(data stored in ACNUC5448 zone)

EMBL: AC165079

ID   AC165079; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 156977 BP.
AC   AC165079; AC139232;
DT   04-JUL-2005 (Rel. 84, Created)
DT   05-SEP-2005 (Rel. 85, Last updated, Version 2)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-92K17 from chromosome 16, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-156977
RA   Ruppert J., Kozlowicz A., Levy A.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-92K17";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-156977
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (02-JUL-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [3]
RP   1-156977
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (01-SEP-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
DR   MD5; ac78675934fcdf2c4cf352cc296fee19.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456175.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000022814; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000022817; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000061751; mus_musculus.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0022724; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0022725; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0022697; mus_musculus_akrj.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0022726; mus_musculus_balbcj.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0022461; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0022462; mus_musculus_cbaj.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0022661; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0022662; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0022588; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0022589; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0023187; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0023188; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0021760; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0021761; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0022063; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0044147; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0044152; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0044147; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0044152; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0043893; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0044631; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0043804; mus_musculus_cbaj.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0044030; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0044034; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0043893; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0043898; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0044686; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0044691; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0043586; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0043591; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0043268; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0043272; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; A0A338P795.
DR   GOA; B1B1A7.
DR   GOA; D3Z4R2.
DR   GOA; D3Z532.
DR   GOA; D3Z534.
DR   GOA; D3Z535.
DR   GOA; D3Z560.
DR   GOA; G5E8F8.
DR   GOA; Q6PE70.
DR   InterPro; IPR000219; DH-domain.
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DR   InterPro; IPR001452; SH3_domain.
DR   InterPro; IPR001849; PH_domain.
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DR   InterPro; IPR002369; Integrin_bsu_VWA.
DR   InterPro; IPR008271; Ser/Thr_kinase_AS.
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DR   InterPro; IPR012896; Integrin_bsu_tail.
DR   InterPro; IPR013111; EGF_extracell.
DR   InterPro; IPR014836; Integrin_bsu_cyt_dom.
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DR   InterPro; IPR036349; Integrin_bsu_tail_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR036465; vWFA_dom_sf.
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DR   MGI; MGI:1298388; Umps.
DR   MGI; MGI:2685385; Kalrn.
DR   MGI; MGI:96614; Itgb5.
DR   RFAM; RF01417; RSV_RNA.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A338P795; A0A338P795_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; B1B1A7; B1B1A7_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D3Z4R2; D3Z4R2_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D3Z532; D3Z532_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D3Z534; D3Z534_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D3Z535; D3Z535_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D3Z560; D3Z560_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D6RJ62; D6RJ62_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; G5E8F8; G5E8F8_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q6PE70; Q6PE70_MOUSE.
CC   On Sep 1, 2005 this sequence version replaced gi:68533459.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BB0092K17
CC   Drafting center: WIBR
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e. phred quality
CC   >=30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by at least
CC   one plasmid subclone, fosmid clone or direct clone walk sequence.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome
CC   shotgun may have been used to obtain the consensus sequence. The
CC   assembly was confirmed by restriction digest.
CC   This finishing standard has slightly changed from the previous
CC   Human standard. Specifically, standards for regions of low sequence
CC   complexity (such as dinucleotide repeats and small unit tandem
CC   repeats) have been relaxed. These regions are very prevalent in the
CC   mouse genome, and the return on extended finishing efforts is
CC   minimal.
CC   If a sequence meets the criteria of the above statement, it needs
CC   no comments or tags. If the criteria are not met, such as ambiguous
CC   bases, then the region is duly annotated.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The  BAC Library has been constructed by Pieter de Jong and
CC   coworkers (http://www.chori.org) from male C57BL/6J mouse spleen
CC   and/or brain genomic DNA. The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..156977
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="16"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-24"
FT                   /clone="RP24-92K17"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   unsure          82864..83161
FT                   /note="Unresolved tandem repeat."
FT   unsure          105376..105436
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
SQ   Sequence 156977 BP; 40847 A; 36700 C; 37178 G; 42252 T; 0 other;
     gatcacgcgt ggccacagag atctttgtgt ccacagagac cgtgtgcccc tatcacttga        60
     gtggtatttc agatatcatt gcctttcttt cttcactggg tctgctcccc tttgtccaga       120
     tcagaggctc ctagtcctgc tgactgtgtg tgacagagga ttaattattc tggagtcctg       180
     tgtacttggc tggcctcata agggccagag ttcttgaatc cagcacatgc gctcctctgc       240
     ttccattgac ctttgctttt ggtgattagt ccgaggacag gtctgactca catcgtgggt       300
     tctccttggc tctgatattc ctgggttgga ctactcatta tcaacttgtg gaccttaggg       360
     ttattgcatg gcttctttaa ggtctagctc taaggcatgc tctgtatttc ttagaaaggt       420
     gatctttgca gaagataagg gaaatacctg cttctctttg gtattctcac tagtggtagt       480
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatgtat gcatgcgtat gcatgctcac acgagcatgc       540
     acacacaagc atcccccctg ccctctccct gccctccact gctgctcaga ttgctgttgg       600
     aggaatttaa cggtgtttac agctaagggg ccactctctt aggcaagcat ctttttctaa       660
     tgtagtatcc acaagtgggt taggattgga gtgtgcatgc cattaccttt attgctttat       720
     aaacctatgg ttgaactggt ttatgcttgt tctgggtctc aattatggtt cctcctttta       780
     tcagttattg tttccctcag aactctctag aagttggctt taagttgtgt attccttatt       840
     ctaaaattat acaggttgat gtgtggtgag tggttcagac tggggctatg gttgctttcc       900
     tactttacca aacaggaagc acccttgacc tcggagtagg acgaggagtg ggtggggcag       960
     tgagtgtggc ctcagcgctg aggtttccag actccaactc tgtttactct aactatgcat      1020
     cggtgtcttc aggaaactat taaagtatcg gatttctcaa tctctgtctg tctctgtctc      1080
     tgtctctctc tttatctctc tgttcctatg ctgtgtgcgc caggctaact ggccagcaag      1140
     ctttggaaac aaggcttgga aaactgacac aagtctaagg tctataagaa atcaggcagg      1200
     ctcaaagaag ccaaggagtg attctgctgc ttctgcctcc catctggcct taggagtact      1260
     gaaattacag atgcgaaccc ctgaaccccc aactcccgtg tcaggttttt tacttgggtt      1320
     ctgggtcaaa ttcaggttgc caggcttctg tagctagtgt ttttacaagt tgagccatct      1380
     cccctgtccc cgcccccgcc ccaccccaac ccctctgcct ctcaggagct gggattaaag      1440
     gcctgtgtca caaggtaagg ccagcttttt tttttttttt taaaggcttt acttatataa      1500
     tggccagtgt gtcattttcc tgggccccat cagggcctct gtgttccaac cacagtagct      1560
     tcacttacct ggctggactc ttgcacacct gggctgcttt tcctgctctt cactcctttt      1620
     ccttcccttc attttttttc ttctttcttt ctttctttct ctctctctct ctctctctct      1680
     ctttctttct ttctttcata tggtttcttt ttctttttct ttttcttttt cttttttttt      1740
     tttttttttt tttggttttt gagacagggt ttctctgtgt agccctggct gtcctggaac      1800
     tcactctgta gaccaggctg gcctcgaact cagaaatctg cctgcctctg cctcccaagt      1860
     gttgggatta aaggtgtgca ccaccatcgc ctggcccttt tctttcttaa tagaattcat      1920
     tgcagcaagc actttccacc ccctcctcca gcctcctgca tcttgccatc ccacatcagg      1980
     gaggtgtgtt tgttccagac agtgggccat tgctgataca cttcacccac tgtgcatttt      2040
     acactatgga ggtcctgatg tttgcaaaca aggaactgtc ctcttcccgt tacagtgttg      2100
     tacgtggcac cttccccatc cccagagcct cgagctcaca tatcatccct ccctaaacct      2160
     gtttttaaac atctgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt atctgtgtat ctgtgtatgt      2220
     gtgtggtggt ggtggggggt ggttcagatc tggaagacag gaatttgagc cttggacctg      2280
     caacatgctg tctcacactg agtgacagtc ccagaccttt gaactccttt ctttgcatgt      2340
     ctaacctggc ttgcttgtgt tgcagaagtc agcttaaatg gctgtccata ctccctgact      2400
     gatcaccctc actgggtggg tcagggtctc ctaagtactt ggtcattcct atcccagcta      2460
     tcacttttta ttttgtccat tgcttgaatg gcatgtctcc ttattgagac actagaggtg      2520
     ttgttgttgt catacctgtg tgtccccagc acctaggaag ggtctctgtc acacattgtg      2580
     ctcctcgtct gtccatcttc ccaccatgct ctggtgcctt catggcctcc agaatgtgat      2640
     acatgcacct tcagagtgga gcccttagtg ctgtgtactg cagtgctctc agcttggtag      2700
     cagttccagt ggagagaaaa gtatagaaac taggagaagg cccctatcct tggggttctg      2760
     tagttttgtt ttttttttta aagacaggtt tccctggctg tcctggaact cttatgtacc      2820
     gcaggcataa tatgtattca cagaggtcta cctactctgc ctcttgagtg ctgccattaa      2880
     aggcctgtac caccacaccc agtcagccac tcagggattt tgagtttggg gatctaatta      2940
     ggggtaaatg aaacatcctg tttattaatg acccatatga cgttattgat atttgtgtat      3000
     tggtatcttt cctctgcatc atttattcac tttctatagt actagaaatg aaatcaggga      3060
     tgttgatagc tcagacaagg gctctaccac tgagctacat ccttagtccc caaaatggaa      3120
     aaatctgtct ggcttattct acatcctaca gttagttcct tccgttcagc ttggaccctg      3180
     ctagaagccc atacccgaga catcccctgt gcttttgggg gtttgggctt gaggtggctg      3240
     tttgggacct gagtcacagg cagctccgtt cctcagggaa cgaaatccta tactgtggtt      3300
     tcactgaatg taaccacaag gcagagtttt tttcccaagc gtatcttctt gtgaagtatg      3360
     attagaagca ggaaaaacaa actcctaagg agaccatgtt tattgttaca gagtgatgga      3420
     aacaggcctg aatgtctgtg tggttggtca ttcgggaagc caatcccaca gttaaagctt      3480
     gatttccctc gtgggccgtg ttgaaagagt ctgtcactgt ccaaagaggc cacctgcctc      3540
     tctttcttcc ctccctccct cctccccagc acctgctccc tcctcctctc agagccttct      3600
     ggaaaggttc atagacagtg ttctgttgtc aatctgaaag tttattgagc gcttaccgtg      3660
     tgcatgtgcc ccacgcgagg tgtcgtgagg ggctcaaggt tgaggtggcc acaggtctgg      3720
     ctctgtgaac ataattctac ttggaagaca atgagagaac aagatctgag gcgcagctgg      3780
     acgtactggc catttaggag ccagtggtca gggatggccc tcccatcctc cccccccccc      3840
     ccaaaaggct ggcttggtcc tttcacgccc cacccctcag gctcacaact gtctgtaact      3900
     ctagttccag gggatctggc tccctcttct gacctctgca ggcacctgta tacgtgagat      3960
     acgcatagat accttcaggg agacacacat acttataaag taaaaacttt taaaaaatgt      4020
     cgctagaaag agagcagaga tggatagagg gagggtgcta ggcacaggaa cagtctcctc      4080
     ctctgagggg agatactgtg ggaagcatgt tagctgactt cacctatcat agaggagggg      4140
     aagggccctt ctacctggag aggactcctg tgcgtagaca cagggaagga gtatggagtc      4200
     ccagggctcc tggtaagaag aatatctata tgtaagtaca ctttagctgt cttcagacac      4260
     tccagaagag ggcgtcagat ttcgttatag atggttgtga accaccatgt ggttgctggg      4320
     atttgaactc aggacctttg gaagagcagt cggcgttctt aaccactgag ccatctcacc      4380
     agccccaagg aagaatatct aacaaggatt gttgctccgc accagagcag ctgcccgagg      4440
     aggcagtaag tgggtgtggg ccctgagccc attggcagat gccaggaaaa agattcctgc      4500
     cccagaggga ggctggctga gactcactgg ggttcttatg tatttcagta aatacgcatc      4560
     cttgagtatg tccctctggt ttaccatgtg ctttgtggcc ccttaccccc cacatgtgaa      4620
     tacgttatca caaaaacggg tctggggaag ctttgtcttc ctgtgagccc attggaagat      4680
     gcacttggca tagactgtgt cagggcccaa tcaggtctgc aggctgtcta gttaccccca      4740
     agttagtttg gtttatttga gatgaggtct tgttacatag cccaggttgg ttgcgtagcc      4800
     ctcctgcctt agcttctcaa gcgctgggat aacaggcatt tgctggcccc actgttgtgt      4860
     ctcttctgtt gctgacattg aacccagggc ctgttaggtg cgtgttaggc tctattctgc      4920
     cactgaactc ttccctcagc tcatagaagc catctttctt aggtgtagtg gcccatgcct      4980
     ttaatttcag ttcttgggag gcagaggctg gcaaatctct gagtttgagg tctacagaaa      5040
     gagttccagg atagctaggg tctatacagt gagactagac tctgtctcca aaaaaaaaaa      5100
     atcaaaccag aaaaggaaag aaactgtttt ctccctatct ccccttcact ctcctccctc      5160
     ccctttcttc ctacccccac ctctttggta ctttggattg gatctagggc cccgtgtttg      5220
     tatgtaggtg ggtgatctgc cgctgagcta cattgtactc cagccttcca gtctgctttt      5280
     ccacccagtc actgcctggt ggtgatttag ccttgcagta gctgccttga gcctgtcccc      5340
     tacggttctc atccgtaagc tccagttgac catgaccgtg acctctcccg cacacactca      5400
     gtttatttgc taagcacagc ttgctttgaa ctggtgtctc ttcggctccc tctgtgcatg      5460
     cctctggttg gtttgcaggt gcagccttta ctgttgagcc ggggagttcc tcaggagagc      5520
     caagaacagg agggtggaac ggatattctc tgtctgcttt gagggaccac tttccttgtc      5580
     agacattgta gcctctaagt gactccttcc atccaccaga ttgtacccca ggctagagac      5640
     ctgtgtctgt gtctctagcc catgtcctca aaatagagaa gccagtcatt tctcccaggc      5700
     ctaggctttc tggggccagc tgctggagat aaattagcaa gcacatctgt ctggccctgg      5760
     ggagtaagcc agcttttatt tattttctca ggctgggaag gactggtctc ccactctcaa      5820
     tcccttcccc tttttatggg tgctgagaga ggtcagatta tggggaactg agtggtgagc      5880
     aggcgacatt taagagagat gaggcaacag aggccactgg agaagctgga tcacgaaagg      5940
     gttatgatca ctgggctatg agtatatttt taggcatgtg ggaaggaatg actgatggga      6000
     catttcccag agagggtggg atttacgggg ctgtgttttc tcaaggaggg aggagcccac      6060
     cctccttggg gacagtgaca tcagaggctg gaggcttgag gtttaggaga gagaagagag      6120
     cactggctaa cggacattct tctggagctg tggttcatct taggaaccag gtgaggaggg      6180
     ggccgttcgg tgaccaaaga cgcaaggtca cccaaattga atgtggagtt gagagggtgg      6240
     aagttggaag tgggccggca gtgaattgga tacagatcta accagcagat ggagaagcca      6300
     agtgaaccgc agtcctggcc ccgtgccagg attcttgctg gagtccagcg tgcttccgct      6360
     ccgcccaccc ttgacatttt catcccgagg gagggctgac cttggtctat ttaatgacct      6420
     cagttttgtt tacatgtttt gtttaccgtt tgattttact caactgggga ctacagagaa      6480
     aggtttagcc aaaaaacatg gaccctttag gaaatctttt taagaaagag cactcaacgt      6540
     aaaaattaga agatgcaaat agcgaaaagg agaaatgtgt gcgcagtgct ctgctctgaa      6600
     gagaaggtgg gggggttatg agttagagac gcaggtggga ggttttggct ccacagcgat      6660
     agtggtggtg ttgatgagta ccaattactg cctctttacc acgctgcagg tacatggctg      6720
     ctgccctgtg tgtcatgtca gttaagcctt tcaacagctg ttttatcagt agccgttatc      6780
     tgtcctttat agacgaggaa gctgatgttg acaaaaacaa aaacaaaaac aaaacaaaac      6840
     aaaaaaaacc tctctcaggg tcacacaggc aagataaagc agatgtgggg ctggttccag      6900
     ctctaccagc acctgacctc aagcaggcaa ctgctgccaa ggaaaagcgt tgatgggtga      6960
     cattcctagt ccactcccgg ccaccggcat gcccttggaa tgcattgttt ttgaacactg      7020
     cactctgagc aaaacaagcc ttgtttaaaa tgatccatcc ctgaagtcta gttatataca      7080
     taagccacac attgaaagca tatggtttga cacacttttt ctttttacct tggtttttga      7140
     aacagtcgca tacgtgtagc tcgggctgac ttcagacctc ttgcttcagc cttctgagtg      7200
     ctaggattac gttccagcat gcttagcccc cacttgaaaa atttgacgtg aagagtatat      7260
     ttacataaga aaccatcatc aaaccaagat aatatccaga ttatgagagt tcatccaggc      7320
     aagatgcttg ccgccaagcc tgacagcccg agttcgatgc ctaggtctca cttacatgat      7380
     ggaaatgaaa gactctgaga ggagcccctc gctcaggcct caggacaata gcggacaccc      7440
     aagaactcac gacagaccaa gcttgttgca aaccacatga ggctttattc ggggaaagcc      7500
     agagctctgg ggacgactca tatcccactc aggggtagag gagtcgtcct cgaggggaaa      7560
     gaggtcacag tttttatagg ccctcagggg ggaaaggaga agggggagat taggggattt      7620
     ccagatctaa acaatgtcta ttctcaagaa atgggtatgg gaggggtaca aggaaagagt      7680
     ctaatgaggt gcagcaatgg gcacacacct ggtcagaaca ttggcagaca cacacaggtt      7740
     caaggagtgg ccagagcatt gtgcacctct atgtttctaa atcagtgaag ctagttctgc      7800
     taacactgac gtctatcttg ccaatttcag ggcttctgtg tccttttaca ttctgccagg      7860
     atctttcaga aggagagaac caactctcac aaattgtcct ttgcctccat gtaggtgctt      7920
     ggcaggcatg caagtccccc accccagtca acaaagctaa agaacatatc atttacgcgt      7980
     gtgagtaagt gtgggcctgt cacttctcct tcctgcatct cccccaggca accacacatt      8040
     ggctgtcact acacataaga tctatttgca aaaattgtat atactcagtg cattcattca      8100
     ttcattcatt catttacttg tttatttctt ttggctggcc tgtttgaccc tgcacagtta      8160
     ttctcagatt ccttcttgct tgtaaatgta tctactcatt ccctttgtgg cttagtgcta      8220
     gtccactgca aagttgttca gccatttatc tggccgttca ccagctatgg ttattttcag      8280
     ttattgtcta tccttaggaa tcgctatgaa tgccagtgtg cttgttcttt ttaatggata      8340
     tttgcttctg tttcttttgg gttgatacct ggagtgggtt agttggtctt accataagtg      8400
     tttaacttgg taagaaattg ccagcacttc tgcagggcat tggtatcgtg ttttaactgt      8460
     acagcagtgc tgtggtggtc tgggccccac acatcctctt cagtgtttct ggtctttgct      8520
     cagagaccag ctgtattgtt tgcttttctc ttgctgtgat aaaacactgt gaccaaaagc      8580
     agcttaaggt atatttggcc ttactgttcc agagagagag agagagagag acagagacag      8640
     agacagagac ttactgttcc agagagagag agagacagag acagagacag acacagacac      8700
     agacacagac acagacagac agacagacac accattgtgg tcagggaggc agggcagtag      8760
     gcaactgaaa ccagaagctg gctgttcaca tcttgtcaca caggaagcag ggagaagctt      8820
     taaacactcc ccgggaatgt acttcctctc aaaggctgca catcctaaaa gttctaggac      8880
     ctctccaaac agtactacca aatagggacc caatattcca atacctgagc ctctggaacc      8940
     atttctcact taaaccacta cccagagtct cactatgtag tccaggctga cctcagattc      9000
     acttagccta ggctgacctc aaattcatga gcttgcctca gtatcctaaa tgccaggatt      9060
     acaggtgtgt gccatgtgtt caacttaact ttgtccattt taacatgtgt gcagctatgg      9120
     agtaattcat agtcccttgt gtgacacttg tgtgacctta ctaccaagca gtaaaagggg      9180
     gagaaaggta aactggttaa tcctggccct tgcatagaag tttagagtct cattatagtt      9240
     tccttgatgt gccaagtatt tccaaatata ctgtgtataa aggcccagca ccagtcctgt      9300
     cagctttagt tccaatttcc aaaagctgaa agaaatgggg gcttttattg ggctccacag      9360
     ttagaacaaa gcgaagactt gaatttagat tcatctcttc caaagatact ggactatggc      9420
     tctcatggat ggtctgtatc atacttcagc aacttccttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt      9480
     gtttgttttt caagacagag tttctctgtg tagccctggc tgtcctagaa ttcactctgt      9540
     agaccaggct ggcctcaaac tcagaaatcc gtctgcctcc taagtgctgg ggttaaaggt      9600
     gtgtgccacc actgtctggt agcaacttcc tttaaaatga aaaataaacc gggtgtggta      9660
     gcacatgcct ttaatcccag aactcaggag ataggggcag gtggatctct gtgagttcga      9720
     ggctaacctg gtctataaag tgagtccagg aggaggggga gggggagggg gaagaggaag      9780
     aggaagaaga agaaggatcc cattgcttag ttttgttctt tgtcctaaat gtggaatacc      9840
     aaactgaaat cgcaatcaga cagcaggcag tttattttga atataaatac tctggagtca      9900
     ccatgtgaca tctccaagct gaaagcctgg gcggataatt tgtctgtgtc ctgacccatc      9960
     ctgcaacccg actctgggcc aaggccattg acaccactta ctgatcctga gcccagttaa     10020
     taggaaattg agttcctccc attctgtgga gcagtgtctg ctgtggacgc tccctccttt     10080
     cagcaagcgt cgaggtttgg atctggcagt cacatgtcac acacagtgtt gtactggggg     10140
     ttttctgagt tatcgccttt cctgtgcaca cagagctttc tctccctgta tgactgggtg     10200
     atttaatttt gtgagtgaat ctgtctcagt atgccttgat ggtagagtag actggtcagt     10260
     ttaatctctc tgggtgccag tttgttcagc tatgggatgg cagtgtctag cctattttac     10320
     agagattggt tgaagcaggg aggggctcat agaattgtgg atgtgttcaa taaaagtgac     10380
     gtatttttat gtctgttata cagaaaaggg gaaaaaagct tttgaggtga cacataaatt     10440
     ggtcaaggtt acacaggggg atagaaatag caggagaact ccatcttaaa acactcaagt     10500
     tccacattgt ctggctcctt gctaacctaa gccctcatct gtttctgttt ccacgagacc     10560
     acagagaaac tgccaaagaa aatggagccc aaagaaagca aataacaaca ttcaaagccc     10620
     agtgtggcag aagcactgct tatagtttga aaaataatag gaaaaagaag tgatcaccca     10680
     taatccaact ccaaacacat tatgccatac gttatcttaa tatttcttgt tgttttaaaa     10740
     tagaactcta tttcttatgc ggtttataat catactacaa attccctgct tctttgttcc     10800
     cactgtgtat attggttgcc catcacttca gacttgtttg tttgtttgtt tgtttttgtt     10860
     ttttcaagac agggtttctc tgtatagccc tggctgtcct ggaactcact ttgtagacca     10920
     ggctggcctc gaactcagaa atccgcctgc ctctgcctcc cgagtactgg gattaaaggc     10980
     gtgcgccacc acgcccggct tcacttcaga ctttttatga acatcagtca gtttacttcc     11040
     ctgtacccac acataaccac atctttttgt cttttcttac tactgataaa atgtggtcat     11100
     gcataatttc atggcactct tttggctgga gtcccctgaa atagattcat ggagttgaca     11160
     gataactact cagagttgga gtttttttta aaaagtctgg cttattgagg gataatttat     11220
     gtagtgtggc attcactctc tgtaagtgtg caatacacat tcagaaggtg agagccaaca     11280
     gagcaaaaat cagaacctac catagagaac ttctctgtgg cctcttccta tcccagctct     11340
     ggtaccgtga gcagcttgtc ccggtgtagc tatgagggag caccagctcc tggttgtggg     11400
     gatctcggct gtgctccttt cccgtcttcc tgtcaatgct tccttttctg cttcctccct     11460
     ccctgtttct tctgtttcct caaagtgttc tcctcatcct tccagagcag cttgagttcc     11520
     atgcaaactg gaaggccttt ctccacctca gctctcttcc tcctcggcat ctccctcctc     11580
     ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct cctcctcctc ctcctcctcc tcctcctcat ttttatagag     11640
     gattatcttg tatactgcgt ggaagcatca cctgtcaata aaaagcctat tagcaaaagg     11700
     caggaaatag aagatgggac atccagcaga gagagcgaga ggattctggg aaagagtcag     11760
     aggcaggtag attctccctg gactctgagg gagacgaatg catgaaactg aggaaaggta     11820
     actggcctta tgcggaccta gactagttta aacagggata atcgggttat gtgctagtgg     11880
     gaacaaccca agcttatggc ctgggcattt attcataaat aagtcttaga gtcattattt     11940
     ccagaagagg ggtacaggta gaaagcctac acatctctta tcttcctcct cctcctccct     12000
     cctccattct ctccttcctc ctctgctccc tggcttccat taatattgta tttgcctgca     12060
     ttaacactgt tatgataagt taaagctgct gtttttattt aaactgagta tctttaagag     12120
     ctggaataag cttttggtag atctgcaacc acccagggga tctggcacac aataagagat     12180
     aggtagctgc ttattggaca aaagttacat gactgtaaaa ctgacccctc ttaggtagcc     12240
     actcctgccc acagcaggcc tttggtcttc actggcgttt tgtcaagtcc cccccctgcc     12300
     cccgccccct tttgattttg tgatatgtat ttttgtaccc atgctgttat tgaagggagt     12360
     aagacagcat catagctgtt cagatgatga gtgagagtgg gcggtagccc agctcctcat     12420
     ctgccattga gagatcaaaa gcttttaacc tttgtgatgt atgaacccta cctctgcgag     12480
     ttttatatct aacgtgcata actagccctt ggcaatgtct aattctctct agagtcacca     12540
     acatatttcg ggatgccctt gcactaatag taaaagagtg gccacacatt ccggctccgg     12600
     atgataattc ctgagtggtt ctgtgtaatg ctgtggctac agtggctgaa tacgagtagt     12660
     ccagagctcc ccccttgcca tgcactatat ttagctgacc ctcagtctgg ataatcctgt     12720
     ggagtgaacc gagtcccacg cagtaagaga cagcgagctt atctgctgca ctttgacatg     12780
     attttggtaa agatcagagg attcactccg actgggagag atggcagttc ttaccagatc     12840
     ctcaaaaggc agagccatct ccagtggcag ggccattcgg atgctttact gaattgtttc     12900
     tgtctaacag ggccttaagt gtttaaccat tatcttgtat ggtcttagcc agtggtatga     12960
     tgaaggcgga ctcaggcttg ttctggagcc tggaagggaa tctttaaaca ctacataaag     13020
     atatagccct ggggtgaagt cagagatgta gccctgggtt gaagtcagag atgtagttct     13080
     tgggtgaagt cagggaagag tgggtaccag tgggtggaag aggacgatgt cagtgggtgt     13140
     ctaggcacgt gggcctgtgt gagcagagct tctcctcgtc tgtgcctctg tggcatgggt     13200
     ttaagtgaga agccctgatg ctgagggaag gacacagctc tcacttagac ttggagccct     13260
     gcagccagct ggtgtctcgt atgatgccct gggcaagttt gtactggaca gttataccac     13320
     ctccatcttc tcccaaccca ccgctgtctt ctgtctttca ggagaagatc ggatggcgaa     13380
     aagatgctct gcacttgctg gtgttcacaa cagacgatgt gccccacatc gcactggatg     13440
     gaaaactggg tggcctggtc cagccccacg atggccagtg tcacctgaat gaagccaatg     13500
     agtacacagc ctctaaccag atggtgagtg ctgcaatggc tcctctgacc tgtccttgtg     13560
     cccattgctc atcccttacc tggaaacctc ctcacctgca gtaattgctg aggttctgct     13620
     ccgctctggg aatccaggtt tattcattat tttgtcttct cttgctaagt tttaaaacct     13680
     cattgttaac taattcttgt tagggatttc tgtagctggt tcatctctgc actgctgtgt     13740
     acctagtgag gatctatctc attggaggaa ggggtggcct gggagccaag gggttccagt     13800
     ggaggtgatc tgaacacagc gtggatggaa cctgttttcc tgaaggggtc acaactggga     13860
     tagagttaga agatacccag taccaagtac caagattctg ccacattaat tatggagact     13920
     tttaaagaaa tgtatccctt cttcttcccc aaatctattt taacatctgg ctagagagga     13980
     gttcttgcca gttttctttg caggacaagc ccattttctc cagctccagg aggtgatcgt     14040
     ctaagctttc tagattatcc aggagtgatg gagtcttgaa aaggcttcta actgtaggac     14100
     ctcaccctat accaaccagg gttaaattgc ctccagtctt tcctttctcc tcaattggtc     14160
     ggctacctcc ttcccccatc acagcctgat tccagagagc agtgccctcc tttgcttgtt     14220
     atgagccatg agcgggaccc gcagacatcg gttacctgac tgttgggcac aggaaaaaga     14280
     atacagggca agggacagct gtagggtaag gatacaagct aataggtgtt ggtggcagat     14340
     ggtagacggt gagactgttc ttcctggtgc cacaactatt cctatccctc cagaaagaac     14400
     gaggaggggt ccagatcaca cctagtgatg ctagaggggc ctttctaacg aatgtccttt     14460
     cctatagcct cttagatgag gggctgctga tggacttggt tattaggccc ttggttgacg     14520
     ggtacccagg agaaagatgc ttttttccag ggtctgcatg tctgcagatc acatgtcagt     14580
     gttgcagctg gttgggatgg ttacactctt gacatttgcc ttcgacttag gactatccat     14640
     cgcttgcctt gcttggggag aagctggcag agaacaatat caacctcatt tttgctgtga     14700
     cgaagaacca ctatatgctc tacaaggtac tcgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatgtgt     14760
     gagtgagtgt gtgtgtgtat gtgtgtgtgt gcgagagtat gtgtgagtgt gtgtgtgcga     14820
     gtgtgagtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatgtgt gtgtgtgtat cggggtgggg ggtggtctga     14880
     tccgtgactc attttgacct aaagccagtt agagattaga gtgggggtgg gcagggtcaa     14940
     tggagctgtg cttagaagta ataaggaaac ccttgagtgt tcatgtggtc atgagcatct     15000
     tcactgggag tttttttttt ttttttttta aagatttatt tatttattta ttatatgtaa     15060
     gtacactgta gctgtcttca gacgcaccag aagagggcat cagatctctg ttacaggtgg     15120
     ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggattt gaacttcgga cctttggaag agtagtcggg     15180
     tgctcttacc ccctgagcca tctccccagc cctcactggg agttttaaac tatgttattt     15240
     aacttaattc agagaaacat ctcaaaaata ttatgaatcg tcattttcag aagatggata     15300
     gagacacagg ggcctattcc agttgagaag gaatacatga aataattctg tacaaagaga     15360
     actgggcagc tgttgttggc tactactact aactcagtct gccttcctgc ggagggtggg     15420
     aggtaagggg tggcccagca cagtaggtct tccagaaatc agtcagtgac tgagagaaga     15480
     gagcgatggg cttgttgcat ccaacaagtc ttttcccagg ttgccacctg ggccaccatt     15540
     gtggcaatga cagtggtact cgcaagctcc ctagagagta atagtaggag gacctactct     15600
     ctggcctttc tgtgatgctc gcacatgggc acacacagac attcactcaa cctctctgac     15660
     tgtgtgagct aagcataaac ccggctcacc ctggatgctg tgaccatata ggggatgctg     15720
     tcaggaatcc cttaattatc ctccaaagaa cttctgttcg atcgtgtctc caaggcccct     15780
     gctttatgag aggttacgaa aatgtcacag tgtcttcctg agtcatggag cctctctgag     15840
     cctgagtcta ttttagattg atagaatgaa aagacgctta gtttaatcat tggttaaagc     15900
     tcgaccgtta caaaccacat tcttagaagg actaagtgca gaagctgtgt cgggctttgt     15960
     ttcctcttgg gcttcagcct ccttcctcag aatggggaga cctatatagc ttgagggtga     16020
     cagggaccct gtcctgttct cagagccaca ctcaggagct gtgctagggc aaagggcttt     16080
     gtcccctggc cttacataca ggtatcaaaa ggtctttaga atgacacccg tctgttaact     16140
     ccctactggg aagataggct gtcttcctac gcttggggaa gcaggccttt gtgctcctgt     16200
     agaacatgca gagtcaaccc gaaatgagcc tacaattacc aggagtgatg gtgagagggt     16260
     catgacctta gagggtgact ggtcatttgc tgtcagccct gcacttcctt ccatagctcc     16320
     ctgagtgtgc ttctcacacc aaattttctt gcctctccca tagcactctc tccatccagc     16380
     atgtggtctg ggagagtggc agagcgtggt actggccctt gttcactctt gtccacagta     16440
     cacttttgat tctgacagaa tggaaagtgt cttagtgaga gggtaactat tgctgagatg     16500
     aaactccatg accaaaagca atgtggggaa gaaagggctt atttgactta tacttccaca     16560
     tcatggttca tcactaaagg aagtcaggat gggagctcaa acagagcagg aaccttgagg     16620
     caggaggtga tgcggaggcc atggagggat gcttgttcct catggttagc tcagcctgct     16680
     ttcctatgga acccagaact attagccagg gatggccctg cccacagtgg gctggttcct     16740
     ctccatcaat cactaattac gaaaatgctc tacaggctgc ctacagtcca atcttatgga     16800
     ggcattttct caattgaggt gactctagcc tgtgtcaagt tgacataaaa ttaaccttca     16860
     cagaaggcaa aatgatctta ctttttttgt tgttgttgtt ttgtgttttt caagaatttt     16920
     acagccctga tacctggaac cactgtggag attttgcatg gagattccaa aaatattatt     16980
     caactgatta tcaatgcgta cagtgtaagt cattggctct gaccccccga ctccccacct     17040
     ccatcccgtc ccctcctgaa accctgaggc ctggagctga tagagggggg ctcctagtgt     17100
     ttgaggtgtg gccaatgtcc cttactcagt ttctccatgt ctctgtgtcc tatagactcg     17160
     gagttgggca tcagggagaa ttcctggcta gttgcctctc accccctttc atgaactgtt     17220
     gcagtttggg ctctttacaa atcagagctt acttcatttc tcctgtgaat tcctgataaa     17280
     gccagaaatt ttctcttctt ctcttcctct acactgtacc ttcatttcta tctgggttcc     17340
     tccctccacc cggaaccctt gagacaggct ctctctaacc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac     17400
     tgtgtagacg agacaggtag agagctctgt gagttcaagg cttctggaga agacagagct     17460
     aaggagtggc ctcatctgag ctctgtgagg tggggggagg acatcttctg gagtagctac     17520
     ctctcaacat ctccaagctc agccagctcc agaccctgca gacccctgag ctatacaaca     17580
     tgctttccca gtttaattta gaggttccag caacaatagt agggcccggc agttgctcag     17640
     ggaacctaga tttactccaa tttctaatgc agcctaaata gatcatttct gccaacccca     17700
     acttctaagt gggtatccga ctcttctcct tgttccccag gatcagggaa aatgccacac     17760
     aaagaatact tctaagccat acacacaggc aggctgctgt agcttggttc ccagcatcca     17820
     catgggggct tacaaccctc tatagctccc agttccaggg gatccagcac tctcttctta     17880
     gcctccacag gcaccagagc acatgggctg cgcttgccag tgctggttga catttttatc     17940
     attgccctga tttgtggtgg gtttcatgag tcacacaacc atgactacat gtgggtattg     18000
     actttgctcc tcctggatgc tagctagcag tggatctgtg gggacactgg aagatgctgg     18060
     tcagagcata tgctacagat gaagtggttg tggtctttgg ctctgtctga ttcgtatgtg     18120
     tctttcacag tgcagaactg tcagctttta gatttatata cttttctagc tgtgccaaac     18180
     tcactctctg cccaagggtg tttggcagca tggagcttct cgcagagtac cgcagaggga     18240
     agactgtctt ccagggctga gccctgagtc tgggtacgga aacatcgatc catgcttatg     18300
     aagagagata cttgagacga aaagcccagg ggcctctctt taaagtggga gctggcagga     18360
     tgggctgcag accactagag tagcagcaga gggtgacatc agagcccgtg gtgggttctg     18420
     ctctagcaca gcacatgttt ctcttttgat tgttgccata aagtctgctc caaccgctcc     18480
     cctcccccct cagctgggcc gacagaaagc aattgcagat gtgacctaac gtgacacagg     18540
     gtctgtaata gaatagcact tagaggggct ggcattcttg acatggccga ctttgtctag     18600
     gatgggagtt aagaaactat cttcaggggc agagctggtc gcaattgagt aagctcatga     18660
     gttgcacgtg agtgtccccg tgcataagaa ccagttcttg tgcctttgaa cctctgatgt     18720
     gtcttgcact tcattctttt ctgtcaacaa atacatctta aggggctaat tgtggccagc     18780
     attgtatgat acatggcagc aggacactgg agcaagccca gctctgctgc agaattctgc     18840
     atgtggtgtt tcaagggagg gggaccctta gagctgtgag ggtgattcgt actttcccaa     18900
     agtcagtgga ttctgaggaa agaggcccgt ggggatggga tcagcatgag ctctggaagc     18960
     ctgcctcagc tacgagcatt tgggctcggc ttttggttcc ataactgagg tctgagctaa     19020
     ctcttcataa ttccttcctg ccatctgaaa cagtagagga gattctggtc ccaggcgctc     19080
     tgtggtgagc aagagagaac cagctagcca gaacaccagt gaggggtcta tggcccacgt     19140
     aaagcataga gtgccttttc tctccttttc ttttctttct ttttttattt gtttattcca     19200
     tgtatgtgag tacactgtgg ctctcttcag acacaccaga agagggcatc agatcccatt     19260
     gcagatggtt gtgagccacc atgtggttgc taggaattga actcgggacc tctggaagag     19320
     cagtcagtgc tcttaaccat tgaaccatct ctctaggccg agcttttctt attttaaaga     19380
     cttttaaatt ttaatttgtc gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc ccacttgtat     19440
     gtcagtgcac catgtgtttg tctggtaccc ttggagaata ggagagggca tcagatctcc     19500
     tagagctgga attggagatg gttgtgaagt gctatatggg tgctgggaac caaacccagg     19560
     tcctctgtgt ataaactgag gatttcagca tcatatatat aagctgatga ggtggctact     19620
     ccaaggcaag gagggggagc acaaccagag gcatctggag gagtccagag cagggagagg     19680
     aaggagtgaa ctgaacagag gccagcagac tggactaggg actttgaggg accgggagat     19740
     gggtgggtgg ggagatgagg tcaagagagg aagataagag agaagccaaa agagagcaca     19800
     tggctgaaat gtcagggctc tgtgagcacg agaagctgga gaactttagg gtagggggtg     19860
     ggtgagaaga actgagaaga cccacagaca agtgtttgtg atacccaaga aagcctggaa     19920
     gccagcttct gatgccaaat cagcatattc ggtgtgctag taggcaccgc agatagttat     19980
     ttgtcccgag catctttgga cctgacacta taggagagca gctagtgctc ttaaccactg     20040
     agccatcttc ctcacctcct ttccatacat cttcatatat actggtatat gtgcatgtgt     20100
     gtgtatgcat ttcccccatt tgtgtatggg tgtctaaatg tgaatgtgtg tgtccgttcc     20160
     tttggaggcc agaggaagaa ttagattccc tggagttttg aactgcccaa tgtgggtgcc     20220
     ggggaccagt ttgaatcgtc ttgaagaaca gccaggattc ttaaacagcc agccctccag     20280
     tccctattag ctatctttaa agatttcatc ttcatctgcc cagtcccttg agcctaaagg     20340
     ttgttcacgt gtttatacat tggtccatgt attcattcac caagactttg ttctgcatcc     20400
     tggagagaga gggcatgtat gtggtccttt gggttcatgg cacactgaga aggcagatct     20460
     gtaaataact aattacattc agtgggagag gggtgtgtgt gttgcatagc acttttgtga     20520
     cctttggcca attaaggatg gcactccgaa gaggaagcag ctttcagagg gtttagtatt     20580
     tttagagttg tagaagcact tcgacaattt gttgcagaga gaccagtttt tgtggagtat     20640
     tttctgcaag ctgtgaattt gttggggaaa cgcacatctc atgtattagc ttattagcac     20700
     cacatgccag agtcggaggg ctagagggag gggtgggaaa gctacaaaag ctggtggcat     20760
     tctggcttct tgtttgtgag gaagcttggc tcagtgcctc tcatagtaag tcctgctacc     20820
     tgtaagccct gctgtctgtg ttataagcag attttttaaa tgtgtgatag aatatgactt     20880
     ctaaatagtc ataaagttac ttcatttggc ctcagctcct aaagttataa ctttcatagg     20940
     gacttttgag acagcatttt atttattttt tatttttatt atttatttat ttatttattt     21000
     aaatttatta tatgtaagta cactctaact gtcttcagac actctagaag agggcatcag     21060
     atctcattac agatggttgt gacccaccat atggttgctg ggatttgaac tcaggacctt     21120
     ctgaagagcg gtaggtactc ttaactgctg agccatctct ccagcccccg agatagcatt     21180
     ttattaagca gccctggctg gtctagatag aacttgctat ggagatccac ctacctgtgt     21240
     ctcctaagtg ctggaattaa aggtgtgtgg catcacactt ggctattact taagggtttg     21300
     ttgttgttat tgttgttgtt ctgagacagg gtttctctgg gcagtcctgg ctggccttgc     21360
     actcagagag ccacctgcct ctgccttctg agtgcttgga ttaaaggtgt gcaccaccac     21420
     tgcctgactt cttacagatt tggggttttt gttgttgttg ttgttgtttg ttttttgttt     21480
     ttgtttttgt ttttgtttta gatttattta tttagtgtat gtgagtacac tgtagctgta     21540
     cagatggttg tgggccttca tgtggttgtt gggaattgaa ttttaggact tctgctcact     21600
     ccggtcaact ctgctcactc aggtcggccc cgctctggcc cgaagtacat aagtacactg     21660
     tagctgtctt cagatgtgcc agaagaggac gtcaaatttc attatgggtg gttatgagct     21720
     accatgtggt tgctgggatt tgaactcagg accttcggaa gagcagtcag cgctcttaac     21780
     cgctgagccg tctcaccagc cccatagatt tgttttttat agaatagttc ctcgggggta     21840
     gggtctcatg gatccctcct ctattttatg gcagagttat gacttgctgg aatttgtaca     21900
     gattttgtgc agataaccat agttgcctgg agttcatgag cacaatggcc atgtaacatt     21960
     caggagacaa gcacttcttc actatgttct tccgcatccc ttacattctt tctgttccct     22020
     tgtctgtcac gttccctgag ccttgagggc atggaggggt aatgcagata tcccatttag     22080
     ggctgagaac ttggtgtagc taattcactg cactccgaac agtcacgaga ctctgcatca     22140
     tctcctgccc cttgcagaag aagtttcttg acccgagtta agcgcagccc ttatttacag     22200
     ataaggcaat atgacaacat gaccatttat tttgaaaaac aacaatagta tcttctctac     22260
     ccattaaggg tggattctaa aaaccaagag gcatataaag tcttccatgg accttgtata     22320
     aaccaaacat acctgagtat ctaacaccca ggtaaaaagc agatcatggc taggcttgtt     22380
     gcttgccatt tcagttcaga agcctgaagc acgaggatta cagatttcgg ggttatccta     22440
     gactgcataa caagaccctg tctcagaaac aaaaatatac aaagaaaaca cagccacagc     22500
     agagcattgc cagcacaggc aagtcccttg taggcctcct tctctcgcta tcccccaagg     22560
     gcaaccatta gttctgcctg ttactgaatt tcacacatga tggcttctca cttagtagca     22620
     aggatgcacc ctgagagaca catcgtcagg gagttatagc attttacagg caaagagtat     22680
     acagcatatt aacctagatg ctgtaatgta ctacttgcct tggctatcag cagctgcctt     22740
     tctcttctag gctacaaacc tatgaggctg gtactatctg gaatatgcag gcagttgtaa     22800
     cagtggtggc cattgtgtac ctgaatatac agaaggtaga ttaacatcac taagtgatgt     22860
     gggaagttta tagctctcac gatctcacga tggggccacc gttatatata atctactgag     22920
     gcccagagta tctttattag ggaataaata aatagagtgt gtctggcttt gagtaatgtt     22980
     atactcttca tggtcacttt atacacttgt gtttgataca ttgttgctat tgtaagtgcc     23040
     ctgtgaggtg gatattctgt ggtttactta aatctattgt actattggca ggcctttggt     23100
     tggcttccag attcttgctc ttaacttgct gtagacattc ttgtccctgc ctcttggtaa     23160
     cctgcacatc ttagttgtgt acaatcctca gaggaagcta aaatcagcct gagttttaga     23220
     atacattact tattgacttt ctttcttttt ttaaaaaaaa aaaacattta tttatttatt     23280
     tatttattta tttatttatt atttatatgt aagtacactg tagctgtctt cagacacccc     23340
     agaagagggc aacagatctc atgacggatg attgtcagct accatgtgct gctgggattt     23400
     gaactcagga ccttcgaaag agcagtcagt gctcttaact gctgagacat ctctccagcc     23460
     ctcttttttc ttttttaata ttatttattt aatgtatatg tatatgagta cactgtagct     23520
     gtcttcagac acaccagaag aaggcattga tcctattaaa gatggttgta agccaccaag     23580
     tgattgctgg gaattgaact caggacctct ggacgaacag acagtgctct taactgctga     23640
     gccacttctc cagccctact tattggtttt ctcaaagcct gtatcggctt ccactccagc     23700
     cagcagtaag gaccccagct tctccccaat ctttccagta atgctacttt cagtctccgt     23760
     ccctccctct ctcccacctt ctctctctct ttctccctcc ctctcctccc cctctctctc     23820
     tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tcttcctttc     23880
     ttccttcctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc     23940
     tttctttctt tctcttctgc attgacatat cacttttcca tagtctttgt gtcactcagt     24000
     gtcttgagca gctagactcc agagaagaat aaggataatg tagtttcaga ctcatgggat     24060
     aacctcatct agtaagggat gggtttgagt gtgaagaaag gccaggtgga gcctggatgg     24120
     actgtcttag caggatagta agtagctagc ctagggggga aggcaggaga agagacattg     24180
     ggcaaagagc tgttgtcctg ggtgtatgtc cacgggcgta tgcccgtgtg cctatgtgtg     24240
     catggataaa cccaaagcct agagactact acatgggtag atttcagtaa ttatgtgcct     24300
     gggaataaga ggtggccctg aagaggtgag cgggagacag agcaaaagtc ttttgaggaa     24360
     gatatatcac tttgcacata gaccattacc aaccattcca agctcacaga gggagggcca     24420
     agtcaggtct accaagaggg tgcgtgggaa gcctcctgtc tctaacttgg cttgaacctc     24480
     ctgaggttag aagaaaccat gcgatataca aaacccactg tagggaacac cttgctgtgg     24540
     ctgtttctaa gtactgttgg ctttcttttc tccctttgtt ttcagagcat ccgggctaaa     24600
     gtggagctgt cagtgtggga tcagccagaa gaccttaatc tcttcttcac tgccacctgc     24660
     caagatggca tatcttaccc tggtcagagg aagtgtgagg gtctgaagat tggggacacg     24720
     gtaagtgttc cctcctagtt tttaagagtt cttgttcgct tgggtaatta ttctctgaat     24780
     ctgacaattt tgtagctccc tggagtcctc tagagacgtg tgctctgcct tctagtccag     24840
     aatgctttcc aagctactgt gcatgttgtg tgcaaagtct tagcaggatc gggttcggag     24900
     ctccagtcca cagaccccct cagtgcactg ccagctgagg gctcctcagt gacactgggc     24960
     ccttggtgct ttagtcatta tcgtttttag cttgacaggg atctagtcag gtgggagaat     25020
     attgacagga gtctaggaga cttggcttct attcctcatc ttttccatgc atctcctttt     25080
     atttgatgag actaaggggt atcctgcagc cgtggaggga acagatgcct gtcagataac     25140
     ggatataaat gatgtatgta aaggttaaga tgcaatggtg tgaaggcata agcggggcgt     25200
     ggcagcatgt gatgagtcac ggtgaaaaga ttgtttttga cactagtctg atctacagag     25260
     gggaaagata aaaggtgtag cagtgccggg cagtggtggc gcatgccttt aatcccagca     25320
     cttgggaggc agaggcagac ggatttctga gttggaggcc agccttgtct acagagtggg     25380
     ttccaggaca accagggcta cacagagaaa ccctgtctcg aaaaaacaaa aaacaaaaaa     25440
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag gtgtaacagt gatgtcaaac aaagatggca aaggaaagca     25500
     ctggggagtg gtgacaccac tgtgccatgg caacacaggc tattgatggt gatgggagga     25560
     ttgtccacac accttctgga ggtctgctgc cagaagcaga cagactatag agaccatccc     25620
     aatggcattt acaatttttt cttttcttta tttttaggat ttatgttttt tattactatt     25680
     ttattaatta ataccaccgt cctcttccat ctccttagtt aatttttaaa agtatttatt     25740
     tatttttatg tgcattgggg ttttgcctgc agcatgtctg tgtgaggatg tcagatcctc     25800
     tggaactgga gttccaaata gttttgagct gtcatgtggg tgctggaaat tgaacccttt     25860
     gtcctctgga agagcagcca atgctcttaa ctatggagct atttctccag ccccatgttt     25920
     tattatttta ttatttttaa ttatgctaag tatgtacata tgagtacagg tgcctgcaga     25980
     ggctctgtcc tggagttaca ggtgatagtg agttacctga catgcgtgct gggaatcgaa     26040
     ccctcgtctt ctggaggagt ggtgcatgct tttaacaact gagccatcca tttcttcagc     26100
     cccctccaat gagctttggt gaccattcct ttccttagaa aatagagtga gagaaagctt     26160
     ccttgcacac ttcagagtat ctgagcatct tctgggtact actgccagct aaggtggcaa     26220
     taaccctgta tttcctgcct taggaagaca ctggagtatc tgcttacgtc tagctgggac     26280
     attctagcct cttctctctt ccttcctgtt ttccatgtta agtgaccctt cacccactta     26340
     acaccacgca gggaaccggt cgtacctttt cacgatccta cagtggcacc ctaccgccaa     26400
     atgaggcagt ttaaatccag tctggaaggt gagactgtag ggagccctaa aacttgaata     26460
     attgtcaaaa gttgtacttg tattctttag ataaattata gtgatttctt ttaccaaaaa     26520
     agatttattt attttatatg tgagtatact gtcactgtct tgagacacac cagaagtggg     26580
     catcagatcc cattacagat ggttgtgagc caccatgtcg ttgctggaaa ttgaactcag     26640
     gaccgctgga agaacagttg atgttcttaa gtgctaagcc atctctccag ttccactagt     26700
     gattttttta aacttttttt tatttttaat ttatttttta cactccaaat tccattcccc     26760
     acccccatga tttttttttt taatcaagat gatttaagaa aaaaaacaga agtcttgttg     26820
     aagtcgtgga gtttaaagag ttagttgtgg ctggagagat ggcttagggt tgctgccaag     26880
     cctgatgatg acccgagttt gatctctgga accacaacag tggaagaaaa gacctgactc     26940
     ccacaagctg ttctcagact ccacacatgt gcagtgctgt gtgcatccca tgcccaaatt     27000
     aaacaacaaa taaatgcaag gacaaagcgg aacaggaagt tctggagatg gcaggaggta     27060
     gcagccataa gtaggaaaag aacacgtgag caaattctat agatcttatc tgcatggggt     27120
     gtgtggagcg gtgacactgg gcatcaatgg tcaggcagat ttatgaacat gcttcctcta     27180
     agggatggcc tgacagaggc ttggacatat attgtctgcc tgtgtttatg tgccattggc     27240
     aggcctgttt atcaaatacg ggaaaggtta cagagctgga acaaacagcc catctgataa     27300
     aacaggaaag ctaagactta aaaatagttt taaaaactag gttatgatta attagttaat     27360
     tataattagt atcttattta gtttagagta ttaataggac aaagggtatg tgctctggta     27420
     gtatttttgg ttgttttgat gataggatct catatgcaca gtgagttata agcttacctg     27480
     ggctacagag tgagactggg cctaaaaaga aaacaaacaa acaaacaatg aatggtgtgc     27540
     taagggtggg tgagatggcc cagagagtca aaacccttgt tgctgcacct ggtggaccac     27600
     ttgatttcag tccctgggac tcacattgtg aaaggagaga acccactctg aaaattgtct     27660
     tctgacctgc gcattgtgcc acgccaccgg accctttact ccaccacaat aagaaatgta     27720
     atatagaaag cttaagcgtc ttaagtggcg ttgccgctgg ggctgtatca tagatctttg     27780
     gaaccccaga ggtaatggca tttctcttct tttcgggtca cactgcttgt tgttgagtct     27840
     ttttagaaac ttaagggaca agcgaatgtc tctatgtatt ggttaggaaa aaacagcaag     27900
     aaaactgggg cttgttgaaa atgccacctt gaggcagagt ggatctgagg tctttaggta     27960
     aatgtaggga aattgcaagg accttatgtt tggggtcctt catggaatac agagaagtta     28020
     cattccacct catgatggac cggaaacaga ctgaacagcg aacatttctc tgttcctctc     28080
     ttagtttcct gcgaggaaga cattgttacc cgtgtgacag accaggtaat cgaatacagg     28140
     attaatgaaa tgaaagcaca gagctaaggc tccctgttct gtagcacgca cccgatacca     28200
     cctgacgccc atgacccttc caccatagac atttcaaaaa ccatgtggga cagagtagtg     28260
     atggaccaca gcctgctcag agagcagagc ctctgtgtcc ttgtcgttga gttcacatag     28320
     tcatcaacat tggtgaggac agaatactgt actgctgatg gacagctggg gcctctagga     28380
     tgggagtggc ttgcctaaac tcacccagat taagtcctat tttaatcaca gtctccctgt     28440
     cacagggagc ctagttagcc acctctatac aggaactgta tagtatactg tatactgtaa     28500
     agtgtgccca gttggggctt tgctactatt tcctttcctt tccttcccct tccccttccc     28560
     cttccccttc cccttcccct tccccttccc cttccctttc ttttcttttt aacattgatt     28620
     tatttatttt atgtgtgttg ggtgtcagat catgtgacac cttgcaagag tgggttctgt     28680
     tccactgtat gggtcccaaa atttgaattc aggtcctcag gctaaacagc aagcgccttt     28740
     acccactgag ccatctagcc agcccctggt ttctgtctct tccagcagct ttgcagtgaa     28800
     ctatattttt ccatgttaat gtgtgggctt aaaacctggg gctcgaagag gagcctgaga     28860
     cactggcccc aggtcccact gccggtgagc agcaggcagc agtaagaccc aagtcactag     28920
     caacgccaca gcccagacct tctctgtagg cctcaggaac agtgtagtga aagcttcagg     28980
     gacttgggga ggaatcatca tttctccccc ccacttgtac acagctcttt tttgtttggc     29040
     cgggagagct taggaaatca gggagaaaaa aaaaaaaaat ttaaatggaa actttcctca     29100
     gcattgagac gtctctattg taacaggatg attttagtgt tttcaccacc gaagttgcct     29160
     ttggcccaac tttaggttcc agtggccata gccctgtgga aatcgaagca ggtcctcagg     29220
     caagcctctc tgctggccct ttgttctctc tctgtactag tattgtccca gtgtccacgg     29280
     gctgcagtca cacttcctct ctggttagag ctgtgtgggg tttgttgtct gggtgtggat     29340
     gtctgcacag aggcactctt ctgggctggg tgtgtcactg tccaccaggg ttgtgcagat     29400
     catgagagta aggctttctg gactgactga gtccggtgct atgacatggg aggtctgaag     29460
     agtaagaatt ttaaggggct agagagatgg gttaaggtta agggtgccta ctgctcctgt     29520
     agaggaccca agttcagccc ctagcaccta tgttgggtgg cttacaactg cccataactc     29580
     ctgctcctcc tcagtgctta tcacagggat ggatgtcccg gcttgctggc gaccgtgctg     29640
     gtgactgaga tctactgttt ggtaaatgtt tatgcgctgg tgatctgctc ggcaggctgc     29700
     aaagatgggg agacagcgtc actaggcaga gtgcttatcc aagtggatct tccctgtaac     29760
     caaggaagga gggactggca aagaagagga gtagagctga gacccagagg gacagtggag     29820
     tctctctctg gtaggaaccc tggagaataa ggcattgatt gagagaattt gctagggagt     29880
     gaagagcacc gccctttgtg gccagagagg gaggggtcag agagctgctg aaaccgatgg     29940
     ttgtggggtt gagaggaata ggttggggac taaggaataa tggaaattga ttttttgaaa     30000
     gttacacgta agttaggcat ggagctcaca cctttcatcc cagcactcag ggggcagaag     30060
     caggtgaatg aatctctgag ttcaagacaa gcttaagggc ctggccactc cctggcagaa     30120
     ggttctttcc tgggtgtcac aagttaggat aagggacatg ttagggaatg gtgaccaaag     30180
     gctctgggac tctaggggtt agacagttca gctgtcgttg ggtacttcag ggactagtct     30240
     ggggacaaca gtggagacca aggtggccct gggacagatc tcactttgag taatagcagc     30300
     ttcctgagaa ggtgagggag aggcaggcag tacctcgtgg tcgtttccaa acagaggtgg     30360
     tcttgtgact aagaagcagg agacttggcc gtaggtgaaa cgaggatgtc ctgaaagaga     30420
     aaccatcctt atattaaagc ccagagcctt gaatctggtg agattccctt ctctatgttc     30480
     ttggggtagt cctctaacgg cccccaccct gtccatccac cagcaagctg gtctgagttg     30540
     acctataccc caggaacttg tgttctaaag aactaacatt gacaaattag tatgcaagtg     30600
     gctggctgtc caccgtgcac aaagggccca gtgaaccacc gttagagcct tctcacggga     30660
     tacatgccaa cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacact     30720
     gctcttaccc actcctctgg gccctggact ttgggccctc cctcagctct ttgttttatt     30780
     aagagctgag tggacttggc acctgcagaa ccccagggtt ggggagtttg tgtggggtct     30840
     gggcacctcc ccttttgaaa gagtgggctc ccattggaga accagaatca tcccaatgaa     30900
     gttgagtcac tagtctggcc aggatgcctg cagcagctgt gaccttcctc tagactgagt     30960
     cttggaatgg gaacctggaa aggctccagg agccgggcag ccctcggtat cagtgcttat     31020
     cctgagacct cggccaccaa gggagggaag ccaaggaatg aatctccagg gccttctagc     31080
     ctctctgggt tcattgctaa tccagtagga aaacagaatt gtcacggggg atggggtggt     31140
     gagcaacact gacccacttg ctgtccccga cggacaggct tttgatagca ttcctatgtc     31200
     ccgtgggagc caagagccat tggctgacac agacattgcc tctctctggc catcagacag     31260
     tggactgcag ggcaggcaaa tagcacctcc actggataga agcgttggcc aaggaggtcc     31320
     tgggacccta ctgggaagcc acgccctctt gacttctcag ccaagcagtg tccatgtctc     31380
     agctccaact cacaggctcc taacacttcc acttatcctg gcatatgtgg gcaaggctga     31440
     agggtgtgtt tctctctgtg tgtctccccc ctcccttccc ttccccctct ccttaattcc     31500
     ttactttctc ccttgacaaa gggggatatg catggggaag gttgtgttca ctagagtctc     31560
     atagcggagt gcctttggct ctggcggcag gccattcctt tgcagtttat tgcatccagc     31620
     tcttcatttc ccaggcatgg aaagcggcag aaagtagcaa cttcctgcag gtcacaggga     31680
     agggatggca tcaggcactc aaaggctctg cttccctgca ttcttcatgg ccccatagat     31740
     aattttgctg aggctcagcc cttgaaaccc tgcctgtgtg caagctcagc acattcctag     31800
     tccaaggcag agaatttgga gaagtctaca gccgtcgctt tggggctcat cactgtgctg     31860
     tctctggatt gagtcaggct gtcatctctc tacctagttg ttgggttttt tgtttgtttg     31920
     tcttttgaga cagggttttc tatatctagc cttggctgtg ctggaactag ctatataaac     31980
     catgctggcc tcaaacttac agaaatcctc gcctgcctct gccttccaag tgctggagtt     32040
     aaaggtgtgc accgccacgg ccaagcttcc taccctgatc tgtgcatgaa catctgctct     32100
     gttcccttgc taggaggtga tgtgctagga ggatgcaggt ctgttctaga agagcacaac     32160
     ccccactcac tatataaaca gacaaattca cagcccctct gacatcattg cctcccttga     32220
     agtgaggaca gctgttcaaa gctgttaatg gttggttaca ggggactgcc agcccattct     32280
     gaagcccaga atgatctgag gagtcttgag aaataaagac atcacccgga tataagggac     32340
     cacttggaga agtggccagg catgtctgcc agaggaaggg atccccactt ccagaggggt     32400
     gcttctcaat gaggttccgt caccattcac ctgcctgtct gcgtgtctgt ggcttgttca     32460
     cctctgctca tcccgttccc cacacagcac tttcttctga ggagggagag gcagagtaga     32520
     tatggtgtca tgttctgact cccggaagac tcaaagcgag cttcctttcc cctccagact     32580
     tgtgagcagc tgacagacaa ggtgttgtca tctgccaccc tgctaggtct gccttgctgt     32640
     ctgcctccat ggtagcctgt aagaaactct aaagttagaa actcttccct aaatcagcca     32700
     atcttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttc cttcctccct     32760
     ccctccctcc ctccctccct ccctccctcc ctccctccct ctctccttcc ttccttcctc     32820
     cctccctccc tccctccctc cctccctccc tccctccttc cttccttcct tccttcctcc     32880
     caagtgcccc tgtgtgtgat ggttattcag gcagtgagta tcccttacag cttcagaact     32940
     gtgggctgat tgggcaacat acagctgtga gagccatcct tgcagggcac tggggctggg     33000
     gcatgagaga ggacattcag gcctcaccct tcccttcccc gacagagaag acctctttac     33060
     tgtggtcagg tggctgctct ttgcccctgc acctcatgcc aggtggtgcc accatacctc     33120
     agcatctagc catgcctggc gtagacagta aatgctggtt aaatgaatga cttctgagat     33180
     aggaggagag atgtgcacag cggtggggat ggacgagaat gggatacaag tagagataag     33240
     gaggagagca aggaccaggt aaagctcact cctcatgcat ttcttcagag cccctctcct     33300
     cagggtctca aagatgatga gagtggatgg taaagaccca tccccagggg ctggagagag     33360
     ggctcagcag ttaagagcac tggctgttct tccagaggac ccagattcaa ttcccagcac     33420
     ctgaatggca gctcacaact atctataacc ccagttccag gggatctgat gccctcagtc     33480
     agtcagtcag acagacagac agactaaaca tgaatgcaca tgaaataaaa agaaatattt     33540
     ttttttttta aagagaccca tgcctggcct ggagagatgg gtcagcggtt aagaacactg     33600
     actgctcttc tagaggtcct gagttcaatt cccagcaacc acatggtggc tcacaaccat     33660
     ctgtaaataa gttccaatgc cctcttctgg tgtgtctgaa gacagaacag tgttctcata     33720
     tgaacattag cataaccaat tgctcttttc cataaagtac ctggggttgt tgactgttcc     33780
     taccgggatt ccacctgtat gctggactag ataatattca taaggggtat atctagccat     33840
     gtcccctgat gggtgggagc cctggcttgc tgtggctatg atgtctcttc tctttccacc     33900
     cccaggcatc ctttgaagtg tccgtggagg ctcggagctg ccccggcaga caagcagcac     33960
     agtctttcac cttgaggccc gtgggcttcc gggacagtct gcaggtggaa gtcgcctaca     34020
     attgcacatg cggctgtagc acggggctgg agcccaacag tgccagatgc agtgggaatg     34080
     gaacatacac ctgtgggctg tgcgagtgtg accccggcta cctgggcact aggtgcgagt     34140
     gccaggaggg ggagaaccag agcgggtacc agaacctgtg ccgggaggca gagggcaagc     34200
     ctctgtgcag cgggcgtgga gagtgtagct gcaaccagtg ctcctgcttc gagagtgagt     34260
     tcgggaggat ctacggacct ttctgcgagt gtgacagctt ttcctgtgcc agaaacaagg     34320
     gcgtcctatg ctcaggtagg cctccagcca ccgcctttgt gccaagccac acccaggcct     34380
     ggatattatg tggacccaga ccctggcttt ctcaggatgc tggtggaaag ggtcatgcct     34440
     gggactgttc tgggtggttg aagaccaggg acaagccaag ccctgcctgc ctgaggcata     34500
     agggtgggtg gccttatgtg gactataaac atcaagtctg agggagtctg ttgtaggtcc     34560
     gttctggcgg gacttgtttg cacagtgtgc ctgataggtc agggctagcc atgaagatga     34620
     agtatggggt ggggtaggag acatgtgaaa gaagtccagg gcacttgatg aggtagcatt     34680
     gtgggaggtt acccatggtt accaatgggc agataggtgg taggcttgca gaggtgggga     34740
     ggagagaggc ttcctataca cagagatttc ctgtgaagct taagcacatg agaggggtgg     34800
     aattgaggat tcttctcaaa actgtcatgc aaagtgcagg acataagcgt gtcatgggtt     34860
     aaggtgggca gaaagatcag aatcctctgg gacccatcag ggtggtagtt ctctggcgtt     34920
     agtgagatgc ttctgtgtag gttcacagaa attgtgggat gggttgctgc aggtgtggag     34980
     ttgtgagaaa tgagacccaa tgtacccagc acacacctgc cacaaaagga ggaccctggc     35040
     tgtatatagg tcagagccac gccccctgag agctggcagt gtccggttga gcctctgggt     35100
     cctgggggct gtgtttaaag aatcctagca tggtgggatg gagtttctac tccccttagt     35160
     cacagcagac gccctggttg tattagtagt aatattttac agtgtttttc tcttgaaatc     35220
     aagagtcaga tataaccctt gggaatgttt ttgctccagc aggctgctta gcccgtgttg     35280
     ttcgggagcg gatttgcctg tgcaaattca tctgcccagt ttatagccag atacttggct     35340
     gctcttggat gttggttttc ccatctctat gactgggcca gcattgcttg cttctgcatt     35400
     actttgagaa tggagggaga cataaaccag gagctttagt gagcacagag cctaacgggc     35460
     acagggcatt tgatgcaggg tgtgcaagtc gacttctggc gattctgagg ctgagtcaac     35520
     acactttttt tatttaacca ccagaaccca cagttctgag ttcatcttac attgcagagt     35580
     tctgccaaag cgtgtatctg caagcccccc cccccccagt ggtcttttcc atttacccat     35640
     ctaaccctgt ggccttgaga ctctcatggg ccatggattc agaccccaga ggggtcctga     35700
     gatctgaagc tcctatgtgg acaaacaggg caccaacttc ctaagatggg gttgttgccg     35760
     taacacacac acacgttaca ctcagacctt aaagaaaact tgggaaacag gaagctgatg     35820
     caagtgtggt caggctgtgc tgtctcggtc tgtgatggtc aggattgatg aagaccatct     35880
     ggcaaaccag tccaaggggc ccttttctta cttcccatgt actctcctct gtcccgctct     35940
     ccgtgttgtc aagagaactg cttttccaga gaacagaagg attcttctca aatctagaat     36000
     gttctgaatg gtagaaagca gtgtttaaag tcatctacgt tttcctcacc ctaaggggtt     36060
     agtttctttc cttccaagct agcatccgtg tcttcgtatg actttgtgtc ctataagtca     36120
     ccctccctct ccagagcgga gcttgaatta ctttagtcaa ctgttgagta gaacattttg     36180
     acccttcgtc gtacatccca ccagatcttc ccctttaaaa gccacactag ccgaagcgtg     36240
     aaagcactcc aggtcttcct ggagaaaggg gtttctgcac tgaggtcatt gtggaattgg     36300
     ttcaattaag atgagcttaa agcaaacaca gctccagaca aggcttaatg acacacactc     36360
     gtgcagggga gggcacctcg tgcttcctcg tctcggacca tctggctcct tccgggcaca     36420
     gctgagcagt ggtgggcagg tcctccctcc agttctgggg tccctgtgac cggcctgagc     36480
     tctgctctgg ggctgcgcac actggtttag tttaggtaac tgggatagct gcttcgtttg     36540
     aggttttcgt gggagagaag ctgatttcct aacactcagc tcctgatggt gctgactcag     36600
     gctctcaaac cgtcaacctc agcagtctct ggcacttctc cttgcccctc gcccctgcag     36660
     cccattctgg aagtgggtca tgtggttgag gtctgtcttg aggtaatggt ggtggttggg     36720
     ggtgggggga gggcagtgta ctggaagaag ttgctgagac aggcttgggg ccagaaccag     36780
     tgggaacagc agataagctc cttccattta tctagtgctt cctctggtgg gcctgcagtc     36840
     cttgaccccc gttgagagag acaggagtat gtagaaaaaa agacaagaga attcaggatt     36900
     gggagaggtt ttccatcatc aaaatgagca gcaaggcaac cgagaccagg tctggaagca     36960
     attgagcatt tttgttactg ttcttgtgac acatcaccat ggaacagcct ctgcgcccag     37020
     ggctctcact gtggctctcc tctggtctct aggagaagta atttacagaa tagtcctgtc     37080
     cccaaacaat ttccgtgtgt aacgggagtt ttatgaggcc cttgggaaca cttctattct     37140
     gattcctggg aagtgttgac ccttcaaagt ttctttaaat gtgagaagag gtggggtctg     37200
     ttcagcgttt ttaatgcagt aaaagagact cgttcagact ttgtgctgct tggcgatctg     37260
     tgtcccatga gtcatctcct gggctcttag aggaagctgt tgagagctta catttaaaaa     37320
     tctcatggcg agcctgcctg ttgggtctct tagaatgaga aatttaaaaa tctaaccaac     37380
     tgtaaacctt tgagcagagc ctttttgatc ttgtaaccgt gaggccccca atgtacattg     37440
     caatagggtt ttataatacg tatcctactt cgttatgtgg taaatactga gagaaccaaa     37500
     caacaccgaa ttccttctaa gagatgaaaa tgggggtctg aaacttgagg catctttccc     37560
     agcatccaag aacagatctc ggggttgccg ttggttcttg gtagatttaa aacagttgcg     37620
     acaggcctct gtagctaaga agactcctgt gattaaaggg ctcagttctt ggttccttct     37680
     tgccaaatga aataccaccc atcacgacgt cggccatgta tgcctaaaaa gtatttttcg     37740
     atttacagag attaagtagg gcttccagaa atagcctctc cggacagata gtcagcattc     37800
     caaaaaggtg ggcaggaggg tgcgtgggtg agccatgggc aaaagggcag ttagtgggaa     37860
     ctatttttcc tctgaaagta gcagggtcaa gttttgcagc ctggcaggta aactcgggaa     37920
     tctgggtgag aaataagact cagaggtaag ctgagcttaa aaggccaagg aaagagttac     37980
     tgtttagttc aatcggtaat agacctacat acacggcatg cctgccacca gccatatctc     38040
     ttcctcctgt tctgacctca ggctagagcc cagggcttat caggtcccct cctctcctcc     38100
     aagttcttaa ccaaccacta ctcagaagcc aggcgttggt cttagccacc cagtgattgt     38160
     gagggttacg cagtggtact gatgatcctt ccgggaaggg catcctgaga ggctgacgtg     38220
     catcaatgcc aaccagtggt cccagtcatt tctgcaggac agtcgatgca cacacttgca     38280
     tgaggccctc gggtggctct gctgcctaca aaatgaagtc actgtgactt cagccctaac     38340
     tcttcattct cgtctgccat ttgtggaaga tggtggtgaa ctggttatcg gttccagata     38400
     ggaagtattc agtgatttcc ctctccctcc ttcaacccgc ccagatgtat gtggctcttc     38460
     ctcactcctt tgctcttctt gcaatcagct attaacatac tcctagcttt actgtgaatt     38520
     caaggaaggg ggcactctca gccatcataa atgtccagaa gcagcataat ataaataatt     38580
     taatagggtg atgaaaaatg tcagaacggg gcatgaggtc atacaccttt caccctggta     38640
     ctctggcaga ggcaggtgga tctctgggag ttaaagacca gctcggtctg catggcaaat     38700
     tccagaccag tgaggcctgc agagtaagac cctgtctgtt taaaaaaaat ctatctatct     38760
     acctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctac ctatctatat     38820
     gtgtgtgtgc ctgtgaataa tatatgtgca cttgattcct tggaaaggag ttacggatgg     38880
     ctgtgagatg aagtgtgggt gctgggaatc aaacctgggt cctctgcaag agcagtgagc     38940
     actcttaacc actgagccat ttctccggcc actagagagt ggtcctgtct ttgaaaataa     39000
     tataccctgc cattcttaca gatttgtttg tttgtttgct tgtttcattt ggtttggttt     39060
     tgagacaggg cttctttgtg tagactttgc tgtcctgaaa ctaccactgt agaccaggct     39120
     gaccttgaac tcacagagat ccacctgcct ctgcctccag agtacaggga ttaaatacat     39180
     gcatcaccac cattcagctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc tttctttctt     39240
     tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttcttaa tttttaaaaa     39300
     agatttattt atttcatgta tgtgactaca ctgttgttgt cttcagacac accagaagag     39360
     ggcatcagat cccattacag atggttgtga gccacgatgt ggttgctggg aattgaactc     39420
     agaacctctg gaagagcagt cagtgctctt acccactgag ccatctctct agtcccaacc     39480
     atccagcttt cttacagctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt     39540
     tctttctttc tttctttctt gttttttgag acagggtttc ttttacagct ttctttagag     39600
     ataaactttc acactccaga tctgtagcct gataaccatt ctgaggcctt ggtcactgct     39660
     acatctttta cgattgcact gaaatctaca tatcctataa atatttgaat acatttattt     39720
     tatataatat ttgtaacttg tttttatgtg tgtgttttaa ggaagtttgt ttgttttgtg     39780
     gggtttgctt gtgttgtttt taggtaggag gctctcacta tgtggctggc ctggactcac     39840
     agagatctct ctgcctttgc ctctgcctcc caggtgctag gattaaatgc atgaaccact     39900
     atagccagag tctatagctt gtgccgggac caacccacat gcaacttcca tgacaaattc     39960
     ttgaacagta ctgtggcagt ttgaatatgc ttcacccagg aagaggcact attaggagga     40020
     ggtgtgtcac tgtgggagtg ggctttgaga ccctcctcct agctgcctgg aagacagtag     40080
     tcctctttgc cttcacaaca agatgtagaa ctcttggctt cttctccagc acctatctag     40140
     atgctgccat gcttcctgtc attgatgata atcaactgaa cccctgaacc tataagccag     40200
     ccccaattaa atattgtcct ttataagagt taccttggtc atgatgtctg ttcttagcaa     40260
     tggaaacctt aactaagaca agcaccttgt caatgaacca agattggggc atagttaacc     40320
     ccaaaaggac ctgtaggctt tccatggaag ctcctaggag aatcacgatt gtttcacaca     40380
     tttaaacgtg tatgcagaaa ctcactgagt gttatattca gattctactg ttaaaaataa     40440
     ggttacacat gtgcacacac acacacacac acacacacag gcatgcatat atgtccttat     40500
     agacacacgg agacactcgc ccacacgtct tcatgaaaga ggatccctct tcttccaaat     40560
     agagaacatc aagaactcta gtactaattt tcccatcgtg cggtcaggcg atctggggct     40620
     cttgcatcta gtcagctctg gcagtttgtg cctagagaaa gctgtctggg aaagtcagag     40680
     ctgggggagg ggggtaagaa ccttgtgcca ctaaggacat gtcggccatg tcttcctcag     40740
     tttgtcttag gcatgctgct acctactgta caataagaac ctgatacaca tgcagctgat     40800
     gtgcattagt tgccactacg ccaagtgtta ttctagatgc aggacttgga gtcatgagtg     40860
     aatttctgag attttgttgc ctctggaatt ttccgctggg gttaaagcgt gggcgtataa     40920
     agtatctcaa gcttctccct gcatgttctg gatgtttccg tgagcttgga agatgacaag     40980
     cagtggggca ggccatatac cggtgcctgc cttgctctga gctctgagtt cagctcctgg     41040
     gaacaaaatt ctcactgctc tggtcctatt tccagaaact tcttagccag gttatcggtg     41100
     attctgagaa tgggatgtct aagcgctggg tctcccctgt cttttctctc tgtttagaaa     41160
     gggataaatg atagccgggc agtggtggtg cacgccttta atcccagcac tcgggaggca     41220
     gaggcaggcg gatttctgag ttcgaggcca gcctggtcta cagagtgagt tccaggacag     41280
     ccagggctac acagagaaac cctgtctcga aaagagagag agagagagga atgcaaatat     41340
     aagatctaag cccaggcttc tgctttccag cttcaggccc gatctgtaaa ctgatgaagt     41400
     ttgactaaag aaggacacaa tggcatttaa taagctaaag atgcaaattt aaagagaccg     41460
     tgaggatgcc aaagcttagg tctctgtcat atgggtatag atgctattag cctttaagcg     41520
     tcctaggata atggtgttag aaaattttcc actcttcttc aatttggaag tctgagagac     41580
     ctctggtggt gcaaacagtt attcctaatg tggtttccgt ctctgtctca ggaaaggagc     41640
     caatgtttgt ttttgttttg gtcctggttt tgggtactcc ggtgcactct attcttggca     41700
     ggggcagggc aggatgtgag ggtgctttgt gtccttggag gtgagtgtcc cttcctggga     41760
     acgctgccct tggagcacca ccgagattca agtattccct ggagtctgga atggctcagg     41820
     atgctttcct tcctctttct ggggtacagt tgacctctaa gctcatccac aaccctaccc     41880
     cacaaagtct aaaggaactc agccatgtcc tgtgctaagg aagtcctagg caggggctac     41940
     ttgattgcac agagctgacc ttaggcagca ggcaagccta ataatggagg gagactattt     42000
     taaagcactt cttacaaggt tggagagatg gcttgggggt gaagaacact ggctgctctt     42060
     tcagagagcc tgggtttggt tcccagcatc catctggcag ctaataatta taactaattc     42120
     tagaggccct ctatgccacc ttctggcctg tgcacataca cacatggact catgcacata     42180
     aaataaataa atgcttttta aagctctttg atgacctgga tattgcgtcc ttggaaatag     42240
     atggatgcta gtgttttgca ttcatcacta gtaagcacta aacaggaggg tgttttcttt     42300
     gttttacatt gcaagacttt cctaatagaa ctggctacac atagtaggtc aatatgtatt     42360
     atctactttg cggaaactga ggcccagaac ctagactaaa gttctttaaa ttagagagag     42420
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agatcttgct atatgatcca ggctggtctt     42480
     aacctactgg gcttaagcag ttcctcctgc ttcaacctct agactagctg ggaggtgtgc     42540
     accaccctgt ctcacctgct ccgtgtggct cttgactgta gagtcaaacc agaaagaaga     42600
     gccttgtact gccacttgca ctgtggtcat ttcttgccta agtttgacta gtttgaccct     42660
     ttggccaaac ctctggattc ctggttccac cctcaacacc atcactctac attgagcccc     42720
     acatttctaa gtcatgccca gttagtcttt atctaaacaa gtctctcttg agttagattt     42780
     catcagtcac agcagacttc ccctgtctcc ctcatggctg ggatactatc atcatggaca     42840
     taaggggcca ggaaggcaat ggtactcttt ggaaggactc tgtgaccatt aacaatggag     42900
     tctcagcctc cattacagaa gtgtggctta aagcagtgcc atcctggttt tgtcagagtg     42960
     atcatagttt gctcttcaga cacgagcttg tggtccagac acaggaaagg caggaggagg     43020
     gtgggagcca ctcctgggga agtaccatca gttggctgtt ttatcaacag taagccaagg     43080
     acagggatag ctggcccaag gccaagaatg catcagtgtg tgtgagtgcc agatgatgtg     43140
     tgtgctggga gattggaaca ttgtataggc aacagagcgg ggtacaaagc ctttggcttc     43200
     tgttcaactg tgtctgtgga aaaggagtga aggagaagcc tccgttctcc tctttggggt     43260
     accctaaccg tcgagaatca cactgaagtc tagaggtcag tgttttgtca tgctcattgt     43320
     tggcttaggg tcttagggtc tgtccggcca tcagcagcac atcctgagtg tcttctgaga     43380
     gccggaaacc atggtagcta ggcaccaggt gcacacaaat acaagactgg tcttgtatgg     43440
     ctctgtgggc tcgtgggata agcaaggtac aggaaaagga aaggaataca ctctccctat     43500
     tcatcaagtg tcagctgttt gttgttggtt tttttcgaga cagtgctgca ctgcataaca     43560
     cttgctggcc tggaatgttc tatatagacc aggctggcct caaagctgtg ttgattcctc     43620
     ctgcttctcc caaatgagtg cagagaatag gggagtatgc ttccacgcct gaccagtcag     43680
     ctttcaaaca tgttgcagtc tgaagggagg aagagaaagt aggagaggag gagagaaggg     43740
     gtaggaaggt caggaagaaa gaacaaacgt gctcccaccg agctgtgtgc tcccatctcc     43800
     cctctctgtt cacagccgag tctctcagga cagctgtctg caggcactgg cttcccatca     43860
     gacctgagct cagtcccgtt tagattcaac ccacatctcc ttcaccattg tcctggcaat     43920
     actcttgacc taccttcagt ctctagccag cctccagggt gggagttcct caccccgttc     43980
     tctctagggt accccttcaa caatcagatt gctcaactga tcactgaatt ctgggagcct     44040
     cttgcatgtt cttactctag tatgtcccca gctgaattct gtccttcctc tcagcatggc     44100
     tctcccaggt ctctttgtct cgcctcaggg cagaagccta aaagctaccc tgtatcctgc     44160
     cttctcccat ccatctgctg ctgccctttt cctaccccct ttgaaggctt aacatttctc     44220
     cacctctgct tctaccgtcc ccgtctgtgt gttggccgta ctgcagccag agtgatggat     44280
     ccaaaatgaa actctgctca tgtccagact ctttgagagg ctaaccagac ccagagatgc     44340
     ctaaagagat ggatcagggc tggaaagttg gctcagtggt taagagctct ggctggtctt     44400
     gcaaaggacc caggtccaat tcccagcacc cacatagcag ctcacaatcg tctgtagtat     44460
     tagttccagg gcatctgaca ccctcgcacg cacacatata caagcgggca gaacaccaaa     44520
     tgtatattaa aataaaataa atcgttagaa gaagaaagag aaacaggagc aggtgaaatg     44580
     acttcaggag gagcggaggg ggtcctgcgt tagacttcct tgcaagttgt gcaggaggtg     44640
     gaaatgcaga tgttatattc tgaggaggag gagggagaag gggaagggga ggagggggaa     44700
     gaagagccac tgaaggctct atagctgaag tgtgtatagc actgcctggt tcacattaca     44760
     gttgagatct cagagacagt tccttggaag ctgggcagac acaggatgga cctgcctgag     44820
     ctagggcatg gtgctctgga aagcctggct cctaggagct catccttggg taccctggcc     44880
     ctgaaggatc atgccaagct cctgccaggt cctgaccacc cactcccact catacttctg     44940
     gccctcagcc ccaaggagct tacattcccg cccttccctc taggctgcct gctaagttgg     45000
     atgttctcca tcctccattc tctctaaatc agaggcctca ttaacccgag gcctgctctg     45060
     gcctcccagc ccagggccca agtcacacat cagcagcagc tgtggtggtg gagaagccag     45120
     cagctcgacc ggccagccct gttcaacaga gaagatcagg caggccaaga ctggcttagt     45180
     gcctctggtg gaatgagcca ggtttgtgca cgggtctaca ccatctttat gatatcagac     45240
     cttgaattcc cttaggctaa ttatcaatcg tgattgccct ccccagagag gacatactct     45300
     agaacacaga ccccctatgc tgggatggta gtacaagttc ttaatcccag tgcttgagag     45360
     gtagagacgg gtggatgtct gtaagttcca ggacagccag ggatacacaa tgagacacca     45420
     tcttaaataa acaaagaaaa attatagact cctgtaacca agtgttctac caccgaacta     45480
     tatcccagag ccagacagta gactcaagtc aagcaaatgt ggtccgtgtc tctgccatct     45540
     gcctacagta gagctatggc gaacttactt ggccactctg tttctcattt cccacacctg     45600
     ttgaaatcag ggtagtaact gtactcatta cggagagttc ttgggcagag taaggaaatg     45660
     tgtgtacatt gcatagagta gtatctagtt gtgttaggtt tccatcgctg tgacaagatg     45720
     cctgaagaaa gcaatataag aggagaaaag cagggtttgg gccatggttt ggggaatttc     45780
     aggttcgttc cttctctcct gtgttgaggt agcatgaggg gcctcatgcc tcatcagggg     45840
     tgggagccaa aagcccaaca ttccctttaa gggcatgccc ctggtgacct aactgccctc     45900
     cactaggtcc cactctgtcc ctgttgtgcc aacctggaga acaagcctta aacacaagca     45960
     cctttgggaa gtaatccagg tctaggtgta gctctggcag attgccagga tcctgtcacc     46020
     cgttctgagg agattcccat ggcctaatct cagtgggatt aaatatgtca gacctctctc     46080
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctcaa agattgctaa     46140
     ggatgggctg ggcactcgag tccagcttct gggcttcaga ggggggattg gagagtttgg     46200
     gtctcagcag gactctctca gtgggactgg tttaaatcag ctagctgtgc tgtgcttccc     46260
     cataggggag gctgcgggga gctcaggagt tgctgggaag gaaacaatgt tgccagcagt     46320
     ttatctagtt gcagctgaga gccctgagag ggagctaggg acatcccgag catctcagaa     46380
     gtcctctgtc ttggctcttt ctgtaactaa ggtctgtgcg tggaggggaa gtgttgaaca     46440
     gccagcggag taggtcagag taggaggaga caccctggcc agccaggggc tcacaaggac     46500
     agcaagggtc aattacataa ctctagcctg tttgtcaaca gagaaccaga aggaatagta     46560
     tgtctccgga gagatttccc cttcctgttc aaagtcccaa atagagtcct gagtgtgtgt     46620
     ctgggcacag agtcagttca cctgagaaga ctgcacagtc tggcatcaga gtgtccagga     46680
     tgctggagtg cagaggcttc ctaagtctcc cttcccacag gcacagagga agagattatg     46740
     ggcattgcag gacagacaga cagacagacc gacaaacaga ctcacgcgcg catgtgtgtg     46800
     cacaaacaca cacacataca cacacactct ataccacaca aagctgccat cttggtactc     46860
     tattctcata acagttgctg gagaactcca cctctgccca aagtttcact cagatgcctg     46920
     gaacagaagt gagggcagac ttgaggtacc agggaattta cttggggtga accaggtccc     46980
     ccagctcaca tacgtcctac agttctttaa ccccttcctg tttatgtcac ctgttctgag     47040
     gctaagaggg actgtgaggc attgaaagct gaggtacagc tgtggcagag agggcatctg     47100
     aaggaagggt gacctcaacc ttgggctatg aggggagagg aggcacagcc atgggcaggt     47160
     agtgggtgcg tatacacacg agggtgagat gtttgggtgg agggaggtag gggagacctt     47220
     gaagagaaat gaagcaagca cccttccatt gctgagggcc atcttccctt cagccttccc     47280
     acggccagaa tggcctcccc gggaagggaa ccagtagatt ctaacactaa agaggagctg     47340
     gtttggggag aggtgatttg taaccccaag attgtgactt ctgtctgctt ggactcttcg     47400
     tagttgagtc cgggagggtg agagccattc tcagtttctc catagagatg gtcctctctt     47460
     ccctcaagcc cactgtcttc cagactcaga aagcccagcc tgtggtgaag tagaatgggg     47520
     gctgcctttc tgggcctgga actgagggca gttccttctt tgctgattca aaatgtatgt     47580
     gtatattcaa gtttggatac gtcaatgatg aggacaccag agaactcagg cggggcccaa     47640
     tgggcctttt gcgttgtcag ccactctgcc tagacttcct ggctgaggtt cagcagctcc     47700
     accaagctct ggtgctcaaa ggcagtgtag gtcctttgca ccccagcttg ggcgtggaca     47760
     ggtaacccgt gggaacttcc agctttggag gccttccatc aagttggcac gaagccgccc     47820
     tctagcatga cagcaacaat aggagtgagg aaggcggtgc ttaccgaatg ccaagcacgt     47880
     tgaagcctac aggtaggctt acctcacagg gctacctagt aaggagccgt ttctactagc     47940
     ctcacttaga aataaagagc caagacgtaa ggcagactag ggtacaggct agaatctgac     48000
     cccagaatcc tgccgaccgc tgcctcaaga tctagatgtt tcagtgtccc ctgcctgggt     48060
     catatgtctc ttcatggcca gccccaccct tgcttgtcct gagagtgatg tctctgtgat     48120
     cgtggagtag gcctagggag gctgggcagc gcctcctctc tgctcgggga cgcctgcagt     48180
     ccacagctct ccgctcttta ttccttccat ccttcaaggt ggtgctgccc cgctgtcagg     48240
     tcctctactt gtcttgtctc tgacacaatc accctgtttc ctaaagtcct cagtgtctgc     48300
     ctcatagctc tcccttctat ccaagcccca ctgtttgggg caggcatttc tgtctcattt     48360
     ccagggcacg ccatgggcca tagaccatgt cgcaggcttc ccttgcataa gggcaggtat     48420
     tttttagggc attgccatac agtgttattc ttactgacag gaaaggaaac acgttccagg     48480
     agtttagagc cttcttcaag gtcacagtgc acagggagga tttgaacttg gtctagccca     48540
     tgctcccttt actttctggg catcttcagc tcagccctgc agggcatctc acagaggccc     48600
     agccttggcc tcagtcgtct tctctctgcc aatctgcctg cgattcctga gtttccacac     48660
     ctctatttct ccccagagcg gtttccccaa acctccttct ttcagaagaa agctctgcaa     48720
     tcctcttgtt tccttcctgt cctgtcttgt ccagcttgcc tgtgggagat gtctgtgctc     48780
     acagccccac agtcttgcct gcctgcctgt tgggcctcgt cctgggaccc cattgatacc     48840
     ctccccctcc atcttctcca ccttcatgaa gcatcagtgc tgagcttcct ctcactgccc     48900
     cgcattgcct gtcaggccac tggctcccca actctagtcc aggcctctga atagccaata     48960
     ttctgtttag tagaaagagg cagggagact tggctgccag cccacacaag cactgtttgg     49020
     tgaattctgt agagctgaaa ttctgtataa acaagcacat ttacaacttc ctgttcattt     49080
     agctgccaat cattctgaca aaggaggtgc tgattgtaag ttacatgtgt agccattcct     49140
     ggcagtgcgc cactgtcctt aatattccct gtctgtgtga taaaaacata tttatgtatg     49200
     catgatatta aacaggcatc attgaattca gtgtcctttg tcttgatagc attgtaattt     49260
     ggtttgactt tttttaaaat tcatttattt atttatatga gtacactata tagctgtctt     49320
     cagacacact ggaggaaggc atatgatggt tgtgagccac catgtggttg ctggtaactg     49380
     aaccaggacc tctgggagaa cagtcagtgc tcttaacaac cgctgagcca tatctccagt     49440
     tcattgactc gacttttttt tttttttttt ttccctcgag acagggtttc tctgtgtagc     49500
     tctggctgtc ctggaactca ctttgtagac caggttggcc tcgaactcag aaatccgcct     49560
     ttctctgcaa cccaagtgct gggattaaag gcgtgcgcca ccaccgcccg gcttgacttg     49620
     acttttttat gaagagactt cactttaagt cctctgggcc ctgtaacact ggcaattgat     49680
     ggttttattg atcctgggag caggagccaa atgtcccttg tcactttaat acatgtgtgc     49740
     ctatggctag gagaggacat gggtgcacag atactaagat gtcaatggtg tctaagggca     49800
     gacattccaa taaggataca atgtatcaga tctgtaaggt tctgatgttg ggcaggttat     49860
     agtttctaat ggacactggg agactttgag tcaagatgac aggcagtagt ctcatgcctt     49920
     ctgctaccag tcactaccag tattactttg tggtactatg ttgcagatgc tggggcccag     49980
     cccacctccc tgggaaagat ccctattatt agttaggaac agcatccagt gtgaaggaca     50040
     cagtggggga tgccacatct tcgcctggtt acatttagct ttgtgtttga tgtgtggtgc     50100
     tggagatgga agcaaggctc tgagcatatt aggcaaaggc actaaaccac ctccttcgct     50160
     cttttgctgt ctttaaaagg cagtgagcag tcagatggcc accaaactat acctactaga     50220
     gtctccactg gggactagga tcccttaagg acatgagcat tggtgccctc cacaatgtca     50280
     tcaagtacag gccttggcag tccttcctca tctggttttc tttacgtttg ctttagaata     50340
     ctcaaataag gaggccaaaa ggccacatgt cgcagcctct cacctgttcc cagctctttc     50400
     tcaggtagac tgggctcttc gcactctcct ctacagctgc tatatttgct tgccaagtct     50460
     gagctacatt ggggatggga gatgcttcct ggacacttgt gactctgcta gatcttgttt     50520
     cctccaagag cctatggtgg tctgtcctgt gctatcttcc actgactctt gactcttgct     50580
     ctaggggctc tctctctctc tctttctctc tctctctttt aaagatttat ttatttatta     50640
     tatgtatgta aactgtagct atcctcagac acaccagcag aaggtgtcag ttctcattac     50700
     agatggttgt aaaccaccat gtagttgctg ggatttgaac tcaggacctt caaaagagca     50760
     gtcaatgttc ttaactgctg agccatctct tcagactccc taggtgctct cttgctcttt     50820
     ggatctagag tggccttggg ctgggtgttt ggagctctgg gaccctcaag gtatcagatg     50880
     tgctcacaaa caagtggggc ttccttgctg ctcagccctc gtggttgggg gtacagagct     50940
     ccaggcacca ctgctgagca tacccatttt acagcaagaa gacctttgca cgtagatgtg     51000
     tggtcaccag aaaatcaagg tctccttccc ttgaacacac acactgcacc ccaaacccac     51060
     ccatggagta atgcacagct ccaaaatgtc gatgctttgg gatactgttt gaagttgcat     51120
     gtggattgcc tttacagtgc tgccaaaacc agaggcagaa aggaagttag atctcagctt     51180
     acagttcctc aaactggaaa atacagcagc agccatgcct tctgtggctc agacgccctt     51240
     gctttctgga gggttgtgat gtgtgagcta ttggaggggg tcagagccat cttgtgcatt     51300
     gctctctggc ggaaccagct actcaggtaa ttgaggtgcg aggatccaag gcctgcctgg     51360
     aggattgtgt agattcaagg caggttgggc aacttagtaa atgcatgtct ctaagcagaa     51420
     aatgaaaaca gaaacttgcc ccctaaagta gaccctgaga ttaattttta aaaatatata     51480
     tgatgaatgg atagatatga taaagccaca cgtggtgcca actggtggag tatggtcaag     51540
     tgtctggtta ctcatgccgc agtctttacc ctttctgcac atttcccata aagaaatatc     51600
     agatgaaggt tgtctctagc cataaactac ctcaatttaa gctaggctct tgaccgatac     51660
     agtccctgga acaaaagtga ggggtttatg tatgttagat ccatttcatc tttgaagact     51720
     ccagtggggg ttagccattg ctcaggtccc aaagtagtgc tggtcacatg ctggtgggga     51780
     gacagttgtc atcctgaatt ccgtgtgact gtgaccttgt aagggtgtgt tcctgtggcg     51840
     gccacatcac atgccagcta ctgtgtggtg tgggccgcgc gttcctccgc ctcctctcag     51900
     cctgcctggc attcttccct ccccagtggc ctggccgtat gcctcagcac agcctgtgaa     51960
     atgtcctgtg gcttggagcc ccagagtgag tggagacact atgatatgaa ggagtgttgg     52020
     tacacaggga cactccagat ggtccccttc ctgtcgctgg tatgttgtgt gcactgcaga     52080
     gaagataagc cagaagaaga gggccaggaa gttgagtggc tatagcctct ctaaagttag     52140
     gtcctaacct atattgcgga gcagattcat cagtggccag gagcatgctg ggatccggtg     52200
     tcagaatagc caactccaaa atggaggtga attcactgct gagccccact gtgatgactt     52260
     ccaaagtcct gctctccagt cttgaactca cctgtgggtg gacactcagt acattcaatc     52320
     tcctgctttt cttgatgatg tcagccttag caacaggcac caaggaggaa gagacgctgc     52380
     taaaacagtc agcctttaaa atgagccact tagagagaga gtgagagaga gacagagaca     52440
     gagacagaga cagagtgttc agtggttaac aacacttgct gttattgctg aacaaactcc     52500
     aattcccagc acgcatgtca ggaggcttac aacagcctgc caagtccatc tctgagggct     52560
     gtgacaccct ctcttctgga ccagtggaca cacgtacatg tagctaccca gagagacaca     52620
     caaatgaaag tgagccttag gaagagtgag ccatttatag cacttcaaaa ttgagatccc     52680
     cagaggaccc agtatccatg cttttcagga cactcacgtt agttatgccc agctccaggc     52740
     agtgatgatg acactaccct tgaggcctac agaacctcga ggcaacgcct ccctgttcct     52800
     aacaacgaga taaaaacagc catacttctt cttgttttga ttggactgca tttgctaggg     52860
     atctagcaag cgaaagaaca agcaacaagt tgcagacaga cagcaaaacc atcatcaaac     52920
     tgggcccttt ggccatccaa cagaggtgac taggagagcc cagtagagag aacaagtgaa     52980
     cagcatccaa tctgttgctt acagcatccc cctgaaacaa gctggggaag gaaagccctg     53040
     ctgagacaga ttgctggggc tgccaaatca gagtcgcagg ccaagcagag tgcgttttgt     53100
     ggacgtgctt cagctccttc ccactgcagg cattcttaaa cctctgctgg agatggttaa     53160
     ccttccagtt ctcaagggca caatgtttat agtaccctta gctgtgtgcg attgcacggc     53220
     cagggggcta gcctgctcag gacagtttca gaggacattt ggaggagagc tgcttctgtc     53280
     ctcagagtct gcttttggca agcacatgac agttgcagta gaatttaatt tctattacac     53340
     ttcctccctg acagactggg gacaggaccc atccagcaag gagagcgagg ttgcccccag     53400
     taggctgtca tgatggctaa gcctgctgta ggagacagca gagtagttta gaccagatac     53460
     actgagctga ctgggctcta ctgcagctca ctgggtgacc ttctgtaagc tgtctcttct     53520
     atgagtcagt ttcattcaag agtgccttta gcggggaagg ggtgattaag atagggtttc     53580
     tctgtgtagc cctggctgtc ctggaactca ttctatagac caagctggcc tcaaactcag     53640
     aggtccacct gcctctgcct cccaagagtg gagattaaag gggtacggcg gcaccaccca     53700
     gtatcatgtc tcataaaatg aataatgcac ctgcctcgtg ggttactgtg agaatggatg     53760
     gagccgacgg caccacagtc agtgccaggt gtgaatacaa gtgagaacac ttgagtaccc     53820
     gtgagggctg aggctccaaa gccttccctc gctaccccca acccaccccc aaatgcgggg     53880
     cctcagggtc agagctggaa gtcaacatct tgctaggact caggaagtgt ggccggctgg     53940
     ctcggttttg cttgggcctg taacaaatca ccatatgttt tatgcattca agctgtcggg     54000
     aggtcagaaa gtccaagttt gtttcctctg gctgaagtca gggtgcctac gagttgtact     54060
     ccctcacatc cctggaggtg ctaggtctcc ccagttgctc ccttagagca aagtttcctt     54120
     gcatttcttg gttagcttgc aagccagctg cagagtgtct tgcttctgat gtcccctagc     54180
     ctccttctgt agtcatcccc aagcccctgg gggttctgtt gtatgaacct tgtaggtaga     54240
     tttggggccc aatcggaccg tccagaagag gctgctctgc ctaatctcat tggtagcttt     54300
     gcctcccgat attcagtttc tggtgtggac atattgggag actattttca cacatctatt     54360
     gaatcaggaa gcttttctgg ttttgtgcca cggcttggcc agggactgga ccatttaata     54420
     gcaacagtct ataccctgcc aggtcacgtg gattatcctg tggtctcatc aggcccttgc     54480
     tatgtctcag tctctgtagg attcctctcc ctggcacatg gcaggcactg gggggggggt     54540
     agggggagga tgtgtctatc atattgaaag accatcaggt cctgactgat gcatgtttgt     54600
     gtcctttcag gccatggaga gtgtcactgt ggagaatgca aatgccacgc aggttacatt     54660
     ggggacaatt gtaactgctc aacagacgtc agcacatgca gggccaagga tgggcagatc     54720
     tgcagtgacc gaggccgttg tgtctgtggg cagtgccagt gcacagagcc tggagccttt     54780
     ggggagacgt gtgagaagtg cccaacctgc ccggatgctt gcagctctaa gaggtaaggg     54840
     cctgctcttc caccctcaag cccaggtctg tctttcatca ggcagccctc cctagacagc     54900
     ctcttgtgct tgctgcctag cctctcccag ttatatacag cctgactgcc gaacagaact     54960
     tgtactaaca ttcgccaaag cactagctat gaaatgttgt catttggtgg ttgtggggag     55020
     gaagagagga tcggcaaagt taaaatagtc caccaaaaag ggacatcact gatccagtct     55080
     gagcaagttt agagattttg gagtgacagc agggaatgag acagacctgg tgctgggtcc     55140
     agatgaaaca gcaccttcag agccttgaac atgctatagc ttgctcaaaa aaaagggggg     55200
     ggggggaatg tggtgtgcat ccttctccga gtgactacgg tcctccacag agcatctccc     55260
     aaacaatgct tcatagatca ggcctgtggg aactgcggca ttaaacagac tgtaatcaaa     55320
     aggcaaatag gatggaaagg agccgaccta gatagggatg cctctagcga gcgtgggggc     55380
     tttggatttt tctgctctat ttatactgat aatagagcgg gacggatgta gaggttgtct     55440
     gggctacaga cactttggct cagcgctggg ccgggtcaca cagcctgatg actgtcctcc     55500
     gctttggagt gcaacaaagg tcagttgtaa gagtcaagcc acagtgatgc ctggagcaca     55560
     ggcatgcctg ctgttggctg tcagaacttg ctggataaca gctgtgtcat cattggagct     55620
     gaggagccag gcaggcagcg ggggaagtca ggcaccaagc agaaacaagt ggccatacag     55680
     gcagtgttac tccttggcgg aggagcacaa gtgtgtgatt ttcttttggc agatttcccc     55740
     ctgcaaatgt ctggccaggc tgataatgaa gtgagccgat gcgcgcagag cctgcagttg     55800
     tggctggtca gctgtgcttt tgagcactct gaatggcctg accctccctg gccatgtgcc     55860
     acagaaaacc ctgggctcgg gcagcagaac ctaccttcag atcgagagac aagataggca     55920
     gggagtggcc aggcaccatg cctgtgtgac tggaatcaca gccctagtca gcaggttgtg     55980
     gccaagggtc ttccccaccc ccaagggtct ccagccccca aggcttccag ccagtgttgc     56040
     tcccttctgc tgctcagggc acatgaggct catgcgagtg agcggagcta ggggagcaca     56100
     ctggagtcag taagagagga agcctcccct accttcctgt ggggttgtct tgggcagtta     56160
     aaaggcctca gggaaaggca agcgttagga aggcccagag atagggactg gcccttctca     56220
     tctatccctg gaccacactg acctctctct catggtctaa tgtaaacttg tttctttttc     56280
     ctcttccttc tctttctctt tacctacctt cctccctccc tccccttttt tcctaagttc     56340
     ttttgaccat ggaatcttag gccattttcc tactgttttc tgagaggttt tgaccacttt     56400
     ctttggtcgt tcatccctca agttctagaa ctaaccaaac acacccttca cttcggtgag     56460
     gtcacacccg gctccagctg attttagtta acatgccttg aacaaaaatc tctgtgagcg     56520
     agcggagcgg ctttttgtgt aaagggtcag acgtgcttgc ctatgtaact acagtgcgtt     56580
     ctcagctttc ccccagcaca gggggctcag ctctaggctg ctgtatccat gtgggttggt     56640
     ggagggtgtc ctagaggtga cctggagttg tgatgcagca gcgtgtctga gggaagctgt     56700
     ggattccagc cagccggaag caggcatcct gtgtcaatcg gaaggtccag caagcatgaa     56760
     tgaccagaga tgggaccacc ccttcctggc cgctggccaa gcctgcctac cctgagggga     56820
     ggggcggggg gagaagggac catacaagat gggagatagt tatgagccgt actgcctagc     56880
     tgcaactcta tggagtatct gcgtaagatc agcccaggag aggaggattt gccaccagct     56940
     ctggaacagc tagactccta agcatatcag tgtcctcttg agaaagtcgt ggccctctct     57000
     cttcatgatc tacccactgt ccagtccttg ttggtgtcca gaaggtggtt cagagcatgt     57060
     ctgggaggca agactccagg aggggccctg atctgcttct cctaggcctt tcctctggaa     57120
     agtagctcta ctgtgatggc gctccctcct gccccgaggt caaggtgccc agctcctgtt     57180
     ttgatccccc atcggttttg tggggatacc catcacttta gtgttagggt accttccctg     57240
     cttaaccccc tctcatgtct ttagacctct gagtgccact ttcccagagt cccctgtgtt     57300
     gcttgacact actaactctg ccctgaagtt tgcttgtccc acggcacaac cctggtcttc     57360
     ccaaggaggc agggaccttt tctctcttac agattttttt ggggggaggg ggtgagacag     57420
     ggtttctctg tgtagtcctg gctgtcctgg aactcactct gtagaccagg ctggcctcga     57480
     actcagaaat ccacctgcct ctgcctccca aatgctggga ttaaaagcgt gcgccgccac     57540
     cacccggttt cttacagatt ttaacagcag ctttggtggt ttctttttgt ttccttgtgt     57600
     ttcctagaga aggtctctgt tataagatgt accagcttta gtgtagacta tcaccacata     57660
     agtggccagt gtgccctgaa ggacactgac aggtgaactc tgtgtgcgga tggggttgga     57720
     gcccagggta cccagacact ggcatcaggt tcttcccagc accagaactg ccaggaagcc     57780
     ccaccctaga ggtcagctct tagggttgca gttgggccca ggcattgcgg ctcactgagc     57840
     cttgtccaga gactgacaga tggggatcct gaagtaacac agggcttcaa acactggacc     57900
     catgagtgca gaggctcctc catgggccag gagtaacttt tatgccctgg aaacctcttc     57960
     cacagagctg actcctcggc cagttcactg tagtagggtg cagatggatt tggcttggtt     58020
     cctgctgtca gcattgggaa tgtctgcagg tggcaaattg accagtatac cagatacatc     58080
     tctaagctct gagaccctag agcttccttt taacaccagc atgatgtcac gggcatcatg     58140
     cccccatagt cagacttaca gagtacagct gagcctttgg gaccacgtac agcggctaac     58200
     gacgaccacc ttgatttttc tcagagactg tgtcgaatgc ttgctacttc accaggggaa     58260
     acctgacaac cagacctgcc accaccagtg caaagatgag gtgatcacgt gggtagacac     58320
     catcggtgag tgccctgcag aactatggac agctgtctct ctggatcttg tcaggcatct     58380
     aggatttttt tccttcccta gggagtgaat ggtctcagcc ttgagtttag cctggtgtag     58440
     cttccttggc acgattgctg gctccccaag gggaccctgg ggtgaggcgc ttgcatgtta     58500
     ttggcaggac tcttagtttg gaggctgccc aaaaggctgc ccatagaatc agcacacagc     58560
     catgacctga agatttgggg ctggttttta tgtaaatgat tatggtgttg attgtaatgg     58620
     tcattaactg atgaatggta aagcaaatgt atcatatgta tccataatgg gatattatct     58680
     taccacaaaa caacgaggca gagcactggt attataatgt gtacgagcct ccaaaatatt     58740
     gggctaagta aagaagctag ggagaaaaag aacatagata ttaaacaatg tctacagtag     58800
     gcaatgccaa ttgagaaaga ctaggaagag gggacgtgag attgaatgga gacagcagat     58860
     ggagacattt ttgggtggtg gtacaacatt gtgagtttcc taaattggcc acattttgaa     58920
     atgattaagc agttcctaag ggactgcata tctgaagaga gaaatttcaa ccaaggctcg     58980
     ccagtactag cagacttgcc ctctgccatg acccccagct gctgtaaact cccggccctg     59040
     gctttgtctg cctcggtcct ggagtctctc tttatagatt cttgcttcct cttccctggt     59100
     tttgatggac tgcttggccc ggtcacatag cattgatgtc tgctgagtct gtttatctca     59160
     cgaacattca gtgagcgttt accatgtggc cagcctcctg ccagactctg gggagttggg     59220
     aattctttgc agcccctcac atcccagcct tttgctcttt ccatggcttg ctctccaggg     59280
     ccttggctga gctctttttt catgaagcac atgtagtgag gaaagaaggg ttcccttccc     59340
     acctcccaca aacaagcctg tcctatgtgg gacagcttct tcctaccaga cccaccacga     59400
     ggtatctgca gagaagtatg cgtctaagtt accgtctgcc cctagacagg ctttccttct     59460
     ttccttattt atttacttgt ttgtttgctt gcttctttac ttattttcaa ggcaaggtct     59520
     cactatggga gtcctggctg acctggaagt cactatgtag actgagctgg cctccagctc     59580
     acagagaccc acccgtctct gcctcatggg tgccaggatt aaagctgtgc accaccatgc     59640
     ccagccttat tattttgttc ctatttttat atttttctca ctatatatcc cacttcaaag     59700
     tttctgtcct cctgtctcag actcccaagt actgggatta taattgggtg ccgtggcatc     59760
     cagttcttcc ttgtgctttt aaaaatacgc tctcactaag tctgaggggg actgagaaaa     59820
     cagttgggcc atcatgtttg ggaaccacgc caggtgtcca tctacttcct agctgaagcg     59880
     cctgttgaaa agataggaaa ggaaacacat ttagtgtcgc agcattgacc tgtggctgtg     59940
     gtttgggatg cttgtacccc tacggcctaa cttccctttc tccaacctct ttgcctccta     60000
     aagatcagtc ccttttctgg ggtcctggta cctggacagg acagggtcga gggcagtgtg     60060
     gggagagagg aggattatga cagccaagga aggggtttgt caggagtgag acctgttata     60120
     cacagagctg gccctttaat ggcctgatct ctgacagtgt ggagcgccac cacacagcag     60180
     cctttcatcc tcaaagcctc gcaccttgag ttctagctct caaggaagag cgacctctgg     60240
     tcctctttag tcaactcagt ccggcagact gggccaggtt ccaaaagcag tcactcactc     60300
     aggcctgcag catccagttc tgttcaaccg tgtccactcc taaccattgg agacttcttt     60360
     tatttcatgt caccactagc caacacttca gagggttgac aatcctgatg ggatccacat     60420
     gtccccaaat caataagctc agccctgggt ctgtgatctt ggtgttagaa atctgagctc     60480
     gttttaaagc cctgtggcct cttggagtct cccatctttt cctgcggggc ttggcttcca     60540
     accccatcca tgagtggttc tagtgctacc cagagagatg cttagggtgt ctctgcttgc     60600
     ttctctccta gtcaaagatg accaggaggc tgtgctttgc ttctacaaaa ctgctaagga     60660
     ctgcgttatg atgttcagct acacagaact gcccaatggg aggtccaact tgacggtcct     60720
     ccgggagcca ggtacgtgag agtctgaggg accatcctcg gccctgtttc ttgtgccagt     60780
     ccctttgtgg tggtgcaagc ctgtgaaccc agcactctgg aaggtaaaga cggggagatg     60840
     agagattcaa gccatttaaa ggccagtctg ggctacttga gactccatct caaagtacgt     60900
     gtgtggagca cactagcaga gcgctgaggc tggggcagtg gggctttggg aacgatgctg     60960
     tgggggctta ctgtggagga aacctcgagt actgagttaa agggttttgc aaggtgcaag     61020
     gcagctgctc caccagggca gctagggggt ccgttaagtt gaggattatc cagtccgtct     61080
     gactgctgct attttcccca gtggagattc caagggcaga tggagctctg ggcctagctt     61140
     tcctccctgc cgcctgctca gtaccaacaa ttctatcttg tgtttgttct gggcaccagg     61200
     actaacgcct gggcctcaaa gtgactggga ctccagccat ttcagttttt ggattggagg     61260
     agggagtaga aaaaggtttg tagagtccag gtcgcagagc ccaatttgca agttgagccc     61320
     aatgccccaa acactgtaat gccttcctag gccagagaca ggaagtgtag catcaaccca     61380
     gggcgcttgc ctgtggcttt gaggccttgc tttcaagccc tatctttgct tagaaataag     61440
     cacatttact ccttagcgct ctttgctaag ggctcagaaa tgcttgacct cagaccaggc     61500
     ctttcggaaa tggtgcatgc tacctcctgc ctgcctggtt tgttcctgaa gcctcctgcc     61560
     ctggaggtgg gctaggcttg agcctctggg acacagccca atagaggtat agccattgat     61620
     caggggcctc atttctgtca cggcttggct gtgtgacctt gaaacagtga ctgaattctc     61680
     tgactctgtc tgttccttgg ggagacctag ctcagctttc agtctcactg aggcaacatg     61740
     aagggggaat ggacagaagg gagggagcaa cttttcacct cggacataac caggatgcta     61800
     acggctctgc ccacccgtct cctggtccct tccagaatgt ggaagtgccc ccaatgccat     61860
     gaccatcctg ctggctgtgg ttggcagcat cctcctgatt gggatggcac tcctggccat     61920
     ctggaagctg ctcgtcacca tccacgaccg ccgagagttt gccaagttcc aaagtgagcg     61980
     ctccagggcc cgttatgaaa tggtaagagg gggtggttaa aaaagaggtt gctggcttag     62040
     agccagggtc aaaggctaaa aacaatcaat caaacaaaca aaaaaaagag ctaggtgtgg     62100
     tagtattcac ctataatccc agctgctttg gaggctgaga caggagtttg aagttcaaag     62160
     cttagcctgg gttacttacc aagcccttgt ctggaaataa atgaccaaat tttgagtgta     62220
     gttcagtggt agtgtgcttg cctagcatgc gcagggctct gggctcaatc ctcagtatca     62280
     cagagcaaac aaaccgacct accaacaatg aagagtcaac accttcagta ctgaatagga     62340
     gaattacaca cctggaagac tcgaggggcg tgcagatcct ggtgcatgtt gggactgctg     62400
     agggtgaagc gccagaggca ggctcagtgg ggagttggac agacacagag acggaaccca     62460
     agaaaaaagc tcgagctctc aggcctggtt ggatggtcac atgagcaagc cctctgcccc     62520
     gggcacacgc aggctcagaa cagagctcag gggaagtacc cctgactccc cagagttaag     62580
     agtctgtctg ttcaggttcc aggggacttc tggggctttc tgcctaagcc ctgtattcca     62640
     cagatgaaaa gtaagagctc agagaaggaa agggattccc ccagagcaca gaacaagtca     62700
     gaagcaggca tccctgcagg tgctggacgg gcctgaggct gaactaacac gtgtgctctc     62760
     ctctcttgtg ctcgcaggcc tcaaaccccc tgtacagaaa gcccatctcc acacacactg     62820
     tcgatttcgc cttcaacaag ttcaacaaat cctacaatgg ctcagtggac tgaggctcct     62880
     ggatggctgg agggggacta aggatgaaga ctctggcgtg ccttggactt cctggaccat     62940
     ttgctcacgc tagctaggca cgcacggata atggagatgc cctccattga gccctaaggg     63000
     acctggtagc cacacagcgg gccacaggca cttggggcca cttccctcca agccagggaa     63060
     agcaaggaga ctctggtgtt ctcagcttcc cctctgccgc ctccagcttg ctgtctccat     63120
     gaacctctga aggcctggct gccctcttcc ctgctgggcc agacaagaag gtatccggaa     63180
     gagtctgtgt gtacaaagct agcgcgcagc ctggcttttt ccagttgatc gttttttttt     63240
     ctatgaaata aaaaggtcac gcatttatgg tgtagatctg attactggtt ccctgagggc     63300
     tgtctgcctg gcatctgtgg gtgttggtag aattggggag ttgcctgttg aaagtacatg     63360
     ccttgcaaat gttaggtttt gccctccggt ctgtgtttgt ttagtgcttt tgtaatgaaa     63420
     aggaaagact gggaatgaaa aagtaaggat ggaaaccaag caactttgtg ttggctttgt     63480
     acattcgggc atgcgcctcc ttttctgagc ggtcttgagt agccccagta gagactggca     63540
     tgtccataca ctttatcagg gacaggactt gaaccagacc aatactctgg agctgggctc     63600
     cctgatgtgc gtgggtaatt acggtgctga gcaggtacca ttgggcctcc ctggttttgc     63660
     ttagagttct agatagacac tgtccagacc acacgtgttt cccacctatg ttctgcatta     63720
     gtaaagctag gcaggaatag atggtgcaga tgccagtgag tggaggggcg tggcttccac     63780
     acgaagtgtt tcttatgctg tgtgtactgg ctggttttgt gtgtcaactt gacatgagct     63840
     ggagctatca caaagaagcc tcccttgagg aaatgcctcc gtgagatcca gctgtaaggc     63900
     attttcttaa ttagtgatca agggcagagg gcccattgtg ggtgggacca tccctgggtt     63960
     ggtagtcctg ggttttataa gaaagcaagc tgagcaagcc aggggaagta gtgcagtaag     64020
     cagcatccct ccatgacctc tgcatcagct cctgcctcca agttcctgcc ctgtgcgagt     64080
     tcctattctg acttcctttg gtgatgaata gtaatgtggg agtataaact gaataaaccc     64140
     ttttctcccc aaattgcttc ttggtcacga tgtttgtaca ggaatataga ctctaagaca     64200
     ctgaccaaca ccttccttca tcgagccctt acatcctacc caggcccaga gcctgagttc     64260
     atctcagcta ctgtttcctg cagagccatt actctcttta gattcccttc agagataagt     64320
     ggctcccagt agcctcctga cccattgctt tgagtataga agagtaggta ggctctggaa     64380
     agggaagtgg cttgctgagg gtcaggcgag ctgaggccct tgtgatgcta agccctgggc     64440
     tcacaatgtc tcactcatta atgttctgct tttgaaaaat tgattttttt aaaaaattat     64500
     gagtgtttag cttgcctgtg tgtctgaaca caacacgtgt gtctggtacc cacagaggcc     64560
     agaagagggc gttaaatttg gtccctggga actagagtta cactctgttg tgagccatca     64620
     tgtgtgttct ggagactgaa cctggatcct gcgcaagagg agtcagtaat cttaacagtt     64680
     gagcatctca gccgctcgct aaaggtttct gtcacagcaa cacttcaagc ctaggctgag     64740
     cattggacca aatttctctt ttgtgattgg cctgctttag ggtgagtgct gactgtgtgg     64800
     gacaaagaga accgatttct gagtgttctt cctcttgtgg aacttggaga ccataagtcc     64860
     ctttacaaat atataagaca ataaaatgat ggctttgaga ctctctaaag ggggggggag     64920
     gaggaggagg agggggggag gaggaggtgg tgaatgaccg tggaaaaact tagcttttct     64980
     tctaacgtgt tcaaatcacg ttttctatag gcagtactgt gagcacttga cactcttcag     65040
     ccacagacta acacacaggg ttaccactcc tcatttccac ccaatgccta ggttattagg     65100
     tgtgttttca cagtgacacc aagaggaaga catgcctagt ggtgtcctgc tgccccctgc     65160
     tggaagttct tgacataagc tgggatactg tggcccaaga tgaccaacca tgatttcctc     65220
     attcctaggg ttagttgcat aatgagccaa aagtggtgac aatgccctct actacaaatg     65280
     cctcatcttg cacaacctgg tcccatagac atacacgaat tatttggggc agggataggt     65340
     ttgccacagc atacatgaag acaactttgt ggagttggtt cttccatcct tttgtaggtt     65400
     ccagtattga actctggtag gttcaatgtt gaactcaagt ccacaggctt acaacgtaag     65460
     tggcttcacg cactattctc ttggtggctc tactggtttg gtttgttggg gcatgacctc     65520
     agtctatagc tcagactttc cttagaacta tgtagcccag gctggtcttg aactcaccta     65580
     agtcctcttc ccaacctcga gtgctgggat tccaggtgtg cattaccatg ccaggatcag     65640
     atctcataat ttaaaaatta taaagcaagc actttactga ctggtctgac cacttggctt     65700
     ttgtatttta ttgattgtct tgaatgattt tttttttcta actaaaaaaa ttcttacgga     65760
     acaaaatagg agataggaaa aaaaaaagtt tttgcatcta agttagaacc tttgaatttt     65820
     aggtcccaag acaaaaccgt cttgttctgg tatgtaggga tggagacctg gcagatctag     65880
     caggggttcc cttctacaga gaccatttgt gtcctgtgca gtcacaatgc tccttcccct     65940
     gggcagggtg ctttcctgcc atggcactga cagtcacaga tgttgctgcc ttgctttctt     66000
     ccctagcacc agatttcctc tgcaactgct gctttcttcc cttggttctg tacacttcga     66060
     ggggacaaaa gcgttttaag gcaaaaaccc tcactccagg atctccatgg actaggttag     66120
     acaaccactt atgatctgtc catcaaatgg atgggcactg aaggacggag aagggaactt     66180
     tttttttttt tttttttgag acagggtttc tctgtgtagc cctggatgtc ctggaactca     66240
     ctttgtagac caggttggcc ttaaaatcag aaatccgcct gcctctgcct cccaagtgct     66300
     gggattaaag gcgtgcgcca ccatgcctag ctgggaactt ttttttgttt aagacagtct     66360
     tgcattgtag ccctccaatt tgctgactaa gcctctaagt gctgccaggg tgagctgctg     66420
     tgcctttttt ttatggacag tgtagcctta agttgctaga actcatgatt actagggtta     66480
     taggtatgag acactatgcc ttgtaggagg gaaaagtcag gccagccagg gccactatag     66540
     agaaacctta tctgaatgaa agagaaaggg gtggggggaa aggaagaaaa gaaaaacaag     66600
     tgaaagaagt accagagagg gacagaatgg aggtggtgtt aggccaatga ctggtgacct     66660
     ccctcggacc ctcgtgtaga gttaatcaca gtggcttttg ccatttgctt tcagagtttc     66720
     acgtttggta aatccactaa tgaagacagg caatggcggc acacaccttt agacctggca     66780
     ctcaggaggc aggggcaggt gaatctctgg ttcgagacca gcctagtcta cagagttgca     66840
     gaacagccag ggctacacag aatctctgcc tcaaaacaaa ccaatctaat gaaggagcat     66900
     gctggcttta tgtagcacaa agccagggct atttttgaca ccaaaagctt tgaaccaagg     66960
     aaacatgttc cttaaggtta caaaatggtg tccacaaaac agaaatgcaa acccaaacca     67020
     ctcactgcct agatcttaca ggctttaaac aatttgtgtg tatgtatata tactgaaacc     67080
     tgaaaatacc aggcatgctt ttagacagtg aagctctatg gtgaaccttg caaaatctga     67140
     agttggctcc tattagagac cccaccctgc ttggtctggt ctaataagga tagtgagaac     67200
     ctgagtttgt ttttctaaca taggaaacgt tgactctgtg tttgtgtatg caagtgtgtc     67260
     taggccagag gttggcacca ggtgtcttat ttgctctcca tcttgtattt gtgtatggag     67320
     tggggtgcca tgacttgcac atgagagtca gagcatccat gggtattggt tcttacttaa     67380
     ctatgtagat tccggggatt aaactatggt tgtcaggatt gagaggacag cattacctgt     67440
     ttgtccattc actttcgttt tttgagacag ggtctactat ttaaactcgg ctggccttta     67500
     acatagagtc ccacctgctt ctgcttcctg agtgcttccc accttattat tttggagaca     67560
     tggtctctca cagaacctgg ggctcgccga tttggctaca gtaactggcg actgagctgc     67620
     agggatctgt ggttcctttt gtgcatgtct ggtatgtgca ctgatgtgca gtggctgctg     67680
     gctcttccat ggatgctggg gatctgagct caggcttccc agcttacaca caggcaagca     67740
     ctaaccagct ggaaatctga gaatgttttt tcccctcaag tcgcttggtt ttggtctgaa     67800
     caaattctgt aagattggtc caaatctaat cggcaacagc agcctttaaa atcttttttt     67860
     catgttaaag tttttgggct atggatgttt tgctcgatgt atgtctaggg cctcgaatcc     67920
     ccctgggtct gtagttaaac aggctgagtt gccaagtgtg ctgggaattg aacctgggtc     67980
     ctctggaaga acagcaagtg ctttcaacta ctgagccact tctccagtcc atatagtggc     68040
     ccctttaatg catatatatg tatgcctgaa ttagggaaac aaaaccagta tttgaaaaga     68100
     attctgcctg gcgtggtagc atagaccttt aatcccagga ctcaagtggc taaggtaggc     68160
     agttggctaa gagttctaag ccagctagtt ccagccaggg ctatagcaac agataatcca     68220
     gtgtgaagta tgtatcactg tgaagggccg ggatagctac ttgtcccttc cttgtgttta     68280
     aagtttccat tgttagaagt gctgtaccac agtacctttc attggagcaa agtgaaatga     68340
     attctagcaa cagtacgcca acttctctga aattgctgag atgaggccgt ttggtataca     68400
     cacctgtaat cctcaccttg tgaatccaaa gcaaggctga gctaacatga caaaattatt     68460
     tctcaaaaaa ataaccttgg agctggagag atagctccgt ggttgagagc accctctgtt     68520
     cttccagaag tcctgagttc aattcccagc aaccacatga tggttcacaa ccatatataa     68580
     tgagatctga tgccctcttc tggtttatct aaagacagct acagtgtggt catatacata     68640
     aaataaatag atctctttaa aaaaaaataa ccttgccaaa gagttattgc caatgtgtat     68700
     catcatatca agcccccgat cctgagactc ctcccaaaac ttacagaggt ctattcttac     68760
     actcattctt agtgtttcta ctgtgaccaa aagcatcttg tgaagggaag gggttcactt     68820
     cagcatgcga tcctcaggtc acactgaagt ccgagcaagg aacctaatgc gagagctgaa     68880
     gcagaggcag gagactacag aggatgttct tattggcttg cttagccttt atataattca     68940
     agactatgtg aataggggtg tcactgccca ttgtggactg ggctcttcca cctcacagga     69000
     ttattaaaca agaaaatgcc ctcacaggag tgtccatagt gcaatcttgg cacactgatg     69060
     gaccgccaaa gaggaactca ggagtttaaa gaggaactta caagaggaac tcataaaact     69120
     gccaccttca gtaggacata aatattttct catgatagtt tgttttttgc ttataggaag     69180
     gccattgtga caggagcaga taagatgcca ctggggagca tcttatttat ggagtaaaca     69240
     ttggagacat ctccagtgac aaaaccattt tcttgggtaa attatgtagc tgttaattat     69300
     gaaactgcca tgcccagcca tctggaaaag cagacagcat ttaacattat ttttgatgaa     69360
     ctgatttggc caagggtact gttgttagtt ttaatgggtg gaatagtaag tcgtcctcaa     69420
     gaggactttg tttcctattt ccccaaatac tgatctgagt taacagtgta gaacttaatg     69480
     catttttcct tttggttcct aaaagcctgc tctaaagagc gtgtgtgtgc acttaacttc     69540
     agggtctcag tttaggtctg catcttacaa ctcctggacc ttggactcct ggaaccacat     69600
     agctgttgga gactatgact aagctaaagc ctagaaggga agttccatta gctcctgaca     69660
     gcttttctca gacattagct caaacccacc tgaggctcat gccttgttat gcttttactc     69720
     gatgggacca tgctgcagtc ggactccttc aagcacgtgc tattgctact ttgattccac     69780
     tttactacag gatgcaccat tacttgctga gtgtatgcag ttgctaatct tatagatgtg     69840
     tagaccgggt gctgtactga ctcagtgcta aggaagttag caggctacat actctcagac     69900
     cattctgtct ggcgctcacc agttatctca agtctagact atttacatac agctgtctgt     69960
     gagtgctaaa ggatctttcc ttttggcagg aataagactt aaggtaccac tgatgatgtg     70020
     tggagggcag aaactagggt ggtggtgctt tgctcagtaa gcatgcggac cacaggggca     70080
     actggttcaa gtttacgggg gctgtgaatt ccacttgcaa tggacacggc taagttctat     70140
     gtgttaaaga gcggtcagat cacactgtag gaggcaccca atttctcagt ctgtgagcaa     70200
     atatttctgt actaaaattt tccctcttag cactggcaaa gactgtcttt gtaaagtaaa     70260
     ggtgcattgt atcacatgca tgtagcccct ggaagctata agaggaaact ggatcccctg     70320
     gaattggagt tacagatggt tttgagacac aatgtgggtg ctgggaacca catgctgatc     70380
     ctacataaga ggaacagtgc tcttaaccac tgagccattc actatgagcc cccaggttat     70440
     tagcaaacac acaatgacag tggggaactg gtactgccgt tctctcttgg atacagaggc     70500
     ggcaagagga agctgtgcct gactttctac actgactgct gagtagaatg aactagaact     70560
     cctgctccac gaaaggatcc agcttcatgg cactgaagga ggtaagcggc taacattaga     70620
     tgtgtgtgac taagtcacac tggaactaaa agaattaagc agtatagccc aaggaatctg     70680
     aaaggtggca gctgccaaac aaataccagt cttgagaaag ctttcaaaag ggctgctcat     70740
     tacagtacca atgcagtgat tacaagttag accatgatac aatgctgcag agtctctctt     70800
     cacagaccct gtgcagggcc ctgagcactg gtctctgaag ccagcggctt ttgggatacc     70860
     acccattttc agtgtcttct gtctcactga acagcaagcc tactcagata tgcctcccag     70920
     gcagccttcc tgtacatctc agctgcttct aggcggttag ccgctgcaag tattccccgg     70980
     cctacaatga tgacatcaga accgcgtttc ccgatcactt cttggggact attgtactgc     71040
     tggccaaggt gatcccctgc ggagaaacaa aagctattta acatgatgca aactcaggaa     71100
     gccatacaaa gtgtccagag agcatttact atataataca ccttattatc cataaccatt     71160
     tctactataa tcccaccaag ttctcagccc cctaatcctt tgtttttgga aacaatgtaa     71220
     accaagctgg ccttgaactc agaaatttgc ctgcctccct aatgccagta ttaaaggcat     71280
     gtggatactt ggatatgact tattaataat atctgctgtt ctagagatat tatgttaaat     71340
     ggatttgatg ccttcaatct ttaaaggcct aggttctaat gtgctatcta gtgaaagaat     71400
     tgcaggtatt ctgaatatag cagtcaaacg cagcttgctt tgttgaggga ctatgctaaa     71460
     tagatataat attcatacca tccccatgcc tcccactatc ttaaggtcag tgctataaat     71520
     ccctacattt tacagattaa gaagatgaga ttaaaagtag tttactctga ggctgggcat     71580
     ggtagtgcac acctttagtc ctagcactag ggcggcagaa gcaggcggat ctcttgagtt     71640
     tgaggccacc cggatctaca ttttagttcc agggcagcca gagctaaaat agagagatcc     71700
     catctcaaaa aaaacaagtt gcttagtgtc tgggctggag ctcagtgtgc cgactatgtg     71760
     caaagcctta ctttagtcag ctgggaatgg tggcatatgc actcagtcat tcgagaccag     71820
     cctatgctac acaagaaaaa aaagccaggt atggttgtgc acacctttaa tcccagcaac     71880
     agcgaggcag gagaatctct tgagttcaag gcagtctggt ctacatagag agttccagga     71940
     caaaatagag atcctgtcta aagcaaaacc aggatacaca gaatggaagg acaaagaact     72000
     cagatctttt caactgcagt ttaaaaagtt actgagaggg actggtgaga tggctcagca     72060
     gttaagagcg ccaactgctc ttctgaagat cgtgagttca aatcccagca accacatggt     72120
     ggctcacaac catctgtaat gagatccgat gccctcttct agggtgtctg aagacagctt     72180
     cagtgtactt acatataata aataaacaag tcttaaaaaa aaaaagttac tgagagttgt     72240
     tgacttccaa ggccacttag tctgtggagg tctatctact ccataatgtg caaaatttga     72300
     gactgtttta agtaactcca aacaaaaggc agtgcttttc cccctcaaca tgggaaatac     72360
     tatgattcct agaaatactc aacagacaca aaacactgcc agctgagcta cacccctgag     72420
     ccatgaccaa tccagctcta gggagcccaa cctttacctg ttctacagga cagttacact     72480
     cttgttggct ggcagaggcg aggtactgga gactaaagcc ttgtgtcagc taagcacaca     72540
     ccatttagaa ctacatccag cccttatccg tgcctggttt tacatcctgg cttgctccct     72600
     tacaactgca tatgagatgg ttacaagttt aagaaccaca gccaggcact ggcacagcaa     72660
     agttgctgac aatctgttta gtttagagtt ttccagacct gctggaacat agaatgcttc     72720
     ctcagagcac caaatagaaa atgctaaccc aaaatatcag gtttctagcc agaatgacgg     72780
     cacatgcctt tagccacaac acttgggagg cagagttaaa ttaagcagat ctctccacgt     72840
     tccatctcaa aagtagtctt caatcctaaa attaaactgt cttacacagt acacactatt     72900
     accaggtcaa aaggctcacc cattggtcta gatcagtggt tctcaacctt cctaatgcta     72960
     gaaatgctga ccctgccccc aaccataaaa ctatttcatt gctactccat aactgatatg     73020
     tgaccttcct cctctaaaag gggttggacc cacaggttga gaactgtcgc cctagactaa     73080
     gacaacacca ccaccacagt ttacaatgtg ttaccctgcc tgacatggat aaggaaatga     73140
     gtttggaaga gccacagcta tgagcatcct tacctcctgt ttctaactga actcctgggg     73200
     tcaagtgaag aaactctggt ttcatgctta ctcgggagcc agaaatgaag ccaatgacaa     73260
     attcacagtg ctcctcagcc atcccgacct aaatgggaca cagtgggcag tattacaaga     73320
     acacaagaac acaactaagg ttctgagatg acccccttcg cccaaggagc catgcctgag     73380
     aagatctgac agagcaagta tcagacaaga tgctgtatag ttcttccttt aacaatgcct     73440
     aatggctcac ctacttggaa ggatttgagg tgtgtaccat catagacaaa acagccacac     73500
     cttcaagacc taagcaacac tcttccagca ctttctcttt ggcacctgct cttcactggc     73560
     ctcattcctg cactctttcc tcacaggcac atgctaacct tgccaccagc tactaccaca     73620
     ataaggaaca gcttaacctt gagccagatc taaaccccag accttttgtt tttgactagg     73680
     aagttgggat ttatggccca ttcagggatt taaatttacc atagagggtg agatatagat     73740
     atatggctca gcagttaaga gtactgcttc ctcttttagg acccaagttc aattcctagc     73800
     acccacttgg tggctcacaa ccatctgtaa cttcagttac tgggaatcca atgctctctg     73860
     ctggcttctg tgggcactag gaacacatgt ggtacacaga cagacatgca ggcaaaacat     73920
     cgcacaaaaa ccatgactgc agtccttaaa gtatctacaa ataccattta ttcactttct     73980
     agatgactat ccaactagaa aatttaccat aggaaaacat gaagagcaac ttaaaattca     74040
     acccttatct tcagttttac ctcaagatga aaagcaaaca tatgtccaaa tgggctggta     74100
     tacaatccaa acccttcacc tactacaaga tcaacatgtt caactggtgc tgataaactg     74160
     tcagaatagc tggattgagg atcggtacgg ggtgaggcca tggctgcctc gggcctcaga     74220
     tgaaggtatt ttcttgccct agaacataca gcacatacag acccagtctc ctctccctcc     74280
     agcaccccat cacttactgc tgccttggtg tagtttccag tggccaagga gccagcagag     74340
     ctcatttctg caatgagcag gcaggctcga tgtaaaggca gacccacttc ctgtaagcct     74400
     ttcacaactc ctgagcctgg cacgacgtga gcattcacta tatctgccca tgaagctatt     74460
     ttaaaggtgc cacctgagga caaataaaaa aggtatttgc taatttcaaa gataaaacta     74520
     caaccttttg cccaaccaac tacggtatga aattatcttc tactaacaag ttagaatcga     74580
     gcactttatc agtggaccca tggttccatc tggtagctca gtgagaggtc acagtgagga     74640
     aaaatccttg caaaaagtgc tgcacttggt tggtcaggaa cactgatggg ctgatacttt     74700
     tgtttgcaga ttcagaccac tgatcaagcc tatgctatta cagaggggct gctatgaaga     74760
     tggacagagc tcaagcagtg taacatcccg acattctcct gaagacaaga tttttccacc     74820
     ctatagagat ctctcggcaa ctttacccct accggttttc ttggctctcc caatcttaca     74880
     ggcatctata tacattttta acagatagta aaaatgcaga gttttgaaaa atgaacacac     74940
     aaacataaaa taaagacagg ttatccttca gccagcaagc taagcaaggt tgtcctggta     75000
     ggacatcatt agtacatgag gttgcagaca gttctacttg aaagaaagaa attaggtgta     75060
     gggatgcacc agaaaagaga ccgtgtggcc actcaactgt tctacagagt cttgaaaaag     75120
     catcagatcc acacagtaca aaccagggcc acttgtttct aagaaatctg cacgagaaag     75180
     caggtataag actaagcatt tcccaagcca cttataagtt cctctctctg cctggctgat     75240
     actaaaaacg tgaatgggga aaaagtgtat caacacatcg tgctaagtag tacttaatat     75300
     tttcctattc tttcctatat tggcaatttt cagccagtgt tttgttttgc ctgcccagaa     75360
     ctcaagacac cttctgacag cagctcatcc attttcttta tgggaattga caggattctg     75420
     agtcctcgat ggttaaacag agctcgacct tgtagtggta ggagcaggtg tattccccag     75480
     gccagctaac gaagggagtt tacacagagg taagagaggc gtggaattcc ctacctggga     75540
     aacaaatcaa caaagaaagc agactggaga acacagcgga gatatggaga gaaacaaggc     75600
     cagctcaggg cctgacagct ctgtcttctg ctgactcctg tgagccaaca caccttccct     75660
     tcagccagtc tgtttctgag cacacttact ttcatactgc tttttaactg tgtttccaat     75720
     atcagcgaat ttcctgtctt caaatattaa gaactcgtgg cgttttgcca gggctgtcaa     75780
     ctcctccatc acatccagag taaaatcatt cagaatgtcg acatgagttt tgagcatgca     75840
     gatgctgggt cccaaggcgt ctgcgagctg cagcagctcc ctggcctccg acacatcggc     75900
     agacagacac agattggtct ccttcttctg catgagccgg agcagctttg aggcaagcgg     75960
     gtgggttcca ggcagctcag ctcgagcacc aaagctgagt tctttgcacg ctttcttctc     76020
     aggagggggg agaccgttat gattagctgc tgagaaaacg ttctcctgaa tgaacctctt     76080
     cactctcccg accatgtcag cgtcgatctt ttcctgctgc tggagaatct ccagcatttg     76140
     ggagagcgtg cacacggcgt ggaggcggat cccctgggcc tgcagcttgt ccttgcctcc     76200
     ctgctcccgg tccaacagca ctatggcatc agttaccttt agaccctcct tctgaagaac     76260
     ttccacagtc tccaaaacac tggctccgct ggtgacgacg tcctcaatga ccagacaggt     76320
     ctggcccgga ttaatctctc cttctacaag gcgcttggta cctagagaag aaaagcttct     76380
     gttgaaacac tatgtaagac agttcagcta gcacaagatg taccgagtct acacttgcta     76440
     ggaccctcta aagagccgcg actatgtaaa tcttagttgt ggtcatttac tttgaagcta     76500
     ctttctgtta atcaatgcac cgcaactatt tgttcgctat cctctgtatc tccaaattat     76560
     caattatata cagaatagtt agagtaaaac aaattatttc actgtgtaac aactcatttt     76620
     tttctgagca atgtggagtt tttttaaaaa tcacatcact tatacaataa tgaaagacag     76680
     aataggccag tatcatcaat aaaatcattc ctttcccatc taaattgatt ataagtttac     76740
     cactcatgac caactgaaca atctactttt tttaaaaaag ccatttaaag tgtgtgacac     76800
     atgcttaatc ttagtactta ggaggctaaa ataggagggc tgccagagcc ttagaatcag     76860
     cctaggccat gcaggccggt cagggatcta cagcaagact ctacctcaaa caaagtgagg     76920
     gttagggagc aggctcagtg gcccaagaac acagctgctc tttcagagaa ccaggttcag     76980
     ttcccagcac ccatagggca gctcgcaact ctatataact acagttccag ggactccaat     77040
     gcccttacag cctctgctgg cactgcatgc acgtagcaca catacaggta aaacacgaac     77100
     actcataaac taaattcaga tggggaacat ttcacaactt cttgcatacc gtaaccacag     77160
     tgacttctcc acccttaagc cccactataa tctacaaaat ataggtaact caggctctag     77220
     acttcatatt cattttttga gattcagttt tacatttgag tgggacccag cgcccaaact     77280
     caggtcagag ttagctgcag gcttctctac ccattgagct atctcactgt cctctcacaa     77340
     gtctcagaag caaacccaag atattgcata gtttatctta aaagatctct ttttaaaaac     77400
     taacaaggca ccaccatatc aatataaaca aaaatctcgc taattctcta atattattaa     77460
     gtaacaactc agtcctcata tctttagatt gattttcagg ttcttaagca aacacacctg     77520
     acgtggaccc caacaaaaga tgtgtgccca aggtgtctgt agtttcatta gaggacctta     77580
     ctcttcatga ctgcatgcat ttgaatggaa agatacctac aagtatgtgc tcctagaaca     77640
     ttctactgat gaagaaaggg ccaatacaaa ggttggggtt caccaagcac tttgcttcta     77700
     ctgcccagtc aacagaaagc atttcagagc cagactgtac gggaaggtct cctgcagcaa     77760
     gagtcagcaa ctcgacagct gaccaggcct ctggagagcg tgcaacagct ctggtaaaca     77820
     ccagggcctg atagagaaca aaatcctagc aggttacata ttaacctgag gcttaggata     77880
     tttttatttt accataatcc tttgtttcct tcctcctaat gagcatggga atgtgattgg     77940
     ctgagcagat aactgtcgcc agtggtaacg ctgtataagg aactccacac acactgtcaa     78000
     aactgatccc cgcatttttt gcagtctgga ataaaatgtc tgcgacctgt aaaaaaagga     78060
     acacacatac tttccattat tactacttca aatgacatat gaatcatgcc acagcacaac     78120
     agaattggaa agacgtgacc ccaggagatt ttttaaattt aaaaatttaa aataaaaatt     78180
     taagcctaag atataaatgg attattcata acaatttacc atgagtatct atgcctccta     78240
     agcactgcga ctaaaggcat ggaccacttc caccaggcca aatcaagcat attttaatgt     78300
     tagaatgcat actctcatct aacactacct ttaaaataaa attttacgct gggcagtggt     78360
     gacagacacc tttaatctca gcacttggga ggcagaggca ggcggatttt tgagttcgag     78420
     gccagcctgg tctacagagt gagttccaag acagtcaggg ctacacagag aaaccctgtc     78480
     tcgaaaaaac aaacaaacaa aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaac aaaaaaacaa ccaacaacaa     78540
     caaaacttta tttcttgtac atctaccact taagaatgag agcttttttt ttttttaaag     78600
     atttatttta tgtatatggt acattgtagc tcatttacag actgtcactg tcttgcaaca     78660
     caccagaaga gggcatcgag tcccattaca gatggttgtg agctaccatg tggttgctgg     78720
     gaattgaact caggacttct ggaagagcag tcagtgctct tggctgttga gccatcgctc     78780
     cagtcatcta cttttgaggt tctgaagggt caaaactggt caactcatgt ggctgttcct     78840
     gcctcatcag ccacccaggc gctgggattg taggcatggg catgctctac tcatgccacc     78900
     cttctggagt tggaaaagct tgtgactatt tttaagttac aaagtgtgta atttctaata     78960
     ctaaaatcat ggacatactc agaactgtta taacactatc tgtaatgaat gtgggaaggt     79020
     aggtactagg gctaagtgat agagcacttg gcctggtata cttacagccc gggacccaag     79080
     cctcagtaac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacactgct     79140
     agataagact atgaaaactg aaacattggt tttctcaaat tactattatc actccactat     79200
     gtgcacagaa ttacagtaca atacatactt cttcctgcag gcttttactg atctgtcatg     79260
     ctttacatgc acctaaacca agatgtatag caactgaaac ttaagattac caagttaaat     79320
     acatttcatg attaagtctg ctagacactc ttttggatta tcactgacat gagcatatac     79380
     ctacaacata aacccacaaa tcataagagt ataagaaatg atttggggga atttgttttt     79440
     tagggaaata aatactatcg tttcccttca attgtttatg tgtgtacaca accagtcaat     79500
     tatcacttat tgctacgaag ttagaagcat attatctatt gggtttttgg gcggtgctat     79560
     atatcttgag aacacctatt tacataaacc tctttaaaat tttaattaga tagttcttgg     79620
     taatacggtt cctaatcata gtaagattct ggatggtgaa aagccaataa ttcaaaccac     79680
     gtcaatcagg gtttcaatct actcacaaca atttaggcaa aatgggtacc caagaaacaa     79740
     accttaagta tgtgatagga acagtacatt gagggcagag gggttggttt ttaaaaacag     79800
     ggtctccctg tgcaacccag gctgacctca aactcacaat tctcctgcct cagcttcctg     79860
     aatgcaggaa ttatagatgt gcaccaccat acctggctac atacatatta tgtcttgata     79920
     gacctctgca aataatggaa atattctaca gttacactag gcaacaaagt agccactagt     79980
     aacttttaac tattccatta gtatgtttgg tcttgggaca aattctcatg tagcccaggc     80040
     tggccttgag cagcactatg aagtgggacc tttaactttt gactccaacc ccagtgcttt     80100
     atttattaac aattctggca ggcacactgg ctcctctggt aaaggttttt ctgcccagcc     80160
     tgaccacctg agttcaatcc gtttaaccct caagacagag agggagggcg agaacacact     80220
     ctgatcttcg aaagtgtacc acggcacgtg cacacctgga cacacaccca cacccactat     80280
     aaacgctaat acaaacttca caatgatcta taatccacac agagtcccta gcaacacttc     80340
     ctgccatttc taacctttta ttctaaatgc catctgcatg cagttcggct ggaggcttgt     80400
     tattctagaa agcactgcct caaggccgac ttggcggtga ctcacagaca accgacacga     80460
     ggtttgagaa acaacaggct agaaacctct aagtgcacac tttacccttg ccaaccaaaa     80520
     aattctgcct ttctggtatc caccatatgg ctttcacttc ttgctactgg ccatgcacta     80580
     ttaaatcgag tcgtttgatc cgctactaat ttctccaccc tcccgccttt tcctttcctc     80640
     cctaattgtc actttctggg ggttaggtac acagaactca ctcaaggact tctccgccgg     80700
     ccagagccca acaggacacc cggactctcg caaaacacgt gtctacaccg atcggtccag     80760
     aaacaaggtc tcaaagaagc tgaaggctcc cggtccccaa gctcctccac actctccaga     80820
     ccagcagtcg ggagggcttg cctgcctggt ctgtggctct cccttgtccc caatttcggc     80880
     cacccccgcc atctcctgct ctcttttccc gccacccgga gccatcccgt ccctcggggc     80940
     tggtacctga ctgagaagac gcgggcgtga cacgatgccc cgcaggtcga tgtagactgg     81000
     ggaggagagc ccgctcttca ggacgaagct cccgaacttg aaagcctgca cgtcatacag     81060
     ctcggtgacc aaggggccca gggcttggct ggcgacctcc attctcgcgc gctcagttcg     81120
     ctctggaagc cgaggggctt ggggcccgtg acgtcaccca gaagtcccgc ctcttccgcc     81180
     cccctttccg gcccgggccg cgggcttcat tgagtgttct agatgcttcc tggttgggga     81240
     ggtgggtttt caaacctgaa agctagatcg aagcctgatt tcccccggag ggatctgtag     81300
     gcttcgttca ttttttattt tgtttgtttt gtttatagct gagcgcttct ttatctgatc     81360
     cagtcactgt taacagccac ttccctaatc tctcagggtt tctttccata aaataaaaat     81420
     cctctaagac agagcctgtg gctaccttct tgtattaatt ttacagcagt tggcgtggga     81480
     gagtttcata gtaatttgca catagaaatc tgaagcaggt caccgtgcac tcaggggctg     81540
     acaaacttcc tttagaccac ttgaagtgta ccagatgaag aagggtgggg ccagttaggg     81600
     aggatcaact gacagtatct attggctaac tggaagggga atgttgggca gtttgaaaac     81660
     tcaagcatat ttggtttaca aaacccttag ctggttaagt gaactcctgt agtcctagct     81720
     atgtaagaac ctgaaatggg aggattccaa gttcaaggct gacctaggta tctagtgagc     81780
     ctgtgttaat aataatgata atcccctaag actgtatttt cctttttgtt tgtttgtttg     81840
     tttttttctt tttttctttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttgagacag ggtttctctg     81900
     tatagccttg gctgtcctgg aactcactct gtagaccagg ctggcctcga actcagagat     81960
     ccacctgcct ctcaagtgct gggattgact gtattttcct attttaagga aatgccactt     82020
     atcaaacaga ctgagatttc attttgtctc tttgttttct ctaaagagat cgtgttgagc     82080
     tcccagcgtg gaaaccccca tagatcccag cgtttgtttt gggtttgaaa cagggcttcc     82140
     ttatgttacc cagcctgatg tagacttcac aatgtagtga aggctcagat tgccctcgaa     82200
     ctcacagaga tccatctgcc tctgcctcct gggtgcttga attaaaagtg ttcaccacca     82260
     tgacaggtaa aatttgttgt cttgacagtt gtttctcatt accagcaact tcagtaaggc     82320
     cttgattaaa taagaattca gatgttaaaa tgctttgttc ttcttgctag gtcaacaact     82380
     acgttcatct ctgtgtgctg ttaattgaca gaatgctcaa tagatcagcc tcattcccag     82440
     ctgtgcatca cctgcagaca ctggaagcct gatcaagcct cctaccaacc tgtatgcata     82500
     aacctgtgcg atccagctgg agctgaagct gaagctctgc attcactctg caggcctgtg     82560
     ggtcacactc aaatcctcag gcctggtgac aagcgctgtt atctgatgag ccatcttgct     82620
     gggccactga tgggattttt tttttaaagc ttgccaggct ttcaaatatt tgaggggaaa     82680
     gagaggacaa ccatattacc tcagtgtccc cactgggaga aaaagcagaa gttttagtta     82740
     gaaaaaaaga caactgccag taagaggtag ctcagtgggt gaaggagaga cttgccacta     82800
     agcctggcga cctgaattca gtctattgga cccacatggt gaaaagagag aaccagattc     82860
     tgcagaccca cacacacaca tacacacatt catacacaca tacatacata tacacacata     82920
     catacataca cacacagaca cacatacata catacataca cacacagacg cacacataca     82980
     tacatacaca catacacaca cagacacaca tacatacata tacacacata catacacaca     83040
     catacacaca cacatacata catacacata catacacaca tacacatacg tacatacaca     83100
     catacacaca cgttcacaca catatacaca catacataca cacacacaca cacaaatgtt     83160
     ataacatttt aaaggggaac aggactaaag aagtaccttc agtatattat atttatagga     83220
     atgcataaca tgtgaaatgt acattttgaa gtttcatcca caacttataa cgtttactgc     83280
     aataagaaca agacagcagg tcggcacttt acaacattac acaggagtga gtgagtgagt     83340
     gagtgagtga gtgagtcaga cttacaaata aaatatttac aacctacctt tacaaaacaa     83400
     catcatgtgc atacaaaatg aacagctgca gaaaaagtta aaataataag acaaccaaaa     83460
     cccaaaaacc ccagaagata cattaaggca gaccagcaag acactgaaat aattaaggct     83520
     gtggaattct tctgcacctt gaaaatatag agctatttac caatactgtg gagtgatttt     83580
     aaaacaattg tcacaagcct gatggaagta tgtacttata tgtatatgtg taatggtccc     83640
     tatggggaaa cctgtccact tattgataag gccttttaca gattggccag agatgcccac     83700
     cacaaattct caaaaggctt tggggaaggg atcactcaaa accaagaagt gttggtgcag     83760
     tttgaaaatc agatattaaa attcaaatat tggctggacc tgatggcaca tgcctttaat     83820
     cccagcactc aggaggcaga ggcaggcaga cctctgtgag ttcaaggcca gcctggtcta     83880
     tagaatgagt cccaggacag ccacaactac atagagggac cctgtctcat caaaaacaaa     83940
     caaacaaaaa aatccaaaca tacacacata caaaagaatt caaatataga cttctgagta     84000
     aacagagtca cataaattat agtctcaatg catttcatac tttgttcatt tggccatgtg     84060
     gacttcagaa gtcaacaaat caactcccat gtgacgagaa ttctccatgt attatcccta     84120
     atggttttga atggtcctaa atggttttcc agtagaaaaa ctgacccacc tgggctgcct     84180
     gaaaaatgga tagatttctg catatgagca ataacatata catacatatt atacactata     84240
     tacatgctca gatgtacata tatcaatatt ttccaacagt ttgccctcca ttgccactgt     84300
     tctctgcata aatagcattt tctcaagggt atggttagtt tttcacagtc tttctattta     84360
     ttcctcttct agttttattg actttcccac agagtcgtct aacgttcagc agaaacagaa     84420
     gtaaaagcac cagggttttg atttaaaaaa aaaaaaattc aaacacagag gtgaaagata     84480
     tggcttaagt tagtaagaga agacttgaga ttcgtagcca cagtctttga ggtcacagta     84540
     acggtcttca tggactccga catgcggact tagttattga tggaaatggg ggattaatgc     84600
     agctcctatc cctgcactgg cagatctact tggttaaatt aacactcagg agttccaaga     84660
     cttgctatct aaacctttcc ttgcgctccc cccttgtgaa ctgttgggtt ggtcattcag     84720
     ataaaaatga aatctgacca cagcatggaa gttcttgaca atagcctggg agtgttaatt     84780
     ttaggctttt aattaatgtc atttaagatt aaagcattgt agtggaatga ccgttttctt     84840
     ctcctataat gtcaacttat atttaaaaaa taagagaaaa atgtctttta taacaaatat     84900
     gatcatatga taattctgta ttcaatttcc atatggattt ttcatgaaaa acatttccta     84960
     tttaaaaaaa atatgtctat ggataaattt cagccccttt gagctcttta aaatgaatga     85020
     gacagtgaga gccttaccat tctcagaaaa taattactaa catagcatct tctttcctgt     85080
     tggtggaatc tatgtgagca tttcctttag cctattctag gtctaataac ttccttccct     85140
     aaaggtcttt agatttcaaa tagcaaacaa aaatcattag gtttattttt ctttaacaga     85200
     taaatctatt gaaagcttat atatgtttgc ctaactcaga ctccaatgga atgttaccca     85260
     ggcaagaaaa gaatatggtc taagttcctc aaaactcacc cagtgcaatt gatgggctat     85320
     cctagggtgt ggtgattgtg ttcttttgtc tactacagag accctttgtg ttcaatgtat     85380
     ttccctctat caggtataga ggagagagtt tctattaaca ctgaaaaata accaccattt     85440
     tctttagatg gcattttctc catcatattc tcaaaaatct aacttgccat gtttttcaag     85500
     ataagcaaga aggaaggaag gatgagtggg tcatgggcat gggggtttgg agacaacaga     85560
     agacgaccct cgaagagcaa agccaaagct ctctttctcc aaaatctaat tctctttccc     85620
     actgtgggca tcacttgcct tttctaaaag attcctgtgg gtctctaagg aaatgaattg     85680
     tgacgaggga gcctaggaag tgtattcgat tctcacatct gtccttccag tgtggaaagt     85740
     agctatttgg attcttcttt gtcctccccc tgcccccagc ataaagcttg gtaagagaaa     85800
     gaaatggttc tctgtcttgg taggcatcag actcatgtcc accctaagaa tactgtggaa     85860
     aacagcttat ggacatttta ggcctcctca gttctcccaa accctgctct gtagagaagc     85920
     tcttagaggt tagaaattaa aaggtaagaa caattaacat gtagatgaga aggacccaga     85980
     ccttccagtg agaagcaatt tacagaggtc aacctcatga gtttgtaaac ggtacccaaa     86040
     gataagactg tgggaaactg gaatgttcaa agttgctgtc gataaaattc taaacactgg     86100
     cagtgtgtag cacttgaaga aaatcaaaac atcttataga tgtgtcgaca aggatatttt     86160
     tctcaacatt cttaagagat taatgttctc tcctcttctc cccaaattcc attttatcaa     86220
     tggagacatt tgggccagaa aacaacaaaa gacttcctgg aagaaagact gggtttggaa     86280
     tagctgagat ggagactcaa aaattcctgt tcccatccta cattcagata ttctcattta     86340
     aaacatagct taaacctaag gggaaaaaaa gaccgcagta tcagcaaatc taaacgcaat     86400
     ctaacttcac tctccacctc ccctctgaaa ggcactactg tttataaagg cttcgttaag     86460
     cacaaagcca aagccagctt tcccctctgc ctcctctacc cacttaggct gctggtggct     86520
     gggagagacc tgaaggacac atccaacatt gccatgtttg tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttt     86580
     gtgttttgtt gttttctttc ttaacagttt ttaaccacat tctgttataa gtgggtagaa     86640
     atctgtttaa ttcgaaacaa acataaatgg cgcaaaaaat catgagttct catcagggat     86700
     cctgggctgt ccctgatcgt ttccatcttt ctgtacccca ccctttgaac acaaaacaaa     86760
     tgagctcaaa atgatgagta gaaaccaaat aagaaatctt tcgccagcac tgttgctctc     86820
     ctggggtcag ctgacagctc actctcagca agaacaattg ggatggggtt cggagtggga     86880
     gatttttctc ccctccccac ctttctctcc tagttctaag tctccctgcc aacacaggta     86940
     caggagagtg gtcttggggt gggtcttctt ctccagccac tgtggagcac agttgtactc     87000
     caaactctat ttcctagccc tgtcaatggt gtttctctta ctaattccca ccttgctagg     87060
     gaaaagtctc cagccaagac tctcttgccc cctatttgga gggatcaggt gctttgtaga     87120
     caggggcctc cctgttcact tcagtcatca aactatacag agaatgcccc tttctctttg     87180
     tacgtccctg aagcttacac tactcttaac agttgtactg tgtacctggg gcaattccac     87240
     atagccccat atctagacca ttccaactct gacacaaaca tggctgggaa aacttggctc     87300
     tctatagagt tctaccacgc actacatcct ttcaatgtgg cccttctgta gcgtctgaac     87360
     accagtctta ggctctgtgt ccctctctag tcaaaacttg accggtcaga acaattctaa     87420
     gtaactcagc aggaagccct tctttcaaga cagccagagt ggacaagtgg acagaacaga     87480
     cctggccatg tcactttgtg gatctttgga gtcctcagag cctgcatttt atcctagaat     87540
     aagccctctg gccccaggcc ttcctcctca atgctacatt tcttaataaa gacacgttta     87600
     ttttaaaaag cttcagtaag catgctttgg gcatgcattg tggtttaagt gaaaaccatg     87660
     gaggtaagca agctctgagg gagtgaggcc tgatgaccca gggccacccg gagacaagga     87720
     gaatacagtc agagtcggtt cccacgtatt tggttaatcc ccacaatact aggtgctatc     87780
     tagctttatt gcttttactt cctactagtt tatttcccta tcatctcgga taagctggga     87840
     tggaggatgg atgatgagta atctgacttt gaaactgacg gggcgggggg aggtggtgat     87900
     gagtatttta attctatagt tccaccatgg gaataagtgg ttttatacct taaaattaga     87960
     ctgttcccat catgtctcct ttaaatagtt taaatagtta tgcagttcca ttttcccttc     88020
     ccagattctc tgattgcact ttgtgctaca taacttccat tttctcagtt cccactagca     88080
     ggagcgacac gatgacatga aacccggttt acacaaacat ttcagttata tattttttaa     88140
     gaatattatt tgcttcaaag cgatttttaa agcacactct aggaaacaaa gggtggatca     88200
     tgtacaaaca gaaaataatt tttaaaaaaa caaagcaaaa aaccaaacct cccccacccc     88260
     ccttccaaca gaagaagtaa aaaccaaaaa accaacaaaa cataacaaaa caaaaaaaca     88320
     tgaagtgccc tggttaatgt gttttccctc cagagggcac tgggcataat cttgtatgag     88380
     aaagcggcac tggcctcaga atacaattgg tcctttctgt ccagagccgt tggtggctgt     88440
     gtggtgatag gtattgctac cacagttaaa accccgtgct gtgttagagt gatgggtcag     88500
     gctttgctcc atggcttcag gaaggactta ggactagcct ttaaaaggct tttatggctg     88560
     cctccttttg gtaagcaccc cgaagcttca cgaggggtta ggaataaagc aagctaactt     88620
     tctgaaaact gtattctaca gctatgaaat cagaaagcgc tgctacgctg ttcacaggaa     88680
     ctgtaggaaa agcttccgtg tgccctcctg tatgaacttg tgatattcat ttgcctatgg     88740
     caggcctagg gtggacataa aaacaacccc cacccgccaa ctcttactag atttggattt     88800
     atttcctggc agtctttccc acaggaggaa ctctgagctg cccatgagtt cagggcaggg     88860
     aaagctttga tctacagaac ctatcttagt catacaaccc atgatggagg gaaaaatatc     88920
     ccagtcacag atcgcaaaag ggtcacattg ctttctctta atacacaggt tctgataaaa     88980
     gatttctata caagatttat aaaatgctct aaaaaacttg tcatctaatt gtgcttagtc     89040
     aaaataatgc aatgcttcgg taaagaaatt actgtcttaa tgggagcact caaagttact     89100
     tatgatagat ttcatataga actctatatt ataaaactct gaaacctgaa tgagatctat     89160
     tatattgtat gcgtatatgt atcctgttaa gaaactatat ctaagccatc taaagcagaa     89220
     tagttgacat ctctgttaaa tagaactttt ttttgttttt gttttttttg tttttttgtt     89280
     tttgcttaaa ttttcaatgg agtcagaaac ctaccatact gctcacagtg ggtgtacggt     89340
     tttcccactt aactgctcat tttggaatgt acaattacca ttttcatacc aagtactgtc     89400
     tccttagcct tgccctttct tttaatactt tctgcaactc tgtatcttta cttcttcagc     89460
     atgaccttct gggattaagg tgactttcat ggtactcaga ccccgggtaa ccacagacaa     89520
     ggtttaagag gatcacctgt cagtccagag aaccacatgg agtgaaatga tgatcagagt     89580
     tatttacaga cacgctcagt cttgctttgg ttcacactgc actactatgt gaaacctcag     89640
     gggttgtggg atagcgaggt cccttggttc accctattga cgatgtaact cttgacattg     89700
     ggaatgggcc gcacatcatt ctggtgcttg cggcgttcta tgaagcaggc cagacgggag     89760
     gtgtccaagg ggatcttgga gtagctgccg ttgtggggct gtagccaggg atgctgcagg     89820
     cacgtggctg ctgtgggccg cctccggaag tcttcctgta agattacgtt gatgaaatcc     89880
     ctggcagcat tgctcacacc gcagaagtac tcgtggggga agctaaagtc caccctgcac     89940
     acgttgatac aggtttcctc tttgctctca tctaagaagg gggagacccc actaagcatg     90000
     acatatgtca gaaccccgat gctccagatg tctgtgccca gggagacagg gatgccttgg     90060
     atcacttcgg gggcagcgaa ctcagggttc cccagcagat ggtggatatg gaagtggcct     90120
     gagatctgga cagcgtcttc caagtcgatg agcttcactc gaggcactgg gatccggagg     90180
     tcaatgagca ggttttcggg ctgcagggac ccaggaaggc agggacaaga gaggtaagat     90240
     gaggtctttg ctgacctccc taccccagct gcaatctgtt agctaacaca gattattatt     90300
     ctttgattca gtcatgtgga atactcccta tgcaaaggca aaggaggttt caaactcact     90360
     aaactctggg gttaggtggc tttttagata agttggttgg cattggggaa ggagtacagg     90420
     gctaatcgtg tactcctgat tggcccagaa cttactctgt ataccaggct ggcccagaac     90480
     ttacagagat ccttctgtct ttgtctactg actgctgagc ttagaggtaa gggttgcagc     90540
     actcagcctg tacttcccca ccctagtgtt agagatccaa cccagggcct tacacatgct     90600
     aagcaggtgt tctgctacta agtcacacac gtattccaga agagcatgcc ttcttaccta     90660
     cccttgcctt gcagtgaatc aaggaaagaa ctaaattttt aagaaaaaaa caagcttctc     90720
     agaaactgtg tgtgcacgca cgtgtgtgtg tatacatgta tatgtgtatg tatatgtgtg     90780
     tgtatacatg tatatgtctg tgtgtgtgta tatatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     90840
     tgtgtgcgcg tgcgtgtatt gctgggtggt gataacacag gcctttaatc tcagcatttg     90900
     ggaaaaagaa acagatggat ctctgatttg gaggccagcc tgatctacag agtgaattcc     90960
     agcatagaca gggctacaca gagaaaccct ttcttggaaa aaaatttttt ttctttatgt     91020
     gtacgtatct atatgagtgt attccatgtt cgtgcaggtg ctgttagagg ccgtaagaaa     91080
     acactgggtc tactacagtt ggagttgcag gtggttgtga gccaagcaat atgagtgctg     91140
     gcaagagaac ttgggtctta agcactgagt catctctcca gccctccgaa gctccttttt     91200
     cttacagaat gaatgggaac aggacattaa gtgatgtcta taaagttaga ctgcttggtt     91260
     aaagctttcc cttaccccgt gtgccaccat ctctctggtg tgtttccttc attcctgaac     91320
     aatgcactta ggtagagtga aagtctagtt ctagtttaat agtcacatga catcacagga     91380
     aagacaaaag aaatgtaaat cttcccccta gcagtagtga tgcatgtctt taatcccagc     91440
     acttgggagt cagaggcagg cagatctctg agtttgaggc cagcctagtc agcagaatga     91500
     gttccaggac agagaaaccc tgtctttata aaaacaaaac aacaacaata aaaagaaatt     91560
     caattttgta ttttgtattc ctcaaggaaa tgtctgggaa gctgaacccg tctatttcac     91620
     tgtaacaggc actgactttt tattaccttt atgtccaaat gtgcgaccct acagttgtgc     91680
     aggtactgca gagcttccat gatgtctcga atgtagaaag ctaccttttc ttccatcagc     91740
     tcatcatgat tcataaggta gtccaagagt cggccgtcat ccatcctgac agcaaagagg     91800
     ggtgggggga gaaatagaga aatgacccat gcacatagct taaaaagttc taggaggtct     91860
     cttattaata aagcttggta ttgcaacaca catgtatttt agagcccaaa gtaagtgcca     91920
     cattcagaac tagaatgaat caagttacaa atgagttaca cggcaggaga aatccttaca     91980
     gccttacaca acaccgtttt gttgactcta aggtctaacc tggctttaag aggttaggtt     92040
     gaagagaaaa gaaaaggaaa agaaaagtct ggtgcctata gtgagcctca tatacattaa     92100
     aagtatttcc actttttaac atttttagat gggagaaatg tgaaagagga aaggtttgct     92160
     ctcagcatat ctgatcactt cttaactctt ttgcctttct aacagcttgc caacttttaa     92220
     agacagattg aaaatgggct aagtggagcc aaccataagc agatttctgt tctggttctg     92280
     cctcttacca gctggtggct gtaggtcatc acttaaaccc tctgtgattt ggctttcctg     92340
     aaaggcaccg ccttttaagg tgggcatagc aactggctgc caacagcaac atcaatgaca     92400
     aaataagacc tacttctttg gcaggcttgt gagagccagg tgaggcaatg aagatttgag     92460
     gcatggtcaa atatgtttga atacttgtcc ccagctgctg gaactgtttg ggaagaatta     92520
     ggaggtgtgg ccttgctgga gaaggtgtgg cactagagca ggctttgaag gtttcaaaag     92580
     cccataccat tctcagtcac tttcctgcct tgtgctgtgt gggtcaagat gtaagctctc     92640
     aactacagct ctagaaccaa gagctgcctg ctgccatgct cctcaccatg atggtcatgg     92700
     actcaccctt tgaaacttta agcccttaat aaactctctt ctatatgtgg ccttgaccat     92760
     ggtgtctcat cacagaaaga aagaagtaac acacggtgct gaataaacag tagctatttc     92820
     taggcttcct atgccctttt gtaacaagtg atcaaacctt taatgtgaag tgggtcattt     92880
     gagatacgtc tcaggaaatg cccatgtcaa ggagtgtgat ccagtacagg aataacttcc     92940
     aaccatagct gaaacctgca tagctgactt cattttctcc cctaatttgt tccttgctac     93000
     gggatccttc tattttattg ataagtggaa aaggatggag cccctggaag gctccctacc     93060
     tccctctggt cttctagtat gaggcaagag aggaaagatc agagaggagt ggtactgtgc     93120
     tcatcacaag gaactctcag agatacttgg aacaaatgag ggggacagtt acagcaacac     93180
     tgctccaagc cagaaaagat cagccacccc accttcctta gagctgttct ctagcctgca     93240
     tccatctgag actagggaat gggaatcttg attttctggt ccaggagggt tgcaccagtt     93300
     atccctattg accactacag gcagagcaag attgagcacg tgattctagt caggccttgc     93360
     ttcccacacg tcttccctga agatcacatc caacaaagaa cagttctatg ttctcacagc     93420
     cctgagtaat acatggtctc tagtatttcc acgccatatt taaagcatta tttatctctt     93480
     ggttctaact gttggacttg tggcccctaa ggataagagc tgtacctttc tttctgtgcc     93540
     tggtcctaca gcaaacttat atgtcagggc agattgtgag gagaaaggga ggggatgcca     93600
     acccagtgtg gtcttggtga ggacagagtg acatggttcc tgagccttgg acaggatcct     93660
     ggtgtgagcc tccatgagtg tcaatggctg ctgtgggtgt aaggcttgtt tgtgtaataa     93720
     tgtactagca gttgaagact ctttccttcc aaggaatatc ctccctgata atattaatga     93780
     cttcatgata attaaaaaca gcacatccag aaattgaggg tgtggctaag tctcagcaaa     93840
     atggtaaaca ctgggacctt caggacaggc cttaaggcta tgggaaagag ctctaagtac     93900
     atgaaatcaa atatatataa tttctcaact atgtaaaaat gtaactatgc aatatgaatt     93960
     ataaggggtt cacaatctaa gggagcgtgg gcagctgcat taatgagcca gtttgtcaga     94020
     aagagtcaaa ggcaggcaga ttcctgagtc caaggtcatt ctgggacacg gaaagtccag     94080
     gccctagtgt ggtagaattg gtcatttcag ggaggggtcc cacccaacta ctttctcatc     94140
     tgtgcttaac aaaggcaggc aggtctctga attcttttgc aatgttaagg aaaatgtatg     94200
     cttgctgtct cctaggaaac aaaggtctgg ggtcactgga atgctgactc ataggataat     94260
     caaaaggaaa cctaaagtaa atgcctgaat tgatctgtaa acaaaaagac aggcctttgg     94320
     tcctcttggt ctgtatgaga tgaggtaggc agagtgtgac agaagtgctt tagaattttc     94380
     tctctcaagg gctgagctgt ccgaaatctc tggagagcaa aaacagctct tcaacaattt     94440
     tttttctaac aggatttctg acttggatga aagatccaat aatttttttt atagcagctt     94500
     ttctgacttt ggttagaaaa tttatgaact atctcggttt cttgtagaat ttctactagc     94560
     agagagagct gtctcaacca gaaaaatttt ttaaaaaagg aagacaatgc tgaaaacaca     94620
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cgcaaacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     94680
     cgcacacaca cacgcacaca cacgcacaca catacacaca cgcacacaca cacatacaca     94740
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cagcaatctg aaaagccatt tcaacagaac ctaggtggcc     94800
     agcttggacc cacaatttga cttctgtagg ggaggttctg atgctaaggt cctgttcacc     94860
     aactggttct tgatctgtca ataaagaatg ccatgagaca attgctggtc agaagataca     94920
     tgtgggactt ctaggttctg ggaggcaagc aggatgatgc aaggaaggag agagggagtt     94980
     cgccatgctt tggagagaga agaaccaggc aaccatgatg tgaggtctga ggaggagtca     95040
     tgggctgttg ccactcctat aggtggatgg ttagagatgt ttatcaggga ctagatgcaa     95100
     ctgaccaact aaagataggg tagtgggaag ttttgagcta agggcatgtt tttccaggta     95160
     agaaatagta gcacccagca attgtgccaa gaaggcaagc tgaaaatgaa caactctgtg     95220
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtatcttct atcctttgat tcaaagaaag ctgggagggg     95280
     attggtagca cagcctgttc ccagagctta ggcaggatag caaaaagcta cacacaacac     95340
     actttaagtt gtttgttttc acagctccca gacacccctt ctctcagaac tcctcttcca     95400
     aactgagact ggtcctttgc ggagggtggg atgagggatg tgaagaggta aggtgagtgg     95460
     gaaggactgg gaggagagga gggagaagga gttttgattg ggatgtaaag taaataagca     95520
     aattaattaa tgaaaaaagc tgtatctttc tatgtttgat atctagataa tctgacattc     95580
     cagagatgtc ttggatagaa aattctaggt agtagtttgg gggtgctatg gctatagatt     95640
     gatagataaa cttctctcat tccaactcca ctcttgtcaa tcagtcaacc accaggaaag     95700
     tcttcttaaa tgagtcaagc ctgagagtac ataataggaa gaaaatgaaa ataagtgtaa     95760
     gaaatacaga ttatagctag ggaagagaaa tacgttctgg tgatctagtt tataatatgg     95820
     tgactgttgg tatcaggacc tctgaaacct gtgacatcac ataggcaaca gtgcaatcta     95880
     cacacctgtt gccaagacaa tggccaccat attcccagaa tccattgggc tcacctccca     95940
     cctttacctg tgaccacgtt accatccata tatataagag gaacaacccc ccctgtcttt     96000
     ctctcttccc tcttctcttt tcaccaccac cttccttgcc cctctctctc ccaataaact     96060
     tcttacacat ggaactgctt tggcctggta tgctgtgttc agatattcta acacatcaga     96120
     gaccagagtt aacaatatga actgttaata tatttcaaat agcttgagaa gaggaattta     96180
     aaaaaaaatg ttttccttac aaagaaacaa cctacgcaaa tatccaggtt tgatgattac     96240
     acagtttatc catgcaatga aacactgtaa ccataaatat aaaacatgaa ataaagctta     96300
     gaaaagctag gaaaagtgga tgagaagaca tggtttcaag atccactgta tggatccaat     96360
     aaaaggaggg attcttcacc catactttca cagagctcgc tttaaaaacc ttctccatgg     96420
     gctggtgaga tggctcagtg ggtaagagca cccgactgct cttctgaagg tccggagttc     96480
     aaatcccagc aaccacatgg tggctcacaa ccatctgtaa caagatctga ctccctcttc     96540
     tggagtgtct gaagagagct acaatgtact tacatataat aaataaataa atctttaaaa     96600
     aaaaaaacct tctccactct tgatttctct agtcttcaga atgagagcta cattaatata     96660
     aagctggagg tgaaagaaaa cacggtccac ggcacacttt ataaacccat acagcacaga     96720
     acaaaatgag actcttgtct gttaattgtg ggcaatgggg aacccaagca ggtgaggacc     96780
     acactagaga tgctacctct gtactcacag ttccaaaatc aggatgtagg atgtggggga     96840
     ctcgtaggtg tcatggagcg tgacatactg agggtgctgc aggtgctgga gcagggcggc     96900
     ctcgtgagca gcctgctcct tcttcttcat ttttttgctc acaaatttca cagcaacatc     96960
     tttgcgggta gctttgtgaa tgcatttctt tacaatagag aaacggcctc tgcaagacaa     97020
     agtgggaaag ggtttccaag atttatccca tcagtcagca gggcatcatt taccagaata     97080
     tggtagggtg tgtgcgtgtg cgcacatccc agatgcatcc ctgaaacagg aacatctgac     97140
     aggttgagtt ccctaattca aaaatcgaaa atccaaaatg ctctaagatc tgacaccctt     97200
     tgtgtgcaga catgaaatta atgtggaaag ttccacggct ggcctcacat ggtgagtgac     97260
     aaagtaccgg tacactagct acatcacttg aagacaccct caggcaaagg agtacaaaaa     97320
     atataggtga ctgtcgtttt tagacttggg tcccagactc aagacatctc tttgtggaca     97380
     tgtacatagt tcctaaaatc ctttgtgcaa aaacacttct ggtcccaagc attttgaaga     97440
     agagagatca agcaatatta gaaatctttc tggggctgga gtgatggctc agaggctaaa     97500
     ggttctggct gctcttccag aggtcagggc ttacagtctc agcatccaca aggctgctca     97560
     cagccttctt tacttccagt tccaaggtat ctgatgccct cttcctctcc agacacatat     97620
     gtggtgcata tacataagtg caggcactta accgtgttca taaaaataaa taaatttgaa     97680
     aaaaaagaga gagagaaata tttcctcctg agcctggtaa tttggctcag ggcataaagg     97740
     cacctgctat ctgaagatat agacctgaaa gcctgaaact cacttaaaag catgagagta     97800
     ctgactccac aaatttgtct ctgacctcca cacatgcact gtccacacat gcgctgtcca     97860
     agcatgggat gtccacacat gggctgtaca cacatgcgct gtccacacat gggctgtcca     97920
     cacatgggct gtccacacat gctctgtcca cacatgcact gtccacacat gcactgtcca     97980
     cacatgcgct gtccacgcat gggctgtcca cacatgggct gtccacacat gtgctgttca     98040
     cacatgctct gtctacacat gggctatcca cacacgtgct gtacacacat gtggtgttcg     98100
     cacatgctct gtccacacat gcactgtcca cacatgggct gtccacatgt gctgttcaca     98160
     catgcactat ccacacatgg gctgtccaca catggactgt ccacacatgg actgtccaca     98220
     catgagctgt ccacacatga gctgtccaca catgagctgt ccacacatgg gctgtccaca     98280
     catgagctat ggcatgcact gcccccaaac cacataacat acacatatga atacacaaca     98340
     aagtgaaaag aaacttttcc ttctgtacat ttaattttat tattattatt attattatta     98400
     ttattattat taaaaaccct tctctacttt ctcagtatcc tagactcttt gagaccctga     98460
     aggtaaacta atataatttt ttagccaaga tatttctgtg ccatttggag catcaaatgt     98520
     gggtttgttt tcctttctaa gcagaatata cttttacaca caacaatggg ttggagagat     98580
     ggcttagtgg ttaagagtcc ttgttcctgc agaagactgg ggtttagttc ccagcaccca     98640
     cagggtggcc tcttctggcc tctgtaggga ccaggcatgc atgtggtgca gacccaggca     98700
     tggtgcaggc ccaggcatgt ggtgcagaca tatagaggta aaagtcgtac acataaaaga     98760
     aattaattta aaaaaagaaa gcaaaatgca tacatgaaac ttttaaggct taaaaatctt     98820
     atattatgcc aggcatggtg gcacacacct ttaatcccag cactcgggag gcagaggcag     98880
     gcggatttct gagttcaagg ccagccttgt ctacagagtg agttccagaa cagccagggc     98940
     tacacagaga aaccctgtct caaaaacaaa caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa cttataatat     99000
     accaggcctg gtagcacatg cctttcatcc cagcactggg gaggcagagg caggcagatg     99060
     tctcagttca aggccagtct ggtctaccca ggacagccag ggcccctgtc tcaaaaaaca     99120
     aacaaaataa aacaaaaagc taagtattga caaggcaagc ttccaactcc agtaaagaaa     99180
     aagatcggga gaaaattccc gggaatgcac tacctgctct ccgacaagaa gagacaagac     99240
     agaaacaaca aaccacacca gccattctct gttgtgagat ggctggtatc cttacctgcc     99300
     aatctcgttc agttcagtgt aagcagaatc aaaattttcc ttccaagaaa tggtggcacc     99360
     gtcggcggct gcatctttgg gagagggaga atccacaggt gacattatga agatactcca     99420
     gtataatgtc ctcagggaaa ctcttgggac taagcatgga gaccacccag agaggaaagg     99480
     ctgtcattct ctgaactgtt attttaaaaa tgttggaggg gactgtatat aacaaagtca     99540
     gaccttctgt catcttctca gacagagggg agagcaggaa catgagcaga aatgagcttc     99600
     accaaaaatt cagagaaagg ctagggaggc ggaaagagga actctggaag gattaggaaa     99660
     gtcagtgaaa accagaggta tgggacgcag agaggatggg cgagaaagag gaagcagtgt     99720
     gacagagcgt tctagagact tctctgacat caccgtcctt gtccctttgc aagctcttcc     99780
     tgtatgtcag tggtcttcaa ccttcctaat gctgagaccc ttgaatacag ttcctcatgc     99840
     tgtggcgacc cccaagcata ccattatttc atagctactt cataacattt attttgctac     99900
     tgttatgaat tgtaatgtaa atatctgatc tgcaggatat ctgctcgaga cccacaggtg     99960
     aggacctctg ctctatgtga actgattgaa cttcactcac gcatgactgg ttctcctggg    100020
     tgattgggtg gttcagtttg accctgtatg gcatgttaat tctcatcaca catacaagca    100080
     tacacaccca catgtatctg cggcatctgc tggggatcac atcttagaag taacgaaaca    100140
     aaaatggtgg ccatctgtag ccacactgag ttagtggctt cgaaagaaag gaaccgccca    100200
     aagcaactca gttcttctga caccatcctg gtcagtcacc tcagctatct ggggacgttc    100260
     ccacggtgag ttctgagcac acgaagaccc agggctagag ttttccagag tcacaagact    100320
     gtgagagcaa gtcaaggtca cccgcagcct aggctgatcc tgacctggga ctgcagggtg    100380
     tttcctgact cagctggggc agtgtgaagc ccaaggcact ctggggactc caggctccct    100440
     ttgtggggac cacagagaca ctcagtctgc tgcttttaag tatggtgaaa ctcccaccct    100500
     ttcctgacct gtcctaagta tacacatgcc acttctgcgc gctgcccaaa gtgtcaccaa    100560
     tggaatactt tttcagacca acatttcctc tttaaaaatg tctccagcac caaagtgggc    100620
     aggaaaggtg ggtcaacaag caaggtgggc aaagtgagaa ccacactggt aaaatattta    100680
     tatcttgtta gttacgcgta tgttttagcc aatttctatt ttatgtagat tcatgctgaa    100740
     aagcaaattc tggaaggatg ggtcaagtat taaggtttca tccagtagtg acctcctttt    100800
     ctctccgtgt tttaagttgt tgagccccac attccctgag tatggtagga aacacatgtc    100860
     tgacagaggc actcagggga aaacaggctt tgaattccac aagaggtctc agaggagggc    100920
     cagagccaga aagaaagcac atggtggcaa aggtctcctg cttgtccttt gaggtttccc    100980
     tgaggagccc caaaaggcac atggtcagca caggtggtag atctaatgtt ggtttggaga    101040
     taccacctgg agacactcca tctagtctct caaagctagt ctgatggaag ctgccacatg    101100
     gccccaagac acctcccctt gggggtcaga gacaccacca attttgttac agtgacccac    101160
     tgccttgctt ccattggcta gctgtccttg gtctgctggg actcaccgta ctctggaagg    101220
     cgcacaaact ccgagggctc actgggaagg ctgattcccc aggggttgct ggcactgacc    101280
     ctgaactgat aagggcaccc aggactaagg tcttcaatga ccaggtaagt gtccaaggtc    101340
     gaagctacgg attgctgcca gacctgggaa cctagagaga tagagtcaga aactttgttt    101400
     caaaggccta gaaaaaaacg gagacagtca gagacattgt ttcaaaggcc ttcagcaaac    101460
     aaagataggt aatggacagt atggtcactg tccggctgtg aaagtctgca ggccaactgt    101520
     ggggggattt ggcctaagta acagttaaat gccagcaggt gcaagaaatt gacctatggg    101580
     ttcttctcaa acgtgcaagg tgaggcgtta acactgatcc attatacgtg ggaatccgtg    101640
     gcagtgtgat taggtcggag gacaatacaa gtcaggaaca aaatgcgagg aagcatgcct    101700
     ttggaaattg aaacaaaaat taacacatat ggggcattta catgtggaaa cactctaagg    101760
     caccgcccaa ctctctcctt taactccagc taaagttcac agaaacccaa ccatgacggg    101820
     agcactaatc ttacttgaca gatgaagaag caggagactc gggaacactg agcagtgaca    101880
     ctgcctacga gaacttagtt tctgagatga gctatgagct taacacagaa atagtgaact    101940
     gggtttcctg gctcagcagg cacacagggg ctggccctgc atgccctgtt gcagacagct    102000
     ttaggaaaag gctgaaataa gtaggtttat aacttcacac ttcctgctta aggaaaaaga    102060
     atcaaaatga caatagtaat agaaagcaaa gcaaagcaaa tggtcttagg gggcaagcag    102120
     gtgctttaag ttcaattggg ccattcgtgg tgtggttcag agctgtgtca tgacaactaa    102180
     ctggaagcac ctttaaaaca ttattattat tgttgttatt actattatta ttactattac    102240
     tactactact gttgttgttg ttgttaagac agagtcttac tatgtagcta gctctagctg    102300
     acctttgtag atgaggctgg ctttgaactc aaggagttcc tcttgccaat gcctccccag    102360
     tgctaggatt aaaagtgtgc gccaccacac ctggcttaaa ctttctttct ttccctacaa    102420
     tgaaagctat atgtgtgtac agtttctata gattatgtct ggagggggaa gggtggagct    102480
     ccaatcattc taccgtggtt tctggtctgg gagaaaaacc aaattagcca actacagagc    102540
     tgtgtctagt gggagcttgc cccatattaa cagtcttgtg tttctttact cttcaggctt    102600
     tagcttcccc acctgtaaca tgggctcgat tgcccatctg tgcgattaag ctgggtaaac    102660
     aggacaaagc aatgacactg ccacctagtg gctgggtcag gacggcacca gagaggtttt    102720
     catttgggaa ccttgggcag atacagcctg gccccaggct tctgtgctaa aactccgagg    102780
     gtgccctagc caggctgatt ccagtgaatg ggagaatact tgaagtctaa ggttcgagac    102840
     tctgaagacc tcctgagagg aagcagatac agaagagctg agcaacacac cttcctcgcg    102900
     atactccact gtgtaccccg aaatagtgca gtttccggtg ctggctgggg gcagccagcg    102960
     gaggatgacg gaggtgcagc tcctctcctg tgcgattggg cggttggggg ctgcggggac    103020
     acctgtagag acagacagca ggacgtgtgg cttctcagct gggagttgca tgccctagaa    103080
     gcacggtgta cagaaaacat accaaccatg tcttaaatct ggcccataac cttgtccacg    103140
     tttcttcagg cccaagggag gcctagaaaa tgggacctgc tgtgtgaacc tccctcaata    103200
     gaacaccaca cgtaggaaaa gctggacagg acccatgctg gaggttaggg taggagagct    103260
     tagcaggttg ggtgtcttcc cattggtcgg ggttctgctt tagatccttt cttctctgag    103320
     tctcagggtg tccttgtcat gttcacttaa aatgaccaag gtaatgtctt tgaggccata    103380
     ataggaaagg cagagtagga gcagccaagg gcagtgggga gggaggaatt tggagttatt    103440
     gtttaacagg aacagataat aaaagttata tggatggatg gtggtggcca taaactgatg    103500
     ggtgtgtcct aaatgccatt aaacttgaca cttaaaaatg gctaagatgc agacaggcag    103560
     tagtggtgca tgcctttaat cccagcactt gggaggtaga ggctggtgga tttctgagtt    103620
     ccaggtcagc ctggtctaca gagtgagttc caggacagcc agggctacac agagaaaccc    103680
     tgtctcaaaa aaacaaacaa accaaaatca aaaacaaaaa acaaaaccaa acaaaatccc    103740
     caaaccaaaa aaggttaaga tgctaagttt tattgttgtg ttttgttaca gttaagaaat    103800
     gctgagagag agagagaggg agagggagag ggagagggag agggagagag agagggagag    103860
     agggagaggg agagagatca cagcatacct tgcaccttaa ctgtagcaga tgtggatgca    103920
     gtcccgtggt cgtttgctgc tatgcaggta taaatcccac tatcctgggg catcaggttg    103980
     cagatcttga gggtgctttc cccagaatca ctaggacatg aaacggatca ccttcagact    104040
     cccgtgggga gacaggtgag ggatggggaa aatgccggag gaggcttggc tcacggtgtg    104100
     cagagctggg agtgcctgcc tcctccagct cagcccagct ctacaacttg ggctaacacc    104160
     ttgtatccat tttcttatgt gggaattaat taattaatta aattcacttt gcatcccaat    104220
     ggctgctctc ccttctggtg cctccccccc cccaatccca ccctctcacc tcctcccttt    104280
     ctcccctgag aggatgcagg cccacctctg gatgtcccct aaccctggca catctagtct    104340
     ttacagggct aggcacatcc tctcccactg aggccagaca aagcagccca gttaggggat    104400
     gtattctacc cacagacagc agatttaggg gtattcccct ttccagttgt tgggaaaccc    104460
     acatgaagac ggagctgcac atctgctaca tatgtacagg gaggcctagg tccagcccat    104520
     gtatgttctg tggttggcag ttcagtctct gagagccccc aagtgtccag gttagttgat    104580
     tctgttggtc ttcttgtgga gttcctatcc ccttctgggg ccctcaatgt ggtgattttt    104640
     tttttcctgg ctatggtcac tgtccaaatt tgtgtaaaca aggactagaa taggggtgga    104700
     atgagatatg aattagaaat aaataaaatc ctataaccta ctagtttgca atgtaattat    104760
     gagtatatca cacaaataat tcttgtgctg aaataacctc tgtcagtaac aaatggtaag    104820
     acagaatcaa taaggaatat gcttaagtat ttcaaacctt acatgacgga ctgatcctta    104880
     aaatcattaa gtgggtgtct gcggagatga ctcggtggct agagtgcttg ttgtacaagc    104940
     acaagaatct gagttagtaa caagttgggt gtggcttgtg cctgtgaccc cagaactggg    105000
     tgggtctgga gcaggcagat ccagaggctg tctggcagct agtctagctg aaaccggaag    105060
     ctctaggctt catgagagat gctgtctcaa caaaacagga gagcagcaga caaagatgct    105120
     tgaagtggac ctctggcctc catgtgctca caccctgcca tatgtataca cagacagaca    105180
     gacagacaga cagatataca cacacacaca gagcacacag tacacacact gtacacacac    105240
     acacaaacac accacagaca cataaacaca catcacacac atacacacac tgcacactca    105300
     tatacccaca ctatacacac acatgccata cacacacata cacaccatac acacatacca    105360
     catacacacc acacatatat acacacacac cacacacata catgcatcac ataccataga    105420
     cacacacata ccacatacac accatacaca gataccacat atacacacca tacaccacac    105480
     atatacacac catacacaca caccacacac acatatgcac ataccataca cacacatacc    105540
     atacacacac catacacaca cacatcacac acacaccaca cacatacaca ccacacatac    105600
     acacatcaca cacacacaca cacaaagtga actaagaaag ggtaaattcc tgcacttaag    105660
     tggtaaattt ctctcttgct ccagatggtt cagaagcatt tcacaaaagg aacatctctg    105720
     aaagggttaa attacaggga agtcagcctg ttccctctgt ggtgatttga atgagaatgg    105780
     ctaccacaac ctcaaatatt tgaatgttta gaccccagtt ggtggacctg cttagcaagg    105840
     gttaggagat atggccttgt ggaaagaagt gtgccgctgg ggtgagcttt cagatttcat    105900
     gagctcgagc ttgtgccagg cccagtctcc ctctctgcct cctgcttgtg gatgaaatgt    105960
     aagctctcag ctagtgctat ggagccatgc ctacctgcct gctgccatgc tccctgcctt    106020
     gatggtcatg ggtctcttac tctctgcaac cttgagctcc aaagtaaatg ctttcttctc    106080
     tatgttccct tggtcacagt gccttttcac accaaaagaa aggtgactaa gacactatgc    106140
     ctgacactat gtatattctg agatcttctt ggtctttgcc aaacaatgac tctcacgctg    106200
     agctgctgag acccatgagg cctcagcaga catctctttt ggaaacatca aagaagataa    106260
     ctccctcaac acacacacat acatgcacac tcacaaacac agacacacaa atacatacac    106320
     agacatacaa tcacaaccac agactcatac tctcacacac acagacacac acacacaccc    106380
     ctcccccata aaaaaggtct taggtaggga atgaatcaca tcaccatttt tatctgaaag    106440
     catcctgatg ggcatcaagc atccccgggg gttcagttag cactcagtac ttctgacaga    106500
     tctccctggg gatccttggg cagatcatct aacagtgtgg ccataaggca ggaccacggg    106560
     aacattttat atttatagtt cagaccaggc ccattatttt aaggataatg ctttatttgt    106620
     tttctgtagg ccctgcccag agtgtttctt gatggttcct gtaagcgtca catctgactg    106680
     tctggtgctg gacagcacac tcaatgtacg ctggcccagt ccagagccag gctgagggac    106740
     cagctacaga gtgggcagtt gaggctgcac ttgagacttg aatacaaggt gctctggtgg    106800
     gggtggggtg gctgacccac ccatgctttt aatgcagtct ctttcctaat caaggccaat    106860
     catatgatct ggaataaaca ctaggagcga tcttttgggg tgactagtaa tccagagaga    106920
     atttcacccc agtccaacct ctgggagcta tgggcccaga ccctgggcga cccacttacc    106980
     aggaggagat ggtgtatgtt gctgaactgt tgtcagtgtc taggatgttc tgatccggac    107040
     ccttccaggt gatgctgggc tttggccgcc cacaggcttt acactgcagt agcactgtgt    107100
     ctccaagcaa acaggtcaca tctactaagg gcacgaggaa ttctggagcc actgcaatgg    107160
     aattgatata cactcatgtt gcctctcgaa acacactcac aacagccgtt ttagaccttg    107220
     tagtattctt cccctccccc cccccccccc cagagatgga gcgtcagggt tcaaatgacc    107280
     cacagcctaa cattggtcag tgtgcattgt ttgatctgtg agaaactcac tatgtagatc    107340
     aggccggctt cagacccaga aagatctgcc tgcccctcgg tgctgggatt aaaggtgtgc    107400
     aaccaccgtg cccacctttg tgccccttta tttaacagca acattagaaa caaaaggaaa    107460
     aggaaaagct gcatgcatgg tggtgtaatg tggaggtggt atttgggaac gtttcacaat    107520
     acagtctttg agctttatac aaacatattc tttttatttg tttaatcaaa gcccaactcc    107580
     ttacatatct tccctgctgt gctctttgta tttactagtt tatcttaatg atctctcctt    107640
     agccataaat acagaggcat ctcaccactg cttaaagtcc ccaccttaaa gctagatata    107700
     atgtcattta tctagccagg ccccacatcc tcagttctat ccccttaaaa actcaccttc    107760
     ctggatgaaa tttggattca agatctgaaa aaaaccacac acacaaaaga agagaaaatt    107820
     acttgaacct tcacagctcg gagaagacga tagactttac tgagtcaaaa gcaaggaccg    107880
     ttcggggtaa tgactccagg agcccacacc ttcttgccct gttctgttat ggacgaccac    107940
     agtcatagat accctcttca acatcaaagg gcacaggatt acttcctgtc taagatggcc    108000
     actgcatggg cttcctgctt gatggtggtt gtggctgcct ttctcccgtc ctctctgttg    108060
     ctctttttcc atgcacaacc ctataccctt cttattcaac atatcctcta tcagtaccat    108120
     agcaacaatt tcccccacaa attacagaca ggaacaaaag ctatgagagc gatctaactg    108180
     ggtcactgca acgaaatcta cccagtcccc ctccacccat agttggcccg aagcagagct    108240
     ccactggcta aaggaaaaga gcagtagatc ccagatgtct ttctgatccc agtcccaact    108300
     ctgtggccct ggcctccacg gggataaaca cccaatggtt gtgctacttg agagggagca    108360
     aaggaagatt caagcccacc aaatgattct tgtgttccat ggctggtctg aggagaaaat    108420
     agcagtacac tcaaatgcgc cctgcctgcc ccagaacacc tggccggcct ctctcgccag    108480
     cctggaaagt tatcctttct caagaggctg cttgctttgc tctgtcccca accttttgga    108540
     ttacctctcc ccaggcaacg agaagcccgg ttcgtacaaa tctggctttt gagacagcac    108600
     aagctttagt gaaatgagag ccaggtgtca cctgtactgt tccatgtggt tgcatgctcg    108660
     ctacttggca ttgattggca ttaattttcc tccactatga aatgggggag gggggaaagg    108720
     ccaagtgtgg ctggctatca cagactaata ataagtacag ttatatatgc caaggactca    108780
     gcatggtgca tgctgaataa tgagtacata attcctattc agataaaaaa aatgtgaagt    108840
     tctagtggcc ttccttctgc taagctgttt gctggggtgc ctaacctcca ctattttatc    108900
     atgcaaggtc cttaccttcc aaccagggtg gaaaactcac ccgatacaaa gaaaagctca    108960
     ggtagagctt tttacatggt ctatccctgc ctcctgcaaa cactcagttt ctgtgtgttc    109020
     ccatatagag gggtgcgtag gagccccctg gaagatgcta tttcctccct ggggttcccc    109080
     tagcacagaa actacccttt tacacttcag tttttcacaa agttggctga aggcaggtga    109140
     taattctgga acagtgtggg gacggcaact tatgcagtat tagtctgaaa acgccacccc    109200
     cgagctcctt caaaccaatg gtccctgctc cttgactgag gcagcttcaa accagaaagt    109260
     ggagccaacg cctggacctc atgagcaaag ctcctgtctg ggttggcgtg aagaagtgtg    109320
     cgggtgtttg gagtaatgga gagtgtacta gggaccgagc ccatagcttt gcctgttagg    109380
     caagtgcgct gtgctaacct acaacccttc gtaaatttcc tcatttaaaa ttttgatata    109440
     aggaaggtct taccaaattg ctagagcagg ctttgaacta gtgcttctcc tgcctcagcc    109500
     ttctgaagac ttggggttcc aggcatcgtg tgtcattatg tctggctggc atttcacaca    109560
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacactat attcattctt tgagaattgt    109620
     atacatatat acagtatatt ttgatcatat caccccactc cctctctagt tccttccaga    109680
     actccccgcc atattgtctc ccagcttctg tcctctcttc tcctagccca gagtccagtc    109740
     agtactgtct gtgtgtgtgg tgctgtgcag ggccatctgc tggagcacag gcagcctacc    109800
     aagggccact tccctgagga cactgacctt tctattctag gagacttcag ttgacagagc    109860
     tgctcagcta gggctgggct ctgagtcgct ctcctatctt gtctggcttg gtcctgtgca    109920
     gggaactcct gctgcagaga agccacatga gcgatggctc tgatacccag gacacacttt    109980
     ttcatggttg tcctccttaa cctttggccc ttataacctt gctgctcctc ttctgcagtg    110040
     ctccctctgg gggaggggct gtgatacgga cttctcattt agggttgaac gctccacagt    110100
     ccaattcatt catgctcagg actctaacca gttatgggtc tgtgtattaa ttaattgtcc    110160
     acgacaaaag aagctacact gatctattgg gagttaggca ggacagtctt tttttttttt    110220
     ttttttaaaa tggctccact cagtagaatt cccaggcagc ctggatgaag gacctctggt    110280
     agctgattga gtctgtttga ggaaactgat atcttacctg ctagcttcct gtccctgagg    110340
     cttgtgtggg tgtgtgagat tcatggaagg atatggtaag tgaaggatat gaaacttcag    110400
     ggtgttgaag gtgatcaatt aactactgca gtagcaccat ggtaccagca gggggcgagc    110460
     aaaagaggta gtacgccgat cggcctgact taggcaacct ggtctaggtc agttattcag    110520
     cacagaaaag aggctaagaa tatttccaga tattgatggt ggttactcag tgctggactt    110580
     acaggaggct ttccttccca ctcaagaatc actggctggt gtgtaaaata gtatataata    110640
     ttttccttct ctgcttcttc ctcctccccc ctcctttttg tttttttttt gggttttgtt    110700
     ttgtttcctc tgaggcaggg tttccttgtg tagccctggc tgtccaggaa cttgctccac    110760
     agatcaggct ggccttgaac ttagagagac ccgcctgtcc tctgtctcct gagggttgga    110820
     ttaaagacat gcatcaggtt ccagctcacc ttttccatct tacacgaact ttccaaattt    110880
     tctgcagtca acccatttca ctgtccaaat attttgtaaa gaaaaggggc agtcagacca    110940
     attagaccca gagatctcca gggtgggagc tgctgtgatt cacccctgtg cccaggatct    111000
     ccacacaatg gccacttgat acatgtttca cctcatttca tgtctcccag gaaggttcgg    111060
     ttcataaaca ggatctcaaa acaggatcac aagatgtata aaataattag tcctgggtaa    111120
     atgtctaatg tctgactaga gcctgtttgc aaacatctgg aacacaaact ttggaaaatg    111180
     attctaaaac aacactgaga gtggcggctc ttagcagagt ggggtgaagt gtgtgaacgc    111240
     tgggagaggg caggaatgag gaggccctgg ggcgctctgc acttggctac aatccttggc    111300
     tacaacgtag gactccgctt catctgagga gtgtagcgct aacctggttt tgtgagcaca    111360
     gacctctgta atctggggat tgtaatgcca acatggaagg gttatttgat gttggtaaag    111420
     atttattgaa cagtccccgg ttaggttggt tgtaccaaga gggaacaaga gaggcaggtg    111480
     cattgctgtc cacaggctgc agcacagtgg gaagacagga tgacatttgt gttataagtt    111540
     taccatagca gtggtggcac acacctttaa tcctagcact tgggaagcag aggcaggtgg    111600
     atttctgagt tcaaggccag cctggtctac aaagtgagtt ccaggacagc cagggctaca    111660
     cagagaaacc ctgtctcgga aaaaacaaca acataaaaca aaatttgccg tgatatggag    111720
     cactcctcaa cagacagcag agctttagcc tctgcaacat cccattcccc taccccatcg    111780
     ggactctagt ggagaaagaa cctgaggatg ccgagaactg ttcagtggcc tctatgtccc    111840
     accacgctgg agattcccca gagagaagga tatggagccc ccaccaggag tctcacaggg    111900
     aagacaaggg agcgagtggc aagttaacat atttcatata cacttgaggt gccaggcact    111960
     gaacccagga cgtgtccgtg ctgggtaagc accccagcac tgagttacat cctcaggtct    112020
     tggtaggaag aattgaagtg aggcttcaaa agcctgggag gacacatccc agatggctgc    112080
     agagagaacg tttcctactc ctcttcccca tcacagaacc ctagctggag agtgtatgct    112140
     atcaaacgca cactgcttaa gaaatgaacg ttcctactga gggtgtaggt ttagtgaaga    112200
     tgctgaggag aggctcaact gtaggttctt cacctggaaa gacccaggga aaccagccat    112260
     cttcatttct ttgccatttg gctgacccag cgaggagagc aggtgttgct gaccgtgata    112320
     ccagcatgga tctgggcagc attatctgat tggtatacac tactcacaaa caccttcctt    112380
     agatcctctg aagccccaga gaaacatgga ggcaggattg ccgatcccca tctcctgaat    112440
     gagatgggga agtgaagtgt aagatcccac agtgacagcg ggctgactgg ctatgggagt    112500
     ctctgatttg gctcaggact ctgtccatca cagtgtgggg tgcactggga gatgtcattg    112560
     atgccaaagg cccacctgct ctgctgggct gcctctgacg gatctctttc cagtcctctg    112620
     taaactttcc ggcaggaact tagaccccga gtgaggttcc ataccaatgc ttttgctagc    112680
     tgtgcctgtg gctcacatct acagaagata attttcctct atttgaagca aacctaagta    112740
     tgggggcagg agacggccgc cacgctgctc tcctactgtg gtctcctcag gaatgttttt    112800
     gtctatggat ctgtatgggt cccaagccca caagggcaag ggttaagttg tcttcttatt    112860
     gtctccaaat ttagtaccaa ctgtggcatg tggtgttctg tatctgtcaa atcactgaca    112920
     gcttttagtg gtgggattct aagtccgagg aggaaaagat aatgcatacc cccccccacc    112980
     ccgggtaact ggagtgcttt tcattttcta taaactggac atatgacttc cttaggaatc    113040
     ccactggtca gtccaagcct gagattcagt cgatggtgat cttcttcctc tatgctcatt    113100
     cagaggctgg caccttgggg gcctctggtc atgagctgcc atgcataaca ctttatccgc    113160
     gtcgcatttg ctcactagtc ctgtgcaccg tcggcaggtg gcaacccttc tggggtttat    113220
     gtaccatcag agtcatcaat cgtggtgtca aacacagtat ctgttgtagg acaggccaaa    113280
     gtggttggat cagattaact cgggccactc tatcactggt ctagaatttg ggtctcctgg    113340
     ctgtcttgtc tggtgaccac tgcgggtaag tacagggacc ggaggtacta atcccaagtc    113400
     tccgatattt ctgagtgtcc cccaaacagg tgggcagtga gcatggtgtc agatgtgaag    113460
     ccacagagaa ctaggatgtc agagagatgt ggtcatggag gaaacgtggg gttagtcaca    113520
     cagaatgcac gtagtctgac tctgagagat gcagggatgg atggagggat ggagggaggg    113580
     gaagagaaag gggaggggga gggggagagg gagagataga ttatgctggg gtggggtggg    113640
     ggagtaggag agaggcaagg atgaacaact ggggagcctg gttttatttg aacagcagag    113700
     ggcagcaggt agcaaggttt cctgaagcca caagacaaga atcgccactg caccttagtt    113760
     cctgccttct ggatttttct tcaaaatggg acaacagcga gttcagggga aatgttacag    113820
     gtaaaatcca ccagtgttga ataacaaact gagtttgaag agagcttgag tatccccctc    113880
     agttaatgcc taagagtctg acttagagaa agaaggtgaa attctgtctg gaaaacagtt    113940
     gtcagctggg gatgacctga ccttgttttt ttctgagtcc ctcatcatcc aatcacaaaa    114000
     cacagttcca cacggcacac aaaggatgct aatggtgtaa agatggcaga aacaagctca    114060
     aaccgaacgc cctcaaccgt ctcagagcta caaatctgag tgcagggaag gaaagggatg    114120
     ctagataaca tttagttaga aaacgagcag agagtaaaaa gagattttcc aggttgagga    114180
     tctagcacag tggtagaaca cttgcctggc atgtgtggtt caatccccag cataaaataa    114240
     aactccctaa acactacttc tgcatgtggt cctggggctg ggtgtgattt cttatttgaa    114300
     ggtttagcta ttcattattt caatctgact agatcagttt tccagttatt tatttattca    114360
     tttatgtatt tagagatagg gtttctctgt atagccctgg tcatcccaga actcactctt    114420
     gtagaccaga ctgtcctcaa actcacagag atccacctgc ttctgtctcc tgagtgctgg    114480
     gattaaaggc attcaccttg gcctagcttc aaataattaa aaaaaaaatt aagtgtgtgt    114540
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtga tatacatgtg aatgcatgtg tccaagaagg    114600
     ccaggggcat tagattccct ggagctggaa gctgtgagct gcctaacatg gcctcaaact    114660
     tcagtaccca actctccagc tccctccaaa cctttccttt tttaaaatta tctttgtagt    114720
     tggagaacct ggtctgtcta tgtgctgccg attccttgat tttcctgaga tttgctttgt    114780
     gaatcactga ggaatgtaca ctgaactttg taggtaaact ttgatagtat ttggatgttt    114840
     gtgtatacag ggaagtggga atggtggctt tgtctcttct agtgctgcac tcttagggaa    114900
     actcccaggt cagtggaact tgcaaacttg taagtgtgca atataaggaa atgggtcaga    114960
     ccttccgact agggtgaggc gcctcaggac acacatgact aagagctcaa catggatgcg    115020
     agcccaggaa accaatcgag acttttccaa ctcgtgtcaa atagacttac tctcgtggct    115080
     gcaacagctg agctcctgag tcactgggac agggtgtgcc taaagacctg cgattaccgg    115140
     agcagtcagg ggattataaa agctgttgaa gaagaaattc tcctcttaca agcagatgtg    115200
     caacaaggaa gggcctgagc ctctgcattc agactttctg caggacatag gtcgagctga    115260
     ggacatcagt caaaagcaag acctgctttt tcattggctg tgtgaccttg acctcattgc    115320
     ctttgctttt tctaggaggt tgattttttt tttatttgtt tcttgttttg ttttgttttt    115380
     gagacagggg tttctccgtg taacagccct ggctgtccta aaaactccat ttagaccagg    115440
     ctggcctcaa acttacagag acccatgtgc ctctgcctcc caagtgctgg gactaaaggt    115500
     gtgtgccacc actgcctggc tgagaggtgt taatgtttat ggtcaacttg gattgacaca    115560
     tgcctaggag atttgtaaag cacagctcta gctgtgtcta tgagggcatt tccagagatg    115620
     atcaattagg atgggggaac aaagggctct gaatgtggtg gcaccatccc ataacctgag    115680
     tgaaggctac tgccctgtag tgtgaacact ccatttctgt ttcccagaca tcatgaggga    115740
     tcagcctcct ctaccacaca ctcctgccac cacaagcttc agccttctct tcatcccaga    115800
     gcatcaggga tgaaggaaca actacagaaa cccagaggcc gtgaggcaaa gccactcctc    115860
     ctttacagta gcttttcttg gggacttggt cagtgacaag actaacacag gtgagcaacc    115920
     gtgtcctccc tgatggccag ggcacaggat ggagggccat cttgtttcag cgaaggtccc    115980
     ttgggtagta ggacatccat ctgcccttat agggaatcag aacagatctg ggcaggaaga    116040
     gagtgtgtgg ttgccaaacg catcagatac gttacaaagc aaatgttttg tcaaaatgac    116100
     cggaatgtga tgcttcgctt tcttttcctt taaagagtcc ttttcatgga ttctgttatt    116160
     aaaatacaaa aacaggcttc agtgcaaaca tactggcaat gccaggaggt cagttgcccg    116220
     actcgggtat cgaagtttcg tctgtgtggc caggtcattt tgaagccctg tatctgggct    116280
     ggggatacca gagtatcaaa ggtgggatga caggctggct cttcaaggat gggatatcta    116340
     gggcctgaaa ttgtgtgttg ggaagaaatt aggtaccagc tcaggacact caccgttcct    116400
     agaaccgaga gtggtcattt cagtcgccat ccctaccccc actcaacagc agaaagcacc    116460
     tcttccagtt tcttctgtcg tggtctcaat gctgacatgg ttcagagcca agttcccgac    116520
     atacattacc tcttagattt acatggtgtt caaagggcta tgtgtcagtg tctgaaggcc    116580
     tgcacactag ggactgtgta agctgcctgc agagaaaccc agagctcaag aaagttaact    116640
     ggcccaaggt cacacagctt cctcgatctg gagtccaggt ttcctgactc cgggtcagat    116700
     ccactggctt gctttgtgtg gcttcagttt gcatcatatt tcagccttga gaaggcaaga    116760
     ctggtgcaaa ggagagtccc atgggttgag ctggacagaa caatacatcc atacagggcg    116820
     actggcagag gaaggtcggc cttctcaatt cccagaaact gtgttttaga ttaaaaccaa    116880
     acctagaaag gctgtgatct aagttgccac aagatgatgt gagagggggg aaaatggcca    116940
     gaagaactga gcaactgttt ccctttcttc tcttcttctt tcatcagtat gtatgtgtat    117000
     atgtggtcat gagcatgtgc tgtgtgcctg tgtgtgtgtg gagaccagag gtcagctctg    117060
     agagtcttcc ttgactattc tctgactcat ttctgacaca gggtctctca ttgaactgtg    117120
     agcccactga ttcagctgcc ctggccagcc agccaaccta gggatcttgt ctgtcacctc    117180
     agctttggga ttattgttgg gatggatgcc accacgtcca actttttaca cggacgctgg    117240
     cgatcaaaac gcagaccctg gtgctttcag ggcaatcatt tcactgacta gactgaaggt    117300
     tgcagcttta aaaattgttc tgtgtgcatg tgtttgcctg tatacgtgtg tgcatgtgcc    117360
     aatgcatgcc tggtgcccac agaggccaga cgagggcatc tgatcccctg gaactggggt    117420
     ttgaatggtt gtgagccact ctgtaggtgt tgggaaccaa acccaggtct tctggatgag    117480
     caacaagttg ttcttaacca ctgagccatc tctccagccc tgagttacaa attttttgta    117540
     cttcaactcc ctgtccgaaa aggtaaaaga gccggggaga tgggaacaca cagaaacgaa    117600
     ggtgctgatg cccgccaatt ccgggaagtc tttcctgtcg ctgaactctg ttcttccaac    117660
     aggcaggatg cttatttagg ttatgtccac tgtaaagtgg catgagaaat ccataaaagc    117720
     agctgttaaa atgctactcc taccctgatt agtaaaatct ccccaatagc ctcttctttt    117780
     caagggtcta gccttgccac cttccagagc ccttctccac aatgcagtcc tcattagctc    117840
     cctaagccac atcgctggca tctgaaagag ggcaaagcct gcaggggttg ggaagtcttt    117900
     ctcactccga cggattggcc actgccaaga gggctacgga gctttattaa agacgttaaa    117960
     atgcatgtag ttaattaggt tcaactgaag agctgggctg agaattctga tcctcagaga    118020
     taaagaccca agtctggcag ctggttcaga gtttcagcct caatgagtga cgcaggcagg    118080
     tggaaatgtg gggctcagga gctgtgaaaa cccaggaatg gcctcccgag cttttcagag    118140
     gtgatatgga tgtgggaacc tcctggcagc agttacgagt ccaaagggaa atctagccca    118200
     gaccagagaa gatgtcggtt tcttagagac agtccctggc tagaggcgat gttgggcctg    118260
     ggtactcggg ccccagctct agtctggagt gtcacttcta gatatgggcg tggccatggg    118320
     actgaaggag ctggcaggca gccatgtggc tctaagccca gaagagctgt tctcaagaga    118380
     ccccagtgtt tcatttttat cctcatttgg aatttttttt tgcatgtaaa tttctttcac    118440
     acataatgtc cccattcagt ccctcccccc aagggtgcaa ggaaaagctg ggctacaggc    118500
     attcattttt aaaacagatc tccatgtggt gtggtgtggt gtggtgacag atggagagac    118560
     ggagagggga tgcagggacc tggtgcctat cttgctatgg ctgggggtat ggcctgcaga    118620
     gatgggagtg gatgacgtgt gtgagaatat ccacaagtgt tgcttgacag gggaaggagg    118680
     ggctgtgcca acagcctccc ttaatgtaag tggctggtta aatctgagga tccagtgtac    118740
     tgtagtctcc tctttaaact gctttcaagg acagcctatg tcttcttaga gtactgtgga    118800
     gactcaaata tatgccgaga taggatactt ctggtgtaaa gacccagcca actgcccctt    118860
     gcaggaatgc ggtccccagt cgagagaagg tagagggtgc cttggtgacg ccagtctcac    118920
     ggaggcagat gagttcgttt acagtgtact gcaggagacg catgctgcaa aacatgctgc    118980
     aatgcatgcc acggtggttg gttggcaggg caagactgtc acagttggag tccaggcatg    119040
     gagctaaggt acataaagcc gggtcttggg gtcccaggaa cagaggctga gtatagatcg    119100
     gactagcggg ggctgctcca ctcaatgaga gcatagacta cgcttccaga agacaagggt    119160
     gaagttgggg agctttggga ataggtccca aaccatcact ttagcattaa gaggcctttc    119220
     agaggaagcg cagccatctg ggttccaact ggtcttcagc atgtattacc aggcattttc    119280
     gtctaccacc tctgctgcaa taaagttcca ttttcatgtc atccatgttt aacaactcaa    119340
     tgttcattgt cccacgtgct ttttgtctat gaagtcacta agccgacatt ggagatgatg    119400
     gctaccatca ggatagtgac aggttcagag gagctcatgg acccttgatc agcatggaat    119460
     gattgccaat ggcggtcggg gcaactgtgc tggacaccct ggagcaatgg gcggatccat    119520
     gcgtctcccc tctagcggtt aggttaacgg aactttctgc ctacaggaag ctttgagtct    119580
     cagttatcat atgcaaaaac tttctgttca tgtagcaaca cacgtggggg ctttcttctg    119640
     ccatcaagaa ccccctgatg tctttgcttg gggagccagt agcacctctg ggagactcat    119700
     ttccctcagt tcacaaagag gctactctgc tttgaatatt aagaacctta aaatggttcc    119760
     caagggtcca tgagctcctc tgaaccttga aagcaggact aaggtaggca tgtatgtatg    119820
     tgtgtgtggt gtgtgtgtat gtgtacatgt gtgttcttct tatctaagta atctaagtat    119880
     aaacatctga ctagaccaat taattttctc agtggatgac aactggcaca ttcctgtgta    119940
     ttaacctcta ctctgccagt gtgggaatca gagctagaca aagtcccaag gtgcttgaga    120000
     cacagatgcc tggctcctac acctgtctgg tttccctcta cttgcagctg actccttcag    120060
     tacatgccag cgacatctat gcacggggat aaggcaccat gggtgtctac aacagacata    120120
     ggacagatgt gggacctgtg catgctcgtg cctgtcctat gaaacgcgag gagagcagag    120180
     tcaggaatct ccatcttccc catctctaac atgcacttag gctgtgaatg tccccacctc    120240
     ttccttccac aacagagtgc tctactgacc cacaccttgg ctctgtggca gaacccacac    120300
     cccacagggg actgctttat ttggcagagc tcctgttttc aacctctaac ctcctggctc    120360
     agctcaattc aggtggcttc ttcaatagct ggctttcctc ttctgaggcc acatggtctc    120420
     tcagaagttt ttaagttgct tttgtaatat ggtggtggac ttcttagaga ttatgccaaa    120480
     taaataataa tataacagta gcaataataa tgctacctcc ctaggtgaaa actttagggc    120540
     tacacataag aaagggttta ggggaaacct actactgtta tgctaaatgg acatggtgtc    120600
     aaactgtctt ctacatattt aagtttgtag ccatagatca gtgcttttct ctttctttct    120660
     ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttttttct    120720
     cctttccttt cctttccttt cctttccttt cctttccttt cctttccttt cctttccttt    120780
     cctttccttt cctttccttt cctttccttt cctttccttt cctttccttt ccttccttcc    120840
     ttcctccttc cttccttcct ccttccttcc ttccttcctt tctttctttc tttctttctt    120900
     tttttttttt tttgactgtc ctaaattgtt tattggatat gaattttaca aatatcacgt    120960
     gtattagcgg taacggtgga gctggagagt attgcgcctt ctccaggctg cacggcggga    121020
     accaccaata gtgtggtgga acttgtggcc ctttccaagg ccacggctct ttcggccagc    121080
     agatgtcagc ccacgcattt ctctgtgttt gtggactggt ttggtgatcc actgggtgtc    121140
     aggatttctt ctgatagctt tatggaacgg atcaatgagg ataacctcaa aaaatttata    121200
     tgtggaatct tcaccaaccc agtaggaatt caggactctc aaagccccac aatggcgccc    121260
     agctctctcc tcagcaacag actgaaggct tcgggcaaat ttcagctggt taacaccatg    121320
     gtggacaggc ttgccgtaaa ttgcaccctt aggaactggg cgtttacgac caccacggcg    121380
     gacacgaatc ctgtaaatga catagccttg cttagccttg tatcccagtc ttcgagcttt    121440
     atcaggccgg gtggggcggg gagccctgtg cagcgcagag agctggcggt attgccaaca    121500
     gcggaccctc agaagaaagc gcatcacgtc ggactgcttc ttcctccata gctcctggat    121560
     gtacttgtat gcacccatct tggctcacct gatggctgcc gccagaggaa aggaagaact    121620
     ctttttttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt    121680
     cctttgagat tcattctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    121740
     tctctctctc tctctttgtg tgtatgtata tgtgtgtgct ctggatctcc tggaactagt    121800
     tctgtagacc agcaggctgg ccttgaactc tgagatccac ctgcccatgt ctcccaagtg    121860
     cctgacggag acgctccttt ctgcataggg cagtgagtgg ttaatgtata gattcacaaa    121920
     cggtcaaagt gctaaagatg agtgacttct gagtgctcag tcacacgtga gatatgcaca    121980
     ttacacatat tgcccccacc ccccatcccc agacactggg aacaccctag aagaggggac    122040
     agagagaatg caagatctgg aggatgcaga ggactgttac atcatgaacg cagagctgta    122100
     gttatcccca caagattggg cctgacaaga ttacacttgg aagaggcgag gcacacataa    122160
     ggccccatcc ctagctgtgg agctactatc attgctggag tgggggcggg gttgtcctcc    122220
     tttcttcagt gtcgtagtca ctgataggtt atcagtgaga aaccccgatt aaactctgag    122280
     agttcaagaa taaaccaaac actatgggag gaggaaggtg acttgttggg gagaatgggg    122340
     tttggaggga gagggggagg taagagcagt agggggtgta gatatgataa aagtatattc    122400
     tatacacata tggaatagtc aagaatacat ttaaaactaa agaaattatt ttgcattaga    122460
     ggaaatctat aatttttaat aagctggtag ggatgggaca cagaattgga gaaagacatt    122520
     tcagtctacc ttgaaagtct aaatagcaag gtgagctagg tcacacttgc tctgcctttc    122580
     cagggtttgt gggtttgtgt ggttatagac ttggcaatgg atgttcaaga tggcaggaca    122640
     ctactccaac tcctgtactc acacaaacct gcagtatgga aaaggtctac cccatgttcc    122700
     tccctcactg tctctagacc aaggttcctg gaaagaggct gctaggtggg ccttttcata    122760
     tggtagccat agtcactggc cttgcctggg ccctgaaagt gggcaagaga atgcctgaat    122820
     taatcttttc ttgctttgtt cttaaccagc taccattaac acagtaacta ggagccaggt    122880
     catcagaaaa aacacagagc atcaaaggac tgggagccca gaagattgag aggaagaaaa    122940
     aggggcacag gggaagagga aagagtagag aaaactataa agagaaaaac aaaacaagac    123000
     aaaacccaat ggctcttatc cttccgatgt gagccaacta ccaattatag ctgttttcta    123060
     tgaaaaaaat aacgtattct atgttacaaa taattaagtt ggatatcttc tacataaagc    123120
     caaaccttcc aaggaagaaa acactaagaa agcattcaag agaaaagcac aaggttttgt    123180
     ttttaaaacg ataccacagt agagtttccg agccaaatag aggtgaattt taggttttgt    123240
     tttgttttgc tttagtctag atgggacacc ctgagatgac ctgacattat agaagcacga    123300
     gccaccctgg attctagtga ggtcactgtt agagaacaca ctgggaaaag gcaatcagtg    123360
     taggaaatag gacaacatag ctgcttctac ctccatacta gtattagggt caagatcatc    123420
     acactctgac tcctcggaac tgttcgtctc cttggttggc agcatgtaga aggggggaga    123480
     aaaagaacat agttagaaca cagtagtctg gctagcgggg catatcagag aagcatggat    123540
     atgggaaacc aggcagagaa acgaccagga acttttcagg tgggacgtgg ggcgtcatgg    123600
     cagcagcatg ctctctcaag ggaccgtgga cacctgttta tcacaccggg aagagcaatg    123660
     gaagtgaccg gatgaagcgt gagtgccgga attaaactgt ccactctggc aaggctgggc    123720
     ttcccaattt cttttcccca aaaggatctt gaataggttt tggttgctct ttgcttggga    123780
     aggcaaagtg cccaagagat aatcaatgcg tgattttctt tctttctctc tctctttttt    123840
     attttatttt ttttagatta tggcctgcag ccagaagagg gcaccagatc tcattataga    123900
     tggttgtgag ccactataag gttgctggga attaaactca ggacctctgg aagagcagac    123960
     agtgctctta acctctgagc catctctcca gctccaatga gtgattttca ttgtcccaag    124020
     gcaaagcatt tctgaaggcg gatcatgatc acattgtttc tggatgggaa aaatggaatg    124080
     tctgctgagc tcacagttga tagttcaaag taacagataa tttaaaaacc aacgcaggct    124140
     ttgccaatgt ggatccctat ttctcccatg cacagcagga acataaggaa attgcttaca    124200
     ggtgatgtct ggggaaaaga aatgaaactt cactaagggc aagatggact tgaagtgcca    124260
     aacctctgcc atcatgagat caggggtttg ggggtgtacc cctttaacct gaatgtgtcc    124320
     ccaagcctag gctactgaat gggtgtcttt gagaagttta atatgaacca agcatcttgc    124380
     atttctaaga aggctgcaga taattttgct gcaaaatatc tgcttcacca taaaaagaaa    124440
     gggaaacgag aggtacttac ttgaattgaa ggtgccagga gaaataaaaa ataaaaaaca    124500
     gattgatctt gcatgcagaa tcttgctaaa ctactccccc tttggtcccc acactgggca    124560
     gtggtcaaat agccaatccc cacccaccca agctgcctgt gagaacagat gacagggacc    124620
     cagttccgaa caccttactc actttaacag agactttgtt gcccagaata tccttgggtt    124680
     tacgaggccc tgtggcttca tttttacccg agttctccac gtctgcccgc tttctcatgc    124740
     gtagagtgtg ccaagagcat gacttcctgt tataccaaaa aatgcaccaa tcaaaatggc    124800
     aggatggagc agagtgaggt ggtgggtggg ctcagcaacc actgtgtatc agaggagacg    124860
     ttccagtgaa gcccctgcca ccttcagggc cccagacctg cgtactagct cctgcggtgg    124920
     ctggggctga cctcacctct aactgggagt gaggatgaac tttgaccctt cctgaaagta    124980
     tgctaggtaa agtacagcat tcggaagaaa tgggtaccag gtcaccagac ccagggaggt    125040
     tttctttgag tatctgatga agcctcctag gactgaggta gcgttttgag aagggcatgg    125100
     tagatgggat gagtatagta taggaaagat aaaggaaaca catttgattc tgtgcaaaca    125160
     agccactggc accttctata atacatcata tattatctgg agtaaggccc tctcaagcac    125220
     tgggaaagaa gtgcaaggtt tcttggaagt tgccttggta agcggaggtg tgtacctcac    125280
     acatatctgc atacttcacg acaaggtttc cgtgtgtgtc ctccatgtgt atgtttgtga    125340
     tgttagggcc catcactaaa gggttccaca ttccccattg gaataaggcc cagtgtgtgc    125400
     tcccagggaa gtgaccgtgg tgatctttca cacaatctgt cccacttggg ggctgggttc    125460
     cacttcacag ctatagaaaa gaggctcagc ccttgagtcc cacatctgtc agtgtcaagg    125520
     gcagcaaagg ccgtgaccta ggcagcatca gggacctgag cagcagtggt gtttcatgtc    125580
     tataggattt gcatgagtta gttcttgtct ggagtgaggc ctgtacttcc ttctttgttt    125640
     cttggttaaa tatggggctc cacagatagg gctgcatgaa aagaaccttc atgaagggag    125700
     gggcaggtga gactcaggag gaaaatactt catatgcctc tcctccacag cattccagag    125760
     ccaccaggag tcgaaggaac ccaaagttct aggaacattc attacctagc atgcagcctc    125820
     aacaattaac cggaagagga aaagccaacc gcaatcgtgt tctggcatgt tctgggaagc    125880
     gggatccttc caaaggccag agcttgtcac agagcccctg accggaaact cctcaggcca    125940
     ctcctcgaga gcacctggct ccaccttctc taccccagtg agaaccagac atgaaagaca    126000
     ccccaagatc atgacactgc tgacgacaga cttttgtctt ttgtcgttta ttcccaaatc    126060
     catgtccctg gctcctctgg gaatattctg agtcagggag gtccctgctg aaaagaatcc    126120
     caaggcagaa ggtgtatctg tgcacgtgtg gggcgtacgc ctgtttactg ctgtcaccct    126180
     ctggactccc cagtgtgctt ggtgagaact gttaaaaata gcgcaggagg aagatcggag    126240
     gagcacagag gcgggagagg ttcgatttca aattcttctt cccagaagaa cacgccatgg    126300
     tttggggagc gtccgtctct tggccacaag cccagcgact gaggtggaca caggttcagt    126360
     gacattttat cctgtaggta tccttgtggt cacagcaggc ccagggaagg ggaagtgagt    126420
     agcctttgct aattaccact agtactgcat ttactcagtg gctcacctcc agggccacca    126480
     acccttatga agctgtggct tgcaaggacc ccaagaagct agtgggtaca tctatctggt    126540
     ctcttcgccc ctctcccctg agaccaagac accgaaggtg gaggcaggga aggtgggctc    126600
     agtgtctggg tgaccagggc gctacccatt aagaactacc tctgtgaggc ttggttacat    126660
     ggggctctgt ggcctttcta tccgaggttt ctgcaataaa catctctaga ctaggacagg    126720
     cagggcctat ttcactgtga ggccgcgtct gatttctgtg gtcacgagga gaggccagtg    126780
     acatcagtac cttctagtcc ctgagaggaa aggaccaaag cagagcactg ctgctgctgt    126840
     tgctgctctg tcacctcagg atagtgcctg ggaccctccc acgggtgacc gtgatgcaag    126900
     gcagctgtga agctgtgaga aaagcaggct gacactggcc tatgctggct acccatagat    126960
     gtcagcactt gaaggacccc cgggtgctgg gaacgctctg gagagccctg actctctgtc    127020
     cttcccgttt gctaaagtca gagaaaatcc agaggggatg tttagaggaa agggccaggt    127080
     tcagggttga gcaacaaagg caccttttat ataggaagaa aacaaaaaaa aacaaacaat    127140
     gcagccaacc aacccataaa ctatagaaaa gaaaggaaaa aaaaatcatt ttcacactca    127200
     aagtctgaga ataatgagat gggggaggga agggtcaact aacctttgac ctcattaaaa    127260
     catgctcatg gtgaaaattt attttacata tttaaaatag tacatttaaa attattagtt    127320
     acattacagg tacaatgcta aacattgcgg ctccccatat tgcacaacct gacttcatcc    127380
     acaagggttt ctttaaatag tgcaaaatgc tttatacagg aatgtgttca gaagagtttt    127440
     tgcaatcaaa ataaggaaaa ggaatatctt acaaattacc atgaacatat attaaagtga    127500
     caggggagga gagaaataaa aataaaaagt tacaatctgt acagtggaat tgccgtggac    127560
     agccaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagtccc ctctcttttg ggagaagcag caggctctga    127620
     cctgtccagg cctggcattt gtgctaaggt catttctagg tgccaatcaa aaaaaaaata    127680
     tatatatatc agtaacttca tacaatataa atagaagtcc agtccagtga gtcccgtggt    127740
     gggccaaatg tagcaacgga aggcatgcct tttctcccct agggtttcag tagggttctt    127800
     ttcttaacga gttgggggga aaaagaaggg gaaagatgaa cagaaaatta taaacgaaag    127860
     ggaaataaaa tccaccatca ccatcaccac caccaccatg accccagagc ggtctagcct    127920
     agacaccccg agctgcaggt gggcggctcc acaccccatc cccctaatca agcagcagcc    127980
     attccctatg gggcttgtat tttgtgggtt tttttggttt tgactttttt tttttttaac    128040
     ccgcatactc ctctccgggt agccatggaa gcacttactt gatgctcccg tcactacttt    128100
     cggccgctgc tgtggctttg gcgaggggcg ccaggatgct gcctgggacc cagccctctg    128160
     ctgccgggga atggtcgctg gcaggctggt acaccagaca catgttctgc tggttgacgg    128220
     cgaggacctg taccacctca ccttggctca cgcagatttc attctccttc agtgcatagt    128280
     aatctttgat tacagtcatg gttgatgtcc cattgcagcc tcccaggtcg ttctgctaag    128340
     gagacagggc ggaaggcaca cagacacaag gagggtggtt cgcacaggct tgctctgcat    128400
     cctgttgcac ggccaaaggc caggcggctc actggcagga tgaagggcaa gcggaagagc    128460
     agagcactcc tgagggagaa ctttttggta cccatgctct gaaagcgcat ttgatagcag    128520
     aacagtatta taaccaaagt gtataaccaa gtattataat ggcttcagat ggtgtccgga    128580
     gaaagctaca gacggacaca acttcaactg gaagctccct tctagcatgc agccttcctg    128640
     atggcatcct cttgctgatg gcaggaagaa cctgctatca gcaccagggc atggaagcac    128700
     ttgggcagag tgaggtcagg gtgaatgtca ggtcaggggt cacaatcctc ctctatgggt    128760
     agaacataga ccctttgatg ctacgtccct ccccccttct ttagacttca tttgacatgt    128820
     cagccaggac cttggactcg tgatccttga gcctcagcct ccccaagtgc tggaattcac    128880
     aggcatgcac caccatgccc agctcgttcc tttatccttt taagaagcat cacttgcctg    128940
     tgctcctcat cctgaccctc tctgacacag gagtaagaat ggcactgtgt ctgatgcaca    129000
     ggtaaagccc tgggctaccc tgtgaaacag acatcctgag gtctccccac cactgcactt    129060
     aatacaggag gtgctgccca tgtgacctct tcatgcgagt cataccgggg cagctgcgtc    129120
     tacacagacc tgtaactccc cgggaggcca ggctgccccc tagggcatgg tgagagccag    129180
     aaaatcttcc atatggctga caaaatgcca aagtgacttc aactgattca cacgggcagg    129240
     gtttttctag ggtagaaaat tatttcaggt ggtacggtga gaaaggcgag tgggacagtt    129300
     actgtagtat agggctgaac ttaaacgtca accattcatt tgaacaaaat cagcatcaac    129360
     taatgatttg gggggcgaga agaattacat ctgtaacact ggaccacgtg tgtaagaaat    129420
     gcaggtgtcc caattcccag acctaatgag ttctggagac tacttaggtc tgctgggcaa    129480
     atctgctagg ttttaaaagc aagtggaaag caaatcgcct ggctcctaat ctatctagca    129540
     cttccccagt tttctcctgt tcctactgtg gtttaggatg aagccagctg tgcagactag    129600
     acctgcagta cactgtatcc ctgcagcaca ctgtatccct gtggtacact gtatccctgc    129660
     ggcacactgt atccctgcag tacactgtat ccctgcagta cactgtatcc ctgtggtaca    129720
     ctgtatcctt gcagtacact gtatccctgc ggcacactgt atccctgtgg tacactgtat    129780
     ccctgcggca cactgtatcc ctgtggtaca ctgtatccct gcggcacact gtatccctgc    129840
     agtacactgt atccctgcag tacactgtat ccctgtggtc tttgaagtgt ggactatgga    129900
     gtctagcttc cacatgtgct cagcttcctc ttaccacatc agccaatgga aggtgagctt    129960
     ccttttgtag gtcctggtgc atatcactgt tagatggggc tggctttctc tctctctctc    130020
     tctctctctc tctctctttc tttctaagat ttattatata caagtacact gtagctgtct    130080
     tcagaagagg gcatcaatct cattacaaat ggttgtgagc caatatgtgg ttgctgggat    130140
     ttgaactcag gatccatgga agagcagtca gtgttcttaa ccgctatgcc atctctccag    130200
     cccctgactc tttctaatat ggcaaccagg agctatggtt taaagcacca attttcccta    130260
     tggccacagg gattccctca catttagatg ctaacagctc ttgggcacac agtgccccag    130320
     tcagaagaaa ctggtttcag ttaatgacaa gggaagaaag aaaaataatt aaaaataata    130380
     aaaacaataa ttaagactct ttaatcttta atggattttt cctgtttaga taatcgacag    130440
     gagatggggc tgtttcctaa ggatgacttc aggtctcaga ggtgacaagg gcatgagcaa    130500
     gctgccactt accttgctag cgtcaaactt gtccccaggc tgatggtagt cgaaccctgg    130560
     actgccatta gaggtagata tcttcagggg tggcagaggc gggttatagc tggagccctt    130620
     ggggggcttc tctgagccca ccgggccaga agagtagggc ctggggctgg cttgtggaac    130680
     cctcgggggc tgggaccgga tcacagctgt gcttctctcc ttccgctgat actcaatggg    130740
     tgactgtagt gctgcaggtg agaagagtga gttactctac cttcagggat cccgagagga    130800
     tgcagaggcc ggctaggtac caaagtttat gctaggtgtg tgcacgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    130860
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgcg tgtttaaaga acttcagaag    130920
     gggactggct gccactctga catttaaaag ggcagaagta tgtgtgaact attgggaata    130980
     ggtagcactc agaagacctg tgttagggtc acaggtctcc atggaagggg aggggacgaa    131040
     acaggtaagg gagatagggt gcctgggtct taggaggctc agcgcagctg gccgtcagcc    131100
     tgaagactag aagcggttgt attaagtaac cttaaaagtt ttggattcag actcctatca    131160
     ctggggtgca tttgaggaat gcaaaccttg tagcaggtag acagcagatt tgaaaggagc    131220
     aggcagaaga aagtcctcgg tagactgctg tataaaggac tttcagggca agtgcaatta    131280
     ggctactttt actggtgttt gccatagaag caatttaagt agattaattg ctgcagtcca    131340
     gcacacagtg atgggtgcag catgcatttc agcagattca atgggggggg tgttgggggg    131400
     tggcggggtg tgtgtgtgtg tcacacactc ctttttaacc ggtctcaaga gggaagtctg    131460
     acggaggtgc ccgcacatgt gtctgtaaga agcctggccc tgttctatta ctgcatcatt    131520
     tctcccgtgt gtatcaaaat gtatagcagg cctgcctgag cgcagcccct gcggctcctg    131580
     gggagaattc tgtgggcatt aaatatttag gtaatgatca tccagtttag tgatagctgc    131640
     atcattcact ataattagga ggaaggtctt tcgggaccat gtaaaatctg atccattgag    131700
     tgtactgaaa gcagtgtggt tccaagttta agcacatcat agactacttt agtactttct    131760
     cgctcggtaa gccctttaaa ctgagttgca aactctaccc atgatgtaga attggggtgc    131820
     tataaggtta tgagcactga ctacccagaa gtgctggaaa atactgtttt cctctgtgag    131880
     ctacgaagaa ggctaggcct gtactctctc actagcctgc atgggaatac ctcagtcatg    131940
     caaccaggaa gcctgtttct ctcacttagt ccttactgct gcaaccacag acatgtaccg    132000
     ttcaaacatc gggcatttct aacagtgagg tcttgccttt ggggttcatt tccttacacc    132060
     tgctctgctg ctggcgacca tatggaagaa ccatcgaacc agctctcaag tcacagcttt    132120
     gggttcagaa ccccccccaa cccctatttc tgaggcaggg tttctctgta tggccctggc    132180
     tgtccggtag accaggctgg cctagaacct ggagatctgc ctgcctctgc ctcccaagca    132240
     cctcccatct ccgacccttt cctaacgtct actgcttttg cttgagatga gtttcttaat    132300
     gccttcaagt ctggttttcc tcacatgaaa aaaaagcagg ctgcagccac atcgtgttct    132360
     tcggggatta agtgtgaata aacagacgaa atgcttagtt taactcctga tgggaggagg    132420
     ggtgaataca cgggagtcac tattgttaat ttgtttattt ctggtttcaa cagactattt    132480
     tttattttct tttagttctg aagtgatgag gtttaaaaaa aaaccctcat tcccacctta    132540
     gtccactgga aatctttcct agaatgtaac ttaaatgaat ctatttcaca cacacacata    132600
     tatttttgca tcgcaccagc cacaagctgt gtttactcaa agctgcatat tgagaaactg    132660
     taagctctat agctttcagc tctaaccttt gtagtttaat tgtcaatgtt ttaaaagaaa    132720
     agggagcctt gggagctctt agtgtctcct ggcaaccttt tccagttggg aacatgaccc    132780
     ctaaatactc cctgaaagtc tgaaatggca ctgaacttct atgttctgtc tttaaaactc    132840
     atggaatcaa atgctgacac tgttgggagc cgcgcccaca ttcgccgtta caagatggcg    132900
     ctgacagctg tgttctaagt ggtaaacaaa taatctgcgc atgtgccaag ggtatcttat    132960
     gactacttgt gctctgcctt ccccgtgacg tcaactcggc cgatgggctg cagccaatca    133020
     gggagtgaca cgtccgaggc gaaggagaat gctccttaag agggacgggg tttcgttttc    133080
     tctctctctt gcttcttgct ctcttgcttc ttgctctctt gcttcttgct ctcttgcttc    133140
     ctgcaccctg gctcctgaag atgtaagaat aaagctttgc cgcagaagat tctggtctgt    133200
     ggtgttcttc ctggccggtc gtgagaacgc gtctaataac aattggtgcc gaaacccggg    133260
     acgggacgag aaaaaatccg ggacgaaaaa atacgagaaa aaactcggga ctggcgcaag    133320
     gaagatccct cattccagaa ccagaactgc gggtcgcggt aataaaggtt cccgtaaagc    133380
     agactgttaa gaaggattca actgtatgaa ttcagaactt ttcagctggg gaacgagagt    133440
     accagtgagt acagctttac gaggtaagtc tgatcttgaa ctttctaacg aaattcaaga    133500
     cagtctatca gaagtaaagt ggaatatgtt tggccttgaa ttttttctgg tgttaggagc    133560
     ccttttgttc cttttcacat gttatcaggt gattaagata gggaggattc tagatgaaat    133620
     tcaggacaag ctatcagaag taaagcgggg agagagagta ggaacaaaga ggaaatatgg    133680
     tacacaaaat aagtatacag gcctttccaa gggtcttgaa cccgaggaaa agttaaggtt    133740
     aggtaggaat acctggagag agattagaag aaaaagagga aaaagggaaa agaagaaaga    133800
     tcaattagcg gaggtctcta ggaaaaggag cctgtgctca tcgctggatg ggctcgggga    133860
     gccagctctt agtagctctg aagcaggtga agaatcctcc tctgaggaaa cagactggga    133920
     ggaagaagca gcccattacc agccagctaa ttggtcaaga aaaaagccaa aagcggctgg    133980
     cgaaggccag tttgctgatt ggcctcaggg cagtcggctt caaggtccgc cctatgcgga    134040
     gtccccgccc tgcgtagtgc gtcagcaatg cgcagagagg cagtgcgcag agaggcagtg    134100
     tgcagactca ttcattccca gagaggaaca aaggaaaata caacaggcat ttccggtctt    134160
     tgaaggagcc gagggtgggc gtgtccacgc tccggtagaa tacttacaaa ttaaggaaat    134220
     tgccgagtcg gttcgtaaat atggaatcaa tgctaatttt accttggtgc agttagacag    134280
     gctcgccggc atggcactaa ctcctgctga ctggcaaacg gttgtaaaag ccgctctccc    134340
     tagtatgggc aaatatatgg aatggagagc gctttggcac gaagctgcac aagcgcaggc    134400
     ccgagcaaac gcagctgctt tgactccaga gcagagagat tggacttttg acttgttaac    134460
     gggtcaggga gcttattctg ctgatcagac aaactaccat tggggagctt atgcccagat    134520
     ttcttccacg gctattaggg cctggaaggc gctctctcga gcaggtgaaa ccactgggca    134580
     gttgacaaag ataatccagg gacctcagga atccttctca gattttgtgg ccagaatgac    134640
     agaggcagca gagcgtattt ttggagattc agagcaagcc gcccctctgg tagaacagct    134700
     catttatgag caagccacac aggagtgccg agcagccata gccccaagaa agaacaaagg    134760
     tttacaagac tggctcaggg tttgtcggga gcttggggga cctctcacca atgcaggctt    134820
     agcggctgcc atccttcaat cccaaaaatg ctccatgggc agaaatgatc ggaggacatg    134880
     ttttaattgc aggaagcctg ggcattttaa gaaagattgc agagctccag ataaacaggg    134940
     agggactctc actctttgct ctaagtgtgg caagggttat catagagctg accagtgtcg    135000
     ctctgtgagg gatataaagg gcagagtcct tcccccacct gatagtcaat caactgatgt    135060
     gccaaaaaac gggtcatcgg gccctcggtc ccagggccct caaagatatg ggaaccggtt    135120
     tgtcaggacc caggaagcag tcagagaggc gacccaggaa gacccacaag ggtggacctg    135180
     cgtgccgcct ccgacttcct attaatgcct caaatgagta ttcagccggt gccagtggag    135240
     cctataccat ccttgccccc gggaaccatg ggccttattc tcggccgggg ttcactcacc    135300
     ttgcagggct tagtagtcca ccctggagtt atggattgtc aacattcccc tgaaatacag    135360
     gtcctgtgct caagccctaa aggcgttttt tctattagta aaggagatag gatagctcag    135420
     ctgctgctcc tccctgataa taccagggag aaatttgcag gacctgagat aaagaaaatg    135480
     ggctcctcag gaaatgattc tgcctatttg gttgtatctt taaatgatag acctaagctc    135540
     cgccttaaga tcaatggaaa agagtttgaa ggcatccttg ataccggagc agataaaagt    135600
     ataatctcta cacattggtg gcccaaagca tggcccacca cagagtcatc tcattcatta    135660
     cagggcctag gatatcaatc atgtcccact ataagctcca ttgccttgac gtgggaatcc    135720
     tctgaagggc agcaagggaa attcatacct tatgtgctcc cactcccggt taacctctgg    135780
     ggaagggata ttatgcagca tttgggcctt attttgtcca atgaaaacgc cccatcggga    135840
     gggtattcaa ctaaaacaaa aaatatcatg gcaaagatgg gttataaaga aggaaaaggg    135900
     ttaggacatc aagaacaggg aaggatagag cccatcttac ctaatggaaa ccaagacaga    135960
     cagggtctgg gttttcctta gcggccattg gggcagcacg acccatacca tggaaaacag    136020
     gggacccagt gtgggttcct caatggcacc tatcctctga aaaactagaa gctgtgattc    136080
     aactggtaga ggaacaatta aaattaggcc atattgaacc ctctacctca ccttggaata    136140
     ctccaatttt tgtaattaag aaaaagtcag gaaagtggag actgctccat gacctcagag    136200
     ccattaatga gcaaatgaac ttatttggcc cagtacagag gggtctccct gtactttccg    136260
     ccttaccacg tggctggaat ttaattatta tagatattaa agattgtttc ttttctatac    136320
     ctttgtgtcc aagggatagg cccagatttg cctttaccat cccctctatt aatcacatgg    136380
     aacctgataa gaggtatcaa tggaaggtct taccacaggg aatgtccaat agtcctacta    136440
     tgtgtcaact ttatgtgcaa gaagctcttt tgccagtgag ggaacaattc ccctctttaa    136500
     ttttgctcct ttacatggat gacatcctcc tgtgccataa agaccttacc atgctacaaa    136560
     aggcatatcc ttttctactt aaaactttaa gtcagtgggg tttacagata gccacagaaa    136620
     aggtccaaat ttctgataca ggacaattct tgggctctgt ggtgtcccca gataagattg    136680
     tgccccaaaa ggtagagata agaagagatc acctccatac cttaaatgat tttcaaaagc    136740
     tgttgggaga tattaattgg ctcagacctt ttttaaagat tccttccgct gagttaaggc    136800
     ctttgtttag tattttagaa ggagatcctc atatctcctc ccctaggact cttactctag    136860
     ctgctaacca ggccttacaa aaagtggaaa aggccttaca gaatgcacaa ttacaacgta    136920
     ttgaggattc gcagcctttc agtttgtgtg tctttaagac agcacaattg ccaactgcag    136980
     ttttgtggca gaatgggcca ttgttgtgga tccatccaaa cgtatcccca gctaaaataa    137040
     tagattggta tcctgatgca attacacagc ttgcccttaa aggtctaaaa gcagcaatca    137100
     cccactttgg gcaaagtcca tatcttttaa ttgtacctta taccgctgca caggttcaaa    137160
     ccttggcagc cacatctaat gattgggcag ttttagttac ctccttttca ggaaaaatag    137220
     ataaccatta tccaaagcat ccaatcttac agtttgccca aaatcaatct gttgtgtttc    137280
     cacaaataac agtaagaaac ccacttaaaa atgggattgt ggtatatact gatggatcaa    137340
     aaactggcat aggtgcctat gtggctaatg gtaaagtggt atccaaacaa tataatgaaa    137400
     attcacctca agtggtagaa tgtttagtgg tcttagaagt tttaaaaacc tttttagaac    137460
     cccttaatat tgtgtcagat tcctgttatg tggttaatgc agtaaatctt ttagaagtgg    137520
     ctggagtgat taagccttcc agtagagttg ccaatatttt tcagcaaata caattagttt    137580
     tgttatctag aagatctcct gtttatatta ctcatgttag agcccactca ggcctacctg    137640
     gccccatggc tctgggaaat gatttggcag ataaggccac taaagtggtg gctgctgccc    137700
     tatcatcccc ggtagaggct gcaagaaatt ttcataacaa ttttcatgtg acggctgaaa    137760
     cattacgcag tcgtttctcc ttgacaagaa aagaagcccg tgacattgtt actcaatgtc    137820
     aaagctgctg tgagttcttg ccagttcctc atgtgggaat taacccacgc ggtattcgac    137880
     ctctacaggt ctggcaaatg gatgttacac atgtttcttc ctttggaaaa cttcaatatc    137940
     tccatgtgtc cattgacaca tgttctggca tcatgtttgc ctctccgtta accggagaaa    138000
     aagcctcaca tgtgattcaa cattgtctta aggcatggag tgcttggggg aaacccagac    138060
     tccttaagac tgataatgga ccagcttata cgtctcaaaa attccagcag ttctgccgtc    138120
     aaatggacgt aacccacctg actggacttc catacaaccc tcaaggacag ggtattgttg    138180
     agcgtgcgca tcgcaccctc aaagcctatc ttataaaaca gaagagggga attgaagaga    138240
     ttttaccccg agcaccaaga gtgtcggtgt ctttggcact ctttacactc aattttttaa    138300
     atattgatgt tcatggccat actgcggctg aacgtcattg ttcagagcca gataggccca    138360
     atgagatggt taaatggaaa aatgtccttg ataataaatg gtatggcccg gatcctattt    138420
     tgataagatc caggggagct atctgtgttt tcccacagaa tgaagacaac ccattttggg    138480
     taccagaaag actcacccga aaaatccaga ctgaccaagg gaatactaat gtccctcgtc    138540
     ttggtgatgt ccagggcgtc aataataaag agagagcagc gttgggggat aatgtcgaca    138600
     tttccactcc caatgacggt gatgtataat gctcaagtat tctcctgctt ttttaccact    138660
     aactaggaac tgggtttggc cttgattcag acagccttgg ctctgtctgg acaggtccag    138720
     atgactgaca ccattaacac tttgtcagcc tcagtgacta cagtcataga tgaacaggcc    138780
     tcagctaatg tcaagataca gagaggtctc atgctggtta atcaactcat agatcttgtc    138840
     cagatacaac tagatgtatt atgacaaata actcagcagg gttgtgaaca aaagtttccg    138900
     ggattgtgtg ttatttccat tcagtatgag aaatttacta gggcagctaa tttgtcaaaa    138960
     agtctttttc agtatatgtt acagaattgg atggctgaat ttgaacagat ccttcgggaa    139020
     ttgagacttc aggtcaactc cacgcgcttg gacctgtcgc tgaccaaagg attacccaat    139080
     tggatctcct cagcattttc tttctttaaa aaatgggtgg gattaatatt atttggagat    139140
     acactttgct gtggattagt gttgcttctt tgattggtct gtaagcttaa ggcctaaact    139200
     aggagagaca aggtggttat tgcccaggcg cttgcaggac tagaacatgg agcttcccct    139260
     gatatatcta tgcttaggca ataggtcgct ggccactcag ctcttatatc ccatgaggct    139320
     agactcattg cacgggatag agtgagtgtg cttcagcagc ccgagagagt tgcacggcta    139380
     agcactgcaa tggaaaggct ctgcggcata tatgagccta ttctagggag acatgtcatc    139440
     tttcatgaag gttcagtgtc ctagttccct tcccccaggc aaaacgacac gggagcaggt    139500
     cagggttgct ctgggtaaaa gcctgtaagc ctaagagcta atcctgtaca tggctccttt    139560
     acctacacac tggggatttg acctctatct ccactctcat taatatgggt ggcctatttg    139620
     ctcttattaa aaggataggg ggagatgttg ggagccgcgc ccacattcgc cgttacaaga    139680
     tggcgctgac agctgtgttc taagtggtaa acaaataatc tgcgcatgtg ccaagggtat    139740
     cttatgacta cttgtgctct gccttccccg tgacgtcaac tcggccgatg ggctgcagcc    139800
     aatcagggag tgacacgtcc gaggcgaagg agaatgctcc ttaagaggga cggggtttcg    139860
     ttttctctct attgcttctt gctctcttgc ttcttgctct cttgcttctt gctctcttgc    139920
     ttcctgcacc ctggctcctg aagatgtaag aataaagctt tgccgcagaa gattctggtc    139980
     tgtggtgttc ttcctggccg gtcgtgagaa cgcgtctaat aacaatgaca ccattgcata    140040
     cactagcaag atttcgctga aacaacccag ttatagctct ctcttgtgag actatgccgg    140100
     ggcctagcaa acacagaagt ggatgatcac agtcagctat tggatgggtc acacggcccc    140160
     taatggagga gctagagaaa ttacccaagg agctataggg aactgcaacc ctataggtgg    140220
     aacaacaata tgaactaacc agtacccggg agctcttgtc tttagctgca tatgtatcaa    140280
     aagatggcct agtcggccat cactgcaaag agaggcccat tagacttgca aactttatat    140340
     gccccagtac aggggaacgc cagggccaaa aagggggagt gggtgggtag gggattgggg    140400
     ggttgggtat gggggacctt tgggatagca ttgaaaatgt aaatgaggaa aatacctaat    140460
     taaaaaaaaa aaacaaaaaa actcatggaa tcttgagcca ggctgtggtg gacacccagc    140520
     tctacacaga gaaaccctgt cttgaaaaac aaaagacccc tcccccaaat aaaataacaa    140580
     caacaacaat aacaacaaca acaacaacaa caacaacaac aacaaagcta tgggaccctg    140640
     tttatagtag ctttcccgtt taatacccag aaaccttttt ttttttttaa aataaggtat    140700
     agggcttgaa ctcaagaccc catgagtacc ggctaagcaa ggactcaacc accgagcaat    140760
     gtccctagtc ctaacctttt gttttaggat gaaaatatgg tgttccattc cttacctcag    140820
     agagaagtgt cagggcaggt ggataggccg tgctgccctg tgggagcact gtgtgcctgc    140880
     ctgtgtaccc caacatgggc agacagatct agttctagtt tcctttctga gcgaggcaca    140940
     gagaatcatc ccatcccacc caaggtcctc agctaggatg gtacctctta ccttccccca    141000
     gagcactcag tgccatacta gacacctggt gaatggtatg ttcaccccat cgaaagagtc    141060
     tagagactgc acccacaagg gtgggcccac gagaggatgc atatatgtgc aagtacacct    141120
     ggccattcgg taagactctc atagaggcaa gaagtgcaca ccaaggtggt ccagtgttat    141180
     gggcatgcac atgtttgaat gtatgtggaa accaagaaag gcatatgcca caatccttgc    141240
     cactatactg atgagaagag agggggcacc tggggtttgt gggcacacac aagtaagtat    141300
     gtatgtatgg gaacaagtgg tcttgtgtac agtgcagatc ttatctcaca gataagaaga    141360
     ggtgatacgc ctgaaagtgc tgtcctgtgt gtctgtgtgt ctgtgtgtct gtgtgtgtgt    141420
     gcttgggagg ctactcattc actgcatggc tgcttccatt ttaccttcca gctgtctatc    141480
     tccacccctt gtgctcagct aaaggtgaac agaaactagc aggcacaaaa gggaaaccca    141540
     aacaagacag caacccaact tctcctctta cggaggatac ttgtggggtc cacgttgtct    141600
     gagtgaccac cagtttgttg tggaaagttt ggatactact gagtatgggc ttagcgattg    141660
     tttctcatct gaaagggggt gaggtaggct agatgggtag cttagacagg ctctcacctg    141720
     ctggggaaag aggaaggatt tgaactgctt taccaaactc ctatttattt ctatctaatc    141780
     ctagagcatt ccagtcatca gctacaagct gagaaaacaa gaatcatgga actcaggccc    141840
     ctataataca agatgtgcct gtcttatact ttccccaaat tattacaggt tggtcatggg    141900
     atcacaaaaa aatgcataca caatagccta cgaactatga ggttagagac cggacagaat    141960
     gtgatgagac cttgtaagtc tgcatgaact tagacccaag gatgcccagg ggcagggtcc    142020
     cctgaaacgg ccctgctaga agcaggccta tcacatacca tttaagaagt ccctctgtgt    142080
     ttctaggact tggttgatgt cctgcaccca ggcctgctgg atgtctgagt tggcagcctg    142140
     tagaatgacc ctttctgaag tctccctgtt catgagtgca aatttgcagg ggtcaccatc    142200
     cacattgtct tccaggacca agtaattcat ctgaaataaa cacgtttatt ctttttatac    142260
     tcacagagtt aaaataaacc ggcatgccta caaccaccct tcaaaggtat ttttttttat    142320
     attaaacttc atgttttttc acttttattt ttatgtagaa gtgttttatc tgtacaccac    142380
     attcacgctt ggtgcccatg gagatcagta gagagcatca gatgccctgg atttggagtt    142440
     acaggtggtt gtgagccacc atgtaggtgc taggaatcga acccaggccc tctggaaaag    142500
     cagccagtgc tcttaagtgc taagaaattt ctccagcttc tctttcaaaa tttctaatct    142560
     caggaaaggt ttccaaattt actccggatt taagaggaaa gtctcaagct ctgtctttgg    142620
     gtgaatgaca cggatgggtg ttatgctgga gactggccct gggccatcac tgcttcttat    142680
     catgatcagc agttagcttc accccctgcc ccctgtgatg tccctccttg cccctctgca    142740
     cccccactac cccttgtcac cttgatgctt cttttgaaca tgtagcctgg ggtgagggac    142800
     ccctttcgga gcagttcact gaagatgaca atctgctcaa agagaaacac acgcctctcc    142860
     ttggtccggg actgcatgcc ggcatccagc tcgatcacat agaatgtgtc ctgctgcagt    142920
     agcttgccct gggcggtcag ggtgccctgg tggagacaag ggtcaaggga agggtatgaa    142980
     aagatagatt cagtcctcgt gggctacatg tttcctacct gtgggggatg tagacaatag    143040
     acctgataat cactgaatta ggacccagta ttcatccagg gatagaccat ggacatttcc    143100
     ctaaatagga tggctaaaag gaaagggctt acatcatgga atcaacaata aacaatgtcc    143160
     aaaaaatgcc agaggaaatc agctaaaaca gaatgacaga acacatatat acttccacat    143220
     atagctttgg ctggcctgaa acttgctaga tagattaggc tggccttgaa ctctcagaga    143280
     ttcatctgcc tctgtctcct gagtgatggg attaaaggtg tgtgccactt tgctgtgtgc    143340
     tctctcctgt atggtttttg ttgttgctgt tgttgctttg ttttgcttgt tttttttgtt    143400
     ttgttttgtt ttgttttgtt ttgttctaat taaagaagac tcatgatgct cagagctgga    143460
     agtagtctat cttcccttgc agccctgaga atcttgtctg cctggcttct ttgtgggatg    143520
     ggacaactgc ctggggcact ctcattgtgg ccaaggagag tgatacagac aggatctcaa    143580
     ataacctgaa gaagtgggtc cctctcacct ccttctgtta tttaagacag ggatactctg    143640
     aagttttagt ttcttgccaa gactgacaga tgaagttaga atatatatat ctcaatatca    143700
     ttacccttat tttataaggt cagacatatt tctctgaatc ccgtgatcct tcttaaaatg    143760
     atgccagcta tcaagctata tactacctcg ctgggatggg aaagcacata tggtttacca    143820
     gcttctaatc agcttcccag agaaattttt aagggaatgt gcccatccag cagatctccg    143880
     cagaccctat caggaagact cctacttatc atttatttac ttattgaatt gctttgcaat    143940
     gcgaagactg gcatctggga gtgaggtcag agggtctatg gagtatgctc cttagggcga    144000
     cttctgccct ttggtgcaaa tgtcagtcat gccctgcacg tgataccaca tgcccaagcc    144060
     tccctggcac agggctcatt ttccttcatg ttactgagaa acacccgccc tttgcttgga    144120
     ccatggctcc tgactgccaa ggtcagcggg agaacaggct tatctctacc ctggtccaaa    144180
     gttaatatta agccaatgac cagctagcca gaaaagctct acacactctg ctaacattac    144240
     acaagaactt aggggcttgg gcagccagga ctaaaggaga aaaaaaaaaa aacaaacaaa    144300
     aaaactacaa gatctgagag ggagacaacg ggaatgaggg gcccagagag ggaggaggca    144360
     gatgctcaat gtccttccca atcagctgag gaaatgcaga acggattctc tgtggctaaa    144420
     tgatgaaaat acagatgatg gtgcgtgatt tacaagaaaa aacatcacac acacacacac    144480
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacactcag agtcagtctc aggtgggtca    144540
     gacagcataa atgggggtgg ggagaggttc ccttccctca gcaggcacta tctgaaggga    144600
     ctcagagaaa gctagctaga ctcctattca aaaaacacca ggaagtcaag gtcgaagagc    144660
     aagaggcagc gagaggcatt tggagggtac ttgacttgct tacaatagcc ttaggcttgg    144720
     tataaagcca ggagaggaaa gcatacaatc tctccaggaa gactaacaag aaactaccca    144780
     tgaatactca acttatgcta atatctgaca ggtctaccca gagagcaggg aacccatgaa    144840
     aacccgccac ctggctccta tcatggaaaa gcatgggacc ccggcagggg caggcaggat    144900
     ggactagaag ggagaagaca acccaagctg cgctgtagca tctcccatcc tccgtgacac    144960
     ttcagccagc cttccttctg cgctttgact tgacagagct gggctaggct agcacctctt    145020
     ccctaaggat ctcaacttcc aggaacctcc tttctccaaa gaaagaataa tgagagctta    145080
     gactttggga ttgctgggag ggaggattgt gatccagaga tgccctgggg acatgaagat    145140
     gccaccaaca aactaaggaa ggagactggg agcagattgt ccctcaagct gctcaggcct    145200
     caggctggtg agcaggaatt tctgtcattt aagttatccg atgtgtagtg ttctgcaatg    145260
     gccgctcttc caaaccagtg tgtcctctgg acatctagct gtttctctta agacttggtt    145320
     tccttgtccc gggacagaaa tgtgtgaagt attagagctt taccccttca ctgacatgag    145380
     atccaatcat tatacagacc tctataaaag acctgccccc agaacagtcc gtttgcccac    145440
     ttgggttcct ggctcaccac acagcctgct ggacctggga tgcacatgtt tctcagtcag    145500
     gaggaagggg agagaccatt ggctcagtca taaggaactt catctcttcc caatccccct    145560
     ggaagtctga tcccagtttg gcccaaacct ttctttctcc gttatcactg aacttcagca    145620
     atagctcccc ggcttccaga tctatgacct ggaggggtac ccataagggc tcacctcgaa    145680
     gccctgcagg cgtcccagat tcatcatgtc attacagcgc ttggggacaa ggcacattaa    145740
     ctccactgct ttctgtggga aagaacacgt tattcaggat gcaggaacca acattcagta    145800
     ggaagctcac aaaactcagg gctggaaaga gggacttatc tcccctagtc cctttgttct    145860
     cagaaagggt gcggtccctg cggcccactc tcagaggcct gtgtggggtt tttagataag    145920
     ggagcctggc attagcatgg gggctccata tcaacggtga cacacatggg gaaatgctac    145980
     ccaacctaac ctttctctac cttccgcttt catcatcccc tccccttcta ttttctttct    146040
     cttctgtgtt gctttccgaa cgcccaagca acagcttagc ctggctgttg aaacacggga    146100
     gggtttgacc taaaataacc tgccagaaat ggctgcaacc ctctttggct taaaataatc    146160
     cctatggtgg cacaaagaac tcacttaggg ggtaaatcct cagggtatgt cagggaatgg    146220
     aaatgggata atttatgtgt ttgggtcaaa tggcacctgg agccagggac aaagttgcat    146280
     attggatctc agcaatttaa ccaagtgtca aatatcattc atacccagta agagccccaa    146340
     acaccagtgg gctaggctct gggctggccc aggacagagg ggaattcttg aattctagaa    146400
     acactccgtg ctcagcagca cttgccattc ctcatgctgc tgactaagag gggagtggct    146460
     tggaccctgg acctcctttg gggacaagcc actcgatatg gtccctaaga agagcaagca    146520
     ttacaagaag aaacctacct caatatcgga acactccaaa ccagccttct cgctgtatcg    146580
     caggaagtcc tatcgaggaa gggtgcgaga ggggtgaatc agagagtaaa atagtcagag    146640
     agccataaaa gaaaaactta tcataaaaac ccaacaacac cccgatgact gcccttccga    146700
     gccggggcgg caatggtttg tcgtggctga gaagtgaata atgagtcatg ttagacataa    146760
     agatggaata ttacaaataa actgtgggga aggggaggaa gggaaggaca gtgggaccat    146820
     gacaagacag acaggagaaa ggaggaaaaa aatcaagtta agttgtttag agcatggttg    146880
     gcccttaggg actatgtaag gtctccaggc tctgcccatt cccttagatg ccatcctggt    146940
     cttatagtct tgctagcccc tagggctttt ttgttggttt gacataggat ttcatagcct    147000
     atcatagccc aggctggtta catactcatg accttgatga gtgtcaccat gcctggcttt    147060
     tgctttggtt ttcaagggcc ttgtgtcagt ggctataaca aaatgagaga agaagctcag    147120
     agtggagatg cagcatagag ccccggttct caacctgggg tgggtgtgtg tctcatgtca    147180
     gatatcctgc atatcagata ttatgattca cagtagtagc aaaattatag tcatggagta    147240
     acaaggaaat ggtcctatgg ttggggttca ccatggcatc tggaactgta ttaaagggct    147300
     gcagcattag gaagggtgag aagcacacaa gcacagaggt aggccctggg ctcagttccc    147360
     caaatgaagg atgaaagaga gagtgagacg ggcgtgggcg taagataaat caaaggaaaa    147420
     caaaacaaga caaagcaaaa aaatatgaaa acaagccact ttgggcagaa acaagggcca    147480
     tgcaagctat tcaggcccaa agctgagggc tggccacttt ccagtcctga aggacagtgt    147540
     aatggaggtg attccagtcc tatgcccgtg gctccagcct ttgaggagac ccttctccag    147600
     cctggacccc agctcccagc ttctcacctt gagtagcagc tggtactttg ttattctctg    147660
     aatgggcttg atcaggaagt cactaagggt cagcctttga ttgatctctt gtttaacctc    147720
     ctgaaacaaa agggaaaagg ggtgagcggc cagccttcaa gctctccaga aaacttccga    147780
     atcttcacac tacaactgcc taccccacgg ttcatgttct gagcaaggtg tcacccagcc    147840
     ccaaagacct tgcttggctc cttggcactg tcccaccact gtcccccacc ttagtcctgg    147900
     gagaaaagct gaaacaggta ctgtgctctc tctacgactc caggaaagaa ttaggagatg    147960
     acttcccctc agacacaaca ggcctacaag gctggatcct gaactctgtt ctctaaacac    148020
     tcagggctct cgctaaggtg gtcgggggag gggtagtgtt gcctctttgc ccttggaaga    148080
     agccaggctg gggcatctac acacttggag gtgctagaca cgggaattat attagaaaga    148140
     aaggatccca aggtgtgggg tgctgtggat ggatcagttc aaaggcgtga gagaccagct    148200
     agaggctgag aacacggcca actgtgaagt ggctgtaaac cctttaacca ggggcaagga    148260
     cttagtaatg ttcctagggg aaggtggggg aagagtgttg gacagtcagt gctcagtggt    148320
     cacatgagat caagagcttc caccgacagt ctgggacagt cttcccataa atgaagactt    148380
     ctcaacagtg ggtagacaga gccacctcag ctcctcctca agcaaaggcg cacatgcgga    148440
     tggaattaag aagctaccag ctctgcggag gctggtttcc cgccatgaag accactggca    148500
     gggacacctg cgggtggaga acccgggtgt gtctcattgc agctgtctta gcctgggagc    148560
     ctagggagcc gctcacctca aaataggcat cgtactcagc cacgatgtac tcggaacgcg    148620
     gcttgttctg gcagtaccac acgtagatgt gcagcttccg ctcctggtac gggagaaaat    148680
     gtgacaatca cacaccttgg cttccggctc acctcccccg cccccacccc cacccccatc    148740
     cccaccccca cccccaaccc cacagagtca agggcagtta aagacaagga atgagccgta    148800
     taaaggaaag aacagggcgg acaaatggtc aaatgtgcta aaaaacaaaa ccagagtgtt    148860
     cagagagggc aaactcgaga agagctgaag acaggaggac tttaaaatga gtgtgttggc    148920
     acccagggag atggggacag ctggggtgac actcacgtgt ttaatgaaga gctgggccaa    148980
     tctgtcttgc tcttggatac atttttccag ttcagccagg aaaaaactaa gaggagagag    149040
     gggaaggaag tcacactact tggagacatc ctctctcagt gacaagataa atgacggggc    149100
     ctcccctcaa aagccccgct tgggtcagat gcaagggtca gatgccccac tctcggggca    149160
     gctcaggact cactctttat gccagtcgta aatctggtgg atatttccaa acacgatctt    149220
     ttccttccct cgcatgtcct cagggacccc cttctcttct attctcttca tgaagccctg    149280
     cacgacagag gtgacattag tggtaggttt cacagacagc gtccgttagc acccatgtca    149340
     gctcacgctc tgtgtagatc tgcagacagc actgtgggag cttctcccac ccaaccaggg    149400
     ccccctccct ctaaatacat taaaatactt caagaggaaa acaaagtatg tctccgtgtt    149460
     ctgcctgaat tgtaccaatt ttagtttcat ttctgcaaat taccagagag tcgaatatgc    149520
     acagtcgcca ggttaaagcg ctcggtccca ggtagggtcc ccgtttgctc ctgatcaagt    149580
     gagcacggat agagccaccc tgccactgct cacctccacc acaatcccca ggtccttgac    149640
     gtagtccttc tctgtctgta ccagctcatt caggacaaac ctgagcgaga gataaggaca    149700
     gtgaggcccc aactcgttat taaacaagag atctcatccc tcctccgcaa gacaaggtct    149760
     atttcccagg ctggcctcaa attccctata gagcccagga tggtcctgca gctctgctca    149820
     tcctgccttc atctcctgag tgccaggatt agagatgtac cacagccggt tttatgcagt    149880
     gctggaaact gaacccgaga ctttgtatat tcaaggtaag cacccgatga accaagctat    149940
     accccatctc ctgcggcaga aatacagggt aggaagcact ataagtacct tttacaaaac    150000
     tgagttatga aagctttgag accaagggat taatatgaga ttttatttct ttactttggc    150060
     tccctcctta tcttatcaaa agaggaaaga cattggtgtg ataaccagcc ttgaaaggct    150120
     gcagagatac actaaacctt ctataaagca taatcagaag ttagtcagga atgtatccat    150180
     ggttactggc ctggaaaatc ctcagtcaag gtcaaagaac ctaggttggc tgcagacatt    150240
     cccatgttca cacctctgac tgtatataga atttcctacc ctgggataat gggactgtta    150300
     acaagggcat ctactttttt gggttccttg tgaattattt ccatctctta ggtttatatc    150360
     tcttggagca tttattatat accagttatc ccacctgggt tttctcgtgc ttataacaag    150420
     gcagggattg taaaatctta ctaaatacta agataggtag gaaggcaggc gattcaccca    150480
     agcctacaca gggaagagca gaggtagaat ttgatcctaa gtgtgaaggg tgcaaagatt    150540
     tttctttccc agtagcctac tgcctaggga atggcctggc caggcctctg gcatgcccca    150600
     agtctccacc ctactccttc ctcagttctg agagtcaagc acggtacaga agacaccata    150660
     gctatgcaca tgacacagag gccctgtgtt tacaggagac ggaaagagtg tggcctggag    150720
     gcacaccagc gtatattttt ggtccgagtg tcagaaggga tacgattctg agatgtcaaa    150780
     gaagaactgt aagtaaccat tacaacccag caactgttct catcccagga agcaattcat    150840
     ctgaaatgct tgtcctccac agcacagaga aaccactgag tcgcgctggg aggggtagag    150900
     ggattgggag gtgtctggga cctcagaaca taagggggcg gggggagcag agaacacatg    150960
     ctttatcaat gtgctcagca cttgcagctg gctcccttcc tctaacacac gatcatgggt    151020
     ttcaggccac aggaaggaac tggccaggac aaatagaagc ctttagatat atctttagca    151080
     aggcccaagt tacttcctgg aggagagtgg ttagtgaaaa cccacaggca agtgagaatt    151140
     caggactggg ctagcccttt ggagaggaaa gttgccaggt agaaatattt ttatcttcag    151200
     ttgtttgctg acccatagaa gttgccttgg tttctgagtc tctaggaatt gcactggatt    151260
     cctatgaagg gtcattaaag atcctaagaa gatgagacat gaccaaagaa gcctagctgg    151320
     tgtgaaaggg agcagcacca ccttccagtt ctccagttcg gagaatcgag agtttgaggc    151380
     cagcctgggc tacttaacaa gactccttca gaaacaaaac gaaacaaaac aaacaaacaa    151440
     aaaaactaga ttgatataca tgcatttcaa ggcactgcat gatcaacagc caaacgattt    151500
     aaaaataata caatgctttt tcatggtcag ttccaacatt aaaagttact caaaaatgaa    151560
     tgttagttac tctttggtct acctgaaatt cttctagcta caaacagact ttatttagtt    151620
     actttgttat tgttgttgtt gttgttataa taaaatactt gaggaaagca actgaagaag    151680
     taaggaagga tttcttttgg ctctggttta aggtgtttaa gggggtaagc tctaccccga    151740
     tggggaggac acagtgtctg ggggtgagct ggtcacattg tatccatata gatgaaccct    151800
     ggcgttcagc tcagattctc ctttgttctt ttttatttag tatagaaccc tatcccctgg    151860
     gagggtgttg tgcacactca gggtcagtct tctagaaaca tcttcacagg catgcccaga    151920
     gtagtgtctc caggggatgt tcatctagtc aagcaccagt gaagattcgc tatctcacac    151980
     ctgccgtctt tcacactggt aggggatggg tggcctttgg gagctttggt gctgggtgtg    152040
     ccactgtgaa gacactgtgg attcttacct cttcctgctc tttgtgcaag gccagaacca    152100
     tttcaagctg cagctttgct ctcggcctta cccatgcgca atcttcttca ttctgctcta    152160
     tttctctctt ctccagattc caacctacta cttaacttat tttctttgtc tgatttctcc    152220
     cagtagaaca taaatgtgcc acgcgtgaag gctttctgct gttgctattg tgtgtctgac    152280
     tcattgatct gtcccactgg tggggcagat gatgtgctta acaagggtct ggtgagtgac    152340
     tgacgagtgg caagtcccct ctcagcatct tcctccttct atacaaacga tacctgtttg    152400
     catcctctct ccatgtggct ctcatgtgac tccttggtga cctcctcccg tgccctgatg    152460
     gagccttcag tgtctgcact ctgctctagc ctctcacggt atttatacct gagcaccatg    152520
     tatctgctct ttcctgttgg ccgtggggtc cagcaggtta gagcgagggc atcaacagtc    152580
     agagacattc agcaggtcag ttttcaagag cattcaggat atggaaaatg gagggtgagc    152640
     tgagagagga gatggtacag tgggctgaga gagcaacaac catgtctgtc ttgttatcac    152700
     aaagtcgaac aatatctcac ttggataatg acacgtgctc ttaaggctca ctcagagtga    152760
     caatcggagg gaatggcttt tccaaggacc acatgtcact tcaaaggtca ctttgcttca    152820
     tcttgaccaa ggaataggaa cgagttctga ccactcccca cccccaccac tgtaacaacc    152880
     ttgggagcag ctggggaagg aagggcacgt gctctgcaag gctccggaag cttcacttag    152940
     gagatgacag ctcatttaga taattcttgg gggtccttct gaccctcaaa aagttctggg    153000
     ggtaaacaca ggtattagtt tacatgacat actcctctcc agcacatggt gacagccctg    153060
     ctttgatagc aggctcttgc tatgagctac cacttttgct tctaaggaga caaaactcta    153120
     aatgtttact ttgtctattt gccagcatga aagaacttgg cttatttgat tcacttattt    153180
     ctgctcattt ttaagtttgt ggcctagata agggaggcat ggatgtaaag gagaaaggaa    153240
     gacagagact aagacgggac ccataacacc tgcctagccc tgtctgcctg ctactcacac    153300
     accgagttac tggcagcttg cttccagagg actggatcgg ccccaaagga gaaaacttaa    153360
     gttctgaaga ggtatggttg tctctgcttc gctgatgtct agtacagtct tcatatctca    153420
     aataccagga gactgacttt gcatcaaggt agagaactca aaccttccac agcatgtggg    153480
     gttttgtgag atgtgaatgg gatcttacca ctagacattc atagtgagag gaggttcttg    153540
     cacaacgaaa tctacaaata gatgtgaaat gaaagaccag ggagaaggag cagaagtgtg    153600
     ccttgcctgg cagcagagcc tctcctgtgc ttctcttgcc agcatctgag gagctcctcc    153660
     tcagatatct ccactagact tctgccacag ttagggactc tgtcgctgca tacccactgg    153720
     actcatctgc gttctctaaa ttccattatt ttcattttta aaagcatgtt ttacagttgt    153780
     attaatcttg gctatagtca catttttgtc aataacaaca atctcacaga atattccccg    153840
     agcccaagct tccttaaggc agtgccaaaa tgttgttctg tatagatatg ggccatcttc    153900
     acttaaaaag gatgagagta gttagacagg cagcacgggc ctgtctaatt tcctcctcga    153960
     aattgcccag cacacacatg taccaggtgg gccacttaca tcctgcctct cagcgccttg    154020
     gctttctgtt cttcttccag gtttctagga ggtgtgggag gggtcatccc ctcattcagg    154080
     cagcctgtag ggtccttcaa gctcccccgg taagagcctc cttccagagt ctaaaaagag    154140
     aagaataaat agtctgagag tgagaactgg aaagttcttt acaagccctg tgtctcccca    154200
     gcctggccac aggcaatagg aaggccagca gccaaggctg tgctctctga actacagtga    154260
     agcatcagga gatcagagac ttcctcctcc ttgcagcagg ttgctgccat ccacaatcag    154320
     ggatgacact acttgtcatg tgatcaggac acatcaggaa cccgtgtgat cagggcacac    154380
     taggcatcca tgtgccacca actgcccaga cataatgaaa ttgtcacggc gatttatctc    154440
     tgggtgaggc tccagcagga aagctaacca ctacggttct ataccaaata aggtgttgtt    154500
     gggaaggaaa acgggtcata ggactacttc atgcaaattg gaaagcgaag gaaagtgaca    154560
     gaggtaggtg gtggaaacca tactttgtta gggtaactgc aattcttgga agaagacaat    154620
     gagatgtagt cggaaaaaca gccaacagat ggagcctgtt ctaaaaacat ctttgttaat    154680
     gttgccaaga gctttctttc attaatcctc attcctgtta attaaggtgg tacataaggt    154740
     gcttacttgt ttgagaaaaa aaaaggtaag tggattaatc cagtatctag aagcagccga    154800
     gaaaaggaac ctgagggcta agcccagatc tgaagaacac agggttctct tgtaggagac    154860
     acgaaactgt cccgtgtgtc cctgggtttt cagatcagat cctccctttt agcaaatttc    154920
     taaaggacag agatgatgct tgtacaaacc ccaggaaagg ctaagagtgc tccccagtgg    154980
     ttagttctct ctgtcactgg tactggtaac agtaacatat tcaagttgta acatactcaa    155040
     gttgtaactg gtagcgtaat atcctctttg gggccaaact aacattttaa tgtcctaagt    155100
     tgatttgctt aatgcttatg tttaggatac tggataggtc tttgaagagt ttttaatttt    155160
     aattttttgg cagtctcata catatatgca atgaacttta gctcttttgt ttttccccta    155220
     ttactaccct gtcctatccc cacccctttt tcacctgaaa cccttctttc ctaacaaggt    155280
     gcctcctact ttcgtctctg tgtgtaataa ataaataaat aaataaataa ataaataaat    155340
     aaataaggct acttcctggg tgggaggtta cttacttgag cgtgcccaac ttatcagtgg    155400
     acttatcagt ggctacacca ctgaagaaag tgacatctcg ggctggagag atgactcagc    155460
     ggttaagagc actgactgct cttctgaagg tcctgagttc aaatcccaga aaccacatgg    155520
     tggctcacaa ccacccttaa cgagatctga tgccctcttc tggagtgtct gaagacagct    155580
     atagtatact tacatataat aaataaatag gtctttaaaa aaatttatta aaaaaaaaaa    155640
     aaagaaagaa agaaagtaac atctcccctg tgaaactgtt aatagtcctc agggagggag    155700
     gttcctgagc ccttccttgt ttcatgatga aatgttgctg ggtccaatct tagataggtc    155760
     ttgtcagata accatagctg ctttgagttc atgggtgcaa gagccatgaa acaatggaag    155820
     cccaagagat gatgttctgc aacattgtat cccatcttcc aacccttgca ttctttctaa    155880
     cccctcattg gttgtgttcc ctgagcctga gagtggggct gtatgcaatg taagtgccct    155940
     gaggatcagc ggaagctaca agggaaacaa cagagatcaa ggtcaaggca gacatccaag    156000
     gtcaaggcgg gcatccataa cacaagcatg aaaggcaaat gtcaactacc caaggtgcct    156060
     gaccatgccg gcctctgtgg tttctagaaa gaaaggcttc gtttagtagt ctttgaaaac    156120
     tttagttcta agacacaaga caccaagttc taatagtgcc gatcatcgag gcggtagagc    156180
     aaaaggctgt ggcctggtct taaacagtct gcgcttgaga atatccatca ctgactctct    156240
     tagctgctac atttcaacag aagccaaaca gaggcaggaa ggaacattcc agggaaataa    156300
     atgaaagcaa atgtggtacc caagaggaga aatgaaagag aatattaaag ccttatatat    156360
     tgtcgaacgg tgacatcagc cttctccccc actccctaaa ctgagcaaca gtgtcaaggg    156420
     tcaaacaggg atctgttgcc aacactagaa ttaaacgcac agacagcatc ttccagcttg    156480
     agagagacaa ctgctttcca cttgacgtaa aggtgtttac agaacacgta atcaaccatg    156540
     gaaactgtta tatccagagc agcagtatag gctaaaaata aagaaaggtc gaggagggtt    156600
     tagctacatt tatagataca ggatctgtaa cctgttatta aggaaattag aatgtcgggt    156660
     gctgaggctg gacaagccag tggacaggca gcttcccagc gcatgtccct tggtgccatc    156720
     accagagaca ggctccggga cagatggacc tagctgggga tggatatgat tagtaccttt    156780
     aactccccat cttcctcact gtcctggtgt ggcctttatt ctgtggcctg taggctggtg    156840
     ggaaggtgag tgccaggctc agtgagcagg cctacaccac tgcctccagg gtgtgtggca    156900
     caatcagctt ggcatgggcc aatcagtcca cagggtaaag ggcctctgag gagcccaatg    156960
     tgtcacacag gaggatc                                                   156977

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