(data stored in ACNUC7820 zone)

EMBL: AC154453

ID   AC154453; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 208235 BP.
AC   AC154453; AC118937;
DT   31-DEC-2004 (Rel. 82, Created)
DT   13-MAR-2005 (Rel. 83, Last updated, Version 3)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-173C8 from 9, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-208235
RA   Zheng X., Haglund K.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-173C8";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-208235
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (30-DEC-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [3]
RP   1-208235
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (25-JAN-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-208235
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (11-MAR-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 7077ca622c92445ba7a194ac68ceb965.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456148.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000051414; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000062868; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000095525; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000095957; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0034381; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0034382; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0034384; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0034385; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0034360; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0034361; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0034363; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0034364; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0034287; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0034288; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0034290; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0034291; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0034352; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0034353; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0034355; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0034356; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0034065; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0034066; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0034068; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0034069; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0034875; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0034876; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0034878; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0034879; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0033391; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0033392; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0033394; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0034038; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0034039; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0034041; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0034042; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0034195; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0034196; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0034198; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0034199; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0034139; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0034140; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0034142; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0034143; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0034281; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0034282; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0034284; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0034285; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0034184; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0034185; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0034187; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0034188; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0034894; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0034895; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0034897; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0034898; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0033097; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0033098; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0033100; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0033101; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0033508; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0033509; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0033511; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0033512; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC154453.2:1-208235; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000058411; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000060601; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000078861; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000086492; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000212229; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000212723; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000218385; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0091282; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0091283; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0091285; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0091286; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0091358; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0091359; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0091361; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0091362; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0091299; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0091300; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0091302; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0091303; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0091285; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0091286; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0091288; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0091289; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0090860; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0090861; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0090863; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0090864; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0091809; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0091810; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0091812; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0091813; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0091442; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0091443; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0091445; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0090788; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0090789; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0090791; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0090792; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0091003; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0091004; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0091006; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0091007; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0090835; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0090836; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0090838; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0090839; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0091021; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0091022; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0091024; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0091025; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0090856; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0090857; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0090859; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0090860; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0092122; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0092123; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0092125; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0092126; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0090882; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0090883; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0090885; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0090886; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0089894; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0089895; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0089897; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0089898; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   InterPro; IPR000276; GPCR_Rhodpsn.
DR   InterPro; IPR000725; Olfact_rcpt.
DR   InterPro; IPR017452; GPCR_Rhodpsn_7TM.
DR   MGI; MGI:3030663; Olfr829.
DR   MGI; MGI:3030664; Olfr830.
DR   MGI; MGI:3030666; Olfr832.
DR   MGI; MGI:3030668; Olfr834.
CC   On Jan 25, 2005 this sequence version replaced gi:56900079.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BB0173C08
CC   --------------.
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
CC   from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
CC   restriction digest.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The RPCI-24 BAC Library has been constructed by Pieter de Jong and
CC   coworkers (http://www.chori.org) from male C57BL/6J mouse spleen
CC   and/or brain genomic DNA. The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
CC   The sequence of AC118937 has been incorporated into AC154453.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..208235
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="9"
FT                   /map="9"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-24"
FT                   /clone="RP24-173C8"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   unsure          103739..103774
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          117024..117181
FT                   /note="Unresolved simple sequence repeat."
FT   unsure          161214..161274
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   misc_feature    206381..206823
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of genomic DNA."
FT   unsure          206612
FT                   /note="Unresolved bases."
FT   unsure          206788
FT                   /note="Unresolved bases."
FT   unsure          206989..207096
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
SQ   Sequence 208235 BP; 69762 A; 39616 C; 38941 G; 59916 T; 0 other;
     gatcttatga aggccccttt tcagttgagt ttctactctt tcagatgact ctagattgta        60
     tcaaatagaa ctaaaactat gtaggatgcc ttagaaaagt ctatatgaga gtttgggaga       120
     aaattaacag taaaacactt aattattata tccaagtcct tctagatctg accttcctgt       180
     cattcaaggg attatgagtc ttcaaactgg ctcaaatatg gaaatttggt catgggccaa       240
     aattggcctt ttccatgatc caaagtaact tttaattgat tgagaatttg tctcttttta       300
     caaaccaaac aaaatgcaat agtcatctta actctttctt gcctgaaaac atcatgattg       360
     attagccagg actaaagtcc gtacaagttc tttcatcata aaatgtactt tgctttgaaa       420
     cttattatta gacagaacat tctagacatt gttttctcta tgctgcccac tatgttaact       480
     ataataagca tgattatgtt acctgttgta attcattgct gctgtgtggt ccctgctact       540
     tcaggcccat attaagctca tcacgtttaa tttatccaac tgagcagcag aatttttgat       600
     actaaactct ggcacaataa atatggcaac aatattgttc ctcaggtata gtgatgccct       660
     tcgaatcatt ttgaatctta caggattaac aaaaaacata tcttctgttt ctctgcactg       720
     agggagatta agttttatac agcatactca ccatagcact acaatgcctc tgaacctcag       780
     aaatccattg atctacactt agctaaggaa taccaagcat ctttaaattc ttttgtaaaa       840
     aacatcttct gacaaatatt tcagccaaat aatcaaacaa aattttggca acttctatta       900
     cctgtttgag cttccatatt acacctctac tttccaatga gttggtctac ataattatat       960
     ttagtatgat caagttttat gttcttcccc ccactttccc acaccttgaa attcattccc      1020
     aaacatattt cccaggcttt tgcctgaata tatttgtata caccttaagt tcattattag      1080
     taataaaaaa accttttccc ctccaggatc ctccttagtc ttaaatctaa gaggctgaag      1140
     caactattgt ataatctgag gtgtatcagt atttcatacc tggcatatcc tttagagaaa      1200
     atcactgctg ttttaacata gagtgaagga ttacattctg gaaaaaaagc agaaaagaca      1260
     atactctata caataggagt ttggttaagc ctttagttaa ggttagagat aattcatcct      1320
     aggttaaaat aaaccttagt gtacctaaca gttctgtatt cacggggtca atagtatcct      1380
     aacagacatt gttatgctaa gggaaaggat gctatttttt ttttttttta caaagtaatg      1440
     ttattacttt agctaatgac actctccaag gccagaattt acattttcat cagaattcag      1500
     ggagtctaat aatgaagtct ttggtatgat ttttctgtaa cacaagctct gtagttcctc      1560
     caaaacacat ttatgaactt atactgggtt ttttgtgcat ctacagctga tcaattttaa      1620
     aatctgagtt tacagttgta ctttattact ctatcataag atactagaat ttggttaact      1680
     atcaaagtgc tcattcttta ggtaaattta tcccaaaatt ctaaaagcaa acaactctaa      1740
     gcttatatgt ttcaaaacct actttactaa gtgtacttaa atgttttaac cttccttcta      1800
     gcataagggt aatccactag cagtaatgga aaggaacctt taatatggca aaaaatgatg      1860
     tggacttgtt cagaaatagt tcttcaggga aaatccagtc tgcattgtca gaatatcagg      1920
     aatcccaatc acatgaatca gccttgatag cacctttcat gggcaaacaa gagtagattc      1980
     ctactatgga tagaaaatat tctgaatttc tgagttagaa tggctaacaa aaagaaagat      2040
     tttcatatac tggtagataa gtagaagcaa atatattaag atcctcttca tgaggcagat      2100
     aatgatgaag ttaccagatc tcatttctct ctgtcatccc ttaacacgta tcgatcataa      2160
     gtaataggcc aaaccttgat tgtactggaa agtacatttc agatgattga tgtgatgata      2220
     ttaaaaaatg caaattcagt tcttccctga gtgtgagtgt ataaaataga aactcagtga      2280
     tgcataatta cccgaacaag gcttttgata taatcatcac tggaaaactg ttagcacagt      2340
     caatcaaagt caacccatga gaattcagta tctaaagcaa ctcattagtc aaacttttct      2400
     ataaccatat cattacacac agccaaaccc ttaaggagaa agtttaagaa tgaagtaaat      2460
     ttactgaaac acttgccact ggaagctgaa actatttctt tatttttcta ctatctgctt      2520
     ttgggagtta ttttgtttgt tacttacttc cagattaagt acctttcaaa tatgaacaac      2580
     ttttctatta tgtactggat tacaatttct ttttgataat ttgataggca accttattct      2640
     aatatcttaa aaatatttgt agcattttct atctataaat atgacttctt cacatagaaa      2700
     cagataaaaa taatagtgca cagatgataa aaatagaaat attgatggca gatactttag      2760
     tttgatgata caatattaat ctggtttaag aaaattatat tcgatcttgt atccagggtc      2820
     cctctagccc agtctgcaca gaaaagcctg ccgactgcag aagcaacata gcttctggga      2880
     caggccccgt ttagggccat catcttcagc catgaagcag atttgagctc cagacatctg      2940
     cactcctccc ccatcagagg agatgtggcc tgtagagagt actctgacca ctgagactca      3000
     ggagagagtt ggactcccag gagtgctgat agaggctaac agaatcacaa gaggatcaag      3060
     ctctagccag agacagctat aactactaac accagagatt accagatggc aaaaggcaaa      3120
     cttaagaatc ttactaacag agaccaagac tgctcactat catcagaacc caggactccc      3180
     aactaagtga gtcctggata ccccaacaca tctgaaaagc aagactcaga tttaaaaaca      3240
     tatctcatga tggtggtaga ggattttaag aagggcatta acaactcact taaataaata      3300
     caggaaaaca ctgctaaaca agtggaagcc tttaaagaag aaacacaaaa attccttaaa      3360
     gaattacagg aaaacacatc caaacaggtg atggaattga acaaaaccat ccaagatcta      3420
     aaaatggaat tagaaacaat aatgaaaacc caaaaggaga caactctgaa gacagaaacc      3480
     ctaggaaaga aatcaggaac catagatgcg aacatcagca acagaataca agtgatggaa      3540
     gagagaatct cagatgcaga agatttcata gagaacatgg acacaacaat aaaagaaaat      3600
     ttaaaattca taaagatcct aacccaaaat atccaggaaa tccaggacac aatgagaaga      3660
     ccaaacctaa ggatgataga gtagatgaga atgaagattt tcaactaaaa gagccagcaa      3720
     atagcttcaa caaaattata gaagaaaact tccctaacca aaagaaagag atgcccatga      3780
     acgtacaagt agcctaaaga actctaaata gactggacca gaaaagaaat tcctcccaac      3840
     acataataat cagaacaaaa aatgtactaa ataaagatag aatattaaat gcagtaaggg      3900
     ataattgtca agtaacatat aaaggcatgc ctattagaat tacacaagac ttcttatcag      3960
     agactatgaa agtgagaaga tcctggacag atgttatatg aaccctaaga gaacacaaat      4020
     gccagcccag gatactaatc ccagaaaaat tctcaattac catagatgta gaaatcaaag      4080
     tatttcatga taaacccaaa ttcacacaat atctttctat ggatccatcc cttcaaagga      4140
     taataaaaag aaaacaccaa cacaaatatc ttaacttagt ttttaaatgt aaatcagaaa      4200
     gaatacaaaa atatacagaa atattaaagg ggtttataaa accagataat ttacttcaaa      4260
     gtgttctaaa gataaataaa atatgcaaaa ctagcaattg acagatgtca gaaaaaactc      4320
     agtgaatatt taagtaatta gagattgaga tttttctata gaatcatgta agtatataaa      4380
     gtatataaga gaattatttc tttctaacta acaagggctc agtcacacag caggtcactt      4440
     gatgaagttg gcaggtataa tttttttcct tgggaaatat aaacaaactc aggagctgaa      4500
     tacaacctga agccttgtct ttagacttag atcatatgaa agtttccaaa atcctacatg      4560
     aaataatata attaaattta ctgtctcctt agtggttaga tactcaataa tttccaaact      4620
     atcaaagatc cgatgtcagt taaatgaatc cagaaatata gaccagaatc ataaaccttc      4680
     cttatgagga gttaattcaa aacctgattt ggttgatctt agaaaaaaca caacagcaat      4740
     ggaattagct acaggtgtat acattagaga tgttgataaa agtgagagga cagacctgag      4800
     actaactaca acagaaatga caaatttttg tattgttcat gtttgtgata aaaaaaacaa      4860
     ctttgatata ttgataccaa cacacatatt aataagaaat agcaaaagtt catgatactt      4920
     caattgtaga caaataatta taagtaacta agaaatgcta agataactag tcttccccat      4980
     ggaaattcac accaattggt tatccagtac caaatggtta tctctaaaaa tatgaacatt      5040
     cacacaagta acattttaga gtttgtaggt tgtacttaca tatttagggg ttgtatattt      5100
     gtgtgtatgt gtgtgtgagc acatatagtc atatcaattg agttattatt atactacatt      5160
     tattaatgag cattaaattt taaaaataag ttgagagaaa aaaacctgag tagtgattgg      5220
     tgaaggtact atgtcacaga tctgacataa ttgagatatg gaggtgaaaa tgatataaat      5280
     acagtactca tgaatagaaa tccaaaaagg aaaaataaac atttttaaga aaagatttgc      5340
     attctctctg ttagaagcat tttgtgtggt tttggggggt tgtggatatg gaatcggttt      5400
     actagaaaca atcttatctc ctcattgctg agaacatatt attcacatac tttcctgacc      5460
     tacattttgc atgatctcta taaacatatt cttatttttt cactcatttt gactgacttt      5520
     tttcttgaat actaattatt tttaatttat ttaatcaata aaaaaataag gtctgaaaac      5580
     tgtactgagc attaagtgtt catgctgctt tggttttagt tcccagcatc ttaagtgaaa      5640
     atgaaatcct ttaatatgtt attttatatg ttcaaataaa aatgtagggt aacacaatct      5700
     aaagatatct atataattga gaaacatctg tttgaggcct attaacatgg tggttctgca      5760
     ggcaaaatta tcaaatacat gcaatagata ttagttatat cagtcacatt tttcgaaggt      5820
     tataatgtct tcttttgtct ataacatttt ataggataca ttttattaca ttcagagccc      5880
     tactatgcaa tgcatgaaaa gttttctctg caagaatcat tttgaaagta acatactcaa      5940
     atatctcaga aatttgcaaa gacagtatcc agaggattta aatgcactat aagaactaag      6000
     attcaaatat taggcaggtg ttttctagct actccacaga atattgattc acttgtcaaa      6060
     gaacctagaa atcactctcc acactctggc acttttctag gtgatagtgc cccatttgtt      6120
     gttattttct gaatggaaga gaaaccaaaa aaatacactt tcctaagagt actgaaccac      6180
     agtaaatcta tgtgtatgca gtcattgtat atctcctgcc tttaaagcca tggttttcat      6240
     tctccaagtt tactaatatg agagattctt tttttttttt ttacaagtca taaagaaagc      6300
     ttccatatcg tgctttaagc atcatatttt caagtcactc ctgtcatgaa atatgacagt      6360
     atcacagaga ataaacttga tcataacttg ttattgattt catttctaag gtttgaatgt      6420
     caaagaggta caatttccaa taccaggtat agtatttatt tgaggaagac tgtccattaa      6480
     tttcttcaga gtaggattaa atttacaata ttctttagtt tattaattat ttcctaagta      6540
     actgacacaa attattgcaa aataaggagt ctgataggga tcccaactgc atgtatttta      6600
     gtcacaatac catgcattta ttttttgtct catgtcataa actcatattt gataacatta      6660
     tactgatttc ttaggcagct gccacatctt cgtcacagtc ctgagggaaa atctttcatg      6720
     gaacctggtc tcctggaggt ccttggcatc ctgtaacaca aatgtggtcc agatttggcc      6780
     ttgcaatgtt cagtagaggg ttttgcatgc tttctttcag tattgtttta ttataggtaa      6840
     ccccaaggaa tgatttgaca aatagacaag ttagattgga cattgtttcc tggcctccac      6900
     cagtgttcca acatcctagt caatccttga gccaaccttg ggcttggaat ttcataaaaa      6960
     tgttacttat tcagacaaaa tgcctccagt gttgagagat agtgaaagaa atcaggcatt      7020
     gcagtttact ggataagaat tagaaatctc agggctagtt caacaatgta aacttagaat      7080
     tctcattagt catgtatggc agactaaatt atataacaga agaaagttgg tgggctcttc      7140
     tggtaaatgg aagttcctca taaacactta agagtaacag ccagtcactc ccatatagaa      7200
     aaatttataa tagtttagaa agaaggtggg ttatgtgtgg ggagccgccc tcacattcgc      7260
     cgttgcaaga tggcgctgac atcctgtgtt ctaagtggta aacaaataat ctgtgcatgt      7320
     gccaagggta gttctccact ccatgtgctc tgccttccct gtgacgacaa ctcggccgat      7380
     gggcttcagc caatcaggga gtgacacgtc ctaggtggag gataattctc cttaaaaggg      7440
     acggggtttc gccattctct ctcttgctct tactctcttg cgctctggct cctaaagatg      7500
     taagcaatag agctcttgct ctcttgctct ggctcttgct ctcttgctct ctggttcctg      7560
     aagatgtaag caataaagct ttgccgcaga agattccggt ttgttgcgtc tttcctggct      7620
     ggtcacgaga acgcgtgtaa gagttggtgc tgagacccag gacgagaaga cctgggacga      7680
     gaaaacccgg gacaagaaaa cccgggacgg aaactaccat caaaccggcg caaggaagat      7740
     ccctcattct ggaatcagaa ctgcgggtca cggtcataaa ggttcccgta aaacagactg      7800
     ttgagaagga tccggcctgg attcagaact cttcagctgg ggaacggagg taatgaagtg      7860
     ttcctgtaaa acagactgtt gagaaggatc cggtgtggat tcagaactct tcagctgagg      7920
     aacggtggta atgaagtgtt cctgcaaaac agactgttga gaaggattca actgcgtgga      7980
     ttcagaactc ttcagctggg gaacaggggt aagtacagct ttacaaggta cgtctggcct      8040
     tgaactttct aacgaaattc aagacagtct atcagaagta aagtgggaaa tagctttaca      8100
     aggtatgttt ggccttgaac tttctccagt gttaggagcc tttttgttcc ttttcacatg      8160
     ttatcaagtg gttaaggcag ggctgaaaat tctggatgaa attcagggca atctatcaga      8220
     agtaaagcgg ggagagagag taggagcaaa gaggaaatat ggtgcacaaa ataagtaaac      8280
     aggcctttcc aagggtcttg aacccgagga aaagtttagg tcaggtaaga atacctggga      8340
     agagattgga aggaaggaga aggaaaaaga aaagaaaaaa gatcaatcag cggaggtttc      8400
     taggagaagg agcctatact catcactaga tgagctcaag gagccagctc ttagtagctc      8460
     tgaatcagat gaagaattct cctctgaaga aacagacttg gaggaggaag cagctcgtta      8520
     tgagagaaaa aagtaccagc cagataaaat gctagctaat cagttaagga aaaagccaaa      8580
     agcggctggc aaaggccagt gtgctgctcg gcctccgggc agtcggcttc aaggtcatag      8640
     tgcacttccg ccctatgcgg agcccccgcc ctgcgtaagg cgtcagccct gcgcagagag      8700
     gcaatggaca gagaggcaat gtgcagactc gttcattcct agagaggaac aaaggaaaat      8760
     gcaacaggca tttccagtgt ttgaaggagc cgagggtggg tgtgtccacg ctccggtaga      8820
     atatgtgcag attaaagagc ttgccgagtc ggtccgtaaa tatggaacca atgctaattt      8880
     taccttggtg cagttagaca ggcttgccgg catggcacta actcctgccg actggcaaat      8940
     gattgcaaaa gccgctctcc ctagtatggg caaatatatg gaatggagag ctctatggca      9000
     agaggctgca caagcgcagg cccgagcaaa cgctgctgct ttgactccag agcagagaga      9060
     ttggactttt gacttgttaa cgggtcaggg agcttatact gctgatcaaa caaactacca      9120
     ctggggagct tatgcccaaa tttcctccac ggctattagg gcctggaagg cgctctcccg      9180
     agcaggtgag gccactggac aactaacaaa gatcgtccag agacctcagg agtcattctc      9240
     agattttgtg gccagaatga cagaggcagc agagcgtatt tttggagatt cagagcaagc      9300
     cgcacctctg gtagaacagc tcatttatga gcaagccaca caggagtgcc gagcggccat      9360
     agccccaaga aagaacaaag gtttacaaga ctggctcagg gtttgttggg agctcagggg      9420
     acctctcacc aatgcaggct tagcggccgc catcctccaa tcccaaaaat gctccatggg      9480
     cagaaatgaa tcaacacata gatcttatcc aggaacaact agatgcagta tggaaaatag      9540
     ctcagctggg atgtgaacaa aagtttcccg gtttatgcat tacttccatt cagtatgaga      9600
     aatttactag ggcagctaat ttgtcaaaaa gtctttctca gtatatgtta cagaattgga      9660
     cggctgaatt tgaacagacc cttcgggaat tgagacttgc catcattcag gtcaactcca      9720
     cgcgcttgga cctgtccctg accaaaggat tacccaattg gatctcctca gcattttcct      9780
     tctttaaaga atgggtatag gtgggattat ttggagatac actttgctgt ggattagtgt      9840
     tgcttctttg gttggtctgt aagcttaagg cccaaactag gagagacaag gtggttattg      9900
     cccaggcact tgcagctcta gaacatggtg cttcccctga tatatctatg cttaagcaat      9960
     aggtcgctgg ccactcagct cttgcacccc acgaggctag tctcattgca cgggatagag     10020
     tgagtgtgct tcagcagccc gagagagttg cacagctaag cactgcagta gaagggctct     10080
     gcggcatata tgagcctatt ctagggagac atgtcatctt tcaagaaggt tgagtgtcca     10140
     agtgtcctta tccccaggaa aaacgacatg ggaccagacc aggacccctc tgggtgatga     10200
     gcatgggagg aggttatgtg tacggctcct ttacctgcac actggggatt tgacctctat     10260
     ctccactctc attaatatgg gtggcctatt gctcttatta aaagaaaagg gggatctgtt     10320
     gggagccgcc ctcacattcg ccgttgcaag atggcgctga catcctgtgt tctaagtggt     10380
     aaacaaataa tctgtgcatg tgccaagggt agttctccac tccatgtgct ctgccttccc     10440
     catgacgaca actcggccga tgggctgcag ccaatcaggg agtgacacat cctaggcgga     10500
     ggataattct ccttaaaagg gacggggttt cgccattgtc tctcttgctc ttgctcttgc     10560
     tctcttgcgc tctggctcct aaagatgtaa gcaatagagc tcttgctctc ttgctctggc     10620
     tcttgctctc ttgctctctg gctctctggc tcctgaagat gtaagcaata aagctttgct     10680
     gcagaagatt ccggtttgtt gcgtctttac tggtcggtca tgagaacgca tgtaagagtt     10740
     gcgttttaag aaggaactag agcatagttt tgttcactga aagtttagca aaaatggaac     10800
     ctccctggtg catactttta caaagctcaa aagaatagca taattaggtt tttactaagg     10860
     gaccccttgt ggtgggttat acaatagact agaattgtgg ctagggcatg aagccctcac     10920
     acctggctcc taagaataag ctgattttag ataggtccga ttttatctga tttgtaacca     10980
     ctgcctggtt cctgtcagtt tttatgtatg cttttttctg ttttgtgtaa agagtcatta     11040
     tgcatcagat gacctcaatg tatcttggct gatgtatcaa ctaacatccc tgttttcttc     11100
     agtaatgact atataagtct gatgttcgct ttgagaaatt acactaagat tcaccactct     11160
     cttgtgttcc tgtctgtcaa ttgctgcctc cttgcccacc tgagtaccag aaccctgatt     11220
     ttccccaggt caagagagca tgattgggtc tgccgtggca ggcagccacc tgtaaaagct     11280
     gtgtctcttt tctctaaccc tttctgtaac atataagtat attcaacaaa gtgggtactc     11340
     aaatttactt atagaaatcc ttacagatgt aaatgccaat atgtctcaga cagttaatgt     11400
     actttgcaac atgcctaagg agatgaattc tgtctctgga acttgcacaa aggaaaaaga     11460
     gaatggactc ccttaagtca tctatgacct tatgtgccct ataggatgtg tatataccct     11520
     cacaataaat aaatacaata aaatgtaatt aaaagaaaat cttatgaccc agagagatgg     11580
     ttgactggtt aagaggactg actcttcttc cacaggtctc aaccatctgt aatgggatca     11640
     gatgccctct ttaggtcagt ttgaaggtag ctacattgta ctcatataag taaataaata     11700
     cttaaataaa tcttgcatat agcaagatgt aaacggagtg ttgttgttgg ttttagtgtt     11760
     gctaatttgt ttgacataga taaaacaact caaaaaagca gcatccctgc tcaaaagaaa     11820
     ataattggtt aatatttact tttatgacta atggaagaaa agaacctagc tcttcaattt     11880
     tattagtatg attagatata gctttcaact gatccaaatt gcctactatt tgtaagtact     11940
     taatagtaat tactcttagg aaaaactgaa gtagtaatct taattttgtc ccctgaagaa     12000
     tgtcagtaaa ccattgggtt tcttacacgt attttctatt tttaaatgat tttttaaaaa     12060
     aaaatttatt aacagcattt aaggaactaa acattactac agcattttca aacggtgcat     12120
     tgaaaatagt ctcttttgtc ttcatttgtt catcccctct gatatttcca attgttttcc     12180
     tcgttaacac actattgtgt ctgttttctc tccccatttt tacttatcac atattttgat     12240
     aatttctcga cctgcatgaa tgtaatttta agtgcttaac catttcttga aatgaaatgg     12300
     tttttaaata tgatcatatt ttaaaatatg aaactcagga tgtaaacaca cttcacatat     12360
     cttggagtgc agaaaattga aagattctca aggggtcatc cccagattca caggagtaaa     12420
     aaattaatgg gataggacac ttgagcagac ctgatgcaaa tgttttctac taactttcta     12480
     actacctaca aggtctacag gaaactagaa gaatgctgct attgtcagtt gttactcagt     12540
     ttgttgtgtg tttttcaggg atgcagcaaa ttttgagcaa tctctcctct tctaaataat     12600
     acctcaccca ttctcttgtc aggacacaca atagatgttc ccaaaaaact taagctacga     12660
     aatttgggaa ccttaaacat ttgtgcacat ggataagcat atctaaatac atatgtatat     12720
     attatattca ttatatctac ctcacaaatt aagtaatgta tcctatacta gtgaagaata     12780
     atacaaaaac tgatttcata ttcatttcat agaaaagtaa acaggatagt taaaaatgtc     12840
     aaaggatact taactaaaat atgccacaaa tagaatttac attcaactgg tccaaaccat     12900
     agttctcatg ttccaccatt tgatatatgg ttgaatgccc caaaatttat tggtgttgca     12960
     ttttgcatct tttaatatta atacttcacc acaccaggtg acacatcaaa gggaagttgt     13020
     tattctagag atgagtttct tgaaagcact gaccatgtct ttattcctca agctgtatat     13080
     aaagggattc atcatgggag tgaccactgt gtacatcaca gaggctatag cactctttct     13140
     ggagctatga gtgccagcag agctcaaata aacaccaaaa cctgtcccat agaacaagat     13200
     aaccactact aaatgtgatg cacatatcga gaatactttg tattttcctg cagctgatgg     13260
     aatttttaaa acagaggaga taattctagt ataagagtaa attataccag acagtggaag     13320
     aacacccaac aggcttgtca ccaaatacac cagaatatta ttaatgagaa tattggaaca     13380
     tgcaagcttg agaatatgag ccagttcaca aaaaaagtga ggaatttcca cctttgtgca     13440
     gaatgacaaa tgcagtgcca tcaaagtgtg gagcagtgca tctaggatac ttatcaagaa     13500
     ggacaacaaa accatcaccc cacagatttt gggattcatg atgactgtgt acctcagtgg     13560
     atgacagata gccacaaacc tgtcataggc catcattacc agaattccat tttccaatcc     13620
     tgcaaacgct agaacaaagc agatttgagt gaggcagcct gtataactga tcgagttgac     13680
     ctgagcctgt atgttcacca gcattttggg gatggtggtg gtagtgaaac atatgtcaat     13740
     gaaagagagg ttggaaatga agaagtacat tggggtgtgg agattcgaat caaaaactgt     13800
     agccagtatt atgagaaggt tcccaaacat tgtgatcaga tatatggaca ggaagactcc     13860
     aaaaagaaca ggctgtagtt cttggttatc tgataatccc atgagatgga attctgtaga     13920
     ttctgaaacg tttcctcgct tcataatgtt gatgatgcta agaaagaaaa ttaggggaat     13980
     agcatgaaga gggctttctt tatgttctac gctacaataa aaatttcttt tttcatggtt     14040
     ctttttctac cacctccttt ccttattttc tattttctcc aatatttact aatttttcat     14100
     ttttttcttt atgtttttaa ttttcatgtt ggaacagagt aattctactt atatttgaaa     14160
     aacagtatta tgtatgttac atatttatgt atttatctgc taattgttat atggtgaaaa     14220
     tatttgtact gattaactta ataatgagga actaggttaa ccaacacata atgcatttac     14280
     tcttctgttt tgaaaaatat taaaattgaa ctactattaa atatatagat taatttttac     14340
     ttttaaggga gtatgccact ctgtagacct tggctgacct agaagtcatt gtgtagatgt     14400
     atagaaatca actagcactt tcctctgtag tgctgagatt gaaggtgtgt atcaccataa     14460
     tctgtttttt tttttttttt catttttttt ttattaggta tttagctcat ttacatttcc     14520
     aatgctatac caaaagtccc ccttacccac ccacccccac tcccctaccc acccactccc     14580
     cccctttggc cctggcgttc ccctgtaccg gggcacacaa agtctgcgtg tccaatgggc     14640
     ctctctttcc agtgatggcc gactaggcca tcttttgata catatgcagc tagagtcaag     14700
     agctcagggg tactggttag ttcataatgt tgttccacct atagggttga agatcccttt     14760
     agctccttgg gtactttctc tagctcctcc attgggagcc ctgtgatcca tccattagct     14820
     gactgtgagc atccacttct atgtttgcta ggccccggca tagtctcaca agagacagct     14880
     acatctgggt cctttcagta aaattttgct agtgtatgca atggtgtcag catttggaag     14940
     ctgattatgg ggtggatccc tggatatggc agtctctaca tggtccatcc tttcatctca     15000
     gctccatact ttgtttctgt aactccttcc atgggtgttt tgttcccact tctaaggagg     15060
     ggcatagtgt ccacacttca gtcttcattt ttcttgagtt tcatgtgttt aggaaattgt     15120
     atcttatatc gtgggtatcc taggttttgg gctagtatcc acttatcagt gagtacatat     15180
     tgtgtgagtt cctttgtgat tgtgttacct cactcaggat gatgctctcc aggtccatcc     15240
     atttggctag gaatttcata aattcattct ttttaatagc tgagtagtac tccattgtgt     15300
     agatgtacca cattttctgt atccattcct ctgttgaggg gcatctgggt tctttccagt     15360
     ttctggctat tataaataag gctgctatga acatagtgga gcatgtgtcc ttcttaccag     15420
     ttggggcttc ttctggatat atgcccagga gaggtattgc tggatcctcc ggtagtacta     15480
     tgtccaattt tctgaggaac cgccagactg atttccagag tggttgtaca agcctgcaat     15540
     cccaccaaca atggaggagt gttcctcttt ctccacatcc tcgccagcat ctgctgtcac     15600
     ctgaattttt gatcttagcc attctcactg gtgtgaggtg gaatctcagg gttgttttgg     15660
     tttgcatttc cctgatgatt aaggatgttg aacatttttt caggtgcttc tctgccattc     15720
     ggtattcctc aggtgagaat tctttgttca gttctgagcc ccatttttta agggggttat     15780
     ttgattttct gaggtccacc ttcttgagtt ctttatatat gttggatatt agtcccctat     15840
     ctgatttagg ataggtaaag atcctttccc agtctgttgg tggtcttttt gtcttataga     15900
     cagtgtcttt tgccttgcag aaactttgga gtttcattag gtcccatttg tcaattctcg     15960
     atcttacagc acaagccatt gctgttctgt tcaggaattt ttcccctgtg cccatatctt     16020
     caaggctttt ccccactttc tcctctataa gtttcagtgt ctctggtttt atgtgaagtt     16080
     ccttgatcca cttagatttg accttagtac aaggagataa gtatggatcg attcgcattc     16140
     ttctacatga taacaaccag ttgtgccagc accaattgtt gaaaatgctg tctttcttcc     16200
     actggatggt tttggctccc ttgtcgaaga tcaagtgacc ataggtgtgt gggttcattt     16260
     ctgggtcttc aattctattc cattggtcca cttgtctgtc tctataccag taccatgcag     16320
     tttttatcac aattgctctg tagtaaagct ttaggtcagg tatggtgatt ccaccagagg     16380
     ttcttttatc cttgagaaga gtttttgcta tcctcggttt tttgttattc cagatgaatt     16440
     tgcaaattgc tccttctaat tcgttgaaga attgagttgg aattttaatg gggattgcat     16500
     tgaatctgta gattgctttt ggcaagatag ccatttttac aatgttggtc ctgccaatcc     16560
     atgagcatgg gagatctttc catcttctga gatcttcttt aatttctttc ttcagggact     16620
     tgaagttttt atcatacaga tctttcactt ccttcgttag agtcacgccg agatatttta     16680
     tattatttgt ggctattgag aagggtgttg tttccctaat ttctttctca gcctgtttat     16740
     tctttgtgta gagaaaggcc attgacttgt ttgagttaat tttatatcca gctacttcac     16800
     cgaagctgtt tatcaggttt aggagttctc tgttggaatt tttagggtca cttatatata     16860
     ctatcatatc atctgcaaaa agtgatattt tgacttcctc ttttccaatt tgtatcccct     16920
     tgatctcctt ttgttgtcga attgctctgg ctaatacttc aagtactatg ttgaaaaggt     16980
     agggagaaag tgggcagcct tgtctagtcc ctgattttag tgggattgct tccagcttct     17040
     ctccatttac tttgatgttg gctactggtt tgctgtagat tgcttttatc atgtttaggt     17100
     attggcctta aattcctgat ctttccagaa cttttatcat gaatgggtgt tggatcttgt     17160
     caaatgcttt ttctgcatct aacgagatga tcatgtggtt tttgtctttg agtttgttta     17220
     tataatggat tacattgatg gattttcgta tattaaacca tccctgcatc cctggaataa     17280
     aacctacttg gtcaggatgg atgattgctt taatgtgttc ttggattcgg ttagcgagaa     17340
     ttttattaag aatttttgca tcgatgttca taagagaaat tggtctgaag ttctctatct     17400
     ttgttggatc tttctgtggt ttaggtatca gagtaatagt ggcttcataa aatgagttgg     17460
     gtagaatacc ttctacttct atcttgtgaa aaagtttgtg cagaactgga gttagatctt     17520
     ctttgaaggt ctgatagaac tctgcactaa acccgtctgg tcctgggctt tttttggctg     17580
     ggagactatt aataactgct tctatttctt taggggatat gggactgttt agaaggtcaa     17640
     cttgatcctg attcaacttt ggtacctggt atctgtccag aaatttgtcc atttcgtcca     17700
     ggttttccag ttttgttgag tatagccttt tgtagaagga tctgattgtg ttttggattt     17760
     cttcaggatc tgttgttatg tctccctttt catttctgat tttgttaatt aggattttgt     17820
     ccctgtgccc tttagtgagt ctagctaagg gtttatctat cttgttgatt ttctcaaaga     17880
     accaactcct cgtttggtta attctttgaa tagttcttct tgtttccact tggttgattt     17940
     cacccctgag tttgattatt tcctgccgtc tactcctctt gggtgaattt gcttcctttt     18000
     tttctagagc ttttagatgt gttgtcaagc tgctagtatg tgctctctcc cgttttttct     18060
     tgaaggcact catagctatg agtttccctc ttagaaatgc tttcattgtg tcccaaaggt     18120
     ttgggtacgt tgtggcttca ttttcattaa actctaaaaa gtctttaatt tctttcttta     18180
     ttccttcctt gaccaaggta tcattgagaa gagtgttgtt cagtttccat gtgaatgttg     18240
     gctttctgtt atttattttg ttattaaaga tcagccttag tgcatggtga tctgatagga     18300
     tacatgggac aatttcaata tttttgaatc tgttgaggcc tgatttgtga cctattatgt     18360
     ggtcaatttt ggagaaggta ccatgaggtg ctgagaagaa ggtatatcct tttgttttag     18420
     gataaaatgt tctgtagata tctgtcagat ccatttgttt catcacttct gttagtttca     18480
     gtgtgtccct gtttagtttc tgtttccatg atctgtccat tggtgaaagt ggtgtgttga     18540
     agtctcccac tattattgtg tgaggcgcaa tgtgtgcttt gagctttact aaagtttctt     18600
     tagtgaatgt ggctgctctt gtatttggag catagatatt cagaattgag agttcctctt     18660
     ggaggatttt acctttgatg agaatgaagt gtccctcctt gtcttttttg atgactttgg     18720
     gttggaagtc aatcttatca gatattagga tggctactcc tgcttgtttc ttcataccat     18780
     ttgcttggaa aattgttttc cagcctttca ttctgaggta gtgtctatct ttttctctga     18840
     gatgagtttc ctgtaagcag caaaatgttg ggtcttgttt gtgtagccag tttgttagtc     18900
     tatgtctttt tattggcgag ttgagaccat tgatgttaag agatattaag gaaaagtaat     18960
     tgttgcttcc tgttatttta gttgttaaag gtggcattct gttcttgtgg ctgtcttctt     19020
     ttaggtttgt tgagggatta ccttcttgtt ttttctaggg cgttgttccc gttcttgtat     19080
     tggttttttt ctgttattat cctttgaagg gctggattcg tggagagata atgcgtgaat     19140
     ttggttttgt cgtggaatac tttggtttct ccctctatga taattgagag tttggctggg     19200
     tatagtagcc tgggctgcag tttgtgttct cttagtgtct gtataacatc tgtccaggct     19260
     cttctggctt tcatagtctc tggtgaaaaa tctggtgtaa ttctgatagg cttgccttta     19320
     tatgttactt gacctttttc ccttactgct tttagtattc tatctttatt tagtgcattt     19380
     gatgttctga ttattatgtg tcgggaggaa tttcttttct ggtccagtct atttggagtt     19440
     ctgtaggctt cttgtatgtt catatgcatc tcattcttta gatttgggaa gttttcttca     19500
     ataattttgt tgaagatgtt tgctggacct ttgagttgaa aatcttcatt ctcatccact     19560
     cctattatcc gtacgtttgg tcttcttatt gtgtcctgga tttcttggat attttgagtt     19620
     aggatctttt tgcattttcc attttctttg attgttgtgc cgatgttctc tatggaatct     19680
     tctgcacctg agattctctc ttccatctct tgtattctgt tgctgatgct caaatctatg     19740
     gttccagatt tctttcctag ggtttctatc tctagtgttg cctcgctttg agttttcttt     19800
     attgtgtcta cttccctttt taggtctagt atggttttgt tcatttccat cacctgtttg     19860
     tatgtttttt cctctttttc tgtaaggact tctacctgtt tgattgtgtt ttcctgtttt     19920
     tctttaagga cttgtaactc tttagcagtg ttctcctgta tttctttaag tgatttatta     19980
     aagtccttct tgatgtcctc taccatcatc atgagatatg cttttaaatc taggtctagg     20040
     ttctcaggtg tgttggggtt ccctggactg ggcgaagtgg gtgtgctggg ttctggtgat     20100
     ggtgagtggt cttggttcct gttagtaaga ttcctccgtt tacctttcgc catctggtaa     20160
     tctctggagt tagtagttat agttgactct gtttagagat tgttcttctg gtgattctgt     20220
     taccgtctat cagcagacct gggagacaga ttctctcctc tgagtttcag tgctcagagc     20280
     actctctgct ggcaagctct cttgcaggga aggtgcgcag atatcttgta tttggacctc     20340
     ctcctggccg aagaagaagg cccaaaacag gacctttctc agacagtgtg ttgctttggc     20400
     agttcccagg tggtacagac tctcacctaa gcagactaaa ttcctaagtt ccttggagtc     20460
     ccgggaccaa gatggcgacc gctgctgctg tggcttaggc cgcctcccca gccgggtggg     20520
     cacctgtcct ccggtccgga aggtggccgg ctgtccccgg cccacacagg gtgctgcctc     20580
     agcgcctctg tgcttctgcc tgttccagaa gctgtcaggt tctctggcgc accctctcac     20640
     ctgttcagac taatttccta agttcggcgg gtctcggacc aagatggcga ccgctgctgc     20700
     tgtggcttag gccgcctccc cagccgggca ggcacctgtc ctccggtccg gacggtggct     20760
     ggctgtcccc ggcccacaaa gggtgctgcc tcagcgcctc tgtgcttccg cctgttccag     20820
     aagctgtcag gttctctggc gcaccctctc acctgttcag actaatttcc taagttcggt     20880
     gggtcccgga ccaagatggc gaccgctgct gctgtggctt aggtcgcctc cccagccggg     20940
     cgggcacctg tcctccggtc cggaaggtgg ccggctgtcc ccggcccaca cagggtgctg     21000
     cctcagcccc tctgtgcttc tgcctgttcc agaggctgtc aggttctctg gcgcaccctc     21060
     tcacctgttc agactaattt cctaagttcg gcgggtcccg gaccaagatg gcgaccgctg     21120
     ctgctgtggc ttaggccgcc tccccagctg ggtgggcacc tgtcctccgg tccggaaggt     21180
     ggccggctgt ccccggccca cacagggtgc tgcctcagcg cctctgtgct tctgcctgtt     21240
     ccagaagctg tcaggttctc tggcgcaccc tctcacctgt tcagactaat ttcctaagtt     21300
     cggcgggtct cggaccaaga tggcgaccgc tgctgctgtg gcttaggccg cctccccagc     21360
     cgggcgggca cctgtcctca ggtccggacg gtggctggct gtccccggcc cacaaagggt     21420
     gctgcctcag cgcctctgtg cttccgcctg ttccagaagc tgtcaggttc tctggcgcac     21480
     cctctcacct gttcagacta atttcctaag ttcggtgggt cccggaccaa gatccataat     21540
     ctgttttaat gggttttttg agacactgtc ttgctttgta gtcaacctct atgtgtccca     21600
     tgactgcatt taagtctgga atgatatatt tctaggtgac cttaaagtct tggtgcttct     21660
     gtttctctct ttttaggaga ctagaattga gattatatgc catctcagat agcctggaaa     21720
     ctcattctga cacatattaa ctatagttat ttggagatag agaatattgt ttcaaaacaa     21780
     tgaatcataa tatagagata aaatctttgt gttgatcaaa atagctaact cagatattaa     21840
     aatatctgct acctaataca tatcattcct ttgttgaaaa gccttcaaaa ctctcatttt     21900
     taggtgttag tattgcacaa ttttattttt gtacagaatc ttagtataca atcctgatca     21960
     agatcctact cactgtatat tctaagctgt aatgaattct gcctcaatca cccactcggt     22020
     ggatttgcag atacacatcc actctcataa ttgaatttta gtaaatgtgt ttgccaattt     22080
     cactttctat atgatcgatt tcaagtatgg ttacttatat acagcaaaac agaaagaata     22140
     tactgtcata tcttttattg tggttttaag caagtgattt tagacaagtg gggctgaaat     22200
     ggggctcagt agttagaagg acttgctgct actcgttagc atttgggtgt tgtttcctta     22260
     atacactttg tggaaccagc tccagggtat tttaaaggtt gtgagacttt taagactatc     22320
     ttaagagtta taacaatttt agagagtgta atacaatctt tggatcaaat gccacatgtc     22380
     tacttttttc agaagtaatg atttttgtga agcatggtca tttttagtga attttctggg     22440
     accacactta agctaaaact gtagtgttgt tccaaagatg acacaaccca aaaggtataa     22500
     actacttact cagtctctac ttactgaact tcattgatct gctgttaaga aattgatcag     22560
     attaaagctc aaagttcagg caaatatcct tgaataagtg caacctatct gttttaattg     22620
     tttcttgatc acagcataaa aattagcatg tataaggata attagtacag atttattcaa     22680
     agtatttaga atttcttata atttatataa acctataaat taataatcag aaaaggttaa     22740
     tgtgtcctat aatttttata gttacagcaa tttcactgga gtatttacat tctaccattc     22800
     taaaattttg aagaaataac aaagatggct cctgttgggc agaagtggca catgccttta     22860
     atcccagcac ttgggaggca gaggcaagca gatttctgag ttcaagggta gcttggtcta     22920
     cacagtgagt ttcaggacac caaggactac acagagatac tatgtcacaa aataaaacta     22980
     aacaaaacaa aagaacaaac aaagatgact ccctttattt acatataaat tatttattaa     23040
     taaattataa ttttaaaaac atattgtttt aaaattaact aattttactc ctagtctcac     23100
     gaataagaaa gtactaactt tatctgcttt gatgcatgta ttttagtatt attacacatg     23160
     ataatgagaa attagtaaga ttgaatactg tatataaaaa atgaattcat ttgctttgtg     23220
     tattcattga gaattctagt gtggatatgt tcaaatgtgg ttctaagatt atcccagatc     23280
     taagtataga atatctttat aactaagaaa tttattttac acgagaaaga attggtataa     23340
     aacaaattag ctccagtttg aaactgtgat taggtaccca tcccagctgc tatagtgaga     23400
     attcataaac aaatataaaa atatcagtaa cccatatgga gataaaagaa acagagtaat     23460
     taagaaaatt atggatacac atctaattgt gtatctgatg gatttgtcaa tcagtggctt     23520
     tgtcaataaa ttgctgcaag atgggattcc atgtgatagc acacaagttt tccttgagtt     23580
     gaaatctcgc aagccatgag ataaaagtat gacattctat tgaatagaaa ttacagaaat     23640
     agaaaaacag acttgataaa caccattgtg agaaaaggta taaaattatg ctacatcaaa     23700
     ctatggctaa actgtggtct tatatcattg aataaatttt tatttttgtt aacattcata     23760
     ttatttatga ataacaaatt aatatattta aattagatca acaaatatgt aatataaaat     23820
     acgtaatttc aaaagagaat ataactaata caattataac aattttttgt agaaaaatat     23880
     acatataaat acacacacag gagtatttgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     23940
     gtgttttact gtaatatttc ttggaaattg aaattataca tttttctgat tttcaaatac     24000
     tcagtaaaat ttcatcatac tttgttgaaa caccttatat tttacaccat tacttgtatt     24060
     tacagtattt atattagaat acttggcaaa catagctatg cctgaaaatt aacaactgtt     24120
     tctttaaaac tatttattta tattatcttg gaacaaatgt ttattatgtg caacacttca     24180
     gtgcctggtg tctgtggagg gcatcagatc acaaagaagt gcagttatag agggttataa     24240
     gctgtgctgt gagtgttggt cattgattct ggtttctttg gaagttcagc caatacttga     24300
     ccattgatcc gtctctccag cccaaaaact taaaaaaaaa aaaaaacaca caaaacaaaa     24360
     acaaaaacag aaaacactgt tttcaagcac catagaatat aaaatgggtg gaaaatgaaa     24420
     ggcttcaagc ttcaaaccat tggctggcat gttcaagctc aagagcaaac actgtattat     24480
     atttctaaca cactgccaga gccattgagg agacactaaa aattaacaag tgatcttcct     24540
     gatatgggtc cacgatggac tattaaagtt aatgacagaa ttgcttcttt aggcaagaga     24600
     atttcattta agaagagatt cctgctatta ttatgctttt cctgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     24660
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatcaccctt ttgagtagat tataggtttc tgcagaacag     24720
     tgaagatgta ctgtcttgta gtgatgctat ataaacaaat aaatggcttc ataattatta     24780
     gtgatgatcc tgtaagaatt actaaaatta ttttagtaat tacaaagcct tttataatag     24840
     agctactatt aaatcatttc tgatatcaaa actgtaatga aaactctgcc aatctccaag     24900
     gatcatgagt taattgcttc tgagataaca agaagttatc tacaatttag actgcattcc     24960
     aagaggttgt aaaacaaaga cagttcataa atttaattta tgattagaat ttatgtgtaa     25020
     atgcgtggtg aactttttaa catgtgatca tgtattctga aagatatgtg agatttgaag     25080
     acaaagagag ggaagttttt aagcaaaact ctaaagaact tagaaataaa gtctaaagta     25140
     gcctttcaaa gtgttccttt tttcctcctg caatatcaac tagcaggctt taagttagag     25200
     ctgtgcagtt cctggggaga tggagcaaag gccactttat tcccttcaat aggctattgg     25260
     tgctaattga ctaagccagt ggcatttatc cctcagaatg agcaagaagt ttttaagaga     25320
     ctttagaggt tatcaacaag cattcactat atatagaaag ttagaacatt tggagattat     25380
     cagtctttac agctaccctg cacctgtgtc ctactctatg tgttgcttca actcattcca     25440
     tcctggcaac acacttttat ttttgatttt tgatttttta gattctagta caagtacacc     25500
     attcctccct cctcttggca gtcattctga tgataattta tgtgtatagc aaaacacttt     25560
     ttataaagga atgacaaaaa tgatttttta aaattctaac atattcttta aatttcagag     25620
     ttgaattgaa ggataatcat ggcaatgaat ttagcatgga tcattaacca ggagggttct     25680
     tgacaattta caaaaatatc atgtttatga aaaattataa attacatagt catttttgtt     25740
     acttataata aaacagatgc tttaatgaag aagttaattt ttgggcttaa tattactgtc     25800
     ttctatttct gacaatgatt taactctgta cttatactgt aaatatctat tccactgtcc     25860
     atctcgaaca gccacaattt tatctttact gcaggcactt taccagaatt aagttaagat     25920
     tcatgaattt ctatggtggt ttctgagagg gcgagtgtga aataaaagta ataattagaa     25980
     atttatatat aactcataat taaaaataag aatattctta atattaagaa tgtagatgaa     26040
     tttgacttat tctgatagtg tgattgtgtt gctttaacaa taattctgct tttttatttc     26100
     atttaaaata tttcataata ttttgtagag gtataaaagc atagagtcta gaaaagtaga     26160
     ttggtatatc tgcatgaata tttctcaatg gttcttgaaa tcattcacat accttacagc     26220
     tgcacagttt ggacactatt gtagattaat tttcttcaac actgggaata tttgaaggaa     26280
     tagaccatgc tcaccacata gaactcacaa atgtgtgata ttgcataatt acaaattata     26340
     tgaataaaat gttaaatgag gtatggataa atccagtcat cccattgtac ctcataaatg     26400
     tacacattag tatagattaa catcatttgt aaaggaatgg agtggcaatg cattaatttt     26460
     atgcactgca tatctatatt ccaagcactt caggtgatga gagacataaa acagaagatt     26520
     aagtagatca acttgaacta catagttttt gtcagtcaag attaagtaga tcaacttgaa     26580
     ctacatagtt tttgtcagtc acaactaaaa tgaaacaaaa aataagtgta aaacttaatt     26640
     acttttaagg gttcaaataa cgagccagag atggttaaat ttagaaaatc aaactcatat     26700
     gaaccaaagc tcatcagata tcaaaaaaat agagggagtg agatactatt caaatacatt     26760
     ctgaaggaga taattcttat taacaggagg gaagtttgta atttgaaaga cagaaaaata     26820
     tgaagatata ttgagaatag gaaaaataac atcaaaataa tgatgttaaa ttaattcaga     26880
     aacatcaact aattacaata aaattatctt aattgatgtt gaattcattc ttcaacttgt     26940
     caaggaaaaa aattagacga ggaggtgaga aaagaggaga agtgaggaaa tgagaaatta     27000
     gatgagaaga ggaaagacag gacaggaata aaaaagagaa aaggcaggag aagacattag     27060
     aagggaaaat aaaactacca aaaatgagaa ggagtgaaag gaacagagga gtaggacatg     27120
     gcaaggaggg agcaaggaga agatgggaga ggagagaaga gagaagtaga aaaaaaaaga     27180
     ttaaaaaggg agaattgtaa cagaagaaaa taaataaaac agaaacctcc atttctcatg     27240
     tatttactat ggaaagcttc agattacctt caatataaaa tgaagagttg tatacttcta     27300
     tactggatat tgctgaataa aggttgaaaa tgtaatccca ggaaacatag attgactaca     27360
     gagaaaacaa gtttcttaac caggaattgc atgtctgggt ataaaatcaa atgtgcttct     27420
     cctgtactgt acattgttat gttataaagc agacacatgt ccactatttg cagtattggt     27480
     ggcccttagg gttcaattac ctaactcctc attatccata tttgaaattg ttttatcttc     27540
     ccaaggcaac tcaaatcctt aaggaataaa attcacagaa atagaaaaat ctgtctgaat     27600
     aaatccttga tgctgagagg catggtgagt aatcataaat ttataatggc atttcctctt     27660
     gctgccagag atctgattat tgtgtcctag gagctgatat cacaataagc agaaggattc     27720
     actggaaaaa aaatctcatc tctccccaag tctgaaatta ctactaaagc taaaaaagaa     27780
     agaaaagagt catgtaagac cacagagaga caatatctca aaaacccagt tctggagatg     27840
     gagtccctgc atcaatcatg ctgagaagca attcccttac cttaaatccc cttcttgtga     27900
     gaggaaggag atatcacaca aagaaagtgg catagaaaga aatcaattca gtatcagttt     27960
     cacaaaagtg aatactgtct tgaagactag agataagata gagtacatac aaaaggtcaa     28020
     tggaccatcc acctaacaaa gtcctgcata tcttttcgca gaatatatcc cagtgtgcca     28080
     atgtggattt tcccttaatt taccttctgc gtgaagcctc gatccaacct caagggtccc     28140
     agtatgaact aatctaacca gcatttttca tgattaatca agacataact tttctacctc     28200
     taaacacaaa attccactac cattccacat ccattgtctt tacctgagaa gaaatgctct     28260
     cacaattcag atctggataa ggatacacat catgtaaacc tcccaagtcc cttctgtcta     28320
     tctgactttt atctacctaa gccatttata atctcaaggc ccaaaacccc acacacattc     28380
     ttttcctgat caaacctact atgtaaatat taggtattga actaataaaa gttgtccaca     28440
     tcacacatta tttttcaaaa ttactaacaa aataaaagat ttcattctta cattctctag     28500
     gcctatagca atatttgcta ctgaaaaata ggtgtatgaa tttgagagca cagaatgtaa     28560
     aaaaacaatc attaacttta tcaaagaatt caaataattc aaagaaggaa caaagaaaca     28620
     actgaaaaat aggaaaatta acctactaga aaatgtctgg gtgatgccag aatttggtag     28680
     accagactac tagcattaca gtgtaaaaca tactttcctg agaccagaac aaaatgaaag     28740
     actctctttt cgaagaagag cttcctcttc tctgcctcct ttggtgagcc caatccttac     28800
     atcttctaca tgaggaatat catatggtcc ttggcaaaat tacaagttca actacctaga     28860
     attcctctac atacaaataa ggtattccca caattcctca gccaatgaaa cttcacccta     28920
     agatgaactc actcccactc tcaaacgtta acatattaac tggttcaccc aatttcactg     28980
     catgttgttc cagagaaatg tttccctgaa tatcatctta aagaaatgta acactagaat     29040
     cctcagagaa gaacacctac ctgcatttac tgatgagtga ggatcctgca gatccaccca     29100
     tgttgggctc caattcatcc ttttctgtcc ggtttgcagc aatgcttgaa catgccaaaa     29160
     gaagatgcag aacttagaat ctgactcttc tccatgcttc tatgtccttc tccatgcttc     29220
     ggtgtccagt gtgtagcagt gcctgggcat catgagagaa aaagcagaat ggagaaccac     29280
     aagacttgag aacagaattc aataagcttt aaatgatgat agaattgaag gatccattcc     29340
     ataactgcaa acctcagaga aagccttaga agtagaatgg atcaagaaag cagaagatag     29400
     aataccagta ctggaagatt tgcaaaataa tagaatatag aacacatata tattgaacaa     29460
     aatattttta caacacacac acacacaaat agaggaaata tgggaaccat gaagtgataa     29520
     cacatttgga ttatattgaa ttatgcagga gggaaaagag gcacaagcag agaccatgtc     29580
     tttaacatga tcacagaaga acatgtcatt aaactaagga aaaatatact gattcagata     29640
     caagaaaaac acaaaacacc aaatataaaa caacatataa agttccccaa gtcatatgat     29700
     acttattaca gtaagtaatt ttaaaaagtg aattgaaatc ctcaatacaa aaaaattgca     29760
     agtcccatgt aacaaaaatc ccatcaggat aacagataat ttctcaattg aaaatttgaa     29820
     agtcagagga acctgcagta ttggattcca catttaaagg gctacaatac aatgggcagt     29880
     gttaaaattc ttgttctagc agaaccataa atgtcataag tgtggataga catgaagaat     29940
     ttatttgatg taggtgatac atgtttaatc tcatgacatt cttatgtttc tagcttactt     30000
     gcaaatgtga catatgagga gttggggatt tatgaaatag agtctatggt tatgtctcta     30060
     ctagctttac tttctcatta cctaagattt atttttttat cagatgttga caagttttct     30120
     tcccctctcc ttctaccaga actgtaaaaa ttggcataag atctactatt ggcttatgtg     30180
     gactgttgta ttaatttcta tggcctctca gacctcagac taaataaata cacttcctaa     30240
     ttacacctgt atgcagatgc aagtatttca ttgttcaaat agaatacaac atagtattaa     30300
     aatatatcac atgtatccaa actgtgagat tatgaggaaa gaaagaattg ctctatattt     30360
     gcattagata tttccctctg gattgtaaga aattaactcc agatgaaatc attgaaggaa     30420
     ggaaatctta ttttgttcca aggttttaga gaagtaacag ggatttttgt tttgttttgt     30480
     tttttgtttt tgttttttga tcaaagaatg catgttggaa gaattagttc tgcctatgtc     30540
     aataataact tgtgttgtaa acagggtaga gaacaaagca gagaaaatat tctagatagt     30600
     gatatagcat tcaaaggtcc attccaaatg acatccaacc acacaactct acatttctca     30660
     aagtttcact gctttaaaaa tatcgccatg agttggagat tgtgaaagac tatgttagtg     30720
     tcagaatagt gtcttatatg gaaaatgcaa aacactaatt ttccttgtgt gttggcatca     30780
     tgctagcttc atttagacat ccccaacctt ccaggtctta ttacaattca tattctctgt     30840
     attttggcca gtctctattt aattcatact ttctaccata gcttaagaca tctttcctct     30900
     gggggggtgg gaggggctcc ttgcaaaaaa taagaggcta ccatagactg cctggcatca     30960
     atgattttat gaaatcttga tatgaatatc cacttaatcc agtttgtttc ctcatgtatg     31020
     cctgaaaatg agtacccaat tatttaaaac cataggtaat gaattcttcc tgccagcact     31080
     gaaatgttat ccagatttca gaccataata atcacccttt acctgtgcac atatttgatc     31140
     acaatgttgg aaaatattat aacattcttg gcctttatct ctgactttca ctgctcaatc     31200
     ctagttacta ctctgtctct tatgtgtctt ttaatgctat ttgtttatgc agtaactctg     31260
     tcctcatggt gctgctgaac atacaaactg agcatcaata gcattgtttg cacagactgc     31320
     cacagcatga tctactttgt tgtcatttgt acaaggacag aagtttttac cttggtgtca     31380
     tggcctacaa tcacaatgtg gccatttgtc accttgtcag atacctggtc cttatgaatc     31440
     tctactacaa tattattctg gtattattca ctctgtgcac tagggttgtt aatagcttgc     31500
     tacgtaatct attagtgttt tggttgtact tctggacagc ctagaaaaca ttcatttctt     31560
     ttttgaactt gttcaagtcc tcaagctggc atgttctgat accttcattg atagcatcct     31620
     ggcaatcatt tcaaattcta tattaacatt ctacaattgt tttctcttct atattgcatt     31680
     gtggatacaa tgttgacagt gctagcataa gaaaaaggat accaagaatt ttccatatgg     31740
     acatcatttt ccagttgttt atttgtgata tgtgataggg taggttatat acattaactc     31800
     agaaataatt gatttgccca ggaagattga aattgctttg gtcatatatt ctaaggatcc     31860
     tatgatgata aaccacttca tctacaattt aggtacaaga atatatacat tgagttccat     31920
     gtactagcat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag     31980
     atatattaga ttagatagat aatctgcttc ctttgtttcc ttcaatattt cttgttcctc     32040
     ctccttgcta ggtctcaaat tgatgaccac tgctttctct ttacttatta ttcttatgta     32100
     tatacaatca gtgaaatctg tctagggtct tgtgtgtgtg tttatgtgtt gtgtgtgcat     32160
     gtgtgtgtgc gtacacatgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtttgt gtcctttcag aaatccctat     32220
     ttgttattgg ataggcaatt aggtggatca tctctagaaa tgtctaattc ttcctcactc     32280
     agctgctctt atttctatat agttctttgg ctaagaagta cccatttccc actagtatgt     32340
     ttattaatta tatcagtatt cagatctctt tttatgtgag ataataaata ctttaaattt     32400
     attcatatta acagccagtt ttaccatctg tatggggtat atggctaaaa aatgcataat     32460
     aagaactttt tgttggtttg tttttgttta ttggagacag ggtttttctt tgtagcccgt     32520
     gctgtcctag aattcactct atagatcagg ctatacttga actcacagag atttgtctgt     32580
     ctctgcctct tggtgctatg actaaaggta taagccacta ctacctgggt aaacattttt     32640
     tcttgttttt attcctgttt tattattact catattattt gttcaatttc aaatgttatc     32700
     cccatacaca gtatcccttc catgaaaccc cccaaaccac tcccgtccat tttgcctcta     32760
     agagggtact cccccaccca cacaccctct cccacatcct ctctctagca acccctattt     32820
     ctgaatcatc aagcctccac aggaccaaga cctcccctct cactaatacc agatgggata     32880
     gtcctctgct atgctatatc aggagccatg cactggccca tgtatattct ttgattgatg     32940
     gtttagtccc taggagcact gaggggtctg gttcattgat actgttgtct tcctatggga     33000
     ttgcatttct cttcagctcc ttcagctctt cccctaatta ttccattgag gtccacaggc     33060
     tcagccagtt gttggctgtg attttctgaa tctgtcttat tcaggtgctg ccagagcctc     33120
     taaaaggaca gccataccag gctcctgtct gaaagcatat cttggcatca gcagtagtga     33180
     tgtggtttgg tatctgtggt tggaatggat cacacattgc acactcaggg caagaatctt     33240
     gaacacatca gcgcaggaga aaatttcctg aacagaacac tagctgctca aactctaaga     33300
     tcaacaatta acaaatggaa ccttatgaaa ctgaaaatgt tctgtaaggc aaaggatact     33360
     gtcaataaca aaacctggca acctacagat taggaaaaaa atctttatga accctatata     33420
     agaagaaagc taataaccaa aatatatgaa gaactcagga agttaaactc caaaaaataa     33480
     acaacaacaa caaaaaataa caaatggggt acagatctag acaaataatt ctcaacaagg     33540
     atgctcaaca ctcttagtca taaggaaaat gcaaattaaa gcatctctga gattccaact     33600
     cccctcaatc agaatcgcta aaaccaaaaa ttcaggtgac agcagatgct ggcaaggatg     33660
     tggagaaagt ggcatactcc tctgttggtg gtgggactgc aagctggtac aaccactttg     33720
     taaacaaatc tggatgttcc tccgaaaatt ggaaatacct ctacctgaag acccagctat     33780
     accactcttg gatacatagc caaaagatgc cccaacatat aacaaggaca aatgctccac     33840
     tatgttcata gcaacctgat ttataatacc caggggctgg aaaaaaaaac acagatgtcc     33900
     ctcaacagaa gaatggatac agaaaatgtg gtacatttac aaaatggaat actaccaagc     33960
     tacaaaaatg atgacctcac gaacatgttt ggcaaataag ttgaactaga aaatatcaac     34020
     ctgagtgagg taatccagac ccaaaggaca tacatggtat gtacttactt ttacgtggat     34080
     attagcacaa aagcacagaa tagcgacaat acaactcaaa gacagcatga agtttaacag     34140
     aaggaaggcc atagcgtgga tgattgaaat ccaattagaa ggggtaacaa aataatctca     34200
     ggaggtagaa agtggaaggt acctgggtgg gagatagaaa tgttatgaaa aagggggggg     34260
     agcacaacca ggtattggaa gaaacaacaa caacaaaaaa tagtctaaag gggcaggaga     34320
     agaaatagaa ataagtagca gcacacagcc atccagaagc catgggcaaa ctgggtttat     34380
     cagaaacagg gggggtggtg gggtggaaat gaataagaga tggatggcga taagagaaga     34440
     atgaagctaa gacaagattc tgatcaaagt tccaagttta acattcagta ctgtgtttat     34500
     atagggagag cccacaaatg tgggccctaa ggggtttagg ggaggagggg aagagaagga     34560
     atgagccaga gttcctcctg tgctctgggc agttggacgt gggagggctg caagatgctt     34620
     tccactaggc cctaggttag catctaagcc actgacgcca cacggtgggt agtggacaag     34680
     gggcattcct gggataccct cggccccaca gtgacaccct cagcccctgg agttacagga     34740
     gagagggcag agagagagaa gttcccatgc agttgaaagc cctatgtcca gtccgtggct     34800
     ggagcacagg aaggccattt gatgggagat tagaaatggc tcattaggag atggcctatc     34860
     ccatcgtcta agcacagctg cccttgataa acaaacagac tatggtttta gagctttatt     34920
     atagaaaggc agggagaaaa gaaaaaatgg agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag     34980
     agagactagt catggccaag aggaaagaaa ggggaaaagg aaagagaatg aaaggctaga     35040
     ggaagaggtt agagagagat gggggtggag gggagagagt aagagagtga gagggaagga     35100
     tgaggacaga gcaaggtggg gccaagcagg ccctcttatg gtgggctgtt atcttggtgt     35160
     tgtgaggtaa ctgggaggag tccaccctga atttcagaag cttgggacac tgtctatgtg     35220
     actaaaattc attcttctcc tgtgggggga tgtgggggtg gtaacttcta caagatccag     35280
     ggttccagga gacatgaggg aatgcctacc accccatgta agtgaattat caccaccagg     35340
     tccctgggtt ccacacctca gcttgactac agaccagact gtctgtgcat agcccattga     35400
     cccacacaga ggcctaacct ttgtttcagc tggactatgt tgcaaaggaa tctcagtgag     35460
     cagttgattc ttcttagctc atgtaggaag ttgcgagtgc aatcaaagtg gtttattaca     35520
     ccaaggtcat tagggtccaa catggcaagc actcaaggtc tattcagcct gctcaaagct     35580
     ggaaaaaaat tctgctcaag gctgggaagc acacaattcc aacttttttg tttttgtttt     35640
     ttaaaatgag cagcactagt agctgggtgt gaggagggca gctagagttt gtggggcaag     35700
     atttacatgt tttccataat cccatctagg gtaaagagtg atcaggccac agtgcctgtc     35760
     ttaggtaagt gtctatattg ctccttctta gcagtcacgg aggacaaaca cctcattgat     35820
     gtatgtctct gtcttaggtc aataggagct caagaactct cttacccatc tctgacttct     35880
     ggcctactat agcacaatct ttcccattca gacaaaaacc aagaaggaca tatgaatatg     35940
     cactcaattc atcccttcat agtgatggat agctgccatg gtgaacttgg tgagattgat     36000
     cctgtatgaa ggcaaccaat ctgtttaaga aacaacatcc aaaagttaaa accaacaaat     36060
     taaaattaat gatctaagca gagtaaaaaa ttaaagtgtc tgccatgggg aagtagagaa     36120
     tcaagattca aaccattcct aatttttacc tttttctctt ttcctttgga ctagtccttc     36180
     ttgaacttta gccatagaat cctttattat tcctgaatga ttgatataaa agtagcattc     36240
     ttcatggata gctgtacata accctccctg ctgaaggaat aaaagatgaa gttctctcgt     36300
     gttttaaagt attgcctcag aaaagaggtt agagcttctt gcaaaggaga aagagaagtt     36360
     tctatcattt ttgtatcata tctgtatcta ttgccattct aataatctca gaattttttc     36420
     cttgcaaaac cagggcagat gtgccagcag ctgctccttc tacactcaga gagttcctgg     36480
     gaatccaatt tttaaatttt taaaatgaaa agcatgattt agataatttt gtggtatatg     36540
     gggatataat tccccctttt ttctctctct ctctctctct cttttttctt atgaagatac     36600
     tattttaaag gttcatgggc ctgttccaca atacattgtt ctttatgata ataaggaaat     36660
     atgagtaaca tgcatttacc acaatttatt aggtacaagt ccatgaggat tagcaccatt     36720
     atgtggtaca tgaagaaact gaggacactg agaacaagac tttacaattt gacatacata     36780
     ttttctagaa atacaaaatt gttgtctcaa attattacaa ttttgatgat ataaagagtt     36840
     agattgtttg gctaattgtt cctgtaaggc ctataatctg ccctgtatac aaatctgctg     36900
     tgccattgcc taggggccca ggcaatctgg tatgagctct taattgtcct ataaaataag     36960
     gaacagtgca tgtttcccaa attaagctgt attgtataaa taattataaa atttgagaat     37020
     tagcagtatc taaaaaggga acaatttcaa gtaattataa agcataagct atatgttggc     37080
     tgtcagtata caaattgaaa gcttgatttt tcaatatctt aaaaacagtg gctatttgtt     37140
     cccaattcta agaaggggca aagtgtccaa actttggcct tcgttcttct tgagtttcat     37200
     gcgtttagca aattgtatct tatatgttgg gtatcctaag tttctgggct aatatccact     37260
     tatcagtgag tatatattgt gtgagttcct ttgtgattgg atgacctcac tcaggatgac     37320
     gccgtccagg tccatccatt tgcctaggaa tttcataaat tcattctttt taatagctga     37380
     gtagtactcc attgtgtaaa tgtaccacat tttctgtatc cattcctctg ttgaggggca     37440
     tctgggttct ttccagtttc tggctattat aaataaggct gctatgaaca tagtggagca     37500
     tgtgtccttc ttaccggttg gaacatcttc ggatatatgc ccaggagagg tattgtgtga     37560
     tcctccggta gtactatgtc caattttctg aggaaccacc agactgattt ccagagtggt     37620
     tgtacaagct tgcaatccca ccaacaatgg aggagtgttc ctctttctct acatcctcga     37680
     caacgaagac caaagtgtgg acactttgcc ccttcttgga attgggaaca aaacacccat     37740
     ggaaggagtt acagagacaa gtttggagct gtgatgaaag gatggaccat ctagggattg     37800
     ccatatctgg ggacccatcc cataatcagc ttccaaacgc tgataccatt gcatacacta     37860
     gcaagatttt gctgaaagga cccagataga gctgtctctt gtgagactat gccggggcct     37920
     agcaaacaca gaagtggatg ctcacagtca ctattggatg gatcacaggg cccccaatgg     37980
     acaatatgaa ctacccagta cccccctgga gctcgtgtct ctagctgcat atgaatcaga     38040
     aaatggccta gtcggccatc agtggaaaga gaggcctatt ggtcgtgcaa actttatatg     38100
     cctcagtata ggggaatgac agagccaaga aatgggagtg agtgggtgaa tgagtgggtg     38160
     ggggagtgtg tggggaactt ttgggatagc actgaaaatg taaatgaaat aaatactcaa     38220
     ttaaaaataa cagtggctat aacacacaat tcaattattt gtgaagcagg gcaaaaactt     38280
     gagagaataa acgtgatcca atcaaatatg tttttctccc attagataac ctgcttatga     38340
     atacggtaaa tgcatttttt atcagcttca tccataaatt tataggaaat acaaaagtat     38400
     gaatagagga aaattctaac aactttcctt tttagataat gattattaaa tttccctaaa     38460
     tagtttgcca tgcattaggg caaatatcag tattctgcaa taaccaatcg aattgctttt     38520
     tgaaaaaaga ataaatgttt catcaagttc tttcccaaaa taatttcatg gctctctcct     38580
     ataattgtgt attaacacag caacagcttc aaagttttgt tcaaacttta cttggagatg     38640
     aagaaagatg aatccacatt aatggtccct tttgccaaaa gactgctgta aaaccgccaa     38700
     caattgatca tagtctatat aatgcatctg ttgttggcta atagcttcca ctactttcta     38760
     caaagctatg tgtccttcat cagttaattg tccaggggaa ttaggatttg cattcctcct     38820
     ggggaatatc aaacagagac ttaagtcctc ctatgataat cttaagaaga ggtcttaggc     38880
     cattaacatc tctaagtagc ttttaaaaac cctttatttt ttcttatttg aattttctat     38940
     gatataattt gtttaggata taactaaaca ttgaaatatt gaaaaagata ttgcctttga     39000
     atctgttctg gagtaacaac tattctaaaa ttttataact tgttgtgtaa gagcaaaggc     39060
     ttatagtaaa acttcatcag tgagatcagc taataaaata tctatataat gaataataca     39120
     tactgaatag ttcaaagttc taacctctta tattgaagca gctacaaaat tttttacata     39180
     atgtaaggct actatccatt ctatgaggca aatttttcta atgatatcac ctcataggtt     39240
     ctttaaaatt acaagttcac aaaaagcaaa gtctttggaa tcatcaagat gcaaagaaat     39300
     agtataaaaa taatatttta tatcttagta attttgtacc tattttagaa tggcagctag     39360
     agtagataaa ccaggttgta aatgtcccca taatttccta gtttcattaa cctttcataa     39420
     atcttaagtt tgaactttgt tttgcattaa tggaataacc aatcccttgg aggtgattgg     39480
     gtacatccac tccagtgcct ataaatcctt caaaactttt tttcttcaat tagtaactta     39540
     aggtctgttc tcttattagt aatagactgg acccagtaca catcagagga accaaagcca     39600
     ctttgtcctc tctcactctt aacacatttg gagggcaggg aatgcaaggg aactaaaata     39660
     agatgagcaa gtcttttact tgctagtaat gctgaggggg aaagctttgt ttaccaggta     39720
     ctggccagat gtcagcccat caggctgcat tagcattctc ataagcaaat tatgtaacaa     39780
     aggatctcct gcctgaggat tcccaaaaat tctactagct acttttaaca gtctatccac     39840
     aatttcctga aatagttcat caagacatta tttgatccca gctaaacacc cactgagata     39900
     tcctttccaa tattgagagg ttaaatttgc ttctaccact atatcaaata aagcttgtgt     39960
     aaaaggggta gcagttcagt actgtgctac agctattttt aactctctct ctttttttta     40020
     ttttaccctt gcaatcattt ccactacttg atttttttct taattacaaa tatgggtgaa     40080
     tgaaaaaccc tgggcctgtg attgaattac aatttgcagc caatggaaca ctggcagttt     40140
     aatattaatt ttaagttttt cttgcacacc agtgcagaac cataactttg gaaaataaaa     40200
     ctcaacctcc aacaaacaat ccagtctcta caaaaacact aagtgaatca cccccatgct     40260
     acaatgtttt tggctgccaa ttccggcaca caaacacaag atagtgcagc ctccagttcc     40320
     tcaaagaaac actgccctaa atcctacttt gagttctagg ataagagtta agtaaaatat     40380
     tatcccaatt tagaaatatc tttagagacc tgttttcctg ccttggctca tgccacatgt     40440
     tattgtttag aattacttca attctgagtt accagtttta agctaactat gtgttaccaa     40500
     tgttacaaat ttttaatgat atcaaaaaaa cgtataagcc aattatctgt atccaatgca     40560
     tgcacaacat atttatactt ttaaaaacag tcagaaacaa aagtgaagtg actacacaca     40620
     tcttacatat ttagactgga caaaattctt atattttcta actataattt caaaaaggga     40680
     gcaccttgtc acctgctgaa cccaataatg tgtcacaaag atttttgtag aagaaaccat     40740
     cagctccctt accatagaac ttgagaagct gctggcctct ttaagagagg cttgtataga     40800
     cagtcacctc ctggcaaggt ttctccagct atgctggact cctaagtaca ggtgcagggc     40860
     tccaaagacc aattaagact ggtgttttgt tttgttttgt tttgttttgt tttgttttgt     40920
     tttgtttgtt ttgtttttta gatgaatcaa aactacatca agtggctgac cagcagatac     40980
     agtgttagcc attttttgga acatgaaata tagaataaca atcattaaaa caaagaaaca     41040
     aaaacagaca taaattgaca cacatggacc gattggtgca ttaaggacag acaatagaca     41100
     gagaagaaag aaaacttgat gtcccaaaga gacccagata tcctctctaa gaaacccaga     41160
     actcatcaaa actggaaaac atgggtgaaa tggactattt tcttgacaga taccaggtac     41220
     caaagttaaa tgaggatcag attaatgatc taaacagtcc tatatctcct aaagaagtag     41280
     aaacagttat taatagtttt acaacaacaa caacaacaaa atgcccagga caagatgggt     41340
     ttagtacaga attctatcag accttcaaag aagacctaat tccaatatgc ctcaaactat     41400
     tccacaaaat agaaacagaa ggtactcttc ccaattagtt cttagaagcc ataattatgc     41460
     ttatacctaa acaacacaaa gacccaacaa aaaaagagaa cttcagacca aattccctta     41520
     tgattatcaa tacaaaaata ctcaataaaa ttctcgcaaa cccaatccaa gaacacatcg     41580
     aaacatttat ccatcatgat caagtaggct tcatcccagg gatgcaggga tcgttcaata     41640
     tatggaaatc catccacatg atccactata taaacaaact caaagaaaaa aaactcatga     41700
     tcatctaatt agactatgag aatgcatttg acaaaatcca acacccattc atgataaaag     41760
     tcttggaatg atcaggtaat caaggcccat gcctaaacat aataaaagca atatacagca     41820
     aaccagtagc caacatcaaa ctaaatggag agaaacttga aacaatccca ctaaaatcag     41880
     ggactagaaa aggctaccca ctctctccct ccctattcaa ttcagtactt gaagtactag     41940
     ccagagcaat tagacaacaa aaggagatca agggaatata aattggaaag gaagaagtca     42000
     aatatcacta tttgcagatg atatgatagt atacaaaagt gaccacaaaa attccaccag     42060
     agaacttcta aacctgatta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaactca gtgaagtatg     42120
     tggatataaa attaactcaa acacatcagt ggccattcat tctctacaca aaggataaac     42180
     aggctgagaa agaagttagg gaaacaacac ccttcacaac agtctcaaat aatataaaat     42240
     accttggtat tactctaagg aagtgaatga tctgtatgat aagaatttca agtctctgaa     42300
     gaaagaaatc aaattctcag aagatgtgaa gatctccatt gcttatgaat tggcaaaatt     42360
     aatatgagat accaattttt ccctttgccc agtgtacagt tacccttata aggaccttat     42420
     aataaggtcc cagtattcaa taaacccagg aaagactgat tgcttaccct tccccattgt     42480
     acagttattc tttgtccgtt ttagggtttc ttttgcagca atgaaacacc atgattaaaa     42540
     agcaacttag gggaagaaag catttactta gcttacactt ccaaatcata atcaatcatg     42600
     ggagccttta catgaactca aacatggatg gaacctagag acaatagttg aaacagaggt     42660
     catgaatgca ttctgattac tggtttgctc tcatcctgct ttcttataaa acctacagac     42720
     accagcacag aggttggacc acccaaaatg ggatgagccc tcctccccat taattactag     42780
     ttaaggaaat attctaaagt tcgatctttt gaaggccctt tttcaactga gtttcccctc     42840
     tttcagatga ctctagattg tgtcaagttg aactaaagct atgtagaata ccttagaaaa     42900
     gtctatgtga gagtaagaga aaaaaattaa cagtaaagca cttaagcatt ttagtcaagt     42960
     ccttctgatt aacctgatta acctgacctt cccttcattc aagggattat gggtcttcaa     43020
     agtggctcaa atatggaaat ttgttcatgg accaaaattg gccttttcca tgatccaaag     43080
     taactattat ttgattgata atttttcttt ttctacaata caaacaaaaa tgcagtagcc     43140
     agcttaactt ttcttgcctg aaaacatcat agttgattag aaaggactaa agtccataca     43200
     agtcctttca tcataaaatg tacgttgtct gtaaaactta ttaggagaca ggacattctg     43260
     gacattgttt tctctatact gcccattatg ttaactatga taagcaagat tatattaact     43320
     gttgtgattc attactgctg tgtggtcact ctaatttcag gcccacatta agcccatcac     43380
     gtttaattta ttcaactgag cagcagcact ttttatacta aactctggca caatagatat     43440
     agtaataata ttgctcttca ggtatagtga tgcccttcca accattttga atcttatagg     43500
     attaacgaaa accatatctt ctgtatctct gcactcaggg agattaagtt ttatacagta     43560
     tacccaccat agcactacaa tgcctttgaa cctcaacaat ccattcatct ataattagat     43620
     aaggaatgcc aggtatatta gtcagggttc tgtagagtca cagaactaat gggtagtctc     43680
     tatatactaa aggaatttat tgatgactta cagtctgcag tccaactccc aacaatggtc     43740
     agtagcagct gtcattggaa gtccaaggat ctagctgttt ctcagtccca cagggcaagt     43800
     aagtgaagga gagatagaga gccttccttc ttccaatgtc cttatatggt atccagcagg     43860
     aggtgtagcc caaattaaag gtatgtgcca ccataccttt aatcccagat gactttgaat     43920
     ttagagatct ccctgtctta atcttctgga atccatagcc aatatgactc attagctcca     43980
     taccaagatc caggtcagaa acttctatct cccagcctcc agattagggt cactggcaag     44040
     ccttccaatt ctggattgta cttcattcca gatatagtca aactgacaac caggaatagc     44100
     cactacacca ggcatctata acttcttttt aatggatcat catctgacca atatttcagc     44160
     ctaatactca aacaaatgtt ggacaccggg catgggggaa aaaatggagt ggagaaaacc     44220
     cacatcccac cagagttgag gtgctctgag taggcagact tggaggactg cagtaagctt     44280
     tccacatggc cctgggtgag tatctggatg tgggaagcta cggaaccaaa ggcaatccta     44340
     ggtaactggt tctcagtctc aggcatccca gaaactgctg ttcaccgcag aatagctgag     44400
     agcaaatagg gtcccagggg tggcttggtc acccctgggg ccaaagagag gagagggcag     44460
     ggagagaggg gacgctggat ggttcacact tgagtgagag tccttggtcc agtcagtggc     44520
     tgggagtgca gggaggtctt ctagaaggag gttagaagca gctctttagg gaatagccta     44580
     tcccatcatt caagcacaga gggccttgat gaacaaagac tgtctatggt tttagggctt     44640
     tatcatagaa aggcagggag aaagagagaa ggtagaaaga gggagagagg ccagccaagg     44700
     ccacatggag aaggacggga aaggagagag aaaaggaagg ttagagatga gagtaagagg     44760
     agtgaaagtg taaaaagaga gaggaggggc caagcagcca cttttatcat ggactgggct     44820
     atcttgtagt tgcagggtag ctgtgggaag gtgaatacct ggctacagtc aggtaactgt     44880
     gggggtggag tctaggaaga atgccagaag cttggggctt tatctgtgtg actgatagtc     44940
     acacacctct cctgtggggg ctgtggggcg gtaacttcga caggagccag atgtccagga     45000
     gacatgacca aacaccttct gtcctagata ggtggaaatt accacccatt ggttccctgg     45060
     gattccagac ctatgctcta cttgagagca ggctgtctgt gcccagccca ctgccccaca     45120
     aagttttggc aacttttatt acctttttga gcttccatgt taaacatgta atttccaccc     45180
     agtgggccta cataattaaa tttagtatga tccagttata tgttcttccc ccactttccc     45240
     acacctggaa attcattccc aagcatattt cccaggcctt tgcctgaaaa acttagtaga     45300
     caccttaagc tcgttattag taatagtaaa acttttcccc tccagaatac tccttagcct     45360
     taaatctaag tttctgaagc aactattgta tttcctacct gacatctcct tcagagaaag     45420
     tcactgctgt tgtaacataa agtgaaggat taagttctcc tggaaaaagc agaaaagaca     45480
     atactctatg caagaagagt ttggttatgc cttttgttaa ggttagagat aattcatcct     45540
     aggttaaaat aaaccttagt gtacctaaca gttctgtgtt cacagggtca gtagtatcct     45600
     aacagacatt gttatgctaa agtaaaggat gctatttttt tttaagtaat gccattactt     45660
     tagctaatga tactctccaa ggccagaatt taaattttca tcagaattca gccagtctaa     45720
     taatgaagtc tttggtatga tttttctgta acacaagctc tgtaattcct ccaaaacaca     45780
     tttatgaact tatactgttt ttttttgtgc atctacagct gatcaatttt aaaatctgag     45840
     tttatagttg tacttcatta ctctatcata agatactaga atttatttaa ttatcaaagt     45900
     gctcattttt tatcttggta aatttatctt aaaattctaa aagcaaacaa ctctaagctt     45960
     atatgtttca aaacctactt tactaagtgt acttaaatgt tttaacctcc cttctagcat     46020
     aaatgctcat ctcattagat gctgagaaag catttgacaa aatacaacac ccattcatgt     46080
     taaaagtctt ggaatgatca agaattcaca gcctagcctg gcactggtgg agcacacctt     46140
     taattccagc acttgggagg ccgtggcagg taaatttttg agttcgaggc cagcctggtc     46200
     tacagagtgt gtttcaggac agccagagct atacagagaa accctgtctc aaaaaaaaaa     46260
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaagaaaga aaagaaaaaa gaaagaaaga atgcacagcc tatacctaaa     46320
     cataataaaa tcaatataca gcacacaagt agccaatatc aaactaaatg gagagaaact     46380
     tgaagcaatt ccagtaacat cagggactag acaagactgc ccattctcta cctacctatt     46440
     caaattgtac ttgaagtcct agcaagagca attagacaac aaaaggagat caaagggaaa     46500
     caaattggaa aggaagaagt caaaatatca ccatttgcag atgatatgaa tacacacagg     46560
     cgcgcgcaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca catatatata tatatatata     46620
     tatatatata tatatatata tatccaaaat tccaccagag aactcctaat cctgataaac     46680
     aagttcagtg aagtagctgg atataaaatt aactcaatta atctgccttt ctctacacaa     46740
     aggataaaca ggctgagaaa gaaattaggg aaacaacacc cttcacaata gtcacaaata     46800
     atataaaata ccttgaagtg gctctaacta agcaagtgaa aaatctgtat gataaaaact     46860
     tcaagtcttt gaagaaagaa atcaaagatt tcagaagatg aaaagatctc tcatgctcat     46920
     ggtttggcag gattattata gtcaaaatgg ctatcttgcc aaaagcactc tacaggttca     46980
     atgcaatccc catcaaaatt acaactcaat tcttcacaga gttagaaagg gcaatttgaa     47040
     aattcatctg gaataacaaa aaagctaaca tagcaagaac tattctcaac aataaaggaa     47100
     cctctggtgg aatcaccatg cctgacctca agctttacta cagagcaatt gtgattaaaa     47160
     acaaaaaaac aaaaacaaaa atcaaaaaca acaacaacaa caacaacaaa aaactgtttg     47220
     gtactggtat agcgatagac aggtagatca atggagtaga attgaagacc cagaaatgaa     47280
     cccacacagc tatggtcact taatctttga caaagaagct aaaaccatcc agtggaaaaa     47340
     ggacaacatt ttcaacaaat ggtgctggct cacctggcat ttatcatgta gaagaaagca     47400
     aaatgatcta ttcttatctc cctgtacaaa gctcaagtct aagtggatcc aggaactcca     47460
     cataaaacta gagacactga aacttataga ggagaaagtg gggaagagtc ttgaagatat     47520
     gggtgcaggg gaagaattac tgaacagaac accattagct aaatgggacc tcataaaatg     47580
     gcaaagcttc tgtaaggcaa aagacactgt caatcagaca aaaaggaaag cagaagatta     47640
     agaaaatatc tttagcaatc ctaaatctaa tatggggcga atatccaata tatataaaga     47700
     actcagtaag ttggaattga gaaaaccaaa taaccctatt aaaaatgggg tacagattga     47760
     aacaaagagt tctcaactga ggagtactgc atggctgaga agcacctaaa aaaatgttca     47820
     acatccttaa tcatcaggga aacgcaaatc aaaacaaccc tgagattcca cctcacacaa     47880
     gtcagaatgg ttaagattaa aaactcaggt gacagcagat gctggcaagg atgtggtgaa     47940
     agaggaacac tcctccattg ctagtgggat tgcaagctgg tacaaccact gtggaaatca     48000
     gtctcgcagc tcctcagaaa actggacata gcactaccgg aggatccatc aataccactc     48060
     ctgggcatat acccagaaga tgttccaact tgttataagg acacatgctc cactatgttc     48120
     atagcagcct tatgtataat agccaaaagc tagaaagaac caagatgtct ttcagcaaag     48180
     gaatgtatac agaaaatgtg ctatatttac acaatggagt actatgcagg tgttaaaaac     48240
     aatgaattta tgaaattctt aggcaaatgg atggccctgg aggatatcat cctgagtgag     48300
     ctaacccaat cacaaaagag aacacatgat atgcactcac tgataagtgt ttattagccc     48360
     agaaactcag aatacccaaa atacaatttg caaaacacag aaaacttaag aagaaagaag     48420
     accaaattgt ggatacttcg atccttctta gaagggggaa caaaatgcac aagaaaggat     48480
     ttacagagac aaagtcagag cagagactga aggaatgttc atctagagac ttccccacct     48540
     ggggaacctt ttccataaat aaccaccaaa tccagacact attggagata ccaacaagat     48600
     tttgctcaca ggagcttgat ttaatggtct cctgagaagc tttgccagtg cctggaaaat     48660
     aaagaagtgg atgctcacag tcatccattg gatggagcac agggtcctga atgaaggagc     48720
     cagagaaagt acccatggag ctgaaggggt ttacagccct ataggaggac cagcaatatg     48780
     aactaagaat tacccctaga gctccctggg actaaaccaa caatcaaaga aaacacatgg     48840
     aaggacttgt gtctctagct gcatatgtag cagaggatag cctattcacc caatcaatgg     48900
     gaggtggaaa ggacttgtgt ctctagctgc atatgtagca gaggatggcc tgttcaccca     48960
     tcaatagaag gcagaaccct tggtcttgtg aacattctat ggcccagtaa aggaaaatgc     49020
     cagggccagg aagcagaagt ggtgggttgg ggagcagggg gaggggcaag gagatagcat     49080
     atttttggtg tggaaactat gaaaggggat aacatttgaa aagtaaataa agaaaatatc     49140
     taattaaaaa aaatttgtaa aaaacaagct ttaaaaaaat acttgtaaca ttttctatct     49200
     ataaatatga attcacagaa aaacaaataa aactaatagt gcatacatta taaaagtaat     49260
     aatatagatg gctgatacag tagcttgctg atgcaataat tattttgttt atgaaaatta     49320
     tattcaatgg ttactgaaag ttaggcagta attcagaatc catgttggaa cttgctttac     49380
     agaaagcaaa ttgggaaact accaaccagc tatatttctc agtatttttt attattggga     49440
     tatcttttat accatttcgg tactaaaatt ggcttttgtt atttctatat tgttttatat     49500
     tattttctac tgatatgtat gatcttaaca tcatatacac atttttctcc aatggtattt     49560
     ttttattaat aaccattttg ctaacttcat gatatactac agagactttg ttttcatgca     49620
     gccattgttt tatattttgc cacatagatt aaattgttta ctttcttata aaatatcatt     49680
     caatataaga aagattaata aaaataaata aattctttat aatccaaaca atattactga     49740
     atctcatatg ttcaacaatg aaaataacac acaagggaat ctctgaaagt tgaactttaa     49800
     taagttcaag attaatgagt taattaaatt aatgttaact aagctgttaa ttaaagattt     49860
     catgaaattt atatgaccat gaaatacaag acttatgagt atggcaggat attgggagaa     49920
     attgtacact tagggcaatc acatattgaa aatcaaaaat gatagttttg ttgtagttat     49980
     aattacctat tctttttctc agtgtctttt cagactctat atcaggagaa ttcataaaat     50040
     aatttagtga taacccacat aatccagagc aaattaatct tttgcaaaga atgtttatat     50100
     tattcacaaa catttaccat tcatcatata aattaagatc cataactgag caaatacctt     50160
     actattgaaa atgccactca agtcatggta tagattttat ttgcttgatt caattctagt     50220
     attattgtcc tctaatatag aagaacgctc tagaatacag gccttggtta tatgatatat     50280
     gcctcaactg catggaggtg cttagaacct ctaaacttag aaagatcctc ctgaatgtaa     50340
     aaatgagtaa acctctgatc aatgcccgcc tatgaaactg aagtcataag aatgaaagat     50400
     aatgttattt tagaaatata cattgggttc cttaattgga tcccagcttt accttcctga     50460
     ctgagttgaa gtattttcct atcaactcaa gccactgaga gtatctcaaa atgccatttc     50520
     aagaaacctc aaattatgta aagttgagca gttacagggc ttcaaaaccg aatgattttc     50580
     tgttgactcc caaataaatt tagtctaaaa gcttagttct catgtatggc ttccatgagg     50640
     tacactttca gtgatcataa tcagataaat agaaaaatgc accccattaa atctacatcc     50700
     taccctcaat aaaatttttc ttgtcttttt tgatacagat ttctctctgt aagccttacc     50760
     ttgactgtcc tggacctcac tctgaagatg aggttagctt caagttcaaa gatacacttg     50820
     cttagtatat tggcgaatat ctataatccc aacactcagg agccaaaggc aagtgtatta     50880
     ttttcaatat ttagaaccat atcactaaaa gaattaggta gactattcaa aatatattaa     50940
     aatctcagta ataaacttta aaatagcatt aagcaagtat cactgcagaa tatctcaaaa     51000
     tctattgtat aaatgaagag aaggacacta aaaaatgaag ttagaaagaa aatttcaaac     51060
     aatgtatagc acagaaagag agggttttga tggttgggaa gcaggaagga atatacagag     51120
     taggctgcaa gggatatatg caagaaaaac aaatggaaag aaataaaaga ataacaggca     51180
     gctaaataat aatgataaaa taagataaaa ctaaaattat atagaaaaaa aaacaaatag     51240
     aataaaatga gccataggaa aactacaaca catatcaaga cagagacata catgttaacc     51300
     cacaaagaaa acaaataaaa acacaaaact gtaagcaata atatatgtac aaagtaccag     51360
     tgaagtttaa aaaagtagcc ctgataaaac attatggaaa ctaaaacttt catagacacc     51420
     attaaacatt taatttgttt tttgaaagcc atctacttct gggcacaaag ctcttaaatg     51480
     ctgagtcaac tctacttaca aaattaccaa gttagataat gtcaattcta gcagatttat     51540
     tcagattcct accatcattt agtatgtaag tatgatatca tgcattaact ttcatttata     51600
     attattttat atttggaatt caggatgtta gcattgtatt tattgcatat aatatgatct     51660
     gtattttaat tacttcacag tttcatatat ttatatactg agtttaatca ttctagcccc     51720
     tctattttta actcttattc tccctctgca attcttctac tcaagaagtt ctctttctgc     51780
     tatcatgcct tctccttcag tgacttaaag gttttaaatt atttttctca tgtgtgggtt     51840
     aaaactactt agtagagcaa gaaaatttta tatcagtgaa aaaaataaca ttctcttttc     51900
     taccatcatt aacagcctat agtctctctg tgacgaagta agaggcttca tggccccttc     51960
     agagccctta ctcacacccc ttaagaaaca aaaatacatt acacaaaatc tgtggcaaga     52020
     taataaaaca cgggttttca caaatacttt aacttagttt tttaaatgaa aatcatgaag     52080
     aataaaaaaa tatacagaaa cattaaatgg gtttataaaa ccagataatt taattcaaag     52140
     tgtcctaaag ttaaataaaa tatgcaaaac tagcaattga catgtgtcag aaaaaactca     52200
     gtaaacattt aattgaataa agaatgagat tttctataaa ttcatgtaaa tgtttaagaa     52260
     aattattact ttccagttaa caagtgctca ttcacatagc aggtcagttg ctgaagttgg     52320
     caggtgtgat ttttctttcc tttgggaata taaacaaact caggagctga atacaaccta     52380
     aagccttgac tttagactta gatcatatga aaatttccaa aagcctacat gaaataatat     52440
     aattaaagtt acagtctcct tagtgtatag aaactcaata atttccgaac catcaaaagt     52500
     cagatgtcag ttaaatgaat ccagaaatat agaccagaat cataaacctt ccttatgagg     52560
     agttaattca aagcctgatt tagttgatct tagaaaaaac aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac     52620
     aaacaaacac aacagcaatg gaattagcta caggtatctc cgcaagagat gttgataaaa     52680
     gtgagagaac agacctgaaa ctaactacaa cagagatgac acatttttgt attgtttatg     52740
     tttgtgataa aaaaaaattg atatattgat accaacacaa tattaacaag aaatagtgaa     52800
     agttcatgag acttcaattc tagacaaata actacaagta actaagaaat gctaagatca     52860
     agataagtag tctttctcac gtaaattcac accaattggt tatccagtac caaatggtta     52920
     tccctaaaaa tatgaacatt cagacaaaga acattttaga gtttgtaggt tgtacttttt     52980
     atttaggggt gtatatatat ttgcgtgtgt gtgtgtatac acataaaaaa gtcatatcaa     53040
     ttgagttatt atattacaat tatcaatgaa cattaaattt ttaaaataag atgggagaaa     53100
     agacctgact agtgattggt gaaggtacta tgtcacagat ctgacataat gtagatgaga     53160
     tgtagaggtg aaaatgatat aaatacagta ctcatgaata aaaatccaaa aaagaaaatt     53220
     aaacactttt aacaaaagat ttatattctc tcttttagaa gcattttggg tggttttgcg     53280
     agattgtgga tatggaatct gtttactaga aacaagctta tttcctcatc gctgagaaca     53340
     taatatttac ataggttcct gacctacatt tggctgatct ctgtacacac cttcgtcatt     53400
     ttttcactca ttttgtctga atttttcttc gatactaatt atttttaatt tatttaatta     53460
     ataaaaaata aggtctgaag atattactga gcattaagta ttcatgctgc tttggtagaa     53520
     ggccttgcat ataattccca gcatctgaag tgataactaa gtcctttcat atgttatttt     53580
     atgtgttcaa ataaaaatgt agggtaacac tatctagaga tatctatata aatgagaaac     53640
     atctgtttga gaacttttaa catggtggtt tttaggcaaa attaccaaat acatgcaata     53700
     atattagttt tgtcagtcac atttttcaag gttataatgt cttctttgtc tatataatat     53760
     tttataggaa acattttatt acatacaggg ccctactata caatgcatga aaagttttct     53820
     ctgcaagaat cattttgaaa gtaacatact caaatatctc agaaatttgc gaagacagta     53880
     tccagaggat ttaaatgcac tataagaact aagattcaaa tattaggtag gtgttttcta     53940
     gatactccac agaatattga ttcacttgtc aaagaaccta gaaatcactc tccacactct     54000
     ggcacgtttc taggtgatag tgccccattt gttgttattt tctggatgga agacaaacca     54060
     ataatacact tttctcggag tactgaacca aagtaaatct atgtctctgc tgtctttgta     54120
     tatcccctgc ctttaaagca gtggttttca ttttccaatt tttctaatgt gagggattct     54180
     ttttcttaca agtcataaag agagcttcca tattgtgctt caagaaccat attttcaaat     54240
     aactcctatc atccaattat gacagtatca cagagaactt gatgatgatt tcttataggt     54300
     ttcatttcta agttctgcat gtcaaagagg tacaatttac aattaccagg tataatattt     54360
     atttgaggaa cactatccat taatttcctc agagtaggat taaatttaca atatttttga     54420
     gtttattaat tatttcctag gtaattgaca caaataattg caatataagg aaactgatag     54480
     ggatccaaac tgtatgtaat ttagtcacaa taccatgcat ttatttttgt cttatttaat     54540
     aaactcatat ttgataacct tatagtgatt tcttagttag gcagccacat gtaaaagtgt     54600
     ggctcaattc tctaacccat tctgtaacat atagtacatt caacaaagtg ggtgctcaaa     54660
     tttatttata gaaatcctta cagagggaaa tgtcaatatg tctcagacag ttaatgtact     54720
     ttgcaacatg cctaaggaga tggattctgt ttctggaacc tgcatagggg aaaaagagaa     54780
     ttaattccct taagtcatat ctgacctcat catgtgccct atagaatgtg tgcacatcct     54840
     cacaataaat aaatacaata acaataaaat atatttaaaa gaaaatatta tgacccagag     54900
     agatgattga ctggttaaga gtactgactg ctcttccaga ggtcacaacc atctgtaacg     54960
     agatcagatg tcctcttcat gtcagtctga aggcagctac actgtactca tataagtaaa     55020
     tgaatacata aataaaaatt gcatatagca ggttgtaaag ggagtggtgt gtgtgtgtgt     55080
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatgt ttctagtttg tttaacatag atataacaac     55140
     tcaaaaaagc agcatctctg ctcaaaagaa aataagtgac taatatttac ttttatgatt     55200
     atggaagaaa agaacctagc cttaaatttt attagtatga ttagatatag ctttcaactg     55260
     atcaaaattg cctactattt gtaaatactt aatagaaatt actcttaaga aaaactgaag     55320
     tagtaatctt acttttgtcc cctgaagaat gtcagtaaac cattgggttt cttacatgta     55380
     ttttatattt ttaaatgatt tatttttatt aacagcattt aaggaactaa acattagtac     55440
     agcattttca aatggtgcat tgaaaatatt cttttttgtc ttcatttgtt catcccctct     55500
     gatacttcca attgttttcc ttgttaacac gctattgtgt ctgttttctc tccccatttt     55560
     tacttatcac atattttgat attttcctga ctggcataaa tgtagtttta agtgcccaac     55620
     cattttttga agtgaagtgg tttttaaata taatcatatt ttaaaatatg aaactcagga     55680
     tgtaaacaca cttcacatat cttggagtgc agaaaactca aagattctca aagggtcagc     55740
     tccagcttca caggaataaa aaattaatgg gataggacac ttgagtagac ctggtgcaaa     55800
     tggtttctac taactttcta actatctaca aggtctacag gaaactagaa gaatgcagct     55860
     attgtcagtt gttactcagt ttgttgtgtg tttctcaggg atgcagcaaa ttttgagcaa     55920
     tctctgctct tctaaataat gcctcaccca ttctcttgtc aggacacaaa acagatgttc     55980
     ccaaaaacct tcagttacaa aatttgggaa ccttaagcat atgtgcacat gtataggcac     56040
     atccaaatac atttgtatat attacattca ttatatctac cccacaaatt aagtaatgca     56100
     tcatatacta ctgaagaaca atgcagaaac taatttaata ttcacttcat agaaaagtaa     56160
     acaggatagt ttaaaatgtc aaaagatact taactaaaat atcccacaga tagaatttac     56220
     attcaagtgg tccaaatcat agttctcatg ttccaccatc tgatgtatgg tttcatgacc     56280
     aaaaactcat tggtgttgca ttttggattt cttaatatta atacttcagc acatcaggtg     56340
     atgcatcaaa gggaagttgt tattctagag atgagtttct tgaaagcgtt gaccatgtct     56400
     ttattcctca agctgtatat aaagggattc atcgtgggag tgactactgt gtacattaca     56460
     gaggctattg cactcattct ggagctatga gtgccagcag aacttaaata aacaccaaaa     56520
     cctgtcccat agaacaagat aaccactact aaatgtgata cacatgtgga gaatactttg     56580
     tattttcctg cagctgatgg aattttcaaa acagatgaga taattttggt ataagagtaa     56640
     attataccag acagtggaag aataccaaac aggcttgtca ccaaatacac cagaatatta     56700
     ttgataagaa tattggaaca tgcaagcttg agaatatgag ccagttcaca aaaaaagtga     56760
     ggaatttcca actttgtgca gaatgacaga cgcagtgcca tcaaagtgtg gagcagtgca     56820
     tctaggatac ttagcaagaa ggacaacaaa accatcaccc cacagagttt gggattcatg     56880
     atgactgtgt acctcagtgg atgacagata gccacaaacc tgtcataggc catcattacc     56940
     agaatttcat tttccaatcc tgcaaaagct agaacaaagc agatttgagt gaggcagcct     57000
     gtataactga ttgagttgac ctgagcctgt atgttcacca gcatttttgg gatggtggtg     57060
     gtggtgaaac atatgtcaat gaaagagagg ttggaaatga agaaatacct tggggtatgg     57120
     agattcgaat caaaaattgt ggccagtatt atgagaaggt ttccaaacag tgtgatcaga     57180
     tatatggtca ggaagactcc aaataagaca ggctgtagtt cttggttatc tgatagtccc     57240
     atgagatgga attctgtaga ttctgaaacg tttcctctct tcatgatgtt gatgatgcta     57300
     agaaagtaca ttaggggaat agtgtgaaca gagctttctt tatttctatg ctatagtgaa     57360
     tatttctttt tttttttcat ggtacttttt ctaccacctc ctttcattac tttctatttt     57420
     cttcaatatt tattaatttt tcattgtttt ttctatgttt ttaattttca aattggtaca     57480
     gaataattct acttatgttt gggtaagagt attgtgtatg ttacatattt atatatttat     57540
     ttattaattg ttatatggta gcaatatttg tactgattaa agttaataat gagaaattag     57600
     cttaaacaat acataataca tttactgttc tgctcgataa atattaaaat ggaactacta     57660
     ttaaatatat agattaattt tcatttttaa gagattatcc cttgctatag accttggctg     57720
     gcctagaagt catttaaaga catacagaga tcaactagga tttccctctg tagtgctgag     57780
     attaaaggtg tgtatcacca tactctgttc taatggattt tttttagata ctgtcttgct     57840
     ttgtagtcaa cctctgtgta tcctatgact acatttaggt ctggaatgat atatttctag     57900
     ctgaacttaa agtcttgttg cttctgtttt tctcttttta ggacactagg tttgagatta     57960
     tatgccatct cagatagcct ggaaactcat tctgacacat attaactatg gttatttgga     58020
     gatagaaaat gtttcaatac aatgaatcat aatatagagg tcaaatcatt gtgttgatca     58080
     aaagagaaaa ctcggatatt aaaatatctg ccaccttata cataccattc ttttgttaaa     58140
     aagcctttaa aatgctctat tttttacgtg ttagaaactg cacaacttca ttttttatac     58200
     agaatctcag tatataattt tggccaagat cctacttatt gtatattcta tggtaaaatc     58260
     aattctgcat caatcaccca cttgggggat tttcagacac acatgcactc tcataaatga     58320
     atctttgtaa atgtgtttgc caatttccct ttctacgtga acaatttcaa gcatgaatac     58380
     ttatgtacat caaaactgaa aggatacacg gtcatatctt tcattgtggt ttcaagcaaa     58440
     tgatattaga cacgtgggat tgaagaggga ggtcagtagt tagcaggact tgcttttatt     58500
     cctgagcatt tgagttttgt tcccttaatc catttttgta gatccagctc caaggtattt     58560
     taaaggttgt gtgacattta agaccatttt aagagttata gcaattttag agggcgtaat     58620
     acaatctttg gatcaaatgc cacatgtctc cttttttcag aagtaaggat ttcagtgcaa     58680
     catggtcatt tttagtgtat tttctaagac cacacttaag ctaaaactgt agtatagttc     58740
     caaagatgac acaacccaaa acatataaac tacttactct ctttctactt actgaatttc     58800
     attgatctgc tgttaagaaa ttgatcagat ggaagctcaa agttcaagca aatatccttg     58860
     aataaataca agctatctgt tttaattgtt tcttgatcac agagtaaaaa ttagcattat     58920
     gagaataatt agtacagaat tattcaaagt atttagaatt tcttataatt aatatatgac     58980
     caaaagtaaa taatgatgaa agattaatgt gttctgtaaa cattttttgt ttattttttt     59040
     gagacaagat ttttctgagt atccctagct gtcctggaac tcactctgta gactaggctg     59100
     gcctcaaaat cagaaatctg tctgcatctg cctcccgagt gatgggatta aataaggcat     59160
     gtgccaccac tgtcaagctg tatcctataa tttttatagg tgcagctatt tcactggatc     59220
     atttacatcc taccattcta caattttgag gaaataaaga agaaatctcc ttttatttac     59280
     atataaatta tttattaata aattataatt ttaataaata tatatctttc aattgactca     59340
     ttttactcct tttctcatga ataagaatgt actgttttat ctgttttgat tcatggattt     59400
     tagtattatt acacatgata atgagaaatt agtaagattg aacactgtat ataaaaaatt     59460
     aattcactta ctttgtgtat tcattgagaa ttccagtgtg gctatgttca aatgtggttc     59520
     taagattatc ccagatctaa gtacagaata tctttataac taagaaattt attttacaca     59580
     aaaaagattt ggtataaaac aaattagctc cagtttgaaa ctgtgattag gtacccatcc     59640
     tagctgctat agtgagaatt cataaacaaa tataaaaata tcaacaaccc atatggagat     59700
     aaaagaaaca gagtaattaa gaaaattatg gatatacatc taattgtgta tctgatggat     59760
     ttgtcaatca gtggctttgt caataaattg ctgcaagatg ggattccatg tgatagccca     59820
     caagttttcc ttgagtagaa atctcacaag ccatgagata gagtatgaca ttctattgaa     59880
     tagaaattac attgtcagta gtcaactcat tgataaataa tttggagata tatcccattt     59940
     tgtaagctat tcatagtttt gtgggaaaag agggaaaatg tattaaaaaa aaacctcttg     60000
     aacatgaata ttgaaagaga tgtttagtga agtttaggga gtagttagaa ggtggaatgt     60060
     gagtggatgt actaaagata acttttatgc atgtatggat tcaccaataa ttgaaaacat     60120
     aattttaaaa aatgaagttt tttatttaat aaaattatgg catactaaca ttttttacaa     60180
     taataagttc tttttcataa actgggtaag ggctttctat aaggatgtct caataccata     60240
     ttacaatagc ctagaaatat ttcatgtcat gtttgagtag cattttgaat cctttagctt     60300
     tgtatttgta aactgagcat ctgaccagat gcaaaatttt ccaagagaaa gataacagaa     60360
     actcatcacc agtttcaaca taagattttg aattggtcac taatggacca gtctgggctg     60420
     gtgacatggc tcagaggtta agaacaatga ctgttattct aaaagtcctg atttcaaatc     60480
     ccagtaacta catggtggct caaagccatc tgtcatgaga tctgacaccc tcttgtggtg     60540
     tgtttgaaga cagctacagg gtactttgta cttacatatg acaataatta aatttttgga     60600
     tccagagccg gagtcaacag aggtcctgaa ttcaattccc agcaaccaca tgatggctca     60660
     caaccatctg tacagctaca gtgtacacat atacataaaa taaatacata aatcttttta     60720
     aacaaaacag gccagtaatg aatcccacac tgtcataaat gtgtgatgta agaatgttgc     60780
     tggacctctg aaaatattca attgaacagt tatatgcttt tcaacttccg tgtatgcaat     60840
     aatttttgtt aaaagtttca agtatgttgc ataaaagaga aagaaataga tgaaactcag     60900
     tagggagaga aaggagattc tctatgaatt ttctatagac ttccttgtaa ctatgaccaa     60960
     gtcttgatat ttacagatag aaaacaaatg aactggcaat atcaaagagg aatgaaaggg     61020
     aggaggtgcc tcagaattac tgtctcacag ctgaggaaag cagagctatt cttaggtccc     61080
     actttaattc tgtatgtaat gcagtgtgat acagaaggaa aaaacacttg ataaacacca     61140
     atgtgagaaa aggtttaaaa ttatgctaca tcaagctaag gataaaatat gattttatat     61200
     cattggatta aatactattt tatttttgtt aacattcata ctatttacta acaataaatt     61260
     aatatatcta aattaaatca acataatata taatattaag cttacctaag ttcaaaaaaa     61320
     aacataagtc atacaattat agcaatttca ttgtagaaaa aaatctacac acaaataaac     61380
     acatacacac gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgttttact gtattatttc     61440
     atggaaattg aaattctaca tttttctgat tttgaaatac tcagtaaaat ttcatcagat     61500
     tttgttgaaa caccatatat tttacaccat tatttgtata tacagtattt atattagaat     61560
     actatacaaa catagctgtg gctaaaaatt aataactgtt cctttaaaac atttatttat     61620
     ttatttattt atttatttat atttggaata aatatatttt atgtgcaaca ctttggtgtc     61680
     tggtgcctat agagggcatc agataactag gaagtaatga ttagagtgct atgagctgtg     61740
     ctctgggtgt tggtcattga atctgggtcc tttggaagtt cagcaaatac ttcaccatta     61800
     atccatctct tcagcccaaa caactttttt tttttaataa tactgttttc aagtaccact     61860
     gaaagtaaag tgggtagcaa ggaaaggctt caaatcattg gctggcatgt tcaagctcaa     61920
     gagcacgcac tgtattatat ttctagcaca ctgccaggag ccatcaaaga gatgctaaaa     61980
     tctaacaggt gatcttcctg agatggttcc accatggact attaaagtta atgacagaat     62040
     tgctttagga aaggatgagg agaatttcat tttaggaaag attcctgcta ttagtatgtt     62100
     tttcccatta ttattcagta tatatataac aaccactagg tattagccca atcttttgag     62160
     gagatttctg cagaacagtg aagctgtact gtcttgtagt gatgctatat agacaaataa     62220
     atgacttcat aagtattagt aatgatccta taagatttct aaaattatat tagtaattat     62280
     aaagtctttt ataatagagc tactattaag tcctttctga tatcaaaact gtaaagaaaa     62340
     cacagccaat ttccaagcat catgagttaa ttgcttctga gataacaagc agttatctac     62400
     aacttagacc acattccaag aggttgtaaa acaaacacag ttcataaatt taatttatga     62460
     tttgaattta tgtggatatg tgtggtgaac tttttaccat gtgatcatgt attctgaaat     62520
     atatgtaagt tcgaaagaca aagcaagaga acattttaag aaagtcttaa gaacgtagaa     62580
     ataaagtcta aaatagcttt tcaaagtgtc cccttttttt gtcctggaat atcagctaac     62640
     aggctttaag ttagagtagt acctggggag atggagcaaa ggctacttta tttaatccct     62700
     gtcagtaggc tatggatgct aattgcctaa gccagttgca tttaaccctc agaatgagca     62760
     agatgttttt aagaggtttt agaagttatt aacaagcatt cactatacat agaaaggtag     62820
     aacatctaga aaccatcagt ctttaaagct accttgcacc tgtgtcctac tctatgtctt     62880
     gcttcaaccc attcctggct ggcagcatac ttttattttt gctttttgct tttttgtttt     62940
     tgagattcta gtacaattac aattgcttcc cttggcagtc attctggtga gactttatga     63000
     gtatagcaaa gtatttttta tgaagaaatg agaaaatgaa tttttttcaa ttctgacata     63060
     ttctttaaat ttcagagttt acctttttcc ctcaatgata attagggcaa tgaatttagc     63120
     atggatcatt aaccatgagg attttgacaa tctacacaaa tatcattttt atgaaaaatt     63180
     ataaattaca tagtcatgtt tgttacttag ataatacaaa ttgtttgatt aagaagttaa     63240
     tttttgggct taatactact gtcttctatt tctgacaatg atttaactgt ctgtgtactc     63300
     atactgtaaa tgtctattcc actgtccatc tccaacaact acaattttat ttttactaca     63360
     ggcacattac cagaattaag ttaagattta tgaatttcta tggaggtttc tgagagggtg     63420
     agtgtgaaat taaagtaata gttagaaatt tatatataac acataattaa aaacaaaaat     63480
     attcttaata ttaagaatgt agatgaactg gacttattct gatagtgtga ttgtgttgct     63540
     ctaacaatca ttctggtttt ttagttcatt tgaaatattt cataatattt tgtagagcta     63600
     taaaggcata gagtctagaa aagtagcctg gtgtatctgc acaaatattt ttcaatggtc     63660
     cttgaaatca ttcacctacc ttacagttgc acagtgtgaa cactattgta gtaaaccaat     63720
     tttcttcaac actgcaaata ttttaaggaa tagacaatac taaccacata gaggtctcaa     63780
     atgtgtgata tggtgtaatt acaaattata tgaataaaat attaaatgag atatggataa     63840
     atccagtcgt cccattgaac ctcatgaatg catacattaa tacacatgag tatcattttg     63900
     taaaggagtg gagtggcatg cattaatgtt atgcatagca tatctgtatt ctaagcactt     63960
     cagagagtga gagagataaa acaggagatt aaatagatca acctgaacta cattaataga     64020
     ttttgtcagt caaatctaaa atgaaacaaa aaataagggt gaaacttaat ctcttttaag     64080
     agttcaaata cggagccaaa gatagttaaa tttagaaaac ctaattcatc taaactcaag     64140
     ctcaccagat atcaaaagaa tagagggagt gagacactat tcaaatacat tctgaagaag     64200
     ataattctta ttaacaagag ggaagtttgt aatttgaaag acagaaaaat atgaggatat     64260
     atcaagaaat ggacaaatta cattaaaata ataatgttaa attaattcag aaacattatc     64320
     aactaatcac aataaaatta tcttaaccaa tgttgaattc attttctact tgtcaaggaa     64380
     aaaaatgagg tgagttgaga aaagaggaga agacaggcaa caagaagtta gataagaaga     64440
     gggaaggcag gacaggagaa aaagagaaaa gtcaggagag gacaatagga gagaaaataa     64500
     aactaccaaa aatgagaagg agtgaaagga acagacggag agggtaggag cagggagaag     64560
     atgtgagagg acatgagaga gaagcaaaac atgatttaaa agggagaatt gtagcagaag     64620
     gaaataaata aaacagaaac ccccatgtct catgtatata ctgtagaaaa cttccgatta     64680
     ccttgaatat aaaaatgaag agttgtctac ttttatactg gatattgctg aataaaggtt     64740
     gaaaatgtaa tcccaggaaa gatagactga ctagagagaa aacaagtttc ttaaccagga     64800
     attgcatgtc tgggtataaa atcaaatgtg cttctcctgt actgtacatt gttatgttat     64860
     aaagcagaca catgtccact atttgcagta ttcgtggccc ttagggttca attacctaac     64920
     tccttattat ccatatttga atttgtttta tcttcccaag gcaactcaag tccttaagga     64980
     ataaaaatca cagaaataga aaaatctgta tgaataaatc cttgatgctg agaggtccgt     65040
     tgggtatcac actcctacaa tggcacttct tcttcctacc agagatctga ttattatatc     65100
     ataggagctg ataccacaat aagcagaagg attcactgaa aaaaaaaaaa aaatctcatc     65160
     tctccccaag tctgaaatta ctacttaagc ataaaaaaca aaagaaaaaa aaaaagaaag     65220
     aaaagagtca tgtaagacca cagagagaca taatctcaaa aacacagttc tggagatgaa     65280
     gtccctgcat caatcatgct gagaaacaat tcccttacct taaatcccct tcttgtgaga     65340
     ggaaggagat atcacacaaa gaaagtggca tagaaagaaa tcagttcagt atgcagtttc     65400
     acagaagtga atactgtctt gaagactaga gataagatag aacacataca aaaggtcaat     65460
     gaaccatcaa cctaacaaaa tcctgcatat ctttttgcag aaaatatccg agtgtgtcaa     65520
     tgtggatttt cccttaattt accttctacg tgaagcctca aaccaacctc aagggtccca     65580
     gtctgaactt atctaaccag catttttcat gattgatcaa gacataactt ttctacttct     65640
     aaacacaaaa gtccactcca attccacatc cattgtcttt acctgagaag atatgctctc     65700
     acaattcaga tctggataag gatacacatc atgtaaacct cctaagtccc ttctgtctat     65760
     ctgacttttt ctaccgaagc catttataat ctcaaggccc aaaaccccac acacattctt     65820
     ttcctgatca aacctactat gtaaatatta ggtattgaac taataaaagt tgtccacctc     65880
     acacattatt tttcaaaatt acaaacgaaa tgaaagattg catacataca ttcattccca     65940
     aacatactac tcctatagca atgtttgcta ctgaaaaata ggtgtatgaa tttgagagca     66000
     cagaatgtaa aagaacaatc attaacttta tcaaagaatt caaataattc aaagaagaaa     66060
     caaagaaaca actgaaaaat aggaaaatta acctactagt aaatgtgtgg tgatgccaga     66120
     atttggtaga ccacactact agcattatag tctacaacat acatacagct ttcctgagat     66180
     cagcacaaaa tgaaagactc ccttttcaaa gcaaaatttt ctcttctctg cctcacatgg     66240
     tgagcccagt ccctacatct tctacatgaa gaatatcata tggtcctaca tcttctacat     66300
     gaggaatatc atatggtcct tttcaaaatt acaggttcaa ctacctagaa actctctaca     66360
     tacaaataag gtatccccag agtataacac ctcagccaat gaaacgtcaa cctaagatga     66420
     acccactctc aaacgataat atagcacttg ttcacccaat ttcactgcat gttgtctaag     66480
     agaaatgttt cactgaatat catctaaaag aaatgtaaca ctggaatcct cagagaagac     66540
     ctcctacctg catccactgc tgaaccagga tcctgcaggc ccacccatgc tgggcttcat     66600
     ttcatccttt tctgcctggt ttgcagcaat gcttgaacac tccaagggaa gatgcagaac     66660
     ttagcacctg acttttctcc atgcttctgt gtccattgtg tagcagtgcc taggcatcat     66720
     gagagaggaa acagaatgga gaaccacaag acttgagaac agaatttaat aagctttaaa     66780
     tgatgatagt attgaaggat ccattcacat aactgcgaac ctcagagaaa gccttagaag     66840
     tagaatggat caagaaagca gaaggtataa taccagtact gggaaatttg caaaataata     66900
     gaatatagaa cacataaata ttgaacaaaa atatgtttaa aacacacaaa aataattaaa     66960
     gaaaatgtgg gaaccatgaa gtgacaatac atttggatta tattgaatta tacatgaggg     67020
     aaaaaaggcc caagcaagca tagacaatgt ctttaactag atcatagaag aacatctcgt     67080
     taaactaaga aaaaatatac ccattaagat acatgagaaa tacaaaacac taaatataaa     67140
     acaccatata aagttcccca agtcgtatcc tacttattat agtaagtaat aaaaaaaagt     67200
     aaattgaaat ctccaataca aaaaaattgc aagcccaatg taacaaaaat cccattagaa     67260
     taacagttaa tttttcaatt gaaaatttga cagttagggg aactttcagt aatgaatttc     67320
     acacttaaag ggctacaata cattgggcag tgtaaaaatt cttgttttag cagaaccata     67380
     aatgtcataa gtgtgtatag acatgaagag tttatttgat gtagctgata catgtttaat     67440
     ctcatgacat tcttatgttt ctagcttact tgcaaatgtg acatatgaga agttggggat     67500
     ttataagata gagtctatgg ttatgtctct actagcatta ctttctcgtt acctaagatt     67560
     tatttttttt ccaaatgttg acaagttttc ttcccctctc ctaacagaac tgtaaaaatt     67620
     ggcataagat ctactattgg cttttgtgga ctgtagtatt aatttttatg gcctctcaga     67680
     cttcagacta aataaataca attcctgcac acacatgtag gcagatgcaa atagaatata     67740
     acatagtatg aaaatatatc acatataccc aaactgtgag attatgagga aagaaagaat     67800
     tgctctatat ttgctttaag tatttccctc ttgattgtaa gaaattaact ccagatgaac     67860
     tagttaaagg gaaaaaaatc ttattttgtt ccaagatttt aggaagtaaa atcttttttt     67920
     tttttgtcat agaatgtata ttagtagcat tagtactatg ttcaattttc tgaggaacca     67980
     ccagattgat ttccagagtg gttgtacaag cttgcaatcc caccaacaat ggaggagtgt     68040
     tcccctttct ccacatcctc tccagcatct gctcttttga tcttagccat tctgactggt     68100
     gtgaggtgga atctcaggga tgttttgatt tgcatttccc tgatgattaa ggatgttgaa     68160
     cattccaaac gttgacacca ttgcacacac taccaagatt ttgctgaaag gaccctgata     68220
     tagctctctc ttgtgagact atgctggggc ctagcaaaca cagaagtgga tgctcacagt     68280
     aagctattgg atggatcaca gggcccccaa tggaggagct agagaaagta cccaaggaaa     68340
     taaagggatc tgcaacccta taggtggaac aacattatga actaaccagt accccggagc     68400
     tcttgactct agctgcatat gtatcaaaag atggcctagt cagctgtcac tggaaagaga     68460
     gggccattgg acatgcaaac tttatatgcc ccagtacagg gaaatgccag ggcaaaaaag     68520
     tgggagtggg tatgtaaggg agtcgggtga gggtatgggg gacttttggg gtagcattgg     68580
     aaatgtaaat gaggaaaata cctaataaaa atatatataa aaatatcacc atgagttgga     68640
     gactgtggaa gactgtgtta gggtcagaat agtgtctttc atggaaaatg caaaacacta     68700
     attttccttg tgtgttggca tcatgctaac ttcatttaga cattcccaac cctccaggta     68760
     ttattacaat tcatataatc tgtatcatgg ccagtctcta tttaattcat actttctacc     68820
     atatcttaag acatctttcc tcttgggggt ctccttgcag gaaatgactg tctgccacag     68880
     attgcctggc atcgattatt ttatgaaatc ttgatatgaa tattcacttt atactgtttg     68940
     tttcctcatc tatgcctaac aacgagtacc caaattttca aaaccatacg ttttgaaatc     69000
     ttcctgccag cactgacaaa tgatccagac ttcagaccat cataatcact ctttacctgt     69060
     gcatatagtt gatcacaata ttagaaaata ttgtaacatt attggccctt atctctgact     69120
     ttcactgctc aatcctagtt actactttgt ctattatgtg tcttttaatg acatttgttt     69180
     atgcagtaac tctattgtcc tgatgctgct gaacatacaa cctgggactc aatagcatta     69240
     tttgcacagg atgccatagc atgatctact ttgttgtcat ttgtacaaga acggaagatt     69300
     tttcccatgg tgtaatggcc tataaacaca atgtggccat ttgtcacctt gttagatatc     69360
     tggtccttat gaatctctac tacagtatta ttctggtatt attagctctg tgcactaggg     69420
     ttgctaatag cctgctacat aatctattag tgctttggtt gttcttctgg acagcctaga     69480
     aaacactcgt ttctttttct tttttctttt gagacagggt ttctctgtat agccctggct     69540
     gtgctggaac tcactctgta gaccaggctg gcctcaaact cagaaatcca cctgcctctg     69600
     cctctcaagt gctgggatta aaggtgtgtg ccactatgca tggcccaaaa aacacttatt     69660
     gcttttttga acttgagttc aagttctcaa gctggcctgt tctgacacct tcattaactt     69720
     tctacaattg ttttctcctc tatattgcat tgtggctaca atgttgacag tggcagcata     69780
     agaaaaaggt taccaagact tttctagatg tgggcatcat attccagttc tttatttgtg     69840
     atatgtgata gggtagatta tatacattaa ctcagaaata actgatttgc ccaggaagat     69900
     tgcaattgct ttggtcatat attctaggcc tcctgtgatg ataaacagct tcatctacaa     69960
     ttttaggtac aagaatatat acattgaatt ccatgtactg gcatagatag atagatagat     70020
     agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat taatatctgt ttcttctgtt     70080
     tccttcacta tttcctgata ctcctccttg ctaggtctca aattgatgac cactgctttc     70140
     tctttactta ttattcttat ttatatacaa tcagtgaaat ctgtctaggg tcctgtgtgt     70200
     ttgtttatgt gttgtgtgtg catgtgtgtg cgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgcg     70260
     tgtgtgtgta tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgtgtg tcctttcaga aatcactatt tgttattgga     70320
     taggcaatta ggtggatctt ctctatgaat gtctaattct tcatcgttca gctgttctta     70380
     tttttatata gttctttggc taagaagtac ccatttccca ctagtatatt tcttaattat     70440
     atcagtattc agatctctta ttattgtgag ataataaata ctttaaattt attcatatta     70500
     acagccagtt ttataatcag tatgcattta tatacctaaa aaatgcataa taagaacttt     70560
     ttgttggttt gtttttgttt attggaaaca gggtttttct ttgagcctgt gctgtcctag     70620
     aattcactct acagatcagg ccatccttga actcacagag atttgcctgt ctcagcctct     70680
     tcgtgctgtg actaaaggta tcagccactg ccacctgggt aaacattctt tctctttttt     70740
     tattcctgtt ttgttattaa catattattt attcgatttc aaatgttatc cccttaccca     70800
     gtatctcttc catgaaaccc ccacactact cccctctact ttgcctctaa gtgggtactc     70860
     ccccacccac ccaccttctc ccatctcctc tctctagcaa cccccctttc tggggcatca     70920
     agactccaaa ggaccaagga cctcccctcc cactaatact agatgagata gttctctgct     70980
     atgtatatag caggagccat gtactggccc atgtatattc ttgagttagt gttttattcc     71040
     ctgggagcac tgaggagtct gtttcattca tactgttgtc ttcctatggg gttgcaattc     71100
     ccttcaactc cttcagctct ttccctaatt attccattga ggtccacaga ctcagtccag     71160
     tggttggctg tgagtatctc aatctgtctt attcaggtgt tgttatagcc tctaaaagga     71220
     cacccatact aggcactagt ctgaaaacat gtcttggcat cagcaatagt ggcgtggttt     71280
     ggtatctgtg gatgaaatgg atcacaattt gggcagaatc agggcaaaaa ctttgaacac     71340
     atcagcacag gagaaatttt cctgaacaga acactagtag ctcagactct aagatcaaca     71400
     attaacaaat ggaaccttat gtgttgggag ctattaagac aacacaattg tcctgatctc     71460
     tgaattgggc ctctcccccg agaagaaaag ggggtcaaaa gggggccacc gacacactgt     71520
     tccgagaaca acaacacatt gttccagccc taaatcagtg ctggatgtcc tgacctcaag     71580
     atataccctg ataccaccaa gttcctgttt ccccgtgtag tcgccaaaag aaaaatttcc     71640
     gctgccccag ccctcctcct gagaagtact ttctcttttt ctgctgcccc atccctcctg     71700
     ttgagaagtg cttcctcctt tgcttgtgca ttcccgctgc cccattcctc ctgctgaaaa     71760
     gtacttcccc ttttgcttgt gcatttaagc cttgagcctt gctaatacag tgggaccttg     71820
     atgccactca gaatgtttcc gtgtcattct tgcacttggt cctcgactct ctctatcccc     71880
     ccatttggtt cttaggagag ggtcccctcg agaccctcga ataactggac ctgctggaca     71940
     ggtcacttat gaaactgaaa aacttctcta aggcaaagga cactgtcaat agaaaacctg     72000
     gcaacctaca gattgggaaa aatctttatg aaccctacat aagaagaagg ttaaccaaaa     72060
     tatatgaaga actcaggaag ttaaacttca aaaaaatcaa aaaaacaaaa aaacaaaaaa     72120
     aattaacaaa tggggtacag agctagacaa ataattctca acaaggatgc tcaacactct     72180
     tagtcataag gaaaatgcaa attaaagcat ctctgagatt ccaactccca ccaatcagaa     72240
     tggctaagat caaaaattca ggtgacagca gatgttggca aggatgtgga gaaagtggca     72300
     tactcctctg ttggtggtgg gactacaagc tggtacaacc acattataaa ccaatctgga     72360
     tgttcctcag aaaattggaa atatctctac ctgaagaccc agctatacca ctcctggaca     72420
     catacccaaa agatgtccca acatataaca aggacacatg ctccactatg ttcatagcag     72480
     cctgatttat aatacccagg agctgaaaaa aacacagatg tccttcaata gaagaatgga     72540
     tacggaaaat gtggtacatt tacaaaatgg aatactacca agctacaaaa atgatgactt     72600
     catgaacatg tttgtcaaat aagttgaact agaaaatatc aacctgagtg aggtaatcca     72660
     gacccaaagg acatacatgg tatgtactta cttttatgtg gttattagcc caaaagcaca     72720
     gaatagccac aatacaactc aaaaacaaca tgatgttaac agaagaaagg ccatagtgtg     72780
     gatgattcaa actcaattag aaggggtaac aaaataatct caggaggtgg aaggtaggag     72840
     ggatctgggt aggagacagg aagtgtagaa aaaagggggc aggaccaggt attggaagag     72900
     acaagaaaaa attctaaagg tacaggagaa caaatagaaa taagtagcag tgcacagcca     72960
     tccagcagcc atggacaaac tatgtttaac tgaaaggggg actggaaatg aaaaaaaatg     73020
     gatggcgata agagaagaac gaacccaaga caagatcctg aacaaggttc caagtttaat     73080
     attcagcact ctgtttatat agggtgagct cacagaccta aactttgttt cagctggact     73140
     atgttgcaaa aggagactca cagagcagtc aattcttcct agctcctgta ggaagttgta     73200
     agtgcaacca agatggataa ctacacctag gtcattaagt tccaacatgg tccttaaaca     73260
     ctcaaggtct attcagcctg ctcaaagctg ggaaaaaaaa aaactttgct caaggctggg     73320
     aagggcaaga ttccaacttc tttgtttttt aaagataagc agtactagta tctgggtggg     73380
     aggagggcgg cgggagtttg aggggcaaaa tttacttgtt tttcatcatc ccatctaggg     73440
     taaagtgtga tcaagccatg gtgcttgtct taggtaagtg tctatttttc tccttcttag     73500
     ctgtcatgga ggacaaacac tgttgggagc tattaagaca acacaattgt cctgatctct     73560
     gaattgggcc tcccgccccc cccccccaga agaaaagggg gtcaaaagca ggccaccgac     73620
     gcaccactct gaggacaacc acagattgtt ccagccctaa gtcagcgctg gatgtcctga     73680
     cctcaagatg taccctgata ccgccaagtt cccgcttccc tgtgtagtcg ccaaaagaaa     73740
     aatttccgct gccctatccc gcctgctgag aagtaattcc tctttttcca atgccccatc     73800
     cctcctgctg aggtgcattt cctctgcctc attcctcccg ctgaaaggca cttccccttt     73860
     tgttagtgca tttaaacctc gggcctggct aatacatttg gatcctgatg caattcagaa     73920
     cgtttccatg tcgttattcg cacaagaccc tcgtctaccc cccatttggt tcttaggaaa     73980
     aggtcccctc gagaccctcg aataactgaa cctgctggac tggtcaagtg gcaccagatg     74040
     tagggcacga gatacgactg ccctctggac aacggattaa agaggtactg cgcagtgaga     74100
     cagtgagaca gttccctgcc acttcgctcg aatgttggga ggtaagccta ggcattcagt     74160
     tgttgtccca ttaaccatgg aaaatgttct gtccaaagag acagttttag tcaagagatg     74220
     aagggttctc ttaaggagag agggataaga gttaaaaaaa agagagattt aataaaatat     74280
     ttttgttttg tggacgagag atgtccatgg ctggtattga atggttctga aatacaccct     74340
     ttaacttaga ataaagtagg caaagatatt aatactttga taaaacaagg agaagatgtc     74400
     cctgagtcct ttttagcaaa aggggaatca tcagagatct ccttaaacag gcagaagagg     74460
     gcagagaagg tgcttgcctc ctaaccctta ctgaagattt tttagaaaac tcccgatctc     74520
     acaaaaacga aactaagcta caggcgaatc ggtggtcatc aattatcgat gcccgttcac     74580
     agtatctata ttagaaggtt tagcaggaga aggctacttg ataccctcaa tgaaatggaa     74640
     taaagttgtt cagtctgtcc tcactagagg ccaatattta acttggaagt cagagtttag     74700
     ggctgccctg agaagtaaaa ccaagagttt agatataaat ggtatgatca agctttgtaa     74760
     tgaggtagat gtgttttctc aacaagtttc taagtctatt aacctagcca ttggggctgc     74820
     tctaactcca gatccaagat tggtgctgag ccccattggc ccaagttaga agtagacatc     74880
     tgtgtcctca cattgggtgc agatgccgcc tggggcaccc ctgattatta tatgcctcaa     74940
     ttaacagcag ttaacacagg tgaatttggg ccccctgccc aaaagatgtt ttttctcatc     75000
     atcggccaag tgtccagact tttacaaggc ctaacggtga ctcctacaat ggttgacacc     75060
     gactaccatg gggagataaa aatcttagtc accaccacac agggaccact taccccctta     75120
     gggctggaga gcgcatagcc caagccctac cactcccact attcggccat ttaccttata     75180
     tgaaagagga gcaaggacca tcctccccgg gatcctcaga agtctactgg gcatagaaaa     75240
     taaccgattc atggcccatg ctgactttgt ttctagaggg caaatagttt caagggctac     75300
     tggaaaccag ggcagatgca acagtaattt cctcaacaca ttggcctgca gcctggccct     75360
     tacagcccac taagggatgg tgtaatccac tgatcataaa attaactgct aaggggagaa     75420
     acttagaggc ttgggaaagt tctctggggc ctaagattgt atcaagataa ccatgataat     75480
     gtcctgacct ttaaggatcc gcttcttaaa accatcccta acaatcataa agcatccata     75540
     ggacttccag gtacccgctc cccctgttcc tgcccagggt gtgctatgac cctgtttcag     75600
     ccctctctcc ctgaggggag gcccccctct tccactgatt tactgtggtc tatattgaat     75660
     gcttctgctt tagccttgtt ggattagaca caaagagata atgcgtcaga atttgaagat     75720
     tgttggatgt gcttttctgt ttccctgccc ttttatgagg acatagcctt atttggaaat     75780
     tttaccctgc tttcagatgc taggcagctt cccttccagt cacttcagct taccttgaca     75840
     gaactctctg gagtaagaag ttgtgtgttg ggcccaggca tgcttcgagg cccttgctag     75900
     agatttgcaa taacacattt agagtaaata aaaatgggtt ttaaagagac ttcgcaaagg     75960
     taaaaatata gctcaattct tactgttacc ttatttacaa ctccccaatc ctacattgtg     76020
     tcaaaaaatt catagattag gttttattgg aagttaagaa atcatttcct aaaacataca     76080
     taattcattt tgtcgatagt gtttttgttg gttgcagaaa atagagagca tttttgctga     76140
     tggctataaa atatttgact aagtgtggac tgataatggc ttcaaaaaag atttagcatg     76200
     gtaaactttt acgctatttg agacatttag tgtatagaga ttgtgtgttt tctcaaaatt     76260
     ttgccctcag attagataaa ttagaagttt tggatgcctg ccagaaactg ttagaaaatt     76320
     ttggatttta atcttggttt gacaagatgc ctcttacaag caggaaagga aaggaagaga     76380
     tagaggaaaa tggattttag aactctctca gggacagaga gaaatcgggg gacaccctgt     76440
     tttatcctct ctggccgcta caggagaaat tctttaccct ctttatattg tctatgtttg     76500
     gtgcaccaat cacgtgtcaa ttcatgtatg ttttttgttt cgttgtctga atgactgact     76560
     gttttatgct tcatgttgaa aagaaaagaa aaaaataaat ggttaaaact ttacctgctg     76620
     aatcactctc agtttgcaca agggaggctg agagaggccc ctccctttag ccaaaaatca     76680
     agcacaacag gagaggtcct gctaaaaaac tgtttttaaa gaaaagaaat ctgcaacctc     76740
     ttagttctaa ggcaaataag ctgatagttg ttttttccta aaaaattctc tacaattttg     76800
     tgattattgt gtttagcaaa agacaaagtg tgtttttatc ttataattat agctataaaa     76860
     agtaaaattc tttgattgat ctaaatttat aagattcgtg tagccacttc atttggtttt     76920
     tgattggtct taaaggtata aatataatct gcatatcttg gtcataaaga attggcttat     76980
     aagttatttg ggtatgatta aaaaggtata acactggtta caaagttagc ttaagtagta     77040
     actcagggtt agagtcattt tcaaacaaaa gcacctggca taaaccagcc cacaaaacta     77100
     gtcccctaaa gatacttcta aattgagata atattttatg taattcttat cctaaaaagt     77160
     agacttatgg agataagatt ttaaaacaat gtctctttaa tggaacatta aaatttacac     77220
     tgtcatgcat tcatgaattg gcagccaaac ttcgtaacat gatagtgatg tttctagtat     77280
     tgactttaag gagaataaat tgtttaaaat tgggtcttgc tttccaaagg ttatagatat     77340
     attctaacat tgcaacggaa acttaaaaat tatggttaaa attgccagtg ttctattgac     77400
     tacagcttgc agtttgattt caaatttaag atctttaatt ctcctgtata ttgtaattaa     77460
     gataattata agacagctca cttcatacaa aactgggaca gagttatcta gatatgtttg     77520
     tctttgtgca tagattagac cctcagataa tcagtttggc aggaaattgc aatatggaca     77580
     attttttcac agcacaaaag ttgtgaagaa tgctttaact gtaagtcatc ttaagaaaga     77640
     gtatcaaaaa ttagaggcat agacaggtaa attgtttctc aaaaaccggt ccttattaca     77700
     ggcgggccaa aatgctcaga ttaaaaaata ttttacgtct gagttaatac agggctcaag     77760
     gcagccccag agaagcttgt aaccttcttt tattttgcaa cagtgcctaa gaaagttttt     77820
     ccctgtgttc aatggaattt ctttttagct ttgttacaga tctattcaga tgtttaaaat     77880
     aatgcttaaa ttcaaagagt tttgctttta atgaactggt gatcactaga taattttgcc     77940
     tgtaggtatg gctaacataa ctttacaata tgtaagaaat ttttattgtt gcttcaatac     78000
     aaaaaacaaa gagtttaaat ctttcagtat atattgtttc ctaagtagaa agtattttat     78060
     tagctaatgc ctctaaagtg aagtttaaag ttctggggag tagttattgc tccataagat     78120
     tcagagacaa tatattttta atatttagga ttttagttac agaaaatcta agaaagaaag     78180
     atttatttgc ttcaaaattt ttatttccaa aaccttcaag agatgttttg tcaacaattt     78240
     aatgttacac atgttactga tatgttttat aattctcaaa gacaaggtat tgtaaaactt     78300
     tagaaactat accttcttta aaaacaaaga agggtagaaa ttatatccct gtgcacatta     78360
     tttaaatcac atttttattt taaaaaaact agatataatg atgtctaggg cagataaaaa     78420
     ggatccactt attggcacat gccatgatcc tgttcagata cttaatatgg ggaaaagggg     78480
     gaatgtttct gttttttcca cagaatgcta caagagcatg ctagcttcca atgtgacagg     78540
     ctgacctgtg acctgtgagt gccctgatag tggtgaccag aaagctgtgt tgagtgcaca     78600
     aaagaggaga aatcagagag cagccactta caaacagata aagaaacttt gtatctccac     78660
     catgggctgc agcaaggagt accaacctgg tgccaattta aaataaaaac aactgaaaaa     78720
     gctgactcat gaggcaaaaa gactgttaca gagaatgtac aatatgcttt catcagagac     78780
     actgtttttg ccattcaggc cagctcctta tagctatgaa agtttgtgta ccttacctat     78840
     atgcttattg ttagataatt ttaagagtta agatcaccaa tcttggcaag tctttttata     78900
     ttcattgtaa ttcttgtcaa ttaactaatt gtgtagatcc taatttagat aaggaatcta     78960
     ctgttatgtt tttgttagag acctgcttat gttttgctgc ctattaaagt taggaaacaa     79020
     tccttggttt aaaaatctgg gaatataaac tttgaaaagg tatctaccac agctttagat     79080
     cagcagctac atactgccca ttttgttaat gataagcata ggaatatttc catagctttg     79140
     tcagagcaac atattatata gataaaaatt gggaggcaaa ggatgtctta gaagtagtag     79200
     tcttagcatt ggacaggata tagcatccta gaaagttctt gagctgacca tgggcttgga     79260
     attcaggaag agtgttgcct attcagtgac attcagaatt gcctctggca ttacactatc     79320
     actttaaata aaagctaggt cactgcctta cacaggaatt taccatcaac taagaagaag     79380
     gaagtttaag acctaaagag gaaccagagt agatacttag aactatagat agctgagtta     79440
     cacccataca caagtattta caatggccta gggggaagta gactaccaaa attggttttt     79500
     aacctccccc tggctttcga ccttgttgcc ctccctttta gggcccctat tgggactcct     79560
     attattgatt tccttcggtc cttgggcatt tcagaaattg accagatttg ttaaatctca     79620
     aattgattca tctttttcaa gcgcatttgt ttcagttcat taccatcggc tggacgttgg     79680
     tgataacaag caggttactg aagaagagtc agacgtggat acagcttcat caccctcttt     79740
     tcggggagag agactcaatt tccataaaat gcttaagtaa gatcattccc ctacccctaa     79800
     attcggccat cagtctcatg ccacgaatta tttatagatt gccatagtct gtgcttctga     79860
     catggtaata tacattctcg ccacattgga aactaaacag tcatcccagg ctagacacat     79920
     tgtaaaatgg gaacttgaag ccattgcccg tgagagttgc aagactaagt actgcacaga     79980
     gattagtcta gaagctgtta ggcagtctct gagaggcatg tctgattgca tgaaggttga     80040
     gtgccctagg gtccttccgc caggaaaaac ggcacgagag caggtcaggg ttactctggg     80100
     taaaaatctg tgggcctgag agtcaatcct gtacatggcc cctaacatta cacactgggg     80160
     atcagacctc tacctctacc cacggagctt gctttgttcc taaatccctt ggctggccca     80220
     ggttataccc aacagactgg gaccattaat tcaagcctca tagatgactt gtccttgtgt     80280
     ctttgtggtt ttagagaatc acccattgag caaacagatg tttaggcgat cgttaaaaac     80340
     gtggctacaa ctttattata ctatatgcct ttataaaaat attaaaacgg gggagatgtt     80400
     gggagctatt aagacaacac aattgtcctg atctctgaat tgggcctctc ccctctcccc     80460
     cgagaagaaa agggggtcaa aagcaggcca ccgacgcacc actccgagga caaccacaga     80520
     ttgttccagc cctaagtcag cgctggatgt cctgacctca agatgtaccc tgataccgcc     80580
     aagttcctgc ttccctgtgt agtcgccaaa agaaaaattt ccgctgcccc atctggcctg     80640
     ctaagaagta cttcctcttt ttctgctgcc ccatccctcc tgctgaggtg catttcctct     80700
     gccccattcc tcccgctgaa aggcacttcc ccttttgcta gtgcatttaa acctcgggcc     80760
     cggctaatac attgggatcc tgatgcaatt cagaacattt ccgtgtcgtt attcgcacaa     80820
     gacccttgtc tctctctacc ccccatttgg ttcttaggag aaggttcccc tcgagaccct     80880
     cgaataactg gacctgctgg acgggtcaga taaacacctc attgatgtat gtctctctct     80940
     ttggtcaata ggagttcaaa acactcttac ccatctctga cttctggcct tgtatagcac     81000
     actctttccc attcagataa aaaccatgaa ggacatatga atatgcactc agttcatctc     81060
     ttcatagtga tggataactg ccatggtaag cttggtgaga ttgatcctga atgaaggcaa     81120
     caaatctgtt taagttacaa catccaaaag ttaatagaaa caaattataa ttaatggtcc     81180
     aagcatggtg aaaagtaaag tgtctgccat ggggaagtag agaatcaaga ttctaactat     81240
     tcctaatttt gacctttttc tcttcttgaa ctttatccat agaatccttt actattcttg     81300
     tatgatttat ataaaggtaa cattcttcat gaacagctgt acattgtcct tcctgttgaa     81360
     gggataaaag atgaagtccc cttgtgtttc gaaggattgc ttcagacaag gaggatagag     81420
     actcttgcaa atgggaaata gagatttcta tcatttttgt atctgtatct attccattct     81480
     acggctctca gaattttttc cttacagaat caggacagtt gttccagtag ctgctcatct     81540
     aaattttaaa tttttaaaat acaaagcatg atttagataa gtttgtggta tatggggata     81600
     taaatccccc ttttctcttt ttttatgaag atattatttt aaagttacat gggcctgttc     81660
     catagtacat tatcctctag gataataagg aaatatgagt aacatgcatt tgccacaatt     81720
     gattaggttc aagtccatga ggactagcac cattatgtgg tacatgaaga aactgaggac     81780
     acttagaaca agtctttata atttgacatg catattttct agaattgcca aattgttgtc     81840
     tcaaactatt acaattttga tgatataaag agtgagattg tttggctaat tgttcctgta     81900
     aggcctatag tctgccctgt atacaaatct gctgtgtcat tgcccagggg cccaggcaat     81960
     ctggtatgag ccattaattg tcctataaaa taaggaacag tgcatgtttc ctaaattaag     82020
     ctgtattgta taaataatta taattttgag aattagcact gcaatgggca tccaatggaa     82080
     cactggcagc ttaatgataa ttcttaagtt tctcttgcaa caccagagca gaaacataac     82140
     tttggaaaac aaaactcaac ctccaacaaa caatccagtc tctccaaaaa caccaagtga     82200
     atcacgccca agttacaaag tttttggttg ccaattccta cacacaaaca caagatggtg     82260
     cagcctccaa ttcttcaaag agacactgcc ctaaatggta atctgaattc taagttaaga     82320
     attagataaa acattatccc aatttagaaa tatctttaga tctgtttttc ctgggttggc     82380
     tcatgccaca tgttattgtt tagaatgact ccaattcaga gtttccagtt ttaagctacc     82440
     tttctgttac caatgttaca aatttttaat ggtatcaaaa aaacttataa gccaaaagaa     82500
     ctattcaaag aatcaaccaa accaggagct ggttctttga gaaaaccaac aagatagata     82560
     aacccttagc cagactcact agagggcaca ggaacagtat cctaattaac aaaatcagaa     82620
     atgataggat atataagtaa ccctaaaagt cccaccagag aatgcctaaa cctgataaaa     82680
     ggcttcagtt aagtatctgg atataaaatt aactcaagca aatcaatggc ctttctctac     82740
     acaaaggata aacaggctga aaaagaaatt agggaaacaa cacccttcac aagaattaca     82800
     aataatataa aataccttgg tgtgactcta aggaagtgaa agatctatat cataagaact     82860
     tcaagactct gaagaaagaa atcaaagaag aaagtatcta ataaaaaatc ttataagcca     82920
     ataatctgta ggcaagacat acagaacata tttatacttt taaaaccagt cagaaacaaa     82980
     agtaaagcgg caacacacat cttatatatt tagacttgga aaaattctta cactttctag     83040
     ctataatttc aaaaagggag caccttgtca cctgctgaac ccaatcatga gttcaaagat     83100
     ttttctaaaa gaaactatca gcttccttac catagaaatt gagaatctga tggccccttt     83160
     aagagagact tgtgtagaca gtcagctcct ggcagggttt ctccagctat gctagattct     83220
     taattatagc tgcagggctc caaaaaccaa ctgagactgt cttttttttt ttttttagat     83280
     taattaaaac taaatcaagt ggctaaccag cagatacagt tttaaccatt ttttttcttt     83340
     tgaacatgaa ctatagaaca acaatcattc aaacaaagaa acaaaaacag acataaattg     83400
     acacacatgg acagattggt tcaccaagga cagacaatag tcagagaaga aagagaactt     83460
     gatgtcccaa agggacccag atatcccccc taaagaccca gaaccagaac taaggatatc     83520
     tcaggtagga gccagaaagg aagcaggatg cctccctatt tcttcctgtc cctaggagag     83580
     cttctaaata gcttatatcc atttttcttc tcttttgcta aagcatcctg gatggggaca     83640
     actgcttttc tgaaacctat tgtctttcat tctcttctct ttctgatgtc atttgcatat     83700
     ttgccatttc tacttctggg aattaaggac agcataaatc tacttgtgct aagaattatt     83760
     ctaatatttg gttttatacc ctgctcctct cccctgactc agctcttggc tgtggacaaa     83820
     tgcctgttta aaattcccca gtcccattga gctgtcaccc ctaggtgaac tctgcatcgg     83880
     gtgaatacct cttcaggcta gcctgtatac cctcaaatga acctcctaca acaacagtct     83940
     ccaaaaaata aaatgtataa ccagtgctag cattaatgat gtttgttgct taccatattt     84000
     gatactatta cttttcttct gttttctgtg aagctccacc catgacatca tttctcagtg     84060
     tatcaccctg ttttcatgcc tcttcttcag gcaccacatg tagcaatcta gcagccatgg     84120
     atgaactggg cttacctgaa atgggggctg gaaaagaaaa agaaatggag ggggtgagaa     84180
     aagaatgaaa ctaagactag gttctgatca aggctccaag gttattatat gactgcattt     84240
     atttagggag agcccacaga ctcattcttt gtttcaggtg gactatgttg caaaataagt     84300
     ttagtgagca gtctattctt ctaaggtcct gtaggaagtt ggacatgcag caaaggtgta     84360
     tatgactcca cctaggttat taaggttttg gcaaaagcca aaagtctatt ttgcctgatc     84420
     aaggctggaa aaaaaacctg ctcaaggctg ggaagggcac agcagtgggg ggtgggaaac     84480
     acagagaact actcggaaag tcccagatgc caggaatgta agacactccc aggacccaat     84540
     ggggatgaca ttagctaaaa tacccaacag cagagagaca gaacttgaaa agacaacttc     84600
     cagtagagag aaatggcccc cagggaaggg atgggaccat ccaacctcta aaatttttca     84660
     acctggaatc aaacctgtct aaattaaatt cagggacaaa aatggagcag aggctgaaga     84720
     aaaggtcatt cagagactcc cccactaggc aatctattca gatcttttct ccccattcat     84780
     attgttgagg tatcatgggt atataatagc tttgttgctg aaattggaag tcacaataca     84840
     tgctccaagt caactctgat tgcaggagtc aaattagaag tgagaaatgg aaagagttaa     84900
     catggccaca ttagaaagta gatcaaagag atctacaatc cacataggaa tgtcttcagg     84960
     ttctgacata aaactgaatt ttaaatagaa gccaaagata gtcgcattca tgctgtccta     85020
     gtcaaactgt ggatctgccc tgaccagcag gtccagttat tcgaggatct cgaggagacc     85080
     tcctcctaat aaccaaatgg ggggtagaga cgagggtctt gtacgaataa cgacacggaa     85140
     accgttctga agttgtatca agaccccaat gtattgagaa aggtccaagg tttaaatgca     85200
     caagcaaagg gggaagtaca gataattatc agtgggaagg gtagggcaat acaagcaaaa     85260
     ggggaagtac ttatgggaag ggggggcaat agaaattctt tcttttgaca gctacacagg     85320
     gaagcaggaa cttggtggtg tcagggtgtg gtcaggagag cggtgatgac ccagggctgg     85380
     aacatcccgt ggttctcaga atccatgtgt tggtggccca cttttgaccc ccttttcttc     85440
     tcagggggag aggcccaatt cagagatcag gacaatagcg ttgccttaat ggctcccaac     85500
     actgcccatc attgatcaat cattagttga gctttgttct aatccttaag ccaatctgac     85560
     aagttgttag aactctgtga aatctcattc caaaaaacaa gtgcctccta tgggtagaac     85620
     ctttcttttc tcctgacatg aatttcttgg agaaaattac catttatttg tggcctattg     85680
     tttcagaagt ctgataatca gactaagaga agtatatgcc tctttagaat atcttcactt     85740
     ctgcaagatg ggtaacaggt taaaatattt actcttattt caaggataca atatttcata     85800
     gcagacttgc tcaccttctg gatcttataa tctttctgtc ctctctccat agtgttcctt     85860
     gagaattgga tgcaaaagct atattgtaaa tatatccact aaggctgagc catgacaatc     85920
     agtcgtctca atgtttggat cagttgtggt tttctataat tttctctgtc tattgcaaac     85980
     aaaaagcttc tgtgaagaag tgtgagagtt aatctcatat atgaattttt agagtcctgg     86040
     gatttagaat tcaagggaga ggccttgaat gcaatgctca accaacaaac tctatgaaaa     86100
     tccaaagaga aaaccaaata tcaaggaaca aatcttccac tcatacaagg caactccaga     86160
     aatcagcacc tagaactata atgaccccaa acccagatac ctagatgaca ctgtaagaat     86220
     aaatttaata gcatccagga aaatatgtca ccatcagatc ccagctatcc tactacatta     86280
     ggtccagaat atttcaatat aactgaaaca caataaaaac aacctattaa gaagacagag     86340
     tttcttaaac agaaaatcaa taaacccctt tagaaaattc aggaaaacag aagcaaacaa     86400
     agagaggaaa ttaataaatc ccccaaaata tagccaagaa aaaaagaatt ggaggatatg     86460
     aataatggat tcccttaaag atatccaagg aaaatcagat aaacaactga aggaaacaaa     86520
     taaaattgtt caagaaaaga aaatgataat tgaactccta aaagacagca taatctgagc     86580
     aagtcacaga aatgcaaaat tcaggaatgc agacaggaac tgcagaggca ggcttcacta     86640
     acaaaatact aaagatgaaa ggataaatct caggcactgg aggtatgata gaagaaagag     86700
     atacattggt caattggtca aagaaaatat taaatctaaa aaattcctga ccacaaaaaa     86760
     aattcaagga aatctgagac actatgaaga aaccaaaaat atgagtagca ggaatagagt     86820
     attgagatta ctagctcaaa ggtccatata ctattttcaa caaaatcata gaaaagtttc     86880
     ctaacctaga aaacgccatg cttataaagg tagaagaacg ataaaaaaaa aaatggattt     86940
     gactggaaaa caaaattccc ttgacactta atacctaaaa cactaaacat aaagaacgaa     87000
     taaataatat taaaagctgc aaagtaaaag gaccaactat catataatgg caaacttatt     87060
     aaaattatac cagacttctt aatgtagaca ataaagccag aagacctgaa cagatggccc     87120
     agagattatc agaaacctca gatgccagcc acactctata cccaacaaaa ctttctatta     87180
     gcataagtag aaaaaataag ataattcact ataaagtcaa atttcagcaa agtttatcta     87240
     taaatatagc cctacagaag gagctagaag gaagaatcca actactgagg ttaagtatac     87300
     agatgaaaac acagaataaa taatcctgca tcagtaaaac caaaagaaga gaaacacaca     87360
     cacatacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacgca caaacataac     87420
     ctccaacaag aaaatgtcca caaaactaat aggaaataat aactgtcatt gatatctttc     87480
     aatttcaatg ggctcaattc cataatgaaa agacatagat taaaacaata tatgtaaaat     87540
     cagaatctat ccttttgctg aatgtaaaag aaaaaaatct cactattaag tctaaacatt     87600
     acctcagggt aaaaggtttt agataaagat attccaagta aatggaccta acaaccaaga     87660
     tggaataaat atattaatat caaagaaaat aaatttcaaa tcaaaattta ttaaaagaca     87720
     tacagaaaga cattacatat tcatggaatt aaatattcac caagataaca tttaactttt     87780
     aacacgtatg taccaaacaa aaaggacaac cacatttgta aaagatacac tactatggct     87840
     taaatcacac attggccctc acaggggaag actacaatac ccaactatca ccaatggact     87900
     aatcatccat acaaaacaaa acaataaaat gctagaactg atattttaaa tccagtgaat     87960
     ctaacatatt tatagaccat tccacttaag cacaatacaa tatacctatt tctaagtgcc     88020
     tcatgaaaca tcctcccaaa ttcacgagat actctggcac aaagtaagtc tcaatatgtc     88080
     agaaaattgg aagaacacca tgcatccttt tatacaacca tggattaaag ctggacatca     88140
     acaacggaaa caagagaata attacaaatg catataactg aacaactctc tactcaataa     88200
     aatatgggtc aagacaaaaa aaaaaaaaag actttctcaa atccagggaa aatgaatata     88260
     aaacacatcc aaacttgtgt aacaatcaaa ctgacatgaa gagaaaattt caggccacta     88320
     tatgcataca ttttaaaaag taagagagat ctcacactaa ccacataata ggacacctga     88380
     aagttctaga agacagaaat gatgaaattg aaagttgaac tcaaaataat agaaacaaag     88440
     aatacaatac aaagactcct taaaacaaag agttggtttt gtgagaaaaa tcaacaagat     88500
     agacaaaacc ttatccagac taactaaagg agagagacat aatatctaaa taaataaaat     88560
     cagaaataaa agtgagaata taacaaaaag actagggaaa tccagatttt catacagaca     88620
     tactttaata acctctattt tatcaaactc aaaattctaa aagaaatgga taatcttctc     88680
     tagagatacc acttaccaaa gttaaatcaa tattagataa acaacataag tatatttata     88740
     accccaactg aaatagaaac tgtcatcaca aatcttccaa gaaagaatac cagggcaaga     88800
     agttttactg tagaattata tcagacttta aaagtagagt taaggacaat tctcctaaaa     88860
     ttattccaca aaatggaaaa aggaagaaaa ttctacagtt cattttggag gccacagtta     88920
     tcttgatatc cctaccacaa aaagactaac cacagaaaga gtttttcctt gtgaacatag     88980
     atgcaaaaat attcaataaa atatttgtgc accgaatcca agaaaatata aaaattatca     89040
     tccgcaagca tcaactaggt tttatctcac agattcagat gttcaacata caaaaataaa     89100
     taaatttcat atgctatata aataaattga tataaaaatg ttcaatttat tagatggtaa     89160
     aagcctttga aaaaatccaa cacctgctca tgataaatat ctggaaagag tagggataaa     89220
     atgactatac ctgaataaaa gcaattcaca acaagccaac atcaaattaa atggaaataa     89280
     actatgcatt tccactaaat taaggagtaa gaaaagttgt ccactccagg gatggttctt     89340
     atcccaggaa tcaggaggtg gatctgagct ccagacttct gcaagaagag agcttgcatg     89400
     cagagagtgt tctgaccact ggggtacagg agagagttgg tctcccaaga gtgctgaaag     89460
     agactagaga atcacaggag gaacaagttc cagccagaga cagctagaac atctaacacc     89520
     acagattacc aaatggcgaa aggcaaatga aagaatctta ctaacagaaa ccaggaacgc     89580
     tgggcatagt cagaacccag tatgcacaac acagtgagtc ctagataccc caacacaccc     89640
     gaaaagcaag gtttggatgt aaaatcatat ctcatgatgc tggtagagga ttttaagaag     89700
     ggcgttaata actcacttaa agaaatacag gagaacactg cgaaacaggt ggaagccctt     89760
     aaagaggaag cacaaaatcc ctcaagggat tacaggaaaa cactattaaa cagttagaag     89820
     accttaaaga ggaaacacaa aaatccctta aagaattata ggaaaacaca accaaacaag     89880
     tgatggaatt gagcaaaacc atccaagaac taaaaacaga agtagaaaca atgaagaaaa     89940
     cccaaaggga gacaactctg gagatagaac cccaaggaaa gaaatcagga accatagatg     90000
     agccaacagc aacagaatac aagagatgga aaagagaatc tcaggtgcag aagattccat     90060
     agaggacatg gacacaacaa tcaaagaaaa tgcaaaatcc aaaaagagca taacccaaaa     90120
     tattcaggat atccaggaca caatgagaag gccaaaccta aggataataa gtatagatga     90180
     gaatgaagat tttcaaatta aagggccagt atatatcttc aacaaaatta taaaagaaaa     90240
     catcccatat ttaaagaaag agttgcccat gaacatataa gaagcctaca ggactccaaa     90300
     tagactggac cagaaagaaa ttactcccaa cacataatat tcataacaac aaatgcacta     90360
     aataaagaga gactattaaa agcagtaaag ggaaaaggtc aagtaacata taaagggaga     90420
     cctattagga ttacaccaga cttttcacca gagactatga aagccagaag atcctgaaca     90480
     gatgttatac agaaccaaag agaacacaaa tgccagcaca ggctatatac ccagcaaaac     90540
     tcaattacca tagatggaga aaccaaagta ttccatacaa aaacaaagtc acacaatacc     90600
     attccacata tccagtcctt cagaagataa taatggcaaa acaccaacac atggacagaa     90660
     aatactccct agaaaaagca agacggcaat ccttcaacaa accaaaaaaa agacagtcac     90720
     aagaacagac tctcaactct aacaacaaaa ataacaggaa gcactaatta ttttctttaa     90780
     tatctcttag tatcaatgga ctcaattccc aaataaaaag atatagacta acagactggc     90840
     tacataaaca ggactcaaca ctttgatgca tacaggaaac ccaactgagg gaaaaataca     90900
     gacactacct cagagtaaaa ggctggaaaa caattttcca agcaaatggt caaaagaaac     90960
     aagctggagt agccattcta atatcgaata taatcaactt caaacagaaa gttatcaaaa     91020
     aagacaagta ggggcatttc atgctcatca aagataaaat tttctaagat gaactctcaa     91080
     ttctgaatat ctatgtacca aatgcaaggg aatccacatt cattaaagaa actataggaa     91140
     acttcaaagc acatattgca cctcacacaa taatagtgtg agacctcaac accccacttg     91200
     tcctgtccag caggacgtag ttattccatg ggttgaggag gactgagacc tgcaagagaa     91260
     gtgggcagag aaaggggagc aagaccaagg aaagtgttgt caaggtctgt ttaatagagg     91320
     ctaggagcct ggttataagc acacaatgag aaaacataga gagggttcga gggagcataa     91380
     taaaatacag agagagggaa ggacatctgg gctggatgct gattacaggc ttcttgcagc     91440
     ttatcttgga atgtcggccc taaaacagtc ccaagctgca aacactctgc agtttatttt     91500
     ggagtgccat aaacagtccc agacaccaaa tggagacatg gaggaggagg tgaagctgcc     91560
     ttaatctaag cagttctagg cgccaagtaa aggagggagt gaagctggca gtctcaggca     91620
     ccaggtgaag tcaatgaagg agggggtgac ataattccct tcaaagggtc agtggatctt     91680
     caggatgaga gtaactgcag gacctagttt cccacagttt ggtctctcac atccactctc     91740
     accaatggac agatcctaga aacagaaact aaacagagac acatagaaac tatcagaagt     91800
     tataaaagga atggattaaa cagatatcta caaaacattt tattcaaaaa caaaaggata     91860
     tgccttctac taagcacctc atggcacctt ctccaagtcg accatataac tggtcacaaa     91920
     agaggcctga acaaatataa aaatattgaa attataacat gcatctgatc agatcaccat     91980
     ggactaaggt tgatcttcaa taacaacata aataatagaa caccaacatt tatatggaag     92040
     ctgaacaaca ctctactcaa tgataccttg gtcaaggaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaat     92100
     taaagacttt ttagagttta atgaaactga agccacaaca tactcaaact tatgggacac     92160
     aatgagtacc tccaaaaaga aactgaagag agcatacact agcagcttga caacacaact     92220
     aaaatttcta gaacaaaagg aagcaaattc acccaagagg agtagacagc aggaaataat     92280
     caaactcagg gctgaaatca accaagtaga aacaaaaaga actattcaaa gaatcaacca     92340
     actttgagaa aatcaacaag atagataaat ccttagccat aatcactaga aggcacaggg     92400
     acagtatttt aattaacaaa atcagaaaag aaatgggaga cataacaaca gaacctgagg     92460
     aaattaaaaa caccatcaga tcctactaca aaaggctata ctcaacaaaa ctggaaagcc     92520
     tagatgaaat gggcaatttt acagacagat accattatac caaagttaaa tcaggatcag     92580
     attaatgatc taaacagtcc tatattccct aaagaaatag aagcagacat taatagtctc     92640
     ccaacaaaaa gaaagcccag gaccagattg gtttagtgca gagttctatt agacctttaa     92700
     agaagaccta atctcaattc tcctcaaact gttccacaaa atagaaacag aaagtgctct     92760
     atccaattga ttctatgaag ccgcaattac tataatactt aaaccacata aagatccaac     92820
     aaagaaagag aactttagac caattttcct tatgaacatt gatgcaaaaa tactcaataa     92880
     aaccctctca aaccaaaccc aagaacacat aaaaaagatc atccatcatg atcaagaagg     92940
     cttcattcca gggatgcagt gatggtttaa tatacggaaa tccatcaatg taatccacta     93000
     tataaacaaa atcaaagaaa aaaaaaaaaa acacatgatc atctcgttag atgctgagaa     93060
     agcatttgac aaaattcaac accccttcat gataaaagtc ttgcaaagtt caggaatgca     93120
     aggcccataa ctaaacataa taaaagcaat ctacagcaaa ccagtagcaa acatcaaact     93180
     aaatagatac ttaaagcaat cccactaaaa tcagggacta gacaaggttg tctacttttt     93240
     tcctacctat tcaatatagt acttgaagta ctagccagag tgattagaaa acaaaaggag     93300
     gtcaagagtg ccacagaccc tctgggtccc ttgtttgcct agaacgggtc tctggttgca     93360
     gatggacaag gagtcagcga attgaatgac agacagatgc aacacaggag attgtgtaga     93420
     gtgtgaatgt attgtcacaa agtaaacacc agtcttatat aatacagaaa ataaaggggt     93480
     agcatgtcac agcaggcaaa gtacattgaa gttacctggc acaaaacaaa ggaatgactt     93540
     caaaaggact tacaggatcc aggtaatatt tacagtaaag ataaaaccac cctgcctagg     93600
     gtcaactaat gacagctaag gattttacac cctagtcaca atttgtgcta ctcctttgag     93660
     ccttgtgaaa gctagcacca ggggggtctg ctctagcaga ccttctcatg aataatgcaa     93720
     taccacacac acacacaccc ctatttccta ggctctgata aattcttgta tcagtgtaat     93780
     ttggctgttc ttttaagtat ctgtggagaa tctctatttg tcagaagaat tcaccaactt     93840
     gcttctaata tacaatgtag cctgctagac ctggatgtag tgaagattcc tgtctcagtg     93900
     ggattcccta acttttacat ggtaaaccca cctattagct aggccattgt gaattccctt     93960
     gtttgggtga gactggctac tgtcccaagt aaacactctg cagaccaccc ctgagctatt     94020
     ccggctctgt tctttgtaat gcctaattag tttcaccttc tcctctagaa gtgactttga     94080
     atgttactga atagataacc ttcttactga attcaaagtt tgtgggcttc aaagattttc     94140
     tgtgaggttg gaacactggc gaaggtttag ctatgtcaga attcaatctt taaaagcatt     94200
     tataatagaa caatactgaa agagagcatg tggatccata taccagacta acatggggat     94260
     agggtatgag tatatgggtt atgagaatgc caagtttcca ggagcttgag tttccatgaa     94320
     cctctttgtt tcgtgaatgc ttccaggcct cttggcctgc caagcaggct tcactgtagt     94380
     gtgcgtagca caaggagata caaattggaa aggaagaagt taaaatacca ctatttgcag     94440
     atgatatgat agtatacata agtgacgcta aaaagtcaac cagagaactc ctaatcctga     94500
     taaacagctt cattgcagta gctggatata aaattaactg aaacaaatca gtggcctttc     94560
     tctacacaaa ggataaacag gctgagaaag aaattaggga aacaacatcc ttcacaatag     94620
     tcagaaataa tataaaatac attggggtga ctttaactaa ggaaatgaaa gatctgtatg     94680
     ataagaactt caagtctctg aagaaagaaa acgaagaaaa tcttagaaga tggaaagatc     94740
     tccaatgctc atggattggc aggatctatg tagttaaaat ggctttcttg ccgaatgcaa     94800
     tctatagatt caatgcaatc cccatcaaaa tttcaactca attcttcaca gagtcagaaa     94860
     gggcaatttt caaattcatt tggaataaca aaaaacctag aatagcaaaa actattctca     94920
     acaataaaag aacctctggt ggaatcacca tgcctgacct caaactgtac tacagagcaa     94980
     ttgtgataaa aactggatgg tactggtaca aggacagaca catagatcaa tggaataaaa     95040
     ttgaagaccc agaaatgaaa ccacacacct aaggtgactt gatctttaac aaatgtgcta     95100
     aaaccatcca gtggaaaaaa gacagccttt ttttaacaaa tggtgttgac ttaactggca     95160
     gttatcatgt agaagaatgc aaattgatcc attcttatct ccttgtacta agatcaattc     95220
     taagtagatc aaggaactcc acataaaacc agagacactg aaacttatgg aggagaaagt     95280
     gggggaaagt ctcgaagata agggcacagg ggaaaaattc ctgaacagaa cagcaatgtc     95340
     ttgtgctgta agatcgagaa ttgacaaatg ggaccttata aaattgcaaa gcttctgtaa     95400
     ggcaaatgac actgtcaata agaaaaaaag gccaccaaaa gattgggaaa gaatttttac     95460
     caatccttaa tttgataggg gactaatatt cagtatatac aaagaactca agaagctaga     95520
     ctccaaaaaa ttaaataacc ccattgaaaa atggggcaca gagctaaaca aagaattctc     95580
     tactgaggaa taccaaatgg ctgagaagca cctgaaaaaa tgttcaacat ccttaatcat     95640
     caaggaaatg caaatcaaaa cacccctgag atttcacctc acaccagtca gaatggctaa     95700
     gatcaaaaat tcatgtgaca gcagatgcag acaaggattg gagtagaggg acactcctcc     95760
     attgtttgtg aggttgcaag cttgtacaac cactctagaa tttagtcttt ttgttcctca     95820
     gaaaattgga catagtacta acagaggatc tagctgtaac ccttctgggc atatatccag     95880
     aagatgttcc aactagtaat aagaagacat gctccactat gtacatatca gccttattta     95940
     taatagacag aagctggaag aacccagatg tatctaaaca gaggaataga tacagaaaat     96000
     gtaatatatt tacacaatgg agttctattc aaatattaaa aacaatgaat ttatgaaatt     96060
     cctaggcaaa tggatggatc tggagtgtat catcctgagt gaggtaaccc agtgacaaaa     96120
     gaactcacat ggatatacaa tgactgacaa gtagatattg cccagaaact tagactaccc     96180
     aagatacaat ttgcaaaaca gatgaaactc aagaagaagt gttgggagct attaagacaa     96240
     cgctattgtc ctgatctctg aattgggtct ctccccccac ccccgagaag aaaaatgggt     96300
     caaaagcggg ccaccaatgc actgctccaa aaataaccac agattgttcc agccctaagt     96360
     cagcgctgga tgtcctgacc tcaagatgta ccccgatacc tccaagttcc tgcttcccca     96420
     tgtagtcacc aaaagaaaaa tttccgctgc cccatccctc ctgctgaggt gcatttccgc     96480
     ttccccattc ctcctgctga gaagtacttc cccttttgct tgtacattta aaccttgggc     96540
     ctggctaata cattggaacc ttgatgttac tcagaatgtt tccatgtcgt tctttacaca     96600
     aggttcttgt ctctcttttc cccccatttg gttcttagga gaaggtcccc tcgagaccct     96660
     cgaataactg gactggctgg acgggtcaaa gaaggaacac caaagtgtgg atacttcatc     96720
     cctctttaga atggggaaca aaatacccag ggaaggagtt atagagaaaa agtttggagc     96780
     tcagatgaaa ggatggacca tccagagaat gccccaccca gagatccatt ccataatcaa     96840
     ccaccaaatg catacactat tgcatatgcc aggaagattt tgctgaaaag accctgatat     96900
     agctctctct tgtgaggcta tgccagttcc tggcaaatac agaagtagat gctcatagtc     96960
     atctattgga tggaacccag gacctccaat ggaggagcta gagaaagtac ccaaggagtt     97020
     gaaggggtct gcaaccctat aggtgggaca acaatatgaa ctaaccagta cctccagagc     97080
     ttgtgtctct agctggatat gtagcagaag atggccaagt tggccatcat tggaaagagg     97140
     caccttggtc ttgcaaactt tatatgcccc agtacaggga acaccaggac caagaagtgg     97200
     gagtgggtgg gtaggggaat agggcagggt gagggtatag gagactttca ggatagcatt     97260
     tgaaatataa atgaagaaaa tatctaataa aaatttgggg aaaaattgaa aaagaactta     97320
     aagtctctta agaaagaaat caacgaagat cttagaagat ggaaagatct tccatgctca     97380
     tggattggca gactctatat agttaaaatg gctatcttgc agaatacaat ctatagattc     97440
     aaagcaatca agatcaaaat tccaactcaa ttcttcaacg aattagacag ggcgatttgc     97500
     aaattcatct ggaataacaa aaaacctagg acagcaaaaa ctattctcaa caataaaaga     97560
     acctctggtg gaatcaccat gcctgacctc aagctgtatt acagaccagt tgtgatagaa     97620
     actgcacggt attggtacag cgacagacat gtagatcaat ggaatagaat tgaagaccca     97680
     gaaatgaacc cacgtaccta atgtcacttg ttctttgaca aaggtgctaa aaccatctag     97740
     tggggaaaaa agacagcatt ttcaacaaat ggcgctggct taactgacag ttatcatgta     97800
     gaagaatgca aattgatcca ttcttatctc cttgtactag gatcaattct aagtgaatca     97860
     aggaactctg cataaataca gagacactta aacttataaa ggaggaagtg aggaagagcc     97920
     tctaagatat gggcacaggg gaaaaatgcc tgaacagaac agcaatgtct tgtgctgtaa     97980
     gattgagaat caacaaatgg gacctcataa aattgcaaag cttctgtaag gcaacggaca     98040
     gtgtcaataa gacaaaaagg caaacaaaag attaagaaaa atactgtaag attgagaatt     98100
     ctcaaatggg actgcataaa attgcaaagc ttctgtaagg taaaagacac catcaataag     98160
     acaaaaaggc catcaacaga ttgggaaagg atctttacct atcctaaatc agatagggga     98220
     ctaatgtcct atatatataa agaactcaag aaggtggact ccagaaaatc aaataacccc     98280
     attaaaaaat gggactcagt gctaaacaaa gaattcccac ctgaggaata ctgaatggct     98340
     cagaagaacc tgaaaaaatg ttcagcatcc ttaatggtca gggaaatgca aataatggct     98400
     aagatcaaaa attcaggtga cagcagatgc tggcgaggat gtggagaaag aggaataccc     98460
     ctccattgtt ggtgattttg caagcttgta caaccactct ggaaatcagt ctggtggttc     98520
     ctcagaaaaa ttggacagag tactaccgga ggatccagca atacctctcc tgggcatata     98580
     tccagaagat gtcccaaccg gtaagaagaa cacatgctcc actatgttca tagcagcctt     98640
     gtttataata gccagaagct ggaaagaacc cagatgcccc tcaacaaagg aatgggtaca     98700
     gaaaatgtgg tacatttaca caatggagta ctactcagct attaaaaaga ataaatttat     98760
     gaaattccta ggcaaatgga tggtcctgga gggcatcatc ctgagtgagg taacccaatc     98820
     acaaaagaac tcatatgata tgtactcact gataagtgga tattagccca gaaatttaga     98880
     atacccaaga tataagatac aatttgcgaa acacataaaa ctcaagaaga atgaagacca     98940
     aagtgtcgat actttgcccc ttcttagaat tggggaaaaa aaaaaaaaca cccatggaag     99000
     gagttacaga gacaaagttt ggagccgaga cgaaagaatg gaccattaag agactgccat     99060
     acccagagat ccatcccata atcagcctcc aaacactgac aacattgcat acactagcaa     99120
     gattttgctg aaaggaccct gatatagctg tctcttctga gactatgctg ggtcctagct     99180
     aacacagaag tggatgctca cagtcatcta ttggatggat cgcagggtcc ccaatggagg     99240
     agctagagaa agtacccaag gagctggggg ggatctgcaa ccctataggt agaataacaa     99300
     tatgaactat ccagtacccc ctggagcttg tgtctctagc tgcatatgtg tcagaagata     99360
     acctagttgt ccatcagtgg aaagagaggc ccattggtca tccaaacttt atatgcctca     99420
     gtacagggga acgccagggc caagaagtgg gagtgggtgg gtggaggagt gggtggggga     99480
     gggtatgggg gacttttggg atagcattgg aaatgtaaat gaaacaaata cctaacggaa     99540
     aaaaaaaaga atctgaggga taaaaaataa gagagaaagt taaagttgaa aaaaaaaaag     99600
     attaagaaaa tatctttaac agtcctaaat ctgatcaggg cgattatcca atatatatga     99660
     agaactcaag aagttgcact caagaaaacc aaataaccct attaaaaaat gggatacata     99720
     ctgaaacaaa gagttctcaa ctgaggaata ccgaatggtt gagaagtatc taaaacaatg     99780
     ttcaacatcc ttaaacatca ggaaaatgca aatcaaaata atcctgagac tccacctcac     99840
     acaagtcaga atggctaaga ttaaaaactc tggtgacagc agatgctggc gaggatgtgg     99900
     tgaaagagga acactcctcc attgttggtg ggattgcacc tggtataacc actctagaaa     99960
     tcaaaatgtc tgttcctcag aaaattggac atagtgctac ctgaagatcc agcatttctt    100020
     ctttttggca tatacccaga agatgttcca acttgtaata agaacacatg ctccactaag    100080
     ttcatagcag ccttatttat aatagacaga agctggaaag atcccagatg tccctcaaca    100140
     gaggaatgga tacagaaaat gtggcacatt tacacaatgg agtatactca gctattaaaa    100200
     acaatgaagt catgaaattc ttaggcaaat ggatacatct ggaagatatc atccttagtg    100260
     aggtaaccca atcacaaagg aacacacatg gtatacactt actgatgtgt ggatattagc    100320
     ccagaaactt agaatatcca agatacaatt tacaaagcac aatgaaactg aagaagaagg    100380
     aagatcaaag tgtggatatt ttgttccttc ttagaatggg gaacaaaata cccatggaag    100440
     gagttacaga gacaaagttc gaagctaaga tgcaagaaaa gtcattcaga gattgcccca    100500
     cccggggatc ggggctccat cccatataca accaccaaac ccagacacta ttgcatatgc    100560
     cagcaaggtt ttgctgaaag gaccctgaca gagctttctc ttgtgagtct atgccaatgt    100620
     ctggcaaata cagaagtgga tgctcacagt tatctattgg atggaacaca gggcccctaa    100680
     tgaaggagct agataaagta cccaaggagc taaaggggtc tgcaacccta taggaagaac    100740
     aacaatttga aataaacagt acctcccaga gctgtgtctc tagttgcata tgcatcagaa    100800
     gatggcctag taggccatca atgggagtaa aggcccttgg tattgtgacg atcatacact    100860
     ccagtagaga ggaatgccag ggccaggaag caggaatgga tagtttgggg agcagggtaa    100920
     ggagagggta taggggtatt tggggataac attttaaatg taaataaaga aaatatctaa    100980
     taaaaatgtt caaaaaaaat caaaagtaaa agaaaagtta tccactatct ccatatctgt    101040
     tcaatatagt actttaaatt tagactagag aaataagaaa tttagaggag atcaatgtgg    101100
     gataaacagt ggtaaggaaa agggtaaatt attgttttat tttccccaga ggataaaata    101160
     ttacatgtaa ggaacaataa aaattctagt agggaacatg tattcctgat agattctttg    101220
     agctaagtgg ctggatacaa cattaattca aaacatcact agacatccta tacactaatt    101280
     aaaaattgac tgaggaaaaa attagggaaa tagcacccca tctccacagc tgcaaacaat    101340
     gtgaaatatt ttggatatga agaaagtgaa gaacacacgt gataaaaata agatcaaaag    101400
     tctgaaaaac aaattgaaca agatatcaga aaatggaaat attgcccatg tacatatatc    101460
     agtaaaattg acagagtaaa aatgcacatc ttaccaaagt cattctatag attcaatgca    101520
     atcctcctca aaattctaag acaatttctt acaggcattg aaagaacaat tctcaacttc    101580
     atatataaaa acaacataaa caacaaacag gatatttaag aaatcctggt aatgtaaata    101640
     ttgctgaggg tatcactatc cctattttca agatgaacta cagagcaata ttaataaaaa    101700
     cttcatggaa ctggcacaca aataaccaca ttcaaggaaa ttgaattgaa gattcagaaa    101760
     tcaattcata ctcatggaca catgattttt aatcaagaac acaaaaatac gcaatgggag    101820
     aagaaagtgt gctgaaaaat tggtgttctc taactggata tctgcatgta gaaaaatgca    101880
     aatagataca tatttatcat catgccaaaa aaatcaagtg caggtagatt aaaaccctac    101940
     ataaaaaact agacaccgcc cttccgctcg actcgagact cgagccccgg gctaccttgc    102000
     cagcagagtc ttgcccaaca cccgcaaggg cccacacggg acaccccacg ggaccctaag    102060
     acctctggtg agtggaacac agcgcctgcc ccaatccaat cgcgcggaac ctgagactgt    102120
     ggtacatagg gaagcaggct acccgggcct gatctggggc acaaacccct tccactccac    102180
     tcgagccccg ggctaccttg ccagctgagt cgcctgacac ccacaagggc ccacacagga    102240
     ttccacacga gatcctaaga cctctagtga gtggaacaca acttctgcca ggagtctggt    102300
     tcgaacacca gatatctggg tacctgcctt gcaagaagag agcttgcctg cagagaatac    102360
     tctgcccact gaaactaagg agagtgctac cctccatgtc tgcttataga ggctaacaga    102420
     gtcacctgaa gaacaagctc ttaacagtga caactaaaac agctagcttc agagattacc    102480
     agatggcgaa aggcaaacgt aagaatccta ctaacagaaa tcaagaccac tcaccatcat    102540
     cagaacgcag cactcccacc ccacctactc ctgggcaccc caacacaacc gaaaatctag    102600
     acccagattt aaaaacattt ctcatgatga tgatagagga catcaagaag gactttcata    102660
     agccacttaa agaattacag gagagcactg ctaaagagtt acaggccctt aaagaaaagc    102720
     aggaaaacac agccaaacag gaagaaatca ttaaagaaaa acaggaaaac acatccaaac    102780
     aggtgatgga aatgaacaaa accatactag aactaaaagg ggaagtagac acaataaaga    102840
     aaacccaaag cgaggcaacg ctggagatag aaaccctagg aaagagatct ggaaccatag    102900
     atgcgagcat cagcaacaga atacaagaaa tggaagagag aatctcaggt gcagaagatt    102960
     ccatagagaa catcggcaca acaatcaaag aaaatggaaa atgcaaaaag atcctaactc    103020
     aaaacatcca ggaaattcag gacacaatga gaagaccaaa cctacggata ataggagtgg    103080
     atgagaatga agattttcaa ctcaaaggac cagcaaacat cttcaacaag attattgaag    103140
     aaaacttctc aaatctaaag aaagagatac ccacgaactt acaagaagcc tacagaactc    103200
     caaatagact ggaccagaaa ggaaattcct cccgacacat aataatcaga acaacaaatg    103260
     cactaaataa agatagaata ttaaaagcag taagggagaa aggtcaagta acatataaag    103320
     gaaggcctat cagaattaca ccagactttt caccagagac tatgaaagcc agaagagcct    103380
     ggacagatgt tatacagaca ctaagagaac acaaatgcca gcccaggcta ctatacccgg    103440
     ccaaactctc aattaccata gatggagaaa ccaaagtatt ccatgacaaa accaaattca    103500
     cacaatatct ttccacgaat ccagcccttc aaaggataat aacagaaaag aagcaataca    103560
     aggacggaaa tcacgcccta gaacaaccaa gaaagtaatc attcaacaaa ccaaaaagaa    103620
     gacagccaca agaacagaat gccaactcta acaacaaaaa taaaagggag caacaattac    103680
     ttttccttaa tatctcttaa tatcaatgga ctcaattccc caataaaaag acatagacta    103740
     acagactggc tacacaaaca ggacccaaca ttctgctgct tacaggaaac ccatctcagg    103800
     gaaaaagaca gacactacct cagagtgaaa ggctggaaaa caattttcca agcaaatgga    103860
     ctgaagaaac aagctggagt agccatttta atatcggata aaatcgactt ccaacccaaa    103920
     gttatcaaaa aagacaagga ctgacacttc atactcatca aaggtaaaat cctccaagag    103980
     gaactctcaa ttctgaatat ctacgcacca aatgcaagag cagccacatt cattagagac    104040
     actttagtaa agctcaaagc atacattgca cctcacacaa taatagtggg agacttcaac    104100
     acaccacttt cttcaaagga cagatcgtgg aaacagaaac taaaaaggga cacagtgaaa    104160
     ctaacagaag ttatgaaaca aatggacctg acagatatct acagaacatt ttatcctaaa    104220
     acaaaaggat ataccttctt ctcagcacct cacgggacct tctccaaaat tgaccatata    104280
     attggtcaca aaacaggcct caatagatac aaaaatattg aaattgtccc atgtatccta    104340
     tcagaccacc atggcctaag actgatcttc aataacaaca taaataatgg aaagccaaca    104400
     ttcacgtgga aactgaataa cactcttctc aatgatacct tggtcaagga aggaataaag    104460
     aaagaaatta aagacttttt agagtttaat gaaaatgaag ccacaacgta cccaaaccta    104520
     tgggtcacaa tgaaagcatt tctaagaggg aaactcatag ctctgagtgc ctccaagaag    104580
     aaacgggaga cagcacatac tagcagcttg acaacacatc taaaatccct agaaaaaaag    104640
     gaagcaaatt cacccaagag gagtagacgg caggaaataa tcaaactcag gggtgaaatc    104700
     aaccaagtgg aaacaagaag aactatccaa agaattaacc aaacgaggag ttggttcttt    104760
     gagaaaatca acaagataga taaaccctta gctagactca ctaaagggca cagggaaaaa    104820
     atcctaatta acaaaatcag aaatgaaaag ggagacataa caacagatcc tgaagaaatc    104880
     caaaacacca tcagatcctt ctacaaaagg ctatactcaa caaaactgga aaacctggac    104940
     gaaatggaca aatttctgga cagataccag gtaccaaagt tgaatcagga tcaagttgac    105000
     catctaaaca gtcccatatc acataaagaa atagtagcag ttattaatag tctcccaacc    105060
     aaaaaaagcc caggaccaga tgggtttagt gcagagttct atcagacctt caaagaagat    105120
     ctaactccaa ttctgcacaa actatttcac aaaatagaag tagaaggtac tctacccaac    105180
     tcattttatg aagccactat tactctgata cctaaaccac agaaagatcc aacaaagata    105240
     gagaacttca gaccaatttc tcttatgaat atcgatgcaa aaatcctcaa taaaattctc    105300
     gctaaccgaa tccaagaaca cattaaagca atcatccatc ctgaccaagt aggttttatt    105360
     ccagggatgc agggatggtt taatatacga aaatccatca atgtaatcca ttatataaac    105420
     aaactcaaag acaaaaacca cataatcatc tcattagatg cagaaaaagc atttgacaag    105480
     atccaacacc cattcatgat aaaagttttg gaaagatcag gaattcaagg cccataccta    105540
     aacatgataa aagcaatcta cagcaaacca gtagccaaca tcaaagtaaa tggagagaag    105600
     ctggaagcaa tcccactaaa atcagggact agacaaggct gcccactttc tccctacctt    105660
     ttcaacatag tacttgaagt attagccaga gcaattcgac aacaaaagga gatcaagggg    105720
     atacaaattg gaaaagagga agtcaaaata tcactttttg cagatgatat gatagtatat    105780
     ataagtgacc ctaaaaattc taccagagaa ctcctaaacc tgataaacag cttcggtgaa    105840
     gtagctggat ataaaataaa ctcaaacaag tcaatggcct ttctctacac aaagaataaa    105900
     caggcagaga aagaaattag ggaaacaaca cccttctcaa tagtcacaaa taatataaaa    105960
     tatcttggcg tgactctaac taaggaagtg aaagatctgt atgataaaaa cttcaaatct    106020
     ctgaagaaag aaattaagga agatctcaga agatggaaag atctcccatg ctcatggatt    106080
     ggcaggatca acattgtaaa aatggctatc ttgccaaaag caatctacag attcaatgca    106140
     atccccatca aaattccaac tcaattcttc aacgaattgg aaggagcaat ttgcaaattt    106200
     gtctggaata acaaaaaacc taggatagca aaaagtcttc tcaaggataa aagaacttct    106260
     ggcagaatca ccatgccaga cctaaagctt tactacagag caattgtgat aaaaactgca    106320
     tggtactgat atagagacag acaagtagac caatggaata gaattgaaga cccagaaatg    106380
     aacccacaca cctatggtca cttgatcttc gacaagggag ctaaaaccat ccagtggaag    106440
     aaagacagca ttttcaacaa ttggtgctgg cacaactggt tgttatcgtg tagaagaatg    106500
     cgaatcgatc catacttatc tccttgtact aaggtcaaat ctaagtggat caaggaactt    106560
     catataaaac cagagacact gaaacttata gaggagaaag tggggaaaag ccttgaagat    106620
     atgggcacag gggaaaaatt cctgaacaga acagcaatgg cttgtgctgt aagatcgaga    106680
     attggcaaat gggacctaat gaaactccaa agtttctaca aggcaaaaga caccgtcaat    106740
     aagacaaaaa gaccaccaac agattgggaa aggatcttta cctatcctaa atcagatagg    106800
     ggactaatat ccaacatata taaagaactc aagaaggtgg acttcagaaa atcaaataac    106860
     cccattaaaa aatggggctc agaactgaac aaagaattct cacctgagga ataccgaatg    106920
     gcagagaagc acttgaaaaa atgttcaaca tccttaatca tcagggaaat gcaaaccaaa    106980
     acaaccctga gattccacct cacaccagtc agaatggcta agatcaaaaa ttcaggtgac    107040
     agcagatgct ggcgtggatg tggagaaaga ggaacactcc tccattgttg gtgggagtgc    107100
     aggcttgtac aacccctctg gaaatcagtc tggcggttcc tcagaaaact ggacatagta    107160
     ctaccggagg atccagcaat acctctcctg ggcatatatc cagaagatgc cccaactggt    107220
     aagaaggaca catgctccac tatgttcata gcagccttat ttataatagc cagaagctgg    107280
     aaagaaccta gatgcccctc aacagaggaa tggatacaga aaatgtggta catctacaca    107340
     atggagtact actcagctat taaaaagaat gaatttatga aattcctagc caaatggatg    107400
     gacctggagg gcatcatcct gagtgaggta acacattcac aaagaaactc acacaatatg    107460
     tactcactga taagtggata ttagccccaa acctaggata cccaagatat aagatataat    107520
     ttgctaaaca catgaaactc aagaagaatg aagactgaag tgtggacact atgcccctcc    107580
     ttagatttgg gaacaaaaca cccatggaag gagttacaga gacaaaattt ggagctgaga    107640
     tgaaaggatg gaccatgtag agactgccat atccagggat ccaccccata atcagcatcc    107700
     aaacgctgac accattgcat acactagcaa gattttattg aaaggaccca gatgtagctg    107760
     tctcttgtga gactatgccg gggcctagca aacacagaag tggatgctca cagtcagcta    107820
     atggatggat catagggctt ccaatggagg agctagagaa agtagccaag gagctaaagg    107880
     gatctgcaac cctataggtg gaacaacatt atgaactaac cagtaccccg gagctcttga    107940
     ctctagctgc atatatatca aaagatggcc tagtcggcca tcactggaaa gagaggccca    108000
     ttggacttgc aaactttata tgccccagta caggggaaca ccagggccaa aaagggggag    108060
     tgggtgggca ggggagtggg ggtgggtgga tatgggggac ttttggtata gcattggaaa    108120
     tgtaaatgag ttaaatacct aataaaaaat ggaaaaaaaa aaactagaca ccgaatctga    108180
     tttaaataaa taaataaata aataaataaa taaataaata aataaataaa ggcagcgtag    108240
     gagaagatcc ttccagtttc tgtctgttcc tgcagctgat cctgtgccac agtgccctat    108300
     gctgattatg tgccacagtg ctccataccc aaataaggcg ggaaaaagct ggtctcctag    108360
     gcatgccagc acacccatga gcaaaggtta gatcgccact tctgctcaaa ttcctggcca    108420
     aaatggaact gcccagagtc atcaggacag aggaaacaag gaagagccag ggacaagatc    108480
     cgtccagttc ctgtttgtac cctggagctg actctgtgcc acagctctcc atacccaaat    108540
     tccttcccaa aagaaactgt tacccaggag tactgacaaa caggctggca ggagggacaa    108600
     gccacagtta aagacagcaa gaccagctaa caccagagat aaccagatgg caaaaggcaa    108660
     tggcaagaac ctaagcaaca gaaagcaagg ctacttggca tcatcagaac ccagttctcc    108720
     caccacagtg agccctggac accctaacac accagtaaaa caagactctg attataatca    108780
     catctcatga tgatgttaga ggactttaag aaggacataa aatatccctt aaagaaatac    108840
     atgagaacac aggtaaacag gtagaaacac tgaaagagga aacacaaaat tctcaaaaag    108900
     aattccagga aaacacaaac aaacacatga gggaattgaa caaaaccata caggacctga    108960
     aactggaaat agaaacaata aagaaatcat gaagagaaac aaccctggag attgaaaacc    109020
     taagaaatag atccggagtc atacacaaaa caaagaaaga atattaaaag cattaaggaa    109080
     aaaaaatagt caagtaatac atacagacag acctattaga atttcaccag acttctcacc    109140
     agagactatg aaagctagaa gatcctgggc agatgttaca cataccctaa gagaacacaa    109200
     atgtcggccc caggttatta tacctagtaa aactcaaaat accattgata gagaaactga    109260
     gatattccat gtcaaaaaca aaatttacac aataactttg tacaaatcaa gtgctacaaa    109320
     ggataataga tggaaaacac caacacaaag agctaaacta taccctataa aaagcaagaa    109380
     agtgatcttt tttcaacaaa cccaaatgaa gatagtcaca caaacatgaa aataacatca    109440
     aaaataacag gaagcaacaa tcaccattcc ttaatatctc ttaacatcaa tagacttaat    109500
     tccccaataa aaaggcatag agcaagagac tggatatata aacagttcac aacattttgc    109560
     tgctacagga aacataccct agtgtcaaag acagatacta cctcagagta aaggactgga    109620
     aaacaatttt ccaagaaaag ggtcccaaag aactctcaat tctgaatatc tatgcttcaa    109680
     atgaaatggc accgacatac ataaaagaaa ttttttctga aggtcaaagc acacattgct    109740
     cctcatacaa taatagtggg agacttcaac tttccactct catctattga cagatcacag    109800
     aaacacagac taaataaaga aacattgaaa ctaacagaag ttacagacca aaagtattta    109860
     acaaatatct atggaacatt ttatcctata acaaaagaat atacttcatg gtacctgctc    109920
     caaaattgac catataatca gtcataaaat aagcctcaac agatcacata catctcatca    109980
     gatcatcatg gactaaggtt aatattcaat agcaataaaa ataacagaaa tcccacatac    110040
     acagggaagc tgaacaatgc ctactcactc aatgataact tggtcaagaa agaaataaag    110100
     aaattgaagc ctttttataa tttaacgaaa atgaaggcac aacataccca aacttatggg    110160
     acacaataaa agcagtacta agaggaaagc tcaggtctga gtgcctccaa agagaaactg    110220
     gggagagcat acaataatag cagcttaata tcacacctga aagctctaga acaaaaagaa    110280
     gcaaatatac ccaagagtag tagatatcag gaaatagtca aactcagaac tgaaatcaac    110340
     caagtagaaa caaaaaaaat acagaaatat atacagagat ataacaacag aaactgagga    110400
     aattcaaaaa atcatcagat cctactacaa aaatactata ttcaacaaaa ctagaaaatc    110460
     tggataaaat ggacaatttt ctagacagat accaaacacc caagttaaat aaggatcaga    110520
     taaacagcct aaacagtccc ataacccctc aagaaataga ggcagtcatt aaaagtctca    110580
     caagcaaaag aagttcatga ccacatggtt ttagtgcaga atctatcaga cctccaaaaa    110640
     agacctaata ccaatactct tcaaactatt ccataaaaaa caaaaacaaa acaaaacaat    110700
     agaaggaaca ctattgtgta tattcattgt atgaagcccc agttactctg agtattctct    110760
     ctttgagatg gaatggtttc tgtctaatca ggaacttgtc acaatttcct ttgatagtga    110820
     actttgtaat acaatttttc tacttttatc atgtttaatg ttccaaatat acttaaaaaa    110880
     catggttgaa tgcatattac tttagcatca gaagatatca tatatattta agagaccttt    110940
     aactgttata aattactgta ataacttaaa aaaaattttt taaagaaagt aagtagggaa    111000
     taactttgaa tgcactgaca caggatacaa ctttctaaac agaacactaa taatgcaggc    111060
     agtaagatca acaataattg ggacatcttg aagttgaaac gcttctttta ggcaaaagac    111120
     actgccaatt ggattaagaa acaacatata aagtagaaaa agattttacc aactccacat    111180
     ctattagata tctaaatata taaaatatat aaagaactca ggaaaataga tatttaaaaa    111240
     gcaagtaata caatttaaaa tttgggtaca gatctaacca aaaaatattc agaagagcaa    111300
     tctcaaatgt ctgagaaaaa cttgaaaaat gttcaacata attacccagc agggaaatgc    111360
     aaatcaaacc tacttcgata gtccataatc aacctatcag aatgcacaaa atcaatacca    111420
     aaagtgatag ctcatgctgg tgaggatgtg gagcaacagg aatacccctt ctttgctgct    111480
     gggaatgcaa atatttagag ccattacgga aatcaatatg gtgcttcgtc aggaaattaa    111540
     gaattaatct accacaagaa ctagcagtac caatcatcct gtaggtactc tgtcaaggtt    111600
     ccagtgagtg aatgaccagg actagcctat tactaaactt ggtaaaaatt cgctacgcaa    111660
     ctcttgcatg tatttctggc gtgtttaata tttgaattct ttgctgttat gggaggatag    111720
     gactcagata atgtaacaat tcttagagta gctgatgtta ataagaataa aactaaccgt    111780
     agttccctgg agaatcagct atccaagaaa ttgagtcttc tacacaacct attactttag    111840
     tagtattaat aagcatgaga cacagggttt gaaaaaaatt aaggaacaaa aatttagaaa    111900
     aattccagga gctgacaaac cataacagtt acactaaatt ttcatgtaac tctttctaca    111960
     tatgccaagc ctcagaaaca cagagctatt agggagaaga aaagattatg attatataat    112020
     tttgacaatc tcccatacca tcctgaaggc aaagcaagca ggtttaggaa ttcagatgtt    112080
     attctgcctc ttacaggatt ataataaacg tggaaagcat aatgaaacaa agattcataa    112140
     cagagacaca gagaaaattg ttttaattag ggaactgtct ggcttcatga gcaggccagt    112200
     ctttttctga tcaggaattt ttctgatgtt atagaaaaaa gaaagaagat tgctctagtt    112260
     taagtcatgc ttgtattcta tcaaaaggaa gctgggcagt ggtggcacac acctttaatc    112320
     ccagcacttg ggaggcagag gcaggtggat ttctgagttc gaggccagcc tggtctacag    112380
     agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctacaca gagaaacctt gcctcaaaca aacaaacaaa    112440
     caaacaaaca aacaaaaagt caaaggaaat aatggtgctc ttatgttgaa tataaaggaa    112500
     aattagagtt tggaaaggga aaattaaaca aaagcctgag agattaaatt ttcatagaaa    112560
     cattaaatat tcaggataat aaaaatttac aggatacgat tgatataata tttactagga    112620
     aataactttt ggtttgttta cttaaactta aatcgaaaca tactgtctga cacttctgta    112680
     actacaaaac ttcatgacac tgattttaag gaaaaaagac attgagttta aagaaaactg    112740
     actttatcat aatggtaatt tttatttttt gtaaaattta tcctttgctc attttttttc    112800
     cttttatgtg tctatataat caagaaatat tgtatcctaa caaattatgt aataaatcct    112860
     ttcagttttg tgggaaatga tttacgtata aataaaaccc atgagagaca caggttgtca    112920
     gagtaaatca agccatagtg agatgtgctt cctctctgtc tctttctcat gaaaggaagg    112980
     taaaaggtaa cccatgtctc tctcattcct cccttcctgc tcttgtattc acctgcttca    113040
     agccctgacc tccacccaga gctggtctct gccaaagaac cactcttgaa cctctcttgg    113100
     gcctatatgc aaaggatagt ccatcctaac acaaggaggc tttcttaact atgttcatta    113160
     gtgcaggatc tgtatagatt agttaaatac tttacaagtg gttagaaatg taatatccta    113220
     tctctgcctg ttaggtactt agatttttgc cagcacagtt aacacatgtg ctcagttttg    113280
     ttttgttttt tgtagtttct ggggatctaa acacatagtc tcatgcttgc caaaccaagt    113340
     gctttgtcca tggagccatc tctatagtcc ttacatatta tttctaatgt ttacattttg    113400
     aaaaatttaa gagtttgtct cataagtact atgttgaaac tcaagtgtaa accaatataa    113460
     aattttactt agactttaaa aattctcaaa aggatgaaac tgactgaggt atatactact    113520
     ctagtcccta cccgatcatg attttatttt tactttatgt aagtttattt ttctaatata    113580
     attcattgta gaattctcaa tgagaattat atcagattta gcaaaataac ttaaattgtc    113640
     tttcacaatt tagctgtgta aatgaaagtg ttcactgttg ttttataatc agtttatttg    113700
     ttcatagata tgtttgtcct atttataacc ctatgcccta attttgtctg ccagtgtata    113760
     tccaaaaact gtcatctatt tattacatat ttttaatttt gaattataga ctttcaatat    113820
     atgtctgaat gagctttcaa attttacttt tatgtgttta tgtgttttct attactttct    113880
     tttaaaataa gtggtgattg tttattataa aaaattagaa ataactaaaa attatatgga    113940
     tatatcactt aaatgtcatt gacattatcc tacgtatctg ctacatttag tgcactataa    114000
     attattttga agaattcaag atccaaagat tgaatatgcc aatgtacaca agtcatgtag    114060
     gaacattgaa atatgttttt atttacattg tataagtttt aatttcagca cacaagtaat    114120
     tgtgttgaaa ttgctcatta ttttaaacac acacatattt tgcatgtgtg ataggaaggg    114180
     tcaacaaaaa tataacttac taaaacacta caggatatca ttttttttct tataaaaaca    114240
     acatttaatt gaggctggct tacaggttta gaggttcagt ccattatcat caaggttggg    114300
     agcatggaag tatccaggca ggcatggcac aggcagagtt gagagttcta catcttcatc    114360
     caaaggctgc tagtggaaga ctgacttcca agcaactagg gtgaggatct taaggccacg    114420
     cccacaatga cacacctatt tgaacaaggc cacacctcca aatggtgcca ctccctggcc    114480
     caagaatata caaaccatca cattccactc cctggccccc atagacttgt tcaaacacac    114540
     gagtctaggg ggaggggcat acttaaacat agcatagtgc aaaatgtatt tagtccaact    114600
     tttaaagtcc tcatagtcta tagcagtctc aacaatgtta aaaatccaaa gttcaagatc    114660
     tcttctgaga ttcatccaat cacttaactg taatctccaa aacaagacag gaaaccagct    114720
     gggcaaactt caaaatctgt atctccatgg ctgatgtcaa agcggtcttc agatctccac    114780
     tcctttttca tctttgttga ctgcaacaaa ctgctttctc ctgggctggt tccactccct    114840
     gttagcagct ttcctcagca tgtatcccat ggctctgcca tatttaacat ctttgagtct    114900
     ccaaggcaat ttcagtgtta cagcttcttg tttcagtgtc tgggattcca cttgatgttt    114960
     tggactcctc ctaagggctg gcatcatttc tccagctctg ccctctgtag cactctaagc    115020
     tcaggttgat ccactccact acggctgctg ttcttggtga tcattccatg gtactgacat    115080
     ctccaataca ctggggtgtt ccactccaac taggcttcac cagtaacctc tcataggctc    115140
     tctttgcaga gccaagcctc aaattctttg catgaccccc ccccctccca gtcctgggcc    115200
     atcaactaca actgaggctg caccttcacc aatgaccttc cagggcctct cacagtgtca    115260
     agcctcagct gctcttcata accccttcat gctttcaaaa ccagtaccac ctgggtgatt    115320
     cttacacatg gccaagtcca gctgcagcac gaggtacaac cttggctatc tctggaacac    115380
     agcttctttg tgctcccaga aaacacttct cagaagattt caccacagtg atgctggtct    115440
     cttcataatc actgctaatt tcttagctcc aactgaccag catcaattgt cccagtagtt    115500
     ccttccattc ttaattctag agccagaccc gcatggctga agctgctgag ttctgctgct    115560
     ggcaggaatt agaacatgga cccgcttgta ctattacatt gtcactggct ttctgttttc    115620
     caaatccttc agtgcctaag catggctatc ctggaccttg ctctgatacc atatttttat    115680
     acaaatattt tttttaaaaa ttctaattct tggtgtcttc tccatatact cctaaatatt    115740
     tcgtcgaccc aaattctgat tatattcccc aaacatctat aaattataaa gaagccaagt    115800
     aacctacatc aataatatcc aactgttctg gctacttaag taattagaac tctgcaaatc    115860
     tgatatatgt gtctttttga tcatttacaa aggatagaaa gttcaaactc ctagggagat    115920
     aaaggaaata cataagccac ataattttaa ttagttttct cagtgagcat gacttaaatc    115980
     ataaaattct atgctgtgtg tgccgtgttt tcatttgaaa tgtgttgata ttcttgtatt    116040
     catgaaagag aacaaacctc aataagttaa tagcccagtg tgtcagtgtg tccttctttt    116100
     agtatgcatt tttgtctagt ctttcaaatg ttctatggat agtttatatt tatgcatagt    116160
     taaaactttt gttttaagaa tttagaaaaa agaatgagat tttatataca gaataggaac    116220
     agctatctat catagtattt gtatgtaact ctcacaaaat tcactttctc ctctgtgtgt    116280
     tcatgaacaa ctctatgaga accaaatgac aatggaggag aaatcaattc ccaatacatt    116340
     aatatcattt taaagataat ttataaaact ttagatcttt tttaaaaatt ctttatatat    116400
     ttttaaaatt ttatttattt acatttcaat gttcactcct tctggttttc ctgggtcctc    116460
     agatagtaca atgtccaatt ttatgaggaa ctgccagagt gatttccaga gtggttgtat    116520
     cagcttgcaa tccaaccagc aattaaggag tgttcctctt tctccacatc tttgccagca    116580
     tctgctatct cctgagttta ctatcttagc cattttgact ggtgtgaggt ggaatctcag    116640
     ggtcattttg atttgcattt gactggtgac taaggatgct aaacatttcc ttatgtcctt    116700
     ctcactcatg tgagattcct tagtagagaa ttctctgttg agctctgtac cccattttta    116760
     ataaagttgt ttggttctct ggagtctaac ttttgcattt ttatacacac tggatattag    116820
     ccctctatca gatgcagggt tagtaaagat cttttaccaa tttgtgggtt gatgttttgt    116880
     cctattgaca gtgtcctttg cattacagaa gctttgcaat tttatgaggt cccatttgtc    116940
     tattctagat ctctgatcat aagctatcgg tgttctgttc aggaagattc cccctgtgct    117000
     caagtattca agtctcttcc tcacttttct cttctcttct cttctcttct cttctcttct    117060
     cttctccttc tccttctcct ctcctctctt cccctccccc tcccctcccc tcccctctct    117120
     tctcttctct tctcttctct tctcttctct tctcttctct tctcttctct tctcttctcc    117180
     tattctaaac atatctagtt ttatgagaaa gtccttgaac catttgtact tgagatttgt    117240
     acaaggagat aagatttgat caaactacat tcttctacat gctgacctcc agttgaacca    117300
     gcagcatttg ttgaaaatgc tgtcttttcc cactggatgg ttttagcttc tttgtcaaag    117360
     atcaagtgat cataggcatg taggttcact tctgggcctt caattctatt ccactgatct    117420
     acctgcctgt ctctgtacta tcagtacaat gcagttttta atcactattg ccctatagta    117480
     tatcttgtag tttatcttca gttgagggat ggtgattccg ccagaacttc ttttattgtt    117540
     aagaatagtt gttgctatcc ttggtttctg taattccaaa tgaatttgag aattgctctt    117600
     tcttttgtgt ttgtttgttt tttgtttcat tgtttgtttt gtttttttca agacagggtt    117660
     tctctatgtg gccctggctg tcctggaact cactctgtag accagactgg ccttgaactc    117720
     agaaatctgt ctacctctgc ctctcaagtg ctgggattaa aggtgtgcac caccactgcc    117780
     cggctgaaat tcctctttct aactctatga agaattgagt tggaattttg atggggattg    117840
     cattgaatct gttcattgct tttggtaaga tggccatgtt tatgatatta atcttgccaa    117900
     tccatgagca tgggagatct tgtcatgttc tgaggtcttc ttcaatttct ttcttcaggg    117960
     atttgaagat tttgttatac agatgatttg ctttcttagt tagattcaaa gcacgatatt    118020
     ttatattgtt tgtgactata gtgaagggtg ttgtttccct aatttctttc tcagcatttt    118080
     tatcttttga gtaaagaaag gctaccgatt tgttatagtt aattttttat ttagctactt    118140
     tgctgaagtt gctttcagtt gaaggagttc tcagctatag tttttggagg tgctcatgta    118200
     tactatcata tcagcaaata atgatatctt gaattattcc ctccaaattt gtatcctgct    118260
     gatctccctt tgttgtctaa ttgctctggg tagatcttcc agtactatat tgaataggta    118320
     aggagacagt gagcagtctt gtgttgcccc tgattttaat gggattgctt tgagtttctt    118380
     tacatctagt ttgatgttgg cattggtttg ctgaatattg cctttattat atttaggtag    118440
     gaaccttgaa gtcctgatcc atccaatact ttaagcatga atgggtgctg tattttatca    118500
     aaggcttttt cagcaccttg tgagatatat ggtttttgtc tctgactttg tttatatagt    118560
     aaatttcact gatggatttc catatactaa accatccctg aattcctaag atgaagcctt    118620
     cttttttttt tttttaagat ttatttatta tgtgtaagta cattgtagct gtcttcagac    118680
     actccagaag agggagtcag atctcgttat ggatggttgt gagccaccat gtggttgctg    118740
     ggatttgaac tctggacctt cggaagagca gtcgggtgct ctaacccact gagccatctc    118800
     accagcccaa gatgaagcct tcttaatcat gttggatgac cattttgatg tgttcttgga    118860
     ttcggttgga agattttatt aagtagtttt tcatcaatat tcataaggga attttttctg    118920
     tagttctctt tctttgttgg gtcgttttct ggtttaggta tcagtataac tctgtcttca    118980
     tagaaagaat tgaatagtgt tccatcggtt tctattttat agaataattt gaggagtgtt    119040
     ggaattagat cttcattgaa agtctgatag aattctgtac taaaacaatc tgaccatagg    119100
     cttttttgtg tgtctgggag acttctaatg acagtttata tttcactggt gattatgggg    119160
     ctgcatagat ggtttatttg attgtgattt aactttggta cctggtatct gtctagaaaa    119220
     tcacccattt catcaaggcc ttccaatttt gttaagcata gacttttgta gtaggatctg    119280
     attttttttt tttttaattt cctcagtttc tattgttatg tctccacttt catttctaat    119340
     tttgttaatt tggatactgt ctatgtgctc tctggttagc ctggctaagg tttatctacc    119400
     ttgttgattt ttctcaaaga accagctcct agttttgtta attctttgtg tagttcattt    119460
     tgtttctact tggtttattt cagccctgag tttgattatt tcctgccatc tcctcctctt    119520
     gggtgtattt gcttctttgt gttctacagc tcacaaatga gctgctaagc tgctagtata    119580
     ttatctctcc agtgtcttta tgaaggcacc gagggctatg agtttttctc ttagcactgt    119640
     tttcattgtg tcccataagt ttggatatgc tgtgccttaa ttttcattga attctaaaaa    119700
     agaaaaatct tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt    119760
     cctttgctaa gctttatttc ttcccttgtt gagtagaaag ttgttcagct cacatatgta    119820
     tgggggcttt ctgttgtttt tcttgctatt gaagacgagc cttagtctgg ggtggaccaa    119880
     cagaatacat aggattaatt cgatgtactt gtatctgttg aggtttgttt tgtgtttgag    119940
     tatatggttg atttttgaga aggtaccatg aggagctgag aagagtgtat attcttttgt    120000
     tttaggatga aatattctgt agctatcttt taaatccatt tggtccatca cttctgttag    120060
     ttttcttgtg tctctgttta gtttctgttt cagtgatctg tcgactgatg agagtagggt    120120
     gttgaagtct cccgttatta tggtgtaagg ttcaatgtgt cctttaaact tcagcaacac    120180
     ttttttttta aaatgttggt gcccttgcat ttggggcata gacattcaaa attgagagtt    120240
     catcttggtg gatttttcct ttgatgagta tggagagtct ttccccatct tttttgataa    120300
     ctattttttg aaagtctatt ttgttggata ttagaatgga tactccaact agtttcttgg    120360
     aaccatttgg aaattttttt ccagcctttt actttgtcac tgagatgtgt ttcctttatg    120420
     cagcaaaatg ctggatcctg tttatgtatc caatctttta gcctatgtag ttttattggg    120480
     caattgagta cattgatgtt ctgagatatt agggaaccaa ttattgttgt ttcctgtttt    120540
     ttgttgttat aggtggaatt atgtttttgt gtttctcttc ttttggaatt gttgtgaaaa    120600
     gattaatttc ttgctttttc tcaggtgtag tttcccacct tctattagac ttttccttct    120660
     attatcctct gtagagctgc attagtgtaa agatatggtt taaatttggt tttgtcttgg    120720
     aataacttgg tttctccatc tacggcaatt gtcagttttg ctgggtatag tagcctaggc    120780
     tgtcattttt gttctcttag tgtctgtatg acacctgccc aggatcttct agctttcata    120840
     gtctcagatg agaaatctgg tataaatctg atagatctgc atttatatag tgcttgacca    120900
     ttttctttta ctgctttcaa tattctttct ttgttcagat catttagtgt tttatttatg    120960
     atgtgatgag aggagtttct tttatgattc catctctttg gtcggcttct tgtatgcttt    121020
     tgggaatttc tttattttgg ttaaggacat tttcttctat aattttgttg aagatgtttg    121080
     ctaacccctt gagttgggaa tcatcactct cttctatacc tattattctc aggttcagca    121140
     cttttattgt gtcctcaatt tcttgaatat aatttctacc tctgagattc tctcttctat    121200
     atcttgtatt ctgtttatgg tgcttgcatc tgtgactcct gttctctttc ctaggttttc    121260
     catctccaag gctgtctccc tttatgtttt ctttaatgtc tctgtttcca tttttagatc    121320
     ctgtatggtt tttgttcaaa tctctcaccc atttaattct gttttcctgt atttctttaa    121380
     gggagttttt tatgcccttc ttaaagtccc ctatcatctt cataaaatga gaatttagat    121440
     ctgaatcttg ctttataggt gtgtttgata tccaagattt gctgtggtgg gagaactggg    121500
     ttctgatgtt accaagtcaa attggcttgt gtcttttatg ttcttatgtt tgcctctcac    121560
     catccggtta cctctggtgt tatctggcct ctctgtctct gactgggaac ttgtccttcc    121620
     tgtgagtctg ttatcttatg ttcctgtgat tctctgctcc tatatgtgtc tgaaaacctg    121680
     tggaatcaag ctgcaactag gctgtgggct gtgtgggtat ggatccagag tggaggtgga    121740
     aacttgaatg cgagcaggtc tctggctggg cagttttcca tttcttgtag tggatgatca    121800
     acttaataat tagaattaag ttgaatacac tttacagatc aaaagaaaaa aattctaggt    121860
     aattccaatc actaaattaa aatgaaaaac tgcaaatgcg atattaaaga agtaaactac    121920
     ataggactga gactttttga gtataaagca tgaaataaaa tgttgtcagt tatagtattc    121980
     ttcataactt ccaaggatta ttatcacaaa caatgtattt gttttccctc agtatggtct    122040
     gcctgttttc atcacaggca ttactccata agggctgatt ttcttcctgt atttgattta    122100
     attttccttt caataaatat cttttacatc acagttatta tcataaaata tattaagagg    122160
     atttactcca tattttcatc tcctccttaa aggaatgagg catggaatca tagctagcat    122220
     agactacaca ctgacttcca agccacactg ggaaattaag taaaattctg ccccacaaaa    122280
     gggccctgct tatagcttag ttcattatga ataaagagga cctgaaatat gcatggcaaa    122340
     gtctaagcat tatggttcta aaggtgaaag acagtgatag agtacttgat tagtatatac    122400
     tgagtactct gtttaatttg tagatcagaa ataaagaaag aaattatgga catatttcac    122460
     attgtttaat caaaagaatt atgtgggcag gagagattgc tttaaggtca agatcacttt    122520
     cactgttttc tgtgtagagt ttaattctaa acacctactt ggagttgctc aatgtacatc    122580
     taactccaga gaatctagta catacttctg acagtatgct ttgtaacaag gctgtcagac    122640
     agacaggcag gcagacagac agacagacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    122700
     acacacacac accaaacatt cacacgcacg tacatacaca gagaaagaga cagagacaga    122760
     gatagagaga cagagagaaa cagagaacaa taatgaaata catcttaaaa cataaaataa    122820
     aatcttgctc atgaaaaata aacttttgtt ccatagaaat ggttcagtgg ttggaagctc    122880
     ttgttgtgtt tttaaaggat gagtgttttg ttcatagaac ccatgtcagt tgccctacaa    122940
     ctgattgtaa caccagctct acaggatcag acaccttcct ctggtcccta ttgacactgc    123000
     actaccatgc acaaactcaa aaatgcacat atataaacat ttaaaaataa aattttcctg    123060
     taagtataaa ttttaacaca tagatgatta acagaattga catcccaaat ctataaataa    123120
     ctttcttaag ttatgaaaag tatagggtgt ttgatgaaaa tgttacaata cattttatca    123180
     aagaagtaaa ataaatgtct tatatgtaaa aggaattgta actgtgatat ggggattttt    123240
     taattaatgt ttggatataa tacacccata ttattggtaa gagaaatgac aaacattctt    123300
     atgattgtta gtaatactta aattagctac tcagaagata attgattcaa acatttactc    123360
     ataatttgca actacctaga agtaaaagtt tccacatata aaactgtttt ttgtttcctc    123420
     cagaatatat gtaggaaaat attgaaatgg atttaaaccc aaaaccagag aaattagaca    123480
     taaaatttat agacatataa aaaatggttc tttattttga tgtcactata cactaaatta    123540
     ctcaaaggca ttgcaaataa attggccact gttaacctca atgcaattat agacctggaa    123600
     gcataagagt aaagatcaca aaacatttaa tgaattcatt aattaacaag gttggtatct    123660
     tgaacagcat ttctgtaatc taaacatgat ttatttgatt ggctaacaaa aaatctgacc    123720
     ttagctagtg attacagttt cagtaaatgt ttgtcaacgt caaaacaaca gactggatat    123780
     cattgtatat cataaagttt attacatact cattggagtt atgtgttagt tatttctctc    123840
     attattgtag ctaaatatgt actaaaaatc atttgaagga gcaagattat ttggggttca    123900
     ttattttaca ctttagtcca atgtcatgaa tatgtgtggt aatagagttc ttctacatat    123960
     gcacataagt aagcaggaaa ggggaaatgg cagtagacaa agttctttgt cttttctatt    124020
     attttactta gtctgagata taagcccctg ggatagaatc ctacacctcc aaggtgcatc    124080
     atttcccctc agttaaaacc ctctaaatat accatagacc ataaatccac aggtttatcc    124140
     tagtgtcttc aaatgtagtc agggggacaa taaagtaaat acaagaaaga gttagaatgt    124200
     attacaccca gtgtagattg attcaatgaa tcaaccaata gatgctaata gtgccaaata    124260
     tagcaacaca attactttcc cctttattag catgcttcct aactttttgt gtcttctata    124320
     tttttatact acaacaaaag acataattta cttttgagac cacatagtca atttcatatt    124380
     ctgccagtag actttttctc atttatcatg taagtcataa ccaattctta ttttagaaag    124440
     acaatgttca ttgagacagg tttttgtttt gttttgtttc gttttgtttt gttttgtttt    124500
     ttaaggaatg taacctctgc tggatttcct atgctccagt aaacagttct atactcatgg    124560
     atattcttga aataactaat gtattctgta gctttttaaa aggaaagtga gtacatgaag    124620
     ttgtaagtag taggaaagca agttcaggag gaatgtgggt ggatttaata gagagatagt    124680
     atatatgggt atgaaatgct cacattatat ttaagttctt aatatgcatc aataaattcc    124740
     aagtgtccca cagtaatctc aaaatatttt gttcatcagc taataaataa cttaccaata    124800
     ataaaatgaa aacagtaaca ctcttagcca ataattttgt agcagtgatc ccttcagaga    124860
     ttgtccatgt ctactttttt ccttcatagt agacctaagt ccaagacagt gattggagtt    124920
     tcccattacc aagataaagg gtgcccccac atacacatac accactaaac ttgaacatcc    124980
     ttatcacagc cctttccagg gacttgacaa agaacagaac tctacatcca agtttgaaac    125040
     tatgtgccaa ttaaggctga agaaatggct tagtggttaa gagtacttgc tgttttccca    125100
     gaagttatct tcccagaacc atgattgagc agcttacagc caccagagtt tctgttcaac    125160
     atcatctaaa atactctgcc ggccacaata gttacacatg tggcatacat aattattcac    125220
     agacaaatgc acaaatatgc acctgtttct aaaagcaaaa gtacagtgag ctagagaaaa    125280
     tattaggtgg taaaactagt acctgtgcca ctagaggacc aagattcaat tcccacctcc    125340
     tacttggcag ctacctacca tttgcaactc taggttcaga gcatttgaca cactcttctg    125400
     gcctataagg gaactaggcc tattcatggt attctaacat acatatagtt caaacaccac    125460
     aacaaataaa ataaagtaga attatatttt taaaattttg tgctaagatt caaggaaata    125520
     aaatcaaagc aagacagatg aaaaaccaag ttaaggtcag tgaatcttta tattagaaga    125580
     aacaacaggc attttatctc aagagaaatc ctataacttc gcttactata aacacccaag    125640
     ccataatata tcacaaatca cagaagagaa gctgtcctac caataacttt cttcagggcc    125700
     tccttcatat ccctgttcct caaacaatag acaaagggat tcaacattgg aggaactact    125760
     gaatacatca ctgaagccac agcaatcttc tttggtgaat caattacttt tgaggtaatg    125820
     tatacaccaa accctgtccc atagaataag gaaacaactg acaaatgaga cccacaggtg    125880
     gaaaaggctt tgtactttcc ttctgatgat ggcattttca atactgtaga cacaatatga    125940
     gtataagaaa agattattgc aaacagagga agaccagcaa aaatagaagc tgtaacaaat    126000
     atcaggatgt tgttgatgag gctgtcagaa caggcaagct tcaggatttg tgcaatttca    126060
     cagaagaagt ggaggatttc caggtctgtg cagaaggaca agtacagcac catcagacta    126120
     tgcagcagac catttacaat actaaagaat agagagaaaa gaaccagaat aacacagaaa    126180
     ctggggttca taaggactgt gtatcttaga ggataacaaa tggctatgta gcgatcataa    126240
     gccattactc caaggagaaa acattcaaat attgtacaaa ctacaacaaa gcaggcctgg    126300
     ctgaggcagc cagcaaaagt tatcctctga tcttttgttt gtatattcat caacatcttt    126360
     gggactgtga tgctgattaa atacatgtca ttaaaagaca gatgacagag aaagaagtac    126420
     atggggttgt gaagatggaa gtcacacttg atggccaaca ttataagaag atttccagaa    126480
     acggtaatca agtatatgct tagaaaaaga acaaagatga atggctgcag ctctgggtca    126540
     tttgtgagtc catgtagaaa aatatccaaa acaactgatt tgttttcaac ttccatgtta    126600
     gacatgaatc ttaaggaaag ggggtaagaa gttattgaaa tacaggaatg attagtagca    126660
     ttgtaaaatt agatttgtta gaaaagaacc ttatatatat atatgcccta gtctttccaa    126720
     tttatccttc tattccaact aagaatgcaa catgaggaaa ttaatttgaa gacaacacca    126780
     tctagtttgt cctacctaaa tatggctatc tagtaattaa tatctgaggt gaacttactt    126840
     ttgctatcat gacaagaagt ataacacagt ctgaataaaa ctaaaagtga ttgtatttga    126900
     gaatggggct gttttttcct ctgagtgaaa ttttatgtac cactacagaa gggtaacaat    126960
     aaaaaattat ccagaatgag gtttagtaga aagtttcatg gtaataaatt ctgtaatgag    127020
     ttgataatag gaagacaatt gtgtgcaatt tttctaattg tcttatgcat gatcttctgt    127080
     ttcatcatgt tgataatcta aaaatacctc cttcatttct gaaaattagt catgtggtcg    127140
     gtattttttg tctatcctcc agaaaggtgt aaatatctca cctgtatgtt gtaagtggaa    127200
     gaaatctctc ttagaaatgc agacagagta taggaaagaa gttcctagtt aaagatggat    127260
     tatctctgga ctgagtacaa gatatttcaa gatttttgaa atgctgctga gtatatcaca    127320
     agctgaaggc tttatctctt attctcagga gacttgatgt tcaaagctcc tcattagaca    127380
     aactacatga ctactattct aaacccatga gttcatatcc ttaaagacca atactaacaa    127440
     tagtgatgag ttttgaatag ctgattctct tcttctgaag atcagttgaa catagttgag    127500
     tttcctcata cacttctcag tattgcatac ataaaatata acattgctct cataacttta    127560
     tacatcattt ttacggttct ttacaaacta gaggttgttt attttttcat ggtatcattt    127620
     agcctggatc taattctatt tttaggaata tgttctattt atttgtacac acttgtagct    127680
     gtccaagttt tcaactatca taaaagtcca aacaatctta atcttaaaca atgctactaa    127740
     tcttgcctgt gcatcatctc tgttgactga atgctgactt ttgttccttc tttgctgtat    127800
     atttcttttc tgtttcttaa gatcactgct gatagtaaga cagtgttaaa taactataac    127860
     cactcacatt gaacttgtga aacatgaatt tttcaaaatt gtttgcaatt gtcttatgaa    127920
     aggagacaat ttgtttaact taggggtttg tttactattg cattttagtt gtttttttta    127980
     ttttacttaa atgttttcat tttggcaatt gttttgttta aagctgaaca ttattcagag    128040
     agaaagaaag catgtaatta ataccattaa accaaacaaa caatcagcct tataactcat    128100
     ttcctcaacc atgctttctg gaatggagaa aaaaaaaatc aaacattcca cggttcagtc    128160
     ttgttcttat tatgtgacat ttctaagact tctgatgcgt ctccctactt cctgtcacct    128220
     ccccacccat atatgtgtat aattttaaag gtttctgctt ttcctactac ctagtccctt    128280
     tctttatatt caacttttat gcttatactg attgcatact gctaatcaaa tacttaatag    128340
     ctaacattca tttaaaaaat gaaataaatc ttacttttct ttgtatatta tcgcactcaa    128400
     gataattttc tctaactcta tctatttacc tgcaaagttc atgattttat tttgcaatag    128460
     ctgagtaata ttccattgta ttgatgtact atattttctt tatccattca tccaatgaga    128520
     aacatctaga ttatttcaaa tttctgattg ttatgaatat acaaacaata agcatagttg    128580
     agcaagtgcc aatgtagtac aatatacagt gtttggatgt gtgccccaaa atctattcac    128640
     agtttcttaa agaatcactg caactgtttc catagtagct atataggttt gtattcacaa    128700
     gagcagtgaa taagtgttaa tcttagtcta catcctgatc agcacgagta gtcattcatt    128760
     ttattgattg tggactttca atttactcta gatgaaatct aaatgtagtt ttaattagta    128820
     ttttcctaat gttgaacatt gatgtgttac tcaaacattt atgttttatc ctttaaaatc    128880
     actcctctta catctgtatt tcatttttta aattattttt ttcttgatgt acagcttatt    128940
     tgggtcttta caatttagac ctcacaactc tatcagatgt gtgattgata aaagttttcc    129000
     ccattgtgta gcctgacaca ttgtctaaat aatagtgttc tttaccatac agaagctttt    129060
     cttttcatga ggtttcattt attatttgtt agtcatagta cctgcaatat catcattttt    129120
     ctgtgccaaa aagtttatga taattccccc actttcttct ttataagata tactgtattt    129180
     tgacttatgt taaggtcctt tttcattaag gttaaatttg tgtgtgggga taaatatgta    129240
     cctattgaca ttcttgtaaa ttcagcatac agcatgccag cacaattgtt gaagatgctg    129300
     tctttataca atatgaattt ttaaattctt tttcaaaaat tatgtatccc tagatatgtt    129360
     cccttatatt tgggccttca attctatttt cacgatcaag gtgtctgttt ttatgtcact    129420
     atcatattgg ttttattact ttaattctgt aataccattt gaaatctggg atatttatac    129480
     ttacagtaag tttttttaaa tgtttttata tttagttttg ttttaattgt cctgattttg    129540
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtttgtttc catatgatgc tgaaaattgt tcttttaatt tctttgaagt    129600
     attatcttag cattttgatg aggattgtat tgaacttgta gaaaggccaa ttttactgta    129660
     ttaataatac taattcacaa gaactgatga tttttctaca ttctcctgta tttttcaatt    129720
     tcttttctca atgtcttgaa gcttttatta taaaagtctt tcaatggctt gactagacta    129780
     agcctaagat atattatttg aaggtatcat gaaagataat atttatccca tttttctctt    129840
     tggtttgaaa tttgtgtgca gaaaggctga tgatatagtc tgatgtgttt tagaaagcaa    129900
     ttgttagcag tacaagattt ttagtgtttc ttatatttaa aagcatgtca tttataaata    129960
     tagcttagct tctttcctat ttatatccct tttaggtcct tacactgtct tattgttcta    130020
     gcaaagaatt ctattaccac tttgaaaaag tatagagaaa gtacacatga tattttgctc    130080
     ttgattttag tggaaatgct ttgacttact ctatatttat gcttatatta tttgcaggtt    130140
     tgttttgcaa ggatctaatt ctgttaaggt ctcactattt tcttcaaaat gtttatttta    130200
     aaaagatata aaattttgca aaaggccttt cttcatttaa taagatcatc atgtggtttc    130260
     tgtcccttgg tctgtgtttt gttttgtttt gttttgtaga taatgtttat tgctttctgg    130320
     gtataagaca gacatgggtc atgctgtgtg aagtatatga ctgggtaaag tatctatatt    130380
     ctttaattca attggaggaa tcatttgaaa aagagtctaa atgtccctct atagattaaa    130440
     caaataggaa tggacataga catagagagg cctttgggct caagcaacct ccctgaaaga    130500
     atagatccca tcattgtgag acctggtggg agttgttagg gaaacaagag aggaaatggc    130560
     acttatggag agggaggatg ttgcagagca gtggcttagg gaaatgacaa tgcctataga    130620
     catttagatg tgagatcaga tagtagaggg attttaggac aggagatgaa ggtgttggtt    130680
     gaggaggctg aagagggaat taaggaattt ttggtgggac tgaaggattt gattgtgcct    130740
     gtgatggagc cagatccttt atgtctaaat caaaggaaga gtgggctatg ggcccaagac    130800
     tgtggttatc cttggtaagt agctttggcc tctgccaaga ggattttata tgtgtagcaa    130860
     gagatataga ggaaagaaaa ggaaactttg aatgtagggt acctcagatc atttgcgaca    130920
     ttgacaaaag ttgttatgta tattagaatt tggagatcta atatgcaatt ttctggtcaa    130980
     agacactatt gaatcttttt ttaaaatatt ttttattacg tattttcctc aattacattt    131040
     ccaatgctat cccaaaagtc ccccatacac ccccccactc ccctacctac ccattcccac    131100
     tttttggccc tggcgttcct ctgtactggg acatataaag tttgtaatgg gcctctcttt    131160
     ccagtgatgg ctgactaggc catcttttga tacatatgca gctagagaca agagctccgg    131220
     ggtactgctt agttcataat gttgttgcac ctacagggtt ggagatctct ttagctcctt    131280
     ggatactttc tctagctcct ccattggggg acctgtgatc catccaatag ctgactgtga    131340
     gcatccactt ctgtgtttgc taggccccgg cctagtctca caagagacag ctatatcagg    131400
     gtcctttcag caaatgcttg ctagtgtatg caatggtgtc atcgtttgta ggctgattat    131460
     tggatggatc cctggatatg gtagtctctt gattgtccat ccttttgtct cagctccaaa    131520
     ctttgtctct gtaactcctt ccatgggtta ttgtttccaa ttctaagaag gggcatagtg    131580
     tccacacttt ggtcttcctt cttcttcagt ttcatgtgtt ttacaaattg tatcttatat    131640
     cttgggtata ctaagtttct gggctaatat ctacttctca gtgagtacat atcatttgag    131700
     ttcttttgtg attgtgttac ctcactcagg atgatgccct ccaggtccaa ccatttgcct    131760
     aggaatttca taattcattc tttttaatag ctgagtagta ctccattgta taaatgtacc    131820
     acattttttg tatccattcc tctgttgagg ggcatctggg ttctttccag cttctggcta    131880
     ttataaataa ggctgctatg aacatagtag agcacgtgtc cttcttacca gttgggacat    131940
     cttctggata tatgcccagg agaagtattg ctggatcctc cggtaatact atgtccaatt    132000
     ttctgaggaa ccaccagact gatttccaga gtggttgtac aagcttgcaa tcccaccaac    132060
     agtggaggag tgttcctctt tctccacatc ctcgccagca tctgctgtca cctgaatttt    132120
     tgatcttagc cattctgact ggtgtgagat gaaatctcag ggttcttttg atttgcattt    132180
     ctctgatgat taaggatgct gagaattttt tcaggtgctt ctctgccatt cggtattcct    132240
     caggtgagaa ttctttgttt agctctaagc cccatttttt aatggggcta ttggattttc    132300
     tggagtccac cttcttgagt tctttatata tattggatat tagtccccta tctgatttag    132360
     gataggtaaa gatcctttcc caatctgttg gtgacctttt tgtctttttg tcttttgcct    132420
     tgcagaagct ttgcagtttc atgaggtccc atttgtcaat cctcaatctt acagcacaag    132480
     ccattgctgt tctattcatg attttttccc ctgtgcccat atcttcgagg gttttcccca    132540
     ctttctcctc tataagtttc agtgtctctg gttttatgtg gagttccttg atccacttag    132600
     atttgacgtt agtacaagta tataggaatg gatcaatttg cattcttcta catgataacc    132660
     accagttgtg ccagcaccat ttgttgaaaa tgctgtcttt gttccactgg atggttttag    132720
     ctcccttgtc aaagatcaag tgaccacagg tgtgtgggtt catttctggg tcttcaattc    132780
     tattccattg gtctacttgt ctgtcactat accagtacca tgcaggtttt atgacaattg    132840
     ctctgtagta atgtgttagg tcaggcatgg cgattccacc agaggttctt ttatgcttca    132900
     gaagagattt tgatatcctc ggttttttgt tattccagat gaatttgcag attgctcttt    132960
     ctaattcgtt gaagaattga gttggaattt tgatggggat tgcattgaat ctgtagattg    133020
     cttttggcaa gatagcaatt tttacaatgt tgatcctgcc aatccatgaa catgggagat    133080
     ctttccatcg tctgagattt tctttaatta ctttcttcag agacttgaag ttcttatcat    133140
     acagatcttt cacttcctta gttagagtca tgccaagata ttttatatta tttgtgacta    133200
     ttgagaaggg tgttgtttcc ctaattgctt tctcagcctg tttattcttt gtgtagagaa    133260
     aggccattga cttgtttgag ataattttat atccagctac ttcaccgaag ctgtttatca    133320
     ggtttaggaa ttctttggtt gaatttttag ggtcacttat atataccatc atatcatctg    133380
     cgaaaagtga tattttgact tcatcttttc caatttgtat ccccttgatc tccttttgtt    133440
     gtcaaattgc tctggctagg acttcaagta ctatgttgaa gaggtaggga gaaagtgagc    133500
     agccttgtct actccctgat tttagtggga ttgcttccac cttctcacca tttactttga    133560
     tgttggctac tggtttgctg tagattgctt ttatcatgtt taggtatggg ccttgaatcc    133620
     ctgatctttc caaaactttt atcatgaatg ggtgttgggt cttgtcgatt gctttttccg    133680
     catctaacga gatgatcatg tggtttttgt cttcgagttt gtttatataa tggattacat    133740
     tgatgaattt ccgtatatta aacgatccct gcatccctgg aataaaacct acttggtcag    133800
     gatggatggt tgctttaatg tgttcttaga ttcggttagc aaaaatttta ttgagtattt    133860
     ttgcatcgat atccataagg gaaattggtc tgaagttctt ttatctttgc tggacctttc    133920
     tttggtttag gtatcagagt aattgtggct tcatagaatg agttgggtag agtaccttct    133980
     acttctattt tgtggaatag tttgtgcaga actgggatta gatcttcttt gaaggtctga    134040
     tagaactctg cactaaaccc atctggtcct gggctttttt tgactggaat actattaatg    134100
     actgcttcta tttctttatg ggctatggga ctgtttagat tgttgacgtg atcctgattt    134160
     aacgttggta cctggaatct gtctagaaat ttgtccattt catccaggtt ttccagtttt    134220
     gttgagtata gccttttgta aaagaatctg atgttttgga aatttcagga tctgttgtta    134280
     tgtctccctt ttcatttctg attttgttaa ttaggatgct gtccctgtgc actctagtga    134340
     gtctgtctaa gggtttatct atcttgttga ttttctcaaa gaaccaactc ctcatttggt    134400
     tgattctttg aatagatctt cttgtttccg cttggttgat ttcacccctg agtttgatta    134460
     tttcctgctg tctactcctc ttgggtgaat tttcttcctt tttttctaga gcttttagat    134520
     gtgttgtcaa gctgctagtg tgtgctctct ctagtttctt tttggaggca ctcagagcta    134580
     tgagtttccc tcttagaaat gctttcatta tgtcccatag gtttgggtat gttgtggctt    134640
     cattttcaat aaacactaaa aagtctttaa tttccttctt tattccttcc ttgaccaagg    134700
     tatcattgaa aagagtgttg ttcagtttcc acgtgaatgt tggctttcca ttatttatgt    134760
     tgttattgaa gatcagcctt aggctgtggt ggtctgatag gatgcatggg acaatttcag    134820
     tatttttgta tctgttcagg cctgctttgt gaccaattat atggtcactt ttggagaagg    134880
     tcccgtgagt gctgagaaga aggtatatcc ttttgtttta ggataaaatg ttctgtagat    134940
     atctgttaag tccatttgtt tcataacttc tgttagtttc actgtgtccc tgtttagttt    135000
     ctgtttccac gatctgtcca ttgatgaaag tggtgtgttg aagtctccca ctattattgt    135060
     gtgaggtgca atgtgtgctt tgagctttac taaagtgtct ttaatgaatg tgtctgcccc    135120
     tgcatttgga gcctagatat tcagaattga gagttcctct tggaggattt tacctttgat    135180
     gagtattaag tgtccctcct ggtttttttt tgtttgtttg tttttgtttt tgtttttgtt    135240
     tttttttttt gataactttg ggttggaata cgattttatt cgatattaga atggctactc    135300
     cagccttttt cttcagatca tttgcttgga aaattgtttt ccagcctttc actctgaggt    135360
     agtgtcagtc tttttccctg agatgggttt cctgtaagct gcagaatgtt gggtcctgtt    135420
     tgtgtagcca gtctgttagt ctatgtcttt ttattgggta attgagtcta ttgatattaa    135480
     gagatattaa ggaaaagtaa ttgttgctcc cttttatttt tgttgttaga gttggcattc    135540
     tgttcttgtg gctgtcttct ttttggtttg ttgaatgatt actttcttgg ttgttctagg    135600
     gcgtgatttc cgtccttgta ttgcttcttt tctgttatta tcctttgaag ggctggattc    135660
     gcggaaagat attgtgtgaa tttggttttg tcatggaata ctttggtttc tccatctatg    135720
     gtaattgaga gtttggccag gtatagtagc ctgggttggc atttgttttc tcttagtgtg    135780
     tgtaaaacat ctgtctaggc tattctggct ttcatagtct ctggtgaaaa gtctggtgta    135840
     attctgatag gcctgccttt atatattact tgacctttct cctttactgc ttttaatatt    135900
     ctctctttat ttagtgcatt tgttgttctg attattatgt gtcgggagga attttttttc    135960
     tggtccagtc tatttggaat tctgtaggct tcttgtatgt tcatgggcat atcattcttt    136020
     aggtttggga agttttcttc tataattttg ttgaaaatat ttgctggccc tttaagttga    136080
     aaatcttcat tctcatcaac tcctattatc cgtaggtttg gtcttctcat tgtgtcctgg    136140
     aatacctgaa tgttttgagt taggatcctt ttgcattttg tattttcttt gattgttgtg    136200
     ctgatgttct ctatagaatc ttctgcacct gagattctct cttccatctc ttgcattctg    136260
     ttgctgatgc tggcatatat ggttccagat ttcttttcta ggatttctat ctccagcgtt    136320
     gcctcacttt ggattttctt tattgggtct acttcccttt ttatgtcttg gatggtttta    136380
     ttgaattcca tcacctgttt ggtcttgttt tcctgcaatt ctttaaggga tttttgtgtt    136440
     tcctctttaa ggtcttctac ctgtttagct gtgttctcct gtatttcttt aagtgagtta    136500
     ttaaagtcct tcttgatgtc ctctaccatc atcatgagat atgcttttaa atctgggtct    136560
     agcttttcgg gtgtgttggg atgcccagga ctaggtgggg tgggagtgct gtgttctgat    136620
     gatggtgagt ggtcttaatt tctgttagta ggattcttac atttgcctct tgtcatctgg    136680
     taatctctga agctagttgt tatagttgtc tctggttaga gcttgttcct caggtgacta    136740
     tgttagcctc tatcagcaga cctgggagac tagctctctc cttagtttca gtggtcagag    136800
     tattctctgc aggcacgctc tcttcttgca gggaaggtgc ccagatatct ggtgttcgaa    136860
     cctgcctcct ggcagaagtt gtgttccact catcagaggt cttaagatcc catggagggt    136920
     cctgtgagga ccttgggggt gtccggaaac tctgcatgca gggcaccccg ttgctggagt    136980
     ggactggaag ggacttgtgc ccctgatcag gccgggttat ctgcttccct agttaatgca    137040
     gtctcaggtc cggcgcgatt agattggagc agacactgtg ttccactcac cagaggtctt    137100
     aggattctgt gggggatcct gtgtgggtcc ttgcgggtgt ctggagactc ctcgggcaag    137160
     gcaccccggt gttggagtgg actggaaggg acttgtcact attgcatctt atattgatac    137220
     aagattgtat tgcaattaaa aaaaaaaaag atggcaagct aaatgacatc attgattcca    137280
     agagaaaaaa gaagcttcaa aagacatgga agaagagtta aagtatgtga cttaaactgg    137340
     cagtacctca gagttggtaa aacaaagatt tctgagaagt tgacagaaaa gatatcccag    137400
     gattaggtta aaaaatgaaa tataaacagc aaagaaaaat atttctcttc atgtccagtc    137460
     attggggggt gaataggaaa tttgctagaa ggagaacaca attgtatatg gataccaaga    137520
     gatagagttt atacatccaa ggatgcagaa agatagaaca atgagatata gggagacttg    137580
     taggtaagtg cagtagtaca gagactcagt caggattgtg taggaaagta gcctagtata    137640
     ctagcatgac tttgcggaaa agtagaatat accccaagca tctttgtagg aaatgtaccc    137700
     aggaagctcc ctaggaaatt caccttgatt gctctgtcat gattctgaca caattagatg    137760
     agaggagaca attggctaga gtatgtagaa agaaattgct gaagaaatgg actctaaaat    137820
     tgagagtcag ctatggtagg tgacagaggc caacacaggt aaatgatcca taccataaaa    137880
     tagatgaatt ggcagttttg ggttcagtga gaatgaccaa atgaacaaag gagaacttaa    137940
     gaatctcttt cacaagaccc tgcctactcc ctgctctctt tccatcaaaa gcccagagaa    138000
     ctcctacctg attttattct cagaaccaaa atgatcttag aaaaaaaaaa tcccaacccc    138060
     acacccagag acctcctctt aaaaccattg catgggaagg cataacttct gaatccagac    138120
     ttgcttgcca gtctgggagg aacatcacga taggtgtatt gtggcaacca aagatatagg    138180
     aactgtatca taccagatta catccatggc tcaggcattt gtagcagcag taaaaacaga    138240
     aggaatctgc ttcaaatgtg gagaggcagg acattggagg gatgaatgcc cacaaagctt    138300
     tctccccccc cccccccagc agattgtaat cgcagtaagg aaatctgtca ctgctgcaga    138360
     aaaggttgcc actagaggag atactgtacc actgtatatg ataaggatgg taagccactg    138420
     gagcctttaa acttcaaatg gggcagccct cagccccgac agtaagaggg acaaccactc    138480
     tcatagaagc cttatgggta tccagcatct cagaaggctc ccatctaaaa ttaagcacta    138540
     aaatagatag taaaccattc aaatgcctta ttgatattgg aacatatagg aaaattttaa    138600
     gacagcagga gatcctatgt gattggcaac cgatccctca caccagctcc taagcataag    138660
     gggtgcctct catacattca ttaccaaaag agcctatagg tgggaagccc tggatggagc    138720
     taccagccgc ataaggccgc tggtgcccaa gtagccacca atcttctagg gagagatatc    138780
     ttacaagtct tagatgtggt tcttaccaca caatcagaaa gaaaccacat tacaattgag    138840
     gacatcacca ataaggataa tacccaagga gcgcctaaaa accctcctcc aaatcacccc    138900
     caattttagg ggccactgtc atatttagta cgccctgcct tgattggctt tctgatgaag    138960
     ccatctgggt cccacagtgg cctctatcaa gggagaagct tagagccctc acacagcttg    139020
     tagaagaaca gcagttgcca gaacatctct gccactccca cagtcctgtg tttgctataa    139080
     aaaatagctc aggggggata tagattatta caagatctga gggcaattaa taaaaccatg    139140
     caagtctggg gctccccaca aagaggacta ccccacatct caaccatccc tgccaatgtt    139200
     cccctgttag gaatagacat aaaggactgc tttttttctg tccttctcca tcccaagact    139260
     gcgaatgctt tgcattatct tcttaacatt aacaactctg actgagcctc acaatatgaa    139320
     tggactcttc tctcacaggg aatggctaat agtacatcca tttgtcagga ggctgcatta    139380
     aaaccccatt tagacaaact aaagtggctg tttggtccct cctcgctctc taagctctca    139440
     cttttcttat tctctaaccc tccttctctt tctccctccc cctttctcca tgaggacatg    139500
     gccatcctct ctccctattt ctaccttctc tctttcctcc tgcctttcta caataaagct    139560
     ctaaaaccat agactctctc tgctcctcaa ggtctgccat gcttgaatga tgagataggc    139620
     ttttgcctaa ggagccgtgt ctaacctcca gccagaaggc cttcctgcag tccagtcaca    139680
     gatcagatca aggactctcg cttgcatgag aaccatccag tgcccccccc catcctccct    139740
     gatacatttg taaaacaaac atttccaact ctaaaattat acatttaacc taacacatta    139800
     atagtggtag aattcaacat cccacactca ccaattaaca ggtcacccag acaaaaacta    139860
     aacagagaaa taatgaaact aatagacatt atgaaccaaa tggacctaaa agaaatctat    139920
     ggaatatttt actcaaacaa aaaataatat aacttcttct cagcacccca tgtattcttt    139980
     tccaaaattt tatcatatac ctggtcacaa agcaggcttc aaatgatatg aaaaagtgaa    140040
     ataatgtctt gtatcttatc agtctaactt gaattaaagc tagacaaaaa cagaaatacc    140100
     agaaagctta cacactcatg gaaaatgaaa aactttctcc tcagtgattt ctgagtaagg    140160
     gaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag    140220
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aacttaaaga ctttttagaa ttcaatgaaa ataaaggcac    140280
     agcacactca gggttatggg acacaatgaa aacagagcta agagaaaagt tcataacatt    140340
     aagtgtctcc ataaagaaat tagaaacttc ttataccagc aatttaaaag aacacctgaa    140400
     aactctataa aaaagaagta agcccaccga agagaaggaa aagtcaggaa ataatcaaaa    140460
     tcaaatttga aatcaatcag ttagaaataa agaaaacaat gcatagaatc aactaaacta    140520
     aaagctggtt tgttggggcc agcctgcagc tctcatgtct gggttcgagc ctggaaggca    140580
     acctggagct gaaagaaagg gaaactagac agacaagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    140640
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagaacca agacaggatt ctaatcaagg    140700
     ctcaaatgtt taataatagt ctgcacttta taaagaggga agcccatccc cagtcatgcc    140760
     aagtttcttg tgaagttgtc agaacagcct tttagcagaa actcaccaaa ttcacagttt    140820
     gctaactccg gggaaaatct tggaggaaaa tcttggagaa ccggttaggt ctcaggcagg    140880
     cagcagatag catcacatca aaggagaggg atgagaagca gcacagcagg tggctccgtc    140940
     tcaggggcag aaggtctgaa ccagcctgcc taggctgaag aagggtacac tgatcctttg    141000
     agaaaattaa caagacagac aaaccctttg ccgaactaac caaaacacaa agaaacggta    141060
     ttcaaatgaa caaaatcaga aatgaaaaga actcactttg tagaccaggc tccaggcttg    141120
     cctcaaactc agaaatcggc ctgcctctgc ctcccaagtg ctgggattaa agacatgcat    141180
     caacacagcc cgacttcctt ggtataattc taaccaacca agtgaaagag atatatgact    141240
     agaaatttaa gtcaccgaag aaagaaattg aggaagatat cagaagatgg aaagatcctc    141300
     catgttcatg gattgaaaga cccacaacat gaggactccc ccacgttctg actcaggagg    141360
     ggcgacaccc caaaatcacc cacgagaaat ggtcttgctg caaattgcaa gaggattttt    141420
     attcaagagc gctctcgggc ccacggtcat acaccacgca ggggtagagg accgtggcgc    141480
     cccgagtagc tgagtaaggg ggtatttaaa ggaaaaaaac acaactcaag gaggtgggaa    141540
     gggcgttgtt ggaaaatgcc aaaaatacca gataagagtc acaaggaagt acaaagtcac    141600
     aggtgtcaca aggaatacct ggtaattgtt aactctcaag acagtttcta agagccccta    141660
     acaatagcac atttgcattg cagcttccgg taatggtcag ggtgactttc tttgaatgaa    141720
     tactccttga actcagaaag tgggtgggtg gaggaatgtc actatctgtt ttatgattag    141780
     cataccttgg agcactgagt ttactactct ttcaggatca gtagaaataa catagtgaaa    141840
     attgccatct tcccaagaac aatttaaata atcaatgcaa ttcccatcaa aattgcaaca    141900
     taattcagaa cttgatagag aaattctcag cttattatgg agaaacaaaa atcttcatag    141960
     ctagtataat cctgaacaaa ataaaagaac atccagaagt tcttttattt tacaatccct    142020
     gaagtcaagc tgtactacaa agcaagaata attaaaaact atatggtatg ggtataggaa    142080
     cagacaaatt aatcaatgga atttaatcaa agacactgaa ataaaatcac acacctatgg    142140
     ccccttcatt tttcacaaag ggaaaaaaaa actatacact ggaaaaaaag aaaacatatt    142200
     tgccaaatgt tgctggtata actggatgtt tgcatgtaaa agaaggcaaa gaaatccata    142260
     tctatcactc tgcacaaatg tcatgtccaa atggcttaaa gatctcaacc taaaaccaga    142320
     tagactaaat ctaatagaac agaaagtggg atagccttga actccttggt acaggagaca    142380
     acattgtaaa cagaaaagca atggctcaat ctctaagatc aacaattgag aaataggaca    142440
     ccatgaaagt gaaaaacttc tgtaaggcaa atgacactgt caaaaacaaa aatagtttta    142500
     cctaccttgc atctgagaaa gggctaatat ccacatttta ttaaaaaata aataaataaa    142560
     ctcaagaagt tagataccaa caagtgaaat aacccaatta aagatatttt cagtgccctt    142620
     agtcatcaag gaaatgaaaa tctacacaac tcttagattt ttttcttaca cctgatagaa    142680
     tggctaagaa aaaaactcaa gtaataacat atgctggcaa ggaagtggag caaggacacc    142740
     atttcaccat tgctggtggt agtgcaaact tgaaaaaaca ttttggaaat taatttgaca    142800
     atatctcaga aaactggaaa tagttctacc tcaagctcca gctataccac tccaggcata    142860
     tacccaaaag atgtttcatt atcccacaaa gacacttgca cacctgggtt catagcagtt    142920
     ttattcataa taatctgaat ctggaaataa ctgagatgtc cctcaactga agaatagatt    142980
     ttaaaaacta ctatattaat gggtaaaata ctaatcacct attgaaaaca aagaatgcac    143040
     acaaggggat ggatcttgag aatatcgtcc tgagagaagt aacacagacc caaaaggtca    143100
     aacatgatat gcattcactt agaagaagat attagccata atacacagga tatcaatgtt    143160
     atatttgaca gacccaaaga aactaaaaca agggtggtac aagggggtaa tgcttggatc    143220
     tcacttagaa tggggaataa aatagtcata ggacacagat ggagggaggg aacaagatgg    143280
     gaaaggggat gacaggggaa tggtaaggtt taagatcagg tatggagagg gacaacaaaa    143340
     acttccagat ggccatgaga attggtgaaa ttatgcaaat gacagtgctg tgaaggtggg    143400
     aggcatctcc aggatgtgac aaagacctgg gataagggag gtacccaaga atcaatggca    143460
     gtgaccttag cagtgacaca tagcattggt gatggtgata tagaatctga agaggccaca    143520
     gcctgtaggc agtctggaac accggtggag tgatagtgaa acaaacatac ccacaaagtc    143580
     atggaaacaa attttatcct gtctaaatta aatgttgggg tgggaatgca gcagagcccg    143640
     agggaatggc caacaaacaa caggctcagc ttcagactca tcctatgatc aagcaccatt    143700
     ccctaacact attaatgata ctctgatatg cttgcagaca ggagtgtagc atgactgtcc    143760
     tatgagaggc tctacccagc agctgactca gacagatgca gacacccaca gcaaaacagc    143820
     agatgcagct tagggactct tatggaagaa tggggaaaaa attcaggaag gagataggaa    143880
     ctctacagga agaccaacag agtcaattaa cctggaccct tggggctcta agagactgaa    143940
     taaccaacaa acgtgtataa acaggctgta attaggcctc ccttctgata ggtagcaaat    144000
     ttacagaact gtcttcatgt ggcttccaag taactgaagg tcaaaaattg ttgcctgtct    144060
     atggtgtatg ttcttctaga tggactgcct tatctggcct cagtggggag aggatgtgcc    144120
     tacccttcag aaacttgatg ttcaatgatg gaaggataca acagagagag tttctaccct    144180
     ctcagaggat aacgagggta gatgtggaga gggattgtgt gatggaaaag taaagtaaat    144240
     gaataatcaa agtaataata aaagtatctt atattctggt taagaaacaa ctatgtttcc    144300
     ttggcttact taagaaattc tagtaaaaat gaaatgatat atcatagagg aaataatatc    144360
     ctactgatga gttttttcaa ggcttctttc atgtctctgt tcctcagact atagataaag    144420
     ggatttatca tttgagggac tactgaatac agcactgaag ccacagcact cttcctggat    144480
     gattctgtaa ttgttgagct gatatagacc ccaaaaccgg ttccataaaa taagaaaaca    144540
     actgacagat gagacccgca ggtggaaaat gctttatatc ttccttctga tgatgacatt    144600
     ctcaagacag tggttgcaat ttgacaatat gacaaaatga tgccagaaag aggaacacca    144660
     ccaaatatgc aagatgaaat gtatattagt atgttgtcaa taagagtgtt ggaacaggca    144720
     agtttagtaa tctgtgtaag ttcacagaag aaatgtggga ttatgagttc tgtgcagaag    144780
     gacagatgta ataccattag accattgacc agggcatttg ccatgctccc tatcatagaa    144840
     aatgctacca ttaggataca aagatagggg ttcattatga tcctatacct aagtggatgg    144900
     caaatagcaa catagcggtc ataggccatt gctgcaagaa ggcaattttc catgccaaca    144960
     gacaccaaga caaagcagac ctgagtcaga catcctccat aagtgatgtt ctggtttcct    145020
     gtttgtatat tcaccagcat ctttggaata gtgcatgtaa ctaaaaagat atcattaaaa    145080
     gaaagaacag agagaaagaa gtacatgggg gtatggagat gagagtcaaa gttggtggcc    145140
     agaataatca ggaggtttcc tatgactgtt gcaaggtaca tggaaagaaa gacactgaag    145200
     ataataagtt gcagcttggt atcatctgtg agtcccagga gaatgaatcc tgacacaacc    145260
     gtttggttta tatatttcat gttcatggtg aatctgatgg aatacatgaa gtggaaagag    145320
     aaaaaaacaa cattaatatt agaatatcac agtatcatta gacaactacc tctctagata    145380
     tcgtgatttg ggcctataac ctccagaacc atgaaaatat aaatttctta cattacgtat    145440
     ccaattttgt agtctgtagc atttactata gtttgcaaat ctttggccaa acatgagtac    145500
     aagaatataa ttattggggc agatagatgg ttcattgtgg taattacata caacagaagc    145560
     atagggatca gcattctaat gatcagaatc aaggaaagtg ctatctggac tcatagatcc    145620
     atctgtaatc tcagcataag aagacaaggc aggagaaccc aaagcaagct agctaccaag    145680
     attagccata tgatgaactc tgggattaag aggtcctctc tcaatgtgta aggtagtgaa    145740
     acattaagga tggttcctgg cataaacatt agacttctac atgcacatgt ttctgtgttc    145800
     agagagagag agagagagag aaagagagag agagagcaag tgagaaagag ggagagattc    145860
     atatacatat aactacagaa ataaataaaa cttaaaaaca tttttgaata gtagatagtt    145920
     aacctggaca ttcatgaaac atacaacaca catgcagagg gggcggggga gattcatata    145980
     catataacta cagataaaaa taaacattaa aaacattttt gaaaagtaga tagttaacct    146040
     ggacattcat gaaacataca acacacatac agagagagac agagacagag acagagacac    146100
     agagagagac agacacagag gcagagagaa cgtaatgtaa tcaggataaa ttttagcact    146160
     ctattactct ctggtataga agttaaaaca ctccttcgag gaaaaaagag ggccatgagg    146220
     ctaaaatgcc actgtgagag gagacactac cagagctgcc tagaggaaga tgaccttgcc    146280
     agaggtaagt gactttacag cctgtggagc cttcaagcca tgaagagagc ccttctaggg    146340
     attcagattt cctaaattat catcagtata gggatgatca ttttggtgat gcacctgata    146400
     tgagtctctc tgctctataa ctcctcatct atacttattt aattaacttc aataaactga    146460
     catttgactt taatggaatc attacttttg tctattgtag gtttccctgt ctgagataag    146520
     tgtttgttgt gtctttgtgg aaaacttcac aaaagtttcc tcatgtatga gaagggacaa    146580
     atctctgctc agaaataaat aggacctgtt cttggtgaac ttattagagg ggctcagtta    146640
     gggccagtaa cgtaacagtg caaacatatg atgactgacc actgagagaa gcagtataaa    146700
     agtataggga attttttttt catttttcac aaaatcttat agtaatgctt cccacaatga    146760
     tttcaagtaa aatcacccat tctaactgcc atgcattttc aaagaccctg ttacttacat    146820
     agcttcaaga ggaataatgt taatatgtta cctgaatgca gagtctggac gatttttccc    146880
     aggaaattca gaccatcaga gtcaggagga tcttctgtgg aaggaggatc tggcattggt    146940
     ccctgtaatg agcaggaatg ttaagttagg tcatagcctg aataatgcag tctttcaact    147000
     caggtggttc aataatcaaa cctcctcatt agagcaatga ttttttcctg atattcttct    147060
     cccaggagtg caagtcctta aagactattt ctgtagaaca gaagagttcc tcacaaaaga    147120
     tcccatgata cttcaggcct aaagtacacg ttagtaattt ccattgtttt ttatctccct    147180
     tgtcttagct cactcctaac aaggtacttg aattaaaaca tataacaaaa acacatatag    147240
     aagcacaccc tagtaaaccc aacaataagg agacttgggc tgaaggatca ctacaacatt    147300
     aaaaacaaaa tgtgtaacaa aaccccaaag ttcaacttct ccaatacatt ctaatgttct    147360
     tagtaaaaga caaagagaac ctatgacgga aagtatgttg taaatttcaa gcatgaacat    147420
     atatcttgca aatggggata tgttgtacct tcaaatatta agaaaatatt gaaaaataca    147480
     aataatgggt ggtgccttta cttatgtgtc atcaatactt tatcttatat ttcacacaga    147540
     aagttctgtt ctttctcaga aaataaaaaa cagtaactga gtgaagattg ttatacacag    147600
     acacacacag aaacagagac agacagacag agacatatat tatgttgcca tgtggtcaga    147660
     actacctact agagtctggt aggctctgtc atgtatacaa ataagataat cattggccct    147720
     atcatatagt atacatagac aatcatttat caaagaaatt tagagcccct taagtttatg    147780
     tctcatcagt gattgatatt ggtatgtata gtcttatgca gctaaccaca gcttcattaa    147840
     agttatggtt gctttggcta tgtgaagccc ggaagacagt ttcactgcat ttctccctaa    147900
     attccggctt tcgttcttta ggtaattttc ttattagata ttttctttat ttacatttca    147960
     aatgttatcc cctttcctag tttaccctcc aaatatcccc tattacctcc ccctccgcct    148020
     gctggcatct gcctagtgtc tggatttggt ggttgtttat gggatggata ctcaagtagg    148080
     gcagtctctg gatggacatt ccttcaggtt cctccaaact ttgtctctat aactccttcc    148140
     atgggtattt tgttgcccct tctaaatagg attctgagct tctgggctaa tatctactta    148200
     tcagtgcatg cgtatcatgt gtgttctttt gtaattgggt tacctcattc aagatgattt    148260
     atcttctggc tcttacattc ttcccatggt ctttttagag cttatcttgc cttttttaga    148320
     tttgaccacc aaactcagca ctctgtgtat tacctgattt taatttcaaa gatatggttc    148380
     cctgatcaaa gctgagaata gcacatgatt atagattaaa aaaaccaaaa acaaatacaa    148440
     aaaacatgga tatcagaata catctttata ccatgacatt ttagacaagc atttgtttta    148500
     agtatagcca tgctaactga ctggccgtgc ctgccagaaa gccagatagg gtgcccaaag    148560
     gtcttctttt ctccttttgt actcccatat caaatcccta gctctgtagt aaaacacttt    148620
     ggcagcctta cctgatcccg gttctgatct ccttgggata ccccagatct tccttttcta    148680
     acaactttct gccactcagt ctccaaacct agaatatgat actcagcaaa actctcaatc    148740
     accatagaga aatcaaaata tttcaagaca aatttaaact caaacaatat ctatccacaa    148800
     atccaacact acagaaaaac ctagaaggaa agttccagct gaagaaggat aactacattc    148860
     tagaaaacat aggaaacaag taattccata ctagtgaaaa caaagaaagc cccccccaca    148920
     aacacacaca cataacacca acatcaaaat aatacaaaat ggctatcact gtttattaat    148980
     atatctcaat attagtggac tcagtgccca aataagaaga aacagggtaa cagagtggat    149040
     gcaaatacag gattcatcat tcttctgcat acaagaaaca gttccacaac aaagatagat    149100
     attatctctg atttaaagaa tagaaaaaag attttacaag caaacagaca caagaagcaa    149160
     gttggaataa ccattttaat actaaacaaa gtgaacatta ggccaaaaat aatgaaaaga    149220
     gatggggaag aacatttcac actcatcaaa ggaaaaattc accaaggtaa catgtcagtt    149280
     ctgaatatct gtgccccaaa tgagagtata ctcacattca tagaagaaac actatcaaag    149340
     cttaaatcac acatcaaacc atgtatgtaa atagtgagaa acatcaatac tccactttca    149400
     ccaatgaata gatcatcaag acagaaacta aacagagaaa tattgaaact aaaatatgtt    149460
     atgaaccaaa tggacatata agatacctat agaacatacg ctcaaataca aaagaagata    149520
     ccttcttctc agctcctcac agaatcttct tgaaaattga ccatatacac tgtcacaaag    149580
     cctgaacaga tataagaaaa ttgaaataac ctcttgtatc ttatttaaat tccatagatt    149640
     aaagcttgac ttcaacaata gaaacaacaa aaatcttaca gactcgtgaa aactgaacca    149700
     ctctctactc aaagacagag aggaaataat gaaggaaatt aacttttttc tagaattatt    149760
     gtaattgcaa acttattgga caaaaggtaa ccaatgttaa gaggaaactt catagaacta    149820
     agtgcctgca taaaaaaaat tggaggaatg tctaactagc aatttaacag cacagcttaa    149880
     agcctaaaac aaaaagatgc aaatgcacac aagagtagta aatggcttga aataatcaaa    149940
     ctcaggactg aaatcaataa attataaaca aaggacgtat tttttttaaa aaatgaaaca    150000
     atgtaagcaa gtgttagtac aattttaaaa gtagtagttt tttgtttacc ctagtcagct    150060
     tcaaaataat tgagatagat cctattagat ttacttaaac aagccttatg gaacaaaaac    150120
     tgaacattaa ttaatctatt ctaatcttct aagatactgt ggatacctcc ttacctcact    150180
     gagatacttg cattctaatg ttgatctggc tctctctgct ctaggtactt tctcttggtc    150240
     tactcctgga ccatcagctc acctcatcta taaatatctc tctctctttc tctctctctc    150300
     tctctccctg tcaaccagca cctgactgga attcaagtcc aggcctattc tttcatttgg    150360
     tcagtcattg actgagcaga tcttcattga ccaatcaggg aatgattggg gagcaatgtt    150420
     tccacaaagt taagacaggc agttcttaaa attttgcatt gcaataccat gtcaagatgc    150480
     caaactatgg ggaaatggaa atcagcattt gaataataca agataatctg tgtgctacac    150540
     agtataccat tataccataa cattaggcct acaaacaaga gctgttttgt tcttgatttt    150600
     gttttttgct ttatttttga gaaattaaac aagatataca atcccttaac caaactaact    150660
     aaaaaaatca gacagagtgt atccaaacta acaaaatcaa aaagaaaatg ggggacatta    150720
     caacagaaaa caaggaacta gaaagaacca ttaggtctta tttcaaaagc ctttatgcca    150780
     caaaattgaa aaattataaa caaaataccc aagttaaacc aagaccaggt aaaaaatgta    150840
     tcacccccaa ggaagtagaa gcagtcatta aaattctcct acccaaaaat atgggggcag    150900
     gatcaaatgg ttttagcaca gaattctacc agactttcag acaagagcta ataccaatac    150960
     tcaaattatt ccacaaatag aaacagaagg aatatttcca aaactcttgt gcgcgcccaa    151020
     ctcgaccagc aagaacgacg ctgcaacagg atccttctgc acacgtttat tgggagcgct    151080
     tgattgcaga ggcgaagaga ccctgagctc agaactggtg atgcttatat aggcctagga    151140
     gaggcgtgtc tcacacccag attggttatg cactatgcct catttgcatg ttcctcatct    151200
     gattggctac tctctctctc tctctgttct tcacagagcc tcattatcat acctcatttg    151260
     catgtctcac atctgattgg ttatactctt aaagcctcat tatcatgccc gggccaggca    151320
     gtgtctttgc aaaaaacttt actgcatatg tgcacattgg ttgtttgtcc aaacttatgt    151380
     gtggtggcca gcagtagtca gcgccactct gcaacggcac atgtgacttc ccacacaaaa    151440
     ccattatatg tgcccacagt catgctgatg tgtaaactac acaaagaatc aagaaataaa    151500
     gagaattcaa aaccaatttc cctcataaac aatactcaat aatattcaca aacacagtct    151560
     aagaacacat caaaaaaaat tatctatcat gatcatgtag gattcatcct aggaatacag    151620
     ggatggttca aagtatgaaa aaaaaaaact atcaatgtaa tccatcatat aaataacacg    151680
     aaagaaaaaa catatgaaca tctctttaga tggtgcaaaa gcctttgaca aaatctaaca    151740
     tcttttcatg ttattagcct tgaagaaatc aaggatacac agctgatacc taaataaaat    151800
     acacaatata taataagatg attaacaaca ccaaattaaa tagagaagta cttaaagcaa    151860
     ttgcactata atcagggaca gggaaagggt gcccactctc cctatatcta atcaatatag    151920
     tccttgaagt tcttgttaga gcaataagac aactaaagga gatcaaaggg ctagtaattg    151980
     gaaaagaaga agtcaaaaca tcactatttg cagatgatat gatagtatac ataagtgaca    152040
     ccagagaaca cctaaacctg acacacaact tcaatgcagt agctgcatat aaaattaact    152100
     caaacaaatc agtggccttt ctctacacaa atggtaaaca ggctgaaaaa gaaatttgga    152160
     aaccaatacc cttcacaata gtcacaacta atataaaata ccctggtgtg actctaacta    152220
     aggaagtgaa agatctgtat aataagaact tcaagtctct gaagaaagaa attgaagaag    152280
     ataccagaag atggaaagac ctcccatgct catggattgg caggattaat atagtaaaaa    152340
     tggttatttt gctgaaagca atctccaaat tcaatgcaat ccccatcaaa attctaactc    152400
     aattcttcac agacttaaaa cgggcaatta gcaaattcac ttggaataat aaaaacccta    152460
     ggatagcaaa aactattctc aacaagataa gaacctctgg tggagtcact atccctgtcc    152520
     tcaagatgta caacagagca attgtgagaa aatagcatgg cactggtaca gtgacagaca    152580
     ggtagatcaa tggaatagaa ttgaagatcc tgaaatgaac tcccacacat gtagtcatgt    152640
     gatctttgag aaaggatcta aagccatcca gagggggaaa aaagacagca ttttcgacaa    152700
     atgatgttgg atcaactgct ggttagtatg tagaagaaag caaatcaatc cattcttata    152760
     tacttgtaca aagctcaagt ccaaatggat caaggaactc cacataaaac cagagacact    152820
     gaaacttata gagaacaaag tgaggaagat ccttgaacat atgggcacag gggaagaatt    152880
     actgaacaga acaccaatgg cttgtgctct aagataaaga aatgggacct cacaaaatta    152940
     caaaacttct gtaagggaaa ggacatggtc aataaggcaa aaagccaacc aacagatttg    153000
     gaaaaatctt taccaatcct tactccaatt ggggattatt gtccaatata tacaaagaac    153060
     tcaagaaatt agactccata gaaccaaata accctattaa aaaatggggt acagagctaa    153120
     acaaattctc agctgaggaa taccaaatgg ctgaatagca cctaaaagaa tgttcaacat    153180
     ccttaatcat caggaaaatg caaatcaaaa caagcctgag gttccacctc acaccagtca    153240
     gaatggttaa gatcaaaaac taaggtgata gcagacactg gcaaggatgt ggaagaagag    153300
     gaacactcgg gccattgctg gtaggattgc aagctggtat aatcactctt gaaatcagtt    153360
     tagtggttcc tcagaaaatt agacatagta ctactggaag attcagcaat accactcttg    153420
     ggcaaatacc cagaagatgt tccaacatgt cataaggaca catgctccac tatgttcata    153480
     gcagccttat ttataatatc cagaagctag aaagaaccca tcaacagagg cacagataca    153540
     gaaaatatgg tacatttaca cagtggagta ctatgcagct actaaaaaca atgaatttag    153600
     gaaattctta gacaaatgga tggatctgga agatatcatc ctaagtgaat ggtttagtca    153660
     gggtttctat tcctggacaa aacttcatga ccaagaagca agttggagag gaaagggttt    153720
     attcagctta cacttccaca ttgctgttca tctccaagga agtcaggact ggaactcaag    153780
     caggtcagga agcaggagct gatgcagagg ccatgaaggg atgttcttta ctggcttgct    153840
     tcccctggct tgctcagcct gctcttttgt agaaccaaga ttaccagccc agagatggtc    153900
     ccacccacaa ggggactttc ccccttgatc actaattgag aaaatgcctc acagttggat    153960
     ctcatggagg catttcctca actgaagctc cttcttctct gataactcca gctgtggcaa    154020
     gttgacacaa aactagccag tacagtgagg caacccaatc acaaaaaaca cacatgatat    154080
     gcactcactg ataagtggat attagcccag aagcttagaa tacccaagat acaatttgca    154140
     aaatgcatga aacttaagaa aaaggaaggc caaagtgtga acacttcgtt ccttcttaga    154200
     atggggcaca aaagactcat ggaaggggtt aaagagacaa agttcagagc agagcctgaa    154260
     ggaactgccc cacttaggga tctatgcaat aaacaaccac cattcagaca ctaggcagat    154320
     gccaacaaaa gcctgctgat agaagcctga tatagctgta tcctgtctcc tctctaccag    154380
     tgcctggcaa atatggagtg gatgctcaca gtcatccatt gcatggagca caaggtcacc    154440
     aatgaaggag ctagaaaaaa tacccaggga gctgaggagg tctgaagccc cataggagaa    154500
     acatcaatat gaactaacca gtaaccccag agctccttgg aactatacca gtaatcaaag    154560
     aaaacacatg gtggaacttg tggctctagt tatatatgta gcagcggatg gcctagttgg    154620
     tcatcaatgg gaggagaggc ccatggtcct gtgaaggctc tatgtcgagt atagggaaat    154680
     gccaggatga ggaatggaag tgggtgggtt ggggaaaagg gggaagggga tagggatttt    154740
     cagaaaggaa attaggaaag gggataacat ttgaaatgta aataaagaaa atatctacaa    154800
     gattaaaagc aaatttttac acaacaaaaa ataaattgga aaggaagaat tcaaagtata    154860
     ggtatttgca catgatatga tagtatatac aaacaacacc aaaaattcta ccagagaatt    154920
     cctacagctg acatacacct gttgcaaggt ggaagaataa aatattaact caaaaaataa    154980
     gtagccctcc tatatacaaa ttataaaaag aaagaaacaa actagggaaa caatacttca    155040
     caatagccgt taaaaaaaac ataaaatatc ttgatatttt gctgtaaata accaatatgg    155100
     ggaaagatct gatcaacaag aacttcaact cttagaagga agaaattgaa aagtatatca    155160
     taaaatagaa agatattcca tgctcttgaa ttagtagaat taacatagta aaaaaaaagg    155220
     gccaatttgc caaaatcaat ccaacacaat tctttacaga cacagaaaga ccaataccga    155280
     atttcatatg gaaaaacaaa aaaccaaaat agttaaaata atattatcca ataacaaaac    155340
     ttctggaagt tccaccatct ctcatttcaa actacactac agaggaatag taataaaaac    155400
     cacatggtat tgacaaaaat ggacaggttc ttaaatggaa ttaaatcact aaaaaataaa    155460
     ccctaaaccc ttcagacacc tgatttttgt caaaggcaca aaaactatac aatgttacaa    155520
     ataaatcact ttcaaaaaat attactggtc taactggatg tgtgcatgta gaagaatgca    155580
     aatacatctg tattgatcag gctgcacaaa ctcaagtccc aatggagcaa agacctcaac    155640
     attgtggaga gccgtgagca attgccatta caagcctccg ctgtgcctaa ctggtaaaca    155700
     agtaatgtgc acaggtgcaa gagtaaattc gtgccaagtc actgtccatc ctggggcgta    155760
     gtggtggggt gatgagtgag cagctaatca ggagctgaca catcacacgg acgggtatat    155820
     aagcagcacc attttccttg ttcgggggtc ttccttcaga tgaagcaata aagctttgcc    155880
     gtagaagaat ccggttgtcc aagtgaattc ttgctggtga gatactagct cgggataagt    155940
     ggtgctaaaa cccgggattg aaccagggac ctttagaata cactaaaaaa caatacacta    156000
     aatctctact acatgtctta aatgatatat gataatactc ttagcattta gattaatata    156060
     aacagagttt tctaagaatg catttgaata ttgtacttga tttggtttgg gcaatgacaa    156120
     agatgttatg gaatatatat ataaatggcc aaatgacaac tagcccatga tattttgacc    156180
     atagtctaaa aaaatcttag gggctaataa atatcccttt gtgttgtgaa tggccctggt    156240
     gttgtttgta ttttgatgtt aattccattt tcccaggggg ttgtctggag tgaggaatga    156300
     gtcacatact atgatgactt cttctaaacc atcctataat aaataaagga gccaatcact    156360
     ggatgggtag tcaggacttc agggttggac agaggaaaag agaaagcagg agagaattag    156420
     gggctttggg cgatgggtat agagacaaga caagatatag ctactagctt cttccagatt    156480
     agataatgaa tctgtgagga tttgccagta gacaatttag atttaatatg gcttacaaga    156540
     ttagcattct agttgttgca cccatagatt gagttaacat tgtttctgag ctaagtttgt    156600
     atggtgtttt tcttcatggg gcagcttgat tcacttccag tgagaaagta cagcagcaaa    156660
     gcatgagttt tcctgatgtg caccacaaat gccgagatgg ttttgaagca tggggctggc    156720
     atgagacatg gcagtagttg ctgggtgaag agattttcga aatatgagtc agagaatctc    156780
     caccagttag gaactggaca gaaagaccaa cgggcctgag agtatctgga tgtagtgcag    156840
     gaaattgcta tttattttat atttcctata acaacttggg gcgggggagg gataaatagt    156900
     tcttctttaa gcattcaggc tttatttaca gatgatatga ctgtatactt aagtcacccc    156960
     aaatattcca cccgagaact cctaagctaa taaacagctt cagcaaagtg actagatata    157020
     aaattaactc aaacacatca gtagccttcc tctatcaaag gaaaaatagg ctgagaaaga    157080
     aattagggaa atgacaccct tcacaatagc cacaaataat tttacatacc ttgaggtgac    157140
     tctaaacaac caagtgaaag atatatatga caagaacttc aagtctctga agaaattaat    157200
     tgaagatctc agaagataga aatatctcac atgctcaagg attggcagga tttatataga    157260
     aaaaaattgt catcttgcca aaagtgatct atagattcaa tgcaatcccc atcaaaattc    157320
     caaatcaatt cttcatagaa ttagaaagag caattttcaa gttcatttga aataacaaaa    157380
     aaatccagga tagcgaaaac tattctcaac aataaaataa ctttttgggg aatcaccatc    157440
     cctaacctaa agctgtatta cagagaaata gtgataaaaa ctgcatgatt tggttacaga    157500
     gaccatcagg aagatcaatg gaacagaatt gaaaatccag aaatgaaccc acacacctat    157560
     ggtggctaga tctttgacaa agaagctaaa attatctatt ggataaaaga cagcattttt    157620
     aacaaatggt gcttgttcac tggcagtcaa catgtagaag aatgcaaatt gatccattct    157680
     tagcgccttg tactaagctc aaatcccagt ggatcaagga cctccacaca aagccagata    157740
     cacgaaaaaa tatagaggag aaagtaggga agagcctcaa acatatgggc acagagaaaa    157800
     gattcctgaa cagaacatca atggcttatg ctgtaagatc aagaatggac aacggggatc    157860
     tcataaaatt gcaaagcttc tgtaaggcaa aggacactat cagtaagcca aaaaggcaac    157920
     caacagattg ggacaagatc tttaccaatc ctaaatctga tagagtgtta atattcagaa    157980
     tatacaaaaa agtcaacaag ttagactcca gagaaccaaa taaccctatt ttaaaaagtg    158040
     gggtaaagag ctaaacaaat aattttcaac tgaggaatac agaatggccg agaagtacct    158100
     aaagaaatgt tcaacatcct tagtcatcag ggaaatgcaa atcaaattaa ctctgagatt    158160
     ctacctcaca ccagtcagag tggttaagat caaaactcag gcaacagcag atgccagcat    158220
     ggatatggag aaagaggaac actcatccaa tgctaatggg aatgcaagtt ggtacaacca    158280
     ctctgaaaat cattttggtc gttcatcaga aaattgacat agtattacct gaagacccag    158340
     ctataccacc cagaagatac tcaaacatgt aataaggaca catggtccac tatgttcata    158400
     gcagcctttt tttttttata ataaacagaa tttggaaaga acccagatat ccttcaacag    158460
     aggaatgtac gcagaaattg tggtacatat acagaatgga gtacttctca gctattaaaa    158520
     atgatgaatt cataaaatta ttaggcaaat ggatagaact agaaaatatc ctccagagtg    158580
     aggtaagtga attgtaaaag ataacacatg gtatgcactc actgataggt ggatactagc    158640
     ccaaaacctc caaataacca tgatacaatg aacaaaccac atgacgctca ataagaagaa    158700
     aggccagaga gtgggtgctt tggtccttct tagaaggaga acaaagtact cacaggagca    158760
     aatatggaga aaaagtgtag agcagaacga aggaaaggcc aaccagatac tgtcccatca    158820
     gggaattcat ttcatataca gttaccaaag ccagacacta ttgtggatgc caagaagtga    158880
     gtgctgaaag gagcctcata tggctatgtc ctgagaggcc ctgccagagc cttacaaata    158940
     cagaggtaga tgttaacagc caaccattca actgagcatg gggtctctaa tagagaaggg    159000
     actaggggag ttgaaggggt ttgcaacacc atagggggaa aaaaatcaac caaccagaac    159060
     ccccagaatt cccagggact aagccatcaa caaaggagta tacatggctc tagctatata    159120
     tgtagcagag aatggccttg tcatgcatca atggaaggag aggtctttag aggccctagt    159180
     ataggggaat caaggacaag gaagtgagag tgggtgggtg ggtggaggaa cagcctcata    159240
     gaagcagggg gagggatcat gtgatagggt gtttctggga tggaggaaaa ccagaaaggg    159300
     gataacattt gaaatttaaa taaagaaaat acccagcttc tggtcagcac cagcgctggg    159360
     ccaccttggg cacaaactca gtggacagtc ccactgtccc cagagaactt tctactcccc    159420
     agacacacta gcacacccag gatcttagga tcactgctga gtagaacata acatctgttc    159480
     caacaccacc aggagtgcct ggtaccaaaa agagcaggga cacaggaatc ccacacgacc    159540
     agtagcctgg gtttcttctg gtcagtgcca gtgctgcgcc accttgggtg ctaactcggt    159600
     ggacagaccc ttggtaccca gaggactctc cactccccag gcatactagc atgccaagaa    159660
     tcttaggatc actggtgaat ataacacaac atctgttgca acaccactgt gagtgactgg    159720
     gaccagcagg agctgggaca caggaatcct gcctgaccag tggctcaggt tccttcaagt    159780
     cagcactggt ctaccttggg ttcaaactca gcagacagcc ccacagcccc cagaagacgt    159840
     atgacttcca agggctctaa tacatccagg atcttatgat tccaggagtg tggtcacacc    159900
     aggatctcac agtctcagag gaagcttaac tgccaagaac tctgacacac ccaggatctc    159960
     agaatcacag gatcctgtaa tcacagaatc acagagaaag ctggactctg aggagtactg    160020
     actcaaccag gattacagga aggacaggct ccaaacagat atatcaaggg cagagaacac    160080
     atggcagaag gcaagcataa gaacagaagc aacagaaacc aaggttactt ggcaacatca    160140
     gaacccagca atcccaccat accaagtcct ggatacttca tcacactgga aaagcaagat    160200
     atggatctaa agtcacttct catgatgatg atggtggtct ttaaaaagga cttaaataac    160260
     tcctttaaag aaatacagga gaatacaggt aaacaggtag aaacccttaa agaggaaaca    160320
     caaaaatccc ttaaagaatt acatgaaaac atatccaaac agatgaaaga aatgaacaaa    160380
     accatccagg atctaaaaat ggaagaagaa acaataaaga aatcacaaaa ggagacaact    160440
     ctggagatag atatcctaga aaagaaatca agagccaaaa atgcaagcat caccaataga    160500
     atacaagaga tggaagagag aatctcaggt gcaaaagatt ctatagaaag catggacaca    160560
     acaatcaaag aaaatgcaaa atgcaataag aaactaactc aaaacatcca ggaaatccag    160620
     gacacagtgg gaagaccaaa cctaaggata cttggtatag attttgaatg atgattttca    160680
     acttcaaggg ccagtaaata tcctcaacaa aattatagaa aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaac    160740
     aaaaaaaaac tcctctaacc taaagaaaga gatacccacg aacatacaag aagcctaaga    160800
     actccaaata gactggacta gaaaagaaat tcctaacaaa acatagtaat cagaaaaaca    160860
     aatgcactaa ataaagatag aatattaaaa gcagtaaggg aaaaaggtca agtaacatat    160920
     aaaggcagac ctcttagaat tacacctgac ttcctaccag atactatgaa agccagaagg    160980
     tcctggacag atgtcataca gacactaaga gaaagcaaat gccagccaag gctactataa    161040
     ccagcaaaac tctcaatttc catagataga gaaaccaaag tatcccatgg caaaacaaaa    161100
     ttttcataat atcttaccac aaatccagcc cttcaaagga taataaaggg aaaactccaa    161160
     cacaaggagg gaaactacac atgagaaaaa acaagaaact aacctttcat caaacctaaa    161220
     agaagatagc cacatgaaca gaatcccaac tctaacagca aaaatagaag gaagcaacaa    161280
     tgacttttcc ttaatatctc taaatatcaa cggactcaat gccccaataa aaaaacacag    161340
     actaacagac tgtggactac gtacatagga cccaacattt tgctgtatac aggaaagtca    161400
     cttcaggatc aaacacagac acttcctcag agttaaaggc tggaaaacaa tttcccaagc    161460
     aaatggcccc aagaaacgag ctggaatagc cattctaata tcaaataaaa tcaactttca    161520
     acctaaagtt atcaaaaaaa gacaaggagg gacacactcc atactcatcc aaggtaaaaa    161580
     atctaccaag atgaactctc aattctgaac atctatgatc caaatgcaac ggcatccaca    161640
     tctattgaag aaactttagt aaatcacaaa gcacatgttg cacaacacaa taatagtggg    161700
     agacttcaag accccactct catcaaagga cagatcttgg aaacagaaac taaacagaga    161760
     cacagtaaaa ctaacagaag ttatgaaaaa aatggattta acaaatatct atagaacatt    161820
     ttatcacaaa acaaaaggat ataccttcac agcacatcat gttaccttct ccaaaattga    161880
     ctaaataatt gttcaaaaaa caggcttcaa taggtacaaa aatactgaaa taatcccatg    161940
     tgtcgtatca gatcaccacg gactaaggct gatcatcaat aacaacataa ataataaaaa    162000
     gcccacatac atgtgggaag ctaatcaaca ctctactaat gatactttgg tcaaggaaga    162060
     gataaagaaa ttaaagactt tttagagttt aatggtaatg aaggcacaac aaatccaaac    162120
     ttataggaca caatgaaagt agtcatatga ggaaaagtca tagctctgag tgcctccaaa    162180
     aagaaactgg agaaagcata cactagcagc ttgacagcac aaataaaagc tctagaatga    162240
     aggaaggaaa ttcacccaga aggagtacac agtaggaaat aatcaagctc agggctgaaa    162300
     tcaaccatgc ggaaacaaag agaactatac aaagaatcaa ccaaaccagg agcaggttct    162360
     ttaagaatat caacaaggta gataaaccct tagtcagact gactggaggg cacaggaaca    162420
     ttatcctaat taacaaaatc agaaatggaa agggagacat aacaacagaa tttgaggaaa    162480
     tccaaaaaat catcagatcc tactacaaaa ggctatattt aagaaaactg gaaaacttga    162540
     aagaaaagga caatttgtag acagatacca ggtaccaaag atgaatcagg atcagattaa    162600
     caatttgaac agtcccatat cccataaaga aatagaaaca gacaaacaaa caaacaaaaa    162660
     gaaatagaaa cagtcattaa ttatcttcca accaaaaaag gcccaggacc acatgggttt    162720
     agtgcagact tctatcagac cttcaaagaa gacctaattc caatactcct caaactatcc    162780
     cacaaaatag aaacagaagg tactctaccc aattcattct atgaagccac aattaatctg    162840
     atacctaaac cacataaaga cccaacaaag aaagagtact tcagaccaat tttccttaag    162900
     aatatcgatg caaaaatact caataaaatt ctcaaaaata gaatccaaga atacatcaaa    162960
     acaatcatca atcatgatta agtaggcttc atccctgtaa tggagggatg gttcaatatg    163020
     tggaaatcca tcaacataat ccactatata aacaaactca aagacaaaaa aacacatgat    163080
     catctcatta aatgctgaga aagcatttgt caaaatccaa catcccttct tgataaaagg    163140
     cttgaacaga tcaggaattc aatgcccata ccaaaacata ataaaagcaa tatacagcac    163200
     acccatagcc aacctcaaac taagtggaga aaatcttgac gcaatctgac taaaatcagg    163260
     gactagacaa cactgctcac tctctcccta cctattcaaa atagtatttg aagtcctagc    163320
     cagagcagct agaaaacaaa aggagattat agggatacat attgcaaagg aagaagtcaa    163380
     aatatcccta tttccagatg atagacttca aaaaattaaa taaccctatt aaaaatgggg    163440
     tacagagcaa caaagaattc tcaactgaga aataccaaat ggctgagaag cacctaaaaa    163500
     aatgttcaac atccttaatc atcagggaaa tgcaaatcaa aacaaccctg agattccaac    163560
     tcacaccaat cagaatggct aagatcaaaa ctcaggtaac agcagatggt ggagtggatg    163620
     tggagaaaga ggaacactcc accattgctg ttggaattgc aagctggtac aatcactctg    163680
     gaaatcagat tagtgtttcc tcagaaaatt tgatatagta ctaccagaag atttagcagt    163740
     actactcctg ggcatatacc cagaagatgc tccaacatgt aataaagaca catacttcac    163800
     tatgttcata gcagccttat ttataagagc cagatgctgg aaattaccca gatgacagtc    163860
     aacagaggaa ttggtacatt tgcacaatgg agtactactc agctattaaa aacaatgaat    163920
     ttataaattc atagacaaat ggatggatat gtgggatatc aacctaagtg aggtaaccca    163980
     atcacaaaag aacaaacatg atatatgctc actgataaat gtatattagc acagacgctc    164040
     aaaataccca agatacaatt tgcaaaacac atgaaattca agaatgaaga ccatagtgtg    164100
     gatacttcaa tccttcttag aaagaacaaa atacccatga aaggagtaac agagacaaat    164160
     tgtagagcag agactgaagg aatgaccatc cagagactgc cccacctggg gatccattcc    164220
     ataaacaacc accaaaccca ggcactattg tgggtgccaa caagagctag ttgacaggag    164280
     gagcctgtta aagctgtctc ctgagaggct ctgccagtgc ctgacaaata caaaagtgaa    164340
     tgctcatagc catgtattgg acaaaacaca gggtccccaa tgaaggagct agagaatgta    164400
     cccaagaagc tgaagtggtt tgcagtgaca taggagaaac aacaatataa actaagcaat    164460
     acccccagag ctccctgggc ctagtcggtc atcaatggga ggagaggcta ttggtcctgt    164520
     gaaggtccta tgccccaata taggggaatg gctgggccag tgggttgggg agcaggtgga    164580
     ggtgagagag gataggggat tacccgaggg gaaactataa ggggacagca tttgaaatgt    164640
     aaataaagaa aatatctaat gaaaaaataa ataaattcat tcaaattgaa aagaaaatcc    164700
     aataaaaaag aaaaagtata taataaagat ttaatatata ttatagagaa tcatcattcg    164760
     ttacagttca tatcaattat aaccacagtt aattaggtca aactaatttt tctttttaaa    164820
     atttttttta ctgttacagg tatttttaca taaaaataca ttagtatagt ttgttagagt    164880
     ccatttattg ttgcttatat gaatatatat ttatgactaa ctgatccaaa cagggtaaga    164940
     actgcaatgc aatatgtgta tgtgttctgt ggtcattaga gaacatataa gtccttttcc    165000
     acttgtgggc ctcatctttg ggtatataaa ggccatggtt tttgttgttt ttattgtttt    165060
     atacatatat ataaatacaa aaataaatgt taggtttatt tattcttgat tgtgtaaaaa    165120
     tgttttcagg cctgaacact agttattgga tagaaatatc aaaatatttc ctcaatagga    165180
     gaaacaattt aaatggcttt tggtactttt ttaactacac atacttactt ttataacata    165240
     caagtttttt ttttaagatt tatttattta ttatatgtaa gtacactgta gctgtcttca    165300
     gacactccag aagagggcgt cagatcttgt tacagatggt tgtgagccac catgtggttg    165360
     ctgggatttg aactcctgac ctttggaaga gcagtcgggt gctcttaccc actgagccat    165420
     ctcaccagcc caacatacaa gttttaagat accatttaat taaatataaa atttctggcg    165480
     gctcaattat tttgttcttc tgtgaaatac tcctgacagg catagtctat agtttcttct    165540
     tcgttcagaa gacattgtca tcaaatggct aaaaatttga ttctatgcaa caatatgtgt    165600
     gtgacttgat ttaaattcca atttcattgt gttctttatg aatattcttt ctgaataagt    165660
     ttgttcatca ctgctgtcat ccttgagtat ttcagaatcc aggttttttt cttctttcac    165720
     atagaaactg acaatttgaa aatctccaag tagatctttg aacactagat tagaaatgct    165780
     gagacattcc acttcctgga ttattcaact actagaagtt gtgaatcttt actatgtaga    165840
     tgacaatctt tgaagtatca ttcactatgg tgtaagtaaa tctagcaact tttcatctgt    165900
     tatagtaagt atatttatat acgtttatta ttaattgatt attttatata tttacatgtc    165960
     aaatgttgtc ccccttccct gactcccctc cacaaagccc cactacctcc ctcctcccct    166020
     ttgcctctaa gaaggtattt ctccacctac ccatccactt ccacctcagc cctctagcat    166080
     ccccttcact ggggcaacaa gcttccccag gaggtaaatc cttccctccc attgatgcca    166140
     gataaggcag tccactgcta tatacgtagc aggagccata gacacaaccc tgtttctctt    166200
     ttgttggtgt tttggtccct tgggagctct gaggggtcca gttagttcat attgttgttc    166260
     ttcctaaggg gttgcaatct cttcagctcc ttcagtcctt cttaactctt tggttaaagt    166320
     ccccagactc agtccaatgg ttggctgtga gtgtctgcat ctgtgttagt caggtactgg    166380
     caaattctct caaaggatag ccatacaagg ctcctgtctg caagcatttc ttggcatcag    166440
     caatagtgtc tagggtttgg tatctgataa tgggatggat tccaaggtgg gttggtctct    166500
     ggatggtctt cccttcagtc tctgctcaat ttttgtccct ctgtttcctt taaacaggaa    166560
     aaaaaaatct gcattaaaaa ttttgagatg ggtgaatagc cctgtccctc aactgggggc    166620
     tatgcctaac tactggaggt ggtctgttca agtactatct tccctctgtt gggtaattca    166680
     actaattcct gggagcctct cacatccctg gcatctgaga tattttagtg gtaccgactg    166740
     ccattccctg gctcctactc ctacctgttc ccttttccct tcattcctct ctcccactca    166800
     ggaccctccc tccctttacc tcccattatt atgttgttcc cccttctaag tggaactgaa    166860
     tcatccaaac ttctcccttc cttcttgtta agcttcatgt ggtttgtgac ttatatcatg    166920
     gatattctga gcttttggga taatatctac ttatcactgt gtacaagccg tatatgtcct    166980
     tttgggtcta ggttacccca ctcaaggtca tattttgcct gcaaatttca tgaggtcttt    167040
     gttttgagta gaactccatt ttgtaaacat gccacatttt ctatagctat tcttccattg    167100
     agggatggaa caacaaccct caatctgggt tctttctcac ttctggatat tataaatgct    167160
     atgaactgtg gagagctgca ataacattta ccatcataag atggcactgg ctctgcagtg    167220
     ccttatgcca cctaaacaaa gaacaagcta tgtgcgcatg tgcaaggagc aaaagcccgc    167280
     caagtcacta gcccatcccc ggggcatagg agatcatggg tgaagctgcc agtcgggtat    167340
     agacacgtca caccaggggg tatttaagca acacgtttct gagccttctt tgtctttctc    167400
     atcaacatgt aataaagatt agctacagaa ggatcttgtg ccccttgtgc attcctgcgg    167460
     gcgggaacaa tagctcagga caatgaacat agtggagccc gtgtctttgt tatttgttag    167520
     agcacctatt tcggtatatt ccaaggagaa gtatagcagg gtcttcaggt agaaatattt    167580
     tcaatgtttt tgagtaacca ccacattgat tcccattagc aataggggaa tgttcctctt    167640
     tctccagatc ctcaccagca tctactgtcg cctgagtttt tgatcttagt cattctgatt    167700
     ggtataagat ggaatgtcag ccattgcata cacgagcaag attttatcga aaggacccag    167760
     atgtagctgt ctcttgtgag tctatgccgg ggcctagcaa acacagaagt ggatgctcac    167820
     agtcagctaa tggatggatc acagggctcc caatggagga gctagagaaa gtacccaagg    167880
     agctaaaggg atctgcaacc ctataggtgg aacaccatta tgaactaacc agtaccccag    167940
     agctcttgac tctaactgca tatgtatcaa aagatggcct ggtcggccat cactggaaag    168000
     agaggcccat tggacacgca aactttatat gccccagtac aggggaacgc cagggccaaa    168060
     aagggaagtg ggtgggtagg ggagtggggg tgggtgggta tgggggactt ttggtatagc    168120
     attggaaatg taaatgagct aaatacctaa taaaaaatgg ggaaaaaaaa gatggaatgt    168180
     caggtttgct ttgatttgca tttccttgat aactaaggat gttgaacatt tctttagctg    168240
     tttcttgttc attcaagatt tctaacatga ccattctctg ttttgatctg tacttcattt    168300
     tttaattgag atacttagga tttagttttt taaatttttg ttttgttttg ttttgttttg    168360
     ttttgggggg ggggtagttt gttaagttct ttatatattt tggatattag ctttctatca    168420
     gatgtggggt tggtaacgat tttttttccc aatctgtaag ttgccaattt gtcctattga    168480
     gtgtcttttg ccttagaaaa ccttttacat ttcatgagat ctcctttatc aattgttgat    168540
     cttaagatcc taagccatgg gagttctgtt taggaaattt cccactgtgt caatgagttc    168600
     atggatcttt cccactttct cttctatttc attcagtgta tctgttctgt gtttgtttgt    168660
     ttgtttgttt gtttgttttt agaggtcctt gatccacttg gacttcagtt ttgtgcaagg    168720
     tgataaatat ggattgattt tcatttttct acacacacac tacttgatgg accattgatt    168780
     gaagatggtt tatttttcca ttgtaaaaat tgttttcact atccagggat ttagtttttc    168840
     cacatgaaat ttaaaactgc ttttttcatg tctgagaata ctttgttgga atcatgatga    168900
     ggaatgtgtg aatttgtaga ttgatttggt aggatggcca tttttgatat gttaatccta    168960
     ccaatctttc cttcttctag ggttttcttt gatttcattt ttctagcaat tgggcccact    169020
     acacccaggc aagcacacct atctttaaca gattggaata ctacggacaa caattaagta    169080
     attcaatcca tttccttctc caaccttcaa aaggctgaac tttttcccca acagcacagt    169140
     tcagatggaa caaagagaaa aaggaagaca acaaaacaga gtatctcggt gcacacctgt    169200
     gtgatccagt acacagaaga ctgaggtagg gtagtgtcct gagaataggc ctcatagaca    169260
     gacagacaga tagacagagt gaggtaaccc aatcacaaaa gaactcactt gatattcact    169320
     cactgataag tggatattag cccagaaact tagaataccc aagatacaat ttgcaaaaca    169380
     caagaaaatc aagaagaagg aagaccaatg catggatact acattcctct ttagaatagg    169440
     aaataaaatg gaaggagtta cagaaacaaa gtttggagct cacacgatag gatggaccat    169500
     ccagagacta ccccacctgg ggatccatcc cataatcaga caccaaatgc agacactatt    169560
     gcatatacca acaagatttt gctgaaagga ccctgatata gctttctctt gtgaggctat    169620
     gccagtgcct ggcaaataca gaagtggatg ctcacagtca tctattagat ggaacatagg    169680
     gtccccaatg gaggagctag agaaagtacc caaggagctg aagggtggta taacaatata    169740
     ccccagagct cgtgtctcta gctgtatatg tagcagaaga tggcctagtc ggccatcatt    169800
     gggaagagag gccccttggt cttgcaaact ttatatacac cggtacaggg aaacgccagg    169860
     gccaagaagt gggagtaggt aggtaggggg gcatgactgg gggagggtat aggggacttt    169920
     caggatagca tttgaaatgt aaatgaaaaa atatctaata aaaattgtta aaaaaaataa    169980
     aaaaatatat tatttagcta aatgggtctg aaattttctt ttctttattg ggtctgtttt    170040
     gggtttagtt atcatagtaa ctgcggcttt atagaatgaa ttagggagtg taagttctgt    170100
     ttcaattgtg cagaatattt tgaggaatgt tggtattagc tcttttttga aggactgata    170160
     aaattctgca ctaaagtcat ctggccctgg gcttttatta gatgattggt tcaccaagcc    170220
     tgctcagtca gacaattagt gctgtatcgt gatcccagtc aattctgaga ctgaaggcag    170280
     gtttaatttt ttacaatctg cttttatacc attttaatta catgcaagta ttaagggcaa    170340
     gcagtacaat aaggaactag caaggcagta agcaaagtct ggtgattact cctgtgacag    170400
     ttgtttccaa gggcttcaga atgacctaaa tacctgagtc agtttctttt ccaagctcac    170460
     aatcttgcct gacgcctact tattttgttc caccctaaga ttaaaattcc tgcattaacc    170520
     tacttcccga ttatagccta aagttagatt tttgcctgaa cttactttct cgtcatgccc    170580
     tgatatcaga tgcttacctg agcttattcc cttgtcacat ccaatttcag atttctgcct    170640
     gaagcccatt tccttttcct tggctgatgt ccgattcctg ccaagtggat gccaaagagg    170700
     ctctccacag aagatttttt taatgatttc ttctatttcc ttagggaata tggaacagtt    170760
     caaatagttt atctgatacc ttgatatatg ggatctggta cattgtatct tttggtctaa    170820
     aagttcctcc atttcatcta gattttccag ttgaataaag gcttttgtag tataatctga    170880
     ggatttgttt ttttaatttc ttcagtttct gttgttatgt ttcctttttt aatttttact    170940
     ttgttagttt tgatactgtc tctatatgct ttagtaagtt tggctaaggg cttatctatc    171000
     ttgttggttt tctcaatgaa ccagtttttg gttttgttgt ttctatgtat cattctcttt    171060
     gtttctaatt ggatggtttc agcccagagt ttgattattt cctgctctct actcctgttt    171120
     ggtgtgtatg cttctttttg ttctgcagct tcagatgtga tgttaagttg ctagtgtagg    171180
     atgactccag tttctttacg agggaacttt atgctgtgaa tttttctctc agcattgcct    171240
     tcattgtgtc ccataggttt gggtatgttg tgtcttcatt ttcatttatt tctagaaagt    171300
     ctttaatttc ttcctttatt aaccccctaa actagttacc attgagtaga gttgtgagtt    171360
     tccatgggct ctctgttgtt ttaattatga aaggcaagcc ctagtccatg gtgatctgat    171420
     aggatacaca agattatttc aatcttattg tatatgttga ggcttatttt gtgaccaatt    171480
     atatggtcag ttttggagaa ggtaccatga ggtgctgaga aaaaggcata ctcttttgtt    171540
     ttagtgtaaa atgttctgta tatatccttt aaatccattt ggctcataac ttctattaga    171600
     ttcactgtgt ctctgtttag tttctgtttc aatgtcctgt tcattggcga gagtggggtg    171660
     aagtctccca ctcttattct gtgaggttta atgtatgttt tgaggttgtt tcttttatga    171720
     atgttattgc cctttcattt gggggtgtaa ataattagaa ttgaggtttc atcttggtgc    171780
     tgttcccttt gaagaatatg aagtgtcctt taccatctca tttgacaatt tttgattgaa    171840
     agtgtatttt cttggatatt agaatggcaa tttccacttg tttcttggaa gcacttactt    171900
     ggaaaacttt ctttccggct tttactgagg tactatctgt ctttttcatt gatgtgtgtt    171960
     tccttaatgc atcaaaatac tgtatcctgc ttgcatatcc agtctgttag cttatgtctt    172020
     tttattggag aattaggtcc tttggtgttg agagatgtta aagacacgat tgtttgttcc    172080
     tgttattttt gttgttggag gcagaattgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    172140
     gtgtgtgttt ctctcctttt ggttttactc taagatgatt aatttattga tttttctttg    172200
     gtgtagctac tatgcttcta ttgtaatttt cctcctagaa tcctctatag gcctagaata    172260
     gtagataaat tttgtttaaa ttcggttttc tcatataata ttttggtttc tccatcttcg    172320
     gtgaatgata attggactga gatagtagcc tgggttgtaa tttgtgttct tttagagtgt    172380
     gaatgacatc tgtcctggga tttctggatt ttagtctctg ttgccaagtc tggtataatt    172440
     atgataggtc ttcctttgta tgttatttga ccttttcccc ttacagtttt taatattctt    172500
     tctttcttct gtgcatttag tgttttgctt gttatgtgat agaaggattt tcatatctgg    172560
     tccaatctat ttggtatttt ataaacttct tgtcctttta tggccatcac tttctttaag    172620
     ttgaggaagt tttcttctat gattttgttg aaggtaattt ttggcccttt gagctagaaa    172680
     tcttcacttt cttccattcc tattattctt tggtttggtc ttttcattat gtcctggatt    172740
     tcctgaatgt tttgggttag gattttttat gctttttatt ttctttgacc atctcaaaac    172800
     tgtcaatgtc ttctatggta tcttctacac ctgagattct ctcttctatc tcttgtattc    172860
     tattggttat ctgtgggaac taaaaagggg tcttgggaaa gagtggagag ggagaaccca    172920
     tgtcctgcca gagtcccacc tatgctctgg acaggaggac atgggagggc tgccagatgc    172980
     tttccactca gctccgggtg ggcatccgag cctctgaccc actcgatggg ggttggacaa    173040
     ggggaagccc aacctggggg ccccggggcc acaacctgta gccctagggt tatgggagaa    173100
     gggatgaggg aagagaggtt cccacacatg tgagagtgag tgcagccttg atgagcagag    173160
     actgtctatg gttttagagc tttattggag aaaggcaagg ggaaggagag aaggtaaaag    173220
     agagagagag aggttggcca tggccaaggg atacaaaggg agaaaggaga gacagagaga    173280
     gaaaggctcg agagaaagag agaataagag gaagaggaga ggagagtaag agcaagtaaa    173340
     caaaggagtg agagagcaag gaggggccaa acaacctcct ttaaattgag ctgctatttt    173400
     ttctgttgct aggtaactag ggatgagtta agcctgaaag tcagaagctt gggacattgc    173460
     ctacatgact tctagccatg cttctcttgt gggggctgtg gggtggcagt tacttagaca    173520
     ggagccagag cttcaggaga catgagagaa ctccttccat cccatgtagg taaattatga    173580
     ccaccgggtc ccagggttca gcatttcagc tctaatggag accagcctgt ctgtacatag    173640
     cccgatgccc cacagtgatc cacttacctc ttacctagat attccatctc caaggttgac    173700
     tctgtcattt catattgctt ccaattcctt ttttaggttt tggactgctt tgttcaattt    173760
     tgtcacttat ttgattttgt cttcctgtat ttctttgaga agtttatttc tttcttcttt    173820
     aagggtttct acttgtttac ttctgttttc ttgtattgct ttaagtgagt tattgatagc    173880
     ttccttcaag gtctctatta tcttcatgag atgggatttt aagtcagcat catgcttttc    173940
     aggctcattg ggggcatcta tgccttgcta tatagggaga gctgggatct gatggtgaga    174000
     aagtatattg gcttctgttg tttatgatat taaatttgcc tctcactatt tggttatctc    174060
     tgactgctct gggtgtctct gtctggaccc tgcctcttgt gtccctgtgt tactgcagat    174120
     ctactaggag cactgcagac tatgcagcat taagaaagag tgggagacat gctgatcttc    174180
     cctcaaacat gtacagatgt gaagggacag agggttcaca catagagagg gggaaggagt    174240
     cccatgtcag ctagatacct agtggggggt cccaactact gtggttattt aggtggctat    174300
     cttacctgtt gccttggctg cagcagatat ccttggaacc ctgaagactg ttcactggtg    174360
     agagaagggg gaagacaggc tgttatgccc ccaagaattt gtaggccaga aggaagaagg    174420
     tgtttgcaca taaaagggag gagacccaca tccactggtc acctgagtat tccctactac    174480
     tattggtatt tgggccagag agccatgctg aatacaaaaa gtaattgtaa aaaaatatgt    174540
     tttcaattaa taatgtcata atgttaagaa aaatagacat tgaattagaa aagaattcat    174600
     tgaaagtaat acttttaaat ttttgaaggt atatatgatg atacatggct attattctat    174660
     atttgaaaaa gtagaaatga aagtagggag ggagggagaa acctgggaag aaaaatggat    174720
     gagaagtgga tgaagaaggg aaactgatct gatattgggt gagggaaaag gactgaagcc    174780
     ctgggggata gcagaaagaa tataaacagg aaacctcagg ggcaggggtc gggggtagga    174840
     ggttgggacc ctcaggaatg catcagacac ctgggaggtg agagtctctc aggactcaaa    174900
     gggagggacc ttacatgaaa tgcccgagag taagaagagg gaacatgtag agcccaacag    174960
     aaagacaggg catcaagtga gagatcaggt tgccatctca cagtcaaaac tctgacccat    175020
     aatttctcct gtccaaaaga actgacaaga tggaaatgga gaggaagctg aggaaaaaaa    175080
     ggtccagcga caggctgaaa gtaggatcca gctcaattga ggtcccaagt cctggcacta    175140
     ttactgaggc tatggcgtta gcacaaaaaa aggacctatc atgactatcc tctgaaagac    175200
     ccaacaagca gtgaaaagag tcagatgcag atatttgcac ctagccaatg aacagatgtt    175260
     gctgacccct gtggttgaat tagggaaaac ctggaagaag ttgaggagga agaagttgag    175320
     gagaaaggag actctgtagg aggaccagca ctctcaatta aactggacct ccaggatctc    175380
     aaacactgga tcaccaaaca ggcagcataa actagctgac atgaagtcca caaaacatat    175440
     gcaacagagg actggtgggt ctgggttcag tcagagaaga tgcacctaac cctcaagaga    175500
     caggaggcct caggatgttt agagttctgg gtaggtcggg gatgggtggt agtgatatcc    175560
     ttctggagac aggggtgggg tggggaataa gtataggatg tggaacagta ggagggtgga    175620
     tggggtgggg ggaggaatag aatctggagt gtaaattaat aaatatataa ataaaagaaa    175680
     aagagagatc ttgaatcccg ggtctctcag aaaccagtct gtgcaggaga aagcgggcct    175740
     cagaagcaac agaacttctt ggaaaggggt ccttcaggcc ttcaacttca atcaggaggc    175800
     agagctgagg cccagatctc ttagcacctt tctagccaga ggagactcag cttctaggga    175860
     gggctctgac actgagactt agaagagatc tccattttca tcccaagact ctcagagacc    175920
     agtccccaca gtagagtgtg caggccacag aagcaaaaga tcttcttgga cagggtcctt    175980
     ttgggctttc atattcagcc aggaggtgga gcagagctcc agatctctgt gcaccttccc    176040
     tgccagtgga gagcttggct gcagagagtg ctctaacaac tgggattcag gaaagagttg    176100
     gactcacagg agtgctgaca taggctaaca gaatcaaagg aggaacaaac tccagccagg    176160
     gacagatgga acatctatca ccagagatta ccagatggca acaggcaaac ttaagaatct    176220
     tactaacaga aaccaagagc acttggcatc atcagaaccc agtattttga ccacagcgag    176280
     tctgggatac cctaacacac ctgaaaagca agattcgatt taaaatcata tctcatgatg    176340
     ctggtagagg attttaagaa gatcactaat aactcatgta aagaaacaaa gtagaacact    176400
     gttaaaaagg tagaagaact taaagaggga gcacaaacat cccttaaaga attacaggaa    176460
     aaactgttaa acaggtagaa gacattaaag aagaaacaca aaaatccctt aaagaactac    176520
     aagaaaacaa ccaaacagat gatagaaatg aacacaacaa tccaagatct aaaaatggaa    176580
     gaaaaataat aaagaaaacc caaagggaga ccactctgga gatagaagtc ctaggaaaga    176640
     aatcaggaaa catagatgct agcatcagca acagaataca agagatggaa gaaagaatca    176700
     aagttgcaga agattccata gaaaacatgg acacaaaaat caaagaaaat gcaaaatgca    176760
     agaagattct aactcaaaac atccaggaaa tccaggacac aatgagaaga ccaaacctaa    176820
     ggatactaga tatagatgag aatgaagatt ttcaacttaa agggccagca aatatcttca    176880
     acaaaattat agaagaaaac ttcccttaac taaagaaaga gatgcccatg aacatagtag    176940
     aagcctaaag aactccaaat agactggaac aaaaaagaaa ttcctcctga aatataataa    177000
     tcaaaacaca aaatgcacta aataaagata taatactaaa agcagtaagg gaaaaaggtc    177060
     aagtaatata taaaggcaga cctattagaa ttacacagga cttttcacca gagactatga    177120
     aagccagaag atcatggaca gatgtcatac agaccctaag agaacacaaa tgccagtgca    177180
     ggctactata cccagaaaaa ctctcaatta ccatagatgg agaaaacaaa ctatcccacg    177240
     aaaaaaacaa aattcacaca atatctttcc atgaatccag cccaccaaag gataataaag    177300
     ggaaaactcc aacacaagga gggaaataac gccctaaaaa agcaagaacg taatccttca    177360
     acaaatgtaa gagaagatag ctccaagaac actatcccaa ttctaacaac aaaaataaca    177420
     agaagcaaca attaattttc cttcatatct gttaatatca atggactcaa ttcccaaata    177480
     aaaagacata gactaaaaga ctggctatac aaacaggacc caacagtttt tgtatacaag    177540
     aaacacacct aagaggcaat gacagacact tcctcagagt aaaaggctgg aaaacaattt    177600
     tccaagcaaa tggtccatag aaacaagctg gagtagccgt tctaatattg aataaaattg    177660
     acttccgacc taaagttatc aaaaaagaca agtaggtgta cttcattctc atgaaaggta    177720
     aaatcttcca agatgaacat tctattctga atctgcttca aaagcaattc atcaatattc    177780
     attaaagaaa ctatactaaa gctcaaagca cacattgcac aacacacaat aatagtggga    177840
     gacttcaaca actcaactca tcaatgaaca gatcctggaa acagtaacta aacagagaca    177900
     cagagaaact aacagaagtt atcaaacaaa tggatttaac agatatctgc agaacatttt    177960
     atcctaaaac aaaaggatat gccttctctc agcacatcat ggtacctttt ccaaaattga    178020
     ccgtataatt ggtcacaaaa aatgccttac cagatacaaa aatattaaaa ttatcccatg    178080
     catcctatca gatcactatg gactaaggct gatcttcaat aacaacaaaa ataatataaa    178140
     cccaacattc atgaggaatc tgaacaacac ttgactcaat gataagttgt tcaagaaaga    178200
     aataaagaaa aaaattaaag actttgtaga gtagagtgaa aatgaagcta caacataccc    178260
     aaatatatag gacacaatga aagcagtcct acaagggaaa gtcatagctc tgagtgcctc    178320
     caaaaagaaa ctggagagag tatacactag cagcttcaca gcacaaatca aagctctaga    178380
     acaaaaggaa gcaaattaac ccaagaggag tagacttagc cagactaact agagggcaca    178440
     gagacagcat cctaattaac aaaatcagga atgaaaaggg agacatacca acagaatctg    178500
     aggaaacgta aaaatcatca gatcctacta caaaaggcta tactcaacaa atttggaaaa    178560
     cctggatgaa atggacaatt ttctagacag ataccaggta ccaaagctaa atcaggatca    178620
     gataacaatc ttaacagtcc catatcccat aaagatgtag aaacagtcat taatagtctc    178680
     ccaaccaaaa aaagcccagg accagatggg tttagagcag atgtccctca gactttcaaa    178740
     gaagatctaa ttccaatact cctcaaacta ttccacaaaa tagaaacaga aggtactcta    178800
     cccaattcat tctatgatgc cacaattact ctgataccta aaccacacaa agacccaaca    178860
     aagaaagaga acttcagatc aatttcccat atgaatatca atgcaaaact actcaataaa    178920
     attctcacaa actgaatcca agaacacatc aaaatgatca tcaatcagga tcaagtaggc    178980
     ttcatcccag ggatgcgggg atagttcaat atatggaaat ccatcaacat aatccaaaat    179040
     ataaacaaac tcaaagacaa aaccacacga tcatcttatt agatgctgag aatgcatttg    179100
     acaaaatcca gcaccccttc ttgataaaag tcttggaaaa atcaggactt caaggcccat    179160
     aactaaacat aactaaagca atctacagca aaccagtagc caacatcaaa caaaatggag    179220
     agagacttga agcaatccca ctaaaatcag ggactaaaca aggctgccca ctttctccct    179280
     acctattcag tgtagtactt gaagtcttag ccagagcaat tagagaataa aaggagatca    179340
     agggcataca tattgaaaag gaagaagtca aaatatcact atttgcagaa tatggtaaaa    179400
     tacataagtg acccgataaa ttccaccaga gcactcctac atctgataaa caacttcagg    179460
     gaagtagctg gatataaaat taactcaaac aaatcagtgg ccattatcta caaaaaggaa    179520
     aaacaggctg agaaagaaac atcctttaca ataatcacaa gtaatataat ataccttggt    179580
     atgtatctaa ctgaggtact gatagatttg tatgataaga actttgagcc tctgaagaat    179640
     caaagatctc agaagatgga aagatctctc atgctcacgg attggcagga ttaaagtagt    179700
     aaaaattact ccattaccaa aagcactcta ctgattcaat gcaatccgca tcaaaattcc    179760
     aactcaattc ttcacagagt tagaaaggtc aatttacaaa ttcatctgga ataataaaag    179820
     acctaggata gcaacaacta ttctcaacaa taaaagaacc tctggtggaa tcaccatgcc    179880
     tgacctcaag ctgtattaca gagcaattgt gataaaacgt acaaggtgac agacaggtag    179940
     atcaatggaa tagaattgaa gactcagaaa tgaacccaaa cacctatggt cacttgatct    180000
     tagataaaat ttctaaaacc atccagtgga aaaaatacag cattttcaac aaatgttgct    180060
     ggcacaactg gcagttatca tgtagaagaa tgcaaattga ctcattctta tctccttgta    180120
     caaagctaaa gtataagtgg atcaaggaat accacctaaa accagagaca ctgaaactta    180180
     tagggcagaa agttgggaaa agcctcgagg atatgggcac aggggaaaaa aattcccgaa    180240
     cagaactgca atggcttgtg atgtaagttc gagaattgac aaatggcact tcataaaatt    180300
     gcaaagttgt ctaagacaaa agacactgtc aataagacaa aaaggcaacc aacagattgg    180360
     taaaagatct tttccaatcc taaatcagat agaggactca atatatacaa agaactcaag    180420
     aagcgggtct ccagaaaatt aaataagcct attaaaaaaa aggagtgcag agctaaacaa    180480
     agaattctca aatgagatat actgaaggga tgagaagcac ctgaaaaagt gttcaacatc    180540
     cttaatcatc agggaaatga aaatcagaac aaacctgaga ttccacatca caccagtcac    180600
     agtggctaag atcaaaaact catgggacat caaatgctgg caaggatgtg gataaagagg    180660
     aacactcctc cattgctggt gggacttcaa gcgagtacaa ccactctgga aaccagtctg    180720
     gtgcttcctc agaaaattgg acatagtact actggaagat ccagcaatac ctttcctggg    180780
     catatacgca gaagacgttc caacttgtaa tagggacaca tgctcaatta tgttcatagc    180840
     agccttattt ataatagcta gaagctagaa tgaatccaga tgtccctcaa cagaggaatc    180900
     aatatagaaa atgtggtaca tttacacaat ggagtactac tcagcaatta aaaacaatga    180960
     atttatgaaa ttcttagaca aatggattga tatggaggat atcatccaga gtgaggcagc    181020
     ccaatcacaa aataacacac atgatatgca ctcactgata tgtggatatt agcccagaag    181080
     cttagaatac ccaagataca atttgcaaaa cacatggaag tcaagaaaaa ggaagaccaa    181140
     agtgaggata ctttgtgact tcttagaatg gggaagaaaa tacccatgga aggagttaca    181200
     gagacaaagt tcagagctga gaaggaagga aggaccatcc agatactgcc ctacctggtg    181260
     atccatccta taaacaacca ccaagcccag acactattgc atatgccagc aagattttgc    181320
     tgataggacc ctaatatggc tatctcttgt gaggctatgc cagtgcctgg caaatataga    181380
     agtggatgct cacagtcatc tattggatgg aacccatggt ccccaatgaa ggagctagag    181440
     taagtaacca aggagctaaa ggagtctgca accctatagg aggaactaca atatgaacta    181500
     accagaaccc accaccccct cctggggctt gtgtctctac ttgcatatgt agccgaggat    181560
     ggcctagtca gccatcaatg ggaagagagg cccttgttct tgtgaagatt atatgcccca    181620
     gtacagggga atgccagggc cagtaagcaa gagtgggtga gttggggagc agggcttgag    181680
     acgggcatag gggattttca ggatagcatt tgaaatgtaa atgaacaaaa tatctaataa    181740
     aaaaagtaaa gaaaaagaga agaaaacatt ttttaaagaa aagttgaaat gagagatgag    181800
     aaactcagtt tcatctttgt ctacatgaga ggtgaaaggc tgggttagaa gattttgtca    181860
     caaagataga aataaaatag aaatagtaaa aattataaca caaataactt tacatgtatt    181920
     ttctgaagtc aacactgaac aatgaaaatg aaacaggatt ttcagagaaa aaatttttct    181980
     cagatatagc tcattgatga caaacaagtg ttatttatat ctctgataac cacatacata    182040
     agccatgttt tacttgtgaa atagaaatga aattccctga tatctttata tgtgtaataa    182100
     cctttggtag caattaagaa atattttaat gtgctagtga ggtagtacat atcaggcatg    182160
     caaggcattt gaaagagtta ttagttgaaa taatacaaaa tgtgttgcaa tacaatgaaa    182220
     cctttaggag ctgagagaca gacttcttga acttatttta ttaatggtct ttaaggacat    182280
     atgcttctgg gatcataaac aaagtgagac aatgggtcta atgaggatat ttggaaactt    182340
     gctccctaga gatacagaga ctatagaatt caggctgtgg aagcctcctg ccacacacct    182400
     aacccagtca gaaacagata tctatgagtc ctcctaaaaa gaatcctacc tgacaaaggg    182460
     gaaaggactc acagagtcta ccttttactg tggcagacct tgcaacatca atatccaagt    182520
     aagtcaagtt atagtttttt gacatcaatg ggtcttctaa attccattag ttaaggttta    182580
     gatagtgagg ttaggagtaa tccattatct cttatccact catgtttaaa ttcatgttaa    182640
     tttttaaatg ttaattgtat acttagacca taattctcaa aggtattttc tactcttgaa    182700
     tacatctctg tttacaaaat gatcaatata ccaatattcc atttctgttt accatcctgc    182760
     catccctgaa tacattactc atttttgatg actgtatgaa gacttgtgtt cctagtagga    182820
     aaacaaaaac aaaacatgta caaaatggca gtgtgagagt aatatatatt tagcattgtg    182880
     atagatcatt ttattttatg catttcttgt tacaagtagt cttattgttt ctgttaaata    182940
     tgattaacac tttaaatttt caactcataa agtatggatc aattatatgc ataagttccc    183000
     cactgtacag gtatgtttct cctatcaaca attttcttca ttcacaaagt atgtgcagaa    183060
     ctgtggatta cattgagaat ttatgtgcca ggtgttaaat tatgtagtac atcttataaa    183120
     gtctttgtct caccataaag ctatcatcca cagccttaaa atgaatatgt atcttgtctt    183180
     agcacagtgg ctatcatata aaaaatttat tgtgtgatta ataaaacatt ctagaaggtt    183240
     catgctttct aatgactaaa gaatttaaat acttaaatct ctttcttatc tgtaaaattc    183300
     tctttattcc atcctttatc ttaatttttt cttaaaactg aaaagccatg tcttcccttc    183360
     tcttatggaa agattttcac ttatcttaac agataatttg atagtaacat tccaaattcc    183420
     taaaaattaa cttctaaaat ttatgagttt cttttcatgg ggggttctca tgagtttgaa    183480
     acatatatat aacagttttc taatctctgt tcagttctac caagaaggaa gaattttaat    183540
     tattgaacct aatttaatta ctgtaagtat actctcttat aaatggaaag gctataaatt    183600
     tttctagtaa aaactttaaa attatgaaga taacttagat attatagtta taatctaaga    183660
     atattgatta tgtgtacttc agatacataa actgacattg gttaaaaagt caattgcaca    183720
     accacataat taaacttatc agagcaaggg agatgaaagg tagggattag gaggagagaa    183780
     tggaggaaag aaaaaataaa ctctaccatt tttttaaaag aaaatcatac agctaaagag    183840
     gattttgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgaat taaagccata ttagaagaaa attctcaagg    183900
     gtgaaacatt tataatttgc actgagcctt cctgcaaatt ctacccgttg aagatatcaa    183960
     atgaaacaag tgaaaaaatt aaatatcagt gttctaatat tattttggtt tgtaaaggat    184020
     agcaaaaaat catgtataca gaaataataa gtagccataa tgatgaaata actgaccata    184080
     ccaacaaaat acatgatttt tcatagaaga taaactataa gattcaatat tttatatata    184140
     aattgtttaa aactcatttg agataagtta tacagataat aatttatata accttttggc    184200
     aattgaaaag ttatcttttt ataatataat ataatacttt gaatacagaa atcctaccaa    184260
     tatcatttaa catattaaat acaatcctca tcaaatttcc aatgtgattg ctcacagaaa    184320
     ctcaaaattc aatcttaaat ttcataatga aacataaaag actcaggatt aacaaatcaa    184380
     tcctgaataa gaaaagattg tctgaaggta tcaaaatacc aaatttgcag ttacaaaaga    184440
     tatctataat tacaaaaaaa gagaaaatca agtagactgc ccaaagacat tttctcttta    184500
     accctctaaa tccaaagtcg atgattcagt gacagcactg aaaaagaaaa cgagctgtag    184560
     ccttccttct tctctggcca catctctgta gaactgacag tgtatctcct cctaacatcc    184620
     ttccttgact tccttgcttt tcccatcccc atccctaaca gacaagtcca tctaacccaa    184680
     aaacctctcc taccagggga acgagtaagc tgaaagaaaa ttcacacatc gcctactcct    184740
     aaaatccaat tcccaacccc acctccaagt ctaatccctg actctgtaac tcaaaatact    184800
     ctgtggtctc cctttcttat ctgacaaaac ttctattgta tcacaaacac tttcccctct    184860
     gcccttcctt tcaccaactc attctaacat accaacttcc aacaatacca agcatttgaa    184920
     atttttaata gaacgtggag atcatagtta taatccaaga atattgattt tgtgtacttc    184980
     agatacagaa acattggtta aaaagtcaat tgcacaacaa ttaattaact tataaccctg    185040
     actcttccaa tcactgtccg tcttttttca tgttaacaag gaaatcttag atttcctaaa    185100
     ggcataatca ggtaaatggg gtgaatacat gaaataataa tttgatataa taacatcatg    185160
     tctgagaagc aagccaatat ttgataaaca ttttatactt atgtattcat acttttaaac    185220
     ttttctttct atagtttaat tatcgggtat ttctaattta aaattcattt tattctaata    185280
     tgtttaaacc taatgctcag aacaattaaa aaacaagtta atttataaaa attaataaat    185340
     catataaaaa caagattgga acgaaatgat ggagagacta gcagaagaaa acaaaacaaa    185400
     atacatcaga ctttaaaact cagatgaaaa agattttttc ataaatgcat gcttactcat    185460
     gattcatttt ataacaaaac cacctgaagt atgatttaaa ctgtaggata aaaaacataa    185520
     tattaatagt taataaggag tataagagaa aacagactta tatttctaac attattataa    185580
     gtgctactct ttgccactac atttggtttc tctccatatt tccaccagat tcacccataa    185640
     aatggaatct aaaaaccaaa cagatgtttc agaattcttt cttatgggaa taacagatga    185700
     tatagcactg aagcccctca tcttcagcat gttcacctcc atgtacttga tcaccatctt    185760
     gggaaatctg ctcatcattc taactgtctg ttctgactcc catctccaaa cacccatgta    185820
     catatttctc tctaatctat cctttaatga tatctgctta agcacaacca taattccaaa    185880
     gacattggtg aacattcatg cacaggatca gagcatcaca tatactagct gtcttacaca    185940
     aatctgcttt accttgcttt tttgtagttt tgaaagttgt cttctttcag taatggcata    186000
     tgaccgctat gttgccatat gtcatcccct gaactacaca acgatcatga atcctcaaac    186060
     ctgtggtctg ctaattctat tatctctaat cataagtctt gtgaatagtg ggttgcttgg    186120
     actgatggtg ttgcggttgt ccttctgcac aaacttagaa atccccctat ttttctgtga    186180
     acttgctcaa gtcatcaagc tagcttgttc tgacacccta gtaaattata ttctgatata    186240
     tcttgcaaca atcatactta atggcattcc aatctctgga ataattttct cttatactca    186300
     aattgcctca tctgttttga gaatgtcttc agtgaaagga aagtataaag caatttctac    186360
     ctgtgggtct catctttcag tggtttcatt attctatggt acagcattgg gtgtttatat    186420
     tagctcttca ttcactacct cagtcacaaa tactgcattt gcttatgtga tgtgtacatt    186480
     ggtcccacaa atgttgaatc cctttatata tagcttgagg aacagagaca tggaggtagc    186540
     cttgaggaag cacatcaata gggcaatgtg tttactctga tgagacattt gctgtagact    186600
     tggatttctg aactaaacca agggggaagg attcttaatc agaacaaaca tttgtctttt    186660
     tattattata atctttttaa attcacaaat aacttacaat ctaaaattat attctgtggt    186720
     tttctttctt ttctagagct ctagaaatat ctcatgattg aataattact ttgactatct    186780
     gagaacaatt tgcttgatta tatcatagaa taaaatcttt gcttaagtgt catagtttta    186840
     gcaatgatgt caaagaacaa tacagaaata tcaatgtatt gacagcaatg atacagacat    186900
     aaaaggttaa tttgacattt aatttttttc ataaaatata ttatgttcat ttatatataa    186960
     acttaatatt taacactcat aacttgcttt tgttaaaaat ttcaaatatt tgttgtgaaa    187020
     actacaatta attgtgacca gcttctataa tactgctatt caataggaca gtagatatta    187080
     actctcccac aaactgcaca caaaatcaat ttaaattttt cctcatgtga tttgtagtta    187140
     tagcttattt gccttgaaaa tacctatatt ttgtttaaga aaactgaaaa atacatgaca    187200
     ttttttcctg aaatgttttt gttgttgcat ttctcactgc attctgggta gataggtgtt    187260
     tctgtttgat tgtttgagtt ctagatgttg ctgttgtttt tcatctttca acaaaatgac    187320
     aataaggtgt gcttagttct attatgcccc acagatcaga agcagtttta cagtgttacc    187380
     tacttataca gtttttcagt acagtggtca gtaaccagca gtattcccta gaaaagttct    187440
     tagctatatc ttatgttggt tcaacaacag tatacaaaga aatggactgt ttacctctaa    187500
     ggcaaaagaa attaaaaatg gagacaacat gcagggcagt ggacaccggg ggaataaagg    187560
     cggtggggga aaaccagtgt cccaccagag ttccagtgct ctgggcaggc agatgcagaa    187620
     ctgctgcaca ctttctatga agcaccaggt gggtgtctgg ctgtgggaag ccgctaaacc    187680
     ccagctcaat gggtggtgga caaggggcag tcctaggtac caggttctca gcctcaggca    187740
     tctcagacag ttctggacat gaaggaagag ctgagaacag aatagggacc cccggggtgg    187800
     ctcagtcagc cccagggcag aaggaattag agggcagggg gagaggggcc actagatggt    187860
     tctcatgcca gcaagagtcc ttggtccagt ggctagaaca gaggaaggcc ttctggtgag    187920
     aggacagatg tggcttgtta ggggaaagtc tatcctatca ttcaagcaca acaggctttg    187980
     atgaacagag acagtctatg gttttagagc tttattgtaa aaaggcaggg agaaagagag    188040
     aaggtagaaa gaaagaaaga gagagagagg ccggccatgg ccaggttggg ggcggggagg    188100
     aaaagagaga gagaagaggg tagagagtaa gaacggtgag agcttaaaga gaacgaggca    188160
     gagccaagca gcctctttta tagtgggttg ggctataagg taactgtggg gactagcatg    188220
     tctgcttata atcaggtaac tgtgggggtg gagtctagcc agaataccag aagcttggga    188280
     cattgtctga gtgactgata gtcacataca tctcctgtca gtgctgtttg ggggtggggg    188340
     gctgtaactt cgacaggagc caggggtcca agagacatgg tctccttcca tcacatgtag    188400
     gcggaaatca tcacccatcg agtctctcgg ggttcaagac ctatgctcaa ctggagaaca    188460
     ggctgtctgt gtgcagccca ctgccctaca gctacatgct taaattccta gaagatacct    188520
     gtgtccccaa gctatgccta ccctcggttt ttgtacaatg acaggatcaa acaaagagct    188580
     aatgttgagt gaatttgaaa taccaattgg tagatgaggc acccaaacag gcttccctgt    188640
     gtgaatacat agccaagccc tgtagtctcc aaccattatc tccacagaat ttttaatttt    188700
     atcttccttg tatccccaga gtccccacat ataaccaaaa agaagaagaa caactaatga    188760
     agaggttaat aaaaatcctg atatttccac agataggaaa ataataattc cacagatgac    188820
     agcttccagc ctaggcccac aagctcatga agtaattaat ctggaaaaaa aactgcccta    188880
     ctagaattac tacaaaaata tgtgttagtg tcaacattac ctacacttat ccaacaagct    188940
     agcaaggaca gtttggagtc tgcttggaac aatcacaatt aggggaacaa gagtccaatg    189000
     ctgatataga aaaatgggtt ctatccatct ataagtagac attcaaccca tcagaaggta    189060
     ctaatactta ctagttaagg tttgtacttt tcagagtgta tagatgtttt ttctacaaca    189120
     cagacaatta actttgaact tgcacacata gtaatatccc aatccttaag ccaggtgaag    189180
     aaaataaaga ctttaaaaat agtactcccc aaatattgtc ctaaaacaga actccattgg    189240
     ccagaatttt cctgtttgta ttgtgtagat catgctttat accctataat tatagttaat    189300
     cttttttgag atcatgttta gccatccatt tccacatctt tcaaaggagt caatatacat    189360
     cctagactct aggatctgaa gtatggatac atgtgtatcc agtgtttctt gaaaatggtg    189420
     gctgacactt cataaaaatt tgaccaaact ttaccagacc cccagaattt aaagttgcag    189480
     ctatcatggt attgatacac cacatccaca ctctggcctc tatggatcca agtcaagagt    189540
     ggtcatagag aattcatcta gacctacctc tagaagttca cgttcttgaa ataaactaaa    189600
     aaatgataag gaaagctgag tttctaccaa gtctcctcat gcccttcctg actctgctga    189660
     tatgcatcaa agctattctt tatgtagctt ctccaattct gttaattaaa ttttcctaac    189720
     ttacagaaac taatggctat caccatataa gaaacttaca gaacaccaaa tacattgaac    189780
     caaaaaatta aaatatttcc accacataaa atcaaaacac taatggctct tcagggctat    189840
     acctgcattt gcacctgtgg cagattagca tgcctgccct ctccaccata taccacagcc    189900
     tgcttgtctc ccagaaggta tgccctaaaa aggaacacag gaagacttct ataaccagag    189960
     acaccagagg cctgctctaa ccatggacac aggagatctg tcctaaccaa caacagcact    190020
     acctacatcc aaaaattcct gctccaatgc aggtcacaat gctctacctg cctccatgga    190080
     ggtcagctct aatctatgac acgcaggtca gttaaaacca gagataacca aatggtgaaa    190140
     agctagtcca agaacataat ggacagaatc caatataatt tggcaccatc ataatgcatt    190200
     tctcgaacca caacaagaca tggacaagct aacactcctg aagagcaaga ttctgacata    190260
     aaatcctgtc tcatgaagat gatagaggtc tttaaggagg acataatagc tcccttaaat    190320
     aaatacagga aaacacaggc aaataggtag aatcccttaa agaggaaaca aatcccataa    190380
     agaaacacag gaaaatataa tcaaacaggc aaaggaattg accaaaactg tttaagacct    190440
     aaaaatagaa atgagggaca ttttggaaca ctagaaaaga cccaacatga gaatagattt    190500
     tctccccagt ttctcactaa ggtcggttta ctaaggagaa cacagaccac agaagcagca    190560
     gagcttctgg gacatggtcc tttgggccta catctgcagc caagaggtga agctgaccct    190620
     cagtcctctg tgtacctttc ctaccagaag agagcttggc ttcagggagt gctctaaccc    190680
     caggactcag gagagatcgc cattttctct ctggtgactc tctatggttg gtccactcag    190740
     gagtgcacag gttgcagaag cagcagaaca gctgggacag ggccctacgg gtctacattg    190800
     cagccaggag gtagggctat tctgtagcct tctgtaagct ggtctccagg agggatgaca    190860
     caagcttaga gactcacatg tggaacaagc accagccaca gacagcaaga acatataaca    190920
     ccaaacatta ccagatgtga aaggtaaaca taagaatctt accgacagaa accaagatta    190980
     cttggcatca tcaaaaccca gtactctcac cacatccagt catgaatacc ccaacacact    191040
     ggtaaagcaa gatttggata taaaatcgta tctcaggatg ctggtagagg attttaaaaa    191100
     gggcattaat agttccctta aaggaataca agagaacaca tccaaacaga tcaaagcctt    191160
     taaagaggaa acacaaaatt cccattaaaa aattacagaa gaacacaggt agagaggtaa    191220
     acagaagcac ttaaaggaga aacacaaaaa tcccttaaag aattaatgga aaacacaacc    191280
     aaacaggtga aggaagtgaa caaaaccttt aagaatctaa aaaatggaag tagaaacaat    191340
     aaagaaaacc aaaagggaga caattctgga tatagaaatc ctaggaaaga aatcaggaac    191400
     ctctggatgg tccatccttt aatctcagat ccaaactttg tctacgcaac tccttccata    191460
     gttattttat tccatataca atggaggaat gaagtatcca ctcattagtc ttccttattc    191520
     atgatttact tgtgttctgc aaattgtatc ttgggtgttc taagtttctg ggctaatatc    191580
     cacttatcag tgagtgagta tcaagtgagt tattttgtga ttgggttacc cactcaggat    191640
     aatatcttcc agatccatcc atttgccaaa gaatttcata aattcatggt ttttaacagc    191700
     tgagcagtgg tccattgtga aaatgtacca cattttctgt aaccattcct ctgttgaggg    191760
     gcatctgggt tctttccagc ttctggctat tataaataag tggattaagg aactcgacat    191820
     aaaaccagag acactgaaac taatagagga gaaagtaggg aaaagccttg acgatatggg    191880
     tacaggggaa acgttcctga atagaacagc aatggcttgt gctttaagat tgagaatcga    191940
     gaaatgggac ctcataaagt tgcaaagctt ctgcaaggca aaagacaccg tcaacaagaa    192000
     aaaagaccac caacagattg ggaaaggatc tttacctatc ctaaatcaga tagaggacta    192060
     atatccaata tatataaaga actcaagaag gtgggctcca gaaaatcaaa taaccccatt    192120
     aaaaatgggg ctcagaactg aacaaagaat tctcacctga ggaatacaga atggctgaga    192180
     agcacctgaa aaaatgttca acatccttaa tcatgaggga aatgcatatc aaaacaaccc    192240
     tgagattcca cctcacaaca gtcagaatgg ctaagatcaa aaattcaggt gacagcagat    192300
     gctggcaagg atgtggagaa agaggaacat tcctccattg ttggtgggat tgcaagcttg    192360
     tacaaccact ctggaaatca gtctggcggt tcctcagaaa attggacata gtactaccgg    192420
     aggatccagc aatacctctc ctgggcatat atccagaaga tgtcccaacc ggtaagaagg    192480
     acacatgttc ctctatgttc atagcagcct tatttataat agccagaagc tggaaagaac    192540
     ccagatgccc ctcaacagag gaatggatac agaaaatgtg gtacatttac acaatggagt    192600
     actactcagc tattaaaaaa ataaatttat gaaattccta ggcaaatgga tggacctgga    192660
     gggcatcatc ctgagtgagg taacccaatc acaaaggaac taacacaata tgtactcact    192720
     gataagtgga tattagccca gaaacttagg atacccaaga tataagatac aatttgctaa    192780
     acacatgaaa ctcaagaaga acgaagacca aagtgtggac actttgcccc ttcttagaac    192840
     tgggaacaaa acacccatgg aagaaattac agagataaag tttcgagctg tgacgaaagg    192900
     atggaccatc tagagactgc catatccagg gatccatccc ataatcagct tccaaactct    192960
     gacaccattg cacacactag caagattttg ctgaaaggac ccagatagag ctctctcttg    193020
     tgagattatg ccggggccta gcaaacacag aagtggatgc tcacagtcag ctattggatg    193080
     gatcacaggg ctcccaatgg aggagctaga gaaagtaccc aaggagctaa agggatctgc    193140
     aaccctatat atagaacaac attatgaact aaccagtacc cctgagctct tgactctagc    193200
     tgcatatgga tcaaaagatg gcctagtcgg ccatcactgg aaagagaggc ccattggact    193260
     tgcaaacttt atatgcccca gtacagggga atgccagggc caaaaagtgg gagtgggtgg    193320
     ttaggggagt ggtgggggga gtgtatgggg gacttttggg atagcattgg aaatgtaaat    193380
     gaagaaaata cctaataaaa attaaaaaaa aagaagaatg aagattttca acttaaaggg    193440
     ccagtagata tccttaacaa aattataaaa caaaactttc ctaacctaaa taaagagatg    193500
     cacataaaca gaactccaaa tacactggac cagaaaagaa attcctccca aaacataact    193560
     atctaaacaa caaatgcact aaacaaagat agaagattaa aatcagtaag ggaaaaaggt    193620
     caagtaacat atatataaag acagacctat tagaattaca ccagacttct caccagagac    193680
     tatgaaagcc agaagatcct ggacagatgt catatagacc ctaagagaaa acaaatgcca    193740
     gctaaggcta ctatatccag caaaactctc aattaccata gatagagaaa ccaaagtatt    193800
     ccatgacaaa accaaattca cacagtattt ttccacgaat ctttcccttc acaggataat    193860
     atagggaaaa ctccaacaca aggagggaaa cgacaccata ggaaaagcaa gaaagtaatc    193920
     ttttaaaaaa cctaaaagaa gatagccaca tgaaaaaaat tccactttta acaacaaaaa    193980
     taacaggaag caacaatgac tttttcttaa taactcttag tatcaatgga ctcaatgctc    194040
     caataaaaaa ggcatatagc ctaacagaat ggatatgtaa acaggacaca acattttgct    194100
     gcatatagga cacacctaag gaacaaagac agacacttcc tcagaggaaa aggctggaaa    194160
     acaattttcc aaccatatgg tcccaagaaa caaactggaa tactcattct aatatcaaat    194220
     aaaataaact ttcaagctaa atttatcaaa aaagacaagg agggacactc catactcatc    194280
     caaggtaaaa tctaccaaga tgaactctca attccgaaca tctatgctcc aaatgcaagg    194340
     gcagccacat tcattaaaga gactttagta aagcttaaag cacacattgt accacataca    194400
     ataatagctg gaaacttcaa gactccactc ccatcaatgg acagatcctg gaaacagaag    194460
     ctaaacagag acaccatgaa actaacagaa gttatgaaac aaatggattt aacagatatc    194520
     tatagaacat tttatcccaa aacaaaagga tataccttct tctcagcacc ttatgttaac    194580
     ttctccaaaa ttaaccaaat aattggttaa aaaacaagcc tcaacaaata caaaaatact    194640
     aaaataatcc catgcatcct atcagatcat cacggactaa tgctgaactt caataacaac    194700
     ataaataata caaacccaac attcatgtgg aagctagaca acacactact caatgataac    194760
     ttggttaagg aagacataaa gaaagaaatt aaagacttta atgaaaagag ttaattattt    194820
     aatttaattt aatttaagag tttaataaaa atgaagccat aacataccca gcaatgaaag    194880
     cagttcgaag aggaaaagtc atacttctga gtgcctccaa agagaaactg gagagaaaat    194940
     acactagcag cttgacagca caaataaaag ctatagaaca aaaggaagca aattcaccag    195000
     gaaggaatag acagcaggaa ataaactcag gactgaaatc aaccaagagg aaacaaaaag    195060
     aactataaaa agaatcaacc aaaccagaag caggttcctt ggaaaaatca acaagatata    195120
     taaaccctta gccagactaa ctggagggca cagagatagt atcctaatta acaaaatcag    195180
     aaaagaaaag gtaggtataa caacagaacc tgaggaaatc caaaaaaatc atcagatcct    195240
     actacagaag cctatgctca acaaaacagg aaaacctgga tgaaatggac aaatttctag    195300
     acagatttca ggtaccaaag ttaaatcagg atcagattaa caatctgaaa agtcccacat    195360
     cctgtaaaga aatagaaaca atcattaata gtctcctagc aaaaaaaggc caggaccagg    195420
     tgggtttagt gcagaggtcc ctcagacttt caaagaagat ctaattacaa tgcttctcaa    195480
     acgactccac aatatagaaa cagaagatac tctacccaat tcattctaaa agccacaatt    195540
     actctgatac ctaaaccaca taaagaccca acaaagatag agaacttcag accaatttcc    195600
     cttatgaata tcgatgcaaa aatactcaat aaaatccttg caaaccgaat ccgagaacac    195660
     atcaaaacaa tcatccatca tgaccaaata ggcttcatcc cagggatgca gggatggttt    195720
     aatgtacgga aatccaacaa cgtaatcact atgtaaacaa actcaaagac aaaaaccaca    195780
     tggtcatctc attagatgca gagaaagcat ttgacaaaat ccaataccca ttcatgataa    195840
     aagtcttgga aagatcagga attcaaggcc catacctaaa gataataaaa gcaatctaca    195900
     gcaaaccagt agccaacatc aaagtaaatg gagagaagct ggaagcaatc ccactaaaat    195960
     catggactag aataaggctg cccacttcct ccctacctat tcaatataat acttgaagtc    196020
     ctagccagag caattagaca atgaaaggag gtcagaggaa acaaattgga aaggaagaag    196080
     tcaaaaatat cactatttgc agatgatatg atagtatata taagtgaccc taaaaattcc    196140
     agcagagaac tcctaaacct gatatcagct tcagtgtagt agctggatgt aaaattaact    196200
     taaacaaatc agtgggcttt ttctacacaa aggataaaca ggctgagaaa gaaattaggg    196260
     aaacaacacc tttcacaata atcacaaata atataaaata ccttggtgtg actcgaacta    196320
     aggaagtgaa agatctgtat gataagaact tcaagtctct gaagaaaaaa ctcaaaaata    196380
     tctcagatgg aaagatctcc catgctcatt ggttggcagg atcaatatag tgaaaatggt    196440
     tctcttgcca aaagcaatct acagattcaa tgcaatccca tcaaaactcc aactcaattc    196500
     ttcactgagt tagaaagggt aatttgcaaa ttcatctgga aaaaaaaaca taaacaaaaa    196560
     cgcaggatag caaaaactct tttcaacaat aaaagaacct ctggtggaat caccatgcct    196620
     gacctaaagc tgtactacag agcaattgtg ataaaaactg catggtactg gtatagtgac    196680
     agacaggtag accaatggaa tagaattgca gacccagaaa tgaacccaca cacctatggt    196740
     cacttgatct ttgacaatgg aggtaaaacc ttccagggga aaaaagccag ccttttcaac    196800
     aaatggtgct ggcacaactg gcagttatca tgtagaagaa ttcgaatcga tccattctta    196860
     tctccttgta caaagctcaa gtgtaagggg atcaagaaac tccacataaa accagagaca    196920
     ctaaaacgta tagaggagaa agtgggggaa agcctcgaag atatgggcac aggggaaaaa    196980
     tccatgaata ggacagcaat ggcttctggt gaacgaattc atgaaatcat taggcaaatg    197040
     gttggaactt gaaaatatca tcttgagtga ggtaacccaa tcacaaaaga acacatatcg    197100
     tatgcactca ctgtaaggcc caagatgcaa ttcacagacc acctgaagct caataacatg    197160
     gaagaccaat gtgtgggtgc ttggtccttc ttagaagggg gaacaaacta ctcactggag    197220
     gaaatacaga caaaggtgga gcagagactg aagaaaagcc atctatagac tgccccaacc    197280
     tggggattca tcccatatat agtcacccag tgcagacact attgtggatg ccaagaagtg    197340
     catgctgaca ggagcctgat atagctgtct cctgagaagt cctgccagaa cctgacaaat    197400
     acagaggggg atgcttgcag ctaatcatag gactgagcat ggggtcccta atggaggagt    197460
     tagagaaagg actgaagaag ctgaagggtc aaccccatag gaagaacaat aatatcaacc    197520
     aaccagacac cccccccaga gctaccagaa actaaaccac cccacaagaa gtgcacatgg    197580
     tgtaacccat gtctccaccc acatatgtag tagaggcaga ccttgccagg catcaatgat    197640
     gaaagagggc cttggtcctg tgaaggctgg ctgctccagt gaaggttaat gcaagggtag    197700
     gaatacagga gcaggtggga gaataccctc atattagcag agggagaggg gatggtatag    197760
     gggcttcctg gaagggaaac aggaaaaggg tttaaaattt ggaatgtaaa tgtaaataag    197820
     gaaaatatcc aataaaaaaa aagaaagaaa gaacatggcc atcttttctg gtccatttat    197880
     catttgtata aagaagagct actgatgtat tttttgtata taacactctg cctacatacc    197940
     ttggataaag cctacttgac catggtgaat gatgtatttg atgtgttctt agtttcagtt    198000
     tgtgcatatt tttcagagta tttttgggtc atttttcagt aagagtttca gcttgatttc    198060
     agccctgatt ttgattattt cctgcttttt attcatcttt tgtgtgattt cttatttttt    198120
     cctacaactt tcagatgtac ttctagattg atggtataag aagtttctaa cttcatttag    198180
     tgctatcaac ttttctcttt gcactgcttt cattgtgtcc cataaatagc atatgttgtg    198240
     ccttctttct cattgaatta tagaaaatca ttaatttctt ttttcattta ttactactcc    198300
     tgggcataca cccaaaagtt gctctaccat actacaagga accttgctca accatgctct    198360
     tagcagcttt atacataata accagaaact ggaaaccaca tagatgacct tcagttgaaa    198420
     aatgaataaa gaaaatgtgg tatgtctaca caatactact cagctattaa aaacaaagat    198480
     atcataaatt ttaaaagtaa atggatgaat cttgagaata tccctgcgtg aggtaatccc    198540
     atccgaaaag gacatgtact gtatcacctc acttacaaga gggtattagc tatgaaatcc    198600
     aggttaaatt ctacactcca cagaccaaaa gaagaaaagc aagaaagaag gcacaagcaa    198660
     gaatgcttga atttcactta gaatggggaa taaaatagtc atgaaaggca gatggaggga    198720
     taaaactggg agagaaaaag gatagggggg agaatagggg aggaatttag gatcatgtat    198780
     gaggaaggac agaagagaga tggccagata gccttgaaaa tgaattgaaa tctcaaactg    198840
     atggggataa gcatgtgggg ggcatcttcg ggatgtgaca gagatctggg ttaagggaga    198900
     cacccaagaa tcaatggggt gaccttatct gttactcact attttgcaga tataaaacct    198960
     gaaaagtcca cctcatatag ccaaacaata acacaagtgg agtgacagaa ggaccaacca    199020
     actcacaaaa cttttacctc cacatttatc ctctttatga gaattgaggg aatggctaat    199080
     caataactgg cccaacttga gacccattgt atgggcaagc acactactct tttatggtgg    199140
     cttgcagata ggagtgtagc atgactgttc tctgataggc ttcagctatc agctaactca    199200
     gatggataca ggcatcccca gccaaggaac agattaaatt tagggactct gatgaaagaa    199260
     ttgtggtcct gaaagggata ggatctccac aggaagacca acagtgtcag ctaacctgta    199320
     cccttggggt tctgaatgtc agaacctcca accaaaaaaa cttacactgg cttggcatat    199380
     gccccatgca catatgttgc agatgcccag cttggtcttc atgtgagttc taacaattgg    199440
     agcaggggct atccaaaaag ctgttgcctg ttcctccagt tgggctgcct tgactggcct    199500
     tagtaggaga ggaagttcct atcccgaaag aaacttgagg tgcctgtgta ggaggataca    199560
     caggggaccc ctactgacac agagaagtgg gcctggggaa aggatcatgg cagacagcag    199620
     tgagaagaat gtaaaatgaa taagtaaaaa ataaactaaa tctttaaaaa gacatcatga    199680
     atttttgcaa gcaaatggat caatcttgat gtcttagtca gggtttctat tcctggacaa    199740
     aactacatga ccaagaagca agttggggaa gaaagggttt attcaggtta cacttccata    199800
     ctgctgttca tcaccaagga agtcaggact ggaactcaag caggtcagaa tgtaggagct    199860
     gatgcacagg ccgtggagag atgttcctta ctggcttgct tcccctggct tgctcagcct    199920
     gctctcttat agaaccaaga ctactagccc agagatggca ccacccacaa ggggacctcc    199980
     ccacttgatc actaattgag aaaatgcctt gcagctggat cttgtggagg catttcccca    200040
     actgaaactc atttctctgt gataactcca gcctatatca agttgacaca aaactagcca    200100
     gtacaattga cccttgtcaa cttgacacac aaacacattg ctagtaagcc tcaatctgta    200160
     tgttcttatt cacctcccaa gatctaaata acgttaaaag tcccacagtc tttacatatt    200220
     aaaagttcaa tccctttaaa atgttcaata tcttttaaaa tccaaagtct ttttacaatt    200280
     aaaagtctct taactgtggg atccactaaa atatttcttc catcaagagg gaaaattatc    200340
     agggcacagt cacagttaaa gcaaaagtca gtctccaacc atccaatgtc tgggatccaa    200400
     ctcacgatct tctgggcttc tccacgggct tctgtcactt ctccagccat tccctttgta    200460
     gtacacacgt tgtcttctag gctccagccg cctgtactcc actgctgcta ctgttcttgg    200520
     tggccatctc atggtactgg catctcaaaa acactgcatg tacccttcag tcctgggcca    200580
     tcaattgcaa ctgaggctgc actttcacca atggccttcc atggcttctc acagtgctga    200640
     gcctcagctg ctctgtgtga ccccttcatg ccttcaaaac cagtaccacc tgggtaaatc    200700
     ttacatatta ctaagtctag ccacagcaca aggtacaacc ttggctctat ctggaacaca    200760
     gcctctgtgc tctcagaaaa cacttcccag aaaatgtcac ctcaatgatg ttggtctctt    200820
     cttaatcacc gccaatttct tagatccagc taaccaacat caatagtccc agtaatacaa    200880
     aggtttcgct ttagtggttc tggcatcttg ttaatcacag ctgattcttc agccccagct    200940
     aaccagaacc acagaatctt aacaatccaa aatagcaatg gccctgagaa gagtctttaa    201000
     tcttccctct ggaatttcat atgccaggcc tccatcttct acactgttgt caacattatc    201060
     ttccaagctc ccacacaact tcccacagag ttcttaacac cgaatagatc ttctagccca    201120
     aagttccaaa gtccttccac agtcctcccc aaaacatggt caggttgtca cagaaatacc    201180
     ccactatgct ggtaccaatt tgtcatagtc agagtttcta ttcctgcaca aacatcaaga    201240
     ccaagaagca gttggggagg aaagggttta ttcaggttac acttccatac tgctgttcat    201300
     caccaaggaa gtcaggactg gaactcaagc aggtcagaat gtaggagctg atgcacaggc    201360
     tgtggagaga tgttccttac tggcttgctt cccctggctt gctcagcctg ctctcttata    201420
     gaaccaagac tacctgccta gagatggcac cacccataag gggagtccaa ccttgatcac    201480
     taattgagaa aatgccttgc agctggatct cgtggaggca tttccccaac tgaaactcct    201540
     ttctctgtga taactccagt ctgtgtcaag ttgacacaaa attagccagt acacttgaga    201600
     atacctttct gagtaagata acccataccc aaaaggacat gcacaatata tactcattta    201660
     tatgtggata ttagccataa aatacaagat aaacatacta ttctccacac acccaaagaa    201720
     gctaacaaga aggaaggcac aagtgaggat tcttaaatct cactaagatg gaataaaata    201780
     gtcataagag gcacgtggaa ggagagaact gagtgggaaa ggaaataagg attggaaaga    201840
     gggtggttag tatcatttgt ggggaaggaa aaataaatgg ccagatgacc ttgaaaatga    201900
     atgaaaatct gcaactgact aggatcggga ggtgggaggc acctccacaa caagacagag    201960
     atctgagata agggagaaaa atcatgaatc aatggtggtg accttagctg tgactctcag    202020
     cattgggtta tgggtcctga acaggctgcc tccagtaacc aggccagagt accagtgaag    202080
     tgatagagac aacaacccac caacaaaact ttcaacctaa aatgtaattt tttacaagaa    202140
     atgcaatgat ttgtgatgaa gaagccaaaa ccatacagtg gaagaaagta tttcaataaa    202200
     tggtatgttc taactggcag tctgcctgta gaagaatgca atttgatcca tatttatcac    202260
     cctgcacaaa cctcaagtcc aagtggatta agtacttcaa cataaaactg gataaaataa    202320
     atctattaga ggagaaagtg gaaaatggca ttgagtgcat gggtacataa gaaaattttc    202380
     tgaacagaac acaaatggct caggctttaa gattaacaac agataaatgg gatctcttga    202440
     aactgaaaag cttctgtaag gcaaaggaca ctgtggaatg gacaaaatgg caccctagag    202500
     gttaagaaaa gatcttcagt aaccctacac ttgacagagg gctaataacc aaaactcaag    202560
     caatagtaca tgctggtgac aatgtggaga aaggagagca ctcttctatt tctggtggga    202620
     ttgcaaactt ctacaatgtc tctggaaatc aatcaggcta ttcctcaaaa attggaacaa    202680
     gttctacctg aagacctagc tttaatgttc ctgggtatat acccaaaaga tgttccacta    202740
     tatcagaaaa gcatgtactg gaatggaatt gggggtggag ttcagtatca ggtatgggga    202800
     gagacaggag agtgacccag ataccaagga aaatgaatgg aaataggcag gtgccagagg    202860
     tggggcatgg ggggaacaac taagaagtcc acagaccaag gatggagaag actgtcagga    202920
     ctcaaggtgg ctgaccttag ccaaaatccc aatagtgggg atatagaacc tgaagagacc    202980
     atctccagtt gtcaaacagg acccacatag aaggagacat cacctcacct acaaaacttt    203040
     tcacccaaaa ctgctcctgt gaaaaagaaa tgcaggggga aaaaaaatag agcagaaact    203100
     gaaggaatgc ctgcacagta atctatcgaa cttggcaccc atcacattgg tggactgtca    203160
     gggtccaacc ttgacacagg atctgagttc tcaactggaa tcagagatat ccgaaaggct    203220
     caaaataaat atacacaaac taatttttgg gttcaagctg acaggcaatt tttccaggct    203280
     taaattttct ctctcttctt tctcattctc tgctctttct cagtcattca cttgcagttt    203340
     gaggctgcac acagtgcatt tctcactcat tcgcttgcag tttgaggctg cacacactgc    203400
     atttctcact cattcgcttg cagtttgagg ctgcacacac tgcatttctc actcattcgc    203460
     ttgcagtttg aggctgcaca cactgcattt ctcactcatt cgcttgcagt ttgaggctgc    203520
     acacactgca tttctcactc attcgcttgc agtttgaggc tgcacacact gtattctcct    203580
     gcatactctg ctgttctcct gtgaactttt cttttcttga aaactcacac tcatacacac    203640
     ctctgtgtgt tcctttttca ctctcacaca cactctttac acacatctca cacacacaca    203700
     caccagatga cctttccttt cactcacaaa cacactgtcc atacacacct cacattctct    203760
     cttcactcac tcttcacatt ccctcttcac tcacttttca cattctcttc tcatgttcac    203820
     tctctctcac tcttcatttg ttctctacat ttgcctcgca tgttccacac tcgctctcta    203880
     cttgctcact acttgctctc ttgcctttct cttgccccag tattttattg atactccaaa    203940
     agcaggtaaa aataaaaagg catcctatag tcatcgtcaa atcaaattca aaagaataac    204000
     catgtcccac aaaaaatcaa gaattacaat tgtcccctaa agtttcaaga ttccctattc    204060
     ccaggcttat agccaaaata ataatgattg caaacttatc attatttaaa ctttaactta    204120
     ttatacttca gagttcagag ctccgaggtc agctacttgc attttcttgt gaagatctaa    204180
     tgataaatga catgggcaaa gctgccaggc agtggccaga aagaatcaag ttaaccctta    204240
     actcagtagt tccactagct ttctatttct gcacattgca cacaatgatt ctccttagag    204300
     tcccagtgtt ttgacttagt tttactaata taagatttta catattctat atttgtttat    204360
     ccaagaaccg ctgttaaatg ttgtgcaaaa cttatttcat aactttaatg gtttttccct    204420
     ttcttggggt cctaatgttg gctgtatttc attttcaagt aatttcttca aactttcttt    204480
     gcaagtcaag aattaatctt gaactaactt tgtgcagtta ttatgttgtt tccaagataa    204540
     gaacacacag catgcacttg ggccattagg actgtgctgt gctgtgcccc atgcctcaat    204600
     tttttaatag tttaagaatc attacatcaa ggaacatcta gtttcacata attcaccaga    204660
     gcagaaggag aaagaagtaa gaaagtcaaa taaaataatt atgcacacca aggccaattg    204720
     aaaaacagtc acacccttcc gctcgacctt gccagcagag tcttgcccaa cacccgcaag    204780
     ggcccacacg ggactcccca agggaccctg agacctctgg tgagtggaac acagcgcctg    204840
     ccccaatcca atcgcgcgga aattgagact gcagtacata gggaagcagg ctacccgggc    204900
     ttgatctggg gcacaaaccc cttccactcc actcgagccc cgggctacct tgccagctga    204960
     gtcgcctgac acccgcaagg gcccacacag gattccacac gtgatcctaa gacctctagt    205020
     gagtggaaca caacttctgc caggagtctg gttcgaacac cagatatctg ggtacctgcc    205080
     ttgcaagaag agagcttgcc tgcagagaat actctgccca ctgaaactaa ggagagtgct    205140
     accctccagg tctgctctta gaggctaaca gagtcacctg aagaacaagc tcttaacagt    205200
     gacaactaaa acagctagct tcagaaatta ccagatggcg aaaggcaaac gtaagaatcc    205260
     tactaacaga aatcaagacc actcaccatc atcagaacgc agcactccca ccccacctag    205320
     tcctgggcac cccaacacaa ccgaaaatct agacccagat ttaaaaacat ttctcatgat    205380
     gatgatggag gacatcaaga aggactttca taagtcactt aaagaattac aggagagcac    205440
     tgctaaagag ttacaggccc ttaaagaaaa gcaggaaaac acagccaaac aggaagaaat    205500
     cattaaagaa aaacaggaaa acacatccaa acaggtgatg gaaatgaaca aaaccatact    205560
     agaactaaaa ggggaagtag acacaataaa gaaaacccaa agcgaggcaa cgctggagat    205620
     agaaacccta ggaaagagat ctggaaccat agatgcgagc atcagcaaca gaatacaaga    205680
     aatggaagag agaatctcag gtgcagaaga ttccatagag aacatcgaca caacagtcaa    205740
     agaaaataca aaatgcaaaa ggatcctaac tcaaaacatc caggtaatcc aggacacaat    205800
     gagaagacca aacctacgga taataggaat tgatgagaat gaagattttc aacttaaagg    205860
     gccagctaat atcttcaaca aaataataga agaaaacttc ccaaacataa aaaaagagat    205920
     gcccatgagc atacaagaag cctacagaac tccaaataga ctggaccaga aaagaaattc    205980
     ctcccgacac ataataatca gaacaacaaa tgcactaaat aaagatagaa tattaaaagc    206040
     agtaagggag aaaggtcaag taacatataa aggaaggcct atcagaatta caccagactt    206100
     ttcaccagag actatgaaag ccagaagagc ctggacagat gttatacaga cactaagaga    206160
     acacaaatgc cagcccaggc tattataccc ggccaaactc tcaattacca tagatggaga    206220
     aaccaaaata ttccacgaca aaaccaaatt cacacaatat ctttccacga atccagccct    206280
     tcaaaggata ataacagaaa agaagcaata caaggacgga aatcacgccc tagaacaact    206340
     aagaaagtaa tcattcaaca aaccaaaaag aagacagcca caagaacaga atgccaactc    206400
     taacaacaaa aataaaagga agcaacaatt acttttcctt aatatctctt aatatcaatg    206460
     gactcaattc cccaataaaa agacatagac taacagactg gctacacaaa caggacccaa    206520
     cattctgctg cttacaggaa acccatctca gggaaaaaga cagacactac ctcagagtga    206580
     aaggctggaa aacaattttc caagcaaatg gactgaagaa acaagctgga gtagccattt    206640
     taatatcgga taaaatcgac ttccaaccca aagttatcaa aaaagacaag gagggacact    206700
     tcatactcat caaaggtaaa atcctccaag aggaactctc aattctgaat atctacgctc    206760
     caaatgcaag ggcagccaca ttcattagag acactttagt aaagctcaaa gcacacattg    206820
     cacctcacac aataatagtg ggagacttca acacaccact ttcttcaaag gacagatcgt    206880
     ggaaacagaa actaaacagg gacacagtga aactaacaga agttatgaaa caaatggacc    206940
     tgacagatat ctacagaaca ttttatccta aaacaaaagg atataccttc ttctcagcac    207000
     ctcacgggac cttctccaaa attgaccata taattggtca caaaacaggc ctcaatagat    207060
     acaaaaatat tgaaattgtc ccatgtatcc tatcagacca ccatggccta agactgatct    207120
     tcaataacaa cataaataat ggaaagccaa cattcacgtg gaaactgaat aacactcttc    207180
     tcaatgatac cttggtcaag gaaggaataa agaaagaaat taaagacttt ttagagttta    207240
     atgaaaatga agccacaacg tacccaaacc tatgggtcac aatgaaagca tttctaagag    207300
     ggaaactcat agctctgagt gcctccaaga agaaacggga gacagcacat actagcagct    207360
     tgacaacaca tctaaaagcc ctagaaaaaa aggaagcaaa ttcacccaag aggagtagac    207420
     ggcaggaaat aatcaaactc aggggtgaaa tcaaccaagt ggaaacaaga agaactattc    207480
     aaagaattaa ccaaacgagg agttggttct ttgagaaaat caacaagata gataaaccct    207540
     tagctagact cactaaaggg cacagggaca aaatcctaat taacaaaatc agaaatgaaa    207600
     agggagacat aacaacagat cctgaagaaa tccaaaacac catcagatcc ttctacaaaa    207660
     ggctatactc aacaaaactg gaaaacctgg atgaaatgga caaatttctg gacagatacc    207720
     aggtaccaaa gttgaatcag gatcaagttg accatctaaa cagtcccata tcacctaaag    207780
     aaatagaagc agttattaat agtctcccaa ccaaaaaaag cccaggacca gatgggttta    207840
     ttgcagagtt ctatcagacc ttcaaagaag atctaattcc aattctgcac aaactatttc    207900
     acaaaataga cgtagaaggt actctaccca actcatttta tgaagccact attactctga    207960
     tacctaaacc acagaaagat ccaacaaaga tagagaactt cagaccaatt tctcttatga    208020
     atatcgatgc aaaaatcctc aataaaattc tcgctaaccg aatccaagaa cacattaaag    208080
     caatcatcca tcctgaccaa gtaggtttta ttccagggat gcagggatgg tttaatatac    208140
     gaaaatccat caatgtaatc cattatataa acaaactcaa agacaaaaac cacatgatca    208200
     tctcgttaga tgcagaaaaa gcatttgaca agatc                               208235

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