat tcagtaacaa catataatga ttatatattt     23040
     acacacacca aatgccaaaa taggcctatg tataaaggaa acattactat aggtgagtaa     23100
     aagacatttt tcaggtaata ataatgaggg actttctgga agcaatggac cccttgcttt     23160
     taatctgaaa cattttaggt ccaggtgact tgaatacagt ctgccatatt ctactgccct     23220
     aacatttaca ttcaatttta gctaataata atcaggtcca acaattttgt gttgaaatcc     23280
     ctaaaactga atggaaaata attactacat attcttaagt tgcctcttta agtattttgt     23340
     tgcagttagg taaagtgtga ctaacacttc aagagcaata tgttttatgt gtaatactgt     23400
     aaacaacaaa caaagagagg ggattagagc tcagtaaaag agtacctgcc aaacatacac     23460
     aagatctctg gttcaatctt cagaattaaa aataataaca atcttaaaca atcttataca     23520
     atgtgtatat atatacacac aagaaaaaat taacacagaa gagattggat attccaagat     23580
     aaaattcaca gatgacatga agctcaagaa gaaggaagac caaagtttgg atacttcagt     23640
     ccttcttaga agggggaaca aagtattcat gggaggagat acagagaaaa aatgtggagc     23700
     agagactaaa ggaaatgcca tgcagagact gccccacctg gggatctata tcatgtacag     23760
     ttaccaaacc caaacacttt tgtggatgcc aacaagtgct tactggcagg agcctactat     23820
     agctgtctcc tgagagactc tgccagtgcc tgacaaatac aaggtgaatg ctaccagcca     23880
     gccattggac tgagcaaagg atccccaatg gagaagctag agaaaggacc agaggagctg     23940
     aaggggtttg cagccccata tgaggaacaa caatatgaac caaccagtac ccccagagct     24000
     ctcagggact aaaccactaa ccaaagaata cacatcgtag gacccatggc tccagccaca     24060
     tatgtagcag ggaatggcct tgtaggacat taatgggagg agagaccctt gggcctatca     24120
     aggcttgatg ccccagtgta ggggaatgac aggtcaggga agcaggaatg ggtgggttgg     24180
     tgaacagggg gagtggggat aggatagagg gttcttggag gggaaaccag gcaaggggat     24240
     agcttttaaa atgtaagtaa agaaaaaatc taattaaaaa tgaaaaatga atatatactg     24300
     atatttcaga gaacctgagt tgagagttga gttcccacta ttaatgttgg aagatatata     24360
     tacacctata tctatatttg catatctata tctatatcat ctatctatct atctatctat     24420
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatcatt ctatctatct atctatctat     24480
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atgtagagag agagagagag taaaatataa     24540
     atcttaaaaa tagatgtaga tagaacacct acaattatat aaatgaagac attatggaag     24600
     catcaaatta tcatgaaaat ataaaactga gaagaaagat aaacttgaat taagtaaaag     24660
     tagacagatt ccatactttc tttgttgtgc agataatttt gatttaaaat cagtgaagaa     24720
     acactgaatt gaaattatct atttttccag tgcaacttgt atgttgacta taaaaataca     24780
     ttcaagaaga gttattaata gaaaaaaaaa gatgatttgg gtgacagtat taaagcaatg     24840
     ttttccaaag tgaagaaaaa aaattcactt ggacttgaga aaacagattc atggcctttt     24900
     tgcacagtcg cacaactaat gtaatatacc ttgttcctga aatttttgat gatattttaa     24960
     agtattctcc cacaaatata gtacattata tgatatgttt tcattcttat taaatatttc     25020
     ataataaaaa taattataga catcgtattc tacaggagtc aaagacttct ttcatcattc     25080
     tagttgaata ctcaattaag actctgaaag caaaatgagc ctgaaacaat gtctcacaaa     25140
     tggctagaga ctacagatgt aaaccctgaa aagttcttca ctgcaatcaa taaagatatt     25200
     ctttgataaa acctagttta catattgtgt gagttccttt gtgattgtgt tacctcactc     25260
     aggatgatgc cctccaggtc catccatttg cttaggaatt tcataagttc attcttttta     25320
     atagctgagt agtactccat tgtgtaaatg taccacattt tctgtatcta ttcctgtgtt     25380
     gaggggcatc tgggttcttt ccagcttctg gctattataa ataaggctgc tatgaacata     25440
     gtggagcatg tgtccttctt accgggtggg acatcttctg gatatatgcc caggagaggt     25500
     attgccggat cctcgggtag tactatgtcc aattttctga ggaaccacca gactgatttc     25560
     cagagtggtt gtacaagctt gcaatcccac caacaatgga ggagtgttcc tctttctcca     25620
     catcttctcc agaatctgct gtcacctgaa tttttgatct tagtcattct gactggtgtg     25680
     aggtggaatc tcagggttgt tgtgatttgc atttcactga tgattaagga tgttgaacat     25740
     ttttttcagg tgcttctctg ccattcagta ttcctcaggt gagaattctt tgttcagctc     25800
     tgagccccat tagcccagaa acttaagata ccgaagatat aagatacaat ttgctaaacg     25860
     catgaaactc aagaagaatg aagacaaaag tgtggacact ttgctccttc ttagaattgg     25920
     gaacaaaaca cccatggaag gagttaccga gacaaagttt ggagctgtga acaaaggatg     25980
     gaccatctag agactgccat atccggggat ccatcccata atcagcttcc aatcgctgac     26040
     accattgcat acactagcaa gattttgctg aaaggaccca gatatggctg tctctgtgag     26100
     actatgctgg ggcctagcaa acacagaagt ggatgctcac agtcagttat tggatggacc     26160
     acagggcccc caatggagga gctagagaaa gtacccaagg agctaaaggg atctgcaatc     26220
     ctataggtgg aacaacaata tgaactaacc agtaccccct ggagctcatg tctctagctg     26280
     catatgtatc agacaatggc ccagttagcc atcagtggaa agagaggccc attggttgtg     26340
     caaactttat atgcctcagt acagtggaat gacagggcca agaagtggga gtgggtgggt     26400
     gggggagtgg gtgggggagc atgtgggcaa cttttgggat agcattggaa atgtaaatga     26460
     aataaatacc caataaaaaa gtgaaaaaaa ttagtttaca tagtaactac taactaagag     26520
     tgctctacag aatgcatgag aggaaaaaac ttaattctta aaagttaatc atacctatga     26580
     aagcacaagg aataattaat ctctgagaag ttgataaata gtggtggaaa acccatacca     26640
     cataaaaata attccattgt gattttatct tacacctgtc agagtggtaa aagtaaaaaa     26700
     taaaaataaa aacgatggct cataatgaca acgttgttgg gaaaggagaa cacttattta     26760
     tctctggtgg aagggctaac atgaatacca actatggtaa tcagaataag agttcttcat     26820
     gagggcataa atgtatctct attaatacat gtcttgggca tatacgtaaa ggggtctgtt     26880
     tacatcttag tacacaggca cttgcatatc catgttcaat gttgcactgt tcctagtagc     26940
     aagaatctgg aaacaaccta gagatacata aactaaagaa tgaataaaga caatgtggtg     27000
     tgggcttgtg taccagaggc tttacataga gatctctggc cctgcctggt gtaagggttc     27060
     aggcaaaggg gagatttgcg aacaggaaga gagagtcctc tgagttgcct ctgcggtaga     27120
     ctagccagtg aggaatgagg gggagcttca gtggcttcag ggagcagact cttcccaggc     27180
     agcagggtta cagctcttac aacagaagcc ctcagacaac agagcagttc tcacacctta     27240
     ttcctccagg acaggattct tatctacagt gctggggcgg gtcagggtct gacagcaggt     27300
     acttctcatt ggcttggtct aagagcttgg agatacctta tctgcacgtg ggagggcttg     27360
     gtgctggcac agacttctct gctgggggac agtgggaggc tgtaactacg tgacaggagc     27420
     caggatccca agggacatgg tcaaatgccc gctgtccctt gcaggtgaca gcctcctgct     27480
     gggttactgg gttactgagt tactaggtta ctgcctagtt actgggttag ttgttgggtt     27540
     actgggttac tgggttactg agttactagg ttactgccta tcataccacc ccaccccaaa     27600
     atgtggtggt atatttatgc aatagaatac attttgatta tttttttaaa agtacaaatt     27660
     tcacaggtaa aataatggat ctggaaaaac tcatcatgat ctgggtaaag aaagcctcaa     27720
     aagacaaatt gtatatattt ctgcacgtgt atattagatt ttaagcattt taaagtcgtg     27780
     ttacaatcca tttaaccaaa gagtttatgt atagagtaag caactaggct gaggatgaca     27840
     cctcaagaaa gtaaaattca atattaagtt atggagaaac agcaagagat tggagctgtt     27900
     gaataaaatg ggaagaaata cagcaggttg gggtaagaaa tgggatacac atgacacaac     27960
     taacactaag ggccttactc tataagcttg tatgtgaaca gaaactacct acagcgacca     28020
     aataatagtg cagacaatgc cacaactaga caactttcat catcaagcga aacaacctat     28080
     gccaggaatg gatagtgcta gttcaatctt ggccaatgga tccctatgga aacctaccaa     28140
     tacttcaggc tattgcaaaa gggagtttgc tctccagaaa ttcacaataa tatcctattt     28200
     tgaaagacaa tacttacata tttcattaaa atgagagtat caagctgtaa cctaactaga     28260
     gtctttaccc attctaacta ttgttcatgg taatagaaga tacacaacac actatcagag     28320
     agaaagttag ctaccaacac aactaaaagc cttacagttt ccaatggtta cccaaatgct     28380
     ggtatagtag tggggcaaaa ttttaaaaat acctaaccac tcatttactg gatctaaggc     28440
     acaatcagtg aactacaacc gattcttcac actactcaga aggccaaaac ctgattgact     28500
     aggtcatgtg actagtggaa gaaaaatact attggttttt tgtttgtttt gtttgtttgt     28560
     ttttactttg ggggagagtt catctcttga attttgattg gttgtggttt tctacactgg     28620
     tccatgtatg tactaaatag aagtttcttt gatgagggct gtgaattaat cttattagca     28680
     gttattaggg tggatgttta gatttaaatt agtatactgg tgtagctgat tagtgatgat     28740
     atttttccct aaaacccatg agttctgtct cattgaatag ttggctagaa tctactacca     28800
     gtctttgatt cctaccggtt ggcaagattt cagttcaaag agtgaactgt atttacctag     28860
     aaaacatgtg tgccactaat gtatccttat ggctatgata ccatgctggt cattaatgta     28920
     attgtaactt cataggacag gccatcacct tcctccttta gaagctttca tgtaagctaa     28980
     tctatttttg aatgctcatt tcagtcattt cctgcttagg gtctctgtgc cttatttcag     29040
     aagtgcattg tatcatcagc aattttatgc tttgtaaatc tgttatccat tcctagttaa     29100
     taactcagaa ctttttcctg ccgtattttg tttttgttag gaagttttta gctcttagag     29160
     gaagcacagt cagccagatg agaaaagtac attataacta tgtatatatt aatacaagta     29220
     attagatatc ctatactttt tgttataggt aaatatcact attattcctt atgacctttt     29280
     agatttattt tttattttat tcttctctta catggtttgt atgtaccttc tttacatcct     29340
     tgaagagcct gtctccctca tttcccttat aacatctctt gtaccctgct cttcccttct     29400
     ctattgctcc caacacccta tcttgtcagt ttttctttgt ttactttttt tgtttctaag     29460
     gttgttatag gctctataca catattgcgt aatacatttt ctttaaatat agaggcaatc     29520
     ctgcagtgat tcttcatcat tctttgcaat tattttattt tatttttatt atgaataatt     29580
     tttgatatta atatgacctc acatcattat tgtttgtcag caatccattt ggagtgtcta     29640
     aatatttttg ttcatatttt tataaatata tctctctcag attttctaat ttactaaaat     29700
     acttatgtaa aatatgatat atgatcctaa attatcatgt gatttgttag tatctattct     29760
     aatcttccac tttcctttct catttaattt atttaagtct gggtgggagc acacacaaac     29820
     agaagcaaga ggagggagat gggacagggt gtttctggag gtggaatcag gaaagagaat     29880
     atcttttgaa atgtaaataa ataaaatatc caataaaaac atcttacatt tcttttggtt     29940
     agtgttcatc ttcaattttt tattatttat gcttttgtgt ctgtggtgtg tgtgtgacta     30000
     tatttgtctg tgttgtgtgt gtgcatttat gtgtgtgagt gtatgtgcac atgtatgcaa     30060
     gtgcctacac aagctaaaaa agagctttga atctcccaga gctgaaactt acatgaaact     30120
     ttgaactaca ttatgagggt gctgagactt gaaatccaat cctgcagaat agtgggagtt     30180
     actgttaatc tttgagcaag tttaattctt tcaagtaaaa catgtgattt ataattactt     30240
     tttgctattc ttatttatga ataaaagaag tacattacta ggttctttat tttaagtctc     30300
     tctgtttttg tctcaacgtg atcattcatt taagaacctt ttgtaagagg tgcctgcaca     30360
     tttctaccaa aattttggtt actcatgctt tcatcatttt ctatttctaa aatgttttgg     30420
     aaatctatcc tcaagttctt cagtggcata gtttactaca aaaatttgaa ttgtttgacc     30480
     tggatatttt tgcatatttt atttgtttta tagatagtgc ttttcaatta ttattgggta     30540
     atatttcaga aatcatttca ttttatcaat aaatatttat gctatatcat gaaattcgat     30600
     atattctagt ggaaggctca tgacctgttg tgaagaatgt atatccatat agtttggata     30660
     ggttaattta aatatgatta tctaatctct ttgctatata atccaactta actctgaaga     30720
     taaatttctt ttttgacgta tgcaccatat ccattaatca aagttgggca ttgaattcac     30780
     ctacttgttt tgtatatttc ctgcttctta tctgtctgct tatacctctt agttaatggt     30840
     ttataaaatt ggggaaatat ttcaaagaat atttatttaa aatattaaag tgtatttgat     30900
     atttgaatat tttattaata tgtagttgct ttacctctta tggcatcttg atataaagat     30960
     catttgtcaa atatatcttg atatttgctt ttgttacatt ttcttgtaat atatattttt     31020
     catctttaga gaaatggtgt gaggaaacat agaagctttg tgactcccag catactgaga     31080
     tacccagaag gcatactttc tcaagcagag aatccctttg ttctcccaag taagctacat     31140
     gtctgagaaa gtggccttca ggattctatt ctaacaagaa aataactttg tttatagttt     31200
     aattagacaa ttcatctaag attggactgc tgacagattt ctcaatctga aaggaagttt     31260
     gagtcacttt tagccaagat aagtaattgc tattgaaata gcagccagtg aaaactagaa     31320
     attgtggaaa atctttattt tttttccttt aaaagatgtt gaatctgcaa ataaactgtg     31380
     cattgactga tttggctgag tgaaccctgt gtcacaatta atgcagctct acccttggga     31440
     ccccaacaca atagacattg atattcatcc atttccttta atcctgtata tgtttttacc     31500
     agtgagattt atttctttca ggcaagacaa aagtagatgt tttatcccat tcagttcatc     31560
     tggtaatttg actggagtgt taagagcgtg aacttgtacg tttattgtag acattatgtc     31620
     atttatggac tccatgatcc atgaatgtat gattttctct gagagtaaat tagggttggt     31680
     atatgtactc ataaaaggtc taaaaattat agattatgga gaaatcagtt aaaaaccaag     31740
     aaacctttgt cctcagtgat tctatatttt cactctctca gaattttaaa agcttggaag     31800
     ttgatttcct gccgcttaag tcgtgttttc tactatgcat atttatttcc ataaactttt     31860
     aactaagtta tagtcaatta tattgactaa tcatgacttt tataggttgg agaaggtagt     31920
     tgctaacaca ataaagagaa gtaactgaaa cttgagttta tgtaaattca aatattatgg     31980
     ctattactga agtatttata cagggtaaga tcctctttag atgtttctta cagagtataa     32040
     aacaatctca gctctgaggc acttgccccc tctcagacca cttagattag aaacttaaaa     32100
     ttcatttatt gcaaagaata aaattgtgca catgtattac gtcccactcg accggcaaga     32160
     aagacgcaac aaaccggaat cttctgtggc aaaagcttta ttgcttactt cttcaggaag     32220
     accccgaaac aggaaaatgg cgccactttt ataacccgca gtgtgacgtt tcaccacctg     32280
     atatggcgtg acagctcctg attcgttgct cgcccatcac cccactatta caccccgaga     32340
     atgggagtga ctaggagtga gttcactctc gcacctgcgt acaaggcttg tttactagtt     32400
     aggcacagca gaaggccagc gccatcttat aatggcgatt gctcacggca cggctctcca     32460
     catctccccc tttttatttt attaaaattt gaggctggtc taggcctgtg taattatgcc     32520
     catccgctgt ggctcctgtc ttaggtcgtt cctccaatgt cacagccttt cctgtcatag     32580
     ggtaacccta tcgccaccgg ccccgtgtct taggttgatc tgtgcataag gaaagttgcc     32640
     cgtctctgga taccacagtg atatgtgaca gtaactacta aatgacctag ggtgaatctt     32700
     acatgcgttc tcacgcccgg ccaggaaaga acacaacaaa ccagaatctt ctgcggcaaa     32760
     actttattgc ttacatcttc aggagcagga gcgcaaaacc ccaagcccca aaaacgaaag     32820
     cccccttctt acatctttag gagccagagc tccggcgcgc caaagcgcag agcgcgctct     32880
     attgtttaca tctttaggag ccagagcgcc ggcgcgcaga gcaagagaga gaacgcaagt     32940
     aagagagaat ggcggaaacc ccgtcccctt taaggaggag ttatccttcg cttaggacgc     33000
     atcactccct gattggctgc agcccatggc cgagctgacg ttcacgggaa aggcagagta     33060
     caagtagtcg taaaataccc ttggcacatg cgcagattat ttgtttacca cttagaacac     33120
     aggatgtcag cgccatcttg tgacggcgaa tgtgggggcg gctcccaaca tctccccctt     33180
     ttcttttaat aagagcaaat aggccaccca tattaatgag agtggagata gaggtcaaat     33240
     ccccagtgtg taggtaaagg agccgtacac ataacctcct cccaggctca tcacccagag     33300
     gggtcctggt ctggtcccgt gttgtttttc ctgggggaag gacacttgaa cactcaacct     33360
     tcttgaaaga tgacatgtct ccctagaata ggctcatttt atgccgcaga gcccttctat     33420
     tgcagtgctt agccgtgcaa ctctctcggg ctgctgaagc acactcactc tatcccgtgc     33480
     aatgagacta gcctcatggg atataagagc tgagtggcca gcgacctatt gcctaagcat     33540
     agatatatca ggggaagctc catgttctag tcctgcaagc gcctgggcaa taaccacctt     33600
     gtctctccta gtttgggcct taagcttaca gaccaatcaa agaagcaaca ctaatccaca     33660
     gcaaagtgta tctccaaata atatcaatcc cacccattct ttaaagaagg gaaatgctga     33720
     ggagatccaa ttgggtaatc ctttggttag ggacaggtcc aagcgcgtgg agttgacctg     33780
     aagtctcaat tcccgaagga tctgttcaaa ttcagccgtc caattctgta acatatactg     33840
     aaaaagactt tttgacaaat tagctgccct agtaaattta acatactgaa tggaagtaac     33900
     acacaatccc ggaaactttt gtttacaccc cagctgagtt atttgtcata atacatctag     33960
     ttgtatctgg acaagatcta tgagttgatt aaccagcatg agacctccgt gtatcatgac     34020
     attagctgag gcctgtttat ctatgactgt agtcactgag gctgacaaag tgttaatggt     34080
     gtcagtcgtc tggacctgtc cagacagagc caaggctgtc tgaatcaagg ctaaacccag     34140
     ttcctagtta gtggtaaaaa agcaggagaa tacttgagca ttatacatca ccgtcattgg     34200
     gagtggaaat gtcaacatta tctcccaacg ctgctctctc tttattattg acgccctgga     34260
     catcaccaag acgagggaca tcagtattcc cttggtcagt ctggattttt cgggtgagtc     34320
     tttctggtat ccaaaatggg ttgtcttcat tctgtgggaa aacacaaatt gctcccctgg     34380
     atcttatcaa aataggatcc gggccatacc atttattatc aaggacattt ttccatttaa     34440
     ccatctcatt gggcctatct ggctctgaac aatgacgttc agccgcagta tggccatgag     34500
     catcaatatt taaaaaattg agtgtaaaga gtgccataga cacagacact cttggtgctc     34560
     ggggtaaagt ctcctcaaaa gttcccctct tctgttttat aagataggct ttgagggtgc     34620
     gatgcgcacg ctcaacaata ccctgtcctt gagggttgta tggaagtcca gttaggtggg     34680
     ttacgtccat ctgacggcag aactgctgga atttttgaga cgtataagct ggtccattat     34740
     cagtcttaag gagtttgggt ttcccccaag tactccatgc ctcaagacaa tgttgaatca     34800
     catgtgaggc tttttctccg gttaacggag aagcaaacat gatgccagaa catgtgtcaa     34860
     tggacacatg gagatattga agttttccaa aggaagaaac atgtgtaaca tccatttgcc     34920
     agacctgtag aggtcgaata ccgcgtgggt taattcccac atgaggaact ggcaagaact     34980
     cacagcagct ttgacattga gtaacaatgt cacgggcttc ttttcttgtc aaggagaaac     35040
     gactgcgtaa tgtttcagcc gtcacatgaa aattgttatg aaaatttctt gcagcctcta     35100
     ccggggatga tagggcagca gccaccactt tagtggcctt atctgtcaaa tcatttccca     35160
     gagccatggg gccaggtagg cctgaatggg ctctaacatg agtaatataa acaggaaatc     35220
     ttttagataa caaaactaat tgtatctgct gaaaaatatt ggcaactcta ctggaaggct     35280
     taatcactcc agccacttct aaaagattta ctgcattaac aacataacag gaatctgaca     35340
     caatattaag gggttctaaa aaggttttta aaacttctaa aaccactaaa cattttacca     35400
     cttgaggtga attttcatta tattgtttgg atatcacttt accattagcc acataggcac     35460
     ctatgccagt ttttgatcca tcagtatata ccacaatccc atttttaagt gggtttctta     35520
     ctgttatttg tggaaacaca acagattgat tttggacaaa ctgtaaaatt ggatgttttg     35580
     gataatggtt atctatttgt cctgaaaagg aggtaactaa aactgcccaa tcattagatg     35640
     tggctgccaa ggtttgaacc tgtgcagcgg tataaggtac aattaaaaga tatggacttc     35700
     gcccaaagtg ggtgattgct gcttttaggc ctttaagggc aagctgtgca attgcatcag     35760
     gataccaatc tattatttta gctggggata cgtttggatg gatccacaac aatggcccat     35820
     tctgccacaa aactgcggtt ggcaattgtg ctgtcttaaa gacacacaaa ctgaaaggct     35880
     gcgaatcctc aatacgttgt aattgtgcat tctgtaaggc ttttttcact ttttgtaagg     35940
     cctggttagc agctagagta agggccctag gggaggagat atgaggatct ccttctaaaa     36000
     taccaaacaa aggccttaac tcagcggaag gaatctttaa aaaaggtctg agccaattaa     36060
     tatctcccaa cagcttttga aaatcattta aggtatggag gtgatctctt cttatctaaa     36120
     catgtaaata ttgatttttc tcaaaggagg aaatatgcgt gacatccatt tgtcagacct     36180
     gtaatggcct gacgccacga gagtttaccc ctacgtgagt agataaaatt tgacaacaat     36240
     ctaaaggcat tattaagtaa tcagaataat ttttagtaga accaatccct cttgtagctc     36300
     taggaatacc agaggaagaa aaaacagcca tgtaggcttg gcaaaattat tagttgagct     36360
     attttgtctc tttgtgatat agaaaagaca acttgaggac aagaacagag aacctgaagt     36420
     tcccctttat aatcctgatc tacaactcca gggtggacaa taagaccttg taggctgcaa     36480
     gagcctgtct ttgtcattat tgtccagtgg cttcacctgc tcgggagagc gccttccagg     36540
     ccctaatagc ctttttatct gattcagaac tattaaaaac tggctccttg aactcatcta     36600
     gtgatgagta gaggctcctt ctcctagaag cctccgctga ttgatctttt ttcttttctt     36660
     tttccttctc ctttcttcca atctctcccc aggtattctt acctgaccta aacttttcct     36720
     caggttcaag acccttggaa aggcctgtat acttattttg tgtaccatat tttctctttg     36780
     ctcctactct ctctccccgc tttacttctg atagattgtc ctgaatttca tctagaatcc     36840
     gccctgcctt aaccacttga taacatgtga aaaggaacaa aagggctcct aacactagaa     36900
     aaaatttaag gccaaacatt ccttgtaaag ccatttccca ctttacttct gatagactgt     36960
     cttgactttc cttagaaagt tcaagaccag acttaccttg taaagctatt ttccacttta     37020
     cttctgatag actgtcttga ctttccttag aaagttcaag gccagactta ccttgtaaag     37080
     ctattttcca ctttacttct gatagactgt cttgaatctc gttagaaagt tcaaggccag     37140
     acttaccttg taaagctata cttacgggtt accgccgttc cccagctgaa aagttctgaa     37200
     ttcacgcagt tgaatccttc tcaacagtct gttttacgag aacacttcat taccgtgacc     37260
     cgcagttctg gttctggaat gagggatctt ccttgcgccg gtgatggtaa actctcgtcc     37320
     cgagtttttc ttcccgggtt ttctcttccc ggaatttttt gtcccggaat ttctcgtccc     37380
     gggttacagc accaattctt acacgcgttc tcacgcccgg ccaggaaaga acacaacaaa     37440
     ccagaatctt ctgcggcaaa actttattgc ttacatcttc aggagcagga gcgcaaaacc     37500
     ccaagcccca aaaacgaaag cccccttctt acatctttag gagccagagc tccggcgcgc     37560
     caaagcgcag agcgcgctct attgtttaca tctttaggag ccagagcgcc ggcgcgcaga     37620
     gcaagagaga gaacgcaagt aagagagaat ggcggaaacc ccgtcccctt taaggaggag     37680
     ttatccttcg cttaggacgc atcactccct gattggctgc agcccatggc cgagctgacg     37740
     ttcacgggaa aggcagaatg tgggggcggc tcccaacagg tgaactctat aaaagaggcc     37800
     agccaccaat gtcaactaat ttttgagcat agatagccag atttcggggg agaccccttg     37860
     ctcgatggca gcaagtgctt gagttatcac aaccttgtca tttgtttgtt gggttctgag     37920
     tttgcaaacc aaccagagca tgaccacaag tccacagcag gtggcaacac caaataaacc     37980
     tacccccacc cattccttaa aataagaaaa tgcagatgaa atccaggagg agaggccctc     38040
     tgtcaatgac aggtccactc gtgtcgagtt gatctttaga acagctgctc tcagggcctc     38100
     aagggtctca tcgaatcttt cagaccaatt tcctgcaata tataaagaaa gctgtctaga     38160
     cagattagct gcataagtaa atttttcata ttggacatgg taatgcacag agcttccagt     38220
     tttctttcac aacccaactg ggccatctgg tatagaacac ctatctgttc ctctgccagg     38280
     tcaaggtgct gattcaaaat catcagccct ccctttaact tggtactagc agaagtttgg     38340
     acagtgatgg catcagccag atctgctgaa agctgattta attttgtgcc tgattgaacc     38400
     gtactagcca tagcataccc tgcagctgta gcagcagttg cactggctga aattgctatg     38460
     atcacggcag cagtaatgcc aaaatctctc ttttgtcgaa acatagataa ggtggagggt     38520
     gtttccaccg gaacagggat ccaacgtggg atccgtgcca ccatggcacg ggtgttcttt     38580
     gttaaatccc aacattgaga aatccaacaa gaatcattgg aacagatttc aaatgaatca     38640
     tttgaaagaa taaagaagag aggggggtaa acacagactg gggtaaatgg ataattaatc     38700
     tggtttacca aagttttatt gaacccagtg atctctacac tggtattagt atatccataa     38760
     gagtcctggg aggcatcatg tattccccaa tactgagcaa atcttgagat gccattaaaa     38820
     aaagtctttc cagctgctcc tccctggata aaaatcaaag gattgagttc tgtacaactg     38880
     cccttgactc cacaaagcac ccacttgtga aagggatgca ttctaaagtc ctgtatgaaa     38940
     agtctctttt tcataacaaa ttccttctct gggtcttcta tcatgttggg agaaaaggaa     39000
     aaagttttac tctgatctgc tcaacgagtg atggaggatt gacaatcaga ccaaggcagg     39060
     atcagccctt catcttccaa gctacaatga ggggctaatt ttgggtgatg tggatgttct     39120
     ttgtctgaaa agttaggtgg tagaaatgta ccattaaccc aagttacctc ctgccaaaag     39180
     gtccgatttg taaaggttat atctacattg gaagtatctt gggatgtgct cacccaacct     39240
     cctcgatgcc aattaaactt ccccaaagct caggctgtga ggttaataca atttcctggt     39300
     ccattaattt gaaaacataa agaaccctgt tctagtaaag agcgattttc tcctaatggt     39360
     gctcgggtgg gatcataggg taaatatggc aaatccactg ttttattagt agtaaagaat     39420
     tttggaaaaa ctatagcatc gtggtgaact ggcattggtt tagggaaagt cgagataata     39480
     gcccatctct gttcgcccat tatactagga acctgagaca agttcagcat tgtcaggatc     39540
     aggaacagtc ctcgggaggt cagcatcttc tgcaccatcc ttgatgaata tcctgcgggt     39600
     gagtcgttcc ggcagtcaaa atgggttgtc ttcactctgt ggaaaaacac aaacagctcc     39660
     ccgggatctg attaagatag gatccgggcc tttccacaga ccagttaaaa catccttcca     39720
     tttgaccatt tcttttggtc tatcagggtc tgagctatgt cgctcagttg cagaacatcc     39780
     ctgctcatcg agattcaaaa aattaagtgt aaagagtgcc atagatacct ctactcttgg     39840
     cactgagggc agtctcatca actccccttt tttgttttat aagatttgag tgtgtggtag     39900
     gcatgttcca caatgccttg tccttgagga ttataaggaa ggccagtcag gtgagtgaca     39960
     ttcatttgat gacaaaattg ttgaaattta gtagaagtat atgctggccc attatccgtt     40020
     ttaagaattg tgggcttgcc ccaagcactc catgcttcta ggcagtgctg tataacatga     40080
     gaggcttttt cacctgttaa aggtgtggca aacattacac cagagcaggt gtcaatagaa     40140
     acatgtaaat attgatttct cccaaaggag gaaatatgcg tgacatccat ttgcaagacc     40200
     tgcaatggcc tgacaccacg agggtttacc cctacatgag gagtaggtaa aaattgacca     40260
     ctacctctgc acataaagtg gaggtgcact aggaccctga agccgacagt ccggaggctt     40320
     agcagcaagc tggctttcac cagccgcttt tggccttttt ctggactgag tagctccttt     40380
     ttatcttgct ggtacctttc tcccttataa caaactgctt cctcctccaa gtccatttct     40440
     tcagaggagc taagttcatt catctggttc tgagctacta agagctagct gcttaaattc     40500
     atccagtggc gggtagaggc tcctttcctt atgtgcctct ccagctccat ctcccttctt     40560
     ctctcccttt ccatcccttt ttctaatctc tcccaaggca ttctttcctt tatatctctt     40620
     ttcctcgggc tcagggcccg tggaaaggcc taaatttttc agtgcacttt gtttcctttc     40680
     tacttttact ctctctcccc actctacctc tgatagactt tcttgaattt catccaaaac     40740
     tttctgcccc acttctacca tttgctgaca atcctcatct attaaacacg atttcaccaa     40800
     tttccacaac ggcatgatcc ttgctttaag tttgctgttc tgctgttccc taactagatc     40860
     tcctttcagt ttgtcccaag aggcgacagt taacgaccct gagcaagcat accatggtgc     40920
     cacacggtct atctcactga caaatccctc taaggtctta gtggcgattt ttaggccaca     40980
     ctgcttcagg accgagcgta aggccactat tatagaatgg gagattccca tactgctgct     41040
     atccagtcct gaccgcgact gaaacttgtc actgtccagg tgctgtccag gcctgactgc     41100
     gaccaagaac cagtcagcag ttccagcagt ggaagcaaaa cggaaaagtg caatcgccgt     41160
     gcaaacaatc aaaagggctt ctaactctgg agaaagttca agattgatct taccttgtag     41220
     agcctttttg tcccatggtt ctgattccgc cctgcgaacg agggatcttc cttgcgccgg     41280
     tgtgatggta attcctgggt tcctcggcac cacttattgc gtcccactcg accagcaaga     41340
     aagacgcaac aaaccggaat cttccgtggc aaaagcttta ttgcttactt cttcaggaag     41400
     accccgaaac aggaaaatgg cgccactttt ataacccgca gtgtgacgct tcagcacctg     41460
     atatggcgtg acagctcctg attcgttgct cgcccatcac cccactatta caccccgtga     41520
     acgggagtga ctaggagtga gttcactctc gcacctgcgt acgaggcttg tttactagtt     41580
     aggcacagcg gaggccagca ccatcttata atggcaattg ctcgcagcac ggctctccac     41640
     acacatgtat agctcattaa aaattccttg acttttttgt tactctacca agttggactg     41700
     gcattgaggg cttctctgtg tctcagcctt cgtctttaca actaggtgtc atttctttaa     41760
     tgcctgacct tttgttacta caagctgaac aatttgatat gtaatatttc ataatatagt     41820
     ccagattaca gctaaagtca ccaagctctt aagtcctgga agtcctacta gataatctga     41880
     ttatattcat attgtataac tcacatgtta aagtactatg ttgcaatggg ccaaatttac     41940
     aaagagaagt ttaatggaga caaggattag gggtactaat aggaggaggt aacaataaat     42000
     ggatattaag agataatatg ttaaaagtgt actatatatg gaatcattaa acattctgag     42060
     caattaataa atatcaatta taaagttgtt atctcatctt ctttcttaca gtttctacta     42120
     tagaatacaa atacacttaa aatttttgaa aagaatatcc ataataaaaa tatacattga     42180
     agatatctga atatagtcac tagtaaaaat gctccctatc tttctcttta tctctgtttc     42240
     tgtctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tcacacacac     42300
     acacacacac acccacacac acacactcac acacacatac acacacatgc atacatgcaa     42360
     tacaatctca aaataaaact actggttatt atctgaaaga aatgaagtca gaatacaaag     42420
     agattactcc ataattgtat ttattctgat actcttcaaa gtagcaaatc aatataaaaa     42480
     caatctacat tcccattaac atgctagtcg aaagagaaat tatggtatat attttcatag     42540
     tggtgtccaa tcagatgtaa aaagaaatgg gaaaataaaa agtaaatata agtgtatatc     42600
     atggccttaa gcaaaataag gcagatgcat gaacaagcaa gcatctattc tgcaaacaga     42660
     aaattatgaa ataagataat tccaaatgag ggttatgatt gaatgggaag gctgctcagg     42720
     aaaaaaggtg aaaggacata gaagaaatgg tagaaaggaa aatggacatg acaagttgat     42780
     tatatatgta attataaatt atatatatac atatatataa attagatatg caatcattaa     42840
     aatttcacat ttagtgtata taaatactac acataaatat tatcataact attattatta     42900
     tgttaatgta aaaagtttca ctagttatac atccagaaat atattcatat attaatatga     42960
     atatttgata tcttttttat taaatttttt attaggtatt ttctcattta tatttccaat     43020
     gctatcctga aagtccccca tacccacccc cccccactcc cctagccacc cactccccct     43080
     ttttggccct ggcgatcccc tgtactgggg aatacaaagt ttgcaagtcc aatgggcctc     43140
     tctttccagt gatggctgac taggccatct tttgatacat atgcagctag agacaagagc     43200
     tccagggtac tttccctagc tcctccattg gtcttcgttc ttcttgagtt tcacgtgttt     43260
     agcaaattat atcttatata ttgggtatcc taagtttctg ggctaagtgg atgctcacag     43320
     tcagctattg gatggaccac agggccgcca atggaggagc tagagaaagt acccaaggag     43380
     ctaaagggac ctgcaatcct ataggtggaa caacaatacg aactaaccag taacccccag     43440
     gtgctcatgt ctctagctgc atatgaatca gaaaatgacc tagtccacca tcagtggaaa     43500
     gagaagccca ttagtcgtgc aaacctagag gactacagaa cccttcagtt ccttgagtac     43560
     tttccctagc tcctccattg ggggccctgt gatccatcca atagctgaat gtgagcatcc     43620
     acttctgtgt ttgccaggtc ccagcatagt ctcacaagag acagccatat ctgggtcctt     43680
     tcagcaaaat cttgctagtg agtgcaatgg tgtcagcgtt tggagctgat tatgggatgg     43740
     atcccaggta tggcagtctc tagatggtcc atcctttgtt cacaactcca aactttgttc     43800
     tattcaggaa ttttccccct ctacccatat attggagggt tttccctact ttctccttta     43860
     taagtttcag tgtctctggt tttatgtgga gctccttgat ctgcttagat ttgaccttag     43920
     tacaaggaga taggaattga tcaattcgca ttcttccaca tgacaactgc cagttgtgcc     43980
     agcaacattt gttgaaaatg ctgtcctttt tccactggat ggttttgctc ccttgtcaaa     44040
     gatcaagtaa ccataggtat gtgggttcat ttctgagtct tcaattctat tccattggtc     44100
     tacttgtctg tcgctatacc agtaccatgc agttttttat tacaattgct ctgtagtaca     44160
     gctttaggtc aggcatggtg attccaccag aggttctttt atccttgaga agagtttttg     44220
     ctatcccagg ttttttgtta ttatagatga attagcagat agccctttct aatttgttga     44280
     agaattgagt tggaattttg atggggattg cattgaatct gtagattgct tttggcaaga     44340
     tagccatttt tattatattg atcctgtcaa tccatgagaa tgggagatct ttccaccttc     44400
     tgaaatcttc tttaatttct ttcttcagag acttgaagtt cttatcatac agatctttca     44460
     cttccttagt tagagtcagg ccaaggtatt ttatattatt tgtgactatt gacaagggtg     44520
     ttgtttccct aattttttcc tcatcctgtt tatcctttgt gtacaggaag gccattgact     44580
     tgtttgagtt taatttatat ccagctactt cactgaagct gtttatttgg cttaggagtt     44640
     ctctggtgga atttttaggg tcacttacat atactatcat atcatttgca aaaagtgata     44700
     ttttgacttc ttcctttcca atttgtatcc ctttgatctc cttttgttgt caaattgctc     44760
     tggctaggac ttcaagtaca atgttaaata ggtagtgaga aagtgggcag ccttgtctag     44820
     tacctgattt tagtgggatt gcttccagct tctcaccatt tactttgatg ttggctactg     44880
     gtttgctgta gattgctttt tatcacattt aggtatgggc cttgaattcc tgatctttcc     44940
     aagactttta tcatgaatgg ttgttggatt ttgtcaaatg ctttctccac atctaaggag     45000
     atgatcatgt ggtttttgtc tttgagtttg tttatataca ggattacgtt gatggatttt     45060
     tgtatactga agcatccctg catccctggg atgaaacctt cttggtccgg atggatgatt     45120
     gtttttatgt gttcttgaat ttggttaggt agaagtttat tgaggatttt tgcatccata     45180
     ttcataaagg taattggtct gaatttctct atctttgttg ggtctttttg tggtttaggt     45240
     atcagagtaa ttgtggcttc atagaatgag ttgggtagag taccttctgt ttctattttg     45300
     tggaatagtt tgtgaagaaa taggattaga tcttctttga aggtctgata gaactctgca     45360
     ctaaacccat ctggtactgg gctttttgtt tttttgtttt tttgtttggg agactattaa     45420
     tgactgcttc tatttcttta ggcgatatag gactgtgtag ataattaacc tgatcatgat     45480
     ttaactttgg tacctggtat ctgtctagaa acttgtccat ttcatccagg ctctccaggt     45540
     ttgttgagta cagccttttg tagaaggatc tgatggtgtt ttggatttct tcagggtctg     45600
     ttgttatgtc tcccttttca tttcagattt tgttaattag gatgctttcc ctgtgccctc     45660
     tagtgtgttt ggctaagggt ttatctatct tgttgatttt ctcaaagaac tagctcctcg     45720
     tttggttgat tctttgaatt ttattcttgt ttccacttgg ttgattttgc ccctgagttt     45780
     gattatttcc tgccatctac tcctcttggg tgaatgtgct tccttttgtt ctagagcttt     45840
     taggtgtgtt gtcaagctgc tagtgtgtgc tctctctagt ttctatttgg aagcactcaa     45900
     agctatgagt tttcctttta gaaatgcttt cattgtgtcc cataagtttg ggtatgttgt     45960
     ggcttcattt tcattaaact ctaaaaagtc cttaatttct ttctttattc cttccttgac     46020
     caaggtatca ttgagcagag tgttgttcag tttccacatg aatgttggct ttctattatt     46080
     tattttttta ttgaagatca gccttagtcc atggtgatct gataggatgc atgggacaat     46140
     tttaatatat ttgtatctgt tgaggcttgt tttgtgtcca attatgtggt caattttgga     46200
     gaagatacca tgaagtgctg agaagaagtt atatcctttt gttttgggaa aaaatgttct     46260
     gtagatatct gttagatcca tttgtttcat aacatctgtt agtttcaatc tgtccctgtt     46320
     tattttctat ttccatgatc tgtacattgg taaaagtggt gtgttgaagt ctcccactat     46380
     tattgtgtga ggtgcaatgt ttgctttgag ctttactaaa gtttctttaa tgaatgtggc     46440
     tgcccttgta tttggagcat agatattcag aactgagtgt tcctcttgga ggattttacc     46500
     tttgatgatt atgaagtgcc cctccttgtc ttttttgatg accttgggtt ggaagtcgat     46560
     tttattagat attagaatgg ctactccagc ttgtttcttc agaccatttg cttggaaaat     46620
     tgttttccag cctttcattc tgaggtagtg tctatcattt tccctgagat gggtttcctg     46680
     taagcaacaa aatgttgggt cctgtttttg tagtcagtct gttagtctat gtctttttat     46740
     tggggagttg agtccattga tattaagaga tattaaggaa aagtaattgt tgcttcctat     46800
     catttttgtt gttaaagttg gcattctgtt cttgtggctc tcttctttta gatttgttga     46860
     ggggttacct tcttgctttt tctaggaagt ggttttcgtc cttgtattgt tttttttttt     46920
     ttctgttatt atcctttgaa gggctggatt agtggaaaga taatgtgtga atttgtttct     46980
     gtcctggaat actttggttt ctccatctaa ggtaattgag tttggctgag tatagtagcc     47040
     tgggttggca tttgtgttct cttagtgtct gtataacatg tgtcaaagct cttcttgctt     47100
     tcatagtctc tggtgaaaaa tcttgtgtaa ttatgataga cttgccttta tatgttactt     47160
     gacacttttc ccttactgct tttaatattc tatctttatt tagtgcattt gttgttctga     47220
     ttattatgtg tcaggaggaa tttcttttct gtccagtcta tttggagttc tgtaggcttc     47280
     ttgtatgttc atgggcatct ctttctttag gtttgggaag gcttcttcta taattttgtt     47340
     gaagatattt tctgactctt taagttgaaa atcttcattc tcatctactc ctattttctg     47400
     taggtttgat cttctcattg tgtcctggat ttcctggatg ttttgagtta ggatcttttt     47460
     gcattttgta ttttttttga ttgttgtgcc aatgttctct atggaatctt ttgcacctga     47520
     gattctctct tccatctctt gtattctgct gctgatgctc tcatctatgg ttccagattt     47580
     ctttcctagg gtttctatct ccagtgttgc ctcactttgg gttttcttta ttgtgtctac     47640
     ttctcttttt aggtcttgga tggttttatt aaattccatc acctttttgg ctgtgttttc     47700
     ctgcaattct ttaagggatt tttgtgcttc ctctttaagg tcttctacct gtttagcagt     47760
     gttctcctgt atttctttaa gtgagttatt aaagtccttc ttgatgtcct ctaccatcat     47820
     tatgagacat acttttaaat ccaggtctag cttttcgggt gtgttggggt gccctggact     47880
     gggcgaggtg ggagtgctgg gttctggtga tggtgagtgg tcttggtttc tgttagtaag     47940
     attcttatgt ttaccttttg ccatctggta atctctggag ttagttgatt tagttgtctc     48000
     tggttagagc tttttcctca tttgattcta ttagtctcta tcagcagacc tgggagacta     48060
     gatctctcct ctgagtttca gtgatcagag cactctctgc aggtaagctc tcctcctaca     48120
     gggaaggtgc acagatatct ggtgtttgga actccctcct ggccgaagat gaaggcccaa     48180
     aacaggacct atccctgaag ctgagtttct tcggtctgtc ccagaagctg ttagcttctg     48240
     tgttccacac tctcacctgt gcagaatact gtcagcggag tcgtggaatc aagatgtcta     48300
     ctgctgatgc tcaggcaaag cgctcctggg ccgggcagac acctatcctc tggccggtaa     48360
     agtggacgga tcaggactgg ctttcttagg acatgtttct actagaaaca tggtgccaga     48420
     tataactgaa aatattccag acataaatgc acgactgaga cctcaaattg ccatttagta     48480
     tgctttgtat agtaggttat aaaagtagcc tcctctgtgg aatgttgtgg tgacacctga     48540
     gacagtcaca gactcctgat tcaatatcct attttctggt tgtattaaaa aattaaaaaa     48600
     aaaaaagcaa atgatgtaac ctcttaaaaa acattttcac acacacaaaa aagggatgag     48660
     gtgagatttc ctcactttta aaaaatgttt ctagagctac taaaaacaag catttacaaa     48720
     atagttgata aaaaaatatt cctctggatt gtacaagaag aaaggcaggg accactgata     48780
     gatgtgatgg acgcttagtt ggacttggct ttgttctctt cttcagagac tagaatttgg     48840
     tttgacacat tttatagttg tgtgttagag ttttggattt tatattatga agatgtatgc     48900
     tttttcagga ttttgcatga cattctagtt tctactggga tcaaatacta tatgagtgcc     48960
     aaacttagtc tgtagtctaa agtatggatt ttccatcttt ccattttctg caggcaggtc     49020
     tgtagtttgc tggtcagtca cttcagcctg tggcccttca ctcccctctt cccttttata     49080
     tgtactttat tattattatt gatcattcca tttgtttata ccttgaatga tattaccttt     49140
     cctggttact gctccacaaa ccctcatcct acaacctccc tctcttccct ctcctttgcc     49200
     tctatgaggc tgcttactca tccactcacc ctctcctgtt ctacccctcc agcatccccc     49260
     tatgctggag catcaaacct ccacaggacc aaggacctcc cctcccagtt gatgtcagac     49320
     aatactgtcc tctgctacct atgtatctgg agccatggac atctccctgt acattccttg     49380
     gttggtggca tagttcctgg gagcactggg tagtctggcc agctgatgtt cttcctgtgg     49440
     ggttgcaatc ccccctcagg gtctctgagc tcattctgat aattgactcc aaacattcac     49500
     atttgcattg gtcagttgct ggctgaatct cccaaggagc agccacacca tgtttctatc     49560
     agcaggtgtc tcttggcagc aacaacaatg ttgggtttga tgtctgcaga caggatggat     49620
     ctccaggtgt ggcaatccca agatggccct ccttcagtct ctgctctact ttttgtccct     49680
     tttcttcctt tgaatagtag tatttctggg ttaaaaactt tgagatgggt gtgtggcacc     49740
     atcctttgac caggggcact ttttggtctg atatttatcc tttcccccag cctttaagtg     49800
     atttaatgtc cccttagtat ctgaaatctt aaaggtcagc agaataacaa aatgggctta     49860
     tttataattt tcaaaagtaa gacaacaaat gggagagatg taaaacactc aaaattgtcc     49920
     aaacagaaca tttacatagg acacagtaga aggtgctaac attttatttt ccctatgggg     49980
     taatgtggag catggcatgg ttatctgaat gttttacaat aaaatgatat gggaagtatt     50040
     aaaaacacag aaaaagtcac tggtgtacct accttttgtt cttccatact ttagactaca     50100
     gactaagttt ggcactcata tagtatttga tcccagtaga acctagaatg tcatgcaaaa     50160
     tcctgaaaaa gcatacatct tcataatata aaatccaaaa ttctaataca caactataaa     50220
     atgtgtcaaa ccaaatttct cacagatatc aactgaaaaa atagacattc tatcagatac     50280
     tttatgtgaa aaacttgact cttaacaaat tgcattaatc attcgataaa attgcacata     50340
     tcaaatctca tattgattta tttaattgga agcatgtgtt tatttttgta ctatctgtaa     50400
     agatcagaac agtaaagtta agcttcttcc tgagaaagga agtgttatac ctttcccagt     50460
     atattcactt tgccctttta cttctacatt actattaata gatccttgga gatttgaata     50520
     gcttgaaaga aaattaatag ctctgtgaat taagcctcca aatatgataa atattcactt     50580
     tgtgatgcag ttttagattt taacagttct gatacagaat gctttgatgt gtgcttcctt     50640
     tttttctaaa ttcatcagct acatgggaag tgttatacct gagtgtttct attagtcctg     50700
     aacacacaac ctgggctatt atcacacaga cagcaagagt gcacacacaa catgtggcca     50760
     ttcttgtgtg gaaataattt acaaactagt aagtgataat ttatacaagg tatacaaaga     50820
     caaagcaatt tttcattgtt ggtactagaa acattaagag atgtggtgtg gagtaatcag     50880
     cgggtgaaat tcattaataa gcatgtttca tatcaaagtg gtaatgaagt tcattttatt     50940
     agttaagttt attaagttta tctattactt aatgagaatt cttacaaatg ttttgatttt     51000
     taccctttta gatgctaact tctgctagaa tcctatcaaa cagaatatga aattgttgtc     51060
     tctctaaact ttctgctagt gattaaaaaa tgaatctggt tataaaaaga aagatgaaga     51120
     aaaatatcaa gatgaaagat gaaataaata tcaataacaa gtcaatggga cattgtggca     51180
     cacatgtgat tgcagtattt gccaagatga gataggatga ttttcagttt caaaacagtc     51240
     tggaatcctg aaatttgaag gcatgcatga actacatagt cagtcaatag ttgtgggaaa     51300
     ataaaagaca aaaatgaatg aatacagaaa attttatcca gggcttccaa atataaaact     51360
     atttcttttc actgaggtag tacacttata tatgtccaat tatttcccta taaagcatat     51420
     gtgcattatc accattataa tgaagtaata agtatatttt tattttttga tgttttaatt     51480
     taattacatt tctcccttgc ttttcttccc tccaaaccct catgtaaaac cttcttcatg     51540
     cttcttcaaa ttaaagaact ttttttacta actgttgttg cacacatctg tatacacaca     51600
     tatatatgta atcctaaata ttacctgttc aggaaatgta atgttagttg tatgtatgtt     51660
     tttagggtgg actattttct gtaattttaa catgccttgc agtacatgat tgataacaga     51720
     ttaagtagag atggtaagat tccacacaca tatatctaaa agtcatttat tttaccaatc     51780
     caacatcaag tttcttttct atgtaatctc aggaaaatct tatatccatt atgtttttcc     51840
     ctctgtgtca ctgatataac acacagtaga gccataggta catttgttct atcagctaca     51900
     ataggagtgg ccataacacg gggtggaaga gggaacaatc agagatttaa aacagaatta     51960
     attatatcaa ctttgtaaat tgtcatgatt tcttaatttt acttccactg ctattgcttt     52020
     tcttattctt gggatatcgc acacacacaa acacacacat tccaatgata ggagagcaat     52080
     aaaattgtag tttgggttcc atagtcagga catagaaaac tgatagagag atccaaagaa     52140
     atgatacagt gggtgagatg gtcactccac acaatgagtt cagttacaag aatcaatata     52200
     ataagtatgg atatagtggt ctgtatctgc aatcttggag ctaggtgaac aataataggc     52260
     agattgttat tggggtttga ccagttagtg accaaatgag gtccaagatc tgtgagagac     52320
     tcgatcttaa aacctaagat gcagagtagt caaagttgac ttctgactta cacaaaatat     52380
     tttacacacc caccttaaaa ttaacaaact aaaaatgttt gaaaatactt gcaaatttct     52440
     aactatatct caaaacttct gcttatatca cgtgaagttg aggaagctga ttaagttgtt     52500
     tgtatagagc ttaaatttta attaattaaa ctaatttatg taaattattt atatattagc     52560
     taaaaattta cttttaattg aggtaattag agcatcattt ttatctcatg tgttttgtgt     52620
     ttccagtgtg atatcagaca aatcattact actactatag ttaaggtttc ccatctaagc     52680
     ttgctccaga tgttataact gtcagtagat ttgataatca tgataaccac cttgtgattt     52740
     gaacatatga cagatggagt taaatacagt catatattac aaatggaaag aaccatttca     52800
     ttcagcaaaa tattgttatt tgaaggttca atttgctcct ttttccttgc atattttgat     52860
     ccatttgctc ctgacaaaca tttccatttt cttgttgtta tatttattgt tgttatttat     52920
     aggacttaat atttaatctc attctaccta cattcttggt aagccttcaa tggctgaatt     52980
     ttaccactaa caaagactgc ttaatttttt tccttatgag taggaattta tttttaattt     53040
     tattttttaa attattttat tttattatca ttatttaatt ttattttttg aatatatgtt     53100
     ttatttttgt gtacaacaca gttgtgtata ggtacccaag aaggctggaa tagggtatag     53160
     gtttccacag ttttagagtt gcagcctgtt gtgagctgcc tgatgtgggt gctaagaaca     53220
     aaacttgggt ctcctggtag agaaagaaga gcttttagtt gctgagccaa cttttcactg     53280
     gttttagtct gtgtattcaa aatatcaatc caaggatgtg accttagtgc acttttaaaa     53340
     gataaactat gttaactcat tcacagtgtt cttttattag aatgaatttt cctccgaggg     53400
     acagagaagg ggaaaagcac tttctccttc atgtgtactt tattgctagg agatttttac     53460
     tgtattcatg aggttgtcat ttgaaaatat tttttcatct ctaatatatt tttggctaga     53520
     ggttctaaag acaatatgtg tagaaacagt aattgtcaca gagtgtattg aagttgttag     53580
     aatttgtcac atttgaaaaa ttttattaaa agtatattgt ccatagttag actcttttgc     53640
     actattctca aaattgccaa gacagataag atttcttttt accaatgaag tttatgtagg     53700
     tcacagtttt atagtctata cattcaaatc atgtagctct tgctttaatg atggtctctt     53760
     ggtgaattgc agaaatgaaa acgtattgga gagaaagtca taatcgaaac aaagagtaat     53820
     ccaaagtggt tggagtatct taatctctac caaggacata tcatcactgg tgaacttcta     53880
     agaagacccc cctttccttc cttttctttt cttttctttt cttttctttt cttttctttc     53940
     catcttcttt tctcttgttc ttttctttaa tgttcccttt tcttcccttt accttcattt     54000
     ccccaattct tccttatttc atttctcttt tctttccttt attctttttc tttttccccc     54060
     tccttcctct accctctttt ctgttggcat tgtatttagg ttcttacttt tactaaacaa     54120
     aggcagtacc aatgatcaac attcaaatta tagattctac ttcttaaatg atcaaagtaa     54180
     ctaccaaacg gaagacaaag ctcctagccc atgaaacttt cctcctgaat aaataaattt     54240
     tgtctaaacc ttaatagttt gcatgtatga atgaattttt attaattact ggattataaa     54300
     agtggtgtgt aaccagttac ctctacagtg cttaattcaa cacaatagta ttttgttgtt     54360
     tttgtcatca ctgttgttgt tgtttttaaa aggtatccta gcccaatgga accatataat     54420
     ttaacaggtg ccttggaatt cctgttactt ggtctctcag aggaccctga actgcagccc     54480
     gtcttatttg cactattcct gctcatatac ctgctcactg tgcttggaaa tgtgctcatc     54540
     atcttggcca tcagctctga ttcccacctc cacagcccaa tgtacttctt tctctacaac     54600
     ctttcattgt ctgacatggg cttcagcagc actaccatcc ccaaaatgct gataaacatg     54660
     cagacccata acaaatcgat aacgtatgca gcctgcctaa ctcaggtgtc tttcttcact     54720
     ctttttgggt gtatggacag cctactactg actgtgatgg cctatgaccg atgggtagcc     54780
     atttgtcgcc ctctatacta ccaagtcatt ctgaaccccg gcctgtgtag acgtttggtc     54840
     ctcatgttat ttttcattag ctatatgaat tcactggtac actacttcat agtttcacaa     54900
     ctaaaattct gcactaatat ggaaatccct catttcttct gtgatattcc agagcttcta     54960
     aaacttgcct gttctgacac ctctatcaat aatttattca ggtttctttt aagcatcatt     55020
     tttggttttc tccctgtctc agggatcttt tactcatact ataaaattat ttcctccatt     55080
     attagagttc catcattgtt agggaaatat aaagcattct ctacctgtgg atctcacctg     55140
     tcagttgttt gcttatttta tggaacaggt cttgaagcat accttagttc aactatttct     55200
     agatcaacca gggaaaatat gctggcttca gtaatatata ccatgagagt tcccatgata     55260
     aaccccttca tctacagcct gaggaacagg gccatgaaaa aggccctcca gaaaattttc     55320
     agctgagtaa taaaacttac ctacttatat aaccccttaa tatatagttt cttaaattat     55380
     tggtcacata actgagtggt attatgaaat atgtcacaaa tataaacatt tatgaatgta     55440
     aaatggtgaa aaatcaatgc atacacggag tgaatctaga tgtaccttgc tgtgcctgtc     55500
     caagttacac attatagcct cattttggcc tgctttctga acatataaca ctaaaaattg     55560
     atactgctta tattttcatg caatgaaact ccaaggaata caaccagaca tactttggaa     55620
     ggaattggat ttgattgttt tgtattgtta tgctattact gtatgtacta atggaaacat     55680
     ggtggtttaa ttatagatag taacaatttt caatattttc ctaatataat tcatcaccat     55740
     gttaatatga aatcattgat cattgtgcaa gaatgtccaa ttttaaaaaa tgatattgtt     55800
     ttcatgatat ccgttttatt gtggaactat ttgtagttta tagttacttg gaaagggtga     55860
     ctcattcact tttgaatatg aggtcactga tattaattct atgctctagt atttgtccca     55920
     aactccagca catataggca acactaatgg gactaaatag gctaatagaa tagagagagg     55980
     aaattgggta gagaatatgt aatgaaggac atatgaagaa ttattagagg taaaatgaaa     56040
     atgggagatt tatatgttta tatttcattg attacatata tgaactcagg tgtaggaaaa     56100
     attaaataac caactagttt taacataata ttaaggcaga gtgtgcaaaa atttatgaaa     56160
     tggcattaaa tgtactcctg tcacatgtac tatgttttca tgtaacttat atttccttgc     56220
     agtaatgact actaatttaa aatattgacc aaatttacaa aacgaaaaaa aaaagaattt     56280
     atacattctt atatatacta ctcacagtca tgatttttta taaaaaatgt ttaaaatttt     56340
     catctaaaaa atttgcaaat ttgcacttat ctttaataaa tgttaaactt ttatgcatgc     56400
     taaagatttt ttattgttgt gctcttgtac ttgtttgcat tgtacttgat actgtcagat     56460
     attttgaaca catctctccc atattattat cattccatat tttcctatct tctgcccagt     56520
     aattactttt tactccctgt agagtaacat tgtattttag acataaaatt acattccaca     56580
     ttctatgtat tacagatatt tttattgact catctattgt tgcttatctt ggttgatttc     56640
     atatttcata ttttatgaaa agtcctcaaa aacaatatgt gcaaatatct tcgtgatatt     56700
     ttagcttgga atattttgaa aaaattatcc aggaatgcta tggataatat atctgataca     56760
     tttatatgtt tgtttcagag ttctttatac tgatttttta caatgactag aatgttatac     56820
     atttactctt gccgtaagta gtttgaataa aaacaaatat tgaaggaaag gcttaccaat     56880
     taggtcagcc ttaagtaaga atatctacct tgaaagtcag ggtagagtag atcactgagt     56940
     aaaagaaaat gccaaataaa aatgtaatga aataaaataa aatgagatat actgaagaat     57000
     agagtgtacc agaactcagg aatactatta ttacaagatc aagcatttga ataatactga     57060
     tataggaaga aaagtgtcat atcaagagga ctgtaagaat cttcaataaa tcttaatcta     57120
     gtaaaacttt cccagtataa ggaaagacat gcatattaag aggaatgaag aatatcaagt     57180
     aggcaaaaac agaaaaaaaa gtctgcaata acaccatata tgaaagcatg acgtatacag     57240
     agtgaaaaga agttattaaa ctatggaagg tggaaaacac ccagtaatat aaagcaggtt     57300
     catgagaata ctacctgaag taatagtaaa gacatttata gcattcccac taccaacatc     57360
     aaggtatttg gaaaggaact ctaaacatta tgactaaaat catgaacaag attattatgt     57420
     ccactctctc tgtacctatt tattacagta cttcatgtct tagctagaaa aaaaacaact     57480
     aaaagagatt aagggataca aacaggaaag taggaagtca aagtatcttt atttgaaggt     57540
     gatgtattta tatatatata agaccatacg ttttgatagc ttagaaatgt atttggcaaa     57600
     gtgttaggat acaaaattaa aaaactataa ccattagcct ttctatttac agacaaagac     57660
     accaagaaag aaataataat attcatagta ccctttaaaa aaatctgtga ataaatctaa     57720
     ccaaggaagt gacaatatta tacaatgaga acttaaaaca atgaaaatga aattgaatag     57780
     tatactaaaa gttcgaaaaa cctctcattc tcataaaata taagtattaa tattctgaaa     57840
     atggcaacct taacaaacag aatctacaga ttcaattcaa tcattattaa aatcccaatg     57900
     caattcttta tagaaattta aaaaataatc ttattccaca tagaaaaatg aaaaattcaa     57960
     gataaccaaa agaaaaatcc ttaataacac taaaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa     58020
     aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaactg ctagaggtat gacagcccca     58080
     tattttaagt taaactatat gggtaaagct aaaacagcaa aacaagcaaa aaaaaaaaaa     58140
     atcaaaaaaa acaaaaaaaa caaatcctca ttcttgaatg gattaaatta gtggacccac     58200
     acaaacatct ctgcacagac acatgacttt taatagaatg caacagtata cactggaaaa     58260
     aagagcagaa tttttaacaa cagattctag taaaagtgga taactataca taggagaata     58320
     taacttgatc catgactcct tctttctttg gcagctaaca agagcttgtg aaaagatgag     58380
     atatcacact caacacttca tatttgactt gggcctgctt gaggttggat aagtctcctg     58440
     catgctgtca caatcatttt gagtttatat gtgtacttgc tgttttatat ctagaaaact     58500
     gttttctaaa tatcatcctc caccctgaat cttgcaatct ttaaatatcc tcttccttga     58560
     agttatctgg ctcttgggaa tggaaatgac atctgtgccc aagttaggac tgactactcc     58620
     atagtctctt attctctaca tgttgaccat tcaggttata gatgttaatt cctatcttca     58680
     gcaaaagaaa cttctctgat gagggttgag agatgcattt gtctatggat atagtaatgt     58740
     ctgtatgaat tgttttaata ttttattgtc agttatcact ttcacttatt ttatcctttg     58800
     aacccatgat atatcatcag cttcttggtc ccaataacag tatcaggaat gtatttagtc     58860
     ttacaacatg ggccttaagt cttaacaaaa tggttgtggg tactttcata ctatccatgc     58920
     tattaaatct ctctgatttt tttcaggcta tttatgtttt agcttctata ttcatagctg     58980
     gatgaggttg atgatttccc cctaacccaa gggaatgtag atatcacatt ccaggactaa     59040
     gtaatttacc ctgtagagaa gaagatttgg ggtcaataat agctaatatc tccatttcta     59100
     tgagtctagt atgtggtatc atcagaaata gagcattatc ttcaagttat ggatggtgat     59160
     caaaattatc aatagcccat aatgcttgtg tgtctacagg ataaaattca ccaatatctt     59220
     acaaaaaaag tatcccaaga gtattttttt tgaaaatgga caaaattata cattattttt     59280
     cttaatgact actaatttga atggatgaga tggaatataa atgaagcttc aatttgcatt     59340
     tctttgattg ttaaggagat ttaacttttt tcccatgtat gttgtccact tgtattccat     59400
     ctcttaagaa ctggctattc attatcttaa cccatttata aactggattt ttatttgctt     59460
     gtattttgtt ctttatatgt tctagactta atttgctgta agatgtataa tgataaaaaa     59520
     taactataac tcaactattt cctttgaaaa cagtctatga tgtaagttca ggcaattgct     59580
     gaatggagag agttgagtag gaagatcaat gatggtagtg atcagtacat aaatatatat     59640
     gaatatatgc caaaagtaaa gattgtaaag tactcacaaa tggagggtgt ataaaagtaa     59700
     cagcttacac attgcagaga cagaagtcaa caagcaccat gcttctgaaa gctatgagtc     59760
     tctgtagccc catctgacca cttcaagaaa gaagctttct gtcattatag cttcatagtc     59820
     aatgtgtatc aaattattaa agtagaaggt agtttgtcag gaccagacag aaaaatagtc     59880
     aacactagtt tccctactag gtactacgac tttgttgtca ctatttgcag attatatgat     59940
     aatatactta agtgactcca aaaattctac cagagaactt ctacaactga ataacaactt     60000
     tcgcaaagta gctagatata aaattaacca aaacagatct gtagcctccc tctactcaaa     60060
     tgaaaaatga actgagaaag aaattaggga aatgacacta ttcacaatag tcacaaacaa     60120
     tgtaaaatat cttggtgtga ctcaaaccaa gcaagtgaat gaactgcatg atgagaattt     60180
     catgtttctg aagaaattga agaggacctc agaaaatgga aagatctccc atgctcatgg     60240
     attggtaggt ttaacatagt aaacatggcc atcttaccaa aagcaatctg cagattcaat     60300
     gcagtcccca taaaaaatcc aacacaattc tttagagaga tagaaaaagc aattctcaaa     60360
     tgtgtctgca ataacaaaaa acccagaata gtgaaaactt ctctcaacaa taagataaat     60420
     tcttgaggaa tcattatccc tgacatcaac ttgtactaca gagcaatagt gggggtgggg     60480
     ggaaagaagc acaaggtatt tttacgacag aaaattagat caatggaata aaattgaaga     60540
     tgtagaaata aacccacaga cttatggtca cctgatcttt gacaaagaag ccaaaaccat     60600
     tgagtggaaa aaagcatatt caacaaacgg tactggttca attggtggtc agcatgtaga     60660
     aaaatgcata ttgatccttt cttatctcct tagacaaagt tcaagtccac gtgtattcat     60720
     ataaaacaag atatattgat gttaatagat gaaaagtggg aaaaaagact caaagacatc     60780
     aacacagtga aacatttcct gaacattacc aatggctcag gctctaagac caattattgg     60840
     caagttggaa ttcatgaagt tgaaaacctt ttataaagca aaggacactg tcaatagggc     60900
     aaaatggaaa ccctatagat ttaaaaatat ctttcccctc ctcacctcca ataaagggct     60960
     attgtatata tccaatatat aaaaagaact caataagttt gagtccagat aatcaagtaa     61020
     acttaataaa aatagggtac agagctaaac aaagaattct caactgagga atttcaaatg     61080
     gacgagaagg acctatagaa attttccgca tccttattca tcagagaatt gcaagccaaa     61140
     acaaccctga aattcgacct cagaccagtc agaatggaga agataaaaaa ctcaggtgac     61200
     agcagatgct ggtaaggata tggaaaagga ggaagactcc tccattactg gtggattgtg     61260
     atctgtaaaa cctatttgga agtcaatctg gcagttcctt agataattgg aagtagttct     61320
     acctgaagat ccagctatat cattcttggc atacacccaa aagatgctcc aacatttaac     61380
     aaggacatat gctccactat gtttctagga gccttattta taatatccag aagctggaaa     61440
     caacctagat gtccctcaac agagaaatag atacagaaaa tgtggtaaat ttacacaatg     61500
     gaatactact cagctattaa aaaaatgaca atgaaatttg aaggcaaacg gatagaacta     61560
     aaaaatatca tcctgagtga ggtgacccag ttacaaaaga aaacacgtgg tatgcactca     61620
     ctgatgagtg aatattagcc cagaaaaaaa gattattatt caaacataat tttataataa     61680
     tttgataatg ataacaaata aataataatt aatgatttat aataaattat aaatttatct     61740
     atatttaata atttcataat tattttttat aatatttgga taatttcttt tctaaaaatg     61800
     atttaggatt aaatcctatc agtttattag ccataattaa tgtcaaattt aaaataccaa     61860
     aaatttccat aagaaaaatc cagaggttaa actcagtgca tagggaatta aaatgttttt     61920
     gaaaaaagtg cataaaagca gttacaaata cttttagaag atagtaaatt aggtatgaga     61980
     tgtatgacta aaaggacaca ggagggctat atacatacat ttttactttc aggtatcagt     62040
     atgaatttag ttatgatgtt tttgattcac tatggagaag aggaaactct gatgaaaaat     62100
     tttccaaggg caccttcaca ttcttgtttc tcaggctata gatgaagctg ttcagcatgg     62160
     ggcatatcac agcatatatc aacacagcaa ttcttctttg tcaggaataa tcacagaaga     62220
     tctgaaatct attcaaactc ctgatccata gaacaaagag acagaaagat gagatccaca     62280
     gataaaaaag gctttgtact tacagtagaa gacatcttta ataaggatga gataatctgt     62340
     gagtaagacg taggagtcct atcataggaa tcacatttaa tagggcagtc atcacatcca     62400
     taaagaatta ttgatgtgat tgtaagaatt gataccatga gaattagatc cagtttacgg     62460
     aataaatgtg gtacttcagt acctatagat aggttcagtt cattcatcaa tagaaaatta     62520
     gaaagactaa gaacataatg atacaaagca ccagaatcag aagggcacac tactgaatgc     62580
     ttatgataac agtgtagttg agcaggtaac agataaaaag caatgctatg tcattaaagt     62640
     gattaaaaat tcatccattc cagcaacatt attttttttt aaaaaacata cccctgtaaa     62700
     gtattctatg aaggaaatgt ctttcttctg tgactgcatg ttctatatca tgtttgatac     62760
     tgtggttgat atgaaacaga tatcaataaa gaagagattt cagaggggct gaagagatgg     62820
     ctcagtgctt cagagcactg attgctcttc cagaggttct gagttcaatt tccagcaagc     62880
     atatggtgac tcacaatcat atgtaatcgg atccagtgcc ctcttgtgtg tctgaagaca     62940
     tctacagtgt actcacatat ataaaataaa caaatcttta aaaatatttt tataaaaaga     63000
     acagattgca gagaaagaag tacatgtgat tttggtgatg taagtcatag gtgacagcca     63060
     ggaagatgag caggttccct agcaccatga ccaggtacat ggacaggaat aatccaagga     63120
     aaatcgatta tagttctgga tcttctgaga aactcaagat cagaaattct gatctcagtg     63180
     tgtggttttg tgcttccata tacattttat ctgctaaaaa taagataaag gtagttttca     63240
     aatagtgact gttgccatgg tccaaaataa tcacaacata tttttttctt ctgaaaatga     63300
     aagtcattta tttaaccaac tgatataact aaatgatatt ataatttaaa tggacctatc     63360
     aaatatcaac agtacatctc acctaaacac taaagaatat agcttgttct caaaacctca     63420
     tagaatactg tccaaaaatt aaccatgtat ttattttcaa caggtacaag aaaattgaag     63480
     taaccctctg tatcttatca gaccaccaag aattaagctt ggatttcaaa ttaaaaaaca     63540
     aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac aaaaactaga aaccttttca actcatggaa actgaacaac     63600
     tatctacaca ttgaccacta tgtcaagaaa gaaattaaaa aagaaagatc ttctagtatt     63660
     caatgaaaat gaatatgaaa aatatccaaa cttacgagac acaatgaaag aagcactaag     63720
     agcaaagcac tgagtgcctt tgttaagaaa ctgcaaagat ctcatagtag tggtttaata     63780
     gcatacctaa aagctccaga acaaaaagaa gcaagacaga gaagagggtt agagagcagg     63840
     taataaactc aaggctgaaa tcaataaata aacagaagga gaacaaaata aaaactcagt     63900
     gaaacaaaat gttagttatt tcttttaaca tggaagggta taagatttag tcaatagttt     63960
     ttgcaaggtt aaaaacatca tgaataggac aaaaaggcag ccaacagaat ggcaaagtat     64020
     cttcaccaac ccaacatctg aaataggact aatattcaaa atataaaaag taaaagtaat     64080
     taggtatcaa caaatcaaat aactcaatta aaaatgagac aaggctaaac agagaattat     64140
     caacagaaca atctaaaatg gccaagaagc acttatagaa atgttcaata ttcttgctta     64200
     tcagggaaat tgaagtcaaa atgactttga aattccaatt tacattcatg agaatgaata     64260
     atataaaaaa ctaagtgata ccacataatg gtgtggatgt ggcgcaaagg gagtactcct     64320
     ctagctgggt gtgttacaga caggtacaat tggtgtggca atcaaattgg tgatttctca     64380
     gaaaagtgta aatatttcta acacaagaca cagctatgcc actcctgggc atatacccaa     64440
     atctccttcc tataccacag cacagttttc aattattttt ataccactta gattcattat     64500
     aaccagaagc tagaaacaag ctatatgtac ctaaacagaa gaatgtatca agaaaatgcc     64560
     atgtatctac acagtaatat actacttaac tattaaaaac aatgttatca tgaaatttgc     64620
     agacaaatgg atggaacttg agagtgtcat gctgagtatg gtgttgcaga ctcagaataa     64680
     tatatatggt atgtattcac ttatggttgt agattataat aaagtacagg ataaccatgg     64740
     tacaatccag agagccaaaa caactgaaca ataaggaggg accaaaggaa aatgtgtgaa     64800
     tctcattcaa attagaaaaa atatttaata ctggtagaaa gaagaagaga actgtgtggg     64860
     agaatgagtg gggaggttgg caatcagctg tgactgctgt ggacagggag agatcttggt     64920
     gtctgaatgg aaatcagtgg gtgacctctt gcactagctg gagacttggg ataagaggga     64980
     ctactaggta tctgtaagga ctggcgctat ctgaaattct taccagtaat gaatagtaag     65040
     actaaactgg ccaccttctg tagtcagata ggacttccag tgatgggatg gggacaataa     65100
     ttcacctaca aaaccttcaa cccaaaacgt gcagaaaaaa attataccta aaagttgcac     65160
     agagaaaaaa ttggagcaga aactgagaga aaggctaacc aatgactggc ccaccttgag     65220
     acctattcta agggaacgtg tcaaccctaa acattaataa tgatactcta ctttgcatgc     65280
     aaacagaaaa ataggacaac tttttcctat ccatccatca ttatatggaa acagatgcag     65340
     aggtccatat tgaaacatca gatggaactc agggagtctt gaagaagaga ggagggcagg     65400
     attgagcagg caggaggggt cgaggacacc ataagaagtt aactaaccta ggcctatgga     65460
     ggttcacaga gactgaacca ccaatcaaag aacaggtagt ggttgggtct aaccccctcc     65520
     aacattttat cagatggtag cttggtcttc atgtggatcc cctaaaaatt ggagtggggg     65580
     atgtttctga ctctcttgcc tgtcactgga ttctgtgcct ctacttatac tgcctggttg     65640
     gatctcagtg gaagaggagt tacttagtcc tgctgagaat agatgtacaa tggtggggta     65700
     ggatgcaagg ggtcatccta ttctcttagt agaagaggag ggaataactg ggaggggggt     65760
     atctttaagc atgggactaa gagaaaagag gagatgaagg atgtgattgg ggtataatgt     65820
     gaatgaaaat aaattttgaa aaaaataaaa tatgcaaaat taaacaaagt ttaaaaaatt     65880
     atttttgagc caacactagg acagcttctg tagttttcag cacatttaat gttgcatatc     65940
     tcaacgttga ttcatttgga catgctatag tttatcttga atattgtcca atatcttatt     66000
     tgtttcaggc taatatacat acagtggctc tgttcaaaag taataagagc tgtaggaaat     66060
     aaaacctatt gagaaaaaaa tttggtcatt ttgaggtttt gagtttttat tctttatctc     66120
     tctgcatctc agctgccatg atatatgaag caaataattc cagaacaatg aaaccgtgca     66180
     tcctcacata gcctttataa cccctttaaa ttcctctttc tcaaggtact ctactccctc     66240
     tatacagtgt ctgagccagc gtattcctct ggagacttct atatttccca ttggagagag     66300
     gctgcttctc atgttgcttc tcatgttggc atgtataaat aaacactgtc atctgttgac     66360
     atcaaactat agtttctttt tttttcttta tggtatctaa aaatattgaa caagaaatat     66420
     gtactattag ttaaagatga cacaattgag actcaagaca tggccttcaa tccatgggac     66480
     acatattata agacaagaga atatacttag taacttgttt tatgactaga acatgtttga     66540
     atggaatttg accataaaaa caaactaaga agtaaacaaa atggacacac agacacataa     66600
     aactacagta acataagtaa attaataagt aaatagataa ataaatattt aaaagactag     66660
     agaccatttt tatattcaag acttaatata ctaaaggctt ctagaacttt aattctttgc     66720
     tcactgtaag tctgaatgaa ttattcatca ccttaatgcc aggtctccaa aaatttggac     66780
     ttgtctctct caatatctat gactcctcta agcacttctc atccagctac ctagcctaaa     66840
     attttccagc ccagtgcctg ggctttgctt ccctttccaa agcttctcat tccaatagag     66900
     acttgttatt tttgctatgt gctcaacttg cttttggcat ctcttttctc atctatctct     66960
     tagttcgctc tctttgtgtc acttgctgtt tctttctctc cttccctcct acccacactc     67020
     tcttcttatg tcttagctca aactggatca ttccaattgc ctgtggttga attgttcttc     67080
     atatctaaaa tataatcttt gtcttcaaat ctaaccaaga gtgcctatgc cttattatca     67140
     tttatctcat gctttaaaca tgagagagcc atatatgaac tcccttctaa agcattcaac     67200
     ttctgttata gttaaatatt gttgctatct gaatagcagg tctgtgaaaa gaggttccct     67260
     tagtcatgaa attaaaagtt tcaaaatgat cttgtattca gggtctctca gagaccagtc     67320
     ttctcaggag agcgtgctgg ctgcagaagc aacaaagctt ctgggacagt gtcactttgg     67380
     gccttcatcc tcagcgagga ggtagagctg atcttaagac ctctgtgtac cttcactgcc     67440
     agaggaatgt cagcctccag ggagggcact gaccctggga gttgggtgat atcaccttct     67500
     tctatccttg gtctttcaga gaccagtcct cgaaggagag tgcacaggcc acagaagcaa     67560
     cagagcttct tagacagggt ccctttcagt cttcatcctc agccaggaga atgagctgag     67620
     ccctagatct gtgccccttc cccaacagag gagagcatgc ctgcagagag tgctctgacc     67680
     actgggactc aggagagagt tggattacaa ggagtgctga cagaggataa aaaaaaatca     67740
     caggaggaat aagctccacc cagagacagc tagaacatct aataccagag attaccagat     67800
     ggcgaaaggc aaatgtaaga atcttactaa cagaaaccaa gagaacttgg catcatcaga     67860
     acaatacttc caacacagtg aatcgtcgat accccaacac acctgaaaag caagattcag     67920
     atttaaaatc atatctcatg atgctggtag aggattttta aaagggtatt aataactcat     67980
     ttaaataaga ggagaacact gctaaacagg tagaagtcct taaagaagaa ggacaaaaat     68040
     cccttaaaga attacaggaa aacattgcta aacaggtaga agtgcttaaa gagaaaacac     68100
     aaaaatccct taaagagtaa caggaaaata caaacaaatc agtgatggaa ttgaacaaag     68160
     ccacccaaga tctaaaaatg gaagtagaaa caataaagaa aacccaaagg gagacaacgt     68220
     tggagacaga aatcctagga aacaaattag gagccataga ttcgagcatc aatacaagag     68280
     atggaagaaa gactctcagg tacagaatat ttcatagaaa acatggacac aacaatcaaa     68340
     taaaatgcaa aatacaaaaa gagtctaact caaaatttgc aagaagtcca gtacacaata     68400
     agaagaccaa acctaaggat aatatgtata gatgaaaatg atgaagactg aagtgtggac     68460
     actatgcccc tccttagaat tgggaacaaa acacccatgg aaggagttac aaagacaaag     68520
     tttggagctg agatgaaagg atggaccatg tagagactgc catatccagg gatccacccc     68580
     ataatcagca tccaaacgtt gacaccattg catacactag caaggtttta ttgaaaggac     68640
     ccagatgtag ctgtctcttg tgagactatg ccgggggcta gcaaacacag aagtggatgc     68700
     tcacagtcag ctaatggatg gatcacaggg ctcccaatgg aggagctaga gaaagtaccc     68760
     aaggagctaa agggatctgc aaccctatag gtggaacaac attatgaact acccagtacc     68820
     ccggagctct tgactctagc tgcatatata tcaaaagatg gcccagtcgg ccatcactgg     68880
     aaagagaagc ccattggact tgcaaacttt atatgcccca gtacagggga acgccagggc     68940
     caaaatgggg gagtggttgg gtaggggagt gggggtgggt gggtatgggg gacttttggt     69000
     atagcattgg aaatgtaaat gagctaaata cctaataaaa atggaaaaaa aagagaaaat     69060
     gaagattttc aacttaaagg gccagtaaat atcttcaaca aaattgtaga agaaaacttc     69120
     cctaacctaa gcaaagcgat gcctgccata tgtggtggtg cattccttta atcccagcac     69180
     ttgggaggca gaggcaggcc gatttctgag ttcgagacca gcctggtcta caaagtgagt     69240
     tccaggagag ccagggctat acagagaaac cctgtctcta aaaaccaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     69300
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagg aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga     69360
     aggagagaaa gaaagaaaga aagagatgcc catgaacata caagaagcct acagaactcc     69420
     aaatagactg gaccagaaaa gaaattcctc ctgacacata ataatcaaaa caccaaatgc     69480
     actaaataaa gatagaatat taaaagtagt aagggaaaaa ggtcaagtaa tatataaacg     69540
     ctggcctatt agaagtacac cagacttctc acaagaggtt atgaaagcca gatgatccct     69600
     gacagatgtt atacagaccc taagagaacg caaatgccag acccagctac tataccctgt     69660
     ggagagacgg tacttgctcc gagcaatcgc gtgcgtgctg ccagtaatct ctgaggagag     69720
     tcgtgtgtgc cgcgagcaat cgccattata agatggggcg ggcctccgct gtgcctaact     69780
     agtaaacaag ccttgtacgc aggtgcgaga gtgaattcac tcctagtcac tcccattctc     69840
     ggggtgtaat agtggggtga tgggcaagca acgaaccagg agctgtcacg ccatatcagg     69900
     tgctgaaacg tcatgctgcg ggttataaaa gcagcgccat tttcccggtt cgggatcttc     69960
     ctgagaaaca agcaataaag ctcttgctgt ggaagattct ggtttgttgc gtctttcttg     70020
     ccggtcgagc gggacgcaat aagtggcgcc gaagaacccg ggaactgtca tcacaccggt     70080
     gcaaggaaga tccctcgtta gcggggcaga atcagaaccg tgggacaaaa ggctctacaa     70140
     ggtacataca atcttgaaat ttctccagag ttagaagccc ttttgattgt ttgcacggcg     70200
     attatgagga ctgtcagcaa atggtagaag cggggcagaa agttctggat gaaattcaag     70260
     aaagtctatc agaggtagag cggggagaga gagtaaaagt agagaggaaa caaagtgcac     70320
     tgaagaattt aggcctttcc acgggccttg agcccgagga aaagagatat aaaggaaaga     70380
     atgccttggg agagataaga aaaagggatg aaaagggaga gaagaaggga gatcgagctg     70440
     gagaggcaca taaggaaagg agcctctacc tgccactgga tgaatttaag cagctaactc     70500
     ttagtaactc agaaccagat gaaggagtta gcgcctctga agaaacagac tcggaggaag     70560
     aagcagttcc ttataaggga aaaaggtacc agcaagataa aatgtaagct actcagtcca     70620
     gaaaaaggcc aaaagcggct ggcgaaagcc agcttgctgc tcggcctccg gactgtcggc     70680
     ttcagggtcc tagtgcacct ccgctttatg tgcagaggta gtggtcaatt tttacctact     70740
     cctcatgtag gggtaaaccc tcgtggcatc aggccattac aggtctggca tatggatgtc     70800
     actcatattt cctcctttgg gagaaatcaa tatttacatg tttctattga cacctgctct     70860
     ggtgtaatgt ttgccacaac tttaacagga gaaaaagcct ctcatgttat acagcactgc     70920
     ctagaagcgt ggagtgcttg gggcaagccc acaattctta aaacggataa tgggccagca     70980
     tgtacttcta ctaaatttca acaattttgt catcaaatgg atgtcactca cttgactggc     71040
     cttccttata atcctcaagg acaaggcatt gtggaacgtg cctaccacac actcaaatct     71100
     tatcttataa aacaaaaagg ggagttgatg agactctgcc ctcagtgcca agagtagcgg     71160
     tatctatggc actgttcaca cttaattttt tgaatctcga cgagcaggga tgctctgcag     71220
     ctgagcgaca tagctcagac cctgatagac caaaagaaat agtcaaatgg aaggatgttt     71280
     taactggtca gtggaaaggc ccggatccta tcttaatcag atcccaggga gctgtttgtg     71340
     tttttctaca gagtgaagac aacccatttt ggctgctgga atgactcacc cgcaggatat     71400
     tcatcaagga tggtgcagaa gatgctgacc tcccgaggac tgttcctgat cctgacaatg     71460
     ctgaacttgt ctcaggttcc tagtataatg ggctagcaga gatgggctat tctctcgact     71520
     ttccctaaac caatgccagt tcgccatgat gctatagttc ttccaaaatt ctttactact     71580
     aataaaacag tggatttgcc atatttaccc tatgatccca cccgagcacc attaggagaa     71640
     aatcgctctt tactagaaca gggttcttta tgttttcaaa ttaatggacc aggaaattgt     71700
     atcaacctca cagcccgagc tttggggaag tttaatgagc atcgaggagg ttgggtgagc     71760
     acaacccaag atacttccaa tgtagagata acctttacaa atcggacctt ttggcaggag     71820
     gtaaattggg ttaatggtac atttctacca cctaactttt cagacaaaga acgtccacac     71880
     caaccaaaaa tagcccctca ttatagtttg gaagatgaag ggctgatcct gccttggtct     71940
     gattgtcaat cctccatcac tcattgggca gatcagagta aaaccttttc cttttctccc     72000
     aacatgatag atgacccaga gaaggaattt gctatgaaaa agggactttt catacaggac     72060
     tttagaatgc atccctttca caagtgggtg ctttgtggag tcaagggcag ttgtacagaa     72120
     ctcaatcctt tgatttttat ccagggagga gcagctggaa aggctttttt taatggcatc     72180
     tcaagatttg ctcagtattg gggaatacat gatgcctccc aggactctta tggatatact     72240
     aataccagtg tagagatcac tgggttcaat aaaactttgg taaaccagat taattatcca     72300
     tttaccccag tctgtgttta cccccctctc ttctttattc tttcaaatga ttcatttgaa     72360
     atctgttcca atgattcttg ttggatttct caatgttggg atttaacaaa gaacacccgt     72420
     gccatggtgg cacggatccc acgttggatc cctgttccgg tggaaacacc ctccacctta     72480
     tctctatttc gacaaaagag agattttggc attacagctg ccgtgatcat agcaatttca     72540
     gccagtgcag ctgctgctac agctgcaggg tatgctatgg ctagtacggt tcaatcaggc     72600
     acaaaattaa atcagctttc agcagatctg gctgatgcca tcactgtcca aacttctgct     72660
     agtaccaagt taaagggagg gctgatgatt ttgaatcagc gccttgacct ggcagaggaa     72720
     cagataggtg ttctatacca gatggcccag ttgggttgtg aaagaaaact ggaagctctg     72780
     tgcattacca gtgtccaata tgaaaaattt acttatgcag ctaatctgtc tagacagctt     72840
     tctttatata ttgcaggaaa ttggtctgaa agattcgatg agacccttga ggccctgaga     72900
     gcagctgttc taaagatcaa ctcgacacga gtggacctgt cattgacaga gggcctctcc     72960
     tcctggattt catctgcatt ttcttatttt aaggaatggg tgggggtagg tttatttggt     73020
     gttgccacct gctgtggact tgtggtcatg ctctggttgg tttgcaaact cagaacccaa     73080
     caaacaaatg acaaggttgt gataactcaa gcacttgctg ccatcgagca aggggtctcc     73140
     cccgaaatct ggctatctat gctcaaaaat tagttgacat tggtggctgg cctcttttat     73200
     agagttcacc ctaggtcatt tagtagttac tgtcacatat cactgtggta tccagagacg     73260
     ggcaattttc cttatgcaca gatcaaccta agacacgggg ccggtggcga tagggttacc     73320
     ctatgacagg aaaggctgtg acattggagg aacgacctaa gacaggagcc acagcggatg     73380
     ggcataatta cacaggccta gaccagcctc aaattttaat aaaataaaaa gggggagatg     73440
     tggagagccg tgccgtgagc aatcgccatt ataagatggc gctggcctcc gctgtgccta     73500
     actagtaaac aagccttgta cgcaggtgtg agagtgaatt cattcctagt cactcccatt     73560
     ctcggggtgt aatagtgggg tgatgggcaa gcaacgaacc aggagctgtc atgccatatc     73620
     aggtgctgaa acgtcatgct gcgggttata aaagcagcgc cattttcccg gttcgggatc     73680
     ttcctgagaa acaagcaata aagctcttgc cgtggaagat tctggtttgt tgcgtctttc     73740
     ttgccggtcg agcgggatgc aatattctca attaccatag atggagaaac caatgtattc     73800
     cataaaaaaa caaattcaca caatatcttt cgacgaattt agcccttcaa aggataataa     73860
     aggaaaaact ccaacaccaa gatggaaact acaccttaga aaaagcgcaa aatcaatcct     73920
     tcaaaaaaaa cttaaagaag acagccacaa gaacagaatc tcaagtctaa caacaaaaat     73980
     aataggaagc aacaattact tttccttaat atctcttaat atcagtggac tcaattaccc     74040
     caaaaaagac atagactaac agactggcta tatgaagagg acccaacatt ttgttccata     74100
     caggaaaccc accgcaggga caaagacaga cactgcctca gattaaaagg ctggaaaaca     74160
     gttttccaaa aaatggtctg aggaaacaag ctggagtagc cattctaata tctaatagaa     74220
     tcgacttcca acccaaagtt attaacaaag acaaggaggg gcacttcata ctcatcaaag     74280
     gtaaaatcta ccaagataaa ctctcaattc tgaaaatcta tgctccaaat acaagggcag     74340
     ccacattcat taaagaaact ttagtaaatc tcaaagcaca cattgtaact cacacaataa     74400
     tagtgggaga cttcaacacc ccactcacca atggacagat cctggaaaca gaaactaaac     74460
     agagacacat ggacattaac agaagttatg aaacaaatgg atttaataga tatctacaga     74520
     acattttagc ctaaaacaaa aggatataac ttcttcccag tacctcatgg taccttctcc     74580
     aaaattgacc atataattgg tctcaaaaca ggtctcaaaa gacacaaaaa tattgaaata     74640
     atcccatgca tcctatcaga tcaccccaga ataaggctga tcttcaataa caacataaat     74700
     aatagaaagc caacatttac atggaagctg aacaacactc tactcaatga taatttggtc     74760
     aaggaagaaa taaaaaaaga cattttagag tttaatgaaa ataaagccac aacataccca     74820
     aacttatgag acacaatgaa agcagtataa gaggaaaact catagctctg agggctgcca     74880
     aaaagaaact agagagagca tacactagta gcttgacata cctaaaagct ctagaacaac     74940
     aggaagcaaa tttaaccaag aggagtagac agcaggaaat aatcaaactc agggcagata     75000
     tcaaccaagt gaaaaccaaa agagctatac aaagaatcaa ccaaatcagg agctgttttt     75060
     tttttttttt ttttaagaaa atgaacaaga tagataaacc cttagccaga ctaactacag     75120
     ggcactggga cagtatccta attaacaaaa tcagatataa aaggggagaa ataacaacaa     75180
     aacctgagga aatccattac accatcagat tctactacaa aagattatac tcaacaaact     75240
     ggaaaacctg tatgaaatgg acaatttcct agacagatac caggtaccta agttaaacca     75300
     ggatcagatt aatgatctaa atactcccat atcccctaaa gaaatagaag cagtcattga     75360
     tagtctctca accaaaaaaa gccccagacc aaatgagttt aatgcaaagt tctaacaaaa     75420
     tttcatagaa gatttaattg caattctcct aaaactattc cacaaattag aaacagaagg     75480
     tactggaccc aactcattct atgaagccac atttactctg atacctaaac ctcacaaaga     75540
     tccaacaaag aaagagaact tcaggccaat ttcacttatg aatactgata ccaaagtact     75600
     caataaaatt ctcacaaact gaatccaaga acgcatcaaa atcataatac aacatgatca     75660
     agtgtgcttc atgccaggga tgcaggaacg gtttattgtg cagaaatcca ccaacataat     75720
     ccactatatt aaaaaattca aagacaaaaa ccatattatc atctcattag atgctgagaa     75780
     agcatttgac aaaatccaac accccttcat gataatagtc ttgaaaagat caggaagtta     75840
     aggcccatac ctaagcataa taaaagcaat atacagcaaa tcagtagtca acatcaaact     75900
     aaatggagag aaacttgaaa caatcccact aaaatcaggg actagatgag gctgcccact     75960
     ttctctctac agatacaata tagtacttgt agtactagcc agagcaatta gaaaacaaaa     76020
     ggagatcaag gggatacaaa ttagaaaagg aagaaatcaa aatttcacta tttgcagatc     76080
     atatgatggt atatataagt gatctcaaaa attctaccag agaactccta aacctgctaa     76140
     acagcttcag tgccttacct ggatataaaa ttaactcaaa caaatcagtg gcctttctct     76200
     acacaaaaga taaaaaggct tagaaagaaa ttaaggaaac aacacccttc aaaatagtca     76260
     caaaaatata aaataccttg atgtgactct aactaaggaa gtgaaagatc tatatgataa     76320
     gaacttcaag tctctgaaga aagaaatcga agaaggtctc aaaagataaa aagatcttcc     76380
     atgctcatgg attggcagga ttaatatagt aaaaattgct atcttgctga cagcaatcta     76440
     cagattcaat gcaatcccta tcaaaattcc aactcagttc ttcacagagt tagaaaggac     76500
     aatttccaaa ttcatctgga agaacaaaaa acctaggata gcaaaaacta ttctctacaa     76560
     taaaagaacc tctggtagaa tcaccatgcc taacatcaag ctgtactaca gagcaattgt     76620
     gataaaaaaa aagaaaagaa aagaaaagaa aagaaaagaa aagaaaagaa aagaaaagaa     76680
     atgaaaagaa aactgcatgg tactggtaca gcaacagaga agtaaatcaa tgaagtagaa     76740
     ttgaagaccc agacatgaat ccacacacct acgatcattt gatctttgac aaaggatata     76800
     aaaccatgca gttgaaaaag acaacatttt caacaaatgg tgcttgttca actggcagtt     76860
     atcatgtgga agaatgcaaa ttgatctatt cctatctcct tgtccaaagc tcaagtctaa     76920
     gtggaccaag gaattccata taaatccaga gacactgaaa cttatagagg aaaaagtggg     76980
     gaaaaagctt tgaagatatg ggcacagggg aaaaattcct gaacagaata gcaatggctt     77040
     atgctgtatg gttaagaata ggataatggg acttcataaa actgtaaaac atctgtatgg     77100
     caaaagacac tgtcaataag acaaaaaggt caccaacagc ctggaaaagc atctttacca     77160
     atcctaatta caatagagga ctaatatcca ataaatgtaa agaactcaag aagctggatt     77220
     ccagaaaatc aaataacctt attaaaaatg gggtatggga gggacacaag tcccttccat     77280
     tcggcctcag caccaggtaa cctaggtcga ggagtcagcg gatacctcca cagtccctag     77340
     atgcctctgc acgagatcgt aggatcactg atgagcagaa cacaacatct gttccaattc     77400
     aattatgaag ggcctgtgac agcaagaaca aggacactgg agcccttcct gaccagaggc     77460
     tcaggatcct tttgatcagt attggtttac cttggtttcg aacagaccag acagctacat     77520
     ggtcctcaaa gaagaggact ttcaggcact gtaacacgcc caggatctta ggataacagg     77580
     atcccagaat aacaggagta ggtcagacca gtatttcagg gtctcagggg aagcttgact     77640
     gccaagaact ctgacacacc cagaatctca ggttcacagg agcccacaat caaaggatca     77700
     aagagaaagc tgaaaactga ggtgtcctga atcaactggg attatagaaa gaacaggctc     77760
     caatcagata ttttgaggac agcaagcact tgagataatc agaaggcagg aagcaagcat     77820
     aagagcagaa gcaacagaaa ccaaggttac ttggcatcat cagaaccaaa ctcccacacg     77880
     atagcaagtc ctggatacac catcacacca gaaaatcaag acatggatct agtaacttct     77940
     catgatgatt atgaaggact ttaagaagga aatacaggaa aatgcaggta aagagctaga     78000
     agcccttaaa gaggaaacac aaaaatccct tagagagtta caggaaaaca ctaccaaact     78060
     ggtgatggaa ttgaacaaaa ccatccagga tctaaaaatg gaagtagaaa caataaagaa     78120
     atcataaaga gagacaactc tggagataga aaccctagga aagaaatcag gaaccataga     78180
     tgtgagtgtc agcaacagat tataagagat agaagagagg atctcaggtg cagaagactc     78240
     catagaaaac atggacacaa caatcaaaga aaatgcaaaa ttcaaaagat cctaactcaa     78300
     aatatccagg aaatccagga cacaatgaga agatcaagtc tgagattaat aagtatggat     78360
     gagaatgaag attttcaact taaagggcca gtaaatatct tcaacaaaat tatagaagaa     78420
     aatttctcca agctaaagag atgaccatga atatacaaga agcctacaga actccaaata     78480
     gactggacca gaaaagaaat tcctcccaac acataataat cagaacaaca aatgcactaa     78540
     ataaagacag atattgaaag cagtaaggga aaaatgtcaa gtaacatata aaggcagacc     78600
     tatttgaatt acatcagaat tctcaccaga gactgtgaaa gccagatgat cctgggcaga     78660
     tgttatacag acccccaaga gaacacaagt actgtcccag gctactatac ccagctaaac     78720
     tctcaattat catagacgga gaaacaaaag tattccatta caaaaccaaa ttcacacaat     78780
     atctttcgac gaatccagcc cttcaaagga taataacagg aaaacaccaa tacaaggaca     78840
     gaaataatgc cctagaataa gcaagaaagt aatccttcaa cgaacataaa agaagacagc     78900
     agcaagaaca gaatcctatc tctaacaaca aaaataatag gaagcaacaa ttacttttct     78960
     ttaatatctt taatatcaat aatagtatta tcaatgtact caattcccca ataaaaagac     79020
     atagactaac agactggcta cacaaacagg actcaacatt ttgctgcttc caggaaatcc     79080
     accacagggt aaaacacaga cactacctca gagtgaaagg ttggaaaaca attttccaag     79140
     aaatggtctg aagaaacaag ctggagtagc cattctaata tcgaataaaa tcgacttcca     79200
     acccaaagtt atcaaaaaag acaagaaggg ggcacttcat actcatcaaa ggtaaaatct     79260
     tccaagatga actctcagtt ctgaatatct atgctccaaa tgcaagggca gccacattca     79320
     ttaaagaaac tttagtaaag ctcaaagcac acattgcacc tcacacaata atagtgggag     79380
     acgtcaacac tccactctca tcaatggaca gatcctggaa ataaaaacta aactgagaca     79440
     cagtgaaact aacagaactt atgaaacaaa tggatttaat agatatttac actctcctca     79500
     atgatacctt ggtcaaggaa gaaataaaga aagatattaa agactttcta gagtttaatg     79560
     aaaatgaagc cagaacataa acttacgaga cacaatgaaa gtagtctaaa ggaaaactca     79620
     tatctatgag tactgccaaa aagaaactag agagagcata cattagcagc ttgacagcat     79680
     acctaaaagc tctagaacaa aaggaagcaa attcactcaa aaagagtaga cagcagaaaa     79740
     taatcaaact cagggtagaa atcaaccaag tggaaataaa aagaactata caaagaatca     79800
     accaaaccag gagctggttc tttgagaaaa tcaacaagat agataaaccc ttagccagtc     79860
     tcattagagg gcccagggac agtatcctaa ttaacaaaat tagaaataaa aagggagata     79920
     taacaataga tcctgagtaa atccaaaaca ccatcagatc cttctccaaa ggctatactc     79980
     aacaaaactg gaaaatctga ttgaaatgga caaatttcta gacagataac aagtattaaa     80040
     attaaatagg gatcagatta atgacctaaa cagtcctata tcccctaaag aaatagaagc     80100
     agtcattaat agtcacccaa ccaaaaaaaa tgcccaggac caggtaggtt tggtgcagaa     80160
     ttttatcaga ctttcaaaga agatctaatt ccagttcttc tcaaattatt ccacaaaata     80220
     gaaacagaag gtactctaca caattcattc tatgaagcca cagttactcc gatacctaac     80280
     tacagaaaga cccaacaaag atagagaact tcagaacaat ttcccttatg aatatctaat     80340
     caaaaatact cagtgaaatt ctcgctaacc aaatcctaga acaaatcaaa aacagtcatc     80400
     catcatgatc aagtaagctt cattccaggg atgcagggat ggtttaatat gcagaaatcc     80460
     atcaacataa tccattatat aaacaaactc aaagacaaaa accacatgat catcctgcct     80520
     gaaagcaatc tacagattca atgcagtccc catcaaaatt ccaactcaat tcttcaatga     80580
     attagaaaga gcaatttgca aattcatctg gaataacaaa aaacctagga taacaaaaac     80640
     ttttttcagt cataaaagaa tctgtggtgg aatcaccatg cctgacttaa agctctatta     80700
     cagagccatt gtgataaaaa ctgcatggta ctggtataag acagactggt agaatagaat     80760
     tgaagaccca gaaatgaacc catacactaa tgttcacttg atctttgaca agggagctaa     80820
     aaccatccag tggaaaaaag acaataaatg gtgctggcac aactggcagt tatcatgtag     80880
     aagaatgtga attgattcat ttttatctcc ttgtaccaag gtcaaatcta agtggatcaa     80940
     ggaactctac ataaaaccag atacagtgaa acttatagag gagaaagtgg ggaaaatcct     81000
     tgaagatatg gagacagggg aaaaattcct gaatagaaca gcaatggctt gtgctgtaag     81060
     gtcaagaatc gacaaatggg acctcataaa attgcaaagc tcatggaaga ccaaagacac     81120
     tgtcaatatg acaaaaagga taccaacaga ttaggaaagg atctttacca atcttagata     81180
     ggggactaat atccaatata cataaagaac tcaagaggat ggactccaga aaatcaaata     81240
     accacattta aaaaatgggg cacagagcta aacaataaat tctcaactga gtaatatcaa     81300
     atgtctgaga agcatctgaa aaattgttca gcatccttaa tcatcaggga aatgcaaatt     81360
     aaaacaaccc tgaaattcct cctcacacta gtcagaatgg ctaagatcaa atattcaagt     81420
     gatagcagat gctggcaagg atgtggagaa aaatgaacac tcctccattg ttggtgggat     81480
     tgcaagcttg tacaaccact ctggaaatca gtctggtggt tcctcagaaa agtggacata     81540
     gtactactgg aggacccagc aatacttctc ctgggcatat atccagaaga ggttccaact     81600
     ggtaataaaa ccacatgctc cactatgttc ataccagcct tatttgtgat agccagaagc     81660
     tggaatgaac ccagatgtcc ctcaacagag gcatggatac agaaaatgtg gtacatttta     81720
     aaaatggggt actagtcagc tattaaaaac aatgaattta tgaaattcct aggcaaatgg     81780
     atggacctgg atggtatcat cctgagtgag gtaacccaat cacaaaagaa ctcacatgat     81840
     atgcactcac tgattagtgg atattagccc agaaacttag aatacccacc atacaatttg     81900
     caaaacacat aaaactcaag aagaaggaag acccttctta gaatagggaa caaaatacac     81960
     atggaaggag ttacagagac aaaattttga actgagacca gccagagact gccctacctg     82020
     gggatccatc ccataaacaa ccaccaaaaa cagacactat tgcatttgcc agcaagattt     82080
     tgctgacagg agcctgatat agctatcttt tgtgaggcta tgccagtgcc tggaaaatac     82140
     agaagtggat gctcacacca tctgttggat ggaacacatg gcccccaatg aaatagctag     82200
     agaaagtccc caaggagctt aaggtgtctg caaccctata ggaggaacaa caatatgaac     82260
     taaccactac tccccagagc ttgtgtctct ggttgcatat ttgcagagaa tggcttagtt     82320
     ggccatcaat gggaggagag gcacttggtc ttgaaaagat tatatgtccc agtacaggga     82380
     aacaccaggg ccaggaggca agagtggttg ggtgcgggag cagggtgggg acagtgtata     82440
     ggggacttta ggagaggaaa ctaggaaaag gaatagtatt tgaaatgcaa atgaagacaa     82500
     tatctaataa aaaaatttaa aagttccaaa ttagttcata gtacatatcc ttgcagcctt     82560
     tgcagactat gtgacattag agattctcca ttttgtgtta agtttacatt actttgctga     82620
     agagatattc cttaggctta gcattctgaa ctgttatcct taattctctt taaggtcctg     82680
     gacacaggtt atacattgga caagtaaaac agagacagga gactacaact ctggtgactt     82740
     caacctgggg aagtacacaa caatgatatt gcatattttt agaataattt taattaacta     82800
     gtgttgttaa tttttgaata gttattatct aggtcattat gcccacctgg aagaacaaca     82860
     gaacattatg tcaggcttta tggaaattcg gcacctaatg atggttctca cattgtgtgg     82920
     accactagac tttgttcttt agagttatgg tcactcctaa agaaacaggc ccaattgtag     82980
     gcttctattt tcaaaatcta ttgtaataag ggtttttaac tgcttcaacc acccgtctag     83040
     accaccatcc aaaagtagag aagaaaatat ggtaaataag acatggagaa gtgaacctgt     83100
     ttatagcaat tctttgggga gattccaatg tctgttgaaa ggatatcagc agtccagttc     83160
     agtagtgtta agagttgcaa tgccttgaga agttctctgt cgcgcctctc tcaatgtaat     83220
     aaagatcagg aatacatgaa accaatgaag cattgcacag ttaactataa aagtgtggtg     83280
     ccaccactgt ctattgaatc ccatttatac tctcttcaaa catcccatcc gccctcacag     83340
     gtctagcctt agcaaaacac catgtgagtc tgtatcacat gatataacca aaatcttcca     83400
     cttcatatcc cctttttttg tttaaaaatt atcgtttccc ctaacattaa caatctacat     83460
     acaagaaaat taattataag aaccctaaaa ctagaattta caccatattt taaataaaca     83520
     gattgtgtac aatatagtct aacaaaacaa tcataaatgt tgactaatat acaaaaatcc     83580
     ctattagtgt gcaccagctc aaacaaaaca tccttaaatt tctatcaata cacttaattc     83640
     aaatataaca accttaagtg tttttcaata tagaataaaa caaatccacc ttaaattctt     83700
     ttctgcatac aataaaaaca aaacaacact ccaccctaca tgcaaacaac caacaatatt     83760
     ggtcaacaaa cccattcatc ccaatttaaa ggattaggat gacattgtcc ttatagttgc     83820
     ttcatgctga attgaggtga agaattccta tttgggacca ggaaaaaatt gttaatctga     83880
     aaaaatatga acccaaaaca aaacacctag ctgtagcatt tgttctccca tctctattct     83940
     tattaagtct atgtttttgc agtccagcat ctgtgctgtt gtccagcctc tgtgtaacca     84000
     aacctttggg ctagcttttt tgaagctaag tctgcatatt ttggagaaat aaataacaga     84060
     aacagaaata ggtttgtgag agtgagtcac acaggtctat ttgctttttg aaggcatgca     84120
     aattcagttg ataagaggta ttcactggtc agatctaatc tttataagtt ttgttggtaa     84180
     ccatattttc tcatttctca tacatgagca taaccacatc cccatcttaa aagtattgca     84240
     gatttccatt ctaatgtcaa ccaacgcatc cttatagcag ttcctcagtt ttgttttgtt     84300
     ttgttttttg ataactcagt gtttttcagc tgctggtgtt cttttttcac caacttgaag     84360
     agttaacaaa gcgatattta atctgccact ggggttgttt aatctcccct tttgtttaat     84420
     attcattgct tttaaggtat tattggtttt tcctagaact gcttgtcctg tgagtttgtg     84480
     tagtatacct taacatattt tatatggtaa tattaaaata attgtttcat tttattggat     84540
     atatatgtag gagcattagc agtatcccta taactgccat tatttacaat aagtgtgtaa     84600
     tacagtcaga cttttcagaa tttaaagcag ttgtctattg aaaccctgag tatgtgtcaa     84660
     agttatggta tatatgctat tgtgttccaa attctaacga atagaaaaca tccaactgcc     84720
     agatgttatt tctcttgtta tcactagatt tactactagc agataaagga atttgattgt     84780
     atagaaaaca cttaggacat taattattag tttgttgttg ttattgttat tattatttta     84840
     tttggcttgt tgtaacgtaa tgggaatttt tttcccataa gcatgatgct tttcatgaaa     84900
     tttgaggttt ttaacatatt tcctattagt aactggtcaa tgtcgtcact tcttcaacaa     84960
     acctgtatga gacctattat aagtatcaca taaaggatgg tttctacttc tgatgggctc     85020
     ctgcaattgt gtaaataata ggttaattct gagttatcag gtaaaaattc agcaatctct     85080
     atatgcaaaa caactctttc tgcatataaa gagtgagtga ttatggtaag agattcagga     85140
     taatacctaa atctaataat accgtaagat ttgcatacat ctctgaattt ttaactgagg     85200
     tatatagagt tttatacacc tggaaaattt catctgattt ataacctacc atttgctcat     85260
     cctgtttgta tctgtatata atttagttgt ctctgaaatt ggggttctct ttatggtatg     85320
     tcaaagaatt ctattagttt ttttaagtgt atacatttga ttttcaaata attcttatta     85380
     ttttcactca agtagttact gcaatctctt tgtcaatctt cactgatcac ccatagtgat     85440
     ataatctcat catttgtaag aggtgctaac attttggctg ggtctattcc tgataattgg     85500
     tataatctta gtctacattt aataattaac tcaatcttca attttttact ttgtttctga     85560
     gctaagaaaa tcctttccat aatactacct tctctttgca tattgagccc agtagaatgt     85620
     atttaaggca acatgaccaa aataaaagaa agtttatgat caattcaatc cacatatgca     85680
     tcgtgcagtc tttgttctgc aagaattaac tctttttctg cttcaaatgt tagacatctt     85740
     ggacttttta aaattgattc tccttgaaat gtttgaaaca aattacttaa ctcacatgta     85800
     cttaattcag ttgtaggact tagccagttc atctctccca ctaattttaa aaaaatcatt     85860
     tagtgtttgc aatttgtccc tatggaactg caccttttgg gataaaatta tttgttgact     85920
     gattttagaa tccaaataag taactgaatc tcctcttggt atttttctgg agcaatctgt     85980
     aacccacagt atggcagaaa tttttgtgct aacttaaaca tattctataa accatttttg     86040
     ttatctatca gactgtcatc catataatga tgaatgatag attgaaagac ttgcttatga     86100
     agtatttata atagtttttg tacaaaatac tgacataaag ttggactatt taacattctc     86160
     tgtggaagta ccttccagtg atatctcttt ggtagatgac tattattcaa agtaggtatt     86220
     gcaaagaaga gctttcccta ttctgttcat accagggcac tgtgtaaaag caatctttca     86280
     agtcaattat gaccattggc tgtaacctca gtaacaaaga tggtaaagga agtccatgct     86340
     tcaaggaccc attgattgaa ttaacatatt atctgctctt aaatctattg tcatccttca     86400
     ttttccttgt ttcatttttt gaaaacagtt acaggggaat tccatggact ggtagatttt     86460
     ctatatgttg agcctctagt ttctccttta ccagttgttc aaggtattgg aattttcatt     86520
     tgttgtaagc tactgccttt gccatgcagg atggttgaca acaatttagg agcaaggctg     86580
     ttggtatgtt ggtagtggcc ccttttataa gtttagaaat ttaatcacta tggtcaattt     86640
     ttttgctatg tgggcacagc ttatgattct tctcaatcac cacatatcaa gtccttcccc     86700
     aggatcatct accatatcac acttaatttc atcctttgct gtccctggaa ttacagaaat     86760
     atatatatat atataaaacc acatcaatgt aaaagatcat ttctccataa atttaggcat     86820
     atatatcagc tacataggat ttcaactttc atctttgccc ttgtggaccc acacagttaa     86880
     tccattggac aagttttctt attactgata acttaccaat tccaataaac tgttcagaaa     86940
     ctttttgaag tagccaatct ggatcctaag actttctgaa aagtacaata acatcagatt     87000
     gtataactac ctaatctttt atgttaacac cattcatttg catctttaat ttgggtctag     87060
     gctcattaac tactctttgt ttgccagaac acacattttc cagtactttc cagtagtctt     87120
     ttctactaca gtgaccttgc ctttcccatt gttattgagg gtaaaaggcc attcacagaa     87180
     gtggttatat tgtaatattc agcttcaggg aatagagtta gaagtgaatc tctgggcaaa     87240
     cccaaagttg cactcccttc tgtatcatgt gtaaatcaca aatacttaat tttaattttc     87300
     ttgtctactt gctactttct ggctgaccaa aggaagatag cttatattgt gttctatggg     87360
     atctcaagct gacaggcccc tctgtttgtt ttctgatggc aatagattac cttgtatgtc     87420
     cctcttcgac tggccatctt ttgatcaatg ttttcccttt ccatagcaga taaataccct     87480
     tacattcaac atttgcattt tcaaaggcta atatttctat caatgactgt ctcatttcag     87540
     ggtctgagat ggctatatct acagcttaac tcaatctctg tataaaactg gtgaatggtt     87600
     ctgcataaat gatgtagttt ttttccatga ctcttcagtc ataacccaga ttcatacagc     87660
     cacaacacaa tgatgttaat gttgaatatg gcatcattat ctgaacattt tatcataaaa     87720
     tgatatggaa gtgttgaaaa cacagaacaa gtcactgaca tactcaactt tattttctct     87780
     tctacatttt agaccctaga ctcagtttgg ctttcataga gtgttttata agagttctta     87840
     gtacaaatga ctgtgttcag tatcacatgt tcctattgca caatcattca gatatctcaa     87900
     tttaacattt catttcacat atgtaagtat atcagtaagt ttatctttat ctgtatattc     87960
     tatgtgttca tgtgtgtgca tgtttatgtg tatatattat tgtgttcata tgtatgtagt     88020
     cctgccattt ggtctccata caatttactc tctataatta tatgtgcaaa tatagttatt     88080
     atagtttcct ccctgtccaa atcaatagtt gcctgaatct tcttcatatc agtaaactaa     88140
     aaatcaacct ggtggctatt cacacacaga attataattt aggccatccc aaaaaaagaa     88200
     ctgaaatatg caattgaaga taattttcat taagtttcca tcattacact gtatatacta     88260
     aagacattat cccaaagact gaggtgttaa acatagaaat ttccacagcc tctcacatct     88320
     gtaaacccac tacctagtag actgaggcaa agtatctcaa atttgaaagc agactattat     88380
     atgtaatgag atgctaatga agtagtagga catgacaggg aggcaaagag gaaaaaagag     88440
     agaacatttt attaaaagag agatgaatta gagttgaata gcattcagaa attcaattga     88500
     ctatttggat cttattagaa aatgtcatct tttcttgaca ttagttaatg aaaaaaagca     88560
     tgttcatgga agagaaatta aaagacaaca tttattctca caggaaccac ttaaaacata     88620
     gaaattgtat cagatatttt atatggaaat tttaactatc tacaaattac attaattgtt     88680
     caataaaatc gcacatatca aacctcatat tacttaattt acataaaagt atgtgtgtta     88740
     gttttgtaat atctttacaa cctggaggtc agaacagtac aattaagctt tttcctgaga     88800
     tgggaagggt tatgcctttc tcagtacatt cacttttgcc ctttctcttc tatgttacta     88860
     ttaggagatc cttagagatt tgaatagttt gaagcataat tattagctct gtgaattgag     88920
     cctcaaaaat ctcataaata tccactttct gttccagctc tagtttaaca tttctgatcc     88980
     agaatacttt ataccttata tttgtgtttc cttctcctca catattcatc aatcacatgg     89040
     gaagtgtcat gatttactgt tttcctacca gtcgtgaaca cagaaactgg aacatcatca     89100
     cacatcttac aagagtgaaa gagtgtttca gtcacctctg gtcattgtca agtggaagta     89160
     atttacaacc tagtaagtat taatctatgc aagagaaaaa agagagacag gattattaca     89220
     ttgttggtac cagaaagata aaagtatatg ttgtggagta atcagtgggg gaaatgcatc     89280
     aataacaaaa attttatcac aaagtgctat gaagtttatg ttattagtta tggtgactaa     89340
     gtttatttat tagttaatat gagaataatc aaatagtcta attttctacc cttgtagatt     89400
     ctaattcagt agaatttttt caaccagaac aaaaattggt gcctctctaa tctctctgcc     89460
     attgattaaa attatcaagc actttgtaat aaaaataaag atgatgataa tcataggaaa     89520
     taaatatcaa gagccagtga actgtaatag ggattaaaag agatgaatca gtggtgagat     89580
     gtttgttgtg caaaataagt tcccgaattc agctaccaag aatgatacaa aaaagttgga     89640
     tatgttggtg tctgtctgta accttaggac taggtgaatt aagataggta gatcttggtg     89700
     tttgactagc aagccaatgt aattcaagta aggtccagaa tccatgagat actctctgtc     89760
     aaaagaaata gaatgatgaa tacccaaagt tgacctctga cctacaaaaa attttcacat     89820
     acatattaaa atcaccattg gttgagtata ctggaaaatt tctaactatg tctcaaattt     89880
     ctgcttattg catgtaaatt tgaggaaaat gataaagttg tctggataga ccttacattt     89940
     taactattta aggttattta atccaataat ctaattattt agctagaatt aatctaatta     90000
     attagctaga attttacttt taattgaagt gattgaataa aatgactttt aatctgatat     90060
     gttatgtatt accaatgtgg catcaggcaa atcattatta ttactaaaat tcagttctcc     90120
     tatataatct tattccagat gttataactg tgtatagatg tgaaaatcat gatactatct     90180
     tgtgacttga acaagttaac tatgaaatta agtacagtta tataccaaaa tggaaagtaa     90240
     tgttacagtc agcaaaatat tattttattt gatacatcaa tttgctcttt tttttagcta     90300
     attttgtgtc actttgtttt tttttttttt gttattttta ggactttaca tctaatctca     90360
     ttctgaatgc aatctaagca agcttccaat ggctgaattg caccactagc aaatccactt     90420
     tatttttatt cttataaaat tatattttct tacatgtatt cctttgcttt tgtttacttt     90480
     tttgagaaca gggttgactt taccaccaag gttggccttg tggtcctgat tcccttacat     90540
     cagtttctat ttggtagaat cacattcctt tataatcata ccacagagaa attttgttaa     90600
     tagtgataga tataataatg agagaatata gaaatttaca aaacaatatg aaactttcag     90660
     tgttatataa cctcttaaca tctaagaaga atgaaaaatg ttaaaagaga tatacacttc     90720
     aactacacaa atatttacca ttctggggtt tataaactga ttggaagaaa ggagaagaaa     90780
     aaaagtccat cagagttaag ttttaagatt tgttctctta tcttctttaa catcttatca     90840
     atgagatata tctgaagtta tcttcatcaa taaagtaatc tgtaccgtct aagttaaatg     90900
     taaaaatgac actatcaaaa tttcaacgaa cacataatgg acagataaca tcttttatgt     90960
     aaatttcatt tcagcaatct ttacttaaac taagtttgaa cataattttt atctgaaagt     91020
     attgaatgta gtcatgggtt tcacgtcttt ttattataca gtagtcttaa tcagtatacc     91080
     tattgaatga ttcatgcttg agattttctc ttaattctta cgtgaatttt tatcaaaatt     91140
     aaatattttg gaaacttgca atgattactc cacactaatt gaacatatta ttgagtttca     91200
     atgagacatt aaatcaaatc atatctttac attttagaag aaatacttaa aattttaaaa     91260
     ttaaggtagc tgattttaga ggaaataaat tgtccttaga aaaatgattt aattaaaaat     91320
     atattaggat gtcataaaaa tgtgaagcta agtttcaaga taaagctttg gctccactgt     91380
     ggtcctatat tcttagactg tacatgagtg ggttgaattt gagttaaata gggaaaaatg     91440
     aaaacaacaa caacaacaaa aacaaaaaca aaccaaaaac ctatcctgaa aaccttcatt     91500
     agaaatatag ctaagaaata ttactatatt gttacaaata acaacaaaag aataacatgt     91560
     gaactcagcc tgacttcttc actagttctc atgtagcatt tacagaatat gatggtgtta     91620
     ggcattgcat agatagagct acataattaa tatacatgtc taacatgtac aaagatatga     91680
     gatcttaatt taccaatacc aaataaaaga tgaaggaagg aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag     91740
     aaagaaagaa agaaagagag aaagaaagaa agtaacaaag taacaaagag agggaaatga     91800
     ctaatatgtt gagtgacaat tagaaaagca tgttgaaaaa tgaaagggaa agaaaaagaa     91860
     cgaaatattg tagctaagtg tggtacctta tgtctacctg tattacaaga ccttgggata     91920
     atgaggcatg actgcaagct aaatggtaat aaaaaataat aaacaaacac cattgaatga     91980
     atgaattaca aaaaaagaaa gaaagaaaca cgtatgtagc aagttgcttc tgtagtgctt     92040
     agttcatcac caaggttttt tttttttctt ttaaaaagat attctagccc catggaacta     92100
     tataatttaa caagtaactt ggaattcctt ctccttggac tctcagagga ccctgaacta     92160
     caacctgtct tatttgcact attcctgctc atatacctgc tcactgtgct tggaaatgtg     92220
     ctcatcatct tggccatcag ctgtgattcc cacctccaca gcccaatgta cttcttcctc     92280
     tacaaccttt cattgtctga catgggcttc agcagcacca ccatccccaa aatgctgata     92340
     aacttgcatg cccataacag aaccataact tatgctgaat gcctaaccca ggtatctttc     92400
     ttttttcttt ttgggtgtat ggacagcgtt ctactggcag tgatggccta cgaccgatgg     92460
     gtggccattt gtcaccctct acactaccaa gtcattctaa atcctcgtct gtgtagatat     92520
     ttggttgtaa tgtcattttg tatcagtctc attgattcac aggtgcactg ctttatggtg     92580
     tcacaattaa aattttgtac taatataaaa atccctcatt tcttctgtga tgttccagag     92640
     cttctaaaac ttgcctgttc tgacacctct ataaatagca tagttatatt tcttgtcagt     92700
     atcattgttg gattcctccc tgcctcagga atcttttact cctactataa gattatttcc     92760
     tccattgtta gagttccttc atctgggggg aaatgtaaag cgttctctac ttgtggatct     92820
     catctgtcag ttgtttgctt attttatgga acaggtcttg gtgtatacct tagctcatct     92880
     atttctagtt cttccaagga aagtgtggtg acttcagtaa tgtataccat ggtggttccc     92940
     atgataaacc ccttcatcta cagcttgagg aacaaggata tcaaaaaggc cctacagaaa     93000
     attttcagtc aaataataat gttacctacc tatataatcc cttaatatat agttttttaa     93060
     attgtgggtc tcataattga gaatggtata gtgaaaaaat gtaaagacta tagaagtttc     93120
     tgaatataag ataataaaaa attattgcat acatgtagtg aatctaaatg tatcttgctg     93180
     tgcctgttca agttacatgt tatagcttta ttgtggcctg gtttgtgaac atataacttt     93240
     aaaaattggc atagcacatg tttttatata atgaaatacc aaagaatgca gccctaaata     93300
     tatcatatca tattaggttt cactgttaaa aatttccatg cctttaacat gtgcacaaat     93360
     gaaaacataa ttgtttaatt acacaaagta aagattttct atagtttcct aacataattt     93420
     atcagcatgt aaatatgaaa ttaatctaat ttgactttta tgcaacaatt aatattaata     93480
     ataaacaatt aatatttgtg ttgctgtctt gaatttcatg gagcagaaat ttgcagtata     93540
     tattttcttg ggaagggaaa ctcattccat tttgattatg tgactgctga tatcaattcc     93600
     atgctctagg gttagcccct aaattgagca tatatgggca acactaatag gatacaatgg     93660
     actaattgaa aagattcata aaattgggtg gaagtcctgt attaaagtat atagagaaaa     93720
     ttggttggga tgaagagaaa atgtgagatt tatatgctta catatcatta tacacatgta     93780
     tgaacttcac agatatatag aaaatattta aatcactaag agttttaaca tgatattaag     93840
     acagaatttg taacaatttc tgaaattatc ttgaatgtat tatgcattta cataactcat     93900
     atttttctgc agtgatgatt tttctttaaa aaacaaaacc cctgaaaatc ttacatctac     93960
     ataacgagta atcaaattgg cttttatctg taataattgc taaaatttca tacagattga     94020
     agatttttta ttgttatttt tctaatatat gcattgtact tggtattgga ttacctaata     94080
     acatttttct ataagactct aaggtatttt gaacatgtct ccctagactt tactatcatt     94140
     tctcattttg tcatcatctt tgcagttgtt attttgatag agtaacattg ttctttgtag     94200
     tgtaaaaagc acttttacat tttatatata acatatttgt tttgtccact ccttaggtct     94260
     ctttggagac ctaagttggt tgcatagctt agatattatg aacagtgctg cctaaactgt     94320
     gttctacaaa tatgtccaaa tatctcaaag atatatgagg ttagagtcct ctgataaatg     94380
     ccccaaaata atatagttag atacatttag ttttacttgt tggagcgttt tatattgatt     94440
     ttacataggc acaatactat atatttctac ttgaagtgtt taatttaaat aaaagttatg     94500
     aaagaaaagc tcaacataag atgatcagct ggaagtgaaa gtatccgggc ttaaagacaa     94560
     ggtagagttc ttatatcaca cattcacaga aaatatcaaa tacaaaatat ctttaaaaaa     94620
     atgaaatata caaaaattct ttaatactat taaaaaaatc aagattttga aaaatagaat     94680
     aaactcagat ccaaaaacaa aaattagtct aaataattat agatagtaag gcaaaaaaat     94740
     cttttatcct aacttagtga aaaaatgctt atcaggagaa aagaagcatg cagaatatca     94800
     aatagctaag aaacttttct atgacaccta atcatccaaa acgcagaaca caatgagaat     94860
     gttaaacgtt taaaggagca aggaaaagat acccagtaaa ataagggtag ctttattaga     94920
     ataatacctg aaagatttaa agcaatttag aataattaca caatgaaatc aatgtaaatg     94980
     gaaaggaatt caaagcattt tcactaaaat caggaagaag agaagtatgt ccactcttga     95040
     aagctattta atatagtact tcatttctta gaacaatacc acagctgaag gcaattaata     95100
     gagtatatat gggaaaggaa gaagtcaaaa tatatttatt tgaatgcctt tattttgttt     95160
     tgaatgcctt aagactttat atattaaaaa aaataactac cagaaagttc ctgcagattt     95220
     gaacacatta aacaaaggaa tagaatatat aattaaaata taaacacaat tacctttcga     95280
     tttataaact aacaacctga agaagaaact ggggaaataa taccattcac agtaacatta     95340
     atattataaa atgataagtt aaaaatacta aaaatgaagt tgaaaagata ctaaaatgtg     95400
     gaaaaattac cctctctcat ggattagaag tattaaattt gtgaaatggc catcttaagc     95460
     aaagcaatct acagattcaa tttattcatt attaaaattc caattctgta cagacattta     95520
     aaaataatct taccttccat atggaaacac gaagagttca agacaaccaa aacaatcaag     95580
     aacaacccct tagggtcacc ttgggcatgg agttggcaga tacctccaag gtccctagag     95640
     gactctccat gagattttag gatcactggt gagtggaaca caacttctgt tccattccaa     95700
     ttgcgtggga cctgagacag ctttagggaa gcaaaaaacc ctgcctgacc aggatcacaa     95760
     gtacattcca gatggcaata gcacctggtc accttgggcg aggagttggc ggacacccgt     95820
     aaggtcccta gcttctaagg cagaccccat ttcagactcc agacatccag gcactttccc     95880
     tgccagagga gaggtgtctg ccccgcctgg gagggctttg ccagagcacc tggaggagcc     95940
     atcttggttc ccagatcctt ccgagactag tctgcacaga tgagagtgtg gactatagaa     96000
     cctaacagct tctgggacag gccctgtttt gggccttcat cttctgccag gaggcaggtc     96060
     tgaacaccag atatctgtgc accttccctg caggaggaga gcttgcctgc acagaatgct     96120
     ctatccactg aaactcagga gagatctagt ctcccaggtc tgctgataga ggctaacaga     96180
     atcatgagag gaacaagctc taaccagaga caactataac aactaactcc agacaatgcc     96240
     aaatggcaaa aggcaaatgt aagaatctta ctaacagaaa caagactatt caccatcatc     96300
     agaacacaga actcccacct cacccagtcc tgggcaccca aacactcccg aaaacctaga     96360
     cccggattta aaagcatatc tcatgatgat ggtagaggac atcaagaagg actttactaa     96420
     cacacttaaa gaaatatagg agaacactgc taaagaggta caagtcctta aagaaaaaca     96480
     ggaaaacaca accaaacaag tagaagtctt taaagaaaag caggaaaaca catccaaaca     96540
     gatgatggaa ataaacaaaa ccatactagt cctaaaaagg gaagtagaca caataaagaa     96600
     aacccaaggg caacgctgga gatagaatcc ctaggataga aatctggaac catagatgcg     96660
     agcgtcagca acagaataca agagatggaa gagagaatct caggtgcaga agattccaca     96720
     gagaacattg gcacaacaat caaagaaaat gcaaaataca gaaagatcct aactcaaaac     96780
     atccaggaaa tccaggacac aatgagaaga ccaaacctaa gggtaataga agtagatgag     96840
     aatgaagatt ttcaacttaa aggaccagaa aatttcttca acaaaattat agaggaagac     96900
     ttcccacacc taaagaaaga gatgcccatg aacatacaag aagcctacag aagtccaaat     96960
     agactggacc agaaaagaaa ttcctcccga cacataataa tcagaacaac aaatgcacta     97020
     aataaagata gaacattaaa agcagtaaag gaaaaaggtc aagtaacata taaaggcagg     97080
     cctttcagaa ttacaccaga cttttcacca gagacaatga aagctagagg atactggaca     97140
     gatacacaca ataagagaac acaaatgcca gcccaggcta ctatacccag ccaaactttg     97200
     aattaccata gatggagaat tcaaagtatt ccacgacaaa accaaattca cacattatct     97260
     ttccacgaac ccagcccttc aaagaataat aacagaaaaa aaaaaaaaac aattcaagga     97320
     tggaaaccaa gccctagaaa aggcaagaaa gtaatccttc aacaaatcta aaagaagaca     97380
     gccacaagaa cagaatgcca actctaacaa caaaggtaat agtaagcaac agttactttt     97440
     acttagtatc tcttaatatc aatggactca attacccaat aaaaagacat agactaaaag     97500
     actggttaca agaacaggac ccaacatttt tctgattaca ggaaacccat ctcaggaaaa     97560
     aaagacagac actgcctcag agtgaaaggc tggaaagcaa tttttcaagc aaatggtctg     97620
     aagaaacaag ctggagtagc cattctaata tctaataaaa tcgacttcca acccaaagtt     97680
     atcaaaaaag acaaggagac aaggcacttc atatttatca aaggtaaaat cttccaagag     97740
     gaactctcaa ttctgaatat ctattttcaa aaggcaagga cagctacatt cattaaagaa     97800
     actttagaaa agctcaaagc acacattgca cctcacacaa tattagtggg agacttcaac     97860
     acaccacttt catcaatgga cagatcatag aaacagaagc taaacaggga cacagtgaaa     97920
     ctaacagaag ttatgaaaca aatggattta acagatatct acagaacatt ttatcctaaa     97980
     caaaaggata taacttcttc tcagcacctc atgttacctt ctccaaaatt gaccatataa     98040
     ttggtcacaa aacaggcctc aacagataca aaaatattga aattgtccca tgcatcctat     98100
     cagaccacca tggattaagg ctgatcttca ataacaacat aagtaataga aagccatcat     98160
     tcacgtggaa actgaacaac actcttctca atgatacctt ggtcaaggaa ggaatacaga     98220
     aagaaattaa agactttcta gagtttaatg aaaatgaagc cacaacatac ctgaacttat     98280
     gggacacaat gaaagcattt ctaagaggaa aactcatagc tctgagtgcc tccaaaagga     98340
     aactagagag agtacacact agcagcttga caacatacca aaaagctcta gaacaaaagg     98400
     aaacaaattc aaccaaaagg agtagacagc aggaaataat caaactcagg ggtgaaatta     98460
     accaaatgga aacaaggact attcaaagaa tcaaccaaag gaggagctgg ttctttgaga     98520
     aaatcaacaa gatagataag cccttagccg gacacactag agggcacagg gacagcatcc     98580
     taattaacga aatcagatat gaaaagagag acataacaac atatcctgaa gaaatccaaa     98640
     acaccatcag atccttctaa aaaagcctat actccacaaa actggaaaac atgaatgaaa     98700
     tggacaaatt ttctagacag ataccaggta acaaatttaa accaggatca ggttaatgat     98760
     ctaaacagtc ctatatcgcc taaagaaata gaagcagtta ttaatagtct cccaaccgaa     98820
     aaaagcccag gaccagatgg gtttagtgca gagttcattc aaaccttcaa agaagatcta     98880
     attaaagttc ttctcaaaat attccacaaa atagaagcag aaggtactct acccaattca     98940
     ttctatgaag tcacaattac tctgatacct aaaccacaga aagacccaac aaagatagag     99000
     aacttcagac caatctccct tatgaatatt gatgcaaaaa tactcaataa aattctcact     99060
     aaccgaatcc aaaaacacat caaaataatc atccacctga ccaagtaggc ttcattccat     99120
     ggatgcaggg atggtttaat atatggaaat ccatcaacat aatccattct ataaacaaac     99180
     tcaaagacaa aaaccacatg atcatcatct taggtgctga gaaaacattt gacaaaatcc     99240
     aacacccatt catgataaaa gtcttggaaa gatcaggaat tcaaggccca tatctaaaca     99300
     tgataaaagc aatgcacagc aaaacagtag ccaacatcaa agtaaatggt gagaaactgg     99360
     aagcaatacc actaatacca ctagacaagg ctgcccactt tctccatacc tattaaacat     99420
     agtatttgaa gtcctagcca gagcaattca acaacaaaag gagatcaagg ggatacaaat     99480
     tggaaaagaa gaagtcaaaa tatcactttt tgcagatgat atggtagtat gtataagtga     99540
     ccttaaaaat tcaaccagag atctcctaaa cctgataaac agcttcagtc aagtagctgg     99600
     atataaaatt aactcaaaaa aaaaagaagt tagggaaaca acacccttct caatagtcac     99660
     aaataatata aaataccttg gcctgactct aactaatgaa gtgaaagatc tgtatgataa     99720
     gaacttcaag tctctgaaga aagaaattag agaagatctc agaagatgga aagatctccc     99780
     atgcgcatgg attggcagga tcaatatagt aaaaatggct atattgccaa aagcaatcta     99840
     cagattcaat gcaatcccca tcaaaatacc aactcaattg ttcaaataat tggaaagggc     99900
     aatctgcaaa ttcaagtgga agaacaaaaa acctacgata gcaaaaactc ttctcaaaga     99960
     taaagaacct ctggtggaat caccatgcct gacctaaagc tgtactacag agcaattgtg    100020
     ataaaaactg cgtggtactg gtataagaca gacaagtaga ccaatggaat agaattgaag    100080
     acccagaaat gaacccacac acctatgttc acttcatctt tcacaaggga gctaaaacaa    100140
     ttcactggaa aaaagacagc attttcaaca aatggtgctt gcacaactgg aggttatcat    100200
     gtagaagaat gccaattgat cctttcctat ctctttgtac taagatcaaa tctaagtgga    100260
     tgaaggaacc cctcataaaa ccagagacac tgaaacttat agaggagaaa atggggaaag    100320
     gccttgaaga tatgggcaca ggggaaaaat tcctgaatag aagagcaatg gcttgtgctg    100380
     taatatcgag acctcatgaa attgacctca tgaaatggga cctcatgaaa ttgcaaagct    100440
     tctgtaaggc aaaagacact gtcaataaga caagaaggcc accaacagat tgggaaagga    100500
     tctctaatat tctaattcag ataggggact aatatccaat atatataaag aagtcaagac    100560
     ggtggactcc agaaaatcaa ataacccctt taaaaaatgg ggctcagagc taaacaaaga    100620
     attccctttt gaggaatacc aaatggctga gaagcacctg agaaaatgtt cagcatcctt    100680
     aatcatcagt gaaatgcaaa tagaaacaac cctgagattc catctcacac cagtcagaat    100740
     ggctaagatc aaaaattcag gtgacacaga tgctggcgag gatgtggaga aagagtaaca    100800
     ttcctccatt gttggtggga ttgcaagctt gtacaaccat tctggaaatc agtctggcga    100860
     tttctcagaa aattggacat agtactactg gaggatcccg caatacctct cctgggcata    100920
     tatccagaag atgttccaac tggtaagaag gacacatgct ccactatgtt catagtagcc    100980
     ttattcataa tagccagaag ctggaaagaa cccagatgtc cctcaacaga ggaatggata    101040
     cagaaaatgt ggtacattta cacaatgggg tactactcag ctattaaaaa gaatgaattt    101100
     atgaaattcc taggcaaaag gatggacctg gagggcatca tcctgagtga ggtatcccaa    101160
     tccaaaagaa ctgacttgat atgtactcac tggtaagtgg atattagccc agtaattaga    101220
     atacccaaga tacaagatac aatttgtaaa acacatgaaa ctcacgaaga acgaagacca    101280
     aagtgtggac actttgcccc ttcttagaat tgggaacaaa acacccatgg aaggagttac    101340
     agagaaaaag tttggcgcta agacaaaagg atagaccatc tagagactgc catacctggg    101400
     gatccatctc ataatcaacc tccaaacact gataccattg tcacttgaca ctagcaagat    101460
     tttgctgaaa ggacccagat gtagttgtct cttgtgaggc tatgctgagc ctagcaaaca    101520
     cagaagtgga tgctcacagt cagctattgg atggatcaca gggcccccaa tggaggagct    101580
     agagaaagta cccaaggagt taaagggatc ttcaacccta taggtggaac aacaatatca    101640
     actatccagt accccctgag ctcctgtctc tagctgcata tgtatcagaa gatggcctag    101700
     tctgccatca ttgggaaaag agccttattg gtcttgcaaa ctttatatgc ctcagtacag    101760
     gggaacgcca ggaataagaa gtgggagtgg gtgggtaggg gattgggggt gggggtgggg    101820
     acttttggga tagcatcgga aatgtaaatg aagaaaatac gtaatttaaa aaagtgaaaa    101880
     aaaaagaata actcctaaaa acaacaacaa caacaacaac agcaacaaca acaacaaaac    101940
     cgaaaacaaa tcaaagcaaa ctaaaccaaa ccaaagaaaa aactgctggt agtatcacta    102000
     tcctagattc caacttaaat taaaggtcta aattaataaa aacagaatga tactcatgag    102060
     aaagtcaaag tcatttttaa tgtaataaaa ttgaggactc atgcatgtat atacagccac    102120
     ctaattcttg aattgtcagc aactcatgct attaaaatac acaaatggaa cttgatcctt    102180
     gacactccct ctccacagca atgaatgcta acagctgcta ttggtgagat gagatttcat    102240
     tcctacctct caccattcca tgatggattt tgtcttgtct gagcttgtat acatttcttg    102300
     aattctctca gagtcattgt gaattcagat ctataacata tcctctggtt attggcctca    102360
     tcattagtgt caggaatatg cagtctcaca gagtacgaat tagttcttat ggtaatgcaa    102420
     atgggtactc tcatactatc catagtatta caccaatgag caatttgtca agcttgttgt    102480
     gttatagatt gtaaggttta cacttggatg aggttgataa ccaaccctgc tcccagtgat    102540
     ttaaatatta tgttccaaaa ctataaaatc tagccagtag gaatgaacat tttaggtcaa    102600
     tacaactgtt atctccatgt tctgtgatta agaatgtggt accttcagaa atggggtttg    102660
     actatcgagt tctggggggt tactaagatt aacaatagcc tataatgctt atgggtctat    102720
     gggataaaaa tggataataa ctcactaaag gctaacttaa taccattaca tttttgacaa    102780
     aggcttaaat tatctgctac tttgtcttaa tgattagtct tttggctgaa taagaagaaa    102840
     tttaaatgta gatttgattt gcatttcagt gatgtttaat gagattaaac attttcccca    102900
     acttacattt tttttttctc atgagattta tctgttcatt atgttactcc atttttggtg    102960
     ttttttttat atattagttt ttttttcttt gtatgttctt cacatttgtc tcctatcaga    103020
     tgtacagtga gaaaaatatt ctcccatttt gtaggtttta acttccgtca attgtttcct    103080
     ttgttctgca gaaacatttt aattttatac aacctcattt gaaatttgtc attattttct    103140
     gacttatagg attcttattc agaaagttac taacaattct aggatctttt ttattgtatt    103200
     aaaaactttt tccatatata tttgatcatg atttccttgc caaattgtac aagaatctct    103260
     acacttccct gacaatcata ttttatgttc ttttttcaaa actgtcttat aaaacaaaac    103320
     aaaacatttg gggctttaca tttaaaaaat ctgcaagtac attttaaaag tctgcaaaaa    103380
     cacaaagata aaactaaatt tattaaatca aaagattata caaaaatatc taaaaaacat    103440
     tgtgagagat tagtctagta aaatactatt catttcattt tatttttgcc aactgctcct    103500
     gggcatagag cctagcccaa attctgactg acatactcat tttaaagcta ctatttcctt    103560
     attttctttc tgagtttgaa acttagttac attctgattt ttgtgaagag atccttgact    103620
     cttgatcatg acaccatgac caaggcaaat ggcaaatatt atgaaggaaa acatttaatt    103680
     gggtgctccc ttattgtctc tgaagattag tctatgataa tcatgacaag aagcaatcag    103740
     ttatagatga aaacatagct aagagcttta caatcttatc tgtaaatcaa gaaggagagg    103800
     ggggaggaga cggggaggag agggaaaggg aaggagaggg agggaaagag agagagagag    103860
     agaaagagag agagagagag agagagagag acagacagac agacagacag agagagacag    103920
     agagacagag acagagacag agacactgag acagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    103980
     agagagagag agagagagag agacagagac agacaagaaa cctcaaagct cagcaccagt    104040
     gatgtactcc ctccaacaag acctcaccta ccacacaaat gctactcttt tagttgttca    104100
     actctctagt aactaatgat taaaaatttc agcctgtagg ggctattctg atttaaaaac    104160
     cacaatttat ttgtaatttg tatataagaa atctatggat ttttatgagt tatttttgtc    104220
     atgttacttt cctgaaagta tttaacagct acagacgttt tctgatagag actttaagat    104280
     catttatgta atttatgtgt acaatcaggt tctcttcaaa taaaattatt ttacttcttt    104340
     ctgtactgct tttatcccat tgacctcttt caattatctt tgggatctct ctaactataa    104400
     ctatttaact ataacatcaa ataggcatgt agagaggatg ttcttatctt attcctgatt    104460
     ttgtggaata cattgagttt ctctcccttt aggttaatgt ttgctatgat cttagtctaa    104520
     tttcatttat tattagtcta atttcattta ttattcattc attttttatt attagtctaa    104580
     tttcatttat gcataaaaat gttcttagac tctctgaaat atttatcttg aaaggatggt    104640
     gaatactgtc agttcttcta catttaatga aataattatg gggtttatct cttactctgt    104700
     tcaggagtgg agggcattta tcaattcatg catgctcaac cattcttgca tctctaggtc    104760
     aaagcctgtt tgataatggt ggatgatcct tttgaaatgt tcttggattt ggatttgaag    104820
     cattttattg agaatcttga catttatgtt cataattttt tttttgtggt ggatgtttct    104880
     gtagattttg gccataaggt aataatggcc tgaaaagaca aattataaaa tgttccttca    104940
     atttttattt ctgaagtaat ttggggaata tcactgttaa ttctttgaag agttgaaaag    105000
     tctgcactga attcacatgg ccctgagtat tttggggagg agaattctaa tcattgcctc    105060
     tagaggtaca tgacttaatt ttgttggctg agtaatattc atctgtgtaa ttaaacccca    105120
     ttttgcttgt ccatatttcc attagtggat atgtggaatg tttccaatta tgtgctatta    105180
     ctaatagagc agtacagaat attgagtaaa tgtctctgta gtagggtggg aacatgtcct    105240
     atgatggtat aactggatgc taaggtgacc tattcctatg ctcttgtgga tctaccaaac    105300
     tgatttctat taaagctgca agtttgaaat ttcaccagga gtagatgata tcccactcac    105360
     cccacattct acccactatg agcaatgaat tgttttattg ataagggcca ttctgactgg    105420
     tttatgatga aatctcaaag caatactaat ttgcatttct ctgataacta atgatgctaa    105480
     aaattaactg cttcttgccc attggagttt gctctttgga gtattatctg tttagaacag    105540
     tgcccaagtt tgtaatttga gtatttgttt tcatgatgtc catttttatg ttttggatat    105600
     taactcttta tcaaatctgt aggaggcaaa atttttttct ccatcctata ggctacgcct    105660
     ttgtctgtga ggatcgcata agattcaggt tgttgtttct acttttcttg tatcatttat    105720
     gacttgctct gtatactagt atgtggccaa ttttgtagaa gattacatga gctactgaga    105780
     aggtatattc ttttgtattt gggtaaaatg tttcataaac acatattcag tacattaagt    105840
     ttgtgatgcc aattaactct agcatttctt tttcattttg tctgggtgac atattaattg    105900
     gtgagtttgg ggtacgtaag tcacatgcta tctatgtgtg agagtcaata tttgatttaa    105960
     gctgttgtag tgtttctttt aagaacttgg tctttttgtt tgaaaccaaa atattgggta    106020
     ctaagaattg aaatatcaac ttggtagatt tgtcctttga tatttatcta gtatcctttc    106080
     atatctcttc taattacttt tggttttaat tctatttgtt tcagatatta aaatgagcat    106140
     accaaattat tacttaagtt tattggctta taggtttaga atatcgtttc ctgtcatttt    106200
     aacttgaagt gatgtttatc gttgatgttc ccttttagag taaaaatctg gagggtcctc    106260
     ataaaattaa aaatagatct acctaaagac ccagttatac cactccttgg catataccca    106320
     aaagatgctc caccatgcaa aaggggcaca tgcttcacta tgttcatagc agccttattt    106380
     gtgatagtca gaagttggaa acaacccaga catcccacca cagataaata tatacagaaa    106440
     atatggaaca tttacataat agagtactac tcaactgtta agaatgagaa catcatgagc    106500
     cttgcaggca aatggataca actagaaaat aataacctta gtgtggtaac ccagccacaa    106560
     aaatacccac gaggtatgta ctcactgata agtggatatc agtccaaaag ctcagaacac    106620
     ccacaataaa ctcacagacc atctgaagct caagaaaaag aaagatcaaa gcgaggatgc    106680
     ttcaatcata cttagaaggg ggaacaaaat aatcacaaga agtagaaaga gaaagagaca    106740
     tgggagggaa agaggaggag gagggaaaag aggagcagga ttaggtgtgg gagagacaac    106800
     caagaagtac ggattttgag ggaattgaac agaggtgtgt aacagtgggg ggtggagaac    106860
     tggggttacc attagaaagt ctcagatgcc agggaagcaa gaagttccca ggacccagtg    106920
     ggaatgacat tagctgaaat gcccaacaaa ggagagatag aaactttgag atcatatcca    106980
     gtgcataagc atggccccca gctacccacc catctcaaaa attttaaccc agaattgttc    107040
     ctgtctcaag gaaatacagg gacaaagagt ggagcaggag gtgaatgaaa gaccatccag    107100
     agattgccct acctagggat acatcccata tgcagacacc aaatccagac actattgtag    107160
     atgccaaaaa gtgcttgctg acaggagcct ggtatagctg tcccctgaga agctctgcca    107220
     gtgcctgacc aattcagatg cggatggtca aaaccaacca ctggactaag cacagggttt    107280
     tggattgaag agttaaggga aggagtgaag gagctgaagg gaattgcaac cccttcatag    107340
     gaagaataac aatatcaact agcaggactc ccaagagctc ctagagacta aaacaccaat    107400
     caaagatttc acatagaggg actcattggt gcagctgcaa atgttgcaga ggatggtatt    107460
     atctgaaatc aatgggagga gagtcccttg gtcctgtgga ggctcattcc cctagtgtag    107520
     tacgatgcta gggtggtgag gcaggagtgg gtgggtcagt agcagagcac catcatagag    107580
     gcaggaggag ggggaagggt tagaggctca ctgaagggaa acatttgaaa tgaaaataaa    107640
     taaacaataa aaattatctc gtacatgcat aaacataaat tggagaattt taagatcctt    107700
     ttttttgcat tagaaaaatc tttacacaac tacatatagt gatacaaggc tttattcata    107760
     gtgtttgaga ggcagagtca ggaggatctt tgtaagttca gtgacaacta gtctgcatag    107820
     tgagttctag gcctactaag gctatgtaat gaagccttgc cttagaaaca aaaataaaaa    107880
     caacccaaaa actgcaaagt aaaacaaaaa aagcactgta ctattgactc ctgaaatatc    107940
     tcgaaaattt tctctttctt gttcatgaga tggactttga agagaaaagc ataaatttct    108000
     tcataaacta agcatatgag aggttgagat tttgcttaat gatagggtat ctgcctagca    108060
     actcaagagc ctgggtttaa taattagctc tataaaaata aaacaaaata aacatattct    108120
     caacatatac atacttcagt tctatgttga ataaaatatt gatatagtca aagctacaat    108180
     taaaaattat gtggagactc tttatcaatt gccttcaaaa atggttgtct gtcagaagta    108240
     ttcagtgcat taaaaaattt tcaggctcta agagcttgta ctcctgtaca aggtgtgttt    108300
     tgatactttc tggccaatgg gggcaatggt tggtattttt caggacagga ttatttactg    108360
     gtgtctcttg tttcagtgga tgacttcagg ctcattcaca tatgggaatc agtaattgga    108420
     cacagaaggc atcaaaggaa ggatcagtcc ttagtcctgt gaaggctcaa tgccctagtg    108480
     taggggaatt taggctggga ggcaggagtg ggtgggtggg tgggggagca ctctcataga    108540
     agcatgggga ggggtgatga gatacagagt ttctggagag aaaactggga aagggaaaaa    108600
     catttgaaat gtaaataagt aaaatattca atagaaataa ataaataaaa acaatggcct    108660
     ttgacatgag gccattgttt ttatattggc tatatagtca gtttcaggat gatttgacat    108720
     cattgagact gttgcaaaat acaaattcta ctttctattg ggggttcatt acttctggtc    108780
     cactttttta gtggaaatat tgggttctct tttatcaagt tatactctcc tttataaatt    108840
     aacttcaatt aggtgcagaa gtaatctcaa tcatttgagt gtgagagaac agcaacagtg    108900
     aatcagaagt ctgagatctt tacaacaacc agactgaagg cagtaaagaa aaatgaagga    108960
     aaattgaaac catgtttttt gcaatggtgg tttagaagca gcaacattac aaaagcaggt    109020
     ggatggcttc agagaatgtg gtagaaagcc cagggtgtcc aggaagttat gctgagcctt    109080
     tttacacata tttgaaaagg aataatgaga agcaaatggt aaggatagag gctctaccgt    109140
     cttaactgat caaagctttg tcaagtctgc aaaggagttc tagtaaggat tagtgtatgg    109200
     tctcactaaa gaacaaatta gttctcccct atatttagca tatcttcagt tgaacaaact    109260
     gccttgtgga gagtatttat ggatttcatg tgaactatgt ggcaggatga cttaatctaa    109320
     ctcttaaata gaagaaacaa taatatgttg tttggagatt gttctctatc cagagccaga    109380
     acaagtaggt ttcccttaat gtgtgtcaac acagcccaga tgcatccaac atctcttatt    109440
     gtaatttaaa tactaaagat gtgtatctct ttctggcatt gctagacaaa atataagggg    109500
     gagtcccttt catgaggtaa ggtatcattg ttaattccca ccaaggctat taatgtatct    109560
     agctatctaa acccatcatt gagaaaaaaa tattatgatt tatatcatca tatttcaaga    109620
     acccaggctg gcattgatag tgtgtctcag ttgttaaaca ggaaacctat agtattacag    109680
     ctgacctgga ccaacctttt cagtcagcca caactcacag tcaaatgctt atagaggcaa    109740
     cctaggttcc aatataatct gctttccatg aagcaaatat ttcctggaaa aagagatcat    109800
     agatcctcac agaggctcca caattgactc aaattcctct ttcccaagca cctcttctac    109860
     ccttacagag tatgtgagct agacctacct tggaggcttc ttaatttccc ctgggagaga    109920
     ggttttctct cattgcatgt actaataaat atcgttatct gttgaggcag actgtagttt    109980
     ctttttgcca tatagtattt gatcccagtt ctcagaacaa atgactgttc agcatcacat    110040
     actccttttg cataatccta taaaatggct caattttgac cttaatttac tgagatgtat    110100
     gtatgtatgt atgcatgcat gtatgtatgt atgtatgtat gtatgtatgt atgtatgtat    110160
     attcctgcca tttggtctct ggctaaatat tatcctagaa ttgcctgcat acatggaatt    110220
     gtcattttac ctgtctaaat aaatgggtgt atgattattc ttcatgtcag taaattaaaa    110280
     ctcgatgtgt tggctcttca catattgaat tttaattcag gacagttcaa aaataaaaac    110340
     tgagctatgt aacaaaaggt aatttccatt aagtttctat tattacattg tagacactaa    110400
     tgtcatttcc ataaaaaaat gatatattca acataaagct ctctaaattc acttaaaaat    110460
     gtaatcccac tagccaatag ctgaaggcaa aatatctcat ttgaaatcca cctcttctgc    110520
     atgagatgct gatgaggatg gtgaaagtga caaggagaca aaaagaaaga tagagataaa    110580
     atatattaga agagataaga cttatgcttg aataggaagc ataatggccc agcatcattt    110640
     gcatctgagg aaagaatatc atctgtcttt gacattagtg aaggaatatg ttggtgacag    110700
     aagttagacg gcagcatagt ggaatttaaa aagattcaaa gcagggtaaa ttattacatg    110760
     ttccaattct tctctacatg aattcattga gaatataatt ataaaaacgg ttagagaatg    110820
     ccttaagaca cgaagtagtt aactcttaaa gaacttttta taatcagtga tcgtacatta    110880
     taccggagat atggcaaagt tcaaggtgat taattctgaa gacactccaa tggttcaaaa    110940
     cttctccttt cataagctca catattcaga tatcagtgag cataggttta acctagtgac    111000
     ttgctttcag gaaaagtcag aatatatttc ccaaaaatga cagtgaaacc ctaagtattc    111060
     cctttgtcaa ccatttccta gtcttgagac aaaatcactc ccatggaagc agcttccatt    111120
     gcagtgtgaa attgaagcag ctgcctttgc agtatgcaat gaaagcacac tgtcacctgc    111180
     ttagtggaaa gagtccatgt ctcaaaaagt gaagagaatt gtttaatact taataaaaaa    111240
     taaacctttg caacatcata caaaatagtt tgtaatgcat ctaggcaatt attctaatgg    111300
     ttatacacat ctatatattt gaattctgac atcttcagga ctcaaataaa tagttataca    111360
     gattatcaga actccatgta tagaatgcat ttagaaacac atatgtatat tcatatgtgt    111420
     atataatcac catcaatgaa aagagaggcg atgaattaga aacagagaaa agagaagtat    111480
     aaggaagggt ttggagggag ccatcttgta tcctgggtcc ctcagagacc agtctgcaca    111540
     ggaaagcaca tggactgcaa aagcaacaca gcttctgaga caggcccctt ttcaggtctt    111600
     catcttcatc caggaggcag atctgagctc cagacctctg tgcatcttcc ctgcaagagg    111660
     agagcttgcc tgcagagagt actctgaaaa ctgagactct ggagagagtt ggaatcccaa    111720
     gagtgctgac agaggctaaa agaaccacag gaggaacaag ctccagccag agacagctat    111780
     aacaactaac accatcaatt accaggtggc aaaaggcaaa tgtaagaatc ttagtaacag    111840
     aaatcaagac cacttatcat gaatagaacc cagcactccc acctcagtga gtcctggata    111900
     gcccaacata cctgaaaagc aagattcaga tttaaaataa tatttcatga tgctggtaga    111960
     ggattttaag caggacatta ataacttact taaaggaaaa cacaaccaaa caggtaatgg    112020
     aattgagtaa aaccatccaa gatctaaaaa gggaagtaga aacaatacag aaaacccaaa    112080
     gggagacaac tctggagata gaaaccctag gaaatatatc agagaccata gatgtgagca    112140
     ccaacaacag aatacaggag atggaacaca gaatctcaga tgcagatgat tccaatgaga    112200
     acatgtacac aacaatcaaa gaaaaatgca aaatgctaaa agatcctaac tcaaaacatg    112260
     caggaaatac aggacacaat gagaagacta aacctgcgga caataggagt aaatgagaat    112320
     gaagattttc atcttaaagg gccagcaaat atcttcaaca aaattataga agaaaatatc    112380
     ccagacctaa agaaagtgat gcctatgaac atacaagaag cctacagaac cccaaataga    112440
     ctgggccaga aaagaaattc ataccgacat atagtaatca gaacaacaaa tgcactaaat    112500
     aaacattgaa tattaaaagc aataaaggaa aaaggtcaag taacatataa agacaggtat    112560
     attagaatta ctccagacat ctcaccagag aatatgaaag tcagaagatc ctggacagat    112620
     gttatacaga ccataagaga acacaaatgc cagcccaggc tactataccc agcaaaactc    112680
     tcaattacca tagatggaga aaccaaaata ttccatgaca aaaccaaatt cacacaatat    112740
     ctttccatga acccagcctt taaaaggatt ataaagggaa aacaacaaca caaggaagga    112800
     aactacacct tagaaaaagc aggaaagtaa tcctaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaaaaaaaga    112860
     aaaagaagac agccacaaga acagaattcc aaatttaaca acaaaaataa caggaagcaa    112920
     caattactta tccttaatat ctcttaatat caatggactc aattccccaa taaaaagaca    112980
     tagactaaca gatgggctaa acaaacagga cccaagaatt tgctgcttac aggaaaccca    113040
     cctcagggaa aaaagacaga cactacctca gtataaaagg ctggaaaaca attttccaag    113100
     aaaatggtct gaagaaacaa gctggagtag ccattctaat atcgaataaa atcgacttcc    113160
     aacccaaagt tatcaaaaga gaaaaggagg ggcacttcat actcatcaaa ggtaaaatat    113220
     accaagatga actctcaatt ctgactactt atgctccaaa tgcaagggca gccacattca    113280
     ttaaagaaac tttagtaaag ctcaaagtac acattgcacc tcacacaata atagtgggag    113340
     acttcaacac cccagtctca ccaatggaca gatcctggaa acagaacgta aacagagaca    113400
     catggacact cacagaagtt atgaaacaaa tagttttaac agatatctac agaaaatttt    113460
     atcctaaaac aaaaggatat aaattcttcc cagcacatcc tcaaaaattg acgatataat    113520
     tagtcacaaa acaggcctta acaggtacaa aaatattgaa attgtcccat gcatcctatc    113580
     agatcaccag gtaataaggc tgatcttcaa tagcagcata aataatagaa tgccaacatt    113640
     catgtagaaa atgaacaact ctctaatgaa cgataccttg gtcatagaag aaataaagga    113700
     agaaattaaa gactttttag attttaataa aaatgaagcc acaacatacc caaacttgtg    113760
     ggacacaatg aaagcagtcc taagaggaaa actcatagtc ctgagtgcct ccaaaagaaa    113820
     ctagaaagag catacactag cagcctgaca acacatctag aagctataga atgaaaggaa    113880
     gcaaattcac cacagaggag ttgacggcag taaataatca aacttagtgc tgaaatcaac    113940
     caagtggaaa caaaaagaac tattaaagaa tcaaccaaac caggaactgg ttctttgaga    114000
     aaatcaccat atagataaag cgttagccag actaactaga gggcataggg acagtatcct    114060
     aattaacaaa attagaaatg aaaaaggaga cataacaaca gaacctaagg aaatccaaaa    114120
     catcatcaga tcctcactga taagtgggta ttagctcaga aacttagaat acccaagata    114180
     caatttgcaa aacacatgga actcaagaat aaggaagacc aacttgtgga tacttcattc    114240
     ctccttagaa tagggaacaa aattcccaat gagggagtta cagagacaaa gtttggatct    114300
     gaagcaaatg gatggaccat ctattgactg ccccaccagg ggatccattc cataatcagc    114360
     caccaaacac agacagtatt gcatatgcca gcaagatttt gaggaaagga ccccaatata    114420
     gctgtctttt gtgaggctat gccagtgcct ggcaaataca gaagtggatg cttattgtca    114480
     tctattggat ggaacacagc gccccaaatg gaggaactag ataaagtacc caaggagctg    114540
     aaggggtctg catccctaaa ggaggaacaa taatatgaac taaccagtac tcccatagct    114600
     catgtctcca gctgtatatg tagcagaaga tggcctagtc agccgtcttt gggaagagag    114660
     gccccttggt cttgcaaact ttatatgcct cagaacaggg gaacgccagg gccatgaagt    114720
     gggagtgggt gggtaggtga acagggcaaa gggagggtat aggggacttt cagaatagca    114780
     tttgaaatgt aaatgaagaa aatatctaat aaaaaaatgg aaaaaaggaa gagtttggac    114840
     atagcaaagt gaaggaaaaa atatggaaat atactataat cctaaaatga atcactgcag    114900
     aaatatgaac atataaatat aaaattaaaa gtaaaaccta agatgttatg caaaaatcat    114960
     gaaaatacat acatcttcat aatataaaat ccaaaacgca aatacacaac tatagaatgt    115020
     gttatatcaa atttctcaca gatatcatca gaaaaaatta aaattctatc agatacttta    115080
     catggaactc ttgattctct acaaatttca ttcatcattc cataaaattg cacatatcaa    115140
     atctaatatt gctttattta attgaaagta tgtagttcag ttttgtacta tctgtataat    115200
     tgaaaagtta gaatagtaaa gttaagctcc ttcctgagat aggaaatgtt atacatttct    115260
     caatgtattc acttttgccc ttttacttct acataacact taagagttat ttagaaggaa    115320
     aaaaaagaga tactaagaga ttttaatatc ttgaaggata attaatagcc ctgtgagttg    115380
     aacttcaaaa aaatcgcata aatatttact ttgtgatgca gctttatatt ttaacagtta    115440
     tgatattgaa tattttttaa tgtgtgtttt ctttttctct gaaatttgtc agctgcatgg    115500
     gaagggtcat gactgactgt ctttctaaca attgtgaaca cacaactggg ctatcatcac    115560
     acatccagga agagtgcaac agtgtatcat tcacctctgg ccattcttat gtggaaataa    115620
     tatacagcca ggtaagtgtt aatttatgca agacacaaaa acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa    115680
     aaatagtttt tcactgttgg aaccagaaag ataaagagat gtggtgtggg gtaatcagag    115740
     gcagaaatta gtcaataagc aagttgcatc tcagtgtggc atgaagttca ttttattagt    115800
     tttattaagt ttatttatta gttaatatga gaattcttat atactgttta gttttctact    115860
     cttgtagatt ctaacttctg ctagaatcct tttaaacaga acatgaaatc tttgtctctc    115920
     taaactatct gctagtaatt aaaaatgaat ctggttataa aaagaaagat gaagatgatc    115980
     atagaaaata aatatcatga aaaagtgaat gggtcattgt ggtacacatg tgattacaat    116040
     gtttatcaag atgagatagg acaattttca gtttcatagc tgtctagaat tctggaattg    116100
     aaggcatgca tagactaccc aactagaatt tgtgggaaaa taaaagacaa aaatgagtga    116160
     atagagaaaa ttatacccag ggcttccaaa taccaaatta tttattttca gtgagcttgt    116220
     acatttatgt gtattcaact atttccctat aaagtgtata tgtattatca tcatgttaat    116280
     gaagttaaaa gcatatttta tgtaactttt gtaatgaagg tttaattttt gaggttttaa    116340
     ttaaataaca ctttcccttg cttttcttcc ctccaaacct tcatgtaaac cttcttcatg    116400
     cttcaaatta aagaactctt ttttcactaa ttgttgctgt atgcatctgt atgtatacat    116460
     agatatgtga tcctaaatat tacctgctca ttaaatgtta ctttcatgta taaaacatat    116520
     atatggtaga ctatttcctg taatgttaac atgactgtat acaactgaaa tgataataga    116580
     ttaaatagag gtggtcagat tccatcacct gtatatttaa aagtcattta ttttaccaat    116640
     ttctctgcta tgtaatccca ggcaagactt atatatccat atgttttccc ctctgtggat    116700
     agaatctgct gacccctgtg gttgagttag ggaacacctg catgaagctg aggaggagag    116760
     acaccccata ggaagagcag cagtctcaac taacctggac ctctgggatc tctcagacac    116820
     tgagccacca actaggcagc atacgccagc tgatatgagg ctctcaacac atacagcaga    116880
     ggagtgccag atttggactt agtcagagaa gatgcaccta actttgagag gcttggaacc    116940
     ccagggagtg ggaaggtctg gtagggtgaa ggtgtggaga catcctcttg gagatgggga    117000
     aggtgtggca agtgcaacat ctggagggtg ggccagaagg gggataaagt ctggactgta    117060
     aaataagact agagaataaa aaaataaaga atagaaaaga aaactgaaag cctgttcaac    117120
     aaatggtgct tgtctaacag gtggtctcca tatagaagaa tgcaagttaa tatatattta    117180
     gcacctagta caacactcaa gtccaagtgg attatggacc tctacataaa accagattct    117240
     ctgaatctaa tagaagagaa ggtgggatat agccttgaat gcattggcag aggggaatat    117300
     ttcctgaaaa gaacaccaat agcttaggct ctaagatcaa cagttgataa atgagaactc    117360
     ataaaactgg aaaacttctg aaaggcaaag gacacactat taataggaca aaatggcaac    117420
     ctaaatttgg gaaaagattt tctctatacc tatatctgat aaaggattaa catccaaaat    117480
     atataaagaa ctctaagact caacaaacaa acaaacaaac aaacaaacca accaaacaaa    117540
     caaacaatcc aattaaaata tggggtaaaa acttatacag aattctcaat aaaggacgtt    117600
     tgaatggatg agtagcattt aaaaaatatt cgatatcctt agtcatccgg gaaatgcaat    117660
     caaaacgatg cttagattct atcttacacc aatcagaata cctaagatca aaaacttaag    117720
     tgacaggcca tgctggtaaa tatgtagaga aagaggaaca ctttttcatt gttaatgcaa    117780
     ttataaactg gtataataac ttctctggaa gtcaatctgt aagttcctca gaaaactgga    117840
     aatggtttta cttgaagact cagctatact tcccctgggc aaatacccag aggatgcttc    117900
     accatgtgcc aggacactct ggtggagtca gcttgtgagg cagaaatgcc aaaaagctgc    117960
     tcatgagaaa tgaatttcta ggactctcct cctggatgtc tggcgaaagt cagctctcca    118020
     gtttgggtca gtttgacagg cgaaaagcct ggaagctgtt tcacgagaat aagagttcca    118080
     tggaaatttc cctcccggag ttatggcatt ttttccctta cccataataa tcaaatttcc    118140
     accacgttag tctagtgtat agattcacgt gcactctatt aagcattacc ttatagtaaa    118200
     tgccttttaa gattgtattc taacatagct aaagcctttt cccagtgttc ttagattcca    118260
     gatagcagca aggagtttaa cctattcagt aactaattaa gcactaccat aaaacaataa    118320
     agcactagcc attaattcag ttgtctgcag aaagagtctg gaattctcac tgagatagaa    118380
     attcatatta cagactacat cccgtgccaa gagtaaatta atatactata ctgataaatg    118440
     aggatccttc agactagata atttaactag gcctagagaa ttttggggtc agtgacacta    118500
     cattattctt gaggcatgtc aagagttaac aaccccctgg tactaagtgt gaaattcctg    118560
     cctggcacta agctgatcct aggcagggct tgttattcct aatgtaaaca tttatctggt    118620
     ccctacaaat tccctttgaa gtcactcccc atgcatctgt ggtaatctct agtgttaaac    118680
     atttatctgg ttccttttga agtcactcct tttgcacctg aaaaattcaa tgtgccttat    118740
     tctgttatga tttgcaattt attctgtgtt ataaaaagtc tgaggctcaa ctggaaaatt    118800
     acattcagat tcaacacctc tcttgtgtgt ttggctgtct gtcactccaa ctctttgccc    118860
     atctgcttaa gaaatcccat tccacacaga ccagggaccc agagggtctg tggcaaccat    118920
     gccatgtgga tatgggctcc gctatgttca tagtagcctc atttgtaata gccagaaact    118980
     tgaaacaacc caaatgtccc tcaatcaaaa aaatggatac agaaaatatg gtttatttat    119040
     acaatggaat actatttagc aattaaaaca gaggacatca tgaattttgc agagaaattg    119100
     atggaactag aaaatatcat actgactgat gtaaccaata tcaaaaagac atgcatgaca    119160
     catactcacc aataagtgca tattagccag taagtacaga gtatctatga accaactcac    119220
     agaccataag aagtataaaa agaaagaagt cccaagtgtg gatgcttcag tcccacttag    119280
     aataaggaac aaaataatga tgagaggcag agaaaggaga gacctgggtg ggagcaagga    119340
     aggggacagg atcaggcatc tgtggagaga ggaaagaagt ccagaggacc agaatgaatg    119400
     gaaatatgca gcagcagggt cttggcacag gggaacttct agaaatttca agacatcagg    119460
     gaaatgagag gctcccagga cccagtgggg atgatctcag ccaaaatgcc caacagtagg    119520
     tagatggaac ctaaagagac catcagtagg tagacatggc ccccaaataa ttcataggca    119580
     acccaaccat attcaaaatt cttgacccag aattgttctt ggctatagga aatacaggca    119640
     caaaaatgga gccaagattg aagaaaagga caatcagaga ctggcctatc ttaaaattga    119700
     gcccatgtac aggcaccaag cgccaagact attactgatg ccatgttgtg cttaaagaca    119760
     ggagcttaac atgactgtcc tctgaggggc tctatcagca actgactgag acagattcag    119820
     atacttatag ccaatatttg gactgatgtt gggaacccct atggaagagt taggggatgg    119880
     actgaaggag ctgaaggaaa ttgcaacacc ataagaagaa taacaatatc aattaacttg    119940
     gaccccacat atctcccaga ggctaagctg ccagccaaag agccaacatg ggctggtctg    120000
     tgaaccctgc tacatatgtg gcaaaggact gccttgtttc acctcagtgg gaaagaatgc    120060
     atttaattct gtagaaattt gatgatccag ggaaggggga tgctagtgga gtgaggttgg    120120
     actggctggg tagatagggg agccccctct cagaagcaaa ggggagggtt ataaggtgaa    120180
     gaactcttag agggggacca ggaaggggga caacatttag aaagtaagca aataaaatga    120240
     ctaatacaat ttttaaaatg aaggagagac tgaaggacta gccgtccagt gactggcaca    120300
     aattggtatc tacctcattt gtagacacca aatcctgaca ctattactga tgctatattg    120360
     tgcttgtaga caggaaccta gcctggctgt ctgagaggtc tatcagcaac tgactgagat    120420
     agatgcatat acttaatgcc aaatatttga ctgaggtctt tgactcctat gagagttagg    120480
     agaaagattg aaggagctga aatgaatggc attcccataa gaagaataag agatcaacta    120540
     tcccagaacc ctagcaattc tcagagtcta agcgaatatc caaagagtat acatgggctg    120600
     gtcagaatcc cctgggacat atgtaacaga ggactgactt ttctaatctc agtgggaaag    120660
     gatgagccta atcctataaa gcttgatgtc cgggaagcag gatgtctgga ggagtggatt    120720
     ctcaagcagc tgatgaattt gagaagaaga aaacatgcaa gtaagttttt ctggatcaga    120780
     tctgctaaaa tcttgagcag aaacacagag taagtactta tgagtttgag gctcaattca    120840
     cagagccaat aattatccat taagctattc aagtctctaa ggatctatta atactcatgt    120900
     agaagagaaa gagaaaagtc aatattctgg gaaaagtata acccttccta tctcagggag    120960
     aatcttaatt gtaactcttt tgaattccag gttgtagaaa tattagaaaa ccaaagcaca    121020
     tactttcaat aaatgagaca atatgaggtt tgatatatgc aattttattg aatgattaat    121080
     gagctttaca gagaatcatg ttttccatat gaagtatcag ataaaatttc tatttttttt    121140
     cagttaatat ctgtgagaag aaatttggtt tgattcattc aacagtcatg tacttgagtt    121200
     tctgatttta tgctatgaag atgcatgttt ttcactattt tacatgtatt ttacatgcca    121260
     tttcaggttc tacctttatt ttaaattata tatgtctata ttgtaggcag tgacttattt    121320
     tttctttcat ttttgtgatt ataatataat tatatcattt ttaccttctc ttttctctct    121380
     ccaaggagta actcttctga aatgcaccaa gcttgactgc aaagaactgt gagtcaggct    121440
     tgtgggagag gacacaatac ttctgatgtg ctagcctttc ctgtcgtcga agtaattgac    121500
     caggaagata ctagattcag acattgtcag actttggatt tcaggttgat aaaggagtta    121560
     aagcagctgt tgtgcagtat ggtccttcag cccctatcac acaagcactg ctgggtactg    121620
     tcacagattc acacttaacc cccccccccc cccagattgg aaaaccccat gtaaggccac    121680
     cctgtcagga ggagatttct tactttggga ttctgaatgg cgagatgcca gtaagaaaac    121740
     tgccaattta aatgctcaga ctggtaatct agactgggat agtagcatgc ttctgggaga    121800
     aggcctttat aagggccaga ctaatcagat tgattttcct gttggagtgt acacacagaa    121860
     tgcagtggct gcctgccttg cttggggact gttactggtt agaggggata ttggtgggag    121920
     tttagccagc attcatcaga gttctgatga gccttaacag aactttgtgg atagcctatt    121980
     aatagcagct agtagaataa ttggaaaatc tgatatggga agtcctttcc ttatgcaatt    122040
     ggcttatgag aacgctaacc caatgtgtcc tgccactatc cagccacaca aaggagaaac    122100
     ggatttagcg aaatatgtcc atctttgtgc agaaatcggg ccgtcatata atcagggttt    122160
     ggctttcagt gctgctttgc aagggactgc catacaagca atgttctcgc ggaaatgagg    122220
     gaataatgca tgttttaaat gtggaaattt gggtcatttt aaaagtgatt gtcccaagaa    122280
     caaaggtgcc gagagtgggc aagcaggcca tgccccagga atttgtccct ggtgcagaaa    122340
     gggcaaccac tgggctaagg tgtgcaaatc caagccaggc actctgggcc atccagtgcc    122400
     gggaaaaaag aggaagggcc agccataggc cctgttgtag tcacagaaaa tagattatgg    122460
     ggctataaat ctgctgccca tccaaagaga tcagtttttg aacttgtcag ggcaaaaccc    122520
     ggaggtgaag gattggacct cttttccacc acccaggcag tattaacccc agaaatagga    122580
     gtccaaactc tgcctaccgg agtctttgga cctctacctg tagaaacttg tggatttctt    122640
     ttaggacgaa gctgttctat tgtaaaagtc ctgcagattt atccaggtgt tataaataat    122700
     gattatgggg gagaaattaa aattatagct gcttcccctc atggtgttat aactgtaccc    122760
     gctaatcaag gaattgctca acttgtttta attccactac atccaccact gtccagattt    122820
     attaagaatg aaagaggaca aggtggtttt gactcgtctg ttatgaattg gattaaatct    122880
     attactaacc agagacctaa ctttaaattg acatttgatg gataaagctt tgtaggatta    122940
     atagatactg gagccgatgt cacaaccatt agaggacagg attggcccta aaactggctt    123000
     ttgactgata tgctaactca cctccaagga attggttatg ctagtaagca aaacaaagct    123060
     ccaaattgct aacctggaga gatggggatg gaaaatcagg aaaaattcag ctgtatgtta    123120
     tgtcaaattc tcctgtaact ctatggggaa gagatctctt gtcacaagtg ggcgttataa    123180
     tgtacagtac taatgagatg gtgactaagc agacattcaa atagggacct ctgcctggac    123240
     atggactaaa aatgaagaga caaggaatta agacttttga agatcctaaa cctcactcta    123300
     acacaagaga tttggagtat tttccgtagt ggccactatc ttgcctgcat cccacgctga    123360
     taaaattcaa aggcttaatg atattctggt gtgggtggaa tagtggtctt tacctaaaga    123420
     aaaaagagaa gccacttctt tgctagtaca ggtgcaacta gaagcaggac atctagtaga    123480
     ctctcagtcc ccttggaata cacgaatttt tcattatcaa gaaaaaatct ggtaaatgga    123540
     gattgctaca agatttaaga aaagttaatg agactatgct acctatggga cctttacaac    123600
     ctgggcttcc ctccccagta actattccta aaggatatta taaaattgtg gtagatctga    123660
     ttgtttcttt actattcctt tgcatctaaa ggattgtgaa agatttgttt tagtgttcct    123720
     tctataaatt ttaaggaacc tatgaagtga tatcaatggg cagttctccc acagggcatg    123780
     gctaatagtt ctattttatg ccaaaagttt gtggcactag ccattcagcc tcccaggacc    123840
     cagtggagat gacctcagcc aaaatgccca acagtaggta gatggaacct aaagaggcca    123900
     tcagtaggta gacatggctc ccatttgaag catgggcaac ccaaacatat tcaaaattct    123960
     tgacccagaa ttgttcttgg ctataggaaa tacaggctca aaaatggagc caagattgaa    124020
     gaaaaggaca accagagact ggcctacctt aaaattgatc ccatgtacag gcaccaagcg    124080
     ccaagactat tactgatgcc acgttgtgtc taaagacagg agcttagcat gactgtcctc    124140
     tgaggggctc tatcaacaac tgactgagac agattcagat acttacagcc aatatttgga    124200
     ctgatgttgg gaacccctat ggaagagtta ggggacggac tgaaggagct gaaggggatt    124260
     acaacaccat aggaagaata acattattaa ttaacttgga ccccacatac ctcccagagg    124320
     ctaagctgcc agccaaagag cctacatggg ctggtctgtg gaccctgcta catatgaggc    124380
     agaggactgc cttgcttcac ctcagtggga aagaatgcat ttaattctgt agaaatttga    124440
     tgacccaggg aatgggaata ctagtggagt gaggttggac tggctgggta gttagtggag    124500
     cccactctca gaagcaaagg ggagggttat tgggtaacaa actcttagag gggtctggga    124560
     aggggaaaaa catttagaaa gtaagcaaat aaaatgacta atacaatttt taaaatgaag    124620
     gagagactga aggactagcc gtccagtgac tggcacaaat tggtatctac ctcatttgta    124680
     ggcaccaaat cctgacacta ttactgatgc tatattgtgc ttgtagacag gaacctagcc    124740
     tggctgtctg agaggtctat cagcaactga ctgagataga tgcaatatac ttactgccaa    124800
     atatttgact gaggtctttg actcctatga aagagttagg agaaggattg aaggagctga    124860
     aaagaatggc atccccatag gaagaataag agatcaacta ttccagaacc ctaggaatgc    124920
     tcagagtcta agctaatatc caaagagcat gcatgggctg ttcagaatcc cctgggacat    124980
     atgtaacaca ggactgactt ttctaatctc agtgggaaag gatgtgccta atcctgtaaa    125040
     gcttgatgtc cagggaagca ggatgtctga aggagtggga tgagggagga ctcttgtaaa    125100
     tgtgaaggag aggggtatgg catgatgaat tctgggaggt aggacctcga agatttatca    125160
     tttgggatgt aaataaataa attttattaa gaaaataata aaaatctcat gctccaaata    125220
     attgaaatgg cataaacata ctaacaaaaa agggaaaacc ttgtagcttg agggatggat    125280
     aagcaattaa gaccttaccc ttgcagaaaa tggtaagttt gcttctcatg acgtacatca    125340
     ggcagttaaa attgcttgta attcttcctc cggggtatct gaattccttt ttttgactct    125400
     gataactata gtcatacata aacacatata tacaaataaa actaataact aatctttttt    125460
     caagaaaagc tttgggatgc taacaaaata tacttgtacg tttacgaaaa taggatatcc    125520
     cttatgaata tcgattcaaa aataatcaat aaaattctcg ctaaccgaat ccaggaacac    125580
     atcataacaa tcatccatca tgattaagta ggcttcatta cagggatgca ggatggttta    125640
     ataaacagac atccatcaac gtaatctatt atataaacaa gctcaaagat aaaaaccaca    125700
     tgatcaactt gcctgaaagc aatttgcaga tccaatgcaa tccccatcaa aattccaaat    125760
     caattcttca atgaattaga aagggcaatt tgcaaattca tatggaataa caaaaaacct    125820
     aggatagcaa aaactcttct caatgataaa agattctgtg gtggaatcac catgcctgac    125880
     ctaaagctgt agtacagagc aattgtgata aaaactgcat ggtactggta taagacagac    125940
     aggtagacca aaggaataga attgaagacc cagaaatgaa cccacacacc tatggtcact    126000
     tggtctttga caagggagct aaaaccatcc agtggataaa agaaagacac aattttcaac    126060
     aaatggtgct tatcaccaca tgatcaactt gcctgaaagc aatttacaga tccaatgcaa    126120
     tccccatcaa aattccaaat caattcttca atgaactaga aagggcaatt tgcaaatttg    126180
     cacaactggt ggttatcatg tagaagaatt cgaattgatc cattattatc tccttgtact    126240
     aaggtcaagt ctaagtgcat caaggaactc cacataaaac cagagacact gaaacttata    126300
     gaggagaaag tagggaaaag ccacgaaaat attcggcaca ggggaaaaat tcctgaatag    126360
     aacagcaatg gcttgtgctg taagatcaag aattgacaaa taggacctca taaaattaca    126420
     aagcttctgt aaggcaaaag acacagtcaa taagacaaaa aggtcaccaa cagattggga    126480
     aaggatcttt acctatccta aatcagatag gggactaata gtcttatatt ttttaatttc    126540
     atttttagca ggtttgtaca tagaaaggct acaggtgtgt gttttaattt tgtattctac    126600
     tactttgctt aatgcattta taagaagcat gaaccttctt gcagagtcca tgtggacttt    126660
     tatgtataaa gtcatattac cttcaaagaa agatattttg aattcttcct ttcctaattt    126720
     ttggccccta atctatttca gttttcttac tgttctaatt agatatcaaa taatatatta    126780
     aagaggtttg gataaagtag tcacactagt cttggtcccg atttagtata aatgttttga    126840
     gttccttttc aattactttg gtgtttgttg tgggattatg gtaacttgcc tttactattt    126900
     caggcattat tttaatgaac ctgcttttac cttaccttgt ggtttttcct ctcaatcttt    126960
     aatatcttct ctctgttata tatgcttcat ttttgattat taggtgttgt gtttaaaata    127020
     tcttatttgc attatattgc attatattca tgtctatttg atattcttta tacgtcttag    127080
     ctcttgatag ctatcttttc ctgtaaatta gggatttttt tcctctctga ttcttgttga    127140
     agatatattc tctgcctgca tttgatatgc ctctcttatt ctacaaacta aattgtttta    127200
     gtttagtttt gtttttgttt tttttgttgt tgttgttgtt gttgttttgt ttttttttgt    127260
     atgtttgttt ttgtttttta aggccaaatc tactccatct agaaactgga ctatatctta    127320
     gaaataaaag agcctgagaa tttgacctgt agctgaaacc aagctacata taagtaccag    127380
     gaaggaccct agggattatc cactgagcac accccagatt tactccctag ctatgtccta    127440
     gcaacagcga atcaaaatga gtatgattgt ttcaaatata ctttcaaacc atttgtgatt    127500
     gtttatggtt ttgttccaga gcacccactt gttaacatac aatagtcatt caattagatg    127560
     tttgccaggc tggacaccct tttggttgct tgccatttcc tataaatcct tgtgccctgg    127620
     agggtttggg gctgctgcat caaactgtcc tgctgtatca gggtcagctg taagtaacac    127680
     taaatttcag tttctaataa agagatttta gtgtggttgc atcagagttg gatcctggtg    127740
     gtcttttggg gcttaaaaat agggcacgac aatagtattc aagaattttc ttatggtttt    127800
     cactcttgag aattttgggg gaaggtttga catttccagt gaatgagtga tccaaataat    127860
     ctaccttgct tttaagcctg gatagattca cctcctgttt acccaatctc ttgttgagcc    127920
     cttctttcaa acttttaaaa tttgaattac atagttcaaa taagaaagct atataataga    127980
     aatcagtata aataactctc aaataactaa atctaatttt atcttatcca tattatttct    128040
     gggcatttat ccagatgact ccaatttgat atatcatgga aatatttgta caaatgttgt    128100
     tttgaaggac tgttcatatc taaactatga aaccaatcta ggtctccaac agaggagtga    128160
     acaaagcaaa taatatacat acatacatac atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    128220
     atttaatcta ttaagtacaa tattactttg tagaggtcaa ttagtgggaa gatgatggga    128280
     aagtaggaat gatagtaaag tctagggagt catgttcaaa gttcctgaca gtgttagtta    128340
     aagtgttttt atgcaatcaa atatcatgta caatgcattt attgctagag aataacaata    128400
     acaatcttca ccatgcatta cttacaaata acgtgatttg tatatttatt atttagatgt    128460
     aagggtttca cttttgatga agataatacc atgaccatga tattatatac caaaatatgt    128520
     aagtttgatg ttctcttaga ttatttaata ttttgagata atacacatca ctgcagagta    128580
     gtatgagtta cataaataca taggacaaaa tggccagagt taattcaaga ccatttcaga    128640
     aattgttaca cattcagtct taatatgaag ttaaaattct tttagtgatt taaatatttc    128700
     cttaatattt gagttcatac atgtatataa tgaaatataa ccacattagt cactcattcc    128760
     cactttatcc ccaacaattc tcactccata cttcattaca tgttctccac acaatttcat    128820
     gtcttctttt cacataagcc attgagtcca attgctgttg cccatatgtc ctcaagttta    128880
     gtgcaaaccc tctagctgga aaatgctatc agtggcccca taatctaagt ggagtaggtc    128940
     ccccttccca agaagttatg tagcacaaat atctgttata tgaaactcaa gtcagcaaca    129000
     caaatatcaa attttaaaat taaactattt tgcacaaaag tctaatatat attagtttca    129060
     tacttacatg ctggtaaact atgttaagaa aatttgaaag tatttacttc tgtaattaaa    129120
     tcattacatt ttcattttta catatggtaa aagcatagca attcaaaaca gtgataccca    129180
     aaccaagtta tactatttct ggatgcattc tttggcgtgt aaaaacatgt gcagtgccaa    129240
     tttataatgt tatatattcc gacatcagga catagtgaaa ctacatgtaa gttggataag    129300
     tgcatcaaga tagacctgga tttatcatat gtataagtta atttttgatc acttatggtc    129360
     agaaatattt agaactgctt cattttaaat gccaccacaa ttagttatgt gactcagtta    129420
     aaaaaatcaa tatataaagg gatcatgaag gtagttaaat tatgttatct tacagacaat    129480
     tttccagagg gctttcttga tgtccctgtt cctcaggctg taaatgaagg ggttcatcat    129540
     gggaaccacc attgtataca ttaccgaagc caccatactt tccttggaag aactagaaac    129600
     tgttgaactg aggtagactc ctatacctgt tccataaaat aggcaaacaa ctgacaggtg    129660
     agatccacag gtagagaagg ctttatattt ccctaacagt gatggaactc taaaaataga    129720
     agaagtaatt ttatagtagg agtaaaatat tcctgaggca gggaggaaac cagtaatgat    129780
     gcttaaaaga aacatgacta tgtcattgat agtagtgtta gaacaagcaa gttttacaag    129840
     ttctggaaca tcacagaaga aatgagggat ttttatatta gtacaaaatg ttagttgtga    129900
     caccataaag cagtgcacct gtgaatcaat gagactgata caaaatgaca ttacaaccaa    129960
     atatctacac cgacaaggat tcagaatgac ttggtagtgt agagggtgac aaatggccac    130020
     ccatctgtca tacgccatca ctgccagtag aatactgtcc atacacccaa aaagaataaa    130080
     gaaagatacc tgagttaggc attcagcata agttatggat ctgttgtggg catgcaagtt    130140
     tatcagcatc ttggggatgg tggtgctgct gaagcccatg tcagccaatg aaaggttgta    130200
     gaggaagaag tacattgggc tgtggaggtg ggaatcacag ctgatggcca agatgatgag    130260
     aacatttcca agcacagtga gcagatatat gagcaggaat agtgcaaata agatgaactg    130320
     cagttcaggg tcctctgaga gtccaaggag aatgaattcc aaggttcctg ttgaattata    130380
     tggttccata aggctaggat cttttgaaaa gaaaaaaaag agatcattgt agagaactaa    130440
     gcagtataga tgtaagtgtc tacatgccta tatgtttgta aaccagctat tcataagaca    130500
     tcattcatac atgagaactg ttcatgttta gaaattacct atttactcag gaaaaggttc    130560
     tggggctaag agctttgttt tctgtttggt aaatacttga aacattgaaa ggggaaattc    130620
     gtgatttgaa tagaaataag tggtacagcc cttgtcagtt atatgcaata atctaaattt    130680
     gttcccatta gaaaacatgg tagagaaagg taggggaagt agtaaaataa aaaaggagaa    130740
     attaaggacg aaagaaagga aggaaggaag ggaggaagga aggaggaagg aaggaaggaa    130800
     ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaaga aaggaaggaa gaaagaagta aggaagaaat    130860
     aaagaaataa agaaataaag aaagaaagaa agaaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag    130920
     gaaggaagga aggaaggaag agaagggaag agagaggaag ggaagagaat gaagaagaga    130980
     agagaaggga agagacgaga ggagaggagg agaggagagg agaggagagg agaggagagg    131040
     agaggagagg agaggagagg agaggagagg agaagagaag agaagagaag agaagagaag    131100
     agaagagaag agaagagaag agaagagaag agaagagaag agaagacaag acaagacaag    131160
     acaagacaag acaagacaag tcaaggcata aaggagaaga gaagtcttgt gagcagtata    131220
     ttaatcaaga tatgccctgg tagatattaa gagattctaa cccccctcaa tttctcttgt    131280
     aatatattat cactttctcc ccaatacatt tgtatttcag ctattcacaa agacaccatc    131340
     atcaaagcca gggctgtata gattgaacat gtagattaca aaactctgac ctccatacac    131400
     aatttttaat aaagcttctc ttgtatactg tgataataat cccaaaatag acaaaatgca    131460
     aatttagtta catttctcag gtgtggcaga ttcttacaac catttctaca atggcttctg    131520
     agacaataat atatgttaat aggcaaaatc ataaaagaaa agaaaaatat ttcaaataat    131580
     tactcaaaaa atcactctaa caaaaattta catacaaaga agaacatgcc gtttccctat    131640
     attgccttca gaaaatatca ttctaatgaa agagatctat gaagaagtta tatatattta    131700
     atctttgaaa agtgcgtaag attatttcct tggatttata ttttgagtag acaagctaaa    131760
     atcaggcgtg gagagttgga tcagcagcta aaatccactt ccttctctta aaggggactg    131820
     aagttttgtt cccaccactc acattaaata gtttacaaca gcctgtaact ccaacaacat    131880
     gggagcctac atcctctttt ggcatatgtt ttaagattat aattagaaat ttcaaagtaa    131940
     attcagacat ttctagtgtg gtgatgaaag tatatgtcca cgcatgtgaa aaatttgagt    132000
     tggtaagagg tcaacttttg ttactgtcca tcttatattt taaggcatat attgatcctg    132060
     atcttactga tcctagatct tacatggatt acattggctg atagtgaaat cctactcaca    132120
     cattgtgaag gttacagaaa cacccaacca tgcccttgta tggatgctgg taattaaact    132180
     cagatcctca ttgtgtacaa caaatatctc acccagtgag tcatctattc acatccctct    132240
     aacagattcc tatttcctca gtatagaacc tcaaactgtg attttatttt ttctcttaca    132300
     ttgaagtttg tgtgtgtatg ttggagaagg tgtcaagaat aaatgcggca gtaaacagtg    132360
     gaggtaaatt aacaaatgag gacaagctac agatttggtt tctgttattt gattttaaca    132420
     tcctgattgc cagctcctaa ttcaacctat ctgagggcca ttcttattgt agctaaaagg    132480
     acaaaggcac atacagctct actacatgtt atattagtga cacagagtag aaaataaaat    132540
     gtctaagagt tttccagaga ttagggcgaa gagaaattta aggttcaatt ggtagaatag    132600
     atggctcttg gttatgcagg ggatgcaatc tgaccaacag tattcaaact gctatgacac    132660
     tgttagaatg caaggcattt taaaaatttc aaaaagaata ataaaccata caaacatttg    132720
     tacaaatagc aatgtaagaa ggtgaacagg aaatatttag gaacatatat gtatatatat    132780
     gcaacaatca ttaatgaaaa aagtgctctt taatttgaag gagaattaag agggcttttg    132840
     tgagggtttg gagggaagga aaataaggga gaaatattgg aataaattta aatctcaaga    132900
     attaaaaata tcactataag ttatatagaa tataattctt atctcaaatt aacatgatga    132960
     taatgcataa atatatttta tagggaaata gtttgacata tataaagcta caagttcaat    133020
     gaaatacatg atttgatatt tggaagctct gggtaaagtt tctctattca ctcatttttt    133080
     cttttatttt cctacaattt ctggctatgt agaagctttg ccttcaaatt tcaggatact    133140
     agactgatct taaactaaat attcctatct cagtttgata aataatataa tcacatgtgt    133200
     tgtacaatgc cccaatcact ggttcttgat atttggtcct tatgatcatt ttgatctcta    133260
     ccttcttcat atagtaaagc tcatgatatt ttttaatcaa tagcagagag ttcagaaaga    133320
     tatcactttc attttatgct tgaaaatatt ctcaataagt taaaatccta atggttaaaa    133380
     aaataaacag tatgagagtt ctcatattaa ctaataatat aaacatatgt ttaactaata    133440
     aagtaaactt aattacacaa tgacataaaa ctttgcttat tgatgtattt tgtctttgat    133500
     taccccacac cacatatctt tacctttctg gtgccaacaa taaaagcact gctgtccctc    133560
     atttgtttct tgcatagatt agcacttact aaggatgtaa attatttcca ttcgaagatg    133620
     accaaaagtg actgatacac ttttgcactc gtcctgtgtg tgtgatgatg acccaggttc    133680
     tgtgctcaag actggtagga agacaataaa tcatgaccct tctcaagcag ctgatgaatt    133740
     tgagaagaag aaaacacgca agtaagtttt tctggatcag atctgataaa atcttgagca    133800
     gaaacacaga gtaagtactt atgagtttga ggctcaattc acagagccaa taattatcca    133860
     ttaagctatt caagtctcta aggatctatt aatactcatg tagaagagaa agggaaaagt    133920
     gaatattctg ggaaaagtat aacccttcct atctcaggga gaatcttaat tgtaactctt    133980
     ttgacttcca ggttgtagaa atattagaaa accaaagtac atactttcaa ttaaatgaga    134040
     cagtatgagg tttgatatat gcaattttat tgaatgatta atgtgctgta tagagaatca    134100
     tgttttccat atgaagtatc acataaaatt tctatttttt ttttcagtta atatctgtga    134160
     gaagaaattt ggtttgattc attcaagagt catgtacatg agtttctgat tttatgctat    134220
     gaagatgcat gtttttcact attttacatg tattttacat gccatttcag gttctacctt    134280
     tattttcaat tatatatgtc tatattgtag ggagtgactt attttttctt tcatttttgt    134340
     gattataata taattatatc atttttacct tgtctttgct ctctccaaac cttccatata    134400
     cacgtcattt ctctctttca agtttattgc ctcctatttt ttaatagttg ttacatgcat    134460
     atttgtatat acatatattt caaaatatac ctgaggccaa ataagttgta taaacgtatc    134520
     aggggggctt aaagatgttg aaatttaaaa acatagatgg ctgtaactgt cacaatgatt    134580
     gcctagaagt attacaatct agcttgaatg gtattacaaa gattcatttt cttaaggaac    134640
     aaacaatttt cttggtttct tgagacatgg gtttttatat taagcacctg attgtacagc    134700
     atatgctttt attgaagcaa tctcatctat tgactgtgtc acagacccca tgaaactact    134760
     gggtgaggac tggactgtga gaagccacaa gatcccgctc caggggtgag gaaatggcaa    134820
     aatctggggt tcccatggaa ctgcctaagt tgggctccaa ctcttgggca ccacagactg    134880
     ttgagcacca tggaagagcc cgttctgagg tccgtgggca gcatggaggc caagaacaac    134940
     agattctcac tctcaggaat cccagatgcc agtgtaggtt gaggagaaca tacccttgag    135000
     tggactctgg cctggaggct gaagggaaaa tggtaggggg agagagctct ggcagattac    135060
     tgcagagagg agagagtctg tctagctcag gcagcttgct cagtggccag gttggtttgg    135120
     ctggtggcca tggctggtgc acaggcagac ctcttgtagg gaggttaaat gctcagcttg    135180
     ttagtgaaag acatacttaa ttgctctagc agggtgggtt tagatgagca gagatggtcc    135240
     ttggttttaa ggtgtttatt gtagaaaggc agagaaggga gagagtagag tatcagagac    135300
     tggtcatggc cacatggaga gaggaagaag ggaaggcaga gagagggaga gcaagggagc    135360
     aagattaaga gcaagagaat aagaggtaag aggataagag aatgaggaga gagcaagcag    135420
     ctttttttta tagtgggctg gactaccttg ctattgccag gaaactgtgg tgttggagtc    135480
     cagacagcct acatgactga agactacaag attatggagc tgtggcttcc tgtcaggagc    135540
     cacaaacaag ccttctgtcc ctcccagatt aatctgctgg ggctccaggg tttaaactta    135600
     gctcaactag agaaaaggct gtctttcaaa gtcccacatg gacacgtgta acatataaag    135660
     acacaaattt tatatatata catgaaaggc taaaattgag acattttgag tggttgtaca    135720
     acaggaacat atgatataaa acacaatcat ctgtggtgag aactgggatc aaatactata    135780
     tgacttccaa actgagactg agatctaaaa tgtaggagca gaaaagttaa gcatggcatt    135840
     gactttttct gtatttttaa cacattgtag tatgcgaaag cattatacta accatgtcac    135900
     attccacatt agcctctggg gaaacaaaag tttcagcacc ttcttctgta atgtcaagtt    135960
     tgaaattttt tcaccttttc attctccctt ctgttgcttt gctttaaaaa taatatataa    136020
     tgtcattttg ttaattctgg tgatcattaa cttttcagat aatattcagg gaacatgaat    136080
     gcatcctatt gaagagacat tttgacagca aaagtaaaag ttttcatttt tcctatcagg    136140
     agtatataaa acacacagtg gagagtctac tagctctgtt ctacagatat tctattcctc    136200
     tgtatgaaat gacccaatat acttagtaaa aataagaaaa aacaagcttt ttagtgataa    136260
     aacagtttgg gctcaagcta attccttgaa tataagatat tatttatttg cttttgtaaa    136320
     caaaggcacg gtgaaaccac taaattggac cctccatggg tagaaataaa gtgttactca    136380
     gaatcaaacg gctatggata tctctcaggg gatttagaga agcacaacgg tgaaaaaaga    136440
     agtgggtaat ataagtcaga atgtattgtg tgagtcttta agtttataaa aagctctaca    136500
     attaactgaa actagatgca cttgactgac ataaatggct cattgccaca gaccctctgg    136560
     gcccctttgt ctgcgttgaa ccggtctctc gtcgcgggtg ggcaaagagt cggatgagtg    136620
     acaaacagac gcacacagga gagtttgtgt tggatctgaa tataatgtca aatcgagcat    136680
     catacttttt atgcagaaga caataaggaa gttgggtgac acaccagcaa ggtacaaaga    136740
     ggttactgga ttcttacata aaacagagga atgcaaacac agaaggtcta acaggaacca    136800
     cctgggatag aattcattgt taacaactgg gatcaaaaag ggccccacct aagattcgct    136860
     taatcttaga agccagggtc aagggcttcg tgcccttgcc atagttccta ttttagtcta    136920
     ttgtatagtc caccttcccc ttaggccatt gtaaatacgt gtgtatgggt gtaacttagc    136980
     tatagtctta gaagccaggt atgaggtctt tactctctta gggcaagggc tttcacaccc    137040
     aagtcatggc tctaactagg gagttccttt ctagctaacc atctcatgaa taatgcaata    137100
     ctctaaaacc acagcccaga tctacttcct aaaccattgt aaattcctgt atatgggagc    137160
     aacttggctt ttattgatag tgtaatacca gaggctattc tgaatgttac tgtctagctc    137220
     aaggacgttc taggactgtt ggaacactgg aaggctttag ctatgtcaga attgaatctt    137280
     aaaaggcact tataataaag agagcatgtg gatccatcca ctagactaac gcgggaatgg    137340
     aaaatttaga gagcacgcca gactccagga gcgagtttcc gtgaaactct tttgcctcga    137400
     gaatagcttt caagtctctt ggcttgtcaa gctgactcaa ccagagcacg tggcaactca    137460
     tatgtatagt atgttgagga acatactaag ggaagtccta gttaaaagga acccaaatta    137520
     taatatcaga cattgactgt atgagacttt taaagagtgc tgaagttggt cttctgttta    137580
     tctaacaaca gtctgcatgt ttacctggta gtccttcttt tttattacat tgttaccagc    137640
     attgacattt tggggattct actttttgac ctaaatatat atatacatta ggctgatgca    137700
     ttccacacca ccagaaatat gataaggata aattaagcag gaagtataat ccaattggcc    137760
     catgcatcaa taagaatgtc aagatgtgca ggatggtggt ggtgcaggcc tttaattcca    137820
     gcacttagga ggcagaggca ggcagatttc tgagttcgag gccagcctgg tctacaaagc    137880
     atgttccagg acagacaggg ctacacagtg aaaccctgta gtgaaaaacc aaaccaaacc    137940
     aaaccaaacc aaacaaacaa acaacacaaa aacaaaaaac aaaaaaacaa aaagaatgcc    138000
     acgatgcaga tgtttgttca ccaggattga caagccatta agtcccattc ccatgacaaa    138060
     gtcttatact tattctgtag agtctgattc tataacaaat ggagactttt agactttagg    138120
     cctatttcta tatcagagaa catttctgat atggataact caacacagag taaaaatcat    138180
     cattaaatca tggctttcct aactatggcc taacatacag ttctctttgt aaacaaagca    138240
     taattctgct aggttggcat gatgaccata ggtaaaaact attcaaaatt aaacaacact    138300
     aattaattaa aatgattcaa gagaaagact atatctttgc tgtgtcctct ttcatgcctc    138360
     caccattaga gatgcagcct cctgtctttt ttaaattttg ttaaattttc caaaatttaa    138420
     cctgagtcca ggatgagaaa tatatttaag gatgacagtg aaggatgcat aagcctttta    138480
     agcactgtaa tttaaaatta aaacctaatg tagaatgtct aatggctcag agacttttaa    138540
     gactgcaagg gtgtagtatg agctgagatg aggcttttca ttccatgatt catggactct    138600
     cttttcacac acctgctatt ctgattgtaa cataatccag gaggtagcta tcacagcaaa    138660
     ggaaaacctt ggaagggagt aaatgtttag tgcaacgggt gaatgaaaat gagatatgag    138720
     cactccttga tatgattgag aagagggatt ttattgtaga tatgagggag aatttagcca    138780
     caggcatcta gaaagttaca ggctgaacca ggccatgaga gaagaaactg tctggtaaga    138840
     gagtgagaga aaaattgaca gaaagtagga ccaagagtgg gaacaaaagg agagctgaga    138900
     aaagaggcca agacaagtca ggagccaaga atgcacatag ccaaaatcaa gattctatat    138960
     ctatgagaaa ctagggaaag gaaagcaaag caaagccctg ccattgggat ggagaggtgt    139020
     agggaaggga tcaatgtgat aagtgctgag tgagtctagt ctatagtttc tttggaacct    139080
     ggaagtaaag tgatgaataa tgcattcagc attacaatga gcaaagatgt atcaaagttt    139140
     gtcctatagt agattagaac ttgaatataa aaatggttcc tgaccttgta aataagtagg    139200
     tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagaca tatacttact    139260
     ttattcatgg ttttatatgt catcttgtat attttgttta cttatttctt tgtttttctg    139320
     gtcaaatgat gtagcctccc ataaacctga agcaggctaa gccagaactt gtccttgctg    139380
     ccactaagga gattatctag ggtggaacct tcctccctag atcacactat tgttctgcca    139440
     ctgcctctgt tcctcttcaa aatactgcta actactgaga ggccccagag ctattctgga    139500
     gattaagccc taccctgcat gtcatcacgt gcagctggtt ccaggctcca aggatgaatt    139560
     ggcaggaatg gactcccccc acccccctct tttttatatc caaaattttc tttttttaaa    139620
     atatttttta ttacgtattt tccacaatta catttgcaat gctatcccaa aagtccccca    139680
     taccctcccc gcccacttcc ctacccaccc attcccattt tttttttggc cctggcattc    139740
     ccctgtactg gggcatataa agtttgcata tccaatgggc ctctctttat agtgatggcc    139800
     gactaggcca tcttttgata catatacagc aagagtcaag agctccaggg tactggttag    139860
     ttcataatgt tgatccacct atagtgttgc agataccttt agctccttgg gtactttctc    139920
     tagctcctcc attggcagcc ctgtgatcca tccactagct gactatgagc atccacttct    139980
     gtatttgcta ggctcagcat agcctcacaa gagacagcta tatctgggtc ctttcagcaa    140040
     aatcttgcta gtgtatgcaa tggtgtcagc gtttagaagc tgattatggg atggatccct    140100
     ggatatggca gtctctagat ggtccatcct ttgtcacagc tccaaacttt gtctctgtaa    140160
     ctccttccat gtgtgttttg ttcccaattc taagaagggg cacagtgtcc acactttggt    140220
     cttcattttt cttgagtttc atgcgtttag gaaattgtat cttgtatgtt gggtatccta    140280
     ggttttgggc taatatccac ttatcagtga gaacatattg tgtgagttcc tttgtgattg    140340
     ggttacctca ctcaggatga tgccctccag gtccgtccat ttgcctagga atttcataaa    140400
     ttcattcttt ttaatagctg agtagtactc cattgagtaa atgtaacaca ttttctgttt    140460
     ccattcctct gttgaggggc atctgggttc tttccagctt ctagctatta taaataagac    140520
     tgctatgaac atagtagagc atgtgtcctt cttaccagtt ggaacatatt ctggatatat    140580
     gcccaggaaa ggtattgctg gatcctccag tagtactatg tccaattttc tgaagaacag    140640
     ccagactgat tttcagagtg ttgtacaagc ttgcagtccc accaacaatg gaggagtgtt    140700
     cctctttttc cacatcctcg ccagcatctg ctgtcacctg aatttttgat cttagtcatt    140760
     ctaactggtg tgaggtggaa tctcagggtt gttttgattt gcatttccct gatgattaag    140820
     gatgttgaac agtttttcag gtgcttctct gccattcggt actcctcagg tgagaattct    140880
     ttgttcagtt ctgagcccat ttttttaatg gggttatttg attttctgga gtccacctcc    140940
     ttgatttctt tatatatatt ggatattagt cctctatctg atttaggata cgtaaagatc    141000
     ctttcccaac ctgttggtgg tctttttgtc ttattgacag tgtcttttgc cttacagtag    141060
     ctttgcagtt tcatgaggtc ccatttgtta attctcgatc ttacagctca agccattgct    141120
     gttctattca ggaatttttc ccctttgccc atatcttcat gacttctccc caatttctcc    141180
     tctataagtt tcagcatctc tggttttatg tgaagttctt gatccactta acttgacctt    141240
     agtacaagga gataggaatg gatcattttg aattcttcta cgtgataact gccagttgtg    141300
     ccagcaccat ttgttgaaaa tgctgtcttt cttccactgg atggttttag ctcccttgtc    141360
     gaagatcaag ggaccatagg tatgtgggtt catttctggg tcttcaattc tattccattg    141420
     gtctacttgt ctgttcctat accagtacca tgcagttttt atcacaattg ctctgtagta    141480
     cagctttagg tcaggcatgg tgattccacc agaggttctt ttatccttga gaagagtttt    141540
     tgctatccta ggttttttgt tattccagat gaatttgcag attgctattg ctaattcgtt    141600
     gaagaattga gttggaattt tgatggggat tgcattgaat cagtagattg cttttggcaa    141660
     gatagccatt tttacaatgt tgatcctgcc aatcaaatga gtatgggata tctttccatt    141720
     ttctgagatc ttctttaatt tctttcttca gagacttgaa gtttgtatca tacagatatt    141780
     tcacttcctt agagtcacgc caagatattt tgtttatttg tgactattga gaagggtgtt    141840
     gtttccctaa tttctttctc agcctgttta ttctttgtgt agagaaaggc cattgacttg    141900
     tttgagttaa ttttatatcc agctacttca ccgaagctgt ttatcaggtt taggagttct    141960
     ctggtggaat ttttagggtc acttatatat actatcatat catctgcaaa aagtgatatt    142020
     ttgacttctt cttttccaat ttgtattccc ttggtctcgt tttgttgtcg aattgctctg    142080
     gctaatactt caaatactat gttgaaaagg tacggagaaa gtgggcagcc ttgtctagtc    142140
     ctgattttag tgggattgct tccagcttct ctccatttac tttgatgttg gctactggtt    142200
     tgctgtagaa tgcttttatc atgtttaggt atgggccttg aattcctgat ctttccaaga    142260
     cttttatcat gaatgggtgt tggatcttgt caaatgcttt tcctgcatct aacgagatga    142320
     tcatgtggat gttatccctg tgccctctag tgagtctggc taagggttta tctatcttgt    142380
     tgattttctc aaagaaccaa ctccacattt ggttaattct ttgaatagtt cttcttgatt    142440
     ccacttggtt gatttcaccc ctgagtttga ttatttcctg ctgtctactc ctcttgggtg    142500
     aatttgcttc ctttttttct agagatttta gatgtgttgt caagctgcta gtgtgtgctc    142560
     tctccagttt ctttttggag gcactcagag ttatgagttt ccctcttaga aatgctttca    142620
     ttgtgtccca taggtttggg tatgttgtgg cttcattttc attaaactct aaaaagtctt    142680
     taatttcttt ctttattcct tccttgacca aggtatcatt gagaagagtg ttgttcattt    142740
     tccatgtgaa tgttggcttt ccattgttta tgttgttatt gaagatcagc cttagtcaat    142800
     ggtggtctga taggatgcat gggacaattt caatattttt gtatctgttg aggcctgttt    142860
     tgtgaccaat tatatggtca atttttgcga aggtcccgtg aggtgctgag aagaaggtat    142920
     atccttttgt tttaggataa aatggtctgt agatatctgt taagtccatt tgtttcataa    142980
     cttctgttag tttcactgtg tccctttttg gtttctgttt ccacgatctg gccattgatg    143040
     aaagtggtgt attgaaatct cccactatta ttgtgtgagg tgcaatgtgt gctttgagct    143100
     ttactaaagt ttctttaatg aatgtggctg cccttgcatt tggagcatag atttgagaac    143160
     tgagagttcc tcttggagga ttttaccttt gatgagtatg aagtgtccct ccttgtgttt    143220
     tttgattact ttgggttgga aatcaatttt actcggtatt agaatggcta ctcaggcttg    143280
     cttttcacac catttgcttg gaaaattgtt ttcctgcctt tcactctgag gtagtgtctg    143340
     tctttttccc tgagatgggt ttcctgtaag cagcagaatg tttggtcctg tttgtgtagc    143400
     cagtttgtta gtctatatct ttttattggg gaattgaatc cattgatatt aagagatatt    143460
     aaggaaaagt aattgttgct tcctgtcatt tttgctgtta gagttggcat tctgttcttg    143520
     tggctgtctt ctttttggtt tgttgaggga ttgctttctt actttttcta gggcgtgatt    143580
     tccgtccttg tattgttttt ttttttctgt tattatcttt gaagggctgg atttgtggaa    143640
     agataatgtg tgaatttgct tttgtcgtgg aatactttgg tttctccatc tacggtaatt    143700
     gagagtttga ccgggtatat tagcctgggc tggcatttgt gttctcttac tgtctgtata    143760
     acatctgccc atgctcttct ggctttcatg gtctctggtg aaaagactgg tgtaattctg    143820
     ataggcctgc cttcatatgt tacttgacct ttctccctta ctgcttttaa tattctatct    143880
     ttatttagtg catttgttgt tctgattatt atgtgtcagg aggaatttct tttctggtcc    143940
     agtttatttg gagttctgta ggcttcttgt atgttcatgg gcatctcttt atttaggttt    144000
     aggaagtttt cttctataat tttgttgaag atatttgctg accctttaag ttgaaaatct    144060
     tcattctcat caactcctat tattcgtagg tttggtcttc tcattgtgtc ctgtatttcc    144120
     tggatgtttt gagttaggat ccttttgcgt tttgtatttt ctttgattgt gccgatgttc    144180
     tctatggaat cttctgcacc tcagattctc tcttccatct cttgtattct gttgctgatg    144240
     ctctcattca gatttctttc ctagggtttc tatctccagc gttgcctcac tttggatttt    144300
     ctttattgtg tctacttcct tttttaggtc tagtatggtt ttgttcattt ccatcacctg    144360
     tttggatgtg ttttcctgtt tttctttaag gacttctacc tgtttggttg tgctttcctg    144420
     tttttcttta aggacttgta actctttagc agtattctcc tgtatttctt taattgagtt    144480
     attaaagttc ttcttgatgt cctctaccat catcatgaga tattctttta attccgggtc    144540
     tagcttttca tttgtgttgg ggtgcccagg actaggtggg gtgggagtgc tgcgttctga    144600
     tgatggtgag tggtcttgat ttctgttagt aggattttta tgtttgcttt tctccatctg    144660
     gtaatctctg gagctagttg ttatagttgt ctctggttag agcttgttcc tcaggtggtt    144720
     atgttagcct ctatcagcag acctgggaga ctagctctct ccttagtttc agtggtcaga    144780
     ttactcttgg caggcaatgt ctcctcttgc agggaaggtg cccagatatc tggtgtttga    144840
     acctgcctcc tggcagaagt tgtgttccac tcaccagagg tcttaagatc ccgtggattg    144900
     tcctgtgagg accttggggg tgtccagaaa ctcctcgcac aaggaacccc ggtgctggag    144960
     tggaccagaa gggccttgtg cccctgatca ggccgggtta tctgcttcct taattaatgc    145020
     agtctcaggc cctgcgttat tggattggaa cagacgctgt gttccactca ccagaggtct    145080
     taggatcccg tgggtgattc tgtgtgggtc attgtgtgtg tccagaaact ccccggtcca    145140
     ggaactccag tgctgcagtg gaccggaagg acttgtgccc ctgatcaggc caggttatct    145200
     gcttccctgg ttaatgtagt ctcaggttct gcgcaattgg attggagcag acactgtgtt    145260
     ccattcatca gaggtcttag gatcccgtgg gggatcctgt gtgggtcctt gcaggtgtcc    145320
     agagactccc cgggccagga actccggtgc tgcagtctcc aatgttttct taaaaacaga    145380
     ggggctttta agaatgttct aatatcacag tctgcagtcc aattcccaac aatggttcag    145440
     tagtagctgt gaatggaagt ctaaggatct aacagttact cagtcccaca cagcaagcag    145500
     gcatgggagc aagagcctcc cccccccctt ttataaagtg tgtccaccat taaaaatttg    145560
     aaccttgatc agaacacagt cttggttcca tcttcctctc gttgcctagt ttccctctct    145620
     ttcagcactg gactgctatt caagtgtacc tgtccttgtg agccgctggt ctgctcgcaa    145680
     caatttggca ccaggactgg aacctgaaga agttcaggag gatgctgatg gaactgtgtt    145740
     ttgtgtagag ctccatggaa gaaaaagaaa aagaaaaaga aaaggtcata tagaacatcg    145800
     aagcaacagg tacacattgt agcgctagtt taaaacttta ttttttaaag gtttgctaca    145860
     gatgtggaaa gatacaggct aagttcggat tcagtgctaa cccagttctg gatctgcttg    145920
     ggtcaacagt ggaactgttg gaactaggaa ctgatcaggc ggttgtctgc agctttaaaa    145980
     agctgcctca ggcaagaggg aaagggttta aagaaaaaaa agaaatgaat caggcgattg    146040
     tcctcagttt tcaagagttg attcgagcaa gagaagtagg gctcaacgta caattgttag    146100
     aaaatctttt agttaggata gattcttgtt gcccatggtt caaggaagaa gaaactttag    146160
     atatcagaac ctgggagaaa attggaaaag ccttgaaaat cactcaggca gaaaatttca    146220
     ccctttgcct ctgggcgctt gttaaagatg ctattgaaat ggtgatctcg tgggggttag    146280
     atggcagagc ttgatgtatc tcaggaagag ctcctttcag aaaagggtcc tctgaactct    146340
     aattttgata gatatagaga ctctgatgat gagctaattt tagacaaagc agatcactca    146400
     gaaagaggag ctgccaaata ctctgaggag gattggcctc cttgcaagtc tcctgctcca    146460
     cctagcctcc actgtgggag atgctactca taaggacatg caactaagca aattagagtt    146520
     tgaagttagg ctgcaaaaat tgagtgatga atcgccaggc atggtggcac atgcctttaa    146580
     tcccagcact cgggagacag aggcaggcag atttttgagt acgaggccag cctggtctac    146640
     aaagtgagtt caaggacagc cagggctgca cagagaaacc ctgtctcaaa aaaaaaaaat    146700
     tgactgatga gcttcgggag ctaaaaagga tgtcagatac attaaggagt aacttctgaa    146760
     atacaccaag aaccgctgca aagagctgtg agtcaggctt gtgggagagg acaggatact    146820
     tctgatgtgc tagcctttcc tatcatcgaa gtaattgacc agaaagatac tagagtcaga    146880
     cattaccaga ctttggattt caagttggta aaggagttaa aagcagctgt tgtgcaatat    146940
     ggtccttcag cccctttcac acaagcactg ctggatatgg tcgtagagtc acacttaacc    147000
     cccctagatt gaaaaaccct atataaggtc accctgttag gaggagattt cttactttgg    147060
     gattctgaat ggagagatgc cagtaagaga actgccgatt taaatgttca gactggtaat    147120
     ctagactggg atagtaacat gattctggga gaaggccttt atgagagcca gactaatcag    147180
     attgattttc ctgttggagt gttcatgcag aatgcggtgg ctgcctgcct tgcttgggga    147240
     ctgttactgg ttagagggga tattggtggg agtttagcca gcattcatca gagttctgat    147300
     gagccttaac agaactttgt ggatagcagg tagtagaata attggaaaat ctgacatggg    147360
     aagtcctttc attatgcagt tggcttatga gaatgctaac ccaatgtgtg ataccactat    147420
     ccagccacac aaaggagaaa cggatttagc gggatatgac catatttgtg cagaaattgg    147480
     gcatcatata atcagggttt ggctttcagt gctgcttagt aagggactgc catatgagca    147540
     atgtttttgc ggaaacgaga gagtaatgca tgttttaagt gtggaagtct tggtcatttt    147600
     aaaagtgatt gtcccaagaa caaaggtgtt gagagtgggc aagcaggctg tgccgcagga    147660
     atttgtcccc agtgcagaaa gggcaaccac tgggctaagg tatgcaaatc tgagccaggc    147720
     actctgggcc attgagagcc gggaagcaag aggagggacc agcaccaggc cctgtcatag    147780
     tcacagaaaa tagcttatgg ggctataaat ctgctgccca tccaaagaga tcagtttttg    147840
     aacttgtcag tgcaaaacca ggaggtgcag gattggacct ctgttccacc acccaggcag    147900
     tattaacccc agaaatggga gtccaaaccc tgcctacctg agtctttgga cctctacctg    147960
     tagaaacttg tggatttctt ttaggacaaa gctgttctat tgtaaaaggc ctgcagattt    148020
     atcacggtgt tataaataat gattatgagg ttgaaattaa aatcgtagct gctgcccgta    148080
     atggtgttat taactgtacc ccgctaatca aggaattgct ctacttgttt taattccact    148140
     acattcacca ctgtccagat ttattgagaa tgaaagagga caagatggtt ttgactcctc    148200
     tcgtgtgaat tgggttcaat ctattactaa ccagagacct aactttaaat tgacatttga    148260
     tggataaagc tttgaaggat taatagatac tggagccaat gtaacaatca ttaggggaca    148320
     ggattggtcc tcaaactggc ctttgactga gaagctaact cacctttaag gaattggtta    148380
     tgctactaac ccaaaacgaa gctccaaatt gctaacctgg agagatgggg atggaaaatt    148440
     aggaaaaatt cagctgtatg ttaggtaata tttgcctgta actatgggga agagatttct    148500
     tgtcacaggt gggcattata atgtacagat ctaatgagat ggtgactaag cagacattca    148560
     aacagggacc tctgcctggt catggactaa aaaagaaggg acaagaaatt aagacttttg    148620
     aagatcctaa acctcactct aacacaagag gtttggagta ttttcggtag tgtccactat    148680
     cttgcctgca tcccacattg ataaagttca atggcttaat gatattccgg tgtgggtgga    148740
     tcagtggtct ttacctaaag aaaaaatgga agccacttct ttgctagtgc aggagcaact    148800
     agaagcagga catctagtag aatctcagtc cccttggatt acaccaattt tcattatcaa    148860
     gaaaaatctg ttaaatggag attgctacaa gatttaagaa aaattaatga gactatggta    148920
     cctatgggac ctttacaacc tgggcttcgc tccccagtaa ctattcctaa aggatattat    148980
     aaaattgtga tagatctgaa agattgtttc tttactattc cttaacatcg aaagggttgt    149040
     gaaagatttg cttttagtgt tccttctata aattttaagg aacctatgaa gagatatcaa    149100
     tggacagtta tctcacaggg catagctaat agacctactt tatgccaaaa gtttgtggca    149160
     caagccattc agcctcccag gacccagtgg agatgacctc agccaaaatg cccaacagta    149220
     ggtagatgga acctaaagag gccatcagta ggtagacatg gatcccattt gaagcatggg    149280
     caacccaaac atattcaaaa ttcttgaccc agaattgttc ttggctaaag gaaatacagg    149340
     aacaaaaata gagtcataat tgaagaaaag gacaatcaga gactggcaca cattataatc    149400
     catcccatgt acaggcacca aacaccaagc accaacacta ttactgatgc catgttgtgc    149460
     ttaaagacag gagcctatta tgactgtcct ctgaggggct ctatcagcaa ctgactgaga    149520
     cagattcaga tacttacagc caatatttgg actgatgttg ggaaccccta tggaagagtt    149580
     aggtgatgga ctgaaggagc tgaaggggat tacaacacca taggaagaat aacattatca    149640
     attaacttgg aaaccatata cctcccagag gctaagctgc cagccaaaaa gcctacatgg    149700
     gctggtctgt ggaccctgct acatatgtag cagaggactg ccttgtttca actctgtggg    149760
     aaagaattca cttaaattct gtagaaattt gatgacacag ggaatgggaa tactagtgag    149820
     gttgggtagt tagtggagcc ccctctcaga agcaaagggg ggggggttat ggggtaacaa    149880
     aatcttagag ggatctagga aggggaaaac atttagaaag taagcaaata aaatgaccaa    149940
     ttcaattttt aaaatgaaag agagactgta ggaagagcca tccagtgact ggcacaaatt    150000
     agtatctacc tcatttgtag gcaccaaatc ctgacactat tactgatgct atattgtgct    150060
     tgtagacaga aacctagcat ggctgtctga gaagtctatc agcaactgac tgagatagat    150120
     gcaatatact tactgccaaa tatttgactg aggtctttga ctcctatgaa agagttagga    150180
     gaaggattga aggagctgaa aagaatggca tccccatagg aagaataaga ggtcaactat    150240
     cccagaaccc gggaattctc agactctaag ccaatatcca aagaggatac atgggctggt    150300
     cagaatcccc tgggacatat gtaacacagg actgactttt ctaatctcag tggtaaagga    150360
     tgtgcctaat cctgtaaagc ttgatgtcca gggaagcagg atgtctggag gagtgggatg    150420
     agggaggact cttataaatt tgaaggagag gtgtatggca taaagaattc tgggaggtag    150480
     gacctcgaag atttatcgtt tgggatgtaa ataaataaag taattttatt aagaaaataa    150540
     taaaaatttc atgctccaaa taattgaaat ggcataaaca tactaacaaa aaagggaaag    150600
     ctttgtagct tgagggatgg acaatcaatt aagaccttac tcttgcaaaa aaaggtaagt    150660
     ttgctttaca tgacatacat cagtcagtta aagttgcttg taattcttcc tccggggtat    150720
     ctgaattcct tattttgact ctgataacta tagtcataca taaacacata tatacaatta    150780
     aagttagaat ctaatctttt ttcaagaaaa gctttggaaa gctaacaaaa tatacttcta    150840
     cgtttacgaa atcaggattt cccttatgaa tattgattga aaaataatca ataaaattct    150900
     ccctaacgga atccaggaac acatcataac aatcatccat catgattaaa taggcttcat    150960
     tccaggaata caggatggtt taatatacgg acatccatca acgtaatcca ttatataaac    151020
     aaactcaaag ataaaaacca caggatgaac ttgcctgata gcaatttaca gatccaatgc    151080
     aatccccatc aaaattccaa atcaattctt caatgaatta gaaagggcaa tttgcaaatt    151140
     catatggaat aacaaaaaac ttaggatagc aaaaactctt ctcaatgata aaagaatctg    151200
     tggtggaatc accatgtctg acctaaagct ttactacaga gcaattgtga taaaaactgc    151260
     atggtactgg tataagacag actggtagac caaaggaata gaattgaaga cccagaaatg    151320
     aacccacaca cctatggtca cttgatcttt gacaagggag ctaaaaccat ccaatggaaa    151380
     aagacagcat tttcaagaaa tggtgctggc acaactggcg gttatcatgt agaagaatgc    151440
     gaattgatcc attcttatct ccttgtacta aggtcaagtc taagtgcatc aaggaactcc    151500
     acataaaacc acagacactg aaacttagag aggagaaagt agggaaaagc ctcgaagata    151560
     tgggcacagg ggaataattc ctgaatagaa cagcaaaggc ttgtgctgta agatcaagaa    151620
     ttgacaaatg ggacctcatg aaattacaaa acttctgtaa ggcaaaagac actgtcaata    151680
     agacaaaaag gtcaccaaca gattgggaaa ggatctttac ctatcctaaa tcagataggg    151740
     gactaatagt cttatatttt taaatttcat ttttagcatg tttgtaccta gaaaggctac    151800
     tggtgtgtgt tttaatttta tattcaacta ctttgcttaa tgcatttata agctgcatga    151860
     actttcttgc agagtccata tggactttta tgtataaagt catattacct tcaaagaaag    151920
     atattttgaa ttcttccttt tctacttttt tgatcctaat ctatttcact tttcttactg    151980
     ttctaattag atataaagta atatattaaa gaggtttgga tagagtagtc acactagtct    152040
     tgttcccgat ttagtaaaat tgttttgtgt tccttttcaa ttactttggt gttggttgtg    152100
     ggattatggt aacttgcctt tgctatttca ggcattattt taatgaaccc gcttttacat    152160
     taccttgtgg tttttcctct caatctttaa tatcttctct ctgttatata tgcttcacgt    152220
     tttgattatt aggtgttgtg gagaattttt ttgtatttaa aatattttat ttgcattata    152280
     ttcacgtcta tttgatattc tttatacctc ttagctcttg atagctatat tttcccttaa    152340
     attagggatt tttttcctct ctgatttttg ttgaagatac attctgtgcc tgcatttgat    152400
     atgcctctct tattctgtaa aatcaatggt gtgttgttgt tgtagttgtt gttgtttgtt    152460
     gcttgttgtt gtttcgtttt gttttgtttt ttagaggcca aatctacttc atctagggac    152520
     tggactacat cttagaagta aaagagcctg agagcttgac ctgtagctga acccaagcta    152580
     cacctaagta ccaggaagga ccctagggat tatccactga gcatacccca gatttactcc    152640
     ctagctatgt cttagcaaca gagaatcaat atgagtatga ttgtttcaaa tatactttca    152700
     aacaatttgt gatagtttat agttttgctt cagagcaccg acttgtcagc atacaatagt    152760
     cattcaatta gatgtttgcc aggctggaca cccctttggt tgcttgccat ttcctataaa    152820
     accttgtgcc ctggagggtt tggggctggt gcaccaaact gtcctgctgt gtcagagtca    152880
     gctgtaagta acactaaact tcagcttcta ataaagagat tctagtgtgg ttgcatcaga    152940
     gttggatact ggtggtcttt tagggcttaa aaatagggca caacaatagt attcaagaat    153000
     ttccatatgg tttgcactct tgagaatctt ggaggaaggt ttgacatttc cagtgaatga    153060
     gtgatccaaa tactctacct tgcttttaag cctggatagt ttcacctcct gtttacccaa    153120
     tctcttgttg agcttttcct tcaaactttt aaaatttgaa ttacatactt caaataagaa    153180
     aaattagcta tatagtagaa atcagtataa ataactgaaa taactaaatc taattttatc    153240
     ttatctatat tatttctggg catttatcca cagggctcca atttgatata tcatggaaat    153300
     atttgtacaa atgttgtttt gcagcactgt tcatatctaa actatgaaac caatctaggt    153360
     ctccaacaga ggagtggaca cagaaaatat tacatatatt gttttttaat ctattaagca    153420
     caatattact ttgtagaagg tcaattagtg gaaagatgat gggaaagtgg gaatgatagt    153480
     aaagtttagg gagtcatgtt caaagttcct aacagtgtta gttaaaatgt ttttatgtaa    153540
     tcaaatatca tgtacaatgc atatattgct agagaataac aataacaatc ttcaccatgc    153600
     attacttaaa aataatgtgc tttgtatatt tattatttag atgtaaggtt ttcacttttg    153660
     atgaaaataa taccatgaac atgatattat atatcagaat atgtaagttt gatgttctct    153720
     tagattattt aatattttga gataatacac atcactgcag aatagtatga gttacataaa    153780
     tatatagcac aaaatggcca gagttaattc aaaaccattt aagaaattgt tatatattca    153840
     gtcttaatat gaagttaaaa tccttttagt gatttaaata tttacttaac atttgagttc    153900
     atacttgtat ataatgaaat ataaccatat taatcaatca ttcccaattt atccccaaca    153960
     attctccctc catacttcat tacatgttct ccacccaatt tcacatcttc ttgtcacata    154020
     atccattgaa tcaaattgct gttgtacata tgtcctcaaa tttagtgcaa tccctatagc    154080
     tggaaaatgc tatcaatggc ctcatagtga aagtggagta tttctccctt cccaagaagt    154140
     tatgtagcac aaatatctgt tatatgaaac tcaagtcagc aacacaaata tcaaatttta    154200
     aaattaaact attttgcaca aaagtctaat atatattagt ttcatactta catgctggta    154260
     aactatgtta agaaaatttg aaagtattta cttctgtaat taaatcatta ggttttcatt    154320
     tttacatatg gtaaaagcat agcaattcaa aacagtgata cccaaaccaa gttatactat    154380
     ttctggatgc attctttggc gtgtaaaaac atgtgcagtg ccaatttata atgttatata    154440
     ttccgacatc aggacatagt gaaactacat gtaagttgga caagtgcatc aagatagacc    154500
     tggatttatt atatgtataa gttaattttt gatcacttat ggtcagaaat atttagaact    154560
     gcttcatttt aaatgccacc acaattagtt atgtgactta gttaaaaaaa atcaatatat    154620
     aaagggatca tgaaggtagt taaattatgt tatcttacag acaattttcc agagggcttt    154680
     cttgatgtcc ctgttcctca ggctgtaaat gaaggggttc atcataggaa ccaccattgt    154740
     atacattacc gaagctacca tactttccct ggaagaacca gaaactgtgg aactgaggta    154800
     aactcctata cctgttccat aaaataggca aacaactgac aggtgagatc cacaggtaga    154860
     gaaggcttta tatttcccta acagtgatgg aactctaaaa atagaagaag taattttata    154920
     gtaggagtaa aatattcctg aggcagggag gaatccaaca atgatgcttg aaagaaacat    154980
     ggctatgtca ttgatagtag tgttagaaca agcaagtttt acaagttctg gaacatcaca    155040
     gaagaaatga gggatttcta tattagtaca aaatgttagt tgtgacacca taaagcagtg    155100
     cacctgtgaa tcaatgagac tgatacaaaa tgacattaca accaaatatc tacaccgaca    155160
     aggattcaga atgacttggt agtgtagagg gtgacaaatg gccacccatc ggtcatatgc    155220
     catcactgcc agtagaaagc tgtccataca cccaaaaaga ataaagaaag atacctgagt    155280
     taggcattca gcatatgttg tggatctctt atgtgcatgc aagtttatca gcattttggg    155340
     gattgtggtg ctgctaaagc ccatgtcaga caatgaaagg ttgtagagga agaagtacat    155400
     tgggctgtgg aggtgggaat cacagctgat ggccaagatg atgagaacat ttccaagcat    155460
     agtgagcagg tatatgagca ggaatagtgc aaataagatg agctgcagtt cagggtcctc    155520
     tgagagtcca aggagaatga attccaaggt tcctgttaaa ttatatggtt ccataaggct    155580
     aggacatctt ttgaaaagaa aaaaaaaaag accattgtag agaactaagc agtatagata    155640
     taaatgtcta catgcctata tgtttgtaaa ccagcaattc acaagacacc attcatacat    155700
     gagaactgtt catgtttaga aattagagag agagagggaa aaagagagaa agagaaagaa    155760
     gagaagagaa gagaagagaa gagaagagaa gagaagagaa gagaagagaa gagaagagaa    155820
     gagaagagaa gagaagagaa ggcataaagt agaagagaag tcttatgagc agtacattaa    155880
     tccagatatg gcctggtaga tattaagaga ttctaacccc cctcaatttc tcttgtaata    155940
     tattatcact ttctctccaa tacatttgta tttcagctat tcacaaagat gccatcatca    156000
     aagccagtgc tgtatagatt gaacatgtat actacaaaac tgtgacctcc atacacaatt    156060
     tttaataaaa cttctctgtc ttgcatactg tgataataat cctaaaatag acaaaatgta    156120
     aatttagtta cattactcag ttgtggcaga ctctcacaac cctttctact atggcctctg    156180
     tgacaataat atatatgtta ataggcaaaa tcataataga aaagaaaaat atttcaaata    156240
     attactcaaa aaacagtaaa aattactcta acaaaaattt acatacaaag aagaacatgc    156300
     cgtttcccca tattgccttc agaaaatatc attctaatga aagagatcta tgaagaagtt    156360
     atgtatattt aatcttaaaa gtgcataaga ttatttcctt ggatttatat tttgagttta    156420
     taagctaaaa tcaggcgtgg agagttagat cagcagctaa aatccacttc cttctcttaa    156480
     aggggaccga agttttgttc ccaccactca catcaggtag ttttcaacag cctgtaactc    156540
     caccaacatg ggagcctaca ccctcatttg gcatatgttt tgagatataa ttagaaattt    156600
     caaagtgaat ttggacattt ctagtgtggt gatgaaagtg tgtgtccacg cgtgtgaaaa    156660
     ttttgagttg gtaagaggtc aacttttgtt actgtccatc ttatatttta aggcatatat    156720
     tgatcctgat cttactgatc ttacatggat tacattggct gatagtgaaa tcctactcac    156780
     acagtgtgaa ggttatagaa acaccccacc atgcccttgt atggatgctg gtaattaaac    156840
     tcagatcctc attgtgtaca acaaatatct catccagtga gtcatctatt cacatccctc    156900
     taacagctat ctatttcctc agtaaagaac ctataactgt gattttattg tttctcttgc    156960
     attgaagttt gtgtgtgtat gctggagaag gtgtcaagaa taactgctgc agcaaacagt    157020
     ggaggtaaat taacaaatga ggacaagcta cagatttggt ttctgttatt tgattttaac    157080
     attctgattg cctgctcctt cttcatccta tctgagggcc attcttattg tagctgaaag    157140
     aacaaaggca tatacagcac tactacatgt tatattagtg acacattgta gaaaataaaa    157200
     tgactaggag ttttccagag attaggatga agagaaattt aaggttcaat gagtagaata    157260
     gatggctctt ggttataaag gggattgaat ctgaccatct gtattcaaac tgctatcaca    157320
     ctgttagaat gcaaggcatt ttaaaaatta caaaaagaat aataaaccat acaaacattc    157380
     gtacaaataa cattgtaaga aagtaaacag gaaatgttta ggaatatata tgtatatata    157440
     tgcgacaatc attaatgaaa aatgcactct ttaatttgaa ggagaattag gagggctttt    157500
     tgtgacggtt tggagggacg aaaaacaaag gaggaatatt ggaattaaat ttaaatctca    157560
     aaaattagaa atatcacaat aagttacata aaatatactt cttatatcaa attaacatga    157620
     tgataatgca taaatatatt ttatagagaa atagtttgac aaatataaag gtacaagttc    157680
     aatgaaatac atgatttgat atttggaaag tctgggtaaa gtttctctat tcacttattt    157740
     ttgtcttgta ttttcctaca atttctggct atgtagaagc tttgtcttca aatttcagga    157800
     tactagactg atcttaaact aaatattcct atctcagttt gataaataat ataatcacat    157860
     gtgttgtaca atgccccaat cactggttct ttatatttgg tccttatgat cattttcatc    157920
     tctaccttct ccatatattc atgctcatga tatttttaat caatagcaga gagttcagaa    157980
     agatatcact ttctttttta gttgaaaata ttcttaataa gttaaaatcc taatgggtaa    158040
     ataaataaac agtatgagag ctctcatatt aactaattaa taaacatatg tttaactaat    158100
     aaaacaaact taattgcact gtgacataaa actttgctta atgatgtatt ttgtctttga    158160
     ttaccccata ccacatatct ttacctttct ggtgccaaca ataaaagcac tgctgtctct    158220
     catttgtttc ttacatagat tagtgcttac taaggctgta aattatttcc attcaaagat    158280
     gaccaaaagt gactgatata cttttacact cggcctgtgt gtgtgatgat tgcccaggtt    158340
     ctgtgttcag gactggtagg aagacaataa atcatgaccc ttcttaagca gctgttggat    158400
     ttgagagagg aatacatgca agtaagttat tttggatcag atctgataaa atcttgagca    158460
     ggaacacaga gtatgtattt atgggtttga ggctcaattc acagaaccaa taatcatgca    158520
     ttaagctatt caagtctcta aggatctatt aatactcatg tagatgagaa agggaaaagt    158580
     gaatattctg ggaaaagtat aacccttcct acctcaggga gaatcttaac tgtaactctt    158640
     ttgacttcca ggttgtagaa atattagaaa accaaagcac atacttttaa ttaaatgaga    158700
     cagtatgagg tatgatatat acaattttat tgaatgatta atgtgattta tagagaatca    158760
     tgttttccat atgaaatatc agataaaatt tctattttta ttccgttaat atctataaga    158820
     agaaattagg ttttattcat tcaacagtca tgtacttgag tttctgattt tatgctatga    158880
     agatgcatgt ttttcagtat tctacatgta ttttacatgc catttcaggt tctaccttta    158940
     ttttcaatta tatatgtcta aattgtaggc agtgacttat tttttcgttc atttttgtga    159000
     ttataatata actatatcat ttctaccttg tctttgctct ctccaaacct tccatataca    159060
     cctcatttct ctctttcaag tttattgcct ccttttttta gtagttgtta catgcatatt    159120
     tgtatataca tatatttcaa aatatacctg aggccaaata agctgtatga acacatcagg    159180
     gaggcttaaa gaatttgaaa ttcaaaaaca tagatggctg tatctgtcac aatgattgcc    159240
     tagaagtatt acaatctagt ttgcatgtaa ttgcaaagat tcatttctga aggatcaaac    159300
     aattttcttg gtttcttgag acatgggttt ttctattaag cacctgacag tatggcatat    159360
     gctttcattg aagcaatcac atctattgtg tgtgtcgagg accccatgga actactgggt    159420
     gggcagtgga ctgtgagaag ccacaagatc ccgctccagg ggtgaggaaa tggcacaatc    159480
     ttgggtcccc atggaactgc ctaagttggg ctccaactct tgggcaccac agactgttga    159540
     gcaccatgga agagcccgtt ctgaggtctg tgggcagcat ggaggccaag aacaacagat    159600
     tcttactctc agacacccca gatgccagtg tacattgagg agaacgtacc cttgggcaaa    159660
     ctctggcctg gaggctgaag ggaaaatggt agggggagag agctctggca ggttactgca    159720
     gagaggagag agtctgacta gctcaggcag cttgcttggt ggtcaggttg gtttggctgg    159780
     tggccatggc tggtgcacag gcagacctct tgtagggagg ttaaatgctc agcttgttag    159840
     tgaaagacat actccattgc gctccagcag ggtgggttta gatgagcaga gatggtcctt    159900
     ggttttaagt gtttattgta taaaggcaga gagagggaga gtgtagagaa gcagaggctt    159960
     gtcatggcca catggagaga ggatgaaggg aaggcataga gagggagagc aagggagcaa    160020
     gagtaagagc aagagaataa gaggtaagag gataagagaa tgaggagaga gcaagcagct    160080
     ttttttatag tgggctggac taccttgctg ttgccaggta actatggggg tggagtccag    160140
     acagcctaca tgactgaaga gtacaggatt atggagctgt ggcttcctgt caggagccac    160200
     aaacaagcct tctgtccctt gcagattaat ctgctggggc tccagggttt aaacttagca    160260
     caactagaga aaaggctgtc tttcaaagtc tcacatggac acatgtaaca cataaagaca    160320
     caaattatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatga    160380
     aaggctaaaa tcgagacatt ttgagtggtt gtacaacagg aacttgtgat ataaaacaca    160440
     atcatttgtg gtgagaactg ggatcaaata ctatatgact tccaaactga gactgagatc    160500
     taaaatgtag gagtggaaaa gttaagcacg gcattgacct ttttctgtat ttttaacaca    160560
     tattgtagta ttcgaaagca ttatactaac catgtcacat tccacattag catctgggga    160620
     aacaaaagtt tcagcacctt cttcttctgt aaatgtcaag tttgaaaatt tttcaccttt    160680
     tcattcttcc ttctgttgct ttgcttttaa aaataataaa taatatcatt ttgttaattc    160740
     tggtgatcat taatttttca gataatattc aggggacatg aatccatcct attgaagaga    160800
     cattttgaca gcaaaagtaa aagtattcct tttttcctac cgggagtatg taaaagacac    160860
     agtggagagt ctaatagctc tgttctacag atattctaat cctctgtgat aaatgaccca    160920
     atacactcag gaaaaataag aaaaaaaaac tttttagtga taaaacagtt tgggctcaag    160980
     ctaatgccct gaatataaga tattatttat ttgcttttgt tagcaaaatc acggtgaaac    161040
     cactaaattg aacccaccat gagtagaaat aaattgctac tcagaatcaa actgctatga    161100
     atatctctca ggggattaag agaagcacaa aggtgaaaaa catgtaggta ttataggtca    161160
     taatgtaggg tgggagtctt taagttgata aaaagctcta taattaacag gaactagatg    161220
     cacttgactg agataaatga catatatata tatagtatgt ttgggaacat actaagggaa    161280
     gtcctagtaa gaaaggaacc caaattataa tatcagacat tgactgtatg agacttttaa    161340
     agagtgctga agttgttctt ctgtttatcc aacaacagtc tgtatgatta cctggtcctc    161400
     gtccttcttt tttattacat tgataccagc attgacattt tggtgatgct actttttcac    161460
     ctaaatatat atatatatac attaggctga tgcattccac accaccagaa ttatgataag    161520
     gataaattaa gcaggaagta taatccaatt ggcccatgca tcaataagaa tgccaagatg    161580
     tgctgtgtgg cacaggcctt taattccatc acttgggaga cagaggaagg cagatttctg    161640
     agttccgggc cagcctggtc tacaaagtga gttccaggac agccagggct acacagagaa    161700
     tccctgtctc taaaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa caaaaagaat gccaagatgc    161760
     agatgtttgt tcaccaggat tgacaagcca ttaagtccca ttcccatgac aaagtcttat    161820
     acttaccctg tagggtctga ttctataaca aatggagact tttagacttt aggcccattt    161880
     ctatatcaga gaacatttct catatggata actcaagtgg gcaacacagg gtaacaatca    161940
     tcattaagtc gtagctctcc taactatggt ctaacataaa gttctctttg taaacaaagc    162000
     ataattctac taggtgggca tgatgaccat aggtaaaaac tattcaaaac ttaacaacac    162060
     tagttaatta aaatgattct acaaaaaggc tatatctttg cttcgtcctc ttccatgcct    162120
     ccactatcag agatgcagcc tcatgccttt ttcattttcc aaaatttaac cttagtccag    162180
     gatgagaaat atatttaagg atgacagtga aggatacata ggccttttaa gcactgtaat    162240
     ttaaaattaa aacctaatgt agaatgtcta atggctcaga aacttttaag actgcaaggg    162300
     tatagtatga cctgagatga ggctttgcat tccatgattt atggactctt ttttcataca    162360
     cctgctattc tgattgtaac ataatccagg aggtaactat cacagcaaag gaaaaccttg    162420
     gaagggagta aatgtttaga gcaacgggtg aatgaaagca ctccttgata tggttgagga    162480
     gagggatttt attgtagata tgagagagaa tttagccaca gtcatctaga aagatacaga    162540
     ctgaaccagg ccgtgagaga agaaattgac cggtaagaga gtgagagaaa aattaacaga    162600
     aagtaggacc aagagtagga acaaagagag agcagagaat agaggtcaag acaaaccagg    162660
     agccaagaat tcacatagcc aaaatcaaga ttctatacct atgagaaact agggaaagga    162720
     aagcaaagca aagccctgcc attgggatgg agaggtgtag ggaagggatc aatgttataa    162780
     gtgctgagtg agtctagtct atagtttctt tggaacctgg aagtaaagtg atgaataatg    162840
     cattcagcat tacaatgagc aaagatgtat caaagtttgt cctgtagtag attagaactt    162900
     gagtataaaa atggttcctg accttgtaaa tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata    162960
     gatagataga tagatagatg atagatagat agattataga tagatagatg atagatagat    163020
     agatgataga tagatagatg atagacagat agatgataga tagatagatg atagatagat    163080
     agatgataga tagattaata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatgatag    163140
     atagatattt acttacatta ttcttggttt tatgtgtctt cctgtatctt cctgtatatt    163200
     ttgtttactt atttctttga ttttctggtc aaatgctgta gccacccata agtctgaagc    163260
     aggataagcc agaacttgac cttgctgcca ctaaggagat gatctagggt agagccttcc    163320
     tccttagatc actctattgt tctgtcactg ccccagttcc tcttcaagat actgctacct    163380
     gcttagaggc ccctgagcta ttccagagac tatgacctat cttgcacatc atcacctgcg    163440
     gctgcttcca ggctccaagg atgaattggc aggaatggac ttcccctcac tcttttgatc    163500
     agaagactgt cttggttcca tctttctctt gttacctagt ttccctttct ttcagcacca    163560
     gcctgctatt caagtgtacc tgtctttgtg agctgctggt tggctcgcaa caatttggcg    163620
     cctggactgg gatttgaaga agttcaggag gacgctgagg gatcctgttt tgtgtggagc    163680
     tccaaggaag acaaagaaaa agaaaaggtc gtattggaca ccaaagcaac aggtacacat    163740
     tctagcgcta gtttaaaact tcatttttta aagggttgct acaggtgtgg aatgatatag    163800
     gctaagtttg gaatcagtac taacccagca ctggatcccc ttgggtcaac agaggaattg    163860
     tcagaactag gaactgatca ggcagttgtc tgaagctttt aaaaactgcc tcaggctaga    163920
     gggaaaggtt ttaaagaaaa aaagaaatga atcaggcaat tgtcctcagt tttctggagt    163980
     tgcttcaagc aagaggagta gggctcaaag tacaattgtt agaaaatcat ttagatagga    164040
     tagattcttg ttgcccatgg ttcaaggaag aagaaacttt agatatcaga acttgggaga    164100
     aaattggaaa agccttgaaa atcactcagg cagaaaattt caccctttgc ctctgggtgc    164160
     ttgttaaaga tgctattgaa aaggtgatct cacaggggtt agatggcaaa gcgtgatgaa    164220
     tttcaggaag agcgcctttc agaaaagggt cctctcaacc ctaaatttga tagatatagc    164280
     aactctgatg atgagctaat gttagacaaa gcagatcact cagaaagagg agctgccaaa    164340
     tactctgagg aggagtggcg tccttgcaag tatcctgctc cacctatagc ctccacagtg    164400
     ggagatgcta ctcataggga cacacaacta agcaaattag agtttgaagt taggctgcaa    164460
     aaattgactg atgagcttcg ggagctaaaa aggatgtcag atacaggaag gagtaactct    164520
     tcagaaatgc accaagtgcc gatgcaaaga gctgtgagtc aggcttgtga gagaggacat    164580
     gatacttctg atgtgctagc ctttcctgtc gtcaaagtaa ttgaccagga agatactaga    164640
     gtcagacatt accagacttt ggatttcaag ttggtgaagg agttaaaagc agctgttgtg    164700
     cagtatggtc cttcagcccc tttcacacaa gcactgctgg atatcgtcgt agagtcacac    164760
     ttaacccacc tagattggaa aaccctatgt aaggcctccc tgtcaggagg agatttctta    164820
     ctttgggatt ctgaatggca agacgccagt aagaaaactc ccgctttaaa tgctgagatc    164880
     ggtaatctag actgggatag taacatgctt ctgggagaag gcctttataa gggccagact    164940
     aatcagattg attttcctgt tggagtgtac acacaaacgt gacagctgcc tgccttgctt    165000
     ggggactgtt actggttaga ggggatattg gtgggagttt agccagcatt catcagagtt    165060
     ctgaggagcc ttaccagaac tttgtggata ggcatttaat agcagctagt agaataattg    165120
     gaaaatctga cacgggaaga ccttttgtta tgcagttggt ttatgagaaa gctaacacaa    165180
     tgtgttctgc cctgccgcta tccagccaca caaaggagaa atggatttag tgggatatgt    165240
     ccatctttgt gtagaaatca ggccttcata taatcagggt ttggctttct gtgctgctta    165300
     gtaagggacc accgtacaag caatgttctc gtgaaaacga gggaataatg catgttttaa    165360
     gtgtggaagt ttgggtcatt ttaaaagtgc ttgtcccaag aacaaagtgc cgagagtggg    165420
     caagcaggcc atgccccagg aatttgtccc cagtgcagaa agtgcaacct ggactaaggt    165480
     atgcaaatct aagccaggca ctctgggctg tccactgctg ggaaacgaga ggaggggccc    165540
     gccccaggcc ccatcttact cacagaaaat agcttatggg gctataaatc tgctgcccaa    165600
     ccaaagaaat caatttttga acttgtcagg gcaaaaccag gcagtgcagg attggacctc    165660
     tgttccacca cccaggcagt attaacccca gaattgggag tccaaactct gcctaccaga    165720
     gtctttggac ctctacctgt agaaacttgt ggatttcttt taggatgaag ctgttctact    165780
     gtaaaaggcc tgcagattta tccaggtgtt ataaataatg actatgaggg agaaattaaa    165840
     atcatagctg tttcccctca gggtgttata actgtaccca ctaatcaaga aattgctcaa    165900
     cttgttttaa ttccactaca tccaccacag tccagattta ttaagaatga aagaggacaa    165960
     ggtggttttg actcctctgg tgtgaattgg gttcaatcta ttactaacca gagacctaac    166020
     cttaaactga catttgatgg ataaatcttt gaaggattaa tagatactgg agccaatata    166080
     acaatcatta gaggacagga ttggctctca aactggcctt tgactgatac actaactccc    166140
     cttcaaggaa ttggttatgc tagtaagcaa aacgaagctc caaattgcta acctggaaag    166200
     atggagatgg aaaatcagga aaaattcagc tgtatgttat gtcaaatttg cctgtaactc    166260
     tatggagaag agatctcttg tcacaagtgg gcgttataat gtacagttct aatgagatgg    166320
     tgactaagca gacattcaaa cggggacctc tgtctgttca tggactaaga aagaagggac    166380
     aaggaattaa gacttttgaa gatcctaaac ctcactctta cacaagaggt ttggaatatt    166440
     ttcgctagtg accactatct tgcctgtatc tcacccctta aaattcaatg gcttaatgaa    166500
     attctggtgc gggtggatca gtggtcttta cctaaagaaa aaaatagaag ccacttcttt    166560
     gctagtacag gagcaggaca tctagtagaa tctcagtccc cttggaatac accaaatttc    166620
     attgtcaaga aaaagtctcg cttcaggtcc ttgccagcac tggggtactt gggacgcgaa    166680
     gtctgtggag acctgcaagg tttccacagg aaccttcatg ggatcttaag aactctggtg    166740
     agtggaacac agcttctgct ctaatccaat tgcgcaggac ctgaaactgc atttattagg    166800
     gaagcagaaa acctggcctg accagggtaa caattccctt ccagtccacg ccagcaccgg    166860
     ggcacattgt gtgtggagtc atctgcagac accctcaagg tccccacagg aatctccacg    166920
     ggatcttagg acctcttgtg agtggatcac aacttctgcc agaaggcagg tttgaacacc    166980
     agatatctga gcaccttccc tacaaaagga gagcttgcct gcagagagta ctctgaacac    167040
     tgaaactcag gagagagcta ctctcccagg tctgctgata gaggctaaca gaatcacctg    167100
     aggaacaagc tctaaccaga gacaactatt acaactaact ccagattacc agatggtgaa    167160
     aggcaaatgt aagaatctta ctaacagaaa ctaagaccac tcaccatcat aagaacgcag    167220
     cacctctacc tccaccccac ccaatcctgg gcatcccaac acacctgaaa agatagtcct    167280
     ggatataaag catatttcat gatgatggta gaggacatca aaaaggactt taataactca    167340
     ctcaaagaaa tacaggagaa cactgctaaa ccggtagaag atcttaaaag aagcacaaaa    167400
     gtcccttaaa gaattgcagg aaaacacgac caaacaggtg atggaattga ataaaaccat    167460
     ccaagaccta aaaagagaag tagacacaat aaagaaaacc caaagtgagg caacgctgga    167520
     gatagaaacc gtaggaaaga gatctggatg tgagcatcag caacagaata caagtgatgg    167580
     aagagagaat ctcaggtgca gaagattcca tagagaacat cggcccaaca atcaaagaaa    167640
     atacaaaatg gaaaaagatc ctaactcaaa acatccagga aatccaggac acaatgagaa    167700
     gaccaaacct acgcataata ggagtagatg agaatgaaga ttttcaactc aaagggcaag    167760
     caaatatctt caacaaaatt atagaagaaa acttcccaaa cctaaagaaa gaaatgccca    167820
     tgaacataca agaagcctac agaactccaa acagactgaa ccagaacaga aattcctcct    167880
     gacacataat aatcataaca acaaatgcac taaataaaga tagaatatta aaagcagtga    167940
     gggaaaaagg tcaagtaaca tataaaggca ggcctatccg aattgcccca gacttttaac    168000
     cagagactat gtgtgaggag ccgccctcac attcgccatt acaagatggc gctgacatcc    168060
     tgtgttctaa gtagtaaaca agtattctgc gcgtgtgccg gggtagtttt ccactccttg    168120
     tgctcttcct tccccatgac gacaactcgg ccgatgggct gcagccaatc agggagtgac    168180
     acgtccgagg cggaggacaa ttctctttaa aagggatagg gttttgccac tcggggtctt    168240
     ggctctgtaa gctgatgctc tccctctcaa gatgcattaa agctttactg cagaaggatc    168300
     ctgtgtgcct tgtcaatcct gctggtagga ggtagcgcgg gacatcatct ggtgccagaa    168360
     aaccgggata gacttcaaca tcgtcagcac ctagggagac cccttggatt caaggaggat    168420
     tcagaactgc agggaggtaa gttcggagag gcatgtctgt ttctgaacgg tttggcctga    168480
     tctttgctgt gatctttgtc gtcctcgtcc tggttctctt agtcatctgt ttccacggtg    168540
     gcttttattg acccagtcgg tgtctgtaag tccgaggtat atgagcagca acaccctctg    168600
     ggactccacc ataaacctcc tgtaaataaa ggagtggtgt gtgggcctca ttgtgtgcaa    168660
     gtcgcagcct gtaacacgga tgtagataag ccgcgggtgc ggtgtattta ctttcatttt    168720
     cttggcgatt gtaaggcaga cgtagataag ctgcagtcgc tatgggagca tcacaatcag    168780
     tcattcctac acttgaggcc attctagggc gatgtggcat aaaaattgaa accaagaccc    168840
     taaggagttt tgtgaaggaa gtggacagag tggccccatg gtacgcctgc tcgggttccc    168900
     tgactattgc atcatggaac aaattaggga aagaccttga tcgccaccat gcggacggag    168960
     acttgagact ggggactaag gccatatgga aacttgttaa gaactgctta gaggatgaaa    169020
     attgtaagga ggctgtgagt gagggacagg tcactctcga gggagttcag aacagcatgt    169080
     cagaaaccga acatagtgag aggttgggcg cgcgcaagaa aaagattgtt ccaaggaagg    169140
     aaaggaagga gaagcaccct cccagtaagg gaacgtcaaa cccaaaggag tctgatgtcc    169200
     ctctcgaccc ccccccccaa aaaaatggga gtggactcta tcctttggag gagctagaag    169260
     cactgaacct tgacagttcg gacagctcca gtcatgatac ttctgataaa gaaactcttg    169320
     attcagaaga ggatgccgag ttagatgagg aagcggctag gcatgaggaa gaaagatatc    169380
     acccagatga gaggagagta aacagaaggc cgcctcgagc ccccccttta cagaaagtac    169440
     ctacggcgcc cccgccttat gcagcgtgcc ctcagagttc ctcttttgta ccagaaaagg    169500
     taaaacgtaa gctttggtcg gcattcccag tgtttgagac agaaaatgga ggacgggttc    169560
     atgcttctgt agaatataat caactcaagg aattggcaga gtcggtctgc aaatatggag    169620
     ccaatgctaa ttttaccttg gtgcagttag ataggcttgc tggcatggca ctgactcctg    169680
     ccgactggca aatgattgca aaagccgctc tccccagtat gggcaaatat atggaatgga    169740
     gagctctatg gcaagaggct acacaaacgc aggcctgagc aaacactgcc gctttgactc    169800
     tagagcagag agattggact tttgacctgt taacaggtca gggagcttat accactgatc    169860
     aaacaaatta tcactgggga gcttatgccc aaatttcctc cacagctatt aaggcctgga    169920
     aggcgctctc ccaaacaggg gaagccactg gacaactaac aaagatcata cagggacccc    169980
     aggagtcctt ctcagatttt gtagctaaaa tgacagaagc agcagggcat atttttggag    170040
     attcggagca agccgtgcct ctggtagaac agctcattta tgagcaagcc acacaggagt    170100
     gccgagcggc catagcccca agaaagaaca aaggctttta agactggctc agggttttgt    170160
     cgggagctcg ggggacctct caccaatgca ggcttagcgg ccaccatcct ccaatcccaa    170220
     aaacgctcca tgggcagaaa tgatcggagg acatgtttta actgtgggaa gcctgggcat    170280
     cttaagaaag attgcagagc tccagataaa agggggggac cttcactctt tgctctaagt    170340
     gtggcaaggg ctatcataga gccgaccagt atcactctgt gagagatata aagggcagac    170400
     tccttccccc gcctgataac caatcagctg atgtgtcaaa aaacgggcca tcaggccctc    170460
     ggtcccaggg ccctcaaaga tatggaaacc ggtttgtcag gacccaggaa gcagtcagag    170520
     aggcgaccca ggaagaccca caagggtgga cctgcgtgcc gcctccgact tcctactaat    170580
     gcctcaaatg agtattcagt cggtgctggt ggagcctata ccattcttgc cccctggaac    170640
     catgggcctt attcttggcc gaggttcact caccttacag ggcttagtag tccaccctgg    170700
     agttatggat tgtcaacatt cccctgaaat acaggtcctg tgctcaagcc ctaagggcgt    170760
     tttttctatt agcaaaggag ataggatagc tcagctgctg ctcctccctg ataataccag    170820
     ggagaaatct gcaggacctg agataaagaa aatgggctcc tccggaaatg attctgccta    170880
     tttggttgta tctttgaatg acagacctaa gctctgcctt aagatcaacg aaaaagagtt    170940
     tgaaggcatc cttgataccg gagcagataa aagtataatc tctacacatt ggtggcccaa    171000
     agcatggccc accacagagt catctcattc attacagggc cgaggatatc aatcatgtcc    171060
     cactataagc tccgttgcct tgacatggga atcctccgag gggcagcaag ggaaattcat    171120
     accttatgtg ctcccactcc cggttaacct ctggggaagg gatattatgc accatttggg    171180
     ccttatgttg tccaatgaaa atgccccatc aagagggtat tcagctaagg taaaatatat    171240
     catggcaaag atgggttata aagaaggaaa agggttagga cgtcaagagc aaggaaggac    171300
     agaacccatc tcacctaatg gcaaccaaga cagacaggag ctgggttttt tctaggggcc    171360
     attggggcag cacgacccat accatggaag acaggggatc cggtatgggt tcctcagtgg    171420
     cccctgtcct ctgaaaaact ggaagctgtg attcaattgg taaaggaaca attaaaacta    171480
     ggccatattg agccatctac ctcaccttgg aatactccaa tttttgtaat taagaaaaaa    171540
     tcaggaaagt ggagactgct ccatgacctc agagccaata atgagcaaat gaacttattt    171600
     ggcccggtac agaggggtct ccctgtactt tccgcattac cacgtggatg gaatttaatt    171660
     atcatagata ttaaagattg tttcttttct atacctttgt atcccagaga tagacccaga    171720
     tttgccttta ccattccctc tattaatcac atggaacctg ataagaggta tcaatggaag    171780
     gtcctaccac agggaatgtc caatagtcct acaatgtgcc aactttatgt acaagaagct    171840
     cttttgccag tgagggaaca attcccctct ttaattttgc tccattacat ggatgacatc    171900
     ctcctgtgcc ataaaaacct tactatgcta caaaaggcat atccttttct gcttaaaact    171960
     ttaagtcagt ggggtttaca gatagccaca gaaaaggttc aaatttctga tacaggacaa    172020
     ttcttgggct ctgtggtgtc cccacataaa attgtgcccc aaaaggtaga gataagaaga    172080
     gatcacctcc ataccttaaa tgattttcag aagctgttgg gagatattaa ttggctcaga    172140
     ccttttttga agattccttc cactgagtta aggcctttgt ttggtatttt agaaggagat    172200
     cctcatatct cctcccctag ggctcttact ctagctgcta tacaggcctt acaaaatgtg    172260
     gaaaatgcct tacagaatgc acaattacaa cgtattgagg attcgcagcc ttttagtttg    172320
     tgtgtcttta agacagcaca attgccaacc gcagttttat ggcagaatgg gccattgttg    172380
     tggatccatc caaacgtatc cccagctaaa ataatagatt ggtatcctga tgcaattgca    172440
     cagcttgccc ttaaaggcct aaaagcagca atcacccatt ttggacgaag tccctatctt    172500
     ttaattgtac cttatactgc tgcaaaggtt caaaccttgg cagccacatc taatgattgg    172560
     gcagttttag ttacctcctt ttcaggacaa atagataacc attatccaaa acatccaatt    172620
     ttacagtttt cccaaaatca atctgttgtg tttccacaaa taacagtaag aaactcgctt    172680
     aaaaatggga ttgtggtata tactgatggg taaaaaactg gcataggtgc ctatgtggct    172740
     gatggtaagg tagtatccaa acaatataat gaaaattcac ctcaagtggt agaatgttta    172800
     gtggttttgt aagttttaaa aaccttttta gaacccctta atattgtgtc aaattcctgt    172860
     ggttaatgca gtaaatcttt tagaagtggc tggagtgatt aagccttcca gtaaagttgc    172920
     caatattttt cagcagatac aattagtttt gttatctaga agatttgccg tttatattac    172980
     tcatgttaga gcccattcag gcctatctgg ccccatggct ctgggaaatg acttggcaga    173040
     taaagccact aaagtggtgg ctgctgccct atcatccctg gtagaagctg caagaaattt    173100
     tcataacaat tttcatgtga cggctgaaac attatgccat catttttcct tgactaaaaa    173160
     agaagcccgt gacgttgtta ctcaatgtca gaactgctgt gagttcttgc cagttcctca    173220
     tgtgggaatt aacccactcg gtattcgacc cctacaggtc tggcaaatgg atgttacaca    173280
     tgtttcttcc tttggaaaac ttcaatatct ccatgtgtcc attgacatat gctctggcat    173340
     catgtttgcc tctcctttaa ccagagaaaa ggcctcacat gtgattcaac attgccttgg    173400
     ggcatggagt gcttggggga aacccaaact ccttaagact gaatagacac tcatattgca    173460
     caagtggtgg agaacaggac catatttccg gagggcagtc tttgttttaa ggtaaccaat    173520
     gatagttctt tggtacatcc atgccttctg ttatttaatc attcctttgc tggattgaag    173580
     gagaccatta agaccaatga ggggtataag gccaatgcca cagtcttata cggctggtgg    173640
     ccttgtacca attcgtcaga tgacgatcgt tccaatcctc ttaaacaacc tcaattggcc    173700
     cccttctgta caggaacccc agccgaaggc acccttttcc cttggaccgg ctgtcaggcc    173760
     tggagatcaa gttgggctaa aagacggatt ttttcatttt ccctcctcga gggtgatggg    173820
     ggaaacttca ccactatgga tccgtagaga ttcgatatta atccttttga cttatggctg    173880
     ctttgcgatc ataatggcag ttgtactgac ctcacaccca tggcgatgct ccttggcaga    173940
     ggtaaggtag agggccagtt gtcataccaa aataataacc ctgaccagat tgaatatcag    174000
     cttcaggagg gcatgagggt acaatttagc cctgtcccca tttgtgtttg gccaccgttt    174060
     gtgtggatag ttagcaatgc caccgggaat gatagcttga gttgtttcaa aggctcctgt    174120
     ttctatgctt tatgttggaa tgctagtcaa tttcatacag cagtggcggc tcgcatgccc    174180
     tgctttgttc cagtacctgt tgatacgcca ggaactttgg ccttgctcag acaaaaaagg    174240
     gattttgaga tatcggccat tattgtcagc attgtcgcta cagtggccgt ttccgcctcc    174300
     cttacggcct cggccttggc tctgtctgga caggtccaga cgactgacac tattaacaca    174360
     ttgtcagcca aggtgaccac agccatggat aaacaggcct cagctaatgt aaagatacag    174420
     ggaggtctca tgctggttaa ccagcgtata gatcttgtac aggaacaatt agatgtatta    174480
     tggcaaatgg ctcagctagg atgtgaacaa aagtttccgg ggctatgcgt cacttctatt    174540
     cagtatgaga aatttaccag ggcagctaat ttgtcaaaaa gcccttctca gtatatgtta    174600
     cagaattgga cggcagactt tgagcagacc ctctgagaat tgagactcac catcattcag    174660
     gtcaactcca cgcggttgga cctgtccctg accaaaggac tacctaattg gatctcctct    174720
     gcattctcct tcttcaagga atgggtgggg gtcggattat ttggagctgc actttcctgc    174780
     agattagagt tgcttctctg gttggtctgt aagcttaagg cccaaactag gagagacaag    174840
     gtagttattg cccaggcact tgcagcacta gaacatggtg cttcccctga tatatggtta    174900
     tccatgctta agcaataggt cgctggccac tcagctcttg caccccacga ggctagtctc    174960
     attgcacggg atagagtgag tgtgcttcag cagcccgaga gagttgcatg gctaagcact    175020
     gcagtagaga ggctctgcgg caaaaaatga gcccactcta gggagacatg tcatcttgta    175080
     tgaaggttga gtgtccaaag tatccttccc ccaagaaaaa tgacagggga gcagacctag    175140
     gcccctctgg gtgatgagcc tgggaggagg ttttgtgtaa agctcctcta cttgcatatt    175200
     ggggatttga cctctatctc ctctctcgat ttgggtggcc tattgttctt atataaaaga    175260
     aaagggggag atgtgaggag ccgccctggc attcgctatt acaagatggc gctgacatcc    175320
     tgtgttctaa gtagtaaaca agtaatctgc acatgtgcct gggtaatttt ccactccttg    175380
     tactctgcct tccccatgac gacaactcgg ccgatgggct gcagcaaatc agggagcgac    175440
     acgtccaagg cagaggacaa ttctctttaa aagggatggg gttttgccac tcggggtctt    175500
     cgctcagtaa gctgatgctc tccctctcaa gacgcattaa agctttactg cagaaggatc    175560
     ctgtgtgctg tgtcaatcct gctggcggga ggtagcgcgg gacatcaact atgaaagcca    175620
     ggagatcctg gagagatgtt atacagaccg taagagaaca caatgccagt cgaggctact    175680
     atacccagtc aaactctcaa ttaccataga tggagaaacc aaagcattgc acgacaaaat    175740
     caaattcaca cattatattt ccacgaatcc agccctacaa aggataataa cagaaaaaaa    175800
     aaacaatata aggacggaaa ccatacccta gaaaatataa gaaagtaatc catcaacaaa    175860
     ccaaagagaa gacagccaaa agaacagaat gccaactcta acaacaaaaa taataggaag    175920
     caacaattac ttttccttaa tatctcttaa tatcaatgga ttcaattccc caataaaaag    175980
     acatagacta acagactggc tacacaaaca ggatccaaca ttctcctgct tacaggaaac    176040
     ccatctcaga gaaaaagaca gacactacct cagagtgaaa ggctggaaaa caattttcca    176100
     agcaaatggt ctgaagaaac aagcctgagt agccattcta atatctaata aaatcgactt    176160
     ccaaccatag gtcatcaaaa aagacaagga ggggcacttc atactcatca aaggtaaaat    176220
     cctccaagag gaactctcaa ttctgaatat ctatgctcca aacacaagga cagccacatt    176280
     cattaaagaa actttagtaa agctcaaagc acacattgca cctcacacaa taatagtggg    176340
     agactacaac agaacacttt catcaatgga cagatcgtgg aaacaaaaac taaacaggga    176400
     cacagtgaaa ctaacagaag ttatgaaaca aatggactta acagatatct acagaacatt    176460
     ttatcctaaa acaaaagaat ataccttctt ctcagcacct catggtacct tctccaaaat    176520
     tgaacatata attggtcaca atacaggcct caatagatac aaaaatattg aaattatccc    176580
     atgcatccta tcagaccacc atggactaaa gctgatcttc aataacaaca taaataatgg    176640
     aaagccgaca ttcacgtgga aaatgaacaa cacccttctc aatgttacct tggtcaagga    176700
     cggaataaag aaagaaatta aagacttttt agagtttaat gaaaatgaag ccacaactta    176760
     cccaaactta tggaacacaa tgaaagcatt tttaagaggg aaacgcatag ctctgagtgc    176820
     ttccaaaaag aaactagaga gagtacacac tagcagcttg acaacacaac taaaagctct    176880
     agaaaaaaag gaagcaaatt cacccaagag gagtagaagg cagaaaataa tcaaactcag    176940
     gggtgaaatc aaccaagtgg aaacaagaag aactattcaa agaatcaacc aaaggaggag    177000
     ctggttcttt gagaatatca acaagataga taaaccctta gccagactca ctagacggca    177060
     cagggacagc atcctaatta acaaaatcag aattgaaatg ggagatatag caacagatcc    177120
     tgaagaaatc caaaacacca tcagatcctt ctacaaaagg ctatactcaa caaaactgga    177180
     aaacctggac agaatgaaca aatttctaga cagataccag ggacaaaagt taaatcagga    177240
     tcaagttaac gatctaaaca gttccatatt ccctaaagaa atagaagcag tcattgatag    177300
     tctcccaacc aaaataagcc caggaccaga tgggtttagt gcagagttct atcagacctt    177360
     caaagaaggt ctaattccag ttcttcacaa actattccac aaaatagaag tagaaggtac    177420
     tctacccaac tcattctatg aagccacaat tactctgata cttaaaccac agaaagatcc    177480
     aacaaagata gagaacttca gaccaatttc ccttatgaat atcgatgcaa aaatcctcaa    177540
     taaagttctt cctaaccgaa tccaagaaaa catcaaaaca atcatccatc ctgaccaagt    177600
     aggtttcatc ccagggatgc agggatggtt caatatacgg aaatccatca acgtaatcca    177660
     gtatataaac aaactcaaat acaaatacca catgatcatc tcgttggatg cagaaaaagc    177720
     atttgataaa atccgacacc cattcatgat aaaagtcttg gaaagatcag gaattcaagg    177780
     cccataccta aacatgataa aagcaatcta cagcaaacca gtagccaaca tcaatgtaaa    177840
     tggtgagaaa ctggaagcaa tcccactata ataagggact agacaaggct acccactttc    177900
     tccctaccta ttcaacattg tacttgaagt cctagccaga gcaattcgac aacaaaagga    177960
     gattaagagg atacaaattg gaaaagttct cgaccagcaa gaacaacacg accaccagtc    178020
     cttctaacag cagcttattc agcaaacttc agttttcatc tctcacgctt catctttttc    178080
     ctcatctatc tcccttcatc tatatctctt ctatcttccc cgaaccccag gcctctcact    178140
     cttatatact ctcagtcccc atccactcac agcaggccat gtcacctcac caggcacgca    178200
     acttcaggca atcagggtgg caggggcatg tctccaccaa atacggactt gtttaaaccg    178260
     ccagcatcat ggtgcacctg tgcaactctc acaatggtcg tggcttattt tcaggtgtat    178320
     gaggaagtca ggtgcaagtc ataagactta gctgcagtcc ctggcgcctt cttgggactg    178380
     ctgccacacc cgctcctcac agaaaagaag tcaaaatatc acgttttgca gatgatatga    178440
     tagtatatat aagtgaccca aaaattccac cagagaactc ctaaacttga taaacagctt    178500
     cggtgaagta gctgaatata taattaactc aaacaagtca atggcctttc tctacacaaa    178560
     gaataaacag gctgagaaag aaattaggga aacaacaccc ttctcaatag tcacaaataa    178620
     tataaaatac cttggtgtga ctctagggaa gggaaagatc tgtatgataa gaacttcaag    178680
     tctctaaaga aagaaattaa agaagatcac agaacatgga aaaatctccc atgttcatgg    178740
     attggcagga tcaatatagt aaaattggct atcttgccta aagcaatcta catattcaat    178800
     gcaatcccca tcaaaattcc aactcaattc ttcaatgaat tagaaagggc aatcggcata    178860
     ttcatctgga ataacaaaaa accgaggata gcaaaaattc ttctcaagga taaaagaacc    178920
     tctgttggaa tcaccatgcc tgacctaaag ttttattaca gagcaattgt gataaaaact    178980
     gcatggtact ggtatagtga caaacaagta gaccaatgta atagaattga agacccagaa    179040
     atgaacccac actaccatgg tcacttgatc tttgacaagg gagctaaaac catccagtgg    179100
     aaaaaagaca gaattttcaa caaatggtgc tggcacaagt ggaggttatc atgtagaaga    179160
     atgcgaattg atccattcct atctccttgt actaaggtca aatctaagtg gatcaaggaa    179220
     ctacacataa aaccagagat actgaaacat atagaggaga aagtggggaa aagcatcgaa    179280
     gatatgggca cagggggaaa attcctgaat agaacagcag tggccaatgc cataagaaag    179340
     agaattaaca aatgggacct cataaaattg caaagcttct gtaaggcaaa agacaccaca    179400
     aataagacaa aatggccacc aacagattgg gaaaggatct ttacctatac taaatcagat    179460
     aggggactaa tatccaatat atataaagaa ctcaggaagg tgtactccag aaaatcaaat    179520
     aaccccatta aaaaatggtt ctcagagcta aacaaagaat tctcacctga ggaacaccga    179580
     atggctgaga aacacctgaa aaatgttcaa catccttaat catcagggaa atgcaaatca    179640
     aaacaaccct gagattccat ctcacagcag ttagaatggc taagataaaa aattcaagtg    179700
     atagcagatg ctggcaagga tgtggattaa gagaaacact cctccattca ttgttggtgg    179760
     gattgcaagc ttttaaaacc actctgtaaa tcagtctggt ggttttcaga aaattggata    179820
     tagtactacc agaggatccc gcaataccta tcctgggcat atatccagaa gatgttccaa    179880
     ctagtaagaa agacacatgc tccactatgt tcatagcagc cttatttata atagccagaa    179940
     gctggaaaga acccagatgc ccctcaacag aggattggat acaaaaaaat gtgatacatt    180000
     tacacaatgg agtactactc agctattaac aagaatgaat ttatgaaatt cccaggcaaa    180060
     tgtttggacc tggagggcat catcctaagt gaggtaaccc aatcacaaaa gaagtcacat    180120
     gatatgtact cactgataag tggatattat cccagaatcc tagaataccc aagatataag    180180
     ataaatttac aaaacacagg aaactcaaga agaacgaaga ctaaagtgtg gacactttgc    180240
     cccttcttag aattgggaac aaaacaccca tggaaggaat tacagagaca aaatttggag    180300
     ctgagacaaa aggagggacc atctagagac tgccatatcc agggatccat cctataatca    180360
     gcctccaaac actgacacca ttccatacac tagcaagatt ttgctgaaag gacccagtta    180420
     tagctgtctc ttgtgagact atgccctggc ctagcaaaca cataagtcga tgctcacagt    180480
     cagctattgg atggatcaaa gggcccccaa tggaggagct agagaaaata cccaaggagc    180540
     taacgggatc tgcaacacta taggtggaac aacattatga actagccagt accagggatc    180600
     tcttgactct agctgcatat gtatcaaaag agggcctagt cggccatcac tggaaagaga    180660
     ggccctttgg acatgcaaac tttatatgcc ccagtacagg ggaacaccag ggccaaaaag    180720
     tgggaatgga tgggtagggg agtggtggta tggagggtat gggggactaa atgaggaaat    180780
     acttaataaa aaaggaaaaa aagattctta catttgcttt tgccatctgg taatctctgg    180840
     tgttagtttt tatagctgtc tctggctgga gcctgttcct catgtgattc ttttagcttc    180900
     tgtcagcact cctgggagtc caactctctc cagagtctca gttttcagag gactctctgc    180960
     aggcaagctc tcctcttgca gggaaggtgc acagaggtct ggcactcaga tctgcctcct    181020
     ggatgaagat gaagacccga aatggggcct gtctcagaag ctgtgttgct tttgcagtcc    181080
     atgtgctctt ctgtgcagac tggtctctga gggacccagg aaacaagatg gctctctcta    181140
     aacccctcct tatacttctc ttttctctgt ttctaattca ttgcctctct tttcattgat    181200
     ggtgattata tacacatata aatatacata tgtgtttcta aatgcattct atatatggag    181260
     gtctgattat ctgtataact atttatttgt gtcctgaaga tgtcagaatt caaatatata    181320
     gatgtgtata accattagaa taattgccta gatgcattat gatctatttt gtatgatgtt    181380
     acaaaggctt ttttttaatt gtgttaaaca attcttttca ctttttgaga catgaattct    181440
     ttccattaag caggtgacag tgtgttttaa ttgcacactg caaaggcagc tgcttccatt    181500
     tcacactgca gtggaagctg cttccatggg agtgattttg ttgcaagacc aggaaatggt    181560
     tgacaaaggg aatacttagt gtttcattgt catttttggg aaatatattc tgacttttcc    181620
     tgaaagcaag tcactaggtt aaacctatgc tcactgagat ctgaatgtgt gagcttatga    181680
     aaggagaggc tttgaaccat tgtagtgtgt tcaaaattaa tcaccatgaa ctttgctata    181740
     tctccggtat aatgtacgac cacttactat aaactgttct ttaagagtta actactttgt    181800
     gtcttaaggc attctctaat catttttata attatattct caatgaattc atgtagagaa    181860
     gaattggaac atgtaataat ttaccctgct ttgaatcttc tttaattcca ttatgctgct    181920
     gtctaacttc tctgtcacca acatattcct tcactaatgt caaagacaga tgatattctt    181980
     tcctcagatt caaatgatgc tgggccatta tgaatcctac tcaaccataa gtcttatctc    182040
     ttctaatata ttttatctct atctttcttt ttgtctcctt gtcactttca ccatcctcat    182100
     cagcatctca tgaagaagag gttgatttcc aatgagatat tttgccttca gctcttggct    182160
     agtgggatta catatataag tgaatttaga aagttttatg ttgaatatat cagtctttat    182220
     ggaaatggct ttagtgtcta caatgtaata atagaaactt agtggaaatt accttttgtt    182280
     acatagttca gtttttattt ttgaactgtc ctaaattaaa tttcaatatg tgaagagcca    182340
     acacatcgag ttttaattta ctgacatgaa gaataatcag acacctactt atttggacag    182400
     ggaaaaataa taattgcatg tgtgcatgca attctagaaa taatattttg ccggcaacca    182460
     aatggcaggc atatacatac atacatacat acatacatac atacatacat acatacatac    182520
     atctcagtaa agtaaggcca aaattgattc tttttatagg attatgcaaa aagagcatgt    182580
     gatgctgaac agtcttttgt tctgagaact gggatcaaat actatatggc aaaaagaaac    182640
     tatagtctgc ctcaacagat aacgatattt attagtaaat gcaatgagag aaaacatctc    182700
     tcccagggga aattaagaaa cctccaaggt aggtctggct cacataatct gtaggggtag    182760
     aagaggtgat tgggaaagag aaatttgtgt caattgtgga gcctctgtga tgatctatga    182820
     tctctctttc ctggaaatat ttccttcatg gaaagcagat tatattggaa cctaggttgc    182880
     ctctataagc atttgactgt gagttgtggc tgactgaaaa ggttggtcca ggtcagctgt    182940
     aatactatag gtttcctgtt taacaactga gacacactat caatgccagc ctgggttctt    183000
     gaaagatgat gatataaatc atgatatttt tttctcaatg atgggtttag atagctagat    183060
     acattaatag ccttggtggg cattagtaat gataccttac ctcatgatag gtgacttccc    183120
     cttatatttt gtctagtaat gccagaacga gatacacatc tcttgtaatt aaattacaat    183180
     accagaagtt ggaggcatct gaactgtgtt gacacacatt aagggaaacc tccttgttct    183240
     gactctgggt agagcagtgc atagagaaca atcccaaaac aagatattat tgtttcttct    183300
     attaaaaaaa agagttagtt taagtcatac tgccacatac ttcacatgaa atccataaat    183360
     actctccaca aagcaatgtg ttcaattgag gatatgctaa atataggaga gagcaaattt    183420
     gttctttagt gagaccatac attaatcctt actagaactc ctttgcagac ttgacagagc    183480
     tttgatcagc taagacggta gagcctctat ccttaccatt tgcttctcat tattcctttt    183540
     caaatatgtg taaaaaggct cagcataact tcctggacac cctgggcttt ctaccacatt    183600
     ctctgaagcc atccacctgc ttttgtaatg ttgatgcttc taaaccacca ttgcaaaaac    183660
     catggtttca attttccttc atttttcttt actgccttca gtctggttgt tgtaaagatc    183720
     tcagacttca gattcactgt tgctgctctc tcacactcaa atgattgaga ttacttctgc    183780
     acctaattga agttaattta taaaggagag tataacttga tataagagaa cccaatattt    183840
     ccactaaaag agtggaccag atgtaatgaa cccccaatag aaagtagaat ttggattttg    183900
     caacagtctc aatgatgtca aatcatcctg aaactgacta tatagccaat ataaaaacaa    183960
     tggcctctgg ccgggcgtgg tggcacacgc ctttaatccc agcacttggg aggcaaaggc    184020
     aggcggattt ctgagttcga ggccagcctg gtctacagag tgagttccag gacagccagg    184080
     gctatacaga gaaaccctgt ctcaaaacac caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaggcct    184140
     catgttaaag gccattgttt ttatttattt atttctattg aatattttac ttattcacat    184200
     ttcaaatgtt ttccctttcc tagttttccc tccagaaact ctgtatctca tcacccctcc    184260
     ccatgcttct atgagagtgc tcccccaccc acccacccac tcctgcctcc cagccctaaa    184320
     attcccctac actagggcat tgagccttca aaggactaag gactgatcct tcctttgatg    184380
     ccttctgtgt ccaattactg tttcccatat gtgaatgagc ctgaagtcat ccactgaaac    184440
     aagagacacc agttaataat cctttcctga aaaataccca ccattgcccc cattggccag    184500
     aaaatatcaa aacacacctt gtacaggagt acaagctctt agagcctgaa aaatttttaa    184560
     tgcactgaat acttctgaca gacaaccatt ttttgaaggc aattgataaa gagtctccac    184620
     ataattttta attgtagctt tgactatatc aatattttat tcaacataga accgaagtat    184680
     gtatatgttg agaatatgtt tattctgttt tatttttgta gagctaatta ttaaacccag    184740
     gctcttgagt tgctaggcag ataccctatc attaagcaaa atctcaacct ctcatatgct    184800
     tagtttatga agaaagttat gcttttccct tcaaagtcca tctcatgaac aagaaagaaa    184860
     attttctaga tatttcagga gtcaatagta cagtgctttt tttttttttt ttttttactt    184920
     tgcagttttt gggttgtttt tatttttgtt tctaaggcaa ggcttcatta catagcctta    184980
     gtaggcctag aactcactat gcagactagt tgccactgaa cttacaaaga tcctcctgac    185040
     tctgcctctc aaacactatg aataaagcct tgcatcacta tatgtagttg tgtaaagatt    185100
     ttttttaatg caaaaaaagg atcttaaaat tctccaattt atttttatgc atgtaggaga    185160
     taatttttat tttttattta ttttcatttc aaatgtttcc cttcagtgag cctctaaccc    185220
     ttccccctcc tcctgcctct atgatggtcc tctgctactg acccacccac tcctgcctca    185280
     ccaccctagc atcctactac actaggggaa tgagcctcca caggaccaag ggactctctt    185340
     cccattgatt tcagataata ccatcctctg caacatatgc agctgcagcc gtgagtccct    185400
     ctatgtgaaa tctttgattg gtgttttagt ctctaggagc tcttaggagt cctgttagtt    185460
     gatattgtta ttctgcctat gaaggggttg caattccctt cagctccttc actccttccc    185520
     ttaactcttc aatccaggac cctgtgctta gtccaatggt tggttgtgag catccacatc    185580
     tgaattggtc aggcactggc agagcctctc aggggacagc tataccaggc tcctgtcagc    185640
     aagcactttt tggcatctac aatagtgtct ggatttggtg tctgcatatg ggatgtatcc    185700
     ctaggtaggg caatctctgg atggtctttc attcacttcc tgctccactc tttgtccctg    185760
     tatttccttg agacaggaac aattctgggt taaaattttt gagatgggtg ggtagctggg    185820
     ggccatgctt atgcactgga tatgatttca aaggttctat ctctcctttg ttgagcattt    185880
     cagctaatgt cattcccact gggtcctggg aacttcttgc ttccctggca tctgagactt    185940
     tctaatggta accccaggtc tccatccccc actgttacac acctctgttc aatttcctca    186000
     aaatccgtac ttcttgactg tctctcccac atctaatcct gctcctcttt tccctcctcc    186060
     tcctctttcc ctcccatgtc cctctctttc tacttcttgt gattattttg ttcccccctg    186120
     ctaagtatga ctgaagcatc cacactttga tcttcctttt tcttgagctt cagatggtct    186180
     gtgagtttta ttgtgggtgt tctgagcttt tggactaata tccacttatc agtgagtaca    186240
     taccttgtgc gtatttttct ggctgggtta caatactaaa gttgttattt tttagttcca    186300
     tccatttacc tgcaaggtca tgatatcctc attcttaaca gttgagtagt actccattgt    186360
     gtaaatgtac catattttct gtatatattt atctgtggtg ggatatctgg gttgtttcca    186420
     acttctgact atcataaata aggctgctat gaacatagtg aagcatgtgc ccttgttgca    186480
     tggtggagca tcatttgggt atatgcctag gagtggtata actgtgtctt caggtagatc    186540
     tatttcgaat tttataagga ccctccagat ttttactcta aaagggaaca tcaatgataa    186600
     acatcacttc acgttaaaat aacaggaaac gatatcctaa acctataagc caataaacct    186660
     aagtaagaat ttggtatgct cattttaaca tctgaaagaa atagaattca aaccaaaagt    186720
     aaatagaaga gatatgaaag gacactagat aaatatcaaa ggacaaatct accaagttga    186780
     tatttcaatt cttagtaccc aatattttgg tttcaaacaa aaagaccaag ttcctcaaag    186840
     aaacactaca acagcttaaa tcaaatattg actctcacac atagatgaca tgtgacttat    186900
     gtaccccaaa ctcaccaatt aatatgccac ccacacaaaa aagaaacaga aatgctagaa    186960
     ataattggta tcacaaactt aatgtactgg atatgggttt ataaaacatt ttgcccaaat    187020
     acaaaaaaat ataccttctc agtagctcat gtaatcttct acaaaattgg aaacatacta    187080
     ggatacaaag caagtcttaa atgatacaag aaaagtagaa acaacaacct gaatcttatg    187140
     tgatcctcac aaaggtgcag cctataagat ggagaaaaac attttacctc ctacagattt    187200
     gataaagagt taatatccaa aacataaaac ggacatcatg agaacaaata ctcaaattaa    187260
     aaacttgggc actgttctaa acagataata ctccaaagag caaactccaa tgggcaagaa    187320
     gcagttaatt tttagcatca ttagttatca gagaaatgca aattagtatg gctttgagat    187380
     ttcatcataa accagtcaaa atggccctta tcaataaaac aaatcattgc tcatagtggg    187440
     taaaatgtgg ggtgagtggg atatcatcta ctcctagtga gatgtcaaac tttcagcttt    187500
     aatagaaatc agcttgttag atccacagga acatagaaat aggtcacctt agcatccagt    187560
     tataccatca taggacatgt tcccatccta ctacagagac atttactcaa tattctgtac    187620
     tgctttatta ataatagcac ataattggaa acattccaca tatccactaa tagaaatatg    187680
     gacaagcaaa atggggttta attacacaga tgaatattac tcagccaaca aaattaagta    187740
     aaaccatgta cctcctagtg agatagaggc aatgattaga attttccccc ccaaaatact    187800
     caaggccatg tgaattgagt gcagaatttt ccccaactct tcaaagaaga attaacagtg    187860
     atattcctca aattacttca gaaataaaaa ttgaaggaac atttcataat ttgtcttttc    187920
     aggccattat taccttatgg caaaaaaata cagaaacatc caccacaaaa gaaaattatg    187980
     aacatagatg tcaagattct caataaaatg cttccattcc aaatccaagg acatttcaaa    188040
     aggatcatcc accattatca aacacgcttt gacctagaga tgcaggaatg gttgaacatg    188100
     catgaattga taaatgacct ccactcctga acagactaag agataaaccc cataattatt    188160
     tcattaaatg tagaaggact gacagtattc accatccttt caagataaat atttcagaga    188220
     gtccaagaac acaaggttca tttttatgca taaatgcaat tagactaaga tcatagcaaa    188280
     cattaaccta aagggagaga aactcaatgt attccacaaa atcaggaata agataaggat    188340
     gtcctctctc tacatgccta tttgatgtaa tagttgaatc ttagagagat cccaaagata    188400
     attgaaagag ttcaatggga taaaagcagt atagaaagaa gtaaaataat tttatttgaa    188460
     gagaacgtga ttgtacacat aaattacatg aatgacctta aagtctctat cagaaaacgt    188520
     ctgtagctgt taaatacttt caggaaagta acatgacaaa aataactcat aaaaacccat    188580
     agatttctta tatacaaatt acaaataagt tgtggtgttt gaatcagaat agcccctaca    188640
     ggctgaaatt tttaatcatt agttactaaa gagttgaaca actaaaagag tagcctttga    188700
     gtggtagctg aggtcttgtt ggagggagta catcactggt gctgagcttt gaggtttctt    188760
     gtctgtctct gtttctctct ctgtttctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    188820
     ctctctctct ctctctctcc ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct cctcctcctc ctcctcctcc    188880
     tcctcctcct cctcctcctc ctctctgtcc ttcttgactt agagataaga ttgtaaagct    188940
     cttagctatg ttttcatcta taactgattg cttcttgtca tgattatcat agactagtct    189000
     tcggagacaa taagggagca cccaattaat tgttttcctt cataatattt gccatttgcc    189060
     ttggtcatgg tgtcatgatc aagagtcaag gatctcttca caaaaatcag aatgtaacta    189120
     agttacaaac tcagaaagaa aagaaggaaa tagtagcttt aaaatgagta tgtcggtcag    189180
     aatttgggct aggctctatg cccaggagta gtggcaaaaa taaaatgaaa ggaatcgtat    189240
     tttactagac taatctctca caatgttttt tttttttttt agatattttt gtataatctt    189300
     ttgatttaat aaattcagtt ttatctttct gtttttgcag acttttaaaa tgtacttgca    189360
     gatttttaaa atgtaaaacc ccaaatgctg ttttgctttg ttttaaaaga cagttttgaa    189420
     aaaagaacat aaaataggtt tgccagggaa gtgtagaaat tcttgtacaa tttggcaagg    189480
     aaatcatgat caaatatata tggaaaaagg ttttaataca agaaaaagat cctagaattg    189540
     ttagtaactt tctgaataag aatcctataa gtcagaaaat aatgacaaat ttcaaatgag    189600
     attgtataaa atttaaatgt ttctgcagaa caaaggaaac aattgacgga agttaaaacc    189660
     tacaaaatgg gagaatattt ttgtcactgt acatctgata ggaaacaaat gtgaagaaca    189720
     tacaaagaac aaaaaactaa tatgtaaaaa aaaaacccac caaaaatggg gtaacataat    189780
     gaacaaataa atctcatgaa aaaaagtgca agttggggaa aaatatttaa tctcattaac    189840
     catcactgaa atgcaaatga aatctacatt taaatttctt ctcattcagc cgaaagacta    189900
     atcattaaga caaagtagca gataatttga gcctttgtca aaaatgtaat ggtattaagt    189960
     tagcctttag tgagttatta tccattttta tcccatagac ccttagcatt ataggctatt    190020
     gttaagtaat cttaataacc ccccagaact cgatagtcaa accccattcc tgaaggtgcc    190080
     acatgcttaa tcacagaaca tggagataac agttgatatt ggcctgaaat gttcactcct    190140
     actggctaga ttttatagat ttggaacata atatttaaat cactgggagc agggttggtt    190200
     atcaacctca tccaactgta aaccttacaa ctataacaca atgagcttga caaattgctc    190260
     attggtgtaa tactatggat agtatgagag tacccatctg tattaccata agaactaatt    190320
     cgtactctgt gagaacacat attcctgaca ctattgatga ggccaataac cagaggatat    190380
     attatagatc tgaattcaca atgactctga gagaattcaa gaaatgtata caatctcaga    190440
     caagacaaaa tccatcatgg aatggtgaga ggtaggaatg aaatctcatc tcaccaatag    190500
     cagctgttag tattcattgc tgtggagagg gagtgtcaag gatcaagttc catttgtgta    190560
     ttttaatagc acgagttgct gacaatttaa gaattaggtg gctgtatata catgcatgag    190620
     tcctcaattt tattacatta aaaatgactt tgattttttt catgagtatc atcctgtttt    190680
     tattacttta gacctttaat ttaagttgga atctaggata gtgatactac cagcagtttt    190740
     ttgtttgttt gtttttgttt gatttgtttt tggttttttt aaggggttat tttttttttt    190800
     tttacttttt taattaggta ttttcttcat ttacatttcc aatgctatcc caaaagtccc    190860
     ccacactctc ccccctactc ccctacctag gcactcccac ttcttggtcc tggcgttccc    190920
     ctgtactgag gcatataaag tttggaagac caatgagcct ctctttccaa tgatgacaga    190980
     ctaggccatc ttctgataca tatgcagcta gagacaggag ctcaggcggg tactggttag    191040
     ttgattgcca tggcactctg gtggagtcag cttgacaaag cgaacgctgg aaagctggtt    191100
     catgaagcaa agagtttcaa agaaactccc ttcccgaggg cctggcattt tctccctaat    191160
     ctatataaac cataaaatta attttccaaa tccgcattag tctagtgtat ggatccacgt    191220
     gctctctaat aagcattacc ctataataag taccttttaa gattgtatcc tgagttagct    191280
     aaagcctttc ccagtgttcc tagatcccag ataacagcaa ggagcttaac ctattcagta    191340
     actaattaag cactaaatta atctaagcca tttactcagt tgtctacaga aagagactaa    191400
     aattctcact gagataataa ttttattaca gactacattc cataccaaga gtgagttaat    191460
     atactatcct aataatgagg attcttcaga ttagataaaa tttaacaagg cctagagaat    191520
     ttcggggtca gtgacactac attattctta aagcctgctg agagttaatc accccctggt    191580
     gctattaaca cttaaatgta aaactcttgc ctgacacagg gccaaggcag aggtgttaat    191640
     ctctagtgta aacatttatc tggttccttt tgaagtcact cctcttgcac ctggaaaact    191700
     tcaatgtacc ttattctgtt atgatttgca atttactctg tattataaaa gtctgaggct    191760
     cgactggaac attacattca gatccaacac ctctcttgtg tgcgtgtaaa tatttgtcac    191820
     tccatccgac tctttgccca tctgcttaag agatcccatt ccacgcagac acagggaccc    191880
     aaagggtctg cggcagttga tattgttgtt ccaactatag gtgtgcagat cgctttagct    191940
     cctttggtac tttgtctagc tcctccactg ggggccctgt gatccatcca atagatgact    192000
     gtgagtatcc acttatgtat ttgctaagcc ccgacatagc ctcacaagag acagctatat    192060
     ctgcgtcctt tcagcaaaag cttgctagta tatacaatgg tgtcagtgtt tgaggtagat    192120
     tatgagatgg gtccccgtgg atagcagtct ctatatggtc catcctttcg tctcagcacc    192180
     aaactttgtc tctggaactc cttccatggg ttttttgttc ccaattctaa gaagggacaa    192240
     agtgtccaca ctttggtctt cgttcttctt gagtttcatg tgttttgaaa attgtatctt    192300
     gtatcttggg tattgtaaga ttctgggata atatccactt acaaatgagt acatatcatg    192360
     tgagttcttt tgtgatgggt tacctcactc agggtccagg gtcctccaag tccatccatt    192420
     tgcctaggaa tttcataaat tcattctttt taatagctga gtagtactcc attgtgtaaa    192480
     agtactacat ttttcgtatc cattcctctg ttgagggaca attgtgttct ttccagcttc    192540
     tggctattat aaatgagggt actataaaca gagtggagca tgtttccttc ttatcagttg    192600
     gaacatcttc tggatatatg cccaggagag gtattgcggg atcctccagt agtactatgt    192660
     ccgattttct gaggaattgt catactgatt tccagagtgg ttgtacaagc ttgcaatccc    192720
     accaataatg gaggaatgtt cctctttgtc caaatccttg ccagtatctg ctgtcacctg    192780
     aatttttgat cttagccatt ttgactggta tgaggtaaaa tctcagggtt gtattgattt    192840
     gcatttccct gatgattaag gatgctgaac atttttttca ggtgcttccc agccattcaa    192900
     tattcctcag gtgagaattc tttgtttaga tctgagcccc attttttaat ggggctattt    192960
     gattttctgg agtccacctt cttgagttct ttatatatat tggatattat tcccctatct    193020
     aaattaggat atgtaaagat cctttcccaa tctcttggtg gcatttttgt cttattgact    193080
     gtgtcttttg ccttacagag gctttgcaat tttataggaa cccatttgtc gattctcaat    193140
     cttacagtat aagccattgc tgttttattc aggaattttt ccccagtgcc caaatcttca    193200
     aggcctttcc ccacgttctc tataagtttc actgtgtctg gttttatgtg gagttccttg    193260
     atccacttag atttgatctt agtacaagga gataggaatg gatcaattcg cgttcttctg    193320
     catgataatc tccacttgtg ccagcaccat ttcttggaaa tgctttcttt tttccactgg    193380
     atggttttaa ctcccttgtc aaagatcaag tgaccatagg tttgtgggtt catttctggg    193440
     tcttcacttc tattccattg gtctaattgt ctttcttata ccagtaccac gcagttttta    193500
     tcacaattgc tctgtagtgc agctttaggt cgggcatggt gattccacca gaggttcttt    193560
     tatctgtgag aagagttttt gctatcctag agtttttgtt cttccagatg aatttgcaga    193620
     ttgccctttc caattatttg aaaaactgag ttggtatttt gatggggatt gcattgaatc    193680
     tgtagattgc tttattcaag atagtcattt ttactatatt gatcctgcca atccatgaga    193740
     atgggagatc tttccatctt ctgagacctt ctttaatttc tttcttcaga gacttgaagt    193800
     tcttatcata cagatctttc acttccttag ttagagtcac accaagtatt ttatattatt    193860
     tgtgactatt gtgaaggttt ttgtttccct aatttctttc tcagcctgtt tatcctttgt    193920
     gtagagaaag gtcattgact tgtttgagtt aactttatat ctagctactt cctgaagctg    193980
     tttatcaggt ttaggagttc tctggtggaa tttttagggt caattatata tactaccata    194040
     tcatctgcaa aaagtgatat tttgacttct tcctttccaa tttgtatccc cttgatctcc    194100
     ttttgttgtc gaattgctat gtctaggact tcaaatacta tgtttaatag ttatggagaa    194160
     agtgggcagc cttatgtagt ccctgatttt ggtgggattg cttccaggtt ctcaccattt    194220
     actttaatat tgactactgg tttgttgtag attgctttta tcatgtttag atatggacct    194280
     tgaattc                                                              194287

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