(data stored in ACNUC27125 zone)

EMBL: AL391137

ID   AL391137; SV 11; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 178169 BP.
AC   AL391137;
DT   07-AUG-2000 (Rel. 64, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 30)
DE   Human DNA sequence from clone RP11-144G6 on chromosome 10 Contains a
DE   KIAA0187 pseudogene, the gene for a novel protein similar to ARF
DE   GTPase-activating protein (MRIP2), the ANXA8L1 gene for annexin A8-like 1,
DE   a novel gene, the glutamate dehydrogenase pseudogene 8 (GLUDP8), a
DE   pseudogene similar to part of cathepsin L (CTSL), a novel gene, the gene
DE   for a novel protein, a dual specificity phosphatase 8 (DUSP8) pseudogene,
DE   the 5' end of a novel gene and two CpG islands.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-178169
RA   Clark S.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (09-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: vega@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 1ce7cd4db79aca55b0c2f1b084aa8076.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000265190; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL391137.11:1-178169; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000577813; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000583911; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000585281; homo_sapiens.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC155266; 11779832.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: vega@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/C_elegans/wormpep
CC   This sequence was generated from part of bacterial clone contigs of
CC   human chromosome 10, constructed by the Sanger Centre Chromosome 10
CC   Mapping Group.  Further information can be found at
CC   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/HGP/Chr10
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone RP11-144G6. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone RP11-144G6 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone RP11-314P12 is at 85165 in this sequence.
CC   The true left end of clone RP11-38L15 is at 153003 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone RP11-144G6 is at 178169 in this sequence.
CC   RP11-144G6 is from the library RPCI-11.1 constructed by the group of
CC   Pieter de Jong. For further details see
CC   http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..178169
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="10"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11.1"
FT                   /clone="RP11-144G6"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   misc_feature    2001..178169
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(AL732434.20:4800..6123,
FT                   AL390716.27:5552..5674,10630..10761,33562..33682))
FT                   /locus_tag="XXyac-YR14BB7.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC021910.1"
FT   polyA_site      complement(17647)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(17647..18560,20915..21037,21786..21844,
FT                   23958..24051,24598..24657,26734..26847,28186..28394,
FT                   29451..29541,33562..33757))
FT                   /gene="ANXA8L1"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP11-144G6.1-002"
FT                   /product="annexin A8-like 1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BE900246.1 Em:BE902353.1
FT                   Em:BE902538.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC008813.1"
FT   polyA_site      complement(17653)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(17653..18560,20915..21037,21786..21844,
FT                   23623..23718,23958..24051,24598..24657,25146..25225,
FT                   25885..25975,26734..26847,28186..28280,29451..29541,
FT                   33562..33704))
FT                   /gene="ANXA8L1"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP11-144G6.1-001"
FT                   /product="annexin A8-like 1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI659002.1 Em:AL554820.1
FT                   Em:AL575137.1 Em:BG697820.1 Em:BG751162.1 Em:BI085643.1
FT                   Em:BM984692.1 Em:BQ000254.1 Em:BQ011225.1 Em:BQ014733.1
FT                   Em:BU686785.1 Em:CA314766.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC004376.1"
FT   regulatory      complement(17666..17671)
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   CDS_pept        complement(join(18501..18560,20915..21037,21786..21844,
FT                   23623..23718,23958..24051,24598..24657,25146..25225,
FT                   25885..25975,26734..26847,28186..28280,29451..29541,
FT                   33562..33582))
FT                   /gene="ANXA8L1"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP11-144G6.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTHUMP00000019521"
FT                   /product="annexin A8-like 1"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P13928 Tr:Q8K2N9 Tr:Q921D0"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:P13928"
FT                   /db_xref="HGNC:HGNC:546"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001464"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009115"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR018252"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR018502"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR037104"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:1W3W"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:1W45"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:P13928"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI12203.1"
FT   CDS_pept        complement(join(18501..18560,20915..21037,21786..21844,
FT                   23958..24051,24598..24657,26734..26847,28186..28394,
FT                   29451..29541,33562..33582))
FT                   /gene="ANXA8L1"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP11-144G6.1-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTHUMP00000019522"
FT                   /product="annexin A8-like 1"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q96H89"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q5T2P7"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001464"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009115"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR018252"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR018502"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR037104"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5T2P7"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI12204.1"
FT   polyA_site      complement(36868)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(36868..37057,39238..39300,39939..40059))
FT                   /gene="FAM25B"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP11-144G6.3-002"
FT                   /product="family with sequence similarity 25, member B"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AA454004.1 Em:AI222273.1
FT                   Em:BF062320.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(36868..37057,39238..39300,41254..>41345))
FT                   /gene="FAM25B"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP11-144G6.3-001"
FT                   /product="family with sequence similarity 25, member B"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BE832214.1 Em:BQ013919.1"
FT   regulatory      complement(36885..36890)
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   CDS_pept        complement(join(36924..37057,39238..39300,41254..>41345))
FT                   /codon_start=2
FT                   /gene="FAM25B"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP11-144G6.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTHUMP00000019524"
FT                   /product="family with sequence similarity 25, member B"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI12205.1"
FT   mRNA            join(45867..45953,51703..51849)
FT                   /locus_tag="RP11-144G6.4-001"
FT                   /product="putative novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:W20340.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<52635..53197,53843..53894,57202..57237,
FT                   59825..59925,67476..67510,70151..70219,72518..72586,
FT                   72956..>73074))
FT                   /gene="CTGLF7"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP11-144G6.7-001"
FT                   /product="centaurin, gamma-like family, member 7"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF130068.1"
FT   CDS_pept        complement(join(<52635..53197,53843..53894,57202..57237,
FT                   59825..59925,67476..67510,70151..70219,72518..72586,
FT                   72956..>73074))
FT                   /codon_start=2
FT                   /gene="CTGLF7"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP11-144G6.7-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTHUMP00000019523"
FT                   /product="centaurin, gamma-like family, member 7"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI12206.1"
FT                   CFSPGIS"
FT   misc_feature    83165
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: RP11-314P12"
FT   CDS_pept        complement(join(89759..89836,91820..91959,92669..92856,
FT                   93195..93316,94042..94182,95085..95273,98957..99036,
FT                   100310..100499,101396..101598))
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /locus_tag="RP11-144G6.2-001"
FT                   /product="BMS1 pseudogene 2"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q14692"
FT   CDS_pept        join(113259..113339,117608..117663,119284..119347)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /locus_tag="RP11-144G6.8-001"
FT                   /product="glutamate dehydrogenase pseudogene 8"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P00366 Sw:P00367 Sw:P10860
FT                   Sw:P49448 Tr:Q8JG16 Tr:Q8JHY0 Tr:Q8MIP8"
FT   CDS_pept        113911..115671
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /locus_tag="RP11-144G6.9-001"
FT                   /product="dual specificity phosphatase 8 (DUSP8)
FT                   pseudogene"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O09112 Sw:P28562 Sw:Q10038
FT                   Sw:Q13202 Sw:Q64623 Tr:Q548G6 Tr:Q99MG5 Tr:Q9AG15
FT                   Tr:Q9AG16"
FT   CDS_pept        complement(join(130886..131033,131134..131253,
FT                   131872..132006))
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /locus_tag="RP11-144G6.11-001"
FT                   /product="cathepsin L-like 7"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O60911 Sw:P06797 Sw:P07154
FT                   Sw:P07711 Sw:Q28944 Sw:Q9GL24 Tr:Q543M3 Tr:Q9D0C0
FT                   Tr:Q9GKL8"
FT   polyA_site      complement(138856)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(138856..139186,139840..139999))
FT                   /locus_tag="RP11-144G6.10-002"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW444748.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(138856..139186,139813..139993,
FT                   149301..149497))
FT                   /locus_tag="RP11-144G6.10-001"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI671782.1 Em:BG400130.1"
FT   polyA_site      complement(138859)
FT   regulatory      complement(138874..138879)
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   misc_feature    151003
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: RP11-38L15"
FT   misc_feature    176169
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: RP11-144G6"
SQ   Sequence 178169 BP; 52735 A; 38982 C; 37481 G; 48971 T; 0 other;
     gaattcttaa ctgggcttag agcgaaagaa tgccatgttc aaagaagaaa gttatcaatg        60
     gctgcaggag gggtgaggtg gcccatgtgt cacatgactt gctatctttg cactgggcaa       120
     ccctaacctc tgagagggtc cttgttgaat aagataagta ggtccagccc tcaagttgtt       180
     atcagtatag cagagatggt gagccacgaa gtgctgccag atcactgtat tgtgttctgg       240
     tcatggcagg tgcatgtatc agtatgccat actgttcaag cacatggact ttgcagttgg       300
     ccattcctga gtacaaattc cgcttctgac agagcattta ggtgacttag tctgctgact       360
     aagctgcagt atcttcatct gcaaatgaag ataataccca cctcacaggg tagctggggt       420
     cattaaatga tatcagattt caaagcatta gatgctcacc ttgtagtaat cattattact       480
     ataattactg ttggtgtgga aacacagaca cgcctctaaa ctgtcctggg tacagagaag       540
     tctctacaga caggccctgt tttaaattgc aagtgatact caggcagtct tcagtagaca       600
     aaggcagagg ccattcagtg caggggagga cattctgtcc cctggttagg aaacctgaac       660
     tatggaatag aaaaaaactt agactcaata ttcagaacaa ctttcctgaa ataaaggaag       720
     acttgaattt tctgaccgaa gggtaaattg atttagagaa gtcaatgctg agatgacaga       780
     tcctaacaaa atgaatgttt gccttcaaag aaaagaatcc taggagtatc cagtagaaaa       840
     ccatctctcc aaaaaccaat caagacaaca acaaaaataa aaacaactac cccaaacaat       900
     cacatgaaaa ctcaaaccaa gagaaacact tgcagaatgt cagaataagg acttctgaaa       960
     atccttcctt aacaacaatg agagcactgg caaaaatgtc aaaattaaca ttttcagagt      1020
     cctggaaatt aaccaaaggc tttcagcaat ccaagttaga tttattcaag aaacacagct      1080
     gaatctcagt aagaatagca aattttgtgg tgttttaatt tgccttattc gtagtcttct      1140
     tttccaagct ctatgataga cttgaacata aatgttctca gctaggcatg gtggctcact      1200
     cctataatcc tagcactttg ggaggctgag atgggaggat tgcttaagtc catgagtttg      1260
     agaccagtct ggacaacaca gagacaacct ctgtctttac acacacacac acacacacac      1320
     acacacacac aattaacatt ctcacaacca tgacagctgt gaaaaccagc agcctggtag      1380
     ccactgggga ggacagaata ggtttaaagc tctccaaaaa tcccatcctc agaaagttgt      1440
     tactatttga tctgtctgac agctccctgg aaaagacaca ttcccaggga ttgtctttgc      1500
     ttaacatggt ttggagctta gtctgtgtga acagccctat cctgagggaa tctgtcaaaa      1560
     acaatcagca aaaattgttt gacattgcaa ctgcctgaga tggcagtacc agttggggct      1620
     aataagaggc tgaccaaaac agttacaagg aaaaactggg gaatgaggta ttcatagagg      1680
     ctttggaaaa gctctgacat attcttaaga acctagaagg ccatgtgcac gtgcagggtt      1740
     gtacacatgt ccaagacaga tctaactaga gcttaacttt tgtttggctt tgaggctctg      1800
     tgcaagcagg aagtaaactc tgaggcagag ttgtcagctg cttgctgaag catcgaaggc      1860
     atggctcaac acaaacaaag cttcccagca aaggtaggta gatttagttg tgcaaggaat      1920
     ttaaagaaat ctctgtccaa aaattaatgg acaactaaac tgaggaaaga cttcggtggc      1980
     tacacatgac aaaaagtata cattaaaact tagtccagga aattcactaa acagagaaac      2040
     agcagcatca gcaacaacaa caaacagaag caacaacaaa ttgtgaagag gggtgaggtc      2100
     tgatttttgg agatgccaca ttattttatt taaaacattc agtttttaag aaaaaaatat      2160
     gagaaataca aagaaacaaa atgtgtgacc tattcacagg gaaaaagctg ccattagaaa      2220
     ctttttcttg aggaagccca gacattggac ttactatcaa agattttaga acaagtctta      2280
     aaaacatgtt taaacaacta aaggaaaaca tgtttaaaga atgttaaaaa gcatgacaat      2340
     gatgtcttac caaatacagc atatcaataa agagatagaa aattatataa aaaagggaaa      2400
     aaaataaaat tctgggttga aagtgcaact gaaataaaaa attattaacc agaggggctt      2460
     aacagccaat ttgagcaggc agaaaaaaga ttcagtaagt tgaatatggg tcaattgaga      2520
     ttatacaatc cagggaacag aaagtcaaaa gaatgaagaa aaatgaacag agcctcagag      2580
     agcataccaa tatgtatata atgagaatcc caaaagaaga ggagataaag gggcagaaag      2640
     aatatttgaa gaaataattg ccataaactt cccaaatttg atgaagaaca ttaatttaca      2700
     tgctcaagaa attcaacgaa ctacaagtgg tataaaaaca aagaaatcca tacctagata      2760
     catcagagtc aaactatcaa aagccaatga caaaaagaga atctcgaaag ctacaaaaga      2820
     aaaataactc agcatataca ctctagcttc aaattcctca ataagattaa caactgactt      2880
     cttatcaaaa ccattcaggc aagaaggcaa tgggataaca tattaaaagt attgtaagaa      2940
     aatgactgtc aaccaagaat tctatatcta gcaaaggtat ctttgaaaaa aaagaagaaa      3000
     tgtccagata aatgaaaaat gagagagttc atcatgagta gatcttccct acaagaaata      3060
     ctaaaaggag tctctcaggc tgaaatgaaa ggacactaga tggtaacttc atccacacaa      3120
     agaaataaag agcactgcag ggtaattaca taattaaaaa gacagtataa tgtattttta      3180
     attgtaattc tcttcttatc ctatctgatt taaaaatagc tacataaatg agtaattata      3240
     aaactgggtt gttgggctta taatgtataa agatgtaatt tgtacgataa tattaacaca      3300
     aaggaagggg gcaggaaatg gacctatatt gaagcaatct ttaaatatat tgttgaaatt      3360
     aagttggatt gatatggatt agattgtttt atgataaaat gttataatcc ccagggcaag      3420
     aataagaaaa taactaaaaa tatatggtaa aacaaacaaa agaattaaaa tgatatgcta      3480
     gaaaatatca attgaattca aaagaagaca gtaatgaggg aaaagaaaaa caaaaaagat      3540
     gtaggacata taaaaatagc aaaatggaag gtgtagagcc tatcttttca gtaaatcata      3600
     ttaaatgtaa atagagtaaa cataccaatc aaaatgcaga ggttgtgatt ttaaaaaatg      3660
     aatcaactgt tatctataag agacatactt tacattcaaa gacacaaata ggttgaaagt      3720
     aataggatgg aaaaagataa tccatgaaag tagtaaccaa aggggagctg gagtggctag      3780
     ttatactaac agtagaccaa atagactctt aagacaaaaa ttattacaag agacaaagaa      3840
     aaacatttta taattgtaaa agtttcaatc tattaagaag acatggcaat taagaatata      3900
     tatgcactta atagcagaga tccaaataca tgaagcaaaa actgaagtga gaaatagaaa      3960
     attcaacaat tatagttgga gacatcatta ctccactttc aacaacggat agaacaacta      4020
     ggcagaagat ccacaaggat atagaagatc tgaaaaaaac agtaaaccca ctagagctgg      4080
     tagttaccca cagaacactc caccaccatc aacagaatag acattcttta tatgtgtata      4140
     tggaatgttc tcaagaataa atcttgtcat gagaagaata gtggccccca aagatatcca      4200
     tgccctaatc cctggaacca cgttacatta catgacaaaa ggggctttgc agatatgatt      4260
     aagggtataa accttgagat gcggagatta ccctggattg tttgggtggg cccaatcaaa      4320
     atacatgagt tcttaaaagt ggagacactt tcctaaccat ggtagggaga tgaaatggaa      4380
     ggaggaggag acaattgagg tgtgagaaag gtttaagtga ctactaaact gatggacttg      4440
     atccaccatt gctgcctttg aggatggagg aaggggacta ttaataaggg aatgtgggta      4500
     gcttctagaa gctgggaaca gttcagctga cagccagcaa ggaagtggga atctcagtcc      4560
     tacaacttac aggaactgaa ttctgccaac aactcgaatg aacaagggaa ctctccgaga      4620
     atttccacaa aggaatacaa ccacacagat tcctattttt agcccagtaa gacatgtcag      4680
     acttctgatc ttcagaacca caagataata aatttgtgtt aggtgcaaat ttgtggtaat      4740
     ttgttatggc agcaatagaa aacacataca tgtatattca tccataaaac aaaatgcagt      4800
     aaatttaaaa taattgaaat catatagaat atgttctcta acaatagcag agtgaaattc      4860
     aaaaccaaaa acagaaagaa atttcggaca tccacaaata tgtagaaatt aaatgacaca      4920
     ctccaaaata atcaatgggt caaagaagaa atcacaatga aaattagaaa attatttgaa      4980
     atgaatgaaa ataaaatcac aacatatcaa agtgtatggg atgcagtcaa agcaatactt      5040
     agggagactt ttatagctgt aaatgcctat attaaaaaga agaaagatct cgataaccca      5100
     gacttccacc ttaagaaagt agaaaaggaa gcgcaaacta agcccaaagc aagcagaaag      5160
     aagaaaataa taaagattgt agtggaaata aataaaacag ggaatagaaa aaacactaag      5220
     ggaaaaaaca agagtaattg cttcactgaa aagagcaata aaattagtaa acctttagct      5280
     tgactgagaa gaaaaaagtt atgtgcccta tttcattccc tatacattaa attattaaat      5340
     tattaatgta tagggaatta aattattaaa ttaataatgt ttagagaatg aaatagggca      5400
     catcactacc acctcataga aataaaagga ttataaagga atactataaa caattgtaag      5460
     acagcaaaat tttaacttag gtgaaatgga aaaattccta gaaagacagg aactacaaaa      5520
     actgaatcaa gaacaaatag aaaatttcaa tagaccttag taagtaaagg gattaaatta      5580
     gtaattaaga aactcaccat gcacaaaaaa gctcagtacc aaatggtttc gctgattagt      5640
     tttcccaaac atttaaaaaa gattattgtt aattcttcac aatcttttcc aaaaatagaa      5700
     gaaacaaact tcaactcatt ctatgatgtc attattctca tgataccaaa acaaaagaca      5760
     ttctaagaga acacagcaat atctttcatg aatattaata caaaaattat caacaaaata      5820
     ctagcacact aaacctagaa acatataaaa atgattatgt atcacaatca agtgaaattt      5880
     atttcaggaa tgcaaagttg gtttaacata ataaaataaa tctaattaat acaccacatt      5940
     aataaaatga aggataaaat ccacctaatc tcaatagatg cagaaaaaac atttgacaaa      6000
     atcaatatcc tttcatgata aaacactcat aaaactagaa atagaggaga atttatgaaa      6060
     tctaataaag aacatctatg aaaaaccaca actgacatca tcccaaaggg tgaaagagtg      6120
     gatactttcc ttctaagacc agtaagaagg aaaggaagtc catgctcacc acttctattc      6180
     aacattgtat tagagatctg agctagggca attatgcaaa taagtatgta aatttaaaaa      6240
     atagcatcca aattgaaaag aaagatgtaa actatattta cagatgacat aatctaagga      6300
     attcacaaaa taactattac gactaataaa tgagttcagc aagattgcag atacaagaac      6360
     aatatgaaaa acaattgtat ttctacacac tagcaatgaa taatctgaat ataagattaa      6420
     gaacagaatt ccatttacaa tggcatcaga caaaataaaa ggcttatgaa taaattcaac      6480
     aaataagtct aagacttgta cgtactgaaa acaataaaac accactgaag gaaattaaag      6540
     aagacctaaa taaatgaaaa aacatcctat gttcatggat ttggaagact taatattgtt      6600
     aagatgtcaa tgtttcccaa attggtctac agattcaatg caatcttgat tgaaagattg      6660
     tgtgcctttt tctcagaagt tcacatgcag atgcaagaga cccagaatag ccaacatgat      6720
     cttgaaagag agaggactac acttcctgat ttaaaaactt aatacaggtt gggtgcagtg      6780
     gctcacacct gtaatgccag cactttggga ggctaagttg ggaggattgc ttgagcccag      6840
     agtttgagat taacctgggc aacataatga gaccccatct ctacaaaaaa taaaaaaaga      6900
     ttagctgggt gtggtggtgt gtgcctgtag tcccagcaac ttgggaggcc gaggtgggag      6960
     gatcacttga gcccaagagg tctatgatgc agtgacctat gatcaaggca ctgcactcca      7020
     gcctgggcaa cagaacaaga ccctatctca aaaacaaaat gaaacaaaac aaccccccca      7080
     aaccccaaag aaaaccaaac ttactaccaa cgtctaggaa tcaagatagc ccaatactag      7140
     aaatgtaata gaattgaaaa tccaatatta aaccttcaca tttatggtta actgattttt      7200
     gacaaaggtg tcaagacaat tcaagaggat taaaaaaaag ccttaacaaa tgatgctggg      7260
     ccaaccggat ttccacatgt gaaggaatga agctggacac ttaccttaca tcatgtacaa      7320
     aacttaactc aaaatggacc aaagttctaa atgtaagagc taaaactata aaaccataga      7380
     ggcaaatgtt catgaccttg gattggtaaa aggattatta gatataatac caaaagcaga      7440
     agtgaccaaa caaaaaaaaa taagtggggc attatcaaaa ttgacagctt ttgtgcttca      7500
     aaggacacca tcaagaaagt caaaaagcaa cccacagaat gggaagaagt atttgcaaat      7560
     catatatata tacatacata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata taaaatttga      7620
     taagccactt gtatccagaa tatatgaaga actctaacaa ttcagcaata aaagacaata      7680
     acctaattaa aacatgggca aatgatttga ataaatattt gtccaaagaa gatatactca      7740
     tgatcaaaaa gcacctgaaa agatgcttga cattattagt cattaggaaa gtgcaaatag      7800
     aaccgcaata agatacaact acacacccat taggatggct ttcatagaaa aagacaggca      7860
     ataagaagtg ttggtgaaga tgcagagaaa ttgaaaaccc cgttcattgc tggtgtgaac      7920
     ataagatggt gctgtcactt tggaaaacag tttggtagtt cctcaaaaag ttgggtgtag      7980
     tattatcata tgaccaagga attccactcc tagatacata cccaagagaa ctgaaaacct      8040
     atatccacac aatatcttgt acaagtgttt tcaaagcagc attattcata acacccgaaa      8100
     agtagaaaca atccaaatgt ccgtcaacga atgggtaaac aactgtggta ttcctttcca      8160
     gtggtaagag acagaattga ttagggaaat gaggcagatt cactaaactc cactgaagga      8220
     tggacctgag ccaacagttc acaggaaaat gacacaaaag gcctttaaat atataaaaag      8280
     catcatgttt aaagcttcac ttgtcatcat gggaagtcaa actaaaacac tgaattacta      8340
     tactttgtcc accagatgag tgaggatcaa attttgaaga tgtactgtct tagtaagagg      8400
     tttaggaaat tggtattttc cttctgtact gatgagaatg gggacttctt gacaaaatct      8460
     atcttaagta caattccaca tgccctttga tctaaacaca atattttagg agtctatcct      8520
     atgatgatac aaagtaatat aagaatgttt attgcaataa cttccaataa caagctaccg      8580
     aaaccagcct aaacaaccaa aaacagatta aatgagtaga gattggttaa ataaattatg      8640
     gtacattcac aatgaaatct tacactgctg ttaaaaagta ttaatttttc ctaaagatat      8700
     attaaataca tataattaaa aatagaaaga agactagcat tagacaaaag ctagagaagt      8760
     agggaaagta catatatttt tgcgtattcc tagagaattt ctagaagcat atacaggaaa      8820
     cttaacaatc gtgagagagt ttggagagga ctttggctgg gggttctgga gtggtgcaga      8880
     gatttatttt caccacttac tcttttgtac tacttgattt tctagaagca tatgcaagat      8940
     gaatttctag aagcatatac aagaaactta ataactgtga gagagtttgg agaggacttt      9000
     ggctggggtc tctagagtgg tgcagagatt tattttcacc atttactctt ttgtactact      9060
     tgatttttat caagtgcgtg cattactttt ttgcctttta ggtttttatt ttatgcatgt      9120
     ttagactttt aaattttcaa ataatcatag attgacaaga atttgtgaag gggtcccaat      9180
     atccttcacc cagtttctcc actgtttacg ttttacattc tacaaaacaa tatcaaaaca      9240
     aagaaactga cattagcaca atgtgtgttc ttctattaca ttgtatcaca tgtgtagatt      9300
     cctgtaacca ccaagacaca aaactatccc atcatcccaa gatctctcct gctacctctt      9360
     tgtagtcaca cttccccacc accgcctcta acgcctgcca accactaatc tgttttcact      9420
     gtttataatt ttgcccctgg aagaatgtta tacaagtgaa atcgtacagt atgtgacttt      9480
     ttgagattgg tttttttcac ttagcctaat gctcttgaga tccatccatt tagttatttg      9540
     catgaataat gtttcttttt attgctgaat attggcatag atgtgtcact tagtttaagc      9600
     attcacttag tgagggacat tttggttctt ttctagtttc tggctatgat aggaagacac      9660
     aggagaaaat catctggacc taggagttga ggatgagttc ataggcatgg cacccaagta      9720
     cgattcatta aagaaagaat tgataaattg gacttcatca aaattaaaaa ctttgcctct      9780
     gcaaaatatt ctgttaagat gatgaaagga caagctatgg aggggagaaa atatttgcaa      9840
     actgcatatc tgacaaagga ctcacattta caatgcataa agagctctca aaactcaaca      9900
     gtaaaaaaaa aaatctgata agaaattggg caatagacat gaagagacat ttcatggccg      9960
     agtcaaatca gcatgtggaa atatatttaa catcattagc ctttggggaa atgcaaattg     10020
     agatcatgag aaatcactgc acacttattt gagcagttga aacaaaaata taatgataaa     10080
     accaaatgct agcaaggatg cagagaaacc aaatttctca tcccttgctt gtgagaatat     10140
     aacatgatac acacagccac tcccaaaaat agattgacag tttctcaaaa aacatgcact     10200
     taccatatta ctcaacaatc acattcctgg gcttttatca gagaaattat aatttaagtt     10260
     tgcacaaaaa gctacacaca aatgctcata actgctctat tcgtcatgtt tttattggca     10320
     ggtaatttac atacaaagaa attcaaaaat cttaaatttc acaattcaat gtgttttgtc     10380
     aaatgcctgc actcctgtcc ctcccccact gtaagattta caacactcta gcacccccaa     10440
     aaagttattt catgccccct tcagctaacc tctaccatgc cactccatcc ataaacccca     10500
     aagcaactat taaaaaaaaa aaaggcaaaa aacgcaatta ctttcgcacc aacctaatac     10560
     tagtctgatt tttaaatcac agattcattt tcatataaat ggaatcatac aatgtttatt     10620
     ctttcatacc tgacttcttt cattcaggaa cacgattcag agcttctgct gtgcagtagg     10680
     gggcatcagt agttcatttt ctttttattg tctgctaaca ttccattgta tggattcaac     10740
     ctagtctgtt tattcattct tcttactgat gaagtttttt ttttctcacg gcttaagtcc     10800
     aaggtgtgtc tttttcatcc agccaggtgg ccccggcagg tcgctcctca gggacccaca     10860
     tgggtcaggg cggtgcagca gtgacccaca ggggccagtg cagttgaagt ggctttgaaa     10920
     cctgattgga gaaacagact gctcagctgt taagaacaca cagcgctcca gaaaactggt     10980
     gttcaacaca acgcgtcact ccggcttcca ctgctgctgc ggagagtcag gttctccggc     11040
     aaggccccgc gcgcccgccc ccgcgcgccc gcttctctgt ccagggaacg cctttctgcg     11100
     gccggaggcg gctacgaggg ggcgctgcga aagcggattt ccaggcacgc ctggcgccac     11160
     taagcggcgc tgagacggcg ctgcctcctg actgccggtt ggaggctaca ggggctctgg     11220
     ggcaagggcc gcttttagga gtttgctggt cacgaggggg gacgcgacct cgtccaagat     11280
     ctgtctgcaa gggacccttc ccagccgatg tgaacacagc ccggggaaag gggccgtccg     11340
     gggagcacag gcagcccggg aagaggagta ggggctgaaa ccaaaggcag cctgggtacc     11400
     caggttttcc caggggacaa gtcccccggt tagctgggca cagggaggca tggagagcgg     11460
     cagcaactgc gttgggatgg ggcggctgcc ccaggttggg gcggtgaccc atgttccacc     11520
     aggccaggcg cagggctgag gtggccgact cctgtttcac aagtgaagac ctggttaccc     11580
     cagcagcaag gcattccgga gtgggagaat tcctgagtcc tggggaggaa gccgtggtta     11640
     cagggctgtg gccctgagca ggagctggct ggcccagcag ggtgggccaa gcacttcagt     11700
     caaggctgag cgccaggcac cagggactca ggtctgagag acctgatgta catcctgctc     11760
     cagagcagat cacagagatg tgcccgcatg aatccccagg ctaagcccag aattccgtgg     11820
     aagatgccca tgggccagga acacgggtag tcaccgcgct agggcatcac acagggcccc     11880
     ccttggccaa ataccacgag ggaacttaga cacctgcatg gggccatgga agtgcctgca     11940
     acctcacact caggcctagg gcttaccgag gtattgcaga tatttgtgtt ctcagagtag     12000
     gagcttagga atcagtatct tctcttcact acagggacag agatgcagtg gcctaggaca     12060
     catcacaaat atttaaaacg atgtccttgg tcaaggacag aggtagccaa ggccagcctt     12120
     ctcccaggaa actaacccag gaccccaaag cacagagctg ttaggtggga gggaattggt     12180
     ctgtatgtct ccctatagtg ttgcaacact tcggcgctgg gctccctgtc ccagactcac     12240
     cttccatact caagccagag gcctacgaaa gccgggttaa gatcttcccc tgcctgtccc     12300
     tgtaaagctt ccccactgtc tctggaaatc gtttgagctt cttagcccca cagcatgagc     12360
     ccgctctgac tcaggccctg acaagctctt tctcttctgt ctctccctcc tctgttgata     12420
     tggacacacc attcctttgg catgtctagt acagaccaga tcccctgctg ttgttagcat     12480
     tcctccctct ccctggaatg ttcttcctta tctgtctacc tgataagcac tgagtcatcc     12540
     tgcaaaactc tgcacagctt tcaccttccc tgaggagcct cccctggcca gccccaccct     12600
     gttgcaggca gaatgcttgg cggtgggttg ctgaccacaa atccattccc cctttattcc     12660
     ttgccaaggg aatgctgatt ttgctcaggt tgtcaaccct cagggaggtg accctaaaca     12720
     tgccaagtcc aacacactag ctctaccccc tgagagcatg agaacaacac ggatgggcat     12780
     gtgcccggat ctggctttgc cctcatggac tgcaggtcag gggtgggaag ctcttataga     12840
     gcagccccag gagccctagg ggccatcctg ctggccatgc catggcagtg tcagaacccc     12900
     aaacagcacc tggggtgaag gagctactga aagagtggag agactccact ttgtcctgtt     12960
     agatctgtct cagaagtatt tttattagga ttgactgggt aagctttctt ccacagggag     13020
     cctaaggggg cccagagatt cttctcagaa ttggaggcca tcaaggattg gctcaggctc     13080
     gctggctact aggctctcct gttcccaaag tccatactct tgtttgttgt tattcaaaaa     13140
     tatttgttga aagcctgcta tctactaggc cctgaatgtt taaaaacaaa taaagttcct     13200
     gccttcaagg ggctcacagc ttttctgaga ggacacgtaa acagataaaa tgtcattagg     13260
     gtgtagttct gtgtaataga gggtgttctt aggtgctgac aagagcatct actctgtagt     13320
     ttaagcagaa aacaaatgta tgaaaggcta ttggacggct cacagaattc tgtgcggcac     13380
     gaacactgtg tctcaaatca tgctgcagga caaacttggg gctcagtatg ctggaccatg     13440
     ttgtgccttc tctcccagcc agtgctgcaa tggaagaaaa ggaattcagc tcctaggaaa     13500
     tgcaaaacat tgatctgagg atagagaagg agtatatgta gatatcatct cttggaggga     13560
     attaaaaagc aacgatgata gagctatggc aaggctacag gtagggaata cctatggcaa     13620
     agaaaaacca gagctagacg ataaagtagt aaaaccagat tttattcagg actattgcaa     13680
     taagcgaaaa gagacctcaa tatacagtca ggctcattct aaaaacagca tgagaagttg     13740
     agacttggag ccatggagca ggtaggagtt gaaagatgga aaattaccaa gaggaaatgc     13800
     caggggtgag ggtgatgttg gctaaactga cctaacagga gacctgctga agaaaggcca     13860
     gggtgaccag acatcacctg ggaaggtgga ggatgaggac cctgatcgga tattgggagt     13920
     ggtcagatag gaacaagggg agttcttgct gaattgactt agtgggattc ttgctcaaat     13980
     tggattttac aagaaagtac acagatgagc ctagaaggtt caggagcctg actcaagttt     14040
     gctcaagcaa agaaactttg tcactattcc cttatttttc ccctatgctg aaattaaact     14100
     gggcagactc caaattatct ttaaaaacat aggtgtgttt ttaacaaatt ccaaagagca     14160
     attgcaaaag cacctgtgga gcgtgtctgc tttaccagaa gtgcccaaaa ggttactcca     14220
     gcaaaaatga ttagcaggtg ctgtggatgc tgctggtgtc ctggccaggg cccctttgct     14280
     tccttcccca ggtgccatgg gggtcacctg gtgggagtca gcacatgggg ccgtgacccc     14340
     ttacacccat gctgctccag ctctgacccc aggcagagag agcttcccct ctaatctgag     14400
     gagacctctt gcttccaggc ctgtcccaca tttctctgct ggcagggagg cagtgggggt     14460
     gatgtccatt ctgccccatc aggggagatg atcaacttca tgactctgct taagcagatc     14520
     cccttgctgg gcatgtactt ggacttgacc aaatttcctt ggctgcagct cttctcaagg     14580
     ctcctgtttg gccacatgag gcctgttttg gggtgggctg caaaagaacc catcgaacca     14640
     gtggtcaggg gagcttgcag ggcagagaga tcctctaagt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt     14700
     tctttcttct ttcttttttc tttttttttt tttttttgac agagtctcgc tctgtcaccc     14760
     aggctggagt gcagtggcac tatctctgct cactgcaatc tctgcctccc gggttcacgc     14820
     cattctcctg cctcagcctc ccgagtaagc tgggactaca ggggcccacc accatgccca     14880
     gctaattttt ttgtattttt tagtagagac agggtttcac cgtgttagcc aggatggcct     14940
     cgatctcctg acctcgtgat ctgcccgcct cgttctccca aagtgctggg attacagact     15000
     gagccaccac gcctggcccc tctaagtcct ttctaaagag ctttggcaga aagcagctag     15060
     gcaatggctc agaagtgaaa gcaagtctgc acacaaagca ggacttgaac tgaaagaaaa     15120
     ggaataagaa ttctcaccca gggctgggat ccaagagacg cacactgata caactactaa     15180
     aaggttgtta aactcccgaa gggcccctgc cttgctgtgt tatagtctga ttgtgtattg     15240
     ttgaagccct tacccccagt ttgctggtgt ttggagatga gcctttggaa gctaattagg     15300
     gttagatgag gttatgaggg cggggccctc atgatggtat agtgatctta tgaaaagagc     15360
     aggagagaga gagagagctc ttccccccgt gaacacgtgt aagcacagag gaaaggtcat     15420
     gggaggacgt gtcaaaaagg cagccgtccg caagccagga agaggccctc cccaggaact     15480
     gaattgatct tagacttccc agcctccaga actgtgcaaa ataagtgtct gttatttaag     15540
     ccacctattt atggtatttt gtatgtcagt ctgaaaagac taagacatgt tggtgaatag     15600
     ctgctgcacc cccaacaccc aggagcctcc cctggggccc cacagacacc ctgccatcca     15660
     gcactaaggg ttgaggcctg gccctgcagg ggccgatact cgagctctgc tccacccctg     15720
     cagacagcag ccattcaggt gagtgggttg tgctgcacca gttgttaaat attctgagca     15780
     ccacttgtgg tggatttaaa aacagccccc agattcgttg acactcttct cattgacaga     15840
     ttgggtctgt gtcccctttc cttgaagctg gggtggcttg tggtgtcttc aactgatagg     15900
     gcaccgggga agtgatgcca tgtgactcct gacgctaact cacagaaggc aatgtggtgt     15960
     ccttcttgtc cactgggaga cggtggagcc ctaccacttg ctaccctgag gccaccatgc     16020
     tggagaagct acgtgtagga gcgcagggga cagtcccagt tgagcctggc cttccagcca     16080
     tctcaccagg ggcccaacat gtgagtgaag aggcatccag atggttgcac ccctctgccc     16140
     tagagtcacc ccaaccttca ggtcttccca actgagactg agtcgtctta cttgttgggt     16200
     cagagacaag caccttgctg tgccctccag aactgctgac ccacagaatc tgtgaacatt     16260
     atacatgagg attttatgct actggctctg gggtggttcg aaaggcagca gttgtaactg     16320
     ggagcccacc ctgtatagaa atgtgaggaa actgaggctc agagagagag taagtgactc     16380
     agtcactgat atagtttgga tatcccctcc aaatttcatg ttgaaatgtg atccccagtg     16440
     ttggaggtgg ggcctggtgg gaggtgttta ggtcaggggg cggatccctc atggcctgat     16500
     gctgtcctca ccatcttgag ctctgacagg atctggctgt ttaaaagtgt gtggcacctc     16560
     cccccacctc tcttgctccc actctcgcta cgtgatgttg gctccccctt caccttctgc     16620
     catgactgta aggtccctcc agaggcctcc ccagaagctg agcagatgcc ggcaccatgc     16680
     ttcctatata gcctgcagga ctgtgagcca attaaacccc ctttttaaat aaattaccca     16740
     gactcaggta ttgctttatg gcaacacaag aatagcctaa cacagtcaaa gtcatggagc     16800
     tggtgcaggg cagagccaga atctgcctcc cgtccaagtg aattcagagc ccacgctatt     16860
     cccatctccc tgatcaggct ggttcctggg cacacgctta cccctcaggg ccacttgagg     16920
     ggaagtttgc aaactggagc atgttcaggg gtgatggccc caaacaggct ccaggaggga     16980
     ccactgaagg gactggggac actgggcttt gacagaggtc atcacagaat ttgtgggcct     17040
     tcttcagata tccaaaatgt tgttactggg agggaataag tgttgtggcc ctagatggca     17100
     gaggtgtggg cttgatgcgg ctgattttgg ttcaggtaaa gcaagaactt tgctggtcac     17160
     atccattgga aaaagattgg gctgtcaaag gacgcagtga gtcccatctt tggaggcagc     17220
     caagtgcacc cggagtactc aactgcaccc tgagtatcac cagtacaccc tgagtaccca     17280
     agtgcacccc aagcacacca aggaccaccc ctgggtggat gccaaggggg tagtcaggcc     17340
     acaggttgga acagcaccag ctgactttaa atccctctct aaccccgaga tacaaggatg     17400
     tagcctacac atcaggaggt gaatagaatc taccctcatt tgcaagagtt gtccccaggg     17460
     cagcggtggc tgcagcccat ccagtgttcc cactgggaga tgcccacgag gtgctcaggt     17520
     acagcccatc cagtgttccc actgggagat gcccacgagg cgctcaggct tcgtggctcc     17580
     ccaaagctct gtttctgaca aattaaattg gtcctacact ggtccctgct aaacatccaa     17640
     agatactttg agttgaatac aaatctttat tattttgaaa accacagcaa aggcacttca     17700
     gaatctccag gtacccagtc tcagttgccg ttcagtgggg acaagagtgg tgctgagggc     17760
     atggtcacac ccttctgtgc tgcatgcaga ggggtgcaag gccagggcag ctgacctggt     17820
     cagccaccag gggagcccac gcctcttata acacagtgtc cttgggtcag gaatttgtag     17880
     tttattttgt tattaagatg gcgagagaat ttttcgtcca tttagagcct aacattttta     17940
     gatgaatgtt aatggcatct cggttgggat ggattcgtgt tcgtttctca gctgctgaag     18000
     gatgtgtgtt ctaaaacaaa agggctccca gccagctctc cggctgcatg atagagaagt     18060
     gttttgtaag acgcttgtta aaaacccata ttccctggcc cctcttgtgg agaccctgtt     18120
     tcagtagatg ggaatggggc tggggtctgt ataacctgtg cccaggagac tctgtgacca     18180
     gcttgggaag ctcctgcagg gaggaaggaa tgatccacaa gtccccaagc ccttcatgct     18240
     gaggcatctg tctggctgga gaaacactaa ggttggcatt gtgctcacac tgggaaatga     18300
     cctggaggaa gttgggaaga ggagtccagg ccggttccac cctctgggtc agaaacccgg     18360
     ctggaaagca ctggaaatag ggaaatagaa gactgaaagg ctgggacccc cctcacaccc     18420
     aacctgcgtc catggccgag gttgagtgag gagtcctgga gactctggct tcatggtctt     18480
     tgctcttgtt cttctgtgcc tcaggggtcg ctgcccacca ggctcagcag ggcgttcttg     18540
     tagtcgccgc tggtgtcttc ctgtgggcag gaggcgcata agcgtgagaa ggggtttgct     18600
     tgtgcctggc tcggcagtgg cggctgtgtt attatgacta agaggtgtgc ccctggcctg     18660
     cacctggccc ggccctccag ggttcctagc cgcaggggtt gtgccatcac ccctctttcc     18720
     tggtttttaa tttcaggcta ttcctttaca tttccttttg attctcttac caactacatg     18780
     caggattgat gtggaaaatg aatcagagac agttccactc ctaaacaagg aaggggtcag     18840
     ctgtcccagg gttcttctat tcgggagcca gggtgcccag ccattcattt acacaacacg     18900
     atgcatcatt attcaacacc tgctgtggca gcttgggaat caaggctgag agtgaggcat     18960
     cagcacacac ctgggggcag ggccgggggt ggagggagcc tggatcatcg caccctgacg     19020
     gtgtggccga ggcaagcccc ttcacctctg tgggactcat ctatgaaatg agatcgatgc     19080
     tgtgctgctg tgcatcttgc tgagacgtgg tgagggtaca gcaggaggaa ggcgagctgg     19140
     tctgccctgc atctggctca catcgggtcc acagtgtttg tctcctgatg agactgacct     19200
     tgtggtccga tgactgagga gccctgtttc ttagatactg gtaggtcctg atgggactgg     19260
     ctagtccggg gtctgcatac agagctggga aatgggccag gtcagatcac ccagattctt     19320
     cttcatgcag ttgaggacag cggggccaag agaggggagt gaattcattc acaacggcat     19380
     ggtgagtaag gggtagactg gggctagacc cactttccac actctggacc agtttaggtc     19440
     tcatggttat tgtctacttt tcaccattta gtaaaatttg cctgctttga gcctgaaatc     19500
     tcattacggg tttcaaacta caatgaaatt tttttaactt tttcctttct agacacggtc     19560
     tcactctgtc acccaggctg gagtgcagtg atgcagtcct agctcacggc agccttggac     19620
     tcctgggctc aagcgatcct cctgcgttgg cctcccaaag cactgggatt acaggtgtgg     19680
     gccactacgc ctggtgattt ttattatttt gaagacaatt tttctaatag tttttagaaa     19740
     gaaaagcatt aattttgttt actttttcaa atacatgagt tatacttgga gtgtttatac     19800
     atttgcctct taatttcaat gcaggagttt ttaactcata ttagtgttga aaaccatttt     19860
     tgctttaatg acatctgtgg tctacactaa aaagaaacgt ttggtcaatg tattcatgat     19920
     tctaactcaa ttttcttaag taacaacatt agataaaatt tgaagagggt ggcttcatgt     19980
     atctgtagaa atctctctga tgccgtaagt taccatgtgt ggttaaaagg gttaatgaca     20040
     atcagctcag actgtctgca ggtgacagca cagtccaggc tggtgtgtgc cttgccctcc     20100
     tgtctcccga caagattggc tggggagcct caagtgaaac caagaataat tccaatcctc     20160
     tcttgcccct gcccacctgt ttcaagatgt tgccatcttg aaacatctgg aaacagaaat     20220
     gtcttttcca cctattgtca gctatgtgtt tcttgaaaag tgcacttaac aacgacattt     20280
     gcagaagagc tagagacttg acttagtagc caaagaaaac ttggggatac atttgtccta     20340
     atgtgacttc tgctaatgaa atcatcaaga cctcaatttg cagacacccc cagaagagct     20400
     gtttctccca attatcgcag cgtgataatc agtctgtgtt ttgaaggctc cagaactttt     20460
     gctaattgga atctggttag atagtctatt ggcgctcatc tgacttatct ccttagaagt     20520
     tggccgccag gactacttaa atctggattt gagcggtggg cccgattcct accggactag     20580
     ttcatctcat tgactattca gaggtggctt cttctgcaag gatttggtgt cttttccaag     20640
     gagcaaccat aacttaaatg tgaaaccaac tttctgagtg ggacacaggg gagcctctgt     20700
     gccctggtct ctgcatctcc cctctgcccc ccattcccct tgggatccag ccacactgac     20760
     ctctgctgtt ccctgcacac accacatggt catgaatgca agcacatggt gcccactggg     20820
     aagggagggg ctcacgtagt gttggccaca gcctccaggt ttccctgaat gtctgggttt     20880
     caggctggcc tcagcattgg gaatgcctgc ttaccatgat catgctgctg agggtcttgc     20940
     cgtacatctt cttgaagtga catttgataa gatttaagtc aatctcgctc cttgaaacga     21000
     tgtttcttat cagggtccca tcacgcgtcc ctgctccctg ggcaagacag cagccatcaa     21060
     caatcctgcc tcacctttcc tgtccatctc tgagtgatgg acggatctgt gtggttgggt     21120
     tctggggctt ttagagggag ggagatgtgg gaaggagcct gtgcttcagc cagggaagca     21180
     ttaggaggga agctttggtg gcttagggtg tccactccct taattccttc tcacccactg     21240
     cccagaactc ttcctttatg atgccaagtg ctccaaactg cagtatgttt ggtttgccac     21300
     atcagattct agacacaaaa tactcactgc tccaggaaca agacttccta ctagagcaat     21360
     ggcagcaatc agctcagcca ggaatttcac aggcagggcc ttcctgctca ccttcatccc     21420
     tgaccagtct catgtcagct ggggccacat ggccaaggga atcgcatgcc ctctctcatt     21480
     tcctgggcag aagtggccag agggcttggg tttcgggtgt ggaactaact tcaggggata     21540
     tcagcaacca tcaatcagag aaaacgggca atggttttag tttcagggaa ttattcacct     21600
     ctggagatgc agcgtccctt tcccagactc aatttcacct ccgagaacta aaacctttct     21660
     gatccacgac aggtttgggt aagataactc ccccgtgtgg aggatcgtgg tggctttgag     21720
     ctccttggct ttgcacttgg tgctatgtag ggtgagcgtc aggaagaaga agacaggaca     21780
     gttaccttca tggcatagta gagtctctct gcaaagtagc tgtggaggtt ttgggtgcat     21840
     ttcactggca aacaagaaag ctgtgttaat gtctggagct ggtaggtggc actgcctaca     21900
     actttatgtc ttgccttagg tcttaagagt cagtgttgtg caaggcttgg catatttctt     21960
     tgttccgtgc ctttcccaat gtgagaggct ttgtgtcagg tggcgtggga cagggaaggt     22020
     agcccggggc actgggcaca gctccaaagg cccaagcagg caggcaaaag ggtaagatgt     22080
     gaaatgcacc agactgtggg gctcgtctga agacaccagc tcaagcccat ccaagggcag     22140
     ctcagactca ggacaggccc tgggctctca acccagagac acctccacca aaaatccagc     22200
     ctctcagctc cacagaagca ccatgggatg gtggctgctg gcctcagagt gccctctctc     22260
     tcacacttat cagcaggaac cctgcatttt gaattcccat gtgacaagtg gagtttggcc     22320
     ccacaggact aaggcacctg ggggcgtctg gtccagagac tgggcccatg cttgctccca     22380
     tgggtactgc tcagagactt ggcatctggg tggggaaggt tggcattttc acttagggct     22440
     gcagaaggag catgggcttt gagtgaggta ggcatgtgtt cacttcctgc cttgatggtg     22500
     cagtatggct tcattactca acctccctga ctcatctggg aagtgagact gatgcgaggc     22560
     ttcaaggtga agtgaatagg aaggcccagc atgacggagc actgcatggc ttcactattc     22620
     cctgctggca gacttcattc ttggtgggtt caggccagat ccaggggtgg aagctgagat     22680
     tggagcaggg gtgtgattag atgtcctgac atagaccgga ttgtatcaca gcatccaagg     22740
     ccagctgggg tgtctcagat ggccctgtcc acccagagag gctaggaaac agcagggagc     22800
     ctgctggctg ctggctttgc acggaggcag cctggtgtgg aggtgagagc tgcaggccag     22860
     gagtccggac ctgggctctg tgtgtaagtg ggagaagaga cgtccctctg ccctgggcct     22920
     cagctcttta ctctgcagtg actcttccca ttgtgatctc agccctggaa cccatgagag     22980
     ctctggagtg ggtcctcctg agtggccctg acttcctgct gtggggaaga tccccagtgt     23040
     ttctcagcat cagaccatcc gtcactcagt ttggactcaa gccacacatc actgtttctt     23100
     caactggcaa tgaaggcagg ggccaggccc ctggttcatg tccagaaaga tgactttgtg     23160
     ctggccaggg cttcacaacc acagccagag tgctccctgc atggctgcca tgagtacaca     23220
     cagggttggg gctggcataa tcactggcgt atgcatttgt gtgcgcacac acacacactg     23280
     tctgtctcac acacacacac tcacattcca cccacagtca tgcacacaca ccctcaggca     23340
     cacacactct cacgcacaca cacactcatg cagacacacc cacacagcac tgggcaccac     23400
     gtgggcagca cagagaacaa tctttggcag cacacactgg gactctagag gtggagcagt     23460
     ccctgggtga gggagacagg cagagtgtga gtcgggggga catcccgtga aggtgacaca     23520
     gggattcttt ctcttgtggt cgcatcccta ggccctttgt tctttggtgc tgccccacgg     23580
     tgagccctgt ggcctgaaaa acgtgcaagt ctgagctctt acccacagtg agcatggcct     23640
     cctccagtga gccatgggtc tcactcttga tgctgtcctc aatgctcttg ttggcaattt     23700
     tctcatactc ttcaaacact gtggagaggg ctctgctcag gggatggtca gacctcctcg     23760
     tgatgcccct cagtgtctcg gatcagagat cgcacatcaa tttgccgccc tgacctccca     23820
     ctggtggctg gggaaacagt cctgggctcc ctggctctct ccctaactct agacttgaca     23880
     aggcagaagc acgagggaga ggctcatggc caggacaccc cctgtggccc cggccccagc     23940
     ccctccctcc ctggtacctc tcagcaggtg agtggcactg cgcgtgcaca ggatggtgat     24000
     gaatttcatc tcatcagtcc cacgaatctt ctcgcctgcc gcatacagat cctagcattg     24060
     ggacacccac aataagccag tgagggagac cagggaggtg agggactgag ccccagagtc     24120
     ccagagctgt ggccatggcc tggccctgtc cactctgcca ggccagcatg ctcccctgct     24180
     tggtcgtctc tgacagggag ctcccctttc tctagcagct ctggcttaga atattttctc     24240
     tatcctgggc cacaagctgc tctaggaact gcctggtccc cagacttccc tctgccagca     24300
     ggcagaccta cagagacccg gacacctgtg tccagcactg gggcctagcg cccccgggtt     24360
     catgggctgt tcctgccagg acagagcttt agtgctcccc cacccccaag tcacactcct     24420
     tcctcccgag tctcccaaca ccctcactct cctccccaga caccacagga caaaggccta     24480
     tagggagctg agctgggtgg gtcccagccc agtgtcagag aaagcccccg tgggcagagg     24540
     agccggagtc cagatggcag ggggtggggc cacatggccg gctgggcgca gcctcacctg     24600
     tgcgtcttgg agggccagtc ctgggtccac aaagctgctc acatcatccc tgctgcccta     24660
     ggaacagagg aggtggctct gtaaggcagg ccagctgacc agagcattaa gggcacaggg     24720
     gggatcctgg gcttggaggg caggcatggc tctgctgctc tttggctgtg gaaacttcga     24780
     caagccagtt attctcttca gcccttggtt tcctcatttg tacaatgggg gtggtaagga     24840
     ctgcctcata aggcttggcg gattcagtga gctaaggtaa gcaaagtgcc tggcatgagg     24900
     cctgcacgaa ggacctgctc tcctcccgct tccaggatgc tctcacatgg ctgagtaagg     24960
     acaggtgtgg gggctctgca gttgggaccc tctaaccatg ctgagacaca cccaatgagc     25020
     cctggctgct gggctatccc atgcccctac cctgactctt gtggcgctat tcaagggctg     25080
     ctccctgggg tggagctgtt gggactccca aaccaaggca ctcccaagag cctaggctgt     25140
     gacacctgca ggaggcacac caggatcctc tccaggtagc cacttgtgtc tgcttggatg     25200
     tcctcctcca ggctggaccc atagtctgca gggaaacagg accatgaggc acaagcagag     25260
     gcccacagcc tacccggggc ctgctttcct ccttccagcc ctgttcccca tacttctcct     25320
     tattaaagcc ttctaggaaa gaaagtcctt ggcacagggc atggatgcaa tgcccgggtg     25380
     tccaagtggc tgtcgcctgg gtggtgcttc acaactagaa gcgacatgcg tacccaacca     25440
     agctcaaagc acaagatgga ccaggtcaga gagccaggct aggggctgcc aaccaagctc     25500
     catttcatct caaggcttgg caaagccaaa gcctccagga aaactcccca ctaggtacat     25560
     gatgtggagg actgactggc ctctgctagc ctggggtcca caccccctac taccacagtc     25620
     ctcaagggca gagattttag ttggtcacag gcctctctcc cctgtaagag gagctggtga     25680
     gcttacagat caagtctgaa tcatgttcag tgtcaccatc aggcacagat cttggcatac     25740
     ggtaggtgct cagcacctgt gggtaaaaaa gtccccaaag ggtcctttct agtgtggccc     25800
     aggttaattc ttgatccttg ttccctgcca ggctgccaaa gcttgtggcc actcctgagc     25860
     ccctccatct gtgccacccc ttaccttcct catacgcctt cattatctcc cgcagctggt     25920
     tcttggtccg agaggccagg atctcaatga tgacaccctc cttggttcct aagccctgtg     25980
     gacagaaacc tctgcctgct ggagtgctct gccatgacct tctgctctgt ccacaccttc     26040
     ttttctcaag atgcctgagc ctcaggaagg acctcactgc cctgccccac ttgaagtggg     26100
     aggatgtgat gagaaaatca catgcttcag tgatgaacat tgagggcaag tgctgtgacg     26160
     gggaagccct gtctcagctc tccctcctta gctgggtggt ctcagacagg ctgctccatg     26220
     tcctggagcc taagcatccc gatccataaa caggaataag aagcctcccc tgcgccaaag     26280
     atagattagg gagcgtgggt gtaaaatgcc tggcagtgcc catgcagcaa gtgtctttcc     26340
     aaacaaaatg actatagtta ctgggtcccc atccttatta atctgcaaaa gcaaagagta     26400
     gtgagaggta aagggaaacc caaggggctg tgcctgggac tgtagaggtg ggtttccaat     26460
     accactgtac acctgagctc gtgaggttct gagaagtact gattttggct tcatcacggc     26520
     cactcaacgt gtcaatcagg caccagtgac tccaggtgtt gggtgcagtc tgagcagcag     26580
     gctgcctgct cactgggccc agttatggcc catatggcca ttccaaacag tggctcaagg     26640
     ggagctctgg gctgtaggtt cccggtcccc gcattgcccc tacccagtca tgtgagcacc     26700
     cctgccactc ccctgccctg tctgcctggt taccttcatg gcgtcatgca gctccttggc     26760
     ttcgtatctg tatggcgggt acataagggc cacaatgagc ctctcaaact tgccactgag     26820
     ctcagacttc aaggtctcag tgaggtccta atgcgggaac agggaaaggt gatatttgtc     26880
     ataagccagg cccacctgag tgcaggcagc ggagtggtgg ctgggtccag gggcttgggc     26940
     tggattctgc gtgggccttg ccacgtgctg gctgggtttc ttgggccagc tccttagctt     27000
     ctcttagcat cagtatcttt accggttaca cggagagaaa cgtgctcctg cttcatcccg     27060
     ttgcttaggg ggttgtgtgt gactcaattc agcattcagt gcagtgctgg gcacatcata     27120
     agctctcagt aaaatgaaat tggtattgct agctagactg caagctctga gtatggcatc     27180
     accataaaat acctgtcact tggcactcaa tgaatgaatg catgcctgaa ttaaagactt     27240
     cgtctcacat gtgcctcctt ctaaggtcac atgttgctac gaggagccac caggctacat     27300
     cagctgatct acagagcagc agagagatca agggctttgt cagacctgga ttttaatccc     27360
     caccttgttg attacaggct ctgggacctt gggcaactta aaacctctct gagtgccagt     27420
     ttccccaaat gtttgaatac aaagaatgta tcactgtgag gactaagaga gggaaactgt     27480
     aaaaatgcat actgggttct ccaagagaat atttgagctg atcttccttc gttacatctc     27540
     caaactaatg atatgagtca ctagaggctt gaggcaacca tggctgtgca catatttaat     27600
     cctgtgttta ctgtgtaccc ccaaatgtca ggctttgtcc taggggtgga gtgcaggtgg     27660
     gaggagaaac aaagggcctg gcatgcttac tccaggctct tagaattccc aggtggcaga     27720
     agggacgagg tgtgggtgca agcagctcga ctgaggaaag catgcccacg ccccagaaca     27780
     gagcaaagcc aggcctgcat gcctggggca tggaaaagag aaggtggtct gggctcagag     27840
     ggcagggcga gatagcctgg gggcagggag acagacctcc agtggggcct gttgggtgca     27900
     tgagaaggaa tgctgtgaga gaggaggcag gaaaggaagc aaggaaggcc agcccccggc     27960
     ccgggctctg acacctaaaa gtagatctgc cagataaaac acagggcagc cagttacatt     28020
     tgaatttcaa taaagaacaa ttgttttcat gcaaacaggt tccatgtgcc catgctgcca     28080
     gtgggctggc tctaggggaa agtcgtccag aatggagctg cctcccaggc tgtaccccca     28140
     accccaaggc tcacctatcc ccacccccac cagccttccc cttgccttgc cgaactgagc     28200
     cttgaaggac ttggcgatct gctgccgctg cgtgttgctt ctcttggtga gcacatcgat     28260
     gatagcctgc tcgttggtcc ctgcagggtt acagcacaag tgaccctgct gcccccaggg     28320
     tgacacactg gtgagggcgg aggaggggaa ggcgaaggca gctgcttggt ggctgagcag     28380
     ttgggacccg acacctggat agttccaaac ccccagacca ttttcgtggt gtaaacaaga     28440
     cccttaggaa atctgcctcc ccatttccca ccccacaccc ccacaatgtt ggggcgtgcc     28500
     caaggccagc ctcacaagat ggaatctgag gtctgggtgg ctctggacat cagcccgggc     28560
     ctttggagct tggccgagtg agatctctgg ccctgccctc ctttgtgttg gtcgcagtag     28620
     gggaaggtca agactaagag tccaacccct gaatccgagg cctggcccag caactgcgtg     28680
     gcattgggca gccagcctca tttccctggg cctccgtttt ctcatttggg aagtggagat     28740
     aactttctgc ttcacagaaa gcagagggca tgagaacgtt ttctgggctt gtcaggagcg     28800
     gcagttctca ttaaggcccc tgatcctcag gcagagccgg ctaaggggtc agtcccacct     28860
     ggggtgaggt cagggtacat gctctgctct caggtcagga gggctttctg ggcaagctgt     28920
     ttaaatctgg cctcaggcca gccctcgccc actcacggta gtgctgaggg cagcactggg     28980
     caagtgcagg agatgggaag ggagccggct ccatggccat cgacatgggg caagggggcc     29040
     ttgaatcagc cccacaaact cccaacacct cacacccctg gcagctctgt gcctggcatc     29100
     ataaagcacc acccccttca cacttcatgt gacacacaag gccaagaatt cttggggcca     29160
     ctttacaagt gagaaagctg agactgatgg gaagtcactc acagagacac acagctcacc     29220
     tccccacccc cattacccag ggaagagcag caccctcctg tccagtcttg cagggtgggt     29280
     gctgacctca ctgcagaaac agagggctgt gtgattctct gggtagtgga atcagtttca     29340
     gagtatcatg ggacacccca gctccccaga tgtcccctgg cacccgcttt ccagggctgt     29400
     gagcggaggg gtcttgagca gaggtggcaa ggctgccaac acccactcac cgatcccctt     29460
     catggcttgg tagagggtct ctgcatcagg gtctgggttg aagtgggagc tgctcttcac     29520
     tgtgacaccc tcctgttcaa tctgcaagag aaccaggcct gctcaaagca ggcagggaca     29580
     gggagggcag agcaggctcc cagcccatct ggtagcccgc cctgacaggg tgagcccctt     29640
     ccctgggcac ggagatctgc tcagcccttg caggccagtg ctctgccctt cagccccttg     29700
     gccaacaggg tggagtagcc agagccagag cttgtgggga gaagccacaa aacctttcct     29760
     gtccctgtct gtgccatctg actgcagaca gcagccccag ccacacccag ctccttccag     29820
     catcacccac cagcagcagg aagggacaaa ctcacccaaa gttaggaggg gaaagaacac     29880
     tgaagcaaag gcttcctgga gctgcatgca ccaccttcag agtgtgcaga tgaggttgga     29940
     aggctgagca tggttctgcc tttctgagga atggtttgag ctcagtctgc cctcttcctg     30000
     gggagttggg acttacagca acttagaggg caggggccca gctgagcata ttgatagttc     30060
     agggtgtttg caagtccaca ggcccatggg gctcagagcg tcaggtttag aaaaacccgc     30120
     acgatgctct gcagattgtg aaataaacca gataaccaag tgcctgagcc cttgatttcc     30180
     aagcctccag ttcagggctt gcctgaaggc tctttaaact tgtgccctgc agaatttctc     30240
     agatgattaa catggacata agtgtgtttt gggtggagga atggtagaga atggagggat     30300
     attggagata ggtattgaat tagagggaga ctcagagatc ctccaggatg aaaaagagtt     30360
     tagtcccatc cagtcttgtc ttccatttac ctgttcactt attccttcca tcacctccat     30420
     catctgccca tctactttcc cacctacgca cttacccatt tgactaccac atccatccat     30480
     ccatccaccc acccatccat ctatgcaccc gcccatccat ccatccatcc atccatccat     30540
     ccatccatcc atccatcgaa gccctgggtt agattgtgaa aatacagaga ttccaatgga     30600
     tggtatatct gtaagtatct ttcctttgag taagaggtaa ggcatctttc tgaactcttt     30660
     gctttaattt caaatgtctg gtgacagatc ttcctgagtc atttcttagc accatgtttc     30720
     acagcagaaa ttgttagaaa taattcctat ggaaattcca tccagagaga gccagtgtgg     30780
     tcccagatat tgctcatcgg tgtccacaca cacgatatcc cttgcttgtg gagtcacgct     30840
     ctgctattac tcctgttagc acttcaagcc ccttgtgtgt gccagacctg ggccaggtgc     30900
     tttagaagca atgcttatgt catggcttcc tcaacagttg tgctaggtaa gtactgatgc     30960
     ctcactttac agaaagggag ctggactccc ttacacagct agtaagtgat gctgttggga     31020
     ctccccagcc tgactcagaa gctgagctct atctacctcc cctgccctac tgatgactcc     31080
     acctttccca gacaatgagt gttcctggaa cgttccactg aaggaagctt cacccacagg     31140
     aacgcaggtc atctgggaat gtgggaggca tctcagctct cagtgcctgc cggcttccct     31200
     ctgccccagc actcgggggc tgtggtgcac cagcgagtgg ccaggctgtg taaccgcatc     31260
     cctgaggagc atgcagtccc gcaggggtgc ggtaggtctc aggtgcagca tttgtaagca     31320
     gctccctggc tggttctgat tttgctgcat tgagaagcct ctgtctcact tcccactcta     31380
     aggttttaga aaataagtgt tctgggaatc ggagccctgg ctatcagtgt ggagtcctgg     31440
     agctccagac ctcctgctga gaaggaaggg tcagcctcag gctcctgcag ggtcttgccc     31500
     agggccgtgc tagtccagac aggcacattt tcactgaaaa ggtgactcag accagcctgt     31560
     gactacatct attaatataa cttgttctgt gacaggcaca ggggagctgc cacgccttgg     31620
     ccttcccctg ctacgtggct gcccagaggc ctgggagatg ggtttgtctc tatgagagac     31680
     acagaggaaa aggcaacacc aaaaagagag gtgcagatgg accctgcctg cagacagatc     31740
     tctctccagt ggctccctca tctcctccca tcgcgttcct ggcccagctt tgtgcctaga     31800
     ggacactggg tcttcgctag cagctcagct gttgcaggtg gggtctacct gtgaacttgc     31860
     tacccctagc cagctctcac atggggtatg gacgaccagg gtatggtttt ggccctggag     31920
     tcaggctgtt cagattctca cctagactct cacacttact agtgagttcg ggcacctgcc     31980
     tagcctactt gtgcctcagt ttcctcatct gtggataagg atactggtgt ctacttcata     32040
     gactccttgt gaggttcaag ggagatattg aatgtgaggt gcttagagaa gggtccggcc     32100
     acagagtagg gactcagtga gtgtcacagt gatcctgtca atttggcagg tccctacatg     32160
     gacagccctt tgtcctgctg cactgggtgc aaggcccagt gccagactgc cttggccagc     32220
     aactgacttt ggaaaccacc cagcactggg ctctccctgc catgtccacc tcctcaaagg     32280
     caggttccca gcagtctggt tgaagctgca ggcctccatg gccccttgtc ctggaagaag     32340
     gctgcttccc tgggggccag gacagctgcc ccacctcagc ctggcttcct ctttgtccca     32400
     cctgtccaga acctagcatg tctgaccctg aggacacttg cttgggttgc gacatctatg     32460
     atccagagac tccctgaagc tggacaagcc tgggtatccc acaaaagctc acagagaacc     32520
     tggggctggg cagagagacc caactgctct ctgactggag cctgctggcc attggaccct     32580
     agcaagtcac tcagtgtctc tgagccttca tttcatcatc tgcaaaacag aaagtgcagc     32640
     cctgacatcc tgaggctgcc tgggaggaaa ggaaaagggt gtgcagagcc ggcagccggg     32700
     agatgtcacc tctgtcccct tctggatatt caactcctta gcacagcgat ggcctcaggc     32760
     tcaaccatag atggaaagct cccgagaacc catcagttct gctggggatg ggctgccctg     32820
     agccccgggt tcctccaggc tctagcaggc caggtcctcc tgcttcccct cttccctctc     32880
     cagtcttgac aaatgaacat cattgatccc tgaggtgaag gcattgatgg gtccccaaca     32940
     gcaggttcag gttactctca tgctcaaagc ccttcagtgc cttcccactt ctcttaaggt     33000
     aaagcctaac tcctcagcct gccaggcaag gcctttcagg acctggccct gcctgcttcc     33060
     ccaggtccat ctcctccggt accaggaccc ttgagctgtg ctgagcagct tccctcgaag     33120
     ccaagctccc tgccctctga ccctctgcac acagttccct ctgccaggag cagtatgcct     33180
     gattctcccc aaatgcacac gtgtgtgcac cccatacaca tttacacaca aggctcaacc     33240
     atgatacccc ctcctttgag tggccccacc cctgcaaggg tccctcccct ggactcttct     33300
     caaacctcag cttccccctt gcatttctag atttcttcat cagcctgtct cccggcccag     33360
     gtcccatccc tgccgtgggc actctaggcc tgggactgtt tcttctcggc cccttcccac     33420
     cctccatgct tggcccagga ggcagccaaa tgtagactga gccactccca gccaagggcg     33480
     actttacatt tctcaggact ccctggtgac cagcacccaa caccatgcag gaacccaaat     33540
     ctcctgccag ctcccactta cccaggattt ccaccaggcc atctctttca cctcgggggc     33600
     acctttccca gggagatgaa gagacacagg ttggcctctg ctgggactcc acacgtctgg     33660
     ctcctgcagc tgaggagtga gcaggccgct cacttgggtg tgggggtgca agcccgccca     33720
     gggcagcgcc acacctgcct gccgtcccct cgcccccggg ctctgcctgg ctttgggcat     33780
     ctcctgtggc tcccaggccc cacccagaca ctgcccaggc ctgctctggg gaattacaca     33840
     actcactggc agatatttgg gctgtggctg ttacgcatac tggaaattct tagctccagc     33900
     ctgcgaaagc cccactcagt aaacacagct ccatgttgat taggctggtc tcaaactccc     33960
     gacctcaggt gatctgccca ccttggccta ccaaagtgct gggattacag gcatgagcca     34020
     ccgcacccag cccattttca tcactcctaa tagccatgga gtatgccatt taatcaactg     34080
     catatgcaat attatttttt ttttccgggg gcaaggggct catattcacc acagatggga     34140
     ggccagttgg tgagaaggtg gcaggcggca cagccacctt atacagcatg ccatactggt     34200
     ccactgtcag accggtgatg gcctcagctc catcaccccc caggctgact ctggctcctg     34260
     cctggctctg cccggccacc acaacccctc gggaccattc agaggcatca ctggaggatg     34320
     tgtggttagt ggagcagctg gtcatgggga ggtctcgttt ctttggtgga aggcattcct     34380
     ggttcctctc atgaacaggt ttcatattgc tttgtggtgt tcctggagcc tggaaggagt     34440
     tggcttgctc cctggggcat caggaggggc ttctctgtag cttctctgaa cccctctctg     34500
     cttctggctg gggcacctac atctgagctt ccagtggtgc ttctgagcag ctgtagtaag     34560
     cgtcctcccg gctggctcgg gagccagccc atttcaccac gcttcccggg atccacccgc     34620
     tcatcctgga gccgctgcaa acctggccgc cgccatcccc agccccggag ctgccccata     34680
     cccctgtata tgcaatattt gttaaccatt cccttttggt gcccatctag gtacaggtat     34740
     catttttgga gctaaagtat ctataataca ctggaagtaa cagatgtcac ctccatattg     34800
     tacgccaaac ctaataagca gagcaaaact tttcatccaa gcgatttggt taacatttta     34860
     ggatgtttct aatctctcag taatacaaat atgctacaat agatctgtgt gtttatcctt     34920
     tgggcacctg tgtgtgcctg tgcatacctg gagaataaag tcctgtgaga ggaactgcca     34980
     tccaaagagg gtgtttcagt ctgtactgcc accaacaatg tgcttgtgct tctgagcttg     35040
     cgtttgggtc aggagaattt gaaagtcatc aggaaccaaa ccaggatata aggttcagct     35100
     gtagctggaa agtggcaagc gttccaaagc taagacattg gctatacctg ggctgttcac     35160
     aaactgtgag tccaattcta gatgagatcc agaagtatgg tgagcaactc acttattttt     35220
     taagcaaaac accttttctt ctcatttctg ctaagaacaa atagcttcca gcaagagaaa     35280
     taggggatgc aatattttta caaattactt ctcttttttt taattaaaaa atgttaagtt     35340
     aaatgctact taaagatatg tttaacctct atgatactga cttgctcatg agaaggagag     35400
     agggccaggc atcttgccca ctactaccca ctatcaacac ttaggcctga catcagtctc     35460
     taaataaata ttctgggcca ggtgcggtgg ctcacgcctg taatcccagc actttgggag     35520
     gccaagacag gtggatcatg aggtcaggag atcgagacca tcctggctaa catggtgaaa     35580
     ccccgtctct actaaaaata caaaaaatta gccaggagtg gtggcgggca cctgtagtcc     35640
     cagctactgg ggaggctgag gcaggagaat tgtttgaacc caggaggcag aggttacagt     35700
     gagccaagaa catgccactg cactcctgcc tgggcaacag agtgaaactc cgtctttaaa     35760
     aaaaaaaaaa atcaacagca gcttctagga tgatgagcag tgactcagtc tctccttgac     35820
     cagattctgt aaccgtccag cagaaatgct tatctgatct ctgcgagaac aggaagcagc     35880
     tcagtggggg ccttccttgc taaattcttc atcaagctgg tctgttatct gccctgagtc     35940
     ctgcaagaac atctcaagaa aaatcccaaa aacatgcaag acaaatgagg gtcctccctt     36000
     agcatgtctt gaagcactga ggcacctgaa agttgtatat agtttctggt gaaacagttt     36060
     tttaggaaat gaagcacaga cactaactat tcttccagaa gagccccttc ctgacatgaa     36120
     agatcttact tagcatgaca gagaagcatc tgtttcatca tgaggaccta tccaaccagc     36180
     agcaggggcc ccagtgccag tgtccacctc agcagaggag acacggggga catgcaaagt     36240
     gtttctgttg aaaaatactt cacctagggt gactatagtt agcagcaatg tattgtatat     36300
     ttcaaagtag ctagaaggct aggtacagta tcccatgcct ataatcccag cattttggga     36360
     ggcccaggca ggcagatcac ctgaggtcag gagtttgaga ccagcctggc taacatggtg     36420
     aaaccccatc tctactaaaa ataaaaacaa taaaaaataa taataataaa aattagccag     36480
     agatggtggc ctgcgcttgt agtccaagct acttgggagg ctgaggcagg agaattgctt     36540
     gaacctggga ggcagaggtt gcagtgagcc gagatcacac cattgccctc cagcctgggc     36600
     gacagagcaa gactctatct caaaacaaaa acaaaaacaa aaacaaaaaa acaaagtagc     36660
     tagaagaagg gacttgaaat gtacccaaca catagtaata ccaaatattc aaggtgatag     36720
     acaccccaaa caccctgatt gatcactatt ctgtgcatgt aataaatact taagtgtaca     36780
     ccataaatat gtaaaatatg ttatgtcaac aagaaaatac tttgcctagt gtttccatcc     36840
     aaatgggaat aaatccagcg ctcaatgtac acatgtcatg gctttttatt gagactgggg     36900
     aagggccgtg gtagcaggtg cactcactgt ccaagtttgt ccagactttc tgctgcatgg     36960
     gtgatggcat ttgtgactgt gttggtcact gtctcggtga tttccttcat ctttttgtcc     37020
     cctgactcct gggctttctt tatggcttca gcaatggctg ttggaaagag gaagaatgtc     37080
     ctagtgatcc acctgctgaa cttgtgtccc cttgagtggc ctgtgggatg tggccatctt     37140
     aatggattag tctctggagt ggcccgatgg gaccaagggc agcaggatta ctgcagaatg     37200
     aatttgaatt tggttttaat ttccccaaca acttgcattt cttcaactgt gagtgagact     37260
     gagcatctac tcatgggtac attgcctgct tatccttttt tctggaaaat gcctgcttat     37320
     gtcttttgac catttttata ttgggttgtt atattggatt atcattttta tgacaaatat     37380
     ttttcatcag tgtataattt ttcttttggc ttggtttata gtgttttttt ttttggctat     37440
     agaaaatttc agttttggat tgtcaaattt acttaatatt tcctttatgg cgctgatttt     37500
     tttgtcatag ttctaaagat tctcccctct ccaagattag gccaaagtct ctgatgttat     37560
     tactatgtct aaatgtttac gatgtcttcc ccctcaaaac tcatatgctg aaatcctcag     37620
     tcttaatgta atgatattaa ggggtggggc ctttgggagg ttgaaattag cacccacata     37680
     aaagagacca cggagagcta gctccttcca ccatgtgagg acagagctgg gcccatccat     37740
     gaaccagaaa gactccctca ccagatgcca aatgtgccag tgccttcctt gatcttggac     37800
     ttcccatcct ccaggagtgt gagaaataaa tttctgttgt ttctaagtca cccagtttat     37860
     ggtttgtttt tgtttttgag acagagtctt gctctgtcac ccaggctgga gtgcagtggt     37920
     gcaatctcag ctcactgcaa cctccgcctc ccaggttcaa gggagtctcc tgcctcagac     37980
     tcctgagtag ctgggattac aggcatgtgc caccatgccc agctggtctt tgtattttta     38040
     gtagcaatgg ggttttacca tattggtcag gctggtctcg aactcctgac ctcaggtggc     38100
     ccacccgcct tggcttcccg aagggctagg attacaggcg tgagccactg cacctggcct     38160
     atggtatttt ataagagcag cctgagctaa gatgtttatc tcctagtaag ttaataaatt     38220
     catttatgta aatgtaagtc cttcatctac ctggaatcta ttttgttgaa aaggaatgag     38280
     atatacacat gctttgtaca tagtactact catagctcac acacatcaat ttaacattta     38340
     acatagaatt ttacatgtta aatttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttgag     38400
     acagagtatc acactgtcgc ccaggctgga gtgcagtgtc gcgatctcgg ctcactgcaa     38460
     gctccacctt ccaggttcac gccattctcc tgcctcagcc tcccgagtag ctaggactac     38520
     aggtgcccgc caccgtgccc agctaatttt ttgtattttt agtagagatg cggtttcacc     38580
     gtggtctgga tctcctgacc tcatgatccg cccacctcag cctcccaaag tgctgggatt     38640
     acaggcgtga gccaccgccc ccagcaatta tttttttctt tttttttgag accgagtctt     38700
     gctctgtagc ccaggctgga gtgcagtggc atgatctagg ctcactgcaa gctctgcctc     38760
     ccaggtacac accattctcc tgcctcagcc tcccaagtag ctgggactat aggcacccac     38820
     caccatgccc ggctaatttt tatgtatttt tagtagagac ggggtttcac cgtgttagcc     38880
     aggatggtct cgatctcctg acctcatgat ccgccctcct cagcctccca aagtgctggg     38940
     attacaggca tgagccaccg caccctgcca tgttaaatgt tttgtcccag tgtgctgtca     39000
     catagtcttg tgtgactttg tcttcttatt ccacagagag aaccatctag acagtgtcct     39060
     aacgcagtac agtctgtggc ctctgatgag catagataac tgccccagcc aagaggctct     39120
     gaaaggctgc aacattaggg gcagagtttg acctggttag tcaaagaaca ggttggccca     39180
     gcacctagct tcccttcctc cctccctcct tccctgcccg acctcagccg gctgtacctt     39240
     tctctccagt ctccttggca tgtcccacca cctccttcac cacttcctcc acggcatgaa     39300
     ctgaacagag gagacaagtc cagggtgagg gctcagagca ggccggctgc ccccgagtcc     39360
     agggtgaggg ttcagagcag agccgctgcc ctcccagtcc agggtgaggg ctcagagcag     39420
     gcccactgcc ctcccagtcc agggtgaggg ctcagggctg gcttatcctc acaacagacc     39480
     tatacatccc tgggcatcct agatggggct ctggggtgcc acccccagcc aggacagact     39540
     gactcatgag aaggaccttc ccccacagct ggcttcattt ggagacgcca gggccttggc     39600
     tgctgggaga cgagctcaat gagccccatg agggcatggg tccctgaagc cccttggccc     39660
     tgcccggcct ggaatggcaa tgagcaggca gtcttgccag ctgagacatg aagcccaggc     39720
     tgggcctgtg tgccaggtca cacccctctc aggatgtgct agcgcctgcc tcaggttggt     39780
     ttccaaagcc tcatccacta agaccaggtc tctcaaagca attcctccaa caaaacggaa     39840
     ttctctgcct acttcagagt tttttaaagt gtgggtggta gcgtgctaga actgaaggat     39900
     ttcagagtca gaagaaatgg ttcttattct aactctacct tccacctctt ggttccctca     39960
     tctttagaat gggaatctgt tgggatgatg agacccaaca ccaggtcacg ggggcggcaa     40020
     gtccagcgga gtcaaaggaa tgacaaagag acagttcgag agagaaaatg ggagcagggc     40080
     gctatcgcga gtgtggaggc tgcgaaggcc ccgagttctg ggagcccacg ctatttattg     40140
     gtgatctaac aaagaaacag gtggtgagga tgtggaggtt gaaaggaaac agtgtatcaa     40200
     gtgaatgaga aacatatggc tacttgagag aatggcagtg ctagaagcaa ggagccagca     40260
     agtctagcaa gccctgcctc agcttttctc ccaacgctga gcttttctcc caacaggaat     40320
     cataaaaaac tcagaggcta gtgaaaggtt aaagcaggtg gtccacacca gctgcagagt     40380
     caaaaacaaa atacgcatct gctgccattt agaaagagga cacaaactca ggcaagactt     40440
     tttcacacga tgacccatga gtggggcctg gctgggcctc cccacacata cctgctgacc     40500
     tctgaataca acatacactt cgggaccagg tgcagtggtt cacgcctgta atcccagcac     40560
     tttgggaggc caagaggaat ggatcacttg aggtcaggag tttgagacca gcctggccaa     40620
     aatggcgaaa ccccgtctct gctaaaaata caaaaattag tcgggcgtgg tggtgggtgc     40680
     ctgtaatccc agctactcag gaggctgagg catgagaatc actttgaacc caggaggcaa     40740
     aggttacagt gagccgagat cgcaccacta cactccagcc tgggtgccag agcaagactc     40800
     catttcaaat acaaatacaa ataaaaataa acatgcttta ggggacttgg atgaaattga     40860
     aaatgccctt ttagactttg aacagacttg gtgacttgtt aagaaatctt tgaagcttta     40920
     aagttatggt aaaaataaaa atccatcttc cttttcctgc ataggttatt cagaataggc     40980
     tgttttgaca agaaaggctc cccagatttc cagagggaag ggtccaagct gccagtgttc     41040
     acccagcacc aggactcatg ccctgccccc aggagacctc cccaggtctg cacccctcaa     41100
     ctccgtgctg acttggtaga gcaggagacc agggttcctg aggggccaag gcctccccgc     41160
     aggtcctcgc ctgcctacgt agatccgcct cccacagacc cagtctgccc cagatccccc     41220
     cagcccaggt agaaaggagc cctgggtcct cactggctcc ctcggtggcc ttctcggtgc     41280
     ggtgggccag gccctcggca gccagcttcc ccaggcctcc cagcatcgtg tggcagcaga     41340
     cagtggcgaa ctaggatgct gaggactggc ccaacatgct tttatagctg cctctggtgc     41400
     ctatctaggc tctggggcaa taagccctca ccccagccca gtaggaggct ggacaggtga     41460
     gtcagtgagg gcggcagcag gaaggggctg ggcggagcca ccctggaact agggtggcag     41520
     catcccctga cagcatgagg cttctgtaac cctgtcctag ggaccccgtg aaggataggg     41580
     gcatggagca gggctggaca gtagagatct ggacatgctt cttccttgag gcagagggcc     41640
     tgagtgccag cccccctgag accaaagctt cccaagcctg ggtactgata tgtacctgga     41700
     gacaaggcct aggattccaa gcctgctgct caaggtcccc agtgtggcct agtaagaggt     41760
     ttgggggttc tatgggcctg gagacctggg cagtcctttg agtcatgaac acaagtggaa     41820
     tgagggtgac tgccctcccc attcctggag accctggctc tgcagagcag tttgcggcct     41880
     ccatgggaca gggtggggcg ttcagggtgg tgccttgccc gagtcagagg ggggcacagc     41940
     actgggcaga agcgtagtca cctggtgtcg ctcagctgat gctcactcac ccaagaggct     42000
     ctgtgaggtc agcagtgccc tcctatcccc tggcagtcct ggaggagtag acagaggcct     42060
     ccaccaccac tcagggagat gcttctggcc ttagctagaa tcccctagga agcagcttcc     42120
     ctggctcctg gtgcatcgca tgaggagtgg cagggctgct ccctagttac tcatgatgga     42180
     cagacatgcc tcaagccacc tgccacatgc tgcttccctt agtcaccagc ccaacctgag     42240
     cctccgtttc ctcatctgta aaatgggcat agcgtgcctt cttggctgtg tccctaatca     42300
     tccctgaggc aaagcatgca agctcctggt aaacacctgt tccctccact catcattgag     42360
     gtgccctttg gcagtgagct ctgaccaact ggtagggtgt gccaaggagt gactgggacg     42420
     tgaggctgcc ttggagccag agggctgggg aatgtgactt ctgctggcca ggagccaagg     42480
     agaggtcttc ccatgctcct acttctgggg tgcaggcctg tggcaggggt ctgaggctct     42540
     ctccccaatg caggctcctg gagctgctct cctggatgtg tcggggcctg attagtttac     42600
     tggactgtgg gccctcccag cctgggactc gggagctgag accctcttgc attcctgcat     42660
     ggtgtttgcg ggctccaggg ctacggccag tccccctagg gtggacagtg ggtatcgtgg     42720
     gcagcaggac ctctgggtct caagactgtg gccccacaca tgccattgct gtctcctttg     42780
     ggcaggggtg aatcggggct tcaacaattt agaggggcct ctttatgaaa aagaatacaa     42840
     taatatgatt cttgcacatt tttcatttat atacgtatga acttctggac ccagaagggg     42900
     ctgtgaaagt cgggggcctg gagctcaggc gggtccagat gaccctgtcc tccttttgta     42960
     acagccagag tccaggatgc tttgcccagg gcattgggct ggcactgcag aggcctgggg     43020
     gatggggtga cacctgggac atggctggtg ggaattgttc taggaaacct cagggattct     43080
     ccctggacct gtcaaagccc cttccctgtt tcttctgagg ctgtgtgtcc ccccactcac     43140
     acaagggtcc tttctatgcc tgctcccctg ataaatgtca tctgcctgct ctagaatggc     43200
     ttccagaccc cacagacccc ctcctcatga gctcccaccc tagggtactc tccaccagtc     43260
     cccgctttca ggagctcacc agacccagac agcctgttgt cagagctcat ccacacagca     43320
     ggaccctggc ccactgccca gcccagagcc aggcccacca tggcctctgg ggacaactgc     43380
     ccttcccccc accccctcca catggtcccc tgcccatgag accctgccct gctaatttaa     43440
     tgcactgcct tggtgtgagc actgtgattc taatgacaac acaccatggc cttctgggcg     43500
     aggctgggtc cagacacaga tcccaaatgc ctgctgggga gaaggcaaga ggcccgggga     43560
     ggcccaggac aagacatggg tcccaggccc tggtgccctc cctcttggcc ttccagctgc     43620
     tgctgctgtg accagattcc cattcaccca gccccgtcca tgggccccag caagccatct     43680
     gtgccccaca gagggcagac ccctaagagt gggacccctt tctagccaaa gaacatgaga     43740
     tagccccaaa tcctcctaaa catgatggat cctggtctga ggggctgggc tcaggtgact     43800
     cctgcaggga acttcacctg cctggatgag gtcaagtgtg aatcaggtgg ggcctgccct     43860
     ccaccacccc atcatggaag aggtccagcc cacagtgggc ccaagagggc cgcccttgga     43920
     cctagggacc caagtcagca tatcctgagt cagaaggtca agtccagcct cccctcaggc     43980
     agggagaatc tggctttgac aggagcagat aaattctcaa ggtggaattt gcccaacata     44040
     ctagtttggc aagggactag ctggctgaat cactgagtca aggacagcca acgtttccaa     44100
     tagcaatttg ccaacttagc aattaccaat tctgaaaaac aatttgttta tttgaaacac     44160
     ttaaatactt aggctgtctc atgtctgaag catgatgatg ccttgcgtga tttaaaggac     44220
     agacgtcacg aatgccaaga gttttgtggc ggtccatcct gccagtgtct tctcccactt     44280
     ttgttctgtg gatttgagct cacagtttgt gctgtgccca ccgcctgccc accctaacga     44340
     gactcctgga gacttggctg gccagtcacc agaggaagag gggcccagca gcacgccagc     44400
     attcacccac ctgtgggtat cagtcaggct cctggtggaa gccagaggac atattcgaat     44460
     gggtacttga ggaaaggggc tgttcacaga agtgtggacc gagttaaggg aaccaataag     44520
     agatgaggaa tgtcctggac cagcaagagt gggagctgtt atctccctgg gtctagaggg     44580
     acaggaaagg tgtccacaga tcccaaagag agctgtggct gtagaggagg atcatcagga     44640
     gctgcagcca tcagtagaaa gatgtggcca ctgccaaacc aacaaggaag aatctgagcg     44700
     aataaccacc tctcctctct ctctctctcc cacctcctat gacgtcctcc actgtgtgaa     44760
     ttccactagg gccagacagt gaggcaccct ggtgatgcag tccaagaggg agtgggcaga     44820
     gaggagccag tgggtatgga ggggaaacag agaaacagag aattccagct cactctgcgg     44880
     gatttctggg tctgatagaa acatggcatt attattatta ttattattat tattattatt     44940
     attattatta ttattttgag atggagtttt gctcttgtta cccaggctga agtgcagtag     45000
     catgatctcg gctcactgca acttctgcct cccgcgttca agagatcctc ctgcctcagc     45060
     ctcccgagta gctgggatta ccggcacatg ccaccatgcc ttgctaattt ttgtattttt     45120
     ggtacagatg aggtttcacc atgttgaaca ggctggtctt gaactcctga cctcaggtga     45180
     tccacctgcc tcggcctccc aaagggctgg gattacaggc atgagccact gcccagcctg     45240
     cagcagctta attttacagt gtcccttttc tccttctgga aactatatgg ggcaacaaca     45300
     agactgagga ggaagaggag gaggaggagg aggaggagga ggaggaaaaa gcccatcatc     45360
     aatacacaca tcaaactcaa cttcagagaa attaggaagc tgggaagcca cgtaaaccca     45420
     aaagcaggag acaccagcag aaccaacgca ggaagccagg gaagtgcaga agaacagggc     45480
     atggggggca acccaggggg gaatcttcac tgttgccagc aacacacatt cccagcagga     45540
     gaggaccctc agagtgagaa cgcagagctg gagaaatgaa gaaggagcag gtggtgcccg     45600
     gggaagtcca ggggtgtggg atctgagagc acgccttccc aagagaggcg ggaacacttg     45660
     ggaaggcagg gctgagtccc tggaggctgt atctgggaaa ggaggctggc agtagaatct     45720
     tcctgaagcc gagtaggttc tgagaggcag aggggcagtg gtacagaggt gaggctgacg     45780
     cttctgtgca ggaagggcag gctcctgagg aagggagccc cgaatgctct ccactagatt     45840
     cccagggagc cccactccct ccacagggac ctcgcgctga catctgggaa atgccattca     45900
     tactggaacg tccgacacac tgccatgaat gtgagggttt tgtgactgat ggggtaggtt     45960
     tctctcttcc aacttaatag tataatgtcc atttattcct cccccagcct ccctgaacat     46020
     gcacctctta gatagccaca gtacggtgat cagaaccagg aaatccacat tctcatattt     46080
     aactatatta aaattatttc acaaaataac caattttatt aatttaatta aatacattta     46140
     actaatgttt aaatatattt aaataattta actgatttaa aatgaacata ttcgctaaac     46200
     aaaagacctt attggagttt caccactttt tccactaatg tcctttttct gttcccaaat     46260
     tccacccagg atcacgctgc atttagttat ttcttagtct ctcgccgttt tgtaggactg     46320
     caataacagt tcctcaatct ttccttatct ttcataaccg tgacatcttg aaccagtact     46380
     gatcagtatt tatgaaatgt tcctcgattt gggattgtct gatgtatttc catgattgga     46440
     ctgaagttac gaacttttgg caattacagc acaaaaatga tgtggaatcc ttcccagtgc     46500
     attccatcag agttatggca ttgatagttc ttcttactga tgatgttgaa cttgttcatt     46560
     tggttcaggt ttctgctggg tttctccatt gtaaagatac tatctttccc cctcataggg     46620
     ggaaagatct taggagaaat acttggagac tatgaaaatt ttgtattttc tcaaacgtta     46680
     aaattttttt tcaggccagg cgcagtggct catgcctcta atcctagcac tttgggatgc     46740
     cgatgtgggt ggatcacctg aggtcaggag ttcaaaacca gcttgatcaa catggagaaa     46800
     ccccatacct accaaaaata caaaattagc caggcatggt ggtgcatgcc tgtaatccca     46860
     gctactcagg aggctgagga aagagaattg cttgaacccg ggaggagagg ctgcagtgag     46920
     ctgagatcgt gccattgcac tccagcctgg ataacaagag caaaagtcca tcacaaaaaa     46980
     aaaaaaaagg ccaggcgcaa tggctcacac ctgtaatccc agcactttgg gaggccaagg     47040
     tgggtggatc acctgaggtc aggagttgga gaccagcctg accaacatgg agaaacccca     47100
     tctctactaa aataaaatac aaaattaact gggcatggtg gtgcatgcct gtaatcccag     47160
     ctactcagga ggctgaggca gtagaattgc ttgaacacgg gaggtggagg ttgccgtgag     47220
     ccgagatcct gccattgcac tccagcctgg ccaacaaaag caaacctcca tctcaaaaaa     47280
     aaaaaacaac aacaaaacac ctattttgac agccgggcat ggtggctcac acctgtaatc     47340
     ccagaacttt gggaggccaa ggcaggcgga tcacctgaag tcaggagttc aagaccagcc     47400
     tggcgaacat ggtgaaaccc cgtctctact aaacatacaa aaattagttg ggcatggtgg     47460
     catgtgcctg taagttccag ctacttggga ggctgaggca ggagaatcac ttgaacccag     47520
     aaggcagagg ttgcagtgag ccgagacggc gccattgcac tccagcctgg gcaatagagt     47580
     gagggatctc aaaaaattat aatgaaaaaa taataattct attttgaatt gtggtaaaat     47640
     atacataaaa tttactacct taaccacttc taagtggcag ttggaacagg ggtcaaggag     47700
     agcccttggg ttgggtaatg tatattcaca ttgccatgca accaatctct ggaacttttt     47760
     catctgacaa aaccaaaact ctatatccac taagcaactt cccattttct cccttcccca     47820
     tgtccctggc aacccccgtt ctaccttctg tttctattag tttgcttact cagtctggac     47880
     gcttcacata agtgaaggaa caccgtattt gtctttttct aactggctta tttcacttag     47940
     cgtaatgtcc tcaatgttca tccatgttgt agcatgtgtt agaatttcct tcctttttaa     48000
     ggctgaagaa cattttattg tatgtatata ccacatttta tcaattcatc tgcctatgga     48060
     caactaggct gcatccatct tttgacgagt gtgaatacca ctgctataaa tatcagtgta     48120
     cacatatttc tatgagacct tgctttcaat tattttggct atatacccag aagtgatatt     48180
     gccggatcat ttggtaattc tatttttaat tttttgagaa actgcctgtc ctgtgctgag     48240
     caggtctata taaacctacc cgcaaaggcc aaggaacctg agataccaaa gaaagaggct     48300
     gacaaatcca gtttctcaga aagaaacatt taataggcgt ttatgaacag aaggcaagtc     48360
     agggatggca ccaagataag atggtggatc cctgtgccat cacccccacc cccccgaccc     48420
     agggcttcta tagcataggg gaagggtaat gcgggcttca gcagggatgt gtatggccag     48480
     acacggtggc tcacgcctgc aatcccagct ctttgggagg ccaaggtggg cggatcacct     48540
     gaggtcagga gttccagacc agcctggcca acacggtaaa acctcgtctc tactaaaaat     48600
     acaaaaatta gccaggcgtg gtggcaggcg cctgtaatcc cagttactcg ggaagctgag     48660
     gcaggagaat cgcttgagcc caggaggtga agtttgcagt gagctgagat tgtgccactg     48720
     aagtccaacc tgggagacag agtgagactc ggtctcaaaa aataaaaaat aaaaaataat     48780
     ttttttaaaa agataaaata gaaatcgtag atgaattgtt ggaactggga ttaatcagaa     48840
     tatggcagat tagcatccaa gatggaattg ctttattctc attcaaggtt tccctcattc     48900
     ttcactctcc ccatgctggt caccttgctg tttgttcctc aaacacatat gaaatgcgtt     48960
     tctgtcttgg cagtcatcct gctacctgta atgtcagcac tgctttctgt tgtcccttca     49020
     gtcaggtcac tgttcaaata gctctctaga caggctcttc cttatcattc tacttaaaat     49080
     agcccccaat cactctgtgt ccctttagcc tgcttcctct tcctgctatt tcatactacc     49140
     tgaaaaaata cttgaacttc ctagaacata agctcataaa agcaagaact gtgctccacc     49200
     tctcctctcc tctaccccag cactcagaag agaaacagag tcagcatcca gtgagtgttc     49260
     atgaatcaag tcactgcttg gcagaattca gcactgggac cacagcctcg cctatcttca     49320
     actctttctc cttctgcttt tcctcctccc actctagtag ccactcttct gggggcttgt     49380
     cccttaaatg attagtcctt actgacctat tttctgtcca ctttatctgt ttttgagaga     49440
     gggtctcact ctgttgccca ggctggagtg cagtggcatg aatatgggtc actgcagcct     49500
     ccacctcctg ggctcaagtg atcttcctgc ctcagcctgc catgccatgt aactgaggcc     49560
     acaggcatgt gccaccatgt ccagctaatt tcttgatttt tttttggtag aaatgggtct     49620
     cactttattg cccagtctgg tcttgaagtc ctacactcga gcagtcctct caacttggcc     49680
     tcccaaagtg ctgggattac aggcatgaga tactgcacct ggtcttattt tttcttttct     49740
     taagatacag ggtctcacca tctggcccag gctgaactca aactgctgag ctcaagtaat     49800
     tcccccacct cagcctccga agtagctagg actaaaggca tgaaaccacc atgcttggct     49860
     tgtccaattt cattctacac actttcttgg tatttaaaca gctgctgttg ctcttcattc     49920
     tgtagctcta catcagattc atgctctagt cctgtatatc caaatgatga ctagaggctg     49980
     ccggctctgc tctttcaaag gcacaatgag cgtagcccgt ctacaaaact ctcccttttc     50040
     caatccagct ttccctcctg catcacctat ctctctacat ctggaaccat cggcagctgc     50100
     cttcataagg cacctcagtc tggcattcgg aaaaccaccc tgtcttgcca gagcctcttg     50160
     gtcttgggta gcaaaagctg tatgcaatct aaatcaagct ttcaatcatg agaaatcaca     50220
     ttccttcttt tccctttgta atatactcat gtgttttttt ttttcctttc tcaataagca     50280
     aattgtacca ccatcttatt ctgagatgct cctttttaaa agctgtagat cacattaatg     50340
     gaagtggtta ctgctgggaa tattttccat gtgcaatgat ctgtaaccct ctttttcttt     50400
     tttttgagac cgagtcttgc tctgttgccc aggccagagt gcagtggcac aatctctgct     50460
     cactgcaagc tttgcctcct gagttcatgc cattatcctg cctcagcctc ccaagtagct     50520
     gggactacag gtgcccgcca ccacgcccag ctaatttttt tttttgagat ggagtctcgc     50580
     ttggtcgccc aggctggagt gcagtggtgc aatctcagct cattgcaagc tccgcctcct     50640
     gggttcacgc cattctcctg cctcagcctc ccgagtagct gggactacag gtgcccgcca     50700
     ccacacctgg ctaatttttt tttttttttg tatttttagc agagatgggg tttcaccatg     50760
     ttagccagga tggtcttgat ctcctgacct catgatccgc ctgcctcggc ctcccaaagt     50820
     gctgggatta caggtgtgag ccaccacgcc tggccattcc cagctaattt tttgtatttt     50880
     ttagtagaga tggggtttca tgatgttagc caggatggtc tcaatctcct gacctggtga     50940
     tcagtccgcc taggcctccc aaagtgctag gattacaggt gtgagccact gcgcccagcc     51000
     taactgtaac cctcttatct caactagctg acattattac ttcacatcca gttcaattta     51060
     taaattaaga gaggtgccat gggcctggta cggtggctca cccccataat cccaacactt     51120
     tgggaggccg aggcaggtgg atcacgaggt caggagttcg agaccatcct ggctaacatg     51180
     gtgaaaccac gtctctacta aaaatacaaa aaattagcca ggtgtggtgg caggcacctg     51240
     tagtcccagc tacctgagag gctgaggcag gagaatggtg tgaatccagg aggcagagct     51300
     tgcagtgagc agatatcatg ccactgcact ccagctgggg caacagagca aaacatcgtc     51360
     caaaaaaata aaaataaaaa taaaaatgaa aaagaggtgc catgtgtaca aaaatcaatg     51420
     cacatttatg aaattttttt tcaaatatat tttcacacat tttatctaaa tacataatac     51480
     agaagcctgt gtgacttggg caatgtggcc aggagggcct gagactaaca catccacctt     51540
     ggcaaaagga cataaaatat gtcttatggt cagaaaaatc aacattttgt gtatttactt     51600
     agtttacgaa aagtactgaa aatgctatta ctagctgaat ttgtgatttc cttttgaaat     51660
     tctgagttat ccttattttt cccattttgt ttttgcacca aggagactgc agtcaaataa     51720
     aacagatact acacgcactc gtcggggcag ccgtactgca gaagcacgtt gatgcactcc     51780
     tggctggagg cctgccgggc gtaggtcagc gctgtgttcc cgtgggcatc tcgggccatg     51840
     acgtccaccc cgtcaggagc tgctccagga ccacattccc cttgcggcag gccagatgga     51900
     gtgccgtgca gccgtctccc tccccacagg tctcgttcac ctcctcacgg gagccatgtg     51960
     ccagcagcag gatggctgtc tgcaggtcct catcagtggt ggcccgcagc agctgctggc     52020
     ccagggacag ctcagtgcag ggtagtgggg ccagaaagag cttctcctca tatttggaac     52080
     ggatccacca ttccttctct tccctcgtgg actttattga gggttttgtc tgcccctggc     52140
     tgctcccttc ccagatgctg ttggctagct cattgccaat agatgacata accttcctga     52200
     gctcaactgg ccagtcatcc agctccagag atcgcacacg ggaaaggcgg gtgccaaaac     52260
     tgcggtggat acctgagcat tcaatacaca tgaggactcc caagttcaaa ctggcccact     52320
     taggattctg ggtctcacag tccacacagt gggcgttccc acgcatgttt tggatcgact     52380
     gcagggccat ggcctcactc tggctggtca gctgggactt gcttttactg ctcttgcatg     52440
     actgcaggct ggccaggatc tggctctgga tggcttggac ccaggcatcc cgctcctcat     52500
     acgtcgtggc ttcaaagtgc cacgtttggc cagtggcaga cacaatcata aagttgttgg     52560
     tgcttttctt ctttaggtgt ttctttttat tggcatgagg agaggggggc gggttgagct     52620
     tggggctggt ggtgctggag ataccggggc tgaagcatat ggagtcaccc agcccggtgt     52680
     ccatgtcctt ggataggcca ttgcttttag agctggagat gggtgcacag gctgatgtgg     52740
     ctagggatgg ccactttcct gggactttga tggtagatgt ccgaaggtca atctcttttt     52800
     tatgaatatt cttcatataa tcacctaagc ttgaataata ggtgagcacg ccattggaac     52860
     acagggtgac gtatttcttt ttccatgtct tcagccattt tccacttcgc tttaagagca     52920
     tgccctgttt aatggggatg gctctgccgc tcccgatggt gtcagcatga ttctccgggg     52980
     ctttcctctc tttgtctggg tcactccctt tctcagatgt aaacaggttg gaccagcgca     53040
     tggacagctt gcaaacgggg gtgggtgtgt tggcagtggg aggaacactg aactgagggt     53100
     cctcctggct ggtgctggga gtcggtggaa tggaggagga atagttattt aaactcccac     53160
     ctccatttct tttcttcata atgtgcacgg tggaaacctg tgtggaacag gaggaggaat     53220
     ggcttcaaaa attgggtagt ggcttgcagg atcctataga cagctcacaa ttacctttta     53280
     aaaagataca ttttctgggc caggcatggt ggctcacacc tgtaatcaca gcactttggg     53340
     aggccaaggt gggtggatca cgaggtcagg agttcaagac catcctggcc aacatggtga     53400
     aaccctgtct ttacaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga aaaaaaaatt agctgggcat ggtggcacat     53460
     gcctgtaatt ccagttactc gggaggctga ggcaggagaa ttgcttgaac agggacctgg     53520
     gaggcagagc ctgcagtgag ccaagatcgc gcgattgcac tccagcctgg gctacagaaa     53580
     gagagtccat caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gatacatttt ctgttgtttg     53640
     gatagtatat ttactcacac tagctcacta actaaacaga gctgcagatc agttcttact     53700
     ccagcacatt ctttttacaa cacttaagat gactaaatgc aacatgaaat ggggaagatt     53760
     taaaaaaaga tggctttgac ttcagcatga aacagataca agtgtacgat gaaaatacaa     53820
     cctcaataaa agtgccactt accgcaaatg agtgtaactg ttcatcaggt atgctcaaag     53880
     atctatctgc atctctataa aataagaaag tgcattactt caaaaactgt taatatctta     53940
     gtataatatt tgttgagtaa aatacttcct cctgtgtgct ttggtgttta ctttaccaaa     54000
     gcagttttta caaattcttc tcctggatcc tgacttgcag agggtttcct gacttcttct     54060
     ttctcagcac atcatggtct gtaccgtgaa gccttttata tgataaccag tcagaaatgc     54120
     ccatgagtat tgactctccc taacaggcca tggcaataaa ccaaacatat tttcactctt     54180
     ctaaccacac attgaaacac aagaatgttc tacaaagcag tagtagtaaa ctttaataaa     54240
     tgtaaatgtg attcagattt cctagcttcc tttctcttta gttctctgta gtatactctc     54300
     atgatgtttt tatgtatttt ctgttgtctg aatgacaaac tcatctacct ttttaagagg     54360
     ccagtctttg aggaacttta aactttgtaa aactaatgca ttgtgcctgt gtataaacca     54420
     gtggttctcc aaatgtgctc tgtggacctc tcgggatccc gaagacccct tccagaaggc     54480
     ctaagaggtc ataactgttc tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttgag accaagtttt     54540
     actcttgttg cccaggctgg agtgcaatgg tgcgatctcg gctcatggca accttcgcct     54600
     cccaggttca agtgattctc ctaccccagc ctcccaagta gcagggatta caggcacctg     54660
     ccaccactcc tggctaagtt ttgtattttt agtagagatg tggtttcacc atgttggcca     54720
     ggctggtctt gaactcctaa cctcaggcga tccacttgcc tcggcctccc aaagtgctgg     54780
     gattacaggc ctgagccact gtgcctggcc aacactgttc tgaatcatac taattaaacc     54840
     tgagaaagct gatgaaaaat tttaaaaatt tgtgaaagta atacaaagtc attgcctgct     54900
     ttttcgttga cacttgccat gattgtataa aagcaaaagt aggtacaatg gctggtttct     54960
     cagcataaat caaggcagtg gtaccaatta cattagtagt cattctattc ttcactgtcc     55020
     cctacaggta aaaaacatag cctgaatttc ttaagaacgt ctttgatgaa gcaataaaaa     55080
     ttaatgttgt taaatcttga catgtctcta atattctgaa taagtggaaa gttaatgaga     55140
     agtgcttttt ttttgttttt aaagaatccg tgatttaact gtgaactgaa aaatcacttt     55200
     tttcacagaa catcattttt atttaaaagt acaactgggc cagcgcagtg gctcacgcct     55260
     gtaaaatccc agcactttga gaggccaaag caggcagatg gcctgagctc cttcaggagt     55320
     tcgggaccag cctaggcaac ataacgaaac cgtgtctcta tcaaacatat aagaaaatta     55380
     gcctggcgtg gtgccacaca tctgtggtcc cagctacaca ggagcctgag gtgagaggat     55440
     tgcttgagct gagatcatgc caatgcactc cagccaagtg acagagtgaa actcggtcta     55500
     aaaaaccagt tcaactatca ttctcaaaaa taaatgaagt gagaggttgt cacttcaagg     55560
     gaaatacgta tttgttccca atgataaaat ttaagctttc ctgtggactt tgaaaaactt     55620
     gttccttcta ctgtaggctt ggcagctttt caatacttaa aggcctgtta aagtaagatt     55680
     ggtggttaaa ctaaaagtga tttttgacac aataaaacat aaaccaatat attccaagta     55740
     actaatgcat gatattataa atgcaagtat ggagcaaaag atccatttac tgtgcaagaa     55800
     agatcaatga gtactgatgg aataaattta ttaatatgta aaatgccacc gtaactaatt     55860
     taagaaacca ccacttgtga agttttgatt tagtgtttta acaaataccc acaactgtct     55920
     gaaaacttta aaaatacacc ttctaccaac tacatatttg catgaggtta ggtcatctta     55980
     ttgcttcttt ttctcttttt ttgagacaga gtctctctct gtcacccagg ctggggtgca     56040
     atggcaagat ctcggctcac tgcaacctcc acctcccagg ctcaagtgat tctcctgcct     56100
     cagcctccca agtaactggg actacaggca tgcaccacca cgcccagcca ttttttgtac     56160
     tttcagtaga ggcgggtttt accatgttgg tcgggctggt ctcaaactcc tgacctcaag     56220
     tgatccaccc accttggcct cccaaaatgc tgggattaca ggtgtgaacc actgcgcccc     56280
     accagcttat tgcttttttt gtttgtttgt ttagacagag tcttgctctg tcacccaggc     56340
     tgcagtgcaa tggcacgatc tcagctctct gcaacctccg cctcccaagt tcaagcggtt     56400
     ctcctgcctc agcctccaga atacgtggga ctacaggtgc gtgccaccat gcccagctaa     56460
     gtttttgtat ttttagtaga gacggggttt cgccgtgtta gccaggatgg tctcgatctc     56520
     ctgaccttgt gatccgcccg cctcagcctc ccaaagtgct gggattacag gcgtgagcca     56580
     ctgtgcccag cctcatattg cttctttgaa gcaaattgca aagaaagctc tagagaatcc     56640
     atttgtctcc tattaagctc aacatgagag actttaaata atataaacaa atgacacact     56700
     ttttactcaa ctttttgttg tagaaaagtt ttttttcaat gaaaaacttc tgttaacaat     56760
     actgttctca aggaatattt tctgttttta taaactgggt catgggttac tactgacatc     56820
     tagttggtag aggccatgaa tactgctaaa ctctctgcaa tgcacaagac agtcctcaca     56880
     acaaagcatt atctagccca taatatcaac agtggtaagg ctgtgaaatc taaactaaaa     56940
     atagattttg aaaaaatttc aattgtataa ttctaccaca ctaaatatca atataatcaa     57000
     tataaacata tactctttga gattctcaat catttaagaa ttatgagagt cttaaggaac     57060
     aaagaaaata caaataattt gcttcgatat tttagtaggc acaatacagc ttatgatgtc     57120
     tagagctgtg acctaacact gagcttgata tcttgcaaag taattagcta gaataacaag     57180
     acaggtttct aaaaagctca cctttgtgtg atatgatgag gtatctccaa ggtcacactg     57240
     tggaaggaaa acaaattcat aacaatagat gttatcattt gttaggcctg cagacatttt     57300
     ttaaaagggg ggcagaggaa actctcctag cggccctgaa attcaaatct tctagttcag     57360
     aacagtacca taagggcact ttgttttcat ttctttgttt tttacaaaaa tatgagaacc     57420
     aaaatgcaag gaaatatgcc gttagaagac gcgtttctgt tggtgattac aatatataaa     57480
     taataacaga tttccctttt atatgctttt ctaccgatga aacctttcgt cccatgcgat     57540
     ttattttatg tatttattta ttttttgacc cagagtctgt ctctcttgct cagactggac     57600
     tgcagtggtg ccatcttgac tcctcacaac ctccaccacc caggttcaag cgattctcac     57660
     gcctcagcct cccaagaagc tgggactaca agtttgcgcc actatgccca gataattttt     57720
     tttttggggg ggtggtgggt ggagtttcgc tcttgttgcc caggctggag tgcaatggtg     57780
     tgatctcggc tcaccacaac ctctgcctcc cgggttcaag agattctcct gcctcagcct     57840
     cccaagtggc tgggattaca ggcatgtacc accacaccca gctaattttg tagagtgagg     57900
     ctcaaaacaa ctgagggaag gtaaatctca attctactaa taggtctaca caatattagc     57960
     actttttaaa aagcctgtaa cattagcatg tgagatggat atgtctatag tgcttcaagt     58020
     agttttcatc tctgaaataa ttttaaaatc acagaattta aagttacatg ctggaaagga     58080
     ccaatgacct tatgtgacat ttaattcaac acttgtttta cagatcaggg aaacaaacct     58140
     taaaactgac ttgcccaagg tcccaccaaa taggagcagt ttctcgtcct aaactcaaat     58200
     taagcagtgg ctctcaaact ttgctgcaca ttaaaatcgc ctgagaagct ttaatatctg     58260
     cctcatcttc cacatgagac attttaattt aattagtatt gggtatggct ttgggcatca     58320
     aggttcttgg taaacgtttc ccaggtgatt tcaatcagca gcaaagtttg gaatgattga     58380
     gctggggtga aaatcagaat cttctgggat gcttttcttc acagaaagat gcctcacatc     58440
     catcccgatt ttcctaaaag gcttctcagt gcctagagat agagggaaag tggagatggg     58500
     aagatacatg tatttgcaga cttgcatttt gaaaaaaacc ttgcataagt gatctcagcg     58560
     agttccacct atcccactga caacagtgca ctactgattc atgataaaac atttttcaat     58620
     atatcttctt gaagccaatt tgccctatta atttgttcaa taactttatt tcaccaatag     58680
     tgaatacacc aaatgattat ttctcaaact tgctggtggc aaattaaaac ttactatact     58740
     ctcaaaagta gacttctaaa aagtagaata atgaggaaaa aagcacaaaa ttagtttcag     58800
     caaaattaat cttcaaagct gcttttgaat tatatgctaa cttatcaaaa tctttggaac     58860
     tcagaagaag ccagggactc tagtcaaagt aatttttgtg tatgtgtgct caaagattta     58920
     agagacttgg ctgactacag acatttagtg attactcaat aggtcccaaa gctcaggact     58980
     tgagacagag tttgagttca gtttttgttt gaaacacaat ttcctctcaa ctattgttaa     59040
     aagggaggga ggaaagtgac attattatga gtgtaaactt gccactttta attgaagtaa     59100
     aagttattga caattgaatt agctaaaaag gctagtgcat ttgaaacaaa attgtttata     59160
     agctagttat gtttacagaa tgaaaagtta aattaaagat aaagacatta atattctaaa     59220
     ttagcacttt ccaaactgtg ttctaaaaat caagactaat aacccaagga gatgagaata     59280
     atgtacactg gacggcccct gtggagctgg tggtggtgtt ggttgttgtt ccttttaaaa     59340
     taaacttcat ctcagggtgc tctcaaagcg catctttgtg gcccacgagg tgctcatgca     59400
     caatgggaga aattcaaatg cagatacact gtggtgccag aagaagaaaa gctgttcctt     59460
     cttccaagga taatgtccaa agtagtgcac actgatttgg gcctatgatg cattgaaaaa     59520
     ctaagtttcc acaaaaaaca ttcaataaag ggaacctatc cttctcactg tgttcaacat     59580
     tgtctaaagg cataaagaca tcaaaaagac acactgtttc tgggtttgct tctttgctaa     59640
     ctgatttttc cttccaccac gacgtctaag attaaaagag aaactgatac ttaatattca     59700
     gaatctgaat atcaatatat ggttgactcc aatttcttaa gctgattgct gaagaggaca     59760
     accaaatggc tgaaataatt tccgaataaa ggaatctgtc cctcggcagc atagttgtac     59820
     tcacgatatt attgtcattg taagataatg ctggatggct gtgctgtcat caaggaatat     59880
     tgtcgaacac gagctgtatt gttgactgaa acgctcagta gatacctgaa ggggaaggga     59940
     agtgtaagtc aaacttatca aagtgtattt ttttctcagt taaaatgtca aatgacaaag     60000
     cactaagata tgtcttacac tccatgaact gcctgagtgt ggtatcatgt gcaatctata     60060
     gaaaacccat tggaggctct caacttccag agatgatgtt taagatatgg gttataaaat     60120
     gctgccctta atatggtacc tgtcatcaaa cctaacaagg attttatgaa ttaccgttaa     60180
     aaataatggg aaaagtcggc ttcgccgggc gcggtggctc acacctgtaa tcctagcact     60240
     ttgggaggtg gaggcgggca gatcacgagg tcaagagatc gagaccatcc tggctaacat     60300
     ggtgaaaccc cgtctctact aaaaatacaa aaaattagcc gggcgtggta gcaggcccct     60360
     gtagtcccag ctactcgaga ggctgaaaca ggagaatggg gcgaacccag gaggcagagc     60420
     ttgcagtgag ccgagttcgc gccactgcac tccaggccgg gagacaaagt gagactccgt     60480
     ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagaaagaaa agtttaaaat gagatttcat atttttttct     60540
     acagcaataa aaagcagcca agaatttcta ttaattaatt aattaattaa tttatttatt     60600
     tatttattta tttttgagac ggagtctcgc tctgtagccc aggctggagt gcagtggcgc     60660
     gatctcggct cactgcaagc tccgcctccc gggttcacgc cattctcctg actcagcctc     60720
     ctgagtagct gggactacag gcgcccgcca ccatgcccgg ctaacttttt gtatttttag     60780
     tagagacggg gtttcaccgt gttagccagg atggtctcga tctcctcacc tcgtgatctg     60840
     cctgcctcag cctcccaaag tactgggatt acaggcgtga gccacggcgc ccagtccttc     60900
     tattatttat ttactacgat aaaatgtagt gtattaaata atcctgctac aagagcactt     60960
     tattgcagtg aatacaagac taatgcattt actaaattac taatcctaaa cgtattattt     61020
     caggtgatat tgttacaaaa gaagtgtttc agattcaggg gctctgtgtg ccagggctgc     61080
     taggccacca acaagtgagg aagccatagg tttctctagt cctattttct tatgtggagg     61140
     ataaaaagag tatcacttaa atattctctc acaccctaaa aacaaatgac aacttaaaaa     61200
     atctaacttt cacttcatgt ttaaataaga ctgccaagac atgactcaaa tgagactctt     61260
     ggagaatact ttgcattcac ttcaaaactt gatcaattgc attctataaa tcatctgacc     61320
     tgcacctagc cattttcctg ctctacccct gctctctgcc tagaatactg cttttctctt     61380
     tccttgcttc agcaagctcg actccatcta ccctcttgga tctctttgtc ggcagccaca     61440
     ccaaaaaatg tatttttata cactaattag ttgaattcac cactgcttac aagatgctaa     61500
     ttcctgcaga gtattcccct catgagaaag tatgcctctc cataagagta agggagggcc     61560
     cttactcttc ctacctccag ctgctgagca tagaattttg agtaaatcca aaacttcgac     61620
     aagtgtttga caattcagtc atcatttgga aggtaagtct tactacattt aattacagca     61680
     aaaacactac taacagttta ctctttatag gtattattta aggtagtcac aaaatagaaa     61740
     caaataatct aacgtcagtc agcataaatg agagtatgaa attttacaat atttaacaag     61800
     aaatggaagg ggttacttag tagttttaag gtttaatgac aaaaactaga aaataatcgt     61860
     acctagtaat ttagtaagtc aaaaccaaag ccttaccatc aaaggtgcag tacccattgg     61920
     atgcggatgc ccacgcactg acttctgctg tacctgctgc ctctcatttt aacccattaa     61980
     aaatactaaa gttgttttcc ttgtagacat ctttcacctc cttggttagg tctattccga     62040
     agtactttat tttattttag tttatttttg cagctatcag aaaaggggtt gagttcttgg     62100
     tttgattcta agcttggtcg cttctggggt ataacagagc tactgatttg tgtacattaa     62160
     ttttgtctcc tgaaactttg ctgaattcat ttatcggttc taggagcttt ttggaggagt     62220
     ctttagggtt tcctaggtat atgatcatat catcatcaaa cagcaacagt ttgacttcct     62280
     ctttactgat ctgcatgcct tttattgttt tctcttgtgt gattgctctg gctaggcctt     62340
     ccagtagtat gttgaataca agtggtgaga gtgggcatcc ttgtcttgtt ccagttctcg     62400
     gggggaatgc tttcaacttt tccccctttc agtattatgt tgttgtgggt ttgtcataga     62460
     tggcttttat tacattgagc tatgaccctt gtatgctgat tttgctgagg gttttaatca     62520
     taaaaggatg ctgcattttg tcaaatgctt tttctgcatc tgttaagatg atcatgtgat     62580
     tttttgtttt taattctgtt tatgtggtgt atcacattta ttgacttgtg tatgttaatc     62640
     catccccgca tccctggtat gaaacccatt tgatcatggt ggattatctt ttttttattt     62700
     tttgagatgg agtcttgctc tgttgcccag gctggagtat gcaatgcggt gatcttggct     62760
     cactgcaacc tctgcctccg aggttcaagc gattctcctg cctcagccac ccgagtagat     62820
     gggataacag gtgagcgcca ccacgcccgg ctaacttttg tatttttagt agagatgggg     62880
     tttcaccatg ttggccaggc tggtctcgaa ctcctgacct catgatccgt ccgcctcagc     62940
     ctcccaaagt gctgggatta caggtgtgag ccaccgtgcc tggcccgatt atctttttga     63000
     tatgccgttg ggaactacaa aacattgctg aatgaagtca tggacacaga caaatggaaa     63060
     gacacccatg ctcatgaatg ggtagaatga atattgtgaa aatgaccata ctgccaaaag     63120
     caatctacaa attcaatgca actcccatca aaataccacc atccttcttc acagaactag     63180
     aaaaaacagt cttgaaattt atatggacca aacaagaacc ggcacagcca aaacaaaact     63240
     aagcaaaaac aacaaatctg gaggcatgac attacctgat ttcaaactat actataaggc     63300
     catagtcgcc aaaatagcac ggtactgata taaaaatagg cacatacacc aatggaatag     63360
     aatagagaac ccagaaataa actcaaatac ctatagccaa ctgattttca acaaagccac     63420
     ctaaaacata aagtgaagaa agtaaaccct attcaacaaa tggtgctggg ataattggca     63480
     agccacatgc gggagaatga aactggatcc tcaactctca ccttacacaa aaatcaactc     63540
     aagatggatc aaggacataa atctatgacc tgaaaccata aaagttctag aagataacat     63600
     tggaaaaacc cgtctagaca ctggcttggg caaagacttc atgaccaaga acacaaaagc     63660
     aaatgcaaca gaaacaaata ggtgagactt aactaaagag cttctgcaca ggaaaaggaa     63720
     caatcaacag agtatacaga caaccacaga gtgggaggaa atcttcgcag tctatacatc     63780
     tgacaaaggg ctattatcca gaatctatga ggaactcaaa caaattacaa ttacaaaaat     63840
     atggaaccag cccaaatgcc catcagtcaa tgagcggata aagaaactgt gatatacata     63900
     catattatat atatatatat gaggaatacc acctcagcca taataaggaa taaattcatg     63960
     gcattcccag caacctggat ggaagtaaga ctattattct aagtgaaata actcagcatg     64020
     gaaaaccaaa tatcatgttc tctttcctac gtgggagcta agctatgagg atgcaaagcc     64080
     ataagaatga tacaatggac tttggggact tgggggaaag gctgggagga gggtgaggga     64140
     taaaagacta caaattgggt tcagcggata ctgctcaggt gatgggtgca cctaaatctc     64200
     acaaatcatc actaaagaac ttagtcatgt caccaaatgc cacctgttcc cccagaaacc     64260
     tatggaaata ataaataaat aaataaagta cagcattttt ctcagcaaac ataaaataaa     64320
     acaaagacta aagttcatat ttttcactct ccttttgggc aggacaaatt ttagataggt     64380
     ttttaaagaa ttagtaactt ttttcctttt tccgagacag ggtctccctt tgttgcccag     64440
     gctggagtgc agtggtgcaa ttatagttaa ctgcagcctc aaactcctga gctcaggtga     64500
     tcctctgcct cagcctcctg agtaggtaat atgaaaggcg catgccacga ggcctggcta     64560
     atttgttatt taaccttttt gtagacatga ggtcttgcta tgttgaccag gctaaaaatg     64620
     aacaaatctt aattaactta aatatttcta acaccttggg cattcaggaa aacagctcca     64680
     tttatgttgt gaagtaatgg gaagcatatg gcagtggata aactttgaat gaaaatatta     64740
     aacaaggcct taggagaaaa gtgtaatatg cttattatag atacattaat ttaaaaaatt     64800
     ctctggctta atatcattat actcaaatta gactttgatt taaacatagg tcctaaattt     64860
     ggattaaata taatagattg accacaaatt tatttcgtct ccctctggaa gcctcattag     64920
     tcataaaata aaggttacac ccatgaccag cacagaaggt tgacagagat aatttttagt     64980
     aaatgctgag acataaaaag tagacaaagg agtggtaaat aacacagaaa cacaactttg     65040
     ctgactacag aaagtgactg gaacagaagc gagccagttt gtcttgcaga actaaaggca     65100
     ggttgtgaac ttacaggcaa atggcacttt ggaaagtagg gtaaaatgta aaaaaaaaaa     65160
     gccagcaagg tcagttgcaa atctctaact agagcccaaa gtctacctgt ccttccatct     65220
     gacaagaaac ttagatgtgt gttctctgga tatatcaaac ctgagaattt ctggctcaga     65280
     gatactatgg cttaaacctg agatataaag aaaactgtac accaaaaatg gaactccaac     65340
     tttctttgct aactctgctt ttcctttcca ggcctgcttt tactttccag gcagaaaatt     65400
     gggagatcct tctcagaaga aactgaaatg tcttcagtaa agatccccag ataatacact     65460
     gaggtctccc aaatgaaaag ctagtcaggc ttctaaggcc tcacactgag tgctatcagt     65520
     taacagaaat cctgcttcca aataaagcag gccagggacc accacacatt ggagggaagc     65580
     ctccaagaaa agagatcaaa acaatagaaa aaaggaattg ataggaccag tcaaaatcag     65640
     gagcaaaact ttaaaaaaaa aatcttaaaa cactctcaaa aaatataaaa ttcaatagaa     65700
     atagtagagg ataaagtcac agaatatccc agaactagaa taaaaagaca aactgaaaaa     65760
     aatagaaggg gaaaaattaa aaatcaatgc aggtgtactg gtctaagcag cctagcatct     65820
     gaagaacaag actatcagta aaaaagtaac agagaaaata aaaaaaaaat tctcaagaag     65880
     agatagtctg caggtttagt agcctcaata aaatgaaaag atccccaaca agctgttata     65940
     aaatttcaga accttagaga gagagattct aaaaagcttc cgcagataac taaaacctgg     66000
     ttgtaaataa catatcacac actggcaata gattcaagaa caacactgta ataagagcac     66060
     aactgcaaaa tgtcttcaga accatacaat ttagattcaa cctagaggtg tactctctat     66120
     caaagaggag ggattttaac atctccaccc aggaaaatgt gttcaagtac aactagagac     66180
     gataacagga cagaaggaaa cacagaatct aggactcagg agatcccaca caagacagca     66240
     gttacgtgag atcccaaaag actttaagga gttagcccag aaaagcagac attgagcata     66300
     tctagggaaa cccacgctat attgaactag gatgacaaaa ggccaaagaa agttgccccc     66360
     cacacacaca taaaaaggaa cagatgtgtt tttgcagatg gaaaatatct ttgaaaggca     66420
     tgtgataaat gctacaatac ttgggggaaa aacagctatt agaaaatagg caaatgaata     66480
     tagtcagaaa attagcttca tgctaaaaaa taatggatgt gaaagcaaac agagcaccca     66540
     gaggctactt aatgatattt ggatagataa actaacatag gctaggaaaa aagaagatcc     66600
     aggagaattg cagaagtgct cagatttcag aactgtttca gagacaggat gaaggacatg     66660
     gaatgcagag gcacagtgaa aacaccatat gacttagcag tgaataatat ttgcagagtc     66720
     ataatcatgt aaatattact gatttaatta aaaagtgtgc tacaattgga agaaacacag     66780
     ggagaaacat aagatcatgg tgtagcgagg aagatacgct tttacccgct gtgatagaaa     66840
     gtcaatagac agtgctggca attaacttaa ctattctatt tttgttcttt cattaaaaat     66900
     aagattaaat atttaaggca cttttttttt tttttttttt tttgagacag agtttcgctc     66960
     tgtcgcccag gctggagtgc aatggcacga tcttggctca ctgcaacctc cgcctcctgg     67020
     gttcaagtga ttcttctgcc tcagcctcct gactagctga gattacaggc atgcaccagc     67080
     acgcccggct acttttgtat ttttagtaga tacagaattt caccatgttg gtcagggttg     67140
     tctcaaactc ctgacctcag atgatcagcc tgccttggcc tcctaaagtg ctgtgattac     67200
     agacgttagc caccatgccc agccttaagg cagatctttt gaaccagact attgaaattt     67260
     aacttaaatg tcagaaatct ttaaaaggtg gacacgctaa gctaaacact tttctggata     67320
     aatttaatac tcaggaaaat agaagagatt tagaaaatcc acaaaaagag gtccatgcta     67380
     ccaccaccag gtccacattg taatttaaag aaatcaagag agacatcctt ttatgtcaaa     67440
     ctatcaattt cttaactatt tgagtgttta cttacatggt ttgtacagtt gcttcttctt     67500
     atttctacaa ctaagaataa aaaaaaaaaa aactggtcac ttctgataca aataccataa     67560
     aataaaagta gttgttaaca tcttactgat tactcctatg taaaatgaga caaaattcca     67620
     tttaaaaaaa taattttcaa taatttataa tttaaattat ctggcatgat taatttcata     67680
     agtcaaatct aaaaacttag tttttcattt agtttacttt ttgtttctat tacatacaaa     67740
     tgaaagaatc ctcatgtaca aaagaaaagg gtaaaaaaat taggccagat gaaaaattta     67800
     gctaataaaa agtttaactg ttgcatatat gagccatgat ccattagtat tctctcattc     67860
     tgcatttaca catagcttac tttaattatc agactctaag agctaacagc tctaagaact     67920
     acgtcctgac cagacaccta tctctagatg caacagaatc cctgtaagca tcttgaacca     67980
     cacttagtgg ttatctacta atatgtcact aaaaacaaat caaaattaaa aaacggtctt     68040
     tacacaactg gaaagtaacg tatcttaatt tttttttttt tgagatggag tctcactctg     68100
     tcacctaggc tcgagtgcag tggtgggatc tcagctcact gcaacctcta cctcccaggt     68160
     tcaaccaatt cttcagcctt agcctcctga ctagctggga ctacaggcac gtgccaccat     68220
     gcctagctaa tttttttttg tatttttagt agagacagag ttacactgtg ttagccagga     68280
     tggtcttgat ctcctaacct cgtgatccac ccacctcagc ctcccaaaga gctgggatta     68340
     caggtgtaag ccacagagcc tggcctaaat tttgatgtta aaatgagtat acaaacctaa     68400
     ttggacatgg tgtctgaagc tcaaaaaatc attttttttc ctctaaaaag aggccagaat     68460
     aataaaagcc ccaagaggga cttgggccat gctttgtttc ctacactgcc tctgcctttg     68520
     atgctggaag ggccttgtag gcaaaagttc ctaccaccga agagtgaggg acatggaata     68580
     gcttttcttt tactgcttcc atgctctcta ggtgtgagaa gcccatggct ctggaaggaa     68640
     ctgggaaata caattctgat atgttttgga tatgttgccc ctccaagtct catgttaaca     68700
     tgtgaccctt aatgttggag acagggccta gtgggaggca tttgggtaat ggcagtggat     68760
     tccttatgaa tggcttggtc ccatccccat ggtaataagc aaattctcat tatggtaatt     68820
     taaaaggctg tggtactggc caggtgcggt ggctgaagcc tgtaatccca gcactttggg     68880
     aggctgaagc gggtagatca cttgaggtca ggagtttcag accagcctgg ctaacatggt     68940
     gaaaccctgt ctctaccaaa aatacagaaa ttagccaggt gttatggtgc ccacctatag     69000
     tcccaactac tcgggaggct gaggcaggag aattgcttga acctgggaga tggaggttgt     69060
     agtgagccaa gattgtgcca ttgcactcca gtctgggcaa cagagtgaga ctccatttca     69120
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagag tgtggtacct tcccccttcc cctctctctt tcaccgtgtg     69180
     gaaccacctg cttccccttt gccttttatc atgattgtaa gtttgctgag gccctcacca     69240
     gaagcagatg ttaaagccat gtttgtacag cctgaaaatc tttgagccaa ttaaacctct     69300
     tttttgttat aaattaccca gccttaggta tctctttata gtaatgtaaa aaatgaagac     69360
     aaattctaac cagaaataac tgactcaaga tgggcaaagt ctactcaaac tataaaaaca     69420
     aaggttacaa actcccgtgt tttactgtgc tgcattactt cgcacactat tatagaaccc     69480
     tcacttgtat tcttgctgtt taagtcaact ggaaaacttg gctgtgtatg gcttgttggc     69540
     aaataaatga ggatttaaca taacattagg gaaataagca ggagtagggc atgtttaaat     69600
     ttacatgaca tcaaatgaaa aagttaataa cctaaaactt ttgagtagca tgaacttgga     69660
     tgtggtaaat gaatgtggtc agaggactgt gtaagaggag gcccaaatca cagattcaat     69720
     ccctgatgat aaacaactat gttttttaat ttgtttaaat gaaaaccaag ctgaagccta     69780
     agttctatca ttcatcttta aagtgtactt tttggagcaa gggaaaaggg attataaata     69840
     aagataaatc cattaattat aaataaagat aaatccaaga attataaaga gaaatccatg     69900
     actcctccaa cacatgacaa attaattgtg ttgataaaaa gatggcaaaa tgtataaaca     69960
     aaaaggttac acgttttcac taacatcata acaactaaag gaaagtatat cacatattaa     70020
     aataagacaa gtgaacatgt gaaaaggtga aaaatttaaa ccaatatgag tttttctaaa     70080
     tactttctat aacctgatca aacaagagct tttattcttt ctcttggcgg aaaaaacaat     70140
     gttgtctcac catctgtttg agagttcctc tggaatattg tgcttgcctc tggattggca     70200
     gaagagttaa actccaaagc tatatgcata gaggaagaaa agaaaaagag atgcaatcat     70260
     tgataaaaat ttatcaactc gtttattcgg ctgctgcatt taggctattt cactatctct     70320
     actttgattc ttatccattg aaatgaatgt atagacataa gatagagcca ggcaagatgg     70380
     cacatgcttg tagtcccagc tactcaggag gctgagatgg gaaaatcact tgaacccagg     70440
     tcaggaagtt gaggccagca tgagtaacac aatgacaccc tcctttattt aaaaaaaaaa     70500
     aaaaaaaaaa aaagaagaag aggtaaattt tggctttgag ttgtgtaaaa tcaactttgc     70560
     ataaaataaa tcaagatggc agtaagtttt aaaagacagt ctattttata ggcaaaatat     70620
     aagatgtatt ctagagtttt taaaattttt aaaaagtaaa ttcatcatat ctgtcacttc     70680
     catttcattc tgaggacaca gaaccttagt tctcttgagt agctgtcttc catagtcatg     70740
     tgatatctct aagttttcat ttcttcatta gcaatacata gggagaacat acacaggcct     70800
     tatttgtatt ggaaagggcc aagtgagaca tacataaact gtgttgtaat cctaaagaat     70860
     gacaataaag agccattttt gggctctcat ccaacactac ccatctacta actggtgtgt     70920
     aacatccatc aggctttcca aacatcacca agcagagtat aagtttatac aagtacttac     70980
     atgctttgtg tataaaggta caatcaatta attcacacaa tgcatttgtt tattctaaag     71040
     caatccttaa atatcttgaa atgtgaagat agtacttcca agttacaaag tcacactcat     71100
     aatgagtctt aattatccta cctctttaaa aattaagagc ccaaccaaag tttaaataga     71160
     agagctataa gacatttcct ctagagtaat gaaatctctg gcatttaaat gaaaccaata     71220
     agccaactgg atttaatatg tttatgatgc aatgttttct attttgaaaa tttcagtttt     71280
     tattcaagaa ccatattatt acccagaatt acttttactt agattcatct ctttgcaaaa     71340
     ttttagaggc aaaccaacta attgttttct gttttctacc ggctcccatc ccctgcctct     71400
     gccaacagtg tagagactaa aaaactccaa ctctttcctt ttttttttgt gagacggagt     71460
     ctcgctctgt cacccagcct ggagtgcatt ggcgtgatct ctgctcactg caacctccac     71520
     ctcccaggtc caagcaattc tcccgcctca gccttgtgag tagctggaac tacagtcatg     71580
     cgccactacg cccagctaat ttttgtattt tcttttttag tagagacagc gtttcaccat     71640
     gttggccagg ctggtctcga actcctgacc tcaggtgatc cgcctgccac agcctcccaa     71700
     agtgctggga ttacaggcgt gagccaccaa gcccagccaa aactgtaact ttcttatctt     71760
     tgaacaagat gctattgtca ggaggggaag ggacaaaggg ggagccacgg caacaaacac     71820
     tcttacaggg aagtctgaca ttttaacctg caatctttat attacacatt aaaagtctac     71880
     gttgacgttt catgtctttt gaaagttttg accgtgaacc aatccccacc tctcttttag     71940
     aacaaggagg taaataaagt ctgttaagtc accagaataa atctggagac acattttctg     72000
     ttaaagtaag aattttaaag taatcagagc ctcataggta aactcctttg agaaacccca     72060
     aacacacaca cacaaccatt tttctgcagc cccggctgtg acattttata cctttcacaa     72120
     ttattttaag cactctcctt ttttcttttt ccttctgtgt tcaaattaca gttagaagaa     72180
     actaagcagc ttctatcaag gtgacttaaa gcagcccatt aagaatacca tatagcctct     72240
     cccgtggcaa cctccattct gattttaaat aagaaatccc caaatatttg aataggaact     72300
     gtcctgagat ttggctactt taacaaagga aacaattagg cacttacctg gttccttcac     72360
     ttaggtacca tctggatagg ttcaaagaaa aattaagatg ggtactgaaa agttgggata     72420
     tttgagtttt tattgagaaa aggaagagaa tagctcaaag aagcctaaac aaagtcccac     72480
     aggataataa acagagctac agacactgtt gtctcaccat ctgtttgaga gttcctctgg     72540
     aatattgtgc ttgcctctgg attggcagaa aggttaaact ccaaagctat atgtatagag     72600
     ggagaaaaga aaaaggacgt aatcatttat aaaaatttat caactcattt attcaactgc     72660
     tgcttattcg acaagagcca taaataaatg gtcccatgcc agcctgggag aatgagatga     72720
     gagagcaaga actgggcgat tgggagggga ggtgaaaaga aactgactgg actcggtggg     72780
     gaaagactaa ggggtgggaa ttcaaggcag agccagcttt tgttcctggc cagcccccgg     72840
     gaaagctggc tacaagcaga aaggagctcg aagtgtggga tgcctcaaag ggaaccttgg     72900
     ggacagcagc agccagaggc aaaccgaggg tagatggcac ctatcacctc cttaccttca     72960
     ggcatctccc ggtcacgaac ctggtgcatg tggaggtcct caccaacttc aacagtcacc     73020
     tcagcaggct gtacagcagc agccatgggc gctcctgcca tcctgtcctc agctcctgcc     73080
     tcatagatct cagattcaga gggacacacc gacccctgct gctggtcaaa ctcgaggctg     73140
     acgctagggt gcacacgaca ggtcagtatg ttccccatgg ggcgcctcta ctgtctgcca     73200
     ccacctgtgc ctctgctcac agctttggcc acgcactccc gctgtcctag gccgaggcta     73260
     tgctgcactt gcagagatgg tcttcccgct cctcgcctgc ccacctcaca gtgcggcccc     73320
     gggcaccagc cctggccccg gccccggccc cggccccggc tagggctgcg ggccaaggcc     73380
     cgcaccctgc tgcctcccct gagttgactt gtctgggagg gtgaagacca gccggcttat     73440
     ttaataggtt gtgaacccaa caagcgctga gagacacaac aactgcctga agagagaaca     73500
     gacggagctc ctcctccttc tgtagtcacc tacagactga agcccactgg ccccaggtgg     73560
     gagcccaggc atgtggcaca caatgcccca ccccacactt cacaatgccc tccccgacac     73620
     ctcacagtgc cccaccctgc ctgccacccc tccccaacag ctcagaatgc ccctgccttg     73680
     gctgccccac cctgtggctt atgatgctgc tgctctcctg gcccctcgtg cagtgccaat     73740
     gggactaagg ttttcattca tcaccagctt cctgagattt tagtcctaag aaaagcacag     73800
     ggtagttcat tcctcgaagc cagcttcctc tacgagttct acacaaagcc tcagtagagt     73860
     gggtcccatt agcaaccaag ttgaacaact tttatttgct gtctgaatat agatacacct     73920
     gaattgttga ctgcttttgt aactaaacac tcctctcctg tcttccaacg agtggtcatt     73980
     tttgtccgca acttgatcac agcaatccct ggggccctag ctctactctc aataaagagt     74040
     tatggctgtg tgttttgaat gacaccttag gacccatcct gcctccacct ccttctccat     74100
     aaaatagaaa cctaacttgt ccctccaagc tctgaaatgc tgaaacttac caactccctt     74160
     ttctccccgc tatttcttcc ttccatggca gggactttca gattttcttt cttttactaa     74220
     caaggcacta aacatgattt tctcatacaa aatcgagagc cataaagtgg cttaccacag     74280
     tcctatttca ataaagatga atactcgaca tctggcaagt agtgtgtgcc tgacagtgtc     74340
     cccactgtgc tatgctcatt taaccctcag aaacaatctc atgttacaga ttttacagaa     74400
     gttgttggga cagagaaggt aagtaaaccc ccccaaggtc acatgactgc taagggtggg     74460
     gccatagttt gatcccaggt agtctgaatt ccccaattgc ttaagcatga ttatcagaaa     74520
     gtatagcagt ctgttttcac actgatataa agaaacacct gaggttgggt aatttttaaa     74580
     ggaaagaggc ttaattgact cagtttcaca tggctgggga ggcctcagga aacttacaat     74640
     catggcagag ggggaagtcc ttcaggaaac ttacaatcat ggcagaaggg caggtccgac     74700
     ttacatggtg gccgcacaga gagtgggaac atgtgaagga gcaactgtca aacatgtata     74760
     aaaccatcag atctcagctg ggcacggtgg ctcacacttg taaccctagt actttgggag     74820
     gccaaggcag gtggatcaac tgaggtcagg agtttgagac cagcctagct aatgtagtga     74880
     aatcctgtct ctactaaaaa tacaaaaatt agctgggtgt ggttgtgcat gcctgtaatc     74940
     ccagctactc aggaggctga ggcaggagaa tcactggaac tcaagaggca gagactgcag     75000
     tgagccaaga tcgtgccatg gcactcctgc ctggacaaca gagcaggact ccatcccaag     75060
     aaacaaaaca aaacaaaacc ctataagatc tcatgaggac ttactgaata tcacaagaac     75120
     agcatgagga taactgcccc tgtgatccaa tcacctcccc ctaggcccct ccctcgacac     75180
     atcgggatta tggggattat aattcatgat gatatttggg tggggacatg gcaaaaccat     75240
     atcagaaagt aaaggtagaa gtcaagcttg gatgggaaat gacattgtag attattatta     75300
     ttattattat tttgagacga agttttgctc ttgttgccca gtgaaattgt ttctctaatt     75360
     tcattttcag attgtgtctt gtagatgtat agaaatacaa ttgataaatg attctggcta     75420
     ttaacctttt atgcttcaac cttgctgaac actatttttt tttttttttt tttgagacgg     75480
     agtttcgttc ttgttgccca ggctggactg caatggcgtg atcttggctc actgcaacct     75540
     ccgcctcccg ggctcaagcg attctcctgc ctcagcctcc cgagtagctg ggattgcagg     75600
     catgcgtcac catgcccagc taattttgta tttttagtag agacggggtt tctccatgtt     75660
     gatcaggccc acctcagcct cccaaagtgc taggactaca ggaatgagcc atcgtgccca     75720
     gccagattcg tatattttta aaagaatttt ttttactttt tatttttttt ttttttgaga     75780
     cagagtctca ctctgttgcc caggtagtgg cacaatcatt gctcactgca acctccacct     75840
     cctgggtcca agtgattctc attcaagtgc ctaagcctcc caagtagctg ggattacagg     75900
     atcccgcccc catgctcagc taatgtttgt atttttagta gagatggggt ttcaccatgt     75960
     tgctcaggtt gatctcgaac tcctgacctc aggtgatcca cctgccttgg cctcccaaag     76020
     tgctgggatt gcaggcgtga gccaccactc ccaaacagaa caacattttt ttgatgtgga     76080
     ttttaaaatg cctccccttc tttcaacatt aagtcccttc tacatgccag gcactgtatg     76140
     tgtgaaatag tcccaactct caatgagttt aggcagatac acaaacaaag gcttaaggag     76200
     gtcagttttc tgagaccata ctgctggaca gtatatgaac ctgggataca aacccacctc     76260
     tatttgacct caaatttgat gctggggtgg ttttaatttt attctgggaa tttcagtcat     76320
     tcaaccataa aaaggtgaaa agtctctgtc agatgtgcgt gtagtggtct gtataataaa     76380
     gactgaagga agcaaccaaa ccaattaaga gactttctct aaaggcagag taatgctaag     76440
     ggcagtggca gtgacaaaag tggaggaaaa agtctgtgat catttgggag acagaatagg     76500
     aagtgcttgg tcatgagatg tgaaagaaga ggggaagtag aaggaaaaca gagctgctca     76560
     ggctctgctg gggaagactg ggtatgtagc agtgccttcc tcctggccga gaatgtagga     76620
     agagaaatag gtaaggagga aaagatagtt ttttactctc agtgtcacat taaaatggaa     76680
     ctctctggtc aaaagttgaa tataaatctc tgtaggctaa gtccatttgt gacatcccaa     76740
     catatgtttt caaaaataac atacacacta aatcaagcca ttaagcgtaa ctggggaaat     76800
     ttcctaaaat ttacatgcta aaaaatcacc atttttcatt tattactttc atggagcaac     76860
     tttgaatcta tggttacagc aggtgaggca ccttgtataa aataaagcta atacatgaaa     76920
     taaaaccatt taaaattcta ttgttctcag agaatggaga aagcaattga agccatgggt     76980
     gtggaggtga ctgccttgag aagttgtgta tagtaaggag aactgggaag aaagaagacc     77040
     tggagaatag ggtgatttgc acggcattaa gtgaagcttg aaaaagtgag cactgggagt     77100
     caagagacat gtatgaatca ggaatggctg ctcctgtgag ttgttagaaa ggagatgatg     77160
     ccttcttttc atatctataa cagtagcacc tagcacagtg cctgttcaat aggtactcga     77220
     catgtattat cccaatgcag agtcaaattt tgccaggaag gcaggaaagc tacaaattag     77280
     ctatggcaac ttagtgattg ggcttgtgtg tgtgtgtgag tgagctggat gtcaggcagt     77340
     gggcaaagta gtgaactgga ggtgagaaaa caatgacaca aactcagggc ttctcttccc     77400
     aagtatttgg ctgagaagag agatgtagta ttaaagggag atatgtggta aaggaagact     77460
     tttatttcaa gattcaacaa aagcgtgagt atacttctat gttaaaggga aagagccaat     77520
     agaaaaaaca catttttgag gttagaagag aaggaagaac taatgcagaa gggccccaaa     77580
     aggcacaggt gcgtgcaatc cggatcaggg acagattagc tttggattcc tacaaaagca     77640
     agaagggaga aaggaccatg tgacactaga gctatttctg gtaaaggaaa ggtttgggaa     77700
     aagatctttt gatcaccttt attttaacag aatgtttttt tttttttttg agatggagtc     77760
     ttgctctgtc acccaggctg gagtgcagtg gcacgatctc ggctcactgc aacctctgcc     77820
     tcctgggttc atgccattct cctgcctcag cctcctgatt agctgggact acaggcaccc     77880
     gttaccatgt ccagctaatt ttttgtattt ttagtaaaga tggggtttca acgtgttagc     77940
     caggatggtc tccatctctt gacttcgtga tccgcctgtc tcggcctccc aaagtctggg     78000
     attacaggcg tgagccactg cacccggcta gacttaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aatactgtgg     78060
     gaaaaaggat attatgtata gaaaagtcta cacttcttga tacaactaac taaaaaaagc     78120
     ctgatacact aaacaaaacc caaataatgt cttccctaaa agtgggtaac ttgaaaagca     78180
     attcgagcaa aaatcaagga gttcaattat aaataagtat atcaacaaag tgaaagatgg     78240
     gtttaatttt tcccacaaaa agttaaaaga aataacagca gttttagagg aagaggaaaa     78300
     aataataaga aaattacatg cagttgcaaa atgtgtgact atttacaaac tctaacatat     78360
     aactacaaaa cggaccagaa gaatcattat cataggaagc aaagggtcat ttcaaaaatc     78420
     agaggaggga tgattcatat ttaatttaat tctgtggaaa aaatttaagt aacctttgag     78480
     gacaaaaata ggtgatatgt tgaaatgcgg gaaaccacag tggaaggaaa aagaattcaa     78540
     gaaagctcag tttcagtaac cagtatctag taaaatcttc aggacctaga ggctacaatc     78600
     tgcattaata gtgtctgaag acctagaaat gtcattaaat accattttgg ataattcttg     78660
     tagacttgag atgatgtcta tttaaagtta caaaatagtg cccgtatttc tgtattcatt     78720
     acagacaaca attggatatg gaaaagaaac taacatgcta tgccacaatc tctaaagaaa     78780
     gattagggat gtttcagctt aaagcaagaa taatcacaat aaagttttac gaccctttgc     78840
     aagcatatat gaaaaactta caaaaagttt gtaatgatct tttcttaagc taagagaatg     78900
     gaaaaaatga gaaaaattaa attataaaat gaaactttgg tttagaggta agaaacattt     78960
     gatgacagtc aagagatcag ggttgtacag tgtattatgt gaatgttgtg actcattggt     79020
     ttcatcttgg atatcataac ttgacatttt gtaaaagtga tttttcatgg gagttttttc     79080
     aggtgccctg aaaagtcctg tcccatgaga agcgaataat agtcttccat attcttgcga     79140
     tatcttaatg aatagcatct tctacagtct tccattgttt agtccttgga gagacactga     79200
     ctgaagctgt gaggtttcac aatgacatgt cagccaaata catatgctca gatttaccat     79260
     ttatcaagag gtcttcacac tatcaattgt gcaattatca ttctacacac aggcagtgat     79320
     aaagggagta aaaaaccaca gccatggatc gggagaccaa ggtacctcca gaggagtcca     79380
     gtgggtccag aagccctttg gatgttggtc agaggctcct cttgggcaga gatcacagca     79440
     gcagccaaca ggtctggtga aatccttaag agttctcatg gacaaagctt gtgaaggcat     79500
     cttagacaag atcttgtctt tgctggtttt atgatcctct gcagatgggt ctattctcat     79560
     tatctcagcc acctttcact tcctatcagt tcagttcagg tctctcatga tcccaggcag     79620
     cagtagttgt tatcacgtga gttcattcat atatgtttat ctctttgggg atggggggac     79680
     aacttcactg tggacttaat tctactggag atgagtgacc ccattttaag acaacaggat     79740
     cacaaattat tatcacatat cagcagggca gacaatagct acgacctggg gctgaaagca     79800
     ggtaactcca tttatcctgt aaacattgtc ttgattatgg tgccagttgc tgtgagggat     79860
     ttcctttcca ccacctgttt ttcacaaggt ttgagtctga actgctaaca ttctactgat     79920
     ttctgggtga agggactgac tgcaccatcc taccctgtca gagcacttgc cccagtactt     79980
     ccactttaag agttttccac cttgtccaga actacagtcc attaatcccc tcattttctc     80040
     tcttaagaga ataaacaggc caggcgcggt ggctcacgcc tgtaatccca gcactttggg     80100
     aggctgaggc gggtggatca tctgaggtca ggagttcgag accagcttcg cctacatagt     80160
     gaaatctcgt ctccactaaa aaaaaaatca caaaaattag ccgggcgtgg tggcaggcgc     80220
     ctgtaatccc agctactcgg gaggctgagg caggagaatc ccttgaaccc gggaggcaga     80280
     ggttgcagtg agccaagact gtgccacagc actccagcct gggtgacaga gtgagactcc     80340
     ctctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaga aaaaagagag aaaataaaca acacatctca agtacacacc     80400
     cacatccctc ttatcccaaa taccaaacac acaaaaatcc aatctgtctc cttctaccta     80460
     agcaatttta gatagtcact gtctcataat taccttaagc tccctgactt gctgctcatc     80520
     ctttctctgg caaaatctca tccttggatg agcccgactt tgtgtttgct caatgacacc     80580
     actcacctga accagaaaaa atatcaaaaa gtggtcagag atatcatcat aaattcaaat     80640
     tacttacaca aaaaattggc cctaaatgtt tccagaaatc aataaaagtt ttgtttctcc     80700
     aatgacatca tttcttcaga aacccaatgt gtataaccta ttttttctat gttcttctaa     80760
     catttattca acttctctca tctgatatct tgccaaatca ttcaaagaga aaatatatcc     80820
     cattaggcaa gagcccacca tattcccatc acctgagaaa atcatatgca caggatgcac     80880
     ccacctcacc tttctctgcc tcatcatgtc agaaaaagta ccccaccttt tgtcacaagg     80940
     caaacctgag ataaaagatt tagatggcct gtaattccag cacttgggga gaccaatgca     81000
     ggcagattat ttgagtctaa gagttcaaaa gaagcctaag caacttaggg aaactgcatc     81060
     tctcaaacaa atacaaacca ttagcctagc atggtggtgt ggtggcacat gcctgtagtc     81120
     ccagctactc agggtgggga gcactgaggt gggaggatca cctgagctgg aaggttgtgg     81180
     ctgcagtgag ccgtgatcac gtcactgcac tccagccacg gtaacagata tttttaaaag     81240
     gatcttctct gttaaaaata atcaaataaa caggtggcca tgaggctgag gtggctgccg     81300
     tgcactcaat tcctccttaa ataaaccaaa acttgactca gtgtaaataa taaaaggaaa     81360
     tgtaagaacc aatcagaaac caccaactaa catctaacta gagaccttcc actgtaatgt     81420
     tccaaatgag gccactgctc cacttcaccc aatcaagtat tttctttttc ttccacattc     81480
     accatataaa attcttcccc caccctccct aagcctctct gtgggacctc tgagctgctt     81540
     gcagtctggg gctgcctagt ttatacattt ctgaatgctc aagtatattt tctaatgttt     81600
     caaagtggct ctggtgtagg aggttgttgg tggagtgacc cgagagtata caggaattga     81660
     gggcatatga gatctctgga ctctgcactc cattttgctg tacactcaaa actactctaa     81720
     aataataata tatctttaaa aatctataac tagcacgtag cccttttcaa gcctccaact     81780
     ggttggagcc agttcgatta aagctcagaa gaaaaactgg ttaataagct agttctgacc     81840
     caactggcaa gaagcggcag gaaagaccca ggccagggga gcatattgca catgcatgca     81900
     ccaggaaact ggaggaagct tggaggccct ttagcctggt cctgagcccg ctgaaactgc     81960
     agttacagca cagatgcctg gggcaccaat ctgaatctgc caacatccaa ggccacatga     82020
     acacaaatgc gcagtctcct ctgcgatcgg tagctaagga tgttaggcca tgattggact     82080
     aggatgggag atgaactgag aactatggat tctgtaggtt gttgttgtct cttcccaccc     82140
     caagcaacaa gtgatgaaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     82200
     cacatcccgt agtgactaac aggatctccc tccaggggat ttgcagaaag gggagcagaa     82260
     aacatcccag gggcctttca cagctacttc cttgagcccc ctttcagact gctgtctaga     82320
     cctgtcgcag cccaaacatc accaccctga tatgcagaag ctggcatcct tacctgaaat     82380
     tcaacaccaa gaaatgatct cttctactca acactgatag aaatacctct aagcaatgtc     82440
     ctcattggca ggggtggagt gggggagttt cttaaaaagt gaggcctctg cctaccacct     82500
     agagaacctg gaaatttcca tctgtgccac aaagtccaaa tcactggcca ctgccccagt     82560
     gtatggcaga ttagaacatc tctccattag atctgggttt ctattccatt gagtgaaatg     82620
     gcttttctat tacaggaaca gaataaggga tcaaaagggt cttacaactg aactccagtg     82680
     tacagtctgc acagacacta ggcttgtgca aatatgacac agcgaggccc caggaccctt     82740
     aagccagctg aatgtactga gtttcaggaa acagtgagat acgttcagca aaacagtggg     82800
     cttcatgctg aaagaagtca ttccaagtaa acacacatca cacacacaca cacacacaca     82860
     cacacacaca cacacacccc cgcagacacc ctagtggcca ataggtcctc tcaccaaaaa     82920
     cctgtgatca ggagagcaga aagcctccca ggggtccatc actgcccttt ctggagcccc     82980
     ttatcagatg gccagcccca ggacagcact gtctgatcct ggtccagtcc aaaccaccat     83040
     caccctgtga tgtgggagct ggccacttca ccagaacctc tgtgtcagaa aaatttctct     83100
     tccttttaaa atgatgaggg ggaaccttca gacagtgtct gattagggtg ggtggagaga     83160
     ggggtttcct agaaagtcag gcagggcagg gctgaagccc tctgggttaa ctgagtgctt     83220
     ttgatatgaa ggcaggtaag actggacagg tgggggtgtt agtgagggga tggtgtaggg     83280
     tgtgctgaag aactccactt gggctctcca caccagggaa aatgaccata aaacatccca     83340
     tcttcactgc tcagagaagg ctagatctgc tgtgagctag aaagccatgt gggggcagct     83400
     gatgagtcat caaatgggag aaatctgaga gccatgtgtt ccacaggcct ctggtccttg     83460
     ttcaggcagc agggcactgt gacatgtggc tccttggccc cttccagcca ccaccttgat     83520
     tgcatgctgc agggaaagag actgaagacc aagaatgggg tcttgctcac catgggatga     83580
     tggctcagta cagagctgag ctatgtatgg cccaagaggc agaatgtggg gatgacccag     83640
     gctgagctgg gggatccaac tgaacatgca cttgctaaga agctgtgggc tatgatgcct     83700
     tgggacccca gtctgggtct agaattgtag caaaacaggc tactggtaaa agttcttgag     83760
     aagccaactc acttttgctg tcatccatgg gcaaacaaac caagccccac cacttcccac     83820
     tccctctgaa agcctcctgc ccctctgatc gaccacacca caatggtgtc actctgtaag     83880
     gcacaggtag acaaggcatc cagccatgaa cactccaggg cgcacacatg tccagaatac     83940
     gctggttctt gttgagactc cactcttcca actcagacag aagctcccca atctcctcag     84000
     ccactcccaa caactggagg tctgaaaact ttcatgcatg ccgctatggt ctaaaccact     84060
     cgtggcggtt ttcattttca ttttcctgat aatcagtgat gctgagcacc tttccatatg     84120
     ccttttcacc aactggatgc cttctatggc taaatgtcta ttcgaatcca ttgcccattt     84180
     acaaatctgc ttttttgtgg gcttcttgat gtttttctct ttttttttcc tatttattta     84240
     tacaagttcc ttaggtattt tggatatttt ttaaaatcat tttcaattcc actgcccagt     84300
     tataattttt tttttttttt ttttgagacg gagttttgct gttattgccc aggctagagt     84360
     gcaatggtgc gatcttggct cacagcaacc tccacctccc agagtcaagc aattctcctg     84420
     cctcagcctc ctgagtagct gggattacag gcatgtgcca ccatgcccag ctaatttttg     84480
     tatttttagt agagatgggt tttttccatg ttggtcaggc tggtctcaaa ctcccggtct     84540
     caggtgatcc atccacctcg gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat tacaggcgtg agccactgtg     84600
     cccggccaat tatccctttt tgtgtttttt tggggggttg ggggaagaac agagtctcac     84660
     tctgtcatct aggctggagt gcactggtat gatctcggct cactgcagcc tccgcctccc     84720
     aggttccagc gattctccgg actcagtctc ccgggtagct aagatcatgg gcgcgcaaca     84780
     catgcccagc taacttttgt atttttagta gagacagggt ttcaccatgt tggccaggct     84840
     gttctcaaac tcctgacctc aggtgatccg cccacctcgg tctcccaaag tgttgggatt     84900
     acaggcggga gccaccactc ccgaacccat tttgtgtttt aacatcagtc aacactccta     84960
     ttttaaaata ataacaatga atggcggtac cttagaacaa aggaattata gatctttctc     85020
     ttgtcttagt gcagacattt tgtctataaa atgttattca cagatgaact catgagaaca     85080
     ttactgtgaa ttttaaatcc atatacaagt gtatgctcat tcatgaatat ttcaataaaa     85140
     taaaactaat agcaaaaaag aattccagag ttgaagcagt ttcaggaaaa aggagttggc     85200
     agtatgaagt aaaatagcaa aaaaaatttt ttttttaaat gggtatattt gtgtctacaa     85260
     ctttttttta attatagcat tagacaatgt gtatatagat acgtatataa agcaatggaa     85320
     gtggcattgt tttcatacta gtctagaata ttaaaaaata tgtaatatgt gatcagcaaa     85380
     ataatggccc cccaaagatg tccacagatt cctagaacct tacatgaaaa cggtacatca     85440
     tgcatgtgat tcaggtaaag accttgacat gaggagacta ccctggtgct atggaatgaa     85500
     cgttgtgttc cgtcactgtt catgtgttaa aatcctaacc ctcaaggtga tggcattagg     85560
     aggttaagcc ttacgggaga ctctgccctc atgactggga ttagcacctt attaaaggca     85620
     caagggagct tgtttgttcc tctcaccatg cgaagacaca gcaagaagga agcctctatg     85680
     agaaagcagg ccttcaccag acaccaagac tgccggcacc ttgatcttgc acttctcagc     85740
     ctccaggact gtgagaaaca aagttctgtt atttataagc tacctggtct aatgcatttc     85800
     cttgtagcag cctgtatgga ttaggacagt gggctcatgt ggatgatgac ggtgtctcca     85860
     ttcaggacta agtaagcaca tgagtcctta acagtggaag agaaggggga aggaaagagc     85920
     cacagagaca tgtggccata gaagaagggc ccatgggatg caaggttgct aatggtgaga     85980
     gtggagaaga gcccaaagcc aaaaaatgca ggcagactcc agaatgtgga aaaggcgaga     86040
     aaaaagatcc cctagagcct ctagagatga aggtagcctt tccaccacct agattttagc     86100
     ccagtgagat ccacatcaca ctctgacata cgggagtgta ataaatttgt tttatgccct     86160
     gacatactgg tagtttgttg tagcagcaat ggactagtaa tatataaata tatatataca     86220
     cacacacaca taaacactac ccccaccacc acacacacaa cataactatc tatatatacc     86280
     ccgcccttca aaactgaatc agataaacta cacattagca ttaacttagc tgggtgtggt     86340
     ggcacatgcc tgtagtccca gctacacagg acgctgagag ggaggatcac ttgagcccag     86400
     gagtttaaga tcagcctggg caaacacact gaggccacat ttcaaaaaca aacaaaaaac     86460
     acaacaaata tttgattaag ctcatttccc aaatttgaag aggaaacaat tattagataa     86520
     agaggagaaa agagaaaggt agagctgctg acttctgtgg tggaagcaca ggcacaggcc     86580
     caaacatact cctgtcctcc tggctttcct gtcccttctc ataagggaca caggaacctc     86640
     tcaaactgaa ccatggatca cagaaccata ctcagaacgc aatacagttt tgtctacaat     86700
     tttttatata tctgtgtccc tgtctctgcc tcccattccc aactccctta ctcttgttag     86760
     aaaaaaatgg ctattatcaa atatgagtac atccttatat actaatgcca actgatcacc     86820
     agctggtttt cttcttttac aaagtcataa atatttaggc tttaacacat cttccaagca     86880
     atagaatgtt attttccagt tcattaacac aaattctata tctaaaatga agacttcaca     86940
     agttgattta aataacatat taacgaaaat cgactggcca tggttcaaac tgacatttta     87000
     attaaatgtg atgataggtt gagtaaccta gcagtactct aaaatgactt ttggttatgg     87060
     ctttttccat attatgctta ggctgaggca tccctaaatg attcaattgt aattcccctt     87120
     cttaaacatg agatttatct ttacaaaata atttattttc ttaaaattac aagttaattc     87180
     tatagttcat gcatacataa tctcagtaga tatcagctgt atgtgtacac acatacatat     87240
     aggtatttgt atatacacat attacataat ttaaaaaaaa cttattagca gggtacaacc     87300
     acgaagacaa agaggctttg tgtaatgtga tggaaacaca actgcaggac aaacaacagg     87360
     ctgctgtgag ggctgtattt accctttctg atgtaagact tggaaaaaca tggatactgg     87420
     atatctaatc cccataacag aaaatttagg gtgcagaaaa cttcccacaa tttttacaga     87480
     caatgtcaat agaaaggcat tcaatgcagg gaatacacag tgtgacagta tacaaaaata     87540
     agcaggttga tggtttagat ttatgagaca agagaaagaa atagtagatg atgtcataat     87600
     tctcctttta tggagttatg aaaattcttc attttatata aggtcaggtg ctttcaaatg     87660
     tcaatgagaa aaatatttaa aggaagaatc aaatctaaga cgtagagaga tctttataaa     87720
     tgtgaacttc aggccaggca cggtggctca tacctgtaat cccagcattt tgggaggcct     87780
     aggtgggcca atcacgaggt caggggatca agaccatcct ggcccacatg gcgaaacccc     87840
     gtatctacta aaatacaaaa aatcagccag gagtggtgac gtgtgcctgt agtcccagct     87900
     actcaggagg ctgaggcagg agaatcactt gaacccggga ggcagaggtt gcagtgagcc     87960
     gagatagcac tactgcactc cagtctggtg acagagcaag actccatctc aaaaaaaaac     88020
     aacaacaact ttttttcatg ctgagaagat ataatcatca acacattctt gagcacaact     88080
     atgcacacag gcacttccgc attcacaagc catgctgtgt gcacacactg atgcccctag     88140
     attccttttt tgaagaggtg gtctcttggt gtgtcaccca ggctggagag cagtgttagg     88200
     atcatagctc actgcagcct caaactcctg ggttcaagtg atcctcctac ctcaggctcc     88260
     tgagtagcct gaactatagg aatgagccac catgcccagc caatattttc atttttttgt     88320
     agagatgaaa tcttgctatg ttgcccaggc gggtcttgaa ctcttggcct caaggaatcc     88380
     tcctgccttg ccctcccaac atgctgagat tacaggtgtg aaccattgtg cccagccacc     88440
     ggattcttta ttaagaagaa aacttgtttg ctgacatgta ggcaatgaat tgatgaatag     88500
     tagttcataa attactaatt tacaagtcaa tataaatgag ttgagtaaac acaaaataac     88560
     agcataaatt aataaacagt ttacgacctc aagtttcttt ttttccttta aaacattgct     88620
     ctgacagaga ctactacttg tccattccat ggaaaagtca gaggtggtta aaatgtcaga     88680
     ggtacactta ttaacacctt gctgcctttt gtgtagcttc ctctcagtac ttcaccagtt     88740
     gggattgaca cacctctcca gctgggttca ggagccagac aggagcacac agaacaggga     88800
     atccaaagcc atctctgaca ccaaaagcaa tgaaaacaaa aataaccaaa catattatca     88860
     agaaatgaac aagagatcga tatcaagtac agcaaaaaga gaagaaatca cttaatctgc     88920
     caggctttca ttctgacaaa ataatttaca acacgcatgt ctctatctga catgtgtgaa     88980
     tagaaaaata agaggtgaca atagagtaga ggattcgtct tccaattgtc tctgatctat     89040
     ccaacctttg ttacacatca gagagctctc caatttataa ataaacaaca gagatatgcg     89100
     gcaaccagga cacagagaca tactgagagt actgctcagc tctctgccta ggcctgattc     89160
     tgatgatccc tgacaatgag cactgtgaaa tttacagcaa atcagtacac atacacacaa     89220
     acacacaaaa gagatacttc atgggcaaaa agcatcaaag atataaaata aaatgcctga     89280
     aagaccataa aacaacttct gatgaaatgc tgttttcatt ttgcagtagt aaaatattca     89340
     ccaccaaatc tacaattagc ttaaaaatta caataagtac agtacttttg gatcccatct     89400
     ccaattcaca ccttatcaac atgtaataat cacactgcat ctacaacaaa gctggatgga     89460
     ctttatgtgc tgaatacaac ttgtacacta agaaggaaat tttttgaaat aatgagaata     89520
     caaaatttgt atgccatgct ctacttcaca agttaaaaga aaatacaatc atttctattt     89580
     ttaaaatgca tcgaaataaa atacagaaaa gagtattcta ataccagtta acattaagag     89640
     aatatatctc taaaccaaag atcttggatc ttctagaaag acaaaatcag ctggtatata     89700
     tttggataag aaaaaaaaat taagagatca agaaaggaga gaagacgttc gcacagaatc     89760
     atctccaaaa atggctttct gacgcattcg accagttttc aagtctattt gtttttcctc     89820
     ctttggcatc aacagcctat atcaccaagg atatgcaaaa taattcaatt tgtacattaa     89880
     tcagctaatc tagaactgga aatatagtca atgaaaatac aaaagaaaca gaaaatgtca     89940
     atgaattgct taagatgttt aagatgacat agcgtaggga aaaaatgatc tgataaacac     90000
     cggaagagtt aataaggaaa ctgaggcatg gttccctaac accacacttc aaaagaactt     90060
     atagagagaa taaaggaata acccttaaaa aaaaaatcta attttagaaa aaaattgctc     90120
     aaaagggaag ttagggtttt atagatcttc tggaaagctg attaatttct aagctaaaaa     90180
     cgcatgatcc ttaagagaaa tggctgagtc caggcccaag gcaggaagag gacaaaatga     90240
     gcctggatcc tctggttctg tcagaaagta agaaatgctc aaagactaac agagacagtt     90300
     gaagggacac aggagacagg ccgaaggctc ccgcagccga atctgggaca gcataggcat     90360
     cagaaagtac aatgacagtg atggaaaata acccatggaa taaaacgcaa gtgcattagt     90420
     cagccgtgat gctgaaacaa aggggagaag agaaagctct ttgttaaaaa tgccaggtaa     90480
     caaacttaga aggaatgaca gaggaataac atccattttg agtcaccagt gccataactg     90540
     atagagaaga ttatcagggg gctaaaatca ctggatgaaa gaaaactata tgaagctttt     90600
     taacgtagca caatagataa aagtatgaaa acataaatta gaaaaaacta aaaatcatac     90660
     cataagggat ggataagtta gaatacagga ataacaggcc aggcatagtg gctcacatat     90720
     gtaatcccag gattttggga ggccaagtcg ggaggattgc ttgagcccag gagttcgaga     90780
     ccagcctagg caacatagtg agaactcgtc cctagaacag aacaaaaaaa attagccggg     90840
     agtggtggtg cactcctgta gtcctagcta cttgcggggc tgaagcagga ggatcacttg     90900
     agcctgggag ttcaaggctg cagtgagcca agatcacacc actgcactcc agcctgggag     90960
     acaaagtgag accttatctc aaaacaaaaa caaaaacaaa aacaaaaaca aagaaaccac     91020
     aataacaaaa aaacactggt aacaataaaa tcatgattac ataaagactg tatagaaaaa     91080
     aaatcctcag aatatagaaa taaaattatg tattttacct gtagctatat tagaagagag     91140
     tattcttgta gacaaggatg actagaagga tatgcaaaaa tgaaaacagc taataacact     91200
     cattacgtca ggcactgtgg taggtagttt atgcacattg taacaaatta tatactacat     91260
     tatctcaaga ttttcagata aattttactg ggagtcataa atcaatacaa caaaatcaat     91320
     gttttgcaaa catccactaa gcataaaggt atacaaattc ccaacccaga ctgaaaaata     91380
     attcacataa gccacacatt agtggaaacc tacccatggg agataataca acataatcta     91440
     aataaaactt tcagagacaa ggcatgtggc ttctggacag ccacaaactc cctgactctg     91500
     ctctagtgtt tcggccatca aaagaaagcc aagtggcctc aggtctctga aaaaccaaaa     91560
     aagcaaccta tggaagatgg cgtggtattt gaggaatatt tgaagtctgt tgaaaaatgc     91620
     atcctgtatt ttttttcaag ataagactcc cttgtaatgt caggtaagtg aagagccctc     91680
     agagacacat gcacacacaa agaaaaacaa aacgacatag aatgaatccc accaaaatgt     91740
     gttatgatgg cagaattatg ggtgatacaa tcttctgtaa tatatctttt tattaaaaat     91800
     agaaaaaaag cagacttacc cttgattatc tatagcctct gacccaagtg gtttggaatt     91860
     ggaaagcagc gtcactcgac ttgaagccat cttggcatca atggtggagt aggtggagat     91920
     gagactctgg accagctcat gggtgagccc caccttgtcc tatcaaggcc accaagaaag     91980
     ggcacgtgag gaaagcacaa agatcctgga gagacactgg tttcactcag tttctcaaaa     92040
     ttatcttaga cacatttcct gagatctttt cttaatgcca caaacaccag agaagaaaat     92100
     ccttataaca aagcttgaaa tggatcccca tctccattaa acttgtccaa agctcagtga     92160
     gtatataacc tgataaccta aacacctagc tagaaaaacc tcagttccag tgctacaaca     92220
     gtgctagctt ttctaacatt tttaaataac cctgctttta acccaataaa attcaactac     92280
     agaactaaga aataaatatt ggaaatccac tttaaaataa tgaggagacc actgtgattg     92340
     agaaaaagaa aaagacaaac gagagctgga aagcacactg attttgtaga aacagaaata     92400
     agccgtgcag gtgccacact ggcagcagtg cccgcgctgg ggccacggat caaggaggca     92460
     tggaggacag gactcttctg cttggtacaa tgaaaaaatg gtattctttt tattctacat     92520
     attgacaata tgcatttggg cctttattat aagtacaaga gaaaaatctt caataaataa     92580
     aagctgagta cattactttt tttgattaaa aaatagatta ggaaagaata atgagagttc     92640
     agagcaaaga ctcctgcctc actgatgcct gaaaaccgtg gctgccacca aggtcaacac     92700
     agacagcgtc tttgtcatac agcacaccct caactccaga aacaggcaca taaaccagct     92760
     gctccttctt atttaaacag cacttctttt gttattcagg aagaacacaa gggtctggga     92820
     ggaaaccgat gtcactcatg gcaaaatgtt ctacccctgg aagacgggac ccaaaaagcc     92880
     agcttcaact gacaagaagt cagtaagtat ctactgttga ctggggggtt aaaaacgatc     92940
     cacagtccaa gggcttaacc catgacccta aagaagggca ttgtgccaca ctggaacagt     93000
     ggccctctag ctacaagagg tcagagaaga gggattcggt aacacctttg caggcctaca     93060
     catagctggc ttacttttaa aacctccagc aaggccatct tcccttgttt ggtcattttt     93120
     catttttcct gagaaatgaa gccatcccaa gaatcctatg tgcaattcta gtatgttcta     93180
     caacaagaga atacctggca tgtgaatttg gcttttatct ttgaagtgtg ctcctcttaa     93240
     ataaccataa agtgacacct gccggtcaca tttgatgttt gtttggatat cctccgggtt     93300
     tgtcaaatct tccatcctag aaaaataaac tcaatcatac agcagaaacg aatgccaaag     93360
     ttcctatacc tcctttcatg tgtcaatgac tcatcacact cttgtccact aagcacatca     93420
     cttaggaact agaaaatgca gaaataagga agcaccgttc accatccagc agaggaaaag     93480
     gggcaggcac acaactgtgt ctctaggctg aaagtgacat tcattccata agacaccaga     93540
     tgggagacga cgtctacctg gggtcaggga agagtgaaga acatatgcag aaaatccgtt     93600
     tctggaagag ggtgagcctg tgctctggga tttgtactgt ggcttggatt ctggcaggtg     93660
     gaaaaggggt attccaggct gagaaaatca cagcacaaag aagagcacaa aggaaggaaa     93720
     ctgaaggcac gcacgaagga ctccagcacc cgggcacgaa ggcagcatca ctgaaaaccg     93780
     aggctgaacg taggatgggg ccacatcctg tagccttaaa tgcttccaag tcctcccatt     93840
     ttcctaaaca tctcataatt aatttactcc caaaggcaca gcatctttga gcaatgatat     93900
     aagtagacat tttccatcaa ctgcacttct acccccacta ttcaaatagg cacaaaataa     93960
     atcctatcac tgttcttttt ctagcctttt tagctttgaa atacatggcc caggaagaaa     94020
     aagtttacaa tcacttttta cctgtctgcc aggatataag ggtgaaaagt ttgccatgag     94080
     aggcctaaac ttcataactg taataaaatg gcccagattg tggatttctt ggttttgata     94140
     ttctccatgc accattccag aaaggtagaa cagtttggca acctaaacat taaaggaaaa     94200
     ttaaaaatta aatttcaatt aaattctcgt caatactgca acaaaataaa agctctaaac     94260
     aagaagcaat cctaagaagg gagacttcca gcaaagccac tgtcctgagg cttccagagc     94320
     cttgctggat tctttcagga cttattagaa ccacacagag gcagactgct ctgcaaccaa     94380
     gccggtgcat ctgtctaagt atggtgagga gagggaggtg aggcctctga gcacagaaac     94440
     ggttctgtgg ccgatggacc acagcagtat ggaaaggaag gggcagtgcc tggtcctgta     94500
     actgggagaa acttctgatg tactctatta agtcccgact ccaaaacacc cagacattgc     94560
     ctggtgcagc aggtacggag acaaatgaga tacaccaaga ggcccagaat aaccactctc     94620
     ttgagggaca ccttccagag actgggaaca catacacaaa gggaattcag gaggcaattc     94680
     ctagagagat gtttagtaat gtctcttcag tctttttgtt tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt     94740
     tgtttgagat ggagtctcac tctgtcaccc aggctggagt gcagtggtgc actctcagct     94800
     cactccaccc tctgcctccc agctttgagc aattctcacg tctcagcctc cctagtagct     94860
     gggattacag gtgcatgcca ccacacccga ctaatttttg ccttttgagt agagacaggg     94920
     tttggccata ttgccctgag ctcgaaactc ctggcctcaa gtgatccacc tgactctgcc     94980
     tcccaaagtg ctgggattac aggcatgagc cactgtgcct ggcctcttta gtctggtttt     95040
     aaaggattat actgttagtg tctaacaatt atttctcttc ctacctggta aacttctgtc     95100
     cagaacctgt gttttaatcg cttctttgtc ttcttcagtt gcttgttatg cttgaaggag     95160
     tcgaggtggg tgagaactcc cagaatttta ggaaagccat gtgcttgaca gatgtttaga     95220
     aactcaaaca tttccatttc aaacccaaag ctggcatcta taagcatcag tacctacaag     95280
     cacaacacat tatttctcga agaaactacc aaaacagacc acctacacta ggggttggca     95340
     actggcccac gggccaaatc cagcccatca cctgtgtttg taactaaagt tttattggaa     95400
     catagccaca ttaattcctt tacatattgt ctatggccgc ctgtgcacta caactgcaga     95460
     gctaagtagc tgcagaagat atgatccaca aagctgaaaa tattcactat ctggccctcg     95520
     acagaaaagt cccactccag actaaatcaa atgactacac aggcatcacc cagacagaga     95580
     aaccaccacc ctctgacttg ctctaaaagg caaccataag acaaggccac taggatataa     95640
     acatccattt taagaattct aatgcatgag aagtaactca gaaaaggctg ggtctaacct     95700
     ggcccttacc taagaaatcc taatttaaag aaatgaagtt ttctgtaatg tatttttaag     95760
     ccaaataaca ggtctctgac atccaaagaa tgggaagaaa gtgataatca atgaaatata     95820
     ttaaatacgt acagaaaacc aacctcttct ttcaatctcc tcacagaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     95880
     tctttttttg ctgggaagta tacaatggaa acctctaact tgtatgttaa tttgtataac     95940
     tcaattgctc agaaatattt gaaatagcta ccagtttaga attaagtaaa aaaacagaaa     96000
     gattatgatg aatggtagtc tataagaaaa tataagcaga taagaccaat tttttttttt     96060
     tttttttttt ttgagacaga gtctcgctct gttgcccagg ctggagtgca gtggcttgat     96120
     ctcggctcag cgcaagctcc gccccccgga ttcatgccat tcttctgcct cagcctcctg     96180
     agtagctggg actacaggca cccaccacca cacccggcta gttttttttg tattttttta     96240
     gtagagacgg ggtttcacag tgttcaccag gatggtctcg atctcctgac cccgtgatct     96300
     gcctgccttg gcctccgaag tgctgggatt acaggcgtga gccaccgcac ctggccaaga     96360
     ccaattttta aaatttaaga cacttcaaag atgcaaaata atttcagaac tgattcctgg     96420
     aaacttgtaa ttttaatact aaagatagtt ctgtttctat ctttccatgg ataactaaaa     96480
     ataacacaaa atggaaacag aaatgcccat ccttgattaa actaggaaac attcaaaacc     96540
     caaaaccaca gaatatatga agttgggctt gtaggaaagc acagctgcca ctgcagacca     96600
     aggcagcaag cagagctctc cagcaacact ggaccagctc aaagaacagg tggaatatcc     96660
     tcacaccaca tctgatgcca gagtgccaag ggacaagcag ctggttgtag ggtcaggaat     96720
     aaaagggagc aaacagtccc tcagctgcca atctttgcca tctaagccag tgtcactccc     96780
     ctaatccaca cacgcacgta cacacccaaa tccacgtact gtgtgtgcct ctgctgtact     96840
     caggaggctt tgacaaccca gagcagagca atcaacataa gctagactaa ataaattatg     96900
     gtgcatccac agaatggaat gttatattaa aaagaaggag gcagagctac agtacttact     96960
     gattatacac cttcaagata tattacatga aaaaagcaaa gcatagaaca gtgtataaaa     97020
     taagctaccg tttgtgtttt taaagggtgg catgtgtgtt tatatgtatc tggaaggata     97080
     tacatataca tatacatata tataaaggtc tgcagggacc tgagagacca gaggttacag     97140
     caaggaaaga gaaaatgcgc attgtgtgta ccgtgcatta cagttagagt gctttaccaa     97200
     atgtgtgtgc tccttttgaa aatcttaaga tttacatagg catctctctc aatgatggtt     97260
     aagaggctgg gaaggggagc agggagggag ggacaaagag ggaaaggtta acaggtacaa     97320
     aaacacagtt agatagaata aattctagtg tccaacagca caatagggtg actataattt     97380
     attatataat tcagaataac taaaagaatg aaattaaaat gttcctaaca caaataaatg     97440
     ataaatgttt gaagtgacgg atctctgaat taccctgatt tgatcatcac acattgtatg     97500
     cttctatcaa aatactacat gtaccccata aatatgtaca actattatgt atccataata     97560
     actaaaacta aaaaaatgta aatgcatctc ttaatatgta tgtgtttaaa attagaaact     97620
     tgctacattt taaataaaag agaaacaaat gacttctatg aactattcaa tcatttcaag     97680
     tatacaagtt tagtaatctt tacacaactt tacattaatt acacttattt ttactaatag     97740
     tagcattaca tgttcaaaat ttgaatgtta tttagttttc tgacattaca atggcacaac     97800
     tttaaaatct gtattacttt ttcctttata ttttaggagt cttcctaggc caaagtataa     97860
     aatctgtagc tctagcaaaa actaaataaa aatgaaaaaa acaaggtatc tgtcacccta     97920
     cacctcctaa tcaatatggc ttattttttt gctaattttt tttttttttt gagacagaat     97980
     ttcactcttg ttgcccaggc tagagtgcaa tggcacgatc tcgcctcacc gcaacctcca     98040
     tctcctgggt tgaagcgatt ctcctgcctc agcctcctaa gtaactggga ttacaggcat     98100
     gcaccacctc acccgtctaa ttttgtattt ttagtagaga cggggtttct gcatgttggt     98160
     caggctggtc tcgaactccc gacctcaggt gattcaccca cttcggtctc ccaaagtgct     98220
     gggattacag gcatgagcca ctgtgtctgg cctttttttc tttttttctt ttttttgcta     98280
     atgtaaaaga tcatagaata tcagagatag tgaacattat catttccata aatgtacatt     98340
     ttccacacgc tgagtactat ctaaattttc tattgataaa ctctgaccac ttcttcaggc     98400
     aattcatgta cttactttag cattatcatt aaggatgaag gttctagaac catcaggaac     98460
     aagggtccca tcttcacaca agttacttaa ctgctgggag gctctatttc atcttatgta     98520
     aactatagat aatacctact cacctcaagg gtgtatcaag ggtttatgta agctaaattt     98580
     gtagaaagca gttagcacag tgccaggaag gatccaagaa gaaatggtac ttactatgat     98640
     atatttgtac atatatatgt atgaatgtta atgagctctt attagctgtg ttcattaaag     98700
     gttttctcca tcctgtgatt tgcttttaga ttttggaaca catttcattg tgcacattcc     98760
     atttgtatta ttaatatgac aacatttatt actaatatta ttatcatcat caattcaatc     98820
     acatctacta tatccctgat aatgaccatg atccttttaa taatcacaaa actctcttcc     98880
     cttcatcacg gggtaaataa cctaccacaa tgctgtaagt ctccatcagc accccaggct     98940
     gcccctgctc acttaccaga tctgctactt tagccagatc aatcatcatg ttaatgtcac     99000
     acccacattc aataatggtg agtctgcgct ttttacctat aagtgaaaag atgaaaattt     99060
     tactttaaaa agaccctgaa aaaactctaa ccatcaactc ttaattttca ttttttaatt     99120
     gcatccagta aaacaccaca tacgtttaca ggagtgtacc agaagttcat ttttataggc     99180
     aaaaactggt aaaataaatt ccatcctgtt tttcttcctg tgttctaaat ttagataata     99240
     tcaaaagcct acccagatga ataaaagtgc tcaaaacagg gaaaattctg actagacagg     99300
     ctccacgata accatgatct tgctgttcag ctgcaggcca atgtcttcac ctctatcaaa     99360
     atttcctgta ttcccactat cgctaaaaac atcctcaaac ataatgcaac agaatattta     99420
     caatgataat tatttctaaa ttaaggtaat aagaaaatga tcaagaaaat attggctggg     99480
     cacagtggct catgcctgta gtcctggcac cttgggagac cagggcaggt ggatcccttg     99540
     agcccaggag ttttgagatc agcctgggcc acatggggaa atcccatctc tacaaaaaca     99600
     taaaaattaa aaaaaaggaa aaaaaagaaa aattagccag gcatggtggc atacactact     99660
     caggaggcta aggtaggagg attgcttgag cctgggaggt tgaggctgca gtgagctgta     99720
     atcacaccac tgcattccag cctgtgccac agagcaagac tctgtctcaa aaaaaggaaa     99780
     ataaaatatg gatgcgccaa agataaagaa aagcctcaat ccaactatat tactgcaata     99840
     ataagagatt tcagagtgta cattgccatt ctaccactgg acgtttgttt catcttccct     99900
     caaacttgga aaggtcacca tctcccaaag cagacaaatt ctcataggaa aaagagaaaa     99960
     cgcgcacttc caccagcatg tggcttcata agggcaagca tgtgcacctg gcacatagga    100020
     ggtacgtgct gtctgttaaa tggtgtgttc gcagtgacca ggcctgtcag gcccttccaa    100080
     ggaacatgct tggcaaagcc atagagcagt caggataagg tatgtatcac atccttatct    100140
     ctgggaactt atccttttat gaagttatag ctaacttagt aaaagtaaga gagaggtaac    100200
     atgatatgac aatatttaac atgttccact caagaaaaca acaaacacac gcatgtccct    100260
     cagatgacaa cagccacgcc aagtctgtgt ctgtggcacc atctcctacc tgacacgatc    100320
     gtcacagggc ctctgatctc ggtgaacttc tgccaggtga agttccgaat gaggcattat    100380
     atcaaagtgc tctttccaac tttggaggcc ccgtcaccac taccggtatt ggtggcggct    100440
     ctagtggagt tccatcaacc actggaatat gatgcttttg tgtcttcaaa tccagagtcc    100500
     tatttattta aaaaagaaaa aaaaagtaaa ctcactttta aaatagagta aaaggtatca    100560
     accttataag tagacttttt tttagtataa ttacagatat gagtacttta gtatatttta    100620
     tagagagtac aacagacaat ataaaaatat aagtaacttg tcaattatta acttctgacc    100680
     cctatccaaa tcaattgctg ttcaataaag atgtaacaag atgacttcaa tagtatagag    100740
     ttgaaaatta aacacacctt aaatctgact gctttatgag tgatttttat agttttttaa    100800
     aaaccaaaag gtaaatactg aggcagtgca tcataacaga taagagcaga ggctctggag    100860
     ttaaatttgg ctctccgact tactggttgt atgattggag gtaacttgtt ttcttgacct    100920
     cagttttctt gtccataaaa tgagggcaag aatgattcct actctggtaa ggctgctgga    100980
     aggatttagt tgaataacgt ttaaagtaca ctgctaagaa tatcataagg actcactaaa    101040
     taaagctatg ttagtattac atattgtaat ttttgtattt tatattacaa ctttgtaaaa    101100
     catatccaga gggaaaaagc acacttatca ccatagaaac agtttaaagt ttaggaagaa    101160
     tcaaattcta taaattcttg tatcttgggc aagaaacgcc aaccagtgtg cagatgctgg    101220
     aggcaaggca gcttctatgg caagtcttct cacgttttag taaaagccac acagcatgca    101280
     tctccatgtc ctttggagct ggactagact tgtgaatcca aatgtcacct gtgagaggct    101340
     cctaactatt taaaaagatt caatggaaga accatcagac tgtagctaaa cacacctgtg    101400
     aaaggatcga gacatccaca cagcagactg aactgcaaaa gcattggcat ttctcttctg    101460
     ggcattttct tagtctccta gctggagatc ctgcagatgc cacttctttt tctttgcagc    101520
     tttgggtcca ccgtttttct ttctgtgttt cttctggtcc ttagtctcca tagtggctat    101580
     ttaccaataa caagtaactc taacctacaa ggaagaaggt tggggtaagg aggtgggaga    101640
     agcattttac aatccaggca atacccaggg aaaaacatta aatttcattt atttctttat    101700
     gaagacatga tgtatttgtt cactgaacaa gggtagaaac tgcttaacca tccccaattt    101760
     catttctctc tgttatgcta taaattagat gagttacctc tgctaaggtt acattctatg    101820
     gttaagttac tttttattca tctcaagtgt caacatcacc agtacctatt tctgcaagga    101880
     tggaaatatt ctatatctgt acttttcagc catttagcca ttagccacat gtggttactt    101940
     aaaatgtact tcagagaaac tgaaaaaatg aattcttaat taatttcatt ctaactctaa    102000
     atagtcacat gtggctacca tactggacag ctcagaccta gacatcgact ggactaacga    102060
     agtggtttcc taacttaaac cagaacttaa atttcaataa aaaatttaaa acgtttttat    102120
     gaacttccaa taggatcgca gtattacttt tagtacctgt tgactctaaa acttctaaat    102180
     tacagctcat ctacatacat ttgaaaaata gcaatatctg tatgtgtgag atatgactgg    102240
     ttttagatga tgcctggaga ccccatggac ttacagagac ccttccagtg atttctgagg    102300
     tacctgggaa tctgtggcca ataaattggt agtcactgaa tctgtgagtt tttttggaat    102360
     atcgggctgc ataaaatctg acagcttgat tgagaaaaag cggggcaggg taccatttca    102420
     ttcagttaag gtcctgtatt cattccgttt aataaatgtt tgtgtctgtc tatgatgtgc    102480
     tagccactgt gccagaaaat ggatatagct atggtctgat tggcagagga aatccaaact    102540
     agtatcttcc gtgccatgca ataagggcta cattgcaagg ctgcagaggg tgctactgga    102600
     gcacagaagt gagtcagagg cttctcacag acacacacac gagcggaaac agaaagtctt    102660
     tatatatcac catatgtcaa ggaacactgg ccgggagtta ggagagctgg gcactaggaa    102720
     cgctttgaaa ctgaatagct gtgtgatttc agaggttata ttgcttctct actatatttt    102780
     actgccgaac ttgtactgtt tctctccctt ttcttcttgg tgggaaaagc acaatttggg    102840
     gtcaacagat tcggctcagg tctaagtcgc ctgccgggac cacgtcgcca ggaaacgacg    102900
     tctccccgac accttccctc ccagtccggg ctctctgcag ggattcatcc cgtcactctc    102960
     ccaacgaccc ccgggcacac ctcaggcaga tgcgaaatat gccgctcctc gggagcaaag    103020
     atgacccgga ggaccggggg aggaccttcc catgcgcacg actcgcgatc ttcccagtgc    103080
     cccagagcca cggacccaac cgccgcctac cccagcccgc ggcaccaaac ctgttcacaa    103140
     ctgcgactcc ttaggtccgc ttggacaccg ccggaaacgg aaattcaccc tcgcgccgac    103200
     tcgccggagg gaaacaaaaa ggcagaaaaa aagggaccgc cgcctggatg actttcaggg    103260
     gacagctgga agaaagactc gtcaacggcc gagtgctggc gccggcgccg tctgcgcagt    103320
     gcgttccacc gggtccgcgt ccctcccgat tcagccccac cccgccctcg gaatccgctg    103380
     cctcagctcc tgctgtggca ctccccagca gcttgcacct cgctcgcgga gtccttgctg    103440
     aaggccaggg cagctgtgcg gcctggcgcg ggttacttga tgccgtgcaa aagccaggag    103500
     acacatttgg ttctggccgc cccggagtca ccgtgcccgg ggcgaatgga ctatggctgg    103560
     attgggagtc cacttcctcc tctgtaaaga tgacagacga gggagatctc gcgttctggg    103620
     ggtgccctat agccctcttt tggccagaag cggtggatca cgcctgtaat cccagccttt    103680
     tgggaggccg aggcaggagg attgcttgag cccaggagtt caagaccaat ctgggcaaca    103740
     tagggaggct acatctctca aaaaataaat aaataaataa ataaataaat aaataaataa    103800
     ataaataaat aaataaaaat aaagccagcg tcgtggcagg gcgcctgtgg tccctgtggt    103860
     cccagctact ctggaggctg aggcgggacg atcgcttgag cctgggaggc agaagttgta    103920
     gtgagctgag atcgagccac tgcactccag cctgggcgac agagcaagac actgtctcaa    103980
     agaaaaataa ataaataaaa taaggccctc tttttccggg accaacagac tctgagggca    104040
     gggacaaact gacccagcct aaactgcctc gccttccctg ctcccgggaa aggggctttc    104100
     cctgagggaa ggtagcatct tgccattttc ttcctgcaca gctttgcctt cccagggatc    104160
     cacccattgc cacctgagga aatgccttgg agcccatcta atccccagcc cagctacttg    104220
     ggacgcctac agagactaca ttgtcagagg atgcatcttc ctctagtctt ggagggtttc    104280
     ttttcaatat gatcccaccg gtgcatgcaa ggctcaattc tacatcaaaa aactaggccc    104340
     actcctgtca ccgagacccc caggcttcag gtcctgtcac agtgaccttg ttatcacccc    104400
     cagcagcccc caggtattca ctctgcatag gctatatact gggtgctgca ctagggaggc    104460
     tacctacgtg gcgcatgctt cccttatccc tgaagagctt aggatgttgt aacttcttca    104520
     cactaggcct cttacttctt ggagatgtca gtagccgggt aaataatctt tctaacatcc    104580
     ttttggtctc atgaagccca ttcttgtcct ctgccctacc tcagcttccc cctccctcca    104640
     tgatcagacc ttagaccttg tcaggtccaa ggactgcaac cctcacagta tcccactctg    104700
     accaccacct cctatctaga gcaatggaga gactttgtag gtgaaagctg tctttgctac    104760
     tggttctcct atgctccctc gcctggctcc tgcaggcggt tgacttcacc agggacacag    104820
     tggccagtgc ccagcaggtc ccactcctct caccagctcc aggcagtttt attatagagt    104880
     aactcttctg agacaccgct cctttcccca gcacctaagg aagtatttct agtaagttcc    104940
     agtggtatag catcggtgac tctcctgaca agcagagggc catggctggg ttcctctgat    105000
     gaggtgcagg ggcagggcac taagagggga ggactctcct gagttctcta cctgagccct    105060
     agactagtag ctgctcctcc tatacttcct actagtctgt gcctggttac tccacttccc    105120
     tgttgcaatt aacaattccc taggtacact tttcctgttc aaatgactgt gtggcttctc    105180
     tttcctaatc ggactctgac caatacgcta tcatttgcca acaactccca aagttttatc    105240
     agtgactcag acctctaacc tgaactccag ctgcctccat gacatatcca tttggatgtt    105300
     taatggacat ttccaaagtg atatgcccta cagaactcag aatcttccct ctcaaaccaa    105360
     ctgctcagca gtcttatgat cttagttgat ggcaattcag aagtgaattg caggacaccc    105420
     ggtttgtatc tgcagagaga actggagaac tgcttagtgt ggaaaaccca cacatttggt    105480
     ttcagaagtg tgtgagtaga aacagttttc cttttatgtt tgttggatgg ataatgatga    105540
     acctagcagg acacagaaag ctaggcagca gtggaactga gaatgaagtt atacttaata    105600
     gcagagaatg aaaaagaaaa gacagataaa acattttgaa gaaaggacag taatgtattc    105660
     ccaacaggta ggatttacag gatggagaga agaggcaaag ataactacaa aatttctagc    105720
     ctgagagact ggtagaaaaa aaatggtggt atcagggaca gacaggggtt attaagaaaa    105780
     aggattggat ttttaaaata aagaagatct ggtgtaaaat tatcctcagg aaaactggaa    105840
     aactaggcat gtacttctct ccatcatgcc cttgcacagt gcagtccttc tgcctgtcca    105900
     tgcctcgcct ccccctccct aggattcctc ttcctctctt aagacccatc tcaaatatca    105960
     cctagacttg taagtaattt acatgaaact ggatacctga ggtttcaagc ctttatccct    106020
     ttgaaagttt ttaataacaa gttactgtta tcttttacta agtccaagtt tatattcgcc    106080
     attttaacta gcatcatttc cgtttccaag aggtatttgg tgtgaaagtg caactaagtt    106140
     tactgttaat caagatcaga ataaaagaat ctaccaaaaa aattaacaag atcccccttt    106200
     taatgcataa tcttccatcc atcaggctgt aagttaaata cctaacataa aagaaagctg    106260
     tatgttttat ggatatgtac atatataact gcagggaata tgatttggaa ggatatacac    106320
     ttagagaaga ctggggtcac aagtggtagt caagggagtc ttcagctttc tttttgtatt    106380
     tcaattttga cagaaataca tacatatgta ttataatttt aaatttttaa tgaaaaaaag    106440
     tatttttcct tttttttctt gatctgtcac tacattatat ttttccaata tcagctaaac    106500
     atttgcttcc cagaaagctt agttgtcttt tcaaaattta ttcaggttaa aataaaagat    106560
     ttagacaatg aattaaaaat ctaagatggt atttgcctac tttatacaga acagtacatt    106620
     gatgctgcta aagcaattaa agtataattt ttattttctt tctttttttt tttttttttt    106680
     tttgagatgg agtctcactc tgtcacccag gctgaagtgc agtggtgcaa tctcagctca    106740
     ttgcaacctc tgtctcctgg gttcaagcaa ttctcctgcc tcagcctccc cagtagctgg    106800
     gattacaggc gtgcaccacc acgcccagct aatttttttg tatgtttagt agagacaggg    106860
     tttcaccatg ttggccaggc tggtctcgaa ctcctgacct caaatgatct gcccgcctca    106920
     gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat tacaggcatg agccaccaca cccagcctaa agtgtgtact    106980
     ttttcttagc tcctatatgc agtgctcctt ccccatgctg aatgtctgaa tttttatctg    107040
     agacatagta tttcagatgg tcattactta cgggtggtca ttaatagttc ctccctgctt    107100
     ctaaccttcc tctcctcatt ttaaattaag ttacgctaca ttattgtgga ttagaaagta    107160
     cattaatatt aagtgaaaaa atatgatctg atgagtaagt ggcaagagtg ttaacgtatg    107220
     aatattaaga gttgttctga ggcctttttg cttttctggg ggttctgtgc ttgtggtaga    107280
     actcttggtt attttataaa tagttgctga aaagtgagag agtacagctg gaaatcagat    107340
     ttctgatgaa taaatcaaac cctattaaga gaaccaggtt gaagtaattt taaaaccatt    107400
     tggattttca taaatgtttt gttaatgatt aattataaaa aaaaaacagt gactctagct    107460
     ggaggctttt gtgtgtttgc ttttgagtca gctaggaaaa ggaagaaaaa ttcaagctta    107520
     gtcaattgtg gttttcactg aatctttttt aaagtaatga gctggtttgt tttcttcatc    107580
     actgtagcaa cttaagctag tttctgcttt tgatttttat ttctcctaga gaaacttagc    107640
     atgcactgct cattagactt gagcatacta aggaatatct gtggtaatta agttaaaaat    107700
     cagatcagtg ctttgtgctg tgtatagttg cagatgtctg catttcacta atattctttg    107760
     gaaacatctg gataccagtt aacataaaat aactgtttag ttggtttctg ttcagaatag    107820
     aaggaatgat ttaaaagttc ccattgtagt acatacgtca ttctgtccct agcccttcct    107880
     ccagctttac tgagatagat aaataataaa cgtcatgggt ggtgtgtctt cagtttcctc    107940
     tggtgagctg gatgcacaga ttactttgtc agcagggtgg ccttgatttt taggccatgt    108000
     gtctaatggc atcagctctg tggccgacac ctgtgtaccg agcccattca ctatctagct    108060
     tagccagccg tggactcctg ctctttgtta aaagtattta ccttcattcc tactagcaca    108120
     gttgaccaaa gactcagttg atcccagaca ctagtaatgc atcaatggag tctaacaggg    108180
     ttttaagatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtagaaa tgggatctca    108240
     ctattgttgt ccaggctggt cttgcacacc tgagctcaag ttctcctgcc tcagcctccc    108300
     aatgtgctag gactacaggc atgagccacc atgcctaacc ctctaagact ttgggataca    108360
     aaaatataat ttactttcct ccatttctgg aataaaacat ctcttccttc ctccccctag    108420
     tttctgttct gtgcccctgt ttgatctctg ttggtcctgt tcaccttcag ccttctctgc    108480
     tgaaggagga aaggcttggt tttataaaaa gtgacaatat tcagaccaca taagatcctt    108540
     cttgcttcat tttggattaa atattttaag attttctgat tttcttgtat gcatatgtat    108600
     ttacctatta tttgacttta ttgaataact tcaaattgag tatatttgaa tgggaatggg    108660
     cattaaaaag ggctaagctt tccctgcctt tcagaacttt gtatgtatat gtcacatcat    108720
     tttgtccttc acattctcca gttgtgctat tttttcccaa tccattaagt agagtaactt    108780
     cctttttgga gtcttacttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttgaggcg gagtctcaaa    108840
     ccgtcgccca ggctggaatg cagtagtgca atctcagctc actgtaacca ccgccttagc    108900
     ctcatgagta gctaggaaat acagaagcat gccaccacac ccagctaatt tttgtattct    108960
     tagtaaagat gggggtttca ccatgttggc caagctggtc tcgaactcct gacctcaagt    109020
     gatctgccca gctcggcctc ccaaagtgct gggattatag gcgtgagcca ccacatccag    109080
     cctccttact taaatctctt aatgtgcctt agaatgtagt taagaatttt caggtgacag    109140
     tatatttttg atagttatct ttggtttcca aacccagaga aggaagagta actggctttt    109200
     tctgtttgtg ggtacattgt gtcttattgg agattgtttt gtctcaagta ttgccgcaga    109260
     gtattttatt aatgggtgca ctttaaaatt ttttgttttt cagattaaca gtttaggtag    109320
     cccagtactc ggtatttgcc aatttctaga attaaaaacg tgtgtatcac tggttaacta    109380
     gaaatttaaa atgaaaatgt gtcttcttta gcccaggcaa tatcacttgc attcacttct    109440
     atcccctcct tgtccctact ctgttggctc cagggcttct tccactaagc tggtactttc    109500
     tttatagctc ctcctgtact tccattcact gaacctttat tggttcatag cctacagaaa    109560
     atgcctgtgg tgtgagaggt aatttgtgaa actgcttctc ttcactgttt agcaggttga    109620
     gctctctaaa tgggtgtagc tgggaaagaa aatttaactt tacaaacaag aattcctggg    109680
     ttccatccag cggaacatgt ctcttgttat acacacacag tttctgaccc atatcattcc    109740
     atgacttatg ataaaatgga cattctgttt acactgttgt gtggaaggag aggtctggtt    109800
     cctaattttt agtaacatct atttctagaa tattaggctt gccatttgaa tgcttctgtt    109860
     tgatttatga atatcattgg ttccagcagt ttttagctcc ctgctaaatg caagttaaaa    109920
     tttttaagtt tctaagttaa aagaaaataa cttttcctcc acttaagaaa gccaggaaaa    109980
     ttaaaaataa tgtagtgatg acttccacag gctctaaaag agcaatgaaa aaagtgattt    110040
     atgtgtggga gaagaaatac tagttcttaa ttaatacatt gttttaccac ttcccgtgaa    110100
     tttatgtaga agtaatgaaa ccaaggttta agtcatttgt tcaaactcct gtcagtttag    110160
     actttttaat tgctttgtta catgccattg ctttgtaata cttgttatag cagtggtaac    110220
     agttgagatt tgcctgtttg accacttgca gggcaccgtg ccagattccc catgtgcgat    110280
     gttcctcgca gttgtgacgc ccatcctagg agggtggcgt tagcacccct ccatgcaagc    110340
     ggatggtgca ggctgggtca cctgggcaca gcgcctgact attttcctgg cttagtgtag    110400
     ttatcattaa atatgtggta ttacttagaa gcattttgaa taatttgaaa agcacatttt    110460
     agtgttaaaa caattttttt ttttgagaaa aggtctggct ctgttgctgg ggtggagtgc    110520
     agtgacctga gcgtagctca ctgcagcctg caactcctgg gctcaagcga ttctcctgcc    110580
     ccagcctcct gagcatctgg gactacgggc acatgccccc acacccaact caattttttt    110640
     taagatacaa aggattcatc ttaatattat ttacaatttt tttttccttt tctgtgggcc    110700
     tcatctgact ggaaagcctt tcaatttttt tattttttaa attgtaaatt gacaaattgt    110760
     agatatatat ttatgaggta caaagtaatt ttatgattta tgaatacaac attacataat    110820
     taagtcaagc tgattaacct gttcactact ggaaacaatt gcaaataatt atcatttttt    110880
     ctggtgagaa catctgaaat ttactcagtg attttgaaat gtgcagtact ttttgttgtt    110940
     gttgtagaaa tgaggtctca ctatgttggc caggctggtt tcaaactcct gagctcaagt    111000
     gatcctccca cctcagcctt ccagtgttgg gattacaagc gtgaactacc atgttgggcc    111060
     aaatgtgtaa tctattatta tttactgtat tcaccatgct gtgcaattta tctcaaagaa    111120
     acttattcct cctgtctaat tgaggctttg tgccctttga ccatcatctc cccatcaccc    111180
     ccatccccaa tgttgtatac tgagtccttt catgatatgt atggaggctt atggtaagtt    111240
     atttaaaagt acatgtatgt caaaattttt tgtggccata gcttttcttt cttttttaaa    111300
     ttttaagagt cagaatattc gtatattaat tcagcatgta tttgagtgcc taatgtatgc    111360
     cattttctat gttaggaacc aggaattaaa gcagtgaaca taacaaagtc tgccctcgtg    111420
     gtgctaactt gccaggtagg gaagccagat actaaacaca tgtataatgc aaagtcagta    111480
     ataataaacg atatgaagaa acaagtaagg taggagaggc aggaaagtgg gagtgagaaa    111540
     gaggtgctct tttaaataca gtggtcaggg agagcctctc agaatgaagt ttttaacaga    111600
     gacctgaatg agatggggga gtcagctata cagatatctg ctgtgtgcta gaaaaattac    111660
     ctgtaatttt gcattctaaa agtttaatga gtacatttat ttcacaattt gagaatcaat    111720
     tatgtataag atatagttgt aagcacatac tcctctaaat atgatttgtt tttacagtag    111780
     accaaataag tatgttcagc ttagaatatg ctctttatga tctgtataat aaatacattc    111840
     tcttaaaata ttgttaatat taaggttgat gttttcagaa acatataaaa aagctagctt    111900
     ttaaaattga ctagggaagt tctctcaaac tgccagtccc tgagatattg tatattttct    111960
     atctgaaaaa cttttattct cagaattctt taaaagagct gtccctgagg ctcccattac    112020
     ttacctgtga ctcccagtgg aaatcgtacc cagcccctcg agaggggctg aatctgttga    112080
     gagtgggagg gtagaaaaaa tgctgcagct tcttgtgggt aaacttcaca cacaaacacc    112140
     cagtgtccca agcactgtgc agtcaaacat caaccctgct cagactttcc tccttgggat    112200
     tgagaagcaa tggattatag agaaagaaag gtggcttagc actccaaaac ttggaagggt    112260
     aattgaccaa gaccccccaa agccaaagca gtgggcatcc ccactttctg tataccctat    112320
     accaacacgt aatggctact agatacaggg gcactagtac ctgtctgctt ggctacctcc    112380
     ccttcttgca gaagtggtga agggaatcac tcaacctcag gaagggaaaa tggctttctc    112440
     atcttcaaat tgaaagaggt tggcagtggg tgaggagaat aacaggtaag gatctctttc    112500
     aatataccca tttgaagcca aaacctcagt ttagacatac ggtattttga acctggtgac    112560
     tattcattgc ccatgtttgt gaattatcag aaagcagaat tcttgccagg catagcggct    112620
     catccctgta atcccagcac tttgggaagc caaggtggga ggatcacttg agcccaggag    112680
     tttgagacca gcctgggcaa catggtgaga tcttgactct acaaaaaatt caaacattag    112740
     ctgggcatgg tggcatgcac ttgtggtccc agctactcag gaggctgagg tgggaggatt    112800
     acctgagccc aggaggttga agctacagta agcagtgtct gtgccactac gctcagcctg    112860
     agcaacagag caagaccctg tttcccaccc ctacccaccc cctaaaaaag caagctgaat    112920
     tcttgaactc cctgcaacca ggtcacgcaa accaaaggta aaaggaacat aaaaaagcct    112980
     tctggaaagt gtacagaaat tcattgcagg gtgatttttg tcttgtgaaa tcatagttac    113040
     tgttattagc agctttttaa aatgttttat attcattttt tatggtgttc tgatgtatga    113100
     gctgcttcaa gtgcttttgg acatagcttg ggtataaaat gtaaaaagtg gatattttca    113160
     atttgtagct ttcttttttg aaacttattg aaatttgttc taaatataac cccttctttc    113220
     tcacccaccc caacacattt tttaaaaaac accaccaggt atccgttata gcactgatgt    113280
     gagtgtagat gaagtaaaag ctttggcttc tctgatgaca tacaagtgtg cagtggttgg    113340
     taggtgatcg cttttcttgc tacctaatga gaactctggg gaaatatgtt tacaaacatg    113400
     ttactgttaa gatgctatag aaatatacct tatcggaact gatttttttt taagttgtac    113460
     tctttaagac ctgcatcatt tctcaattac tctaaattaa gatatagcct ttttttacgg    113520
     gagggatttt tttacgggag ggagctaatt ggattttaag tctagatctt tgttttcaat    113580
     tcctcaacat attctataaa taagaccaaa ttatagtaga aggagagtaa ataagctatt    113640
     atctttttaa agtggtgaag agcactgatt aaatatatat tagagcccca gcccccgccc    113700
     cagctgcgcg ggcccccgcc tggcccatgg actgcacagc cgagcgggcg ccttgagcgc    113760
     ggtgcgggtc ctcggagcac ccccgaggtg agcgcaagca aggtccggca tcatgtgcta    113820
     ggttattccc agtgcgaggc cacacttggg ccgtcggagc agcccctcct cacttcaggg    113880
     gtcaccctcc ccaagaccca ttgccccatc atggccgggg accggctccc caggaaggtg    113940
     atggacgcca agaagctggc cagcctgctg cggggcgggc ctgggggggc ctggtcatcg    114000
     acagtcactc cttcctggag tacaacagct ggcatgtgct cagctccgtc aacatctgct    114060
     gctccaagct ggtgaagtgg cggttgcaga agggcaaggt gaccattgtg gagttcatcc    114120
     agccggccgc acgcagccag gtggaggcca ctgagccaca ggacgtggtg gtctatgacc    114180
     agagcacgcg gccgcagaca gcttcctctc catcctgctg agcaagctgg atggctgctt    114240
     ccacagcgtg gccggctgct tccacagcat ggccatcatc acggggggct tcgccacctt    114300
     ctcctcctgc ttccccgacc tctgcgaggg cgagcctgct gccctgctac ccatgagcct    114360
     ctcccagtcc tgcctgctcg tgcccagcgt gggcctgacc ctcatcctgc ctcacctcta    114420
     cctgggctcg caggaagacg tcctgaacaa ggatctgatg acgcagaatg gaataagcta    114480
     cgtcctctat gccagcaact cctgccccaa gcctgacttc atctaccaga gccacttctt    114540
     gcgggtcccc atcaacgaca actactgtga aaagctgctg ccctggctgg acaagtccat    114600
     cgagttcgtc gataaagcca agctgtccag ctgccaagtc atcgtccacc gtctggccgg    114660
     catctcctgc tgtgccacta tcgccatcgc ctacatcatg aagaccatgg gcatgtcctc    114720
     cgaagacgcc tacaggtttg tgaaggacca gcgcccgtcc atctcgccca acttcaactt    114780
     cctgggccag ctgctggagg accagagcag cccgaagctg ctggccgccg tgcagggcga    114840
     cgcgggcacc ccctcaggaa tgcaggagcc tccccccagc cctgcggccg gggccccact    114900
     gccatggctg ccaccaccta cctcagagac cgctgccacc aggagtgcgg ctgccaggga    114960
     gggcggcccg agcgcgggca ggaagccccc ggcgcccccc acggccacca gcacgctgca    115020
     gcagggcctg cgcagcctgc gcctctcctc ggaccacctg caggacacca gccgcctcaa    115080
     gccctccttc tctctggaca tcaagtcggc ctacgccccc agcaggcggc ccggcggccc    115140
     gggcccagcg accccggcga ggccccgaag ctctctgaaa gctggacagc cagtcggggc    115200
     catgttgggc ctgccctcgc cctgcccgga cgccgcgccc aggcacgccc acggcccggc    115260
     gcgctacccc gcgcgcggcc tgaacttcgg ctacgcggct gccgggccct ggccagccgg    115320
     ccagccccgg agcctggacg ccaccgctcg actccctgaa gcgtcctcgg tgcttcagcc    115380
     ccgagggcgt gcaagggccg ggcagggtgc tgtttgcgcc cttcggccgg gcgggcgccc    115440
     cggaacccaa cggctgcagc gacctgccac ggcgggaggc agcaagggct gagcccggga    115500
     cgcgcggacc agctggtcag acgagctggc cccggattcg cacttcaagt gctgcagctg    115560
     ccagatggag ttcgaggagg gcatggtgga ggggcgcgcg cgcggcgagg agctggccgc    115620
     cctgggcaag caggggagct tctcgggcag cgtggaggtc atcgagatgt cctgacccct    115680
     ccgctgccct cggctccgcc gcccgcagct gggcagttat aaatatatat tatatataat    115740
     gcaaagaaag gcaaatggtt ttactgcgat ttttatccag aagtaaatat ttcgattttt    115800
     tatttattta agctgttcat tctggcactg atttggcaac agtgcgggtg gtcctcgagc    115860
     tctattttta ctgtctggta tttaaaccga aacacacgtt tctaagcaat aagaggccac    115920
     cttcagtcgc aagttgcagg ccaggcctgg ggcccctccc tgatcccccg ccccaggaaa    115980
     cactgctgac atttgcagag gctgccgagc tttcgtgaac tttttacaca agagaaagtt    116040
     gaaaaaaaaa aaaaactttc ttgccacaaa ctgagccgca gaaaccccct tcttccccca    116100
     cccaccgccc ctgctctctc ccttcgggct ccgccccaaa gccataggct gggggagcag    116160
     gacctggtgt gccccagaga ggtgcggcca gccctccacc agctctaggc accaaatctt    116220
     ggtggcaggg agggcacccc gctgcccgtt gccccagagc tgttccctct caggggagga    116280
     catgcattgg gccccatggt gccagggcgt tgagaggggc tgaggaatag aacagtgtgt    116340
     gtaggggctt ggggcagggg gttctggagg gtcagatgag gcagagccca ggggaggatg    116400
     ggggtgttat taatgcccca actcctgcca gagccccagt ccagccactg agtgcctcag    116460
     aaaggccatt cccagagggc tgcggccctc ccttctcctt tgcccctgcc cccagagcta    116520
     cctgactggc agggcggcac tactgcagga gaggagcttg gcctccgggg gtcaggcagg    116580
     aggggggcct ggctagcctg tgctggctcc actgggcggg gagccctgga ctgccaggta    116640
     tgaggagggg gtgggcttag ggtcctgttc caggtccgtc ccccacctag caaggcccca    116700
     ggcaggactt ggaaaccagg tgtgcacctg caggctgagg ggctccatga gcaggtgctg    116760
     ccttgcacag ggagttcagg cgccagccaa gcccctgtgc ttctggggta ggcctgcttc    116820
     acttagggag cgctgcctca aggcagataa agcccccttg ttgacccgac ctgcatgggg    116880
     gcctctcagg agagaaactc tcgtgcgccc ctttcccagg gcgccctctt tctagacagc    116940
     attccagccc ccaaacacag gtggcttttg ggcccagatg ggtcagcctg ctgctcctgg    117000
     cccataccct ctcaggccgt tgggactcct gcccttcaga tgtcctaggg tctaggagtg    117060
     ggccagtcac cctgggaaga ggccaggggc ttggcaggag gggcggccca ggcgggaccc    117120
     agtcctgagt cctggagcag ggccagggag gcgcccgccc caccccagcc agccgccttc    117180
     tctgctgttt cttctatttg ttcttctttt cacccacagc cctgtgttcc tgtcatccct    117240
     cctttcagca aaagtcctgt tcccgttccc tctgtcccca cccactcttg ttccccaaga    117300
     aaataagcta tcattgttgc atttgcaatc tatggattag aggtttaagt atttattatt    117360
     attggttaat tattattatg ttttatatat atatattaga acttggctag ccaattttat    117420
     tgaacaattc ctgttcaata aatgttgttt aaagtacagt tgagaaaacg atggtaggtt    117480
     tatttcttga actttcagaa gttcaagctt aaagcatcac acgtttttct aatatcgtgt    117540
     ggcgctttct gtcattttac ttttttaacc tttatatgga atagcaacca tcaaccttct    117600
     ctttcagatg tgccgtttgg gggtgctaaa gctggtgtta agatctatcc caagaactat    117660
     accgtaagta tgaaagtttt tgtttttgtt tttgtttttg cttttttgac acagagtctt    117720
     gctctgtcgc ccaggctgga gtgcaacggt gcgatctcgg ctcactgcaa cctccgcctc    117780
     ctgggttcag gcgattctcc ttgatccagt aactgggatt acaggtgcat gccaccatgc    117840
     ctgactaatt tttgtatttt tagtagagag gggatttcac catgttggcc aggctggtct    117900
     tgaactactg accgcaggtg atctgcccac cttggcctcc cagagtgctg ggattacagg    117960
     catgagccac cgcacccggc ctcaaagtga tatttgtgca cacagtgcat ttatgaagga    118020
     cttgaaatta ctgggcttct ctgtatcccc catatcagtg aaatcaatag tccccattgc    118080
     ttttcaaatg gaatgaaaaa agtaaagaat taactcattg agtgttttgc catataaagg    118140
     tcacctactt aatatctata tcctttatca ttttctgttt tgtttggttt tgtttttatg    118200
     agtctttttt tttttttttt ttgctttttg tattattatt ttcttattta aaaggtaatt    118260
     aatatcttca tattattaga cacctatacc catatttaag aagtactgtg atctggctgg    118320
     gtgcggtggc tcacgcctgt aatcccagca ctttgggagg ccaaggcagg cggatcacga    118380
     ggtcaggaga tcgagaccat cctggttaac acagtgaaac cccgtctcta ctaaaaatac    118440
     gaaaaattag tccggcgtgt tggtgggtgc ctgtagtccc agctactcag gagactgagg    118500
     caggagaatg gagtaaaccc gggaggtgga gtttgcagtg agccgagatc atgccactgc    118560
     actccagcct gggtgacaga gcgagacttt gtctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagaatcact    118620
     gtgatctaat tagccaggca tagtgacgca cacctgtaat cccagctact cgggaggctc    118680
     aggcatgaga actgcttgaa cccaggaggc agaggttgca gtgagacgag atttcaccac    118740
     tgtattccag cctgggcaac agagcaagac tctgtctcaa aaagaaagaa gaaaagtagt    118800
     actgtgatct gaagttttta ggtcaggatc tcatgctagt gacaaatatc ttaactaagc    118860
     caataaaaac cttacttttt atcctgtcag ttccaagtaa attcaaactg gttgtcacaa    118920
     tgctttacat aatactaaat tatctatata caaacataaa cagatatgat ttttattctc    118980
     tttaaaattc accatttaga tggaatataa ttatattaca gttaacctta attaagattt    119040
     ggtatatttt tcagtgggga attaatagaa tgggaatttg agtcctggtt ctactatctt    119100
     gtttttataa cctacttttt tgatccctta ttttctcacc tttaaaatgg cattgcctac    119160
     cttatgagtt gttctaagga tgagaagaca tgaaaatgta ctataaatag aaaataagat    119220
     gctagctata atctcaagcg atttttatat cttttttatt tttattgttt tcttatttta    119280
     caggataacg aattggaaaa gatcacaagg aggttcacca tggagctagc aaagaagggc    119340
     tttattggta tgtgtagcca catagatttt ggcataaagt gggaacatct aaaaaaatct    119400
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tgttttgttt tgttttgttt ttgagacaga gtcttactct    119460
     gtctcccaga ctggagtgca gtggtgcaat ctcctccacc tcccgggttc aagcaattct    119520
     cttgtctcag cctcccaagt agctgagact acaggcatgt gccaccacac ccagctaatt    119580
     ttcgtatttt tagtagagat ggggtttcgc catgttggtc aggctggtct tgaactcctg    119640
     acctcgggtg atccacccat cccagactcc caaagagctg ggattacagg catgaaccac    119700
     tatgcccggc ctcctactat ttgtgatagg agcttttgcc aaacatacaa catttttgaa    119760
     gacactaatc ttcgtttgct tgatgtcttc gtatcttact attatctgtg tttatatgtt    119820
     ctttgtgtgt gatctgaaca ttcttttcta tgatatgtaa atatttgtca tttaccttct    119880
     aattttcagg cagtttaaac ctttctatac atatattttt aatctagaag gcttctaatt    119940
     tgtttgaata gaatacacat aattatttaa taaaatgctt gccctatcag tatagttaat    120000
     agaatgttaa tagttaataa tataatactt gccctatcag tatcagtata gttaaacaaa    120060
     ataaggtcta cttaaatagg aaataaagtg tatttttctc tactttcttt ctcagcattt    120120
     cccccaccat ggacaaatgc ctatgaaatt aaactataaa gtctgggcat ggtggctggt    120180
     gcttgtaatc ccagcatttt tggaggtttt ggaggctgag gtgggaggat cacttgagcc    120240
     cggaagttca agaccaccct aggcaatata gcgagacccc gtctctacaa ataatgaaaa    120300
     tgttatccaa gcgtgatggt gcatggctgt ggtcccaact actaagatgg gaggatccct    120360
     taagcctggg aggttgaggc taccatgagc tgtgatcatg ccactgcact ctggcctaag    120420
     tgacaaaaca agaccacatc tcaagaagaa agagaaaaga aataaagcta ttcagattca    120480
     tttttaggaa aaaagtcatg aaataaatgt catgaaataa cctaatatag aaatacagta    120540
     agtataggta actctaaaac ttgactagat ttggcctgtc tttcataata aaaggcattt    120600
     gggcctttga cgtgccgcat acccagcact actgtgaatt tgtgcatcat tacgaggagc    120660
     ctattaacat gagtgaacta tctcactcac acttttatag gagtacctac cgattctgag    120720
     atatggtgaa ttgaagtcat gttcagcctg ttaatagcct tcataatttt caaaaggtct    120780
     ttcctcctcg cctaaatctc aaacacattt tatagtcttg aatggtttca gactttattc    120840
     agtcatattt atcgcccata tctgcaatat ctccagctaa attttatcag tcttgacaag    120900
     tacctaataa ttccaaaggt caaaaagtga ttcattggaa tactgaaaga aaacacagct    120960
     taaactctag taacttgatt tatttgccta attcgcaaag gcctcattga cccatgatgc    121020
     agctaaattg acgtcttggc ccagacagct ttgaagccta ggaggcaggc aaagggagtt    121080
     ttttctctca cttctcggca aaccttcaaa ttcgatgcta tttatctgtt atttcctgac    121140
     actccacaga gagtgtcaga ttgaggctca gacctgagcc tgagccctga tcctatcaca    121200
     tgtgtgttta gcatcagctt gtaaatttct acaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa aaaaaagagg    121260
     ctgggatttt gataggaatt gcattgaatc tgcacaccaa tttgtggagt attgccatct    121320
     tccccaccct ccccaaaagg gttttgccct ttcacccagg ctggagtacc aggcagcagt    121380
     cactgcaacc ttgacctcct gggctcaagc aatcctctca cctcaccctc ccaagtagct    121440
     agaaccatag gcgtgcgcaa ctgcacctgg ctaacttttt aattttttgt agagacatgg    121500
     tctcatcacg tatcccagac tggtctcgaa ctcctggaat caagcaatct tcccacctca    121560
     gcttcccaaa attctgggat tatgggcatg agccactgca cctgaccagt attgccatct    121620
     caaccatatt aagccttcca atgctgaata tgagatgtct ttccatttat ttaggtctct    121680
     gatttctttc aatgatgttt tgtagttctc attgtagaag tcttacaact aagtattgta    121740
     ttccttttaa tgctattcta agtgacactg atctatcgtt ttcttatgat gtctttgtct    121800
     agtctttgta tccagacaat tctagcctca tggaatgagt tgaggagtgt tccttcctct    121860
     tctgtttttg gaaaagcttt tgaaaggtcg gtgttcattc ccttgtgtga gtgtaaatat    121920
     cacctatgta aagttctgca ggaccctgat gtctccaccc ttctcatcct cttatatctc    121980
     tgtgcaccaa aattaccctt tcatctccta ctctatagtc acatgctgtt agaaaagttg    122040
     cttttttaaa aaagatgaac ttctgcctca gaccgtgctc tctatataag aatttacctg    122100
     ttaggccagt cgcggtagct catgcctgta atcctagcac tttgggaggc cgaggcaggc    122160
     aaatcaccta aagtcaggag ttcgagacca gcctggccaa catggtgaaa ccccgtctcc    122220
     actaaaaata gaaaaaagta gccaggcgtg gtggcgggca cctgtaatcc cagctactca    122280
     ggaggctaag ggaggagaat tgcttgaacc tggaaggcag aggttgcagt gagctgacgt    122340
     catgccgttg tactccagcc tgggcaacaa gagtgaaact ccgtctcaaa aaaataaaaa    122400
     ttaaaaaaaa aagaagaacg tatctgttat tcaggagcta cttgtaatct gtgcatccca    122460
     atacattagt tttgtatgga gcagaaaact agtaagccta ataattgata ccttgtgatt    122520
     ttgttttggg tgggtgaagc tgtttcatgt ttaacatgta tagactgttt ttgagaagga    122580
     ttttatcatt atatgtttgt gatttacaaa ctgtgtgctt cagacttgcc acttgccaga    122640
     gcccttctcc aattggaatt gttttttgtt tttgagacag tctcactctg tcgccaggct    122700
     ggtgcaccgt ggcgtgatct cagctcactg caacatctgc ctctgaggtt caagcaattc    122760
     tcctgcctca gcctcccgaa tagctggcac tacaggcgcg tgccatcacg cccagctaat    122820
     ttttgtattt ttagtctaca acagggtttc accacgttgg ccaggatggt ctcgatctct    122880
     tgacctcgtt atccacccac cttggcctcc caaagtgctg agattacagg cgtgagccac    122940
     cgtgcccagc cagctttttt gtttttaaaa tatattgttt aatcaagatg ggatctcact    123000
     atgttgccca ggcttgtatc aaattcctgg gctcgagcca tcctcctgcc tcagcctccc    123060
     aaagtgctgg gattacaggt gtaagccact gccccagcct agttggaatt gttgtttgag    123120
     gtaacaagct tacttaatcc taaagcaagc ataatacttt cgtagatgcc tctagaaaga    123180
     ttcgggacca atttgtcatt tgtacattgg gagaaaagga gtggttaaac aaagttttac    123240
     tgacctccag cagaggtatg tcactaaagg aatggaaagt gagcaaacag gagctggaga    123300
     gcaccagaga gcccttttgt cagtggatga ggctagaata tggcattaat ccttccaagt    123360
     gctgtgtggg gttagacttc tcatgaagga taggtttggg taggttagac ttcatgagat    123420
     ttttttctgt ttttaagttt tttgttgtcc ttgttgactt catgagattt ttaaggtgac    123480
     taagggaagg gtgctaagac atagagttac agattaggtg ggaggtggag agggttgggg    123540
     tataaaaagc agtccttgaa catttcaaag ttgtcttata ccagccctgt atccaatata    123600
     tcacatcttg ttcaaagaag ttgattatct aggccttggg cccctgagtt aaagaaaaac    123660
     attacagtat actgattccg tcgactaaaa agtaaaattt ataggaagaa ttgagtacag    123720
     tccttagaaa gaactttaat tattttatgg ggggacataa tggtttaata gtttaacctc    123780
     tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttgagaga cagagtctcg ctttgtcgcc cagactggag    123840
     tgcactggcg caatctcggc tcactgcaac ctccgcctcc agggttcaag tgattctcct    123900
     gcctcagcct cccgagtagc tgggattaca ggcacttgct atcatgcctg gttaattttt    123960
     gtatttttag tagagacggg gtttcaccat ttggtcaggc tggtctcgaa ctcctgacct    124020
     tgtgatccac tctcagcctc ctaaagtgct gggattacag gtgtgagcca caacatccag    124080
     cctaatagtt taaccatttt taaagttgtg tttttctttt tgtaaagatg agtttctatt    124140
     atacagttga aataatatag aaagttataa acaatatata tatggtgggg agaaagaatg    124200
     gggaagagaa agaaaattgt aagtgggaac atgttataca tgttgtatga aacctgcctt    124260
     tttccatatg tatgtttgtg ataattccaa gtaatttaca tgcatatgtt atccttttta    124320
     atggctgttt agtactttgc ataggtatac catagttcat ttaattgaca tacaagataa    124380
     ttagattgtt tttattttta ctatgtttga gaggagtatt tctgcacctt tacggatttg    124440
     agtgagcatc acttaacatg tttttatcag agatcttact gtagcagtca gtagtagtgc    124500
     agtcagtgat ttctgctatg gcctgtaagc taatttgtta gcctaacact tcaatttgct    124560
     atgatctgag gaactgaaag ctaaggccta aaattttata tgtgctaagt gtcgaataat    124620
     aggtcaaagc tgcattcttc cacaagtaaa gataatatgg ggcttaacac aattgcttta    124680
     gcaatgtgat tttctcccct ttttctctac ttggtaagga gggcttatac ccccactaag    124740
     caggcacatg cctgtaatcc cagctactga ggaggctgag gcaggagaat cgcttgaacc    124800
     tgagaggcag aggttgcatt gagctgagat tgtgccattg cactccagcc tgggcaacaa    124860
     gagtgaaact caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga aagaaagaaa gcaagcaaga aagaaagaag    124920
     gaaggaagga aagaaagaga gagaaagaaa gaaaagtaaa tctgtggata ttgtacaaaa    124980
     gattgtttta tgatttttta atttttttaa cataactttt attgacttgt atttgtattt    125040
     ttatcaaaca tacttcattt gtttatttat ttattttgag atgaaatctc actctgtcac    125100
     ccaggctgga gtgcagtggt gggatcttgg ctcactgcaa cccctgcctt ccaggttcaa    125160
     gcaattctcc tgcctcagcc tcccacgtaa ctgggattac aggcatgagc taccatgccc    125220
     aactaatttt tttattatta gtagagatgg agtttcacca tgttggccag gctggtctca    125280
     aactcctgac ctcaggtgat ccacctgcct cagcctccca aagtgttagt attataggca    125340
     tgagccaccg cacccagcct caaacatact ttagacaatt tttcacctca gcactattga    125400
     cattttaggc tatgtaattc tttgttatgg gggctctctc tgccttgtag gatgtttagt    125460
     aatatccctg gcctctacat attagatgtc aggaagaccc ctcagttata acaatgacaa    125520
     atatattcag attgccaaat gtcccctgtg gagcaaattc atcccttgtt gtgaactgtg    125580
     atccagagag ccaaatagtg atacaaggtt tattgttcac aatagctcgt cccctccaat    125640
     ccagacatct gcctcaccat attccactcc ccagaggcaa ccactttcaa caatcttaaa    125700
     tgtttcattt ttattctatt taaagccttt gctcattttt aaattgggtt ttgtccacat    125760
     tattgagtgg taagagttct ttatatactc cacagccagt tgtggtagta taggcctatg    125820
     gtcccagcta ctcagaaggc tgaggcagga ggataacttg agcccagaag gtcaacacta    125880
     gtctaggcaa catagcatga ccctgtctct aaatgagtct ttgaagtata tatattctag    125940
     gtaattgacc tttatcatgt atataatttg taaatatttc ctctcaatct attagttgtc    126000
     attgcacttt cttgatagtc tcctttttaa tcttgagaaa gcataattta tttttcctct    126060
     ggttggtgtg ctttaggttg tatgtaagaa accattgcct aatccatagt catgcagata    126120
     catccctatc tttttttttt tttttttttt gagatggtct cgctctgtcg tccagattgg    126180
     agtgcagtgg tgtgatctca tggctcattg ataactgcag cctctacctc ctaggctcaa    126240
     gcaatcctcc cccttcagcc tcccaagtag ctgggactat agcaccagct atagtcagcc    126300
     tcccaggtag ctgggaatat ggcaccagga ctatagcaca taccaccact aagcacagct    126360
     aatttctgta ttttttggag agacaaggtc tcaccatgtt gcccaggcca gtcttgaact    126420
     cccaggctca aacaatcctc ccacctcagc ctcccaaagt gcaggattac aggtgtgagc    126480
     cactgtgcct ggcctagaga ggttttttta agaaatagtg accaaaaata tcccacattt    126540
     gatgggaatt gtgaatctac acattgaaga tgctcaacaa attcaaagca ggataaactc    126600
     aaagagatcc acactgacac acattataat caaattgtag aaagctaaag acagaaaagc    126660
     agcaagagat aagtgattca tcctgtacaa gggatcttca gtaagactaa cagttgctta    126720
     tcagaaatca cggagtatag aaggcagtgg tggtgtgctg ggcatggtgg catgtacctg    126780
     tagtcccagc tgactgaggc tgagacagga gaattgcttg agcctgggag gtggaagttg    126840
     cagtgagctg agatggcgcc attgcactcc cgcctgggcg acagagcaag actccatctc    126900
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaacag ggttggggaa gctcagcatg gtggctcatg cctgtaactt    126960
     cagcactttt ggagactgaa gtgggatcac ctgaggccag gagtccacaa ccagcctggg    127020
     cgacataagg agaccccatc tctacaaaat aaaaataatt agccagacaa ggtggctctg    127080
     gcctgtggtc ctagctactc aggaggctga gacaggagga ttgcttgcag ccagcagttt    127140
     aagactagcc tggacaacat agtgagaccc cgtctctaca aaatataaat taaaaaaatt    127200
     agctgggcat ggtggtgtgc atctgtagtt ccaactactc atgaggctga gacaggagga    127260
     tcgtttgaga ccagaagttg gaggttacag tgaggtatga tcataccact gcactccagc    127320
     ctggttgaca gagcaagaac ctgtcactaa aaaaataata aatgaataaa aatataagaa    127380
     tgcttggcct ggtctgggcg tggtggctca cgcctgtaat cccagcactt tgggaggccg    127440
     aggcgggtgg atcacctgag gtcgggagtt tgagaccagc ctggccaaca tggagaaacc    127500
     ctgtctctac taaaaaaata caaaattagc caggcatggt ggcacatgcc tgtaatccca    127560
     gctactcggg aggctgaggc aggagaattg cttgaacctg ggaggcagag gttgcagtaa    127620
     gccgaggtca cacccgattg cactccagcc tgggcaaaaa gagggaaact ccacctcaaa    127680
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag aatgcttggc tgggcacagt ggctcatgcc tgtaatccct    127740
     gcactttggg aggccgaggc aggtggatca cctgaggtca ggagttcgag accagcctgg    127800
     ccaatatggt gaaaccccat ctctactaaa aatacaaaaa ttagctgtgt gtgatggcac    127860
     gtgcctgtaa ttccagctac ttgggaggct caggcaggag aatcacttga acccagaagg    127920
     cagaggttgc agtgagcaga gattgcgcca ctgcactgca gcctgggcaa cagagcaaga    127980
     ctcgggctaa aaaaaaaagc tgaagtgagt ccttcaggct aaaatgaaaa gatacaagat    128040
     aataactcag agctatatga aaaaataaaa atcactggta aaggcaacta tatagctaaa    128100
     tataaaagct agtattattg tattttgggt atgttattcc tctttctcct ttatgattta    128160
     aaaacatgca tgaaataata tgcatctatg ttaataggaa ctaattgttt aaagacataa    128220
     tttgtaacaa tatagctagg ggacagagaa aggagcagag ttaatgtatg ctattgaagc    128280
     tgagttggta tcagtctgaa ctagacttag aactcagcat gttaactgaa atcttcatag    128340
     tatccactaa aaacaaaact ttaaaaatat acagaaaagg aactaagaaa ggatcaaaat    128400
     attacaggat aaatcattaa ccaaacacaa aagaaggtac tgaggagcaa aacactttat    128460
     gtagaaacta aacagcagga tgacataagt aagttctttg gtgtgtgggt ttttctgttt    128520
     ttcttttttg gggtttcttt gagacagagt cttgctctgt aactcaggct ggagtgcagt    128580
     gtttcattct cagctcactg cagcctttgc ctcccaggtt caagtgattc tcagcctcct    128640
     gagtagctgg gattgcaggc gcccaccacc agacccagct aattttttgt atttttagta    128700
     gagatgaggt ttcactacat tggccaggct agtctcgagc tcctggcctc tagtgatcca    128760
     cccgcctcgg cctcccaaag tgctgggtac agccatgagc cactgcatcc agcctgtttt    128820
     tggttttttt tgagacaggg tctggctctg ttgcccaggc tggagtgcag tggcacaatc    128880
     acggctcact acaaccttga cctctgcagg ctcagctgat cctcccacct cagcctcctg    128940
     agtagctgga actacaggtg tgcaccacca tgcccagctt atttttctat tttttgtaga    129000
     gacaggagtc ttgctatgtc gcccagcctg gtctcaaact cctgggctca agcaatctgc    129060
     ccacctcagc atcccaaagt gataggatta caggcgtgag tccaaccata agtaagtttc    129120
     tgttttttgt ttttgagtca atctcactct gtcccccagg ctgaagagca gtggtgcgat    129180
     catggctcac tgcagcctca cctccaggcg ggagccaccg tgcccggtca agtaactttt    129240
     ctgtttcagt aatcactttc aatgtaaata atctcatcaa tggaaagatc ggcagaatca    129300
     atttttttaa taatgtaata cataatccaa atatgcaact cacaaaatac tcactgtaga    129360
     cccaaagaca caaatttgtt gaaactgaaa agatggaaag agataatcca tgcaaatagt    129420
     aaccaaaaga gagccagggt ggctatacta ataataccac acaaaataga ttttaagcca    129480
     aaaactgtta cagaaaaaca ttttatgttc gtaagagagt caaatcacaa gaagatgtaa    129540
     caattataaa cacatatgaa ccaaaaaaaa aagggctcca aaatgcacaa agcaaactaa    129600
     taaaattgaa ggaagaaaca attttacaat aatggagacc tcaatgcagt ggctctatca    129660
     cagctcaccg caatctctgc ctcccagact caagcaattc tccagcctca gcctccccag    129720
     tagctggaac tataggcaca cagcaccaca cccagccaat ttgtgtattt ttttgtggag    129780
     acggggtctc accatgttgc ccaggctggt ctcaaatgcc caagctcaag caattcaccc    129840
     acctcagcct cccaaagtgc tgggattaca ggcctgacct actgcgccca gtcaacaccc    129900
     caccttcaac agtaaataga acatctagac aaaatcaata aggaactaga ggaattgaac    129960
     aacacactaa accaactaga cctaacagac atatagaaag ctctccatct aacaagtgca    130020
     gaatatatat tcctctcaag tgcatatgga acattcccca tgataaatca tatgttaggt    130080
     cacaaaacaa ttctcaatac attttaaaag gtcaaaatta tatgaagggc cacatgtgtt    130140
     ggctcacagc tgtaatccca gcacttagtg aggctgagac aggcggatca cttgacccca    130200
     gaagttcaag accaggctgg gcaacatggt aaaaccctgt ctctacgaaa aaaaaatttt    130260
     aaaattagct gggtgtagtg gtggtgaata cctgtagccc cagctactca ggaggctgag    130320
     gcaggaggat ggcttcagct tgggaggcag aggctgcagt gacccgagat cataccacta    130380
     cactccagcc tgcaggacag agcaggacct gtctcaaaaa acaaaacaaa acaaaaaaaa    130440
     caaaaacaaa acaaacaaaa aaaaacaggc caggcttggt ggctcatgcc tgtaatccca    130500
     gcattttagg aggccgacgc aggtggatga cctgtggtca ggagctcaag accagcctga    130560
     ccaacgtggc aaaaccccat ctctactaaa aatacaaaaa attagctgga aggggaggca    130620
     ggcacctgta accccagcta cttgggaggc tgagccagga taatctcttg aatctgggag    130680
     acagaggttt cagtgaggcg agatcacgcc gctgcactca accttgagca acagagtgag    130740
     gctctgtctc aaaacaaaca aacaaaaaaa ttatacaaaa aaaaaaagtg aactgcatgt    130800
     tgctgcacag tctaccatag cacaaatgtc aattgcttct tggctttcct ggggtgatgg    130860
     gaggtctgaa cctaacacag tctcacctga tccttcacag gagtcacgta gcctttctct    130920
     ctccagtcca cagatgtggg gatctcaaga agcaggcgtt cctggaactg tttcccgttc    130980
     ctgtgcttct ggtattgaaa accattcatc acctgcctga attcttcagt ggtcttcaaa    131040
     gaaaagtaaa taaaatgtta agaagcaaga gattaatttg gtaaagaact gaggagggga    131100
     agcacagagc tgggcagccc acagcatact taccatgtct ccaaaggtgt tcatggccat    131160
     tgtgaagctg tgtttccctt ggctgtattc ctgattgtgc tgctcagtca tcttcatgtt    131220
     ctctcacact gctctcctcc atccttcttc attctaaagg caaacatgta actgatgttc    131280
     ttcatttctt tttttttttg agacggagtc tcgctctgtc acccaggctg gagtgcagtg    131340
     gcacgatctc agctcactgc aagctctgcc tcctgggttc atgccattct cctgccccag    131400
     tctcccgagt agctggaact acaggcgcct gccaccatgc taactttttg tatttttttt    131460
     ttagtagaga cggggtttca ccgtgttagc caggatggtc tcaatctcct gactttgtga    131520
     tccgcctgcc ttggcctccc aaagtgctgg tattacaggc gtgagccacc gtgccccgcc    131580
     aatgctattt atttctaatt aaaacccaac atatgctaac caagtgaatc ttcagacaga    131640
     gatgtaagag taaccatggc cagggaaggc ttgacacttc taggagatgt tttccaagct    131700
     gagacacaac aagggtgtat gcccatatcg tgctcataat cagtgctatt aagttattgt    131760
     gttagcttat tggtaggagc cagcctctag aagccactct ctggccatat gatcccaata    131820
     gcaatgccca tctctctggt gttcccctgg acagtttcag atgccaccaa ccatgtcata    131880
     taatctcttg tgctttgcct tccacttggt ccattgtgcg tctagactgt ggtcacgtgt    131940
     tagagcagct gaggcaattc ccaggaaaaa ggcagccagg aggagtgaag gattcatgtt    132000
     tcaaaaatct aggaagggaa aagaaatgag gatctgatta gaccgatcct aaaaagccat    132060
     tttactaccc cctgagaaac tagggccacc atggtagaat aaaaatattt aaattattct    132120
     tccaagcatt tacctaagga ctgtggaaga ggccaaggat gtggctggag aaaaacaggg    132180
     caagtggagg tattggaggg acccaccaaa atgaaaagca gcctgtccag agctgtagga    132240
     gttgaaacag ttttctggga tgatgatgac aggctatgaa aaggacagga aggtacctga    132300
     tgggcgagaa gcttaaggca acaaccggga aactaggaaa ccgttggccc aggttttgta    132360
     ccaattgtgc tgaggtcatc caggcaaaac ctcaagaatg aagacatcta atttcaagaa    132420
     gggacaaagg gatccccaat aattgggaag tcacatcaca ccttgttctt ggctaataca    132480
     caacagaagg tgaagtatgt tttccaaatg ccccttgtaa tgaaacagtt attgaatgtc    132540
     ttcccaggac aaactgggaa ggagagcacc catctaccgc cgttcccgca gtcctgcagt    132600
     cctgcaggtg ggccagtcct gccaacactc cagctcccct cacagagcat aaactgaatc    132660
     aggtggccga accaccggaa gccagagtcc ccagtgtccg cgcccacaca ggggtgggta    132720
     ggcagcttcc caggctttgg gctggggacc caggccaggt cccctggctc ttgctcccgc    132780
     cctccgctca tgctcactgt ggccccagga cgtgggcgat gttgcaggga gcaaggggcg    132840
     cctctgcctg atttgccggg gtcgagcctc cctgtcccac ccccaccggc cctgggaata    132900
     ctgcggcctg gcactccgga aaatccctca ctcacagagc tgaaggactt gctgggtccc    132960
     tggtggcccc tgtccaatct tagcccactg gggtctcagc tgctgtagcc acaggtggac    133020
     aggcacagtg ggcaggtgct gggtccagga gtctcctgtc gcctaaggcc gcccgaaagc    133080
     agctaattga cctctaaagc ccctagaccc ccctgccccc ttgccgccca ggcaggcccg    133140
     cccccaccac ttgcccgctc tgcgattggc tgcgccagcc gctgggcggg gccttccggc    133200
     gtgctgactc ctggcatgtg gagcagctca gtccccttgc ctcagtggaa ccgggggagg    133260
     ggagctgggg gctacgaaga gaagggtcgg aggtctccct ggagggttcg gatcaactaa    133320
     gtaccctatt taatgccctg ggcgggtggt ttatgaaaag aaatttacag gagccctgtg    133380
     tgcattttca gcttaaccct gcttttccct taggcctaga atttttgatt aaaatctcct    133440
     gcagggcaga gagccagagg actgtaatcc agtggttcct gtttagtcca cagcaaaggt    133500
     gcggctggct ggaagaacgc acagcctgca agcagaagcc ttatctccca attaagggtg    133560
     tagaagaatc tgggcgtgtt gctggtgtct catgcctgta atcccagcac tttgggaggc    133620
     tgaggcaggc agatcccttg agcccagtag ttcgagaaca gcgtgggcac cctggcgaaa    133680
     ccccttctct actaaaaata caaaaattag ccgagtgtgg tggcccgcgc ctgtggtccc    133740
     agctagtcgg gaggctgagg caccagcatc gcccagcccg gaaggttgaa gctatagtga    133800
     gccgagatcg caccactgca ctccagcctg ggcgagagga gaccctgtct caaagacaaa    133860
     aaaacaactg gtaggaaaac gcaccctcaa aacacatgat gagatggtcg agaccagacc    133920
     ctaggagggt gggtactggc tgggtgggta tccagagacc atgggcgttt cataatgcat    133980
     tgtttcccgt ctcctccact cagcgactct tcttcccctg aagtcttgca ttaagtaagt    134040
     gaatgaatca atcatcaagt taatgaagct ctgactttgt acttgttgtc ctttgcttgg    134100
     tacagttggg cactgcctta gaaacaatct ccaggtaatt ttcccaactg cttttgtgag    134160
     gcccagtttt ccattttaaa atctaagatt acctcagtaa tcttgctttt acagcaaatg    134220
     ggcatggagc ctgacagata tatttaaact aagttatgga caagctgcct ggtgcattag    134280
     gtagcatagg agctaacctt gtgggacatc tccccatatt cgtaatattc acccctacat    134340
     ctataatcaa taaatgcttg tttggaggcc atagaaactc ttcctgagat ctgacctgtg    134400
     tcttctgcta tctgcctgat ttctccccat agaacaggaa aacactgtgt aggagatatt    134460
     gtgaatagaa atatgaatat aggccgggag tggtggctca cacctgtaat cccagcactt    134520
     tgggaggcca aggcgggtgg atcacctgag gtcaggagtt tgagaccagc ctggccaaca    134580
     tggcgaaacc ccgtctctac taaaaataca aaaattagcc acgcatggtg gcaggcgcct    134640
     gtaatcctag atactcagga ggctgaggta ggagaattgc ttgaacccag ggaggcagaa    134700
     gttgcagtga gtgagatggc accactgcac tccagcctgg gcaacagagt gagactctgt    134760
     ctcaaaaaaa ataaaataaa ttacaaaaat tagccaggca tggtggtggg cacctgtaat    134820
     cccagctact caggagcctg aggcagggac aacggctcaa acctgggagg cagaggttgc    134880
     agtgaaccga gattgcacca ctgcactcca gcctgagaga catagcgaga ctccatctca    134940
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaata taaataggaa atacagtgat tcaaataagc    135000
     aattgttagt tcctcagatc agaactgtga gttctatact agactcttac atgttatttc    135060
     ttctggtatc ttagcaatga ttctgaataa agatcagact ccttagtcgg caggtgggac    135120
     agttctcaat aacagaagct gggttctcag gggatcccgt ggatatgagg atgaaggtta    135180
     gaagcacttg ggaccatacc tgcaggtctg atttgaggac aatgagacca agacaggaag    135240
     gcagcacctg ctgaggggct gggggtggga gaagggagga aacgggacac aagaaaataa    135300
     gtataaacca ccagactgca gtcagtgatc aacaaaattc ccaagtttat attgagaaga    135360
     tttccctggt ttggggtttt gaagagatta tataagggat tcgggttgct tgattttttt    135420
     cattcttttt cttttaactt ggtctcaatt tttttgtaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagaatgtct    135480
     tatgtgcacc tttagaactg gtgaatgaat gaacctccct ttttaaataa ctgagattgt    135540
     cactgaagca ctgtcatccg atttaggctt aaaaatctga cactgaattt atcctagatg    135600
     ataaagtgca agtctcttgt ctcctagaaa tgatcaggca aggaaacacc caggaggccc    135660
     agggcaaaat gccctcctgg aagctggtgg ggtaggaaga tgctgaggcc cagtatggtc    135720
     cctggagcat gcattctgtg tggtgacaga aattgtttgc ttgaccgtac attggtcagg    135780
     cttctgaacc ttctgctaaa cccatctgtg cactttttgt aaaattcagt tttaggaaat    135840
     taccctgcta agtcagttta gctggcagga atccccgtcc accatatact gatcagggtc    135900
     ctcatccccc accatcccgc agctgatgtc agataacctt ggcctgtgct cagcgagaat    135960
     ctcgttaggt cagtttagcc agaatcctcc cttacccttc atgttccctc atagtcattt    136020
     cctatctgct aacccccatc ctcctccttg agtataatta ccacttcctt gtgctggatt    136080
     cagagttgag cacaattgct ctctctcact gtaagaacta cttgcagtgc tcctagacct    136140
     acatatgtga acctgtttct ttaacagtga ctcacctgtc tttttctcct ttcaacttga    136200
     cactagctga ggcttatccg catcaaagtg gagggactgg ccccggggga tcctcagggc    136260
     ttcaccttga tggcctgcag gctcacattc cactttttct ggtgccttct ggctccgagt    136320
     ccagtttgcc acacaagtga tggaggttgg aaggagggat gaggtgacag aggtgaagga    136380
     gggtaaattc ttttctaagc cctacttgcc tgacatgcat ttaggttttt agaaaggaac    136440
     ctgaccccac cctttatttt ctatctccca cttccatgac tagccttacc tgtaaaaatg    136500
     gggcatagaa gagcccccat ctcctagggc agtgtttttg agcagggggt cactgaacag    136560
     tagcaccttc atctcttgag accttgttag gaaattctgg acttggggtg gttgatcatg    136620
     cctgtaattc cagcactttg ggaggccgag gctggcagaa catgaggtca agagatcaag    136680
     accatcctgg tcaacatggt gaaatcccgt ctctactaaa aatacaaaaa ttagctgggc    136740
     acggtggtgt gtgcctgtag tcccagctaa tggggggctg aggcagggga atcacttgaa    136800
     cctgggaggc agaggttgca gtgaaccaag atcatgccat tgcactccaa cctgggtgac    136860
     agaggaagac tctgtctcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaataaaaat tcctggaaat ggattagctt    136920
     gctgacaaga gttattccat tgtgtgtttc tacctgcaat acctgaggat gcccattttc    136980
     tcacgattta taaactaact cattttatag atgtaatttt catacatttg ggggtatcgt    137040
     tctaacttca ttattattac ttcaaggtgt tattatttcc ccatcatcat catggtcatt    137100
     atcataacta gttggtgctg acagtagtca ccctgcattg agaactcata ctccaggccc    137160
     tttccacata gacttgattt aattccattc actcctcaca acaatcgtct gaaagaaaga    137220
     atcactaagc cattgtataa ttgaaacaca agaggcgagt gacttgtgtg cccttgggca    137280
     ggtaatttaa acactctgtg cccccaagtt ccaatagata aatgtaaata ataatatctt    137340
     tcttacctaa tacatggggt caacagttaa agtactgtac atttgtgagg tatttcatgg    137400
     cacctgtgaa ttgctcatgt gatgacttag tgtgcttcca gtgtcagtgt gctgggaagg    137460
     agacagaata agaagaagac tgaaaagatg ccgagtctag tgcagggtat cctggggaaa    137520
     acacctcctg tttgtccaac agcgattggc cacacattga agacacacta cctggctgtg    137580
     aactggggtg accctgttga aatcttgtgg aaagcttgag atgctcctta gagggtgttt    137640
     atccctcgag ctggcacaaa tgcggtttgt tgttcagttt ttccttctac tctgcctcta    137700
     tctggtacaa aatggaattg aagaggatat aaaccagcaa ggaacaatct gaaatcagaa    137760
     tggtgacaat gggagaaagt aatcttggtt caacccaatg ttcacctgaa gtctctttat    137820
     taaagactac taacaggaac gaaattgcat aataatcttc ctatgataat ttcaagttcc    137880
     agaatttctc tatggaactt tcaaatttca cctctgttaa ctcatggaat tttccctaga    137940
     atctgcaaat taccgaagtc tttggaggtt tgatgatcac tcactggtca gcggtactac    138000
     aaaaggattc tggggagttt gactcagtgg tcagcaaagg ctcttccgaa tcttcagtct    138060
     gattctgaga ttccccgggg agaactggag cctttcttaa cagctgttga ttggaaagac    138120
     cacctgcttc atcctctatt gcaacagaaa tagccattgt gaatctccat ggggaggcac    138180
     aatgagtttt ttctagcatg tgtgactcag gtcattttgt tccgtggttt ccagttgtgg    138240
     ggacttggca aggtcacacc ctcccctgag cctcagtttc atcgctcaga aaatgaggat    138300
     aacaattcta cttgcctcat aggattgttg tgaagattaa atgagacatg taaacatttg    138360
     cttatagtaa tttcacacca ctttattgtg gaatcaaaga cagaattctt acagaggtct    138420
     tggttagtta agaaaacatc cattcaaaga tttgattcac aggacaccct cactgtcttt    138480
     ctctctcttt tttttttttt tttttttttt gagacagggt ctcacttcat tgcccaggct    138540
     ggaatgcagt ggtgtgatct cagctcactg caacctctgc ctcccaggct caagagattc    138600
     tcccacctca gcctccgagt agctgggatt acagccatgc actgccactc ctggttaatt    138660
     tttgtatatt ttgtagagac ggggttttgt catggtgccc aggttggtct tgaactcctg    138720
     ggctcaagca atccacccgc ctcagccacc caaagtactg ggattacagg cgtgagtcac    138780
     cacacctggc ccttgcttac tttcgtactt cccaagaggc aggttaccaa attggtgaaa    138840
     ttaaccataa catcattgtg atgggcaagc agatatatta aaagcaaaga tacagcaggt    138900
     taacattaaa ttttgctcat cccaggacaa acctggccac aggaggcctt tgccagtatt    138960
     ctgaaaagtg ttgtgaccat ctcctttaaa gctcagttaa aggtttctgg ctggactcca    139020
     ggctgcttca agctctttac ttgtctttat cattctttaa ggagggaccc agacacagta    139080
     tgcagaggcc tgaatcctct agatcattct ctctccacca tgagtcctgc cgtggggact    139140
     tttccagctc cctttggcct tatgagccag aaaatcaggc tagagcctaa agagaataga    139200
     aatttcagaa tcaggcttgt tctgcgactg tatgggggag ctgaaggaca caatgggctt    139260
     tctatattgg agactaccca tcatactctc tctgcccagg gagaaaggac agatgctgtg    139320
     tgattttgta gtctgtgatt tggcttctca ttctcgctgc tctctacacc tcattgttta    139380
     cttcactccc ctgaaaaaaa tgctccctaa caggctcagt acccaacttc tgggtattgc    139440
     tgcccacatt tgccttggtt ctaccttttc agattgcagg atcctgaggt tttgcttgga    139500
     gcagctcaga ttctccacta gatctaagat ctcacctagt cctgaggatt tccttaaagg    139560
     gaaggggaaa gatagataga tgatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat    139620
     agttgctgcc tttgctctac agcatctgct tggtgaagag gctcaggatc tggatcctgg    139680
     cctctcagct ttcaggaacc ccattccccc ctgacagggg tggcaagttc atcctattat    139740
     tcattaagaa atttgaaaac aatcattcag gaattttagg tcaagagctg gaaaacccca    139800
     agcctccgtc acctgagcaa agggagatac tgtgagcacc tgcaggatac acccatgttc    139860
     caccacctgc ctgaagaagc ctgtggttct tgtcagcttc tcaagggtga agtgccaatc    139920
     cttttctgct tgagcagaag agcagaccaa agagctcatt gactcaagga gcatcacggc    139980
     aactgagctg cacctggaag agaagaatcc agggtgtgat ccacagccaa ggcctgaagc    140040
     aatggggccc atacttggcc tctccagggt gagttgtgac ccaagtgctg ggctttagcc    140100
     catgagtggt ccctcttgcc atttccagtt tcctcccaaa gagaggccag tgttggtgat    140160
     ttcatttctt ataatctcct taggagcaca ggttttggtt tgtgcctttt ttggatcagg    140220
     ttccctgcat tgcagctgct ataattaaaa ctattaacaa caacacagca ccacagaagc    140280
     aagttagttg ctaatggaat ttgctgataa tgctgtcttc tagagaccac tctagtaact    140340
     ggagagcctt ggtgtagagc tgatgataaa acctattcct gcttttgtca gtcatgagga    140400
     gcatttcctt tctagacaga ggaactgaaa cccacatgcc agcccaaatt taccaaaagc    140460
     agtcactgga atactcatca caccatcatg tctcatctta tccctttcgt taccttcaaa    140520
     tacggcccca tttcctcagg accagaactc ccttatgtgg gcagcaggac taaggccctt    140580
     gagttacctg tggtgactcc tcattaaatg gaggaatgtg ccagtatttt cagcaaaaca    140640
     tgaatctgat gaaacactga ctgaactgtc tcctagtttc aaaacaaatt attaccactc    140700
     agggcctcta tttagggcaa tcagagtcag aagtgggaac gcatcttgtc ctcctacctt    140760
     gattaacagt aactctaatt gcaggatgat ggtcaaatcc tctctcctct aatgtgcagt    140820
     tgtgaaggat ttaggctcca ctgctcatgc atttgggtgg ggcctgaatc actttcagtc    140880
     tagcacaggc gggtcacttc aggccttccc acctccatca gcatccttca atcctcccct    140940
     gacatctctc atttatgctt cctattgatt cagaggtccc aacccaagtg gctaaaagaa    141000
     acattcatta acctttctac aaagtcatga ataatccatg gattacattg aattcatccc    141060
     tactaaaacc atcttcagaa attcagatgt agtaaccttc tttctgaatt tttttttttt    141120
     tttttttttt tttttgagat ggagtcttgc tctgtcgccc aggctggagt gcagtggcat    141180
     gatctcagct cactgcaagc tccacctccc gggttcacga cattctcctg cctcagcctc    141240
     ccaagtagct gggactacag gcacccgcca ccaggcccgg ctaatttttt gtattttgtt    141300
     tactagagac ggggtttcac tgtgttagcc aggatgatct cgatctcctg acctcatgat    141360
     ccgcccacct cggcctccca aagtgctggg attacaggca taagctaccg tgcccagcca    141420
     agtattctat ccttaatgaa cacatatatg cacattatat ctatttttta taatatatat    141480
     atttagaatt gaatgtcaga gtacatatca gtgttggagg aagagaataa ggaggaagca    141540
     cagaaagtaa aaaggaaaaa taggcaccaa aaaagatttg gagaatggca gatggccaag    141600
     gagatgcagt tgggaagtgc ctcttccatg gagaggaacc caaatatcta gtaaaccttc    141660
     acattttaaa cagatctttt gagagaaaac actgaaagtt gacacagagg tgacacagac    141720
     accatggttg aagagggaag aaatgggaca gtctgctcag agtcactaga catcaggact    141780
     ggcccatata ccctgaacaa acccaaggaa ggggtgagtg aaggaaccct gggacactac    141840
     atacccataa tgtacctctg agatcctagt tacaggagtt tctacgaccc tcatagatct    141900
     ttggactggt aggagagctg cctcgagcac atgcagaggc acagtttgaa cccacacaga    141960
     gcccagaagg ctttgttgtg ctgtgcagct gcagcaaaat gcaaccctag gtgcccatcc    142020
     cacaagcctc catttcatac tgagtggcta agttcctgct gtccgccagg ctgggagtga    142080
     accgcgcctg gcctgctcac atgcccaaga taggccccat caccagtgct gtgtgattaa    142140
     gttgcatctg gtccacatgc ccccttgcct gtcaacccct tcccagagct catgcctggt    142200
     cacgcctgca agagggtgtc cacagcacag catccactgc atagcttgag tgttttgttg    142260
     acagcctggg aaaagctcac caccctgtcc ccaagtcaca gccagtgctt gaagcttaga    142320
     ggccagagga caaatccgtg agcccagtcc caactcccca agactcaagt ataccaccca    142380
     gggacactga gctgagattt gtaacctaat ctcaagtgaa ggaggatcct ccatagtcag    142440
     aatgcagaga agggtgtggt atgggttctc atgggggcat gggagctgga cacccctccc    142500
     tttgcaagac cagaccatga agggtatggc ctgatggtgg tagcttcttt cccagggagt    142560
     gtcctggcac agaatgcctg gagcagctca acaatgtggg agcagatggc ttggggaaag    142620
     cctagttggt tgggcttgcc gccagggcga gtgtctgtgg gagatctgct gggtcagggg    142680
     agtgtaagct aggcagactc catggttgcc tgctgggctg aaaatcatgg gctgcagact    142740
     ccatactggt gttgcaccca ttgtgccact gccctgcctg gagatcctct acccttgaaa    142800
     tactgcatca tcagagcaac tgcagacata ccctaaaacc tgctctgact ttggtaagca    142860
     cagtggactg gtgggtctct ggagagctgt gtgtccctag agatgtaatc ctcagtgtgg    142920
     accatcccta agggaagggg gagtgcagcc tgccaaagca ccacatgaga caaagaaaat    142980
     gtggccatgg cataagccac tgaaaggagc accaccaagg cccagaacca gacttggaga    143040
     aggaattatg tctcgcctcc atctcccctc cccagtgcac tgttgcagat gcaacaatag    143100
     ctcttcccat aggggcccag aaagcgtgca ctgaaagaag ttgtttctca tgattctcca    143160
     gtgagggcaa gcatgcacca agaccccacc tgccagctct tactcttaag tccatctacc    143220
     agactgaagt ttgagttata ccatcatata aaaatacatt gctaaaacaa gcaacatctg    143280
     tgaaagccac tgcagcaacc tatctgtaac caaggaacat atatggaaac ttcaccctct    143340
     gcaactacag agaaatgaag ccaatcaatc acatacacca ctgtcatact ttcaaagaga    143400
     ataaaaaata taaaagccct gtgatggtta atactgagtg tcaacttgat tgtattaaag    143460
     ggtgcaaaat attgttcccg ggtgtgtttg gagggtgttg ccaaaggaga ttaacatttg    143520
     agtctggact aggagaggca gaaccaccct caatctgggt gggcaccatc taatcagctg    143580
     ccagcacggc taggacaaag caggcaggag aaggcagaag agcagacttg ctgagtctcc    143640
     tggctttcat ctttatcctg tgctggatgc ttccagttct tcagcttttg gactcttgga    143700
     cttacaccag tggtttgcca ggggctctca ggccttcagc cacagactga aggctgcact    143760
     gtcagcttcc ctacttttga ggttttggga ctcggactgg cttccctgct cctcagcttg    143820
     cagatggttt attgtgggac tttaccttgt gatcgtgtga gtcaatgatc cttaataaac    143880
     tccccttcaa atgtacatct atcctattac ttcggtacct atagagaact ctgactaata    143940
     caaaccccat ctaaatgaag caaattcaaa aaagaagtgt caactcccgc agatggaaag    144000
     gaataagcac aagaagtctg gcaatacaca aagccagagt gttttgtgat ctccaaagcc    144060
     tctcactagc tccctaggaa aggatcctga ccagatgtaa atgtctgaaa tgagacacat    144120
     agaactcaga agatggatgt caaggaaagt caatgagaca taagacaaaa tagaaatcca    144180
     atgcaaagaa accagaaaaa cagtccaaga tttgaaagac aacatagtta tattaagaaa    144240
     gagccaaact gaacttctgg aactgaaaaa ttcactaaat aaatttcaaa atatagttgg    144300
     gagacttaaa aacagactag gccaagcaga aggaaacact tcaaagcttg aagactgatt    144360
     cttcaaatta acccagtcat gcaaaaataa agaaaaaata ttttttaaaa agacaaagcc    144420
     ttcaagaaat atgggattat gtaaagaaac cacttctaca acttattggt attcctgaga    144480
     gaaaagaaag agtaaccaac ttggaaaaca tatctgagga aaaaattcaa gaaaatattc    144540
     tcaattttgc tagagatgtt gacatgcata caccagaaat ccagagaacc tctgttatac    144600
     actataaaga cagccatccc caagacacat agtcgttaga ctatccaagg ttaacacaaa    144660
     agaaaaaaca aatctcagac acagctagag aaaagagcaa cactacctac aaagggaacc    144720
     catcagacta acagtggact tctcagaaga aaccttacaa tccagcagag attagaggtc    144780
     tatttttagt actctaaaag gaatgacatt ccagcataaa cattcatatt cttcaaaact    144840
     aagcttcata aacgaaggag agattgagtc tttctgagtc aagcaatcgg taagggaatt    144900
     tatcaccact agactagccc tgcagaaatg cttaagggag ttctaaatgt ggacatgaaa    144960
     gaacaataca cagaaaaagc acagttaagt acatagtcca cagactctat aaagcaacta    145020
     cacaattgag actgcaaaga aactagctaa caaaactatg acaggaacac aatctcacat    145080
     atcaatgtta accttgaaca taaatggcct aaatcctccg cttaaaagac atacagtggc    145140
     gaattggaat aaaaaaatca gaatcaccca tctgctgtct tcaagagacc catctcacaa    145200
     ctaatgacac tcatgggttc aaagtaaagg gatagagaaa gattaatcat gcaaatggaa    145260
     aacataaaag agcaggagtt tctattctca tatcagagaa aacagatctt cagccaaaaa    145320
     cagaaacaag gacaaaaaaa tgttattgct taatgacaaa gggctcaatt caataagaat    145380
     aattaactat cttaaataaa tatgcaccca atattaattg gagcatcacg atacataaag    145440
     aaatcactac tagacctaag aggtagacag cccctcagta ataactggga acttcaacac    145500
     tccactgaca gtggtagata gattattgag gcagaaatct aaacaaataa attctggact    145560
     taaatttgcc acttgaccaa ttgaacctaa tagacatcta cagaacactc tacccaacaa    145620
     ccacaatata tatatttttt tctcatcttc acatggaaca tactctaaga gtgatcacat    145680
     atgcagttat aaagcaagtg tcaagaaata aaaacaatca aataatatca agcatcttct    145740
     tggaccgcag tagaataaaa ataaaaatca atagcaagag gaactctaaa acacagacac    145800
     tcacacacaa acacacacgg aaactaaaga aattactctt gaatgacttt tgtttgggta    145860
     aacaataaaa ttaaagcaga aatcaaagaa ttttttaaac aaatgaaaat agagacacaa    145920
     tgaacaaaaa cctctgggat gcaataatag cagtttaaaa aggaaagatt atagtgctaa    145980
     atacctacat caaaaagata gaaatatctc aaattaacaa tctaacattg cacccagagc    146040
     aagtagtaaa acaagaaaaa aaactacatc caaatatagc ataagaaaag aaataacaaa    146100
     aataagaaca ggactgaata aaatcgagac tcaaaaatcc acacaaagga tcaacaaaat    146160
     gaaaagttgg ttctttgaaa gtgtaaccaa aattgataga ctgcaagcaa gattaacaaa    146220
     aaagaaaaga tccaaataag cacaatcagc aataacaaag gcgacattca atcgagtccc    146280
     acggagattc aaaagattct cagagactac tatgaacatt tctatgtgca caactagata    146340
     acctagaaga aatgaatacg ttcctggaaa cacacaactt cccaagattg aaccaggaag    146400
     aacctgaaac actgaacaga ccaacaatga attacagaat gaattgaata agtaatagaa    146460
     gcctaggact agatgaattc atagctgaat tctaccagac atacaaaggg gagctcatgc    146520
     caatcctact gaaactattc caaaaaatcg aggatgagag attctcctct aacttactct    146580
     acaaaaccta tatcatcctg ataccaaaat atggcaaata ctcacacaaa aaacaaaacc    146640
     ctaggccaat atatctgatg aacatagatg aaaaaatcct caacaaagta cttgcaaacc    146700
     acattcagca gcacatcaaa aagataatac aatatcaagt gaactttata cctgggatgt    146760
     aagagttgtt caaatatatg caaatcagtt aatgtgattc accacataaa cagaatttaa    146820
     aatgaaaaaa aacataagat tatctcaaca gatgcaggta aaacatttga taaagtccaa    146880
     catgccttca taattaaaac cctcaataga ctaggcattc aaagaacata cctaaaataa    146940
     taagaaccat ctattgacaa acctagtcta cgttatacta aacaggcaaa agttggaaga    147000
     attcccataa gaataagaac aagacaagaa tatccacttt caccactctt attcaactta    147060
     atactggaag ccctagccag aatgatcaga caaaagcaag aaacaaaagg catccaaata    147120
     ggaaaagagg aaattaaatt ttatttcttc actgatgata ggattctata cctagaaaac    147180
     cctaatgatt ctgaccaaag actcctagag ttgattaaaa atttcagtaa agttttaaga    147240
     taagaaatca atatacaaaa agcagtagta tttctataca atgcaatatt caaactgaga    147300
     accaaatcaa gaacacaatc ccatttacaa gagccacaga aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaat    147360
     acttaggaat acctctatcc aaggaggtaa aagatctctt taagtagaac tacaaaacac    147420
     tgctgaatga aatcatagat gacacaaaca aatggaaaaa tattacatgc ttatggattg    147480
     gaagaatcaa catcattaaa atgtctttac tgcccaaagc aatctacaaa ttcaatgcag    147540
     ttcctatcaa actgccaaag ttatttttac acagaattag aaaatcaatt ctaaaatttg    147600
     tatttaacta aaaaagagcc tgaatagcca aagcaatctt aagctaaaag aacaaaggca    147660
     ggggcaacac attacctgac ttcaaactat actacaaggc tacaataacc aaaatagcat    147720
     ggtttgggta caaaaacaga cacatagacc aatggaacaa aatagagaat ccagaaatga    147780
     agtcccatac ctacaaccaa ctgatcttta acaaaattga taaaaataca atggggcaag    147840
     gataccctat tcaattaatg gtgctgggaa aactggctaa ccatattcag aagaatgaaa    147900
     ttagactcct gtctctcacc atataaaaaa attaactcaa gattgattaa agacttaaat    147960
     gtaaaacttt agactataag aagcctagaa ttagacctaa gaagctcttt tggatattgg    148020
     cctatgcaaa gaatttatga ctaagtacta aaacacaaaa gcaacaaaaa caaaagttga    148080
     caagtgagac caaattaaac taaagagctt ctgcacactt gcatgttata ttgcaaatat    148140
     gaaatagcaa agacatggaa tcaacattgg tttccaacaa tggtggattg gataaagaaa    148200
     ctatgatgca tatacaccat ggaatactat gtagccagaa gaaagaatga aatcctttcc    148260
     tttgcagtaa catagatgtg cctggatgcc atcatcctaa atgaattaag atgtaaacag    148320
     aaaaccaaat accgcatgtc ctcacttata ggtgagagct aaactttggg tacacaggag    148380
     caaaaggatg gaaataacag acactgggga ctccaaaaca ggggaaggaa ggaaggcaag    148440
     gtttgaaaag ctacttattg ggtactatgt ttactattca gataatatgt tcaatagaag    148500
     cccaaacctc agcatcatgc aatatattca tgtaacaaat gtacacatgc atgcttaatc    148560
     taaaataaat attaaataat caaataaaat gaataaaacg gtagatatga ttatgtggaa    148620
     aatgctttac tatttattat gtggtgaata atttaataat atttaataaa tacatgaatg    148680
     aaaaatagct acaactgtgt gttaggattt caataatttt ttatttcatt cctataactt    148740
     ttatgtatta ttatatacat aataatatat agttaataat aacaaaaaca acatggtatt    148800
     gaaataattt ccacccagaa ggaggatcaa catatttaag tgactacact actcaagata    148860
     aaaatcattt atcaaacaga tcaaagtcat ttacctgctt tcctttttat aggtcctagg    148920
     aacacacgtg ccatagacaa taaaacatca cttcccccat cccactacct tggactttat    148980
     ttaacatctt tgggtagaac agaaactgtt gataaggtga gttttgtttt atagacaaga    149040
     gaggaaaatg gatactttgt gtggtctggg ccttagaaac agactaagat cttttttttt    149100
     tctcttttgc tttttttact agcataaaat attaattgac aaaacactga atacaagctt    149160
     cactatcata aaatcaaaac atttaagcaa tattccaaaa aagatttgac aaaaactagt    149220
     caccaagagt acaaaaatta cacatcaaca caaagcataa aaaatgtgaa ctttcaaatt    149280
     aaacagtcaa aaacatgtac ctgcgtgatc acctccacac cttgactgcc ttcgtctgca    149340
     gcacgctgct ggtaaaggct gggtggctgc accgtcgtcc cctaacccaa cattgctttc    149400
     atctgggaaa attcgcttga tagccaatta agccatggag gctattacat ttacacgggg    149460
     ctacgcacaa tctcagggga cgttcaaaca gcagttcgtt cctcacacgc actgttgggt    149520
     gcaaagggca cctggagagt gagggagacc tgggagcttt cctgcggggc cttggccacg    149580
     cggccgtcgc cggcaccctg tcccttgcct ggcaggggac acaatatttg tacagattat    149640
     ggtataattt gaatgatttt ctaatctact tatcttaatt tatatagttt atttaaatgt    149700
     caaggcagag aaatacattg atcatgttaa ggtcacgtga tgtggtggcg cagtaatgac    149760
     ttcctgagga aacagaaatc ggatgttttg tgatttagct atgtgcacta aacttatttt    149820
     ccatgttttg agagcacatt aaacattcac gtacaatgtg ggaataggct ggctcgtaac    149880
     caaaacgtcc aacccaatgc caccctttga atcgctgtga acaccatcct attgcggttc    149940
     agagaaaaca agcaaggctg cgaagccccg gggttcaggc agctgcagcg cttgggccaa    150000
     ggtagctccg ctctctggtc tgaagccacg tggccccacc ccggggcggc ctggcttttt    150060
     tatagtgctt attgctgtgt ttggcatgcc attcaaccca tcgggatgtt ggatagtgac    150120
     ttgagagcaa tccctagatt tgccctgtcg ggatgttgca tactgaattc ggaataagcc    150180
     ctgctcaact gaggcactat cactaggagg aggcactgat tcccgccttt caatgctatc    150240
     tattggtgaa agaggagttg gatggcatct gggaaattag tatcacttct actttttctt    150300
     cttttctttt aaaggttaaa aataccttgt attagttaat actgctataa aatatgaata    150360
     tccaaatctc tgtggctcag taaaatagat ttttttttca ctcagagaaa gttcaggttc    150420
     acccttagta acccaggctg acagagactc ttccattttc tatacatagc ttccccaatt    150480
     gcccagagaa gagtggaaag atttgatagg tgactgtaca caagaataag aacttagtac    150540
     ctagtcacta atttactcgt tgaataaaca tttatggagc tgaacatatt aatcactggg    150600
     cagacgctgg gacacaagaa aaatctttaa gatatgtcac tgcttattac caataatgtt    150660
     ctagtgagta acaagagtta ataacacgac taattatagt attgtaaata taattacagt    150720
     tccaataaga catacacaca cacagaacga ttttgtctgg ttgttgagga aatctttatt    150780
     gatttaagat atcttttgat gaacaggatt tttcaataac tatcagaaaa agaatgtcta    150840
     tgacttattt ttaaaaacta ttttcttatc tgccttgcat atctgacact ttcatctcct    150900
     atcttccttg aatacaatat agaacctgac atttctttcc tttcaaagat ccttagagca    150960
     tttcctacat ttaatctgaa tgtctttctc agtaattttt cccatacaag caattatggc    151020
     tacattttct taatataatc atgaaaaggt gagcaaaact gaaaatttaa tttggagaat    151080
     agatacgaaa cattcaatta attcaagttg ttgttaggct gcatatgttc agctttcagt    151140
     gaagatgaac aaatgatgat aaatgagaaa ctgaaagaaa acaaaccaat aggtgttttt    151200
     taagaaacaa tattattaaa gtgcatgtgt tttctactga atgaaagcaa catagacctt    151260
     ttcctcacat tggtagttag taagatgtat aaaaacaact ttgtaaagaa caattaatac    151320
     aggttaatga atcattgtga aaaggggata acacacttta ttgtagcaat gatctgcaag    151380
     gtgttaaatg ttaaaaaaga tgaagaacaa ttgagtagtt atttgatcac agtgtttatt    151440
     aaattgcttt tcctgtatct ggcaagcttt acagaaatgt cttcaacaga ataactgtgt    151500
     taaaagccaa atgaaatgca ttttgaaata tgattcttca cttggtgtgc aggtataatc    151560
     tcaggtgtaa ttcagacaag agacaaattc aattttaaag ttccatttgt tacaatttga    151620
     tgattgtgat taaagaacca taaaaatttt atctttgaca tttcattttt tcctcacaaa    151680
     agtattctac tgcaattttc ttagttttct ttcctcttaa ctgtggtgtt acctataaat    151740
     gctggatttc tctgttttac gtgcaacaaa tctacaatca actatttctg gaacgccact    151800
     tcattttaac aacaaggacc cataaatatt ttaaaaattc aaaatgttat atataaaatg    151860
     ttaaatgata cacataatac atttctaagt agtaattatg attatgccca taattatacc    151920
     cataatttaa aaatatgtta cctgaagtaa attattatac gttttatgtt ggaagtgttc    151980
     atttatcttt gatctctgtt aacacattgt actatgtggt aataatataa actgccttac    152040
     tggatagtga tgtatctttg gtttcatatt gttactggac taatattcca acactataga    152100
     tagtgaaatt taacattgaa acaatttgat aatgccatca atgaatccag tttttaagag    152160
     tgggatccat tttctaaaat tgagtatata gatacttcat gagatatctt atcatgcatc    152220
     ctaaaccaaa ccaacctctt cccctgactg tcttacagtg tattattatt attttatcca    152280
     ccacagcaac tagtacattt ttcagaacct agtagatatt cagtcattgt ctatggaata    152340
     catgaacaca ttctgaattt ggacagtcat cattcttggt gttttaaaac aaacacttcc    152400
     tgaattgcat ccactatttt ctaagaagcc ctaggaattc attgaaggag ggtatgggta    152460
     agttgtgggt gaaactgtaa agatgtaggt cctcctccca aaacttcttc agcgtatctt    152520
     cattgctgtt tgtttgcttg cttgcttgct tattttaaaa gagatctaga tatagtctaa    152580
     taagaattgt ataaatgtga tgttccacaa tgattctaac ttacatggtg caaaataata    152640
     aaatattaca ttctacctgt ttgtagaaaa ccatggatac tataaaggat ctagattttc    152700
     tctctccttt ccttctaaga tttattcact cagcaaagac ttacctggtg actacttagt    152760
     gctagacact gttttagata cttgggctat aacagtgaaa agaacagtaa ttgaattaat    152820
     gaaaagttca ttttaattag ctgtatggta aaataggaaa ctaacaaaaa taaaatataa    152880
     catgtcaaat ggcaatgact gctctgagaa aaataaagga gaataagaga ttctaaatta    152940
     ttatatacgg ccaatattac caacatatta tagaaagaaa tgagttcata atgtttatca    153000
     gagaattcca tgaaaatagc taaatttttc tagaaagcca ggcactgata agagaataaa    153060
     caaacagata accgatttta atttgatctt ctcttacagg tgcagctatg atctgccatt    153120
     gtatataata taaaattgaa aattgtttat atttcattca cgttagcata taatgttctt    153180
     actttttttt ttttttgaga cggagtcttg ctctgtcacc taggttgaag cacagtggca    153240
     cggtctcagc tcactacaac ctccacttcc cgggttcaag tgattctcct gctccagcct    153300
     cccaagtagc tgggactaca ggcaggcacc accacgcctg gctaattttt gtattttatt    153360
     agagacgggg tttcaccaaa ttggccaggc tggttttgaa ctcctgacct cagatgatct    153420
     gcctgtgcct cggactccaa tagtgctggg attacaggcg tgagccacag tgcccggcca    153480
     acgtttttac atttaaatat cagacatcta tcatattcct ttctccctac tacaaacatt    153540
     gtatgctttt caataggcat aagattttgt tttcactcag gttggattca acaggtatta    153600
     tttagcagtt cattgcatct atccatttac ccaatagagg aagtatacaa gatacaaatg    153660
     aataaagtgt aataattctt atactatttg cccttatgtc atgtaactgc tccatgtttg    153720
     tattccgaaa acctaactgg gagggaaaac tcagaaaaat agaataaaaa gtattatata    153780
     tctcatacat cctcattttt gaatattcta ggggtacaga tcagtataaa taaaatactc    153840
     tggtaagtga ccaccacatc atctgtttgt cattcttaga cccagagtat accattcttt    153900
     taagaaagaa aacttgctac tgtacctcct acccagtaac atatatatca catatcatat    153960
     atatatcata acatatatat catatatcat atatacacat atcatatatc tcatatatat    154020
     aacatatttg ctactggtta ggagtaacac tcagaaaatt atacttaata atgtagtaca    154080
     attaggtata aattcactta gtatttttaa attttacgta tattcctatt tatatgaatc    154140
     gtcatttaaa atcacatcta ctgatcctga tagcattaaa ggcataagag gtactgagga    154200
     tattaattta attttgttta cagctatgca cagatatttt tagttcactg agatttaatc    154260
     cagtagtcta ttatttgatt aattgtacag ctatcaaatc attcaggact cccactgttt    154320
     caacaacgag agtggaaaaa tattttttca tttatgttta tatgcagcta tttgtagtct    154380
     aaattaatat cctagcaatt gatggtgaaa ttaaaattat ttctgtcaga tgtggtaatt    154440
     tgatgacagt ggataagcat gggaataaaa gaaagttttg aggaagaggg gacagttttt    154500
     gtttacttaa tgattattcc aaagatgtta agtaaacatt ctatagaatg caacatatag    154560
     tggaatacag cattgaaaca atttaataat gtagtcaatg aatccagttt ttagaaatgg    154620
     gatccatttt ctaaaactga gcatacagat acttcatgag atgctttatc acgcatccta    154680
     aaccaaacca actccttccc ttgactgtct tgcagtgcat agggcatctc tacactctag    154740
     gaaaggaatt atcaatctgt ttatatgcca cttataaaat catacttaat gtacgattag    154800
     gcataaattt acttgcattt ttaaattttg taaaatgtta atggaaagtg ttcttgaaaa    154860
     acatttctga gaattccaaa aaatgaacaa attttaatac ataagggaca atatctttct    154920
     agtgaattga ttatcagagt gtaatgtggt atgttctgat tatgttacat aatattctga    154980
     ttagcagaaa attttgaata agtgaattta gcaaaatgtt tagaggtcaa gaaaactgtt    155040
     ttagactgac tatgttttct gacccaaatg taagaaagaa cccaataaaa agaggcagcc    155100
     agataatgct gttgtttgca aacttaaaca gaagcttgca tgtaatttat gactcaaaga    155160
     aaaataaaaa tagaagttat actttattta gaacttaatg acagtgaaaa attgcacata    155220
     aaaaggaaga ctgttgaata cagcaaaagc tggaattata taagaaatat aaacataaac    155280
     acacaaaata agtgtaaatt ataatgaagt aaaaatatat caaagagaaa gaaggaagca    155340
     gtacaataaa aaataaagtt gattctttaa aaaccatact taaatagaca aatttccagc    155400
     cagattgttt accaagtaaa gagaaaaaga aggagataga tcaaaagaca caagatgatg    155460
     atgaaaagag ggtcagcact tataaacata gtagaaattt aagccataat gagcacaaga    155520
     aagcattatc aacttacttt tgaatatata aaatagacac ttaaaaaact gaacaaaaat    155580
     gacttactag ttttaaaaga aaaaaaaaaa aacatcaaac atctatcctt ccaaaagtat    155640
     agacttcaaa agtatagtcc cagatgggtg aacataaacc acactttaag caagaactct    155700
     cagttataac cacatgggtg aacataaacc acactttaag caagaactct cagttataac    155760
     cagatgggtg aacataaacc acactttaag caagaactct cagttataac cagatgggtg    155820
     aacataaacc acactttaag caagaactct cagttataac cacatgggtg aacataaacc    155880
     acactttaag caagaactct cagttataac cagatgggtg aacataaacc acactttaag    155940
     caagaactct cagttataac cagatgggtg aacataaacc acactttaag caagaactct    156000
     cagttataac tgcttgcagt tttagaggat cccagccaca ctcctgaacc agagcttggc    156060
     actgggtatt ccctctggaa caccctttta tttccttctc taagcaaaga catggaatca    156120
     acctaaatgc ccatcagtgg tctgctggat aaagaaaatg tggtatataa acaccatgga    156180
     atactatgca gacataaaaa aagaacaaga tcttgttctt tgaagggatg tggatgtagt    156240
     tagagaccat tatccttagc aaactaacac aggaacagaa gatcaaacac tgcatgttct    156300
     cactcatagg tgggagctaa atgatgagaa cacacggaca catagagtgg gggacaacac    156360
     acactggggc cttttggagg gtggagaatt ggaggaggga gaagatacaa aagaataact    156420
     agtggttact aggcttaata ctggggtgat gaaataatct gtacaacaaa ccaccatgat    156480
     acaagtttac ctatgtaatg aacctgcact tgtacccctg aacttaaaag ttaaaaatga    156540
     atgaagcctg tcagaaccac ccatttagca gtctaacatt ttccctagta ttcccaaatc    156600
     cctttgccta gccaacattt ttcacagcac tttttgtctt caaactactg gcctgaagca    156660
     atctggctta gctttctgag tagctggaat tgcaggtgta ccagtgtgcc cagccacagt    156720
     tttttcaaga cctgtttaag acaacaggtt agagaaaatc aagataatat tttgaggggg    156780
     aagaaggtaa aatcaattaa gacagggtgc acagagtact tgaatggtac agataatgtt    156840
     tatcctttgt actaaatggt gtgtatgtgg gaattggtta tattattttg actgtttgta    156900
     gtcatattat atacatatgt gtataaataa aaataaaaga aaaaatataa gctaaattta    156960
     tagatatatt aattttattt aaatataaca aagatttgcc agtattcaaa tgtctgcaat    157020
     gattcttaaa atgcacagaa cctgtgttta ggtacagtat cactgttcat ccagccttca    157080
     ttcactcgaa tctactctta cctaaaattt gtaccgtaag taaaattaca ttctgtatga    157140
     cagaaagcaa attacaatat tagaacaaca ttatggaaaa ttggcataac attgtacaat    157200
     catccattac tttattattt atcattttgc aaatttttat tatattagta aaaaagtcta    157260
     actgtactta atagctaata catatattat ttgatatttt taaagaccat tattaaaata    157320
     ataataattt gggggtgaga aggcctattg aaaaatgacc aacgtggaaa tcataaataa    157380
     gtttgatgca acaaatattt gtgagtctta tagttaaaaa tgtaaaaatt cattataaac    157440
     aaagctaaaa gacaataata tgcattggga aatatttgca acatttactt caaaggtgga    157500
     tgtccttaag agaattttta caaattaata aacatttaaa aaggtgagga gtggcaatag    157560
     ctatgagaga caatttacaa aaacataaaa aatatgaaaa ctgtttaatc tgtaagtaca    157620
     tcaataaaaa ttttattatt gtagttattt tatctattaa attaggaaag gtcaatacaa    157680
     ttggtaatct tccaagtaaa tataggggag aaggtctttc tcatacactt ataagaatat    157740
     tattttgtta gaatgcaatt aaataaacac ttggtaaaaa tccatatcct ttgtccaaac    157800
     aatttaagtt ctagacctct agaatccaca tgtacatata catatataca tacatataca    157860
     cacacacatt cacacctata tattaacaac tcaaatccaa ctccaactct tttgtaagta    157920
     gtattttgtc caacaaataa atttatctca aattcttctt gacttttctc cattatagag    157980
     ccagcaattc tacgtgtaac tctacctcta attcctttat ttgcatttat ttctgctttc    158040
     aaacccttat atgaggcaag tgggattaat ttatttcatt accttaacta gattcatcgc    158100
     tttactttgt caaactctga ttgatttgct caactcaatc ttatgtgttc aagaacttaa    158160
     tgtggattcc tgttccacct tatgaaagtc ttttccaaaa acttgctaaa ttcttgactc    158220
     aagacattgc agtcagtaat gcatttctct cctcaaatac aatggaactg tgttctaata    158280
     aatactcttc aacaatgtgc agttatttct ccacaactat caattcccct taaagcagaa    158340
     ttttactaaa aatggcttta tccttctggg gataatcagt aaaatggcaa ttggtgggtg    158400
     aattaaaaat atactaaaag cagatggcag aacatgagtg cagattttta ctacaaagct    158460
     taggaaaagc aaaaggaact tgaatagaga aaatgcagaa aagccctcct ttggctatta    158520
     ggacggagag agcagaagta tgtttagagc ttcaaagagt ctgactcttt gcaactgttt    158580
     atcttaggac tttaaggaag taaaaggtgc aagtgaaaca ctctggatta taaaatagaa    158640
     tctgacacag aggattcaac ccagttaata tgcatgttgc ttacatggaa atgctgagaa    158700
     atttttagca aatagataga aaatgacaga tggtaggtat atagaaaata attgtaggaa    158760
     aaaatgtaaa atgaagattt atggtattcc ttttatattt tattttgtta atatgttgcc    158820
     cataatgctt tatttcaaag aatgcaaaac caaaaaagta gtcccttcct aacttcccct    158880
     gcagccttgt cttgtggagc ttgtatttta cttcatgaga aatgccaagg agatgtcatt    158940
     taagctgaaa acctccagca gaattagcca caatatttgg gaaaaagatg tttccagaaa    159000
     aagaaagagc tagtataaat gtccttaggc aagaaagagc tcacgatgat tgaggaacaa    159060
     caacaaaaaa gattatttca ctcaagaaaa gtgaattggg agtacagata caaatgatga    159120
     ggtctgaata tgattcatgg ggcaggtcac actaggttgt ttgggtatgg tctaaatgaa    159180
     tgcgcggcat gagttgcttt aaggagagga gtgacatgat ttgacaagtt cttaagagat    159240
     ccctttgatt actctgggga gaatagaaca taaagtagca gaaatgaaag caaagggaga    159300
     tagtaggaaa taattgcaca tttataagca agaaatgatg ttggcttgga ctctggttat    159360
     agcaacaaat aaagaaaaaa ggaaatactg agaagagttg attggatttg ctgacattct    159420
     caacataaat ggaagtcagt atttttttct aataaatata atatgcgtaa atatttttaa    159480
     atatttaatt cttttaccac taatggggca cgagtagact tcagggaaca tgccagtaca    159540
     gaaccatata aatgtgatca ttggtagaga taggaattaa taggcatttg aatgtctccc    159600
     tcaacctgga ataccacaaa taaagctctt tgcttttcat gttgcattgt tatcataccc    159660
     tatagttttc tgccattttc agttacttaa tattatgttt tgcctcaata gattatagtg    159720
     ctttctcttg ttgtgttata tttgcagcaa ttattagtga agttttaaac ttcaatatca    159780
     catctaaaac agagcaaaat tgttgcatac tattttccat taaaacatga gaccactatg    159840
     acaaaaaaag ctaaacatgt catgaaatga cttacattgg atgaaagtat atgcaatata    159900
     ttaagaaata atctctgact ttatagtttt ttatttgtag tttttactag aacgtgaaat    159960
     caatatgtga accctggctg gagtttgcat ctaaatgtaa taaaataaaa gaaactttaa    160020
     tattatcatt gaagcattaa tgtacattag cgagctggac tatataaaat aaactttatt    160080
     atatttagca tttgattttt atttatgtat attataaaat gaatatagtt tatattataa    160140
     taaaaataaa agaagtagta tgttaactaa ttagtataag atgcctacaa actacatatc    160200
     tgcctaaatt tttgacccat gaaacttcaa tgatttgtgt taatgttaag gcctacattt    160260
     atttatatat atatataatt aggggaggaa ttgttaattc tttcatttta aaaattttaa    160320
     ctttgcagac aaagttgact atacctgtgg cagaacactg caacagctat aaataaataa    160380
     ataaataaat aacttttatt ttctgtggag ctcccagaat tatgaattat tctgtagatt    160440
     gagatttgcc aaggtccttt tcttagagtt gcaagagcat aggagaaagt caagggaaat    160500
     aataagcagc acttgatttc ctttaccaca gtggatgggc ttctaaaacc aaattacctg    160560
     actataaatc cagatctatc ttctgcaggc tatgtgattg tggatgttac ctcttctgtg    160620
     cttcaatttc ctcatctgta aaatggaatt atagcctacc ctattttgta gtatagtgag    160680
     gataaataga atgaatgtat gtagttctta gaatagagca tggcacgtga taagtggtca    160740
     ataaaatatt gtttactact agttatgtaa cagtcacttc acacataata atgatttaat    160800
     aaaggaataa gaagaatgta gagcacagct tctcaacatt ggcactatga cattttgggt    160860
     cagacaatta tttaatgcag agggggctat aggatgctta gcagtgtctc tggccagtag    160920
     tgtacctcct cctctccaag ttttgacaat cacaaaggct tctagacatt gacaactatc    160980
     ccctgaaaag taaaattgtc cctgcttgag aacacaaata taaagtaacc actcaaagat    161040
     tacattacta attttaattg aatttgacca gcattatgaa ataagcataa gcttaagttt    161100
     ctacccttga ttttgtcatt gtcagttagg gcagcagaga actccaattc tgaaaattct    161160
     gaacatgtgc taatacccta caatataatc aaaactttca tttttgaatt gtatttctta    161220
     aaaattagaa aatttattaa gcagcaacat ggaataatta accacaaaaa tgttgaacat    161280
     aaatctcatt tgcctaagtt ctcttttgaa gtcctgtttc actatataag tattatgtgt    161340
     tttgtttcac agctagataa cagccagttt tttctctgag cctaaggttg cttctcaaat    161400
     ttatggtggc ttatagctct tctaagtttc tataaaactt cagcaacctg cagcaggttg    161460
     aaatttattg atattgagtt attcaccagg tcatattaca aagtcaggga ctgactcacc    161520
     caaaccagat gctccccctg ccaccagatc actaggagat attgcaatca tttcccctgg    161580
     ctactaaatt agcaaaaatt ctcagggaga gagaagggca agatggcaca gtttaatact    161640
     tactattatt cttttattct ttatcatcat tccctttgaa tggattaaga atctgacata    161700
     aatataactt gctaaagaaa gggtgttagg tgagagggaa gtcatattgg tctaagaaaa    161760
     gtcttagaga aatatttgaa aagaggtaga gagaagggtt ggattggagt gggtgggtgg    161820
     ggaatcacac taaggagatg gatcattcat aatttcttta gacatggtga ggcagccaca    161880
     ggagtctgaa cttgttgaaa ccctagtctg aagccaataa aagtgctcaa taaggtcaca    161940
     ctttgatctt ctctgcctaa agcagttatt caccctatct ttgggagagg aaacatctac    162000
     aaacctttgt tctctttgtt agcagaggga tgacatgaat ttgggaaaaa cgtttgagag    162060
     acaaaatgag atttagctcg agcaagtgat cgacttgtgc tgggttgcaa atggactttt    162120
     tcaacaggca ggttgaaact gtgcttcagc aattaggata ccagatataa acatccatgc    162180
     acagaattgg aaaggttcag ctttcatggt tgctatggtt tgaatgttcc ctccaaaact    162240
     catgttgaaa cttaatccaa aatatgacaa tatagagaac gagcttttta aagaggggat    162300
     tggatcatga aagttcttcc ctcatgagtg gattaatcca ttgataagtc agtggattaa    162360
     taggttatct tgggagggaa accattagat ttataagaag gggaagatag acctgagcta    162420
     gcatgttagc atactcagcc ctcttgccat atgataccct gtgctacctt gggactcttc    162480
     tgagagtccc cacaagcaag aaggctctca aaagatatgc cccatcgacc ttggatttcc    162540
     aagccttctt agctgtagaa aataaattca gttctttgta aattactcag ttttaggtat    162600
     actgctataa gcaacagaaa atggactaag acaatggtct tatccagaac tttgtaaact    162660
     agaattggct gtttagattc agtatgtatt ttttttatag attcaaaata attttgtttt    162720
     gaactgtaca atgaaggagt gtcataagct tttccacatg tagaggctct aaatatcagt    162780
     ctggcattgt gataaagcag agagtttaaa cccaatccta tttgtgcccc atgaccgttc    162840
     tttctggtta cagttcagaa aagtaggaat ggatgtgtaa ctcaaggaga agcatataat    162900
     acatgaagct ttttctcaaa attttgattt agaaaatgag gtattttagt atgttaatta    162960
     taggcatctc aactgagaag tctaatagca ttgggccaga attgtcgcag cagtccaaag    163020
     ccatggataa acttaagtta aagggagcaa atactaacag ccttccaaat taatctgtat    163080
     tggagaagat gataaacaga tgaatgggaa ctagaaacca tgcagacttg gaactagata    163140
     taaaacaaac agctatctaa tgatttctta tttactctga gcccaagata tttttgtatc    163200
     cttttagtta aacctctgtt ttactaagga aatttaaata agattctgtc tcttgcaaga    163260
     aaataacatc taagacatct tcgtatttaa tactgcctta attttgttta ctccagtggt    163320
     ccccaacctc tttggtacca gggattcgtt tcgtggaaga caatatttcc atggacaggg    163380
     ttggggggaa ggtttcggga taaaactgct ccactactca gatcatcaag cactagattc    163440
     tcacaaggat caaactagat cacttgcatg cgcagttcac agtagagctg gtgcttctgt    163500
     gagaatcaaa tgctgccaat gatctgatag gaggctgagc tcaggagtaa tgctcactca    163560
     tccacctctc ccattctgct gtgtggccca gttcctaaca ggcccggtac cagtttgtgg    163620
     cccaggggtt gggacccctg ttttacacta taacatttcc acacgtctct catggccttt    163680
     cagatccact gcttgtctca actcaagtcc agctacctga aaattcgatt attttttcaa    163740
     agtgaatttg aatatcttta tgttgaatac acagtctcca cttttacgca gcccctactg    163800
     tcttctatca tacctctcta gccctggaag agatcaactt tacattcact tttcctgttt    163860
     tagggctatt attttatctt caattaccaa aatctatcta catttagata ctttaacttg    163920
     caaatacata gtaaacaatt acagattatt taaaatagca gttttcccat gagtataaaa    163980
     aaaaagaaca ataaaagcaa tatttgttga gtattttaaa gtgccaggca ctgagcagtg    164040
     tgctttgctt aagtaaatgt ttgacaaaat aaaaggtcct ttaaaagttc catgctttaa    164100
     cattaataac catataaaga taaggttaga cttcctatca aattagcagt tttgtgaaga    164160
     taggcctttt ctgctatata gaatctcctc aaacctgagt gttcgtatta tggattatct    164220
     agtatactcc atagctatca agtttgtgta tgtttctttc tcaagcaagt tatcttattt    164280
     ctccttattt cttcagactt atcctttctt ttcttttctt ttcttttttc tttttttttg    164340
     agacagagtt gcactcttgt tgcctaggct ggagtgcaat ggcatgatct cggctcatca    164400
     caacctctgc ctcccgggtt caagtgattc tcctgcctca gcctcccgag tagctgggat    164460
     tacgggtatg tgccaccacg tccagctaat tttgtatttt tagtagagac ggggtttctc    164520
     catgttggtc aggctagtct cgaactccgc ccgcctcagc ctcccaaagt gctgggatta    164580
     caggcatgag ccaccgagcc tggcccctaa cctctcattt ctaaggaaat gacaaattaa    164640
     gtcttttatg caaatacagt gtagggtcat ttaaaaatat tttttgtaat aggtgtctct    164700
     gtacataaat ctatttaatt ttttctcttt tacagtaaaa aaggcaatac tgtgttttag    164760
     tttcaccaaa aatttcagta gaccaattgt gtaaagggat acatttatat gaattttttt    164820
     gacatagtaa aaactaagag gggaagttat tcaaatattt cagcataaat tccctttcct    164880
     tgaaattgca atcgtcatgt gtagctacaa ttcctcagca ttcctctgta gtataagtag    164940
     ctacaattcc tcagtataag aaacactaag gtggaaaatt aattgttaag agaacaaagt    165000
     cataacaaaa caacaaaaca aaaaagtagg atatagaaac attaactcaa tatcactctt    165060
     gaagctcaca taagagaaat tattgtacta gacactgtgg ttcatcatcc agaccccatc    165120
     ttcatgggaa gacatcgatc ccacactcat ggggaacatc agcagctgac aattcacacc    165180
     tgtacctttc actaaatatt gtcctaagac aaactaaaat gaactaactc gcccaaagtg    165240
     gtgcctcctt tcagagagca gccattgacc catggctggc taatgtagtt atacaaacat    165300
     gcaactgctt tgcatcaatt tgggacaact ctgaaagagg cccagtagga ttggctgaag    165360
     actcagttca aagttgtcaa ataaagcaca ccatgcccag ctgaatttac attgtttact    165420
     atgagtatat cccacgaaat atttaggaat tacatatact aaacattatt catgatttat    165480
     atgaaattta aattcaactg ggcaacttgt acttttactt ggtaaatctg ggagcttttc    165540
     cttagttgca tctgcatggc aggtaagcat gtcggtatgc ccagacctcc cttctttgct    165600
     tccttataag tgcgtcccag aaaacaagca atcatctcag agccaatagg cattgaggct    165660
     tttgataatc aaactcccaa aggtcaagga aaaagagagt atcccaaaag caccaagaga    165720
     acaaacaaac acataacata caatggagct tcagtatatc tggcagcaga cttttcagtg    165780
     gaaaccttac agccaggaga gggtgacatg acacatttga agtgctgttt atgggtccct    165840
     tcggattgta acggggaaaa caagaattgt agcaggaaga attaaaagaa aagagagaag    165900
     cttttttttt ttttaataat ctgatctttt tctattgaga ggcaggcacc caaatgctgc    165960
     ttctgtcggg gagtgaatct gtaaattctt tgtaactctg tgctacctat ttgttaacct    166020
     gtgtaatttg ttctcctgct gacttcttgc aaacacttgc cagtgggtat ctgaagcctc    166080
     ttacatcttc tgtggcacgg acttggccta tatttagcat attcactcat ctaaagtggg    166140
     aagaagaatc tggcatcttt tctctttctc catcttgcca tcaaaagctg cctcaatgag    166200
     catgtagcct tcagaatttt gaaagcaaga agcaggcaac aactggccat gtttagcttc    166260
     atcttgaaac tcttgaggac acctatcaaa ctttcccaaa actgtctcat catgtatggt    166320
     tccattgcag gatgggtgca atgctgagtg ccagaaggag agggatatcc cattctttcc    166380
     ttcttaaaaa ttgctcccag tctttttgag ctctcttcct gtttggaagg agaactaaag    166440
     caagtttagt tctccttaca aaagagaaaa taattaaaag cactctcact taggtaacta    166500
     attcactttc tatatgataa ttcttagaat gtctagtcct ctctttacat aagagtacag    166560
     gtaattgagg tcagtgaagg ttttagttac agaactggtc tggctacttt ttattaaaac    166620
     ctgcaaagac ttaactgttc ttctataatt tagggatact catcatttaa tagggaataa    166680
     acaaaaattt gagacaaaag gaaattctgt atccatttca tatatataca tgtaaattac    166740
     atatagaaaa aatggtttag aagaggagtt aatatcaatt taaaaacggg aattttaaag    166800
     ctgggaataa tacatagcat aaatatgtat aaggattcag caaaatgtta gttgaaacag    166860
     ggggctaaat aaacttgaag tttaagaaag ttaagaaatg aacccaaata tgcataaatc    166920
     tgaggacaaa atttgatatt gctgctaata aaaaagggag gggcatcata ttgggaggct    166980
     tcattaataa aagtaacaaa ttatgagaac aaatagtctt gttatagttt atctggtgaa    167040
     gcattttaat gaggcatagc tgtctgttcc attaccgaac gacttttctt atgtgtgctc    167100
     tggtagattt tcatatggct acactgaaag atattcccaa atgtctgact aataactcta    167160
     tctataggca actgttctga aggtttaaag taaggaggat ggggttcatt tagaaccagt    167220
     gggaaaaaat gctaatgctg ggctttgaat tttatggatg ctgtagctgt tatttttcaa    167280
     ttaaataaat gttttatatg ccatgttttg tagctatcgc agttaaactg ccctcatctt    167340
     tttgcccagc aaaaaaccca ttaagatctt cactgagatt gagtctaggt tttttataaa    167400
     attaataact ttgctactgg tttctcaaaa atgagtagaa atgacttttc aatgcaaatg    167460
     ccagtttttg atacagtgaa attatcctgt ctgcagtgac tatttgaact tttatcggca    167520
     attggacact gagagactta gtatatgaac agatttatcc ttagattatc taatacatgc    167580
     tttgcgccct gcaccataaa acccgatcta tttttaaagc cttggttgtt ctgaaaaatg    167640
     aaatgaaatt gtattaaatg gcattttgac tggggagaaa aaaaaaaact tcatgtggtt    167700
     taagagaatg gatgccggca attgactgtc tactgtttat tcaaaactta tagattagca    167760
     gccagatgtg gcagaaagtt ggctgatttt tcattcacaa caaaaacgat gctgtgctta    167820
     atgaatggag gtttgttatc ccagtaataa gtaaaaggaa catgaaagcc cttgtgttta    167880
     atgttcatgc aaataagcta tttgcaggtg gcttttgggc agggtcaagt attttcaaat    167940
     atttttcaaa actgggtcaa gttttttaat tgtcaaaaat taccagctag aggaaaacct    168000
     cctaaaaact ttattatgct atttcccaag taaatgaaat gacaagtcac ttatcattta    168060
     aaaattacat atgaaaattc ttttccttat gatttcgtca ataaataaat tctagaggat    168120
     tctagatata tttatttggc attttttttt aatgtggtat caaattttgt ggacattctt    168180
     tagagaatca aattcttaaa atggcattga acatttaatt taaaatgtcc ttcttgaacc    168240
     atacatgttt attaaaaagt tattttatat aggttatcca ttaaaaaaca attttctata    168300
     tatgtaaaca tttatgataa ctgctcatta ttttggtcca tacttattta tctacctatt    168360
     tattaaacaa tacaaatcat acgctttgta aaaataaagg cctagtctaa tattactctc    168420
     tgtcagaaat aaaataattc agagaagtct gtattagaag acaaaataaa acaaaacaga    168480
     aaatgatgag aatcacaaaa ccattgccaa atttccagct atggcattta ctctccatgt    168540
     ggccttaggt atcttactct cttattttaa cctttctttg attactgtaa aaataatttg    168600
     ttactaagaa gccctcttgc tttagtagct gtgagtataa aattaagaac ataattctca    168660
     aaaagtgttt tagtcttcct ggaaacattt taaaatatca attaatcatt gaacaataca    168720
     caatcgcctg atcatttgct aagagagggt tgcattctca tctctgttca cttctgtcct    168780
     ttctgagact tacacaggta tgagagctag aaaaaatatt aatgtgtagt aattcaaaat    168840
     ttctcattca tgaatcactt cagcagtgca aagaatactt tgtaattttt aaaaggcatt    168900
     tttattaata tacttctact attctacccc aatcaacagc aaatttacct aaatcatgag    168960
     actactggta cttctaattt ttagaaaaga atgacataaa ctgctaataa acccaatgaa    169020
     tcctttaccc gcaatgagaa tgtccacgag tcagctcttc tgaccctctg gccagtgttc    169080
     tggagttact gatctccaac tttctaattg aactctagct tggtatgtga gagcagccat    169140
     gggtgaacca gtggagcaag atttaagcct tgacattgcc attaatgatt caccacctgt    169200
     tgcaagttca ataagttatt cacacaccaa attgtggccg cagaattctg ggagataaac    169260
     taagttagaa agattggggg tgaataaatg tttgctaaat cagaattgtt aatgatagaa    169320
     atctgtatct taacaaagtt gagaaatctt gtcttcttaa cgtgtattta ttgacttccc    169380
     aggatatgtc ttagtgagga aacatagctt ctggcattta ttattagagt gataaggaat    169440
     aataaaccac agtgcttgag agacagggaa aggcaggggg agccagagac acagtaacag    169500
     aagcagatta attgactgat gaaataaact tgagataaga gagcacagag gaggttcaag    169560
     agatggaacc atatattcct ctctatctgc tcccaacatc aaggaaattc atagcatatt    169620
     ttataatgaa tccctgataa atattagtct ataattgaaa atctattaaa atgactattt    169680
     cttagggtac acaaaaatat tacaacaaaa caagtaaaga aaagttgcca tgggatggaa    169740
     tattatattt tcctgcatgt ctgcttcaag gcagaatcct aatggtcatg tatgtaggta    169800
     aattattctt tttacagcaa cttctgggag gtggtatttg gtgcagtata aaaggcaagg    169860
     ggtgtagtga gggtaaagcg taagtacttt gatcttgagc cttgactata ttggacttgg    169920
     gatctcggaa atcttgggga taagcagtgg attaaatcca taaattagta aagtgttgat    169980
     tatacaacag gtagaactac gtgccacttt tggagggaca gtcttctttt ttaaaaaaaa    170040
     caaaaggcct taaaggcttt atgtatatat aaagcctttt ttaattataa taaatacatt    170100
     tttttaatga aacaatctgc acatatacaa ttccactctc aagaaaggca gttatttaca    170160
     taattatgca gaaattccta taattatgaa aataattgcc tttcttcaga gtggagttgt    170220
     atatgtgcag attgtttcat tttaagaaaa gaaatattta ctgatttgat taactgaagt    170280
     tctggatgct taaaaaatga ttaaaataca cagatctact atctgtcttc atgaacttta    170340
     aatgtcttgt aagaaattca agtaataaag actacaacat ttattattta actggaacat    170400
     gtattattta ttatcctaac tgtggttagg aagcaccatt atttattata tctatattaa    170460
     tcaagttgta tcctgtaaca ggtttcctgt tatccactca tgtcttctaa cttctgaagt    170520
     attgtttaaa ttacaaggga gaaacctaga cactacattt tctaggatct caggacaata    170580
     gagctccagg tgaaattatg ctaaataagg gcatgagtgt aagatgtgga tgtcacagtg    170640
     aagagattta gagcattttt ctggtgacct cctgtttagg tttgacaagc atctaaaatc    170700
     attgttagca actttcccat aattattgca ttttcagcct ttatgaaaat agcagcattt    170760
     ttttttcctt tctttgccca tgcacaccat ctaatcatga gataagtctc cttctgagtc    170820
     cctaaataca tgacatacat agattgggat ctttttctga cctgttcctg tctgatacat    170880
     tcttcaactc taagatgagt tcatactcat cttctgaagc ccctgggaaa tggaaatatt    170940
     ttttcatatt ggatgttggt agagacccat catttaatga acatttatgt gccaggattt    171000
     gtacaagaca cttagataca ttattcatgt acctcacaca aatgtatcaa caacacaaca    171060
     aaatgtctgt atgaaataat aattattata tcccttatat ggaaacagat ccagagagga    171120
     agatacacta gcatgtgtaa atagaggatt caagtattaa acatccatct gtccaactga    171180
     ctacaacctc tttcataaaa tgctaatttc tctcctgctt ctaattttct tatcaaaaat    171240
     tgtcatctat tgttattggg tctatgggtg ggtagtgact ccttggtttc cattttgttc    171300
     tagcggatta ctgtcttctt tatttttgtt ctagtgttta ttgagagtcc taattaatta    171360
     acctggctgc tctgacttcc atcagctcac cattgtctct tctcccagct cataatttct    171420
     gtaacagagc tctaggctat gctgaagttc tgctatatgt tgccagtctc tctagatcca    171480
     agtgcctctt gtcggccaag tttacatgca cgtgtttaaa atcttcttat tgactctata    171540
     tacaaagtct tcacatgcct tcctccttaa aataatagca ttgtgagaag aaaaaaaaaa    171600
     tcatcattct ttttaaaact aattcaggat gtctatgtta tacaacaaca agacgtgggg    171660
     gaatatttac ctggtagttc tgtccctcgt tatcattctc actcattata aaattggtat    171720
     ctgaaaaaaa tcttgctgca aaaacaaaaa aaaaaatgta tagggtataa agaaaaagtt    171780
     tgcttcacat cataaccatt acccatccca ttgccaaagg gaagattgta cactacatga    171840
     ttccggggag cagcattcac atagactata gtgtgcatgg tacatgcaag agaccccata    171900
     gtactacccg ctttgtcctc cttgtagaca tgctcacaga tgatccatgc tccctgacct    171960
     ggagtagtca aataaaagag tagcatcaat ttattaagat tctttccaga ccattttcta    172020
     ggtattccca ttatatattc cttcaaatgg aaggatttta ttctgtacat cacatctcac    172080
     tgtacacatt tttttctgaa atctgaaatc tgagtatttt aattttatac agtttcaatt    172140
     gtgagaagta cctgacagac tgacctgacc taacactctc taagctaaaa cactcataaa    172200
     ctagcataga agctttacac atttatccat ttctctaatt tacttatcta ttgtttcctg    172260
     aaacatctat taatcttgca gttatttgag atgactgtga gcttactatt tgccagggat    172320
     ggcatgagca ccttggttta gtctagtgcc tggcatttat tttcctaaac tgtggcagca    172380
     agtttagctg taagcatatt ttttatcaga acaatcatcc atctttaact acatgtgagg    172440
     aaagtacttt cttatattgc attacacatt tttatatggc cacagaaatc cttacttagt    172500
     ctgacaaaat tatggtagat ttctttctcc taaggtcaag gaaagaatca ttctgtactg    172560
     tttccatgga gatgtttctc cttttctcaa ttgccaattg tctactgtgt gtcctgggtt    172620
     ccttcttttc atatgtcatg aggattctca ccccagcatt ctgctcctct gagtcaaagc    172680
     ccttgacttt cacttctcaa ttgttttgtt tgcagttttt ttgctttcct ttatttttct    172740
     tactctataa atgctatgaa agtgtatgta aaaatttacc catcttttag tttatatttg    172800
     ttatcaccct ttattcatat accaaaccat ataggaaatg aatataagga gatctttctt    172860
     agtaggaggt agaagtaaaa ttttgtttag aataaaaaca gaaaaaaaga gaataaaatt    172920
     ccatatcacc agtttgcttc taaatgccca atgtttccac ttatgagctt gctactgtac    172980
     acaacgcaag ggcttgtaaa aaattgtcta aatgatagtg gttaaggacg tattttaggc    173040
     taggttactt taaaaaaata tatcatcact tctgccgtca aaagtgaatt tgatgtatca    173100
     taattgttaa agttgaggag ggtcaaggat tcttctcatt ctatggtttc cttataaata    173160
     cactttctaa taaatgccta atttttttct gtgaaattaa accattagat attgctgaat    173220
     gtctgtatgt ttcttacttt tctagaatct cattcttaat tatagtttta tatttttcct    173280
     tcaacaaagt cttaaaaccc atgcagctgg tgtctattat ttacattctg tgatgtattt    173340
     tatttgactt tgtgttttta gtcttttcac agaaatcctt ttattgtgat cttcttgtcc    173400
     aaaagcactt atttcatatc tcttttccat acctatcttc attagcaggt tgcatttcag    173460
     tttcttcagt ccttttttag ataatatatt ttactacatc tgccttcaca acactgtata    173520
     cgctctgatg atcaggtctc ccttcttttt ttttttaaaa ttctcgtcct ctttgggacc    173580
     cgtgacaaag taaaaggcag atttttttct cacctgactt aaaagtaaaa aggtggccgg    173640
     gcgcagtggc tgatgcctgt gattccagca ctttgggagg ctgagaaggg cggatcgcga    173700
     ggtcaggaga tcgagaccat cctggctaac atggtgaaac ccgttctcta ctaaaaatac    173760
     aaaaaaaaaa aaattagccg ggcatggtgg cgggcgcctg tagtcccagc tactcgggag    173820
     gctgaggcag gagaatggcg tgaacccagg aggcagagct tgcagtgagc cgagatcgcg    173880
     ccactgcact ccagcctggg agacagagtg agactccatc tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    173940
     aaaaaaaaaa gaagtaaaaa ggcttcatat gtttctcctc tgattcttct taggcccagc    174000
     atttccaaaa acaaaatagt acacaaaaca ttagttgtaa tgatacttca aaaggttcaa    174060
     atactagttt ttggctgctt tctgtctata tttttcttct aaagaaattt tgttatgaag    174120
     tattgaacta ttcagtatac tttaatattt tccaaataaa gtttccaaac tgatatttaa    174180
     caatattctc ttatattcaa acatattctg aactattttc tgctgtgtct ctagatcaat    174240
     atttataaat ctagattgtt catgtatttt ttttcctttg ctaactttca agatcatatc    174300
     aaaaagcacc actgttgatt ccatttttta tgtttcatta tttgaaacta tattgacatt    174360
     tttcctcttc tttatcattc cctgttatct catctttgtg agtcttccaa ttaatgtttt    174420
     ttcctttgaa ttatttattt tttaattgaa aataaattgt atatatttaa ggtgtaccac    174480
     atgatgtctt aaagtataca tacattgtgg aatggctaaa tcaagctaaa catacgcatt    174540
     atatgcatta ccttgtaatc ggaccccttg agatgtcaat acctcagcat ttttagtgat    174600
     tgagataaca aaaattcgaa ttaggccctt gcttgcttgc ataaaagcca acatcccttg    174660
     ttctcacaat acaattgcaa actgctgatt tactatttct ttgtcaacca ggagaagata    174720
     actttaaggt aacaaaaaac atttgcagaa ggaatgaatg cctataagga tgttgcaact    174780
     aactgctgag gcccagaagt ctggttgctc aggatattat cagagattaa agaaacacag    174840
     actttcccct tggttcccta aaactccccc tctcttactg tctagctgca aaaatatcct    174900
     ctctgcattt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttgagacgg agtctcgctc tgtggcccag    174960
     gctgcagtgc agtggcgcga tctcggctca ctgcaacctc cgcctcccag gttcacgcca    175020
     ttctcctgcc tcagcctccc tagtagctgg gactacaggc gcccgccacc atgcctggct    175080
     aattttttgt atttttagta gagacggggt ttcaccgtgt tagccgggat ggtctccatc    175140
     tcctgacctc gtaatccgcc cgcctcggtc tcccaaagtg ctgggattac aggcgtgagc    175200
     caccgcaccc ggccccctct gcttcgtctt attgttaaga catgtctgag agatcttgcc    175260
     ccgttctcac tttggccaaa tggaataaac ttttatctat ccccaagcat tggtgtgtca    175320
     gtgtttggtt tcaactgagc atcaggtaca tgagcccgaa tttgggcctc tacaacatct    175380
     tcacctactt actatatttt gtgtgtgtgg tgagaatact taaaatctac tctattggca    175440
     attttcaaat ataaatgtat tgttattcac cgtagccacc atgatgtgca atcaattttt    175500
     tgaacttact cctcctggct aactggaatt gtgtgtcttt tgaccgacat ctctgcaatt    175560
     tccccatgcc ctagcttctg atgactacca attaactgtc tgtttctatg agttttactt    175620
     atctaaactc tctatataag tgagattatg tcatagttgt ttttaagtgc ctggcttatt    175680
     tcacttgacg taaagtctcc caggttcatc cgtgttgttg cagaagattt cttccctttt    175740
     taaagcccat taacctttta tagatctggt actgaggcaa tgcaaactta ttggacaatt    175800
     atatgttatt tgaataaatt gaaacataac agcttataaa gggtcaaatg gcagttaata    175860
     gcctaagaaa taggtttgga atattatttc ttagcataaa ggataatact ggtcagagtc    175920
     ttctaggctt gaattcttgg ctacttagat tttatcaagt aaattgtaaa aggatagtca    175980
     atcacttttt tcacatgaat tgctgtatga attttgattt gacaagaaag actgtgaaaa    176040
     caaaaccact attatctgtg aactacctaa tgtggaaaga aatatcctta aataaaactt    176100
     tgagaaagta gattactcaa ttttttccga cagatatccc atatattgta actaattata    176160
     atatttaatt gaatacaaaa tctttcttct taaggaaaga ttttattcag ttttagaacg    176220
     ttaaagtttc tccactctaa tatatacaga acttctttaa cctttaaaaa tattgcttca    176280
     cttattactc atgataattg ggccacatac ataattaaaa cacaccattt attatttacc    176340
     cttgtaaaag tggcatctgg ttccccaact tagcttcaaa ctgtaatttt aaacaaataa    176400
     taaagtgttt tgaaacatta atgtggttaa ttgtcttatc tattgtctat gttcatcagg    176460
     agctgtgaca tgcgcaaagg aaggtaatca gaggaaggaa gagaagaagc taagttctag    176520
     agaatccatt aatcatggtt tagatgactg accattttat tattttccat tttccattta    176580
     aaaacgttcc atttttaaat tggaaggggg tatgttttag aatagaataa cgaaattccc    176640
     tccatctcct cgtagtgtac gtgattaaga agaacctaac agaaacataa ggttctaagg    176700
     ttcttgctgg aaataataat cagaactgta agaattctct tatagaaaac atttaaaaaa    176760
     ggaaattcta gcaatagaat tcattgttaa aactgtaagt cacaacaata ttgtctctgc    176820
     atgctgactg tactcctctg taatcttcaa aggcaaacag gaacagtaat aatcttttca    176880
     tgtactctta acttccttct ctgaaaggct agaaaatgtc ttatatgtag cactcatact    176940
     gtcatttaat caaacccagt ttctgttttt cttcaatttc taggggaatg gctacttagt    177000
     ctttctggca taatgtgaat ttcttaagtg tctgtagact acatctccta tttttacttc    177060
     ttgaagtttc tctcaaactg tgataaagag tgtcactcta tcggtactgt taacaatgta    177120
     aattttgttt ctctttttgt tactgccaag attccactga ctgttgaaat ataaaagaaa    177180
     aacagcatta aatcaggtgt gataaaatca cctttttctg tttatctcca ccactggcat    177240
     ttattggcac ttggaaacta tttataaact catactcttg taacagtctt gtaactgaaa    177300
     cccactggat tcaaaatcta ttcctagtac ttaactttct tctgaaaatt ccctcatcta    177360
     taaatttgag gatgatgata attgcaaaga tgccagggaa atttataatc attattgaac    177420
     taatcctttt gaaaatataa agcagcatta aatgttacga ttactaatct ttttaattaa    177480
     agtggcaaat gtgtccaaaa atctgtaact aagttcatta ctctcattta tgcagctaaa    177540
     cttaagttct accaaatgta tttttaagtt gattaaaaat atggttggca gcatttataa    177600
     atacccatta ttaacatgct atactggtaa atatatttct gctcttatga ctagagagtg    177660
     ttgtacttta gtaaaaaact tatacctcaa taattatctg ctctcctatt tttattttat    177720
     ttgcaataga tatgtattta ttcatgcatt tgtattctta ttgaatgaag gatgttatgt    177780
     cacttgcatt gagtacatag gcatcccttt cgacaaataa aatcagaatc taaactacag    177840
     aaccaggttc aagtggggac agaagtacaa ttttaataaa ggtcaaagtt ttgctagtgt    177900
     ttcacttaaa atttattttt aggctttctg aatgttctct taaagaaaaa gacttaatca    177960
     tatacgtacc ttttttgtat tgttaacaag gaagaaacat actaatatga atggtactac    178020
     atacattata catgttatac aagagaagaa aattatatat tcaagataaa catttttata    178080
     atcacaatac ttcaacataa atgtgttcaa tatagtaaag atgcaggttg tataatttgt    178140
     caagcaaatt ctcaattatg tttgaattc                                      178169

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