(data stored in ACNUC10243 zone)

EMBL: AC165968

ID   AC165968; SV 3; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 190840 BP.
AC   AC165968;
DT   21-JUL-2005 (Rel. 84, Created)
DT   26-AUG-2005 (Rel. 85, Last updated, Version 3)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-181K4 from chromosome 7, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-190840
RA   Thane N., Cotton M.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-181K4";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-190840
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (19-JUL-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [3]
RP   1-190840
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (21-JUL-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-190840
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (24-AUG-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
DR   MD5; ce77e7f7ba027e644b1b87a2c03bbb1c.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456137.
DR   ENA-CON; JH584275.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000030513; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0032345; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0032324; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0032260; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0032336; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0032049; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0032829; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0031378; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0032015; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0032171; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0032125; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0032251; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0032162; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0032846; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0031098; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0031496; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC165968.3:1-190840; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000055576; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000098391; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000176199; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000176209; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0084283; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0084359; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0084308; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0084331; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0083903; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0084827; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0084421; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0083845; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0084028; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0083887; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0084047; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0083931; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0085104; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0083835; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0082958; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; E9Q4D0.
DR   InterPro; IPR000209; Peptidase_S8/S53_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR000742; EGF-like_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR002884; P_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR006212; Furin_repeat.
DR   InterPro; IPR008979; Galactose-bd-like_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR009030; Growth_fac_rcpt_cys_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR010909; PLAC.
DR   InterPro; IPR015500; Peptidase_S8_subtilisin-rel.
DR   InterPro; IPR022398; Peptidase_S8_His-AS.
DR   InterPro; IPR023827; Peptidase_S8_Asp-AS.
DR   InterPro; IPR023828; Peptidase_S8_Ser-AS.
DR   InterPro; IPR032778; GF_recep_IV.
DR   InterPro; IPR032815; S8_pro-domain.
DR   InterPro; IPR034182; Kexin/furin.
DR   InterPro; IPR036852; Peptidase_S8/S53_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR038466; S8_pro-domain_sf.
DR   MGI; MGI:102897; Pcsk6.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; E9Q4D0; E9Q4D0_MOUSE.
CC   On Aug 24, 2005 this sequence version replaced gi:71044134.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BA0181K04
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e. phred quality
CC   >=30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by at least
CC   one plasmid subclone, fosmid clone or direct clone walk sequence.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome
CC   shotgun may have been used to obtain the consensus sequence. The
CC   assembly was confirmed by restriction digest.
CC   This finishing standard has slightly changed from the previous
CC   Human standard. Specifically, standards for regions of low sequence
CC   complexity (such as dinucleotide repeats and small unit tandem
CC   repeats) have been relaxed. These regions are very prevalent in the
CC   mouse genome, and the return on extended finishing efforts is
CC   minimal.
CC   If a sequence meets the criteria of the above statement, it needs
CC   no comments or tags. If the criteria are not met, such as ambiguous
CC   bases, then the region is duly annotated.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The  BAC Library has been constructed by Kazutoyo Osegawa and
CC   Minako Tateno in the laboratory of Pieter de Jong
CC   (http://www.chori.org) from female C57BL/6J mouse kidney and/or
CC   brain genomic DNA.  The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Research Genetics, Inc. (http://www.resgen.com) or
CC   Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..190840
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="7"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-181K4"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   unsure          16805..17045
FT                   /note="Unresolved tandem repeat."
FT   misc_feature    116265..116369
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of genomic DNA"
FT   unsure          116370..116600
FT                   /note="Unresolved tandem repeat."
FT   misc_feature    173628..174108
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of genomic DNA"
FT   unsure          174921..175869
FT                   /note="Unresolved tandem repeat."
SQ   Sequence 190840 BP; 51138 A; 44890 C; 42749 G; 52063 T; 0 other;
     gaattcaact agcttctctg aaaacattca cacacacaca cacacacaca caccacacac        60
     agggcagggg agtattatta ctgactcata agccaattac accttaggcc tacgaggctg       120
     gctagtacat ctgtactgac acatacaaac ggaatacaga cttttccctg cgactttatt       180
     ccctaaacaa tacactataa tgacaatttc tatcatgctt gcactgcgtt aagaatgatc       240
     agtcatctac aggtgattta gagcgggtag gaggatgcat gtaggtgctc cataaatatt       300
     acaccattct atattccata tattccataa attccattct atattccata aatattacac       360
     cattctatat cccatatatt ccataaattc cattctatat tccatatatt ccataaattc       420
     cattctatat tccataaata ttacaccatt ctatatccca tatattccat aaattccatt       480
     ctatattcca taaatactac accattctac attccatata ttccataaat tccattctat       540
     attccataaa tactacacca ttctatattc catatattcc ataaattcca ttctatattc       600
     cataaatact acaccattct atattccata tattccataa attccattct atattccata       660
     aatactacac cattctatat tccataaatt ccattctata ttccataaat actacaccat       720
     tctatatgag gaactgagca cccacagacc tgggacccat ggggatcttt gcaccaatct       780
     ttcacagata ccaaggaaag aaagacttta ttggtggctc catagggaaa ataaacctac       840
     tttgaaagaa tcccaaaagg tcagtgtgaa cataatagca ccttgctggc taagcctcca       900
     cccaaagggg cagcaggagt gaaggagggt gctagggtgg ggagccacac ataagcaccc       960
     tgcactccta cctgccaggc atgtgacagc acctgtgtct agcatccact atcttttcca      1020
     gttccccgaa gctgacattt cttatccata tactcttaca cactcatctg aatgtgcaat      1080
     atatggctga gtccaagctg agatattttt tttaagtccc agaattctga ttctgcaaaa      1140
     cagattcctg ccgtatgtca tctcttatgt tcacaagtct gcgaagacaa attcgctttg      1200
     agcttgggag ctgctcatcc gggtctgtga aatcctgtct gatgtatgta cactgcctgc      1260
     tggagctgac agctggtgtc tccgataccc tcatcacctt acgctggtga caagtcttct      1320
     ccagagatgt ggactggctc tagcgtggct ttcagcgact cgtagtgtgg tagtcttaca      1380
     tgtcttgctt tcccagggct ccacagctac ccctcatgtg accagacatc aatcacacag      1440
     tgaggatctg atgcagctgc caggcgcctt ctctctcaga gagtgacagc aaacccatcc      1500
     tattacccta ggatgggaac aggtggtgag aactagaatg gcctctgtgg accccaactc      1560
     cgtccggtgg tgtgcggtca atctatccct cgtgtggatg tgagatgctt tggcgagcag      1620
     taggagtgtc aagtggtttt ctacatagct ttggccttag gcatgagccc agatgctcta      1680
     atgaagccca gtgggcagtg tagcccaggt tttacagttt ctgatcccca tgtggcctgg      1740
     tttcccaggc aagccctcaa gcaaggtcct aggcctgccc atgccctgcc ttctgtggct      1800
     tcctctgctg gctctccgtg gttcgttcta atgcggccgc cctttaatac agttcctcat      1860
     gctgtggaga ctcccccaac cataaaatta ttttgttccg actacagaac tgtgattttg      1920
     ctgttatgca tataatataa atatctgata agcaggatat ataatatgtg acccccaatg      1980
     gggtcaccac ctacaggtga gagccgctgt ctgagatggg ctgcagtatc acagaatgca      2040
     gcttagcaat gctgaagcct ccagagcgct ctgcagaatc cgggctaact gactcttttc      2100
     aaagatgcgt tcgttctgtt atgtttttct ctaatgccag tgaaagacac agactttgag      2160
     aaacatcatt gggttctcag gagcaggtct aattacttgt tccaccaact ctgtgactgc      2220
     gctcctgaat gtgggctaaa tttagcagct tttggtctct ctctgtcagc ttctacataa      2280
     gtcttccata tccgcctcac tagaaagaaa gccccccccc ctcctgccca ttgtgtttga      2340
     ccaccgggcg cagcttgctt gtctcctctc ccacagctga atgttcctgg aggttggtgc      2400
     agcgcagcac cccaccactg tgcagatctg aggacagaga ccaggaccag atgaggcaat      2460
     ggaaacacag cttgtgtgac aggcaatcgc agccctaaaa cctctggaag tcacaggccg      2520
     gagtggccag ggagtcatga gagagggagt ggggccccca cacaggtcag cttcttacat      2580
     ttcctggcac aaccagccaa ctgttttggc tgtccttcaa tgtcacagcc agcctcctct      2640
     ccagcacctg cagtgcgtcc ctgacaccac agccaactgt ctctgcctcc tcagtctggg      2700
     catcagacct ttcagacgac ttcttcctga gtcccatggc taccacttct cctcctcctg      2760
     agcccttggg aaccatatta aagaaaagaa aaagtcctgg aacaaataac cgactcatct      2820
     cgcccttccc tactcccccg caccctcttt gctgcttgag agccctctct aataagtagt      2880
     gtgtgccctg ttttctcagc cctggtaacc tagcttgagc tactctctct cactctccct      2940
     tgctctctca gaaatgttct gggctacgca atcacttctg cagccaaggt catgtctcca      3000
     gggaaggggt atacaggcgc caacacacag tcatcatggc tcaccctgag gccctactac      3060
     caagtcccac atcattgctc ctccctcctg gtgttggcta ccaccactca agggctcagt      3120
     ttcctcctcg gccacccctc atgccagtag ccacgaacac agccccagac ataccccaca      3180
     ccaatgtccc tccatcacca caactcatca tgaccatgat tacccctggt tccattgtga      3240
     cctggttctc caatccttta agcagctatg tcaaccatgc tgccttagaa cccaaatggc      3300
     ctgacatctc tctgtgaggg ttctgctctc acagtcctca tataactgag gacaccttta      3360
     ctacatgacc agtcacatga ccatctttgc tctgccctgt agcccaggtc cacccaagtc      3420
     caagcacttg gccttctccc tgcaggtgcc tcccctgaat cccaggagac aactctcccc      3480
     tgactatgag atagggtcct tcccctgggc ctccaggcct cgcccactcc tcctcctctt      3540
     ctctctggtc ctctctgcag aggttaaacc atgccctcgc tttccctcaa cactattcat      3600
     gttactctcg aagcgcaggc cctctcagcc tcgtggacct aaaccctact cacctaccag      3660
     gtctcctgac atcagaggcc acacacgcaa ggctgggtct ctgccaggtc acagagacac      3720
     atgtcactga agtggacacg tttgagcccc attgccatga ggcttgcttt agcgaatgta      3780
     actctacccg acaaggggac aacatttttc tccagagact gatgaagtcc cagaacccaa      3840
     aacacatctc ttccgcatca aagaagacaa tatctcactt gacaattgtt agatattggt      3900
     aacaggaaga gatgaaaagt cccacacatg tagaaattag catacattag catacatgct      3960
     tgacccgtgg tggacttcag atatgcatga cgtaatgaca tgaaaatcct gacgtaagag      4020
     tttatgggca tcactgacta tgacatcaga agggatgctg catcccctcc cacactggct      4080
     gaagctgaag tgatgcacat tcatggtatc cagcatccag ctacaaagac atttttaagc      4140
     tcaaggaaac agagagggag agagttaaag ttagaagaac tctgcaaagt agaaaataaa      4200
     ctagcaatag agaaaagtta agcagctgga aagacttcct tcaaaaccca gcaggagaga      4260
     taaatctacc tcagcacaga catgaaaata aaataaataa ataaataaat aaataaattc      4320
     actcagaagt ggaataccaa tgaaaagaaa gatgcggcca cagatagagc caaggattaa      4380
     cagataataa ggaaacactc accgggacgt taagctgata tatttgaaaa cttaaggcaa      4440
     caagagggaa tgactagaaa attatgattt atgaaactat ctaaaaagga gtagtcggac      4500
     cttctggtaa agcctcggaa gcagtgggga gccagccatt tctcacacag aacacaggca      4560
     gacagaccta agagtaagct acggaatgcg ctagggaacg ttatggaaca gaccatctca      4620
     gtctcgcaca aactggccca gaaagcagaa aaagtaaaat tttatgagcc gggataatat      4680
     tagagtcaga caagagctgt gtcggaaggc tttggccatg aatgactctg aactcccaac      4740
     ttgcttagaa accagcttca gtggtgagag tggcgagtag gaaccacggt ggatttagtc      4800
     cataacgcaa gagcatttaa aagtcaacgc atttaactct ccctaacagc aaattgaaag      4860
     tcttttttta agttcgaaat ccctatgatt aaaaattctt aaatgtaaag ggccgggaag      4920
     ctagttttac agtagtgatg actgcagact cacaggtgag aaagagggat ccaggcttct      4980
     gtgacaatcc ccactcgacc cctgaacaca caccctgtcc ccaaaattaa cagcctagac      5040
     aggaagccag caaagagaac tcttaaaatc tgaggtaaga gtgctgaaat gtggggctag      5100
     agagatggct cagatggctc aacagttaag agctctggct gctattccag aggactcaag      5160
     ttcaattctc aggacctaca tgatagctca caaacatttg taatacagct ccaagtaagt      5220
     tgactctctc tctttctctc tggcacacac aaaggcatgc atgcatgcag gcaaaacgcc      5280
     aatgctcgta aaaataaata aataaataaa taaacaagta aattacttaa caacaacaaa      5340
     gcatgctgac tctccagaac taatggcttc tggaggtgaa gaactcagtt ttctttctgg      5400
     ggctggccac tgggagtttg accaagcttc agtgagtata taggcaacat acaacacaaa      5460
     ttggatttgt aagggttttt ttttcttctt cttttttaga ggcagggtag aaggaaaggg      5520
     tagcaggact aggaaatggg tatgatcagg gcatatgatg tgaaactccc aaataagcaa      5580
     tttaaaaatg gttgcatgta tctactgctc ctccatagga agtgggttca attcccagca      5640
     cccacatggc gctcacaact gtctataact cctgttttgt ggatctgata ccctcatata      5700
     gacatacatt caggcaaaac tccattccat ataaactaaa aaaataaaca agtgttataa      5760
     actcaaaaag atactattaa aaaaacatta tgttagccgg gcatggtggc gcacaccttt      5820
     aatcccagca ctctggaggc agaggcaggt ggatttctga gttcgaggcc agcctggtct      5880
     acagagtgag ttccaggaca gccaggacta cacagagaaa ccctgtctca aaaaaacaaa      5940
     caaacaaaaa aaaccaaaca aacaaaaaaa caataaaaaa ccattatgtt gggggaaaat      6000
     ttcttaaatt tggtaaaaga aaggaactct cttagcctgc tataaggcaa tctactaaaa      6060
     caaaatagca gacagattta ggagccctca cccgtgaccc taacacatgg gagatagagg      6120
     gaggaagatg aggagttcca gcctcctgag ctacaggtgt tccaggacag cctgggctac      6180
     ttctgactca gaagaagata aaacaaaccc cacaccaaca acaaacagaa aacatggctc      6240
     tttatggggg acataattga aaattacaaa gttaagaact ctcactggca aactgcacag      6300
     cacgcacata aatgcctgct aaccccacac tctgagcctg agatagatag caggccaacc      6360
     tggggcacat atggagaccc ttcctcccaa aacagaacat ccttggtgaa aggagaaact      6420
     gctcaagcgg tgactctaag agaggtggat gtttctacaa gggggtaaaa aagtcaaatc      6480
     aaaccctttt ctacagtgaa tgcagaaaca aatttgagta aactgagtcc taggtgtagc      6540
     acataaatgg gaactctgta accgccgaat gagagcaggc tggaggcctc tcgtgcacat      6600
     ctccatacac tcttccactc tcaccagtgt tccatgcatg ctagtgtttg gaggtttggg      6660
     tttggtgttt tgttttgttt gtttatttgt ttggctgctt gtttggttgg gtttggtttt      6720
     tgtcaaattg acacaatgaa gagtcatcag tgaaggaatt gcctccatct gaccggcctg      6780
     tggacatgtc tggggaacat ttccttgatt aatgattgaa gtgggagggc ccaggccatt      6840
     gtagaaattc cacccccggg tagtcctgga gtgtacaaga aggcacgagg tgtgagccag      6900
     tcagcacaca ctcagtgtcg cctctgggtt cctgccttga gctcctaccc tgaccttcct      6960
     tcttggtgga ctgtaagctg tagggtgaaa taaacctttc tcccccacgc tgcttttggc      7020
     catggtgttt ctcatagcaa tggagaacca aactgggaca gaaagtggta ttagagagtg      7080
     gggcattgct gtgacagacc taaccatgtt cttttggggg agactgtgaa aggaatttag      7140
     aactttagac tggaaaagct gccaagtgct taaagctact gtaatggctg cagtgggaac      7200
     ccctgtgtat tctaactgcc aggactgcga gttgactacc aaagacaggg gtgggtgtaa      7260
     tgggagctgg cctttgccta ggaggcaagc tatgtgttct gaagtcagca gagctgaagg      7320
     ctcagaactg cccaaggcct tcagaagcag aagactgtaa gccccagatg tcggataatg      7380
     aactttttgt gttgctaaat tttggggttc gctttgattc aactataact gtgccctggt      7440
     tcttccctct tggaaaaaga tataacttgc tttttatttt atagagggaa acccacagtt      7500
     gagagacttt agattttaaa gagatattag atattttaaa gaggctttca acttaaaaaa      7560
     aaaaaagttt gaatcttttg aagactctgg agcctttaaa gctgtactac atttcatagt      7620
     gtggtattaa cgtgagatct taggggtaca caggaaagga aaggtcatga actaacagtg      7680
     atagatctgt gaatcaagtt gacaaggggt ggtctgtgct ggttcatttt ttttttaaat      7740
     caatttgaca caggttccag tcacctgggt agcaggacta tctgtcaact gaggaaagct      7800
     gccttcaaga aactggaata tgtttgtggg gcacacttcc ttgattaatg gttgatgtga      7860
     gagggcccgg actgttgtgg gtgtgccact cctgggcagg gcccttacat tatattgaag      7920
     aagcaagctg agatagcacg aacagtgttc ctccagtgtt tgttcctccg tggcacttac      7980
     ttcagttcct gccttgagca cctgccctcg cttcccttca cgatgaactg taagctgaaa      8040
     aagacccttt cttccccaag ttgcttttgg tcgtggtgtt tctcacagca atagagaacc      8100
     aaactaggaa actcctgccc agccatgaga cccacatccc tggctcctct gccctccagc      8160
     tataggatca gctcaatgaa cccagaggca aatgagaaag aaggcaatgc tggcttttcc      8220
     actcccctgg cctctgtctc cagacctgat ttaatgtggt ttctctccca gacccctgct      8280
     tgctcaagtg cagctctacc taatccttcc ttctggctcc catcaacagc ccctcttccc      8340
     ttccttcagg gccaaggaat agaaagaacc ccagtgctca cagcccctgg gttcttctga      8400
     gctctgtttt cacctttgga aaaaggtctg ctaaccttcc tcaaaagtgc tccagtagaa      8460
     cggaccccac ctttccgatc gagagacatg gtgatgaact gttgctgaaa gtaaactgaa      8520
     gataaatagg tcctcactgt gggcttcaca tactccaggg gccctgaggt aattacctgg      8580
     ctgggtagga tagggcaacc catagccatt ttagattaca tgaaaacatc taggatgctg      8640
     gattatacat ggtgatgtaa gtgctcacat ggaatgaggt tcccgattcc aggacacagt      8700
     atagcaacaa tagtgatagt tatggctgaa agctcaggta gactcttcct ggtgacacca      8760
     gaaaacatct atacagggaa gaaattcaaa gctaagaata agcagggaga ttcagagagc      8820
     cccggcgtgt gatgtgcact tccaaagtta cggaatcgct gaaatggcaa ggtgtctcag      8880
     agtcaggaag atgaggaaga gtgggctgag gacatactgc agacactggc tgtggtaatg      8940
     acctctgacc tgttcttcag atgacctccc cactaaccat gggtaacaaa atagtcttcc      9000
     ccacaaagtg tcttctccac agctaccact agggtggctg cctcacaagg ctgggacgaa      9060
     tctctcagga atcacccatc tcttaactac ctaagcccat attacaaatc aggtccttga      9120
     gttcagaggc atagcaactg ccttgattag tgtatagggg tctgggaagt gtgggagact      9180
     gttgtttttt tcaacatgag aatcagcgat actacttaaa cagacctgat gccagtcagc      9240
     aggcagatgt ggctgtcttc ctcacatgtg gctactgaaa cacacagagg tggacagagt      9300
     ctacaaggct accctaaggc cagaatgaaa acaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa      9360
     acaaaacaaa acggtagctg aggccaatat gtgggaagcc caaacgcccc aggatgctca      9420
     gagcacgcag cctctgcaca gcctacactc taaagccagt gagcgggagc agtgcccaga      9480
     gtctccgatg gagcagcgga gcctgacaag ttttatttct agcaatgtcc taaaagctgt      9540
     tgctgctggt ctggtgggaa catggagaaa agggagtagt ggagggactc accataggcc      9600
     atctgtcacc ctgccctaca ctcccatgag aggatgggag gctgctcccc tcccccacac      9660
     ctaggaaagt gcaccagaga gaagcagtag atatccaagg ggtgttccaa catcattaga      9720
     tctcccacat tccatgggta ccatggaact ctgtctgaat ggcagaggcc agtggcaaac      9780
     agacctgaat gactgcccac acacacacag aactgtagtg ttactcatgg gccctgactt      9840
     acaggaccta gataaggctc agggatgaaa aagacaggca ggcagctcag tgagatgcta      9900
     cttggcacag actctgtacc tcggcgtcct tatctgttat atggaagtgg gaagaagtgt      9960
     tggtggcctt ggggccattc ctctacccag taagagtttg tcacccttgc taccacgttc     10020
     atcttgatga cgtctttatc tcctttcctt ggaagtgact gtcctcacct tctggaatca     10080
     ctcctacttt tcccaggtac tttcctgttc tactggtgtt ggactcctga tactgctgtc     10140
     taggcatctg cacgagtcta ccctcaggga tggcaagtta gcccaacacc aagaggcagc     10200
     tgcctctgag gaataagcag gacctgagcc cccttcttgt gccctttctg tctttccaac     10260
     cactcaggac acagtgcaga gataccacca tcactatggt gtggaggaaa caccataggc     10320
     acaaattgca cctgtatttc caaccgttct ttaccttctt ctcttataaa ggctgcagaa     10380
     tccaaaactc ttcatttccc agactcccct gaagccacca gcaaggctac atgacataac     10440
     tgtagcccct gagatagatt caggtacaag tccctgatct agtctctcat ccctaaaccc     10500
     tgcagcctgc cttagatatt agacttccaa atgtttgtgt attactaacc cccccccccc     10560
     acacacacac ccattgccag gaggagttgc tcatgtgaag agaaggggtc gggtagaaac     10620
     ggaggtgcca tttggcacag acaaaacaaa acaagataac cctcccacaa tgtttaagtt     10680
     cttagctctg gtttttgcct ctgaacacat gcctagctac cgcttatcaa ttctctaaaa     10740
     ctggggacac agggcttata cacacggtta ttatttcccc atggaatgca gactaccagt     10800
     ggtggctgct gggcgactgg gtaaatcgaa ctacagcaaa ttactcattg tgcactctag     10860
     gcttttagtg tcaaaagaca ggtggtgacc ccagcactgc aacaccccgg attctacgct     10920
     ctttcaaaat caaatacaga atcaacccag gaaatatgtg aaggggtagc caaaggaggg     10980
     actcataaat aaagggcacc tcctggctct cagcctatag ccactatggg gactcattag     11040
     gtgtccactg gggacaatgc agagtgattg tcagtcagga ggactgtggt tctgtccacg     11100
     ctaatcacaa ggcaaaggct cctttcccag aggagagtgg tcaccctcca gtctatccca     11160
     gccagctgca gggttctgtt ctgcagtgat gactgcaatc atacatcacg gctgaatgat     11220
     ttgacaccca aggacggtaa gtggctcacc gatgtttgat caatgtgtag gcaaaagtgt     11280
     tcagatcaga ttggtttttt tgttttgttt tgttttttgc tttttcgaga cagggtttct     11340
     ctgtgtagcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tttgtagacc aggctggcct cgaactcaga     11400
     aatctgcctg cctctgcctc ccaagtgctg ggatgaaagg cgtgcgccac cacgcccagc     11460
     ttcagatcag atttaaatcc tctgtttgct taatggctct gtttgcaaga gctggcccat     11520
     cgaggtggtc cggggaaagg aaaagctggc tttatgcatc atggggatat cgggctaggc     11580
     aggcagaggg ctggagagaa agggaagccc cacctgttgc taactggagg gcaacagcca     11640
     ggcaagtcac tgggagcctg tggggaacag gaatggaaaa tgacctagct cggtaagtca     11700
     cggtccatga gttctttctc agtctggcat agcttctgcc tgctctgccc caagcattaa     11760
     cagctacaat tttcctaaaa gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gaggtacaac     11820
     atccagactt tccccctcct actgtattcc catattccca gtgctggaga tggaagccat     11880
     gctgttggac acattaggca ggtgtgctgc ctctctggtg tccccagctc tcggcctccc     11940
     caggtttgat atcctgattt aaatgcactt ctttcctagg gcagttccag tacggctaac     12000
     actgggaata ctggtatgtt aaactaggtg gactggtatg tctggctcca ctgacacaga     12060
     taaccatcac gatgatggtg atgatggtga tgatggtgat gatggtgatg atgatgatgg     12120
     tggtggtggt gatgatgatg atgctattag cagcagaatg gtcacctgag gtcagggact     12180
     attccaagca tgtacttact ggaggtgttg ctaacttccg gttttcagaa gaaagaattg     12240
     aggtacagga agagacagtc actgtcagaa gagagattct tatcactcat gctttcatat     12300
     attagatttt aaaagaaaat tattacatga tggcacacgc ctttaatccc agcactcggg     12360
     aggaaggcag aggcaagtgg gccagcttgg ataacataga gagctccagg ctagccaaaa     12420
     ctacacaccg agcctctgtc tcaaaaaaac taaactaata aaataacatc acgtgtattt     12480
     gtgcactact tgcacatgca caagcaccta tgtgtaaaag tcagaaaaac aagtgactca     12540
     aagaagttag ttgtctcctg gaaattgaac tcaggtcccc aggctcagtg gccagtggct     12600
     gggcctactc attaaacttg atgctgagag gttttccctg ctaagtgcat gttctccgaa     12660
     ccccccagca tccactgaga agtgctgtct gacttcagcc taacacaagt ggctgttgac     12720
     tttctattag aaacccacca gcgctgctgc tgtggtcagg cgccctcatt gtggatgctg     12780
     aacaggaccc attttattgg ctattggggg aaaaaaacag caaatgatag ctatttgcat     12840
     attttatatt taatacattt tattttgcaa atgactccta gagcacatta agtagttaat     12900
     tggctttatt tccgtttcca cgttttattt gtctctataa tgtaattagt gtaaactctg     12960
     tgtttgcttt ccccttgagt cagcttacct ctctctcctt ttcattatga aatattttat     13020
     acttccttcc aagttttctc ctcaccgagt ccttattgta attcgctttc ctggtacaaa     13080
     gtgctctaag atgattttat ttcagaaaaa aaaaaagtgg catcttcccc ttggtacggc     13140
     gtctcttctc actttaccac gttcctccgt ttagtttaac gtcctttcat tcctattatg     13200
     tgttatgtgt tccaactttt atatccctcc ggcgttcgtt ctaatagaat taggagaatc     13260
     tataaataaa agcagcttcg cagaataatg ctttcattct tctcctatgt ccacccccac     13320
     ttcggaattt accagcagac cctctctggc agaggctcta cccaagagga ctaaagttgt     13380
     ctttgctgca tctggtcgag gcgcccctag ggaaccgggc aggggtccaa attacgactc     13440
     ccattcgggg ctctgcacca gggcggctgc cagtcctgcc ctttgatttc aaaagaatca     13500
     agagaggctg agaagtcttc aggaagtcac taagtcagat cctgaaatta gcgaaaacac     13560
     ggcagagtgg gtggagaaga taattagcag agaacaagcc aaactgatgc gggctgccag     13620
     gggtgtctgc ggcaggctta tcgctctcgc acaggaagtt cctataactg tgccattggg     13680
     ctcatttaca ttttctgaga ctctgccagc acagaactag caagtgaggg cccccaggag     13740
     ccacgcttgt ccctttgggt gccaaggtgg cctataccct atagaattaa atgtcccaaa     13800
     gtcagattcc attgctactg cctcaaatga catcattggc tctattaaat ccctagaagg     13860
     cttctaatct tcatctgcaa acataacttc atgattagga cagcacaggc ttcctcctca     13920
     gggggcccca tcccaacacg ccctaattat ctttttctcc taacatctta ttatgaaaat     13980
     tggcaaacaa agagcaaagt tttgagagat aactgtgcat cgaacacccc cacccccaac     14040
     atcacataca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacactattc caccactgaa     14100
     gtgccctcag ggttctctcc ctgaatccac cccaccatta gcacgttaac ctagggtgct     14160
     cactctagag taaactgcca ttatcagcac acttccccct taaacacttc cacatacaca     14220
     tcgttatcaa gagttcaata tttacttagg gctttttctt ctcataggca aaattcccct     14280
     gtgaggaatt gagcaaatgt tcattcatac tgtactggcc gagatttcat atattctgta     14340
     cctatgttct gcaaactacc aagagtttac tcccaccaag acatcacctg gagtatctgt     14400
     gagccttccc atccactctg gccctaaggc tgagtccctc cactccactc cattagtttt     14460
     gtctattcta gagctttcaa caaatgggat catctagttg tggtacaagg cctcttttgc     14520
     tcggtgtgat gtttgtgagg tctttccgat tatgcatacc cattgtctgt tccttttgtt     14580
     tgtttgtttt tgtttgtttg gtttttggtt tttcaagaca gggtttctct gtgtagtcct     14640
     ggctgtcctg gaactcactt tgtagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa tccgcctgcc     14700
     tctgcctccc aagtgctggg atgaaaggcg tgcgccacca ctgcccggct ttgtctgttc     14760
     ctttatacgg cttgttctgt gtccaatttc tctgtctact tgcctatggg tagtgccagc     14820
     acatttacac ctgtggtaaa agttaaatgg tccaggaaac cccataatcc tctaggggaa     14880
     gagtaaaaaa cagtgctcca acattctgag accctagcat tgacacaggc aggttggcga     14940
     gcctctctga ccagccctac ttactggcct gctttctctc aagtgggcaa agcacagcac     15000
     tagctcccct ggttgctaga aaggcctggc catgtcgttc atattgctga cacagcctct     15060
     gttgcttcga gaggctgacg agggaattac actgggatca aggctaacac acctccacaa     15120
     aagagcttag gaccaagata gggcatttaa gatggaagag gtagggtttg gagggagtat     15180
     attcttgttg gctctgtcca ttgtccctaa caacccatgt aacattagtt tcatgcccat     15240
     gatgcacgca gcaacatggc ccagcctcaa gacttgcaac ctaattcatg cagcctgaca     15300
     gcgtgattca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaacaag acagctgtgg gggatgacgg     15360
     cagcagcggg cagacaggca aggatcctca gccttggggg aaaggggcgg gggttgaggg     15420
     gggacctccc gaagacagct ctagccactg gaaatctgca cgaagtggtc tgtgttcatg     15480
     atggccctga aggatgccgt gagactgtct ggcatggaaa cgggccaggg gctggcacag     15540
     tcatcggcac agctcaagta caaaggcaca tgaatggcta acttcaggaa accattgctg     15600
     gaaagtaaaa ccgactttga gtcattggct ttaggatggg aaagagtata gctcttccca     15660
     gctgaacttc tgacacaagg agaaagcaga aaacacaccc agggcttctt gagaagggtc     15720
     catgttcagg acttaagaac aacaggacag acaacaatgg tgtggttttg tgacccctag     15780
     ttcccagcag gagcaacatc gtgacatcgg ttcaatctac cccaaggact catctggatt     15840
     tgaagttgac ttatcaggag acagagtcag tttggttttc tgatgctctt gtcattgact     15900
     agctatcaaa aagtagagag ctacatccct aagaaaaggc ggtgggagta ggtgcttaga     15960
     aagttattgt ggcaatattg tgtacaagga cacaagcctt tggaaagagt aagcagccat     16020
     cccccaagca gctggtggtg tggctgaatg gcagggcact ggcctagctt gtatgaggtc     16080
     ctggattcca ttcacagcac tgccgaagta aaacaattgt ttaaatgagg ggatgagggg     16140
     gttttgaact ggctgagtcc taggacagaa tctagtttaa gccactgaaa tgaacccagc     16200
     tttcttgtct gggctaatag tatcacattc ctgcagatga cacattagag gctgtacaga     16260
     aagtgtgtta acgagctctt gacagcaaaa cagaaatagt ttcttttcta ttccacaaaa     16320
     accgggcttt atcatgagga atataaattg agggttttgt ttaactttta aaactcagca     16380
     gcataagaca gagatgtgtg tgagaccaag cccagtgtca gctaagaatg gatttatttt     16440
     tctgtcaaaa gctgttctca gacagacaca cctaaataaa ctccaactga gactcaggca     16500
     gggatccaag gacgtggggt ctgacagaca gagaaccaca ggcttcttct gtgaccctca     16560
     gagaggacat gcatagagct aaaactgtcg caggagagag accgctggga tgcacagcct     16620
     gcctgcctat cccagtccat ctctgtagct cagaaccagt caggggcagg catcaggcca     16680
     ggctcggata cactgcacaa ctttactgaa tgaaagaaag cagtagctga taaaataccc     16740
     ctgctgtcta atgccatcag atgtgtggca gtctccacag atccatccat ccatcataca     16800
     tctatcctcc tcctcctcct cttcctcctc ttcctcctcc tccttcttct tcttctgctt     16860
     ctgcttctgc ttctgcttct gcttctgctt ctgcttctgc ttctgcttct gcttctgctt     16920
     ctgcttctgc ttctgcttct gcttcctgct tctgcttctg cttcttcttc ttcttcttct     16980
     tcttgttctc tctccctctc cctttccctc tctctccctc cccctcacct cccccccctc     17040
     tctctgagac agagtcctga ctagctggcc tggatttcac tgggtggacc aagctggcct     17100
     cagactcata agagatccat ctgcctctgc ctctgagtac taggatcaaa gtttcacact     17160
     ccatacccgc tgtcagaact tttaaaaaat gtaatgtgtg tatgtgtgtg tatgtgtgtg     17220
     tgtctgtgta tctgtgtgtg tatctgtgtg catgtgtgtg tatctgtgtg tgtatctgtg     17280
     tgcatgtgtg tgtatctgtg tgtgtgtctg tgtgtgtatc tgtgtgcatg tgtgtgtgtg     17340
     tgtgtacata cgtgttcgag caagcattgg ggctgagctc ataaaggcca aaagagggtg     17400
     tcagatccct tagagctgaa gttacaggtg tctggctggt gtacccaggt gctgtgatct     17460
     gaactctagt cttcataatt gcacagcaag tgcaaattat tttattttat tttattttat     17520
     atgcatgagt gctttgcttg catatatgac tatgcatacc actgggtcct tggtgcctgt     17580
     ctgtagagac caaaagaggg cactggattc cagggcacta gagttataga taattgtgag     17640
     ctgccatgta ggtgctagga attaaaccca atttctctgg aaaagcagcc agtgctctga     17700
     acttctgagc catctctcca acccccacta aacccctaat tcccctccag aactttcctc     17760
     tctccaacct tgctctaacc tagctgattt ttttcctcct atgcgccccc gccccccccc     17820
     cagcccattc tccacctact ctgctctgtg cttgggatga gtgagccttc tagacagcat     17880
     cacctggaca ctgggaggta tcaccgagga aggctctgct aatggcatgc ccaccccagc     17940
     cctgcttcac ccctctctac cctcacccct ccactactcc ctctggttgc tccctatggg     18000
     cctttgcctg gggttcccta ctttaaggtg agttgcttcc aaatgagatg ctgagtaaga     18060
     tactacaacc actacaaaca ctacaacctc ctgcccgttc ctctgtccaa gaaaatatca     18120
     gaggttacta gtcacaaagc cttccctgaa cccccaggga acaagttcct gctccctgct     18180
     gttgcccaaa gcagcagctg gctgttcctc ttcagtggtt aaattcctgt tggctgtaga     18240
     cagggatcta gacctgttca tcactaaaat acacaaaggg caggcccaag gccttgcaag     18300
     caaatagcac tccaggttct acttcaacac cggacaggga aacaaaccca ctgaactagg     18360
     ttcaaagaaa ttgctgcaat gttaagaaaa gaaaacaaaa caaacaaata gggacgggtt     18420
     ctcaaaatac atagagtata cctacaaatt attcagacat aactgggcaa agggtataaa     18480
     taagcaattc tgagaagagt gaaatgacga ttaggtatgt gaagggtttt gggctttagc     18540
     tgtaatgaca aaggaagcca ataaccttaa ccttgcacag tagagttggg acagacagca     18600
     aaaaaccacc ctcaccccaa aatggtaaca aagacctctt cacacttctg gagaatgtca     18660
     accattatcc acctacctgg ggaactaccc actgcccaac ccactgtaac atggatacaa     18720
     accatgacac atgccctcac tctctggagc caggccacct ttgtccaaac ctcggctctg     18780
     gcatttattt acaagcggtg aagccatgaa ccgaatgtaa gatgggggta atggcacctg     18840
     cctcataggc tgtctaagaa gataagtgaa tcggtacaag gaaaaccagg tagaaaatca     18900
     tctgtggcat agccagaacc agacaggtgt cttgactctc attgattgtc acatttgtca     18960
     tcgccgggat gtatcccatg agaaagtctc atgcatgtac ccagagagga atgaataaga     19020
     aggatcaggg taggatggag gtaaggcaaa caaacaccca taggcaaaca gtgcagcaag     19080
     atatatgtca cagctataca gataacataa agctacttat actaccaaga aagcgggccg     19140
     ctttctatgg accagcaagg acagacttcc agggtggtta agaaagctag gtgttaaaaa     19200
     atgttgagct ggggggctgg agagatggct cagcaggtaa gagcactgac tgctcttctg     19260
     aaggtcttga gttcaaatct cagcaaccac atggtagctt acaaccatcc ataatgagat     19320
     ctgatgccct cttctggtgt gtctaaagat agctacagtg tacttacatg taataaataa     19380
     atcttttttt aaaataatgt tgcgctggat ccaaacccga tgttgtgtat gtgcacatgt     19440
     ccatatttgt cttttaagga tatgaacaaa aacatgcaga ctgaggtatg ggcagtggtg     19500
     atatcaagag gtagggacaa ctgggatgag ttctgcaagg acatttgcga ttttctttct     19560
     ctttatacaa atgcactgtt tgaactctat ggtgggaaca tcactataga agacataact     19620
     aagttttttt ctgtgttggg gattgaaccc agggcctaat acatggtagg cactgagcta     19680
     tttccaattc cagttccatg atttttcaaa ataagtcttc atattcattt ctttttattt     19740
     catacataat gggtgtttgg tctgcatgta tgacagggta cagcatgcat gcctagaacc     19800
     tgcgaagatc agaatagagc atcagacctc ctggcactag agttacagat ggttgtcacc     19860
     tcccatgtgg gagctgggaa tcaaacctga gtcctctgga agagcctcca agcactttta     19920
     accactgagc cacatctctg gctcccagta atctttaaaa ataataatga aaaaaaattc     19980
     tcacaatatc ctcagggatt aaattaaaca agtatttcta agctctacaa ggacagaaaa     20040
     gtaggacagg tcactgtcac tagagatgtg agcaggtcag tggggatggg gaagccatgg     20100
     agtcacctcc cctcacggcc ctgccattcc aaaccaagca catcccgaca caaagaatcc     20160
     cttgacctaa atgtcatgga aatactacgc caattatctg ccagccacac aatggcatac     20220
     cgccattaaa aattacaaca gagaatagtt attaacttag agggataagt tttgaaacta     20280
     cacagtctat ttgtgtaagt catttgtgca tatatgagta tgtatacaca tatattagca     20340
     caagtatgtg tgcacatgca cacacagtta taaagataat aaaaaggggg cccaggaaga     20400
     tggctcaaca gtaaagcagt tgctgtataa atgtggggat gagtttggtt gctcagaacc     20460
     cgcctaaggc tggacacggt agcacacatc ttagtatcag cactgctaca gagagatggg     20520
     ggttggagat aggacaattc tgaatgttca ctagccagct attctggcat tcataatgga     20580
     gaacaggaga tccagcctca aacacggtgg aagtggaaaa cccggcagct gaggttgacc     20640
     tctgacctca catgccccac ggcacgcaca tccgtatcca cacacatacc acacgcaaaa     20700
     attaaagaag gcaaaagaat ttggtccaac tatgaactgt catcatctct ggagagtaga     20760
     aatctggatg cttactgtag ttttctaggt tcaatcgttt cctgtattta aatgtttatt     20820
     ttatggactg cattggattt ctgcaacaga tcaggactac aaacaaggct ttgtaaggtg     20880
     tgtcaccctc agagtagccc tggaaggctt atcttcacct ctcactaggt tctactttct     20940
     gactctgata catagtgcca tcttggtggg aatacagtgg gataagctag gctgcagagg     21000
     gtatacactg ttagaaaagg tatacactag gctggggagg gtatacacta ggctagaaag     21060
     ggtatacact aggttagaaa ggatatacgt tactaggctg aggaggatat acaataggct     21120
     ggagagggtg tatactagtc tggggagggt atacaatagg ctgagaagga tatacattag     21180
     gctggagaga gcctacaaga aaccttctct gcccttgaaa tccttgaatc caaggtaaaa     21240
     actgcggttc aggggctggg gtgtggctca gtggtagagt gcttgcttag catgtgtaag     21300
     gcccaggggt ttgatcctag gcagtgctgg tctgccttca ttcctgcata gataagcctt     21360
     tgatgcaagc tctaggccag aggcctgata agaagggagg atcccaagta caaggcaccc     21420
     tcacttagca gggccacaaa ggcaccttcc cagggcaccg cccttcctcc cgaactctcc     21480
     tgcctggact gcaaccctct gctctcagct ggttggaaaa cttgactcaa gcccccactg     21540
     gctcatatat tctctttgta cctttcctaa caaggctggc actgccaggg tagggcctac     21600
     acatcaggct gccaagctgt tgagctggca ggcaccaaga tgtagttact tactcaacct     21660
     ctccggaggt caattggctc atctgtctag tgaagccaac gccaggaatc taggaccagc     21720
     taaacgctgg atgtcatgga cagtcatggt gggagtggca tccactgact aagttgccat     21780
     acaattaaaa acagtcacac ctgagacaca gagagatcag gatccaaact gtctcttcaa     21840
     agtctaagac tttcactaaa gtcttaaaga ctctcactga ggcttagagc aggccaaact     21900
     ctttctctgc catccttcct gccttccgtt actccttcta cctccactcg ctgcattctt     21960
     tcggttcttt gtccacttag gagcaaaggg ttcacgctta cttttttttt ttttgggggg     22020
     ggggttcgag acagggtttc tctgtgtagc cctggctgtc ctggaactca ctttgtagac     22080
     caggctggcc ttgaactcag aaatccacct gcctctgcct cccgagtgct gggattaaag     22140
     gcgtgcacca ccacgcccgg ctgggttcac acttacttta agacgtgggc tctggatact     22200
     accagatata tcagctctgt cctttggctt tgatttttaa gttcgtgcag gtaaccctga     22260
     acttgtggcg caagacccag tcctggagaa caagaagcca cccaaccaag gtaccaagag     22320
     atgtcactgg gtagcaacct gtacacatcc ttgacactta caaacctgga agtcactaga     22380
     agctgtgaca ataaagttgg cattttccct cactcacacc cttgggatca ttaacccggt     22440
     gagtagaatc aagaaaccac cgatcctgga attgtttcat gtttactgag ccttccttct     22500
     atgtgccagg aagcaggcta agtcctgagg aggcataggc atgattaaga tactactaca     22560
     ccatgctgtc atccagggag aagatggact tcatggagtt ctgggtggac agtgctcaac     22620
     cctgatggca gtagaccggt tgatgaagct ctctgggtag atcacataga gagagattgt     22680
     gaacaataac aaacagcaga ggtacagaaa gaactagggt aacacttcca gaacatcaga     22740
     gttatggcac cgctggagcg aggagctagg ctcggggata cgcaggaggc agatggggcc     22800
     ccacactggg ctgtgtgcca cactacatgc gagcctctga tgctttgaaa atggggaagg     22860
     gagaatgtga ggcttgtggc tctaaagaac cttctggttg ttggtggagg ggaaggctga     22920
     gaagggagtc agggagggca accaggcaga tatggatgtc agcagagctt aagcatgggg     22980
     ctggcctgag ctgtggctcc tggcttgggg gaagggttta agggagaggc aactggaggc     23040
     aggctggcag ggattgtccc tagtggctgc caacactggg gaagagaaaa acccaaggag     23100
     ataccctggt ttctgccccg atggatgggg aaagaaacaa ggtggacaaa gaagcttggg     23160
     atgtagggaa ccccagggag ctctggaaag ggccctgaat tacacagtag tgccctaaac     23220
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacactg ctggtaacct caccacgacg     23280
     atgactggaa accaaccggg gaaagtttgg aaatgcaggt tccttcagaa acacagggga     23340
     tttgtttatc ctgtggcagg ggtggcctgg ctagctattg agaagttggc cctagtggac     23400
     aagggttctg tgactgctgc tgatggccag tggcagaaat ttaagagtcc ccatgagggt     23460
     ccaagactga cagtgatggt cccttcctgg cccagttcag gaggggacat gtgtagcaca     23520
     ccacggcagg gcagcaaatc tggctggacc tcagcgcact gcagggccct gcggggtgcg     23580
     gcttgtttgt gcccaagcgg ccaaagggga gacaatgaga ctatttcttc ccctctgcgg     23640
     tgccaccatc tcgacactgg gggcattgat ggactggtta ctatgggaac ccaaggctgc     23700
     tgatcccatc ccacggagtg tgaggctccc aacagctgat ggctattcat cctggttccc     23760
     tgcaggacca gacagaggcc ttgcacccgt cactgtcttc agaatcctca aagcagaggc     23820
     actagtacac caggaagatg caggattcca tggaatgacg agatgggagg gaggcatggc     23880
     aggaccccag gcactgccag ggcacacagg gctctcagct cagtgtggag ctgacctgac     23940
     ccagaagcaa agggcactgc cacaggagga tgtcctcatg catatgcaca cagggcttag     24000
     tgaatttgaa aaacaaggga ttaaaattta aaaagcagtg gggagagatg ttcaataaca     24060
     taagggctag ggcctgacct cctccagcct ggaaggctca caacctgtac aagaactcgc     24120
     ttaaatgagc acacatccat tctctgcccg ggtgaggctt ctcagccata gattccaaac     24180
     tgacctcgga ggaaaaacag ccaggggacc cactccagac tgaccagaga acccggagtc     24240
     taagtggcag acaagccagc aggccataaa tatcagagac gatgacagtg acaaggagtc     24300
     caggagacag atatgttctc tgggctgggg cactcaaggg agggctgctg acagcggagc     24360
     caagctgaga aagatgaggg atggccagga taagatgagg tccactctag gctgaccagg     24420
     gtaatataag gaagcccggg ggaagcatga gaatgaagaa agaggtttgg aggtgtacag     24480
     ctgcaactgg ggtgcaaggt gatggggggc agagacactg cagtagcctg gtggcaggca     24540
     agggacctgg ggggacctgg cctgtgctgc acagtggcag gaggaacagg ggaacctcag     24600
     agccagtcag ttggcgatga tatggggctg gttagagaac tgctataaac aactggagcc     24660
     agaggcagct cccaggcttc tagttcaggc accggagtgg gtggttcctg tatgaaacgg     24720
     gcacacaaga gggtgagttt tacagctaag tgtgtccagg tgataacgta cagttagtgt     24780
     ctaggtgtag caccttaggg ctggaggggc taagtttagc tttttaaaaa atacatagag     24840
     agagatgttc gtctcaatgc tatggaggag cccactgtcc tagagaggac aacatgccac     24900
     aaagcacagt gtgtatgtgg taagggagag ccaggtgtgg cttcattagc caatcaattg     24960
     tttatttcat caggaacagg aaggctttca gtgagagggt gacttgccct tgacagagaa     25020
     gcagggacag ggtcacctgc caaaggtgac gaaagtggaa agtcagccac tgagcatggg     25080
     tttggtcctg ggtctgtcaa tcaagggttt gtcagactct aattgaacca aatacctcaa     25140
     ggccagcaag tgacatctcc ttaccgagag ctggcgtgag gtcccctaaa gttatgtccc     25200
     acaggcaccc acacaagaaa catcagccag cgtgaggaca tgccagggct tctccttacc     25260
     caagggcaca gcactgacag ccagaaggaa gacaggcagt gggaacagac gcacggaagt     25320
     tcttctgtgt gcgggttctg ggaggacttg ggctaggctg agggctcaaa aattagttta     25380
     aacaaaaaag tctgtgcaga ggctccaagg cccaaacaag cttcccagga cagcagggga     25440
     ttgctagaca ttgaaaaaga gtctctgacc agccgctgtg tggcccgcta tggccaccca     25500
     acatgcaagg cacactgagg tctcagtgtc tgcaggctcc cttgtcccgg gtctactgct     25560
     gtgtttctga tgtgctcccg acgcctgtcc gggaaacact tgaacagttc cagagggctg     25620
     gtcagctggc taaccgttca ggcctcgttc catgtctgcc tttggacacg gcctgccttt     25680
     ggacacggcc attcgaggtc ttcccgttcc acacgctcta gccagatcag ctctggccac     25740
     tgctctccac ctcagtccca gtgagtcaga agggcaagct agtcattcaa caccctgtcc     25800
     actttgactg tctgagtaca ggtgcccacc gagacggttc gacacaagac tcaaaatgcc     25860
     aatcttgtct gtgtccccag tgcacatcca ggacctctcc ccggccagct gtgcataaca     25920
     gcaagacagc ctctgaccaa aaaaaggagt ccttaagaac tatgtcacaa atgattggca     25980
     ctttggattt cccttgtccc catcgggccc tggtgcctca gctggaacga gttctagctc     26040
     actattctaa cacctggtta agacctcagc tggtgctggg aagtggtggg gcacaccttt     26100
     aattacagca cttgagaggc agaggcaaac ggagttttga gtttgaggtc agcctggtct     26160
     acagagtgag ttccaggaca gccaaggcta tacagagaaa ccctgtctcg aaaacaaaac     26220
     aaaacaaaac aaacaacaac aaaaaaaaaa accagaagaa aagaaaagaa aaagaaagaa     26280
     agaaagaaag aaagacagac agacagacag acagacctca gctggctctt cttgtgagaa     26340
     caagctgtcc acagcgcaac cgtttccctc tgttaacaaa tggattccac aggctcacct     26400
     gaaattctag gccagggatg gcctgctcga cagctatttt aaggacgact atttagggca     26460
     agttcaaaat catttaaggc tcttagatct tttagggccc tggcagccag cctgctcttt     26520
     tatgtgcaaa cttagaacta acaaattagc tcaatacccc aggcaaagca aaaacacgag     26580
     ggaagtacag tgtcagagtg ccaccttcca gataaacatc acttccaaga gctgcaggtg     26640
     cctagctgca gatcagagtg cgcgcaggat tgtgtttcgt gcagcccata aacaacttgc     26700
     cttgtctggg aatcatcagt atcaaaggta accgagtaca tgtgctggaa tgagggacct     26760
     tctgccaaga gagagaacga ggaagagagg agtgtgttaa aggggactgg caatggcagg     26820
     tggggtcaga gtgctcggtg cttggtgccc ctctgtccaa acagcctgtg atctatggcc     26880
     aggccttctg ttcactattt ccttaactag tggatgatcc cttctgggta gttttaaagt     26940
     gggggttgct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttcta agattttact     27000
     tatttattta tttattttat gtacgtgagt acactgtagc tgttcagatg gttgtgagcc     27060
     ttcatatggt tgtggggaat tgaattttta ggacctctgc tcgctcctgt cagatttgtt     27120
     attatacaca agtacactgt agcttcagat gcaccagaag agggcatcgg atctcattac     27180
     gggtggttgt gagctaccat gtggttgctg ggattggaac tcaggacctt tggaagagca     27240
     gtcagtactc ttaccaagcc ggggcttctt aacccaggcc caacagcact ttgggtgccc     27300
     atagatgtgt tccaggaaat ccaagaacac tgtggcaatt aggttttttc accctttgat     27360
     attttaaatg tagatgtata tgtgagcatg gatacatgta tgtgtgcatg ctacaggcac     27420
     acatgcagaa tcatatgtaa tgtattctaa cttgaaggaa aatgtgaaaa ggctgaatat     27480
     aattcataca gaagccagat acacttcttt tagtgcagtt gttcttcatt acccacagga     27540
     gaaggttcta gaatcaccac agatatcaca aacgggcctt tgatagggta tttgtaaaga     27600
     acatcttccc tcatacttta ggtcatcacg agattacttg tgacacctaa tcccatgtgg     27660
     gcctgcacgt ggagttgctg catattgctt aggaaagaac aaacacagtt taacccagga     27720
     gagtcacgga ggccatatct aaggtggctg gagagatccc tcggtaatga agagttctgc     27780
     ttgctttatc aaaggaccag ggttcaggcc ccagcaccca caaggtggct caaaacacct     27840
     gtaactccag ttccggggag cccgacaccc tccttatgac ctccacgggc atcatgcaca     27900
     catgtgttgc acatacatgc atgcaggaga aacacaagca taaagcaaaa caataaatct     27960
     tgaaaaatta ggaaaaaaaa ttaaggaagc tgtaagtcta ccccttccta ggagctacta     28020
     taaactaaaa tttgaaggag atcctcgcag cctaggcttc taaatttttg ctgtacatat     28080
     gctcatccat caataatatg ctatgctttg tttttcaaag ctcacatgaa tattgtgcct     28140
     ctgaagctgc ttactgaact ttgcacgtat gtctcttctt catgtctgta accactgtct     28200
     agtatgtcgt ggtgtgtgcc tcctggttca ccttttcagt cttcctctgg tggctgctta     28260
     ggctgcttct cctttcattt atgcaggaag tctcagtggg caatctcctc tgagcctcct     28320
     tgttcataca acaagttgct cgggttacaa gccttgcgat acagtagctg gtgcagcatg     28380
     tctcgccata gcaccaaaat gttctgtaaa gtaggtgcca agttcaacca gtagcaacaa     28440
     gaggtctccg ggctccacat ccctgccaac acttgatact gacactgtct ggggtttgcc     28500
     aatcagatag gtgtgaaatg gtacctcgat gttgccttag ggcagctccc agccaggcta     28560
     agcatcttct ctttattggc cattccatgt cctctgttca cacacgtttc tcctttcctg     28620
     tggagcattt atctgttttc tcattaattt gtttactttt tctgctatct tctctaacta     28680
     cttttcctaa tctactgctt tcctaatact ctcgaaggac tgcccttcgt acagaatctt     28740
     tcttttgcac cagtgtgtta tttatgagcc ctagtattta ctcaaatttt taactaaata     28800
     taaaaaacag taacactaag agaaacctca gaccaccaga atgagaagca aagcctacag     28860
     gcaggcatat cttaagagcc ggatggctgg agcggaggct agcggctgct tctttggatt     28920
     tctagactaa gaactttaaa atagttacta ctgtcccatt tttaaatccc aaattcaaat     28980
     ctattttgtt ttaagacatc ccctcctttc ctggcaccat aagagtaggc cattatactt     29040
     ttctaagagt cttatatgcg ctcagatctt taatcctgtc tagaatttaa catatgtata     29100
     gtgtgggcta agagtctaat tgtttctcca tgtggacagt cagttcttcc agaaccactt     29160
     attaactaaa tggcccatct ttcctcatcc atctgcagct cctcgattgg cacgcacagg     29220
     ctcccacgca cccttggctt ggagtccact ccacggatgg gtggaaccat ccctgaacca     29280
     gtgccagcct gctgtgatcc caacacccct ctggctcttc tttcccagac ttctctgcgg     29340
     gattcttgga cctcactata ccctacgaac tctatagctc atttgtggag tccacatata     29400
     gttcaatccc atggggattt atgagattac agtggattaa tggattcact ggcggggagg     29460
     gggggcaaat agttttacag gggctctggt ccagtggtac agcatcagca ccatccgttc     29520
     cttggctccc ccaaatgaaa acatttttcc acttttccat ccattctccc ctttaaatga     29580
     ctcatcccta agtaccttac agctttgatg ctgacatgga ctacagtcac ccttgtcttc     29640
     tatctgctga gcacacacag gtggtaagtt ctccagcagc ccgctcaact ctcttctcat     29700
     gaattctcac gactaatctc tgggttccct tcctctatcc ctatagttgt ggttactgcc     29760
     aacggcagta ttttaccctt ccaaattttt actttttaaa accattggtt catttattta     29820
     ctttgtgtgt gttcagatgt gcgcacacaa gtgtatgcca cagcatacac gtggaaatca     29880
     gaggacaact ttgggaactg gtcctctcct tccatcacgt gggtcccacg gatcaagttc     29940
     aggtcctgag acttgagagt aacttccttt actcgctgag ccatctcact ggcccatgac     30000
     ttttatttct cgctaaaaag caaacttgtt gctttatctg gaatgatgcc tgggagaggg     30060
     aaatggcgcc tagcctgtct ttattagatg catattgtct aatggaaaag gacagagcct     30120
     gcatcaaact gaaagagacc cagaatttga aaaaggtcaa taatggctgc cctgagttac     30180
     ctgtggatca tgttaaataa ataaatcaag tcaggttatc agttgtataa aaataaaaca     30240
     gtcaagcaag aatgtcacag cacagccaga aagacggaca agaaaaccaa gcctgtgact     30300
     caggcaggta cagaacagag ctctaattgc ccattaaggg tttagaagaa acagtcacac     30360
     aaaggcggtc tcggagcaag agacaaagca gttatcataa tggcaggggt gacacacagt     30420
     taccgtgtga acacaaacag ctccctccct taactccccc cacccacccc atttactcat     30480
     ctataaagca aaactaaaaa cgtctacatc ttatttatga gtcacaaatt ctcctgcttg     30540
     aaaatggcaa taaggttttt aaagagttct tgccgagtag gtagaggctg gagagctcca     30600
     ggccttttcc acattagccg cacttaaagg cagggaagga aaagctgatt tgggaataaa     30660
     gtgtgcttgg agacagctct acccccaaac cagtcatctt gcagctcgga aacgtccccc     30720
     tcgcatacct cccagcacaa ggcctaccaa gctgagtgac aggctgtgtg gagtctggct     30780
     gcactgttca gagagacctt tggggccacc caagaacgtc acaacaagcc taaaaaacct     30840
     tgcccacagg caaaatcggg agcacagacc ttgctggtga acagctcagt gaactagagt     30900
     agattcaaag gctagcacat ccaggaggtg agcaaggtta ttccaagaat gtcaaaggga     30960
     gagctaacta cgcctctctg ccccttgcac ggtggagcag agttcttcac ctcctctctc     31020
     ctcgcttaat tacagggacc caaatcccag gcactttgta atttaccacc cagtttaaga     31080
     atcactttta gttgagacaa attgctgggc cgcctggaca gagccaggaa gagtagcagg     31140
     agctgggagt gctaatcaaa caggagagct ttcttctgcc cagacaatca gccctgcagc     31200
     tttgacagct acagagagca acgaagccag ggccaccaaa aggcaaaatc ttagctcttt     31260
     ggatgtttga agacacaaaa gcggattctt tccttttgga gaaactctga cctggaactt     31320
     cacagagcag aatttcccct tccaggaggc cttccgattc acgtcaagtg cagaagcaca     31380
     cgtttactgg cttctgtcac agataatgat gaaactaaat ctgtctgcta tttaacactg     31440
     tctgctactg cagtttgagt tacaaggcca ccctcccttc atttcacttg attctccaga     31500
     gtgtgtagtt tatggatctg ttaaggtgct gagagctctc ctggtgggac tgcacatttt     31560
     gaacctgctg aggtccctcc acggaccata aaccggaatc aacctgcccc cattgcccct     31620
     ctgcggggct gcaatatgga aaggcaccct gcattggcag tccttgggag ctgcgcggac     31680
     ctagtgccct atctcggctt ctcttggtat aaatgacagc cagcttatac caccaggggt     31740
     gagagaatgg gcatcccatg agtagtgcct tgcttctgaa cactcccggc tcatctcaac     31800
     aacctcaggc agtacaaagt cgccaccctt acggatgagc aagtcaagaa atgacatgtc     31860
     caaggtcatg cagctagtgg gcagacagct gcctttccag ctgcatccag agcccaaagc     31920
     aaagcaatcc atgtctttgc ctagagaggt ttcaagtgca gagttcagcc tacaaccaac     31980
     ctgcagcttc tgggtcctgc ttgcaccctg acccaaacct gacttctgga cacaggcacc     32040
     agcgcaccac acagagggaa agccagtccc tgagttgccc gggtcatgct cacatcgccc     32100
     aaccagcgcc tgactgcctt ggcgcacgaa cgggagccca gagctccggg cgacccgtcg     32160
     agggcagagt ggcccgagac ggagctaagg ctcgaaggcc acagggaaat aggtacacga     32220
     tgatgatggc gcgggtgggc agagcgcagc gaccccttag gcgcccactc gaacgcggct     32280
     gggcaggtgt aggcgcccga cctgggcttc cgaggccaca cacttccgag tgcgaatgct     32340
     cggcgacatc gcctggggac ccacggcctc gggccctccc gcgtgaccgt ccacgcagcc     32400
     taccacgtcc ttcccgccga gtgtcccacg gctctcccag agagtccccg caagaagccc     32460
     ccgccgtccc cagcgatacg ggtcgccttc ccacgcggcg ccgctggccg cgggcttggc     32520
     aaggcgcccc ctcgcgcgtg gccgccggcg gccgggaaag tttggggcgc gcggggccgg     32580
     ccgtactcac ctggcccaag ttgaggtagc cgtgcgccgc agccacgcgg tccgccgcgc     32640
     cggggccgcc cagcacttgc actgcccagt ggttggtgta gacggggcgc ggcggcggca     32700
     gcgcggagca ggcggcgggc agcgcgagca gaagcagcca acgccagggg cgcagcgcga     32760
     gcggcgggag tccgtgccgg ccggcggccc ctgcgccccg cgcgacatcg gcggcccggg     32820
     gcggcggccg gggcccgggc gctggcggcg cgcgcggagg catggcagcg gcaggctcgc     32880
     gcggcgcccg agcggcgagt gcgccggggg gtggggagcc gccttttaaa gccgctccgc     32940
     gccggggaag cgccgccgcc gcgggcggga gccggggagg aggaggccgc cgcggcgcgt     33000
     tcccgcccgc gcggcccggt ggcgcccctg ggcccgcgct cgtgcggcag tctcccggcc     33060
     cgccagcagc cgggggccgg cgcaggggag gctcgagact tcgggtctct cggaacacgg     33120
     cgctgcccgg agtggcagcc tgggctccgc gcgttctgct agaagccggg agggctctgg     33180
     gcatcccacg tgagttcccc atatcccgga ggagttgact tagagcggca ccttcctacc     33240
     ggttgcgccc ctggaggctg aactcacctg ctggggtccc caaggctagg cagccttgct     33300
     caacttagct gtggcagtga acatgcaaat gtgcaggatc ttcaggggaa aacgatgcca     33360
     ggaaaacact ggggtgtccc aggatctggc ccaacctcaa gaccacattg catgggcaaa     33420
     gggcatgtgg caaacttagc tggagtctat gagagtattg aggacacagc gtccatacag     33480
     ggctgaggct ttgctaggaa ggttgtacag gtgaactcct tagctgacca cttagcatct     33540
     gtatgatgtt gggccccttt ctgttcttgc tgggcttgta agatgcggat aacaatagca     33600
     tctatccatc catcgggctg ttttgaggat gtcagctctt cctttgcaat cagctgacag     33660
     taatgtttgt tttgatgagc ccagggcctg ccacgtgctt ggtattcagt agatggtgta     33720
     cactcttaaa agtacccact gagctaggac cagtcagtgt gaatgtaagt tgactcatcc     33780
     tcacccctcc ctccaggaac agcctggaga aaccggggac tcgttcatac tgtgaagatg     33840
     caatgagagg ctgggatggc tgcaagcctc ggacggccca ttggtcccaa ctggcctcat     33900
     acagaaagca aaccttcagc ctgattaata caagaggggg accaggaaac cgaagacagc     33960
     aaaacaaggc agagaaggcc ttgagtcaca aaagaagcta cctcaccaac gctcaggttc     34020
     caagagcacc tggctcccag actggtactg tatggaattc acttgcctga gtctatagcc     34080
     aggcagatca gacagacaga catgctaggg gatacaggag agagagagag agacagagag     34140
     acagagagac agagagagag agacagagag agagacagag ggccaactga agtcttttcc     34200
     aacatccctc tcaggagtcc ttgggttttt tttttttttt acctcagatg atccatcctt     34260
     tctataagca tgagtcacct taatgaaggt agaaggagag gacagttggt ggggggccca     34320
     accaggacat gccaaattca tgccaacaga gctcctacca caaatacctt ttgtgtgcct     34380
     ctgttgtccc tggccaaggg gagtcagctc tctgggcagt aactcaagat cccctctttg     34440
     ttgcagaagt tgacgccctg ggacaaggcc tggttccccc tgcctgacag aaagatctaa     34500
     ggtcatcata caaagtggcc agccctagag aacactacac ttatgttggg caaagacagc     34560
     atccagaccc ttcagcctgc ctctgttcag tcaagcagag aagctgatgg acagaggaga     34620
     gtggaggcag gggattcagt ctgttctgtt cctttccagc agtccacatg gacaatctga     34680
     gtcccctttc tggccttcgt gggccaacct gtctttgact catcccagat cctgtgctat     34740
     gcttcaagag catgacctgc gtgaagaccc tgcggtgcac atactctaga tgatgtggag     34800
     cacttcgtat tcccaagagg gtacccctgt tacagcagtt atccagacag gccgatatgt     34860
     gggttttctg taataatttg gtagatgaag ggaatcagtc tactgaacta tttagaggag     34920
     gctaaaacac atctgaattt tgtatttgga gggggtcagg gtatattttg ttaacaaggc     34980
     tgatccactg ggactaaacc tcctgcttgt tgtagacgta cctgggccac agaacggctg     35040
     taggaagacc agcttgccaa aatgaacatc ctaaatcaaa ttgctgcctg tgagtttcca     35100
     attgatttac acggtgacag gattaactca atcacaaaag tcccagccct ctgagttgag     35160
     ataggatctg taataaaact tgcctcgtct tcctgcagag aggggatttc attactcact     35220
     catccccact ctccagatgt ccagatggcc ctgaggtgca cacagctccc aggctgggag     35280
     tgagtgtgtg tatggggggt ggggggtggg gcggggcgtg tgggggggtg cttcttctct     35340
     agattgacgt cggccaggct gggcagggac aggacaggga ctggaaaggt gattggaggt     35400
     ggccttgtct cagaagttag aaaatatcat ccagagatga ttttaatgac atcttcccaa     35460
     acagaagaaa agatgttaag gagtgttaag atgtgttaat ggaattgtat tcttatgcct     35520
     acccctggtc cctgtacagc aagagcaggg ctgcctagtt gggctacagt gtgcccctaa     35580
     ttcaaggctt ctgttgcagt tattcatgtg cttgtctcat gtggtcctca aaaacaggac     35640
     atgtgcctgt ccattgtcat atctcctatc atgacaatag cataccctta atgttatgta     35700
     ctctaaatat gtatttcttg aaaaattttt cacctctgta aaagaaatta taaaaacttg     35760
     aactcggtga tgatttatat atcatatata ttgaattatg ttctacatgc atgtgggtgt     35820
     ctactgcaca ggctcttggg actcacaatt atcttcattt aagtgataga aacttgactg     35880
     cagagttgta cctttgtgag tatgtaggct ctacaggaca gaatgctagc tctgtgtcgc     35940
     acgggcagag ccttcagggg actagagaag actgagcact tggcccacag gttggagcat     36000
     ccatttgtgt gtgatctcag acaagttgct tcggtttcct ctgctgtaag tggcagtgac     36060
     actgttgtcc ctgtggaggg cgcagggcat ggaggttggc attgctgtgc ttccctgtgt     36120
     gaggaggctc agggcaagga agtgaaccat ctgtatcaaa gctcagtttg cattctcatc     36180
     ctttggaacc aggaagacag ctcatgattg aggctctgct gtcaccacta attgggattg     36240
     aaactgaatt tctgcagaga gggtttgtat tgacctgggg ccactagctc cagaggaggc     36300
     cccttgagga cctgctctgc agtgtgacct cagattgaaa accttagggt tgacccagga     36360
     catttctccc tttatttctc tctatcagga ccaatgaaga agattcaggg ttcttatgca     36420
     tagtggtttt tccctctgtt ttcttccaca ctaacaatgt agcttttgca ttgttttctg     36480
     taatactcca cctgggacat tttaaaaaga atatttattt tatttaaatt atgtgatata     36540
     tgcatgtggg catgtgcacc cacttttgtg ggtacctgtg gaggccatgg aatccctggc     36600
     actggactta caggtggttg tgagcctcct aacatgaatg ctgggaatca aactcccatt     36660
     ttattttatt ttattttatt ttattttgtt ttattttatt tttacaagag caggaacctc     36720
     tctgactgtt gagctacctc accagctcct gacatctttc ctaacacctc aaagccaggg     36780
     gaggtggtgg tagtggtggt ggggtgtggt ttaatcaatg aagtgcttgc tgtgcaagta     36840
     tgaagacctg acttgtatcc ttggcagcac tctactgtta ttcctgcagg ggatcctctg     36900
     gttcctgcta tctggtcagc ctagtggaat tggtgtgctc ctagttcagt agagaccgtg     36960
     tggagagcaa ttgtggaaaa ccttgtgagc ctctggtctc tacacgtgtg tccacatatg     37020
     gatgaacatt tgcacacaca cacacataca aaacgacaac tataatacat taaatcatgc     37080
     tataacaata atgtaacaat aatacattac atctctctct tctgatggag aacatgtaag     37140
     attgaaggtg tttggtgttt gtgcctttaa gacacagctc agtaaagaaa cctgttggac     37200
     tgccccaaat gtactggcct ttccctcctc cttatggtac ctgtcgacat ccacagagct     37260
     ttgatctccc ttcttgcttg ttttgttttc catcaaaatt gattgtgagt attatgcaga     37320
     gtgaaggctc cctttgaact ggttttaatt gtcaaatgct gcctgttaat gtctctatta     37380
     ggagagcacc gggttgcttc aggctgctct gtgttccaag gtgaaataga tacctagtgg     37440
     ggcttaaaaa cctcccaaca aactgtactt ttttgagacg agataaatgt caaaggtctc     37500
     cactatggag cactgatgtg acttcaggaa gggacctgag acatgagagt aaatctctgc     37560
     tctccctgcc ccccaaggcc caaagctttg cctagccaca tgtgtttctt ctcgctccct     37620
     tccattccct gagaatccta ccacgagctc ccccttgttg gatgagatta aagttctttc     37680
     cctcacagtt cctcctcttc tgccccttcc taaaagaggc tctgcagtgt gttccatttt     37740
     ttgccttgaa ggagttccta agctcagagc tacacaggac tgaatgttac aatgttgata     37800
     tccctgcttc tgtagcaatc aggatgcctt tggttacaaa atccttgaat gaccaaggaa     37860
     agaagatatc tcactcttga accgacagac aggcaactcc gagccttggt gatacagaaa     37920
     ctggcgacta ctttgatata cttaacctgg ctttgtcctt tggtacctaa gtgactgcca     37980
     cagactggct atccttccct ctcacagcct ctaagggagg aaggcaggca tggcttcctg     38040
     cctcttgaag gcttctcatc tccttgtgga actgaattcc cagcccattt ccccttgggt     38100
     gccactgggc aagcctgggt ttccgacttt cctcctgcag cctggtttcc taggttgctg     38160
     tgactgattg atcgtcctgg gttttctctt ggagggtcat ccttcaccct gcagcatgtt     38220
     gctgccctag attgagcaaa agaaaattta agtcagcaag aggtaacagc agcctgaagg     38280
     tggctgtgaa cccagcctgt cttccatctc cctgctgttt cttttgagtc cccttctaga     38340
     ttctgctcag caaacaacag accccagcaa atgtttattg aaaggaagag aggggaagaa     38400
     ggagtctgta gaaagagaac aagggggtga gggtgaggat taaaagagaa ggagccaggc     38460
     ttaaatgtta ttaaaataaa acactgccga aacagcacca cagatccaaa gtaaacagct     38520
     ttgaccttct ccgagtgccc ccaaccctac ctttagccaa gtgaggatct agctgtatgt     38580
     acacaagacc agctatggga tgtacccctg ttcctctgta gagtagtcct tgattccaga     38640
     atgggctccc agttgttggc tatgtatttt cccaggtaaa tgtaacttca gaactcactc     38700
     tccctttcaa ggcaggacca actgaaccaa agcagaagac tggatgggag tcgtgagtct     38760
     gcagtcacta gaagaactgg aagcttagtt cttctgtcta caaagaccag tactgaagct     38820
     tagtgtatca gtagctgtca gagaggtgct gggtgcagac ttggagggat gtaatggcag     38880
     tcagatgttc tgtgaggttc ttccagacta gctcttacag actatagctt ctctcttccc     38940
     ccaaggaaat cacaagccag ggaacgtctt tgtttcctgc cctgaccttc ctcaaagctg     39000
     tcctgatccc cagagaacca tccttggtgt aggctggtgc agcccgtact cactctcctg     39060
     ttccttgatt tatttatttt cttcccttta gtggaagggc cttcgcccta caaaggatgc     39120
     cctacccctt cagcatccgc tctctgcttc ttctgaactg tatagcttcc aggcttctgg     39180
     aaaaggaatc acctgtctgc gctccacttg cctgtaaccc tgacagcctt gcatctatcc     39240
     gagagctgaa gggcaggtgg ggaggaacca aaaccaccct gacaggtctc acctgccatt     39300
     catccttaca cacctacagt gacacccaga gctggctctc ctgctgctgc tgctgattca     39360
     gttcctccag caccacacct ccactcccaa ctgaacatcc ttatttccat ctttctcaga     39420
     agacaagccc ctgcctcagg ctctggcttc ctaacagtgt tgtaggagtt cgtgggtcct     39480
     tgagcctccc ctcacacccc accccgtgct gctctggatt caagtcctat ccctgtcaag     39540
     gacatacctt cattattgtc aaaacttctg ctagattatt ttatgcaccc actggcatct     39600
     attgacaata gttctttctg gctacctcct gttctttctc ttctttttat gtaaacaatc     39660
     cggaagacag taccttactc actggtcatc atgtcccctg ctctgactta aacctgcttg     39720
     tattaagccc caccctcaga gctgagctgt gaacacccat caccagcacc ctctgttgta     39780
     ataaatcgtg tgtgtgtgta tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtatg     39840
     tagtgtgcat aagtgcataa ggtcaaagaa aaattactgg aggctttctc tttcttcctt     39900
     tctttctttt tttccttctc tctttctttc ttctcctttt accacgtggt ttctggggat     39960
     tgaactcagg ccatcagact tagtgcccag caccttcaca ggctgagcca cctcactggc     40020
     cccatccctc atcttagaag cctaatcctc gtaggacttc ctggcatcct catctgctca     40080
     gtcacatctc ctgactctcc tcctatgtta cgactccaag gtcaggtcct caccagcaca     40140
     ggctggcccc gagccctggt tctgggttgt ctttctgtac tgtcactcct ccagggatct     40200
     ctctttctgg tgactttgga catcaatttc atgcaagtga ctccaggtgg caaacacctt     40260
     ctcctccatt tggatgctga aagcttgtca ggaaacttcc ccctcaacat tccacttcag     40320
     cttgggtatg gcagactgtg tctccagagg ttcctgtgtt gaagtttaat ccccaccatg     40380
     aggcattggg agtgtggaag ctcctggtgc tcagaggagg gggcctctgg gagctgatga     40440
     ggattagata aagtcatcag ggcagagact ttcattgaat ctgatggctt tattagaggg     40500
     gggaaaaaca gaaaaggcat ggacccatac atacacgtgc cttcccttgt catatgatac     40560
     cttgcaccac tttgggattt ttttcagatg cacctggaga accataagcc aaagcaaatc     40620
     tcttttcttt ttaaggaatc tcagcctcag gtagttcatt acagtaatgc agcatacact     40680
     catatacacc tctgctgcag ttacagcaga tgccagctct gtccttttgc tcatcagacc     40740
     taagactggg attacctttc acccttccac ttattcccat gtctacaata tcagtaagcc     40800
     tggttgttgc cacattggat agcctcccgg aatgactggt cctcaccaca ctttgttatc     40860
     cctttgatca ggtctcctca cttcccagtg gctcctaaat ggctccccta gtgtaccttc     40920
     ttcagtgtgg agaaccatgt gtaacggaac tcacctacag ctttcagtct catagagaga     40980
     aatctagtcc ccagagggtc catatgcccc gcccccaatt cagagcggag cctatcgatt     41040
     cacagagagc actgaactgg atgggtcaag gttctcagag gaagtagttt ttaagctgag     41100
     cttgaagaaa taaacagtag ctatgcacat cagtgatcca ccagtcaggt ctcagcgagg     41160
     aaacaaacaa catcacatta aatatttctg tgggggatat gacttgggta atggagagca     41220
     atcaaagaac aacagtttct ccagtccctg tcagtggcca ggaagagcat ttcaaagtgg     41280
     actagcatgt gcaaaggccc tgggctagag gaagcttagt gtgtgtacta gctagaggag     41340
     agggaggaag gggcagggac attgatagtt caaggaggat catgggagag gaaataaaga     41400
     cagcttcatc agctttggga agaacttgga cttgatcaag agaagaatag aaagccaagg     41460
     agggacacac ctgtgctcca accagtctgg cctccgtggc tcccacaccc acactaatac     41520
     attctctctg acatcaggag gccatgcctc tttccctaca ctgtcagttc cctactcaaa     41580
     tctgctgact atctcctcaa acttagagcc acctgtgcca tcctccttac cccacccaga     41640
     ctccacgggg cctgagtgct ccctgtggca tttacagtag tgtcctctat cccaggaccc     41700
     agggtagtct ctgctaagct gctcttccct catcagtcag ccctatccca cccagttcct     41760
     ctccatacag atttagctag ctccatagct tgcaaagtgt ctcactgttg agggtagaac     41820
     acaagcctcc tacatactag agaagggttc aactattggc cagtagatac tccaaacagg     41880
     tctgttcttg atttctttga acaggaagat tgctcatcag tccccatatc cagctgttcc     41940
     ccaaggtctc cattctcagg tgctttttct ggacttcctg gccagcaggg cagagcccag     42000
     actcaagtat tttagcacca ttcttcttgg tgttcctgtt tcatcacaca ggatacatgg     42060
     ctattccaaa ggcagtggcc ttcaggccta gatattctga ccttcattcc ataccacata     42120
     cctttctctg tgtctctctg tacactgtag ggagtctctg actcatggtg gggggtccca     42180
     gctgctgctc ctcatctcaa ggtcctctct gttccaatgc cacatcccca tcttctcact     42240
     ggcaaacctc agacatagca atcttaatcc atccctgctc aataaggcaa atcctctgag     42300
     ctaatatttt ctgacacagt agcctctatt gggtccactg ggcaaattgg tcaaggtgaa     42360
     gcaccaggca gtgggagcac cccacagtgg gaggaccata ggcagaggtc ctggggcagc     42420
     aggaggctgg gtaccatgaa atctagaagt gaagcagaag gtcagaggca ctggtagaga     42480
     agagcgggta gtgtggaggg atatagaaaa gagcccaaca gcctttcaca agatcttagt     42540
     gctcccggtg gtctatacac tgtgacctaa atcaagagca aacctgtttg gagctaggga     42600
     tgctggccaa tagttgagcc cttctctagc atgcaggacg cttgagattt ctcctcaaca     42660
     gtgagaaaaa gaagggaggg agggaaggag ggaggaaggg agggagggag ggagggaagg     42720
     aggaagggag ggagggaggg agcagaggca gcagagactg gagatagctc agtagttaag     42780
     agcagccatc actcttgctg aggacccaag tttggttcct gaaacccatg tcagggggtt     42840
     catcactgtc tgtaactcca gctccagggg gtgtgacacc cttttctgac ctttacaggc     42900
     aacttcattc atgtcacaca cacacataca tgcacacatg catgcacaca cacacacatg     42960
     cacaggtaca tacacacaca caggcacaca cttaaaaaaa acagaatctt ttagaaggaa     43020
     gaacatatgg aaggaaggat ggacaatgta tgggccggcc ttgtttatag gaaccaagga     43080
     aacagcagca tcctctagca acactgatag tcttcactgt gctgtcttga ttttttctga     43140
     ggcctctggg ccctagggta gcagaggtta tagaagcaca agggggattg atgacacact     43200
     caagggttat ataaataagg gcccattggt gaagggatgt ctgtttccaa gagacaggaa     43260
     tagagaaagg tacatagctt tgcacaggag attaactccc tgtagtatta ccctcggggt     43320
     gcatcttgac tggatctagc catcacttgc tggctgtaac cttgaacaca atacaaacct     43380
     tccctgcctc ggtttccttt gctgtaggcg agggcaataa tggtacctcc tggtagagag     43440
     tgaggtggcc ttgaaggacc cagtggtagc acacagcctg tagaatggcg gtgaacctcc     43500
     tcagaagtgc attattggtt tgacaagggc tgtgatgaca atagaaggag tcacgtgact     43560
     ggtgtgatgt ctgaccggag gacctaatga tgagggggtt ctgctgggtt cctctgaggt     43620
     ttccctacgt cccaagtgct tcctgacagc atgcatcatg cttacatctt tacagaggaa     43680
     tcagagcttc caaataccct gaaggctttt tatatgctcc tcctatttat agtctggctc     43740
     ccccactccc cagcccagcc ccagtcattc ccacaaagct cactagcaga ataagagtct     43800
     gacaccgaga tgacgaagca cctagatgct ggggacacct agatatcctc aaccccttgc     43860
     agctcctgcc acagggagct tcagggttgc ctgtcacagt gtctacttcc tacctcagag     43920
     gatcccctgc accgctgatg cttccggtca ttttataatg tcaccttcca aaggttgaga     43980
     atgtggtaac ccagacgttc ccttggaccc atgtatggag cagttctttc tttcttctcc     44040
     catgcaagaa aatcaatctt ccatggaaaa caagccacac atatcattgt gcttcctctg     44100
     agtgcagcca gtcacaggtg gtcacaatca ccgaggagaa aagcagatac attgggaggg     44160
     aaagttagaa ccatctaact cccagctggc tccctgagga ctagttgaag cctcgctagg     44220
     tgtaagacta catgacaagt ttgatggttt aagtagtata gggttgccca ctcacaagat     44280
     gaggggcaaa gtcaaaatgt gattgtggta aaaaaaaaat ggtgcagttg accagtcttt     44340
     catccctgct ctgccatctc atcactgtgt ggccttggag gggtcagtta accactttgg     44400
     gcctcagttc tctcaaatga gcaaagtaat atttatgtcc actaccaatg aattcgtatg     44460
     aagcactcat gacttgtgcc tggctcttga taccagtgtg taggagaccc ttatcaaaaa     44520
     ggtagacatt taataccagt actcgggagg tagaggcagg tggatttctg agtttgagtc     44580
     cagcctggtc tacaaagtga gttccaggac agccagggct acacagagaa accctgcctc     44640
     gaaaaaccaa aaaaaaggca gacattttgc agtatcttgt tactatcagt aatatgaatg     44700
     gttctagaag tgtctgtggg tgtgccattg tgttagggtg cagctgggct gtccagcctc     44760
     accagagctt tgcacctctc ccatgagaga ctctcagtcc accttccctc ccctttggaa     44820
     tctcacagca tccggaggtg tggctggtgg acggtgagtc accttactta agaactaact     44880
     tcattcatct cttctgtttg atggatggaa aatcttaagc acagaagaag gactttacct     44940
     ctgctgggtt gaatgagaat ggtcccagtg ggctcacctg tttgtttgct tggtccccag     45000
     ttggtggaac tgtttgggat ggattaggag gtgtggccct gttggaggag gtgtgccagt     45060
     ggggttaggc tttgaggttt cagaagccca caccatttat agtgacctct tctctgtgtg     45120
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtctgtctg tctctctctc tctctctctg     45180
     tctctctctg ttccatgcct gcctgtctgc taccatgctc tctaccctga tggtcatgga     45240
     ttctaactaa accccctgaa actctaagtc ccaatgaact cttccttcag taagtcctct     45300
     tcacagcaat cgaaagtaac taagacatta cagaagagca ccactcccct tagctggtta     45360
     aggggatcgc taagtttctg gtgatgaggt actggcaaag aggccatgaa gttacatata     45420
     agaggaagag ggccccagac acaagggttc ctgtctcttt gtatcaaaca gccagagtaa     45480
     cacttaggtg aagactcagg ctttgctcaa ggggaaggag agctgtccag ctggtccgtc     45540
     agtctgtcag tataaatctg gcagctagtg agtatcagca tagacacgat ctagaacaat     45600
     gccccactcc cacatgctca ctgggactct gcaggctgct ctatctatgg ctccctagag     45660
     gacacagagg gcagggatca ggttcctcca gctcaggcaa aggaagctgg aatggctgga     45720
     ggaggctgca gatctttgtc acacacccag cccccaccct gaaggtgctc aaggtagaga     45780
     gtccctgggt gtggccacac agtcctctgg gatgggagtt caggatatac caaaggctgc     45840
     ggcacgctac cccgtcccgg ccagttccct gtgctctcta ggtgctctct gtatctcttt     45900
     catgcctctc tgctgagcaa gtcactctgc ctatcagggc tccagagggt ccccaggaca     45960
     tgtttaaaag tcaagtctat atctaaccgt ggcatttggg agttgaatga cacttttaaa     46020
     acactctttc cagggcagct ttcggacacc caggagccct gctgtcagat atgaatattc     46080
     gcttaaaaat aaaaattata gtgcacttaa aaaggaacat gttttgtcag caccctgtga     46140
     taggataatt tattactgcc tacaaaaaga aggctccaac gatgcactag aagccagctc     46200
     cgctggctgt gaattacaag gcgttctctc cttggtagga ataaatcctg ttgtcactca     46260
     cagtgtgaca ggtggtccac atccaggagt gggtacagct tgaacaacac atccattgcc     46320
     tgggagtcag tcagttttgc cgcctggtga ccgcctggtg aggctcagat tcgagctgtc     46380
     accgacctct ctgatcacct ctcagaacag gtgctctttc tgacagagca gcaagggttg     46440
     gtggacttcc aacaggtgca aaagcaggaa agagaggact caagacaaaa gctcttattg     46500
     ggttgtcctg attgagaaaa gcacccctca tcttccggag agttttctct tcagcagaaa     46560
     agggaaactt gagcctgggg caggggtggg gatggggggc gggggccggg gcggggctgg     46620
     ggtgagggga atgccgattt gtagaagccc ttccattggc atgggctgct ctagaggaga     46680
     tacatttccc cttgaatgca gaggcatcca agctggactg gggatactgt cccagcagcc     46740
     tctcccatgc ttccggaagc caagctcaga tctcagggac acccacagtt cccaaactca     46800
     gtaaaaaaca gtagcatatc ccataccctc ctggcctatt taacatatgg aagtagatca     46860
     ggttctccca gcatccctca gtccctacct gttacagggt atcgctgccg tatccctatc     46920
     ccaccctcca cccccagctc tccagcccag ggtctgggct tcccttccca cacaagctct     46980
     tccctatata atctgtcctt ttcagacctt ttttgccctc ttggctgctg tacttcattc     47040
     ctcctctctc tcttcccatt ttcctctccc cacaaggctc aattcagtct gtcaggtcca     47100
     ctctggactc tcccatatgt ccctgcctct ggctgtgctc tgccttttat ctataataaa     47160
     ctttctcctt cagcttttca aggaccagtc atggcttttc ttttccttct atttctttta     47220
     ttcatttgct agccaaacta gtcaagcttc tttggctccc tctgagaagg gcttccattg     47280
     aagttttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc     47340
     tttctctctc tctctctctc tctccctttc tttctttctt tctctctctc tctctttctt     47400
     tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tcttttgtgt tttgagacag     47460
     ggtttctctg tgcagctctg gctgtcctgg aaatcactct gtagaccagg ctggcctcga     47520
     actcagaagt ctctgcctcc caagtgctgg gattaaaggc gtgggccacc accgcctggc     47580
     catggagctt gctttctaaa gctgtaacca aacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     47640
     cacacacaca cactgggggg gggtggaggg agggagggag agagagagag agagagagag     47700
     agagagagag agagaaagag agagaggaat aaacagcatg ggtaatcacc cacagcaaat     47760
     acaatgtgat gtgtccgttg tacattgtat atccctgtgg gattacatac tttcatagaa     47820
     agctagggga ggatgccagg tagatactgg atatgcaatg aaatctgaat ttcagataac     47880
     catgaaaacc atttagtgtg agtatgtacc tgtcttaatt actgttgtgt tgctgtgaaa     47940
     agacaccatg accaagacac ttcctattta aaaaaaaaaa aaagcattta aatagcagtt     48000
     tgcttttagt ttcagaggct tagtccatta tcatcatggc agacagcagc caggtgtgga     48060
     gctggaacag tagctgaggg gtttattcgc cttctgaccc acaggcaaca ggcagagaga     48120
     gagagagaga gaaagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagacaggca aacagacaga     48180
     cagacagaca gagacagaga cagattgaac taatgactac ttgactacct gagactggca     48240
     cgggcttttg aaacctcaaa gcacacctcc atcaacatac ttcctccaac aaggccacac     48300
     ttcctaaatc atttgaatcc ttctcaaaca gttccactcc ctggtgatta agcattcaaa     48360
     tatatgagcc tgtgtggatt attctcattc aaaccactaa atcctattcc tgggctctca     48420
     tatctgtgta tgaatatcat acatgaaaaa atacattcag ttcaacttta gaaagcccta     48480
     tagtctttca aagtccaaag tctctcctga gattcaagat gctcttaaat gtaaccactt     48540
     gtaaaatcaa aatcaagggg ctggaaagac ggctcagcgg ttaagagcac tgactgctct     48600
     tccagaggtc ctgagttcaa ttcccagcaa ccacatggtg gttcacaacc atctgtaatg     48660
     ggatctgatg ccttcttctg gtgtgtgtga agagacaatg atgtactcct atacatataa     48720
     ataaataaat aaataaataa ataaataaat aaataatcaa gatgcccata gcatacttcc     48780
     aacctacaga gacacaggat ataaattacc attccaaagg gggcataatg aggagatcct     48840
     gggccaaagc gagaccaagg gtcagcaggg caaactcaag atcttcatgt ctgatggcaa     48900
     agatgtcttc agttctccaa ctcctccccg ctttgttgac tgtaacatac ttctctctcc     48960
     tggcctgctt ccacactctg ttaacaggac tccttggcag gtatctccaa catcttgggg     49020
     tgttaaacac aatctaggct ttcccttgct agctccctgc aatggcctct ccaggtagac     49080
     agggagactg ccctgcctgg cctcaccagc tttctgtaac catggaagga gatcccacaa     49140
     gccctctctt ccatccttga atctaaagct ggagctggaa gctgaagctg ccaagttctt     49200
     ctgcctgctt ggactgaaac ctggcctctc caagacttcc atgtgcaaga ctttgactca     49260
     tgaatggttt ctagctcaag gaaatccctc aggtttattc cattcacagg ctacaggatt     49320
     atctgggtgg tgtctcacct tgggggacca ctcctttgaa tcttcaagtc aggtctttct     49380
     ttaaactttt tgtcttctcc agcacaggac ttggctccag ctccaccttt cctggtgttg     49440
     tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttt ttaattcctt atactatgag ggaaaactct gctaattaag     49500
     gtcaaagtct atgtttgtcc agatagcctt ctggaacttg gcactctctg gaggcttccc     49560
     ttcattagca gggcttcatc ctctctgacc ctgtctgggg agttcaaaac cccccacacc     49620
     tcgacctgca gcaggtcacg tagcctttgt tagattgtgg gtttgacttc ctttctgtag     49680
     acttccattc agccagctct tgagattcct gaaatgcttc ctcatgctaa tgagatattt     49740
     cctgtccctt gaaacagtat aagcctcgaa tcaccaccaa ataaagtgga tctgctgccc     49800
     aatggacaga cccagtgtgt cttcttcacc atacatactc acagggcttc caaacccctg     49860
     actgtcctct ctgctccctt tgccagcatg gaccgataca gcatggaccg atattggcct     49920
     acaatccacg agggcagaga gagttacaac actgtacagt ttgtgtttct ccttgtcccc     49980
     catgctcctt ctctttgtgt atctgcataa gagtgatcac taacggctgt gtgacacagt     50040
     caacactaaa ttgtcttgaa atctcctcta ccaacctgcc agtaacagtc gtcctaaaat     50100
     cttccattca ggttcaagca gattttctgt gacaaagaca aaaaagcagg cacattcttt     50160
     gacaacatat tgcaagaatg gtctctaggc ttgctagtaa tattctttcc ctctcagcca     50220
     ggcatggtgg cacatgcctt gatcctagca ctcaggaggc agagacagga ggatttctgt     50280
     gagttcaagg ccatcctggt ctacataggg agttcaagga cagacagtca aggctctgta     50340
     gagagaccct gtctcaaaaa caaaaatcat taaaaaaaat tattccttct cttgagctgg     50400
     gtgggacccc acagttaccg ccacccttag cactgccctc tgagctcttg ctaggatgac     50460
     ccatgaagcc ccaaataaag cattcaatgg cttttctagt ccaaagtcat tcatattcct     50520
     ccaactaaca gtacggccag gcctctcaca gcaatacccc agcccccagg gccaacttct     50580
     gtcttagtta ctgttttatt gctgtgaaga gacaccataa ctgacacaac tcttataaaa     50640
     gaaagcattt aagtgggggc tggcttacag ttttagagag ttaccccatg accaccatga     50700
     caaagacaca cctcctaatc cttcttatac agttccactc cctggtgact aagcattcaa     50760
     attatgagac tatgagatcc attctccttc aaaccaccat agtacctcac aagatatttg     50820
     ggatatatta gcactaataa aattatatgg atttcttttt aacttcaagt tcaaacatac     50880
     ctgtgtaagc cttttggtct gtttatgtac tgttttgttt tgagacagat tcttttgttg     50940
     tttttttgtg ggtttttttt tgttttgttt tgttttttcg ttttttcaag acagggtttc     51000
     tctgtgtagc cctggctgtc ctggaactca ctctgtagac caggctggcc tcgaactcag     51060
     aaatccgcct gcctctgcct cccgagtgct gggattaaag gcgtgcacca ccatgtccgg     51120
     ctgagacaga tttttacatg taacttaagt ttgagtttcc tttcttcctg ttttagcccc     51180
     agcccaagtg gatggataca gacacgagtt agcacttcca cctcattctg agtttgtatt     51240
     tactgaactg gtaacaccag gggaaggtgt caaatgttca aattggaatt aggtagggaa     51300
     atgtttgccg tttcttaaaa aaaaataatg acaagcttgg gtgctcacac ctttaatccc     51360
     agcactcagg aagaagaggc agacagattg ttgtgagttc aaggccagcc tggtctacag     51420
     agctacttcc aggacagcca gggctacaca gagaaaccaa ccaaccaacc aaacaaataa     51480
     acaactagct aaagttttgg ctaaaactac aaaactccag ggctggagag agttaagacc     51540
     tttcagaagg tcatggttcc catcccagca tctaccactg gcagctcaca aacgcctgta     51600
     actttagttc caggcgatcc agtgccctct tctggcctct gatggtactg cacacatgtg     51660
     gtgcacataa attcacacag gtgcacatac tgaagtacaa agtcaataaa ccatctttta     51720
     aaaatgcaaa gttatgaaac attttttctt gggaatggaa gcaactcaaa ttatcttaat     51780
     tgtcttgctg agaacaaatg tcacccatta ggcatccaga catatcaaaa caaaggaaga     51840
     ctaaataaca acaaagagag aagaaagagc cctcaaaact aaatgaggta tctgtaagaa     51900
     tccttatgct agggatgggt ggtgcctctg aaacctggca cattagggaa gttctgtctg     51960
     ctggcatttc aggaaaggtt gagctggtag aggcccttta actgcccatc tccctgatcc     52020
     tggtctcatt gggctccatg acagggaaga ggggaagagg caagctgggc ccattgttca     52080
     attagcttct aagccctcac tgtctacccc agactccttt agaatggaaa gttatccaag     52140
     atggtgtcaa cccttcccaa ctattctcag tttgtctacg gcatcattca ctttaatatg     52200
     tttgttttct tctttgactt ttcaaaccag tcttttcatc attttctcgt tacctactct     52260
     cccatccctt ttgatgatga gggagacagt tgttgtcccc tgtggagaga ccacaggatc     52320
     tcagggtgga acagtgcgga ttggataccc attctctctt cacctccctc ctaggagata     52380
     ggttctggtg aatttccagc ttcagggctt gatcagatat gaacacaacc gccctttgtt     52440
     ggtttccaat gtccacagca atatacactt agtacctgag aaaagaaata tcatctatgt     52500
     ctgtgttaca tataaactca gacaggcaca cacacataca taaaataaat tctttttttt     52560
     ttttaaagaa aattctttta tactcaccct tttctgggtc atctgaatca catgtttcaa     52620
     aaacaactta gtgattttaa tgaaaccctt agaccacttc acgttgccca taaccctcca     52680
     cacacgtgtg tcatacccac tggaagttta tcctgtgttt gggtatggtg ctaatgagga     52740
     agatgctgct ctcagctctg tcagaggacc atcctggaac ctcatgacaa atggatttca     52800
     cctgttgaaa gcctttacgc cctgagactg ctgtccagaa tcaatatatt ttaatattga     52860
     attttcagaa cttacaattc taaattttgt ttaattaatc tgaagtattt caaatggttc     52920
     cttagtatat acaccataga aaagaacata ttatcaaaag taaaccacct agtccgcctc     52980
     cttctctacc tttattccta gaagccacaa gcactaacca gttctatatt tgtttttatg     53040
     gggttttttt tttgatgtga catattaatt ttgtcttcct ttccctactc cgttgaaatg     53100
     ctgtctgtag aattcctgac atgtaacaca ggtgttagct gacttacact gcactgtctc     53160
     caaaaatctt tatgatttta ttgttatttt tgtgtttttt ttttaaagct ggcaaccttt     53220
     taacttgatc ttatgcctaa atatcatttc ttgttctatt atttttattt ctctcgggta     53280
     tcctagcctc atcatcagag ttgatcatcc tgtatgcttt ttgtaaacgc aagtgtcatt     53340
     gtgtttctaa aaccctgaaa aacaaataaa ccatgatcac attgttcctt agaattcaat     53400
     ccgggggctg gtgtgataac tcagtcagca cagttcctac ctcaacccca agtacctaag     53460
     ttggatcctg cacccaggta aaatgatctg gagacagatc cctgggactt gctgtccagc     53520
     caaacaacca taactggtaa gccctaggtc ccattgagag accctgtccc aaaatcaatg     53580
     tggatatctc ttgaggaaca ataccaaagt caaatacaca cactcaacat ataggaacac     53640
     atacaccaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaga cacggatcac catctgtctt     53700
     agttagggtt ttactgctgt gaacagacac catgaccaag gaaagtctta taagaaacaa     53760
     cacttaattg gggctggctt acaggttcag aggttcagtc cattatcatc aaggtgggaa     53820
     catggcagca tccaggctga gttggcacat catggcacag gcagagttga gagttctacg     53880
     tcttcatcca aaggctgcta gtggaagact gacttccagg cacctagggt gaggatctta     53940
     tacccacacc cacagtgaca cacccatccc aaccagctca cacctattcc aacaaggcca     54000
     cacctccaga tggtgccacc ccctggtcca aggatacaca aaccatcgaa ccagcctaag     54060
     acttcttttt tcttttcctg catatccatt gtcactaact gtaagcaaca cagtgggcta     54120
     gtcatcgaat tcatgacaca tttttgtcta gtttttattt agatacagac ctgagtcact     54180
     taaatgactt tgtgtttttc tttaaaaaat ctcaattggc tcatttgttc cttgataatc     54240
     aagcagcatt cgcaggctcc ccctcgttgc cagggtcctc ataactctca aacgtcttaa     54300
     agatcctgcg tcttgaagtt tcatactcca tagaaaggct gctcttttaa gtcaaaaacc     54360
     attctgctca tatctttaag aagcctctga gttcaggagt tgggaatttc agtgatgttt     54420
     ccagaacttt ctctttgaca aatgtgatca gatacatgaa gccagtatta tttttgttct     54480
     tttgaaggct ttttctttta tttctagaag ctgttaggaa tttctctttg tgtctgatgt     54540
     gctaaaatat catgagtctg tattagagca tgactctcac tttctacccc tgcaaatcgg     54600
     aggatccttt aactgagaga actgagaact aagttcctca ggtctgcctg ctttaattca     54660
     gggaaacttt cccctccctg gccattactc ttactgtatt tttttttctt ttgaagcaaa     54720
     attgaagttt attaagaagc aattttagta tagattgaag cctagacttt agagagaaga     54780
     gggggcaggt gccttaggag aacagcgtac acccaagaca tgtgtcttaa ggttttattg     54840
     ccgtgaatac ataccatgac cacagtgact cttaaaaagg aaaacatgtc attggggctg     54900
     ggttacactc tcagagttta gtctgttata gtcatggtgg gaatcatggt ggtatgcagg     54960
     cagacatgat gctggagaag aacagagact tctacattgt gattcacagg cagcaggaag     55020
     taaatggcac actagaccag acttgagcat ttgagatctc aaagtccacc ccctagtgct     55080
     tcctccaaca aagccacacc catttcaaca ggccacacct cctaatagtg ccccgccctg     55140
     attctatagg ggccattttc tctcaaacca ccacagcata ggtgagagct tcttgagaga     55200
     cagaggcaca tagaagtctc ttcagaacag ccaagcgtca tttgggtggt tttcaaagtt     55260
     atacggttgc aaagggtttt aaggaatttt acccatcttt gtaaaagcta gggtgtttcc     55320
     agaggtgggc tggataggag ggtaagacaa acccagtggc catagggttg aagtaatcct     55380
     cattatacta ggtaggggac gagagagtta agatacatcc cgtggctgta acagagctta     55440
     tgatctcatt ggtgagttgg gtgggtggag aggtaaggag gagctaggag gagctggggg     55500
     gagtgtgatt agaatatagt gtgtgaattt cttttcaata acaaaatcta gcgtttacag     55560
     ctgcaaagga atgatgttaa actcaaggat catatgctgt ttgggtttgg cctcaagcat     55620
     ggctcatggc tattttaacc attcttcttt gaaatatctc cataaaaatg aacacagttt     55680
     ctataccggc aaacttcatg gtgtgtttgg ttagttgtgc tgaaattctt gattctcagc     55740
     tgacaaaaga cttcaagggt aggggctcct ttcctttccc acagcccctt aatcttctct     55800
     gcctttgtgt cctgcctcag cttcccctct gagactttga tcctttagtc ttttttttta     55860
     agatttattt atttattata tgtgagtaca ctgtagctgt cttcagacac tctagaagag     55920
     ggagtcagat ctcattacgg atggttgtga gccaccgtgt ggttgctggg atttgaactc     55980
     aggactttct cagaagagca gtcagtgctc ttacccgctg agccatctct ccagccccga     56040
     tcttttagtc ttaaggttga taatggccaa agatctattt tctgaggcat ctttgctgct     56100
     aaatagagat gaagacccct gcctatccag gcactgacag gcttggcttg tctgatctga     56160
     gaaggaaatt agaaggtcct aacctggaga tcagagggcc atcatttgac agggattggg     56220
     aacaatcata taaacatata cggcatcaaa ccatataaac aatgaagcat atagcagact     56280
     gatatgccca gtcccaacat taacactgaa aaacatcagc cattttctca tggggtgcct     56340
     ggtaaccttt ctgctgctaa gtcagtaacc tttagacaga gtctgacaga gatttagctc     56400
     aggtgtgtag gcttcggggg atacggactc agtacctgca ttgtcagcca catctatcag     56460
     cagttaccta aaaaacctca cagccatgat ggggctggag taatggctca gcggttaaga     56520
     gcactggctg aacttccaga agacacaagt tcaattccca gcacgcacac aacagctcac     56580
     aactgtctgt aactccagtt tcagggtatc caacaccctc acagacacac atgcaggcag     56640
     aatgccaatc agtgtacatg aaataaatac atgtatcatt aaagaaaaaa actgcacagg     56700
     ctcctcttgt gctgctctca gaatgcaaag gctgttcagg ttgacaaaaa aaatcctgaa     56760
     ggtgaaacca aaaatcagaa acacccaagt ttatatattg agaatgtggc aaaataaaac     56820
     aaataaataa ttttttaaaa aggtcttcag caatggaatg cattaaaatg ttgtgacatc     56880
     aacactgtct gagagcaata caaccggaaa gcaattgaaa gtataaggtc aagtaaggtg     56940
     acaggagccg acggactttg tacatgggga cattctgtct gagaagttaa aatatctggt     57000
     tttttaaaag gacttttaca attcttaaaa gtttgcaggt agaacagact tcatcttcaa     57060
     agagctcttt ttttgtttgt ttgttttggt tttgttttgt tttgtttttg tgtttgtttt     57120
     gttttgtttt ttgagacagg gtttctctgt gtagccctgg ctgtcctgga attcactctg     57180
     tagaccaggc tggcctggaa ctcagaaatc cgcctgcctc tgcctcccga gtgctgggat     57240
     taaaggtgtg tgccaacacc tctggttcaa agagctcttg aggtaacatt tttagaatcc     57300
     tgcagggcaa gaccaccatc aaagatgtcc tcggcagcat caggagcccc aactctatgc     57360
     tgccaactgt aaaggctccc ggacttgctt tcagagacct ctactagggt gaagcaggct     57420
     ttcttgacca cggcacagaa aataacttca ggattcctca gtatgaagca agttgtagac     57480
     atgctttggg gggctggcta ggtggctcgg tgggtaaagg tgcttgcgga caagcctggt     57540
     gatatcagag tttgattccc caagacccac ctggtagaaa aataaaactg actccaacag     57600
     tttgccctct gacttctgtg tgtgtgtgcc atgctctctt gccccaaaca aacaaacaaa     57660
     atacatataa gtacaatagt tttaagacag aaataggtta atatagactt aagcatgagg     57720
     gttgagggag agaagagagt gtttaattta gtaaacgcac aaataaggtt tccttaccct     57780
     actcccaggg tctcaaagac atttctttcc cctctcattc ttcaagtaga atagcatcaa     57840
     cttttgagat gaatctatat ttgacatcaa tgttgtcatg actgtgtaaa tagtttctga     57900
     ggctgtagat aggtccaggt gcgattacac ttatcattta ccttcatgga caagttgttc     57960
     ttccagtagg gatagcttct tgctgtcctt ccccaaggga aggctcgtcc atgtctgaga     58020
     gtgggtaggc ctccttgtta tgcctgaata gcggaggact tgggattctg agctggaagt     58080
     ccaacaaatg tcaaaggctg accttctctt tagttttcag tgttgccatt gagtggtgtc     58140
     tgaagtccca tcttgacttg tgacaccctc acgtgtgctt ggtgtttttc actgtgctag     58200
     acactcagtg aatgtcttgg gccagagagc cttggcatcc acaaaaaacg ttctctggtc     58260
     actgctctgg aaaccccttc ccacggcctt cccctgtatt taaatagaca cccctcaggc     58320
     tgcaatcact cctttgggcc caattttgct acttgctggt tcagctctct gttgttgttg     58380
     ttgtcctaac tattgggaga tttcctcaac tttctggatg cttaccagtt ttctgccctt     58440
     gcctttttac attccaaaac tatatttgtc ttcaaaatgc tccatccaac aagaatattc     58500
     tcttccagcc tatcagagta aataaaatat ataatcattt acttttaacg tttataatta     58560
     tttagctcaa ctaataattt aagttttaga ttatttaatt tattctttgt gagttttata     58620
     gaccatgctt tcatcatatt tatgctcaac ttgtccaaga cccaccccag ctctttacca     58680
     ccaatttcat gttccttctt tattttaatt ttattttatt ttatgtcatt ttactttatt     58740
     ttggggtttt tcgagacagg gtttctctgt atagccctgg ctgtcctggt actcactctg     58800
     tagaccagac tggccttgaa ctctgaaatc caactgcctc tgcctcccaa gtgctgggtt     58860
     taaagacgtg caccaccacc acccatcctt attattgttt ttaaagtaac ccaccaaccc     58920
     taatttgtat tgtccatatg ttttgcttgg tgtgagacca ccgaccatag catgagcaac     58980
     ctcccagaag cctcacaaaa aaccctgatt ctcctttccc tggaggctat cacctgtctg     59040
     ttgtaggaaa acaaaaacaa aaacaaaaac aaaaaaaacc caaaaaacag cccagagctt     59100
     cttcccccac cttagaccat ttatgttccg ggatgaaaga aacactacag ccttttatat     59160
     ttttaaatat gccttaggca gcacaatagc catgcagtta gaacctacct tcccatcgat     59220
     aaccccaagc catcaaagta aataatgaga caatgcccta acaaagcctc actatttact     59280
     gtgttccatc tgggctgctc tcaactccaa ccaggcagcc ctctgggccc tgttctcttg     59340
     gaccctagcc catggtggct cttctccctc ctccctcttc ctggttggtg ttctctctct     59400
     ctctctctct ctctctcccc accctcctcc ttaggttggg gaaacctaac cccacttatt     59460
     ctcttctact cagctattag cggttggtat cttcattcat caatcagaat taacttaggg     59520
     gtcaggttcc agaggctgtg tgcagactcc aggtcttagg gaccttgcat tacaacagac     59580
     agtaaaagac aagacctcta cagtccttag caactcggtt agaggtggaa gaataggaac     59640
     tccctcccct acacaggata tccggatcct attgccttga ggaagcattc cacacccttg     59700
     ctctagacgt tttatttggc aacctatagc ttctggaatg agcataattc cctgcatagg     59760
     ttaactccca ctaaactttt agtgtatatg tgtgtgtagc ttacaaaata gtggcattcc     59820
     atattgtttt tgcaaacgtc attagtgtta gttgtccctc cctccccctc ccctcccata     59880
     cctctttccg cttaagcctt ctcccccttt atttccactg ttcagttcac accatctatg     59940
     ttttaccatg tccttttctt ctagttagct ttctaacacc gtaagaaaac accaggaccc     60000
     aaaagcaact tagaaggaaa aggatttctt tggcttacac atcccagtcc cagtgcatcc     60060
     tgaagggaag tcgggtcatg aatgtgaggc aggaacctgg aggcaagagc tgaagcagaa     60120
     gccttggagg agagctgctt actggcttgc tccctatggc ttgctcaact tacttattat     60180
     agcacccaga accacctgtc ccggggttgg tactgcccag aatgattcaa taattaatca     60240
     agaagtgacc cactggattg cctactggcc aacctgatgg ggcaactttc ctgttaagat     60300
     ttcctctcct caggtgacta cagtttgggt caggttgaca aaagctagca catctcttta     60360
     agaaccccct ccctcctcct aaacaatggt ccctttctgg tttcctggtt ctacttgaga     60420
     atgagaacat cctttttttt tttttttttt ttctcttctg attctggatt acatcattca     60480
     gtagaaatgt ttttctagct ccatccgttt actttcaagt ttcatttttc tttaaaacag     60540
     aataaaagtc cactgtatac aggtatcaca ttgttattat ctatcaatga gtagaaactt     60600
     gtcttatgtg ctagttattg tgaatagagc agctatgaac atggatgagt atgtgtctct     60660
     gcagtaggaa ggagtccttt gtgtccacgc ccaggagggc catctagcag atctattagt     60720
     cgttttaaga ggagcagaca cactgtggga acagtagctg caccaatttg cactccacca     60780
     acagcataca agggtttccc tctaccccac atccctgtca acatattaaa aatgtgtatt     60840
     ttgggcatct ttgtcaaaaa atagttggtt taaagtgtga tgtagacttc atccgggtct     60900
     tttttgattc tattcgttga tcaaaatgtc tgtttttgtg ccagtgccac actggtttta     60960
     ctactatggc tctgtagtat agcttgaaat tgggtatgcc atacctccag cagtgtgcaa     61020
     ttgttcagaa ttgttttggc tttgaagaat atactgctag ttgggataca ggaagactca     61080
     aacaccacct ctcaatgtct tgaagaattt aataaattta aaaataatat tttagttata     61140
     atgtaattca ttcaataata atttaacaaa ttcaaaaata aatttaacat gtgcatatac     61200
     ttatgatgct tacctataat gtaatttata atactgtcac tatatattga tttacatctt     61260
     ctaaaacttt atatacatgg agtcatatgt attgtttacg aatggtcttc tttggcccag     61320
     tgtcagtatt ctgagagtca ctcaagtgtt tcattccttt tagttcctac accatcttct     61380
     gttgtagaaa gtgtgtgtaa cacattgtgt atatctgtcc acctgctgat tggtgtctga     61440
     gctgtttcca gcatgggggt ggaacaaatg aagctgccgg ggcattggtg agcaagactg     61500
     tgtgaatctg agccaacaca aagaacagac tagccatatc ctagggtagg tgcttggtta     61560
     ccgcttaaga aaccaactgc agtcattgtc tgctactctg taaccagtga accccagtat     61620
     taaaaccaca actgtgttat ctcaggattc ccgtggggga cgaggcaagg ttcagctgaa     61680
     gctgagtgct aaagcgacgt ccatgctctc cttgtccagt gatctaccca tctctgtgtg     61740
     tctatgtctc caccacccac cactaacccg cttagccatc tctctgttta attcctgtgg     61800
     ctgcttaaaa tgtcttaaat gttaggcagg gaaaagcact tctttaaaag aagtaagttc     61860
     acttctttta aatttgtttt gcttcttgta atttctttgc atttccttct aagttgtaga     61920
     tattttgtta ccaatttctg caaaccgacc aatgggattt gggctgctac attgttcttt     61980
     acataccaat ttagagaaat ctgtcactgg gatgatcctg taccttctga gcatgatgag     62040
     tgtggtgtcg ctccccaggt taaagcgctt ctttaatctc tgctttgttt gcagttccca     62100
     gtgggaacgt gttttctttt tctagacaaa caaaacagtt tttcctcttt ttaaaatgtc     62160
     attgatcctg tgtctcagct gttgtgaatg gcgggatact tctgagttta cagtgtcttt     62220
     gatgtacttt cacttgagtg cacacaccac aagatctctt cttttttttt tttaagattt     62280
     atttattatt acatgtaagc acactgtggc tgtctctaga cacaccagaa gaggatgtca     62340
     gatctcatta tggacagttg tgagccacca tgtggttgct gggatttgaa ctcagaacct     62400
     tcagaggagc agtcagtgct cttaaccgct gagccatctc tccagccccc aagttctcat     62460
     ttcttgaaga gcattcgtcg tttttccaca gtggctgtat taacttccat ccccagtaac     62520
     agtatatgag agttccctct ccctactctt gctattattt gcctttcttt ctttctttct     62580
     ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ctctctctct ctctctctct     62640
     ctctctttct ctctctcttt ctttttttat ttttgttttg ttttttgaga catggttttt     62700
     ctgtatagcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tttgtagacc aggctggcct ggaactcaga     62760
     aatccgcctg cctctgcctc ccgagtgctg tgattaaagg catgcaccac taagcccggc     62820
     tattatttgc atttttgtct tattgataat agcccattcc acctaggata aaattgacat     62880
     cttgctgagg ttttcatttg cattttcttg ttcattccta ccggcgaacc cgcttcatac     62940
     acttattggc cattatcagt cttttgaaaa atgtgtgcaa ggagcagctg ccaatctgtg     63000
     gaaagggacc catccagtcc acacttcagt gtgtcatctt ttagatgatt ttataagtgt     63060
     attgatttct aaaagttcaa tttctattta ttcatgccca atgtgtagaa atgcatttgg     63120
     ctttctttgc aagtgaatct taaatcccat aatactgctc agcctacttc ttagttcaag     63180
     taggtttgtg gtagattctc agacgttttg tacagagttg gattatgtcc acagtttctg     63240
     tcttgtccca gctgtttttc tccttttccc gcagcctccc tttcccctgt gcacaatgat     63300
     tcctgggacg aagctgtgtg tgtgtgcgag actgtctgac tgattagaac tgtagtacta     63360
     taagaggttg gaatgctgca ggtccagagg ctaattccct tatcttgggc tagttctagc     63420
     tctctgcaat agccactccc tgcccacctc tgtatccgcg ctcacatctt gtgactaata     63480
     gaaaaaacat tgtggaatcc aagaactcat cagaccacta gcttccacca accccaaagc     63540
     taagaatgtc atcagacaac atcatcagca tatagaggag ctcccatttt actgtacatg     63600
     cctgatacac ctgccagctt gccttaaaac tcataatgat gagccgtggg gagcatgact     63660
     ttctgttgac caggactgct taggggcaca catccttagc cccctactta actttcatct     63720
     cacgtcagga ccctaaaaga tggacttgag gggtctgctc atttctctgt ccctcttccc     63780
     agggtggtca cactgaacaa gtctcccttt cctgcttccc actataactt gatctctttt     63840
     agttggctca ttgaagatgg gtggctagac ctgatttggc acaaactgcg atctacaact     63900
     tacctccaag aaataattct aggaaataat acttaataat aacaataata attataataa     63960
     catttaaaaa actcctcatc tgttgaaaga aaaataatgt gtttggctct ttgtgttact     64020
     aagccttcct tatatcataa aggagagata gttaacataa aatatgtatc tgactatgat     64080
     tatgtatata gataagctgg tcatgacaca tgattatgat ttatttttac ataatatact     64140
     tagcaccaaa ttggcttaga agtaaatgct tatgtaaact aaagttgata atttggtcca     64200
     actgcacttt ggctcatagt aaaactaatt tttttttaaa aaaattattt attaaattta     64260
     tgtatgtgag tacactgtta ctgtcttcag tcacaccaga agagggcatc ggatcccatt     64320
     acagatggtt ggttgctggg aattgaattc aggacctctg gaagagcagt ctggcctcag     64380
     actcataaag acttgcctgc ctttgcctcc cgagtgccgg gattaaggcg tgtgccacac     64440
     cacccggctg taaaactaag attttaagga acagaataat gagaaaagac aaaattacat     64500
     ttaatcaatg tgaccacaca ggtaaacaaa cagaggtggc tagcgatcct gagtcttcct     64560
     ttaggaaaac tactgtgagc ttttaaatgt aaaattttaa gtttgttttc aagaacaaac     64620
     acacataatc atacaattct ggtcatgaca tatctccttc attcatatct ggtctggttc     64680
     tacaacatgg tcctctgtaa gctgtgatgc tcctaccgtg gaagtgattt tctattagac     64740
     aattgccctt ccttgagata ctagactcta gtccaaacac taagaggtta actcatgtct     64800
     ccgtttttta gaaatgtatg caaatgagtg aatgtataaa tacaaaaatt ttaaggattt     64860
     tttaaaggat atttttgact gctgtggcct ctttaaaaac gaacaaataa acagacaggt     64920
     tttttttttt ctttccagat ccttatttta gccaggtcta tattaagact aaaccctaaa     64980
     tattttttaa ttgtcattta aaaaacctac tttgaggctt acacagacat cttagagttt     65040
     ccagagcatc ttaatgtgtt ataccaggat gatacatttt aaaaagttat tcaccttgga     65100
     ctttttcata aatgccaaac tttatcctgc tttggatgcc ttttaaacac taattaaaaa     65160
     gtaaatgatt tttctaacaa aaaaaagtca aggtacctgt tataataact taaatctttg     65220
     acaaggaatt aatttaaacc tggttaagca aacagcggtt aacatgcttt acttgtgttt     65280
     ctgactgctg ggcgtgtaac tacagatttc tgttcttagg acacagcctc atgagcttca     65340
     attaaaaata cctcattaaa agtggtttct aaatattgta ataattagaa tgttaaggtt     65400
     aaagtatttt taaggttaat tcggtatcct gcagggcgtg gtggctcatg cctttaatcc     65460
     tagcatgcag gagacagaag caggcagatc tctgagtttg aggccagcct ggtctacaga     65520
     gcaagttcca ggttagccag tgatagatac acaaagaaac cttgtatttc aaaaagcgaa     65580
     caacaagaat aacaacaaca aaatcagtat cctaagatga aattaatggt tgattttctg     65640
     taacagtatc tctgtaaatc ttaaattgtt cttagcattc atttaataaa tggatgctaa     65700
     gacatttaaa aacttatgat taaatattag gttttttttt tcattttcac attggacatg     65760
     tcttttgctt tttgaataat cagtcagtgc tctaaccata aaaaattctc tttaaagagt     65820
     gatacctact tagaatgttc ctactaaatt ataaaggagt tgtaaatgtg ttttaatgaa     65880
     caagtattta aatttattta taagatttga tctattaaat aaacaaacag agcatgatat     65940
     tgtaatggat tttttttagc tttgataact gatgttttaa attaagtaga gtcttcctca     66000
     aattaaaaaa acaaaaacaa aggactgccc catttcatca acctaaaggg aaaaacggac     66060
     atcacatcaa aggctccatt ctgatttaaa gattatatca tatccaggtg tctgtaactc     66120
     acccctagaa ggcagtgggc tctctcacat catctgagag cagattcatg gggactttga     66180
     aaatgctgga tgggcctcac cttcggatgc catggcaatt gagcgcacag agtaactatg     66240
     tttcttaaat gcttttaaaa ttaaatttag aatttttcat aatatttaat attctacctg     66300
     acatattctt aacttataat accaatcgtg gttttagtca gtgacaactg aggacatttc     66360
     gtgtgccttt tttgtttttt gttttgagtg cttatttatc ataaaccctt acactactca     66420
     aaactaatgc ttaaatgttt caaaaatttc aaaaataaat aaacaataac aaaaatgcca     66480
     agcaatggtg ctgtactcgg gaggcagagg caggtggagc tctgtgagtt cgaggccagc     66540
     ctgatctaca gagtgagttc catgacagcc agggctacat gaagaaatcc tgtcttgaac     66600
     aaaaaaagtt tcaagttttt catttgtctt tgtaaatatg ttgagtgtgt gtgttctcat     66660
     tattcagcat agttggataa aacaaacaaa caaacaaaaa aaaaccctca tttttaaacc     66720
     aaactttaac tccatttatg ctagcaagag atacctaaaa ctttgggtta acacttctta     66780
     tccaaattat tccagtgaca ttaaccacta ataacgtcat gcatgatgtt ttatatatat     66840
     taaatgctga tgcttcttga tttaattaat acctaaaata tagccaggaa taaatattaa     66900
     ctaagtgata ttttactaat aaagaaagag atgataatcc caaggccata agtcagtcag     66960
     ttcatcagag tacaaataac tgtaagtcag gaggaaaccg tcaatctagt tagaaatgtg     67020
     attataacat tttgattatt tatgcttgtt taacttgtta ccctcactct atcaggccaa     67080
     actctgttaa ttttaggatt ggtgtaagcc tgtgtcccct gcaaatgtta ggtcatatgc     67140
     agagggtgta aaacagtttg gatctgggtt atgacggcta atggttttga aatgatccag     67200
     ggggttcctt cttaatacct acccctctct gctgcagact accatcctgc ccactcctca     67260
     gccttgcttg tatcaggtcc taggaaatga gccttcctag ctacgaggga ccttataata     67320
     tttaacaaat aatatacctt ccccaaatgc acaaaatgtg gtgcttggtc aacacaggaa     67380
     actgtgaata atgattcctg gaaagaagct gtgtgtgcga gaccaattga ctaatactgt     67440
     agtactgtag aaaggttgga atgctgcagg tccggaggct aactccctta tctcaggata     67500
     gttctagctc tctgcaatag tcactcccgt cccaccactg tatccacact cacatcttgt     67560
     gactaataga aaaaaacact ttggaatcca tgaactcatc agaccactag cttccaccaa     67620
     ccccaaagct aagacagcat ctttaaccta tagcagagct tcccatcttg ctgtaactgc     67680
     ctctcaattt gaatctatcc accaatgtat tttagtcttg ccttgatttc tgactttctt     67740
     tattctgtta aactttaaaa cttcgtgaaa ctgcttctgc agtgaaacat ggaatttggg     67800
     gcaacctcaa tctggttgtg gtcactcaaa ttggctccag aataagttta gtagccgggc     67860
     agtggtggcg cacgccttta atcccagcac ttgagaggca gaggcaggcg aatttctgag     67920
     tttgaggcca gcctggtata caaagtgagt gtcaggacag ccagggttac acagagaaac     67980
     cctgtctcga aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacag     68040
     aataagttta ttgactttaa gatgagaact atggattttg cattggcatt ccctttacgt     68100
     tgtacgtttc cagcacattg actagactgg gacctcaatg aaagggcgga ccataagaac     68160
     taaagcagat gtgctagctc acagatgata agcatttggt tgtgggtttg gaggatatgt     68220
     aatgccacaa gctgacagta taaatcatag ttttctgttg acatgaccgg tctccggagt     68280
     cctgcctttc acacgaggcc atctacccgg aatccaacag gctgtagctc tacaagactg     68340
     actgcttcca cttggtgata agagttcaaa gcctctccgt gtgtttttca tgacagtaca     68400
     tttttaatat tctagttttt cactttaagg atccattaga gtttcttcac cttttgatgg     68460
     gcttggggga gtgggggcac atcttggctg ctaccaaaat ttggttattt gagtaaaact     68520
     gtcatgagtg tgtgtgcaag gctctgtgtg cactttccag agatcatgaa aaaaatatat     68580
     atatcaattg ctgcactatg cacgatgtgg aagatgggtc tgcttgtcag agactggcag     68640
     gcaggtttcc acagaggctg gaccactcta tgtttgccct gtgttccccc tcactagctt     68700
     tggaggatgt cagtgatttg gatttggtca ctgtaataga tccatacata gtgctatgtg     68760
     tccttgactt aagcattctg cttttcatgc tcaatatcag ccctgtgtga tttctccccg     68820
     ctgtattttg tcaggccagt gaagttttct cctgcgctta cttacatctt agggttagta     68880
     tggttgtgat gaaacaccat gacccaatgc aacttaggga ggaaagggtt tatttggctt     68940
     gcacttccat atcgttgttc atgatcaaag gaagtcagga caggaactca agcaggacaa     69000
     gaacctggag gcaggagctg acacagaggc catggagggg tgctgctcac tggtttgctc     69060
     atctttactt gctcaggctg atgttttata gagcccagga ccatcagccc agggatggct     69120
     ccactcacaa tgggctgagt ccaactccat ctatcattaa tttttaaaaa tgccctatag     69180
     ccagatctta tggaggcatt ttctcaattg aggttttcta ctttcagata actctagctc     69240
     gtgtcaagct gacataagac tattcagcac gacctatttc atcttttatc agaaatgcat     69300
     attggacttc attaaatact ttccctgtga atattgagat gttctcaaat ttgtttttag     69360
     tgtgttagta tgatgaaata cgttgatttt tggatgttaa gcccaatgta catatgagca     69420
     ttaaagctca cttgctaact ttgcagtact tttattattc agtttcaaca ctgcacagat     69480
     ctcattgatt aaggatgaga gtgtttcctg gaggagttcg cgtggggacc ctgggtggtc     69540
     gctgcatttc tcatctgatt ccaagcgtct tcctttgaga acctgcaatc tcgttgcata     69600
     ctgttatcag gtgcttttga cttggtcttc tgcttgctgg gtttccccct agttgaggct     69660
     ttggttttac aggaccagaa tatattcact ggctcctccg tgcaggggta gccttcactg     69720
     tcactgctgt caagtgatga ggaatgacag agaattcagg catcttccat gctgaccagg     69780
     gacaggcctc cttctaaact accagctttc catctgaaaa ctcttcactc tatagtcttt     69840
     tcttctgtct ccgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgcgcgc acgcgcacac     69900
     gagtgcatgc aagtgcatgt gcatgcacac gggcatgtgt gtacatgcat gaatatgaag     69960
     aacagaaggc aactgtgatg gtttatatat gcttggccta agaagtggca atattagaag     70020
     gtggtcctgt tggagtgggt gtggccttgt tggagtaggt gtgtcattgt gggtgtgggc     70080
     tctaagaccc tcatcctagc tgcctggaag tcagtattct gctagcattc ttcagatgaa     70140
     gatgtagaac tctcagctcc ttctgcctgc ctggatgctg ccatgttcct gccttgatga     70200
     taatggactg aatctctaaa cccgtaagcc agccccaatt aaatgttgtc ctttataaga     70260
     cttgctgtgg tcatagtgtc tgttcagagc agttaaatcc taagacagca acctcgattg     70320
     ttgatttcca ggatgtagcc actatgtttt ttgaaaaaca atctctcacc agacatgctc     70380
     accaagtagt ctagactgac cagccagtaa gcctcaggtt gtctgcctgg ctctgcctcc     70440
     ctagtgctgg gatttacaag cacacaccac ggttacccag tgtttctgtg agtcctggag     70500
     actgaacttg ggtccccaag gctttgtaac aaacactgta ctaactaagc tatcttccag     70560
     ccccttctct cttctttctg tctctggagt tgttaggagt catccctttg ggaatggtca     70620
     ttggggctgc tgtgtttgtt ccctctgcaa tctctgtggg ttctgggtct ccctatagct     70680
     ctttgagatg actcagattt gttagattct ctcaatccct tggactatct ctctttttgc     70740
     ttttcctcta aacagtttgg cagctctgct caacgtcttg gtttttcttt caagtaccat     70800
     ctttccccca ggcatctagt gacttcatac ttgaaaatga agagctgtgc atatagatga     70860
     aagccaactc aaagtcagac tcagtttccc ctactttaaa ctcataacac atctctgacc     70920
     tcaccagcca gcaggtgatt ctgcagcata ggacgctggt aacatcctct aatccagtgg     70980
     gtgacacttt ctcttggagt gtcctgacga ctagtttgat gttaacttga tgcaagctag     71040
     atttgtcaga gaggagggag cctcctccct caattgagaa aatacctcca aaagattggg     71100
     atgttgtcaa gcatgttctt aattagtgat tgatgaggga gggcttaata tattgtgggt     71160
     ggggccatcc ctagactagt ggtcctgtgt gctaaaagaa agcagaccaa atagccatgt     71220
     gaggaagcca ataagcagca ccccagtagc ctctgcatca gctcctgcct ccaggatcct     71280
     gccctgcttg agttcctgtc cggacttcct ttgatcatta atagtgagta caacggatat     71340
     gtaagccaaa taaacccttt cctccccaac tcaccttttg gtcattgggt tttgttatag     71400
     caatagaaac cctaactagg gctggtgaga tggctcagtg ggtaagagca cccgactgct     71460
     cttccgaagg tcaggagttc aaatcccagc aaccacatgg tggctcacaa ccatccgtaa     71520
     cgagatctga ctccctcttc tggagtgtct gaggacagct acggtgtact tacatataat     71580
     aaataaataa ataaataaat ctttaaaaaa aaaaaagaaa ccctaactaa ctgagatgtg     71640
     aagatagctt ggactaagat aagttgtatc gcactaggta aggctaagtc cacaaaagtg     71700
     cctttcgact ttttattgca accccaagcc actggctgct tttcctgtgc ttctgactgg     71760
     ccatctggaa aggagatgtt tgttgtgttg tgggtatgag gtgttcctgt tggttcttgt     71820
     gtatgaacag ttagtaccta aatagtgaat gtattgagtt gaaacctggc ccaggttctg     71880
     gtggcctctc ctgctgctcc cctctctctc cttccccatt tctgctgtaa tctaaccagc     71940
     cagattccta gtggccacgt tcctctgtcc atgaaactac aatgtaagct aaaatgtgtc     72000
     cttcttcctc tgagtcactt cctgtcaggt atttggttac agcaacaaga gaaagaaaaa     72060
     tctggacata gtatccactt gtccttttag tcacagctcc taggaggaag agataggtga     72120
     gtctctatga gttccagacc agcctgttca acacagcaag ttccagggca cccatgacta     72180
     cacagtaaga ccgtgttacc ctcaaacaaa caaaagtaac caaataactg tagggggata     72240
     ctttgtgatc tgtgtattca caggctgatt tctgtcccca gagacctggt tgcactttgg     72300
     actttggtgt gactcagcat tttttgtgac tcacctcttg attggttaaa taagggctga     72360
     ctgctctgga gagaacaagg caggacatcc atgcctggac taggagagag ggtctcaggt     72420
     gggacccagg gagttgctgc catcttcatt ggaacacaaa tgaaagagga ggtgccagag     72480
     agaggctaag ggtaaagggc cacctggctg ggaagcagga caggccagca tagtcggatt     72540
     agaagaacat agaatttgcc cattagtgcc tgaaattcat taataagtat aaaggcctcc     72600
     atgtcgttat tcaaagcaag ggctggcaca ggaaagctca aacttttgcc aataactgac     72660
     ttccattgct ctggcccttt tcggttcaat cagtttgctg aaatgctcac acaactaaga     72720
     aatacaactt ttattttaaa ggatacagac ggagagatta aagtctggga gaagggttgt     72780
     tgagctctca tgccctcttt gagcaccccc tcaggaaccc ccataaggtc tctagacatt     72840
     gcctttttgt ttgtttgttt ttaaaaaaaa gatttttatt tatttgttat atataagtac     72900
     actgtggctg ttttcagata caccagaagg gggcatccga tctcattgct ctcattacag     72960
     atggttgtga gccaccatgt ggttgctggg atttgagctc aggaccttcg caagagcagt     73020
     cagtgctctt aacctctgag ccatctctcc agcccccctt tcttgggttt tatggaggtt     73080
     tcattacaac ggtatgatgg aactgtgaac aacagtgaaa atgtgattga gtgaagtctg     73140
     tgctgataga cagctgggtg gatccttcag tgttcttctc ttaaggatgc aaggcaaggt     73200
     cttgcatgag ggtcgtattg ctgcaaggca gatcagaaac ttctcttcgg ttttcttgtt     73260
     gtgtgcaggc ctgaacttgg aacctcatgt gtgctaggca agtgcttgac cctgttcacc     73320
     attttcttca tttttattga catggacaaa gtatccatca gttttctgtc actttatgaa     73380
     gccaatttgc aaagaggaaa agtgtatgtt ggttcacaat tttggagatc ttggtccatg     73440
     ataagttggc attgtggctc tgggcttatg gtggcacgtc tgttgggagc gagcaatggt     73500
     gcaaagaaag aaggaggagg ctgaggtctc ataggtagat caaagacatc gctcagtgga     73560
     caaagactcc atattaggta ttacttctct tttatagttt aacaattatt atattttatt     73620
     ttctgagatg atatcatgtt atttcccccc tttctgtctt ccaagtcctt ctacatacct     73680
     atctttttta atggattgct tatatataat atatatgtat ttaatataat aattattata     73740
     tagcataata atataaatat atacaataca tatacacaca aatatatata atacagtata     73800
     taatacatta taatataata taaagcaatt atataatgtt atataacata atgttatata     73860
     atataatata taatattata taagtataat atcatagata ttgtaatcta tagataacaa     73920
     aggaatgctg agagtgggaa aaatagtctt ctccagagac gtgcacacca actggttacc     73980
     taataccaaa cggtcagacc tgaaaacata catgcaggga acattataca atctgaacag     74040
     gccttacttc ctaaagctcc cactacctcc tgataacacc aatatgaaga ctaagacttt     74100
     tcacataggt cccccaaggg acattccaga ttcaagctac aggagaggtg tgggaaattc     74160
     accatcttaa acccgaggtc agtactcccc tcctttgaca gggggcttaa gcttccctcg     74220
     aatgcacaca taagcagctt ttctcctaga gcccatctag gcaggttcac tgccacgctc     74280
     ccgggtcaga gacgaagtcc tctagtttac aggtgcatta cgtcagtccc cttggatgag     74340
     tcttggccaa atttgctgga gcaagatctg tgacttcaaa tgactaccaa tacggcagca     74400
     ggggcccaag gtgcagctgc atcccagaat tagagtgagt tagatctgaa gaggatgccc     74460
     ccttggtgat tccagcctga ataatccatc atcccaccgc cagggctgga gacggactgc     74520
     aaagcacata tccaaggggc cagctgctgg gagctgtgca gcgctttctc cagcccagca     74580
     aggctgtttt gttgttgcca tagaatcccc caggtgatgc ttcacacttc agggagacag     74640
     gctctggagg aagcagagga ttttgaagaa agctctgtaa ttataattga aaagaaggca     74700
     gctactattt tgcctgcaga acacagtgtt tctcctcctg tcagctagta gcatacagac     74760
     ccccgggtca cctcttctgc atttgtataa catctttggc tactggttca acctctggtt     74820
     gaaaagagag tccctcttcc tctgggaatc tcccagccgc caccaattca cagcttgggt     74880
     ctcataacct ctagctgtgc tgagtttaaa gttcccattt cacagggatg gatttcaagt     74940
     gaaaaaaaaa atccaacagg gaggatatga gacaactcaa cacttcagcc ggatctgtct     75000
     tcaactattt acggctatgt tttaaaaaca tgtcatttaa atatgagtgg cagcttcctg     75060
     taaaactttg aatgtagcaa gcaacaagaa atatggcccc gggtggtgag aaaggagaca     75120
     aatagtttct gtacacaaag ccctaccata ataaacaagc agaggtgctt cctgacccac     75180
     tgtgccaagc aaacattcgc atcctagcct ctgctgcatt caaaatattt ttactagacc     75240
     aagtgcaaag tattattatc attaatatta atttatcctt cttggaacgc tcccaggcta     75300
     gggttctacc caaaggccct gtagaagcca agggtaagga cgttgatctc ggcagttagt     75360
     ttggttttaa ttcccttcgt ataaattttg caaagctggg gacacacata caaattattg     75420
     tgctgatgaa acctacgccc aacagcccca ggccccagca accaccccac aaaaccatcg     75480
     agacagaaat tccagagcag taaattagtg gcacgcagag ccaggttccc aaaggggtgg     75540
     gggaagagag gcaaggacag ttatgaagac acgggtgtcc acagctgcca gggagcccac     75600
     caggccacag tgtaagagcc tctggaggaa gcaaagtgga tgagagagaa acgtctttct     75660
     gtgctctctt tgttcagaaa agcaaatgct aagtgtagat attccctttt cttaaaacca     75720
     aaacaacgaa atcaaaacaa caacaaaaca aaactgaaag cgacaagaac cataaaccca     75780
     aagctactag tcataacgca tgtgccatgt aagttgacac atgtgtcaca tgtaagagat     75840
     gcttgcttgt atgcagtttt ctgaggttcc acagagccac ctgtgcaagt cacacccaag     75900
     acccagaatg ttagcattcc ccgggaagta tccctgggtc cctctgcagt caatacctgc     75960
     acaccacatc tctccagagg tgaccccacc accatctgga acccttccat atattccttc     76020
     ataggtagga acaagaaata acagaatata tatatatata tatatatata tatgtatata     76080
     tatatatata tatatataat tttgtgtgtg catacactgc cacagctttt ttaaaaataa     76140
     tttttaagat ttatttattt tatgtatatg agtacactgt agctatcttc agatacccca     76200
     gaagagggca tcggatccca ttacagatgg ttgtgagcca ccatgaggtt gctggggatt     76260
     gaactcaggc cctctggaag agcagtcggt gctcttaatc actgagccat ctctccagcc     76320
     cataacagag tatattaagg gtagctttat tctaatggat ttgaaatcag gctgcaagaa     76380
     ctgtgtgtga caagaagtga tttacccaga ggctgactta cccaaagact ctgccagcct     76440
     tcccagggat gtgacaaaga aagaaaggag agaaaggtat gaagtaagtg tgagagaggc     76500
     atcttcatga gtgtcaccaa ggccctgaaa gaaagaaggc catgtttgga gggatccagc     76560
     aggaggaagg gacacacagc atttactgca gtgacaactg taatgtattg ctggcatgcc     76620
     agcacctggg gacaggagag tgtcttgtca cactcaccac tcacagacct gggcctgaaa     76680
     gagctgatgg gtcctaactc cccaggttga ctgttgggga tctatgtctc tcaagcagct     76740
     gtcctgccct tgggaagttt acagttactt tgggaagaaa attaagttac agagccaaca     76800
     ctacaaagca cagagacagt ggagacgcac tgatcatagg gccttgctcg cctgtgtgtt     76860
     actgtcttca gtacctctag agcagtgatc ctcagccttt ctaatgctgc aaccctttaa     76920
     tacaattcct caggttgtgg tgacccccca accataaaat tattattatt attatttttt     76980
     tttttttggt tttttgagac agggtttctc tgtatagccc tggctgtcct ggaactcact     77040
     ctgtagacca ggctggcctc gaactcagaa attcacctgc ctctgcctcc caagtgctgg     77100
     gattaaaggc atgcgccacc acgcccggcc ataaaattat ttttctggct acttcaaaac     77160
     tgtaattttg ctaccactat gaatcataat gtaaatatct gatccacttg caaacacttc     77220
     acggacatac cagaagtcca gttcagcagt gttgagatag cagcagtggc ggcatgacct     77280
     agcaggaaca gccaggcctc agcagaatag gtatgagtca gcaggagggg tacggaccag     77340
     cagggacact aggaataatt cttggctgtg cgaagatcag ggaaggctac agaccaagaa     77400
     gcgtttagct atgcaagcaa gccaagctcc tctcacagtc cactgagtcc tatttgtgct     77460
     ccctccaaac atcaagtgtc ctccacaggt cttgcctctg cacaagagtc tgcctcagct     77520
     gacttcactc tgccaatcag cccaagtcct cggaagctgc aagaagctgt agcacaccac     77580
     cagaagtttt ttggtgcgtt tctctgtatg gagtcccagt aaaaggagct caactaagca     77640
     atgtgaggcg aactgatacc tgtgtgtcat tagtgaagag tccctcatta cgtgtccttt     77700
     cacaagcttg ctttagaaga gcatccttca cctgtgtctg tttcagtgaa acgttccttc     77760
     aagagtctgc cctaggcttt cacctgtgtc tgcttcagcc aaaggttccc tcatgagtct     77820
     gctttagcaa aacagtcttt ctcttgtgtc cacatcagga aaacatccct tcacgtgttt     77880
     gccctagcag aacaccatcc aacacaacta actttccaaa gaactcttaa gtttccactt     77940
     cactcatgga ataagattag tttgtttcct aggggaaaat aaaatcttga aagaaaatta     78000
     taattatctg tctaaaatgt gtatctttgt ttttaaatta aattgacttt aatagtttaa     78060
     aagcaaagat ttgaaagaaa ataaaacttg agacctgtga ttcatgtctc aaatagccca     78120
     aagagttgtt tgtgagcttt gaaatctggg gctgagaaca tagcagaaca ggccaggaca     78180
     tgcctgagca ggcctgtcat taagacattc ctgaggctgc ttagccataa agataaagag     78240
     aatgacatgc gggactggct tggcgcctcc ctatctcctg cccttctgac ctaagttaaa     78300
     tgttaacagg ctgctgatgc ttaaatggac caatcatgtg aaaccgcgcc aattcctccc     78360
     ccagccccag ccccttttct ataaaaaccc ctagcttcca agccttgtgg tcgaaaccac     78420
     tgtctcctgc gtgagatacg ttttttgatc tggagctcca ccattaaact accttgtgtt     78480
     tttacatcaa gatggtcgtc tgttcatgat tcttgggtgc acgccgaatc aggagttgag     78540
     tgggggtttc cccactaggt tctttcagat tataaatatc actggggtga aaataatgtt     78600
     tttgattttt tttttttttt ttggtttttc gagacagggt ttctctgtat agccctggct     78660
     gacctggaac tcactctgta gaccaggctg gcctcaaact cagaaatccg cctgcctctg     78720
     cctcccgagt gctgggatta aaggcgtgcg ccaccacgcc cggcatgttt tttattttta     78780
     aatttttaaa aaaattttat atgatgagca ttatgtctgc atatatccct gtacaccaca     78840
     tgcattcctg gtgtctttgg aggccagaga gagcatggag tcccctagaa ctgaagttac     78900
     agatggtgtg agccatcata tggatgctgg gaatcgaacc taggtcctct ggaacaaaca     78960
     gcaagtgctc ttaaccactg agccatctct ccttctcaga ctctgcaatt tgatatggag     79020
     atgatgtaat aatgctcaag tcaaacacat ataattactt ttgaagatct tctaggcttt     79080
     gggatataga aagtagtgtc cgtcctgaaa gtagcttgct ttccacatac aaagagcaac     79140
     acacaaggac aattgctcta caagaggaac tgtgcagatg cacagaaaac tgtgtacatg     79200
     tagatcccag aaagatgtac agaagctcta ggcctcggta cttgtgagtg aagctgtatt     79260
     tggaaataca gtcttttcag gtgtacatta ggctaagaca aaggaagcca cagtgaattg     79320
     aggtgggctg gaatctagca tgagtattgc ctccataaaa aaggaaaaaa aaaaaccggg     79380
     cgtggtggca cacaccttta atccaagcac tcaggaggca gaggcaggta gatttctgag     79440
     ttcaaggcca gcctggtcta caaagtgagt tccagaatag ccagggctat acagagaaac     79500
     cctgtctcaa aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac aaaccacaat aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaac     79560
     aacaacaaca acaaaaccct gaaagacaaa ttcctccctg gaggtctgga gagaacatcc     79620
     tgactttgga tctgaccttc agtgactcag agacaatgag tttctgtcat ttttcagcca     79680
     cccgattgca gtactttatt ataactaatc tagaatcctg acatagataa ccatcactta     79740
     acaacccacg ccttcccaga gatatgttgt tctcctttta aggtaggtat caggaagatc     79800
     aggccagagg atttgggttt ctcttcaggt ccaggtcctc agcaactctc agggagaggc     79860
     agtagagtgt agcagcagaa atcctggatt ctggggtttg cattcagaac tctggttggc     79920
     tgatctttga caaattactt gacatctcca tgccttagcc gcctgatctg taggaaggag     79980
     acaaaactga gtttctagaa gaacaagcag gttatcaata taacgtgctg tcctgatatt     80040
     agggtttggt tttgttttgt tgtgttgtgt ttgtttttgt ttcttgtcaa cttggcacaa     80100
     gctacagtta ttccagaaga ggaatctcaa ttaaggaaaa tgcctccatc cagattgtag     80160
     gacatttttt taatgattga tgtggccagg ctcagcccac agaggtgtgt tgaggaattg     80220
     gggagggtgg ggagtggtgg tggtggcggc ggcagcagcg gtggtagcag cagcgaccta     80280
     gaggccacag taacatctgg gcaggtggcc ctgaaagcta gccatgccaa tcagcattcg     80340
     ttcatggcct ttgcttgagt ccctgccttg acttcctccc tgagctcctt gaatgatgga     80400
     ctatgacgca gaagtaaaag ctgtaacaaa cctttccttt ccaggttgct tttggccatg     80460
     gtgttttgtt ttatcacatt attagaaagc ccgactaata tacatagcta gaacaatatc     80520
     tgactcatat aggttctaag agtgcaggat gccatggcct tgatgtctca ttcctcctat     80580
     tggctacagc ataactcagt gggtcatgtg ctggccttta ctgaaacagt ggtgggcggc     80640
     cagagggtca gaaggatcag gtaaggattc agagttggaa caaggtcata tgttgaggct     80700
     aggtgggaaa agtcaatagc aaatatgtcc agaatgagga tcatggtgca cagtgttctg     80760
     gaagtgccag gaggtgagct gggtcgggca cgagagaaga aaataggtgc ttaaagtctg     80820
     ggaaagtaga gttaggagaa agcagggaag tgagctgcta ctgtcccaca aggggtaaac     80880
     tgagaactat gtgcgatgcc gagcagccct agtggtggcc agggtcttag cgagactctt     80940
     ggtaagggat atgggtgggg ctaccgccta ctaggtatag agcagtggtc aggtggggaa     81000
     gtgggtaagg gagagggagc agaggcttac tcaaggtctc ctggccaata gggttgggag     81060
     tgccgggaat gaggaactgc cctgctggtg ggtgtggtca gacctacaga ttggctacag     81120
     gggtcctgct tgatctcctt tgccagcttg gctgaagtgg agacacactt ctgggtgctt     81180
     ccatgagagc gttttattag cattgtggag gattagttga ggcaaaggtc tgctctgaat     81240
     gtgggaggag cctccatggg ctggggtagg gcagggatca ccgagtgaaa cagaagtagg     81300
     aagcggtctg aacagcagct cattgctctg ctacctaact atgggatgtg accatctgtt     81360
     tccatgttcc ctctccatgc cttcccctgg catgatggac tgaatcacct taaaccatga     81420
     ccccaaacac agccttccct tcttatgttg tttctgtagt gtgtttgcta gctactagaa     81480
     gaaaagcaat taaaatgatg ccccatggcc cctacctatg tagccaaatg gttatggcct     81540
     gtattctctt agcggtaccc tgacaacggc ctgtattctc ctagtgatac cctgacaata     81600
     acccttcaga gagcagccat gaaggctgag accagtccac cagcctgacc gggtcatttg     81660
     aaactggacc caagttcact tccctgctct cactgaacag gcaagagaag gcaaaagtac     81720
     ccttgacagg aaaaaggtaa atatgattaa gttggccaaa aactacacag taggtgaagc     81780
     catgaatccc gtgcttgtga ttactgtaaa acagacctag gaaatgccta gcaatggctt     81840
     atagctgaga gaaatcttag cacatgtgaa catacttcca gaaggctttg gcaacggaca     81900
     aaaatttcac cagggcacaa agctgagaat ttcactcttt gccttcgtcc actggggcca     81960
     gccacttcct tcatttctgc ctctgatgta ccttcatctt agctacatca tcaatagaag     82020
     gatactattc tgtttgctgg tgtgtaaaag atagatgtct cctcaaaggg caaaaaaatg     82080
     gtctattctt aagccgagta tgaatgagca cagcccagga acaaggattc aggttgtgtc     82140
     aaatagcatg ttctaatgca ggaccagttt tgtgaaagtt tataatcata caagtaagac     82200
     gattgtaaat caaggcttaa aaacaaacat tgataggaat atccagtagg aagagcagca     82260
     aagagaggac atttctgcag cagatggccg agccactaga tggctttctt agcatcaagg     82320
     gtggcagaag ctagtctccc gcccagtttc tagagttttg aaaagtttac cgggtacacg     82380
     gatgtaaggg cagatacaga cttgggcagg gaatagctat taaagggatc gaaaataatc     82440
     taaaatcact tggctccagg tgagcagcat cttagcttct taccattaca aaggtccagt     82500
     taatcaatag gcttgtagac tccttagcat gggcatggcg gctctctggg aacttgagtt     82560
     tacaatggcc tgcagttgaa tttcctgttc tttttaacgt ttgtctcagt ggttggaagg     82620
     aaggaatgac atcggaacat atacaacttt gtcagtactt gttatgtcag tcagtaggac     82680
     tgttggctgc ttctcctgag ccacaaaaag tagaatgttc ttaaggccga aatccaatgg     82740
     attctttctc taatatacct tcctcttgct caaaagcagg cagttgtgaa ccccaccatg     82800
     tggaccctgg gacctgacag agttagagct tccggaaagc agcaagggct cttgtttcct     82860
     ttctctctct ttttaaatga attaatttat tttacatccc agtagcagcc tcctctcttt     82920
     cctctcctcc cagtccctcc cttcccccac cttctgtctt ccttttctcc tcagaaaagg     82980
     gaggcctccc gtggaaatct gccttgggta tcaagctgca gtaggactag atgcatcttc     83040
     tcctactgag gctggacaag gcagctcagt tatgggaaag ggatctaaag gcaggcacca     83100
     gagtcagaga cagcctctgg tcctgctgtt aggagtccca cacgaagctc aagctgcgca     83160
     tctgttacag attcgtaggg ggcctagctt tgtcccaagc atgctctttg gttggtggtt     83220
     cagtctctat gagcctctat aggcctaagt tcgttgactc tgtaggtttt cttgtgtgtc     83280
     ttggaactct ctggctcctt ctatcattcc tctctatctt ccaaaggatt ccccaagctc     83340
     tgcctaatgt ttggctgtgg gtctctgcat ctgtttccat cagttgctgg gtgaagcctc     83400
     tcagatgacg gttatgttag gttcctgtct gcaagtccag gcgaatatca ttaattgtgt     83460
     cagggccagg ttctctctca tggcttggct ttcaagttgg gccaatcatt gcttaactat     83520
     tctctcaatt tctgttccat ctttatccct gtacctcttg tactcttaac ctcagtgcca     83580
     tcaaacagga tctcctgtgg ccaagactgg ctcagattta ctatgtagct ggggctggat     83640
     ttgaactccc aaccttcttg actcagtctc cctaatgctg ggattgcagg catgtgccac     83700
     accagatgtg gtcataaaat ttataacttt ttgtttgttt ttcctccctt aaatgttcta     83760
     atcacctttt ttgtttgttt tttattttgt ttttttgttg ttgttctgtt tgtttgtttg     83820
     tttttgtttt ctcacaatga atagccacac ccaatttccc aaacttcact ttacagttgc     83880
     tgagcttgga aacaactcca aactctccct cccttgccct tgtccattga caggattgga     83940
     gggagcctgt gaacttgatt tcccagcttc ccctgccagc aagtgtctac caacaagtag     84000
     ctgctttggc atcagggtag caatggtagg agctgttcct gttccaagct ctgtagccac     84060
     aggcaggggg cagaatgcag gttccccagt gtagctgatg gtggccacat gctgtggttg     84120
     gccctaattt ctgtttcatt ccctcagttc cagagtgagg ttgcagcctc ctgtggctct     84180
     ctggcttctg ggtgttaaga actgaatgaa tgcccctctc tcaacccatt catgaaagct     84240
     cgcatcccat ggcgactgtg tttggagaca gggcctatag gacttattta aggttcaatg     84300
     gtactgtatg tatattagta tattaggagc cctgatttgg taagactggt gtctaaagag     84360
     ggagaaacag cagagctgtc agcgtggagc acacagagga taatgggaga aggtgtctgt     84420
     ctacaaggca ggaagacagg ctcaccaaag ccgacccatg agccttgatc ctgaacgtgt     84480
     agcctgtaat actatgaaag taccaaatgc tgctgctact gctgctgctg cacacagcac     84540
     acgccaaaca gacacttgct aacctcagcc cctgatcctt gctcccctct ctctctccag     84600
     gggttttcat tctctttgca ctccgcttcc ggaacatcac cgactctctc ctcggctatg     84660
     tgcagggctt tgtttctttt atttatcttt ttcaatttct tgattttctt attaaactct     84720
     cttagttcca gtctctactt acctacccat atgttctcgc atgctgtcca tcttttttcc     84780
     attacagctt ctccttagaa cattaattat aattatctta aattcccagc acaattccag     84840
     catgtctgct gtatccaagc ctgcttctgt tgcttgttct ttctctgaaa actgttcttc     84900
     acctttagtg tgcctagtaa cgtgttgttg aaagtcggac atggtggact agctaataca     84960
     aaagataaaa caagaatttc ctcgtttgtg tgtgtgtgtg tctgtgtgtg tgtgtctgtg     85020
     tgtgtgtctg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtttact     85080
     gctcactgta acagtacaga tcaggggctt cagttttctc tagtgtcctt gtttctgttt     85140
     ctctttggat ataggagcct gagccacgag gttctttctg gtgaaagcct gtggttacac     85200
     aagagcctat gggagcatgg aagcattcta cagtctatgg ttgggtgttg gtcttcagtg     85260
     agccagtgct ctttggtctt tacaaatcct tcatttctcc acataggata gacaggaaga     85320
     cgacagagga tgaagctggg cactcctctc ccaggcctgc tgggtcctca taaaaactct     85380
     ggccagctag gctgaaccac gtcgattctt ttgagaggag gccttgataa gaacagaatt     85440
     ctctgcatga gtttgaaaat gaatgaatta cagtttgctt gccagatgat ccagatgggg     85500
     ttttttggtt tttttgtttt tttgtttttt tgttttttcc ttcatcctca ctatgggaga     85560
     ccttgaggtc aaaatttaca caagcatgag gcacccctca cacggtcccc tagtttcatc     85620
     acgtgtccac acggaacctc cagcaatttg tcacccatgg tttaggtttt cctactctca     85680
     gccctgccga gtcaccccgg ggactttcgt tcattttttg ttttgttctg ttttgctttg     85740
     ttttgtttta aatagaatct cactatgctg cccagaccgg cctccgactc ctgagctcaa     85800
     gccaccctcc tgcctcagcc tcctgagtag cagggagtct aggtatgcac gtaccaaaca     85860
     tggctcccat ggaggtgttc gctcctagat gtttgctgtg ggcctctgta tccatctgtc     85920
     ttagttacct ttctattgct gtgaagagac accaggagca aggcaattta taaaaggagt     85980
     ttattgggac ttacaatctt agagggtggg cccatggcca tcagggaggt aagcatgata     86040
     gcaggcaggc agaggtagtg ctgggcagta gctgaggact tacatgtgat ccacgagcac     86100
     aaggcagaga gagcaattgg aaatggtgtg agccttctca aagtccactc ccagtaacag     86160
     acctcctcca acaaggccat acctcctaat ccttcccaaa cagttctacc aactgggggc     86220
     caagcagtca aatctatgag cttatatggg tccttgccat tcagaccgcc acactacctg     86280
     tctgtctttc cagttttgaa gccagcgctc agccttgtga ctttaattct ccaatagatc     86340
     taagaagcag tattggttct cacactgttc agtaattttc tttttttttt ccatttttta     86400
     ttaggtattt agctcattta catttccaat gctataccaa aggcccccca taccccccct     86460
     actcccctac ccacccactc cccctttttg gccctggcat tcccctgtac tggggcatat     86520
     aaagtttgca agtccaatgg gcctctcttt gcagtgatgg ccgactaggc catcttttga     86580
     tacatatgca gctagagaca agagctccgg ggtactgctt agtttatatt gatgttccac     86640
     ctatagggtt gcagttccct ttagttcctt gggtgctttc tctagttcct ccattggggg     86700
     ccctgtggtc cattcaatag ctgactgtga gcatccactt ctgtgtttgc taggccctgg     86760
     catagtctca caagagacag ctatatctgg gtcctttcag caatatcttg ctagtgtata     86820
     caatggtgtc agcgtttgga agctgatcat gggatggatc tctggatatg gcaatcacta     86880
     gatggtccat cctttcgtca cacttccaga ttttgtctta cagtggcaag aatgatgtct     86940
     tctgagatcc tcgtgtgctg gaccagaaac cagaggtggt tttagcattt agagtagttg     87000
     tccaatttca aatcctcaga atgtttccag aagtttctgt gttctagact ggggctgtct     87060
     gatcaggtgt tctactacac tgcatttccc tgcctgacag catccatctc agagcctcta     87120
     ggactcacga tctaagcttg tcccactgct ctggaggcct tacccccgat gcatcatctg     87180
     tcattaacta ttgggctaca tccattggtc cttggattca gcatgggtct tttatctcct     87240
     tgctttgcta ttgaacttcc taggaaactc tataaaaagc tgtagaatgt cttcatttgc     87300
     tattcctgac accccattcc ctttttttct tatttttcga agcagagtct cattattcaa     87360
     accaggctgg ccttgaactc actgtgtagc ccaggccttc aaggttatga tctgtctgta     87420
     cccgcttgct gacctctgag agtgcaggca tgcgctccca cccggatgct tggttctaac     87480
     catttaaatc actcattcac agaatttatc ttctacaccc caaaaggtct agtgccattg     87540
     tcttctagag ccttctgaga agctctcact tttatttctt ctctctggga acttgggtat     87600
     ctttttaact ttcattttat ttttgtattc tcaattttca tgtggctatg tctaaataca     87660
     gacaatgtgt tatcaattca gagtggtagt cactagctct cttcggacag acacttgtga     87720
     tcctttaaga ccttatgcca ggatcttcca ttgtttctga gattatattc ttttctgagt     87780
     attctgtgct tattgctgca aaacaatcaa gcacctgaca ttctgggttg acttattgcg     87840
     actgtgtttt tcacttacat tttttagttt cttcctattt tcattctaaa ctctaggatg     87900
     catcccggct ttgttttatt gacaattttt tgttttgaat tttttgtttg tttgtttgtt     87960
     tttcaaaaca gggtttcgct gtgtagccct ggttatcctg gaactcactc tgtagaccag     88020
     gctggcctca cactcagaaa tccacctgct tctgcctccc aaatgctggg attaaaggtg     88080
     tgtgccatca ttgcccggct gacaattttg aattttaaga ttattttatt gcaaaaataa     88140
     atgtactttc taactatgtg tatgtgtctg tggcagtggg gcatgcacgt gagtgcatga     88200
     gacctacaga aggaggacag aggagagggt tagttcccca ggagcaggga ttataggagg     88260
     ttgtgagctt cctgatgcag gtgctgggaa ttgaacttga gcccttggca agaggagtat     88320
     atgctcttaa ctgctaagcc acctctccag ctctaatgat tttaggtttt tgttttgtat     88380
     atgggtgttt tgtctgtgca ccatgtgcct tcctgctact cagacagtcc agaagaaggg     88440
     gttcgctccc ctgggactgg agttacagac agctattaat tgtcctgtgg ttttgggaat     88500
     taaattcagg catgtgaaga gcagcaaata gtcttaacca atgagaaatc tctctccagc     88560
     tccctctcac tccatttttt ttttgagaaa atatttcact atgtagctct agctgaccta     88620
     aaactcccta tgtagaccaa gctggcttca aactcacaaa gatccacccg tctctgcctc     88680
     ttgagggttg ggattaaggg tgtgtaccac ctggctcagc ttaattaaaa ttttgattta     88740
     aatcatcctg tttaatttct aagcttctat ctttaccgtg tgattccttt ttgacagcaa     88800
     ttatttattt atttatttat ttatttattt ccttttcatt ataggcctca gaccttcatt     88860
     cctctgaaga cactggttaa tattttgagg aattatcttc tgctttctga aatatttatt     88920
     ttccctatga ggttggttgt tctcctactt ctttctcgta tttctggtct tttttatgtg     88980
     tccagtgggt ctccatcctt cttttgtttt tgagagtgga gcgccagggt gactgtgctg     89040
     ggtgcctggt gcatagtgtg cctgtttgta gaaggtctgc atccccacaa ggcagctctc     89100
     tggatcagat agtgtcaagg actgggcctg tagattgtca tacacaaaca tcagaagggg     89160
     ctaagcttct gcagtagtcc caagcataac aggcgggaag tcaaaggaga ggcagtccat     89220
     ctgtgagaag gagaatagca accgatacag gaactaatca gaaatgtaaa ttcttatctt     89280
     cactctagca tctagagcag aggttctcaa ccttcctaat gctatgaccc tttaatatag     89340
     ttcctcatgt tgttttgacc ccccccccat cacaaaatta ttttgttgct acttcgcagc     89400
     tataatcgtg ctacagttat gaattgtaat gtaaatacct gatgtgcagg atatctgata     89460
     tatgaccctc agaagggtca cgacccacga ggtaagaacc actggtctgg atccctctgt     89520
     atcaacaagc tcaggtgagg cccatctacc ccacgtttca acgccctcca gagcgctatg     89580
     ggtgatgctg aggtgggctt tgatcattac cccattatat aaaatccact catactgaaa     89640
     gactagttag ttcttggaaa gcaggtccag tgtctcttag agtgtctgag ggtggggtgg     89700
     aggccacggc tggctgttac catcccgtgt ctgggtagcc aagggtaaat gactgagcag     89760
     agccccaaac agacttctac ttagtcctgc tcttaagtac ttcccctctg ccccaccagt     89820
     cggtttgcct gtggccccag gttctgaggg atgaggcgct atccctgagc ttccctctga     89880
     catgcgcaga gctgcatcgc tctgacatgc gcagagctgc aggcactgac ccctcttcag     89940
     cccctacatg tccatttgac ttctggctgg caatcctgct ttcaaacgtc ccaacaacta     90000
     atgactctgt ctctgggcca cagggtggcc tggggactga ctcatgctct ccctcagcat     90060
     tccctcctgg ttagtttcag cagtagctag ctcattggtt gaggcagtac tgtgcaggca     90120
     cgttgtatca ctcacgaagt ccaagttgtc gatcttaaca attctgaagt cagaactact     90180
     atttcctcca tgtagaaagg aggaaagtga gaatgcagag atgccatgca tctggggact     90240
     cacgacttcc catgagactc tagtgctaca tcaggctcct ccaacaggaa gtgtcccgag     90300
     ggtccaccct ggtgccctac caggaattat agtattggaa tcaccccttt attttgtttt     90360
     ttaagtacta aaaggtcttt aaaatattaa ggatggaatt cattcgatgc taagatctgc     90420
     atggtagtct ttggggtaag tggaagtgac tttaaattag tttattcttc aggtgatctc     90480
     actagctctt cagaaatgca aggttgtctt ggagtctcat aaattagagc tagacttctt     90540
     tgacccaagc aggaaaaagg tcaccctcgt ccttctaccc cccccccccc cccccgctcc     90600
     ttccatggag tggaaaggaa aggagagaaa gaacctagct cttaagacaa ggcttcagtg     90660
     gcacagccat cccatgcctt acctgggaag gaggaactaa cctgcctggg tgcggatccc     90720
     taacgatgca aaatctaagg cccgaggaag tttccacagc tgtgcccagg tagaagcaga     90780
     ctatcccgaa gcctgtggtt accacaaata ctggatggag acagacccaa ctcagcacag     90840
     ctcagctgct cttcttggcg caccaaggtg agcccctctg ccgcatcctg gggagagact     90900
     gccaagctca atagccacct gcttcccagg aggtcacaca tgagccttgc aggatactct     90960
     gggccccagg atgtcccagg gtgttttgac tggcggtgaa tgagacagct gtttacagag     91020
     ggagggagaa gagaggaagg gagagaggaa ggggtgggca ttttacacaa tttaataacc     91080
     agaggaacaa cagcagttac agaaaattta gccaaaatgt cattcaggga cgggaaagag     91140
     caattactta aatatttaaa acagacaccc caggagtggc catgggggcc gttctttgtt     91200
     aatatttaac cggagccggg cagccaccga gaatacaact gtttacagga gatatgaact     91260
     aacacccact atttgctgaa agctatgggg agactgtagc tcttgaacag ctgatgatgt     91320
     tcctaaatcc cagccgctcc agtagggccc cccccacatc accaccatga ggccacaggg     91380
     gtggggaggc cacagctgtc cccagagccc tgtgaaaact gtaaacaggc aggcaggggt     91440
     cagctgtctt gctccagact cacagttttc aggaagccca gccctgcagc tgggcctggg     91500
     aggtggctgc tggcaagatc atcagccctc actcctgcag accctggcca ggctatcctg     91560
     gcctcatcca ccctcctggg cagacaccat gcatgaagcc aggtgctgat gagcagagga     91620
     actggatccc aaactggctt gctatgtccc tcaattcaca ccggggcctc ctgggacacc     91680
     agactgggct gtctataatt aataagctag cctgtttgca gggttggtag atagataggc     91740
     cctttgttca ttacagcatc tacctccatg agcttggctt ttacctacaa ctgcctcaag     91800
     tctcatggct accctgctgc tatgacaacc acttcccaac ttacttgggc acattagtta     91860
     aaaccccaca cagatccaac ttactcctcg gctgcactct accagaaagc ccagctcaag     91920
     cccaagggaa aaaaacgtca cctttgagtt cgtaggctgt ttccaaggtg ccacagttga     91980
     gaccacgtgt gcctttcaga agcctgtgcc ccgttgcatc atctaatatg tttgttacaa     92040
     agttgcccaa ccctagaccc acaaccctgg cctcctcccc gcatgccact gccaactggt     92100
     aaaaaccaca gatggccctg acctattgag cccttctaat tgtttgcaca cctggtcaag     92160
     agaagagaaa gatggagcag ggaggcgcgc tctggaaaag ctagagaaga actggggcct     92220
     gcacaacaat atctgttaaa ataaaataaa atctagtata taagagctaa agtttgggta     92280
     gatatttagt acgtgatttc acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     92340
     acacacacat tcattccttc tcaggacagt tggcacacgc tgtctagagt actaaaacca     92400
     tagtcattaa actttttctg ttcactgagt agctctggat actagaaatc tgaaggaacg     92460
     ttgaagagat tatgactaag gaacatgaaa tgatcggcta aggttctagt ttagctaaat     92520
     gctggccaat gggatctaga gacatccacg gccactgagt catcaattag tcatgtgaac     92580
     tttttttttt ttttattttg attgttgcta cggtttcaac acaacttcct ctacctccca     92640
     actcaggttg gaattttgtc cccattgtga agtaagtgtt agagggcaga cacagtgtag     92700
     ccagcagtga ggccttcact ggactgaagc atgcatggcc cttgcctttt ggggggagat     92760
     cccttgctgc ttgggactct gccagcagaa agccaccact caatacagtc tctcgtcctt     92820
     gggtctttgc gacagtgaac tgaagaagtc ctcttttctt ttgaactcac caaggcaagg     92880
     tgttgtgttt tcttagtagg caaacgtttc tagcttcaga gtagtactgt aacatggtgg     92940
     gggggggggg gcgtctcttt cttgaagcca ttcagtagtc agttacagac aggccacttt     93000
     gaatcctctt atcatgttcc ctcctggatg gtaaccagac tgctttgcag ttaggagacc     93060
     tggtggacat agccaggggt gtccttgctt tgctgtttaa gggttgtatc cttccctggc     93120
     taaaagctta ttcaatccta gcaggcatgc ccctgcacag tgcttggctt gtctgtcatg     93180
     gcttgctcat ttaacacaca gcctaccctg gtgctccttc tgctgtcccc tcttcagcac     93240
     cctgatgggc tcagttgtcc tagaattgga cacatcaatc aaaattcagc agcatgccca     93300
     agagggcagc atgggggtgc ttggtgtatt caagcgttgg agacggcaaa tctggaaggg     93360
     gtttttatca tggtctgaat ttcaggcacg gaacacaaat gaccctttcc ttgaagtggc     93420
     atggtggcaa ctcatcttcc tgaagcagtg gccgtcctca tgctcggatg agtgaccaga     93480
     cacactcaca ggaccactgt atccctgccg tgcccttcgg aactgatcag aacagaggat     93540
     gcaactaagc cctggctgac aggagttctc cattatcaag tagaatcagg ggttcaaata     93600
     gaaaccaggt ctggttgttg cttagctgtt tttccccatt gctgtgataa aatacctgac     93660
     caaacccaaa acaaacaaac aaacaacacc tgaggggaac agggatttat tttggctcag     93720
     aatttaaggg tgtcgttccg ggaagtcagg gcagtaggac cttagggtgg cttgttgcat     93780
     gcatctgggg tcaggaaatg ggaaggcatg gctgctggtg ctcagctaac cttctccttt     93840
     tgattcagtc taggattcca gcccacagta aaggtgggtt gacttcccta cctcagttta     93900
     cctaatcagg acaaccccca acaggcacac ccagaagcct ctctgctagg tgactctaaa     93960
     ttctgtcaac ttgacaatct gtattagcca tcggttattg aaaaatgaga gagtggacat     94020
     ctttaggctc ccatggtttt agaggtgtgc tgagtcagaa gaaggaagag tcacccacag     94080
     aggtcgctgg agtccaggca taagaagccc ccccccttca ttcttcctgt agtctgagca     94140
     cctactatgt gcataagcct cactgagtgt gctagccatg gatgcaggag actgggccag     94200
     gtggttggcc agcctgggag gcagctggta cctgaggacc agtctttctg gttagcagag     94260
     aaggcgttca agtagccaaa agggcccttg taggaactgg attttgaagc agttgggggt     94320
     ggtatagggt atagggagcc ccctcttcac actaaagagg atgcaggata atgtcccttg     94380
     aaactaccac agagacagct ccatccccca ctgactgcac catccctaaa caccattctc     94440
     cagattcagg cagaggttca ctctccgcct tggatcattt gtctgtttat tgcctttgtt     94500
     atacccaccc ctttaatagt ctagcatgct taaagtctat atatgggccc atgtaaaatg     94560
     cagagtgtca tttttttatt ttttaaaaat atctactgag ttttacattc ttatttttac     94620
     actgtgataa aacgtgtgtg agataaattc gccgttggca gcgttaagat gagtggcgag     94680
     gagcaccctg gcacttcact accgccatgg ctaccccttt tcagatgctc cttgccttcc     94740
     gaaactggaa ctgtgcagac actttccccc agcccctgac aaccaccatc ctgctgtctg     94800
     tctgtctgca caggagcctc actaacagaa ccgtataata ccgccttttg agcctggctt     94860
     acttaactca ctgttctcag ggttaatcca tatcttacca ttgggcatgg tttcccatct     94920
     tctcacaact gaatgttcta ctgttcggac catgcttttc tcaaccatct gtccactgac     94980
     acttagcatt gctgtgtttt aaattaatgt attagttcat cttggctttc ttcagtgtct     95040
     tggtttcagt ggaccgtgat ctctccacct gtttcctttt cttgtgcaca gcaagcctat     95100
     tgcctctcac ctggacctgt tccccctgca cacctggcca caggcagctc ctcccacctc     95160
     agtattcctg ttgacaacat ctatgcatag gccctatcta tcatcacttg cctccacgtt     95220
     tctactagca ccctctccat tcccacttga ttctctttgg gactttctgt ttatgctttg     95280
     tgtgatgaat tcagctccca gctttcattg tgaacttaac gcaatctaga gtcctctagg     95340
     gaaagtctct gtcaggaact gtctacatca gcatactctg tacgcatgtc tgtagaggat     95400
     tgtcttgatt gttttagttg gtacaggaag actctttgta tgatctgttt tgttttgttt     95460
     tgtttttttc taacagcagg ttgaatgtga tgctggccca caggaacagg gagcattcaa     95520
     agatgctgga gcaagtctga gagcctctgt atctcttgcc atgttccaag ccctagagat     95580
     acagtggtgg acaagacagg cacactatcc tgtttccatg tggtcaacat ttccttacaa     95640
     tctgactgag gagaaaaaca gactggccaa taaataaaat gtacacagag ctatgagagt     95700
     gagcaggggg agtaggacgg gaatgtgcat aatttcagtg tgagcctgaa aagggctctc     95760
     cacaatggtg cagggatccc agggagagaa ctgtgaagct ctgaggtagg gggagtggag     95820
     aaacgaccca gaatggtgtt ggggtgctca gcgttggaag ctggtgtcac tggagccatg     95880
     gggccagtgt gggtgacttt gctctgtgtg agacagggag ttatgatgac agctaaagga     95940
     agagtgttag tctgacctct gcctgaacag gtcacacttt ccatgtgatg aggaaacaca     96000
     gatggggccg agggaaggga gatgaggctg tttgcaaaga tccaggcagg aagcagccac     96060
     ggattctatg tgctttgtcc cccaagggtt catgggttag tggattggtc cccagtggca     96120
     tgaggttgaa aggttgtgga ccccaaaatg ggcagagttg gctctgtcac tggggatatt     96180
     gtccatggga gggattgatg tagttattgt gggagcctga gttagtcctc cagaaagggt     96240
     agttatagaa gaccaagact ggcctctctt attctggttt ctggttcaac agtgtagtct     96300
     ttcacacatc catcaattcc ccacaaatgt gatcccatca gccatggagt cctcatgagc     96360
     agaagccaga tccatgcctc cagaaacagg agctgaataa aactctcttc tttccaaata     96420
     ctcagggctc tagccttcac tacaagagga aataggttag acacagagaa caagagaagg     96480
     ggacagagat gaatcacacg tggcccaagt gatggacact gtcattctat agaactagta     96540
     gactgatcgg ggagtgacca tgctgaggaa gatcaatcac actggccagt gtggccttca     96600
     tacctgactg gagatgcaaa tagcccagac tagacaggag agactgacag aagacactcc     96660
     cgcccagtca ctaggcacag agactatttg agaccaagag attctctgga ctttctgagg     96720
     gaagtggaac tgaagcccga gcccctcact ggagagaggg agtgaccagc caggccagtg     96780
     cttctcagtc ttcctaatgc tgtgaccttt taatacagtt cctcatattg tgatgacccc     96840
     agccataaaa ttattcttgt tgcttcttca taactgtaat attgctattg ctacaagttg     96900
     tcgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgcgc gtgcgcgcgt gcgcgcgcgc gtgttttctg     96960
     atgctcttag gcaaccccca aaggggatgt gccccacagg ttgagaactg ctgctctaga     97020
     gacccctgac taatacagcc cagcatgcct gtgtttatgg aaccagccag tctttgatca     97080
     gttgaataca agtatgcaaa tccagtggga aagggaacca atcagagaac agatgtcaaa     97140
     catggtgaga aagggaaaga accccaaacc taccaaaatt tgtcaaaaat tcaaaaacag     97200
     gtccaaaggt ctctgcccct gcagtgataa gaacagacac ttaacttgtt gaagagtccc     97260
     atttcttctg gagctaatgt tgttcagctg tagcttgggt tgggggaaag tgggggcagc     97320
     agatgttttt taatttatcc agggcagtag ttgttcttcc taatgctgtg accctttaaa     97380
     acagttcctc atgttgtggt aaccaccccc tacctaaaat attttcattg ctacttcata     97440
     actgttattt tactactgtt atgaatcatg atgtaaatat ctgataggca ggatatctga     97500
     tatgcgacct ctataaaagg gtcattcaac ctccgaatgg gttgcaagcc acaggttcag     97560
     agtgctgagc taccctaaca ccagagaacc aagatgatga tgggtattgg tcgataggtt     97620
     tggcagactg gaagcgctct ctgtggtgag gagaggtgca aggctgactg ggcagtcagc     97680
     taaaggggtg aaaagaggaa ggtactgggg aaagtggaat gggcaacttg tcagcaaatt     97740
     ttctgtgaag gaaaagagaa agctggggta gtaattgtgg gggctgtgac tcaaaagatg     97800
     ttttcttttc ttttatatca tctttcagga cactaaagaa gcaaaatgac tatgtgttta     97860
     tgtctcaagc ctgtgatcca agtagttaga cattgctgga gctggaggag gcctgtggat     97920
     ggatttcttc agacaaggga ggagccaaga gcagacactg aacactggag agagtagatg     97980
     aggaggcctg gcagagcctc tgtgcgccga gatacatggt ggaagccgta ggcacctctt     98040
     cttatggccc ctacttctag aaaacgagca gaaagcccac aagctgagag tgagggacat     98100
     actttatagc agttcacttt gtgttgctgt aataagatac ctgcagtgga tggtgttaac     98160
     gtcaacttgc cacaagtcaa tattattacc tgagtaggga gccacatctg aggagttgtc     98220
     ctgattcctt aactgatgtg aagagccacc ccaagtgtag gcagcatgtc caggtagcaa     98280
     cccaactgaa aaggagcata gcagagggga ggttgcttgc cttccattca cttggtcttc     98340
     cttcttgctg ttgagttgat ttatgctcct ggtgctgctg ctgctgagga agaggaggaa     98400
     gaagaaggta agaaggagga ggaggtagag gatgacaatg gtgatgatga taatggtgat     98460
     gataattatg atatgatgac aatgacaatg atgttaatga tgatatgatg atgatgaaga     98520
     tgacgattat gatgacaatg acgatgatga tgataattga tgacgatgac aatgatgatg     98580
     acgatgacaa caacgactat gatttcttca ctgatgtcag agtcagtgtt gccaggcctc     98640
     agaaccagtg gctctccagg aaccctgcag attttcggtg cctgattggg actaatgagg     98700
     cactcagctt tttgggctga ggagcaacca ggctgtctgc ctttctagtg tgagacatct     98760
     actgtgggac tactctgact actgggacat ccagtatcat ggaccaagct accaccatgt     98820
     tctcagcttc tcaggtgtga gactgaggct ggaatatttt ataaagaaaa aaggattatt     98880
     tggttcacag gtttataagt tgaaacttca atattaggtg gcctcatgta ttccacttca     98940
     gatggctccc ctcagtggtg ttacatgata gcagtggttc atggcagagg tatgttgcaa     99000
     aaggggaata tcacatggca agacaggaag ccagacagtg gggccagtct ctgtcctttt     99060
     aactctggtg ggaactaacg ggagtcccac ccagggcttg tgtgcccagt gacctaagta     99120
     ttttcactga gccttgtgtg ttaaaagtct atcatctctc atactgccac actgaggacc     99180
     aaacttctaa tgcattgaac ctctgggaag acacccaagc tgtgttcaaa ctctgactcc     99240
     aaaacttaca tagcattctc agtcagtagt gcattctgtg accaccaaac tctctttcca     99300
     agagatggtg tcctgaatgg acattaggca aggcatggtg gacagaagtc accagaccca     99360
     cagccctcta ctagcaaaca gcccagcgaa tggggcaata ggcccatgag acaaataatg     99420
     gaatagaatt ggaaacaagg cagatgggaa actgacctcc actagacaga gggcctttct     99480
     ctagctggct atgctctgac tctgggacac agctctctct ctctggatcc tgtctgtgcc     99540
     ttcctagtgg gaccacgtga agacttatat gagctgaagc tctcccacgt ctcatggtct     99600
     tgatgacgtt ggtctctcca acgctctgtc atggggtttc tgcagcatta cccaaagcac     99660
     cttgggaagg agagggttca cgtggcttgc agttccacat cacagtctga ccctggagga     99720
     agtcaggaac tcaaggcagg aaccagagac aggaactgaa gcagaagtca tagaggatca     99780
     ctgttgattg gcttgtttct cacaggttcc tcactctgcc tgatttctca ttcaacccag     99840
     gaccccaggg actagaaaca tcaatcatta actacaatga tgtcgtttag acgtgcctaa     99900
     tggaaactct ttctcaattg agattccttg ccctaggtaa tgttagcttg tgtcaagttg     99960
     acaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa acaacacaaa aaaaacccaa tacacacacc tttggcttat    100020
     gaagtgtacc ctagaactgg gactctcact tcgcattcac ctctgatccc ttctgcctat    100080
     tgcctacctg ccatagaatc ttcccaaagc cagcccacaa aggggccaaa gagaggactt    100140
     ttagggctgc catagtcaat attgttaact tgataagacc caaaattact tatgagacaa    100200
     ttctttgtcc atgtctatga agtagtttct agatgttgtt aactgaggta gaacgatcca    100260
     ctctagatat gggtagtacc agtccatgta ccagggtcct gaactgaata caaaggagag    100320
     agtgagctga ctccagcatg caaaggaatg tgagcaaaat taaagctgtg ccgtgggagc    100380
     ttcggggaga gcagtttctg tagggagagt ggtttcaata actggggacc aaacatttaa    100440
     tcataggtgc ctatgggacc attctcattc aaaccacaaa aatatgacca aggcaactta    100500
     taaaagaaag tgttgctgag aagtggtggc acacaccttt aatcccagca cttgggacgc    100560
     agaggcaggc agatttctga gtttgaggct agcctggtct acaaagtgag ttccaggaca    100620
     gccagagata cacagagaaa ccctgtctcg aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag    100680
     aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaaggtg    100740
     ttcactttgg gtctcatagg tcctgggggt tggagtccat gacctcatgg cagggagtgt    100800
     gatagcaggc aagcaggcat ggcgctggac caatagctga gagcttacat cttgatctct    100860
     tagtacaagg ccgagagcta actggaaatg gtatgggctt ctaaaatctc aaaacccacc    100920
     ccctgtgaca cctttcctcc aacaaggcca tacctcctaa tctatctcaa atagtttcag    100980
     taactgggga tcaagcatcc aaatacagga gcctgtgggc cccattttca ttcaaaccgg    101040
     caccatgttc tttaagcctt ttcatcaacc cccttttata tagtttagta aaagtgcctt    101100
     tgtgttcaca tgagtggtca tgtgtatgat gtgtgtgcat attattcacc catgggtgca    101160
     tgtggagacc agaggtcaac attggccacc ctatcatctc catcctcttt ttaaatttta    101220
     tttatttatt tatttttatt tgtttggggt tttttgtttg tttgtttatt taatgggttt    101280
     gtatgtgtgc ccaagtgtct gcatgctcat gcagtatttg aggaggccag aagagaacct    101340
     tgggtcccct ggcgctggag tttctggtgg ttgttagtca cctgatgtga ctactgagaa    101400
     ctgaacccag gttctctgga agggcatcaa gcggtttcag ctgtgaacca ttttcagttc    101460
     cttaccttat tttgagacag ttactctcac tgaaactgga gctcacactt ttggctgatc    101520
     tggctgccca gcaaacctct ggaatgcacc tgtctctgct tcccagtgcc atgcttacag    101580
     catgcatttc caccctggtg tgttaggtgg gtgggagctg gtgagacaaa tgcaggtcct    101640
     tgaccttgca tggcaaacac tttatccact gagccattgc cctagccccg cagaccgtct    101700
     cttaccaaac tcctactctg cttcatgctg gcttactttg aaattctttc tgcatcagag    101760
     ccagggatcc agacttatct gatccttgag ttgagattcc taaaagacta agggaacttt    101820
     ccaggctgca gtggtgacag cttagaactc tattcctgcc atagctgatg gttttgctga    101880
     catgcaaggt acattcgtga aagaatcgtg gaggcttgca ctacatttgc taaaagttat    101940
     cagtgtgtaa acagggtcag agtccctcca aggagcccct gaaataccac ggtgtgaagc    102000
     tgaggaggtg aagtctaagt tgcaatggag accctaggat gttggaaaca ccaggactgt    102060
     ggggagtcca ccgaggaagg ctaaaattgt ggaggaacgc taggctaaca gggagggcat    102120
     gcgtacttca ggctggagat gtggaagcct agagagtttc atcccatgtt ccaggtttgg    102180
     tgtttgcccc caatgaactt cagagtacat tggtccaaac tttccttgct gagccctcat    102240
     cctccctact agaatagaag catttattct gtgcagttgt ctattggagt tgcaatgcgc    102300
     tttttaattt tttttttcca caggagctct cggttaagag attatcttga ggcttagtga    102360
     gaattagact ttggactttt aagcagtcag aactgttaaa gactatgggg tcaaaagcca    102420
     taagatgtga ggttggactg aatgtacttt gcactaacag atcgccagga gcctctgggg    102480
     accagaagag gaagattctg gctcaaatgt gatacatttg ggcatcaagc cgccaacggg    102540
     tagactggtg aaggttgata ccatcagctg gacaggatct ataatcacct aggtgaccgt    102600
     gctctgggaa tgtctatgag ggagttccta gactggatta cataaggtag agaaagacac    102660
     accctgtgag tcgtgccttt ccatcagcta ggagcctgca ctgaatttga aggagaacgc    102720
     aggccaagaa cttgtattca gttctctttg ctccatgacc atgggtgcaa tgtgaccgtt    102780
     gcacctcaca gctgccttgg ctcctgctgc tacgtgctcc ccaccatcac agactatcct    102840
     ccccaactgt agaccaaaat aaacccttcc tttctcaagt gtgtcatgga ttttgttaca    102900
     acaagaagaa acatagctaa tgctgggctt cacagtgaat ctccccctgt gcccactgag    102960
     gtgcctctgc aggtgtcagc tattccgtac ctagaaggga acagggtggc aatgactacc    103020
     caacacagaa agaaaaggtg gtaggtccta ttgcaatggc attttagcat catataacat    103080
     caggtgcacc atcaagggat aattgttagc attttgtcta agctccaccc cacagttacc    103140
     tggcaacaac cagatatgct ccgccccaca gttacctggc accagacagg catgcctgac    103200
     tcactgtaag aggagctgtg tgccccctcc tctcctctcc tcctgctctt gccttcctgc    103260
     tcctgctttg tcctctggtc tttctcccct ctctctccat gtgctcatgg tcagcctcta    103320
     cttctctcct cctcttcctt cttcttcttt ctccttctcc ttcctcctcc tcctcctcct    103380
     cctcctcctc ctcctcctcc ttcttcttct tcttctcctc cttcttcttc tctctctctc    103440
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctttctc tctcccctcc tgcctttctc    103500
     tgcctctact accctcttga cctcttgaca cccctcccca tgccctgaat aaattctatt    103560
     ctatcctatc ctatcctatc ctatcctatc ctattctatg tgtggctggt ccctcagggg    103620
     taagggatgc ctcagcatgg gctcaccaaa gcacctgcgt cccccatacc tgactacacc    103680
     tccaccaaac ataacccttc ttctccttat ctttctataa acccatcaat aatgactcta    103740
     tcagcaggtg gcacccaggc cttcctgccc acctgtctgt tccaggttct gcatccctgg    103800
     aagacaccac ctcccagcat cctcttgtgc atctgcaaca gcaaatactg acgtctgtaa    103860
     gctgcactcc cttctgcctg ttgcttccca gaacctccgg ccatcacatg ctcacctcag    103920
     ccatcctcag gctccccttc cacgttcctg cctgtgttct aagctccctc agtgtgttcc    103980
     ctctactctc acctccatgg gagctgttcc accattcagg gccttcttat gttgtctcat    104040
     ggtggaaagg ctttctcccc atttccccta gctttccaca cagtgggttc tttccattca    104100
     tgtgatattc ttgctaacct tggctttgat tttagtggat tgcttctgtt cctttttaaa    104160
     cttggagaga gaagggggga gggggacaga gaggagaggg aaagggaatt caactcagaa    104220
     atgaggaatg tagctaaaaa tgggagacgt gtggagaagc attttttata agttagtaca    104280
     aatatttttg gaatttaatt ttccttaaaa aaaaaaaaag agttgcagac agagcgtcta    104340
     cgtcctgtgt ttgaatacca gtggcctctg atgtctttat ttgtaaaccc actagtgata    104400
     tatgactcta caggccctca cttcccccct ggcaaaattg aaacaatggc acctctcttt    104460
     ctcctgacag cctcctcctc tctttctccc tctgttctcc ccactctcct ctttcctccc    104520
     tttcatcttg cataattgtg ggcaaacagg accacacctt ataggaaata cttagcactg    104580
     cgagacaaag acagtctata aagcaaggct gggccactca accacgaggt cagtttcggc    104640
     aaaagcattg cgaaggggac ctgggaaggc ggcaagcctc acccactgag gaagaagagg    104700
     tgaaaagtat gaagaacaga aaagcagagt gcccaggctc agccctggga cgtggtagct    104760
     gttcatgata gacataagat aatgaaggct ggcttaggtc tgtagtgcag gttaaatttt    104820
     gtcaacttga cacaaactag agtcacgcag ggagagggaa cctcacttaa ggcgttacct    104880
     ctatcagagt gacctatagg cgtctgtggg tgcttcttct tgattgattg gtgtgggagg    104940
     gcccagccca ctgaggctgt ttccaggtgg atggacaatg gccttgggtt gtataacaaa    105000
     gcagactgag caagccaagg agagcaagcc agtgagcagc gtttgtctaa ggtctctgct    105060
     tccttcctgt cttcaggttc ctgccttcct tcagctcctg ctctggcttc cctcaatggt    105120
     gaactgtgac ctggaagtaa aagccaaata aacaggttcc tcaccctaag ttattctggg    105180
     ctattaggtt ttgtcacaac agtagaaaag taaactagaa tacttgtcat cctgggtact    105240
     ggggcgatga ggcagtagag ttacaggttc aagggcagcc caatcaactg aaaattaaaa    105300
     aacccaaaga gggctccaga tgtgagtatg tggtagccag ctgggtgatc aatccatgta    105360
     gccaagggtt ccactccact cctaatcagt acacatgccc tgcttgcttg ggtctgggat    105420
     ggaaacatag aactggtttc agaatgcagg ctgtagtgat ggatgcttgg ctaggcatct    105480
     acccagaacc actcaattct ccttaatgga aattgtaaaa acactgacgt tccagccacc    105540
     ggttattggt taactaaacc atagcatgcc cataaatgta ggaaccattc aggtatccag    105600
     gtagaagcta gcatgggaaa ccatcaacct gggaaagaac ccgctgaaaa ctcatcttta    105660
     gtgatgtgga tcaatatagg atagctctga gagtgtgcag gctgctggct agtaaggcac    105720
     aggaaatcct ccatcccctg gctagcttgg gggcagctag taaacaggaa tctacttgta    105780
     ccacatttca catccttaag ctacatacct gaggcaagga catcacactg tgcgactgtc    105840
     agtctttggt aaaagtagat gctgccctcc tctcatgact ggagtcagag cgggttgtaa    105900
     gaggagagag agaaaagaag aggccaccat caccaaagac ataaagatgg aagggaaata    105960
     agagggggtg gccaggagga attggtggga gggggtcaag gtgtgggtat gatttaaata    106020
     cattgtattt acattttatt ttttaaaaga tttatttatt tattttatgt atatgagtac    106080
     actgtcgctg tcttcagaca cactagaaga aagcatcaga tcccattaca gatggttgtg    106140
     agccaccatg tggttgctgg gaattaaatt ctggacctct ggaagaacag tcagtgctct    106200
     taaccactga gccacatatt tgcattttaa attaccaaag aataaataaa ttcttaaaca    106260
     tgtgaatggg ctgtatgaag aagataccat taaaatttaa catggcagtt aggactttaa    106320
     aaaggctcag tggtgaagac tctgccctta tagaggccct gagtttggtt ctcaagaccc    106380
     aacatcctct tttgatctcg ttgagtttag catacacgtt gcatatgttc acaccacaca    106440
     cacaagcatg caatcatgca cacatgtgca tgctcacata tacacaagga taaagctttt    106500
     tagaaatgtt taacatggca tcttaggttt ttccaaagtg gcccagaata atttctcatc    106560
     ccaaaggctc ttctagaacc ttgctgtttc ctgcctggag gtgaaagctc ccttccctcc    106620
     ccagaacctg gcagtgtttg ggccactgat acagtgtggt tctcaacctg tgggttgcca    106680
     cccctgcagg gttgaacgac cttctcataa gggtttgcct aagactatca gaaaacctaa    106740
     atatctgcat tgtgactcct aacagttaca gaattacagt tatgaagtag caaggaaaat    106800
     agtcttatgg ttgggggtca tcacaacata aggaagtgta ttaaaggggg ggtgcagcat    106860
     tggtaaggtt gaggaccagt gcgttaatag cagctggtgg aagggatacc cctgacttct    106920
     gcgagtagtt agaatagctt tatcttgaga caacccagct gacatgctgt ggttgtgaag    106980
     aaaccacaac cgcttgaaga aacctgacaa cggccagcaa ccactggaga tgtgtgtaaa    107040
     cagcttccca atgattctga gcctcttggt gttccagggt gggagccaga catcatgggg    107100
     cagagatgag cagcccacta ctacaccttg ttcacagcct tcctctggcc caggatcata    107160
     aacagttgtt atgtttgtca gatcgggagc aatttgtttc tcggctgtga caactggaag    107220
     cagcatgtgg gtggacgtgg ttgggtgtgt aaatggagga aacttaagaa tatctgaaca    107280
     gggctggaga gatggctcag cggttaaaag cactgactgc tcttccggag gtcctgagtt    107340
     caaattctga caaccacaca gtggttcaca actatctgta ataagatctg atgccctctt    107400
     ctggggtgtc tgaagacagc tacagtgtac ttacatgtag taataaataa atcttttaaa    107460
     aaaaaatctg atcagagtgg ttgagcctgt tttcccataa ttcattagtt ctctctctct    107520
     tccatttgtc tgcctcatgc ctacacccca caagacaggc tctcatatgt gggcctagct    107580
     gacctggaac ttgcttcaca gaccatgctg tccttgaact tagaaaaaaa tctgctacct    107640
     ttaggccttg gtagtgctat gattttccaa acttattcat aattttaatg ttttgacagt    107700
     aagttgacat tgtgttataa aactaaaaac aatatgaatt tctcaaatga aagggggtca    107760
     tggcatatat ccaagcactc tgtgtccagc tagcctgtgc cttgctgccc tgtaggaatt    107820
     ggagcaagtt cacaggaacc actgaaaggg tctaagccct ggctgtgggg ccctgctcct    107880
     agctggagtg tcttctgtcc tggtttcagg tgggcgtggc tggcctttgt gaagggtatt    107940
     atgggaacaa gtgtgtgctg aggtgggagg gggctcctgc tgggccacta atacattcct    108000
     gaccaaacct ttcatcttca aacatcttca gatatgaggt taattaagag gcttagcctg    108060
     gaatgctgca tcgaagaatg gcactgaaat atttatgtga acttttgcat tttgagtttt    108120
     caaaacacaa gttgccaagc cttgtacaaa tacacagtag ctttagcata tggcggtcaa    108180
     ggtcacaacc tgcctcagag ttccttgaga tgcttcaggg tggggggagg ctcactcact    108240
     atttcctaca ccccggcagt atctggtaag cctcctcttt tatatctgtc cttacctccc    108300
     attaacaaag tcctctatgg aatcttgcca ttaagggtca aaagagtgtc ctacctgagt    108360
     gggacccctt ggttcaggat tctggcttca gtagacacag agaggaacaa ggctcccttt    108420
     cccttgcagc cttcttagta cttgtacttg ctatggttta aatttcctaa gaatttgaac    108480
     caaggtagtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgcgtg tgcatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    108540
     tgtgtgtgtc agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag actgcgggga    108600
     gagctctgtg tatgagttgt gtggcttatt cacaattgta cgtacagatg cctgtgcctg    108660
     cgagcacgca gaggccagag gaggaggttg gctgtctttt ctttattttt atttttatta    108720
     ttttttttga aaagttaaaa attccttaat tttttattcc tggtaccact accacaattt    108780
     acagggcaat atacctgatg taatgaaaag aaaaagaaaa agacaaagct acaacagata    108840
     aaagacctca ggaatgtaca tctaattgac actacattgc attaatcaat agctgcactt    108900
     tttgcaaact gtggctatga cagtcctgaa caagaagggt ttcctgttta agctgcagta    108960
     acttttctga ctatggatca tcgttccttc tgtggcagat ttttacagtt cctctaatgc    109020
     atttgggaca gtaacctgca gctttcctga caactcctcg ctctctctcc tgctaagaac    109080
     tgtagccatt tctgttttat tttaaaacct tctgctacca tatccaccac ttccacctcc    109140
     agatccatag ccaccaccat agggactgcc tgagcttctt ccaccaaaac tgcccccctt    109200
     catgggtcca taatttgatt gttgctgtcc actataattt ccaaagtcat tatagtttcc    109260
     accaccacca tagttacctc caccaaaatt tcctccttca ttgtaaccat catagcctcc    109320
     tcctccacca ccatatccac caccctggtt tccatatcct ggtccaccac ctccataacc    109380
     tcctctactg ctataaccag gaccaccacc atagttgcca ccaccacctc caaatccatt    109440
     atatccacca tcaccacctc cataactacc tctgctgcca ccacctctac caccatagcc    109500
     acctcttcca ccaaagtttc ctccacgacc aaagtttcct ccaccacctc caaagtttcc    109560
     tccacgaccc ataaagttgc cagatccacc tccacgacct ctctgtgatc cagcagactg    109620
     catctcttgt ttagaaaggg cctttttcac ttcacaatta tgcccattaa tagtgtggta    109680
     tttctgaaca acaattttat caactgtgtc atgatcatca aaagttacaa aagcaaatcc    109740
     tctctttttc ccactctgcc tgtcttccat aacctctatg gtttcaatct tgccatactt    109800
     ttcaaagtag tctctcaggt tatattcttc cgtatcttct ttaataccac caacaaaaat    109860
     tttcttcacc gttaaatggg cgccaggctt tacagaatcc tctctagaaa cagctctcgt    109920
     tggttgcacc acacgtccat caaccttgtg tggccgagca cacagtgcag catccacctc    109980
     ttcaacacaa gagtaggtca caaaaaccaa agcctctgga acattttgtt tggggatctc    110040
     tcattaccac acagtctgta agtgtgcccc atttctcaaa atgttctctt aagctatcat    110100
     ctgtggtttc aaagctcaga caaccaataa atagcttcct cagctgctct ggttcctttg    110160
     gatcatggcc ctccattttg agaccggact cgcctcttcc aactcgagtt caatatggga    110220
     ccctttattt ttatttttat tagacatttt cttcatttac atttcaaatg ctatcccaaa    110280
     agtcccctgt acccttcccc tgccctgctc cccaatccac ccactcccac ttcctggtcc    110340
     tggtgttccc ctgtactggg gcatatgatc tttgcaagac caagggcctc tcctcacatt    110400
     gttggttgac taggccatcc tctgctacat atgtaactag cgacacgagc tctgggagta    110460
     ctggttagtt tatatttttg ttcctcctat agggttgcag actcctccag ctccttgggt    110520
     actttctcta gctccttctt taggagcccc gtgttccatc caatagatga ctgtgagaat    110580
     ccacttctgt atttgccagg cactggcata gcctcacaag agacagctat atcagggtcc    110640
     tgtcagcaaa atcttgctgg catatgcaat agtgtctggg tttggtggtt gtatatggga    110700
     tggatccctg ggtggggctg tctttggatg gtccatcctt ccgtctactc tgggaggagt    110760
     agagaagttt tcactgccct tggccccagg tgctgagccc aggtcttgag gatgctggag    110820
     tcctatcctc gcttcatcct ctcttgagag caccagggtt taccctttga ccaaattgct    110880
     ttggagtaca gaggcacaga atagccaaga ggtcaaggct ccaggacaca caatcctcct    110940
     gactcctgcc cacggccacc agttctgcct catctgttag cttacctctc ctctgtattc    111000
     atgcctcatc agtcttgtgg aggtgttgcc ttctcagaga caccctgccc ggccacaggc    111060
     cagagccacc tccccagtgc cccacacttc tgcttgtttg tttatggctc acaccctgag    111120
     gcagtctttg atgggagtca aaggaggcag tctctgcttg tgtgcctgtc tgttcccatc    111180
     gcccctctag ggtgtcagct tgatgaaaag gatgagattt gctggtgagg ctgccgatac    111240
     ccacagcagc ttagggtcag ctgctcgtgc tgcccttggg gtggctgagc cagtgagtga    111300
     cccgggctct cggggaggtg ctggaggtac agtgatgaat gaaacacaag tcatatgtcc    111360
     taatgtgtgc aaataactgt taaagctaca ggtaggactg tggagtcata gtaggccctc    111420
     aggctgaggg ccagatggaa ggaacgcagc agactcgagg ctggatctca gtggacagga    111480
     aagaggaagg agaaggaaat ggcaacattg ttgcaaagcc taagccttgc agcccaccct    111540
     cagactcatc gtatcttctt tctcccctcc cttcagactc ctccctgtcc tgtaggcttt    111600
     cctccttctg ctgggcacac agaaggtatt tttcctgagc ttcaaaagca ttgttctgtc    111660
     cgaaccaggt gagccccagg ggtcttatgg aattcttgta attcgtctcc atagcttgaa    111720
     agggaaagcc caacttggct gtggtcaagg cctgggttat gacttatttg cttaattagt    111780
     tagttaatac atgtagcatt tgtgtgaggc gtgcgtgtac ctgatggtca gaggtcaact    111840
     agtggaaact ggttctctcc tattgtgtgg gtcctgaaac agagctgagg tcatcggcct    111900
     tatcagactt agatgcaggc tctttacctg ctgagccacc tcactggccc aggccctggg    111960
     ttctaactgt gactgcagtc tcctcacaac ccaactcatt ttgtccttaa cttgcctgag    112020
     gatggaaggc tccctccaaa accttcccca caacccagtc gccccaaaga gggaactctt    112080
     tggcccacat ttgcacctaa aaagtatcat ggtggggcta gcaatttggg caactccctg    112140
     gttttgtgat ttctgtctga gcccaccata gggcatcgtg tgcagaatct tcggtgtctg    112200
     ctgtgactat attgtcccgt ggaagagaca ggcatattcc tgcatgtgtc agtccaggga    112260
     gtatcccagc atagaggcag cgtaggcttc ttgtgcatct gtcttcctga agcccagact    112320
     ccactcacaa catccctcac tcatgtttca gggctcagga ggccttgctt gagctggaag    112380
     ccattgcaga ggtatgaaca tctgtctgtc cagtcgaggt gggttctaga aggattatgt    112440
     ccgtaggagt gaagggcaca ggggcaagga gtcctgcccc agttgagatg gaagaactgg    112500
     gcgggaggaa tggcaagggt agatgtccag gaggggtggc cctaagaaga tgcccctggg    112560
     aatggtgggt cagggaggtc tagcccctct tactcctctt gtctctgtgt tggtcttctc    112620
     agcgtctcgt ccccgctgct ccagtctctc ttgttatcca gtctgtgaag cacctattga    112680
     gctgagtgtt aggttcctta ttcgtgtcgt gggaagtatt ggactagcaa attgctaaca    112740
     ctacattaca gagcacgtgt ctgtgccaag cccatcccta aagtccattt ctcctcccag    112800
     caaggacagt gatgtcagtg ggcagggaaa ttgtgtgctg ggggtgggga gaaactcagc    112860
     cagcatcgaa atagctggat ttcataacaa agcaagattg gagtaaagtt ggaaccagag    112920
     acctgactca tatgtaacac agatctatga aacaggcctg gcctcacttt ataggctggc    112980
     tcccacagca gtgccagtct ggtgagattt ctgaggatgt gtctaggtaa ctacttaggg    113040
     tcccactatt ccttcctaag catgcctttt taaaccattt ctatctaagc catctcccca    113100
     gtttccctta tgctcctgat aagaaagtgt tacataaaac cctccactcc tcagcaaggt    113160
     aaagggagaa ccttgttcca catcactctc tgagtccggt ggtctccagc ccaccttcat    113220
     ctagtcttca tcggctggtg gctcccagga ctctggctac tccacgaatc accgctggtg    113280
     cattgtatca tagaagctcc ctgcctgccc actgataccg tctggccagc cagttccaac    113340
     ctaaccacac gtgtaggtgg aaaggaatct gaagagaacc cagtctccaa ataacaatat    113400
     ggaaaaaacg ttacggagac cagctctaac atgggttgta gcaaacctca ttcattaaga    113460
     taaaaagcgg ggaaaattgg caagaagggg ggaaaattac agagtatttc ctgtgaggaa    113520
     tatatgggac atccttggaa atttcttgag gcataataag tttactgttc ctcttcttgg    113580
     aaaaaaaacc atctttccgt gtctcacctg tccccctcac ccccaaaaca gttatttatg    113640
     ggtgtaaaat attccctgtt ctgagcaact tataacaaac accactgtga gagtctcccc    113700
     ttccagtgaa gaatttggca cacagtcagg atctgaggtt tggctatttg cttgcagcca    113760
     ttaactgcta cataaagcct ttgaaaaaaa aaaaaagccc tgtatctgga agtctgcgct    113820
     ataaaagacc atttagacca gtggaaagct tgtctttaga gttgttgtcg cccgagactt    113880
     cagtctccaa gcaggaactg ccaattacac atttactgga taagggtaca ggggctacct    113940
     gaggggtaat tagaaatgaa aaacccctct ttgaacccac cattgtggga tacccaaatt    114000
     tggctccaga attatggccc ttgtggccac aaaggagccc agagagaatt gcttcgggat    114060
     tgaggcaaat agggtggtgt tctcctctcc tcaattaaga acaggctgac cttcccctct    114120
     tgttttgaaa aggactaatt aaatacccca gtccagctgc tttggcacat gccaggggga    114180
     ttatttagaa agcaaacacc tgaaataaac gcaggcacaa atgtctgcag aagatgctac    114240
     ccgcacaccc tctgtgtgag acccacagtc agaagggtaa aaccgttccc agacagccta    114300
     tcccaacccg gcttcttgcc atggggttaa agcagtgtca aaatagtctt tttgcataag    114360
     caacactttc tttgtgacaa tggtctctga aaggggacga agcacagtaa aggtgcctgc    114420
     ccacctttac cttcaagatt ttgagtgttt gaccctgcat tttccttcac tggtgtattt    114480
     gtggcggtat cacaggctct ccagaacctg gcatgtgccc tgtgtgtcag ctccccagcc    114540
     tttgaagtga ggactgctgc tcctgagccg cacagcacaa agtagctccc atcaggggga    114600
     actgatggtg attgttaagg agtggccact gatgaaccag ttccttggat gaacttgtaa    114660
     cagattctgg ccacaaactc acctgcggct tgttttccag tttccagccg ccgtcacgtg    114720
     tgctgcgagt gagaatgccc cttgcttctc accctgtaca atgcctgaga aactggaacc    114780
     aaggctccac ctcccacgag tcacagaagg gtaagtctgg aagctccacc cccttctaca    114840
     tctagcaaat ggcaaagcca taaagatgaa gtgtctttgg tatcgatggt gacgcccact    114900
     gttgggaaga tgcagagaaa ccacctttcc tgaccacaac tgaaagctaa tgttctgcca    114960
     tctttctgga gggcattttg gcactactca aaagctgtga aaacacgcag tctaatttct    115020
     gcttccaacg atgaaggact agcttgtttc agaccacgcc tcccatcagg aacaactaga    115080
     aaaagctgcc tagccactac ctgcctgaag gcactggagt aaacacagga agacttgaga    115140
     agacaagttc ctggagagag gagaggctca gggttggggc ggaggtgagg gcgtggggtt    115200
     cctcttccac tcaaggcagt ggccagttca caagctgctt tgggtgtgat gctgagaagg    115260
     cagtggtagt gaggaacgtg tagtcataac ttcaggaaca ccatgggaca gatgacaaaa    115320
     cctggcacag atggcttgca aaggaggagt caaggcatat accccaactc cctggcttcc    115380
     taaagagcaa tcagtggtga ccctctacct cagttcacct gactgtctga ctttaatacc    115440
     ggaacttcct gttctgagaa acccttttgt ccaaggaaag ccaaggcagt tgctcagact    115500
     gggtgagact ggatatgctg tgagactaaa gctaatgcct ccttcagtgg cctcagtctc    115560
     cagggaaggg ctgtcactca ttctgagtgc cagacagagg ctaaagcagt tcttctccaa    115620
     agaaggatgc tgctcaaggc ccctggtgtc ttctacaact tgatacaaaa tgtctaatat    115680
     tcagtggaag ataaccaaat atggacagtg aggggattgg accgagaggg gaaaatagac    115740
     actagataca catccactgg caattctaat gctgctgtaa agatgctgtt atgatgctac    115800
     tttgaatatc tgggtgtctg tcatacctgt aaacacagcc ttggggatgc tacagcagga    115860
     ggatcatggt ttggagggag gccgaggctg tgcactcctt ctttccccaa aagtcaagtg    115920
     aaaaaccttt acaataacaa ctctaattca cgcgagaagc aaaatgacag catgaatatt    115980
     ttcagtaaca tcacagtagc aataaataga aaacttaaac atgtgactaa acttaaggtt    116040
     aatagttatg tttatccaaa gcttaagaaa ataagtaatt atggaggtaa gttagaaaaa    116100
     atatatgcag accaaaatat gtaaaaaatg tagatttttt tctatgttga gagaaaacac    116160
     gtaattactg atccagaagg agagggagaa aaagaggaga gaaaagggga agaggagggg    116220
     aggaagggtg ggatgggtgt aaggcacagt atttgaagat ctgatggctg agggtggtac    116280
     gaaagtgagg aagacagagg catctgccca ggaagagcag gcacagggca ggtgggggac    116340
     agctaaccta gtaagggtgc atgtgccctt acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    116400
     acatatacac acacatacac acatacacac acatacacat acacacatac acacacacat    116460
     acacatatac acacatacac acatacacac acatacacac acatatacac acacatacac    116520
     atttatacac acatacacat acacacacat acacatacac acatacacac acgtacacac    116580
     acacatataa acacacacca ttaagtaagt aactagcagt ataaatgaaa accacagaga    116640
     catgcattaa gtgtaaaact gtaaaacaaa tagaaaataa gaaaagcaac cattaaccaa    116700
     actgtacttc ctccaaagga aaccacgtgg gccagtggat gatgaagcca caggttcaaa    116760
     gcactgaatg taaaagatgc tgactgtggt ggtttgaata ggtatctccc caccccaccc    116820
     cccaaccgcc agactcacgt gtttgaatgc ttggcccaag gagtggcact attagaagtg    116880
     tggccttgct ggagaaagtg tgtcagtcgc tgtgtaggtg ggctttgagt tttcctctta    116940
     ttctcaggct ctgcccagtg cagatgacag tctcctcctt ggcttctaag gatcaaggtg    117000
     tagaatcctg ggctcctcca gcaccatgtc tgcctgcagg ccgccatgct tcccaccatg    117060
     atgacaatgg actgaacctc tgaaacttac tgtttgccag tcccaatgaa atgttttctt    117120
     ttacaagagt tgccttggtc atggtgtctc ttcacagaca cgaaacacta agacactgac    117180
     ttagggtcaa atgtccaata agaacattta tgaataaagg aatgtatgaa taaataggta    117240
     aagaggcaga taaatctaaa tggagactgt aggaaacaac tgtagttttt tccagaattc    117300
     tgtgtgatac ttcaaaacaa ttcaaaccac aggcagcatc caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa    117360
     caaaatgata aattgacctc aaagctgtaa acctaaaaca gatagcaaat caaaaaggac    117420
     gaactcacca tactactaga ttttaagata ttttatttca tttgtatgag tgttctgctc    117480
     gtgttccatg cccagaagag gccattggat tccctggaac tggagtaagt ctgtatgcct    117540
     gattctcttt ctaaaggatt caacataaga gcatgtgacc agaatctagg aggtgacaca    117600
     aatctttacc acattgccag tgactgaaat ttcacacagg gcattttctc accacagaag    117660
     aattaaggca gaaatcaaca agtaaaaatg tttatactat aaatcatata cttccaaaga    117720
     atccataggt cggagaccaa atcatgagaa aagcaagaaa gtgttaatgg taagaatata    117780
     tggctggggc tggagagatg tctcagtagt taggagcact cggctgttct tccaggggga    117840
     tgtgggttca attctaagaa gccacaatat atatccatct ggatgtaatg ttccacacct    117900
     ttaatccatc acttggaagt cagagacagg aggatttctg tgagttcatg gtcagtctga    117960
     tctttgtagt gacttctagg ccagctagag ctatatagat atatgtacat tatatataca    118020
     tacatacata catctatttg tgacttaaaa tctgcgagag aaactgcact aaagtggatt    118080
     atgaggaaaa ttgtgaaggc ttaaaatgaa taagcatgca caaatactgt atgattcgct    118140
     tatacaaaac atctgcagta atcaaattca taagacacag gcagtgattg ttgctgaagg    118200
     ttctggcaag gaggagtgag agccagggtt tctttggtgt tatggaggta gatggtagtg    118260
     aaatttgtac ccaacgcttc tgtattatac actaaaaatg gttaaggtgg tacatttcgt    118320
     tatgtgtagt ttactgcaat ttaaagttgt tttaagataa gtatccacct taaggagttg    118380
     ggagaatatc aaattaacct gagataagaa ttaagggagg agaggggaaa ccggaggtgg    118440
     gaagggagag cagagagtta cactgatgta attcagtctt aaaggacatt gcagccaatc    118500
     atacatggtg gttggaagct aaaatggctc ttgggagcca tccagctttg gggcctggac    118560
     agactttatg tcccataata accagccaga ccctaggtgg gggtggtgca tgaccctgcg    118620
     caaatagctc tattgaagta gaataagact tgggttgaca tggaaggcca tcagtcagag    118680
     gaactttcag cagctgggag aggaacacaa aagagaatcc ttttcacaca gattttcaca    118740
     ccctgaagaa gaaataaagc aagaagccac ccatattaca tcaccaatat cataaatgca    118800
     gcagaggcca tgaggatggt ctcacggcat agacataaag aggggggatt tatggatagg    118860
     tttatgtcaa tcaccttgaa aatttagatg aaactgcaaa attcccacca tttgtttaaa    118920
     actaacatca gaggaaatag aatgctggat aatttcctgt ctgttcaata tacacacaca    118980
     cacatacata tatgtatata tgtatatatg tgcatatatg tgtttatgta tatatgtaca    119040
     cacacacaca tataattaca aatccttcct ataaagaaat atccagacct agatgatttc    119100
     agggcatcaa tccacatatt taatgtataa ataacattaa ttgcataaaa actcttccag    119160
     agaatagaaa caaaaagaaa aaggaagaaa gaaaacacaa tcaacatatc aacatatagg    119220
     caagaaaacc ttgataccca aacctagaaa gatcattatg aaaagtaaaa ttgcggctta    119280
     atcattctca taaatacaag tataatctta aaatatcagc caatcaataa tggctaatat    119340
     tttgatatat caatctcatg atctataaaa agaatattcc aggataaaag cttaggttaa    119400
     tattcaaaag tttgtataat ttaccacatt gacacaagaa agaagattct atgtatcgat    119460
     ggatttaaaa aaacgggtta gtacaaactc aacatctatt catacaggaa atgttatata    119520
     agctagtgat agaagggaat tctttgatta gataaaggaa tctacaaaaa tctcatcgta    119580
     gacatcacac tgaaccatga gatagagttt gtctcttaag atctaaaaac atcaaggacc    119640
     agaaaggtaa gactaggttg tctacccact gtccagagct tgtttacaat ttagagggcc    119700
     aaagcaggag gcagacaggc atggcattgg agcaagagct ttgtatcctg gtccacaggc    119760
     ggcacataga gggagaaact gggcctggca tgctctttat gaagccccaa ccatccaccc    119820
     caatgacaca cacacctcct ccaacaaagt cacaccttct ccagtgaggg tgcatctcct    119880
     aatccttccc aaataattcc actaactgga tatcaaacct tcaaacatac aagtctatgg    119940
     aggccatctc actgaaacca ctgcaccgag gaagtgagga agttgcgcat acattaaaac    120000
     ccacactcag ggagagaatc agtgtctaca agaaccagcc tcacaagagg cattaattcc    120060
     tctcagcaac ccaaccatct cttcaaggcc acaccttcca gtactgttaa gtcacaacca    120120
     attttccaca agagcttggg tggaggcaaa ccacatccac accactgcag ctgctgtggt    120180
     ggagctcacc ccaaggcggg atggccacca aggtcagacc attaacctgc ggtagcagcg    120240
     ggtagccaca tgtaacagct ctgcccagga ccacgtgctt acccataagc cctcgggcct    120300
     ctcatttgac tttggcggtg gcagcatctg aagtgacctg tacttcttct tactcatatt    120360
     actagctgcc aaggactcag acatcaagta tgtgcctgtt tagagcaaaa ggaattgatc    120420
     tcgtgccact gagcgctgcc aacaggaaga actgtaaaat ctcatggctg ccgaaagcat    120480
     ccaaaactgg gagaggaatg agattagtcc taagacagtc tttaattctg tcccccccag    120540
     gggaaaaaaa ttgcttgaga aaaccagatt ccatgtcctg tgcaatcgat ctgtgctcag    120600
     gtgctggcga cactgggccc ctcctgctcc tgagtatgtg gttgtttggg tccatggttg    120660
     cttggtgatg gtttgtagac agaatggagt cttcagggag tctaagctca gaatcgagta    120720
     tcatggagtg tcccagtgcc tggcaccccc tttccttgga ggtacccaac caacttctag    120780
     tttgaacaag actggcagag gaagagtgag aataatgggc tgctttcatt gaggactctt    120840
     agcctttcag agcaggcttg ccaagttgtg aggcaattcc ttcaatgtag taaccctgtc    120900
     atggtactct ggcttccaga agggcaacaa aacagcattc cttcctggct ttccgttgag    120960
     catttagaaa aatcaataca actaaacaaa gtgggtgtta ctcagcagtt taatcctgtg    121020
     tgcttctttg acccagagac ccatccatta tcaacatccc agaagggaag gctccagcct    121080
     ccacccgctg cccctgtgac cccagtagac attcccagtg ggacctcttc tgtagttctc    121140
     agggacctcc ccctttagca aaaatttccc cttaatctga actatcatgg tggaaaatat    121200
     ttcatatgta gggaagtgtt acacttcgaa gcatgaatgt ccccatgtca tgttttgagt    121260
     gttctccacc agtgacacta acttgaaaca ggctaagcct ttaggaaagg ggacccggct    121320
     gatagaagct ggactctagg agggggcttt tacggtagca gctgggcctc tcttcctagt    121380
     gtgtgcaggg tgaggagtct ctgccaaagc agactcaact ccctctcttc ccaccatgat    121440
     gaaactgtga tgtaaaacga gtcccgcctc acttgagttg tttccgtctg gcattttgct    121500
     cacagtataa aacagctggc ataacactca gcaagctgaa gggtcagatc ttctcaaagt    121560
     gcttgctttc agggatttct caaagcgctt gcttgctatt caccctttca gggactcgct    121620
     gcagacacac atcacactgt ctttttcttg aaaaaggacc ttgtcatcct catagagttg    121680
     ggtattttgc ttctttccct tagcatcaca aaaaagagtt gaatgtgatt agttatgtct    121740
     tttcaacaat ttaagctgca taattttcta cactctggat gttgtaagtg agcaagtctc    121800
     ctgtcattgg acaattacat tgacaatgac tctgaaaatc cgctcatcgg ggatacttga    121860
     tgattctgct tctccctggg atatgtctaa aatttgggcc tgaagatggg gctcagtggc    121920
     tcttgcaaag aaacactttg gtttccagca gccatgtcag gcagctcaca accaccactg    121980
     gctccagctc gagggagtct gatgccctct tttggcttct gaaggcacct gcaataacac    122040
     acacaaataa aaagtacacc ataacaaatt tctcttgtca tgaatattct gatttttctt    122100
     atttttctga caccattgaa ttgctaacca ttacattatg aagtctcctc tctttcagac    122160
     aaatgtgtgt attatttgga agacataaaa aatatggtat tgatttaaaa gaatacagtc    122220
     ttactaacaa tgattttgat tattttattt ttttattgat gctgaaacaa ccacacacaa    122280
     tttatgggtc agaagtctgg cacagacttc ctgcttttaa atcaagatct ccacaagcct    122340
     ctctcctctc tagtggtcct atgtaggtga ctccctcccc cacaatgttc acattccttg    122400
     atttggaatg tcttccccca tcttcagaac ctttctataa ccatagcaat gaaaaggtct    122460
     gcaggcttag attttctaaa cctactttat gagtcagttc ttgaaagttt caacctccct    122520
     tctagcctac ccaaccagaa atagaggaag aagaaggttt ataagaaaag ggatttgtgg    122580
     acctctttag aaatagttct ttgggccaac tccactcttc attatcagga tacacagtag    122640
     tccagtccaa tagtaaacac caagcacgag tcagtagcgg tggcaggatc cagcagaaac    122700
     cacaaggctc cactgaatca gcacgagtca atggaagtgg ccggaatcag ccagaatatc    122760
     agaaattctt tggcactttt ctctctatga agtgaagacc agtgacgacc agtgacgacc    122820
     agtgaagcat tgcactgcca gggaagacag tgaagcactg caaggcgtag caatgcaaga    122880
     gcatcccctc actgtctgtg gggttctact tagacacttt ctagacatcc tgcatcctct    122940
     cacaaggcag cttccaaaat aaatcacagg acacaaagaa cccagaaatt tccacttcaa    123000
     gggtctcgaa ctcaagggat ttctgtgctt agatgggacc ctagaaaacc cagggccatc    123060
     cctccattta tacttctgat actgtgacac ctctgtgaag cccctttggt tctgggggtg    123120
     agggtggggc catcatccct ctctcttcta tgtttgttga gtggctgtta gtgccaaaag    123180
     ggaaccaagc attcgatgga ttaccccatt taaatcggtt cttatcacta ccccatctcc    123240
     ccaggcagac agtcttctta tcctcgctgg gcaaaagaga agtcaaggct ttcctgccag    123300
     ccatcatttg gaagtcaaag ctaacctgga aaccatgagt cagccactac cctacaaagc    123360
     cctcttacct tgctttccct aacagcaatg ctgcgaacag tgtgaacagt gtagattcag    123420
     gaccttttag cttgttgcta tttataaata ccgagtaggc caactttgtt ttgaatcatc    123480
     agtgtgtgtc atgtgccctg aaacccttag gtgagaaact gttttactga gccaggcata    123540
     gccatccttg gctgctggga tggggctgag tgatcatttt gccaagactg gcacattttt    123600
     catggaccta gatgtggctt ttgtgtgact ttcaaggtct aaatggtgct tcaaagcctt    123660
     ttcataaaat gaattttaaa tggccgcaag tggtttgctc tatcttgctg gagtgaaatc    123720
     tcaagttgtg ttcagttcca gagtttctta gtggctcccc tcaacagatg tggaagtctg    123780
     gtacactgcc tggccacagc gcaacagggt agcacgtcca gaaagggctg tacattctga    123840
     agttatcatc cagaggtgac aaaggaaata tataacaata tatttcccag aattcccctg    123900
     ctacttctga ggtaggtaga tagcccttcc ttagaaacaa tgtaacatta ttgaaatgat    123960
     agaggacaca tttctgaaac aatgtgacat tagattttcc aaggtacagg tctgccagag    124020
     ttagattgag gaaatcagga tgaacaattt gacttgaatt gtacttcaga taaacaacaa    124080
     acagttttta gcatatgttt ccccaaaatg cacagtctca agcccacata taaaagttat    124140
     ttgttatttg tctgacattc aaatttaacc aggcatcctg tgttttctct ggcagccctc    124200
     ctaaggaggg aagagaccgg tttctaattc aggcatccaa tgtgaagagt tccagccagg    124260
     tggtttaacc tctgtgactc aaaggaaaca gatctgtgtc ctcagggtct ctcccgcctg    124320
     aagctccttt gcatctttgc tgcctggtct gaattcttca aggccacaca cacacatctt    124380
     gttacctcca gattacctct cctgatttca tcccatccct ttagctcagg acggaggaaa    124440
     gcttccagta tccccaagac tgagcatcgt catggtctta tagactgatg agagatgagg    124500
     tgagaaaaac agaatccttc aaagaatgtg gacatgttta gagatgtaga ggacgtggga    124560
     tgggcagggc atgatacgtt atttaaacgt tacacagtat tgcatggaag cctcttaata    124620
     cattgttaag tttcaaatcc aggacaaact gctgaggtac ctgattaaca tatcaaagca    124680
     gacctgacct ccagatcttc ccatcatccc tcagtcccta ctgttatagg gtgtggctag    124740
     cataccctgc tgtctgaact ctccagctca gggtgatggg gtgctctttc ctatataatc    124800
     cctgtataac ccagtcattt cgattcccca ctcctctttg gacctttggc cttctgtctg    124860
     ctgcaccaga tttctctcct ctctcctttc ccctccccat ctcctcacat gtttcagggt    124920
     cataaccctc tggactctct ccgatgtctc tgactctggc tacactctcc ttcttatcta    124980
     ttataaacgt tcttctccac cacacctagg aacagccacg ttcttgcctt tcctttttaa    125040
     ttttttaaat tcatattgat ttttaaactt taacatctca gatgtgcttg agggtgtgag    125100
     agcctggagc gagctctcgg ggagcagcta tcaagacttt gggcaatatt ggtctctagc    125160
     tttgaaccag gtttctggag tgtgatgctg gtctacaaca tcagcagact gttgactagc    125220
     gtgactcacc tcctacaaag ggaaaacaaa atcctatgaa gtatgtttgg ttttacttca    125280
     gccactcagg ggagaaaaga gaacaggtcc catggatgac aagagagctg tcatggaatt    125340
     agggccagga gatcgggtca caggtgagat cgggtgtccc ccagtcatgc tgaagagtgt    125400
     tatcaaatgc ccgacagaaa gaaagcaaga cagggaagac tatttctgtg aaactgggga    125460
     taggagcatt gagctgacac ccaggtttca aagacgaata tattaagatg ctttagctat    125520
     gaagaaggaa taaaactctg tgaccggagg agtctgaagg agcagactcc ataactaagg    125580
     ctcagaagag ctgaggggtt aagggaaaga aaaccagtgg ggatccaggg agaagagaaa    125640
     ggtgaggaag gatggagaga gaggggtggg gctccctttt gcttctggtc cttacttctt    125700
     caggatttta tactcttggg aattgaaatg aagtaggact aaaattctgg ttgactttat    125760
     atacatatta ccacttggat ttcttctccg agataagagg catttccact tgacagagaa    125820
     attcagtcct atctccctat ctctcctatg ctcgtcatcc aaggagatct cactgagccc    125880
     atttgcacac agggcctggt gttcaggttc tcttctcttc tttcttcagt gctggggtct    125940
     aaaccaacac ccttttacac gctaggctaa tgatctacta ttaaaccagt gtggttctca    126000
     gcctgtgggt tgtgacccct ttgggggctc aaatgaccct tttacagggt caaatatcaa    126060
     gtattccaca tatcagattt ttacattatg actgataaca gtagcaaaaa tacagttatg    126120
     aagcagcaat gaaataactt tatggttggg gaatcaccac aatgtgagaa actgtattaa    126180
     agggtcacag cagtaggaag gttgacactc actactctag gatataatct cagaccccag    126240
     tctaggtctt aattaagaaa aatcaattgg aattccagga acaggcaata atggagtatt    126300
     tcatgtgcta acaaggaggc ccaagtatca gaaagaacag aggtgggcat ggctagcgtg    126360
     ggtaaaagtt ccctacggat actcagaatg cgagtatttt aaaagtattt atttttattt    126420
     ttcattatgt gaatgtttcc atgtctgtgt aagggtaaca tgcatatgag tgcattggat    126480
     ccctggagca ggaattagga gccgttacaa gctgactgat gtgggtgctg ggaattgaac    126540
     tcagatcctc tggaaaagcc atgcatgctg ttaaccatgg atggatgttt gacccggtga    126600
     gctttaaaaa gattgcttca ccaattccca tggagagtgt tggcattggt gcatctgcat    126660
     acacctcccc agtgaccatg gtggggaaga acaagatggc cgttctcact cactgtgtgc    126720
     agtacacaga agcagcttgg cagctcgccg tagcgagaca ggtttatgtg ggaatctgca    126780
     aacacctcag cctcccactc acttgaggcc tctcctgctc tctagatggg ggagtgatac    126840
     tcttagagtg tcttttggga aaacccttta taaaaccttg tgatgtgact ttcagggcag    126900
     gtcccctaac tctggcatct gtgcgttgag cagatggcat tttgagtgac cttgatcctt    126960
     taggggtctg gcccctttcc tttggggatt atgacaatag gtttcttaaa actacatcaa    127020
     agaaggcatt ggtcttggtc agagctggtg tgtgtgtgtg tttataagtg tgtgtgtgag    127080
     tgcgcgtgca cgtatgccca tccttttaga ttttgttgca aagtctttgg catgtgcagt    127140
     gagacaaaaa gcctgcttct ccagatcaca ctctggtgac actcgagaga aaccttccta    127200
     gggactattt tccaacaggc tcaccaaggt caggccactg ccaactgttg ttgcagtgtt    127260
     tcctggagcc ttcgaacgtt ggctgagccc ttaacaccaa ggacaacaac gcagaacaca    127320
     tcccacatta ctaaaagaac ataaggaact agcttcagga aagcactctc aggcttgctg    127380
     acaagtctaa actggttttt tgcaacccct aacccaatga aaccagccag tcatcagcag    127440
     aggatgccga gaggcccaag ctcactggag aacagttata ggtctgcccc cagcagggct    127500
     gagagttgtg tctgaaacca agtgtcctga ggacaggacg tgaggacatc attagatctc    127560
     tactgcctgc agaaagacag aggagaacat gggattcctg tgagttctcc ctgctgtgca    127620
     ttgagttagt agttcctgct gaaaattctc agctgccgct agccagtgga aatggttaga    127680
     cagtatggca cctgcatcct ccttcgaaac atcccaggtc agggcccgac aggaacaacc    127740
     acagggccag gaaggagacc agagaccaga tggcctacat tctcaacatc ctgtgtagca    127800
     cgcatgggca gcttaaaaga gcttgaagat tcactgtgtg atgcctcata ctgtcaactc    127860
     aatgtgatct aaaaccagcc aggagacatg cctctggaca tgcctatgtg ggagtctcta    127920
     gattaagtta attgaggtgg aaagaccttg ggtgtagctg gcaccattct ctggccagag    127980
     gttttagact gaataagagc cagctctgag ctagcatttc ttcttttcag cttcctgtca    128040
     gtggaagcaa agtgagcagc tgggtgtccc aagctttgtc accttgtcac cgtgactcac    128100
     ccaccactgt ggacctgaac tacaaaggca cagcaaaccc ttcctgaagc tgatgctgcc    128160
     aggcattgtc ccagcagtgc agaaagtgac taatgtgtcc tgtcatgagg tggtctgcta    128220
     ggatgggggt ggggagagca ggtcctgcag aagtctcaga gcagtgaggg ggaggtgtca    128280
     gtcaaggtcc tagaaatcta gcctggaaga gactttttag agaattaaca tattgagata    128340
     aatactatat taagtaaaac tcatccttgt tgggtgttgc gtttaatgat ctctggatca    128400
     tttgcatagc tcggtgacac tcacgtggaa tgccttaggc ttgattcctg gaacccccca    128460
     aaataaaagg gatttccatt taatgagtct tgcatagccc tttaaccact accacaaccc    128520
     agatacaaaa cagtgatgtc acctgtccta atttgacctg tcctcctgca gccacgccct    128580
     gtccttggct accacgatga cctctgtcct cacagtctag ccttctctgg agtcttgtgt    128640
     aaatggaatc atgtgggacc tgggttttgg ctctggcttc ttcctatcag aataaccctt    128700
     ttcatgttct tccttgttgt tgtgaacccc agtaataaac cccagcagtt tattactgct    128760
     aggtaacagt ggagcgttcc atgttgtggc agtgttgccc tataaggata tgtcactgac    128820
     tgtcatccac ccactggctg aaggacattt tgatgatctc tgctggaggg gatggtgact    128880
     aaataaagtc accagatgta ttcacacagg tatcggtgga tatatgtcat tgcttttctt    128940
     aaaagtgggc atgctggatc acagagtgag taggtatgtg ttcaacattg tgaagtcttc    129000
     ccatagagcc tgagcatttt gcattgaagt gtgggatcct gattctttaa gttctcactg    129060
     gtgacatagc ccccggtgtt agtcattctc atgcccgagt agtggcatct tgtgagggat    129120
     tcatttacag ttccctagtg ttggctctct gtccattgat gtacagattc catgccatct    129180
     tcatcaaaat ttcaagacaa ctcttcagag aaacagaaaa gattatctta aaattcacat    129240
     cacaacacaa agaccaaacc aacccccccc ccaaaaaaaa aaaaccctac tagagatctc    129300
     actgtccttg gcatccagtg gtgctacaga gcttgacagt aaaagatcaa catggtactg    129360
     gcataaaaat aaacacggca atccatggaa cagacatgaa tgggcactcc tccagtcaca    129420
     tgactgctga taagagacca acagtatgga ctagagaaaa gagctctcag ccaggcttca    129480
     tgttcacagc tccattaaat ggcctctcag attctcttgt cttcttggag ccttcacaaa    129540
     aggactccct gtcacgtact gcccagcccc agcagctccc cgaagccatg aggaagattt    129600
     cccaacctgc tttctcccct gtcctccaaa cctttaaagc cagcaccgca ctcacagagg    129660
     tacaccctac ccccttgccg cagcatttga gtaacttgtt ctccagggca ggcaaaggcc    129720
     ttatgttccc tttgacaagt tgggaggtta gcaggtggaa gtcttgccta gagagaaccc    129780
     tcagctttac gccattgctg agctgaaggt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct    129840
     ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttttttatta cgtattttcc tcaattacat ttccaatgct    129900
     atcccaaaag tcccccatac cctcccccca ctcccctacc cacccattcc cactttttgg    129960
     ccctggcgtt gcctgtactg gggcatataa agtttgtgtg tccaatgggc ctctctttcc    130020
     agtgatggct gactaggcca tcttttgata catatgcagc tagagtcaag agctccgagg    130080
     tactggttag ttcataatgt tgttccacct atagggttgc agatcccttt agctccttgg    130140
     gtactttctc tagctcctcc attgggggcc ctgtgatcca tccaatagct gactgtgagc    130200
     atccacttat gtgtttgata ggccccggcc tagtctcaca agagacagct atatcagggt    130260
     cctctcagca aatgcttgct aatgtatgca atggtgtcat cgtttggagg ctaattatgg    130320
     gatggattcc tggatatggc agtctctaga tggtccatcc ttttgtcttt cttaatggca    130380
     ctaatctcct tatctctttc agctcagacc ttggctgcaa ggttaagttt gccagagttc    130440
     tttccctctc cgaagtgaac attttgtatt tctttctgcc ccacgtgctc tttttgttgt    130500
     aaacctgcat aaaagtgatt agccattatg tgacagaatc aatattagtt tttctgtgta    130560
     accatggctg ttctggaact tgttctagag atcaggctgg ccttgaactc acagaggtcc    130620
     atctgcctct gcctccagaa tactgggatt aaaggcatgc accaccacca tacttctcag    130680
     tattaagcaa tcctgaaatt gcctgtgcca aagtaaatga attactgctt ttaaatttaa    130740
     actcaggcta gttcttagga caaggacaga aagcagccat gtggtttttt ttttttttaa    130800
     acccaaatat cacagtctct agcttagttg ctaataatgt tcccttctga aatctgttaa    130860
     gatgagcctc cccagaccac atagctattg tcctccaagc tcccaccagg atggcccact    130920
     aggctccatt tgcaatgctc agtcgctttt ccagtccaga gtcccaaagt ctttcccatt    130980
     cctacaaaag ccaccatgat cagatctgtc aattgcttac tctctggcac caacttgtat    131040
     gtcttgtatt gtgtcaaaac aacctgacca agggcttata gaatgagagg ttatttggct    131100
     tacagtacca gggaaaagaa gttcatcaca gctgggaaga gtggcagcag acagcagaca    131160
     tggtggccag aacagaacct gagggtacac agccggaact gttaagtaag atgcagaggg    131220
     agaacaggga aatgcataga gccctgaaac ctccaagttc gcccccagtg acacacttcc    131280
     tccagaaagg ccacacctcc tgagctttcc aaaaggtgct ggcaactggg gaccgagtat    131340
     ttacacatcc gagtctacgg ggtacattct cgtgtaaatg accacaacta tagagcaggt    131400
     gaacctggag ctctggatgc tgtgttccac acgggagtag ccatccagag agaaacaggg    131460
     gacacaatgg aacaggatat tatccattcc ctacagcacg cagtatacag tgaacttgag    131520
     gccaaatcta cgctgctata aaattctgaa ggctctagcc cagtgcttct ctttccctat    131580
     ggacagacac cctcacaagt cacccagata actacttctt ccttgacaca aaggtctcac    131640
     tggtgaccca gacctactag gtatacatcc tgccatgaga ctctggagat aggcatgtct    131700
     gagaggtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatgtgtgtg tgtgcaccca tgtctgtctg    131760
     tctgtctgtc tctgtgtaaa actgtctgca gagtgaacta tggacttggc ttttgtagtg    131820
     aaggaggtga acactcctgt gcttgatagt aagccatgaa caaggaattt taagaagagc    131880
     ccagggacta gtcaggtgtt ttcctgactg tacaatctca atgggtccat aagaagttta    131940
     gagatgtaca aactgccaat atctaataga tttgcttctc ctaagtaggt tagatttatg    132000
     aggtcccata ataattaagt ccgtcttatt gatagctgga cttgagtaac tgtcactcac    132060
     aatatagtcc tgatcaatat atgaggacag ccagactgtg gttttaaaaa taatactact    132120
     ttgaaatgaa aaaaccagga aacgatgttt tactcaaaca atagaggttc ctgtggtagg    132180
     cagttgtaga ttgagatatt aagccatcca gaatttcatt tttacgggaa gggaagtgtg    132240
     tgaatctttc aagttaatag actcataagg aacatgaagc agtcagagtt ccatcagata    132300
     agagatttaa aataaaaatg ttctgtacat gcagggaaca ttatatggac ccagcaggtt    132360
     agacttagga atctatgtgt atgtacatct atgcatacat tgacaatgaa acaaagaggc    132420
     catgatttgg aaaacagcaa gaagggatgt ataaaagtgt ttggaggagg aaagaaaatg    132480
     ggaaaaaaat gtaattatat cattgttatc atcatcacca ccgccgccat cattatcatc    132540
     atcatctcag ccaggcatgg tggtgtacac ctttagtccc agcacttggg agggagaggc    132600
     aggtgttcaa gaacagcctg gtctacagag caagttccag gacagccagg gctacataga    132660
     gaaaccacgt gttaaaaaaa aatcaaaacc aaccaaccaa acaatcaaac aaacaataaa    132720
     aacataattt aaaaagaaac taaaccaaaa aatgtcattt taaaaatcac tttcctggag    132780
     tcaaaaaaaa aaaaagttca gatgctcaca cttctgttct aaagacgctg acatacagaa    132840
     cactgttgaa gtctcacagg gaattaggtg caaaattaga gctagaagcc ccacggctca    132900
     gcccagcctc tccctgctgg gtggcagtgt ctgcagaggc aagggtttca gagctgtgaa    132960
     ttggttggaa atagcagagg aagaagagtg gactgggccc catcacatat attgtgtttc    133020
     tggccatact agcagaagta gaaaccagag gagtaactat ggggtggacg tttttgctga    133080
     atccttgttt gttattcctc tttccacggg gacctatcaa ttcagacagg agagcatgag    133140
     ttcacagaac atcctgcctt ctacctacac cacacacact gcgcccccat ccacacacag    133200
     ctctctgaca gatgtgtcta ggggagcctt tacttctcca aagccactca ctccatcaca    133260
     ggaaaacaga agagcaggag aaagagcagc ctgtgctgcc tgtcataaac aaagcatcct    133320
     caatggccca ggacatggtc ctgaagctga gcagactgaa gactatccag catcagcctt    133380
     ggcgatgtct ctgagaagca gtgttggcct agaagagaga cgctggtggc cgggcacctg    133440
     ccacagtctg acagagcttg tgtgtgaatg agatcaacaa tcagcttagc ataaagaccc    133500
     ccttgagcct agggttggct gtctaagggt ttgggtcctt tccaaaggtg agcaaaaaat    133560
     tggatgttca ggaatggaca gagtaaaagc tcggagaaac tgtttaatgg agcaaacaga    133620
     aatcatgggg tcgggctcta gagctcttaa acctttaagt gatctctggg ctggtctttg    133680
     tagaggctcc gtgggctctc ccttctcttg gtcccttttc ttctcccaag tccctcctcc    133740
     cctctctcat cctgatggtc cttggcctgg ggaggtaaca gaggagagtg aggcagcctc    133800
     ccaacggctc tacacgtccc agttgtgtct gtggggatgt tcgcttcctt cacctctgcc    133860
     ctggctgcct cgtcctcgct atctcctcac tttaggaaat tacctcatca tttgtacaga    133920
     tgcttcggaa gctcactaag gtgaggggag cattttcatt agaagaaaaa aaaaagatca    133980
     tttgctaatg gacgattcac tgaaaatgta aatatctgtt tcttaatcaa tgtgtcttct    134040
     ataaatagat gatatttcta tttcaggaag ttaatcaaac aggacaggag ttatttttgg    134100
     agcagacggt agctacaaaa cagtattctt aattctcccc agactgagaa acagtcagca    134160
     tccgggagat gaagctctct actgtgtact gaagaataac acggagtcca gtagcctaca    134220
     agagagcgtt cagaatcaga tgcctgaaaa gcaacagatc tcaagttcca gcgtgtgttg    134280
     taacctgttt atctctgtca gaaagatcca agctttcaaa aagtgagagc ttgttttgag    134340
     tgtccttctc aaatggatgc tgataccagt gtagaaccat ttctcaacga tgaaagaaca    134400
     ggaaaccaca gtgcccggct cacatctctt cccttcagaa gcacagggct ggaccatatc    134460
     gcttatggct cacatatcca gccaggacag gagtcctgga gcatgaagga gagacaccaa    134520
     ggggaaaagc taccacacag tactgtggtc tggagatgaa gcacactccc ctaaagtcta    134580
     gtgtaccaaa ggcttggttt caacacaagc attttgagag gtgaggtctt atgggaaatg    134640
     atagaagttt tgggaggtgg ggcctgatta ggagaagcat gtcagtgcag tcataccttg    134700
     gaaggataga tataccttgt ccccaccttc ccctctcttc tcccttcttg cctacccctt    134760
     ttcctcagtc ctgactgcca ggaagtgaga aactttgcta tgtaccatgt tcctgccacc    134820
     ataatatgtt acttcactgt gggactacaa taacagggta ggtggtagat ctccctagac    134880
     agtaaaagga actgcaaaac tcatggcaaa aactgcaagg ggctggagag atggctcagt    134940
     ggttaagagc actgactgct cttccagagg tcctgagttc aaatcccagc aaccacatgg    135000
     tggctcacaa ccatctgtaa tgagatcgga tgccctcttc tggtgtgtct gaagacagct    135060
     acagtgtatt tacatacaaa atatataaat aaatcttttt taaaaaaact gcaagctggc    135120
     catataaaca ccaaagggaa acaccaaagg gaacacaaag gggtcatagt ttaattaaga    135180
     accagaaaat gccagtcaag cctggagacc agtcacacgt acaaagttag cagctaaatg    135240
     aagcagaatc caaagatgga cagagggggc ttcagtatat gaccaccatc ccagtgggta    135300
     catagggaat gaatacagtc acctcactag ttgaggtaag ggacattttt agggtgatag    135360
     accaccattg acccagcaca tgatatgccg aaagatttaa ccagaactaa tagaaattac    135420
     ccatctttgg tacaagggaa ggatccagtg aaaggtgaaa tcttagttct attaaagcaa    135480
     aacaaaaagt aatacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacata    135540
     ctttcagcac tgtggagatt gagttcaaga ctggcctaag gtaaaaagtg agtttaaggt    135600
     caacatggta tcatggtatg taaagcaaga ctttcttcct accaagaaaa catgaagcta    135660
     tcgatataat cacagaaaca agacttggag ttttaaagat caagttgaac aatatcaaaa    135720
     agaaaaaaaa atattgaaag ctgcaaaaga aactattgca accaatacac acctttcaat    135780
     aattattcaa taactcaatt tcattcaaaa ataataatga cttcaattct ccagtcaaaa    135840
     gatacagtct agctgaacag atttaaaaaa aaaaaaaaca accaacccta gctaggcatg    135900
     gtagtacata cctttaatac cagcagttga gaggcagaag caggtggatc tctgagtttg    135960
     tggccagctt gatctataga gcaagttcca ggatacagag aaatcctgtc tcagaaaaga    136020
     agaataaaaa tatccatctt tctgttttct gtaagaaact tggcattgca gataaacacc    136080
     tccttaagct gaaacctgaa gagaacagca aaaaagcccg gagtgatgcc ctaggaaaca    136140
     cagacagagg ctgaccgaaa tgatgaaggc aaaccaggat ttgaacactg aattcaacag    136200
     agatggaaac atcaaagaga actcacacca aaatgaagat ggaactaaaa agcaataacc    136260
     cagttagaaa cactcacaag gtgaagcctt acagggagaa aggaccaagt aacagagcat    136320
     cgggactaga cgataaagca aacgaattag aacacaaaaa ataggaaaaa aaatacaatg    136380
     aaagaaagac tcaggaatta tgggacataa tgaaaagatg aagccttctg attaaagacc    136440
     agatcttcaa cagaatcatg gaagaaaaca ttctcatatt aatgaaatgt cctacagcca    136500
     caatctacct atacaaatac aaggacacag aacatccaat agacaggacc agaatgtcaa    136560
     ctgctcattg catagcatag ttaaaatgct aaatatacag aacaaagaaa gagaaaaaca    136620
     ccaaatcagg tataaagaaa actccatcaa aagatcagtt gttctcagtg gaaacgtgaa    136680
     aagccagaag agcctggatc aaggcactcc acgctctaaa ggatgatgta tggtgacatg    136740
     gattactgta tataacaaaa aactctctgc cgtgtgtctc agatagggtt tcattgctgt    136800
     gagaagacac tatgaccaag gcaactctta taaggacatt tgattggggc tggcttacag    136860
     gttctgaggt tcagtccatt atcatcatgg caggagcatg acagcatcta ggcgggtatg    136920
     gcactggagg aacttcttgt tccgaaggca agctggagaa gacactttgc aaaccggagg    136980
     agagtctcaa agcccactcc ctacagtaac acacttcctt caacaaggcc acacctccga    137040
     caaacatccc accacagatg atggagaaag aaagaattcc catgacataa acaagctaaa    137100
     ggaattcctg tcctccaagt acatagacta cggcaagcaa tactttgtac ggaagatagg    137160
     aagaaacata gccaaaaccc tagcactagt tttcatagaa ctaagaacag aaattataaa    137220
     attcatatgg aaatacagga agtcccccac agctgaaaca atccttagct gagagcagtg    137280
     ctcagtgcct ggtctgaaat tatattacgg agccagagta acaaacacac tgtggcacaa    137340
     gtacaggcat gatggctaat gaggttgact agaatacgca gaagtcacct catagttaca    137400
     gtcccttagc ttctgacaaa caggggtggg aagacagtgt cttcaaccaa tggcaccgga    137460
     gagctgggtt tttcacacgg agaataatga aactcccagt aattcattct gcacagaagt    137520
     ccattcaaaa tggttgacac cctgaaagtg atacagtaaa acaaaagatg taagaatgga    137580
     tgatcccgag gccctatagt gaactgcaaa tgttaacccc cacaaggggc tggagaaagg    137640
     ctcagcagtg acaagcactt cctattcttt cagggggctt gagttcagtt cctagcacca    137700
     gggtctggca gcccatggct tcctgtaaac tccagctcca gggcatctga cagcctcttc    137760
     tgacctccac aggcacctgc gtacacgtgg cacgctgtca cacagacata cacacctaca    137820
     cataaataag aataaataat taacataatc atttaatcaa taaatgagca aataaactaa    137880
     taacacaatt cttaaaagga gaacatgagg gaccaagaag aacttggaat tatttaacat    137940
     cttaagctac caaggaaatg caagttaaca ctgctctgag aagccctctc accctcgcag    138000
     agtagctact actaggagac aaatgacaaa tgctggcgag aatcctgaag aaaggggagg    138060
     caggattcac tgttggtggg aggataaatg ccatggctct acagaaatca gatggtttct    138120
     caaaaaactg agaataccat acgacccagc acaccactcc tagatacaca cccaaagaac    138180
     tattagttga aatacaacag agatatttgc acatcatatt tatttaacaa taataaatat    138240
     tgactattca caaaatccaa gaataagaac cagtccagat gtccatcaat ggatgagtgg    138300
     ataattaaat gtggtatata cacacaatgg gattttatgc agtcattaag aaaaatgcca    138360
     taacttctgc agaaaagtgg ctgcaaccgg aaaaatcaca aaataagctg gattcagaag    138420
     gacaaacacc atattttcac tcatatttgg actctaggtt tagaatatat atgtatgtat    138480
     aaaagtatga agagtgctcc cacaaaggtt catatattaa aacattggtc tttagcgtgg    138540
     ttgtattggg aaatgctgtg gccctttatg gccctttatg gtaggacccg gtaggaggtt    138600
     cttaggtcac tgtgtagtct gcccttaatg gacaggatag ggagacctct cctccctctc    138660
     cctctctccc tccccctccc ctccccctcc ccttcccttt tcccctccct ttcccttttc    138720
     cctctccctt tcccttttcc ctctccctct tccttccccc tctcccttcc ccttcaccct    138780
     gccccttctg ctttctgatt tatgctgttt gcactttctc tatgaatgca gtgtatcact    138840
     cttggaatag ccccaagcca aggcacccca tagagtctta gacgtcagct tccagagcca    138900
     tgagccacaa taagtctctc ccccactttg aggtatccag tgtcaggtgt atcattctag    138960
     aagcatgaag ctgaattatg tagtggacat atctaaatgg taaattcaag atctgacagt    139020
     acatggagat atggatacca gtcaagaaaa acctctatgt agagctcaga agttccttta    139080
     gatgggtgaa aattagtagc ataatgggag atgcacaaaa agactttaac atgaacttaa    139140
     gtgatgtctt agactttaga aatacatatg tgacattatt agtgatttca aagtgattcc    139200
     atggtcacac aaaggagtgt gtgaccgcta ttcgaaatca aaggtcgttt ccaataaagt    139260
     tcagatgtct aattttctga gcacactgca agaaaatatc cttaaagcag agcagggagg    139320
     gttggaatgg aacatgatgg aacggcttcg aatctcagct tagcaaaacc taaaaggcat    139380
     cgaggaattg ttttcctctt gcaggtcccc ccacccccaa cttgttccaa cttaagtgtt    139440
     ttaactgtaa gtgacaaaga gaagaaagtt gttcctttaa ctttaaggtg tctgcacagc    139500
     cggaatttct ttacccctgc aaggggatca gggagcgtgg acacattggc tggggaagga    139560
     tctcaatttg ccatggctca gttttcagca cctcaccacc aaggtacact gtgaggattc    139620
     ctaccccgag gagacttaag caatgtctgt ccccttctta taaagttcca gcgacaaacc    139680
     aaagttgagc agtcagttta ttgaccttac tcacagagca tgagtgaaag gatataggag    139740
     tatgggtgac cccaaagtag atacactggg aagtctaagt cttcacacag aatggatgat    139800
     ggcttcccag cagcctcaca gatggagccc cttcccctag tcttctccag cagatatagt    139860
     cagtcacctc ctgagagtcc tatgtgccat aaagatggaa ttgtattcag gtggctggga    139920
     ggtatggtag ggagcaacca gaatcttggt gacagtccag tgacccaccc caccccctcc    139980
     tctgtgagag aatgtcaaca gtcagcaggc agagctgacc cgatgacaat ggcagctgtt    140040
     ttattattta ttacatcctg atcacagccc tgcctctttc ctctcttctc agtcccaccc    140100
     ttacaaaccc ttcccttcat tgcccgcttc ccttcttctc agagaagggg agcccccttg    140160
     ggtaccaccc caccctgggg catctagtac cagcaggact aggcacattc tctcccactg    140220
     agtccaacag gcagcccaag aaggggatcc aatggcaggg acagagacag agacagccct    140280
     caccccctac ttcctgctct acttgttata ggacctagat gaagaccaag ttgtgcattt    140340
     gctacaaatg tgtagggagt ctagggctag ctcctgaatg cttcctggtt agtggtccag    140400
     gctcggtgat atcctatggt cccaggttag ctgagtctgt gtgtccttga cccctctgac    140460
     ttgctcacat ctatccctca gtcttccaca agactccctg ggctttgcct gatgtttgcc    140520
     tgtgggtctc tgcttctgcc gccatctgct gctggatgaa gcttctcaag agatagttac    140580
     gttagtgtct ggaagcatag cagagtgtta ctaacaatgt cagggattgg ctttctcaca    140640
     tgggatgggt ctcaagttga ggcagtcatt ggttggctgt tccctcaatc tcggctccat    140700
     ctttatcccc gcacatcttt tgtaggcaag acaaattttg gattgaaggt tttgtgaggc    140760
     gatggatgtc cccctccctc ctctggctac aggaggtggc ctcttcagtc tctatatccc    140820
     tctctggtag gaatctcagc tagggtcacc cccatagact gtatgctctc ctgtcccagg    140880
     cctccagcta ggcccagaga tgccccccac caactgattt ccattctcac tcccagcctt    140940
     cttcccacct ccacacacct gatgctcatc cctgttcccc tcatcccctc ccccacccat    141000
     ttctcactct ccatccacct ctgatgactg tttagtctcc ccttctgagt gagagtcaca    141060
     caccctcccg tgggactgcc ttacagccca gttactttag gtctgtggtt actctatggc    141120
     taatgtccac ttctcagtga gtccatacca tgcgtgtctc tctggctctg agttacccca    141180
     tcagactgat tattccatcc atttgctgaa aaaaaaaatc atgacgttct tgttttcaat    141240
     agctgagtag tattccattg tgtagatgtg ccacatttcc tttatccatt cttcagtcaa    141300
     gggacatcta ggttgtttct agtttctggt tattgcaaat aaagctgcta tgaacataga    141360
     taaagcgtgt ccctcggata cagtggtgca tcttttggga atatgcacag gagttatata    141420
     gcttggtttt aagacagaac tattcccagt tttctgagaa agtatcaaat tgatttctaa    141480
     agtggttgta taagtttaca ctccagccag caatgaagaa gagttcccct tgttccacat    141540
     caccatcagc tgtctcttga ggttttgatc ttagccaatc tgatggtttt aagaagaaat    141600
     ctcagggtca ttttgatttg cagttccctg gtgactaagg gtgttgaaca tttctttaag    141660
     tgcttctctg tcattcaaga ttcctctgtt gagaattccc cgtttagatc tgtaccccat    141720
     ttcttaattg ggttatttga attgctggtg tctaacttct tgagttcttt ataatttttg    141780
     gatattagcc ctgtgtcgga tgtagggttg gtgaagatct ctcccaatcc atagactgga    141840
     tggtagctat ttcaatcaga ggatggcact ctacaacagt cctcagggat ggaggcttag    141900
     agtgtgaaga gaatgggagg aagcaagcaa gtcttagaag caagtcttgg tcctgggatc    141960
     atgtgtttct aagacttgtg gtatgatgag cacattcatt ttctgtgcat tctgagaaca    142020
     gagaatttta tttaatgaga aaacaccatt cttttcctaa taagagaaga gaggttggtg    142080
     ggagatgata atagggatag acttagccat ggactggttc cacttcctaa tctatatgtc    142140
     tgtctctata tccttatctt tagaaagcca cgtctactga tcacagcatt gttcaaatga    142200
     gtgagctaag aagacacact tccagacatt tagaagtgtt tagcattgtc ttaaaatggt    142260
     tttgactctt tatgtttgaa agcatgaaag aaacatggaa acgtttagac aggaagtagc    142320
     ataggctcgg cagacgttgc ctcaattccc tcatcacaac cttgacttta cctcaccatt    142380
     gtgtgtgcag cccaaagatg gggcagggcc tgtgctggat catggtgtgg caaatcatgg    142440
     caaatcatgg ctgcaaccat ggaagaagtt tgagagccaa ttctagatga tgagatatca    142500
     gacactcctc ccaggaggga ctctgtgata gatttctaag tccttaaaac aagatacaaa    142560
     gaaaagatct ctttctcttc tgctctgggc tttagaaggc cggagtgtga ggagcaaggt    142620
     cctggagcac tgaccaatgg ttagctgagg ttcggaaagg gttggcagag gagaggctgg    142680
     ggagacgatg ggtttgactg caaggctgag gcagcctggt atcacactgc tctggacctt    142740
     gctagtgtgt gagccaatcc attcccttat cttttaagct gccacaaggt ggggtgttca    142800
     attacttgca gctgaaagca ttctggatga tatggcgatc cccatctaaa cacacatgat    142860
     ggatgaattt tcagaatagc caggataaat cttacaaaga aaagaaaaat cctaaaaagc    142920
     tgccagcagg gagaaagaca gatagccctc agaggaatga gaatcagaca agcagaagac    142980
     ttacggcttc tccaggagct aaaactatgg agcagaaact tcaaagactg aagggagatg    143040
     gtgccgccaa ggtgacagcc aagtgtgggg atgcactaaa ggaagcctgg gacacctctg    143100
     aattaaaaca ttcacccagg cttgggaggt ggctcatcag aaacaggccc tgctgcacaa    143160
     gcctgagaat ctgagtttgg agccctggca cccacgtact agcagatgta gtcgtgcaca    143220
     tctgtaatcc aatactgtgg agatagcaac agatgcttcc tagaggtcta ctgggtagac    143280
     agcaagcata gcctaaatgg ctaagtcagg ttcagtgaga gacctagctt caaaaaccag    143340
     ggtggaaaga ggaaaacata cacacacaca cacacacaca aacacaacca ttaaacaatg    143400
     gtgcattttc ttcttcataa gaaagataat attctagcaa agcatgacaa agaaccacca    143460
     gagggaaacc aataacccca aatacagatg agcagacagg aagtcccaga acgacatcta    143520
     agcagcagcc tggctatgaa gcactttata ctacagccaa gtcttggaga actctggggg    143580
     gaggatccag aacaaaggta aaccacatgc tgaaggccta ggtgaagggg aagccatgac    143640
     aaaggcatag catgtcagaa ggatggggaa aggcatcagt gctccataaa ccactgaacg    143700
     gcacaggctc atgatgtctg tgtgaagcac ctggcctaaa ctggtacaac ctccgagtag    143760
     gcatgcagaa caagagtgaa atgggtactg agcacggtgg agtcccagag agctagcaag    143820
     ctcaagttat tcatgttagg aaggcctaca tctcttcact ctccagacag aacagacaag    143880
     ataagatttt cataccaaga cacccaagag atttcatggg ttttattata gtagaagacc    143940
     cagagagttt gaaatgattt cttagaatgt gccaaggaca ctggcagaag acccacaaag    144000
     gaggccacac tggtggggtg gggtgcacat acctttaccc ccagcacttg tgagttagga    144060
     gccaatggct ctctaaatag caagtcccag gacagctaga gatgcacagt gagaccctgt    144120
     gtcacaacca aaccaaacca acaggatgga ggagaggggg aggaggagga ggagggggag    144180
     gaggaggagg ggggggagga ggaggaggag ggggaggagg aggaagagga ggaggaggag    144240
     gacatattgt cgatttgtgt gacagtttag atgagagtaa gacatcctgg tgagacactg    144300
     cacagtaggg tggtgacaga tggcaagcgt gcactgtatt ttaaaaagcc aaaggatttt    144360
     ttttttatca gaaatgtgtc atagacattg gaggagatga cagtgtttat cctgagcctg    144420
     acacagcagg acttgtctgt aatcccagtg cctggaaggt ggaagtggga ggatcagaga    144480
     ctcaagatca gacttggata cataacaaat ttgagcccaa cctgagatac acgagatcct    144540
     gtttgaaaac aatgataata atgattgatg gtggtggtgg tgataatggt gatgacgata    144600
     aagaactgag gtcaggttcc agaacatgac ttggctcctc agagaacagg actcatgtga    144660
     taaaaaggca gtaactttat ttcctcgtct atcagttttt ttctcttgac cctcaggttc    144720
     agatccaacc acagaaaccc atcacaacag tggagggcag agggtgagtg tctgggaagt    144780
     ggaaggcagg tgagtagaca gtaaagactc gtatgtgaaa gtaaagactc cggggacaca    144840
     ctgtgcaact ctgggcaggg acatagatgt tgaagatccg tgaatgtctc cttctgactt    144900
     gaatgcacac gcgtatcgtg cttcttcggt gatgctgatt ttctgtggct cgtttgtttc    144960
     catcttttgg aaaagaacta atcagaaagt tcccacaaag cccccacttc ccgccatttc    145020
     cccattttta acattttata tcagtgtggg acatctgtga ccatgaatga gcctgtgttg    145080
     actcagtggc ttacctgttc tgactgagaa aattccttta tagttttgct tgttgaggat    145140
     ttttaaaaat cagtctaagt gggaggtttt taaatgtaaa cagatcagga caaatttttt    145200
     cctcttaata tattagtaat atgcattatt agattttcag tagtaactta aaacaatgat    145260
     aaacatattt atcaagtgtt aggtgatttg ggggaaaaaa agaaaaaaaa aatccaatac    145320
     cttagactct tacctcacag gtcacacaca caaaagcaaa tgccaggtat gttaaagacc    145380
     taaaggtaaa aaaaactctg ccatgaaaga atcaggggaa aatatgggga catattacta    145440
     tacccctgaa gctgggaagg ccttttcagc caagatccag aatccagttt ccagcaaagg    145500
     aatccagaga attgattaca cagaagttaa aaacctgtat tctactcccc tgttcctgcc    145560
     catcacattc cagtagaaaa ttcccactca cagaaagcag atgaggtaaa gagctgactg    145620
     gtggccagtg gttaggggag gaggaggagg aggcaggcag agcacagaag ccggtcaggg    145680
     ctgtggtcct ggtgctcatg atgctatagc agtagatcca tagcattaca cattcactca    145740
     aaccctcaga cggtgcaatg ccacaagtga gccccttata aagaatgggt ttcggggcat    145800
     aacagtgtgt caacatcatt gtaatggtgt ccccattcat caactgttag aaatgcccca    145860
     ctcgtgagga tgttgacagt tcagagaatg tgtatgtgtg ggcaaagagg gcacaaggga    145920
     gatctctgta ccaccacatg cagccttcct aaacagaact gcgtgccata gacaaaccca    145980
     aaccgaatgc tgagcgacag tgtttgccat gagagacaag ggttaatgca catcccatgg    146040
     agaaaggcac ttcacaccag caggagtggg aacagctcac actcagtccc aggctgagga    146100
     aggaggggtg actgagggtg aagccagcct ggactgcaaa gcaaggcatc aaaacaagac    146160
     aggcacaaaa ggggaaaaaa ggagaaaggg cctgctaaaa agtggatgaa ggttagaagc    146220
     gggcagtttg ccaaagaact ccaagtgcac aggaacatgt gcaaatacac tcagaatcag    146280
     ggtgcgactc tgagcaaccc tccagaatgg caaagattaa agtgggcagt ggggctggag    146340
     gctggtagga aagtaaccag ggagatttcc taggaaatgg tgaggaggca agtgccatat    146400
     ccccagcgga ggaaagctgg ttgtggagag acaaggacag gcctgtggtt gagacttccc    146460
     agcaaagaag actgggaagg ccagtgagga agtccacagc agtgagacct gccatgatcc    146520
     tggggtggca gctggtgatg gtccggtctt ggtcacggtc gggtggattt gtcaacctaa    146580
     accacagcca gaggctctgt ggagaaaagc caatctgttc aggagtgagc agaatctaag    146640
     agatgctggc tctaacagat cacatcccag ggggttgagg cagtagaatt ttaaaggaga    146700
     gaaagagagc cccatgcgag ctgttttgaa ataaagatca gtggcacaga aatgtactgc    146760
     tggttggggt catggctatg actagttcag cccagcagct cactgttgcc agggagatat    146820
     cttcctagga acaacccagg cttcacagtt gtgaaggtta cagttctcac cggttgtgat    146880
     tagacagacg tcctcacagg catggccgtg gttgacaggt tatatccagc agtcttttct    146940
     aatagtactt ctcatctaca aactatgcat gaggttcccc actgcatggt ctcccagact    147000
     cattgattct gattttggta tgagtgactc cattttagca tcggcaacgt ccacagatag    147060
     cgtctgtccg ctagaggagt ggatgacagg gttggttaca agagggccca gtccttccaa    147120
     acagccttcc tcaaggctgg tcttcctgcc tttcagctct cctagaaggg ccctcaccac    147180
     tccctgccct ccactcacaa cagaatattt ccctcgagct acctcctagc tttctgagtc    147240
     cctgccccaa acccatccct gccagagaag tgtacactga acacaaaaga tgagaaactc    147300
     caacatctat ctgtgctgtc cacacattct gtacaattta ggaatttcca aacacaaaca    147360
     aacaaacaaa cccagccagt atcaattcac caggaaatca aaatagtttg cggcatgatg    147420
     gtatttgtct gaaatcccaa ccttcaggag actgaggcag gaggactatc agtttgaggc    147480
     tagcttaggc tacatagtaa gatactatct tttaaagaga aagaaagaag ggaaggaaaa    147540
     gaaattcatg aacaaattaa acataaatgc atcaatttat agtacataat taagcacaga    147600
     agcactaaag agaaattact ccagcccctt ccttttttgg gccgatttaa cccacaattt    147660
     agcccacaat ttacagaaga tgacacttat tctcagcccc agagctaact tgatacccag    147720
     gaatgagcag ggaggtgttg gggtctggga atcactgcac aaaccactga gacactgatc    147780
     tcagccaaac agggctggtt tactgaaagc ataccccaag cctgatctat tagactcagg    147840
     ggctgactgt gaccaggaat gtttctcgag gccagtttaa aaagacaaaa cccacaatga    147900
     gttcatgggc aggtgcagga agtgctgtgc agtggtcggc tctgactcaa gctattttgg    147960
     ctagttaaac agaacagttc taactaacct ttgttctgat tggttccaag tggagcttat    148020
     gattgttgaa tttcttagga ttaacaaacc tcagaggata gataaaataa cagggtatgt    148080
     ggtcagcatg accctgctct gaaacaagct attctgtgtc agtaacattg tgactgactg    148140
     gcaggaatgt aacaaaatgt ctacagctat gctcagggaa caggcttcaa ccggaggatc    148200
     cttgagattc cagacccact cctcctcatt cccatctcct gtccaggtcc ttccacaaac    148260
     ccttcctgtt ggcctaagca tatctcaatt gttggtaaga cctccctccc tccctccctc    148320
     cctccctccc tccctccctc cctccctccc tccctccctc cctccctccc tccctccctc    148380
     ccccttcctg tctccctcct ccttttcctc cccatctctc tttctttctt ttcctccttt    148440
     ctttcttttt tttatgtata tatgtatcat gaaactattt cccttatgtc ttaatctttt    148500
     gtccaagtcc ttgtgatttc caacactgca gatgtgtggc gcaggtctgt gattctcaat    148560
     actctgggag tggacacagg aagatcaaga gctcaaggtc acccacagca gctacatata    148620
     gagttcaagg ccagcctggg ctacaggaaa ccctgtctcc agaaaataga agtgagtttt    148680
     gccctatcct gtctagcatg tgtatgccct tctctgccct tctgctttct gtcatggata    148740
     aggcggcata gagcttctct agatgtacag ccacggcgtt gggctactgt gcacaccgag    148800
     atgtggaact ccaagggacc caaggatcat tcataactca aggttgcaaa tgatgaaact    148860
     ccaactcaaa atgcttgtca gtgggaaaga ggggagcctg agggactttc tggcttgtgt    148920
     aacaggaact tccaagggaa cattgggctt caggcagaga gggaccagtg ggatgagcag    148980
     cctactgccc agcaactcta gaacatgcta tgattggccc agcttcagag ggaccttctc    149040
     actctcaaga aagtgagttc tctaatggct tgttctgaat caaaatgtca gaccctgcag    149100
     ttagagagga ggtgacactg gacagagaga atgaaggagg agtctgcgga agaaggtggc    149160
     ccgatgaggc atacgaacct tcagcggtac accatacact gtctaagctc cagtgaggct    149220
     caaagtcctt atagatcaag agagactctt tgctgggctc aaactctttt gtgggggcag    149280
     aggattcttc tctagaacca ttctcttccc agcttgaaca ccgggctcag caagtctgca    149340
     ggggcatatt aaagtataaa aggcacagaa acaaaattga aaacaaaatt tatgaccccc    149400
     tttcagacca atatcctaaa gctgaccaag ataaccaatc agatagagct ccctaaattg    149460
     cagaggaaat ttaacggaca cttatattaa actgcacaca tgcaggggat tctggtcatt    149520
     tcctagctcc ccagggaagg gatgaaaaat gtctcaaaga cttcactgga gttagagaga    149580
     tgagacgtac ttgccaacag ccagctcatc cctttcttat ttctgctaat atcactgatg    149640
     ctcatctgtc atggggtcct caggtcacct taacaggcca gtattgcggc agaaaaaaat    149700
     ttgatgaagc taaagaactt ctgttactct agtttagagg tatagtttgt aggatacaca    149760
     acttgtccat ggtgtcctac tgttgtgtga tatgacaata ttttttcagc ttatgaagtg    149820
     gggttgtctg ggctgtctac taatcctgca gtatgtgcac atgcatactc atgcacccat    149880
     ataaacacat gtgtacatgc acaccatgca atcctctcaa agggctgggg ggagactcca    149940
     aactgcagac ctttcacccg gaaagctcaa gacactctat gggactggca tgactcttta    150000
     tgaatggcaa gtcccatcct tacttcaccc atcagctgtt ttctgagttt ccttgtcaac    150060
     aggactgtgg ttgcatctcg atagcaatgt gctcagtgtg atggtgtgcc ttcattattg    150120
     tctttcttag ggttgctatt gctatgatga aatgccatat tcaaaagcaa gttgggaagg    150180
     tatggtggtt tgaatggact catgtgtttg aatgcttggt ccatagggag cggcactatt    150240
     aggagctgtg gccttgttgg aggaagtgtg tcactgtgaa ggcaagcttt gaggtcttat    150300
     atatgctcaa cctacaccca gtgttgtata tagtctcctc tttgttgcct ataggtcaag    150360
     atatagaact ctccattcct tctccagcac caagtctgcc tggacattgc tgtgcttccc    150420
     tccatgataa taatgaacta aacctctgaa attgtaagca agactgtctt agttagggtt    150480
     ttactgctgt gaagtgacat catgaccaag gcaagtctta taaaaacaat atttaattgg    150540
     ggctggctta ctggttcaaa gattcagtcc attatcatca aggcaggagt atggcagtgt    150600
     ccaggcaggc atggtacagg aggagctgag atttctatat cttcatctac agggagatag    150660
     aagactgatt cccacatggt caagagaagg gtcttaaaac ccatgcccac agtaaaacaa    150720
     ttcctccaac aaggccacac atccaaatag agccactccc tgggccaagc atattcaaat    150780
     taccacacag ccccaattgc attttttctt ttatgagttg ctatggtcat ggtgcctctt    150840
     cacaacaatg aaacccaaac taagacagga agatagtggt ttttttggct tatacttcca    150900
     catcagtgtt catcacttga aggaagtcag aaatggaggt gtgctgctta ctggtttgta    150960
     ccccatggct tgctcagcct ttttccttat agaacccagg accaccagcc cagggatgat    151020
     accaccaaca gtggggctgg gtgaaaaatg catcacagcc tgcctactac tccagctaat    151080
     ggaggcattt tcttaattga catcccttcc tctcaaggtg actttaactt gtgccaaact    151140
     atcacaaaac aacccagcac actcatcaac ctgacaagac ttagaatcac catttaaatg    151200
     tatctgtata tgttgtgagg tgttttcaaa gaggttcaag tagcgggaga aggcagaccc    151260
     tgaatgtgag catcagcatt tcatagacca ggctcccagg agagtaaaaa gaagaaagta    151320
     tgcagaacac gaggctttat ctctctctgc ttcctgattg ccgaagccat gtgaccggtg    151380
     accccagctt gtcagtcttc ctgccaccat gggctgagac ccaacctctg agccataaca    151440
     aactcttcct tccttaagtt gttgttgttt tggttttttt ggggtttttt tttttcacat    151500
     caagaaggga gctaagtcat acaattagca accagggaaa gaaatcatga gttcctctac    151560
     cagtgattgg tcttagaaat gaacatatga ccagatctgg ccaatgatat ataaggacat    151620
     atcttctagg aaactgagtt cgttttcctt tctaattgga gggaaagtgt tccttttctt    151680
     ccagctgtgt gtgcatgcta cggtgcagaa caggggacaa gggaagagaa cccgagaata    151740
     agaacatgca caataaaaat gttgtgacga gattaattat tctgcttact aaaagtttta    151800
     atgtaaattt caagaagctc aaggccctgg tgagcatgac tctctacatg gtctcttctg    151860
     ctacacacta gcgagcatcc cactccccct gccctacctg gtagaaatgg ctctagtcat    151920
     gggttgtcac tgtgcgggag gcatgagtag gatgtccaca cagactcaga agtgggcggc    151980
     cacacactgg aatactcacg ctacaggccc agcctggagt agactcgtaa ataccgtgtc    152040
     atcgctctta cctccaaggt ctgatgattg tagtcttcag acccagtgtc tcttcctgag    152100
     atctggtaag tggactttag ggacgtcctg gcaagagtga ttgaaacatc agagtggctc    152160
     agaaacactg agctctgtca ttttcaagca tcagacaaga tacacctagc gcctatcata    152220
     aataaaagat gctatttcct cagaaccttt tgaaagtagg catcaaatca cagaggcaag    152280
     ccttccaaac gccccgttga gttaacagcg cctgcctgcc tgcctgcttc tgccatcctt    152340
     ttgcatttga aatcatcgtc attattgtct gctgccagga tatctccacc ccacactgga    152400
     ttagagtcag tgcttctgac aaatgagcct cctgttgtct actgagggct acatttgaaa    152460
     tgttacctat gctttctttt tttcttttga catagtagat acatataaat ttagaaacca    152520
     aaagaacact ttcatttata ttctgcgaca tctgtggggg aggcaagaag aagctttttg    152580
     atatgttttg tgcttttagg tttagccccc ccccttcttc tttgcaaata ggatggaatg    152640
     tagtatttac cagctgcagc atattctcta ggttggagat atccgttaag cggccagtag    152700
     gccagccttc aattctttcc ctcctcagag tgaaccaatt aggaaattgt caaagccaag    152760
     acttcccaag actatcagtc aaaattgtta ggggtgcctg tggtgggtct attctgttct    152820
     cccaggtgct gtttgtctgt cccgtactcc tgggtatcct gaaaagtaga accctgcctt    152880
     atttatctgt atgtacccca ccccaaacca gaaaatgtat gtatttatag attatttata    152940
     tagtgtagtg agtgtcgtgg acagtggggc gaccctaagt atgatggata atctggcatg    153000
     tccacttaac tgaattgaag gatgcccagg gagctgggaa agtacacttc agcaagggac    153060
     agagaatgct tccagagaag accggcatgt gggtcttaat ctacaagatc acagatcaca    153120
     ctaagtggag aagatgcctc ctgaatttgg gtggggcacc actctgtttg cagggttggg    153180
     gaggggttga cctgatagac cagaacaatg gaaggagact ctgtctcttt atgccccctt    153240
     ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt cctttcttcc ttccttcttt    153300
     ccttccctgc ctccctgcct ccctttggct ctccctttaa gagcaggcat ggttctcatg    153360
     ttgctgccct tacaccaggt tcctgagcct ttggccttac actggggacc acatctctat    153420
     ggttctgaga tctactgttt ctgagaccag cagcctgtgg aagatggctc ctcatgggat    153480
     ttctcaacat ttatcaggtg taaaaaccca atacctgccc cccatataat acacatctat    153540
     ctcccactgg ctatgtttct ctgaagaacc ctgactcctg ctgagggctc tgcatattat    153600
     tttcttaaat attctctatg cattttacac gatctctact ttgtgaattt tgccttctaa    153660
     gcaattacct tgcccagtgt gctggtggat tccccccagg tactgcatga actcatgaca    153720
     ggtcaggtaa ggcaactgtc tgcccggaaa acaactgggt ctctgcagta ctgcgctcta    153780
     gaacctcaac ctcccaactc tcagccttta atatttttaa aaatttattt acctttattt    153840
     tatgtgcatt ggtgttttgc cagaatatat gtctatgtga gagtgtcaga tcttggtgtt    153900
     atagacagtt gtgagctgcc gagtggatgc taagatttga acaggggtct cctggaagag    153960
     cagccagtgc tcttaactac taagccatct ctccagtcct actttttaat ttttttttaa    154020
     gttttgtagt gagttgtgcc ctgagctctt tcttgttaaa attttaaggt tttccttcta    154080
     tttctagggg ataaatttgt gccttcctta acggagtcta agaactacta gaactttatc    154140
     ttatggcaat tgtacataag tgattacctc cactttaaaa tagtctcaag agcttaaaag    154200
     tacactctga gctcctcagg aatggggaat gcatccacaa agaaattatc ttcactaaca    154260
     tactgtgttc tctttcttta tgaccctggg gacttcaggc aagggagccg gcagcttttg    154320
     ctttattggt caatgaatct gacttccaac ttcactcaag gtcttcaagg gactatggaa    154380
     ggtctaggcc ggacctcagc aggcagccac aggaagacac ctgcttctca cctattacac    154440
     aagcatggca tggccaacca caagacaaac cagacccagc tggagtcgtt tttgcatttc    154500
     aagctttcaa ttgtgtccaa gagccgggga caagaaaact cttcactaag cgtgccaaag    154560
     ttcaaactca tcttcagtgg agaagggttc cacgttaggg atcagctaga gattccctct    154620
     catgccaggc atgagaacct tgggaggatt ttgcatttaa tttttagctg tatcttataa    154680
     aatcatatgc ttctgcatcg tggttattat aaattctcta gagagcatgg aaaatacaca    154740
     gaagggtatt ttaagttata tgcgaatact aagcacttta taaggaattt gggcatccat    154800
     gaattttgtt atctgtgtgg tcctagaaga caattctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    154860
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tcacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacag    154920
     agctaggact tatatttttg gttgtgagcc tagcctttaa tggctgagcc atctctccag    154980
     ctcgagctag gacttttttt tagcatagta gatagcatgt cagtctccta aaactccaca    155040
     aacaattctc acagatttcc tttgttgagg gttttacttt tattaaaaga caaggtcttg    155100
     ttctacagcc ccaggctggc ctggacttct ctccatcttt acacttctaa gtgctaggat    155160
     ttatgtgtga gtcaccatgc ctcctgggac ttttgttgag ttttgccaac tcttgggccc    155220
     ataactaacc tgggactggg tatgtttcag acataagagc cctgtgaggt tttcatttat    155280
     gtcaatgagt gaggcaaagg tgagacagag agatggatgc tgggacttca cttacctatc    155340
     aatgacctaa tgacttctat gccaaatcag ctcaggtaag tgttctggcg tttcctaagc    155400
     cagttggcgc tgggcactat ggtctcagat ttttcagtgt gttcattttc ttatcctcat    155460
     tcaaatatgc agtgaggtag tgtgtcccaa agacagccag gttctagccc acaaaccctg    155520
     tggttgttgt acatagtaaa ggggactttg caaatattat cctgggtcag tctagtacct    155580
     ttatatgaaa tcaggagtgt cctcctggga ggggacacag agatgtttga cacagagggt    155640
     taaaaatacc aagctgctac acaaaaattg tcattacata tatacagata catatacgtt    155700
     atatacatat gcatcatata aacatacatc atatacacat atatcatata cattatatat    155760
     acacacatac atattcatta catacatatg gatatatgct acatatacat atgcatacac    155820
     atgcacagac accatataca tatacatata catacataca cacacacaca tacacactat    155880
     ataccatagt atgaatgtgg aggtgagagg gcagcttttg aaactcaatt cccatcctct    155940
     ctcatgtgtg tcccaggcat ggaactcatg ttctcaggct tatcaaacaa gtgtctttac    156000
     ctactcggcc atcttggcca ctcaaagctg caacttttga caatgaaaaa tagagctagg    156060
     agaaattcgg ctctaaacag ccttggagag agggaggtag gtaagtggtt tccctcctat    156120
     agcccgagag agtgaccctc ctaaaacctt gacagctgga gccaaagtgc tttgacattt    156180
     ctgacaccca agcttcaaga ggaatctctg tgtgttactc taagccatga gttcatgatg    156240
     gtttgtggat gaggcttccc gttgtttctg ggtggctgag ggaagagtca gttatgcaga    156300
     tgtgaggaca tctggtggaa tctgctgggc catcaggctg agaacaccat ccatccacaa    156360
     ccttgcttgt acttggtaag tactgtattc atccctctct gctcagaccc tggtcccagc    156420
     ctaccaggaa gcctgcctgg tgcctcaggt cccaccagtt gcaggcacct ttgcaagctt    156480
     ccccttcagc atctgcagac ccagaacttc aattgctaat cacctactcc caggctgccc    156540
     actttggtct cagctatgtg gatcccttct ggaccattct gtagctggct atcactctgt    156600
     ccaatgaagt ctgtatccat gacagcattt tacatacgtg ggtagctctc ctaagtctcc    156660
     ccaatagatt gtacttttat tgtggttaat aattctatat taagttcccc tgagtgatgt    156720
     ttgtctcctg gtcagattta gcctactttg tatgattcca tgatgaactt ttaaattaaa    156780
     tctgcgttat tttcttatca cagtctagaa aaatcaacaa aacaacatct aagccctcac    156840
     ttgtaatgtt ggccaatatc ccttctactt ccaatttcca gctgtcaaca catcacagaa    156900
     catggattta ggaagagaga gatgtcttgt ggctaccatt atctacagtt tctattgata    156960
     taacacacag atacaagccc taagcataaa taatttggta aaattaatta ggaagtgttg    157020
     gttctcatat agcatactta attgcaagtt caaataatta atggttaaca tgcctgtgtt    157080
     taacaactgg ttcgcaaaaa ttccagatca cttaaaagtt ggcttttctt gagtactaca    157140
     aaccagctgc tggccagccc tgggacagag gccttgggca acatgccaaa ggtgctgagt    157200
     acactttctg tcagggctgg cctcttcagg gagcaaaggc ggtcttttga tggcctgctg    157260
     gggtgaacct gggtcaggag gagccttcac tgaccacatt tgtcgctcct gtcttccact    157320
     gtgaccttat ctgccctcca tcgtgcctgg taacacgtgc acttctggac agcagcgtca    157380
     gttaccaggc cccatgcttc ttagagcaac gagtgtcttg gtagacactg ttcccaagta    157440
     tggctgaggt gactgggatc aggcaaccat acctaggtgt gcaagcttca aaactcacct    157500
     cactactcgc tagccaaggg actcagagcc aatcatccac cgcccacaca tgcccaatga    157560
     atcatggttc caatgagggt ggaacaaggt catggaagca aggacagggc cctctaactg    157620
     aagcagccgt gctggagcca gcggcatact ccctgggaac cagcagcggg tccagatcac    157680
     agaatgctat cagatagccc agccttcccc ctacagaaaa caaaacccag gcaagccacc    157740
     tgacctttct cttgcatgtt tcccagggat caaagagcct ctaacattaa ccccagagga    157800
     gctattccca aatagagata aaaatattcc ctgtgcccac tcctgaaatt ttctaaggta    157860
     tcctctgcga gggagtgatc agtgccacca aggggccagc tggctggaaa cagagtgggg    157920
     aagcctgggt cgaggttccc agtctgctgc ctgcctgggg cctgtgctgt ccagggaatg    157980
     aagctgcacc aagactcaca agcatcatcc aggctgcagc ttgggtgtgg tcagtgtgaa    158040
     ggtagcctta gcctggttct tcctcggcaa gacactagga agatggtcca tgaaagtgat    158100
     ccccgagcat acatgtgagg ctaactcaga gagatatgga cagagaccct agaaagttat    158160
     ggccagtgcc cccaccctca cccctgactc gctgccaagg ggattcccat cttccaccta    158220
     ggaccgtgct ctcctgctcc ctccagcctg gagctggggc ccatcctggg tccagtagtc    158280
     caggccttag caaacaccac attgtggtgc gggtcctcaa aggatcaaga ttttcctctg    158340
     gtaaatccaa aggggatgtt ctcagaagag acgaccccaa ccccagatgg agatgccagc    158400
     actggacctg ccctccccac cctgcctgct gcctgtctcc tggcttcatc cagaatatca    158460
     aacagcaagt ctggcttagc ggacctgcag gaatggccag attgtgggat cttgctgtcc    158520
     aggaagactc ctgtctagtc agtccttcct cgtctcacct tttcccttat cccaagtgtg    158580
     gccaagccac caattcacag acatgttagc caatgtgcct tttcttcttg gtcttgttag    158640
     tgaaaggtgg atgacaggtt aaaagcaagg ttccagccac cagaaacgat ggatagaaaa    158700
     acaccaacac actctgatat acagacctgc aggaatgtgc aggtgtacac gtgagcatat    158760
     agttacccgc ccacagttac agacattcac acatgtacgt gtgtcaatgt acattgtgta    158820
     tgcatacact gactgttgtc cctcagtacc ttctgagact ggttctagga tcccaatcct    158880
     tgcagtgttc aagtgtggca cgtaaaacaa ttgtagtgtt tacatgtaac ctttgcacgg    158940
     accaatacac agagtgaatg ccatctgaag agctggttct tccaaggctg tatatttaga    159000
     gaataatgaa gaaaaaaaca tctgtacaag accaggcagt ggtggcacat gcctttaatc    159060
     tcagcacttg ggaggcaggg acaggtggac ttctgtgagt tcaggacagc cagagctcat    159120
     aatagagaga ccacgtctcc aaaccaaacc aagcacctgt acactcacat gtattttcaa    159180
     tctatgattg cttgaatcca tgatcacaat atttgggtgc aggggggtgg gagggaggga    159240
     gggagggagg gagagagaga gagagagaga acgagccatt aatgtacagg gcttaacaag    159300
     gctcaaatag acagacacct aaaccaagca ccaggtatgg ccttcacaga acattccttc    159360
     cagacaagga ttccagagag gtgcctgggc atatcacttt catccagacc aggaggtgag    159420
     tgtccctggt tttcaggctc ctggtggcag agagtaaaga ggcctctgct ctttcccttg    159480
     ctattctctt cctgctgtga tattactcat gcctgtggtt ttaagtacca tgagagatgt    159540
     caaggactct tgtcttgttc ctttggtctg actgcccctg ggctccagaa cccagagata    159600
     ctgtcaccct ttgacatctt cctcagactg cctacgatgc gtccatcatc ttcctggtgc    159660
     ccagccagag ccctgagtac ttctgggacc atcgttttcc cccatggcca tccttcacct    159720
     aacattctca tgtttcattc cctagtatta cttgggtcca ctgtggctca gcatcaccat    159780
     caccaccctg aatggtaccc atcttcactc tccaatcagt gtggccagac tggtctttgc    159840
     aggactcaac tctcatccca cccctgtctt agttctaagt ttagtaacag ctcttccgtg    159900
     ctttgaaact attcttgttc cattctgctg atgtaataaa aattaaaaca aagcaaaaca    159960
     aaacaaaaga aaagcacaaa aaacatttgg gccaaaagca acttgggtga ggaaaagatt    160020
     tatctctgtt catgggttta ctgtccatca ctgagagaat caggtcagga acttgaagca    160080
     gaaaccatgg aggaaagttg tttgctagct agcttataca tgcttagcta gctttcttat    160140
     acatcccaga aacattgcct agggaatggt actacccaca gagggcatga acatgaatac    160200
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac gcagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    160260
     agagagagag agagagagag agagatgccc actagcctaa ttgatctagg taatccctca    160320
     gtggccactt tcttttcagg tgacccccgg ccatgtcaaa ttgacagtaa aagcaaactg    160380
     cagcactttc tcctatgcta gagcttctct gaagactcag cccaaagcct cccacgtgct    160440
     aggctggcac tctaccattg agctacatcc caagccttct ctttgcttgt ttttgtattc    160500
     agagtgccca gcacattggc ctgcgtgatg tagatgcttg agatgcattt gataaggagg    160560
     gcagagggag gaagtggggg aggagaagag agggagaaag ggaggaagga aatggaagtg    160620
     ggcagggccc tatctgtctg accaagtctc caagctccca tctggtcctg cctggaactt    160680
     tactctgact ttttaaagtt gaacacaagt actggtctca atatggtccc tagggttctc    160740
     aggtgtctaa atcccatagg acatgtccat gtgctaggct ggggctaagc atgtttccca    160800
     ggtctagtgg agcctccctg tggatgtcag tgctacacac atctctaccc aagaagtttc    160860
     ggactccttc aagatttccc cagtggccaa taagtaggtt gagaatcggt ccagacaagt    160920
     gtgaagtgtg tccagagcaa gtcctggctt tatgagtgtg tgtgcataat gtgtgtgtgt    160980
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgttt gagtgtgcat acatgtgtgc ttgcgtgttc atatgggtac    161040
     atatgtttat ccagcagttt ctaactcttt ccacctttct ccactggcca ataagtagag    161100
     aaccttgaca ggtatgctaa gtgctggtga tgactctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    161160
     tctctctctc tgtatgagtg tgtgtgttgc ttgcttgtat gtgagtgcct gttcatgtgt    161220
     gtgactatag gcatgcatgt ggaccaaggc atgcaaatgg aagtcagagg acaacctccg    161280
     ttgtttacac tgtctgatgc agagtccctc tattcatttg ccactgagaa taagctagct    161340
     tggcctgtaa gtctcttgga attctccggt ctccatccca catctcactg aagaagtgcc    161400
     aggattacag gtgtgcacca cagcatcctg ctctatgtgc tttcagggga tctgagttag    161460
     gtccttctgc ttgcatgagc atccccacca tcctgtgctg gctttaaaga gaagccaacc    161520
     tgcctcatcc ctgcagagct cttgcttagc acatccattg gggcagatac acctgggctg    161580
     ctctgcatgg caggagtctg ctggctgaat agtcaagcac aagggcactg gacagaaggg    161640
     tacagcactg actaaacctg tcactcccac acaaaggagc catcaaagta ttggagcaag    161700
     gctctggctc catccagtag ctctagaagg gcagccctgg tcaccaggga ggagaaagac    161760
     ttcaaagaga cattggaact ctagtataga gcctgtgaac aaccaacaga gcatgtggca    161820
     gtgaggcacc gtccactgcc attcatccat aggctagagt ctcacagcag tgcttggggc    161880
     atcatgatcc tgcagcaggt ggggggcaag ggcactgacc tagtcttggg cacccctgca    161940
     ggatcccagg aatccccatg tctgggtgcc tgctacaggg accccgatct agagcactca    162000
     gatcaatcac aacagacact ctgctcctga caacctgtcc ctctagctac ctctgtctag    162060
     tacagcaccc agtctctacc cggctcccag cacaggacct tcctcaattc ccagggcacc    162120
     gccttccttc taagctcttc ccagttgttt aatagagtca ggactggtga ggttgtgtgt    162180
     gtttaaccat ggctgcaaga agaggctgag gtgaagtctt acgtatggga taacacacat    162240
     gctaaatagc tttccactct tcttactttg gggtaggact tcatctgcta cccctcagca    162300
     catcccatga gtcattactg aagtttattg tcattagtgt ttctttaagc agttcactct    162360
     ggctacctca agtacagact gaccttgacc gtcctgatta agaccaaata gtgaagaaca    162420
     ttttactggg tgggactgga gtggaaccca cgaagccagg cagtagacaa aggctgtacc    162480
     gaggagccca gactgatgct attagcatgg tactagttat cagcaagtga gatggggagc    162540
     tctgctctct agcctgtcat acctccagtc tgccataccc atgtccaagt gagtaagcat    162600
     agcatgaccg aaatcacatg ctgttaggac gacccacacc cccacatcct atgaagctat    162660
     gtccctgtat tttcaattgt tggttgctgt gcaggcagag ctaagtgctg gcagcaggtt    162720
     tggtactgtc ctctcaatag cccattacaa gacttccata tgtaaatgct tgttctccct    162780
     cgtctgccca atctcagacg attctctgag attatattaa aaagcaagct gccctcgtga    162840
     aggtcacaca cagcccttaa caccaaaggg caacccagag atgtatcagg gttgtcttcc    162900
     tgctgattgg tcccaatgag aacgtggctt tttgcacaat aaagaggtgg cagctggaac    162960
     aggaagtaca ggtgagactt ccaggcaggc agagatgcag gagagagaat caggaaacaa    163020
     cagaagccta cacacatttt ctgtatccca gcatatgtag cagaagaagg cccagtcggc    163080
     catcactggg aagagaggcc ccttggtctt gcaaacttta tatgcctcag tacaggggaa    163140
     cgccagggcc aagaagtggg agtgggtggg taggggagcg gagtgggagg ggggagaggg    163200
     tataggggac ttttgggata gcatttgaaa tgtaaatgaa gtaaatacat aataaaaaat    163260
     tggaagccgg gcagtggtgg cacacgcctt taatcccagc actctggagg cagaggcagg    163320
     cagatttctg agttcgaggc cagcctggtc tacagagtga gttccaggac agccagggct    163380
     atacagagaa accctgtctc aaaaaaacaa acaaataaat aaataaataa ttggaaaaaa    163440
     aaaagaaacc cacacactca ttaaaaagag tgacttccca gtgaactggt gggaatgggc    163500
     tgggatcaat tacactcctg atgtgagccc cagcaagtga ttctggtgca caacagcctg    163560
     tgacgaggcc catgatcctg cagcggccac cacactgacc gggacatagc tgaggacctg    163620
     ctatggcttg actgtggttt gtggctctct gtcactgaat gctctccagt gataaaaggc    163680
     ttaaatacaa actgcttact attgagaagt gactggactt ggggaggtag aagcctttgc    163740
     actaagtcct gagctaccga ctgtgtagcc tcgggaagtc caactgaccc aacaatgagg    163800
     agctgtgact gagaagtcca agagtctagt agtcactcag tcccacaagg ttaggcgttt    163860
     ccgctggtct tctgaataag ctggaatcct gaagaagcag gttccaacag atgtgctggc    163920
     catcaagagc aagcaggtaa aaaaaagtga gtcttccttc ttccattgct cttatgtagg    163980
     cctctaacag aaagtatggc ccaaggtgtg tatcaccatg tctggacttg gaatttgctc    164040
     tgtcccaggc tggccttgaa ctctgatctg cttgcctctg tctcctgaga ttgagggtgt    164100
     gtactacctt gcctggttct aagcttttca tggccactat gcctcaagat ctggatcaaa    164160
     agcgtgcatt atcccatgtc aagatccggg tcagaaccct gtgtcttcca acctcaagat    164220
     caagatcata ggtgtgcccc ccatttctgg attgtagttc aagatgtagt caagttggca    164280
     accagggata gccatcacgg gaggaaagga cttattcagc tcacagtgta caagtccatc    164340
     atcactgaag gaacccaagg aagggattca gggtacatcc tagagccagg aacagaggca    164400
     gagaccccgg aggacaccgt ttactgactt gctccagctg ccatgttcag cctgttttct    164460
     tatacaaccc aggaccacct gcttggcaga ggtcccgccc accacttgtg tcctcccaca    164520
     ccaataatta atcaagtaaa tgaccccaca agcaggtcca tgggccagtg tgatagcggc    164580
     aattcttgaa ccggtgttcc cacatctcaa gtgtctgagg ttcgtatcaa gctcgtgttt    164640
     tgctgttact gtctgaatga gcacctctgc ccagagacta cctacacggc cacaggtctg    164700
     aaagagagca ggtacaaaca gcacagggaa gctgtcctcg ccatcaccat tggccacaag    164760
     gttctcacca gcacagagct aaaggaagcg ctacgccctg aacttccagg actgtgaact    164820
     aagtaaatct ccccctgtcc ccttttaaag ctagccattt tgtaagagca aagagcagtc    164880
     aattattaga atactgcaca tcctgagaat attgtgccgt acaattgcaa accatctaag    164940
     ggctttttcc atccacgtag acttgttagc aggtccctaa actacctgaa actctttgag    165000
     gagaatgagt ctgggcaggt tgctggggaa agacaggctt ttgttcagaa actttggaaa    165060
     tcatgtgaca ggagctctag gttatttttt ttcccatgct aggggatgga aaagaaggga    165120
     cctgttcacc tctctccacc cctccccata tcaagtccag tatagaagct tgggagaagg    165180
     gttctaccac ctcccaagac aggaggaaga tcggtgaaga ggtccaggga gcttacggtg    165240
     tgaacaatgg ggatggttgg tagcagagat gcagaggaat agcctacttg ttccaaagca    165300
     ggacagagga gacactgcag agaggacctg agctcaagtc atcttgagcc aatagatctg    165360
     ctccagaaga aacctgcatt tatgaaggac accagcaagg gttgtgtgag ctgacagttg    165420
     ccacagggtg caagagacag agtccaccat ggatgaacta gttttgagca tctgatagaa    165480
     aggactgtaa tgtctgtggg ccttggggga ggacaggcaa gaacaactag tgaatagggt    165540
     ggaagactac atcagggaag tgaggcagca ggcaggtgtg gagactggag ccccaaggcc    165600
     acacctccta tgcttcccca aacagcaact gacaactaag tattcaaata tcagagcctg    165660
     tggtgagggg agcatcacag ggcccttgcc tcacctggcc agtttttttt ttttttttcc    165720
     attttttatt aggtatttaa ctctcctggc cagtttttaa gccctgttct catcacaatg    165780
     aagatatagg gatacagcat gggaggaggg aggagggagg agggaagaag atgaagtaaa    165840
     actgtaaggc tgggaagatg aagcgagggt gatacaggat tcagagatga gagaagcagg    165900
     tatgaagggt gtaaccacgg cagagggagt aagggtgagg aagtggcaga tggtgactga    165960
     gaaaatgatg gggtacaggg atgagggatg gaagatggcg gaggagaggc tcagagaaag    166020
     agacaagagt tagaggagaa atggacgcag agataaggtc ttctcttaga agctatatgt    166080
     tatatgctga caatagattt caaatttgag taaacaaaac cagatgggcg ggctgccgcc    166140
     aggcagaggt ggttctggag agcctcccag aggctctgtg ggctgtgtat gcacgtgcta    166200
     atgggagtag gaaggtgagc cctcctaccc ctgctgcagt ctgcactggc aacattgttg    166260
     actgccttct attggctaag ttccggttgt cattagaatc cgatcggccc cacaggctaa    166320
     ccatgacgcc agcctctgtc tcttagtgct tttcatgagt atcatgtcac cagccccatc    166380
     ttctgagtat tgtcaacgag cttatcaagt catcagcctg ttttctttga aaagacagcg    166440
     gtcagaggtt agttgcaggt aaggaaacag ccctctaggc ggacaagcct ggaggcatca    166500
     tcactgaact caggagcttt caaaacggaa ggtgagttct gcactgtttg gagatatatc    166560
     ctctctggct ctgcctgggc agctcagccc attacttacc ctcctacccc ccatcagaag    166620
     aatcgctgtt ctcagtgact ataatgtggt cctaaggatt caaaatccta aaggctgtgg    166680
     gcattatagc ctgggggtgg ggaaagggct ttgggtcttt tgagttccat cggcagtcat    166740
     gtgcctttct aaatgctatg ctttgatgtg gttttcactc tgctttggtc ttcctaaaat    166800
     tccaacatat tagaaaccct ttccttgata gccagcctga cttcacacct actctcctgt    166860
     ctagttactc taagacctgc ctggttcatc tcacctctcc ctgcacttta ggcctgtcct    166920
     tcctgcaccc cagaccatct cagccactca tgagagtgtt ctgaagaaca cccaagcaca    166980
     ttcaatccca ggtgctttgc agtctgatgg gcctacgtcc tgttatgaag tggcataatg    167040
     aagcagcata cggccctgga gggctcaaaa agtgggcacc gtcgccttca gagcctttga    167100
     gaatgggaac atggaggagg gagaagctac caaccagctc tacagggcag aaatgacagt    167160
     gcaagaggag cctgtagagg caagctcaca tcaccctggg tagggtgttg atgatccaac    167220
     ccacagagca ccctcccttt aatgggaagg aggctggagt gtgaaggctc agggcaaacc    167280
     tgcctggggt gcaccctgac tctggggcgc accctggctc ctgggctcac tgagtgaaca    167340
     ctagtgaact ttagcctgga atcttggctg agatcaccct aagatgtata agttgtgtca    167400
     ggggcaaaac cagggttcta accacacacc cttagtgtgg ctagtgtaca ctctggcctt    167460
     tgggtgtcca cagatgttaa cccagaagcc cgtttctcac tctttttctg tccaccaaga    167520
     taatgttctg acttggtaca gactccatgc agcagttatg tggaagcagt ttgctttttt    167580
     gttttgtttg gttttagttg tggatttttt gttttgtttt gacttttttg tcttcaaatg    167640
     gaactatatt gccccaaatg ctagagaagc caggttttaa acaggcacta gccaaacctg    167700
     gcattgtcac atagcatttt taagtatata gtatagggca gcctgccagg tctcatgtaa    167760
     tgccactggg atctcatgtg tgacactgga gctgcactag acatgcccag gccactcagg    167820
     gaagaagagc ggcacctgac tgacatagga ggctttggtc cacccacatc cccttacctg    167880
     cccgaccccc ttcctgttta attattgaac ttttacttta ttttttatta atcgttttat    167940
     tcatttacat ttcaaataat atcccccttc ccggttacct ctccacaaac cgctcattct    168000
     atcccctctc ccccctcccc tttgcctcta tgagggtgct cctccaccca ttcacccact    168060
     ccctcccccc tctagcaccc tcctatactg aggcatcaag cctccctccc ctccctctga    168120
     agaatgtgtg tgtgtgagag agaagggatg tacacatgag tgcaggtgtc cactgaggct    168180
     agaccatcac atctcctgga gcaatcgttg tgactggttg tgagccgcct gatgtgggtg    168240
     ctgggaacag aacccaggtc ctctgcaaaa gtagtgtgtg cttttagctt ctgagcagtt    168300
     tatccaccca ccttcacaag cagattacaa actagaccct cggaaaccac gtatatggca    168360
     ttcgaggttc tctgactggt cactatcaga tgcctaatat cttgcttgcc ccgcagggga    168420
     aacacggtgt ctgggtgtga gtatgggcat gcgtgtgagc aaggcttgtg acgtcaatga    168480
     caggataagg tgtgcgatct gatcagtagg cacacagctg gatctgttag ctgcaggatg    168540
     aacagctctg gctctggagt ctgtctccgc agattaaaca cctgaaggga gagcctgatg    168600
     caagagagca tttactgcac cggcgtctca ttaatccagt ccaatccagt cctgccaggg    168660
     aacggcgatt gcctctgaaa tcctcctaac tttcgaattg gtgttttatc agaaacattt    168720
     ttagccttaa ctgaactttt cttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttctttttt    168780
     tttttttttt ttttttccat tttttattag gtatttcgct catttacatt tgcaatgcta    168840
     taccaaaagt cccccatagc cacccacccc ctctccccta cccacccact ccccttttat    168900
     ggccctggcg ttcccctgta ctggggcata taaagtttgc gtgtccaatg ggcctctctt    168960
     tccagtgatg gccgactagg ccatcttttg atgcatatgc agctagagtc aagagctccg    169020
     gggtactggt tagttcataa tgttgttcca cctatagtgt tgcagatccc tttagcttct    169080
     ttggtacttt ctctagctcc ttcattgggg gccatgtgat ccatccaata gccgactgtg    169140
     agcatccact tctatgcttg ctaggcccag gcatactctg acaagagaca gctatatcag    169200
     ggtcctttca gcataatctt gctagtgtat gcaatggtgt cagcatttgg aagctgatta    169260
     tgggatggat ccccggatat ggtagtgtct acatggtcca tccttttatc tcagctccaa    169320
     actttgtctt tgtaactcct tccaagggtg ttttgctccc acttctaagg aggggcatag    169380
     tgttcacact tcagtcttca tttttcttga gtttcatgtg tttaggaaat tgtatcttat    169440
     atcttgggta tcttaggttt tgggctaata tccacttatc agtgagtaca tattgtgtga    169500
     gttcctttgt gaatgtgtta cctcactcag gatgatgccc tccaggtcca tccatttggc    169560
     caggaatttc ataaattcat tctttttaat agctgagtag tactccattg tgtagatgta    169620
     ccacatcttc tgtatccatt cctctgttga ggggcatctg ggttccttcc agcttctggc    169680
     tattataaat aaggctgcta tgaacatagt ggagcatgtg tccttcttac cagttggggc    169740
     atcttctgga tatatgccca ggagaggtat tgctggatcc tccggtagta ctatatccag    169800
     ttttctgagg aaccgccaga ctgatctcca gagtggttgt acaagcctgc aatcccacca    169860
     acaatggagg agtgttcctc tttctccaca tccacgccag catctgctgt cacctgaatt    169920
     tttgatctta gccattctga ctggtgtgag gtggaatctc agggttgttt tgatttgcat    169980
     ttccctgatg attaaggatg ttgagcattt tttcaggtgc ttctctgcca ttcggtattc    170040
     ctcaggtgag aattctttgt tcagttctga accccatttt ttaatggggt tatttgattt    170100
     tctgaagtcc accttcttga gttctttata tatgttggat attagtcccc tatctgattt    170160
     aggataggta aagatccttt cccaatctgt tggtggtctt tttgtcctat tgacggtgtc    170220
     ttttgccttg cagaaacttt ggagtttcat taggtcccat ttgtcaattc tcgatcttac    170280
     agagcaagcc attgctgttc tgttcaggaa tctttcccct gtacccatat cttcaaggct    170340
     tttccccact ttctcctcta taagtttcag tgtctctggt tttatgtgaa gttccttgat    170400
     ccacttagat ttgaccttag tacaaggaga taagtatgga tcgattcgca ttcttctaca    170460
     tgataacaac cagttgtgcc agcaccaatt gttgaaaatg ctgtctttct tccactggat    170520
     ggttttagct cccttgtcga agatcaagtg accataggtg tgtgggttca tttctgggtc    170580
     ttcaattcta ttccattggt ctacttgtct gtctctatac cagtaccatg cagtttttat    170640
     cacaattgcc ctgtagtaaa gctttaggtc aggcatggtg attccaccag aggttctttt    170700
     atccttgaga agagtttttg ctatcctagg ttttttgtta ttccagatga atttgcaaat    170760
     tgctccttct aattcgttga agaattgagt tggaattttg atggggattg cattgaatct    170820
     gtagattgct tttggcaaga tagccatttt tacaatgttg atcctgccaa tccatgagca    170880
     tgggagatct ttccatcttc tgagatcttc tttaatttct ttcttcagag acttgaagtt    170940
     tttatcatac agatctttta cttccttagt tagagtcacg ccgagatatt ttatattatt    171000
     tgtgactatt gagaagggtg ttgtttccct aatttctttc tcagcctgtt tattctttgt    171060
     gtagagaaag gccattgact tgtttgagtt aattttatat ccagctactt caccaaagct    171120
     gtttatcagg tttaggagtt ctctggtgga atttttaggg tcacttatat atactatcat    171180
     atcatctgca aaaagtgata ttttgacttc ctcttttcca atttgtatcc ccttgatctc    171240
     cttttgttgt cgaattgctc tggctaatac ttcaagtact atgttgaaaa ggtagggaga    171300
     aagtgggcag ccttgtctag tccctgattt tagtgggatt gcttccagct tctctccatt    171360
     tactttgatg ttggctactg gtttgctgta gattgctttt attatgttta ggtatgggcc    171420
     ttgaattcct gatctttcca aaacttttat catgaatggg tgttggatct tgtcaaatgc    171480
     tttctctgca tctaacgaga tgatcatgtg gtttttgtct ttgagtttgt ttatataatg    171540
     gattacattg atggattttc gtatattaaa ccatccctgc atccctggaa taaaacctac    171600
     ttggtcagga tggatgattt ctttaatgtg ttcttggatt cggttagcga gaattttatt    171660
     aaggattttt gcatcgatat tcataagaga aattggtctg aagttctcta tctttgttgg    171720
     atctttctgt ggtttaggta tcagagtaat agtggcttca taaaatgagt tgggtagagt    171780
     accttctact tctatcttgt gaaatagttt gtgcagaact ggaattagat cttctttgaa    171840
     ggtctgatag aactctgcac taaacccatc tggtcctggg ctttttttgg ttgggagact    171900
     attaataact gcttctattt ctttagggga tatgggactg tttagaaggt caacttgatc    171960
     ctgattcaac tttggtacct ggtatctgtc cagaaatttg tccatttcgt ccaggttttc    172020
     cagttttgtt gagtataagc ttttgtagaa ggatctgatg gtgttttgga tttcttcagg    172080
     atctgttgtt atgtctccct tttcatttct gattttgttg attaggattt tgtccctttg    172140
     ccctctagtg agtctagcta agggtttatc tatcttgttg attttctcaa agaaccaact    172200
     cctcgtttgg ttaattcttt gaatagttct tcttgtttcc acttggttaa tttcacccct    172260
     gagtttgatt atttcctgcc gtctactcct cttgggtgaa tttgcttcct ttttttctag    172320
     agcttttaga tgtgttgtca agctgctagt atgtgctctc tcccgtttct tcttggaggt    172380
     actcagcgct atgagtttcc ctcttagaaa tgctttcatt gtgtcccaaa ggtttgggta    172440
     cgttgtggct tcattttcat taaactctaa aaagtcttta atttctttct ttattccttc    172500
     cttgaccaag gtatcattga gaagagtgtt gttcagtttc cacgtgaatg ttggctttcc    172560
     attcttaatg ttgttattga agatcagtct taggccatgg tggtctgata ggatacatgg    172620
     gacaatttca atatttttgt atctgttgag gcttattttg tgaccaatta tatggtcaat    172680
     tttggagcag gtcccgtgag gtgctgagaa gaaggtatat ccttttgttt taggattaaa    172740
     tattctgtag atatctgtca ggtccatttg tttcataact tctgttagtt tcactgtgtc    172800
     cctgtttagt ttctgtttcc acgatctgtc cattgatgaa agtggtgtgt tgaggtctcc    172860
     cactattatt gtgtgaggtg caatgtgtgc tttgagcttt actaaagtgt ctttaatgaa    172920
     tgtggctgcc cttgcatttg gagcgtagat attcagaatt gagagttcct cttggaggat    172980
     tttacctttg atgagtatga agtgtccctc cttgtctttt ttgataactt tgggttggaa    173040
     gtcgatttta tccgatatta gaatggctac tccagcctgt ttcttcagac catttgcttg    173100
     gaaaattgtt ttccagcctt tcactctgag gtagtgtctg tctttttccc tgagatgggt    173160
     ttcctgtaag cagcagaatg ttgggtcctg tttgtgtagc cagtctgtta gtctatgtct    173220
     ttttattggg gaattgagtc cattgatatt aagagatatt aaggaaaggt aattgttgct    173280
     tcctgttatt tttgttgtta aagttggcat tctgttcttg tggttgtctt cttttaggtt    173340
     tgttgaggga ttatcttctt gttttttcta gggcgtggtt cccgtccttg tattggtttt    173400
     tttctgttat tatcctttga agggctggat tcgtggagag ataatgggtg aatttagttt    173460
     tgtcgtggaa tactttggtt tctccatcta tggtaattga gagtttggct gggtatagta    173520
     gcctgggctg gcatttgtgt tctcttagtg tctgtataac atctgtccag gctcttctgg    173580
     ctttcatagt ctctggtgaa aaatctggtg taattctgat aggcttgcct ttatatgtta    173640
     cttgaccttt ttcccttact gcttttagta ttctatcttt atttagtgca ttttgtgttc    173700
     tgattattat gtgtcgggag gaatttcttt tctggtccag tctatttgga gttctgtagg    173760
     cttcttgtat gttcatgggc atctctttct ttagatttgg gaagttttct tcaataattt    173820
     tgttgaagat gtttgctggt cctttgagtt gaaaatcttc attctcatcc actcctatta    173880
     tccgtaggtt tggtcttctc attgtgtcct ggatttcctg gatgttttga gttaggatct    173940
     ttttgcattt tccattttct ttgattgttg tgccgatgtt ctctatggag tcttctgcac    174000
     ctgagattct ctcttccatc tcttgtattc tgttgctgat gctggcatct atggttccag    174060
     atttctttcc tagggtttct atctccagcg tcgcctcact ttgggttttc tttattgtgt    174120
     ctacttccct ttttaggtct agtatggttt tgttcatttc catcacctgt ttggatgtgt    174180
     tttcctgttt ttctataagg acttctacct gtttggttgt gttttcctgt ttttctttaa    174240
     ggacttgtaa ctctttagca gtgttttcct gtttttcttt aaggacttgt aactctttag    174300
     cagtgttctc ctgtatttct ttaagtgagt tattgaattc cttctttatg tcctctacca    174360
     tcatcatgag atatgctttt aaatccaggt ctaccttttc aggtgtgtta gggtgtcctg    174420
     gattgggcga agtgggcgtt ctgggttctg atgatggtga gtggtcctgg cttctgttag    174480
     taggattctt acgtttacct ttcgccatct ggcaatctct ggagttagtt gttatagttg    174540
     tctttgttaa aagattgttc ctctgttgat tttgttaccc tctatcagca ggcgtgggag    174600
     acaagctctc ttctctgagt ttcagtggtc agagcagtct ctgtaggcaa gctctcctct    174660
     ctcagggaag gtgtacagtt atctggtgtt tggacctcct cctggctgaa ggtgaaggcc    174720
     caaaacagga tctttcccag aagctgtgtt gctttggcca ggaaggtggc cagttgtctg    174780
     gagtcgaaga tgttgccgcc tcagaagctc tgtggctctt gccgggaagg tggctggttg    174840
     tctggagctg aagatggtgc cgccccagaa tctctgtgac tctctcgccc gtcccagaaa    174900
     cggctggcac tctgtattcc ccacggtcac ccgtgcagcc tgccctccgc ggagtcccgg    174960
     agccaagaag gctcccgccg gcgcctgtgc cacaaacctc tcaggccagg cagacccccg    175020
     tgctctcacc aggaaggtgg ccggctgtct gaagctgaag atggcgccgc ccagaagctc    175080
     tgcgactctc tcgcccgtcc cagaaacggc tggcactctg tattccacac ggtcacccgt    175140
     gcagcctgcc ctccgcggag tcccggagcc aagaaggctc ccgccggcgc ctgtgccaca    175200
     aacctctcag gccaggcaga cccccgtgct ctcaccagga aggtggccgg ctgtctggag    175260
     ctgaagatgg cgccgcccag aagctctgcg actctctcgc ccgtcccaga aacggctggc    175320
     actctgtatt ccacacggtc acccgtgcag cctgccctcc gcggagtccc ggagccaaga    175380
     aggctcccgc cggcgcctgt gccacaaacc tctcaggcca ggcagacccc cgtgctctca    175440
     ccaggaaggt ggccggctgt ctggagctga agatggcgcc gcccagaagc tctgcgactc    175500
     tctcgcccgt cccagaaacg gctggcactc tgtattccac acggtcaccc gtgcagcctg    175560
     ccctccgcgg agtcccggag ccaagaaggc tcccgccggc gcctgtgcca caaacctctc    175620
     aggccaggca gacccccgtg ctctcaccag gaaggtggcc ggctgtctgg agctgaagat    175680
     ggcgccgccc agaagctctg cgactctctc gcccgtccca gaaacggctg gcactctgta    175740
     ttccacacgg tcacccgtgc agcctgccct ccgcggagtc ccggagccaa gaaggctccc    175800
     gccggcgcct gtgccacaaa cctctcaggc caggcagacc cccgtgctct caccaggaag    175860
     gtggccggct gtctgaactt ttcaaaatac aatataattc tccttcatga ccctaggtcc    175920
     tcccggtgaa agctgggctg ttccatgggc tttgatgaag atgacgtgtg cgaccatctg    175980
     gttcccacag aaaggctcaa ggtggctaca tctgttggcc tcatgtgtgc tcgttttaat    176040
     tgtcacttgg aactgtgtga ccacagcaat ttacaaacat ccaggagggt caaacacctg    176100
     aggtgagtga gcgtttgtca taaccagttg agttgttttg gtgtagctga caggcaatcc    176160
     atcttataat ccttcagttt cagcttgcag gagcagggga gttggctgga acagggacca    176220
     aggagacaga gtagccacag ggatgcattg gaagattgca tcttccagtt ctggctgggt    176280
     ttacatgtca cgattctcct ccccctaccc gtccccatcc agtctcttgg ggcttctgaa    176340
     gggcacacca cactatgatc cactgagggt taaaggggaa gacacttgtt gccctgtttg    176400
     gggcacatga ccactggcag cctttgggct cccaatagcc agaacaggag tacctgcagc    176460
     gggtagccat tcttatccat gaaaaccctg ttctgtatct agggccaggc ccacaaggtg    176520
     gaagctctct tagccctcat cccattctcc cttaggacct aaagaatcag gacatagtgc    176580
     tgaggtgctg tgagccgtga gcagaagcag tcctcactca taagaacagg caatccttta    176640
     gtttgtaaac tagagtgggt tatgggggta ttggtgctgc tccatgtaga taatcttgtt    176700
     gaatgcctgc atcaacccct gaactagctc accccgatct gcagaggaag agactgaggc    176760
     ctgcataatt aaagaccaca gtcacgtctt tgagaagccc gggcttcatt gcttttctcc    176820
     attgctccct gactcttggt cagcttgacc tgcccactac gtttctgacc tcacctgcct    176880
     tctggttcat gagagagaga aggataagac acactgcaac ctcttgtgca cgccttttat    176940
     cccagcactg gagaggcaga ggcaggcaga tctctctgag ttcatgccaa cctggtttat    177000
     acagtgagtt ccaggacagc ctgggctaca cagagagatc ctgtcttaaa aacaaacaga    177060
     aacaaatgct gcggcctttt cccgcagcgt cacagactgg caaatctttc tgaagcatcc    177120
     agcccccttg tgtacccaca atatgctttc atcaagggaa cctcatgtta gcagagctac    177180
     ttgcccagtg cccttttgtg tgctacacac ccaggtcccc ggcactgcta catgccgctg    177240
     agcctgaagg gtcagctccg ttagaaacag ctttgaagcc tgagaagggt cgtgtagctt    177300
     aaacaagaaa aaaatgtatt ttttctgtga aacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    177360
     accgaaactg gagctggggt gcaagctcca tcgcatgccc catctttctg ctcttgctct    177420
     ctgagtgtga ccttgcagca aagggcagtc tatcttcact gcagcccaaa agaaacagca    177480
     ggcagggtcc actctgtaag acgaaagcaa acaaacgctg gaaaccgtac tgggtgcatc    177540
     aaacacgaaa gggttaatac aagtacactg tgagcctccc tcatctggac caggagtgct    177600
     tgggagtttt tggatttggg aatatttgca tagcctttac tggttgagtg tcactgatct    177660
     gaaatgctcc cagatgtgac actgtgctga cactcaaaag gcttggcatt tggaggcatc    177720
     tcagacagtc agcagaagga tgctaacccg tacatgaaaa atgggatgaa gaaaagggca    177780
     agtatgggta ccaaaaatga aaacaagatt caaacctccg ggaagcagga gtgagccctg    177840
     ggctgaggga tgactttgga aagagggaca ctatagctct gggcagtggg accagctggg    177900
     gagcagagct ggaggccatg gcatagtagg ggctctcagg gactcttcta tctataccca    177960
     cacttcacag ttccctgtag aaaatggaaa tttacaaggc acccagggag tgtaccactc    178020
     agggttctgc ttcaccaaga gtgaaggttt tcccctgtgc agcaggtgag aatccgccgt    178080
     tttcagtgaa agatgctatc ttcactcact ttcttttgct gtgcatgaat gccacacgct    178140
     aggtaaagga acagaggtgt ggtggtttgg acatgcttgc cctacagagt ggctctattc    178200
     ggatgtatgg ccttgttgga ggaagtgtgc cacttttggg gtcactttga cacacagtgg    178260
     tgtgtcactt tgataccctc atcctagctg cctggaagtc agtctctcct gactgccttc    178320
     caatcaagat gtagtactct cagctccttc cccaggccca catctgtctg gatgcagcta    178380
     tgcttcctgc gatgatgata atggactaaa tctctgaaac tgtaagccat tcccaaacaa    178440
     ctgtttggct ttataagagt tagcatgatc atggtgtctg ttcagagcaa tgggagccct    178500
     aactaagaca agaggttaat tgagtttgta atttcggagg ctggaaagcc taagagtgtg    178560
     gtacccatac ctcttacgtg tctggtgagc atgctgaacc atcacatgat ggaaggcatc    178620
     acatggtaag atagagcacg gttgctagct cacgtacctc ttcctcttcc ggcaaagcca    178680
     ctggtcccat catgaaaccc agccctcatg aacctccaga gttacctcct aaaggcccta    178740
     cttctgaata catcaacaaa tgaacttaaa ggttaagttt ccaatgcaca aactttgggg    178800
     acacttatag accagcagat gtgttcttag ctgtcttgag tctgtgggct gcagcaggtg    178860
     atatagttaa gactcccgag tcatgcatac tgggatcctg atatggaaat catgagcata    178920
     gctgatactc ggtattagta actgtctttg tcgctgtgcc aggatacctg atgaacgcaa    178980
     cataaggagg tgagagtttg tgttggctca tggcatgcag tacatcctat ggggcagagg    179040
     aggcatggtg ggagcatgag gaatactgat gcttacaaaa ggaaaaatgg ggtacactcc    179100
     ctcacattca tgcccaagaa gtctgtcttc caggaggttc tgcaccctgt catgtagata    179160
     atcaatatta acccccctgg gtcccttgag gcactgtctg tggctaatga gttagagtat    179220
     aagatccagg aacttcatca ggcccatcag tgagctgaat gttgcctatc tagacagagt    179280
     gttggagaac cctgctatta aggtcgccat cccctatgac cagatgggtt cccccatgac    179340
     cagatggctc tctgagcttg gtgcaaaaaa cagaggacac cctttgtcag cctgactttg    179400
     tccggatagt gtccctgaac acaggtgcct ggccttatct gaaaaatgac cttacgcaga    179460
     gtgacttcat gtagcacttg atctagcttg ctatctatct acatgataat tagccactgt    179520
     attaaggcct gttagccctt cccactgcac aggtccactg cacaggtcca ctgcacagga    179580
     tgaagttctt gtatacccta ttcctggaac aataaagttg agctgtctct ctaaaactaa    179640
     tcctagaagt taatccattg atactcacag ccatgtcact gaacccgccc caattggttc    179700
     caattggagc catcttctcc ctttgtcctt gagggacatg gccaacagta gctgaggaga    179760
     agggagacca cacagaaggg cagaggaggc cctccttaaa gccagctcac aaggctgtcc    179820
     tctccatgga ttgcttcttg aagataacac tgcaaacatg gaaggcagac agagaaaaga    179880
     actcttatgt ccaaacttta acaggcatcc tgggacagtt tctgaagaca aggcttccgg    179940
     acattgctgt cttgacaacc gctgatgcac tcagggattt gtcttggtcc aagccagggc    180000
     tttgttcaga gaaaacatta gcttgctcca tacttccaca aaacaattct tttttgtttg    180060
     tttgtttttg tttttgtttt gttttgtttt tttttaaaaa catctcttca tctctgttcc    180120
     ctcattaact tctatttatt tgtttgtttg tttatttatt tatttattat atgtaagtac    180180
     actgtagctg tcttcagaca ctccagaaga gggagtgtca gatcttgtta cagatggttg    180240
     tgaaccacca tgtggttgct gggatttgaa ctctggacct tcggaagagc agtcgggtgc    180300
     tcttacccac tgagccatct caccagcccc cacaaaacaa ttctaactca tacgattgat    180360
     attatagtgg agagattgac tccaggaata ccccccacac ccacacacac tcacagaatg    180420
     tcaagtgtct tacataagtg atgacatgtt tgcatgtaat ccatcacaca tttcatgatt    180480
     gtttatgata ccgacatgat gtgtcatgcc tcatcactta cagttggcat ctcagtgacc    180540
     cagttacatt tgagtcatca tgttcctgtg agaaaccgct tcctcattca gataaactca    180600
     ctggctcgct gaagtagatg tgtgtggggg ggaatcatta ctttggtcta ttgccagtcc    180660
     ttattgggca taaacagaca tttttttgtc atatctccca gaaaaaatgt cacaacagaa    180720
     ctcaaaaggg ggcgggaggg aaggagagag agacagacag acagacagac agagagagag    180780
     agagagagag agattgattc tgaacaggct ccgagacaaa catcttctct atctcttaaa    180840
     aattgattat aacaaattgt attttctgaa aatggccact atgatagctc tcgttttgta    180900
     gtgggttttc ttaaagcttt ttatttccct cattaagagc tagagtttct ctctttaccc    180960
     taaacacagc agagctttgt cactggatca gtcaatggcc agttgtgtga ctgctcatgt    181020
     gtgactcctg ggctagagtt gagacacgca acacagctgc cacctagctg acagcattag    181080
     cccacctcct actctgacga aaagcatctg aggtgagtgc taagaaaaag gggagccaag    181140
     caaacatttg gttcatgtgt ctacaagttc aagagcatag tactgcaact ggcttggctc    181200
     tgatggggac gtcatggtcg atggcaccct gggcacatat gcaaagggag ggatcatggt    181260
     ggtaaagttg agagtggctc atcctgccaa agacagcacc cctgtaacct aaacaaatcc    181320
     cactgcaccc ctgtaaccaa gtcccactgg tctccgcctc ttgagaacca ccttttaaca    181380
     tctgcacacg gagatcaagc ttcccacaca cgaaccttta aagggccaaa gcacaaccgc    181440
     actagggctg agccaaacca gagccacgtg aggagaccaa tgcagaggcg cctccaggca    181500
     caggactaac aagtcttcca atgcctgcgg tcccagcctc tgagtctccc tgctctgagg    181560
     ggccatgcag cagagataaa ccattctcct gtgcttagcc aaatgcccag tccacaggaa    181620
     tctttgaaaa taaggcactg ttttaaacca caaagattgg aggtaacttg ctgcataccc    181680
     atagcaattg gagcattagg taatcataaa attgtctgat tttacattta cacttcagca    181740
     ctaatcagct aagataagca gatctaatac acatgtggtt tttttttaac atgttctctt    181800
     aagaacctat aggacctact gccttggttg gctgcagaga cctcatatac atttaaatgg    181860
     gactatttga gaatttccga gcaaacagat catacgctat tcctgaaatt tcttttaagg    181920
     ggataatctt tcttaagctc ctgctgacga ccttgtggca ggttagccac agcctaaaac    181980
     caaccaaaca aacacaaaac cttaaataaa atacagtagc tcaatctaga aaagcggttc    182040
     tcaacctgtg ggccacggcc cttctggggg tagtccagct ctttcacagg ggtcccctaa    182100
     gaccatcaga aaatgcagac acttacattg tgattcataa cagtagcaga agtacagtta    182160
     tgaagtagca acaaaaataa ttttatgatt ggggcacaac atgaggaact gtactaaagg    182220
     gtcactgcac taggaaggtt gagaaccact ggcttagaac aatataattg aagaaaaact    182280
     agtcagtaca atgctcctgg tagatctgca gacaagtttc agtggcagta gctttgattt    182340
     gcaacctttc attcttgctc tcgtccatgc agaacaggga acgctgcaga gatcagtgag    182400
     aaaaatgagc agacgacacc gggattatca tttttggttt tgatctagca gagatctgag    182460
     gctgtaagct gtcaaggaag ctgaattccg tgtggatctg gctcgacagc gaaactggat    182520
     ttcagccctc tggcagggca caggagactc gtgtggctgc cgtgaggtat gagggcatta    182580
     tataaatctt agcaggtaat gggaatcgag tctgggctgg gatgcaaggg tggagcagga    182640
     cagaagcagg cctggagaag tccgtattca ctttgggggt actagcagga agtgtctaca    182700
     gcagaagacc aaggagttcc caactacaca ggtcctaagc acgcatctac agcaatacta    182760
     tccctccccg attatatgct gcaacccccc acccatagaa cccccaccct ttgcttctga    182820
     ggaagaagga gcctctagca acaagcacac acggaaagat ccgaacaaca gaggactaca    182880
     atcaaacacc tctcacttca gagggaaaga aagacaggag accacacagc aggatcacac    182940
     accaaccaag cagaggctac agcaggtagg cagggaatcc ctgtccagga gcctctacag    183000
     acacaaggca gaagctagct gcaatgggag ggagaagagg cagagtctag gaagccccac    183060
     actggggttt agggtctgag attcaggctg gacccgaaca gcagagaaaa ccagccctgc    183120
     tgtatgacac tcagccacag ggaaacgtga tgccctgaag aagaggtaag gatacaaaaa    183180
     cggtcctctg tgacacaggc atgtggaagc tctgcggaaa accttacctc cctgtctcgt    183240
     ccccaactta gagcaggagc ttcccctgtt cgcattcctt ctacactctg ctcaagagtt    183300
     acccagcaat agccaggtag gcctggcttg ctatacaagg gactgttagg cctctccctc    183360
     tctcttattc tctctgactc cctttttccc ctgtcccctt ttctccctct ctcccttccc    183420
     ccttccccca cctccatata tgtttctggc tgatctctct ctctctctcc ttctctctct    183480
     ctctcctttc tccctctctc tttctctgtt ccctctcttt ctctgcctct actcccttct    183540
     caattcccct tcccatgccc ccaaataaac tctattctac actagaatat tctacacttg    183600
     gttgatacca aggcatgggc ctgctgagtt accccctccc acctcaccat cccttgaccc    183660
     gtgaagcaca tccttagctt tttataaaac acatcatgcc ccagttagag aattgcagag    183720
     ccgtgcctgt gttgcatgta gtagttaact gatgcaaaat cctcagttcc tagctaggct    183780
     gactcatcct tgtactaaaa gcaggttaga aacaacacgg acatttgctg aactatcaga    183840
     tacctgggtt catacaaatg atgttttggc ctttgataga agaatccaat ttagtaaaag    183900
     aaaaaggaag aggaggccat cttgagatga agtgagttac agaaatagac tccatggcct    183960
     aaggagttgg aacaaccaga taggaattct aaaataactt tgacaagtat gtcatttcga    184020
     tgcacgtgct gaaagtggca gcggagtgga ggggtcagca agcatgagga gagggagaat    184080
     catgtctgaa agatggaatt ctaagagtga cgcagaacac caggcatata tacatattca    184140
     tatatattat atataactat ataacatgta ttacatatgt gaaaatttag acatgtaagt    184200
     aaataaatac agctttggtt ttgttttgtt atttaaatac aaatttaaat aacaaaacaa    184260
     aacccttgaa actacaaaaa tagaaaccat cctgaccaag ccagctcagt cagtcaacct    184320
     ggtctcaagg gacagattga ggattgaaaa gaaaaaggca attagacaac gctgtaacag    184380
     gactccagcc actgctgagg ctgaagcggg tttatttttc tccagcctac tttgatagca    184440
     ttctaagcac atgcaaagaa taaggtcagt tctaaggcat aaacaaagta gtcaaggaac    184500
     aaacaaagca cagacaaagg tcctgtggtt actgtattca ggccttaaca agaccatcaa    184560
     gatacagaga atacactcct cagttctatt catcccgagc ctacttccaa gtcctagccc    184620
     aaagtcaaat tcctgccaaa ttcctacaag gcagccccaa aagctctcca gatcatccaa    184680
     acaggaaaac atacaacaaa accaacctag actatttggg ggctatagga catcattaga    184740
     tagtcaagca tacatgtgat tggagtcaca gaaggataag agagagaact gagcaggata    184800
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tattcataaa gagataacag    184860
     cttaggctgt ttcaaaagca acaaacaata aaccaaaaac ttgagcatct caaaggaccc    184920
     aaagccaaaa taccaaaaag aatgggagta agacaaccac agtacatcac caccatacta    184980
     cccccaaaac atatgtctat acacattgta gtcaaactac ctaaaagtaa agggacacca    185040
     tgttaggtcc caaatcccca gaatgatagt ctggcctcag ctcaggttgg gtattcacag    185100
     gacagaaaga aagattgctg gccagacgga taaaagctat ctctcagcat cctctggcaa    185160
     atgtaacctc cctctaacac aggcaaacgg ggcatctagt taagtatcaa agccccagct    185220
     aacctcaaag ctgcttttaa catgcacctg caatgtgaat caaagccact gggatctgtt    185280
     ggccagaaag ccagttccta ggctcttctg gcttgcacag ctacatttct gaagctaccc    185340
     tccaccagtt cttggcagca tcccccctga ctccccctgc ccatggcttc actcctctct    185400
     gcctcctaag aggtagccaa ggcagcctta gactcccccc ccccaccaag tgtctatggc    185460
     tattctttct ccaccacctg agagatagtt acacggcagt gccatactta caataaacct    185520
     ttccacccat ggagttgtcc tgctctatgg tttcactgtg ccattgctta caaagaataa    185580
     agcttgaaag ttgtcaaaga aaaacacacc tcactcagag cagcaaaggt aaaggtccaa    185640
     ataaaagaag cttgccaccc agacgaccat ggtcaacaag accggcttcc aggcatggag    185700
     gtaaataaag gtgttcttct gtgaaggaaa ttaaagaaaa ttcattgcta gcagacctgc    185760
     tccaaaacaa aacaaaaatg ttagataatt ctttcagaca gaaaggatgt tgatagcaga    185820
     aggagccaca gtccaatagg aatgaagcat gcagaaagca cacgtattat ttagggttct    185880
     caagggaacc actaaaaaat agatgataga tagatagaag atggatggat aaatggatgg    185940
     acagatggac aggcagacag atagattgac tagactggtt tacattagca gaggcaaaat    186000
     actcttccag tgtccttgtg tgggctggaa agaaaggaaa accaggggac attcagtcca    186060
     tgatgacgga agcctcagga gagaagccaa tgatgacatc cactccaagg ctgaaggcct    186120
     ggaagccttc tggggagtcc ctggtgcaaa ggatgaagat catggagtct gatatctgta    186180
     ggttatggta gcagaaatat acccatgcaa gaagagtcag gcacgcctac atcactttcc    186240
     attgtcttta ggccttcacc ctctgggatg ctactatcta cattcagggc tggtcttccc    186300
     ccttagctaa ggctttctgg gaacactttc atagacacac ccaggggagc atttagttaa    186360
     cttcctaggg acttctccat tcatccaatc agatcttcag tcaagaccaa ccattgttgg    186420
     tctaactgct agaaatgttc ctatagttca ggttgagtcc atttctgagt ttttggactg    186480
     ccttttggag tttgggaaat tgaagtctcc tttggaccta gcaataggta aaggttattt    186540
     aaaataaccc tttcttttat taatttatta agcttatttt cttaaaagtt taggtatcaa    186600
     aacccagggc cctgagcatg catcatcttg aaaatgttgt atattacata ctatatatta    186660
     tataattcta tatattacat attatatatt tcacagtaca tatttcatat attatatcat    186720
     gaattaatat atatccatat atattttaag tgaataagtt atattatata atgtatgaca    186780
     tatatcataa aacttgtata tgttaaatgt tatatgtaaa tatataatgt attaatacat    186840
     atatatataa tataagcatg atctcatact tggtattgca ggatgtaaaa tggacaaaaa    186900
     ggctgtatat tcatcccaga gtgtgtttat tacagtgagt tcaaatcctt gttccctcca    186960
     tgatggaagg acttcaagaa agccctatgt ttgtgcctag acttttgtca caagaatata    187020
     tgttcctaac agaggggaat ggtagagtcc ctattctatg caagacccca ggcacaagcc    187080
     ctagaaccac aaaaccaaaa tttcaaaact cataatttta ttcttcaaaa atattataca    187140
     atgtattttc atcacattca tccctcctcc acctgccttc cttcctcttc tctctgtcta    187200
     aaaacaagca aattaatcat caagtccagt ttgtattgtc tgactactct aatatgggtt    187260
     ctgccctgca gtggttgcga tatcaagtat cgcttcattg aagaaaaccc cagtttccct    187320
     ctcccagcaa caactgagtg tcagtaactc agcggctagg gctgagattt aagtttatga    187380
     attatttatc agttggacat ttgggttgtt tctaccttgt taccattagg aataacatca    187440
     tgacgacagg gtctcacatc ctttggactt acatctgaaa gtataattcc ccaatcgcca    187500
     tgatcttcct attttacact ccttagatct gccctgctgt tttccaagat ggttggctca    187560
     tcttctatcc acaaaagcag tatctgaggg atgtaatttc tccacatttc accagtactc    187620
     attcttcttc aagacagtca tttttgttct tggatgatgt gtatatcttc ataataatgt    187680
     attaaaacac tcgctctctc actccctctc cccatctccc cacgagcact ttggtgttcc    187740
     attcagcatc ctgtgggcta acatcttcag gcgacgtgga gacgcggaag cagtagctct    187800
     actccaacat atggacccca ccttacttat gaggatcttc taactatcct gaaccaggat    187860
     gcccgcgcat gtgttgggag tggctttcct gattgacagc ttttacccca ggctttgttt    187920
     ctgtttctga tttagcacgg agactccacg gcatcagcat cttcgtcctg gtgttcacca    187980
     gcccctgccc tggcctcttc tcagcctgaa gagagaaaga taaagacatt gccccccttc    188040
     tgcaaactgc tctattcctc tctgacctcc tctctctcaa gtccctggag tttgctgacc    188100
     agtttggtag tagctttata ctcctgcata aattttccct ctttcttggc catttttggt    188160
     catcctgtca tctttttttc ttgtttgctg gtctttgtct gcttgtttgc atgttttggg    188220
     gaatgatgta atggtttcca ctattttctg tttgtctttt tatttaattt tattttattt    188280
     ttacggagag atgttattat ccagctgttc tctaccatca tttaaaaatc ttttaaaagc    188340
     agatttactt agtattaatt gtgtgtgcac taactgctga gctatctctc cagcactcat    188400
     agcacctttt caataatgtt agcaatacct gcagatattc tgttccctct caagacatgc    188460
     ccaatggttc gcgcatcgct cacccattgt gtacctcact tatgttaggc accgctcttc    188520
     aaccttactg ttttcacaga acagaaacta tgttacacgt cagcatgtgt tcacgtccca    188580
     ctttattatt tttataagaa aacaatggat ttatagaagg taatttcaat acctcgaatt    188640
     caagaacgtg gagtaaactt ttctagatta tcaggtcaat ggaccaggtg ttatggaccc    188700
     tccttcagag gctcaggctt tgaatactca tttcctaact tgcagcactg ttttgaaggc    188760
     tgtgtagatt ttaggctgtg taacctagct ggcaaaaagt aggtgaccag gggtctgtct    188820
     ttgaaggaca tacctggctc tggttctagg ctctgctctc tgcctcctgt ttgtaccatg    188880
     ttaagagtca ctgcctcata ctcctgcctc taagcaggca gctactcctg atgctacatc    188940
     ttcctcacca cggtggactg aaacttctgt ggaaccagga gccaaagcag gtctgacctt    189000
     cccgaagttg ctgctgttag gtgttcagtc acagtgagaa taaaagtaat gtagaactgg    189060
     tacagaagaa atggggccac tggtgggatg acggaacctt gtgtttgact ttggagttgg    189120
     gttacagtag aaacttgaaa gagtctagag ctgtgggctg ttcctccacc tccactgctg    189180
     tcaaaatctt gccactcaag gaagtgggcc tatctatagg aagtgactag tcgtgggggc    189240
     tgaaccctca tggattacag gagctctagg gggaccctgt ttatgaatag gatgtgatga    189300
     cccagaaaga cagtgccaag atgaaagggg tcctcagtgt ctctaactcc accagcactt    189360
     ggatattaga cttcccaacc tccagcccag cggacacaga acctgaaagt cacactcaaa    189420
     cctggcacct ggttgccagc agggtttcgg gggctgtgac gcatggagcc tcctctagga    189480
     gcctctgcaa gtacgggtct ttctgtgggt cccttcgggg ctcatgcatg agttcaccac    189540
     tgtgtttcaa gactcattct ttgtgaatct gtttaaactg tacttgaaag gttctgtctc    189600
     agagcccagc gtgtaagctt ctgggtatac ttccagctaa tgccccactg cccccaaaag    189660
     ctaccccttc ctgccaactt tttagtattt ggggcataag ttcactcagg accccctcta    189720
     cggagtgttg acattctcag ctttaaaacc tgctgcttat ctgagacctg gaggccacag    189780
     ggagaccaac tgtacagcat gttgttaatt ctttctttca ctatcacgtt taagtcagca    189840
     acacccccga ggcacttccc ttgctccacc tccgccattc aaaagggaaa gcctacagag    189900
     ctttgttcat agtgctaagg aagggcagga agacagagtt ggcgaaaggg ttacctcttg    189960
     caaaagaata taaaaagtta ctttctacac aagaacacct gcttaaccgt ctcccagata    190020
     agagaagtca gccgactctt ggaaaagccc acacagctgg aaacactgct aaactcaagc    190080
     ttggcaattt caggaaacag cattggaacg taaggggcgc gccctctagt ggccagaact    190140
     ggaactgctc ccacctacac ccatgtctct aatcagagat cctggaagat gaaccatcct    190200
     taaagaggcg caaaaccaat tctcaacaat aacagaactt ctgggggaac catcatccct    190260
     gaccgcaagc tgtactacag agcaatagtg atactggtac agagacagac aggttgatca    190320
     tggaatagaa tcgaagaccc agacataaaa ccacacacag acactcgatc tttggcaaag    190380
     aagacaaaaa tatacaatgg aaaaaagaaa gaatcctcaa taaatggtct aactggcagt    190440
     atgtagaaaa aaatgaaaat agatccatat ttgtcacctt gtacaaagct caagtccaag    190500
     tggatcaagg aattcaacat aaaaccagat acactgactc taattgaaga gaaagtggga    190560
     aagagcctcc aactcattgg catggggaaa gggggaggat ttacaaaaca gaactccaat    190620
     gactcaggct ctaagatcaa gaattgatag atgggacctc atgaaactag aaagctcttt    190680
     aaggcaaagg acactgtcag tgggacaaat tggcaaccta tagattaggg aaaattttct    190740
     tcactaaccc tacatccgat agagggctaa tatccaaaac atataaagaa ctcaagtttc    190800
     ctccaaacag ttcttgctta tagagctaaa cagagaattc                          190840

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