(data stored in ACNUC30630 zone)

EMBL: AL139287

ID   AL139287; SV 24; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 84445 BP.
AC   AL139287;
DT   13-FEB-2000 (Rel. 62, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 44)
DE   Human DNA sequence from clone RP5-890O3 on chromosome 1
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-84445
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Leongamornlert D.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 803d7befbe94db6e30acced7ef88ab1c.
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CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   This sequence was generated from part of bacterial clone contigs of
CC   human chromosome 1, constructed by the Sanger Centre Chromosome 1
CC   Mapping Group.
CC   RP5-890O3 is from the library RPCI-5 constructed by the group of
CC   Pieter de Jong. For further details see
CC   http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..84445
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="1"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-5"
FT                   /clone="RP5-890O3"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   misc_feature    49255..49268
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Reads generated from a
FT                   transposon library derived from a single pUC clone.
FT                   Restriction digest data confirm the assembly."
FT   misc_feature    49424..49529
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence from reads from a
FT                   short insert library derived from a single pUC clone.
FT                   Restriction digest data confirm the assembly."
FT   misc_feature    49433..49433
FT                   /note="Weak data"
SQ   Sequence 84445 BP; 17111 A; 26105 C; 26413 G; 14816 T; 0 other;
     ggcgtgcatg aaggacagca tctgcggggg cagcacaggt gaggcccaag cacacccggt        60
     ccagccccca acatgcagcc tgtgctcagg ggcagccccc acgcactcac agagtccagg       120
     atctcaaact tcttcttggc ctgcagaaca ttgatctgcc agagggggag cccacaggtg       180
     agccccggag gctgaggcag ccccaagccc tgcacctgcc atagagtcca cctgagctgc       240
     ttgtggttcc ctgagacccc caggtcgtct tcagctccca gcactgggcc agcctcatcc       300
     tcccatggtc ctggactgct tccccatgtc tggagttccc acccatgggc aaagcaagaa       360
     tcgtcactcc tgctcaaaat ccctccagtt ctgtacaagg ccgttgaggc ctccattcgc       420
     tacagctggt ccccgccccc cagcccattt ctggggctga cctggagcac atagtccagt       480
     gccaggtggc ggaagcactt cctggtgagg gtgagggccc cggtggcttc ctccacctcg       540
     tggggccggt gcctcggggc ctgggcgttc ctcaccaggg acagctccag gtcctcccgc       600
     accttgtcaa actgcttctt tgtctccttg aacttccgca catccctgga ggccaagtgc       660
     caggtggggt gagagatcag ggagggcacc tgctggatcc tggagtctcc cacatcgttg       720
     tttgtgtgtt ttttgttttt tgagacggag tttcgctctt gtcacccagg ctggagtgca       780
     atggtgctgt ctcggctcac cgcaatctct gcctcgcgag ttcaagtgat tctcctgcct       840
     cagcttccct agcagctggg attacaggca tgcgccacca ggcctaattt tgtattttta       900
     gtagagatgg ggtttctcca ggttggtcag gctggtcttg aactcccgac ctcaggtgat       960
     tcacccacct cggtctccca acgtgctggg attacaggcg tgagccactg cgcctggcct      1020
     ggttttgttt gtttgagaca gggtctgtct ctgttgccca ggctggaggc tggagtgcag      1080
     tggcacagtt atggctcact gcagcctcta cctcccaggc tcaagcaatt ctcccacctc      1140
     ggcctcccaa gtagctgagg ctacaggtgc gtgccaccat ataaggctta tttttggttc      1200
     ttgggggtgt cttttttttt tttttttttt ttgatggagt ctctctctgt cacccaggct      1260
     ggagtgcagt agcacaatca tggctcactg ctgcctccgc ctcctgggct caactgatcc      1320
     tcccacctca tcctcctgaa tagctgggac cataggcacg tgccaccatg cccatctaat      1380
     tttttttttt tttttttttt gtagagatgg aggtctcatt acgttgccca ggctggtctc      1440
     aaactcctgg cattctctgg ccttggcctc ccaaacgctg ggattacagg tgtgagccac      1500
     catgcccagc cccacccccc tccactccag gccctttctt tgctcctggg catagcctcc      1560
     ttcctcacca gcctatccca ggcctgcccg cacccctgct gaccccgacc atctgctcca      1620
     ggcctcccca gcccctcccc acctcactct caagatctgt ccagcccaga ccccagccat      1680
     gccccagact ccagaccccc aaacccaacg tggactggac ctctctgctg tgggggctgg      1740
     acaccccacc cacacatgca gggtgtggaa ccccccgcac tccacccggc tgtctgcctc      1800
     tgagccttct gccttgtgga gccgctgcac agcctggagg cctgggccca aggtgcctct      1860
     gctctgcccc agaccccctt cccctccaag ggagggagcg tggcctcagt gttcttcccc      1920
     cagccctggg ggccactcac tctttgacaa agctctggag ctgctgccgc acggacctct      1980
     gggcctggtc aaacaggatc tgggggcaga ggcgggcaga gatccttggg gtctgtcccg      2040
     aaagagcccc agatggaagg ccccatcctc accagcagag ggcactgccc ccaggcccag      2100
     atgcaggggc gggtcccacc ctgcagggct ggcctcaagg gggtcagggg agcagccccc      2160
     aggcctgagt tggcactcag aggcgatggc tgtcacccct gcccctctgt cccacctggc      2220
     ccttgatgag tgcagaggcc aaggctgcct catcacagcc tgagccggag ccccactgcc      2280
     tcctggccct gggcggccac cctggggtgc ccatccctgc agcagggagc actcagccag      2340
     agccgggagc acccaggggc tgggcctggg gagctggagc ctgggctctg aatcggaacc      2400
     cgaagtagag aaggaccggg cacaaccagg agcaaaggga cggctgagcc atcctgcctt      2460
     gtctacttcg ggacctcctc tgttcagtct gcggctcagg ttcccaggct gcagccccac      2520
     atctcacggg tgcctgtcct gtgtgtccat ccacgtcagt gccagggccc ccgggggcca      2580
     cccagaccca aatggcagcc aggccagcct gggacgagag ccctgcccag ttgggggaac      2640
     cctggataaa ccacccctcc cccagggtct agtgtggccc ttgcctggga cacggcagag      2700
     cccccagggc tgtcccccaa ccccacactg acttgaaaat gtgggattcc cccccccccc      2760
     gactagagga gcagaaacgt gcccccccca acccgacgcc ggccttcagg tgagccagcg      2820
     cagctcggtt ccaggccagg cacagcccac aggtggcagg gaggccgcgc tcaccatgtg      2880
     gtagttcacc acctcctgta ggctgtcagc gaacctctgc agacattcct ggaggagcag      2940
     atgggaaccc gtgctgagat ggcaaatccg ggcccaggtc acccagccac gccctctgag      3000
     cccctgggcg gtgcagacac cggcctgctt ctggcctgga cgccctcaag gggctgcctc      3060
     cctcggcctc tcccccaacc ccaccttgag gtcagaggtc agtcggcccc tcaccgagat      3120
     gacggtgtcg ccctggcact gctgggacag gtcgcggacg ccgctcacga aaagcctgct      3180
     ggtgctgacg taggccttac cggcttccac catgccactg cacagcttca ccagctgtgg      3240
     gccagcgggg cgtggtgagc acagtgggca ctggcgcctg cactcgccac cacacacggc      3300
     cactcagagg caggaagagc tcccagggta ggttccactc agggcgttgg cactcaggac      3360
     tcagtgcccc ggtgcagctt cctcacgcct gggcctgcct ggggcttgga ggcccgtctg      3420
     ggaggggagg gtggggccgc cacggctcgg ctgggaggga ccaggagcca ggcaggggac      3480
     ccagggccag caggaccagc agaaccagcc catgtggggc tcatggataa ggctgcccac      3540
     tcccagctcc acggcctgtt gccccctcct ctttctcagc ccatgtgggg ctcatggaca      3600
     cggctcccct ctccacggcc tgttgccccc tctttctcag cccatgtggg gctcatggac      3660
     acggctcccc cctccacggc ctgttgcccc ctcccctttc tcagccccag ccccagccac      3720
     accaaggctc agcccacaca gcagctgtcc ccgtgtcacc agcccagcag aggggacggg      3780
     cagccaccgt gggtcgggga ctcaccacag cccagcccct cccagatggg acgagactca      3840
     gggccagcca catgtgtgca tgtgacatgt gcaccctgga acacacatgc taagacacag      3900
     ggaccaggac ctggagcacc acacgcatgc tccacatatg gggggtgtaa gtggcttagt      3960
     aaggcctgga gggcgagtct ggccatgtgg ccatcccaag cttggccggg cacagggcgc      4020
     tccaggcccg cccttcacct tgtccagttt ggcctcaatc tccaccacgt ccgtctccac      4080
     ctcgtcaatg gtcgccctaa agcaagaacg gggctggctg gggtcacctg cagcctcagc      4140
     cccctcgggg cttcacctcc ccccgcacct ccctgagggg ctccaccatg ggaaggggct      4200
     ttcaggaaac aggctgggag acagacgcct gcctgctacg ggggcaggac tgggaccagg      4260
     ttcagtgcac ttccccccgc ccccccaacc ccaggcaggc agaggcagcc gctgctgtgc      4320
     cctcggggaa gaaggctgga ccagcctctc ccaggacagc cggccgctgg gagtccctca      4380
     gggacagtgc ccaccaaggg ctgagccagc ctcacccgcc tctcctctag gagttcagag      4440
     tcaaccctgg acccatctgg agcccctcaa ccctgcggca cctcccctca ccccactgca      4500
     ctactgcagc ccatccaggt ctggcaccca tgcactgtgg gacagggtgg gggcagtagg      4560
     gcagctgctc tcggtcctgg cagcaccagg aggacccaga ccagctgggg agagacgccc      4620
     ccggctcccc caacctcaca gctgcaagcg gcatggtccg ctggaaagac gggtaggcca      4680
     tcctcctcag agcccactcc caccaggaca gcctgacagt ggggctgcct ggggagagaa      4740
     gagttaaggc atgacatcac cagagaagcc tcggcgggag aatccccgga agacaggagg      4800
     cagatggatc gggcacgtga ccaccccctc cgggagcagg caacagggaa acagggccag      4860
     gatcccggca gccctccaca caatcggctc actggctgtc cgggccatct ggcctcctgg      4920
     ggattgggca ccacagggcc cgggctgggg ccaggactcc aggtctaggg caggggtcca      4980
     ggagcagagg ccatcagggc ctacagtccc tcgtaccttg ctaccctgac cggtgtccca      5040
     ggcctcgggg gaggggcctg tggtttacat ggggcgtgtc ctcaattagg agctggagct      5100
     gcaggcacca ggctgcccca gccagggacc ttgaagggtc ccagccaccc cagaaggaca      5160
     ctaggtcctc tctgagcagc cctctcttgt tcccaagggg ctaagaggac tctgaatccc      5220
     gaagcagggg gcgatggagg gaatctcgct gtggtgtccg ctgaccgcca gtgcccagcc      5280
     tgcagcccct ggaccctgac ctctacctca gctggaggat cccagaacag agaagggacc      5340
     atcctcccag gagaaggcag cagagagcgc cacaccccag gagttgcagc cacccctgag      5400
     cagggccgga tgcagagaca gctgcaccca gagctgccgc cctcgggttt ggggcgcccg      5460
     tgtccctgga gagccagcaa ggggggatgg ctgcacccag gagctcacgg acgtgctcat      5520
     ggggacaggg tgggccctgg cagaggcccc gagagccgct cccactgctg ggagcccctc      5580
     agctctccct tcctcagtcc tggggaccta ggcctcctct gctgtgctca gcccaggatt      5640
     tcctcagcag cttggaggac ggggaggagg gtgaggctgc cccccaacca aagccatgac      5700
     tcagcgcctg aagccccacc caggggaggg gcacactgaa cagaggccag gcggttcccc      5760
     tacacgggct cccctggcct ccggcccact gcacctgggc tgccactagg ccctccccag      5820
     accaggaggg tgcgggcagg gtccccctct cccgggctgg ggcgaccagg ctccacgtta      5880
     cagaccacat cttcccgccc accctgcctg gccccccaac ctggcggtag gccaggaaac      5940
     tcaagttacg cccttagggc ctgcccccag gacagcctca gggagcccct cgaaccccag      6000
     ttaaatcaca gcctaacccc aaaacccact gggccaggcc attctcatct ccccactcca      6060
     gtccatgccc cacaggggtg aggcactttc ccagggcagt cactctacgg cacctactgc      6120
     agccccacag cccccataac tggctcctgt aacaggctcc catgagagcc ggttaccaga      6180
     gagaaggccc agaggtgagt gggttccagc acccccacac gactggaaga gggcagtaca      6240
     gggccgtctg cgtggaggag gaggtccatt aggcttctga cggaggggcc agggagaagg      6300
     tgggtgcttc agccagggtc cagcccccag cagggaggcc atgcccacac ctccccacag      6360
     cccgggtcct caatgcagga tcctagggtg ctcaagttat tcaacccctt ttcccaggtc      6420
     agcaacagaa gatgggagag cagaggatgg ccccagttcc tctgcccagg gctggcggcc      6480
     actctcctgg ctggccctga gcctcccact ccaaggctcc tgagcctcct ggtgagggct      6540
     ccagggatac agaggctccc cgtgcctcca cacacatgct gacttgccag cagatcccaa      6600
     gagacccagc gcgcgcgtgc acacccacac atacacaatc aagcacacat gtgcaaacat      6660
     gttcatgcac aaacatgcct gcacacactg gtaccacaca tacatgtgtg ttcaaggaga      6720
     cactgcacag acacgcatca acatgtgtac ctagtgatgg aacacgcgtg tacaaggtga      6780
     tgtgtctatt gctgacatgg ctaacacagt acgtgaaccc acacagacag gtggtgtgtg      6840
     cacacgcttg cgtgcactca tcggcaggct acatgcagaa gcaagcacag ccccgtggca      6900
     cagctcatcc acacgtcctg tgcaaggcct ggtgtccgga gggaggcacg cagaggggca      6960
     aagttcacaa gagcgcaccc cgcacgagct cgtgcagagg agggggcctc acgcaggtgc      7020
     gcacttgggg atgcagagag gtttctttgc ctccattgtc gtttgccaaa tgtccaccaa      7080
     gcaaagccga tgcacacttg tgcacacgtc tgtgaacatg tagttcacgc aggtgtacac      7140
     gcctgcacgc cacgaatgat ggaaaacatg cagactcggt gtgcacacaa cccctacccc      7200
     ctacctgacc ttccccgccg ctcttctcgg ccgccacccc tccaagcccc tgggtcattc      7260
     aaaccacttc acgtttccaa gcaccctacc ccaggcctta aacgcggctc cagctgcctg      7320
     ttccccacgc gctgctctgg acacaggatc aagtcagaga ccaggggccg acgcccccac      7380
     ggacccagac gaccctggcc agagctggac tgcagggccc gggaggggct cagcccagtg      7440
     gaggtgcaga cacagagcgg gggcggacgg tcccgaggtg cccacggctg cccacgcgca      7500
     cgccctccac ccggggcggc cgcacagggc aggagcgtct tttgttccaa cccccggggc      7560
     atggcggggc ggggccgccg ctttgtccga ggccggtcct ccagcccctc cccggcggcc      7620
     gcggcccggc ccggcgctga cctccccacc ccgccgccgg gcacaaaggc gacagcgacg      7680
     cccccggcct gcgcccaccc cggcggcccc gggcggcgca cctgaagcgc ggggagtcct      7740
     tgacgcactc ctcgaactcc acggtcatgg ctgcggcggc cgcggcgctc actggcacga      7800
     ggaccgcggc gccgagcggc agccgcgccg gcccggaccg ctcgtcccgc ccgcgccgcc      7860
     tcggcgcccg cccgccccgg aatgaggccg ccgcgccgcg ccccgccccg cctgtcaccg      7920
     ccggggagcg tcgccaaagt cagccgcccg cgcgcaccgc ccgctgtcac tgccggggag      7980
     cgtcgccaag gtccgccgcc cgcgcgcgcc gcccgctgtc accgccgggg agcgtcgcca      8040
     aacgcctctc gcagcgtcca gggaccaccc cggtccggaa gtgaggcggg gcctgccacg      8100
     gccgtctccg gggacagtcg gtggaaatgt ggggcgcggg gagggcgcgg ggagggcgcg      8160
     ggcccgcccg ctccaaccat cccggccgtt gcgcaactca gggcgtttgc aaaaaccacg      8220
     tctgggagga cttggccgca acgcggcgaa cgggcgcgct cggggagtgt gggcggcggc      8280
     gaatgaatga gcgagtgaac gaatgcacgc ccgcgagagc gcggggtgac cgcgtggttg      8340
     gtgcgcgcct cccggggcgc cgcgatagag gtagagcgcc tgcgctcggc ggcgggccgg      8400
     cactttgcag ccgctcccta agcccggccc cgcctccgct ccccgactct ggccgccgtg      8460
     gcgcggtgcc accgcgcagg cgcaagagcg gccggggccg ggggggaggg ggggggggcg      8520
     tgaccaggcc gcgtccgcgc gcgcgcagga ttcctgcgct ggaggccgcc tctgacgcca      8580
     ccggctgggc tccgccatga gttcggcgcc ggcctcaggc tccgtgcgcg cgcgctatct      8640
     tgtgtacttc cagtacgtgg gcaccgactt taagtaggtt tcccaggcgc agcggcgggc      8700
     gccacgtggg cccgggcgga ggcgggaagg agggcgcggg cgggcaggcg gatgtctctg      8760
     gacgcgggtt ccaaacgttc ggggaaggaa gcggccctgg cctcagacgg cggcggagac      8820
     cccagggcag ggcgcccccg gtaacctccg cccgcttctg cccgcagcgg ggtcgcggcc      8880
     gtcaggggca ctcagcgcgc cgtcggggtc cagaactacc tggaggtgcg ctcagccggt      8940
     cacgggacgc ccggtgaggg gtaaggggga ggctcccgcc cgcgcgtccc cggggtccgg      9000
     cctcgctcac ccgcccgccc cgcggctcgg tcctgcagga ggccgccgag cggctgaatt      9060
     ccgtggagcc ggtcaggttc accatctcca gccgcacgga cgccggggtc cacgccctga      9120
     gcaacgcggc gcacctggac gtccagcgcc gctcaggccg gccgcccttc ccgcccgagg      9180
     tcctggccga ggccctcaac acacacctgc ggcacccggc catcaggtga gcccgcgacc      9240
     taagcagccc tggggctgtg ccttcccgac tccatctgtc gcgggcggag gctggagatc      9300
     tggacagact tccttgtctg gtcggagctc gagggggaag gagagccaat gtgacaccgc      9360
     gggcgggcgg ggtcgttcct ccggtgagct ttacctgccg ccatagggtc ctgcgggcct      9420
     tccgagtgcc cagcgacttc cacgctcgtc acgcagccac gtcccggacc tacctgtacc      9480
     gcctggccac tggctgtcac cggcgtgatg agctgccggt gtttgaacgc aacctatgct      9540
     ggactctccc ggcagagtga gtgtggccct gacagcgggg agggggcggg caggccggcc      9600
     ccaccctcct gacggtcacc ctggtccctg aagctgcctg gatatggtcg ccatgcagga      9660
     agccgcccag cacctcctcg gcacacacga cttcagcgcc ttccagtccg ctggcagccc      9720
     ggtgccgagc cccgtgcgaa cgctgcgccg ggtctccgtt tccccaggcc aagccagccc      9780
     cttggtcacc cccgaggaga gcaggtgagg aagggcccct gggctgtggc cctgccctca      9840
     agtcacgtgc tgattttagc tccagcacct cccccagttt taaggcaagg tgaggcggga      9900
     ggcaggcagc cgggagtcct caggacctgg acagctggag gggattcgcc cggacgcccc      9960
     ccagcctcca gctgtgccct ccccccaggc tggggagcgg agaacaggga aggctgcttg     10020
     tctctgaaaa acccctgcca tgcctgatgg aagaatgttg gcagctactg gaaaggtctc     10080
     actggtgcca gtggttctgg tggggtggtt tctgctgccc ccagcactgt cccgagggcc     10140
     acccaccagg tggcagcttc tgaccagaac ctcccctatt ggggtgagcc ctgaaggggg     10200
     gaagaacttc tgccagcccc agacttctgt ggcagagcag caggtacagg actgggggtc     10260
     tctggcaccc gcaccagcca cgttcccaga ccctgcacca ggaccctagg tgagggccca     10320
     gggcaagccc ctctgggatg gccaggctac ctgcccagcc tccagggtcc tgctgcctcc     10380
     ttgcccaagc attgtttctc tggttttaag cccctccaat gggcctcact gggggcagga     10440
     gatcagccag ggcccctggt ggccaagcta gtgggaacca ggctcgtctt taggcccacc     10500
     ctgtcactct cccgtccaag gccacatagt aggctgagga tggcaaacac tgccccacag     10560
     acacctacag gtacgtattt ttccaggaag ctgcggttct ggaacctgga gtttgagagc     10620
     cagtctttcc tgtatagaca ggtaggctct gttctggggc cgtccccagg gggtggggct     10680
     gagggtgggc aggcccctgt gcagtcttgg ctctgggtcg tgggcggctc tgggtcacag     10740
     gtacggagga tgacggctgt gctggtgggt cacgggcggc tctgggtcac aggtacggag     10800
     gatgacggct gtgctggtgg gtcacgggcg gctctgggtc acaggtggct ctgggtcaca     10860
     ggtacggagg atgacggctg tgctggtggc cgtggggctg ggggctttgg cacctgccca     10920
     ggtgaagacg attctggaga gccaagatcc cctgggcaag caccagacac gtgtagcccc     10980
     agcccacggc ttattcctca agtcagtgct gtacgggaac ctcggtaaga aaaacaggca     11040
     cgagaagctc ctgtcatgtg cccagtgact actgtggccg aggcatgggg tggggggcca     11100
     ggggccactg acggcagcaa ctgggggtga agcagccccc cgcccagggc tgcagtccct     11160
     caggccagcc cgtagcccgt cctgggctgg cccactccct ggtcatggga gtggtctcag     11220
     cggtggggag ggtgctgggc cggtcttgcc ccaggctgac gcagggtctg gtccgtccac     11280
     aggtgctgcc tcctgcaccc tgcaggggcc acagttcggg agccacggat gaccctggac     11340
     actcaagcca aagttaggcc acaccaggcc caaccctgtg ctggtcaagc cagggcagtc     11400
     acagctgctt ggggcccaca gcactgctgc ctggtctcca cagtagcctc cctgcccggg     11460
     tcccagcacc ctggatgccc gtctctgtcc caggcgggat ggggcacagt gcaggacaca     11520
     gccatgtaca ccaagaagag agtaccaagt agtcttttgt tcagctttta ctggaaactg     11580
     ctgtctagga ccacctgccc taaccaggaa taaaggcaag acagcctgga gaccagtttg     11640
     tttcttcagc tgcaaacagc tgcctgggca ggcaggtgac acaaggcctc tgtccccagg     11700
     gatgggacct gcagggtctg ttcacccagg gcacccacag tcctgaagtg caggcccagg     11760
     gtctgtccag ctgggagagg gcagaggtgg cggctgggtg agttgccggc ctcagctggg     11820
     ggcctggggg aggcccttct tcagcagaga tgtgaggaag ctccccagct cctcgtccta     11880
     gggcagaggc aaaagcattg tgggtggtgc aggacaggga ggaatgttga tacctgtgtt     11940
     gaccgcggtg gggtgggggt caccccttac ctggtaggtc caggagacca gcagcacctt     12000
     ggtgcctggg tcctcagaag gggcggcggc ctggaggagg acggactcca cagtcacaga     12060
     gccgtctggg aggtgctgca cacagtggtc cttcaggacg ctgtggggag gctcggtgag     12120
     accctgcctg gcctccaggg cccaagggag tggggggggg gcggggccgg gcgcccacct     12180
     cttgaggtgg ctgtagacgc gcaatgccgt ctcctgctcc ttgcgtgtgt catgcaggtg     12240
     cacgcggcag gtgaagcgca gctggtgctc agccagaccc agctctttga gggcttgctc     12300
     tgaggacacc agccggaagt tctgtggggc agggacaggt cagtgagcgc agcagcggcc     12360
     ctcccccctc cagagaccgt cctggcactc acgctgtcct tcatgatcag ggtgccgtgc     12420
     aggagccgag gcttcttggc ctcagggagc agccctgcgg aggaggtggc aggagccatc     12480
     aatgtgaggg ccgctcccag ccgcctgccc cgagcaccct gccctgccct gcccagcccg     12540
     cataccctgc gccatctccc gcttcagcag ccccagcgag atgcctacgg ggatgctggg     12600
     gcttgtgggc agcgtcaccg tctcgccatt ggccggcatg tagcagttga cccctggacc     12660
     ccgggggaag agagagcctc agcccaggct gcccgtgctg acccgaggtg ggccccacgc     12720
     cgcccgcccg gctgcctacg gagctcctgc tcgatcttct gcttcaggaa ctccatcttc     12780
     ttggcctcgc catgcaccag cagcacgctc tccggctctg cctggcccac cagctgcatg     12840
     atgcccttgg cgtccgcgtg tgcgctgaat gacatgtact ccacctgcat cttgacctcc     12900
     agctacagag gccacggggc gtggacagtg gttaccacca ggaggtgccc ctcggccctg     12960
     ccagcccagt gcggggtcga gactcaccac ctgccgcccc tccatctcga gcttccgctg     13020
     cccgctgagg atcttgtggc cgacggtgcc ctgcacgcag tagccgggca tgatgacctg     13080
     ggggcaggca cagagctcac agccagggaa ctccagcctt ggcacctcaa ggccttgccc     13140
     gggatgcccc cgcctgaacc cctggaagct gtttccacct gccagcggcg cccgaccaag     13200
     cctagctgca gactccaaag ggctcaggtt ttggcacaag actgtccagg gctgggctgg     13260
     ggctgttctg cccgaggtgg acaagctgtg tcacagagac tgagcagctc caggcggaca     13320
     tcgcccccgt tccccagcag cagcagccac gtcccttggc cagcacgagg ccaagccagt     13380
     gagagctcag agacagcatg ggtggaagga caacccgtcg gcctccagct tccagattcc     13440
     cacacctcac catgccctca ccatgttctt ttcgtttccg gcccatttcc ggaagatctg     13500
     cagggactgc ccagcgtgca gcattcctgg cgtggcaaac acaacctaca ggacacacag     13560
     ggccaggtgg ggggtcaggg cagcagatgc ccccaccccc actgcaggcc caagcccaga     13620
     cacctgcgga agacaggaga ccgacgggtg tggatgtgct ggccggccct gccgcgggcc     13680
     tcaccatcgg tcctgggttg tcagcaaaag cccggtcgaa ggccttgatg tgcttgaact     13740
     caaacatgtt cctctgcacg aaagtcttgc ggatcttctg gttggtccag gggatgaaca     13800
     gcttgtagta gtggttggcc ttctcggtca gccccgtgga gaagtagatg ggcaccttca     13860
     ggttcatgcg ctccctgggg accaccggcc cagtcagcac agtggccaca ggggagaatg     13920
     ctgcagggca ggactcggcc gggtcacccc caacacccgt gtctgcacag cccacgcacg     13980
     ggccaggttg agtccagtcg cgaccacttg tcccattaag ccctgcagca gccgggctca     14040
     gcggagaacc aggaacccct acaagagccg cacacggtgg cgctgacggg atgtcacagg     14100
     cttcctgggg tcacacagca cacgagcggc cccccaggac agcagcaagc agggccaaga     14160
     tgccaccgct acgctggaca gggctgccca ccaactggac tgtgttcagg ccgggccagg     14220
     ggctccttaa agagccgtcc tggcggcacc taccagaagg tctccaggag gatgcagagc     14280
     tcctgggcgc ggcccagcgc gaacacaggt atcagcacct gagggggaca caaggcagga     14340
     gccctgggca catggcccct cgacacagca ggcagcgtcc agtgagggca cggccaggtg     14400
     cccaagagct gcggcctcat agggacctta gcctctcatc tgctcccagt cccgtcccag     14460
     ccgctctcca gagacagaag ggagccgtat gagagacagg agggagccgc atgagagaca     14520
     gaagggagct gcatgagaga cagaaggagc ctggccaggg cttcgtccgc acctgaggta     14580
     ggagggaaaa ggggctccct aggaaagggt ctctgagttt tcctcctcaa tgttgagcaa     14640
     atcttcttcc ctccctgcct gaaaatgcag taccccccac cctgagaccc tgacccatgc     14700
     caagggcagc caagcctgcc agaaagacca gcccagcatg gccgagggcc catgtcccca     14760
     cccctgctgc agctaccttc ccaccacgct ccacggtctc gtggactttc ttcaggaagt     14820
     ctcgctcccg gcagcgcttg gagtcacgga tggtcgtggc gtacgtggac tctgtgatga     14880
     gcaggttggg gcggcacttg tcaatccagg cagctctgga acacgggggt gggggtgtga     14940
     gccacgatgc actgtcccca cggttgcagg gctgggtgtg acaagctgga ccccagtacc     15000
     acgcccagcc gccttcctag gtcactctgg ctggaaagag ccagctggta aaatgctgtg     15060
     ggcagcacac ttgggaagag agaggagaga cagaggcacc cacccagaca cttcggaaga     15120
     gcgagacaga ggcacccacc cagagacttg ggaagagaga gaaggaggga cagaggcccc     15180
     tgcctggacc ctgtgccttc gcgcatttgg gcccagaacg aagggggctc tccaggccgc     15240
     acaggacatg ggagacactg ccaggctggc cactcaaggg ctggcaccct gacacctgca     15300
     agggtcctga gctccagggg ggcccacggg acaaaaagac acctcagcct acttacccta     15360
     agtgtcggtc tggggtcatg ttataatcac cctggtgaac gatcaaggat gccatgagga     15420
     gggtgcctcc caccccagca gcccctccca agcctcaagc ccttccactg accgtgtaga     15480
     ccacagactc tgagcccact ttaatctgga acatggctgc ccccagcacg tggcctgcat     15540
     agtaggcctt gatctccagc tcatcatcta cctgtggagg acagggctgc gctcaggctg     15600
     tgtcctcaca gcagaggggc ggggagtgag ggaggcgggg gacgggaagc gcgggaggcg     15660
     ggggtgggga gcgtggggga aggggagcga gggggcgggg gcgggagcga gggaggtggg     15720
     ggcggggagg gagggaggga ggcgggcagc gagggaggca ggggcaggga gtgagggggg     15780
     cgggggcagg gagggaggcg gggcggggag cgagggcact gcactgagct tttcagtccc     15840
     tgttgctcac acacagcatc cagttcacaa gggacgggca acgtggacaa agaacgaaag     15900
     acaacggaca aaaaactgaa gggacctgaa attggagttt ccagcgtgga ctttgaatac     15960
     atgacagaga aaagacaagg ttcagaatgt tggcggccag gcctaaggtg gatcccttgg     16020
     ggtcaggaat tggagaccag cctggccaac atggtgaaac cccgtctcta ctaaaaatac     16080
     aaaagtaagc caggtgtgga agtgcgtgcc tgtaatccca actgctcagg aggctgaggc     16140
     aggagaatcg cttgaacctg ggaagtggag gttgcagtgt actgagatca cgccactgca     16200
     ctctagcctg ggcaatgggg cgggactcca tctcggtaaa aacaaacaaa aaaatactgg     16260
     gctgggcaca gtggctcaca cctttaatcc cagcacttgg ggagaccaag gtgggcagat     16320
     catctgaagt caggagttca agaccatcct ggccgacacg gtgaaaccct gtctctacta     16380
     aaaatacaaa agttagctgg gcatggtggt gggtgcttgt aatcccagct actcagtagg     16440
     ctaaggcaga attacttgaa cccgggaggc ggagattgca gtgagctgag attgtgccat     16500
     tgcactccag cctgggcaac aagagcgaga gtgtcaaaaa caaaaattgg caaaaaacta     16560
     gacttctttt aaatttaatt tattcattta aaacttgccg ggtgcggtgg ctcatgcctg     16620
     taatcccagc actttgggag gctgaggcgg gtggatcacc tgaggttggg aattcaagac     16680
     cagcctgacc aacacggaaa aagcccgtct ctactaaaaa tacaaaatta gccggatgtg     16740
     gtggtgtgcg cctgtaatcc cagctactcg ggaggctgag gcaggagaac tgcttgaacc     16800
     cgggaggcgg aggttgcagt aagccgagat cgcgccactg cactccagcc tgggcgacag     16860
     agcgagactg tgtctcaaaa aaaaataaat aaataaaatt gagagacagg gtggggctgt     16920
     cacccaggct gcagtggcgc aatcatggct cactcaaact cctgggctca agcgtcctcc     16980
     cgcctccacc tccgcctccc aaatagctgg gactataggc acgcacccac cacgccaggc     17040
     taatttaaaa acaaaatttt ggccaggcgc agtggctcac tcttgtaatc ccagcactct     17100
     gggagaccaa ggcgggtgga tcacctgaga tcaggagttc aagaccagcc tgaccaacat     17160
     ggtgaaaccc ccgtctctac taaaaaaaaa tacaaaatta actgggtgtg gtggcacacg     17220
     cctgtaatcc cagctactcg ggaggctgag gcaggagaat cgcttgaacc cagaaggcgg     17280
     aggttcaagg tgagctgaga tcgcaccact gcactacagc ctgggcaatg agagcgaaac     17340
     tccatctcaa aaaaaaaaga aaaaaaaaaa gaattcaaca gatgaattta acaccatatg     17400
     acacataacc agaagagaat ccatgaactg aaagacacca gagggaatat ccatcaggaa     17460
     acaggaaaga caaacagatg acggagtttc aagaggttga acgtcaggct ctcggggtcc     17520
     ctggaggagc aggaacgggg cagaaacaac actggaagaa acatgatgaa ggcctcaagc     17580
     cacagatcca agaggcctca aactctaaac aggctgagga tacatgtcag cccatcagag     17640
     cacaagcacc aaaaaccaag gctcctgctc agaccctacg gctgcccatg cccagagaca     17700
     gaacgttgtt tgcaaagtgc agagacaaaa tactgtcaac ctaaaatctt acacacctaa     17760
     gggaaaaaaa gtcctttaag aacgaggata aagtaaatcc atttgcaggc aaataaattt     17820
     tttttttttg agccggagtc tcgcgtctcg ctctgtctcc caggctggag tgcagtggtg     17880
     ggatcttggc tcactgcaag ctccgcctcc caggttcacg ccattctcct gcctttcagc     17940
     ctcccgagta gctgggactg caggcgcccg caccacgccc agctaatttt tttgtatttt     18000
     gtttagtaga gacagggttt caccgtgtta gccaggatgg tctcgatctc ctgacctcgt     18060
     gatccgcctg tctcggcctc ccaaagtgct gggattacag gcgtgagcca ccgcgcctgg     18120
     ccaaggcaaa taaaaattga cagaattcag caccagcaga cccacactca tattcttcag     18180
     gcagaaggca aattatccca agtaaaaagt agaaaaaatg caggaagccc aacaaaaagg     18240
     ataaatatat aaataaaact aagcaaatgt tggtgttacc aggcattaga aatgatgtct     18300
     ttctgggttt aaaatgtact gagggagttg ccaggtgtgg tgactcatgc ctgtaatccg     18360
     agcactttga gaggctgagg tgggaggatc cctggagccc agcccaggag ttcgagagcc     18420
     ttagcaacac atacccatct ctacaaaaaa taccaaaata aattagctgg gcgtatgggc     18480
     acatgcttgt agtcccagct acttgggagg ccgaggtggg agatcacctc aacccgggag     18540
     gccgaggctg cagtgagcca agatcacact ccagcctggg taacaaagtg agacactgtc     18600
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaattaaa gtttcacaac aaaaaagata aacatacttc attttgacaa     18660
     gttcaatcag aaaattaaat gttccaaaat acataggtac ctaatatagt ttcaagaaat     18720
     ataaaagcaa tacccagaga ttcgagtgag acacagacaa acccataatc tttgtcagaa     18780
     atggaatttc acctgtcact cgctgattta accttcactt cttccctgac ccacacccag     18840
     aaccaggcac cctccagagc tggcccatct cccctccagc ccctgcctcc ctgcccggca     18900
     acaccccggg agctccagcg agtctctggc cgctccaagc gctctgaggg caccagcctg     18960
     tcccactctg gccatttcaa tgccgctcgg acagagcctg gtgggttcat aagccggtgc     19020
     atacccccac cctgcacgtg ctctcccggg tcggcgccca gtctggtctg ggacccgcat     19080
     cctcgcgctg acgcctcctg gtgtccccac ggtgctggac gcaagagtga ggtggggtgg     19140
     gctcaccctg aggccccagc cttccagaaa ctgtgtagaa cgggcggagg gcatggttgg     19200
     tgtgggggtg ggcagtgact gtgccagctg tggccctggg aacctgacct ggaccgtctg     19260
     gtggaggtgg acagccacca ccttcttcat gcagtctttg atcatctggg aggtgaagaa     19320
     gttggcctcg cccttcttgt ctacggcgat cttgcggtag tcctccagca agatggggca     19380
     gatggcctgg gtggggtgag tcatgtagat gggcccgtcg tagcccacca tctcgctgaa     19440
     gtaggggagt gccccgcagt ggtccaggtg gaagtggcta gggggacgca gcacaggtca     19500
     gcctgggccc accctgcccc agccttcacc cccgctctgg gcttgtgggt cactggcccc     19560
     ttcattcgcc tgctgtgcgc caggcctcat cccgagtacc gaagagtcag taatgagcaa     19620
     acacaaaact gtctccctgg aactttcagt ctcaaagtct agcaaggcaa taagcaaacg     19680
     ggaaattgaa cacgtcggtg acggcgacat gctcgcgaga caatgcaaag ctgctgaggg     19740
     aaccgcgcat aggggagccg ctggcttttc aggcagtcag gacaggctga gtggagctgc     19800
     aggtgaaggt ggcacagacc tgagggcaag ggcagcgcct ggcaagcccc aggaaggcac     19860
     tggggacccc accgtgtctg agaagaaacc acaaccacga ggggctcagg ggcagctgag     19920
     gacactgcct ccggagagga gaaggggctt ctccaggctt cacgggcctg gctgctgggg     19980
     aggacagggc agggaagggc agggggccag caggagtgct gtggccgtcc agacgaggcc     20040
     acccagacca gcgggtcatg agctgctgaa ccctaaaggc tggggtcagg gcagactcgg     20100
     gactctggaa tcgccaacaa gacagtgggg tttaaagatc ctgagacagt gaaggcatca     20160
     gagagggtga agcctggagg gccgggttca gaaagtaggg ttcagagggc agggccggaa     20220
     gaacagacag agaccaggcc atgtgtgtga ccagtaaggc aggcagggag cagatcctgg     20280
     ggcctagaag ccccctgagg atcaaggatg gcacaggccc cttgccaaac gctgccgaga     20340
     ccaagcaagg tggcccaagc cccacaggca cagacatggg accctcaagg cccccaacag     20400
     gaacccacct aatgatcaca cagtccagga agtctgttag gcggccgttc tgggtgatgt     20460
     aggagaagtc agggaagcgt cgctaggaag gatgtggggg tttcaggttg cacagtggtc     20520
     tccaggcagc atctggggcc acccatgccc cagggagggg cccccaggaa ggggggttct     20580
     atgtgcagac tcaggctggg cactcccatc ccgcaggtgg caccaggacc cctggctgct     20640
     cacagcatcc ggaggggccg aggttacccc caacctcact gacagatgtg agctggaagc     20700
     tgagcccagg gtctcacgga gtccagccta caggaccccg gggctggggc tcagcgccag     20760
     cacaggggga ccccaccatg caggggctca cctcggccag gcccacccat ccctgctccc     20820
     cacagggtgc agccatccaa gcacaaccac tgctgcccac caccccactg tcccggctct     20880
     gaggcccagg gtccagctgt ggatggccgg ctctcccagc ctctgggcct cctgcccaag     20940
     ggactcacgt cgtcattgaa gcccatgtgc attccacagt ccagcatgac attcttgccc     21000
     gcaatggaga ccaggatgca gcttcggccc acgtcctggc cggcccctac tcgagggagg     21060
     gcagatgagt cactgctgcg ccccccgccc cctgtgctgc ctccccaagc tctgcaggac     21120
     cccagtgcac tgaggaaacc ggaccaagtc tgctgtgtgg acagacacat gggccaagaa     21180
     gcagggccac ccctactcac aggaaggggg acacagggga ccatgcccca caccatcatg     21240
     tccagggtgg aggctggcag cccacacgcc ctcccccgcc agcttcccct ggcctcttaa     21300
     ggtggccacg gcctgctggc taagtagtgg gcactgtgct gtggccctca gcctccaaca     21360
     gagacaacgg ctggtctgtg gggccaacac ctcggtcaga gtcactcctg ggctgtggct     21420
     ggacccccag cagagctgca aaccaatgag gccaccttct ccaggatctt tccccaggca     21480
     ggcaaggcag taagtgacta agtgctggca ctgggtgttc tctggtggtg cggctgtgga     21540
     ggggcgccac acagcctcag ccatgccata gcgaacacgg tgccagtggt ccagcagtgg     21600
     ccagcgtggc aacacgagcc tcacaccact gcacaccatg cagcccccaa cacagaccct     21660
     catctgcagc cctcccacac tcctgacagc caagcagccc tgcccagctg ctccagccag     21720
     aggccttggc cagccaaggc acactcagcc ccctcatgtg gcctgggggc ccgagaggaa     21780
     agggtcacgg cccctgcaca gactgtgcct gggcaggagt ctgatggcag tgaacagttt     21840
     tccccttgaa tcccacccac ctccccctgc cagccactcg aagtgtccaa agccagcacc     21900
     acacatcagg atgacggggc cacagccgag gggctgcctg ccacagagag gggatctcag     21960
     gttctcttcc aggcctgttc ctgcccccgc tgggtgtgag ctctctgaga gcagggtctc     22020
     agctgtctcc tccctctgca tctcctaccc caagccacgc caggctcaca gaggccctct     22080
     ggcacctgtg ggaagggagg gccgcccctc ttcatgccca gggacctaag gccacagagg     22140
     cacttgtggc acacggcccc gaggcatggg gcccgggctg gttttctgaa ttccaaagcc     22200
     cagtcctgaa gtactggcag tcccgcctcc cgacaggacc cacagtgatc ccaggaagga     22260
     aagtggaaag gtgcgggaat agagcctgga gatacacgag gggacagggc tcagaagaca     22320
     ggaggagata tccctgtcag caaggagaca gacggcagac aaacaagaca cccaaagcac     22380
     gccagacgaa ggttactatg acagaaaaga gcaaggtgag agaatgagga agcctcaaaa     22440
     cttccagaac catgacagga gactgctccg agaagccaac ttttgagcag gggaggggag     22500
     gggtagggtg ggggaggggg agggacgggg tggggaaggg atggtccagg ggaggagaag     22560
     aagcggggcg ggcggaggga ggacaggcag cagggaggga caggcagggg ggagggaagg     22620
     gaccagcagg gggagggacg ggcagggtgg gtggggggac cggcggtggg gagggatggg     22680
     cagggtgggt agggggaccg gcggcggggg gggtagccac acacaggcca aggcgtggga     22740
     gtgaccccaa ggacacagca gtggtccagt gagcgcggac acggagcccg aggcagtccc     22800
     tggtgcaggg aagcggtgaa acaggacttc ggctttgatg ataccttggc tgaggtgacc     22860
     ttgagaatat acccaggtac agattgcggg taattgaagc cacatgaaag atcagaaaga     22920
     tcagatgtcc agagagtggg cagaacaggc agccaagagg ccaaatggga aaggggcagg     22980
     ctgggaggac cccacggagg acccagagag caggggaggg cagtggggcc catgcaaaca     23040
     gctgcaaaat gccatggggt gtgcacaggc caggggtgtt cacagcacag tgtccacacc     23100
     ggggcggggg gcaccctccg aggaagcgct cacgccatgg gggaggacat ggaatcccgt     23160
     cctggtgtct gtgctggaag gtgccctcga ccccctgccc ggtggaagga ccaggttcca     23220
     ggacagcaca gggcaggcac ctgtggaaaa cgctaaggac atcaggatga ctggccacca     23280
     acaccatgtc cctccagctg tttctgagac cctggatttt gactaatttt ttccttcttc     23340
     acatcgttct atactgttac gactttgact ttcttttgag acatggtttt gctgtcaccc     23400
     aggctggagt gcagtggcac aatcatggct cactgcagcc tcaacctcct gggctcaagc     23460
     aatcctcaca actcagcctc ccaagtagct tgaaccacag gcacacacca ccacgccctg     23520
     ccaattttag catttttttt ttttggagtg atggggtctt gccatgttgg ctaggttggt     23580
     cttgaactcc tgggctcaag cgatcctccc acctctgcct tccaaagtgc tgtgattgca     23640
     ggcgtgagcc acagtgccca gactgtcagg acttttagga gtacatattt gcgttttttg     23700
     ctattttttt cagtgttgca gaaatcaggt agaacaagag ctaaagtgag agttgattgt     23760
     aactcgggcg tgagcacaca gagtggtgga cagaaagcaa gacgtgagga ggcagaagcg     23820
     gggctggggg gctgaggggc ttgcggggtt aaggggcttg ggggctgggg gactgggggg     23880
     ctgaggggct ggggggctga gggtctgggg gtctgctggg ctgaggggct gggggactga     23940
     ggggctgggg gactgagggt ctgctgggct gagggtctgg gggactggag cgctgggggg     24000
     ctggggggct gagggactga ggggctgagg ggctgggagg ctgagaggct ggggagctgg     24060
     ggggctgagg gtctgcgggg ctgaggggct ggggggctgg ggggctgagg ggctgggggg     24120
     ctgaggggct gggaggctga gaggctgggg agctgggggg ctgagggtct gcggggctga     24180
     ggggctaagg gactgaaggg ctggtagggc tggaggcggc agcgcgcggc acggggaggt     24240
     caaggcaccg acgaaagcgc acagcgagcg cgaaggcccc gcggccccat ctgcgacgtc     24300
     ccctcacggc cgcctgaacc tcggggctcg cgttctcgcg tcactgccgg aggcccgggg     24360
     tgcagggact aggccgcctc tcggctccca ccagggcccg cgcggggagg agaccggagg     24420
     acgcccgcgg cgcgcacctg gctccacgag aaacgggagg gagcggggcg cccagcccgc     24480
     ccggagccgc atacggagcc caccccacag ccctcccggc ggctcccact cacccaaggg     24540
     cgtgactctg atctcaggca tcgtctccgc cgcgctcccg gacccgcgag gcccgcctgc     24600
     ggtgatgcac tgcgcaggcg caaccacctc gctgcaactt ccggtgcgct agccggaaac     24660
     gcgggtcggg gcgccgggcc tcctgattgg gcagcatcca accaatcagg gcggcgggcg     24720
     agggcggggc gagggcgggg cggtgggcgg ggacggggcc cgcacggcgg ctacggccta     24780
     ggtgagcggc tcggactcgg cggccgcacc tgcccaaccc aacccgcacg gtccggaagt     24840
     cgccgagggg ccgggagcgg gaggggacgt cgtcctagag ggccggagcg ggcgggcggc     24900
     cgaggacccg gctcccgcgc aggacggagc cgtggctcag gtcggcccct ccccaacacc     24960
     accccgggcc tccgcccctt cctgggcctc tcggtggagc agggacccga accggtgccc     25020
     atccagtccg gtgccatctg aagccccctt cccaggtgag actcgtagcg ctcgctcgac     25080
     agggtctggt cccacccaca aggcctgggg cgccgtgggg ccccgtctcc tgctggcccc     25140
     ccagcctgct gtcagccccc gtgctctgtg ctcaggccgc cctcgcgccc ggccctgacc     25200
     ttgggccgtt gggctgccct gggaaaggcc tggaggtgtc ctgggtcacc ttcctgggct     25260
     ggcaagctgc ctgcctcctg cacagccact gcccttcctg ttgttaccga gccaccagcc     25320
     acagctctga gaagctcctg gcagcttctg tttgccactg gctcgaatct gggcaggaag     25380
     gcaaggcccg cagaatatct ggtgaccaag aaggaaaccc cagagcctca gagaccatct     25440
     tctcagtgga caaaattaag gcccgaggag gggaggggcg tgctggaagt ctatgggact     25500
     gcatctttct gaggcccagg agcagccatc ccccacacct gaagcccggt gagctcacat     25560
     ctggggcctc cgcctggtgc caagcatgca acccaacctg tggggcctgc aacgccaggc     25620
     ttcagcaccc tgcaggcacc agtgctccag cagcctgggc cacgggctgg gcagggcttg     25680
     cagcccatga tccctagtga tgaagggccc agtcctaggg tgctgagcaa cctgcccacc     25740
     tgctcctggc caggagctct caccacggct gggtgccctt ccccctcccc caccgatgga     25800
     gtccctgcag ccagggaggc caggacaggg ctcccagcac caaccggcct aggaaccccc     25860
     aggccctctt cctggtcgag gtggaatgca gctgactctc aggttcccca gagcaggtgc     25920
     gggcccgtgg ggcacccggg gagacagggc aagggtgctt ggcaacactc acacaaagca     25980
     tgggtgcctg gatgtctgtg gatctgtgga gtgactatgt gaatgccagc agaatccaaa     26040
     gcagggcctg ggccactcgt ggaaggctcc ctagggctag tacaagagcc tcgtggcaat     26100
     cttctgagtg gtaaaaccca tctgtgtggg acatggagtt tcagcaacag gagtgaaaac     26160
     acgtgtccat ccatccagca agtgccagcc ctacagcctc ttttctgctt ttggggatgt     26220
     agcagtgagg aagatggggc agcctgcccg gcagcatccc cccacccccg gccccacctg     26280
     tctctgcttt ctgctgtgtc tgttttcttg tctaggactt cagaacttcc tgtctttgtt     26340
     gtcatctgac cccaccccag atggctgctc gcactcccca tgcacccaga tagatggcta     26400
     ggatggtgct tggctctcgg caggggctta gtatttctcc agctggtaaa agcagataca     26460
     gcatctagag agagaaacaa aaacaagaaa gcaccagcag agacacctgc tgcagacagc     26520
     ggggcctagt ggtctgataa agccagaggg ggccactctc ggggtcaggg actgacacgg     26580
     agtcagtggc ctgatccaca ggaggggctg tgccaaggtc cctgaatgcg caatcctgat     26640
     gaagggtggg tcagggtggt gtgcctgaga gcctgcggct tggctgggag cagagccagg     26700
     cagctcctgg gaggaagctc catgaggggc atgagtgttc agtgagcggc aatgggatcg     26760
     cagctatttt gttcccctcc acacacagaa aatgagccac agagcaagct gaccccagcg     26820
     acacagcccc ccagccctac tgtatttccg ttcctatcaa aaaatggatg actcggagac     26880
     aggtttcaat ctgaaagtcg tcctggtcag tttcaagcag tgtctcgatg agaaggaaga     26940
     ggtcttgctg gacccctaca ttgccagctg gaagggcctg gtcaggtgcg tgtgccaggg     27000
     ctgcctcctg aggtgggcgc tcccctggcc cgagtcccat atgtggcatc tgcctcccga     27060
     ctgcctgtcc ccaccagctt tgctgcccgt ttccagatgg gtgtgagccc ccgcaggctg     27120
     ggcagcgtcc cctgcacccc aggcgggctg ccccaggcct gggcgaggac tcgagccccg     27180
     ctcccttcca caggtttctg aacagcctgg gcaccatctt ctcattcatc tccaaggacg     27240
     tggtctccaa gctgcggatc atggagcgcc tcaggggcgg cccgcagagc gagcactacc     27300
     gcagcctgca ggccatggtg gcccacgagc tgagcaaccg gctggtggac ctggagcgcc     27360
     gctcccacca cccggagtct ggctgccgga cggtgctgcg cctgcaccgc gccctgcact     27420
     ggctgcagct gttcctggag ggcctgcgta ccagccccga ggacgcacgc acctccgcgc     27480
     tctgcgccga ctcctacaac gcctcgctgg ccgcctacca cccctgggtc gtgcgccgcg     27540
     ccgtcaccgt ggccttctgc acgctgccca cacgcgaggt cttcctggag gccatgaacg     27600
     tggggccccc ggagcaggcc gtgcagatgc taggcgaggc cctccccttc atccagcgtg     27660
     tctacaacgt ctcccagaag ctctacgccg agcactccct gctggacctg ccctaggggc     27720
     gggaagccag ggccgcaccg gctttcctgc tgcagatctg ggctgcggtg gccagggccg     27780
     tgagtcccgt ggcagagcct tctgggcgct gcgggaacag gagatcctct gtcgcccctg     27840
     tgagctgagc tggttaggaa ccacagactg tgacagagaa ggtggcgacc agcccagaag     27900
     aggcccaccc tctcggtccg gaacaagacg cctcggccac ggctccccct cggcctatta     27960
     cacgcgtgcg cagccaggcc tcgccagggt gcggtgcaga gcagagcagg caggggtggg     28020
     ggccgggcct gcaagagccc gaaaggtcgc caccccctag cctgtggggt gcatctgcga     28080
     accagggtga agtcacaggt cccggggtgt ggaggctcca tcctttctcc tttctgccag     28140
     ccgatgtgtc ctcatctcag gcccgtgcct gggaccccgt gtctgcccag gtgggcagcc     28200
     ttgagcccag gggactcagt gccctccatg ccctggctgg cagaaaccct caacagcagt     28260
     ctgggcactg tggggctctc cccgcctctc ctgccttgtt tgcccctcag cgtgccaggc     28320
     agactggggg caggacagcc ggaagctgag accaaggctc ctcacagaag ggcccaggaa     28380
     gtccccgccc ttgggacagc ctcctccgta gcccctgcac ggcaccagtt ccccgaggga     28440
     cgcagcaggc cgcctcccgc agcggccgtg ggtctgcaca gcccagccca gcccaaggcc     28500
     cccaggagct gggactctgc tacacccagt gaaatgctgt gtcccttctc ccccgtgccc     28560
     cttgatgccc cctccccaca gtgctcagga gacccgtggg gcacggaaca ggagggtctg     28620
     gaccctgtgg cccagccaaa ggctaccaga cagccacaac cagcccagcc accatccagt     28680
     gcctggggcc tggccactgg ctcttcacag tggaccccag cacctcgggg tggcagaggg     28740
     acggccccca cggcccagca gacatgcgag cttccagagt gcaatctatg tgatgtcttc     28800
     caacgttaat aaatcacaca gcctcccagg agggagacgc tggggtgcac tgggtgcctg     28860
     atttcctgca gggggacaca ggggcaccca gtgagggtgg ggagggccct caccccaggg     28920
     acacagctga ggtgggtgca cctaactcca agggagctga ggccccactg ccaggctcag     28980
     ggggctgtgt tagccccagg gctcaacaaa caccctgaga aaaggccagc cttggaggca     29040
     gggctgctgt gtgcccattc tcccagagag gtcccatcac tatgcctgtt gtacaggtga     29100
     gacaagagag agacagagtc acccagaacc aagaggctgg gttgggagga cggttgggag     29160
     ggcagacatc cgcctctcca tgcaaaagag gagaggcctg cgtgggatgt gtgcgtggag     29220
     gtgggggcca ctcccagcca caacagtggc ctggacagaa aggggatgca attcagcaga     29280
     gtcttcctgg atgtcacccc cacctcaggg tctgtgggag ctgcatatgg tgccggcaaa     29340
     ggctgccgac tgcagtatgg gccgggagaa ctgcctgggt ctgcgtgggc cccagggcag     29400
     ggctccctcc gggtgttgcc ttctgtacaa gtgccatgct tgtgccgttt gcgtgtccca     29460
     agtgcgagtg tgctatttgc gtgtgccgca cgtgtgccgt ttgcatgtgc tgtttgcatg     29520
     taccatgtgc atgtgtgcca tctgtgcaat gtgcaggtgc cagttgcatg tgccatgcgt     29580
     gttggccgtg agcgtgtgct gttttcgtgt atgtgccatg cacgtatgtg ctgcgtgttg     29640
     gccgtgcacg tgtgccacgt gcatgtgtgc catttgtgta tgccgtgtgt gctgtgagcg     29700
     tatgctgtgc gcatgtgcgt gccatgtgct ttgcgtgtac catgtgtgtg ctgtttgcat     29760
     gtgccatttg tgtcatgcac gtgccatttg cgtgcgatgc gcgtgtgcca cacgtcgttt     29820
     gcttgcgtgc catgcatgtg tggcatttgt gtatgtgccg tttccgtgtg tattgtgtgt     29880
     gccgtgtgtg tgccatttgc atgtgccgtt ttgtgtgtgc catgcgcgtg tgccatgcac     29940
     ttgccgtgcg tgtgccattt gtgtgtacca tgcgcatgtg ccattcgtgt gcaccgtaca     30000
     cgtgtgccat ttgcatgtat gctgtgcacg tgtggcatgc atgtgtgccg tttgcatgcc     30060
     atgcatgtgt tccttgcgtg tgccgtgcgt gtcccatgca cgtgtgccgt gcatgtgcca     30120
     ttcgcgtgta ccatgcgcat gtgccgtttg tgtgtgtgcc gcattcctgt gctcgtgtgc     30180
     caggttcgca tgtgcgccat attcacgtgt gctcagcatg tgccatatgc atgtgcggtg     30240
     gtagtgtgtg tccctcacag gtcctcctca caacaccatg gggaagaagc accagccagg     30300
     gcacacctcc tggtatctgc taggtctgcc aggccctagc tgaagctgag tgccccccag     30360
     ttcccctggg agggcctgcg cctggagtct gctgtgtccc cgagggcacc cccaaagcaa     30420
     cacagaggca gaggagtccc ggccctgcac acctggtgct gctccagctg ccgctcattt     30480
     gcctgtggcc cttcctccct tgtttgcgtg cccccctggc aaacaaactc tacccccagc     30540
     aggagccacc tgtgtgcctg ccacgcagga gtggcccaga cgggggtcag cagtgtgagt     30600
     acagctggcc atgcggttcc tacagcttcc aggcgtcaga ctctggcaga agggctgaga     30660
     ccctcaagga actctgctcc caagcagact gggagggcag caccaccacc ccagggccct     30720
     ccccagctgc agggtggagg cctggctggc cggctgccca ctggcctgac tggtctgcag     30780
     gcctaggggg cccatccctg ctgcccccgg ctccggccag cacagccttg agtgggagcc     30840
     agaagctccc ggggctgggt aggaggcatt tctgtgctta tgaaaagccc cagggctggg     30900
     tgtctctgca tccctcccac gcagctgaga cctcagagcc ctggaggccc ctttgccccc     30960
     tctcctctcc acagcctgct gggcaactcc aggaatcggg gggtggcaag gggctcagcc     31020
     acaggcaggg aacaaggcca cggccagcaa ctgagcagag cctgcctgcc ggtcaacgct     31080
     ggccatagag cctggcagtg gcctcaggca gagtctgacg cgcacaaact ttcaggccca     31140
     ggaagcgagg acaccactgg ggccccaggg tgtggcaagt gaggatggca agggttttgc     31200
     taaacaaatc ctctgcccgc tccccgcccc gggctcactc catgtgaggc cccagtcggg     31260
     gcagccacct gccgtgcctg ttggaagttg cctctgccat gctgggccct gctgtcctgg     31320
     gcctcagcct ctgggctctc ctgcaccctg ggacgggggc cccattgtgc ctgtcacagc     31380
     aacttaggat gaagggggac tacgtgctgg gggggctgtt ccccctgggc gaggccgagg     31440
     aggctggcct ccgcagccgg acacggccca gcagccctgt gtgcaccagg tacagaggtg     31500
     ggacggcctg ggtcggggtc agggtgacca ggtctggggt gctcctgagc tggggccgag     31560
     gtggccatct gcggttctgt gtggccccag gttctcctca aacggcctgc tctgggcact     31620
     ggccatgaaa atggccgtgg aggagatcaa caacaagtcg gatctgctgc ccgggctgcg     31680
     cctgggctac gacctctttg atacgtgctc ggagcctgtg gtggccatga agcccagcct     31740
     catgttcctg gccaaggcag gcagccgcga catcgccgcc tactgcaact acacgcagta     31800
     ccagccccgt gtgctggctg tcatcgggcc ccactcgtca gagctcgcca tggtcaccgg     31860
     caagttcttc agcttcttcc tcatgcccca ggtgggcgcc ccccaccatc acccaccccc     31920
     acccagccct gcccgtggga gcccctgtgt caggagatgc ctcttggccc ttgcaggtca     31980
     gctacggtgc tagcatggag ctgctgagcg cccgggagac cttcccctcc ttcttccgca     32040
     ccgtgcccag cgaccgtgtg cagctgacgg ccgccgcgga gctgctgcag gagttcggct     32100
     ggaactgggt ggccgccctg ggcagcgacg acgagtacgg ccggcagggc ctgagcatct     32160
     tctcggccct ggccgcggca cgcggcatct gcatcgcgca cgagggcctg gtgccgctgc     32220
     cccgtgccga tgactcgcgg ctggggaagg tgcaggacgt cctgcaccag gtgaaccaga     32280
     gcagcgtgca ggtggtgctg ctgttcgcct ccgtgcacgc cgcccacgcc ctcttcaact     32340
     acagcatcag cagcaggctc tcgcccaagg tgtgggtggc cagcgaggcc tggctgacct     32400
     ctgacctggt catggggctg cccggcatgg cccagatggg cacggtgctt ggcttcctcc     32460
     agaggggtgc ccagctgcac gagttccccc agtacgtgaa gacgcacctg gccctggcca     32520
     ccgacccggc cttctgctct gccctgggcg agagggagca gggtctggag gaggacgtgg     32580
     tgggccagcg ctgcccgcag tgtgactgca tcacgctgca gaacgtgagc gcagggctaa     32640
     atcaccacca gacgttctct gtctacgcag ctgtgtatag cgtggcccag gccctgcaca     32700
     acactcttca gtgcaacgcc tcaggctgcc ccgcgcagga ccccgtgaag ccctggcagg     32760
     tgagcccggg agatgggggt gtgctgtcct ctgcatgtgc ccaggccacc aggcacggcc     32820
     accacgcctg agctggaggt ggctggcggc tcagccccgt cccccgcccg cagctcctgg     32880
     agaacatgta caacctgacc ttccacgtgg gcgggctgcc gctgcggttc gacagcagcg     32940
     gaaacgtgga catggagtac gacctgaagc tgtgggtgtg gcagggctca gtgcccaggc     33000
     tccacgacgt gggcaggttc aacggcagcc tcaggacaga gcgcctgaag atccgctggc     33060
     acacgtctga caaccaggtg aggtgagggt gggtgtgcca ggcgtgcccg tggtagcccc     33120
     cgcggcaggg cgcagcctgg gggtgggggc cgttccagtc tcccgtgggc atgcccagcc     33180
     gagcagagcc agaccccagg cctgtgcgca gaagcccgtg tcccggtgct cgcggcagtg     33240
     ccaggagggc caggtgcgcc gggtcaaggg gttccactcc tgctgctacg actgtgtgga     33300
     ctgcgaggcg ggcagctacc ggcaaaaccc aggtgagccg ccttcccggc aggcgggggt     33360
     gggaacgcag caggggaggg tcctgccaag tcctgactct gagaccagag cccacagggt     33420
     acaagacgaa cacccagcgc ccttctcctc tctcacagac gacatcgcct gcaccttttg     33480
     tggccaggat gagtggtccc cggagcgaag cacacgctgc ttccgccgca ggtctcggtt     33540
     cctggcatgg ggcgagccgg ctgtgctgct gctgctcctg ctgctgagcc tggcgctggg     33600
     ccttgtgctg gctgctttgg ggctgttcgt tcaccatcgg gacagcccac tggttcaggc     33660
     ctcggggggg cccctggcct gctttggcct ggtgtgcctg ggcctggtct gcctcagcgt     33720
     cctcctgttc cctggccagc ccagccctgc ccgatgcctg gcccagcagc ccttgtccca     33780
     cctcccgctc acgggctgcc tgagcacact cttcctgcag gcggccgaga tcttcgtgga     33840
     gtcagaactg cctctgagct gggcagaccg gctgagtggc tgcctgcggg ggccctgggc     33900
     ctggctggtg gtgctgctgg ccatgctggt ggaggtcgca ctgtgcacct ggtacctggt     33960
     ggccttcccg ccggaggtgg tgacggactg gcacatgctg cccacggagg cgctggtgca     34020
     ctgccgcaca cgctcctggg tcagcttcgg cctagcgcac gccaccaatg ccacgctggc     34080
     ctttctctgc ttcctgggca ctttcctggt gcggagccag ccgggctgct acaaccgtgc     34140
     ccgtggcctc acctttgcca tgctggccta cttcatcacc tgggtctcct ttgtgcccct     34200
     cctggccaat gtgcaggtgg tcctcaggcc cgccgtgcag atgggcgccc tcctgctctg     34260
     tgtcctgggc atcctggctg ccttccacct gcccaggtgt tacctgctca tgcggcagcc     34320
     agggctcaac acccccgagt tcttcctggg agggggccct ggggatgccc aaggccagaa     34380
     tgacgggaac acaggaaatc aggggaaaca tgagtgaccc aaccctgtga tctcagcccc     34440
     ggtgaaccca gacttagctg cgatcccccc caagccagca atgacccgtg tctcgctaca     34500
     gagaccctcc cgctctaggt tctgacccca ggttgtctcc tgaccctgac cccacagtga     34560
     gccctaggcc tggagcacgt ggacacccct gtgaccatct gggccccaga gccaagctgt     34620
     gtccctgtcc ctctgtgccc agaccaggcc tgcccaggta acccagaccc actgttctgg     34680
     aaagaggccc ggagggctcc cagggtaccc gcaacccaca ccgtgagctc aggaaaagga     34740
     cgcagggagg ccccggccag atggctggaa gcccaaatca ggccctgccg acctgaccat     34800
     gtcccaccag ggcccccatc ctgcaccctg ccaggcacca cagcagtggg aggccaggtg     34860
     ggggcacaca ggcatatgcc cagggcagag cccgccgagg taggggtggc acccagcttc     34920
     ctactctgcc ctttgcccag tgggtagaca gcatcatgac tgtcaccagt accagggaca     34980
     gagcccaggt ggggtggggg cggggtccag caccacggcc agcaccgacc accaggaccc     35040
     cggagccagc accatggaca gaaaactgcc caccaggatc tgacgccagc acgccgccag     35100
     gcccacacag ggtctccggt cagagtccca gggtcagctc ccagcagggc ctaggggagg     35160
     ctggaccagc tccctgtgcc tcattccaag gcagcccagc cggagagaag gggcacaggc     35220
     cacacatctg tcccataaaa ttaaacgctt tttagtgttt aaaataagca gcatttacac     35280
     agaagcagct ctatgttaac catctaaacg ctgggacttt gatacagtat ctacagcaca     35340
     gacacgtggg ggccagagaa gccaggaagg ccgcgatgtg tgcgcgcagt gtgtgcactc     35400
     accaaggacg ggccacctga ctgcccatct ccccaagacc tccctccctg tggcagctgt     35460
     gcacatcggg gccccttgac cctgcgggcc atggtccctc cctgccctgg ctgggacacg     35520
     gtgggcagga tgtccagccc tctctcgtct tccggtcccg tcctccacgt actttcagac     35580
     tgttgccgga tgggaggaga gaaggtgcag gctgctccaa ggggcagcag caggtgggac     35640
     agatgacagg gtcgcctcct cccccgagtc accggccagg caataaataa ataaattaga     35700
     tccctactcc agacaggggg cctgtgcacc gcagggggtt gccccgcatg gaccaccctg     35760
     ggggcctggg cacagctgtg caggaggtgg gggtcagccg agagcccgag ggggtcttcc     35820
     tcatcccagg agggatcccc accagacaca aggggttggg aggtccgagg ctctcgctga     35880
     ggggcagaga gggagcgccc ccaacacggc tgctcagaca caggtgctgt caggagctgg     35940
     agcagccagg ctgccagggc agatggtggt ggtccagcct gccccccacc ctgcctcccg     36000
     tcctggcccc cacgaaggca agcccacgcg agctctgcat gcggcaggac cgccagctcc     36060
     ccacctcagg cagggctggg gcatgcgcca cgagtcacat gatgtccacg aagaactcgc     36120
     aggggttccc catagccttc tggaaggact ggcggctgcc tgtcaattcc ggggggacgg     36180
     cagccagctc ccggacaggg ggtcccccgg gtggcccccc caccactgta taggccttgg     36240
     tcgtggggtg gggcgggggg agccccgggg cggtagccga ggcctgactg cgtgggctgc     36300
     tgccacggct gagctggccg gccggacgct ctcgccagct gctccccacc ccactcggtg     36360
     ccgtgtgatc cgattcactg ccactgcccc cagctcccgc cgcccgacgc tccttctcac     36420
     ggcccggggc ccggcggctg ctccgggtgg acccactgct tttgctccct gggagtgaga     36480
     acaggatggg gaaggagcct gtcagcacca ggcccggcca cgtccagaac aaccgccccc     36540
     gccaggtgac cgggcaggaa cggtggcccg tgcaggacgg gtgggtgggg cagccatgca     36600
     ggcgcgagga cagggccggc acccccaggg tcgcaggggc agctgcggca ggcatgggct     36660
     ggtgggggca gtgggaggca ggcagggtcc tggggcaagc tgggcgcccc cacacctcac     36720
     cccgatgctt gagctgaggg cctggtcttg cggctgaaag actgaggtgc cagcgagggc     36780
     ccctcatgcc cggtgccccc gtggccatcc tggattcccc acccaaggcc ccactgtccc     36840
     cccggcccag gaccctggcc gacggatgac tcagctcagc cctgtcctgg gctcccaaga     36900
     cgcagtggga gctggagggc gtggctggct ggggacatgc tgagggaccc cgggcgggac     36960
     cctggcttac cggcccaagg tccgctccgc tagtccttca gtctaaggct tgtttagcac     37020
     aagacaaggg atagcacgag ttacacgccc ggctgcctgg cacctgccca gcacccaccc     37080
     gccaccagtg gggactgacc gcgggctggg cggggctgaa gtgggcgcaa gcgccggtcg     37140
     agggtcagta gacacccagc gtggcttctc tgcggtccca caccctctgg ccgcctctcc     37200
     tctctcgccc tccttcctgg gccctccacg aagccacctg cacccctccc tggcctgcag     37260
     acgcccctgc tggcctcacc aaccccaccc actggggcct ctgctccacc aggcaacacc     37320
     tcaggaacac tctggatccc cggcccctaa acacacccca gccaggggca caaggctagg     37380
     atgcacggca ccatccacgt caggctccct acccgggctg cagctgccac cctcctgtgt     37440
     cctggggcct agaaagtgac cctgtcagac tccttggcca cccctgccct gtccttgtca     37500
     catggcccat ggccacatgg tctcagggcc tcctgcctct accataggag aaccaccagc     37560
     cgccacccct accaggcaca gccgcccagg ccgccaggct cctggaggcc cctcatccca     37620
     atcccaccca gatgaggtgg ggtccaggct gcccctgtgt gagacgcttc cctgtcctcc     37680
     ccattcacac tggctcctgg atccccctgg cacttgcctt ttccagaagg agcccaccca     37740
     gggcccaagt acacagcagg agcatgggat tggggtcagc agagaagcag ggcggagcag     37800
     cagcggggtg gggtggagct gggggtggag cagcagcggg gtggggtgga actgggggcg     37860
     gagcagcagt ggagtggggc ggagctgggg gcggagccgg ggaagggcag gtaggggcgg     37920
     cgttctcacc ttcactctgc tgactcccgg tgctgccgct gccatagcta aagcccgggt     37980
     cctggtaggc aggcgggaag cagggtgggg gtcccgggta ctggtagggg tagccctgac     38040
     ccagaggcca gggggcagcc gggtggggca gcggggccag cgtgtcctga tccgaagtcc     38100
     cactggagcc actgttgagg ttcagggtgg cgagatctgg cgggggaggg taggtgaggg     38160
     ccgcggaggg gcctccggcg ttcccctccc ccccgccctg aagcccgaag cccccactca     38220
     ctgctgcaga gatccccgaa gacgtagtag cactgctcgg agaaggtgat cttgttgacc     38280
     gtgtgccgca ggaagccgtg cttcagcaag ctgctggcgt acttccgggc ctcccgccgc     38340
     tccttgaagc cctccacgtg tgtgtacagc cagtccacca cgtccgcccc tggccggcac     38400
     cagcggtcag cccgcagcct cgaggcaagc agccctgccc ctggcactat ccgcccgcgg     38460
     ggacggccac tcaccgatga cggcattggc gatggtgatc ttgagccaca tgcggtcgcg     38520
     gatctccagt cccgagtctg gcagctgcat gacccggacg acggcgctca tgtcactctt     38580
     caccgtcagc ggcgcctctt ccagctctgc aaagcacaga cagccccgct tcagccccag     38640
     catctgaagg cgggggactc agggccctgc acccccaggg gagcctctgg gcagagcctg     38700
     cgccagggcg caagctggac ggtgcgtgac agcagggccc cggcccactg caggatgcac     38760
     ccccgtgagg ctggggcgtg agcagggggg ttggacattt agtctcccac ttctacagac     38820
     acttttcatc aggatcctag gcacaaactg ggctgacacc ccaccctgca gaccaggaag     38880
     taatgagaac agggcaggcc ccttcccctc cccgcatgcc ccacccgaga gcgcaggctg     38940
     ttagtcgtgt taatggcagg aagcagaatg gagacctggc ccctgcctct gacgccgtgg     39000
     gtgctccccg cataggggcc ctacgtacat cccctgttcc caacacacag accatgagca     39060
     ggatgggctg cacaaggtgg gcacgggtgc ctgtgcacac gtctgtgcag ggagttgggg     39120
     acaggcaaca cacacgtgtc acagccccat gacggccaca ggcggccatg ctggaggctg     39180
     gcagagacgc cccctccaag cctcggtttc tgctggggcc ctcaggagct gccacttacg     39240
     tggagcacca ggcacggagc tggttagtga ggaggagctg gtgcgcgtga cggcgctgga     39300
     gcagggactc gtaccgtagc ggggcagggc tcctgtcagt gccgccgtgt gggacagcca     39360
     ggcggcgggg tcgatgggcc gcaccgggtc agctgggtgg ccgccacgtg gcgatgacag     39420
     gcggacagat ggacagggtg ggagggcagg gtgcagggca cagaggagag aggccttcag     39480
     gctaggtagg cgccccctcc ccatcccgcc ccgtgtgccc cgagggccac tcaccccgtg     39540
     ggacggtgaa gtagcttcgg ggcgttgggt cccagcactt ggccacagtg aggctgatgg     39600
     gcctgcagga acggtggtca cacagcaagg cccccatggt cccacctccc tgcctggccc     39660
     ctcccgctcc agcgccccca gccctcaccc cgtctgggaa acgatctccc gcagcacccg     39720
     cacggcatcg tcattgctca tgttctcaaa gttcacgtca ttcacctgca ggggtgggga     39780
     ttagggtggt gcaggcagga tgtgcagctc agtccaccgc ccccgcagac ccacccacag     39840
     ccgcatgtcc cccagcagcc cccgcagacc cacccgcagc cgcatgtccc ccagcagccc     39900
     ctacagaccc acccgcagcc gcacgtcacc ccaaagtccc cacggaccca cccgcagcta     39960
     catgtcaccc cgcagccccc acagacacac ctgcagcaac atgtcgccgg gctcgatgcg     40020
     gccgtcagcg gccacagccc cgcccttcat gatggagcca atgtagatgc cgccgtctcc     40080
     acggtcgttg ctctgcccca cgatgctgat gcccagaaag tgatgtcttt ctgcaggaag     40140
     agccatgagc cgcggccaag cccctgcccc tgcccccaac cctcgccccg aggcctcacc     40200
     catgttgagc gtgacagtga cgatgttgag ggacatggtg gagtcggtta tgctgctgaa     40260
     ggaggaggcc tatggaggag agggggcgtg tgtaaaaggc acggggctgc ccgacactga     40320
     cttcgcctcc ccagccccgc cctgctccac ccggctgcct acccggtccg cctgccgaag     40380
     gcgctgcttc ctccgccggc gtttgtgctt ccggatgagt ctggatgagg tgctctgctc     40440
     cgtggagctg ctgagcctgg gaacagactg tcagagctca gaggagctgg agacatgggt     40500
     aggggggtgg gaacccgctc ccccaatact gagtgggaat cgggggtcta ggccaggctt     40560
     gttccaaagc aggctcagtg cctgacgtcc acgccccagg ccctgcacac gtgatatgca     40620
     tatgagcaca cacgaaaatc ccagagacag gcaaactggg cacagacaca tgtagccaga     40680
     tccactactg acacacctgc acacatgcac acctgcacac acatgcacac ctgcacacac     40740
     gcacccctgc acaaggcaca catgcacaca cctgcacaca cacctgcaca cacgcaaccc     40800
     tgcacacatg cacccctgcg cacaggcaca catgcacacc cctgcacacg cacgcatgaa     40860
     cacacgcaca cctgcacacg catgcacacc tgcacacacg cacccctgca cactacacac     40920
     ctgcacaggc acacatgcac acctgcatac tcacctgcac acgcacccct gcacaatgca     40980
     cccctgcaca cacgcacccc tgcacacaca tgcacacctg cacacacgca cccctgcaca     41040
     caggcacacc tgcacacacc tgcacacgca cgcctgcaca tgcacacctg cacgcacacc     41100
     ttcacataca cctgtacaag cacacctgca cacacgcaca tctgcacacg cacacctgca     41160
     cacacgcaca cgcacacatg cacacacctg cgcacacgcg tgcattgtga aaacgctcac     41220
     gtgcacactg tgaaaacgca cctcacacac acatacatgc acacacagac atgcgcatca     41280
     tgtacataaa cgtttgcaca caggtacatg cacagacaca tccgcaatgt gaaaacgcct     41340
     cacacagaca cacatgcaca agcagacacg tgcatcatgt acacgtttgc acgcgggcac     41400
     acacacaggc gcgcacacac gtgcacagtg aaaacacctc atgtggaaca cgtgcacaag     41460
     cacacgtgca tcatgtacac agacatttgc aggcacacac atgcacacac acgcacacac     41520
     gtgcaatgtg aaaacacctc atgcagacac atgcacatca tgtacagaca tttgcaagtg     41580
     ggcacacagg catacacgcc cacagacact cccacacacc tgctcgtgct gccatcctcg     41640
     tccgagtcca caaagctgct ggactcaagc tcgctgctga gggcggtgga cgcgctgtct     41700
     gggggcagcc ccacatcccg ccgtcggtct ccccttgggt gcccattggt ccgggcggct     41760
     gtgggggcag caggttggga actgactgca gggtctccca gaggtcatgg gtttggggct     41820
     gcctgggcag tgctgcatgc ctgtgggtct gggagctggc agctcaactg taggctcgct     41880
     gggcctgtgc ctccacccaa gcaccgccac tggctggggg acaggaactg ctgtagtagg     41940
     aacatggctc atgggggtcc cagggaggct gggggtccac agctgggcag acatgaccac     42000
     tgtaccctcc tcgcggttcc ggcgtcgggc acgctcccgc cggtgactga ccatggactc     42060
     cgtgcctgtc tcgttgtcca tcccgtcacg gctgctggcc acatttgggc tgtgcaacaa     42120
     gagcagggtg ggtggggagg ccgtggcccc agcccctcag atgccgccca gcccagcctc     42180
     ccctcgcctg tgggacccca gccccagcag gtgccacgcc cgcctactgg cccaggcagg     42240
     cctccctccc ctgttggcca gcaaccccca tgacaggctt ggggtagcag ggcccagcgc     42300
     ccacggtgtc cttactggaa ggaggggggc cgggagtccc cgatgccgcc tgtccgctca     42360
     agaggcgggg gcaggtctgt gtggctgtcc gtgccctggg accccgcatc cgagtgagca     42420
     ccctcagcca ggaccagctg tggagggagc aggcatgctc aggggagccc acccgccttc     42480
     aggacgcctc ctcagggcac ccagggaaca gggggccagc aagctgccct atccgcaccc     42540
     agcctgccag ggcctcccca cacccaccgc ctcccccagg aagagcccca ccctggaatg     42600
     ctccccaggc gagccttcgg ggccaagaca caggggctca cccaggagac cacgcggccg     42660
     ttgaagcagg gaagcttggc attgtcatca aagatctcct ccttcaccac cctgtgggca     42720
     tatgctgccg tgaggcccca cctggggggc ccaaccctgc ggttctagag gtgaggcctg     42780
     gagagcaggc gctcctcctg cccacacaat gtcactctgt ggacacccct gctagcgcat     42840
     tctcctcttg ggaaccgtcc ttcctctccg tcacatcctg ggcccccacc cccccagcat     42900
     ggggccagtc actctgcgga cacccctgct aacgcactct cctctcggga accgtccttc     42960
     ctctccgtca catcctgggc ccccaccccc ccagcatggg gacagtggct gtggacatcc     43020
     tcacaggggc agctcagcca aaggctctca gtcccctgca gcgttggtcc ccagccccca     43080
     ggtaggagga cagctagggt gaggcctcct tgggaaagcc cccgtgccca gctgccctcg     43140
     gttcatgtat gtggtggccc cagacgctgt ctccaaccac ccccacctca tctgttcctg     43200
     gggcttggag cccccccccc ccagggcttc ccccacactg ggactcctca gggccaggcc     43260
     ccagcctcct cagcagcagc agctgcacct accgggcccc aaggctcccc aggctattcc     43320
     ctgtcccttg ccccagacct caggtccacc gctccacctc ccagccagct ccagaccagc     43380
     cgcccacccc tcaacagcca gggcatcagg ccacctgcac ccacccctgc actcagacct     43440
     gtcattccca accaggagcc caaatccccc agcagcctcc tctccatcat gccagccatg     43500
     ccctatggcc ctactccacc ctcctggcgt ctcaggagca gcctcaggtc ccaggccctg     43560
     tgcctgcctg cccagggtca ggctctgtga gggcaggact ttgcctgacc cctgccctgc     43620
     acccctagtc aggctcacag tccacctaca aggactctca gacccgacgg acggacgtag     43680
     gtgggctggg agggcccaca ggtccccaga ggccgcccac caccctcctg tcctgtccac     43740
     ctagccaggg agacaaagac ctccactcac caaacctccc tgcacctcag gacctagagg     43800
     ggcagcaggg gatgcggagc cggcagggcc cccaggagag caagctggcc aggtgcctca     43860
     ccagtccacc cccaggtcag ataggcttgg gaacggggca gagggcaccc aggcaggccg     43920
     cagagggtca ggggacacga accaggagga ggccgggtga cccgagctca gagttcagag     43980
     ggcagggtgg caacccacac ggcacagagg ggatggctgg gcaggggcag gtccccaggc     44040
     caaggagcaa ggcaggcagg gctgtggtcg acactcacac tgtgacctct gagggcccag     44100
     gcagcaggct gggtaggatc tggacgccgc ctcgtggcac cctgccctgc ccagcagcat     44160
     tttccacgcc cgggacttgg gcccagtgga gaaataggag cccggagacg gggcttggcc     44220
     tggccgcaca cctggcagga agcggccttg tggctgctag tcccactgcg agctacagag     44280
     ccaccccgac tggccgctcc aggtcccctg accccggggc accttgactc agccagactc     44340
     cgaagcagta ggtagcagga ggcccccggc aaagtggcaa acccacactc tcacccaagc     44400
     cctggcccac ccacttgctg ggaagaggcc ccaagcctca gggcagagtg gacagcaggc     44460
     agggccagcc caggtgggag cagggacccc tacctagccc tctggggtcc tgcagctgcc     44520
     tccccaggcc acccagggcc aggccatgag gtagacgccc ccaaagagca gagaaggtca     44580
     cttctcagac ccctccacgt ctgctgcccc cacacaggag ccttcccagg taagaccatg     44640
     accccatgcc aggctgaggc cgccacagtg agaggctgtc acacctgaaa ggctggagca     44700
     acccagggtg aggcgggccc cacggacacc gaggccacca ctagctgccg ccagggggcc     44760
     agggcccaca gtgagccctt gtctctaatg gacctgacca cagcagagcc cctggcaggg     44820
     tccccacctc agtccctgac acacggcccc aggtggcctg gccggcagct tctcccctgc     44880
     cacacccaac cccagcaccc tctgactcac ctgagggaga cactcagtca cccagcaccc     44940
     tctgactcac cggagggaga ctcggccacc cagcaccctc tgactcactg gagggagact     45000
     cggccaccca gcaccccagt acagcacccg cctggctcca ccggaagagg gccctgcccc     45060
     ctcccaccat ccagagtggc ccaagcccgc atggcccacc cagccagggc ctcacgaaga     45120
     ccccaggctg cctgggatgt ccctgccccc tgccccctca cagatgtcca gccaggaccc     45180
     agaggcccta ctcactccgc cctcttcagc ccaacagggt gtaacaagtc ctcccctgcc     45240
     cccagtggca gggtgcagac ccaagcctgg ctgggccagg agaaagggag caggacccaa     45300
     acagcacaga gggaagggtg gggtctgcct ggggctccag ggatcagcta cccaggtccc     45360
     aggcagagcc ctgccgtccc caccccagcc agatggggga gggtgctgga ggctggccag     45420
     gcattggggg cgtacccaca acccggggtc cccgcgcctc tgtagcagcc tccgctgaaa     45480
     ctcacggcag ctgccagggg cgcccctgcc ggcactgtgc ccccaccttg ggattccctg     45540
     tgaggcctgg ctaacctgtg tgctgccccc acagacccgc cccggggagg aatccactca     45600
     gaggcagcgc cctgggagcc agcatggcca cacaggatgc agagaaccct ccagactccc     45660
     agaggccaca gccagctgcc ctagacgtgg cgtggtcccg aatgcacccc attctcccaa     45720
     ggcggagcag gaagctggca ggggtagctg gcccaggaca ggcggtgcag agccatcctg     45780
     tgccctcaga gccccctgtg cacgccccag gtcagggccc tcagccttgg gggtctgtgg     45840
     cctcccaacc cctgacccca gagccagggg ctctccacca gcctgtcccc tgggtggtgc     45900
     cgagtcctgg gatctctctg tgcccctccc ccggttcagg acacacaggc tcaagtgtcc     45960
     ctgctaggcc atggctatga gtgcagtagg tgaactgcct ggaccctccc aaaaccaggg     46020
     aggcactcag ggcacagaga ggctgagtca cagaccccaa gtggcacagc cagggagggc     46080
     ggagtgggaa ctccccccac agcccaggcc aggcagagcc tccccaactc catagctccc     46140
     cacagcacca cccaggacac aaggagctgt cacaacaccg aggcccatgg caggcggccc     46200
     tggggaccag ggctttgggc ccacagcctt gcctccaccc atcccccagt cccaggcctg     46260
     ggtcaccccc acctcggaga tgaactgtgg gagctgtgcc caacagacag cctcggtgcc     46320
     aagtccagca ggcccagcat ccgccacgca cccagcagtg gggacccgga gccaaacacc     46380
     ctccctcctc tgcctcggcc caaggctggg cgagaccccc tgccaaccac caaacccagc     46440
     accaggcaga gaccctcccc aattctgccc tcctcccagc cctggggatc ttgggtcaga     46500
     atagctgtga ccagggcatg aaaagtggag gacaggcggg ggaccttcac ccactgggcc     46560
     aaagccgtgc gtggggagtg gggtccagac cagggcacgt ggttgtggcc atgacacagg     46620
     ctccctgcac tgcaaggtgg tcagtcatgc tctggagcag aggctgggga accagggctg     46680
     ggctgagaat gcagcggggg ctggcgcagg aacccccgac tcaccagggc ctcctcagcg     46740
     tccccagcct gaagctccct ctcttatgaa ggccacccca gaccagcgag gacctgcctt     46800
     ctcttccccc catctccaac tacattcgct tggcatccag ggtcagtgtc tagttcagca     46860
     gtcgcttaag ctaaagtatt actgaccaac cagcccctcc cacgggggtt ctattccaca     46920
     gaacagacag tgctgagagg tctgcgggta gaactcaggg gaagggatga aggaagtaat     46980
     tgatgagggt cctccgtagg ctcctgaggc caccagccag aggaccaggg aggacacaga     47040
     gcaaggcccc catcccagcc agaggacctg ggaggctaca gagcaaggcc ctcgtcttgg     47100
     acctccagca tcaccccagt ccattctttc caacccccac agcccagccc agcccagccc     47160
     tgacctctgc agccccactg actcccagcc ccctgtaagt ctgcagcctc caaagctgta     47220
     cactgaagct cccctgtctc tttcctggcc gcatccccaa gcctgcctcg acacccagac     47280
     ctgcccaccc tgttcccagg cccgggcacc cacgcgtcct ccaaatgtgc ccagcaggtg     47340
     cagccactgc tagaagtgca ctagggcaac agtcaggctg tctctgccct gggcagcccc     47400
     cggtgggtgt caggagcaga aggcggactc ccccagggct tcatcccaga gcatggtcca     47460
     ggagcagaac ctgggggctg ggcacctcct cactacgcat ttcctggtgg cacacatttg     47520
     caacaaacag cattagtaac tttggtaact ttcgttagaa taataaacta agtcaaaaac     47580
     aaaagtacct gacacatgcc ccatgctcaa ggccaaagca gcccaggccc agagaagcag     47640
     ggactgcaag gtgccccagc tggggaggag cccggaccag actcagaaaa caaaccgccc     47700
     cctcctgccc aacctgaccg gagcgggcag gagggccgct gagccgagtg gggagcgccc     47760
     agccttcaaa ggctgccaag gacgcaccct gccctctctg ctttgcctgg tcgtgggggt     47820
     ggggaaggaa agtacagctg tctagatgtc ccttgggccc ccctgagagc tccagagcgg     47880
     acccagcctg actggacctg gggctgcctg aggaccctgc aaccacagaa tccaagaaac     47940
     aaccttaatg tcacaatccc aagaagcggc cacacacaag gacaccgctt gccggaggct     48000
     cacctcctgg ggccacgagg cctgagcccg cccccagcac tgttgagctg ggactaggga     48060
     ctcaggttac tggtggctgg gccgggccag gccaggcctc aagcagaccg ccaggctcct     48120
     gctccctgtc ccagagggcc cagctcagca cagcaggggt ctcctcgcct gggacaccac     48180
     caccgaggcc cagcagggag acgctgaccc aggctgcccc gaaacagcag atggtctggg     48240
     ctgctccggg aacgcaagtg ctttgtggct cagtggggac ggggcccaca ggaagctcag     48300
     gacacgggta ggcgaataaa gtttcatggt caccagtggc ccttgacctc caccctgtca     48360
     caaggaccct gcagaagggg gccaggagaa cctgtcttga ccctcgggaa gcttctgcaa     48420
     accctagcag acaggttggt gaacctgtac ccccatgtct ccccatccca gctagggaac     48480
     cccaccctgc ttccttccca ctgacacgcc cctgacccca gcccgcacca acggcaggcg     48540
     ctcccggcca gccccggtgg aagcgatgcg gccgaccgag tctgacacgg gccaaggcag     48600
     gactcggggc cgggaagctg gggccaggga cgccgggaac cccgcctgcc atcgccccgc     48660
     tccacggaca ggtgggcgcg cgccgcacac gggccgaggc cgccacccgc gccgcatcta     48720
     gcggaggcgc gtcgcggtcg caggtccccg ggggcgcgaa cggctcagga cccccgcccc     48780
     gtccccgcgc gggcaggtgc gacccccgag cccgcgccag gctcgcgcag gcctcgcggc     48840
     cgactgaccc gaagtcctgg tccatggact taaagaagaa tttgtaggcg tgcacgggcc     48900
     ggttgctgag cacgttcttg aagtcggcca gcgtgacgcg ctcgggggcc acgggcagct     48960
     tgaccaggta cggcgtctcc tcctcgtcca tgtggtagat aatcttggtc tccgccatgg     49020
     cgcggcggcg gcgcggagcc cgcgcgctca gggcccggcc cggggctcgg acgcggggcg     49080
     ctacccgccc gcccgcctgc gccccgcccg gcccgcaccg ctctcggccc cgacgctccg     49140
     aggcccccgg gcgcccccgc ccgaccgccc aggccccggc cgccgccccc ggctcccgcg     49200
     cgcgtcccga ctgctgcccc gcggcccgcg gccgcccatc cgcccccggc ccgggagcgg     49260
     cgcgagggac gcagcacgga gggcgcgctc agccccgccg ccctcccgcc tgcgcccctc     49320
     gggccgcgcc gttaaaggga ccgcccggcc cggggtcctg agcgtggccg cgggggggcg     49380
     cccgagcgcg cggcgttgac gtcacggggg cgcacggcgg gggcggggcg aggatgcgca     49440
     gacgcaggcg atcatcgctc gccccgcccc gccccggccc cgcccccgcg cgcgggcccg     49500
     cgctccatta tgatccggcg catgcgacgc gcgccgctgg ctgtgggccc gtgggcgccg     49560
     gggcgctcgg gtcgggcgga gggaccccgg ggacgccggg tgcgcggcgc tgaggtggcg     49620
     cccggtcgct ctgcgccacc gcgaaggctc ccgactcgcg tgccctctgc cgggtcccac     49680
     ggggtccagg cagcaggccg agcggatgcg gggcgcgcgg gggcgcgggc gtgcacggag     49740
     gcgtcggagc gcccggcggc gggagggatt tagtcctggg gttctccgca gggcagggga     49800
     gacttccgag gcgtcccttg aggccgcggg gcgtccgcgc ttactgttcc ggggctcgcg     49860
     gggctggagg ccttcccgac ccgaccccag caggaagcgc ggaggccact agagggcggc     49920
     ccaggatggg aggagtgagg agggggcctg gacggggcag gagcgacggg gggagtgagg     49980
     agggggcctg gacggggcag gagcgacggg gggagtgagg agggggcctg gacggggcag     50040
     gagcgacggg gggagtgagg agggggcctg gacggggcag gagcgacggg gggagtgagg     50100
     agggggcctg gacggggcag gagcgacggg gggagtgagg agggggcctg gacggggcag     50160
     gagcgacggg gggagtgagg agggggcctg gacggggcag gagcgacggg gggagtgagg     50220
     agggggcctg gacggggcag gagcgacggg gggagtgagg agggggcctg gacggggcag     50280
     gagcgacggg gggagtgagg agggggcctg gacggggctg gagcgacggg gggagtgagg     50340
     agggggcctg gaccgggcag gagcgacggg gggagtgagg agggggcctg gaccgggcag     50400
     gagcgacggg gggagtgagg agggggcctg gacggggcag gagcgacggg gggagtgagg     50460
     agggggcctg gacggggcag gagcgacggg gggagtgagg agggggcctg gacggggcag     50520
     gagcgacggg gggagtgagg agggggcctg gacggggcag gagcgacggg gggagtgagg     50580
     agggggcctg gacggggcag gagcgacggg gggagtgagg agggggcctg gacggggcag     50640
     gagcgacggg gggagtgagg agggggcctg gacggggcag gagcgacggg gggagtgagg     50700
     agggggcctg gacggggcag gagcgacggg gggagtgagg agggggcctg gaccgggcag     50760
     gagcgacggg gggagtgagg agggggcctg gacggggcag gagcgacggg gggagtgagg     50820
     agggggcctg gacggggcag gagcgacggg gggagtgagg agggggcctg gacggggcag     50880
     gagcgacggg gggagtgagg agggggcctg gacggggcag gagcgacggg gggagtgagg     50940
     agggggcctg gaccgggcag gagcgacggg gggagtgagg agggggcctg gaccgggcag     51000
     gagcgacggg gggagtgagg agggggcctg gacggggcag gagcgacggg gggagtgagg     51060
     agggggcctg gacggggcag gagcgacggg gggagtgagg agggggcctg gacggggctg     51120
     gagcgacggg gggagtgagg agggggcctg gacggggcag gagcgacggg gggagtgagg     51180
     agggggcctg gacggggcag gagcgacggg gggagtgagg agggggcctg gaccgggcag     51240
     gagcgacggg gggagtgagg agggggcctg gacggggcag gagcgacggg gggagtgagg     51300
     agggggcctg gacggggcag gagcgacggg gggagtgagg agggggcctg gacggggcag     51360
     gagcgacggg gggagtgagg agggggcctg gacggggctg gagcgatggg gaagagagtg     51420
     cggtggggtc ccttggttcc cgtccccagg aagccggcga gatggaactg gcatctatcg     51480
     ggccctgacc gtgctggggg ctgcaccggc tcggaaagaa accgatcagt gcaggcacca     51540
     gtgcttgacg gtcagcttgg gcctgggatc ctgaccctgc acccgggctc tgagagggag     51600
     aactgtggcg tttgctcagc caagcccgga cagcttagcc gccagccccc tccaccttcc     51660
     cgcagccctt ctcttcccca gaggtcagaa gccaggcagg aagacctaag aggggctatc     51720
     tgttgaggcc ccagggaggg aggaagcctg tccctgccct gagggcctga ccccaggcta     51780
     ggtctcaaga gaggctggaa gccagaggcc tgaggccagt cccgttgctg acgcggatgt     51840
     ggtccagctg gggccctgac aggtgtggcc actggtgagg ccagaggtaa ccgggctggg     51900
     aggggggtgc atcttcaagc cacacctccc cagaccagcc tccctccctc cccatccatg     51960
     cttgtgtggg gtccttgtgg gcaactgtca ccctttccca cccccactgt cctgggagga     52020
     ctggaggatg gggttgggtg gtgacgccag cttcaagaag cagcagttag tcgctggtct     52080
     gtgctgccag gaccccgggc cacgggcctt cctgctcccg ccactcctcc caccgcctga     52140
     acttgtgctg agatcctgca cccaaccagc tgatgcctga gcgggaaagg attctagggc     52200
     cagatccgtg ctggcctggc caagactctt ggaaccaccc tgctgtcccg ggctgtctct     52260
     gctggagcct ctttgctccc gccccctttg caagtgtctg acccgcatcc cactactccc     52320
     gctcctcgtc cctctgcctc tccaagagct gtgctcccac ggccttccct ctggcctcac     52380
     agccaccacc acgtcccccc tcctcacgtc caggtcagcc ctcaagggaa tctgaactcc     52440
     tccacgacca gaagccacac agaactagct caaaggtccc cttcccagga caccgactcc     52500
     cagaggaccc agacccagac ctttcagccc aaggaatggg atgatgtcag gggttccagg     52560
     tggagacgag gactcccagg cccagactca tgccttgccc agccccagga gacggagttt     52620
     cagaagcata cctgggacaa gtctaaaaat cagatgggga ctttattgtg atggtggcag     52680
     gtccaccagc agatgcaaat gtggggtgct gagagtggca acacaggcca ccccaaacca     52740
     acttcactcc ctcccctgtc ctcagccagt acagaagcca aatgtagccc cagccctaga     52800
     ctccagccca ggcagagtcc aagggagggg tgtcagggtc agaagtcaca gggagcccag     52860
     tgactatcaa ggtggctgag agcaaggcta gggtagggat ggggcagaga aagggcaagg     52920
     ggtgcagccc caggtggccc aaagcaacac agaggagcaa gggctggcat tcaagtcagc     52980
     aggtccctgg ggagaacaga tggtgcctgg agtcccacat ggtggtacag gtgggggagc     53040
     tctcggtggc aggcagcacc ccaggaggag tgggactcct gccgaggctg accccaactt     53100
     caaggctgcc aagttctgat gggagtgtcc tcctccagga acatctccca gcccccgacg     53160
     agcagagccc tggaggagtg ggactcctgc cctgaggctg accccagttt tggggctgcc     53220
     aggttctgat gggagtgtcc tccaggaatg tcttcaggcc cccagcgggc agagcccaga     53280
     agggtctgag ggcatgatgg gcatcagtgg gattttggtt gtgccagggg tgggcagggc     53340
     cacccgtgag caaaggccgc aggggtgggg gctatgctgc caccaagccc ctgggagagg     53400
     ggtgtggagg cggcctctgc atacgcccag gccaaattcc aggaaagcgg gaccagccgc     53460
     tggaaggggg gtgagccccg gagcatcagg agatgccccg aggagcacag acaggagagg     53520
     tgcagctgct ggcccagcca ggagcccagg gcctccctat ttgcagttct ccttccggaa     53580
     ccctggaagc caagggcgcc aacgggttgg cggctgtcct ccaccctcat cacagtggga     53640
     gacacagggc agaccccccc gcaggactcc ccagggattt ctgagcctga ggtggcaggg     53700
     gccccgggcc tggctggtgc ctgccatcgt tggtcccagg tgaggtggaa tggggacagg     53760
     cagggctctg agatgggctg aggtcgcccc cgccgctcac ctttgtctag gtcgatgtac     53820
     ttggcaggca gggggctgtg ggccagctcc gccctctcct tcaggatgtt gtttttgtaa     53880
     tctgtgggag gagaggaggc tgaggtcccc gctcccagga tgcacttccc agcccgggac     53940
     tgggagccgc gcctgtgccc tcgtgtccca gcactgcctc acctagctgg atgtcctcac     54000
     tcctgtaaag catctggtcc cctgcagcca cagcgaactc cgccaagtta acatccttcc     54060
     tggatggcga gggtgggagg aggttacagc tgggtggggt gaagggggcc ctggtcccca     54120
     ggagggccgg gaggggggca ctcacccctt tgactttccc gacttctggt ccgagtattc     54180
     gtagcctggg aaggagactc acattggggg cagtgccgcc ccttccgcag gtcccccagc     54240
     ccagaggacc accctcccgc ccacctcagt ctcctggggc cgctggcttt gccggggcag     54300
     cctcacctcc gcggcgcctg cgggcggcca ggaggacagt gaccagtagc aggatgaaga     54360
     gcagcagcgt ggccagcacg tagcccagct gctggaagaa gtgggctcgg ctctcgggga     54420
     cgatgacatt gatgacgttg tggccgcgcg ccagtgtggg gtctgcgggg aacgcggggt     54480
     cggggcggcg tcaggtacca gcaagacctg cgccccgacc cgggccacgg cccccgctgg     54540
     gatccgcggg cctcgggcaa gggacagcgg gcgcagagca acccccggtg gggtgggctc     54600
     ccgccttccc gggtcccagg gaggcctcct tcacctgggc ctggggcgcc gctgtggctg     54660
     gagccgttgc ccggagagcc ccgggggggc ggctccgcgt ggggttcggc gaccgtcagg     54720
     tggaagacgc ggcgttcgtg caggccacag taatggtggt gcaggtggca ggagtaggtg     54780
     ccctcgtcgg cgacctccag cggctcgata cgcagtgaga agtcaccgcg ctcaaaggca     54840
     tccgcgccca cagccacgcg gtcgcgcaga aaaaggggcc cgtaggcgcg gcgctcgccc     54900
     gacgcgtaga ggtccagcag gcggtccgcg cggtcgtgcg ggaccccggg cggctgccgg     54960
     tcccagtgca ccacctgttg agcctcctcc acgtgccggt cggtccacac gtgcccgcgg     55020
     ttcacgcagg tcagaagcgc gggtgcgccg cgcgccaccg ccagcacctc cttctcgccg     55080
     tcccagtagg cgggggtggc cggggctgcg gagggggcgc ggtcagcggc gcgcgggccg     55140
     gggcggcggt cgagggtcga ggggcgggag ctggggggcg ggggggaagc actcacggcc     55200
     gtcggtgacc tccaggcgga cggccaggct ctcgtagagg tggcagtagt gatggtgcag     55260
     gttgcaggtg tacagccccg cgtccgtctc ctccaccgct gcgcacccag gaggaagccg     55320
     cgcgtgagcc ttgcggtgcc cccgaccccg cggccccgga cccctgcccc gaccccgcgg     55380
     ccccggtccc cggtccccgc accgcggatg agcagcgaga agttgccgtc gtcgaaggcc     55440
     gaggccgaga gctccaggcg gccgcggtcc cgcgcctcgt acacgcgctg ctcgcccgcc     55500
     gagtacaagt ccagcaggcg ccgcgcgggg ccacccccgg ggccgcgcag gtcccagtgg     55560
     agcacgcgct ggcggtcgtg cagccggtcc tgggtccaca ccatgcgcgg gctctggcag     55620
     cgcagcaccg cccgggcgcc cgcctcccag ctcaccgcgg actcggacac cacggagctg     55680
     ccagcagcgg cgggtaccga ggaccctggt gggggagggg agtcggtggg ggaaggggtg     55740
     ggccccctag ggccctggtt gggggagtca gtgggggagg ggcagggccc tggtggggga     55800
     gggatgtctg taagggacgg gcaggaccag agggccctgg tggtggaggg gaagtccgtg     55860
     gggtggggca gacccccgag ggcctggata ggggaggggg agtcactggg ggaggggcgg     55920
     accctgatgg tcctgatggg ggagggtgaa tcagtggggg aggggcgggc tctgaggacc     55980
     ctggtggagg aggaggagta actgggggag gggtgtgccc caaggactct ggcggggttg     56040
     ggggcatctt tgggggggtg tgggcccctg aggcccctcg tggtggggga gattccatgg     56100
     gggaggggca tgccccctag ggcccatgtg ggggaagggg aatcattggg ggagtggtgg     56160
     acccccgagg gccctggcag gggaggggga gtccatgggg gagggcaagt cagtcgggga     56220
     gacatggggc ccaaggaccc tagtggggga tggggagtcc atgggggagt ggtgggcccc     56280
     gagggccctg gtggggaagg ggactcagta ggggaggggc agaccccgaa ggccctggtt     56340
     ggggaagggg agtcagtggg ggcatctgtg ggggaggggt gggcccccga gggccctggt     56400
     gggtgtgcgg gagtctgtgg gggagggcca ggcccccaag ggccctggta ggggaagagg     56460
     agtcattggg ggagggggag ttattggcaa ggggaggtgc ccaagggtcc tgatgagcaa     56520
     gggggaatca gtgggggagg ggcagggcct gaggaccccc gggggctggg cctggcaaga     56580
     taggaggggc tgagggggag tgggggtggg cagctggggc tggggtcact aacctgagtg     56640
     caggagaaca gcagagcctg gaaggagagg agtgagctgg agaggccacc cacagcccca     56700
     cccagccccg agacccccca cttggccccc agagtccctc ctgtagtccc aaagtggatg     56760
     ctgtgacacc cacttcagtg cagggaggac gcctctcaca cagacctaca tagccctccc     56820
     tgccaccgtg ctgggctttg gatggcacct gcccttgagt ggggaagcca gggcatgggc     56880
     gtgggccagg gccaggctcc aagccagccg gttctggggt gtgtgcttgt caccggggcc     56940
     actccacctg gctgcaccca agtcacccag agcaccaagg aggctggatc tgtgggttcc     57000
     cccacgctcc ctccagggct gtgccccagc ccccgagggt ccttggaccc tcagacgctg     57060
     gggaccccac accacaccta aggctcagcg cagcccctga ggtgcttccg cagggcagag     57120
     gcctgaaggc tgaatgtggg tcgtgacccc ggctgccgcc ccacaggccc gcgttgctgc     57180
     ttgagggact ctcattgtcg taggccgcct cggcatccac tctgaatcta ggctggactt     57240
     tctctgaccg gaagcggggc tgccacccgg gacagtttcc aattcacatc ccccgtcctc     57300
     gagctgatcc acccagacgc ccgccctacg cactgtcccc tggtgaccac cccctgtgtc     57360
     cccacagacc ccacgcccca catggactgt gcagctgcac cacggagtcc ccccacagtc     57420
     agcgtggccc cacggggctc gtgccgcttg ccttaaaccc accagttaaa actcccccac     57480
     caggcatggt ggctcacgcc tgtaatccca gcactttggg aggccaaggc aggtggatca     57540
     cctgaggtca ggaattcaag accagcctgg ccaatatgaa aaaccccatc tgtactaaaa     57600
     atacaaaaaa ttagccggac ggggtggtag tgggcgccta tagtcccagc tacttgggag     57660
     gccgaggcaa gaaaatgact tgaacccggg aggtggaggt tgcagtgagc cgagatcacg     57720
     ccactgcact gcagcctcct tggcgagaga gaaactgcct ccaaaaaaat tccctgaggg     57780
     aaacctgtat gcagaacgcc ctgatcccaa taaagggttg gcctgggggt ccctgtctct     57840
     ctccactttc cctggcctcc cagcagtctg tgcaccccag ggcccgtggg tgataaaagc     57900
     tgtttctatc ctgtgtctct agatcactgg gggctgctct ccctcacata gatcctatgt     57960
     gaaaactgcc ccagagatgt ggccgagagc ctgggagctt cccagaggaa tgtgcccggt     58020
     cagcagccag cccaggcctg ggagcggggg ctggaacaga ccccacagtt ctcaggtccc     58080
     cttcaatcac tgacccactc cctaaacaga gccccagcaa gaggggctgc aggaggggcc     58140
     ccgagggaga cgccgccgtg cctgggcccc cagcccttct tggccctctg ggcttcaact     58200
     ccctaggagg ggaggctggc caaagtctaa ctgaagacgt cacagcctct ggcaagcggc     58260
     tctcccgagc gcccccagac ccgtcctctt ccctggtggg accttcccac tcctcctggc     58320
     ccaagctcag atgggcggtt ttgtccgaaa cggactcgca cagccccacg tgccaccccc     58380
     cacccgcctc ccagggcccc acactcactc tgcagaagca caagtttcca aagcaggatt     58440
     cgggatggca gcgccatggc ccccgcccag ccccaggctt tgtcccactc ggctctaagt     58500
     ctctctccag aaaaacagcc ctaccccctc cccctcctta gcacccgcgg tgacatcacg     58560
     gaggcctggg cctgtctacg gtctggggac cgccccctct ggctcctgcc gggccccttg     58620
     gcctccccca tcgttgctgg cctgctgggg aggggcagtg tgggagcaga ggcccagccc     58680
     ctcaccggtc aggcctgggg aggggtggtg accgcaccct tggagggaca agaaggtccg     58740
     aggacatggg cccctgatac cacgtgatcg tgtctcacgt ctaggagcct cccgggcctg     58800
     tggtgaaggg ttgggactgt tgggtgagtg gcccctccgc cccacctctg gcctcccccc     58860
     acgtgagcca cctcagggca gggtcctccc ctcagtctgc tccaggcccc agaaaggcct     58920
     cccagcgctg agaccgcccc cacccacggt gcacgctggt gctctccttc agaccagatg     58980
     gcccttccag ctccaaccct tggccctgca tgaccttggt acccgtctcc tctgggggcc     59040
     acggtgggct cccttgggcc aggatgatgg acgctgccag tcactagtcc cctttacaac     59100
     ctggagagtc agccagggac aggggaccct gagcactggg aggcctgggg gtgctggggt     59160
     gagcagacct ctccctgctg gccccgtccc ctggggctgc ccgcctttag ggtgcagcct     59220
     ggtgtccctg aaaccaggtg ctggattaca agcctcctgg agaaagggga gagtgggacc     59280
     cctgccatgg aaggcacaaa tttgaaactg tgggaaaact tacaaagtca cataaacaaa     59340
     tgcgaaataa cagcctgcac tgtgtagcaa acccaactcc ttctaatcaa gcaaacctca     59400
     agaaaaaaca atctgaacaa ccacaaccac tagaaaccct cagtgcatag ttccgcccgc     59460
     ccacttggag tgagctctcc ttacaggccc cgagggcccc agctgggtgg ggggctcacc     59520
     cctgaaccct gctctggtgc ccaagtcctc agacagtggg aagcccagtg cagatcagag     59580
     tggtggtctc agggcgaggg gaggggaacc tgcggctgct ccagtgagag gaacgggcag     59640
     gacacggacc ggcgtaagga cagaagaccc caccccaccc cagcccggtc agacccattt     59700
     cctcagcagg gtcctggccc gggcggcgac ctttccaaac tggcttcagg gctgaacaca     59760
     tcccgccacc cccactccct ccctgggcct ttcattctgg aaaaacaagc cccacctggc     59820
     tggcctcgag gcctctgctg gcctctcctc ctgtttttcc aactggtttg tattagtgct     59880
     ggcagctgcc cgcccgccca tgtctgtctc cgtcgcacac tctggggcct tggcctctgc     59940
     agtctctgtc tccttccgtc actctccctg ttccctctct ccccatggag ggaggacgga     60000
     cagcagtttg gtggggggac agggttggcc ctcgggtctg ggagggcccg gctctgggtg     60060
     cagggctgag aggggcgcct ggtccgcacg acagcctcag gccagggctc gcctcactct     60120
     gcagggccgt ccctctccgg gcagtggcct ccagccacac tttcggggac ccagccagcg     60180
     gagatgcagg ccagaggctg tcgtctgaga gggccctgac ctctgagagg gccacctggg     60240
     ggcagctgac ccccatgggg ccctgggcaa ggaacaaaag gctgatgagg ccatcaggcc     60300
     ccttccctga ccctccctgt ccggccctca gtgggaaaca gccacagaga agagcaggcc     60360
     tggtagtgac caggtcacct gctcctccca gggccagtga cctgtgcctc ttctgcacct     60420
     tcctgggctg ggactgtgga gcctctgctc gctggggggt ggtctgcaga gctgtgggtg     60480
     tgtgacttaa ttcccagcct ggcctggcat ttttctccct ctgggaagag gacaaaccag     60540
     gacaaagcca ctggcatcac tgtgctctgg ctaagccccc agccaaacca gcgccctgga     60600
     ccgtcctcct agccccacct ctgggggttg gggtggagca agaggggtca gctggcccca     60660
     cggcccgcac tgaggatctg atcttggctg ccattcctgg tgactcggac attccaggca     60720
     gcccgtctca ttgggaagaa aaaccacagg cactcagagc cacaagcagc acagccaagc     60780
     ccatattcac tcccatgagt gtgcacagac acatgcacac acacacaaag acacacatgg     60840
     agacacacag agatacacac gcatgcacac gaagacacat ggagacacag acacgcatgc     60900
     acatgaagac acggagacac acagagatac acggaaacac agacacatgc acacacgcga     60960
     agacacagac acatacacat gcatgcacat gaagacacgg agacacagat acatggaaac     61020
     acgaacacag acatgcgcac acacgacaca catggagaca cgcatgcatg cacatgaaga     61080
     cacacggaca cacagagaag atacacggaa acacaaacac acagacacag gtccacacac     61140
     agaaacagag acacacacag acacacatgg aaagacacac acagagacac ggacctgtgg     61200
     ccgcacagcg gatcatcgat ggctgaagag tcccacttcc tgtcgttcag aagcgtttgc     61260
     tgaccacctc ctgggtgcca ggcttgctgg gcactgggga ctcagcacta agccgggtgc     61320
     cagccatggc cctcttggac cccagcctcc tggactgtgc tgcatgtggt ggagggaatg     61380
     agacaggggt cggggggcgc ccaggctgga ggggcgagga cggacggacc caaggaagca     61440
     acctctgtga cagcaaatgc caggcgaggc ctgaggacgc ggcttccagg cgcagccagt     61500
     ggcggggctg ccaggagtgg tcttgggacg ccagggaccc tgtgtgtgtg gtaggggggc     61560
     cactgctgac accaacacag acagggttag gctcgaggac aaaccgtatt cgccgccgcc     61620
     gcacctgcca cgcacatcgg aagcgttagc acagttttcc ctgcgtgggg ctgggtctcc     61680
     tacccaggct gagtttctcc cctctaagag gaaacaccgc cagccttctt tctcctacgg     61740
     cctttggatt ctgaaaactc gctgtgggga gggacgtgag gcttcggcac caggaacccc     61800
     tgcgggctaa gacggtgttg gccaatcaca tccagtcact ctcctgggaa agtcactttt     61860
     atggagacag ccccccaagg gggtctcaag atatattgaa gttttggtta gttatgtatg     61920
     ctgactaaat ttacaagtaa acttgtttat caaaaacaaa agaaaatgtg ttaatccgtt     61980
     atagccgctt gtggcgactg ttcccggcca tgtccctggc tgactgtttt cctgctgatc     62040
     ctgaccagcg tccccggcag ccatggcctg cattcgtgtt ggtccctcct cctgcagccc     62100
     cgaggaggca gggctgtctg tggatcccag atcggttgtc ggaaggcccg gaagaggaga     62160
     gctgccctcc accaccactg tctcctcctc ctggacaaca gagtcaggac actgctgaga     62220
     tggggtgaag cataattgtt gcactgagac tcaaaactac aggcaagaag gtttgaaaat     62280
     acagaaacat ttcacaaatc atctgcctcc tctcgagtag tatctggctt gttctaaaca     62340
     tgcaaatgca gtgagacggg ctgcctggta cacacacatc gccccggaat catgacctta     62400
     ggccccaggg ccaccttctg taattttttt tttttaagcc acaaagtctc ggccaggcaa     62460
     gatggttcac gcctgtaatc ccagcacttt gggaggccaa ggtgggcaga tcacctgagg     62520
     tcaggagttc aagaccatcc tggccaacat ggtgaaaccc tgtctctact aaaaatacaa     62580
     aaaattagcc aggcgtggtg gcaggtgcct gtagtcccag ctacttggga ggctgaggca     62640
     agagaattac ttgaacccgg gaggtggagg ttgcagtgag ccgagatcgt gccgttgcat     62700
     tccagcctgg gaaacagagt gagactccat ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagggttgg     62760
     gcgcggtggc tcacatcggt aatcccagca ccttgggagg ccgaggtggg tggatcacaa     62820
     ggtcaagaga tggagaccat cctggccaac atggtgaaac cccgtctcta ctaaaaatac     62880
     aaaaaattag ccaggcgtgg tggcaggtgc ctgtagttcc agctacttgg gaggctgagg     62940
     caggagaatc acttgaacct gggggatgga ggttgcagtc agccgagatt gcaccactgc     63000
     actccagcct ggtgataggg cgagactccg tctcaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa aggagtgaaa     63060
     ccccatctct actaaaaata caaaaattat ccgggtgtgg tggtgtgcac ctgtagtccg     63120
     agctactcca agggctgagg cagaagaact gcttgaacct gggaggcaaa ggttgcagtg     63180
     agccgagatt gtgccattgc actccagcct gggcgacaga gtgagactcg gtctcaaaaa     63240
     caaaacaaaa ggacagggtc tcactgtgtc acccaggctg aagggcagtg gtgcaaacat     63300
     cttggcccac tgcagcctca aattcctggc ctcaagcgat cctcggcctc tcaaagcaat     63360
     gggattacag gcgagatcca tcagtttttt cttttttttt ttttgagaca gagttttgtt     63420
     cttttgctca ggatggagag cagtggtgca atctcagaat caccgcaacc tctgccttcc     63480
     agtttcaagc tattctcctg cctcagcctc ccgagtagct gggattacag gtgcccgcca     63540
     ccacgcctgg ctaatttttt tttttttttt tgagatggag tctcgatctg ttgcccaggc     63600
     tggagagcag tggcgcaatc tctgctcact gcaagctcca ccttctgggt tcatgccatt     63660
     ctcctgcctc agcctcccga gtagctggga ctacaggcgc ccgccaccac atctggctaa     63720
     ttttttgtat tttttttagt agagacgggg tttcgccgtg ttagccacga cggtcttgat     63780
     ctcctgacct catgatccac ccgcctcagc ctcccaaagt gctgggatta caagcgtgag     63840
     ccactgcacc cggctttttt tctctttttt tgagatgaag tctcgttctg tcgcccaggc     63900
     tggagtgcag tggcgcaatc tcgactcact gcaacctccg cctcccgggt tcaagcagtt     63960
     ctcctgcctc ggcctctgga gtagctggga ttacaggtgt gcaccaccac acccagctaa     64020
     tttttgtatt tttagtagag acagggtttc accatgttgg tcaggctggt ctcaaactcc     64080
     tgaccttgtg atccacctgc ctcagcctcc caaagtgctg ggattacagg catgagccac     64140
     cacgcccggc gaatttttgt atttttagta cagacggggt ttcaatgtgt tggccaggct     64200
     agtctcgaac tgctgacctc gtgagccacc cacctcggcc tcccaaagtt ctgggattag     64260
     aggtgtgaga caccatgcct gatcaatttt aaaatcggga acaaagaaca ctgagtgctg     64320
     ccagttacct gcggtggctc cacctgcagg gtcagactcc acctctggga ctctgcatcc     64380
     gcctcccttc ccggctgggc acgtcttagg gcagctgtca caccagcctc aggcgagggc     64440
     caggccacgg ctgccacatg gaatgcacat cctggatcct ccgtggtggc ttctccctcc     64500
     tcaccaaggg aggtcggctg ttacatgtaa catttctacc ttggttataa ttacaaattt     64560
     gatgtacgca attatgatag aaaaatcggc tgggtgcggt ggctcactcc tataatccca     64620
     gcactttggg aggtggaggc aggaggttta agcccaggat tatggagacc aggcgggaca     64680
     atatagcaag acccagtcaa aaataaaaaa ataaggccag gctcacccct ataatcccag     64740
     cattttggga ggccaaggca ggcaaatcac ctgaggtcag gagttcgaga ccagtctggc     64800
     caacatggtg aaacccccat ctctactaaa aatacaaaaa ttagctgggg atggtggcat     64860
     atgcctgtaa tcccacctat tcaagagact gaggcaggat aatctcttga acctaggagg     64920
     cagaggttgc agtgagccaa gatcacacca ctgcactcta gcctgggtga cagagtgaga     64980
     ctctatatta aaaaaaaaaa agccaggcgt ggtggctcac ccctgtaatc ccagcacttt     65040
     gggacactga gtgggggcgg attacctgag gtcgagagtt caagaccagc ctggccaaca     65100
     tggagaaatc ccatctaaaa atacaaaaat tagccgggta tggtggtgca cgcctgtaat     65160
     cccagctact cgggaggctg aggcaggaga atcgcttgaa cctgggagat ggaggttgag     65220
     gtgagccaag attgcagcat tgcactccag cctggggaac aagagtgaaa ctctgtctca     65280
     aaaacaaaat aaaaaacaaa aataaggctg ggcatggtgg ctcatgcctg taatcctacc     65340
     actttgggag gctgaggtgg gcagatgacc tgaggtcggg agttcaagac cagcctgacc     65400
     aacatggaga aaccccagct ctactaaaaa tacaaaatta gccgggcatg gtggtgggca     65460
     cctgaactcc cagctactct ggaggctgag gcaggagaat cacttgaacc cagggggcgg     65520
     aggttgcgat gagctgagat cgtgccattg tattcagcct gggcaacaag agcaaaactc     65580
     cctctcaaaa ataaataaat aaataaaaat aaaaataaaa aaattagctg ggcatgatgg     65640
     tgcacgcctg aagtcccagc tactctggag gctgaggcag gagaatcgcc tgaacccagg     65700
     aggcagaggt tgcagtgagc tgagattgca ccattgcact ccagcctggg tgacaaagca     65760
     agactttgtc tcaaaaaaaa taaataaaaa taaaaattag gccaggtgta gtggtgcaca     65820
     cttgtgatcc cagctaggaa aggctgtgac aggatggcct gagcctggga ggggaggacg     65880
     agtatgagcg tgagaatgat tgtgaaagga tgactataaa ttgagtgtga attagtgaat     65940
     tggtgagtgt gaagtagtgc agatgggtgt gaattcgtga gactgtgtgt gaatgagtgt     66000
     ggatgggtgt gaactggtga ttgtgcattt gtgaattggt gtgaattgtg tggtgtggat     66060
     gagtgtaaac gggtgtgtaa attagtgaat tggtgagtgt gaagtggtgt ggatgagtgg     66120
     atggatgtga atgggtgaga gaatgaatga gtggatgagt gtgaactgat gagtgtgaat     66180
     gggcgagtgt gaatgtgtga atgggcgagt gtgaatgtaa atgagtgtga atggattggt     66240
     gtgcgtgaat gagtgtgaac gaatgtggat tggtgtgtgt aaatgggtgt gtgaatgtgt     66300
     gaatgggtgt gaatgagtgg attggtgtga atgggtgaat gactggattg gtgactgtga     66360
     atgtgaataa atgtgaatga gtgtgattga atgagtgtga attagggtga atgggcgagt     66420
     gtgaatgtgt gaatgagtgg attagtgtgg atgggtgtga aagggtgagt gagtgaattg     66480
     attagtgagg attggtgagt gtgaatgtgg gtgagtgtgg atgggtgtga aggaatatga     66540
     attagtgtga gaacgagtgt gaaatgagtg taaatgagtg ggaattagtg aattggtgtg     66600
     aagtgtggat gagtgtggat gggtgttaat tggtgagtgt gaatgtgtgg atgggtgaat     66660
     taaattggtg agtgtaaatt ggtgtgtgta gtgtgaataa gcgtgtggat gagagtaaac     66720
     aggtgactga gtgaattggt gtgaagtagt gtggatgagt gttaattggt gactgtgtta     66780
     aagcgtgggt gtgaattggt gtctgaatgg attggtgagt gtgaattggt gagttggtgt     66840
     gaattggtga gtgtgaattg gtgagtgaat tggtgagttg gtgtgaattg aattgtgtga     66900
     atgagtggat tggtgagtga attggtgagt tgaattggtg tgtgtagtgg atgagtgtgg     66960
     atgaatgtga attggcgagt atggatgtgt gaattggtga gtgtgaatgt gtggattggt     67020
     gagtgaattg gtgagttgaa ttggtgtgtg tagtgtggat gagtgtgaat tggcgagtgt     67080
     ggatgagtgt gaattggtga gtgtgtgaat gtggattggt gagtgaactg gtgagttgaa     67140
     ttggtgtgtg tagtgtggat gagtgtggat gtgtggatga gtgtgaattg gtgactgttg     67200
     agtgtggatg tgtgaattgg tgagagtgaa tgtgtgaatt ggtgagtgtg aatgtgtgga     67260
     ttggtgtgtg tagtgcgaat gagtggatga gtgaattggt gactgtgtgg atgagtgtga     67320
     attggttgtg gatgtgtgaa ttgagtgaat tggtgagttg aattgtgtgt agtgtgaatg     67380
     agtggatgag tgtgaattgg tgactgttag agcgtggatg agtgtgactt ggtgtatgaa     67440
     tgagtgtgga ttggcgagtg tgaatgagtg tggattggtg agtgaattgg tgagttgaac     67500
     tggtgtgtgt agtgtggatg agtgtgaatt ggtgaatgtc gataggtgtg aattgttgag     67560
     tgagtgtatg aatgagtgtg gatgggtgtg gattggcacg tatgaattgg tgaatgtgaa     67620
     ctggtgagtg tgaattagtg taaattcagt tcagtggatc aggagcaact tattttttat     67680
     ttattttttg agacggggtc tcactctgtc ccccaggctg gagtgcagtg gcaccatctc     67740
     ggctcactgc aagctccgcc tcctgggttc acaccattct cctgcctcag cctcccgagt     67800
     agctgggact acaggcgcct gcgaccacgc ctggctaatt ttttgtattt ttggtagaga     67860
     tggggtttca ccgtgttagg caggatggtc tcgatctcct gacctcatga tccgcccacc     67920
     tctgtgcccc aaagtactag gattaccggc gtgagccacc acgcccggtc tttttcattt     67980
     ttatttttga gacagtctca ctctgttgcc caggctggag tgcagtggtg cgatcttggc     68040
     tcactgcagg tcaacctccc aggctcaagt gatcctccta cctcagcctt ctgagtagct     68100
     gggaccatag gtgggcacaa ccacacctgg cttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt     68160
     ttttgtagag atggggtctt gctccattgc ctaggctggc tttgacctac caggctcaag     68220
     taatgcacct gtttcagcct cctgaagtgc gggattacag gcaggaaggt gcagcaagac     68280
     tagaataggc aatatctcag tttattgtac ttatgagaga tactattctg tacaactttc     68340
     aatggtgggt gtgttcatca gatagcggtg taaaaagata tttcttattt tgtatcttga     68400
     tcaaaaaagt ctgaaagtag gctgggtgtg gtatctcaca cctataatcc caacactttg     68460
     ggaggccaag gcaggaggat catttgaggc caggagtttg agaccaggct gggcaactta     68520
     gtgagactcc atctctgctg gaaaaaaaca ttagctgggc ctggtggtgt atgcctgtag     68580
     ccccagctac ttgggaggct ggcttgagcc caggagttac aggctgcagt gagctataat     68640
     ggcaccactg cactgcagcc tgggcgacag agggagaccc tgcctcttaa aaaataaaaa     68700
     taggtctggc tgggcgtggt ggctcacgcc tgtaatccca gcactttggg aggccgaggc     68760
     gggcagatca cctgaggtca ggcatttgag accagcctgg ccaacatggt gaaaccctgt     68820
     ctctaataaa aacacaaaaa ttagccgggc gtggtggtgc atgcctgtag tcccagctag     68880
     cagggaggct gaggcaggag aattgcttga acctgggagg tggaggttgc agtgagctga     68940
     aatcgcgcca ccgcactcca gtctcgggac agagtgagat actgtctcaa aaaaaaaaaa     69000
     aaaaaggtct gaaagtcacc aactttaaaa catggtacta ccgcaagaat catttaaaag     69060
     gactaaaatt gcctctggga aaggtggtgt ggggatgggg gaagagatac tgttttcctt     69120
     tatttttgag atggagtctc actctatccc tcaggctgga ctgcagtggt gcgatctcgg     69180
     ctcactgcaa gcaccacctc ccgggttcac gccattctca tgcctcagcc tcccgagtag     69240
     ctgggactac agccgcccat cacacctggc tagttttttg tatttttagt agagatgggg     69300
     tttcaccatg ttgtccagga tggtctcgat ctcctgacct caggtgatcc acccacctcg     69360
     gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat tacaggcgtg agccaccgca cccagccaac tgtttttctt     69420
     aaaggaatct tttttctttt tggagacagg gtctcgctct gtcacccagg ctggagggca     69480
     ctagcacaac ggcagctcac cgcagcctcg aactcctggg ttcatgcatc ctgtcacctc     69540
     ggcctctgga gtagctggga ctacaggtac acaccaccat gcccagctga ttttttattt     69600
     tgtaaagaca gggtttcact atgttgccca ggctgctctt ggagtcctgg cttcatgcga     69660
     tgctcccagc tcccaaagtg ctgggatgac aggcgtgagc cactgcgcct gctggtgact     69720
     tcttaaacaa ttaaactagc cacgtacaag cataactttt tttttttttg agacgaagtc     69780
     ttgctctgtc gcccaggctg gagtgcagtg gcatgatctc agctcactgc aagctccacc     69840
     tccaggttca cgccattctc ctgcctcagc ctcccgagta gctgggacta caggcgcctg     69900
     cgaccatgcc tggctaattt tttgtatttt tagtagagac ggggtttcac catgttagcc     69960
     aggatggtct cgatgtcctg acctcgtgat ccgcccgcct ccgcctccca aagttctggg     70020
     attacaggcg acagccaccg cgcctggccc acaagcataa cttttataaa aataatttac     70080
     ttttacaatt aagcttagga atcacacaga ctcagggctg gctcatggct tcccggcaag     70140
     ttaaactctg tacttaggct cggcgcgtat gaaatggcta attctaatca gtggtgcaat     70200
     gaagtaactc ctctaaagaa cttatcgggc cgggcgcagc ggctcacgcc tgtaatccca     70260
     gcactgtggg agaccgaggc gggcagatca cgaggtcagg agttcgagac cagcctaacc     70320
     aacatggtga aactccatct ctactaaaaa tacaaacatt agctgggcac agtggcacac     70380
     acttgtagtc caagctgctc aggaggctga ggcaggagaa tcgcttgagc ctgggaggtg     70440
     gagactgcag tgagccgaga ttgcaccact gcacttcagc ctggcgacag agaaagactc     70500
     catctcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagtagta acctaagaat gagagaaaca tggcattcag     70560
     aaacaggacc cagactcctc cagcctgaaa taggaatgtt ctttcccccc tcccagtgcc     70620
     cttcccggga ggctcggggg gtccagccca gggaagccag ctttcctccc agactccact     70680
     ccacgccgag ggtctctgtt gccaccgcca acctgcgtgc ttctcagacg gcgtgttcag     70740
     tgagtgctca gctcggctcc ctggaggttc tgggcttggc acacacgtgt gctgcctccc     70800
     tgccccccaa cacacacaca tctgaagcag gcagggccct gggtgggcac cgggggtggg     70860
     agctgagggc cttgcccatg gtccatgaaa gctctgaagc catagctctg cggctggtca     70920
     ggccccaggc cccaggctcg gcccccgcgg aaggcgcaga agacaccagc ttgccaggga     70980
     cgcagcagcc agaggaagag gcgtggggct gagttcacca acgtgcccca ttatggaggc     71040
     cactgatgaa tgccaccact gggcgtgagg ttggggcacc atccccactg accaggacca     71100
     tccccagcag agccaagtcc tggttggaac tggagctctg aacaccacca ggacacgctg     71160
     tggtgagggg caggtcgctg gcagctccac aggcccccag cccagcccac cccacctctg     71220
     gcccctcacc caggtgatgc ccagggccag aacaggggag aggcaacaga gagagggggg     71280
     tgcatgtctc acaggcaggg gcagggtgga ggccccacag agaagagggg agggacggcc     71340
     tcttgtggcc tgggagcaac cgcagagata aaaataaaac cccaaaattg cttcccaagg     71400
     ttgtggttgg gcaacaaagg cttccaagcc aaggcagggt gagctctgca ggctgggcag     71460
     gatgtgggtc tgcaggaggg gcctgggttg cgggagctgg agtggacagc tgaggcaccg     71520
     cctcgccggg atggtgacgt ctggagcagg ggtacccacc gctgctgacg tgagctgatg     71580
     ggttcgtcgt ggggatgtcc tcatggtgca gggtgtgtgg cagcatccct ggcctccacc     71640
     cacccatgcc agtagcacct cccactgaca accacagatg tctccagatg cggctcaaag     71700
     ccatggttga cctgcctccc aggagcaccc caagccggcc cccacgcagg ggtggaggag     71760
     gccggggcca aggggggtcc cagggctgtg cctgagctgg gtagggctgc tccccaccac     71820
     gggctgccca gctgagctct gcaggctagg actctggaca ggtccactca gcttcccaca     71880
     tctcctccct catacaggga agggggaggt gagcccggga tggaaggaaa cgcggggggg     71940
     cagcagcact acagagggtg ccagtggtgg ccaagagcac cgggaggctg gggcagggcc     72000
     aggcttggca ctgagcgggc tccacttcac ctgggagagt ttcggccctg ggagccctgc     72060
     cccactcaca gctgggaaaa cagacccagg aatgatgcct gtgaccccag ctggggcccc     72120
     acaagacgct tcctgccacc tgtcctggtc cccagccctg gacccaggag cccggctgct     72180
     gcccccctgt ggtggtctgg ggaagcgcac ttccacccgc tacagcctcc agacccctcc     72240
     gtgcactcag ggacccacag ccaaggccta ctgacctcgc tggctggcac gtccagggcc     72300
     caactcccag gacaatgtgt gacccacaag ttcgtcctgt tctagagaaa ctgctgggaa     72360
     tagcgctcaa gtcctcccca aggtctgatg ggcaaggaac tcaagcttga gtctcagaca     72420
     catttctgtg acaaaagaca agaggccccc acgtctctgg tgagaggcag cccagccttc     72480
     agccttcaca cacggtgggg gagaggctgc ggctccagag cctccactca accgcctggg     72540
     gcggacgcaa aggcccctct cctgtcgctg agctgttggg ggcagcagct tcccagtgcc     72600
     cacccatgcc ctgctaccca agtccaaggg cccctgcaca tccctgctct taggaatacc     72660
     atgttccagc caggcgcagg ggctcacgcc tgtaatccca gcactttggg aggctgaggc     72720
     gggcagatca cttgaggtca ggaaatcgag accatcctgg ccaacatggt gaaaccctgt     72780
     ctctaacaaa aatacaaaaa ttagccgggc ttggtggcgg gcacctgtaa tcccagctat     72840
     tcaggaggct gaggcaggag agtcactgga acctgggagg gagaggctgc agtgagctga     72900
     gatcgcacca ctgcactcca gcctgggtga tggaatgaga ctcttcctca aaaaaaaagg     72960
     gggggggaat aatgcgttcc tcctcttcac ccagaggaac gtggagacac caggggcctc     73020
     tggctcaacc taagcctcag ggattcttcg gccctgtaaa cgagaccctt tcctcagcca     73080
     ccccccagcc ccgaacccct tctgggacaa ctcttcctgc ttagtcccca cgtccactca     73140
     gggccccagg agatggcaga catgcctggg aaggccaaca ccctggccct gtagccggaa     73200
     agcttggagg gccactggag gatcacgtcc acggagcctg gcgggcacca tccaccactg     73260
     ccagtggtac cagaaccttt cctgccttcc caatgaggcc ctccccgacc ctccactcat     73320
     gaaatacacc tgaatcaccc cgtgcattcc gggtgctccc taaaccccag tcctgtcccc     73380
     ctgtacttct gccatccggg tcggcctccc cagggaatgt ggtgctcagg gaggggctgt     73440
     gggatctgtt cacagtgatc ccacagcacc tagcctgaac tgcacacagc acacatttgc     73500
     tcacagcgag gctggggctc ctacaggccc agcaccctct ggacggcggc caagagccag     73560
     ctagagagag ggacggccaa tctgccaccc tgctgcccgg gtcttctgca acacctggga     73620
     ctggcagcag cctcaatcct gagagacctc acacccggca aatggagctc cagacccgca     73680
     ggaaaggctg agtcctctga gaatttatta ctacggatca cagcagcaac gggcgggaag     73740
     ggcggcgcca gactcatttg ccccgcaggt agatcttggg ggtctgccag ccttcggggg     73800
     cttcctttag ccccgccttc agccagatgc gcctcaggtc tttctcgaac ttgatctgca     73860
     agacgcagag agagggaccg ccaagtaatt cgtggcaaag aaacgtgttc tcagcacttt     73920
     gccctcccag ggccaagcag ggggccactc acctgcttgc gtctcaggcg tccctcctgg     73980
     accttcctcc gcaggaaccg cgtcttcttc accagcttcc ggtacttgtg gtggttcatc     74040
     ttccgccggc ggatcttcag cacgtttttg cactgaattt gaggcgcatc cgcgacgcct     74100
     tcatccccct gctcggcccc ttcccctatc tggctgggcg gacactggta ggattgcggt     74160
     ggagccacag tccctgcggt cccggtatcc agtctgggca ggaagcagcg ggccgtgagc     74220
     cagctctcca gggggctgac ggacatcttc ctggggacca gcatctcctc cagctccagc     74280
     tgggccccct tgcgagggag agaggccgcc ctacctgggc cggccggcga tgtgctgtaa     74340
     aggggcccgc agacccggct gcccagcact ccagagacgg gccaaggcgg gcggccgcct     74400
     gcagaaaacc agacgccacg gtcaccgctc gcgagaccac acaggcccgt cgggttgagg     74460
     agcagcaggt tcgtcccagc gaggatcccc cgcacctcat tcctggcctg aacccctgag     74520
     gttccctctg tgagcatcgg aagcttagag gggaaagagt gtgtgtgtgg ccaccggccc     74580
     tgccccagcg gagctgctga gacccgcact cctaaccagg tgtgcatcct cccatccgcc     74640
     cccgcgcggc ttcctacctg cccaaggaac ggccctcaac agctgggaag tcaggcgccc     74700
     caggagcatg gtctgtgggc ggcggccaca ggtcccaggg gagctggaac acaagtgccc     74760
     gttcaggtca ggcggcagcg ccttcagtag tcgcgggcgg gccgggactg gggcgtctgg     74820
     tcccgccgcg accctcgctt cccttctccc tccgccaccc caacccacaa ggaggacttt     74880
     gcttccaaca cagctcgcgc cccgaggctc ccaagccccc gacgcgggcg gtgtcgcgct     74940
     cggacgcacc gaaaggtccc agaacgggga ggccggcccc ctccccgggt tcacccccgc     75000
     gcgaatcgcg ttgcctggcg cccggaccct ctcggctgga ccccgggccc gcctgccgca     75060
     gcgcccggcg ccctcaggcc tcccgctgac ccttcccaag cccgacctcg acgcggctca     75120
     aattgaccgt tctgcggccg ccctcgggca cttccggtcc gtccccaagt cggccccgat     75180
     cggcagcggc cacccggcgg ttcctacgca cagcgcccgc tggcgtcctc gcggcccccg     75240
     attctgcatt ggctcaggcc ccgccgggcc cgaaaggcga cggtttccgg ttagtggaat     75300
     cacggtccca gtcctcgcgc ggttcctcag ctccgcctgg tcccttacgg aggcaaaaaa     75360
     ctacatttcc cacaatccca gggggtgcgg gccctggata tacccgcagg tccagaatcg     75420
     tttccggacc acccaggggc cggattccca acgggccgac ggaagtgcgg gctcaagact     75480
     acggaagtga cgtatctggc aacggaagtg gagttacgtg gaaggcggaa gcgtctagag     75540
     ctatttcccc cgtttttgct agagaccaag gacccggaat aagcactgag cctgcggtac     75600
     cgggcctccc cgactcctca ttcctggggt taaaaaaaaa aaaataagac gcaggctggg     75660
     cgcggtggct caggcctgta atcccagcac tttgggaggc cgaggctggt ggatcacctg     75720
     aggtcaggag ttcgagacca gcatggccaa catggtgaaa ccccgtctct actaaaacta     75780
     caaaaattag cctagcgtgg tggcaggcgc ctgtaatccc agctactcgg gaggctgagg     75840
     caagagaatc gcttgcgccc aggaggcaga ggttgcggtg agccgagatc gcaccactgc     75900
     actccagtct gggtgacata gatcctgtct caaaaaaata aataaataaa taaaataaaa     75960
     atcagactca cactttttgt ctgagaacta aaagcagcct ctctggtgga ttgggtttgg     76020
     ctgagcccct aatgatgctc cccagagtag gcgctgccaa cgtgtagctt cacctttcta     76080
     ctccagacag gcccctttga cctccgtgag gttggctaat atagagaccc cagcatggac     76140
     ttgcaggggc gcctggtggg agaggggtgt ggagcagagc ctgctgggcc tgctcggaga     76200
     cttgccttgc aggagggtct tccagggacg cttagcagga agtggaaagg ccaggtcatc     76260
     tgccgggccc agcctggcta agcagtgagt gacaggtagg ataggccagt gtgaggacat     76320
     aaagttcagg ctccaggccc acctctacaa ctgaggtccc cagatgactc tacgttaccc     76380
     ctcagagggg ctacttggga ctccaagcag gaaggtttac gaacgttatt tgcgggcccg     76440
     cccttcaccc ctgctgcaca gcttccccta gtggatttgg ccgtaaatga gcagactggt     76500
     gcctccagag cagccctcac cttggtgccc ctgtgtttgt cttcacccgg ctggggtcca     76560
     gggagatgca aagaatccat cagagaacag gtgagcatgt tgagaagaac cagagaacca     76620
     gaaataacct gggctggcaa ccttggcctt caggcttctg aggcattgac gtgcagatat     76680
     aagtacctcc cctgagttag ggactggtag aagaaacggg atgtggacat ttcagtctga     76740
     gaaagtcttg aggagcagga tgaaccaggg tgtccttccc cctctcagga agtaatttca     76800
     gggaggtgaa gtgaggaaga ccactctgtt ggggtccctg tacccaatag gctccaggcc     76860
     aaaagggaaa ggtcccagct agagcaggac ccagctgcta caaggctggg gaattatcat     76920
     tcagctacag gagctgcatg gagccggccc gggaggcttg cagacagtgg ccaccccgat     76980
     gaatgcccgg gccagacctg actggctgcc gcccacagga gtggcaggaa cacttgttgg     77040
     aagcgccaga tgcttgtgtg agcagagctg ccaagctaga tgagctggaa ctagactagg     77100
     aagatcaatc ctttacaaac atctgaggaa gaaaaaatgc agtggaagaa tcggggaggg     77160
     tgcatgggtt atgattccta atttttaaac aaaggaactc tagtctctca agggaagtac     77220
     acagttgctg cacatacctg ttttccccaa aatacccatt tgtcttcagg aaagtttttc     77280
     tttagaaact tcagaatttt ggtcgggcag agtggttcac acctgcctgt aatcccagca     77340
     ctctgagagg tcgaggcggg catactgtct gaagtcagga gttcgagacc agcctggcca     77400
     acatggcgaa accccatctc taccaaaaat accaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaat tagttgggtg     77460
     tggtggtgca cacctgtagt cccagctact ccggaagctg aggcaggaga atcttttgaa     77520
     cctgtgaggt ggaggttgca gtgagccgag atcgtgccaa tgcactccag cctgagtgat     77580
     agagcgagac tctgactcaa aaaaaaggtg ggcatggtgg cacagacctg tagtcccagc     77640
     tcctcaggac tgggtcgagg gcagagtggc cagacgcgac agcgtatact gggggaaaga     77700
     catattggcg acccagcgca catctgccta taatacttaa ataatcttaa gatcgtggat     77760
     aatagtgatc ttattaaaat atgaaactat gggttttcag tatttccttt tattagcata     77820
     atttaaccat aaatgtatct gatttataaa taatggctgt gtagcagttg gtgtacaaaa     77880
     ctcctgaaag cttaacagct agcggtcccg ctgcaccctg gcccacactg gctcccacaa     77940
     gctactgcca ggctctgaca aggcatcagg gccctgcctg tctgcagctt ttgccccaag     78000
     actttggggc tcctcagctc agggcagagc ctgagctcca gcctgggtcc accctcggcc     78060
     acgccgcctt taatgctcct ccaacctccg ggccacagat acaacattcc taaaaattct     78120
     gaagtttcta tttctttttt tttttttaaa cagacagagt cgtcttgctc tgtcacccag     78180
     cctggagtgc cgtgatctcg gctcactgta acttctgcaa cttctgcctc ccgggttcta     78240
     gcaattctcc ttcctcagcc tccagagtag ctaggaatac aggcgcacgc cgccacaccc     78300
     ggctaatttt ttgtatttta gtagagacgg tttcactgtg ttgcccaggc tggtctcgag     78360
     ctcttgagtt caggcaatcc acctgcctcg gcctttccaa gtgctaggat tacaggcatg     78420
     agccaccacg cccgacattt tttttttttt tttttttttg agagggagtc tcgctctgtc     78480
     acccaggctg gagtgcaatg gcgcgatctc agctcactgc aacctccact tcccagtctc     78540
     aagcgattct cctgcctctg gagaatgatc ttaagatgac tgaacatcat aggcaggtgt     78600
     gtgctgggtc gccgagatgt cgctccccaa gtatatactc cgtcgcacct ggcctctgcc     78660
     ctcggccctc agcgcagcca aacaggacat atctccagaa acccggaggg cacaagccca     78720
     gctgttggcc attcagagcg cagcctaaat gggagcacct gcttcagtac gacgtcccta     78780
     accgccaagg gctcatcaag atcctgcctt gattcatcgg atctgtgcaa gattagcaaa     78840
     tgtctaccct aattttagac ccactcctaa aaactcactc ttgggagcta tgtttggaat     78900
     ggggaccctc ttcctctggt attatgtttt caaaaaactt atccaagaag gaaaattgga     78960
     tcaaacgttt aacatctcat attaaatctg gcaatgacaa ctgcatgtat tcttgcttaa     79020
     ataaacggtc tatcaatttt ttttttgttg ttgttgttgt tttttaagga ttgtgggccg     79080
     ggtacagtga ctcacgcctg taatcccggc actttgggag gccaaggcag gcagatcact     79140
     tgaggtcagt tcgagaccag cctggccaac atggcgaaac cccgtctcta cgcaaaatac     79200
     aaaaattagc cgggcgtggt ggcgcatgcc tgtaatccca gctgctcagg aggctgagac     79260
     aggaggatca cttaaacaca ggaggcagag tgagccaagg ccatgccacg gtgagtgatg     79320
     aaggaaaagc tgtataatgg ctactgcatg gaatgaagtt gttggtactt gaaattggcc     79380
     atatccagcc tgggcaacat ggcgagaccg tctcttcaaa aaacacaaaa attagccggg     79440
     cgtggtgact cacacctgta gtcccagcta ctcaggagac tgaggtggga ggatcacttg     79500
     agcccaggag ttgaagacca gcctgcaaca tagtgaggcc ccatctctac aaaaaattaa     79560
     gaaggccggg cgcggtggct cacgcctata atcccagtac tttgggaggc agaggcgggt     79620
     agatcacgag gtcaggagat cgagaccatc ctgactaaca cggtgaaacc ccgtctctac     79680
     taaaaataca caaaaaaatt agccgggcgt ggtggcgggc gcctgtagtc ccagctactc     79740
     gggaggctga ggcaggagaa tggcgtgaac ccaggagacg gagcttgcag tgagccgaga     79800
     ttgtgccact gcactccagc ctgggcgaca gagcgagact ccgtctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa     79860
     gaaaaaaatt ttaaaaacaa attagccagg catggaggcg tgagcttgtg gtctcggcta     79920
     cttgggaggc tgaggtgaga ggatcgcttg agcacatgag atcacaccac tgcactccag     79980
     cctgggtgac agagacaaca aaatataatt ggctgggctg ggtggagtgg ctcacgcctg     80040
     taatcccagc actctgggag gccaaggcgg gcagatcacc tgagatcagg agttcgagac     80100
     cagcctggcc aacatggtga aaccccacct ctaataaaaa tacaaaaatt agccgggcgc     80160
     ctgtaatcgc agctacttgg gaggctgagg caggagaact gcttgaactt gggaggtgga     80220
     ggttgcagtg agccaaaatc gcaccactgc agtccagcct gggcaacaga gcgagactct     80280
     gtctcagata aattggccat caaggaagta tttacacccc aaaagttgaa atacgaaggc     80340
     ctaccctttt ttcagaggtg ctaattaaaa tgctcaccag tgctccaggc acagggcttc     80400
     ccaggagaca ggcaccctca cataaggcta agggaacagg agcagtgcat ctggctctag     80460
     atgcccgggc acgggcacca ctgtgagctg tcccaggtgg tagggcctgc accccctgct     80520
     gatggcaaaa tggcctctct gccaggtgtg tcctctcagg gtcagggtgc cctgggctgt     80580
     gacactccag tcaggctacc accagcgaag ccagcccagc agctccatga cacagcagct     80640
     gctctgtgtg ggtgccctgc cctgcgagga acttggggtg caccccatgc agggccccag     80700
     ccctgcctgt gcccagtccc cctgttcatg cagctgcctg tggagccgtg aaggtgccgg     80760
     caggatggaa gcagccccca ggggctgggc ctgaggaggt ggagcggggc gtacgcggga     80820
     tgacagtggc acgtgctcct ccttcctttg gtccccgcag agggcaaatc tcaaggaggc     80880
     ggggacggtg gcctcgtgga tgctgggcag caccccactg cctgcctccc ctgggaagac     80940
     gagatatggg gcaagacctg cagtcgcccc aagtgccagg gcgaccttgg gggctgccag     81000
     ggagataccc acccaccgca ccagacgcct ccccatgtgg attcctcctg caggtactcc     81060
     tggggctgga gtcacccctg ggcctggcct tgctgcaggc aggggagagc catggcttct     81120
     gtggcacggg ggagcccctg gtctggtggg caaggacccc taccctcagg tcaatgctct     81180
     tggatcgagg ccgggacctg agccacttcg gagcagaggc cgaacccacc cccaccttgt     81240
     ggctggcgac cctcactttc cggatgctga accaggctcc agttgccaga gctccagggc     81300
     acccatgcca ggagctggcg ccatgcccct tgctgtgtcc ctaggcagaa atgagcctgt     81360
     ggggccctgc agctagcgtg gaccctcaaa ggacctgggg cagaccctca ctttggcccc     81420
     ccatctggtt ttctgcagaa tgggctctgg aaagcctcag gcagtagagg cgccctgtgt     81480
     ggaagctgga cactgccaga gtggtgggac tggaggctct ggggacaatg ggccctgtct     81540
     gtgtcctctg gggcgtgtcc cacacacatt tctccacctt ggcacagctg acgcctggga     81600
     actgttctgg gcactcagcg tgctaagcag tgtcctgagc tctcagaccc ccgccacgtt     81660
     ccccctagcc tgagccccct gagctcccat cagtttcctc cagatggtgg cccagaagct     81720
     gagacacagg cagcatggag tcccagggat gggctaccct gatgcctgca cttcctctct     81780
     tggcagcctt gcagggccag tcatctcgtg gatgggcagg aatgaccctt cacacagggc     81840
     agggcaggtc agtgctttgg acgtctctgc agcggtgact gcaagtagat gcccaccatg     81900
     ctggggctcc tggggaacca ctggaggcag ccaccacgtg ccctctccta agccagccag     81960
     tctccagctg gggaccacca ggataccctg gtcccatcgg cacactgcag cagggagatg     82020
     agagacctgc aggacagtct tcctggtcca gacagaatga agcaaagaaa ccagaaggaa     82080
     ggggcagatg gccaggaagg tgatccctgg gggacctcat tgcgcactgg tgtaagccgt     82140
     ccccccgtgc cttgacagtt tagagagtcc acggcaacga ccgagaggtc accacccctt     82200
     cccacaatcc actaacaatc cagaggccac caccccttcc caacaatcca gtaacaatcc     82260
     agaggtcacc acccttccca acaatccact aacaatccag aggccaccac cccttcccaa     82320
     caatccacta acaatccaga ggtcaccacc ccttcccaac aatccagtaa caatccagag     82380
     gtcaccaccc ttcccaacaa tccagtaaca atccagaggc caccacccct tcccaacaat     82440
     ccactaacaa tccagaggtc accacccttc ccaacaatcc actaacaatc cagaggtcac     82500
     cacccttccc aacaatccag taacaatcca gaggtcacca cccttcccaa caatccagta     82560
     acaatccaga ggtcaccacc ctttccaaca atccactaac aatccagagg tcaccacccc     82620
     ttcccaacaa tccagtaaca atccagaggt caccacccct tcccaacaat ccagtaacaa     82680
     tccagaggtc accacccctt cccaacaatc cagtaacaat ccagaggtca ccaccccttt     82740
     ccaaacaatc tggtaacaat ccagaggtca ccacactttt ccaacaatcc agtaacaatc     82800
     cagacgttac cacccctttc aaaacaatcc agtaacaatc cagacgttac cacctctttc     82860
     gcagaaagtc ctgtaactca ccccttaatt taatgtaagt aaatgtgcat ataaatacag     82920
     ttgtcaacag ccctcaagtg cagctctggg ccccctgtct aggcattatc cttgccccat     82980
     gagaaccagc tccagttcaa taaaaggaat gctgagggcc aggtgcagtt gctcacgcct     83040
     gtaatcccag cacaggccaa agtgggcgga tcacctgagg tcaggaattc aagatcagcc     83100
     tggccaacat ggtgaaaccc catctctact aaaaatacca aaattagcca ggcatggtgg     83160
     cagacgcctg taatcccagc tactcgggag gctgaggcag gagaatctct tgaacccagg     83220
     aggaggaagt tgcaatcagc tgagattgca gcactgcact ccagcccagg cgacagagca     83280
     agactgttgg attgctgtgg gccaggtgca gtagtggaca cccacaatgt ccaccagcaa     83340
     gagggagggt gaggagggag gactgtttga gcctgggaga cagaggttgc agtgaactgt     83400
     gattgtgcca ctgcactcca gcctgtgtaa caaagtgaga ctccatctcc gattaaaaaa     83460
     aagaaaaaaa aaaagattgc tgtctactac cacctgcatt cttccctggg tgaagacaag     83520
     aaccctcatg ggctaagccc taatttgggg gcttgctggc cacggatcat ctggtggtca     83580
     tgaaaggaca aagatagcaa ggaggccggg cgcagtggct gacgcctgta atcccagcac     83640
     tttgggaggc tgaggcggga ggatcgcgag gtcaggagat ggagaccatc ctggctaaca     83700
     cagcgaaacc ctgtctctac tgaaaataca aaaaattagc tgggtgtggt agcaggtgcc     83760
     tgtagtccca gctactcggg agtgccattg cactccagcc tggatgataa gagtgagact     83820
     gtctcagaaa taaagtaaaa tggctgacaa aaataaattg gggttagagg agaatcaacc     83880
     aagagaaggg gagaaggatg tggttctgtc cagggtggcc aagcaatggg gtatccaaat     83940
     ccactgcttg gctgccgtga gggaacaggc ccttggactt gggacctggc cggagcacag     84000
     atctcacagg aggtggcggt gctgtggccg tcgcccactg ctcggctcca ccacaggcca     84060
     gaaaagagga tggttctgaa aagagcctct ggttcgtgtg gcagcgttga tcgcccaccg     84120
     cggcacgtct tgctgtctca tgttgcctcc actgccagtc gcctccattc tcccatctcc     84180
     ctgcctcttg ctcactccct tgtttttttt tttttttttt tttgagacgg agtctcgctc     84240
     cgttgcccag gctggagtgc agtggcgcaa tctcgtctca ctgcaagctc tgccttctgg     84300
     gttcaagcga ttctcctgcc tcagcctcct gagttgctga gactacaggc atgtgccacc     84360
     acacccggct aatttttgta ttttaagtag agacggggtt tcaccgcatt ggccaggatg     84420
     gtctcgatct cctgacctca tgatc                                           84445

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