(data stored in ACNUC1829 zone)

EMBL: AC150897

ID   AC150897; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 227073 BP.
AC   AC150897;
DT   18-AUG-2004 (Rel. 80, Created)
DT   28-JAN-2005 (Rel. 82, Last updated, Version 3)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-289F7 from 7, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-227073
RA   Trani L., Bielicki L., Haglund K.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-289F7";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-227073
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (14-AUG-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [3]
RP   1-227073
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (02-NOV-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-227073
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (27-JAN-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 73e8eaf8da7936e42a6c7384f0bd214e.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456136.
DR   ENA-CON; JH584275.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000003863; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000030792; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000030796; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000030798; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000038239; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000038260; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000070568; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000094152; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0032210; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0032211; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0032214; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0032215; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0032189; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0032190; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0032193; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0032194; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0032125; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0032126; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0032129; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0032130; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0032201; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0032202; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0032205; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0032206; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0031917; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0031918; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0031921; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0031922; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0032693; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0032694; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0032697; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0032698; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0031245; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0031246; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0031249; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0031250; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0031881; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0031882; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0031885; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0031886; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0032039; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0032040; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0032043; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0032044; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0031990; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0031991; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0031994; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0031995; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0032117; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0032118; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0032121; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0032122; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0032027; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0032028; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0032031; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0032032; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0032710; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0032713; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0032714; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0030969; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0030972; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0030973; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0031362; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0031363; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0031366; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0031367; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC150897.2:1-227073; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000003961; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000033063; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000085351; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000085364; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000097216; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000179310; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000209343; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000209437; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000209466; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000209478; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000209506; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000209678; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000209779; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000210078; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000210226; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000210248; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000210311; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000210372; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000210447; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000210541; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000210741; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000210861; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000211067; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000211327; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000211373; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000211431; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000211743; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000211744; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000213347; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0083741; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0083753; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0083769; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0083770; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0083810; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0083822; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0083838; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0083839; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0083755; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0083767; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0083783; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0083784; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0083782; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0083794; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0083810; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0083811; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0083356; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0083368; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0083384; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0083385; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0084278; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0084290; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0084306; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0084307; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0083868; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0083880; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0083897; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0083898; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0083294; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0083306; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0083322; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0083323; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0083481; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0083493; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0083509; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0083510; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0083336; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0083348; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0083364; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0083365; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0083497; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0083509; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0083525; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0083526; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0083387; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0083400; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0083416; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0083417; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0084565; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0084581; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0084582; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0083298; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0083315; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0083316; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0082408; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0082420; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0082436; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0082437; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; A0A1B0GR00.
DR   GOA; A0A1B0GS07.
DR   GOA; A0A1B0GS49.
DR   GOA; A0A1B0GS72.
DR   GOA; A0A1B0GT36.
DR   GOA; A0A1B0GT86.
DR   GOA; A0A1L1SR47.
DR   GOA; G5E8J6.
DR   GOA; P60469.
DR   GOA; Q3U1W9.
DR   GOA; Q3U429.
DR   GOA; Q3V0K1.
DR   GOA; Q80UL2.
DR   InterPro; IPR000175; Na/ntran_symport.
DR   InterPro; IPR000301; Tetraspanin.
DR   InterPro; IPR000818; TEA/ATTS_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR001660; SAM.
DR   InterPro; IPR005821; Ion_trans_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR008952; Tetraspanin_EC2_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR013761; SAM/pointed_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR015666; HRC.
DR   InterPro; IPR016361; TEF_metazoa.
DR   InterPro; IPR018499; Tetraspanin/Peripherin.
DR   InterPro; IPR018503; Tetraspanin_CS.
DR   InterPro; IPR019552; Hist_rich_Ca-bd.
DR   InterPro; IPR029515; Liprin.
DR   InterPro; IPR029581; TRPM4.
DR   InterPro; IPR030440; PPFIA3.
DR   InterPro; IPR037272; SNS_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR037620; Liprin-alpha_SAM_rpt_1.
DR   InterPro; IPR037621; Liprin-alpha_SAM_rpt_2.
DR   InterPro; IPR037622; Liprin-alpha_SAM_rpt_3.
DR   InterPro; IPR038096; TEA/ATTS_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR039863; DKK-like.
DR   MGI; MGI:104904; Tead2.
DR   MGI; MGI:1354963; Dkkl1.
DR   MGI; MGI:1915917; Trpm4.
DR   MGI; MGI:1923963; Slc6a21.
DR   MGI; MGI:1924037; Ppfia3.
DR   MGI; MGI:2685930; Slc6a16.
DR   MGI; MGI:88330; Cd37.
DR   MGI; MGI:96226; Hrc.
DR   PDB; 4UWX; X-ray.
DR   RFAM; RF00026; U6.
DR   RFAM; RF00133; SNORD33.
DR   RFAM; RF00147; SNORD34.
DR   RFAM; RF00211; SNORD35.
DR   RFAM; RF00767; mir-150.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; P60469; LIPA3_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A1B0GR00; A0A1B0GR00_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A1B0GS07; A0A1B0GS07_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A1B0GS49; A0A1B0GS49_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A1B0GS72; A0A1B0GS72_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A1B0GT36; A0A1B0GT36_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A1B0GT86; A0A1B0GT86_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A1L1SR47; A0A1L1SR47_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; G5E8J6; G5E8J6_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q3U1W9; Q3U1W9_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q3U429; Q3U429_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q3V0K1; Q3V0K1_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q80UL2; Q80UL2_MOUSE.
CC   On Nov 2, 2004 this sequence version replaced gi:51241955.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BA0289F07
CC   --------------.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The RPCI-23 BAC Library has been constructed by Kazutoyo Osegawa
CC   and Minako Tateno in the laboratory of Pieter de Jong
CC   (http://www.chori.org) from female C57BL/6J mouse kidney and/or
CC   brain genomic DNA.  The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Research Genetics, Inc. (http://www.resgen.com) or
CC   Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..227073
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="7"
FT                   /map="7"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-289F7"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   unsure          18046..18233
FT                   /note="Unresolved simple sequence repeat."
FT   unsure          94241..94306
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          94370..94531
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          137192..137480
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          138613..138881
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          139026..139134
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
SQ   Sequence 227073 BP; 56621 A; 58075 C; 57818 G; 54559 T; 0 other;
     gaattcacta tgtggaacag gctgggcttg aactcacaga gatccacctt cctctgcctc        60
     ctgagccagt cccaccatgc ctagacccag tttttttctt aagaagtttc aaacacgcag       120
     acaggtattg gtacctgtgt cagaggcagt gggatggcaa gttggaaacc agcctgggct       180
     actgggctat ttggtgagac cttgcctcat gctaaaaaac gaaaagagag gtcatgcaag       240
     atgggtggct cagtgggtga aggttctggc caccaagcct gacacctgag gtcaattcct       300
     ggggaagaag aaagtcaatt cctatgattg tgtcctctga ccgccataga gtgccatgtc       360
     acatacacat aaaataagca aagattcgtt taaacattta taacctgaag agtgctcagt       420
     gctatatata gcactggctt agcaagcttg ggttggaggt tcaattttta aaaaaatatt       480
     ctatatttta tgtatgtgag tacactgtca ctgtcttcag acacacacca ggagagggca       540
     tcagaatccc agtacagatg gttgtgagcc accatgtggt tgctggaaat tgaacacagg       600
     acctctgaaa gagcagtcag tgctcttaac cactgagcca tctctccggc cctggaggtt       660
     caatcttgac ttgggtacta aaaagacaga gaagagaatt ccacatagat atgcctaatt       720
     ttattgtaaa tcctctgtcc catgtagctg cctgtttgcc tcttgggttc tttttgtttg       780
     tttgtttgct tggtttggtt ttgttttgtt tttctctctg tcctggaact tgttctacag       840
     atcaagctgg ccttgaattc acagagatcc acatgcctct gcctcccgag tgctgagaaa       900
     ggcatgcacc cccactgcct ttcttctctt gggttcttga gtgtaattta aggacaagac       960
     aagaaaggtc atcccttgaa atgcccttag cagacgtctt ttcctccttt gggcctccac      1020
     aatcttggct cacacagtgt tgctattatt gttcatttca tctgctcgtc tatccatatg      1080
     cagttctccc aaaatgttat tgaaataagg tcttcctttg agactcaccc aggctggcct      1140
     ggaacctatt gtgagcctct tgtcgcagac ctggagagtg gaggccctag ctcctggaga      1200
     attccagaca atggcaatgc tgagtgagcc catacatagt ctccttactt tgagacagtc      1260
     tctccctatg tagctctgac ttgtcttgct cttgcagccc tgcctctgcc tccctagtgc      1320
     tgggattaag gcctgcccca ccatgctagg ctcccagggt tacatatgtt cactgtgtgc      1380
     tccggcacgg tttccagcac tcatcaggag ccgaatggtc tcactctata cagattttca      1440
     tgatccgtag gccaggtatc ggcaggggtc acccggcaca gggtggcaaa cctcttcctg      1500
     atggcacact ccctcccttt gctgcatctg ctatcacctt cttggtcctc actgtgcatg      1560
     acaccagaga ggtggcatta aagacccccc caaaaaaaga acccaaattc ctctttagaa      1620
     ttttatgtgt atgaatgttt tacctgcatg gatgagtagg agaatgcctg gtgcccctgg      1680
     aggtcagaag agaagaggcc attagatcct ctggcagtga agattcagat ggctgtgaac      1740
     tgtcgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ctgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt      1800
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgctggg aaccaaacct ggagcctctg aaagagcaac atatggtttt      1860
     aaaaattata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatttg      1920
     gtttttcaag acagggtttc tctgtatgtg tagaccaggc tctggcctgg aacccattct      1980
     atagaccagg ctgacccacc tgcctctgcc ttccaagtgc tgggattaaa gtcttgtgcc      2040
     accactgccc agtgcaacac atgttcttct cccccccccc cctttttctt ctccctcttg      2100
     ctccggcccc actcgctccg gcccatagat ttttttattt gtttctcatt atggatggtt      2160
     gtgagccacc atgtggttgc tgggatttca actcatgacc tctggaagag cagtcagttc      2220
     tcttaaccgc tgagccatct ctccggcact gaaaggtttt atttttttat gattaaactt      2280
     ttatgaataa atttatattt ataaatttat aaataaataa attttgtgca cgtgtgtgag      2340
     tgtgtgtatg tgtgtccacc gtagagcatg tgtgaaggct agcagtctcc ttccgccgtg      2400
     tgggatagaa ttcaggctat caggcttggt ggcaagcacc tttacctgct gagccatctt      2460
     gctggacctt tccaatgctt atgcctcagc atggacgatg ccaaagacag ggtcatttct      2520
     ttcctctgtc agtcgtcttt gaaaccccag acagaatggg cataagcgga tgagttagag      2580
     ggggcgatta ggaaaccatc tgtattctgt gtcatctgcc attccttgac tccctgcgcc      2640
     cttcagccca caggaaacgt gtggatgaca cacgaggaga tggagtctct gacggcagct      2700
     acaaaacccg tgagtgcctc ctgctggtgg ccttgggggt ggcactattc ctactgggtg      2760
     tgggggccgg gaggagtctg tctgtccgtg catcgtctgt cccttccgtt ctcctctgcc      2820
     tgtcccctta acccacccct tctctccccc tcttcccact aacgggtcag gagaccaagg      2880
     agatcagctg ggagcaggta ggggtgcagg gagggctggg cgcatgagca ggttgtgcac      2940
     gctgcatggt ctttctgttt ctctgcgccc cacccctcgt ctgaacattc taagtccctg      3000
     ccccggaggg gaaggctgca gcgtggagct cagctgttcc tagttcttgt gttcatagtg      3060
     acttagtgtg tgttgtgggg ggtggggggg acaacaaagt ggaggccctc agtgtctacc      3120
     tccagcctgg tgcacgggct atcattccat gcctgtgggt tgctcggaag ctggggactg      3180
     tgggattgct gaagccagaa ggaactgccc ggtgatgtga gggtctgcat tgagagattg      3240
     gggaagaggg ctgcctgcac cattcagggg cttggcacag tgtcagctgt gctagttatg      3300
     gtggcctcga ggtgggccag gccagtgcga ggtggggaag acacaataca ccgtggcctg      3360
     gagaagagag acacagggtg cctgacttga gcttgccagg ggtggaggca cccagttgag      3420
     ctttggtctg tttccttgcc ctaaaactgc aaaaggcttg tctcatagcc atatcctata      3480
     caggactgtt tgaactagta ttttccgtgt agtgcagcag tgatgtctgt gggtggcaag      3540
     agagccacgc tgaagccctg acgttctggg tgtagtcatg tttgggcgga gtggatgcgg      3600
     accttcaggg ctgggggtgg gggcagctgg tggagccctt gcctagaata gagtcttagg      3660
     ttccagcacc agcctggaat atggggtaca catctgtaac ccagcaccca aaagggtgga      3720
     ggcaggggga tctagagtcg aaggtcattc tcagcttcac ccgaagtttg aagctagcct      3780
     gggctacatg agaccctcat ctggtccagc gttcccagtg gtggggccag attgttctgt      3840
     ggtggggaga gaactaattg ggatgggggc tgaattatat cctttcccta tacatatggg      3900
     aagggacaag agggcctgac cccttccctc acctgcccat ggccccagat cctggcatat      3960
     ggcgacatga accacgagtg ggtggggaac gactggctgc ccagccttgg gctgccccag      4020
     taccgaagct acttcatgga gtcgctagtt gatgcgcgga tgttggacca tttgaacaag      4080
     aaggaactgc gaggccaact caagatggtg gacagcttcc acaggtgggg gctgcctggc      4140
     caatgagaac agcccaaggg gaagaagtca cacccctaga gaggctttga ccaataggaa      4200
     gtcccatcaa attttctctt ggtgcgcctt gaaccaaaga tgggtggttc atagaaaaac      4260
     cgatatctga tgtggtcctg gtgatctgct actgggggag gccggaggac tgcaagtttg      4320
     aggttagctt gggctacaga gtgagtttta gtccaggaag cgttaaaaga tcttggagag      4380
     agagggagac agagagagaa acagtaacca gtaggcactg gggatttgtg cctttgccta      4440
     gtatggataa cacacacaca cacagacaca cagacacaca cagacacaca cagacacaca      4500
     cacacacaca cagacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cactcccggg      4560
     agggaggaag ggagggagga aaggagggag ggagggagtt ctataagaac aacaatagtg      4620
     gccatgggaa gactcctagg tgattcagtt tctcccactg ctcagggtta gtctgcacta      4680
     tggtattatg tgcctgaagc ggctcaacta tgaccggaag gacctggagc ggaggaggga      4740
     agaaagccag acccaaatca gaggtgaggt cccccggggg ccatgtggac gtggagagac      4800
     aaactggaag atggaaagcc tgagaaacca agaactactg gaaacagggt ggaaccaccc      4860
     tgggggcgtg gctagataat aaactgagtg tgatgttatg tagactagct gggcatggcc      4920
     actggggcgc gctatcacgc aaggggtgga gccggaaata ggggcttggc taagagagaa      4980
     tatgaacctg ttctctagga ggcgctgttc ccagaaatat tgagtagaac cagtgtggag      5040
     agtagctagg gagggaaaag ggagtaacaa gcctagttgg ccagaagatg agggatggag      5100
     ccagcataga gatttagcta ggcatggaaa tgagggtgga gttaggccaa tttggcaagg      5160
     ctggccgctg ggaggtgcac agttaagagt ccctttcttc tccagacgtg atggtgtggt      5220
     ccaacgaacg ggtcatgggt tgggtgtctg gtcttggcct gaaggaattt gctacgaatc      5280
     tcacggagag tggggtgcac ggcgcactgt tggctctgga tgaaaccttc gactactccg      5340
     atctggcctt gcttctacag atacctacgc agaatgcaca agtgagcttt ggctggtcct      5400
     caaacatgct gggcaccccc acctgtatgc tccaactaac ctctttcccc ttttcttttc      5460
     caggctcggc aactgctgga gaaagaattc agtaacctca tctccttagg cacagacaga      5520
     cggctggatg aggtgggcgt ggcaatgagg tctagtttcc caagttgcac ttacagatca      5580
     gcgctgaagg ggtggggctt ggcattgcca accaattgtg attggatgct gaatttagcg      5640
     agggtcacga ttaatgggaa cttgtgcccg cctccctcac cttggctcct cttgtacatc      5700
     taggacagtg ccaagtcctt cagccgctcc ccatcctgga ggaagatgtt ccgcgagaag      5760
     gacctccggg gtgtaacccc cgattcagcc gagatgttac cccccaactt tcgctcagct      5820
     gccgcaggag ccctaggctc tcccgggctt cctctccgca aactgcagcc tgaaggtaag      5880
     ggactcttaa aagtaacagt ccagatcttg ttcaccttcc atctatctgg tctagcctac      5940
     ctgcctgggc tacaggagag ttcaagacag tcagggctgc ttagtgagat tgcttccaaa      6000
     agtaaaaaga aggctggaca tgtagctcac tggtgaagga accgcctaga atcccacaat      6060
     gagaaactgt gggtgtgtgg ctcagtggag ggcttttgac tagcaattcc gtggccaatc      6120
     tccagtattg ggggatttct tgggggagac tagggtagtt ccaggttaaa gcgctgttac      6180
     tctctccagg ccagacttct gggagttcgc gagcagatgg tgtttcggtc cggacttact      6240
     cctgctagtg tgcacctcca ggtgagtact ctgctaggtg attttggggg gttcagggtg      6300
     gtacaacggg aacgcgggat ggcgtgccag atggttccca ctctgtgaac tgtctgacct      6360
     caatgaaagt gacctcattc tcactcctat gaagacccct ccgaaggctg ggccgttttc      6420
     cctcctttcc agagcattgt ctagcaggag accgccgtga gggagctcgc cctacggact      6480
     gcaccaccta tacataccag ccgggtgtgc gtgttcccgc ctcccaaatg gactgggcct      6540
     ggaccaaacc ataagaaatg gactgaaagg gggcagccga agaagaggac aggaagaaat      6600
     cccaccccaa acttccgtct cccttttctc aactttgtaa tttattgatg atccgtttcg      6660
     aatgggagtc aggcgccctg cacctgcgga aagggggcgg ggcttccctc tcgggccgca      6720
     tgcggggaga tgccacccct cccctttcta ttgcccagtc gcggggccca agtcttcctt      6780
     ctccgtccgc taggagggga ggggagactc gctgctacaa gcctcgcccc attccccagc      6840
     cccgtgccac tcagtcctgc cccgctgcgt cttgtcgcca gtcctccggg tcatctgcaa      6900
     gcggggttcc ctgaccctcc cccctgtctc gtgttccccg gggcctcccc gcccccgtgc      6960
     tatggcggtg tctgtgccca agggtcaggg acgcagcact gcgttcccat ttcccctctg      7020
     gctccggggt ttgcatggga aaatccctct gtcaactatg ccgctggcga tgtggctggg      7080
     gagaggacgg acaatggggg agcccccacc ccgactcggc ctcttggctc caggcgttac      7140
     tcagtgatca cgggtaaaga cctactgttt caaaagctct ggtggtgacc agcctttttt      7200
     tgagacaggg tctcactttg tagtcctggc tggcctggaa ctcaatgtag actaggctag      7260
     cctcgaattt acagagatcc gcctgcctct gactctgcac tgagattaaa ggtgtgtgcc      7320
     accagtccta gcttttgttc ttaagatgtt aagaacccaa accaaccacc tccagatcta      7380
     ggggtcgaag ctgtcctgtt ttggctctct aagagaggcc gttgcctcac cctgccctct      7440
     gtctccccag gacacacccc actcgggaca ctgctgtttc taggagcaca tttattcaaa      7500
     gaaatagatg cagctcttgc caggcggcca ggtcagggct ctggagtctc caacatgtca      7560
     gccagggctc tggacaggag agcaggaagg ttagttagtc aacgtgcagc cactgagcct      7620
     gaccatggag tccaggctgt ctctttaact cacagtgggt caacccttct ctaaacgggt      7680
     cccttgaacg gcatcatctc ccggcccagc ccccacacac ttactgatac agagaggagg      7740
     agaaatagtc aacgtagctt cctgtgaggg agcagagaga gaaaaggttt gagggacctc      7800
     caggatgggc aaacagtcag ggcagtgcgg aaatgtggtg cccagccccc ttctaattcc      7860
     agcctcaaat tcaatcccag cccttcttgc tttggaccct ccagcagctc cgcccctcag      7920
     agtctattta ctttggtccc acccactcac ttctagggct gcccatcaac atcacctcaa      7980
     tcttagcctg agagatcaga ttctgcccac atgacctttg tcatggccac acctcctatc      8040
     ccacccattt aacctcagac cacagtctcg gttcacatct cggcttggct ccaaccccac      8100
     taggattcac tttgttgggc gcagtcccct ttgtgggtgg gtgcctcatt ttgctgggcc      8160
     cgccccctct gtgggtgggt gcctcactat gctagccccg ccccctctgt gggtggatgc      8220
     ctctccctgt ttgctgctca cctggagtgc agagcgtgtc acacaccagc ggacagaggt      8280
     agcagaattg acagtgctga ggacagggag agagcctggt caagggactg agtcagggac      8340
     aaagacgagg aaggaccacc cagggtctaa ggccaggtgg agggtcacac gggaaggagg      8400
     catgaagtga tgtaaggaca ggattatgcc ttgggcactc cggtggtccc tgccagcttg      8460
     ggacctgagc ttaggggctc tgggaaggtc tcacctgaca ctggtcacag tgttccccca      8520
     tgttctcctc atcacagtga cagctttcac attcggtaca tcgctgggaa taggaagcgc      8580
     ctggttagag ggacccctag ccccaaaccc ctcgggagaa aatcacttca gctgttgacc      8640
     tccatgtctg aactcagagt ccccctcttc tctggggaca ccacccaccc tggtttccca      8700
     tcccaagaca accccaagcc catgtgaccc gttcactgga gtttgggacc tgtgagtgct      8760
     cacacagaca cctgcctgcc accctgtgac cctcacctgg agaccttaac cttatttccc      8820
     cagtggcccc acccccagct ttgctcctcc cactcccagg ctctcaggcc cccatggcac      8880
     cccagggtgt gctgagcagc tctgggctag ggacctacgt tgcagaaaga acagtagcca      8940
     cacaaagacc ctggctggta attttcgtac tcctgggcat cctgctgacc tgtggggaca      9000
     ggagggcaac agtgactcga gctggccagc tctgcctccc tcccccagcc tcacccgtgg      9060
     agccaggtca cttacctgtg acctcacggc tctcctcttc actggaacct tctctggcca      9120
     cctctctccc agcgagtggg tttgggataa tggtgaaagg tagtaggttt tcctccagga      9180
     tctcctcctc ttcctcctcc tcttcctcct cctcttcctc cccctgcttc ctatgatggc      9240
     tcagtggagc tgaaactgca gccctgtcta ccttgctttc tttctcatct ttttcttcct      9300
     cttcatcatc ttcctggctc atggggaggc tatggccccc ctctttctcc tcctcctcct      9360
     cctcctcctc ctcctcctcc tcctccttct cctcctcact atgggcttgc ctctgctctg      9420
     ggtcttcatc tccctcttga gagctgtggt caccttcctt ccttgattct cttgaactgg      9480
     gtcctgtggg ttgcaggggc tgatgagcaa tctctccctg aacaggctct ctgtgaccct      9540
     gcctcgccct ttcatcttga tcttgtagcc tgtggctggg ggccttgtgg ccaaactcag      9600
     tagaaatgtc ctcatcatca cccctggagg ctctgtggtg gtgatggcct gggacttcat      9660
     tcatgtgttc ttctagagag tcctcctccc tgtcagcatt gtggccttgg ggacggtggc      9720
     ttgcaacatg gtggctgtac ttgactgcta cctcttcttc actctcacgt ccaagatcat      9780
     ggtgagcatg tctaggagac tggtgccagt gttcagtgga tacagcctca tcttcctctt      9840
     cctcattttg gtggctttgg cggccatggc tggggacatg atggtagtct tcttctgagt      9900
     catcctcatc atctttgtgc tcatggtctc tgtgtctgtg ggcttgatgc acatgctcag      9960
     tagagtcatc atctccatca tcatcatcat catcttcttc ttcttcatag ccttggcgtc     10020
     catgcctgga gacatgatga tcatcttcat ctgactcatc ctcatcttct tccttcctgt     10080
     ggccttgggt ctggtgccgg tgctcagtgg agtcttcttt atcttcatca tcatcatcat     10140
     catcatcatc gtcatcttgc tcttcgttgt ggccttggtg gtcctgggta tggtgtctgt     10200
     attcaccaga gtcaccgtct tcatcatcat tttcatcttc tcggccttga actctgtggg     10260
     tgtgactgtc ttcatctgag tccccatcgt cttcctcctc atgatcctga tatctgtgag     10320
     cttggtgtcc atgctcagta gagacaccat cgtcatcgtc atcatcactg tggccttggt     10380
     gcctgtggct gtgggcatga tggagttcat ctctctcctt tgagtggctc tggtgaccat     10440
     ggacctggtg ttcattatca tcagagtcct ccatcacatc caccctctcc tcctcctctc     10500
     ctccatcatc gtcatcatct tcctctccgt ggccatggtg ggcatgcctg gggacgtgac     10560
     ggtgatactc actggagaca atgccatcct catcttcgtg gctgtggctc ctctgtctgg     10620
     ggaggtggtt ctctgccgag tctcctaaat cttcattgtc atgttcccgg tgcccgtgga     10680
     gctgtctaac atgccctctg aagacctctt cagagacatt ctcctctcca acctcgcggc     10740
     cagggtacct gtggtcttgg accctgtggc catattccct ggagaagtct tcaccctctt     10800
     ctctgtggcc tctgtccttc tcaccttgat atccccggtg gatgtggtga ccaaactcag     10860
     ttgataggtc ctctgaggac ccagggatgc ctgcattgtt gttccagttg cccaggccca     10920
     gaccggcccc tctcaactcc tgggtcacca ctggagggac cagcaggatg gccactgtgg     10980
     cccaaaggag acaagtgtgc aaccatggcc cctggaagcc catggggacg tttagcagct     11040
     gagcgtctga ccaggctggc ttcagctgcc tctgatgggt ccttgtgcct ttttggcttt     11100
     gactttcaga ttgtcccttt tgtcgtggta tagctcccac tctctgcctc tctatcttcc     11160
     tcaggtcttg gatgaccctc tgaggatgtc ccctttgcag ctgtgaccct ggttccagga     11220
     cctcccttcc cactgctgga ccaatggggt ctgtcccctc cccttcttgc tgctaaattt     11280
     atccagagcc taagttattc tggtcactcc ctgcctgccc ctcccctcct gttcctctgg     11340
     ctcaggactg ggtggtggag gggtcttcat ggcgggggcg ggggggggga ggcagggacg     11400
     tgacaagctc aagtttggca tttttagcac aaaggctgaa cgtttagagt gtcttgctgg     11460
     gaaagcctgg ggctctggga gaggaggatg caggagcaga gggccccctg caaggtaaac     11520
     actgggaagc gtgcaggcag aatgggacat tcggtgtgac agtggtgtcc tgcagaagct     11580
     gtggaagaca gtgaaggaat actgtgccca acaccccatg acctcctctc actggaactc     11640
     agatctgggg acaggggacc agaccagtgc tataaataca acagggggga ggtgctgggg     11700
     gctcaggtta ctaggcctca gctgtcccca ccaaagggac ttggctgcaa acaggtgtca     11760
     ctgccttctc tgctggtcag tgtcacccac cccacacttg tcagtatatc caccgtcttt     11820
     gagtttttgt cctttatgag tcaacccccc cccccccatt atagtcactg ttctgagctt     11880
     ccgtgtttct tctcaggatt ctaacctctc ctctcctact gtgtcttccc tgatccttct     11940
     ctttgattct tctctctctc tctttctgtg tgtgtgtgtc tgtctgtctg tttctctgtg     12000
     tgtgtctgtc tgtctctgtg tgtgtgtgcc tgtctctctg tgtgtctgtc tgtctctgtg     12060
     tgtgtgtctg tgtttgtctc tgtctctcct ctgtgtgtgt gtgttttctc tctctctgtc     12120
     tctctctttc tccctgtatc tctgtctctg tgtgtgtgtc tctctctcta gttctctctg     12180
     tgtctctgtt ctctctgtct ctcctctctg aatctgggac tctgttgctc tatcactttg     12240
     tatttctatc tgtctctaac tatctctgga tatctcattc tttttctgta ttgctgtctt     12300
     catattctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     12360
     gggtctctgc ccccttttct ttctctgggt ccctctctta gtttctgtct ctctctctct     12420
     gggtctttct ctcagtctct gtctctccga atctatgttt gtcccatggc tgacatctat     12480
     cgtgtgcccc actctgcttc cttcgttcct ccgcttgctc tgccttccaa ctctcggtct     12540
     ttcttgtccc ccaaaccgac cccatcactg gtttggcagc agagtttgtc cctcctccgc     12600
     agccgccctc tccccgcctc ccgtgacgtg tcccgggact ccccgccccg ggctgggctg     12660
     cgaagttgcg gatccggttt ggtcgggcgg gtcggcggct ggaggaaata cacggagcct     12720
     caggggctgc ggcagcagca tggtggggcc ggagaaggag caggtatcgc acagcgtggg     12780
     gctgggagtg agtggggtcc agaggcggag ccagctccgg ggatccgggt cagatgctgc     12840
     agtggctgga ccaggagttc ccagaccgag ctgcgtgggt tcctggctga gcccgaggga     12900
     ggagttccca gtgtgtcccg tgggcgcgcg gggttgtctt cgaatcctgt gggtctgact     12960
     cgactccctg ccctgccctt cttgttccgg ttctcagagc tggatcccta agatcttcag     13020
     gaagaaggtg tgcacgacgt tcatagtgga cctctccgat gatgcggggt gagcagttcg     13080
     gggctgctga cctggcagcg taggttcgcg ggccctgccc cactgcagac aggctccgcc     13140
     cccatagact ggactcgccc cactcaacgc agacaagggt gcccaccaca gactgacctt     13200
     cactgcctac cgcaggaggt cttggtgcac agacacaccc cacccaccac agaagtctca     13260
     gctcaacaca ctcagacccc gcccactaag gaccttcccg ccttcacttg agacagaccc     13320
     ctccccctgc ccttgttttg ggccaccctg cttagggcac gccccgaatt cttcattccc     13380
     ctctaggtgg ggatccattc tgtgtctttg tgtctctgtc tctttgtgtc atttgtctct     13440
     gcttcggctt tctgtgtcat cccggctcag cgagcatagc cacacagccc tgccagcctt     13500
     acatagctct gcagctttgg gatagtaatt cccttctagg gctgcgcttg tcacctgggc     13560
     acagaacagc tcctcccttc tggggccgct gtgcaaacta aacaaggtca ctctgggaca     13620
     tttctggaac tctgcccatc acctaataac atctaataaa catccgggaa tatctgcaac     13680
     tcccatgaga agaagagggc aattgccact gcaagctgtg ctgtgctgta ggtggcaggg     13740
     gacaggagca agccctatag gcttcttggc tgcatgctta gtctccctag cggggtccag     13800
     ctttaactca gttctcaggg tagacttttg gccttggggc agtgacacct gatttcctta     13860
     gtgtgacttt atcaggagcc tgttgtccca ccagtgtggg acaggaaaat gttgtataaa     13920
     taaacagaga tactggttta ctggtgggtc tggcagaggg tcacagacag cgtgactaaa     13980
     gtcagtggga caagatggga gctggtgggc tacaggtgtc attggaaaga tggtgcagtg     14040
     tggtgctttg aaggtggctc tgggccttgg aagtgctcgg tcgaagtcct ccctaaggac     14100
     agcccagcgt ggcttgaaag tagagcagag ttcaggctgt caagagtgtt gtgagtggga     14160
     aggttggtgg tagacctcat gggctctcag aggccatccc gagtgtggtt tcctggggct     14220
     gcgtgagggc gggtaggaat tcagaaaggt gagaagagat tgggaccatc accaagatga     14280
     tgagcccagg agaagaagca ggtttggaag gggatgctga gtgccggtcc ttctgtgtac     14340
     atgatgggcc ttggagacgg gcaggggagg attgggaccc tgctggtact tagcagaaga     14400
     gtgagattca tactggggtc tgaggtccca gctataggtg gagattgaat ccatggaggc     14460
     aggtgaggaa aatacaaagg ccccctgtct ctctcgcctt cctcttcttt ccttcttaca     14520
     cctctgggct tagggtgtaa ttcaggggta gcacacatac ttagcatgtg ttgggttccg     14580
     ttcccaggac caaaaaccca aacccaagaa acctgagcac cagaaagcca ccaggggctg     14640
     tagagatggt cccgtggtta gtaactctgg ctgctgttat agacaagcac tcagtgccca     14700
     gcactgccca ggcagctcac aaccacctgt aactcccatt ccagtggatc tgacgccctc     14760
     ttctggcctt cacaggcact gcacacctac ggtacacaga cacacatgca ggcaaatcct     14820
     cacccacaaa attaaaaacc aaaacactca cccaacaccc cccccccaca cacacacatc     14880
     tcttaacacc tttaagacaa gtgctagcgg ctgctgaagt gtcttaactg tctctctcgg     14940
     cctctggggt tgatgggcta gcgtgtcatt gaggggtagc caggaggcta gcatggatcc     15000
     tgggtgctct gagggaagca gagggaaaag aaagacacca tgagaggtgc attacagttt     15060
     tgaggagagg aaggaccagg ccaaggtttc cagaaggggt gcattccatg gtggccagtg     15120
     gaatgtctca ccttctgaca gtgagatgac acttgaatgg agccattgtg cctcacagcc     15180
     acacggagca aaggtgacag gaggcaggcg ggcaagggaa aggttgccag caccatggga     15240
     ccagaaccta ctttcttctg tgacagtgat gctcactgtc cacattgagt acggtgacta     15300
     gtatcagtga cagagccctg agcgatgaac tgtgtgacta gaaacggagt tttcgtttga     15360
     tttaattttg tgtgtgctcc tgagtgcagg tgcaaatgtg tgccctcgtg catatagagg     15420
     ccaggggatg gcctcaggaa gtgttcccca cgcgccgtgt gccttgtttt gtaagacagt     15480
     gtttctcact agcgtggggg tgacctggct agccccgggg atccttctgt cttcttctcc     15540
     cctgcactgg gattgcaact tgtttatggg tcctagggat aaactcaagt ccttctgtgc     15600
     tcaaggtggg cactttctcc cctgagctcc gcttaagtca ttaggttagg gtctaaggag     15660
     cccgtgtggg taacaggccc ccggggccag gcgcttcgga ggccagatgc tccacaacat     15720
     tccgtgcaga agttttgact aaaagataga gggatcaagg gggtccgaga tgaggtcctg     15780
     atggataaaa ggattaagtg gggtgaaacg gaagcatgtc agggtcccct ggcattagag     15840
     aagggggttg tgtctcttat aactctggag ggacaccagg ccatctgtat gcacctgacg     15900
     tgtgtcctgt gaatgaccag taccatggcc tgcctgcctc acgacattac cttaggccgg     15960
     gtgtgcactg gtgtgcactg gtgtgcactg gtgtgcactt gtcatcagga ggtggagcag     16020
     gggttcaagg ccagcttggg ccacaaagtt agtttttgat tggcttggac tctcaaaaga     16080
     caaggggcgg agggctgcag ttatggctca gtggttagaa gcactggtca ctcttgcaga     16140
     ggacctgggt tccgctccca gcacccatgg gaggcctcac aatcatcttt aactccagtt     16200
     ccagggaatt caacgtcttc ttccagcctc cacaggcagc gtgcacatgt atatgtggtg     16260
     tgctgatata cgggaagaca aatattcata cacataaaat ataaaaatgt tgaagaaaac     16320
     caaaccccca gggcttgggt cactgctcag ttactagaaa gcttgtttac cacgcgctca     16380
     acccagggtt ctgtcctcag caccaaaata agccagggct ggtagtgcac acctgtaatt     16440
     ccagagctct tgaggctgag accagaggat cagaaatttg aggccaaaaa taaataaatc     16500
     agaagaaata atttgtgatc agctttagct aatgtaagtt tgaagccagc ctgggctatt     16560
     gagaacctag tcaaaaaacc atctccccgc cgggtgatgg tggcacacac ctttaatccc     16620
     agcactcggg aggcagagac gggtggattt ctgagttcga ggccagcctg gtctacagag     16680
     tgagttccag gacagccagg gctacacaga gaaaccctgt ctcgaaaaac caaaaacaaa     16740
     aaaacaaaca aaaaaccacc tccccacctt cctccatcag tggttcagct aacttctgaa     16800
     actacaggtg agccccacta tttgaattcc ttccagaatc agggtcaagg agaattagct     16860
     atgttgtccc caagtccctg ctcattactc tggggaacta aggtgacagt caccggagcc     16920
     caagggacga ttgtacgttt atgattttta aatattcctt ttgttatttt tgacatttat     16980
     atttctttta cctgtatagg aatttttttc ctgtgtgtgt ttgtgtatca cacgcatgta     17040
     tggtgtccga gaaggcctgg agagagcgtt ggatccccca ggtctggagt tacagatggt     17100
     tgtgagccac catgtgggtg ctgggaattt atttcgggcc ttctgtgtgc acttttaaca     17160
     ctgagccatc tctccagccc actgtgtcct atttagagtg gaaaaccttc tatctaagga     17220
     gacaagaaat ggaagccatc atctgttctg tttctcagaa ccagaaggaa tggagttggg     17280
     aaggaaggat tgtcctgggg tacagtgaac agcgaataag gcgattttac cttctagctt     17340
     ctgcccgggg ccggctgctc gctggggcct ggggccaggc ggagactggc tggcaggcca     17400
     gcgcccagcc gagggccctc ctcacagtta tggagctctg aaagaggctg ggcttttctc     17460
     ctgtgaagtt ctgagttatt taaagctctg cctggagttc atgcagccgg ggctggttgc     17520
     tatcctagct tcactgtgat acactgtgat tttcttggct cctctcagtt ccttggggct     17580
     tttaccatct ttgtatcttt ggaggaggaa atttagtttc agagagggga agatgcccca     17640
     aaccggcctc aacagtagcc aaactctttt gaatcttttt tttttttttt ttttaatttt     17700
     gttttgttga gactgagttt ctctgtagcc ccggctatcc tagaattctc tgcatatcag     17760
     gctgacctca aatcaggatt atagatgtgt gccaccatgc ctgccctttt cttccttcct     17820
     tcctttcttc cttccttcct ttcttccttt ctttctttct tttttttttt ttaatactta     17880
     ttgatttatt atatgtaagt gcactgtagc tgtcttcaga caccccagaa gagggcatca     17940
     gatctcatta tggatggttg tgagccacca tgtggttgct gggatttgaa ctcaggatct     18000
     tcaaaagggc attcagtgcc cttaactgct gagccatctc tccagccctc tttctttctt     18060
     tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt     18120
     tctttctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc cctccctccc tccctccctc cctccttcct     18180
     tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttc ctttcttctt tttcttcttc tttattatta     18240
     ttatcttttg gttgaatcat tctttaaagt tgctttttca tagtgtatgt ccttctctgg     18300
     ggcttgggcc agcaagggca cctgctgatg gcctcgtgct attcttgatt ctgaccccgc     18360
     aggctactct ccctgtcctg gcttatttgc ggtgaagctt ggctataagg gctccttacc     18420
     tcagtttttt ctccagacag tcagagccag tgctgggttc atggtacact gtctctaggg     18480
     atacagggtc ccatgtggac aggatggatt cagtggggac acccagggtt catactctac     18540
     cctcatgccc ccagagggac cttgtgccag tgtgggcaac ctcgggatgc ccacccttct     18600
     gtggctgtgg aggatgcctt tggggcagcc gtagttaccg agtggaacag tgatgagcac     18660
     accacggaga agcccacaga tgcctatggg gacctggact tcacgtactc tggccgaaag     18720
     cacagcaacg tgaggcctgc atgtccgagg cgccaggctg ggtggggctg gggcaacgcc     18780
     aatgtgtctc cccattggtc caccctgtct ttgcgtgcct ctgtcttaag agtctgtccc     18840
     tctctctctc tctaggtcct tgcagcctcc cgttctgtct gtctgcttct ctctaggtct     18900
     ctgtcctctc tctaggccac tatctgcgtt tgtctggatc tgtctcctgg tgtctcagtc     18960
     tctgtccccc atgtgtctct tcctcctgtg tccacagttt ctccggctgt ctgaccgcac     19020
     ggatccggcc actgtgtaca gtctcgttac ccgctcttgg ggctttcgtg ccccaaactt     19080
     ggtggtgtcg gtgctggggg ggtcgggggg ccccgtgctc cagacctggc tgcaggacct     19140
     tctgcgtcgc gggctggtga gagccgccca gagcacaggt gaccacgggg gttgggaact     19200
     gtctgtcctg ggccgcgtcc ccactgttgc cctggttgga ggacattgct cccctttcca     19260
     tgtctttgct cactgtttcc caatctgtcc atccctctgt tctacatagg ggcctggatc     19320
     gtcactgggg gactgcacac aggcattggc cggcacgtgg gtgtggctgt aagggaccac     19380
     cagacagcca gcactgggag cagcaaggtg gtggccatgg gtgtggcccc ctggggagtg     19440
     gtccggaaca gagacatgct gatcaacccc aaggtgggaa tggggttcag agaagaggct     19500
     ctggcctgga gtgctggtct gagggtggag ggcagagagt aatcctgaat tctgagggag     19560
     gaggctggga aggactcctg ggtttaagaa agtctgggga agatacttgg atctgaggga     19620
     ggaggccaag gtctggtcct cgggtctgtg gggggagtgt cacatccctt ctaaaagact     19680
     tctctatctg gcattgtccc cagggctcat tccccgcaag gtaccggtgg cgtggtgacc     19740
     ctgaggatgg tgttgagttc cccctggact ataactattc tgctttcttc ttggtggatg     19800
     atggcaccta tggccgcctg ggtggtgaga accgcttccg ccttcggttt gagtcctatg     19860
     tggctcagca gaagaccgga gtgggaggtg agtggggttt gtatttcgaa gccagcacac     19920
     aggacctcac agccaggtgt ggtcaagact gggcaacttc agttaagagt cttgtccctg     19980
     ctggggatgg tggcacagat ctttaatccc agcactggga ggcagaggta ggcagacctc     20040
     tgtgaatttg aggccaacct gctctacaca ggatagccag agttacataa aaagactctt     20100
     tctcaaaagt aagttaaagc agggcgtggt ggcatacgcc tttaatccca gcactcggga     20160
     ggaagaggca ggtgaatttc tgagttcgag gccagcctgg tctacaaagt gagttccagg     20220
     acagccaggg ctatacagag aaaccctgtc tctaaaaaaa accacacaca cacacacaca     20280
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacaaagt aagttaaaaa gaaatacaat     20340
     aaagggagtg taaagagata gctcagtagt taaaatcact tgctgctctt ataaaggacc     20400
     tggggtccat ctgataactc cagctccagg ggatccaggc tccctcttct ggccttccta     20460
     ggcatggcac tcacaggcac atacacacag agacacatat acatacagaa gtttgttttt     20520
     gattttggtt tttggttttt gttgtttggg ttttgtttgt ttgtttgttt gttttttggc     20580
     ttttttaaga cagggtttct ctgtgtagcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tctgtagacc     20640
     aggctggctt tgaactcgga aatgcgtctg cctctgcctc tcaagtgctg gcattaaagg     20700
     tgtgtgccac cactgcccag ccattttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttggttt     20760
     gtggggcaca cttttttttt tttttttttt ttttttacca ccgtcaaaaa gaacttttat     20820
     tattctgtgt agcctcacgc tttcttgcca gccgcctttg gagcaggtgc tttctgggct     20880
     ggggtcttct gacccttctg acctttagca ggaggtgcca ccttctggcc tgcagccttc     20940
     tgagcaggag ccttctggcc tgcagccttc ttgcctggtc ctgtggcctt cttggctggg     21000
     actttagctt tagcagcagc agcagctgca gccgcaatgg cagctttggc cacagctgct     21060
     ttcttaggag aagctttcag gatagcagct ctttgaagtt tctttacttc agtcttgatt     21120
     attctgttcc tcattttctt tgccttcatg accttgaaac gatcaaagtc tgtcatcttg     21180
     gctttccttt ctctggcatc aattttcttg gcccatcttg tggctgccca tttcgtattg     21240
     atatccgcct tctcccaagc ttttcggaca tacttctggc gggcactgtg tgggaacttg     21300
     aggatgaagt cagtgagctg catgcatttg aagggcatgg cctgcctcct cacccgagta     21360
     cagggtccat ccactaaagc cctgttctga tcaatgacat ctacaattgc gaccagcttt     21420
     ccagcatggg gcccgaagga aatgtaggcc acccggccaa cctccacgta acgcctgaac     21480
     accatgttgg cggcgctcag cgagaagcgt ggggcacact tttaatctca gtgattggca     21540
     ggcagaggca ggcagagccc aatgagttcc aggtctacac agggagttct aggacaggca     21600
     gagctatatc taatgagacc ctgcctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagtgat ggaaagtgaa     21660
     ttatcttttc cttatccccg ccccccacac tggggtcccc tgtgtcagac agttccatgc     21720
     atgcgctttc catatacaat ctttgtcgcc ttttcttttt ctctcttctc ttctccttcc     21780
     atcccttcct cttggcaatc ctgctgcctc ggcctcccaa gtgctgggat ttctactgca     21840
     tggcatttgc ttctcttttt cttgtggtgt tagacacaat ccatttcatt tcccttgtgt     21900
     agaatcttca tgcacaggct tctttacctt ctctttcggc catgctggca gctgaaccag     21960
     gcctgtgtgc acaccaggcg agtgctggac catgtgtgct acatcgccag cattcccagc     22020
     tcttgggtgg aattttccta ggtgacaaat gctagggagt catacatttg aaatcatctg     22080
     gcacgagtaa ccgtggtgaa tgtgtgtgtt tgtgtgttgc cttcatgtgc agatgtgagt     22140
     tctctccagg tctccatctc tcgtggcctg actcgcagct aggcctccat agttactgtc     22200
     ctattcctgt gatgagatgc catgtccgag gtaacaccta caaaagagag catttaactg     22260
     gggactggct ggctcacagg ttcagagctg tagtctctgg tgacacacag gcaggcttga     22320
     tgctgtagaa gtggctgcta cttctacatc tggattcaca gcatcaggga gagggtgacg     22380
     ctgggcttga tgtgatggtt tgaaacctga caacccactt cctgtgacac acttcctcca     22440
     acaagaccac acctcctgat tcttcttaaa cattgccact ccctgatgac taagtattca     22500
     aatatatgag ccagtgggac tatccttgtt caaaccagag caataacttt ctattacttt     22560
     gcagcagttt cgtttttatt aagaatacat gattgtgggg ccagcaagat gactcagctg     22620
     agggtacttg ctgctaagct caacgaactg aatcgaatct ctgaaaccca cgaggcgcaa     22680
     agagagaatc aatctctgca agttgtcctc tgacttagac acacacacac acacacacac     22740
     acacacacac acactgtggc tcccacatac acgcgtgaaa taaattaatc taaaagagag     22800
     aggaaataat tttaggtgaa tgtggggaca cctgggaggc tggagcagga aagccatgaa     22860
     gcagcagact gggctacaga gtgagaccct gtctcctaga aacacaaacc agcaacagta     22920
     gcaacaacca caaaagcaca catttaaatt taaccatctt gcttggtgct gttttgtctt     22980
     cagcccagag ctccaggatg ctgtgatgcc gcccagccca gcacagtcta ttttattatt     23040
     ttactgaggg tggaaccaaa gtgccattcc ctcggggctt tgactattgg actttgttaa     23100
     tggttttatg gtgctaagat tgcccatcta cttgtatccc cttccttgaa ctctcacttc     23160
     actggccttt ggagtgctta gccaatcata agactgactt gagagccatg agtccaggtc     23220
     ccaagctctg ctcccgtctg aagctaaggt gaccgccctg gacttctgga cctggtgttg     23280
     tctgtcatcc ccaacattct gtaaaaggat caaagttcac agtcatcctc tgcttcataa     23340
     tgagtcggag gccagtttgg gatgtatgag gctttgctta agaagtatgg ggtccggggt     23400
     gctggggcct gacttgacag atatgtgctt cttgtgcaag agtgaggacc ttagagttca     23460
     cattgtgttg gctgcagcag ctcacatctg cagtccccgc tccccttggt gaggtagggg     23520
     acagaggctg ctagcttggt gtatgctaaa caagagaccc tgcctcaaat caaggtggga     23580
     ggcgaggagc aacacctgag cttatgacac acatgacacg tgcacacctc tattcatgcg     23640
     catgatcaca cgtgtgcata cacacacaca cgccatacaa cacacacaca ccccatataa     23700
     caccaacaca cacacacaca cacattaata ataaaaccca gaaagtcttc agcaattaat     23760
     ggtacctgct gccaagccta atcacgagtt ctatcctcag gacccacaga gccgaaagag     23820
     aaaacagact cccacaaatt gtcctctgac ctccacacat ttgtgaacac catcctccca     23880
     acactatata catgaataat aataataaaa aaattcaaag aagaaggaca attcccatga     23940
     ctcttggcca atgttaggac aaggccaaat gtctgcccca agagattcct gggaaatgta     24000
     gttttttccc atccccagca aaggctggta gaatgtgacc gagtttccct tccccgcttt     24060
     ctctcaggga ctggaattga catcccagtg ctccttcttc tcatcgatgg agatgagaag     24120
     atgttaaagg tatctggagc tgcatccctg gttttgaggt gggaggagag ctgaaggcca     24180
     atactggggc aggcaacagt cttagggata cggggaccgg agggctgaac cctgactggt     24240
     tctcttcttg cttctgaagc ggatagagga tgccacccaa gctcagctcc cctgcctctt     24300
     ggtggcgggc tctgggggtg ctgcagactg tctggtggag accctggaag atactctggc     24360
     cccagggagt gggggactta ggcgaggcga agcccgggat cggattaggc gatacttccc     24420
     taaaggagac cctgaggttc ttcaggccca ggtatgccgt tgtggaacca tgatgggaag     24480
     ggctgggcac tctggctggc aggtcctaag gataggtgga accacagggc tgagctgggg     24540
     actagagttc tgcattctgc aggtagagag gatcatgacc cgaaaggagt tgctgacggt     24600
     ctattcatca gaagacggct ccgaggagtt tgagactatc gttttgaggg ctcttgtgaa     24660
     aggtaggatg ggccttccac attggccttg tcttcacctc agcggtggct gactctgtct     24720
     ccaccctcaa tcctctaagc ctaagaccac accttttttg tgtctcctat gtctttcctg     24780
     tttcctaggt ttctgctaga tgttgttggt cagttttccc tagacgttct cattgttttc     24840
     aaccatttac ttccctgttg gatccaccca tccatattcc attaatccct tcctattttc     24900
     atctactcat cattccattt gtccttcatt cttccatcca ttttccgtct tttcatccaa     24960
     cctcctacct atttacagcc cacttatcca tccattcccc tatccatcta tatatccacg     25020
     tatcaatcct ctatccatca tccacccacc cacttgtcca tccatccact cacccagcta     25080
     cctatccact tgtccatcca tccatctact tacatatctg tccatccatc cacccatcca     25140
     cctgtccatc catccaccca tccacttgtc catccatcca cccatccact tgtccatcca     25200
     tccactcatc tatccatcca tccatccatc catccatcca tccatccatc tacccatcca     25260
     cttgtccatc catccaccca tccacttgta cattcaccca tccacttgtc cattcatcta     25320
     tccacccacc cacccaccca cccatccact tggcaatcca ttcatccatc cacttacata     25380
     tctatccatc catccagtga cctatctatc tacccatctg tcttagtcag ggtttctatt     25440
     cctgcacaaa catcatggcc aagaagcaag ttggggagga aaagggttta ttcagcttac     25500
     atttccatgt tgctgatcat caccaaagga agtcaggact ggaactcaag caggtcaggg     25560
     agcaggagct gatgcagagg ccatggaggg atgttcttta ctggcttgct tcccctggct     25620
     tgctcagcct gttctcttat agaacccaag actaccagcc cagagatggt cccacccaca     25680
     agggaccttt cccccttgat cacgaattga gaaaatgcct tacagttgga tctcatggag     25740
     gcatttcccc aactgaagct cctttctctg tgataactcc agctgtgtca agttgacaca     25800
     aaactagcca gtacaccatc catacatcta gccatgcatt aagtcattct cctagccacc     25860
     ccctcacttg tccatctata aattcacccg tacgcccacc tatccattta tccaccttaa     25920
     ttattcacca cccaccagtt ctttaactat tcgttgacac atccattaac aattcaatcc     25980
     atgcatgcgc cttcccatcc accttaaatc tcaacgttct gcgagatgtg catgtcggtt     26040
     gtaagcttgg ctgacgaggc tcacatgacc actgccacca cctcacgctc agagggaaga     26100
     gagggatttt gcagtagtcc cccaggtagc agctttgtgt ggctgaggat ttaagtctgt     26160
     gcaatgcggt ctctagcatg ggatatttct gaggagacaa aagaagcctg gaattatgta     26220
     cttggtagac catgctggag tcaagagcag caagggatgc aggccccacc agctgaagag     26280
     ctggaagcca ggactttccc ctgggaggca gggatggggg caccaagacc agactgtgtt     26340
     caggaggccc ctgtggagca gacagggtgg tctggcgagg agagatgaga ccatgagcag     26400
     atgaagagac tgaagtgaca catgctctga gatgtgctac ggccagtggg actggatgcg     26460
     aggcatggca cagtggctta ggggcttatg agctatggga catgagaggt ggatcctggg     26520
     atttttgcct tgctgagtag actgacttca agaaaacgtg tgtgggacac ggtgagcagg     26580
     aaggttaagg gcaggaggct ctggggatga gggatgccaa gttaaggcac agggaatttt     26640
     gtttttgagg ggacatatgt ccaaactctt catccactca ccaatccctt cgtcaccaag     26700
     cccttcaccc atccacccac ggacaagcat gatcttacca accgtttgct ttctttctct     26760
     gaccctttgg aagaagtacc agaaaagcac agaatgaaaa tgtgcctcac gcccgataca     26820
     tttttgcttc tcaaaataaa atgggaaatt gtatgatcct gggcatgttc atgacccctc     26880
     tttggatatc tgttggccca gacattaacc ttagggactg aggagcaagc tgaagattgc     26940
     caccatttgg aatcacttct cattgttagc agttgacatt gctgtcaaga gcgtcactct     27000
     gactccagtt ctatatatga agaaacagca aaatggacat caccctctgt ctctaccctt     27060
     cccctgagcc ccacctctcc cttttgtccc ttcagcctgt gggagctctg aggcctcagc     27120
     ctacctggat gagctgcgtt tggctgtggc ttggaaccgc gtggacatcg cccaaagtga     27180
     acttttccgt ggggacatcc aatggcgggt gaggagtcag gacatagacc cacttctcta     27240
     cctggctgac ctcttgacac ctggtcctgc cttacattat gatctgtctg gccttccctt     27300
     aattggccac tcatctctgg ttgttcctct gtccctgact tgttccttgt ctccctgtca     27360
     acccacccat ccatcatcca cagtctgtcc atccactcat ccatccatcc atccatccat     27420
     ccacccatcc atctacctac ccatccatct ctagccatcc acccatccat ctctctagcc     27480
     atccatgcac caatattcac ttactcaaac attcttaccc tcttttcacc caccagccta     27540
     ctccatatat ccatcctcca atgaatcctt tcatcaatcc acccaccaac ccatccaccc     27600
     acttatttat ctgtccatcc actattgacc agtcagtcag tcagtcagtc agtctgtctg     27660
     tctgtctatc atgcttcact tgtggcctct gtctcttgcc ctccatttct gagttcacct     27720
     tgcatgtctg cctcaggtca tccctgtccc atccctttcc ctcacacagt ccttccacct     27780
     ggaggcatct ctcatggatg ctctgctgaa tgaccggcct gaatttgtgc gcctgctcat     27840
     ctcccatggc cttagcctgg gacacttcct gacccccgtg cgtctggccc agctgtacag     27900
     cgcggtgtcc cctaactcac tgatccgaaa tcttctggac caggcgtccc atgctagtag     27960
     cagcaaatcc cctcctgtaa atggaactgt agagctccgg cctcccaatg tggggcaagt     28020
     gctgaggact ctgttgggag aaacgtgtgc accacggtac cctgccagga acacccgaga     28080
     ctcctatctg ggccaggacc acagagagaa tgtaaggccc atcaaggctg aggatgcatg     28140
     gcggggctgc atgtggaggg ggacagggct ttgggaagag gggatagtaa gatggggaaa     28200
     ggtattgttt gagagagggt gtggtaagcc cggggcagtg ggtggggcta gttcttgcta     28260
     ggcttcaacg tgctttcagg actctctgct tatggactgg gccaacaagc aaccatcaac     28320
     ggatgcaagc tttgaacaag ccccctggag tgacctgctt atttgggctc tgttgctgaa     28380
     ccgggcccag atggctatct atttctggga gaaggtaaat gtgcctcctc attttggacc     28440
     tcaccttggt acactgtgct tagagacaac aaggcccctt agacggctct gacctcagtc     28500
     agaccttagc caacttgcac tccattctct gtcttccttt tgtggtttgt tttgaggcag     28560
     ggtcacagat agcccaggct ggccttgaac ttgatatcag cccaggatga tcttggacat     28620
     gggctgctgt ccttggttca tgccatgctg agaatcagac ccaaggtttt gtgcatgctg     28680
     ggcaagcact ctacccagtg ggtgctgcca tccccacccc tagttttgat ttgctgagac     28740
     agggtcttcc tgtgtaaccc agactggcca ggaccctgtg attctcctgc ctcatgaatg     28800
     ctgcctgtga cacaccccac ccccacggcc tacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     28860
     cacacacaca cacactctga atgttttaaa gatgtatgcc atgagccggg tgtggtggcg     28920
     cacaccttta atctcagcac ttgggaggct gaggcaggtg aatttctgag tttgaggaca     28980
     gtctggtcta cacagtgagt tccaggacag ccagggctac acagagaaac cctgtctgga     29040
     aaaaacaaaa aaagatgtat acgatgatga cattatcttc tcaaactgaa ttcagtgccc     29100
     aggaaaagag cgatgcacag tgctccgggc ccccactcgg ctttctcacg ccgttgctgg     29160
     tagcgaccct gtctattggc cgtgtgcatt tgtttgggtg aacccttggc cttaatgact     29220
     ctattaactt ctgatcctcc acaatcacaa gatttctctc ctttccttcc ccagatgtct     29280
     aacttcacca tgtcctcttt ctctgtctct tcagggctcc aactcagtgg cctctgctct     29340
     tggggcttgt cttttactcc gagtgatggc tcgcctagag tcggaggctg aggaggccgc     29400
     gcggcggaag gatcttgctg ccacgtttga aagcatgagc gtgggtgcgt ggggcagagt     29460
     gcctggggtg tgggggtgca caaggcacct cccgcgtcct tccatcctca tctgtatcct     29520
     tgtccccaga cctctttgga gagtgttacc acaacagtga agagcgagca gcccgccttc     29580
     ttctgcgccg ctgtcccctc tggggagagg ccacctgcct ccagcttgcc atgcaggctg     29640
     atgcccgagc gttctttgcc caggatggag tccaggtgag cctgtgactc agacagccgt     29700
     gagccccacc cccggagtcc acttatgcct agaacaatta cacttaacct ctgagcacgg     29760
     aacggccgtt tcacagggaa tatcatatat ttgcattaag attcataaca gcaaatcccg     29820
     tggtggcggc acacgccttt aatcccagca tttacaggca gagaggcagg tgaatctctg     29880
     agtttggagg ccagcctggt ctatagagaa agttccagga tagccagaga cacacagaga     29940
     aaccttaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagtttttt tttttttttt tttttgtaac agcaaaatta     30000
     cagttaaaaa gtagcaatgg gaattttata gggacttttc taggtcatca cagcattaag     30060
     accattgaga accactgcct tagaaaatgt tacttcataa gatgaccaat catctataac     30120
     ttttcgaccc tccctaagta gtgttgttgc taccaggaag taccatttct cacacaagaa     30180
     gttcctcatt ttcacagggg agttcctgtc ctcctaaagg aaagaccact tcttcaacag     30240
     gaagctcttt ccattttttt tttttttttc ccaagacagg gtttctctgt gtagccctgg     30300
     ctgtcctgga actcactttg tagaccaggc tggcctcgaa ctcagaaatc cgcctgcctc     30360
     tgcctcccaa gtgctgggat taaaggcatg cgtcatcact gcccggctaa tttttttttt     30420
     aagatttatt tattattata cataagtaca ctgtagctgt cttcagatgc accagaagag     30480
     ggcgtcagat ccgtcagatc tcattagggg tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg gctgctggga     30540
     tttgaactta ggacctttgg aagagcagtc agtgctctta cccactgagc catctcacta     30600
     gccctctttc tacttttttt ttttttttaa tgtgcattgg tgttttgcct gcatgtgaga     30660
     gtgtgagatc acctggatct ggagtggcag acagttgtga gtgggcagct ctgctgattt     30720
     ccctgtgtcg atctgttttt agtcaatctt gtatgtgtga gaaggagaaa atactcgccc     30780
     ttttgggtta agtgatttgg tcaatgcaga gtgcttggca cagcacctgc cctatgatgt     30840
     caataaatgt tggctgctct gcgcctgcag gaatgaatgg ttcactggtt aagggcacag     30900
     gctgctcctg cagagaaagt ttagattcct accgcccata aggcagctca cagccatctg     30960
     taactccttc tatgggctct ggtgccctct tcttacctat ctgggcacca ggcacgccat     31020
     ggcgttaatc ccacggggtg agaataggat tactaccaca gtttttgagc tgaatttgga     31080
     acacttttgt tttatagatc ttttaagcac aataatttaa acttaaaaca taatcttagc     31140
     ccccacaatg gtgcacagac atgccggcag gcgaaacacc cacacacagt gaaagaaaaa     31200
     ttggctgttt cgttttcctg gctgaacctg aggaggctgc ctctgacgac tgtgtcccat     31260
     gctctaacag ttgagacccc atatggacac ttgctctgtg ccctggtggc agactccagc     31320
     ccttgtcagg gtctctaatg ttctcacatt ccacagtctc ttctgacaca gaagtggtgg     31380
     ggggagatgg acagcacaac tcccatctgg gccctgcttc tcgccttctt ctgcccgcct     31440
     ctcatctaca ccaaccttat cgtcttcagg tcagtgcctt ggctccaggc tctgtccctc     31500
     tctcctgctc atttctctct gccctcttac ttagccacct ggcatgtctc ttccctgaga     31560
     agggcactct ttcccttctc tggagggaat gttctggaag gtgggggttg ttgtcctgcc     31620
     tttgcgttat ctctctatgc gatttctcta ctttttaggc catggctctg gaggagggca     31680
     actcccttat ctctctgcac tgtttgtggt aaactaagtt tgggtctttc tcaagaaccc     31740
     ctctatttct tactctgtgt cctgcccctc acggcaggaa gtcagaggag gagcccacac     31800
     agaaggatct tgactttgat atggacagca gcatcaatgg agcaggtcct cctgggtgag     31860
     tgacagtcca gcattgtggg aggagggggg agggcgccat catggacagt ttcaggatct     31920
     tgccaactcc cacttccatc aggcactgta gcaagtcctg aactagggga gcaatgggct     31980
     tttaggagtt gctggtctca ctgaaccaca gaagatgccg aggtaagttc tagaaggcca     32040
     tgctcaagga ctgacttaaa atttggtcct tggagccaac gagatggctc tgcaggtaaa     32100
     tctactcaag tggaaggacc tgagttcaag agagaaacaa ttctttttct aggatataac     32160
     tacactgtag ttgtcttcag acacacacta gaagagggca tcggatccca ttacagatgg     32220
     ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggaatt gaacccagga cctctggaag cacagtcagt     32280
     gctcttaact gctgggcctc tctccagccc tggagaaaca attcttaaat gctcctgact     32340
     tccacctttc ttagttcacc cattggagtg cagagcgcca ggggcagaag gatgatgtca     32400
     tcacaagaac ttagtttggg ttgggcgacc tgcgctccct tgctgttggt tacttagtat     32460
     ttattcactt ttctattatg tttctgtccc tggggctctt gccctgtcac tatgttgcag     32520
     tccccatgga gatcttttaa agaccaggct caatacgtat agttgctaag tatttgtcta     32580
     agctcctcat agccctaggt tccatcccag gccaaacaac acaaaaccta caggaaacct     32640
     cggggagtca gccagttagg tgcctagcgc acaagcataa agagctgagt tcagactccc     32700
     agcctctgta ataaaatcta aggtgtggca acgcatgcct gcactagtgc tgctagacag     32760
     agaaggaagg gtccctgggg tgttgtgggc cagtcgggat agccgaatca gcaagtcctg     32820
     tgtttaaaaa taagagtgaa aacgactgaa ggagacatca aaccccaacc tctcacgtct     32880
     tagtctggct gataaaacga ttttgaaatg gactcagaag gaagcttggg acccttttat     32940
     tagatgctga gagaaaagga acagagcagg cgactatgaa gaggaaggga ggaagccact     33000
     ccttttgctg gggaggttag aaaacagtag catgctggtg agaagggacg ggtggcccag     33060
     agcaccaagg aaattaagtc taggctttgg gaagaatcca aaacaaacaa agacaaagaa     33120
     acggagaagg aaagattgtt tttctgagtt aggagtcaga aaatcgggca ggttgcatgt     33180
     ggaggagtag gattgcggtc tccagggaaa caaaagtaaa ctgtatcgta ttgtatcatt     33240
     taggagataa ttaatctttc cctctccttc aagtgactca gactccctgg ggcagagaaa     33300
     gactctggga caagtgactg gcaagctgtg ctggtttaac cctttagaca ctttaaaaga     33360
     ttttattttt aattatgtgt gtacatgtgg atttgtgtgt tgtagggtct atgcatgtgg     33420
     ttgccctctg agaccaggac tgggaattgt cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     33480
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacaccatga caaaccaacc aaccaacccc cacagctgcc     33540
     aaacggaata agagacagct tattctcgag ccagatgtga gtgacctaag tgtggaaaca     33600
     cggggctaag ttagttctat gtcccaacgt ggaaactgtt tcatggagtt tttatagtaa     33660
     cagaacaaag aaagttataa atcaaagcac ttaaaaatac agtggtagaa atattaagtg     33720
     agcagacagg gcaggcagga gaatcgcagc cttgggctca gatcctatct tactgcattc     33780
     ttaggtgtct ttagggtttt gtgacattag tacattgcaa aaatttgtat ctgtttatca     33840
     agatgttagc tatgagactg aggtaggctg gaggttaaag agagctcaaa agaaaataaa     33900
     ctatctgata gtaaagatag ctcaaaagaa attagactat ctgatactaa caaccaggtt     33960
     ctgcagtctc tgaagtcttt atcagttgat cagcctctgc agacagtgtc tttctaggaa     34020
     ttcccagtga cagagtcaaa cccgatccag tgctcagaac tgctggatca attcttcagc     34080
     cccttaaagt ttttctaaat tagattttat tttgttattt gtacattgtt ttttgagggt     34140
     gtgtatgctg cccgcaaggg tgtggagtcc agaggacaag ttgtagaagc cggttccctc     34200
     ctttcacctt ggcgaccaag gtcatgtggc agacgcctgt gtttgctgag tctcctcctt     34260
     cctgggtcat aagaggaggc aacgatgcta tgtgatgttt ggagtagttt agaatgtcct     34320
     gtctccatgc aaggccagat gaagatcgtt gggagcacaa gggtcctgac acccacagat     34380
     catcagggaa gctaggaatg ttatacacac gggggccctc ttctcagtgg aggagagaaa     34440
     attcctgttt ttctgcccag atgcctggga atggattttg taaataacct ggtgaccttt     34500
     ctgctctctg tggaggcaga cctcacccaa atcccccaga ctgcctatcc cagactctct     34560
     cttcctagac cattgcccat gctttggggg agaggtcgaa tgtacttcat ggccactgac     34620
     ctctatgcta ttagtcagag accacactac attctaggcc ttttagctat aggacctggc     34680
     ctcctggtca catgtatttc ataaaagcat ttctaggtgt cacacagtaa gcttactgtg     34740
     cacctggaat tgaacttagg aactgattgt tgcctggaaa ccttttccca gattggactg     34800
     tgtttttctt ttgtttgttt gttctgtttt tgttgttgtt gtgttttttt ggtttttcga     34860
     gacagggttt ctctgtgtag ccctggctgt cctggaactc acttagtaga ccaggttggc     34920
     ctcgaactca gaaatctgcc tgcctcccaa gtgctaggat taaagatgtg cgccaccact     34980
     gcccggctat ggactgtgtt ttaaatatgc tgacagtggc cctagcatta aactcttcgc     35040
     atcaacaatc agcccacact ggcttttcaa tctcatcagt ttgcgggtca cggcctgcat     35100
     ggacacctac cgggtccccc tcaatacagc tcacattcta gttttttgac caggaggaag     35160
     tagatggacc ccagcaaagc tcacacgccc ccaccttttc atgtggttta agatctaaag     35220
     cactccaagg ctcctgcaac attctgcatg tttctggtca gttttaaaga cagctattgt     35280
     gctcagtggt ttgttgttgt tgtgtggatt gttttttgtt tgttttgcat aaggtttctt     35340
     tctatatcct tggatggctt ggagctgact aggtagacag cactgcctcg ccgggatcct     35400
     ttgcctctgc tgggacaaac catgctgggt ttatgctcag ttttgtttct ttctttgatg     35460
     tttgttgtgt ttcttcacaa agctcaggct agcatcaaac acctagcaat cctcctgcct     35520
     catctctcga agtgtaatga atcctcattc catgttttat gttccttctt ccctcactct     35580
     atgtatcagg ctggcctgaa acttgaggca gttctcctgc ctcaatctca aacgtgggat     35640
     tgactgggtc ttcaggttcc cagagtccaa agtgggacag tgtagaagtt agactgcaag     35700
     atgggcagcc agtccaggct cattggtccc tgaagctcgc tgtcttgcag gactgtagaa     35760
     ccctctgcaa aggtggccct tgagaggcgg cagcggcgac ggccaggacg tgccctctgc     35820
     tgtggcaagt tctccaagcg ctggtcggac ttctggggtg ccccagtgac tgccttcctg     35880
     ggtaatgtgg tcagttacct gctgttcctg ctgctgtttg cccacgtgtt gctggtggat     35940
     ttccagccca caaagccaag tgtctccgag ctgctgctgt acttctgggc cttcacgttg     36000
     ctgtgcgagg agctgcgcca gggcctgggt ggtggctggg gtagcctggc cagtggggga     36060
     cgtggtccgg acagagctcc cctgcgccat cggctgcacc tctacctctc agatacctgg     36120
     aaccaatgtg acctgctggc actcacctgc ttcctgctgg gcgtaggctg ccggtgagtg     36180
     agtaagagac tggcagggcc cctgcctaga atcccccagt gagaggatgt ggctatggct     36240
     cagtggtgga gtaccctggg tgatggagag tcacctacgt ccccctttac tgaagcgatc     36300
     ctcagctggc ataccaagag gtagatttcc tccagtccat gtgcgtttga aacagagtaa     36360
     cttggtatga ataatttatc caaacagaag ggagataagt ggacttagca aactaatatt     36420
     tctgcttgtc ccagccttta tttagtgtta tgtgttgtct gagaagacag ggccacggcc     36480
     ctgccgattg caggaaagcc actgtcaagg gtatatttga tacattttat caagcaccct     36540
     tttccaaggg ctgacaaatc attgcatcta gggaggaaga aacactgtca catccagtat     36600
     aattggcttg tcctccttta agcccgtgcc ctccagatcc acacttaggt tattgcaaaa     36660
     caaaaaacaa aaccgaataa aaccaagtca cgtccctggt gtaaagtggg tggggtcaaa     36720
     ggccgggtgg atagtttcat ccgcggattt ctgtctaaat agctggcccc attgtctgcc     36780
     tgcctgagag cggtagctgt gagcgccccc atgaggacat gctaggcaat acctggtgct     36840
     ttgtaacctc aagctgtcaa tcaaatcaga cttacaacct ctgtcagtct gcagcctgta     36900
     aatgttttca tttatgcacc cctgaccgtc actccatatt ttaggggatc cctccccttt     36960
     tgtggggaaa cagggtctca ctctgtagcc ctggcaggcc tgtctggaat tcccagagat     37020
     ccttcttccc tggcctcccc agaacttgga taacaggcgc gcggcatggc acattctaaa     37080
     cgattcttag aaggccatcc atccatactc agtccagaga aagctgatca gagggtccct     37140
     gcctctgccc tgtgagacct cagcttcgtc tgaggagaca ccccggatct gagctgtgct     37200
     ctctccccca actcctcagg ctgacccctg ggctctttga cttgggacgc accgtcctct     37260
     gccttgactt catgatcttc acactgcgcc tgctgcacat cttcacggtg aacaagcagc     37320
     tggggcccaa gattgtcata gtgagcaaaa tggtgagtct gaggaggagg ggcagagcaa     37380
     ggtgggagag aatgggacct ggagtgcagg ggggtggagc caggggtgaa gggcagaatc     37440
     tcgagggacc acagaggaca tggggagggg ttgggggagt ggagtctgaa agggagggcc     37500
     ttgcctttta gtggcaggat gtggacctga aggtggccgg ggctggggtg gggtggggtg     37560
     ggtggagggg agggcttctg aggtgggcag gcaggacaag aagggacagg cctttgagga     37620
     tgctgtgtct aagacaggga gagtagccag ctggagtagg cgttctggga aggggcggag     37680
     ccagggagga aagggctggg tcatttcacc cacatcttcc tctgcttcta gatgaaggat     37740
     gtattcttct tcctcttctt cctctgcgtg tggcttgtag cttatggggt ggccacagag     37800
     gggatcctga ggccccagga ccgcagtcta ccgagtatcc tgcgcagggt cttctaccga     37860
     ccgtatctgc agatcttcgg acaaattccc caggaggaaa tggacggtag gaaagggctc     37920
     tccagctgag tctgcgtctc tctcagtggg tctctgactg tgtctctgtc tcccatctcc     37980
     tcccctctcc ctgcttctct ctgctcacac ctgctgttcc ttttgcagtg gccctcatga     38040
     ttccaggtaa ctgctcaatg gagcggggct cctgggctca tccggagggg cccgtcgcag     38100
     gctcctgtgt gtcccagtat gccaactggc tggtggtgtt gctccttatc gtcttcttgc     38160
     tggtggccaa tatcctgttg ctcaacctgc tcatcgccat gttcaggtgt gcctggcctt     38220
     gccacccggg gcttccccca acttgaacct gttcaatatg tgccatgtcc tgactttgac     38280
     ccagtgctgg cctgatcctg tgccttcctt acctgggctt tgaaactcgt tgctattgtt     38340
     ttggcatctc tgaggcagtg tcttggaact tagggtaatc ttgcctctac ctcttagcac     38400
     cgggatcaca tgcgtgcctc cagggcacta aacgcttttc ttttgaagaa gcccacttta     38460
     gtgacttgtt tgcagtttgt tttatttgtg tgtatgaatg ttttgcctgc atgtatgtat     38520
     gtgtaccatg tgcgtggaaa gtgcctatgg tggtcagaag aaggacatcg gatcctctgg     38580
     gactggagtt acaggtgact gtgagctacc gagtagctgc tggaaactga gtctggatcc     38640
     ttttgcaaga gcagccagtg ctcttaacct tagctgagcc atcgctccag tccggttttt     38700
     ttttgtttgt ttggttttgg tttttggttt ttgttgctta tattcttgct cttgtcgcat     38760
     gtaatgtgat ttattttgtg tgtctggtcc ttcaaaggat ccccagttgc tagttaactg     38820
     gttctttaag atttcttagc tgagtcaggc ctttaatcct agcacttggg aggcagaggc     38880
     aggcagagct ctgagttcca gctcagcctg gtctacagag tgagttccag gacagccagg     38940
     gctacacaga gaaaccctgt ctggaaagaa aacaaaaaga aaaacagaca aacaaacaaa     39000
     agagctcata gctgttagaa ttgcctgatg ccagggactt cagtggtgat tgccttttgg     39060
     atttccggga acgggagagg atatataagg ccagctgagg ctgagaaagg acttgggctt     39120
     gggcaaccag ggtgagaaga gaagacagtt ggagacagtt gagccaggag aagctgagct     39180
     gagaagatag gctagaccag ttgttacagt ttggagctgc tagattggga aaactgggag     39240
     aagggacaca ctcacgcagg ctcttaacct agtggatcta gagcccagtc cctacgcatg     39300
     ctgaatccca gtcgctcgct cacgtggtaa cgcatttatt ccctatttgt gcagagtcag     39360
     ggagacaata ttggggtgga gactcttagc tgtctcttta cgttggcata agcagagccc     39420
     tgcctcagat tcctcacctc tgctgtcaca cagccttagc aaatgagcag ggacctgggt     39480
     cacacctcca ctcatgacat tgtgctcaca atgctgccca tgtattgact tcccagggca     39540
     tcttcacaga gcttttaaca cagaggaaac aacgagctat ttggtattaa atggacccaa     39600
     gttgatttag tcactaatgc acaccttcat tctgaccaac cactcattct gagcctgtta     39660
     tgcgccaaac acaaggacct cagctcgatg cccggaatcc gaagcagact gtccccagct     39720
     gagggtagat cagttgggag aaacctttga aggggcgggg ctggaaacta ggaggagggc     39780
     tggcagggag ttaagagaac tggttattat ttgtaagaat aggaaacatt aaaaggaaaa     39840
     agaaatttta aaaaacccac acattttaca gtcccataca gagggtcaat ctaaactcca     39900
     gagtctggaa acttaagagt tgattttggg gtttagctct tagctattga tcattagccc     39960
     atttggagtt aatttagttc gcagtgtgag gacaggccct acttcagtct ttgtgtcagt     40020
     tcaggagagt gcattaaaga cactgggcat aaagtccttg ttagaaacca gctgggctca     40080
     ggatggtgtg gtggagcaag cttgtcccag cactcggaag gtcaaggcag gaggatcaga     40140
     agcctggggt acatgaatcc ctatatcaga atcaaacagg ggatggagag atggctcagt     40200
     ggttagggtc actgactgct tttatagagg acatgggatc gactcccagc actcacgtgg     40260
     aagttcacaa cttcctgtaa tcccagttcc aggagatccg acatcctctt ctggcctctg     40320
     tgggtaatat gcacagacat acatgtaggc aaaatagtta tgcatgtaaa aataaattaa     40380
     cctttaaaaa aaaaatccag gcaatggtgg ctcatgcctt taatcccagc acttgggagg     40440
     caggggccag tgaatctctg agttcaaggc cagcctggtc tacaagagtt ccaggatagc     40500
     cagggctaca cagagaaacc ctgtctcaaa aacaaaaaca aaaactatca agaacccact     40560
     gtagaatttt gaaaacatca aagccagaat gttggagttg ggtggccgtg gctcagtcag     40620
     taaagcattt gtcttgcaag ctcaaggacc tcagcttgat gcctggaacc cgtgcagact     40680
     cttcatccat tgtatgtatg tatgtatgta tgtatgtatg tatgtatgta tacatgcatg     40740
     tacaccacat gagtacagtg ctggcagaga ccagaagaag gcactgatct tttggaattg     40800
     gagcttccat attagtgctg agaactgaat gtgagtgctc tgcgggtgcc acgtgctctt     40860
     gcggtctctg actactttat ctcgactcct aatccagtcc tatgatcagg gtcctttatt     40920
     ggcttcccgt gactattgac ctctggcctc cacagctaca ccttcagcaa agtgcacggc     40980
     aacagcgacc tctactggaa ggcacagcgc tacagcctca tccgggaatt ccattcgagg     41040
     cctgccctgg ccccacccct catcatcatc tctcatgtgc gcctcctcat caagtggctg     41100
     cgcaggtgtc gcaggtgtcg cagggctaac ttgcccgcct ccccagtctt cgagcacttc     41160
     cgtgagactg gagcttggtc tgcatgggag tggggcgggg gggggggggc gtttggggag     41220
     gggagaagaa aagcaggtgg gtggggctcg gggaaggtgt caggatctgc acccatctgg     41280
     ggacgaggca tgaggaattt ggtggctttg gggaggggac aagttcccaa gtggtcctgc     41340
     cctttgactc ctgggacttg gccctgcagg tgtctgtctc tctaaggaag cagagcggaa     41400
     gctgctgact tgggagtctg tgcacaaaga gaacttcctg ttggcacaag ctcgggacaa     41460
     gcgagacagt gactcggagc gtttgaaacg cacgtctcag aagtgaggcg ggggcctgct     41520
     gtgggcagga cctgcaggtg ggacgttctg tcttcagcta ggagaactct ctctcttttt     41580
     agggtggaca ctgcactgaa gcagctggga cagatcagag agtacgatcg gcgtctgagg     41640
     gggctggaga gagaggtgag gacctgggcg tgggctggcg gggctgggac cccctgcttc     41700
     cctgctcctg ccttgactta ttcctgtctt cccaggtcca acactgttct cgagtcctga     41760
     cttggatggc tgaggccctt agccactctg ccttgctgcc tccaggggcc ccaccccctc     41820
     cgagccccac tggttccaaa ggtcagtgtg gtcctgggct tctgcaagac atccccccgt     41880
     gggccttccc gttgttcctg ggtcccttgc ttggtctgct gaaggctctg ttgtctgctt     41940
     gtgtggggat gtgtgtagct ggcgtgagtg tgcatgcctg tgcaggccag ggttgacctc     42000
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctcat tcattccttg aaacgggacc tatccctagg     42060
     cccaggtgtc tccagttggc tttgggttgc tgtcccgaca cactgcgaaa tccttctgta     42120
     cctgccccac tcccccgtct tttgaagtgg gtccggtgtt caccccaggg tgccactgtc     42180
     tctccccgct ctttttaata tggctgctgt gtgcctgttc tggtttcata tctgttgcta     42240
     ggataaaata ccgaccaaaa gcaacttagg ggatgaagaa tttacttggc ttatgcttcc     42300
     aggttacaat ccatcagtga gggaaacagg gagagagcgt ggacgttctc acctataacc     42360
     agaaagctca cagccaaaga aacgcaccag aagccacgaa caacgctgtt cgctggacca     42420
     cagcaccttc cgtccagcca gcttcagcaa acagttcagg actcctcacc ccaggaaatg     42480
     gggttgccca cagtggcctg ggcctttcta caccaattgg caatcaagat aatgcccccc     42540
     agacatgccc acaggtctat ttgatctaaa ccatcgaggc tcttcctctc aaatggctca     42600
     ggttgacaga gcttaaccag ggcacagtct gagctcaggt ctcctgcttg tgtgacaggc     42660
     actttgccca ctgactgtgt cccctgcact gcttcttttt gccattctct catttcctgg     42720
     gactcatcac ccactgtcct ctccgtctct cttccagact gagtgttcct ggtggatgtc     42780
     taggtgtttg catccagaga gggttcattc ctcaagctgg gcccagtctg cctcaagcga     42840
     cacaactggt ggccttatcc tcaccacgaa tcccatgctt atgggttgct gtccagacac     42900
     actgcgagta tcaccgaggg actccttccc agagcagcct caccttgggt gaatcaagct     42960
     ctgagctggc aaagttggcc tctttgtggg cccagccaca cagcagagga agcaggaggg     43020
     tcctggggtg caggaaccac agaccctaca cacagcttcc ccacaatggg gaaataaaac     43080
     catttgatga ggattttcgc acatgcttgg ctcctgtgga gcaggtgtgt gatgttggga     43140
     atctgtcctt ccccagacca ttgcagctgc cgacttagac ccagagcctc tgtttgggtg     43200
     gctttccctg caggagacag gggcgtctga gcccctgccg ctttctgctt tcccgtggga     43260
     acataacagg gtggtaataa agagagctgg tcccagagga gggtgggcgc tgctgtcatc     43320
     tgctcaggca acatacaaac agatgatgca gatttgagta ggtaaatgca tatgtgtctt     43380
     taaaaagtct aattagtgga aaattgcagg ccacactcac acgggggtgg aggcaaatcc     43440
     acatcattat acattgcaat ttaactaaat aacccataac aaactaagac ggtaatgaca     43500
     aggctgaact gacagcgatt attagttaaa tagcgagaaa gccaccagca gccaacacat     43560
     ccaaaaatca aaaccaaaac atcctccaaa ttggagggat tccagctccg gggcctctct     43620
     gggtgtagag ccatgttgga acacggccag acgtacaacc agactctccc tggaaatcct     43680
     gggtccattc tgccaaccca aacggtcacc atggtggcag taagaagggg ctagtgctag     43740
     cactcactga cacatgttgc cttctgtgtg gctggccttg tgttgtctgg ttcataaatc     43800
     cgacttttcc tagagtgcat caagggaggg cagatccatt tttcttgggt gctaggaatt     43860
     tagatgttta aagattcctt ttttttttag atttatttat ttattgttat atgtaagtac     43920
     actgtagctg tcttcagaag ctccagaaga gagtgtgaga tctcattaca gatggttttg     43980
     agcctccatg tggttgctgg gatttgaact caggacctct ggaagagcaa tcagtgctct     44040
     tacccgctga gccatctctc cagccccaaa gattccattt ttattttgtg tgtgtgttgg     44100
     tgtgtatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgtgcc tgtgcatgtt     44160
     cgttcctgcc tgtgtaggtc gtcgtattga tgccacaatg tatggatgaa gatcagagtg     44220
     acaagttagg gagcaatgtt ttccttctac cacgtgtctc ccaggaatca aactcaggtt     44280
     acagcaagca tcttccagca ccacgtaatg gtggcccagc ccttccctgg gggattctag     44340
     acaggagctc tctaccactg ggctactctc ttaatctctc tctggactct aggaaactgt     44400
     gctagctgcc tccccagacc ccttgagctt tttttgatct aggaaccagc atatctcgtc     44460
     ggcagaaatg tcactccaga tggctaaatt tgagtggatc tgtttgtaag aatcctttaa     44520
     actcagtcca ggagtttggt tcaggacccc atggaggagc ctcaatgtct actacatccc     44580
     ttggcactgt ggagtccagg gaaaccaatg ctcatgtgtt agtaccactt tctgaactga     44640
     gaaaaggcga gccccctccc cctctctgat cttggagtct tatgcctttt ggctgcatct     44700
     ataacacaac actagactaa cttgtaagca aggcaaagtc aaaccccaga cctggccagg     44760
     cagtggtggc gcatgcctat taatcccagc acttgggagg cagaggcagg cagatttccc     44820
     gagttcaagg ccagcctggt ctacagagtg agttttagga cagccagggc tacacagaga     44880
     aaccctatct ggaaaaccaa aaccaaaacc aaaaaaccca gacgtgacgg tgttgatgag     44940
     gaaaatgtac ttttagtgag gggtggcttc ctgctatagg agaatgggag ctctgtaggt     45000
     cgggatgaga ggagcctggc caggatctag ctgggatttc tgtcagacaa gtggaggggg     45060
     tgaccaggaa caagggtctg tatgggttac aaaagtacag acagaagcaa cagaggagag     45120
     gtttattttg gcttatgatt ttaaggaata ttgtccactg ctgtgggggt agcatggtta     45180
     tattgaatct gtggtgttag cccgttcatg tcatggctta ctaggaagca gctatacgcc     45240
     ggaaacggat ccgctcaaag cctcattccc aacgacctac ttcctgtctt cagcttttca     45300
     ccaccaaaag tcccactatt tcccaaagga tgcgacctgt tggagacaac agatgttcaa     45360
     gcacatgaac acctttcaca cccaaacaca aggagctcag gacaggatag caacagcagt     45420
     gtagagtgct cctggcaaag tgctcatgat acctccttgg gccaagctgg tcaccgtgat     45480
     gggcatgata ttgaggctgg aggctgatgg tggatgaggg ctgtggtatg gagcgggatc     45540
     cttcttccta gtgcaggcag gtcctagggg ctgccctggc acccttactg gggcccccaa     45600
     aggaagctca tcatgatctt cactgttcta gcacgctaga cgatccatgc tcctggctgg     45660
     tggctgaagc tataattatt gactataggt ttgcctatag cagggaaaat gcccaaatcc     45720
     aattgatgag gctcacagtg ggaaaggact gccagtggag ccgcccggct ttccgttgtc     45780
     atggaagcgt ggcatgagcg gctgttgcag aggcttctat ttcctgggta ccaggggatc     45840
     ctccaggtca ggaactgctc tttgctccca tgctacctga aaaatctgga accccacaga     45900
     gaagaaggaa aaggcagctt tggtgtcttc accttcaggg aatcctttag atgccgcttt     45960
     ccatcacaac agcgccacct gccagatgca tctgcgagca catgcatttg gagaatggcc     46020
     tctatcattc tctagagatc cttgcagagt caggctggag cccagagact ttgatttccc     46080
     tatctcacac ccccgtttca ggattagtta gtggaaaact gactactaca aggctgggaa     46140
     ctgctgaatg taagttctgt gctcaagaac tcaccatgtc cagtcctcgg actatttcag     46200
     gacgtttgtt tatttttatt tatttatgag ataaggcctt gctatgtagc taaggctggc     46260
     ctctaactca tcactcttca tcttcagcca cccaaaagct gggattatag gcatacacct     46320
     tcgccacact cccacaacta ggtcatctcg gtttggcatg aaaaagtagc aactacccct     46380
     ttgtcccttt gaataaaatc ttagccacct cctcaccccc cacattgctg gttcctcaat     46440
     tcacagacat cctacccctt gaatgactgg ttgggactgt ggtaagggct gatgtgttcg     46500
     ctaggtggca gcatccacca gtctctgttg aaggtttctc tacactatgt gaccaccacc     46560
     agcaacagga atagactggc caaaactcag ctgagaagaa ctggaactcc acttgcctca     46620
     attctgggct cacgcagctt atgccatttg ttaatgcgtg tggccacccc caggaaactt     46680
     catatcttct tggttgtgtt ttgcatagta acagaccaaa gcagggggag agctatataa     46740
     accgtttgaa aattccaggt cctgctgcct gttgtttctt ggggctgatg tgcctttact     46800
     cactgaacac cctgacagag aagtcggttc agtctactga ggtgtcgcag ccctcagggg     46860
     ctgagggaga ttattctggg ctatggaatg aattcaaggg tcagcctggg caacttagtg     46920
     aagctatttc aaagttaaaa taacaacaac aaaacaacaa ataagactgg ggaggtaact     46980
     caggggggag atttcctgcc taggttagct gcatgagggg ttgggggtgt gactcagggg     47040
     tagagcccct gcctagagtc gcccagtgag catgaaccag acatttagtt cagtcctatg     47100
     tatcaacccc ccacccacca cacacacaca cacactttgg tcgagtcata gttttcctta     47160
     aactcacatg gctctagatc agcaaaggac tgactgggat aaatttggcc agtcacctgg     47220
     tccacaagct aacatgtatt tgtacctaat gtgaatatac agtaaaggcc atatgtcctg     47280
     cagaactgaa atttttttga ccttttaggt cttagcccgt actgcttgct gagggtgttc     47340
     acagcttaat atgcaagtct ccaaaaacaa agtggagtga ctagctaggt ggaactggta     47400
     cctgtcttta accccagcac tcaggaggca gaggcaggag gatctctgtg actttgagtg     47460
     agttccagga gagccagggc tgtgtagtga tgtgtcgcat gacgatgctg agtgggcagg     47520
     tggtggtgat gatgtcacag gtgaacacga agctcacagt ggctgatggg gtctctttgg     47580
     atctactgct tcctggagtc accccagtgg cctctgatgg gtggcacaga ggttggcagc     47640
     acatgtgaca tgcccctaag atgggttcta gtaactggga gctaaagata gtggtcaagg     47700
     gagggagagt ctgccatagt ccttctgggg gatttgggtg aggcctgtct ccacagagag     47760
     taaaaaagtc cccggggcgt aaacgatatc cactcccagc tttctggaca ggaaagtagg     47820
     cattctctcc tttgagaaaa cacccctgtg tgattaacat tccttatgaa tctctccctg     47880
     gtgatctgtg ggcaaaaaga ccttcgtgcc ccagccttaa cagcacagcc ggggttgttc     47940
     agagagagaa gcaggcccct cctttcttct ccctgctgca atttttaaga cagttcccta     48000
     gtctgttgcc cagtctggcc tgcaactttt atatcactta gactgctgac ctcagcttca     48060
     tggtgatgcc cacgctttaa tatctttgtt aggtacaaag gagactccag ttccctcaaa     48120
     ctccaaatgt ccagaaacgg gctcaacctt ggagtatagg aggatttcta gtggttagat     48180
     aaaagccacc aacatcctcc aggaacttgt gaagccaggt ccctctagca aaaagtgtca     48240
     ttcccccttc ctcgagcaga agggacaaat ggctgtctgt ggtgcctgtt atcatactca     48300
     agctcatgcc ggcctccagg ttctctcagc atcacgagta cctgttatcc atttcagagt     48360
     ccaggttagt tcttctcacc tccagctcac tggcttcctt tgcccggctt agtccttctc     48420
     cttataactc tgctaatttt ggctatactc tctgtcttag ttagggttgc tatttctgtg     48480
     aggagatacc atgacaacag caacgcccat aaggaaaaca tttaattggg gctggcttac     48540
     agttcacgac atttaatcca ctattgtcac acaggaagca tggcagtgtg caggcagaca     48600
     tggtgctgga gaaggaggtg agagttctcc atctgggtca gtaggtaggg agtgaactgg     48660
     cttgagcttc tgagaccata aagccacacc tcctccaaca aggccacacc tcctaacagt     48720
     gccactccct atgggtgaat gccccacccc ccaccccata tttgctaaaa ccaccacacc     48780
     cttgctctgc taggccaccc tttctctctt ttctctattc tctattccct gtctcttagt     48840
     tagggtttct attgctgtga agagacacca tgatcgtgga gactcttata aaggaaaaca     48900
     tttgattgtg gctggcttac agttttagag gttcagtcca ttactatata aagttggaag     48960
     catggcggct gcaggtagat gcagtgctgg agacatagcc aagaggttta catctggatg     49020
     cacaggcagc agtaagagag catgacacta ggcctggcct gagctgatga cacctcaaat     49080
     agtcccctgt gactattcca tatgcctctg gctgctctct catatctaca gtaaaaacct     49140
     tccccggaaa cattccgcac tctgtcaggt gtcagtttat acagcaccgg agtgtggcgt     49200
     gctggaatta ctacctcatc atgtttgttc ctgagctgtc tttctgctct ttttgaccat     49260
     ttgttttgtt ttgaaacagg gtctcactcc ataggcctgg ctgtctggga gctcactatg     49320
     tagactgaat tgggctcaaa ctcatagcgg tctgcctgtc tcttcttcaa gtgctgagac     49380
     tgaagatgcc caccgctatg ccagtgtagc tgcttgtctt tttttccccc tccctagtgg     49440
     gttctttgtg ggttcctcct ctggctcagc tcagcttctc ctgagttagg attgctgtct     49500
     ctgatttttg ctctgctcaa tctcttcttc agccctactc agtcttcctt ccagcaccaa     49560
     ctgtcttctc tgatactact cttctgccag ctggacccta cccacctctc ccagtttcgg     49620
     ctggcttttt atagtctctg cttgcccagt agttcaagag gcaaccaaag agcatagggc     49680
     caagcagtcc taaaggctaa gcatcccaaa agagccagct gactagcaac tggggatcct     49740
     ttaaagggcc aggcacacaa aataaatcac attgcatttc tccccatctg gtttagctgc     49800
     taattatgca gctttgaatc tgccctgggc gctccctgta gccatgctac tgttgtgatt     49860
     tttgcttctc cattctgttt aatgtccttt ccagggtttt cttgcatctg ctgtgtcagt     49920
     ctttcacatc acatccacaa ctgagataag aacctaacag tgatgcttcc cgtcctgtgc     49980
     ttggctactg cttcctgaac cttttatgct cctggattgt ttcttgtcca ggtttctctg     50040
     gctggcaggg tcagtagctg gtcaggctct cttctctctc tctgggtcag aagacctcct     50100
     ctgctcaact ctgagcctta ttcgttttga tggtatctac agctttttgt ttcctatgaa     50160
     aatataaaca aatttgcatc cccaaggcaa aacattcact gacttccatc tgatgttaag     50220
     ccatccttat cagtgtaaag tgttttgccc tggatgggag ggtaccctgg gactcagaag     50280
     cccaggagcc acacagttca gaggtgggac agtgttacag tcagtgatag ggacattttg     50340
     acaggaccct ccattttgat ggcttttgca gcatgccact tagggactac aatcagcagt     50400
     ttctatatgc agaacaactc tttctgcata tcgagagtca ggaattatat taagaagttc     50460
     aggaaaatct aataatatca caaaagttgc atacaactct gatttttgag ctaaagtata     50520
     agggcttaga agtattttgc ttaatttttt tctgatgtat gtgggagaat ccaattagtc     50580
     cattttaata aacagaagat gattattttt aggatatcta ttattaattt ctcccaaata     50640
     gttgtataag ttctttgcca gtcatcattg atcactcata atgacatagt ctcagtatta     50700
     gtatatggta ctacaatttc tactgggtct gctcctaaca attgacatag tgttattctt     50760
     cctttcataa ttaaatcaga aaccatttct atataaatat ataacttttt agtttatatg     50820
     ttatgaaggt ccattctaaa atactatctt ccctttgcat aatgagccca gtaggggagt     50880
     gagttgaagg caaaataacc aaaacacagt ccagtttggg atctatgaga tccacatgag     50940
     cattttgcag tctctgtact accagagcta actttctctc tgcttcagct agcaaccatc     51000
     ttagactgtt tgagtccaaa tctccttgta aaaactgaaa aagaaaatta cttaactctt     51060
     gagttgttca tctaatgatg gaccatagcc aattaatagc tctcattgat ttttaaaaat     51120
     cattaagagt tgcaactgat ctcttctgta tcttctgtgg tggatcaatt tttttagatt     51180
     tatttatttt atttatatga gtacattgta tctgtcttta gatatgccag aagagagcat     51240
     cagatcctat tatagatggt tgtgagccac catgtggttt ctgggaattg aactcagaac     51300
     ttttggaaga gcagtcagtg ctcttttttt tttttttttt ttttaagatt tatttattta     51360
     tttgtttatc tattgtatgt aagtacactg tagctgtctt cagatgcacc agaagaggga     51420
     gccagatctc attacaggtg gttgtgagcc accatgtggt tgttgggatt tgaactttgt     51480
     accttcggaa gagcagtcgg gtgctcttac ccactgagcc atcttaccag cccccagtca     51540
     gtgctcttaa ccacttagcc atctctccag ccctgcagtg gaattttttg ttgactaatt     51600
     ttatagccca aatagttaat agaatctcct ctatgatttt tttcagaagc aatctgcaaa     51660
     ctccatcaag acaaaatttt tttgtttcat cattttctct aaagtagctc tatcagaatt     51720
     ggccaacaaa atatcatcca tgtaatgata aataatggat tgaaaaaatt gcctacaaat     51780
     tatttctagt gattgttgca caaactattg acatagagtt ggactatgta acattccttg     51840
     tggaagagct gcccactgac tttttacagg ctgagcatta tacgtatgca cctatgaagg     51900
     caaaattttc ttcatcctgc tcttgcaagg gatagtaaaa caaacagaca aacaaacaga     51960
     caaaaaaaaa aaaacagcct ttaaaataaa ttactatcat aggccatgcc ttaggtaata     52020
     aagaaagtaa aggaattcca ggctctaatg gacccattag ttggattact ctattcacca     52080
     ttctcaaatc tgttgtcata tcccatttcc caatttcttt cttataacaa atgcagggga     52140
     atcccatagg tagatccttc tatatgttgt gcctccaact gctcttgtac caactgttca     52200
     agtgtctata gttagtcttt agttaaggcc attggtctat ccacacaggc ttgtctgtca     52260
     accattttaa gggtaatgcc attggtatac tagatagggt tgaacagttg ttaaagctgg     52320
     gagctgttag tattggggaa actgggagaa gggactgctt aagcagactg ttggggagct     52380
     gagggaggaa gaattgggag aaatatttga aggggctggg ctggaaactg ggaggagaac     52440
     tggcaggaag ttaagagttt gtaaaaatag gagaccattg agccaggaga agctgagctg     52500
     atccagaaaa gagaatgtta gcagacagtt aggaggagga cccacgtgga gcccacaaag     52560
     tagcagaaaa gttacatgcc aggctatttt acttttaggt gtgtgtgtgt gtctgtgtgt     52620
     ctgtgtgtct gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatctgt gtgtgtgtgt ctgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtct     52680
     gtgtctatgt ctgtctgtct gtctgtctgt gtgtgtacat gggttctcct ggaattctag     52740
     ttttgagcca cctgacatgc tcttaaccac tgagccatct ctccagctca gtgttccttg     52800
     tatattgaga cagggtcttt cactggtgtt acttactagg gtggctagta agtagcccca     52860
     gggatctagc tgcctctgcc tccccagtcc tgggattaca agttcaccct actataccaa     52920
     gtcctcatgc ttttaagcac aacatcaact gagttacttc cagcctagag tgaggttgct     52980
     gctcttgttc aaactagatc caggtgggat gggagatatc ttgcttgctc tcagcttctc     53040
     aggcttttcc tgtttgtaag tgggtcagga ggctcctgac acacacacac tcctataagt     53100
     ctgccagtga gccacatctc tctgttgtgc cttcaacaca cttttgatgt ctttgctatt     53160
     tgattccaac atttgtaaca cttctgtctc tgacctagaa gtcattcaca tctctttcaa     53220
     ggaaattgtg ccaggtttgg gctccctcat accctctgta gtggtttgaa agaaaatggc     53280
     ccccataggc tcacagggag tggtactatt aggaagggtg gccttgctgg agaaagtgtg     53340
     tcactagagg tgggtttgga ggtctcagat gctcaggcta ggccagtgtc tttctccctt     53400
     tctgctgtct acagatcaag atctagaact tttgctacta ctccatcatc acatctgcct     53460
     gtgtgccacc atgcttcctg ccatgatgac aatggactaa acctctgaaa ctgtaagcca     53520
     gtcccaaatt aagtgttttc ttttacaagg gttgttgtgg tcatggtgtc tcttcacagc     53580
     aatagaacac tggccactgg ccgagacacc atctaaaata acaacagtcc tgaattcacc     53640
     tcagagatgg cccaaattat acctgaagct tgagtgacca ctcaccatat tcatatacct     53700
     cggagccctg gaccttctgg tgaggtggaa tggagcagcc agacagggtt catgctacac     53760
     tgctctccag gacaggagca acccactcaa gtttgcactc agcctagtct cttggaagtt     53820
     ctctgtggca ggcttttctt gcttctggtc ctgatcttgg gtgcaggtca atccaataag     53880
     ctcaggaaat atgccaacag ggatgggtaa tattgtcaac tagccagaat ttagaactgt     53940
     caatcagata atgccaaggg attatccata attggtttat tgatgtatga acatatacac     54000
     taactgtggg ctggggtcct gtcctgacta aagaggagaa agctggctgg acagctgtat     54060
     ccattgggct gcattttgcc tgtctcctca actcagaggt ccccagatga caagctccta     54120
     ccactaccac ttctcagtgg accctgaagc ttgagctgcc tcagattatt cttttattat     54180
     tatcttattt tattattctt ttaatagtat ccccaaagag tcaagaatgg tgcatgtctg     54240
     tgacacctgc actcaaggag tggagggaga aggatcagga gttcaaagtc atcctgggct     54300
     gcctagtgaa gcggaagcta gactgagctg taagagaccc tgtctccaag agcaaacaat     54360
     caggcatggc aggggtcttt attttctatt gctttgaagc aatgtcacaa ccaaggaaac     54420
     ttattggatt tattggagct tatcgtttca tgggcatggc actggagtag cagctgagag     54480
     ctcacatcat tatctccaag caggagagag gagaggagag gagaggagac gagacgagat     54540
     gagacgagac tacttggaaa tggcatgggc ttttgaaacc tcaaggccat cctgtgtgac     54600
     acacctctta cagtgaggcc atacctccta atccttccca aacagttcca ctaactgggg     54660
     accaagtatt caaataatcg agcctatgag agttattctc atttaaacta tccatagtgg     54720
     cacacaccct taattttagc acttgaaaga cagacgcagg gggagcaggg ggagcttcta     54780
     ggtctatcag ggctatatag tgagaccctc tctaacaagc acacaaggaa aaaaaaaaaa     54840
     cctaaaacaa aactatcccc aaagaatcat ctgtccacat ttagctaaac aagtatcatc     54900
     tatgtccttg actaatatct ctgacattgt cctgttggtg tgtggcttga tggaacctct     54960
     cttacctgcc tgtcaacttc atgattgctg aaacatacca agagattcac tctcctgaac     55020
     tctgttacta actaaaaaga tagcaacggc ctccgtgtgt cctcttgact cttttgttta     55080
     agaggtggtt ctgacctcct tgctgcccaa attctgcctt ctaaaacttc tccaaggggg     55140
     tgctgtgctc agttgcttta gagtcctgaa gaggacccaa ggtcagctct cagagcttgt     55200
     gttgggaggc tcacaactgc tgttaacaca ggggctctga ccactatggg tactgcactc     55260
     ccatgtacac acacagtata tacattttaa aagagaaagc tattttgttc accttggtca     55320
     atgagacagt cttatctctc agcatgcttc ctgtttctgt gataaacacc aggaccaaag     55380
     acaacccagg gaggaaaggg tttatttcag cttacagttt ctagtctgtc gtctcaggac     55440
     agtttctagt ctgttgtctc aggacatgag ggcaggagct tgaggacaga ccctggaggc     55500
     gggagcttac atagagacca tgactctgga aggattatgc ttcccagctt gctcccatac     55560
     tcagtcccat ctttcttaca cagcccaaga ccacttgccc aggaagtgac attggtgagc     55620
     tggccctcca ccatcaatta acaatcaaga aaaggccacg gaccacaggc caggctcaaa     55680
     aaggccatcc ctcagatggg aaaccctctt cccagatgtc cctaatttgt gtcaagctga     55740
     caaatatcta gccagcacag cctccttaac ataagcagtc tctgctggaa ttaagcaccc     55800
     caccccatgt ctcctgggtc acctcttcca cctcaactcc gcttatctgt tcaaaagact     55860
     ccacctaggt gagggcccag gcctggtctc aggctgagac ccaacttctt tccaggaata     55920
     atggtcaact ccaaaattcc cattaatctc tcctcttccc aatgtgcggt gtgtgcgcac     55980
     tcgcacgtgt acgtggcatg tgtatatgcc agcaaaggcc cgattaggat attagatcct     56040
     gtaacttttt actatcaagt tgggtacgac ttgagaccta cctgggaaga gggaacctca     56100
     atagaaaatt tgcctccgtc agattggcat gtaggcaagt ctgtgggggc attctcttga     56160
     ctaattctct tgattgatgt gagagggtcc aacccactgt ggcctttgcc attcctaggc     56220
     aggtgggtct ggtatatatg ttaaagctaa ctgagcaagc caggaagtac tgtctctcca     56280
     cagtttctgc tgcaagctcc cgcccggctt ccctccttga tggccttgaa ctgctattcg     56340
     gaaggaaacc ctttccggct gaagttgcct ttgtttatcg cagcaacaaa aagcaaatta     56400
     ggacacatca gctgtcaggg tgtgtgttgg agaaccaaac tccaatcctt tgcaaaagcc     56460
     acagagagct cttcactgct cagccacctc tccagcccca gcagctcatc ctgatctaca     56520
     tctgatttac agacccattc atttctctta ggtgccacaa gggcttttcc ctctcttttc     56580
     ttcaatttcc acttcccccc atttccttat ttactttata tccccattgc agccagcctc     56640
     tggtgtgtct gtctgttctc agccgtcccc catggactga cattatacag gtcagacagc     56700
     ctcttccttg gaatttgttt gccctggttt tttgggtttt gttttgtttt gttttgtttg     56760
     ttttgtttgt tttttgtttt ttgttttttt gttttttttg tttttgtttt ttgttttttg     56820
     agacagggtt tctctgtgta gccctggctg tcctggaact cactttgtag accaggctgg     56880
     cctcgaactc agagatccgc ctgcctctgc ctcctgagtg ctgggattaa atacaaacca     56940
     gctgtctctc tttgggcttt ttgatggctc ctcacaggta aggtcaggtg acctctgacc     57000
     acccagctgg ctttggggat caagaattcg gcactgactg cttccaggat caagctgaat     57060
     aagtgccact gatttggctg gagtgtcatc agagtgtctt agacacaccc acttccagtg     57120
     aacgaaaagt attccgaagt caggtaaaaa tcatgcttac ctctcaagtc tcgaggctgg     57180
     agagatggtg cagcagttgg agcgctggct gcttgtctag atttggctcc cagcacagaa     57240
     atacttacaa ctccagttcc gggggggggg gtccaagacc ctcgtcccaa cttcacgctt     57300
     cgttagggaa ccaagcacac acgtggttta tgtatgcagt gcacatgtga ataaaacgct     57360
     cttatacaca agagacctgg gccccttctg ctgtggggcc acaaagctct aagcggctca     57420
     ctaggaagtg cgcgcatgta cacaccgccg gtatgtgtcg tccaccgcct catttattga     57480
     caggcaacat tgctatcttg gtgccatctg tgatggccat ccctgggagg tcagcctcac     57540
     ttctgacagg tacgatggct aggcagggtt agggggatca ctgtgtctct cggtaactgg     57600
     gactgtgcca gatgcccatc tgggcacacc aaaattgtgt ccgtatcaaa gagagggaag     57660
     gcggcctggg gcctgccctg ggcacagtgt ccagtgctag aggatggacc aatgcgtcat     57720
     ccatgactgt ctgggggccg tgggggctcc cgcagaagtc tgggctgggg tctgcatacc     57780
     ctgtcttttg ctttccgtgg ggccttgcct gtgctaaagg cttggcgccc atcactggtt     57840
     accgagaccc gacgatgtgg ctggccgctg ctaagcaggg ctctcacgag cctctccttc     57900
     acaagtcgca agcctgtcac ttctttccag tgttttggga gtccaaaaag gattctgagt     57960
     ggccggtgta ctttgacacc tcatggatgg ccaaggtgga gaagccaacc tgagaaggaa     58020
     gcgtggcatc gggcaagctg aaggtggaat agttctcact gtcctttttt gttatcaggg     58080
     tctgggggtg aaggaagttc tccgggggac tcttgctttg gaataaagcc ttgcttttct     58140
     cctgatttcg gagggtgagt ttcctcatgg ggtgcacagg ccactgggtg actctgttgg     58200
     gcaccgtgac tgtctttttg gaggacagag gcttttctaa ggtttcacag atgtttgggt     58260
     catccagata ccaccagtgc tgcagcgggt acacgaggat cggcagcagt gccaggacac     58320
     tgaggaaggt gacccagccc aggggtatct ttttgtaagg ctgcttcact tcatggctct     58380
     ggggacaggg atagtgggcc acaggggagg catggggggc tcagtctggg tgctctgagt     58440
     gcagggttcc cccaagtccc tggggtaggg taggagatgt aggatggggg cctgtgtcta     58500
     tgtgcttggg atttggggtc tccaggtctc tgagggtagg agatacaggg cggggtgctg     58560
     ggcccccagg tccccacagg caggggccgc accatgctat cattccagga gacatagtag     58620
     ggggatccac tgtagtagag attcaggaag tagatggtga gcaggaccaa cagtgtgggc     58680
     aacgtcacgt agctccacag gaaggtgaag ggtgaccaca ccaggctgcc cagctggccg     58740
     aacacctcag ccctgaacct gggggaagga ggtaactgtc aggacatctg taacctggac     58800
     ccagggagag cttctatctc tggttctctc agatgctctt ttcgcttgat gtggggactg     58860
     ggccctccct ggctccggga cagccatgtt gtcacccccc atgagaagtg aaccacgact     58920
     gtcccttggc cttcagtgta cctgagacta tgtctccctg taggagctga ctgctgtccg     58980
     aggaccggtg ggggggtgcc tgtatccctg gaaggcctag gatggactta agagctacgc     59040
     atccctccca cccctcccga cctccccgag tctggaaatc acctcttgat tccatagagc     59100
     caagccagag acaggttctg gatcaccaca attatgatga gcaccatggg gaccaggagg     59160
     tcatcgaaca ggaataccac gtagctgcca gggcggctgg agaagacgag gctccccaga     59220
     aatcctccca agcagacaag cactaaaggt caaagtggat tggggcacac tggagtttgt     59280
     gagttggggg ggggtccctg tgaatgctgg aatacttggg gtgagcatgg gggaggttac     59340
     agggtatggt tgtttttttt ttctaccttg taccagattg ggatgctttg caaaggtaga     59400
     gatgcttttc tgcagaggaa gcacgatgcc ctccaggaga gttagcatgg tgcccagacc     59460
     catgatagcc agggacatga agaagatgat ggcccagaaa gaggagccgg gaaacagtga     59520
     gatggcttga gagaaggcca catacgacag gccagggccc tccataatct gtagggggga     59580
     gagggggggg agagaagggt tctgaggcag tgcagtatcc ggataggatg ggaatggcgc     59640
     cgtacttgat tagtaatgtc tttcatgggt agaactgtga cacccagcgt tttctgggtt     59700
     gtcggatatg agccacagtg tggctgtgac tcacagatgt ggtggctggg tcgtgactgt     59760
     tagtactgtt gcctgccgtg agcgaggctg ccgggcgggc ccgggcccct gacaaacaca     59820
     ccttttcctt ttgtatcagg atgctgcagg gcagggtttg atggatgacc tgactcttta     59880
     agttgttggg aagctggttg atccaggcta ggtattccag tgggggttta tggatgatgt     59940
     ctccgggagg ccaggcggcc ttggggagga ccccgttggc tatcaggttg atcagattgg     60000
     agacactcct gatggggtca gaagggaaaa gaagacagac agagaatggg ctggctcatc     60060
     agccgtcacc atcgaaggag agtaaggacc aggtatggtg ggacggtcca ggaggcacgc     60120
     tgccgtggtt ctggacgtcc acggttgagg agttccatct tgtgagagca tctttgtgtt     60180
     gtgaggacgc agcagggtcc tgacacagca cagggagctg cagggccagg cagagcaagc     60240
     ttcctagctg ccttttccat cccttggttt gcatttgttt tgttcatttt tgagacaggg     60300
     tttctctgtg tagccctggc tgttctaaaa ctggctctgt agaccaggct gtcctcgaac     60360
     tcagagatct gcctgcctct gcctcccaag tgctgggatt aaagacatgt gccactacca     60420
     cctcgctttt ttttttttaa tttaaaaaaa gattaaaaga aaacaacaac aaaaaaatcg     60480
     actcagcagt tcagagcact cgctgttctt gcaaaggacc tgagttttgt tcccagaaac     60540
     cacgtgacag ctcccagaag tctctagccc ttcagagttc ccttgcctcc tgcatgcagg     60600
     tggaacccat acaagtgcag ataaatacac atagataaaa attttgaaaa tttgttttga     60660
     gacagagtct cagtatacag ccatcactgg cctgggactt actgtgttgc ccaggctgtc     60720
     ccataaaggc ttgcctagcc caagctgtcc tatagaggct tgcctagccc aggctgtccc     60780
     ataaaggctt gcttagccca ggctgttcga taaaggcttg cctgattttt gcctcctaag     60840
     tctgggatta aaggcatttg ccactatgct cagttatttt atttcttttt aaagattata     60900
     atgatgcatt taatttttct ataggtatgg gtgttttgcc tgcatgtata tggtgcatat     60960
     gtctggtgcc caaggaggcc agaaaagagg gttggatccc ttagtaatag aggtgcagag     61020
     gttgtaagcc accatgtgga tgttggaaat caaacccagg tcctctggaa gagcaagtat     61080
     tcgcaactac tgagccaaca gttctcaacc tgtgggtcac aacctctctg gggataaaca     61140
     tgcttttcac atttatgatt tataacacag tatcgaaagg agctgtgagg tagcaacaaa     61200
     gagaacttta tggctggggg tcagcacacc ctgaggagct gcatccaagg gtctaagcat     61260
     caggaaggtt gagaactgat tccctgctgc tttgttttca agataaagag tttctctgtg     61320
     tagccctggc cgccacctca atcactttct cttcttatag agccattaac tgtatcccga     61380
     gagtcccagc ctagtgacct tgtctaactg tcaccggtgc tcagacaccc tcatcgacat     61440
     acaactttgg ggagtaagcg tgtcatgcac gaagccacag aaacgcagca gtcaagtcct     61500
     tggcactagt gcctagtggt ctcagactgt agtcacacgg tcatctcttg gtagacagtg     61560
     gtcagtcact atttgggtca ctgtgaacag agccatgacg cagatgtcta ccagatggtg     61620
     agcagcggca gtggactggg cgtcccagcg tgggtgtgat tggactttga gaaggacttg     61680
     tctacaaagg cattgtttta cacagccgac aacaaagcac acagctcccg gttgctttcc     61740
     attgcttccc gtgcaccgac tctcacagtt ttctgtctta atttctcagt ctacttggtc     61800
     ggtaagtgac cctggcaggt atggcagtgc gatctcattg tgactttcgg tttctcagat     61860
     gcaagctggg ttactgcgat gcatgcttat cacctcggaa ctcgggagga caagagagtg     61920
     ggatcagaga ttcaaggtct tccttggcta cctagggagg tcaaaggcag ccttggccat     61980
     atcaggccct gcctttgaat aaaagctcaa cttctgtgga cagatccctt gccgtacaaa     62040
     cctgagctac ggaactgcac aacagggaga aacagactcc acaaagttgt gtccaggcct     62100
     caacaatcgt gcccagatgt gggcatgcgg tgtgcacaag catcaagcaa caaacaaaca     62160
     aaaacctggg ctagccccag ctttcccagc tttgacatcc taattggaag gaaaactgtg     62220
     gagctgttaa acatctgtga atgtggggcc agagagatgg ctcagcggtt aaaagcactg     62280
     actgctcttc ccaagatcct gagttcaaat cccggcaacc acatggtggc tcacaaccat     62340
     ccgtaatgag atctgacgcc ctcttctggt gggtctaaag acagctatcg tgcacttaca     62400
     tagaacaaat cttttttttt tttttttaat ctatgaatgt tacaacaatt aatgaaaaaa     62460
     aaaaaccagg ctcatgaatt tgaaaagagc aaggtaaagt atatgggaga ggttggaagg     62520
     gggaaaaggg aagggaaatg aaataaaaca tcaaaaaatt aaaattaaga gcattgctgt     62580
     gtgcaacaca aactccagtg ctgcacccac tgtggcagca cacaccttta ttattttatg     62640
     tgtccaggta ttttgtctat gtgtgtatgt atttgtaccc catgtgaaca gtgctctcag     62700
     gggccagaag agtgttggat ctcctgggac cagagttata gatggttcat ttgggtgctt     62760
     acgattgaac tcaggccctc tgcaagagca cccactgttc ttgttttact cttgcttttt     62820
     ttgagacagg gtttctctgt atagccatgg ctgtcctgct ctgtagacca ggctggccta     62880
     gaatttcaca tatccacttc cctctgcctt ccttgccagt gttagaagta aaggcgtgtg     62940
     ccaccactgc ctggctgggg ccagtgttct taaccactga gaaatctctc gagtcctggc     63000
     acacaccttt aattccagca cttgggaggc agagacagta gatctttgag agtttgaggt     63060
     ctatagagtg agttctggac agccagggat acacatagat actctgtttc aaaaagaaga     63120
     ggaggagaag ggaggaagag gaggaagaag aggaggagga ggaggaggaa aggagcaaac     63180
     aaccaaaacc ctagtgccca gctccagcca tgaccaaaga ggtggaacat ctgggaggag     63240
     actcagatac cagccctccc taagacttcc caactcaaac catctatgcc aacaactgct     63300
     tccggaggct cagcaagcag tggccagcaa gctctgtggt gtaaataagc aagatggaaa     63360
     tgttccctaa cttcatttgc aatttctaag actgagataa ggtaaggcgg gtaccatcga     63420
     gaggtttgct tggcaggtca gtggggcccc tcccaccttg gctgcccgat aatatcaccc     63480
     acctcttaat acacatagtg ccgctggttg tggtccagaa gcccatcacg aggaagatga     63540
     cgaatgagct cagcaacgaa gtcgccaggt tgaccatggc cacaaaggag gcccacttga     63600
     tgtaattctc acctctaggc tggtaggtgg agaaagttat gatagtgccc atgccgaggc     63660
     cgagggagta gagaacatgg cctccagcct gacgccatgc gtccagtgat gacaggatgg     63720
     aaagctgtgg aagacagagg catttggagt ggtttcttgg gtgaagggaa gagaaggggt     63780
     gaaggccagg cagagggaca aaagatgcag agagggatga agtgggaggc ctgtgtgtgt     63840
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ggtggggggt gataaggagt ctggagcccc     63900
     ggccttacct ctatggtcac caggcgccag aggctggccc tcacgctgcc gttcaggaag     63960
     agggtgcgga tgaagaagca gaggaggagg acgttggaga acaatatgga gaaaatcatc     64020
     atctggccgg gtggggtcag gagaaacagg gaagaggaag acagagaacg cattagcaag     64080
     ggccgagagg agggggcagg gggcacacaa ggggcaggga gagtggatgc gtgcaggaag     64140
     gcagtgtctg aggaatgcca cccaaggttg acccctggcc tctgggagcc tgtgcatctc     64200
     cacctgcaca caagtctgac gccaagctcc tgaaccacct ggcagtcgca ggcatgctcc     64260
     tgtctctaaa gcctctcctt ttcttccttc cctacaagtc ctcccacgca gcctccggtc     64320
     ctgcgagctc ccttcggcct tgctacccac cctgggtttt gagaccaggt ctcacagtgc     64380
     tggattagac gaggctgact ggccagtgag ctgctggggt ccggcctccc gtctctgttt     64440
     cccagttctt gattccaagc ctccatgttt ttgtttttgt tttttaacct gggtgctgga     64500
     gattaaactc aggaactcct gcttctgttt ctttgttttg ttttgttttt gagacagggt     64560
     ttctctgtgt agccctggct gtcccagaac tcactctgta gaccaggctg gctctcaact     64620
     cagatccacc tgcctctgtc tcctgggttc agggattcat ttaaggcctg cgccacccct     64680
     acccccacct ggttatgctt ctctgtcaag ccatctatgt ccccagccca tgacgactaa     64740
     ccttgtcaac ctgagaggat ttagaattat gcaggagttg gaagcatgcc tctgggggtg     64800
     tctgtgaact gtgttagaag aggattaacc aatctggaaa gaccaacctt aactggccat     64860
     gtctacatcc cttgagcctg gagcttgatg gaatcaaaga gggacaaggg gcggccacct     64920
     cagcagcgac aagcagctaa ctctgcttcc tgctctgtgg tgacctgagc atgtgccagg     64980
     tcccagccat gtgttcctag tgccacaggg cctcgtgctg tcacaccttc ccctccacag     65040
     tggactgtac accctcacac cacgagccca aataaattct ttctccatga agttgtttct     65100
     tgtcgggcca cagtgatagg aagagtaatg aaaagaggcc cctttgcact gggtccactg     65160
     gtcctggtgg agtctggatt tgcaggattt catcaagaat gaagtgtttt ggcctcttag     65220
     gatgtgcaag ggagtccaga tgttcacatg acacagaaac cagaagaggg cacagacatg     65280
     gagatggcca cacacacacc acatatgcta cagatgggat gccagaaagg agaacacttg     65340
     cgcatattaa cgtgcacgtg gtaaagcctg ggaaggctgg gacccagggt ctgtttagga     65400
     gaggtgaaag atggatcaag tttctgcata gtgatggtga ccaggaagct gggtcacaca     65460
     gcttccttga agtgggtatg gcctcttgca tggaacttct gctggggaca ctggtggccc     65520
     cgagccccag gaggaacgtg tccattgggg cacttactag cactgagatc tttatcctgg     65580
     tgaccatggt gacatagagg aagatccacg tggcaaagag gcacagggtc acgttcagga     65640
     ccagcacctc tatcccttct tccatttgat tggaggcttg aaggagagtg tgataccaga     65700
     aatactggtg aggctctgac caaaggcagg tattgcctgc tgaggagggt agggaggtcc     65760
     agacacttac aggccatctc acagggcatc tcccctagct attgcacccc tgtccctctc     65820
     cttaccaacc atgcttaagt tttctaccaa ggggcagttt tgccagggta gagggtaatc     65880
     gaaggactgg ccaaggtaga aaaggctcca ggagaccagg gcactgttat acaggaccac     65940
     caagacacaa gcctgtggag aagaaggtgg gtttgagggc atcatggaga gagagaggac     66000
     actggggact tgggtctctg ccagcccaca cttaccagta tgttggagta gcccacacca     66060
     ctaagccagg ggaccagata tttccaggcc tggatgttgt ccatacgtag ccactgtcca     66120
     atgaccatct ccatgtacat gagggggatg cccaggagca ggagaaggat gaaatacatc     66180
     agcagaaagc ttcctgtgga gagagcagag gcttgctcag gcagctggga acccctcatc     66240
     ccttacattc ttcccgggga gagggaggtg tcttgtcacc ccttccttaa tctcagaaca     66300
     cagtccctgg cctcaccgcc tccgttctgg tggcagaggt acgggaagcg ccacgtgctg     66360
     ccgagtccga tggagaaggc caccaggatt aggatattct ccgtcttctt agcctggaag     66420
     tggtttggga tcttggtaac gcggacctct ctggtcctga agccccggga cacagatgtg     66480
     gggttgtcgc tcttcttgct tgctgtgtgc acttcctcca cgggcttgtt cttgagttct     66540
     agaaagtctt caaaggattg gtccatggtg ctctctgcac tggctcgact cctgatgggg     66600
     ttttgaggtc accaaaaacg gactttaggg acagactgtg gtgtggcacc agcatccaga     66660
     gaggcacaag gggatggagg ggcacaaagt atttgcttta taatgaattg tcctggctgg     66720
     ggatggggga cagataatcc tgtaaaggtg cttgctgcca aatctaatga catgagttca     66780
     attcctagga cccacgttct ggaaggaggg accgaatcct gaaagttgtc ctatgacctc     66840
     cttatgtgtc cagtggcatg tctgtgttaa cacccacgca catagcacag caaatcaaat     66900
     atttaaaaag catacatcat tagatgtttg ggttttatat agctttggag tgtataggtt     66960
     tgtttggaga cagggtctca ctagctcaga caggtttcaa gcaacgtatg tcgctgagga     67020
     tggcttgaaa tgcctcatcc tccttcctcc acctcctgag tcctggaatc acacagtttt     67080
     gctttatagt ttatagttta aaaagaggca gatgctcagg aaaaggccat gtgcttccaa     67140
     acacatgcca tttatgtcac ggaaaataca caaaaggaac cacacatttt acagtggtca     67200
     gcactatctg gggaccgagg aggcgggtca gccactataa gaatgcacac tgctcttgca     67260
     gtcaacccaa gttcagtgcc cagaatccac cttgagtggc tcacgaccat ctgtgactcc     67320
     agccccaggg gacctgacac cctccttcta tcctttgcag acacctgcac ccatgtgcac     67380
     atacttagac atagacacac acacaattta aaataaaagt aaatctcaaa caatgaatgt     67440
     tcatggatat gcacacgtgg agatcaaagc tcaacaccat gtcttcctcc attgttaacc     67500
     atcttactgt ttcagacaac gctagcacaa cctagtgctc atactatggc taaattggct     67560
     aattagtgac ttctgggaaa tacacctgtt tccacttccc caacatgagt ttacagatcc     67620
     tggccctgtg tcatacacca ggcttttatg tgggtgctag gcagaaaact ccagtcttcg     67680
     tgctccgaac acactaagcc ctctctccac cggttttaag gcagcacctt acacattata     67740
     cccttcaaga gccagagtgt cagcaatcct gatttacatg catacgcagc cttagatatg     67800
     gatatgcctg atgttggtcc tgagatcgca gactcaggct tttacctcac taggacacct     67860
     caaggaaagc ctttggtccc attccgcagg caaaaggcag ccagcatctt ctctgggaac     67920
     agagatgtcc agcaaggttt gaacttgtgg cttgagaggg agagtactat ttgctaggtg     67980
     aggtacctcc tggctgagtt ttttaattgg ggggggggcc ctaagtatac gtgcccatgg     68040
     gccacaagag gatacctgat ctcccggagc tgatgatata agctgttggg agtgcctatg     68100
     tctgtggtag gcctcttagc tgctaagctc tctgcctctc cagttgtctg gttgacattt     68160
     gaagttttag tttaaggttc aaggcctgta tggtgttaaa ggataccatg attttagctg     68220
     agtgtgatgg cacacccacc atcccagaac tcccaaggct gacctaggac tagcaagaat     68280
     tcaaggccag gttgggatac acagtaagac tttgtctcaa gagtaaaaaa aaaaaaaagt     68340
     tatatcatgt gaccttttat tttataacac tgggactgaa gaaacttttg tcatagtata     68400
     gtggatatac acaggattga aacctattta ttaatatcta catgtactgt atgaatttct     68460
     cataaattat actatatcat aagtattttc ctatgccata tttatttatt attttgtttc     68520
     atgagacagg gtctctctgt atagctctgg cttactagga acttgctagt agaccaggca     68580
     ggcctcaaac tcccagtgat cctcctgctt ctgcctccca agtgcaggaa tgctcctact     68640
     tattgagaca agatctcact gtgtagctct agcggtcctg gacctacgta gatcaactga     68700
     ctccagaaat cctcctgcct ctgcacctgc agtgttagga ttaaaggagt acggctccac     68760
     gtccagcttc aaagcttggt tgttaacagt tgtacttcac tctccaaagt cactacagaa     68820
     accttctggt acctttggtc ggcttcctaa atcgagacag ccccgccagc agcgtcccga     68880
     cggcgccccc gcgcggccag gaaggaaacg gcggcctcgc cgtggacggg cttccaagtg     68940
     ggcagggcta gcggtcggga ctgactcagt ggtccgtacc cgcctcagcg cgtgaacctc     69000
     ggccccgcgc cgctcgtggg cggagagtcc cacgtcgtcg cggcccccgt ggtccgagaa     69060
     cccgcgcggg aagcggctac ttccctctct gtcccaacga gctggcctgt gacgtcacca     69120
     ggattccctg gagtctgccc tggggctgtt aggtcacctg ttgccaggta gctatacctc     69180
     aatgggctga gtgaggtcac tggttgccag ttagacttca cacgcacaca tgaaggaggg     69240
     aaaaaaaaga tgccaggaaa aatgcccact gtcggggcac atagctatga tcccagcgct     69300
     tgagaggtag agaggtccgt gaattccagg tcctcttgga aacgagactg agagataaat     69360
     aaaaagtaat gatagaagga ggaggaggag aaaagaaagc agaaaagaaa aaggatgaaa     69420
     caaaccaaag ataatcagaa gaggaaagtg taggttccaa tgctattttt gaaactatgt     69480
     gaggaaatgt gagagaaagt agaagtgaaa gaagagacag tctccaaatt tagaatcgta     69540
     gcgctgtcct atatgaaatt ctaaatgaac aattcctaaa accctggaaa aagtagcagt     69600
     gctcgtacct gcgctgccaa agatgagcca aggatctggg ttaagattca gaagacaaat     69660
     atggatttat ccttgagacg agcatggggc cccatgggcc aagagaggaa cttcacccat     69720
     gctgctcaag gtgcccacga accttcagtg tcacttgcac caacctgaga ccgggatcct     69780
     gagcataaag ccagaatcac tgcagggtga gggctgaaga tgtgatcttt aaattaaaaa     69840
     aaaaatgtat atgcatgtgc atgggcatat tggtgcccat gccgcagtaa gaactttgag     69900
     gtcaaaagac aacttgctgg gtcagctctg cttccgccat cttgtttcgg gtcagctctg     69960
     cttccgccat cttgtttcgg gtcagctctg cttccatcat cttgtttcca ggtcaggttt     70020
     gagcaggtgt tgtgcattcc tacctcagag aagccgtgag cacctgcacc ctcttgggcc     70080
     tctcaacatc ctgtcatgga ggagggagga actcacaagg cccgcctcta gctgaggtct     70140
     tctgcacagg caatggttgc tggcagggga gagacatttc ctcagtggtg cagccacccc     70200
     agggtgccca ggtgccctca attaacccct cacccatgct cctagaagaa ttagactctc     70260
     tgggtctcca agaaataaca aggacgtgag agtagcaggt ggcctctctg ggaaaggaag     70320
     aggatccatg gagttcaagg gggacaagag agggaaatga gggtggccac ggccacactg     70380
     cactgcatac atgtgcagag gtgtcatcat gagacccaag gttacagatg actaatgtgt     70440
     gctaataaaa actcttgtca aggggctgga gagatggctc agtggttaag agcactgact     70500
     gctcttccag aggtccttag ttcagttccc agcaaccaaa tggtggctca caaccatcta     70560
     atgggatccc atgccctctc atggtgtgtt tgaacacagc gacagtgtac ttgtcatata     70620
     tataaaataa ataaatgtaa tcttttttta aaaaaatgga tgtaaaatca atcagtctgt     70680
     ggatttgatt atcaattcat aataagtgca gcagcttgtc gggcctggtg gggcaggcct     70740
     gtcattccag ctacttagga gttggggaaa gagggttgca aactaaaatc taacctggac     70800
     aacagagtga gttcgaggct agcctgaata actcacggag agcctgtctg agaaagcaaa     70860
     gacagcttct cccaagaaga actcagatca ccagccttgg tgccaaacac gttcaacata     70920
     gagacagctt gctgacgcaa atctcttctc tctttccatc tctcccttct accgttttca     70980
     gtagtactgg ggatggaatc caaggccttg tgtatgccag acaagccctg taccactgag     71040
     ccatgtctac tctggtggaa ggtaaaccaa ctcccacagg tagttttcca aatacgcagg     71100
     caccatggca tttccacacc tacacacatg cacgcgcaca aacacacaca cacacacaca     71160
     cacacactca ctcatacaca cacacttata atacatatat acatgttcat acacatatac     71220
     acatgcacac actcatacac acatacacat attcacacac atacacatgc acacgctcac     71280
     atgcacatat acatatacat gcacacatct catacatata cacatataca catgctcaca     71340
     tatacacact cacacatata catactcaca cacacacaca atcatgcaca ataaatgtaa     71400
     aaagaaaaaa aaatgaagac aaagctacca gaaaagaatt cacagggtag gaaaatcttg     71460
     tgtggatatt tactgacatt aagtaagtgt ggtttgtttg tatataatat ttccttgtta     71520
     aattttaaga gggtgtagaa gcaaaccaaa agctaaattg atcaagttgg tatctgcttc     71580
     aaaatggtgg agaggcatgt ggaaggcagc ttggtctcgt ggagagacag gccaggtaag     71640
     gagcacatgg tgagccctca ggctcctcct ctagagagtt caaaaacatc agaatgacag     71700
     tgagtgaagc cagaggccat gaggccttgc caggtcctag ccagctcact gaaccaaccc     71760
     agagcccctc atgatggtga ctatcccacc actatgaaca agggggacat gagaagacaa     71820
     agggagggct cggtcatacc cacaagtgct gggaaattgg cgctggacaa gggggatcca     71880
     gagttatcca ggcacctcag acagaacctg accttcctgt tactcagcca cacccactgc     71940
     agcagcctgg aatattccca ggtagtcttg cagctgggtg cccaagggcc agggagcaag     72000
     taagtggctg caggggagaa aacttgagtg tgaggagact cagcaaggcc tgctgcactc     72060
     aaatagcttc tccaaaccct taaggtctgc cttgtaatcc tattaccatg attgcaactc     72120
     caaagctgga actggggtga ggcagaagga aggatggtga agaaatagac tctgacccag     72180
     gtagaaggct ccaccttcat ttggatctag cagggaggag cgacttggtc ccttgagctc     72240
     tctacagagg ccttccacat ctctgtcttc cgaggtccaa gtgtgagctg ggaaccccaa     72300
     gtcccatgac cttgggaacc ccaagtccca tgaccttgtc acatctggag aacatccatt     72360
     ctctggctct ctgaggatgc actcgttgct acccaggatc tctctgggct ctggtcactt     72420
     ggaaagtaat gttagttcag ctctggaacc acctggcctg acttagctgg gcaggctcag     72480
     ccaatcaatc ccaccaggaa accagcgatg tctcttttca agcaatggga acccttggtg     72540
     aatttcagcc acacagctct gttggacctc agcctggttg tgtacagagg cgcacatggt     72600
     ccatagtgtt ggaaagtaaa gttcaaaagt gagctttagt gggcggtaca atgactcggc     72660
     ctatacccga tgacctgagc cttattaatg gggctcacac gttagaagga gagaaaccaa     72720
     tcctgcaagt tgtcctctga cctccacatg cgtgctgtga tgtgtgcatg tgtgcccccc     72780
     ccccacacac acacacactc ataccactac acaaacacaa gatgagtttt aagactctgt     72840
     ggcctgggat gggattacta ttcttagcag caagcacgat tctccctttc ctagttcgtt     72900
     gagggcattt tcgggtcctc tcggctgagg agcatgctct gggcaaggcc tgggggctga     72960
     ctgagcatct ggattggtga ggcgctggga acacggggct agatctgtgg ctctcaaaac     73020
     caaatggcgg cactgtgaag gccaactgcc tgcgacatct acagaaatcg agcctcacgc     73080
     agtctggtgc tgcagtgact gatttattag ccagcagccc cacccttccc cgtcaccgtg     73140
     caggagactc tcagaccagg agcagggctg gcaggacaac ctcggtgcac tgagcgaggg     73200
     tctggggatg cactgtatga caatggaaga tcccagccag gaatgtgctg caaagccagc     73260
     gggccccaca gctctgctgc cctgagcaat ccaggctggt gatcgcttta agctgctgtt     73320
     cagagctgcc tctttggtct gctgtaagag atgcaagatg tctggcctaa tgagggaagt     73380
     tgggggctct gctgacaggc tcattaggac tctgttttgt agtcttgtag aatatccttt     73440
     gaggcctcct ttgtagactg gagctggcca ctgcccagtg gtagcttact ggatggtgta     73500
     gatctgaagg gaatccccag ggtgaggcag tatacaaagt atgcagggat gggcatgagg     73560
     acaaagacag tcagcccagc aatcaggatc ttggaccact ctgggaaaac acgaaccacc     73620
     tctttggact gtgaaagaga cagagaaaca gattaacaca gcaaagttcc cagaagaggt     73680
     gtggtgggga agggggaagg gaagctggtg agttttctat gatcagagcc agtggccagg     73740
     tcccccagct cacaggggac tggaaggagc ttcaagatgt gagaaaggac actcacagtg     73800
     cttgagtccc aggcaaagta gacaaggggc cccttgacaa ggtatacgaa gacggacgtt     73860
     aacaggccta gcaccaccat tggggagatg tagcaccaca gccagccaca gccagagaaa     73920
     atgggccggc ccagcagagc caccatgtct gcaaggaacc tgttgaggga cacagaatgt     73980
     ggcagccagt ccggcctccc cgcctcagag gggaggggag gcaatggcag ctcaggcctg     74040
     ttttatgtca gccctcctgc tctcgccttg attagtctgt cctccagccc cctgctaacc     74100
     aacaccaccc atgggtccca cactcctctc agccatcctg ggatgacatc tgtgatgtgg     74160
     caaagaccca tctgggtgct aggtacccaa cactgagcca cataagccaa gcaaacagaa     74220
     cccagacagc actgggcctc aggaactcag tcttggattc tttcagccat gtggtctcag     74280
     atttttacac acacacactc ccaaagccct ttgactgaga agaccaggtt tctgggtcct     74340
     cctctcctct ccatcgctct gtccagactt ggcttcagaa cggcatcctg ggcactcctg     74400
     cctgtctgac atctccatcc tccccctcag tgcctctctc cacttacctc cactgtgggc     74460
     ttgggacgcc cactgggctg tctgcgcatg ctcttctcct acagaccctg tgctttgaga     74520
     gcagctcaat atgatgggtt catcccagaa ccaaaagtgt ttcctggcac cagggagatg     74580
     gcttcaatat acacaaaaaa gccaggcaca gtggtgtaca cctgccttcc cagcactggg     74640
     gacacagtgg agacacgagg gtctctgagg cttgctagcc agccagtctg gctggagagc     74700
     tccaggttca atgagagacc tcgagtgcac atcacacaaa cacttacaca gccacaattg     74760
     agtctcaaat gtctgctgat aaccattgag ttggctcagc agggaaaggc atttgctgcc     74820
     aagcctgata actttgagtt caatctctgg gaccaacatg atagggggaa agaaccaact     74880
     cccacaagct gtcctcagat ctccgcacat tcactgtgtc acacacatgc ccatacacat     74940
     acgctcagcc acacaaaggg cacgaaagaa tatacggggc tcgagagatt tctcaatgaa     75000
     gaacactggc tgctctggct gagggcccag gtttgattcc cagcacccac atggcagctc     75060
     acaactatcc atgacgccag ttctagggaa gctgatgccc tcttgtggcc tccatgagca     75120
     ccaggcacac gtgtggtgca cagacatgca tgcaggcaaa gcatttatac acaaaaaata     75180
     ataattttta aaatattagg tgaggggctg gagagatggc tcagcggtta agatcactga     75240
     ctgctcttcc agaggtcctc agtaatggga tccgacaccc tcttccggtg tgtctgaaga     75300
     cagctacagt gtacctccat ataaggactc tggggtcctc aacaccttct gccttggacc     75360
     tacaccactg tgtgtcctat catttcttct ctttggagac agaatccatg taggtcagac     75420
     tgtcctagac ctcactgaga tcccccttcc tctgtctccg atgtgcaaga tgaaaggcct     75480
     gccacattat gcccactcta ttaatttttg agctgctgtg acaaaacacc tgacagaaag     75540
     aaatgtaagg gaggcaaggt ttactagggc tcttgatttt gacgggaatg tgatcgtcat     75600
     gatggggaag aaatggctgc agagatggct ccatccatgg cagctggaac atggagtgga     75660
     ctcgggagca gaggaagcct gctagcgtca gggtcgagta tcacctctcc agccagaccc     75720
     agccacctaa aggctgcaca gccttcaaaa acgccttact cgagagacac aaaatatcca     75780
     aaacacaggc ttgtggctga cagttcagat ctgagccaca agagaggagc ctcggactgg     75840
     aggctgaggc cgctccgttc cactccagtt cccagaccag gccattgtgg gagcaccatg     75900
     tctttgtcac actagcggaa gacaccgcca gctcctgttt taaatcatac acagcctccc     75960
     aagtctcctc cttggttgtg cttgattttc ctccacaaag ccaccagagg tgccttcttt     76020
     aaaaaaaaaa tttttttttt tgatggcaca tgcctttaat cctagcactg aggcagaggc     76080
     aggttgatcc ccatgtgagg ccagcctggt ctacatagca agttccagga cagccaggga     76140
     tatattgtga gatcctgtcg aagaagaaga agaagaagga ggaggaggag gaggaggagg     76200
     aggaggagga ggaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag     76260
     aagaagaaga agaagaaaga aggaggagga ggaggaggaa gaagaagaag aaagaaggag     76320
     aaaatttaaa tctgacagtg gtactcctta ttacaaacca cccagtggat tttttggtac     76380
     acgctacaca caaagctagg tcatatcatg gtttacaagg ccccaccttc tgtcctcaaa     76440
     actcctaatc ctattccagc ttctcaggat tccttgttcc gcgacagctt ccagcaggat     76500
     gtttcctcgg ggtctccggt gcaggcaagc ttacagatct gctcacacac acacacacac     76560
     acacacacac acacaggcac acaggcacac acacacacac acacaggcac acacacacac     76620
     aggcacacac acacacacac acacaggcac acacacacac acacacacgc acacacacgc     76680
     acacacacac acacacacac aggcacagca ctgacacatg aagcatggct cctccctgaa     76740
     ggagtcggac cacacacacc tacactgaac caacggagcc tttgatctct tcgtgccttg     76800
     tgctggatgc acctgtgcac tgatgtggaa gctggagctg ggtgccaggc ggcttcctga     76860
     ctttcctgag acgaggtctc tcactgaact ccgagctgta ctccctggct atcagggccc     76920
     tgggatcctc ttgtttgcac cttccatcgc ctcgggtgta cacagaagca gaaacaccca     76980
     ctcataagct cacacgcatg catgcatgtg tcaggcagat gaaggggcta aggggagatc     77040
     ataggccagg actggtgttg aggcagtcgg ggagcagggg agtatcctcg gctgtctcct     77100
     gcagaagggg aaggcgtcct ggttgcagaa acagtgtcgt catggccatc tatgtgcatt     77160
     ccgaggggag agctcagacc tgcatgcttc tacagcaagg accttagcag ctgagcctct     77220
     gcctctcctc acttgtcatt tatggtttcc gtgtctgtcg gtgttaatgc tatctgtcta     77280
     taccactagc atgtgggctc ctgtacacag ggtgctacct ttggtttacg cagtgtcccc     77340
     ggtcactagc aggtcataaa gtgtatgaga caccccaaag tccaacaaat aaacatttct     77400
     cagagcccgt gtagttaagg gccctcactg ccattctagt ttgcgattag aaacaacagg     77460
     aaaaccatca accctcccca cagatccatg ctctagggac ctggcctggc ccttcacctg     77520
     tcggccccgt aggcccaggc gacagcaagg ttttcgcata tgatgatgat gatgacgggc     77580
     actgctaccc agcattcact cagcagtgaa aagtagtaga tgcctgaagg ttggatgaag     77640
     atgaggccgc acaggaacat cgccatggaa acgcacactg gaggaagcat cgggtctgtg     77700
     tcaggatcct agaggtctgg caggtgatgg ggctaagggg agatcacagg tcagggctgg     77760
     tggcaatgct gtgggggagc tgggccggag gtggaaatac ctatgagcaa cctcggctgt     77820
     ctcctgcaga aggggaaggt gtcctggagt gtcaaaacgt tgcccagcat gaacatgaga     77880
     ttggaacaca accccagagt cagcagcaac aggaagaaga ggacaatcca gaagccagac     77940
     ccaggtaaca gtgagatgac ctcagtgaag atcaggaaca ggaagcgagg gttgtcctta     78000
     atctgcgtgc acacaagagt aaagcgctct ctctactgtc ctagaaaccc cctgaagccc     78060
     ctgcagtcca agaggagagc agacctggca ggaccccctg caggccacag aaggtgttct     78120
     gtgagtggca cttcctgagt gaccagggct atgcatcaca tttctttctg gaatgaagga     78180
     aagctgagct ctctgtgggt gcagagcaag ctctccagta tcgcctttgc cctgggccat     78240
     cccccactca ccttcagaaa ctgcttctgg acgctgcatt caggcaccac gctgagaacg     78300
     gcgctcctca agggtggggg aaggctgctg agccaggaat tgtagttgga ggtcgggttg     78360
     ccgctcaggt ccgggggctg tgcgtcaggc ggcaggatcc cctgggctac cagccttaga     78420
     agcgtctctt ggttcctgag gatgaggcga ggcagaatgg tcaggtttgg gcactggcct     78480
     tcccttgttc atcttatcca tgagagccat ctggagccca gcattagtga cctgggcaaa     78540
     gggaagcccg cagtggaccc tcaagcacgc ccattctcag taccgtcaag aatgtgtgcc     78600
     gatggggacc tggggtaggg actctctacg ggcttcctgg ggactctggg gtcttggttt     78660
     tcatgagggg aaagctgacc tttgaagccc cacactacag agagctggaa cagcttccca     78720
     ggactttgag gtgtgtgaca ctcccaagtt gtgccatgtg aaaagaactg ttaacctcag     78780
     tcctgagcag agccttgctg agagctttgc aagccttgtg agctcaacga tagactgaca     78840
     atatcctaca atgtaaaaca ggactctgtt ttgaggacaa gccacgtaca catttggact     78900
     aatattctcg ttgtgaataa gttaaaccga aagatatttt taatcttctt atgaaaataa     78960
     aacggttggg ctggagagat ggttcagcag tttaagagca ctgaccgctc tttcagaggt     79020
     cctgagttca attcccagca accacatggt gcctcacaac catctgtaat gggatccaat     79080
     gaccgcttct ggtgtgtcta aagacagcag cagcaaacaa caacaacaac aacaacaaca     79140
     acaaaagaca gcaacagggg ctggagagat ggctcagtag gtaagaacac tgactgctcc     79200
     tttgaaggtc ctgagttcaa atcccagcaa ccacatggtg gatcacaacc atctgaaatg     79260
     agatctgatg cccttttatg gggtatctgg agacagctac agtgtactta catacaataa     79320
     ataaataaat ctttaaaaaa aaaagacagc aacggtatac tcatatgcat aaaataaata     79380
     aataattctt ttaaaaaatg tttaaaaaag aataaaactg ttaacaaggg gctggagcaa     79440
     ttgttccgca gccaacacaa acatgtgctg ctcttccaga ggccacaagt ttgactccca     79500
     gcacccatgt gagcaggctc acaactgcct gtggctcccg ctcctgggca tcagaagcca     79560
     ttttctggct tctccatcca cttacacgta aataaatgaa tgtgaaaaca ttagttaatt     79620
     aagaaatata ataaatggtg gtttagaagc caaaatcact ctccttttgt tttttgggtt     79680
     tttttttgtt ttgttttgtt ttttggttcg ggggtttttg ttttgttttt tgttttttaa     79740
     gatagggtgt ctcttcctgg ttgtcctaga gctcactatg tagaccagac tggcctcaaa     79800
     ctcacagaga cctgtctctg cctctctgcc cctctgcccc tctgcccctc tgctcctgtc     79860
     cctacccctg cccctgcccc tagccctgtc tctgctggga ttaaaagggt gttgccatgc     79920
     ctggcaggga ttcccatctt aaattcagca gtgaagtgag aagtcccctt cagcagcaca     79980
     gtgaagcaga agcttgctgc cagttcttct gagaagcagg gaatgggcac gcgggtgctt     80040
     aacaaacgaa caaaacaaga ggaaatttga agtttttaat gggctgtata cacaaggtag     80100
     cctcagctat aacttgaagc ccaagttttg actctgataa tccccaagac caagacttta     80160
     gttccaaaaa gtctcttccc aaatctcctg tccagaagaa ctcacctcaa tcctgttaaa     80220
     gatcttcata gctaagctaa gtctactgct ataggcctat catctcgggt cttgaggagt     80280
     ccgagtcaga aagatcacaa cttcaaggcc aaggaaactt ggtgagacgc aactattctt     80340
     aaggcttagg aaacagtagg gtgggaagat tttgagagcc tagcagacca ggatgacttc     80400
     tgtgtgacag tgtcttcttg acaggataga gatgttactc ccatgaattc tcaactatat     80460
     ggctgcctgc acaagactta caaagactgc accagtagat atgtcagcag gaatggaggg     80520
     aaggtcacag gcacacccct agatgaagag ctacaggtag ccaatggctg tagaaccagt     80580
     gtctgatgtt tgtcttgagg gacatagaga gagaagcagg ggagagagta aaatgatgca     80640
     aacacagttt actcacaaag ggtattctca acttaacata agtaaagaag cccggggtgg     80700
     gggtggggtg cacacattta atccccattc aggaggcaga agcaggtgga tttcagagtt     80760
     caaggccatc ctggatgaca gagcaggttc caggtagcca gggcaacaca gaaaaacctt     80820
     gactggaaga gagagagaga tggggggaag agagagagaa gaaaggaggg aggggggaaa     80880
     ggagggaaga agggggaggg agagggaaag agagagagag gtggtggtga taggctcctt     80940
     taatttcagc acttagcagg cagaggcagg tggaactcta tgagtctgag cacagcctgg     81000
     tctacatagt gagttcctgc ctacacagta aatcccagga caaccagggc tacatggcga     81060
     gactctatct tagaaaaacc aaccaaccaa caaatcaatc aatatttcaa aagaggacta     81120
     gagacatggc tcagtagtta agatcactgg gtgctcttcc agaagaccca acttcaggtc     81180
     ccaggaccca cctggcagct ctcaactccc tatgcttcag ttccagactc tgacaccctc     81240
     tctggcccct aggggcacca ggcatgcaga gttctacatg caggcaaaac actcatgcgc     81300
     atacaataaa ataaaagcag cttaaacact aaaaatcaat atagtcttaa agttaaaggg     81360
     gccagaatgc acctcagtgt aaataaagta cttgcatttc acacacaagg ccctgggcta     81420
     gctccaacca ctgcagtgtg ggtggccaga ggcagaggca ggagattttt tgaaagttta     81480
     aggcaagcca ggtctacata gcaagtctta ggccaagtag aaccacttga ttcaaaaaac     81540
     gacatttatt tttattattt ttaaatcacg tgtgagggac atgagtgtat atgagtgcag     81600
     gtgtccagag actccagagc gtgtcagacc tcctagagct ggagtgatag gtacctgtga     81660
     gaggccagat gcaagggttg ggagcccacc ttgggtcttc tgcacaagca gcagcacccg     81720
     tgctctcagc tgctgggtaa cctctctagc actccccgcc cccccccagc accccccccc     81780
     atggaagaga atattaaaaa caagagcaaa gttcaatgaa acaaccaatt aacaaggtta     81840
     gccaacaaag gagaaaacta gtccaaaggt gatggaaaga taaagaccac agcggctgga     81900
     gagatggttc caggggttct gttgccctct cctggcctcc aaaggtatca ggaacagaag     81960
     tggcacatag acatccatgc aggcaaaacc atacacatta aaaaccaact gtggctaaag     82020
     tggaccagag ggcagaaagc ccagtacaaa cattgcaatg agaagatgca gagtggctgg     82080
     agagatggcc tacaggtggg agcacctgct ctgtaggcag gaggacctca agtcccaacc     82140
     cccagcaccc aggaatactg cttagccaca caggcctgta atcccagccc cagggggcag     82200
     acagctaggt ccctagaact tgctagacag ccagtctcac caaaatggag agcttctagt     82260
     ttgaagagag agcctgtccc agggcaataa tgtagagtga tgtggagcca gttggcactc     82320
     tcttctggcc tctgctggca tgcacactct caggaagaaa gaacatcttc tgggggggat     82380
     agttcttcat gtgggcgctg tttaccatca cagagcttta cactgaacat ttggctttat     82440
     gtgtctttta tatgtatgta atatctcata aagggggggg ggtaaacaca cacacacaca     82500
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacgcacgca cgccctgcag tggtggcaca catctttgac     82560
     cccagcactc gggaggtaga ggcaggcaga tctctgagtt caaggccagc ctggtctaca     82620
     aaacgatttc caggacagcc agggctacat agagagatcc tgtctgcatc actagccagc     82680
     tcagtgggta aaggacttgc cacacaagcc ttgcgatgtt ccctggagcc ctgaaggtga     82740
     caggggagaa ctgacaccac aaagttgtcc tctgtgctcc atcctcagcc atgacatccc     82800
     ggcccccaca ccaagcacac actacaacga taatcaaaga gctaaaccca taacacaaat     82860
     attctattgt atgcttctca gacttgcaaa atgaagaggt ccagccacgg cttgtaaagt     82920
     gctgtgcaaa acaaagaggt ggaaacctta tacttcctgc tgggagggta attttgatca     82980
     aacccctgga gcactcgaac actgagcaga ccctgcccag caacaccttc taaggcttag     83040
     tctgccctgc cctgggtggc tatcgctgat gtgtttgtgt gactagatcc ccagtgactg     83100
     cactaaacat tcctgacact gctgcgtatg atggcacaca cctgaacacc tagcagatgg     83160
     caggcttaga cgggaagaca gatgggagcc aagctagctg gggctacaaa gagaagagtg     83220
     ccctgaggca aatcaaaact tatattccct aaacagctca aagttaaatt tagtcacagc     83280
     agggatgccg tttggggctg cgctgtcctg ggtgatttca gtctacagga aggcatggta     83340
     ggaacaccta agtgcaacag tatatcacac agaaagtggg gcagctgcag actgcagtat     83400
     ctgacaggcc tctggaacca gtctctggtg tatgagggac aacagcatct gccatgcaga     83460
     actgggtgca tatatgcact cagattatca tgtggctaac ttctataagc ctgaactgaa     83520
     atcatccctt gtgaactgag ggagaggcat agaactcagg ggcctaacca aactcaggag     83580
     gcaccagaag ctcagaaagt tacaagacac acaaggcccc ttccccatcc acacagctac     83640
     acgtgctgtg gcgagaggct tcctacaact gccagcaagt ggttcaagga gttcctggag     83700
     gcagcttcca taacctgtca cccgtgtgtg gtgggcacac agtcacagtg ctgcctttaa     83760
     gtcagccatt ttctcaggta atctctcacc ctgctcctgt gagtaaccct gctaagtcac     83820
     tggttcacca gctggcctga agtgacaccc tctttggcct gttgtcactt ccctgtcacc     83880
     caggaagagt cacacaacac cagcttctag gagaaaatga cagtcatttg tggagactgc     83940
     gattcctatg gagaaagcca actcatgctc gcctccctgg ctctctcagc tcacactcag     84000
     ttatcagacg cttgtgaaaa gctggcttaa ggcccagttc ttcattcctt ctccccttga     84060
     gaccgggggg aaaaaaaaaa gcagtgaaat cgagaaacag tgaggatcca gtccacgctt     84120
     ctgtggtggg gtgagggcac tttacaagca gcaacaaact gtcatgaccg cagaaaagca     84180
     ggagcaaacc ctggtgctct ctcacacagg aggatgttta tagataatca tagtatactg     84240
     gatatttaaa aataacaagg aggccagaga catgcatcag ccactaagag cagttgccgt     84300
     tcttctagag gacccaaatt tagctcccag cacacacata gtagcatcaa accattggtg     84360
     actccttcca ggggatctga caccctctct tgacctctgc aagcaccagg cacaaacatg     84420
     gtgtacatac atctatgcag gcaaagcacc cataaatctt tagaaagcaa aagtaactat     84480
     aagagctgag aatgatggcg cacagctata agccaagctt tgaggagtca ggaggtaagg     84540
     atcagaagtt caaggacata gggcattcca agcctgcata gtgagaccct gtctcaaaag     84600
     gcagagccac tttagggaac tttgatttca ccacaaagaa ataatgatgt ctgaggtgaa     84660
     ggtgtgatca gtgacttaac cagcatgtaa agtacacatt tatcactgtg tatcccgaga     84720
     gcacatggga ttagaaggtg tcaataaggc caaaacaaga tgcagagctg atgagcagcc     84780
     ccatctagga gacagactcc tcaggtctct ggccctttag agtctaggtt tgccagaggg     84840
     gcagagactg ctgtgttttg gaacacacag ctaagggact ggacaagaaa cggacctccc     84900
     cgctggctct atgtgtgctg gcctcggatt ctgttctctg tgccggggtg acctttgcct     84960
     ccctaccact cttggcctcg gttagcacgt cagttctgag gtgcggcctg acgacctctg     85020
     gagctttcta atgttaggaa ggggctctgc tctcagataa gaaggaacag ggcttgtagc     85080
     ctccctgcgg gtaaggtgtg tgaatgggtt gtgacctgcc agggactggc cttacttctt     85140
     acagcagtga tgtgtagttg tagtggccca gaagcccagg atggagagga ggaagggtgt     85200
     ggtcatcagt aaggtgatta tcttgaacag agccattaag aaggcatcgg ccatacagtt     85260
     gttgaagtcg ggtacgtgtg aggctaagga gacaatgggg ccaaagccca ggccgatatc     85320
     aaacaagacc tggatacctg catggcacca aatagttaag tcagagatgc tcgccaccta     85380
     aaaaggagaa gacaggtaca atagggacat caggacctgg gagagaacaa ctatgagagg     85440
     gaagggaaag gaggaggtac gggagacaac agcaggcagc cgtgctggtc ccagagctca     85500
     gggaacccag gaagaacctc accttgagga tcagcaggtg cttaagcccg tattctgcgc     85560
     cgtccatcga cagagtccgg atgaggaagc agacgatgat ggaataggga accagtagca     85620
     agacaaacag gacctacaag gggagggcag cacatcagct gcttgtcaag cgactcagct     85680
     ttgtagagct aagggggctg gacgaggact cggaaaaaaa gcttttgggg ataactggcc     85740
     aggaaggaga aaacaaggtc gtagcacttg agaatgccaa gggccaagtg cagctcacct     85800
     tcccaatgga cttgatccca ttgaccaaga aagcacaaat gagacagaag gacagaaaga     85860
     gagacatgcc caggctgaag gacggttgcc ctccatcctc aattctgtct gaggctttca     85920
     aggtcttccg gtaccaaaag tacgtgtagg atgttgcctg ttcacattca ggatctgggg     85980
     gaacatggct ttggacaggc ctgctagata aggcaagccc caaccccctg cctccctcct     86040
     ctcctgtctt tctcttcgtg cccctccctc ctctctcctc ctcttcccaa gtcccttcat     86100
     tctcccacgt ctccttcctc accaaagtta ctggaattcc tttgtaaggg acactggtcc     86160
     catgggacaa caaagtagaa tatgtggctc atgtagaaga ggatccaaga attgaacacg     86220
     ttcaggtagg tgttggtgat gaagcacacc tgcaggccag tggagacatg actggggagg     86280
     aagaccaggg acagggagag agaagggact gacaaagttt ggaggggctg aaggagcatg     86340
     gtccacacca gggcagccgt gggattttct ccagagggga gggagaggag cactgtgggg     86400
     caggcaggtt tgtgaagcct ggggctcctc accataacca tgctgtaccc cactccacca     86460
     aaccaggggc tcaggttctt ccacatgtcc gcactgctct gctgtgccct ctgaccaact     86520
     gccatctcca ggaagagaag tggaatccca atgcccaaca gcatcaagat gtacgctata     86580
     aagaagctgc ctgtggagag aaggcagaag ggttccgaga gcctcggctc atgtctgtcc     86640
     ttctttatgc aactaggaag actgctcacc agcagcaccc tcactcaggc cacaaggtta     86700
     aggcttgact gccccgcatc cgtcactggc caaccttctt acttctagga gtctcagacg     86760
     cctggtcatt gcccttcccc accaacatcc tgcctggcca acccaccgag ttatgctcaa     86820
     aaccctgacc tccactttcc cagaccctgg gtgctcggac tcctgctttc tatcctgctc     86880
     tcacatctca gagacgtcag caacggaaac gaggacaggc ttcactcctg ttgtcccttt     86940
     tgggttcacg tgccctggtt cccagactta cagcttcctt tgtgaaccca gcctgaggca     87000
     aagcgcagga ctccagatgg catcagcaag tagctcatga tggctagcat gtactcaacc     87060
     ttgctggccc agagctgccg gggagggtag ccttcactgc tctccctgct catcctgttc     87120
     accaactctg aggattcctg ttccagggtt gttactgttg ctaattctgt gacactgggc     87180
     ttgggttgta aggtaattct tgccaaagcg agggtctccc aggcctgagc ctttgccatc     87240
     cgagtctctg aaacttgagc ctgtgcaatc caggttgatg gagaccaggt cagcatgccg     87300
     acttcccatg ccccaaggtg tgaatccata tcagtgagct ttgagtccca ggatacactt     87360
     tcttccatat tggactctga agcctgaggc acatccgatg gagaagctct tgacttggaa     87420
     ggttcattct caccttcctt agtggacctt aaaatcaaaa gtcatgattt taggtgaaat     87480
     ctaataagga aactattctc aggcttactt aaggattcac tgagtttcaa actatcttga     87540
     aggaggctac catgtctaca cacttcactt actgacattc gaaacacata caaccataaa     87600
     catcgcatac ataccgtgca tgtaagtacc atactgacac cacacatgga tatgtgctat     87660
     gcataccaca caaagatatc atgtaccaca cacacaggta ccacattcac atatattgca     87720
     cataggcacc acatgtatca cacacacaca cacatcacat acactaaccc aggcatgata     87780
     tgcatcatca ccttcacatg cactacaaat acataccatc acatattaca catacacaca     87840
     tgtaccacat accacaccca cacacactca caaatatcat acacacaagc gccacagaca     87900
     ctcctaccac acacacacac agcacctacc ttcactatac acatgaatga cttagcacac     87960
     ccacgcatac acatgcatca catgcacaca tatgcatcct acccatccac cacacactgg     88020
     ccacacacag ggaattcata ccatccacat atttcttcca tgatgttttt acttcttcag     88080
     gatgtattag cacaagggac aggggtctgg gtagctaaag ttaatgggca ggaaggtggg     88140
     aaccacacta agaatttttg gggacagaga aagacaccct ccagagcttg gacttccact     88200
     agcaatctca gttgtcaagc tgctaaggca ggaggactgc tataacttgg ggtacagaga     88260
     gagacaggat aaggagcagg gagggagggg gaagaagggc agagatagag agaaagagag     88320
     agaatgtgtg tgtgaggggg aaagaggagt gagagagaga ggagtgtgtg tgtgtgtgag     88380
     agagagaggg agggaagagg agtgtgtgag agagcgaagg gagagaggag tgtgtgtgag     88440
     agagagagaa agagagagtg tgtgtgtgtg agggggaaaa ggagtgtgtg agagagaggg     88500
     agagagagga gtgtggtgtg tgtgagagag aaagacagac agacagacag gacagacaga     88560
     caggacagac agacagacag acagagaata tcacatcagt ctggctcttt ttgcagtggg     88620
     cttttgtgtt tgctggactg gggattgctc actcgggatg ctgctgcctc tgccactcac     88680
     agacaggttt gggaaccctg ctttgcctca ccagctctct gtcagcaccc cacctcaact     88740
     cagaaagggt tcagaggagc ctgacttgct cctgtttcag acagcagctg cctcccaccc     88800
     tctccgtcca cccactctgc tcttcttcac ggccttctgg attcctgact ctgtcatctg     88860
     tgcctcctgc tctacccccc acccaacttc ccagccaaag gatggttcag cacctcatgt     88920
     ctggcgccac tttgggccgt gccggctgtg gtcctgacac tttgactttt gttggctctt     88980
     caaatgttct gcaggacaga gggcaaggag tgtactgaaa aggaaaagga gaaaggtctg     89040
     tgaaagagac aaagacagga gaggatgaca gactgcgaca ggaatgactg agctggaaat     89100
     gctcagctgg taaatggctt gcagcacaag cccaggatga gagagtccag ttctagatgc     89160
     acgtgacagc tggccatggg ggcaggtatg taatcccagc actaggacag ggagacagaa     89220
     gccagccctg cctaagtggc cagctctacg ccaatggaaa ccctgtctca tgtttatgca     89280
     tatgcataaa cacgcacaca caaacacaca cacacacata aaatcatctt cggttgctaa     89340
     tacaagatgg ccaaaagttt gacaaagata gaatgcctag atggcagtac tgcaagacaa     89400
     cccccaagct ggaacactgt gctccgctct cctgagctcc tggggaggat gtgctcctga     89460
     cacaacacac aaagaacaca acaccaaaat ggagagccag aaggtagcta tgagggaaat     89520
     cagaccccaa gttggggatg ttttataaaa cagctggttt atacaactgt ttcaaacgat     89580
     gaggcggggc tgatgggatg agtcagtggg cacaggtgtg tgctgccagg cctgccttca     89640
     attcctgaga aggaaagaac tgactgctgt gaatcgtccc ctcacctcca tattttgcag     89700
     tggcatgtga catatatatg tgtgtgtgta tgtatatata tatgtgtgta tgtgtatata     89760
     catatgtata catacatata tatatgtgtg tgtgtaatta caaattttta aatgtcatag     89820
     caatgaaggc aagaaaagaa ggaaatatta catacccaaa ttacaacttc atctgtgaaa     89880
     ttatgtcaaa ttttatttta tttttttcaa tacactgttt atttgtcaca gccctctgta     89940
     ggatagaccc actctgtagt ggtttatctg tagggtaaag ccaggctggc ctcaaactca     90000
     agagatccac ctgcctctgc ttcccaagtg ctgggattaa atgtgccagc atttcccagc     90060
     ttgaaacaga attttttagt gaaaaaaaaa atcagaacag ctagggctac acagcaaaac     90120
     cctgtctcaa acaaacaaac acccccaaaa caaaacaaaa accccatagt gttgtcaata     90180
     taatgaacct cataacttgg agcaacagac acagccatgg gagctgagga gatagcctag     90240
     tgaaagcatg acaagggctt gagctcagat cccggaactc atggaaaaaa aacaaaaaac     90300
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaccag gcagacagag ctaggcaaaa tggtaggaag acatcatcct     90360
     agaacaggaa ggagagcctg ggagacctgg aggggaagcc gtgggtagat gcctgctggg     90420
     cagctgtcca gttgaatcca cgagttccaa gttcagttga gcaatcctgt ctcaaaaaat     90480
     agagcagagt gggatagaag acacctgaca tcagcctcgg gcctccacat atgtagacat     90540
     gtgatagaag acacctgaca tcagcctcgg gcctccacat atgtagacat gtgatagaag     90600
     acacctgacg tcagcctcgg gcctccacat atgtagacat gtgatagaag acacctgacg     90660
     tcagcctcgg gcctccacat atgtagacat gtgatagaag acacctgaca tcagcctcgg     90720
     gcctccacat atgtagacat gtgatagaag acacctgatg tcagcctcgg gcctccacat     90780
     atgtagacat gtgatagaag acacctgacg tcagcctcgg gcctccacat atgtagacat     90840
     gtgatagaag acacctgacg tcagccttgg gcctccacat atgtagacat gaacacgcaa     90900
     acatgcacac tcacacacag tgatcgacta agtctgtgta tttaaaaaga agcaaagtta     90960
     aactgtgcca tgtcattaag tagtgtccac acacatggac aaagaaaagc ctcggagtgt     91020
     tcatcccaat cagacaccgt tgcctcagga aagggagacg cgctgacgta acctgagagt     91080
     gctctggaat cgtgacaact tcctctctgt agcggtctct cctggttttc ttagagcggg     91140
     ctttccactg tagctcaggc ttgctcagag ctcactgttt ggtgagctgc cctaaaactt     91200
     gtagcaatcc tactgcctca gccgcctgag gcctggggtt acacgcttga gctgccacac     91260
     ttgactagta atgttctatt tcttgagtgg gttagagttg tgctgtttga atgtggattt     91320
     gagagcccaa accttttaag ttcagacttc attttagaga acctgatcta agtttgaact     91380
     caggtagact taacaagctt aggttccaag ttgcccccca acaaaaaccg agcctagctc     91440
     cagtctctag gctaacccct aacaagacca gtgtcttcag gttattccag caaatcttca     91500
     ccccaggtta caccccctgc ctaacgacca ccaatgcagc ggggagcaga aactaagttt     91560
     ataatatgac tcccagcagc agccaatgat gttaaaggcc acgggagctt tccaattaga     91620
     tgcttgcaca cgtattccct gcttgctgct tactataaag ccttgcccca ttaggggctc     91680
     ccctaccacc aagacagtcc tgtgtgaaga agtacttcct cactgcaccc ccccaccccc     91740
     acccccaccc ccattcctgg ccctgagctg tgatttatat cagattggtg ttaacccttc     91800
     cctggagcta cagattgtta gaagtgtgga ccccatgagg agaatctcag agctggaaga     91860
     agctttagga ggtggcagca cagtaactgg tcagggggct ggagagatgc acgtatacta     91920
     aaactggacg atacagagaa gattagcatg gcccctgcaa ggatggcacg caaatccgtg     91980
     aagcactcaa aaaacaaaca aaacaaaaaa cactggctgc tcctctcagg acctgaggtc     92040
     aattcccagg aaccacatgg tggctcacaa ccatctgtag tgggatccaa tgccctcttc     92100
     tggtgtgtct aaagacagct gcagtgtaca taaaataaat aaatgaattt taaaaaaaaa     92160
     agtgattagg tcaaaggctg gaagtataga tgagggcaat aaatcttgcc cagcaagtcc     92220
     aaggcccagg tttgactccc agaaatgcaa caacaaatat atgtctctga aaccattacc     92280
     ttcagaaata ttaatgctgt tgtcacatgg gccaggctga tctctaacta attctgtagc     92340
     caaggataac cttaacctga ctcccctgcc tgcacttccc gtgtgctgtc cttacacatc     92400
     tgcagaaccc gtgagcacat ctgtgagcac atccttacac acctgcacaa ccacacctgc     92460
     gagcgctgtc atgtgagtaa gcttgactac ggagtcttcc tggatttgtt tcactatgtg     92520
     acctcttcct ctccctcctg ctcctcctgc tcccatcttg atgccaccca gaagcctcac     92580
     cagagcagta cagatgttga cgtcacgctg ttagatcctc agtactacgg gctaagtaga     92640
     ccccctttct ttacttagtc cagggctttg tatattttgt tatagtaata gaatatgggt     92700
     taatgtacac agatgggtgg tttataatta ttcatttaaa gctgttctgt tcttacaggc     92760
     acatattcta tttttacaat ttaaaatatt aaagacaaaa tactttttaa atgagataaa     92820
     atagttggta caaatatcca agaaaatggt gtcacaagac tgaaagggaa ctgtgcacag     92880
     tgggtcctgc ctacaatccc aacactccgg aagctgaagg agcagagtgg atgtgagttc     92940
     cggccccggg tgagctccag aatgagaccc tttctcagaa ataaacgtaa ggataagaaa     93000
     cgggccgggg gccggacatg gtggtgcacg cctttaatcc tagcgctggg gaggcagagg     93060
     caggcggatt tctgagttct aggccagcct ggtttacaaa gtgagttcca ggacagccag     93120
     ggctataaag agaaaccctg tctcaaaaag aaaacaaaaa acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa     93180
     acgggcccgg gagagcgtct ccttgctgct ctgcagggga cctaagctca gtgaccagct     93240
     cccacactga ctggcacatc atgcccgtaa ctccagtgcc agaggaccat aaccctcttc     93300
     tggcctccag aaatacacat gcacataaaa acacgctaaa aataacaaga aaacaaaaag     93360
     gactgaaacc ataaaaagca gttgagtcca atattatcaa cacaaaagta aatatcatac     93420
     attctttttt taaagtatct accataggcc tggtattgtg gcttttaatc ccagtactgg     93480
     ggatgaagag gcaggcacat ctctgagttc aagacctgga gtgagagttt tgctttgttt     93540
     aaaagcccag ctatgtcatg tgaatctggt tttgtttcca tcccaggtgt ggctatgggg     93600
     ctgcgtcagt tcgtccacag ccgttagcta ggactgtctc atgctttcgg aggggtgtga     93660
     tttttgccag ctgtggagat tttacatttg gaattctggg gacgctgaag gggggacaga     93720
     tgttagaccc ctatgtaggg ggtggaggtg actctgaaga aggagggaaa aagaggggag     93780
     gaggagaaga ctgcttcctg tactgctgct gtaggtagag gcacaagaat ccaataaaaa     93840
     taattacagg gctggtgagc tggtgagatg gctcagtggg taagagcacc cgactgctct     93900
     tctgaaggtc ccgagttcaa atcccagcaa ccacatggtg gctcataacc atccgtaatg     93960
     agatctgact ccctcttctg gtgtgtctga agacagctac aatgtactta catataataa     94020
     ataaataaat cttaaaaata aaagaaatac tatttaaaat aataataata actacaaata     94080
     cgacaacagt ggccagcctg gtccacagag cagttccaga atagccagga ctgttacgca     94140
     gagaaacttg gtctcaaaaa aaaacaaaaa acaaaaaaaa caataagacc aaacaaacac     94200
     acaaacaaac aaaaaatgag aattccaggt aagccaccca ccctagaacc ttgcttcact     94260
     tcctcagtgt ccccccacct aatccccaat tcttcctcct tcttcatcac catattccag     94320
     tccccaactg gggcagtgac cccctgttca accacaggcc acaccagcca gaagaccaga     94380
     caaaacaata actaaggaac aaaacaccca tgcagcaaaa taaacccagg agtcagcacc     94440
     tagacctata accaccccaa acccagacgc ctggacgcca gcataagaac acaatcaaca     94500
     acagtcaggc catgctacca ccagagctca gatatcctac cacagcaagc cttgaagagt     94560
     ccaccacagc tggagcacga gaaaaaaaaa ttatgaaaag gaaattaata tatcccttaa     94620
     agaaattgag gaaaatcagg tggtatagtg gcgtacacct ttgagcccag cactgggagg     94680
     cagaggcagg cagatctctg agttggaagc tagcctggtc tacagagtga gttccagcac     94740
     aaccagggct atacagagaa atcttgtttt ggaaaaaaaa atcatggaaa agacaaacaa     94800
     aaaaatggag gaagtgaaaa aaagaaagaa agaaaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa     94860
     agaaagaaag ccaagaagaa tcagacaatt gaaggaaaca aaactgttca aggcacgaaa     94920
     atgaaaggga agcaatacag aaaacgcagc aatacagaaa acgcagcgtg agggcgctct     94980
     ggaagtgaga gatctgggga agagaaaagg aacaacagac acaacatcac gatagaatac     95040
     acgggatgga agagagaatc tcgggcattg ccaatgtgat agaagaaatg gatgcatccg     95100
     tccaagaaaa tgttaaatct aaaaaatccc tgacacagaa ctgtagcttc tcttttgact     95160
     ttctttttcc aacctttatc cccctcaatt tcacctccta tcactagata ggagagaaag     95220
     aaggggagag gtctctggat ctaatttctt tcttgttttt ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgg     95280
     ttggttggtt ggtttttttg tttgtttttc ctggtatttc cagacagggt ttctctgtgt     95340
     agccctggct gtcctggaac tcactctgta gaccaggctg gcctcgaact cagaaatctg     95400
     cctgcctctg cctccagagt gctggagtta aaggcatgca ccacactgcc cagctcttct     95460
     ttattgtttc ttgagcacag cttataacaa accacatcca atccctcacc ctggcagtta     95520
     tgtaccctct gaaaagttcc cagaattcca acatcacacg atcacagaat ttatctgcag     95580
     cagatatcat gcttctgcta gagcccaagg caaatcacag tcagctgagg caaagcagcc     95640
     ctgtatcttc acctggaatt aaaatgaaaa tgtaggggct ggtgagatgg ctcaacaggt     95700
     aagagcacct gactgctctt ctgaaggtcc tgagttcaaa tcccggaaac cacatggtgg     95760
     ctcacaacca tccgtaacga gatctgactc cctcttctgg tgtgtctgaa gacagctaca     95820
     gtgtatttac atataataaa aaataaaaat aaaaaaataa aaaaaaatga aaatgtattc     95880
     ttcctgggac taaaccacca atcaaagaaa acacatggat tgactcgtgg ttctagctgc     95940
     atatgtagca gaggatggcc tagtcggtca tcaatgggag gagaggccct tggtcctgtg     96000
     aaggttctat gcctcagtat agacaactac ccctaatgag atctgacgcc ctcttctggt     96060
     gtgtctgaag tcaactacag tgtacttatg tataataata aataaatctt ttttaaaaaa     96120
     aagtgtgccc aaaaaaaaaa aaagaaagaa aagaaaacgt attcttataa catttctgta     96180
     ttttttaaag gaaccaaaat tccagatttc tcactaaaca aaacacccag gaaatctggg     96240
     acaccatgaa aggactgaaa agaaggaaag ggttagggga aaattcaaat cccaattcaa     96300
     aggcccagaa aatatttgca acaaaaccat aggggaaaat tttcctaacg taaggaagca     96360
     atgtctataa aggtacaaga agcatacaga acaccataca gactgtgttg gagtgatgtt     96420
     tttgtacact atgtgaagat gtgtctcttt cgttccttgc ctgccaacag caccttctga     96480
     ctgaccaaaa tgaaaagcct atggcttata gcagaagaca gactagaagg tgggatgcct     96540
     ggcagattga gggactctga gaaagagtta ggcatggaga gctttgttac ccagactcat     96600
     ggaagctgga cttatgaaac tgaggagagc ttactaacca gtcaagtggc tgatgtagaa     96660
     taatataaat gggttaatat aagtgaaaag ctggttgggg agcaagccta agctaaagcc     96720
     ataagcacca taaatacata agtctctgtg tcattattca ggaactgggc agggcttaga     96780
     aaaagcccac atagttacag attatcagaa aagaaagtct acttggcaca taataatcaa     96840
     aacactaaac atacagaaca aagaaagaat attaaaagct tcaaggaaaa aagagcgggt     96900
     aacatataaa ggcagacctg tcagaattac acccgacttc tccatggagg ctgtataagc     96960
     cagaaggacc aggagagatg tccagcagat cacaaatgcc agcccagact actatatcca     97020
     acaaaacttt caatcatcat agatgaagaa aacaagacat tccacgataa agtcaaattt     97080
     aaactatatc tatctacaaa tccagcccta cagaaggttc tagaaggaaa actccaacta     97140
     aaggaggtta actacatcca tgaacacaca gaaaatagcc tcacacctgc aagacaaaaa     97200
     ggaaacacat acacacatta ccaccaccaa caaaaccaac aagaaaacag gaattaacaa     97260
     tcattggtca ttgatatgtc tcaatatcaa tgaattgagt tcccagtaaa aagacacaga     97320
     tcacaaaatg gatgtgaaaa cagaatccat ccttctgctg catacaagaa acacacacac     97380
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac cctcaggatc aaagagacgc cacctcagag     97440
     taaaaggttg ggaaaagatt atccaagcaa atgaacctaa gaaacaagct ggtgtagcca     97500
     ttctagtatc taacaaaaca gacttcagac caaagttaag caaaagaaag aggtaaggac     97560
     gctccatact caaaaggaaa actccatcaa gatggtgttt caaatcttag catctgtgcc     97620
     ccaaatgcaa gggtctccac gtgtgtaaaa gaaacactac tacaagccag gcagtggtgg     97680
     gccacgcctt taatcccagc actcgggagg cagaggcagg cagatttctg agttcgaggc     97740
     cagcctgttc tacaaagtga gttccaggac agccagggct acacagagaa accctctctc     97800
     aaaaaacaaa aacaaaaaca aaacaaaaaa agaaaagaaa cactactaca gcatagttta     97860
     tacattcatc ctcacacaat gatactagaa gacttcaata ccccaatgga caggtcaccc     97920
     acccaaaaac taaactggaa ctaacagaca ttatgaacca aatcacccaa acacaaaaga     97980
     gtgtacattc tccaaaactg accatatact aggtcacaaa gcaagtccca aaagatagaa     98040
     gaaaatggaa aaaaactccc tgcatcctat cagaacatta tggactaaaa ctggacttca     98100
     gcaacaacag aaacaacaca aagcctacaa actaatggaa actgaacaac tctactgaat     98160
     gaaaactggg tgccgggcag tggtggtgca cgcctttaat cccagcactt gggaggcaga     98220
     ggcaggcgga tctctgagtt caaggccagc ctgatctaca gagtgagttc caggacagcc     98280
     agggctacac agagaaaccc tgcctcgaaa aagaaaaaaa aagaaaaaga aaaaaaaaaa     98340
     aagaaaactg ggtcaaagaa agaaagaaag aaattaaaga cttcctagaa ttcaatgaaa     98400
     atgaatatgc agcataccca aacttatggg acatgatgaa agtcgtgcta agaggaaagt     98460
     tcagatcact aagtgcctac attaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagg aggaggggct     98520
     ggagagttgg ctcagcagtt aagagcactg actgctcttt tcttccagag gtcctgaggt     98580
     caattccgaa caaccacatg gcggctcaca actgtctgta ctgggatctg atgccctctt     98640
     ctggagtgac tgaagacaac tacagtgtac ttatataaga taaatctttt ttttttttta     98700
     aagcactttt atactagcaa tttaacagta cccctgaaaa ctctagggaa aaaaaaaaag     98760
     gaagcaccca aatggagtgg atgacaggaa ataatcaaac tcagggctga aatcaataaa     98820
     atagaaacaa agagaataga aacaatcaat gaaaccaaga actggttctt tgagaaaatc     98880
     cacaagatag acaaattctt atccaaacta actaaaaggc aaagagagaa tatccaaatt     98940
     aataaatcag agacaaaaag ggagacaaca gcagacactg agaaaattca gagaactgta     99000
     aggactttaa aaacctgtac accaccaaac tgggtaatca aaaagaaatt ttctgaacag     99060
     ataccactta tcaaagttaa aggaaatcag gtaaactatc taaataatcc catcactctt     99120
     aaggaaatag aagcagtcat taaaagtctc caaactgggg ctggaaagga ggcttagcgg     99180
     gtaagagcgc tgacttctct tccaaaggtc ctgagatcaa atcccagcaa ccacgtggtg     99240
     gctcacaact acctgtaatg agatctgacg ccctcttctg gtgtgtctga ggacagctac     99300
     agtgtacttg gatataataa ataaataaat cctttaaaat aaaaaaagtc tccaaaccaa     99360
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaatccc agggcagatg gttttagtgc     99420
     agaattttac cagactttca aaaaagagct aatgccaatg ctcctcaaac tattccacaa     99480
     aatagaaaca gaagaaacat ttccagattc atttaatgag gccacagtca ccctgataaa     99540
     gaaagagaat tgcagaacaa tttcccttat gaacgtaggt ggaaaaaaaa aatactacat     99600
     aaagtactca caaccaaatc caagaatata tcaaaaatga tcatccacga ggattcaggg     99660
     atgattcaat atgcaaaatc tgtaagtgta atctaccata taaacaacct gaaagaaaag     99720
     agaaacacat ggtcatctca ttagacactg taaaagcctt tgatggacac gagcatcctt     99780
     catgagaaaa ctcttggaga gatcagagat acaaggcata gacgtaaaca caataaaggc     99840
     aatgtacaga agctatagcc aacatcaaat gaaatgggga gaaactcaaa gtaattccac     99900
     taaaatcagg gacgagacaa ggctgcccag tctctcccta tctatttact atagtacttg     99960
     aggttccaac tagagcaata agaccactgg aggagatcaa gtgaatacaa attgaaaagg    100020
     atgaagtcac tgtctttatt tgcagatagg acaatataaa taaacaaccc caaaagttct    100080
     accagaaaac ttcctacagc tgataaacgc ctcatggaag tgggtgtata caagagtaac    100140
     tttaaaaatg tcaatagccc tcctatatac aaataatgaa caggatgaga aaaatcagag    100200
     aaacaacata cttcacaata gccacaaata atataaaata tctagccaag tgtactggct    100260
     agttttgtgt caacttgaca ccgctggagt tatcacagag aaaggagctt cagttgagga    100320
     aatgcctcca tgagatccag ctgtaaggca ttttctcaat tagtgatcaa gggggaaagg    100380
     ccccttgtgg gtggtgccat ctctgggctg gtagtcttgg ttctataaga gagcaggctg    100440
     agcaagccag gggaggcaag ccagtaagtg acatccctcc atggcctctg catcagctcc    100500
     tgcttcctga cctgcttgag ttccagtcct gacttccttg gtgatgaaca gcaatgtgga    100560
     agtgtaagcc gaataaaccc tttcctcccc agcttgcttc ttggtcatga tgttttgtgc    100620
     aggaatagaa accctgacta agacaccaag caaggaaaat acttgtaaaa caaaaatgtg    100680
     gaggatttga aggaagaatt gaagatatca ggagataaat cttccatgct caagggttgg    100740
     taaaattaat gcagtaaaaa ggccatccta ccaaaaacaa tgtacatatt cagtgcaatc    100800
     ccaaacaaaa tccaacacaa tactttacag accttgaaag gacaatactc aaacttcaac    100860
     acaaaaccca ggatagatag aacaatccag aacaacaaaa gaacttccag cagtatcatt    100920
     atccctgatc tcaagttgta ctacatagct atactaataa aaatcacaga gtactgacat    100980
     aaaaacagat agagtgatca atggaattga aacaaagacc caaaaataaa tatacacacc    101040
     tgtggacatg aattttgatt taaaaaaaac agaaatacat aaccaaaaaa aagcatattc    101100
     aacaaatggt gatgatctaa gtggatgtct gcatgtagaa gaatgcaaac agatccatac    101160
     ctatcaccca gcataaaaat caagtccaga tggatcaaag acctcaacat aaactagata    101220
     cactgaccct gaaaaagaga aagtggggaa tagccttgaa tgcagtgaca caggagacaa    101280
     cttcctcaac agaacatcaa tcgtgcaggc tctaagatca attaatctca agaaactagg    101340
     catcaacaaa ccaaataatc cgattaaaac tggggtacag atcacaacag aattctcagt    101400
     agaggaattt caaatagctg agaaacaaat aaatgttcaa catccttagc cattagggaa    101460
     atgcaaataa aacctatctg gagagtccac cttacactaa tcagattggc taagatcaaa    101520
     aatacaagtg accgctctgc tcgtgaccat gtggagcaag gggaacactc ctctatagtt    101580
     ggtgggaggg caaacttgtt ttagccactt tgaaagtcaa tatggtagtt cctcaaacaa    101640
     tttggactca atctacatca agacccaggt atactgctct taggcttgaa cccaaaggtt    101700
     gctccatctt cttacaagga catttgctca actatgttca tagcaatttt attttatttt    101760
     attttatttt ttggtttttc aagatagggt ttctctgtgt agccctgact gtcctggaac    101820
     tcactctgta gaccaggctg gcctcgaact cagaaatctg cctgcttctg tctcccaagt    101880
     gctgggatta aaggagtgcg ccaccactgc ctggcagcaa ttttattaaa aatagccaga    101940
     aactgaaaac aacctagatg tctctcaacc aaagaataga taaataaaat gtagtacatt    102000
     tacacagtgg agtactactc accagtttta aaaaatgata tcatgaaact tgcaagcaaa    102060
     tggatggaac tagaaaaaaa aaatcaccct gagtgaggta acccagacat agaaaggcaa    102120
     acatggtgtg tagtcttaag tggacagtag ctgttaagtg aaggataatc aggctacagt    102180
     ccacaaatcc agaaaggcta agtagcaagg agggttcaat ggggaatgca tggatctccc    102240
     taggaagggg aaatagaata gattctgctg atagggtggg tggggatgga aataggaggg    102300
     atgaggtagg gaaaagagat ggaaagagag agaacaaggc atttgaggtg gggggcatag    102360
     tagaaacaat gcagttgaaa ctctcaggtg gactggtgag atggctcagc ggttgagagc    102420
     actggctgct cttccagagg tcctgagttc aagtcccagt ggccacatgg tggctcacaa    102480
     ccatccgtta cgaaatctga tgccctcctc tggagtaact gaggacagct acagtgtact    102540
     cacatataat aaataatata taataataaa tataataaat aatatataat aagtacatat    102600
     cacatataat aaataaataa atattttaaa agaaaaaaga aactctcagg aacctatgag    102660
     aatggcccta ttgaagactc ctagcaatgg aggacataaa acctgagctg tccatcttct    102720
     ataaccaggc aaggcttcct ctcatggtgg aactgggaca ccaatccaga caaaactttt    102780
     gacctacaac ctgtcctgcc tgcaagatgt gctagggcaa tggtggtaca gaccttgtag    102840
     aagtagtcaa ccaatgactg gtctaatatg aggcttcaac tggaagccca ggcctgaccc    102900
     ggcctcgatg accaggaact agaggctgga tagaccaaag acttagcatg aaactcaact    102960
     ggccaaaaga caaaaccaaa ccaaaccaaa ccaaaacgac aacaacaaca acaagatacc    103020
     tagtgatgtt ctgctatact catagatcaa tgcctagctc agttgtcatc agaaaggatt    103080
     tctccagcag ctgatgggaa tggatacaga gacccacagc tgaacattta gcgcagagag    103140
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagcccaag ttgatagtct ccatagggtc    103200
     tctcccctta gagcttgggg aaccctgtgg aagaggagaa gggaattgtg aggttgagga    103260
     caccaggaga gcaccgccca cagaaccaac taagcaggac tcatgggggc tctgaagcag    103320
     tctatgatgt taggtcctct gcatatatgt gtgtgtgtgt gtattatggt tgttggcttg    103380
     gttttttttg ggggactcct cacaatggga gtagcgggtg tctctgactc aatgaatatt    103440
     agacaatggt ctattcttgg gacccatttc ctcctactat gtttctttgc ccaggcttga    103500
     ggttttatgc ctggtcttat tttatcttgt tcggttgatg tccctgggag gcctgttatt    103560
     ttctaaagga aaattgggat ggggtgggca tagggggtgg agctgggggc aaggagaggt    103620
     gggggaaact tctcagagtg gagggagggg aaggaggaga aactgtggtc ggactgtagt    103680
     atacaagaga agaataaatt tttttttttt tttaagattt atttattcat tatatgtaag    103740
     tacactgtag ctgtcttcag acactccaga agagggcgtc agatctcgtt acagatggtt    103800
     gtgagccacc atgtggttgc tgggatttga actccagacc ttcggaagag cagtcgggtg    103860
     ctcttaccca ctgagccatc tcaccagccc ccaaattttt ttaaaaattt ctctaccatt    103920
     atttcttaat ttggctttat tttttctttg gggacgagag tagatgtgaa tagagaaaag    103980
     ggttttgttt ttaattttat taatgaatgt attttattta tgtgagtgct ctatgcacat    104040
     cagaagagga aatcagatcc cgttatagat ggctgtgaac cactgtgtgg ttgctaggaa    104100
     ttgaactcag gacttctgaa agagcagtca agtgctctta atcactgacc catctgtcca    104160
     gcccggttta aaaaaaaaaa aaagtttttt aatgcatatg gaattgacca agctgagggc    104220
     tggggaatgt agctcgtttg gttgaatgct tgccctgaat gcacagggcc ctaggtttca    104280
     cccccagtat ctcattagag gagttttgat ggcctgtgac agaaatcaca gtccttggga    104340
     agtagagatg agaggacttg aataaagtcc tttgttatcc ttgaccacac aacgtgttct    104400
     aggccagcct gggctagttg agaccctgtc tcaaaagcta atcaagttga ggccaacaag    104460
     atggctcagt gggtaaaagc acttgctgcc agttctgatg acctacattc catcctgttc    104520
     tccacatgaa gacaagagag aactaactcc cacaagttgt cttctgaccc ccacacatgt    104580
     cagggcacac gcaccagaga ctcatatcta aacgatcagt caatcactag accgcaataa    104640
     cttttcaaag ataggcatgg tgaggaagta gaggtttacc tgcggcacac aaaacttcac    104700
     aactaggtat tttgcccata tcaaaataaa tgagtcatct cttcaaatac aataagtcaa    104760
     aaatctcaaa ctttgatagt gttgtccctg actctgtagt ccatcggaca atagtaacaa    104820
     tttaataaca ggcaagttgt gtgaaaggag atcgatttgc ctaactagaa cttgtttaaa    104880
     aacaagcaga agtgaaaaca gttttctgga caatccggtc aactggaact ttcagttgca    104940
     gaactgagcg ctggatttga ttcctcgttt aatgtattca tttctccggt cagtacttgg    105000
     acttgggcct tgtccctgct aggcaagtga tctctaactg agctccagcc ccagccactc    105060
     ctgaaccctc cgaccccagg actgagcccg tggctgtcac aggtccctag gagcctcctc    105120
     ggaaacgccc cctgtgctca ctttacctcc ttccctggaa ctatggcctc agaagggaaa    105180
     gcaagctggt gtcctgagtc ctccgaacag gaggtggctg tccctagcgg gcgggaaatg    105240
     aagccgggtc gggttgccgc ctcttaggcg ccttcccaat agagcagccg tcaagagttg    105300
     cgggaggttg actctcaggc ctggcctcag gcaggcgcag ccgaggagcg aggaggcagt    105360
     tttccgggtt ctgacggaga gggggcacgg tgaccttgac ctcgcgactc ccccctccct    105420
     ccctccttcc tggcgtcctg tggagagcct ggggcagcac aatggccgcc ccgtcggtct    105480
     caccgcccgg gcctcgagat ccccgctgaa ctctccagcg gctgtctggg tgaaaaggtc    105540
     cgggaggcct cggcatggaa gcttagcgac ctccccaggc cctccggccc cctggaaggc    105600
     agttcccaca tcgtgaaccc acgaggcctt ccctgccctt tctgtgtctc tgcgctattg    105660
     ctcccgtctc gcctccttcc tctacccacg cgaaggagtt tgctgtggcg cttccggtgc    105720
     gcgtgcacat acacgtgctc gcagcttctg actgcgcgtg cgccgcagcg cctttgcctc    105780
     tgggcgcagc cttccacccc tgtgtgaccc cagtgctttg attccttgat gccacaggca    105840
     gaaatggtgc aaagacttaa tcttcacaat tattccgtgt tgatttcaaa ccactgttaa    105900
     ttactaaacg cctccctttc aggagcaaaa taaacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    105960
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacaaaggcc aattagggat tttaaggaca gcagataaga    106020
     attaaaaact ggcaaatgag aggcccagat gtgccaccaa acggtgttcc atcccagacc    106080
     ccacaggagg aagggaagat aagctaagtg tctcaaccta tctgtccgat tattgggaca    106140
     atgaagcaca aagaaagggg aatctccccc taggaatctc atgctgggaa agggaaaaga    106200
     tgccaaccaa tggttagcgt gtccctgaat aggatttcac acggctctaa gagcttgggc    106260
     gaccacaggt tgaggttgaa gcccagacga tggtgggtca gtggtgggta ggaccgcatg    106320
     gtggactgca tagacatgca taacattagc cttctattta cacctcagtc tcagtgaggg    106380
     accccaaaaa tgaattgaag gggatcacca gatcgctttg tgcccttcta aatgtgacca    106440
     cactgtgtgt aaaccttttt ctgtttcctc tagaaatttg gttcttttac ttggcttatt    106500
     ggagatggca gaacctgcct tggagcacag cctgtggcag gagaggccca gtcccgaaaa    106560
     tttatctatc ttctgccctc tataagcacc atgtggcgca gacatacaca cacacacaca    106620
     tcgttaaaat ttttttaaaa aaagatgaac agcttccaat gttgtcctct ggcctccaaa    106680
     ggcgcgcgcg cgcacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cactaacaca    106740
     tacaaataca catacagaaa gaaaatagat gagacatgtc tcagaaggca gctgctgtcc    106800
     cagagaacta ggctttgggt agataggtga taggaacttc ccacattaga aatctgtgag    106860
     gaactgggga cttgacaagt gtcagggact tctttctggg cacatcatag gaaactttga    106920
     agatgctagg tatgctcaag tgacccccac tccagtgcct ggcttttctg gggcctcctc    106980
     ccctcaggtt tctccgcaga ggtaggaagt gccatctgag gttcacttcc tccaccggat    107040
     attcaggcac tgcctcgctg ccctcctcac tcctgggact gtcacacctc ctctgcagcc    107100
     ctttcacttc cccaggggtc caaccctggc ccccaagcac atcggagcac ctgctctaga    107160
     agaaagagag caaagagaga gacccaggga aagagacaca caggacagag accgcaaagg    107220
     cccagagaga cagagacaga gaggcagaga cagcgcggtg gctcgaggct aatgggtgct    107280
     aagcagaaga tcacagggtg cagggggcgg agccagtagc cagtgaggtc agagtgtctg    107340
     tgaggttgaa ctctgcagaa acaaccttga agtcccagga cccacgtgag tggaagtcca    107400
     tcagaagccc ctgtgcgccc tgcctgagct atggacacct gcgaggaacc cattgtgtcc    107460
     ctggcaccca catattccaa ggaccctcag gtactgctgt gcactcgatg gaaccctgaa    107520
     gaagataggg cccccgctga cagtcactaa atgaacaggg cggggtggag ctccaccccc    107580
     ccggaacttc ctctttctct gccggtttcc tttgtgcctc tcagtctctg tctttctttg    107640
     cccactattc cccttccccc ctgcggccaa cacctcttct gtctgggttt ctcgagtggg    107700
     tcattcccca tctaggcgaa gatgtccgcc caagagagtt gcctcagcct catcaagtac    107760
     ttcctcttcg ttttcaacct cttcttcttt gtgagtctac tcatggctac ccagccgggg    107820
     ttccagggcc acagtggccc ttgatccgcc ctagcctcat ttcttctctt cccctaggta    107880
     ctaggcggcc tgattttctg cttcggcacc tggatcctca ttgacaagac cagcttcgtg    107940
     tcctttgtgg gtgagggggg ctgcgcagta ggggagggtc tttggacttg aacccagaat    108000
     cccaccccaa ggcatctcct gatatctcac tcgccctggg gaggccctca atagctacta    108060
     tcttcccagg tagggctcca gctctgactg gcaccccact ggcactgcca gtaagctgga    108120
     tgtgtgctgg taagtaggaa gtgtaaagca gatgtagccg gtcatgcctg tcatcccagc    108180
     acgcaggagg tgggagatca ggagttccag gccatcctag actacacagt gggttggagc    108240
     ccaggctgga taatgaggtc ctgcctccaa aacaaccaca gcaccatgag gtcgcggtta    108300
     ggaacagtaa taacagaaat aatagctatt tctcaaatac ttcctgtgtc tcattttgga    108360
     ctggaactca gagactctcc cttgttgagg ttcagagaag ggaagtcttt tgctgggtgt    108420
     cacacagcca ggaaggggaa gagcaaaaat aaagtaataa taacaaggaa accatttaag    108480
     gaggggacac caaaaccata gcaactcaga ctcaccacat tgaccgctga attgaacagc    108540
     gttttcattc gaacctcgct cagaacaatt ctaggatata tgtggtggcc cacacctgac    108600
     attccagcat ggggaggtgt aggtgggaag atcacaaggt tccaggttac ccctggctac    108660
     tgagtccgag gccagcctga gttacctgag actctgtctc aagaaaaaag aaaaaaggaa    108720
     aggaaaggaa aggaaaggaa aggaaaggaa aggaaagtcc aggaaatcga tcctttattt    108780
     ctttgccctc aaaaagttta agaaatggat tcagctgggc atggtggcac atgtctttag    108840
     tcccaacact tgggaggcag aggtgggcag atctctgtga gttcaaggcc acctagagta    108900
     cagagttcca ggaaggccag ggctgttaca cagagaaatc ttctctgaga gagagagaga    108960
     aagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga ggagaaagca    109020
     cctcagcgtg gggcagaagc agaggcccac ccaggcagat tcagaggaag ggacacgggg    109080
     atccaagagt cacggccttc ctgggtggcc gagtggagct gctgtcctct cctccaccca    109140
     ctctcactgc ttgtcaccac ctcaggtttg tccttcgtgc cactgcagac ttggtccaag    109200
     gtcctggctg tctcaggtgt cctcaccatg gccctggctc tcctgggctg tgtgggggct    109260
     ctaaaggagc tgcgctgtct cctgggcctg gtgagtggca ttccccaccc cccgtttcgg    109320
     gccagcccct gggagacccg aggggctgaa ctccccctcc actctgtcct cagtattttg    109380
     gaatgctgct gctcctgttt gccacacaga ttaccctggg catcctcatt tccactcagc    109440
     gggtccgggt gagtttacta acatcattac cccaggcttg gagggtctgg ggcggggaga    109500
     gagaaaggca ggtgggcgct gctctcaacc aggaagctgg gctgtagaac aacacacaga    109560
     gaaagacaca cggacacaga agtacagagg catgtggtga ctgaagggga aaggtgaagt    109620
     agtgttgctt gtgctcaatc cccacaggct gaggtggaga atcatattag cataacagac    109680
     caaggaggtc acatcgacta aaaaaaaaag ggggggtcat gtgtgatggc acaccccttt    109740
     aattccactg ctctgaagga agaggcaggc agatctccat gaggtcagat aggcccatac    109800
     aataaattcc aggacaggtg aggttacata gagagaccct ggagagagag gggagggtag    109860
     agacagacac gaactgactt ccacttggta gcatttattc agctggctga gtgtttgttg    109920
     gttcgacccc caacacttgg tatctgtaat cccaacactc aagatagaga cagggggatc    109980
     aggagtacca gaccagatgt gagctacaga aaattaattt taaatttatt tttaaatgat    110040
     aatttttaaa aagaagatgc aatggagacc caaagtccct tagaaacact tctgagattc    110100
     tgaggaagag agtcactgcc atcaggaaaa aaacccaaga gtggcaaagt tatggtcctg    110160
     gggtgaacgc catgggaggt ggctggggca ggcagggtga ctgagcccag cctcatctac    110220
     atgctctcag ctggagcgaa gggtgcagga attggtgttg aggacgatcc agagctaccg    110280
     cacgaatccg gatgagacag cagccgagga gagttgggac tatgcacagt tccaggtgtg    110340
     tgagctcgtg tctcctgtct cacagtctcc tgtcgtctca aaaccattag ttactattcc    110400
     ttaggctctg ggctctaacg tctcagcttc gccttgcgtg cctgtgggct gcaggtcaac    110460
     tatttcctca tccccacact tgccaaactg cttgagcagc cccaaatggc agcatttctg    110520
     ccctcatgta actaagttcc cagatcctag accctggggt tgctccaccc caatcccaac    110580
     gtttctattt tttggactcc cgcccctaga cacatatagt cccgctccct atccacttat    110640
     cccgagacaa ccacaccgtc caaaatctca ggctcactct aagccatgtt cttagtccct    110700
     aggccccatc atacctccag cccatttaca cacccatcat cgcaggcctg gctgcacacc    110760
     tacaccggtg acaacgggcc cctgactctg tccccttccc catcagctgc gctgctgcgg    110820
     ctggcaatct ccgcgggact ggaacaaggc ccagatgctg aaagcgaacg agtctgagga    110880
     gccctttgtg ccctgctcct gctacaactc cacggcgacc aatgactcca ccgtctttga    110940
     taagctcttt ttctcccagc taagccggtt ggggccgcgg gcgaagctga ggcagactgc    111000
     tgacatatgt gcactccctg caaaagctca catctaccgt gaggtgggac tagcggtagc    111060
     cagtagctct ggacgtgtgg gcctggggct ggagccgtct ggtgggaggg acttttaaga    111120
     ggtggaatct taagagagtg ggcagggttt ggagggtgcg gctataatca gaggcgtggc    111180
     ttcaggacca agggtaggga aaaaaacaaa aacaaaacca gaatctggga gatgagtgtg    111240
     gccacacaag cttcaggagt ccagagcaga aagatgggcg ggggcggaga gagttcaggg    111300
     gacaactgat gtgttccaga cctacacgtg gcgtggcgtc agaaggcagg ccttgggagg    111360
     gtaaggccag gataaaagac cgagactgaa agggcagtcc cttatatgta ggcgtgacct    111420
     actcaggggc atagtatgcc agcagatcct aagctggact gggctactag aaaggtagtt    111480
     atggaagggg cggagtcctc tgagggtgag aggcatgatc taaataaggg tggcacctgg    111540
     aacgctggcc cagggcaagg cttggataag acctgggtgg atatctaggc attgggtacc    111600
     taaaaaggga tccaagggtt cccttggctt aagggtgagt tgcagaagca acgcagccac    111660
     tacacgtctt ctgcatcccc agggctgcgc gcagagcctc cagaagtggc tgcacaacaa    111720
     tatcatctcc atagtgggaa tctgtctggg agtcggtctt cttgaggtga cttgaccccg    111780
     tccccatgag tgatttgtct attgtagatg tttccccatt gccgaggtaa cgcgcatact    111840
     tagcggaggc gttatttatc aagcaatagc atggggtggg gcggaggcct ggcttctcta    111900
     aactctgaat ggctgtactc gcagtgctgc ctcctcccct ctcccgcagg tgagcgggat    111960
     ggcgctgtgt ctgcagctac agcgccgagc tctcgctaga gagcacgtgc tgccgctgtc    112020
     aggagccgag ggttcgaacc ctaccccagg gctgaactct gaaggcagca gcgggcgctg    112080
     gggcggtcta agcagcggca gcggacgcag cagcaccccg tggggcagct ggggcatggc    112140
     gggtgcctgc ccgacatggg gggccaaggc tccacaaggc aagctaccca tggcgctggg    112200
     gccctggtcc ttgtgggatg cagaggagga gccacttgag accgagagtg tgggtgctga    112260
     ggaggtcgag gcacagacgg aggctgttgc ggagcctcca gaataaagga ccctagctag    112320
     gcttgccttg agctttctct tttgcagact gctgctgagc tttcgctctc aacgctgcca    112380
     atcacgcaca gatgttatgt atgcccattc tttgcctctc cctttgagta ccaccctttc    112440
     tccaaccctg aagtatctcc ttttttccca gctcggcttc atgacgctct caatattcct    112500
     gtgtagaaat ctggatcacg tctatgaccg gctggcccgg taccgctagg ccccagccca    112560
     cccatcggca cccacgcacc tccatgcagt caggaaatgt ttccttcctg gttggtcaca    112620
     ggcttggagc ccatgcctca ggcctcatcc cctggggacc cagctgtctg ccctatcgac    112680
     agccttcact ttccccacat ggccagggac ttttgtgccc agcttccttc ccttcctggc    112740
     tccctcctcc ccacaccatc tgtctgccac ctcccacatg acacctcaaa taaatcccct    112800
     ttgggttttt ggcttttttt tttttttttt ggtaaaaata gctttattct ccttcaaaca    112860
     taaaccatca ctcttgggga aaggaaggtg gcagggtggt ccaaggctca cttaaatggg    112920
     gtgggggaga ttaagaagtc ccaccccact gcctagctga gataagatta catccctaac    112980
     actgtgtata aatatctcct tatattaaaa ttttttttca ggtcccactt caccctaccc    113040
     caagctggga aaacattatc ttcgggttgt gacgtcacag ttcccagaga aagggtgtgg    113100
     ggggagaggc agatatgaga cacgtgggaa gcaggaaggt tacaaggcag tcagtaagac    113160
     accccacata gcccagctcc ctttccagaa gagcaaggag gggccctgta gaacggaggc    113220
     ccgtgctgta cctgtgagct cactcctgtc cccaatccct gatgctcagg agtggtgtgt    113280
     cctgtcaaat gttgtctctg aggtcctcgt gttggggatc taaactcaaa cccagctcac    113340
     tcagctcaat aaccaggctt ccggttcctt tctaagagga gccagccccc gtggctcatg    113400
     cttctgagat taggcctttt taaaaatcat gggcccctct ccaaatctct cttacagaga    113460
     gagcaaaagg gcccttccca ggaagggggt gttgtgaaaa acaccagcgg cgggggctcc    113520
     atcagtccct gaccaggcgg tagatgtggt actgggctcc tcgttcactg gtggagactt    113580
     caaagacgta ggcagtacac agcagcagtt cctgagtgtc cctgtttgtc acaacctgcc    113640
     agaacaggct tacattgtag ggtggggatg gggtacagga catggactgc cctgcccacc    113700
     ctagttatca agaaagagaa acctgccatg ctatgtaccc caagaagaat gtcctgcggc    113760
     tcaggttcct tgggcaatga ggttacccct aagctgagag atggtaggaa ggggcctccc    113820
     catcatatca cattcccgag aaaagggttc cccaccatgc caccaggcag agagagaggg    113880
     tcagcagatc atattagcac aacccccaaa tcaaaggaac tcccttctct gaacttctca    113940
     gagaagccag atgcttagaa gccgaggtat ctcagctgcc ctagggaaga tgggctctcc    114000
     acataggaca gctcggtcct gtcctcccgc ccccaccccc accatgttct ggatgaagca    114060
     atctcatctt tggagtcccc aggagctgag ggtctgcctg ccccagcgta tcacctggag    114120
     gatggtgaag ttctccagga cactgttcat catgtagcgt tcaggcagct gacggagctt    114180
     gtgcaggaaa ttaaccaggt actcacacat gggagagcgc agcagacggt acacaaagcg    114240
     cccgtcctcc agctgggccc gttccgtctg ggagtgggaa acacagtagc tgagagagat    114300
     cacggccacc ctaggaccga agcttcaccc ttagcctctg agaggccact gtcaactccc    114360
     ttggccagag tccctcaagc aacctcaact ttaatgacca gagaccctag gcctctgaac    114420
     ctgcaaacaa ggtacccccc ccccccttct cctctgtcat ggtctgaaac cccagtgacc    114480
     tccaaactcc ctcaatagca tctccacgct gagcttgagg cttcaagacc tcacaggccc    114540
     tgaagtataa catacctact ggctaattac acagctccta ccataccctt aagagtcttt    114600
     gtcatcctgc agaatccatc tctatacctt tcaacccttg aaataagccc gagttgtgac    114660
     ttttaatggc ttgtttatgt ttagtggttt gagacagggt ctcatgtagc ccaggctagc    114720
     ctggaactcc ttatgtagct aaggatagac ttgaaactct cgatgcttgg tttacatgag    114780
     ggtaagcact ccacaaagtg aactatatcc tcagcctttg aagtcttgag ttaattccta    114840
     gtgcatatac taactgccag agaagcgggg atagccctgc ctcacacaca cacacacaca    114900
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacgcaatgc tgtgactgct tcctcgagat gcatgcagta    114960
     ccctagccct gggtcttacc tccaccttct ctaccacttg cttgccaaag gagcagacct    115020
     tggaggagca ggtgagtgtc atgagctccc ggctctcata ctggctgctc actccataga    115080
     agccaccgcc acctccgctg ctccctgcct cctcggcact ggggccccag ttcaggtccg    115140
     cctgagagga gatagagggg cacgggtgag ctggcgggaa cccagcaaat gctgacccag    115200
     agcctggctc cgagctgcac acacttgccc gtgaccacac cctgactcag cttccaaaga    115260
     ccccaggtca gcatgagctg tgctctatag aagacttacc tactgttcca ggaggactag    115320
     agaagccaag gtccccagaa tagtcctgac tctcattctc taggagccat acaatccaac    115380
     tgttttgcct gaagccccta gctctctaga gttcagctct actcaggcat agcagtgcaa    115440
     gcttataatg ccggcactta agaggccgat acagagccgg gcgtggtggc gcacgccttt    115500
     aatcccagca ctcgggaggc agaggcaggc gaatttctga gttcgaggcc agcctggtct    115560
     acagagtgag ttccaggaca gccagggcta taaagagaaa ccctgtctcg aaaaaaaaaa    115620
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaccaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagaggccga tacagggggg    115680
     ctgtgagttt gagaccaaca tggtcacata cagtgggaga ctgggtctca aaatgagaag    115740
     aaaaaaaaaa ggaaaaaaaa aacaaaagag ggaagatggg gttggaagtt ttaagaaaat    115800
     ggaggggggc cgggcagtgg tggcgctctc ctttaatcct agcacttggg aggcagaggc    115860
     aggcggattt ctgagttcga ggccaacctg gtctacagag tgagttccag gacagccagg    115920
     actacacaga gaaaccctgt ttcgaaaaag aaaaaaagaa agaaaaaaag aaaggaaaag    115980
     aaaaggaaag gaaatggagg aactagagaa agcacccaag gaactaaagg gatcttcaac    116040
     cctatgggtg gaacaacaat atgaactaag cagtaccccg gagctcttgt ctctagctgc    116100
     atatgtatca aaagatggcc tagtcggcca tcactgcaaa gagaggcccg ttggacttgc    116160
     aaactttata tgccccagta caggggaacg ccagggccaa aaagggggag tgggtgagta    116220
     ggggggtggg tgggtatggg ggacttttgg tatagcattg gaaatgtaaa tgagctaata    116280
     aaaaatggaa aaggaaagga aaagaagatg gaggggagac aaatgaatgt tagctctgcc    116340
     aagggccgag ttactagcag gcatgttacc cctagcaact ggttatggtt tcatatcctc    116400
     cctcaaccct ccccagactg gccgtgaaat caagtggtga ctacccatga gtagtaaggc    116460
     ctacctcccc cctagagcac tatctgtcaa tcaggaacgc actcttgctc atccaaaggc    116520
     caggcgggca gagctgggca agtcttataa agcctgtggt cttgagagtg gagagtgcct    116580
     gttctctgtc ctgactttag ctgcagctct ttggccagga ctccacctac caccccagct    116640
     acaagcattt caatacaagg caaatcccta tgcctgtggc cacagctcac cactggaacc    116700
     ccccagcact taggaggctg aagccagaag aaaccagcct aggctacact gtgaagggga    116760
     atctgcctga caatggaaga ccacctgggt tggtgttcag ccttaatccc agcgcttgga    116820
     ggcagaggaa ggcaagtctc tggagttcaa ggccagcctg ggctacagag ctggttcgag    116880
     gacaggtagg aaggccacag cagctgcttc caacagcctg taacagccgt ttctgagcca    116940
     tctcaggcct ccacccagaa agcttgggga ttttgttggt ttttgtcttt tatttacttt    117000
     caatttatat gcatgggtgt tctgcctgcg tgtctgtctg tgtactacat atgtgaagta    117060
     ttctcagagg ccagtagagt tcctctggac tagagtaaga tacttgtgag ctgccatgcg    117120
     gtcctgggaa ttgaacctgg gtcctctgga agagcagctc ttaaccacag aaccagctct    117180
     tcagtccctt tattttgtta agtagggtca gctgtccttg aactctgggt tctcctggct    117240
     cagactgctg cgcattggga tgagggtgac aggcgtgcac catgatagaa ggctcgggaa    117300
     gctttagaac cagacagcca gggagaccaa gctgactgaa atcccgtgtg gacgtccttt    117360
     ggaggaccat accctcctcc accccgagat cttcagtgcc agtcatgcaa ctggacacca    117420
     aaccagaagg gcctgagaaa gactgaagat gctctgtcct ccacgtcccc acgatctgca    117480
     ctcaactcct tctgtcacag agcaggtcct cagaagcagt gacatgcctc ctacatgctc    117540
     tcccacatag ttgttggttt tcaagggtag cgcaggcaga cccaagaccc tcctcagacc    117600
     tggcggagag ggtcgttcat tcctcaggaa cgctcaccca gaacttgacg aggaagaagg    117660
     catgtggtgg ccctcggtca tacagctcgc ggaggccgcc cttcttctca gggaatttgt    117720
     cgtagatctg ccgcacgtcc acactctcta ggggtggtgc tccagggctg ggacactgct    117780
     gactgatgtg gacaaacaga tgcctctgga actgcggaga cagcacaggg tgaggggctg    117840
     tgggctggac ctaggcccgc acacccaccg gcccgctcgc agccacgcct tgggccacag    117900
     ccagcaagct gcccattcct tctctgtcaa cctcgtcaaa tctctggtct agcttagcca    117960
     acagtttttc atctctcata tagctctaga gttgacctgg tacccagaat cctccctctg    118020
     taacctgacc agcccccacc ataatttatc attaatttcc ttggaagttt catttctgag    118080
     cctggaatgt acaatgctgc acagaacaaa ctcctacatg accctcaaag cctcatacat    118140
     gtcctttcag gaaaacttca ctagttcccc aggaagatca tcctctgtat acacaggaac    118200
     tagacgggct ggctgtatgg tgatgcaggt cttggtcctg gagcgaaaag accactaaaa    118260
     actccctgaa cttgcagaat tcagactact acaacgaaca gaagcagaaa ataacttaca    118320
     gataatgaaa atgtcaggaa taatttaaac catgaaaaaa aatccttgca agtatagaaa    118380
     aaggtggggg ctggagacat ggcaaaagtg gttaagagct cttccagagg tcctgagttc    118440
     aattcctagc aaccacatgg tggctcacaa ccatctgtaa tgggattcaa tgccctcttc    118500
     tggtgtgtct gatgagagca atagtgtact cccgtagatg aaataaataa atacatttta    118560
     aagagagaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaagg aagaaagaaa    118620
     gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagatg    118680
     gcacatggta ttttctagca agcggactgg taaagtcttg tgaaaaaatt aagcccatat    118740
     aagccagaat cactcacagt cagacccagg gaaggaactt agactgtggc gagggaggca    118800
     gaaaggctct gaggcaggag gggcaaaaga cacagcagga acagggttca gatggcgccg    118860
     tttgtgtgca gcagtgagtt gggagggcgt tcttcatctt tgttgtgggc gtttggtttg    118920
     agggcagctt ggtttagttt tctcgtttgg gtttttagtt ttgttttgtg taagtttgtt    118980
     ggggttttgg gggttctgtt gggggaattt tgggttgagg tttgtttttc tttctggttt    119040
     gtttttattg ttgctgtcct gtttgcttat ttgctatcgt gcaccagggt cacactctgc    119100
     agacctagct ggcttggaac tcggtttcac ctgcctctac ctccctagtg ctgggactaa    119160
     tgaaagacac accgccatgc tcttctttct ggtttttgag acaggttaac tttctgtagc    119220
     tggctttgaa tttactatta tagtgcaatt ggttcatttt gttgttgttc tttgagacgg    119280
     ggtctctcta tgtagctcct ggctgtccca aaactctctc tgtggatcag gctgtcctca    119340
     aactctcaga gatcctcctg cctctgcctt ccaagtgccg agattaaagg catgcgccac    119400
     catgcccagc ttgttgttgt ccagatatat cttgtatatt cctgcttgga ctcaaaactc    119460
     ccagtgtaaa agaaggtaac cgtgaacttc tgatcctcct gcctccaccc cagggtattg    119520
     agattgtaca cccgtaccat cacacccaga acaacccagg ggctgaaccc cagagcttca    119580
     tgtatcagcc gagctaaatc cccagccctc agaccgactt ctgaactaaa agcaatattc    119640
     cttcagcctc cagggtgccg ggatcccaga cttccagtat gagtctcacc aggattttta    119700
     gtaaccttga cacctgagca atggcattta cattagtttg gctgcagaga caccgaatgc    119760
     agggatctac atttctcagg cctgcagtta gctgtgagca cataactaag acctggccac    119820
     tgcgatatga acagaccgat gagctgcctc attcaaggca ggcccataac acctgggcac    119880
     ctagacaatc ctaccctctc tcttccccca tctgctgacc agatgctgag aacccagaag    119940
     attctgtaac cctagaaaat ggtagaccca aaaatggaaa gagccaggtc ctgaagcatt    120000
     ggggtcaaac acctgctcgg aagacctgct gctcaaaaca cctgcctggc acacctactg    120060
     aaaacacctg cctggcacac ctgctgaaaa cacctgcctg gcacacctgc tgtaaatacc    120120
     tgctcagcag acccgctgaa aactcacatg aaaagctggg caccacaggg catgcttgtc    120180
     atcccagctc tcacaaagct gaaaaaccac tcagagttca aggctagcct gagctacaga    120240
     gaccccagta acaatatatt aataaaacag gaaaaaaaca attagaacta caagtctttc    120300
     ccagatccct tgtgtgttac tgcaaagcct gccaaagagc aggactttga tgttagagga    120360
     atgaatgagc tgttcggttc ccaggacacc gataaaagca ggcatggttt cagtgctgct    120420
     gaggaccaga caggtgtatc cctgaggctc acaggactca agttcagtga acaacctact    120480
     caaaaaacca ggtagacaga gactaagttg actggtgggg acggcgcttc ctgtgaggac    120540
     tggaaggcac tgtcggtggg taccttgccg ctgccagtgg gaatgcagcc gctctggact    120600
     ctctcccttc cctctttgta ccatcaccca tcatctgccc cgggtttcac tcaccgagtc    120660
     aactgcgtct ggcggttcca caaacgctga gaactctatc agctgcaggc gggcagtgcc    120720
     cagggcccga gcctgccagg ctgggggaga cggagcgggt gggggcaggg gtgagagggc    120780
     tgggggcggc tcgtaccctt gaaagagaag aaagaaaaac tactcaaaat gatgggctag    120840
     gctggcactg tttcctctcg accaccttct ctttgagcta taagggccag agatagaaag    120900
     gcagtgagcc caccgggcag acaggaaacc tggactcttt ccccaacagc acatccactg    120960
     gacacagggg ctcacaccat cctagcactt gggaggtgga ggcaggcgca tgagttcaag    121020
     gtcatctaca tactcaactc agaagcacgt tctaacctgg gatatatgag actgtctcag    121080
     aaaagaaaaa taaggtcggg gaggacatgg agagatggtt ggttcagggt tagagcagag    121140
     ggtgatcttg agaagaccaa gattcacacc aatccggggg atctaacgca ctctcctctg    121200
     gcctccaggg ccaggcacac acaacacact tatatatatg taagcaaatc actcatacat    121260
     ataaaataaa taaatcttta aaagaaaaaa aattaacatt tcctccaggc taccatacag    121320
     ctaaaggtgg ccctaagaca attcttgcca aggttgccag aaggacccta cctgaaagga    121380
     attcaaaagg caaaaaattt ggccgactaa agctttggcc catgaccaac tcccatctgc    121440
     aatgggcccg acagttacag cagccatgag gcacatgagg cagaggccaa gaggcaaggt    121500
     ttgcaatggc taagcaggca agcccatctc tagaccttgt atcagctgga cgcgtaaagc    121560
     cgttacttat acaatttcgg atatcctgct atttgcagcc atacattatt tataatcgat    121620
     gagttctaaa cacggagtgt gatggcttcc atgagttgtc tctcagagtg ctgtctgggt    121680
     aggtctaggc ggtagggcct tgccagagga aatacgccat tacactatgc ccagttactc    121740
     tcagcttcaa gtttacagat caagatgtga gccctcagac tgggcttagt ggcacatgcc    121800
     tctaacccca ggatgcagag gcaagtgaga atctctgagc tctagctcag tcaggtctat    121860
     agagcaagtt ccaagacagc aaggattaca cagagaaact caagtttcca aaaacagaaa    121920
     tcagaacaaa gaaataaaca acagaaggga gggagggagg gagcaaggga gggaggaaag    121980
     gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaagagatgt gccccttcgg    122040
     cttcctgctc cagcagctat gcctctactc agctatcata ggtaaaaatg gaagcctctg    122100
     gaatacaaat aaactcttct acagtttgcc tttgccatgg tgttagtatg tcacagcaac    122160
     gggaaagtaa gtaataaaac tgagggtgtt tagaatcatt tcaccagctg ggccgtggtg    122220
     gcgcacgcct ttaatcccag cactggggag gcagaggcag gcggatttct gagttcaagg    122280
     ccagcctggt ctacaaagtg agttccagga cagtcagggt tacacagaga aaccctgtct    122340
     cggaaaaaac aaaaacaaaa acaaaaaaaa aacaaaaaac aaaaaacaaa aagaaagaat    122400
     catttcacca atccatgtgg ggattccaca gtcacactgt gtagacttct gtgctgctgg    122460
     cagagtccac atggacagga agctgacaca gaggaaagca gatgaaagtc ccgctgaaac    122520
     tgagctgctg gattcagcca tgcctgaagc cacctttcct ctcctccctt tacttcagct    122580
     acttttgatt tgggttttga ctactcggtt gtgcccagct ggcaaaaagg tgaaggaatt    122640
     cctgctggtg tcaggaacag agtgagaggg gagacaatga gggtctaggg gtagcatctc    122700
     tcacctggta ggtcagaggc tgggggcgtc agtgacacgg agaacggtgc ctgtgagaag    122760
     ggcttcacgc tgcaggacaa agggaatcct gtgagtgcag tagagtgatg ctggccgagc    122820
     cagccaggac tgacccttgc ccatgaaaag ccaggctccc ccaccaggac attccatgca    122880
     gaacaatgtg gtggctacat tgacggctcc tcttgtgtct cagaagacgg aggttgatgc    122940
     ggaccaaaag tgccataaag cctgaactcc aaccccagtt agtcccaacc atgaggacag    123000
     ggatttttgt tgttttagca acactagaat caaacctagt gcttcgagta tgctaagcat    123060
     gggctccgca aagcaacttc tgcctactgt ggattctagg caggtgctct atcactgtgc    123120
     cacaccccag ctcccaactg agagactagg gaggagctct accactgagc cacactgcca    123180
     gttcctgcat tttgctgcag gatctcgctg ggtagcccag gctggctcaa gatcctcctg    123240
     catgagcctc tagggtgcta aaatgacagg aaccagccac tacacctgct caatgtgatg    123300
     ataagtccca cttcagtgct ggcctaaaga ggccatcagc cactttgcca cttagcacga    123360
     gttggttgga ctggacaggc cagaggaaag aactttttat gtaaatttaa ttcttttgtt    123420
     ttttttttaa acagagcctc gaaatgtagc ccattaacta acaaagaccc acctgcctct    123480
     gcctcccaag agctaaaggt gtatgccacc atgcccagct gtaaacataa ttcttttttt    123540
     tttttttttg gttttcgaga cagggtttct ctgtataacc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac    123600
     tgtgtagacc aggctgacct tgaactcaga aatccacctg tctctgcctc ccaagtggtg    123660
     ggattaaagg catgtgccac cactgcccgg ctgtaaactt aattctaatt taactggcta    123720
     ctcacaaata ataattgtag gctcacactc cagaggccta gaggtagttc aagagataat    123780
     ggtcaggaga ctaagaagcc agaggtgaaa gcagaaagac aaagcccagg gcctcctcct    123840
     cccagcgctc aaatttgtac ttgagtggat ttcccacagt gccatgattt gtcatctggc    123900
     catcactcca gggtctgctc cgcagaaagg cccacctggc cttctaaaac agagcccata    123960
     gtgggtacag tggcacagtc aacagcacag aatctctgtg atgttgggga gttgaggcag    124020
     gaggagctaa cctgggctgt agagctgaga gcctgtctca aataaataag aaaaggaaaa    124080
     aaaaaatact tgaggctaga gatggatccc agtgatagaa cacttgacta gcacactaca    124140
     tacatacata catacataca tacatattta aactttacac aaacacgggt caggaagatt    124200
     acagcctttt tactttgttc cttaataaga gcacacacca gacacttggt gggtattcag    124260
     taaatatctg gtgtccctgc tgcttaggac aggcctccgg tcacagaaga ggctcacctc    124320
     agcttcctgc ctgtgggcgt tacacatggt gcttatctgc ctagaatact gccagtccca    124380
     gcctcaccct tcacctggct aaacccaatc aatctcagag aaaacccaaa actttctccc    124440
     gagccattaa acccacagtg gttccccaca atgctacaca cacacttcca ttctgtattt    124500
     ctgaagggga tgggtttaat cagcactggc ctccccctca ccccccccat ttgcctatgg    124560
     gctggccaga gcacacctgc agcctcctca gtctctgggg aacttgttct gatctttctt    124620
     gagtctctga tgagacaatc tagcttcttc tctcacaata tacactccca tgttgccctc    124680
     acgcagcctg gctaggctgg acctaggacc cctttctcta tgacacatct ggttaccctc    124740
     agttttctct atgacacatc tggttaccct cagtggccag aggtctcaga gctgaggcca    124800
     ttccagatac ccgagactca tcttctccct cccaagtagg aacgagtaaa gtaacccttt    124860
     ccccactctt aagccccaga gacaccctag gcaactggaa atgagccttt aaggcttggt    124920
     aagggcattc atagcccctc ccaagaggtt cttgatctac atctgccctc catgaccctc    124980
     tgagacccac tcattcttcc cagaagcctc taggtctatt attgtctgtc cataagcctc    125040
     ttgggaatct ttcatctgtc ctgagcctag ggccttaaac ctcccttctc aaaatactta    125100
     agaggattcc ccttatctcc ccaaggagcc taaaaacttc ctccccttta tattctctat    125160
     atccttagct gtcttctcat aaagccatat ggcttccttt gtcttttgca ggagcgtcta    125220
     tttttttctt aattattatt tatttattta atatacatga gtacactgta gcagtcttca    125280
     gacacaccag aagagggcat cagatcccat tagagatggt tgtatgccac catgtggttg    125340
     ctgggaaccg aattcaggac cactggaaga gcagtcagtg ctcttaactg ctgagccatc    125400
     tctccagcca gcccccttgc aggagcctct agttctgcaa ccgccttccc atgatgctct    125460
     ggacccacat gcccttctag tcgcctctgg gccttacatc tgccttccca tgagtctcag    125520
     cgactcatgt tcacacttag gagccattat tcccatgtac atagcacaca ccttttcaga    125580
     gatgaggtag aggaggccct aagcatagaa ggggtcatgc ccacctagac cctaaacagc    125640
     aaagcacagc cagtgctaga cttcaaagct acatggttcc agaatccatg tccaaaatga    125700
     gtacaggtgg gagggaagag ggaagtccgg gagacacaga gtactcactc tggaacattc    125760
     catggtggcc cagagctccc tgaccagaac tggaaaagct cagtggccta gagaggagac    125820
     acggatgagg gtcagacatc ccctgtggcc attacagccc catccttcca tcccagattc    125880
     tccacagccc ccaacccaag ccacctgagg gccagaaggg cccagcttgg cctggaggga    125940
     aggggcggag atgagctgtg ccgaagacat ggtggccatc gtctggaagg ccttgtcctt    126000
     ggagacttgg tcctgaggaa tggttgagat tcaggttagt ggggagttct aattaagttc    126060
     taattaagat agccagggtg ggatgaagac atggggagcc gtgatacagg gtcagggagg    126120
     ggtcagctcc ccacccaaac cttctgtctc tgctggcctc ctctggaagg gcagtgtgtg    126180
     aggtacagat gtgggaagat gggcaggggg actcagcaca ttcagagtct gacccagggt    126240
     gggggaaggg gccaagggaa gaaagaaaac accttaggaa ctgcaggttc tacttcatct    126300
     ccctgagcac cagatgacca ccctgaggca gcgagagact agggctaccc atggaacagg    126360
     tcacacctca gcctcagaga agaaaggttt gcacgcccac aataagacgc ttatggtttt    126420
     ctaagtcaag aaaagcctgg acacagcgtt tcctgatgcc cagggaacag gaagggagac    126480
     tttccagatg cccccgggga caggaagggg tgtttttatt ccagacagaa catagaaaag    126540
     actgagaaag gaaagaaaag atcagaacct aagggtttca ggcctacaaa aaaggaaggg    126600
     accatttcca aataaaagaa caggaagtct cattcctgaa gctaaaagga aagcaacccc    126660
     acagagggcc agtgacacgg gttcaggctt gagggcacag ggactcatgg tagagaaaag    126720
     agagtagatg acaatacttt ctcataggaa agtgcacagc caagggaggc gaggatggag    126780
     tgggggacag gaaaagatca gcagggacag gggagggaag gatgggagca gagagagcaa    126840
     cctgtttgct acagcagcca catgacctct gcttgatgag caggccagca cctgcaggca    126900
     ggctgcctcc cctggggtct ctgaccctcc agacctttct ctctctctgt ctggatttcc    126960
     ttcactggtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtatttcac    127020
     caactctctg tctctgtctg gccccacttc ccatgtatgt gtctttctct ctgggttgtg    127080
     taccctcctc tatcaaaatc tctctctctc tctctctctg gcctccccat ctgtctgagt    127140
     ctgtctgtct gtctctgggt ctgtccctct ttccccatcc ctccctctaa gcatcccact    127200
     cagcctcccc tgccaacgcc ctcccacctg cctttaccct caccttcagc ttggactgaa    127260
     tttctctcga tttccttcga gccaaaacct gaatatggct ggagacctgg agggatgaga    127320
     agcaggtctg agcatccttc atcaactgcc ctcccttccc ccggaggccg cacacgctgc    127380
     tcttccacag gtcacacagc atgaaatcaa aggctgtcta aagtgtaagc ctccaggccc    127440
     aggcccctct ttgtaataaa cctacagaaa tcagaccgac aagacggctc agcagtaaga    127500
     gcacttagca ccaagcctag ttccaaaggt ccatccctga gacccacatg gtggatggag    127560
     agcaccaact cctgaatgtt gtcttctgat ttctacatgt atagtatgtc tcaaggacac    127620
     acacatacac acaccacaca cacacaccac ataattttct ttaaaaagta cttaaaattt    127680
     tttgtgatat attttatgta tgtggattag gtgcatcatg gtgcacacac agaggtcaga    127740
     gggaaagttg tgggagctgg gtctcctacc atgggggccc cagaaactag ctgagctaag    127800
     gtaatcaggc ttagcaacaa gccctttacc cactatgcca tttcacgggc acaaaatgta    127860
     aacattttac cgaaatatcc ggcatcccca caacttagag aaaaaccaca caacaaggcc    127920
     agaaagacga tggttcagtc agtgaagctt gccctccctg catgaggact ttagttcttc    127980
     agtccttgta tactcaatcc cggcactagg agacacagat aggtgcagac tggcacttgc    128040
     tggctaccca gtctagtcaa atccgccagt tccaggccag tgagagagcc agtctcaaag    128100
     aagtgggcag ctgctgagat gaaaccgggg tctcccactg acctccgcat gctggcgcat    128160
     gcacacgcat gtagaggggc ctcctacact cacatataca tacgaaccac atcatcagcc    128220
     ttgaacctga cccagcccac atgaagatgg ccctcaggta atgcccagcc ccagaccaaa    128280
     gttccaaagt gtcactcctg agacctgctt tcgcgttctc gtcttccctg tcctcagctt    128340
     gatgtaacgg gcaatgagtt cgttccggcc tggaggagtc aaaatggaaa agagtaagac    128400
     tctcagcaga acttcctgcc agagaagaca gggctgaggg ataaggtcag caagccacca    128460
     atccccacca aactacagtc aagccaggct gggggacacc tcagccacag ggtcagcagc    128520
     tcagccgtgt tctagctatg tggccatgga cggatcactt agtcttcctg tgcctcagtt    128580
     tccctcatct gtgcaggaaa aaaaaatgct agcgcctaag tcatgggaag gacacaatcc    128640
     tttttcttcg ttttgtattt tgtttatttt catatctact catttatttt tgtttattta    128700
     tttttggctt tttgggacag ggtctctcta catagccctg gctgtcctgg aactccctct    128760
     atgtagacca cactggcttt gaattcacag atatccaccc acctgcctct gccacctgcc    128820
     ttatttttat tattttgaga taaggtctta ctaggccagg ctagcacaga gctcagtatg    128880
     tagctgagaa tggccttgaa ctgttcaggt gtgtgccacc acagttggcc agactctgga    128940
     cacttgggtt agtgtgactt ttctccctgg ggtcaggaca gccaccacag gggactcacc    129000
     atacatcttg ccctcatctg acaggatgat cttgcgacgg ccacagggag ggtagatggc    129060
     cagggcctcc tgaaaactct gctcaatgtc ggggctccac acaccttctg catcagggct    129120
     gccatcacct ccaacgccct cgctgcctcc ggtgccctct tcgctgcctt cctcgctacc    129180
     tgtccagccc ccgccatcat ccaggggggc cccagtccgg ggatccccca tctgggcctg    129240
     cagagatgaa gatcagcagc tacatatggt attgcaagaa caggcaggag cactgcctga    129300
     gagagaaagc caggcctgaa cctgaacccc tgggtctgag ggaaaaagag gaacctaagc    129360
     ctgggacctg ggaggctgtt cttccagtga ggaatttgca ttgggactgc atggggttga    129420
     agccacctga ccaactcagg tgcagtgcct gaggctgtgt ttggatttag ggaagaccag    129480
     agtctcgtta attggcagga gtgagactct cctgtcccac taagaaagaa caggtgctca    129540
     gagaagggca gcagctgctg gagaagcaga ggctaagtcc aaaaccaaca cccagagaga    129600
     aggggacaga gagatccagg gacaaaaatc cagatcgaca cagcaaaagg gggcatagtc    129660
     agggcccaga ccagaaagta accacagaat caggcggggg cggggctggg tgcccatcaa    129720
     acttcaggcc ttgggactca gtcgcccagc catctggagg acagaacaaa gagcccaggc    129780
     atcccctccc ccagttcccc acaacccctg ctgtgggcga ggccagcatg cgagcagcgg    129840
     ccccgcccct cccccgggct cggttccagc ccaagttccc atcgactttc cggaggccaa    129900
     gaacagggaa aactttcccc atacagtcag atacctcctc cctagaggtt ttatgttatc    129960
     cagaactccc aggaccccaa agttctgagt cccatccctc caattttgga ctcttgacct    130020
     ggtagagaga ggttaggtga acaaagatct caagcccagc ccagtgtcgc gacgacgttc    130080
     aggaccccca caggccgaaa tcccaaccca gcccaccccc atgtggccag acaaagagac    130140
     agacgagcca ggcaagacag acggacatct ctaatctcct gacccagtca ccaatcctcg    130200
     gaagaccaat ggccgaaggt ccaaggggcc ctatggctct cccttggcca ctcccgctcc    130260
     tgccctgctc cgtgtggggg ccacatgccc acagggcgga tacttgcacg aaggatggcc    130320
     caggggtcga actaacagaa gacccgtggt cgctccttcg ctcccacatc cgcagccccc    130380
     ggccaccccg cgcgctcccc cagccgcaga ccatccccag gcccctaact ccggagaaag    130440
     ttccagctcc acacttcggc tgcgtccccc gcgcaaactc cggccccggg gcagaaaagg    130500
     gctccgggca gttcccacgc gatctcagga acacgcgcct cacctcatcg cgcggaactt    130560
     cccaccccaa ctcacaaacc ccaagcagga tcccgattcc cgccggcgcc ttcctacctc    130620
     ccggcctggg caggggagcc gcgggcgggc ggggcgagac ccagagaaag ttgccgggag    130680
     ctttgtttgg gaaaagtggg agggaccggg ggggggggcg ggcccggcgg taggcttgga    130740
     atctcacagg gacactcgct gcgaggtgct tgctttagga gagatgagtc catctaagga    130800
     ctgggtaggg ttgctggggt ccctaggaga gaaggtggtt atgggggcct ggattcatga    130860
     ctttagagga ggaggctggg gtttgtaact ctgggtctta aagaagaata ttgggatctg    130920
     gaccctgggt ctgaagaaga aggtactggg agttgaaggg agtagactcc cagatagaag    130980
     aggagacatg acctgggtca ccctgggtgt ttgctgagga tgtgggattg acagatacaa    131040
     aataatcttt accaaactta tgtgggtttt ttaaaaaaga ttttatttat tttcttaatg    131100
     tgagtacatt gtagctgtac agatggttgt gagccttcat gtggttgttg ggaattgttt    131160
     ttaggactgc tgctcactcc ggtctgctct gttcggcccc actcactcag tccctgcttg    131220
     cttcacccca aagatttctt tattattaca cataagtaca ctgtagctga cttaagacac    131280
     actagaagag ggcgtcagat ctcattacag gtggttgtga gccaccatgt ggttgctggg    131340
     atttgaactc aggaccttct gaagagcagt cagtgctatt acctgctgag ccagcccatt    131400
     ttgtgttttt attttactct gttttttaac gtttacattt tatctgtatg ttttgtctgc    131460
     atgtatacct acagaggcca gaagagggca ctgggcactg gatcccctgg aactggagtt    131520
     acagatggtt gtggtcaacc atgtgggtgc tgtaagtcaa atccaggtcc tctggaagag    131580
     caggcagtgc tctcaatccc tgagccatct ccagccatgt atacttgtgt gtgtatagaa    131640
     gtgtgggtgt ggggcgtggt agcacatgcc tttaatccca gcacttggga ggcagaggca    131700
     ggaggatttc tgagttcgag gccagcctgg tctacagagt gagttccagg acagccaggg    131760
     ctacacagag aaaccctgtc tcgaaaaacc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaag    131820
     aagaagtgtg ggtgtgggtg tgtaaaagtg gagatgaagg tcagaacccg ggacctcaca    131880
     agggctaggc agaagttcca gctcagagct gtatctggtc caaccagttt ctgtgtgata    131940
     agtaaagtgc tggggtgggt tggtttgctt ctgatgagaa cacagcttcc ttgtgacctg    132000
     gccagagtga agcctgttgg gctggacccc ctgcgtttct gaagatccac agaagtgcag    132060
     actccacaac tgcttaggca ctagtggctg caagtggctc ctatcccact tagaggcaga    132120
     gcctggctgc ctgagggcag agagttggaa cccagggttt tgttctcttc aaactgaagg    132180
     tctgggtaag agtgatatca ctgagttaca gtcccagctc ctgtggagtt gaagctagcc    132240
     agggtgttct agtttgtttt ctattactgt gataaacacc atgaccaaaa gttggggagg    132300
     aaagggttaa tttaagattg ccattgtgat ccatcaccaa atcaccagga aaggaacctg    132360
     gaggcgaggc aggagctgaa gcagagacct tggagaagcc ctcctcaccg gctcgctcag    132420
     ccttatagcg cctaggaaca ctggcccagg ggcgaaacca cccacagtca gctggcccct    132480
     ccaacagcaa tcattaaatc tctgccctca ggcacccagg ctctgtttat cctgggacag    132540
     gggccatttc tgtggacctt cagaaacact gggagtccag gtcaataggc ttcctgctgg    132600
     ccaggtcaca aggccctgca gacttgccta taggccaatc tgatagggat attttttcaa    132660
     ctgaagttcc ctcttcccag atgactctgg ctcttgtcaa gttgacaata aaaaaaaaaa    132720
     caaaaaacca aaaccaccac caacaacaaa aactaaccag cacactgaaa tacaaacatc    132780
     ctttgagaaa acagacaaaa tccccccagc cagccagcca ggtaatggtg gcataggcct    132840
     taatctcagc actcaggaag cagaggcagg tggaccgttg actctgaggc tcctggtcta    132900
     cagagtgagt tccgggacag ccagggctac acggagaaac cctgtctcaa aaaaagaaaa    132960
     agaaaggaag caagcaagca agaaaatggc tatgagctgg acagatggct caaggaaaag    133020
     aacttactgc caaccctgac aacttgaatt caatgtccag atctctctct ctctctctct    133080
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctcaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacaggtcac    133140
     actgctcagc atagttcaag gccagtctgg gatgcataag accctatttc taaatttaaa    133200
     aagcaaaaat atgagaaaaa gaggaaaaag aagcgctggc tgtcttcaaa ctcaaagcca    133260
     agagtcgctg gcatatgggc tctgtgagtc tgaaagggaa gcttagactt gggatttctt    133320
     gggaaatata acacagggct gtaattaggg gttttttgga ggtagctggg ttttttaaat    133380
     gaaatcatcc ggaaaacgag aaacatctac agtaatgctc ggagagtcaa taaatgaggg    133440
     taaaccagat ggcggagtgc tgaaggcact tgcagccaag cttgagttcg atccagggga    133500
     cctacacggt ggcaggtaag cagcaactcc tgacagttgt tcactaccag gcatggtggc    133560
     gcacgccttt aatcccagca cttgagaggc agaggcaggt ggatttctgg gttcaaggcc    133620
     agcctggtct acagagtgag ttccaggaca gccagggcta cacagagaaa ccctgtatca    133680
     aaaaaccaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaggttgttc actgacctcc acatctgcgc    133740
     catggcagtt ctgtgtgcca acactccgaa taaataaaat taaatgaatg atcttagacc    133800
     cagatatggg tgaacaggga tccaaggagt tctggaatac agaggcgtga cctgggtgga    133860
     gcattgctct agtttaaagg gcgtggccat ctgtgatgga tggttgactc ccttgggaga    133920
     gttaggatca gagaacagta gacagagaac aatagggttc cggagctgag gccaatgata    133980
     agtccaggta atagaggctg gaggataaga tcatcaagtg gaagcgtggt tatagaatag    134040
     gagcgtaatc aggagaggac ctagtggtca gacttaaggg aagtaggtag tgaagaatgg    134100
     aggtcatgaa gaagcatgcg cacgggagga atgtttatcc ctgggcacat caactccggg    134160
     caaaggcagg gagacaggtg gctgtggctt aaagcacaag cttgtgcctt ccagagagat    134220
     ccggggagaa tttaggtagg tcagtgggcg gaggcgtggt caggaaaaag agggcgtgtc    134280
     cctttgatga gtcatagcca aagaggaaaa tctttcttaa aagacgttgt tgccgaaaag    134340
     aagggtggct ctcaggcacc aggtaaaata aatgcctgtt ttatgagtaa ggtcaccagg    134400
     tgtagacgtg gccatccacg aggagtatgg cttaagaggt gtggtcagtc aacaatacag    134460
     atgtggatat gccagagacc cgatggtgga gtagtgagga tcctaggcga ccgtgtgtgg    134520
     agggcgtggt gagacaatta gggcgtggcc agtctcgcgg agccctgaca cccaacgaac    134580
     gctccagtaa tttgcccagg ctcgagacca gaactggata ttaactgtcc gtatccggcg    134640
     gtgtccggag ccgggtgacc gggtgtccag cagaaggcgc gaatgaaggc aaaggtaagg    134700
     tactggatct gagtgaggct aaacccggat aaggggcgcc tgaaatggag agaacgccta    134760
     cagaatccag ggggatgcag ggcaggtggg cggggcggag cgggtccctc acctagggtc    134820
     ggagcctgga aagagccgac aaggggtgat tgtgggatct gaaactgccc ttgtcacagc    134880
     ctcccaccca cctgcaatgt gtcgactgag ggtcttgctg ctgctgctcc ccttggcctt    134940
     cgtgtcctcc tctgctctcc ccatccatga tgtcgactct cagcagaaca cctccgggtt    135000
     cctgggcctt cagaggcttc tccaaagctt tagtcgactg ttcctaaaag tgagtgatgg    135060
     gacagagaca tgaaccaggc agaaggcaga taagaaaagg agcaaacaga acagagagag    135120
     ttggagataa gtcttagatg ggcgagtggt tgtctagcat gtacgaagcc ctgggcctga    135180
     cgtcctgcaa caattacacc agcactcagg aggtgcaggc cggaggaaca ggagtgggaa    135240
     gccaccttcc cctacacagg aagtttgagg tcagccagga atacgcgaga ttttgtgtcg    135300
     cagaaaagca ggtgttgggt tgaacagata gttgggggac atgacaacac aaaataggaa    135360
     gagaagccgg acctgtgatt gaaagcctgt catcccagct agcaggtccc agatgtggct    135420
     aaggctccca tgaaatccca acatgagaaa gaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa agaaaagaaa    135480
     aacaagttca aggtcagcct aggcagcttt catcaaaccc tgttggaaaa cataaaaaga    135540
     ggcaggcctg gcaacccatg cacttgggag gtaagagaca gggcaatgtc tggatttgag    135600
     gccagcttgc cctgcatatc gagttccggg tcagccagag ctacatacat agtaagaccc    135660
     agtcagaata aatcaataaa aagaggggtt atagtggctg agggtgtgac tcagaggtag    135720
     agcccccaag ccgggaggct gagggtgtgg ttagagggta cggggcttac ctagcatgtg    135780
     tgggtgagag ggagagagaa ggggaaggag aggtggacgc caggacaggt gaggaacagg    135840
     agcagcaaag caatgggaca aaaagatgga tggggtttag tggctagagg ctctggggat    135900
     cggtggaccg aatgggactg atttggaggg caccctggaa ggacagcggg tgtgcacacc    135960
     atttccctct ggccctagaa tgacctgcta cgagacctgg acaacttctt ctcctccccc    136020
     atggacttcc gagaccttcc taggaacttc catcaggaag agaaccagga gcacagaatg    136080
     ggcaaccata ccctctccag ccacctacag atagacaagg tgcctccctc cgcagggcag    136140
     cccttcctgc gctctcccca ccacccatca ggctgctttc cctgacagga ggggcaggtg    136200
     agggaggaaa gcaggtttgt tctgactctc ttgtgcaacc ctcacaggtg actgacaacc    136260
     agacagggga ggtgctcatc tcggagaaag tcgaggcctc cattgagcca gaacggaacc    136320
     cggaagggga ctggaaggta aggaccttcc ttgccccgag gtgtccagga atcagcattt    136380
     ttctatagcc attcaccctg tgccatactg ttccagtttc ctctctgctg ctgtaatgaa    136440
     gtattttagc ccaaaacata caaggaagga aagggtttat ctggtttgca tcccatcact    136500
     tagggaaact catggcatcg tttctactct caagagcaaa cagagagaaa acatatttgc    136560
     ttgctttctc ctgtcttagg tggttcagga tccattactt aggaaatggt tccacccaca    136620
     atgggctggg tcgtcctaca tcataaccat cttgatctag ttaatacccc attcagactc    136680
     tcttctctgc tgattctaag ctgtgacaag attggcattt aagattagcc agtatacact    136740
     ccatacatgg aatatccttg agatttctgg agctcagtgt aacgtgtcaa aagggagagg    136800
     acaataggca tggttaaaca aacacagatg atccagtact tgaaaagctg agacaggagg    136860
     gttgccacga ctttaggcaa aaggcagaaa ggatctctgt gagttgaaga ccagcctggt    136920
     ttacaaagca agtcccagcc cagtgggggc tacatatcag gaccctgtgt caaagcaaat    136980
     ataaatgtca gaaagcgttt tggtcgttcc agaaagtttt aggctttccc aacagcttta    137040
     taaatcttag cattcaaaaa ctccaccaat cccagaaatc tggcaggcca gtaagccccc    137100
     aggatcctcc agcctggacc tcgtgagtgt agccattaca agcatgacct gcagctccct    137160
     gtcactctgt gaatgctgga gtccagactc aagctctcag atttgggcac aagtaccttt    137220
     tgacagtccc ctttctgaga cagggtctca ctatgtagcc ttgactagct ctgaattgtc    137280
     aatgtccctg cctcaaccta caggtagctg ggaaaacatg cctgaaccat caggcccaac    137340
     tgaaatcagg gtaatttcag aacaggaatt tggcataggc aaccaggaat ggtgacacac    137400
     caggaatggt gacacaccag gaatggtgac acaccaggtt ttttgtttgg ctttactttg    137460
     gtttgggtgg tttggtttag gttttggttt tggttgttag agatgggatc actctctgta    137520
     gccctggcta tcctagaact tgctttgtag tccaggctgt cctccaactc taagatctgc    137580
     ctgcccctgc ctcctaagtg agtttaaagg cctgcagtac cattcctggc aaaacttaag    137640
     gcttttgact cagggtgatc caatacttgg ccacctccca aatgcgggga ttctaaatgt    137700
     gaaccatcgc accaaattta tcatttgttt ttgtttaatt tttgttttgt tttgttttgt    137760
     ttttttccaa gatagttttt ctatgtaacc ctggctaccc tcaaactcac agagaccctc    137820
     ctgcctctgc ctcttgagtg tgggggagta aaggcgtgcg tgcaccacca ctgtccagcg    137880
     aatgcttgct ttcttgcttg ctttctttct ttctttcaaa aaaaaatttt ttttaatttt    137940
     taaaaattgt tagcacatga gtgcaggtac acacaatggc cagaagaggg catcagattc    138000
     cccgagagct ggacttaatg gagcctgtga gatacttacc atgggtgtta ggaatccaaa    138060
     gaatatcttc tgcagagaca ctaataatgc atgtaaatgg tgcacacact caacgctcag    138120
     gcacaccagg taaacataga tgaaataatc tcttaggcaa ccgtggaagt ttaaaaataa    138180
     tcaaattttg gtgctggaaa gatggctcag cagttaagag cactgactgc tcttccaaag    138240
     gatccaggtt caattcccag catcaaagtg gcagctcaca actgtctcta cctccagttc    138300
     cagggatctg gcaccccctc acagacacac atgcaggcaa aacacccatg cacatgaaaa    138360
     taaacaaatc ttaaataata aatttaatac acaagaatgc agcaggccag acagaaaaca    138420
     gaactgtctg cctaaaaagg gttttttaag cagcaagtga gctgtaatgg aggttgagat    138480
     ggcccagtgg agaccaaaca tcttggatgc gctgtgcggc atctgaggag ctccccgtgc    138540
     ctcattccca ggttcccaaa gtagaagcaa aagagccccc ggtgcctgtg cagaaggtca    138600
     ccgacagctt gcacccagag ccccggcagg tggctttctg gatcatgaag atgccaaggc    138660
     ggaggaccca gcccgatgtc caggatggag gccgctggct catagaaaag cgacatcgca    138720
     tgcaggccat ccgggatggg ctccgtggag gcgcccgtga ggacagcctg gaggatgggg    138780
     tccatatccc ccaacacgcc aagctgcctg tcagaaagac acactttctc tacatcctca    138840
     ggccatccca acagctgtaa gtggggacca gatgtcccac accctacccc aacaccatat    138900
     ggaaataaag gttttcttac atctagctca atctcctttt ggtatctctt cccaaacagg    138960
     ccagaataac gactccatcc tacacataca ctcagtgctg acaatggctg tgccagctct    139020
     tccttacatc tcattcagaa catggcctct tggttgggca gctggatctc ctgtagcacc    139080
     atgatacacc tggttccgaa accattgatc caccctgtct gccatcccaa gtctttaaag    139140
     cacattgctg agccacccca gccaccaaaa tatatatttt ttagatttta caaaattact    139200
     caagatctca caaaagggaa agcaaatatt gaaaaattaa tattatgggg gctggagaga    139260
     tggcttagca gttaagagca ctggctgccc ttccagaggt cctgagttca attcccagaa    139320
     accacatggt agctcaccac catctgtaat ggtatctaat gccctcttct ggtgtgtctg    139380
     aagatagcaa caaggtattc atagacataa aataattctt ttttaaaaag ttattatttt    139440
     aaatttatat gtataaaaat tttgttggca tgtgtgtctg tgcaccatat ttgtgcctgg    139500
     agaccagaaa agggaatcag atctgctggg ggtggagtta tagaccctgt gagctgccac    139560
     atgcgtgggg cataaaacca tgccaggaaa ttcagttagg catagcaagt tcagacccag    139620
     agactctgtg cacacctgag gcttaggcga ctccctgctc ccccacccca cccacagact    139680
     cctgacttgg aacacatgcc atgcttcgca cataaatgtg tcaagctggg catggtggcg    139740
     catgccatta atcccagcac tcgggaggca aaggcaggcg gatttctgag tttgaggtat    139800
     gattttacac atccattttc cgccatgaca ataaactgtt tagaatcata gactgtctct    139860
     tttcatcaag atctgctgtg ggagccatga agaaggcctt caccttcaga gccacaaccc    139920
     actcccccat agaaggcttc tctgcgctcc cagtcacaac ctccttccct taccaagata    139980
     aggacaataa tccctgtgag actagctgga gttccccttc tcccccaacc cctgccccag    140040
     gctccaggct agatgctgtc cccagacctc aggcccctgc tcttccagga ctcccagccg    140100
     tgccaggatt tccaagagtc tgagaacccc acaaccctgg ccttgtcaca ggcctgggac    140160
     cccagaagga gctctggctt tcccaccctg ggagcaatgt cacttcctta cagcccagca    140220
     tccaccccag aggcagtatg ggataagccc agtcaaactc cctgcttctg tgtcctgagt    140280
     ggcctgcaat gtggatgctg ggaatccatc tcaggtgttc tggaaaaaca tccattgctc    140340
     ttaaacagtg gtctatgttt ccagccccag gaatggatgt tgataatagg gacaaagcta    140400
     acagggtcca gaatgcacca caagttgtcc tgaaaacacc cggcagacct ttcatctaga    140460
     ccaggcgtcc tagtttgctt tctactgctg cggtgcgtga gcaccacgat caaaaacaac    140520
     ttggggtgag caccatgatc aaaaacaact tggggagtct atttcatctt gtgatagatc    140580
     acagtccatc acagagaaga ggcagggtag gggctcgaag gaggaactga agcttgctca    140640
     gggttttgtt ttgttttttt tcatacaacc cagaagcacc ttcccagggg tggtcttgcc    140700
     cacagtgggc tgccatccac atcactcatt aaccaagaaa atatccccac aggcttgcct    140760
     actgacaggg taacttttca gttgaggttt tcagatgact ctggcttttg tcaaggcaac    140820
     aaaaaactaa acagcacaca cagggtctga tggtcagtaa ggtgagaaag accttgcact    140880
     ttttgcctct acctcccgag tactggtaca ctaccctgcc caattcacta ggccctaggg    140940
     attgaatgag ggcaccctca gtcaaacacc gtacccctga gctacatgcc cagtccttat    141000
     cattacatgc atgtgttttt aaacagcaag gggtaggaaa gtgaacatga tagggtctgc    141060
     atgtggaatt caggggccct ccttgcacca tgtgggtcct ggggattctt ctcagatcga    141120
     tcaccgggat gggtggcaag tgtctttact cttttttggt ttggtttttt tttttttttt    141180
     tttttggctt tttcgagaca gggtttctct gtgtagccct ggctgacctg gcactcactt    141240
     tgtagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa tctgcctgcc tctgcctccc aagtgctggg    141300
     attaaaggcg tgcaccacca cgcccggctg ttggaccctt aataataaaa aagttcgaat    141360
     agtccacagg catggactga ggcagggtga ttgcttcaag tccgaagcca tcctgggcta    141420
     catagctaag cagtaagtag aaactataat agtttgggaa aacagcttgg gtacctatta    141480
     atgcgggggg cggggggggg ggagggaatg gagcggaagt gaggctggac cagactgcgc    141540
     atcattgtga cagtggcggg cgagccagac ccaaaagaaa gaacttggtt caaagactga    141600
     caagaagaaa aggatgaaca gggagtcctt cggttgaact ctctcctgct tggccctatt    141660
     ttgtcaagca gaaggaaagg atttttgtac cgcagaagaa agctgccgat aatatcgcgc    141720
     catcaccgct agccccacta gtgcgcatgc actcgatcct caggtccagc ctatcctccc    141780
     gagaagctct acgcatgcgc cagctcaagg gtcttcgtaa ggagagaccc gggcgccatc    141840
     cactcggagt gcgcttgcgt gagtacaaga gcctgagagg gcgggacttg caggaggccg    141900
     gctcatttgc atttctggcg ggaaaaggcg cgtgtgaaca cgcctcttcc gtgacattcg    141960
     caaccgccgt tcgtcgctgg tgtccctcaa ctgagtcccg actccaggta cgccctgcct    142020
     gtggcgactt tcatggcagg ttccccggta acatcacctg ccagctcctt caaaaacgcc    142080
     ccaagttttg agacaaggtt tctctgtgta gccctggctg acctggaact cactctgtag    142140
     accaggctgg cctcgaactc cgaaatcctc ctgcctctgc ctcccgagcg ctgggattaa    142200
     aggcgtgcgc caccgtgacc ggcttcctca ggaaaattct agtggcaact tcggcaatcc    142260
     tgtcagactc ttgaaacttc cggttgcttt ttgttgcttg ttttctattt ttgtttgaga    142320
     cagaccctcc aagtgctgcc caggctggcc acgacctcat gatcctcatt ccccagtttt    142380
     aggattacag ctctcccaga tgtgcccaac tgcaatcttc tagaactttt gaaacctaac    142440
     acttaatcta ttttgttttt gtgggtaggg taggtgtttt tgttttgaga cagggtttct    142500
     ttgtgtagca ttgactgtcc tggaactctc tctgtagacc aggctggcct gtgtgcttct    142560
     ggttcccacg tgctgggatt aaaggtgtgc accaccactg cctggctttt gtttgggtgt    142620
     ttttggtttt tgttgttgtt ggggtttttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttttga gtattttgcc    142680
     ggcatgtttg tatgtgtgtc aggtatgtgc ctgtggagac caggtggttt tgtatccctc    142740
     tgaactaaaa ttgcagatga ggaggagttc acatgtgtgt agtgggattc caacccatat    142800
     ctatctggaa gagtaaactg ttagtcctct taacgactaa gctaccctcc agggactctc    142860
     tagggcttca gtaaattgcc cagactctac tcaaaacctt ggatcctgct gcctcagcct    142920
     cctgagtgct ggtatcacag gtgtagccca ccacgccagc cgctaggatc ttctagatat    142980
     cccatcagag tctccctcaa aaacctgtca gagacttttc ctctgaaatc ttggtggaga    143040
     tttggtgttc aagtcctatc tgatacttta gaaatctgta gttgccctac aagttccgcc    143100
     ggggactctg aaatctagtg acaccccaga aatgcagccc ttgaattcta gtccagggat    143160
     cccctccaga cttcctccat gtttaaaacc cacaagacac tcactggcca cctgatatcc    143220
     cttgttcctc aagattttgt ccgagtttcc ccttgaaaga gtctcagaaa gcctcttctt    143280
     tccctggtgc cttctaaaag cctctgagat ggacagcagg aggatcccca ctagctgaag    143340
     accagcctgc tttacacagc ttcagaaggc ccactacagc taaagctaca taatatatat    143400
     ttactaagtc cctgtctcca aaagccagat aataatgtct ccagaaaaca ttcggctgcc    143460
     ggaatacagg caaggcagag tgatggctgc attccctgag gaaagggaga gaggctgctt    143520
     ctctcccctt cggtgacaaa gatataggct ggatcactcc agattcaaaa tagattaagg    143580
     cgggcttacg aggaggcatc aacctccacc cacctcacac gtggagatca gtgaagtcac    143640
     acatccaggc taagcttagc aaaggtgttt tataaagctt agacggggag tgataacgtg    143700
     ccagctaggg gctgggatta tgtccttaca tggtcaaaag ctgagacccc gggggcgggg    143760
     gggggggggg ttggcactta tgggtggata gctggaaagt ggagaggaga ggtgttagcc    143820
     ccaagttttg tccttgtggg cagagttgag gggagaagag caaaggaggt ttcttagctt    143880
     ttgcagggga tgagcagggg ttccaaacaa acaaagggga gccaagcagg aggaaaccca    143940
     ggctctctct acccttggcc ccagtcccta gagggactac tgacagtgcc tccttttctc    144000
     ctgaaagtga ctggccagtc gggcgtggtg gccagcacta gggaggcaga ggcaggcaga    144060
     ttggatttct gagttcgagg ccagcctggt ctacaaagtg agttccagga cagccagggc    144120
     tatacagaga aaccctgtct cagggaagaa aaaaaaaagt gactggccag gctgtaatag    144180
     aggcaggaca gcactgtcag ggtgcagagg agggagtccc tgtgaccaca gaagcctgtg    144240
     agagtcaagc ccactcataa atataggcct tgggagtgtc tgtaaagatg tctcagtggt    144300
     aaagagcact gagttcaatt cccagcaacc acatggtggc tcacaaccat ctgtaatggg    144360
     atctgatgcc ttcttctgtc atgcaggcat gcatgcaaat agagcactca tataaataaa    144420
     taaacaaaca aacaaataaa taaattttat ttttaaaaag ggggagcagc atggagatgg    144480
     ctggtggagg agaaaaacaa cagagttgat tttcaacaga gaagagccta gagagaaggc    144540
     ccggtggtta agagaacttg ctgtgtgtca gcgtgagggc acatgccttt agtcccagca    144600
     ccctgaagca ggtggatctc ttgagttcaa ggctggtatt cctggcaagt gttaggccag    144660
     ccagatctcc agagagagac tctttgtttg gaaaagaaaa gaataagaag ccactgagac    144720
     acttactact tttgcaaatg accaagtttt gattctcaga tggcacatgc cagctcacaa    144780
     ccttctctct ccagttccag gtgctctgat gccctcttct gacctccacc acatcacaaa    144840
     acacatttaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagggt gagaagcagg cctggtgatg gccatgcaca    144900
     ttcttttttt gtttgtttgt tttgtttttt ggggttgttt tgttttgttt tgttttgttt    144960
     tgttttttcg agacagggtt tctctgtgta gccctggctg tcctggaact cactctgtag    145020
     accaggctgg cctcgaactc agaaatccgc ctgcctctgc ctcctgagtg ctgggattaa    145080
     aggcgtgcac taccaccgcc cggcggccat gcacattctt gccaaggcaa agagatcaca    145140
     aattcaaggc cagcctggcc atcttagggt ggctttgttt ccaaatacaa agagagccag    145200
     agtgtgtagc ttaacagtag aacacaggta ttaatcatta gtaagcagct gccctgggat    145260
     ttgatagtag agcacttgcc tagaatctac cagtgaaaga ttgaaggtga ctcagtgata    145320
     aaagtgactg gaagtaggga agagcactag gaggccagca gtctacagag gaccccatgg    145380
     tctgcctaca ggcagggagg gagcctgctg ggctgtagtc agctccagat agagtgaaat    145440
     gttccagaga acaagaggca ggaaggcaag agtcccaagc agagacatag taggagcagc    145500
     aggccacttt accaaatggc atgcaggtta gatgactgct agacgatata gcatgatttg    145560
     gggagagaaa gctgctggcc caggccacac tgtgcctctg ttgctagacc caagcaggct    145620
     cggactcaaa gaagccacag ccacacaggt caaatctgca gcctgtggga atggactgga    145680
     acctggcagg aagctaggac atgggccaca gagaacaagg tgagcccgag gtcggactgt    145740
     gaagagaccc agaagagagc aagatggaat ctctaggaca ggaatggtga cttgttgggt    145800
     tatggggaag agaggtggcc tcaagcccta ggggcaacag ttgaccccac cctcttgcct    145860
     ccccctttga tcttgctgct gcctgctctc ttcagtcctc aggttgccat cccacacctc    145920
     aaagccataa aaacaggttg gagttgggat ggggatggca aacaggttct gagaaccctg    145980
     agggcctcgg gcagtgatgg agcagtttag tcagccgaga gtgtggccag tctgaggaag    146040
     ccatcactct gcttgtcctt gtaggagcta tctggacatc ctttcttttc cccaaccctc    146100
     ctcacagtgg agggaagctg agagcttcga cagcagctgt agaggagcat caggagtggt    146160
     ccatggacct gccggagggc caggctggtg gtccaactgc acagagtaag tatctgcctg    146220
     caggaggaag agggagctgc gggtcaggct gggagcagga gagatgctag ggtgggcaga    146280
     ggcaaaggat gctaggataa gtgtcaattg tgtgcctgtc acatgtctgc cctatctcct    146340
     ctctggaggg ctattgagga cagaaggctc cacacactat aacacccaca cttcgcacct    146400
     cttactttgg gtaaaacagg taccctgtca cctctatccc tcctactgca cttgccttcc    146460
     caacactggt gtctgtctag cacctgctta gtctaagact ctccccggag catggctgta    146520
     cagaccctgc tccactcgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    146580
     tttgtgtgtg tgtgtgcgcg cacgcacgca cccacacagt gcagaagagc agaagatgga    146640
     atccaaggtt ttatgtgtgc taggcaacca gtcacttctg agttgtgatc ccatctccca    146700
     gtgttgtttt tgttttatga gacaggatct ggatttgaac tctcactgat cctagctcag    146760
     cctctcaagt gctgagatga cattcgtgta ccaccatgct cagctctcat atttaatttt    146820
     taatttttta aaagagaaaa gctgggtggc ggtggtggta cgcaccttta atcccagcac    146880
     tcaaggaggc agaggcaggc agatctctgg gtttgaggcc aggctggtct ataaagcctg    146940
     gtctataatt ctaggacagc cagggctaca tagagaaacc ctatcttgag agagagagag    147000
     aaagaatgca tagctggcag aggggtcaca cctatagaac tgaagggtct gagaaaataa    147060
     gaaagttgga ggccaagtca agcaggtggt gtaaatggta tgttaactga ttttatgtaa    147120
     cttggttcat ataccgactg tttgctgtgt taagcctcat ggaaacatgc caagttattc    147180
     ctgtgttcac agacatcctt gagaactagg atgtgcctta cactaacaga acgctccgtt    147240
     ccagcttggc ctgcttacgt gcaggagaag aagcacgtgc agtgggcctc tgcacactgg    147300
     tgctgctgcc ccagatcaat gcctgttttg ctgtgggcag atgcagacaa gtgggcgtgg    147360
     gagccagcgc gcatcagctt tcggaggaag gtgctggctc actgactcct gtgggccagc    147420
     ctctatctct atgtccctaa ctcctgtttt cttccccgcc gatctgtctc tgccctatct    147480
     cagcaactct tttccccaag aatcaccctc ctggtttctc tgtctccatc tcctgaggct    147540
     gtgctaacag ggaggccagc ctgatggggt aggaagctcc agcgtctata taggcagttc    147600
     cgactaatgc aggaacacct gtcttttagg ctcctgggag tcgacaagta cgcctgcagc    147660
     tttgctcaag gctgagatct gcaccccaac ctcaggggta gcctctgcaa ataggagggg    147720
     tttacaggca agacaccagc atgctaataa ggctggctag cttgggagat gactggcatc    147780
     taaaccttgc ctgcaccagc agagggcgag cagccaccag gaattaggac catggccagg    147840
     tcagcttctg agattgcaga ctgaaaagga agaacacacc cacaggggaa agccgaggct    147900
     gaaagacagg gatggcaaag aagagagaag gcgcttggga cagagtatca agattaagat    147960
     agagtacagg gtggggggag aaaagggact gaaggacaca ggacagaggc tgaacatgtg    148020
     agagaggttg gggaaaaatg agaacaatgg tccagaaaga gcagggtggt ggtcatgcac    148080
     gcctttaacc acagcacata gaggcagagg caggtgaatc tctaaattca aggccagcct    148140
     ggtctacggg gtgagttcca ggacagccag gatgccagga ctacacggag aaaccctgtc    148200
     ttgaaaatcc ccccccccaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaggaga gagagaaagg ggggggggga    148260
     cggaacagtg tcttccttca ggacctcagg aagggactat gcaccattgg cctttctggg    148320
     ccacagcaca gagtcctcct ctgtaacacg ggacggtgga gagcagtagg ccagctgaag    148380
     tcttctacct ccccaaacta acctgcccta ctgccctccc atgggagcca gaagagtcca    148440
     ggtcaaactg gggtacagca tcctggaagt gtcagggtga gagaagagac tctgtgctgg    148500
     aaggtgcctg tgaccgcttg tgctgcccgt ctgcctcaga ctcctcgtgt agggatagga    148560
     gctgctgcgg tgctgacgct ccatgagtgc ctgtagttac agaccacgca gaggcccacc    148620
     cacatgcatc catttcttcc ccaaaaggga ggggggcttt ctcagaggat actgctgaca    148680
     ctcagagggg gtggggggca ggacaggggt ctctagtgcc agctcagact ctaaccctgc    148740
     agccatgtgc aatgggcact catctcagca ggccaggctg tcagaggtat gaaagccacc    148800
     tccagcttgg agaagctctg tttattgagt gcctgctgta ttcatgtgat gtgaatatag    148860
     ctagctgcag gccaacagac cctggaaaac aggaacatag gcaggcacac agtgggtctg    148920
     agccaggtga gagctgccct accaatacac acaggccaca cacacatatg aacacacaca    148980
     tgtaaacaca taaacactcc acatttgcat agacacatgt gcacatacat tgacacacat    149040
     gcatacacat attgcacata cacacccaaa catcacacac tcactccgac actcacaccc    149100
     acacacacat gcctgcactc acatctttac atatgcagaa ggaacaaccc tctcaccctc    149160
     ctgagggggg ttttactgac acagaaacag acctcccaaa gaagaggctt gccacagaca    149220
     tgctgcagag ctgctgagtc aggggagtct ggcaggaaac tcagctccta accagtcccc    149280
     tgccaccccc tgcttccaca gccccatccc tcctctttat cttggtgttg gccctgagtc    149340
     ctccagctct gatgacgcca tgctgaggat gtggagagga gagacttggt ccctggggca    149400
     actgggagaa gggctgcagc gggtgggatc gatggaggct gcccacgcct tattggattg    149460
     ttcctggctc ctcggccacc ttcatcctgc ctcccccttg ctttcctcaa gcctggtccc    149520
     ccctgcccat agcccgggag actggaggag ggcagggctg agggtcatct cagagctcat    149580
     taatggcttc cagagtccat tggctaacca agccttaggc agacagtagg ggcatctcct    149640
     agcctaagag atgggactgc ttgagagcag tgactcaaaa tcctccctgt tgccacctcc    149700
     ctggaagcct cccgctgtcc tttaccagtc cccaccacag agctttcaat gaaagtcccc    149760
     cagactcagc agagcccagg cattaggatc atgctcctgg tgtctccgca ttgagagggg    149820
     accccctttt ctctacagtg tacctctggg aacagcccga ggaagcgagt tcaaggccac    149880
     tgctcagcct agaggaacag atccttaact ccacatttga agcctgtgac cctcacaaga    149940
     caggtggggg ctggggatcc acaggaaggg ctggacccgg gctgccctgc ttaggggtcc    150000
     ttcaggagta gggtaagggc atggatcagg ggatgagtag cggggcttgg gccccaggta    150060
     catagttagc ctctggcctg gttacagcag tggctgctgc cctggctcat gctctttggt    150120
     ccactctgag atggactgga aaacttaact caggagaggg acttgcccca ggtggctctg    150180
     catgctgtag ggcaggcgtg tcatcaacct gctgatgaca gacactgttc ttaaaccgtg    150240
     gcctgtccca ctggccattg cccagtccag gtctccctac catgctctgt cccaggcact    150300
     gtgactgtgg cccacctcct ggcctacctg gaggctgtga caggacaggg acctcaggat    150360
     gtgcgcctcc aaacactggc ccggagcttg gacccttatg gagagggtgc tggagccact    150420
     gtggaactgg acacctttct ggtggtcatg cgggactgga ttgctgcctg tcagctgcag    150480
     gggtgagtcc ctacaccagc agcctcctac ctaggaagac tttcctcacg tctgctctgc    150540
     agtcaatact agttaggccc aggaaccccg tgtggttggc ttgggactaa ggagaggcat    150600
     ctaaaaggac acggaggggt gaaggggtct gagaaccagc tgccttgggt gatggtgcag    150660
     gggtccaagt agaaggagca gggcgaccat aggaagggct gcccttcaca gcccaggccc    150720
     tgccatctgg cttcaccctt acccatagag cctctctccc tacagccctc ctctcctcca    150780
     tcaccccaca cctctgtagg cacaggtcat ggctgtggtg accacagggg acctgagcct    150840
     cttgcctttg atacagggga ttagagcggg cagaggagac cgcctacgag ggagccctgg    150900
     cttctccaca cctgccatct ggtgagacta tttatagaag gcgctgggtg gcaggggtca    150960
     gcgggggtta gcagggactt ctcatctact cgctccacac agcaagggct aaagagatct    151020
     ggggcctttg ctcagcctgc agctgtggtg gctttctggt gcctttggga cagtcccact    151080
     ctggacttca ggctcaggtt ttccaaccct tcctcccatc tccagcccta atgtagagcc    151140
     tgaggggact gcagcctcca cggtatctag ctgaggcctg gggcacccac actatgaaat    151200
     cttcacttgg cacagggcag tcttggctcc ccatcctgcc ccaccacaca cacctcgtac    151260
     acctgcttcc cttcccttga gagcagacat ctgtcccagc tgtatcccag ccctatactg    151320
     gggtgctgag tgcaggaact cacacctcag aggtgtatgg ctaaaacgtg gctttacaga    151380
     acccagactg tagctctctt ggcattcttt ttttgtttgt tggttggttt ggtttcagag    151440
     ggttgtttgt ttgtttgtat ttgttttgtt attgtttctt tgagacaggg tctctctcta    151500
     taactctggc tttcctggaa cttactatgt aaactagggc tagccttgaa ctcacagaga    151560
     tcaccctgcc tctgcctcac tactgctggg attaaagact tgcaagactt gaatcttgag    151620
     gcttctgttt tggggggcag ggagggctgt gagcagcaga ggggtaggtc acgtagacaa    151680
     gtcggagggt gaggctggag agtgcccagg gagagactaa gggagtggta gagcagagag    151740
     tccaacagat ggcaggctgc tagtgcggag gcctgaggag ggaagctggg gccaggagag    151800
     gagtggcttg ggaagtggag gtatctatct agccctcctg actggctcag agacctggct    151860
     gagctccagg ccagtgtgcg caagcagcct atagaataag agtaattcag cccagggaac    151920
     cccagagcta cacattaaga aactgggagg ccagaatcct gggacagtcc cagggtcctt    151980
     ggacacccca acatttaatt taccagaaac tccaacctcc tgtctctttc cagtgtgccc    152040
     agaagctgag gagtcagcca acttagagag ctttggagga gaagacccca ggcccgaggg    152100
     gtgcctgtcc tcccctcccc cactgcaacc ccactccatt ttctccagtc tctctggggt    152160
     gcgggagtgg ggagactgat gtctcggcct aggagagcct tgggctttcc ttctgatctt    152220
     cctcagagga gtattttctg actgccagca cctgccccac ctaaggaagc tatgggagag    152280
     ggagggggag caggagcagg ttggtcacca gacccttgct gtcctcaggc ctgccacagc    152340
     tgagctgctg agcaacctgg aggacctaga gctaagcaac cggcgtcttg ctggtgagaa    152400
     tgccaagcta caacgcagtg tggagactgc ggaggagggc tctgcacgcc taggggagga    152460
     gatcacagcc ctgcgcaagc agctgcgaag gttagggtta gggtacccgt gccttcctcg    152520
     gtgaccctac cctgggctgt gtgggagcct gggatctagg tactgctggc actctaccgc    152580
     ccagccttgt cttccatctg cctctgtgtg gggcttatct cctagccttt ggcttcagtc    152640
     ttgactgcct cattccagtt ttgccctctt tcccaccccg tacccctttc ttcctttgct    152700
     gtatggccca tgttcccttc ctgagtgaac actgtctcca ccccacatta caccccagtc    152760
     ccttctgtgc cccttggcct acctcgtgtc tgctcccagg ctccctctgt ctgtctggca    152820
     tattttgctc tgcttctctg cctgtctccc ctcacgtctg tgccacctct cagtacccag    152880
     caggccctgc aggtggccaa ggctttggat gaggagctag aggacctgaa gactctggcc    152940
     aagagcctag aggagcagaa tcgcagtctg atggcccagg cccggcacac agtgagtgct    153000
     ggcagggaaa aggacagggg aaggggcaga ggttagctga gttccaggtc ctgctcaccc    153060
     cacactcccc cagatggcag gagtcgtgcc cccaccccca ccccgccaca gcccaccccc    153120
     acagcccagc tcttcagtaa tacaggctct gactgcattc ctgggtcaag gaggcactgg    153180
     cactgggacc agaactgatt ctgttctctc tggggtgggc caggagaagg agcagcagca    153240
     cctggcggct gaggtagaga cgctacagga ggaggtgagc cgaggcccac ccaccttcaa    153300
     gggttcctac ccctatccgg cagacccagc atcccacatg ctgtgatagt ccctgggggg    153360
     cattcatggg gaggccctgg ccagttcttc ttatgtctgc atcatggtgc cctcaccatc    153420
     aggggagcaa gccagtcagt ggtctcacct catgtgaggc ttaaactaga aaatgcttag    153480
     aaagttccta actcaaggta ggatatatag ggtgtgcaca gtaaaatcca acaagctggt    153540
     atagtgttcc gtgcctgcca tcccagcact caggagtttg aagcagaagg attttgaatt    153600
     caagactagc ctcagctatg taactagact gtctgaaaaa aaaaatgtca catgccttcg    153660
     tttttatcag tgtgttggtg gtgagtttga tctctggcaa tgcaaatgaa actgcaaaaa    153720
     cttataaaac attgttttaa gcataggcat tgagtcaccc taggagcacg ataggccact    153780
     tccaaggatg ctgctctttc tttcatttct gaggggtttt gttttttgtt ttttgttttt    153840
     tttgtttttg tttttgtttt ttgagacggg gtttctctgt gtagtcctgg aacttactct    153900
     gtagaccagg ctggcctcga actcagaaat ccacctgcct ctgcctccca agtgctggga    153960
     ttaaaggcgt gcgccaccac acccgggtcc agcttttttt ttcctgcttg tagcctcata    154020
     gtcacagatg gtttaaggca gggtgcatgc acccacagac acacacacac actcacacac    154080
     tcacatactc ctgcccctct gtgtgttgtt tcaacagcca actcaccata tcgttggctg    154140
     gggaggatcc cttagccaca gctgcaaggg agcctgggag gacgaggaag cagccagata    154200
     ggaggggttg ggacagctgt ttctatagca gacaggtttt cttgtcactg cccccagggc    154260
     atgtcatgca ggcggcagga gtcagctgtg tgaactggcc acctgcaccc ctgcctccta    154320
     caccaggccc tgtgccctgc agagggactt ctaggcatgc aagttcaagc agagctagag    154380
     ctattctcag ccccttgctg acccactgca gctgcccact gaaatctaga gattgagatc    154440
     tcaggttaca ccgcatggcc tgctggagta acaggatact cggtctccca aagtctggct    154500
     gctggctgaa tcccaaggat ctacagccgg tgcttctgca ggaggctgca cggtgctgag    154560
     atggcttttg ggtcccacca ggtggacagg tgttgacaca gcactcccag ctgtccttcc    154620
     tctgcccttc acccagcagc ccgagctgct gagatgaatg acgcactggt gaccgggagc    154680
     agggatgggg ctagatacca aagagctact ggcctcgtct cctgggctct ggaggaggat    154740
     gtggcttgct agacttcagg tgcctggaac cttggacttg gaattgtcat attcatttgt    154800
     ttgtttgttt gctcatttgt ttgtttaaga caggtcttct ctgtgtaacc ctggctgtcc    154860
     tggaacttgc tctatagatc aggctggcct cgaactcaga ggtttgcctg cctctgcctt    154920
     ctgagtgctg gcattaaagg catgtgccac cactgcccag ctttgttttt gttttttaag    154980
     atgaggtctt gttatatagc ccaggctggc ctggtattaa aagttatcct cctacatcag    155040
     cttgcctggt gctgagatga cagctgcatt tcctcacacc cagcttcggt cacactggag    155100
     agctgttgtg gatgcctttt cctgacctca gtgtctcccc tggggaggct cagcccaggc    155160
     accacctcct aaccaagccc tgtggctgtt ctaccaccca gcttgagtct ctcagtgagc    155220
     cttgggctta gtgtaatctg tgtcttcctt gttccacttc tggtccctgt gcaccttgtg    155280
     catacaacac caccacttct cacgaggctt ttgtcaccca gagttttatc tgcgcccccc    155340
     cagaggctga gtgttagagg tgggactggg catcacacag atggggcagc cttgccaagt    155400
     ctcgtagcct ctgttcagtt cctcctgtag agctgaaggg aaggatgcta ttaatggcta    155460
     tatagccaca cacttacaga gccaatgtaa tatggacagt gccagccctg gatctaccca    155520
     cctgcttgca ggtgactgtg aagtcactac aggggtccac atctgggggc atatgtctgc    155580
     cacaggccaa caccctaggt ggaatacaag aagacggggt gattttgttg ccaactctgg    155640
     aattacattt tactaaagga aataagttgt cataagtagg taaacactgg ggttgctcca    155700
     ggcaaaatgg gagatttgct ttaataaaat gactgagtta gacaagaaag caaaagaaat    155760
     aaagaaaagg aggaaccaaa gtctagttat tacagtgggc atgagggtga ggtatgatgg    155820
     ctcatacctg ccttcctgct aaagcgggag gattacaaat tcaaagccag cccaagctat    155880
     atattgagac tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgcatgtgcg tgcgcgcact tgcaagtatt    155940
     ctgggctcac tatactttag tttcgtatgt taggaagcat gagtttcttt aattatctat    156000
     aactgttcat ctctaacatt tatatctggt gcatgccagg cgcatgctga ctcaactcta    156060
     atgtctgtaa tcattcacgt tcactggcct gtgctagcat gagtaagagc tgtgtgacat    156120
     gagacaaatt actcagcccc tctgttcctg agttgccttt atctcattaa aactgggaaa    156180
     agaaatggag tcatacatgc aaagtactta gatgtactca ttcactcatt tagctcccag    156240
     ggacctcata caatctaggt atcacctcat tggtggggaa accacctatg gagaaagggc    156300
     agacaaggtc cctcccttca gggtgatgga agaaaggggc tgcctggaga gcagccatgg    156360
     cagtgaatgg cagctgtcca cctcacactc ctggttggtg agcatggctg tcctccctgc    156420
     agaatgagaa gctgctagct gagagagatg gagtgaaaag gcggagtgag gagttggcca    156480
     cagagaagga cgctttgaag gtgcggaacg tgtactcacc tccctgtacc cgagtcagcg    156540
     ctggagttgc tgagaacagg ctcttgcgtc agaatccaca tgccacatcc taggcagtca    156600
     gctggagtcc ccctcagagc agctgacacc cacgggtgtc actggcagct gagggaagac    156660
     tggacaggga cggtgcaggg aggagggtgc gcagtgggag gccgagggga gatgtgggag    156720
     gcctgtgaag agatggatag gctctttcct tggcagcggc agctctgtga gtgcgaacga    156780
     ctcatttgcc agcgtgaagc agtcctctca gaggtgaggg acagggaggg gacagacctg    156840
     cccttagcgt gccttcatag cccctgcctt gtgtggcagg agcccaccca ggtctgggcc    156900
     ctagccaagc aacccacacc ggcccaaggg attctcccag gttacagtgt ggcctgcagg    156960
     ctgtcccagc tcagccagcc ccccttcagc agcctcatgt cttggggaac tgagccctgc    157020
     ctcaggtagc tttgtgttcc gtaccccagc gtacccgcca tgcagagagt ctggcccgga    157080
     ccttggagga gtacagaact accacccagg tagtacctga gcccatggtg ccccttctgc    157140
     ccgtctctat gggttctttg cagctggctt tcctccctgc taagcactgc atctctctgc    157200
     cccttccctc ctcactctgc atccctgacc tctactggct ctgttttgtg tggacatttt    157260
     tcccatagca ctcacctctc tgggggcaac tgtctcccct gggccgagtc catccgtctg    157320
     tctgggtaac tcctttgtgt gtttttctgt gaatctaccc accttagagt cccttctgcc    157380
     tttgtgatgc tcgggctgtc tggtgctctg ggcttctgaa ctctcttagt cccggacctt    157440
     tggccactgc tgcttcaccc tggtaactgg cagtatgtgt cggcaagagg agtgtgtggg    157500
     ctccacgggg gcccatgctc tgcttcttac aggaactaag gcaagagatc tcaaacctgg    157560
     aggagcagct gagtcagagc caggaaggcc cagaggagtg agtggtgttc aggagggaat    157620
     ggggatgaat gagccatgga tcatggagag ggggggagcg agtggatggt tgggcagaca    157680
     ggggcaggag agggctgggc cacagggtga agtctgttcc aaaagctagg cctcccctgt    157740
     gtgtggccag gctgctggaa ggggctgagg caggaagagt aggctggatc atggccctgc    157800
     ccccatcact agacttggag atccaagcta tccgacaggt aggctctgct tccatggaaa    157860
     ctctccatgt atccctgttc agaccctcac tctggccaga gcagcacctc gtcatcgcct    157920
     gcccttctcc agctttctct gccttagccc cagccctgaa aactccaagg ccatgttcct    157980
     taacatcatc tctcaccaat ctggtcccat caccaatttc ctccgttcct ccatatcttt    158040
     ccgcctattg tcttgtccca gccccacacc tgtgcccccc ttcacctctg tcctgcctgt    158100
     gcccccactt ttctctggcc ctcccaggtt cacatacagc ttctgcttcc aggagcagga    158160
     tgtagccagt gctggcctct ctagtcctct gtatggagtg tggcagtggg aagaggtgga    158220
     gcctgagcct gagcctgagc ctgagcctga gcctgagcct gagccgcagg aggttgagtt    158280
     tccctctgag gaccctgcta ggcaacaggt actcagagag aggccctgag ccacaggagt    158340
     ccaggggccc ccaaggctct accctctctg ctcctttgct gtgtcttgct gtgttgtcta    158400
     ctcagtgagc ttgcagagag cctgatgcag gtggggggtc cagccccagc caacagaaca    158460
     cacccctgcc ctcaagggac agacaaagtc aggctgcccc atagaaaaac tgtcaagatg    158520
     cgcttattca tggtgaaaga catgaaatgt cgttttaaaa agcttcatgg tgatggtggc    158580
     gtatgccttt aatcccagtg ctggggaggc agaggcaggc ggatctccga gaccagcctg    158640
     ctctacagag caagttccag gagagccacg gatacacaga ggaaccctgt ctttaaaaaa    158700
     taatattaaa gtgagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    158760
     gagagagaga gagatggggg aatggaagga aggcttacca ctaaaatgat tctaagctac    158820
     acagaggctc tatctcaaga acaccagggg tctttctagc caaggtctat actatgctag    158880
     gcaattattc taccgctaag cagaagctcc tgtgtactcc tgagctggcc ctgtatatag    158940
     atgagtcacc caagacaagt gaccccaaat ggtccagttt aggtagcagc tggcctggga    159000
     tggagggggt gtctgttcca gctgggggac agtagaggga aaatgacctt gtcgtgggac    159060
     ctgagatgct tggggacata aagccacacc atggtctcgg gtgactcggc aaagggtctg    159120
     tcttcagctg tgagtgggca ggatagggac agggaaggag ggcggtcccg agaagggagg    159180
     taggggagga ggaggaggag aagaaaagaa ggggggcaag atggccagag agctataccc    159240
     cagctcccag gaagtagaaa caggaagata ggcactcaag gtcgtcccca gcctctggaa    159300
     catagtgagt ccatgccaga acagagtaac aacagaaagt gtcagggtgg tggagttggt    159360
     agctgagggc acaggcacac aggaggcctc tctggagaat gggccctgca gaggactagg    159420
     ggcatccaga gacccccaga gggaaaaagg aagaaagtac tgagccccct cttgacactg    159480
     gctggtgcat gggggaggga caccctgggg acatcagtct ctagtcctga gaaggagtta    159540
     gagtcatcag tgcccatggc atatctggct ttccgtgggt gctgagaggg ggtccacgga    159600
     gagtttggaa gcttgtatcc ccaggggtca tctacatcag tctggacctc aggtagtggg    159660
     taccttgctg gagctgggtc agaagcccag agagggctct ggtgcagagt ccaggagacc    159720
     aaatcttgat gttctgcaga cagacttgca gagagagcca gtgcgtgctc tagaaggaag    159780
     cagagctcca tgcttgcggt aaggatcagg ttaacagacc tcctctgccc cggtggtgta    159840
     gttctgactg caagagtcac atccccctcc tccatctagt ctgtggctgt ctcagaaccc    159900
     ttgacctgcc ctcagtacat cctgatcctg gcaattccaa aaaggagtgg gcagagggac    159960
     cctagggagt ccaggggctc tgggaggcac cccaaggatc aggctgggtt tatagttgtc    160020
     acccttcagg gagccagagg tgctgggaaa atactgatag gggccttgag ggttcccagg    160080
     cctggaagac cccacaggct ccagatcagt ataaggctcc aataaacagg ctgatgtaag    160140
     cctccatggg tcctgggagt ccagctctga gactgatggg ggtgtatttt gaggccttac    160200
     tcaggctttg agtaagaatg gaaagcgctg gatgtctggt ctcagcgcct tcagcttcct    160260
     gtggtgcccc ccctcctcca gactcctgcc tccacagcta atgaggcccc tacacaacct    160320
     ctaattggac ttgtctgggc agagctgaga ttgggctggc tcagggctct gatcagtgtg    160380
     acctcctcct acgtcatcgg gatggaggga agaaaggact tatgccccct gggtaggact    160440
     gctaccaaca cattttcagg gtggcaaatg ctggagccca acatgggacg gggctggggc    160500
     ctgaccgcga aaggctgggg actcaacacc cctcgatgtg agcatttcag ggggtcccac    160560
     agcagtgtat agtgggaccg ggctgggaga agctgtgtgc ctgaggctgc tggcttgatg    160620
     gcaactacaa gattagatcc ctgatcctca gtgaagcaga ggctggtgtc agggacacct    160680
     gggtccctgg ggagccaacc agcctctgaa gcttcacact agcctcaaag catgggctta    160740
     gggtgtgggg gtggcactga cacacccaga gaaatgattt agaaatgatt tagcccagat    160800
     aggaaggtac cagggctggg agaggggagc tggacaacca gtctctaaca agacccggaa    160860
     gaccagggct gagaaatgac acagtaccag ttaccctcat gggtgcccag ggttcacaca    160920
     ccctggggtg tctgatttgg gggcaaagta ggaaccttgg ttctacctag gttctgctgg    160980
     aaggagacaa ctaggaatgc ctggttcaag ggcttctgag ccttttgggg atcacaaact    161040
     ccaaaatttg ctttttaaaa atttctgaga atgggaaaag aacagggagg tagggtgtcc    161100
     agtgactttg tttgctatag gttgtccaga agccaggaag aggaggaaga agaagaggag    161160
     agctgggtcc tggtaggcaa tccctggaac ctgtcctatc cccagaaact gaggacctaa    161220
     tcccagctct tccctcaagc ttgtgctcct caggaacaga cagaaaaatc atttggtcag    161280
     gagataacaa ggccctcgct gcaactaatg agaggcaggg tcgggagggg gaggctgaag    161340
     gcaattggca gccagactat tccccgaaga ccccagctac aaaagacagg ctgcagtttc    161400
     cactctgagc ctgggatctc acagattcca ccccaattgc accacagact cccacactcg    161460
     ttgaacaagg aacttgtggg ctcaaagatc tggccagact gcctgggcct gggctcctcc    161520
     acccttgtcc gtggcaggac aggtagaggt ctcagcccag ctcttgtcaa ggggaggtaa    161580
     aggaagttga tgagcgacga ggccagcgac tgagaagtgt aggacaggca ctggagtcct    161640
     caccgccctg tcacactcag gcccctcact gaggagaccc agctcctctc tgttctcagt    161700
     tcagtgccag gcagagttgg gtgcaagacc tagcagttgg gagtggcatg ctacttggtt    161760
     tatcactgct ggtcattgta tttggagcaa atgtgggcat tggaagaccc tgactggcag    161820
     acaggtggcc cttccagaga gacagaagga ggggtgacag gctggcactg ggaggcaact    161880
     tagccatagc atgtgtgcct ggcataggaa cacgcacctg taaaccaatg ccctgggggg    161940
     tggaaactca acaggatcag gtgggaggag gaagagaagt gtgggctgag agtctctcgc    162000
     cctcgttaac tactgtgtca taggcactgt tcttgccctg cctgctctcc ccattcactc    162060
     actcacccgg cgagcagaag gctgtagtca tccctgacca gcggggacac atggcctcct    162120
     gtgtagtctg catccagggt gctgactaag ggctgcaaat tcagtgactg gatgtgttct    162180
     gtccttcctc acccaggctg acccttccag ccctctggga acctatcacc ataaacttgc    162240
     cccaggaagc tctcgtgaga ggtaaagaga cacttgggaa ctgggaaggg acttaggaca    162300
     gaccaagcct agtaataatg tctgtccctt ctgccttcca gttgccacat tgtaccagag    162360
     atgcaccaag ccctcatgcc tgtggtgaga gacctggtgc cagttgagag gtcacggacc    162420
     cagcactgtc tgcatcccca gcactcccca gggatcaggt gtgcccttta aatgtcccca    162480
     ggtgcgggtg ggggtgccat gagtttgtga gacccatctt cctggggcca ccgtcagcct    162540
     ctcctgcctc ccctccagaa tcagccagca cccactggtc cccacacccg tcttgggcct    162600
     gctgctgctg ctgctgctct ccatcctgct gttcagccag tccccgccac ccacctggcc    162660
     tcacctgcag ctctactacc tacagccgcc accagtgtga ggcacccttc ccaccactat    162720
     acctcctccg tcagcatggg acccacatcc ctaagttgtg ttatgtgacc atgacctctc    162780
     ctggctctct cctgtttctt aacaatagca aatcacatag taatgacttc acaggatgat    162840
     ttcctcatca cacaagttcg ggggaggagg acaactgggc ctccactggg tcaagaggga    162900
     acccaaggtc tctaagtttt tgccatcctt ctctcctgct ttggaggctg ctattgtagc    162960
     atcatcacag ggcaggcctg gagagagctt gctgtccctg agttgtatct ctttgtggta    163020
     ggccaggcag gctcctctgc tctgagtaca tagcctggtc agtcagagtg tgtctgagca    163080
     agcaagccag aggcttctct gacagctcct cagtggcaac ttcatgaaac atggggctaa    163140
     gcaagaccac tggcttgcag actctgagct ctggaattgc cagactgctc tgagtgaggc    163200
     ctctggatca taagcactcc aagccaggac cttgctgcac cctcggctgc actcagtttc    163260
     cccttcttaa cactggctcc atggtttaca atgccaggag cctcttggag cctttggact    163320
     aagatgggtg cagcctgaga acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacctac    163380
     atactacgca tgcatgcact attctctgga gctgttctct tcaagaaggt gccacccgcc    163440
     tgcactctgc tttgagagaa ggtgtagttg gtattcagtt ggcagcggga gggtgttcca    163500
     ggctgaagag tcagtcagcc gaacagctcg gccatgggaa ggagagtcag gaagggcagg    163560
     ctggcagcct gggcggcctc tgagaaatgc agaggtcagc ctggggctcc agcccaaaag    163620
     ttcttcccag tgcccaggag ggggttgaga aaggcaggcc tagacactcg agatcaagac    163680
     tccagccatg tgtggagcgg cggatggaac tagttctgag caggtccttg tgcggaagga    163740
     caggccagcg ctggccggca ggggaagggg gctgctggag ggtagtagtc caaaaaaagt    163800
     cctccttttc ggaggaaggg tttggagatg ggtgagctct ttggccgcat cctaagctct    163860
     aaggcggttt gatggctgga gacagccgtc aaaactcggg atttcggggc gttaagtgtc    163920
     gcctcgcgga aacccggatt tctgtgtgcg cctcctgcta accgcttctg cttctgcgcg    163980
     gtagaccgag caggagctgc aagaggcaac tccgccctca cagcataaaa gccaatgagg    164040
     gctcggtccg cctccagaaa atgcaaattt tggagggcgg tctcctggac cccaccctcc    164100
     tcttcagacc aatcagggcg cggtccgctc gctccgcggg ctctccgaat aaacaggtgg    164160
     ggactgcgcc tccccgagcc gcgggctctg cttagtttcc ttatccggca cctgccgcgg    164220
     tccagctcgg aactgctgga gccctccccg gccgataaac acgaggccca aaaaggttat    164280
     gaaatcccga cccagcagga tatggtgacg cttgccttta atcctagcac ttgggaggca    164340
     gaggcaggcg aagctctcga gctcaaggcc agcctggtct acagagtgag ttccaggaca    164400
     gccagggcta cacagagaaa ccctgtctcg gaagaataat ccctcccccc cccccaaaaa    164460
     aaaccggacc aaaacagagc tggatcaggg acccacgggc gagggaatcc agagagaaca    164520
     agagtctcga ggcagatgac ccaagaggga acccggagaa gcgaggatgc ggagggtccc    164580
     ggttgcagtg aggctgtggg gccccctccc cacacaccca caagagagtg gcgcagcaaa    164640
     gaggcgcagt cgcagtgcga caggctcttt attaggctca gggcgcgtcc agtagcaaca    164700
     gcttctgcat gtaagagtcc agccagcggc ggcgctccag ggcggccagc aggcgcgcgc    164760
     gctcccgaaa ggccgcgtcg tcagctagcg ccaggctgcg ccgagacagg gggctaccca    164820
     agcccgccca ggcacgaccc ggggcgcgga ggctggggga agagagatgt gattgcgcgc    164880
     taggccccac aggccaccgc gggtccccac tgcagtccga cgctaagcac ccctgccctc    164940
     cccaactccc cgcatgcggt atcttgcctt cctttggggc ggggggtcct ctcctccctt    165000
     ctttgggtgt ccgggacctc acacctacct gaacacacca gcgaggggca gggcaacacc    165060
     tgaggcaggg ccagtgcccc agggcacaag cagtagcagc agcaaaagca gcaacagccg    165120
     ctctcggggg ctcctggaca tctggcaggt ctccatcacc tgtggataca ggggccagaa    165180
     tctcaatgtc atcatcccgc ccagaagcct agggcccaca atccaaccct gccaccagcc    165240
     tcctacagga ccccctaccg tgcagtgggc tcaggcagct atgctcacgc cccttttata    165300
     taccctcaca gcccccgcgg cggcagtgac gcaggccggg ctgggggcgc ggggtcactc    165360
     caccccacgc tcattaggag ccgccagcgg taatgagaag cctggtgggg ccctgcgctg    165420
     ccgtggccaa caccaactaa ttgggaccca gagctagtac tgaagaaggg ggggtggtgg    165480
     tacagacaga gaggtggaca caaggggtgt gtcagaggga taaaaataga gactggagag    165540
     ggggaccatc agagcacaag tcgagaacac aagagagagg caggaaagag agcagaggga    165600
     cacaagggag aaagacagaa aagaaataac ctccagacag aagggcaaag acaagatgcc    165660
     taggaaggga aaagcaagaa ggaagagagg aaggctgaga agagagggtg tggaaaggag    165720
     ctggtcagga gagagccagg gacaagagag agacagagag aaagagagac agagagagac    165780
     agagacagag agagaggcag gcggtggtag tgtgcaaaca ggtgaagtca ccaccgtgaa    165840
     atgggacaca ggaggccctg ggcttccact gggaaaagtc tttccctccc tacaagggac    165900
     atgggggtat ggtgaagatt agggccaacc attcatacct ggcatgtttc aagggggctc    165960
     ccaaggccac cctatggtgc cgtacactca ggaggcagaa acaaccactg cagatttgag    166020
     gcctgtgtat gctacatatt aagactgtct taaagagggg tggggtgggg gtaaagagca    166080
     acaccctctt cccgtatcat gggcaaggga acaggccctg gattcctacc tccacagaga    166140
     tgaggagcca aacttggaat cccaaacaga aaggtggtcc agacagggcc ccccacttct    166200
     atgttccgaa agcctggatt cctggattct tcagtctgaa gagagcagta tggcctggtg    166260
     aggttagact aaaaaggtac cagggactca gatccttaga tttgagtggg gagtgggaga    166320
     ggacatagaa ctcattttta cttactttgt attttgggac aaggtttctc tgtgtagccc    166380
     tggctgccct ggaacttgct ctgtaggcca ggctggccta gaacccagat ccactggcct    166440
     ctgtctccca agtgctagga ttaaaggtgt gctccaccac cacccagctg gattttgtgt    166500
     ctgttgggtt gatagttttg ttctgtgtgt gtatatttga ctggttgggt tttatttttg    166560
     ttttagagtt tctgtagctc aggctgtcct gggtctcact aagtcaccca agcttgcttt    166620
     gaactcataa tcctcttgcc tgtgccttct gcgagcaggg atcccaggcc tgtatcatca    166680
     caccatgcca aaccctcact gcaaagagat cacagcttgg tccaattcta acttcctttt    166740
     ctaccttatc gatgagatcc tatgtctctg tccctttaag aatcccagcc tgttgctatg    166800
     ctctcaggat tccccaggga gggggtcagg tgcgtcacct gtcacctgtg tgcctctggg    166860
     accctactgc ctgttccttc cagcgccatt cggctgcact ccctgcctat ctctttgttc    166920
     agcgctgatc acctgctgtt gtctttgata ccaccgagca ggtaagagcc cccttgactc    166980
     cggatgaccc tgtcccatcc caactcactc actcctgcat ctccagtcca ccactggagt    167040
     tactggatcc ctagctctgt aaacaggggt gtgagcccac tgtcctgtct gcatccccat    167100
     caggttgagg agtccacacc tcacatccct atttcttaaa gccctggaac tctaagatcc    167160
     agacatcatc tagcccgtgg tccagggatc ccatgtcctt ccccctgtaa cccttcaccc    167220
     ctgcttgtag gccccaatat tcaaaatctc taagtaccca atttctgcca agaaccagag    167280
     acatagactc agagcccaac agtttgcatc tcaggactgt ggagtcttcc tcctcccact    167340
     gagtttgggc cccagctctt cattctcatc atcctcaggt gttaaagcct ttgcagtcct    167400
     ggcctcttaa gagccttggg agaaggttgt cctatgtccc cttggccatc tgacaccctc    167460
     tgaaggtgga atctaatatt tgtgggatct tgaaaaggtg tcatcctgtc ccaatttttc    167520
     agggacccca ctggaaaacg cactaccact cccaagaatc cctgaagtcc tgtatccttg    167580
     gtgaccggtt accatcccac agcctccaag gagttgctgt tggcttttgc cagggtccct    167640
     ggacagatct ggacctcctg ggagccggtg ggtgtggcct ctgggagtgg gtgtggcgtt    167700
     tgggtgggcg tggctctaga tgctttggcc ttgactgttt cctacatact ccttccacag    167760
     ctgtaagcgt ctcagaacca tgcagccctt cagccccatc ttcttccacc tcctctttct    167820
     ccttaatggt ctgagttcca gggcagctcc ctcaccaggg cagcctgtgg tcgctgacct    167880
     ccaggggatg ctccagccct ctgggatgcc cactggtact ctagaaaatc ttactagaga    167940
     tcaacctacc ccaggatcct ctgcaagcca tcctcctgag cactccgaga caccaccctc    168000
     agcttcccct cacatctcca caaaaatctt aagggagacc cctagcccca gcccctttct    168060
     ttctctagag actcccatac ctgaccagct cacatcagta gcagaatctc agggtacttc    168120
     acaaatgagt ccctccagag caacacttgg taaaccttct gagaccccca aacctgaccc    168180
     aactggaatt tccccgtctg actctccaga aaccccaaaa cctaacccct ccaacacctc    168240
     acccccagag tctcctgagt ctgtatacac tgaccccaca ccaactctac accatgaatc    168300
     ccctgaaatc tccaaaagag atacccccaa actctcacct ggtgaagagt ctaagatacc    168360
     aagtcccaga cccacccaat tcctcagctc caaatcccta gagacctacg accccagtgc    168420
     cacgagacac ctaaattctg cactggaacc aaccacccac cctgacccta cagaaagtcc    168480
     acagtcagtc tttctcacca ctcacaactc taatcccact gttgtccccc aaacccaatt    168540
     ccccacatcc cccagccaaa atgtaacaga aacggctagg acctctgact tggaacccag    168600
     ctctagtctt cccacccagc caacaacctt cagggaggaa gccaccactc ccagtgagcc    168660
     aggcttgagt cccagcccag aagcccctgc agtcacccga gttgccaccc ctggcctgtc    168720
     cacctcagat tccccaggga ccaaagagct gcacgtaccc cagaactcag accctaaagg    168780
     gccagatatc cctcttccct cagcaaggat tgcagggccc cccgctcctc tggagcaccc    168840
     caatcaggta gcacctgccc ctcagagaca cagccgagga gacacagtca acactatcat    168900
     cgtggtggag cgagtgaagg agacgggtga ggggcctgag ggctgagact ggagccctag    168960
     ggctgaggga ggaggggtag atctgaatcc ctgggtatga aatgggggag tctggaacta    169020
     agggaggaga gttgggtctg acagagaagg gctgggtttg gatccctggt gtgagggagt    169080
     gaggctggga ctcctgggtc tgagggatga gggctgggtc tggacccccg tgtttgaggg    169140
     aggaaagtcc tcagctcagg ttagatggct gtgtcgttcc tcaggggtga ctctggtcag    169200
     ccgcccacga ggctccgtcg gtggggctct gtgcctgttc ttcgcgggga cagggctgct    169260
     gattggcatc ttcctgctgc tgtggtgcct ctaccgccga gcctccagac acaggtcctt    169320
     tgcccaccac cggctccggg acagcggaga tgaaccaggt gagtgcttgc tcgcccgaga    169380
     aagaccttat ccaggcctta caggggactt agaacaccct tctaaagaac acacacccct    169440
     gtccaaggta agtataaggc tgaccccacc atggtctggt cccagcccgt tacatctgaa    169500
     attattcctc ttcctcctcc cacttcctcc tcctctgaga tgggatctca aagctcagat    169560
     tcccaagaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca ctaactacac    169620
     tccctctctg agcctaaatt ccccccatac ccacacaccc tctctgctca gttaagcccc    169680
     gcctaattgt gtaccacaca ccccatcgag gctcgcccac caccaccacc accacctccc    169740
     cccccccatg cgcctgcacg cacggacatt gcaagccctc ccatggccag ccacctgacg    169800
     agtccctcgt ccttgcagtc ttgcacctcg atgccccgaa ggacccgctg gatctctact    169860
     tctacgcccc cgatgcgtgg gtgccctccc acatcgccac gcagcctcca ccttccacgc    169920
     ccccgctgcc gcccaagctg ccccctccgc ctcgcgggcc gcagcgcctg gaagccctgt    169980
     cgcccgccgc actgtccccc aacttcttct gaggaccgcg ccgcagaccc ggcccagctt    170040
     caatgcctta gagggacccc agagccaggc agaacttccc aataaaccac ctcgcccacc    170100
     attggaatct gtgcctcagt gcgcggcggg gcgaaggggc agaggggagg cgcagcccag    170160
     agcagcgggg agcagagaaa ctgaggtgca gaccgggcgg cggcggaggg ctggggtccg    170220
     actgagtcag ggggaactgg ggggtcgagc gtagggcagc aggaagagac cggggtctgc    170280
     acaccgggcc cacaccacgc gaccacctga tccgtacacc agagcgttta ttgggagtgg    170340
     ggtggggcag ggcaggattt acgtcacaga gacagacacc aagacacgac cctgccccag    170400
     gaacaaccct ctcctcccag ccccgctccc tttcctggga ttctgtaact tctctcacac    170460
     acctcacccc cacccagatt tctacgttga gagaggggtg tctatgaggg gaagcacccc    170520
     agatttggaa tcatttagcc cctgagggac acacaacaaa tggccactga gaaaccgagg    170580
     gcggcctgga accacccagg agaataaagt gcaaggattt gggggggggg gggcgagggg    170640
     gatcctgaaa ccaccacggg gaggaagagg tggcctcgag ccgctgaatt aatagctttg    170700
     ggcagccact actgagacct gaaaactgag tcagaaaaag agcacggggt gagcagagcc    170760
     attttggcca tttccctgga caatgattgt actaagctaa ggtcaaggcc cggcaaagtg    170820
     tgctggtgag gggacgaggg aagaaaaggg gggtgggggg acttgaaacc gccattttcc    170880
     ctcagaaacg ctggtgagaa tcagtcctgg gaacggcggc attggtggtt aggttaaacc    170940
     agcttggaaa aatgtagaat tggttaggcg agccttgaaa ctaatagagg acgaccatga    171000
     agtcttctga gtaggggacc acctgaataa tctcggggta gcctgagaat ccctggggtc    171060
     ttgggggaag gggtgaaacc tcaaaaccac aagagaggaa gaggttgaac tgtccctcca    171120
     aataaagccc tcaaagggga gatttgagcc cacacaggca gaaacaagcg gagaacgact    171180
     ttcaggggag tctgggtatc cttgaaactg ctagtgtgca gcttcacccc ccgcaggagg    171240
     cagttgagag ggaaagaggg ctggtcggac agcactggga acaagggagg acttgcatct    171300
     taagcctgag gcaggggagg agtggggttc ctcgacactg ccgctcaggc tagaggtgta    171360
     tggagtggaa gtcctggaaa ctgccccaca gtgggaggcc cgtggtcagt agtcccggac    171420
     agggggcggg ggcctcggag gctgcactgt gctgtgtgtg gccccgtagg acggaggcgg    171480
     cgcggggggc gcccctgggg gctcagcctc gtcctccatt tcactttcgt cactgccagc    171540
     cagctggtcg tggccaacaa agccacactt ctcctcgctc atctcctccg gctctgccca    171600
     cggctgcttc tctcccgaag caaagacccc atagaagatg acaccgccgt agtgcaccag    171660
     ggaggctatg aggaacacgt actgccactc ctcccgcgtc tgggggcaga caaggcagat    171720
     cagagaggga tggatgcaca cctgtcagtt caggggctct gtagggtgag gccggagggt    171780
     agccagcatg ggctacacgt cttgaaaaat acatatattg gggcctgaaa ggtggctcag    171840
     agcttaaaga ggtcttactg cttgcttttg caggagaccc aagttcggtt cccagcatcc    171900
     aaacgaggct gctcacagtc acctctgtag gctcagcact cacatgcata tacatacatt    171960
     tagaactaat acgaagccag gaagcggagg caggtggatc tctgtgagtt cagggtcagc    172020
     ctggtctaca gagtgagact ctgacccaag gggggggggg aatggagttg gtgagatgac    172080
     tcggcaggaa cagagctgcc aaccctactg tctgagctct ttccttggga cacaatgatg    172140
     ggaaaagcaa accaacagtt gtcctgacct ctacacacat cccatgccac aaattagctc    172200
     acacacatta agttaataaa aataaataaa ttaataagca tagattttct ttaagagcta    172260
     aaagaaaatc tctgagctca aggccagcct ggtctacaga gtgagttcca ggacagccag    172320
     ggatacacag agaaaccctg tctcgaaaga aaaaaaaaag gatagataaa agaaagggaa    172380
     gaggggctca gagagttggc tcatcagtta agaacactgg ctgctcttgc cagaggtcct    172440
     gagttcaatt cccagcaacc acaaggtggc tcatgatctg taatgagatc tggtgccctc    172500
     ttctggcctc caagcatata tgcagacaga cactatatac ataataaata aataaatctt    172560
     taaaaagaaa ggaaggaagg aaggaagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    172620
     gagagagaga gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga    172680
     aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aaggaagaaa gagaaagaaa gaagccgggc atggtggcgc    172740
     acgcctttaa tcccagcact tgggaggcag aggcaggcag atttctgagt tcgaggccag    172800
     cctggtctac aaagtgagtt gcaggacagc tagggctaca cagagaaaca ctgtctcgaa    172860
     aaaccaaaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagaggaa gaagagtaag    172920
     gaactaagga acaggcattc tccgggaggg ctgtgctaac cttgtgcttg gtcattgcac    172980
     ccacgatgat ggggcacacc atcccagaca gtgtgcccac gccattggaa atgcccatca    173040
     agatgctggc atagcgaggg gcgatgtcca agtggttcac gttaaaccct ggtggggtat    173100
     caaagtagca aacatcatag caagtcccaa ctcagataac ccactgaagt gctacaccca    173160
     ccccatcccc tgctcttctg agacactcgt ttttttcaaa aatttatatt tactaatgtg    173220
     tatagggggt gaggcgggga agtgaacgtg tgcctgcagt ccccataaag tccagaagag    173280
     ggcgcctgat ccgccagagc tggagttatt ggaaatatgg tagatgctgg aaacccaact    173340
     caggtccttt gcaagagcag caagggtttt aactgctgag gcatttctct agttcccagg    173400
     gcccgagctg actccagtac cccaaactgc ctatctgagg ttctcaccag agatggcaaa    173460
     gccactgaag cccacagcca ggaccaggaa ggagatggcc acgcccttgg agtgcgagta    173520
     tccgaccacc agcagcagcg tggcttccat cccgaaacct gaaaagggtc atgtctccca    173580
     agtgcccgtt gtgactccgt tggccacctc gccaatgaca gtcttgatct caccccgacc    173640
     cccttctact gaccccttct actcattctg acctgcagca gaattgaccc tggttccacc    173700
     aaactagact gggtcctgtt tccccaagac ccaacctgat tcatgccctt tggtgctctg    173760
     cctccaaagc gtccactatg accccgcctt ctgactaggc cactcagtaa ggacccaata    173820
     cctcatctct gaaccctcaa gagacacttc tcataaggaa gctcaagacc ccactcatgt    173880
     ctccatcgct tctgaacccc actctcagct gaacgtgcta agtccccact cacagcctgg    173940
     tgttcccaag tccgcaccca tggcctgttt cccagtcgcc tgtctcctca ggtcccccat    174000
     ccacagccct cccaactccc agcctagttt aagtctggtt ccaactagac tcgtgagggc    174060
     cccatccttc cagttcggcg tcttctctac accatccggg tctgcctacc cttccacatg    174120
     gtggtctgca aacctgactt ggtaaaactg ttgcacactg cccttcctca ctagggttgg    174180
     gtctggtcag ccacgccctt gaccccacct tcgccccacc catcagccct cccctttgta    174240
     ctctgctcca cccactcacc cccgcagttc atgagctttc gcacgttggt agtggacatt    174300
     atgtgacgac tgcgcaaaaa gtcagcgatc tggcctccaa tgggtacgat gatggtcatg    174360
     acaaggtgag gcagcgccga caccagcccc acctgagaga gcaggtgaat gggcattcac    174420
     gccagatgtg attgggtgac cccccacctc ctcctccatc cccgcctcgg gacgcaggca    174480
     ccctgtccct cacccccatc gagtccccta ctcctgcacc cccaccttgc tgatctcaaa    174540
     gccgaacact tcttcaaagt aggcgggctg agagatgagg agcaggtaga aggtccagct    174600
     gcggcaaaag ttcgcaacga tgatggcata gacgggcatg gacgtaaaga agcgcctcca    174660
     gggtgtgtta aacttctgtg gggggcgggg aggggagggc agagcaggca tgctaagact    174720
     gataccagga ttgagaactt tgtgtcccac tagggacccc aagatacttc acagaagcct    174780
     cgagaatggg ccagaatggg ccacacgttt cttctgagga cttaggaatt ctaaaactgc    174840
     agccttcagg ttgcattgca aagatgaagg atgggtcctg actcccagag atgcctgagg    174900
     tttcatgata acccataaat ggcgagtccg gtaaaacgtc tattcaatca ctcactcccc    174960
     caaagtctag acacacccac agcaatagct agcaaaaatt cacattctaa tcctctctgc    175020
     tgttgccaac aaggccttat gggtggctct aaatcaccca cctagtaccc gccattccta    175080
     aactccatcc cacctaatat ggaatctagc ccagctattt tctttctttc tttttttctc    175140
     ttcgtttttt ttcagtagta ggaatgcatg ctaggcagat gctctttcat tgtaaaacac    175200
     ccgcagcccc tcactagggg attctgggca aacgatggat ggaccactga gctaaacctc    175260
     taacccaggt gagaaacaaa gcttcaggaa atacctggcc tggccttgaa ctcattttat    175320
     agcctgacct tgaactcaca atcctcctgc ctcgcccccc acccccagcc ttttgcttgg    175380
     cagttctatc ttctctgagt ctttgcacag gtttgagcac acacacacac acacacagag    175440
     tcatgtagcc ctgtaccaac cgtaacaggg ttcatgagct tggcgctctc cccgatggca    175500
     tcctcaatgt atttgcgctc ctcctcagag atgctggggt gcagtgccgg tgactcatag    175560
     gagacaagca accagaacag gtaccaaaag atcccgaagc tgcctgaggg gggggggtca    175620
     gcagggatat gggtgtaggg tgacatccag acttgctcag ccagcctgag tgccacccag    175680
     aatcatgcat ctgggtccct caccatagac atagaagaca gaactccatc ctgaatactg    175740
     cacaaggacc ccagccaagg gcatggcaac caccgcccca gcataggaac ctgaggagag    175800
     aacgagggta gagaacagac ctagtcccag gtctttccta gatccaggag agcagcccct    175860
     cagccctgaa atctctgctg cacctacatt gagatcccag ctcccagctc ccagctcagc    175920
     cctcctcgca caagagctgc tccccagccc cttcctctca ccgcaaaagg ctgtcgttgc    175980
     cagccgactc cgttctaagg gaggggccca tttgctccag atgccatggc aagcagggta    176040
     tgtgaccccc tagggaggga gcacagaggt caacaagaag aggtatgatc agagagagaa    176100
     gcagggttaa tggggcaggc tttacctcca ccaatccctg aaggatcctc acgaagatga    176160
     cacagccata gtgaacgcgg gctgctgaag ggatcaacat gtttagggtg gaggtagcca    176220
     caatggcaaa gccaaagacc ctgttgagaa aggtggggga aaaaaagagt ctagccatgc    176280
     cagttatagt gaggtgttcg tgtggcgcta gccatccagc cttcccgctg ctcctaggat    176340
     tttcccctcc ctgcctacat caggccctgt gtataacaga actagaggct gcctccaaga    176400
     tatgccctca aacaaggacc ctcccaattt cccagagcca aacccaaggc cacaccctct    176460
     agctccacca cacacaactc caatttctgc caccttgaga cactacaacg gtacctgttg    176520
     gctgcgaatt tttggcagat aaatcctcca ggaatctgag tgacaatgta gccccagaaa    176580
     aaggagccat gtatgaggcc gacagtctct ggatcccagt tgaactgggc tttctgtggg    176640
     tcaaaataca catcaaacta gatgcccccc agactctacc ctctaccaat cagcacccat    176700
     agacttagct ccttagccaa tcagcaacaa gatgccccgc cctctgccca aatctaccaa    176760
     tcagagctca gtggagctcc acccttctat gttgctaggg cctgccctac cactttagct    176820
     acaggcgctg ctgcctagaa gctcagttct acttgcttgc ttacctcagt atcccctccc    176880
     tgaatatccc caagtgtagg ggtgactgcc tcctgtttgt ggacagacct gtatggggtc    176940
     taggcagggc caagaagcag ctaaattagg tgtgttccca attacaatag agcaaaggac    177000
     agggtttcag gtaagccaca gaccaaacca agatttttcc tttttttctt tttccagtca    177060
     aggacatagc ttgtgtaata tccaagttga aataacataa atctgagctt ggacgaggct    177120
     ttagatgtgg gccagaacta atcaggtgga cataggcaga ggtgaatttg gaaaagagct    177180
     tgagatagca gtgaaattat tcaagtgtga tccgggaaca taaacgtggg ggcagagccg    177240
     gaagtaaaag ggctagaagg tctcaaagca gccacagtag caaacctaat gctagtgttg    177300
     tcttttccac aatctgggat ggaaaggagg cggagcttcc attatataag ggcggggctg    177360
     aggaagcctg gagtgggatg agatctgtag ggaggcacgg aaaggcagga ccaaaggata    177420
     gtaactggga aggagtgcga cctagaccac ggacagtgag cagggctcgc caaagcagct    177480
     acctgcacca ccacgtggcc cccacggtgg gttgtgctgt tgttgaccat ggacacgatg    177540
     gccacgccca ggttgcagcg gatgccaaag ctgatacaga aacccagacc gctcatgatg    177600
     gcgatgatgt agcgacgagg gaggccaaag caggtgcagt ccaccacagg cgggtcccga    177660
     gtgtgcgtgg tcactggccg cccgtcggca ctcagctcca gtgtctccgc gccttcctgc    177720
     cgcttctcca gtaacctgca gggaagcgag aagcaaagac tcagactcct cccggtgaca    177780
     acaggggtcc taggcttaac cttgcttggc tgccctcact atgatgcagg caactctgga    177840
     tctgtgtttc cctccctctg tccaagaact cagagttccc tctcttcccc gtgacacagg    177900
     agtgcacggc aaaacccacg tcttttgcca gacccagaat ctgagtccga attccttcca    177960
     gtcccgggag tccaggccat cggctctctc ctgcctcaac tctggggtca agatcttcag    178020
     tcgacttctc cccagccctc tctcatctct ccccactagg gagttataga ttctacacaa    178080
     cccttagaat caaagaggag gtgcctgcta gcccccaccg caaggctcca agactgtccc    178140
     cagccccctc cagcagatgc agatccgagt ctatttgagt cagcaaaggt acaaaggaga    178200
     gccctgcgca aaggtgtcaa cagagcagat gcttccgagc catctcggct atatatatcg    178260
     accccctccc ccttccatct ccccctgtgg ttgccttgcc ctgcttctag gccccagatg    178320
     tggggttgaa gtccagctaa cgccgcctga agcccattcc cacagacgtg gtttggggac    178380
     tccctcacgg ggtgccgaat ccagctgtct ggcttaagta tccatccctg gggaatctgg    178440
     agttcagact cagcctaggg ggcaaggagg gggagtgata gctggtgtcc tggcaaggga    178500
     cagatggccc tggtagggag attggcgcat tcattcccca gcgtgactct cgcctccgcc    178560
     cgatctgcat ccaggattga gtctgtgatg atggataggg ctcatggagg ggctgccgcc    178620
     cagcctgagg gaggctgctg gagacgggag agcctgacct ggaggcagga ggaaagagac    178680
     cagagaggtg gggaaattgt gcggatgaaa gacaaagagc tgtgaagagt ggggcagaac    178740
     catggggagt agccagagac tggggcgggg agacctagtg aagatgagag agagagagag    178800
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag aaatcaaaag atggtgaccc    178860
     agggagtagg aaaggcagag tgggaagatg acagagacct agggagagag ggccagagaa    178920
     tgagaaaaaa gagaggtaga gactcagggg cgagaacaca ggaactgaca gacaggcagc    178980
     aagagacaca gctgtgcctt gaggagagcg gagagaggag agtggagagc gcctctgatg    179040
     ctagaaaatg gagagatgag gacacactga ggacaaatga tctgaggcca tgaagtgcct    179100
     gagtgtgggg acatttcgtg ttctgtgtgg cccctctgag gcgggtaggc aggcaggcag    179160
     gggatcgggc tgcctcccag gaaggggcga gaacagatgg aggcgaggga gatggggacg    179220
     ggggaggaga gaacagccag acgggctggg ggtgggggga gggccaaaga acacaaccga    179280
     cagccccata ctgagactta aggaggtggg gaggggaaga aaagaaatgg ggtggagtcg    179340
     ggcggtggtg gtggcacacc ctttgatccc catcctggca ctctggaggc agaggcaggt    179400
     ggatctctga atttgaggct agcctggtct acagagagtt ccaggacagc cacagctacc    179460
     cagggaggct gaggcaggag gattgctgca atttcaagac cagcctgggc tacagagtga    179520
     gacaagtgag ggggcggggc agagatttaa cccagttggt agaatgtttg cctagcatat    179580
     aggaaggtct gagttccgtc cccaacactc cataagccag gtatattagc acacatctgt    179640
     gatcataaca gcggcgggag gatcaggagt tcaaggtcag cttggctata tagtgaattt    179700
     gaagccagcc tgggatacac cagactttgt ctcaaggaaa caaaacaagc agtatggtgc    179760
     tgctcacctt taaccacagt actttaagga agaggcagga tctccgtgag ttctaggcca    179820
     gccagggcta atgggccaga gcctctctca aaaaaggggg ggagtcccca aggatagaag    179880
     gagaggggtt agacagtaac caagagaaag aaggaagaaa ggtagaggga acacagccca    179940
     ggagctggga ctcaaagccc tcagagtaaa ccccacagga gtgaaggaca ccctcccccc    180000
     cccttgctcc cctctataca gcattagcca gtgagactgg agactgacct gggttgattt    180060
     ctgatatttg actgactctg aaactatagg tgtgagtgta acccctgaat tttgatattt    180120
     gttatttata tttgatgtca gatttctcta agccatgcaa gcttttcaaa caggattctg    180180
     agtctcatac aagataaaaa aataaaaaaa taaaaaaata aaaaaagcca ggaagttcaa    180240
     gtgtggcctg gtggtgtgag cctgtcatcc taccacttgg gagacagagg caagatgatc    180300
     aagagttcaa ggccagcctg ggcttcagga gatcctgtct caaatagcaa gagtcacaga    180360
     aaactcccat ctcctctctg gatgacccca actaggccaa ggatctggtg agggaattcg    180420
     tcccttgggt taggcggagt ttccccaaag gaagactgtg tctcaactgc tccctaggta    180480
     tctgtccact gcctgcgtct ctgtcttcct atgccttggc agtttgctgg tctcctacgg    180540
     taggaaacgg agactccaaa agcagagctc ccaggtccaa ggtcacactc ttctgcggac    180600
     ctgatctgct cctggcctcc agcaataccg tgccggagcc tggctgtaag aagcaaggac    180660
     ccctggctcc tccgcgttgt cccaagtcac cctgggttac ctggtccaag agaccccccc    180720
     tccccgctaa gctagcagca ctcatctcca ggagcatcta tcgctctgag ctctcatttg    180780
     ggacttggga aggagaatga cctgtgtacc aataataccc cccactgtca aagtaaactc    180840
     gggattttgt ttgcaaataa ctgcttgccc cccttcccaa tgttctgctg cttctcctgt    180900
     ctctggggtt tctgaattca gaaagagaag gtgagactgg agacccagag gggagataga    180960
     gaggctaagg gagggggcct gaggaacacc tgtctcctgc tgtcaccccc ctcccagccc    181020
     cctccaccag cacatctttc tctagctccc ctgacttcac gctggtgtat tttgagaaac    181080
     tcgtgaaagg aggcgagaaa aaagggtggg gaggggctgg gaattggaaa atgaagaggt    181140
     gaagctgtct cagctccccc ctccacagct cgcctccccc ccaccccccg ccgccacata    181200
     cacacactgc accttcctgc cttcctctgt ccacctcatc cctctcatgt tactagaggt    181260
     tggggttaac tttggatcta ggaggtgagg tacagcaagc tggaccatca ctagcataat    181320
     cctcgggtgg cccagtaaga tggactgagg aacatgtaaa ggtggactag ggccctgtgt    181380
     ggagggcact atgcccacga ggccatctcc tccccgcact gtggatagat atttttaggc    181440
     ctctcaagag ctgagtaatt tctctgactt ggagccagag ctggggttgg gggtgagagg    181500
     ctgggaggtg tccaggctac ctcaagggac actggggtca ctagaatcat ggcccttggt    181560
     gggagcaaat atcgcccagt tctagcttat atcccttggg aagtccatat tacccgcaag    181620
     attaatttgg ttttgtggcc tgaaactccc ttcatccccc tcacccccag aacctaggat    181680
     accccagttt ttccctctca gattaacccc cctcaaggac aagaactaac agccccaatc    181740
     cgctttagct ccagattaaa agcctctagg gaatgaacct gagaaagagg agagaggtgg    181800
     agagagccag ggtggggaga tagcgggtga acagtcagag atgctgagag agacagatca    181860
     aagtggggac cagaggtcca gggaagaaga gaggaagggg aatacaagag tcagagtcag    181920
     gactgatgga cagctagtgg gcgcccgcat tggctcctaa tcagagagag gggacagaca    181980
     cccagtggga agaagaaccc agagagagga catatctaaa gtaaaagacc gagaagacag    182040
     gtggacagag atccagagaa tagggaggga cacacaatcc caaagaaaag tcgagcccga    182100
     ggtgcggggg accagggggg agggggaagc gatgatgaac taggcagagt ggaaggacag    182160
     cactgacagg acggaatcct gaacagatgg gtgggcctcc ccacattgtg cctgggtgtc    182220
     gcctctcttc tccctctgtc agttgctctc agatggaaag ggggcatcct catccttacc    182280
     ctcccaggaa ccccaccagg ctcaccggtg cagcctcccc agggcgcgcc ccgccagctt    182340
     ccgaaactcc tcctgccgga actccatggt ggctgtgccc acgcgggtcc cctgccaatc    182400
     cccccgcccg cgggcccggg cggccgcgtc cgggatcccg gggtccgccc cggcccggcc    182460
     cggccccgca gctccgctcg ggggggaacc aggctgcgag tgcccgctgc ccggggctgt    182520
     agcggactca gcgtcggggc ggggcggggc atccacgccc accaaaggag gccccacccc    182580
     ttgtaggaag gacccgccct ctccttccaa caggctacct ggagatgcta ggccagtttc    182640
     tcttggcttg gcttgcaggc tagacccctc tctctttcag ctcttccatc ctagagcctc    182700
     cacctgtcca ccccaaggcc acgtccctgg gattgaactc cgagttgcct cgctccccac    182760
     tataatacac tccccagata ctctgcacgt tccaagctct ttgagtctct tcccagatct    182820
     ctttgcttct gagctctatt cccatccgac ctttggcttg cttcctctcc ttcactcttt    182880
     ttttctttaa aaaaaaaaat tttttttttg agtgccgcac acctttaatt ccagcattca    182940
     ggaggcaggc aagtgaatct gtgtgaattc aaggcacagg catgggaggc agaggcaggc    183000
     aaatttctga gttcgaggcc agcctagtct acagagtgag ttccaggaca gccagggata    183060
     tacagagaaa ccctgtctcg aaaaaaaaaa gtttattctt ttaaagttta attaggtatg    183120
     catgttttgc tagcatatta tatatctgtg tactatttgt atgcctactg gcattggagg    183180
     agatgtgacc tgccatgtgg gtgtttggag ctgaacccag gtcctctgga gtgcagccta    183240
     ttagcgctga gccatctctc cggccccctt tttcctttgt tgggcatact ggggatacag    183300
     gcgtgccgct gaactggact ggctctctca tttttcgggt tccacttttc cccttgaatt    183360
     cacttttttt taatctgcac cccatctttc tctccctgag tttcaactcc ctctccttcc    183420
     atccttttga actctgctag ctataaccag gctcaccact actgccgttc gtgccccatg    183480
     gtgtccttcc tcacttccca agagtgtgtc cggttgctta gactctatga tattcttttg    183540
     agtctgggcc ccatcaactg agctatgtct cctccctctg agttctgtcc ctgctcccca    183600
     agtatgtttg gagtcctaca tacttgctgt ctatcttctg tctctgcctt ctgtgcctgg    183660
     ctcctcccct tgagtctgac tccttcctcc atgtgtgtcc cagcagtgac ttccactcgg    183720
     gctccacgat ctgtccccac ccactaagtc ctctttccac ccgtaaattc cactcccatc    183780
     ccttgggggt aaccccaact ctaaaatggc cctgaagcac tccacgccaa tgcttctccc    183840
     agtgcatccc aagttctatg ccttagcagg gtgttggtgt tcccaccgtc tctctccccg    183900
     tgtcaggcta caaatgcatt tgggattaaa ttttcatgac ccggcccagg aggggaccag    183960
     cgaagccgat cgagtggcgg gcggggatgg tgggtctcag ctctgtctct gattgacaag    184020
     tccccgggga ggagggcagc aggctgagcc gcgcagacgc gccacctggt ggccatggag    184080
     tcccggactg cgtgcggagg tggcgtccgc ggctcgcggc caggtgtgag ggaggagcag    184140
     atggtgagga ggagggtgtg ggaagggggc cctgcggctg ccaaatcccg ggccgtcgcc    184200
     cgcaccatca ccatggcgac ggagaaagga agaacgcacc caatcttcga gcttttttag    184260
     gacctagaaa ctagacctta ggttgcccag ggaggccctc agtctggact acaagcccca    184320
     gtggcctttg cgcttggaag ttaggctcgt tctcctcacc actgcacgtt tctattagcc    184380
     cgttctagga gatacaattt tagctaagaa gccttagagt ctaaagcttc ctggcgccct    184440
     cacgtggaca ggggtctcca gtttgcttgc tcgcatcctg gagcaggata cacaagtctg    184500
     gcggttgtac agactttgtg tggaacttat cctactgcct ccgcctccag agaatgttat    184560
     tgcaggcata cccaccatgt ctggcttctg aacggtcatc cttctgactt taccaacttt    184620
     tctcagaagt tgtatggcaa tgttctcaac tttggattat tttttaattt tttatttttt    184680
     taagcagtgt cttgtctaca tagtcctacc tgtcctggaa ttcactctgt agaccagctg    184740
     gccttaagcc cacagaaatc aaatgccccg attaaaggca tgagccacca tgccaggctt    184800
     ttgtgcttaa tctttaaaaa ttatacataa gccatgagtg gtggcgcatg cttccaatct    184860
     cagcactcag gaggcagaaa caggcagatc tctgaatttg aggccagcct ggtctacaaa    184920
     atgagttcta ggaaagccag agctacgaaa agaaacctta tctcgagaaa acaaaaaaca    184980
     aaaactaaac taaaacttac atatttgggg ctggagagct ggctcagcag ttaagagcat    185040
     ttgttgctct tacagaggac cagggttcag ttcccagtgc gcctatgact gctaacaacc    185100
     agaggatctg gcaccctctt ctgaacatat gggggggggg catatagctg acatcctccc    185160
     tgtgtggtgt taatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtagca    185220
     cgtgcgtaac tgcacacact caggcagcca tgctgcagtg tacttgtgga ggttagaggg    185280
     caacttttgg acgtcagtcc tctcctatgt gagttcctgg aagggacctc cagtcatcag    185340
     acccagcaac aagtggcttt acccaccata tctggacacc caggttgatg cttttaatat    185400
     cattaactgt ttctattttc cttctttctt ctgcagggcc aggggggcag cctgacctag    185460
     gacagagaat ctcaaagcac atttgaaaca agcatgcttg agtctgagac aaggtcatgg    185520
     cctgtctttt gtcaagaatc agcttctggc actggagaga tggtttggtt tggtttggtt    185580
     tggtttggaa gtttgagaca gggtttctct gtgtagccct gactgtcctg gaactcactc    185640
     tggagaccag gctggccaca atctcagaga tccacttgcc tctgcctctt gagtccagga    185700
     ttaaaggtga gcgccaccac tgcctgccca gaatatacct ggcattagag acttgggcta    185760
     catcctcagc accagaaagg aaaaagaatg ttggcaagta aagtggagtg tcctaaagag    185820
     gggacaggac atgctgagcc gcgaggtagt gaggcctggg gggttgggac ctcaacttgg    185880
     gggtgcctgt gatatgaagc ctggcaccaa gaatggaaag ttgacagagt atggggcagg    185940
     agagcctaga gacactgctt gagcttggct gtagaagtta gacagaacaa gccccagtcc    186000
     caagcgagca cacgctgtac tggggatggc catttaggaa ctttccacag gacactctag    186060
     agaaggcact ggagctcaaa gaagcaagag tcagtggtat ggtgggccat tattctgtgg    186120
     gactgctgga cgacaatgag ggaagagtct tgtctaggaa ggtggggccg gcgtgagcct    186180
     ggatgcccag atgttctcct tgggataatg aagtggggta gaaaagaagt agagtcagct    186240
     ctggagccca ggggagccca ggaagacaga agccagaatg ctcaggaggc cagggccttg    186300
     agaaagagac agagactttg gggacactga gttagagctg gcatttctct tccctccctc    186360
     ccaccatgca tcattgtctg gagctgggga gaactggaaa cctgtttatt tcacttagag    186420
     aagacaccaa catcttctcc acatctggaa aaccagggca ctctggtcaa gaagacgctg    186480
     tcaggagggg catggacacc atcagttgct gagaaaggag agagaatgtg gattcaggac    186540
     ccagagctgc aaacgctggc tctcctcccc cacccagggc tccaggtccc tacatcccag    186600
     cacttgtgga agcccctcca ggtaccttcc tcctgcggtg aaaagcagcc ctgcttgcct    186660
     cactgttgat cctcagggga acagtggcat ccagatgata cagttgctgg gggcctccta    186720
     tcaccaggcg gttctctcct atttccagtg ccagcccttg tgcgccgtcc tggtgatgag    186780
     gtacagtcag cccatatccc ttagcactgt ccacaagcta tgtccacaag gtcctagcaa    186840
     gcagggtgtg gcttcaatcc cagcaccaaa acaatgggaa aaaaacccaa aggacaataa    186900
     ttctaagtct caaggaactc aagcccagga tagcagcggc tacacctgtc cggtttctgg    186960
     gccaagactg gaactgcatc actgtctcaa gagatcggac ccagaccagg agtccaggcc    187020
     ccagtgtctt ccttcagatg cagggatttg cccctagact tcctgcctca gcaccagggt    187080
     gtccactggc tcttctccct gactaaagag cctgcactca ccagtttagg aaggtcaact    187140
     tcagccaaga gcaggtcagg ggcttccaac caaaggttca ggtgaggccg ttctgggctg    187200
     tgtgggaaca agggcagact gagggtgacc ctctacttgg cttactgtcc tttttttcct    187260
     ccacccagcc aggtctcagc cccaggacag tcatcagccc agatgtgccc agatgtgcac    187320
     aacagcttac ccatgacagg ttcccagtga gccactggca tccagggtcc ccagctcctg    187380
     gatccgaggt cgctgctgag aacggatgtt ctgctgtgag atggagccca ggaaagaccg    187440
     gtacttcaac atgcgccatt ctgaaggtgc agagtcaaag atcactgagg tgaaccctca    187500
     gggagtgctc ccaagtccac agaggctggg ccgccttcct ggatacctcc tgctgaccat    187560
     agcaagcttg actctagcgg cccctaccca ccttagctct actgttacac aaacacacac    187620
     tcacacaccc tgcaagctcc tggcctggaa ccttcttggc tccaccctca ttctaagaaa    187680
     cgtcacccgt cctgaaagct agtcaaggaa atgcccgaca cactggattc acctctccca    187740
     gtgtagcacc caagccattc ctgttccttc ctgttcctca ccaggattta gctgtaggcc    187800
     atacttgtcc tcaaggccct ccctggcgat ggtgaccacc agttcccgca agaaatcact    187860
     gttctgaggt gagagaaaga tgagatatga tggtgggggt ggagctggag gaagagcact    187920
     gcccagctct tatccaccaa accccacctg catcctcagg tagaagttgc tattgacagc    187980
     gacgtcatag gcagtacagc cctggccttc tgtggagaca aacaaggaat gaggtctgca    188040
     caacctccat agaacacccg taaggaaaac ttgcccgtgg accagagacc caagacacag    188100
     gaagtgagag gcagcataca ctttcaggtc aactcagaca aggtccttct tggctctggc    188160
     tcacgtcacc aaagctgtct ctgctcctcc ccagcagctc caaggacccc tcactctatc    188220
     ccacccactc tagcaaatgc tcctttttac tctagacccc tggctgtcca gacttccagt    188280
     ctgtccatca accagatcac tgtatcctcc agacaccagc ccttgtcctc tttctaggta    188340
     gcccaggctg gcctctagct ctcagcaatt ctcctgcctc agcatcctaa gagctaagat    188400
     tggaagagtg agcaaccatg cccagctcac ttgtcatctc tgcctacgac gctcttttgt    188460
     ttctgcctga gtaactcttc aaatcagact ggcgctcctc cacataaccc tctctgaagc    188520
     cttcttcagc ctcagtgatg agcccgggac atgccctcca gtcctggacc actcacactg    188580
     gaccccccta gctcccagtg ctgactggaa gctcctgaga aaagcaatgt tgggggagca    188640
     gactctgtgt cttccgaggg cactgacttg catccagctc cgcgtgcggc tctcccaggc    188700
     tcatggggat tcggaagcca gcctggtcct cctccagcat ctgcagcagc tcgtcctcag    188760
     tcacgtcggc cgggggaggg atggagggag agtggcagat gttgatgaaa acctttcctt    188820
     ccgatgagtt ggtcttcaca cagaaacctg cacgagtaca gttgtcttgg ccatctgtcc    188880
     ctgggctgtc gcgttctcac ccaccctctc cctcttctga gacgaggtct ctcactctat    188940
     gctcaggctg gccccagact tgggacactt ctgcctcctt agatcacagg cattcatttc    189000
     ttcccctctt ttaactacat gcacctcttc tgcgtgtgtg tgcatatgtg caagcacacc    189060
     atggctggaa tgtgtgatgg cagctctcct gggtcaccag gcttagtgac aagcacctct    189120
     acccgctacg catggccctg ctttcacact ttgcctctgc cttcccgcct tccagtgctc    189180
     tctgctcctc tttctttctc tctttctctt ttctttcttt ctttttttgt ttgtttgttt    189240
     gtttttcaag acagggtttc tctgtgtagc cctggctgtc ctggaactca ctttgtagac    189300
     caggctggcc tcgaactcag aaatccacct gtctctgcct ccccagtatt aggactaaag    189360
     gtgtgcgcca ccacgcccgg ctttctgctc ctctttctta ttttgaatct ccactcccca    189420
     ctctgctccc tgtggcccag tgtttgtcag tgatcttcct gtctgcctgt cctttcacat    189480
     aactacttct aggcctttgt acccagttat gatctgtcac cttcatcctc tgtgtctctt    189540
     gccttcagct tctactgacc ctctctcagg gtctcccatc ctccctgaga catccttcct    189600
     tcctacctac ctacctagac acagacattc ctgtctacat ctgtttctca ccaggctttg    189660
     gctggatctg tgtagagtct ggcctggctg tctgggcttg ctggagctct ttggaagcct    189720
     gtggggacaa aagtaaacca tccaggatgt atctgcaaag tcaacccctt cctctgctcc    189780
     tcaaacgtca gtaggagaac tcaggacagc tcaggctcga tcacatgggg tactatgcag    189840
     tctatgcccc cttttatttt tacaagaact cccaagatca ccccaactcc atttcattta    189900
     gaacctagga aacctgaggc aaacaactac aatccccaca ggcctcactg ctgccatggg    189960
     gcactctggg aactgaagcc acatctctga gtgccaatta ataatagatt cttaaatacc    190020
     caggttccca ccagtctagt cagcccgcac cttcagcagc agctcctgaa accgcaccgt    190080
     ctcttcaccc atcgactctg tgtcgcttag ttctggtgcc aaaaacgtcg agtccgccat    190140
     ggccctagga aaaagtccta ggcgtccaaa aacgtgaaga acgtttcgca gataagcgaa    190200
     gctagcctac tgtagggtca cagctgattc gtttgcgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    190260
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgttcgata tagggcttct ctgtgcagcc tttcctggct gccctggaat    190320
     gctttgtaga ccaggctggc ctcgaatcct gcctatgcct ccaaagtgct gggattaaag    190380
     gcatgcacca ttacctcccg accaggacca gtgagtacac ccaggcctcc acccagaatc    190440
     ccaaaatttg tcctgagaat ggtctacagt tccattacga tgaaggctcc gttctcaagt    190500
     cggctgggta tcttgatagg tcctgtttgg ccaatgcata aatgaaagcc acacttccgg    190560
     cgtctgtata actaaggaac tgaagtagcc accgttaagc ccacctcagc gcccttcatc    190620
     caaagcaggc acctacaggg accacttgta tgaaagagct gaagccacgc cctcctagcc    190680
     aaccaatcaa aagtaaggac tgaggaggcc tgcgaaatga cacacttcct gaatcaataa    190740
     aacctacata tctgcccttc ccaaacctca gaggttacag tacagaaagg attgccactc    190800
     tgagaacttt agtatctcct gctcttgtct atcatgagtt aggctctggg tctgatccca    190860
     ctcaacacac acccagtctc aatgctatta atcgcccttt tttgaacata attaatgttt    190920
     ttgcttataa agaagttata gaggcagagg aggctggaga gatagttaaa cggcagagtg    190980
     ctgactgctc ttccagaaga ggagagttcg attcccaaca cccagattgc gactaacaaa    191040
     gccctgtaac tccagttcta gggggatctg tcgcctcctc ttctggcctc ctggggaact    191100
     gcatgtacat gatgcacaga caagcaggca aaatactcat gcacataaca ataatctttg    191160
     tttgcttctt ttaaagaaag aaaagcattt ggggtggaga gaaggctcag caattaagaa    191220
     cacatgttat ttttggagat gtctggggtt aagctccaaa cagccacaac tgtcatgagg    191280
     ctctctccag cccagcggct gcatcgccct cttctgggct ccacaggcac tgcagacaca    191340
     tagtgcaaag acatacctca gggctgggcg tggtggcgca cgcctttaat cccagcactc    191400
     cggaagcaga ggcaggcgga tttctgagtt cgaggccagc ctggtctaca aagtgagttc    191460
     caggagagcc agggctacac agagtacata caaagaaaga taaatatttt tttagccaag    191520
     tgtgctggca cacgcctcta ataccagcac tcgggaggcg gagataggtg ggtctgtgag    191580
     ttgaagccag ccgggtctac atagttagat ccagggcctc cagagctcac agtgagactc    191640
     tgtctgaaaa acaaaataaa acaaaacaac gaaaatctat tttttctaaa gagtcaaagt    191700
     gacaatagcc gaaggccttc tgccagtgcg ggaccccacc cacccaccca accatgtctg    191760
     ttctccccga aactacattt cccagcatcc gcccataggc cgcatcgcgc ggctctaaag    191820
     taggcgggtc acgtcctata tagctcgctt ccgggcccta cggttggccc cgcccctttg    191880
     attggagtgg gcggtgccgc ccttcggacc tccaagttcc tctaggtaga ccgtccagca    191940
     atccctcgcg gaaggctccg ggagagcgat ggcggctacg cgtgtacagc ccagtacccg    192000
     ggagattttc acgacgctgg agtacggacc ggtgccggag agccacgcat gcgcactggt    192060
     gagggcttgc cccgcggccg ctgctgcctc cgagtcctct cggccgcttg gggcgcgcgg    192120
     gctcccgtca tccactgcgg ccttctcgga agccccgccc ctctgagcgc gtgatttccc    192180
     ctacagtgcg gaagcctggg ctgggcggct ggcggtgggc ggcgatggtt gtcctcgcgg    192240
     ttttcgttta cggtcccgaa cgccgccgta gtgtttcccc aggacccttc aggaacgggt    192300
     ggtcactaaa tccccatacc tctcgcggtc ctcctgagtc ttcaccttgc tagatcgtgg    192360
     ttccttgtgg cccccggcac tttggaggct cgcgggaacg tttagaacct caagttcgtt    192420
     tagaacccca agttcgtcca aaacttgcta tgactgctcc ccttgtttca atatccttac    192480
     ggtgctctgt gatctcctgc cccttcgaac gtcatctgag ttctcttgac cctcctagcc    192540
     catcctattc tcattctccc tctccccctc ccaagtttag tggatttctt tgggagattt    192600
     tcctgttttc gtacttcatt tatattattc ctttagagcc tcctggccca aggctccaga    192660
     accctcttgc agcctcatcg gaatgtggta gggttcctgg gattttcttt aaaaccaagg    192720
     accaatcaga atgcccaggg tcccagaaat tcttccagca tccaagcagg tattaggagg    192780
     ttgtagagtc tttagactct taagaggagt caccacacta caaaaggact ccagctttgg    192840
     agggacagca taaaacactc tataaagttt agagtgttga tcccaaagat acaaggagaa    192900
     agatcactga cccgaaatca tcacggccaa agtaatttaa gcaagtaatt aattaagcta    192960
     gctttttttt gaggacacaa gctgcctccc caataagctt tggttctaga agtcagtcct    193020
     ggatgtgaga aagacaaggt ttttatatat agtttgtgga tagggggatt tggccaccaa    193080
     aatagttgag gttacaggag cagaacatac acattataat aaccttctgt agtaaagaca    193140
     ttattgcaag gtgttcctaa aatggtagcc ataacaacct tttgaaacaa aggtagggtt    193200
     gcaaaacaat tataatatct ttttaagggc tggtgagatg gctcagtagg taagagcacc    193260
     cgactgctct tccaaaggtc cagagttcaa atcccagcaa ccacatggtg gctcacaacc    193320
     atcctataac gagatatgat gccctcttct ggagtgtctg aagacagcta cagtgtactt    193380
     acatataata aataataaat aaatctttta aaaatatata tctttttaaa accaagacat    193440
     ggttgaagtt ttctggaaca ggcagtgcag aaccatttgt acttaaggtt acaggtggga    193500
     cataacccaa tcttgagaaa caggtttaat cagaaacagg aaagaagcta gtttgtcttt    193560
     aagaggcttt caagcctaag atggaggcag actggttcat caagagatgt caccaagatg    193620
     ctggttaaga gtcggatccc gggctggtga gatggctcag tgggtaagag cacccgactg    193680
     ctcttccgaa ggtccggagt tcaaatccca gcaaccacat ggtggctcac aaccatccgt    193740
     aacaaaatct gactccctct tctggagtgt ctgaagacag cgacagtgta cctatatata    193800
     ataaataaat aaaatcttta aaaaaaaaaa aaaagagtcg gatcccgctg gcagtggtga    193860
     cgcacatctt taatcccagc acttgggagg aggcagaggc aggtggattt ctgagttcga    193920
     ggccagcctg gtctacagag tgagttccag gacagccagg gctacacaga gaaaccctgt    193980
     ctcaaaaaaa caaaaaaatc aaacaaacaa aaaaaggata ggatagattc tggactctgc    194040
     tgacagggat gctacgaatc catcataatg agatggagcc tagtgttgcc tggacagaca    194100
     attgcagtgg agactccaac cagggagatg ccagttaaaa ggtactggac tgttggagta    194160
     actaaaacta tagatccagg tgagaggatt tgggacaatt cagagacccc agctggaagc    194220
     tggttagagg cagtgtgcct ctaagtagca ataatagact gaaggctggg attgatagat    194280
     ggactgtgcc aacctctgct aagtacgatt ttacttaatc ctcagaacgt cagagagggg    194340
     attatttctg ttcttttagt gacagaacac aaggctaatg agggaagtaa ttttgtccat    194400
     agtacacaga gcttaaagga gtttggatat ggtgggcaaa ccagtaatcc cagcatgtgg    194460
     aaggccaagg caggagagtt acaagttcca aatcagctaa gcagtctcaa aaaatgaaag    194520
     agctgggcct gtcaccacgc cttggattct ggtgtgcccc ccaccaatca gttgccccca    194580
     ttactccaac aaaggtctca ggtttacact ctatgggcac ctcaaccaga aaacatgttt    194640
     gttttctttg gcttgagctt tgttttggaa aagtcatttt attgtacaat taattccatc    194700
     taaacatcct ggataccaat ttctcttgaa aataaaattc caaagtttgg cgaccgtttg    194760
     gctccagttc cctgacagaa ttcatctgga accaattgtc ttggctactt tgggaaagct    194820
     cttggtgtcc aataggcccg tggcctgcca ggaccccgtt gacattcttg tgggagtttg    194880
     ttttccgtct tttccacagc agttgatgtt aggaactccc atgcatccat cactgagctt    194940
     caacagctct gtgagggcag gccagtgttg gcggcgcttt ctccctttct ctcgagagtc    195000
     gtttatacag tgccggctgt tgtgctactt tcacataaat atttgagtcc ttatttctaa    195060
     cagataagga ttgttataca accaacactg ccatagcact aactgtcagt cacagtgctt    195120
     agttcccggt tcatgttcac atggccccac ttcacgatgg ctctgttcca gtttggaaca    195180
     tttgcatgac aatttctctt ttctttttaa aagatttggt tcttttttgt ttgttttgtt    195240
     tgcattttgg gacagggttt ctctatgtag tccttcctgg ctggcctgga atgttccacg    195300
     tagacagtct gacctgaact cacaagcagt ttacctgcct cccacgtgca ccccttgttc    195360
     tgtaagacta ctgtgtctgt gtgtatgcat gcgcacacgc tatgtgtgtt ccaggaactg    195420
     gagctgcagg tggctgtgag ctgtctgaaa accaaacatg tagcctgcag gagcccttag    195480
     ctctggagtc agctcttggc cttcctcctt ttgacttgcc ctctcactag gctggaattg    195540
     cccatgtagg caaggctagc tgttctttcc tcctcctcca ccttcctaac actgggatgg    195600
     tagacgtgtg tgccttgatc cactcttcct gggattcccc acggatcctg gggattgaat    195660
     tcaggttctc atcattgcaa ggcacgtgct ttgctgactg agccattttc ccaccatgca    195720
     ccttgtctca cgtagcctag gctgccctct aaatcatagt gctctcctgc ttctccatct    195780
     caagtgtccg aattacagac acacgggacg cactgagccc attttgcttt aaggaaaaaa    195840
     aaagtaaaga atgaaaaagg cccagttgtc agggtaaggg aaaaacatca gaaagtggaa    195900
     ggtaggtgtt ggatttcaga acagcaggaa atgtaaggag gaagagaaag cagcatgaag    195960
     caggggtcaa gctcacagaa ggagttgaag tggctctgct ggctgtttat gtatattgat    196020
     tccttccctt ctgggggtgg gggtgggggg gatgttttac cagaggaaga ggcttaaacc    196080
     ctgcttaagc ctggcagtag gagcacactc ctttaatccc aggcagaaga tgaaggccag    196140
     cctggtctat agagctagtt ccaggacagc cagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    196200
     gtgtgtgtgt gtggtttcac atttaagcca ggtacactgg tgtacacagt ggatggatgc    196260
     aggagatctg gggttcattc ctgacacttc agtaagttta accagcctgg gctattatta    196320
     cattacagac taaaaataga gtccaagatc ttgccgttgt agcccaggct ggcctgagta    196380
     ctggggctgt atatagacta tactatatat atataggctg cagcagcagt actagctaac    196440
     gtaaagagtt tcaaataatg ttttagccat agtaaaacaa acaaacaaaa gacaaaacag    196500
     gggctggaag tataatttga tagtatagag cactgagttc aaaccccagc ccaaaacaaa    196560
     aacaaaaggc agacaggaga aggatgaact gacggcaaag ggtacaaaca tcccctcagc    196620
     gagacaaggg gctgagctgt cccagctgcc tcaggctctt ctccaaactc tttcttcctc    196680
     caggcctggc tggacaccca caaccgcctc ttgggccacc atgtcaatgg gatgtggctg    196740
     aagccagaac acaggaatcc agcgccttgc caggatccca tcacaggttt ttgaagagtc    196800
     cagtcattca ggaggaacaa agacctcctg ggtggtcttt gagcccagat agcatgagtg    196860
     acagccatgc ggtccatgct atctgggctc gagcccctta gtgcagggac aaccactaat    196920
     ggtggtgggg atgggagctc ccatttctcc tgaagacagt ctcagtaatt atagttccta    196980
     gtgcccccaa aaggcttttg aagcccttct gtactcaatt cccttcctca agcctcggat    197040
     aatggcccac acctctaatc ccagcaattc agaggctgaa gcagaagggt cctgagtttg    197100
     cagccagccc gaagtacaga gtggattcca ggccagcctt ggcttcatag tgagaaactt    197160
     tttaaaaaag aagaagaaag gggctgaaga gacatctcag tggttagaag tgtgtgctgt    197220
     cctttcagaa gacctaggtt catttagttc ctagcaccca tgtcaggatc aggctgctta    197280
     aaaccacctg taagttcagg tgcagacaat ctgacatctt ctgactccta tgggcactgc    197340
     atgcatatta tgtgtataca tacatgcagg caaaacactc attactattc caaataaata    197400
     aaagtttaaa agcacagcca ggcattggtg tgcatccctt taatcttagc acttaggaaa    197460
     cagagacaga tagttctctg agtttgagcc cagcctggtc tacagagtga gttccaggac    197520
     agccagccaa tcctgtatca acaaaacaaa caaacaaaac ggagtaagaa aggaaagaag    197580
     gaaaagatag ccaggtcctg cctgctgggc ttggtcagag cagtgactgg taactagagg    197640
     aaggcctgag actcacaggg aacttctgac acaggcttcc tccatctggg cccctacttg    197700
     tctctgcagg agaaaacctg gccagctgct tgcaagcaga ggctgaggac atcgctgcag    197760
     ctgtggaggc tgcaaagata gcattcaagg cctggagcca actccctgga gctgctcggg    197820
     gacaacacct aacccggtga ggaagcccag gcaaggccca cctaggaaga gattgcctgt    197880
     gtccctcagg attcacagga gactgtggaa acagtgactc catgtcctca gatccttttg    197940
     aattaatggt tcatgtttcc cgagtgcatg tggcacttca gtggccagaa cagccattgt    198000
     tgctcacagt tcactgggtc cagtagtatc cgaatatcac gagagccctg tttctcagca    198060
     cttcattaga atcagagctc cctgcttccc attacaccgt gggggcagct ataaacatcc    198120
     catttcccat aatgcaattg aatcagaggc tgagattcac gttcccagtt atctttggga    198180
     cccctggtaa tcagtgacca ggacccctgg taatcagtga ccaggagcat cgcacagcac    198240
     cacacagagt ctgacactct cttgtagact acacttctac acagctttgg tacccgctgt    198300
     ccccgataaa ttatggctct gcccctagat tcttgtgggg tcatagtcca ggctgctctg    198360
     agcacgacaa ctctgtgttc tctgaaggct ggccaaggtc gttcagaagc accagcgact    198420
     gctgtggacc ctggaatccc tggtcactgg acgggctgtt cgagaggttc gagatggaga    198480
     tgtgccactg gcccagcaac tgctccagta ccatgcagtc caggcacatg cccagggtga    198540
     cgcactggca gactggcagc ccgtgggtga gaacctgtag gccctccaag agccctcctg    198600
     acccagaaaa ccaacccgtc catgcgctca ttatggactc tttgcaggag tcattggcct    198660
     catcctgccg actcctttct ctttcttgga catgatgtgg agggtctgcc ctgccttggc    198720
     tatgggtagg taaagtctct ggtgcccccc ccacagaccc ccgtcttttc tcagaaaaga    198780
     tggttggggt ccaaggaaga gggctggcac ctggacccct gggtgtgcag gagggtaggg    198840
     gtctggactc ggttgttccc tttccccagg ctgcaccgtg gtggccctcg tgcccccagc    198900
     cttcccgaca cctctcctcc tggctcagct ggcaggagag cttggctctt tcccagggat    198960
     cctcaatgtg gtatgtggcc ctgcctcgct ggggcctgtc ctggcctccc aacctggagt    199020
     ccagaaggtg gctttctgcg gagccgtgga ggtattttca aggctgggag tgggatgggc    199080
     acggctaaga gccaagaggc tcctgccata cctgaaaccc atggggttcc ctcaggaagg    199140
     acgtgttctg cgacggactc tagcaggcag gggagctgag ctgggcctgg ccctgggcac    199200
     agagtcactg ttgctattga tggactccgc agatgtggac tcagctgtgg agggtgtcgt    199260
     ggatgccgtc tggtcagacc gcagcctggt gagatctgtg tgctcgggtc cccaaagttc    199320
     aggggtccgc catatctctc caaataccca gcttgttttt actttctgtt gtttgggcct    199380
     tttcattatt tgagacaggg tcttatgtag accaacctgg cttccaactc actgtgtagc    199440
     ccaggctagc cttgaactcc taatcctccg ggggttgcag gtatatgcca ccattctggg    199500
     caagtcaccc aattttgtgc agtgcacctc ttgcctgctg gtgctcctct atccctgagg    199560
     cccacccctc tgttctgtgg gagcctgttc tccctacatt gctcctgatt ttgccacgtt    199620
     tcatgccttt ttttccaaca gggggggctc aggctcctca tccaggaatc tgtatgggat    199680
     gaagctatga ggcgactcca ggccagaatg gcacagatac ggagtgggag aggactggat    199740
     ggggctgtgg acatgggggc tcgaggagct gctgcccgag acctggccca gagctttgtg    199800
     gatgaggccc aaagccaagg gggacaggtg agccccatct gcacaataga gtcttagatc    199860
     ttgactatag ccaactccca tgtcagagta agaaggtccc agaccctaga cgcctgggtc    199920
     tgagacaagg gctaaaacct aaactcccga gtttggggga ggaagttgga gtctggactt    199980
     aagtgtctaa gggaggaggg ctctgagtct ggatgcccag gttgagggag gagcctggag    200040
     ctagaacctc aatacctaga tctaggaagg agctgaagcc tggatattca tgaaggaggc    200100
     tgaactgtat ctctgggtct agagaggaca gccatctata tctatttctc ctcctcccag    200160
     gtattccaag ctggtgatgt gccctccagt agcccattct tctctccagc cttggtttct    200220
     ggtctgcctc cagcagcccc atgtgcccag gccgaggtga ggcccctgag gctgcagcct    200280
     tcctgccctg cccttccatc ctccacgact tgtgggcaac agccctgaac cttacccgga    200340
     gctggggaca aatgagtaaa gtattgacag gagagtttgc tctccgacta acgcttgtca    200400
     ccccttttag gtaccgtggc ctgtggttat ggcttctcct ttccgcacag tcaaggaggc    200460
     actagccctg gccaatggaa caccccgggg aggcagcgcc agcgtgtgga gtgaaaggct    200520
     agggcaagcc ctggagctgg gctatgggtc agttggtact tactccccct gcctctgccc    200580
     cgtctccctc aggtgtctcc ctcccacttc acccagcatc ccatctcccc ctcccctggt    200640
     gtctttccct gcctcatagg ctccaggtgg gcacagtgtg gatcaatgct catggcctcc    200700
     gagaccctgc ggtgccgaca gggggctgca aggagagtgg gtcttcctgg cacggaggcc    200760
     cagatgtgag tgcccatcca cctctgtacc tctgagtcac cttgagacca tctggcctcc    200820
     tgctgaccac gcacctctca cagggcctgt atgagtacct gcagcccttg gggacacctt    200880
     cccaggagtc cttcctttgt gagaatatca actacgacac atttggcctt gctgcgtcct    200940
     ccattctgcc gtcagggcca gaaacagggc ctaggtgagc tgttgcaggc ctggtaacct    201000
     aaagatgaga gtgtggggct ggaaggaggg tgcttagagc ctgtcttggg gtctccagtt    201060
     cttagtgtac ctttctgggt actaactcca agagtaaaaa gaatctcagt tctccttaat    201120
     ggtttgagtt ccgcagaagc aaagacttca gggagaatcc agatgctcaa aggagtagaa    201180
     tttagagtgt ccaagaggtg cattacagta agagttttgg atgaccccag aaactcatgg    201240
     ggtaggagtt cagaatcctc cagagactca tgggagcagg tgtttgaatc ctctagaagc    201300
     tcacaagaat agaaatttga gtccagaagg ttcctgggaa ctgagaggtc cagccagtgt    201360
     ggtagacctg tcagtggccc atgtggacgc agcctcctcc caccccactc tgcagcccag    201420
     cccctcccta tgggctgttt gtcggaggcc gtttccagtc tcctgggacc cagagctcca    201480
     ggcccatcca agattcttca ggcaaagtct ccagctatgt agctgagggt ggagccaagg    201540
     atatccgagg tgctgtagag gctgctcatc aggctgcccc tgggtaagcg tcaaatggaa    201600
     gcccagaggt gagggtggct cggatagaag tacacttggg actggagccc tgggtggagg    201660
     ctgtggatga tagagatggc catctgggac tagctaaggc caggctatac cctaacttgc    201720
     attgtttgcc cacagctggg gagcccagtc cccaagagcc cgagcaggcc tgctgtgggc    201780
     cctggcggct gctctggagc gcaggaagcc agtgctgacc tcacaactag aaaggcacgg    201840
     agcagcgcct acagttgcca agattgaagt agaactgagt gtgaggcgac tccagacatg    201900
     gggcacccgg gttcaggacc aaggccagac actacaggtg agacagatct aagcaggcag    201960
     tcaggacagt cagccagcca agagtcagag cccaggctca gtgaaccagg cacaagtcca    202020
     ggcttagctc tagaaagtct agagaataca attctggtga gaggagagat ggaacagtgc    202080
     ttggctgaga agccttgcct cagaggacag gagggagggg tacagtgctt acaggaaagc    202140
     aggctgctca tgcgtgcaca tattgtagga acttctcaga ttataccatt taaaatctat    202200
     gtaacgtagg cttgtctgta ttcaagaagg ctttgcaaac acacagtggg catgagggtg    202260
     caggcctatg atctcaacat ttgtaaaata gagacaaaaa gatcacaagt caaatgtcag    202320
     ccttggccac agtgaaatcc tgcatcaaag aaacaaaggt attgctgagc atcaaggctc    202380
     gtgcctttaa tcccagcagt aaggagctgt ccttgcagag gatgggttta tcccaggatc    202440
     caggccagag gccgtacaac ctcccgtatc cctagctcca gggggatctc acgctccctt    202500
     cagtcactca caagtgcaca taactgtgcc ccaactcata aacaactaga aaataaatca    202560
     agcctttagt cccagtactt gaaaggcagg tagatctatg tgaattcgag gccagcctgg    202620
     tctagagtga ctcccaggac agccagggct gcccagagtc ttcaaaaact aaaactcaat    202680
     caagctgggc attggtggcg tctgtgttca atccctgcac tcaggagaga ggcaagcaga    202740
     tctctgagta caaggccagc ctgggctact gggctacata gggagcccct gtctcaaaac    202800
     aaaccagaca caaacaagta ttgggatatg attcagtgat agagcacttg cctatcctag    202860
     cttggttgga gctgcctaca atacctcaaa acaaagtctc agctactcca cagactgagg    202920
     caagagcaga ttccaggccc agaggtccag agaggttaag taactcacgc tgacccataa    202980
     agctatggag tggccattgg gctccagagt ttcaggccct gaaccatcat cccctggtta    203040
     cacattatgg agctactctg gagctaggta catgttaaat gtgggagaat ggggcaggca    203100
     aaagttcctc tgggaacttg tccttgatgt gtctgtcatc tgtgcctgta ggtaacagga    203160
     ttgagaggcc ctgtgctccg gcttcgagaa ccattgggag tgctggccgt ggtgtgcccg    203220
     gatgagtggc ccctgctggc ttttgtgtca ctactggccc ctgcactggc ccatggcaat    203280
     gccgtggtct tagtacccag tggggcatgt cctctgctgg ccttggaggt ctgccaggta    203340
     aaattacctg tttcccctcc tgcctgctgc tcctgggtct tcaggagctc agctggcctc    203400
     ctccctcctg ggtagctatg ataacgagtc tcagcatccc ctctaagtcc tattccttgc    203460
     atgagcccct acagccactg ccagatgccc actctccagc ctgccccatt gatgttcaac    203520
     cctgggtgtt ccactctctc atcctaggat atagctcctc tgtttcctgc tggcctggtg    203580
     agtgtagtga caggggatcg cgaccacctg acccgctgtc tggccttaca tcaggatgtc    203640
     caagccctgt ggtacttcgg ctcggcccag gtacttcagg gtacttaacc ttcaacaaca    203700
     gacttctgtg ctaggagctt aggggattct gtgctcatcc cctaaggatc tctgttgcta    203760
     agaggaagaa atgtcttggc aacagctgct gaggtcctac cctggtacaa gctcagtcac    203820
     aaaggaagag ggtcttctat tggtggggag gggtctagga gacagtgttt tgagacaggg    203880
     tttctctgtg tagctctggc tgttctagaa ctcattatat aaaccaggct ggccttgaac    203940
     tcacagagat ttgctggcct ctgcctcgca agtgctgaga ttaaaggtgt acaacactgc    204000
     tgctcaaagg aaggcagtct tcttcacaag ggcccaaagc ctcccttgcc caaagacatg    204060
     gttttcggaa gacctattgc tagggtatgc accctagcaa cattccaagg ctctaccctc    204120
     ctgagccact gtgctggatg ggaagtccct gttggcaaga gccttgaact gggcaagatg    204180
     aggattccct agatctactt cctctacatc taaaaggaat gttggccagg atctaaatgt    204240
     ccagccttgt caggtctcta gggcttttac aggtgtccgt tgctaaggaa gcagctgttt    204300
     ggcaactaaa ccactggcag tactaatcac atatctctcc gtcccagggc tcccagtttg    204360
     tggaatgggc ctctgcagga aacctcaagt ctgtgtgggt aaacaggggc ttcccaaggg    204420
     cctgggatgt ggaggtccag ggggcaggac aggagctgag tcttcacgca gcacgaacaa    204480
     aggccctgtg gctgccaatg ggggactgat gccgaagcca cccactccat ctttgatgct    204540
     caggagcacc aagtgcttgg aacgtttctc tcagatttcc catggcttct aataaactga    204600
     gtgactttaa ctgtgcattt gaggatgtgg gaacagtggc ttcttcatgt gtggcccagt    204660
     aggcaaccct gggagaatac tgtgtttatg ggatgcataa agggaactca gccccatcca    204720
     gcactcttga gtcaggaggc agaagaggga agtccctgga aggctctgtc ccctttgtaa    204780
     ttgattccag cactgatgcc ttcctgtaag tcccctttct gaacaagaag gtcagtatcc    204840
     tagcacagcc ctagtgtgcc agccccaagc caggggccac cactgctgcc aggtgctgag    204900
     ggcacagctt cgaggcaagc ctggcttcct ggagctgaaa ctcaccaggt gcttgccatc    204960
     acagaagatc tccatgggtt tagcttttag tttggtttta ggtttgtggt tttgcttttt    205020
     tcccccttct ttggtctttt tcagcaaggt cttagggcac agctaatcgc acatccactc    205080
     ctcatgtctc acccatgaac ctccaggcct gacgcactgc tggcttgaca atagaagcat    205140
     gggggggagg ttgttttgtt ttttagattt atttatttat ttattttaca attgtgagcc    205200
     caatgtcttt agacacacca gaagagggca tcagatccta ttgtagatgg ttgtgagcca    205260
     ccatgtagtt tctgggaatt gaactcagga cctctggaag agcagtcagt gcccctcgtt    205320
     tttggttttt aaagcaggat ctcactgtgt actcttgtag gacttgtttg ctttaagcca    205380
     ggcagtgatg ttttaagcca ttcctttaat cccagcattc aggaggcaga ggcaggtgga    205440
     tgtctgagtt tgaggccagc ctggtctata gagcaagttc caggacagcc aggtacacag    205500
     agaaaccctg tctaaaaaaa aaaaaataat aataagtttc acgggagttt tggtttttgt    205560
     tttggggttt ttggtgtgta tgtatgtggc atgcacaaaa gtcagaaaac gacttctggg    205620
     atcagttttc tccttcacca tgtcagttca tgggatcaac tcagatgttt atgcttggta    205680
     gtcataacct attttattag ctcagccatc tcacccctga tctggaattc ttgtgatcca    205740
     cctgggatta tatatgtatg gacacgtcca ccctgtgctc ttccttagtc tctgccaaat    205800
     cctgtttacc atgtgaggtc ataaaacaag ccagagtgtc tgttcaccca ggctgagcat    205860
     gaaggcccca ggcaagagaa gtcgagaaga gccgtcagaa tggcctagac tttagcagta    205920
     accctgatct gtactggttg actcactgca cattgtcaag gcctccctcc ttccctctct    205980
     ctctctctct ttccctctct ctccccggtc tgctcactaa tgttgcccag tgaactgggc    206040
     taacagaggc tgtcttagtc cattttcttt tctcgtatgt tttggtttgg tgttctattt    206100
     gcttggtttg gtttcaagaa cgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    206160
     tgtgtgtgtt cctggttgga ctgtggcacc agagatgacc ttgcattccc gatctgccac    206220
     tgggatgaca gcttgagcca tcaggctcaa cttattctta ctccatcttc tgagctgtaa    206280
     ctgattatca cagactgtca ctttgtcact tgccaagaat aaaggttcca tcacatggct    206340
     gttgaagctg ggaggggccc catctggttg gcacttgtga ggccttcttg gcatggcaat    206400
     ggcatgagag ctttttagag acaacaaagc ctcctcccag tgaccctgat ggtgtgctgt    206460
     tgtgtgtgag ggttgctgct gctgtgatga caatcgtcat ggcaagcagc tgggggaggg    206520
     gagggtttat ttagcttaca cattccaaat cacagtccac taggaaagcc atggtaggaa    206580
     ctcaaacctg gcagaaaccc ggaagcaggg accatggagc agtgctgctt gctggcttgc    206640
     ttcctgtggc ttgctcagcc tgctttctta cagcacccat gacccccagc ccaggggtaa    206700
     cacaattcac catggtggca gaatctctga gttaaggcca gcctggtcta cagatcaagt    206760
     tacaggatag ccaaggttac acagaaaccc tgtatcgagg aaacggggtg ggggtgggga    206820
     gactagccag aatagtagca gtatgttttc ttcttcttct tcttctcctc cttcttcttc    206880
     ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc    206940
     ttcttcttct tcttcctctt cttcttcttc tcctcctcct cctcctcttc ttcctcctct    207000
     tcctcctcct cctcctttct tttagcgatc tatttttaat ttatgtatga gggtgtgaga    207060
     ttccctagag ttagaaacag ttgtgacctg ccttgtgagt gctgggaatt gaaccagggt    207120
     cctttggaag aatagccagt gcttttaacc ttgagctatc tctctagttc catgttttta    207180
     ttttaatgct ttatgtgggt atggacacat gaggtcagaa gagagtactg gatgccatgg    207240
     cactgcaccg ctgtgggtgc tagaaactga agcgggtcct gtgcaatagc acatcctttc    207300
     aatctcagtc atctttccag ccccacattt tcaagttttt gagacagaat ctggtgtggt    207360
     agcacacacc tttcattcca gaggcagggc aggtgagcct ctttgaagtt gagagcagcc    207420
     ttgttcatat atcttgctcc aggccagggc tacatactgt acttagtaag actctcaaaa    207480
     agagagagag tctgactaag cctgactgaa ttggaactta ccttcccaag gtgttccaga    207540
     acatactgtg attctcccgc cccagccttc aagtgctgag ataccaggtc ccatgtatga    207600
     ctccattaaa gcgtcatctg gagataccag cagtgtgaaa gaacacatgt gaaaaagtta    207660
     ggatacagtc agcctagccc aggcccactt ccctcacatt catcccaagc cactgggctt    207720
     caccccacag taagtgaagt cattggccaa agcaaacaaa cttgccagag tttccagcag    207780
     acatagggct ctgcagaaaa gacttaggtg gaccatggaa gaaacagaac tacacaggca    207840
     gtagagtcct gcttagattg ccacagagtc tgggtcatgg ctcaacagca gagtgtctgc    207900
     ctagcatgtg ggacgtgcta ggttcaatcc ccagaactgc acaaaaagaa gataccttct    207960
     ttttgtcctt ttactgactc atctcccagt ttagggcaga aaaaccttca gcttaaagag    208020
     gacaaagggc tagttctcat agtgacaaag ccagcactcg catgaaacct gcagactggg    208080
     atgtgacaga ttccctgaag tgctataaaa agcagctcaa tgaactaacc atggcctgtg    208140
     cacccccaca ctctgcagca gcagtggggg tgcagagccc agaggagcat agatgggctg    208200
     aggattgact gttttggaag acaaagtgtg atgtgatcca gactggcttc agtctcgtaa    208260
     tgaaggatga tcctgcctgg attacaggtg tgctccacct agtctggtct gcctggagat    208320
     gcgatccagg gtttcacaca tgctagccaa gcacgggggt atttgcagcc ccaggatctt    208380
     gagatgggat ctccatacat tatctaagtt gaccctaaat ccaagaacaa gcaatccacc    208440
     cgcgactcag agaagatcca gctgcctctt ctaagtattg ggagtaaagg tttcatcacc    208500
     acatcttgcc tgttatatga cacagggtct tatatgtagc caaggctaac cttgaactcc    208560
     tggtccacct gcctccaatg caccatactc ttcattcttg gtctttcaag cacaaccagg    208620
     tcctttctga attgcctctg tgtggactca ggtggagtcc aggtgccagc cccgataaac    208680
     aaaggcactc cccatacttg gaaaatccca aggatttatc tcctaggaac caaaaccaaa    208740
     gcccagacac atcctgtgct acaccacagc aatgagatgg gaagaggtcg gactcttgtg    208800
     tagctgctgc ttaggcgagt catagttctg ggtgcaaggg ctttgcaggg tggaaacagc    208860
     cacggaagaa tagaagacaa tggggaagat aaggaaacca catcgtgtgt taaatggtga    208920
     taagggcaaa gcagggtgag tctggtgctg cgaggggagc ttcttgggga agggtgtcat    208980
     gaggcctctg cctatgtgtt taagcaaggg cttgggcaag atggggacaa cacaaggatc    209040
     tggagggaag gtattccatg attggaaaca gctagtgcaa aggcccctgg ccaagagaat    209100
     gcccacctga gacgcacgcg catggctagt gttgggaagg aacactgata gcatgaggtt    209160
     agcagggagg ggttaggaga gcacagagtc aaacactgca gctctatgtg gaggggtgag    209220
     gtgggcggca ccatcgattg agtcggggac ctcaagcttg ctagttctct gccactgact    209280
     ctctggtgga ttctaggcag ctgctctcca actgagctgt gcacctgccc gtctttgtag    209340
     tatttattta tgtatttatg tacgtatgta tgtatgtatt tatttattta tttatagaca    209400
     gtttctctgt atagccctga ctgtcctgga accagtctgt agaccaggct ggccttgaac    209460
     tcagaaatct gcctgcctct gcctcccggg tgctgggatt aaaggtgtgc gccaccacgc    209520
     ccagccatct ttgtagtttt tgagacaggg tcttagtaaa ttgctcaggc cagtcttgaa    209580
     acaaggccag cctccaaccc tcattcctcc tgcctcgggc tccttggaaa ctggagtgac    209640
     aggtctgtat taccagtcct tgctaagaag gctggacttt tatcccaaat gaatcaggaa    209700
     cctagaggct ggaggttcac aagttctgtg ccccaggaag cagatgatgg ctaggaagta    209760
     gggaaatcag aaaggaagcc actatgacat tccttatggt ggaggcaaag tctatttaat    209820
     ggcagctgaa gtgactgaca ctgttcggat tctacataca cttcgaagct ggaaagcctt    209880
     gtcgcatccc ttcgctatcc tttcagggcc caagctgagg tctgcggccg cgccacttgt    209940
     taccactagg tggcgtgtcc cgcccgggct cgaactcacc cctggcactg tctaccccaa    210000
     agcttccttt cactttcggt ctttggctgt catccagctt tggctttcca cacccagctg    210060
     gggcaagcct ggtgcgtggg gtgaatggct ttccaagtcc ccgaggggcg gtcccaaggt    210120
     ccccactccc gggcagaggg agcagggtgc gagacctggg gaggattctg gggacgtcgg    210180
     tcggggttct tagaagagga gatgactttt cacagtcact gaggctcgtg caggaagcct    210240
     gggggagcag gaggcggaaa cgcacccaca tcaagggcgg cagggcgggg cggcggggta    210300
     caggggtggg tggggaaggg gctgcagggt atgagcccga gacctgccct cctgtcactt    210360
     ccaagaacct gtcacaggca tgaggggtcc ccggcagaga tgacagtgct ggcgccagcc    210420
     tggagcccaa atgtgcgtat acctgagggg tgatggagcc gggcggagaa gggaaatggg    210480
     caggggatgg aggcatgagg agacagacac agaacaggat tggaagaaaa aaaagaggat    210540
     ggccacaggt ttgtcacagg agccaaggtg caggacaggc agagacaggg aagatgacac    210600
     ccagttaatg agggaagcag gatccaggga gcccctgcat ggaagtcagt tgctgacacc    210660
     acctccctgt agtcctccct gttgctgctg ttgctgctgc tgagtccttg cctgcggggg    210720
     acacctgact gttacttcag ccacagtccc atctcctcca acttcaaagt gaagtttaga    210780
     gagttggtga gccagttccc atactgtgct gggtccttat ctccgcatct ctgtctcaca    210840
     acatgtcttt atctctgtga ggtctctgtc cctctctctt tggatctccg ccccctgccc    210900
     ccttctctgg gtctcttact atctttctct gtctcagtct ctctttctga gtccctgttc    210960
     tctgagtctc tgtcactgtt tctctctagg acttctggcc ttcactctga gcacatgttc    211020
     ctctctgtcc ctctctctgt ccctctctct ggatgcctct ctctgtagac ctctgctgct    211080
     ctgtgagtct ctttgctact gtcttggtgt ctcttctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    211140
     tctctctcgt tctcttcttc tttatgtgag tcctgcctct tttctgtcct tgtccccttg    211200
     tctcagggtc aacttctccg actctataat ttgctcttgc tttcaatcag gcctcacctt    211260
     gttttctccc atagactgac cacctgctta aagattaccc agtcactgtg gccgtcaatc    211320
     ttcaggacgt gagtcacagt cgggagggcc ctgggatgga ggtgggaacc agactcaaga    211380
     tgtgccacca gtcagggaca agactagtgg gctacctcct gcaccctcag acctgaaaat    211440
     ctagaccttc tttccaccca cacccacccc atcctagccc cagatcaagg catcctagct    211500
     cattctccca ccaagctgtc aagactggcc tctatgttcc tttctcgctt gggtttagta    211560
     ggtcactccc tctcaggcat ctggccccgc ccctccgtgg agagggcgtg gtcttcagac    211620
     ttgaagcccc accacttttc tcccttggtg tctggccggg tctcatctca ggcatttgat    211680
     ccatacccac ctccatctca caagtgacag gcccaccctt cctacccttt ctggccccac    211740
     ctctttcggt ctcctggccc cgcccactaa ttttagcatc tggtcacgcc cattctccgc    211800
     tgacacctag ccccatcact aagccatcct gacccgctct ccttccttct gccttctggc    211860
     ccggcctaac ccatgtcagt catctagccc cgcccctact ctctgagctc tggcctgggt    211920
     tcttggtctg caggagaagc actgcaaggc cttgtggagc ctcttcctag cccagcgctg    211980
     gatagagcaa ctgaagactg tggcagggtc taagatgcaa acgcttctgg aggacgtcaa    212040
     caccgagata cattttgtca cctcatgtac cttccaggtt agcactagaa ctcaaatgaa    212100
     gagagccaag tccctcccca ggccttgaaa aacagctctg ccagccgggt cttttagggg    212160
     gagttcattt tcccacagca taccacggag gtagggctgg aacctccaag ccccgaggtc    212220
     acctggggat ctgttactgg gtctgtgcct taatagctga agaaggttgt tcctaaggtg    212280
     ttctctttcc taacaactgg agaaccctgg agtctttgag gcctgggccc ctaggctctg    212340
     tgacctctgc aggtcagggc cctgggttgg tggagcccct ggtgtgacat ggtgatgatc    212400
     tgtccctccc tcccttctcc cagcccctac cagaatgtct gcgattcgtc cagaccaaca    212460
     tctcccacct cctgaaggac acctgcacac agctgcttgc tctgaagccc tgtatcggga    212520
     aggcctgcca gaatttctct cggtgcctgg aggtgcagtg ccagccgggt aacggtggcc    212580
     ccagagccca gcaccatggt gccaccaggc tcacagccac agccttgcta actgtgtgtc    212640
     cagggcttct gctcccacta gttggcactt cacacatgtt ctttctccct tattttctct    212700
     cttttctttc ttctttttta aagatgtatc tttatgtgtg agtgttttac ctacatgcct    212760
     gtaagtgcac tgaatgtgtg tctggtgcct gcagaggcca gaagagggca ccagatcccc    212820
     tgaaactgga gtctctgctc cgtgtgaacc accacgtggg tgctgggacc caggtccaat    212880
     gcaagagcac ccagggttct tacctgctga gccaccactt caaccctttt tcttttcttt    212940
     tgagataggg tctcattatg caggctaggc tgaccctgaa ctcaaagcaa tcctcctgcc    213000
     tcagtgtcct gagtgctggg attacaggta tgaagccaga acatctggct tcctttcctt    213060
     tccttttttt catgtttttg tcatcatata ttatgtatag caacgtctca tgtcatccat    213120
     gtctgcattt ccatcacacc atgactttct cctgtgcgtc ctatctcact gatccccttt    213180
     ctctctccaa tggtccctct cctttctttc cttcatatat atatgtatat atatgcacat    213240
     atatatacat atacatatat atatgtatat atatatatat gtatatatat atatatattt    213300
     ttttttttaa agccagttag gcaggtagcc tgtaagaggg cactttaccc acggctaaac    213360
     ttctgaagaa aatgtttctt cctgtttagc aaccttctaa ttgctataga tgcccaggaa    213420
     aggacaggcc attccttttt atggccccag gtcacctatc tttgagaagg agacagaatt    213480
     tccagtatgt ttatctaggg cagtcctgtg tacagggaac gtacacggag tgagcatggt    213540
     ttctgggtaa caataccaat agccatgctc actgttttct cttttttccc ctcccctctg    213600
     ttttgacggt gttcttttga gacagtctgt ctctatagtc ctggctgcct gtagcttgct    213660
     atgctgacca ggctgagatc cctcagcttc tgctcctgac ttctggggtt gaaggtgtag    213720
     accaggatgc ccagccatgc tcacactttt tatccccagt gttggtttat ttttcagtgt    213780
     ttcttgatac attcctgtca gtcctacaac ttactatgta gaccaggcta gcctcaaatt    213840
     cacagagctc tgtctgcctc tgcttcctga gtgttgaatt gttaaaggcg tggtctgcca    213900
     ggcctacctt atgcccccag gtctaggttt tgttgttaat aggctcctca tgaaccaccc    213960
     atcacccgta ttctccagga cgttccacgt ttgcgctgat gagccccctc agttacctgc    214020
     ttcttctctc tccccagact cctccaccct gctgccccca aggagtccca tagccctaga    214080
     agccacggag ctcccagagc ctcggcccag gcagctgttg ctcctgctgc tgctgctgct    214140
     gcctctcaca ctggtgctgc tggcagccgc ctggggcctt cgctggcaaa gggcaagaag    214200
     gaggggggag ctccaccctg gggtgagcct agagcctaga gtccagggcg gctggatgga    214260
     gtgggtggcg agggatgagg ggggcaggtg gctgaccttg tgggggcctc aggtgcccct    214320
     cccctcccat ccctaggatg cgagccttgt gcatcgttga ctcagccagg gtcttatctc    214380
     ggtgagtctt ccacttatac tggagcctgg aacagccagg cttgggggtc agtccaggat    214440
     ttggggagct gtcttattgt ctctcacagg aggggcgggg attcagggga gtggtgtgta    214500
     tgtcaggggc agcacggtct tgactaagtg tccagtgtga caagctcagg ggttcggcag    214560
     ctccgacaat cgtaagctgt ggagagccgg gaaggcttgt gagagagcct gctgtgagaa    214620
     tgagcaaggg ggcagaaggc gggtgccctg ccagcacccg tattttagaa tatgatgtgt    214680
     cttacacttg taatacctct cgtgtggagg ttacacctgt aatctcagcc cttgggagcc    214740
     cagagcagga ttgctgaatg gtctggccac tctccactac aaggtgagtt caaggccatt    214800
     gtgaaataca cagccaactc gtctcctgtc tcaaataaac aaacaaaaac tctcagttaa    214860
     gtgacactta tttttttttt cagatgaggt ctcaatatgt tgcccaaact gactttgaaa    214920
     acctcgatgc accttcctgc cccacaaact tccaaacagc tgggcttacg ggcatgctat    214980
     atacaacaag gctttctttt cttctttctt ggtgctagag ttgggaacca aaacaaggaa    215040
     caagctaggc aagtgctgtg ctgagttaca tccccagccc agaggacaca ctgtctgggt    215100
     atggcgatgg acactgtaat tccagtgctt ctggattgga catgctgaaa ctggaggata    215160
     ctgactttaa gaaaaacaga aaggaagaag gggggtgcgt tgtagccctg tgtggttgct    215220
     tttgtcacct ccacccctta aaataaaagc aactgctggg tatggtgctg cgtgcctgga    215280
     atctcagtat tcaggaggct gaggcagagg gatcaaaact tcaaggccag cctgggcaac    215340
     ttcaggaaat gtgtgtcaaa ataacaatga aaagcagaaa tgctggaact ggagcttagt    215400
     ggcaggatcc ctgcacatgt aagactatgg ctcctaatcg gggcgtggtg gcgcacgcct    215460
     ttaatcccag cacttgggag gcagaggcag gcagatttct gagttcaagg ccagcctggt    215520
     ctacagagtg agttccagga cagccagggc tacacagaga aaccctgtct tgaaaaaaca    215580
     aaaagcaaat gaacaacaac aaaaaccaat tagattgttt acatttttta aatttaagtt    215640
     tttaaatttt gtggtttccc atttctgggc ttgtttctga aacacacagc catagtgata    215700
     catgtctgta aaaccaactc tatttattag tttttgagat agggtctatg tagctccgat    215760
     ggcctggaat gtgggtgcaa tcctccggtc tctacctctg gagtgctggg gtcacaggtg    215820
     tgttctacca cacctgaaag taattcatct ttttaaagaa attacaccag accccccccc    215880
     caataaattg aaaaaaatta cacatgggga gcaggcaaag tgtattatgg cacctgtata    215940
     taagtcagag gacaacttgt gggtagctgg ttctctcctt tcaccatgtt ggtcccaggg    216000
     atggaactca agtggtcaaa cttggcagca gaggccttct ttacccatta acccagcttg    216060
     aaggccaaga tctggtttct tttaaaacgg ggtctcactt agctctatct gacctggaac    216120
     tgactctgga gaccaggttg gctgggaact caagagatcg acctgcttct gcctcctccg    216180
     agacaggtga gccaccaggc ctgcccctaa aacctccaaa aaaaaagaca tggagcaaag    216240
     tttgcggtgt aaatctgtct gtattcctta gcactctgga gaagaggcag aaagatcagg    216300
     gattctgggt tatctactgt tacatagaag tccgaagcta acctaagagg ggggggaggg    216360
     gagcggcgag gggctgggct gggggcgtag atcagtggta gagtgtcacg tgagaactcc    216420
     agtcctcagg gaccattgat cacccccttt tacagaggat actgaggcga agcaggagtc    216480
     acccgacaga cacagcctgg acacacagac atttgggtgg agactagccc ccttttggac    216540
     ctcactgctc cgaccccgcc agctctttgc cgaggatgga gacatcacaa ctcaccaaaa    216600
     gtcccactca ccccattctt gcccccatgt acttgtatat aatttttttt tttttaacca    216660
     gctcatccgg gtctgtctgt ggataggaca gggaataggt gcacctttta ggtttcaaaa    216720
     tcttggtttg ttggctttcc agaagctgag gcaggatctt aaatttaagg tcagccagga    216780
     ttgcagaaat cttacgtcag aaacccaaac caacgacaaa agattctatt tgttttccga    216840
     ggcctccagt agcccagggt cagcacaggg cacgccccat gggaatttga tgtgcagacg    216900
     caactcaatt ccccaaaacc atagccccaa agtgtaacaa gcaagcaaac ggtgctggca    216960
     cctacaggag gactcgactc aggctcggct ggttagggag gttttcagga caaaacgagt    217020
     ctttgatagc caacagtctt ttggttagtt atttcccttc ggaggcgggc ggttagaggc    217080
     gcacagacgg gagggcagcg cggacaacag tcacggaaac aaaggccttt ggggatagaa    217140
     gcgagtgagg gcgtctgcgt ctcgggaccc tcaaagcccc tcattcaccc catcctcctc    217200
     catccaggaa ggcttcctcc acccgttgga aggcttcctc cacccgagac tcccaggttc    217260
     aggacagcca gcgatggtca gcccactgtg gggttgaggg gagggaccgc tgcacgagca    217320
     gctctgaagg gccgacaggg actatgctcg ccccctcatg gacaccacat gttctgcagc    217380
     cgccatcact tgatgggagt aatggcgctg cacatggcag acaccggaac ggagaagagc    217440
     gatcccttca aatatggcgg ctgcggcttg gccggcattg tacggctgaa gccgctccga    217500
     aacccacgtg acatcccgcc ccgcacagtc atggccgcca agagccaact caggcgacat    217560
     tctgattgga caaaataaaa atggcccgcc tcgatagacg cgcactcacc gcttcgacca    217620
     attagaagac ggaaactctt cggttcgagc cgtctgcgtc acttcctccg cccctgcagc    217680
     aagggataag aaaccctgcg acaagacctc ctcctttccc aggcggctgc cgaagatggc    217740
     ggaggggcag gttcggactc tgcgcgcgcc gggcggtgtg gggtcgggtg ggtgccaggc    217800
     gggagcgcag tgaggggcca ctgctccccg ccgcttgtgc gatgggactt agcaaacgtc    217860
     tcacgcgagg ggactgtgta acgggcgtaa caagccgcgg ctgcctaggt atggggcgat    217920
     ggaaatgcag cgggttttct ggggaagacg ggagtggggc tggggttcca acaccagaaa    217980
     caacttttac aggttgtaat ctcaggcgtt ggggtgcggg gagcttgcaa tctctcatgc    218040
     ctggtgtatg tatgtaagat aaggagaaac tgtcgcaggc tcctgctttg catgacttta    218100
     gggcaccgga ttcctgtaac atctgatctg aaggcttgta ggccttttga gggtgttttc    218160
     ggtgttcttc agaattgggg agattgataa gacagacttt aaatattact tattcacccg    218220
     actgaagcag gaacctcttc attttgaggc tggtcaggaa ttgcctgtac cttcctcctg    218280
     actttagatt ccttgacagg ttgctgctca ggaagtaaat ggtgctgttt gggacagttt    218340
     tgccctttaa aaagaacttg ggaagttccg gagaccctcc agtaacagca ataaacaggg    218400
     tggctgtgga atgggcttct tctgtagttt gggttgggat gcagacatgt gcctccatgc    218460
     ctgagacggg atttagcttt gtaatccagt ctgcactgct cagaatcaca ggacgatgtg    218520
     tgcttagcta aatcgggttc ttttgagtgc atataagaaa ggttctgctt gagcatctga    218580
     ggatccgatg aaaagttaca acaggctaaa gtctgaaagc aggtctggtc aattttggag    218640
     tgaacggtgt gccactggat cccagctatc ctgggatttg aggcctggaa gggttaaatg    218700
     aagttccatt ttaaaaaatc aacttatata cacaatagga atcctatgcc tgctgaggct    218760
     ttgttagtac tatagtggcc ctttgggaca cttgcttcat ctgggtagta ggcatcctga    218820
     cgggttgcta acctggaata ggggaagcca aactgtttcc taagcattct tgtttccaca    218880
     ggttctggta ttggatggcc gaggccatct tcttggccgc ctggcggcca ttgtggccaa    218940
     gcaggtactt ctgggtaagt ttcattcacc atttaccttt gcctgggagt ccatgatgag    219000
     caacactcac catctttcgt ttgagtctca cgactgtgag atcaacccat gcaccgctct    219060
     gagactcgcc agcccctgct ttcttgggac ccctggccta aaaatacttt tggagcaaga    219120
     gatctgcctt ccaagaggct ttgctgacta atctccaact ccctgttaac tctaggccgg    219180
     aaggtggtgg tcgtacgctg tgaaggcatc aacatttctg gaaacttcta cagaaacaag    219240
     tgtgagttag ggctggggca gtggtcttca ggcgggctgt tgccttgctc ctggacaagc    219300
     aggctatctg ctctgctctt gggtccaagg gtgcctcaca tacttttgtc ctgacagtaa    219360
     agtatctggc ctttctccgg aagcggatga ataccaaccc ctcccgaggc ccctaccact    219420
     tccgagcccc cagccgcatt ttctggcgca ctgtgcgagg tgagttggtg atgtggtgac    219480
     atgtaggaca gggtaggctc tggcagcttg tgatgagaca tctcccactc atgttcgagt    219540
     tgctcgacta tgagatgact ctacatgcac taccatctga ggctgttcta gcccttgccc    219600
     tggggtcaga cggggttctc agcacctctg atgaggcccg ctgttacccc cacaggcatg    219660
     ctgccccaca agaccaagag aggccaggct gccctggagc gcctcaaggt gttggatggg    219720
     atccctccac cctatgacaa ggtgagcctt gcaagcctag ccttacagcc tctgcgtcca    219780
     gcgtctgtga tgttctgcta ttacctacat tgtttgagcc tcatgaaaac cccactggct    219840
     gagacgccta ccctgctggc cttcttgcta ggtgttccca acaggtctct gagcatctct    219900
     ttctctcaac agaaaaagcg gatggtggtc cctgctgctc tcaaggttgt tcggctgaag    219960
     cctaccagaa aggtaagctc taggttacag gttaggcttg tgagcctcaa gactggcaca    220020
     tgatgttctt attctcacga tggtcttcgg atgccacagt tagggcagtg ccgataatgc    220080
     caaaggctaa gctgatgcca ggagggctcc cgtgctgggg atgagtcctt gaaatagggt    220140
     ccctaggccc tccggctcac ccttgtgctg ctggggcaca ttccatgtcc ttacagcctt    220200
     gtgcctctgc agtttgctta cctggggcgt ctggcgcatg aggtcgggtg gaagtaccag    220260
     gcagtgacag ccactctgga ggagaaacgg aaggaaaagg ccaagatgca ctatcggaag    220320
     aagaagcaga tcttggtgag gacggacact gagatccagg attagggggg cgcaggtgag    220380
     aagcaaccgc tctgacatgt gtcttttcac accacagagg ttacggaaac aggcagaaaa    220440
     gaatgtggag aagaaaatct gcaagttcac agaggtcctc aagaccaacg gactcctggt    220500
     gtgaacccaa taaagactgt ttgcctcatg cctgcctggc ctgcccttcc tccgccgcca    220560
     actagggaag tggggaccaa aggttcctta ggcactgctc ctgtgggtag aggggacatt    220620
     agagagctga cagcgcacca cctgcatgag tttttattaa agtgcaaacc atgggatgaa    220680
     tcagttgagc ttcagtgttg aaaatgagta gcagggctgc cccacccacc tgaccaagta    220740
     ccctattctg cagctatgaa aatgagatct gcacatgagc tggggttcac aagtgcacac    220800
     ttggagcact gccttgctcc ttcccagcag accacaaagc agtatttttc tggaggattt    220860
     tatgtgctaa taaattattt gacttaagtg tgtacgatgt gtgctgtgca gagaggggca    220920
     gagggcacca gcaggtcatc tgcatggggg gcccctttgg gtgaatcctt gctcacggga    220980
     taggctttgt tgctcaaaag ttgcagatat acatcttggg tcctgtccta gatggtgtta    221040
     ctgtaagtca gcaccaagat acaagagctg gtacctggac tgtaggaggt caggccatga    221100
     cacaaaggct gggactaaag gcatttacca cgcctgagtc ttctggttct ttaaacatca    221160
     aatccttccg ggggctggcg agatggctca gtggttaaga gcacagactg ctcttacgaa    221220
     ggatccgagt tcaaatccca gcaaccaaat ggtgcctaac aactatccat aatgaaatct    221280
     gatgccctct tctggagtat ctgagaacag ctacagtgta cttacatata atcttaaaaa    221340
     tgcttcccat gttaaccacc actagagttt ttattacagc tagctgacct ggaagccaag    221400
     tccttatgcc tccgtgagtg ctggggttaa aaagatccag caccactcaa aatgtcaatc    221460
     tattttgaaa atatgcttta tactgttcta gcccatctgt gcagggctag aacggtgaat    221520
     acgagaaact gacacaagct tttgccacct ggctaaatgg ttcctctatt acctggggtg    221580
     gtcacctaag gttagacact catccacgag tagtcaggac ataaacccat caaagtgtgg    221640
     gtagacgcgc agcctgagat actgtcaaca aaggacatgc gaccttggtg acgtcggcct    221700
     ttaataaaag gaagaaaggt tgactattcg gtcgacgctg gctgctcctg acatcgtatg    221760
     gcagatactc tgctgtaaag cggttcaccc ctttcttgag acccgctctg cacggccgct    221820
     tctctctgga aactgaatcc cagcacgtgt ttcccaaccc gtacggcacg ccttctccgc    221880
     cctaagcctc gccgtaccac atgatgcacg tttcctccac atcgtgctcc tgaaatctcg    221940
     cgagatgata ggatcttccc gccccttagt cctcccccgt catggcggcg tacggacagt    222000
     cccaggaacg cgggctctcg ccggaagtac ctcccacctc cgtgaggata accccgcgtc    222060
     acttccgccc cgacctcgcg tggtgaataa ggaagccggg agcggccctg cctctccctt    222120
     tctccggcgg ccgggaagat ggcggacatt caggttcgag cgtttagttg ctttcccccg    222180
     acgcttcggt gtggagcgta tcccttggcg tcctcgttgt cttacgcatt agctgaagcg    222240
     aggatgcctg cgaatgcctt cgtctcaggc ggctcggaaa tccgggctct acgcagtaat    222300
     ggggtccctg gcgcttcggg agttggttct taaagctcag agcttaacgg gtgagggatt    222360
     gtggcgggag gagggcatcc tgcggcgcgg gagtcctgcg gcggcagagc cggggacact    222420
     gggtaaagca ggttttttcc ccttgatgga gactgaggcc cggacctcgt gcgctctacg    222480
     gcagggctgc ggtcccgacc tcgctgtagt tttcagtgtg agcgcagctc tggcctcgat    222540
     gagcttaggc ttgtcttaaa cttgccatcc tgcctcaacc tcaaccggga tgacagatcc    222600
     ggcccaccag gctcggctac gtggacataa gcttgaatcc cgaatgagtg gatttgtatg    222660
     ttttggaggt ccagtctggc tgaaaagctc tttttgatct cagccgtgag ttctgcaggc    222720
     tgtggaggtg ttagatggga cgcagtgtgt gagctaaact agacttgggg tggttggaga    222780
     gccctgacca gccggttttg gcgattgggg caaataaggt tgaaggtagg aaggaagaaa    222840
     tattgtctct gatttccttg aactttacct gcaacctcac caaattctca tccctacaga    222900
     cggagcgtgc ttaccaaaag cagcctacga tctttcaaaa caagaagcgg gttctgctgg    222960
     gagaaaccgg caaggaaaaa ctccctcggt actacaagaa tatcggtcta ggcttcaaga    223020
     cgcctaaaga ggtacaggac cctccagcag atgagatccc tgctgccctg cacgtgtggg    223080
     agcacagcca ccccgccccc ttcacagtgg cttcccatgg gcccctggga attgtagtat    223140
     gggccctgag gcgtcatcct tggttctgtt taggaagtgg taatctaaac cccactttct    223200
     taactttgca ggctattgag ggtacctaca tagacaagaa atgccccttc actggtaacg    223260
     tctccatccg aggtcggatc ctgtctggtg agtgggatgt tggaagggtg gttctaggtt    223320
     cctgcgtcca ggggcgctgg caagtgatgt ctgttctcac gatggtcttc agatgtcctc    223380
     tagggcactg ctgagacagc cagttgacaa agctgatgcc ataaatggag cttcttggga    223440
     gccccgttca actgactcct acctgctaac acctttctgt tactctccca ggtgtcgtga    223500
     cgaagatgaa gatgcagagg accattgtca tccgccggga ctatctccat tacatccgaa    223560
     agtacaatcg ctttgagaag cgtcacaaga acatgtctgt gcacctgtcc ccctgtttca    223620
     ggtgactctg gtagcttggg ataatgactc tagacaagac agtcactggc taggctggag    223680
     gtgtcccatg ggcagagcag tgtggggtcc aggagtgtgt agactgctgt gtgaacgtct    223740
     gggaactaga agttgtagtt tgttagtctt agcaactgcg tagatggtga ctggttgggt    223800
     ggagcaaggg tggcccccac ccctttggcc tgtctggatg aaggaattgc tggggaggcc    223860
     cctcctgaag actccttgtc tgaccccaca gggatgtaca gatcggagac attgtcacag    223920
     ttggagagtg caggcccctg agcaagactg tgcgattcaa tgtgctcaag gtcaccaagg    223980
     ctgctggcac caagaagcag tttcagaagt tctaagggga ctctggccaa tgccctagaa    224040
     caaataaagt tattttccaa cgtacagaac aggcttggag tctcatgtgt cctgggacag    224100
     agcaaagatt gccagggctt tcctgagctg gaggtatctg ctgcatttat gagcctctaa    224160
     atcttggtaa ccaagtagaa cacccagggt cagctacctg gtgcaggcag cccctgctct    224220
     gcctgcctct caggaggaag taagggtgga gcctctgacc ttagtttagg tctgagctct    224280
     tcagtgtccc tgggaaccac ctgggtctct ggtcttccca tactcacctt gcaggtgaag    224340
     acacctagga aggggcaagt tctccaactt gagtatcatg atctgcttga acccctgtag    224400
     ccactgcctc ccctctggct tatgtccagg gacagggcca acaaggacag gaacccttca    224460
     gcagtgagat gagaagaagg ccccaggttg tccaggatgg atgttggagt gatgggaaca    224520
     cccacttagg aagggaccca aggcatcccc tgtatgtagg ccaaacctgg ggaaaagtcc    224580
     cttggctgga gggagaagct ggagttgttg ctgctggggt tcccaagtcc ctatccccca    224640
     ggcctgtacc agggtctgag gcacagcact ggtacaaggg ttgggagaca gggcattgag    224700
     aagagtcctc tgcctgcaag agatgctgcg gaaagcactg cttcaccacg gccttctgca    224760
     tttaaccagg ctgctgaggg agggggttcc tgtcaaagga agtgggcctg catcaaagcg    224820
     agcaggaagg ggcagggaca ggtcaggagg ggcaccgccc aagctgggtg cctgccagcc    224880
     acccaggagt agagccacta agcagaggag gggcgagccc cagagctaca ggggacaggg    224940
     accctgagga atctaaagcc aattgttgag aggtgtggcc ccctccagcc gcaggtgctt    225000
     ccgttccggg tggggctgtg tttacaacag cccagctccc ctgtttcctc tcaggggtgc    225060
     ttggggcttc acctttcaaa gttgcagagt ctgtgaggga ggggacacct gagagaagag    225120
     agacccctga cgacccctca gcagtttagt catctgcaga gtggaggttg tcttcttagg    225180
     cctttgcaca aatgaagaac actgcctgag agcctagcac ttcccctact gcactctggt    225240
     ttgtcaaacc ccagtgccag ccacgcctgg cacctctccc ggtggaaatg tcttccaggc    225300
     atcatggttt tatatgactt ttacagagtc ttgctgtgtg tccctagatg gtctggagct    225360
     ctgtgtagac caggttagcc tcagattgac cacactctcc tcacctcttg gctcctgggt    225420
     gctgagattc caggtgacac acagcccatt tgggccttta gtctcaggca ccagttttca    225480
     cttagtaact aatatccagt tccaatcaca tgtagacgtt ggtgataatc cagctgccag    225540
     gggggctgag ctgaggcagg aggattgtca gaagtcagag actagtttgg gcaacacaga    225600
     ccttgtctta gactaaagac ctagggatgt ggctcaaagg tgtagtgcct tcctagaatc    225660
     agacagcgag gggctggggt tgtagctcca tggtggaggg cttttctaac aagtacaagg    225720
     tcctgcgacc atccgcagca cctcagggac acaaagggca tgcagttgca atccagcact    225780
     tgacaggtag acacttgagg atcagcagtt taagggcaca agagacctgt ttcaaacgaa    225840
     gcctggtatg gtgataccca tctttggggt ttttggttgt ttgttttgca agacagggtt    225900
     tctctgtgta acacccctga ctgtcctgga cttgcttttt agaccaggct agtctcaaaa    225960
     ctgtgcccac taaatgctgg gtttaaaggt gtgtgtcacc acacccagca gtggtacacg    226020
     tctttgatcc cagaactcaa gaggcaggca gatctcagag tttgaagtca ggctgtctgc    226080
     atagtgataa cctcttccaa aaatgaaaat actaatgtga gtgagtgtgt gtgtgcctgc    226140
     cacagacccc catgtagagg tcaaaggatt cagttctctc catcatgtgg gttccacaag    226200
     tcaaacagac catgatgctt tgtcttaaat acctctacct actgaaccag ctcactagcc    226260
     cacacttcct ccttgagtct cctgtcaaac ttacatcctg cctgttggct gcaaaggctg    226320
     tatatatctg cacagccagt ccctggaagt gggaactgtg aggaggtgcc ccaggatcca    226380
     ggtgttctga gacaggctca gcactgacca gcctcactgc tcactcagcc atagaccttg    226440
     agtctcctca tctgtaaatg gtggccacgc tagcagctag ctgtgcaggt aggtcactct    226500
     atggccccag gagaatgacc tttggcaggt agctgcagag gttatgtatg gttatgggac    226560
     ctgtgtcttc tagagcaagc ttgatgaagt catttaagta tgcttctaga agattctgta    226620
     gcgaatcatg cctggtgaga agaccagaga ggagccattg gctctgggcg ggtgaggctt    226680
     ctcagcaggg tcttgggtgt ttgttttgga gtcagggttc tgtgtagctc tggctgttgt    226740
     ggaacttgct ttgtagaact ggctggcctc aaactcacaa agaacttcct gcttctccct    226800
     cccaaatgct gggatcaaaa atgtgcatca gcaccaccca ggacagggtc ctggtttagt    226860
     gacagcagac tttggcccac caactgcaga cagggcaggc aggcctggcc ctgctaactg    226920
     tggcttggtc tggctgtgtg tggaactttc tttgggtggg gaaggcagaa tggtcaggca    226980
     gcattgctgc tcctcctttt tgggttcttt gtgttatgtc ttgttttgag acacttgctg    227040
     tctcactctg ttgctgagac tacccaagaa ttc                                 227073

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