(data stored in ACNUC31108 zone)

EMBL: AC135355

ID   AC135355; SV 3; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 171057 BP.
AC   AC135355;
DT   16-OCT-2002 (Rel. 73, Created)
DT   22-JUN-2005 (Rel. 84, Last updated, Version 4)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-495F22 from chromosome 6, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-171057
RA   Higginbotham J., Kozlowicz A., Bielicki L., Haglund K.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-495F22";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-171057
RA   McPherson J.D., Waterston R.H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-OCT-2002) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [3]
RP   1-171057
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (17-AUG-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-171057
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (01-JUN-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [5]
RP   1-171057
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (21-JUN-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 1d5cdc3cde6632b10ce87a8fd728886a.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456132.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000030352; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0031318; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0031289; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0031217; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0031296; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0031020; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0031753; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0030401; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0030981; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0031137; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0031086; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0031217; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0031125; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0031788; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0030116; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0030486; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC135355.3:1-171057; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000127105; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000145940; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000146268; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000154375; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000202372; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0080321; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0080400; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0080322; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0080337; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0079961; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0080804; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0080536; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0079912; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0080069; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0079944; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0080107; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0079962; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0081069; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0079966; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0079053; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; D3YU98.
DR   GOA; D3YV18.
DR   GOA; D3Z6M6.
DR   InterPro; IPR000301; Tetraspanin.
DR   InterPro; IPR008952; Tetraspanin_EC2_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR018499; Tetraspanin/Peripherin.
DR   InterPro; IPR018503; Tetraspanin_CS.
DR   MGI; MGI:1924558; Tspan9.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D3YU98; D3YU98_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D3YV18; D3YV18_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D3Z6M6; D3Z6M6_MOUSE.
CC   On Jun 1, 2005 this sequence version replaced gi:51315642.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BB0495F22
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e. phred quality
CC   >=30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by at least
CC   one plasmid subclone, fosmid clone or direct clone walk sequence.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome
CC   shotgun may have been used to obtain the consensus sequence. The
CC   assembly was confirmed by restriction digest.
CC   This finishing standard has slightly changed from the previous
CC   Human standard. Specifically, standards for regions of low sequence
CC   complexity (such as dinucleotide repeats and small unit tandem
CC   repeats) have been relaxed. These regions are very prevalent in the
CC   mouse genome, and the return on extended finishing efforts is
CC   minimal.
CC   If a sequence meets the criteria of the above statement, it needs
CC   no comments or tags. If the criteria are not met, such as ambiguous
CC   bases, then the region is duly annotated.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The  BAC Library has been constructed by Pieter de Jong and
CC   coworkers (http://www.chori.org) from male C57BL/6J mouse spleen
CC   and/or brain genomic DNA. The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..171057
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="6"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-24"
FT                   /clone="RP24-495F22"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    35597..35640
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA"
FT   unsure          36039..36171
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   misc_feature    37501..37792
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA"
FT   misc_feature    38822..39170
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA"
FT   misc_feature    95624..96068
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of genomic DNA"
FT   unsure          95783..95980
FT                   /note="Unresolved tandem repeat."
FT   unsure          99164..99265
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          111595..113424
FT                   /note="Unresolved tandem repeat."
SQ   Sequence 171057 BP; 39495 A; 41642 C; 45495 G; 44425 T; 0 other;
     gatctgatgg acaatcgtgg agaggttctg tggctcccac ctgcctattt ccatatgccc        60
     catcacacag agatctggtt gccacagcag cggatctgat ggacagttgt ggagaggttc       120
     tgtggctccc acctgcctat ttccgtatgc cccatcacac agagctctgg ttgctcaccc       180
     tctgatgtgg tttctcccgg gaggactgag gaatgagagt tattctgtag ctttttatgc       240
     agaggaatgt gtgatctgaa caatgctgag cctgaaatgc cctggattcc tccgatgacg       300
     ctggcattag gcaggaccca tcaggatctg gaaataggct gtgggagcct ggggagaccc       360
     aattgtttgt ggcaacccca aagccattat cctgcctcat cctggaacca gggatgccac       420
     agacaggaag gcacctccca aagtcatcta ggaaggaagg gacttcgaac agccacgcag       480
     ggtaaattac actccctgac acttgcccat gcgtacccca ggtggggcag gctcagctgg       540
     cctagggttg cagctagcac ctgcttgggt cacctgttcc tgtccttaac agtgcccctc       600
     tgcaggcttc ctgttgcatt tgaagcctgt ttctctcttc tgccctgaat aaaacaagag       660
     gtgagaccat cgtccttcat tgtggagcct tgggactcaa gagggtatga tgtttccctt       720
     ctgttctgga gacccagtgg gaggttccgt ctgctacaca cagatgaggc aggcagctga       780
     atggaatttg taacggataa aatattggct caatttggaa ttggttttct gtaatctaat       840
     agatcacaaa ggtgtagttc tgtgccgagc tcacgtcata ggtttttaaa agccagctct       900
     gatttgtttc agcagtcggg gggtgaatct atgagcgaag agtctgggtt atatatcgtg       960
     cactggagag ctggggccct gcaggaaagc acccagagtg cagattctta accggagcct      1020
     gcagctgcca tggggtcaga tggcctagag acacctttcc acagctacaa ttccttttct      1080
     tctcatggtg tgcatcttgg catccattaa actcattgcc atctttgaga gtgaatccct      1140
     aggtatttcc tgcagctggg tcagtcttcc tggccaggtg tggccctgca ggaggcgacc      1200
     agctcaaaat ttaatgtcta gaaagtatac actccagtgg gctatcaacc cacgttcact      1260
     gagactcttg tgggtgatcc atgtctctac agaggtgcag gggctacttc ccaaacaatc      1320
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctcac acacacacac acacacacac      1380
     acacacacac acacacacac agacagaact atgatggaaa aaacctcatg aaatattatt      1440
     taattaaaaa aattattatt aatagtaatg gtattaatta ttttgcatgt gcaagtgtgt      1500
     gtgcacacac atgccagagc aggagtgtgg aggtcagagg gcaactttgt ggatacctca      1560
     ttatttacca taaataggtt ctggggatca aattcaggtc accaggcttg tgtggcaagt      1620
     gcctttaccc actgagccat ctccttggcc cctcatggaa aagatttttt taaatcctga      1680
     ctttgtgact gtggtctctg tcttccccca ccgcccccca cgtgctttat tgccagaagt      1740
     aaggatccag tggacacagg caccaggatc cagatctgtg tatttattct gttttctcta      1800
     ctgacctact caactaattt ggcagcccct gaacgggtca cagcctgtgg tttgcaaagc      1860
     cctgatctgg ggttggtaac aggttagagc aagtggaggc attgaacatg gggatccgtt      1920
     tgggtcacag tgcaggcccg gtcactgtac ctcaggttct ttaattcttg aaattgggtt      1980
     tcccatcttc acagtcatca gtgctttcag agcgagcacc tgtcagcccc gtgtcttcca      2040
     gcgaggtccc tctcatcata tcctcacacc gtctctctga aggaaaccgg gtctcaagtc      2100
     aaacacggct ctttccgtgt attgattgaa gtctatcatt tataaaatta ccatcggaac      2160
     cttgatttgt gatttcgcag ggtcagcaac attcactgag aggttttagg gtctggcaga      2220
     tcagcacact gaataaataa atcatcaagt tcaggtttgg ggatctgagg ctcgtagaac      2280
     ccacagtgca cttccctcaa ggagctttgt ctgggaaggg ggcacgaggc acacaggcac      2340
     tgcagcatta acagagccat cacagagaca ctggctggcc caactagaag ggatttagaa      2400
     ggggaggaac tgagcaagga agaggtgagg tttgagttgg gtcttgaagc tcacatagga      2460
     gtttgattgg aagaacctgc cagactatgg gaatgctacg caaagtcccc cgagtttgga      2520
     ataaaacttg attttgaagt tgaagcagct tatggccaga tttatctcag aaagacagtt      2580
     gcaaaggctt gtgtagtaga aggcgatgag tgagtaggga ggggcctggg ggagagcaag      2640
     cagggtatct gataatctcc agttgggtta tggagcatgg ccaggggtca gcggtcgggg      2700
     agaaggtcag ccagggatgg atgctaggct caggtgtgca agcagagagc cgagggagaa      2760
     gcgtctgagt tctctctggg cgtccagtta ttctccagtt ccagcgaggg gaagagaagt      2820
     aaagtcggtg ttgacactca tgtcttccca gttagagcct ggtacctgga tgggagttgg      2880
     gctctggaag gaacctattc catgaggcag accagtgatg attagaataa aaacagtcac      2940
     tctgcactat ctactaactg cagtttgtgc catggactga ctcaggtacc attggcacgt      3000
     agatcaccaa tacacacggt gaggaattta ctgtgaattc agataaggga actgggagac      3060
     tttttaagaa cagagctgca tcacacatcg gcttcctaaa gaggaggcag aggcaggcag      3120
     gtggggctca gtcagaaggc gtggtgatag tggggactga ggcatggcct ggctattcca      3180
     gcggagcttg agcagagtat aactgctgtc tctgtggatg ttctctggga tttctggaga      3240
     gggaagaaag ggtgagccca ctgcatcctg ggacagctca gctgggaggc cgacttgatg      3300
     cccaaccttg ccttgcagga aaactgaagg ccacagaagt gaagtgactt gttcacaggt      3360
     agaacctaga ttcaagtgtg agtcttccag ccctacctcc catggccttt cctctggtct      3420
     ccactgcctc tccagaagat ccatgcattt tatgacctga cttactttct cccaacattc      3480
     ggtccaccct cccccttggc tgaatctgcc aggttcctcc tgttgtctat ccatgactga      3540
     gcttaaaaca agccacagat agaacgcaag ttggctgaat agttcttgtc aaggcacaga      3600
     tacctaggtg tgcatgcatg tatgtttgtg tgttggaaac ctacatgtct tagagggcca      3660
     cagagggctt tgaagtctgt taggagggac tgtgtgcggt caggagtgga ctgggttttt      3720
     ggcaacttgg aactggtgga gaagctgtgg gctctagagc cttggcctct gatctgccag      3780
     cccctcctgc ccaaagaaag gggtgcagat gtgggaagtt aattactcaa ttaattctaa      3840
     cagctcaggc ggctgctgct caggagatga tctgctgatg ggatgcggaa actgttcatt      3900
     tgctaattct agtaactgac agaagatgga aactttgggg gttgggagac aggaatgcag      3960
     ttagcataac cccggggtcc ttggaccatg gcatgcttga gtgtcaacct tattggtctt      4020
     aagtgaagga gtggctcacc cacttctgcc tttcttccca ggatctcttg ctccctagca      4080
     tttgctttag aacagttggt tgggttccgt ccatccatct atccatccat ccatccatcc      4140
     atccatccta catgcttgcg gactagaggc acaagatgag ggtgtgttag atgctaaggg      4200
     agacttgtcg tgacctgttg cctgcagctg acactcacct gcagtcattg tgccctcttg      4260
     ggctgtctag gcaatcagtt acctccaggt agtgcaggag gagctgtgtg ttgtggccac      4320
     aaggaagatc tttaattggg tcatcagcct gaggagcctc catgccaagg gacagtgggc      4380
     tgattgaagc tgagaagtgg ggcaggttgg tagagaactt agtgaaagta tgcgattacc      4440
     tctgaggcca gattgtccag gatggagttg agttagaggc agaaggagga gaatcagcag      4500
     tgtgggtggt tatagataga tgatgtctga gatcaggttg aaagctgcct gggcttaagt      4560
     tgtgtactat gttcatctcc tttgctgacc tttgccaggg gttagagtgc atgtgaaagt      4620
     gagaggagaa gtcagggccc tgagatagtc ctttggtaag ttagatgggt ccaggttagg      4680
     gtggggcttg ggggatggca aattgcccag gagggtgggg ctgagcaatg ttactttagc      4740
     agacatgtcc cttttgaaga tgggagaggt tattattagt tttttttaat ttatttttta      4800
     aactattttt ctcatcatgg tgtacagtac ctgaaagaaa caacataagg acgtctatta      4860
     tggcagtgga aatatggtgg tgggagtgtt taagaccagg gtgtagagta gctggttaca      4920
     taatatccta gtcaggactt agagagttgg gactaaagtc agacatggcc cccatgtctc      4980
     ccagctaggc tccatctctc aaagctccct ggtctcctga aacaatgcta ccagctgagg      5040
     atcaattgtt caggcccctg agtccttggg tgacttttca tccccaagca taatggggta      5100
     taactttaga gggtggcaga aatgtcttga gattgctttg acctgtctgc gggatgcagg      5160
     gtgacagcga gggaaccctg cccgtgcatc catagctgga gaaagttctc tagaggtggt      5220
     gggacatcgc tccggcatgg gagaggaaga gccagttaca gcggggtcca cagccttcta      5280
     agcagcaacc cttaaatggt tgcacattat agctggcaag tttattaaca gagctgctgt      5340
     gtcagggtcc agcctcagat attccagctt tagctgaagc agtgtgggcc aggtctttgt      5400
     ctatgacact caggttctaa aaacagaggc ttggggacca cacttaaaga gaaactgctt      5460
     agaaagcact ctgttgtgga gagtgttgga ccaggactcc caggaggtgg atctgactag      5520
     taggtggtgg gccttaggtg tggtcttttt gcctgggagt gatggtgtct gctgcagtta      5580
     cttcctgata ctctgtgagg gttagatcag gaagctccct ctgaccagca cacatcttcc      5640
     tatactcaga gctgttgtca ttgcctgtga agtgttagta ggtatgttta ggaaagtctg      5700
     tcccgatagg tcaaagccac ggatgggaag ggagactaca aggaccattc cctcagccca      5760
     gaaagcgagt ctgtcccttt aaggtgtggg tggctgtttc tggctcgagg tagtcggtga      5820
     cagggagcca ggtcccaaag ctccctaatt acagcacctg ctggctatct cttcccctct      5880
     cgctggtgct gatgctgctt aaactgggca attagagttg taagatgctg ctggtggccc      5940
     caggcctgtg tgacctgtcc tgcctggagt gattttgctg atgtcctgga gcgtgaggtt      6000
     ggatcaggat agcttgtgtc cagggtgcct gtcttctctg cccctcctta agccagcttc      6060
     cagtctcttg gatcttttgg tggtgtacaa attggaatat ggctgccgtg cactacagaa      6120
     ggatgatgtc attgtgtgta gttgcatgaa tggcaagact ttgttgctaa attccattgg      6180
     ttcgttggtt ctgcggtctt tattcttagt ttccggtatc cagtgaggtt agaggacatc      6240
     actaaaaacg attaggacaa agctcatctc taggcttcac ctttggcttt agggtgtatt      6300
     tagatgcaat caacacttgt ttgctgagtg tggctgtgta cctggtacgg tcctgggaga      6360
     gactccacgt tagggaggga caggagtcat ttcagatgag ttcatccctt ggggctatgt      6420
     ttttatctga ctcctgctgt caggacaaga aaatgggtgc tgtgctagct ttcgctttct      6480
     tggaacttct gaggatttgt aaggcggctt taggggatct tttgctgtgg agacaggggt      6540
     cacattcaga aatggaatct gggtgtgcca aaggcagccc ctgactcacg atctgtaggt      6600
     tggaaggtgt ggcctttgga aggtgtggcc tgggggtttc tggtctctgt accaggggct      6660
     ggtgtcaggg gatgactagt ccctctgtaa ctcccaggtc agcgccctca gtgagcctag      6720
     cttctctatc tcctgtcccc gctggccgcc tgctgtggct acgtgctaca gctgggcctg      6780
     cagaacttaa aatagcagta tgagctgtcc gccttgcatg tggggagcct gcctgaggca      6840
     tgatggggca gctgcttggc cctaacctaa tggggtggag agcattttgg gggtttcttc      6900
     ttggttcaga gtagggttta ggggatcaaa gtggctagag gcatgtaact ggtgtccagg      6960
     ggttcagagg gcttgtcttc tgtggactgt ttgaggaaca catcagtcct gggctcagat      7020
     ctcccactgc agctcagagg aggccttcag gcttggcatc ctggtcggtc tccctggaac      7080
     tttctgtggc tcagagttag ccatataggc cccattacag cctaaaggaa gaaagcaagt      7140
     gaagtgaaga gttgggacag gggacacctg tactacttcc cagtgccagg gcatctgggg      7200
     tctctgctga gcagggaata gcctggcttc cttaccctag ctgccctctc taagaaaatc      7260
     aagatggtac ctaagggaaa ccacctccag gcttgcctgc cttcattccc tcatgcagaa      7320
     aaatgtgcag agcacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacctg      7380
     tccttggcta tgggaatgtg gcagggaaca ggacagacac acatctttgc ccttctaaag      7440
     atggtttcta gtaggttgac ttcataaacg atttctgtag taaaaatata cgttcccttg      7500
     tgtttgggga gtaagtagaa tggaggaagc agaaggtggt aagagtgtgc tggcaacgtc      7560
     ctggagaagg aggcatctga atgaaggtta aggggcaggt gaattggcag tgtagagatc      7620
     tgaggaaagg atactcaggt ggaatgaaca cctaggctca attcaggctc tgaagtaaga      7680
     gaacagaatg ggtggtgtgg ccagagtgag ggggtggggc aggcaggtgg gtgggaggga      7740
     gtgagtgatc gatttttcta agaactttta ctctgggggc agtgggaagc tgtagggtct      7800
     tgcacagagc cctgatttgg tctgcctcat gggacaggat tactggttac tgcagttgtc      7860
     tttctggggt tcatggtctc tgtgaggagg ccccagcgaa ctgagaaagc ttccagcccc      7920
     gttatccctg cgcacctggt tcagcctcca tcactccaac cactgagact ttcactccgg      7980
     cggggggggg gggggggttt gtggaggtag ggagggctct gggtggggct gggtttgtta      8040
     cagtggtttg ctgaagtctg cttagacggc caattgagag cttcacagta agtaatcagg      8100
     gaatttacca gctggtgttg tccggttgtt tgcaattggc catggtggcc attggtaagc      8160
     attgtggatc agggctttcc ccacgggcca gttggtaagc atgtagtacc tattccagct      8220
     ttactatctc tactccgccg gaccatggtt gtggaggaca gggctcgtct ttgccttcat      8280
     ttggcaaagt gtctgtgttc atggtctgtg aagtgtgaaa gggaaaggga gcattggatg      8340
     gaggagatgg aggtggtgtt cagggcaagc agcggttgct atgtttttca ggatagacag      8400
     gctgtgtatg tcccgtgagg ttgcaggggg tgtggaaatt gcatggttat cctagcttgg      8460
     taatcctaat ggagggttgc ttctttcctt tcctttgttc ctctctgcgt gtgcaggatg      8520
     ggtgtgaagt atgcctcagt tcgggccagc cttgtacaca aaagcacagc ctaacgctgt      8580
     tctcagataa agctgctaga tccgttttag aagtcaggag acgtagattc tacccagctc      8640
     cacgaactca tttctcattt agaactcggg atgcgttccc tgcttatctc gcaggggtct      8700
     gctgtgagga tctgatacgt tcagaagtat aaaagtctct ttttaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa      8760
     acgagtccta agaaatgttg cttttgccta tgtcgtctct gggctggaac tccccctccc      8820
     tctgtgttcc tccggatagg atgttgtgca agcctccccc acaagccact tttcttgtag      8880
     ccttcttccc ctctgagcag ggcctctcag cattcagtgg acatccaatg tccactcttt      8940
     gcagagacac agactgagca ggagtcttcc ctgatgacac ggaggtggcg agcccaggat      9000
     aggcactctg tgggtgccga ggaactctag tggctaatta acttatgtgg ggtctttttt      9060
     gtttctgtca cactcctatg acgtgctgct tagctgaggt gtgagtgtga atagcagtta      9120
     tgaagggtag tgctttctag tagataggaa aattcccaga tcatctgtcc ttcatgatca      9180
     cacccagctc cattacatgg ataaaaaata gaagtgtgct cattcattca ttcactctct      9240
     cattcattca ttcattcatt cacctcatgc cctttgctca gagaactgca agccccctgc      9300
     ctaggtggcc tggacagcaa ctagggccct gattcttccg tctggccctc agtctccatg      9360
     ttcttgcttc aagcccgtct cttcaggagg caggtgggtg tgggtggggt agatcatgcc      9420
     tttgttgacc gatggatata ggtcaaggct ttgctcctat gcaggcctga gaagtaggag      9480
     gagggaggtg gctgttgagt gcctgtctct gttgggtcca accaaacata agtgtggctg      9540
     gcatttcctc tggtaacagc aggggagggg cagagcaggt gtgcactggt gtctggtctg      9600
     gctagggtat tagaagacct cttgaggccg gagcttgagg gatgagtgat gcacagccac      9660
     ctggacacac cgagactcac agaatccagg atagacattt gagctctttt ctcatttctg      9720
     gagatggctg aatctggagg gcgctataga aacacggcct gcagaaggga ggccagatgg      9780
     tggggaggga tccattgagg taaagacaca ccaggaaggc agtgatcagt attgtgggtg      9840
     tcacagacat gtatgataac tctgccctgg ggcaatgatg ctcagctcat ggcagggtga      9900
     gtaaggagga gggagcctgg ccggcagagg cagtgacagg gaaggagcca atggcaggaa      9960
     atgcgtgtgt gcctatgcct tctcgtgcat atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     10020
     gtgtagagct tgcattctgg gcgtgtgtga aggaagtgta gcatagtggg tcgcagttgg     10080
     gtgtatagcc agtttgattg ggtgacaacc gggatgactt tctgttgact cagtctaaaa     10140
     ctttggaaag actttctata attgctgggg ctttcattgc ccaaatggct gaggaaaggg     10200
     tgtggcctgt gaacattttc acctcaaata tcttgacatg agaaaagatg tttggaggtt     10260
     ttgtgggggt taagtgctct caggatgaat ttccagctga aggtaccttc agtgacttga     10320
     accagcctgc agagggagga gagaaagaac caaatgacag ctcctgctta tgcccttttt     10380
     cggagagtta ccccagaggt tctgagaccc tccagtgact tgcgccctgt gaagcgtgtg     10440
     catcctcaga catgcaacag ggaggcccat gcttacgggc accgtgagcc cttcagtgga     10500
     gatgcctctg atgggtttct gagcagggca gacatctggg tccatttcca tcttcttagc     10560
     tgtagagcat tgctaagtgc ttctgttctg tctccctcgg gcgactccag ccccatccct     10620
     atagtctgca ggcacagtgg agggaaacag ggatgaggga caggagactg tagcccctga     10680
     agtcagcaga aggtctcagc tgagctgtga ggccagcttg ctggcaggct ggatgctggg     10740
     tcagagagcg ctgccccagc cggcaagtct ctgtcctcca tggagtggtt tgggaatatt     10800
     agatttgctg ggtcagtaaa tttccgctag tgcatggcaa taaacctcgg gcttcatcac     10860
     gcttgcaagt gtcgggcagt gtgccttatc tcatccttct gaagccacct gccctcctcg     10920
     ataagtacga ataacaaatg cttgctttct ttttcctctg cttcctggga ctgaatggcc     10980
     cagcatggcc atgtgaggag ctgcaggtcc gtctgcctgt ccactacaat gcctctctag     11040
     agggtccaac ggagaggtga ttgattggtc tgaagatgaa agaagggcct gcccagggtc     11100
     tctcccggga aaatgtctta aggggctgag tgcctgtggg ggcagagagg atgcttgctc     11160
     tcagcaggtc acagtctgag aggggaaggg aaagccagga aactgagctt taactctgaa     11220
     gtctctctgg ggtctccaag acacatgacc gtggccctac tgttgctcat tggactgtgg     11280
     gcatgatcaa gtcagggtgc caagaaaatg aggttacagg taagggagca gccaggagga     11340
     gaggaagagg gtgatgggtt gggactgtag tccaggaaac gtgtgggtta gagatagtga     11400
     caggaggaga gggggtatgc aagttcttga cgccctcctg gcttcctggg ctccaatctc     11460
     aggtctattc ttactcattt tagtctcagc cagcacatgg cagccagcat gtgctgtgca     11520
     ccccacctct gttccacgga aacttggtcc agtgcttttc ctcccaggat gtccttctgc     11580
     ctgcctctcc cctacctcct tccacattgt aagctccata cagagtctgc caggccagcg     11640
     tatgtggttt gtagttgagg aactgacagt ggtggatgcg tgccctcctt tgcacttttg     11700
     tgcaatggct tcatcagtta attctaggct ggcctgtggg tcagccacag tcctgggggc     11760
     tgggcatgca tcagtgagaa agatcagtct gctgctctgg atgttacggt gtaatgtgag     11820
     agaaccagct ggaaatcgtc acttggagaa acacgtcctt tcaaactgtg atgagtacta     11880
     tggagaaaca ggcagattgt gctctgggga cctaatggtc aggggagctc ggcagcccca     11940
     ggtaggcaac ccagaaagcc agaagtaaga cctctgcgaa ggagtccagg gccttactga     12000
     ggagatgagt gcagtggatg gtgaagtggg ggggggggca agaagaagga acagcagggg     12060
     cagaggctca gagaagtaga cagagcttgg agtatttact ggagcctgag agcaggagag     12120
     ggtggctggg aatgtgccgg agaggcaggc agggtccatt gggctggacc tttaaggctt     12180
     tttacaaact ttgagacaag gtctcatgca gcccagactg cctcaaactc cctatgcagc     12240
     caaggctggc cttgaactcc tgatccttct gtctccatct cccgagtgct gggattacaa     12300
     gtatgtatca ccatgcctgg ctcttaaatg ttgttttaag actggattat cctagaatag     12360
     ctgacttgtt cacatgtgcg tcatccacac agatgagcac acgattagaa tgagacatca     12420
     ctgcaggggt taaagcttta gtaggatgat gtgcctggag ctaggccgtg gagggctctg     12480
     cgctgggggc tgtgcagggc cctggtgaac aatgaagttg catggactag gcagtgtctg     12540
     taacattata ggatgtggag agagacaccg aagtaggatt ggtagggaac agggtggagt     12600
     ctgggatgag gatgggggct ctggattaga cagtgtgcta aacatccagg ccattcatca     12660
     agaagggaag tgttgggtgg gtctctgtgg ggatgtgaac tctaagatgc ccatgacagc     12720
     catggagagg atgggcagga gggtgaactc taagatgccc atgacaacca tagagaggtt     12780
     gggcaggagg gtgaactcta agatgcccat gacagccaca tggaatggat gggcaagagg     12840
     gtgaactcta agatgcctgt gacagccatg gagaggatgg gcaggagtgt gaactccaag     12900
     atgcccatga cagccacata gagagggtgg gcaggagtat gaattctaag atgcccatga     12960
     cagccatgga gagggtgggc aggagggggt cttatatgta tgtttgagac tctgaacaca     13020
     ggcaagggcc aagtgagcat ccaggtgccc ccagctgtca ggggagaaag tcatgttctc     13080
     ggtcttagac acaaggtcac aagacattga tggtggcggg gtgtctggtt tctctctgtt     13140
     caagcccagc ctaatcagac agggatggag actctggtta ctataataac tactgttaat     13200
     caccatcatg gtgccccagt gcactgggca tttttctgta gcttcgactc tgtgctgtat     13260
     ggattacaat tatgctcatt acctcggatc tttgatttta cctgcagctt ggaaagcatg     13320
     cattgccatc ccatttccca gctggagacg ttgagacaca gggcagctga atgcccattt     13380
     cagcttaagg gccaaagccc aggtggctgc atgtggctcg ctcactagac tgttccctgt     13440
     atttgggatg gatgaggtag atggaaaaag ctatgccttc tcccttctta ttcacagatc     13500
     ctgtcctgga tgagtcagtc cctaaagatg tctggtgtga gctggttttc agggggtgag     13560
     gttggctttg tgaccctccc tgtaactttg aggtcataag ccatatctca gtgctcatgg     13620
     ctaggtcagg agtgaaccag ttcatagctg tggtcccatt tcttaggagc taaggtgcct     13680
     gagtcgccca gagggaccga ggttccctcg ggtacttatg tacattgaag ggtctctgaa     13740
     tcattacact tccccagcag caaggcttct ggcacatact aaccccagcc agaagtagct     13800
     ttgctcttga gttttgaagc ctggcatgta acactatgag ttgctgggac tgcattgcag     13860
     gcagaggtgt ccctgtctgc cttgccctta gagcccctct gccaggctcc atacacccag     13920
     cacagatagc aggctggggg cagtcttgtc ttgtcttgct cctgtctcat ttaattttcc     13980
     cacccttctg tctttggact catcttccaa aatgacctct gtggagccat aggtcaattt     14040
     atttacccat ccattcaagg acatgccatg tattggcgtg atggctatga gcacaccagt     14100
     tgacatcatg acatttacac catcgcttgc tgggtgtttc ctggactgcc tcatcagagc     14160
     ctgatgtcct caggtagcct cccttccagg aacaagtcca tagattttgg cgtgggtccc     14220
     atccttttgg tgaatgaact tgggagctca actgtgtagc ttgggcacgg tagcctttct     14280
     tttcttctaa tcagctaccg tgtggtagtc actatgacag gaactggggg cactctgtgt     14340
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     14400
     gagagagaga gagatgaaca ggtgaccact gttgtgattt agaagcctag ggcccagagc     14460
     ggaggcgagt gagtcatgag agtatgtaca gtatagggct gtgagggaga gagccgctct     14520
     ctagaagacg cagcctgccc tgatttgtaa tatgaactaa acaattaatt catcccttct     14580
     tagaactgtg agccctccca ctgagacaga ccttatttgt tttcttcatt agttttagga     14640
     aacacacaca cagagcagct ataacaaagt atgtttaaac tctattttct cctccctccc     14700
     tcccccctcc ctccctcctc ctgccccccc cccccacaca cactgtgtag cctagcatgg     14760
     cctagagctc acagtcctga cctagctccc caagagctgg gataactgga gtagtgtgtg     14820
     cccagcttca tttagctccc gactctctac ctcttcacag ccattgttag cctccattcc     14880
     aaatccagat tccagctgtt ttttgtttcc ttagcaaatg ggagagtggc cgctgctgtt     14940
     tcctgcctag tgagtctcca tgtagacttc tgggaggtgg gcctctggct agccaccact     15000
     cactctctcc taaggagttt gcttggccgt cactcctaca gccaaagatg ccaaatttgt     15060
     agtctagagc ctggggcgtg aacctgcctt ctacagggtc ctccagcctg cttatccctg     15120
     gtcgctgcaa gcagcacctt gggctcccct caagtctggt gtcgtggctc agcttagggc     15180
     tgtgagatgc tgccacacac cgtcacatac aggagtggcc agcttgagcc agaaggtata     15240
     cacctgatga ggaaatcgag ggagaatgag ccctgcccct cctggtgcct gggaagttct     15300
     gtagaggcac aaagcttggc atttcccggg aagttcttgt ctcctggctg ccagtcagat     15360
     ctggaatgtc tgcttctcgg tttctcacat ttacttttct tgctcttctt tgagagtttt     15420
     gcacttgtta tacccctctc ttttttcttt tcttttttcc ttaaaaaaaa aaaatcctgg     15480
     gggagaggga aagctggtct gcattgtctg catgcagaga gcccctcagc ccctcagcgg     15540
     cagccagtgc cttcaggctc ctctggacct gatagggagg attgagaggg actgggagag     15600
     tagcgtctgg aatcccagat ctaaggaact acagcagcca gtgctagcct ttcactgtct     15660
     ctctgtcccc ccacccccgt tgccagatgc aggcagcttc ctaggcccca cggtgaccac     15720
     aggcctggct ccccggacgt tgcagagtat agctccaact ttcacatgct acacagagta     15780
     gcttgcaaag tagctcctgt tctcacccag gcctgctccc tcaactgctt cctgagcggg     15840
     ccacagtcaa gtccttcttc ccttacccac ttcaaaaagc cctggtccaa ggcagggcca     15900
     cagggcagct ctccccactc agcctgctgt gtgggctctg catcactctg ttggacttcc     15960
     cagggtacaa gtggagccag gatagaaggg ctggtttcca gagctagcaa gttagctggt     16020
     gagctcctgg gacccctggg ttgtcccatt catcttgtta tggatgccca ggaacctgcc     16080
     catattgacc tgttactagt gaatggtttc cccaagggga ggggtgcgat ctgactccat     16140
     ctgtttttgt cctctcttcc tcctacattc tgctgtacct ccccctctcc actctttatt     16200
     acagccctca ggacctggct gattacctgt cctgtccaga gcatcgcccc agccatcttc     16260
     ctccctgttc ccctaattca gtatgctttt acctaataac cccacgcccc caaccccatg     16320
     ccatcccagg ctccctctcg tactttttct gttagactgg aagactgcca agggcatcaa     16380
     gtgtttaaga tccaagagag gagggcacat gggcttggaa agcacaccca aacctaccgt     16440
     ttccttttcc ctaaaacaga acggtcacca cacctatgtg gtagggtcag cctggtggat     16500
     gtaagggctg atgaactgca ttttctctta ttagtctgat tgtgactcag ccaggtgtcg     16560
     cagtgagact tcactgtagc tttgacaagg gtgactaggg gaagcagggc cgtgacactg     16620
     ggcagccttc ttctcttgcc tgcctgttac cgcctgactt tctggtccca agccctggag     16680
     gtacacattc atttctaatc agacacaatg atggggcaga ccagggacca ggggagactg     16740
     gtgtgaccga tgcaggtgtg agctagggag aagagatggg aaaagactaa tcaggcaggg     16800
     gctagcatgg ggacccttgg ggacacgtca ttccttccga gatataacgg taccatcttg     16860
     tgttcagagc ctgtttgctc tgactggtct cgcccctgtc ggttcactcc acatataaga     16920
     cacctgggta ttcctgaact ccacactgac aggaggaatg gtggccagcc aggggacagc     16980
     agctctcctg actctagtcc agctgggggg tgcccccacc ggaagtaacg ttctaagaca     17040
     gaagtggtaa ccttgtatcc tggagcaggc aggtgaggct gaagaggaca ggaggtgtta     17100
     gatgtcctgg tcaaagagct cagcactctc acgggagcca gctagacatt tgcttctttt     17160
     ttcttttgtc tttgtttttt tttttttttt cagacagtat ctcaggacca ttggtcccca     17220
     aaggagagac ccagtggtgg ttgttcacac agagctttgc ttctgagttc agaagggacc     17280
     cagaagagtc aaaacagatc tcagagttat cacctctagg gtggtggtgg ggcaaagtga     17340
     aggtgaattc cccctagttg gaatcactgc ccccaccccc cacccctcgg ggcatagcca     17400
     caaccatctg agtctatctg tgcctccagt aacttcctgt cctaactaga ttttgtgctg     17460
     cccaaagggc aggcagtagt actatggtgt ttcctcaagg gctccccctt ggggctcagg     17520
     atagagggtt gggggttgca gagtagactc catctagccg tccctatgga gtaccttcca     17580
     gaggctgagc tccttgttag ctgctgggag cctggtaaaa cttagctccc acactgactc     17640
     actgcacaaa ggagagactc agtgtctaac ccccgcaccc ccaccccact cagtcttcta     17700
     gtttttatca tttgcaaacc gtggtggccc caggtcagca atgcagactt ctgcatataa     17760
     gcccagagga ggctgtcttc attgcagcgc ttcacaagag gatgaagggc tgtttttgga     17820
     tgttcctctg gcaggcacat acctcctgtc ttttctctga cctcggctcc gagaggactc     17880
     gggtgtgacc aaaaaagcat tgctaccttg ctcttctgct ggcaaaaagc agtgccccac     17940
     ttgagccgcc tgccccttgc agcccgccgt cccactcggg aacgcggagg cgggggcttg     18000
     cgcagctgca ggagtctctc ggagccgcgc gtgcgtgtgc gcgtggaggg ggcagggagg     18060
     gcggcgcgcc ccgcggaggc ctgagggcgc tttcctacac cttgcgtctc tgctgcggcc     18120
     cctctaccag tgcgcagtag ccattctcac gtgtgcaaaa gcgtggtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     18180
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtaaaggta     18240
     ctgcttggga ccatgtgccc caggctagac aggcccgacg ttcctagggg gcggaggcca     18300
     gcctagtagt ggccaccgtt tctttccctt ccagcctttc cccccagacc tatcctctgg     18360
     cttcctaggg ttcttggtgt ctccagttct ccccctcctc tagtcgcggc ccttgctggg     18420
     gcaagaaacc agtgctttcc catggaggtg ttagttcatt cctagccact gagcgagccc     18480
     ttgacattta gaagggttct gggcacacta gtttaggcac acaagcagac cgctaatcct     18540
     attaaagata ttgtgtcatt ggggaggggg gtagctcccc taccggagcc aggcagacct     18600
     tgagcccatt ggtcggatgc aaagcagggg gcggggccca gagcccgggg aaggggctct     18660
     aggcgatttc agagtcgaga gtcagggctg gaatttcgca gggcaagccc agcggttgca     18720
     gctgcagcgg atccgaggct ctctgcccgc ggcgcacccg ggcagcccag ggccggcagc     18780
     ggctccgcaa agtcgcggag caagggaggc cgagcgcccg caaagtggtg gggctccggg     18840
     ttggaagagg cgtgcctgcg gagcttggat cccagcgccc tttcgcctcg agtgctgcgt     18900
     ccggtcggtg gtgcagccgc ccgggaaaga gcagtcaaat tgcagcctcc ctaaagaagc     18960
     ctagttacgc aggcgagccg gctccccaag cgtgcttata acagtgccgc agagccctcc     19020
     cgggccagcg ggctaaggct gggagcgggg cgccgtccca gaggcagtga acccccggca     19080
     gttggttgct ccgctattgc tcgcgggtgc agagaggggg cgtgcgaagc tccaacagcc     19140
     agcttgctca gaacccgtgc ccgaccgggg tgccccctcc gtcccactct gggagcaatg     19200
     ccccccgccc ctcgtgcccc ccgggaacga ggcgagcatg gagaagtcga gtagcgagga     19260
     ttcttcgatc caccggagtc catctttgga cagcaaggac tcggactttg ccaagccgtc     19320
     cacctctggc cgcccgttcg gccgcggctt cacggctggc gccttctacg gcaccgcggg     19380
     ttcgcggggt cagagccgca cggaggccgg cattaagact gacaagtaca atgcacccaa     19440
     aggcagcaag tacgtggtgt tttacctgga cctgtccttt gtgttcctcc tagaatttaa     19500
     gaagtgcaac atggccaggg gctgtctctg ctgcttgaag tacacgatgt tcctcttcaa     19560
     tttgatattc tgggtaagtc cttactgttg agtcttccgt tgctccttct ccttgctttc     19620
     caccctagga atatcttcta cttcctcctc gctctacctt atctgcccaa aggtaagtgc     19680
     ttttaaaaat tgaaggcacc ctcccactcc ctgcatcttt ctgttccctt ttccctcttc     19740
     tccatggctg aatggaggct tcaacttgtc agtcttccag gagagacacg ttctgctccc     19800
     aggaagctgg aaagtttgcc actgcttcct tctcccaaaa aaaaggcaca ctgaagtacc     19860
     tgcaccaggg aacctgcatc atgggtgtgg gtcagacggc acagctgtgc ccctgggttg     19920
     gtggggggcc gtgaggatgg tttctgagtt tcttctattg ctcctggagg caggaggcca     19980
     gtctgtagca ttgtgggggt ggggtggggg tgtggaggtc acagtcccct gctcatttac     20040
     atggttccca ggaagaggag gaagcagcca tacacgatga gggacaggct gctgcttttg     20100
     agggattgct gtgggctggg cagccagcac ttggccaggc cactctttcc caggctccag     20160
     gagcctccag gatgagcaaa aaggacaaag ggagatgatt tttctagaga aagtgtcaat     20220
     ggatgggctg gcttgggaat atcgtctgtc tcatgtgtga cgctggtgac tgtgtgcaca     20280
     agtacttacg agttacacaa actggatgaa aacttaattc atctctgctt ctttcgtcct     20340
     cactactgcc tgcctccgtc tttcttcacc agagctcaga ctactcagca cagatgtttg     20400
     gctcatcccc aggctccgtc ctgccactgg ctggaggccg tcagctgcca agcatggtcc     20460
     aggaggagcc tgggggcagg agaaagacat ctcagcgagg ctgcatggca gtagtgtgca     20520
     tctcctgtgg agtgatccac ttttaagaaa aactttgggg gggtgtatgt ggagggggcc     20580
     acttttctgg agaaggggaa ggaagctcta ggcttcgaag gaagaagtgt gagtctcctc     20640
     tgccttctgt tctttgttag agttttgtgt gaccttgagt gactcatgcg ccccttaaga     20700
     ttggggcttc ttctccatcc aggctgttag gatggatggt cttcacggcc cttactgcct     20760
     tagctctgtg atagcctggg ggtcaaggag gcacctgagt gcatggtttc ttcccctatg     20820
     agacgggtct gagatgaagt gggtgtttcc atactcccgg atgggatagt gggggtgggg     20880
     agggggaggg gcactgtgat gattagggtt acctgtcacg tggttggagt tgtaggaaag     20940
     ctgggtcaga gactctgatt ctctggtgac gagaaccatt ggaatgttaa gaattactct     21000
     gtcaccgtct tgtagccagt gccttatgct ctctccattc ctttgccagg atctgtatct     21060
     gccaagtact tgtgtgcgtt tccctggtgt ctcggtcgac accagtgctg tcatgtttgc     21120
     tgtctgctcc aaccttctct ttcctctttc atagtttcat tctacctttt tggtttgccc     21180
     cactgcacat atattaatta tatgaagact ctgtgggcgt agatatttag agccttttga     21240
     ccagtgactc gcccagcagc ctgggctcct ggccattctc atctcgccgc ctgctggctg     21300
     aagttggtat aactgcttgt ggtgccttct gaatgattct agcttggttt ggggcagggg     21360
     acctgtaata tgtttataat caaccaaatg gagtgaatca cagtgtggtg ttacttggtc     21420
     aggatcccca ggtcccacgt aatggggaag agaagttaga tagcaaagct gctgataata     21480
     agggccttct agcacctcaa gccctggtgt gaggagtgat tttatctttt ctacaaacat     21540
     ggcagcactt tgttgacaca catgcccttt ccagtgtgag gttagaagtt aaagatctta     21600
     ctacctgctc ctaattagaa ctcccctgga agagaagaga gatgcactat cccactcccc     21660
     gacaccctaa ttaatatttt cagaattctg atgacaaatc acaaactagg gcaagttgag     21720
     tttcaaagac acatttctta aatgccacta ccacatgaga tgcagaagtg aggtgcggat     21780
     cttaggaagg atggggaatc tagcagaaga ggaatggttc cccatgtact tgccagtgct     21840
     ttctgggaat tggagggatg tggggatggt gagtcctcat gctggactca ggtgaggacc     21900
     ttctccaggc aggtgcttct cagcttgatg tagggtggag caggtgaaaa tgctgaagga     21960
     gaggagacag tgtggtaggg aggatgtgca aggttcctag gaggacttcc tgggaggact     22020
     ctgatgctct gttgcacagt gagtggggag cacaggagga aatgaagaca gtggagggag     22080
     ggaggggtca aactcagcct actgagatca ggagttaggg catgtagcca tcacatttta     22140
     ctgtcgtggt ccagagaggc tttttctgag tcctggagtt gaacttgact ctagtcagga     22200
     tccagagcct gctggtcatc tcccagacac agtaccacac ctcctatatg atggagcctc     22260
     tgggggagtc ctggttcagt gtggttctgg tgggctcacg ctgcagcccc cttggctgcc     22320
     tgcttcacca ctgggtggaa ctttgagtgc agtggcattg gtgagggtct ggtgacatca     22380
     ctctgggcag gactgagtgg agctgggctg ttcttgctcc tccctcttac gaagaaaggg     22440
     gcaggtgcct ctcgggctgc tgggtgcctg cctgctggtg ggggtccagg tctgttcctg     22500
     gcatgctggc ttcagtcaga cagttctagc ctggtaggca gcccagtgca ccagaggagc     22560
     tgggggcacc caggagggca gcttttcttg gggcctgaca tagatggaga gaatgaagcg     22620
     ggatctgtgg ccatccttgt ttcacggtcc cttccacccc accccatccc caccctgatt     22680
     ctcagggcca cagagaattt tggcttctta atggtcagga ataggaggct gtagtctaca     22740
     caattttcag cccatgtacc tctggatcct atcaggagtg cctggaagaa tattccaagc     22800
     agagattaag tgaatatcct ggagtgcttt tgctaagggg aaggggatgg tggtggtggg     22860
     ggtgcgggtg ggggtaggga tacaagatgc atctctttgt gccggagcca catgactttt     22920
     tctctggcca gcaaatcctg atctcagccc agttcctccc aatgtgaatc cagttgaatc     22980
     cagttctgtc tgagatggag ggggctgggg cagacgggta ccctaactgc cactctggat     23040
     acgtcgtttc tcttgcttgc cagcagagct gtcctatcac tttaagtcat ggctggcaga     23100
     gcagggatac cctggctccc ttggaagcct attccttgtg gattgctcct ttttaaaaag     23160
     gccaattagt agcagaggag acagtgttga gtgtgtctgc tagagcaagg gaaaggaaga     23220
     catagagcta ccacaggttg agtgccaggg ggcgtttcct ggtgaatctt cctgaatgtc     23280
     aggctcctct tgttttctgt ctttgggcgt aggtggccag ggcaggcctc tccactacct     23340
     tagccacaca tggtccatat cagcatggcc acaccataag tgcctttgtg ggctctagac     23400
     taagatctgt gtacggtgaa ttaaggaaac ctatagtgct atagcgaatc tgtggggtac     23460
     cttttggctt gagggattct agaaggcagt caggttgggc cttggcctca gctcatctct     23520
     ccatgcagga gatgcaggcg aagcaggcag cacggggtgg gggacacggt tagggatttc     23580
     ccatagtgct ggaagtgagg gatggttccc caggaggctg cttacaagca gatctttgga     23640
     tatggggtgg ggtcaggtct ggctgctgag gtcatcttgc tgatgaagca cctggcagat     23700
     acgctgagag acccttggaa cctggctgtg aaggaatgcc agccctgtgt tcatttccaa     23760
     agcattaaaa attaaacttc ctggtcttaa tatctatttt taaatcatgt cagagccagc     23820
     aattgctgtc aatcaggaag gcccaaggag gaggaggagg aggaggaggg gagagttaga     23880
     aaaatcccca gttgaaatag taagagctct ggaagcccca gtcctaccca gcccagccag     23940
     gcctggcccc agcaaaccta gcaaacacca gccggcctct acctccgagt aacactctgg     24000
     ctgctcttac ctcctgggct tggctgccct tggctgaact tggcagcagg ctttctatgg     24060
     cttagtaggg tattgggtcc cagttgggtc cattcactca ctccacaact atttgctgaa     24120
     tgcccgatcc atgcacagga gcctccagtt ggtaaggcta aggcagatca gttttcttag     24180
     gccaggaagt catggaatca agaggtcatc tgtcctgtcc tgtgtgcagc acttgaaccc     24240
     agggctgcca agggtgggaa ctgtgtaggt ggggtctgcc tgcctcccca gcacattagg     24300
     gtgggcagct acaggtctgg acccagcatc ctggcttgcc ttggcctttc ctctccctgc     24360
     ccccctcacg gctatactct taattcccat tctctgaaac gttcctccta tcagaaagaa     24420
     aaagaattta caaagagctc caggcttccc tcctttctcc ttagtttgta aaatacaatc     24480
     agcaaaacat gtggattccc tgttttcttc tattgaaagg acaaacagat gccctgtggc     24540
     ctgggagcat gcattcattg agtacttgcc gtaaaccacc ctgttgagct gctcagagtt     24600
     ccatggagtc agacacacat aggaagatag caggcactca acggagagac ttaactccac     24660
     caagtactgc ttagtagaga ccagctacac agataacaaa gcaagttgcc ctgagatttt     24720
     gagggagcta ggtgaccagg tgagactggg atccaggcaa gggagaagac ggtgatagac     24780
     tcttcactga gtttcttctt tttttttttt tttttttttt ctgatggtgg ccaccatgac     24840
     aggtcttgct gtgtcacttg gctgcaagct gtcgtggtgg tggtgagtaa tctggctttg     24900
     gagccatgct cctttttttc cctccctgag ctggtcctcc cctctcccag ctggtccccc     24960
     ctcccccact gagatgtgcc tgctcctttg gttccaatga ggaagctttg aagctaggct     25020
     aaacccatcg ggcagagtta agtcttctga gccagctttg tccctgctca catttgaaag     25080
     ctaatctgcc tgcagaagtg gtgggggctc ggtggggggc actcttggca ggaacattaa     25140
     aaatggcgtg ccgactcgac tcagactcgt gggtgagctc tgcagctggg gaaggatacc     25200
     aggttgagat ctgccttcta ggccctgctc tttgtctgga gagctctaga cttcagagga     25260
     gacccagaat cctgcttctg ggggtctgct ttcccttcag ctggctttga aggctgtcag     25320
     gagagctgga gtggccctga gtacacaatg tgcagtgttt ctgcttcaag ctcgtgctct     25380
     accactggga attttctgca tcagggccct gcagggggcg ctgttttggt ggcttgaggg     25440
     aatggatgtc tgtcccagga gaaggcaggc agggtttcag ttttcaggga ctttgcatct     25500
     gctataggga atccttgcaa gaatgtattc aggttgacta ggcagctgcc catacagaca     25560
     ggttctagct gtgcttccat tacctacgga gatagtaatg tagttctcta ttttgaaaga     25620
     gagagagaga cagacagaca gacactgact tattcttgag tgtggaggcc agagatggcg     25680
     ttcaaatgcc ttcctctttt acaccaattt atttttgaga cagggtctta ccactcaacc     25740
     tgaagtatac tgttccggtc ggacaggtgg tacagggagc ccctgggatc cgtctgtctc     25800
     tgcaacccta tctctgcagt catgggggtg agccagaaca tctggctttt tacacgggct     25860
     ttctgcctct gaacttagga cctcgtgagt ctgcagcaag cgttttctgc acggagccat     25920
     cccctattcc tttaaacttt caatggagta gagagaattg ttcagactca gggttttcaa     25980
     cagttcccca tcagtgatag agtatttgtt tagcatgcag aagaccttgg gtttaatctt     26040
     tagcaccaca aaaataaata aataaataaa taaataaata aataaataaa taaataaata     26100
     aaatccagcg tgtgtttgat ccatctgtgt ctgtgagtgt tgcctcttac ctttttgctc     26160
     agtccctagc atggatactt cagtgtggtc tctcctcttt tgtgaacagt cctgcatacg     26220
     tctcctgtag gagtttctct ggagtggcca ccacagacca ctgtgaaggc gattcagcgt     26280
     taggcatttc catacacttc tcttggagaa gtacccttgc agatagatac ctggcctttc     26340
     tgccttgctg gctggagtgt ccttgtggca ctgcaggagg agagctgttt ccagggcagg     26400
     tgcatccgtt gacattccca gtggctctca aatggtaagg ggcaggcgtg agatgctgtg     26460
     ctgcagtggc cttacctagc atctcaggta ccaatacaca aacatctttt ttacgtgtta     26520
     attagccatt cttccgtgtc aggtctactt ttctattgat ttgggtttgt ttggtttttt     26580
     tttttttctt ttttttggtt gttgttattt tttagtttct ggttttgtgt cctagtttgt     26640
     ggcagttgaa tgcatcacca acattgttta tagcttccag tttcaagttt tgtttgtttt     26700
     tcttttcttt gcagattcta aaccaaaaca caactttgct ggtttcttct ttttggactt     26760
     tttctgttat ttcatggtgc ccttacatcg taataattgt tccatgcctg ctctaacatg     26820
     ggttctcagg agctgttgac ataagtgagg aggggctttt atattcctca aagtttttat     26880
     tcatgtgttt gagttctgaa cacatctgga attactattc atgtttgaca caggacagaa     26940
     ctctgatctt tttcctcctg tgtattctag cttcattgat taggtatctt ccctccatag     27000
     atacaggata ctacctaggc tttcatatgt gacagggtac cgcaactctg taagtctcca     27060
     tggcaaggca cacttcttgt ttttcaagag agtttggctc ttttttggct ccttgttctt     27120
     ctgcatagat gctggaatca gtttaagtgg tttttaacct gaaatcagtc agtacccttt     27180
     cccacactat tggcatttta attagctggt ctttaattga gtgtgtttat caactcagga     27240
     ggatttcatc tctgtgttta tttgtgaatg taaattatgt aaattgtatc caagtctttc     27300
     aatccatgaa tagttcatct ccctttaccc gctaaatcat ctttaatgtc aggggttgtt     27360
     ttgtgatatt tgaaggtctt acccaccatt tgttaagcaa agacttctga acttttctcc     27420
     actctgcctc cacctccggg tttgtctact ctacctgtgc ggagtacatt tggaagtcag     27480
     gacccacagc taccccctgg cacggtgtgg tgatggggag cggtgatacc agtccctgat     27540
     tgggtatcag gtggggcatc cctggccgcc tcatctgctc cagcactgat gggaataccc     27600
     agggatgtct cattttgcct ctgcggcgat ggaggtgtga ggagggagga ttttgcctgg     27660
     gccactaggt taagtagtgg tagagatggg ctatgaactc agtcagtaaa accttaaagc     27720
     ccacgtcctt tctttgccct tgtctgggaa ctcatcctga tgcagttccc tccccagtca     27780
     gcttccagtt gtgcttttct tgggtctgtg ctgcactggg tagtcctgta gtgacgggca     27840
     gtttgcacac atggtatggt tcagtcgaca gtttgctctc gcctcctccc agccgcagct     27900
     ccaggaagtg ggacagaaaa tactcacatg tggtctttgg gggctttttt ggtggtccgt     27960
     tgtatgcggt gtaagcttca cgagacactt tgtgcttctt catgagaaca gtcaagacaa     28020
     aaaagtaccg ttttcctgtc tccccacagc acgacgactg cacgtcacta caggtacctc     28080
     actgcagcag gatttactat cagagccgtt cagtttttgc ttttgtattt ttgcctctta     28140
     cccccgcccc tctgctaaca tctacctact tgccttttca agagcttagg tttgtcttac     28200
     agctttgtct tgctcactca tagcatgtgt ccagtgcatg catgttggtt catagctgga     28260
     cagtgggctt ttgtgtagtg ttaggcaagc aagggacatg gtctgctacg ggtcacacct     28320
     ttaagtagct attcagactc atcagaggag agattcctcc tgggggtagg acacctctgg     28380
     cctcaaactg aaataaccct ttagataaca ggatccccac agatacccct tttgggtttc     28440
     atcctctaga gatatgccta catattctat ccagccatat ccagcattcc ctttggcttc     28500
     tagaaagtac taccacctcc actactttat ttccagagca atggactctg ctgggcaggc     28560
     tgctggactg actctcttgc cttgaagtct ggctttgggg cctttggtga aggccctgaa     28620
     cctctcactg ctggcgattg ctgaggacat ggagagcctg cttgctgtcc tctgccccag     28680
     tgtctgtctg tggagaatca gagttagcta cagtggccag gtccatacct ctggtcgggt     28740
     taggagttaa gagctggttg tgagaaactt tcaaaagggg aggtaagatt agacttgcct     28800
     ttacacagac aggaggccag gctgaaggct gaattctgta tctctctggg tcagactttc     28860
     agactgtatg tgaagggtaa caaagacacc tctccccgag gtctgcttga tcgtatgcta     28920
     gcttggctcc ttgtactcac ccagtctcca tgtggcctgt acttaagtga ccctggctgg     28980
     gtggtatgct ctctggccta ccgctcatct tccttgagct ctgtatcgtc acagtagatt     29040
     atatatttgc aggcaaagcc acaaacagtc taaaggcagg agccagcata gtagggttct     29100
     gagagctcat acccagattt caggctgctg ttttttttta tcctagtctc tgtggtgatg     29160
     ggagcttttt aaaataaggt cagttaatcc cattcctgaa ggctccacct tcacgggctt     29220
     gtcaccctcc cttcttacac agtcacattg gggttaagat ttcaatccat gaattttgag     29280
     agggaaacaa attcagctgg aagcctggtc tatgtatgtg agcccatgca tgtgtgttat     29340
     atatttgctt gggtataaaa cagttgacac tgtcacaatc tatgcatcta cgtgtaaatg     29400
     taaatctctc taagttacat gcttcttgca gtttactctc tgagtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     29460
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtggc ataaactgcc attttccaag catctgcttc tatcggtgga     29520
     tctagatgag caaaagctct cagactgaag cagcatgccc cctcctcagg aaaacacccc     29580
     tgtattgaac ccgctaagaa caaatctcgg cggtgctgtt ccgcacccag ggtgcagtgc     29640
     agggcatttg gtttttctgg cccagcaact tcagttttgg ggatcagcac ctcattctcc     29700
     tctctaggca ccttcctcag cgtgtgaaag ggtgcagcag ttcacaggcc cggaaggaga     29760
     gctgagccat aggccatggt gggctggacc acggcggcct tggatacctg agtatcaggt     29820
     actgatgggc cgacccctgg cactggatag gtgtgttctt attgtgtttc cttgtcagga     29880
     gtcagcctcc caggagaggg tctggtacgg ccgtgtgctc agccctggca ctcgagcaga     29940
     gtgccttggt tggacgagac cttccacgat gggatgatgc tgagttctcc aatggagatt     30000
     gatggtatgg acaccaagaa acgggtgagg gcagctggcc agccaagcaa cagatgccag     30060
     ctgcagccat ttacctctga gtgcacgtgg cactgggctg acaggccctg ttcatcccag     30120
     agatctgctc tcttacagtc ctgccctggg gcccttcaac atgcctcaca gttgaccctc     30180
     tgcagtccta gtgtgtgctc agtgatggga cagtgagtcc tgatgggtgc tgtagcacag     30240
     caaagcctgg ggacgagagg ggacatgagg cttcagtttg ctgccctgat ctcccagagc     30300
     ttatacttca gttgggagga ccccatccat ctttaactaa ttagtctgga aggtggtgtg     30360
     gcccatctga aaaagctggt gcctataagt ctgctaggta aagctgcccc tcctccacag     30420
     atctccagag tcagaacctc tgttcccttc cttctttgtg aggcagcagg gtgtggctgg     30480
     cctgagtctt gtctaagttc ccacatgctg ccccgcacac atagggggtc ctcatcactg     30540
     catgtattac tgcacaaccc atgtgactcc ttgcttgctc cagcttccag gaggctcggt     30600
     agtttctgtg tttttagtca ggatcatctt gctcattttc acatcttgat ggccctttgt     30660
     atctggatct ctagaaatca tttttggaag tgagagcaaa gctaccagag ctgcagttcg     30720
     tgaccagtgt ccatgagttg agatcctttg gggggtcgaa tgacactttc acaggggaca     30780
     catatcaaat atcctgcata tcaaatattt atattacaat tcatagcagt agcaaaatat     30840
     agttatgaag tagcaacaaa ctaatcttat ggttggggct caccacaaca tgaggagggg     30900
     tgttaatggg ctcagcgtta gcaaagttga gaactgctgt accaaaggct ggtggtagga     30960
     cagccgggaa gcctgaagtg tgagtaaagc cactggggaa caggggtggc ttggggtggg     31020
     gacatatggt ccgagcctgg cagacttgtg gggttcagcc ctgtggaggc aaggggaggc     31080
     agccttccgg gctcagtggg aagggaagtc tgaagtcagc agggtgagac cagatgccct     31140
     gagtgtcact tctgtcttgc tgctgtcaca gatacatgaa taaggggcca ctcagaggtg     31200
     aaagcaggag agaagggcat gtggcctgca cagtcgctgc actcttgctt gtcgtggagg     31260
     tcagaggtca tgtctgagta ccagctgctg cccctgccct ctgacaagca caggctttgt     31320
     gtaggaggtc tgctcagcag atgctaaagg gcagggaggg aaggcctcca gggtctggag     31380
     gaccaatcag tggaaaatag gaggaggcac tcgggtgagg ggactgtggg tgggcaggaa     31440
     cagtgggatt tgtggcacca tgggataggt agaaaaatca ggccagtgag gaagccagag     31500
     gagggtgaaa gcggaggtcg ggacgttctg tgtgtacaag gatgctcaga gtcaggggtt     31560
     ggctggttgg agaagaccct ttcagataaa gatgacactt ggggttggct ctgttgctgg     31620
     ggtgtgaagg ggacaggaca gcatggtgac tgtctgggtg ctggacaggc aggcctgttg     31680
     tcagagggct tctcgggggg tgcgcagtgg tgggcctcga ggctctagtg cctttggctt     31740
     gccataggag gccaggtgca tcccggagcc cagctctgcc cactttttct ccagggaagc     31800
     agttcgtgct tgtggcagaa gcccatcgga cccaaatcag agtgacagct tgtcaagctg     31860
     atgagcccga gctccacagc agctctgtga tgtccaagcc atttaggaca ccctgcctga     31920
     ctggtccctg ctgcctggag ggaggcctgt gtatagctag gagggtgggg gaggaaggta     31980
     gatagatgcc ttaggagagg agcatagcac acaaggtgtt ccgtttgtta ccatttatgg     32040
     caggcatgag agacactcac cctcctctcc cctcccttct cctctccctc cctccctttc     32100
     ctcctcagcc taccccctcc ggccccctga gccccccttc ctctcccggt ctcagcctcc     32160
     tgccgagagg aggggggggg gtctatgtga aaagtgcatg tttcccagaa ggttgtggag     32220
     ggtctgaatc agagctgtgg gaggaatatt gacaagattc tcagccttgc tgattccttt     32280
     tctcctctcc taaatggcaa cagcgctcaa cctgttgggg tgggtggggc agggtgggac     32340
     tgggcacccg gccagcagcc tgggaggttt tggtccccag ccactaacca gttgttccct     32400
     cccctctgct agaagagaag ggactgtcta caacatgcag ccaggtaact tgtggggagg     32460
     agccagggat tgagccagac acctgttttc ttgtcctcag tatgttgcca gctagcggtc     32520
     tgacccaagg tgagccgcta tctgggcctc agtttcctgg agtggaaagg actagatttg     32580
     gccactcaag ggtagggtcc ttgcctcagg ctctcatgtt ctggactttt tatgcccttg     32640
     gttcttattt cacagcagcc tcagctgggt catggaccgg ggtagtagta ggtccttcat     32700
     ccctcacatg tggtagagct ggagcccagg gcaaggggac aggctgctag gcaggtccgt     32760
     gacatgacgt gtgcacagga taacccactg cctgagtgct gagaagctga cccagattct     32820
     tgctatgcca ggagctcaca gtgcaggaga acagctgctc tggtgctggc ctgggtcaga     32880
     gacaggagct cctaggctcc agctagacgc atcccccagg gcttagcaga gaaagagaga     32940
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagtccct ctaccccagt     33000
     ttcccacacc agagtgggaa ggaaaggaaa tttgtctgta agaaatgggg actccacctc     33060
     accaccgtga gtgggttttg ccctgccccc atgcctggga gggctgtcac accaatggag     33120
     cagctaatga gggggcgggc tgctttatta agcaccctta ctaggagagc cgctcttgtt     33180
     tgacacggga actgtggcgg ctcccttcct attgttagaa gccgtaattg caattgttct     33240
     aattcctccc tctagccgtc atcattagga agggttttct cttccttccc acttttctca     33300
     aatccctaaa ttataagtgt ctgcttttcg tcccttgcac tgcctggcct tcaccggccc     33360
     tgcctgccca atggcttcct agcctagcct tctcttccct cctcttctat aatgaaaggg     33420
     cttgtgctct ctctctcagc tgctactcag tttccccaac aaacaaaacc cccagcaaac     33480
     acatggctca aagccaggcc tgttccatat gtgtgtggca cagcatgcag atggaggtca     33540
     gaagacagct tgcaagagtt tcccctcccc gcctccccag tgtggattct agggattgga     33600
     ctcaggtcat cagccttggt agcaagtgac ttcacccgct gacccttctt gcaggtttgc     33660
     aaaggttgct tcttgtctgt cttaatctct cggtggaagg agagatcccg tcacaacagc     33720
     tcatcaccat tccggcctct cttgactttt tcataaggaa catggcgtgt gccttaagca     33780
     gaggtgggat cacagggttc ccctccatct tcgcctttgc ttcccaggga ggatctgtga     33840
     cttcagtctc ttgtgtgtaa gatgaaaccc aaaccttagt ccttgcctgc ccaacctggg     33900
     agaactgtgg gaagttatat tggagtgatg ttcctgaagg ttctttgaac tccacaaagg     33960
     actttgctaa ttaactaagg attgtgattt tgtggtctgg cctcccatgt catgtctggc     34020
     ctcacttctg aggtgggcac agagctgaca gagtttgttc catggggcat ttctctacac     34080
     agctatcagt gaaagcctgt gatcggccga gttatgagtg tgacccctgt tgttactgtg     34140
     ttcagagctt ggctgcttgt cactcaaagg ccggcctttg aggctgattg ataaggaggc     34200
     cttccagttt gtttcaggtg ctgtgataag agtctgacca gaatcatctt gggaatttat     34260
     ttggcttacg gttccaggtc tctgtccatt gtcgagggaa gtcaggtcag gaatgaaaca     34320
     gagaccgtgt tacttactgg cttatgatcg gccagctttc ttacacagcc ccgcccacct     34380
     ctctagggat ggcgccgccc acagtgggct ggacccttcc acatcaatca tcaattaaga     34440
     caacctctca cagacatggt caaaggccag tctgttctgg gcaatccctc ccttgaggct     34500
     cccttttccc aggtgactct agattgtgtc aggctggcaa taaaaaaaac aatcagcata     34560
     aaaggaatct ggtttattta aggactgaca tcttgggaga tggtggggct atgacctcat     34620
     tggtccatct ctgaggtctc agggtaccga gcaccaagat aaaccagctg cattcagagc     34680
     aaggtatcaa ccatataggg tgtgtgttcc tttattttta ttttgttgga acatcataat     34740
     ttaccttgac ctcctacagc aggtctcata ttttctgaaa acagatatat tacttttctg     34800
     caaattcgag cctcgcggcc gtttgcatgt tttgtgttgg ttgataaaca gaactgcaga     34860
     ctaagggaaa gcattacaaa ggccaccaga tgttccaggt tccgtaaatc taaagagaga     34920
     ttgtgtagca gttagcaact taatcaggtg agaattcact ttagaatttc agaagcaaag     34980
     caaaagggag ccaagtgaaa agggagtttg tcctcctggt cacgcccgtc aaagggtcag     35040
     ccaccattaa agtgtgtttg tgggagccat agtgtttgat acctctggga gtctcttcct     35100
     tgcccatcac ttccagcttc cctaagtacc gtcttctctc tgaggggaga gtgtgagcca     35160
     cagaggtgca gagcctcctt gcctggttga tgtacacagg catgttcctc ctggctgagg     35220
     ctttactaga cagccatggg ggaagccctg tgtgtttcca gggcctggtc tccattcctt     35280
     cctagacagg gaagtgactt cagtcagtgg ccagggcctt tctgccccaa ctgcagccct     35340
     agggctgatc atccaaccct gatgtctggt gctttgattg acaggcgctg gagcaaattt     35400
     gctagcttag gtttatctgc cctgaggggg atactggagc caggcacgtt tctgctttaa     35460
     ccatgtgatg tggcagtagg ttctgtaagc tgaattcgtt gggattctca cttgcccctg     35520
     tcactgtgaa tcccttttct gtccctcaga gaccatccac cctgggtgct catcagtcca     35580
     ttgatattaa gagatattaa gtaaaagtaa ttgttgcttc cttttatttt tgttgttaga     35640
     gttggcattc tgttcttgtg gctgtcttct ttttggtttg ttgaatgatt actttcttgg     35700
     ttgttctagg gcgtgatttc cgtccttgta ttgcttcttt tctgttatta tcctttgaag     35760
     ggctggattc gtggaaagat attgtgtgaa tttgtttttg tcgtggaata ctttggtttc     35820
     tccatctatg gtaattgaga gtttggccgg gtatagtagc ctgggctggc atttgtgttc     35880
     tcttagtgtc tgtataacat ctgtccaggc tcttctggct ttcatagtct ctggtgaaaa     35940
     gtctggtgta attctgatag gccttccttt atatgttact tgacctttct cccttactgc     36000
     ttttaatatt ctatctttat ttagtgcatt tgttgttctg attattatgt gtagggagtc     36060
     tttatggaac catcgttgtc tcaaagggtg ggagagcctt ttttgcttca gtcctccccc     36120
     agttatgggt ttcagggctg ccagttctcc ttacggaatc tccttaggat aaacaacttt     36180
     atttggcttt tgggaaactg aattacattt ccattttcca ggtcacaaca caacagcatc     36240
     tgcttgtcta ggtggatgct gcagggccca gcatcactgt ggtactcaca gaagctcact     36300
     aaggtagtaa tgacaggctt caggcttcta gaaccagcca tgaaggttcc taagggttta     36360
     gctgccaccc ctcccttctt tccaagaaag gtctcgaggt tggtgagtgt tgtcaaagag     36420
     tcccacagat gggaatctgt ccccagacct tggccttagt tagtcatagg ttccctttgt     36480
     ggagggcctc ggaagctgca ctctctgaat ggcctctgcc ttgtgcgggg aagggctggc     36540
     aagaaagggg cctggcgtgc tgggtggaga ccctctcaga gtagccttac tggtttgtta     36600
     tttgctgtgt atccttatct ctttttacca ttccttaaat gttagcatta ctgtgtggat     36660
     tagttatttt ctactgctcc caaacctcag tggcattctc cctccagcaa ggccacacct     36720
     cctaagccta cccaaacctg ttttcttcat aaagtcagcc tacttgaggt attgtgttac     36780
     agtaatggaa aaagggactt atggggttct taatcctttt aaacatatat ttttaattat     36840
     gagtgtgcgt ctgcatgtgg atttgggtac acgagtgcca tggaaaccac aggcatcagg     36900
     tccccttgga gctggagtta cagagttgtg agctgcccag ggtgggtacc gagaactcaa     36960
     ctcgggtcct ttgtaagagc aggccctctt tgaccactga cacatttctc aggccctgtt     37020
     tgtttaactc ttacgagcct tgactttctc atctgaaaaa ttggatgatg cagattggta     37080
     ctctctagga tctctgagga gtacctgaag tgctgagtga agaggcctga ctcagtggca     37140
     cctggcggat gtgttgggtc ctgggctttt cagatgatag gtggcatggc caggctccct     37200
     ggcaggacag catggggaac atacattcag actttgtgtg ggtacctgct ttctgctttt     37260
     agcctccact tcctcagttg gcctttccca tgggtttact cttgggcagg aaagacttgg     37320
     atgagggatg gtctgggaga tcatggcctg tgacaaagac accatgatga gtggaaaaga     37380
     aaggtcaaat gtggggtgtt gtgtgctttt ttctgtgggc ctgtgtgttt acgagagatt     37440
     gggcctttct tgttgcgatc tctcaaggag acccacggtg atccacactt ctggggctct     37500
     gggcagggtg agtgagactg tgaagggccc cagcctctct acctggcctt ctagggtcat     37560
     cctgtggaat gcttggctcc cgctctggcc ttgtcagaga tggagtagaa ggcaaagcaa     37620
     gacttgggga cagaaaggag ggaggggaaa gtcaggagtg caagggacaa ggccacaggc     37680
     tgagctcatg gggtgggcac tgtggctgcc tcaggtagct ggcagtggtg cccgagcctg     37740
     ccaggttggt gcctcgggcc ccttgccttc ccgcctgtgg tgattaagac atcaccagct     37800
     gctgtgttca cagctctgtt gccaataaca gatgcatctg gctggaatct gggtcattaa     37860
     aaaaataccc tgatatttct cttcctcctt caccctcccc cgtcgtaagt ccagaccatg     37920
     gcctggagct ggagccccca gaagagggag gtcaggaggt ggagggagcc tggtgggcct     37980
     gttggctgtc agggccactc agtcaatcag atagctattc ttgctggatg cctggtcgtt     38040
     gctgtgtctg tggcattgtg cagtgaaggc cttaatgaat tggggtgtgc caggctcttc     38100
     cctcctgaca tggcttaggg aggctggaca ctgtggtatc tgagacggca tccatgggga     38160
     tgggcaggtg tgtagcacat ttggctccca ccaccaatgg ctgtggtaga gcgagggcac     38220
     agagcctcct gagattccgt ttcctcctgt gagcagtgac gatggtgtgc agctttcctg     38280
     tgggctgtga gcggccatgc gggaaatgtt ccagcctggc actttacaat gggtagctgt     38340
     tgcatttgtc attgtgatga gtttgtccct gttgaatgta ccttgtaagg gagctgtttg     38400
     caattggcca ctgtgccatc tccactcagc caccatattc attgtattgt gctgtaggta     38460
     tatgtgttgg ttgcttatct gagaccagac atgtggagag gatgccactt agggaaactg     38520
     aatcaatctg agctggcact ttctaatgtc gtggtccttt gaagactcca gagatctgct     38580
     tgtacttttt tctcggggcc ttggggataa gcagggagga gtggaaggac gatggatggg     38640
     ctgataatga agggagtggg taagtatgaa cactgaaagg gactcagcag ccaccacccg     38700
     agacacttgt cttcatggac cctgctctaa gtgggttagc catgctgtca gccttccata     38760
     cccctcatga ccttatttcc cattttgcac cagcctgaga acagattcat ctatccatcc     38820
     atcactcacc cactcacaca cagccacaca cactggtcca tccacccacc cacccaccca     38880
     tgcatctacc tatctgccca tccatccatc tatccatcca tccatctatc tatctatcta     38940
     cccattcacc cacccataca accatctgcc catccatccc ccatccatcc atccatccat     39000
     tcacccaccc attcatgcat ctacccatct gcccatccat cccccaccta tctatccatc     39060
     catcgatcca tccatctgcc catttatcca tctgcccatc catccatcca tccatccatc     39120
     catccatcca cccacccacc catccagtca cttgttcact ccagtcattc cttatatacc     39180
     ttcttacatt aggaaagata aatcaagcct acagcagtcc ttagcctgtc acggctgctc     39240
     tgccttcgta cagtcaggat gttttgtgtt gaaggtacta ttacagatat ctgaacacta     39300
     atcaaagctt tcctcttgac gtcataagac ttgctgttcg agggtaattg agcaagaaca     39360
     cattgggaag gtggtgatgg ctgcctgggg tgctctgcta tggacacatt gctcctgagc     39420
     caggcagagt tctatgatgt ctttttctga aaatttcccc aaataaacat ctgttggact     39480
     ttgaatgtgt tcaggggcag tgctgagctt agccttgcca ggacacagca gggaggcaca     39540
     tagctcagca gcctgggaga ggtgtatgag tggtgatctc tacctcctat gcacagggct     39600
     ctgtcccaac ttggtaaggc ctggtgggtc ctgcagcatc cagggtggat gggcacaggt     39660
     cctgggtgtc cagagttggg agcagccacg ggcaggttgt caggctggat cctgacagta     39720
     gcagaggact gtgggtactt ccagggcatt taccaataca gactcaggcc ctggaccttc     39780
     ccagtgtcag gccagttgac catcctggct ttgggaaaat gcttctagat gagtgcacag     39840
     ggatcctggc ccttaacccc agtctgttcc taaactgata gcctctctgg ggcttgtggc     39900
     tactgcgagg tgctgatggg actgtgatgg gaaggcagtg ggcacctcct gctgggtcct     39960
     ggctcttccc atgagcatgc ctgaggcaag gcccatctcc agtgggtcct tagtaagcat     40020
     gagccagagt ctggggctga agctgaggtt cagcagatct ggcctcccca agtccttgtt     40080
     tctcccatga tttggctttc tccttaaatc ttacctggtg caaggacact ggactagctg     40140
     atctctcttc actgcctcaa tgcaggattt atgcttcagg gatgctcagg gtctcagtca     40200
     cggctctggc catgtagatg tccatggtgc ccagacagag gggtggaatg tgggcaggtt     40260
     acaagctgca gggcccgatg ccccggatgt cctcccgtgt ctattaactc tccattaaca     40320
     tgcggcagtg gcgttgctgc taacagtttg atttatgtca ctgaaggttt tgcttacaaa     40380
     ttagaagctg ctattgtgct aagtcggctt tcaaatcgat gcagagcaat tgcagtacat     40440
     gggtagctgg gcgacattaa catgaggagt gtgctatcat cgtcatcctt gggacagata     40500
     tgaccagcta cagtgaaact ccactccgga ccaagctaat ctgaacagag cccaaggatg     40560
     ccagccttga atggagactg tccgggatgc tcctgtcagg agcgagatgg ggagccgtca     40620
     tattgcagct gtgtggagat acagagcaag gaccttatct gctctggggt ctgttctgtc     40680
     ctggttcctg agctttgggt tttcacgtag attgttgtat tcaggcgttg gtcccatatc     40740
     ggcagctgca agagccacca tgtagtactg tggtagccag ccagccatac ctgtgtgtct     40800
     tcccaccttc tatgccttcc acccaattac agtacctagc aagaggcccg ttagcactgg     40860
     agggttgatc cagcaaggca gtgacagcag ccatagcttg ttagaatgag tagcctaggg     40920
     gctgatggtc accagacttc ctgatggctc ccagtcctct ccacacgttg gagtcacttg     40980
     gtagatttca gacaaaatgt ggatgctggg gcccagtctt tcgatcttct ggtttaattg     41040
     gggtgcatgc gagaaagcca gggaacttac aagctcccca gggacttgcc tgtagccagg     41100
     tttcagctgc ctgatctgtt cctgttctgg tagctaatga tctcagaaaa aaaaaaaatc     41160
     tcccaaacga tagacagaaa gttcttcctt ctatctaact gtaatctcta acttattttt     41220
     actcttgtta gctgggaagt gggtagctgg cctctgtatc tttgtgtgtg ggtgtcaagt     41280
     agcaaggtcc tggtcagggt agctcgtttt ccttgggact cccatccgag gacctgtgag     41340
     gctttctgtt gggcacagac tgagtactgt gctctggtgc tatgctgagc gtcatcacca     41400
     gctgctgaca gtagccagag ctcttgcagc ctggggaagg tcagaggtga acccagcagg     41460
     agccatggag tgtgtccctg tatcttcaca tgggagggag cgtccatcca gaggttgaag     41520
     gagatggaga gatgggaggc agagttagaa ctctgggatg aacagaagct aagtccgagg     41580
     aagctgcagg cagacgcccc ttgaagctgc cagcacgctc acacagacag gcatggccat     41640
     gctaggatga ctgtgtgatg ggttcgggga atgacagctg tcgggtccgc tttgacgtca     41700
     gcaccggcct ccgacaggct tcccagttcc gtcagcttcg cttcagtggt gtgtttcctg     41760
     cctgaggaag caggtctgcc ttctacacac cagcccatcc tggggtgcgg ggtgctggag     41820
     gagcggagca gagccactac cgaggttccg aggtagatgc tcatctctgc ggcagtcaaa     41880
     acttcattgt tcatcacttg attaattcac cagtttcttc gctgcctttg tgccaagttc     41940
     catgctgggt acagaagtac tcagagggtc atcgcccctg tgccagagaa ctcctgtcac     42000
     ccttacgtgg taggctacag ctgtactgga aaggaacaga ggagcccaca ggaggatgtg     42060
     cagtctcgag ctgggacctc tgtgatgctt ttaatccaac agagaggtgg gggtgaaggc     42120
     ttaaggccag ggatgtgttt tctctgcccc cctccccatc agcatcttag catcttccag     42180
     gcccacagga aggttggctg ctaaggggat ggcagccgag agggtgggag gattccctgt     42240
     cctatgtgtg cacataggag gatcctggtc catcaggatt ctgagcctcc cttagtgatg     42300
     agctcagaga gattagggac ctagggaggc ggtggctctg agtggagcag tgtgtgtgtg     42360
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgcg cgtgcgcgcg tgcatgtgtg catgtggtgg     42420
     tctgggtggg ggtagttttc gggtggctgc caagtgaggc tcgtcctgtg ggatgttggc     42480
     ccttggccgc atcctcaagg gaagaggatg aacacatccc atgtgtgtga ctgactcatt     42540
     cctgcttgtt ccggagctca gaagaaccgc caagcgggcc ctcgctgctc tcctctcctg     42600
     tccctcccct ccctttctcc tactccctgt ccttgggagc taagagctca aagacaggga     42660
     ccagcagtcg tcccaaggct aagagacaga ggagagattt tttttttctg tctaaataga     42720
     taagactgtc tggtaagagt ctgtgaccag ggccagtcct tagctcagta ccaccaggct     42780
     gaactctcac tttaggtgca cagatgcctc tctgctggaa gccggggcag agttctctcc     42840
     gcaccctgct gcagactgtg gtgcgctgta ctggggcctc tgtactcggg tagtaagcac     42900
     cacagtgggc caatctgagt gattgtttag tactgaaaaa ttaaatgcag gagctgaagc     42960
     caacagcagt ttccactaac acagggagac tccgagccac agaacagctt tacaagtcat     43020
     ctgccacaca cgtgtccccg gctgaatgtg tcccccaagg cagtgcacag tctgaactga     43080
     atcctgctag aattggggag ctgcctgggc cgcctgagga gggctgcctc tcagagcctg     43140
     ggataggcca tctggagcct ggacctgtat gatttgtgta cacaggcttc agcaactctg     43200
     aagtcttacg tgtgaaggga cagagccttg tgagcaggta actgccagat taggatgcta     43260
     tttgcataga gtgcctggga gaacaggcag ttaatgtcct tggcagtgct agggaccagg     43320
     gggacccttg tgcagaacca ggctggtgtg cgcacagctt ttgcctgcct tcaggcctct     43380
     ccgccctccc tcatcccttg ttgtagctgg gccatagctg acctgtgcag ggcaagggac     43440
     agggtgattg tttgcagctg gggccagata cccttggaag gctggggaag aggggagggg     43500
     gagttcctcc aggttccctt tggagccacc agcaaccctg gggtacttcc tggtttagaa     43560
     aacaccttca tctccaagtc ccatttgatc ccttaagaac atggcaaaga cgcaaatatt     43620
     tattgaggaa ttactgtgat ccatcacata gcctatccta tataacaccc tcaagtgctg     43680
     tgggcacagg gattagtgag tggtgaggct ggggaatcac cttgaacttc ctgactgctt     43740
     tagcccttga gcccggctct gaactgcttc atttgtgggg cagccttctc ctggccttga     43800
     acttgggacc ctggggatca gggagaacac ccataggtgc ttctgctcat gttttggctt     43860
     ctcagttagc tttctgcagc aaagggtatc tcctggatac cctttgcttt ttttcccctt     43920
     tgatggccag gcttcctctc ccctcctctg gctgcatgat ctgggttctc ctggctggta     43980
     gctttcccca ggccctgctt gtacagcaac agggcctggg tccagaggag ctgggctgag     44040
     gtgcttggtg aggctctcag aggtagaact ctgagatatg ttcctgtcag gtgaactcag     44100
     ggctagagga agttaggcag caagcaggcc tgtagggatc ccgcatggat acaagtgaaa     44160
     cctctggcgg cctcagctca cctagtaggt acctctggtc acaggtgtta ccccactcat     44220
     tgctatgaca gagccatctc caggcctacc actgtgaggc cagctaccct gagctgggtg     44280
     aatctgcctc ttgtgtctga ggaacagcca gggcttggtc cccgagctgg aggcaaggac     44340
     agagcagcga tcttctgcct tttggaactc ctccatacct gttactctgc atgcctgttt     44400
     ggtcatggct tggctacacg agaagctaag cacaggttgt gggcatctca gttatctaat     44460
     acgaggatgg gtggcttttt ttcttttttc ttttttttaa ggtcagactt tgctggtgaa     44520
     agcagctgaa acactgtgga ttcctgaggc ttgcttctga tgaccagctt tttcttgccc     44580
     tgtagccagt ctccttttta aaaaaaaatc agctcttcct tcctcctctt cctcctcccc     44640
     tcctcttctt cctcctcttc cttctcttcc tcttcctctt cctcctctgc tttttcctct     44700
     tccttttcct cttcctcctc tgcttcttcc tcttcctctt cctcctctcc tcctcctctg     44760
     cttcttcctc ctcctcctct ccttcctcct cctctccttc ctcctcctct tcctcctcct     44820
     cctctttttc ttcctcctcc cttctcctcc cttctccctt ctccaacagg tcccatccct     44880
     tcagggactt ccttgtatgc tctgaaacag attcccaaga gaacatgaag ccattatccc     44940
     tgcaaccgag gttgttcatt gcctgcttct cggcctttta ggtctgtcct tctggcaggc     45000
     agagcaacat cgaggctcct cagtctctag agactccatt tcctccccaa ggggccccta     45060
     ggaaagagcg aggtaatcgc ccctcccctc ctgtcctgct cactctagaa cttctcttcg     45120
     tggtatattc agcccttgtt cctgatcttc agcttcctcg ggaagactcc tgtttcttgg     45180
     agtgctcatt tggtccttgg gtactataga atctctcaca gattcatcag actcccattc     45240
     tctctttctg gagcccccca cccccctttt ctccacgttc ctcctgccta gagaatcagg     45300
     gaagagctaa ggaacttggc tatgggggct tgtggatgtg aaaggccctg agtgacctac     45360
     ataagcctcc tgccagggga atgagggatg tttctaattg ggaacatggc ttagtcaaga     45420
     gtgcgtgcct gcatgtgtaa agagtgtgag tttttttaaa aataatttta atttctcatc     45480
     agagaatgcc gtgcattcct tcctgctttc cccagtggag cctctcatct cctcagaagg     45540
     ctgaggaaca gcaggtggga cagtgcagag tgcaggagat agagcagctg ggattggggc     45600
     gggggtgacc ttgggccaag tcacagccac tttctgggtc tcaggatttc tatctatgcg     45660
     tttgaccaga agaactctcc ccaggctgag gattctgggt ccactatcca cttctaatcc     45720
     cagatatgat ccaaaattgg aggaggacta tcagtaagaa tgtctttccc aggctagacc     45780
     taatgctggc cttggcccag ataatcttcg gcctcaagtc catgttacca gggggacatg     45840
     ccagagagta gctagctaca cacatatcac acaaatacac acatcacagc tgcctgcttg     45900
     tatccctcct cacctactca cccaaaagac taaagaaatt attcttttgg agttggggtt     45960
     tgagctagta agggctgacc agtgggtact catgtgagtt agccagctct agtatctgcc     46020
     agggtggcag atactcactg gagctgggat aattcgctca gggcatggca ggcggcgcct     46080
     ttagatgatc tccctgctcg ggtttcttgt tggcacgtcc agagcctttt gcttttgggg     46140
     ctgtcccgtt tccaagtttc ctcccaccag tgccttttca cttgcagttg tgtggtggtg     46200
     tgggtgtcct ggccactctg tccagctcca cactctgccc acctgcacgt ctgcattttt     46260
     ctttccgtgt gactcctttg gggtgaggat ggcaaactcc tcctggatgc cttcgctcct     46320
     ttgtggaatg gggccacggc caggacctgt ctgttcaggg ctacagtttc agtggctcag     46380
     ggcgttcaca accatgggtc tgttctctgt gttgtcactc tcaggaaatg tgtggttttc     46440
     tttagaaatc cgctctcccc taagtgctag cttccaggat gacattttta ttcttacaat     46500
     gaggtttatt tatttattta tttaaaaaaa aatcctacta tcaagccagt ttatttattt     46560
     atttttcacc aagagacaag acagaggaaa tgaagcaatc gttgtgtgtg tgcttggact     46620
     cacatctaga taggtctgga tggcaccatc cctgaggact ggaagccgct ctcctgccct     46680
     gacgcttgtc cctcttccct attttctgct gctccactgg gggcgagggg tgggaggggg     46740
     tgaggccatg ggaactcctg aactatcaga aaatctaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaatttaagc     46800
     gagctaggat gggaacgctg gccccaggcc ctagaatcac tggccaagct agtcacctct     46860
     tctccagctc cattacctgt tgttcttctg agggttttta agcagccatc agcagagctt     46920
     cagctctcca gctgccatgg ccacgttaaa tcaggaggca cagtaagtta ccaagggctg     46980
     tttgctaggc acagaagagt atggttgggt tgggagaggt gctagaggaa ccgctgtgga     47040
     atttgccacc caccagaact aattaccacc catctgcctt atgcctggct catcccatgg     47100
     cctctcccgg tagagggatc tctctcttga tgacattttt tttttttttt tgccttattt     47160
     tggtaatgta accactcatg cgtatccatg aacaatacat cctgcagttt gacttggctt     47220
     ctgcaccgaa taaaacggca agaaggcaca cacagccctt tgtaccgtta tctctttttc     47280
     ttgtagctgt gacaaaacgt gtgatggaag aaacttaagc gggggtttct cttggctcac     47340
     aatccatcag ggcggagatg gcatgttgca ggagggggtg tggccatggt ggcaagagca     47400
     ggaggcagct gcttgctggc atcccagcga gtcacaaagc agagaaggga caggaagagg     47460
     ggctgagcta gaaaggtcca cccgaggaca actcatttcc tctgtgtctc atttgtgctt     47520
     ctggagtttc tcagtttcat cctcctgaag gtgctgtcac ttcctgagac agtgtcacca     47580
     gttggagttc agggattcag agcatatgaa gggggcgggg ggggggagca tccaagatgg     47640
     ctgttcttgg ttgtcaactt gactatatct ggaattaact aaattccaag caaccaggca     47700
     cacctgtgag ggacgttctc ttctttaaat catttgaagt aggaagaccc acttttaatc     47760
     ccgatctttg acgatgagat gatccacatt tagctggagg cacatctgat ggtagcctac     47820
     ataaagaacc cagaagaagg aagcttgctc tctttgcctg cttgctctcc ctctctctcg     47880
     ctggcaagtc cattccttca ctggcattaa tgcctacttc attctgaaac acactaaagg     47940
     ccagctgaga catccagcct tgtggatgga acaactactg gattctggga ccttccattg     48000
     gtggacagcc gcgcgcgcgc acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acattcacac     48060
     acacactcag ttctgttcct gtagacaacc ctgactaata ctaatacccc atcttacatc     48120
     taaactgtag cactgagggt tactctgttt ctggctcctc tgtacagggc tcgggtttat     48180
     agctgacttc gtttcccttt tgtgtggtct ttcactctgt gctcattgtt ttcaactctt     48240
     ctcatgagga gagttgtcat gaggatcttg gctgtctctt ttgttctggg cacatgaatg     48300
     aaaatttctc tatgatgtaa acccagtagt aaagttgcca gcttttgggt atgagaagtt     48360
     ttatcctttg aaatatatca tctctcaaat atattaaaga gctgtctagg ccaggctgac     48420
     tgaggtatgt ctggagaggt cctggcctgg gaggtggccg tgtctctgta gggcataggt     48480
     ctaaggctga gtagaaagag ctgtgtcctc tcagtaccct gctccgggcc tggagcactc     48540
     tcaacagtag caggatgaac agggtgttgt gagcacgtgt tggctggggg gtctgctttt     48600
     caatcctgca gtaatagctg acggtctcag aaaggaaaac atatttccac tgagagtggg     48660
     gaaggaggga ccaggcaggc tttgcatcag ctgtggatgc tgagaaagga gttggtgtaa     48720
     ttccttttgc tgccacccca ggtttaagtc ctggccaccc ttctgcatct agcttaaatc     48780
     ccagttggaa tgaaatcctt cctgtgtgcc acccacggcc accttgtcat tctgcgagct     48840
     tctcagacgc gctaatgtct gtattgatga gctacccgct tcctgcctga gcgcgtgctc     48900
     ttcttccaga tgtgggtccc ctccccgcag ccaggccact agcctctttg cttcccactc     48960
     ttgtggaccg ctcctgcccc catcccacag tgcctggcgc agagacagca ctcaacagat     49020
     gctatcacga gttgactgag tgcacctgct ctaggactgg gcgacggctt ctttatcatc     49080
     cctcccattc cttgccttgt gctaactccg aaaagaacac tctaaggccc ctattaccgg     49140
     gaggctcagc tatcttttat agaaaagctt ttagctgcct gtgcagccga ggggcaaatt     49200
     ggagggtggt ctgagcaaag cgtggagcag ttgtcatggc tctccatgtt cactctggga     49260
     tgagccggtc cccacttgta gcattttgct gggcagcatg gaacatagag tcctggcagc     49320
     ttggtgagaa gagaaaaaaa cctcctcagc ctcccaggct ttcccacatc gaagaaggtg     49380
     gtggtggata ccaaaccaga gagtcagggg ctgtcacagc gtaggagtga gtggggtgaa     49440
     gttagacagt gaactgagca caaaggtgct gtgactgcag ggcctggatc gaggacccag     49500
     gcgtgtgtgg catcccctgc tgctgatgcc cagggtcttc tcagtctcct catatgtgca     49560
     aagcacattc ttaccctgaa gccacagatc ctgcctgaga aggttcctaa ttcctgggag     49620
     cctggttcct aaagccaggg actcagtggg tcagtacaga tgtgcacagg atggctatag     49680
     tctgttttct ctctctgggt gcccttgaga agtacccgga gtcatggtgc tggctgctca     49740
     cacaaaagaa gggacagctc cagggcagca gtccagtgag gtacagcatg ctgaggccag     49800
     tctgccctcc tagttctcca gtatggggag tagacactga ctctgagccc tgctggggct     49860
     ggtggcatgc ttggctgctc cttttgcaag ctgctgtgtg aagaacagca tacttcgaat     49920
     ctgtaagacc tgcccttgag acccccgccc ctgcctggct catgaacagc cgctctgcaa     49980
     ctctgaacca gctgctgggc ctcatcctgc tggctggtgc aaagaagact gtacacacat     50040
     cttcagggat ggctgccagg atatagcgct agttaccatg tatggagttt ttctgagaga     50100
     gccagacact tcatgtaccg tttcagcagt gaacctgcag aagggtgaca ggcttgccct     50160
     ttaccactgg ggcagatgat acccagggtt gttacatacc gtgtcgcagg ctgcagggtt     50220
     ggtgggtcac agccccgtcc attcctgtat ctgcttctga ggtttcagct tgtccctgcc     50280
     accatgttta tttcccagca aataggataa tctgcaaaga gcctctggcc tgtagttggc     50340
     tgggcctgaa acttttacag cctgtgatat tcactgagag attagctggg ccttgctggg     50400
     gcctggggaa aatgggtgcg aagatagaaa agataggcag tcccgatcta tgttcccaga     50460
     cattgtagga actcctctgt gggtccaggc tttgacgtgt gataggttga tggccctttt     50520
     tcaggctcca cagtaggcag agggagggga cacactggag ttgggatcat gctacagata     50580
     cctgagagct tcccatactt gactcctgcc ctggaagcca ttattgggtg gtctgtaggt     50640
     accttgtgct agagagaact tttgagacat gccataggga tgtgaccctg ctcctgggag     50700
     catcaggttg tcagagaaac atggacacag gcatgggatg acaaggagga gggagcagct     50760
     aagacagtga cagtgcatgg ggtgggggtg gggcttgtga caatctggtc tggtcacaag     50820
     agagaagacg ctgtggcaga aggtgtcagg agagaggact catcttgaat gcgggccaag     50880
     ggctcattgg tcagcactgt cctctctgtc acacccttaa tggatcctgt gtgccagctc     50940
     tcatggaggg tcaatgacgc aggtggccct gggactttac ttctgacagt ttccaatcat     51000
     aagtagataa ccatgtatgt gacttggaac ttacatggcc agagaagatt ctagggtgta     51060
     caccccgact cctcctaatt ataccagagc tcttctggcc agagagacca cagatatggc     51120
     tctgttacat cccctatccc ccaccccaat gactcttagg ctatcaaagc cacgtggccg     51180
     tgtcccagga gacaagctcc cgcagaagga gctcacaccc ttatccctct gtttttgctg     51240
     tgatcacagc ccgtggccgg gtggggctcc tgtgcagagc ctctttgagc tctcaggagc     51300
     agagggaaga ccgatggcat agagtttcag ttttgggggg taccttcttt atgcatggaa     51360
     agggcagggc ccacatgtcc ccctccaaag ccagaggtgg gcgtgtgaat gtgcacagtc     51420
     cctcgggcca cagccagctg ctgcctcaag cagaagggcc tcccagcacc atctgcagac     51480
     cattccactg gtatgaattt tgcaaacaac cttcttaatc atgtttatgg actcggcgta     51540
     catttgtcgc aggttgagtt ttctgcgatg atgcagaggc tcggcagtga aagtcagcag     51600
     gttgagtttt tccatctcag cctcctggtg tggccttccg ctgcctgctc tcttcctaac     51660
     tgtgttcaag aggacaacta gctggccctt catttgtgcc tgctgctcaa gagtttacaa     51720
     agagcttttg tgtcccccac agagcagagg gggcttcgct gttctacagg taaacagaag     51780
     aggttgagga aacagcaggc tgccagggtg gttagaagca gctcaactga gccttgatcc     51840
     ctggtcctgg actgtctcct ttttgttctc agtcctcagg gctcttatag ccactcagtc     51900
     tcttgctgtc atctcccacc ccatcctggg gacacatgca agcagtctgc agctgctggg     51960
     gcaagcctgc ttgtgctgaa tagtggtttg tggctttagt ttgttcccac agtgtcttcc     52020
     ccaaatgtca ttgagttagc agggctggct ccttctctat tgccagctag gaaagatgaa     52080
     gcccttaggg tgccttgtcc accctcccat gtctcatgca gaatcctgat tgtgggtcag     52140
     aacccctaag gcagtcccat ggccatgagc tggagtcaga aggcacctag atatatgatt     52200
     gtaagcggca aaaacaggac agaaatcagg tactggcaat tttttttctt tcatgtgtgg     52260
     gttttggaca tgaatgtgga tatgaaacat taatgcaagt tggaatgtct cagtgagcaa     52320
     ggttttcagc agtttagtaa cttcataaca attataaata aatactaaaa aaggggcagg     52380
     gcataaatgg cttggggtag gaggatgaca agttcaaaac cagccgggac aacttaatga     52440
     gattagcata tacagataaa aagggggtca cggggtcatc tcagtggttg agtgctcacc     52500
     tagcacacgt gaagacccag ggtcaattct cagtggtaca tagagagaga atgggtgaag     52560
     aaaagattgt cagatcccag gcctggaggg gctggaggag ggcactttgg gagaagccag     52620
     cagagcctgg aaatgagttt tgtcttgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     52680
     gtgtgtgtgt atgaatgaga gaaaaggcct gcctctgggc gggggtctgg acaagtgcac     52740
     acaggcctgg catgctgcct ctgtgagaga ccgggctagg ggatggctgg ctgcctaccc     52800
     tcctggcttt aactttactc ctcattagca ccagccttct gaagtgggca ttcccatctc     52860
     cccagcccac tggcacttgc tgaacttcat ttcatctgcg agaggcagag gttagctgtg     52920
     taggtcagca caggcagcat atagtgtggc caaaccccag gggtaccgag taccatcctg     52980
     ctcggaactt ggccttcttg gaggggcatt tgggtggtaa ggatttggga gtcacaccag     53040
     ggctgggctg gagagtggga agtaggggag gtccccagat cagagttcaa gagaaaacat     53100
     ggagcacatg agcctgagac accaacttgc tcagcacacc tgtccgtcct gttagctttt     53160
     cactgaagaa attcaaaaca tgaaccaaag cagagagaag gctgttacag agtgtgtgac     53220
     cactgtgcag tgtttccatc tgctccatcc attacgccct ctcctcctgg cccccgtttt     53280
     ccccatgaag gactgttaag gggcttcgca ctgtcctttc ccctgtactg acgttcaggc     53340
     cctgaaggga cacatttgga gataggagta gactcccatg gtcatgggga ggtcagatct     53400
     gcagggaatc acagagcaga actacaagtc tccatcagca gtggcatgtg cttgttttgt     53460
     gtcatgggtg gtcccaagta tctcatgtgc ctttatctta ctagtgctca ggacggtcca     53520
     gggagagcaa ttttggcctt attccctccc atttatgggt atgtggaatg aaggctcaga     53580
     gacaccaggg aatgcatcta agctcacata gctggataat aaggaaacca aagactgaac     53640
     cctggtctca gccctggtct tttctccatc acttttaggg atgttctgat agactatgca     53700
     ttaggcttgt ttgctccctg gacccacttg tagcctttgg gagcccgagg gtcccagttg     53760
     ggagcagctc ttcctttgat cattagaggc ttgctttctt gcttgaagta tgtgttcaca     53820
     gttagtgatt tctggttttc tcttatgggg gtggtggtgc aactttcctc tcttgccaag     53880
     gtcacggcct cttccttgct cttgctaagg gggtggtaac atcttttgct acctgctaaa     53940
     gtgggccagg tgggcttacc tcatacctaa ggacttttgg ggtggggctt tttgcctggt     54000
     gggaggcaga gtgggattgg agactgaggg tagttaccct gccgtaagaa agagttacga     54060
     gtggggctac agagtctagg atctcctgtg gctgccctga cctttgccac cttgctttcc     54120
     actttctccc tggtggctac ctgagccttc ctgcctctct ctgtccctca gtagtactgc     54180
     atggcatggg catctcccca gcaaaggggg tggtaccctg agccccccat tatcctaaaa     54240
     gcagagccag agtcagtgtt ggctctggtc ctctgctgtc ctgtggggag ctcaaaggag     54300
     accctcctcc ttgggcagag gtcatagtgc gcagatctga gtggtgtctt tgggacacag     54360
     ggatgtctct tagcatcctt acattgcagc tctgcatagc tgccatctgg ctcctacctc     54420
     atctctcagg aagggagctt tgccaagtac ctgcaggtgt gtggtcatgt gccaagggcc     54480
     tcatgggtat tgtcatcacc tgattcccac ggggatctag gaagtagtta tcactatcag     54540
     tttgtctcac agcctccata gcacatgtta ccagggtaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     54600
     gataaataat ttccctaagc cacatagttg ttacgtgagg aatagatgtt tgagctcacc     54660
     gctacccgac cttggatctg tggctcttta cactgttttg cctctactgt accttggtgt     54720
     taaattcaag caggacatta atgcctgtga ttgactgtgt tgcatatcat agatgtggca     54780
     ctgacattgc atggtgtctg atagctgagg cttggtgact gcttttgtct ctggatctgt     54840
     gtaagatgca cagtgaccaa gcatgggaga gaatgctaaa catcatgagc cggggggaaa     54900
     aaaataaaaa gaaagccaaa ttacaacagt atgctatttt cttgcctttc caaaagagag     54960
     aggctagagg gtttgttgtt gcggtacagg gaatggaact aggggccttt aaaaaatata     55020
     taatgatagt tactaaccta gtacagcttt gctttgcagt cggcagtgtg ggcatcaaca     55080
     cctctgtgga aaataacatt gcaagggggc accaggagcc ataagaccag tccccgccaa     55140
     ccaggctgca cacatcagtc tccctcctaa gaaaatagcc agaattgctg gcacatgcac     55200
     tgtgcattgg ggctcttact gaagagcagt ttataaacga gggttgaaaa tgattccatg     55260
     gccctgaatc atgggagaga aagtgtaaca tatgcgcaga tgtgtgggtt tggaatggta     55320
     tggactgccc atttgaaacg tccccacgtg ctttatctct cgcagtggga agttcttttt     55380
     tgggggtaca gtctctttgg gaaatgtgtg cacatctgca gctctgcttt ctatgacttc     55440
     actgtgtctt tactttcctt gctgccgtgg taaaacaccc cagccaaagc aatgtctgga     55500
     cgatgacagt ttgaaggtgg cggagtcatg gtggcaggag atggaggcag ctggtcacat     55560
     tgtgtgtgca atcgagagac gggtaatgaa gaatgctcca gcttaggcca ggaccgtgtc     55620
     tctacccacc cccaagacat gcccagaagc taatctaagt aatatctccc tgacttgcca     55680
     gagattgtct cctaggtgat tgcagatccc gccccacccc catcaccgag accatcaaca     55740
     ctaaccatca caacctaccc atagtgaact gtgatcccaa aggaagccta cgatgcaata     55800
     aagaacggag gaggggtttg cttttgtttt tgagagagag agagagagag agagagagag     55860
     atggtgtctc actatgtagc cttgcctgac ttgaaacttg ctgtgtagac caggctggct     55920
     gcaaatccac agagatctgc ctgtctctgc ctccaccacg ataggcaaac tgagataatt     55980
     tgagagacag aagttgagac cacatttgca taacttttat tagtatattg ctataattag     56040
     ttttactctt attattatta agctcttgct gtgcctaatt tataaattaa acttcatcat     56100
     ctgtgtgtct gtatgtatag gaggcatggt gtatataagg cttggtcctt tgtacagtcg     56160
     caggtatcca cagggagcct tggaatgtgt ccccaaaaga caaggcctgc tacatggact     56220
     tgtcattatg actgtgcaag tatgacttta agtgagaaaa atgagggcat ggtcattctt     56280
     taaaaataaa aacaagggct ggaggaatga ctcagtggtt aagagcagtg actgcacttc     56340
     cagaggtccc gagttcaatt cccaacaacc acgtggtggc tcacaacatc tgtaatggga     56400
     tctgacaccc tcttctggtg tgtctgaaga cagtgacagt gtactcacaa acattaaaaa     56460
     aaaagaataa ataaaataaa aaaataaata aaggggctgc cgagatggct cagcagttga     56520
     gagcaatggc tgcttttcta gaggacccag gttctgttcc caacaccagc tcacagccat     56580
     ctgtaactcc tgctccaggt gatcccacgc cctcttctgg cctctgtggg cactgcatgc     56640
     acagctatac atacaggaga cactcataca gatgaaacaa aaataaagtc tttttaaaat     56700
     gcacagtaaa gaaacaaaag ttcaaacccc ggagctcttg actctagcta catatgtatc     56760
     aaaagatggc ctagtcggcc atcactggaa agagaagccc attggacacg caaaatttat     56820
     atgccccagt acaggggaac gccagggcca aaaaggggga gtgggtgggt aggggagtgg     56880
     gggtgggtgg gtatggggga cttttggtat agcattggaa atgtaaatga gctaaatacc     56940
     taataaaaaa tttaaaaaaa taaataaaat aaaatgcaca gtaaagaaac aaaagtccaa     57000
     accagacaaa ctggccagta gtaattccat tctcacttac ctgtcagaaa cttaattgtg     57060
     ttttcttttt ttaaaaaggt ttttatttgt aacattttta aaacaatgaa gttaaaatat     57120
     ttcttctaat ttttaagaag aaagaaagga aaggaagtaa gaaagcaggc atggtgcatt     57180
     cctatattgt taagacatga atatgaatat atatcaaact aggtggtcct atcttaatga     57240
     tcttgtttta gacaagtata tttcctctgg ccctgtttcc tgcagttggt aaggtatcct     57300
     caggagcctg gttgccccct catatcctct ctacttgtga tcagcatggg gtggggtggg     57360
     gagagggatt tatgataggc cctggccttg ggtggtggtc tagccttgca tgtgtaccca     57420
     ggggggccat agaaggaggc agggctctgc cagcccagag ctctaccact tgactgtggg     57480
     acagtataga ttaggatgct gctgcctggg ctgtggactg tatcctggtc ctgctggctg     57540
     ggttgtgggc tgcattctgg tcctgttggc tgggctgtgg gctacatcct ggtcctgctg     57600
     gttgggttgt ggactgcatc ctggtcctgc tgcctgggct gtggactaca tcctggtcct     57660
     gctgcctggg ctgtggactg catcctggtc ctgctgcctg ggctgtgggt tgcatcctgg     57720
     tcctgtggtt gggctgtgga ctgcatcctg gtactgctgg ttgggctgtg gactgcatcc     57780
     tggtcctgct ggttgggctg tgggctgcat cctggtcctg ctggctgggc tgtgggctgc     57840
     atcctggtcc tgctggctga attgtgggct gcatcctggt cctgctggct gggctgtggg     57900
     atgcatcctg gtcctgctgg ttggactgtg agctgcatcc tggttagtga tgcatagagt     57960
     agcgtcctct ccctacccct gagcatccct gccaaggggc tgctcaagtg cagggtctgc     58020
     agtgggtggg agccagccct gaaggagagg atacatctcc agtttcctgg ggttctttcc     58080
     tccacttctg ataggattag cacttggatc ataatagtct gtcccatcct ccccacttgt     58140
     gctgttgctc ccaccacctc ccggttcctg atgcagcttc tagaacagtg ttgttcttac     58200
     tttgttctcg gcaggtagta cgtaggtggg cggttgagca ctcagggact tccatgagct     58260
     ggtcatggaa ggctgtgaat caggtgggac tgggatggct actctggagt acgttgggcc     58320
     ttggcctagt aaaggggcct gtcactgtcc ctctagatgg attatggaca tgccttctgc     58380
     atggtgtcca gagcccttga cacctgccac actagtcctc tcccacttga tctagcaagt     58440
     cctaacccgc agccaggaca gcccccaaga tgtgttctgc tgagcccagg gggaaccagg     58500
     attcctactg caaggtgctt ttccccctct gtctgtcagc cctcagagga tagagacagc     58560
     ccctccacct ctgtgttcct cagcagacgg cagagcacaa agccttgtgt ggacggtgtg     58620
     acggacagac aaggaactag gcggtggtta ggtgtgagcc gtgtcccacg cagagtgaca     58680
     ggttactgtg ttcagagccc cagctctccc ttggtgacat ctttgacaag ttatttcctc     58740
     tcagagcctt tgtgctcatg tctgtgtggg tgatctccaa gggtatttgt atgccatgga     58800
     atattgtggt gccctgattg ctgggtgtca tgggtccctt tgtcgtagct gaagcccaaa     58860
     ttcccttatt ccacagtggc agatctagaa gagtcctgta aaccaagacc ccaagtctcc     58920
     tagtatagcc tctacattag cctaagaaag tcagagtgtt tggtaataag ggatcaagga     58980
     caatgtcctc gaccagcatt aaaatctaat acagacaaat aacccttgca gcgtgcagtg     59040
     gggcccacct gtagctcctt cctttgtgag gagccagtga gtccaggaat ttgagatcag     59100
     cttggatatt gtattaatac cacttttcca aaagaaaaga caagagaaaa agaaaagcct     59160
     agtaactcaa tacagagaca tccaatgagc ccatgtggtg atgtgtcaat cttccaggag     59220
     cttttccatc ttcatgggtc cagggaccca tcaagtgacg atgtcatttt cagagttcct     59280
     tccatgggtt gggcccaggc ctaggcttag gtgcacactc ccaccacctc agtgaagccc     59340
     cagaactccc aggaaggcat gactgctttt gttcctcaat tttcaagaaa agatacccag     59400
     ggcagctgag agatgcactc agttttcaca agcattggct gtcatggcag ctgtgtgact     59460
     cagggccatg ttcctccctg agagttaccc tggccactca tccccatcta tgggttgagc     59520
     catgcctgag ctgtggagat agtgttgtta gctaaaacat cttagtgctg gaccagatca     59580
     cagccaggga agattgccta ggggaaccag ccagcaggaa acagccagac attaggcttc     59640
     tgccacactg cccccctctc agcaccctct ctgtgggctg gctttgtttg gggaggctga     59700
     ggaagacagt gagggcctca ctggtttcct gtctcacagg aataggctgt aaggcagtta     59760
     gagaccctgg cctgatagcc catgttaggc agggggtgat ggtgctctat cctacggcct     59820
     ctgagaagca ttagagactg tgcaacctct acttaaccat gccagggctc ctctgtctcc     59880
     tgtgcagttc ttccctctag aaagctaagg tttccagatg aagccttgac ccacagtccc     59940
     aagcttcttc agggtcggac cctggattct tgcctgctgg ggacctctgg gtgtcagttt     60000
     caacagtagg ccctgttggg gacagttgac cccaaatagt gtcctctaag gtaacagatc     60060
     ctcacttgag gctgtttaat gtcttgtggc ttcatcttct tgacccagac tcttcccctt     60120
     cctcaagagg ctgtcagcca caaaggcctg ggtctctaaa gatgagtaaa ctagctttct     60180
     cttttgtccc agtctgaaca gcctctcacc atttcctcca gggctccaga tacttcagga     60240
     gctgggatgc tgaacgcctc accttctgcc tgtttgtcta gcttgtagga ggccaggtca     60300
     cagccgtggt cttgggttct agccctcccc agatggtatg gggtagacag atcccaggag     60360
     cagagaggca gctggtggca tggctgtccc ttcccagaag ccaccaggca gtgtgtgctt     60420
     tgggaggagt gctggcaagt ccctctcacc gctgcacccg accctgtgcc gcaggcagac     60480
     agtcaacatc ggtggcagtg gggccctcca gatggtgagc cccccagcag ccccctgaag     60540
     gggaccatgt ggctgatagt ctctttagtc acactttgaa agccaaatga tgagaaagga     60600
     ccagcaggag ccaggtccca cggacgccaa cagcgcagaa ggcaagcatg tggtccacta     60660
     gatttgtacc accaggacct tcttcccgcc agttgggagc cctaagggtc ttcctttcca     60720
     gggctctgtt cctcattcct ttggagggct gtgagcccag cctggcctcg cagcaggaag     60780
     ccctgagctc cagtgacacc aaacactcat ttctactctg cacctcggtt cctccattct     60840
     gggtatccct gacttctaga ggccacactg ctcttagaag aagccatagg atgttcatgc     60900
     tgtagagtaa tttctgtata gacgctaaga gatcctgaga tgaagagatg aagacactgc     60960
     cagcgtcctt aggtaccact ccactcccct ccatccccag gaggtcctat gcctttgttt     61020
     cctgctggca gcgcctggtt ctggaactct tcaacactct gattgggcca tccttgagct     61080
     gccaggcagg caagcaagca agcaagcacg caagcagacg cctggaccaa agcacatttc     61140
     ttgcacctgc cagtttggta gagtgatctg gaagatgcca ggctcatttc tgcctctcag     61200
     ggcttggcca agggaggtgc agaggccagg gaggatgtcc ttagagcagt tcctgggcct     61260
     ccatcctcaa agtagaaagg gagcattgac ttctgccaca ggagagaaat agttttcagt     61320
     tttctttttc tcaaagcatt tgcgtgttcc agcagtggag caagggacat tgggtcccag     61380
     cctagctgag gtggagggac gtggagaaag gtggggtatg atgtatcctc aacttgccac     61440
     acgagctcag aacacctccc tgggccatgg tgacctgtaa attgagcagg gtgggaaagg     61500
     gccatctgct ggttctccca tgatgggtgt gtccacgctc ccttcataga gcctgtgcca     61560
     tcagcatggt gacaagcctc ttgccttcat gaaaagccgg cttgcccttt gcttgtgttc     61620
     agatggtgtt ggctggcttc gtgagaagcc tgaggttata ttttgagatc cgctaggcag     61680
     ggttgtgtgg ttcttctcgt tgtccgtggt tgtgcacact ttgatccagt cccccaccac     61740
     agtagagtcg ccccgtggct cacgtctaca gctttcttga gggtgtctgg tgtgtttcct     61800
     gtatgaaatg atttcctgtt cctgtcagag cacccagaac tgagaacctc tgaccttctc     61860
     tctgtcagcc atgtgctgtg catccaagat tgtcccgctg gttagagaag ccaggagctc     61920
     tgtctcatcc ctgctctgtc acccaggcca gcttgctcat gctgaggcca gcttgttggc     61980
     agtcaaatac actgtcttaa gagggtggat caaggaccat atctgtgact cagagccttt     62040
     cctggtgcca tgacatagcc cttgaggtat gtgaagctgg gctcttagcc ttccgtgcct     62100
     gctgtaacct tccaggtctg gggaataccc aggttgataa cagtgcatgt taggctgccc     62160
     aggagaaggg gcctgggcct gggagtagcg ttggggagaa agcaggagaa agctgttcac     62220
     acctgaactt ttctcttctc tccttccccc tcctacgtct gggctttggg ggtcatctta     62280
     gatctaggtg cagaactagt acatacctgt gcctgggcta acttccagag cccagggggt     62340
     agagatgaga aaaaaaatgt tctgtgtgag ggtccctggt tgtaagaaag aggaggggac     62400
     aggctggttg tgagtaactg atcttgaatg atggacaggc tcgagataaa ggaaaggatg     62460
     ttggttcttt ctttgcttta ttcttttctt cttagggatt ttttgagaca aggtctcagt     62520
     acgtagccca aacttgactt gaattcaatt cccttctgcc tcagttttct aagtgctggg     62580
     atcataggtg tgtaccacca cgccagcagg aagtcggtgc ttaaaaaaat aaaagttcac     62640
     atctgaatat aaatctaatg tgtaaggaag aactgagggg gataaatcag tggacattaa     62700
     aatcctcctc tccacccccc cccccgccac ccccaattct gttctcctga gcgagccgct     62760
     gctcacttgt tggtgttaat agagatgtga aggagattct tcagttacaa aggacactag     62820
     cttaaaagat ggggaccccg ggcagtgatt tttcatatac cccaggagtc ctgggtcagt     62880
     cagcaccaca catagtctca gagtacagag gtgggtgagc cggggaacca atggtagaat     62940
     acagaaatgc agagtaagag gtggctgggg ccagagcagc tcctgtccag aaagagagcc     63000
     ctgggctttc cttagacccc ctaatggcag ggccccctgc ttagctaaca cgttgatttg     63060
     ctctggtctc tgggcaagag aagttaagtc atttcttgcc tcataggttt tatcgcttgg     63120
     tccctgttct gtcctctggg cttcatggag gatgcacagc ctccgcaaac tgctgcctcg     63180
     ttcacacacc taaaacccac ccacaaggct gatggatcag taagtgtagt ccttgccaca     63240
     caagcctgag accctgagcc gtgctgccca gcactcatgt gcaaagtaca gtgagacact     63300
     ttgtggtttt gacccaagca ccaagagtct gggacaggac cagccagcct agccagatca     63360
     gtgacctcca gcttccgagt gaccctgctt cagaaaataa agtggggtgc aatcgagaaa     63420
     gatgtgcaag atggctctct agcctctact actcagacac acacatacaa ccccgcctct     63480
     tgttccttgc cgtacctcca tgctttcagg cctgccactc ggattcccac atgggcacta     63540
     ttatccctgt gccctctagg gccggtccgg tgtgactgga gagggcgggg ctgctggcta     63600
     ggctttcgga gcaggtgagg cgtagtaccc tgttagaggg tatgcggtgg cagcaagaaa     63660
     gggaagccca ttccaggccg aggaatggca agcaggcagg aatgtttatc cacggcaggt     63720
     gcacactgtg agcttctgct ggggccagga gaaaccccag ccccctgggc tcccccctag     63780
     tcccatgccc ttatatggct gtccttatat agctgccctg cactccagga cagggacaga     63840
     gcccctccta ctgtacaccc aaggctcggg ccaaacccag gataggctta tcatcacagc     63900
     cggagtcagc tgttggtctg ggaagccttc tcgagtccag cattttgaga tgtgcagcca     63960
     gaaatacaac cctcctgctt ggcaagagtg taggattttg gcaggctgcc tcatggccta     64020
     ttttagactg aaaagagcag agagaggtac ttctcaggct caagccagga ccctccctgg     64080
     gctaagtggg ctgctagggc cttgttttcc cctccaagag ggagagggtc aatgatgaga     64140
     gctggggcta ttttagggtg accacaaaga aggatttcag aatttcatgg caagaactgg     64200
     agtttagaga gctggttgac cccagggtgt ataatggggg cacgcaagca cgtacgtgga     64260
     atgtgtagaa aacaggctca ctggcctgtt ctgccttcca gaggtgccct gtgacctcag     64320
     gggatggttt atttgctaca aggctaccct gaacagacag cagtctctaa gaaaaccagt     64380
     caaaagaggc cagagacacg ggaatagagg ccattctgtg gctgacaggt gcctgctggg     64440
     tcggtgaaca aagtaatgac ggtgactcat gagacacaga gttgcctgca gcttcacttt     64500
     agactctgga gctgagcaga tgaactcctc acaagcccct tcatctgagt agaagggaca     64560
     gatggtggag atgccctctg tgggctacag cgagggaagc cgaagcccgc taaaggctgt     64620
     gtggtatgca gcctacgcgg tagggcaggc acctgatgtg gtgccacagc tcaggaggct     64680
     accaggaggg actagggtgg gagagcacac ctcgtcacca ctccccatca cttcctccgg     64740
     gacctttttt cagagatggg atggatacta atgatgttgg ccatggatat tcattcagga     64800
     agaggaataa aaagagttca gctctcaggg gcagtgcgtt ctccagtgtt tctaatgctg     64860
     tgcatcagcc cagcggtggg tcctccggtg ggactgcctg gtgtccgtag gactctcaga     64920
     atccccagct gtgtggggac agctctggga agtctgatat atccagggaa gtaaagggac     64980
     ccaaactgca aaggtaggag caaatcccag ccctactggt tcatagggtg acatttgcac     65040
     ccctgctaag gctgagaagg ttagacataa cggcagcgtt ggcacccttc tgtacagaag     65100
     gctgactgtg ccctgagcac tcttctctct atctcggccc tgacctatcc tgtccccttt     65160
     cgaccccgct tctctcctgg gccattccca gccttaagca cccatttgct tcttgtcctt     65220
     ccatccttaa accctggcac tggagcctaa gcagagatgc agaataggaa gagggtctca     65280
     ctgcaagtgg gcaaagaact gggtactggt acccaccatc acaccttctc tagcaggagc     65340
     cgcctaagcc atccctagcc cgtgggctgt gagctcaata tatcccccca ccagaggacc     65400
     atgagttctg ggtttgctct tgtccctcct ggtgatggca gtgactgtct gacacataca     65460
     gagacgtgta ccgggcatca ggcatggttt caagtgcttc tcctgcattt gcttcttaga     65520
     gctttgtgat ggtgttgagg ggaacaatag agactccaca taaaaattaa gaaagggtgt     65580
     cgtggatcaa ccaagttgct gaggccccca cttccaagtg tggccttgtc ttgttgtgtc     65640
     cattggtgtc catgagtgac aaacagacac catatatctt catgtggagc ttctctctgg     65700
     tctagaccca ctcattgcat ggatgtgcat gcatcatgca tacacatgtc aactgctgtg     65760
     caaacatata tactgctttc caagatagag gagagcagct ggccggaaga gaactacccc     65820
     gatgccaacc tgcccaacct gtggggctcc tctcgaatct atcaattccc ctctgtcccc     65880
     cagagcccag aagagcagtc tgcagtcagg agagacaatg gaaagcgaga cgtctgactg     65940
     gactgcaggg ccactagttc agggacagcc aaccttgggg cttccggcct ggcagtgtct     66000
     cactagcaca aggcttttta tagaggcggt gttaggcgaa cccaagtgag cgcaccatag     66060
     gccgcatccg gctgtggcgt acggaccctt tgcagaggtg gtctaaggag acatggcacc     66120
     cagggtgacc tgggtttgaa tctccccagc agctgacttg tcctgcccac agccacatag     66180
     cgtaacagga gcagacgatc agggcaactg aaaaaggaaa cgggctgcgc ccaacccagt     66240
     gagtgctatt attaaacttt tctctagcgc ccgctcccca ctcaggcttt tgccaccttg     66300
     tttatgagat tgtccctggg ccacccacaa agaatatgac cattgagagc tgctataaga     66360
     agaatggcac tggagccttt gcttcagaga accacccatg ggcttctctt gtctcagtgg     66420
     tagcagaccg aaaagttttc agaccaaatg tctgggggta tctagaatag taactctgaa     66480
     aacttcttat taggtcacct ggagcataag gtgaatatct gacatgcacg tgtcagaagt     66540
     caatgttggc tatagtaagt gcacattaac agtttggtag ttcgaggcct tgtaattctc     66600
     actggtccca agggagacca aagtctgtag agggaacaga tgggccaggt cggagctgag     66660
     gtgaaccacc caggagtgtg tgccctcgac gttccctgga gcatgctcgc tgctttctgt     66720
     gaggtgcaga gtagtctacc tcagcagcta gactgtgagc tgctggccag ccagctccgt     66780
     tgaggaggtg cctcttgcca caggactaga cttgtctcct taatcccagt gtcccctctc     66840
     accacccttt gtcctgcatt tcttcccact tggctgttag aagccagtaa agtaatgaac     66900
     acatgaagaa gagggagcaa aggggagctg gagaggatgg ggtaccccat cttaaggccc     66960
     actggagggg ctgaacattg ttcatagagg tttggggttt tgaagaaggg acctgctgca     67020
     tgtggctttc tcacatctgc cctggggaag ccacagtcca caaggcctgg gtccctgaag     67080
     tcaaggccac agtcctggtg ctgagcaggg ccctgtgagt gatgggtggc gactgtttcc     67140
     cccagagagg cgggggttgg gtaagggagt gtattaatag cagatgacag gcctcacagt     67200
     gactttagcg taattgtcga tttggggagt gccctggttg gagctggacg gtgagggagg     67260
     ttaagttcgg cctctttgcc tgattggcat ctcatgagct gggtgctaat cccttcagga     67320
     ggtcagataa gcttccagca gcgcctcatc tcaacgttag aggccaggtt aactctccga     67380
     ggggtggggg gacgactgca gaaagactcc caagtcagga gcttggcatg gcctggaata     67440
     gagcagaagc cctcacgagt ccacttcagg actggctgct gaaaaagcag tctttctgac     67500
     aagcagaagg ttcggagaga actgttggag acagctctag agtagaagag agctgagact     67560
     tcccccagag agacgtgact ttgggaggag gggtgaccca aaactctcct gttaggctac     67620
     tagtggcctg cggactcagg gtccctctca accaggttgc tgtgactctg gggtccttat     67680
     ccagcctggc agtccagggt aaatggcatt cactataccc tgtcaggcac ccgcagccca     67740
     caggtggcaa tgccaccctc cgccatcctc cctagacccg tgcacttgcc actggcctca     67800
     ggcagtgcta cagtagttct aagctccctt cccttctgca tcctgggggc tggttttctc     67860
     ctggagtctc ccccacatct ccccctcctc agcgcaggct cctactccac ttcttgtgag     67920
     gtttacatgc cacagtcggg ctctcttgga acctggttct tctcagaact gtaaagcacg     67980
     ggccccgtgc agggcagtgt catagccccg atgggcagtc ctgcacttta tggctgcctc     68040
     tccctgcagc acgccctcca ccattaccgc accgaggcat ccaagaacag cagtgcctgt     68100
     gagttccatt ataaactcaa ctagctgaaa cccacggaga cactgcaggg ataaattatg     68160
     cccaacgagc tctcctgttc aaaccagccc cctctgccgc cttgtcaccc ttcctgctga     68220
     catctcagca tggctccgta agcctactgc ttgtgcccta cctcctgcct ggcgtggctc     68280
     ctcctaactg cttcctgtga gcgtagaaac catggagact tgaggcaaat ggcttccact     68340
     gcacattcct gagatggggt gccacctttg tacaagatgc tcctgaaggc caagcaactt     68400
     gctgaccctg caggatgggt ccattgcagg cacctcttcc ttccaggcaa aggcctggca     68460
     tggatggggc ggaagtgctg ggaactctgt aaatgcttcc tcttcgtttt cctggacatg     68520
     gggttgcctg ggagacaaag ctcatggaag agactctgtc tggggcccag aatttctcct     68580
     ttgagatgtg gagggcagga ctagaccatg gtggggagca gtcttgagag ccaggcatcc     68640
     tgcctcccca ctctggcttc cttgctgctg tttggcgctt gatcccaagg tgatgccact     68700
     gacgacattt ttcttcttcc gtttgccatt gcacaaaggc tgggaagaga accaaggcag     68760
     ggttgagtga ttctttacgt ccccaggctc ttttccaaac catagctgag aaccaaggac     68820
     ctccctgtgg ccacatttcc ctcggaagct ccccccacag acacccagga tgcgaggatc     68880
     atctcagata cccccggtgg cacaccacgt tccattcact gcctcttgcc ttcagccaaa     68940
     acctggtgtt gatgtgacca gcacagaatg gagatactga ggcagccaac accgcagagc     69000
     cagaggggaa ctgattggtt tgcagagtcc tccatgttcc gagcagcctt tagagaaagg     69060
     cacactggca tgactgtaca cgctgcatca gacaccctgc tattcaccct attagtttca     69120
     ttctcttgtc tccataaatg aggcattaag tcacagagag gttaagccat tttcccaagg     69180
     ttacacagcc agaccagagg ttttaattcg cctgagccta tcgcctgtta cttctcatct     69240
     ttacttagtt ttcatttact tgactctcat tttgaaaggg cttttcaggt cctgtggtat     69300
     ttcccccact gccatcctgg ggacctggaa ggggttttat aagtccgatc cacttgtgtt     69360
     aaatgccact tgagagggaa cttctcaaaa acggggactt ctgagtcctg ggctcttctc     69420
     tctttcccct ccctcctcct tcccttccag atgtttattg agcctgtacc atgtgctttg     69480
     cccagtgcaa catcctggag atgtgcaagg agccagccag gggtcccagc tcccactgga     69540
     cgcacattta gtaggacaga cagacaacag tcaacagaca gacagggcag atgcaaggaa     69600
     aactcatagg agtgagccag ccatgtgggt gcccaaggag aaatattctg gactagagaa     69660
     acaccaaagt gcaagataat gcgctgtgtt tcagatctag cagaccatca aggagatgga     69720
     gagacgagga aggcagaatc caggctgtgc aggccgtggg aagaggtctg agatttgttc     69780
     cgtatgaagg aagaaccact ggagaaatgc aagccaggac cacctggctg cttctcagag     69840
     aacgggtttc agagggacca gggtggcagc tgggaagaca ggagatgagc ccagagttca     69900
     aaggaagggt ggtggctgtg gtggaggtgg agcgagtgaa cgcatggtgt gagtcagcgt     69960
     tgtgttgcta caacagaata cacggggtag ctacctcatg cagagagaag gtttaagggg     70020
     cttaaggggt tcaagtctaa aactgggact tagcctcagg cctctggtga gggtgccaat     70080
     ggtagtgaca ggcagcatat gctgggacaa actgtccaca agccaggaag cagaggaaga     70140
     ggaagagctg gggtcccaca gtccctttcg agggcacacc ctttatggtt ggcctcctgc     70200
     ttgattcccc acctgttaca ggtcctaagt gcctctccag tagtgctcct gtggggacca     70260
     cacctgtccc acacacttgc tttctgtagg cacactcttc aaagccattg tagctagaga     70320
     tgggtactag ggtcagtgcc cacaggtctt gctgcttctg ttgtgggata cagggaggag     70380
     ttgctgtgac tctagcatgg gaatctctgc tgggatcccg gtcagtgtaa gatgcctgtg     70440
     agaaacaagg aagccaggag atgaacatgt ctgctgctgg gagatttgct gcccggcttc     70500
     tgcatggcgg tcctcaggca gagctgagat tctgtgaggc cagggcactg cagggcacag     70560
     ttcccagagt agtgcatgct taaccagtgg ctggaaagaa tgcaagatga ttcggtgatt     70620
     catgaatgag ggacaggaca cacattggaa gacccaatgt tgcatgtcac ggggggcgag     70680
     aatttgttcc catcgatcca caagttgctt ctggggaaga gaaaactttc aatgtccttg     70740
     cgctatatag aggggcctgc tagaccctca gggtccttga cagtaccgaa cctggccacc     70800
     aactgctaca gtccagaaca agttgtacca tgcagagtcc caagctctga aaattttcta     70860
     tttgtgcaaa catggctcaa cctgagaaaa agctcctgca gctgactcaa tgcaaggctc     70920
     ttgcaggagg ttcaggataa gcaagaataa gggctgtctg tgtgtggctg gctgtggcaa     70980
     gtactttggc aaacacacag ggatccatag gtcaaaccta ttggtgcaga ggaagggtca     71040
     gattgtcttc agcacgtggg taggcagtgg aggtcaccgt cctttcatgg aagtagaagg     71100
     atgagcaggc tggtggcggg ggtggggaat cataaggaaa ctgggtcaga aaatgtctgc     71160
     cttcacagag ggaccggcgc tctggactgc caggcctgga ggtggactca aacagaaaag     71220
     ttaactgctg gttgtggtta taaacagaca ccatgctaag gggctcaggc catacctcgt     71280
     aagctgcagg agtctccagg gtcatgaaat gcggcatggc atgcctcagg attgtgatga     71340
     ggaagctggg tgaccaacca ggacacctca tgttcagcag gaaggatgag actggaagct     71400
     aggcagagag gaagaggagg aggatgcgac ctgagagttt aggagtggac atgacagtca     71460
     ataacataga acatcttctc tgtgctcctg ttcaagagca gtaggcgtgt ctcgcggtct     71520
     gcacagctgc ctctgcagaa gccttccaat cccacctgag aggtgaagac ccttgcacct     71580
     cagctccaga gtttcatcag ttcagggtgc agctagagtt cagagctcag gtgttgaatc     71640
     catggttgag cacttattca ctactggctc caggcccagg cttctgcagt acagtagacc     71700
     gagagacata taccaaagat acagtgggag gaaagcacat ttttgtttgt cttgagtttt     71760
     ataagacaat aaatatacta cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacagaca cacaccattc     71820
     ttcatagccc aggctgccct cagacttatg gccatcctcc tgcctcaggt ccccaggggc     71880
     tgcgattgca tgtacaaccc accaccatgc ctgatgaaaa gcgtagattt ggagatgaga     71940
     gtagacacgc ctgattcaga agacataaac agagtggttg tgggatgctg gtggccattt     72000
     gcaagcaaga gatcgggacc ttctgattcc caggcaatat gacagctttc tggcgaaact     72060
     ggccgccttc ctcttgagca gcctagaggt ggccccaggc acacacacac ctggtgcagg     72120
     tggctaagtc ctagtttcca gtgaccacat gacagggtgc agactgatga cagagagcct     72180
     tctgtgactg ttcagacccc caccagagca aggaccccac ctgatctgga ctcccaggtg     72240
     gccgtgactt tctggttctt gatggcctgc tctgtgcgaa aaggacagac tgtagagtca     72300
     cctcacctcg gcctttggct tttttttcct tggagggaag ccaggctcta gctccccaga     72360
     gcagctggtg ccaggaacct tgacggttct atctccaaga aaaaagcttg ttttaaaaaa     72420
     agcaatgtct gcttccagag ctgccaagcc gccaagtgga tgggagcggc gtgtctccct     72480
     gttggtttga gggtatcttc ctgttagttt gtgggtaccc tgcaggcagc accgtgtatc     72540
     cctccactcc cagtgctaac ttcctctgac ttctgcgtct tcctggatcc ccacaaacac     72600
     tctgtggaga gcttcaggga aactgagctg caaagtgcga gcgtctgcat tccgccctgt     72660
     cctcccctct ccagcgactg ctcactcaaa tgctcccttt ttgttgaata agcaaaaccc     72720
     cgagtaaatg tattccttgg atctcatatg aaaatgcgag gtaattgttt cttttcgcta     72780
     ttgtcaatat gtttcagttc agttccttga actttgccct cagctcctcc tgccagctcg     72840
     gtttaacata taggtcaccc cacccccatt ctcacccttt ctaacagaac ctcatccccc     72900
     acccctcccc cattccaggc cttgggagtg accattctta catggggcaa atgaaggaga     72960
     ggggactgct gggacccact tttatagctg ggtccctgcc tctgtctata cttgatccag     73020
     gatcccatgt cactgggctc tgtccagtta tagaaatcac cctggactca gaagtaatcg     73080
     atgtgattaa tatccaggtc ggggtataat tagctgtctt gatttaatgt cactgtggct     73140
     tggagcattg ccagtgtgta tgtgcttttg tggctgctgc ctgaagcagg gcagtgaatt     73200
     ggcctctgat cttgaccatg ggacccgatg ctaggcatct tagacctctg ttcccttcgc     73260
     caggggatct ttgtcctgat gtcggctctc tagggcattg cggtcagtga tgttgcaggc     73320
     tcaacctggc tcagccggca gtcatcctta ccactactcc cttccctgag gacagaaggg     73380
     cagatgccag cctcctagcc atgttgccag gtcacttagc cttagtgtct caacctgctt     73440
     acccaagata tgggcctatg gcatcctctc tcacatctca tgtagctgac agaagtgaaa     73500
     tcgaaggatc ttgggctggc aatggagtta ggtatcgctc atatgagtcc gttcgctcgc     73560
     ccctgcccct gggtcacaca gctgatgacc agtattcagt cagagctcag cactttcctg     73620
     gcattgcctg caggcccacc tgtctcttta accataagca tatgagaggg acacacctct     73680
     ccctatgtga tggtggacag gcagatggcc cttctcctgc catatgctac aactcagttg     73740
     gggcatttgg ggctgagagc gcttgtatcc caggacatca gatgaggagg tgcccactgc     73800
     tgagcagcaa gctagtctgt ctgtgctgtc ccctcctttc cttcctccct tcttccctct     73860
     acccctccct cacctgcact cccacactaa gtttgtgtgt tgtcatcagt gttggggatg     73920
     gaacagacag gggaagggct ctcaccctgc acattcatct gtaggcagag catagcaggg     73980
     acaaaggtct gccctccctt gcctgggatg aagaggcctg tgagtggtcc agtagtgagt     74040
     accattgcag tgtaagggga cagggagctg gcaagactgg aggcagagac attgggaggg     74100
     gggtttaggg gatctcagac tcagagttat ggaagccaga ctcgggggac atttttatct     74160
     tgggaacatt tattgtgcca gtaaattgac aagagtctgg gtggcttagg ttgttgagca     74220
     cagggactca gagtctttcc ctccacctgc ctttacctgt ccgtgtgaca cctggttcac     74280
     cagcctgagg gtggaaaaag ccagagggac acatattagc ttccccaacc tctccttctc     74340
     tgagaagctt ggttaaattg ggggtccatg gaaaaccgga gtctagcttg ggattcactt     74400
     tagccccttc tgggtcacag aatgacttcg agcccgcccg cccgcccgcc ctagcccgcc     74460
     tcctcttgag ctggctttcc gcttatctta atttattgat gaaaacttgt tttacggtcc     74520
     agagcacaga cggcagcagc tccttgccaa aagaaagcac ggtgcaaatc gggaaagcaa     74580
     gccgcctccc ggagatgggt ggctggggac cctgaggcca gcagtggggg agcatgtctc     74640
     agtgatgcgt acttcacggt ctacctgggg tgacaggact gctctgggag gccagttact     74700
     gccgaccatc cggccacctg gtacgagggc agagcaacac agggtccagc acacaggacc     74760
     gctctgcctt ccacccccat cgttcctggc ttcagctgtt ctgcctgcct ccatcacctg     74820
     cgtggatgcc gactgcaggc cataaatacc agtaatggct cccgtttata gctgtataca     74880
     aggcaccgtg ctaggaagtt tattttcatg aatctaattt aattttgacg acagctctgg     74940
     gtggtatgta acattaattc ccatttaaga tgtgcgcact agagaagccc cccagctggt     75000
     aaatgtgaac ttgaaagcag ccagagttgc ctctagactt cctgacccac actgctcggc     75060
     tctggccagt ggcatcctct gcgttatagt ctagccttag gactaggtgg cttgggggct     75120
     ctcagggttg ggcttggttc atatacctgt ggggcacctg agggtgctga tgggtgggga     75180
     actagcaggc tttccttact gctcttttct ggaagttgcc cgtgtacctc ccactgaaac     75240
     tccatgtcct tgtgggtaat cacagcatcc ctcttcaccc catccatcac ctgtggtcac     75300
     catgtagata aaggctgggt gccaatgagc tccagtgtcc tcatctacaa aaggggatag     75360
     caactctgca cctgccaaga tagggttcct gaaagtgctc tctgcaaaac aaatggccca     75420
     gggcacttgc tgttggtttc tgttctgaga cagaggaggc tagagaagag ctgtacactg     75480
     gtttgttttg ttcttctctg cttgtctcgc agaaggacag ttaggactct gacacacaag     75540
     cagcaaagag tagggtcatc tgggatgaat tacataccac ctccacctcc agtgtgtcta     75600
     ccttgtccat ggcctcccca gcctggggcc ctgacacttg tcctcacctc caccttcctc     75660
     tgcccctcca ttgctcctaa aactgtctag gtcacagctg ctggtgggga gccctggtct     75720
     gggagccctg acgcagcacc ctgcttgcgt ttcccaccct ggttggtgtc ccagctctcc     75780
     atgctgctta acacaccatt cccacttctg ccaactcata ttgagtgaga agttgttgga     75840
     aaagcagaat aaaataagct ttggaattct ctaggtccgc aggaggcaca ctcagacaca     75900
     gtggtgagat tgggaagatg gtgagttgcg ttggaaacct aggctcctgt ccactcatgt     75960
     gcaagtaaag acaggctgct cagctcctcg gattcttact cccatgagtt aaagacttgg     76020
     ggagataaga gaaactacct ctggtggctc cagctcctaa ctgggcatga agacttgatc     76080
     agtgctgtct tcatccttgt tgtagtccct ccatccctct gtcatcacgt ccccagcatt     76140
     gtcattagcc cttctttctt gcactgagcc acacctgtag cactgcatag tactaagcta     76200
     ggtttggctt ctcagctgag ttgccccatg tgggactagg agagtatacc tccaagcctg     76260
     ctaatacaag gcaccatgtc taccttcctt cctaaaatag gtctgtgttc aaggggttct     76320
     cctcactcct tttaggagcc cagtggaacg cttaggtgta aggtatggta ggtacacgga     76380
     ggctggccat gtaggttgct ttgctctttg gcttctctgt gccctgggtc catcatctgt     76440
     gcctccttga gttgggaaga gtgggtgggg catcagagac gaggtgctcc gatggggttg     76500
     atgctcagta gcccccgagt tcttgaccat gacctttaca aggaggtggc agagatgggg     76560
     tgagacagag gctctgtggg cagggcttgg ctctacgtgc aagctgtatg accatgactg     76620
     agtatgctgg gtgacactgg ggaccatcag ctttcagcaa gagtggccat atgcatcttg     76680
     gaaggcagaa ggtgacccac aattccatct tacacagcag gccaggctct tggcacaagt     76740
     tgagagggat ctcaggtcgt cacttaagtt ggtgctgaga ccatctctgg cagagaccag     76800
     agcctaactg gccatgtccc ccacaaagca tgtcagaaat gccgctcttc tggcgtgggc     76860
     gggtgcagct ctggctggca gttcagtcag cctgtgggcc tctgatccct caagaagaca     76920
     gatcacaggc tgactgtgcc aaagggctaa agcagattgc atgtggtctc aggcgaggga     76980
     cagacctgat ggcttgctga tttctctctg tgtagttata gtgtcatttc cttgactcgg     77040
     gtggccaaag attcatactt gtgctggcct tccctgtggt gagggacaga gatagtggca     77100
     caaaatgaca aagtgctgtc accatatagc ttttgcccat gtctggaggc ggggcaaact     77160
     ttcccaacgc aggtgagcag gctctggccc tgtttggggc aggggggagg tgaatcacag     77220
     gcagactgag ctcttccata agatgtaatg tgagctcaca gtccccttgt tccttgttcc     77280
     ttgttcccca aactttcaaa aagtttcaac aacagcccag taccttgtgc cgtatttata     77340
     ttccaaggag ctccaggcac acagcaggca tctgcctgct catccctgca gtgtccacag     77400
     tgctgagagg tgcttctttc tgtctcgttc agagagcaga gaagcatcgg aaggctcaag     77460
     ccgcctgcca gggtgcacta cctcaccaac ccttggtttc tggtctcgag gttaggctgc     77520
     caatggtcct gccttctccc aaggtgaaat atttgaccac cacctatgat gtcatcctta     77580
     cactgcctcc ctgacagacc cagccaagca cttcccccgt tgcctatcat gaagcacaca     77640
     tgggaacaga gcagaaatgc tggtgtcttc agtgtctttt tccctaggtt tagaaagctc     77700
     tggcaagtgc tggagtcccc agggctgccc acttcgcagt gaccttggaa tggagatggc     77760
     accttgactg tggttccagt ctgcatccgc agctcttccc tgctgtaaaa gcttggggat     77820
     atgtggcccc agggtacaga tgagtactgg tgagagctac tgactcctcc cccccccccc     77880
     cccccccccc cggcccacct cagcatgaaa cactagccta gcactaggtc catggccagg     77940
     taggttactg gatttggggt ggcctgaggc accatgctgt taactgccga acaagcctgg     78000
     ggagggtggg gagtaggcat tccagaggtc acggagttcc cttctaccaa aggaccattt     78060
     ttagtccagt gcactggttc aggaggcaga gagctggagt gcttgcctgg tatcagcatt     78120
     cctcttgggg ctttttcctg ggcctgccct gtatgtgtta gcccatgatc tcctgtgcat     78180
     tccaagctgc agggacaaca atccgaggaa caattgtgtg cctgtcgagt gaagctttca     78240
     gtctggggac tcagaccctg actcttgctg ccaagaacca gcgggaactg gttggattgg     78300
     tgaaaaccgg ggaacacaga gtcatacaag tatgccctgg tataccttct ccctgacacc     78360
     tgccgagccc catctcacct gaagccggtg gctaccaggc taggcagagc tcttggccta     78420
     gaaggtgcct gattgggaag aaagcgcgct tctgccaggg tgcaccagtg tgggaggggc     78480
     agcagtagta atcaatgttt atggactgtt gagtgatcgc tctccctata cacggctggc     78540
     aggtgctctg tgtcatctgg ggctctttgc cgtcccagcc acacatcatc ttgtggccct     78600
     tctgggagcc gatcctcaag ctttttgctt tcggggcacg ggcacccttg ggggcaggtg     78660
     tgacaccccc acccatctta gtgccacatg ggacactaca gcccatttca acaggtggag     78720
     agacactagc ttctgagaaa gctgatgggc ctgggaaggg tgtgcatcag gggagcctcc     78780
     ctgagcaggc gccctttcct cctgggggta gtgagcctgt ctttaagggc tgtgttggaa     78840
     caacacaggg taggtggcaa acagtccttg ccctttgctc tctaggaccg gcatcttcct     78900
     gcacccttca gtgaagccca ggacagatcc agattgaatc tgctcaccct tgaaccctac     78960
     caaccccatg tagagagcaa ggcactgatt ccatatgcca aagccagacc ccagcgtccc     79020
     atcagatgag tcatactcca acaaaggcac caggaccctc ccagagacaa gaggacagca     79080
     agccccgagt gccaccgcac acacacacac acacaccaag cacagtattc ttagtgtctg     79140
     tacagaacta gcccatgctg gaatcatcaa aatgtaactg ggttgtaggt tgcaggtgcc     79200
     ttatgcaatg tttatttgga ggaaaattag gcttagaaat atgggtgtga tctccctgtc     79260
     acccctgagc tggggactgt ggagtggagc tgtgaagaaa ttggagcttg tgaggagaac     79320
     aacatccagt gaagaatggc caaggagtgg tcctattcag tttgaaattc tgcacacact     79380
     caacaggcag ccaagctgcc gaggccacca gtcaaaccaa tggcgcttac aacgggctgt     79440
     gcccatgcga gaagtgcaga gctcagctcc gagggtggga ggggagcagt gcccgttccc     79500
     tccagctaga gtgactttca ctgtgagaca gatgagcagc agagggtgac tcagaggtga     79560
     aggatgtaaa agccctttcc taggccagga gacttgggag agagcgttgc taagtacaca     79620
     tgctcaaata tttaaaggcc tgtcacactc gttcctggtg agcctctcgg aaatgaggac     79680
     tgatgcatgt tagccacagg gaagtgggat ctacagttaa tagactcctt ccctggagtt     79740
     atatggaggg aactggaatg cagactgcag gcaaatgctc agatcagatg taggggggcg     79800
     cttcatggct gcctcccctc tggccctagc aaatctctgc agccaccatc ctcctgctgg     79860
     ctgggtgact ttggcagaag actctgcctt tgtcctttct tttccatggg tatggagttg     79920
     gaaacgtgct ccccggctcc cctcctcacc agccagcagc ccgtctgcct ctctttatgg     79980
     ctatgagaat gaatgagctg cagagaaaga gggccgcttg caatacaaag tagtagcccc     80040
     tctcccaccc tggtgagtgg agcgaatcct ctctgctccc cactgcaaag ttcttagcag     80100
     gttgtcctct ttcagggcca ggcagggctc ttaaaaggag ccagtgtgtc aggtggtgca     80160
     attaaaattg tcaggattgt ctctcttttt tgccttatct gctaatttat taactgccat     80220
     tatgtcttgg gcactgggag ccctcgtgtt cccatgtctc ctgctgtcca agaggggttt     80280
     cagaggcccg gggatggtgt agcgctgctg ctggaatcta cactcagaga ccatgtctgc     80340
     agcagctctc ttcaggtata ggaggtagtg aggctgaaaa ggccagtggt gtgcagggct     80400
     gtgtgctagg ctgggaacac catgttagga gttcctgacg gggtactggg gcttccagga     80460
     gtggagaggc cagggtttag agggagcttc tttcttgagt gggaatgtgg atgtgcatgt     80520
     gcccccgttc ctgagctcgc ccacccactc aaccccctac ccacccacct acccaccagt     80580
     cgctgaagaa acattcagtg ttccaagtat tttctgggtc cggtggtgga aggacaatgg     80640
     aagagcacga gtctgatcct caaaaggagc tgtttttttt tttttttttt ttttttttta     80700
     cgacagaagc cttgggaggg ggctagcatg aactcatgac cacgccctgg atcagtccac     80760
     tctgggaggg cccatctttc cccttgtgaa gggctgggtg ggtggaggtg atatggagtc     80820
     tgactagatg gggatagagt acccagacat gggtgaattt ggagcagccg tggccctgga     80880
     gaaatgggtg cctgtgtgga tgtcctacct gggggcagaa atatgcgtta acttgaccag     80940
     tcagtcagta tagccaacct gaagatgaga tgtgggcggt tagtatgtgg ctagcagtga     81000
     ggggagtttg gttgcagggc tagcttggcc tgtccacatt actttggggg cctccgttta     81060
     cctgctaggc atgtgctggg taagttcctt ggagacgaag aagcctgaga caggctgata     81120
     gactcgtgtc gtctagggag cctgcacctt tccttttgca ggcctaggac aaggtccaga     81180
     tggctgcagt gcatggacaa ggctggggtg ccattctcga ccacgaagac gtatcgtgaa     81240
     cagggcagac caacgtccca gccttgatgg gctgggtgca gacattaggt taggggtttg     81300
     tcttatcaag ttcgcatgtc ggtttctaaa tgaaactttt gaaaggccct tggttgagtg     81360
     agctaacaga ggaagcttct agcttaggag ccaccttagc ttgcccttgc ttagagacag     81420
     gttccaacca ggactggaca acgtgaagga actgaagacc ccacttggtt ggtgcttata     81480
     ctggctgaat cctgatactc ctgagtcact ctgcctcacc ccagattctc cagtctccgg     81540
     ttctatggtc atctcggctg agacaaccct ctggttttag aagggaattt tctcgaatgc     81600
     cacctactaa gctctctggc atccagcttt ggctgagctg ccatggcctt atgcttcctg     81660
     aatggtcccc accatgggaa taggggtggt tcctgccctc ctcctgcctc accctggccc     81720
     cggtattcag aatttagagc tggtttcctg tcttcatgtc ccaactgccc agggcaggcc     81780
     ttgttcctca accccacagt aaacctgtgt cagaggtcac ctcctctctc ttgcccacag     81840
     ccgtctacta gatgtgagct ctggccagac ctagcctgaa gtctcccaga gaggctgtgc     81900
     catcttacca tccttttcag gggcaccagg gagaatggga gtgctctccc tagcagcagt     81960
     gttcttaagg aattaagggg cacctggcct gcaggggggc tcaagacagg gttttcagcc     82020
     tctttggtat caggagctaa atagttctct gtggtaattt attttgagca ctgtagcttg     82080
     ttcaacagtg tcccttggcc tctgtgttct acatgccaaa agcattttcc ctctgctctc     82140
     ccacttcagt tgtgacaatg gaggtgtctc caggtgtccc cagcaagcag gaactctcct     82200
     ctctgagatc cacgggtcta gggggcagag gcagcattcc tgaagcttgg cttggcctgg     82260
     gttagaagtg aacagatcag aggtccaatc caaaccacag tttaaagagg atctggcctc     82320
     ggggaactac acaagaccta cgtgaggacg gagacctttt gaaaaagggc tccagcagct     82380
     ttctataggg taaactgaaa agcaggtcca ggagagacag acaggtctag tgtggctggg     82440
     ggcaggatgt ctgggtgtct attactggca ggcaggtctc ctagggagta gcagacagag     82500
     aaggagtagc acctgaagct acagagtggg ctttcatccc agcctggcag tgtctttcag     82560
     gtctccctag gaaaccgaag tcccactctt tgttttcttc ttgcctggag cctcaggtgg     82620
     ggctgggtca cgcagtagaa cgtttatgtc aacaggagac ctccgctccc caaccccaag     82680
     gacatgggtc acattatgca tgcctgtggc acagcaggtt gcccgagaga gctaaagggg     82740
     gcccagtggg gatgggaatg gatctggggg ctttggaagg agactgtcca ggagtctggc     82800
     tccccttctt atgctgggac tgcctggatc tcagccctca gtacctcagg tgggaagtaa     82860
     gatgagacct gagtgtgggg attcaggctc caaagccaat gcctgcaaag cctaaagacc     82920
     gtgttgaatg tcatggggtg tgaagtcaga gaaccaattg ggagaaacat ggccctgggc     82980
     gggggggggg ggggggggct ctgaactgct gaagtttccc atggacattc tcagggtcac     83040
     cacaggagct ccccaagaat agaggggacc cagcagacct gtttctgatg agcgggatgg     83100
     agaagactct gccctatagg tgccctggag gccagcatca gcagcaggat ggtggggcat     83160
     cttacagccc caggagtccc caggccaggc tcctccatcc caaacgaata cctgccctgg     83220
     agggtattca gttactcatt ctagggtccg atttatagag ccataaatct ttggttcaaa     83280
     atcatgaaat ttccagggta tgattaatga aagaaaaatt gagacggcag ctcagattga     83340
     agaaagactg ggtgacaggc tggatgcaag tttagggcat cacgggccaa cccaacactc     83400
     ttctgaacca gactggagcg ccacctagtg gtcacagaag gcattcacgc acgcccattc     83460
     ctgctgcaag gttttgaggt gatagtgtct ccctctgatc ctcaacatgg tctcattgag     83520
     gtcactctgg tgcagaagcc attatgtgct tctggtcccc gtcagctctt caaaaagctc     83580
     tatgtcttag aaatagtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtttgtg tgtgtgtgta gtctgggcca     83640
     ttctgttttc ccatttatca ggattctctt cagtcctcaa acccagctca ctctgaacac     83700
     tgcctgtgtc ccatgggaac catgtctcat cgctcctgca tactcacctg atgtgtggcc     83760
     accagctctt ccctagtcac cgcaggagtc cctgcttgtg ctctgtgctc actgcctctt     83820
     gtcctcagtg gcctctttgg ggaatagcag ctgtgatgcc tgtcagaagc atctgttatc     83880
     tcgtgtcaca ttcagccctg aggcagaaca cccacgtctt cctactacct tcaaggtcct     83940
     gttctatctg tcccctggct gcgatccctc ttttatcttc tgtctaccac atcccactgc     84000
     ggtcattctg tggctgtcac atagcggctt gtccctcctt ggtggacagg catggtccta     84060
     acttgaggcc tcttaacttg atgtatcctt ttcggaagca ttcttgcttc tttatatgga     84120
     cactcgatca tttcatttat ctgtgcctgt attggtcata tgtgtgtgag atcatgagaa     84180
     tctcctttct gtctaggcag gactttggcc agggctggtc actgcttcct cctggccctg     84240
     gcatttgatg gccgtgtgcc tggttagagt ctgtaggctg tatgagcgaa ggaaatgcag     84300
     atcctagaag ccgatgcccc ttcccctcac cctgggggtt aatgagtgta gaattccctg     84360
     cagtgcatgt ttcttccctg ctcccatgct gtcctcatta tacatagctc tggctgtcct     84420
     ggaactcact ctgtagactg gctggtcttg aactcaccaa gatcctccta cttctgcctc     84480
     ccaagtgctg ggattaaaga cgtgaaccac cactgccaaa gtaggattta ttagagtcgt     84540
     ttacagactg tggtccaaca attacaacaa tagccatctc ctctaagaat ccagtagttg     84600
     ttcagtccac gagtctggct gtctcagctg atttttcgta tataccagaa tccagaagaa     84660
     acaagctcta atggcagtga aggcatgcct gcaatagcga gggcaagcaa gcaaagagca     84720
     agcacttact tcttctatgt ccttatatag ctatgtagct gccaccagaa ggtgtggccc     84780
     agatctaagg tggatctttt cacctcaaaa gatctagatt cagggcgggt cttcccactt     84840
     caaataattc agtaaagaaa aatccctcac aggtataccc agcctcttga gtttgagtta     84900
     atttttgatg tggtcacatt gacagccaag aagaagagcc atcatattac tccatggaga     84960
     gggatctgca ccctggagtg tgtgaggtca caaagccagg gcaggcagag cagaggagaa     85020
     gcccacacct gtgactctcg agtccttact ttttcactct gtatggaaaa ttcttccact     85080
     tcaggcctcc ctcatgtcca cctatccttt ggtgattgct ccctccaact ggtgactctg     85140
     accaggatag tgatggcctc ttctaaactc ttgcaaccat tatttggagc cattgcatcc     85200
     tggtagatgc tgcgttttta ttgcccccgt tcagctggaa tggaggcccc tggaaggcag     85260
     gtctctaatg tggctgtagc ttttctggca cagaacactg tgtgttgtcg gtactcaata     85320
     catattggct gactgatgga ttggctccac agactcagca cgctcccaag gagctggggt     85380
     gggagtgggg agagcagaga gtgtcagctc aatggagcat caaaccgtgc gggcggggag     85440
     gtttgcagct gtgagtgggg tgttctccta gccagtgctg ctggctttag ttatagctca     85500
     gggggcgctg gtggagaggg tcagtttaca ggcccactcg ttctatggat ggtgaggtgt     85560
     gttaattctt attgctttga tgaaatacct gacaaaggca acttccagag agtttttgtt     85620
     tttgtttttg gggatttttg tggttcacag tttgagggga cagcccatgg ggctggagaa     85680
     ggtatggcag caggagcttg gagagagctg tttacattct accttaggga acacagagac     85740
     gctcgctctc cactcctttc tcagcgtatt aacccaaggg atggcgttgc ccccatttag     85800
     gctgggtctt cctgacccaa taagggcttt ctggaaacag ctgcatagat acacacagag     85860
     gtgtgtttct atggtggcac ccaccaagat gccaatgaag atgccaccaa cacaggagga     85920
     cagtgtggcc tcctatgtcc tgccccttag ccagtccatg agcacctttt atccctttac     85980
     ccatggactt gctttccaga cttcagaaaa caggggttac gtgacccttc tgttcagggt     86040
     agtgggaaac acccactgag gttttggctt tgagagccag tgacctgggt tctcccccgt     86100
     agaccaacca gtcataccca gacccagcct cccttctgag catggggtcc tctctgccca     86160
     gaggagtaac ctgacacaca tttgtgtagt tttctggttt cccccttcgt ctcactgaac     86220
     actgaagttg atcttcagag agacctcatg aggtatatga agctgcctcg tcccatttac     86280
     tgtaggggag accgaggcat gcagtgacaa gggggcatgt cataggcttt gggtctgtga     86340
     cagcgcctgg ctttttataa tcattttgta tctcagagtc agtggtgaga gacatgcatg     86400
     gggtggggtg gtctgggaga tgaatgtaag agctgtgctg gtctaaccag tttcttcttt     86460
     ctccagctct gtggctgtgg gctgcttgga gtgggcatct ggctctctgt gtcccaaggc     86520
     aacttcgcca ccttctcccc cagcttcccc tcactgtccg cagccaacct cgtcatcgcc     86580
     atcggcacca tcgtcatggt gacgggcttc ctgggctgcc tgggggccat caaggagaac     86640
     aagtgtctgc ttctcagcgt aagtcggccc tcgcgttccc ttcgttgctc tctggggctc     86700
     cctagctgaa gtccacagac attgcttcta gagcgttctg tccccagccc ttcctgtccc     86760
     cctctctctt tgacacatgc ctgggtttgc ttaggagtgg gtggtgccca cttccaggct     86820
     cccagcctgg aaaccctgcc catcccttat ctcccctccc ctgccccatt ctctgtcacc     86880
     acccaccccg gccatctcca ctcccctggg cccacgcttg cacttgtctt tccagttctt     86940
     catcgtgctg ttgatcatcc tgctggcaga gttgattctg atcatcctct tcttcgtcta     87000
     catggacaag gtaaacctcg cagaggcagg caagatggaa ggtcgccatc ttgacaccag     87060
     ggctgggaca ggggaacgcc tggctaacag atcctgcaga ctggtctgca ggaggcctga     87120
     gggtcccacc ctagccactt cccctccccg tctggaaaca ctgctccagc attcccagct     87180
     ggcccagtct gggttaggga ggagggccag tggcctggtc tcagctgacc tgtggtgttt     87240
     cccctcatct gccaggtgaa cgagaatgcc aagcaggacc tgaaagaggg gctgctgctc     87300
     tacaacacag agaacaacgt ggggctcaag aacgcctgga acatcatcca ggccgaggtg     87360
     cggctccagt ctgtgcatgg cgtaggatgg ggcagccata gtgcacctgt gctgttggga     87420
     gaaccacctg cactggacac ttgcctagac ctgaagggag atgctagcat gggatgctgc     87480
     cggggagggg taaagaggtg ggcgcacgag gcacatgatg cgtgtctcag gagtgggcga     87540
     gcctaacgtg gtgaatgaca ggagtcacca gatcacgttt ggctcaggtg acaggctctg     87600
     gtagtgacag gaatacaagt ctctgttgcc cgatgcacac cccacataga ccctgccaat     87660
     cagcttggga gggcccgtac tacaaaggaa ggaggtcaag gcactggtga gcaagtattg     87720
     ggctgggctc tttaactcca catctggtgc tcagcccaga gggacagcag cctttctggt     87780
     gtaggaaaga agagtcactc actacctctg ggggcccggc tgcagctcaa gaggggacaa     87840
     ggagacattc ttttccctat ccctgtgttc ttgggtgggg ttgacgtatc tggccttgtg     87900
     ccccacagat gcggtgttgt ggggtcactg actacacaga ctggtatccg gtgctcgggg     87960
     agaacacagt tcctgacaga tgctgcatgg agaattccca gggctgtggg cgcaacagca     88020
     ccaccccctt gtggagaacg gtgagactca ctgatcccct gtgcgctggc agcaggaatg     88080
     atgggaatta gtgcagtgtg ggatggagag agggctacac tggagtgaag ccagcagtgc     88140
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtacacatg cacgtatgtg caggactcac acttgggatt     88200
     cagaaggtaa ggggttggat ggggattagg cagtgcagct gcctgctgta agtggagcct     88260
     gggggttgga tgttgcttct ggggagggcc agggcctaag ggtagtaacg gactagaatt     88320
     cagaataaag acaggggcta gggcaaaatg acggaagggt tgggatggcc ccaaccagtg     88380
     tcgtgccagg accttaccct gtggttcacc cccccagggc tgctacgaaa aagtgaagct     88440
     gtggtttgat gacaacaagc acgtgctagg caccgtgggc atgtgcatcc tcatcatgca     88500
     ggtgagggga ccccgggcac ctcgactctg ggtggacgca agccagagcc accgccaggc     88560
     tgcagggctc cgagtgaggc cacaggcaat gggcaaaggt ggtgctcagt gctaggcggg     88620
     gccctgacat gctccgcatg agagctaaag gtgttcagtg tcccccgggt caccagcttt     88680
     acaggtgaca tgtggcacct tgggtgaagc cacaggtggc ccctgcctgc acctctgtgt     88740
     ctccacctgc tttcagggtt ttagctgagg agcgtaaatg ggatttgatg ttgttcaaga     88800
     cagttatcca agacatcact tcacgtgttc tagaaccaca gagcttgttg gcatgaatgc     88860
     caatgactcg aacaccccct tgctttcttc tttgctctcc cacctcagct cctcttacct     88920
     ccatggaggg tcaggtcctg tatgcactct gccttctccc cacacctcag gaatgtcatt     88980
     gggtgactag cttgggatct ctggtcttct gcacacatgg ttcaaaggga ctgaggtcca     89040
     ctcacctgtg tgcagtccca ggctaggtct ccagggtggc ctcccagaca gtatttcctt     89100
     tgttttctgg ctcatttccc agcacaccag gttatgcaca ctttacagta ggttctctag     89160
     ggcagtccca agcgatgaaa cggaggactg accccaggcc acaagagcat ccctttaaag     89220
     tcccctcctt ctcttccaga tcctgggaat ggccttttcc atgacactgt tccagcacat     89280
     ccaccggaca ggtaaaaagt acgacgcctg aggctgcggc agcgcctggc tccacccgga     89340
     cactgcgtgt gccagggaag aggacccgag tcatgtctcc tgcctgctct ccgatggcca     89400
     ccctgcacca cctgccggcc tgccctcccc tgcccacatc cttggcctta gacctcatgg     89460
     agggcagagg cccagggatg aggcatcatg cagagacctc agggcttggg caactggatt     89520
     cctgcacctg cagacttgcc aaagatgccg gggcgggcag ggtgtcagcg aggaagcccc     89580
     ttcaacgatg ggtgtctgcc cctggccttc ctcacactga cacttgttcc tatgtggggt     89640
     ggagagtctg ccccatggag gccactgccg tccatggctg cccagccaga gagcctgcca     89700
     gggtgcagtg tggcaccgcc aggtcaggcc ccctggagca ccctgcccgg gtttttatac     89760
     tatagtgtaa cttttttttt tattttactc tgattatgat tattcaggaa tattatctct     89820
     cagataagtt tagggttagc tctctgattt ataacttttt actgtgttga tttccataat     89880
     ggtttgagtt tccttttcct gtgggtgggg atgggtagag agagaggacc tccgtccacg     89940
     ttcagtcagg acacaccact gtgcaacact cacgaggctg gaggtagggt gagaagtgcc     90000
     agccgttttt ccaggactca ccttgaggga gagggtgagg ccatgatacg gggccctgcc     90060
     aggcctggag accatggatg aaggccagaa gaggctggtg gcatacacag catgggccat     90120
     gctactctgg ggtgagagga tgctgcctga accagggagc cacatcagca gggcatgctt     90180
     aggtcagggg acagtgaaac gctttgccgg gaggagtggc agtcagaaca ctgtggcatt     90240
     tcctcttcct ccctcggtcc tccgtgggct ttgacccgcg agcatcctgc atcccgaatg     90300
     gtcactctca cacattcctg ctgctgcaaa ttcctctggt tcagaccccg ctctcctcac     90360
     cctgatccgg agagtggaag cagacatgtt cctctgccca gactgaaaca gagtctcagg     90420
     acaacccagg aagggaggca gaccccacca gactcactca gttgcttact gccctgctga     90480
     ggggaaagga aagggccatg tgggtctcag gaccattcct ccttaggatc cattgctgtc     90540
     cacactgggg ggcagacact gtagcccatg taacctcaaa gacaagatac agaaactctg     90600
     agaagtcagg cttccactgc ccccacagca ttggggagaa gacccttgtt agatgcccag     90660
     tgctaggcca agcagtcttg ccaacactga tacccaacac atgtccttcc gtaaagacag     90720
     gggcctgtgg aactgactga gcacctatct gggatccaga tcctcactct ctctcgggcc     90780
     ttcacgtggt agctgctttt ctcgtgctat ttggctcttt acgctgtttc ccaccaggcc     90840
     aggtgttctc tggtctagca atgacatcca accaacctaa aacccctctg accaccttga     90900
     ataacagtga tgaccaggat gtggaacttt cagtacgttc aggattcaag ttttgggggt     90960
     gagagaggat agcggggagc tctcggcaga ttggtcccac aagttgccag ttccaggaga     91020
     tggaattgtg gtgttattgg aggaatgaca gctatcttcc cccaaggtgc agagttcagg     91080
     tagaaacaaa cagaaagcaa gcatggcgcc tgctgcatta tgagtgtgga tgggtagggt     91140
     gggtttgttt atgcctatct atgggtgttt aaaccttcat taacttcaac attgaggtcc     91200
     cactacccta ggaggcactt cgcctccctg cctcgtcaca tctgtagagt gcttcagggt     91260
     ggtgctggtt cctggagcct tagctgaagt cctccctcct caccaacctc acctcacctg     91320
     tctgttcagc agagccagat cataagtccc aaactgcctt ttttgtttta gctgtgtgtg     91380
     gttgcatagt catctgcaga gtcttcacgg cacagaggtc tccatgcaca gagtggatgt     91440
     cctgagaccc tcacttatcg tggggcaatg gccctcacat gctagaagac cacaccgagt     91500
     aaggctaggg gagatggctc agctcttctc tgacactctt gggtctgagt tcactgaggt     91560
     cctgccatga aatctccctt acctgcggcc tcccttgcct aaggcagagc cgtttccttc     91620
     aggtaccaca caagcaattt gcagacctga ctcagaaagt cctcttggtt tgcaggtgac     91680
     ctcaaggaaa tgcctggcgc agcctctggc atttctccac agccagctgc ctcagtgggg     91740
     ctcagagggt agggtctgga caggtgtctg gtgcaggtct ccttgcgcct ctgtactctg     91800
     cgctggcaca ttgtcatcct gtctccgcca gcctggacca gcacctcagc tgtccccctt     91860
     gcacatgctc tggcctgact taagagttaa gtggtcaagc ccccagctca cttcaggtgg     91920
     atggaattgg ttgtcccctc ctctctggac ccctgcccac cctctggtgg aggtgctaac     91980
     tagcagggac atggcacagg acagggagct gggtgccaga tgcttggggt ctgttctttg     92040
     ccccacggcc cctggcatcc cttctcatgt tcccgttctc tcatctccct cccctcctcc     92100
     atgatggtgg cattctggcc tcaccttcct gagtgggcat tctgagggga gaggcctttg     92160
     ggcctccact tgccttgctg tcccttggtg gccagagagc caggagtgca cgctattggt     92220
     ttcgaatgca ctttctgctt gcaatgcctt gtctgcattt ccttcatccc aggtcccgct     92280
     ttaacgaaca ccatgttttt agcatgtttt taaataaaaa ctgatcatgt gtcaaaagca     92340
     caaccagact gttatttagt ggtgtgtttt ctccctggag ccatggccaa gatggaggga     92400
     cccagaggaa gaccagccag tcagtcccct gtaagtggac ctcatatctt tcctgtagcc     92460
     caggtttcag atttgccagg gtgaatggat ctctgtcccc tctatggagg cctggagaat     92520
     cctaacacat acacctcttg cttggtgtct gacaccagct taagcaggag tttccaggga     92580
     cccaagcctt ctgcatgaga ggctgtcatt tcaccccagt gaaatgtcac ctcagtgtca     92640
     cccacagttg gctggtcctg tgggaagagt gagaaacagg cccttacttc ctgtgggtga     92700
     aggctctcag gataggaaca ctcttacccc aatctccctg ctgcttatga aggttccttt     92760
     gggcacggcg tcttttccag aagtgtgggg gaacctcatg atgtcctttg tcccaggcaa     92820
     cagcctttga ggtagcttca gacaccctcc aaggaagtct ggaaataaga gtctgagaat     92880
     agttatggag gaagcagaag cataacttga ctggcaggca tgtcagccag tcctggggac     92940
     ctccatgcct ctctggtatc agagtctcct gctgctcagt tgggttctgt tttgggggca     93000
     gatgaagaca gtccagagtg ccacaagggt aggcgtgtag aggttgaaat ggagatgagg     93060
     cagttccaaa ccactccaga tgtgcagctg tgtctccctc tctcaagggg gtggccaggt     93120
     agacaccaca ttgtcccaaa ccatcaacct agagtggtat gcttccagga ctttatcttg     93180
     agttttgggt taaatccaaa ggtctcgcta gagtccctgg gaacctccct agacttatcc     93240
     agaggaagga gtctggtaat ccccatctgt tgagggtcag cagggtcata ggaattggca     93300
     aggaagctac ttctcatctg tccatttgct cctacacctg tccccagggt gtggccacat     93360
     tagctggtat ctgccaggtc agggtgctgt ctgtctactg gtggtttact atgatacagt     93420
     aacccctttg ttagtccttt gggtaaataa gccaagccag aatagtcagg ggcctctgga     93480
     atcttctgat gacaggtata aagtcaagag gatcagggga aggagtggct tagattactc     93540
     tggagacctc tttcttgacc attagcctgt gatgtgggag aatagcctcc cctctgtgct     93600
     tagtgaagac aagaaaggcc ggcttaggaa ggatagctaa aacagcatgg cacccagaga     93660
     cagtgctacc agaccttggg agccagacca ggacagcata gagaagatat caagtcaccc     93720
     acagacgtga atttaaactt gcacctaata cctactccaa ggggtcgata tcacagatca     93780
     agctgtctaa tgggggtggg gggtggtcac agtggaaagc acaaggttac actagtaatg     93840
     gtattctcag gattcaggat ggctttgtgg gtcaagctgt gaccccccaa cttgccttat     93900
     gagagatctt ctagaggaga ttctgttgag gctaataaag gaatagttaa cttggtgaga     93960
     ggtgcaaggg gagtgtctga agcaagaggt ccctctcctc tgtacaacct catagaccag     94020
     gtcaagaacc caatcgtcca tgcaggagtg atagaacttg aggtttcgag cccaagtcaa     94080
     ggtgtttagc cttggccttc ggtgagatat ccacctgaga agggacagcc tatctgcagg     94140
     gatttagagg ggagatgagc tgtgggggtt aattagatct cctggtgggg ggagcatttc     94200
     cattcacctg aatcattcat cgtggacagg caggtgacta gttgtttgca ctgatagatg     94260
     tgtgtgttat ttatctgaca ggagcacttt aaggaaggaa gaattccttt gggctcacag     94320
     tttgcgggtg cagtctatca tggcaggaaa tacagggcgg caggatgtga gtgagctggc     94380
     cgatccatgt ttgtagtcgg gtagcagaga gaatgaatgt tggtggtcta catgcctttc     94440
     tttatttaat ccggtcctgg atcccaaccc gtggaatggt accatccaca ttcagggtgg     94500
     gtcttctcag ttacatccct gtagacatgt ccagaggtgt ttccatggtg attctaagcc     94560
     cagtcaggtt gacactaaag atgaaccaca gcagcgagag atcatattgt ctggccctga     94620
     ctgcaagagg tggcagaagt tcttgtgtga catcgccaga tcttggtgtt tgtactgcta     94680
     ctcagacttg caaaatactc ccacaaatat cattcagagc ctctagaccc cagacacctt     94740
     cctcacctgc atgccttaga gaagtaccat ggagagaggc agagctgtaa tttggggatt     94800
     gaactgggag ccccagctag tctctgatct tgtcttgact ttgccatcaa caaagtgaga     94860
     atgatgccta tcatacagat atgtgaagat gacataaaag aatttatgtt ccattaaagc     94920
     ttcatccaac ttaaagaaga aaatcatggg agtggggagg tggctcagga gttaagagca     94980
     ctccgtattc ttgcagagga cccaggtttg attcccagca gtcacatggt agcttccaac     95040
     cattcataat tctagtctga ggggatccaa aaccctcttc tgagttttgt ggacaccagg     95100
     cacacatctg gggcaaatgt cttcatacag gaaaaagaca catacacata aaaatgaaaa     95160
     taaatcttta aacattttta aaagaacaaa atcatgtcgt tggccagaaa atggttgggt     95220
     catcgtatta aataaggcag attcatacaa atatcacact ttttcttggt atgtgtaatc     95280
     tagattttat tgaaagaaaa agctataagg agttataaaa gagagggacc aaagaggaca     95340
     cagagggatg accacaatat gacccaaact tccctttata cgatgaatgc acactattaa     95400
     acttagaggg gctggagagg tggcatagca gttaagagca ttgctcttcc ataggtccca     95460
     ggtttgatta ccaacatcca cacgggcagc tcacaaccat ttgtagctct agttacaggg     95520
     gagctgatgc cctcttctgg cttctatgga caccaggcat gcacaccgtg aacagagaaa     95580
     accacaccca tacacataaa atcaaaataa taaaaaggtg taaaggtatc cagcttgttc     95640
     ctggactagt gcaaatactg agtcctgaaa ctaaaggcag ggtccacaga aaaacattac     95700
     ccattaccca ggctgaaagc cagggacaca ggagggtgat gtggagaggg gagtagatgt     95760
     tttagggaga gacagagggg tggagaaaga gagagggagg gagggaggga gggagggagg     95820
     gagggaggga gggagggaga gcgagagcga gagcgagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     95880
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     95940
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga acattgaaaa gagcttacta     96000
     gatatgcatc cagggcctta gctcagctcc agctggctca gcaccaccac tcaataatcc     96060
     acagaagtca gattaaataa atgtcattca gacacaaaaa tattgacatt ttccccatcc     96120
     cttcaagcat tcagcaagat ggggaggctc tctggatttg ctgagtctga cagtcatgag     96180
     atggcccatt gtctccctaa gccaggaaaa agaatagcag tactctgcag gcctgcctgc     96240
     agggccaact ctcttgcctg aagatccccc cataagaaat gctcctttgt accctcagag     96300
     gccaacagag agctgaggtg cctctggggt agctcaaggc acgggctgct ccctctctgc     96360
     agctctgggc atagaataga gaggtgactt ggttgaggaa gctcccgact ggatcttgtg     96420
     gtcagcacct gttgcccaga atttttttct gggtagagag ttttggaact tagtctgggc     96480
     tgatgttctg tgaagccctg caccaggtgg ttaaagtgag aagcagctac ctttgtagct     96540
     tagtggcatc aggaagcccc ctgtcttttg tctgattcct gttcagactt tctacattga     96600
     attcctggag tttggacata tccttaatat atagaaacat atttttcaag caagacctat     96660
     gctactacct aaggactcag ccatgctact acctcctggc catccagggc aagcacgctg     96720
     catgtggcat ctggatgtca gcttagggtt ttctaaagca gttagagaat ttgaaagtct     96780
     gatggaggac tggggatgtg gctcagtgat aaagcacctg cttaatgtgt ggaggccttg     96840
     ggttttatcc cttaacacca caaacaaaac aagcaaacaa gcaagcaaac aaacaaaaaa     96900
     caaccctcag accagtggtg gttgttcaac actcttggtc atggctgttg tggtttggat     96960
     ctgaaatgtc ttccacgtgt cccatgtctt gaatgtttgc tcttcagttt gcgactctat     97020
     ttcaaaggcc gtggaacctt cagaaagtgg agcccatctg tagaaaggaa gtcattgaag     97080
     gtcacactta cccttggtgt cagtttctgc ttcctgtcag tcaccagtga acaagctgct     97140
     accacaagcc ctcacggcca cagactggcg tgtctcccgg atgcgatgga ctgaaatctc     97200
     tcagaaccca tgagccctaa caaacctttc ctctctcagg ttatttctgt caggcagttt     97260
     gtcacagcaa tgagaaaagt aatgccctga ttttgtgaga ttcttactac ggtaatagtg     97320
     tttgcccctg gctgatgggc agggtggatt gcaagccaga tgcacatgcc tgatgcaagg     97380
     gctctgcctg ggtccacagc tgttgtcttc tttctgccgg actcattagg attccaacca     97440
     gaggcagaaa caggaaaatg cagcaagtga tccctgtatg tttataacta ggcagaaaag     97500
     agctccaggc tccatgagca ccttccctgt gacatcctgt taggcaccca gggctgctat     97560
     aaagtgctgg cattttctgg gaagtggtgg cacatgacac atgacaggcc agcctgaagc     97620
     cccaggcaga tcttgccatt gctcatgccg cctgtgcacc ttgtcagctg ccagagccat     97680
     ttacacagca attgtgagcc accattagta acagcagttg tgaacatcat tagtgacagt     97740
     agttgtgaac accattagtg acagcagttg taaacaccat tagtgacagt agttgtgaac     97800
     accattagta acagaagttg tgacaccatt agtgacaaca attgtgaata ccattagtca     97860
     cagcaattgt gatcaccatt agtgacagca gttgtgaaca ccattagtga cagaagttgt     97920
     aaacatcatt agtgacaaca gttgtgagca ccattagtgc tgctcgtctg cagtggggaa     97980
     gagtgtgcaa taccacttac tttccttggg tgtgtctgtg cacttgtgtg cacatgtgca     98040
     cactcatagt aatactgaag ggtaagcaga gagctcactc tagtgggaga gaggacaata     98100
     aaaatgtctt agaccagggc caatccccta attctctctc aaataccaag gggctctgct     98160
     gtgattggcc aggccctgga gctccctagt agggtagatc cccatgtatg ggtggcccag     98220
     ttccatccgt acatggcaag tggccagacc tcctaggatt gctcacagtg agtcttctcg     98280
     ggtctcattc ctccaggagt ccctatgtct tagggttcta cagcccagct taccccacca     98340
     gacctcagct actcccagaa agagtagcaa atttaggagg tggtatgttt tcatccaaaa     98400
     agacaaaata ctgtcttcta ctcctatatc aagaaagctg gtgcataagc aagcattcca     98460
     atctggtttg ctttcggttt tttgttttgt tttttatttg cttttttact tattacactt     98520
     gtgagagggg acatacgtgc tgagcttgct tttggagggc agaagagaat tttgaagagt     98580
     cagttcacac cttctaccgt gaggtccagg gattggagtc aggtcaccag gcttgtcgcc     98640
     atgtgccttt acaaagcacc gagacgaatc accaattcct tttctgtttt tattaaaatt     98700
     ttaaaagtgt attactttta ctcttggaga catggtctta ctatctattc cctggcttgc     98760
     ctggaactca ctatgtagat caggctggac acatactcag agatccatct gcctctactt     98820
     cctgagtgtg gggattagag gtgttcatca cacctagcct gtttgatttt ccccactctc     98880
     tgacttcccc tccccactct gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ggagagagag agagagagag     98940
     agagagagag agagagagag agaagagaga gagaggtgtg tcagtgggta cccatgatcc     99000
     acggtgtgtg tgtgtggaaa tcagaaggca gcctcaggga ttaagttctc tccttttacc     99060
     atgggttctg aggctccaac tcaggctgtc aggtttatgc aacaagagct tttacctgtg     99120
     gaatcattgc ttgtatccct tcccttccct tcccttccct tcccttccct tcccttccct     99180
     tcccttccct tcccttccct tccctcccct cccctcccct cccctcccct cccctcccct     99240
     cccctcccct cccctcccct cccctcccct cccctcccct cccctcccct cccttccctt     99300
     cccttccctt ctagcagatt gctacactag ctcagggtgg cttggaactt gttgaataac     99360
     ccagtctggc ctcaaacctt tagcaatcct cctgtctcag cctctaaagt actgccccag     99420
     gaggaggccg attcagtgcc atctcacgtc acgaaggtag caggtacgcc ttgtaggaaa     99480
     ttgtgaccat gctccctgac tgaagactgg aagctggaag cagaacacac ttgattcagc     99540
     tctctgcctt cgtcagcagc ctgaagtgtg ggattaatga tactcacaag cagaagagat     99600
     cattcaagta catacaagta aacagtgaga tgctgaatga gcggcagcct gttgccgagg     99660
     taggggagcc atgacctaca cggaagcttc aggggcgcgc agtgcattct gtgaacagag     99720
     ggcccagggt ctccttgcac caccagatcg gcagaaggtg ctccacggta aaacgtcctt     99780
     tattattgac tccataagga caaggcactt gagcatgcac ccatcaggag agaggcacat     99840
     cccataactg gagcttcact gtaagtggca ggttaaggca acttctgtct ttgtagcatg     99900
     tctaataatt cacattcacg ggccagctag acccaggagc ccatccggct tccaaacaat     99960
     gggccctctg gaatctctgt cagtactggc gtgggataca agcaagtttc acaggtgtgt    100020
     aagcagtagg ggaaggatga cagaggcatg gcatccagct ggacatgcta gagtgaccag    100080
     gaggcagcaa agccacccca aggcatatag aaaagggtgg tatctgggag tctaaggggt    100140
     accttttcat ctgacctact gaccaaagtc atagactcag cggggcaggt gtgttgagca    100200
     tgcaccgtcg agaagcacgt acacagctgg ttgccaacca ctctgtggct ggcttcatcc    100260
     caccctctct gtggacccag ggggaatcat ctcaggttgc tccatatgtg actcaggcca    100320
     ggtggcctgc atgactttgg gcacttggag gctctgacat ctgaaggaag ggggcagtgt    100380
     cctcacgtgg tccattctgt ggctcagtgt ggttgtccac tagtggcatc accgctccct    100440
     ggggacttag caggaatgcc acttgttggc tctgggttga gcaaccctgg gaaggcagag    100500
     tcctgttctg agggctcctc tggaggtgct gagggggcag caagtgtaag acacattgca    100560
     ccggccatgg agggagggca taagagccac ttggcagcca caaagctggc tgcttttctc    100620
     ctgaacaact tcagccgccc tcccttctct tgcctctttg cccctagcct agtagagcca    100680
     acaggcaagg gggcaatttc aaagctggca ggttctcact gatccattta ttcaaaacct    100740
     tggaagctgt ccagagaggc agattctgag ttcaaagtgg ctcatcacac tggcctgctg    100800
     tgcatacccc cacatccggc atctttagga gctgagcccc tatggccatg tgaagggtga    100860
     aggcactcag gacaaaagtc accttgtgtc cactcagaaa caacaaataa tcagaatagg    100920
     agcttgggag ctgggcaaga aggtagagga gagcctggcc tgaggggagt ctcagcatca    100980
     gcatccaggg cgcctccata cctgggtgac tctgagtgga tacagtgtga tccccacatg    101040
     gtgtgactcc catctttatg gagagtgatc tctaagacag tccctgttct cactatcatg    101100
     gctctgaagg accccagagt gtgctccggg ccattcctat gagccctggc cttcttagct    101160
     gctccagagg acctggttgt cgttccgaaa tgagacaggt gtctgcttta acagaaagct    101220
     gttgggatcg gccatgcagg atgctcccat ccaacctggg aggtgtcaag gctgccacta    101280
     cttggccaca ccacgtagga cactctgctc ctgaatacct ccctggcagc tgtggcagct    101340
     ggtgctgggg aggagaggca cccagacaag atttctttag gtccacctga ctggggccat    101400
     ggcaacagca atcaccactg atgtccagct tgtccaagcc ttagtttctt catcaacaga    101460
     atggggacta tagcacatcc cgttggtgtc actatgaata gcatagtgaa gaatatatac    101520
     atgccaatgg tgctatgggg tgagggtggg gatgcactgt tggggaggga aagggacgaa    101580
     tgcatggaga caccccatct gatgtcatag actaaggtcc atccttgttc cccaatactg    101640
     gtcactgggg gatttagggg tgggctgtgt ttttgaggtg gccactttga gtttagggaa    101700
     tggtggctca cttatatgct tagaatgagg gtccactggc ttgagctaca ccaagttcag    101760
     ggcctggcat gggaccccag tatgttttgt gctgacccag gactgagggt gacattctac    101820
     aggtgtgtcc ttccctttct ctaagaaatc cagaccgata acctcggaac agggccccgt    101880
     ccctgagtgg gaaataggta gaaatactct ggcatgaaac tgttggggac acctcactac    101940
     agacttggct ccagccttcg aagctgctgg aacgaacctg gcctactatg tgcttcatgt    102000
     cctctcaccc catcttgtca ccaaggctga tgtatggtca aggtagtcac atttggggct    102060
     gtctgctcac tctgtggctc tgactgagtg gatgcctcat gctctcctgg actacctctg    102120
     catcaagtct gtaccaacag tggctgctta tcacctctga cctcatctcc ctgatgagcc    102180
     taccaaagca gatgcctgag gccacagtat tcctttgcac actatcacct ccctcagtgc    102240
     ctttttgggg agaacattac ctgggcccca ccacttttct tctccatcct ccatctacaa    102300
     gcttcggaac cacagccagt ctgagtatct gcgtgaatcc tgggaaggtg gaggaagctg    102360
     aggtttttct ctgagccata tgtagtgtag tctgggattt tggggagtga gtgtcttctt    102420
     cttagtgttg gtccttcagg tgaataatat aagccagtcc aggctccgag tagcccctgg    102480
     agaacgccag tgtgtaggag gctgtctgac ctgagagcct gatgttccct ctgtgcacac    102540
     agctacttcc tgccctgaga gtggaattcc acctgtgctg gtgactgcaa ccagtggccc    102600
     ttagtccacc catgtgtggg tgggagctca tctctctcca acaattgacc cagatcagca    102660
     ggatctgggg tcaccacagt gagaactgag ccaggtagac aaccagttgg acactttttg    102720
     ctgctgctgc tggttcatgt cggaactgag gtttgttatt gtagagagat gagcaggacc    102780
     caagcaggga agactgaagc taggagtgga gccctggtgt gcaaagctgc ctacagtaat    102840
     aataatcaca ggggggtccc tatggttgtc tatgatacct actatcaacc tttaattttt    102900
     ctagaatttt ctttccgtgt cttttaacac atgagttctc cttgaatctc ctgtgtcatt    102960
     ccgtgactaa agagaggagc gaaggaaggg ccggcatcta ctccagcaca gtggacaagg    103020
     aagtggagaa tgcatggaag agaaacagtg aggtcacaag ggcaccagga gatggggtgc    103080
     aggcagagtt cctccttccc cgtagcgtcg catcctctcc tcagcagctg agactgtggt    103140
     gtgcccccca cctggtcgag gagatagttt tacattcact aacattttaa gcctgacatt    103200
     ttggaagtca agcctgggaa caggaccaga ggctggggat tgtgaccatc gtgtgacttt    103260
     cctaggtgtt gtgaccaacc tgcttcctta gtgccctgtg ctgttggctt caacagctac    103320
     cttaagatgc cccacctttg atcacttctg ccctatacct tacaggaagg tcttggccag    103380
     ctattctgtg gagagattga aaaaccagcc aggttttgga aaaggctgag ctaacctggt    103440
     ctgcccaaag tgctggtttt cccaaaggag agccagcctg gggccacatg ccagtgggaa    103500
     tcacacgcca agccctatag gactctcaga gggaccatcc gacggccttc tattccagac    103560
     tcagacactg agatggatca gagggagatg agctctggcc cccctgtagt ccacagcgtc    103620
     ccagtgcctg gcaaagggct ctggctgcct ctggccagga tcatcccttg gcaaggattt    103680
     tggcagtggc tgagtactta ggaatggagg agttagctga ggcccctgcc agtcgggatg    103740
     cacaggaacc acaaccacag acatttggtg gcctctgcat agggtggagc gagtccacag    103800
     ccccagcgat gactttgcag gcctggttca ggaagtggag atgtggtccc ttgggtgggc    103860
     cagtcagcag ggtacatggg tgtcctttaa taaaattgtt gctggagcct tcggtgcaag    103920
     cagcaggtga ggaccatccc acagatctgc cgggtggaga gagagagagc agagagccat    103980
     gagaagccag cttcttctgg ttggatgctg ggaggcagct gctcacactg gagagggctg    104040
     gagagctaca ccccctcaca ccctgcccac caggaaggac ctgcgtttct cacaggatcc    104100
     caggaggggt tgatgtgggg cgggggtcag ggatcaagct ctgagaagtg ctccccaaag    104160
     agtatgactt ttatgctaga ataggctcaa accatggagc atggttggtt acaaaacaca    104220
     cagcagttct gtgggtctgg atggggccca gtggctgcta tcccctccag caccctccca    104280
     gtttgtgcta ctgaccggtg agcctagagg ttctctatag gcagctccgt ttatctggct    104340
     cttctgtggt gacattcccc actcacacac cacagctgtc tgaagcatct tttctctcta    104400
     agatggcttc ctgtttcctg ctgccccagg gctccagagc caaactaaag cccaccacaa    104460
     ttctgggtgg aacacctaag gttcctagga gctcagcatg gagactctgg catcctgcct    104520
     gccagtaccc ctgctggatc cactggctgg atcaggagac agagggtgcc acctgcccag    104580
     tttcctatac agttcccatt cccaaactac aaaggatctg tattctgcac cccatagtct    104640
     ttgcgccaat gcagctccag ccagagtagc aatagactca tgaagaggag tgtagcctga    104700
     ggcagctgcc tgtccttcag gctggcttca ggccatccag gttaggtttg tccctcctca    104760
     tcttcttcct actcgcctgc cctaggccca agagggtgga caaccaaggc cacaaatgct    104820
     gccttcggct ttagcctctg tgctaagagc actgctaatc cacctcggga ctcgggatca    104880
     gaagcccaaa ggcggcttaa gaggttatct cgcctccacc ggctttaagc aggctctgtc    104940
     acagccatcc attctcagtc cttagacatg cacccaggga ctgcatcacg ctcttgtctc    105000
     catcccaggg ttgggtgctt tcaccatggg ttatctgggt ctttctgatg tacacagggc    105060
     aggcctacgt gtgttgtggg ctagacccgc ctctcctcag catgcacttc actctagatg    105120
     gtcttgcagg aacccagctc cctgacatac gtgatttatt tgagatggat gccttaaaca    105180
     ggcagtgcaa gggcacaggc taggcgctct catcaaaaca tgtccatgca cgcatgcaca    105240
     catgtaccta tatcatcctg aactgggtgg aaggatagtg tgcactctta gtaacatgtg    105300
     cacaggtgca cacttgcata catacatgca catgttgctc acacatgtgc aatgtgatga    105360
     gataaaggat gcccccatca gtacacatgt gaaaacacac acacacacac acacacgcac    105420
     gcacgcacgc acgcacgcgc acagacgcac aaatctagtc ataagttcac agagggtaaa    105480
     gcatggtagg ttactaggac ctaagcaagt accagtgtct tccttttggc agggggaaca    105540
     cagaagtcag catggatgat ccaagcatgg taacatgaga cagcagagac attcccaggg    105600
     ggagtgcaat ataagcaaag gtaggtcatc tcctggattt ggctcctgtc actcaactcc    105660
     tgtcactcaa cttgcactgg acacagggat gctacttggt acagctcttg gccacacacg    105720
     gggcattttt taaacaggga gctatggtac tcatggtttc atatgaggtt tctcagcaag    105780
     cagctcgtaa tctttggaaa gcatgaaagg aaggcctggc ttggccccca tgacctttct    105840
     gtacacctca gtgacctaca gacccagcct cagccagtct gttttccggc ctctaaaaca    105900
     catcagcatc ctacctgtgg gctgttgagg ttggttctgt ttcagttggg tacctataag    105960
     ctgtgtgacc tcgggggtaa ttgcgtccct ctaagcctgt gctggcaggc aagattcttc    106020
     caaagctaga aggtaccccc tgtcacatcc gagagaagcc agcaggcctt ccaggactca    106080
     catgaccggc tgcgtgaaac agccaggcct ttccatgagc tgctcctgtc tccccattca    106140
     ctctgtagcc gtctcctgct gcttcttgtc aaaccccctc agaatttagt atccacggcc    106200
     tcctccaaga attctccctg gtgtcaggag tggccaaggc agccttcatt ttttttccta    106260
     agaatccagt gcacaggctg atgttgcctg actataaggc aatgtcctgt gttcttgtct    106320
     gccccctctc catggctatg acagccccca cctccatggg cagagcatgg ccctgctaca    106380
     aagctagtgc acagtgtgcc ttagagcctc ctctgcacgt cccctgggtg ggaggtgcgt    106440
     cctctgtgtg tgagaaggat gtccagaaac gattcctagg ctacttactc taaccttttt    106500
     aaagtttccc agctagaata ttctataaat tactttctaa gattatgcct gagtagaagc    106560
     cacccacaag agaggaagcc agtggaaaag aaagaacatg aggaatgagg ggcctggttg    106620
     gctctgccac agcggctgtg tggtcgtcgg ccagtgactt tccatccctg ggactagcta    106680
     gccatattca atgtacaatg aataagacgg gtccagcagc aaccctccac ctgagcgagc    106740
     ttgggtgtga ttactcagtg tgtgaaggtg cacagtgggg ctgcagcaag cctggacatg    106800
     ctgaagagaa gagcaagtgt gtgcccggac gacaacctct ctgagtagag gggcttctcc    106860
     ctttagcctt cctgacatcc aactcctgct cctgcttgca gtcacaaaga caacgcggtg    106920
     aagcccacca cacgccattt catttatact cagaggcctc tgaggggtct ttttgtaact    106980
     tcttctcctc agttccccac cttgctagac ccccagggga attccccact tagctttcgt    107040
     ctcccacttc ctaagccctc catacctcat ctctggctcc atttagctcc tctggagacc    107100
     ctgaactctg aggaagcttt ctttgaagat accctgaggt atggcagctt ccttggccat    107160
     tgtttgaaca tgtactggtc agtgggctag caaccttagc aaaatctcag ggcagtggaa    107220
     gcacagggtt gctaagggtg ggctagagca gcagattcca aacagtgctg gacactatat    107280
     aggtacccca ggggcatggg agcagccagt ggtggccctt ttgctaggcc tgcctcctgt    107340
     ctcaacacca agagctctct gccttccatg ctagcagacc agtctctgtc caatgtggct    107400
     gccgatttaa aataatttct ccagtttctc tatcctacag ataagggaat gaaaagcatt    107460
     gagagaggct gtggcttccc agaggtcaca cagcaagaca tggggataca tttacagtcc    107520
     agtacaggca agatgcctcc agttctcaga aacaagaaca ccatcttagg atggtatcct    107580
     gagccttggt gaatgaatgt gcatgcattt atgtaagagt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    107640
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga ttgtgtgtgt gttctctgga    107700
     ccctttctca aggctaaagg ctgcctggag gacagggcag attaatgtcc acctctgacc    107760
     agtagagggc actctaaccg aggcttcacc attaccagcc tctgctcagt gaaccacatg    107820
     ggagaaacct gggcaaggag tgagatgcag agtcatagtg caggaggtgt cacaacctgc    107880
     aggtacgctg cctgcccagt agcctggccc cgaacattag actggctagt agcccgaaca    107940
     ttagactggc gagtagcaca aacattagac tggcgagtag cacgaacatt agactggcga    108000
     gtagcacgaa cattagactg gcgagtagca cgaacattag actggcgagt agcccgaaca    108060
     ttagactggc gagtagcacg aacattagac tggcgagtag cacaaacatt agactggcga    108120
     gtagcacgaa cattagactg gcgagtagca caaacattag actggctggt agcactgacc    108180
     tgctctgact ttgggctctg agcacttgca gccccgcgcc tggccctcct caagttcatt    108240
     acctttgact acaattttgc agacaaaggc caggaagaag tggactgagg tggacagtgt    108300
     ccttctaggg caggccccta aaaacctggg tgatgggttc cctggagacc tggaaatcac    108360
     cccagaagct ggagtgttgg gcagctctgc ctggccccag agcttctgtg ggttcactac    108420
     aggggcagag gcccatcctg gaaaatgtaa aaaagcaagg gctatgccat gtacttccct    108480
     gggctcccta gtctggcagt gagcctatgg ggaatttggg ggagatgatg gacctgtgta    108540
     gaaatagagg caatgagcat cttttgtggg gtgcctgcat ctgtttggta acgagccctg    108600
     tgatttgcac atatgaccaa ccatcatagg agaaggtttc attttaggaa cctcagaggc    108660
     tcagagatga tataactgac cctaggtgac gtggcccaga tcaccagtga cagaataaga    108720
     aggctctccc ccgagagaat gggaacttgc ttctcggcgt gtgaaactgc agctggccct    108780
     ccagtcccac taggcaggga gtggaccttg gtccagagac agccctacac tgggagcctc    108840
     ctcagtcaga tgacatcagc actccatgca tttccttccc acgggcctct gcgtaggcca    108900
     ttgctcttgg gagagccgag ggccagagtg gctgcaggtt taagtggaag gttcgttctc    108960
     tctggatctc agttttctta tctgggaagt agggagtgtg ctcagcttgg gtctggggtg    109020
     aggatccatt aggaggacga atctgaaaat gttctgagac cacagagtac caggaaaggc    109080
     cagcttgcac ctacctacgg aggcacgtgt gcccggtgtg ggccgtgtgc gctcccgcac    109140
     atccctggct cttacatagg cagtgtgtgg aagggaagat gagcctcatt ttgcagaaga    109200
     cactgaagga taagaaggta agcagtggct caaggtcatg cagagctggg gacagaatgg    109260
     gatctcggtg tctgaatgtt cagccccttc ccagcgctgg ggtgagagat gcaggcaggg    109320
     cagcaggatg tgtaggccct tctagaagtg gtagccacca ctcagctgcc accatcggaa    109380
     ggaagtagga atatacatga ggacaggacc actttctgtg ccttctcagc atctaaggct    109440
     cctccataag gttccttgat tggaacaatt gatggaactg atggtcactt cattgatgga    109500
     ggctggagga ggggcatgtg gggagaggta ttgagaagag agtgtagctt tgtccatcct    109560
     cagggagact gggcatatct ttccggaagc atacatgaat acacatggaa tgatggcagg    109620
     tacatgcaca cgtatgtgga catgagcaac tcaaacacac acatgcacac accctggcat    109680
     acatgttttc acaatcccag caggctgtgc tgtgcacacg gggcacatgc tacaaacctg    109740
     accccacact cagatgtgtc ccgggtcccc tagttcctga caattcaagt tgtttaaggc    109800
     tctctggggg aatgaggctg atgctgtggt tcatctttgg ttgcaaaggg aaagggggtt    109860
     gggtggagca ggggtgggga gagccagaca ggcatgtttt tccccaagac agatgttgag    109920
     ggaagacatt ccctgcttca cttacctgaa gacaggctac cccaataccc accgctccca    109980
     tgagcagcag gtggtcagcc acgaactgtt ccagcttggc catacagcct ccctgtaagg    110040
     aagaggtggg ttactcaaac cttggcccca aaacaggcag gaggattggg gcatgagtga    110100
     ctgtcaccct gtgtgcagcc gaggctgagg gatgtcggtg cttaaaggga ccaaccttag    110160
     aatttctcct ggccattttg agagccccag gggataggcc atggtgtctg agacttcagg    110220
     gagggtctgt taattcttag taccctatca gatctttgag ggccccaggc tctgtgatct    110280
     gaaggtcaaa gagtgtgttt gttttttaca cttgcctgct gggctggggt tcctcccaga    110340
     ccctcagtga cctcggcact cacctctacc ttgtagatgt tggaggggtg ggctcgctga    110400
     ccacagcggg ccaccactgt cttgcagcag ctgtcgggca cctggcgacc cagggcttcc    110460
     tgagacaaga tgtacgcgct gtgctgccag tcggctgagc tgttactgcc acagcatttg    110520
     aactgagagg agaagaggag gctcgagtga gaagggactg tgtggtgctc ctgcccgtgt    110580
     gatccagggc caagagttat gctattcagg ttttagcttg gcccctctct cttctgtgat    110640
     ttccctttgg agaaggacgg ggtctctctg gggccttttt ctgcaggaca cctgttgtct    110700
     accttgtgcc aggtattcta gggtagggat tatctgagag attgggggtc agacagatgc    110760
     agggctttca taattatgaa gttgggtgcc attagggagt acagctagag tccagagcat    110820
     ggggacatcg caaaggggag atatcaagtt catccagggc atggagtgtg tcctagagac    110880
     tatgcaggac aaaggccagt cggcactgac tacagaggct ggtgtgagtg ccaagtgtaa    110940
     cgcagtgggt ctgcacgcca ccacattcaa cgtgattcaa aggactaatg tttgccattt    111000
     ctcccctcca agtcaggacc ctgagatcct aagacagccc aagtgcatgc cgcagctgcg    111060
     ttgagtctgt cccgtgggtg tcttgtgggt cagggacatt tgactcaaat gatagctatc    111120
     tacttcatgc cagcaatgag gctgagggct tggcttacca tttactgtcc ttgagaggag    111180
     gacagaggaa gaagggaaaa tgatttgttt ggggtcagcg aaacctgtaa gtgtgaacag    111240
     agagtctgca cataactgag cacactaaat atgctcacac atgagagaac acccagaggg    111300
     catgcacgat gtaacagcaa ggccacacat aactgagcac actaaacatg ctcacagcag    111360
     gagagaacac ccagagggca tgcacgactt aacagcaagc aaggtcagag catacacacc    111420
     acacaacagc tggagcagag agaacatgca tactacgaat cacacccaga gcacacatgt    111480
     gacatagcgg tgggataaga gcatgaccac agctcacaag agcacatagc acacagaaca    111540
     atgactgggg tgggctctgc tgagtctcat atggcatttg tacactgtgt gtccctgtgg    111600
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgtgtg tgtgtgtatg    111660
     tgtgtatatg tgtatgtgtg tgtatatgta tgggtctatg tgtgtgtgtg tgttttgtgt    111720
     atgtgtgggt atgtgtgtgt gtgcatgtgt gtatgtgtgg gtatgtgtgt gtatatgtgt    111780
     gtgtgcgtgt gtgtgtatgt gtgtgtgcgt gtgtgtgtat gtgtgtgtgt atgtgtggat    111840
     atgtgtgtgt gtatgtgtgt gtatatgtgt atatgtgtat gtgtgtgtat atgtatgggt    111900
     gtatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtat tgtgtatgtg tgggtatgtg tgtgtatgtg tgtgtatgtg    111960
     tgggtatgtg tgtgtatgtg tgtgtatgtg tgggtatatg tgtgtgtgtg tgggtatgtg    112020
     tgcatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatatgtgtg tatgtattgt gtatgtgtgt gtgtgtgcat    112080
     gtgtgggtat atgtgtgtgt gagtgagtgt gcatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc gtgggtgcat    112140
     gtgtatgtgt gggtatgtgt gtgtgtatgt ttgtgtatgt gtgcttgtgt gtgtgtatgt    112200
     gtgtatacgt gtatgtgtgt gtatatgtat gggtgtatgt gtgtgtattg cgtatgtgtg    112260
     tgcgtgtgtg tatgtgtgca tatgtgtgtg tgtatgtttg tgtatgtgtg cttgtgtgtg    112320
     tatgtgtgta tacgtgtatg tgtgtgtata tgtatgggtg tatgtgtgtg tattgtgtat    112380
     gtgtgtgcgt gtgtgtatgt gtgcatatgt gtgtgtgtat gtttgtgtat gtgtgtgtat    112440
     gtgtgtgtgt atgtgtgtgt gtgtatgtgt ggatatgtgt gcgtgtgtgt atgtgtgggt    112500
     atgtgtgtgt gtatgtgtgt gtgtatgttt gtatatgtgt gtgtatgtgt ttgtgtgtgt    112560
     gtatgtgtgt atatatgtat gggtgtatgt gtgtgtgggt atgtgtgtgt atgtgtgtgt    112620
     atgtgtgggt atatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgg gtatgtgtgc atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtat    112680
     atgtgtgtat gtactgtgta tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcatgtg tgggtatatg tgtgtgtgag    112740
     tgagtgtgca tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgcgtg ggtgcatgtg tatgtgtggg tatgtgtgtg    112800
     tgtatgtttg tgtatgtgtg cttgtgtgtg tgtatgtgtg tatacgtgta tgtgtgtgta    112860
     tatgtatggg tgtatgtgtg tgtattgtgt atgtgtgtgc gtgtgtgtat gtgtgcatat    112920
     gtgtgtgtgt atgtttgtgt atgtgtgctt gtgtgtgtgt atgtgtgtat acgtgtatgt    112980
     gtgtgtatat gtatgggtgt atgtgtgtgt attgtgtatg tgtgtgcgtg tgtgtatgtg    113040
     tgcatatgtg tgtgtgtatg tttgtgtatg tgtgtgtatg tgtgtgtgta tgtgtgtgtg    113100
     tgtatgtgtg ggtatgtgtg tgtgtatgtg tgtatgtgtg tgtgtgtggg tgtgtgtgta    113160
     tgtgtgggta tgtgtgtgtg tatgtttgta tgtgtggata tgtgtgtgtg tatgtgtatg    113220
     tgtgggtatg tgtgcatgtg tgtatgtgtg tgtgtgtgta tgtgtatatg tgtgtgtatg    113280
     tgtgcgtgtg tgtgtgtatg tgtgggtatg tgagtgtgta tgtgtatgtg tgggtatgtg    113340
     tgtgtgtgtg tatgtgtggg tatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgtctg ggtatgtgtg    113400
     cgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgct ggtgtccctg agttgctaca ttacttgtaa aacagggaca    113460
     aaaccctctg cagtgggctg tgtgaggatg gacagagcag gtgcctggag agcacctagc    113520
     atttgcacag agccagcaga tacaaagaca caactgccac taccctcatt gtatgaggag    113580
     tgctccatgt gcctgtgtgt catttatgta catgtgcctc aaaagtggcc ctggctctga    113640
     tacaccatga tctcaggctg attccttcct acctggatgc tggttgggac cctcactgcc    113700
     cccagcttgg gagaggccca tgttacatac accgatgcca tggagacagg tcagtggtag    113760
     cgtggctttc ctcgaggcca cctccaggcc acctccccaa ctctctagtc tgaggtgccc    113820
     aggaaaagct gccggtgtca cctgttattt tctacagctc ctgagagaga ttctctagtc    113880
     aagtctccag cccaaccttt gcctcacatg ggtccttaca tgtgcacact gcttacaata    113940
     gaagatcagc agtgtgggtt gcccagtgtg ggttgccctc ttcttgctac tgggctaggc    114000
     atatggggtg tgactctata tgtcatgtgt acccacgtat aggcacatgc acctagtcat    114060
     cttctctggg atcagccatg tcttcttgga aacgagacct cttccttgat ccctcatatg    114120
     ctgtccaata gctcataacc agaaaattct ttcccactct gagccatggt gcctggtcta    114180
     gaacactggg gccttggtgc ccatctttct gaggaaggat gaaattagtt catagacagg    114240
     aggagctgag agcagctttc tgtcccagga ggcacaaact ggaaggctgc agtggggggg    114300
     ggggggtgga cagagtggaa gaggtatttc ggagaagcca gggttcatta agtactttcc    114360
     atggtgttgg gggacacatc tagaagttat gaccatcatt gcacctctcc accatatagc    114420
     ttaggttagg gaagtgtcaa cagaagctca gagaaggtga gtaaattgtc ccgaagtgga    114480
     tggcatagac tgggagagac agaggcaggg tgtaagcctg catctctctg tgtggcttac    114540
     gtcctgctgc agccggtcca ccgaggctgt gatctctgcg gccctgggct gtccgtagtg    114600
     ctcagtcagg gtgctgttca ggtgccactt cagctcgtca ctcagctgag gaggggagca    114660
     tggagtgtca gcatatcccc cccaccttcc cccaggtgtc cccaaatccc caccagctgg    114720
     ggtcaggaaa ctggaataat gactcaatcg gtgttgtgag ctgacaggaa gggaagagtg    114780
     gacagtgggg ctgaggagga catggcccag gctgtgtctc ttaggagcgt ccttcaactt    114840
     gtgggtttaa actccgattg caagatgagg tttgatactt tgattagggg atacatctgg    114900
     ggatgatgag catcactgca cctgtgggca cttgtgaccc tgtgaaccta ggtggacact    114960
     ggctcgaaat gacctgcttg attgggacac actgtctatt tcatccccat gtcaccctgt    115020
     tcttgtcctc aaatcctgaa tctgaagcca tacgctcagg aagagagaga gtctgactct    115080
     tacctatcca ggtaggcagg gcccacgcca gtctttacag tgtcagtctg ccctttgacc    115140
     ccttctaatc tcttctcaat ggccatctta gcaggcggtg ttcttgttct ggggtccctg    115200
     agagggtcag gggagaagga tgaaccagac tccctgagaa actctcaccc agttcctaca    115260
     tgaagcacag cagtgctaac agaaacagag cgatctacca gatctgggac aggaaactgg    115320
     ggtgccaagg atcaccagcc caggaaacaa ggccacctat aaggacacct gccccagctg    115380
     cctagggagc atgaacccca acttcttgct gtgacttcgt catggcacca acagaaaact    115440
     ttgcatcagg acctagtact taccctctgg tagtacacat gtgccaggac ccctgccacc    115500
     agctccacaa ggaagatgac cagcagcagg cagaaatact aggagcaaag agagaaatgg    115560
     tcaccctggg gatcggggct cccctgtaac aaaaccctct aagaagaagc atggggcagc    115620
     agggacacct gccagggctc ctgtcattcc caccctcctc attttatcta catctagtat    115680
     ctggacatga cgaccccacc cctgctggct accaccacca attttcccac tcacccttct    115740
     gctcactact ccatggggag cccaagaatc cacctcccca tccaggattg aatagacact    115800
     gacttgacgc taggtgctag gcactgtggg taagggtaag gtactattga ctcatgggtg    115860
     ttgggcatta tgaagttatt agaacttcat gtattcagcg ggacaactct agaggctcct    115920
     ggtgtggagg ggtgtcagaa caggtcttgt ggaggagatg acatttatga aacctctcta    115980
     aagaggacac aaggagagaa gcatactcca agcagaagag taccccaaga agtgtggaac    116040
     atttgtgttt tgacaatgca gacactcagg ctgggccaag gaaatagggc catggagaag    116100
     gcaaagatag aagcctacgg gtggtgattt gagttatata ttccagatcc aatgcctgct    116160
     tcctatacta cataggttcc cccaaggctc ttggctgccc tcaccatgcc tgcctctccc    116220
     aggctcctca gtgccagccc tgagcttcag gtacctgact gtgagcctgt ctcctggctc    116280
     ccacctggct gtgaactatc attagcactc ctgagcctca tgggagccaa caggttaggc    116340
     ccatatgatc tgggagagga ctagacaggg acagggagtg tcggcagagc acaggcaccc    116400
     gagggacaag gaacagaggg aggtgaagag aatagagaag tgagagcaga tggccactaa    116460
     gaagaatatc tgccctctcc ctaggccaca taggggcagc cacgaaagtg tattgagatc    116520
     acaggattta ggaaggccac cactgggtga catctgagat gaagtagggg aaggtatgtg    116580
     ggcaggagaa gacagctgta atgggccctc aggagggcaa gacagagcca ttgttctttg    116640
     cctgatgggc agggcttggg aagcacacac aaagggcgtg ggatttcttt catctcctaa    116700
     ggaaagaacc ctggcgaagc tgccctttca attaagtctc ggcccttggt aatatctttg    116760
     cattctctgc tctcagcact gtggctagct accattggtg accaggaaaa cttgctagtc    116820
     tttctagatg ggggtttaga ctgcctgtca cccaaggagc ctaggcagag aggacaaagt    116880
     atgttcctga tcaccctttc tgttttctcc tatgttgtca tagaaaataa tacaaggcct    116940
     gaacattcaa gctttgccag ttcctcccag atgcacccca tcattccatg gatgaagata    117000
     tggaaaagac aagagtgggg tgccatgagt gtacagacta gacattctgt gatcccatct    117060
     gcggtaggca ttgtctaggg ttctgtttgt ctaaacaggg ctttccaggc tccaggtatg    117120
     agactcggga ctcgtagtat gggaggggtt ataggctccc caggacacat tccttggcac    117180
     caagactctt caacctgtta ggatagatgg tactgaatga gacccagagt aagctgatgc    117240
     atctaagagg tctatgatgc ctgtgtctgc tctcaggaaa gggcatgaag acaccgagag    117300
     agctggtggc aagcttggca tctgtgacaa gtcaggctct tgtgctcact ggggctgact    117360
     gaatgggcac cactgcaaat tacaaaaata ctctcagacc agggtggtat acttccataa    117420
     cagccatgcg gttgctgtgg tccttgtacg taggatacga gcttccaggc atctgtggaa    117480
     gtcctgagca tggacttggg ctttcaatcc cttgccagtg gcaatggtgg catcgcctgc    117540
     cctttccatc ccgactggtt aaagaagttg actttccaga gctctgacgt gcttcctcac    117600
     agagcatagc caagtgtagg cttgaggtaa gcaacgattc cagacagtgt cagggactag    117660
     cagtctagat aagcagagga cagtcctgga actgcctggc ccactagaga gtgtagatgc    117720
     attgtcacca ctcaggagac tgtcccacta ctccacagtc ctcagggcct caatgcttct    117780
     aatatgtttt cccttttggt tggcttgagg ttgtcctcca ctctctttac cctttactaa    117840
     gggtagcctt tgtcttgcca tacaggaccc ataggcaggg actactggtc aacccagacc    117900
     tctcaaatgt atattagcat gtcctccaag atatcaggaa agaggtgatg gagtgcctgt    117960
     ccctgaatag cagtattagg ctgctggcag ctaggagatc acatcctgcc acctgcttct    118020
     ctgtcagctc atgggtacca gacctgagga ggtggctgtt tcatactgct cccctgggga    118080
     aatcactact gtggtagctc ctcagaacag gtataaagag ggaggagaga gacatgaaac    118140
     catgtcccat ctctggactc tatggcaggt gaaactggga ctgctcagat tatccaacag    118200
     gccatgtgac atgtgtaagg tgtcatgcgg aggagacacc ttggtactgt gtgaaatgcc    118260
     aagggagcaa ggagtgatgc cctggcgtga tcaggtgtcc caggaagcag gggtggagcc    118320
     tggcgttttg aggggactga gctggccaca ggtgacagtt caggcagcca ttcctactgc    118380
     aagaagattg cagatgtgtg actcacctgg gagagagata agccctgagt catagctccc    118440
     tgtgacagct tccaggaggc aggcaaaggg ctcaatggac cctgcagctc tgagcacagg    118500
     actgattggt cttggtagtt tgctgcattt gtgatgggag gtcatgagcc ctaggaatgc    118560
     cttaaccctg ctgcctcctc ctctacactt tactcagccc ttgaagactc acagcacgat    118620
     catctcagtc ccttggtatg agtcagagag cctccccttg caccccaggc catctgtcca    118680
     gccttcaagc ttttgcccct gccactggca gtgcctacct gtccttcatt tcccagctca    118740
     gccctgaatc tacagtgcca acccctgaag atgtccacag cactgccttc ctgacacctg    118800
     cctgactcag ccttgtctcc ttggtcctct tgtctggact cagtggcttc tgatcccttc    118860
     ccttgctgct ccactgctcc tttgctctgg ggaggtcttc accttcaaca cagcaagact    118920
     catggctcat ggctgtctca gttgcttctg ccgaagagct cagtcctgtc tccccagagt    118980
     aactgtgagc ttcttgggaa aggaaacaca tcttggagtt ccctggctct tccactgtgc    119040
     ctggtaaggt tagctgtatg ctcgggaaac acccttgggt tacaggagga gtgagcgaca    119100
     acaggaaccc gcagcagggt ctgtgctgaa aagttgtttt atcttctgtc tggaaggcaa    119160
     cacagctgct acctcggttc aggttaccca atggttcact tattctggaa agactttgcc    119220
     tccagggact ggttggcaaa atctggagac aatttttcaa ttgtcacagg cggtacagaa    119280
     ggtactatgg gcttccagaa ggcagaacca gggtgccact gacctttgaa gcatgggaca    119340
     gtttctacag tgcgaaacta cccagcagac atgtcaatga tctagagatt ggggaagtct    119400
     gagacacatt ccccctcagg ttctcaggct gatgctgaga gttaatttgc atatgtgtcc    119460
     ctaggcactt tgcaatgcac aaaagaagac tggagaaagt tattcacttg ccaagaagcg    119520
     agcgatggga cccaggaaca caagcattag aaggatttga ctctgcctgt ctgggaggac    119580
     acatctgcac tactcagtgt gacctgagca agggtcagga ggctggagtg atgcctaggg    119640
     ttgtgtaact acttccttca aagggaagca tcctctcagg acacaaaaag caacaagagt    119700
     cataggcctc tgcccaaggt tacataagca ggaagcaact gctggacagg ggaacatttg    119760
     ggtggagctg gctgcaagat gtgcgtggag tgccagggat tcagcctcat ctgtactgga    119820
     gtgagctttc caggcagaaa gctgcttttt ggtcccctac gctcctgtga caaacaccaa    119880
     taaactcatt gctccgccaa ggtggactcg ggtggaattg tttcttccat atgttctcgc    119940
     tcttggtgac ctggggaaga ggtgtgttgc catgggaatt gcatagatgt ggcatttgca    120000
     tggatctggg ggaatcgaac ccccatcctc atgtttgcac agcgaggtct ttatttctta    120060
     gaaccatctc cccacctccc cccacccccg ataattcttt aatagaacag ttttaactca    120120
     aaaaaaagtt agatactttt taaaatgaca gagctgcgag gactctggga ctgcacagta    120180
     gtctctgaac gaaaccagtg tattttataa tgagaggctc tgcaggaaac atgtagaaat    120240
     acgtctccct aggacattag ggcagttaat tagaaacagt cttcagatgg actcacccca    120300
     cactggggca agccaagtgc ctggtaattt ctaggtcaga tacgcagggg caaatgacgc    120360
     agggcggcag ctcggcatct attttgctat ctttgaggtc agttttaaga cttttataaa    120420
     attgccatct cagacttgcg ctgctgtgtg gactctgcca caaacaagga agctttacca    120480
     aagtgctcct ccttggtccc cctcaccatt ctgcacatga gatttaaaag caaaaacaaa    120540
     atcagtttgc aaggcttgcc agcagaccac cacataaccg ttaaggtgct ggtccaggag    120600
     ggccgggact catggagata tgaggctatg ctcagaatag tcttgaagaa aaagcagact    120660
     caagacgtgg ccaaagttaa ccggcagtga gaagcccttc ctcccccact gaaaatctca    120720
     gcagctgagt gtgaaagatg acagcagcag ggaatggggg aggaccaggg acttcagacc    120780
     aagccaaacc ggaaaagaca gagccagctg tttaagcagc aagtgacctt ggggcaaatt    120840
     attttctgac aattacccac cagctggagg cacttggcta tttgcagaag agagaggatg    120900
     tagacttggg agcatcaagt cattcctcta acaagatgtc actgctggaa ggtcaaaggt    120960
     gacctctagt cctcctggcg ccagtccagt gctcacagac tgggtcagcg ggccacagcc    121020
     ttacctagct agatgctggg ccttagccat cccacctgag agctgggagg tggtgccagt    121080
     ctctgctggg gggtggctgg gaggggggct gggcagagac agcaccagaa ctggcatgaa    121140
     ggtagctgag acagtgcagc gagggagcta gcaggtcctg aggaggaagg aggtattcca    121200
     gaagtgcaga ggtcatccag agtgcagggc taactgctgg ggcccaagag gaccactttg    121260
     cctgtgtcca ggcaccatgg aagcaaaaca tagtccctgt gagaccagcc aaagacaggt    121320
     gcctaccaag tttcatgtcg ggacttcccg gagttccatc tgaatgggct gagtgacaac    121380
     acgatccaga atgggtacag ggcctgcggc tgggtgcaga gagagaagca ggctccccat    121440
     ggaggggatg gagtggtgca catagcccag gaatctcgag gatcctcctg ctgatagatt    121500
     tatggatgag gacctgacta acctgcctga gaacccctgg aagggtctgg gctttcccat    121560
     tttctcacag gctaacaggg agatagagaa acctgtaatg agggcagggc atggtggcag    121620
     gggtccagga tggggctaca gcgtggttgc tagtggtgag aattctagga aaagagtaat    121680
     ggagaaaggg gaaccgagaa ggagacattt ctaccaggat caagagagga gacgtcaggc    121740
     tccagggaac agatagcctg ggggttggga aacgtcaaag cccttggagg agaaagcatc    121800
     tgtggggagt gtaaacccct tgttgaggtt gacggctgag catccagcct tccatgtgtg    121860
     atgcagcact ggctgcagaa gtgtggaggt gaggggtgat ggaggaagtt aactggctgt    121920
     aaacaaaaaa ccaaccaacc aaccaaccaa ccaaccaacc aaccaaccta tcaaccaacc    121980
     aacctaccaa ccaaccaacc aaccaaccaa ccagacaact gcatttatca agcatgctgc    122040
     tggaggtggc aatgaccagg tagagaaagg tggtcctggt ttggaaggta gtggcacaga    122100
     aggtggcttg gtttgcctct gtgactaggg tgaagatact accctttggg tcttgggcat    122160
     taaatgcaag cagagtgaga gggaggtatt tgtccaacat gctctcctgg cctgaaagag    122220
     tcagaagtcc tccttcctcc ctagtgcatc ctgcttggtg cagggttctc tgcttggtga    122280
     gcgggtcttg tgtccttgct ttaggaccag cctgcccttg ggatgtccca tgctctgttc    122340
     tgtggtgggc taagtgaggt atgtgtgctt gtcacatcta gaggggctaa ggctgctggc    122400
     tgctgctgga aacctatgtg tttcagtcag ttaccatggg gggatgccaa cgctcagccc    122460
     tctagcttct ggggtgttac atttcacctg actgaagtgt ccctagaacc tcagtgttaa    122520
     ttagggcagt gaccatggac agtcaacatg aaagctttcc cacagacaag tccagtacaa    122580
     accatgaagg ggacacagcc agacatctaa taccaccacc gctcctcttc tggtcccaag    122640
     gtagaggaag ccctcagccc caaggcccac tgccgtgtct ccaaaggaag gcaatctttc    122700
     ccttttgtgt agctacttcc tccaaattga agccttccct cctaaagggg caagctgact    122760
     cataagagtc cggaagcgca gggagcttac agggatcagg agactcaaga tgcatcaggt    122820
     cgtaccctga ggttataaaa atagcatttg tgaaggagag gagtttcttt ggcggagctg    122880
     tctgcaagtt atcggaagct caaggactca agttttaagt tggcatccag atgggggtgg    122940
     gctcttgagt gaagtagctt gctgagggtc acctgtgttc ctgtgagtaa ttgggggaac    123000
     agtaagttac tggggtgtac ccactgtttc cacgagatag atctgggtgg atttatttct    123060
     ttggtgtgtc attggtacaa tgtttgtctc tctaggagaa agaatacagc agctttgttt    123120
     gtgccgcttc ctggggttgg gcgggtgtgg ggtgaagact cagttgcatg gatagaggca    123180
     aatggtgtgt gtgtgtgggg gggggtgcag ttctataaat gacccctcct ctccacaggc    123240
     cacctcttcc ttgatggtct cattatcttc cctggggtgt tttctgcagc ctggctcaca    123300
     ggttagtaat gagggctggc tacccagaga ggggagcaat cttcaggttt gccgggcatg    123360
     gggggtgtac accaatcctg cccatgtttc tgagaccagg gtgcagaaga ggtacacaca    123420
     gatatggtta ggctcaagag agggcttcct gcatgctcca gccaaggtcc tagggaagga    123480
     gtcagaaacc tggctgcaag acgtagacac atccaaggtt accaaaggca tccatttttg    123540
     cactatcaga agtgatcaga tgtagcaatg ctcttgggtt gttgcacact tgcctaggat    123600
     caggtgtcta atacccatgc aagacacttt taggatcttg cctgggtgac agtgtgggtc    123660
     agtactaggt acagagtagt tggcatctta agagatcaag ttgtcataaa aactctccac    123720
     taggcaatct cacaggctgg aaggaagcca tggcatgaca cctgactcct gtccatacca    123780
     ctgtcattac ctcctccctc cctccctccc tccctccctc cctccctccc tccctccttc    123840
     cttccatggt tcacatgacc atctgtccaa ccacccaccc gtctttaaga ccaaggtctc    123900
     cagcctcctc aaatatagtc taactgtccc ttagtctaga tggcctttct agaagggtcc    123960
     gagtccataa atggctgtgt aggaaagatg tgtaacctgt aaagtgagtg ccttgtgctt    124020
     agaggtggtc cctatgttac tctgagcctc aggggggcca gggaggatca ccaaacagag    124080
     ctttgtagtt tggggttgga gactggggcc agcggatatt attagacagt ctgctttgat    124140
     tgtgtgcttt gtcacagata tgcctcgtgc cctctgtaga cacctgcctg ctactatggg    124200
     catcccacac catactagtg attttcctgg cttggcgtca ctgttcagtg aggacagaaa    124260
     aagtgcatgc gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtatgataca    124320
     aacacaagta gtgagacact cacgtttcca ccggtagact tataaccaac acagcctaga    124380
     accttgttgc tctctgttgt gtcctgccta tgaaagaagc aatgactaaa gtggccgagg    124440
     acagaggaca gattagagtg agtaccctga gccacccact tcctggctca ctgtcctttc    124500
     aggcattgaa ctctgaattg tttaactaag aacttactct cactgctttc ttgggctaac    124560
     ataggcagcg ttgaagccca gttttggtgt agagagatga tcatttgctt tagatgtatt    124620
     cagctttgtg gaggtggctg ccttgccttt attcatctcc ccccttggtg ttcacttccc    124680
     ttttgaaatc tttaatcaga tggaggcagc aggagaagaa gcacagtgag tccagctctc    124740
     cacacagtgg tccccaaaga gaaaagggaa aaagatcaaa gctgggcact ggaatgatga    124800
     gcatccaagt tgggttgtgg tgggggtggg agcgtcctca agtgtcccca ggaagagtct    124860
     agcgagcggc tggcctgctt gcaccaaggc tggatatctc tccctcctgg accctttgtc    124920
     ctggcctgtc tgcagaccct aaaggtcact ttcctaagaa ggcaacagtc ctcagggaca    124980
     ggaatagctt atccttttgg acatggtcgc agtgatcggc ttggtgtaag aaccaagaaa    125040
     ggaaagggat ggactttaaa ttattcacat caggtcttct attttagcag agagagagag    125100
     atattgagat ggggggagag aggagaggag ggagggaggg agagagggag agagggaggg    125160
     agggagggag ggagggaggg agaaagaagg agggaggggg agggaaggag ggagggaggg    125220
     agggagggag agagagaggg ggggagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    125280
     agagagagag agagagaatg aattcaggcc atctgagccg aaagctgttg accagggccc    125340
     atgtcatcca gatcaaagga ggaacctatt tttagaatct ggaatgtggg ccctgcaaac    125400
     ttttatatct tcagccaaat gaagatcgtg atggatgtct cagactaaac tgggtctttg    125460
     tcaggagatt ttttattttt atttttaggg aggggatgga tgaaaaaaaa gtaagttcta    125520
     gaacccagtt tctgaaagcc aggggaccct gaatcacaat gcttccttcc atctggtctc    125580
     ctgaagtttt gttagctagg aggacaaagt ctagaatcca tggcagatgt atctgggctg    125640
     gtgctcaaaa gcaggtttgg gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt gtttcacagc ttgcccagct    125700
     tgctgtgcaa cctccaacct gggtgcatgg cccagcctct cctaggcaca gtagtaaccc    125760
     cgttgctaca ggcgatttga tgtgggggta acgggcaagc atcctaaggt ccgggaagcc    125820
     gagttatgta aagatcataa aagcacagtt ctaatcaaca catcatagca caactccttt    125880
     gagaagggac ctaaattagc agttattttt agggcgctgc tcccaacgtg cccacagcct    125940
     gggtgagaag gcatccccca tagaagctgc tccaatgaga agttagaagg gcaccagggc    126000
     ccagccccta tagcccaact gtgtcctccc gtgactcgct aatctgtctt gctctgccct    126060
     ccgcttggcc acagagtgat cctctgtgct cctctatttg gtggcgctta aatcttcgaa    126120
     acagtgaccc aggaaatcag accctacagc caaggctctg ggagcctgta gctccctccc    126180
     aatagaatgg gagagcattt ttttttccac tttcagatca gcaccggtgt cctaaagagc    126240
     agaccttgca gtgacggcac agaggtccag agtcacacag ctggctctgg tgggctcact    126300
     gagaaaggcc tatgcttgaa atgagctcag atttcaatgg aggaaaagcc agggaccagc    126360
     aggcatgagc cctcctcctc tcacactcag cacactttcc tacccataga cattactcgc    126420
     cgtgtttttc ttagccagag acatttgcct gggcccacaa agtctgatga actcccaact    126480
     ctggggcagg gccttgtctc ctgcacagac ggacagtttt tctccactta tgatcctctt    126540
     attgaggcac gggctaatgt cctttccatg acttagcacc tctggtctct ttccaaatga    126600
     aatgaaaaga atgcaggtga cttctggtag cttgttcccc gatttactcc aaagtggaaa    126660
     tactggccat gtggcccacg tcagggctgc tagggtgaca gcatgcaatt aggaaaggtg    126720
     actttgtaat gtgtgggtgg gttagcctgg aagggggccc ttacatccca catcccaggt    126780
     ggaacactga gagagttgca ggatgtgttg caaaggttca gaatgcatgt gtgcacacgc    126840
     acacaagcac ccgtgtaagt gcacacacac atgcagtcat agatgggcca acagcctgcc    126900
     ccgtcttgta tctctaatct gagagtgaat ctggagatat gctctctacc cttatttttt    126960
     ctatgtagct ttctgggaag attctagacc tgactggtga accatgaagc tcccacctcc    127020
     gagggaagtg ggctgtagag gggacttctg cattttgggt tcagtcactc cacatctttg    127080
     ggccttagcg cctcagctgt aaaaagaggg acaggaggta tgctaggtca gagcatagga    127140
     gatggaccat ttatttgctc cctcctatag gtgtatgtta tagttttcca ctgcctcaac    127200
     acccccacaa tcaggttgtg agcatcccag ttagtagtaa caggaggacc aggcagataa    127260
     gactcagtcc taccataatt tcccttccca acatcctttg gctttaacct gctaacattc    127320
     aaaggcacct ctggtctctc tgtgtgtcct accccttcct gacaacgcga ttgctttctg    127380
     cctcctacct gcttggctga gcctgctccc ttggtgctcc tcccagtgac ccctctcggt    127440
     aggtggcttc ccctgtaact gctccccagc tcctgtcaag tgcacatcag gagcccgagc    127500
     agctctgggg gtgggtgaag ccctagtgag agagcaggca ccagtgctgg gagcaatgca    127560
     gatggcagtg ccttcgcagg gttggtggag tgtgaggagc agccggcggc ggtgctcagc    127620
     gaacagtggc catctgtgtc gtcagcaagc tgtgcctagt cagcagaggc tgtttcctga    127680
     ggcttctggg gacacctcac cccctagatg gatggctgag tcagaagctg ggtcctcaag    127740
     ggacagtgtc tgtattcctt cttaggctgt caagagggag ccctggtctc cccagcagat    127800
     ggcttctcct ccgcctcatg ttccctgaga tgccctacaa ggcagtcctt ggtaggaggg    127860
     aaggagatgc aggactcaga agcctgcctt cctgggacag gtcctaggga cccaggacaa    127920
     tagcgcatct agaattgcag gcatctcaga gtacagctgt acacagaccc aagaaccgag    127980
     cctctcatgg aaagaggtct ttctttgggt ctgatagctc catttccata agacacagtc    128040
     cccatgaggg ctggtcactg aagtacaggg cagttcactg cctgagttct tataacccag    128100
     tgtcttcctc cagcagaatg gttagatatg ggacatgcag aagactctca gggaccttaa    128160
     gtggccaaat cttcaccatg tgttggtgaa agagttggct ttacatccag ggagtcaacc    128220
     agccttgggt acacgtggag gagacagggt ctgctacggt gtgtctgtac ttagtgtgta    128280
     ccgaataaca ccattagcct ttaatgacaa ggcacaatta tttgtgtgtc acttgcagtg    128340
     tattttgaat tataagtagc cagagatgat tttaaagaga tagagtatgg atatagacta    128400
     tatgtgaata ctgcaccatt ctgtataagg cacttgacca tctcctggcc ctaagtgtgt    128460
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtccagag ccagttcaca tgggcttcaa    128520
     gggatgacca tgatcttgcc aggccaggtt gaggatcact gggcaggctg tagctactcc    128580
     ccacacccct gccccactct ggaaggtgcc tccgagtaca cctcctggag cactttagct    128640
     tacatatcac catgtaccct gccagcaccc tgggtccaag ctctccctca gagtcaaatg    128700
     aaggaattct tcaaaatggg agcaccacac agctgggtct gcacagagca gcttttatat    128760
     ccaggccaaa aactaggtcg ctgctttgag agctgctaca ggggccaagc ctcaggatcc    128820
     ccgactgcaa gccccgcctt ccactcccta ggatgagtgc aaaacagaac tgcacagcct    128880
     ggggtgggca gtggggctgg gatgcagggt gggtagaggc agctcaagag ctctttgagg    128940
     ttcctttccg tcgcctgctt tctttcaagc tcagcctgat ttctctttga aatttgcatc    129000
     tattctgcag cttgggcttc cttgcaaagc ctaagcttta ttattatttt ttttttcagt    129060
     tttctctgtc tgtttcttct cttctgaaca cgaggcttag tctggggtgg gtacagagag    129120
     gccatagtca gtcacagtca aagggtggca gagagctggg tgtgcggagt ctgaggtgtt    129180
     cttggcctca gggtccctgc tggctcctcc ctggccttta tcctgaccct gggtatatgc    129240
     tatgtgtgtc tctccagacc cccaggaaga agctgccatg aagaacatgg tgactacaaa    129300
     tgccagccat gaaataaata ctctttacaa atgatcaaat cagttaagcc ttaccaagcc    129360
     tttccatgga actgccataa gtacttatta aacaacatat gggtgcatat ccaaagaagg    129420
     agaagaagaa gaggaagaag aaggaggagg aagaagagga ggagggggag gaggaggagg    129480
     aggaggagga aggagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag    129540
     aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaaa gagaggagga gaaggaaaag gataaggata    129600
     aggataaaga gatggagatg gagatggaga aggaggagaa ggagaaggag aaggagaagg    129660
     agaaggagaa ggagaaggag aaggagaagg agaaggagaa ggagaaggag aaggagaagg    129720
     agaaggagaa ggaaaaaaga ccctagaagt tgctatggta tttgctaagg ctgacctcct    129780
     ggctcaggtc cgacatacct ggacagcaga gccaccacag acccccagaa gccaccctgc    129840
     tctggctact tagtatcctc agtgtccaac ctggggggac atgtgagatg cttctctgcc    129900
     cccacatagc acaggcctac actcactctc tagggaagga tactcactgt ggaaagacag    129960
     cttccacata gggacggggt gggggggaca ctcactgtgg agaggcagct cttctgctcc    130020
     cggatgatgg ccccaaagcc caggaagcca gttgtcatga caagaccacc aacgaaaatg    130080
     aggatgtagg cagaggcagc gaacgtgctg gaggccaaga tgctgaggta accgctcttc    130140
     tccaccagtg tccagatacc cacggccatg acggctgccc cacctacctg cagagataca    130200
     agaccaatca ggtggcgcct gaggctttgc caactgccat ctgtctagtg cccactgggc    130260
     aacagaacct tttcaggctc cctgccaatt agttttcaag ggggggggga tttcagttta    130320
     tacaattaca atttataaac gagcaaatga aggtttcagg tactcggtgg acttgccagc    130380
     acccccacct caccctgtgc ctctgccccc tcacagatgc agagggattt ccagtctaag    130440
     tttgagccca aatctatact tcttactgac cagggatgaa gaccctttgc cttccccatg    130500
     ccgttctggg ctctctttct cagcatgttc ccaggactct cccaaaattt cccagagggc    130560
     ctttcatgct ggcccatgtg cacatttggg cagcagttga agaaacaggc ccactgagaa    130620
     aaagtgccct gcctgaggtc ttgctctagg agggacagac acagaagtga tgtggagcta    130680
     gggcgtgtcc acagtgcctg ctccttggaa aggctctatg ttcctcacac tcctgtagag    130740
     gatggggagg gacttacccg tcatattcca gtttggtctt gagaagggtc tgggatggga    130800
     ccctggctca ctcactgccg aggaagaggg ccatggagca cagctaggag ttcagcctcc    130860
     agggatcatg aggccaaaga atcactttgg tagggtgatg ctttgaagaa tacatttatg    130920
     caccatgcgg gtactacagg tgccacacat ggagtaggag agctatttgc tcaggacttg    130980
     gggacttctg agaagctctg ccatctgatc ctgggaaggt caacttcctc ttgcccctgg    131040
     ttttcagatc cctattgaag aatgggccct ttcctccaga tgaataatgg agggttcctt    131100
     agaggtctta gtgtggtcac ggctacaggg ctctgctcct cccccactcc acttctgccc    131160
     acacctgggg agctcattcc tataaaaggt tccccatctg gaccacagtg actccatggt    131220
     cattttccca ttctccgttc ggcacagtga cagacctcag gagagcagag cttgggggtt    131280
     cttaggaatt agtccacccc aggcacttac atcatgtgac tcacacgtac tctgccagtt    131340
     tcttgcctat tacaatcacc cggggaggac ggggcagggc atattatcct gagtggcaga    131400
     tgaagaagga aacgggcttg tagggaatag cagtatgcct gggatgacac cgttagtttc    131460
     agaactgaga ttcatggcca ggtcttttga ggacagaggc aggactgtgc ttggatccga    131520
     caaagtgggt gtgcctgatc ctccacgtct gctgttcaaa tggacgattc ctttcaagca    131580
     ctcttttatc tccattggca gctccaaggg aagtcagcgt aagggcacca cacaggacca    131640
     cggctgtgct gctaaatgga actggagagg ctaaccttct cactaccact tgaggcacag    131700
     tccccccttc cactgtaacc tctctaacct cagggtgtac tttttgatga atagcatctt    131760
     atgctataca tgccagcacc ttctcttagc ggtactaatg acagcaatga tgtagcctac    131820
     aaatcacgct tcgagtcagg aatcccagga cacagttcag agaccccatg ggtaaggggt    131880
     atctgtgccc ctcacaattc ctgtgaacgt tctgagtctg ggtgggtaga gctacaacac    131940
     atgcgaatga ctagtggcta tccttgttgg tcagcttcca tgaccactgg gaactgggag    132000
     taaaacatct ccccattatt cccttatata actgtattgc ctggaaaggc ttgagtgagg    132060
     gtctcaactc tgaacaattc ctgtgggaga tggagacagt cctttcatgt ctttgactcc    132120
     tcagttcttc atcttttaag ttgagagagc cccactagat tggtggctct aatctaatct    132180
     aatctcctaa agacctcttc agctactttc ttgcaaggac ttatctggat gtgtgctttg    132240
     tacatggtgt accgacaaac ttcagtccaa gatacacagt acattaacta agaaataatc    132300
     tctctctctt cctctctctc tcactctcct tcaaaacaaa ttaactaaaa gcacaggata    132360
     ctgccaagca gaaattctga acatcataag atagttaatg ggtacaatct gtatcaaaag    132420
     gggcatacat ttttttttaa ctaggtaggc taatgctgag ccccacccat ccccaaacca    132480
     ataacatgag cacccacatc taggactctc agaggaataa gctcagactg gcttgtggac    132540
     aggtaatctg ctggggtaca tggagcaact cggaatcgaa taaaaaagaa tcatttaaca    132600
     cataaaataa tgcatttggg atcaagggct gaagtctgcc tgcatgcatg tgtccagata    132660
     agtctccaag ttttctccac gtcctcagag tcgtggcagc ataataacga gaggagctat    132720
     gaaaaaacca gaagcccgca ctaatcagca cccctgggag taagacacag gcaggggctt    132780
     tttagaaagt tcccaggtgc ccctttgaga atcacagcac aggtccaagc gtcctaccct    132840
     ctcttcccag tagatggcgc tgtgaagtcc catagaacac aactggctta gtgccgcttc    132900
     tcaaagccct gcctccttcc ttaagggcag ctgccagggt gactaaggtt cagagcttga    132960
     gcagtgcttt accccgtact tgtagatctt acaaaatatc agatctggta gggaagctgt    133020
     ctccagccac aacacaggat ctgggagcgt ctggagggcc atcctgccta atcaaggtct    133080
     agaagacaag cttaggctgg gtctgataat ccatagaaag caagagaatg gcatgaatca    133140
     attgttctgg gaccccaggg tccctcttcc cagagagttc caactagagg agaaggtagc    133200
     taaaaggtac tgtaactagc catgaggagc aggagggtct taactccttc agggactttg    133260
     gtttgttgta ttggacttgg tcacctccac ctctaaacaa taagtaaaaa tgttcattat    133320
     tgggatgggt caccaggtgt cacaggaggt agaagccaga aagactgggc caagtctttt    133380
     gggttgtatg attaactggg tgtggggtgg gacaaatttt ttaagtccca gtgtctttat    133440
     ctgcagatta agccactggg cagggactgt ggagtagagc actgagccca gatctggttt    133500
     ccccagtcat ttgcatcagc ttggttctgt agcatcagct cttcatagga cagagatggc    133560
     tttctgttaa atagtagctg aatttttcag ctatgacctg ttgctagtgc accagaaaac    133620
     actatgtgtg tgcatgtgcc tgtgtgtgtg tgtggtgtgt gtgtgtgtgg gtgtgtgtgt    133680
     gtgcaatcca ggacacctaa cctatcgtga gcagccatcc ttgcctaagg cctgagggga    133740
     ctcaggtgca gacctggagg gaagcaggca gagggtgtga gagcaattat ggaatttttt    133800
     cttttttttt ttttgctcag gatttcacag gtagggtttc tctgctggag acacagggag    133860
     ctatgggatc tctaagaagg cagggttctc tgctccctgt aatggactgc ctgcagcttt    133920
     gaaaggcagg aaacacacag ggtggagggc catgtgtcgg gagtggtggg gcagaacagg    133980
     gttgcttgct atgtgctctg tggcattctg gaaaggtttg gggttaggtg gaaaggctga    134040
     ctcactcagg accacgctcc tcattcatga gttgtccttg ggcagcttcc tcaatgccac    134100
     caccacccgt gtacccatca gcctttgcaa gagcaccgat gtctctctgt gatgtctgca    134160
     tggtgattcc tcctgctgtt agactcacgt cactatcctc actgtaaggt ccaccctggc    134220
     tccggtccca tatcatcctt gagctccttc tacccagagg tgggctggtc cccttactga    134280
     actgcacacc acccccatac agagcccaga ctctcctgca attgcacccc ccccctttaa    134340
     atatttccct cacttgggta ggtttccctc tctcataccc tggctctgac agcctcttag    134400
     gaagtgttca ctctttattt tctattctat tctattattc ttaatctttc tgtgtgtggt    134460
     gtgatacgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgcctatttg cgagtgtggt    134520
     tcctcagtgt gaggctagag gcaagaggcc aaccttgggt cagacattgg tcttctccca    134580
     ctttgctgat acaggcaggg tctctggttt gccactgcct acaccaggct aactggccct    134640
     ctggctcagg gggttctccg gtctctgtct cctgctcttg atgtaggagt aatgggactg    134700
     cagaccatgc tttgctgtga ttggcttttc gtgggttctt gggatctgaa ctcaggtcct    134760
     tacgcttgca tggcaagtgc actgccaact cctgatccat gttctaagcc catggctact    134820
     gctcttgaac tcatggccaa tgctcctgaa gtaaggctgt gccagtgaac aagactgtgg    134880
     acttggtcaa ggtgttaggg gctggatgcc tggtaagaca tatacgatta ggtgacatat    134940
     ttgacagcat gtatctggac acacggtacc accactcatc aggcacccgt ttctcacccc    135000
     cccctccttc ccgtccttct tatgctaatt attccagtta acttcttcta agcctgttac    135060
     aagtgtgcac ctatttccag ttctgcagga gagctctgtc ctcttttttt tctgataatg    135120
     ctctgcctac ctactcctgg catgcaggag cttaggtgag gagctgtgac cacatcagcc    135180
     tctgcctgcc agactcctgg ggcaacagtg aatgtttctt gcccctgttt gctggctatt    135240
     tttcttgtag aggggttagg accaggcaga ggagacaaat tgggttagtc tccttggata    135300
     cttggagatc tttctctttg ggaagcatgc ctcttaatct tcatttaccc tggcacactg    135360
     tggagagtgc tggactacag gtaatgttct taggggagga agaaaagaat catggaagga    135420
     ggggagaaag taaggtgggg aggaaaagac ggaagaagaa agaaagagaa aaagaaaatt    135480
     tcatagttta gagggaggag ttagggtcca ggctgaagtg acatttatta tggtcacaca    135540
     gttggctact gacagagtga cgtagagatc caggaatcat gcattcctgt tccatttgat    135600
     acggttgcat tgtgagatgt gaacaagtct ccccaaacag gatcctgatg ccagacccaa    135660
     ggggcaattc cacccaagac ccaaacagct acatcactga ggcgtcctgc ctggagtaga    135720
     ggagatggct ttctcaccct ctgaggccct gtgggactgg gcagctgtaa atggctggat    135780
     ctcaagagag actaaagagg gggcgttctc cgacctcccc tgcgggtggt gctcaagtct    135840
     tccacagttc tgctcccagt ctcagcctga gtccctgtct gtctctgtgt ctctctctgt    135900
     ctgcctctgt ctgtctgtct gtctgtctgt ctctctgtgt ctctctctgt ctttctctgt    135960
     ctctctgtct ctctctgttt ctctctgtct ctgtctctgt ctctgtctct gtctctctct    136020
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtga    136080
     aggtatacaa gcccacaagc ccacacatac tcagagacca caggaggaca gcgatgctct    136140
     actcctcctt tggtcccaca agataggatc tctcatcgaa cctggagcta gcctgcagcc    136200
     agcaagctca gtaatcctct tgtttccacc ctgcctcccc ggctggtttt gcacgtaagt    136260
     gttatggatt taaactcagg acctcctgct ttgcacggca agtgctctga ctcacttgga    136320
     catcttctca gttgcctatg tttctctaag tggggtctcc aattgtagca tcaaattctg    136380
     ggtgtcccct caaggcaggg caggctgtgc gctgaggtag cattcccagg cttctcccac    136440
     accctggcag agcttctggg aggttgggga tgttttgatt attgacacag ccaagcagct    136500
     aattaaaata ataaattagt gagcagaggg atgatgggag ctgtgttagg aagaggggga    136560
     gggaaagtgt ctctttggca gccacacaga gaagcggggc atgtttgctt ttcagggtca    136620
     cccaggagat atgtcaatgg tggcatctgt gatccctggc cagaactaat ccaaatgtca    136680
     ctgggggacc tggtgacatg ggctggggta ggtagcttct gaggcctgcc cagcgagaat    136740
     agagtgaggt ctgctctgct tttctcagat gagggaatgt gacccactca ggactgtgac    136800
     ctgcatgtaa tgatggcagt gctattgaca aaacagaaag gtctcagagg gtgtcatgtc    136860
     ccatgcaggc aaggttagct tcagaagcaa tgtttcctgt gaacagtcct tgttttctat    136920
     gcaagtcatg atgccagaag ctgtaagtgc cctggtagga atggaggaag ctgctgaaga    136980
     gatgatgatc accctgcatt atatatattt catatatgca tttcacacac acacacaata    137040
     tacatacata catacataca tatatatatg aaagtgaatt gcctagcagc tggattgttg    137100
     tgggggtttg ataagaatgt ctcccacagg ctcatctgtt tcaatacttg ctcctcagtt    137160
     ggtggaacta tttgggaagg attaggaggt gtggccttgt tggaggaggt ctgtccctgg    137220
     ggatggattt ttaaaacctg ttttaaaatg gatagccatt tcaaaagccc atccattccc    137280
     agttagttct ctctgcctca tgcgtggggc tcaggatgta agcattcagc gactgctcca    137340
     gcgttgtgcc tgcctgcctg ctgccatact ccacaccatg atagtcaagg actcaccctc    137400
     tgaaactgta aatcccaaat aaactctttc ttctgtaagt ttccttgttc atgttgtcta    137460
     ttcaaagcaa tggaaatgta acagaggcaa ctgtcaatga ctgaacttgg tgagccaggt    137520
     ccccatctac acaatagggg tactagtgac actgagggct agagttgaat ggaatgtcac    137580
     aggggcatcg atgcagcctt tcagtgctgg gcatcatggc caccaggttt ggcatcctgg    137640
     gcttgttgct ccatgctggc ttttggcaga gccctgcagt gtggacctac actcaaggcg    137700
     ctttacatta gtgtagcagg actttgtgtt ttactgaact tccagcctgg gtggctgggc    137760
     tgtgctctgt gtcagtttct gtattggagg tgcagtggac agcagactgg aggatgtgga    137820
     aagacatccc cctcccccat tgccctgcat tgtagttctt cagtgatggc agagctgtgg    137880
     tgaccctatg ggaggcatgc agacacttct ctgtcttatg accaggttca gataagtcac    137940
     aacaattgga ctttgggggg ggtctccaat aggaggggac cttctctgtg gggaggagag    138000
     atattctctg tatattctct ttggtaaatt ctgctcaatt tgagggatct gagtatggcc    138060
     ctgggtcatg gacttctcgg tctagaactt caagtaccaa cctgctggtt tacgcctctg    138120
     tggactgagg ctccttggaa cccactagta agatggggca ttcattgtct gatacttgtc    138180
     aatctttgga gattatctgg agtggccaca gacttgtatg gtcaggaaaa aatcttaaca    138240
     acaacaataa caaaaaaact tgactccttg ggctggcgag atgactcagc aggtaagagc    138300
     actgaccatt cttccgaagg tcctgagttc aaatccctgc aaccacatgg tggctcacaa    138360
     ccatctgtaa tgagatctga tgtcctcttc tggtgagtct gaagacagct acagcgtact    138420
     tatttataat aatagataaa tctttgtgtc gaggtgagca gagactgagt gagcagggtt    138480
     gattggagag agcagaggtc ctaaattcaa ttcccaacaa ccacatgaag gctcacaacc    138540
     atctctacag ctacagtgta ctcatataca taaaataaat aaatctttaa aaaaaaactt    138600
     gacccagaca tggtgaagca tgcctgtcat cccagctaag gttaagagga ttgtcacaag    138660
     tctggggaca gcctgggctg ctgtgagacc ttatctcaga aaacaaagaa acaaaaactt    138720
     aaaagaaaca caaaacctta aaaggggaaa aaatcggaaa aaggaaggaa gagaaggagg    138780
     gagggaggga gggagaatga aaacttggca agaattctaa acaccctgag tgatttatct    138840
     gagggtcaga tctatgcatg tggcctagtt gtcagtcctc agccccagag cttaattatc    138900
     caggatctgt acccctgggc atccctgttc cagaaaactc ttttctggga agatcagagc    138960
     aagttgcttt atttttttga tcacaggaac tttgcaaaaa acatatttaa gcaaacattg    139020
     tgtctatcat tttaacacat agtatctgat gctgtcagat tttcctaggc tttgaaaccc    139080
     atcctgggct gctgtcttgg ccaggaagga gcttggggcc agtgtgactc tttggttcct    139140
     ctgtgtttca gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtggtgtgag    139200
     tgtgtgtggt atgtatgtgt gtgtatgtgt ggtatgtatg tgtgtgtatg tgtgtgtgtg    139260
     aggtgtgtga gtgtgtgttt gtgtgtatga gtgtgtgtgt gagtatgtgt gttgagtgta    139320
     tgtgtgtgtg catgtgggtg tctatgtgtg tctctttgtg tgtgtatgtg tgtatgtgtc    139380
     cgtgtctgtg tgtgagtgtg tatttgtgtg agagtgtgtg agtgtgtgtg gagtgtatgt    139440
     gtgtgtgcat gtgggtgtct gtgtgtgtct ctttgtgtgt gtatgtgtgt atgtatgcgt    139500
     gtctgtgtgt gtatgtgtgt gagtgtgtgt ttgtgtgtgt gagagtgtgt gtggagtgta    139560
     tgtgtgtgtg catgtggatg tctgtgtgtg tgtggtgtgt atgtgtgtgt ggtgtgtgag    139620
     tgtgtgtatg tgtgtttgtg tgtatgagtg tgtgtgtgag tatctgtgtt gagtgtatgt    139680
     gtgtgtgtgc atgtgggtgt ctatgtgtgt ctctttgtgt gtgtatgtgt gtatgtgtgc    139740
     gtgtctgtgt gtgagtgtgt gtgagtgtgt gtgagtgtgt gtgagagtgt gtggagtgta    139800
     tgtgtgtgtg catgtggata tctctgtgtg tgtggtgtgt atgtgtgtgt gttgtgtgag    139860
     tgtgtgtgtg ttgtaattat cccttccctg gtacctggag gctagccctg cctcatcagg    139920
     atgatatttt gggagcactt tcgggcttag aggctagggg tgatctccaa attatagcta    139980
     aggaaagact cggagatcta agctaagctg ccctgagcca cagcacccac agctgccagg    140040
     atccctgatg atgcaaacct gccctctttc gcacatccag tgagaccaca atatgaaaca    140100
     tacaatcaac aaacaccaga tgtggtggca agcctctata agcctaacag gtgggagagt    140160
     gaggcgggaa ggtcaccagt tcaaagccag cctgggctac agagggaggc atcctcttaa    140220
     taagtaaatt ggaatgaaag gtgacatctc tactggctgt ctggggactg attgtattgt    140280
     gtacctagtt agccaggtaa tcaatcacct ctggaagcag aggccacgct gctgtgggaa    140340
     acttgtgtca ggtgccatag agaccattcc tgcctcagtg cagccctgag accaaaccca    140400
     cggtgggttt cagtggggag ggggcatcat tttggcagtc aggataacat gggcatggtg    140460
     tgctggtggc agggaagaga gatgaggctg cacacagttc agtctacatg tggtatcctg    140520
     gactccaaga gagcctggat tcttctagcc agggcggggc tggctctgag cagcagggca    140580
     tgatgggctc ctgtgtggtc atcagcttgg gagaagccaa ccttggcagt gacccaaaag    140640
     tgagtatggc cagactgtgg gtgtggggag gggtgtgccc tagcctgcac ttacccagaa    140700
     gaagaagttg aagatgaaga gcaggtactt caggtgggcc agcagccagt catcctgctc    140760
     tgtcttgcag tgcgccatgg cggctggacc tgtggaggac atgaccatgc tgagtaaggg    140820
     acaccacagg gatccttgct gtccttctca ccccagcacc tgaaaggctt aaccagtgtt    140880
     ttccagcggg ctcgaggctg aggctcgcaa tgtatatgtg taacttggac cctaggtgaa    140940
     gaagtatgac gtaaggcagg gtgatcttgg tagaatttct tagacttctg gatctcagtt    141000
     ttgttattat gacacaaggt gtctagggtc ctttttttct tccccatcgc aggacatgtt    141060
     tcttatccac gcacatgcac acatacctta tccacacata tgcacactta cttatgtttg    141120
     ctcaggcaca ctcacacgtt tggcaaagct gcagatctga gcaggatctc tgacctctac    141180
     ctgttgtgtc actattcaca agcatctatc tggaagggac cttgatctcc cagggccacc    141240
     tcacttgtcc tcaacttcca gctcccaggg gaggaagcag ctccagttca ctagtgactc    141300
     tgccagaaga agttgggaga ctgcatgctg actgctagct tcaagtcccc actgtgtgct    141360
     gtgggcaagc caatgccctc ccacccagca tcctcacctg taagcacaca gatgatagat    141420
     agccctgttg tgggatgctc agaaagatcc gtgggatcct ttgagctcag ggtctaacta    141480
     ggcttaggta cacagtatgt gcttggtaaa tggtgtctga gatcctcatt ccattcccca    141540
     gatgccccat ctctgactca gcaccacctt gtcttgttct gacccctgga tggatggcgt    141600
     gagagctgtg aaatcagcgg ggctccagaa gacccgctgg gcattgaccc tcttttcttc    141660
     tcagtaggta catgccacag caggtagcct ctactcctag gctgcgacaa gttacttaac    141720
     ctctctgtgc aggaacacaa agcaaggagg ctttgcagta gttcctggat ggaggacagc    141780
     tggggaaatg tacacactct gttctcttgg aaaccttcag ttttagccgg ggactttgcc    141840
     ccttggggtg tgttgctata tcccagcctc tctttctgtg aggtctggtt acggtggcag    141900
     gcagacagta tgagagcaga gggggcagag cagtttgact ttcctggaac ttgatttgta    141960
     gaccaggctg gccttgaact cacagagctt tgcctactta agtcctggga ttaaaggctt    142020
     gtgccaccac attcggcttc agatcagttt ctcgaagaca ttggttttgt ggaggaaggg    142080
     gttcccttgt acttggaaag aacatggatc agtttttaga ggtcagtgag ttcaccttgt    142140
     tcctgactct ctgctagctt ttttgctggt tattggaggt ttccacagac tcctgcattg    142200
     atatggaatt tgtcacgctc ctctctaact ctactgcttt tcaggtcaca tacgtcccag    142260
     ctatgctctg gagtacatac agatttggag ctgtgacatc attctgatag atcagtccct    142320
     ctgccatcaa gaagcaccag cctttgtctc tgtcaaagcc agactcagcc ttaaagtgag    142380
     aaaggctgta gctttcttta ccccgtcctt ctggtttcct ggcatactga tgttacagat    142440
     ggacttcaag tagccacttt gtttcccaaa caaaagacca aggtagcatg ttcaaagaac    142500
     ttggggctct gatcattttg gagctgctac accatcccta agctagtcac ctccagcaga    142560
     cgtgggagtt cctttaagcc acatgtgtga atgtgtaata aatcacagct acttcttctc    142620
     tgttctgata gggcgaacag tgaagaccaa ggcacacacc agcctgtgcc agtgttatgc    142680
     ccagatcatg ggacccccct aagagaccac ccgggaccac aactccattg caagcacacg    142740
     agtctttatt caagctcgag cttggaccac aaaccttcct gatgcagcta gataggagag    142800
     tggccctgaa gtctaggggg atggggttta taaagggaaa aaccacaaat ggggacttcc    142860
     aagccttggt gttacatgat tgggtaagag ggtaaaggaa tgttggcctt taagctgatt    142920
     ggttcaagca tcttgtggaa cccccaggag ggaccacaca tctaaaagga gcttcttggc    142980
     ttgggaacaa cttacgtttt cttgacccac cctgttatta ttggctggcc atggttgcta    143040
     tatctatttg caactgccaa gtacatttca tgggttttct cagaactcaa gagtaggagc    143100
     cacgttactc tgaggacaag tcaacttaaa cgaagtctga aaaacaaaat ggagtttatt    143160
     ctgctactcg ttcgcttact cgttgctttg gaggccaatc ttgggctccc agaggtctgg    143220
     attttttgtg gtaatttgtt gataatgaga tctcattacc attaattgag tagttctcag    143280
     tctctgttta atatattgta gaagcttgct tagaatacac agtctgaagg taaggagaag    143340
     tgaaagaatg actaagggtc ctataaggct ggaaataaga gttgttaacc aaggggaaaa    143400
     agcaaataat gaatggcccc aacttctgga ttcttcccgt tctcttcgac acctgtccag    143460
     gttttccctg accttagcca ataactcacg aataacgcca gaatggttga catagaagca    143520
     gcactcctca cgtaagccct ccctgctgta ggaacactaa gtcttatctc cacctgtttt    143580
     gtaacaccat ttcagctaga gcatctacat tatactccag gtgggaaatg gacctttcta    143640
     ggcactggat atcttcttca tctatgtctg cctttaaatt gataaagttc ttttcctgga    143700
     attccagtgc tggctccagc tagtcctgcc ctcagaatca atgctaagat taaagagata    143760
     gcttctctct tctgtctcat aaggccttcc caagtttgtc ctatgaatgc tctcagcgct    143820
     gtttcctctg gttacgcaag acattcattg aaccaagata cagaacccat ctggggtaga    143880
     agaattaaga acctctcagt tcacacaagg ggtcagtcct gttgaacagg cccaccatgc    143940
     ctgttctgtt gggggataac ccatttggaa tggacgatgg cgatggtccg gttgttcagc    144000
     agggagttct agaacagaga agctctgcca atggatgtct ggtggtacgg tagttgttgg    144060
     tctagaagat gctgagacta gtactgattt agggggtgct agaatctgac ttgggccgtc    144120
     tgtcgctgat gacttgcctt attaggagtt tgagtgtaaa gagtaacctg ggattgtaac    144180
     cccggataat gtggaaccag aggcaccaag attttctgac ttcccatccc ttggcttgtt    144240
     ctcccttgtc agtgatcctg agcagaacac tggagctgtc tccttgtcgg gaaactgtga    144300
     taagatcttc ttttaacacc ccccatcccc aacttctgct gatggaggtt tcacatctct    144360
     aggcagcaca gttgagaggg agagagcctg gatgtttggg atttctgggt attggtcagt    144420
     tggcaagctt tacagtttgt cactatatcc tcaagagtgc tctgtatatc cttgaaagtt    144480
     actttggatt gtctgaccgc atctgccatt cttctgatgc ccatgtgggt gactctggat    144540
     ttttctgaaa atggttcttg tgaaagaggt aggtattatt agcttacctt cagtccactg    144600
     ccacctgacc cctagacatt gactcctggg ctggtttgta gcctatttaa tctcttctgt    144660
     atagaccagt tgctctggca gattggaatt gagtggttca ggtcggatgg tggcccgcac    144720
     agagatggct gtttcttgta aggctaccta cctccttgtc agctttgtca gtcagattgt    144780
     tacctctagc tactggctcc attctttttt gatgccctgg acaatgaatg attgccattt    144840
     tttttttttg gcagccagag ggctttaagg agttgtagaa tttcatcttt aattttgata    144900
     gtttttctct ctgctgtgaa gagtcctctt ttctggtaaa tggcttcatg catatgagca    144960
     gttgcagatg cacatcggtt gtccatgtag atgttaacag ccagtccttt ccccatgatg    145020
     agggcctgtg ttagtgctat cagttcagct ctgtgagctg aagcgcctga aggaagaaac    145080
     tgagcccaga ttacctctgt ttctgtagcc actgacaccc ctgctttcct ctgaccctca    145140
     cggatgaagc tgctcccatc cataaaccag gtctgctctg cctccagcag aagagagccc    145200
     ttcaaatcag tttgggtact atgtcattga gccagaacct catcacattg atggagtggg    145260
     tggtccaagt caggattggg ttggagagtc gaggggttca gggaaacaga tggctgggaa    145320
     gtaactcagc ctgggtgatt cagtagagtc tgatactgag tcaagtgggc attactgagc    145380
     catcgatcaa gaggctgctt tagtacccct tcaattgcat gggaggagtc atggtcaaat    145440
     tctgtcccaa agttaattta tctgcatctt taaccaacag tgccatggct acaataatac    145500
     tcaggtaagg tggccatcct gctgccactg ggtccagttt ctttgataaa tgagcagccg    145560
     gctgtttcca tagccctaga gtttgggtca taaccccttt ggctacctgt ccatgctcat    145620
     caacatacag atggaatggc ttagtggtat ctggtagccc taaagcaggg gctgataaca    145680
     gagccttttc accttttcaa gggccttctg ttgtttctga gtccagataa aaatcattag    145740
     tttcgtagag gtcaagccat cttggcaaag cctggaatcc atagtctaca gaagtccgtg    145800
     gatcccaaga actctctcac ctgctgaggt gtacaggagg tggggatact gagaacagcc    145860
     tctttccttg ctgctgagag tcatggttgg ccttccttca ggatgtaact gaggtagggg    145920
     acctcagtct tgcaaagctg tgccttttta gctgatgctg gataccccat gtcccccaga    145980
     gtctgcaaga gtctctgagt ttctttttgg caactctccc tggattctgg tgtaatcaga    146040
     agatcatctt tatgttggag aagggtaata tctgggttgt taacctgaca ctcatccagg    146100
     tcctcgtgca gagcttcatc aaagatggtg catgaattct tgaagtttgg ggaaggcaag    146160
     tccaggtaag ttgtctgttt atgccttcct ctgtgttgta ccatttgaag acaaagtatt    146220
     cctgactctt aggggctggg agtaagctta aaaggcatct tttatatcag aatatcattt    146280
     tcattccggc ggcaatgagc acagcagagt ataggggtta gccactgtgg ggtgtatttc    146340
     catcactctg cgattaactt cctgtaggtc ttggacagca tggtagtcat tagaatttgg    146400
     ctttctcact gatagtagtg gagtattcca agacgactgg cttggcttga gggctcccag    146460
     ggtcaacagt ttatggatat gggatgtgat tccccttttg tgcttcctgg gatactggtg    146520
     gacttggact gggtcagctc ctggtttaag ctcaacaaac acaggaggtt gatgttttgc    146580
     taggcccatg ccccctgttt ctgcccacac ttggagaaat ttcctcaacc agatatccaa    146640
     gtctattctg gggtgattgg tgactcatat agtctgtact cagtctcaga ggccaggtac    146700
     agtgtcaaaa cctggattag gttacctttc tgatccagtg attggacccc ttcaggttta    146760
     aaatgaagtt gagctctcat ctttgctaac aaatctctcc ccagcaaagg gtaggggtat    146820
     tcagggatga ccataaatga atgggttacc catcccattc tcaagtctac tgatcttcag    146880
     gtagtccata atgattgttt agcacctgtg gccccttgga ctcaggactt tatggaagac    146940
     attgtccttt tgaccttcag gaacactgaa tgctgagctc cagtatttac caggaagtcc    147000
     agggccttct ccttcactcc aagggttacc ctgggcttgg gaaaggggtc caaaccctga    147060
     ctccctcagt cttctttctc tgcaaacatg accttagtgt gcggcttctt ctttagccca    147120
     atgaccttct tccttgtagt aagcacattg attcttacct aatggtggtc agcagcttct    147180
     ttagactcct tccctccagc aatctgttgg aactagtgtt tcctttccct tggatctgag    147240
     gtgttgttga ctagaaggac tctggctaaa tctctactca atgtctttcc tgtcttaatc    147300
     tacttttctt ctatatgttc tctgttattg tattctctgt tatccttttc tgcaatttcc    147360
     actagatctc tcaatgactt ttctcctcat ctttcttatc tctgtaactt cttcttgatg    147420
     tctgatgctg acttactgat gaaagtcagg gtaccatgcc agatttctct gttttcttgg    147480
     gttctatgtg tgtgtagtgg cagaaagcct ccatgacttg tttgagaaat gccactggtc    147540
     ttttatcagt tccccaccta acatcagaaa ccttggccaa atcagtgggt cacctagtga    147600
     cagctttgaa acctaccaac agagctaggc agtagaccta gctatgtgtc ttaccatcag    147660
     ctatgctgaa gtaccagtgt ggtctcctaa gggaaaatcc ctcatcagta ttggcttggt    147720
     tctggattgg gatgctgtta ttttctgtaa tgtttctcag agcctcctgg ataacacttt    147780
     gtcttctact gctgacatca tggggagatg gaaggtccct tccgttggcc atccaacact    147840
     ccaaacttca ataagtggcc attttccctt tctttacatc tacagagagg ttatgagctt    147900
     cagccataac ttccttaaaa tgagtcagaa tgagattgag gaggtgagag gcagtctgta    147960
     ccatggttgg gggtcagact gtcaggacat gtgggactac ctggggatgg aagggtgaga    148020
     gaaccatttt ttttttgaaa caggatgtcc tagtttcatt tcttttccta tgataaataa    148080
     taaccctaca aaaagcagta taggggaaac aagtttatat tagcttagag tttccgggta    148140
     cagccaacca ttgtgaggaa gttggggaag tgaaggcaga aacttcaaac agctagtcac    148200
     atcacatcca tagtcaagag cagaaagaaa tgaatctgca catgctcact tgctggctta    148260
     cttgtgctca ctctaatttc ttcactctta catatttcag gactctttga ctagggaatg    148320
     gtactgccca cagtaggctg gttcttcccg catcaactaa atgaattata taattcccaa    148380
     tagacaggct ctcagttcaa tccaatgtag acaaaccctt cttctcaggt gattccaggt    148440
     tgtgcccaaa ttggcaataa cgataaccac cacatggtct tgctatgtag cctagtctgg    148500
     cctagaagtc acaatgctcc tgcctctgcc ttcctgatga gagcatcaca gatgtttctt    148560
     atcatttcta tatcaacctc tgatgctgaa tcacaagcaa gcatgtgggt atgaaaggga    148620
     tgattgtttc ccagaatccc cgttttaaca agctgcctct ttgtcctctg agagggctag    148680
     aatcctaaac aactgtattc cctgcccacc tagaggcacc aaggctcaga gagctcccag    148740
     cactgaagcg actttcctaa ccttccatta tctgcaagct agcatcgcta catcagaggg    148800
     ccatcaggat gccataacag aggtcagggc ctcatgaagg aattaggcct tttcagagcc    148860
     ctagcaattg gtggatgctc acaggctgac tattgcctgt cctaggcggg gactatgcta    148920
     agaccctaag gactgaaacg ggacatctgt ggcctggaag attcatggcc cctcccactg    148980
     tgcctagtga atattgccta ctgggctcag gaggtaactt tagagtggtt cctaccaggt    149040
     tgcttggaga tcacatggac acctggggac tcattggcat gtagatgact aacctgtccc    149100
     agggtcccag ctcttcaggg ttggaacaat actcagccag agagtgacca atgactccga    149160
     tttcctagga cagtgatgct tcttggaaga cgggattttt gaggccggaa ccaggaaaga    149220
     cttgtcttat cttgcttcaa gatgcttctg atgtcagcat ctcattttga ctcagaatcc    149280
     tgggagccat gtctagggac agtcagatat cacccaggtg tggtaggaat catgtagtgt    149340
     gggtatagcc tctcatggga ctcatattta agacagtttc caccaaaatg ctgaaacctt    149400
     ttcacagatc tctggagcag cagcttcaag tgcctttcct aagtggtggt gttgacagag    149460
     gaacaaagct ggattcaggg gctgctaagt tcacaggcat gccacaggcc ttcttagaaa    149520
     agcaagagca gatgtcatgt tgatgtcatg ttctgggcca ttcctgagga ctggatatgt    149580
     aatgtcacca gttgaaagac ttggggatga ctctttctct ctcatctgca agcctgcccc    149640
     tccaaccccc attcccaggg aatgggtctc aaagagctca gaggatgaga agccatagat    149700
     ggagcccaga tgggcctgct gtcctggtgg agtcaggaat ggttctgaca aggccaagaa    149760
     gctgggaggg ctctcagtca tttcagagct gagagctgca ggggtgtttg gaaggagcca    149820
     catgatcctt ggatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc ttagatatgt gtgtgcatgt gtgtgtttag    149880
     atatgtgtgt gcatgtgtgt gtgcacttgt gtgtgtgtgc ttagatatgt gtgtgcatgt    149940
     gtgtgtgctt gtgtgtgtgc acgtgtgtgt gtgcttagat atgtgtgtgc atgtgtgtgt    150000
     gcttgtgtgt gtgcacttgt gtgtgtgtgc ttctgtgtgt gtgcatgtat gtgcgtactt    150060
     gtgtgtgtgt gtatgtctgt gcttgtgtgt gtgtatgcat gtatatgtgc acttgtatgt    150120
     atgtgcttgt gtgtgtgtgt gctagtgtgt gtaggtaaaa ggacaacttt aggtattgat    150180
     gctctttcta cctttttttt gagacaaggg cagggctctt atttattatc tctggctctc    150240
     aaacttccag cagctctctt gcctccgcct cccatttcca gtaggatcgt gctgagatta    150300
     cagacccgta tactattttc tgtttctttt ttaatgtgag ttctggggat ctgaactcag    150360
     gccttcaggc tttcacagca gggtcttttt ctctatggag ccatttttcc agtctgcctg    150420
     tttcactgag aactgaagcc aagccctgga taccaggagg agccacaggt catgttgtgg    150480
     ttttgcggtc cacagaagat ccctactcct ggttggcagt tatgactgag gactagagag    150540
     ggaagctaag ctgagggtcc ctgtgtgtcc ctaatttgct gctcagtccc ctggtgggat    150600
     gctgagggtg agccttagca ggacagtgtg tcttgaccgg tctcctgtag ctctaacttt    150660
     tgttttccga ttccttcagc ttgatgatct catgtgagag gtaagatcat ggtgtctgtc    150720
     ctgggtgtag actgcacttg ggaccgtagg aggcagcagc cctgagttaa gatggcagtc    150780
     cgtgaactac aaaggaactg ccgatgctca tagaaccttc cagattgagc gcttccttgc    150840
     ttctggctgc ctgagctgga gacttggaat cgtctggttg tgagctccac agtgaggcat    150900
     gtaggcatga gcttgcgtct ctggggaggc actactttgt cagagtgttg atgttagctc    150960
     ctgcatacac gtggatggat gtgggccact gtttggatca gactaagggt tgattgctaa    151020
     ctatagagtc tcgtggatgg tgctgtaggt ggaccttgaa ttaagatcct ggcagtaaga    151080
     atacttagtc tctaagtcct ctttgatgct ttcctaagta aggacaggat gggacttttt    151140
     tggcctcatt tgcagcacca acgtgtgtta tatgtgggaa tccaccccct gccctgtttt    151200
     tagctgtgtg ctcccatcag gttccacatg aatatgcaca tgcaacacac acatacacac    151260
     tgagatagac ctagacaaac acacacacac acacatgtat acatatacat acacatatat    151320
     acatacatgt gcacatatat atatatatat atacctatat gtacacactg tacacacaca    151380
     catcacacac actcacatac ttacaaaagt acacatacat gtgtctacat gaatgcacat    151440
     acatacatac acataagcat ttacacaagc atgcacatat atatatatat atatatatat    151500
     atatacacac acacatgcac acacactgac acacacataa gcacacatat acacatacac    151560
     acatgtgtgc acacatatgc acacatgcac actcagtgta cacacacaag tacatacaga    151620
     ttcatatata cacacatgtg aatatacatg tgcgcacatg catgtgcaca cagtctcctc    151680
     cggttctgtt tgctgtcact ttctgctaag tggttctgac ttttttcctt taaaaaattg    151740
     tagtctgatc tttgaaacag gaacttcctg acacatatga caagtgtcag tgaataaaca    151800
     aacacaagag cagcactaat cattgggtgt gagcaccagc tgtcacctcc agcactgtga    151860
     tccttggcaa gccgaatggc ctccagggac tcagcatcct gctttgtaaa ttggagatgg    151920
     tgctgggcca gttctgtctc ctttctgggt agttttgagg attgaatgga ctggagaact    151980
     tgcaaatact tcatgtcctg aaatgctcaa gggatgattg aatccggatc ttgaaggcct    152040
     tcctcagcga aggacagtgg gatgtcgggg aaccttgcta ttaaggtagc aatccccatg    152100
     accagatggc tttcagtgct ggatgcaaaa tggtactcta tcagtgcaaa aagtccctct    152160
     ttatcagtgg gacttccctg tctctgcctg cctttgaaca caggtcgctg gccttgtctg    152220
     aaatatcacc ttgtacagag ctctctgcaa gctgcagcac tcagcacaca tcccgctctg    152280
     gcttcctgcc cacatgataa ttaggtgctg tactatatgc agtcagcctt tcctgcttgc    152340
     ttgatgccat gaccaattag ccctttccac cggtacccct gaaaacactc atatacaccc    152400
     tatccctgac acaataaagt agaattgtct cagctgcagc agtttccaga ggtcattctg    152460
     ccatacacac agccatccca accctgctct ttgcctctgc cccctttctc ccctcattat    152520
     ggtggccaac agccttcagg gagaaagcaa ggacacagtg gaaagtgggt ggtgtgtcaa    152580
     atctcggttg ctgtgacaaa aatgccaggg aaaagtcaac ttaaaagagg aaaggttaat    152640
     tttagctcat ggtttcaggg gttccaatgc acacagctgc taggcactgt cactctgggc    152700
     ctctggtgga ggggggacac agttctattg accttatggt gcccaggaaa cacagtgtgg    152760
     ggacagggtc tcaatagccc ctttaaggac acatcccagt gacctaactt tcttacatta    152820
     gactccacct cttgaaggta tcagcccctc ccaataacac caccttgggg gctgagacct    152880
     ctactcagag gcctttggga acattctaga ccccagttac agcatctggg ttaccccaag    152940
     taacatactg tctgtgtctg ctagctccag gtcctctctt ccggtgtcca ctttgcttac    153000
     tagtgtctct gaccagaaag atggttacta gagagaccct gctcccagct gaccattatc    153060
     atccccttac aagaagccaa gacctttatt tagcgaagta cactggtatg ggcaggaaag    153120
     tctttttaaa acaagtagga agatagcact gatggcttcc aacctgagag caggaagcac    153180
     acactttaca tgtgtgggtg ctgaaaggca cgctgcagcc tgggtgactt acagccaggg    153240
     ctccagcagg tgccacccac atggccttgg ccatcacagt gggcatgagg tcatcaaatg    153300
     cagatggtga catctatctc ggtgcttatg tcaccttcct caaccccaat gacttaagga    153360
     ggctgaagga cacccagcct ctggccccag tcctgtgtgt agctctctct gatgccaagc    153420
     tgtagctttc ttatggacta caaggacggc ctcccttact gagtcaggca aaagtgtccc    153480
     tttcaagtgc tttgatcgcg gttatctcgg atcatttctg catccctgat agaggtgccc    153540
     agcagccctc gcacatgaca cactgggtgt gactcagagt ctgtcataag taaatctctt    153600
     tagggctcac aggcacccca ggagatgagt attagaactg tctcctgcta cagatgcaga    153660
     aagggccact gaggtcagac agaggtcaca cggttagcaa gctgaaggtg ctcaggcagt    153720
     tttagcaggt gacatgtttc catattctca cccaatgtca tgtttacacc tattgtgtct    153780
     gggacaatac cagtgatgcc tattgtcttg ctattgtaat tatcagtaat gttccgttca    153840
     ctttaaaaaa aagtcctggg tggatgctaa atgcaggctc atcgctttag tgtcatgcca    153900
     tctgtctgca atctcccata ctccccagcc tctatcttcc cactccatct tttccacctt    153960
     ggtgggtttc tccaactgtg tgttgctctg aaatccacag tcatcaagtc ccctccggaa    154020
     gcccaagcta catcctgcca ttgtagtcaa cactgccttc agagctcctg gtggtgagcc    154080
     ttcggcgtcc cagacttccc cagtgtttgc tgtgggtgca gcttaaggac tgtaacaaag    154140
     accatataga gagggttcag gagttgtgca gtaacacaag gaaagctggg catgtgtctc    154200
     agtccccaga actgtaaaag ccacacaact gccaccatga caccactggg agctggagcc    154260
     tcctctagaa atatcattca aagtcttgag gcaggcagtg aacattgtgt ccagctgatg    154320
     ctggtgcagc tggtctcggc acacacagtg tcccttgcat gacagggaaa gaaatgagac    154380
     tgtgtgatca ggatctataa tgactgtgca gtggagctgc cgacccatcc tggactgcta    154440
     cctgggagac aatttatgtt tcaagctact gtcctgctgc gttttgtttc agcagctcag    154500
     tattgttttt ctccctggat tgcttctctg ggagtcagtc ttctctggtt aatgtctctc    154560
     tcagaaaaga agaaatgaaa ttctgcggta gctctgcctc tggatgaggg gaacctgacc    154620
     tcccttagaa agaacgacag ctggtgtgag gtcaggttca atgctatgtc tactcccagt    154680
     ctccctatat ctctggcctc ccatgtgctc ccaggtcctg tctccctcta gttattcgat    154740
     gacatatcac ttttcctgtt gctatgataa aatatatgac caaagcaact taagaaagac    154800
     agctgttttt gttcaaagtt tgaaggatag actccatcat ggtgggaaag acatggtggc    154860
     agaagtatgg gacgattggt catgcagtat ccataatcat gagacaggta gggagggtgg    154920
     gagggaggga gggagggggc tggtgtacag ctggcttcct ttttcttttt tctttcattt    154980
     attcagtcca ggacttaagc ccattggatg gtgaagtcca cattcaaggg tgaatttccc    155040
     cctcatcaat taaacctttc tggaaacatc atcaaaggca cactcagagg caagtctcct    155100
     aggtgagtct aagtccagcc atgttgacaa gaaagattaa ccttcctttt gccacttagg    155160
     tctgaggtca ttccctcacc cagacattct gaactctcta ctgtctgatg ggcacctctc    155220
     catatttctc aaagtcactt ctaattgcca agaaaagaga tggctttcag ccttcttcat    155280
     gaaattgaga cactggccca ccttcatttc ccaaaccctc ccttcttttt gtatgtttgc    155340
     tggggatggg acccagagct tcatgatact ggacttacgt taaagccacc aagccaaaac    155400
     cccgaccaca tcttccttct gaaacaccat cactggtaag cactgatatg gcctgtgatt    155460
     gtttgaatga gaatggctcc catagatcct atgtttgaat gctgattcat caacaagtgg    155520
     cactgtttga gaaggattag aaggattagg aagtgtggcc ttgttagagg aagtgtgtca    155580
     ctggaggtgg gctttaaggt ttcaaaagcc aatgtgggcc cagtgtgtaa ctgatgcctg    155640
     ctgcctttac atcaggatgt acaggtctca gatagatgta taggtctccc tagcgcctgt    155700
     ctacatgctg ccatgctccc tgccatgatg ataatggacc gagcccctga aactataagt    155760
     caaccccaac taaatgcttc attttatgag ttgctgtggt catggtgtct cttcacagca    155820
     atagatcagt gactaagaga cggcctcact ggcttcatgg tctcattctc ttttgattcc    155880
     tcttgagtgt ctccaatgag ccgtaattgc catgattgga agatggcccc aaagattatg    155940
     tattagaaac ttaatcttca atagagcaga gcagagcagg gggggggaga gagagagaga    156000
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagagc cagataagag ccattaatgg    156060
     cactctcaca gggtggccta attgtctcct gtggtttgtt atgaaacaag attgggcttc    156120
     ctcttgctca ctgtccctca cctcctctta cccttctgtc tacagcatga gagcacacag    156180
     cataaagtac cccctccaga agccatgtga tgctcttgaa ccttctacct tcaaggaccg    156240
     tgactaaata tagttccgtt cagggaaact tagggacagc tatcggagcc tgctgagatc    156300
     cagactcacc cagggccaca gtccattcaa aataaagtta ttagttttcc ctgccacccc    156360
     cacccctcag gcctcccttt gaagggaccc tccacctacc catccaatgt catcccttgt    156420
     ccttacgtcc tagcgccccc tttgcatcct cctcagtgag catcttggga acccatcctt    156480
     cccccccttt ttactgctct gcctcaggct tctcctcact cagcactgag tagttattta    156540
     tgtatcagtt tcccctgaga ttagataatg agtctattaa ttcactgaat gtctaaggcc    156600
     cccatatgtg tacacacatg gtaggtggta gagatagaaa aaggatgaaa agaattaatg    156660
     aggccgtctc tgacctccaa accctcagca ctggggcaac aggcagagtt atatcacttt    156720
     atcagagtgt atgaaggtca aggccaagac gtacttgcag gggtgctgaa gagggaattc    156780
     tggtgatagt ttataggaaa aggagctgga taagagtgaa tgccacgctc aaggctttga    156840
     cctggatttc ataagtactg gggtctgttc ctctggtcca gggataggaa ttacaggcac    156900
     cacttaggag gttaagttaa acaaactcaa gtggctatct gagtctgagg ctggagaacg    156960
     aacattcatt taaatgagtt ctgaaaatat ggttatcgga agggaccatc aggtatatat    157020
     taactgatgt cctgtgcctc tgttggacat agcagagagc ccacaaagga ccagccaaca    157080
     actacatcag tccctggcaa ctgttccagg ctggcaactg catgtgtaga tccagccagg    157140
     gaagtggatg gagcttaggg tgaggagcca accctgaccc ccacctaggg aaaccactgc    157200
     acagcaggct ggatttgcgc atctggagct tcaaccacac tcttcagaaa gtttagggtc    157260
     ttgcctcata ttctgagcac tcttgacaaa ccagcctact tgtactgaag acagagccca    157320
     tgcttgcccc attcagagat gtgcatacat tgtaacttcc ctgttgtctg cactaaaaga    157380
     agctaggtct ccttggaaga aagggcactc ttttcttcat ccagggtggg cactgttcac    157440
     agcccatacc ctcaggagct gcttgctccc tgccttgggt gaaggatggg gcaatttact    157500
     cctagacccg ggagaatgga ggggctgagg gaattccttg gttcaaagga ttgccaagga    157560
     aagggactct ttatggggcc cgcttggaac tccactggct tcaaggcagt attggggtgg    157620
     gtaagcagag gcccgtgtgt cagggatccc ctctgctccc tactggctgt cggtgattga    157680
     ggtgctatct atccctttct gtgcctcagt ttctttatct gtaccgggca gagttggtgt    157740
     tctggaagta tgttcttcca aatgactttt tcagtagact ccaatataca gaactgtaag    157800
     tcaagcgtac ttttgctgct gggagatggg tgttgagcac ccctccaggt taagctcctc    157860
     tcatcattat ctccttcttc caatgcaccc ccaaagctgg gaccacaaca cagcctcagc    157920
     actagggctc tgagaccatg tcttctaatt ctttggtgag tattatcatt gcacaggtgt    157980
     ccaaggtcag acaaccccag gagcagcagg aactgaaggg ccctaggagg tcactgaaag    158040
     ccgttcatgt catagatggt tcgtctgctg cggatctctg gactccagcc acccctactt    158100
     cacccatttt catcgtggtc aaatctacac gatataaaat ttaccatggt aaccatttta    158160
     acacacacga ttccacagta ttaaatatat tcatatgcat tttcctctca ccctttacac    158220
     ttccagagct tcctcatcac ccaagatgag agcccggcac actgaaatac ccatttctct    158280
     gcccctccca cggcctctgg agacctctac tctacttccc aactgtggtt ttctttcaag    158340
     tatttcctat cttcaaggcc cccgtgtcct ctggtctgtt gcatctggct tcttaccaca    158400
     acactttcag gactcttctg ggcagcaccc ctgtgctcag acctcagctt agaccccagc    158460
     atcagcggcc cagggattgg tgctggctca cctccgcccc ccaaaggcag ctcccggatg    158520
     gactcacagt gctgccacag ctttctggac ccaatcctgg gctgaggtca ctgagtggat    158580
     tggctgctgg ggcctcctgc tctgagtcca tgtgactcca acgtggtagc tgctgtgtac    158640
     ctttccagct gtctctccag cactccccca agagcagagt ctgcactaag gcatcagaag    158700
     cagtgccctg ccgtctacca caccctccag caggtgataa cacttggtag tgatttgcca    158760
     gatccagatt cccccagttt cagcgcagca ggaagagatc cccagtctct ccatccattc    158820
     tgtgcatttt ggggaggagg aaggactgtc cccacaggct tccatagtgt gtacattact    158880
     ctctgcttat gcatagccat ggactgctta ctgtgaacca gatggacaca cgctccctct    158940
     gagtcttggg catgggacaa aagtgcccca gtgatgcaga cactcgtctt tctttccaga    159000
     ctgggatttg cacaatttct cctttgtttt ccaagtagtg tctgtcttat gtctggaata    159060
     aggcaccatg gcttagcggt tagcccaaag accattcctt cctagaaagg gtatgtgtgt    159120
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gactctgtag tcatgtgaaa    159180
     aatgttacat cagattatct gggttccaag ggattccata gaaccaaagg ttggaagact    159240
     ccctcacctc acagggcagc tgacactctt ttccttttag gggcaacaga caagcctgcc    159300
     cataccaaag ataatggcca tgtctccagt acaaggccag atctggcagt ttcagagtca    159360
     cggccagagg tagggtttcc tctgcagcca gagatcccag gtgtccagcc tcctggctgg    159420
     gtttgctgtc tccccacaac acagatgtgt aagatagctt gtctgtgttg tgaatgtaag    159480
     aacagtcttg agtctaaatt tcaatttggg tgttcacttg gggactcaga tgtgaatctg    159540
     ctgatgccac tcactgaatc ggggacggaa gctgccaagg ctcctggtaa ataaacagtg    159600
     gcgttccatc ccaagtcacc ggaaatgtat tttctaagga cttgataact cctaagaaaa    159660
     gtgtttgaat cttcttgcct gagctctgtg cttcctgact gtgttatgtg gtgaatggta    159720
     gcctctttcc tttttgccag cgacaggagg caatctgagg ctacgcctct atagtcactc    159780
     tgctttgctt tgaaacagga gcagtgtgga cctctcttcc cctgggtctc acctgtcaaa    159840
     tagttcatac agtgattaga aaagtacttg aaacccgggc aatgataacg tggcttctcc    159900
     aggcttagct tgcaccactg tcctttctgc attacaaagg gaggcggtgc cttccctgac    159960
     cccaccccca cctagctcac tctactactg gtacctgctc tctgagaact tgaatagaac    160020
     ttcaggtttg ctgcaattga aagcccctag gcacctggcc acttacctgt gatttccctc    160080
     cctccctgtg attctgctca cacctccgat ctcaccagct ctgccccctc acagagcagt    160140
     ctccagcttc tagaaagccc gctgctctat ggctctgagt gcccaagctg aagttccttg    160200
     gtactttttc acggcccctt ctctgctcat atcttttttc tttaacgaaa agaatgtacg    160260
     ctcgacgaca aagccttcat ccctcttatc tgctcagctt tggtgcaaac gtgagcatgc    160320
     tcagacagtg agcaagcatc cttaagacca agagcgagga cagtgttgct ctcagtctgt    160380
     ttcaaacctc agaccatgtg tacaatgctc acccccctcc ttaccctttc ttattttctc    160440
     ctggagtttt gttttgagag agggcttgct gtgatgccca ggctagcctt gaatctcaat    160500
     aatcctgctg cttcaacctt ctgagtagct ggcactatag acatgtgcca ctgcacctgg    160560
     ctttcttctg agccatttat gtattttctt gtgcatgtat atatgtatgt attagtgaca    160620
     ttgaggattg gacttatgca cccctctccc aacacacaac gcataacaga aatgcaaatg    160680
     atgaaatcag aaagacagag acctggacat agaaataaaa actttcacca tgtccccatt    160740
     ctgctggaag ggtttgttct gtcctaactg ggacaccacc tgccttagtt agggtcacta    160800
     ttactgtgct gaaaccccac gaccaaagca acttaggtag aaaagatagt tggcttttac    160860
     ttccatatca ctattcatca ctgaaggaat tcagagcagg agctggtgca gaggccatgg    160920
     aggcgtgctg cttactggct tgcctacatg gcttgctcat tctgctctcc tattgaatcc    160980
     aggaccacta gcccagggat ggcacaaccc acattgggct gggacctctc tcattaataa    161040
     ttaattagta aaatgcccat tggccagatt tttctggagg cattttctca gttgaggttc    161100
     cttcctttca gatgactcta ccctgtgtca agttggcata acactagcca gctcaccatc    161160
     ttaaaatgac cccaatgaaa gccaaattat gggtccaggc agcttcatgg ccatgcaatc    161220
     agggtagctc acaaggccat gggctctgaa ggaccctagt ctgggtcact gttctgctgt    161280
     tggtagcttg agatgcttaa caatgccacc tttgaacttg agttttattc gtaaagccca    161340
     atggtccagc gggacatgga tgtgggaaag ggacacattt gcacacattt cgtccctccc    161400
     tgctgcttca cgtggcacaa gcccaggatt ccgagagtcc gcataagata aggtgttcca    161460
     ttgtaattgt cctgaggttc ctgtgctgga agcagaaact gcttccaatg cacgtggcag    161520
     ggccagcatc ctgagaagca ggttgtcgtg ccccatcttc ctcatggatt gcttcctgca    161580
     agagctagtt gtttgcatgg caaatgaagc caacacagac agtgggtgag aagacagaac    161640
     ctgacagggc cccagctctc ctcgggccct ctttcctctg taggagcaca aggctgaaag    161700
     ctgtcgcagt ctgtgtctgt agaaggacat gagctacagc tggacctgtt ttgtgcatcg    161760
     ctatcctttc agtaagagcc aagcacaccc ataacctgtg cactgtgaga gctgggtgat    161820
     ttccaaacaa gtcaaatgct ttgatgttgg ctttttttaa ctgggaattg catggccgaa    161880
     cgcttagtgg cagaagtcac actggtcact taaaatcaat ccttctttac tcagaatgtc    161940
     atttagtgtt aggagataat aacatgatga gccaagagag aacaaaggag aaaggaaagg    162000
     ctttgggttt ctgtgttcct actggtgtct cctgcacagc gaagtggact tctgcgtttc    162060
     cgtgctgaag tgtgtccccc aaattatacg gtggttctga ctggtggaag aactcttccc    162120
     aagatacatc gccagttacg actggcactc tctctgaaat gcccatgcca taagccttca    162180
     gtggatatct actctctgtt agtcaagctt tctgctagtt cgtagggcta aaaggataga    162240
     tcatcccatc tcgtcttcag ctgattcgga gggacacagg ttcaaagcca gggaaggctg    162300
     aggtggtctc caggtgccgg gaggctggtg cccacccacc tgaggtagct ctgagagcga    162360
     tgcttcattg caatatttca agaacgctcg gagaaatgga gacccttacc tgactaagtc    162420
     tccatttcct caaggcctca gacatactgg aaaattgctg tccccagccc aacctttgct    162480
     ttccttctct gtaaacatcc tcgaacctgc tctattagtg aagggcctaa actgatggct    162540
     taaaatgaaa atgatataac atagaaaaga atacaaacat ggcacaatta aaccaccggg    162600
     tgccaggtct tttaggtttt ttaaaactaa aacaaatatc ttgtgtaggt taaaaatcga    162660
     ttaacaaagg tcctttaaaa catgaagtca catggggtaa ggctgagaag ccctgagggg    162720
     ccatcctaca gcctcactat aaggggagcc tgctcaatgc ttcagaccac agcaaggacc    162780
     tgcccagaga agtctgcctc acatttccag aaccctgtgt aatagtctca gttcctggag    162840
     agcgtacact tttcaagagg gtcgtagaaa aggcaggttg aggctgttgg atgggggctg    162900
     caccccgcag gtgtgcttga ggaatagcat cttaattatt gttatattgc tgtgaggaga    162960
     cactctgacc aaggtgactc ttataaaaga aagtgtttag cgggggaggg gggcattttt    163020
     atacttttag acaatttgag agggttagtc catgaccatc acacaggaag cagactagta    163080
     tggtgctgga gcagtaactg agaactttac aacctaatct gcaggcagca ggcagagaaa    163140
     gagacaccag acctggtata ggcctttgaa atctcaaagc ccacctccag tgatatgtct    163200
     cctccaacaa caccacactg tgacatctcc gaatccttcc caatggattt accaactcta    163260
     ccatagtcag ggaccagagg agatgtccca aaggaaaaaa aggctggtct gtgcataatt    163320
     cataggactc caccattccc acgtcagcca cagtgtgcag tacctgcctg cctcatgcac    163380
     gccattctgc ccacaaagct atcttccatc tacttcactg aggtcatcag acaagaccca    163440
     aggcctctgc caatcgtccc agctgtcctc aaccagtccc acactgcact ggaagagatc    163500
     ccttcccaga tctacagaga gggaaattaa agcacagtga ggtcagggga ctcataaaag    163560
     gtcacacagg aggaagggca aagccgggac gggcctgtga gtgtcatgtg gtttccaccc    163620
     tgttgttttt ccatctcttc ctgggagtga ggttaatatc attgaccaga gcttagggga    163680
     agcagttgta tcttcataga ttcctcagga cctgcaagtg ccaggcttat ggcagacact    163740
     tgatgaatac atggggcatg cgtacactat acaagtcacc tcctccccgg ttttatctgc    163800
     cctgtatgtg gtgttttatc agaacccagg agcccacagg gttagccaga acaggaccag    163860
     gttatgagca gcaaaggtgg cccctcagag gaattcgtag aacatccctg ttctcattgc    163920
     tcaactcttt tgctctctca aaccacccag aatgaaagaa aggccccaag gacctggctg    163980
     acacagtacc aaagaccaga atggtactga ggttgattgt tgaccaatgg gaaacagcca    164040
     cagactgaat cccagataat acttaactct gtgattctag gcccccatac ccagggcttt    164100
     ttccttccac aaacattaac taaatagtta ctgtgaggaa gtctctgtga agtcttaggt    164160
     gacatctaag ggtcacagcc acctaaccat gtcttggtgt tgggtactgt ctgaatatca    164220
     atgctgaaac cctcccacct cctaactgca cttgggtcta aagccatgcc agagtcctat    164280
     accacaaaag gcaggattct gcaggtaata tcctaaacct gtgagcttgg ggaacaaact    164340
     tctttgcttt ctacttttct ggggagcaaa ctgcaggggg tcctatggct aaaagcaaga    164400
     tggcagacca gcttacctac actcttctga aagtgtgctt tctgcagagg taagatgctc    164460
     agagtatttg aagaccatgc aagcctgttt ttcttttttt cctgtgtcac agaagatatt    164520
     tagacagaaa ctatgtgagg cctgtctgta attcccacat ttccaactaa gagtccagac    164580
     acaggctcca gacagacacc cctcttgtgc tgagggtagg ggctccctct accaccactg    164640
     accaagcaga tgcaggccac taggacactc ccaagctact agcgggtact tgtgttccca    164700
     gcgccgcccc cttgcttaga gccccatccc aggcatctcc acattgttcc tccaaccacc    164760
     taggtgacaa gtaggacctg gtcagtggcc ccactgtgta cagtacgcca tggagctctg    164820
     ataactctcc tgggatacag ttttgggaca tagtcatggc agctaaactc cctactaagt    164880
     tctggtctaa gcccaggctg ccaaactcca ccagctgtct catagtgatt cattaattaa    164940
     acacagacca tctagtcttg ctcaatccta ccctcttttt ctccccaaga ccctacgata    165000
     ctgtaactct acaccctgga gtgcacttag gaattttcta gaaattgttt cttcttctgg    165060
     taccccttcc tacttcctgc cacaatatgt gccacttgcc agcctctggt tgcttcttcc    165120
     tgtgctctct gcaatctaag cccaagttaa gacgccaact agtcctctcc ctgctttaca    165180
     actagtcaca tgtgggcact gcataattca aacaaaaccc ctacattcca gaatccccct    165240
     cattctctct tcaacacagg aagccaagca cgtagacata ggtgacaagg cctgcctaac    165300
     tcagtttcca ctgatacaca acagggccca ggtggatagc tcagcctggg acggcagact    165360
     gcctaggaac aaccaacccc ccagtgtcct agactcagca gctgccagca gctagcagac    165420
     cctgttttgc atggggtcca gcagccacgg acttggcatt ttgcctctgc taacaaacaa    165480
     gagacagccc ctagtatttg ggattaacaa agcggggggg gggggcattt gacggagggc    165540
     cagtcataca caggacactc tgtatggccc aagctatcaa agctgggcgc acaaagttaa    165600
     aggcaaccca gtcaagaaag gcaaggcaga cattcagagt agtaccaacc ccacccctac    165660
     cccgctgagc acagtgcgac acccatgcgc gcacccaccg ctgcctcatc ctcatccaag    165720
     ggcaactttc ttggccactg agcccctctg gggtcgtgcc agggacgggc agctgagctg    165780
     gaggagccat gccaggacgg cttggtgctt taatgtcaac cccaccggcg ctcttgtctc    165840
     ccgccgccac ctgcacttac ccggccaaaa ccgccaggct ggatgcagcg agggatcggg    165900
     aatccggagc tgtgattgtg gctgtcctgg ccacagccgc ccgctccacc ctgcgctcct    165960
     tgcccactgg cccgcggtgg ctgctggctg cccctctcac tcagactggg ggacgcgccc    166020
     acaggcccgg ggcgggcggg accggggctg ctctttgttt ggagctggct tttttttttt    166080
     cccacccaaa gcagagcaca ctgagcactc ggtcctggca gttgtgcaga agtggctcca    166140
     ggaaacttgt gaggaggggg tggggctgaa gagaggcgga tggccctctg tcccgtccca    166200
     cccactcatc agtaatcact gtcccagact tagatttatc ctcatgaagt ggggggaaat    166260
     tccaggatcc cggaagaatt gaatccatga caggttcctt gggatgtagg gacaagcctc    166320
     ccacttctct cctcactcct gagacacagg aaccggtttt tttgggggtg gggtggggtg    166380
     ggggtgggga gtcaaaatcc tgcggaccat catttctttt accctccttg gaaccaaaga    166440
     aaagccagat ccctttccgt actggaacac agtggaagga cagacaacca agacccagtc    166500
     tctgccagtg ggtgagggtg aagagttgct gaccgccctc cccccccccc ccaacacaca    166560
     cacacactgc ccggccagtg ggtgagcacc ctgtgtgatt tactaagagg aacagcccgt    166620
     gcttagccag ccttgactgc agtgagcaag gcttggtagc ttattaattt ttctcctcgc    166680
     aatgccacaa tacctgacaa gagaaactta agggtttgtt ctgtctggaa attcgagtgt    166740
     gcaggggatc acagactgaa tggcactgcc accagagcag gagtggctgg tcactgagtg    166800
     tttgacggca ggaggcagaa ggggcaaatg taagcgctca gtttgcttgc tttgtttttc    166860
     tttgttattc agattcccat gtagctgttt tcacacacaa tccctcagtg aaacctttct    166920
     gaaaacatcc tcacagaagc accggaaggt gcgtttccta ggtgactcta aattcagtga    166980
     ggttgaccac tcagtcgcag gaagcaggca aagctgaggg ttcctagcta cggaggccag    167040
     ctggctgcta agaatgccct gtcacagcag agatgagata gggactgtct ccttcggaac    167100
     tcatcctgag agctggcggc tagggttcag ggacatgggg cctttcagag catttgagtg    167160
     gtaaggactc atttctcagt tcccgcagtg gactggttac tccagtgggt ggattatttc    167220
     tatttcgttt ttatttgtgt gaatgtatgt ccatgtgtgt ggatgtgttc atctgtgaac    167280
     agatgtgtgt tcgtgtgtat acagatgcat gagcatgtgt gtgtacagac cagaggttat    167340
     tgtatagcat ggtgttgccc cttatttctg aaagaaataa ctcccctctt tcacttgcta    167400
     ccatgacctt acacagtatg aggcccttgc cagacatggc catttgtttg tttgtttgtt    167460
     tgttttttga cccgtagaac atgggccata gactttaatt ctttatactt tgttcagtct    167520
     caggtatttc attgaagcaa tggaagatgg gctaagaaag tgggacggag ggactcagag    167580
     gaggtcatgg ctgtaatctc tctgagagat gaactgggga tgcaggtggt gaaaggaaaa    167640
     gacacagcag agaggtctac agagctgtgc agcagaagga ggagcctgtg agatggggac    167700
     caggggcagc atgagccaaa ggaaacctcc atctccttca aagtccttta tagcaggcat    167760
     ttcaccacag ggatggaaag tggggtgaca cactagatac agcaggtgga ggggtgctcg    167820
     gatatggatc ctggacccac cggccgaatg cagagcacac aaaggtgact ctcttggttc    167880
     tgctctagag ggctctgaaa tccactccaa ttccacagct tcccaaagaa aaccctaatt    167940
     caagtccatt ctctgcctaa ccttgtttgc ttctgtctta aggtgttgta ccagaagtat    168000
     cttctagtgg tctcctgcat gcaaatctcc atctgttgtg ccgtatggca agtatagata    168060
     aggtcttggc ttattttctg ttgctgtaaa agaatactca agatgaggtt atattaaaag    168120
     aaagaggctt gtttaacaca tggttgcaca ggctggaggc caaagatagt gaggcttcat    168180
     ctctctggcc ttttggctat ggggtcacag gggaagggtt aatggcataa aggccaggag    168240
     cagggcttgg attgactcaa atgaggcaat tccaaggaac agggatggtc acaaaggatc    168300
     agagaagctg ccagtaaaat ccaaggcaga caggcctgga gaggggttaa gagtcctggc    168360
     tgctcttcca gggatcagga cctattctca gcatccacat catgacgcaa aaccatctgc    168420
     aattccagtc atggggatat ggtgccctct tctggcctcc acaggcacag gaatgcatgt    168480
     ggtattgaca cgtatacagg gaaaacactc agacacatga aaacaaataa gtaaataaat    168540
     gcaaggcaga ctggacagta aagaggaggg gtaccaaaaa gagggtgaga aaatttgggg    168600
     gccatctggg gaagggtggg gtaggctgaa gcagggagaa gtgtggtgtg tggggtaagg    168660
     atgaagggga gttgatactc atgagagtta ttaatagata acagtaatta gagagagaag    168720
     actagaaaac gtcctggaga ttcctttaat gatctgggac accaggatat aaggaaacat    168780
     ctgggttaac atattccgtc tccagtaatc tctctagtga cattaagtat ctagaacaac    168840
     aacaacagca acaacaataa taaaacccca gcaatatgta atttgaaggt ttctgggagc    168900
     catatttaaa catatgaaga tagagaggtg gagaggggta atggttaagg ttacagaccc    168960
     tcagacattg ggaaatgtca ttgggagagg gtctgttgcg tggcatggcg ggtattgcta    169020
     atgtctaaat ttattttctg ttgctgtcac ataacacctg agactgggta atttactttt    169080
     gaaaagaaat ctattaactc atggctttag cgacataagt ccagaatgat gtggttgtat    169140
     ttgcttgccc cttggtagga taaggctaga aggggctatg aaagagaaga tgggcagaac    169200
     agggcagaca ctgtaccatc atgctctcaa agaaaagaac tcaggtctca ggaaaggtcc    169260
     ctcttaaagg cccctcctga gaactctgta ctaccatcag atctcaatca gaaaaccgtg    169320
     ttcaaacttc aggcgcccat caacaaacac agcacatttc aataacgtga agggagaaac    169380
     cttcaaagtg ttcacatcgc acaaaagagt caagtgttgg gggtgctgaa cgggtgggtt    169440
     aattgggttt tatcaagcca tctcacattg cattaaaaaa tcataatatc tcccactagc    169500
     ctgtaaaaat acgcagctgt gatttgtctg tgcaaattca acaggtaaaa caccaggcgg    169560
     aattaatttt tgtgatgtgt tttatttaac gtgatgcatt caaaagagta tcagttcatg    169620
     tgtgttaata taaaaattaa tggtgtgttc atttacacgc tggcttactc cgtgtcccaa    169680
     ttctggcgtt cactggttgt gggagagggt ggtgttgggg agggaatgca ggattttggt    169740
     gtgcgtgctg gcccaccaat cggtagcccc agtccttgac gtgcatgctg gctcaccaat    169800
     cggtagcccc cagcccttga cgtgcgtgct ggtccatcaa tcggtagccc cagcccttgg    169860
     ggtgccaact gtttgcgtgt actgttgcat ctgagtggag gtactgggtt gaccagagtt    169920
     agattccgac tgcagagcca tctgaaagca gagtggactg acactcagag gcgacgtgaa    169980
     cacttgagct ttccagttgc agaatcaaat actgagtttt tacattaaag tttaggttga    170040
     atgaaaaaaa taaaagaaag caaaccaacc aaccaaacac ccccttaaaa ccaacaacca    170100
     actccacccc cctacaaaac aaacaccccc ccccccaaac accatcacca ccaacaaaaa    170160
     aacacaaacg gatgttcttg acttccattc tgcacccgtt tttgctcact ggctacatcc    170220
     cagtgggctt tgaatttctg atcctccttc cccatcgttc aagcgctggg atcccatcca    170280
     ggcttgagca cttggacctt aacacatctg ggttgtttaa cagctgcacg tgcctaaggg    170340
     ctgtggtatc agaacaggca ggcacagaac atgaaagcag cgcctccttc cccgcgcgcc    170400
     ctctcttgag tacttgtgga ccttcaagca ttcacaggtc aggaactgta caacttgcat    170460
     ttctccaccc tggaacatca acctgtcttt cagaacctct tcccatcact acctaggaga    170520
     cttgcaaggc aaagaaggtt tccttgacaa cccaactccg gccctgctgc cagccttgct    170580
     tggttaagct gctcctatgg cccctgaatt gctgtgtgta gactcgtgcc catcccttct    170640
     aggagaaacc agtcatgttc ctggaggcag tgggagcaat gcagacacaa atcacagata    170700
     acttgctagc cttagtgatg gtgcttcctc ccgacctcgc agagcagatg aaactggcct    170760
     tggtttcttc atccacagta catgtgggac ttgatttcag caacttccgc tcttccagga    170820
     agactggggg tgatcagctc ctaactgttg accagtggca acccgcctgt atttgaccat    170880
     gaacttggaa gctgttcagt tttctaccta tgcctaatgc ttagtgcgta aagaaatggt    170940
     gctggagcgc agtctcacgg tgttggtgta ggttccagga gagggatgtt cctgcagaag    171000
     ccagagctgc tctgcggtgc gcttctgtga caccaaggaa aattagttgc actgatc       171057

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