(data stored in ACNUC7820 zone)

EMBL: AC154812

ID   AC154812; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 169822 BP.
AC   AC154812; AC132843;
DT   31-DEC-2004 (Rel. 82, Created)
DT   28-APR-2005 (Rel. 83, Last updated, Version 3)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-532D12 from chromosome 9, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-169822
RA   Zheng X., Haglund K.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-532D12";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-169822
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (30-DEC-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [3]
RP   1-169822
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (30-MAR-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-169822
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (27-APR-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 521877f1d2cf87e52796ee01b86e7446.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456148.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000043087; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000051160; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000095667; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0034396; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0034397; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0034375; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0034376; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0034302; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0034303; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0034367; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0034368; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0034080; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0034081; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0034890; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0034891; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0033403; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0033405; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0034053; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0034054; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0034210; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0034211; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0034154; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0034155; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0034296; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0034297; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0034199; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0034200; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0034909; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0034910; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0033112; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0033523; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0033524; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC154812.2:1-169822; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000058296; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000061693; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000072419; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000212872; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000213834; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000215587; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0091297; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0091298; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0091373; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0091374; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0091314; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0091315; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0091300; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0091301; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0090875; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0090876; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0091824; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0091825; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0091454; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0091456; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0090803; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0090804; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0091018; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0091019; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0090850; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0090851; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0091036; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0091037; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0090871; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0090872; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0092137; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0092138; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0090897; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0089909; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0089910; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   InterPro; IPR000276; GPCR_Rhodpsn.
DR   InterPro; IPR000725; Olfact_rcpt.
DR   InterPro; IPR017452; GPCR_Rhodpsn_7TM.
DR   MGI; MGI:3030687; Olfr853.
DR   MGI; MGI:3030688; Olfr854.
DR   MGI; MGI:3030689; Olfr855.
DR   RFAM; RF00998; mir-562.
CC   On Mar 30, 2005 this sequence version replaced gi:56900438.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BB0532D12
CC   Drafting center: WIBR
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e. phred quality
CC   >=30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by at least
CC   one plasmid subclone, fosmid clone or direct clone walk sequence.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome
CC   shotgun may have been used to obtain the consensus sequence. The
CC   assembly was confirmed by restriction digest.
CC   This finishing standard has slightly changed from the previous
CC   Human standard. Specifically, standards for regions of low sequence
CC   complexity (such as dinucleotide repeats and small unit tandem
CC   repeats) have been relaxed. These regions are very prevalent in the
CC   mouse genome, and the return on extended finishing efforts is
CC   minimal.
CC   If a sequence meets the criteria of the above statement, it needs
CC   no comments or tags. If the criteria are not met, such as ambiguous
CC   bases, then the region is duly annotated.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The  BAC Library has been constructed by Pieter de Jong and
CC   coworkers (http://www.chori.org) from male C57BL/6J mouse spleen
CC   and/or brain genomic DNA. The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..169822
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="9"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-24"
FT                   /clone="RP24-532D12"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    36115..36163
FT                   /note="Unresolved homopolymeric repeat."
FT   unsure          90184..90217
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          153907..153936
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
SQ   Sequence 169822 BP; 56136 A; 32306 C; 31298 G; 50082 T; 0 other;
     gatctacttg tcacttataa tttaaggaag gagatattgc catcagttgt acccactgat        60
     agtgccacaa ggctgtaatg ggtactgtta atctaatgaa tcacagcctt aattaaagta       120
     aacgtgacac caagcataac tgaaatccct tatcttgcag agggactgtg gggaatagga       180
     aatttgattt gcatgcaaag aagatagaag acagtaggag aagagggctt tgtgaattta       240
     ttatatacat gtatgaaact gtcagagtat aaaactgatc aataaaagac aaaaaagagg       300
     cagaactaca cagtgagaaa cagagacaga cagaggcaaa agcagagaaa gaaagaagag       360
     aggttcagaa atacaatatg acagtagttc tgggaagaaa gttaatgtca gttccctttc       420
     aatttgatct ttatttggaa aatcctggga ctacagtgtg ttgagtcatg attggttttt       480
     aaatagaaat gcagttagga gaaataaaac attataagag aggcagcttg atgggtcctt       540
     caaggaagac agccattcct cttacagaaa cacaaaaagg agagttatat gagggtagaa       600
     agcttcatgt gggagagtat taacaaaaat agatgacaca taatacacaa gaggggtctt       660
     ataggaaaaa accagccagt cttttttatg aagaaaacaa aatgaacaaa caaacaaaca       720
     aaaaggaact tttcaaatta tagattttca agtatgtact gcaaattccc acacaggatc       780
     atatagtctg gcataattaa aataccaaaa gttcaaaagg caatgataga gactaaacag       840
     gatttaagat tgtcatcata ctaagggcca gggcaactaa attttttcag ctacaactga       900
     gctgactgca aagagtggga aacagttttc agggttgcat gacttctgag agaggaataa       960
     aagcatcagc atataagcta atgctttgga gtttgtgcat attgttaatt taatctataa      1020
     aaaagcatgt catttttaaa actaacttgt agtatgtagt tgatgcctat gtgcaagtgc      1080
     tttgttttaa cgtgtttact tgctggtgta taccttctga aacagtactc agttaatctt      1140
     attaataaaa ttccattttt ttctctatga ttaagtcgga aattacttga aatagatctt      1200
     catacctcaa aacagagatt acatttattt taattcattt agtgaattaa acatgacacc      1260
     actcatgaat gagcactctc ttaacttatg aattgatatt tttaagtaac tatatttttg      1320
     taccactgtg ccatgctttc atcaaacaac tatatctaac ctatagatca aataaagaaa      1380
     ccctaaattg tttcagtaag aaacctgcac cctatattaa cgagttactg ataatgtaca      1440
     gttttggcaa tgtgttagga tgtcctacac ccacatatat tgtatcaaat agctatgtag      1500
     gtatgcattt tcagtgttag ttgccatgca acacagcacc aagtgctggc aggatgatcg      1560
     atatttttta tgacccatta ccccctttct atatgtaaat acttgtttct tccttacctg      1620
     ctcaaaaaga gggaaaacca agctgccacg ggagaggacc ttgttcacac tgagttcaga      1680
     atgagtaagt tgtggaacct ctccctcaat gctaatagtt atttttttct tttgtatgtg      1740
     aaagaaatac agctttggtt aaataaagag ctagtagctg aggctgaggt agtaccatgg      1800
     ggcagaatga ctgggcagag agaaggacca gcagaagtac caggcagaag gaagaggaag      1860
     gagacagagc gaagcatggg tgggaatgaa ggaaggaaat aaagatatag agccaaatgg      1920
     cagagacaca gtggcaggaa attcaggtat attttaggtg actggctgaa ggactgcccc      1980
     agcaaaatgg ccaacagcct taatctatat agacatcttt gtgtctttat tgttaatcaa      2040
     caagtggaac cccaaaagcc ctataatgga aatcatgttg aaaaccctaa tttatagctt      2100
     gtatttatgt gatatctcaa acaaattgct gatactgttt gccttggcag atattaaggt      2160
     gatttcttgt tttatttacc tactaatttt tacacatttc aatggttatt tgcccacata      2220
     aatataataa tgatatcatt actctctagc taaaaccaag cttaacaaga attctggtat      2280
     aaatacctcc ctacacttgt atgtatgtgt gtttgtgtgt gtgttatact taaaaatttt      2340
     ccaagtaacc agcaattcaa ctgctctttg ccacatcttt catactgtca tgaaacagag      2400
     aaatatgaaa atctcccctc ccaaccagta taaattactc tacacccaca gataagagca      2460
     ggcatcccat tttggatatt aaccaacttg gaatagaaaa atgtaaaaca tgtaaggacc      2520
     ttaaataaac tagcatttct ttaaaaatat ttgttattca cgtcattttc tccacctgga      2580
     acaatcatgt atttcttaag aagaggaata gggtgaagta taacaggaag attgtcaccc      2640
     tgtgcttgcc ccattaagct accaattaaa agtataatct tacaatgact ggttgtaagt      2700
     cagggttgtc tattattgtt ataggatcct aatggctgct gtagagagca tgttaataag      2760
     aatttagaaa aacaataagt taaatgttat tttgaggagc agctatctca tgtcagctga      2820
     ctgtagtagg taagagttgg aggagcagcc agctcccact agctctacaa ttcacatcag      2880
     ctctgtgtgt agcagttaag aatgaaataa tagacaacga tgtaatgcta aagagtgacc      2940
     aacccctgta gctaataaaa gtaaaggctc aaagcagaca agcagagacc ctgatattgc      3000
     aacagtaaag actctcagca gtctagttct ccaaccagag aacaactgac tgctgccctg      3060
     tctgcataga gataagagaa tccagaggat ggagatactg cctaagacac actgagtgat      3120
     ggatagtttg tgagttttgc ctgtgagccc ctctgccatt tgtttagcag ccaggtacac      3180
     tatacttgta tagtagagct ttacctgtga gtctctctgc tctttgcttc tgagttaggt      3240
     aacacatgtg tgttgttgac tgatgcttgt cattgtagta atgagtcttg ccagttgagt      3300
     ctctctacta cttgattcag agtcaattac tccatttgtg tattgtcaag caattcgtat      3360
     cattgtaata aataaaccta gacatcaaat ggtatttgga ctccatctct acttctcagc      3420
     tttaagctgg atgtgactta agacagctgg acagttctag tggacaaacc ttgacaaaac      3480
     cacaataagt ttcactcatc tcttaacagt tctggttaaa ctgttagtta tctttgaggt      3540
     attttggagg cataattccc ttagctaaat tctactttat gttacctaat ttttcttaag      3600
     caatttcact aaaaattcta tataatatca attgattact ttgagtttct tctacatcaa      3660
     ttgtagcaat aaagtagaat ctgggagtaa taaattattg gtataaagtg tataccaata      3720
     aaattgataa gaaatattgt tgcataaaat agaattttat accatagtaa gttgtataat      3780
     aataataata ataataataa taataataat aataataata ataaattatg aagtttaggg      3840
     ttgctgagaa agtttctgct actgtttgtt ctccaaaatt aacctataat tagtctccat      3900
     tccaataata aaaggagaca tctctgaatt acaatcaacc tttaggtcta tctctatatg      3960
     cttctaatga gcagatcaat ggggcatctc aagctcacaa ccatcatgaa gacctagtga      4020
     accactcttt aggagaagca taatttttgc agactgacaa gatgacccag gataacaaat      4080
     atcagaaaag aacaatattt gtatacttaa gaaatatttc tgagccagca ctggggtagc      4140
     tagggcacgg agttggctga cacctgccag ctacccacaa gaccgccaaa gatctgaaga      4200
     cctctggtga gtggaacaca gctgctgctc caatctaatc acacgggacc tgagactgca      4260
     ttaattaggg aagcagaaaa ccaggcctga tcaggggcac aagtcccttc cggtccacgc      4320
     cagcactagg gtacctgggg cgtggagtct gtggacacag gtaaggaata tacaggacac      4380
     tccacgggat attaagacct ctgtgagtgg atcacaactt ctgccaggag gcaggcttga      4440
     acaccagata tctgggcacc ttccctgcaa gaggagagcc taccttaaga gagtactctg      4500
     aacactgaag ctcaggagag atctagtcta ccaggtctgc tgatagaggc taacataaaa      4560
     acctgaggaa caagatctaa ccagatacaa ctaaaacaac taactccaga gattaccaga      4620
     tggcaaaacg caaaagtaag aattttacta acaaaaacca agaccactca ccatcatcag      4680
     aatgcagcac ttccacccca cccagtcctg ggcaccccaa aacacccgaa aaactagacc      4740
     cggatttaaa agcatatctc atgatgatgg tagaggacat caagtaggac tttaataact      4800
     cacttaaaga aatacaggag aacacagcta aacaggtaga agaccttaaa gaggaaacac      4860
     aaaaatccct taaagaattg caggaaaaca agaccaaaca ggtgatggaa ttcaataaaa      4920
     ccatccaaga cataaaaagg gaagtagaca taataaagaa aacccaaagt gaggcaacac      4980
     tggagataga aaacctagaa aagaaatctg gaaccataga tgccagcatc agcaacagaa      5040
     tgcaagagat ggaagagaga atctcaggtg cagaagattc tatagagaac atcagtacaa      5100
     caatcaaaga aaatacaaaa cgcaaaagat cctaactcaa aacattcagg aaatccagga      5160
     cacaatgata agaccaagcc tacagataat aggagttgat gagaatgaag attttcaact      5220
     taaagggcca gcaaatatct tcaacaaaat tatagaagaa aacttcccaa acctaaagaa      5280
     ggagatgccc atgaacatac aagaagccta cagaactcca aatagactga tccagaaaag      5340
     aaattcctcc tgacacataa taatcagaac aacaaatgca ctaaataaag atagaatact      5400
     aaaagcagta agggaaatgg gtcaagtaac atataaatgc aggcctatca gaattacacc      5460
     agactattca ccacagacta tgaaagccag aagatcctgg acagatctta tacagacact      5520
     aagagaacac aaatgccagc ccaggctact atacccagcc aaactctcaa ttaccataga      5580
     tggaaaaacc aaagtattcc acgacaaaac caaattcaca caatatcttt ccacgaatcc      5640
     agcccttcaa aggataataa cagaaaaaaa ccaatacaag gacggaaacc acgccctaga      5700
     aaaagcaaga aaataatccc tcaacaaact aaaaaaagag agacacaaaa acagaatgcc      5760
     atctctaaaa acaaaaataa tagaaagcaa caattacttt tccttaattt ctcttaatat      5820
     caatggattc aattccccaa taaaaagaca tagactaaca gactggctac ataaacagga      5880
     cccaacattc tgctgcttac aggaaaccca tctcagggaa aaagacagac actacctcag      5940
     agtgaaaggc tggaaaacaa ttttccaagc aaatggtgtg aagaaacaag ctgaagtagc      6000
     cattctaatg tcgaataaaa ttgacttcca acctaaagtt tccaaaaaag acaaggaggg      6060
     acacttgata ctcatcaagg gtaaaatcct ccaagaggaa ctctcaattc tgaatatctt      6120
     tgctccaaat gcaagggcaa ccacattcat taaagaaact ttagtaaagc tcaaagcaca      6180
     tattgaacct cacacaataa tagtgggaga cttcaacaca ccaattttat caatggacag      6240
     atcgtggaaa caaaaactaa acagggacac agtgaatcta acagcagtaa tgaaacaaat      6300
     ggacttaaca gatatctaca gaacatttta tcctaaaaca aaaggatata ccttcttctc      6360
     agcacctcat ggtaccttct ccaaaattga ccatataatt gctcacaaaa caggcctcaa      6420
     cagatacaaa aatattgaaa tcgtcccatg catcccatca gaccaccatg gcctaaggct      6480
     gatcttcaat aacaacataa ataatgaaga gccaacattc acatggacaa tgaacaacat      6540
     tattctcaat gataccttgg tcaaggaagg aataaagaaa gaaattaaag actttttaga      6600
     gattaatgaa aatgaagcca caacataccc agacttatgg gacactatga aagcatttct      6660
     aagaggaaaa ctcatagctc tcagtgcctc caaaaagaaa ctagagagag cagacactag      6720
     cagcttgaca aaacacctaa aaggtctaga aaaaaaggaa gcaaattcac ccaagagtgg      6780
     acagcaggaa ataatcaaac tcagggttga aatcaaccaa gtggaaacaa gaagaactat      6840
     tcaaagaatc aaccaaacga agacctggtt ctttgagaaa atgaacaaga tagataaacc      6900
     tttagccaga ctcactagag ggcacaggga tagcatccta attaataaaa tcagaaatga      6960
     aaagggagac ataacaacag atcctgaaga aatccaaaac accatcagat ccttctacaa      7020
     aaggctatac tcaacaaaac tggaaaacct ggacgaaatg gacaaatttc tagacagata      7080
     ccaggtacca aagttaaatc aggatcaagt taacgatcta aacagtccca tatctcctaa      7140
     agaaatagaa gcagtcatta atggtctccc aaccaaaaaa agcccaggac cagatgggtt      7200
     tagtgcagag ttctatcaca ccttcaaaga agatctaatt ccagttctac acaaactatt      7260
     ccacaaaata gaagtagacg gtactctacc caactcattc tatgaagcca caatttctct      7320
     gatacctaaa ccacagaaag atccaacaaa gatagagaac ttcagaccaa tttcccttat      7380
     gaatatcgat gtaaaaatcc tcaataaagt tctcactaac cgaatccaag aacacatcaa      7440
     aacaatcatc catcctgatc aagtaggttt tattccagga atgcagggat ggtttaataa      7500
     acgaaaattc atcaacgtaa tccattatat aaacaaactc gaattcaaaa accacatgat      7560
     catctcgtta gatgtggaga aagcatttga caaaatccaa caagcattca tgataaaagt      7620
     cttggaaaga tcaggaattc aaggcccata actaaacatg ataaaagcaa tctacagcaa      7680
     accagtaacc aacatcaaag taaatggtga gaagctagaa acaatcccat taaaatcagg      7740
     gactagacaa ggctgcccac tttctcccta cctattcaac tttgggcttg aagtcctagc      7800
     cagagcaatt tgacaacaaa aggagatcaa ggggatacaa attggaaacg aagaaatcaa      7860
     aatatcactt tttgcagatg atatgatagt atatataagt gaccctaaaa attccaccag      7920
     agaactccta agcctgataa acagcttcag tgaagtacct ggatataaaa ttaactcaag      7980
     tcaatggccc ttctctacac aaagaataaa caggctgaga aagaaactag ggaaataaca      8040
     cccttctcaa tagtcacaaa tattataaaa taccttggca tgactctaac taaggaagtg      8100
     aaaaatctgt atgataagaa cttcaagtct ctgaagaaag aaattaaaga acatctcaga      8160
     agatggaaag atctcccatg ctcatggatt ggcaggatca acattgtaaa aatggctatc      8220
     ttaccaaaag caatctacag attcaatgca atccccatca aaattccaac tcaattcttc      8280
     aacgaattag aaagaacaat ctgcaaattc atctggaata acaaaaaacc taggatagca      8340
     aaaactcttc tcaaggataa aagaacctct ggtggaatca ccatgcctga cctaaagctt      8400
     tactacagag caattgtgat caaaactgca tggtactgat ataacgacac aaaagtagac      8460
     caatggaata gaattgaaga cctagaaatg aacccacaca cctatggtca cttgatcttc      8520
     acatgggagc taaaaccatc cagtggaaaa aagacagcat tttcaacaaa tggtgctggc      8580
     acaactggtg gttatcatgt agaataatac aatttgatcc attcctatct ctttgtacta      8640
     aggtcaaatc taagtggatc aagtagctcc acataaaacc agagacactg aaacttatag      8700
     aggagaaagt gggggaaagc ctagaagata ttggcacagg ggagaaattc ctgaatagaa      8760
     cagcaatggc ttgtgctgta agatcgagaa ttgacaaatg ggacctcatg aaactgcaaa      8820
     gcttctgtaa ggcaaaagac accgtcaata agacaaaaag gccaccaaca gattgggaaa      8880
     ggatctttac ctatcctaaa tcagatagag gactaatatc caatatatat aaagagctca      8940
     agaaggtgaa ctccagaaaa tcaaataacc ccattaaaaa atcagagcta agcaaagaat      9000
     tctcacctga gaaatactgt atggctgaga aacacctgaa aaaatgttca gcatccttaa      9060
     tcatcaggga aatgcaaatc aaaacaaccc tgagattcat tctcacacaa gtcagaatgg      9120
     ctaagatcaa aaattcaggt gacagcagat gctggcgtgg atgtggagaa agaggaacac      9180
     tcctccattg ttggtgggat tgcaggcttg tacaaccact ctggaaatca gtctggcagt      9240
     ttctcagaaa attgaacatg gtactacgga aggatcctgc agtacctctc tgggcatata      9300
     tctagaagat gttccaacta gtaagaaaga aacatgttcc actatgttta tagcagcctc      9360
     atttataata gccagaagct ggaaagaacc cagatgcccc tcaacagagg aatggataca      9420
     aaaaaatgtg gtacatttac ataatggagt agtattcagc tattaaaaag aatgaattta      9480
     tgaaattcct aagcaaatgg ttggacctgg agggcattat cctgagtgag gtaacctaat      9540
     cacaaaagaa ctcaaatgat atgtactcac tgataagtgg atattagccc agaaactttg      9600
     aatactcaag atatatacaa tttgtaaaac acatgaaact caagaaaaac gaattcttag      9660
     aattgggaac aaaacactca tggaaggagt tatagagaca aagtttggag ctgagacaaa      9720
     aggatggacc ctctagagac tgccatatcc agggatccat cccataatca gcttccaaac      9780
     gctgacacca ttgcatacac tagcaagatt gtgctgatag gaacctgata tagctgtctc      9840
     tagtgagact acgctggggc ctagcaaaca cagaagtgga tgttcacatt cagctattgg      9900
     atgtatcaca gggcccccaa tggaggagct agagaaaata cccaaggagc taaagggatc      9960
     tacaacccta taggtggaac aacattatga actaaccagt aagtaccccg gagctcttga     10020
     ctctagctgc atatgtatca aaagatggcc tagttggcca tcactggaaa gagaggccca     10080
     tgggacttgc aaactttata tgccccagta caggggaact ggaacgccag ggccaaaaag     10140
     tgggagtggg tgggtatggg ggttggggga gggtatggga gacttttggg atagcattgg     10200
     agatgtaggt gaggaaaata cctaattaaa caaaaaaaaa tattctatca agcaaaacct     10260
     aaaaaaaaaa aagaaaaata tttctataat tcttgatgtg taagtttttc atctgtcaaa     10320
     attgatataa ttgaaatctc ccatttttta aaaattgttc aaatataacc tggggcaaag     10380
     atctgaaaga agtttaagga taactgtatc gttggacctg aaaaaaagct tatggatttg     10440
     agaatatgtg aaatgcataa ggaaatacaa gttagaaatt tgtttattaa aaacttgata     10500
     ctttgagcat cacccagagt tggacataca gtatttttaa gtttcttttc tttaattaat     10560
     ctttaagagt gtagtgttat ttctcatagg agaggtatat gaatcttgac tttcacaggg     10620
     acacaataac aagcatacac cagtcacaca tacacaaaca cacaatacac acacacatac     10680
     atacagaata aatatataaa taaaaaccaa ataaataaat aaacaaatat ataaaattga     10740
     atataatatc attaaaaaca taaatagaat gctttcagcc tctatacaga tgagagaaac     10800
     aataataaaa atacaatgag atttgcttgg cctctcagtg tctctgcatt catacaagaa     10860
     gttctctgtt agtgagtagt gatccttgag gatttaagct taattgagca aaaatgataa     10920
     taaatctttt gttaatgaaa catcttgaga attcagcact tggggataca aatacttcaa     10980
     gcaacacaaa cagttatcac tttagttgat gacctttctc agctcaggaa agattcatcc     11040
     agttctccat gaagccagaa tacctttttc catgagagct tttgactgaa ttagttcttc     11100
     ctggatatag atatagatac agatacagat gacacagata cagatgatac agatacagat     11160
     acatatctct ctatatatgg atatatattt tatcttgcaa tgtggtgaga ttatttggga     11220
     caaggcaaaa tgaggtatta ttccactgtt tctctttctc attttctgaa tctctcctat     11280
     ctatatccat tcactctttt tgttggtatt tcttaaggtt aaaaaaaaaa agagcctgtt     11340
     cacatttgct taagttaaat gtgggattcc aaacaaattt gtaatactat tttcactata     11400
     aataatttac attttcattg attttacaat taggttttat tgtattgata ttttactttc     11460
     ccttacaaat ttcagtaggt atttcctcat ataaatacat tttagtactt ccaaatgtca     11520
     tataaacaga acttattggt tgcctttata agaattttac tgtagaagta cctgggcaga     11580
     atggccatgt ctaacatact gcaaagatca cacaatgtgg cagatttcac atgacagaat     11640
     tattggggta tatatagagg cagtctctga gtaagggtgg aggggaaaga aagacagaga     11700
     tagaaaaaga gggatagaga gggggaaagg acagattgat agagcaagat gaaaagagtg     11760
     gcccttgatt gcagggactt tttaaaagat atgcttgttg aatttgatgg ttgctgatga     11820
     tgttgtttct ggcgcttagt cactgaaggt agcctgaggc taacattcct cccttttgtt     11880
     tatcataaaa gtaaggaaat ggaaaggagt gatgttgagg caagaatgga ggtactcttc     11940
     aagctgcatc ctgctctcta agacgattaa catttttgtg ggcccaaagt aattggggtg     12000
     ctggcctggt tctgggtgag caggctcttt catttgttgt ccagggtctc tgggaccaac     12060
     tagggctatg aacatacagg cagtagttga agtggtatgt aaggctggat ccttgaagct     12120
     gttccagaga gaaattttga gggaacacct ggatcttgca ggttgctgga agagatccat     12180
     attagggtag aagatagagt catggaattt agggagaaat tttatttttt ttaggtgtcc     12240
     atttaaaatg gtcttgatat ttaggagaag aaagaaccaa gactagggaa aatgaggaag     12300
     gtaaccaatc cttagaaata aatagaatag gcaagttgga agattgattt tcatctctat     12360
     ctctagtaca tattgagaag ggtaagataa ctccaaaatt gacttcaaat tgacagttta     12420
     agagactagg ccaaagtcca ggcaagtaag ctactagaaa aaaaaaaaag acccaagcat     12480
     caagcaagca tcagccacct agtcagaaac ttccttgata tcagaggatg cccagccacc     12540
     tggcctgggg caaggacaat gagtcagaag caatttctag actcccttag cagtaatttt     12600
     cagacttccc cagaaacagt tatacgccca taatggttct ggaatgcgta gagatagagt     12660
     aagataaaac tcacctaccc taggattact cagcaacagt ttccagccct catcccctga     12720
     caatggttct ggaccctaga attcccctaa tacgctttaa attgggactt caagctcacc     12780
     tgtagaatcc tagcaggttg gattctactg aaatctgcat tgtagcaaag gcagtaaact     12840
     cagtcctttg actcatcaaa gctggaggac ccaatatgat tttgggttaa aagctctttc     12900
     ctctttccag aaaactagat ggatatagat tagacagatg ctttttatac aatgacaaac     12960
     actagtaagt ctaaacatag aagacagtca aagaaaatta aaagtcttga gctgtgatca     13020
     ggttaataat aatcagtatt tactagtgct agattaatgg attatcagaa ctcgattagt     13080
     tattattaaa actctgatca gttgggcagt ggtggcacac gcctttaatc ccagcacttt     13140
     agaggcagag gcaggcagat ttctgagttc gaggccagcc tggtctacag agtgagctcc     13200
     aggacagcca gggcaacaca gagaaaccct atctcgaaaa accacagata gataaataaa     13260
     taaataaata aataaataaa taaataaata aataaataaa atcatgtttt cctagtagat     13320
     ttttttaaat gagagtgaaa gttgaatcca agttacataa atacatacac agagacacag     13380
     agagttgatt ataagtctct ctctctctct cctctctctc tctccccccc cctctctctc     13440
     tctctctcac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacattaaa     13500
     atcaaaccaa ccaaccaacc aaggaaaaac aaaaaccaaa aataacttcc tgggcatcta     13560
     gttaccactg gaaatttcat ggagtgggaa acaaatggtt cagggtctac aggcctgtga     13620
     tgaggaacct ggaactgagg gctctcaaac tcctggaaat ccagacactg agtcttggag     13680
     atttgggaat ggggtggccc tgtgagctaa caatgaacct ggggccagaa gctgaaagtc     13740
     tttaccttag cttaggtgat tgtctgggag agcagagggg ccttctatgg gacgtttagg     13800
     cagcacaaca ccacaggaaa atgccttctc catgttcctc atgttgattc ttgaaaaaaa     13860
     gagacagtcc ttgtttccaa attgcttatt gattgttcat catagaaaat ggatacatat     13920
     cacctcctta ggataagcca gagattaaat accttttaca agaaggaatg tctggagaga     13980
     gaagctcata gcctaaacca tcaggggcct ctagataact cattaacata gagacctgtt     14040
     ctcggctgca tgatcaccgg tcacatttcc tatgtttgaa gtgtgacaca tactccagga     14100
     caagaagcta gtaaggagca gggagctgcc tattgtctca ggtgagtgcc taggtgctag     14160
     gcactctaaa catgcttaat cttaccaagt ttcttgacat ggtccactgt ctcatactga     14220
     agtccaagtt attcccaagg gtcaggggaa ccaaacaaga aaagcataag ctatttagtt     14280
     ggttatcacc tactggatga gggtcagtgt ctgagccagc caaagtcaga ttacaaactc     14340
     tacctggtac cacgactatt gaattaatta attaattaat taattaatta attaatgatt     14400
     gaagcaaaat ctaaactcaa aaatgaagtc tctctaaaga taatagtcag aggtatagct     14460
     aatgaagaga gtcacccata gcataacaga caatggctgg ggtacctcaa tctccaagaa     14520
     tactggaggg acataggatg cttataaatc attccttcag attcagggaa gccttcacat     14580
     taaccaggtg ggaaacttac tatttgccac tgttagaaag gatccacagg aagagatgag     14640
     cctgaaaatg tgtttgtgtt acagatgggt tggagataag gaatattgta ggagtgtggc     14700
     ttggacacat gagaacggtg tgtgtgcaca caccagaata tcctaccgaa acacagagac     14760
     aattattaca ctgctgctga cgtactttgg cagattggag ggactaagga atgctgcaaa     14820
     gattataaaa gacctcatac aatagattta ttgggtgagc tatataacgc tgcctatgag     14880
     caaaaatgga ggggagagac agaaagacgg acaaaaagaa tgaaaaagct gagtagattg     14940
     agagtaagag aattgaccat gattgcaggg actccccccc ccattaattg attaatatat     15000
     ttactttaga tttcccctta ctcctctcct cccagtccct gcctctcacc tcccctttcc     15060
     ccatctcccc ttcctttctc ctcaaagaat gggaggcctc ccatggccat caatctgcct     15120
     tgtcatatca aattgcagta caactgggag catcttctcc tatttctgca tagataaggc     15180
     atctgagtta ggggaaagga atccaaagcc aggcaagtgt cataaagagc gcctgctgca     15240
     actgttaagg tcccacatga agacctagac tcactaccaa aaatgtaaga gagggcaagt     15300
     accttttaaa aggtgtgatt gttccatttg gttggggata attacctggc tgctgatgct     15360
     gagtatctaa atacaggctg gggctaactt ccttaactta ttaaaaacat tgatgtgtaa     15420
     aaattgtgta tatttatgga ggtcattgtg atgattgaat aaatgtgttc ataataagaa     15480
     aaatcaaaag aatatgtcta taaatttata gggtgctcat ttctatgtga tgaaggcact     15540
     agagacttgt agccttcccc agcctgaaga gggctggttt cttttgatgt gtcaactgcc     15600
     actgctcttt gccaagattc tgctgcctgc tgagaaaccc ttgagacatt ctggagaaac     15660
     atcctatcct gcatgttgtc tacaggctgg ctccgggcac caaggatgga ctggctgggg     15720
     gatgggccta ccccctatat aagcttagac tctaagtaaa ttttaaggtg ccttgaacag     15780
     agtatttttg tcttggagtc tttatttctc tccccgtcta gtctcttttt cagcatcagc     15840
     ctgcctttca ggagtaccca gtacatgcag gccacaggct gcttacaact acagagactg     15900
     aaacatatga ttaatatatg aaagacaaca gttgccagag aaacactggg aatcatttcc     15960
     aagctaggct tcataagcag agcatgcaca aaccactgtg cagtggaaga ttggaagcaa     16020
     tccttcacct aaggaactaa gcccatgtga gaaaatattt gatgtgaaaa tgtgatgtct     16080
     atgtaaattt tctatgaatg gatattcact tcaggaccca atacatcttt gacattttta     16140
     acctcagtgt actaaccaac acttgtttgg ggtagtgctt ttcctttctt aataagctgt     16200
     atatattcct atttctaacc aagtgtctat gggaaatctt ttgccactga acttttcaat     16260
     ttttaaattt atatcagatc aggttcccct ctatctccac tgtgccccca tgccacccac     16320
     aatccctccc aagtccctcc cttcctccca acctccctcc ctcccttcct tcccacttgt     16380
     gattgctttc ttctctctcc ctagtgggac tgaggctaat gtggatgttt tatagaaagc     16440
     agaaaatact ctaagatgaa caaatgtgta aataaaatgt gtcaaaatga gcatagacat     16500
     ttctcatata atactactaa tattaatgaa cacaaaatgt atagtatgaa acaaaaaata     16560
     ttcacattaa attttattca ttcattacaa atattaatat aatctatgac ttcaaaatat     16620
     gatgtttatg gatatattac agttcaaata aggttcttag ggcaatgtat atgtgaagtt     16680
     cattaacaag tgtaccacag tgttataagg tagaaatttt ataatatatt aaggttcaga     16740
     tttgctcatg cacatataat aatggatgaa agtaaacccc atatttagta tgaattcgac     16800
     tggattttgt gttagactta agcttttaat agtagatgtg ttgtaatctt ccagatttta     16860
     gacatgagca atcaacaatg acagtatgat tttaataaag gtttattttt gcttaaattt     16920
     atatatttat agctatttga tacatagttt ttctgagaat attatttcat ttaaacttta     16980
     cacttataaa attcatagat agatagataa acagacagat aatataaaac atgtaatata     17040
     attatgaaaa tattgtatgt gacttatttg tataaaacag tgtaaggtga cattagtatt     17100
     atatttcctt ctgtgatata agtttatgcc ttttctctgt attattcctt ccttcttttc     17160
     acagtaaaac actgtactat cagggttatt cattggactt tgaaaataag tctccatttc     17220
     ttagccatta taccttagag ttgttatatc ctctgttcac ttttcctact tctttaaacc     17280
     tttcacgatc aattttcatc ctaagtatta atacatattg aaaaggaaaa gctaaactga     17340
     taggaagtcc accacaagcc cctatattta gtcttttgca tgatatttgt tcacactgta     17400
     aaacctgaga ttgtaaactg gaaaaacttt gtctttcaat gtccctcctt tctattcact     17460
     acattcactc cctgtcagct gctttcttgc tctgtctctt gacctgatat tactttattt     17520
     aggtatagga ttaaaggtgt ttaaggctga ggcaggggct ggagagatgg ctcagtggtt     17580
     aagaactcca agtgctcttc caaaggtcct gagttcaatt cccagaaaac acatggtggc     17640
     tcacaaccat ctataatggg atctgatgcc ctcttctggt gtgtttgaag actgctacag     17700
     tgtactcata taaagaaaat gcttaagtct taaaaaataa attcagtaaa aaatatttta     17760
     aaaggctgag acacaccaca agtactttct tacagtaaat aatagacact tgatttaaag     17820
     atgtgtatta gggctgagcc aaactgtaac aagattttta cagttcacaa tttcaggggt     17880
     tcacaatgtg acataaccca acgtatgtca ctttttccta cttattcctt ttctctgaat     17940
     catcccccag tatttccaca gttgctacca ttataaaaat gagaaagtga aatttgtgtt     18000
     tcataggtca gactaaggca gagaaccatg tcaaattcag tgatttatga catattcaaa     18060
     gtcatattca aagtcccaaa ctttcttttt tgtttttaag ctttcattag gaattgtttt     18120
     taatgaattc tttacatcac tgtccccact ccaggttaat gtcttcaaca atcctcccct     18180
     ccttctcttt tgagagggta gaaccctctg ggtatccccc aaacctcaca tatcaagact     18240
     ctgtgaaact aggtgcatcc tcccccactg agaccagaca aggcagccta gctagaaaca     18300
     ggttttaaaa tatcccacac tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaataaa taaataaata aatatcccac     18360
     actccacact tcatgatcga catgaagacc aaattgcaca tctgctacat atgttcaggg     18420
     aggcctatgt ccagcctgtg tgtgctcttt agttggtggt tcagtccctg agaactatat     18480
     ccaacaaaac catcaatcaa catagatgaa aaaaacaaaa atattccaag acaaaaacaa     18540
     atccaaacaa tatttagcta caaattcagc cctatggagg attctagaag gaaaactcca     18600
     acacaaagag ggtacctaca ccaaaggaaa aaacatggta ttaatcatcc cacaacaaag     18660
     ccaaaaggag agaatcactt aatgccacct acaaaaataa atgtaacagg aactaccaat     18720
     catctgtcct taatatctct caatattaac ggactcaact cacctataag aacatgagct     18780
     aacagactag atatgctaag aggatccagc attttgctgc atacaagaaa catacttcaa     18840
     taacaaaaaa agacactacc tcaaagtgaa aggctgaaaa aaaaaaaaag tcttccaagc     18900
     aaatggtccc aagaaaaaag ctggagaggc cattctaata ttcaataaaa tagactttca     18960
     aataaaagtt atatcaagat aaatgaagaa ggacactttg tattcatcaa agtaaaaaaa     19020
     tccaccaaga gaaaggcaag ggcacctaca ttcataaagg agactttact aaagccatct     19080
     tcttgcacgc actcaactgg ccaggaagaa catcgctgca acaggatcct tctgcacacg     19140
     tttattgatt gcataggcga aagaagaaga accccgaaca aggaaaatga tgctccttat     19200
     atacccctcc atatgacgtg tcagctcctg attagctgct cactcatcac cccactaaaa     19260
     atttgaacgt catgtcgagc tggtatcggc ttctggaaca ccgaaaggat ctcccatctc     19320
     ggctccatcg tttgtgcttg tgggaccatc caccacatcc acaggggcaa ctggatcagg     19380
     agcctcattc ttgcagcgtc tcaccaacct ctccggcacc caaagaggtt ccatttggtc     19440
     gtgtggaaac acacaaacag accctctcgc ccatatcaac acctgatttg gtcgatcccc     19500
     aggggggatg gacacaatac ctcgtggtaa tgagaccata acctcaatca cctgtgtgtc     19560
     catctgggga gtcaatatga gagtcaagtt ttcactagct tcccctctga taggcaatga     19620
     tttccacacc cttatagcaa tctgattcac ctgctcaaac acctgcagtg gatatcctgt     19680
     ttgttgttgt gcaaatcgac tttgaccaag cagcatatcc ctatcccatg ctggatttcc     19740
     tgcagcagag ttagccactg cctgttcatt tgtaaattca ataaagaagg ctttccaatc     19800
     taaatactgc ccaggtgaaa ggcatgcctt taccaagcct gcccaatcag acagcgtcat     19860
     gcagtgtcta ttcaaggcct ttacttgagc cactgtatag gagacagtta agctgaacgt     19920
     ctgcacggtt aagctgaacg tctgcacgga ctcagcaaaa ttcctgatta ctttgaaatc     19980
     tagaggctca tgatatctct gccctgcttg gtctgtgaaa ataggacatc ccagcaagga     20040
     gaatctattc tctctccaaa cctccgaaca gaaggtccac ctataggtgg ctgctgaaga     20100
     ggcataggga ggaggcagag aagctaattc gccttcctcc tccgcctcgg ctcttttatt     20160
     ttgtcctttc tgtccacctg ataacactgt gtctcctttc tttttccttt ttctttttaa     20220
     gcccttctcc tcttccaaca tactctcttg ttgctctgta aggattttct gacctgtctt     20280
     gactgcctct cgattcaaag agtaacagag tccatatatc agaacaaaca agaccaaaac     20340
     tatcagacct acccacaaag ggtcaatggg agaaaaaagc ataactacac agcgaggatc     20400
     tattgatcac tatactgagc ttatcatagt tccttgactt gtcccaaaac cgtgaacctt     20460
     aacttgtccc aaagccagga accttttgtt accttctgcc tgcttcctgg caactttata     20520
     ttcacctcta ttttatccga ggtccttccc aaactcctgg ggtcgcaagt ttcactcacc     20580
     gtgaacttac cctgcctgca accactgact gctgaaagtt ctgaactcgg tgggggagtc     20640
     ggttccccat acgggccacc aattgttgcg tctgctctcg accagcaaga acgacaagac     20700
     caccagtcct tctaacaaca gtttattcag tcttcatctt tcttctttct cttaaaaata     20760
     tcccccttta acccggggat caatttggga gacttaccag taccgttccc cagctgaaga     20820
     gttctgaatc cacgccagat ccttctcaac agtctgtttt acaggaacac ttattaacca     20880
     ctccttcccc gtgatgcagt tctgaattct tcctgtagca gggggtcttc gcttgtgcct     20940
     gaagatgttt cttgtcccag gtttcggcac cacttatccc gagcttttgt tcccaccgga     21000
     aagaacacgc tcaggacaac cggaatcttc tgcggcaaaa gctttattgc ttacttcttc     21060
     aggggcaaga gagaaaatgg caaaaccccg tcccttttaa ggagaattat cctccgccta     21120
     ggacgtgttg ctcgatgatt ggctacagcc cattggccga gttgtcgtca tggggaaggc     21180
     agagcacatg gagtggaaaa ctaccctggc acatgtgcag attatttgtt tactacttag     21240
     aacacaggat gtcagcacca tcttgtaatg gccaatgtga gggtggctcc ccacacatct     21300
     ttcccataaa attttacact tgattattag cttgactata cctgaataac taaatctcaa     21360
     gtggctgggc acatttatga agtgtttttc ttaattaagt catttgaagt aagaagatcc     21420
     acactgactt cagataattt gagatgggat tcaccttata tttataccat acctttttgt     21480
     agtagtttat ataaagaaca gagaagaaag aagctcttgt tttgtttatt ttttccctga     21540
     ttggtataaa ttcattctca tactgaactg cctttaaagt ctacttctat agggttctga     21600
     aatatatgtg tgactagcta agagatcgtg tctcaaggat taaacaacta ctggattctt     21660
     ggatcttcta ttagtaaact aacaaagtta aactaattgg acaacagcct gtatatatag     21720
     tttgtaagtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgttatatcg attatgttcc     21780
     tctagagatc gttatctagt taactaagac aacttttgat acccaaaata aatctaaagc     21840
     aacaaaaatt ataaacgtaa tttttaagta cctgaaatgt gcattctaat ttaaagacat     21900
     gcacagtgac tgaagcctct ccagttattg aagcctttct tagaaactgg aagagttctg     21960
     aagatacatg gcaagaacta ttttaaaaac ttaaggagac atgtgaattt gattctccta     22020
     attaactaac tgtaaggtgc aaaaaatttg gtgaccctct gtgtaaaact cttaataatt     22080
     tcagcaaaaa gataagaaaa ctaatgctgc tggtttgtta ctcccagagc ctattgtcaa     22140
     attaacaaat caaaatatgt gctccatata aaaatttacc aacatgtagc atcccaggtt     22200
     aaggtggcaa tggctatcaa ataagctctg attaaacttg ctggctccag atgcacaaaa     22260
     acaatctaaa ggtttaatat agtccacaaa agagaatctt catgccagga gatgcaaaac     22320
     tcaggttgga taaaatcaaa ttgaactcct aattttcaag tagactaaat ttcaatgaaa     22380
     attcaaacac aagatgtttt tggtaagtaa accagggtag taactggaaa gaatagggac     22440
     tataacatgg aatgtaaatg tgtggaagag ccctattggg gacaagaact ttgaaccttc     22500
     agattttcaa acaattttac attgagaaag tagtttcttt atcctcagca gatgatgcat     22560
     ccccacccct actccagaaa tattgacttt ccagctgtgt actaagaaaa ttagtctttt     22620
     gttgtctgct aaactagcag tgaattttcc tgaagaatat gccaggaaag tcaatattaa     22680
     tgttgttcct cagggtctat ctctagatgt ttaaaaagat tgaagcataa gcagactcct     22740
     acaagaaaaa tagtagtgca ctatataatt aaagagatta ttgaatttgc taatattcac     22800
     ctgaagcctg aataatatat gtagaagtga aatttaaggg tgtggaataa tggagaaaga     22860
     aacataaaac taggtaagat tgaatttaat atgaccctac tcagcagagg ttctagcttt     22920
     aatgtgaaaa ctcacacaga taaaaatctt tcaaattttg aatttgtcaa aatcctactg     22980
     gaaaggattt agagattcct gatatccaac tttttagtgt tgatgaaaga attttaaggc     23040
     tcaaagaatt tgcaaggcta gcacgggtat tttgtgtaaa gcctaatcct ccacaatggg     23100
     aaggatcaac agactcttca ggacaaaaag agtgaaagga gcacaagcac acttgtgctt     23160
     ctctgtcttt gcccctttcc ttgtgccaga acttacgata agagatgatg atgctcagtc     23220
     gatgaattaa atgcaatgtg tttaattgag ccctaaggta ggaaattcca ggtggcagca     23280
     ctgattctac aaagacaagg tgattttaat tattataatg gacagtatag acaaagaaat     23340
     gttcataact acctgactca taatgggcag tactcaaaga taaatttgat ggtgatgtga     23400
     ttcatattta cctttgacac tggctaataa gccgtgatgt ttccaagtat gaaatatgta     23460
     agaaatttac gatactattt tttgatctgc attagctttg agtgggaccc tgaacagcag     23520
     aagctgttca tctcttcagg tgcaagctag tctaccactt gggccatatt aaccagcaca     23580
     cacattgata cttgatgtgc cagtggcagg taaggatgtt gtttagaacc tttggcagcc     23640
     acctatatgt gactcgtaga agaatccttt gggattttgg caggagaatc taccaccatc     23700
     tgcagacaac tattttacct ttgaaagaca agtctttctc tgctattggc ccacagtgga     23760
     actcaacatt tgacaatgag tcaccaagct acgatgcaat ctgagtggcc cttcatgagc     23820
     tgagtgctat ctaaccctct aaattataaa ctaaaatgta cagcacaaca atccattatc     23880
     aaacagagat ggtatataca tgatccgctc caaacaagtt ctgatggtgt aagcaagtta     23940
     catgaaaaat ttgcccaaag ggctatagtt tctactgcaa ttaaaatgcc atatgacacc     24000
     aaatatatct ttataaagcc tcatgaagtg ttctctatga tctgttggct gaggaaaaca     24060
     agaattgttt agactactgg tggttctaca tgtagaagta gacattttta gtactaaaac     24120
     tccctcctga gacatcactg aaatactcag gcataggtaa ctcttcacag tagacagaac     24180
     ttcttgtata cacatggtct caagttttgt ttggaaggat aaatggccag atgtgtgatt     24240
     gtttagtgaa ccatggtctc tagccaatgg agttactgga ttgtcagggg cttgaaaaaa     24300
     attgtgattg gaaaatacat aaagatatgt aggaaagaat gtagatagat ctcaccaagt     24360
     gagcaaggaa tagatatatt tgaatctcat ataaattctc ttcaaaaggt gactttaaca     24420
     aaggaagaat gaataatcaa gtatattgga tgcccattct gtgaatagtc agcctcttgc     24480
     tcaacaatct ccatacttgc ccaaataact ttgaacacag tggccatagt ggaaaaggtg     24540
     aagattatgc atggactcaa caacatggac ttccaactca ccaaatgacc tggctacaac     24600
     tgctgctagg gaccagaact tccaacagca aagaccaacc ctgagaccca aatataacac     24660
     tatttcttgg ggtgaccagc tattaaaaat tcaaatacag agttattaaa atggcttaaa     24720
     ggtaaggtcc agatagatta aaaatagatg tatgccaaat ggaaggtcca acaatctagt     24780
     agctgtttag tccatgaaac tggttgtctt ggatgatatt cagtgtacac tgcaatgctt     24840
     aagaagtagg tgttaatgca agtggcggaa tggacttgct agtgagagtt tatgtaaaga     24900
     gacaaagaga gcatcagctt tcttctttca gttttttaca taggtggaca ttagaaattg     24960
     ttgctcagat taaagatgga tcataccacc tcaatgatct gaattaagag tgggtctaca     25020
     cacttccagt gatttagtta agcaaaaagt ttcaccacag ttttgcccag ccatttggat     25080
     tttaaggaat tccagatgca gatgtagtca agttgacaag caagaataga catcacaaga     25140
     acatagcaaa aaattatttt aatgacacta tgatcaaaac atagatcagt gacttcctca     25200
     atcaacatca gagaagtgtc ttccttaagc aggtcctaag aaatacagat agccaaaaca     25260
     taccatatga aaagagtaag aaccctcaga agatcctcac ctaaatggga tgttttcatc     25320
     aatctctctc ctaaaaggtc aggaaacccc aagaagaagg aggtggtaag aggatacaag     25380
     ccagaggcat tagagatcca ggaaaacaaa gtcctctaca tcaacattat caatgcacat     25440
     atgaactcat ggagactgag gaagcataca cagggcctac acaggtatgt accaggtgga     25500
     gtcttatagc tgaaatgaaa aatggacaca tgctcctaac cctaataaga agctatcccc     25560
     aattgatagc catttgcaaa taaaaaatta gttttcaaca aggggttctc actggggaaa     25620
     taaactacta ttaacagtag acatagcaga agatgtccaa gagaaaacaa acccagtggc     25680
     cttttgggca gattattatc ttcttatgtc acagcaggac atgttcttgt ctttcttatt     25740
     ttaaaattta cctttttatt tctttatttt tttacttttt aatttcattt agttttaacc     25800
     aaacaggtcc tttgcatata cattatggct tctgtttttg tggttttgtg ggatttctga     25860
     gtataaaatg agtgggtctc tacctctgta tctcattctt ctgcctttgc ttgtactatt     25920
     ttctcaatgt ttgttgtttg ttttgtccaa ctataattta tttttgtttc atcttgttat     25980
     actatacttt atttttatcc ttttaatata tgtttgtatt ctaatgagaa agagaaatga     26040
     gtaggattta gatggtaagg gtattgaaga agagctgggt ggagtggagg gaggggacat     26100
     tgtagttaga attcattgtg tgaaaaacat attttcaata gaatagtaaa aagtatattt     26160
     attttctatc acctcaatta tagaatactt ttttaccttt cccagaaaac cataacaatg     26220
     taatttatgt ctattattca cacaaccttt tcaaatacta actgaatctt tgtgttacca     26280
     atgatcttgt ctttagtttt ctttatgttc tgtacatgtc attttctaat gtctaaatta     26340
     ttttatttta tttttgaata aggtctcctt ggctggcctt ggccggccca ggactcacaa     26400
     tagaactagc cactttcaaa taaataatga tatgctgttt tctacccctg ggtctgtggc     26460
     taaagtttct gtaccgcaat gcctggattc ttattgttta aaagtaatat ggtttttctg     26520
     tattatatct agataggacg atttatttct gcccttctat ggaaacttat atggggtctt     26580
     atggctacca caaaagctgg ttctcaggga gaagaataag aacagttcca ggttagagat     26640
     ctctaggcct tgtgtctcaa gtttatcttc aacagttagg cttaagttct acctctgggg     26700
     aataattaag tgcaataata agaggctgaa atttggggag tctatttgag aggcctgaac     26760
     atatagtcat ccctcaatac atacatacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     26820
     acacacacac atttatatat acagatagag ataagtatat aatttatgtg tgataatatt     26880
     tatcataata tataatgtac acacacacac acacaattgg tgaaaaaaga gtccatggat     26940
     ttgaaggata gctgggaaga gtctgtggga ttctttggag ggagaaaggg aaatagagaa     27000
     acatggtatt caaattacac acacacacac acacacacac atatacataa aaagaaaggt     27060
     gatgtgaata gtaatttctc agtccttata catttcctcc agttgctcaa tttgatatgt     27120
     ccaacaacct attacatcat atattatttt atcatttctt aaatggaaag acagttaaat     27180
     tatggaatat attcatatga gcatatatga attatacata aacatataga aatatatact     27240
     gaaaatgagt aatgcttaaa taagttgaaa tatatattgt aggtaaataa atgaacatgt     27300
     ttataaatat aaataacatg ttttaaatat agtgaaatgg gagtgaaacg caacaggtat     27360
     gtaaaatgat ataggccact ttaaaaaatt gattagtatt tctaaataat tatattaata     27420
     tatatagtta tagttatagt tatatagtta tatatagtgt attttgatcc tattccaccg     27480
     tctattatcc tctgttactt ccctctccca caccaattgc aatagatcct aaatctgaat     27540
     ataaaataac agcttcaaaa attactggtt tacagacgct attgcagata ccaacaagag     27600
     cttgctgaca ggagcctgat atagctgtct cctgagaggc tctgccagtg gttcacagaa     27660
     gtggatgctc acagtcatcc attagatgga gcacagggtc cccaataaag gagctagaga     27720
     aagtatccaa ggagctgaag gagtttgcag ccccctagga agaacaacaa ctagttatgc     27780
     cagagctccc tgagactaaa ccaccaatca aagcaaacac acggagggac tcctggctct     27840
     agctgcatac gtagcagaag atggcctaat ctgtcatcaa ttggaggaga gaccattggt     27900
     cctgtgtcta tgccccagta taggggaatg cctgtcctag gaagctggag tgggtgggtt     27960
     ggggaacagg ggcaggcagg agaggatagg ggattttcgg agaggaaact aggaattggg     28020
     ataacatttg aaatgtaaat aaagaaagta tctaataaga gaaatatggg ttcagataag     28080
     gatagactca atgaaggaat ggcctggagt gataaagatt ctctattcag aatgaagttc     28140
     tgaaaaaaat taaataaatt taagtaaaag aaattttgat gcaagatgac atgcatttag     28200
     gaaacttatt tgtaaacaac taaattatat agtcctggat aggaacggta attttttagt     28260
     ttgggattta gaatgctgca tggtgaattt aacaagtcta atgaggaatg agatgcaata     28320
     gactgtcttc aggcactgag gccctttggg cttaaatata caaagctccc tcattaaatt     28380
     agttcttatg tcacatatga ttacaggaca gcatagattt ttaggtaaca atactgcatg     28440
     atttactttt ttaatctaat tttcctactt gaagggctcc tagagatgcc atttgctccc     28500
     tctctttctt atttgtaaat cactgccgta ccacatactt tgtacacata catagcaata     28560
     tctatctaca ctttgatttg cattttatct ttctttttga catatttgag gttgaactac     28620
     aagaccacac actaatattt atttatatat tttatttctc tcagtgttta tattcattac     28680
     ttatatagtc ataaatcaca aaataacaaa tgcatgatga attgaaaaaa aactcaagat     28740
     taatactaga gataggacaa tgaacataga ttctgattag ctacattatt ttttttttac     28800
     cttcaatagt taccacatca tcaatattca cataatcaaa tgcaaaatta cacatctata     28860
     cttaataatt ttattaaaaa gtaatgtatg tgaaataagc attaaatatt taatctctcc     28920
     aattttatat atttgatatt atatctttat aggtgtacat acatatagac atttataagt     28980
     atagttgtgg gtatacatca gaaaaacctt aatcaaatca ggtagtacta tatccctgaa     29040
     aaaattctgc ttgtccctta gcaaaatatt tctgtttttc ctcttgaact tatttgagat     29100
     tctttcattc tgttatgttt atatttcatt aatttcaaaa attattttat atctgtaaca     29160
     tattaaaaat ctacattgat gtttgggtgt gttgccctca tgtacatcta tcaaatcaga     29220
     actggagttt caagtggctg aatttgtcac atgggtccta ggatttccct caagtactct     29280
     agaagagaaa agcaagcact tatcaagtaa gaaatctctt acattcgata attcattagg     29340
     tatctataat ttttttagag tttgcatata tgattactcc cacacctcct gcctacctcc     29400
     aagtcttctt atgccctcca tccttaccta actcatgatc tcttcattat tacatactta     29460
     tacatatact atgtgatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tataaacttt     29520
     tgcatgtctg tacataaatg tatggatata tattgtcaca tgtatataca cacacatata     29580
     caatctacta aatcaattta gcattgttta tatgtatatg agttgagggc tgccaacttg     29640
     aacttaaata ttctatgtga aagaaaatta tttcttactt tgtatgtaat atataataca     29700
     gtaaacaagt atctaggaag gaacagaccc cgcaaaatag gctgtgtagt attgagatga     29760
     tctgtaagta cctcagaagg gaatagtggg acagctcttt ggtttctgaa tgccacatga     29820
     tttcttcaac ctaatgtaaa acactggtga taatgtaaaa taaatgaaca agttgcaaaa     29880
     tatcttattc cacataagca acagaatttt acctgggatt tattaagaat atcaggtggt     29940
     ggaccctact gtctaaccct aatgaaaatc aactccataa ttgcctcagc aattctacaa     30000
     tttctgtggt tctcttagtc ctcccacaaa ttttaaggtt taaaaggttc tgtttttgaa     30060
     aataattctt ctatattgca agcccaaata agatagaaaa tgttttattt tgattgtttg     30120
     agcctccaag ttttttccca tatcttctgt gtatatcacc tttcagttga attttaaatg     30180
     attactaagt tatttatata ttatgcaaag tgctaagaat aaaatcaaac tttatagctt     30240
     tacttattca taatcattta cttatttata gatttgctgt gtgaatggca atgcataatc     30300
     cttcatttta tcttattatt tgggaagtac ttttcttaag ccctttagtg gtatctaagt     30360
     ataaggcaaa aggaatattt tcaagaagaa aagtgtaggg taaacaatta tatatttcat     30420
     aaaacacaaa tgaaaatagg aagaactgct agttctcaga agacagagtc attgtaataa     30480
     aaggattaca ttgtatttcc tagaagcaat gctcctataa tagccaggag ttagaaagag     30540
     cccagatgtc cctcaacaga agaatggata cagaaaatgt ggtacattta cacaatggag     30600
     tactacttag ctattagaaa caatgaattt atgaaattct caggcatatg gatggaacta     30660
     gaaatatcac cctgagtgag gtaaccgaat cacaaaagca cacacatggc atgcactcac     30720
     tgataagtgg aaattaactc caatacttgg aatacccaag atacaattca caaaccacat     30780
     gaaactcaag aaatgggaaa accaaggtgt ggatacttct atccttagaa gggggaacaa     30840
     aatactcatg gaaggagtta tagaggcaaa atgaggagca gagtctgaag gaatgaccat     30900
     atggagactc catcgcatat acaataacca aacctagaca cttttgtgga tgccaacatg     30960
     tgcttgctga cagaaggctt ttatagctgt ttcctttgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgacat     31020
     ttttcatttc attttttatt agatattttc ttcatttaca tttcaaatgc tatcctgaaa     31080
     gtcccctata cccttccccc accctgctct cccacctact cctgcttcct agccctaaca     31140
     ttcccctgta ctggggcata tgatcttcac aagaccaagg gcctctcctc ccattgatgg     31200
     tcgactaggc catcctctgc tacatacgca actagagaca cagttctagg ggttactgct     31260
     tcattcatat tgtcgatcct cctatagggt tgctgaccca tttagctcct tgggtatttt     31320
     ctctagctcc ttctttaggg gccctgtgtt ccatctaata gatgactgtg agcatccact     31380
     tctgtatttg ccaggcactg tcatagcctc acaagagaca actatatcag ggtcctgtca     31440
     gcaaaatctt gctggtgtat gcaatagtgt ctgaatttgg tggttgtata tgagatggat     31500
     ccaggcttca ccagtgcctg acaaatacag aggtggatgc ttgcagcctc cctttggact     31560
     gagcacaggg ttcctaatga aggagctaga gaaagtatac aaggagatga aggggtttgc     31620
     agccccttag gagaaacaac aatatgaact aaccagtacc cccagagacc ccagggacta     31680
     aaccaccaac caaagagtac acgtggtggg actcacagct ccagctgcat atgtagcaga     31740
     ggatggccta gctggtcatt aatgtgagta gaagctctta gtcctgtgaa ggctctatgc     31800
     cccagcgtag gggaatgcca gtgacaggaa gtgggagtgg gtatgttagt ggtcaagggg     31860
     atggaggaga ggatagggtg ttttcggggg agaaactagg aaatagaata acatttgaaa     31920
     tgtaataaag caaatatcta ataaaaaaaa gaaaaaaatt aaaaagaaaa aaatatatac     31980
     agtgtcctta ttcttagaag tttcaaatta aactcagtct ccagacatgc cttttattat     32040
     aggttatgtc tgctatcagg tatatgagca aacacttaac aaggatccta tgtagaggtc     32100
     aaagaatagc ttgcatgagt cagctctctc cctttaccag taaaatgtgt tttacatcac     32160
     aaatttttat attctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatata     32220
     tctatctatc tattatcatc atctctctat ctactacttg ttcatgtttc tacatgtaca     32280
     tgccccacat tctatggatt gcatatgtaa ctcagaggac aagttatggg agttattttc     32340
     tacttctgcc atgtggaatc tagggtgtac agtcatcagg ttatagcagt aaactccttt     32400
     accaaatgac ccatctcact agtctgaaat atggccatat tcaacctact aaaggtgtcc     32460
     agtctaaatg ctattttgtg aagttattca atgagaccag taggaacact tagtctctgc     32520
     ctcttctacc ctgaccagaa acggctgttg aatttgaata ctatttccag tacctgaaag     32580
     aaaaatagtt gcaggaagtc tgatagaaac caaaatttcc tcacacataa tcttcaccat     32640
     gaaatttctt ataaagaaaa aactctattc actattctat aatattaata ctatgatctt     32700
     tgtgcagtta tatctgaaga caccatcact ggtcattgat atttctcccc aaatcatcca     32760
     aaacaactaa tactacatta atgcatcaat tcaatacata atgaattgaa ttttctgagt     32820
     gatatttacc tgacaagcat ttgcactgtg actaatatgt cacagtaagt ttcacagaga     32880
     atgaatgccc atctccttgc tcaacataga actgttattt agatattttc atgaacctag     32940
     ttgtatactt gggtgaaaac tcttgtctac ttttaaatta aagcttaata ttgcttcagt     33000
     attttcctaa ctagttcatt tcttatacct ccaatgttaa gactgcactg ccataatatt     33060
     ttctaaaaca aaaatatgtg gttcagaatg gtttgttgga acttgcaaat ataatctatg     33120
     tataaaaacc tagaagtgtg tcatacaatc acagaaaaaa tgaaataatt gtgaggtttt     33180
     gacacagtta tagaacattg attctacaag aagcataaca tatgaaaaga gtgtatattc     33240
     tagctcagta aaaaaaaaaa ctatcagtgt acttactcta gaaatcgatg tcccaataaa     33300
     caaaatatca tagaaaagaa gccatccgac tgaagaattt ccccatagct tctttcatgt     33360
     ccctgttcct cagactgtag ataaaggggt tcagcatctg aggtacaaca gaatacatca     33420
     ctgatgccac tgcagtattc ctggatgaat ccataataat agacgtaata tataccccaa     33480
     aagctgtccc ataaaacaag gatacaactg acaagtgaga cccacaggtg gtaaaggctt     33540
     tgtgctttcc ttctaatgat gacattctca aaatagaaga tattatgtga acataagaaa     33600
     aaactattcc agagatagga ataccagtaa atatgcatgc agaaagatag atcaatatgt     33660
     tatcaatgag agtatcagaa caggccaact tgaggatctg gggaagttca cagatgaaat     33720
     ttgatatttc caggtgtgtg cagaatgaca gtcggagcac cataaggctg tgcatcaaag     33780
     tatcaacaac actaatgagc agggacaata gaatcagcag gacacaaaaa cagggttcca     33840
     tgatgactgt gtaccttagg gggtgacaaa tagcaatata acggtcataa gccattactg     33900
     caaggagaca gttttccatg ccacaaaaaa ttaaaacaaa gctcatttga gtgaggcagc     33960
     ctttgtatgt aatgctttga ctattttctt ttatgttcac cagcatcttt gggatcgtgc     34020
     ttgtgcttaa acagatgtca tttaaggaca aattggagag aaataagtac ataggggtat     34080
     gaagatgggc atcagagatg gaaatcaaga ttataagaag gtttcccagg atggtgatca     34140
     gatatataga aaagaacaaa ctgacaaaga caggctgtag ttttgggtcc tctgtcagtc     34200
     ccagaagaag gaatcctgga aaagttgttt ggtttctctt ttccatgttg ttcataaatc     34260
     tgacagagat gatgataggt ggaaaaatca atgacaactt tggataaagc tgccacacct     34320
     aagacctttt tggagtagta ttcctgaagt ctgaagttat atttcaacaa ttaaagcact     34380
     tgctacagaa gcatgagtgt cagacttctg acccccagaa accagcataa agatcaggat     34440
     gctgtagcag ctaacctgta atccaacttt aaaagtcttg aatgtgtgtc cttaaaaaac     34500
     aactttatga acaaggtctt ggacatgaag ctacatcaac acagcagact tttcatgagg     34560
     gattatcaca gactgcctcc cagcagcagg catgtccctg agagacttaa atccaaagct     34620
     cttcattaga actgcattgg cttcatcatt tttaactcaa gagtataaat cctaggagac     34680
     tatagggagc gaatttgtgt tatgtaattt atggtaccag gatctcatct gatagtattc     34740
     aaatatcttg tttccacttc cttccattgt gaaggccaag aatatatgct ttatgatatt     34800
     tatattaatt ttcaacttat ttttatgttt tataacaaca gtctgcatgg cagaattgtg     34860
     tgctttgttt tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatataca     34920
     tatatacata tatatatatt cttcaactct ttaaaatctc tccaaatgga cacttaataa     34980
     ttctctcacc tctatgggtg ttcctaatga aacacaaata tctgaagatt caaagttata     35040
     atacccaaat gagagaaact atgtaatgct tgtctatttt ggtctgggct acctaactca     35100
     tgattgttta aaggtccatt gacttcactc taaatttcat aatacatatg tatataatat     35160
     aatatatata ttataaaaat gtaaaacata agatatatta ctacttaagt ttcattaatg     35220
     tttccagaat tttaactgtt ttgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt tttcattttt     35280
     ctgcgggaga ctaaaattta caatacttga atattgacta ctaaaatatt atctcatgtt     35340
     aagagttatt ggggtatttt taatatcttt tccatattta acatagagta tttaatattt     35400
     attatccatc aaaatgatgg aaagtattga aagtatgttt agtaatatga cattttagtg     35460
     gaattacaaa gttaaaccaa tgcagtagat ttggttagaa tttaaatttg attaaataga     35520
     tttgttcact tttccatggt aacactcatt ttacaaatac ctttaagaat tttggtgttc     35580
     catgaattca ttttaaactc attttacaaa tgtattctcc ctcaactctt ttaaaaatct     35640
     ctccaaatgg gcacttgata attctctcac ctctatggat gatcctaatg aaacacatat     35700
     atctgaagat tcaaagttac aatgcccaaa tgagagatac tatgtaatgg ttgtttattt     35760
     tgttctgggc tacctaacgc atgattgttt ataggtcctt tgacctcatg gtagatttta     35820
     tgacttcagt ttctcaagga ttaataatat ttgttatgaa aatacatcag tgagtacata     35880
     ttgtgtgagt tcctttgtga atgtgttacc tcactcagga tgatgccctc caggtccatc     35940
     catttggcta ggaatttcat aaattcattc tttttaatag ctgagtagta ctccattgtg     36000
     tagatgtacc acattttctg tatccattcc tctgttgagg ggcatctggg ttccttccag     36060
     cttctggcta ttataaataa ggctgctatg aacatagtgg agcatgtgtc cttctttttt     36120
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttccattttt tattaggtat     36180
     ttagctcatt tacatttcca atgctatacc aaaagtcccc cttacccacc cacccccact     36240
     cccctaccca cccactaccc cctttggccc tggcgttccc ctgtaccggg gcacacaaag     36300
     tctgcgtgtc caatgggcct ctctttccag tgatggccga ctaggccatc ttttgataca     36360
     tatgcagcta gagtcaagag ctcaggggta ctggttagtt cataatgttg ttccacctat     36420
     agggttgaag atccctttag ctccttgggt actttctcta gctcctccat tgggagccct     36480
     gtgatccatc cattagctga ctgtgagcat ccacttctgt gtttgctagg ccccggcata     36540
     gtctcacaag agacagctac atctgggtcc tttcgataaa atcttgctag tatatgcaat     36600
     ggtgtcagcg tttggatgct gattatgggg tggatccctg gatatggcag tctctacatg     36660
     gtccatcctt tcatctcagc tccaaacttt gtttctgtaa ctccttccat gggtgttttg     36720
     ttcccacttc taaggagggg catagtgtcc acacttcagt cttcattttt cttgagtttc     36780
     atgtgtttag gaaattgtat cttatatcgt gggtatccta ggttttgggc tagtatccac     36840
     ttatcagtga gtacatattg tgtgagttcc tttgtgattg tgttacctca ctcaggatga     36900
     tgctctccag gtccatccat ttggctagga atttcataaa ttcattcttt ttaatagctg     36960
     agtagtactc cattgtgtag atgtaccaca ttttctgtat ccattcctct gttgaggggc     37020
     atctgggttc tttccagttt ctggctatta taaataaggc tgctatgaac atagtggagc     37080
     atgtgtcctt cttaccagtt ggggcttctt ctggatatat gcccaggaga ggtattgctg     37140
     gatcctccgg tagtactatg tccaattttc tgaggaaccg ccagactgat ttccagagtg     37200
     gttgtacaag cctgcaatcc caccaacaat ggaggagtgt tcctctttct ccacatcctc     37260
     gccagcatct gctgtcacct gaatttttga tcttagccat tctcactggt gtgaggtgga     37320
     atctcagggt tgttttgatt tgcatttccc tgatgattaa ggatgttgaa cattttttca     37380
     ggtgcttctc tgccattcgg tattcctcag gtgagaattc tttgttcagt tctgagcccc     37440
     attttttaag ggggttattt gattttctga ggtccacctt cttgagttct ttatatatgt     37500
     tggacactga aacttataga ggagaaagtg gggaaaagcc ttgaagatat gggcacaggg     37560
     gaaaaattcc tgaacagaac agcaatggca tgtgctgtaa gatcgagaat tgacaaatgg     37620
     gacctaatga aactccaaag tttctgcaag gcaaaagaca ccgtcaataa gacaaaaaga     37680
     ccaccaacag attgggaaag gatctttacc tatcctaaat cagatagggg gctaatatac     37740
     aacatatata aagaactcaa gaaggtgggc ttcagaaaat cgaacaaccc cattaaaaaa     37800
     tggggctcag aactgaacaa agaattctca cctgaggaat accgaatggc agagaagcac     37860
     ctgaaaaaat gttcaacatc cttaatcatc agagaaatgc aaatcaaaac aaccctgccg     37920
     ttccacctct caccagtcag aatggctaag atcaaaaatt caggtgacag cagatgctgg     37980
     catggatgtg gagaaagagg aacactcctc cattgttggt gggattgcag gcttgtacaa     38040
     ccactctgga aatcagtctg gcggttcctc agaaaattgg acatagtatt accggaggat     38100
     ccagcaatac ctctcctggg catttatcca gaagatgccc caactggtaa gaaggacaca     38160
     tgctccacta tgttcatagc agccttattt ataatagcca gaagctggaa agaacccaga     38220
     tgcccctcaa cagaggaatg gatacagaaa atgtggtaca tctacacaat ggagtactac     38280
     tcagctatta aaaagaatga attcatgaaa ttcctagcca aatggatgga cctggaggtc     38340
     atcatcctga gtgaggtaac acattcacaa aggaactcac acaatatgta ctcactgata     38400
     agtggatatt agccccaaac ctaggatttc caagatatga ggtacaattt gctaaacaca     38460
     tgaaactcaa gaagaatgaa gactgaagtg gggacactat gcccctcctt agaattggga     38520
     acaaaacacc catggaagga gttacagaga caaagtttgg agctgagatg aaaggatgga     38580
     ccatgtagac actgccatat ccagggatcc accccataat cagcatccaa acgctgacac     38640
     cattgcatac cctagcaaga ttgtattgaa aggacccaga tgtagctatc tcttgtgaga     38700
     ctatgctgtg ccctagcaaa cacagaagtg gattctcaca gtcagctaat ggatggatca     38760
     cagggctccc aatggaggag ctagagaaag aacccaagga gctaaaggga tctgcaaccc     38820
     tataggtgga acaacatttt gaactaacca gtaccctgga gctcttgact ctagctgcat     38880
     atgtaacaaa agatggccta atcggccatc actggaaaga gaggcccatt ggacacgtaa     38940
     actttgtatg ccccagtaca ggggaacgcc agggccaaaa agggggagtg ggtgggtagg     39000
     ggactggggg tgggtgggta tgggggactt ttggtatagc attggaaatg taaataagct     39060
     aaatacctaa taaaaaatgg aaaaaaaaag aattacatga aaattccaag gggcttcaag     39120
     cacacacaaa atagatatag aatttccaaa ttcattatat gaggctatta ttatgctaat     39180
     ataaaccata taaagacaca gaaaagaaag agaatttcaa atgaaattta cttatgaaca     39240
     ttaattaaaa aatacttcat aaaataatac aacttgagta tgagaaaatg cctaaaacat     39300
     cattaaccat gatcaaggag gcttcatcca agggatgaag ggatggttca atatacaaaa     39360
     tatagcaatg taatccatca taaacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     39420
     cacacacaat catcccttta gctgcagaaa aagcctttga caaatctaac ataccttcat     39480
     attaagtctt ggagaaagca gggatacaag atggatacct attcataata aaaggaatat     39540
     acaatacggt aaaccaatag ctaacaacaa attaaatgga gtgaaacata aaacaattcc     39600
     actaaattca gtgataagaa aaggcttcct actctcttca aatccattta ccatagtact     39660
     tgaaattctg gtcagaaaaa taagaaaaat aaagatcaag ttgatacaaa atggaaaaga     39720
     agaggccata gtatcatttt tcacagatgg tatgacagta taaattaacg acctcaaaaa     39780
     ttctaaaaga gaactcctac agttgataaa cacctacaaa gtgtgtggat acaaaactca     39840
     actaaaacaa tcagtagccc tcctttatac aaaaggtaaa caggatgagt aagaattaaa     39900
     gaaacaatac actttaaaat gtcctcaaat aacatataat atatttgagt aactctaacc     39960
     aagcaaatga acatgtataa atagaacttc aagattctga agaaaaaaaa tgatgaagtt     40020
     attaggagat gtaaagacct cccatgctca tggattagtg tgattaacat cgtaacaatg     40080
     gccatcttat caaaataatg caatttccat aaaaattctt acaccattca ttacagacat     40140
     tgaaagaaca attcttaacc ttataagaaa caacatcaac aaacacaaca atgcaggatc     40200
     cctaaaacaa tccttcacaa aaatagaact taaggagtga ctctgcacag aggataagtg     40260
     tctgcccggc ccgggagggc tttgccagag catctgcagg agacatcttg gattgcagac     40320
     tccaccaaga ctactctgca caggtgagag tgtggactac agaagctaac agcttctggg     40380
     acaggtggga tccacagagg ttctaaagca gccccctttt agggctccag acatccgggc     40440
     acctcccctg ccagaggaca ggtgcccacc tggcccagga gggctttgtc tgaacatctg     40500
     tgggagacat cttggctccc agactccacc tagactagtc tgcataggtg agagtgtgaa     40560
     ctaccgaagc taacagcttc tgggacaggt cctgtttcag gcctgcatct tctgccagga     40620
     ggcaagtctg tacaccagat atctgtgcac cttccctgaa aggggagagc ctgcctgcag     40680
     agagtgctct gaccactgaa actcgggaga gagctagtct gcccggtctg ctggtagaga     40740
     ataacagaat cacaagagga acaagatcta accagagaca actataacaa ctgactccag     40800
     aatttaccag atggcgaaag gcagatgtaa gaatcttact aacaaaaaac aagagcacaa     40860
     acaatcatca gaacccagta ctcccacctc atccattcca gggcacccca acacacccac     40920
     aaacctagac acagatttaa aggcatatct catgatgatg gtagaagaca tcaagaaggt     40980
     cttaaatagc tcacttaaag atatacagga gaacattgct aaagagttgc aagtccttat     41040
     agaaaagcag gaaaacacat ccatgcagat gatagaaatg aacaaaacta tactagacct     41100
     aaaaagggaa gaagacacaa taaagaaaac caaaagtgag gcaaccctgg agatagaaaa     41160
     cctaggaaag aaatctggaa ccatagatgc gagcatcagc aacagaatac aagagatgga     41220
     agagagaatc tcaggtgcag aagattccat agagaatgtc ggtacgacaa tcaaagaaaa     41280
     tacaaaatgc aaaaagatcc taactcaaaa catccaggaa atccaggaca caatgtgaag     41340
     agcaaatcaa tggataataa gagtagatga gaatgaagat tttcaactca aagggccagc     41400
     aaatatcttc aacaaaatta tagaagaaaa cttcccaaac ctaaagaaag agatgcccat     41460
     gaacatacaa gaagcctaca gaactccaaa tagcctggac cagagaaaaa ttccatccca     41520
     cacataataa tcagaacaac aaatgcacta aataaagata gaatattaaa accagtgaga     41580
     gaaaaaggta aagtaacata taaaagcaag cctatcagaa ttacaccaga tttttcaata     41640
     gagattatga aagccagaag atcctggaca gatgttatat agacactaag ggaacacaaa     41700
     taccagccca ggctactata cccagccaaa cttacaatta ctgtaaatgg agaaactaaa     41760
     gtattccaac aaaacaaaat tcacacatta tctttccacg aatctagcca ttcaaaggaa     41820
     aataacagaa aaaaaaaaga atacaaagac gaaaaccaca tcctagaaaa acaagaaagt     41880
     aatccttcaa ctaacctaaa agaacacagc cacaagaaca gaatgccaat tttaacaaca     41940
     aaaataatag gaagcaacaa ttacttttcc ttaatatctc ttaatatcaa tggactcaat     42000
     tccccaataa aaagacatag acatagactg gctacacaaa caggacccaa cattttgctg     42060
     cttacaggaa agccaactca ggcaaaaaga cagatactac ctcagaatga aaggcagaaa     42120
     aacaattttc caggcaaatg gtctgaagaa acaagctgga ctatacattt gaatatctaa     42180
     aaaaatcgac ttccaaccca aatttatcaa aaaagacaag gaggggcact tcataaacat     42240
     caaaggtaaa atcttccaag aggaactctc aattctgaat atcaatggtt caaataaaag     42300
     ggcagccaca ttcattaaag aaactttagt aaagctcaaa gcacaaattg ctccccacac     42360
     aataatagtg ggagacttta aaacaacact ttcaccaatg gacagataat ggaaagagaa     42420
     actaaccagg gacacagtga aacaaacaga agttatgaaa caaatggatc taacaaatat     42480
     ctacagagca ttttatccta aaacaaaagg atataccttc tcagcacctc atggtacctt     42540
     ctccaaaatt gaccacataa ttggacacaa aacaagcctc aacagataca aaaatattga     42600
     aatagtacca tgcattctat cagatcacca tggactaagg ctgatcttca ataacaaaat     42660
     aaataataga aagccaacat tcatgtggaa actgaacaac cctcttctca atgataccgt     42720
     ggtcaaggaa ggaataaagg aagaaattaa agactttttg gagtttaatg aaaatgaagc     42780
     cacaacatac ccaaacttat gggacacaat gaaagcattt ctaagaggaa aactcatagc     42840
     tctgaatgcc tctctaaaaa gaaactggag agagcacatc ctagcagttt gacctaaaag     42900
     ctctagaaca aaaggaagca aattcaccca agaggagtag agggcaggaa ataatcaaag     42960
     tcaggatcaa aatcaaccaa gtggaaacaa gaagaaggat tcaaagaatc aaccaaacgg     43020
     gaagctggtt ctttgtaaaa atcaacaaga tagataaacc cttagcaaga ctcactagag     43080
     ggcacaggga aagcatccta attaacaaaa gcagaaatga aaagggagac ataacaacag     43140
     accctgaaga aatccaaaac accatcagat ccttctataa atgtctatac tcaacaaaac     43200
     tggaaacctg gatgaaatga agtttctaga cagataccag gtaccaaagc taaatcaaaa     43260
     tcaggttaat gatctaaaca gtcctatatc ccgtaaggaa ataggagcag tcattaatag     43320
     tctcctaacc aaaaaaagtc caggaccaga tgagtttagt tcagagttct atcagacctt     43380
     caaagaagat ctaatcccag ttcttcacaa actattccac aaaatagaag cagaaggtac     43440
     tctacccaac tcattctatg aagccacaat tgctctgata tctaaaccaa aaaaagaccc     43500
     aacaaaaata gagaacttca gaccaatttc ccttatgaat accgatgcaa aaatcctcaa     43560
     taaattctca ctaaccgaat tcaagaacac atcaaaacaa tcacccatcc tgaccaagta     43620
     ggtttcatcc cagggatgca gggatggttc aatatacgga aatccatcaa cataatccag     43680
     tatataaaca aactcaaaga caaaaaccac ataatcatct cgttagatgc agagaaagca     43740
     tttgacaaga tccaacaccc attcatgata agagtcttgg aaagatcaga aattcaaggc     43800
     ccatacctaa ccatgataaa agcaatctac agcaaaccag taggcaacat caaagtaaat     43860
     ggtgagaagc ttgaagcaat cccactaaaa tcagggacta gacaaggctg tccactctct     43920
     ctctacctat tcatcatttt acttgaagtc ctagccagag caattagaca acaaaatgag     43980
     atcaaggaga tacaaattgg aaaggaagaa gtcaaaatat cactttttgc agatgatatg     44040
     atagtatata taagtgaccc taaaaattcc accagagcac tcctaagact gataaacagc     44100
     ttcaatcaag tagctggata taaaattaac tcaaacaagt cactggcctt tctgtacaca     44160
     aaggataaag aggctgagaa agaaattagg gaaacaacac ctttctcaat agtcacaaat     44220
     aataaaaata ccttggcgtg tctctaagga agtaaagatc tgtatgataa gaacttcaag     44280
     tctctgaaga aagaaattaa agaaaatctc agaagatgga aagatctcgc atgctcatgg     44340
     gttggcagga tcaatatagt aaaaatggct atcttgccaa aagcaatcta tagattcaat     44400
     gcaatcccca tcaaaattcc aactcaattc tacaatgaat tggaaagggc aatctgcaaa     44460
     ttcatctgga ataacaaaaa acctaagata gcaaaaactg ttctcaagaa taaaagaacc     44520
     tctggtgtaa tcaccatgcc tgacctaaag ctgtactaca gagcaattgt gataaaaact     44580
     gcatggtact ggtagagcta cagacaagta gaccaatgga ataaaattga agacccagaa     44640
     atgaacccac acacctatgg tcacttgata tttgacaagg gagcaaaaac catccagtgg     44700
     aaagaaagac agctttttca agaaatcgtg ctggcacaac tggcggttat catggcggaa     44760
     tgagaattga tccattccta tctccttgta ctaaggtcaa atctaagtag attaaggaac     44820
     tctatatcaa accagagtca ctgaaactta tagaggagaa agtggggaaa agcctagaag     44880
     atatgggtac aggtgaaaaa ttcctgaata gaacagcaat gccttgtgct gtaagatcaa     44940
     gaatcgatcc tcatgatcct caaatggaac ctcatgaaac tgcaaagctt ctgcaaggca     45000
     aaagacaccg tcaataagac aaaaaggcca ccaacagatt gggaaaggat ctttacctat     45060
     cttaaaacag atagaggact aatatccaag atatatataa agaactcaag aaggtggact     45120
     ccagaaaatc aaataacccc attaaaaatg gggctcagag ctaaacaaag aattctcacc     45180
     tgaggaatac agaatggctg agaagcacct gaaaaaatgt ccaacgtcct taaccatcag     45240
     ggaaatgcaa atcaaaacaa ccctgagatt ccacctcaca ccagtaagaa tggttaggat     45300
     caaaaattca ggtgacagca gatgctggca aggatgtgga gaaagaggaa cattcctcca     45360
     atttttgtgg gattgcaagc ttgtacaacc actctggaaa acagtctggc ggttcctcag     45420
     aaaattggac atagtactac tggaggatcc cgcaatacct cttctggcat atatccagaa     45480
     gttattccaa ctggtaagaa ggacacatgg tccactatgt tcatagcagc cttatttata     45540
     atagccagaa gctggaaata acccagatgc ccctcaacag aggaatggat acagaaaatg     45600
     tggtacatct acacaatgga gtactactca gctattaaaa agaataaaat tatgaaattc     45660
     ctagccaaat ggatggacct ggaggtcatc atcctgagtg aggtaaccca atcacaaagg     45720
     aactcacaca atatgtattc actgataagt ggatattagc ccagaaactt aggataccca     45780
     agatataaga ttcaatttgc taaacacatg aaactcaaga agaacgaaga acaaagtgtg     45840
     gacactttgc gccttcttag aattgggaac aaaacaccca tggaaggagt tagagagaca     45900
     caatttggag ctgagacgaa agcatggacc acctagagtc tgccatatcc atggatccat     45960
     gcatgactgt gaacattacc aacaggacat aatgaaagcc tagagaatga gaaaatatat     46020
     taaccaaccc acatctgata gaggactaat atccaaaatt tagagagaac tcgggaaatt     46080
     aggcatcaat aaaccaagta acccatttaa aatggagtac tgagcaaaac agaattctca     46140
     tcagagggat ctcaaatagg tgagagacac ttaattgttc aataccctta gtcattgggg     46200
     aaaggcaaat caaaatgatt atgaaatttt atcttatatg ggccagaata gctaagatca     46260
     aagactcaag tgacagcaca tgttagcaag aatgtggagc aagggaaaac tcctccattt     46320
     ctggtgggca tgcaaatttc tacaagtgtg gaaattaatt tggtgctttg tcagaaaact     46380
     gggaatattt ctacttccag actcaactat aacaatagct ctcctcagtg tatacccagt     46440
     agattcccca ctataccaca agaacatttg cacaactatg ttaagagcaa ttttatggta     46500
     ggagctagaa tctggaaaca acctagatat ttttcaactg aagaatggat ttttaaaaat     46560
     gtggtacatg tacccaatgg aatactacta agatattaaa attaaagaca tcatgaaatt     46620
     tcatatgaat ggatggaatt tgagaatatc atgctcaata agataatgca ttacctgaaa     46680
     gatacatatg gtatgtacac acttataatt ggacagtaga tataaagtat catcaccgtg     46740
     gtacaataca gagccccaaa gcaacttggt aataaaatgt cccaagggaa cctgtgcaag     46800
     tttcactcat aaagaaaaaa tacaataatc atatgtagat ggagagaagg aactgggtcg     46860
     gagatggggt gatgggtggt atggatatct tgatcgggta tggaaggagg ggaaggagag     46920
     gactaggagt gatggaaatc agtgggtgtt atctctggga ctagttggag acatgagatg     46980
     gggaattacc atagctgtga caacaaccag cagcataaat gcagtcttaa atggttaact     47040
     cttatagaca agtgatggat acacagggag caatgattga gggaatggtc aaccaatggc     47100
     tggcccaact taaatataag ttgaacataa cttgaaccct tgtaagatag ccaattcctg     47160
     aacttgcagg aattgtgttg tacttgcaga ctagaacccc tagaatagca gtcacctgag     47220
     aagtttcatc caacagttga tggaaacaaa tgtagggtcc acaagcaaac agaaggtggt     47280
     gcttggggaa ttgtgtataa gtattggggg taaaattgag ttggaggggt caagggcacc     47340
     acaaaaatac ctatagggtc tactaatctg ggcccatgga gcagggcatt cacagagaca     47400
     caacaattaa ctaaagagca cacagggact ggacctaggc cttgtacaat tttattgcag     47460
     gtatgcagct tggtcttcat gcgggccccc taacaattag aatcaatgct atctctgact     47520
     tggttgtcta ctgttggatc cattccccca actggacttt agtgaacatg gttgcactta     47580
     gacctactgc aactggattt tccaaggtca ggtggtactg aaggggagcc tctgttatcc     47640
     ttgtagaagg ggagcaagag taagtaatgg agtgtatgat tgagatggaa agatacacac     47700
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacatat acatccatat atatctccaa     47760
     tgatgacata aatgttaaat gttataggag gaagagattg cttagtacct ggcttgaagg     47820
     gccattgcat aggagtaatc catgcctgtt aattaaggcc attcaaaaac ctatatcatg     47880
     ggaagttata ggctttggag aatttaattc tactacctaa ctaaaattac actgcatgaa     47940
     attgctgtca gaatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc     48000
     gtttagcatg gataaaactt ttcactataa aagagaagct tctatttcta gtgaacttta     48060
     gtgaattcag aaacttgtgt ctgcaggaac cctaatggag gagtttgggg aaggactgaa     48120
     gctgaaggag atttacaatt ctataggaaa aacaatatca accaaccaga tcccccagag     48180
     gtccaaagga ccaaactaac aaccaaaaag tactcatgga gggacccatg gctccagatg     48240
     cttatgtagc agagaattgc cttatctggc atcaatgggg gggggggcgc ttcattctgt     48300
     ggagactaga tgccccaacc agatcccaat tagtggaatg gtagggcatt gaggtggaag     48360
     tggttgactg catgggggaa ctccttcata ggataagtgg ggagcgagga tggtatagga     48420
     ggtttggaga ggggaaaccc agaaaaggta taacatttga aatgtaaaat aaataaaata     48480
     accaatacaa acaaaaggag agatgaactt gtgtctgccc aaaatatgct taaataagtg     48540
     aaaagtgttt cagtcttaga gaagacattt agatcttact ctttaaaatt tggaaaatcc     48600
     tgagaaacag aaagaatata agagacagcg gatagtggac atgaggattc caaaatatca     48660
     tcctctagcc tatatatgga attacaaaaa aatggatttt cactaattat agttgaccac     48720
     agtctgtcaa cagatggggt gtgatggagg aacctataat gcttggcgtt ttgttctggg     48780
     gagattcaag gaaagaggga attgatgctt tagattgtat gctcactgct taccttattg     48840
     atctccaatg gataagtctc gtctgatttt cacacaattg cgtaagatta aattgaatgt     48900
     gtcacttact gaaacaaaaa atactgaaaa aataggataa gaaagtgtgg gaggtcagga     48960
     accaaaataa attgtatata attttaacac tgtcaaagca ttaacttaaa aaataagaca     49020
     aggagcatat caataaaaac atagattgaa attttctata taaattgtaa aaacaaaaat     49080
     ggaacttctt gtaaaactct gttgaagagc tttgaaaata ctcttcatga aagggatcag     49140
     aaataataga atagtattct taacctcatg ggtcatcaaa tcatgcacat ttaattctac     49200
     acttctatat actcagtcat taagcagtgc tcccttggga ttggaattac aatgaaatac     49260
     agggtctagt gggaagcctt ggatattaaa tacctatgat acctatactt tactgtcaaa     49320
     ctcaccctgt gactaactcc ttaatgttct ttgtgtgtta gaatgaaaca tcatccaacc     49380
     aaagatttgc atcaaccaaa gatgatcatg gttctccagg ggcccattga gtcctaaggc     49440
     agccaatctt gtacaacttc caggtgagat tctgaggatt attgtcagta aggtagcaaa     49500
     tacattatca tagtatctta ctggtacatg gtaaggctta caattctatt cttagaggaa     49560
     gtaagggcat gtaacataat ttatgagaaa taagagcttt acttcacttg taaatttttg     49620
     gtgtgtttaa cacacatatt tatactgtaa tacacatata tttcattttg cctgtaaaat     49680
     actatctaga cgaacactgc ccattttctt atgaccagac attggtcatt tcttgactat     49740
     aatggctatc ttaaatcatt cacatattac tttaaggtgc tgtggtagta gtatccagag     49800
     atttgatgaa aatgttagtt tgctaagttt ctcttttaaa atggctaaaa ttgatggctt     49860
     aaaagtaatt aaatattttt ggttgtcttt gagtttgcag aaaaatcaaa tcttcagatt     49920
     tcttgtttca taaggtttag gggtgtctat gtatcactta aatgtataag atagaaatca     49980
     gaagaaccag ggaggcaagt cctttatttt ggtaaaagat acacatgaca ataccatgct     50040
     tcttgacaca attaatcagg ttagatatat tgatgtattt cataactttc taaaataaca     50100
     aagtaataaa catataaaat ttattccttg aatatttctc ttcattcatc ttcttttttc     50160
     aaatatattt gatattgaat tcaacatgat catttgttca ttgatcatta ttaaatgggt     50220
     attcataaat aaatgatagg aagcatattt ctcatcactt aagtaaagta acccatgtgg     50280
     ttttgtcaaa tacttgaatg tggtactaat aaaaatttat aaaatattat tgtacctatt     50340
     agtattaatt ttgaaaacat caattacaaa ttcaagttta attatgatac atattctgat     50400
     tttatgagta aaggattcaa cttcaagaca atggagaact atgatttatg ttaataccat     50460
     aaaatagaat attgtcacga aatgatacat atatgacagt atagttattc tccccagaaa     50520
     taagaaattc atgtgtcatg tgatagatcg aacttcaact cattaattgc attggaaaat     50580
     attagtaaat caataattgg gaaaggtata tttttaatgt ttattgttat atagacagcc     50640
     ttgcattatt tattttatca catagtcata atccacagta gagaatacac taacttttgc     50700
     atttaaaatg ccagaagttt tttttattat tatatatact ttttcacaac atacctctga     50760
     ggttaacaat caaaatattt tttcttatgt aactaattag gtatttttca aatcaggtta     50820
     tcactgaaca tgataaaata tgcctagact aattgaatat tcacgcatac atatatgcat     50880
     atacacacat atacactcac atatacaaac atgtacatac agagtagttg taggcagtat     50940
     cttgattaag gatattaaat atttagtaca gtgttgacaa ttcttgttct ttttatattt     51000
     tatcattgaa aaatttccag gaagtcagtc tgaaacttaa ttccagtaca aatgcttaca     51060
     atgccataaa aattaagata tataacttga ttatatatat taagaagtct aagctgtgaa     51120
     ctgagcatca tttcaaactg gtttctagtg agaggagcaa agccaggttt ctcatttaat     51180
     tgcagtttct gaatatttat aaaattaata caatagtctg aaataaattc ctgatgtgtc     51240
     tcattaacac agtatgtaac atgcacatct tataaatgca gaatgcgtga ggtaattact     51300
     agactaaata attatttcta ttatagctat tttcctattt tatatgaaaa gaaaatcatt     51360
     gctcttcctg agtactctcc ttctttctac atctagtttt ctaagtctat gttatctgta     51420
     agtccttgtc aagaaactac aaattgttta acaaaaactc agtttttcat aatttatatt     51480
     attttgatat atttcaactg taatattaaa cctaatgata tgttctgtat tttgttaaaa     51540
     catcaaaaat tttaagataa tgagagtcaa caacatgctc tctatacttc ctgtaaaatt     51600
     gatttctaaa gcagattcct ttatttttca gtgacagcac ttatgaggtg gaagattatg     51660
     ggcagaatta acaaatttta actcaaattt acctgaaatg atgttctgca tttctttaag     51720
     gttcattaat aagtaaattt tagagtgcat aaagtgaaag aaaacttaag actacatttg     51780
     aaattaaata ctaaaatgtg aaaatattgt tatgtctgtg acgatttatg actggtaatt     51840
     atacattttc tggagacata ggtgcagaat gttcatagac tgaagttgaa caaaaaagag     51900
     caaggatcgg agttttcctc tgctggttgt gtctattggt tctatgctat catctcataa     51960
     gtacatcaaa ttcatgaaca agttcaccca aaactaagga gaataataag agaagatttt     52020
     gacttaagcc aaattatttg gctattgcta ttgattttga gtttgacaca ttcattgcag     52080
     tctgccattt tgtgtgaaag tgtggatacc tttaaaggaa aaaaactgtg cattattact     52140
     caatgaagtc tcatcacttg tcaagatatt tgcaaatacc tttttattct atagattgaa     52200
     tagatattag aacacaaatg aacaggagaa gtagaggcag gctatagaga aaatcctgaa     52260
     gtattttgta gttcatcttt taactaagaa aggttttatt ttatatgcac tgtttttcaa     52320
     gctttagagg aaaaaaaaat caaagaatat atatatatat atatatatat atatattctt     52380
     aattttcatt tcttagcatg tgtctgtgtc agttttcaaa taccacatgt gagatcatac     52440
     tttttagaag acagaaaaaa atcataaatt ctagagcttg tcacagaaag ttgtgagctt     52500
     ccagacaaca atatggagaa acaaacctgt atcctatgca agagcaggaa gtccatttta     52560
     cctggaagtc ttactttcca agcttcagtg agaacattta tttaaatatg cattatatct     52620
     cattatcttt gaaatcgtta aaagtaagtc aaaatattaa attatgttta tatctgtcct     52680
     atattaatgt ggtattgcta tttatcacaa aataatctat tttcattgca cattttgtca     52740
     atattaaagc atatacatgg aatctgcaaa ccaaacaggt atttcagaat tctttctcat     52800
     aggactaata tatgtccctg aactgcaacc cctctttttc gacttgttct tgtccatgta     52860
     ccttatcacc atcattggaa acctactcat tatactggct gtaagcaaag actcccgcct     52920
     tcacacgccc atgtacttct ttctctgcaa cctatctttc actgatatct gcacaagcac     52980
     aacaacagtc ccaaagttgc tgttgaacat ccaagtacat gaccagagca tcacttatat     53040
     aggctgcttg tctcaggtat gttttatctt gacattttgt gttttagaaa gctgtctcct     53100
     cactgtgatg gcttatgacc gctatgtggc catttgccaa cctctaagat atacaatcat     53160
     tatgaaccct ttcctatgca tttgcctagt attactttcc ctgatcatca gcactataaa     53220
     tgcactactc catacacttc tggtattgcc actgtccttc tgcacagaac agaatgtccc     53280
     caacttcttt tgtgagcttg gtcaaatcac aaagctttcc tgctctgata catttatcaa     53340
     tattcttttt atttatactg cgaccattgt attttcagtt atcccactat ctgggattat     53400
     tttttcttat attcaaattg tgtcctctat tctgaagatc ccatcagttg gtggaaggca     53460
     taaagcattt tccacctgtg ggtctcatct ttcagtggta tctttattct atggcactgg     53520
     tttaggtgtg tacatgaatg cttcagtttc taactcttcc attagcaatg taataacatc     53580
     catgatgtac agtgtggtcc ctcaaatgct aaatcctttt atctacagtt tgaggagcaa     53640
     agaaataaaa ggatccttga ggcagctcat cattgggatc atttgttttc catagttttg     53700
     tgttctaatt tactgaggca taacctcaat ggctgtgctt ccaatttatt gaaaatgcat     53760
     agaactgtct taatgataga aatatgcagc tattgaatgt gaaagaatag gtttaagtag     53820
     atagattatt tagagtctgt tttacttcat gttttggggt cagataagat gtatcccaga     53880
     aaaacatcta ctttggttca gtttaatcaa tattataact cattaactaa ttactatgtc     53940
     cttacaatgt ttgtctttgt gagtcatgat aacttcttca ttacttggtt tcattacttt     54000
     taaaatgcaa aatccattca cattgttaca ttttgttagt gtcataaaat attatacgac     54060
     aaaatctttc catttataag aatgctatag gttttgaaat aagaaaaaaa tctcattctt     54120
     ctataaatgt tgtctatcac atttatttca gaaatactga aactataatt tcagatataa     54180
     ataatcacta gttcatatat aagatagtca attcaaattc tacattttgg tgagtcttta     54240
     gcaggttttg gaagttgtag ataatcccat atttacagga tatcaggggc aaaactctga     54300
     gtgtcctcct atgacatagg tattacactg aaaatataga atccctaaca ctcgggaagt     54360
     taacaatacc taaaagtctg aggaagttct gaaagtaact caaaagactt cctcaaaggg     54420
     ttatcgttgc atcaaaattt cagtggataa aatttattct tattgaagtt gtttagttga     54480
     tcaaagagat tctagggtct agcaattgta aaccatcagt cataccacag tagacatctg     54540
     gttttgacac tgattttgac ttacttatgt tcatgtataa atttattggt tcagaaagct     54600
     acatttgtgt gaagttattt ttatgcctgt aataacctat ttatgagaat agtagatttt     54660
     tcacatgttt cccagtaaaa ccatcttcac tcaaatcatt atgatacact tttctaagaa     54720
     gtcagatata caaaaatatc cttgccatta tttgagtgct tgatatcaat ttgataagac     54780
     tatatcctta tcttctaact tgtgaatatt atttcacgtc atagcaatgt agatgccaca     54840
     tgtgacaaaa atatttgttt ggagctaaga gttcaggtta tctgtgtggg tgtaaataca     54900
     atataaaaat ataattatgt gtaatatttt tgagaagaga gaaattgtaa taacaggatc     54960
     gttttttatt tctatacatg tattctcaaa aataatattc tagacattta tagagtggac     55020
     attcatcctg tctatattcc tgtacaatct tttcaaatag tttatttcca ttaacccaga     55080
     caaagtgagt ctcaattttg cttaattact tgttgttctt ctgatattac cgcaactcac     55140
     cttttttgtc attatcaact attatgtaca ttttagaata tatttatatc atgtgtagtg     55200
     ggaactaaca tgacctagtc tttagatttt tactaaaatg tgggaaaaat tttgctccac     55260
     tgtaaataaa cttgttgaaa gacgttgttt caaactttta tgtttaggta atagatcgct     55320
     atatatttgt ggtaaaaagc tgtcttcaag aacttatttg acaatttcag ctccctgtct     55380
     aaaagtatgt agcctgatag tcttgtgtta cttagattat ttttcactta caaattacag     55440
     ttccttcatt aatatttaca acatttataa acaatacatg tctcatatat aaagcaggac     55500
     ttatcatcca aatatcacca ggggcaattt tttgaagagt tagacattat atttattatt     55560
     ttcattagca attttagaaa ctcacacaag aattatattt taattgctat tatagtattt     55620
     tccaaatata gaacaaataa aagagcaaca gctttaaaag actgaagaaa taagtaagaa     55680
     gtttatatgt atgaatcgaa aaatatacta cataccaatt ctgaatacca ctgtttaaat     55740
     attttaaaac tttaaatgat caaaaatggc agtacagttt agttcaaatg aaagttttca     55800
     ttgtagcttc agactgacaa ttcaaacaac taatctaata tattcataga caaatacaag     55860
     tgatcatatg attcacctct actctgaagt caaatgccat gtttattctc taaatgaaaa     55920
     acaaaaacaa aaacaaacaa acaaacaaaa aatccaaaaa ggcatctcaa gttatttctt     55980
     agtggtattg atacagtctc atccaacgtc catttatggt aaactttcaa ataggaattt     56040
     ctgctgtgta acaatttatc aggggtaaaa tattacatct tggaggaaca ctcattatga     56100
     ctttgaatat ttcaaagcaa agtaaaacac cccatcatgc agagattaaa aattctaaag     56160
     gaatgttctc taatactcgt taagaaaaca acacagaagc aatgagagtc ctaacaactg     56220
     aatagataca cagacccctc ctttcataag attatatata cagcatagac tactgaggat     56280
     actcagtaaa ggccagcttt cctgaatgat gttcagacaa ttcaagatac ctacaagagg     56340
     ctcagatcat cccaactacc caaaaaagag tctgacctat ggaaatgcct gaaatttaag     56400
     catacatttt agatttcaac tttttttgtg ggcttttcat gacacatctg agtcattccc     56460
     cctcttaaag ttatcactaa ggtgttaaaa gactaccctg taagggcctt aaattaatac     56520
     tgcacaaata ctaatgtaac taatttcaat aaattcattg ttttgcccta ttgatatcga     56580
     ttgtaatgtt actttgatct cttacttatt tcctatcaga aatgattaga tattagttta     56640
     tattctcaag tatggtgttc cagaactatg actatagtat ctccagacaa ttcttctcct     56700
     actgtaattt ttaaaattat ccaatatgac tataatctga atagttgtct tgcagattca     56760
     atgtggctca gtcatttatt aaagttccat ccaacatgca aaagattgtc ttatctatgt     56820
     tcttccttgg agtgatttct gatgcttctc agtgatgatg caagcaaata ttcattcatt     56880
     gagactgtat tatataatga ggtctgacaa aactgtcaaa taaaaagttc tatgaagtat     56940
     aataaaatca tataaaatgc attataaagt actgttattt ttaaattttt attgtatttt     57000
     tatttattta tttatttatt tatttattta tttttatatt ttaaatatta tcccccttca     57060
     tagtttcctc tctgcattcc tcctttccta tccccctgct tctgtgaggg tgcttcccca     57120
     cccacctacc cacttccaac tcactgtcct atcatttcct tacactgagg cattaagcct     57180
     tcacaggacc aagggcctcc cctcccactg atgccagaca aggtcatcct ctgctacata     57240
     tgaagctgaa cccatgtgtc aatccatgtg tattctttag taagtggttt agtccctgga     57300
     agctctgtga ggtctagttg gttaatattg ttgttcttcc tatggggttg caaacccctt     57360
     cagctccttc agtcctttcc ctaactcctc cattggggtc tatgctcagt ctaaaggttg     57420
     gctgtaagca tccacaccta tattggtaag actctggcag agactttcag gagatattta     57480
     tatcaaactt ttgtcagcaa gcacttcttg gcatcaacaa tattacctgg gattggtgtc     57540
     tgcatataga atggataact aggtggatgg cctttccttc catctctgaa tcaatgtttt     57600
     ttcctgtatt tcctttagac attagcaatt ctgcattaaa atttttgaga ttttttgggt     57660
     gaccccatcc ctcaactggg gggccattcc taacttctgg atataaactc tacaggttct     57720
     ttctcttctt tgtttggaat aacatcagct aatgtcatcc ctgtggggtt atgggagcct     57780
     cttgctttct ggccatctga tactttctgg tggctaacac cagttcccaa tcccccattg     57840
     ctacacacct ctgttcaatt ttctggtctt ctgtacatct ccccacacct gatcctatct     57900
     ccctcttttg cctttcacct cgtctcttca ccccaggtcc ctcccaccat ctacctcctg     57960
     tgattatttt tttccccttc taagtaggac tgaaacatcc acactttggt cttcctttgt     58020
     tttgagcttc ttatggaatg actaagatca aaaactcagg tgacagcaga tgctgatgag     58080
     gaaggggaga aagaggaaaa ctcctccatt actggtggga ttgcaagctg gtacaacaac     58140
     tctggaagtc agtctggctc ttcctcagaa aactgaacat aatactactt ggggacccag     58200
     ctatactact cctggacata tacccaaaga tgctccaaca tataacaagg acacatgctc     58260
     cactgtattc atagcaacct tatttataat agccagaagc tggaaacaac ccatatatcc     58320
     ctcagttgag gaatggatat agaatatgtg gtacatttac acaatggagt actacaaagc     58380
     tattaaaaac aatgacttta taaaatttgc aggcaaatgg atggaactag aaaaaaatca     58440
     tcctgagtga ggtatatata tccattgtca atacatgtct tctatgtgta catgcacagg     58500
     gaaacatgga tacatgaatt actgtgtgac tatacatata cagaaaatgc actaagcctt     58560
     tgaataaaca tttctcaaca caatagaaaa ggtgaaaata gtcagtgtat tgttacagta     58620
     tcttttttga agttgctgac tagttatgat gcttaaagtt acatcattgt gtatataata     58680
     aaaatgtgtt gtatagaaaa tgagtagaag aaaaatgtct caaagttctt ataaaatacg     58740
     ataaaattta gggacttgtt acagtaatta ctttgccata tcaaatccaa tgtagtgaaa     58800
     attaataaag tgtgtataaa accattctaa gaagtttgag aggaggcatt ctgcatgagt     58860
     gaataaaact gctcccagaa accatagatt attttctctg agattataat tacagtattt     58920
     ctctcatccc tattctccat ctaaattctt ccatgtacct ttcttcactc tcctccaaat     58980
     tcattgccca ttttgtaata attcttatat ggacaatttc tctctctctc tctctctctc     59040
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctcttac acacacacac acacataaat     59100
     atatatatat acatattata ttatattatt tatatatgct aattatgcta ttatatgcta     59160
     ttatatctta tgctaatcat aacctaccgt gtatttgtgg atgataggct cactctttga     59220
     tattgaataa ccagttggtg ttcttgtccc tggggaagaa tgtttccccc tttatcagca     59280
     ttccttagtt gcctatagtc ctttttacag gactgcagct tcctggtctt ttccccatcc     59340
     aatttgacat ctccatttgt gatgttcaac acataagcat ctgttcaaca atcacataag     59400
     catcttcttg cagagacttt atgagagtag cttcagatat tactaggaga cattattgaa     59460
     aagcaaattc tctgaccctc tgactcattc tgccatgtct tccacagtat tccataagca     59520
     ttgggtgtgg gggtgaattt tttaggtgca tgcattgtga ctgggaatca caattctata     59580
     ttttgattgc ttttctgaag ttgtccctgt ttgtggtaca gaaaaacttt tttgattaat     59640
     agttaagtct ggagcagcag cggtcgccat cttggttccg ggactcagca gaacttagga     59700
     aattagtctg aacaggtgag agggtgcgcc agagaactgg acagcttctg ggataggcgg     59760
     aagcacagag ccgctgaggc agcacccttg gcgggccgca gacagcgggc caccgtcctg     59820
     accagaggac aggtgtccgc ctggcttggg aggcggcctc agcctcagga gcagcggtcg     59880
     ccatcttggt tccgggactc cctggaactt aggaatttag tctgcacagg ggagagtctg     59940
     caacacagaa gctgacagct tctgggaact gccaaagcaa cacagcttct gagaaaggcc     60000
     ctgttttggg acttcttttt tggccaggag gaggttcaaa aacaagatat ctgctcacct     60060
     tccctgtaag agagcttgcc agcagagagt gctctgagca ctgaaactca gaggagagaa     60120
     tctgtctccc aggtctggtg atagacggta acagaatcac cagaagaaca atctctaaac     60180
     agagtcaact ataactacta actccagaga ttaccagatg gcgaaaggta aacgtaggaa     60240
     tctttctaac aggaaccaag accactcacc atcatcagaa cccagcactc ccacttcgtc     60300
     cagtccagga caccccaaca cacccgaaaa cctagaccta gatttaaaag catatctcat     60360
     gatgatggta gaggacatca agaaggactt taataaatca cttaaagaaa tacaggagaa     60420
     cactgctaaa gagttacaag tccttaaaga aaaacaggaa aacacaatca aacaggtaga     60480
     agtccttaca gaaaaagagg aaaaaacata caaataggtg atggaaatga acaaaaccat     60540
     actagaccta aaaagggaag tagacacaat aaagagaacc caaagtgagg caacgctgga     60600
     gatagaaact ctaggaaaga aatctggaac catagatgcc agcatcagca acagaataca     60660
     agagatggaa aagagaatct caggtgcaga agattccata gagaacataa gcacaacaat     60720
     ccaagaaaat ggaaaatgca aaaagatcct aacgcaaaat atccaggaaa tccaggacac     60780
     aatgagaaga ccaaacctac ggataatagg agtggatgag aatgaagatt ttcaactcaa     60840
     aggaccagca aacatcttca acaaaattat tgaagaaaac ttcccaaatc taaagaaaga     60900
     gatgcctatg aacatacaag aagcctacag aactccaaat agactggacc agaaaagaaa     60960
     ttcctcccga cacataataa tcagaacaac aaatgcacaa aataaagata gaatactaaa     61020
     agcaatcagg gaaaaaggtc aagtaacata taaaggcaag cctatcagaa ttacaccaga     61080
     tttttcacca gagactatga aagccagaag agcctggaca gatgttatac agacactaag     61140
     agaacacaaa ttccagccca ggctactata cccagccaaa ctctcaatta ccatagatgg     61200
     agaaaccaaa gtattccacg acaaaaccaa attcacacat tatctctcca cgaatgcagc     61260
     ccttcaaagg ataataacag aaaaaaacca atacaagaaa gggaacaatg ccctagaaaa     61320
     aacaagaaag taatccctca acaaacctaa aagaagacag ccacaagaac agaatgccaa     61380
     ctttaacaac aaaaataaca ggaagcaata attacttttc cttaatatct cttaacatca     61440
     atggtctcaa ctccccaata aaaagacata gactaacaaa ctggctacac aaacaagacc     61500
     caacattttg ctgcttacag gaaacacatc tcagagaaaa agatagacac tacctcagaa     61560
     tgaaaggctg gaaaacaatt ttccaagcaa atggtatgaa gaaacaagct ggagtagcca     61620
     tcctaatatc tgataagatt gacttccaac ccaaagtcat caaaaaagac aaggaggggc     61680
     acttcgttct catcaaaggt aaaatcctcc aagaggaact ctcaatactg aatatctatg     61740
     ctccaaatac aagggcagcc acattcatta aagaaacttt agtaaagctc aaagcacaca     61800
     ttgcacctca cacaataata gtgggagact tcaacacacc actttcacca atggacagat     61860
     catggaaaca gaaactaaac agggacacac tgaaactaac agaagtgatg aaacaaatgg     61920
     atctgacaga tatctacaga acattttatg ctaaaacaaa aggatatacc ttcttctcag     61980
     cacctcatgg taccttctcc aaaattgacc acataatagg tcacaaaaca ggcctcaaca     62040
     gattcaaaaa tattgaaatt gtcccatgta tcctatcaga tcaccatgca ataaggctga     62100
     tcttcaaaaa caaaaaaaaa ataatagaaa gccaacactc acatggaaac tgaacaacac     62160
     tcttctcaat gataccttgg tcaaggaagg aataaagaaa gaaattaaag actttttaga     62220
     gtttaatgaa aatgaagcca caacgtaccc aaacctttgg gacacaatga aagcatttct     62280
     aagagggaaa ctcatagctc tgagtgcctc caagaagaaa caggagagag cacatactag     62340
     cagcttgaca acacatctaa aagctctaga aaaaaaggaa gcaaattcac ccaagaggag     62400
     tagacggcag gaaataatca aactcagggg tgaaatcaac caagtggaaa caagaagaac     62460
     tattcaaaga attaaccaaa cgaggagtta gttctttgag aaaatcaaca agatagataa     62520
     acccttagct agactcacta gagggcacag ggacaaaatc ctaattaaca aaatcagaaa     62580
     tgaaaaggga gacataacaa gagatcctga agaaatccaa aacaccatca gatccttctg     62640
     caaaaggcta tactcaacaa aactggaaaa cctggacgaa atggacaaat ttctggacag     62700
     ataccaggta ccaaagttga atcaggatca agttgacctt ctaaacagtc ccatatcccc     62760
     taaagaaata gaagcagtta taaatagtct cccagccaaa aaaagcccag gaccagatgg     62820
     gttttgtgca gagttctatc agacctttaa agaagatcta attccagttc tgcacaaact     62880
     tttttacaag atagaagtag aaggtactct acccaactct ttttatgaag ccactattac     62940
     tctgatacct aaaccacaga aagatccaac aaagatagag aacttcagac caatttctct     63000
     tatgaatatc gatgcaaaaa tcctcaataa aattctcgct aaccgaatcc aagaacacat     63060
     taaagcaatc atccttcctg accaagtagg ttttattcca gggatgcagg gatggtttaa     63120
     tatatgaaaa tctatcaatg taatacatta tataaacaaa ctcaaagaca aaaaccacat     63180
     gatcatctca ttagatgcag aaaaagcatt tgacaagatc caacacccat tcatgataaa     63240
     agttctggaa agatcaggaa ttcaaggccc atacctaaac atgataaaag caatctacag     63300
     caaaccagta gccaacatca aagtaaatgg agagaagctg gaagcaatcc cactataatc     63360
     agggactaga caaggctgcc cactttctcc ctaccttttc aacatagtac ttgaagtatt     63420
     agccagagca attccacaac aaaaggagat caaggggata caaattggaa aagaggaagt     63480
     caaaatatca ctttttgcag atgatatgat agtatatata agtgacccca aaaattccac     63540
     cagagaactc ctaaacctga taaacagctt cggtgaagta gctggatata aaataaactc     63600
     aaacaagtca atggcctttc tctatacaaa gaataaacag gctgagaaag caattaggga     63660
     aacaacaccc ttctcaatag tcacaaataa tataaaatat ctcggcgtga ttctaactaa     63720
     ggaagtgaaa gatctgtatg ataaaaactt caagtctctg aagaaagaaa ttaaagaaga     63780
     tctcagaaga tggaaggatc tcccatgctc atggattggc aggatcatca ttgtaaaaat     63840
     ggctatcttg ccaaaagcaa tttacagatt caatgcaatc cccatcaaaa ttccaactca     63900
     attcttcaac gaaatagaag gagcaatttg caaattcatc tggaataaca aaaaacctag     63960
     gatatcaaaa attcttctca aggataaaag aacctctggt ggaatcacca tgcctgacct     64020
     aaagctttac tacagagcaa ttgtgataaa aacagcatgg tactggtata gagacagaca     64080
     agtagaccaa tggaatataa ttgaagaccc agaaatgaac ccacacacct atggtcactt     64140
     gatcttcgac aagggagcta aaaccatcca gtggaagaaa gacagcatct tcaacaattg     64200
     gtgctggcac aactggttgt tatcatgtag aagaatgcga atcgatccat acttatctcc     64260
     ttgtactaag gtcaaatcta agtggatcaa ggaacttcac ttaaaaccag agacactgaa     64320
     acttatagag gagaaagtgg ggaaaagcct tgaagatatg ggcacagggg aaaaattcct     64380
     gaacagaaca gcaatggctt gtgctgtaag atcgagaatt gacaaatggg acctaatgaa     64440
     actccaaagt ttctgcaagg caaaagacac cgtcaataag acaaaaaaac caccaacaga     64500
     ttgggaaagg atctttacct atcctaaatc agatagggga ctaatatcca acatatacaa     64560
     agaactcaag aaggtggact tcagaaaatc aaataacccc attaaaaaat ggggctcaga     64620
     actgaacaaa gatttctcac ctgaggaaaa ccgaatggca gagaagcacc tgaaaaaatg     64680
     ttcaacatcc ttaatcatca gggaaatgca aatcaaaaca accctgagat tccacctcac     64740
     accagtcaga atggctaaga tcaaaaattc aggtgacagc agatgctggc gtggatgtgg     64800
     agaaagagga acactcctcc atttttggtg ggattgcagg cttgtacaac cactctggaa     64860
     atcagtctgg cggttcctca gaaaattgga catagtacta ccggaggatc cagcaatacc     64920
     tctcctgggc atatatccag aagatgcccc aactggtaag aaggacacat gctccactat     64980
     gttcatagca gccctattta taatagccag aagctggaaa gaacccagat gcccctcaac     65040
     agaggaatgg atacagaaaa tgtggtacat ctacacaatg gagtactact cagctattaa     65100
     aaagaatgaa tttatgaaat tcctagccaa ttggatggac ctggaaggca tcatcctgag     65160
     tgaggtaaca cattcacaaa ggaactcaca caatatgtac tcactgataa gtggatatta     65220
     gtccaaaacc taggataccc aagatataag atacaatttc ctaaacacat gaaactcaag     65280
     aaaaatgaag actgaagtgt ggacactatg cccctcctta gaagtgggaa caaaacaccc     65340
     ttggaaggag ttacagagac aaagtttgga gctgagatga aaggatggac catgtagaga     65400
     ctgccatatc cagggatcca ccccataatc agcatccaaa cgctgacacc attgcataca     65460
     ctagcaagat tttatcgaaa ggacccagat gtagctgtct cttgtgagac tatgccggtg     65520
     cctagcaaac accgaagtgg atgctcacag tcagctaatg gatggatcac agggctccca     65580
     atggaggagc tagagaaagt acccaaggag ctaaagggat ctgcaactct ataggtggaa     65640
     caacattatg aactaaccag taccccggag ctcttgactc tagctgcata tgtatcaaaa     65700
     gatagcctag tcggccatca ctggaaagag aggcccattg gacacgcaaa ttttatatgc     65760
     cccagtacag gggaacgcca gggccaaaaa gggggagtgt gtgggtaggg gagtaggggt     65820
     gggtgggtat gggggacttt tggtatagca ttggaaatgt aaatgagcta aatacctaat     65880
     aaaaaattta aaaaataaaa taaaataaaa taaaacagag taaaaaaaca aaaaaaaata     65940
     gttaagtctg tacttacttg tgaatataag tacaagtatt tcaattttta ttaagtgtta     66000
     tactgtttta tagtattgtt tatagatgct ccttcaatat gcatgacttc cgtaacacta     66060
     agtgattatc tagtgtctag ttctgggata ttagataata gcattttttc ctctacttga     66120
     tcaagtctcc agtctaatta gaaggttatt ggtttatggc caagctatac atgcctggct     66180
     gcacccttag ggttattatg tcaggctagt cattgttgtg tttcatagac aacatgagtg     66240
     agtaatactg tgagtggctt ctttcctttg gaagtttccc tgttgttttt aagtaccatg     66300
     gaagctagtg ttcggagaat aatattcagg aaaattgcaa atcaaagatc actaaccctt     66360
     tttgaaatgt gcattgtgtt ttcacttccc actatccaac ttaccccttg agggcagtag     66420
     gaatagtcta tatattttgg gaatttcttg gatatctctg acaaacaatt cataggaggg     66480
     cttgccatgc cttgtgtttg ggtttctgtt aggttgtctt tcgctcttgg agggatcatt     66540
     gtcctctaaa acaagaaatg tttattataa tcaaatattt gtatttatag atagaattat     66600
     gtctatttgt ctattttaag ttcatatata tatgaaaagt gactgtacca gtttgaaatc     66660
     ttacccacgg ttaatacaag tttcctattc atttcaattt gttcaatatt cgtttaattt     66720
     tgccatatca cttggataag atgaaatctc aaaataattt tgcttcatat gtttataact     66780
     gacagtaatg ctgaaaattt tttgacaaac ttcatctcca tgtttctttc tttggtaatc     66840
     tctattcagg tctcaggacc atttttaatt ggtcgtttgt ttttctgact ctttgtttat     66900
     tagagctctt tatatatcct agatataatc atctgccaga tatatagttg taaatttttc     66960
     ttgtattctt ttgtgttttg ttttgttttt tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt ttgggttttt     67020
     tatttttttg agacagcgtt tctgtgagta gccctggctg tcctggaact cattctttaa     67080
     actagactgg cctcaaactc agaaatctgt ctgcctctgc ctcccaagtg ctgggattaa     67140
     agtcatgtgc caccactgat ggtctctcat attctttggg gttttccttc acccaattga     67200
     ttatttattt atcttgttct agaaggttta tttgtgcata agatactaag tttatgaaat     67260
     cccaattgtc aattttcagc cttaaatatt gggacaaaga aggcatattc ataaagtcta     67320
     ttcctaaatt tatatcatgt actgactagt tattcttcta gcaatttcag tctttcacat     67380
     ttgctgatag atcttgttta ggtcctcact agtcttatcc attaattttt atgcaaaata     67440
     atagatatga ctctaatttc ttctgcatat ggagtccact atttattgaa aatgccttct     67500
     cttttacagc tttttattga aatgttttgc aaacattaag tggccaaagt tatgtatact     67560
     cactgttgtt ctgatttttg ttttcattct atgactttgt aatatatctt catatctgga     67620
     attataatcc ctagaccatt ggccatttgc atatgatttt taagattatt aattattttt     67680
     ggatttcata tgaattttag gatagttttt tatatttctt tgaattatgg ggtagaagtt     67740
     tatattggga ttttattgaa cctcaacata ggtttctgat taaaggttac tttcataata     67800
     ttaattttag cagatcatca acagagatgt atttccattt tctagtgatt tatctcttca     67860
     gtaattcgaa ttttcacttt agtgctcctt tactttcacg gttagattga ttcctagata     67920
     tttttactgt atttgaggtt attgtgtatt gaaatatgtc catcatttac ctcaatattc     67980
     taaacctgga ccaagttgcc catcctgtat accagtcctg tctcctctat acatctgaaa     68040
     tcatttcacc ccagtaattt ccagtattca ggactaacag gaatgcattt tgcttctgct     68100
     taacagttac tgtccataat aaaaactcag aatgaagttc atatgcatag atatcatcac     68160
     agaacaacca acaatatgaa agaacaatct agtattatct ttccaaaagc tactagtgct     68220
     ttagaaatgt tcacaaatga gaattttcta gatgaagctc acagagttaa aaactaaata     68280
     ataaaataag tcatcaatgg ttttaagaca tttaaaaaag acacaaataa acagcttaaa     68340
     gataagtact acaaggagaa taaatgacta agtgatgcca agaaaaaaac ataaagctgg     68400
     tggaaatgac aaaatgaatc catgattaag aactatcttt tccattttaa ttactgataa     68460
     gtaaataggt aaacctgggg gctataatta gagagtagaa agggcaataa atatggaagg     68520
     aggaagaaat atgaaataat gatatggata tctaaagaaa tcatgaggaa tcatattaag     68580
     agtctaaaat gtaaaactct ataacacaca cataaaaata cattactaac ttgtgtaatt     68640
     ttcttatctg gtaagccaat gctcaggagc caaaaacagt ctaagacaaa ccacaacact     68700
     gttcattaaa gtccagtttt aagttttggc aaggaatatc caagagattt tcaaaacaca     68760
     caacctattt ttctattgct cttccttgcc tccagaggtt gaaggtaagt cactatagtt     68820
     gaaagcacca tatacttgag acataaagca ccccccaaaa aaatcttcac atgcaccagt     68880
     acctgtctga acacttcctt gctgagtacc agcttccact gttagagaat atttgattat     68940
     tgatcataga aaatataatt gttagcagaa cacaaaaagt taaatagata atgcatttct     69000
     cagatgctgt gagttgtgtt ctgtagagat gcagcaagag tgtgcctcta aaagcgtcca     69060
     tagataagaa tgctaaataa tggtaatttc ctgcctattt taaggcaatt tgatagggag     69120
     tggtcttgtg ttctttgttt gatgactgaa ggcaaagtga ctggtaacct caagctaccc     69180
     tacagtaaag gtgaaatgta taggccctta ctgacttagc ttggagaccc acaccatgat     69240
     agtaacatgg ttcagccttg caaggtggag gagaggagct tggatctttg atctctctcg     69300
     gtctccttct gtacctcctc ctcttctttc cctctcagtt tggaagatcc tctatggtta     69360
     ggagatccag actagagata aggattttct ctttggactc ctaggaaaat agagaagcag     69420
     ctagccagac ccaggttaaa cagtattcta ggaaagagag ctaaggtacc ctcttgggtt     69480
     tgaaagagct ccagagaaag ggatttctaa agagctagaa gtttatagat atcttgtata     69540
     tagttaagaa aataaagtta cctcgctgag ttatcagggt tttttttttt cctcagttaa     69600
     cgctttccat aagcagaatt ggaaaacaat agtgaagatt ttttaaattg atggaacaaa     69660
     ttccatgcga cctgctgtct ataatgctga gagtttgaga agtaatcttc ttcaaaaact     69720
     aaccaaccaa ccaaacaaat aaacaagcaa acaaaaaaca cagtaccaaa tcataagcct     69780
     tgaaacatgc atgttgggag tcaaaactaa attctttata ataatccaag tgaactacca     69840
     agtcttagga cataaagttg gacctcctcc ccaaggtgac taagtccaga caaaggtcac     69900
     caacggactg ttcccagatg gaccccccct cctcaagctg actaaatcca gatgaaggtc     69960
     accaacaatt accacaagat gacgccagtc ctgactgacg caaacagcag acgtcataac     70020
     cacaagatgt acttttagat atcattgtaa tcaccaagga aaattaccac tgccccctcc     70080
     cctgcccttc tgcgtaaagg ttatttccct tttatctttt ttgtataaaa actacaagtt     70140
     ttgctgaata caacgagacc ttgacaagat tcagatttgg ctccatgtcg tttatgtgct     70200
     tggtctcctt tctctctcac cccccatttg gttttaggaa gagtcccctc gagacccacg     70260
     aataactgga cctgatggat gggtcacatg catataattt atattacaca gtcagcaggg     70320
     tctatacatg tatttcaaaa tatgtgtata tatacacatg catttaacaa cagttaacga     70380
     aaaagtcatc tgcatggatt ataattcatt agtgacttac tctgagttag cagaaatata     70440
     taagcatccc gttaagagaa gagataaata cttttcccct ggatttttta aaatcaagaa     70500
     tgagtccata ttttaattct ctacttcatg ttcattgtgc cttttctttt ctgcctgtct     70560
     gttgtataag tcaggatttc tgcctacctg aagtctgtca tttttgtctg tctgtttcca     70620
     tgtcttctcc ctatgtgtat atttgtgttt ctgtttgtga gactggtgtc tactatgtct     70680
     ctgtgtgaat ggtgttaatt tctaacaaag caatttactc tgtatttatt gaacaacata     70740
     gaaagcatca tatgagtaaa gaattgtttt taatttatgt atttgctact ttctggaaat     70800
     aatacaaatt taaataaatt taaataaata aaacaagctt tacctctccc aacacccttt     70860
     ctcgaagctt gtttacttga ggaattgggg acaagtgtct cagaaagctg aatgaatatt     70920
     ttaggagatg tgctgagtct taagtgtttg accctaaaat atgtgtagta gttattttaa     70980
     atgctaaacc ctatactttt gtgaaaaatc acgttagtaa tacaactcag atccagaaat     71040
     gcttaagaag tacctttaga ataacattga aggcttgtat cttcctcagc acagacctgc     71100
     ctagttgcat gtgaggtagg gattttggtg cccaccttta gtcccagcac tggaggcagc     71160
     ggcaggttga tggctgagtt caagactagt cttaagttac tctggatcag ggtcatggga     71220
     ggatacatat cttaattgta gtaagcattt ccaccacatg ggaaattcag accaagttta     71280
     tccatacatt gatctcttat gtatatctta aacaaacagt atgagttcac agtagagtag     71340
     aagttttaag acttaagcaa ccacagcatg tatatttaac tctgaagatg ggattcaaca     71400
     aaagttccag tctcttatca ttcaagagat attctgagaa tattccattg ccatgggaat     71460
     ccataaattt aaagcataga aagcaggctt atatgaaagg atttggaggg agcaaagaat     71520
     ggggaatgat gcaattatat aatgacatta aactttagga gtaatcattt ttttaaatat     71580
     cccatactga acaaattaag gtacagaatt tcttcagtaa gatagaactt ataaaaataa     71640
     ccctgacaaa tttattgttt acattgtagt gaaattaagt actagcatat ttataaatct     71700
     gacctaataa aaggaatagt aaaaatatta attcattaat tcagtacagt gggcaatttt     71760
     gagatacaaa gatattcact aagccgggtg tggtggctca caaatttaat cctagcactc     71820
     tggaggcaga ggcaggcaga tttctgaatt cgaggcccgc ctggtctaca aagaaaccct     71880
     gtctcataaa aaccaaataa acaaaaaaaa aaagatattc actagttatg gatggcctat     71940
     gatgggttta cattgattat aatgctctac ttttatccta aatcatagat ataaatagac     72000
     aaaatacatg atcatatcta caaaattcat ttatttatat agtccacaaa ttgtgttata     72060
     tttctcaaat aaaagtaaat aaagaacttc tgtgcataat atttctaata tattctagag     72120
     acaatattct tagggaggct agaaaaagag ctaagtagtt aaatttgtat acccacccct     72180
     gcctgccgag taaattagtt tggctcacaa gacccatgtc ataatgctaa cacctgcctc     72240
     tacaaaccaa tgcatttttc ttgcctatgt ggacactgta cgcacagata cacaaaagga     72300
     ttctagaaag tatattccaa cacaatcagg gtacataaag gtaccaaaga aaaatcaaga     72360
     tattaattat ctcacaacaa agccaaaagg ggagaattgc ctgcacataa tgccacctac     72420
     aacaacaaac atatcaggaa ctaagaatca tctgtcttta acaactctca attttaatgc     72480
     actcagttcc ccaataaaaa gacataagct aacataagac acaatactac ctcagagaaa     72540
     aaggctggaa aaatgtcttc caatcaaata atcccaagaa acaagcctga gttaccaaac     72600
     taatatccac taaatagaca gtcaaccaaa acttacccag caagataaag gacacttcat     72660
     attcatcaaa gaaaaagtgt accactagaa agtctcaatt ctgaacatct atgtcccaaa     72720
     tgcaagggca cccatattca taaaaaaaaa aaaaacaact ttactcaatc tcaaaacact     72780
     cactttaccc ccttacaata ataatcagag acttcaacac tgcactctca ctaattcacg     72840
     ggtcatcgaa acaaaaacta aacagagaca gtcaaactag tacaactagt acaggttatg     72900
     aaccaaacgg atttaacaaa tatgtacagt atatttcacc ctaaaacaaa gactacacct     72960
     tcttttcagc accctatagg accttctcca aacttgacct aaaatatggt cacaaaacaa     73020
     ggctcaactg atataagaag attgaaataa tcccatgtat actatcagat caccacagac     73080
     ttaaggcttg tcttcaataa taataaaagc aacagaaaac acacataccc atggaaactg     73140
     aacaactctc tatttaatga taactttgtc aaggaaaatt aaagaaagaa attaaatact     73200
     tccaggaatt caatgaaaat gatgatacag gagagctaaa cttatggaac acagtgaatg     73260
     cagtgctaag aggaaaattc atagcactaa gggcccttgt aaagaaactg gagagatcct     73320
     acactaacaa ctgaacagta cacctgagtg cttcagaaca aaaagaagca aacacaccca     73380
     agaggattag attgaaggaa atttacaaac tcagggctga aatatcaact acagagaaac     73440
     aaagagaatg acacaaagaa ccaacaaaaa caaaagctgg gtatttagaa aatcaacatg     73500
     ataggtaacc ccctagccaa actaactaaa gggcccagag atagtatcca aatcaacaaa     73560
     atcagaacta gggaaattat cattattaga gaagagacac ctactaactt actaagccag     73620
     catggtccct aatgacatgt gctgtaagat caacaatcac caaatgggac ctcaaaaaac     73680
     tgcaaagctt ctgtcaggca aaggacactg tcagtaagac aaaaaggcaa acaacagatt     73740
     gggaaatgat ctttaccaat cctatatctg ataggaggct agtatccaat atatacaaag     73800
     aactcaagaa gttagacact agagaaccaa ataaacttat ttaaaaatgg aggacagaac     73860
     taaacaaaga attctcaact gaggaatact gaatggctga gaagcacctg aaaaaatgtt     73920
     caatattctt agtcatcagg gaaatgcaaa tcaaaacaac tctaagattc cacttcatac     73980
     cagtcagaat ggctaacata aaaaactcag gtgacagcag atgctggcaa ggatgtggag     74040
     aaagatgaat acttttccat tgctggtggg attacaagct ggtacaacca ctctgaaaat     74100
     cagtttggca gttcctcaca aagttggacc agatgatcca gcaataccac tcctggccat     74160
     atactcagaa gatgttccaa cttgtaataa ggacacatgc tccactatgt tcatacagcc     74220
     ttatttataa tagacaaaag ctggaaaaaa actagatgtc cctcaacaga ggaatggata     74280
     cagaaaatgt agtacattta cacaatggag tactatgcag ctattaaaaa caatgacttt     74340
     atgaaattct taggcagatg gatagatctg gaggatatca tcctgactga ggtaacccaa     74400
     tcacaaaaga atacacatga tatacactca gagattagtg gatattagcc cagaagctca     74460
     gaatacccaa gatacaattt gcataacaca tgaaactcaa gaataaggaa gaccaaagtg     74520
     tggatacttc aatcctttat agaagggaga acaaaaatac ccatagaaga agttacagag     74580
     acaaaggtca gagcagagac taaaggaatg accatccaga gactgaccca tccatcccat     74640
     acacaaccac caaacccaga ccctattgca gatgccagca agagcttgat gacaggagcc     74700
     tgataaagct gtctcctgat aggctccatc agtacctaac taatacagaa gtggatgctc     74760
     accgttatcc actagactga gcacagtgtt ctcaatgaag gagctggaga aactacccaa     74820
     ggagctgaag tattttgcag gccctaggag gaacaacaat atgaactaac cagtaccccc     74880
     caaagcttcc tgggactcaa ccaccaatca aagaaaacac atggtgggac tcatcactct     74940
     agctccatat gtagcaaagg atggtctagt cggtcatcaa cgggaggaga ggcccttggt     75000
     cctgtgaagg ttctatgccc cagtataagg gaatgccagg gccaggaagc tggagtattt     75060
     gggttggggt acaggaggag gggaggaggg gattgggtat tttaggaggg aaaactagga     75120
     aaggtgacaa tatttgaaat gtaaataaag aaaatatcta ttttttaaaa aagaagaaaa     75180
     aaaccaaaaa atacaaaaag caaaacaaaa caacaacaac acacacacac acaaaatcag     75240
     aactataaaa gaataaataa caacagaaac aagagattca aaaaatcatc agatcctact     75300
     acaaaagcct atactcaata aaattggaat atatagatga aatgggtgat tgtctagaca     75360
     actgccatga accaaagcta aagaaagagc aggtaaacta tctaattagg cccttaaacc     75420
     cttaggaaat tgaagaagtc attaaatatt ttccaaccaa aaatatccca ggaccacaag     75480
     gctttagtgt acaattctag cagaccctta aggaagagct aataccaaca ttcctcaata     75540
     cattccataa aatagaaaga gtaagaacac tgcataagac ttcattctat gaatccataa     75600
     ttactctgat acctaaacca cacaagaact caacaaaaaa aagagaattt taaaccaatt     75660
     tcacttataa atatggatgc aaaatactca aaaaaattct agtgagccaa atccaagaag     75720
     ttatgaaaac catcatttac cacaatcaag taggcttcat gtaaggggtg aaagattggt     75780
     tcaatatagg aaaatacatt aatgaaatcc actatataaa caaactcaaa gaaaaaaatc     75840
     acattatgat ctcattagaa gctgaaaaaa cattaggcaa aataaaacac tccattatgt     75900
     taaaagtatt ggagatgtca ggaattcaag gcctatacct aagcatggta aaaggaatat     75960
     acaacaaacc aacagcaaat atcaaatgaa atcaatagat acttgaagca atcccactaa     76020
     aattagggaa aagacaatga tgcccactct ccccatatct attcaataca gtactcaatg     76080
     ttctagctag aacaataaga caacaaaaag agatcaaggg gatacaaatt agcaaagaag     76140
     aagtaaagat atcactattt gtcgaagata tgatagtata tatatgcaat gctgaaactc     76200
     atctagacaa ctgttggaca tacacccaaa agatgccacc catgccacag aagcacatgt     76260
     tccgctgtat tcatagcagc cttatttatg atatccagaa gttgtataca acccaaaatg     76320
     tcccacgatg gaagaataga tacagaaagg tggttcattt gcacaatgga aaactactga     76380
     gttattaaga atgaagacat caagagtttt gcagaaaatg gatggaacta gaaaatatta     76440
     cccctttgtg tggtaactca gagccgaaag aacatgcatg gtacatactc actaatagta     76500
     atacactatt agtattatat gcacacacac aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac aaacaaaaaa     76560
     caaaaaacag aatacccagg aagtcaagaa ggtcaaccag cctaagagcc caagtaagta     76620
     tgtcccaatt ctgcttggga gtgacagtaa tacaatcaga gggagcagag gaagaaggga     76680
     cccaggtaca acaggggaca gagagaagaa ggggtgatca tgaacaggta ttggggtagg     76740
     ggagcagcac tgaagccctg agggccagca aaaggaatgg acacaggcaa tctcatgagg     76800
     taggacatgg gcaaactctc tagaatgtac ctaagaactg ggggggggga gactctctgg     76860
     actcaaatag aaggaccttg tatgaaatgg tctatagtgg gaagagagaa cttgtagagt     76920
     ccacctcctg tggaaataca ggacattaag tggagagatg gggtcgtcat gccacattaa     76980
     aaatctctga cttcagaagt tttcctgtct gaaggaactg cagggacaaa attggagaag     77040
     agcatgagag aaagaagacc cagtgatagg cccaaattga gatccagctc atggggaggt     77100
     cctggggcct gatactgata cagatgtttt gatatggtgt attttcagac aggagcctac     77160
     tatgactgac ctctgagagg cccaagaagc agctgaaaga gtcagatgca tatgttagca     77220
     cccaaccaat ggatggaagc caggatccct tgttattgaa ttgtgaaaga gctggaaaaa     77280
     gctgaggagg cagatggtgc aatgagaaca cctcagtctc aactgacctg gacctctgtg     77340
     atttctcaga tactaagcca tcagcctggc agcatatgct agttgatatg aggcccctga     77400
     tacatatgca gcagaggatt gcctgttctt gcttcagtga ctgaagatgc aactaaccct     77460
     tgagagattg aggccccagg aactgggggt atctgctgtg gtagtggtgg gagatgggga     77520
     catccccttg gagacacaag gaggagttat ggtggagagg attggtggga gactgagagg     77580
     gagattaaga ctagacacta atatcaatag caattatata tttcaagaaa aaatgtagga     77640
     aagtaattgt gtccctgctt actgcaatac tagacatgat agacactcat tctatggaat     77700
     aaatcttagt agtcatgaac acaggaaagg ataaagtaga gtaaacatac agaatgactg     77760
     ttacgctgcc atgaaagcca tagagtattg ccattgatgt gatctaattt gtaatgtgaa     77820
     tagaccttgg gaacattgct aactaaatga atacataaag aatataatgt caatgataga     77880
     gtgacctcac tgttggtata atctagcaaa aatcacacag aagtaaataa cagactacaa     77940
     ttaccaaaga cttgaggaag cacagtagaa gaggtaaaaa tagtcaatgt atagttacag     78000
     tgtctttttt gaaagtgctt attagttatg atgcttgaaa atgcatcatt gtatatataa     78060
     tagacagaaa ttgcttgtat ggaaaatgag tagtggaaaa atgtctccaa gttcttatca     78120
     taaaatatga taaaaattta aggacttaat acattaatta ttctgatgta tatatattgc     78180
     atttctcaga catagttaag tgtgtcaagt agagatgcag atggagtatg cctctaaaag     78240
     cctacataca gtacaatgct aaataatgga aagtttctgc ctattttaag gcaagttgta     78300
     gggttttagg cccatgtctg ctcagccact gggcacagct gcttgaggaa gcagaattcg     78360
     tgaagtttga ttgcccccag ggcaggtgct gggctacagg gaagtgccac actgctccag     78420
     gggtggaaaa gcctcagtgg ttcagggtgt tcctgagtct gtgaggagac cacagccatg     78480
     gagttcacag acgatctggt gagagtagtg gaagagcaga gaatggagtt gcagggggga     78540
     gggcacagct tagtacagag tctagtgggg gggggagctc tagctgatct catgtggact     78600
     ggagtgattg tccttggctt ggagacagca ggttggcttt ctatgggata ttaggctgag     78660
     gttctgtagg cgaaggcctt cttcatggct ctccagggta gattttgatg aaaattgaca     78720
     gtccatggtt cttaacagtg tattgtcatg gcagaaaata gatgggtaaa accatatccc     78780
     ctttctcaga gtggtcttta ttactgggag gaatgtctga gaaggaaagc ttattggcta     78840
     atccctctgg gcctctaggt acctcattag catagggaat tctgttttac cccacatgaa     78900
     catagaacat gtttctttta tgtgagaggc atggcaatgt ttcaagtcgg tagtctggca     78960
     gggagctggg agtcaactaa gcctcagggg tgtgcccaac atgtctccat gtctttgcct     79020
     gctctacctt accaaacttc ctggtattat tgtctatccc acaacttgct agggagatgt     79080
     cttgtgctct ttgctatacg agaagaggca aaaccaactg ggtggcctca agctatgcca     79140
     ccaaaaatat taaatgtata ggcccttagt gacttggctt ataatcccct accttgatgg     79200
     cgacatggtt cagccttgca agtatatagg ggagaagcta gatatgtttt taatgaacag     79260
     gtggatcttt gtgttctctc tctctctctc tctctctccc tccctccctc cctccctccc     79320
     tccctccctc cctccctccc tccctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     79380
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctgcttg taaggtcctt tatggtagga     79440
     ggtcaaggtt agagatagga atttagtttt gaggctcact ggccagacac aggtaaaaca     79500
     gtattctagg aaagagagct aaggtgccct cttgagtttg gacaatcaag gaaatgtccc     79560
     ttggcaacag acaacacact gacagaaaac tacaagaaat aaaaatgcag aattatgaag     79620
     ttcaactcca gtggatgcgt ataccaaaca actccttcat ctaagactca tagatcattg     79680
     cagaatgata agaactagaa gttctgtgaa attcctgaag attatgtatc ctagtaaatt     79740
     cagaaaaata cccataaaat ctcatgaaaa caatcgccca aatataagca tatttggaaa     79800
     acaataataa acattttcta aatgaatggg ataaagacca ggaggcctgg tgtctataat     79860
     ggtgtgagtc tgagaaataa tctttttcaa aaagcaaaca aagaaaaata aaatatgtaa     79920
     ctttatgcat acaataacaa atggtaaacc ttgaaacatg catataattt gcatctcaca     79980
     cagtgtttgt gtgtgtgtat gtgtgtgtgt aacaatggtt tatagaaaaa gtagtctgca     80040
     tagattataa tgcactagat ataccagaaa tacataacca ttccattaag agaacaaata     80100
     aatgctcttc ccctggatta gtttaatcaa gaagtagtcc agattttaat tctctacttc     80160
     atgttcattg taccttttat cttcttcctg tctgttgtat gagtcagaat ctctgcctac     80220
     ctgaagtctg tcacttttgt ctttttgtcc ctgtgtttct gtgtgtgttg tccctatgtt     80280
     tgtagttctg tttttctatg tgtaggtggt gtttgttatg tctctttgct aatgctgtat     80340
     atttctaaca aagcaattta ctctgtattt attgaacagc atagaaagca tcttataagt     80400
     agagaattat ttttaactta tgtatctgct tcattcagga aatgacatac atgtgttact     80460
     ttgggtaagg gtcatggaag ggtaaataac ttgtaccctt gttgtaagca tttctatcac     80520
     atgggaaatt caaactaagt ttattttttg ttctcttaag gatatcttaa acaaacagca     80580
     tgagttcaca gtagagtaga agttttaaat cttaagtaaa gtcaaggtgt atatttaact     80640
     ctaaggatga gaatcaacaa aagttctact ctcatgaatc aagagatatc ctcagaatat     80700
     tctattgcaa tcggaatcca tgaatttaaa gtatataaag gagaattata taagaggatt     80760
     tggagggaat aaaagatggg ggaaatgatg cttttatata ataaccttaa aacaggaata     80820
     atcattttta caatacccca tactgaacaa tttttaaggc acagaatttt tttcactaag     80880
     atagaacttc atataaaaat acacctgaca aattaacaga tcacattgtt tttaaaatga     80940
     aatactaatt atttgtagag tctcacccaa taaaagggat agtaaaaata ttaatttatt     81000
     aattcacaac actgggtaat tttgagatat ttagatattt aataaagata tttattagtt     81060
     attgagggcc tatgaggggt gtagattgat tataatgctt tagcaatcat tctagatcat     81120
     agatatatac agacaaaata gatgatgatg tctatttgac ttgtggatac atattcaaca     81180
     aattgtgtta tatgtctcaa ataaaagtaa ataaaggatt tctatgcata gtatttctaa     81240
     tatattctag aagtaatact cttagaggcg cttgaaagat ggctaagtag ttaaaattgt     81300
     gtattcctct tttagagtgc caaagtttgt cttgcaagac ccatttcata cagcttatac     81360
     ctgcttgtat ttctagttct aggataagca atggatttta ctggcctata tggacattct     81420
     actcacagat acacatccac aaacagacac atacacataa ctaaaaatga aacaaattat     81480
     gtttaagtat aaattttctc taaaactatt ttaggaggtt ggaatatgac tcattctttg     81540
     tgtgtcttat agcttttagc acaggacttt gcacatagtt ttataaatgc agtccagttg     81600
     gttaactgga aaatttctca tgaaaatgaa caagtgatat taatttgttg gaaaatggtt     81660
     attaccatga tcttaaatgc cacaaggaaa ccatgccttt ctgcctctgt tcttagttat     81720
     tcacatcaaa tactgacatt ataggatgca ttacagcttt ctagcaacag atctactcta     81780
     atgaactgaa ctcgaaagag tcttgcagat ggccttctgt tgatttttag acaaaaggac     81840
     ttttagaaag tcaactccta catgtcaaaa taacttatca gggagttgtc ttaaggaacc     81900
     attacctaag caattgtcag ccattgcaag aactccagtt ttgccaggaa tgtcttgtga     81960
     cttaggtcag gctagagctg agaaattccc aaataagaaa aaccccacaa actcaaatta     82020
     cggtcaataa tactcagtta tgcttgcaga caggagctta atataactgt ctcctaagag     82080
     gcttcattca gcagtagatg ggaaaaaatg caattactca catacaaaga tcaggtggta     82140
     cttggggagt tttgtagagg actggggaat cgaattgaat gaactggaga agtcaatgtc     82200
     accaaaagaa gacctataga gtcaactgac ctgaactagt gggggctcat ggagactgaa     82260
     caaccagcca aagagtacct agatctctga ctttgtccct tgttattggc tcctcttcat     82320
     ctaactggac tgcctagttg gacctcagtg ggagagaatt cctttaagtg tattgaattt     82380
     tccagagtgg ggtggtacat agggcaactt atctttttct gaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaggg     82440
     agaggggcaa atgggaggag ggatttgtgt aggccaggaa gaaggctatg ggaggcagtt     82500
     aggatataac atgcataagt aaagaaatta ataaagtttt ctttttaaat gtcagataaa     82560
     aattcactga gtatttacaa aagagtactt caagcccaaa gtggccacca ctctgaagta     82620
     aatgccacat aaaattgacc ttataaaatt ttgctacaag tacttccaaa atatataatc     82680
     caaatactct gtaactgcca atgttttgtt atctaaataa atgagtgcaa ttaggacact     82740
     gttaaataga agggcttgtg ggaatcacaa ggagcccagt ggagtctgga ctcataacta     82800
     cctaaccctg cacccctgaa ttccactccc tttccagcct gtgctttctg ctggggcaga     82860
     tcaccagttt gtctgctcct ttgaagacag tacagtctga acatctccct ggaactcttc     82920
     tacatggagt gcagctgggc aactgaacca acagtctgaa agcctccctg gacttctgct     82980
     gcttacagag caaaataccc cacagtctaa agtcctttca gaagaacagc tacacacagg     83040
     gcagtagctt gactgcccct ctgaagatac aacagtctga tgccctccca taaaagccac     83100
     tgtagccagg gcaacagctt acaggcatcc atgcatttct gaagacccca cagtcagaag     83160
     gtctcacaga aggtctgcta caaccaggac tacagaccta caaggagacc tgatgtaacc     83220
     cagggacaca agaggcaggt atcagacaga gacacccaga ccagctaaca ccagggataa     83280
     ccagatggag aagtacaagt gcaagaccat aagcaacaga agccaatata ctttggcatc     83340
     attagaaccc aaatgacagc aagccccaga tatacctgaa agtcagaaag ttgacctatc     83400
     tacttatgat aataaataac aaactgggaa aatacaggaa aacacagtta aacaggtaga     83460
     agacattaaa gaggaaacaa atatatccct taaagaaata cagaaaaacg caatcaaaca     83520
     ggtgaatgaa ttgaacaaag tggtgcaaga cctaaaagtg tttgtagaaa caataaataa     83580
     aacacaaatg aaaacttagg aaagaggtca gaaattatac atttaaccat tactaacatt     83640
     atataggaga tagaggagag actttcaggt gtacaatata ccttagaaga tattgacaaa     83700
     actgtcaaag aaaattcaaa gcataaaata tcctaaccca aaatatgcag gaaatcctgg     83760
     acacaataaa aagaccaaat ctaagaataa tatgcataga agagagtgaa aatttccagc     83820
     ttaaaggacc tgaaaatatc ttcaacaaaa tgatagagga aaatattccc aacctaaaga     83880
     aagtgataac cataaatgta caaaaatctt atagaacacc aaataactgg accagaaaag     83940
     aaaattctct ccttacatca taatcaaaac actaaatgca cagaacaatg caaaaaataa     84000
     aataaaatct gcaagacaaa aagaccaaat aacagaggtc atgaaaaccc taagcaaaca     84060
     caaagaccaa cataggctat tataatcagc aaaaccatca atcaatataa gtgaagaatc     84120
     caaaatattc caggacaaaa caaaatttaa acatctatct atgaatccaa ccctacaaag     84180
     gaaactccaa cacaaaaagg gtacctgaac caaagaaaca gcaagatatt aatcatctca     84240
     caacaaagcc aaaaggagat aatcacacac acataatgcc acttacgaca acaaacgtaa     84300
     caaaaactag caatcatttg tctttactat atctcaatat aaaaacactc aattgcccta     84360
     ttcaaataca taacataaaa cactggatat gcaaaaaaga tccagcatca tgctgcatac     84420
     aaaaaataca cctcattaac aaagatatac tacctcagaa ttaaaggctt gaaaaaagac     84480
     ttccaaacaa aaggttccaa gaaataagct aaagttgcca tcctaatatc caataaaata     84540
     gatttcaacc aaaagttatc aagcatgatg aagaagggca ctttatattc atcaattgaa     84600
     aatacatcag tagaaagttt caattctgaa catatatccc ccaaatacaa ggacacccat     84660
     attcataaaa gaaactttac ttgagctcaa aacacacatt gaatcccaca taaatatacc     84720
     ctactctcat taatgggcaa gtcattgaaa cagaaactaa acaaaggcat agtgaaacta     84780
     ataaaggtta tgaaccaaat ggatttaaca gttatttata gaagatttca ccctaaagca     84840
     aaagattata ctttcttttc agcacctcat gggaccttct ccatatttta cctcatattc     84900
     gttcacaaaa caaggctcaa ctgatacaag aggtgtgaaa ttattcaatg tatcccatca     84960
     gatcaccaag gactaagggt ggtcttcagt aacaacaaaa acaacagaaa acccacatac     85020
     accatggaaa ctgaataact ctctactcag tgataactta aggaagaaat aaagaaatga     85080
     atgacttctt agaattcaat gaaaatgata acatagcata gccaaactta taggacacaa     85140
     tgacagcagt gctaagagga aaattcataa tactaagtgc cctggtaaaa atgaattggt     85200
     gagatcctac attagcaaat taacagcaca cctgagagct ctataacaca aagaaacaaa     85260
     cacatccaag agtagatggc agtagttaaa ctcaggggag aaatcaacca aatagaaaaa     85320
     actagaatga tataaagatc aacaaaacca aaagctgatt ttgagaaaat aaacaagata     85380
     gataaacccc tagccaaact aactaaaggg cccagagaca atattcaaat taactaaatc     85440
     agaaatgaaa gggtagatat aacaagctat acaactgagc aatagttatt tttttaaaaa     85500
     aaacagaaga atgtcctgag ctaatgtctc gccagcaaaa cacactcaga caatcggatt     85560
     cttctacagc agagctttat tgcttcatta gaaagaagac cccgaacccg gaaaatggtg     85620
     ctgcttatat acccctctgt gtgatgtgtc agctcctgat tagctgctca ctcatcaccc     85680
     cactactacg ccctgggatg ggcagtgact tggcatgaat ttactcttgc acctgcgcac     85740
     atttcttgtt taccagttag gcacagtgga ggccagcgcc atcttgtaat ggcgattgct     85800
     cacggctctc cacagaagaa ctacaatttg aactaaccag tacccccaga gcttgtgtct     85860
     ctagctacat atgtagcaga ggatggccta gttgaccatt aatggaagga gaggccctta     85920
     gtcttgcaaa gattctatgc tccagtatag gggaaagcca gggccaagaa gtgggaatgc     85980
     gtgggttgtg gagcaggggg agcaggatgg gtatagggga ttttcagaga ggaaactagg     86040
     aaaacggata gtatttgaaa tataaatgaa gaaaacatct aataaaaaca atgaatttat     86100
     gaaattctta gacaaatgga tggttccgga ggatatcatc ctaagtgagg taacccagtc     86160
     acaaaagaat tcacatgata tgcactcact gataagtgga aactagctca gaagctaagt     86220
     atccttctta caaaggggga acaaaatacc catggaagga gttacagtga cagttttcag     86280
     agtatagact gaaggaatga tcatccagag attgccccac ttggggatcc atcccataaa     86340
     caaccaccaa acccagacac tatggcagat gccaacaaga gattgctcac aggagcctga     86400
     tatagctgtc tcctgagagg ctttgtcggt gcctggcaaa tacagaagtg gatgctcaca     86460
     gtcatctatt ggatgggaca tagggtcccc aatgaaggag ctagagaaag tacccaatga     86520
     gctgaaggga tttgcagccc catgggaaca acattaatat gaactaatca gaacctccag     86580
     agccccttgg gactaaacca ccaatcaaag aaaacacatg atgggacttg tggcactagc     86640
     tgtatatgta gcagaggatg gtctagtcgg ccatcaatgg gagtagaggc cctaggtcct     86700
     gtgaaggttc tatttcccag tataggggaa agccagggcc aggaatggga gtgggtgggt     86760
     tagggagcag ggggagggga taggcaattt tgggagggga aactaggaaa ggggatagta     86820
     cttgaaatgt aaataaagaa tatatctaac aaaaaataaa tatacccgag tccagggaaa     86880
     tgagagactt ttgggagtcc aagggaggga acttggatga tgtgctctac agtggggatt     86940
     ggaaacttgt agagtccacc tccagtagag gaataagata tcaagtagag ggattggttt     87000
     tccataacac agtcaaaatc tctgacccag aattgttcct gtgtaaaaga actgcaaaaa     87060
     gaaaaatgga gaagaacctg agagaaagga ggtccagtga caggcccaaa ttgggattca     87120
     gctcaaaggg agattctggg gcctgacact gttactgatg ctgaggtgtg attgcagaca     87180
     ggaggctaac atggctgccc tcctagaggc cgaacaagca actgtaaggg tcatactagc     87240
     acccagccaa tgaacagaag ccagtgaccc ctgtatttga atggggaaga gctgaaagaa     87300
     gctgaagaag agagcaatcc catgagaaga ccagcagtct caattgacct ggacccctga     87360
     aatttctgac actgagtcac caacctggct gcatacacca gctgatatga ggcccccggc     87420
     tataaaggag gggactgcct gatctggact cagtgagaga agatgcacct aaccctcaag     87480
     aagcttgagg ctccagggag tatagaggtc ttgtggtgtg gtagtagggg aggcacatcc     87540
     tcttggagac agtaggggaa gaggtatggg atggggtagg agtgggggca cagactggga     87600
     gagggatgaa gactggactg taaaaatgga ttaaagaata aaaaagaaat ataaaggctt     87660
     ttgtactaca catagaacaa gcattcatat atgtacagat acatatacta atttttatat     87720
     ataggaatta tatataaaaa tgctaatatt tgcaattctt aaagatattt tcactgaaca     87780
     tccaatggtc ccataatttg cttttaatgt gtcttcacag aacaccagcc aatatttatg     87840
     cattttaaag tctccggttt tcatcaatat tactctgata actctaaata tggttttatt     87900
     attaagttgt gttaatatat tttactaatc acattattaa aacccatcaa ttttataggt     87960
     tactcaactc ttcataatat ttccatacat acatgtatca tagatcatca tttctagttt     88020
     tctacatatt cctccatttt cttttgtctt ctccaatatc acagtaaggt aatgtaagag     88080
     ttacataata gtggaattag aactatgaaa aaggattctg gattgtgcat gtgtacagaa     88140
     actacttgta tcagagttgg tctatcaaat gtatgccagt ttaataacag ccctgaagag     88200
     acaattctaa aaactaattg aaactgttat gattctgaga aatctcaata ttcctgaaag     88260
     tcctaaatct aaatgaaggc tttttgtgtg cattttcttt tatttctgta taatttaaat     88320
     atattaatat aaaatttcct ctaattttat gcaggttctc aatatttttt attaaaaacc     88380
     ttttcatttt ctgggataca tataatagga ataagtaatc cataaataat gagtcaagga     88440
     ggaagggaaa attactcact tatcataagt gataaatggc atgacattag ccaggtgcct     88500
     agtaaatgtc tatgagattt gttcatagac taacacagag ccataaatgc tattaaaact     88560
     ataaccaaca aaggtaaatt atgaagcaaa catatatata tatatatata tacatatata     88620
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata taataaagtt atttatgccc aaagaatcaa     88680
     atgaatttgg agttcgatgt tactataatt tattatttac tattaagtag tgaatatgcc     88740
     ttgtttcctt ccaacagcaa ttacacagca taagtaattg cagtaggaat cacatactat     88800
     ggtagtagtt ttgatatccc caaatttatc accagagcac cagaatattt atgctgccat     88860
     aaccataatc ttatcagaaa tatgcaccaa gtaggaccat tctaaaacac tgaaaatctt     88920
     tctagaatca acaaatgcat atttctaaaa agactatagg tgtttcatgg gctgagtatt     88980
     catcatgaag catattgatg ttatctaata actcctgata acctcatcta tctctccagg     89040
     aatttgtttt caaatgaata catacaagat tatggatgat gatatgcaca agggtaattt     89100
     tagatgatct taagagaaca taaattctct taataaagaa gttaaatgaa cagaactcaa     89160
     gaagatgcaa ttcctgttat accagcaaaa gacgaggtac ctgcagtgga gagatggctc     89220
     agagattaaa agcactgact gctctcccag aggtcttagt tcaattccca gcaaccacat     89280
     ggtggctcac aaatatctgc aatgggatct tctggtatgt ctaaagacag ctactgtgta     89340
     ttaatcatat atatatatat attttgaaag aaagaaagaa tctaacaaaa ggaagaatac     89400
     aggaacctga ctaggataca tgcagatgtg cctccctgga ctttactcta aattgctatc     89460
     ttaattaaat agcaccattc taacacattt tattttttga aaatattata taagattagt     89520
     gtgtacttac accattctcc ccttttactc tctttgaatt cttctctgtc tttcctattg     89580
     ctttttaaat gcatggcctt gtttaattat tcataagatg ttttatacac acacacacac     89640
     acacacgccc gcgagcgcgc atacatatat atatgaccca catgttgaga aagctttata     89700
     attaccagct atgctggtat tctaagaatg gaagaaataa ttctaaagta agagaaaata     89760
     acctctaata taggtatatc acctaaagca cttgtttgtt cttgatgaga gtgtaagaac     89820
     atgcaagctt gataacctga ccacgctcac agaagtagtg gagaatttca agatatatat     89880
     gtgtgtgagt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     89940
     ttgtgtgtac ctttgttgtt tgtttgttgt ccataggtac atacattgat gctgatgcct     90000
     tgatcaccta tgaagatgta cattcctgga tgagaatgat gttctcatgt ggggcaactg     90060
     gctatgcaca gacagcctga tcttcagtca agctgaggtc ttgaacctcg ataggacctg     90120
     gtggtggtaa ttttcaccta catggtcctg ccagggttca agacttcagc ttgaccagag     90180
     accaggctgt ctgtgcatag cccattgccc cacattctct ctcttagttg agattaattt     90240
     cctgtagcac ttcacctaga aattgagcct taaaagaagc acatacatat tttcaagtta     90300
     attggtatta ttatttttca ggattgttta ggtaaagaca ctattgacat ttcataggag     90360
     aagctccctg atgtatacaa gagacagaat gatgtaacag atgccttgac atttttgtat     90420
     gacatagcaa gtggttcttt cattttgagt agttgtgtct ttcactaatg atctaatctg     90480
     ctacaaaaag ctattgcttg tataatgggt gatagttaca cttatatgtc catataagaa     90540
     taaatacata gccgtatcag ggtcatgtca gcaaaatctt gctggcatat gcaatagtgt     90600
     ctgcgtttgg tggctgatta tgacatggat ccccaggtag ggcagtctct ggatggtcct     90660
     tccttccatc tcagctccaa actttacctc tgtaactcct tccatgggta ttttgttcct     90720
     gattctaaag aggaatgcag tatccacact ttggtcttcc ttcttcttga gtttcatgtg     90780
     ttttgcaaat tgtatcttgg gtattctaag tttatgggct aatatccact tatcagtgag     90840
     tgcatatcat gtgagttatt ttgtgattgg gttacctcac tcaggatgat atcctccaga     90900
     tccatccatt tattcattgt ttttaatagc tgagtagtac tccattttgt aaatgtacca     90960
     cattttctgt ttccattcct ctgtagaggg acatctgggt actttccagc ttctggctat     91020
     tataaataag gcttctatga acatagtgga gcatgtgttc ttattaccag ttggaacatc     91080
     ttctgggtat atgtccagga gaggtgttgc tggattctcc agtagtacta tgtccaattt     91140
     tctgaggaac tgccagactg atttccagag tggttgtaca agcttgcaat cccaccagct     91200
     atgccagtgc ctggcaaata cagaagtaga tgctcacagt catctattgg atggaacaca     91260
     gggtccccaa tggaagagct agagaaagta cccaaggagc tgtaggggtc tgtaacccta     91320
     taggagaaac aacaatatga gctaaccagt accctctgag ctcatgtctc tagctgaata     91380
     aatagcagaa gatggcctag tcagccatca tttggaagag aggccctttg tttggcaaag     91440
     agtatatgcc ccatgtacag gggaatgcca gggccaggaa gcaggagtgg gtgggtttgg     91500
     gagcagggca gttggagggt ataggggact tttgggatag catttgaaat gtatatgaag     91560
     aaaatatcta ataaaaatta taaaaaagaa aaagaataaa tacatagaat gtgttcagta     91620
     attatactgg tttagataag gtgaaataga agtttctttc cagggtcctc agataagtct     91680
     tcttgctccc cattgtccta tttgtgcagt catacaattt gtaagtaact gctatctttt     91740
     cagaggaact cagaactaga ttctactatc agtaagtgga attcatatta tagaatactt     91800
     tcatggatgg ggaatacatg tgagggaata ttgctggaga agaagaaaca gccaatattc     91860
     tgcttttatc atggactcac aatatctgca acttccattc tttctctgag ctcaacagaa     91920
     acttctacag ttaattcaga agtttaactc cagtgggaaa attcagattg aatcagatgt     91980
     ttaaaaaata aaaccctgtt taaaaaatta tgacataatg gcataaagcc taatcccgta     92040
     aatgtcagaa tattaccaat ttattcagga tgatgccata aacatcagtg caatgtcata     92100
     aatatcagaa aaatgccata ctcattgcaa tatccatgag taggcagtag gctcagagta     92160
     ctataatatt cacttagctt atttgttctc tttttacata atactgtaca taatgtgagt     92220
     tagcaatttc agataattat ccttataata atttttcaga gtcagcttct atggatactg     92280
     tccagcaaat taatctcaaa tttttcacat agggattcaa aagccttgca aaccagagaa     92340
     gtccaacaaa tattttcaga tactagaata acctttagtt ttatggtatc tagtcactac     92400
     tgtaaacgaa ccaaatggtt ggaggtcttc cattttactc atccagagat acatgaaata     92460
     gttcagaagg ccacattgaa agtaacaatg taattaagaa aatacgtgtt ctggcagagc     92520
     ctctcaggag acaaatacag aggcaattgc ttgcagccaa ccattggact aaatgttggg     92580
     tccctgatgg aggagctgga gaagggactg aaggagctga ggggggttgc agcccatgga     92640
     ggaagcaaca gtgtcattcg gccagactcc ccagagctcc cgggaatgga ttaccaaaga     92700
     aagagtacac aaggaaagac ccatgactca ggccatatat gtcatagaag atgatggcct     92760
     tgttagacat cagtgggagg agaggtcctt gggcttgagg gtgtttgatg gcccagtgta     92820
     ggggaatgcc agggtgggaa gacagaatgg gtgggtaatt gggggagcaa cctcatagag     92880
     gcagggggag ggaagatggg atgggagttt ccgaagggga cacctggaaa ggggaaatca     92940
     tatgaaatgt gaataaagaa agtgtccaag aaaaaaagaa ttaaaaaaca gttaaaaagg     93000
     aaaaagaaag ttgatgttca gactattttt ctcaaagctt tcttcatatc tttgttcctc     93060
     agactataga taaatgggtt cagcataggc ggaaacacag tatacatcaa tgatgctaca     93120
     gaagttctcc tgtatgactc tgtaaatgca gaactaatgt ataccccaaa agctgtccca     93180
     tagaacaagg aaaccactga cagatgagat ccacatgttg aaaaagcctt atgcctaccg     93240
     cctggtgatg gcattctgag gatggaagag ataattttat agtaagagaa aataatccct     93300
     actaggggca taccacctaa tgcactactc atgacatata tcaaaatgtt attgatgaga     93360
     gtgtcagaac atgcaatctt gataacctga taaagttcac agaagaagtg gggaatttca     93420
     agaaatgtgc agaaagatag acgcaatgtc attaagccat gtagaagggc atccacaatg     93480
     ctaatgtaca aagacaaaaa aatcatcaca aaacacaaat ggagtttcat gatgtctgtg     93540
     tagcgaaggg gattgcagat ggccacataa cggtcataag ccattgctgc aagaagaaag     93600
     ttttccattc cagcaaaaag taggacaaag ctaagctggg taatgcagcc tgtgtaactg     93660
     atggatttgc tctgtttctg aaggtttgtc agcatcttag gaacagtggt ggtgctgaag     93720
     cagatatcag tgaaggacag gtttgagagg aagaagtaca ttggagtgtg gaggtgagcg     93780
     tcagagacaa tggccaggat gatgagcagg ttcccagaga ctgtcactag gtacataagc     93840
     aggaacagtc caaagaggat gggctgaagt tctggatcct ctgagaggcc caagagaaag     93900
     aattctatta ctcttgtctg gttttctaat tccatgattt gttagaggct gaatggagaa     93960
     atacaagtag ttggtcacaa aagcaaatgt acaaggtcac tctgaccctg tactcatttt     94020
     tttcatatct atcctttgcc ttctacttct ggtctttgta ctttcaatat tttatgtagt     94080
     gaatgctttt tctaatgtta taggaccaaa tataaagaaa gtaaaagaaa atcatacata     94140
     atttaaaatt taaaaatttt cccaaacaat ataaatataa aaatcataat aaatctaagt     94200
     aaaatgtagc cttagttgat attttatgtt ccatacatct aaatctggct tcagtgtcca     94260
     gtttgtaaac aagataatag ttttaaactg tgtcagatat gtccttcttt aaattgtata     94320
     acagaaatct attatgaaat attatttaat gttgagagga agagaatggg aaaacaaaaa     94380
     aaaattcaac aagcagtatt tggaatttta aatagccatt tagcttgctg attgtgaatt     94440
     atttatgcat aagcaaaaat cactttccat gattcagcac agaagagaag tgattggttt     94500
     gtgaagatat gatgtgaaaa aatcctacac agagtacttt tgtcaacttg gaaaagcttg     94560
     gaataagaga gatagtcttc ccccataaga gtataccaat tggttgttca atgctaaaat     94620
     gtgactcctg aaaagatact tacaagtagt attatatgga cttgataggt tatatttaag     94680
     aatatatgaa taaatatgta catataagta tacaaaaaca attaatgaaa aatgacatta     94740
     atttgaagga aagcaatgac agtatatgga aaggagaata gggaaaggat aaatatttta     94800
     tgtatattac aatctcaaaa ataataatta aaacaataaa aaacagataa cattagaata     94860
     ttattaatgc caaaattcac tgaagaataa tctattagaa ttgtcattgc atatattgca     94920
     cacagaaaag caaggaaagc acatgattca ataaataaca ctgattatta ctattcccac     94980
     gtgtacatat agtgatgcct tgttataaaa aattttgttg ccacgtcaac ataagtagtc     95040
     caagacatac ttaatcttat agtataaatc tatagtgtaa taaactttaa agtttttaaa     95100
     ataatataat ttaaaataaa atatttaaac tatttaaaaa tagtgaaaaa ataaaattct     95160
     catcattaac cattaattta aaatatgttg aatattatca ttaaatgttg ctacaaggaa     95220
     aatgatgcaa tttacttctg taatttatat gtgaatcatg catttttatt tcctcaatgg     95280
     attgcaaaat ttgtgcactt gatttttgaa tctgtgaaca atatctttgt atttcttttt     95340
     aaaattctat ttgaattata tgccaattct cgttgatctt agcaatatat tcttctctat     95400
     atcattaata ttaacttgat ctattacagt gctttatgta cataaatatg gtttatactt     95460
     ttttctgcag tagaatagtt ataggatgat ataatatgta tatattcaaa aatgtgaaat     95520
     ctgtaaaatt atttataaaa tcatattaag aataattaaa ttatacttgt atttttctct     95580
     ataaaaagaa aaaatggatt gaaacataaa ggataaatta aactattaga gttattgctt     95640
     ttttatagaa aaatcagatc tggtggcaaa agtatctgat tgccttgtta tggacataca     95700
     caattattat tgtaatatct ctattcagag ttcttatttt taaaatttaa atatcaaaac     95760
     agttataatc atgtgctgga agagcctctc agatggcagc catacaaggc tcctgtcagc     95820
     aagtgcttct tggcatcagc aattgtgtgt gggcttggtg tctgtagttg ggatggatcc     95880
     ctaagtggag caatctttga atggcctttt cttcattctc tgctccattt tttttgtccc     95940
     tgaatttcct ttagacagga gcaattctgg gttacaaatt ttgagatgag tgtgtggcca     96000
     catcccacaa ctgaggaccg tgcttatcta ctggaggtgg tagagacatc tatggctgtc     96060
     ttatgtaagg ctctgccaga tcctaactaa tacagatgca gatactcaca ggcaaccatc     96120
     agacttagtc taggaactca aagatagggg aaggaattaa agagctgaac aggattgaat     96180
     gcccatagaa agaacaacaa tatcaaccag actacacgga gctcccaacg gctaaaccac     96240
     caaccaaaga gtgtatacat ggaggaatca ttgcgtccat ctatatatat aaagcagatg     96300
     attgctttat cttacatcag tgggaggggt ggcctttgga ccagcagaag cttgatgccc     96360
     cagcataggg gaatgttcga gaggtgaagt aggagaggtt taatgtttta aggagcaaac     96420
     tcatagagac aaaggagagg acagaaggga tagtgggttt gcagagcaga gactgagaag     96480
     tgagacatgt gaaattaagt aaataaaata accaataaaa acttaaagaa aaaagtgata     96540
     gtaatgatga atctgcagta agcttttatt tatagcacaa aagtgaatgg cagccaagat     96600
     tttgtctatt ttttttcttg agtcaatagg taaaaaatta gctttcactc tctataataa     96660
     ctttgccagt catcagataa tttaaattta ggttaatcct ggaagaacct taacaaaata     96720
     tgaagagtag attggcattg agatttagaa ttagtgtaag aatttaccag aatagaagct     96780
     gcttaaatgt tggtatatga gtagacgcaa gcttgaaaaa tgacagaaaa tactgcaaat     96840
     atctggcatt tccttatgcc acacattctt gaatggacct atagatgatc tcctgccagt     96900
     ggtactgaag atatataaag aagatttaag attacctggg cttcaaaatt taaaaatgac     96960
     attcaattct tctctagagt ttaagaaaaa tatgaaaatg ttgttctgag gaacacagaa     97020
     aggtggggag acaaggtaat gctgtgaaga aatggtgatt actaagacca gggtcaggaa     97080
     aacttcctac tacctgtaca aaactaataa gtagatggtc accattagat tacatgtaac     97140
     ttccatggcc cttggggctt aatatccaaa gttcctcatt agtcagacag tgtcgttctc     97200
     aagtgattgt agtgcagcat aaacatgtat tttacccttt cccatctata tattattatt     97260
     ccactttaaa attactctcc atgataactt tataattcac tggttgccat gcttactcca     97320
     tgttcaatac taagaaccaa atatttccca tttgaacttt attatcatta ttattattgt     97380
     tattgttatt gctattattt aatgatcttt aagctttttt tacagtccag tcgttatccc     97440
     actcctggtc cattccctga ccattcctta tctcagtttt cctcccctgt ctccaagggg     97500
     atgaccccac caaaccctac cctatcccca ccccattcca ctaggcctct cagctctgtg     97560
     gggtcccata cctctccagg gttaggcaca tcttctttca ctgaggccag accaagcagt     97620
     cctctgctat atatttgtta gggatctttt accagctagt gtgtgctgcc tggttggtgg     97680
     ctctgtctct tagagacctt ggaagtccag attagttgag aattctggtc tttctagggg     97740
     ggttacccac ctcctcaact tctaccagcc tttctctaac tcaaccacag gggtccctga     97800
     ctgtagtcaa ttggttaggt gtaagtatct gcatctgtct aattcacctg cttgttgggc     97860
     ctcacggagt gctaagctca tgtctgaaag cacaccagtg catcagtaaa agtgacagga     97920
     cttggagcct ccccttcaga tagatcccaa tttgggtcag tcactgggtc tccttttcct     97980
     caatctcttc aattttgtct ctgcagttct tttagacaag aacaattctg ggcaagagtt     98040
     tttttactgt gggatggcaa ccctatccct ccacttgatg ccctatcttt ctagtggaag     98100
     tggaagttat gttattttaa aactattttg ttaattcatt taccatatat attttacaat     98160
     cttcccatca ttccataaca cctctctagc tctattgctt aaggctattc ctttatttat     98220
     ctttttaaag atttatttac tttttatatg taagtacact gtagctgtct tcagacaccc     98280
     tagaagaggg catcagatct cattacagat ggttgtgagc caccatattg ttgctgggat     98340
     ttgaactcag gacctttgga agaacaggca attctcttga ctgccgacca tttctccagc     98400
     tttattcctt tattttaata ttccctgata tgttcaccaa tttagctctt gctagacaat     98460
     agggttgtcc tgagcagtta actattacag tgaaaactaa ttttaatatt tagatttgga     98520
     ttttttatgg acacatttct ctatttcttt gtgataaaca ataaagaatt aaatatgaaa     98580
     taatagttag atattgaact cttccattca aaactggtaa aatgctttta aacataatca     98640
     gaccattata tattcttagc agaattatat gaaaaatttt atttttcatg tctgtgttat     98700
     gcataatatg gtttcctttg tattccctat tttgttagtg tatagtcttg aaaaaatggt     98760
     agttctcatt aagaaaattc cattatgtaa actatgttct gtattcatat tcatccttct     98820
     tttgttcaac tgtgtcatcc attctaaagg ttcatatttt tctactcaaa tttaatttag     98880
     atttccctaa taagaattca ttcatttgct tcactatatg tgttgtatgt gtgtgtgtgt     98940
     atgtatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat aattatatat     99000
     atataatctt ttgcttataa atattctatc attaactaat tattttgatt atttatatat     99060
     acatttatat atatactatt gtaaggtatt tgagatttta ggagtcgttc aaagttatca     99120
     gcttttaact tccttatacc ataaaattta tcataatgaa ggagagaaat ttaatgcaaa     99180
     aatacccata tacaacataa ttttctggca gaaattaaag aaaattcatg gaagacaaag     99240
     tatgttgttt taagttaacg gtgattaatt acagaataat gatttaaaac tctttagcac     99300
     taattgcatg gctgttaaaa tatgttcaat ctgaaaatta acaatgaaag acatagacag     99360
     tgtttgaaat attgagatag aggaagctaa atctataaca aacccaaata tatatataaa     99420
     taaacaaaca aactcagcaa tttaaggtta taattattat ttgttaaatg tctttttaaa     99480
     ttttttattt atttacattc cagccattgc cacccctcca gctcacccaa cacagtttcc     99540
     gttcctccac cccattgtct ccaagagagt gcccctttcc aggcctcctg cttctgtggg     99600
     gcctcaagtc tctcaaggct catcttctag cactgaggac aaaccaggca gtcttctgct     99660
     atatatgtgc caggggcctc agactagcca atgtaaactg cctggatggt ggctcaatat     99720
     ctcaccaaag agaggggagg cctgttgcct caaggtaggg ggataataga gtggtaaggc     99780
     aggagtgggt gaggaggtgg gatagcatca tcttagaggt agaggagagg gtgaatggga     99840
     tgaacatttg cagagtgaag actgggatgg aagataacat ttaaaatgta aaaaaattaa     99900
     ataatcaatt aaaaattaaa ctaaactaaa ctaaaacatg gataattact tcttaatttt     99960
     tgtacatttt ctctcattgt tctactgaca agttctaaca actaattaca taattattta    100020
     tttttccttt gtcatagagg acatttaaat tatgaaatat actcacaaca ccctatatga    100080
     attatactga aaggtatagt catatacaca aaaaggaaac aatgctaaaa gaacttaaaa    100140
     tataaattgt aataaaacat gtttataaat gcagtaaaac tggagtcaaa ttcaactgat    100200
     attatatgat aaagttcact ttatcatata acctaaataa agagatgccc atgtacataa    100260
     aagaagccta tagaacacca aatggattgt atcagaaaaa aaattcctcc tgtcacataa    100320
     taatcaaaac accaaatgca cagaacaaac aaagaatatt aaaagcagta aaggaaaaaa    100380
     aatcaagtaa catttaaagg cagacctatt agaattaaac cagacttctt gcagaaacca    100440
     tgaaacccag atgatcctag gcagacatac agtccctaag agagcacaaa tgccagccca    100500
     ggctactata cccaacaaaa ctctcaataa caatagacag agaaagcaag acattacatg    100560
     acaaaaacaa atttacacaa tatctttcca caaattcagt cctacaaagg aaaatatatg    100620
     gaaaacacca agacaaaaag ggaaactaca ccctaggaaa agcaagaaag ttgtctttca    100680
     atgaacccaa aagaagccag acaaatatac ttccacctaa acaacaaaaa taacagaaag    100740
     taacaatcac ttttccttaa tatctattaa aatcaatgga cccaacaacc caataaaaag    100800
     acatagacta agagattgga tatataaaca ggactcagca ttttgctgaa taaaggaaaa    100860
     gcacttcagt gacaaagaca gactctacct cagagtaaaa atctggaaaa taattctcca    100920
     agcaaatggt cccaagaaac aagctggagt agccacccta atatcgaata aagtcaactt    100980
     tcaacctaaa gttatcacaa aagataagga aagagagttt atactcatca aggaaaaaat    101040
     ctactaagga agaactctct attcagaata tctatgcccc taatgcaagg gaacccacat    101100
     tcataaaaga aactttacta aagcttaaaa cacaaattgc actgtacaca ataatagtgg    101160
     gagactcaaa cacaccagtc tcagcaatgg acagattatg gaaactgaaa ccaaacagag    101220
     acacaatgaa actaacagaa gttatgaaac aaatggattt aacagatgtc tatagaacat    101280
     tttatcctaa aacaaaagga tatacattct tctcagcacc tcatggtgcc ttctccaaaa    101340
     ttgaccgtat aatcagtcac aaaaaaaggt ctcaacagat acaaaagtat tgaaataatc    101400
     aaatacatcc catcagatcg caatggtctg agattggtct tcaataaaaa cataaacaat    101460
     agaaagtctg catacatgtg gaagctgaac aatgctctac tcaatgataa cttggtcaag    101520
     gaagaaataa aaaaagaaat taaagacttt ttagagtttg atgtaatgaa gccacaatat    101580
     acccaaactt taagaaacaa tgaaagcagt cctaagagga aaaatcatac ctctgagtgc    101640
     ctccaaaaag aaagtggaga gagcagatac tagtagcttg acaacacatc tgaaagctct    101700
     agaacaaaaa gaagcatatt caccccaagg actagacagc aggaaataat caaactcagg    101760
     gctgaaatca aggaaacgga aacaaaaaga actatgcaaa gaatcaacca aaccaggagc    101820
     tggtttttgg agaaaataaa caaaatagac aaacctttag ccagactaac tagagggcac    101880
     agagacagta tactaattaa caaaatcaga aatgaaaagg gaaacataac aacagaaacc    101940
     aaggaaatcc caacaaacaa caacaacaaa caaacaaaca aaaaacatca tatcctacta    102000
     caaaagccta tactcaacaa aactggaaaa cctgcatgaa atgaacaatt ttctagacag    102060
     ataccaagta ccaaagttaa tctggatcag gcaaatgatc taaacagtcc aatatcccca    102120
     taaagaagta gaaacacatt ttctgtatcc attcctctgt tgaggggcat ctgggttctt    102180
     tccagcttct ggctattata aataaggctg ctatgaacat agtggagcat gtgtccttct    102240
     taccagttgg gacatcttcg ggatatatgc ccaggagagg tattgcggga tcctccggta    102300
     gaagtggata ttagcccaga aacttaggat acccaagata taagatacaa tttgctaaac    102360
     gcatgaaatt caagaagaac gaagaccaaa gtgtggacac tttgcccctt cttagaaatg    102420
     ggaacaaaac acccatggaa ggagttacag agacaaaatt tggagctgtg acgaaaggat    102480
     ggactatcta gtgattgcca tatgcaggga tgcatcccat aatcagcttc caaacgctga    102540
     caccattgca tacactagca agattttgct gaaaggaccc agatatagct gtctcttgtg    102600
     agactatgcc ggggcctagc aaacacggaa gtggatgatc acagtgagct attggatggg    102660
     tcacacagcc cccaatggag gagctagaga aattacccaa ggagctaaag ggaactgcaa    102720
     ccctatagat ggaacaacaa tatgaactaa ccagtacccc ggagctcttg actctagctg    102780
     catatgtatc aaaagatggc ctagtcggcc atcactgcaa agagaggccc attggacttg    102840
     caaactttat atgccccagt acaggggaac cccggggcca aaaaggggga gtgggtgggt    102900
     aggggattgg gggggtgggt atggcagatt tttgggatag cattgaaaat gtaaacgagg    102960
     aaaataccta ataaaaaaat taactggaag tcccttctgc ccagcccact gcagcaccat    103020
     ggtccctggc ccgggggagt ctgcagaaac ccgcaaggac ccacacagga tatgccacgg    103080
     gaacctaaga cctctggtga gtggaacaca gcgatgctcc aatccaattg tgcaggaccc    103140
     gagattgtat tgattaagga agcagggaac ccggccagat acggggctca actcccttcc    103200
     ggccggccca ctgcagctcc gtggtccctg gcccggggga gtctgcgtac acccgcaagg    103260
     acccacacag gatccgccac gggatcctaa gacctctggt gagtggaaca caacttctgc    103320
     caggaggcag gatcaaacac cagatatctg ggcacaatcc ctgcaagagg ggagcttgca    103380
     tgcagagagt actctgacca ctgaaactaa ggatacagct agtctcccag gtctgctgat    103440
     agaggctaac ataatcacct gaggaacaac ctctaaccag agacaactat aacaactagc    103500
     tccagagaat acaatatggc aaaaggcaaa cgtaagaatc ctactaacag aaatcaagac    103560
     aattcaccat catcagaacg caacactccc accccaccta gtcctgggca ctccaacaca    103620
     actgaaaagc tagacgcaga tttaaaagca tatctcatga tgatgataga ggacatcaag    103680
     aaggacttta ataacccact taaagaaata caggagaaca ctgctaaaga gttacaagtc    103740
     cttaaagaaa aacaggaaaa cacaaccaaa caggtagaag tccttataga aaaacaggaa    103800
     aacacatcca aacaggtgat ggaaatgaac aaaaccatac tagacataaa aagggaagta    103860
     gacacaataa agaaaaccca aagtgaaaca acgctggaga tagaaatgct aggaaagaaa    103920
     tctggaacca tagacacaag catcagcaac agaataaaag agatggaaga aagaatctca    103980
     ggtgcagaag attccataga gaacatctgc acaacaatca aagataatac aaacacaaaa    104040
     agatcgtaac tcaaaacatc caggaaatct aggacacaat gagaagacca aacctacgga    104100
     taataggagt tgatgagaat gaagattttc aacttaaagg gccggcaaat gtcttcaaca    104160
     aaattataga agaaaacttc ccaaacctaa agaatgacat gcccatgaac atacaagaag    104220
     cctacagaac tccaaataga ctggaccaga aaagaaattc ctccagacac ataataatca    104280
     gaacaacaaa tgcactaaat aaagagagaa tattaaaagc agtaagggag aaaggtcaag    104340
     taacatataa aggcagacct atcagaatta caccagactt ttcaccagag actatgaaag    104400
     ccagaagagc ctggacagat gttatgcaga cactaagaga acacaaatgc cagcccaggc    104460
     tactataccc ggccaaactc tcaattacca tagatggaga aaccaaagta ttccacgaca    104520
     aaaacaaatt cacccattat ctctccacga atccagccct tcaaagtata ataacagaaa    104580
     agaagcaata caaggacgga aatcacgccc tagaaaaagc aagaaagtaa tccctcaaca    104640
     aaccaaaaag aagacagcca caagaacaga atgccaactg caacaacaaa aataaaagga    104700
     agcaacaatt acttttcctt aatatctctt aataccaatg gactcaattc cgcaataaaa    104760
     agacatagac taacagactg gctacacaaa caggacccaa cactctgctg cttacaggaa    104820
     acacatctca gggaaaaaga cagacactac ctcagagtga aaggctggaa aacaattttc    104880
     caagcaaatg gtctgaagaa acaagctgga gtagccattc taatatcgga taaaatcaac    104940
     ttccaaccca aagttatcaa aaaagacaag gagggacact tcatactcat caaaggtaaa    105000
     atcctccaag aggaactctc aattctgaat atctatgctc caaatgcaag gacagccaca    105060
     ttcattaaag acactttagt aaagctcaaa gcacacattt cacctcacac aataatagtg    105120
     ggagacttca acacaccact ttcatcaatg gaaacatcgt ggaaacagaa actaaacaag    105180
     gacacagtga aactaacaga agttatgaaa caaatggatc tgacagatat ctacagaaca    105240
     ttttatccta aaacaaaagg atataccttt ttctcagcac ctcatgggac cttctccaaa    105300
     attgaccata taattggtca caaaacaggc ctcaacagat acaaaaatat tgaaattttc    105360
     ccatgtatcc tatcagacca ccatggcaaa ggctgatttt caataacaac ataaataatg    105420
     gaaagccaac attcacgtgg aaactgaaca acactcttct caatgatacc ttggtcaaga    105480
     aaggaataaa gaaagaaatt aaagactttt tagagtttaa tgaaaatgaa gccacaacat    105540
     aaccaaacct atgggacaca atgaaagcat ttctaagagg gaaactcata gctctgagtg    105600
     cctccaaaaa gaaactagag agagcataca ttagcagctt gacaacacac ctaaaagctc    105660
     tagaagaaaa ggaagcaaat tcacccaaga ggagtagaca gcaggaaata atcaaactca    105720
     ggggtaaaat caaccaagtg gaaacaagaa gaactattca aagaattaac caaacgagga    105780
     gttggttctt tgagaaaatc aacaagatag ataaaccctt agctagactc tctaaagggc    105840
     acagggacaa aatcctaatt aacaaaatca gaaatgaaaa gggagacata acaacagatc    105900
     ctgaagaaat ccaaaacacc atcagatcct tctacaaaag gctatactca acaaaactgg    105960
     aaaacctgga cgaaatggac aaatttctgg acagatacga ggtaccaaag ttgaatcagg    106020
     atcaagttga ccatctaaac agtcccatat cacctaaaga aatagaagca gttattaata    106080
     gtctcccagc caaaaaaagc ccaggaccag atgggtttag tgcagagttc tatcagacct    106140
     tcaaagaaga tctaattcca gttctgcaca aactatttca cgaaatagaa gtagaaggta    106200
     ctctacccaa ctcattttat gaagccacta ttactctgat acctaaacca cagaaagacc    106260
     caacaaagat agagaacttc agaccaattt ctcttatgaa tattgatgca aaaatcctca    106320
     aaaaattctt gctaaccgaa tccaagaaca tattaaagca atcatccatc ctaccaagta    106380
     ggttttattc cagggatgca gggatggttt aatatacgaa aatgtaatcc attatataaa    106440
     caaactcaaa gacaaaaacc acatgatcat ctcgttagat gtagaaaaag catttgacaa    106500
     gatccaacac ccattcatga taaaagtttt ggaaagatca ggaattcaag gcccatacat    106560
     aaacatgata aaagcaatct acagcaaacc agtagccaac atcaaagtaa atggtgagaa    106620
     gcttgaagca atcccactaa aatcagggac tagacaaggc tgcccacttt ctccctacgt    106680
     cttcaacata gtacttgaaa ttctagccag agcaattaga caacaaaagg agatcaaggg    106740
     gatacaaatt ggaaaagatg aagtcaaaat atcacttttt gcagatgata tgatagtata    106800
     tataagtgac cctaaaaatt ccaccaggga actcctaacc ctgataaaca gctttggtga    106860
     agtagctgga tataaaatta actcaaacaa gtcaatggcc tttctctaca caaagaataa    106920
     acaggctgag aaagaaatta gggaaacaac acccttctca atagtcacaa ataatataaa    106980
     atatcttggc gtgactctaa ctaaggaagt caaagatctg tatgataaaa acttcaggtc    107040
     cctgaagaaa gaaattaaag aagatctcag aagatggaaa gatctcccat gctcatggat    107100
     tggcaggatc aacattgtaa aaatggctat cttgccaaaa gcaatctaca gattcaatgc    107160
     aatccccatc aaaattccaa ctcaattctt caacgaatta caaagagcaa tctgcaaatt    107220
     catctggaat aacaaaaaac ctaggatagc aaaagctctt ctcaaggata aaagtaccta    107280
     tggtggaatc accatgcctg acctaaagct ttactacaga gcaattgtga taaaaactgc    107340
     atggtactgg tatagtgaca gacaagtaga ccaatgaaat agaattgaag acccagaaat    107400
     gaacccacac acctatggtc acttgatctt cacaagagag ctaaaaccat ccagtagaag    107460
     aaagacagca ttttcaacaa atggtgctgg cacaactgtt tgttatcatg tagaagaatg    107520
     cgaatctctc cttgtactaa gatcaaatct aagtggatca aggaacttca cataaaacca    107580
     gagacactga aacttataga ggagaaagtg gggaaaagtc tcgaagatgt gggcaaaggg    107640
     aaaaaattcc tgaatagaac atcaatggcc ttgtgctgta agatcgagga ttgacaaatg    107700
     ggacctcatg aaacttcaaa gcttctgcaa gtcgaaagac accgtcaata agacaaaaag    107760
     accaccaaca gattgggaaa ggatctttac ctatcttaaa tcagatagag gactaatatc    107820
     caatatatat aaagaactca agagggtgga ctccagaaaa tcaaataatc cccttaaata    107880
     tggggctcag aactgaacaa agaattctca cccgaggaat accgaaaggc tgagaaacac    107940
     cagaaaaaat gttcaacatc cttaatcatc agagaaatgc aaatcaaaac aaccctgaga    108000
     ttccatctca caccagtcag aatggctaag atcaaaaatt caggtgacag cagatgctgg    108060
     cgaggatgtg gagaaagagg aacattcctc cattgttggt gggattgcaa gcttgtacaa    108120
     ccactctgga aatcagtctg gcggttcctc agaaaattgg acatagtact atcggatgat    108180
     cccgcaatac ctctcctggg catatatcca gaagatgtcc caaccggtaa gaaggacaca    108240
     tgctccacta tgttcatagc agccttattt ataatagcca gaagctggaa aaaacccaga    108300
     tgcccctcaa cagaggaatg gatacaaaaa atgtggtaca tttacacaat ggagtactac    108360
     tcagctatta aaaagaatga gtatatgaaa ttcctaggca aatggatgga cctggaggac    108420
     atcatcctga gtgaggtaac ccaatcacaa aagaactcaa atgaaatgta ctcactgata    108480
     agtggatatt agcccagaaa cttagtatag cgagatataa ggtacaagat gcaaaacaca    108540
     tgtaactgaa gaagaacgaa gaccaaagtg tggacacttt gctccttttt agaattagaa    108600
     acaatcaccc atggaaggag ttacagagac aaagtttgga gctgagacaa aaggatggac    108660
     catctagaga cttccatatc cagggacccg tcccataatt agcctccaaa cgatcacacc    108720
     atggcataca ctagcaagcc tttgttgcaa ggactgtgat atagctgtcc cttatgagac    108780
     taggccgggg cctagcaaac acagaagtgg atgctcacag tcaactattg gatggatcac    108840
     agggtcccca atggaggagc tagagaaagt atccaaggag ctaaagagat ctgcaaccct    108900
     atcggtggaa taacattatg aactaaccag taccccagag ctcttgactc tagctgcata    108960
     tgtatcaaaa gatggcctag tcagccatca atggcaagag aggcccattg gtcaggcaaa    109020
     ctttatatgc cccaatacag gggaatgcca gggccaaaaa atgggaatgg gtgggtaggg    109080
     aagtgggggg gagggtgtgg gggacttttg ggatagcatt ggaaatgtaa ttgaggaaaa    109140
     tatgtaataa aaatattaac tgattaaaaa aaaagaattt caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa    109200
     gtagaaacag tcattaatag tctcccaacc aaaaaagccc caggaccaga tgggcttagt    109260
     gcagagttat atcagacctt caaagaaggc ctaatactaa tactcctcac actattccac    109320
     aaaatagaaa cagaagatac tctacctaat ctgtgctgtg aggccacaat tactctggta    109380
     gctaaatcac acaaagaccc aacacagaaa gggaacgtca gaccaattta ccgtatgaat    109440
     atggatgcaa aactactcga tactattctc acaaactgaa tctatgaaca cgcaaaagca    109500
     accatccacc atgtccaagt aggcttcatc ccagggatgc agggataaat caatatatgg    109560
     aaagctatca atgatatcca ctatacaaac aaactcaaaa gaaaaaaaag catatgatta    109620
     tcttattaga tgctgagaaa gcatttgaca aaatccagca cctcttcatg ataaaagtct    109680
     tggaaaaatc agtaattcaa agcccatacc taaacatagt aaaagcaata tacagcaaac    109740
     cagtagctaa catcaagcta aatcgataga aacttgaagc aataccacta atatcaggga    109800
     ctaaacaagg ctgcccactc tctctctacc taaccaataa aggacttgaa atcctagcca    109860
     gagcagttag tcaaagggat acacattgga aaggatgaag tcaaaatatc actatttgca    109920
     gaggatatat tatacagaag tgaccctaaa aaatccacca taaaactcct aaacctgata    109980
     aacaacttaa gccaagtagc ttaatataaa attaagtcaa acaaaccaat ggcctttcac    110040
     tacacaaagg ataaacaggc taagaaagaa attagggaaa caacaccctt cacagtagtc    110100
     acaattaata taaaatacct tggtgtgact cttactaagg aattgaaaga tctgtatgat    110160
     atgaatttca agtctctgaa gaaaaaaatc aaagaaaatc tctgaagatg gaaagatgga    110220
     tgctcatgga ttggcaggat taatgcagta aatatggcca tcttgctgat agctatctac    110280
     agattcaatg caatccccat tagaattcca actcagttct tcactgagtt agaaagagca    110340
     attttcaaat tcatctggaa taacaaaaaa cctaggatag caaaaaatat tctcaacaat    110400
     gaaagaactt ctggtgaaac tgccatccct gtactcaagt tgtactacag agtattagtg    110460
     ataaataatg aatggtattg gtacagtgat aggcaggtag atcaatgaaa tagaactgaa    110520
     gacccagaaa tgaacccaca tacctatggt aacttgatct ttgacaaaga agctaaaacc    110580
     ttgcagtgga aagaagtatt ttcaacaaat ggtgctggct caactgatac attcttatct    110640
     ccttgtacaa agctcaggcc caagtgggtc aaggacctcc acataaaaac agatacactg    110700
     aacctaatag aaaagaaaga agagcctcaa gtacatgggc agagggaata atttcctgaa    110760
     cagaacacca atagcctatg ctctaagatc aagaatcgac aaatggacct tataaaattg    110820
     caaacctttt gtaaggcaaa ggacactgtc aataggacaa aaagcagcca acagattagg    110880
     gaaagatatt tatgaatcct acatctgaca gagggccaat atccaatata tacaaagaac    110940
     tcaagaagtt agactccaaa aaatcaaata accctattaa aaatgtggca cagaactaaa    111000
     caaagaattc tcaaccatga aacacttaat agctgagaat cacctaaaga aactttcaac    111060
     acccttattc atcagggaaa tgcaaatcaa aacaatccta agattccacc tcactattcc    111120
     agtcagaata atctattcca gtcagaatag ctaatttcta aaactcaggt gaaagcagat    111180
     gctggggagg ttgtggaaaa agaggaacat tcctcctttg ctgttgggat tgcaagctgg    111240
     tataaccact ctggaaattg gtttggcagt tcctcagaaa atttgatgta atactacctg    111300
     agcacccact aatgccactc ctgggcatat acccagaaga tgctctaaca tgtcataagg    111360
     acacatgctc caatatgttc atcacagcct tatttataat aatcaggagc tggaaactat    111420
     tcagatgtcc ctcaaaagag gaatggatac agaaaatgtg gtacgtttac acaatggagt    111480
     actactcacc tattaaaaca atgaatttat gaaattctta ggcaaattaa tggatctgga    111540
     aaatatcatc ctgagtgagg taacccaatc acaaaagaac acacatagta tgcactcact    111600
     gataaatgga tattagccca gaagcttgga gtacccaaga ttcaatccaa caaccacatg    111660
     aaactaaaga agaagaaaac caaagtgtaa atactttgat ccttcttaag aagggggaac    111720
     aagagcctca gcagcagcgg tcgccatctt ggttccagga ctcagcagaa cttaggaatt    111780
     tagtctgcac aggtgagagt ctgcaacaca gaagctgaca gcttttggga cctgccaaag    111840
     caacacagct tctgagaaag gtcctgtttt gggccttctt cttcggccag gaggaggtcc    111900
     aaacacaaga tatctgcgca ccttacctgt aagagagctt gccagcagag agtgctctga    111960
     gcactgaaat tcagaggaga gaatctgtct cccaggtctg ctgatagacg gtaacagaat    112020
     caccagaaga acaatctcta aacagagtca actataacta ctaactccag agattaccag    112080
     atggctaaag gtaaacgtag gaatcttact aacaggaacc aagaccactc accatcatca    112140
     gaacccagca ctcccacttt gcccagtcca gggcacccca acacacccga aaacctagac    112200
     ccagatttaa aagcatatct catgatgatg gtagaggaca tcgagaagga ctttaataac    112260
     tcacttaaag aaatacagga gaacactgct aaagagttac aagtccttaa agaaaaacag    112320
     gaaaacaatc aaacaggtag aagtccttac agaaaaagag gaaaaaatat acaaaaaggt    112380
     gatggaaatg aacaaaacca tactagacct aaaaagggaa gtagacacaa taaagaaaac    112440
     tcaaagtgag gcaacactgg agatagaaac cctaggaaaa aaatctggaa ccatagattt    112500
     gagcatcagc aacagaatac aagagatgga agagagaatc taaggtgcag aagattccat    112560
     agagaacata agcacaacaa tcaaagaaaa tggaaaatgc aaaaagatcc taactcaaaa    112620
     tatccaggaa atccaggaca cgatgcaaag accaaaccta tggataatag gagtggatga    112680
     gaatgaagat tttcaactca aaggaccagc aaacatcttc aacaaaatta ttgaagaaaa    112740
     cttcccaaat ctaaagaaag agatgcctat gaacatacaa gaagcctaca gaactccaaa    112800
     tagactggat cagaaaagaa attcctcccg acacataata atcagaacaa caaatgcact    112860
     aaataaagat agaatactaa aagcagtaag ggaagatgtc aagtaacata taaaggcaag    112920
     cctatcagaa ttacaccaga tttttcacca gagactatga aagccagaag agcctggaca    112980
     gatgatatac agacactaag agaacacaaa ttccagccca ggctactata cccagccaaa    113040
     ctctcaatta ccatagatgg agaaaccaaa gtattccacg acaaaaccaa attcacacat    113100
     tatctctcca cgaatccagc ccttcaaagg ataataacag aaaaaaaacc aacacaagaa    113160
     cgggaacaac gccctagaaa aaataagaag gtaatccctc aacaaaccta aaagaataca    113220
     gccacaagaa cagaatgcca actttaacaa caaaaataac aggaagcaac aattacttta    113280
     acttaatatc tcttaacatc aatggtctca actccacaat aaaaagacat agactaacaa    113340
     actggctaca caaacaagac ccaacatttt gctgcttaca ggaaacacat ctcagagaaa    113400
     aagatagaca ttacctcaga atgaaaggct ggaaaacaac tttccaagca aatggtatga    113460
     agaaacaagc tggagtagcc atcctaatat ctgataagat tgacttccaa cccaaagtca    113520
     tcaaaaaaga caaggagggg cacttcattc ttatcaaagg taaaatcctc caagaggaac    113580
     tctcaattct gaatatctat gctccaaata caagggcagc cacattcatt aaagaaactt    113640
     tagtaaagct caaagcacac attgcacctc acacaataat agtgggaggc ttcaacacac    113700
     cactttcact aatggacaga tcatggaaac agaaactaaa cagggacaca ctgaaactaa    113760
     cagaagtgat gaaacaaatg gatctgacag atatctacag aacattttat cctaaaacaa    113820
     aaggatatac cttcttctca gcacctcatg gtaccttctc caaaattgac cacataatag    113880
     gtcacaaaac aggcctcaac agattcaaaa atattgaaat tttcccatgt atcctatcag    113940
     atcaccgtgc aataaggctg atcttcaata acaaaataaa taacagaaat ccaacattca    114000
     cgtggaaact gaacaacact cttctcaatg atactttggt taaggaagga ataaagaaag    114060
     aaattaagga cttcttagag ttcaatgaaa atgaagtcac aacataccca aacttatggg    114120
     acacaatgaa agcatttcta agaggaaaac tcatagctct gagtgcctcc aaaaagaaac    114180
     tagagagagc atacattagc agcttgacaa cacacctgaa agctctagaa gaaaaggaag    114240
     caaattcacc caggaggagt agacagcagg aaataatcaa cctcaggggc gaaatcaacc    114300
     aagtggaaac aagaagaact attcagagaa tcaaccaact gaggagctgg ttctttgaga    114360
     aaatcaacaa gataaacaaa ccattagcca gactcactag aggacacaga gaaagcattc    114420
     taattaacaa aatcagaaat gaaaagggag acataacgac agatcctgaa gaaatccaaa    114480
     acaccatcag atccttctac aaaaggctat actcaacaaa actggagaac ctggatgaaa    114540
     tggagaagtt tctagacaga taccaggtac caaaattgaa tcaagatcag gttaatgatc    114600
     tgaacagccc gatatccccc aaagaaatag aagcagtcat taatagtctc ccaaccaaaa    114660
     aaagcccagg accagatggg tatagtgcag agttctatca aaccttcaaa gaagatctaa    114720
     tcccagttct tcacaaacta ttccacaaac tagaaacaga aggtactcta cccaactcat    114780
     tctatgaagc cacaattact ctgatacgta aaccacaaaa agaccccaca aagatagaga    114840
     acttcagacc aatatccctt atgaatattg atgcaaaaat cctcaataaa gttcttgcta    114900
     accgaatcca agaacacatc aaaacaatca tccatcctga ccaagtaggt ttcatcccag    114960
     ggatgcaggg atggttcaat atccggaaat ccatcaacgt aatccagtat ataaacaaac    115020
     tcaaagacaa aaaccacatg atcatcttgt tagatgctga gaaagcattt gacaaaatcc    115080
     aacacccatt catggtaaaa gtcttggaaa gatcaggaat tcaaggccca tacataaaca    115140
     tgataaaagc aatctacagc aaaccagtag ccagcatcaa agtaaatggt gagaaccttg    115200
     aagcaatccc actaaaatca gggaccagac aaggctgtcc actctctccc tacctattca    115260
     acattgtact tgaagtacta gccagagcaa ttagacaaca aaaggagatc aaggggatac    115320
     aaattggaaa ggaagaagtc aaattatcac atttgcagat gatatgatag tatatataag    115380
     tgaccctaaa aattccacca gagaaatcct aagcctgata aacagcttca gtgaagtagc    115440
     tggatataaa attaactcaa acaagtcaat ggcctttctc tacacaaagg acaaacaggc    115500
     tgagaaagaa attagggaaa caacaccctt ctcaatagcc acaaataata taaaatacct    115560
     aggcgtgact ctaactaagg aagtgaaaga tctctatgac aagaacttca agtctctgaa    115620
     gaaagaaatt aaagaagatc tcagaagatg gaaagatctc ccatgctcat ggattggcag    115680
     gatcactata gtaaaaatgg ctatcttgcc aaaagcaatc tacagattca atgcaatccc    115740
     catcaaaatt ccaactcaat tcttcaacga attagaaagg gcaatcggca gattcatctg    115800
     gaataacaag aaacctagga tagcaaaaac tcttctcaag gataaaagaa cctctagtgg    115860
     aatcaccatg cccgacctaa agatgtacta cagagcaatt gtgataaaaa ctgcatggta    115920
     ctggtataat gacagacaag tagaccaatg aaatagaatt gaagacccag agatgaaccc    115980
     acacacctat ggtcacttga tctttgacaa gggagctaaa accatccagt ggaaaaaaga    116040
     cagcgttttc aacaaatggt gctggcacaa ctggctgtta tcatgttgaa gatttcgaat    116100
     tgatccagta ctatctcctt gtactaaggt caaatctaag tggattaagg atctccacat    116160
     aaaaccagag acactgaaac ttatagagga aaaagtaggg aaaaggctca aagatatggg    116220
     tacaggggaa aaattcctga atagaacagc aatgacttgt gctgtaagat cgagaatcga    116280
     taaatgggac ctcatataat tgcaaagctt ctgcaaggca aaagacaccg tcaataagac    116340
     aaaaagacca ccaacagatt gggaaaggat ctttacctat cccaaatcgg acaagggact    116400
     aatatccaat atatataaag aactcaagaa ggtagactcc ataaaatcaa ataaccccat    116460
     taaaaaatgg ggctcagaac tgaacaaaga tttctcaccc gaggaatacc gaatggcaga    116520
     gaagcacctg aaaaaatttc aacatcttta atcatcaggg aaatgcaaat caaaacaacc    116580
     ctgagattcc acctcacacc agtcagaatg gctaagatca aaaattcagg tgacagcaga    116640
     tgctggcaag aatgtggaga aagaggaaca ttcctccatt gttgttggga ttgcaagctt    116700
     gtacaaccac tctggaaaac agtctggcag ttcctcagaa aattggacat agtactaccg    116760
     gaggatcccg caatacctct tctggcatat atccagaaga tattccaacg ggtaagaagg    116820
     acacatgctc cactatgttc atagcagcct tatttataat agccagaagc tggaaagaac    116880
     ccagatgccc ctcaacagag gaatggatac agaaaatgtg gtacatttac acaatggagt    116940
     actactcagc tattaaaaag aatgaattta tgaaattcct agccaaatgg atggacctgg    117000
     agggcatcat cctgagtgag gtaacccaat cacaaaggaa ctctcacaat atgtactcac    117060
     tgataagtgt atattagccc agaaacttag gatacccaag ataaaagatt ctatttagta    117120
     tgtcctctta aatatttgct gatatatcag cacaatgaat gcaaaattaa acatttattc    117180
     ttttgtgata tggcatttta tcccctttcc ccagtagtca ttgtttgaac aaagacattt    117240
     cagaatagca acagcaacaa agtaggagag agtataaaaa gcctattgga ttgtatcatc    117300
     ctttaggttt actcttttgt tgttttctcc ttaatacatt taacaaattt gtacatgttc    117360
     aatgtaaata tgtttgtgac acaaatgaca tcttttccta gatcatggaa ttattttgta    117420
     gtcattatgg tcagaatgaa ctttgctgtg agaattggtg taatgtctat agtatatata    117480
     gtttggtaca caaacacaca cacaaaatac acacacacac acactcacac acacacatag    117540
     tttagtatct atagcctaaa tcatttttga agttatatta taaaacttag gtaataagga    117600
     aacgtactta caggattttc atatgataag ttaagttagc aaggtttaaa caaatagcta    117660
     gtcagaaaag tatagaaaaa aacagcaaca acaacaaacc ctaagacagt attttgtgta    117720
     tgtgaggaaa tgtaaggcat tgttggtgtt actcgaaata taatcttgac tcattttact    117780
     tctttttatg attacactta ttttatggat aaattacaca tttagtctta gtagttttat    117840
     taaactgctt taaaaagttt actttatatg cagtaagcct catatattta atctgtacaa    117900
     ttccatgtat ttggtgttat atattaatat gtgtacatac aaatatacgt atgtaggtat    117960
     agatacccca gaaaaaaatc tttatcaaag caaggacttt tcttgtctct taataaaata    118020
     atttcctttt tctctttgat ttatgataat tgttttaaga gtctttcatt aaattatgtc    118080
     aatagttcgt taacttttaa aagttatttc atatgttcag gtgttttgac tgcatgtgtg    118140
     tttgtacatt aacttcgttg ctgatgttgc cgggagccag attagaatgt caggtctgga    118200
     gttacaaatg gctatattct gtcacataag gggtaggaac tgtacatagg cagtctggaa    118260
     gaaaaaagga tatatccatt ttttaaattg gttattttat cagatttaca tttcaagtgt    118320
     tatctccttc cctgtttccc ctccacaaac ctctatccaa tccttcatcc cccttgcttc    118380
     tacccaccca cccactcctg cctcactact ctagcatttc cctaagctgg gccatcaagc    118440
     ctttacataa tcaagggcct cctctcccat tgataaggcc atcctctgct acatatgtag    118500
     taaaggatgt atccttaacc agtgaaaaat ctcttaagtt caatagttca ttaaaatttt    118560
     ataatttatt tagagaattg cttgaatgaa cactagatct aattcattat tgaccttcct    118620
     tcctacctcc aactcttctt tggtcttcca ttcttccaaa attcatgatc tcttctttac    118680
     tgttgttata tatgtgtaga tatgtatatt gtatagatgc atacatatat aatattttgt    118740
     catatatctg tacatatatg tgtacaaata tgtatgtata caaatgtata tacaatctac    118800
     taagttcatt tagcattgca tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tataattatt    118860
     cagggctgat caggtgagtt tggacagtat atatcggaga aaattaattc attctattca    118920
     tatcttttct cattcagtat tagttccttg aaattttcat agaatgcctt tttataatat    118980
     tcatgacctc ccaccatctc caccacatcc attctttctc tctacctact caactctgtg    119040
     agcaatcttt ttaaaatcca agtagagttt tgctgcccat gtgtgtttaa cacatcaggg    119100
     actggaactt agggtaaagt gattcccctc tttttagtag cttctatttg acaggagcta    119160
     cttttacagg aatgctgctt tgggtctaca taccgactgc ctattgaaat ttttgtcaac    119220
     catttctgtt caggttttgt ttatgctgtt gcaactactg tgtattcata tgtgcaacca    119280
     cccttcagta tagaaaacaa taaaacaaaa caaacaaatg aacaaaccca ctgtttattc    119340
     tagtattgtg gaactttaac tttatccagc tcctaattat agttcatctg cttgtgtttc    119400
     ataggtatag gaattactgt tactagatac ttttagtaca atagactgag aatcacagtc    119460
     ttttgtaaat gtgtttcagt gatacacatg acatatggaa agctcctgaa acttgaatca    119520
     aaagaaaccc ttcctcctat aggttgttat gttcatgcat ttttggtaat gagacataac    119580
     agaaatggaa accatcactt gcacttccct atttttcttt cttttatttt ctttaaactc    119640
     tacatatgac agaaaacaca gaatatttgt tatgatgatt atggcttatt tgctttatgc    119700
     aataatatcc agttaaaggc atctccttca aaagacataa tttaatttta aggcagaata    119760
     aaactaacat aataagtgaa atgtataatg aaattaattg tgtaacattg caaggcagca    119820
     aagctgaata ctagaaagct ggggctatga agcaatgcat accaaattgt aagagccaga    119880
     tggaatagtt atgtacagcc aaggattatt tgccagacat gacaacaaga ttacacacat    119940
     taacacactg tgacgattac tgcatccata agatctagag tagatcaagc cagacaaagt    120000
     tctagcatag atgggaaaag atccatgaaa taccaacttt aattacggta tcaatgagaa    120060
     atggcagttg ctaagggaag gaagtacttc atctttagat atgatatccc taataggctt    120120
     tcaatgttcc agtagatgat cctaaacata tttacactga cacactaagt ggattctgtt    120180
     tgaaacacac aacacagaat caaaaactaa cttgtagaaa tgaaaagaaa atatgttttg    120240
     agagaaaggg aaaaatttgg ggggaagata tgaaagtaaa tttatgcaaa tacattattt    120300
     tcatgtatta aattctcatc caattaaaaa tatgactgtg tgtttgggta tatttgttat    120360
     aatttggtaa tgtttggtgt catttctgtg gaatagatta aactaacctg agtcagtata    120420
     agactgtgta aagcaatgca gaggtgggaa tcaaagtcca tagccagaat aatgattact    120480
     atattattta cagtatgcta aacaagtatc ttggtggaat agaccccctg cctccaaaga    120540
     gagggtagag tttttagatt atctgtcagt ctctcagaaa ggaatagtgg aatagctctt    120600
     tgatttctaa atcccacatt actttttgaa cctaatgtaa aatagtggtg ataatggaaa    120660
     ataaacaagt ttcaaaatct cctgttccac tgaagcaata gaattacctg gggatttatt    120720
     aagaaacttc gctgttggac tgtaatctgc aaccctcatg aaaatcatca atcctgcaat    120780
     ttctatggtc tatcaagtct tctgacacat tttaaagttt gctaatttct gctttagaaa    120840
     actcttcttt attgtaaacc caactaagtt agaaaaatta tttgattttg attttcaaga    120900
     agcccatgct tgctctccta tatcatctct gtgtttgcct tttcagacca atttttaata    120960
     agtagtaact tatttataca ttattttaag tggtgataat gaagttaaat agtgtagctt    121020
     tattcattca gaatgattta cttctttcta cacttagcaa gtgaataaaa attataatca    121080
     taaatttcca tgttttctta agaagtactt ttcctaagct cttaggtaca ttctaattgg    121140
     aaggtaaatt gtataacttt aagagaaata gtgtagggta taaaattatt cattttttaa    121200
     aacaaatata taaataggaa tagtcattac ttctcagaag acataatcac agtaaaagta    121260
     tgaatgcatc acattttcta ggagaaatgt ccctaaagaa tttggttttt tgtccatctg    121320
     gaagaaacac aattgcccat aaaatcagaa atcatctaca gttttcttgt tctcagaagc    121380
     tttaaaataa attcagtccc aagacttgtt ttatatggaa gtgtgtgttt ggggtgtata    121440
     ggcacataaa tacaaggttc ttgtatagag gataaaggat aacttgcata attcaggtct    121500
     ctccatttac cagtaaaatg agatatggtt acatcaaaat atttgacatt ttatctattt    121560
     atccatctac ctgtctgtct gtctgtctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct    121620
     atctatctat gtactgtgtg tgcatgttta accaggtaga catccacatg ccatagcttg    121680
     catacagaac tcctagaaca cattatggga gtgaatttct acttctataa tgtgcaacat    121740
     agggggtgaa aaaatgtcga aggtgaagca ataagcatct ttaccaagta ggccatttcg    121800
     ttggcctgaa atctgaccat attctcagga caacaattca aactattaaa aggagtcagt    121860
     ctaaatgata tatagtgcac acacacttta tatatatatt tctgcattaa ccagaaactg    121920
     ctcttcattt tgatattatt cccaggttca ggtaggaaag ggttgtagga aggaatgatg    121980
     gaagcccaag cttctttaaa tatattcttc accaagaaat atccacttat aatggtggac    122040
     aactttatta ttttatgata ttaatgttaa ggtctttatt ctcttaggtc tgaagatacc    122100
     atcaccggtc attgataact ctctcaaaat caacacaaac aactaatata taaatatgtc    122160
     aattctttag ataatggcac taacatttgc tgagaaatgt taacctcaaa ggtacatgca    122220
     ctgttacttt aaaaaatcac agtaacagtt tctcagggaa tgagtgtcca tctccttgac    122280
     atagagctac agaaaatatc ataattgtaa agtttaatat agttaaaaca taccactttt    122340
     gttagactat taaaagaatg cagtatgaaa gtggaatttt gattcagtga aattgtatta    122400
     gtttacttac tctagaaatt gatgtgcaaa taaatgaaat gtcatagaac agaagctatt    122460
     ctactgaaga atttcctcat ggtgtccttc atgtccctgt tcctcagact gtagataaag    122520
     gggttcagca tctgaggtac aacagaatac atcactgaag ccaccgcagt cttcctggat    122580
     gaatccataa tgatagatgt aatatatacc ccaaaacctg tcccatagaa caagaacaca    122640
     actgacaggt gagacccaca ggtggtaaag gctttgtgct ttccttctga tgatgacatt    122700
     ctcaaaatag aggacatgat atgaatataa gaaaaaacaa ttccggagag aggaattcca    122760
     gcaaatatgc atgatgaaat ataaatcaga atgttatcaa tgagggtatc agaacaggcc    122820
     aacttgagca tcttgggaag ttcacagaag aagcttggta tttccagatg tgtgcagaat    122880
     ggcagtctta gcaccatcag gctgtgcatt aaagaatcca caatgctaat tagcagggac    122940
     aacagaatca ggaggataca gaaacagggt tccatgatga ctgtgtacct tagggggtga    123000
     caaatagcca catatcggtc ataagccatt actgcaagga gacagttctc catgccacca    123060
     aatattaaga caaagttcat ttgagtgagg cagcctttgt atgtgatgct ttgaatattt    123120
     tcttgtatgt tcaccagcat ctttgggatt gtgcttgtgc ttaaacagat atcatttaag    123180
     gacaaattgg aaagaagtaa gtacataggg gtgtgaagat gggagtcaga gatagaaatc    123240
     aacactataa gcatgttccc gaaaatggta accagatata tagaaaagaa caagctgacc    123300
     aagacaggct gcaattttgg gtcttctgtc agtcccagaa gaaggaatcc tggaaaagct    123360
     gtttggtttc tcttttccat gttgttcata aatctgatag agtgggtgat agaaaaatta    123420
     atgaaatttt ggattagaca cagctgtcac agcttaagaa gttgctggaa taatatccct    123480
     gaagtctgaa gttatggttc aataattaaa gcacttgcta taaaagcatg agccccagaa    123540
     ttatgagccc cagaaacaag cataaaaacc agattgcagt agcagccaac atgtaatcca    123600
     actttagaag tcttgaatgt gtattcttga aaattcaact gtatgaacac ggtcctggta    123660
     atgaaggaac accaccacag cagacttttc acaagggata atcaaactct ctcctaatag    123720
     catgcttgtc cctgggagat ttcaaaccta aaccacctca ttaaactgac atgactttta    123780
     acactttgaa cctgtgattc catatcctaa gagattgtag gagagaagat tttgtgttac    123840
     taactttatg gtaccaggaa cccaccttcc aatattcaaa cgtcttgttt ccatttcctt    123900
     ccattttaca ggccttgagt acatgtttca tgatttttat actaatttcc atcttatatt    123960
     tttctacatg tttgttgcat atgatccccc tatttcaaat aattgttcaa tatgaagtat    124020
     atccagaatg tataattcta caaaaatata aatattaaaa cataataaaa atgtaaaaac    124080
     tcagatgttt ctgttttgtt tttcgccatt tatttattct ctttacatcc tgattacagg    124140
     ccccctcctc accattctcc atcaaacaac ctctctctca actcctttcc ctttcatctc    124200
     tgataaaagg gaacccccaa gtccagtcaa cttaaatacc ctggcacatc aagtaactcc    124260
     aggactagtc acatcctctc cactgaggcc aaaccaggca gaccagttag tagaacagta    124320
     tctacaggca ggcaagagat tcagggatgc ccccctttct agttgttgga ggaccctcat    124380
     aaagaccaat ttgctcatct gctacacatg tgcttggggc ctaggtacag accatgtgtg    124440
     ctctttggtt ggttcttcag tctctggcag cccccaaggg tccaggttag atgacttgtt    124500
     gctcttcttg tgaaatacct accccgttgg gccctttatt ccttccctca actcttccac    124560
     aaaacagcct gagctctgtc taacatttgg ctatgtgtct ctgaatccct ttcagacagg    124620
     tgttggttgg agcttctcag aggacaatta tgctaggttc ctgtctccaa gcataatgaa    124680
     gtatcattaa tagtatcagg gattggttca tacctgtgag atggatctaa agttgggtca    124740
     ttggtttacc attgcctcag tctctgctcc aattttgtcc ctgcaaacct gtagacaaga    124800
     cacattttgg gtttctgtcc ttattcctca actggaagtc ctgccttggc tacaggaggt    124860
     tgccacttca gggtccatat ccaccacaga taagagtcta cactagagtc gtcctcagat    124920
     tcactgggcc atcccaggtc tctgaaatga ctaaaaatgt ccttgtgtcc accactaatt    124980
     tatattgctc tagcctgctc tctcgatacc tgaatcatcc ccagttctct tccccatcct    125040
     gtcttcaccc cagtcccctc ccttcacata cctatgatat ctattttatt tccccatctg    125100
     agaaagatta aaccatactg tcttggacac tccttgttat atggcttctt tgggtgtgtg    125160
     gattttgatg cggttatcct gtactttatg gctaatatcc acttataaat gagtacatag    125220
     aatgtatttc ctttggggtt tggctgacct cagtcaggat attttcaagt tcagttcatt    125280
     tccctgcaaa attcatggtg cctttgtttt aatagctgaa ttttacttca ttgaggaaat    125340
     gaaccacatt ttctttatca gttctgcagt tgagggaaat atgggttgtt ttgaactttt    125400
     ggctattaca aataaagctg gtatgaatat agttaagcaa ttgttcttat gagataatag    125460
     agcatattct gggtaatacg cccagaagcg gtataactgt gtcttgtggt agaattattc    125520
     ccactttaat gagaaactac caaattggtt tccagagtgt tgtactagtt tacatgtcca    125580
     tctgaaatag aggagtgttc acttttctcc acatcctcac cagcatgtgc ctcctgattt    125640
     ttttttatct tagccattat aatgaggata agatggaatc tcagagtcat tttgatctgc    125700
     atatctctga tgaataaaga cattaaacat ttctttaagt gcttcaagtt cattcaagat    125760
     aactctacta agaattctgt atttaacatt gaactcattt ttaactgagt tatttggttt    125820
     gttggaatat aacttcatga tttcttcata tgttgtggat attagcccta tgtcaggtgt    125880
     agggtgggga aggtcttttc atattctata ggctgtcatt ttgtcctatt gatagtgtcc    125940
     tttgtcttac aaaaccttct cagtttcttc agatagcatt taataactgt tgatcttagt    126000
     gcctgagcta catttgttct gtttgggaag ttgcctcttg taccaatgtg ttcaaggtca    126060
     ttctccaatt ttcaatatcc catgtattat atacggcttt atgttgaggt ctttgaccac    126120
     ttagacttga gttttgtgca tggtgataat tttggatcta ttggcatttt tctatatgca    126180
     gctatttatt tagaccagca ctatcttttc aacctgcttt cttccttttt ccattgtact    126240
     acttgagctc cttttccaaa aatcaagtgt ccatgggtgt gtgagtttat ttatgggttt    126300
     ttgattcaat tctattaaca aacctgtctg ttttctatag gaaaccagtt tttaatttga    126360
     ttattctgtt gccctgtagt acagcttgaa gatataaatg gtgatatcac tagaagttct    126420
     tttgttatat agaattgttt cacctatcca ggggttttgt ttgtttgttt gtttgattgt    126480
     ttttcatatg aaattcagaa ttgttctttc aagatctgga aagaattgtt ttggcacttg    126540
     atgggaattt tattgaaact gtagattgct tttttttaaa tggtcatttt tactatgtta    126600
     aatctagtga cccagtagtg tggaagacct ttttgtctta taaaatcatt ttcaacttct    126660
     ttcttcagag acttgagttc tttatttaca ggtctttcac tttctttgtg tgagttacac    126720
     aaagatatat tatattttta tattttataa atatcaaata ttatatatta gattagatta    126780
     gattagatta gattagatta gattagatta gattagatta gatgttgttt ccctaattcc    126840
     tatctagggt catttatcat ttgtataatg gaggactatt gttttgttgt tgttaatttt    126900
     gtctccagac tcttagctaa ataaaagtgt tcatctgctc ttgggggggt ctctctcaga    126960
     gttttttggg taatctacat atactactat gtcattggtg agtagcaaca ctttgatttc    127020
     tacttttcaa atttttatcc ccctgatctc ctttaattat cttattgtac tatctagaaa    127080
     ttcaagtact atgtggtagt gatagggaga gagtaggaag ccttgtctta cctctgattt    127140
     taatggaatg gctttaagtt tctctccact taacttgatg tttgctattg gcttgttata    127200
     cattactttt attgtgtttt agtatgttac tttgtcactg atctattcaa gacacttagc    127260
     atgaagagaa attgtatttg ttaaaggctt gttctgcatc taatgcgatg attacatgtt    127320
     ttttttttct ttcagtttgt tcatatgata ggttacactg atgggctgct atacattgat    127380
     ccacttctgc ttttctggga taaagtatac ttggtcatgg tggatgaagt ttttgatatg    127440
     atcttgtatt tggtttacaa ttattttatt gcatattttt ctatcaaggc tcataaggga    127500
     ggttggtcta aaattctctt tctttgttga atcttttttt ttttgtttgt ttaagtatta    127560
     tggtgactgt ggcctcatta gttggtcatg gaatatttat tctgtttcta tgttgtggga    127620
     tagtttgagg agtatgggta tgagaccttc ttggaagttt ggtaagattc tggactaaaa    127680
     ccatctgaca cgagattttt gtggttggga aaatttattg actgtttcca ttccctaatg    127740
     gattattcaa ctctttagat gatttacttg atcttgattt aattttgata agtttaatat    127800
     attcagaaaa ttgtacattt tatttagatt ttccattttt gtatcatcca ggcttctgaa    127860
     gtaagactta atgatttttt ggatttctta agtttcctgt gatattcctc ttttccattt    127920
     ttaatattgt taattaggag acagtctgtc tgtcgtttag ttagtttgtc taagggtctg    127980
     tctaccttgt tgattttctc aaaaacctag ctcatgttct tgttgattct ttgtattgtt    128040
     ctctttgttt ttaattcatg atttcagcca tgaggttgat tatttcctgc catttatttt    128100
     ttcttttctt ttatactggt tatgttgcac cccttcccag ttttccctcc acaaacctaa    128160
     catcccatcc cctgccactt ttgcctctgt aaaagtgctc ctaaccccac tcacccattc    128220
     ttgcctcact gctctagcat ccctctatga tggagcatca agcctccaaa ggaccaagag    128280
     cctccccatc cactgataac aaataagcca atcctcagct acatatgtat ctggagccat    128340
     ggatccctcg atgtatattc tttcatagtg gtttagtccc tgagagtttt gggcagaggc    128400
     tgttagttga tattattgtt cttcctatgg ggtagcattc cctttcaact atttcagtcc    128460
     ttcccctacc tcttccatta gagtccctgg gctcagtctg atggttggct atgagtatct    128520
     gcatctgtgc tagtcaggtg ctgacagaac ctctcagagg atagccatac caggctcatg    128580
     tcaacaagca cttcttacca tcagtaataa tgttgggttt ggtgtctgca actagggata    128640
     gatttctagg tggggtggtc tttagatgtc catttcttca gtctctcctt catgtttttt    128700
     tccctgcatt tacttaaaca gggacaatta tgggttaaaa attttgagat ccttcaaact    128760
     gggcgtcagg cctatttacc agaggttgtc tctacaggtt ctatctccct ttcgttggat    128820
     atttcagcta atgtcatccc ttttgggtcc tgcaagcctc tcccttctca gctgtctgtg    128880
     actttctagt ggctactgtt ggggccagga agcccctgga atgcactccc tgggccatta    128940
     tctaatacac ttttgcttct tccactatct tgtttcttgt aattgactca ggacatttta    129000
     caatgagggc attcgtttcc ttttacaatg agggcactcc tttccggacc tttttacaat    129060
     ggggacattc ctttgacctg tttggcctgt gtatctgagc acattccatt tgcagttttc    129120
     agctttaaaa agccccccat ttctactgca taaatgatgc ttgaacagaa tttttgtctt    129180
     gcctccttcc ttcatgtttt ctgatcccaa aattttcatt gtagctccct tccctggaga    129240
     agcctgttgt ttaagtcctg caggtcggga caagctaaca ccaccctcat cccacactgc    129300
     tacatatttc tgtaggacct tgaaaggcat cctggtttct ggttgatcta aggcttgaaa    129360
     cactgggtta tcccctgcaa gggatggtag cagttcccat gctcctggac ctcaggctcc    129420
     tagcaggagg ccacagttct caataggttc atggccatca gtcatgtaag ggcaatgcct    129480
     ccaagcccct ccacaggtag aggaggtcac cacagttcat gtagcctcaa ggcaggtctc    129540
     cattttaagg agatacctaa aggccctgag gcttagccaa taaactcccc agacactcct    129600
     ctctgcaaat ggtatttaac cttgggcctg ccccagagaa gtgggataag gtttcactca    129660
     tcaccattct ccaccatgac aataaatatc ttaaaatcag ggactgtctc ttttcatagg    129720
     gattcatggg agcaatggag caggttgtct tagtcagggt ttctattcct gcacaaacat    129780
     catgaccaag aagcagttgc tcagtcccac acggaaagca ggtgaaagat cgaaagagca    129840
     actcccttca atgtccttat atggtctcca gcagaaggtg tagcccagat taaaggtgtc    129900
     tttaattcgg agatctccct gtcttaatct tctggaatcc agagccacta tgcctcaaga    129960
     tctccgtacc aagatccagg tcagaaacgt gtatcaccca gcctccagat tagggtcatt    130020
     ggtgactctt ccaattctgg attgtagttc attccaaata tagtcaagtt gacaaccagg    130080
     aatagctact acacaggtat tctcctaaag agctggccat ctagtttccc acaggaggcc    130140
     tctcagtgct cccagccaca gcttcatcca agccaatcca cctgccaaac aagccaatga    130200
     ctctcctcct catgggaccc agatggagtt ctccctgctt ttccccttca gcctagatcc    130260
     agcccccagc gttccactac attctcagct cttccaaagc atccagcagc atctcagatg    130320
     cccaggaacc tgagaaacag atgcccaggc caccatgcag gctctgggac ctgagccagt    130380
     tcctgcactc cccagaacct cagactgtgc tcccccaacc ccggatcagt gtccagttgc    130440
     ataacatagc cctaaccctg tctggtgcag gcatggggta agcacagtca acttcccatg    130500
     acttgcctcc cagagtggcc caagacctgg gacagacctg ggacacccat taatcccaca    130560
     tatttctatt cagtttcctg acccttctgc cctttcctat acctgatcct gcccctcctt    130620
     tttccatacc catccttttc ccatattgat ccttttcccc tccctgtcct ttctccctct    130680
     caggtccctc ctttccttta cctcctgtga ttattttgtt cccccttcta agcagtactg    130740
     aagcatccac cctttgattt ccttcttttt aagcttcata tggcctgtgg gttgtaatat    130800
     gggtgttctg agctttttgg ctaatatcca cttatcagtg tctacatctt acagattagg    130860
     aaaagatctt taccaaccga acatctgata gaggactaac atctaaaata tacaaagaac    130920
     tcaagaagtt agactccgtc cgaacaacta aataacctca tttaaaaatg gggtagaaag    130980
     ctaaataaaa catacttaac agaggaattt caagttccaa gaagtaccta aagaaatgtt    131040
     caacacccct agtcatcagg gaaatgcaaa tcaaaacaac actgtgcttc aacctaatac    131100
     caatcagaat ggctaagatc aaaaactcag gagacagcag atgcaggtga gcatgtagtg    131160
     gaaaaacaac acttcgccat tgcttgtggg attgcaagta ggtaaaactg ctttggagaa    131220
     caatctggca gtttgtcaga aaattattaa tatttctacc tgagcatcca tttgtaccac    131280
     tgcttgccat atacccaaaa ggtgctccaa catattgcaa gtacacatgc tacattgtgt    131340
     ttatagaagc cttatttata ataactagaa gctggaaaca accaagatgt ccctcaagaa    131400
     ggaatggata cagaaaatat ggtacattta gacaatggaa tactggaatg gaatggaatg    131460
     gaatggaatg gaatggaatg gaatggaatg gaatggaatg gaatggaatg gaattaaaaa    131520
     caatgactac atgaaatttt caggcaaatg gatgtaacta aaaatttcac cctgagttaa    131580
     gtagccatct atttttcttt gaggtgtttt ctcctttttg ttctagagtt ttcaagtgtg    131640
     cattttagtt gctaatatac aatctctcca atttccttgt gtcttagcta gggttttact    131700
     gctgtaaaca gataccatga ccaaggcaag tcttataaaa aacaacattt aattggggct    131760
     ggcttacagt ttcagaggtt cagtccatta tcatcaaggt gggagcatgg caatatccag    131820
     gcaggcatgg cgcaggagga gctgagagtt ctatgtcttc atccaaaggc tgctagtgga    131880
     agactgactt ccaggaaact agaatgagga tcttataccc acacttacag tgagacaccc    131940
     attccaacca ggtcacacct attccaacaa ggccatacct tcagatggta ccactccctg    132000
     gtccaaggat atacaaacga tcacatcttg taattagttc tatgaacttt cctcttagca    132060
     ctactttcat agtggcccct aaatttggta atgttgggtc ttcattttca ttaaattcca    132120
     gaaaatgtat atttcacctc tttatttctt ttctgaacca atgtacacag agtagacagt    132180
     tgtttcattt tcttgagttt gtaggctttc tattgtttct gttgttgatc atatgcagct    132240
     cagctttaat ccatgatatc tgttggggat tcttttgtga ctgagtatac tattaacttt    132300
     ggagaagttt ccataagttg ctgagaagaa ggtatattct ttttagtttg ggtgaaattt    132360
     tctatagatg tctgctatgt ccatttgatt cataaattct gttagtttca tcaattctct    132420
     gtttagtttc tgtttagatg acttgtccct ttctgagcat ggagtattaa agtctcccac    132480
     tactagtgtg ttgaatttaa taggtgattt aaactttagt aaggtttctt ttacaaatgt    132540
     aggtgccctt attgagaggt catcatgatg gatttttcct ttgatgagta tgaaatgttc    132600
     ttctttatct cttttgatta tttttgcttg aaagtctgtt tcattagaaa ttagaattgc    132660
     tacgccagct tatttcttgg gttcattagc ttggaccatc attttgcagc ccttcttctg    132720
     agttaatgcc tatctttgtg atggtgtgga attgtctatt tcttgtgctt ttgggagtag    132780
     ttaccatcct tttgtttggg ttttctttct aatatcatct gtaggacgaa attagtggga    132840
     agatatagtt taaatttagt ttttctctct atggtgttta cagttttggg ttgatattca    132900
     tggtctataa ggttatgtaa atcatctaca caggcccttc tagactctga taggtatgcc    132960
     tttatatttt actgtgcctt ttcccttata cctcttaata ttctttgttt gttccataaa    133020
     cttaatgttt tgattattag gtgacaggag gatattcttt tctttatttt tttattttgt    133080
     tttgtttttt acattcaaga ttttattctg cccactcagt ccaccctctg attgatccac    133140
     atccaatatc tcctccccac cctctgtctc catgaggact tccctgcact acatccccaa    133200
     ccccacctga cctctaaact ccccagggcc tccagactct tgagggttag gatgcataat    133260
     ttctgatgga atacagacca agcagtcctc tgcagtatat gtgtcgggga cctcatatca    133320
     actggaatat tctgcctggt aggtggtcca gtgtttgaga gatctcaggg gtccaggtta    133380
     attgagacag ctggtactcc tacaaggttg cccccttcct cagcatcttt ctgcctttcc    133440
     ctaattcaac cacaagggtc agcatcttct ttccattgtt tgagtgcaaa tatctgtatc    133500
     tgatactttc atctgtttgg tgggtctccc agaatgcatt caggctaggt ccctttttgt    133560
     gagtgctaaa tagcttcagt aatacctccc attgagctgt gtcccacttt gggcctgttg    133620
     ctggatcttc ttttccttgg gctcctctcc atttccatcc ctatagttct ttcaaacagg    133680
     aataattatg ggtcagagca ttgactgtgg gagggcaaca cactcactca tttgatgccc    133740
     tgtctttatg ccggaggtgg actttataag gtccctctcc ctactgttgg gcatttcatc    133800
     taagatcctt ccctttgagt cctgacagtc tcttacctcc caggtctctg ggggcattct    133860
     gaaggatctc cttaactact tacttccaga ggttgcctgt ttccattctt tctgctggtc    133920
     ctcagggctt cagtcctttt tactcaccca ataccacatc aagttccact ctccccacct    133980
     gctgcataca cctactatca ctctcaggtc cctccctccc cacttgtgat tgctttctcc    134040
     ctccaaagtg ggactgaggc attctcactt tggcccttca gcttgttgac cttttttagt    134100
     tctgtggact gtatcctgtg tattctttac tttttaaata attttttttt attttttggc    134160
     tactatccac ttattagtga gtacatacca tccatctcct ttagggtctt agttaactta    134220
     ctcaggatga tattttccag gtccatccat ttgcctgcaa atcccagtat gtccccattc    134280
     ttaatagctg agtagtattt tattgtgtaa atgaaacata ttttctgtat ccattcttct    134340
     gtcatgggac atctgggttg tttccagctt ctggctatca taaataaggc tactatgagc    134400
     ctatgagcat agtagaacac atgatgctgt ggcaagttgg ggaatctttt ggatatattc    134460
     ccagtgaatg atattgctgg gttgtaaggt agatttatct ccaattttct aagaaacttc    134520
     cagattgatt tccagagtgg ttgtaccagt ttgcaattcc acccaaaatg ttcctctttc    134580
     tcctcatcct caccaacatg tgtgatcacc tgaggtttga tctaagccat tctgatggta    134640
     taaagtgaaa tctctgggtt gttttgattt gcatttctct gctcattaag gattttgaac    134700
     atttctttag gtgcttctca gccattcaag attcttctgt tgtaaattct cagtttagtt    134760
     ctatacccca ttttttgact ggtttgtttg ttttttggtg gttggcttct tgagttcttt    134820
     atatatgttg gatattagtc ctctatcaga tgtggggtta gtgaagtttt ttttctcccc    134880
     caatttgtag gttgctgatt tgtcttattg actaagtcct ttgtgttaca gaagcattcc    134940
     agtttcatgt ggtccctttt gtcaattctt catcttagag catgagccat tggaatcctg    135000
     tttaggaaat atccccctgt tccattgagt tcaaggctct tccccacttt ctcttctatt    135060
     agattcagtg tatccaattt tatgttgaag tccttgattg acttggactt gtgctttgtg    135120
     caaggtgaaa aatatgggtc tgttttaatt tttctacata aagacagtca gttagaccag    135180
     cactattcat tgaaaatgtg ttctttttgg cactgtatgt ggttttattt ctggttcttc    135240
     aattctattc tattgatcaa ggtgtctgtc tttgtaccaa taccatccag tttttatcac    135300
     tattactctg tagtaaatct tgaggtcagg aatggtgatt tccccggctg ttttttgttt    135360
     gtttgtttgg ttggttggtt ggttggtttt tggttttttt gtcaagtact gttttcacaa    135420
     ttctgggttt tttgtctttc caggtggatt tgagaattgc tctttccatg tctttgaaga    135480
     attgtgttgg gattttgatg gggattgcat tgaatctgta aattgctttt ggtagaattg    135540
     ccatttttac tatgttcatt ctaccattcc atgagcatgg gaaatctgtc cattttctaa    135600
     gatcttcttt gatttctttc ttgagagatt tgaagttatt gtcatacagg tatttcatgg    135660
     gtcaagcact gttcatgttt cttctaatct aataattttt cacaaattgt ttatattgcc    135720
     atagtttttc attacatata atttacttaa atatacaaaa ttatataaaa tataagatac    135780
     atagcattat agctagatat ttataaatat tgcaatttca ttatcaaatc catcaatagg    135840
     catatctgtt aatgatatac aaattagaca gcaattgatt tcatatgatt ggtgatatat    135900
     attccttcaa aaaggattgt gagagacaag atcataacca atttgtgttc tgaatatcag    135960
     catactgtgt tacctccaaa taatagaaat tctaagttat tatgagattc tttctggaga    136020
     cctatataag taatactctc cccgcaggat tattttcagt ctttctgctc ataatattgc    136080
     accccttcaa caccacatgg aaactgatgg agcattgttt cacaatgttt ttgaggtagt    136140
     ttggcatgag acatacagtc ttaaagagat atttgtaagt aaaaggttaa acagtatgaa    136200
     aggcagtcta tacaaccgtt aagtattcct gtgggttgtt cctgcttttt aaacccttca    136260
     aaagaatatg attaccaaca ttatacattt catgaaattt atatttatat tttatactgt    136320
     tatattatat aaataaaagt tgatatataa attatatgat aataaaatgt atgttaaatt    136380
     acaattttat atgtattgtt tcatactaat taatttcatt acatctttat atatttgaat    136440
     ttacaaaact tgaaaaagct ttctttgttt atatgtatta aaaatggata cttttactca    136500
     tacataattt ggcacattta ttagagaatt tagtatttcc ctaacatggt taactttgaa    136560
     atggtataat ttatcactat tttccttttg tttgatactg gagttaatac ttgcctaagt    136620
     aaaaaaaaat atatattatt tttaattact ttgcaattga ggatgaaatg tgctgagatt    136680
     taatatcatt gtctttataa aatagaaatt atatacatta ttattttcta ataccctcta    136740
     ttgcacactg tcagttcatt tattgtactt atatacaggg aaccatggag ttggcctggc    136800
     ctagtggctt tgagaggcat atcacatggg acttttccag ttcctgatgg cccgattcac    136860
     tactctagca gggaagcgtt caggctgctt tgtgtttcca tgtatattct tttggaagtc    136920
     aaggaaacgt ggaagcttga aaggacaata tatattacac attaatcttg agtactctga    136980
     atagttaaaa aatatcattg tatcctggca actacaaatg tattgatcct ggcaattgcc    137040
     actctactct atttctgaaa aggatataaa aattctgatt ccctcaataa aattacccca    137100
     gcttaaattt ttctatgcaa ctccaaccag ccttgtttta ttcattcagg gtgtatcatg    137160
     tgacatagaa ctggtaaaga agtgttggca cttatgtttg gtcaactatg atttccaagt    137220
     tttctttctt tccttttttt tttttttttt tttcaagaca gggtttctct gtatagttct    137280
     ggaactcact ctatagacca ggctggcctc aaactcagaa atcctcctgc ctctgcctct    137340
     gcctctgctg ggattcaagg tgtgtaccaa cactccccag caatttccaa gttttctaaa    137400
     tgatactggt attgtgtgtg tgtttatatt tcttgtctta atagtttcta taaattattt    137460
     ttctaagaac ttctttgtac tggggagtta gaaaagtttg tcatggatca taaggagact    137520
     gcagtcacaa agtatctgac aagatcaaac ttaatgcaga aatattttag ttttgttcta    137580
     tggttcaagt tcatagtcca tcacagtgaa aaagcttgcc tttgggagca agaagtcgca    137640
     ggtcacatca aatcttcata caggtaataa aaagtgatta acaagtggat catgtttaca    137700
     aaatttcagt gtcaacccaa ttgacctacc tctatcacca cttaatggtt ctacaatctc    137760
     tctaaacaat gctaacaact gaaagctaac tcttaaacaa ttcaacatat gggagacatt    137820
     tcacatttca accacaacat accaccaacc atggaatctc atggtgtaaa agggattcgt    137880
     taatttttct gaaatttcta tagtttacag tcccagcaac atttaagaca tacagggggg    137940
     aatattttat caaaagaaag aattaaaaca acattgaatg aataaaccag gaacagaata    138000
     taaatttaat gttttctctt ttatccagac actaaaacaa agtaatataa agttaaaata    138060
     aactattgag aggaaaaaag gctcaagtaa agaaggttaa aaatatagaa aaaaaaaccc    138120
     tgggtaatgt tgtaaattaa tgtttgtaac tattcaaatt aatctcatta attcatgtaa    138180
     ttaatatata ttagtaaaaa gttcaaattt atatagtgca actacttata aagtatgaga    138240
     atgattaaca tatcgactgc aaatgtttcc atgagttgct gatgttatat atcttgaaca    138300
     tatttatgct tacattgtat ataccaacaa atatagaaaa tatgttcaaa tatgaaatac    138360
     aaatagatgt cttaataaat ctacttatga aggtataatg gtatatttga atttactaaa    138420
     ttttcagtgt gttatatttg caggtctata taatgaaggt attagagaat ataatgaaag    138480
     gcaaatatgt cctcatgggt caggatagca gacatactga atttctccca tctacagagt    138540
     tggtctttaa ggacctacac tcctgggatg ctactgaatt tagtatttat attctaataa    138600
     gaagctctag ttattaaaaa gacagggacc tggagactat agtaccagcc agttaaatat    138660
     tcccttaaaa gcactgcaag gtcagaaaac aatggcttta tcttcatcta gatactgtcc    138720
     tttcttctct gagccccatg ttcagggcat gcaagggata aatactttca tactggatgg    138780
     catgctgaag attaatttct ttgaaaattt tcaagtaatg tagagtgcta tatttaaaga    138840
     tttgacatga gggcaggtct tttaccacaa attttttgag gtaaaccagt gaggacatta    138900
     tacgtgaggt ctcaggtgag cagtctatca ttttattgat atattgtcac tgtgacaagt    138960
     attcagcttt tgttcattct actagatatc cattacttgt cttcagagca tccagagata    139020
     ttttcttcca aaaaagaaat attatcctca tatattatgg ctgctttaaa tagtttttat    139080
     taattttagt atgtttggta atgaaagcaa atgtttgggt tagttaatat gttagctttc    139140
     aggggctttt atagcaaaat accatatatt gggtagatta ttcacaatca tttgctaaca    139200
     gtctgggatt gctgaatatg tttaactata ggttcaacca aatctgtttc cagaatactt    139260
     tgtaattgtg tgtagttggg taagtccatt gtatatatct atgtgtcttt attctttatg    139320
     tacctgttat aattttatat attatattac catattttat gttatataag aacaagaatt    139380
     ttttggccag atcctaagcc agcttcttaa caattacatt tatccttgtg taaaaatatt    139440
     ctgaagtact gagaataatt catgtaatga atgagatatg aaacaagaaa acatgaaaca    139500
     tgactttgcc tcaaataatc acagcctgct gactctctgt gatgccttgg atttaccttt    139560
     gtgaggacat gtgaggaatc tgagcagaaa cctgaaaatg cagaaaaatt caaatgtcat    139620
     tttcaaactc ccagttttga ctttagcttg gaaaatatgt taaacaagat tcacagaaat    139680
     gaaatatgcc agcaaattga cttattatgt aaaaacactt ggcatgtagt tgcaataata    139740
     acaaaaattg cataaaggct aaaagatata gtgcagacat gtgtaattct agtacagcta    139800
     ttagggtgag gagatagaag ttaaataata gaaatgctac ctataaagtc ttggtacaga    139860
     tatcgtacca taatcatcat aaaaatatca aagacacttg atccaagata tagaagtaaa    139920
     aactgacacc cgagtctttc ttctgctctt aacaaatgtc acataaaatg tcccaccttc    139980
     aatgggcaca gaagtatgaa aacttccttt acagatggtg gcaatgttta gggaaattgt    140040
     gaaacctttc actagtaaag gaagtaggtc aatggtgttg acgttgaaat tttatagcca    140100
     agaacaattt ttatctgtat tacagctggt ggtgactttt atggagaggt acaaatgatg    140160
     atcacataga tgatcctggt taaactcagt gggtcacaaa aacaagaata aagacttgag    140220
     catggcatgg aagtagttag aaaaggaaac gggtggcagg gaatcagaga gatattgtgg    140280
     agtcggagta ataagaacac attatacagg tgtataaaat tgtcaaagag caaatttaac    140340
     taacaaaaga aaaatatgaa ataatattaa ggcattttgt aaaattttgg ctattaattc    140400
     tcatcgaatg aaattctgta agaaaataat gactgacata tatttatttt tatcctaata    140460
     caatgtgata ctgatttttc ttatttagaa ttgattactt atattttcat tttgttacat    140520
     tttctcctaa agactgacaa gaaacatgga gccccaaaac aaaacgtttg tgttacagtt    140580
     ccttcttctt ggatttacag atgatgcaga acttcagtgt ctcatcttca gcctcttcct    140640
     gttcatatac ttagtcacca tccttgggaa cctgctcata attctgtgta taagctctga    140700
     gtcccacctc caaaccccca tgtacttctt tctctctaac ttgtccttta atgacattgg    140760
     tttaagcaca gccacagtca tcaagatgct ggttaacatc caagcaaatg accagagcat    140820
     cacttacaca gactgcctca cacagctctt ctttgtactt gcttttgcat actttgaaaa    140880
     ttttctcctt acagtgatgg cctatgatcg ctatgcagct atttgtcacc cattaaggta    140940
     taatatcatt atgaatccta acttatgtgt tctactctca ctaaattctc tgttcattag    141000
     tgttatggat tccctgattc acacacttat ggtgcagcgg ctgtccttct gcacagatct    141060
     ggaaatccct cacttcttct gtgagcttga tcaggtcatc aagctttcct gttctgacac    141120
     ccgaattgac aacatcgtgc tctttgttgc aacttgtgta tttggtggtg ttcctctttg    141180
     tggaatcatt tattcttatt atcatattat gtctacaatc ttgaagatag catcattgga    141240
     gggaaagtat aaagccttct ctacttgcgg gactcacttg tcagtggttt ccttatttta    141300
     tggggcaggt tctatggtat atattagctc tgcaataagt gcctcaccag gaaaatctgc    141360
     agtggcttca gtgatgtact ctgtgcttcc tcaaatgatg aaccctttta tctacagctt    141420
     aaggaacaag gatatgaaag ttgccataag aaatcttttt agcaggacca tttcacttga    141480
     ataatgtgta ctgtgctcag agtttgcaat cataaaatta gtaaaaattg attggatttc    141540
     tggtaaagta caatttctaa aacttttgtt gctgtaacat tataaaatta tgcttcaata    141600
     aattgtactg aatcttggac tctctatgcg tcaacatctg tgaaacataa cacaagactt    141660
     tacttcttta agaacatttt catttttcat gatttgtgga ggataatgaa aaaaaaacaa    141720
     aaacaaaaac aaaacaaagc aaacaaacaa acaaaaaaaa cgaccaaaat cccaaaacta    141780
     gcacatggtt attcttgtat attctcagaa aatgtaaaaa tttagaaata ttaatgtagg    141840
     gattattttc aaaacagtgt actaaagtgt aaaaggttat ctgaactggc agattattcc    141900
     acatgcaaaa gcacttacct ctaagcctaa ggaaataatt tcaatccctg tgaccaacat    141960
     ggtggaagga aaggactaac aatccatgat atatgtgcac attatgattg tatatgtacc    142020
     aatcatatac atgcatgtat ttatatacct acagaaaaat atgtaataaa atcattaaga    142080
     atagttactg atcttggcca ttttagctca taaaatgaaa tgttaaagtc attttgatta    142140
     tcctttttct gaaaactacg gatgtataac attttttcca tttctcagcc aattgtgttt    142200
     catctcttga aaatgttctg cactttttac agttcaatca ttactccctc tcagtctgtc    142260
     ctctcacagt tcctcattcc attcctcccc ctatctccaa cagtatgtcc tcaccatacc    142320
     tcccctctcc atggggtttc aaggcactgg aaggttccac tcatcttctc tcactaggcc    142380
     agaacaggca gtcctctgct gtatgtgctt tagggtcctc tgtccagctg atgtatgcta    142440
     cctggttggt ggctcagtgt ctgggagatc ttatgggtac aggttagttg gaactgctca    142500
     gcttctccta gcctttccct aattcaacca tatgtgtgtc ccctacttca gtccattggt    142560
     tgggtttaaa tatctgcatc tctctctgtc agctgctttt tgggcctctc agaggacagc    142620
     catgctaggc tcctttctgt aagcacacca tagcatcagt attagtgtca ggccttagag    142680
     cctccccttg agatggatct caagttgggt ccatcactgg ttctcctttc cctcagtctt    142740
     ttctccattt ttttccctac agttctttta gacagggaga attttggatc agagttctga    142800
     ctgtaggatg gcagtcctat ctctctactt catgccctat ctttttactg gaagtggact    142860
     ctacaagttc cctctcccca ctgtggggca tttcatctga ggttgctccc tttgaatcct    142920
     aagagtcttt catctcgcag atctctggta caatctacag acccacctct gccttcagaa    142980
     gttgcatatt tccattcatt ttgctggaca tcagggcttc actcctgttt ctgggctttc    143040
     aatatctgat catgtttcca tttccaactc cctctaccct gtcccatcca aaaccctctc    143100
     ccctcttctt ccagtgatga tttcttctct catccaagtt agatggaagc attgtttcat    143160
     gagcgcttca ggttattagc cttcctgagt tctgtggact gtattctagg tattctgggt    143220
     tttttttgtt tgtttgtttg ttttttgggt ttttttttgt tgttgttgtt gtttttgttt    143280
     ttttgttttt tgtttttttt ttttttttgc taatatccac ttattagtga gtacatacta    143340
     tgcatgtcct tttggatctg agttacctca ctcaggatga tattttctag ttacatccat    143400
     ttcctgcaaa actcatgata tctttgttct taatagctga atagtattgc attgtgtaaa    143460
     tgaaccacat tttctgtatc ctttcttcca ttgtgtgaca tctgggttgt ttccaacttt    143520
     tgccttttgt ttccaacttt tcacagatat ggcttctatg aacatagtgg atcatgtgcc    143580
     cctgtagtag ggtgggaaat cttttaggta tatgtccaag aatagtacag ctggctcttc    143640
     aggtatatat atttccaatt ttctaaggaa cctccagatt catttccaga gcagttgtac    143700
     cagtttgcag tcctagcagt aatggatgag tgttcctttt tctccatatc ctcaatatca    143760
     tatgctatca tctgagtttt ttatcttagc cattaagatt attgtaaggt agtatcacag    143820
     ggtagttttg atttgcattt ccctgatgac taaggatgtt gaacatttca taggtgtatg    143880
     gaattctgtc tgggtgttct tttctattca ttaatcaatc aactatttat tttcattaat    143940
     attgaactac ttttattaca atatcactgt aataaagttt aaatcatgaa tagtgatagc    144000
     tctagcctgt cttttattat ttgggattct tttaactatt ttttgtggtt tcaatataaa    144060
     tttgactgtt ttttaggttt ttaaataatt cttctggaat tttgatgtgg attccataga    144120
     ctctgtagat tactttccgt aggatggtga gtcaaaaatg ttaatcttac caacccttca    144180
     tcatgggaga tcattcagtt ttctggtggc ttccttgtct tcttccttca atgacttaat    144240
     tttgtgtgaa tatcttaccc ttgctgtatt agagttatcc caatacatta tgagggactt    144300
     ttggtaaagt tcctggttcc ctcacttctt agtctgtttg ctgtttatgt ttaagaacat    144360
     cactgaattt ttgtgttttg attttttttt tactttttta ttggttattt tatttattaa    144420
     catttcaaat gttaccccct tcctagtttc ccctccaaaa atccctactc ccttcccctc    144480
     tccctgcttc tgtgagggtg ctcctccaac cacccaccca ctcctgcctc agtttcttag    144540
     cattccccta cactgagtca tcaagcctcc acaagaccaa ggggctaccc ctctcattga    144600
     tgccagataa ggcagccctt ttatacatat gcagctagag ccatgaaaac ctacatgtgt    144660
     actctttggt tgtggtttac tccatgggag ctttgggggg gagtggtgag ttgatatttt    144720
     tgttctttct atgaatttgc aaaccccttc agctccttcc gtccttcccc tgattcctcc    144780
     attggggcca tgaacttatt ccaatggctg gctgcttgca tctgcattcg tattagtcag    144840
     gctctggcac agcctctaag agtacagcta taccaggctc tctgctccac tctttgtcca    144900
     ttcatttcct ttggacagaa acaattctgg attaatattt ttgagataca tgggtcgccc    144960
     tatccctcaa ctggaggcct tgtctattaa ctggatatga tctctagagg ttctctctct    145020
     catgtgttgg gtttttctgc taatgtaatc actggtgggt actgggaaac tcttgggtcc    145080
     ctggcatctg tgtctttcta gtggctacct tcagttatgc atcccccact gttacacacc    145140
     taatttcaaa ttcttgaaat tctttctccc ctgtctcttc ctgcttttgt tcctgcccac    145200
     cttttgtctt ctccctcctc tttctctccc tggtccctcc cttcctccct ctatgtcctc    145260
     tatgtctggt gattattttc ttccctattc tgagtaggat tcaatcattc acactttggt    145320
     cttccttctt cttggtttta tatggtctgt aagttgtgga tattctaaac attttttgct    145380
     aatattcact tatcatttaa tacacatcat gtgtgttctt ttgtgactgg gttacctcac    145440
     tcaggacgat attttaaagt tcaattcatt tgcctggaaa tttcatgaag tcattgtttt    145500
     taatagatga ggagtacttt gtcatgcaaa tgtaacattt tctgtatcca ttcatccatt    145560
     gagggacatt tgggttgttt ccaacttcta tgaggctcct atgaacatag tggagcatat    145620
     gttattgtta tatgttcaaa catcttttgg gtgtatactc aggagtagta tagctggatt    145680
     ctcgggtaga actacttcca gttttctgat gaagcaccaa actgatttcc agagtggctt    145740
     accaactgac aatcccacca acaatagaag acttttgctc catctccaca tcctcaccag    145800
     catctgctgt gacctgagtt attgatctta gtcattctga ttggtgtgag gtggaatatc    145860
     agggtcattt ggtttgcatt tccctaatga ctaaggatgt ttaacatttc tttaagtacc    145920
     tctctgccat ttgagatttc tcagttgaga attctttcct tagctttgta ctccactttc    145980
     aatcagggta tttggttctc tggagtctaa cttctagact gctttgtata ttttgtatat    146040
     tacccctctt tgggatgtag ggttgggaaa gatcttttcc aaatatgttg tttgccattt    146100
     tgtcctattg acagtgtgtt ttgttttaga gaatgttttc aattttatga ggtcccattt    146160
     gtcagttgtt gatcttagag cgtgagccat tggtgttctg ttcaggaaag tgttcccctg    146220
     tggcaatgtg tttgaggttc tttcccattt tctcttctat tagattcaac atatctggtt    146280
     ttatgtggag gcccttgatc cacttggaca tgagctttga acaaggagac aagaatggat    146340
     cagtttgcat tcttctacat gcagatggcc agtttaacaa gcagtatttt ttttaatact    146400
     gtctattttc cccaatggat ggttttggct tctttgtcaa atatcaactg accataattg    146460
     tgtgagttta tctctaggtt ttctattcta ttccattgat gtacctgtct gtctctgtaa    146520
     caataccata cagttttatc attgttcctc tttagtacag cttgaggtca ggaatggtga    146580
     ttcctcagag gttattttat tgatgagaat tttttttgct agcttgggtt tttttattat    146640
     attattatta ttattatcat tattattatt attattccag atgcatttga aaactgctct    146700
     ttctctctct gtgaagaatt gagttgggat tttgataggg attgcattga atatgtagat    146760
     tgaatttggt aagatggcaa cttttactat gttaatcctg ttgatctatg agcttgagag    146820
     atctttccat cttctgaggt cttcttcaag ttctttcttc agagacttga agttcttgtc    146880
     atacagatct ttcacttgct tagttagagt cacaccaagg tatttcatac tatttgtgac    146940
     tattgtgatg ggtgtagtat ctctaatttc tttctcagcc catttatttt ttgactagat    147000
     gaaagctact gatttgtttg agttaatttt atatccagcc actttgctga agttgtttat    147060
     cagctgtagg agttctctca tggatgtttt gtggtccctt atacatacta tcatagcatc    147120
     tgcaaattgt aatatctcta cttccttctt ctaatttgta gctttttttt acctcctttt    147180
     gttgactatt atggttagaa aatcaagtac tatattgaat agataggggg acagaaggca    147240
     gccttgtctt gttcctgatt atagtaggat tgtttcaagt ttctctccat tttctttgat    147300
     gttggctatt ggtttgttgt atattacttt tattatattt aggtatatgc catgaattcc    147360
     tggtctttat aagactttta agatgaaggg atttaatatt tagtcaaagg cttttccatt    147420
     atcaaatgaa atgatcatgt ggcttttttc tttgagtttg tttatatatt gggatacatt    147480
     gatgtatttc catatattaa accatccctg tatctgaggg gagaactcta cttgatcata    147540
     gtgaatgagc attttgctgc gttctaggat ttggtttgtg agtaattttt ttgtagtttg    147600
     catcaatatt cataagggaa ttggtctgaa attctctttc tttgtaggct ctttgtgtgg    147660
     tttaggtatt agcataacta tggcttcata gaatgaatta ggtagtattc cttctgtttc    147720
     tatcttgtgg aatagtttct atcttgtgga agagtattag tattcagtct tctttgaagg    147780
     tctgacagaa ttctgtacta aaatcacctg gtcctggatg ttttttagtt gggagacttt    147840
     taatgactgc ttctcattct ttaggcatta tgggagtgtt tagatggttt atttgatttt    147900
     agtttaactt tggttcctgg tatctatgca gataatcatc tattaagaat atggaatact    147960
     tgacaaatgg gacctcataa aattgcaaag cttctgtaag gcaaagaaca ctgtcaactg    148020
     gacaaaatgg caaccaacag attgggaaaa gatctttatc aatcctatat ccagtagagg    148080
     gctagtaact aatatataca aagatctaaa gaagttagat tccagagaac caaataaccc    148140
     tcttaaatat gggaacaaag ctaaacagag aattctcaac tgaggaagct caaaagaaca    148200
     agaagcacct aaagaaatgt ttcaacatcc atagtcatca aggaaatgaa aatcaaaaca    148260
     accctgagat tccaccagtc agaatggcta agatctaaaa ctcaggtgac agcagatgct    148320
     ggtgaggatg tgaagaaaga ggaacactcc ttcattgcag gtggtattgc aagatactac    148380
     aaccactcta gaaatcagtc tggctgttcc tcagaaaatt ggacatcata ctacctgaga    148440
     acccagctat actactcctg ggcatatatg cagaagatgc tccaacatgt aataaggaca    148500
     catgccccac tatgttcata gcagccatat ttatgaaagc cagaagctgg aaagaaccca    148560
     actgtccctc aacaaaggaa tggatacaga aaatgtagta aatttacaca acaatatact    148620
     actcagccat taaaaagaaa aacttcatga aattcacggg caaatgaatg gaacttgaga    148680
     atatcatcct gagtgaggtg actaagtcac aaagaaacaa acactgtatt actcactgag    148740
     aagtgaatgt tagcccaaaa gtccagaata cccaagattc aattcccaga ccatataata    148800
     cctaagaaga cagaaaacca aaatgtggat tgcctcagac cctctggatc tctttgtctg    148860
     cgtggagtgg gtctctgggg caggtgggca aagtgacagg tgaaatgaca gacagatgca    148920
     cacaggagag gttgtgtaga atctgcatgt aatttgtcaa attgagcatc aaacttttta    148980
     tacagaagaa aatagggaag ttgggtgaca caccagcaag gtacaaagag gttactggat    149040
     tcttacacaa aacagaggaa tacaaacaca gaaggtctaa caggaaccac ctggaataga    149100
     attcattgtt gacaacgggg atcaaaaaga gctccaccta aggtccactt aatcttagaa    149160
     gccagggtca agggttttgt gcctttgcca tagttcctat tttagtctat tgtatagtcc    149220
     accttccccc taggccattg taaatatgtg tgtatgggta tagctcagct atctatagtt    149280
     ctaagtatct actctggttt ctccttaggt ctcaaacttc cttcttccta gatgatagta    149340
     aattcctgta tagggcagtg acttagcttt tattcaaagt gatagtgtaa taccagaggc    149400
     aattctgaat gtcactgaat aggcaacatt cttactgaat tccaagccca tggtcagctc    149460
     aaggactttc taggacattg gaactctggc gaaggcttag ctatgtcaga attcaatctt    149520
     aaaagacact tataataaaa tgatactaaa agagagcaca tggatccata caccagacta    149580
     atgcagggat agggtatgag tatacgggtt atgagaatgc caaggttcca gaaggtgagt    149640
     ttctctgaaa cactgcctcg taagtgcttc caggcttctt ggtctctcaa gcagactaca    149700
     ctggagtgtg catagcaagt ataaaattaa taaatttagc ttgtctgtta atatcagttg    149760
     tcaggtcaaa atttttagct attgagtcac tggaataaac aacacttaga aatacaatag    149820
     cttcttaaga tgcagtacag cataagattg cacatcaaag tctccagaag gtagacatta    149880
     tattatttct aataagatct aggtatccat ttctgttcta ggtaaaaaat atcttacaat    149940
     aatgaatttg aaaggctaaa taagattata ggaagacatt caatgctttg tttgacttaa    150000
     agcacatatt aaaagaatat gtaaatttat aattttacaa ttttaatctt caataaataa    150060
     cattgattaa ttaaaaccta ttaaataata cttttattta tatgataatt acataaatac    150120
     atgtgtgtat gaacatgcat ttgtatgtat acatttatag tttttgtatt ttcattaatt    150180
     agtaaattta ttcacattat agattataat gctccctgcc ccaccctcat gtagttctta    150240
     cacaatccct catccactta tcctcttaga aaggagaggc tcctctttgc caggagccat    150300
     ctagaagaag accaacacta gcaggtgatc ttgcagagat aggtcaatca tggactgtaa    150360
     agatatgatg gattcgtttc tttttttttt ttctggttta aaaaaaaaac ttgttttgtc    150420
     ataaaaaaat tttacatggt aaaatatagt ttttttggtt ttttttccat ttttattagg    150480
     tatttagctc atttacattt ccaatgctat accaaaagtc ccccataccc acccaccccc    150540
     actcccctac ccacccactc cccttttttg gccctggtgt tcccctgtac tggggcatat    150600
     aaagtttgcg tgtccaatgg gcctctcttt ccagtgatgg ccgcctaggc catcttttga    150660
     tacatatgca gctagagtca agagctccgg ggaactggtt agttcataat gttgctccac    150720
     ctatagggtt gcagatccct ttagcttctt gggtactttc tctagctcct tcattgggga    150780
     ccatgtgaac catccaatag ccgactgtga gcatccactt ctatgtttgc taggcccagg    150840
     catactctga caagagacag ctatatcagg gtccttctaa ggaggggcat agtgtccaca    150900
     cttcagtctt aatttttctt gagtttcgtg tgtttaggaa attgtatctt atatcttgtc    150960
     tgcggcccgc caagggtgct gcctcagcgg ctctgtgctt ccgcctgtcc cagaatctgt    151020
     ctggttctct ggcgcaccct ctaacctgtt cagactaatt tcctaagttc tgctgagtcc    151080
     cggaaccaag atggcaaccg ctgctgctga ggctgaggcc gcctcccaag ccaggcggac    151140
     acctgtcctc tggtcctgat ggtggccggc tgtctgcagc ccgccaaggt tgctgcctca    151200
     gcggctctgt gcttccacct gtcccagaag ctgtccggtt ctctggcgca ccctctaacc    151260
     tgttcagact aatttcctag gtcccgcgga gtcccggaac ccagatgggg accgctgctg    151320
     ctgaggctga ggccgcctca acaccctttt caatagtcac aaataatata aaatatctcg    151380
     gcatgactct aactaaggaa gtgaaagatc tgtatgataa aaacttcaag tctttgaaga    151440
     aagaaattaa agaagatctc agaagatgga aagatctccc atgctcatgg attggcaaga    151500
     tcaacattgt aaaaatggct atcttgccaa aagcaatcta cagattcaat gcaatcccca    151560
     tcaaaattcc aacacaattc ttcaacgaat tagaaggagc aatttgcaaa ttcatgtgga    151620
     ataacaaaaa acctaggata gcaaaaactc ttctcaagga taaaagaacc tctggtggaa    151680
     tcaccatgcc tgacctaaag ctttactaca gagcaatttt gataaaaact gcatggtact    151740
     ggtatagaga cagacaagta gaccaatgga atagaattga agaccaagaa atgaacccac    151800
     acacctatgg tcacttgatc ttcgacaagg gagctaaaac catccagtgg aagaaagata    151860
     gcattttcaa caattggtgc tggcacaact ggttgttatc gtgtagaaga atgcgaattg    151920
     atccatactt atctccttgt actaaggtca aatctaagtg gatcaaggaa cttcacataa    151980
     aaccagagac actgaaactt atagaggaga aagtggggaa aagccttgaa gatatgggca    152040
     caggggaaaa attcctgaac agaacagcaa tggcttgtgc tgtaagatcg agaattgaca    152100
     aatgggacct aatgaaactc caaagtttct tcaaggcaaa agacaccgtc aataagacaa    152160
     aaagaccacc aacagattgg gaaaggatct ttacctatcc taaatcagat aggggactaa    152220
     tatccaacat atataaagaa ctcaagaagg tggacttcag aaaatcaaat aaccccatta    152280
     aaaaatgggg ctcagaactg aacaaagaat tctcacctga ggaataccga atggcagaga    152340
     agcacctgaa aaaatgttca acatccttaa tcatcaggga aatgcaaatc aaaacaaccc    152400
     tgagattcca cctcacacca gtcagaatgg ctaagatcaa aaattcaggt gacagcagat    152460
     gctggcgtgg atgtggagaa agaggaacac tcctccattg ttggtgggat tgcaggcttg    152520
     tacaaccact ctggaaatca gtctggcggt tcctcagaaa actggatata gtactaccgg    152580
     aggatccagc aatacctctc ctgggcatat atccagaaga tgccccaact ggtaagaagg    152640
     acacatgctc cactatgttc atagcagcct tgtttataat agccagaagc tggaagaaac    152700
     ccagatgccc ctcaacagag gaatggatac agaaaatgtg gtacatctac acaatggagt    152760
     actactcagc tattaaaaag aatgaattta tgaaatacct agccaaatgg atggacctgg    152820
     agggcatcat cctgagtgag gtaacacatt cacaaaggaa ctcacacaat atgtactcac    152880
     tgataagtgg atattagccc aaaacctagg atatccaaga tataagatac aatttcctaa    152940
     acacatgaaa ctcaagaaaa atgaagactg aagtgtggac actatgcccc tccttagaag    153000
     tgggaacaaa acacccttgg aaggagttac agagacaaag tttggagctg agatgaaagg    153060
     atggaccatg tagagactgc catatccagg gatccacccc ataatcagca tccaaacgct    153120
     gacaccattg catacactag caagatttta tcgaaaggac ccagatgtag ctgtctcttg    153180
     tgagactatg ccggggccta gaaaacacag aagtggatgc tcacagtcag ctaatggatg    153240
     gatcacaggg ctcccaatgg aggacctaga gaaagtaccc aaggagctaa agggatctgc    153300
     aaccctatag gtggaacaac attatgaact aaccagtacc ccggagctct tgactctagc    153360
     tgcatatgta tcaaaagatg gcctagtcgg ccatcactgg aaagacaggg ccattggaca    153420
     agcaaacttt atatgcccca gaaaagggga atgccagggc caaaaagggg gagtgggcgg    153480
     gtaggggagt gggggtgggt gggtatgggg gacatttggt atagcattgg aaatgtaaat    153540
     gagctaaata cctgattaaa aaaaatttaa aaaaaataaa taaaactaaa gcaaaacgca    153600
     aaaaaaaaaa aaataagaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaaaagggt gttgtttccc taatttcttt    153660
     ctcagcctgt ttattctttg tgtagagaaa ggccattaac ttgtttgagt taattttata    153720
     tccagctact tcactgaagc tgtttatcag gtttaggagt tctctggtgg aatttttagg    153780
     gtcacttata tatactatca tatcatctgc aaaaagtgat attttgagtt cctcttttcc    153840
     aacttgtatc cccttgatct ccttttgttg tcgaattgct ctggctaata cttcaagtac    153900
     tatgttgaaa aggtagggag aaagtgggca gccttgtcta gtccctgatt ttactgggat    153960
     tgcttccagc ttctctccat ttactttgat gttggctact ggtttgctgt agattgcttt    154020
     tattatgttt aggtatgagc cttgaattcc tgatctttcc aaaactttta acatgaatgg    154080
     gtgttggatc ttgtcaaatg ctttttctgc atctaacgag atgcatgtgg tttttgtctt    154140
     tgagtttgtt tatataatgg attacattga tggattttcg tatattaaac catccctgca    154200
     tccctagaat aaaacctact tggtcaggat ggatgattgc tttaatgtgt tcttggattc    154260
     ggttagcgag aattttatta aggatttttg catcgatatt cataagagaa attggtctga    154320
     agttctctat ctttgttgga tctttctgtg gtttaggtat cagagtaata gtggcttcat    154380
     aaaatgagtt gggtagagta ccttctactt ctatcttgtg aaatagtttg tgcagaactg    154440
     gaattagatc ttctttgaag gtctgataga actctgcact aaacccgtct ggtcctgggc    154500
     tttttttggc tgggagacta ttaataactg cttctatttc tttaggggat atgggactgt    154560
     ttagaaggtc aacttgatcc tgattcaact ttggtacctg gtatctttcc agaaatttgt    154620
     ccatttcgtc caggttttcc agttttgttg agtatagcct tttgtagaag gatctgatgg    154680
     tgttttggat ttcttcagga tatgttgtta tgtctccctt ttcatttctg attttgttga    154740
     ttaggatttt gtccctttgc cctttagtta gtctagctaa gggtttatct atcttgttga    154800
     ttttctcaaa gaaccaactc ctcgtttggg taattctttg aatagttctt cttgtttcca    154860
     cttggttaat ttcacccctg agtttgatta tttcctgccg tctactcctc ttgggtgaat    154920
     ttgcttcctt tttttctaga gcttttagat gtgttgtcaa gctgctagta tgtgctctct    154980
     cccgtttctt cttggaggca ctcagagcta tgagtttccc tcttagaaat gctttcattg    155040
     tgtcccaaag gtttgggtac gttgtggctt cattttcatt aaactctaaa aagtctttaa    155100
     tttctttctt tattccttcc ttgaccaagg tatcattgag aagagtgttg ttcagtttcc    155160
     acgtgaatgt tggctttcca ttatttatgt tgttattgaa gatcagtctt aggccatggt    155220
     ggtctgatag gatacatggg acaatttcaa tatttttgta tctgttgagg cctattttgt    155280
     gaccaattat atggtcaatt ttggagaagg tcccgtgagg tgctgagaag aaggtatatc    155340
     cttttgtttt aggataaaat attctgtaga tatctgtcag gtccatttgt ttcataactt    155400
     ctgttagttt cactgtgtcc ctgtttagtt tctgtttcca cgatgtgtcc attgatgaaa    155460
     gtggtgtgtt gaagtctccc actattattg tgtgaggtgc aatgtgtgct ttgagcttta    155520
     ctaaagtgtc tttaatgaat gtggctgccc ttgcatttgg agcatagata ttcagaattg    155580
     agagttcctc ttggaggatt ttacctttga tgagtatgaa gtgtccctcc ttgtcttttt    155640
     tgataacttt gggttggaag tcgattttat ccgatattag aatggctact ccagcctgtt    155700
     tcttcagacc atttgcttga aaaattgttt tccagccttt cactctgagg tagtgtctgt    155760
     ctttttccct gagatgggtt tcctgtaagc agcagaatgt tgggtcctgt ttgtgtagcc    155820
     agtctgttag tctatgtctt tttattgggg aattgagtcc attgatatta agagatatta    155880
     aggaaaggta attgttgctt cctgttattt ttgttgttaa agttgacatt ctgttcttgt    155940
     ggctgtcttc ttttaggttt gttgagggat tatcttcttg ttttttctag ggtgtggttc    156000
     ccgtccttgt attggttttt tttctgttat tatcctttga agggctggat tcgtggagag    156060
     ataatgggtg aatttagttt tgtcgtggaa tactttggtt tctccatcta tggtaattga    156120
     gagtttggct gggtatagta gcctgggctg gcatttgtgt tctcttagtg tctgtataac    156180
     atctgtccag gctcttctgg ctttcatagt ctctggtgaa aaatctggtg taattctgat    156240
     aggcttgcct ttatatgtta cttgaccttt ttcccttact gcttttagta ttctatcttt    156300
     atttagtgca tttgatgttc tgattattat gtgtcgggag gaatttcttt tctggtccag    156360
     tctatttgga gttctgtagg cttcttgtat gttcatgggt atctctttct ttaggtttgg    156420
     gaagttttct tcaataattt tgttgaagat gtttgctggt cttttgagtt gaaaatcttc    156480
     attctcatcc actcctatta tctgtaggtt tggtcttctc attgtgtcct ggatttcctg    156540
     aatgttttta gttaggatct ttttgcattt tccattttct ttgattgttg tgccgatgtt    156600
     ctctatggtg tcttctgcac ctgagattct ctcttccatc tcttgtattc tgttgctgat    156660
     ctggcatcta tggttccaga tctctttcct agggtttcta tctccagcgt tgcctcactt    156720
     tgggttttct ttattgtgtc tacttccctc tttaggtcta gtatggtttt gttcatttcc    156780
     atcatctgtt tggatgtgtt ttcctgtttt tctataagga cttctacctg tttggttgtg    156840
     tttttttgtt tttctttaag gacttgtaac tctttagcag tgttttcctg tttttcttta    156900
     aggatttgta actctttagc agtgttctcc tgtatctctt taagtgagtt attgaattcc    156960
     ttctttatgt cctctaccat catcatgaga tatgctttta aatccaggtc taccttttca    157020
     ggtgtgttag ggtgtcctgg actgggcgaa gtgggcgctc tgggttctga tgatggtgag    157080
     tggtcctggt ttctgttagt aggattctta cgtttacctt tcgccatctg gcaatctctg    157140
     gagttagttg ttatagttgt ctttgttaag agattgttcc tctgttgatt ttgttaccct    157200
     caatcagcag gcgtgggaga caagctctct cctctgagtt tcagtggtca gagcagtctc    157260
     tgcaggcaag ctctcctctt tcggggaagg tgtacagtta tctggtgttt ggacctcctc    157320
     ctggctgaag gtgaaggccc aaaacaggat ctttcccaga agctgtgttg ctttggccag    157380
     gaaggtggct ggttgtctgg agccaaagat ggcgctgccc cagaagctct gcgactctcg    157440
     cccgtcccag aaacggctgg cctctgtatt ccacacggtc tcccgtgcag cctgccctcc    157500
     gcggagtccc ggagccaaga aggctcctgc tggcgcctgt ggcacaaacc tctcaggccg    157560
     ggcagacccc cccccccccc gtgctctcac caggaaggtg gccagctgtc tggagctgaa    157620
     gatggtgcct ccccagaggc tctgcgactc tcgcccgtac ccgatggatt cgtttcttta    157680
     ggcaaggctg aagggaatcc aattgaggca agattcctac tattaatatg tgtttcctgt    157740
     tatttctagt tatgtataat gaccagtaga tataagtcat aatttttaaa agatttctgc    157800
     agaaaaacaa agatgtactg tttgtagtga ggttatatag acaaattgat agtttcttaa    157860
     ttcttaacaa tgattttact catagaatta ctgaaaattt caagagatat tgtacaagct    157920
     tgcaatctca ccaaaaatgg aggagtgttc ctgtttctct acatcctcac tagcatctgc    157980
     tgtcacctga gattttgatc ttagccattc tgactgaggt ggaatctcag gttcatttag    158040
     atttgatttc cctaatgact aaggatgttg aatatttctt taagtacttc tctgacaatc    158100
     aagattccta agttgaaaat ttttccttta gctctttttc acattttaat atttatttct    158160
     tattagatat tttctttatt tacatttcaa atgttatctc ctttcctagt ttcctctctg    158220
     aaaatcccct atcccatatc tcttccacat gctccccaac ccacccactc ccatttccag    158280
     tcctggcatt cccctatact ggggcataca accttcacag gacctagggc ctctcttccc    158340
     attgatgacc aactaggcca tcctctgcta catatacagc tagagtcact agtcacatgt    158400
     gttttctttg attagtggtt tagtgttgta tccggccagc agaccacaac ctgggttcta    158460
     gcctggaaag gcattttgga aacctggaag agaagagggg ctaggtggca agagaaaaga    158520
     atgtagccaa gacagttact ctgatcaagg ctcaaatttt attgttggga cactagttat    158580
     gaaggaaggg ggaggggacc cgattcccgc cgaataatct cgggtccagt agaaaggtgc    158640
     acgtgtgtgg ctcctcaggt tccagcagtg ggcgtggcag aacgaatgag taggaagctc    158700
     caccccgagc aagcaggttt caagctgggg gagggaagac tacatctcct cccttttatt    158760
     aacaaaattt aaaaaaagaa aaagctggcc tgagggggga aaaattatct atgctcaata    158820
     gttctgcctg gaatctaggg ctaaagaaaa aacttgcttc actgggattc tttaactttt    158880
     cttatggtaa actatatctg gcttaagact gtcctttcta gtaaacaact aactgaaagg    158940
     cctggagctg cagactctga ctttataatg ctaattagta cttggtaggt aactttctag    159000
     ttgaatttta agtagggcat tggaactctg gctaagtttg actgaacaaa tgggaaaata    159060
     acactaagtt gatattcctc cgcatttttg gatgataggt gggaaacagg gagaaggcgt    159120
     tcgaccggct cttttatttg ggtgggaggc agtgaagggc ttgccctttc aatagtacgt    159180
     ctccaatctc cctcccccct attaattaag ttaaataagg caacgcttaa ctgaggtgat    159240
     caaatgattt tctcatccgt agatgagtgg gcttttaacc ttggcttggg tggacatgga    159300
     cccgattcct cccgtgggta ctgtaaaacc cacacatgtg gctctgggta tcttttgggg    159360
     aggcgaggta gagccggaaa atatttttta tttttaacca aaatctgata ccaacctctt    159420
     ttaaaccggg tttatctcac aggaaactca gaaatggtca agccggacct tctcttgcag    159480
     tacctctgca ccaagcgatg cccatactga atttgtacaa tcacaaacca gtatgcacag    159540
     ttctgagtgc tgtgcagctc ctaaaggaga attatcaacc tcagaattag caaagcctaa    159600
     gcaagaatta tgtcgttagt aacaccacga tttgtggcta aaataggagc tggaagtcgt    159660
     tcctcctcat ccctgttttt tccacagcct attgagctaa ggacaccttg cagtaacagc    159720
     aagggtgaaa agccagagac cagctaaggg actaagcctg tctatcaaaa taaaaaccaa    159780
     tctttattaa tatagaaata tctacttttc tagccctctt ggtaaaccta atttttaact    159840
     cagactgaaa gccacatgct ggaaatgtcc ttggaaagga gataacagca gccacctgtg    159900
     tgctctaggg gcgcggggat gcacatccgc tggtctgcct cgagaatgtt gatttacctg    159960
     cttgaaagac aaaatctcgg acagtgagaa agtaggaaag cagaacttct tttggggaac    160020
     tctaggtact ttatttaaat gcaaattgta aagctgaggc tagtctccgg cctcctgtcg    160080
     ggagctggct cagagagtag cttttttcgg agcctgagtc ctcaagccga cttttaagca    160140
     aaagaggaat tttagtcctc aaggtgatac tttagaagat ttagaatctg tgttcatcta    160200
     atgccaggga ctccagtgga gtcagcttga cagatgaaag tctgaaagct ttctcatgag    160260
     gaaaaagttt caaggaaact tactcccgga tctttggcta tttccctaac ccataaaatt    160320
     aatttttcca ttcccacatt agtctagtgt atagatccac gtgcactcta tatagcttta    160380
     ccttatagta aatgccgttt aagattgtat tctaacatag ctaaagcctt ttcccagtgt    160440
     tcttagattc cagatagcag caaggagctt aacccattca gtaaacaatt aagcacttgc    160500
     cattttactc agctgtttac agatagagac taaaagtctc actgagatag aaatctttta    160560
     ctacaggctt cattccatgt caagtataag ttgatatact accctgataa ggggaaactc    160620
     tccagacaag ataagtttta ttagacctaa gaatttagag ctctgtgata gcgcattact    160680
     cttaaggcct gtcaagagtt aacaaccccc tgatgctttt aaccttaaag tgtgaaattc    160740
     ttgcctggca ttaggctgat cctaggcagg gcttattatc cctaatgtaa acatttaact    160800
     agtccctgta aattcctttc tgctgtaact ggtgaatttc agtgtatctt gtctttttgt    160860
     gatttgtatc ctctgataat tcgttgtaat ataagtctga agctcaacca gaacattaca    160920
     ttcagatcca gcaccactcg tgtgtctggc tgtttgtccc atcctaatct ctgcccatct    160980
     actctagaga ctcttttcta cgcaggcaca agggaccagg agggcctgtg gcaatctaac    161040
     aaattaattt atctggcagc cactgcgctc tatcttcatc tcgtgaaaaa acacaaactg    161100
     agtccctacc ccaaattaga actggatctg gacccttcta ttcgttagtc agggggtcct    161160
     tctattttac caatgtatta agtgaccaat tgttctttaa tagctttttc cactagctgt    161220
     aaggccagca atccttctga ggttagggat ctaggggaag tgggggatgt gctctgaatt    161280
     aacttgctag gaaatttaga atataggaat ctctaacatt ggactgaata ttaggaccag    161340
     tctaagattg agttagaatg gctggtcaca ctgaagaaag gagaaaaatc attatgactc    161400
     tattaaatga ctaattttac taagtctaaa tatacagtct ctgatgtact attgtcataa    161460
     agttaaaagg ctagaagcta gtctaaactg gaaaaatgac aagtaaggat ggatctaaaa    161520
     catgaattta atttagtttt ttagtcaatt caatcaggac atgagtcaac ttacctacca    161580
     gctcgtcaca cgaatttact aatatgcttc tgcagcgttc tgtggagaaa acctgttttt    161640
     ctcttttcta ataaggtagc tgttttagga tcaatctata agtcaataag tagatctctt    161700
     taagatacta taaagcattt attaaactct ttgacattaa aatattagat tttgaaaata    161760
     aaggtaagac tttaatagtg tgcatgggaa tgcactaaat agtatgcacg gggatacaat    161820
     ttctctcttt tttgtctttt aagaacttaa agttttaaaa ttttacaata cctaaacttt    161880
     tgaattaata actagttgac aaaacatttt aaatacttgg ctgtaaaggg cagtgactaa    161940
     ttgcactttc aatcaatttt cttaaggagc agttgtaact agaaggcttg caaagttatt    162000
     aagagtcaca tgagcataat ttatttatta actagaaata tgcataagca attgtaaatt    162060
     tgagaattaa tagtatctga gggatgaaca atttaagcaa ttgcgagctc agagatatgg    162120
     cattgactat taatatacaa attaaggttt gattgttcag cattttaaaa caccatctac    162180
     agcacacaac tagatcatct gtgctggaac agggaaaact gtgtcttaag actccgcccc    162240
     acagaagcta gttgggccca catgggccaa cgattggctg ggaggatgag aaaaatgact    162300
     ttacaataat gttttctttt tggccaaaga attgttttgg gcacaaccaa tttttaatta    162360
     ccaattaata acaattataa aagctttctt tattttttgt agaaactttt gtagtaaact    162420
     aaaaccctaa gtaataaaag gatattgtct ctgaatcttt tgggtgagag caaggattta    162480
     aggtaaactt caagaagcat tagttaataa aatacttttc acttaagaaa caatatacac    162540
     tgaaagatta aaactcttgg cttcttgtat agaagcagaa acaataaaaa tttttcttac    162600
     ataatgtaaa gttacattag ccatacctag aggcaaaatt ttctagtgat tacagttcac    162660
     tagaagcaaa actctgaatt taagcattat tttaaacatc tgaatagatc tgaaacactg    162720
     ttaaaaagaa attctcttga acacagggaa aaaactttct caggcactgt ttgcaaaaca    162780
     aaagaaaggc cacaagctgc tctggggctg cccagagccc tgtattgact caaacgtaaa    162840
     atacctttta atctgagcat cttggccctc ctggaataag gaccgattct agagaaacaa    162900
     tataactgtc tacgcctcta aattatgata ctctttctta agatgactta cagttaaaac    162960
     gttcttcaca actttagtgt tgtgaaaaaa ttgcccgtac tgcagtttcc tgccaggcag    163020
     caactataac caaactgttt gtctaatcta tttacaaaga caaacataac tagataactc    163080
     tgtcacagtt ttgtatgaag tgagctgtat gagcgctctc ataagatgat tactcttgta    163140
     attatcttaa ttacagtata caggtgaatt aaagatctta aatttgaaat caaactgcaa    163200
     gctgcagtca atggaacaat agcagtttta accataattt ttaagttttt tgtacaaggt    163260
     taggataata cctgtaacct tgggaaagca aaaaaccaag tttaaaacaa tttattatct    163320
     ttaaaatcaa tattagaagc attactatca tattacgaag tttggatgtc aattaatacc    163380
     tatgaatacc tattaaagca agctttaatg ctttaataaa gagacattgc tttaaatctt    163440
     attttaaatt ttactattta ggatacgaac cacattaatt attacctaaa ctagaaatat    163500
     ctttagagac ccagcctctt gggctgcctt atgccatgtg tcggaaggac tctaaacttg    163560
     agttatcaaa tttaacacta accatctgta gcaatgtaac aattattaat cttaaccaac    163620
     aacttatgag ctgattgtga aaacactcag agcacattac caataaaaaa gaaccaaatg    163680
     aagcagttac atttagacca atcagagaat aataattttt gtagatacaa ccataaaaat    163740
     aaaaaacact ttaccattgt caaacacatt aatcatgaac catttattag cttttttact    163800
     ctgaaactta gaggctgtgc actcgccctt atttcctaaa acgaacagtt tttccagcag    163860
     gggccctccc gccacgtgtc tgattcctgg ctgaaacacg tggcagctct cggctttgca    163920
     gataaagttt tttataccat ctttattatc taacacaaaa catagaacat tcattcatac    163980
     agactggaca cgaacataca tgaattgaac acgagaacag attggtgcac cggacattag    164040
     acaagacaca aaagggaaca gagtactcct gctataaggc ccagagagaa atttctctct    164100
     gcttttgggg acactttcct cccttatgat gtatttttta ttaactgggg caatccgcct    164160
     attcctttta ataaaccctt tcttttctca cacctaatgt agcttcggag agctacggcc    164220
     taccgcctga tacccagctc ctcactgctg aacctaagcg ctcgggttta acgctgtctc    164280
     agcttagccc ataccttctc cggtatgaat ttcccttatc ctttatttta tggagctccg    164340
     aaccagcagc gtctcttcca aaaatccttt gccgtttctc agtcccacgt tggctcgcca    164400
     attgttgtgt ccggccagca gaccacaacc tgggttctag cctggaaagg cattttggaa    164460
     acctggaaga gaagaggggc taggtggcga gagaaaagaa tgtagccaag acagttactc    164520
     tgatcaaggc tcaaatttta ttgttgggac actagttatg aaggaagggg gaggggaccc    164580
     gattcccgcc gaataatctc gggtccagta gaaaggtgca cgtgtgtggc tcctcaggtt    164640
     ccagcagtgg gcgtggcaga acgaatgagt aggaagctcc accccgagca agcaggtttc    164700
     aggctggggg aggggagact acagtttagt tccagggagc tcttggggga ctggttagtt    164760
     catagtgctg ttcatcctat ggagcttgag accccttcag ctccttgggt actttctcta    164820
     gatccttcat tggggacctt gtgctctgtc taaaggatga ttgtgggcat ctacttctgt    164880
     ttttaccagg cactggcaga gacccacagg tttggtgatt gtttatggga tggattccca    164940
     agtggggcag tctctggatg gtcgttcctt cagtctctgc ttcaaaattt ttctctgtaa    165000
     ctccgttcat ggatatcccc ccttctaaga aggattctga gcttctgggc taatattcac    165060
     ttatcagtga atgcatatca tgtatgttct tttgtgattg ggttacttca ctcaagatga    165120
     tatcctccag atctatccag ttgtcttaag aatttcataa attcgttgtt tttaatagct    165180
     gagtagaact ccaatgtgta aatgtaccac attttctgta ttcattcctc tgttgaggga    165240
     catctgggtt ctttccagct tctggctatt ataaataagg ctgctatgaa catagtacaa    165300
     cacgtgtcct tattacatgt tggagcatct tctgggcata tgcccaggag tagtattgct    165360
     ggatattctg gtagtacaac gtgcagtttt ctgaggaaca gccaaactga tttccagagt    165420
     ggttgtacca gcatgcagtc ccaccaggaa tggaggagtg ttcctctttt atgactgttg    165480
     tgaggtgaaa tctcagagtt gttttgattt gcatttccct gatggttaag gatgttgaac    165540
     attttttagg tggttctcag tcattactca gtattcctca gttgagaatt ctttgtttag    165600
     ctctgtaccc catttttaat agggttattt ggttatttgg agtccatctt cttgagttct    165660
     ttatatataa tggatattag caccctatca gatatggaat tggtaaagaa atttttccaa    165720
     tctgttggtt ccctttaggt cctattgaca gtgtcctttg ccttaaagaa gctttgcaat    165780
     tttatgaagt cccatttgtt gattcttgat cttatagcac aagccattgg tgttattttc    165840
     aggaatcatt tccatgtgcc catattttta tggtcttccc tactttctcc tctgtacgtt    165900
     tcagggtctc tggttttatg tgcagttctt tgatccactt ggacttgagc tttgtgcaag    165960
     gagataagaa tggataactt tgcattcttc tacattctaa ttgccagtta agccagcacc    166020
     atttgtcgaa aatgttgtct tttttccact ggatggggga ggatactgtt gaatgctttt    166080
     tcagcattga atgagatggt cacatggatt ttgtctttgg gattgtttat atagtggatt    166140
     aaattgatgg atttccatat attgaaacat ccttgtatta cttggatgaa gcctacttga    166200
     tcatgatgga taattgtttt gatgcattct aagatttggt ttgcgagaac tttattgagt    166260
     atttttgcat tataaggtaa attggtctga agttatcttt ctttgttgga tctttgtgtg    166320
     gtgtaggtat cagagtaatt gtggcttcat agaatgaatt gggtagatta gcttgagctt    166380
     atattttgtg gaagagtttg agagagtatt ggaattaggt cctctttgaa ggtctgatag    166440
     aactctgcac aaaacccatc tggtcctggg ctttttttgg ttgggagact attaatgact    166500
     gcttctattt ttatagggga tatgggacta tttagatcgt taatctgatc ctgatttaac    166560
     tttggtacct ggtatctgtg tagaaaattg ttcatttcat ccaggttttc catttttgtt    166620
     gagtatagcc ttttgtagta ggatctgatg atttttttta tttcttcaga ttcttttctt    166680
     atatctccct tttcatttct gattttgtta attaggatac tgtccctgtg ccctctagtt    166740
     agtctggcta agggtatatc tatcttgtta ctttctcaaa gaaccacctc ttggtttggt    166800
     tgattctttg tatagttctt tttgtttcca cctcattgat ttcagccctg agtttgatta    166860
     tttcccgctc tttagtcctt ggagtgaata tgcttctttt tgttctagag ctttcagatg    166920
     tgttgtcaag ctactagtgt attctccctc cagcttcttc tgaggaggca ttaagaacta    166980
     tgagttttcc tcttaggatt gctttcattg tgtcccataa gtttgtgtat gttgtggctt    167040
     catttttatt aaactctaaa aagtctttaa tttctttatt acttccttga caaagttatc    167100
     attgagtacg ttgttgttca ctttccacgt gtatgtgggc tttctaatgt ttatgttatt    167160
     attgaagagc agccttagtc cattgtgatc tgatagggtg catgggatta tttcaaaaat    167220
     tttgcacctg ctgaggcctg tttagtgact gcttatatgg tcagttttgg agaaggtaca    167280
     atgaggtgct gagaagaagg tatatccttt tgttttagga tgaaacattc tatagatatc    167340
     tgttaaatcc atttgtttca taatttttgt tagtttcact gtgtctttct ttagtttttg    167400
     ttttcaggat ctgtccattg atgagagtag gatgttgaaa tttcccacta tttttgtgtg    167460
     aggtgtaata tgtgctttga gttttagcaa agtttcttta atgaatgtgg atgcccttgc    167520
     cttaggagca cagatgttca aaattgagag ttcatcttgg taaattttac gtttgatgag    167580
     taagaaatgt tactccttat cttttttgag aactttaggt tgaaagttga ttttattcaa    167640
     tattagaatg gctactccag cttttttctg tatgcagcaa aatgttgggt cctgtttatg    167700
     taaccagtct gatagtctat ttctttttat tggggaattg agtccattga tattaagaga    167760
     tattaaggaa aagtcattgt tgcttcctgt tatttttgtt gctagagtta gaattctgtt    167820
     catgtgttta tcttcttttg gtttgttgaa tggtactttc ttgctttttc ttgagcttag    167880
     tttctctctt tgtgttgaag ttttcccttt attgtctttg aagggctgga tttgtggaaa    167940
     gatattatgt aaatttggtt ttgtcatgga ataccttggt tgttctatct atggcaattg    168000
     agaattttgt tgggtatagt agcctgagct gccatttgtg ttctcatagt gtctgtatga    168060
     tatctgccca ggatcttctg actttcacag tctctaggga gaagtaaagt gtaattcttt    168120
     tttttttaat aagatttatt tttattatat gtaagtacac tgtagctgtc ttcaggcact    168180
     ccagtagaga gagtcagatc tcattatgga tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg gttgctggga    168240
     tttgaactcc ggacctttgg aagagcagtt gggtgctctt acccactgag ccatctcacc    168300
     agccccgtaa agtgtaattc tgataggtct aactttatat gttacttggt cattttccct    168360
     tacagctttt aatattcttc ctttcttttc tttcttttcc tttcttctct ttctttcttt    168420
     ctttcttgct ttcttttttt ttttttcatt tagtgtttcg actattatgt tatgggagga    168480
     atttctttcc tggtccaacc tatttggagt tctgtaggct tcttgtatgt tcatgggcat    168540
     ctctttcttt atgttaggga agttttcttc tataattttg ttcaaattat ttattgtccc    168600
     tttaagtggg aaatcttctt tctcatctat acctattatc cttaggtttg gtcttctcat    168660
     tgtgtcctgg atttcctgga tgttttgggt taggattttt ttgcattcaa atacatggaa    168720
     agggaactct ctagtgaatg gtaactgggt aaaaacaaaa agaaggaaat aaacattgaa    168780
     gacttcctag aattcaataa aattgaatgc acaacatacc caaattcatg gagcattatg    168840
     aaaataatcc taagagaaaa atcttagcac taaatgcctt catacagatt cattgtagtc    168900
     aactgtgaac tcaactttgg taaatactcc agtcagccat gtgtctatga aggtctatgg    168960
     gagaatggtg gaaatagcta ctactatgac tgcatgtgta ctgggttcac aggaacacac    169020
     atgagacctt gatccctctt tgctggccaa agccttgtct caatgatata acatgtgagg    169080
     atactattga cagctatatt tatcactgct ggctcaatat ggttcaatat agttcaaaat    169140
     gaatgcagta gcaaccctgc caatttcagg gacaatgtgg caagctgccc tcagaagatc    169200
     aatagagaca tattgcaggc ctggcttcct ctttcaacta ccttgaagtc tcagactata    169260
     tttgaatcta tcagcctgga ttcacagaca ggagccgagc atgacagtct tctgagaggt    169320
     tccaccaact atcatcacat aacagatcca gagacccaga gtcaaatatt agaatgagag    169380
     cagggagtct tttggagcag ttgaagaaaa gtctgaggaa ttggagagga taggtgttgt    169440
     gtgaaatatt taaaaatgaa cccaccaact ctcaaatctc ctgcttctct cagctcacca    169500
     actacccata ctcctgctag cccctgcagc atctggctta gttgtccctg gagcagctag    169560
     ttccctctcc tccataggtt gtcccacatt ccagtaacca agtaaatgtt ttcttttatt    169620
     agaaattttc tttatttaca ttttaaatgt tatccccttt cattgtttcc cctctcaaaa    169680
     cctccatcct atccccaccc cccctctcct cagcaaccca cccacccacc ctcttgaagc    169740
     ttataattac caatgagaat tatgtaatag taaattctca attgataata tgccaataca    169800
     ataatcccag aacaaattga tc                                             169822

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