(data stored in ACNUC27125 zone)

EMBL: AC151836

ID   AC151836; SV 3; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 230502 BP.
AC   AC151836;
DT   07-OCT-2004 (Rel. 81, Created)
DT   21-JUL-2005 (Rel. 84, Last updated, Version 3)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-359F5 from chromosome 14, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-230502
RA   Veizer J., Lewis S., Kozlowicz A., Bielicki L., Haglund K.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-359F5";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-230502
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (06-OCT-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [3]
RP   1-230502
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-MAR-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-230502
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (20-JUL-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 62986b2bb6de9a65f55db76f89f50275.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456171.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000022089; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000022090; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000022091; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000022092; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000044551; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0021531; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0021532; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0021534; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0021490; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0021491; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0021493; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0021466; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0021467; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0021469; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0021496; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0021497; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0021499; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0021273; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0021274; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0021276; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0021935; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0021936; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0021938; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0020790; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0020791; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0020793; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0021240; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0021241; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0021243; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0021363; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0021364; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0021366; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0021342; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0021343; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0021345; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0021434; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0021435; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0021437; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0021371; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0021372; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0021374; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0021959; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0021960; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0021962; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0020534; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0020535; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0020537; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0020843; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0020844; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0020846; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC151836.3:1-230502; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000127836; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000129174; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000129767; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000143393; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000227259; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000227653; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000227929; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000228717; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000228911; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0040008; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0040014; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0040026; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0039978; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0039983; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0039993; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0039933; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0039938; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0039947; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0039977; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0039982; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0039992; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0039718; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0039723; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0039733; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0040453; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0040458; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0040468; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0039723; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0039728; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0039740; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0039634; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0039639; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0039649; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0039779; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0039784; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0039794; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0039746; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0039751; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0039761; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0039855; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0039860; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0039872; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0039740; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0039745; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0039755; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0040490; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0040495; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0040505; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0039333; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0039338; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0039348; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0039109; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0039114; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0039124; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; A0A087WPL1.
DR   GOA; A0A2I3BS41.
DR   GOA; F7C957.
DR   GOA; Q8K0M3.
DR   InterPro; IPR001452; SH3_domain.
DR   InterPro; IPR001478; PDZ.
DR   InterPro; IPR001781; Znf_LIM.
DR   InterPro; IPR003127; SoHo_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR004843; Calcineurin-like_PHP_ApaH.
DR   InterPro; IPR006186; Ser/Thr-sp_prot-phosphatase.
DR   InterPro; IPR028510; Vinexin.
DR   InterPro; IPR029052; Metallo-depent_PP-like.
DR   InterPro; IPR031847; DUF4749.
DR   InterPro; IPR035607; Vinexin_SH3_3.
DR   InterPro; IPR035608; Vinexin_SH3_2.
DR   InterPro; IPR035609; Vinexin_SH3_1.
DR   InterPro; IPR036028; SH3-like_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR036034; PDZ_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR041751; MPP_PP2B.
DR   MGI; MGI:107162; Ppp3cc.
DR   MGI; MGI:1929883; Bin3.
DR   MGI; MGI:2145726; 9930012K11Rik.
DR   MGI; MGI:2384850; Pdlim2.
DR   MGI; MGI:700013; Sorbs3.
DR   RFAM; RF00005; tRNA.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A087WPL1; A0A087WPL1_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A2I3BR15; A0A2I3BR15_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A2I3BS41; A0A2I3BS41_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; E9Q996; E9Q996_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F6Q9I6; F6Q9I6_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F7C957; F7C957_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q8K0M3; Q8K0M3_MOUSE.
CC   On Jul 20, 2005 this sequence version replaced gi:61098484.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BA0359F05
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e. phred quality
CC   >=30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by at least
CC   one plasmid subclone, fosmid clone or direct clone walk sequence.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome
CC   shotgun may have been used to obtain the consensus sequence. The
CC   assembly was confirmed by restriction digest.
CC   This finishing standard has slightly changed from the previous
CC   Human standard. Specifically, standards for regions of low sequence
CC   complexity (such as dinucleotide repeats and small unit tandem
CC   repeats) have been relaxed. These regions are very prevalent in the
CC   mouse genome, and the return on extended finishing efforts is
CC   minimal.
CC   If a sequence meets the criteria of the above statement, it needs
CC   no comments or tags. If the criteria are not met, such as ambiguous
CC   bases, then the region is duly annotated.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The  BAC Library has been constructed by Kazutoyo Osegawa and
CC   Minako Tateno in the laboratory of Pieter de Jong
CC   (http://www.chori.org) from female C57BL/6J mouse kidney and/or
CC   brain genomic DNA.  The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Research Genetics, Inc. (http://www.resgen.com) or
CC   Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..230502
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="14"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-359F5"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   unsure          48876..49550
FT                   /note="Unresolved tandem repeat."
FT   misc_feature    102204..102242
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA"
FT   unsure          102747..102809
FT                   /note="Unresolved tandem repeat."
SQ   Sequence 230502 BP; 59936 A; 58782 C; 55668 G; 56116 T; 0 other;
     gaattcctca cacctacagg gtaaagcctt gtcagtagaa atagagccca cagccagctg        60
     gcttccccca ttccacccac cttgtctctt aaaaagaaat cccccccccc atacgtgaac       120
     accacccaca ggcccttgta agtccctccc agcatggttg taaaggaggg attggttggc       180
     aaagctgctt cttgcctggg ctgctacagc tgggggccca cccaacagag accacccagg       240
     agcttctccc caatagacag accccagtgg cagccttctg actaccaacc tcgggacccc       300
     cataaccaaa gctcttgagg cccccagagt cactgacgga tgctgcccag atattcaggc       360
     tacttggtat atgagaccag gtgggaggag gagagacaga catggactgc ttccaaagct       420
     agaaaattcc ttttgagtag ccagcccttg gagccagtct ctgatggtac aggtgggaaa       480
     ctgaggctga ggagacaaaa caaagcacat tgcgtggcta acaatacaga gtggattgaa       540
     ccttggtcac caccccaggg tggtgctaca gcccccacat tgctccccgc cttgtgaagt       600
     ctctcccaga atgcaggaag gaagtggcat acagagacag aaagagtcac cgggatcagg       660
     aaggaaagca gagaaaagat gagaaggctc agaaggacaa gggcccctag cagacctgta       720
     gagggaagtg atagtggtct gtttccatga gccaaggcag aggtctaggg gcacaaagca       780
     ggccatcaga agataaaaga tgacaggctc cagagaggct gagctcctct gggcagcctc       840
     agggatgccc agcccagaaa cacaactgag catcttagta gggacaaaca gatgagggat       900
     gctcctccct aacagaagtt ccagaacggg accctgtcac cagcaggcct catgggacct       960
     cgccattcag accaacagtc tcagctggct ttgcagccta ggtgcctaca gagggtttcc      1020
     tatctctctg tcttgtcccc gtgggcctct ttcttccctc cctggctcag gcttagcctg      1080
     gcacaggccc gagcgccaaa ccggagtgtg tcagtgagta gacagctgcc tagggggctc      1140
     tgaagagcac tgtgacatcc tcgctccccc acaaaatatc atctcggttt gcctgaaagt      1200
     tcaccattag tgactcattc ctttgggtta aacatagccc tcccttctcc aaggcagctg      1260
     ctttgggaaa ggagaactca ttgagatctc agcatcccgg tgtgaatggg gagactcgag      1320
     atctgggaga cagcccagag gaagggagga agtggaagct gcggaaaaga cgaaaaggag      1380
     gaaggaagtt tattgaaaag gaagaggagg ccaaagagag aagagatggg tccagcttga      1440
     gccatggctg tcctacagtg actgtagaaa cccaacctca ttgatgctca gattcaccgt      1500
     gggctccgac tctcataggc acacatctgt cttcatctga tcctcgcagc ctggggagac      1560
     tgtgtacccc gtttaagaga tgaagacact actgaagctt gtggagtttg gagagcttgt      1620
     caatctagcc gaggagctgg aaagccagga ccacacttag cacacgtctg cagagccacc      1680
     agcaggcatt cagagagcac ccttcctcca tctcagcatc catctcccat cagggatggg      1740
     ggaggtcccc ggtagagaaa caagagggac aaggaagaaa ctgtacgaga ggcttgaaac      1800
     agacaaagga ggtactgagg cccaggctgt agtcctgaag cagtcaacag agacccagtc      1860
     aagaggaagg cggtgtgggt aaaggcaaag actcacttat ctgctggtgt caaatctggc      1920
     actaacatgg agaccaccct accacacccc cctgtgacat ccttcagatg acacttcaag      1980
     agtctctgcc agagggtctt ggctgactgg ggggagcagg caggcccaag ctcctgtacc      2040
     ctggccccct ctactcctct tctgccttct ctccttgcct ttccttccct ccagctatag      2100
     ccctgcagga agtggcccgt cggccatatt gaaaccgtct gctcctctcc ctcttaacga      2160
     ggcaggttaa atacgctgta atcagagtaa tcatacacct gggctggttc tcgagagaac      2220
     tgccttttgt actgcgatag gacattaata gcaattattc tgctttgtaa ttggagcttt      2280
     aaatactaat tcaaacagcc agaggaaaac caattagtgc taatttatct ctatgtgttt      2340
     tccagagctg gtgtctgtca cactgtgaag aaataggttg gtaattagta cagttgggtg      2400
     gtagatagaa gtaattatca gattcttcca tttttctttg ggggagaaaa tgggtagggg      2460
     gcagggaagg ccaagatagg tactgtaagt ctttgttgtc ttgaagttta ctcggtgggc      2520
     ctatgagtgc caaggcctgg gcatcccaag acagcaaagt attcctgagc caggtgggtt      2580
     caggtggaag gggcatcgaa ggccttaaca gggactttcc cactaacagg cccacagaga      2640
     actatcagca gtgttgtggt aagcatactt ttcctgtgtg tctggaagaa ggcttaggat      2700
     ccccacccct gatagggtta aatggacagt agggcctggg ccccaagtct gcctcttatt      2760
     cgctagctgt gcgacctggc agaggcacta tattctgtgg tttctgcttt cctcccatgt      2820
     aaaatgagca agagtgctca gatagtgtta accattaact tgacaaggta gaaacactta      2880
     gaaaatgggc ctttggccgt acctgtggcc gattatcttg actaagttaa ttgaggatga      2940
     aagatctgtc cactatgggt ggagtcattc cctggtcgga acctagatgg tgtctaagta      3000
     gcaagaaggt gatgagccgt ctcaagcacg tcttaattcc tctgtgcttc ctgattgcga      3060
     atgtgatgtg gtcaactttt gccttgacat ccctaccttg atggactgtg ccttgagctg      3120
     tccttcctcc cttatgtttc ctttgccagg gtcacagcaa cagaaaaaga aaaaaagaaa      3180
     aagaaaagaa aagaaactaa gataaatact ttccttgcag ggctattcta agggttgatt      3240
     taaattaaag tcagacttcc ctaggcctgg taccaaacag caatgtgtac gtgttactac      3300
     atgcccgcag tttgcctgag gctctcctgg gtgcctttgt aagtgtgacg tctggtggtt      3360
     taaatcttgt ggctcaccat gtcctcgact tccccactcc ctacggtgga cttctcacca      3420
     gccacggggc tcaactcctc atctccacag gaagggtaac aatggtacct tccttgagga      3480
     catactgtga agattgtatg aagcagcaat taaaaggctc ttagccaggg gtcatgcatg      3540
     caataggagc tctgtcaggg ctacgtgtca ctgccaatgt cattatgttg ttatttcact      3600
     gtgcctggtc gtgttggagt ctttaaatcc tccatcgaag gaggtagaca tagtgctagg      3660
     aatgcattct atcaatacaa atattttatc aaaagcccgg tccatcctca ggactgtcaa      3720
     ggggccagcc actacctctg tgagactggc ataccttgaa cagaggctaa cagtactttc      3780
     cagagggtca cagggtttgc gctttcacag atgtgactct agaaagtgca agcgagtggg      3840
     cagagagctg ccttactccc atcccacagg tcaggaagtg acagttggag agtataagta      3900
     acctactcca gaacgttctt ggccaaagcc aagggctgtg aagtcttcaa aggacattca      3960
     atgtgtcctt gtcaagtgga taaataagca ggaaccttca ccactgcatc aggtagcctg      4020
     gcctgccaag gtgggcgtgg tccttcttga acagtggagt tgaccatgaa aaaatgttgc      4080
     agaggaccag aactctttac aggagaaaca agttggtgga gagatggata gcttcattct      4140
     acctggacta ggcctttaaa ggattgagta acagtctcga gttgacaatg gttcaacttg      4200
     aacgttttca accttaggcc gatacgaaca tgattcagta gacaccaggt atggggttga      4260
     tgggtttgtt ttgttttgag atgcaatctt gtaatgtgcc caagttggtc aggaactcac      4320
     ttcatagcca agactggcct taaagtcctg gagattctcc tacctgaccc tcccaaaagc      4380
     agggatcaca gctttggcca tcacccccat ccagacttgg aatttggaat tttgatctcc      4440
     tcccaggcta acaatagaca cactatgaaa ccagtagctc tgggaagagc ctcagcttcc      4500
     agtcagtccc acaaacacaa gaggagacaa ctaacacttt aaagtgtgat gtgttttaat      4560
     atgtggcgtg ccgttattta ggtggataaa atgcaccgac agccatctgt tgagtctggg      4620
     ttatgtccag tcataactga ggagcatctc tggcaagcaa cactgcaaag ttgtgaggtt      4680
     gtttccatag gagagaggga gatctggtag acccaggtcc tcaccacaga gttccatcct      4740
     tcctgcccac tggtgcattc agggaaactg tttggactgt ataggcattt gagggctgac      4800
     cctgagtcac agaagtgggt actgaagagt aatgaggagg aagatgctgg agaaggatag      4860
     agctgcagca ggagcctagg aacgggtaga tcacatgttt tttgagaagc agggtcacgt      4920
     atagacgata agtgccggga agtcagaagc tgaggctggt aagttaggct ttgccaaccg      4980
     tgtggcagag gacatttgac ctaggccacc tcctagagtc gttcactgct ctcatgagga      5040
     agaagtttgt tctccgccta ccacgtcacc catccttgat gtctaccact ataatagaat      5100
     acctaagaaa tgagtgactt acaaagaaca ggggcttagg actgaagaga tggtccagcc      5160
     agtcaggtgg atgctgggta agcataggga ccggagatca atccccagaa tccacatttt      5220
     aaaacatcca ggcacctaat gcacactgta atcctagcac cggagaaata gagacaagag      5280
     gatctttggg acttggtggc cattagtgaa ccccaggtca agtgagaatc cctaactcaa      5340
     aaagtagatg acattcctga gggacaacca tgcaaggtat cctctaacct ctctgcacat      5400
     gtgtgtgcac ctacctgcac atgaacacgc atacacacat acaaaaacgg taggggagca      5460
     gtaacaggga tgtgagcaca gtcgtggttc tgaaggctga gaagcctacg agcatggtcc      5520
     tggcatctgg ccagcgtgtg agcggcacac ggtgggaagc agggcgagca tgcacacccg      5580
     tgtcttctct tcaccttctt accactaaca ccgtctgccc atggcctcat ccaggccaaa      5640
     tagcatcgct tccaaatacc atcagcacat caatgataaa gtctttcctc tatggacttt      5700
     gggggataca ttcaaacata gcatgaactt ctaccctaag agaggcgagc ctccttctaa      5760
     ttcccatgaa ggaactggct gtaggcttgc caagctgtga gcctcccacc cccttccccg      5820
     gggtgggaca cttgaattct gtggactctc agctcttctg aattcagtgg gttagggacg      5880
     ggaagttttg aagatgcgat caaggagctt ctactgacca gagcaggaga gggtgggagg      5940
     gtaaggaagg agagcttgag accttgaagg gagggtgggg gtagaaatgg gtaacaatgg      6000
     gaggaaaaac aaggttgaag ggtacggaca tattagcagg gacaggggac ttggcatata      6060
     gccagacaat aggaatagtt agttagccat catagcaaga gatgtgttgg tgattttcat      6120
     ttcctttttt ttctttcttt ctcatttatt tattatttat cgtcttcttt ggttacgggt      6180
     actgtatttt ctaaacattt cacactgaac atatttctcc tctatacaaa gaaaaacaat      6240
     taaatttatt tttaaggaag gaagggacat atgctagaga cattttgaag gaagaactga      6300
     cggaatttga taagcgacta gataagggtg ataaaggaga cagatgaatc aaaaataact      6360
     cataggtttt tgaggctggg tgctggtggg gatggcagcg tgcaggcagg cacggcatgg      6420
     atgaggggac tctgtagcgg ggacgagatt ggcacaatgt caaagtgtga tttttccccc      6480
     aactgttggc aagaccacag agggtaccca cacagcccag agaagaggat cttggaaaag      6540
     aggttccagg taccctgggg aggtttcttt tgtcatctca ccaggtagaa gaacagcctt      6600
     aggttaagga cagaattgag aatatcttta tacaagccag agctatgaga aagacccaaa      6660
     cataatgttg tacacccgca tctctcctca ccttcttacc attaacacca tctggccatg      6720
     gcctcatcca ggccaaatac catcacttcc aaataccatc agcacatcaa tgtatgcatc      6780
     tatgaacgaa acccctgagg atccagctat tttcccagcc tgagttgtta gaatactaaa      6840
     ggaaggatgg tcctagagaa agggggttga caattgtgtt caaggaggcc caaggcaggg      6900
     agacaaacat actcccagga ggtccaagga tcctggtatc tatgcaggtg gtgagataaa      6960
     ggtaggaagc caagaagttc ctctcagaga tacagagaac acctgtcaca gagaaggatc      7020
     tgcctgagtt aagcactagc tcatgccccc tcccaagcgt ccatgacaag atatcttatt      7080
     ctcccagcct cctctacaga ggctttggac ctgggaaagc ctcacaaggc agaactgccc      7140
     tatattcgcc ttgtatctgc tggtgtcgtg gtgaaggata cgagtctcta gagactgcgt      7200
     atggccggga tctgaaggca gctgttcagc ccaccactgc cacccctcat cccagaatgc      7260
     tccacttctt ccttagcacc aacacctgcc ctgggccctc ctccctgaat gtggcctcag      7320
     aagactctat tgaccagctc aggccccacc ctgggatgca tcactgtttc cttggcaact      7380
     gagggggtgg gttgaaaagt aacacacaaa gcaaataaaa cgagctccaa aatgggtggc      7440
     ctgcaaacag gcgcctcagc atcgtggagc ctcagatgta aagggggttg ttggtccagc      7500
     cccttttact gatattgctc agagaaaccc cgggcaaaga acccttccta acgtgctgtg      7560
     ggtctcacgc atgctctcac tgcacccgcg gagctgccac cagaaattag atctctgatg      7620
     aagatccgtc tctataagcc gtggtgttag cgaggctagg agagccagtc gtctccccgg      7680
     ggttaggtag ctcagagcag acaccaagct actaaacgga gcaggaagat ggggtgtaaa      7740
     cacagctcat gggcagaacc gactggggaa ccgaacctgc tggagaccca aaggctctca      7800
     aagcccccaa gttaatgtga actcccacta tccctttcca agaccttaga gcatttaggg      7860
     agctcccagt aggcgatcta ggaacgcctc ttggggcggg ggtgggtggg gggatgacta      7920
     agacctcagg aagatgcgcc aacattttcc tgtgaagtac aaagacatag aacaaggaca      7980
     cggacctttt attgggggtg ggggatgttg tagtcctggc tggcctacaa ctcactgtgc      8040
     agagcaagct ggccttaaac tcagagatct gtcttcttct gtctcccaag tgctgggatt      8100
     gaaggcatgt acttcatgcc cagcccaagg atgtagacct gaaggaaaca cctttgaggc      8160
     gtttgtttta gctgtgggtc tgccaacaca cccaaaccat agactctctt tagcaccccg      8220
     agaggcccgc aactttgcct ctccgtcatc cactccccac tcccactccc acccccaccc      8280
     ccaaccccaa ccccaaccac cggcttcgga gactctgttc tgtcaccacc aactggcata      8340
     tacttaagca tcgttgattg gcatcgcgtg gcaggtgctg gattgtgtca cctgtgcaga      8400
     tgcagacagc aggtgtgtgt tttcttgtct gtgtggcaca cacctagtgt atctctgttt      8460
     ctcgaagact ttcacgtctg ggtttctcgg tctcccaggc aggggcttga gtcggtgaca      8520
     tgcagggcat ccctgacaca gtgatcaatt atacatgtcc ctgtaaagtc aggcccagtt      8580
     cccaggcact ccctcttagt atgggcacga ggttgggtct gacgacatga gagagagata      8640
     accttgaatt ccctctaatt tgcacaaaag aaaaaaaaac agggggaaat tattcgaaaa      8700
     ctgcaacact ttattattag taacgtattt gtctgtgatg catctcacaa ctgctggtcc      8760
     cacaccaacg tgtcacagct ttgaggctga gaactgctag tctaagtggt gtgatttcag      8820
     aagttaaagg agggccactt cctgccccca aaatatctcc tgtctccacc ctaccgcttt      8880
     cccctgaagt cttgccccag tcgatctatt gcaccatgtc aaacagccca gcatcctctt      8940
     ctgaagtgtg aggactcctg aggggaaaga atccattaag gccacggtct cctttagtgg      9000
     gacttacaga ggacccagaa gcccatgtgc taggccctca tacccatgtg ccactctctc      9060
     cttcccctcc acaagataag caggatagta ctgttgtccc cacttctcac aagagtaaac      9120
     caaggcacgg gacaggtaca caaacatcag caatcatccc aacccagttt gctctcttcc      9180
     aaagtttgga ttttgataca ccatgagtgg aacagaagag cttgggcatc tgcgagccaa      9240
     aacaaagaag cctgcgccca ggaggaaaat gataccctta ggacataagg agagtgtttt      9300
     ttcaggggtg ggggtgggga gcatcttcgt gccttatagc acattattga ggcaggcttc      9360
     ttttacacca gaggcataga taccctccat gtttgctaac acctgtccca ttcttggttg      9420
     ctatcaaggc cagggccagg gatatatcaa gatatcaagt cacatcctta aagatgtgcg      9480
     caggtgctcc tgtcccagaa gagcccgctt ctacctgttc tcccgggata gagaggaatg      9540
     cctacttgaa aaccttccgg agcattactc ctcatcaaat gtctccacta tagcaacccc      9600
     gtggagcgga cctcctgagc tccttttgta aaggagaaag actgtgctca ataaattcct      9660
     ggcggtcaaa agctccatga aggccaggcc agtgagtgag atggtgccgc cggcctctct      9720
     ctgctacata cagacttgtc caagtgctca tcgaccgtgt gggcatcaca gcccaaagtc      9780
     acgtgcaccc atatggccag gtctgtcaga ccctgaaaag atcatccttc ctgccatgac      9840
     cccatcacca gaaggcctca ccgaaacaca actgcccaga gatgcaatat gagagagagg      9900
     aagcaaccgt gagcttttca gagaaggagg ggccatccaa gtaggccaaa gagctcaaag      9960
     ccagatctgc tggtatgaga caagggctct cccttcaaga tagtacctgc actgcccctg     10020
     attctaccag ggtgtattta atccttaggg tcctacatgt agagaattat gattgcatgg     10080
     tttacaaaat ctgcatccaa gatgcactca atgctcgggt tgatttaggc tggtagatta     10140
     caaatacagt tgtgtctttt agttctataa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacagggagg     10200
     gagggaggga gggagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagaggga gagttagaag     10260
     caacccagct gggttgtggt gaaacccacc tttaatccca gcactcagga ggcagagaca     10320
     gatctttctg agtttgaagc catcctggtt tacagaatgt gtttcaggat agccagaaat     10380
     acacagagaa accctgtctc aaaatatcaa aaacaaaaca aacaaacatg gcaatctgtg     10440
     ggctgtggag gggacccacc cacatgggta gagccaaggc acatagggcc atagatatgt     10500
     gcatctctcc atatatccat gtgccaaaga gtttgtatgc tatcctagac tcaacagaga     10560
     acattgtaga aaggctttag aaggagagta accaaaggaa atccatcttc tccagatgcc     10620
     agctttgcat cgtcagccgt gagagatgag aaagcaagaa ctgggggttg cacacgggtg     10680
     gtcccagcag tcctgaatgg ggctcctgtg gagctgcact tgttcctaag agatgctcct     10740
     aagaactgag aactcggtgg gactaccgga agggaaggga atgcaaaggg agtctccagc     10800
     tagatccctg gcgtgtgact acgtgactgt aggattggcg tgacaaggga attgggcttg     10860
     ccttcagtgg taataggcag ggccttcctc cagttaacct gcctaccccc actaccaggg     10920
     caaacctcaa ggactttagc acccatgtca tgagttggtt ggtatccaga ttaggggtaa     10980
     ggaagggtac caaatgttgc tttgcagagt ccaggttggc cactttttgt ccctttttgt     11040
     cccaactcaa tacacagtgg aaggtgtccc tgatctccac cctgtacctt ccccagggcc     11100
     ctactgagat ggcacgatca gtcataggat gggtagatgc acacttcagc cagggagact     11160
     ccagatcccc agaatgtgct gtcccatcag tcctcataca cggcacagtt tcaaagatga     11220
     agtcactagg gactcaaaga catggacaac agagagttct gcccctttaa ggtcaagcga     11280
     gagcttattc actagatcct ggtgcctggt ttggggatct gtctagctca gcacttttag     11340
     aagattcacc catcattagc tagtttctag catacccaat gacagctcat cacagggttt     11400
     aagacagaaa aaagtatata ttcccagaga actggcagat acaaagtcac cctcttcagt     11460
     ttaacaggtg tgtgactgac agagacagac agacagacag acttgggcct tctagctaag     11520
     tatcaccctg tgtccaagag ttttgagtac tcttcaattt ggggaagaaa agctcaaatt     11580
     tgctgccgct ttcattcatc cttgatctag ttctatttcc ttgaggtctc cctccaggaa     11640
     aaagggtagg acagctacta tatcatgcca agagagcagc cggccagggc tctaggagtc     11700
     cttctgagaa agacaggctc tgagcttgag gtctttgaaa gcggagatca gagatcagat     11760
     gtccctaacg ggcaggggtc acctgattaa atcgacactt gtgggttaat gaaacatttg     11820
     aaggcagctc ggttggagga aaattgatct cagtccgtgg ggccaaaagt agaatcataa     11880
     ccaagtagtc ctcagaaaga tacagatttt ggttttgttg gcggtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     11940
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtcacag tatgtgaggt cacaggataa cctctctggt     12000
     gtcagtgttc accttccttg cttttattat tatttttatt attgttgtta ttgttgatta     12060
     aaacattatt ataaagaact gtctgtcaaa tggaaaaaca tacagcagaa ttagccaggt     12120
     ccaatgacct tccacacagt tagaatggcc atcccgaagc tgtgtaactt cacgtggatc     12180
     ttacaccttc gctcaactgt gttttcaagc gcttatttca ccaggtgcca aaaaggaaaa     12240
     aacaaaacaa acaaacaaac aactggaaac acaatttcat ttcctctttc atgactcaag     12300
     cccttcacct gcatccctcc cttccttgtc actgaacatt tagcctttcc tggtctcctt     12360
     tctatacgtt gtgcagcgat cctatgtaca ttctttgaat acatacacat ctgtacacag     12420
     aaggggcctg gggtccccgt atgagggaga acgtgagggt ttcttttttc attctgagct     12480
     tgcatgacct tgcctaatat catcttttcc aaatctattt tcttgcaagt tttgtgattt     12540
     catttttctt tagagctgaa tagtattcca cttgcatgtc agtaccagat ttcactacag     12600
     cttcatctgc ttagaccact acgttagttc catttcctcg ctgtagtaaa taaagcagca     12660
     ataaagcacc catggggatc aaatacttct caggtagaat gtggaattct ctggatatct     12720
     gcccagaagt aaaataggta gcagtttttt tatttttaga tttggggagg gggaaatctc     12780
     caagctaatt ttcataatga ctgtattaat ttgtgtcccc accaaaacga cattgttttg     12840
     gggcatggtc ccttgtgagg catggtacac tgtgccctgt actataccta gctggccctt     12900
     gagcttccca ggagactttc ctgtgtctgc ctaccatctt gtcataggag cagtagattt     12960
     ataacagctg catcgaggtt ttagatgggc ttggggggtg ggggtggggg ggatccaaat     13020
     cctcctcatg aagtttgcat ggccagcgtt cttcctcgct gagccagctc cccagcccct     13080
     accccacttt gtattttcca tcatgagatg ggctgggggc ggggggttct tgctaatttg     13140
     ccaaggccag acttgaactc actgtgtaac ccaggcagga cctgaacttc cagtctccct     13200
     gcatcggcct cctgaggagc tgggatttca ggtctgcacc accaggccca gctggttctc     13260
     tctggtcact gtccacagtg gtagtgcttg gctgagtttt ctaacagtac taatagtgaa     13320
     cttgagttgg cccagcaggc tggaagtatc atgtatgatc ttcatcctca caaacccctg     13380
     caaggcaggc actccacgta ccagtgtaca ggcaaggaga aaaagaagca aaaacagaaa     13440
     cactgtcatt tacccaaggc ttgttgagtc gaaggtggcc ctgcaagatt tgaaaacagg     13500
     cgtggcagtt ctagctgtca ctgccctgga acaccttcca ggcagcagag ccatacagca     13560
     ctgagctgag caccacagga gaagacccag agccaagaat atattcatag gtagagatgt     13620
     tggagagatg gcccatcaag atcaagagag gtggagtcaa tgacatccag ctctcagaga     13680
     tagctgtcac tccgttcctt tgcccttggt caagcttgtc aaaaccagtt gcttggaact     13740
     actctttctg aagtggatta gtcagggtcc agttgtaacg aactgcatgg ccctgggata     13800
     gtgaatggtg tgcccttctc catttcatca aggtcatcca gatgtaaaac taagagctaa     13860
     ggcaattcta atttcaactg gactccaggt tcagtgtgca gcacaaatgg ccagccatag     13920
     aagacatatc atctgagagt tttctttgtt gatgtcgttt gtggcctgat atcaggttag     13980
     cctaggctgg tttcacgttc cccacagaac caattagaac cttgaactcc tggtcttcct     14040
     gcctctacct cccgagttct gggattacaa gcatgattgg gctcagtgat tcaatggtca     14100
     gtggatctac ctcccagaca cgcggtctct tttagttgta gcatcactag ccactggagg     14160
     tctggctaag aagagacaat atcaggtcat ccatcctcgt gggacttggc cttttcctcc     14220
     cttccagact tgtgagactc cagggcacct cggccttgcc tcagtttctc cctaactatg     14280
     gacaagggaa tcaaggctgc gggagcaggg tgtcagcagc atctgaggac aggagtttct     14340
     aaaggaatgg ccccgcccca caaccccgcc accgtggctt tccacctctg tgttgctctc     14400
     cagataatat atttatagac atataaatat cttttcccct gagggacaat gaaactcagc     14460
     caagtgggaa ttcagcggga tctggtgaga tttgttgcaa aggaatttca ctggggtggg     14520
     gagagaaatt gtatattcag gacaccacct ggttaataaa ccaaacacac agctcccgga     14580
     acacacgaga tttcctttct ttattttctt taagttaacc aaggctgtat tgttatccac     14640
     catgcacacc cttcctttgc caatttagat tgtggagatt tttttttccc tccttggaga     14700
     caataagcac attaacagta ggggttaaat aatttgttaa ggagtggtag atagaatgga     14760
     gttgggggct tcgaaggggg tgggtagggg accaaaatct ggcagtagca gcaataaata     14820
     cagagttgtg cctccggcat aatatatcaa agaaaacata atgcatccag cttaagacta     14880
     atgattgcca tataattaga tctgaagcat tgtgctataa atgtgtattc tttagcgtgc     14940
     tgtgatttta ctgtaaaaaa aaaggagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     15000
     gagagagaga ggagacagaa aaacacagag cccagcaaca tactataaaa agacccctct     15060
     gttgacttct cggctgttta gtattccttg gatgtcctcc cttgggagtg tgtaattagt     15120
     gctttatgaa gagtacattt aaagcaattt aatattcacc tcattcagtc tgaaacaatg     15180
     tgatccatgc ttagacaaat cagtgctcct tgctgacata atctgtcaga acattacctc     15240
     tgaaaagacc tttcaagagg ttctgctgtt aattagttgt ctatcatgta taaacagagc     15300
     agtgagcaga agggcctcga caggccagag ggatacgttg ggaaatgcat tttgtatgaa     15360
     cgcgggttgg ggggggtttg tcttctcact cagcagcctc cctcttcccc catagcctcg     15420
     ccttgccacg cctgcaacca cacaagcctt gggcctcttc caggcaagca aagtgctttc     15480
     cagttgactt cagggggcac tgccagtcac cacagtgaag tgttcacaca cacacacaca     15540
     cacacacacc acctccctga acaaacccac ctgcaagata agacagctgc ttttacagcc     15600
     cagggtgcat ggccttacag gccatctgag gaggggctct ataagcgttg agtgggacat     15660
     gccccaccct tcacaggcaa gggccagaca gaaaatacaa gtctcatatg tgtctttctg     15720
     ctctactcta aatgaaagag accaatacac acaggagcct ccttggctgc catggtcaca     15780
     aagaatggca gccatgttca gagccctgtt taaggtcatg tgatctaggc cttcctttca     15840
     agggatgctt ttatccaagt ccatcctcca agggtgggtg ctggctcttt ctgtgtgtgt     15900
     tgtctatgga tttgaatggt tcgtctttat tctggattta gagcacctct gtgcaagcat     15960
     cctagatctt aacagggatg cttgacaagt agtgggtcaa gacccagttc tgtagccttc     16020
     ataggttggc aattgcgaga gggtatgaca aggactgccc aagcacctat ttcccctgca     16080
     aggctccaga aggccgggga ccatgtacat ctattgtatg cgtatccaga ggtatatgtc     16140
     tgcctctcat gcctgtttaa gatttgtcac cttcctcagt gacctcggcc atacagtttc     16200
     aacattcact ccataaacat ccacaggcac ctactgtgtg caggcaccta ccgtgtgcat     16260
     tattctatgt actatattcc agggcagctg aaacaagtaa gtcacagtct ctgctcatga     16320
     gatgcttaca gacccataaa cttctaatta ctgtttgggg caattataag taatgaagag     16380
     aggcaatata attttgtaac taggagggag gggcgggatt gaactgcttg gactcagact     16440
     ttagactatg taccagttaa gtgactctgg gcaagttctt tggctgccct ttttcagcct     16500
     ctgtaatggg agcgagaaca catgcctcat aggtttgtaa ggcttaacta aggtaatgca     16560
     atgaagttcc tgggagagga aagcagaccc aagtgcaagg gggtgccgaa atgagcaagg     16620
     tttttggaca ctagtgagtg actgaaccct tcagaaggag ccacgaggcg aggcagcatg     16680
     gactgagtag tggagaggtg tcctgacaat cagggagtca gccatttctc cttgtatttc     16740
     tgaaagaagg tgagggagag agggaaagaa gagagcggaa aggacaggga gggagggaga     16800
     aaggagagag agaatacaaa acttaatatc tcaaaattct cagagcctca agcttcctca     16860
     acccccaccc cacccccatc cctgatcagg caatgcagga ggaaagcccc ctgctctggc     16920
     aactcccaca gctgcaaatc gagggtcctg gtccatcagt atggcacagg caggttggga     16980
     ggagggatgc tcgagtaagc ccagccctga cacggcacct ggtacccaaa cgatgctcag     17040
     tacagggtcc acttgggcat tagtaaacag cgtggagtgg ggtctgaaag aggttaaacg     17100
     gagtgttcaa ggcacatggc tacgcgaagc tggatgtcag gcatttcctc tttcctcttt     17160
     ccggtttccc acttaccttt actccagtta aactgcaacc cacaggacgc atctgcctgc     17220
     ctttgcaagg cctgcctggg agttaatggc tttggtgttt ttttgggttt tttgttttgt     17280
     ttttaaaggg agtggtaagc aaagacacaa acacacagaa aagctgtgag caacatcacc     17340
     accaagtagc ccaccaaagc tcaggcaaac tctacctggg cccttctaaa gtttgccatg     17400
     agggaggctg ccccgcgatg ctcacacact gagaatcggg cattgggtac aatacacaca     17460
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     17520
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagaaagaga gagaacagca caaagggcac agggagagag     17580
     ccagacatgg gacctgagac atcaacttga gcagtagccc actcacttca aagtcaatct     17640
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctca cacacacaca cacacacaca     17700
     cacacacacg gtgtctagca gaggaaatag actgggggag aggcgggagg ggtaggggga     17760
     cagcagctgt gtccctctgt gcgggctttc tggttaagga tgaaacagtt cacacagtct     17820
     cctttgtgag ttagcattcc cactctgtgt gaaaaagcag ggacagatga gtaaccgaga     17880
     ggtcacccta ccagggtctg ctgacccaaa ggccagcttt tgcccatcac accagactgc     17940
     tctgaccccc caccccagag cctccaggga gggaagcagg cgggcaggca ggttccaagg     18000
     ctacccctgc tttccataac acttgaattt ctgtgcatct cagatttccc tttccaacac     18060
     cactccaact ctcctggagt tgtttcagcc tctgaatcat tccctccccc caccacacac     18120
     accaggagga gcacccctcc cccaatattc aagatctggg ggggggtgat tttgattcct     18180
     aaccatcaag ctaagtgact gtactaaagg acagaaaaga ccaacttcag tcctgactag     18240
     ctgtgtgact gagggcgggt ctctgtgcct ctctgtgccg gcctttgatt ccctgggaat     18300
     cagaagtcag aatctccacc actcccaggt cttaagggat ctgggagagc gaatgaggtc     18360
     atgtctatga gccgcccaac ggaaggaagt cgaaggacta gcacaaggct gcattatctt     18420
     ctggagttgg cagggccatt gctgcaaagt tgctgggact gggaatgtct caagggcctc     18480
     agaaccagtc ctgggaatgc cacagggaag tggtgtgtca cgacagagcg gggggggggg     18540
     gggggggggg ctctgagatg tgagatcaag tcctagctcc ggtgggtgct taacagcttc     18600
     gggagaccac acgatctctt tcgggctcgg ctctctcacc tataaaatga gactaaccca     18660
     agccccggat gattcttcgg taaaggagta aacaaaatga gccctggcat acagtgggca     18720
     tacttgctgt ggccagtacc ctgggactgt cacagagaat aacttgccgt atctctccgt     18780
     gagctgtctc ctcatataag ccaacacgtg ctgctgtttt ctgaagcaca gccttctggg     18840
     gtagaaagag ggctgagtgc tccacacgtc tgctttggac caagaaaaga aagaacaaca     18900
     gcggtaagca taggtcccta gaacaacagc ggtgtgcata ggtccctggc atcatccagg     18960
     aagcctgaaa cgtacacagc caggagtcca aggtcagaag ccttggggtg gcccttccac     19020
     cctgagtcac ggtgagactt ggccactgag ttctgagccc aacactctca acctttgcaa     19080
     gtcaaagctc tcagcctgga cgcctgcttt tcttggtcac tgtcactcaa gaacagatga     19140
     cagacctcag tgagctgtca ggcagacggg tctccagaca gataggcgaa ctcttgttct     19200
     gtggcctcct ttatagatgc agggaaacac acagtgggag tggggctgga tgctcgcctc     19260
     cctaactacc cagatctagg tgacttccgg gcagagttta catttgggga gctgagacca     19320
     gtggagagga aatctatcca gcagagggtg tgaggacccg tcagcgactg gctgagccct     19380
     ctgaagctaa caacaaggct gcagagccaa tctggcagag actgtctgaa ttagtcaccg     19440
     gttttgatga ggaggtaaac cgattacata acagtctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     19500
     tctctctctc tctctgtcct ccaaaagact ctccagagcc ggggctctac tctttccctc     19560
     tggccatgaa ggggctcagg gccagggagg gtcacatacc agagcccagg ggctaaggtt     19620
     taggcaggaa ccctccccag gcctgctcca gccccacggg gccagaagga ggcgcccgca     19680
     gctcacctcc tgcctgcagc ttgccaccct gtttccaaag caatcccacg ctagtcttgc     19740
     aacctgctgg ctctcaggct ctaggtgtta gcctggaaga tgccccaaac aaggaggtag     19800
     agatttctca gttgccagaa actcctgggc ccctgagtta ttccaggccc ccttcccctg     19860
     ccaaatgtgt catgattcat tgttacaaaa atgaatacca atcggcgctg agccagcacc     19920
     gtttgctgta cccctgtgga gggactgcag aggtaggggg gcactggagg gcacacctgt     19980
     gcagcaacaa cagctgcttg gaatccagat gcttatcttc tggaaagagc aaacctggca     20040
     aacacaggct cgcgcctctg gctccgtgtc ctgtcatgag tgagatctgg cctctaggta     20100
     gaggtcaagt tcattggttt ctaagtgatg cctaggatgg gaccagtgtg tatgactggg     20160
     atcttcctgt agctttgctc acctcctgca caaggctgca taaagaacaa tatgtgttta     20220
     acaatatgaa taatgggtga tgatgaaggt gatgactgtg gtgatatcag aacggggata     20280
     tgagtgtcct gtttaacccc aagtcctagg gacttcagct ctgcctgact tcctattggt     20340
     gcttctgttg cactcaccag acaactgaga aaccgaagca agagtctgag aaactgtagg     20400
     aatcacactg acctcctgac cccacacagg actaagctcc atcagtccag aaagaggagt     20460
     caccattaca caagtggagg atgagttgag cactcagcaa gtgacgtcag cacctcttga     20520
     gtcttcctcc ttttttctca agcctgggtg aaggcagagt gcccagccca accacacagg     20580
     agacagtaac aaccttcaaa ggctgcgttc ccaccaccac cctaccagat tccaagatgg     20640
     aagagtttgg aggggtcttg gggggtccgc tagtctagcc tcccattgta cagatgagaa     20700
     tgcagaggct caaagaaaat gtgggtgccc agcaagagtg gccccagccc agttttattc     20760
     acacagtgga aaccagagaa ggtggcagaa gatagatgca gggtaatctc tcagctacca     20820
     agccggctga ggtctgtctg actacatgcc tctccagctc caaaccagac aggcaacagt     20880
     tttgaacaga agaacggaca atcaccccat ggaggccaca cagatggccg tgaggacaag     20940
     tcagtagcta cagtttctag aacaatgagc ctttcctctc tgccctgctc ctgagaactt     21000
     agcaaaaaag gctaacttac cccctaagcc tgagggtaaa ttccccagga gaagtctgat     21060
     cctgcttcta tctctcgaag atctctccca ggtgtctatt tgggataagc ttcctggcag     21120
     aacctgaagc taattagagg aaatttcatg ctagtttagg ccacgaaacc atttattcat     21180
     tcaacgaact tcggctttgc cccttgtctc taccctctct ccattgctta gcaacgttct     21240
     tagtttccat ctgaacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac actccccagc     21300
     ttccagcccc agcctctctc ttggcctttt tttctcccat cattttcccc atctgggacc     21360
     caaacccagc ccacactcag cagagaggct gtaggagggg ccctgccaaa ctcactccca     21420
     gacagatgtg ctctgttccc tgcacagctg tccaggcctg tccatctgtg ctcacttcct     21480
     gcctccctgc tccagcccct cacacttccc acgccagggt gggaaagtct agtccagatt     21540
     ttcttcttcc caatccaaaa gccgtcaagt ggccactcgc acagtgtagc cgagaggcct     21600
     tggttcctgc cctccccagg cccccaggaa gagcaatggc ctaggagact ccagcaagtc     21660
     cgaatctttc ctgaacttcc tcaacttcaa agccctggca gctgctcagg acccacctgg     21720
     ctctaaagtc ctccctccca gcattctttg ttcacacgaa acacactgat attaatactg     21780
     ataggatttc attattttct caagcctaag aagtccactt ctggcaggca cctaaaagag     21840
     gtaaacctta ctttctaaaa aagcttgagg actggggagg tgggcccact ggtaaagtgc     21900
     ttattgcaca agcgtgaaga ccggtctttg attccccagc cttcacatat aatctgaatg     21960
     tcatggaata cccttgtagt ccctgcatgg ggaggcagag acaggcagat ccctggggct     22020
     ctcttgtcaa ctagcctact ctaaccagta agccccaggt cctagtgaga gtccctgtct     22080
     cggaacacaa aacagaacta gggagatggc tcagctggta aattgtcagg actggagtta     22140
     ggatgtccag aacccaggta aacacaggca gacctagtgg ctgcttgtag tcacagcact     22200
     cagggggcag agacaggaca tcgctggggc aagctgacta gctatactca ccagaactga     22260
     ggagctctgg gttcaaggag agattctgcc tcaataaata aaagtgatct caaggtcaca     22320
     gagatgtcag cttccacaca ttcgggtgca cacactcaca catacatcta cacatctata     22380
     cacgcatgtg aacacacaca gagggagcca ccgactacat acacattcac actctaaaag     22440
     aaactaacat ggaatgtaca cccaaggttg tcctccactt ccatttacat gcacactaat     22500
     gaacacgcac gggtggttgg tgcacaaaaa caactgtccc cgtcatgact cctgtggaaa     22560
     cccacgtggc acctctggcc ttgctgctgt gaggtagggt ctgcttgact gaaaggaagc     22620
     ggcaactctg ggacccagct tgtttctagg gttcccagag ctgtgtgctg gctcctgagc     22680
     atggggtgcc attcgtctcc ctggacttca gaatggtttg ggaggctctg aggtgtccac     22740
     gtgataaccc ctccttaaga ccaggacctg gagaactatg gctgtatacc ctgcgatagc     22800
     cagccttgac tctagatata gaggatgctt gcttaataca agtgtcctga actgggctgc     22860
     cagcccactt ctctggtact catcagcgtc aaaaggcaaa tggggaacct gattaaccct     22920
     tcatgatttg cctttgggaa acccagatta ggcaatcagg aaaaggagaa gcagaggcct     22980
     acctcgtctc catggtggag aagggtgtgg ggaaatgact gagcttaact gggccctctc     23040
     cgaagacaca accttttctt taacgccacg gcctaatgtt ccaagaatga ccagaaagat     23100
     gggcagtcat ttcctttttc tagaagtata ttaggagtgt ggagtggggg gggggaccag     23160
     aatcctacac tttctggaga aaggacataa cctgcataag aactggcttc tccaggcagg     23220
     aatgagcccc agagcaagca tggatgtccg ggagcaaagc aaagaggtaa cttagaattt     23280
     gtagttgaaa ggcagggctc acttcttaag ctactatctg taaattagat atttcaactc     23340
     accgccactt gcccagctta cagaggcacg cataacttta ggtgaaggca gttgctgatc     23400
     tttctgccag gtgcccccaa aaaacgtgaa tcatgggact caatttgggt ttttagatgg     23460
     tgccattgat ataaactgtg tctgaacaac cagccaactg taggcatagg tagtggtggt     23520
     ttttgttttg ctttaaacca ttttcttaag tatctaagaa agagaagttc ttgggggctg     23580
     ggggtgtgac tcagttaaca gaatgtatgt atgccataca caaaggccct tggttcggtt     23640
     ccctgcacac atatgccagg tgtggtggca ggcgcatgcc ggtaatccca acacccatga     23700
     gttagaggag agttagaagt tcaaagtcat cctcagctac acaagtaatt taagctttct     23760
     gaccatagga gaccctgtct cctgaaagga ggaggaggaa ggggaaagga gggtcgagga     23820
     aaggagagaa gggaggacaa aggaagaggg agagaggaga aaaaggaaag ttctttcaca     23880
     cagggtgttc atgtcacctt tcccccactt tacaaatttg gccaccatca ttgtgaggga     23940
     gtcccttgcc attcaggtct cagcctgaaa tgtttaactt gataagtcag tctcctgtca     24000
     cagaaagaat gatcacggat gacaggaggg ccagatgaca gactaagcag gaaggtagct     24060
     gacaggcact aagtagacac agagactcag gaccatgctc acctaaggcc ttggaagtag     24120
     gctgcctggc aaatttgagg aatcagatgg cctatggtcc tcctatggct tcaactaaga     24180
     tcaaccagtg tttgttacac acacacaaac acacctcttc caaggaaaga ttcctattct     24240
     gccagcctac caatgactgg catggttggc agcctctccc tctgctctat atttcagaga     24300
     aaggggaaat ccataggcac acatccatct ggattctttt aataattctt caagacaggg     24360
     aagtcctcgg gtctccagga tatcccccag gtgtcagact catgcatttc aaggcaactg     24420
     gggctgggaa ggcagggaca aggcttcatt cctggccatc cctcagagta cagcatcaag     24480
     caggtacagt ggcatcccaa ggcttctgag tcaaggttcc ccacctctgt tatctttctc     24540
     ataggatctc agtccagggt ggccaccttg acccacccag gagcagggac cttggcctca     24600
     gagcccccac tgcatggatt ccctgggact aatttcacaa cccagcacca agtttactac     24660
     acgtttcaga tgaaggtgtg tcagagctga gagcatgctt ctgcccgctg cgtgggcgtc     24720
     aagttcaatg ccttcttgtc aacacttgaa tgtgttgaac atcactcaca agggcattct     24780
     ttaagaaacc tattaagtta attacccagg catttttccc tctctcccca tatccatgca     24840
     tctcacataa ggcacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca ttggctttct     24900
     tcctttctga gatacttttg atgtaactcc tctctttttg gcacaatagc atcttgttta     24960
     tttctccaac agttagtcag ggtggctaca ctacacagac ccactcctag gctcaggtct     25020
     caggaccaag ggcagctaag atagggtttg tgacccaaga gatggaggag tggcttgcct     25080
     gctatcctca tttctagcta acctccccca agagtgacag tgatgaggat aagaacagcc     25140
     acgatgacac aggagttccc ccaagagatg caagtccatt ggcaaacatt tactaaagag     25200
     caaccctgtg cccagtggct ttggaaagac aacattccac tcaaagtatt gccttattaa     25260
     agatgatcaa accgagtggg gaggtcagga gatctaggtt ttagaacctt tctgctatgg     25320
     acccctggtc ctcagatgcc tgggtcatga atatgtccct ttgttgcatg ggtggcccca     25380
     gatcatcagt tatggcccta gaacaccatg aggctattgt tcattattca actgggcctg     25440
     cacagctgcc tacagcaacc tacctagatg gagggggggg ggtctactta aggggagaga     25500
     ggcagtgttc agacagagta taaatagaag ccacctggaa aagttatctg tacgccatgt     25560
     tagatggatg gctgtaaccc tgggtgataa cacttctggg tagggagaca cctagagtta     25620
     aggcctgtgg ccaacaaggc tctccagttc caacaggtag ctgtgatacc tgtgccacca     25680
     tgacacagat gggaacttct caaatttgga tggaaagcag gaagagtaac agaggggtct     25740
     atagagacct agaaggaggt accaaccagc caggcctcaa gctcactgta tcagatgcta     25800
     tcaagactgc tagctttgaa aacagaacca caccccatag ctttctcata aataccctac     25860
     ataaccccaa accattccct cacctttcta ctcacaaaca agcaaaaaca ccatgggggc     25920
     aaataaagac actgtaagag gagtctaaga gatgcactta cccatcttgg tctcctgacc     25980
     acagcctgct attcctctct agtcacaaca agaaacgatc tcaactctca gtcagaaggt     26040
     gtgggtccac agaacaaaga cgcattgata ctgtgaggcc aatgcataga gtcacagagt     26100
     tcaaggaacc ctagtgatct gccttcctct ccctaccctc gggcagccct tctcctaagc     26160
     cactccagct tttggtggcc tgtcctgttc tggggtgtgt ggggatggcc tgtatatctg     26220
     ggcacatcag gagccttgga ccttccagaa ggtcttgatt acctcaggat gcttttgtcc     26280
     ctagggatct gatataagac tatctacagc cactcccacc cttccccctg ccttccctct     26340
     gattcagggc tgatggaaag cctggtcatt tctgactcac acccccgact ctctctccac     26400
     atgggcccta gagaccactt ccatctatgt aaggtctagg ggaatatcgt tggaagttcg     26460
     gaaaagagct ggctgaggcc aaggacttga ccctgagcac ctcaaggttg gaaagttggg     26520
     ctcacaaacc ctcactgcct tctcccctga ggcctgtagc acagtttcac tctgatgcaa     26580
     cactctgacg ggcaggttct atgacaaagg aaaccggagg cctagacacc atctctggga     26640
     ggaagagaga gaggcctctg ttgctgtcca gactttggcc atgctccatc taatgctgat     26700
     ttctggaact ttctccccta acatagggcc ctctcctcaa tggtttatca gacctcagcc     26760
     ctagactggg aacatgcctc acacccaggc agcctgacag cagctttctg tcagggacca     26820
     ccatccttcc tctggacctg ggaggaccta tgggcagaga ggctttgcaa ataaaaaggc     26880
     atagcagcaa aggataatta tcttccttcc ctatacctct ctacagaaag tacatgcata     26940
     tctgtaggag ctcgtgcatg cttgtccttg gttgtttcaa ttgacttggg acttaagtat     27000
     ttcataaagc cagggctcca tgcatcagaa cccttaatgc aaactagggt gtgcatacat     27060
     acacacacac acataacacg cacacataca cccttagtgc taggccatgg ctctttggga     27120
     tggcatgctc aatgactgta tgcatacact cacacattcc ctgagaaagc ccctgaggcc     27180
     tctgtgggaa ggctttccgg gagacattta tggttaaaga ggaagtctga gcactgtgaa     27240
     gcaaacagct caggccaggg aacctggaga tgcctgccag gagcggagtc aggtcgcaac     27300
     cctctcacta gctccgtaga cttcactcca cttcctagac tcatgccgct tggtgaggca     27360
     ggcctggatt gaaaaaccat atgtaaacac agagccaagg ccatccatta ccaaggccag     27420
     cacctagagc tctgcatcct ctcatgagtc ctgggttcag aaggagagct ggacaaagtc     27480
     actggcgtgg gatatagcct ggacggtgca gaaggtcttc ccagaatgtc tctggaatca     27540
     aacgcttggt accagcaacc acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacaccg     27600
     agttctgttg cctaatgtag taaccaccgg cttcaagtga ctccttccat ttagatgaag     27660
     taaaatgaag tcatcgttgc tctaagtccc ttcctgggta acactagctc ccggtccagt     27720
     gctggatgag agcatggggg ccacagctgc tctgtaggag ggcacaaagg aacacattct     27780
     caccatggta ggacactgca aagggcaggg ctcacctgga gggaggtgag taggaagcct     27840
     agttgcctga aggatctgtt cataggctgc aggggatggg tgctgatggg ctcctggctc     27900
     ctcacaagaa ggacgggagg acgtggctgg cataagagag aaggagaaag ggaagaagac     27960
     caagaggggt agagggtggc agagtaggga aaaatgagag aggagacaga ctaggaacag     28020
     ctgaggagac cactctgaag agctgccatc aggaacctca caaacttgcc ctgaccccag     28080
     agtgactcac gctgtctccc accgactaca gaacattgtt tgtgtttgcg tgaaaccttt     28140
     aaattttttt aaccaaaaaa acgcttctcc cgctacgaga gtgctttgac cactcttctc     28200
     gaaacagagg gcaccgtggc tccatcccag ggacacacca gcagcccatc ttgtcacttc     28260
     ttttggcctt cttccaagta aacatttgaa agacaccact aggctggaca aagagcatca     28320
     tcgcccatgt gatcagaaac gcctagcttt gcactcagag tttcctatct aatgacttgt     28380
     acaggcctgg ctggccttgg cctctctcac tagtaagtag ggctgtgacg attgtgaatg     28440
     gctccgatgg acacagaact cttgggtaaa gcaggccctc ccggcccacg tgttccacaa     28500
     gaggtggaag gttgacaacg ggggtgctgc ccaggcaggt catctataga aggaaagcag     28560
     aagggacagg ccagctctgt cggtagagac caacacaggg tgaaggaggg cgaaggacaa     28620
     tttaggaagg gcctcctaga ggaagctgtg tggaacggaa ggaaaaagga cactcaagcc     28680
     agagaaccca cacaccgagc cgaacggtaa ctccttagct cttcctggtc aagtcagacg     28740
     aaggatgcac actcgggctt gtgtggagaa accttcgcca ttgaacccta ctccccattc     28800
     actcaccaag accctgtctc caatcagatt acaagggtag agagcagctg atccagtata     28860
     tctccacctc acccccttct gcccacggca ccagagaccc ctaagttaaa caagaccatt     28920
     ccctgtgtgg aaaccctttc tgtccctgga cctggcatga tgcaggagag gtgtaggaag     28980
     ctctgaccca aacaccttcc ctcccaaggc tgccagagag attccagcaa agaaaggaga     29040
     aaccaggcct cccctcagaa ctggttttct tcataaagac cccccccccg tggtgggggg     29100
     aggttacaag atggaagctg agggactttg ggccatgact caggaagcaa acatgagcta     29160
     ggacccttgg gttccactct cagttctcct gcccactggg actatgagcc agctgcaaat     29220
     tgtggtccac agcttcctga aggggaacat atgacacagt ggcacacaag gactggagcc     29280
     cttggggtag agggcctcta tgccctgcag aggccgagtg agacctacag gtgctttgtc     29340
     agccccactt tagaaggaag agggcataga aagggaaggt tggcttaggg cacagggaac     29400
     ttgaattctg ggatcctctg ccctctgctg acccaattta tctacaggtc acctggaagc     29460
     agggttaggc cagtgcctgc atggtcacat tgaggctgct gactgagtca gaaatgaccc     29520
     ttgttgcttg ctttagactc tgccatggtg gcctatagac ctcttccaga ctgtgaccag     29580
     aagacctcag ttaggcagtt ccggagtctt ctttccatcc tcagaggcta tgggggcttt     29640
     gatgatatct atcttatctc cctcgggagc tatggcttgc taagatcccc tgtgcacctc     29700
     taggtattta tctgcagtaa gtgggaggga tggcttccca cttcatggta tattttggga     29760
     gattttatgt tcagtgatca attcctacta cctcatgggg gcatggactc acagaacagt     29820
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     29880
     atctgtgtat gtatgtgtgt gtgtatgtat atctctgtgt atctctgtct gtctctctgt     29940
     ctgtctccct ctgtctgtct ctgtctccgt ctccgtctcc gtctctgtct ctgtctctct     30000
     cattgaacta gtcctgggaa cacagaggca agtatctctt taaaaatcct ccctgcatag     30060
     caggtcacac tggcctggag ccataacacc cgaggctgtg atctcaccaa actccaggaa     30120
     gccaaacagg gtcaggcttg gctagtctcg gaacaggaga cctcccaagc aaaacacagg     30180
     tgttgctggt gattcagcag gccagcccct ccctccggga ggctggttct cctcaggtgt     30240
     tggacagagc ctggcatgat ccagtgaacc cctagcagta cccagccaga ggaagggggt     30300
     gtggtgccgc gtcccggcac tcacgtgctt tctgggtctc tgttgagtcc acgggttctg     30360
     ttcttgggaa tcagggtgtc agttctattc tcctttcgta atctctaccc agttcctcag     30420
     gctgggcatt ctcagtcgtc gacccaaatt cctcaggccg tttgtaccag gtaagggatg     30480
     gaggagcgac aggcaacctc ccagacgaac agtcctcctc agcacccccc cccccacaca     30540
     cacacacaca caatctttat ctgtggactg tggctgccat cagacttagg gcctctcagc     30600
     acaaccccct ccccccaaga tagttccttc tagtttggga acagtgaaga taaaaggggt     30660
     ctgcgaaatg agggccgtca ttagcctgtt ttatgagaac agaaatattc attacacccc     30720
     aaccccgtca ttagaagcgc agtgagagct ctggcccatt ctttatggcg gtagaaactg     30780
     aaggggtttc tcccccaaag ggaataccgc ttctccctcc gagggagatg tccggccaag     30840
     gagcatcaga aggacctgtg gcctcttgtg ggggcggggg ggggggaggg tcccgatgag     30900
     agctgaggag cgacagctgc tgtctggcac aagagaccat taccaaccca gtgcacaacc     30960
     ctgtccacct tatgtaccag ggaccaccaa ctgacctaca tggctccccc cccccccggg     31020
     aagcttcctt atccccacca tgtcctctgt atgtcccctt cttagctctg gtcacagtta     31080
     catctctgta gtatcctcaa gtccctatta cactatgagc tatttcaaac cggacactgt     31140
     atccagacca ctggcagtat gttagagttg ggtcgtcagg agctaggagt caggacaggg     31200
     catgtgggcc tagccagaaa gaggacactg tcctagcccc aattcctctt cctgcctttt     31260
     gtcacaagaa aggtcttagt ggcctgactg ccttttcaag gccttagcta gcaggtggcc     31320
     gaaagcaagc tgcttagcca acttagaagg tgccctgctc acctgctaaa cttgacctct     31380
     ttctataagt cctgtccagt ggggagttgc cttccctttg cattggaacc cagaaacttt     31440
     gcaccagaac ccataccact gtaaaggaac atctgatatg aaagtctgaa agtgaagacc     31500
     cgcctacatt ccatagcacc tcagtcctaa gggactaagg agatggaaag ccaggaacag     31560
     taaattgaag acctctccca cacacacacc ccgccagcat ccccacacat gctgatgtga     31620
     gccactcagg ctggatggag tgtggccaca gcccacagag aagagcctgc agattaatca     31680
     gttgtcgttt gcattcatta aagacccctc tgcctttgtg cacagcagcc ccagacactg     31740
     ggacagtcac tgaggagggg tttttggttt tgtctcgctt ttctgtggcc taggtagcca     31800
     aactctcagg ctgctctgca gaggtggggc aagccctgga ctaatgacaa tgggctttga     31860
     ttggcaggag gtaggttaag gagtcagcag atgtcccttg accccttttt ggagttctct     31920
     gctgtcacct ggtccccttt cctcccatct ccttatggcc ctcggcaccg tcacctggaa     31980
     aggccaggcc ctcctcgaag ttgtgcaaag actcatttca acacatggag actgaggatg     32040
     ccccacacag gggctggttg ccaaacccca caagccaccc tgctctaccc ccctgacaca     32100
     cacacacact cttctgcctg ccaggaagca gccagggtcc cttcccgggg accactgaca     32160
     ctgagtggcc cttaagaagt gtccccctag gttctcacag gagcgcccct ctccctgagg     32220
     tcatgtcagt ccccaaccat tccagagcaa ctgtgaggtc agggaggagt ctactacctt     32280
     agcctgggtt gtttttctca ttgtaattgc caagctcctg aggttggcat ttgccctctg     32340
     ggcactgtta agagatgaca caatggagtg agagcaagcc cggggcctga cgggagactg     32400
     catggcccca gcccctgact gggccctggt gggccccatt cataatcccc tgggcctaac     32460
     aaacatctgg tttgtcacag gcaggcagag acttgaaggc ccaccacaca ggtcccagca     32520
     cagccaagga atgggaaggt actgtggtat ctggtcaggg atggcacctt ggacatctgg     32580
     gaggagtgtg aactgaacaa ggaaggggac aacagtcctc ctattgtacc cccagagccc     32640
     cagagaggat catggtcctc agggccaagc gcctgccttg aacccctgca cctatagctc     32700
     ctctggtccc cactttccca tgacttcctt tccacattgg tctctgaggt tcctacccac     32760
     taggagacca gaaacacccc acatctgtca tatagagttg gagagtacta tctggggaag     32820
     aattatgggg ggggggaatc agaagcccac caatatcttc atgtacctac caaatggggt     32880
     gaccacctca ccctcaaggc tttaaagact caaagccctg tgtttctaag tgaggtgact     32940
     gaccctctac tggttgtccc accctgttta aacagcctta cttgaaagcc aggcacctta     33000
     agacctgaag gccagccaga gcctatcaag gaaaggcctt caaggggcca gaaccccaaa     33060
     agtggaaccc atccaggacc agaacataga gggttcccat tgctgccccc agatgtctgc     33120
     tgcagaatca gccaccccca ccccttctgg gtccagggac gctcagggaa tcaggactct     33180
     gtggcaggta gtatccaggt tgacatgcat tacgagactc aactcaggtt gttgagggat     33240
     ggggggactg tctgttcctt ttgaccacac tggaaattga gcctaaggcc ttgcccatgc     33300
     caggcaggcc ttctatcact gagccatata cacccctagc aacccacctc actttttcca     33360
     cttgtaaaaa ctcttggaaa caagtcacac tgagttgccc agcctggctg cgaactcagc     33420
     ctgatcgtca gcttgtgacc ggctctttct cgttcagaga agctctggga tgtacgaggc     33480
     ctagagtggg accccagatg ctgcctttcc taaagagctc ccaccctagg caggctgcta     33540
     gagaccgctt gctcacttgc tcagtctttg gaaatgagga cgattgagac tttcatgggg     33600
     tctgcttact gtcacacatt cttgtggctg tccctttccc agagctttca actcttgcct     33660
     acatctcctt caaaaagctc ttgatctttc ttccctgagc tcccccctcc ctctctccct     33720
     ccttccttct tcacagggca gactcaggcc tggctccatt gataggaaga ggctcaaaag     33780
     acctgattgc cctttctttc cccaccagag ttgccgcaca gtgcttggcc ctgtatgtcc     33840
     tgcttctgat ccttttgtcg cctggccctc taccttcaca catttgccct ctactgccaa     33900
     ccaggaaata ggcactgagc atgggctcat caaatgggcc aaagaaggca gacagagtag     33960
     agacaggaac ccaagagtct ggttcctact gctctggttc ccccatccct acctccaagg     34020
     ccacagtaga tggctcctga ctgtaaggct tctcaccagc tctgtaccct agcccagcct     34080
     gtgtgaccca gcttcaaggg ggcccctcag ctcttaggtg agaaagggga gggcacagta     34140
     gcccagagat ggttgacagt ttctagctgg cgcctgaaac ggatggcttg gagagaggaa     34200
     tggagaatgc ctcagccaaa tgagggagga cggaggcaga ctatggggtc agaagctctg     34260
     cagatgcaag ctccctggaa acaatcacaa cctcacaact gatgcaggag cctcccaagt     34320
     tggggcatgg ccttctagac atcagcctgg ccaggagtca ctcctgaggg gtcttctacg     34380
     aaataggaag aaaaggtctg gtaggatcat agggttacct cctcccagag catgggttcc     34440
     cccttagctc atctccctac acaattcagg gcagggaggg cgtgtcaggt atggggtgca     34500
     gtcagcagcc aggaagacag ggttctacag gtgagagatg aagcctgata agggccgggg     34560
     ttgaagagtg agtcccgaag ctccctccat ctggtcgggc tgccatttct caagccctgt     34620
     ttgttttagg gattaactgt gctcctttct taattactgc aggagccagt atccctgcag     34680
     cctcctgcaa gcatccaggt aggacagcca aggaggacta gactcatggg cccacctcgc     34740
     agcaggctgc ctccccaatc tctccctctc accccacctc cacctcccaa cctaggctta     34800
     ccagccctta gactccagag gaaccagcca gctctgggcc tacccatgga cctctgtatc     34860
     agtcagttct ctgtttgtcc acgctccctg ccattttcct cattcccacc acccaggctg     34920
     tagcctagac gcccgtgcag ccccttccac catgctgaaa ctattagtgt agcatcagtg     34980
     acaggctgcc tgggagaggg atgtgtgtga gcaaaggtct gaggatgagc atgctagtgt     35040
     atgtgagcac gcgtgtaggt gtgagtgttc gtgtttgcac atacgtatgt tcctgtccat     35100
     gtgtctgcat atatgtaaat ttagatgcaa gtgtatgaga gattatgtgt catggtcatg     35160
     tgtaaacata tgtgggtgta tgaacatagt atacatgtga acatatcata tttgctgtgt     35220
     tcaggtctgt aaacatgtat atatgtgagc acctaagtaa tgtgtatgaa atgagcatct     35280
     tagttgtacg tgcttctgaa tattatattt gtgagtatgt gggaggttag catcagtgga     35340
     taagtgtgat tatttgtctg tgtgtgtgtg agagagagag ggggggaggg agagggagag     35400
     agagagagag agagagaatg tgtatagtca atgcaaacat atgagtgtta tatgtatggt     35460
     aaatatgtta gtaagttgta agtgggccca ttgggtgaac atttgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     35520
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtaaaa atgagtgcat atatgaacat ggaggtatat     35580
     gtgtgcatgt gtatatatgt gagcacatgt acatatgtgt atgagcacac tatgtctgta     35640
     tattaaatgt ggatatatga gtatacataa gtgcatatga gcatatgtgt gagtgtgtta     35700
     atatgagaac acattatgac tatgagtgca tatgtgtgac ataggtatat gctgagtgtg     35760
     ggaattatga gcttattgtg agcatattgt gcaggtgtgt atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     35820
     gtgtgtgtgc acgaatgtgt atctgtgacc attctctttg tctgtgacta tctctcctct     35880
     gccatctcag acccagtccc agtgggacct gatagcctcc tcagccctac ccccacccac     35940
     ccgcctccag ccgatctctt caaggaagcc tgcttactgt ggcctctact gtcccctagc     36000
     catacccatt tctactgact ctttaaaaag tcctgtcact gttctacctc ccttcagtca     36060
     ctaagccatc tctggccaag tttccaccaa cttctgcctt gttacctact gggaccttcc     36120
     ctctgatccc tgaagctgga cctcccaccc acccccaccc ccacccccac ccccacaaca     36180
     aagccctctc ttcctcagac agtggttcct gccttggccc tctggtgtga gcctcctcca     36240
     gacctgactg cctgattgcg cctctgtgtt ctcttgtatg ttacagtgtg cagctctgtg     36300
     gaatggggga tgggcatggg ccgaggatca aggagtaaga gaaggaaaga gcccggctca     36360
     gatggtgtca ttaagagata ctaatgcccc tcatcaaggc ctattaataa acatcatcta     36420
     cggcttgctc cacaagcctg ggggaagcgc aggcccagcg ggacaggcca cagtcacagt     36480
     tgggtaacct ctgagcccta ggcacagcca ttaggcttgt gagcctgacc tggcccagac     36540
     acttcttggg cctgtcacaa tgaaggagca caggcagtca cagagcgccc ctcctccctc     36600
     tgctagcctt tcctgaaact tcagcagaga gctgagctca gtaatgaccc ttacacttgg     36660
     ctggcactgt gggggcttcg gggctccatt tcctaattac aactacacag caactctgtg     36720
     agaaacccca gctgtacatt accatcacta gaggtacaga cactgagacc tttggaaaac     36780
     tgagtggctc ctcaaagtca cgtagctaac tggcaatggc attgagcagc agtatggctg     36840
     gtcctttagc acttgtcatg tccgatgcct gagtcacctg tcaactggat gtctccattt     36900
     tctccgtctt gtgacttcca gaagccaggg cagaaagcgt ggctccatga gcagggtggc     36960
     aggcctttac cctccaagca gatgctcgct tgcttgctct ccccgcctca ttgcacttca     37020
     gggagaagtt cctggaaaga gggagctgaa gtgaattatc ttatgcaaaa gccctggtga     37080
     gaagtctgcc ccactgaggc tgtcccatgg cctctatgca tacacataca tatatccaac     37140
     caagcacacc acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacag ttaaaataag     37200
     ataaatgtta agtcccctta cagccttcaa caaaaaagtt tactgtttgt agaagagagg     37260
     gtgtttgggg tctcaggtcc caagctcaca tactcagagg aaagccactg ataatggaat     37320
     ccagctgctt cccttttgac ctttggcaag gctgggaacc aaaacccagc ctaacccata     37380
     tcccctctca tatgacctga gaggcagctt ggccagctag ctccgagaac cctcctgggg     37440
     tggcagccga gtctctggaa aacagaaagg ctttgcctag gacctgtgaa ctcaagggtc     37500
     agcatgctga tgcctttggc cttctgtaat ctgatgtacc ttcctgccct ccgaacctgg     37560
     cgtctgtctc ccttgcgtgt ccagtctcct ctttcagacg cgtacaccgg tgactggctc     37620
     caacccacgg ccctgtctaa ttccactttc cctgtccctt ccacgctccc acaccactca     37680
     tgtagtttgt tactagctct tcccatcgct ctcacagaaa caacttcagg gaggggtttg     37740
     tcttagctgg cggtttcaga gggaatagtc catcgtggta gggggaggca cggcgatcag     37800
     ggaagctcca aatgaggcta caaggcctca gattttcgtg acttatgaaa aagagaaagc     37860
     agaccagaag tgaagtacat agaagtttcc aggcttgccc ccggtggtcc atgggcacca     37920
     gctatggtac catgtcccaa gagctccata aactcccaaa ggaccatcat catcatggga     37980
     ccacatgttc aagcacacag cctgtgagga acattgcaga tttgaaaact agcaggcaga     38040
     tttcccaacg ggagctgtcc ttccttgttt tggccactga caaaatgctg ccacacggcc     38100
     tccaatgccc aaagactagt ctcctcccct tagctttctc agatcatgct ctcttcttcc     38160
     cctactattt gtatggtcta ccatctgagc actgcctcag gcctccacca ccgcaggcat     38220
     ttctttgtta atttatctgc tcctctggac cacaggctct ggaataccag ggactgtgtc     38280
     ttgtgtccag cacagaacat ctcatctatc catccatttt ccaggacacc acttacacct     38340
     cgcatggcct ggaacaacag ggctggggct acctatactt ctcaagctgc agacaacctt     38400
     gaccttggcc ttgggaaatt tgcatattaa cccagtgtga taaagggtgg gtaagctttg     38460
     ggggatggtc ccccttatcc tcggctacta cttcctggaa gaggtaaatc attgccttca     38520
     gctgcacccc acccagccta ccatagtgtc tgaagaccta gatttgaaac ctagctagct     38580
     cagaatcaaa acccaggggt cctactatca attggtgtca aggtaccagg atctgctgtc     38640
     cgtccattgg tctgatctaa atacagtatt cgccatcctg tctctactgt tgatgagggc     38700
     agggggtggg aaagacctga caagtctttg atcttgacat atgttgaagg aaacaggtgt     38760
     gcaaaataat tggccatctt acaccctggg gtctagaagc actcggttga caggaggcct     38820
     cagatctgtg tgcctgcatc ccaccatttc ccaggagctt cattccacct gccccagtga     38880
     ccaagcccca gggcaagagc aggccatggg gttaattgac tgggaggctt ttcctttcga     38940
     gtaggcacca tctctagagc tgggtctcct ccaggctgcc atttggtggc ctggcagcca     39000
     cagcccctgg ggatctcgga gcctgggagc tgtcaatgcc ttccactcac ttagcccttg     39060
     ttaattgcag aacacacaga ttgctgggta gcactttcca gtgttgtgcc ttttcctggc     39120
     tcctttgcca cttggcagct tgcaggcagc tgtgcaaaac agcaaggagc tttctcattc     39180
     cgtgccagtg gcagcgagtc tggactccat ttctagtttc cctttttctg tttttgttgt     39240
     tgttgttgtt gtttgtttgg tttggtttgg tttggttttt ggtggttttt ggttggttgg     39300
     ttggttgggg ttttttgttt ttttgttttg tttttttgtc tttgtgtgtt tgttttttgt     39360
     ttttgttttg tttatttgtt tggagggttt gtctttcttc atttttctac ccaagtattc     39420
     tgtttctcct actacactcc cttatatccc tttcaagttt ggggctctct tgatgccctc     39480
     cactctccct gaaatggaaa acaaaaaaca aaatgaaact tccctctctg ccagagggaa     39540
     tcctagggag gcagaagtga ttgaatcctc ctgtaaatgg gaagaggtgg gtgaagagat     39600
     taaatcatct cctgagtgct agaggaaatg cgagtgaccc tctccctgga ggtcaggtgg     39660
     cccgaggacc tggagctttg aaagggtcct gagtgggtgg ctagttgcct gtaggtaatt     39720
     gcagcagaat gaggccagca ggacagcaag actctggctg gggccttcaa cagccaggcc     39780
     ccattccaca cccacccatt cacgaaccaa gagcccgagc ctttatctgg tagacttttt     39840
     gagtagggta aagtgacagg cctcagagag gatagcacac aagtgtcccc ataaggagag     39900
     gaaacagagg gtgtagatga gaagtagacc tgactagggt agcaaagggc agagaagcaa     39960
     catccctgcc gacccactat gtgcaagaca tcccaagggg gcatccgaag ctgaagcggc     40020
     agaaaatggt ccctgccctg gaagctagat acagacagac agacagacag acgcacgcac     40080
     gtacactccc agcgccatgg tttttaacct aaatcatcca gaagcagcat tttaagatgt     40140
     tttgagtctt ctcggttcct gtggctctct ctcagttaag ccccaacttt cccgaaatat     40200
     ctccaagttc taagctagct caacaggggg acagtggata cagagaggga agccagcaaa     40260
     aggagacctc gtgtctataa atacagagag acccatgcgc tcccagagtc cagacccttc     40320
     tctgcaatta ggattattcg tattgtccag ttgtagagtg cttgcctaga acactcatgg     40380
     ccttggtctg tctgtcctca ctataatttg tgtgaattcc tatgccaagt agtcgtatga     40440
     gtacctgtgg catacacatg tctgcattca cataagcatg tgcacgcata tgcacacaat     40500
     gctcttacat cctgcacaca tagggtctgc cctaccgagc agtttgacac agctcctccc     40560
     tccttggatt cccacagata atagatttcc ctccccggga gatgctggtt gtggaaaaaa     40620
     gttgcttccc tgcaccatgt ccttgacact taggagagct cctgggtgtc ctcccaagta     40680
     tatgacacaa actcacctaa agggagccta gtcctgacac tctgaaaagc ccatctcagc     40740
     ttctcaccct tgttcctgag ggtcagaaat ccacctacat ctatgatgtt tgtaatttct     40800
     ataaattttt tttatagcta agcatttaga aaagttcttt ttaaacttca atctgtcttc     40860
     acataaccca taccaaatgg aaccaaacag tatctggagg cctggggcta caatggaaat     40920
     gggaaaggag ggaaggaggt taggctgggt ttgctgggtc tcgaagacca agaacaccca     40980
     ggatctgcca gagcaggtgg agccagcagg ttggggccat cagaaagagg ctaaagatgc     41040
     tgggggctct ctgtggtcct tggcctcttg caggtcctcc tttaaaagca caagtgtagt     41100
     gactgtgcca cccctgtcag ggtcccttct tggcccaacc tctagaccag agctgggcct     41160
     ttctcagcat cccactcata ctctcctact gagtctggac catcccccaa catttcagct     41220
     ttccaggctg gatatgattt ttctaccaca gtatcttagg aaagctggga cgtggtggga     41280
     tgggatggga tggggtggga tggggtggga tgggagccat ttccattgta gtcccaggcc     41340
     tccagatact gtttggttcc atttggtatg ggttagtatt aagtccaact ccccacacat     41400
     gctaaacacc ccattctatt gagccccacc ctcgtccaat gcctgtgtag ctaataatgg     41460
     ttgactggaa aacaatgctt accagtgagg caatgggatt gccaagacat catgaaaagg     41520
     cacacggcag caatatgagc tagaaggtat gagccctagg tatgagcctc gatcagtcag     41580
     ccttgggagc cccaggaccc ctcagtccct gacaattctg gcactctccc actcattact     41640
     taaatggctt gagactattt gtttagcctg tctgggctcc aattttctaa gcatttggat     41700
     tacagcttcc cctacgggtg ttgatcccaa ggtaggaatg tcagcccctc caggactaac     41760
     ctgaagaggg attatccatc ttcacccaag ccaagtttgt cactctgtcc actcactgaa     41820
     tatgagtccc ccactatcat agtctaccct tcctgccagc aagagtggct tctgtctgca     41880
     ggaccaactt aggctaaatg tccttaacac ccagagcaac acaggtgtgg aaaggcaaca     41940
     agggaggcag acaggaagga agggcagaag gcatgattct gtaagcccaa cccaagggtt     42000
     tgcatccagt ttttgcaaag aaaccctagc gagtgagaag ataactccca gggtctaagc     42060
     aaggcttcaa gtcagaccct gcactgatca ggctcagctc tgattccaca acagcagctt     42120
     cctagtccat aaggctcagc ccccaccctc cctgcctccc tgccctctct ggaggaaaga     42180
     agcctgttta ttgctctggg tgggacccaa gcccataggg aattgaaaag aaatgtccag     42240
     cctaggttgc tattgtttgg tttaaacaaa ctatgggctg ggttgacctg aagaggaatg     42300
     agggggaggc cagagaaaag agagcaggct gcagggctgg gcttctctgc ctcctcccca     42360
     cttggttaag ggtagtcaag aagagctatt ttaggagagt gcttccaggc ttctgttggg     42420
     tcctaacctc cccttctgga agggccaggc attgaagaga aaagcctcca ggcctccaaa     42480
     cctcctacct tcttcaccct ctcccacctc aacctcagcc tctcagctcc tggtcacgtc     42540
     tgggtctgat gccagcccaa agtggaggag ctgagagatt acactgagag aagtgccagg     42600
     caggctgcca tgggtaccag ggcaaggcta cccatgagca gcagaggctg caggagtaga     42660
     gaagggatag ggagaaagga agagagggag ggggaggaag ggagaaaagg aaggaggaag     42720
     ggagagaagg aaggagggaa ggagggaaat acacgctcgc gcatacacac atgaaggata     42780
     ggaagaagat ggagaaaatc agaaacagtg gacttatggt ggagtccgtc cttctagcct     42840
     gctgcccctt ctcccaacta aagatgacct agacccttat agttgagcat aaggaagggg     42900
     catggacaag gaaaccaaca gtggacagcg gacaagcata gcttaaagca gaagacatta     42960
     ggttcctacc catgccaccc catcagtatc ccgtcttggt cctagaatgg gaccctcccc     43020
     tcccccacca ctcctccatc ctgcctccac tttcagggaa cgagaggcag agactgcccc     43080
     aggaagactg ggtggaaagg gggccaggac acagttaggt gttggcagaa tcaattaaga     43140
     accacactaa tcaccatcat taaggctata aaaccccaca cctaggggcc gcagggctcc     43200
     ctggcatggc ctggggcgcc gagctgtggc acagacccag gggcctggct ccagtctctt     43260
     tcatctaagc atccaccagt cctgcaaaaa caataattag ttacccgcct ccaggagcaa     43320
     ctcattatcc cacagacatg gagtggaagg aaaggagggc agaggggaaa gggagagaaa     43380
     ctgaggctag aaagactgtc caaagctgtg gcggagtcta gttaagacag tccactctcc     43440
     cctctggcct cccttgactt ccttgcctca taggcttaaa aggtccagag ggagcatatt     43500
     tctccctcct acaaaactga gttaagtggc ccggccaagt gcccgcccca caggtgcatg     43560
     ctgcacccaa tctcaggtgc agaggtccgt cctaaggcag cccttgggga aggttccatt     43620
     caggatccct cagatcaggt atctgttctt tgcctccagg acacctccca cccccttgac     43680
     accccgaatc catctcctct cccccccccc gggggggagg gggcgctccc tgaagcactg     43740
     tttttcatct ccaaagttct ctccctcttc cagtcatccc cctcttccat cctgctccca     43800
     aagaaaggtc agccgctaag gacccaaggg ggttgctgaa gcaagagtca gcctttacca     43860
     ccactgccca ggaagtaatc cacagccttt cctgtctctc cttttagggt gctgacatga     43920
     aaagtgggag tatccgtggc aatgtactat caggtgagtg ggttcctcca gcaccccttc     43980
     tctagacagg acattaatga cagatataag aaagagtgac cgtaacactg attcacagtg     44040
     tgcaaatgcc agctatggag gtcccctgta agttctgatg tcatcaaatc acaactacca     44100
     ggtctttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttctaaac tcagggtctc aggtattcca     44160
     agctggcctc aaatttgacc tagtgtgaga atgctcctcc tcctgcctct gtcttctagg     44220
     ttctggaatt acaggcatac accatcatgc ttggttcatg ccaagcaggt gatggaactc     44280
     aggacttcaa gcatgctagg caagtggtct accaactgag ccacatctcc tgccaccccc     44340
     aacccccccc ctctagttct agagaagctg aagtggggat taggggtgga aagagggatt     44400
     cggcttatca tgtaaccgag aaaggaagag gccagccaag ggtctagctg gctagtaggg     44460
     cgctcatgac caaatccccc agacccctac accccagtcc ccttccctct gaggtctcac     44520
     ccccagggtg tgccctgggg gatcaggtgg tgagttgtcc acagacaaaa ggctgaatac     44580
     aaatggtccc ccacaatctg gggagcagca aggctggcat ctggcaggcc catcccagct     44640
     ccatttccta taggcccagt tttatttttc aatttcagtt ttctcaaaaa aaaaacagaa     44700
     aacaaaaaac aaaaacaaaa acaaaaaaca aaaaacaaaa aacaaaaaaa accaaacctg     44760
     ggtggaagga aattgtccat tgtataccta gccaacatgt ggggtactca atccccactc     44820
     ccaagtctcc atttctggag gttttgaatt gtgtgtgtgt gtggggggtc ttcaggaaac     44880
     ccctagtcag atgggtaaac tccccatgtc ccctgagatt aaatccttaa ttctaatttc     44940
     agttttgtcc atggagaatt ctggccacct gtctttggcc atgagaaata tatcccgagc     45000
     ccaccagcct ggccagaagc caccagattc atctgccttc cacacaccca tttataagaa     45060
     gggacagtct ctttacaccc catgctcaga agtctttctt agccctagaa atgtttgaga     45120
     gaatccccaa tttacctaaa ttcagaagct ccaaaataac cccagaacat tggcatgctg     45180
     tcacctactt cattgtagac tctgagccac acaaaaatgc acatggctct tggcacactc     45240
     ttttcctttc cctcagtaca cacatacaca cacacacata cacacacaca cacacacaca     45300
     cacacacaca cactatctga tctgtgatgg gaaagatgaa ccgtcaggaa atcccctggc     45360
     tctcagtatg ctggtggccc agtggctgga agcactctat gagaaacact tccaacagtg     45420
     ccaaacggtc attccttctt ctgtttcatg gttaagagag gaaaagagaa ggagagccat     45480
     gatcagccag cattcccacc cactctcatc cttcttgcaa gcatcccttc cctcccctga     45540
     ccaccttccc ttactcccca ccccaccaca cccccacaac ccaagaagac tcttggctcc     45600
     agcttgcata tcctccttga gaagggaagt ggagagagaa ctgtgggaag aggcaaagca     45660
     acactggaag gagttccatc ctagaagacc taggccaggc caaccaagtc cctagtctcg     45720
     gcataggcac ggggcaagga ggatggctgt cttaaccctg tgaccttacc ctccaaagca     45780
     gccagcctcc aagagagaga gggagaggga gggagccttc tcctccgtgc cctgagattc     45840
     ccagcttcta caagtgcctt ccatcaaacc ttttgaaccc agtcccaccc accctggtaa     45900
     ccacttccag atcctcccaa accagccaag aaactggcct ctttagggat cgacttcata     45960
     aggaaatgct gagaaaaata ataataaaaa ccgtctgcca aacgcactca tagggaaaga     46020
     tgggttttct ctcgaggcaa aaaaattcat ctggatagac taaaaccaaa acaggacacc     46080
     accaacaccc atctaccggt ccagaagagc ctgggagcct caacccttta tgccaacctg     46140
     gagccccact cccaataaca acacccctac tcatccctaa catacacctt aaatgaaaca     46200
     ccaaaataaa gtgagatccc accacgtccc aacgggggag ggaggggcgc agtgggtgtg     46260
     acttcatttg aatgacccta ggaaggtcac cagggatgga aaaacaaagg tgctattttt     46320
     aagagctgcc aggagatgct gcaagcatgg tggtgaaccc atccatgtct cttgtccttt     46380
     ctcctacaga ctactcgccg cctaccccac cgccagaaac tggtctacac cgctaccagt     46440
     tctttgtcta ccttcaggga gacagagaca tttctctctc agtggaagaa aaggcagact     46500
     taggtgagac cttccagacc ttttcactga agctagggga gattgtgggg caggaccaaa     46560
     gttgtgtgtc ttagccggaa aaatcagaac tttgactccc atccatgagc ctttggaggc     46620
     tggggccaga gggcagaatt tcttgtgagt ggctgggatg agtgttctaa aggagatttt     46680
     ggcttcagat gtggtctccc agaagtaaac acatcagcca aggagcaccc cccaaaactt     46740
     tgcatggcat gtacaggcaa ctaccctaca acacctcagc aagtaattgt gccctttaat     46800
     tgaggccaat ctgggcaaga gtaccctgga atgccaccct gctggtctgt cttcattggt     46860
     ggttaattgc tcggtcggcc ttgccatctc agtgatgggg caaaagatgt ccccagccac     46920
     gcccctcccc cagcttctct gagcactcct cctcagacac tggagaggac acattttcca     46980
     cagccttccc atggctaacc tagcctgttt ggcctcagtc atcattccag cagggctggg     47040
     gtgccagatg agactgactc ccagctcact ggatgagcct tagatttctc tttgaatccc     47100
     catgcactct gtcacctccc aggtttggaa agggaaggtc ccgcagaagt cacaggtgtc     47160
     aatgtaaggg tgcataaaca cacacgcccc aggctgtgca aaggtgagtg gcaagacaga     47220
     taggagcagc catttcctct cccccagtga cccccaacta acttccaccc attgggaagc     47280
     cagcacaggt attgtcacat cccctgtgcc tgaggctcca gaggtaagga gctgaagccc     47340
     agaaaaggac tggcatgccc gcggtgtcct ttagatgtgc gccaagtgaa ggtgagggtg     47400
     ggggtaggga tacatcagtc acaaaagact cagcccctgg agctaagaca gtgccacatt     47460
     tccacccatg atccctccca ggtgccttca gcaacttgcc aacgtacaaa tctgtctaaa     47520
     tagctctgcc aaggacacac ttttaaatct ggatatcaag tgtgaagaaa gggaaaaagg     47580
     atgcacctcg actagatcaa aaccagtctt ctgtttccct agcttcctgg gtaccaaaat     47640
     gacaggaagc tgcccaggct cggtagctgc cgggtactgg gaactgaagc cttctatgta     47700
     gttcctagcc atcctacgag atccttgtag ctcagcactc tagctcagac ctagatccta     47760
     acatcagtgc cttcaggagg gaagtgctct gaatgggctc atgctaagaa gctagctttc     47820
     ttatgacagg atagaagtga aagagagcat tgggggatgc caggaagaac agcaaccagg     47880
     gcaagagagg aagggggcaa catatgccca agacagtgcc tttctcctga gacagggttc     47940
     ctgatctatg gccacagcct cacagccatg aagcacactg actggctcac gtactcaacc     48000
     aaggctgccc cctctcctag gacagacagc aaggcatgaa aactgcagaa ctatgggtcc     48060
     tggaaccatt gttaaccact ttggatcttc tccagaatca tcactcctta cacactcaca     48120
     cgtgtacctt gcagagtaag gctcctgtag ttttctctgc tgctaaaggt tctgatcata     48180
     ccagtagggt atcttccatg tgcccagcct tgtgctaaga gaaaacagtc ccagagccca     48240
     caggattttt ccctgccctc aaggagctga cagtctagtt tggaactgac taaacaacag     48300
     tgcagaccag cttataatta agtccttaat tgtgttgttc tgattgcaag gacacaatag     48360
     aaccaagtga acaggggata tatctcttac cttcctgggg tctctttttc tccaggacag     48420
     tatccctctt catccaggta gaaaacaaag atatctttct gagggttaga aaatcttgct     48480
     accactttcc agctagggat aatcctctgg gggcctcagt ttcctctcca gaaagatgag     48540
     gtttggcagc caacctacag gcatctcgcc ctggggcttc atggaagagt ggagtataca     48600
     ttgggcccta cagaagaaga caacctgaat gcctgaatga gtgggctctt ggctctggaa     48660
     actagagacg caaagtttat tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt ttcaagtaag     48720
     aaaacagaaa gcaagctggt tggtggggtg cacaccttta atcctaggac tcaggaggca     48780
     gagacagagg caggcagact tctgtaaatt caaggctagt ttggtctaca gggcaaattt     48840
     caggacagcc agggatgcac agagaaattc tatctggaaa aaaaagaaaa gaaaagaaaa     48900
     gaaaagaaaa gaaaagaaaa gaaaaggaaa ggaaaggaaa ggaaaggaaa ggaaaggaaa     48960
     ggaaaggaaa ggaaaggaaa ggaaagacag gacaggacag gacaggacag gacaggacag     49020
     gacaggacag gacgacagga gaggagagga gaggagagga gaggagagga gaggagagga     49080
     gaggagagga gaggagagga gaggagagga gaggagagga gaggagagga gaggagagga     49140
     gaggagagga gaggagagag gagaggggga ggggagggga ggggagggga ggggagggga     49200
     ggggagggga ggagaggaga ggagaggaga ggagaggaga ggagaagaga agagaagaga     49260
     agagaagaga agataagaga agagaagaga agagaagaga agagagggag gaagagagag     49320
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaaggaagga aggaaggaag     49380
     gaaggaagga aggaaagaaa gaaagaaaag gaaagagaaa gagaaagaga aagagaaaga     49440
     gagggagaaa gagagggaga aaaagagaaa taaagaaaaa gacaaagaaa gataaaatag     49500
     gaaataagca gaagaaacct catgggcact ctcaaaggcc caccagaagt gtggcactag     49560
     tgggtaaacc ataaggagcc agtagagatt gcttggatgc aaggcagcaa atgaaagcgc     49620
     ttcttagaga caagccatct gaataatcag agagcaccgc agaaggccgc cagaggtgtg     49680
     ctggtgggag gcggtgagag gccagcagag atggacgcag ggcaattgca aaagcagaaa     49740
     ctgtccaggt ccttgcataa ctttagagtg ttgagagctt ggcacaccgt gctcaggaac     49800
     tcatggagcc ctaggccaaa ccaacactca ggtcagggca taggtcctgc caacgaacac     49860
     aagccccagg acttgccatg gtctagtttt ctgtccatag gattagagcc atgagagatg     49920
     caggtatgct agaaccagtt gctgtatctt ctcccaacct cccacccccc gcagggtgaa     49980
     ctggcaagga cagcttccag aggctgaaga ggaaaggtga cactctggga gttaggcaaa     50040
     gggacatcta aaaagacagc tggctgagcc aatgagctag agaactataa gaaatgtttg     50100
     caaggcagtt ttgaaactaa agtaatctaa aggtccccag tgtgacacag ggtacagtcc     50160
     gtttaaaaaa tgataataat gtagaaccag ttgtgttgaa ttgcacctcc tactcagggc     50220
     cttgtccttt ttgggactcc tgtgtatgtg acagggtgaa ttgccattga acctgccatg     50280
     actgataatg agtgtcagga ggcattgttc aaagccaaga ggatgaaacc ctcctcagga     50340
     tcttgctcag tcccgtgact cgggataaat acatgtactc agagaataag gacatcttga     50400
     cattcacact ctcaatcact gtgtgacctt ggacaagcca cctcacaccc tggcaccttg     50460
     acttctgtct catcaaaatg gaacgggtta ttctacagtg ggatgccctg ctggagcggc     50520
     acgctcctaa gtgcacactc cctgcgctct tccttcccgg gttccgccat ttgaatgagc     50580
     actgacgagg tttgcccgaa ggggccaacc ctagacattt ctaagtgggg gtttccacag     50640
     ggaggaccca gatggggctc aagctaccct ggtctagtta ggacgtcttg tggtgccatg     50700
     atgccactcc cgtgccacag ccccttcctc tcttaccatg actgtccaat gcactctgca     50760
     cccccgggaa caatgccaca tgctgagtta tgcacaacac catgcccagt gctgatggga     50820
     cagaaaagaa gtgccagttc cctcagatgt gtgtgtcacc cgctggagcc tgagaagtgg     50880
     aacacacaga ttactttgga gaaggtattg aaatatatga cgtatcccta ggacccccga     50940
     agtcactacc tctgacaagg gctagacata gttcccagac ggcatcccaa aggccatgct     51000
     ttgcccagac ctggagctag aggcgattct ggtctaggat gtactgggct tttactctct     51060
     gcttcccaat agactggtcc tgtcctagct acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     51120
     acacacacac acacacaaag cctgagacat agcctcagca aatctgtgat tctccatggg     51180
     tttctctata cctttttttc ctggcagcag ccttgatctt ggcatttcca cttctatatt     51240
     ctagaggaaa tagctgaccc catagcagcc ctccccccac aacagagaga gagagagaga     51300
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gtcattccta ggagccttac acattgccag aacaactgat     51360
     tcacccatcc ctgtgtgaca atccagaagg gccaactgtt cccctccccc agtccgaact     51420
     gttcccaagt catccaggct gtctcccctc agctcagcct tgccccacac gctcccatta     51480
     gtgtccccac cactgtgcca gctctcctaa tgttctgctg tgctcaggca tctgcctggg     51540
     tctcttctgt gttcatatat actgctccct ttacacccac cctgcttcca tcatgagacc     51600
     atgagagaag aggtccttcc tttgcatatc tgtcactgtg cccagcctac tgaggcccgt     51660
     cagtcaccaa gcgtgtgtgt atatgtgata cacccacaga cacacatttg caagccgttc     51720
     acacacagat ccacacattc tcacaccccc aggttcccgt acacaccaag tcaacatcct     51780
     tcaacacctg aagaaggcag ccatgttatg agtacttatg tcctcaaata acaaacctta     51840
     cgtccacatg gtccctgtcc aaccccaggc ctgcagggct ccctctctgc cagctgccct     51900
     aggctccatg gtattttcct ttgcccccca ccatgccagg aggcaggaca gtgactgaca     51960
     tccctcatat gactgagggg aactgaagtc caggatgaaa cagagaccca caggtgacag     52020
     cagaccaacc tcctggcaaa aggctcttga cgcttgaacc aacacacccg atacctctct     52080
     ctcctgtaga ccaccaggtt tcaggcttct ggtgtaggga caggcaagaa gcaactgtgt     52140
     cttaaggtga ccatcttacc caatatcccc ttcttgtctt tgactaagct tcaagtttct     52200
     agacagctaa gtctgcacta tgctgcgtct aagccactgg acctcagttg tcacaagcca     52260
     gtctcatgtt cctcttgtgt gtggggacag aatagagtag gaggaaggac ttggctgtca     52320
     tttggtaata gcaatgactg gctggcattt gtagaatatc tgtggggttc tccataacct     52380
     atgtcctatg agatgacaga tggtgacatg ccaccagttg caccagaaag cactcaaagg     52440
     ccccaagtcc aggatagggc cattgtgaca gtcaccacct cagggacctt cagtgggaaa     52500
     gtttacttgt tgcaaaaatg tgaagaaagt agcaaggggg gaaggatggt gagggtttga     52560
     agctggacag ctgtgaagcg ctccccagca cacagacatc tggattccag ggtcaatgag     52620
     gaggaacagg catgggcctg ccatacactg tcttctaagt cttgcttatg gatctaaaca     52680
     actgcagggc tctctgggtg agtgggacag ggccattgtg gggccacaag catgaaagca     52740
     acagagccct aaagcaaaaa ctgtggtgac attcaggaac aaggctagga gggaccacat     52800
     aggcctgtgg gcaaaagcta aagctcagag aaagggggag ggggcagtgt tgtacaggga     52860
     agagactcaa aaagaaagga ggtcctgtct gaagaacaga caccaccctc aaactaccac     52920
     cctccagcac atacacacag acagacacaa acacactcag ggcccgatgc aaaacagctc     52980
     agcccaaccc cccatgacct cccacagtgg ttcgtctggc ctggtcccag aatcccccca     53040
     gggcctagcc cctgatcacg tcccactgta ggctcctgtg gcagagagct ctcttttgcc     53100
     tccatagggc cccacccaac tggcagaact tggcaccacc gggctcctgg caggcaccca     53160
     gctgggaaga tcctaggtag cacagtcagg caagatccta ggtagcacac agtcaggcat     53220
     cctgtccagg aactgcctga agtctctgga ggctgatggt agtggagaca tgcgccccag     53280
     tagacactta gatcatggag aacccacaga taactcccaa gttccagcca gccactactc     53340
     ctaccaaata caggaacagg tgggggaggg gttctccatc actgctctca gttacaagat     53400
     ggaaggaggc cccagtgccc ccaggctgaa caactagaaa tcccctctct ttctccacct     53460
     ctcctgagtt cttttctgca gagggcaggc agagacagct cctcaccact ctgggcctgt     53520
     ctccctccct gtccatttgg gccaaagtcc caggtcccag tggcccctct gtcccaaagc     53580
     ctctcaagtc agcaggatca gccactcagc aaatcctctc cagaagtaat tggatgtgat     53640
     ggaacgaggg cttttcagct cctgagtgaa agtctctgga tgtcatttaa tggcacaaaa     53700
     aaataaaagg ctcaggcctc ccgcctacca ctgccaggac atcattaatc tctgtggaga     53760
     ggcatcagcg cttctatcac ctcgtccagc cctggcggcc caaacaaatt acagacctga     53820
     gctgggctct ccacggggtg gttattagga cagacttgaa tttgtgttgt tttattcaga     53880
     gcccaccatc ccctgctctc ccaaaaggcc aaggccaagg aagaggaggg ataccttggt     53940
     tagatacaag tcccatcaca gaggctcagg cagctaagag ccaggtgcct acgtccctgc     54000
     agggactgcc tcaggcagga ggccaaagtc aatagctaag aacctcccat cttatctgaa     54060
     tggcacttgc ctcccgatcc cacatcccca agccaaggac ggaaaggaaa gtctgatgag     54120
     aactgacttt caacagagca gggccaggca gcaccgaact ctgctggctg gaaatctgga     54180
     agtgggcttg ctgaagagcc tgtgagcatc agtcagagcc agcaacaaag ctgtgctact     54240
     ggacaaggct ctccccctga ccaacacgag tggatttttt tcctccagtg tcagtcgggt     54300
     gataaaggaa actcactgag gtcaggaagg aagctagata aagcagctac cgccacttgc     54360
     gcctaagaga ggcccaggga ggccctgcca gggttacatt aaaggcacag gcacagaggt     54420
     ctgcgcaagc tcagaatgca cacattctag gagaactgtc catctctgtc tgaggtctgc     54480
     agacgatacg caggcacaca actgccactt tcaaattgta ctcagggccc agaatggaaa     54540
     aagtgaccat caacacctat caccaaggcc actcccaacc ttcgagccat ggcattcaca     54600
     gggagtgaaa ctcaagagag gtagtccctc tcctggacac cgaggggggg gggtccttca     54660
     tctttcataa ccctggtgcc taacgtgagg tcaggcacac agtgtggttc actttcctcc     54720
     aggctttgag gcagcgttcc ccatggaccc ctcaacccct tccacgacct gattaacatc     54780
     agcactttgg ccaacctctt ccccatcagc tcttagaaac agcagcctca tggcaaggct     54840
     gccacagctg ctcccgtggg atgaaaggag tgtccctggg ttgtgtggag accagactgc     54900
     atgtgatctg tgtggccctg ctgtaggagc accagcctct gtgttgctcc ctcagggcag     54960
     ttcagggtat aaacaccaga gtataaatac ctccttccac cctgatggct accagagtag     55020
     tggtcccgcc ctcttcctgc agtgcagaga cagagcagag ccatacagga aggggctttc     55080
     ctcctagcag ccgaccacag aagccacagc tccccatttc tccccacatg gccctgaggg     55140
     cctgactcac ccctcttcct tctagagctt gctctgggtc agttcctcct gccctctgtg     55200
     gcaggaaaca agtgggggtg tgtaaggagt ccctgctgag ccaaaggaag aggcagcagg     55260
     agactggccc aacccaggac ctggtttctc ggagctgctg cccaaattgc tgaaagcaag     55320
     tgtggggttt ttagaaatgt agccaggagg agtctaagta cctcaggaca ctctgagctc     55380
     acacaaagga gatggggacg gccagccctg cgtgagggga gcgagaggcc tctctctcgg     55440
     gacatagggg atttctttcc accagcttgc tctgatctcg tgatgggttt caattccctc     55500
     attgacacca aagctccttc ctgtcatact cagtgaggaa aggagaaagc caccttgtcc     55560
     cttcataccg ccacatgcta cttcacccaa gatcctgtct cggacacaca tgcgcatgtg     55620
     tgcacgtaca tgtacacacg aacacatgta cacaacacac aggcatgcac acacacacaa     55680
     acgcacacac acaacacaca tatatacacg tgtgcacaca cacacactgg tgggggtgag     55740
     ggcatgcatg cacatgtttt ccaagggtca gattaccaac acttctcttc agccagcctg     55800
     gccccctggg tcccaggggt tctaactagg cacaaagtcc acaaagggac aatgacccaa     55860
     agctgcagca tggactttgc ccagtgtagt cagcattggg caaacagtca accagccagc     55920
     atctcagcag ccttcccaag acagtcccat aaagttctaa ctctacagcc cttggggcta     55980
     gttgagacat gcaggtactg ggtcacatgg ggtgaagaga cctggaaatg ccttgtatcc     56040
     ccagctgggt gccacgtcct accccccacc ccgtcccaca agtccttcac attagaagtg     56100
     acatgaagta atatgcacaa cgctcctgtg acaacagctg gctgctagga aaccctacag     56160
     ggtgtccctt tgctggtctt cttactgtac caccatcttc ttacttaaca caccatcatt     56220
     acagcttttg gaagctggta ttaaaaaaaa atcgtcctat acttgtgaag atcattgaaa     56280
     catgagcctt atgcagtggg aaggggaggt aagttgaaaa agaaatgtgg gtgcatggac     56340
     ttcatctcat cctcattata gaagcagtcg cagttctaaa tggggggtgg gggggcgcca     56400
     gcggcctatg actctaaggt gaggctctgc tgagacttcc aggctgccag cctcatgctg     56460
     gcattcttcc atctggatcc cagtgatgcc tgctctccac aagccatggt acactggcca     56520
     ctgctctggg caaggccttc cccgggtgct ctcccaccca aggatgattg ctagagctag     56580
     ccacccctaa aagaataaaa catggaagga cacatgcgaa ttacagttat tcaaataaac     56640
     aggaacataa aagaattagt ataagtatac tccatgacat aggtgggaaa ggtatacagc     56700
     aaattatttg ttatctgaaa tccagaccta ccagttcttc ctgaattttc ctgacaaccc     56760
     tctacccacg gtgctcaaag cttaggattt cggaaaggat catgggatat atctctaacc     56820
     acttccttca actttctcca gcgcctagga ctatatacac ttaactccct gtcacgagac     56880
     acggtcactc gcatcacagt aggctcacct tgttgggttg tgagaagaaa caacctctgg     56940
     gcctaggccc tgactaggat gttccagcac cagggcaggg gaaaatgtct cccaaatttg     57000
     atcccaatca aggatctaag tacaactctc tcccttctct caaggagaac tcaggtttta     57060
     aggggtgctt ggggccctcg gggcgggggg cggcaggtac tgtaagaaca acaataggtt     57120
     cacaccaatc tcagcctaaa cagctaggct aagcaggttt ggggagaggg agtacccaag     57180
     cctctatcat gtcagaagtc tgaagacctt caagaagagg gcatgggcag agtccgcacc     57240
     catctgatga tgcttgctac atgggtgaga aggcagtaat gtatgttgac taaaagatcc     57300
     tggggaaaga agcccaaggt gactttaact cactgagctg tgccccatca tcctctagca     57360
     agcagccacc taacttggcc gtgtgttagg gctctctaag catccagacc ctcctaaagc     57420
     tagaagattc tccatgcagt acatactgcc taaccggatg atcaagggga actctactca     57480
     ttcagagatg acctctccct gtcaggccat ctcaggtcaa tggttacctc ttactgttcc     57540
     tctgtggtct gtctggtttc taggtggttg gaatctggac aaattcctgc agcaatatgg     57600
     gctgagagat cccgacacaa gcacccagtt catgactcag tttgacgagg aactgtcatc     57660
     agagtttggt agaattaacg acgatcaaga gcaattcaat caaaaataac cgtctactga     57720
     gcggaaactt ctaccttcca gttatgtgct cacgtcatgt aatccactac aggtggtctg     57780
     gggatggaac ctccttttgg catcttccaa ataaaataaa caaataaatg ctaaatgcaa     57840
     ataaacaaaa caaaaaacag aacaacaaaa aacaaaaaga aacaatcgcc cagagcttag     57900
     caatgtgttt tcttttcttt tctttttttt tttttttgtt actgcaattc tttttttttt     57960
     catttccaat ttttttaatt aggtattttc ttcatttaca ttccaaatgc tatcccaaaa     58020
     gtctcccata ccctcccccc gccactcccc tactcaccca ctagcaatgt gctttcttct     58080
     aacctctgta tttactttga aacacagcaa gggaagtgct gaggagatgg ctcagtcaat     58140
     aaagagcttg ccgtgcaagc attaggaact gagttaggac atccagaacc catgtgaaaa     58200
     gcccagtaac agggagatga gaatcagagg caagaagatc tccaaagctc actggccaat     58260
     ggtctaggct actttgacaa ctgggccaat aagaaactct gtcttagcca ggtacacctt     58320
     taatcccagc acttaggagg cagaggcagg cagatctctg ggttcaaggc cagtctatca     58380
     tagagtgagt tccaggacag ccagagctac acaggaaaat aatataaaaa aaaaagtctc     58440
     aaaaaatgaa agagaaagga gaagcgggga gacacgtact cttccttaaa caacatgttg     58500
     aatgtgcctg aaaacagcaa cggttgagag tttcctctga tctcaagctc acgtgcaaac     58560
     acgtgtgtat gcaaacacac atgaacatgc acacacagaa agaagagaaa gaagaaagag     58620
     gaagaggaga gagagagaga ggaaaaaaag caataacgaa gaatggagca gatctgaggt     58680
     ctagacctaa atttgaggat ttcttacaaa tgcaagcgag tcagactgcg tgctggatgc     58740
     agaggcagga gaccagggcc cagggcccga gctgtcagtc atcccaaagc cccaccccac     58800
     cagccctggc agtgaggaag aagggctggt agcagagatt gcatttttga ccatggacct     58860
     ttccagctcc aacagacaac aaccttccct cagtaagttc acctggcacc tgttccaagc     58920
     cagacccagg gcagacacag agagaggtgc tagctactcc agctactcca gctactccag     58980
     cagagcttag cagtctgtgg tgggggtgtt catcatcaag agagtcacaa tcaagtttta     59040
     acaaactgtg atgcgtgttc tgaggctgta aaagggggcc cggtttctgg caggagtgga     59100
     agagtcaagg cctcttggaa gaagtggtat ttgaagttgg ggctggaatg tggggtagaa     59160
     attaattcag tgcaacagag gcagacttcc ttagagcttc actgagccgc tagcaggaac     59220
     aaatgagcat ctacctgaaa atgaaaggcc aatgaaaggg ctgaaatgag gcatgagcat     59280
     tggctggata gggtaggcca aggccaggcc aggcctcata accacgctat agtttttaat     59340
     caaatctaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacagtttat ggaataagga     59400
     attggagaag atggaattgg agattggaga aagactggta tcatgatcag atgtgtgctg     59460
     tttatagagt ttatgaggag gctactcggt gtatgtgggg aaagggtttt catcatgtaa     59520
     ggtccttggg tctcctcgtt gcttcccgat tttgctgccc aaggaacccc cccgcccccc     59580
     gccttgaaca tgcatctctg ctgctctcat gtgcagcatg gaccgcatct cctcagatgc     59640
     ctgacctcca ccctagtcct ttctactcct ctcaaggtcc cctagatcag tttccctcca     59700
     cgattttcta agacacagag ggagaccttg gccaaggcac agccgcactg gtgactcatc     59760
     gacagcgtgc tttgagatct ccagatgaaa ggggcaggag gaaggcaggc ctaaggttat     59820
     taccttatta catgcatggg gcatgcccca tgatggctac aaggtagagg ggcccccgtt     59880
     gacccttcgc cctgtgaaac acactcaact cattagttac atttcagggc tggatctaaa     59940
     gaatgcagcc aggcagggta ctgagtctgt gatatgggga agtgtcggat actgcccccc     60000
     cccaattcca ttgctaggtt cagatccctg ccccaaaaga ataggaacaa atgctgaaga     60060
     tctagcagca catctgatgt cagccagccc agggcaaaag gaacctcctg ctccctctcc     60120
     cgcagcgggc aagcctgtga gcagagctaa aataagaaac aaaaggaagt ttccatttgc     60180
     agtgtcatag aagacagcca cgagaaggga ctttttgggt tccatgttcc ctggaactgt     60240
     ctctccaaaa cccttaccgt gccaggggca gagtgtaatt ggcagctcca attggtgccc     60300
     aggaccagga taaatagaag gtcagcttgc tagaacaacc ccaaattgag acatcctccc     60360
     tcttctgctt ttaattcctt gtggttagca tgtttatttt ggggtaagga aaaaaaatcg     60420
     gatgtttacc cttcgaggaa attatcagct tgctttcttc cccccccccc tttttttttc     60480
     ttcacccatc ctttcttttg ccctcgcgtc ctataggctt caagttcagc cccaggaggg     60540
     atcttgattc ttcaggtcct aaaaagtgaa aaaggaagca gctgtcccag gccctcagct     60600
     acagccagtc ctgccctaac cacagtgaaa agtctggggc agagaggaag cctggggtcc     60660
     atgaaagcct gcaggcagtg gggcacccac ccttgacctg cagaactctg caggcctcac     60720
     atcccatttc attagcttcc ccctccccca agccccagag aaagcaaagg catgtaaatg     60780
     gccaagaggt atgtaatgcc atcctttaca cactgaagaa aactgacttt tttttttaat     60840
     catcactgtg gtcgcctttg tcatcagatg tcacttactg gacactttct gcaaaccatg     60900
     cactgcacct aacactttat gtgtaatgtt tcattcaccg tgtcccgaac cctgattcac     60960
     agcccactcg agcttcatgc ctgtcctctc atttacccgc cacaacagcc taataacgca     61020
     ggtattagcg gactcatggg cgaactggga gccagagtcc ctactctctg attcatgaaa     61080
     agcaatggca gaagatggca ttaagttaaa gcccctcacc gcacttttcg gagggaaaca     61140
     atgctctaat gttactcact ggacaataaa aactgagagg ccaggtcctt tattcactca     61200
     agagctaaag gagaaaggct gctcctacca caatagttta aaagtttcag ccatgcagga     61260
     tcattgtgga gaaggctagg acctcggcat actcaaggca agcaggctag cccagccaaa     61320
     gaccgtcatc actgcaccct gcctgtccaa ggcgactgac tgttctacta cttcggttaa     61380
     gagaatctcc cttctgtttc acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     61440
     acacacacct gtggaatggc tactctagaa aaggtgaaag gcagaaaagg agggaaagtt     61500
     atctagggag gactcaagaa ttgtggtaat gcagaggtag gcggatttct gagttcgaga     61560
     ccagcctggt ctacaaagtg agttccagga cagccagggc tatacagaga aaccctgtct     61620
     cgaaaaccaa aaaaaccaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagtt ggtaaggtag tgctgctgct     61680
     ggtgatggtg atggtgatgt atctgggtgt taggactaag tagccataaa ctagaaagct     61740
     cagtcttccc tacctccaaa aacctaaatt catattgact tctgccactt gacaacttaa     61800
     gtgtttcaga cctccgtttc cagtacagta aagagtataa ggcgacttcc ttctaggatg     61860
     ggttgcaaca gttaaatgag atagcagagc agagctcaag catggtgtct ggcacgcagg     61920
     ctgttcagca aatacatggt ttcctcttct accctgcctc cacttcacct gtcctaccca     61980
     gcttccctga aataagtaat gaggttcagg ccaaggagcc accgcctcca aagaagtgtc     62040
     cttcctccca gacccataag agcctcagca gcccaaggag agggccagct agctaggatg     62100
     ccttgagccc cagcccagaa tcctcctccc aaactgagca aaacattggg aggcttggat     62160
     caggaaagac acccagttcc ttagcaacta gcaagcattt ccctggaaag acaaaggccc     62220
     atcactcaga atactccctc cagcctcccc agatgtctga actgctttac cagagtggag     62280
     cacagagcca tccacctcta ggaccttacc ccactggctt agccaggcta atagtaacga     62340
     tcccagaaca cagttcctcc ttctgggagt taactttgcc tttgctcccc agtaactgct     62400
     aaaagacaca tgagatgtgt atgtacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     62460
     acacacacac acacgtgccc tcagcctctg aggccagcaa agaatcagga atacaaggaa     62520
     atagaaaaag gcacagctgt atgttctgtt gtaaaataaa taaatgaagc tcttgatggg     62580
     cagttcatct ctgccattgt ctgctctctt tgcctaggca agtcagccat cctctcttgg     62640
     cttcagtttc ttcataaatc aaatactttc ttccacaagg tcccctcctc ttccatactc     62700
     taccgttctg cacgtctctc ttggaagaca gtagagaaag cacacaccag tgccgcatga     62760
     gcattttcat gattacgaat gaaaaggagc caagtgcggt tatctacaga agctggaaca     62820
     ttctagtggg gtgcttgggt taaaagtgag ttttcagatg tagggagctg aggacccttg     62880
     gagctcccat aagcaacatc tatttcagaa tcaagtcaga caaaactcaa gcagagggac     62940
     cctcatattc acttcaggga cgcagggcaa cacatagact caggaactag agtcctgagt     63000
     caggattaat gggctaaaag gaaagagaga ctgtcagaca ggagaggggc acgcacacca     63060
     ggaggggatg caggagtcct tagggatgga aaggaaactg aagagagggt ggagatcaag     63120
     gcacctctga gcaccaattg cggtccatcc ctggtactac aaagcaggct tacctgagcc     63180
     atagctgcaa tttgttgact tgccctcaag ccctggtcca cacacacaca cacaaaaact     63240
     ctacagcaac ggtcctcagt cttcctagtg ctccaaacct ttaatgttcc agtgactccc     63300
     tccctaaacc ataaaattat ttttataact gtaattttgc taccattgtg aatgtaatgt     63360
     aaatatctga taagaaggat ggttgataag agacccttgt ggagcaacac aaagactgag     63420
     aaccaccgat ctacaaccta agctttgccc acatggacac tggccacagc tgtcaggaat     63480
     atcaagcttc ttaccagcca tgcccctgcc cctgcacata taaacaagca tgagcattct     63540
     ctctctcttt ctctctctct ctctctgaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacctcct     63600
     ttatgcaacc tgcacatgca tactgtcaac acagcatccc acgcaaaatc acatggtgta     63660
     tgcagccgat agacactaag gggtatcagc tctgccaacc tctttctaga catgctagac     63720
     aagttgtatt tgtgattacc ttgttgaacc tcagcacact ctcactcaca gtctgatcac     63780
     acaccagcct accactaacg cagaaaaaca ccacgctttg tatgagatgg aggatcagac     63840
     ttgacctaac cacaaatctc actctgcaat cgcctgctgc tgcaagtgga gctttgatga     63900
     taccgtggag ctttcttgtg tgtgattggg gaaggaagag gggaggggag gtgctagcag     63960
     aagggaacca ggccttcccc tgaagttcat gaggaaggcc tccaaacaca tacccgtcct     64020
     tctagcagcc ccacatctgg ccccttgcct gtgtagtgcc cagccaggga aaggagaagc     64080
     caaaattggc cagactgagt tgctaaattg aaccttggca gcgaaaggga aacgcgtcag     64140
     ttccctgggg aagtggccta gcccagggcg gccacaggcc cctgggcttc tactccgatg     64200
     gaacaaaagt tgctcaaata gatctgatgc tttttgtttt tgagcctaaa ataccctgtg     64260
     gtggcagccg gaagtgtgac cacggaaggg aagtagggta atggggaaga atttgtttga     64320
     gtttccatca tgactacttt tcctttcatt tggggtctag aagaagcgtc tccacattct     64380
     ccttccccct gcacctccca aagtccaaca gatcccaaga tttgggatta gggcatccaa     64440
     agccaccatc accagtgatc tgctgccctg ttatatcccc ccacccccac ccctgccagc     64500
     ctaagaggga ctaggaccgt gaaattgacc ctgccacaac agtgtcagag gttttccccc     64560
     tcaggccatc tagtaggaga gcgagaagct aatccagaag aagaggggtt gattcctggg     64620
     acagggaaca agtggcaatt gctttcagag tctgaccatc cctaatgtgc ttctgtgtga     64680
     tttgtgtgtg tgtgagtgtg cacatgtatg tatttgtgta tgtgtgtgcg cgcgcacaca     64740
     gatggacatg tgctgtggca caagcatgga gccagaggac aactttcagt gtcagttcac     64800
     ttggatcaaa cttacgttgt tgggtttagc aacatctggg cctgacgagc catctcacta     64860
     gcccccgtga gatttcaaca aaacaaaacc aagatcctgg tcatgtggaa tttttcagag     64920
     catctaatga gccagaacat aactggacta aaactctgat ccatgtacta gaatctagca     64980
     ctttgatagg caagccagtg gaccaagtca tatctccaaa acgcaagggg tcatagagtc     65040
     gctgccaaga tagaccactc tgcacctcct ccttcctaat ttatttttaa cccatactcc     65100
     ttaccaccaa atcatctata tttgtttact ctccctgccc accctgaaac ctcatgggac     65160
     cttcatttcc cccactgcaa agacctgagc tactttcatg aatgccttat ccaagtgtgt     65220
     ggcccctgca gtgggcactt aggaataacc tccagatgct gggctaggga gggaatagtg     65280
     ggacaagagg tcattaaaca gttctatgac tccccgaaga cttactcatt caaacacagc     65340
     aaaggcctac tagacaccag atgctggtgc caagtggatg gggattgagg gggggggcca     65400
     ggaagattag gggtgcaatg gtaatctaca caaaatcaga agttacactt ctgcactcgt     65460
     tgaaggaggc acttttatca aaggattgca taagtgtgtg gagatggagt aagaaaggga     65520
     gggggcaagg catctctaca acattccctc caagaaggat gctgactatg gtgtaaagcc     65580
     gtgaagcccc accctatcct ttagagagtg atatacagaa cctggctgaa tgccctgctg     65640
     gtggagcggt ccgcacgggg tggggggcca gataccacgg acactacaca acaccacgac     65700
     tacaacggac acggacacga caagtccctg agaccatata aagcctatgg gtcttgcctc     65760
     tggtacccag acttctgggt ttgatgaaca ggagagaggg agttggcgcc tgtggcccat     65820
     agctgaggac ctatgaactc ggattgcagt tcagaagcag ctcccagcct cggtccctgg     65880
     gtgagattta ccagctttta acaacagcag gataatcacg ctaatgaaaa actccctccg     65940
     ggcttggggc agccagactg agatgaagaa accgggaggc atttcagagt cgcccgatga     66000
     gtcagtcttc tgaaggtgct gggagtccgc ctgcctctgg gcgcaaaggg ctcctgcatc     66060
     ctcttgctct gcactctaca gagaaggcag cacgctgggg gaggggggcg gggggagctg     66120
     caggcccact tgtggagcat cctagtccct gctatgagac actaggcaca gtgtgagcag     66180
     gatctcctga ggctgggcta ccagcaaacc cagttaccct gctaccacct gtggagaggc     66240
     ctgtataggt cttcaggttc tcccatcctc cgattgattt tcggctccct accgcccccc     66300
     cccccccccg caagtctctc cagggtgtca ggttttggag agggcaatgc tctgatgtgt     66360
     tccaagctcc ccaaagatcc cagctgtgct tggctccaat cctttttcct aaagactttt     66420
     ctgccagtgc ctcggtttcc ctgaatagca gtagttcaag gttccctaca ctccaccctg     66480
     cccccgggtg gtgggagcat taattacagt ttgttcctgg ctttgaagat gaaaatgcca     66540
     aggatcatta cctcccaatt aacggggtta ttacctcttg agattggtgt tgggtgactc     66600
     ctgccgcacc cctgccccca acctgggatc ataaagtggt tccctgctgt gctgcttctg     66660
     ggcccccccc ccccattctc atactcctcc tttcctggtt tcacactagt aattagcacc     66720
     cctccttcaa aattagaacc agtagagtat ttagcatatt ccatcttgaa caaaaatttg     66780
     tggagtctct gatgaggtgg ttggtatggg taaaaggatg gatggcgcta caggcagctg     66840
     tgagctcaca cttgtaacca cagtactcag taagctgagg gggggattaa gagttcaagc     66900
     ccaacttagg ctacccagtg agaccctatc tcaagccctc tactccccag tatttatttc     66960
     agccagtcct acagaggcag gcagcccctc ctgagctgtt cactgagtag aacactaacg     67020
     ccaagagcca gagctcagaa ctctgaagtc attaacggct tccctgaatg cagtctgact     67080
     agatgcacac agcagcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaatgtcga cggcatgctt caccatcctc     67140
     tctggggtgg atgagacaaa ggggctaaca gtttgggact gagacaaggg ttcaaagccc     67200
     atgacccact ctagaaccta gagtgtttct tatgagggtg aaggaaagga gttagtacct     67260
     gccttatgaa taaagcctgt tgctcaaaag caacccagca aaccacggag atcagaactt     67320
     acacacgggt ccctcccact ttctcttcta actcattctt ctcaactgcc ttctccacgg     67380
     cccctccccc cacatactct cacacctttt ctgcttcatt tctaatcgtg aagttcctct     67440
     ttccaaaaag caccatcccc tgagagtcct ctctgcagac accatccctc ttgagaaggg     67500
     gttaccccac agtgggtccc aagggggtgg caggccccta gagcacatga ctcggtttac     67560
     cttttatgag ccccagagct aagacagcaa agttcccatt acaacccctc atcccctgac     67620
     tcagtcatcc caacacacac accacccttg ccaaggaact cagccccttc ctctagaatc     67680
     tcttaactgt aactaagatc ttcaacacat tcttcccaaa cctgcttgcc acagtcagaa     67740
     acccagagag ctgagaaaga ggcctggttc agtcattcca ccccccccac ccccccaact     67800
     aacctccatc cttagaaatt cagttagaaa cccacaagct gacaaaactt ggagccgaaa     67860
     tgaacagaaa cgtgttgtcc aactctctta atgcccacaa acaagactaa tcatggccaa     67920
     agccatacac aagtagtttt accaaggaaa tctgaactct ttattcccag gccctggcta     67980
     gtggttgaca tttacccaca atgcacactt ttctcaattc tgacttttaa tatctccctt     68040
     ccctcctttc cagctcagtc ctgaatgctc gtcctctgga ttactcatgg cgatttatta     68100
     gttctatgga ctcactcagg tcttgggaga gctctgtagg atcaacaact tgcaaatttg     68160
     acagctactc ccacgccccc agcaagtggt actttgtaac aaaatgtttc tccctttggt     68220
     tatcagccac tctgaaatta cttaaagtgt gatccaaata tcctgtttct acatggttag     68280
     aatacattta ttttaattta gaccactaga gtttagaagg aaagtgtgtc cagctggaaa     68340
     gatggctcaa ttgataaagt acctgccaga caaatacgag tatctgagtt cagatcacta     68400
     ggacctatgt aaaaagctgg gtacgtctga gtatgtacct gtaattttag atgtagagaa     68460
     acggatacag agagacaggc agactatgga gctcattggc tgactaacca gccttgctga     68520
     atcaatggac ttccgacaga cacagagtct gtctcagcag tgcttgatgc tctagcagag     68580
     gaccagggtt tgcttcccag tatccacacg gcttagaatc acccgtagct ccaattccaa     68640
     gggacctaca ctctttcctg attgccaagg acgcctacag gtaccaaacg cacacaagtg     68700
     cacacatgca catatgctca cattgcacac atacacagag aaagagagag agacagagag     68760
     acagagagaa agagagaaag agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa ggaaagaaag aaggaaagaa     68820
     agaaagaagg agaaagtgag agagatgggg agcaatcagg aacacttcaa atcacacaca     68880
     aacacacaca caaatgcaca gatgcataca ctcacacata tgtacataca aaatttaaaa     68940
     atacataaaa gtggcatatt gatcaccctt ggacaggaac tcatggtcat tgaaacaggt     69000
     ttagaaaata ggacttgagc tatagtaaca gttactctta tgcctactaa taaataggtc     69060
     ctggcagaac tcctgagaag tataagttct acaccccttt actggcctct gggctcttct     69120
     ttaacctcca tgcttggtcc aaaggatgct gggatgccgc aatcaagcct cctctctatt     69180
     cctcattact ttctccccag gttttcagat tcagtgagag ctcatcttca gaaaataaat     69240
     atggaggagc tggagatgcc tcggtggtta tgagtgctta ctgctcttcc agaggaccta     69300
     gttctgtttc cagcactcat gcaatggctc actgctgcct gtagctccat ccttcctcct     69360
     gcccacacca gccacctcat ttcttccctc tgttacagtc acaaaaggga caacagctag     69420
     agacaaaagc attcttttgg agatacaatg gggtgagttc aaatagatca atcactttga     69480
     gagcaattaa cctccagcaa ggcactaaga ctcccaagct tgttcatctt ctgcaaatag     69540
     taggcaatga gaaagacagt cctaaaatct tctcactggg cagcgaaggg aggggggggt     69600
     tagtagataa aagcatttat tatgatgatg aggaagactc agtcccccta cacactccac     69660
     cccaccccca cccccactcc caatcccatg ggtggctaac atctgtaatt ctaatataag     69720
     cagcccaatc ttctggagat atagcaccca ccagaagcac cagcatcagg ggcctgtgaa     69780
     gcccattgac cctgctgggt accaagactt tccttccaag agatttctac ctaaccaaag     69840
     aatcaacagt gacttctaga gatttcactg aggagcagta ggactccagc ggcccttctg     69900
     gatggcaccc agaagtggaa aacacctgaa gaccctcgag acaactggca tttgggaaga     69960
     atgccaccag gccaggtcct ctacgcagtt tcttggtgtg gtttgaacaa ccccattcct     70020
     caccattgaa cctgctgtcc tgcaagcaga cttccattcc agcagcatag gtgagtgcct     70080
     ccacactgca ggtgacatcc tgagtactgg gcttcatatc ttcaggatac actagtaaca     70140
     cttgttaagt aatttttccc tccaaatttt gggaagtgaa gtcacacact gataatccca     70200
     gcacttggga gacagagaca agagttcaag gccattctca gctaaactca aaaaaaaaaa     70260
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagact agggaggtga cttacaatgc tgcgtgctgc catcaagatc     70320
     tgagttctga gttcagccct ccagcacctg tgtaaaagtg tggcacattg gcacgaagct     70380
     gatatgctag tactgagaaa caggaggatt tctggggctc actctctggc tagtcttgcc     70440
     caaccagtga aatccaggtt taataagact ctatctcaaa aaataacatg gagagcaatt     70500
     gagaaacaca cacacacacg tgtgcacacg aacacagaca catacaaata atataacata     70560
     tacaccaaaa caaaaaaaac aaaaacgaaa caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa acaggccttg     70620
     atcaggccac acaatacaca agtactctca ccactgagct atgtcccaaa tcctaaatat     70680
     tttcacttaa gatgcaaact cccttgtgac tggaacaatg aatggctcgg cagttcagag     70740
     aactggctgc tcttgcagag gaccagactc tcagctccct cagggaggct cacaactgtc     70800
     tataactccc tgggacctga tggctactta aggcatctgc acacatgagg gcataagaga     70860
     cagccatata cataaaaaca aataaatgtg agcgcaaatg ccctctaaga cccggaaagc     70920
     tttaaatggc taacatccca ggttgaaatt attttaatga gggcaagaag gaactcctgg     70980
     aaaacagaag actttaataa aaaggaaaac tgaagcccac agacgcctgg aacagagtcc     71040
     aggacagaat tgcgcctgct actgcagtgg attcccaggg ctacatattc tttatcctca     71100
     cctaaacaga aaacacccgt tccccctccg tgggagacag cagccttggc tcttttactc     71160
     gggcctggcc tgcctacctt tcaccagctc caggggagga ctccctgaac ctgtgcctac     71220
     tagtcccctg caacttcagg gcttagggtt taggtaatta ggctcttggc aatctctctg     71280
     gagcccgcca ataaacctga aacaaacacc cttagcccct ctccaggagg aagaaaagga     71340
     aacattcagg gaaggggaaa cagggaagga gaaaaacttt tttttctaca ctgaatttcc     71400
     cagggaactg tagaaatctg caaaaccgcc acagtaaaca tcccttgctg ctgcaaattc     71460
     ctggttgtgc ctactgtcac agagccatag cttccatggt catcatccag ggtgacagag     71520
     ggcatttgct ggcactacaa cctgaataga aagtagtcat taagggtcta ggcctgtagg     71580
     ctcctttcgt ggcaacaaaa aggccccaga tcctccaccc cttcctggga gccacagaca     71640
     ctccagggtg ttagaaaatg attcagggac attatagcct gcctccttgt caccaccagc     71700
     tgttgagatc ttaattcatg tcttggctca ggcagaaagg ggaccatcct ttaagcatcc     71760
     ccagattgac acaggtatca ggctccccaa atagtaattt agttttctct gtaaataaat     71820
     agtatttctt ttacatgaca agctggacgg gatggcttcc ccgactgggc actttttaac     71880
     cagctgcatt gtgtaaatgc atccccgggg cacacaagga gtgtactcat catgcagcag     71940
     gatgagagag aatacagttt aatgatagtc actgctattt attgagcact tgctagagtt     72000
     ctggtatagg tactctctga aaaattctct gatttaactc ttcctatgag gtctgtattg     72060
     ttaacacaat caatagatgg gacgcgcagc agtttcccat gtcagagtga agtgctgata     72120
     aatatattaa gtgaactgaa atcttccatt caattagaac tagtaggaaa gaggccgtct     72180
     ttccggtctt atctggtaag caacagggtc ctggtgcaag ccagcaggcc cagctgagtg     72240
     ctttccctct ttgaaacaag ctaactatcc tcgaaagtgt ttccagccat ccctggagaa     72300
     gcaataactg acactgggac cggaaagcct tcgagtatcc caaatgcttc cactataggc     72360
     ccatatggaa aaagaacaga acccccagct ccttctatgg agagagccca acaggtggaa     72420
     aagtggatgt tatcctgggt ccttgctagt tgagctgggc tgccataggc cttccacttc     72480
     cttcccacca ccctgtcagg ctgatctctg cctcacgcgg ggagacacgg gcattgcagt     72540
     ccatcttaga cctgctgctc ggtccagggc cgagaacctc gcagcaagtc caggcagaag     72600
     gcaggaaccc accgagacac cccgcccctc ccaccgcagt cagccagcct cccctcgcac     72660
     gcgcagcagg aagcaatgca gaggcgtgcc caaagcttgc gggtacccta ggcacccctt     72720
     cccctcccca attgcctggc tctccagcca gaggccagag ctcgaggcta atttttcacg     72780
     cacccccccc ccccccgcca gaccgcctct ctaggtgacg ctacagtctg tgcggttcct     72840
     ttaaaggctg cgggttccgt tcttcccttt tccactggat gccaaaatat gcaaatccgg     72900
     ggaccggaat ctgcagccaa atagagcagg agaaggggcg cggccggcgc gtcaccggat     72960
     ccgctccttg tatggctctt cccggcttgg cccgctgccc cgcgaccctc cctgcagccg     73020
     cggaggcccc tcccgcaccc agctaggctc acaccgccgc ccacgcccct gaccagccgc     73080
     tcccccctcc agggatggag ccgggggcgg gaagcgctgc atgccctgat tccggccgaa     73140
     gcccgggacc gctgcagcgc gcagtctccc cgcgccgcgc gggcggagga gaacccgggg     73200
     gcgcaaagcc tctagagcac aggaatgggt agcctggagg gagaggaggt gggggtggca     73260
     gagatggggg ctcacgggcg gcgggaatcc ctccttccct aagagctaga ggagatccgg     73320
     gggagtctgg gcccttccca cccaatgttc tcctccaaac tgaggggagg gaagagggag     73380
     tgaggttgtc atccaccccc atcacaatgc gcagctaggg agttcctccc acgcgtcccc     73440
     cggccccgca tggacctccc acggcgtgag gcccggggat cctctcttcc ttcttgtcaa     73500
     cactcccact ccccctgaga gatgcaagtt cccccaaccc cgactctcca gcgggggccg     73560
     cgggattcac cgcgcccacg cggccactga ggagggaatc ctcccccgcc aacccggtgt     73620
     gattcggggt cgcgcctccg tgctccctcc ctctcctccc cctcgctctc agccaggctg     73680
     cgcgcttcag gagcaggcct cggggaacac atcacccacc cccgggatcc gctgtcgagg     73740
     tgacagcacc ctgggtcggc acagggggcc gcccttgact gcaaggcacc ctcaggcagc     73800
     aatgaggaca accctgcggg agacagagag tagagactgg aggagaccgc cttggtggct     73860
     tagaatctgt gggtttcaca tcttcccgca gtaactcagc cgcaagccct tcgccggctg     73920
     cagtagatag cgactgtgcc ccggcctgct gggccctcct gccatcctgt ggccaaaggg     73980
     gtttgcttta gaaccgttag ggaatttatc tgggaattat ttggtgcacg tgttttctat     74040
     cccctaaact tcactctttc ctaatctcca caacaacaac aacaacaaca aaaccctcat     74100
     accctcgccc ctaaaagttc ttgcccactg cgcaactagc taatccgcta cacattcccg     74160
     ggccactgcg ctcaactgag agtcagcgcg gggtcaggaa ccccaaggga ggggccgggg     74220
     ctgcgggcgg tgaatcagaa tgatgtccgc acgaaagttc taagtgtcca agaataagaa     74280
     gccttaggac attagaaccc cttccccaaa ggaaaatact tcatctctcc atctgaatcc     74340
     agtcaaggat aagaaggaaa gacagaagtt gtgtggggga gcctggcttg aagcggtcac     74400
     ctctcccatt cctagactgc taaggaacct gtgtcctggt gtactgaact ctttctaaat     74460
     gctgggagtg ctggagacca attgcaaaca actccactcc tccaacgact aaattctgtc     74520
     tctaatgctg tcctcaaata aaaacctaca tgtttagtta cagggttttt caactgtgca     74580
     ctgcgcatcg cgcgctttgc attcggcttc gtccctcttt cttttttctc ttctcgcttt     74640
     ccttctttct aatctaattg actttttttt tttttttttt ttttttttta aagaacggag     74700
     agcggtgcgg gcgctgcacg ttggctgcgg cccgcttcct gctttctaat gttccattgt     74760
     gaggagcttc cattgtgacg tcgcgcccct tcggctgggc tttgtctgtc catatatggg     74820
     cagctacgtc acggagcttt cccggggctc agataaatag actggtggag ttccctggct     74880
     gggagctttt gggcagcagt gagctagcta ggaagcggcg gggctggttg gtggtgatag     74940
     cagcggcggc ggcagcagca gcagaggagg tggcggcggc agcggcggcg gcggctgtgg     75000
     cagatcgggg ggcggggggg gtcggcgggc tcgtgtctgt gagatcaata ctgaagccgc     75060
     gtctgacccc ctggagccta gatcaccccc ccagcccagc ccccatccca ctcctcgcac     75120
     acgccccacc ccacccccac gacccagcgt cgcaccgcac cagccgaggc acccgagagg     75180
     attaccctct ttgcccctct cccatccacc cctccaaaaa agaatagatc ccctcccctg     75240
     acccacccct tccccttttc actcccccct ccctccgaac tttccctctc gcatgctttt     75300
     cccctgcacc acggatcgcc tctcggatgc cgctcgcctg gaagctgcgt taggaacagg     75360
     cggcggcggc ggtggcggcg gcggcggtgg cggcggtagc tcgggagtgc tatgaccggc     75420
     aaactcgccg agaagctgcc ggtgaccatg agcagtttgc taaatcaatt gcctgacaat     75480
     ctgtaccccg aggagatccc cagcgcgctc aacctcttct ccggcagcag cgactcggta     75540
     gcccattaca atcagatggc tacaggtaag ggtggcggtg aggcggcgag gcagcgagga     75600
     aggaaagggg gaggacgagg aggagggagc gagctagcga tggatgcaca tatcgatgga     75660
     tgcagaaatg gatggatgga gagacggatg gaaagatggg gggcgcgctg ggaattttct     75720
     ggggggcgag ttgcttttcc cacccactcc tcccgccctc cgagatcggg aaggcttggt     75780
     tggagacgcc acggttgagg cttcggttct cccgggtggg ggcagccgcc gactggaggg     75840
     aggtaggtgc gagcagctct ggggttctcc ctccccacgc agggggcccg atcgctgggc     75900
     tgcgtgcaag gcgtggtgct gtagccccct ttctcgggag gagcccagcg tctttttcac     75960
     ccgcgctctc ccccctcctt actccctcag cctcccaccc gggatggagc catgtgcggc     76020
     gtggagtccc cacggtggga gaggtactgc gacgctgcct ttccggggcg ttcagcaaag     76080
     ccattggggg tgtggggacg gtggggagag ggagggggct cacccacggg gcgggggaaa     76140
     gggtttgcca ccgggggcga tcctgggacc cgggagcttg ggaacggcgg ccgctcccgc     76200
     cgtggagaca tgggctggtt ttccgccgct ctccactctc cttagctggg tttaggcttt     76260
     tcccctccag cccgagcaga aagctccttc aggccgggag gagactgggg ccgggagagg     76320
     ctccctttac gggcggcacc cttctgcgct ccgaggacaa aagcgtcgaa gctctttggg     76380
     tcggccaccc gggctcagcg cgcgtagggg gacctcgctt ggggcatgaa ggcgcggcgt     76440
     cttggagtag acagggccgg gggaagaggc cgagttgtgt gtgctggaga gcgagagccg     76500
     ggcgcgctcc gggtctgaaa ctacctgtag ctgcagctac ctgtccgccc cacctcggga     76560
     agaacaacaa tgctctcttg cgcgcgtgcg tgtctgtgtg tggtacgtga gtgtgtgcgc     76620
     ggcgtgtgcg gtgtgtgtgc cggagccact ccacaccccg atccgtagta ttttgctgta     76680
     tccaggttgc gccggggagc gcggcaccgc ccgctttgcg ccgggctcgg cgttcctctt     76740
     accccacgcg ctgcgcactc cagccggccg caccctctac tcctgggcaa ggacctgggc     76800
     gccgcggccg ggagccggct cggcttcact cacccctccc ctctctcccc cgctctccgc     76860
     agagaatgtg atggacatcg gtctgaccaa cgagaagccc aatccggaac tctcttattc     76920
     gagctctttc cagccagccc ccggcaacaa gaccgtgacc tacttgggaa agttcgcttt     76980
     cgactctcct tccaactggt gccaggacaa catcattagc ctcatgagtg ccggcatctt     77040
     gggggtgccc ccggcctcag gggcgctcag tacgcagacg tccacggcta gcatggtgca     77100
     gcctcctcag ggagacgtgg aggccatgta tccggcgctg cctccttatt ccaactgcgg     77160
     cgatctctac tcggagcccg tgtctttcca cgacccccag ggaaaccctg ggctcgccta     77220
     ttccccccag gattaccaat cggccaagcc ggccttggac agcaatcttt tccccatgat     77280
     tcctgactac aacctgtacc accatcccaa cgacatgggc tccattccgg aacataagcc     77340
     cttccagggc atggacccca tccgggtcaa cccaccccct attaccccac tggagaccat     77400
     caaggccttc aaagacaagc agatccaccc gggattcggc agcctgcccc aaccgccgct     77460
     cactctcaag cccatccggc cccgcaagta ccccaatcgg cctagcaaga ccccgctcca     77520
     cgagcggccc cacgcgtgtc ccgcggaagg ctgtgaccgc cgtttcagcc gctcagacga     77580
     gctgacccgg cacctgcgca tccacacggg ccacaagccc ttccagtgtc ggatctgcat     77640
     gcgcagcttc agccgcagcg accacctcac cactcacatc cgcacgcaca ccggggagaa     77700
     gccctttgcc tgtgagttct gtgggcgcaa gtttgcgcgc agcgacgagc gcaagcgcca     77760
     cgccaagatc cacctcaagc aaaaggagaa gaagtcggag aaagggggtg cgccctctgc     77820
     atcctcggcg cccaccgtgt ccctggcccc tgtggtcacc acctgcgcct gaggatccgg     77880
     cacccagatc ccttcttttc ccttccagtg cctcctggct ggtcgcctga aagcagaggg     77940
     gaaagccagt cactgaggcg caggggccgc gccctgatct cgccctggac gtgcggcccc     78000
     cttgcctccc ccttcgacgc cccccatttc caccctttca caccggccgg cggttggggg     78060
     ctagggctgg aggcactttc tccttgctgc ccccctctta gccaaggcgt gggggcggaa     78120
     aggtggcgtc tagcccgctt tgttcagtta ggatcgcctt gatccagggg ccgctgagcc     78180
     acgccaagga cctacggggg actgaaggcg gggcccatct aaccttcgcc agacccaagc     78240
     acctcactgt tttccccctc cagtgtctcc ctgtgttccc cctcgaacac ccgagagggg     78300
     gagggggtaa ggagcgcacc aaagcgcaga gcttgctgcc cgccgcacgc acgcgcgctt     78360
     gcgtgcggtg atgcgcgcga gtgtgtgcgt gctcgcctgt gtgtagtgtg cgtgtgtatg     78420
     tgtgtgtgtg tgagtgagtg cggtgtgtgc gcgcgcgcac gcgtgtgtga gactcttgag     78480
     ctgaactggg ctgtgtctac ccctaaactc ttcttcacat agggtcccca agccgttggg     78540
     agatgtccca agctaaggac ctgcatgtga ccggaggaga tggtcttcca tctgctcctt     78600
     aaataatgtt tcttacagaa atgcctcgga tgctgcagct gcagtggtgc tgctgccgcc     78660
     gcctcgggtt tggcccctta gagccccctc cctttccgag cgcttccctc ttaggcctca     78720
     ggacaggttg atctttgggg gagaaagagc caccttttaa aaaaagaaat cattgctccg     78780
     tcccactttt caaaatctat gttcttgagc ttgccctctg cctttctctc tcccatcttc     78840
     tctttttccc tctcaggttc tcactgagtc tctcaagatc tttacccaga aaggcaggcc     78900
     tcaatcaacc acccaagagt ttgtctctgt cacataccca ctccccattc ctgggaaggc     78960
     tggctctatt catttgccct ctctgatcac caacacaaca gatagaagtg aagtgtatgt     79020
     atatgatatt tgcgtgtgta tgtagatgta tgtgtgtgtt tctttagaca catatattta     79080
     cataacacac actccgtatt cctagcaaga tcaaacctaa ggcatttggt tagccagcgc     79140
     agtgcactgg aataaagaga atttgtaggc atatacagct taaatgattt atttttatga     79200
     aaatgttaac tgatgagatt atatctactt gtgtatgtgt gtggatatat gtgcactcgt     79260
     gtgtgtatat gcatacacat tctgttcaaa ttttcctcaa aaaaatagat ggggattttt     79320
     gcatgaatct gtgttgctga atgaggcaca tctgttccat ggccccatcg cacctccctg     79380
     ccctacctca cctcttctca ggagccctca accccagttg tcctgtccag cccttccaca     79440
     cagggtggcc cttttgaagt ggagacttaa gagaagggtg ctctctgaca cagcttccag     79500
     cagtcttgac tgaatgtatc cttcctattt agcaccactt ctcctgtggc cagtaagctg     79560
     cccagagaga agcgacaaaa ggtctggagt ttacagaatg tctgttttta aagtcacttt     79620
     atgcgtttcc cacgtttttt ttttttttaa ttaaaaaagc accgtctttt ggtggtggat     79680
     aaataatact aaaaggactc tagtgcaagg gaggaaaaac tcgaagagcg gggattgcgg     79740
     gggattatgg gggattgtga atttccaggt actcgggctt tttgtagaag gagaagtttg     79800
     ccaggagggc ccatattttt tcagctgaag ggtaaaatct ttctttgcag agacagtatt     79860
     ttgctgaata ctttttataa tgtgatgatt atttaaaaaa cacacacaaa atttggtcag     79920
     ttcaaagctg gaaggaggaa tcaaatatcc tttaatattt tttcttcctc cttctggaat     79980
     atgcatgtca ctgcatgata actctgactt ttcctttgtt ttaataaaac tgttctcaga     80040
     catttaagct aaactaagag aaaaaaaaac tttgttgcca aaaggttgtg ctatcccgat     80100
     ttttttatat gtctgcatgt ttaaaaaaca aaagaaaatg cactctaact tatgtgaact     80160
     gagagaaaaa atcaggtttt aaacaggaaa acctatgggg aatgatattt tttgaaagac     80220
     ttttgtatac agttgagtac ttagaaaaag acaaaccaga tgtaatatat tttgtggatg     80280
     tttttatttc ttggatttat agtaccttat actaaggtta aaaaaatgct tgatattgtg     80340
     aaaaggtgag gttcttcacc aacatttcat ttacttcttg tcacattgtt atgccaatat     80400
     aatatagtta atgaaaacag catttttaaa agcaaatatt gaagcggtgt aatgttgccc     80460
     catttgcctt gtgagcaaat gccaatacag taaatatatt gtgtttgctg acaatcagcc     80520
     gggctttaaa tctcatttta tttcttgttt tcatggtata aagttttggt ttggcctggg     80580
     tctttttgtc ttgttttctt tggggctttg gaggtctggt tgataggttg tggtgcctga     80640
     atttatgctt cttcctctga aaattctcag aacagaacta atgtccctgg gcggggctca     80700
     gaattctgcg tgggttctag tgtttctagt ccagttctgt gtcctgattc ggtgaggatt     80760
     ccactccacc cttctgagat tctcagacta gccaatcaat tagatgagca ggatggataa     80820
     actaaattca cagaagtcag ggcagtgagt taaatctaga accttctcta tggtttcaat     80880
     gggtaaatct cctgattgct aaagtacttg gtcttaagac aagaccctga aaggcctctg     80940
     gaaaagtact gagaaggtct cttggttaag cttttgaagc ctgagaggca ggtggaaact     81000
     tgacaggggt gcttcagggt tggcaagata accagggaga ctggcagctt ttctgtggtc     81060
     agataatggg aagaggggag tctggtttta aagtcctcca gctttaatcc cacttgaaca     81120
     ggctttccag agtcctcact acttgtcaat gtctaagaaa gtccttagaa agtcttatga     81180
     aggagttaaa gatttgatgc ttttgttgtt gttgttgttg ttgagttgtt ttgtttttta     81240
     aagatttatt tatatatgtg agtacactgc tgctctcttc agacccacca gaaaagggta     81300
     taggtttcca ctacagatgg ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggaatt gaactcagga     81360
     cctctacaag agcagtcagt gctctgaatc tctgagccat ctctccagcc ccgatttgat     81420
     gcttttaagg gagaaaggac ttctgagatt cagagcccac atagaacagg gaaagtttgt     81480
     gtagtgtcaa cccatgcatc tcttgatttc tatctccctt gaaaacagtg gtttccatgc     81540
     cctgcaagct atttccctca tacctaactt acttccctgg ttaacctagg gtttttgcca     81600
     ttgcttttaa gagaatattt gtcttttcct ttttgcttgt actaaggatg ctttctaact     81660
     ctagaccact ctttagaaaa ctcaatcccc tctccctccc tgtcttgcct gccctataga     81720
     aaattctatg tatctgatat atgatctgtt ctgggttatg gaaacacagc accagattgt     81780
     aatggggagt cagtctcggc tatacacgca catactgtgc cagtccagca tcagaaaaat     81840
     cactcttgct attattaatg caggcctgtc tcactaagga atatgaatgt catttcaggt     81900
     tggctatagt taccactaag ctaaggccag agctgggtgg agggggtgat gggctgtggc     81960
     cctagaaaag aaagtttctg aagtgagatg aatacagaga atacaacaca taatcttaaa     82020
     ttctccaacc cacacagttc taggtcactt agtggctgcc atcttgaatt attttttttc     82080
     tccccttcca aactccagca ttacatacca cgacatgaag ctattctccg aacagaagga     82140
     gaccaaggtg gctgaaaagt ctcagtgatt gaacctatag accagctctt tcctgaacta     82200
     gatgtttcct tccagatttg tgtgtttttt tcaggtgaat tttattgaaa ctgaagatat     82260
     catcacagga tgtcttcata gttagcatcc tgccccaccc atatcttctc caatcaaacc     82320
     aggccttcaa agttgtatgc tcatcaacag tgcactatcc tgaatgatta ataaactcac     82380
     ttcccattgg tggctattac tcaacccaac ctagttcaac cactgggtta gttggcaata     82440
     tggcagcccg cctggctggc accaacccag tgtggtgtaa tcactgattc aaactttgta     82500
     gctagctaga taaggctgcc ccagatatca tcaaactagc tacccaacct gcctgggttt     82560
     tgtaagtaat gaagagattc ccagcctgaa acttaaagac aaaatggaca taatgaggca     82620
     taaaggtata ggcagatagt gccgtggctt gttccaaaca acactgaagg agaatgaagg     82680
     gatattgcag acatatgcac acatggacca catctggcgt ggcacactga accgatgggt     82740
     gcaaaagttt actgagtgag caatgtaaca ttttacttag tgattgggca taaatgagat     82800
     acttttaaag aatttgtgag gagtatattt ttatatggta gtgatgaata tgtgtgtgtg     82860
     tgtgtttgtg tgtctgtgtg cacattcaca ggtatgtaaa aaggaaccac agggtagatt     82920
     ttggtggata caggcattag cttcggaata gttgttagtg ttccctcttt gatagttcag     82980
     ggtttgcctg cataggtgag agaatagtga acctggccct gatgaacttc cctagtgttc     83040
     ctgactgata agcataagga aagcaagaga cccctgaatg ttccaaaggc tagcaatcat     83100
     actggcaaag ccctagtgac cagcaggggg aatgtggctt ctacaaggta ccatagggtt     83160
     ttttaaatta ggatatcatc ctagacatgc accgcaaggg gtcatctcag aaagttcagt     83220
     ctttgtacag agagaagaga gagctccaga aagaatagga atagttcaga gaccctgggc     83280
     cagactgtcc ctaggatccc ccagaggaca tagcctcacc catccatcaa acacagaggc     83340
     caggagaaca tctgggctca gtagcttctc tctgtgttct agctcttaaa gcttttttcc     83400
     cctttgttta aaggttccct gactctgctg tttccaagtt ggtcatcttt acagtttagt     83460
     gacagaacag cggtggggtg gggtaggggc gatgtgataa ggcttctcct cattagcagt     83520
     aatatctcta atgtgtccct gaatgttact ctcttagaca tgaccctggc ttctctagtc     83580
     cctgccatct atctgctacc aggagaccct gactctaggg cagacacacc atttctttcc     83640
     aactaacaga gatagaactg aaagcttggt tagcaatctc agcaaggcac tgataaaaaa     83700
     caaaaacaaa aacaaaacaa aaaaacatgg ctgcaaagct gcaaacaagg agaatgtcat     83760
     acagaagttt ttaactacta gactgggtgg gaatcgaccc actaagtgac ttctttaaca     83820
     tggcctaacc tgtttttctg gacacccctt caagaggtcc ttgaaacatt ctctcagggt     83880
     caggacacat ggtctagtgg gaaaggccct ttctgtaggt ctcagagatg tcttctccag     83940
     accttaggcc ttcccctccc ctctctctac cacctcttcc ttcactctgt gactggaacc     84000
     cttgttagtc caccattctc tcccctctct cactgatcca ttggtgttct caaggccctg     84060
     ataatttcac aggaagcaca atcaccaatc cttcaggctg gcttttatcc ccctgcttgc     84120
     ccaggcccac tgtcttgaac tcattgttgg catcatgagc catgcacaca tacactgctc     84180
     aactgccaat gtgacgtgtc cttttcaaca tccgctgagt tgttctctgt agcctcagaa     84240
     agtcttccac ctctcacctc cctaaaggaa aagagaagcc ctttgctctt gagagtgggg     84300
     ttgcccacat ccttccccat agagcactgc ccttatccct gggcctgtat cctttgaatg     84360
     gcacactcca ctgagtgctg tccatcagtc ccttgtccct accaaagcat cagactactg     84420
     acccgagcag aactgagatt ccaagccctt tggtatcttc tcaaaagagc tctggatcgc     84480
     tcaacaatta acatttttgc ctctcagtct ttcattgctc cttgcttcat ctccccgccc     84540
     cacccctact gctgaggaaa atcagttcat cccaacaaga gaaacaaaac cttggttgac     84600
     cctgggaatc tcagagtccc aaggaaagtc tcctctgggg cactttgctc agatcacaat     84660
     tccaaactga ggaggtcacg tgacaagcca gcagctattt gctctcccct ctgactctta     84720
     gcctgctttg gagttgtgac ctccatccaa gacccaaatc tcaactcagc cacttggctg     84780
     cagcatgact gtggacagac attgttactg tttactttgt agtgctgtgg atggagtcca     84840
     ggacttgttc tgttcgggta ttctacctct gagctgtaga cccatgccag gttcttgtct     84900
     ttgtgaagct tagtgtttgc ctgtcttttc atggctgttg aggagttcat gtgaggtcat     84960
     ctatatattg ctgactcacc gaagataccc ttatcagtgt tagtcttgtc tctgagtcct     85020
     gtcccatgac ccgatcttct aaacatcact gtgagtaaaa tggctccttg tccaacctgg     85080
     aattggtgca ttgcgtcaaa cacatccaga agatagtgta ggccttgcca tctctggcca     85140
     tccactgaac atgtgggggt taccaacata ggtcctctgc actccctgta actcttcatc     85200
     tacccagaga gagcacaggt tcttttccct cttggctcaa gctgaggctc gccattgtcc     85260
     ttccctggcc tggttcctga ctccctcctt ggttctgttg tcctctctct caccaagatg     85320
     ggtggatgta acaccttcct gatccagtat catctgcaaa gtcaatgaat gtgtcatggg     85380
     gctgttgcct gcttcctgat tcttatcaag gatttaaata aaacgcagct ggtccagttc     85440
     tgagctatcc atccctcacc cttgatacca gcagcgttct gagtcatcca cccttgaact     85500
     catctcttag cttccagtta caggtctggt ggtattgccc ctcacccagc cccagtttgg     85560
     gagtggaata aattcctgag acttgatggt ttcctctgag agaaccacag acatcaaggc     85620
     ccttctctaa tcctacctct tggggtgtgt actcttaaat ttgtaatcat ttaaccaaac     85680
     atgctctttt cttaggtgag gaaacagaag tcgcaaaggt ttgagatttg ccctgatgca     85740
     gctagtaagg gcagaggcca tttcagatcc tcttctggtc agtggagggc tccagggaac     85800
     cagcatccat gccctctcta acctagcaaa tatttgcaac acattctaag catggaggct     85860
     ttcatggtga agccaaaggc cctgcatttt caaagctcat cttctccatg gcagagacag     85920
     gtaaaacaca aacaagcaaa tatgtgttgt ggctgactgt gatatgagat atggagtgaa     85980
     aacagagcgg gcttataaaa agaatagagc gctggaggga gggatttact gcttgatggg     86040
     tggtctagga ctgcctcaca aggagggggc ctgtaagcac aggcccaaga agtgatggag     86100
     tgagcaggca aacccagcaa caggatacac aagtgcaggg gtcctgagga gaggatgtct     86160
     tagaatgttc aaaggaattc tgggagccag agagcctaga gaaaagaagt cagccacttt     86220
     ataagtgaag tcagagtggc agtgtggagc caaatcgttg cagcttctta aaagaaattc     86280
     atacccaaaa gaagccaaaa aaaaaaattg agagaaaaaa aaggtttgag agccctgaac     86340
     agatccaaca ttcaccagga ctgctaagcc aaatggcagt tgccttattc ctctccctag     86400
     gttctcccct ctccacctcc aaagacccca tctctctcac tgatctttgg aatttctgat     86460
     tctgaccttc ttactctcct tttcctgtct gagaggtcgc aggtccctgg tgatctgtac     86520
     accgcagctt ttctaagggg aatcagaact acctcccttg agaactacaa accaagagca     86580
     ttccatcctc ctgttggcat ttgccagagt accaagtttc tagtgggata gataactcct     86640
     ctttctactc cccaacctag gagaaggaat gaacctcagt cataagtgga tcctgcaaag     86700
     tcaacttgtc tgtggctgga gtaacatttt tctgccttgg cccaaagctg gcagatggct     86760
     aggctctgaa agatgggcat atattcttgt atatcccctc acccccaaac atgttaagtg     86820
     gaatatccct aaaataactt gttctaccat gcactccctg gattccctcg gcatgtccct     86880
     ggattcttgt acacttcggt cttgcggatt catttctata gcttttatag tagtttcatc     86940
     cctggctgtt tggggtcttc tatttcatgc ctctcctcaa gtctccgtct ttccctggca     87000
     gtgcagtgcc atccctcaga agggcttcac agttcatcca ttcatctatt cacttataaa     87060
     accttattag cccatataga gttcttagct cttggagaag aaggcagcca cactatgaag     87120
     gcaaacgaga cattgtctcc gccttccagg atttactggg gacagagggt aggcagacag     87180
     agataagcag atgatttcaa tagattggga ctagtggtat ccaggaggga gataccaaag     87240
     tcagaatcta ataggagaca ggaaggcaag tgatggggaa gttgtgaagg ggagaggaat     87300
     ttctagagga tcttagagag tccccatcta agtctcccat agtagaaaac catatcctac     87360
     agagcatctc ctacatgcca tatgttgggc tgcggcggat gccacttaaa tgatcccact     87420
     gcactccagg gagtgaggaa cttctgggat cctcacttgg tggcctgtgg gttgctcgct     87480
     ctttttgtcc ttttttccca aaggaggaaa aaaagaaaga aaagaaaaac tccagtggct     87540
     ctgggcccca ggatggcaac acacagctta gcatatctag catatggaca gttggcttgt     87600
     ggaggttgtc caacccagat gacatgtccc tatgttacat tctggttgct tcttctagct     87660
     acagagaaga cttctggagc taggagaggg ctgaggaagg acacactgcc ttcaaatttg     87720
     cttgggacaa gcggaacatc tctctgggga atgtggaggc ctcctccatg tgggacccaa     87780
     ggaggggagc tactcaacca ttcagggact ggacaaacct ccccttcccc tttcccagcc     87840
     cagccactcc tttgctcttc ttttgctgct gctgctgaga tcaggcctcc ctaccgaaag     87900
     acaaaacggt tcctttggaa cctggtctct tcacttggct tagccaggat ccccatccgt     87960
     gatgctagct gttgatagag aagatttgct gtaatgtaag attacaaaaa caactctcct     88020
     ggtccagaag gcggaagacc attgggagag gcaaatagga acacttctct tgctgtgggt     88080
     gaatatttta gaagccaggt ctaactttaa gcaggtcagg taaacaagcc acataggctc     88140
     cagatggctc agaggtgaca aacctgggaa caatcttgct tctctgtgga aatgtatctt     88200
     ctgggtgtta gggcaccgaa atttccatcc aatgagaagg tgtttcgtgt aacaggtctg     88260
     cacctctgag ctcctctgcc tcgggagtta ggaaacctgg cttctcctcc tggctcagac     88320
     actggggcaa agatatatga catttgcaga gtcacagtcc tctgggtctt gaaggcctca     88380
     tcggaaaagc taccataaca attgacccat caattgacct gaaagtccta ggacggtcac     88440
     accatacata aggccctcct ttctatctca catctagggc taagcttggg ctcagaaaca     88500
     ttaggcaagg ctcagactca atacccatct tccctttgct ctgaaacacc actctgccct     88560
     ctgtgaatgg cttgagggct tccctgactt cctggggctc tgagttctgg catccagcct     88620
     cctgactttg gatcctttgg gcctaaggca gtgttctagt ctgcacttgc ttcttggaat     88680
     gtgttttaaa accccccttt tcacttatat tttcttgaaa atatatagaa actgacatgg     88740
     agttataatc cctaatctgt ggtcacattc aaacccaggt gagaaacgct caataatgcc     88800
     ctgttcagat ttgcccccaa cgaacttcta ctctgatgag gaagcagcag gaatctggaa     88860
     ggctcacctc tatctcagag ccactgtttg ctccctactg ctgaaagccc tctgagttag     88920
     ttgttaaccc ccaaccaacc accaaagact ctgcctctca caaaggtctg ggaacctcaa     88980
     aacttctcat ccccaaagtc caagtgtgct cctcccagag gcggctgcca ggagccagtg     89040
     gtccctccct gctggcacac cctcatgccc ttatctccag catcagccat ttattccatc     89100
     cgtgctctgc tgtggcgtct gctgggttac tcaacatccc taggtcaagc cagtgtcgga     89160
     caggttgagt cattacctcc ttctcctccc agccctccca ggtcccaggg ttgggctggt     89220
     tcagcaggct tccaccttct gtgtctcctg cttctaagct tgggagcctc ccaggaccag     89280
     agtctcttcc tgacagtcag cctcatttgg cttttcctgg aacagctgct ttcaccattc     89340
     agaccacttg acaacacacc tgaatttgtt ctccctcagt ctcctcactc acctctttct     89400
     ttgacaagtc atggaaactt ggagctagcc ataaacttca gcctcggatg acacatctat     89460
     aaaatgggga taatagtact tttgcctcgg ggcaggacac agggtcagtt tagttcccag     89520
     gaccttcttg ccactctcat atgcttgcta atctcagatt gtgcatcctt ccctcttgct     89580
     ctaagaatac tttatccatc atcacttagg agtcctagtt caatgcatct ttttttgttt     89640
     gttttttgtt ttcttttgtt tcgtttcatt tagtttgata cagggtttct ttgtgtatgc     89700
     ccggctgtcc tgaaactcat tctgtagacc aggctggcct cgaactctaa gatctgcttg     89760
     cctgttcctc ctgagtgctg gaattaatgg tgtgcaccac tacaccaggc ttcaacgcat     89820
     cttttttatc catgctgcaa acccctcctt tccattcaca tcctattctc gggatccctg     89880
     taggaatctc agcaagtgtg acacccacca aacagtcctt caaacaaagc tcccacagat     89940
     cctgggccct acttccttct ccacgaagcc ctggcctgac tagggaacac acacagatta     90000
     gacagaaaag cccaaatccc ttttggggac aagggactag gctctgccgt ctgttcacac     90060
     agcaccttgg agacggcaag gccctcggca atgccctctg cttgcatctc aggtttacgc     90120
     agcccccatc tttgctcaca ccctgcacac acatgcactc agcagctccc gttcttcctc     90180
     cccctctctc ctctctctgc actgtgcctc caagacacac cctcccaacc caccaatccc     90240
     acctctgcca ctgtgcagct ccagaacctg ggctggcttc ctccaccccc caaaagggtg     90300
     ggcccctgga ggccccccaa acaaacatgc ctctttctct gacatccctt acaggctttc     90360
     cccatacctg tctactgcag cccctcacct ccctttcctt gaatgggggg aggggagcag     90420
     cctaaagccc ccacaaccca gccacctctc cccagcatct ggtgagaggg acaagaggaa     90480
     ggaagaactg tgggttcttt tccacgagac tcctagattt tgtaccaaaa tgcagggtgt     90540
     gctcctgttt gcattttttt ttctttcctt tctgaaaata accatgaaac tatcatttcc     90600
     tcccactgcc ttttccctat cttatttgga ttagcagggc tgctaggaga ggtggtttgg     90660
     agccaccgac agcctactgc tttggccttg gtctcccaaa cttacaggta gtacttgagg     90720
     aggtgcacct gttaggtaga gtcctggggg gtggaaggga aagaatacag ccaccagtct     90780
     ccatgggtct ctgctaccct cgcaatggtg tttgagggac cagagtcagt cctgccacag     90840
     cccctggcct ggttgtctgc agctggtttg aggtcatggg atccaacggt tgaggccctc     90900
     ccttggaata tagataggcc aggaaactga tacagatgca gattcttcta actagagggg     90960
     ttgatgtgta ggaatctgtg cttatgtcag gagaagtggg ggcgggtgta tcatgaagga     91020
     gcttcccttt ttcatttttt tttttttttg tctgtcccag catctcctgt gtaccgccat     91080
     gctagaaatc catgctgttc atcaagaagc aggtctcaaa agaagccagc ttcaggacga     91140
     gtccccaaag gaacctcact ggcgtcaccc aattgcctcc aaggcctgaa cctcactggg     91200
     ctctcccgag tcccctgtac tcgatgtaga ggtgccagtg ggcagaattc cagtcctctc     91260
     tgccagctta gggaaactga ggtataagga cagggacagg cacgttttgc agagggtaga     91320
     acaaataaaa atggaggggt gaaatgccag gcctccctgc cttaagcacc ctcctacaag     91380
     atgctctatc caacatgctg tggccccagc caccacccca tcccctgaca tccctgatgc     91440
     ctgtagctta gtggcttttg cctcagtcta aaggaatgct gagaaaggtg tcttggagct     91500
     gggcagttgc agtcccacac aagaccacga gtagctgaga ctgagagaga ggactgcttg     91560
     aagactggag cgtcttgggc tggtcctccc aaagtggagg actcggagtc cacagctacc     91620
     tcctcatcct agcttggact ctctccctcc aagctacata tcttccatgg ggaagatcag     91680
     tatgggtcta gggggtcaca tccggcctga ctcagtgata ttattggtta ctgatttaga     91740
     ggactgcgac cttttccacg tgtccttcgt ccaaggcaca acttttccat tttgatcaga     91800
     ctgagtggcc ctgtccagtt actcagagcc agcctaattc attgaaacct tgcccctttc     91860
     tctgatagtt ctagaccacc caaaagaccg aggccattct tccctgcctc cacagccttt     91920
     cccgacacac ctacaccctg ccccttcctc tctagcagga cccctctcct ccctcccact     91980
     cccagcacca ggctgggttg ctgcgctatt tgaggccctg ttggccctgt ggtgtaatca     92040
     gtgtccgggg ataattgcca cctgtcctgc cagtgtctgg gggctgtctc gtccacagca     92100
     atagcaggca gacatggggc agccaggcct ggagcaaggt caagttaggc cagtcctgcc     92160
     cacaccctga tcagcttgct actgggggcg gggggaaact gcaaggattc cctaggaaat     92220
     ctacacgcct ttggctcacc tagaacatcc aatggcttca tctgaggggg aacggggccc     92280
     tagtcaggga caaaagtcta agaactaatt cattccacca ttatcagctc aaaacatgag     92340
     ctgtcttctg atatcaggga actccatctt caagctggcc aatgggaggt acagccacca     92400
     agcaagaggg actttacctt gtcagcccac cttcatcagg acactagcaa ggctcagtgt     92460
     ttgagaggga atcttccatc aatgccattg gctatttctt ttgtaaccca aggtaattta     92520
     gtcagtgcat gtcctcatgg tcaagtctat agccttagat aatcaattta atctcagttt     92580
     cccccatctt tataaaaagg gaatagaaga aacgcattgc tgaaccacta tgcatggtat     92640
     attatctaat atatagagaa tgacttggtt gcctgctgct accaagactc cccaatggta     92700
     attatggtta ttgggaactg tagaaggctc agcaagggtg caaagctttc atataccaga     92760
     ctaaagacac tcggaaaagc aaaaccagga gagattccta gacactgcct ggtaacacag     92820
     tggttctcca cctgtaggtc gtgacccctg caggtcaaac aaccctttca caggggtcac     92880
     atatcaggta tcttacatat cagatattta cataatataa tagtaataaa cataacagta     92940
     gcaaaactac agttataaag tagcagcaaa gataatttta tggcttgggg gcgcggtggt     93000
     ggtcactgga acatgaggaa ctatataaaa tggtcacagc tttagaaagg ttgagaataa     93060
     ctgttctaag aaaacctgct tctgtctctt tcaaccctat tcattccaaa gcagtgcctt     93120
     gtaagttctg gaggccagag gatacctaac gcttgtggat gttaaccgtc caaaaccgaa     93180
     tccgtctttg caatgactgt gtaaccgaaa ccctgctcct gggggaagtt gaataaacgc     93240
     cctgtttctg ccttttccag tatttttagc atttaaaatg gtgtgtagcc aagtgtttaa     93300
     aattcttcac acaagtgtcc atggccctac tatgtgaaag gccactcaaa gccacttctt     93360
     tccgaatggg agggatgggc tacaaatcta cgccaagagg ccaggattcc caaagtcagc     93420
     ccttaccaca aggcccaaag ctgctcccct ggaccaatag gccagagcag gagaatgtcc     93480
     tagccctata gcttctcagc aacaaggcag gagcagaaaa aagttcaggt aaaatcagcc     93540
     aaacacagta gatactgctc ttggggggtg ggggtggggg gttgctgctg gtccagagaa     93600
     tagtgtgtga gtgctgcctc ttccaacagc aaattccagc tctggatgaa ggcctcagag     93660
     ccccatccag gaacagttag tcttactgtg tgtcacctta acagcattcc caccagggtc     93720
     cccacctcag aagtcctgtc tttattggtt tacctccagc ttccattccc agtatacact     93780
     ggacctacct ggggaagtag gcctctcagg gccagctggc catggcttaa tacccttgag     93840
     atagctgtgt acagtgagaa cctacagctg tgggttgagc cctacctcag gggtctcccc     93900
     tgctttcatc tggcacctct caccccagtg cctggggatc atccagaagc gattgttttg     93960
     ctcctgatct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct gtctctctct     94020
     ctcctcccct ccccctcccc cctccctctc tctttcctct ctctcactca ctcactcatc     94080
     tcttccctgg gcctgtgagc taattggaga gaaggagggg gaggaggggg acgctgctcg     94140
     ccttccccgt tatctgcagc aatccggggt gactaatgct cccagttggt gaaaaggcag     94200
     tgtaatcaaa acactttttt tttagtcctt aaacttagtc attcttccag agtggaggaa     94260
     gggggggggg agcccacagc aaagcaccat gaaatgcaag ctgagaggct cccactgctg     94320
     ggtggaatca aagcattggc tggaggaggg ggggcttcct gcagatctaa agtctgaagc     94380
     cctactcctt gataccctgg ctaaacttcc tctgcaccct tgtttgccct ggcttccctt     94440
     gacatctgga ttatgggctc cctgaaggtc ttccaggctg agtcaggagg tgccctttgc     94500
     tctcacccta ccaggtgctg ccatctgctg gtgccagctt gccaaagggc aggaagcata     94560
     ttaaagtgct cttggttagg ggctttggta atgggctcgc ccttcagtac tgacactcct     94620
     tctggctcca aatgcaagtc tgggagccca ctgtaccttg acagagctaa agacagtcag     94680
     aggtggtaag aactttggaa ctcattaagg agaggtgata tgctcaagtg gttaaagaag     94740
     cagaaaaaga gctaggatgc ccaggttgga attctccttc atcactccat ggctgtgctt     94800
     catacctgta agatgacaac agtgacagca tcacctacct cacagcattg ttatatattg     94860
     gtcacctaga ataatatatg gcatggcttg catagttgat tattaactat ttgtcaaaat     94920
     aacaaaataa gacagcacac ataccatctt aacccctttg ctcattcata gcagacatta     94980
     ctaatccatc actgtatgtc ttcaccagac tcacagagtg agtctccaga atcctcaata     95040
     tagtattcaa ggcagctaat aataaacaat caaaattggc atatggtgtg acactcattt     95100
     gtcaaacctg atttagactg gagtctttac attgtggtca aggaagataa agcccattgg     95160
     aagaaagtag tagctctcaa ccccttggaa gcagagtcaa ggcctagtgg gtattcctag     95220
     tccatattgt tgtttgtcag cctggtttca gatatgaccc ttcactctga cttttaagta     95280
     gtcaatgtgg gcctcccatc ctccataaat ttttactctg acacctttgt cttctgccac     95340
     ctttgcttgc cattccatgc ccttggctct tgaattctca gggaaccctg atttagtggt     95400
     acccttctaa gcaagtgaaa agcatggtga agcaagacga ggaatccatg gagaacattg     95460
     aaagtctgga tcttggtcta tttcaggagc ctctcagggc ttcctgaaag agttagccag     95520
     ccctaaactt catatgggaa agcctgggac aaagcaagat gtaacatatt ctgagacaag     95580
     gccccatggg gagcatttgt gcataagttt ctgagttaaa gactctgggg aagaggtcag     95640
     gggaacagta gatcagttct tcaatagctt tgttcatcaa atagacccct gccatctgcc     95700
     atctggggaa gaagcaatga ttactaacta ggcttgcagt cgggagcatc acctctacct     95760
     gaagcccttc caactcccag cctctacttc taaactgacc ctgttccttt ccatccccaa     95820
     agaggcatga tcagcctgca ttgtactgcc ctttggttat agaaaggcaa gatatagctt     95880
     ccagtcctgc agaccatgta tgctagatgt gtgcatgcta cctcacaggg aagttcacag     95940
     agagaagctt caaggtatac acaaccctaa acctaaggcc ctacttgctg aaaggaagga     96000
     aggctatgtt aacctcagag acctccagac acttcccagg caaaccctag gaagccagca     96060
     ttctccccag tatcctagaa gaccctgctg attatgttaa agtctgaggt gggcaataaa     96120
     caaacagccc cagttaggcc tcagctctcc ctgaagattc agatttagct tcaccctcag     96180
     acatcaacaa ttgctcagac ctgctcgttt ctctgggctt gcctctctgt tccaaggtct     96240
     ttcttctctg tcccatttcc caagagcctc tagatcagtg gttctcaagc tatgatgggt     96300
     catgacccgt ttacaggtcc tgcacatcag acattcacat tacaattcat aacagtagca     96360
     aaattacagt tttgaaatag caacaaagat aattttatgg ttgggggtca ccaaaacgtg     96420
     aggaactata ttaaagggtt gaagctctag ggaggttgag aactaatata acagtgcact     96480
     tggaaattga ctgagagggg attcatcagc agtattatcc atccccactt ctgatagatg     96540
     aggagtcaag gcccagagaa gggacatgat ttttgtgaaa ttgatcatgc tgccaaagat     96600
     gggactagag ccctgagttc ttcccttggt ccagatctca tccattcttg tcctgcaaaa     96660
     tgtgtcagct actccaacca acagccccca aacagacttc tctcgatata cacagtccta     96720
     ggctagaact tttgaaaata ttgctcacca cagacgatgt ctgagggagg ctgagtatgg     96780
     ggcaggggga aatggggcag agccatccac aagtgctgga acaccaagag actcacaatc     96840
     acacagtgtt tccattcatc tcaccccata caaagctgca agactctccc aacccatgct     96900
     ctctgcctca gctgtttgtc aaggattctg ggtcttctat tctcttcaag accactcctt     96960
     tgctcctgct tacttatttc ctgaagaaat agcatggtga tggtctgtga catgtcttga     97020
     gggagccacc tcctattgga aagccttttt aaaactaaaa gccatccctt gttcctcctc     97080
     ctctgagccc ctgggccctg ggaatttggg acacgttgta tatacctctg ctctaggtca     97140
     tagggactta gctgctcccc tggctgtgcc tacaaccctc caggtacatt tgaagaaagc     97200
     gaagtcctag agaggtcagg agagaggatt ggaacggttc tctctgcttg agtttctggc     97260
     ttctaaagca ggaacttggg cagagaaact cggttcagcg tataactcta ggtagtttgt     97320
     ggtacactgg ggctctgaat tctgaggccc aatgcaagct gtttgcttag atcttattct     97380
     tctaaaaccc catgcacagc tccaggggcc cctaacagcc tgtccagcaa cttgttagga     97440
     tttttcctaa cattgccgag gccttctact cctgttgttg ttgttttgtt tgctaggctt     97500
     tggtgtattg ttttctctta agactggatt gattgtgaag cccagatggg ccatgttgtc     97560
     aacattagcc tcgaactcat gacctctccc tgcctcaacc tccagaattc ggggattgca     97620
     gatacctgtc tgtcatcaca ccgggctttc tgaatcttcc ctcattgaat agcttcacag     97680
     actagtccac cctgaaaagc acttaactct gtttccattc gaaccccgaa ccttcttgaa     97740
     gaggggggag gggacccagg tgatgtaggt gagacatgca acattttcaa tacgaaagtg     97800
     tgtagagcaa agcgcaagct tcccgtctac tgtgtctcct ctagctcctt cccctgtcgc     97860
     cgcttgtgtc tccgagttag aaaccccata tcagacagaa actgcagccc gtgatgggtt     97920
     ctacgcacag agccttaaaa gcagggccgg agcgcaacca cgtcccgcaa agaaagtccg     97980
     cctcaaacaa caagagaaca aagtgttaac gcgtgggccc gcctccctcc cgcctcttcc     98040
     gggcataagg gggcgtgtcc ctcatcactt cctggagact ggccgaatcc ggaagtgatc     98100
     ctcgagaacc tacttttcta ccgaggaccc cggcagtcgg cgtgggttta ggaccatgag     98160
     ctggtgagtg aggccgggtg gcgtcggctg gagccagggc ggcccgacag ccctgctcct     98220
     aagcggttcc gggagcctcc tcggtgctct cccggaggct ccatctctcg gccagactcc     98280
     cgaggaggat cccttagcct tggacccgcg tctgatccct gttgcctgcc ctttctccca     98340
     tcgcatttcc tttcacctcc ttggcgtgag gagtccctct tccctcttct ctcagctatc     98400
     cattgaggtg gagtcagtgt cctccttcgc tcccgtgggc atctctacac cgcgcttatc     98460
     tgctccggag ctgtgttgct cattgaggca gactaggcac agttctgtga ccaaaatcca     98520
     gctgctttca gacaactgga ataacatcac ctaacagtgc ctcaaaagac gaaattcttt     98580
     ttaaaaatgt aaaagttgat tctcacatgg gaaggatcag aattgcacca cacacacaca     98640
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacattta atgtgtgatt ggactgtttg aatctttcca     98700
     gggctgtgac cccactgccc tctctctaag atagacatag cttaaacttt atggggatcg     98760
     tcaaaccaag gagccataga gctggaatgt cacagctgca gatgggggtg gggggagctc     98820
     acggtggata cttcctgttt gtgattagcc taatgtggaa ggtcctcttt ccccaaaagc     98880
     tggtccttaa ttgttgctct ggggtttttg tttttgtttt tacgtgcaga tgaaaagtca     98940
     taaattttct gtcttcctag ggcttcttta aaggctgtca atgtctttac cattaggccc     99000
     aagagcctgt gtgtccatgg tccccactca aactcctaac tgtttacaat gcatttgtat     99060
     gaataaattg gcctccaagg aagtatgaga ttaatcagcc ctctttagat cccaaggtgc     99120
     attaatgtag ggggctggac ttgctcagag cccagtctgt tatgcaaaat aagtgcatga     99180
     taatcagcta tgaatgaatg aaattagcta gacaccctct gagaaggctt tcacacttga     99240
     ccaccagtgg agaccaagct ttcgccacaa gcagctaatg tcagtcaatg tcaaggatag     99300
     ctttctaatg tacagtgtaa accacttctg ccccttcctc cacctgcttc tcagactgag     99360
     gttaattggt ggacaaatgt cagacagctg gagaagcagg gaacagaaca cacacacaca     99420
     cacacacaca cacacacccg cgaagctcta ataagcctca gcaggagata ctcatttccc     99480
     ctcaacctct tcctccaaga ggcccacaga aagctggaac ccctaaaagc taacttcccc     99540
     atcttgttac agcttagcta gtgacaggtc aaggggcact tcctcagttc cctttgctaa     99600
     agggaaatct cctgaagcag agtcgtttct tttaagcatc agtctgtgta cctccagctt     99660
     catgatgcta gaagtcatct tggtttatgc accttgaatc tttgaatctc tcttgcctaa     99720
     tttttaaaaa taaaaaagaa agtataggtg ctttccgttt agactgacat ttctatttta     99780
     aaaaaaaaaa atagaataag tggaacagag gccactagag gtgttggttc tctgaatggg     99840
     ctcctcctcc tcttcctcct cctcttcttc cttctcctcc tcttcctcct ccttttcttg     99900
     aaaactagca tttttttttc caaaccattt tccaacaaag cccatcaggt tggagagact     99960
     tggaattggc agccactaac agggctgagg ttgtcatgaa ctacttggcc agtacaagca    100020
     catcttagtg cctctttgga cggagggtca caaccaaaag catggctttg tccctgaagg    100080
     aagagatcca tttctcttcc tgcttcgagg gcttctacgt catctcttgc gtggaccctg    100140
     accctctctc ccagagaggg gaccaacgcc cgtgcctggg cacacaatcg cactcagttc    100200
     ctagctcaat ggctggcagg ggaacgagag ttgggtcctt ctgactcact cgcagcgtgg    100260
     tttttctgct cccagaatga atccatccat tcatctgaga ttggaatttt cactagggga    100320
     agagaccaga gtgacgtaga gccatcatgg gaggctgatg cccaaggtca agttcaccaa    100380
     gtacatggac taggccaagc ctagttaaat aaggcctgag gctgctgtgg tccgtggtgc    100440
     ccaaagggta tccattgttc tggactaggc tgtcctttca aaatgtcaca gtgagaaatg    100500
     tccaatattg atgccctttg cacactgtgg actttgcagg aagagtaaga ggtctttgtt    100560
     tgtttctttc actgtgcagg cagcctgcat aacccctgtt tatttagtga gtacctgcac    100620
     taccaccacc cacctaccca ttagccttcc agcaaggcaa ctcagtggtc tgcccgattt    100680
     ggaaggaagc attggatatt tgcctctcag agcactagtc cacctcttgg ccccaaatca    100740
     cacgctcccc actttgtcct cacccctgct ccacctgttt ctgcataact gtgtattcag    100800
     tgcagtatgt tgtgaaaatg aactacaact aaaggtaatt gccgggcatg gtggtacaca    100860
     cctttaattc tagcaccagg gattaaggcc aaactggtct acaaagtaac ttctagacca    100920
     atcagagata cacagtgaga ccttgtatca aaaccaaaga agaacagtga ctttaatctc    100980
     ggctgtctca aagaattata gctttccctg gatccatgga cctccataat ctgaggttta    101040
     aatgacagga caggggtggg gtgctgaggt gtcatttgag aaggaaagga attaaaggta    101100
     atagagataa cgttggacta ggaaaccaag tactccactc aagtccaggt tctgttgctc    101160
     acagggtggc tggtcagcct tcccaggtct tgttttctcc ctctgtaaca tggaccagat    101220
     agataatctc aggagatgcc ctgccacaga agtccgctgg gccacgtgag gactgtgtgc    101280
     cccttcctga catttaggct ttctctcact cgcaatcttc ttagatattg atattcctca    101340
     gacagagtgt gcagtgtgtt tgcaagtgaa caattgatac cccacaggta gggtatctgg    101400
     taagttaggt gtcttcacct taaggccttt ttcagttctg atttttatgg agctgacgca    101460
     caaagatgat attcaaccaa tatttgttga ttaagtgctg ttaaacatta caaaggtacc    101520
     gaatgctaag ggacatttgg aaggctgcaa gagtcaacac ttgcctttag caagtgcctg    101580
     gaaagtactg gaaatacatg tcaggaagat gtcaggaatg attccaagca gattttaatt    101640
     taactttgac ctagcaagtg cctactgttt ccatggagaa ctgagaatga gatgcaggtg    101700
     aaaagaagca tgtgggaaaa gtgattggaa agagtgcatg gtggggtctg tacggccagt    101760
     cggcagggag gccagcacag tacatactgg ccaggcagaa gctctatggt taggccttgg    101820
     cactcagctt cggagccact ttttgtactg ttgtcagtgc cctgctgagg agttgaaatt    101880
     gagcctggcc tttggaaaat taagggcttt taagcaaaga ggtaatatag caaaagcagt    101940
     gatttaaatt attgtggctg tagcctgcaa agctccgaaa ggagaacaaa tatagtcatg    102000
     aaagccatct tagatgatag cttcccaata gttttattac aatttgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    102060
     tgtgtgtgtg tgcatgcacc agaggtcaat cttgtttctc aggtgccccc catcttgttt    102120
     tttgagacag ggtctcagaa tacatgttta ttatattatc tatctatcta tataaataat    102180
     gtaatatgtg tatatatata taaataatat atgtatatgt gtatataata tatgtatgta    102240
     ttgtgtcaca atttaaattg atctatatga cctgggttag aacccagtac ccaaaaagaa    102300
     ttgcagtttg aaaactgact gtgcaggagt atgctcacaa atattcaatc tacacactag    102360
     cacttgtcac ttcagcagtg tgaatatggt gtttatttgt ctgatttcga tatgttaata    102420
     aaaatacaat ttttaattat attttactta attaaaatta atgagtgggt gctggggatg    102480
     taaatcagtg aatggtggga cacttgctca gcatgtcaaa ggctgtaggt ttaatcccca    102540
     gtaccaaaga gagacagaaa cagcaggttt caggcaaaca gaccagtgtc atctcatagc    102600
     cagcataggg gcaagaagtg tcggagggga cccaccgggg tgctgggggc tggaggagca    102660
     gattgggctc tgtggatcca cagcagccca gatgaaccac atgccagaag ccagctttgt    102720
     cactgtggat gtttagcagc tatgatacac acacacacaa agagagagag agagagagag    102780
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagaggt gacaggttaa atgagctatg tagccaggca    102840
     taatggcatg tacctgaaat cccaacactt ggaatactga ggcaggagca tcatgagttt    102900
     gatggtaacc tggactacag aagtctgcat gtggacatga acatgcctcg gaagtctaca    102960
     gctgagtgtg aaagctggta tctcagtgac attgtgctga gagtgaaagc tggtgtctca    103020
     gtgacattgt gctgagagtg aaagctggtg tctcagtgac attgtgctga gagtgaaagc    103080
     tggtgtctca gtgacattgt gctgagtgtg aaagctggta tctcagtgac attgtgctgc    103140
     tcaggtaaag gctagaccag gaaaatgact ctagggtttg cttatggaca cgtgtagtga    103200
     aaatatgagg agaataagaa atcagcgggg tggtgatggc acacgccttt aatcccagcg    103260
     cttgggagga agggggggag gtgtctgtga gttagaggcc agcctggtcc acagagcaag    103320
     ttccaggaca gccaggacta cacagagaaa ctctgggggt tggggaggag ggagggaggg    103380
     aggtgagtcc taggataaca aaaaaggaca ggactcagtc ttggggctcc agcagcatct    103440
     gtaaagttgg acacccaccc tctcctgtct tcaggtcttg ctgatggact aggatgagag    103500
     tagacggtca cccatctgtc aagcacgaga aggttctcag aagtcatcac caagcacctt    103560
     gaatttccta tctactcttt tcctggcttt taaacacata ccagcctcca agttgctagc    103620
     acaaatcctc acactgttta gggagaaatc ccctctgtgt tgtaaactgg ggtgtagctt    103680
     ggccctggat gtggtacagt ctgctataga cttgcttcaa gaacagcaca gaagtcttct    103740
     gtccactccc ccccgcctcc ctgtgtaact tctgtcactt tgcagctctc cctctaggcc    103800
     tcagtttggt cttcatcaca gtaccattgc caccaccatc gcagcaaaac tctccagacc    103860
     taacttacca catgtcagga gctgtttcaa gcattagact tactcaacac ctcagcagcc    103920
     tataggctaa gcagacgttt accctatctt acaggtaagg aaactgagga agttgaggtg    103980
     acttgtgtga atgtcacaga tggtggtgag cacagccagg atctgaaccc cagcgttctg    104040
     acacctgacc tccccccccc cccagtgcca tccctgtgaa gtacagagtc tggccatagt    104100
     agatgcttaa taaatgctca ctttaattca gcggcgccct tgtttacatg acctaacacc    104160
     atgtggttca ctctgtctcc ccttgagagg acagcttggg ggacagcggg aaggagggat    104220
     catagatgag ccgatggatt gtcctggtcc cacatacaag tcggccaagt cacagagtca    104280
     tgctttttat ttttaattat tcacacaccc tcttcaaatg aatggcaggt caggggtcgt    104340
     gttccaagct ctctgacttg ggatgcactt aattcatgtc aagccagggc agggggcagt    104400
     ggtcataggt aactgaggtg agtgatttca gccctggttg ttaccctcta aggatgtctg    104460
     tccttccctt tctcaggctg acctttctct ggccttcagc atagcagcta gaaaagcgat    104520
     ccactgagca cctgttccag cagtgccaca tgactataaa ccctgcctgg ccgtgaccca    104580
     ggccttgggc ttctacttgt atgattgtca aagtggcagg ccttgtgggc cttagaccag    104640
     agcaggcagg actccaaaga agatgggggc agagccagtc ctaggctgga gaagctgctg    104700
     tctcccgccc accttcctct cctgccgaga cagtgactca ggcccagacc actccctggg    104760
     gagccagggt ttcagccact atcaaccacc gcccactctt gctcagacct ccttccctct    104820
     cacccccacc ccagctctgg gagtctcttg cccagctgga gatatccaga gacgcagaaa    104880
     gggggagcct aaatcattct ggggttctct ctacccacag gcctagattc ctatttacca    104940
     gaaacatatt ttgggaaggc aggtgaagcc gagagcgagg agcttacaga gctttgaact    105000
     cccaaccatt gtgtatgtga gtgcagggga tgctcccaag aaggcaggac ttgagtgatg    105060
     tgctggggtg actcagggga tccccaccca gccaccatct gggtcagcct cttatctctg    105120
     tccctgcagt aggggcgggt gaggaaacaa aagattgaga aacctagcaa attgagaatg    105180
     caaatagccg atttgtaaat agatgttaca caagagcagg aacttttttg gaaggtttta    105240
     ctgagacaga cagaattagc caactgccat catgctgcta atagagatat ttactgtttg    105300
     aaaggagtat atttgtagct tcggagaaca tcctgttgac ttttctttat tgtgaaaaaa    105360
     aaaaaaatag aatcctttcc cttctgtaca ctcggaactt gttttttgtt ttctttctgt    105420
     ccgaggtgag gcatgttgga ggttgtggac tgttttcacc attttgttac tgagaccaaa    105480
     atatcccttc ccctgacctc tggtgcttat gtttatagag tgaccagcag aactgagaag    105540
     tgcccgccgg ttgagagagg gaactataaa cctcttgatt gcttccagaa cattgcttct    105600
     gggtagcaaa ccctactttc tctctgggct actgcttgtc cccaggaagg ggggtgggga    105660
     acaggataaa agccgggtca ggagggacaa ctcatatgct gccacctccc agagtagcag    105720
     ctcctcctag cctgacttcc actgggaagg acggagaaca gagagcctgg tgaagtgtag    105780
     cgagcctaca gcttctttcc tcttgtcccc ctccttgcca cctccctctg cccactgaga    105840
     gtatgtccca tatcagtgcc aaggagcagc ccatctgccc ctggtttcta gttatttcct    105900
     gggcacaaca gggttatata aaaaattaac ccaaaagact cacctccctt catagtagcc    105960
     tcaaaagctc tttagcataa attgccttgg ggactggaga gatggctcag tcattaagag    106020
     caactgctgc tcttgcagag gaactgagtt caattcccag tactggaatg atgcctaacc    106080
     accatctgta gcaggacttc cagatatctg acactgtctt cgagtttcta caggcacatt    106140
     ttacacatat atacatacag gcatagcatt tatatacata aaataaaatt gataacttct    106200
     ctgttaactt ctccagacag aggccacatc tgatctgcag ctgtctgcat tccttgtcag    106260
     tttactttga tcaaacatca gattaggaac ccaaaggcta ttaccttttt gttctttata    106320
     tacctttgtc taagaggggg tgggggaagg gcttgcttgt gtgtttttca ggaatcctaa    106380
     atcatagtat aatatagtat tctgcaggac ctgagtgtgg aacaggacat tctttttgct    106440
     cattcacttc atcgttcatc actgtggatg acagaaaatg tccatgacat cacggcacag    106500
     gtttttcttg tttgtcacaa aaggtggccc ttagtaagga tgcagtaaac atttaccgga    106560
     aggctgacaa tgttgcactg tacctaaaac agtacctgcc agggttgcaa agaagaaaag    106620
     cattcagtct ttgtccctga taagctacat atcatgatcg gaaagcaaga tgtagataca    106680
     tagaagtgat gtacccttta ccaagcagaa cacttcagca atgataggat agttcaatac    106740
     cagggaatat gtttgctcac tttatcacag tggtacatca tgggagagta aatggctcac    106800
     ccagatgcgt gctgccaaga cattgacttg ccaaaaatgc ggtctttgtg ccttttagta    106860
     atctaggaac agaaagctac ttcctttctg ttcgcaggct ttctggctga agtcagtgat    106920
     tcccttcata tttcttagtg aaagagaaaa tgcaaaacca tcttattctt tttgtttgtt    106980
     tgtttgtttt gagacagggt ttctctgtgt agccctggct attctggaac tcactctgta    107040
     gaccaggctg gcctcaaact cagaaatccg cctgcctccg cctcccaagt gctgggatta    107100
     aaggcgtgca tcaccatgac cggcttaagc catcttattc ttaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    107160
     aaaaaaagac tttctagtta acacagttac tagataagaa gaaagcatag gttcaagtat    107220
     ttgtaaagac aaggaacatt ttatcattat tttcctgtat ctgtttggaa actctaatta    107280
     gtctcccttc tgcagttgaa tttctaaagc tatacaggtt aagtatgtag gtatgttagt    107340
     gtgggggcga ttagaaggta aatatatcca gcaagataaa atgaaaaaga atcccatttc    107400
     atgggattaa aaaaaattaa taactgctat ggaacattcc taagacatat agagctaaaa    107460
     tttttacatt taaatattac tttgggctct taatagccaa caaaataaat ttataggccc    107520
     tatttaaaaa agaaaggagg agggctggag agatggctca gtgggtaaga acactgactg    107580
     ctcttcccaa ggtcctgagt tcaaatccca gcaaccacat ggtggctcac aaccacccat    107640
     aataaaatct gacgccctct tctggtgcat ctgaggacag ccacacttat gtataataat    107700
     aaataaatct ttaaaaacaa aagaaagaaa gaaaagaaag aaagaaagat ggagttgaga    107760
     gagggtgata gaaaagaaat gaaaaatcaa gtcttatgac taagggacac aagaaaaaga    107820
     cttgaatgag cagatggaga tattaccacc ctaggtgtaa acttacgtgt ctgtggatat    107880
     aggatcttca cacacttaaa gtatgatgca tctctaatga tattaaatat atatttatag    107940
     ggctttagtg tggagggagg acacagcaga tgattcatct tgaataataa aacaaaaata    108000
     gctctaaata ttacctggaa agtcatgcaa gaaaagggat taattttact ggatgttaaa    108060
     gtttttactt atttgtgaaa cagtaggaat atttaacacc aatatatgat ttttctcaaa    108120
     gatatttttt aagtcatgcc tggtggtgca tgcctgtaat ttcagcactt acaaggctga    108180
     ggcaagagga ttgctgtgaa tttaatgtca gcttgtatta tagaatgagt tacaggctaa    108240
     tgaaagccac agagtaagac cctatcttta aacaacaaca acaaaacaac aaaaacccac    108300
     ataaacatac accaaaaaaa aaaaaaagat tgtatagttc atgttcacgt gtgtgttttt    108360
     tgacagtgct aggacaacct cagctgctgt ccccaggagc tatgtacctt gtgtgccttg    108420
     cttttaaggt aggatctcac cagcctggga ctccaagtag gctaagctgg gagactagca    108480
     agccatgggg atctgcctgt ctccagctct gggatcataa attataagta tgtgccagca    108540
     cacctagctt tataaaaaag atcaagttta attcctgttg aagcaactct gtagctacac    108600
     actttaaata aattctaagt ggatacaaga tataagaata aaaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa    108660
     aacaaacact aaaatccata tgggaagaaa ggggacacag gatcatcaaa tcagtcttaa    108720
     gcaactccag tcttaaagct cactcgaaag ccacaggaag agagacgggg tgaactggca    108780
     tgcagattaa tggaatgaag ttgaggatct gacatcggag tgtaaagtgg cctctcacaa    108840
     ctcaacagga ctaaagaaag cccagtgtgt gtttctccag tggtacccat gtaacccata    108900
     aacacatgaa agggagaaga tgttcaacat cagaagaaag atgcaaatcc aagccacagt    108960
     gaacttccct cacaccacag tgaacttccc tcacaccaca gtgaacttcc ctcacaccac    109020
     agtgaacttc cctcacacca cctgctggag gggaaaacag cgagacccta aactggcact    109080
     gggcaatccc aagagccacc atccaagtct ctgctgcgcc ctagcagcag gatgaagggt    109140
     cccctcccta agagagctct atactagggc acacacaggt ggatttactc tgagaactaa    109200
     tgaaaacgtg tcacctcagg aacccgactt gcacaaacgc tgtccagccc ctttagaaag    109260
     aactggagcc ttgtggtcac gtggtcctgt ttttctaaac tgaaagcatt tctaccataa    109320
     ttaatcttta ttgtttgctt aggcctctat cttctcactt tgtcttgttt taacccccca    109380
     tgtcactcag ctctgacata gcctgtgctt ttatttgggt gggtctggag gattgagttg    109440
     agattatact gtctaatttg ccatttgtaa aggcattttg gatattttta ataaaacaaa    109500
     tgaaaaatga ctagctctga gtttgaagga aacaaaaagt acttctgaag tcgcctttca    109560
     atttttaaag taaaggagaa actgaggacc gaagctcact ggtagaatgc ttgcctggtg    109620
     agcctgggtt caatcccagg cactacagaa aaagggagga aattggatgt aacaacgaat    109680
     gaatcagaaa tgataaaggt aagggagcaa ttacatcaat taaataatat aacagtcttt    109740
     tcagtttgta cccaaaactg gtcatcagta aagagactaa atcaatttta aatattaatg    109800
     ataattgttt gagaatctcc atttggtaaa caggaaggag tcactggaac acatggataa    109860
     gacagaaatt tctggcagat tgattgtgaa agacccaaca aagatagcag agctcatgat    109920
     gtgtctccta caaggacatc agtgacagaa tggtgactgt cactcgctcc aagagcatga    109980
     gataaaccac tctacaaaaa atcttgcact atgcactgga gtcttacagt ttatttacaa    110040
     aagaaatgtg ggattttcct aagttttaca gcaatgttaa attttatatt tatacattat    110100
     tagttagcag ggaaacactt tatttctaaa ttgtaagtag cagaaaacta attcagttaa    110160
     ctctgagagg aaaaaccgga attcactttt cccttgagaa aatgatactg actctggcgc    110220
     gcgaagagac aaagaccgaa cagccaggag aggaataaag acacagaagt gtgcaagcag    110280
     atgagtaaga aagacgcagg ttatcctcga ttttccgttc cgtttgttta cttccaattt    110340
     ttatctttga agcctttttt tacacgtaag ttttcacttt cacatctatt tatatatttt    110400
     ttttctttaa aaagggatgc aaaattcaat actcactggc cagcaaatcc ctaacatctc    110460
     tgagagatca aatatagtca agggaaagag gaccacagca aagtctgaga gattgaacat    110520
     agtcaaggga aagagggcca cagtaaagtc tgagagattg aacatagtca agggaaagag    110580
     gaccacagta aagtcaggag ggtgaaatgc gtgtccacag ccaagtgcca agacatgccc    110640
     ctccctgcct gccagcacac atgggcgcac acaccctgct ccatccacca gcttcccaga    110700
     atgctgagca gggtcgcctt tattcccagt gaggagacgt gtgggctctt cccttcccag    110760
     gagaaaaaaa cctacatatc aagaagatcc ccacaaaaat gttagtcaga tggctcttca    110820
     tgtttaacca acatgctatg cacttcagaa ttctcttttg tccccaagtc acacatgtga    110880
     ggcttccgag gaagacgcgt cagaccaatc ataaagacta gaaagaaaga gactggaaag    110940
     ggagaagaaa ctttaagctg ctacagtcca cagagagatg agccaactgg aaaaatcaaa    111000
     acaacaccac aaaagacagt caaaaaggtc aagctctgag attaaaaata tgctagtggg    111060
     gaaaatacag aagaaaacct gggatttggc ctcagcactg aggtggtggt ggtagccaca    111120
     tgttttataa gttgtcatta ttattaacaa ttgggtttct ttttgcaaaa cacactgaat    111180
     taaaaccatg tctctgggat taaagtcatt aagtaaaacc tgatagcaga aatgcacaaa    111240
     tgtagaaaag cagagaaatc agaaaccgag aggaatcagc aagattgagg caggtaccag    111300
     acaatggagg gaagtcaatg ccaacgtctt agagattgcc agctgcccag tgagaagcca    111360
     gcccagcagc tgaaaacaga ccatggcaaa cccaccatcc tttggacttg caaaaagaaa    111420
     atgaaaaaat ggaccacata aaaagggcag aaatcagggt ggcttcagat ttcacagaga    111480
     cttcatactt actgggatgt tggaagatga aaaagtaata catttgaagt tcaaaaagaa    111540
     attttgtcca ggcatgtgac aaacctgtaa tcccagactc aggatgaggc aggagggtca    111600
     taccttggaa aacagagaaa ccctgacttc aaacactaga tagcatggtg gcccatgcct    111660
     ttaatcctag cactcgggag gcagaggcag gtggatctct gagttcgagg ccaacctggt    111720
     ttacagatcg agttccagga cagcaagagc tccacagaaa ccctgtctca gaaaacagac    111780
     agacagtaca atagacactg atggcatggc tcagttggca aaggctccta cctccatgcc    111840
     tgacaacccg agttccatcc ctgagaccca cacagtagaa ggagctgaca tagcattaca    111900
     cgtatgcaca tacacaacaa gtaagtgtat aatattttct taaatcaatg atgaaaacta    111960
     ttggcatatt acatgaaaat gaataagtac taaatgctgg tgacaggcgg ggaggggagc    112020
     ctgtatccac tgctggtagg agtgtaaact tgtaccacca ctgtggaaat tccttgggaa    112080
     actgaaaata gaactaccat atgagtcagc cactcgcctc ctgggtcagt gcaccagagc    112140
     aatacctgca catccgtgtt aatagctgta ctagtcacac aaaaacaggg catacgttca    112200
     acctgtgatt ctgccagcaa atagatgggg agtaagaacg tggagcacag acacagggag    112260
     tttttttgcg gccataaaga aaaatgaaat catgacattt gtaggaggaa aaaatggttg    112320
     caactggaag tcattatgtt aaacaaaata agccagactc caaaagacaa atcccatgtg    112380
     tgtttttcct cttgcagaag ctaaatttaa aagggtgtgt gtgtatcaca cagttagaaa    112440
     agggatcatg aaaggaagag aacttagggg aagtgggaaa ttgagtggag tgctgggatc    112500
     cacataccag gaaagctaaa gcaagcctgg tgggacgcag ggaacagcag agagcagggg    112560
     ggaggtattt ctttccagat gggtgacgat gctgtaagga agcccattac tttgctaaat    112620
     tagtaaattt ttaaatatta gacttaaaaa ctatgtgttc atatgaaaac gttcatgtta    112680
     tggccatttt cttttcaaag gttattatca gtacatgtgt ggatagatac atacacgtgt    112740
     gcagatgcat gtccggagca gtaactcagc agctcgctgc tcggtcttgc ctctacagtg    112800
     tgtgagcgag cgctcagctg tcgtgttctt catcatttgt atttttccat gtcttctaag    112860
     gttctaacac taatcagggg gtgtttttgc agttaagaaa aaaaaaaaac ctgaagggtt    112920
     gggtttttct gtttgtttgg tttcttggtt tttttggtta tttgaagaat tacagcaagt    112980
     gcaaagagga aagaagacag gagccacatt ctctccccca ggactgacac tgctagcaca    113040
     tttgcctcag ctttttttat ttcagcccat gttttacata attaatacta ctgaaacagt    113100
     aaccttgggt ggagataatg gctggcagcg ggtctttctt tctttctcac ccttttcttg    113160
     aaacttttca atgagaccat tctaagtaag caaagcttta gacttaagag cacctcctag    113220
     taaggcggga agtgggaggc tccattcggg tgtagctgta tgcctcattt tcctgtgtga    113280
     tccaaggagt gccgactact taaatttggg gtgggaaata aggagtatag attcagagaa    113340
     agtagaaaat ggccatgtgg ctgaagtagg ctcacggtga gcccggggtg tcttgtatta    113400
     aaggaggtac gacttaactc gggcatgtgc cgtgcactgg tgggaatatg tctgaaggtc    113460
     acatgagcca actgtaacat tctcagtggc ccaattgaag cagttttgag tatcaaaata    113520
     aagcatattg gattatgaac cagagtatta aatatccatg tgttcacact gatatgaatg    113580
     atggcctaaa taagtaaaat aaatagtgac tccctagtgg agaggaggag ggagggacca    113640
     cagtgggggg acttttgaag cacttcctca gcctgtggct cagtggggac agcaggggtg    113700
     tatcatgtct gcagtatatc cgagaggaga cgtgacaaga acagggtttt tgttgttgct    113760
     gttttaaaga tttattttta catatgagtc catgtgaatg tatggcacat gtatgtaggt    113820
     acctaccaag gccagaggaa ggcatcagat accctggagc tggtggtgta agtggctgtg    113880
     agctgcacta tgttgcccaa agggtgtgag gaggcatcta actataaact atctgaccag    113940
     tccccattaa aactgccagg gtcatcaaag ccaggggatc taacactgtc acaccaagag    114000
     gcacttagcg gccaaatgta gtgtggtaga ctgcatgggt tcctggttct gaaaaggaca    114060
     ctgaagagaa actaaggcaa tctgactaaa ccacagattt tattatgtca ttccaggttc    114120
     attaatcatg actaatggac catactaatg taagatgttc ataagaggga gcagggcagg    114180
     gaggcatagg aattatgata cttcacaatt tttctgaaaa tcaagaatag aatgtttatt    114240
     ttacttaaaa ggtgttgtag cagttagaca tggctttgga gtgagcaggc tgaaaaactg    114300
     tgcagacagt ctgataaaat cctgtccgat catcagtaac tacggcggag acttggccgc    114360
     ctgcagggaa ccggtttccc cttgtgctaa aacacactgt tccacacagg ctctcgtcag    114420
     cccctcctga tcccacagac tctagagcag ctcttgagaa gaaccctcaa gtgagtggca    114480
     gagagaagtc ggggtccccg gggagcagca cagtggccct gagcctgtct tcatctcctt    114540
     tatgatccgt ttcctctctg cagagtgata gagagggtca aggtgacaaa acattccctc    114600
     aggccgggct gctctgaaag gcctgtgatt ccaagctgaa ctttagcaag gccgtggctc    114660
     cataggcacc atccgccaac ttccttggct aaagtctgtc attccaaact gagaccgctc    114720
     tgaggattat aatggatcct cagccacatt cttggggtat acattttttg taggtgagca    114780
     agagggcatc tcatcccact ggcttcatag ttgaagaaac tgagtttcag agagacttgc    114840
     tttttcaatg aatggccaaa ccagtgaggc agagactggg tctgcttcct ggttagagct    114900
     tgtcccacta cagcttcctt cccagagaac ccgagtgatg cgtggcctca ggacatcagc    114960
     tgtctccaga gtgttcctcg ggggttcacg ttcatcagtc atcgatacca gtctccagtc    115020
     ttagggaaag catatgggga ctgggacaga aacccagctc ccctgggcct tttcctcttc    115080
     aggcctgaga aagaagcaac aactttctct cctctcccct ttccagtttc acagcatacc    115140
     tttccccatc tgatggtgat acaactcaag acagtttgtt ttcagcaagc cctcaaatgg    115200
     ttaactctcc caaattatgg ggctgggtta acaataaaca ggatgtcctc cagaaattaa    115260
     atttaaacca ccgtgactca ggccagccca tcccctcaac cagatcgctg tctgggggtt    115320
     attatcggtg gttaattata ctgttggggt tagcacagtg ttggtcagct tgggccaggt    115380
     ggaggcgggt gtgggagaat ggctaaaggg aaggatggga gtggagccta agagttggtg    115440
     ataacagcac tggcacattg gtctgtcaga ggggctgctt tggacttctt cccggagctg    115500
     gcccctagat tcacttccca tgtggagaca ggaaaggtag gggagacaca ttaccacttc    115560
     tgttaccact ggtatgaacc atgttaaatg tccacccctg gccaacaaca gggtccatgt    115620
     tgtcaggacc tcaaagacat ctttcagttg cctgtgtcaa tccactcact cctgagagcc    115680
     ggaaagggtt caagcagcct cttgggcctt agggtatcct gctaaagtag gtggaagctg    115740
     ggctatggct ccccttctga gccctacccc caagatcttg ttaggtctac ctacttctag    115800
     atgagcatgg gaacctggta agcagcgtct tagcaagttc aaggcaggcg taggcagatt    115860
     ctttaccaag taagccactt ttgatctcat ctgtttttaa ctagtcataa atgtttctta    115920
     gtatgtcatc tcctgttagc atgcccagaa acctcacaag atacgttgta gcccctatgg    115980
     ggaaactgag taccttctct tatagaggat gagggatgtt gtgggctttt tcaaggatgt    116040
     gtctttaaga atagggaggc atagggctgg tgagatggct cagtgggtaa gagcacccga    116100
     ctgctcttcc gaaggtccag agttcaaatc ccagcaacca catggtggct cacaaccatc    116160
     tgtaatgaga tctgactccc tcttctggaa tgtctgaaga cagctacagt gtacttacat    116220
     ataataaata aataaatctt taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaata gggaggcatg    116280
     tttcacactt agtatttcct caaacaagat tctcaaggtg tctcccttcc cccacttttc    116340
     ccatgtgttt aagtgacacc gttcatagga atgatgtttt cggcaggcag gagtgaccag    116400
     gagcctgcat ggcacatgat ctgtcccaga acacagctgg gtgctattgg atcacatgtg    116460
     ctcagaccat gaggactagg gggccaagtg ctgatcccct gtgtgcatcc attcctccag    116520
     cccagcctac cccatgtctc acatcatctc tctgtctctt cctcttacag gattccattt    116580
     aagatcgggc agcccaagaa gcagattgtt tccaaaacag tgagtaacct tatgccctga    116640
     gactcaactg taccccacat gacctgtgcg tggaacctcc gccttccggt ctttcctctc    116700
     ggtactggag attgaacatg cgttgtgcat actagacaaa tgctctgttg gtgagctgcc    116760
     ctcccagggc agaacccgag cattgaaagt gcacatgtgg ggctggaggg tcagaaccct    116820
     gagccatgtt cccagtcatt ggttgtggaa cctgaggtca caggggcctc ctgtcctggg    116880
     tcctgttggt tgtttcccca actttggaca gctgtagatc ctcgccaccc aagcaccctg    116940
     tcctgggaga gctctggagc ataggcataa tacacacttc cccttgcaca cacacctcaa    117000
     cagtgccaaa ggcctttctt tctggctacc tcaacagcat aaaagaccag gcaggttctc    117060
     caggtagcct acttcttgtt gttttgcagt ggtaatccct ttgaacccat gatatttatt    117120
     gctgttttat gtctgaagtg ggaaaggaag agccacagat cccattagag ctggaagccc    117180
     atggacctcg tctgccctca ccatctggtt tttccatagc gtggtggaga cattgttaga    117240
     tctgacagtc ctctcctgga gagctggagt tagcacttgg tctgtggccc tgctcactcc    117300
     gtctgctttg ctttgcactg ttcccactct gtagccctgt ctgtctagag tgacctcctc    117360
     agctcctcac acacaaacga ggcttcgggt ttgaacagga gtgatcctac atgtggagac    117420
     caaactccgt gatgacagct caggtcccag cactgcccat gcagtagagg cccctgtgtc    117480
     catcctctga ggtcctagtc tccccgcttc tctccttggc tcagccaccg gagctagagg    117540
     gaagatcctg ttttggcttg gcaggaagtt cagcacatct gaccaatgtc tccatcttca    117600
     ggaagtccaa agttaggtca caggaaaaaa gctgggctca acttaaaaga gtcgccctcg    117660
     gcctcatgca atggcaggtt gtaacagact cagtgtcgcc tccacagctg accatctgtg    117720
     gagcctctct gctaagactc agaaagtctg ggtctacaaa ttctgggctc caagaagtgg    117780
     gagggtgtgg ctttaagcct ccagagagta atctcggaag atccaaagaa aagtggtttt    117840
     gaaaagggtc tttctccccc tttgttcaca accacaaaca agaagacaga aatccctccc    117900
     tccaccaaga ctttcatctt tcatcgatgg ggctttgatc ccacagaaca ggacgggcta    117960
     cagtgcactt tccagctcct tgccagagtc tgttggtgga aaggtcttgg ttcccggggg    118020
     tactttttta gagaaggaat tatttatttt ggcttatggt tccaggggtc tcagtccaca    118080
     tggtagggga tcctagatcc tttactttga ggaattgcaa agacttccag ggaaaatcaa    118140
     atcttcccac accccccacc ctgcctcaga gcttcccttc tcccctccct acacgcccgt    118200
     ctaattcctt gctagagact tgtcatcctt tagtctgtga tgtcccttcc ccccacattg    118260
     ggcaaatatg cagtaagtgt tagggagcca ggtaagagac cgacttcctg aactcctgcc    118320
     tggctctgcc tctgggatct gagacttttg gcccgtgcct tagcctcttc aagccttagt    118380
     tttcccatgt gtaaggtaag aataacccta gtacctatgt cacacgaatg aagagtctca    118440
     cccaaaccag cacagatcgg gcacttagtc catgtctgct ctataagaag ccctcattga    118500
     cagctggctt ggcttcctcc aaagccatca agggctcagc ttgtcccagc agctccatcc    118560
     cccagtacaa tggagttgta ggctaggcct ttgatctttc accagcagtc aaagctgagg    118620
     ggtggcttag aatggagttt ttgtctgcac aacctgtttc cgtcagttcc ttggggttgt    118680
     ttaagcatag gtagcaggac cctggctttt ctggatggag tcttgctcac ctctctaccc    118740
     ctaacacagg cttgggctgt gcagatgtct ccagatctct ggcagctgtc cccggacact    118800
     gctgacacac tttgggatag gagtggatgc ggctgcccag gttattggaa gtcatggcag    118860
     ccctgtcatg ggaagaaata aatgttcatg aattttcagg tttttggctc agggtgccca    118920
     gcttccagcc acaaagaaaa cattgtcttt gctcttactg cttgcctgtg ctcagtttac    118980
     caacatgcaa tccgtgattg ttgaggctgt agcaggaatg gcatgttctc tgcagggctg    119040
     atcattggct ctgagaccag gaccgcagct tccacctctg gactcaactt ttgtcagttc    119100
     tctctggagc ctcagagcat cttaacatga agagagaaca cagacataga catagaaaca    119160
     cacatcatat cacataacag acacacacac atacatatac atacacacac acacagacac    119220
     acacatatat acatacttgc cacacatgtg tatacacata ccacatgcag ttgcttatat    119280
     atcacatgta catacacaca cacagtttcc catgtcctcc aagcaaggat tccctaggtc    119340
     ttgtgtacat aggaaacaaa agcctaggtt cctaactagg tagggtcctt acaaaaccaa    119400
     ggcagacaag tggccatgtt gagcctctcc aacagaagta aatgtcagac tggcttctct    119460
     agtcctattc agccctggag catagtgaag gggaggtgca gtccaccctt gcatggtggc    119520
     tctcagtgcc ttctctgcct cactttgacc tgacacctta gccctggcat cagagcccca    119580
     gccctgcctg cggcctcctt ttccctttcc caggaatttg ggtttggaag gaactcatct    119640
     tgttcactca cttggcaagt gctgagctca cgcgggacag actggcctgg gcattgccct    119700
     tgcaccctgg gcccaggaga atgtagggag cttcctctgg gccttaattc ttcccattgc    119760
     tgcctccagc agcctggccc agcccagtcc cctgacagtg tgcgcacatg tgtttacact    119820
     tgcattgttg actggcctcc agttgccttt tggcaaaggc atcaagcatt cagaaatgtt    119880
     cagatctttt ccacttagcc ctttccctca gaagacatgt accttggaat gtgccttcaa    119940
     tgggtctctt tattctatca gccatcatct gagggcctgg aattctggtc ctacccgaaa    120000
     gtagctctgt ctcctggggg gaacgatgtg ggacccttga ccatggctcc tggaagcagg    120060
     ggaggtggtg tttcctgtga gacagccttg aggagcatca agcaggagca tgtgcccacc    120120
     ccaggatgag actgagcttc tcctcccccc cccagccccc ccagcccccc ccccaggaac    120180
     tctacctggc tgggagctcc aaggcccctc tgtacaagtc caagcagtcc ccagccaggc    120240
     agaccaggtg ctctctgaca tcccacacac agcagcacac tcaggcattg caaaagagaa    120300
     ggctggaaga caaaggcagc agcacagggg ctcaggggct cggcccccac cgccccagaa    120360
     gagcaagcac ataggtgtgt ctccaggaga gtttgagttg agccaagaaa tgcttagttt    120420
     tccttttgtc cttttggaaa taaatgctaa tatgaagaaa aataagatac tcagcagcca    120480
     catcttctgg gttatgaagg ccatagcacg atggcactgc ctagcatgaa gttccatact    120540
     tagtcacatc tgggctcaca tggctgccat ttcctaagta gttctggctg ctgccctctg    120600
     catccctgtc tgcatctcca ggctgctgtg gccctccaga acccagcaag caggaaagga    120660
     acatgaatgt acactctata atcaccattg tgggctgggt acctggccat tgttcccttc    120720
     ccttaaggag caatgaccaa gggaaatcac tctgctcaaa gatactagaa gctgttaatg    120780
     tgagagctcg ctctccctgc ctctgttcac tcctttcgac tgccttcctg caccacgtgc    120840
     tggaggaata actaggctag tccaaccttt cgaagatggc actatcatct ccagcgttca    120900
     ctttcaagaa cacacaatta agttactgct tcccccctcc cctaaaatag tgcaggccgg    120960
     tacgatggtt tggtgggtaa gagcactttc tatacaggct tcacaacctg tgatcaccaa    121020
     acccacagca gactgaatac ctgaaagctg tcctctgccc tccatggata caacatgcct    121080
     gccctgcata tacatcataa acacaataat gatagtaata ataaattcat ttttaataca    121140
     aaaatatttc atgatttcat aagcttataa ttttttgttt cattatatcc atagctatac    121200
     ttgcatgcag gccccatgtt gaatggccct agaagtgcac agcttgaagg ctcgggtgca    121260
     ggaacccttc attctaaagc aagctcccac ctgatatcct atcctacaca agatcttttt    121320
     tgatgtacca cagaccccac agcagacaaa tagggcctgt gaggaagcta tggctaagaa    121380
     aggatgtcgc tggctcaggc ctcacggcca gcacatggca gaaccctcct acttcagacc    121440
     cgcctcttcc ttcatgtcca gctaactcct aggggggatc cagtcctgtc aggtcacctt    121500
     gtctgccacc agaaaggcac taagcagtgc ctcattctgt aatgacagag ctgaagcacc    121560
     atcgcataga cttgccaact tgcctggttg gcccctctgg gaggagaggc cttctcccta    121620
     agtcaaacac ttcattagtt tgggaacaca gggacactgt tgttaacaat ctgttggagc    121680
     gtgtagggac tggacagcac tgttgctgca ggctggggga gggtgtggag cgagtttcag    121740
     tcagcgggga gattttttcc actgtgttgt cattgcccca ctgactgagc tatcgcttgc    121800
     cttacaggtg gagagagact ttgaaaggga gtatggaaaa ctgcagcagt gagtgtcaaa    121860
     ctccaggagg gggagatagg tggggtgcgt gcttcctgcc aggtctcggt ccctgctctg    121920
     cctcctcctg gccagctcag gctcaggcag ggagcctttc ctgtgccctc tgtccattta    121980
     cagttaggaa ctgcagacag ctctaacagg tgactggcca tagataggaa ggccattact    122040
     gcagtctctg ggtggtcggc ctcctgcaga gcctgacgtg gcatggaggt ctgggcctcc    122100
     ctgaggcctg agtgctggag ggtgagtttc catcccccct cattttcagg ctggaagagc    122160
     aaactaaacg cctgcagaag gacatgaaga aaagcaccga tgccgacctg ggtgagtggc    122220
     ctccccgtgc ccatcgaggt agtaggagac atagggtgct ctgttcctca gaccctcaag    122280
     ggctaactca gaagtcactg tgctcaggaa acaccaaact ccctgaaagg aggcctggat    122340
     cgtttctctc tgatcggatc accacctccc acagggtcct gcccctctcc agcttagtca    122400
     ggcaggaaag caggtgctcc cgggttcctg tcagggtagt gctgcagcca gcacaagcct    122460
     ctgctgcaag ggcctttttt tgcattaggg tcagggtcag agaaaaagac aatatggcct    122520
     tccgggcatg gccttcccat ggcaacagca gctgaagggg ccgtgcggct gagcaggaaa    122580
     gtcagctaca gtagaccctg gaaaacctca gctcattctg tcattactga ggacacagtg    122640
     ctgaggagcc cgcaggtgcc agcaaagcca gggctgagga gggctcttga ctgaagatac    122700
     ttgttcagga agaactaggc ccaggggccc aatgattgag gcagctcagg ttagggagca    122760
     gcaaaaggct gtgtcactga gtgacagaga tcagaagaga acgttcccat actgtcccca    122820
     ccaagcacta cagtctctca cccaacactg ccctttaacc tcactgtgct ttgtctgaaa    122880
     agtacccgct tttgctggcc ttcagccctg cggcttgctg tgatggtaaa gttgtatgtt    122940
     ggtgtaaagc ctgagagcag catggtcgcc agcatgcttg tgttaagagc agcagtccta    123000
     acaaccaaca tccgcagcag aagtggccac accaaggctc ccgccgaatg aacctcaaca    123060
     gcttctccat agattccaga gagagggctg tatctgcgtg tcactttata atagggactt    123120
     gagagagaca gggttgacca gggcgaacca ccgtctctca tttgacaaag gctggttaag    123180
     aagcagcctg ttccaggcac acatctcagt gctagggact cagtagtcag ccaggacagg    123240
     agcttccatc ctgcaagcga gggcatgtaa gaagtcagga cacgtgtact atagcaccat    123300
     gcaaagccca gcgcaatgaa ggaacacaaa gggatggagg ctaatggaag tggggtgaac    123360
     aagggggcca ctctctggag gtgccccggt acctgaaggg ataagggggt gctctctgta    123420
     gatgagcctg gaggacactt cagcaaaggc cctgaggtag aatttggcct ttgcccagtg    123480
     gctgtgctca ctggcccaaa ggcagagtag gattgagggc tcatccttgg ttccttcagc    123540
     cactccacat aatgatgtct gtggtggcca tggtgtgtgt acagcctcag agaaatcccg    123600
     cctcctgcat atgttctgaa ttcaagatgg cagagcatgt gaaatgtctg tctttaaaag    123660
     gaggggttca ccttgtcagt cacctgtctt ggggcagaag ggttttttgg ttttgttttt    123720
     aagccgtcct ttttctttat ttggtaaatt atgcgtgagt tcatgtgagt atgtacacac    123780
     atgagtgcag gtacccacgg aggccagaag aaagcatcag atcccctgga gctggagtta    123840
     taggcaagtg tgggccactt tatatgggtg ctttataaag ccactttatt ttaggcttgg    123900
     ctcctctgga agagcagcaa gtgttcttaa ccagagccat cttcccagcc cacctgcctg    123960
     tgccttgcct ggtttcctgg ttattccaag ctagaaagca gccaagagag tcctcattgc    124020
     agtaagcagg cctgtctcat tgtttggcca gctgtcccaa gaagcagaat cccactgtgg    124080
     gtcgcaccat tgtatccaga tgccatctga aaggtcatag gctgacgggc agcacaaggt    124140
     ggtttgggag tctattacga ttccacttgc catgcagtga atagggccca cagacttgga    124200
     gttgccccat attttgccag gtactagtac ttggctggtt aattacacct tttccattca    124260
     gtggacagtt tgaacagctt ctgatcagaa agagaaatgc cttcccagga agcagctgct    124320
     gccaaaggcc tggtggaccc accgtccagt gttcagaaaa ccatcctgaa ccgctgagct    124380
     tccctggcaa ccccaaggat atgggagagt ctgaacatga cttccacctc acttctggcc    124440
     cctcctgtct gcagagtagg catgtcctga gccagggatc aggtttgaga actgatctgt    124500
     taaatgactt tcaggtctga ctttcatgga aggcctttgc atcgctcccc actgtctttc    124560
     atccggggag tcactgggac ctgctctccc ggtagctgtg atatcaatgg gaatggagtg    124620
     caggattttg tttcataatg agaagtttat tgtccagcag taaaatctgg accgagggtg    124680
     actattgaag cctaggacca ctgggtccag atcaaggaac agagcacgtg tctgaagggc    124740
     agcccctcta gcaatgcaca cagtttgtgc actcagggtc aggctcgtgg gtaacagcag    124800
     ggttgctaga ggactagtga taccaagcct gacttagtac tctgaggtcc agaacaaggc    124860
     ctggaatgtc tgtgacacat tgtgacactg gaacagtggg actaggaaca tgctgagagc    124920
     cactgaccca tcagtggagg aaagtgaact atgccttttc tgatctcaga ttgtcccagg    124980
     tttccaggac aggaacctcc ctaaaaccct ccctgatgct ctgaaaggag gatcttctat    125040
     tcagtgaaat gacttcggga gttttcagag tgcagtttct gaaggctttg ggggttcatc    125100
     tggaaactgt attgagaacc tcagaaacac acggggagat ccaagatcct tagtttcccc    125160
     aagtttaaag actgccagtt ctgggtagta ggccatgtgg gccatggact caccacacag    125220
     tccctgcagg gcagaaaggc tggggctagg acccagggtg gtgcgataca ttgtacttca    125280
     gacctggctg tgcccaggaa agtggcccag gtaagtgcag caccttgacc ttgtgtgctt    125340
     ccagcaggaa gaggcccaag aatgtgaggg tgttaggata ggtgggaaga aagccttcca    125400
     ctagtcagtg acttaggtaa ggttttggtt tttttatttt gttttgtttt ttgggttttt    125460
     tttttttttg gctgttttgt tttgttgttt tgttttgttt ctctttaaat actggggaaa    125520
     gaataataat agaaggcatt cttcagacat gtttgcagtt ctgtgtagac ttttatattg    125580
     ttttgactta ggttgtctgt aatcctctca gaactgtttc tgagaggacc acctttgtgg    125640
     tcctctcaca cagtaggctt tctttgcttg ctaactgtaa ccccctacca tggtggggac    125700
     ctctagtggg gcctgggctt cccctctccc acaaggccct tctctgaagc tgtctgttcc    125760
     gctcctgggc tggcaaggaa gccccccccc tccctccccc cccccccccc ccgctgtaat    125820
     cagctggagg tgggtctccc tgcatccatt ctaagacacg ttttcaagtt agtgtccttg    125880
     cagccacagc tctgtcacac tggctaatgt gatggtttaa tggtcagcat tttttttttc    125940
     ttcctcagtg gtttatacag taacaatgtg ccttaaaatc aatagcacct taaatgctgt    126000
     gacactcaag taataaccaa caaaataaat cctagccaag tgtggcagtg catgctgtaa    126060
     tgccaccact gaggaggctg ggacagaaga ccactgcaga ctggaggcca tctgggccac    126120
     atagcaaggc cagcctggac tacagtgccc agtggcgttt aaaacaacca gaacaacaag    126180
     aacaaaaaca tctgtcttgt actgcttctc agcctttttg gctaagatca tgtgcaaaac    126240
     tggtcttctg ctctgatact cagccagatg tgttcagaaa ctggcgtgtg ccatattgag    126300
     ccaggtcctt gtctaggctc tcttctgtga gcaaatatcg aatgctaaag atgagcccca    126360
     gatcaagaac ctaaaagctc ccactgggcc tccattctcc ttggtgctgt ctgtgactcc    126420
     cagagagccc acagcacgtc aagtactcac ctttcatcca ggtgtgataa gtgggccagc    126480
     cctagtatgc agtagactag agagagtccc aggtgggcag acagcccgcc tacaacacag    126540
     gctcttgtgt tctggaaaga tggagttagc acctttggaa cagaagtatg tcatgcagct    126600
     taccaccttc ctggtcctag gtcagcctaa gagttttgct atccagtgat tcagcactgc    126660
     actcgtagga gttgtgggaa acacaggacc atgtcatagg gctttttgcg ctgttctggt    126720
     agctatagca taggcagagg tgctgaggtc aggaacatta aggagacctt taaccctgtc    126780
     cctctgggag ctcacagagc ctttaacttc ttacagccat gtccaaatct gctgtgaaga    126840
     tatcccagga cctactgtcc aacccactgt gtgagcagga ccaggacttt ctgcacatgg    126900
     tgacagccct agacacagcc atgaaacgga tggatgcctt caaccaggag aaggtgacca    126960
     ggtcttggtg ccagtggcct atgctcctca cctctttccc cttggaccta gctagatgca    127020
     gtgaccatag gtcgaaagtg gtactgggct tcaaccttct aaagcctgat agcctcaagc    127080
     ccatctcttc ccaaaccagc ctgctcagac gcccctgtct ctgcgcttac agatgtcagc    127140
     tgtgctctgc agggcagctc tgcccaccca tccatccttt cacactgagc aaggctataa    127200
     caaatctttg ccaatagcac tgataggaaa tatgttaacc tgaaactaga cccagcccta    127260
     ggtgtggccc ttgggattcc tggttggcct ctctgcctcc tctggcagca gaatatggat    127320
     actataccgc ctgtcccgcc ccatcccctc ttccccagtt ctcaggagac agcagatcag    127380
     ctagccactt ggaagtcaag gagcatgtct agcagtgtgg cctgtgagga acgtgggacc    127440
     tcctcttcta ggaagagtct gaatctgtac ctttcctttg acaggtgaac cagatccaaa    127500
     agacagtgat tgaacctctg aaaaagtgag taaggccatc caaggcagtg ggcctcacag    127560
     tacttgtggg gacagcaggt cagctagcca ctcggaagcc aaagaccatg tctagcagtg    127620
     tggccacagc ttcccatgac aagaaacaac agggacacca gccatacagc ctgtcccgtg    127680
     gctgaggctc ctggttgttc caggactcca gcactgccca ggcacagtct aggaacaggg    127740
     aactgctaat ttctatggtg ccaggcactg ccctggtggt cgtttggccc cttccccttt    127800
     tgcctctggt tgggccccca ggaggcccag tgctggctga tttcaactgt agagattctg    127860
     gccagcactc aacagacatg agcaaggcct ttcatctccc agccggcctg ggatgcagct    127920
     gcctgcagca ctttgtgttg gaaacgtggg ggtggccgca catggggaag ggcgagcagc    127980
     agccaccacc gccaccacca ccacctcatc ctgcttgtga aggtcccctc actcatgacc    128040
     tgtgagagca aggaattctg ggagactctt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttggtcctg    128100
     caggccctgg tcaaggatca gacaggtttg tcttgtgggt ccccagggga ggaggctggt    128160
     ccaagctttg ccttgaagct cttgagtgct tcctctctcc tggcctctcc cagcctgctc    128220
     tgacctagaa aggctcccgc tctgcaccag cagctgcact ttattacctc ggccgtggtg    128280
     gtccctggca gctgccttgc caggcctggg cagtgagcct ctgcttcatt atcattaggc    128340
     cagatcaagc tggagggaga tgaagaaagc agtttctgat cctatagtct ttgggtgtcg    128400
     gggagtgctg agttattcct ttccctgttc agatccaggg gtgggattag gaaaagccct    128460
     cctagttttc ttagtgctcc tccccaacac tggacactca gagccacctg cggcttgcca    128520
     taaggccagg cctgacccat gcccaccacc ccagcctcag cagcctggga tttcacaccc    128580
     ctgcctcttg gtcagagttc atctccaaac caggggaccc tacatggggc ccttagtgca    128640
     gaggggctgt tcatttggcc tggtctcaga gctggatgga gggatctcag agggaagtac    128700
     ctctgtacac aaaactctgg tgtgcctgag atgcaggggt ccagaggcag cctcaggcac    128760
     ccagagctgg cagaatatgg caggactgcc agctcagaga actagggggt tgactacctt    128820
     ctcgatttca caaccaacga ggcggcattg aaatcggatc cctggcttct tcagccaagt    128880
     ggagagaaac cccggctgct tcccaccatg ctagtggccc accacctgcc aggaaggtgg    128940
     gggcgtggca gagggggcgg ccaccatctc cgccatggat ccgctgacct ctgtatgagc    129000
     ctcaggcctg gctgcctggc tggcttctgc aacccacagc cagcatacaa ccccccatga    129060
     ccacagaaac caccgctgcc tgttccctcc tccccacttg tttccttgtg ccaggagcga    129120
     agctcccagg gaccccagca ccggaaacag gaaactgcag ctttcctgtc ctctaatgaa    129180
     gatcatggcc accctgtcgc ccccagtatc ccctgccaag ggggctcggt ctctaatccc    129240
     ccagtccctg gttgttcaca tgtcggatgg ggatgctttc aatttccctt tcctggtggg    129300
     tggaagatcc cgggtgtgtg ggcacagatg aggaatggca ggcattcccc accaggccgg    129360
     ctgctcccag cccacctccc agccggcctc tttccctccc cactctctct tcaccccacg    129420
     ctttatctcc ctggggagtg agcttcgtgt tcaatcctat gccagtcaag aaatgggtgc    129480
     ctcctaggtt gggggccctg aaaaccctga tgtagaccta ggtccacctc ccatctctgg    129540
     aaatcagtgg gaatcagatc taagcactta gagacttgga actcgggaag gtgggtcagg    129600
     tgtgcgtgct gccatattga gcaggagtgt cccagccacc cacgctggcc tgtgtccatt    129660
     tcctctgtag aaagcaagcc aagctgattc cttggtgtgg tagagttggt acctaagagc    129720
     agagctaggt gaactaagtg ggcatggagt atgaggatgt atgatttgag cagggccagg    129780
     gagcagagga cgcccacctc ttaccactac ttctcaaggg acacctgaga ctcgcagagg    129840
     attggacttt ttcaccatgc gcctttgaag aagacagtta aaaactgcaa gctttgctct    129900
     ttaaggagag ctgggcccat gtgtcatcct tgtccgggag ggcagcagga acctggggaa    129960
     agtccagaca cagaggacca gcctctacca gtcctaacct tccacatcag caccccaacc    130020
     ctagctagac cccatggaga ggggatcctg atatcaggta cctggcaaga cctgtccacg    130080
     cctgagacgt tgaaaataag aaaatgaaca ggaattcctt cccccatcac cttgggacag    130140
     acaagcactc ttcctgtgag tgacattaat agccccctca gatgaaaaga acatgacacc    130200
     tgtcccttgt ctcagggact cccggtccca ggtccaaagc tacccgcatt tcccattatt    130260
     atcgattcaa ctacagttgc ctgagctact gacaatcctc gtagcttgat caaatcttaa    130320
     tttgattgag aagcactgct gtaggagacg agatctaagg aagacctgtg agtactcaag    130380
     agtcaggagc cactagccgg ggcagcagag cccgttgcac ctgcagaggg tagtgatctt    130440
     gattaagtag tgctgtgtag acaccacact ccccaaggct gtaacccctg gtctgtggca    130500
     gacttggtct cccatctctg cccttccatg tgcacttgca ctgtgccctt catgaactgt    130560
     ccctgtcaca atagtattag tgttcctggt cggtgtgact tggtcttaaa agatgacaac    130620
     catagaaagg ggccaggacc atgagctgag gtctgttttg ctgagactag catgtaagac    130680
     caactaacat tgcaccaagg tgccatttca cacctgcaag acacccttca tgtactggtt    130740
     tgttcctggt gatgcaccct caccccccat aggtgaattc caatgtactc cacctctacc    130800
     tcctgtctgc ctctcattct ttctctttct ctgaccctgg ccctgaggcc accccaaaag    130860
     caggcggctt ctgacagcag gcaagctgct agggtccttt gtcctcttgg gatagaggga    130920
     ggggcaggat ggtaggttcc tgggcttgag gcacctgttc ccttgagcca cactgcccag    130980
     ctgcccagga agggagaggg gctccagagc agctgaatca ctggtacagc tgtcttcaca    131040
     ctggcattgt gactggctcc tcccagtgtg acctggtggt gcctggtccc cccatctatt    131100
     ttgcacattt cacctgctgc ctggccacgt ttatattctc tcttctctag taggaatatt    131160
     cattactccc atcagggtgg ccctgacttg ttgaggcttt tcagtaccaa atttatggtc    131220
     atatcctatg agaagcagag gttgggaagc gcacctcctg tgatatgtga gcctactgaa    131280
     gacagcctaa gcattcagat gttctctcag ctcaggtgca tgggaaaggc tggcctcagc    131340
     caccgactgg catcaactgg cttgttcctg acttccgtta gcttgctttg tcacgctctc    131400
     tgggctcacc taaataaggt gactcttgtg gtcctaggtc accagctatg tctgtccacc    131460
     cgagtgtcca gaggcgttga atctcttggc tgtttgtctg tatcacagca ggctgtcaga    131520
     actcctggct ggtacagtgg gcactgcatg gtatggtagg aaagtcttgc ccaacaatga    131580
     ggccaacaac acgtcctcat ggctttgtag tcaaggaagt tgccccattt tctcactccc    131640
     aagagacctg cttgtagagt tacctcacct ccacccctca tctgtgtcaa gaagaacatt    131700
     tactcttgcc tgccccccac ctcaaaagtg gctcttccct gcgcctgtcc aagataggat    131760
     ggcctttcat gggggaaagg tagccttgat gatggttaca cacaaatgcc aaaacttttc    131820
     aaacacagcc tgctctgcgt ggccagtcgt ctgagtagtc acaccatact ccttttcagt    131880
     tgtgttaggt aggagcggct gggaccatct ttctaaagcg tgctttttcc atttgttctt    131940
     ttaatgggag aaccattccc tttgtgtttc ctcacggtgt aaaggaaccc ttagccagga    132000
     tctttctttt ttgtctcctg ccagtggcac tgtgacatag tagagaaggt gttgacaaac    132060
     atggatactc atagcccttt ccagaccatc actccctggc tgtggccctg ccttcccctg    132120
     ttggtttggt ttgatttggt ctttagtgta tacagtcgga ttccagccct gctgacctcg    132180
     tgctgaggct ccgcagcagg acagggagca ccggcaatca cagcctaaca tctgggtctg    132240
     gggagagctc tcagtactgt ctgtgcccca cgccatccca cctgtacaag ccccaaagcc    132300
     tcagagcctt atgagactgg cacatagtag gtgtgtcgca catgtgtttg agtacgtagt    132360
     gactgggaca cacccccaca tgagaagcct gtttccaacc aggctgtgcc caacaggttc    132420
     agcagcatat tcccaagcct caacatggcg gtgaagcggc gggagcaggc cttgcaggac    132480
     tacgggaggc tgcaggccaa ggtggagaag tacgaggaaa aggagaagac tggccccgtg    132540
     ctggccaagc tccaccaggt acaggggaga cgcaataggc taaatggaac aaccattgcc    132600
     acggggtcct cctttcagga cctgcggaac caggatacta gctatttcca cccaccctgc    132660
     ccccttcagt gacagccctg actccaaggt cttgttcccc aggcccgaga agagctacgt    132720
     cctgtgcggg aagactttga ggccaagaat aaacaactcc tggatgagat gccgcggttc    132780
     tatggcagcc gacttgacta tttccaaccc agctttgagt ccctgatccg ggcacaggtg    132840
     agacaaggct tttcccttgg ggaatcatct ttgtaggaac ccagttcccg ttagacatag    132900
     ccatgctctg cacagacagc aacacctccc tgcaccaggc tctatgaaag ttcatgtgtt    132960
     gtcctagtca gccctggtgc ctggcactga tactgtactg gaacttctgt tgggtatcct    133020
     ccattggcaa tccactcagt cccaacccta tgatagacag ggttcctttt tgtttaactc    133080
     ttcgcccctt gagttcttcc tcccttgctt aattaagcaa gcaagaaaag ccctgattgc    133140
     atctttagct accactttga ctgagcagat cctttgagag gccagtagtg actgcttgtg    133200
     agcccaatag gagagttcca ttagccagag accacaggag tcttaacttt cagtttccta    133260
     gggaggggtc ctgaataggc tctgaaatgc tggccactag atatgaagtg ccccctcgtg    133320
     gagaacaaat gggagtgcag accagtatgg gggtggcagc cagaaagagg gtaaaaccca    133380
     gtcggagccc agtgtctcct gctgctgggt ccaattggga tggcatgcag caggctcctg    133440
     ccctcctctc gctgttcatc ttcaggcttg ttctcaccac tggcaaggtg ggagaggcag    133500
     tggtactgga gccaggagca gggcttctgc acacagacct cctcactgat cgcgggtatt    133560
     ggcttccatc tctggactcc aacactctct ggccaccaag ctaaggcttc ttgtccacaa    133620
     attctgcctg ccctgcttct tgtcttagct gcacctctgc tgccctccag tggacatcat    133680
     cattccctgt tgctttccta gccacagggg ccatggtaaa gcctgattcc cacttcccag    133740
     ccttcatttg gaatgatacc caaagccatg gcgtagaatg cccatcaaga agcccaggca    133800
     aggtttggac tggagcctgg acttgctagt gacacgtttt cagtccggtg ctctctaggg    133860
     agtgagacag acaacagaag cgggaggatg ctctcctgta gtccctgcag gtgagggctg    133920
     ccttccagct gctgcaccct ctgtttggat gaggcctgga tttacaggag atcttggcct    133980
     gctctctttt gctgacacct gcctctgctt ctagtgagct gcatacacca tccccacccc    134040
     cagatcctta gaggaagctg cagggtgccc aggctatggg gtaccccgta accaagcagc    134100
     agggtagcca gggttgttta ccacctctcc ctgtgccagc ctccttctca cccggctgct    134160
     gctgctatta gtcactagag aagtgcgcat tccagatgac tcaacaggca ttgtgtctta    134220
     ggcagggatt gggggcgggg gtacctggcc cgctacaact tagctgggga ttctaaagag    134280
     acttcctagg ataccatgtc ccactggccc ttgctgcaca gccaccctcc cagtccccat    134340
     cgtctggttt cttagatgga aggagaatcc tagagacatc tcaaagttga ggtgcttgaa    134400
     gaatggggac actttgatga gatgtgatgt cacatcagga agtggaagct gaggcagaaa    134460
     tggcctctag cctctgtgga aaagtcgcca tctatcacat agagaaaccc ctccactctt    134520
     ggacctgcct cccacctctc acccagtcac tctcaccaca tcagtgctgc ttttcttcca    134580
     ggcaacttaa cctagatgtg ataactagca aaactgggaa ggggtgggat ctggggagct    134640
     gacacctccc ttaactggac ttctagggcc agctctcaag acttggggag ccaatgtctg    134700
     ctgggttctt cttccatgac caaaagcccc tggctcctct ccttgcttag aaacagcagt    134760
     aagccccagg cctgcccttg cccacatact gccctctggc accctcaaat gtagtctccc    134820
     tgcccaatct agctattttg gtcttgacaa acctttctct gtggtatata tttccaaaag    134880
     ccccagctgt ggttccctac ccctagactg ctgagggata gatagatagg gtgaggtcta    134940
     agaggcagtg atggaacaag tgagagacac accccaccgc cttcagccag agcaacccac    135000
     agacccagag ccaggccctg cttgtgcctc tcacctgctt tgctgactga gtgctgtgta    135060
     gaactggagt ccagttcctg ccaacaactc ttgtctccta cccaggttat atactactca    135120
     gaaatgcata agatctttgg agacctgacc cagcagcttg accagccagg ccactcagat    135180
     gagcagcgag agcgggaaaa tgagaccaaa ctaagtgaac tccgagccct ctccatcgtg    135240
     gctgatgact gagcccctgt ccctcaggag tccttagact ctttgggaca caggtgacat    135300
     ctctataggc tttgctccta gcgggcatgg attcatggac ctcccaatgg ccaggcagtt    135360
     ggagacaggt ggccactatt gtaccttgcc agttctctga cttaaatgtc tccatgtcct    135420
     taagcctgat actaggagcc tcacaggctg ctgcttccct gtgtccagtg ctgataagca    135480
     atgtagaaaa accctggggc ctttttactt ccagaaccgt ccagagtgtg ctatagtgtc    135540
     tggccaacag gagcctttgg aagggcctgg gcttcctgtg gaacttgaag ccttagctgt    135600
     ctacctccag aggacctact ctaggaaagc caccatcctc tcaggactct ttagactgct    135660
     gggtgaggca cagtgccctg gtctctcagc ctctctgggc ccttcatgcc aacacaacca    135720
     aagccagtcc cctataggtc cagcacaggg acaaagccca ggagtttagc tttcccttga    135780
     actggggctt tgtctctagc tgtccactag gaaatgttac atgttgaact gctgccctca    135840
     aagcaaggct ctgtctcacc tgtattactg gaattttatt ttcacttgtt attggaattt    135900
     tattttcaag taaagttttc cagtaaaaca acagtgtact ttaactgaca ccaagaggga    135960
     gctgtcacag ctttgccaca gccctgccaa cttggcagag tgccttcact cagtcacaac    136020
     ctgtggcact tactgcctgc ctgctgcctt ctagagagaa ctgaggcctg gcaaacagag    136080
     agggtacagc agcttgaaag aggaggagag ctagctacaa agactcacac ttggtttgtt    136140
     tttcactttg gtttatttaa aaaacaaaaa gccaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa ccaacaaaca    136200
     actttatata caaagtcgaa ctgaaaccat gaattatgga aagaggcaag aattatggga    136260
     agtggaaggg gctaggccag ggccaatacc acattctgaa cataagaact agagaaagaa    136320
     gtaagtgctg gttcttctgg caagttgggg gcagctggga cacagtgttc tattggcaac    136380
     cctgacccaa caccaaatgc tccttgaatg ggctccatca cctaacagac acagagcctg    136440
     cgggacttgt gccgcccaga ggacggacat tcttggctgc atcaactcta cacccattcc    136500
     tcccatttat tggcattaga ccttgttctg ggctggaaat gccttttcct cccgtcttgc    136560
     tctaaaatgg acgaggacag gagacagcac aagactacaa gggccctggg agaaattcca    136620
     agattgaggg caaaatgaca ttctaggggt gcaaaggacg ttgtatttag ttgtagctgg    136680
     aactggagtt ccttacatat ccatccacat agcacaaacc ccatactgag tttgacatcc    136740
     cctgcagagg ctgagcacag aactcaagct acccctgctg tggctcccag gccctgctcc    136800
     agctgccttc tggtaccaaa agggctctaa tgtcatcagg ctccatcgca gacctcacta    136860
     ggcagccact cagttgctag gcgttggctc ttctttctct acccagctgt cagcctgtgt    136920
     gagcacatga agcaatggag gataaggctt ctcccatgtc ctgccactgg agtgcagagc    136980
     attgagagta gctgagtctc ctaagaaccc agtatatgga ggactagcac aacaaggaag    137040
     ggccaggtgt ctcccaggcc tctccacaga ggctagctcc actctacttc tgtggcttca    137100
     ccaaaaggaa ctatggccac cctttagcca tcttaccttc tcaacaatcc gctgcatctc    137160
     aaggtgcagt ggggtcaggc gcctgcggaa gtcctgcatc tgtcgctgga gctggttctt    137220
     ctgtcgctct gctgtccggg ccgtctcctc tgcctcggcc agccgggccc gcagctcctg    137280
     catctctgct gccagtgtct tatttgtcac ctcagtggct gagaagcggt tatggctctc    137340
     ctctgaaagg taggtgagga catggcagga aggctctgat cagtccactg gagcattggg    137400
     acaaaagcct gaggcctaag gagtgttgtc ccctgagtgg ctgtgacatc acactcacca    137460
     agcttcagtt ccagtgtgtg aatcttgttc tccaggtata ggcggccact gtcttgctgc    137520
     tctgcacgct gtaacaggct tcccacattg atgaggctac cattgtgggg caccaggcct    137580
     ttgtgctctg tgggggcagc acctggcttt gtgctcttcc ctgaaggagg cagtagatcc    137640
     aggtttccta aagaagacat gcatgagctc aggagaatgg cccaccacgg ccccactccc    137700
     tgccggccac agagcacaag acataccgaa gagcacgtct tcaggaaggc catcgtccag    137760
     cacttcagca cggctgtact gaaggctccg gtactggcag atgttctgtg ccaccactct    137820
     actaaccaac tgtttggcct acagaaaaca cagcaggaca cctactggcc acatgcctgc    137880
     atcagggaga ccagaagcat gcaagagctc tggaaaggcc ctctagaagc acaggcgaga    137940
     gaagagaaac tacctgctct gcactgagcc ggatccctag tgtgaggagg accctctcca    138000
     agtctcgcct gtgcaagtag ccacaccagt tggcatcaaa aaacacaaaa gccaaaagac    138060
     agtccagggg gagcacagtt gagggatcca gctccttagg ctacaaggaa agaagagaaa    138120
     caggctttac aaacagttct caaggctaaa gggcacgaca cacacagaca ggcgcagggt    138180
     tgacggcaac aggtagacct cataagtgga ggtcggagct ggggctacag gtttctgtgg    138240
     gcacattccc agaacatgct atgttccctg atcagctctc tctgctctac cctgacaggg    138300
     aaagtggagt attctcagga gtcaggaaca caattggtct cttgtctagg gaagaggtca    138360
     ctggtaggga accctcaccc aggaagggcc aagcttccca ccaccaggta caggaggaga    138420
     caagatctca ccatgtcctg aagagaagaa tattccatct ctgactggtt tgaggcaaca    138480
     gaacgaacct ctgtttcctc tagctttgct cctgctatag aaatcccaag ctcagaatct    138540
     accaaggatg atagtctaca cccctaagag cagtggttct caacttttgt ttgtgaaccc    138600
     ctttcacagg ggttgcatgt tagctatcct gcatagcaga tacttgcatt tcaattcata    138660
     acagtagcaa aattacagta gtgaagtagc aatgaaaagt gaatttatgg ttggagggtc    138720
     accacaacat gaggaactgt attaaaggtc gcagtattcg gaaagttgag aaccacttct    138780
     gcttaagagg aagctaccac agccagcccc tgagagccac tcccccagac acaccaaatt    138840
     cgtcctctcc atcatcccgc agcagcagca ggtctgggtc caaggccatc tcacagaggt    138900
     cctcagccgc ctcgccccgg gccttttcct cctcttctcc ccctgaagag ggccgtttgg    138960
     gcagaagccc atcctccttc tagagaagca gaccaagatg gtgaggagga gcaggaccct    139020
     tctaatgcta acagttgctt aaatgtgctg gacactggtg ggcactctgt tgacccacca    139080
     tgtgctcatg ggtatttaac cataccagga ttcagatcag caagggcaca tgtagacccc    139140
     tgaggtattt ctcaggagtc agtcttagtt gtacacataa ttaagcaatt acatgtaaat    139200
     gacatatttg gataataagc caagttacat tttagaaatg gctaaaaccc agtttgtcca    139260
     cctaactatc aggtaatcct aattcctgag gattctgact ggcatttcta tgctgccatg    139320
     gcttattaga cacacttccc tcgctctctg gggccactac cctcaccctg gacataccac    139380
     ttcctgtgtg gccacatgca gagattcatg ttcctgggcc tcagcccatc tccagagact    139440
     gggtaacata aaggagcaat gcaactagac atgcaaagtg cctaaagcag cgcctgacac    139500
     acgtgagagg cttgaatcat actaagcatg accatgtgtg ggccttgggc cagcccagga    139560
     ctgagagcag tactcaccag tgggctgtct gactcggcag ctgtgccctc attctgtacc    139620
     tcatccttgg acaccttcac tgcctcctct ttgacagcct cctcctcttt gaccgcatct    139680
     tctttggctg cctcctcctt ctcaggttca ggaggagaca caactttttc tggaaggctc    139740
     agcagcgtct tataaattct atagccaaaa tccctctgca gcatctctac aaacagctca    139800
     gccagcacca ctacctgtta aaagaggtgc aggaaccatg gcatcaggga agaggacaag    139860
     aatgccacac tatcctctcg tctactcatg agctctctcc cgcacttgcc tcaaaagaga    139920
     tcctttcttt tggcctccga tcctccacaa ttccataaag agacaggttg acacagcgag    139980
     gacgggccat cacagcaggt tctagaggag gcggaggggc ctctgggaga tcagtgtcca    140040
     catcttgctg tgtggtggcc tccattgtct ctgtgttctg tttagaagtg tctgcttgct    140100
     ctgacacatc aggagcctgt tcagtagcct ctgcttccta tgacaatagc tcagatgtga    140160
     ccttctgggc cctggggtca gggcacgtac ttttgagata ggggctcacg tagctgaaat    140220
     caactttgaa ctctgggtct tcctgtctcc acctccccag tgtgggagtt acaggcttgt    140280
     gccaccatgc ccagcttccc tgcattttca taaggcccag ccttacccct gatgcctcat    140340
     gtggttgggg agctgcctcc gtggctttct gttggcacag tgcctcccac tcctccaaag    140400
     tgggcatgat ggtccacacg tctggcaggt acaccactac tgtgtgtaac tgccggggcg    140460
     gccccggctg taagtactga aactcagcaa agcgccacct ggtcacagca aaaggaaaag    140520
     aaagccctca actgtgacat atttaccagt atcacacaga caagtacctc tgcttccagt    140580
     cagcactcca tgcacacatg ctgcatgcca agccatgagt acagacataa agccacacgc    140640
     caaagcctct gtggttaggc aacagggaga cgcagtgagc agatagcaca taggaacact    140700
     aaggcattga ggagtactgg gtgtggcttg ggggggtcag ctgccatcga tgctcacagc    140760
     cctgggttct cagtcatctg tgagcagtta ggaatgggca ggcacgagct gtggcaggag    140820
     agaacctaga gggcagaagc caggctcctg acaccccaca gcgagctggc cacatgggga    140880
     aggccactca ccatttggtg caggtgctca agtcaatgcc agtctgggct tgtgcacagc    140940
     ggatggctgt gcgcaccagc acctgcgggt ctgcctgggg gtcgaggcca tccagggaag    141000
     gagaccactc acccccaacc agcactgcct cttcttcttt ccggcccagc aaaaactgca    141060
     gagagattgg gaataacgaa acatggcctg cgtctcccac agtgaggcaa ggcagctgcc    141120
     cagcaagaag tgaggcagca agaagtagtt aaggccgcca ccacctaggg ctctagggcc    141180
     attcacgcaa accagccgcc tgactcctct tcagaggaag catctctatg cggtcctcct    141240
     gtataaagtt agggccttca gctccgaaac accaagtttc tatgttaatg cacagaagcc    141300
     tagctgctga aagtgtggca gactgaccag ccagcacatc ttgcctcctg taagccagtg    141360
     cttaccttta gctgcttcag aggatgctct ggtgtctccc ttggctcagc catgtcatcc    141420
     acaaacagca tgcagcaacg atagaactcc tccaggcctg gggaggagag cagcagcacc    141480
     tgtgtagggg acaacgtgct cagccacatt atgtcctagt gaggtgacaa gtcacaagag    141540
     cccagtcaac tgaccttgga actgtaagtg gggtcactgt cctcagggct gggctcagca    141600
     ccagtgtctg gagctgcctc cttctctgaa gagacctgga tccgacttgg gtggtggagg    141660
     gaaaagggct ggcccagagg gaaggctgac agccagctca agtgaacgga aaggaaatct    141720
     gaggggacca acaggctgcg gtaacgtcgc tgcagttcta ggaagtcaca ggtgggactg    141780
     taggaagaca gcaaggcgat ccactcagca ctaaagaagg agcatctcag agcttaggag    141840
     cactggcttc cctacagagg atcaggatta gctcatagag ccttcatggc agcttacaat    141900
     tatctgcaac tccagtccta gaggatgaca cgctcttctg acctctgagc accaagcata    141960
     catgtggcac acttatatac gtacaagtag gcaagacact atacatataa acttaaaaaa    142020
     aaaagttggt tttttggttt tgttttgttt tgttttttta aacaaatctg cagtgccagc    142080
     agaatggctt atagtgggta aaggtgtttg ctgtatgagc ctattcatcc ccaaaaaccc    142140
     atgcaaacat agaaggaaag aaccaacttt agagttgttc tctgattcac atacatgcat    142200
     gccatcccac cctccacccc caaatacatt gacacattga atgaatggat taatgaagga    142260
     acgaactaat aaacaaaaca gcaaagacta caacagcatt ttcttcagct tgagaaataa    142320
     agactctaat tagggatctc ccaggggtaa ggatggcccc atctgaccat ttgatttata    142380
     aatccccata acaaagaaag ccaaactggg aaagaaagaa agaagaaatc acaacacatg    142440
     acacagcaat ggtcgtggct ttttaagggt ttaattatgt ctatctgtgt atgggtgcat    142500
     acacgtgtgt gagttcccag aggcatcaat tcctctggag ctggaggtca caggcaggtg    142560
     ttagctgcgt catgtgggtg ctggaactaa actcatgttc tctggaagag cagtatggac    142620
     ccctaatcac tgagccatct ctcaagcccc aggaatggcc atggtcttga taaacaactc    142680
     actagtcagt aaaaaaaaaa tctcaggtac ctaggaaaaa ctgaaacttc acatgacaag    142740
     gccttcccag aaacatacac atgcgacatg aaagcctagg caaggatctt accagccgaa    142800
     ttcaatctct gaaaccaaca tggtggaaga agagaaccaa ctcctcaaag accccctgac    142860
     ctcacacagg agcccacaca ctcgtaaaaa gtaatagatg tacaatgttc ttttcagaat    142920
     gtcagactca ctgctaatta gaaatgaaaa tcagaacagc actttccccc agcaaaacta    142980
     caatgaaaag gcccatgaag gccaagcatg caggcacaca gtcaaaaagc aatcataaag    143040
     gccagctgtg ccagcacaca cgcttcgtcc tagcactcag gaggccaggc gtgctggtac    143100
     acacagttaa tccctgcaat caggaggcag aagcaggtag atctctgagt ccaaggccag    143160
     cctggtctac agtgtgagtt ccaggacagc cagggataca cagaaaccct gtctagaaaa    143220
     acaacaacaa taataacaac aaaaaaggca tatgaaaaca gtgttggcaa aggtacagaa    143280
     aacaaggatt ctgtgacttg caccatggtg actgtgtaag tggacacaga ctcagaaaaa    143340
     gaactggtaa tagctatcaa aattagaaac caggccagat atgggggcac ttgccttcac    143400
     ctttaatccc agcactcaaa aagaaaaatt gctggcatgg tagctcaggc agaaacaagc    143460
     agctcctaga caactgagcc tgcctggcaa ctcccaggcc agtcagtccc tgtctccaaa    143520
     gcaaacagct aatcaacacc tgaggaatga tatctgaatg gtattgtctg gccaaacaca    143580
     cgtgaaccca cacacatgaa caaatgtgca tgcacacata cagaataaga ctaacatgca    143640
     ttagcacaga acctacttga agatacacca aaacatgtgc agcagattcc cacagattgg    143700
     ttggttagtt ttagaagagg ccgccagtct acacacattc gcatgcgtcc aaatagacct    143760
     agaaagcgtt gtttgtgcaa gtggacagcc cttcccagcc tttacttacc tgtccacagt    143820
     atagggagtg agatgaaccc ggtaaggaga caggtcatgc ctaggtttct tagcacccca    143880
     aggctctccg ccagcccgct gtttgcgttt cttcgagtca tagtcatcac tggaaggtga    143940
     cccagcacca gaaacaagaa gccatattgt tacatatgta ttcagtatat aaagaactag    144000
     aaaatcctga gtcctcaaca ttaagaagtg aatacagggg ctagaaggat ggatcagtgg    144060
     ttaggagcac tggctactct tccaggggtc ctgagttcaa ttcccagcaa gcacatggtg    144120
     gctcacaacc atctgtaatg ggatccgatg ctctcttctg gtgtgtctga agacaactac    144180
     catgtattca tgtacataaa taactacaca tatatatata cacacacaca cattcatata    144240
     tatgcaaggt acagcatata tacaaaaggc tattataaga aagaagagct ttaaaatact    144300
     gaaagataag ccagcaagat ggcttagcag ataaaggcac ttgccaaaga gcttagtgac    144360
     ctaagtttga tcccagaaca accctccccc ccaccccccc atggtgggag ggaagaccta    144420
     atctcttcaa gtcatctgac ctccacccat aaacactcaa caataaataa atgtaaaaag    144480
     ttttaaattc aaatatcatg gctagagaca ggctccagaa cctttccctg ttgcgcatcc    144540
     tgcaggctta gtgttttaga tttttattat gttttatgca tgtgcacaag ccacaataca    144600
     catgtggaaa ttggttttct ccaactatct gggtcccaga gatcaaactc aggtcatcag    144660
     ggttagtggc aggtgcattt ctctgctgag ccatctctcc agcccatgct ttagaaattt    144720
     aaaagattta tttatttatt atatgtaagt acactgtagc tgtcttcaga cacaccagag    144780
     ggcattagat ctctttaagg atggttgtga gccaccatgt ggttgctggg atttgaactc    144840
     aggacctttg aaagagcaat cagtgctctt aaccactgag ccatctctcc agccctgctt    144900
     tagaattttt gagatagtct tctactctgt agctcaggct gggctcaaat ttaccatgta    144960
     gcccaggcta gccttgaact catggccacc aatcctctag cttctgctcc caagtgttgg    145020
     gattaaagat atacaccacc aatcctgact taaaagaatg cttattttat tttggttttt    145080
     caacacaggg cttctctgtg tatccttggc tgtcctggaa cttactttgt agaccaggct    145140
     aacctcaaac tcaacagaga tccacctgtt tctacctcct aagtgctgga attaaaggca    145200
     tgtgccacca tgccaagctc aaatttttta aagaataaaa ataaatattt ttaactgaat    145260
     aaaaacaagg ggacaacaaa acaatacctt ttgccagtaa ttctaccctt gaaaaactat    145320
     ccaagtattt ggggacatgg ggagcagtat aaagcaaaac accaagttat ctaatggagc    145380
     ccatgcctcc tcactgacag ctgaatgtag tggctgtaat aatgatttca tcagtaaggc    145440
     agtcaccaag atgctgctgc aagagttccg ggtttcagta gtgtagctaa tggtaaaatg    145500
     agcttgctcc agtcaatagc acccatgtaa gcaggcccta aataacaaac taagtgacag    145560
     agtgagccaa aaaaaaggca aaggtagagt tgggagagga ggaatttatc tgtgggggtg    145620
     tgttctccag taggctgccc gtgctccagt ggatggccca cgcctgtagc cttcaggtag    145680
     cattacttga acccagtagg ttaaaacaga caaaagcaga ccatgaaggt aagcatggaa    145740
     tgttagggag gtgggaggag ggggaggctg gagttctatg attgagatac acgtgtgcat    145800
     catgagactg tcaggggaaa agtagaatat tcttttttaa aaagagagag gaggagagcg    145860
     ttcagggcag gagggcagga ggctaatggg gatgtaatcg aagtgtgctc agacacggga    145920
     cagctgtgag agaataaacc tttagagaag agcatgctac agtgtgggga aatgtctaaa    145980
     cagaaacaaa taccttgggg tatttggggg gaggggtggg ggaggggata ggggattttc    146040
     agagaggaaa ctaggaaaag ggataacatt tgaaatgtaa ataaagaaaa tatctaataa    146100
     aaaatgaaaa aaaaaaaaaa accaaatacc ttgaatatca cagaccatgt actagctaga    146160
     aagaaactag caaggtcaca ggaaggtaca acaggaacag tgttcctgtg caaaaaccac    146220
     ttcccaaaca cttttttttt aagatttatt tattatgtat acagcattct gcctgcatgt    146280
     atgcctacag gccagaagag ggcaccagat ctcattacag atggttgtga gccaccatgt    146340
     ggtagctggg aattgaactc aggacttctg gaagagcaga cagtgctctt acctctgagc    146400
     catctctcca accccccatt tcccaaacac ttaccttcct gtcaataata ggacactcaa    146460
     agaaggctag aactttaccc ttcaatgttg ccattctgtt agtcttttgt tttgagacaa    146520
     ggtcttaagt agcttgggct ggccttacat tcctaattgc atgtgaccca cagagctgtc    146580
     aagaaacatg ttaatggtag gagcagcaga aacctggttt gactaaagac ctcagctgct    146640
     cacaagagca gtccaaggga aatgttattc tgcaccccag agctgggagt ttaacatgaa    146700
     gctgggctaa tagacaaacc acccatgtga ccaaatcctt tacaaactgg aagtttttcc    146760
     tcagattgac taattcctga tgcctctctt cctactcaat acgttctcta aaagctgtaa    146820
     ctctgaagca ccttggccaa agtaacacac tgcaagtggt gcaccaggac ctggcaatca    146880
     aatgcatctg gcagccacgg ctggaatttc aattgaaagc acaagcccac agtcaatggt    146940
     ttccaaccag gtaacataaa ccctccaggt acctgttatg gttctgtgct ggaggctttc    147000
     gtaagcttac agaatggaga agcccaggaa gatatactag acaagcatta taggtgcaag    147060
     ccatgtatga gtttaggaat ggagaaagtg tagaaaaaag tgccaggcca atctccatgg    147120
     gaccacagca gcctttccct gagaacggat gctagcttct gcacagggac tggccatgtc    147180
     acctccctca gctctcctca gctctcctca ggtttgccat gcttactcca agtgttcccc    147240
     actgaactgc gtctcagctc ttatccgcat gtgggagaca gggtggtccc ctttctggag    147300
     ttatctcaaa cacatcacag cacaagggat ctttctgaca atggcagggt gctatgagat    147360
     caaaatgtat catcaacagg ctggtgagat ggcttagcag gtatgagcac ccaactgctc    147420
     tgctaaaggt cctgagttca aatcccagca accacatggt ggctcacaac tatctgtaat    147480
     gagatctgat gccctcttct ggagtgtctg aagacagcta cagtgtactt acatgtaata    147540
     aattaagaaa aaatgtatca tcaagagtct gacatttcaa tctaagttgc acttcaagat    147600
     ttctatcaca aagcaaaaac aagttcaagg ttacaaggag ataaaggtag tctagaaata    147660
     aaaaagaagg caggtaatga tacttgtata aatcaggtaa tggcttgaag attcgttttc    147720
     tttttccact tcctttgcat atattgaatt ttctattata agaagccaaa cgaaaactct    147780
     caaggacagt gaagcacaac ggagatgtga acttgagaca caatgagcat gctcctggaa    147840
     attccccaaa tttgcagatg ataaaggacc acaggatgtc tcaagtgcct gaatagacca    147900
     tgcttgttcc acattaaggc caagaaaagt attggcacag gacaaagcct gaactactga    147960
     atatagtgta gcctcgtgtt gtaacactat tatacaaagt atacacaaag aagccatctt    148020
     aaattaggaa ccaaaacatt ttgcaacaat cccttctttg atgttactat tttcttgtaa    148080
     caattcctgg tatctctatg ttaaatacta gaaacaaagg ggaaattata tacttttgta    148140
     actatctggg gctgaagcgc tggctcagtg ggtaaagttg cttgcataag gatcccagca    148200
     tccatgtcaa agctgacaca gtctgttgat cccagccctg gcaggggcag gcaggaggat    148260
     ctctagacct tgctgaccag tcaacacagc cgaaacggca agccccagtg aaactcaacc    148320
     tctaataaaa gcaaacaaaa cccagcagag tacaacagaa gacacttagc atcaaccccc    148380
     tggctctgca cacacctgga tacaaactca taaaacacat gcacatgtgc acacaaagtc    148440
     aagaccagaa agctaaaaaa ataaataaat aaataaccaa tgaatgcata agcaaggaag    148500
     gtctgatgcc gcacacctgt aaaccagcac ctaggaggga gggaagagga ccagaagttc    148560
     aaggtcatcc ttagctacat cctgagttca aggccagcct aagctacata agacttgatt    148620
     gaaaataaag tgtttcagct gggtaagtgt gggaacacac caataatccc agcactaggc    148680
     agggaggagg ctctccatga ggtcaggctg cgctacagtg agaccctgtc tcaaaagagc    148740
     aaaacaacaa aaactgtcaa tgtgacattt tgaaatataa actgtattaa atctcagctt    148800
     tgcagaagta gtgtataaag ttactgtatt tgttaagtat gtttcaatgt gtctgtctgc    148860
     ctttcaaaga aaagggacta gactcttgag tgtccacaga aaaagatatt agtagcaaca    148920
     ggtatcaaag gtggcccatg cccctagagg gagatgtaag gcctgttcat cctcttacct    148980
     tcggccctgg tccagccttc catgaggacc ccgagcagga aatctgttca ggtggctcag    149040
     gtgaagtgtg tgggatgtct ggaagagact cagagctgaa gaaaggaaat ggccggtgac    149100
     tcaaaagccc taaaaccccg tccagcttcc tcctcctctt cctgtgtaga gaagtacccc    149160
     ctctgttcta agagcatcta tatgaaagga acaagtcctt ccctccagat taccccaccc    149220
     tgcatgccac caggactcac gcttctgagg gaaaaggggg ggaattcggt gaggctgaaa    149280
     gatcagctgg ggctgagctc ccaggatccc ttgcttctgg cccagagctg ccacgtgcag    149340
     aaggggaggc gctggagact tcagtaaggg ctagaggaaa atagccggca agtttagggg    149400
     atccccaggt tgataccatg aagagacatc tatcccacct cctcaacaaa aaggattgtg    149460
     cccaaaagtc agaccacaag acttcctcct ctcctcccca ttgcagagga catgctaaga    149520
     aaaatacctg gttggagagc gtctgcacct tgacagcatt ccagggcacg gcctggcctg    149580
     ggttgtatgc ggccttcacc agcaccttct cccccagctg gggcagtcga cccttcacca    149640
     cactgccagc acacaaacca ggaggcccca tcaggaggca ccctggacaa gttattctga    149700
     ctgcccccag gaagaccttc tccatcaaaa tttctcatac cgtgcagtaa gatagcaaag    149760
     caatggcttt aaagaggggg cccaccagca cagagacaga actaaatgca acaacctttc    149820
     cgagaacaga ctagcctcaa gcctacctta gctgaaaaaa gacttcttca tctaccaccc    149880
     caaagtagtc atgcaagctg gtaacaatgc ctgtgaagac tcgctgcttt tccccactct    149940
     gcaagagaag gataggtcaa aagcaacagg aagtgacctg aacaaaatca tgctatgtca    150000
     ctagggcctc atctctagcc acagggactc ggctcgtggt attacaggaa aattcacatg    150060
     ggaagaaaac cagtgggcac acagcctatc tgtgaagagg acagacgcta atacttgact    150120
     tcatccaaac cgcaccaaga cctctctgga gccaggtatt caagattccc caacctaaga    150180
     gttgtctgcg ttccccaaca ctggcctact accaggacaa aaccaaacca accaaccaaa    150240
     caaaaaacca ttgtaacaca agaaacaaca cacagcaggc atccaaacat actagggtcg    150300
     ccccaaaggg aaactcgcta gaaagagcac ccaacatacc tgaaggtgcc tggcattttg    150360
     ggacaggtct gtggccacag gaggagtaag tagaccaggg ggagggccca aaagagatgt    150420
     tgaagctgcg cctatgggga cagagaagca atctccagga attgcaccta ctacccgaag    150480
     cactagaaga tagccagagg atcttataaa cccagaggtc taggtggctc caatcagcta    150540
     ctcagacatt cagaaaaaca cccaagagcc atagtttttg aaactgagtc tcgagcatgt    150600
     tctgagtgta accagtaagg agttaagcac ctgagaagtt gcgtccccct ggaagtgggt    150660
     tgatcctctg ccgcttaaac tgggacattt ggaatactgt cctttcaagg tcttgggggg    150720
     aaaccttcaa tcaaaacaga aagaagttag cagctccaat ggaaaacttc catctattgg    150780
     ggagggggag gggggataga aaatcttaag taaagctttt aaggtgaaga ggtgggtcct    150840
     aaaatggaag aatggagagg atgtagagga gatgaaattg gtagtaacgt tactccagtt    150900
     tgttctcaca ataacctagt ggtgggtgct agtgacatgc tggtttacag acaaggaaac    150960
     tggagctttg agatccggag acttgcccaa ggccacaaaa ccaggtagtg acagagtggg    151020
     actcacaccc aggtctccca acaacttagc actcctttca ctatgtcact ggcacccctt    151080
     agagaagctg gaggagtgag gggctggaag agctccggtg acattcattc attcaaaaac    151140
     atccgccaga acactccacg cagggccggg gcaaaaaata aaaataaaag gtgcgagtag    151200
     cgggttggtg atgcgggccc tctccccgga agcccgccag gcgtctttag gacccgctgg    151260
     tgggaaggga gctgtccagc cggccctcgc caagcggcct gcacgccgct ccctcctcct    151320
     aggtcccgac cctaggctcc ggcctccgca gccgcctgcg cagagctttc cgggccgggc    151380
     caccgagaag ccaccgtggg aggttcacgg cgcgaggttt ctcctcctcc cgcccgcccc    151440
     cagggccgag gccgttgcca gggcgacgga gcttgcagtc cagaggggct cggctctttc    151500
     cgcgactggc gcatcttcgc cgttcggacc ccgcagcctc gccacccgag agagacggag    151560
     aggcgggggc gcagcaggag gcccccaacc cacctgcggg ccagggccac gacaccaggg    151620
     ggacaaagac acccggaacc accgcagccg ccgctgccac caccaccgga aacgcctctc    151680
     cggaagagag accactggtc ggaagctgcc actctcccgg atatggtacc tccctcttct    151740
     ccatcgacct ctcccttccc ccacaccagc ctgccatccc gctccaactg tggaacggaa    151800
     gtgcgccttc ccagatccga taatgccttc ggaagccgag ctcggtggtg tcctctctca    151860
     agtgtcccat cagaaaagta agctcgaacc attggttcca ggtctcaaaa tgactggaac    151920
     tggacccact cccacaaaca caaggaaggg gactaccact tacacaccct gctgtgctct    151980
     actaaccccc aagactacag caacaaaaga agcagggcct ccattggcta gaggaggagc    152040
     gtgcctactg ggggtccatt tccaggggat agtcttctga ctaaagccaa tgaccacccc    152100
     accccacccc catccctatt cctgtccttt tcttgactgc accatcagca aggggtaagc    152160
     atatccgaaa tctataccca gactctcaaa tatgaaacgt acacgatctt aatgaagtgg    152220
     ctctatccaa aatcttgcca gaaatgtggc tattttcaca actattaaca gtgaacacac    152280
     acacaccttc ctttaacttc tggcctccca tctccccact cctgtttgcc tccagcatca    152340
     cacccttccc aggtcattta acagtcacag cacacattga gaatgtttaa tgttacttca    152400
     tcctcctaac aagcttatga ggtaggtaag gtgggtatca tggtcccaag taggaagctg    152460
     tggctcagaa attaagagac ttcgctatgg ttaaactcca ggatagaaca cagcatctta    152520
     gagttgacct tgcaagttat gtgttgttcc tctcaatgtt cttgaccttc cccccatccc    152580
     tcattcagcc ttcaggggct gtactccaga gccgtgactc actacaaagg tacccaaggc    152640
     aatgttgttc ttggtcctag ggctgccgtc tcaggtatga ggaagacatt agaagtccac    152700
     attagtaact gttcattgtg gaatgaagat cggtgccatc cttccagtga caccccaaac    152760
     accaaccctt tggacgaatg attccatcag atggggcaga cggaagtcca acaaagattg    152820
     cataaactta catctgcaac atgctgacac actcccatac taaacatgct ctatgagcac    152880
     ctgataaata agtcaattca cattgcctaa gcccagagat ttctgatgag gaggaagagc    152940
     cctggaagag tgctggaact gcactcagga acctcttggg gatccagggc tccttgcttc    153000
     gatgcttaga gatggatttg gccttcacct tgaagaggag caagcaccaa tagcttttct    153060
     tggcagtgca gagaagcagc agtaagccaa aatgtgaggg acttcttccc aaggtcacca    153120
     ggtacaccaa gaggtcatac agaaagattt tttgctcgtg gcttcttaac caccaatgct    153180
     ggtataaagg tcttccgttg ggaatggcac ggagtcctgt cagagaggtt tctaaactcc    153240
     atcctataga aaagcaaagg aaagttagac aagaagagaa agaaaacaga caagaagctt    153300
     tgcatacctc ctgaggagaa gctgccaacc atgacagaca gacttcacct acagtaaaat    153360
     actttgcctg tgtgtctacc ttaccagccc ctaaatttca gtggtaagga gtgagggctt    153420
     gacacgtgag gatgaacatg ccgcccacaa tctggtagtg gcttcgggaa agccactgtt    153480
     cccaatctca tgtcatcttc tgtctcttca ccaacaaata gggcatattt ttgtttagtt    153540
     gggttttttt tgggggggtt gttttgtttt gttttgtttt ttttcaagtc agggtttctc    153600
     tgtgtagccc tggctgccct ggaactcact ctgtagacca ggctggcctc gaactcagaa    153660
     atctgcctgc ctctgcctcc tgagtgctgg gattaaaggc gtgcgccacc aagcccggcc    153720
     aaatggggca tcttaactac aagacaggac actaccaaca tcctcgccca gcagtctctc    153780
     cccactgcct aaatctaaat caggcacaag actcacctgg atccagaacc atcaggggga    153840
     acaggaggct caggaagtcg agggctcctc caacggagcc gattgagcag aactttgacc    153900
     ttatcccagt gggagagatc ctgctgaaca gagaataagg gctcatctta ttatagtaca    153960
     tctatatact atacatccct aatgaagcta ccaggaactt cactgcccaa gcaaatcacc    154020
     tgctccaaac agcaatcctg tcatttccct gtcattgcac ttacacattc ccatgttccc    154080
     ccaccctgca ccattctact acctgctcca catatatcca tcactacctt gggttcctgg    154140
     gagggtggaa ggatgtgggt tggttccagc aaggcctctg gcagcctaga ggggctggtg    154200
     acaagcaccc ccacttctgg aagtgaagct gcctctgcac cttctgaaag agaactacat    154260
     catctggggc cagaaacaag caggaagcag ccccactaag ctacggttta ggggtctgct    154320
     gatgggaccc tgggcaggca cataggcagc agaatgcaga ggaagacaca gttgcccctt    154380
     acctgggtcc tttgtctggc ttagctcctc tctgtgctcc tggaccctat tgtctgggat    154440
     atgtgatgat gaaagagctg gagccaatac ttcctcctca ggatcctgag gcaggcaaga    154500
     tggaacaagc agagactcac tcgaaagctg aggctgttca gaaggcattc atgctccagg    154560
     ggtcccaccc tccccccact ttcctcccta actgacctgg ccacctgcac ctgtacatca    154620
     ctcaccctag agggtctctg ggtctgcagc tgcaggtaca gctgctggag cctcaccatc    154680
     tgctccagca caaggcacag gtgttccaga tagcgcaagc cctgacctgg aaggcaggta    154740
     caggctgcag actccatatt accaacctgt gggacacgtt aaggtaggaa gaccttcaga    154800
     gtcagccaaa actcccattc tgggtagtca ggctgcactg agccaacaaa atggaacaca    154860
     gcagacaagc caagaaagac acacttggct ggcttcccca gtggccagct gagcatgtca    154920
     cccatacctg tctgcctcct ctgtgggggt ggctacatac tgctgggtgc gaagtgagac    154980
     agaaagcaat gacacaacca tcaattaggg acaagggatg ccccaccccg agagagctcc    155040
     agggaaaatg gggggaaggg tccccatgag ccacacctca gggctttctc caccccaccc    155100
     caccctgccc cactccactg cactttagcc aagatgaata ctcgcctcct ttgcttcttc    155160
     cagaccagcc tctagctcag tgtctgcctc cgtggactcc tgttctcctg caaagatggg    155220
     cactccatct acaggcttgt tcagcagttg cagggggcca cgctgcgcag acaagctggg    155280
     aaactctcga gatctctcca gcacctcctc cagcttctgt ctggccagca gccggtctag    155340
     ctgagcagga ggcagctcag ggctccccat gggctcaagg ttcagagaat cttgagaaag    155400
     tcctgataag gtagccaagg agctgtcccc aacaaccatc tccatgcccg agtcctggga    155460
     agccagtttc agaagtggca tctgtctctc cagacctctc agctcattct gtccctccct    155520
     gaagtccagt gaacattcgt gagtgttgtc tggtatccgt ctgtaggtgc aagtgactcc    155580
     tggcaccaca cagccttgtg ccaggtcctc aaaggcccca tctgtaagga gaatccgtat    155640
     caagctgggc aggatgccct caacgcctcc agcattccta gcactcaaca gcattccctt    155700
     gaggaggtgt gtcctgtacc agtggtgaac aaagacacag gacaacccca tccccactgg    155760
     gataaagttc cagccttgct tggaagatgt atagataggg ttcttataac aattgttgac    155820
     agccaacaga aacctacact tccagcatgt ggtaggcaaa gtccttgcaa gtcatgacaa    155880
     acagcaatgc agatagctta agagaccctt aactaagatt cacctgaaac aatcaagtct    155940
     aagtgcctcg gacttcctgg atatgggagg gagaaagagc gaagtgaagg acggggctac    156000
     acagtgctat ctggagtccc tgacacacca ggaagcagaa tgaggtatcg cctagagttt    156060
     atgaggacac tggtaaaaat gacagcaact ggggctgaga tgtgaccctg tgagagcttt    156120
     cagagagtgc acacacaggg cactgggtcc catcctcaca ctgcaaaaca gaaatagcag    156180
     cagcagcaat aaaaacaatg ccccctcccc aagggtttct ctgtgttcca ggttgtcctg    156240
     gaactcactc tctagaccag gctggccttg aactcagaaa ttcgcctgtc tctgcctccc    156300
     aagtgctggg attaaaggca tgtgccacca tgcccggctg gcaattataa tcatttagaa    156360
     taattttgtt tttttaagca agaaaggatg atcatgtgac aaatggaagt ttttggagtt    156420
     ggatcaatga ttcagtattt taaaatacta cttttccaga agatgggcgt tgggtgggtc    156480
     ttgggtgggt cttgggttcc cagcacctac atgggtgttc gaaactccaa tccaagggct    156540
     ctgagcccct cgtttgactt ccccatccag tccacacagg taaatcagac aaaagtaaaa    156600
     aatttaaaca acaacaaaaa ccttttaagt ataaactaag taaaacaagg aaactgactt    156660
     tggttttgtt ttgttttgtt ttgtttgttt tgaaacagtg ttttactctg tatcctcaac    156720
     tgcccttgaa ctcccagtat tcctcctgcc tcagtgctgg gattataggc acgaatcctc    156780
     ccaagtgctg ggattatagg cacgaatctc ctcgcccctt tggttagcat ccacttatta    156840
     ccacctttgt gccaggggtt atgatggcct aggtggtcta tgggcatcgg gcagaagctt    156900
     gggcagcttt ggcgggaaga ggatgccagc ccgtcccctc tggatcagga agtgtaccag    156960
     gaagcctaaa cccggcaacc atccctgaga aatgggtttg tggccaccaa ggggcttgca    157020
     ggattgctgg ctggggcaag aatatcggag ccacccaacc tcggatagaa gaagcttcca    157080
     caatgggaat tagggggaaa ggagacgacg gaccatagaa tgtgggtgat gggtgattgg    157140
     cctgcaaatc ccggaggatc tgcgctgtgt atggcgtccc aagcctattc actcgactcc    157200
     ttcaaagcaa ggaagcaagg gggcgcggcc ggtggacgcc gcttgagcgg ggctggagaa    157260
     taggagacga ccccagggtg ggaggcaacg cgactcaccc cggccgccaa gtcgctccac    157320
     cgcaaagacg cggcgccggc tcagcatggc gtgttccaga cgtggaaacc gctgcagcgg    157380
     caccggagtg atctcgggcg tccccaagtc cctagctgtg ctggagcggc tctgcccgtg    157440
     gatccctgcc cagatgggcg tggttccagg acactccctg cggggggcgg ggcggggcgg    157500
     ggcgcggcac gcaggtggag ggcactgacc taggcatcat cagtctggag actgccttcc    157560
     ctaggctcat atccccagcc cttgcagcag aagtgcccca attaagtgct cttggaggag    157620
     agtgtaccca ctcgagggct ttagccggct ggctgcgaga ggtcaccgct ccccaccccg    157680
     agacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacactgct cgagttgcct gtgttcctgc    157740
     tgctgcagct tggaacctta ctaatgcgga gctgcactgc acaacagccc ggaaggaaat    157800
     ggaaccccac agtgctggcg gagggaagaa ggcagactag ggctgcatcc ggcctcacag    157860
     ctgtataact tgagggcagg tccctcagcc tgtcaggaag gggaaagggt tctgcgccct    157920
     gggaaaacct gtgtccagag ctccttaaga accccttacc tagcccaggc ctgtcttatc    157980
     tgggtgctgc tgtaggcgtg tggtggctgg gtctgcaggc tgtgggcagg aggtgaacca    158040
     cagcctggag gctgagcaga agtttaaatg cttccctgac cctagcagcc accaccctcg    158100
     gcccggttcc attctacccc taccccattc taaaaaggag cccaggaagc agctgatggc    158160
     caactaccag gtgaccagat ggtactgggg cttctaggga aacatcccct ttctctgaag    158220
     ccaataagga ctgggaaatc tcagctggcc tcaaatgccc tagaggcaaa tatgggtgac    158280
     ctggagaaga gactgagagc cagagtcacc ggaagtcgcc cgcccctctc cttgcttctt    158340
     ccttgatccc atcttctaaa gctctccgct ggttcctttg tcagagagcc accaacaatg    158400
     caaattgcag tactatgaag ttggcaaact gagccccaca acctcctcca ctctcccact    158460
     cccccatccc cccaaccccc gttacaagat gagagctgag ttgcagtcct ctgtcatctt    158520
     cagaaccttg ctgtttaggt caagcccttt tcctgcagca tgagttccca gggttgctgg    158580
     ctgctccacc ccacccccat gcctgtcctt caaatataat gagggaaaca ggatgctgga    158640
     cctggcagaa ctgccttctc caagcccaag aagatccaga gaagcaagct tctccagcca    158700
     agccaggtgg ctcccacccc cccaaggtga agctgtaggg aagtaaaaca ggggtatcct    158760
     ttgcctaatt ttgccctgaa tttggaaaat gtggggccca gattccaagc agcagtatcc    158820
     ctggtgacta gggtcaggaa tgcatctaga aacaggaagc caggccagca ggaatgcagt    158880
     gtctcagcac aaagaaccca cacacacccc actaaataca ctcctcaaca tacactccct    158940
     cccagatagg gccccgcccc tttgtgcaag gctgggccag gtctgatctg tcacagcctt    159000
     catgggaact ggacctgagg tagtgggcta ggcttccttc tgcatctaat gtcctgactg    159060
     aagctaattc ataacccagc cagtccttca ttaccccaag gcttgtgtgt ccctgcagta    159120
     cctgccatta cctaggtctc ttttcttggc cacctccacc tgaaaaatca tgtccctttg    159180
     gagtaaactg caagaagcat cacagctcta ccgtctgttg ctccttcagg cagtccatcc    159240
     atggccgtgg tccttctgcc tccagtggag aagtcccaag ttcaggaagc tggctccctg    159300
     aaaacaccac gcttgactaa ggggacaagt gaacagagat caagcacccg aaaacaacag    159360
     gttctggttt gggtccttcc cttactaact agaagttctc cctgtccaca ggctcttcat    159420
     ttgtagaatg agggtgccag caatgcttgc ctctgagctg ggaggatgca gatagcgcag    159480
     agaggaggta caaacatcca cagtacatgc agaatgctct acagcagtgg ttctcaacct    159540
     gtgagtcttg accgctttgg gggttgcata tcagatatcc tgcaaatatt tatgttatga    159600
     ttcctaacag ttgcaaaaat tcagttatga agtagcaatg aatatccttt tatggttggg    159660
     gggtcaccac aacataaggg actgtattaa agggttgctg cattagcaag gctgagaacc    159720
     actgcctcag agtctcagcc accattatcc aactgtgtca ctttgagtcc actcccccag    159780
     ctgtttgaag ggaggatcat tagatgcttg gaccacttaa caaatctatc attttttgaa    159840
     cttactctcc aaaatgcagg aagaaataga acgcagtagt gccaaaggga tgtgtgggtc    159900
     agagagaagg tgaactcacc actagctggc tgatggtgag gatgagggaa ctagggccta    159960
     cccagcctgc ccccacttca ctccttgtgg ctcatacagg tttgctgcag gtgtggatat    160020
     aaccatatca agaagccaac tcaccctttc caacctgtca ctgcttcgag tgactaagca    160080
     tccccagaga ttccaggtga cgttcctatc acagctgacc tcagtgcagg tttcccagca    160140
     gccactgctc taagctgacc attgtctttg gcagtcactc agctctcaac acagcatcag    160200
     tcctagttca gagggccgca gctttgaata cacagagcag ccccttgtgt gttccgggac    160260
     agccttaaca gctaatgtgt ctatgatgcc agccccaggg cagctacttc cacattatct    160320
     acaggaaagt gtgggagtgg ggtggagggg gtgtttaatc cttctgtctg cccactatgc    160380
     agaagcccaa cttccaggga attcttcctg tgagccgttt ccctgcagtg ggatcgctga    160440
     acactagatg acaccaaaga gactacctgt tttctaacca gcagctcaga ccgactcccc    160500
     agccagccac cagccagcca gccttgatct tttctataaa aatacaaaca catcttcagg    160560
     caggcatcca ggcaaaaggt gagatgatta catcaaggta taaattatat tcacaggtgt    160620
     ctaagaaggc aaaacagtct ctgccaagat tactttccca aatccaggta gcaaaggctg    160680
     ccatcaagat tccaccctcc aaagctagct ttgatccctg gtgaaaggtt cacatgcgtc    160740
     ccctgccctg tgacacacac cgccacctga agatgttctg aaataccttc tgaagttgga    160800
     cctaagggtg gctgataagt cgccagaaat taagggcttg cagaggaata ccattcccta    160860
     cctcctctct gctcaaatgc acctcacaca gggcaggttg ttgatcgcca gacacacacc    160920
     tgttatattt cccccttgtc aatgaagtca gcagatcaaa gcgtgcaagt atgagcacac    160980
     cagctgggct gagacccagc tcttggtggg tggtgggtag taccttgaag tgaatactct    161040
     gttggactgt ctcagtccaa catacacaaa cacctgacta ggaccgctaa tgggccagtc    161100
     tgatggcttc actggcagaa aacactttgg cacacaatct tggtagccat tagagcagca    161160
     tcctcagaac ccatggtagg aggagaaaac caactcccca aagatgtttt gtttgttcgt    161220
     tcgtttgttt gtttgtttgt ttttccaaca gggtttctct gggtagtcct ggctgtcctg    161280
     gaactcgatc tgtagaccag tccttcctga gcaaggccat cctacagctc tggtccaagg    161340
     ttatctttgg ttgatggatc attgttccca atggagcaag cagcctgagg gatcaagttc    161400
     ctccacccat gcacacacca ttgctggatc ccccttcttg actgctctgc tcatctgtgt    161460
     atactgctgg tcagtgagat tagtagcatc caattgagcg tgggtcaaga cccagtccag    161520
     ctctgcccac agcttagttt atggagggtt tggctgtctt gccaggaagc tcttccctgg    161580
     tcctccattt ctgtgtctct ctgagcttca gagaagaaac cccctccctc caaaaatgag    161640
     caaccttttt tttaaaggag cacctttaca aaagagtaaa agaagcgtag agccccaact    161700
     taaagaagtg actgacttgg gctggagaga tggctcagcg gttaagagca ctgactgctc    161760
     ttcccaaggt tctgagttca attcccagca accacatggt ggctcacaac catctgtacc    161820
     gagatctgat gccatcttct ggagtgtctg aagatagcaa cattgtattc atacatataa    161880
     acaaacaaat ctgaagagga ggaggaggag gaggaggagg aggaggagga ggaggaggag    161940
     gaggagggga ggggaggaag aggaagaaga agaagaagaa gcaaaagaag aagcatcgag    162000
     tgactgaatg tggtgaggca tagccccagc atgcagaagg ctgagaggca gaattttaag    162060
     tttgaggtag ctggcatact gtctcaagga atgaaaaaga aaaataagaa acaggcctct    162120
     gcaatgaggt gcatagtagg tgggacttaa gggacttttc tcccaggaaa agggaaagaa    162180
     ggaagaaaat acactactta attttatcca cgtgtatata gagttcatat gttagaaact    162240
     tcacaccatg aatatcattt acctcaggcc caccattccc ttctagatgc ttctatccat    162300
     gcccaacccc atacgctttc gtgtcaaaca tggcagccac tgtagaccgt aatacagaac    162360
     ctggcctgca ggaggaaggc cagagagagt ggaactgtcc ttagcactag caacctgaca    162420
     ttagtcccaa cccttggcct cacccagcaa ggacaaaggg gactccccaa ccttagttca    162480
     tgtaagatca tctatcacct gctatcaccc cttccctgct tgctctcagt ataatcatgt    162540
     ctgcagagtc tgagagtgca gacaggccga gcaccttgag gctcaggctc gagagttgag    162600
     agttccaggc atagagtagc gctggcgggc atgcttctcg cagtacaact cattgcccac    162660
     ccagaagtgg ccgcgcatct tcaggttcag cccacagtct gcgcaagtgt agcagccagg    162720
     gtgtcggtac ctcccctcct ggatgcggac cgcctggttc ctgcaggaag gggacagaga    162780
     caggacagtt aggaggacct gggcatgagg ccaccattac caggaaacct gctcctcttg    162840
     acagtcagaa cctcagacac atagatctca gggcacttgg ctcccaaaag cctctctctc    162900
     aggaatttca ttttaccaac cccaacaaag gatcaacatt catatgcaca aacccctgac    162960
     tgggacttct aatgggccag tctgatgatc ccactggcta aaaccagttt gccacacaag    163020
     cttgacaacc tgagtaccat cctcagaacc catggtagga ggagaaaacc aactccccag    163080
     agctgttttg tttgtttgtt tgttgttttt cagacagggt ttctctgtgt agccctggct    163140
     gtcctgggac tcactctgta gaccaggctg gcctcgaact cagaaatctg cctgcgtgtg    163200
     ctatcaccac cggactttgt cttctggtct tcacatgagt gcctgccatg gttacttcca    163260
     cactcataca tacactgata cttatttgtt taattaaaag taacactgtt acaccctaag    163320
     ccgggcaagc tcccacaggc ctacgatcac agcattaggg aggcaagcgt atatagtgtt    163380
     gaggcagacc ctgtctcaca cactgacgaa gattcctcat gtctcctggg ctgtggctct    163440
     cagagagtgg ccctcgatac agaacttaga gcgtcagcat ttcaaggcag tgcaatcaga    163500
     actgataacc cggggttagt tgtgtgttct gtgcattaca agccctccag ggacagggat    163560
     gcagcctcct gggaaagcca ctagtatata tcagcgttcc acctacattc ttcagagtac    163620
     cagacactat cctgtcccac caatgagaaa gtagcagcca caaaaggtca aggcgttgcc    163680
     caaagtcacg tgactttcag tgttggcagt tagggagaga tgtgagcaat ttttttttaa    163740
     ccagagagaa gggctgcatt ataatgtcac ccattgagaa atgagcctag gatagggaaa    163800
     aaagagcagg cttttctaag aggagggagg tgcgtcatct gggtacagag gcttggggag    163860
     caggtacgaa aacccaaaag tgctagcatt tttttttcat tcccttgcag ggaggagggt    163920
     gagcaggaag cagccaagcc ttcatttttg aactggatgc catttggcca tgctgccctc    163980
     tagggtccct gactgatggc ccagctttgc ctggaagccc caggtatgct cggcacccag    164040
     cccccccaat actcacgaga tgttgacgct gcatttctca caggtgtgga gcttgggtgg    164100
     agtggccaag gccctggagg tgggcaagga agcctgggag ctcagcgagc tgggcacaaa    164160
     ggcaggtgtg ccacctggga cgggtaggag acagagtcca tgagagctgc ctgtccacca    164220
     cagaggtatc cagctataca caatggcatt ttatgacatt cctccgttcc tccccaggac    164280
     acgcccgctc ttgtggccaa aggcccactt ttacatgggc ctctagagtg ccagtgggga    164340
     tgccacttag taaaggagaa gaggcagagc cttggcaaag gctgatgaag aaccttatcc    164400
     ttccaaagca acctgggaac gtctgtgcct agtgtttgcc agagacaagt aggtgttgtc    164460
     tctccatggg ccagtcatga tgatgtaaac agacaatact aggtcataag accatcacag    164520
     tgtctttgtt cggccctttc aaaggacatt tatatacatc attgcatctg agccagcgag    164580
     aacactaaga tgaagcacaa aagcactggg cagccattgt ccaagcttca gctgagattc    164640
     tgtggcaccc aagaagtgac cttacgtttg tactcttctc cccccaccga cccactacca    164700
     atctccctgg gacccctccc atagagacct cagagtcagg atgggcaggc tttgttcgga    164760
     aaaccttttt atttagcccc gtgttcccgc aaacagcctt gtgatcacta cacagagttg    164820
     taaccagctg ccggggaccg gctattctgc agctccaagc cctattctgc cagcatcatc    164880
     ctctctgtgg acaagacagg gttcttgtct gctgctacaa agggttcatg acttcctgga    164940
     gggatagcat gcatcccact gctgtatgca cacctgtggg aacttcttag agccatatct    165000
     ccaatcctcg ggggtcgagg tcgggtatac tctacatatc tgttccactg gataaacaca    165060
     ccggtgtatt tccaatgagt aaacaggcaa ctgactgtac tctgttgttt gcagagctac    165120
     ctcgcctggc atgacagtct gtggcatagt gttctttgtt ctggcttcca aggcccctgc    165180
     ctcagcacag ctagttcccc cggacaccct cccctgctac caggccaatc cagtgtctag    165240
     tgaacataac ccaacgctct gattgctggc ctccacattc catagtactc ctgccaggcc    165300
     actgtctgaa agctgatgga gtctaggatc ttgtttcagg gccaaatcaa atccctcttt    165360
     ttccaagaag ccctccctgg agacccaacc cagagtccct gctttgacca ctcccttgtt    165420
     ttcctggttc tgactagtac cacccaccac tttctgaggg tacccagtaa ccccaaccag    165480
     aacgtaagct tcttacttac tggtgtctga catatgcccc ctaatgccta gttctgccat    165540
     ggatccttaa gctacttcct tagtctgttt ggcctcattc cagagagtcc aaggagcctt    165600
     acttcatcca gagcctagag gcctcacctc tctcctcagc ctccaaggct tcctgtaaga    165660
     gtcgaaaaga gctggactgc cttggggcgg cccgtccctg gcggttctcc tgcagcatct    165720
     tgaacacctc tgagtcttcc tccagatcca aactgctgtg gaagagtaga agagacaact    165780
     aggaataagg accctgcaat gatgttggga cacaccccgg tgcagacaaa tatgagagga    165840
     ttaaggggcg gagactcgca tccctctcta ggaatccagt cccgtccaga ccctccagga    165900
     gctcacccaa ctctgcaaga cctgctagta cctgaaccta gggctggagg gccgtcctgg    165960
     ggaatggagc agcaccctca ctgcggagtc gcttgggctg ctgtggccgg cctgtgggag    166020
     gagaacggca gggaggagtc agtccaccca cccccaccct ggtggccagc ttgttctgtg    166080
     tgctttacaa gatgctgttc tcaaaatcga cgcaaggggg cgcctagcct ccaacaaccc    166140
     actggtatcg ggtaccctgt gccctgccct catagccaag gcaccaagga tgagatccca    166200
     taagggaaga gacgcccatt gccggataaa gagatgttta agttacactt gggaatccca    166260
     caaggagcaa aacgaggacg tcgggtgggc acgccacaca gacacccttt agatatatcg    166320
     atatattcca caatatagta gatcatgcta cttgtgtaga gatgtggcca gcctcctact    166380
     ccacagaaga aacagaaatg caagcatgcc tggaagccaa tcatcttgca acaagggcat    166440
     ggaagtacaa atgtgtaaag aatgtactcc aggtgcagac gggaaacaag cttctagact    166500
     caacagtgaa gaagaaaatt gagtttcggg ccggagagat ggctcagcgg ttaagagcac    166560
     tcactgactg ctcttccaga ggtcctgagt tcaaatccta gcaaccacat ggtggctcac    166620
     caaccatatg taatgagatc gaatgccctc ttctggtgtg cctgaagaca gcttcagtgt    166680
     acttacatat aataaataaa taaatctttg agagacagag agagagagag agagagagag    166740
     agagagagag agagagagaa ctgggtttca atgtccccca gcaaatgcat gaatcaatat    166800
     ttgcagagtg tagctgctca tacacttagg agttggtggt cgggctgggc aggtgagccc    166860
     agacttacag ggcagtaaga aaggccagcc cagggggctg gaataatggc tcagcggtta    166920
     agagcactga ctgctcttcc aaaggtcctg agttcaattc ccagcaacca catggtggct    166980
     cacaaccatc cataacaata tctgactcca tctcctggag tgtctaaaga cagctacagt    167040
     gtaacttata tataataaat aaataaatct taaaaaaaaa aaaagaaaga aaggccagcc    167100
     cagagcctga cctgatcctc tctgtgccca gccccccacc ctggccccag gagggcttca    167160
     ccctttctac acttatattt tcatggcctt gttgcaaaaa ttctgtagca caacaaggtt    167220
     gggaagctaa tcagaccata tgtgtgcttc tttcctgtgg tcttggggcc tctgagatgc    167280
     taagagtgtg actcaggagg gaagtgtgga cctcttgact cctgctgcca tctgtgcagc    167340
     ctgaggggtg aggaattctg tttttttgtt tttttccatg aatgcatcct taagagccca    167400
     gagggtgctt gaggagaagc agctggctga gggagaggga tgagagttcc cgagggacga    167460
     ccgagcctga ctctgaggac cagagagagg ggaagaggat cctgctctcc ccagcagcac    167520
     tgggaccagc cagggcctgc ctgtcacctg accccagctc ctactttagc aaacaggttt    167580
     gtcaaaacac aagctcctgg cccagtggta gcagcagcag cagcagcagc agcagcagca    167640
     gcagcacaga atcccagctt tccagctctc caggaggcca aggcaggcag atctctgtga    167700
     gttcaaggcc agcttgatct acagagcgag ttccaagaca gtcagagcta caaggagaaa    167760
     tcctgccttg aaaaacaaac aaacaaaaaa caaaaacaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaccccaca    167820
     agttcctgtt cttgagtccc caattcctac tctgcagcaa gtccaggctg gggccccgga    167880
     gatctgtgtt tataataaat tccctaggaa tccgaatttt cccatagacg ttctcagggg    167940
     ctgctgctgt ttgctcagat gggacactac aggaagacat gcccttgagt acccaccatc    168000
     tgctaggcca acaacgtaga attcccagaa gggatgcacc caccaactgg gggccaagtt    168060
     ccttttcagc ttgtctacct gttgggtctt tctcggaccc atcttccccc tcctagaact    168120
     tcagaccact gcacctcatt ctctaatcaa cccccctcct ctaatctccc tccactgttc    168180
     agcaaaactc ccagctgagc cttctcgggc cacccaacct acttgtcttt ctccccttcc    168240
     agaatgcctc ctgcttttgt aattaatccc acaccgcttc atacttaatt gtttcaaaat    168300
     tgtttggcat gtttgtctta tctcaacagc cacatcttaa attccttaaa gatggatctg    168360
     tggccacatc acccatccag ctggccctgg ggtaggcaca aggcccagca ccacaaattg    168420
     aaccccttcc ttctccagac ccccctcccc acttcctctc tcctaccacc ctcaaaggcc    168480
     ctgctcattg gaatgcagaa ccttccaccc caaaaggccc tgctctttgg aatgcagagc    168540
     caacccagaa gtaagattcc agcagctggg ccttgttccc ttcaccaaaa ggccggacat    168600
     acccccagcc actctgcccc agcggctgat ggccagaact gttgtcatct gccccgcccc    168660
     agtccttggg ggaggagaaa taccacctgg gggttaagct gtcagcagtg gccggaggga    168720
     ctgtggggga ggaggccagc agaggaagga ggagacagaa aacaggccaa gggcagcgtg    168780
     aggcagaacc acacggtccc tcagagtctc tctgggctgc atggaaggag atcaaggctg    168840
     ctggggtggg gagaggggtg ggggtgggag ttgggggctt ggaaccaggg aagaatgtct    168900
     ttgagagatg cagccagcac tggagaggga gtcaccccaa caacagcagc aaaactattt    168960
     cagccacagc ccaaaagaaa cactgagaag ggagaaagcc agagacacgg agggggccag    169020
     agcgacagga gagaggacga ctgcaagtgg cctcagtgtt agctagcttc tctggctggc    169080
     tcaggggtat aacggacctg tcactagggg atggtcaggt actgccagag ggcagctagt    169140
     ggctcgggag gcaggtctct catctccttc ccttagaaag cctcacctgt tggctggtgg    169200
     ggtggccagg gtaggtcaag tggtgagcag cagcaaggcc tggagagtgt gtcagactct    169260
     ggaaactgaa atgagcaggg gaatggggaa caatgtggtg cagtgcctac ccagcctgcc    169320
     ccagggagga gggagcccag ggtcccctac acagaactac tgagactccg aggggccagg    169380
     ctcaaacttg gtggcccact tggccagggt actcagccat gctcacctac agccaatcat    169440
     atcctcttta gaaagggcaa ctgggctggt agggggtggg gtggagaagg ggctgcaagg    169500
     cctggggctg agagagactg ggctgaagca ggcagacctc tgggaagact ggctgtcacg    169560
     gtgtgtcctc agggagccct gtggagaaag gggccaagaa agagttggca tgaccctgct    169620
     ggctgcaccc ttgagggtac ttggagggcg ctgtagctca tgactggaag gcccagctta    169680
     cctggaatct ggttgccagc acttccaagg agccctcccc attggtctgc ccaggagagg    169740
     ctgtttggga cctgagggac aagagagaag aaagagatgg tctgtcacgg gatcctagac    169800
     ttcaccctac ctgaatactg ttcctaggcc cgggccttca gaccagccaa gtctccaaga    169860
     cacttggcca ttgaactttt aactttgtta agttcaaaac aaatgactcc cataaaacca    169920
     ccattcctct caggttcagc actatagcag aaaggacaga gtttcagcag aatgcttgat    169980
     aaattcagtt tatcagacgt tcctcacgtg acccacatcc ctcctttctt tcatttcatc    170040
     tagactgcca cagaaacagc aactgccttc catcaattct gaggaacatg actaattcca    170100
     tgtaaataac cccttttgtg ttttaaactg tggagaaacc aaagccttaa gaaagaaaat    170160
     gaggggctgg agagatggct cagtggttaa gaacactgat tgctcttcca gaggtcctga    170220
     gttcaatctc cagcaaccac atggtggctc acaaccatct gtaatgggat ctgatgccct    170280
     cttctggtgt gtctgaagac agtgacagtg tacactcata tataaaataa ataaatctta    170340
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagagcc gggcagtggt ggtgcacgcc tttaatccca    170400
     gcacttagga ggcagaggca ggtggatctc tgagtttgag gccagcctgg tctacaaagt    170460
     gagttccagg acagccaagg ctacacagag aaaccctgtc tcggaaaaga aaagaaagag    170520
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagac agagagagag acagagagac agagagagac    170580
     agagagagac agagagagaa agaaagaaaa tgagggaggg agtaaccagg aggtgggggc    170640
     aatgagcagg atgtaaagtg aatcggtaaa aataaaagca taataaataa taaaaataaa    170700
     ataaaagtaa agaaaatgag ttgtcccaag ccccaaagcc attgttggct gagccaaata    170760
     cctacttttc ctcacttata ggcttgtccc tatcagttgc tctaaggatg gacacagtat    170820
     cttcggggaa agtcactcgg aattcctttc ccagacttcc ccagcaaaac aagggggcag    170880
     agccaggctt ccctcccttc taaactagca gatggactct ggagattgaa gctccaagaa    170940
     ggcccagcac ctgacccaag tggaccctct ctgacactcc tcccgggaga gctgacagga    171000
     gtctagagtg gcagaccatt ggaggtgaga ggtgacagag tggagagcac ccccaaagcc    171060
     acctcctgct caccattata ctacattcct ggggcctctg gtcacctctc tagagtgctg    171120
     gcaggagcct ttgccttcct agactgaggt agtggtacag ggtcagggta agggggttcc    171180
     tgcctcagag ctgctgaggt tcctctgaat ggttcctggg aaagtgggag gaaaattgag    171240
     gagggtcttg gcagaagaac caagacaccc agagccttgg cttgcctggt gtggagctgg    171300
     ccaggccccc attccccagt ggccagtttc ctccaggaaa gatctaacag caagcaaagg    171360
     tatcatcagg tcttcccctg attgccacct cctgtggatt ttggtcccat tcccagatgc    171420
     catgaggccc cctccgccct cctcctcttc taggtctctc tctcttacaa acactcaggg    171480
     acagagtgga atgaagaggg ctggtaccat ggcagcctgc ctctgcagtc ttacctacta    171540
     gcagggccct caggggagga gggttgcaga catgaggcca gaaaaaaagc caggcagtgg    171600
     gacagaggga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagatc aacacctttg    171660
     ctggcttgct cagagagcct ttggaccaag ggatctccca gcattcttga actctgactc    171720
     actgtgatgt tctacctgcc cctcccctca acacacaaca ctccttatga gtgtagggac    171780
     ccacgttcaa tggcaaagcc caaaacagtg agaagaaggg acaatgagct ttgttcagtt    171840
     gtgagttcct aatccccatc tctacctgga tctaccaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    171900
     aaaaagccat ctctcaaata caatggtact agaaacccag gctagggtac accatgccca    171960
     gaacttgcct ctcttcaacc actccatgcc cacaccctgt accattctca tggctgggaa    172020
     ccagtcaaac ctgggcttcc aggtagccgg tgccagcttg ccccacctcg cctatggctg    172080
     catgcccagc ccggtgccca cctatgccca tatggtcact gggatatctt ccatgtccct    172140
     accatagtcc cagagctcag gacatgccag aggagcctgg gaaggctggg atgggactgc    172200
     actggggctg taggcagggt tgagggtggc tgcctggctg gcattgggca agtgcagaaa    172260
     agggaaaggt ggcaagacct gccagtggag atagaagacc taccggtcca gctgcagtct    172320
     taggggtgag gcgctctgtc ggatcttgct ttgggcctcc gcgtgtagca tgttctctgc    172380
     actctgtcca ttgatggcca caatgatgtc gccaggccgg agatcagctg cttcagcctt    172440
     gccccgctct gtgacctaaa gagatgagaa gccagatgct ggctgctgaa tacccaccct    172500
     gaataggagt atatttgagg agactggagc agaagggtcc tcaaggtttc ctctgctgcc    172560
     caggaaatgc agaaacaaga cagtacacct ctaccacctt tttctctgtc tttcctggtc    172620
     ttgccagctt ctcagctaat cccttacagg cttgagtggc aacctccccc caaatccccc    172680
     atacactggc attcaaacat gggcctccca aggaatgtga tggcagaatg tcaggaactg    172740
     agcttgggaa tacttctgga tagagaaccc tgcccgtgca aatcatacct tgcaggtggc    172800
     tgcctaaaca ccacccttgc cctgagtgct ctccagccag gacctgggcc cgagcctggg    172860
     tgaaaaagaa actagcaagc tcccaagagc aagcagaagc acctgccctg tgtaactacc    172920
     ctaaatggct gccggcaggt gtgagggttg agacttaggg caaagggcag gccctgtcct    172980
     tggtcccctt cctttcatct tctaatggcc ctcctaaagg agccctcaca tactcatgcc    173040
     acaaagcaca actgttcccc tggccaacat tgccccagaa gactccaggc tccagaacaa    173100
     attggggaaa gtacccgtgg ggaacaagac cccctttcag ggggtagcta gctccttatc    173160
     tcctaaaaac agcccttacc ttggtcacaa tgatgggtgt gtggaaatct ctgcccccgc    173220
     taattcggaa gccccaaggt gctggtcctg ccacatccac agtcaacgcc atgcctgagg    173280
     aagagaagac tgggaggtgg ggcccacttc cacagtacac cccaaagcaa agggagaaga    173340
     cggtggctgg tctcagagca gcccagcagg gcctgggcct ggcgggtggt gacagaggaa    173400
     gtgactaagt ccctccctct tctaagagtt tcacttcccc ccaccctggg aggccttgaa    173460
     gactctgagt tcccccttct agggtcttca gactagtaga tcccctaaga caggcagcag    173520
     tcccactgac aagaggtcag acttccatac aagtgcttgg tggagaactg tgggaaggaa    173580
     ttagcaggtg gtaggagtga acgcaccccg caccccttca ctacctgttt cctgttccct    173640
     aaacgaagag cacaaaatac tttctacact ctgtatagag tatacaggag gacagcaagc    173700
     ctcaggatag ccccaccaga cagcaagaag ttagcagagg ctggggctgg caggtgtcag    173760
     actaaggtct tcagaggggc tacctggctc cctgcctgac cccaacagct gggttcagat    173820
     gaacaagagg aagcttgcta cctcctctag gggcctgctg caccctagtg agcagcctga    173880
     gaaaggaggc caaggctcat ctgccaaggg aagcacaccc acacccacag ccaccctggt    173940
     actggccagc agggcaagtt catgatgctg ccagtttggc cacaaacttc tcatccacag    174000
     cccccgctga cccacaaggg agtgtccttg tggaccaggc cctcctagga tttcctgagc    174060
     ctctagatct ggagccagga gccaacccag gcaggaagct gcaatgccag cctgggcacc    174120
     acccagccca gcacccatcc tcaggctgtc cctggggaga tatgggtcag caagtatgtc    174180
     caatatctca agaacatcaa ggcctggggg gagggggagg ctgtccaggc cagcagtccg    174240
     actgtcttgt cccccaggca actggctttg cctttcaccc aggcccagcc acggtgtccc    174300
     aggctgatca cagaaagact gaaaacgccc tgagattctc agacctttga gccgaccagt    174360
     ggactcagtg aactgcctag ctgtcagtct ggctgtcccc agtaccagtt ctcaagcttg    174420
     cttcccaaca agtccaaaat accccggggc ggagggggtt gggggtggga ctgggactgg    174480
     gactagagga cgagtgtctg ggtcagggga gaacccaagc caaggggtat ccaggtcgaa    174540
     gagaagtttc agggaaaagg ggctttgggc cgagggtagg gtccggtgag gaggagatcg    174600
     ccgagggcgg tggcccgcgg agggtgcagg tgggcgcgcg ctcacctggc tgccgcttgc    174660
     ctgtcgggct gggcggtcag gccagccagg aaagggaagg agggagggaa gaacggaggg    174720
     agtaaggacg aggagccgcc gccgttccac cgcagccgtc tgtccgactc tagggagagc    174780
     tcgcccgggg ctcccagacc tgcctccgcc catgtgatcc cggggccgcc cctgccgccg    174840
     cccctggccc gggaagccgc ctcctctgcg ctgccgagcc ggggcgccgc cacctggccc    174900
     gcgccttgtg ggggagctgg aagtgggcga gcgagaagag cagaccctcc tgaaaaccgc    174960
     ctctagactg agacccttcc gaggtgtcca catcctccgg actgtcccta agcacagggg    175020
     gtcggttcaa atgacaaacc atccccacgg tgcgcagtat acagagactg cgtcccaccc    175080
     cacaatagga aaggatccct cgatgtcgcg gtccccagac ctctgtcaga caaccgctgg    175140
     cttgatggac ctgtctgtgg tccatccgat tcttctgccc actcctggct ccgatgttgg    175200
     agcagataca gtcccgatac ccacacatct caagcctggg ccacacctcc accctcctat    175260
     ctcttcccag acagatgccc ctggctttgt actgccagcg cagtgactta gccccagata    175320
     cccccgcaag cctgccctga gcagggagac atgcccagac ccagaggaga tagagagcac    175380
     ttggcagggt catcaggcac ctcctctccc accattctgc ctggcatggg ccagctctaa    175440
     gcactacgga ggaccctgtc tgcccaattc ctatgccaga ctccatgact cagggcaacg    175500
     gtgtggaggt ggggagagca ggtgtaggcc caggaaggag gagccatctg accagagggt    175560
     cccccagagc tatacctggc aactcttgcc ctggggagtt gagagcccac gcagctgcct    175620
     cctgcctctt cagttgctct tacaacttgg cacagcgtag agcacacctg tggacccagc    175680
     tgtaacctgc ctgcctcggg tgtgagtcat tctctccgag ttccccaaga gaattgccct    175740
     cgccaccctc accatcctcc tcacctacga cgcgcatcgg tgtggctcag agtctctgca    175800
     cttcccagcc agccaggttg cctccctggc cccacctccc acagtctctc cttgggcagg    175860
     taaatggctc taccacagac taattccagg ggcctccaag aggggcccct tgtctgctgc    175920
     acctgctctc cctccgcagc tagtttggaa gccttttatg tttgtttggt ttggtgctgg    175980
     ggattgaaga cagggcccca gatctgtacg tattctccct tttaagctct accctcagtt    176040
     ccctgaaaac ctcttgagca gccctcgggt agggcaggca ctgcctgggg ttcacactgt    176100
     ccgatcctcg agtgtcatgg cttcctttaa ctgtgtgtgt ggtgttgcgt ggtgtgctgt    176160
     ttactttttg tcgacttgat acaaactaga gttctgtgga aagagggaat ctcacctcac    176220
     cgggcaattg cttccctcag actgtcttgt gggcgtggct gttgggggga acattttctt    176280
     gatggctgat tgatgcggga gggcccagcc cactgtgggc ggttccatcc cttggtaggt    176340
     ggtcctgagt ggtataagta aagcaggctg tgcaagccct gaagatcaag ccccatcgct    176400
     cctgcttgac ttcctgcctg gagtcccttt gatgatggac tgtgttgtgg aactgtaaaa    176460
     acccttttct ccccaagttg cttttggtca tgttctatcc caacaataga aaccctgact    176520
     ctgacagtgt tttaccacag caactgggaa acaaagccag gaaaagcagt ttccacagct    176580
     ctttgggggc ctcggtcccc gcccccccct cccgtccccc gtcccccgtc ccccgtcccc    176640
     caaccagtaa tgttcatctt actctcttgt taaacacctg atttcccaga ggagaagttc    176700
     aaggattaca aagcagaaag gttgaaggat gtggtaggga ggggagacaa cagaaaagaa    176760
     ttcacctcca tctcatccaa tcaatgattc aaacaatctt aagtgtttat tgagcaccta    176820
     ctgtgtaact agtacagtgc catactgtcc tcagtgcctc agacaggctc tgtaaacaca    176880
     caaaggttcg tctgcaactc tccctgctct ggacggagta tccacaaatc ccattgcaaa    176940
     gtcaactgac tagcagaaag gacctgtcct gctctaagtg atcctgtgcc tggtgcaagt    177000
     cacatccttc atccagcagc ctctggatct cttcaccagg tcgaggtgcc aaagtgggca    177060
     cctcacagac ctgcctggtg gctgtgaggg aggttccaga gcctcatcaa agaggcttgg    177120
     atctgtccag gagtggggcg aaaatctttc aaccctgaac tgtttcatga gggcaccaag    177180
     gaatataaaa cactaggtta agggatcaaa agcaggccac cagggcccta gagagtcatt    177240
     atttctaggc aagaatgggc tggacttgtc aatccagagc caggacaaga tgagtcctgg    177300
     gtgtagcgac ggaatggaga agggcacggt ggcacgcagg tctcgttctg caagcagctg    177360
     tttaaccatc ctggctaggg tccaagccac acccaggctc aagaaaccag ccagggccag    177420
     gccattgccc tgtgcactta ggctttcccc agtcctgaca gatctggtgc atcactcttc    177480
     ccgtcatcaa ccctgcctca gataagggca ccttaagtga caggtcaagg agccaagagt    177540
     accaggaaaa atatagaggc agtccaaccc tagtccctcc ccaagtccga cgtgattctc    177600
     ctgctccagg ggcctctgga cagggatttc agggcacttg gtaagcaggc ggtaggcagt    177660
     gataaggttg agctgatgcc aacctccatt gaggattcag cctctgaagt tcagagcttc    177720
     tctcctgtca ccagttgtac tgtctgggtt aggtgacacg tgcgtagcac cttactgcct    177780
     gctcaactgt cagccccagc caagaatggt gctttctatc agccgctgag gtggctcccg    177840
     tagaagctga aggaggagtt tgacctccaa ttccaggcca gcctgggtca cagagtacga    177900
     ctctgactca ccaagagaca gaatggagtt ttccttttct ggaggaaagg ccaggcccag    177960
     gatgtgctaa tgtccccaga ggccaccaag ccctgggtga gcagagttac ttcgaccacc    178020
     tctgccccac ccactcccag ctttcccaaa ctgaatgcac aaagacttga tcccagagaa    178080
     gaaaaccaca aaggtgtggt gtatcaacgg agcacagaga aggaaaactt tagtggggaa    178140
     tagttagaaa tgtcaccaag ttccggcaac ctcgtggtaa cagctccaga atcaagaaca    178200
     tatctcagcc cccaaccctg gactctccca tcaggccctg ccctgtccct gctggcatta    178260
     gtgcttagta cctctagtgc ttggagctgc tccattctgc ctgtcacccc tgctcaccta    178320
     gctcggacta caacccatga cagaaagaaa tcccacattc ctaaatggac agaatccccc    178380
     ttcccagcct ctccccctat gcccacccaa aggataatga agcagacagg caggtccctg    178440
     gcacccacgt ttattttata gtctcttcca gagaggatct ggacactggg gagagctggg    178500
     aattagggca gcaagcttgt ctccctgtaa atgaatcttc tgataagcca gggaagttgt    178560
     gtgcctcagt cagtcggcag ggtacatggg gaggccctac ccaggggttc aggaggctct    178620
     gagaaggaaa ggccttgagg caaggcctgt cattgggcct tcaaggccga ggaggtgttc    178680
     ccaccttgct tcctggccca gctggaggcc agaaggcaaa gtggtagcag gcaagctgat    178740
     gagaaacggg aggaggcctt tggtctccac cagggtagaa ggctggtcct tattagagga    178800
     accccatggg ggtgaagcga gagccagtcc ccattagggg acatgctggg gggttggagg    178860
     cttaggggtc tggtctcaat aaggcctgga gacagtctcc acatgaaagc agatgtctgt    178920
     atttgagggg cggtgaaggg ggctgtcaaa ggaatgcctg tgacttgcgg ggtgggaatc    178980
     ggacttcaag gaggcttgga gggaaagttg ctggggtctc tgcagaagct gggagcacag    179040
     gtcctgggga ggaggctatg gaaggcctct ctccctccca tagtgctact gctcccctcc    179100
     cgatcctcgt tggctccaaa ctgccatgga gaccactcac actggggcta cataatttcc    179160
     agggaatgtc ccaaatttct gagttcgccg ggagacacct gaaaaagaag gcgttacgcg    179220
     ggttagggcg cgccctccgc tgacagtacc tggaactgct agctcgcaga gaaagggctt    179280
     gattgcctcg cctcattcat gccccctagc ggtacaaaca acgctgcact tctaaaccaa    179340
     ccaaccaaga caactttgca cagcactaac tccgtgcttc tttgaaaaac aaacaaaaac    179400
     aaacaaacaa acaaacagga cttgagatga tggatcacag atcttctata gggaggaatc    179460
     cactgatata atagaacacc ttcatttcaa agatgaccat tgggctgcct aggggtagag    179520
     ctggcttctg acttgctgga gaaacttgtc ctggggtgcg gaagggaatg tccttgaaat    179580
     gaactagtat gaaaaggggg ctaggatttt tattttccat ctttttaaaa ctaatctaca    179640
     cttaactggc cacatgtggc tactggatac aatatcagag gcacaggtcc aagccattcc    179700
     ccataacatt acggcttctg ctatagaaag ggtgtgtttt cttcttgtca atagaagtct    179760
     acaaaacttc atatgtagtt taaaagaaat gtcaaagcaa aggagggtga gtgttgaggt    179820
     ttggtctatt gctgtgttgt tgttgtgttg ttttgttttt cgagacaggg tttctgtgta    179880
     gccctggctg tcctggaact cactctatag accaggctgg cctcaaactc agagatcctc    179940
     ctgcctctgc ctcccaagta ctgagattaa aggcgtgtgc caccactacc tagcatattg    180000
     ttgtgttgta atgctaaata ttgtccttca aggtctggtt gcccccaggg atgagaaaat    180060
     catcctgcac accaagggat gctatgtagc cttgctcctt aggttaaaac cattggtaga    180120
     ataaagatgc taacagccta tatagctggg cagaagagat gtaggtgggg ctttggttcc    180180
     ccagctgggg gtcagaggta ggaacacaag agagaagaga gaggaggaga ggaagatgcc    180240
     atgaggtaag ggattgtgag aactggccat gagagctgac cagttggagt aagagctgcc    180300
     cagataaatc agggcaagct attataactt ggggttattg atagggaagt agatactaat    180360
     agcttagaga gtaaatatag gcccagatct aatgctgtct tattatacat ttaaaagttg    180420
     tgtgtctttt acctgggaac tgaatgatca aaggtggggg tagaaacccc cgactgaggt    180480
     taatattttt ctacaacaca tgagaaaaac aagcagtgag gacctctaac tcccatggtg    180540
     tgagaaaaat gcctggcact gagccgctga aagtcagatt agaaagggaa ggctagccag    180600
     gcagtggtgg cacacgcctt taatcccagc acttgggagg cagaggcagg cggatttcta    180660
     agtttgagca gcctagtcca cagagtatgt tccagggcag ccaggaactc acagagaaac    180720
     actgtctcga aaaaaacaac aacaaaaaac aaaaaagaaa gaaagagaga gagagagaga    180780
     gagagagaga gagagagaga ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaagaaaga aagaaagaaa    180840
     gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aaagactata    180900
     ctacccagtg acctctgccg aggtagcgct ttaatccttt gggctccaaa gtctgcttgt    180960
     cagaagtcag ggcttttagc cattctcttc tctccctggc caagagtata caaggcgtgc    181020
     ccactttagg gaatctggta agtgggtcag cgggcaccag acaagatcag catgaggctt    181080
     taggtcttaa gtccttgaag tacaatgtct tgggccagta gtgaagggct gagatctttt    181140
     gtgggggtgg ggggagtttg aaatagggtt ttattggata gccttggcta tcctggaagt    181200
     caacctggcc ggcctcaaac tcacagagaa ctggtctctc tctctgcctc ccgagtgctg    181260
     agattaaagg catatgccag gctggctgac atcttaggtt gtttctcagc ttgtggggtg    181320
     gggtgggagc aggggagagg acactagggt gtgagacctg cttgaggaag cagtggtatg    181380
     cagaggggag aagcagggac ctcggagtca ggaatctggt cccaagtgtg actctatggc    181440
     ggagcacaca gctgaggctg ttctcctgag cctagcctct cttcaggaca gtaaggaagg    181500
     caccgtcaat tcagaaggtt ggtgggggtg ttggctatac atctttactg attcagcatt    181560
     gccactgaag tcccacggga gaccctaagg cccctctctc tggccagcca tctccctcca    181620
     caggctacat acccacaaac cagccatcgt cacattgctg catgacatcc acacggtccc    181680
     cctctcgaag ttccagctcg tcctcattct ggggcctgta ctggtacatg gcccggtacc    181740
     tgtgggaaat ggcagcatgg cagccagagg cctcgggctc cttcccagac ctgctggaag    181800
     ttctgcaaag agctgtcact tccagtgccc cgttcccatc acctaagcac caagagacta    181860
     gctctacctg gtagtctctc caacctgtag gtgaggggca atggtaggac cctggattag    181920
     tactgcctgc caacaactcc ctcccaaggc aaacctcccc agctggtact cacggagtcc    181980
     agtgtatctc tgtgtttggg gaggagggtc ccaggtttat gggacggctg gtggctcgag    182040
     gatgggacag ggttggtcca ggggtattga gactctgggg gttcacggga agaaagaagg    182100
     ggcatgagga ggaggtatga ggtagacgta gtagctaggg gtcccacagt ctcaggagtt    182160
     gttttcatgc tttttcatca agctcccagg cccaagaggg tggatctgac tagctcactt    182220
     cagaggcact tggatgtggg cccaggtccc aagcaatgtg aatggctgga cttctgagtt    182280
     ccagcaagga caaaccaggc ctcagcagga gccaggagca gttgtacctg ctcagagagg    182340
     cgtgctgggt gaacatgtgg acccagggcc aagagcacag tgaagggctg ccaaccactt    182400
     ctgctcaaac ctacctcatt agtctcccac tgtgggaact gttagctttt tgatacaggg    182460
     agactaaacc caaagagtac aagctctatg cctgtgggcc atatagcatg caaataccag    182520
     agccctgata cctagtgctg taccttgctg aagatctaca ctgaaaaagt gacatcttgg    182580
     agggtcaggt cccctagctg ggcctgccca tgcctccctc cctgagctgg aggatcaaag    182640
     atcagaacag ccttaaggag gttaaggcca aagcaagaca gagctaggct aagttctgcc    182700
     gagcttcccg cttctccgga agctgtccag gaaggattac cagtgtggac cagtcagagg    182760
     ataggaaggc agtgtgagaa gcaggccacc tcacctgggt ttgggatctg ggctcctgga    182820
     gggtgatggg gaagggaaag gcggagcgtc gaggggaggt tcgacctccc cagtcagtgg    182880
     ggtccacagg tattgaggag gggtgggagt ggctgcttag gtgagcagtg gttgtcgggt    182940
     taggtgatgc agggagctgg ggaccatcat cacaaagcct gagccggggc tctcggttta    183000
     tctgcacgta gctggcaggg aagatgccct ggcgtccagt gccagtgatg cgcccctcat    183060
     accaatgttc gttcaccttg cggatcaggc agatgcgttc tccctgaggg gtcagagaga    183120
     agttcttgtc agtaggggtt tcctgagcat cacacacctg agggtggctc acccaggtca    183180
     cttcattcaa gcctaacact ttaacatgta tgagagatca ggctcagaaa gggtcagcag    183240
     gttatctaag ctaaaaagag aggagtcagg aacaagtaga agattaactc gccccatagc    183300
     aggcagcatt tggatttgga tcagcttttt cccccctggc aaagcccaca acactatcaa    183360
     tccctaccga caatcgctaa ttacaaaccc caattacaat tccccagtgc caagtccaag    183420
     ctatgtggcc ttgggcaagc tgctctgccc ctctaagctt ggtttcctta aatgggaaga    183480
     ccaaacactg tgttgagacc cagaatccag cgtggtcttt tacatagcaa tggacagatc    183540
     gtagcatggc gtcacaactc agtcctgccc tgacacacgt gtcctgtgac cctctcccag    183600
     ggcaggcggc cttctcagga caagctgata gaggttggca cagaagtgcc agcatgtcag    183660
     caggctactc taagaaggat gtccccaccc cacactgtcc tgtcctctcc ttcccagcca    183720
     cccaccaccc cttttctgca tatctgtgga cccagtcttt cctagggtta ctcactaggc    183780
     ctccaacccc aattcaatca aaggaaggcc agttcctcat cgcacagaaa cttttcatac    183840
     tttaccataa tctatagccc caaacatgct tgtgagtaac atcccagaac ccacatacac    183900
     acatgcatac atgtatgtac acacgtaggg cctcatgttt gatacagagc cctttgcaca    183960
     caaaacttat ttctagtcct tttaaaatgt agattacgat catcaaccag gtgattaaag    184020
     acacaacggt agggtcaagc ctgatggctc ataccatact gtaatcctag tatttgagca    184080
     gctgaggtag gaggactacg gcgaattcca ggccgtcatg gcctacacag tgaattctag    184140
     gccagcctga atgacagagc aagacattgt tcataacatt ctttcaaaag tagaacatgt    184200
     tggccaagcc atgcaacagg cctataactc cagctatttg agaggctaag gcaagactat    184260
     cacaaggtca aggccttgcg gctggaaaga tgctcagtag ttaagagtat ctggtgttct    184320
     tgcaaaggac caggaagtcc attcccagca ctcatataga ggctcacaac catctgttaa    184380
     cttttatttc aggggcttgg ggcttacatc tggcctccat aggcactgca tacatgtggt    184440
     acgtacatac atacacacaa gcaaaatact cattcgtgtt tttaaaaaac ggttcaaggc    184500
     cagcctggac tatacagtga gttctaggcc agcctgggct acagaatgag ttcaaggcca    184560
     gcctgggtaa cttagcaaga gccccccccc caacattaaa aataaaatgc tgtaatagag    184620
     cacttgccct gtgtgacagg gacccttggt tcagtcacaa gtactggggt taaagaataa    184680
     aagattgggg gtaacctatc ccgagaaact ggaaaaaaac taaaattctg ggtacagttg    184740
     acattttaaa aaaatattca tttctttctg caggctcccc ttcgccttcc cctgccccac    184800
     tctaccatgc cctgactggc ctcacctttc ggaaggacag ttctacctcc aggtctccct    184860
     tgaaggtata ctgggctact gcatcgccat actccagcac ctggtatgtg ggcggcttga    184920
     tgggcttggg aatctcatcg gcaggcagaa cctgaaggga tggtgtgagc aaagttcaga    184980
     ccaggtagca atggatacac acccacactc ccagaagagg gagccatgca gaggacaacg    185040
     tggacaaggc tgtccctggt cagatgtcac atctacacac tgaccagata cagcctagcg    185100
     ggtggcagtg tgagtattgg caggcacggg tgagaggggt catccaagaa ggcttcctgg    185160
     aggaagactt tccagtggac tgatgtgcag tgggacaggc aaaaacagga tggtgagtgc    185220
     taagatagaa gccagtccaa ctacagagct acagatgtgg gccacagagg caaatgaagg    185280
     tgatccagtg tggtggtttg agtgagagaa tggtccctat aggctcatat atttgaatgc    185340
     ttagtcacta gggagtgaca ctgtttgaag gcttaggagg tgtggtcttg ttggattgtt    185400
     ggtggaagtg tgtttctaga ggtgagtttt gaggttttaa aagctcaagt caggcctagt    185460
     cctggtgatt cattcttaat tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    185520
     tctctctctc tctcaggata tagcttccag ctactgctcc agcaccttgc cactttgctc    185580
     cctgccataa tgataatgac ctaagactct gaaactgtaa gtaagacccc aattaaaggc    185640
     ttccttccat aaaagttgtc tcagtcatga tctcttcaaa gcaatagaac agtgactaag    185700
     acatacagtc tggaggtctt gggcaggttt gtttactctg ctagttaaag aattaaaagg    185760
     caggaatttt tttttttccg ggacagggtt tctctgtgta gccctggctg tcctggaact    185820
     taactctgta gaccaggctg gactcaaact cagaaatctg cctgcctctg cctcccacat    185880
     gctaggtggg attaaaggcg tgtgctacca ctgcctttaa ttcactgcct ttaattcact    185940
     gcagcaggaa aaatcttgag cgcaccaggc agcagcagca gaagatcaag ccccgtggac    186000
     ggtagcaaac agaatcagct gttgggaaag gcgtttcttg gggctgaaga aatacacaca    186060
     tatgcagcag actcgcagag actaagaccc tctgcaagag aagctaaaga gtccagtctc    186120
     tttggagggc atctgaaggc tctccctttc ctgattttgg gttggccagt ttaaaaaagc    186180
     taggatgtct gattggccca caactgtagt gtaacatggc ctggcctcga acttactgaa    186240
     ccagtccatt atcagggcct gctggaggga acaagggctt acacggcatg tgtttggagc    186300
     tgttaggcgt ttgtctcaag tcaggagggt aaggaagaag cccaccatct tggaaattgg    186360
     ccatctttgt taactagtca tggcccttct ccctttctct accctggtct ctcaagggct    186420
     ctgcagagcg acttgttcta aagctgagga cttattattg ttgttgttgt ttgatttgat    186480
     ttgatttctc aagacagagt cccactatat tatctctggc tgttctggaa ctcactaagt    186540
     aacccaggct ggccttgaac tcacagaaat ccacctggct ctgcctccca agtgccagga    186600
     ttaaaatcat gtgccactag gtctggatca atttattgca tcttttacca ctgctgaggg    186660
     ccaagtggcc cttggtttaa gtgtcctggt ccctcctgcc ctttggtccc atcagggctc    186720
     tgaatcccca tgctttcttg gttaacccta ttcataaaaa ccaataagct aaccaaccat    186780
     ttcacactaa gctgtagatg actgctggac gagatgactg tagaaactca gtaaaactgc    186840
     actgaaaaca gaaaggatgt atgggtagac agaatctgta atacctgtta aaccagagct    186900
     tgaattacaa cagcctaccc agttatcaaa gggacagcac gaaggtaatg agaaaagagt    186960
     ttaagttaac caacaagaac aataagaatg ctgggcgtgg tggcgcacgc ctttaatctc    187020
     agcacttggg aggcagaggc aggtggattt ctgagttcca ggccagcctg gtctacagcc    187080
     agggctatac agaaaaaccc tgtctcaaaa aaccaaacca aaccaaacca aaccaaacca    187140
     aaccaaaaca aaaaaaagta ataataataa tcgcaatttg gtcagtcctg gtggcaatca    187200
     cctttgatgc caagcacttg ggaggcagag gcagaggcag ggcagatctc tgtgagtcca    187260
     agaccagcct caacatagtg agctccacac cttccagggc tacataataa gatctggtct    187320
     cataacaaaa ctaaaacaag aaaattaatt atttttattt tatttatgta tttattttta    187380
     tttgtgttta gagggaaact taacagtatc aaatactatt attatcgatc aactaaacta    187440
     acatgaggta gggggaatca ccataaattt gaggccagcc tgggctacat agtgattcta    187500
     ggctagtctg ggctgctgtg ccactcttgt caaaggaaaa agaaaaagga aaaaaaaaaa    187560
     aaaaaaaaaa ggctaaactt ttactcgtga ggacaatcat taagtcatga gcattagaga    187620
     aaggatgatg tcaggaggct catggagggt agaaggctgg tcccctgagt ttagacccca    187680
     gcacccacag aaagtcagaa gctgagcagt aggaaatagg aaagcctgcc ttagggtgga    187740
     aggcaggagc tgacacccca gatctgtgca ccataggagg tatgttccca cacatacaag    187800
     actaaaccta tatgttttaa tagtttattt cattttttta ttttatgtgc attggtagtt    187860
     tgcctgcatt catgtctgtg tgagggcgtc agacagcctg gatcaggact tacagacagt    187920
     tgtaagctgc catctgggac ctgaacccgg gtcccccgga ggcagacaat gctcttaacc    187980
     actaaaccat ctctccagct ccaagaatag atatttttaa aatacaaggg aatattacga    188040
     gcaactttct gacagaggtt tattttgcta caaattaaga cacagatact aaaaataagc    188100
     tatggggggg ctggagagat ggctcagagg ttaagagcac tgactgctct tccgaaggtc    188160
     ctaagttcaa atcccagcaa ccacatggtg gctcacaacc atctttaaag agatcggacg    188220
     ccctcttctg gtgtgtctga agacagctac agtgtactta gatataataa taaataaatc    188280
     ttaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagct ataggtctca ttaagaaacg actttttgtc ttagcacaga    188340
     acctccatct ctaaagtgag ataattatct ctctccaggc agtgtgaggg agcacacctg    188400
     aaagacatga cacatttgca agtgaattgt cacccatttc acggtctggt cagcggagac    188460
     caggatagaa agatggagtc tgatagctaa aatgtagggc cctaatgggg tgttggcttc    188520
     tggacgaggg tctcttcacc cttcccccgg ggttgtgaga cagtctgagc cctggaccag    188580
     gtgacatgtg ggccaaggac attcaagaca gatagcagag accgcctcaa tgttttgcaa    188640
     gaaacctgga gtctgcagtt tctaagtctc tccctacctg tctctctcac tcacctccac    188700
     ataattagct gggaagatgc ccagccggcc atggtgttcc ccctccagcc agttcttgtc    188760
     cacttcctta tggatataga caatgtcacc cttctgcaga gacagctccc tgtaggggag    188820
     agcagtgtac agcactgggt tcttggagac tttcttcttc agacactgca tggtgtacca    188880
     tctccccctc cagccttccg cccatggacg cctggacctt ccctaaccct cacagttcag    188940
     actgcccagg atggagtggg aagggctgag aaaaccactt acttggggga ctgtgcctgg    189000
     aagtcaaact tgagccgggc ggccttcctc tgggagaaga gagggaacag agtggggtac    189060
     ctcagacaga cagggacctg cccagacact ccctgaccct agggactctc ttaccttctt    189120
     ctcttctttc ctcgaagggc tgctacccct ttcagaggcg ctaggctctg tggagaagca    189180
     ccacctcagc ttggggaggt catgtctgag gggatcgggt tgggatgggt tatgctcccc    189240
     ccacccaccc acccaggtca ggcacaggga agcaaagggc tctgtgacct tcctggtccc    189300
     caccttccct ttcctgggtc accacatagc tagctgtaag agaacttcca gaaccagtag    189360
     gcggccattc agggccaaca aaaacaggat ttgtcttacc tcgggctgag gaagggtaga    189420
     caaaatctct acgtcccaga aaggggcttc ctcctccatc tgccattctg tgggggctca    189480
     ggggtcggga ggaactgaag taaggtgcat gcggtgagtt gggcctccag gctgaggaca    189540
     gactgcaggg acagaggcag tgagtcacct gtttagaact ttacatccct cagagctggt    189600
     agtcatatct tacctcccag gccctctggc taccccgatc ccgtcccctg ccttccaagg    189660
     cgtcttccca ggtccggggc tctcaacagg atgtcccatt tcccgtgtag cagagggccg    189720
     ggaagggtga ggccttgaat taggagaggc ggaggccgcc gggaggaaac gcgggaagtg    189780
     tcgagcctcg ggtcccacca cccacctcca acgccgccaa cgccaccacc actaaagtcc    189840
     tcctcggctt aggacaggtg gcctcagagg gcagacaagc cccagcagag gtgcggttgg    189900
     gatgcccccg cacttttccg atcttcaggc ccctcctccg gggttcgccc atcctccacc    189960
     gtgggcaggg ccatcacccc ctctccggcc cgcgccacgt cccctccccc gggaacagac    190020
     cctctgctcc ggcccgagcc tctaccactc accgggctga gggctgctgc tccaagccgg    190080
     gctgctcaag gggccgtcgt ggagcctgag agttctgcac agggacaccg gacgtgatca    190140
     gagcctggga ccccgggact agggcagccg aggccagtga caccacctcc tccggaaaag    190200
     ttcgcagctc gggagggaag gaggccggag aggggcggga cgcggggtcc tagaggctgc    190260
     cgcgagcctt cacgcaggga ggaggcgcca aggaaggagg cccagcccgg gaagccaggg    190320
     ccaggtcggg tcttgggatc cctggaactg cgactagggt cggggacggg taggggggtg    190380
     gggaccggag ccgatacact gaaccagagt tggccaggaa gggttctcag gggtcactta    190440
     gaaagtcgac atccagtatt ttgtagatcg gacaaggctg aagtctgccc aaagtcgcca    190500
     gtttctagct ctgcctgctt ccctctgtcc cctgctaaag ccttccttct agaagccccc    190560
     tgaaggctag taccttgggg gacggcaggc gggtctcaat ggcccgcagg tccttgtcca    190620
     gctctgcgct cagcttggcc agttctctct ctagcaggac ctgggggaaa agatcctctt    190680
     gggaagtaca ctgtattaga ggttggtcag aggtcagaag cgacaggttg gtcaggggca    190740
     ggcctcaggg aggaggatca gggcctgatg cctgtagtca tggttcaagg gtaatgggaa    190800
     ggtgacacct cattcctgtc atagtcccca acccaggact ccagggtgtc agaaatgctt    190860
     tagtatttgc tgggcttttt aattttggaa gaaaaggaat gggggtgggg acaatgtttt    190920
     gtttaagaac ccaagggcct gccaaattcc tttctgttgg cttctgtggc cttccatggc    190980
     tctagtttgc tgcaactaca caccacacac tcattccaat gagccaagca ggtgctcgca    191040
     ggcacgtata ttcaggtaca cactccccct tccccgttct ctgcttacac tttttcctag    191100
     aggaactctt tctaccaggc tgaattcagc tctcaattca tgagtacctt tgataatgct    191160
     tatattattc tgtgtgtatt taattaatca tctactacat tcaggcactg tccttggtgc    191220
     tagggataga gctgaaaatg tatctgccta aggcaagtcg gagccttggc tctatggcct    191280
     ctatccatgg ctactaggac cacattgccc agagtcaccc ttgtttactg ttgaccccgg    191340
     tgcccttccc ccatgccatc tgggacactc acctcaatgg gctgtgcagg cttctcaaca    191400
     gggtcatcca ccagtggttt cttaggctgt agggtgggaa gggtatgtca aaggggatga    191460
     acccatttgg aacaggctcc aaatgagggg tgtgtccagt cctagaggaa cctgctaatg    191520
     tgctcacctt atgcccagtt tctagttcgt gcagaaactg gttccaggaa tcttctgtcc    191580
     agacattctc tactttctct cgatgtctag gcacctgtac ggatatgggt ggccatcagc    191640
     ttgcgtagag ggacactagg gttgtctcta gagtctaaag gcaggcaggc cttgtcttcc    191700
     ctgatatgcc tatgaatccc ttataaagta tgcaagctga aatcggaatg gtctgtgcta    191760
     tgtcagcaga taggtgaggc cagagaatgt gcagctgggg atggggttgg ggaacaaaat    191820
     ggcctacctg atttggggga tgaagccctg aagaggatgg tctaaaatta tagttaaagg    191880
     tgtttctaga tgtctcttca gagtggttcc agtttcttct gaagaaagag aaaacaccac    191940
     gtcagcttcc tcttagaaaa ctgagacctg cgtgagaatg taaccaaagg agaagggatc    192000
     gtgcctttct ctatctctgt cattcacact gaggaaacct acctccccct attatggaag    192060
     ttgtgcagta gacctgtagc tatagcaagc tgtatggaac cttgggctcg atactggtaa    192120
     aatgggagtg acttatcagg gagcatgcac taggtgtcca gcagaaggcc tatacaaaca    192180
     ttgctctgta gatagccatg acctctcttg tggccttggg caaaagtatc ctgtgtatgt    192240
     gtttggtatg gtatgtactt gtgcagctgg cttgcaggct gctctaacca agtgatctta    192300
     taaactatgg cccaggatgt aagacaacaa acaacttcaa gggaaacctg ggagcatctt    192360
     tactcaggag acctgggcaa agtgtttcca gtccctaagc cttgggtcca tggggcttgg    192420
     aagaagtgat aaaacctgtg tggccgcctc agccactggg gtgccctgtc caccttaact    192480
     cttctctagg gtttctctct tggctagctt tcatattcca gccgctggtt ttagtctgga    192540
     acaactgaat ggagcttatc aaatgatggc atgtctgacg gagtgaggat gtgttgccta    192600
     taattaggac tctgttctca tttctataat aaaaaggtga tcatgagaat ggaatgtgct    192660
     gtttgcaata gaaggaagca ctcatcatat gggaacctgt gtgttagcat gttggcaata    192720
     cttgccatat gccaatcaca cgcttacttt cttagtcctc ctagtcaccc ccatcacccc    192780
     cacttacaag atggagacac tgacactgga gctcaaagtg gaatgattag tggtagtacc    192840
     ctgacttgga cttatgacaa aggctacagg tcagcgacag ctgtgctagt gaactgaatt    192900
     tgatcccata aaggcaagta cagctggtat actttaccat agagcagagt tccaggtccc    192960
     ccaaggtgta gcagagtctt gcttggcacc ccctaaatac tcagcccagg ggaaggaatt    193020
     tcttcctttt cctctctgga gggcacgtct gagccacagt ctgacagaaa actgggttca    193080
     tccatgctat aggttttctc tgtttttaaa gtggaagggc cacatgtcca agctgccctt    193140
     aacagctttc atcccctggg cacacatcac ttatgctctc tggatctgtg agggtctggc    193200
     tcctgacaca caacaggaat gagtctgttc ctggctacct ttgatccttt gagctggaat    193260
     atctgctgct gtggagcccc ctttgagcac ctctagaccc tttcctgtct gctcccagat    193320
     tgtgcctggt ttggccacaa ggggacacta gtctctattt ggtcttggcc acagctcacc    193380
     cgctagaagt ctcagttgtg ccaggcctgg aggcaggtct ttgcagggtc cctagatgcc    193440
     tgggttctgc agaagaggcg cgtgcggaaa ccactggaga tgaatgaagg cagacaagga    193500
     ctagtgtcgg gcagttactt taggctgtga tacctccatt ctaacacctg gataacaggt    193560
     tcacagggac agaggtggat tctgggatag aacatgggcg ttgtcccaag agatttacga    193620
     tacaaactct ccaaaacagc ttcggaacag gtgatatccc catttcacag ataagaaaag    193680
     agaggcccag ggaaacctgg tcagcagatg gcaaaacaag gcctctttgg acagtgaagg    193740
     tagtcttagt cattgactac caggggactt agtgttccca gaggtgccca ttaaaatact    193800
     ctttcatggg atcgcaccac ccaggaagcc cccaaaccca ggccacacgt ctctagactc    193860
     caaccaatga acctacaccc ctcactcacc tttgggtggg tcttccaagg tccagtccag    193920
     ctgcaggtct agggaacaga aaggactagg tcatcaacgg aacacagagt gaggacaggg    193980
     tgctttagga gcctgcctag ctgctcccag cctcccttct gcctggagca ggggctgagg    194040
     gctgagtcag ggcctgaaga atgtcctgag ggagggaagg aattaggaag gcagcccttg    194100
     ggagggcttg aaatgcctgc ctctggcagc ctttaggcct gggagagcca aatgggcggc    194160
     aaccacaccc tctaggttct cctgcttaat cccccccccc ccaatacaca caccctctcc    194220
     tgacctctgt aggcttgtcc tggccatgcc agcctctccc cacttccctt ctccaactgc    194280
     accttcttct caaatgtctt atctcactct ttgtccactc ccacacctcc caatgttcag    194340
     gactttctgg gctcaggatg gaggaggagt caagtaagag gttctaaaac ccaaacacca    194400
     ttctcaggag cctgctttta cctccctctg ctgctgggtg actgcaccca gcctatggtc    194460
     agttctctta caatcttatg atcatctagc ttgactcagt ggtagcattt gtcacagctc    194520
     ttccttctga aactgctttc tctcatctgg ccacagggag actatttggc tctccttgtc    194580
     tctctttgaa aggaactcca gtctctcagc tgcattcctc gcctcagtgg ggcttctctg    194640
     aacccacatg gctctatcct aaggactgtt tctccgtctc cctggctccc cgtctccgtc    194700
     tccctgtatg atcttggcta gtctcaaagc ttttcaaaca cattcagcct tgtttccata    194760
     gggtctatat ccatgggttc aaccaggtcc actttgagaa tataaatcat ctgcactgca    194820
     catgtgcaca gactatttct tgtcattatt ccctaaacaa gacagtacag tgtatatatg    194880
     tagctactaa tacagtattt actttgtatt aaatataagt aatctggggg gtgctataac    194940
     atctatgaga ggctgtctgc aggtatatgc aaatatgact acttatacct aaatttgtca    195000
     tacttttaca cttattttat attttatatg tatgtatgtc tgtgaaccac aggtgtgcct    195060
     ggttccccat ggaggccaaa agagggccag atctgctggg acgggagtta cagagagttg    195120
     tacactgcca tgcagaagct gggacttgag tctttgtctt ctagaaaagc agccacttaa    195180
     ctctgcagcc ccttcagggt tgtttgttta tttgtttgtt tgttcatgtc cttttgtgtc    195240
     tgtatgtgtg aggatgcatg cgtgccacag catgtgtgtg agggtcagag gacaacttgc    195300
     aaatgtcagt cctctccttt cacgaggtgg cttttgaagg tcgtcaggct tggaagcctt    195360
     tgaccactga gtcataggac ctcaccccat agcctaggtt agcttagaac tcatggcaat    195420
     cctcctgcct cagcttccca atagagctac caccatgggg ccctagagcc gtggctttgg    195480
     gtatggtgct tcatacaagg gacttagtct cgaagggagc cactatctaa ggacagctat    195540
     ctgccagggc tacacgtcgg aactgtctag gactggaggc tgccatcttt ttgagcaccc    195600
     caggtacttc atatacagct ttagacctcg cccctgacct agcccaggac attccgctgc    195660
     ctgtttccct tgggtgtggc aggcctggaa aaccgaaagc ctctcgttct tgttgtcttt    195720
     tgttctggtt gactcatttt ctagtcctgg ctgtcttaga actcactgca gatcaggctg    195780
     accttgaact cctgcctcgg tttctcaagt gctaggacta aagtcatgtg ccaccttgcc    195840
     aggctccaaa tgcctcttaa acctgtttcc tctgccatct tccctgtctc taacaaatgt    195900
     cagcaccaaa gccaggccca ctcccgtgac ccctgagaca tgaagactga gagctgtctg    195960
     tcagcctcag ctacatggtg agttcaaagc cagcctggaa tacatgagac ctgatctgaa    196020
     agacaaaaag ggggccaaac ggcagctcca tccttcagct tgctcaggtt taaagtcact    196080
     ctcatgctgt tctgtcatgt tatgttccat tatcagcaga ttccaatgct atacttggaa    196140
     tgtctctgga actaccatac cgttccatcc cactgcccgg gactgggcca ctgctaggtg    196200
     tagactggat aagagcagag ctttcgtgat ggcttcctac ccactcccac ccccagcctt    196260
     gccaatcagg ggaattggta gccttgttcc caccatctct tctgtgtcta gctgtatggg    196320
     agatcctccc ggtcatcttg gttagaactc ttcactctgc tgctcagaat tgctcagagg    196380
     ttccaggttt cttgtccaat aaaagtcaaa gccctcttag gaacccccaa agcctcccaa    196440
     gacctgaccc tatgaccttt ctgactatga ttcccatcct gaatcccctt taaccttaat    196500
     ccagggtttc cctggctgtg ttttcccctc tgggtttttg gagcgccctc tgctggccac    196560
     attcctctct accctttctg ggctaagctc aagggcgtct tcacagggtc cttcctcacc    196620
     tcttctgggt gccctttctg ccatctgtgt attgggcatc tttttagaac agtgctcagt    196680
     gcacaggaag tcctcagaga taggcaagca ttgattcaat gcacacgtgg cctgtagagc    196740
     gctcatacgc agctcagtat tggctgcatt cacactactg ctccgggtgg tgccacagcc    196800
     tagccagaag tccagagaaa tcccaggaag cccccagagg acatggggaa acttcagctg    196860
     gtcgctgtcc actcaactac attctggagg ccattcttgg cgtcaaacat tgacagaaca    196920
     gagaaactcc ttccctgcct ccttcccttc ctcttctctt tcttccccca aacccacttt    196980
     ctttttttag atttttgaga gtctcacttt gtagcctagg ctggccttca agtctgtgtt    197040
     tccccctgcc tttgcctcct gagtgctgga gttacaggca ccaacttgtt tgtttgtttg    197100
     tttgtgcctg tttccaggac cactcacatg agagcttgga gagaggagtc agaagaattt    197160
     catttcataa gcaaagaaat cccccttcta tcccgcccac aggttccaga tagttgggag    197220
     tctactgggc cctgggaggg tgtctaacct ggcattttcc ggtgaatttg ctggaacatt    197280
     cttcgatacc agtctctggg gctgtcaaca ctctgagatc agaaaattaa aatcaggtct    197340
     ctctgctcac ccacccttct caggcctccc tgctcaccca ccctccccag tgacaagcca    197400
     actcgggcac cttgacatcc ctatagatgg ctggggtctg ggaactctct ctggtgctgg    197460
     tgctgatgtg tgtgtgtgtg catgtgtgtg cacctgtgtg catgcaggca cacatcccag    197520
     tgcatggacg gacatgtgga ggccaggggt caattgcaca ccaccgggat gtacagattc    197580
     cacacacaca tgcggaggcc agaggacagt ttgcaggagt aggacctctg ctgctaccac    197640
     atggattctg ggatcaaact caggtcatta gggatggtgg taactgcctt tgttcacttg    197700
     agccttttca ccagccctct acctaattaa tttttatttg tttactctaa aaaaattttt    197760
     ttaacgtgta tgaatgtttt gcttatatcc ttagaggtca gaagagagca ttagcgtccc    197820
     tggaagcaga gctatagaca gttgtgaggt gccatgtggg ttctggggtt ccaaccctgg    197880
     tcttctccag gaacaagtac tcctaaccac tgaaccatct cttcagcccc ttatttttat    197940
     tctattttaa tttttgagac aatgtttcac tagatagcct tcggctggcc tagaactcag    198000
     tatgtagtct gcactggcct tgaactcaca gagatcctcc tgcctctgcc tcctgagtgc    198060
     taagattaaa ggcaccacca ttcctcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagattatta tttttttttt    198120
     gagacaggat ctctcactga acctggagct cactgtttcc tctagactgc ttagccagga    198180
     cgccactgga cctgcctgtg accccctaac cccagctttg ggattgtaga catatattgc    198240
     agcacctagc tttaattatg cagtaagcac tttgactact gagccttctc cccagctcct    198300
     tttgtagcaa cttcatgtgg catgttgtgc ctgaattcag cgcatgcgag aactctcttc    198360
     agtgtagagc atgatgaccc tccatcagga gatggagacc gatttacatt ttcctcgtgg    198420
     ttttcatatc tgtatgggca tgcacagcac atgcgcgagt gcatgtttgt gtgggtgtag    198480
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtttgtat atgtgtatgt gcatgcacat gcatatggag gccagaggtc    198540
     aacctcagtt actattcttc aggcactgtc tattaattaa tttattaatt tttgagacaa    198600
     ggtttttctg tgtagctctg actggagctc attacgtaga ccaggctggc ttccaactca    198660
     gagatccact tgcctctgtg ctggagctat aagcatgtgc taccatgtcc agctgcgtgt    198720
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtaatgtttc agagataaga    198780
     actcaggctt gtatggccag cagttcacag actgagctat ctccgcagtc ttgtggctat    198840
     tcctaaggcg tctacatttt tctacatgaa cacatgtaac agtgtaggga gagagggcat    198900
     ttcacataat ccaccacatc tggaccttac aaagcaggaa aggtccatga ctatgaggaa    198960
     atatggctgg cccagcacgg aaggccaggg ccccgctaat cctctgtaga atgtagaata    199020
     caggatcctt ccctgccagc catggcaatc tcctctcact cagctggtaa ataggcagct    199080
     agtctgtggg tgctaggcag ggccctcggg atacaaaact aagaggtatc ctactaagtt    199140
     cagcccttaa agtggtggct ttccatctct gaaatctgta tcatattaca tctatgtgac    199200
     tccacacaca aggtgtgggt acggcctctg tgccccaccc ctattatact cctagagata    199260
     gagcttggga ggtctctggg ccccctctgt ctgggaccct cagccctgga ctcacagatc    199320
     ggggggcaat gggcatgccg ctctcatcca cgggcccgat tccctcgtac ttcacccagc    199380
     gcttgtcctg tcgcttgctg tccttggtcc atgtggctga ccagttctgg gcatgctggg    199440
     aagcaggtgg cttcgggctc atagagggcc ggctcccagg gcctggccag gtctgatacc    199500
     atgctgggtc tgtgagagga gtgtagggtc attagctgaa aggcaggggt ccccacctga    199560
     tcttgtctcc tctgaacatc gacccccgtg ggtccaaagt ttcaatcctc cttattagac    199620
     tggatgatgt ggactccaca aaccacatct gcagcagcac cccgggcttc tgcttgttta    199680
     tgacttaaaa tgaattttaa gaggattttg tttggagcaa tctgtgttca tccccaaccc    199740
     attctgtttt cctcggacag tcctaagtgt ttgcagaagg gaaggctggg gaagagtact    199800
     tgaagcagat gctaggggca tcccagttag ggtgtggcaa ggctgactct gggctgtagg    199860
     ggattggctg ggctaggcag atgggggata cagacttaaa tttagactcc agctcagcca    199920
     cctattggtt gtttacgttt aggctcattt atcatcctgg tggtgcctcg gtttctactt    199980
     gtatagaagg agaataattt cagcaaagac acggtgactt ctagtctgtg ccactggaca    200040
     tagcacatac agacaacagc ccccagagag gtcagaaact cattccccag gcatgtgtcc    200100
     tctgtcccca gctttcccac agaacattta gtttctaaat agtttagtat aatagcacac    200160
     atgcttcagg gccagatggt caagggtgtg gatcccaatg caaccttatc tactccgagc    200220
     atctctgaga ctggatcctc actgggaaga tgcccataac ggaccctgat ttgcttggat    200280
     gtggctggtt tcaatggggg ataggcttgt gaaatgtctg cccaggattg tccagtgttc    200340
     aataattcct tgctaagtga ctgaggtcct ttgcacaatg cctgactcag tggaatgaat    200400
     gctcaggaaa ggatgccatt cctcaaaggg ctggattata cggaagagtc cccaggagct    200460
     cagggacctt agggtccacc cagatggcag ccaggctctt aagctgcatc tccaatgccc    200520
     ttttgggttg aatgagaagc ctgagtgcgt gtggcggagg gtggggggcc ggacactggg    200580
     cagtccctgt ccatgcttaa gccaacaatt ctcaccgtcc catttgaatt gctggccctg    200640
     ttacagttct cttggcccct ggggccatgt ccttcccttg tcaagaggga gggaagggct    200700
     gttatcagcc gcctgttctc tcttcaaggt tcctttctca agatctgcag gatcacagag    200760
     aaccctaagc tgaacccaca gttccctgga gaccttctca tggccttgaa agatccagtt    200820
     cctttccatg tggcacaggg aacttgcccc atcccctgcg taaggttctt agagcagatc    200880
     ttcccaagca gacccacctg gattcaagga accatctctc ctgggtgggg ggcagccatt    200940
     gcacacagtc ctgggcgcag ggtcatgaaa ctggaaatta agggtgttgg agccaccatt    201000
     ccggatcact ggcacctgtg gggaggggcc aggagcggca agctcagggc ccagaggctc    201060
     cacaggagtt ccactgggaa ggaatggcct cctggggaag tttcggaggc tcttaggagc    201120
     ttccttcaga ctgtcttccc tccttatatt gtcgatccac ggctcccccc acctggcctg    201180
     ctagtgtccc atcaactgct ggcccatcag tgtccttttt tcctcgctgt tcactcaccc    201240
     ttgtcccccg ggaggatgag cctatatggg ttcggaggtg accagggatg aaatcatcca    201300
     ggctgagccc agcagggagg ccttgcatgc ttgggtcaag gttggaggac gcaggatgtg    201360
     ccagctgctc cttcgtgtgt actctgcaga gaaggaggaa ggaagggaaa gccctgctcg    201420
     gctggactgc ctgggacctc ttgactcaac ccactggtgg gggaggaagg taggtttgtg    201480
     ggagggaatt atggccagct gggtgggagc tcaaggaccc aggaaacagg cagctctggg    201540
     cacccgcctg caggctgcca gtgccgactc ccagaggcac aatggattgc ttgttaggcc    201600
     tggggcacga gctctgggtg ggagtggggg aggggaagcc aggcaaggag gaagatagag    201660
     aggctggcca ggagcaggcc tgcagcctgc tgaccaccct tctggggctc tccgtgccag    201720
     gatagccagc tcccctcgag ggaaggcaca ggggaactag ggcagctaac acagaggacc    201780
     tgagcacaga ggactttgtc tccattcttc tgtcatgctt ctgccctggg tagcatctgc    201840
     gtgcacacag gcacaaaggc agtcaacatc aaggccaccg acctgctgac cactgcgaag    201900
     cagccagcag cagtgccctc atccctacca ccagggccag ggagagcatg ggagagcatt    201960
     ggcaggcagg cagggagcca cttctgagat ctagggaatg tggggctgcc cgctggcctc    202020
     ctgtgcacat cagggctcca gaacactcag agccagcgct gggggaaatg gaagggaaag    202080
     cagcagatgg cagcaccaga ggacctgctt ctgccctggg ggtggtgctg aggtttttct    202140
     cctgcacacc gaccaatgct cctgtaccca caagcttggc tttgaaggga ggctccttcc    202200
     tgactcagag catctgcctg acaagccagt cggttctgcc tcacccgggg gtcagcagaa    202260
     gggagctcgg ggcacctggg agatgggtga gcaaaagggc acacccatag atgagtgcaa    202320
     gaggacagag cactcatggt tcaggggcac aaagggattt tagggtctag agagctgggg    202380
     tataggatct tcagctcttc atctttatgg ctgaatgggg cactaggggg atagacttac    202440
     atcacctttt ggactgggcc aaatcaggct tgtatgtgcc tgtggggttt gtgggggttc    202500
     caagaaagga caccagatat cccaggtggt gtcctgtgtg tggtaggata tgttcagtgc    202560
     tgtgaatgtg atggggtggg ggagggcagg gtggatcatg tgaggagctc gggaatgtca    202620
     ggactgtgta cagcaagggg tcatatggac agcacaggag ctgtgggaag ggtacagagg    202680
     aggcctgcag ggccttattt tctgtgctca catcctgctc aggcatggac aaggagacga    202740
     ggaaggctag ggtcagtaag tctctggtct gtatttgtgg ggattccttc tgacatctga    202800
     gcagcctttt ggggacccag ccaatccctg actttgtgtg tggggagggg aggctgaggt    202860
     gcagcccacc agctggattc aattaaagct cttaccaaaa agctaaccat acaaacacac    202920
     acccgttccc gccacccgtt cccgcagccc tcaccgctgc tgcctgccga ctctcggact    202980
     tcctccaggg gaaagtgaag ccaggcagac tgatgaccca ggaagcctgg gcacaccggc    203040
     tgtgtgctac ccctccctgc ccggctgagg gcttgaggcc aaactgcctt cggcatcagc    203100
     agttgcaccc atcagctgac aggccttcct tccctaatgt cactgtgtcc caccctccca    203160
     gcaaatccag aagtgtcctc tctagggaaa aaggaccagt tctccatcac caccttgttt    203220
     caggagctac tgaccctagg atacctccat cggctcccct cccactgagc tcctgggaat    203280
     actcgaggtt aggatagggc cccccatggt ggtcctggtt tttctcccag caggctgcct    203340
     ggagacattt ggcagaacct aaggaagaca gaggtctcct ggggaattgg tatctgtcta    203400
     gcataaaacg gacacctctg gtgagttccc agaatccagg cagcccctgc attccagcag    203460
     acccctagaa gaatgaagaa cgtccaggtt tggtggactc cttcccatct gagtgaggcc    203520
     ttgatggtgg ggacgtcgtt ctctgccttt ccaggtctta tcaaactata gctccccact    203580
     aacagggtca gggggtttca aattcacctt ttctggtttg tacaacctca gagaccagga    203640
     cacggaggga gggactctac gccttcgctc cggtccacgc caggctatgt cttgcctcct    203700
     tcccgcccct ttgcatcgct gaacctacct tcccccggcg agcaggtggg ggggcttggg    203760
     gctgcccagg agggcaggag catcccagcc cgcttctgcc tggagcagcc gcggcgagcc    203820
     ctcggggaaa gagggcaggg aaaagtgcgg gtggtcacgg ccctcgtgac tggtcaggac    203880
     gctgggccag gctcggcgcc caacaaggaa gagagcggcc gagggggcgc gctaggaggc    203940
     aggaccctga gatgaatgcg gcaggaggag tttgggactt ggatttgaac tgtgagccgg    204000
     ggctatgctg gagtaaagtg gagatgcctg ctactccctc actcactccc gcgagtgccc    204060
     tctgtccggc gacgcgccac gggaacactg tggccccttg cccaaggggc cgggctgtcc    204120
     aggaggcggt gccgggaggg gccaccgagg gtcccccggg agcccgctgg gtttcccaga    204180
     tgccttcccc ggcccccacc gcaaagctgg agtcagaaag gggcgggagg gctggcgggg    204240
     gccactcaga gtttccagcg acatttccag ggtgtgggaa gcgagctgct ccacaagagc    204300
     caggacacag ggcaggagtg attaaccgaa tggtccctga gtgccagagc ccgggtgggg    204360
     ccggaattag atacgcagcc ctcggccttg gagaggcagg agacaggccc ggaggcagac    204420
     aggctgggac cgagataagt cacggtggcc caggaacaag gcaacacccg cttggggaga    204480
     gagagttcat gcttgttaga cctaagcgca ctgaccaggc gtttgcaaac actcgtgtac    204540
     tggcaaacgt gaggatgctc acacacacgt gcaaagtttg ggggagggaa tcgaccggct    204600
     ccctggacgt gccacagcat tgaagaggat aagggtgggg ccctttgggc ggggatgagg    204660
     ttaagagggt cttggtgttc ccattcaccg tatttgtttt gatcctgctt ttccgctgtt    204720
     cctacagtgc tgactgctga cgcagatctg aaggacaccg cccactggct ccccattctc    204780
     tctggccctc cctcctcccc tcctcgtcca gtcttctgct ggtaggtgcc agggcaaatg    204840
     tttactgaca atggaaaccc tggagtactc ctagcctagg attcactgcg aacccaagtc    204900
     cccaacaaat caaccggtaa aaaaaacggt ttctggtcca ctgctgagta tggtaaatga    204960
     cacctactgc cttttaattg gtgcctgagc cacctggagt tagtgtttcc caggacatca    205020
     cagcccctag cacgctcacc tcttattagc ttcacatttt cccagttgtg ggggaagaac    205080
     tgtttgtggt gcccgcaaac aaaacccacc cccacctccc gggaaactta ggtcaaggac    205140
     agctcaagag atgagcgtgc cagagctccc atgagtgggg agtcttcagg aagcagtttc    205200
     ataggcttcc agagatgtaa acctgctaac agggctctga ttcgcatacg tgaggtgttt    205260
     ttaacggatg taggtattac acagtacacg gtgtttgtgg gaggggcgga ggtaggaaag    205320
     ctgaagggag agagatggag gagtggagga gctctgagac cctctttgag gtcaggcagc    205380
     tgtacacagc ctctctgcca cttgattatc cacccattcc agggaagcag cctccccctc    205440
     ccccagggga ttaaaagtac tacccatgtc cctctttaaa gttttcccac ctgttagggt    205500
     ccttgggact aagaagggct acatcacttt cattgtcttc tttgttgttc aaagacgaag    205560
     ctgaagatct tcccactcca agaatcctgg ccatccccct tcaccagcag tgaacttctt    205620
     aggctctaag gctctgacct ggactccaag ataaatattt aatgtagagg gtgccgctga    205680
     gctgccgaag gtcccaactt cctgtttctc acaagagaag gcacagtgtg ggcaagggag    205740
     ctgaggactg gctaccagtc ccatctctat ggggatgggg agtctagtaa acagtcttgg    205800
     aggatgtagg ttgggaggaa cggggagggt ggcaatggag ggctgaactg ctgcagctct    205860
     gctttgtcag tcaggccggg gctggctcgc cacctctcag gttggagctc actgtgttca    205920
     caagtattcg gatggcttta caaaacacgg aggcacgagg cgctaggacc gcagggcagg    205980
     taagtccaag gaaacttaaa taatctcctg ccctcttttc tgcccagatt tagggagaat    206040
     tcttcctctt ttaagaagat tagggagaaa aatgtagcaa gaattcagag actggactta    206100
     gagagccagg tgtctggttt cctgacccct ccccctagct gtagctggct gctgcctgcc    206160
     tgcctcaccc tgagtagctt ccagtggcac attagagcca ggtaacattg tcccagatag    206220
     tgcagccctg gtcagtatgc catgctctgt ctcctgcaca cccttctgct caagagggac    206280
     ctccttccct agtagtcggc tgcctgcacc cctccagcat ggccttgggt caaggactgc    206340
     catggttgcc acagccacct gagcccatgt aaacacagtt acgtaactgc tctgtttttt    206400
     ctagctatct gatcccagtc accaggagcc ccacccagcc ccaggcagcc aattctgtcc    206460
     tatgcacatt cccccacccc tcagccccat agtcctcttg tcctccgcca ccaactcaaa    206520
     gtaccattag tcaagtgact accaattagt ctcaatcaca attagtgtcc aggacagtct    206580
     agcatttgga tgagacactg acatctctgc tgcaggcctg accttcctgt tcggtagaaa    206640
     ggcaccggct agttccttcc ctaggacaaa cttcagtaca ttcttgaggt aggctttcat    206700
     gtcctttttg gtttgtgctc ttagaagagt gttctctttc tacagatcag aagggagtag    206760
     ccaagaacac acggactctt ctagagtccg taaccaaccc agcagtgagg agctgaagcc    206820
     aagtcaccat agatatacta gcacagatct cgactctgtt tcatccctgg ggccatctcc    206880
     tgattccagg tctggcagta ctgccaacta agctctatca atgggcccac ctatgccaat    206940
     cactcatgag aacaggggca agcaagggag ggaagtgaaa tgacccactt tggggctcca    207000
     agggccctct tacacactgg tctatctgga agtctgaggt ttttttttgg ggggggggag    207060
     ggggttagtc actgcaaagt gaaggaactc taagggaagc aacaacaata aaaaaacaca    207120
     gggcaggtca aggcaggtca atgtcagacc tggaagcaag gacaggtatg taaaacccca    207180
     caagaacaag agcctggaga tttcaggcct gctttgagca aatattttca tagcacacat    207240
     atcatgggca tctcatgttt cctggcatct aaaccccaaa ggcagtgaaa agaatcagtt    207300
     cctgcccagt ttatccagtc tgtcctccag gaggcctgga cactgactga catcacatcc    207360
     accatgcgtc ccttttcgtg gataaacaaa cagatgccat ggccagacag gaatgcctga    207420
     gaaggaccaa cctagacagg cttcctttgg ttcttacaaa aggatggaag gagcaagtag    207480
     gtgacaggtc tcgagaaagc agactttgca gagtgatgcc ctcagaggga atggaagtca    207540
     agtcagccac agacaagggc aaagaaccag ggcctggaaa attgggtcgg cctcagcctt    207600
     ccatcccagc tcagggaaac tgagataagg gagtcagaga gctgactggc cggccagagg    207660
     gtaccatgat agagtgctgc tatccaaaca aaggctagcc tgtcttctgg cctccttgag    207720
     ttctatgata aactgtctgt ctccactgta ttagcagtaa gactcaattt acctctaagt    207780
     gaccaatgca ctatcaagag taagctttgc aaataaaatc ttaagagttg tgatctttta    207840
     aaaagtgaag aggaggaagc agaagaggag gaagaggagg aggaggagga agaggaggaa    207900
     gaggaggagg aggaggaaga ggaggaggag gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa    207960
     gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagag gaggaggagg aggaggagga ggaggaggag    208020
     gaggaaggag tgaagccatc taattaccca gagcagacaa caaagtaggg attagatctc    208080
     aatctagcag gggtcagtgt gactcagtgt ctcatccttc tttcctaggc tctgaaacag    208140
     cttcccacga ctctgtaaat aagggcaaac attacctcat ctcactgggg ctttagctaa    208200
     gggataaggc cactgttaac tcaggatgtc actggggtaa caacataaaa tgctcacttg    208260
     gcttttgtgc agttaaaaaa tccgggctca tttttctggt cttaaaattg cacactgtgg    208320
     ctgtatttga tgtcaatgtt gctatttgga tgcagcagac ctggatttag cctttccacc    208380
     tctgttgcca taatctttcc aagtccctgt ccagggcctc agcctttccc tgtctccacc    208440
     cccaagctgt gcagccatgc ttatctgctc ttgtgaattc ccagccccct gggatctgtt    208500
     tgctttgcag aggactccaa ggctgttctg gtactgctaa gcttaggagt acagcttttc    208560
     atcaactccc tttgagcttc tgacttttcc cagatcatat gaaaacttag taaatgacta    208620
     tcgtaaaatg tatttttgtg ctttgtaaag actgttttct gggttatcat ccttctactc    208680
     cttcaaggag gggcctctgc tggaaaggcc gcagagggtc tagggcagga gatcgtggtg    208740
     ggcataattt caggaagagg taagaggcaa aggaaacagg gtttgcagga gggtgggtgg    208800
     gcaggcgggc gagggttggg aagcagaaac tcatcagagg ccatctgagc tttaaccaag    208860
     gctgagggat cctctcttgt gaagggactt actggcattg tcagaaatca gaccagacat    208920
     cagaaactag gctttccctc accgctggaa ttactaactg ggtcagagcc taaagatcag    208980
     tccctctact aagaattcaa ggaaataaag acacagggag tcaatgaagt tatccttcac    209040
     ttataagagc atttgcttct tttaatctta agaggacttc tagtgtatag taagaaagtt    209100
     cttataaaac ttattcacaa agactaatgt ctcctgttga gaggtaacat ttctaggatt    209160
     gtctttaaca tagcagaaag caggagaacg caggtaacct ctaagtacga gcgaataggc    209220
     catcattcaa gggagccacc atctacatcg gcatgtctga ctgcttcatc atctacgaag    209280
     tgacacagag agccaatcct ctaggaaggg tcgggtgatg gggaaaagag ctctggctta    209340
     ggatgctggg aggaatgaac ataaggggct cctgatggca tctttgcaaa ggctccggga    209400
     cagacaaaaa cacatttccc ttttctcttg ttttaaacac aggctttcat tatgtagccc    209460
     tgattagcct gccatttact gtgacaccag gcaaccctca aatttgcagt ggttcttttg    209520
     cttcgtcatg tgcccagccc agatcacatc tttatcaccc caaaccatag gttctggcta    209580
     cctacatcta gtcatgtgca cttcactttg atacgctccc cctcccccca aaccagaaag    209640
     acagggaggg tacttggaga actgtgaaag ggggtaaagg gaatgtgggc agggacttac    209700
     aggcaggcag tgtgcttggc tctacttcag agctgcacag agggatggtc catgtccacg    209760
     tccctgctgc ttgatctgaa accacctaga cttggcatga aattgttgac gatgcataac    209820
     cctggctcaa acaaaggtgt tatttagcac gtcttgccac agttgctgag gcgtgaggcc    209880
     aaggcctccc aggagggaat atgctcccag tatcatcttt acctttgtga ctgcatagat    209940
     gaaggccgtt aacactgacc ccattcactc tggctggcta gatagaggca ggacagctcc    210000
     caagtcccaa tgtcatgtag tttccctctc tcaaactgcc aatggcacag agccctattg    210060
     ttagcacagc gcattgctgg catccagatg agagcgctgc tcctgtcctt cggcaaactg    210120
     gctttcttct ctacactcat ctgctctttc ttacggcttc cctatgagct tctgatcatg    210180
     gcaagaactg aaagagattc ctctgtgtga cccaaaccct cttcagtgtc ttgctgtctt    210240
     ggctgctctt tacactgatc taacaggcta caggaaagac aggacgggtg tcagataagg    210300
     taaaaccaca caatctagca cactggagcc tcatacccaa ccctgagttc taggtccact    210360
     cctgctatgg aattcttttc tgcctgggta gggaaaactg agagcaaaac cccctgagtt    210420
     ccactgttac cataacagct aggttaaaca ctggggttct agagtgctac ctcagcaagt    210480
     ctttactggt taggaaatca ttttcagcac aaacgttggg cagaggaatc caatgatcat    210540
     taatgtgaag aaaacaatgt gaggcaggat tttcctaaac cagtataagt aagtggccag    210600
     tgagattggc cagcatgcgc ttgtttctct agagtgtgaa ctttacagat atttatagat    210660
     atgatacaga aaatgcttgg gagatcagct agaagattta cataaggcag agagaaggga    210720
     tttttacttc cgcatttgta gactagagag ttcttgcata attggctata aagcggggca    210780
     cccagctgca tctcacatga cttgagtatt tttcttatat tacaccagct gtctcagact    210840
     ctgggtttga aaaccacacg gagaaaagga actaagggat aatgccaagg ctgaagaagt    210900
     cttgaagcga ctccattttc agaaatccta ccttcgctct taatgatagc aaatgatttt    210960
     tctattgact gaaccaatag ggggttctct gtcccctgta ctgaaggttt ttttgttgtt    211020
     gttgttttta gagacagggt ttcactgtgt agccctgtct gtcctggaac tcactctata    211080
     gaccaggctg gcctcaaact aagaaatctg cctgcctctg cctcccgagt gctgggatta    211140
     aaggcgtgcg ccaccatgcc cgacaggaaa ccattcttaa gttatcaggg tagaaaacca    211200
     aatgttcact agtgagagga acttgttcac tggctagcaa gctactctgg aggaagagat    211260
     gatgcaatga aagacagtgg taggcaggag caatgctgac attcctggac agtctgacac    211320
     ccctgttcct aggcaaggag ccacatcatg agacaagcca tgtatacttt tatcatcaat    211380
     gtctagtgac aaatgaggtg tcaccttgag atttcagaga aaactgaagc tgtttgcata    211440
     atttcagact atgaagcagc ccacccgtgc acatgcatac catggatgca cacataggag    211500
     tctgattcta atcagatcac gagattgaaa caggacgttc tctttgtatc agacgagttt    211560
     tcgaattttt atttaaaaaa taaattagtc tttggtaagt gtaaagtttc ttatgtatat    211620
     atttaaccac agttgggaag ccctgtctgt gagtggccat tttaaaacag tgcttcagaa    211680
     ctttgcaaag gagctcttga catgcctaga aaactgcttt aagaaatggg ttcttgggtt    211740
     ctttaagctc tctcaccttt cttattctca tctctagccc taccttcctc cctttcccct    211800
     tctctccacg tggccatggc tggcctctct ttttctttct accgtctttc tctctgcctt    211860
     tctacaataa agctctaaaa ccatagaaag agagagagaa ggaaagagaa agaaagaaag    211920
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa aggcgggcag acggaaggaa ggaaagaaag    211980
     agagagagag agaaaaaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag    212040
     aaagaaagaa atgggttctt ggcgctggag agatggctca gtagttaaga tgactggctg    212100
     cttttccaga agacctagct caattcatag catccacatg gcacctcaca gttgcccata    212160
     acaccaattc cagatgatca tggcaccctg gcacagatat acatgcaagc aaaacaccaa    212220
     tgcacattaa aacaaaacaa aacaccaaaa aacaaaaaca aaaaaaacaa aaaaaccaac    212280
     tactttaaaa aaggagttat ggccctaagc agaaatagct ggtctagggc aaatgcaatg    212340
     gaggaaccag gaggaaaatg tgttcagatt tttaaatctg aaaagatgtg aaaaacttct    212400
     aatgaagttt aaagagaaga aacagtagtt atttcaacac attcctaaga ctaagtctga    212460
     actatttctg gttcctaggg actttcagaa cttctgcctt cttatgggtc cttagcagtg    212520
     aggggcctcc accagtggac tgtgtcacaa tacgatctac tgtgactttc ataggtgagg    212580
     tttctaaaga aaggatgatt tctaccactg ggcttggggg gagagaaagc ataagctaca    212640
     aagaaatgac aataaagacg accttcctcg ggagtttcct tcccctcttt caggttttct    212700
     cctgacagtt aagacccttt ctcttgccgg gcgtggtggc acacccggga ggcagaggca    212760
     ggtggatttc tgagttcgag gccagcctgg tctacagagt gagttccagg acagccaggg    212820
     ctatacagag aaaccctgcc tcggaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagaccctt tctcttgctc    212880
     cacagtgccc tcctcgccct gcctcccgtg agacaggggt catctagccc aggctggtct    212940
     cgaactcaga gatccacttc tatctgcctc ttgagtgctg ggattaaagg tgtgcaccac    213000
     cactgcccaa cttcattttc tttctttttc aaataggtct gtttttattt atttagtgtc    213060
     tatatgtggt actggaaact gaactcaggg tcttgcccat gctagtcaaa tgctcttcca    213120
     ttgagataaa cattttacat aattttactc tttaaaattt aaaaggatat gtctatctgt    213180
     gagggtttgt acatgtgtgt agaatgccct tagaggccag atgggttatc agatctcctg    213240
     gaactggatt ttttacaaaa ttattttatt atattctttt tacatttgat tactttatgt    213300
     atgcatgcaa tagtgcatgt ggggactaga ggagcaacta ctgtgagttg gttgtctccg    213360
     tccaccctcg ggttcccatt atctgatttg gatcatccca catgaagaca agttctcccc    213420
     tgccgagcca tctcactagc ccttaattat gatcactctt agtgttcgtg agtgcaagca    213480
     tgcatatgct atggctcctg tgtggaaacc agaggacatc tttcctgagt cagctccatg    213540
     ggtcacactt gggtcatcaa gcttgtgtga caagtatttc tcccttctga gccatctccc    213600
     tggctaagga tgaccttaaa catactgacc ttcctgcctc cacctcccca gtgctgggac    213660
     tgtgggccgt caccatcgca cctcttctct ctaatgaaca aagcagtcca cgcaggaagg    213720
     ttccaaaaca ctctctgatc tgtcatggac aaactgtaaa atgttagcaa aagtatttct    213780
     taataaaacc ccacaaaaac cagatggggc tagagagatg gcttggcagt tcagagcact    213840
     cgttactcag cgtaaccagt atgaggttcg atcccagcac tcatatgggg tctcacaacc    213900
     acatctaact ctagttccaa agttcagata gccctgacac actccccccc caaaaaaccc    213960
     cacagatagg caagctaacc tttcatgttc ctcatgaaaa tcagtttttt aaaaagaaaa    214020
     agttatactg ttgttttttt ctgcttcccc tgaacttctc aacctgttat attattgtct    214080
     gagatacttg cttttagttt ttagtgctag acctccacat cccacagggc accaaagagg    214140
     gctaacaaat ctaccctttc caagctttga tcaagggtac ccagactcca gcagtcatta    214200
     gaaagccatc agtgaacact ggaccatggc acctacaacc agactgggtc aaaggtgaca    214260
     gacacataag acaaccctca tcacctacta aaagttaaaa agcccaacaa ggagtggtgc    214320
     ccacacttag gatggaaagg agaaaatcag gaggtcaaag acagcctcag cttcataagt    214380
     gtagggctgg cctggactat atgagaccct gactcaaaaa ctacaaacaa agccgggtgt    214440
     ggttgtgtaa tccgggtact cacagggcag atagttggag ctctgtgagt tcaaggccag    214500
     cctggtctat agagagaatt ccaggccagt gagggctaca aaatcagact cttatctcaa    214560
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaatct aaggggcaat taaatatgaa tccctaattt tgggttccaa    214620
     actatgctag tcaaggctcc agggctcagc ctaatgacct gacactggga aggagtttcc    214680
     tgattaactg taggagcaga ggccttcact catctgaccg cctagcaagg ttcagtggac    214740
     aaggagcccg ttccaacacc tgagaatttt ttttcagaca cactgacagt gaaaacagaa    214800
     gaatgctggg aaagcagctg ccatgcttga cgtgctgaca cagagggaca aggacagatc    214860
     tcagcgctca cgtcctgagg accttccaga gatgttcaca atgggttggt tcatctgggg    214920
     ttagaaactg aaagcaaaga atctggcaac agctgaagag gtgactttaa gcaggtctaa    214980
     gaaaacctct caggattatt attattttaa aaggtttatt gcatttactt gtttattttg    215040
     tttgttccac aatgttgtgt gaaggtcaga ggatgacttt tgtaagttgg ttttcttctt    215100
     cctggggagc agacttaagt aagcaggcta agcaacctca ctagcccacc ctgatgatta    215160
     ctttttaaca tgaacccagg agtggaggcc cagcggggca gtagagggct ttcacagcat    215220
     gtgcaaggcc tggttcaatc ttatgtatca cacacacaca cacgcacaca cacacacaca    215280
     cacactctac aatcacagag ctcagaagcc gaaaggaagt aaattattat ggaagcagtt    215340
     ccacctggat cttaaaaatc actaggtttg ggctgttctc ttggaagtcc aagtttccct    215400
     cagaagagaa gcaattttag ccattgagat tggtactgag cagaagggaa attttgaaag    215460
     acaatttttt tttctctgtg tagccctggc tgtcctggac aactcacttt gtagaccagg    215520
     ctgacctcga actcagaaat tcacctgcct ctgcctccca agtgctggga ttaaaggtgt    215580
     gcaccaccat gcctggctat tgaaagacat tttcgagtta tgtcataaat taaaaaaaaa    215640
     aaaatcacct ccccaaacaa gaagagggct aactaggagt atgagtcaga aatctagggt    215700
     gaaggtttcc aaggccctta ttattagggg aaggtcccct ttatagcata agatttcaac    215760
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac ccaaccaatc agattcgttc ctaaaattag    215820
     gacaagggga gggaaacaaa acaaaagtat tttatatata tatatatatt gaacataaat    215880
     tagaagaatt tataaaatgg tcatttttct tacagaataa atgcgactga attacaaatg    215940
     cacctccaag tttaagttgt ttgagttgtt cctgtttcat ttccagtata aataaatgtg    216000
     atttgctcat agggttggga cccatctgtg ctgcacaggg ccctgagtca ttacagggct    216060
     ttctttccat ggtcggtcct tcttgacgcc tgtgggtgtg gcggatgcga gtgtgagtgc    216120
     atcctccctg catcatgatg atatgaagcc tcttttcggg gtggcattct ctcattaatt    216180
     cggtctagac ctcgggcttc ttcaaaactt cggatcctgt gtgcaattgt aaaacctctg    216240
     atggctgcag aaagacagga gggggtagga agtgctcaga gaggtggcaa agttagcagc    216300
     ttaaaccaag cttcccagca cacagcaatc tcctaggaac gcacaggaaa gcagctacag    216360
     aacacacatc tgctgacagg caacacgtgg ctaaatcagc tctgtccaca aacactgctt    216420
     ctaagcagct caagtgtggt aaaaactacc ataagaataa caagtcttgg ggctggagag    216480
     atggtacagt ggttaagagc actggctgct cttctagagg tcctgagttc aattcccagc    216540
     aaccacatta tggctcacaa ccatctgtaa tggaatccga tgccctcttc tggggtgtct    216600
     gaagagagca atagtatact caggtaagta aaacaaataa ctaaatcata aaaagagaag    216660
     agaagagaaa agtataacaa gtctggcaga aataaaaagg attaggtgtt aattggcctc    216720
     cacacacttg aagttaagtt tcttatgaaa accctgctca cttttagaaa aggcaacacc    216780
     aggaaagcac atcctatcac acagatagct gctttaagca caaacatggc attagccatg    216840
     cacaagtgac aggagaccta tctgctcaaa cagcttttta tcttcacagc caggagctga    216900
     acacagatga aaaacatcaa catagcttct agatacttcc catctgatta aactgaaatt    216960
     ttttattgtg gtaccagggt ttgaaccctg ggccttacat actctagata aacattctac    217020
     cactgagctg ttccaaccag atacaacttt gtattgccaa ggaatgaatt cccctttgaa    217080
     tcaccttatc taatgagatt actaaatcta cattgcagat ttgtgaattc caatggtttt    217140
     tatctaaaaa ttcataagca gtatgattta aaatgtctcc atagaaacaa aataccctaa    217200
     gctgaaatgt cttagggaaa ctcctgctaa cctttgagtt attgggtaac tctttttaaa    217260
     atttattttt attttttaaa gatttattta ctttatatat gtgagtacgc tgtcttcaga    217320
     cacaccagaa gagggcatcg gatcccatta cagatggctg tgagccacca tgtggttgct    217380
     gggaactgaa ctcaggacct ctggaagagc agttagtgct cttaatccct gagccatctc    217440
     tccagcccca ggtaacacac tcacactctc tctcctctct cctctctctc tctctctctc    217500
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tgtctgtctg tctgttttgt ttttttgaga cagagtttct    217560
     ctgtgtagcc ctgcctgtcc tggaactcac tgtgtagacc aggctggcct caaactcaga    217620
     aatccgcctg tctctgcctc tcctctctct ctgcctctct gcctctgcct ctgggattaa    217680
     aggcgtgcac caccactgcc cggcggtaac tctcttaata aagaaaggaa ccacttaaat    217740
     catttgacct ctgtcattac cagctgcaca agcttcagtc attacataaa actgacagac    217800
     ttagaaagga cacaggctgt gtgatggcca tctgagaaac aggctggcat gtggccaccc    217860
     tgagggccat cctctccttt cctgtcaggg ttctgcagat gctagtgagt tccgacatgc    217920
     caatgaagct tggaggctgg tgaacagaca caggggtgtt ccggctgagg gatatggcca    217980
     taccttcccg ctcctctgcg gcttcttgtt tggctgtaag aaggcaggag cagtgcatac    218040
     aaaaatgaag acagagaaag gatgagtgaa ctgacagtaa agcagccagg gtcccaccca    218100
     gagagagaag ggaggggatt acctcaggag catgcgcatg aggtggggag gcactaacag    218160
     ttctaacact cctgttggca tgggaatttg aaatcatcaa ctgctggttg tgtcttgtga    218220
     tcatcacaca tcaaaatgac ttgttaaatc agataattta atatcacaac tatgtttgag    218280
     cttgtaactg ctcagattgt atcaatcgag ctgttgctca gtcctattta aaaatcctat    218340
     ttaatcttgc ttcttagtat tgttaaatga cttacgcatg acctaactgt ccttaaccat    218400
     ttaataatta caataataaa agaataggac agtacttgaa tagctctagc atttggaagg    218460
     ggagaaaaat aggttataag tgaagagtta cttctggtct agaggtgaac agctaggcat    218520
     tgatttgaac tctaattgat ttgtacccat ctgagatgca ggacatggca gaggctcacg    218580
     ctaacacctc atatggcttc ttttccttgt gcaagaaagc aggtcaatta ctaagaaagc    218640
     aatcttctcc cttccggtgc cagaaatgga agcaattaaa atgagcacca atagggaaac    218700
     ttccccctgc cactttctgt caggcagtca agctgtaaca catgaaatgg ttccagggta    218760
     cagcaatgag atcccattag agccctgcca gctcctccaa gggcaacttt cctaaggaag    218820
     gaaggaaggc cactcagcag caagaccacc gtgaggtttc cttcatcact atgagagaga    218880
     gagagctgcg aagctccttc acctcccact gcaatttaag agcaggatct ggcggccagc    218940
     acccatgtgc ctgcaatggc ccctaggaag gctcctgtta gagcactgct gtagtctctc    219000
     tgacctcaga cgggccagat aagccacaca aggagggaca gcacctctca cagagcaggg    219060
     tgctgcctct gcagctgtga gaaggtggga accagagttc cgtctaaaac tctacggaga    219120
     gtggtggttt acttggagtt tgaatgtgtg tggtaaagta tataccagca tcccatttca    219180
     aaaaaaaaaa aatctagatt tatttatttc atgtgtctga atgttttgcc tgcatatgtg    219240
     gagatcagaa gaggatgtca caccccctgg aactggaggc aaggatgact ttgagctatt    219300
     atgtggtttt gggaaccgaa ttcaggtccc ctgcaaagac cataagtact cttaactgtt    219360
     gagccatctc tacagacctc cagtattaaa attttagggc cctcactgaa ctgttttttg    219420
     cattggttac taagatgcag tctgtatgta ccaagggaca tggtaagaaa aaaaattatg    219480
     aaactgttta catataattc ctatgctaga acattgtttc aagtgtgtat gtcactattt    219540
     ttgctgtttt gagacaggct ctcactacgt aggctaggct ggcgtggaac tcactatgca    219600
     gtatagccta gccttgatgc atatgagtgc attccttctt gttatggcta tgtggaatcc    219660
     cactgtatag accttacttt gttatccaat ggatgaacac tgaagtcgca tctactttag    219720
     ggtgttcaga agaatgccat gtgaggctct tttgaaagtg tcatgtatga ccattgatat    219780
     acaagtcttg gtgaggacat agtttatttc tctcactgga gggggccgtg tagggtggca    219840
     gtgctgaatc tatggtgact ctatttagtc atctgaagaa ctgatacaat gttctctcta    219900
     cagtagctct attccctcaa gcagcacagg atgacctcat ttctctaaaa tctcatcaac    219960
     aatttccttt ctttccttcc tttctgtcat ttccccagtc ctaaggatca aaccaaaagt    220020
     ttcatgcaca ccaggcaaga gctttattac agacactgaa gctctcatta atccttaaaa    220080
     cgattttttt taagcagggt catatatagg ccaggccatc cctgaaattt gctgtgtagc    220140
     tagaatatca aactccttcc tgatcctccc atgtctgcca ctcaagtgct gagattacaa    220200
     gcatgcagcc acatccagct acctactgac ttcatcatca tcatcaaacc tatcttagtt    220260
     accactgact gtggttaact ttttttaggt tgatttttat tttatgtata tggctgtttt    220320
     ttctgctttt atatatgtgt accatttgca tggatggtgc ctgtagagat cagaaaagtg    220380
     tcagatcccc tggaatgcag ttatagatgg ttgtgagcca ccatgtgggt gctgagaacc    220440
     aaattcaggc cccatgtaag aatgcaagtg ttcttaactg ctaagccatc tctctagccc    220500
     cttcattatg ttctattaca ttgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    220560
     gtgtgttcat gagcatgcca cagcacacat atggtggtta aagagtgcag gagttggttc    220620
     tcttcttcca ccatgtggga ccaaactcag gtcatcaact ttggcaataa gtatctttta    220680
     ttacccactg agtcctctct caggtccata aagtatttcc aatgcaccct caactccatg    220740
     gttgcaggat cttcatttgt acatatatag tgtatcttga tcatacccac ctcccaccat    220800
     ctccatgtcc tctccttttt tgttgtttaa taactcactg aatctactta gtctctttca    220860
     cagggctgtg aactatcctc tgaaggatgg tcgacctcct agaggccata tctctaaaga    220920
     aatgtacagg cttttaaaaa tataagatac ttaactactt ttattttact tgttaattag    220980
     tcatatgaga ttttctgtga acagttctga tgagggtgtt ttaggttaat aggaagtaac    221040
     atggattaag aaaaaaagag aaatgcctac ctatcttcct tacttgaagt tttaaaaatt    221100
     tattgatcca caaagttgct ttaatataat ttttttgcta gatctcatag gagcaaatct    221160
     acaaatcaag ggtagcaaga gaattttata ggtgcagtaa cttgggatat atatatatgt    221220
     atgtatatac atattttttt ttcttcactc ctttttgggc ttggtcccag tatattttat    221280
     gtctcttcat ttctggtttg aatcagtgct ttaattaggg attacttata tgttatttcc    221340
     aaagcatgtg taactcttca agatatcact ggctttcaga gtgacactct ttcttactga    221400
     tggacaggag ctaagcttgt gctttgacct caatgcaaca ggtccaatgg gtgagcagta    221460
     gcctactgta tcaatataat ataatgtatt cactaccaac aggcagggga gctgcttctg    221520
     atctggagct accatgataa aaccacagta aacaaacatg cttatgcata tcctcgggtg    221580
     gacatgcatg ctaattcctc ttggatatcc ttggtgtgga gttgcagggt atgggtccaa    221640
     gtgtcttcag ctttattggc taccggctgg ccaatgtgtt gagtctatgt gtaagcccac    221700
     tagcctactt ctagtccagg cctccataga cacaccaact cttgacctcg tcagatttct    221760
     acattccagc cattcttatg ggtatgcaga agtggttcac tatgctttca tattcatctt    221820
     ccaggagagt aactatgctg ggcatcttca tacatgtttg ctggccatct tcacatcttc    221880
     tttggtgaaa taaattgtct attttgaaac aaggcctttg tcagacatag gtagtgcaga    221940
     aatcttttct gtggcttgcc tcttccttct cttaattatg tattttcata aggggaattt    222000
     aattttaata acctctattt tcttttaaga gcattacttt tattaaaata ataaaagcct    222060
     cttattgaag actttgctta ctctaatacc tactcttcac attttttccc ctaaattact    222120
     atctacttta aattattttg tgtacaagaa ggataaggac aatgattcct ctttccctag    222180
     gtaaatatcc attgctctag caccaggttc taaacaaagt caccaactcc tggtaatggg    222240
     ggcacacctc ttaggaaggg acatcttcat actcaccagt ctcaatggtc tgctttcctc    222300
     cagagaggac ccccagtggg agtgtgcctg tgggagtgag gcccttgagg gtcagcacat    222360
     tctcactctc ttccctgcaa aggaacatgg aagccctggt taatgccagg gagccatggc    222420
     acagcaacgc aatgagacct gaaggaaggt aacagggaca gagacaggaa gacaggcccc    222480
     accttcatct gaccaggttt ctacatacac ttcagacaca aaaattaacc agtccttttt    222540
     caaccagagg cactggtagc caggcaacgt ccccacactt tctcccattt gactcactaa    222600
     caacatgtga gctaggttct attttaatct ctagcttata gacaagaaaa tctaagaccc    222660
     aaacattaaa cccaagacaa cacagctaag gaaagccaga gtttgaacat ggggatctac    222720
     ctctaaaatc cacactaaac ctctccatct acaccactac cacatggatg ttcccaatgc    222780
     tgtcactttc acagggagtc tgtttaacct gcactcaacc agaagacttg cagttccagc    222840
     atcagactga atccttgaaa acactgctgt gaagctaact tgtaacctcc tttctaaaca    222900
     ccctcatccc acagtgtaac gatggaacct taccgaagaa ccgtaaagac ccgggccatt    222960
     ttcccaatgg ctcggatttt attcttgatg acttcttttc gacctgtagt agctccttag    223020
     aaaatacaaa gaacaagtgg gttaaagtga tatgattaac aggacaggtt tttcttttca    223080
     aatgcaagat ggagtgcttt tatgtttaaa ttaaagaaaa acttaaaaaa agaaaagaga    223140
     aagaaacaaa gcctaaattt ttaaaaaaac aattaacaat cctgggaagt tgcaaagaac    223200
     aagaagaaat cagcaggaga gaagaaatga aggggagaat gaagaggtca cagaaagact    223260
     ccgagtcatc tatggggagc aggaggtttc atattctgaa acatggtgag gaatgaaaca    223320
     caaagacaca aacaaagctc acagcaatag agcacttgct cctacaagcc aagatctcct    223380
     ttgagaatgc tacgcgccac ctttggatgc ggggtctggt ctgccaaagg cagcagcagt    223440
     cctgaactta ggaaggccac gctctttcta cagtcttcct cccttatacc agccagctgt    223500
     gtttcttcag aatactacta acaactgtgc cacaaagatt acaaggatgg gtaaggtatt    223560
     ttaaaaagca acactgttaa tgtaagttaa tgtaagactt tatggccttt tcttaaagat    223620
     ttaggaaata gcccaaacat gaaagataag attcaggcat ataccaggca atagcatcca    223680
     aaagtcagac aaagctacac aggctttcct cctctctcct acctctccac tcagctaaat    223740
     cacacaacag gtctacagaa gacagccgtt cccaccgagg gggagggtgg aaagtcacgt    223800
     gaagctgccc actaccaagt caagacgact aaccaatcac cagtggcaga gcagacagca    223860
     agaacttagc tggcagtgca ttccagttgg ataccttttg gacagcttga aatgtagtga    223920
     tcttcaggga gaagagacac caagaaataa agagatgaag acagacacat gggaggatga    223980
     tgggagttta catggaagag aaaaaaatcc aagtgtgaaa tgcaggctgt tagcggagca    224040
     gctcagagac tgcttgctcc ccaagactaa atacagattc cagttttgtc ctatcttcca    224100
     ttgcttaata gtttaccctt cacattaatt cccatttact attttccacc ccacccccag    224160
     catgaaaata gcacaaagat actgtttgtg ggacagaata gctcacagat ctctcagcag    224220
     gaacacggtg ctgctgtttg actttgcctc acttgtcagt agacattttc cttcctagag    224280
     gtttaaagtt taagccttca ggacttcagg ttgttttctg tggcttctgt cttgtaaggc    224340
     cattgcttag gggtctgatg gtccttggtg tttgctcatg ggtaagacct ggagggaatc    224400
     acaaacttcc agagctggaa aaagacagct gacggctctg agcatggcat gctggtcctc    224460
     tgttagggac atgagttctc ctttgtcatc tacagtccag aatgccttta cgtttggaga    224520
     tcagcctcca gacttagaag agggacatgt atcccatggc aagcagagtt ttaacagttt    224580
     tttcaaaggt tctcacctat tttacttgag tgagcgcagt gtccctgcct gctcttttat    224640
     tctcagttct agcaactagt actgatattc agcattccct agcactaaac agggctttag    224700
     tgttcccaaa ccaactaagt gagcacacta acacatttaa aagtcacctg ttaccttgtt    224760
     ccatccctag acagatctta acgttggatg tgtttttctt acagcatgag aagatcttct    224820
     ggggttcttt ttttttttta atatttttta aatctgcttt gcattagcag atttttgtcc    224880
     tggcattttc agggctgttg ttatgtatct tctaaattgc ttcgctcccc actgaccact    224940
     gccaatgaat gttttctcag cttccaaaag ttcgatctcc tctatttgta gacatgtaat    225000
     ttttaccttt ttactatgaa gcacacgttt tctgtattta tgcaaagcaa actagtcatg    225060
     acatgatttg ttaaaaggca catacctgta aaactagtca cccagggcaa taccagtgtt    225120
     gctcacaacc catagtacct caccactgta gcctctccgg tccaaaggac ataagtccct    225180
     tgcttttcac tagaactatc ttcttcctgt ctttttaatt ttatggatga atgcacttac    225240
     tttttttttt tttttttttt ggttttccaa gacagggttt ctctgtgtag ccctggctgt    225300
     cctgcaactc actctgaaga ccaggctggc ctcgaactca gaaattcacc tgcctctgcc    225360
     tcccaagtac tggggttaaa ggcttgcgcc atgcccggcg cacttatggt ttttattgtt    225420
     ttctttaaca agctatattt atttatcctc tctttgtgtg tactcagcaa ggaggtcaga    225480
     agacaactta taagaattgt ttcttttctt ccaccatgtg ggtcccagac actgaactaa    225540
     ggtgctcagg cctggcagtg ggttcatcaa cccttgaatt aataatctca gtggcccagg    225600
     ttttaggttt tgggtttcat atagttggac aattgagcac tggggtgaca atatctcagt    225660
     aagacacact cttattttca ccatggccca tcttcattat cacacactgc cccaccatag    225720
     cactgtgcca ctatgttgtt gttttgtttt attttggttt ttgagacagt ctctttccat    225780
     agccctgact gtcccagaat tcactaagta gaccaggctg gcctcgaact cacagagatg    225840
     tgcctgcttc tgcctcccaa gtgttaaaag ttgtatcagg cctggtcaac tatgcaacaa    225900
     ttcattccta tacaacagta atcatttgtg ttgcttctaa cttttggcta ttgcatgtga    225960
     ggctctgtat gtatttctgt atgtatctgt ctttggtgca catatgcaca tttctggcat    226020
     gttcctagga cattagaatg ctcatctcta gagcatgggt atgtttaact ttggacaaca    226080
     tttagcactg tctattagag tgggatctat aacattttac ttctgtatgt ggacactccg    226140
     ttactacatg tgctgttggc taacactaga tatggctcat ctaagtctga ctaatctgat    226200
     aagtagagta ttatcctatt ataattttaa tttgcatttt catgattact aatggggctg    226260
     aatatatttt tatatttttg ttagccatta ggaaattctc tgaggtgcct attcatgcca    226320
     catcatccta attgggaata attcagtcat ttgtcaatgg gctgtttgtt gcttgtactg    226380
     caaatatccc atccttctgg atgtcttgcc acttcacatg ctgaacaaaa tctctgaata    226440
     agcaaaagct cttaccttca ttttagtttt ttattttttt tgttttttgg gtttttttgg    226500
     ttttgttgtt gttgttgttg ttgtttctga gacagggttt ctctgtgtag ccttggctgt    226560
     cctggaactt ggtagaccag gctggcctcc aactcagaga tctgcctgcc tctgcctccc    226620
     aagtgctggg attaaaggcg tgcgccacca cacctagctt attttagttt taatatatgt    226680
     gcatgagtgt tttacctgca tgcatgtgag tgcattcagg tccctcagag accagagaag    226740
     gcttcagatt aagacccctg gaaccagagt tggcagcagc catgtgaatg caaaagctgc    226800
     atgtgctctt agtcactgag ccatctctcc agtcccagct cttgctttca atttatctaa    226860
     tttattaata attttcttgg tggctagtgt tttttgcatc ccgtttaaag gatttttttc    226920
     cattgcacag ttatcaaggt aattctgtat tatacatact acaaaatcca ctgttttaca    226980
     tttcagattt ttttttaaag attattcatt tattttttgt atgtgagtag ctgtcttcag    227040
     acacaccaga agagggtatc agatcccttt atagatggtt gtgagccacc atgtggttgc    227100
     tgggatttga actcaagatc tctgaaagag aagccagtgt tcttaaccac tgagccatct    227160
     ccccactccc tacattttag ttttaaaaaa cttctgctgt ttgtttcttg agacagggac    227220
     tctctatgaa gctcaggcta acctccaact cactacataa cccacactgg cctcagcctg    227280
     tggttctctt gccacagtcg tgagggctgg agagacagga attcatcact gcttggctgt    227340
     tactggcctg tttgttgctg tgatgtagag atgctagaga agcagccagg acctcaggat    227400
     gctaggcaag tactgcactg cagagccata cccccagcct ccgcaccttt cagatcagaa    227460
     tgaaatatag tcacaaaaat aggtattttg gatccacaaa ataaatccac gaggatttac    227520
     ttttttcaaa agtagatatc tacaaagtat tttaaatgcc attattggcc aggtatggtg    227580
     gcacatacct ttaatcccag agctggtgga tctctgtgag ttaaaggcca gccttgtcta    227640
     catagtgagt tccagcatag ccagagctat acactgaggt ctcacacaaa caaagccatt    227700
     gtaaaatttc acctctgata aaatcaagta tccatataca tgtagcttaa ttctggattc    227760
     tctattgtgt ttcaatgctt agctaccctt gaattgatca tcttaattgc tgtagcatta    227820
     tattaaatct tgacatctat agagcaagcc ctcctgtgga gttctttaag tctttagcca    227880
     tttccctctg aagtttagaa tcaatcaagg ctaggttgta ctgactagtt ttatgtcacc    227940
     ttgatacaag ctagtgttat cagagatatg atgatttgaa tatgcttggc ccagggagtg    228000
     gcactattag gtgtggcctt gttggaggaa gtgtgtcatt gtgggcatgg gctgtaagac    228060
     cctcatctta gctccctgga agtcagtctc ctagtggcct taggaacagg agatagaaca    228120
     ctcagctcct ccattgccat gcttgcctgg atgctgccat gcttcccact agaatcataa    228180
     tggactgaac ctctgaacct gtaagccagc tgaacctaga gattgcacta tgagtttgtt    228240
     acgtactgaa gtataaggct aacggctggg gctatagttc agaacactgg cttatcatgt    228300
     atgcagaggt gctggggtga tcagaatttt caggcctata cattttgaat gcattcatcc    228360
     cagtattgct tatatagtac tggcacatgc tctgcttgtt caagcatgac aagaatccat    228420
     gtccacactg tctgtgcatg cgctctctac ttctcttcat tccttcctgt gtttctaaac    228480
     ttctttcttg gattttcctt ctgcttaaat actgtccttt agaattttat ttagtatata    228540
     tttcctgcta attttcttag taaatgtgag ggttggagag gtatctacaa atatttattt    228600
     ggcctttctt gtttacacat ttgctgtgtg ctggactctg gagtactggg tgttagtttt    228660
     cacacattgg tgtgttactc cagccctgct cccctatctc catgaagaac ctgcttttcg    228720
     gcggcggctt ccctaggggt gacccccatt tggaagctgt tttcagatcc atcttccatc    228780
     ttgtggacct cactacaaga ggctagaagc tgttgtcagt gtctgtcctg ctctgctgag    228840
     ggcttcttca gttacagctc cgtgtcttct cagttctgga agttgctttg atgtggacct    228900
     ttcagagact gcctttcccg ctttctctgg tactccaggc accatgtgct gggctggcag    228960
     cgcgtgttct gaggctcttg gctgactctg cactcccttc tcaccatgct tcagttagct    229020
     ttgctctgac ctaccttcca ggtcacttag tccctgtctc actgcatcaa acttgctaat    229080
     ttgtcatctt atttttcaat gctataattt cacttttgat gctttatcaa atatgctaca    229140
     ctttctttta cttcacaatt ctctaccaac atttttaacc cggtctttta atttcttaaa    229200
     ttaagccagg gataccctta atcgtagggc tcaaaaggct gaggcaggag gatctctgtg    229260
     atgtttcaag ccagtgagtt ccaggccagt caatctccca aaaaaacaaa ttatgatttt    229320
     gctttgcttt aagtttggct taacaaagcc aatgcctgag agctatggag ggtctgtatt    229380
     taatttctgc tgcttcagaa aattctttgt tgttgttgtt gtttgttttg ttttgttttt    229440
     gtttttttga gacagggttt ctctgtgtag ccctggctgc cctagaactc actctgtaga    229500
     ccaggctggc ctcaaactca gaaattcatc tgcctctgcc tcccgagtgc tggaattaaa    229560
     ggcgtgcgcc accacgccct gtgaaaattc tttgttgttt gtgacagtct cattatgtat    229620
     cttgggactg cccagaactt ctatattcca tacacacaca gtcacctgcc tctgcctcct    229680
     aagtggtgta attaaagatg tatgacaaca tgcttggctg gaacttttta aaatcttatt    229740
     tctgttgttg ttattgcgct tatgtatatg tacatgcgca cgcatgcctg agtatgcgta    229800
     atggggagga tcatgccaca gtgtgaacac agtggacaga gacttatact agctctatga    229860
     agtcaaagct agaatatgtg aagcctatgc agtaagttcc tttaccactg agccatcctg    229920
     ccagccctgt tctgggaacc ctttctcttc ctcattctgc tgttagctcc ccacgtgcct    229980
     gcttattttt gcttgtcacc aatgcactgt atttgacaga ctgcctactg ggatgttgta    230040
     tgctgttatt tcacagagat ctttctacca gggagtactt gatgccaaag gctgagatga    230100
     tgacgagaga ctgtatagta tatctccacc tggctcaccc ttgctcttgc agagtcaccc    230160
     tctgaggtcc caagaacaga aacttacatt catatatacc ctccttggga gtcctcagcc    230220
     cattctttta agattagtac acaaagttat aaaaattcct cttaaccctt ttacccactc    230280
     ctttgaaatt catgaatgat ctcaagacat ggtctcacta cctcatctgt ctgcgtttct    230340
     gaccttttca tttctcacct tgtaattctt tactagtttg tctgctttca tgtggactta    230400
     aaactattca taaaactttg tgttttgttt tgttttgctt tgttttgttt tgtttttagg    230460
     cagggttttt cctctgttgt aggcttggtt gtcctggaat tc                       230502

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