(data stored in ACNUC11016 zone)

EMBL: AL603965

ID   AL603965; SV 10; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 104811 BP.
AC   AL603965;
DT   24-AUG-2001 (Rel. 68, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 27)
DE   Human DNA sequence from clone RP11-145E20 on chromosome 10 Contains a ARF
DE   GTPase-activating protein (MRIP2) pseudogene, the gene for a novel protein
DE   similar to annexin A8 (ANXA8) the 5' end of a novel gene similar to
DE   LOC195977 (FLJ32754), a novel pseudogene and a novel gene.
KW   ANXA8; FLJ32754; HTG; LOC195977; MRIP2.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-104811
RA   Clark S.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (09-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: vega@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 5d5514b5898a4d4c2fdec56fbb7d8044.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000264230; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000274209; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL603965.10:1-104811; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000619162; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000620264; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000622769; homo_sapiens.
DR   GOA; A6NF34.
DR   InterPro; IPR002035; VWF_A.
DR   InterPro; IPR008400; Anthrax_toxin_rcpt_extracel.
DR   InterPro; IPR036465; vWFA_dom_sf.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; A6NF34; ANTRL_HUMAN.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: vega@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/C_elegans/wormpep
CC   This sequence was generated from part of bacterial clone contigs of
CC   human chromosome 10, constructed by the Sanger Centre Chromosome 10
CC   Mapping Group.  Further information can be found at
CC   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/HGP/Chr10
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone RP11-145E20. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true right end of clone RP11-292F22 is at 2000 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone RP11-145E20 is at 104811 in this sequence.
CC   RP11-145E20 is from the library RPCI-11.1 constructed by the group of
CC   Pieter de Jong. For further details see
CC   http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..104811
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="10"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11.1"
FT                   /clone="RP11-145E20"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   misc_feature    2001..104811
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   mRNA            join(AL450388.13:129065..129108,AL450388.13:129407..129577,
FT                   AL450388.13:134125..134196,AL450388.13:135896..135967,
FT                   AL450388.13:138086..138167,AL450388.13:138286..138319,
FT                   AL450388.13:139319..139395,AL450388.13:139473..139541,
FT                   AL450388.13:139898..139978,AL450388.13:140069..140129,
FT                   AL450388.13:144789..144887,AL450388.13:148870..148939,
FT                   AL450388.13:149469..149547,AL450388.13:150525..150733,
FT                   AL450388.13:151180..151269,AL450388.13:152528..152566,
FT                   AL450388.13:153577..153732,AL450388.13:155303..155391,
FT                   13170..13334,13404..13778)
FT                   /locus_tag="RP11-145E20.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK057316.1"
FT   CDS_pept        join(20662..21010,23750..23818,26467..26501,34081..34181,
FT                   36769..36804,40104..40154,40793..42570)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /locus_tag="RP11-145E20.1-001"
FT                   /product="centaurin, gamma-like family, member 11
FT                   pseudogene"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q96P64"
FT   CDS_pept        join(52665..52737,54731..54793,56971..57160)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /locus_tag="RP11-145E20.4-001"
FT                   /product="family with sequence similarity 25, member H
FT                   pseudogene"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q8CF02"
FT   mRNA            join(54728..54793,59360..59535)
FT                   /locus_tag="RP11-145E20.5-001"
FT                   /product="chromosome 10 open reading frame 43"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BI062059.1"
FT   mRNA            join(59271..59467,63480..63570,64626..64834,66173..66286,
FT                   68368..68427,68974..69067,71181..71239,71985..72107,
FT                   74463..75376)
FT                   /gene="ANXA8L2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP11-145E20.2-002"
FT                   /product="annexin A8-like 2"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BE900246.1 Em:BE902353.1
FT                   Em:BE902538.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC008813.1"
FT   mRNA            join(59325..59467,63480..63570,64740..64834,66173..66286,
FT                   67050..67140,67800..67879,68368..68427,68974..69067,
FT                   69307..69402,71181..71239,71985..72107,74463..75370)
FT                   /gene="ANXA8L2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP11-145E20.2-001"
FT                   /product="annexin A8-like 2"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI659002.1 Em:AL554820.1
FT                   Em:AL575137.1 Em:BG697820.1 Em:BG751162.1 Em:BI085643.1
FT                   Em:BM984692.1 Em:BQ000254.1 Em:BQ011225.1 Em:BQ014733.1
FT                   Em:BU686785.1 Em:CA314766.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC004376.1"
FT   CDS_pept        join(59447..59467,63480..63570,64740..64834,66173..66286,
FT                   67050..67140,67800..67879,68368..68427,68974..69067,
FT                   69307..69402,71181..71239,71985..72107,74463..74522)
FT                   /gene="ANXA8L2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP11-145E20.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTHUMP00000019525"
FT                   /product="annexin A8-like 2"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P13928 Tr:Q8K2N9 Tr:Q921D0"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q5VT79"
FT                   /db_xref="HGNC:HGNC:23334"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001464"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009115"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR018252"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR018502"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR037104"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q5VT79"
FT                   /protein_id="CAH70574.1"
FT   CDS_pept        join(59447..59467,63480..63570,64626..64834,66173..66286,
FT                   68368..68427,68974..69067,71181..71239,71985..72107,
FT                   74463..74522)
FT                   /gene="ANXA8L2"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP11-145E20.2-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTHUMP00000019526"
FT                   /product="annexin A8-like 2"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q96H89"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q5VT79"
FT                   /db_xref="HGNC:HGNC:23334"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001464"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009115"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR018252"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR018502"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR037104"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q5VT79"
FT                   /protein_id="CAH70575.1"
FT   regulatory      75352..75357
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      75370
FT   polyA_site      75376
FT   misc_feature    92764..92877
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only"
FT   misc_feature    92764..92928
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence from reads from a
FT                   short insert library derived from a clone PCR. Restriction
FT                   digest data confirm the assembly"
FT   misc_feature    102811
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: RP11-145E20"
SQ   Sequence 104811 BP; 27162 A; 24755 C; 25471 G; 27423 T; 0 other;
     agcaatagga ccagcatcca acaacctggc tccaggtcct tactgtgtgc atggccacct        60
     ctctgtcctg caaggtagtc actactgtct gcatttcaga gctgtggaca ccgaagctct       120
     gatgtttagt gatgggctca acatggcagg gttgttgagt ggtagagccg ggttatgaac       180
     tgacctgagg ggaggctcat gtctgagtca ggttccaccc catgtcctgc tgtcagagtg       240
     atctatggaa cacctgcaag tgcatctctc tacagtgcaa aatgtcacac ggcaggtcct       300
     caaataacgt ttcattcaac gtcatctgaa caccgagtga gaaatgatga tgctgatcag       360
     aaaaaaatcc attcccagct gaggccaatg tctgtgtgga gtttgcatgt tgttgctatg       420
     gctgcaggga atttttctgg gtacttcagt ttctgcttac atcccagaga tgtgcacatc       480
     aggtggattg gcgtgtctct atgggtgctg tgtgagtgtg tgggcatgtg agtgcacact       540
     gcaaggacat gacatcctgt ccagggttag ttcccacctt gcaccctgag ctgctgggat       600
     aggctccagc ctcctgcgac cctaagctgg aataactgag taaataatta tgttatttgc       660
     ttttattaac ttttcttaaa ggtgtgtata gctcacattt atttcaatgt ttaatattag       720
     aagcattttg gtttttattt agaagtttga tgatgccttc atgactagat atatgccaca       780
     ggaccttaat ttactaatat caattaatct atgatccagt ctgttttctt gtacactgtt       840
     tcactggaag tcatgatttc caagaaacta tcaacagctt ctaatgagaa tttactgaaa       900
     tttacacatg atacatttgt gaatattaat atcttgattt cacactgtca cttgcagacc       960
     tccttctaaa ttcgtactca tgtttgctgg gatagttgtt ctgggtaaca attggagctt      1020
     aatgcagacg ggccttagga tgcattcatg accatggagc tcctgagttc tcctcctggc      1080
     catatgcccg tggagggcac tagaccaagg gacaggggtg gcaaagccag gctggctgtg      1140
     gcctccaact gtccaggaat cccagcttgc agctgttctt gaagccagtg ctttttggga      1200
     aagtttcaga tcataacttt ggtattgcaa ttacagagag ccttcccttc gactcctcag      1260
     caccacccct ccaaccccaa aacacatgca cacacacaca cacacatttc tgtaacataa      1320
     tcgggaaata caaagattga gccaaaactc caaagcactg gcaattaagg tttctgattg      1380
     tttgccaatc acttcaggaa atgtcccttt accttagagt ggttgagctg atgtgagaag      1440
     taattagttg ctggcttaga tatctgcaat cagtagagag gcagtgagga aggagaccct      1500
     ctcaaactcc aggaacctcc tcaccacctt acacttaccc cacagattca gggggcagcc      1560
     acctggaggt ctcctctact gtgaggcacc ccaaccctgc tcctcttcat cagtgcaagt      1620
     gtagacccat acctcagagc tccctggatc tcctgggata gactggggca gaggagggga      1680
     ggtggcctca gtgttagtgc ccggggtcct gctccggagg atccctcagc agtgggtaaa      1740
     cactaggtct ggaatgattg tggtaagttt ttactggaat gttttgcaat aaataagtag      1800
     aaacaaagga ggtggaaata aacatgaaag attcctttct ctttacaata gcaataaaaa      1860
     acaaaatacc catatataag tgtaacacaa atatgctgac ccatgatgaa aagaaactat      1920
     aaaactttac ttattggtac aagagaaatt tgaaaatata agaatctaga gcacaatgtc      1980
     aacttttccc agaggaattc atgagcttgc tatgttattt tagtgaaaat tgtaatgaaa      2040
     catttttagg gaatttgatc aaaacgacaa gttcactcga aaaaaataga cagttaagaa      2100
     tcattaagaa atttttaata cagaaaagca gtgagagaag acttgcctta tccaatgtta      2160
     aacattaagc tccaaaaatt aaaataatga aaaacaagag gctgacaaaa taatggcccc      2220
     aaatcgagca aacaataaat agagtatata attgtggtga tagcccctgg tactgacagt      2280
     gtgtatgcag gtgagctcaa gtgcacttat ggatgtttaa ggattgttta acatatgtca      2340
     aaagaaaaac atcaggcaaa ttaaatgtaa cggagttgaa ttgagcagaa aaaacaaaac      2400
     atgattccaa atagggcagc cctcagaatc aggacagact cagagagttt ccagggctac      2460
     cacagggtca gataagattt tggaacagaa aagggaaaac gacatagaga aaacggaact      2520
     gaggtacaga aacagctgaa ttggcaacag ctctgtgtgt cctcatttca acagttggct      2580
     gctgtgagtg gctgaagtgt ggctgctgtg aatggccaag gctcagctcc cattatagaa      2640
     gtatactccg cagttgggtt ttcagtttgt ttatgtactg agttaggctg tggttcatat      2700
     gtgagaactc aagtatgtga gtatggaggc tttctcaggc caaaatttag ttttatttaa      2760
     caatttcact cttttcagtg gcctctcaat ttggggaggt tgaccaaaac tttgggcatt      2820
     gatgccactc tctgtcacca tcaaaaatga gttacttgat ctcagtatgg aattcacaag      2880
     tcacaacatc atgccacttc aatacttttg tatgctcttg ctgacttagt agaagtgaga      2940
     ccacttatgc tcaatggatg gttgcataca acacatcgaa gattttagag ggttcagtgg      3000
     accacgggga ctattaggat gactacaaag aggatgatat caaaagacca aagtgaactc      3060
     cttaacaatg tttcttatga agcatactga cccaaatcaa tcaagtcaag gttcaggcag      3120
     tctaggcagc tcaacagtgt ttaagttgat tagtcatagt ctttgttcag ggtgtacagg      3180
     ccataattca ctgtaaaatg gcctgatttg tagaggcatt catctttgtt gttagcctgg      3240
     taacacaagc atgatagcct ggaaagtcgc tagaataaat ataaagatta gaaaacccaa      3300
     gtttgtcatc caccatttag gatgcctgca aaccaactgt cagttgctcc cataaacaca      3360
     ttatgtgttc ctttctcttg agagattttc ttaatgtatt tggtggcaga gtctaagaaa      3420
     acagtaatac cagccagcca ccttttaaat taaactttct gtagtaacaa aatcagagga      3480
     gagataggtg taacattcac ttgtgttcaa taccaaacac aagccctcaa ctgtagcaaa      3540
     aaggagatgt gaagctgcat gatgttccat gtgaatgtat atgtcatcac ctctcttttg      3600
     gagtatggct tttactcatg gttcacatct ggctatttga tatggctaac tcctgccttt      3660
     caaatacctt cccatgaaag ttcccatgat aggtcctgtg atcagaagca aaaacagtca      3720
     ataactgaag ttagcaccaa ctttgaaaca gacaaagaga agctagtttc tactgagtaa      3780
     agatttcagt tggtttcctg ggggctcact cttgctggta gtggggaacc cactgtatga      3840
     aatttagagc taatcattaa attgggaaaa ttcttaaatt ttgtagccag acagacctcc      3900
     caggagttca gcataatgga ataagcacat tctctactga cccaatatag gcccttaggg      3960
     gttggagaag tgtccattta gttgtatttg agcaagggtt tgttacaatt gttcacccat      4020
     ggccgggtgc agtgactcac tcctgtaatc ccaacacttt gggaggccta ggtgggcata      4080
     ttgcttgagt ccaggagttt gagaccagcc tggccaacat ggcaaaaccc catctctact      4140
     aaaaatacaa aaattatctg ggtgtggtgg cacatgcctg taattccagc ttcttgggag      4200
     actgaggcat gagaattact tgaacccagg aggcagaggt tgcagtgaac caagatcatg      4260
     ccactgcact ccagcatggg gtacacaggg agtctttgtc tcaaaaaaaa aattgtttgc      4320
     ccatcagtct gcataaaagg aagtttgctt ttttgtacct cccttataat atgttgtaaa      4380
     ggtatataac cacatttagt ttttaaaaag taccctactg aatttaatct ggtgacatta      4440
     tacaagcaat tacttgtacc cacgtagata attcccaggt cttgagagac tagtgcctgg      4500
     aagccaaata taccttttgc aggtatcact tgaataggtt ttgtatattt ggtaacaatc      4560
     aggttattaa ttggaaatgt tagagtgttg tttctagcaa gtgcaggaaa gaaagtagca      4620
     attatgttta gtgtatcaag gacaactttc cactcatcct ttggagtttc aaggtgattc      4680
     tctttgggaa cgtagacact ggcattaatg gaattgtttc ttcatttttt tggttttagc      4740
     ccacaaaccc aattgctcgg gttttatgct ggagcagaag cttgagctaa agccatccac      4800
     tgattatggt cccatgaatt ttcctgtaga gaaaaggaaa ggattaggac agcaggagat      4860
     gaggggaaaa gacaaaaact taagttttcc atgatgtcag agaaatctta atttatgatc      4920
     tttgaaaagt tgtccatttc taggatgttg tctgcttctg gggagaaatt tctctcatca      4980
     ggtttacctg aaagtctgca atatatatac agtcccaaga gtctgaaggg gcctttctga      5040
     gttgtgaaat gcagacccaa ggtccaaggc cctgaagcct cactgcagtg tgggtggtga      5100
     caaggactcg gtatggtccc ttccaatgag gttcaaagca attttcctct gacataattt      5160
     ccagaagacc caagctacag attctacacc atgaaaggtt tgattatcct cagtcagtgc      5220
     atcataaaaa gcttccttta cctggtgaga atacactttg acataatgca ttaaagcctt      5280
     ccaagtttaa gcatatcaga gtttaggaga gtgggagagg catgcggttc tgttactagg      5340
     ggcatatgct ttccagtgac tatttcgtaa ggtatcaact tatgttttcc agtaggagcg      5400
     tatctgatta tcatcaaagc caatgatagt acctttggcc aaggcaaccc aattgactca      5460
     gttaactttg tcaatttgag ttttaagatg tcatttgttc tttcaacttt tccagaagac      5520
     agagggctaa ggacaatgat agtgccatca tgtccataat atcttaagtg ctttataact      5580
     tgcacagtaa aatgagtttc cttattgctg gagatttctc cagcgagtcg ccagaaggaa      5640
     acacattttc tgataatttc ttggctattg tcattgaatc agctttccca catgggaaag      5700
     cctttactca accagaaaac atacaaactg ctacagggac atactgatac cccgttgagg      5760
     ttggcaactg aaggaagtcc atctgtaagt gtccaaaagg aaggtggatc acaaggtcag      5820
     gagtttgaga ccagcctggc catatggtga aaccccatct ccattaaaaa tataaaaaat      5880
     tagccaggtg tggtggcgta tgcctgtagt cccagctact tgggaggctg aggcaggaga      5940
     atcacttgaa cctgggaggc agaggttgca gtgagccgag attgcaccac tgcactccag      6000
     cctgggtgac aaagtgagac tccatctcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagaaatt gcccatcaag      6060
     tggtgaaaat atactacctg aagtttttat tgttttccca ggattatgag tttgataaac      6120
     caaacattga ttataaacca ttttagcaac tttgaaacag tcatcccacc agtatttctt      6180
     cataacatgg attctgtttc aggacaagtt gtgggatgca gagcttttaa tagtagaagc      6240
     ttcaaagact caggaagggc caggcagcca tctgagccct ctgtgagtct atgcttaaca      6300
     ttgaatttac atcctttaga taccaaattt gtttttccaa atcaagtgca ttgcagtgtt      6360
     tactgagtag gtcatcatga gagaattgac ttggatcaat cttatggagt taatttaaat      6420
     cgtatatcct aatagtttca gcactagctg atttggcata aataccttct agagcattcc      6480
     ttttatattc aggttcagtt ttacaggtat gagcttcaat cttaataatg gccatctctg      6540
     atggtaacca ggtagcagaa aggagtttat ctatttggag tccgtttatt taatgaggat      6600
     cccactagaa gtaagaaacc ctttgttgtt tccataaatg ccaaaattgt gtactactcc      6660
     aaaagtatgt cttctatttg tgtaaatatt tactgacttg tccttagcta taggacagac      6720
     ttgggtgaga gcaaaaagcc tgtggtttga gctgacttaa gttgaggaag aattccctcc      6780
     tctattagct cattttgggt ggtaatggca tatcctgcct gatattttct tttgagtttt      6840
     tggcatagga cctatgaaca aaaaaataat aactcaggat tagccaatgt actgtctcgt      6900
     aaattaacgc aagaggccac tatttccaat actgcactta cacaattgtg gtcatcacca      6960
     gagtcaggaa gagttaatac aatagcagcg ttaagtaggt tgcagcattt tagatggaga      7020
     ttagaagaca tcgggaagaa tttcataaga tgctagatgg cttgctgaaa aatgctgtgt      7080
     ttggttgaaa cttaatagac ttttcacagc atgttggact tgtgaattga gttcattccc      7140
     taaaacaagc tcggatgaag cttccaactt ggctgctgct acatctgctt ttaaatgatt      7200
     agaatattcc ctaactactg ggtctaattg cagactggaa tatgcagtgg gcctatgttt      7260
     cccccatgtt cttgagtagg aacttctaat acctgattgt tgtgttcatg aacaaccaag      7320
     gtaaaaggtt tagtgtagtt tggaagtcct aaagctggag gctgtcataa ggccagtttc      7380
     atggttaaaa gcctggactg tctttccgag gtaaagattc ccatactgca tttctagtga      7440
     gctaaaacaa tggtgaggca attaagggaa aatttgcaac ccaggatcct caatatcctg      7500
     tgagtccaag aaaacctctt aaatgtcttt tggttccagg ccaaggaaaa tgttgaatag      7560
     ttttgaattc tcccaggtga aagggaaatc ccttcagcag tcaagtcatg tcccaaatag      7620
     tgaaatattt ctcttgaaaa ttgaagtttt tccatcaagg ccttgtgacc tttatgtgtg      7680
     agttgctata gaaggtaaat tgagccaatt tcagagcact gttgagtggg agagcataac      7740
     aggtaatcta catactgagt aacagtagaa tgtccagaag actgtagggt tattaagtac      7800
     tgaggcaatg cctgggaaaa atagaaaagg ccaggtgtac tgctgatttt tctgagtaaa      7860
     agcaaacaaa tgttgactct ctttatgaac cggaatgtta aagaaggctg agcagaggtc      7920
     tattaccatg aaccacttta aatcagtggg tacgttaggt aataaagtat ttgaattttg      7980
     gactatggga aatcttggta ttataatctt attaattagc tgtagatctt gaacaaatct      8040
     tcaacctcat ccatttggct ttttaactgg taggatggaa gtgttaacaa ggactggtac      8100
     atggaattct aaatcctagt ttagttaaat ctcctacaat tgttgagagc cctttaattt      8160
     cattaggttt tagcgtatat tggagtaatt taggaaagac ttagaataac cagtttggac      8220
     ctttatagac gccgcacttt taattatttc tgtatcattt gaggaagaga cccataaata      8280
     ttcaggtgtt ttagaaaggt gtttcattat gggcctgagt tttgatctta tcgatttgtc      8340
     tgtagagagc ataaccattc tggttcagga gagtcaggaa actctacgat tgcttctccc      8400
     tctgaggaga attgtatgtg tcctttcaac tctgaaagtc ctaccctggc aagtttactg      8460
     gatcactgtt acatagtaga aaggtatatt ttcttgcaaa tatcctcaag ttgattaggc      8520
     gggttcagat atggaagcct cttgaacttg attcaaaacc ctcaccacag agatgatcct      8580
     ttcacgccaa gagatttgtt ggctttttaa agtagggttt atgctggata aggcgaccct      8640
     ggtatacacc agcattgcac aggattccca gcttacatct tgtttttcta tgtttattta      8700
     agggtgtttt ggggagagtt tactagagaa tccctgagcc ctgtctatgt ttattattct      8760
     gagcattaaa atctcttggg tcccctctag tggtgaacca gtccagccta aagggaggag      8820
     ccttggtggt agactgagac aaaagtcaac aatctccttt cccagtgtcc tgggtgtttg      8880
     caatgaaggc atctaccttg gggtaaggaa ttccttattc tgcacctctt gcttgtgatt      8940
     taaaataaaa atgagaaggt ccctttggtc ttggcccctg taactggtgt aattggagag      9000
     gcataagatt gttagccttt tgggtttttt cttgctctag agtcttctca aaatgttcag      9060
     ctaaggccac caattcagtc atgtctgtaa ctttccatcc tggcttatgg gttttaattg      9120
     aactgccaag ttcaggacgg agctcatttg taaatacagc agttaatgcc attccagtct      9180
     ctgaaggaaa tactccttgc tatattttga gcacaaaata tttcagaaac agtgtttcta      9240
     agcaagttct gtaatctgaa actggttcct cctgctttgg tctgcagggt tggatgatgc      9300
     accaatcaat tttttctgga acaatcttag gaactgaatg taaaatgtgt tcagcatttt      9360
     ctctagctcc ttttacctct tctcatgcag gggtttttga gggtctttaa tatcctcctc      9420
     aggtccaccc cattctgctg ctgccatcca tttcttagct tcaccaggcc ccaatattat      9480
     gtgaataaat tggttaaggt cagggagcca ttcgaaattc ctcagtaaac ccttgagcct      9540
     tcacccttgg gttagggaag tcctttacag tggctctaag ctcagtttta ggccatggag      9600
     taaaggtatt tatcacagga aggcctggct gatcagaagg tctttctttg taaggcatct      9660
     gggttttttt tttttttcat cttcatgcta aaagggttat ttattaaaaa tgttagtgga      9720
     ctcatagtat gtgagtagag atggataaaa agaggaatag ctgtgagtag agatggataa      9780
     aaggaaggaa caggggctgg gcagggtgac tcacccctgc cctcacccag cactggtgtt      9840
     agggatgatg gaaggcaggg agaaatgagt ggacagcagt cagcaggccc ctgagcccca      9900
     cagctggcac ttcctcctcc cacaaaaatg aacggaggca gcccctcaca acatccccac      9960
     agatccctca ggctgggtgg cagtgccagg aggaggggcc aactccttct gggagtggca     10020
     ttatcctttc tggttcccgc catgccttct aaccatgcca gaagagggtt tgagcacaat     10080
     ggccttggct gcccctaggg attgctcaga ggaaaaaagg ttgggggctg aggcctgagt     10140
     ggacagagga gagcactgac cagaagccaa gatcttgcct gggccttata gtctgggtgg     10200
     tgcccaggag gagtgaggtg gggcttcaag cccccatgac aaagccacct ctgtgaggcc     10260
     tggactgtgg tccagcacat cctgatggag tgacctgcac tctgggtcca gtcggcttgt     10320
     ggtcaggagg gcagtggtgg gtggaataca gtgctgaacc ttcttgagcc ccaaggaaac     10380
     gtggagaaaa catccgtgtt cctccaggtg gaggtctggg ccaagcccat agactctctg     10440
     gtcgctcttg ctctgggtac ggccttgagc tttgtgtgtg acctggggca ggcagggtga     10500
     gggtgctgtt atgtgaaggg accccaactc tgtgctgcaa ggagagagac aggctgtctg     10560
     gagaaagaga aagagattca gctctagtgc tctggggctt tgggaccagg atgctcccct     10620
     tcaaggaagg cagcttgtca gaggcagcac cagagctgag gctcaggatg gctgggcttg     10680
     ggcgtgcaac atggagaggt gaggagcaga gccctcaaga ggagcgaggg agggtgccag     10740
     ggcatggcca gctcttctag tagctgggct gtgattgcct gaaggcaggg tatggagacc     10800
     ccaggaacct ggcaggggac ggtctggcgt gcaggctggg tggagggact ggatcctgcc     10860
     agcagtgcag agcttctctg gagggtgtga gctgggaggg aagatggtcc tgggaggact     10920
     agatttgggg atgggtggag tcagggagag caggctaaca cacttggatt gtactaagaa     10980
     ggaagcctga atccctgaac aggtggcagg agcccaatcg ggcatgaagg agggtggaca     11040
     ggcagctgca gacacaggtg gctcaggaca gggtctgagg gggcacaagg ggaaagtcag     11100
     catcatcctg gatggggact agcagggcag gggcaggaga gggcaggtca caggacgggg     11160
     cctagatggg agaagggccc ctctcagtaa gagagagacc atctctgtag gggaatccag     11220
     catttgaggc atttgtcact cacatgccca aggggaggct ttctgcatga atgacaggtt     11280
     caagcaagct caaagtctgc atggtctgtg gaacacctgt gaggaatgga gcgtttcctt     11340
     gggaccatca ggctgagact ggcctggcag gagacccctg ggattccagg cagccgggaa     11400
     gggtggcctt gagtacagaa ggagcagaac aggccccacg ccagggaaac cacaagcatt     11460
     gatgggctgc tgctcctgcc ctggtatgtg ggcatcatca gcgccacatc acagatgggg     11520
     aggtcgaggc aaagtagcat atgcccactg gcatcctggg atcctgctgc agccctccag     11580
     ccacaggtgc tgaaggggat gcagttacag tcctcatgct tgcagagcag ggacaggcac     11640
     atctagaagg acagggcact tcccacaatg ggctcagctt tctgccagga catgactgga     11700
     aataccaagc agggtggtca ctttagctgg gagcaaggat aaggggcttc ctggaggagg     11760
     ccactctgga gctgagtctg aaaaggtgag cagcagttca ctgggcagac aaggttagga     11820
     agaacattcc tgaaacagag gacagcctat acaaattgag aaatgggaga gctgagcagc     11880
     tctgagaaag attgttatct aattgcctgc ctgctaagcc ccaagagaac agccttgggg     11940
     aaacctaaca attctccttg aaaaggccag gctttcaatt tgctttcatg cttataagat     12000
     ggcttctgga gctccagcca tcacactcat attacaggca ggaagaagaa ggaaaaaggg     12060
     aaagcagcct tctttaaagc aatgtccaac aattcctatt tatactccat tgccagaatg     12120
     cattcacatg gccatgttgc tcagcaaggg agactgggaa aaggtcattt tacaactgag     12180
     cacattgcct ctctcttttt ttttttaatt ttaagttccg ggatacatgt gcaggatgtg     12240
     caggtttgtt acatcggtaa atatgtgccg tggtggtttg ttgcaccaca ttgcctttct     12300
     taacaaaagc aggcttcgtt agtaaggaag acaggaagaa tggacttggg gtgaccaatc     12360
     tgtgtttggt attgctgggc ccatttaaga gatgggaaag ccattcccaa gaggttgagt     12420
     gacttgcctg aggtcagagg ctagattgaa ccccagtccc tttgacctta cttatagtga     12480
     ccctgagggc ctttttgaaa ggccctgatc aagtcttcag acagggttgc cccgatcatg     12540
     agcataagaa gccagcagag agaaaggcat cacagatgaa cacaaagaca atctctgtgt     12600
     ggcttgcagc tgtgtgggtg gtgcctggct acactagtgt gtgcccaaga tgaaagcaaa     12660
     gcagctgctt ctgcaaaaca gagtttgctc ttcctacggg tctggatcat cctcttccca     12720
     aaccaaggga accgtggagc tgctgccttc tcagctcatc acccacccaa gggtccctgg     12780
     agccagcctt gagggctgtg gtgagcactc atcccttcca catgctcact agagccttct     12840
     gtgccatgct ggggcacaga ggtaattggg gcctcctcct agctaccagg gggaagcaaa     12900
     caatttcgac tggagggctg agggagtcca gagtcagaga cccaaggctg cctggagagg     12960
     aagaggggac tttgaacgct ggagctgagt ctggaaggag gagtccaggc tggaggcagc     13020
     accaagggga gagaggagga gcacagcaag gcccaccctg tgggtcccga tgggtcctgg     13080
     ccccatccct ttgagccagg caaccgcagc cttctgagcc cagttcgaat gccatcacgg     13140
     tgaccttctc tctcttctct tccctacagg ggaggtacct cagcttagcc cttgcacagt     13200
     cccaatatgc acaggctccc tgctgcccaa ggatctgctt tccacacagc caggagtgcc     13260
     tttccctacc acaggctccc tgcagcccaa ggatgtgcct gagacacagc cgggagtgcc     13320
     tcgccctcaa acaggctcgc tgcagcccaa acatctgcct gagacacagc caacacagca     13380
     gggagtgcct tgcccgcaaa caggctccct gcagcccaag gatctgcctg agacacagcc     13440
     cggagtactt ttcccaagca cagactctgt gcaacccaaa gagctgcctt caacccagcc     13500
     gggagtgcct ccccctcacc tgctcctcca ggtgccgcct ccccccagct aggtgcttga     13560
     ggcctccctc caggatgctg ccgctgctgt ccccactgct caggcacacg gcagaacccc     13620
     ctttgtcact ccccccgtca gagcccaact tctaaggcac caaacaccca agattaacag     13680
     gcttttgttg ctgaactgga catatacatt gagtcttttc ttgcggtcaa aggagttgaa     13740
     ttcttgctga tcaactaaag ttgattgtgt ttgacaccag ggagcttgtc ttttgagtga     13800
     gctggattta tactgcacct gccacgacac agtgccctgg tgccgtcggg atgccaggca     13860
     tggatgcatt ccactcccaa cagccccgaa ttcatctgtc atcaagggct gggacacatg     13920
     aggtcttagg ccaaattctc catttaaaaa gctcaaaaag tgtttgaaat atgaattcaa     13980
     tactgtgtat ccctgcctag ctttttgttg ttgttattgt tgttgttgtt attgtttgag     14040
     acagagtctc gctctgtcgc ccaggcccag gctgggtgca atggtgtgat ctcaactcac     14100
     ggaaaactcc acgttctggg ttcaagtgat tctcctgcct cagcctcccg agtagttggg     14160
     attacaggag cctgccacca tgcctggcta atttttgtat ttttagtaaa aatggggttt     14220
     caccatgttg gtcaggctgg tctcaaattc ctgacctcag gtgatccacc cacctcggcc     14280
     tcccaaagtg ttgggattac aggcgtgagc cacagcaccc ggcccctccc tagctttttg     14340
     aaaggaaaaa tacttgcata tctcacttcc tgtactcatc ttcttgtccc tggtttccat     14400
     tttttggcta ctcaaattct gaatgtgtcc cagaaggcag tgaggccctt tctggaaatg     14460
     ctaattatct tcccagatac cccacaccat ccccaagacc aggcaaattt cagggaatcc     14520
     tcctcatttc acgagaaaag gtaaacttcc ctccttaatc atttgtcccc atagaagaaa     14580
     ccacagcccc aacagagatg agtgtcaaca ggcagtgtcc caccgcccac tgtggcacat     14640
     ggtggctgca tgactgccca aggtgccacc cacacaggcc atgggcaccc cacatggggc     14700
     tcctgagcaa gtcaggagag gggagctatg gctgaggttg tccagtcatc cctaatccat     14760
     ctttgagagt aaataaacgg ctctccacct cccccatcta ctggaatgca atattgatgc     14820
     ttttccacag aaattctgaa agacaagtac aagttaaaaa tataccagat ttggatttta     14880
     aacagtattg actaatttga cagtgataac cacactgtcc cccctcccat gtttgtttgt     14940
     tcgtttcttt gttttaaggc ttcaacgcaa tgtcttgcct ctgtgtgtag ggctttgggg     15000
     ggctttctct aggtcacatg actttaacct tcagtgccat catcctgagg agttactttt     15060
     tcttgtcccc cttctccgtc ttgcaccctc ctgtcctgct gcagcctgga ctctgcatct     15120
     gggtcctgcc agctgccatg atgggaagcc tgcctctccc acccttcccc agcctctccc     15180
     ctctgtgtct gcacatctat ctcccaagct ggttatgaga ggctcttcca ggcacacaat     15240
     gccttgcaca aggcatccag agaaatgagc caggtcaatg ttgaggaaat ggaagaggat     15300
     gctagagccc ctgggggtgg acgggaccta gtcatttggt ttttccccat ttggaggctc     15360
     attccctgag caactgtggg tactcgagaa catgctgccc ctccacactt cacttctcaa     15420
     cgttcttcct ggaatgggag gcctggcttc atcaatttgt tgtcttgctt tgttttttag     15480
     agagtttttg tttcacaaaa caaaacacct ctggtcctgt aaatacagag atttgcacaa     15540
     agaactgagc gttcccactt cattgctaga caggtggaga tatttatgac aagggcacct     15600
     ggtgcctggt gagcaggtgc atggcctgtg tgcagcgcaa tgagacaggg tccagagagg     15660
     taggatgcat gcccgcaggt gtggaaggga tagccagcca gacagtgcac cctctggctc     15720
     tagactgtct ggcccagctg cctaatgcct acagccacat acaaatgtgc ccagggcagc     15780
     caaggcaact ttacaaggtg cctgggactg tgtatctctc aagactaagg gagaaaatgt     15840
     tcactgtatt catgacacca ggaaaagtgt gggaaagctt tcattaggca gaaagggagt     15900
     tgaaataacc tgaaagtgta cagagacttt atttcttctg tgttacccat gtggaaacat     15960
     gaagatgttg cttcccgtcc ctgcaactct gagaccccat aggaagaaat gtatgtgcaa     16020
     tttcatgaag agctttatgt gatcctgggg aaatcaacat acttgtttgt taagggggat     16080
     tgagagcctt tggagtttag ccaatatgaa ctcaagctag ggcctgtcat ccttcctcat     16140
     ccctcaaggg aggaagtcat atattaagaa ggtgagctca gaagtcatca cagaggagga     16200
     ctccactgcc ctggccaccc acagggaccc tcacaggctt tctgtgttgg acagtgatag     16260
     cagaaatagc tctagtgtca tatggtcctt tctcccttct tgcttttgta ggaatccaaa     16320
     gctaatctgt ccctgatccg gattgcacgc acctgtgcct tttggggcct ttctgcatta     16380
     gttcttcctt ctcttctaac ctcaaaaatg tgttttctct gttggctctt tccctttaac     16440
     atagaagtat actcacgctt ttgttgaatc ttgaaataaa aggcttcctt taccacatat     16500
     ctccctttaa tactacatct ctcttctcag ccaaatactt gggaagagaa gccctgagtt     16560
     tgtgtcattg ttttctcacc tccagttcac tactttgccc actgcctgac atccagctcg     16620
     ctcacacaca cacccaagcc caatcactaa gttgccatag ctaatttgta gctttcctgc     16680
     cttcctggca aaatttgact ctgcattggg ataatacatg tcgagtacct attgaacagg     16740
     cactgtgcta ggtgctactg ttatagatat gaaaagaagg catcatctcc tttctaacaa     16800
     ctcacaggag cagccattcc tgattcatac atgtctcttg actcccagtg ctcacttttg     16860
     caagcttcac ttaatgccgt gcaaatcacc ctattctcca ggtcttcttt cttcccagtt     16920
     ctccttacta tacacagctt ctcaaggcag tcacctccac actcatggct tcaattgctt     16980
     tctccattct ctgagaacaa tagaatttta aatggtttta tttcatgtat tagctttatt     17040
     ttatacaagg tgcctcacct gctgtaacca tagattcaaa gttgctccat gaaagtaata     17100
     aatgaaaaat ggtgattttt tagcatgtaa attttaggaa atttccccag ttacacttaa     17160
     tggcttgatt tagtgtgtat gttatttttg aaaacatatg ttgggatgtc acaaatggac     17220
     ttagcctaca gagatttata ttcaactttt gaccagagag ttccatttta atgtgacact     17280
     gagagtaaaa aactatcttt tcctccttac ctatttctct tcctacattc tcggccagga     17340
     ggaaggcact gctacatacc cagtcttccc cagcagagcc tgagcagctc tgttttcctt     17400
     ctacttcccc tcttctttca catctcatga ccaagcactt cctattctgt ctcccaaatg     17460
     atcacagact ttttcctcca cttttgtcac tgccactgcc cttagcatta ctctgccttt     17520
     agagaaagtc tcttaattgg tttggttgct tccttcagtc tttattatac agaccactac     17580
     acgcacatct gacagagact tttcaccttt ttatggttga atgactgaaa ttcccagaat     17640
     aaaattaaaa ccaccccagc atcaaatttg aggtcaaata gaggtgggtt tgtatcccag     17700
     gttcatatac tgtccagcag tatggtctca gaaaactgac ctccttaagc ctttgtttgt     17760
     gtatctgcct acactcattg agagttggga ctatttcaca catatagtgc ctggcatgta     17820
     gaagggactt aatcaatgtt gaaagaaggg gaggcatttt aaaatccaca tcaaaaaaat     17880
     gttgttctgt tcgggagtgg tggctcacgc ctgcaatccc agcactttgg gaggccaagg     17940
     caggtggatc acctgaggtc aggagttcga gatcaacctg agcaacatgg tgaaacccca     18000
     tctctactaa aaatacaaac attagctgag catgggggcg ggatcctgta atcccagcta     18060
     cttgggaggc ttaggcactt gaatgagaat cacttggacc caggaggtgg aggttgcagt     18120
     gagcaatgat tgtgccacta cctgggcaac agagtgagac tctgtctcaa aaaaaaaata     18180
     aaaagtaaaa aaaattcttt taaaaatata cgaatctggc tgggcacgat ggctcattcc     18240
     tgtagtccta gcactttggg aggctgaggc gggcctgacc aacatggaga aaccccgtct     18300
     ctactaaaaa tacaaaatta gccgggcatg gtgacgcatg cctgcaatcc cagctactcg     18360
     ggaggctgag gcaggagaat cgcttgagcc cgggaggcgg aggttgcagt gagccaagat     18420
     caggccattg cactccagcc tgggcaacaa gaacgaaact ccgtctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa     18480
     aaaaaaatag tgttcagcaa ggttgaagca taaaaggtta atagccagaa tcatttatca     18540
     attgtatttc tatacatcta caagacacaa tctgaaaatg aaattagaga aacaatttca     18600
     ctgggcaaca agagcaaaac ttcatctcaa aataataata ataataataa taataataat     18660
     aataaataat aatctacaat gtcatttccc atccaagcct gacttctacc tttactttct     18720
     gatatggttt tgccatgccc ccacccaaat ctcatcatga attataatcc ccataatccc     18780
     gatgtgtcga gggaggggcc tagggggagg tgattggatc acaggggcag ttatcctcat     18840
     gctgttcttg tgatattcag taagtcctca tgagatctta tagggttttg ttttgttttg     18900
     tttcttggga tggagtcttg ctctgttgtc caggcaggag tgccatggca cgatcttggc     18960
     tcactgcagt ctctgcctct tgagttccag tgattctcct gcctcagcct cctgagtagc     19020
     tgggattaca ggcatgcacc accacaccca gctaattttt gtatttttag tagagacagg     19080
     atttcactac attagctagg ctggtctcaa actcctgacc tcagttgatc cacctgcctt     19140
     ggcctcccaa agtactaggg ttacaagtgt gagccaccgt gcccagctga gatctgatgg     19200
     ttttatacat gtttgacagt tgctccttca catgttccca ctctctgtgc ggccaccatg     19260
     taagtcggac ctgcccttct gccatgattg taactttcct gaaggacttc cccctctgcc     19320
     atgattgtta agtttcctga ggcctcccca gccatgtgaa actgagtcaa ttaaacctct     19380
     ttcctttaaa aattacccaa cctcaggtat ttctttatat cagtgtgaaa acagactgct     19440
     atactttctg atactcatgc ttaagcaatt ggggaattca gactacctgg gatcaaacta     19500
     tggccccacc cttagcagtc atgtgacctt gggggggggt tacttacctt ctccgtctca     19560
     acaacttctg taaaatctgt aacatgagat tgtttctgag ggttaaatga gcatagcaca     19620
     gtggggacac tgtcaggcac acactacttg ccagatgtcg agtattcatc tttattgaac     19680
     taggactgtg gtaagccact ttatggctct cgattttgta tgagaaaatc atgcttagtg     19740
     ccttgttagt aaaagaaaga aaatctgaaa gtccctgcca cggaaggaag aaatagcggg     19800
     gagaaaaggg agttggtaag tttcagcatt tcagagcttg gaggggcaag ttaggtttct     19860
     attttatgga gaaggaggtg gaggcaggat gggtcctaag gtgtcattca aaacacacag     19920
     ccataactct ttattgagag tagagctagg gccccaggga ttgctgtggt caagttgcgg     19980
     acaaaaatga ccactcgttg gaagacagga gaggagtgtt tagttacaaa agcagtcaac     20040
     aattcaggtg tatctatatt cagacagcaa ataaaagttg ttcaacttgg ttgctaatgg     20100
     gacccactct actgaggctt tgtgtagaac tcgtagagga agctggcttc gaggaatgaa     20160
     ctaccctgtg cttttcttag gactaaaatc tcaggaagct ggtgatgaat gaaaacctta     20220
     gtcccactgg cactgcacga ggggccagga gagcagcagc atcataagcc acagggtggg     20280
     gcagccaagg caggggcatt ctgagctgtt ggggaggggt ggcaggcagg gtggggcact     20340
     gtgagctgtc ggggagggca ttgtgaagtg tggggtgggg cattgtgtgc cacatgcctg     20400
     ggctcccacc tggggccagt gggcttcagt ctgtaggtga ctacagaagg aggaggagct     20460
     ccgtctgttc tctcttcagg cagttgttgt gtctctcagc gcttgttggg ttcacaacct     20520
     aataaataag ccggctggtc ttcaccctcc cagacaagtc aactcagggg aggcagcagg     20580
     gtgcgggcct tggcccgcag ccctagccgg ggccggggcc ggggccgggg ccagggctgg     20640
     tgcccggggc cgcactgtga ggtgggcagg cgaggagcgg gaagaccatc tctgcaagtg     20700
     cagcatagcc tcggcctagg acagcgggag tgcgtggcca aagctgtgag cagaggcaca     20760
     ggtggtggca gacagtagag gcgccccatg gggaacatac tgacctgtcg tgtgcaccct     20820
     agcgtcagcc tcgagtttga ccagcagcag gggtcggtgt gtccctctga atctgagatc     20880
     tatgaggcag gagctaagga caggatggca ggagcgccca tggctgctgc tgtacagcct     20940
     gctgaggtga ctgttgaagt tggtgaggac ctccacatgc accacgttcg tgaccgggag     21000
     atgcctgaag gtaaggaggt gataggtgcc atctaccctc ggtttgcctc tggctgctgc     21060
     tgtccccaag gttccctttg aggcatcccc cacttcgagc tcctttctgc ttgtagccag     21120
     ctttcccggg ggctggccag gaacaaaagc tggctctgcc ttgaattccc accccttagt     21180
     ctttccccac cgagtccagt cagtttcttt tcacctcccc tcccaatcgc ccagttcttg     21240
     ctctctcatc tcattctccc aggctggcat gggaccattt atttatggct cttgtcgaat     21300
     aagcagcagt tgaataaatg agttgataaa tttttataaa tgattacgtc ctttttcttt     21360
     tctccctcta tacatatagc tttggagttt aacctttctg ccaatccaga ggcaagcaca     21420
     atattacaga ggaactctca aacagatggt gagacaacag tgtctgtagc tctgtttatt     21480
     atcctgtggg actttgttta ggcctctttg agctattctc ttccttttct caataaaaac     21540
     tcaaatatcc caacttttca gtacccatct taatttttct ttgaacctat ccagatggta     21600
     cctaagtgaa ggaaccaggt aagtgcctaa ttgtttcctt tgttaaagta gccaaatctc     21660
     aggacagttc ctattcaaat atttggggat ttcttattta aaatcagaat ggagtttgcc     21720
     acgggagagg ctatatggta ttcttaatgg gctgctttaa gtcaccttga tagaagctgc     21780
     ttagtttctt ctaactgtaa tttgaacaca gaaggaaaaa gaaaaaagga gagtgcttaa     21840
     aataattgtg aaaggtgtaa aatgtcacag ccggggctgc agaaaaatgg ttgtgtgtgt     21900
     gtgtttgggg tttctcaaag gagtttacct atgaggctct gattacttta aaattcttac     21960
     tttaacagaa aatgtgtctc cagatttatt ctggtgactt aacagacttt atttacctcc     22020
     ttgttctaaa agggaggtgg ggattggttc acggtcaaaa ctttcaaaag acatgaaacg     22080
     tcaatgtaga cttttaatgt gtaatataaa gattgcaggt taaaatgtca gaccttccct     22140
     gtaagagtgt ttgttgccgt ggctccccct ttgtcccttc ccctcctgac aatagcatct     22200
     tgttcaaaga taagaaagtt acagttttgg ctgggcttgg tggctcacgc ctgtaatccc     22260
     agcactttgg gaggctgtgg caggcagatt acctgaggtc aggagttcga gaccagcctg     22320
     gccaacatgg tgaaacgctg tctctactaa aaaagaaaat acaaaaatta gctgggcgta     22380
     gtggcgcatg actgtagttc cagctactca caaggctgag gcaggagaat tgcttggacc     22440
     tgggaggtgg aggttgcagt gagcagagat cacgccaatg cactccagcc tgggtgacag     22500
     agcgagactc cgtctcacaa aaaaaaaagg aaagaaagtt ggagtttttt agtctctaca     22560
     ctgtcggcag aggcagggga tgggagccgg tagaaaagag aaaacaatta gttggtttgc     22620
     ctctaaaatt ttgcaaagag atgaatctaa gtaaaagtaa ttctgggtag taatatggtt     22680
     cttgaataaa aactgaaatt ttcaaaatag aaaacattgc atcataaaca tattaaatcc     22740
     agtaggctta ttggtttcat ttaaatgcca gagatttcat tactgtagag gaaatgtctt     22800
     atagctcttc tatttaaact ttggtcgggc tcttaatttt taaagaggta ggataattaa     22860
     gactcattat gagtgtgact ttgtaacttg gaagtactat cttcacattt caaggtattt     22920
     aaggattgct ttagaataaa caaatgcatt atgtgaatta attgattgta cctttataca     22980
     caaagcatgt aagtacttgt gtaaacttat actctgcttg gtgatgttcg gaaagcctga     23040
     tggatgttac acaccagtta gtagatgggt agtgttggat gagagcccaa aaatggctct     23100
     ttattgtcat tctttaggat tacagcacag tttatgtatg tctcacttgg ccctttccaa     23160
     tacaaataag gcctgtgtat gttctcccta tgtattgcta atgaagaaat gaaaacttag     23220
     agatatcaca tgactatgga agacagctac tcaagagaac taaggttctg tgtcctcaga     23280
     atgaaatgga agtgacagat atgatgaatt tactttttaa aaattttaaa aactctagaa     23340
     tacaacttat attttgccta taaaatagac tgtcttttaa aacttactgc catcttgatt     23400
     tattttatgc aaagttgatt ttacacaact caaagccaaa atttacctct tctttttttt     23460
     tttttttttt ttttttttaa ataaaggagg gtgtcattgt gttactcatg ctggcctcaa     23520
     cttcctgacc tgggttcaag tgattttccc atctcagcct cctgagtagc tggaactaca     23580
     agcatgtgcc atcttgcctg gctctatctt atgtctatac attcatttca atggataaga     23640
     atcaaagtag agatagtgaa atagcctaaa tgcagcagtc gaataaacga gttgataaat     23700
     ttttatcaat gattgcatct ctttttcttt tcttcctcta tgcatatagc tttggagttt     23760
     aacccttctg ccaatccaga ggcaagcaca atattccaga ggaactctca aacagatggt     23820
     gagacaacat tgttttttcc gccaagagaa agaataaaag ctcttgcttg atcaggttat     23880
     agaaagtatt tagaaaaact catattggtt taaatttttc accttttcac atgttcactt     23940
     gtcttatttt aatatgtgat atactttcct ttagttgtta tgatgttagt gaaaacgtgt     24000
     aacctttttg tttatacatt ttgccatctt tttatcaaca caattaattt gtcatgtgtt     24060
     ggaggagtca tggatttgtc tttataattc ttggatttat ctttatttat aattaatgga     24120
     tttatcttta tttataatcc cttttccctt gctccaaaaa gtacacttta aagatgaatg     24180
     atagaactta ggcttcagct tggttttcat ttaaacaaat taaaaaacat agtcgtttat     24240
     catcagggat tgaatctgtg atttgggcct cctcttacac agtcctctga ccacattcat     24300
     ttaccacatc caagtttacg ctactcaaaa gttttaggtt attaactttt tcatttgata     24360
     taatgtaaat ttaaacatgc cttactcctg cttatttccc ttaatgttat attaaatcct     24420
     catttatttg ccaacaagcc atacacagcc aagttttcca gttgacttaa acagcaagaa     24480
     cacaagtgag ggttctataa taatgtgcga agtaatgcag cacagtaaaa cacgggagtt     24540
     tgtaaccttt gtttttatag tttgagtaga ctttgcccat cttgagtcag ttatttctgg     24600
     ttagaatttg tcttcatttt ttacattact ataaagagat acctaaggct gggtaattta     24660
     taacaaaaaa caggtttaat tggctcaaag attttcaggc tgtacaaaca tggctttaac     24720
     atctgcttct ggtgagggcc tcagcaaact tacaatcatg ataaaaggca aaggggaagc     24780
     aggtggttcc acacggtgaa agagggagga gagaggggaa gggggaaggt accacactct     24840
     tttttttttt ttttttttga aatggagtct cactctgttg cccagactgg agtgcaatgg     24900
     cacaatcttg gctcactaca acctccatct cccaggttca agcaattctc ctgcctcagc     24960
     ctcccgagta gttgggacta taggtgggca ccataacacc tggctaattt ctgtattttt     25020
     ggtagagaca gggtttcacc atgttagcca ggctggtctg aaactcctga cctcaagtga     25080
     tctacccgct tcagcctccc aaagtgctgg gattacaggc ttcagccacc gcacctggcc     25140
     agtaccacag tcttttaaat taccataatg agaatgtgct tattatcatg gggatgggac     25200
     caagccattc ataaggaatc cactgccatt acccaaacgc ctcccactag gccctgtctc     25260
     caacattaag ggtcacatgt taacatgaga cttggagggg caacatatcc aaaacatatc     25320
     agaattgtat ttcccagttc cttccagagc catgggcttc tcacacctag agagcatgga     25380
     agcagtaaaa gaaaagctat tccatgtccc tcactcttcg gtggtaggaa cttttgccta     25440
     caaggccctt ccagcatcaa aggcagaggc agtgtaggaa acaaagcatg gcccaagtcc     25500
     ctcttggggc ttttattatt ctggcctctt tttagaggaa aaaaaatgat tttttgagct     25560
     gcagacacca tgtccaatta ggtttgtata ctcattttaa catcaaaatt taggccaggc     25620
     tctgtggctt acacctgtaa tcccagctct ttgggaggct gaggtgggtg gatcacgagg     25680
     ttaggaggtc aagaccatcc tggctaacac agtgtaactc tgtctctact aaaaatacaa     25740
     aaaacaatta gctaggcatg gtggcacgtg cctgtagtcc cagctagtca ggaggctaag     25800
     gctgaagaat tggttgaacc tgggaggcag aggttgcagt gagctgagat cccgccactg     25860
     cactcgagcc taggtgacag agtgagactc catctcaaaa aaaaaaaaat taagctacgt     25920
     tactttccag ttgtgtaaag accgtttttt aattttgatt tgtttttagt gacatattag     25980
     tagataacca ctaagtgtgg ttcaagatgc ttacagggat tctgttgcat ctagagatag     26040
     gtgtctggtc aggaagtagt tcttagagct gttagctctt agagtctgat aattaaagta     26100
     agctatgtgt aaatgcagaa tgagagaata ctaatggatc atggctcata tatgcaacag     26160
     ttaaactttt tattagctaa atttttcatc tggcctaatt tttttaccct tttcttttgt     26220
     acatgaggat tctttcattt gtatgtaata gaaacaaaaa gtaaactaaa tgaaaaacta     26280
     agtttttaga tttgacttat gaaattaatc atgccagata atttaaatta taaattattg     26340
     aaaattattt ttttaaatgg aattttgtct cattttacat aggagtaatc agtaagatgt     26400
     taacaactac ttttatttta tggtatttgt atcagaagtg accagttttt ttttttttat     26460
     tcttagttgt agaaataaga agaagcaact gtacaaacca tgtaagtaaa cactcaaata     26520
     gttaagaaat tgatagtttg acataaaagg atgtctctct tgatttcttt aaattacaat     26580
     gtggacctgg tggtggtagc atggacctct ttttgtggat tttctaaatc tcttctattt     26640
     tcctgagtat taaatttatc cagaaaagtg tttagcttag cgtgtccacc ttttaaagat     26700
     ttctgacatt taagttaaat ttcaatagtc tggttcaaaa gatccgcctt aaggctgggc     26760
     atggtggcta acgtctgtaa tcacagcact ttaggaggcc aaggcaggct gatcatctga     26820
     ggtcaggagt ttgagacaac cctgaccaac atggtgaaat tctgtatcta ctaaaaatac     26880
     aaaagtagcc gggtgtggtg gtgcatgcct gtaatctcag ctagtcagga ggctgaggca     26940
     gaagaatcac ttgaacccag gaggcggagg ttgcagtgag acaagatcgc gccattgcac     27000
     tccagcctgg gcgacagagc gaaactctgt ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagtgc     27060
     cttaaatatt taatcttatt tttaatgaaa gaacaaaaat agaatagtta agttaattgc     27120
     cagcactgtc tattgacttt ctatcacagc gggtaaaagc gtaccttccc cgctacacca     27180
     tgatcttatg tttctccctg tgtttcttcc aattgtagca cactttttaa ttaaatcagt     27240
     aatatttaca tgattatgac tctgcaaata ttattcactg ctaagtcata tggtgttttc     27300
     actgtgcctc tgcattccat gtccttcatc ctgtctctga aacagttctg aaatctgagc     27360
     acttctgcaa ttctcctgga tcttcttttt tcctagccta cgttagttta tctatccaaa     27420
     tatcgttaag tagcctctgg gtgctctgtt tgctttcaca tccattattt tttagcatga     27480
     agctaatttt ctgactatat tcatttgcct attttctaac agctgttttt cccccaagta     27540
     ttgtagcatt tatcacatgc ctttcaaaga cattttccat ctgcaaaaac acatctgttc     27600
     ctttttatgt gtgtgtgggg ggcaactttc tttggccttt tgtcatccta gttcaatata     27660
     gcgtgggttt ccctagatat gctcgatgtc tgcttttctg ggctaactcc ttaaagtgtt     27720
     ttgggatctc acgtaactgc tgtcttgtgt gggatcgcct gagtcctaga ttctgtgttt     27780
     ccttctgtcc tgttatcgtc tctagttgta cttgaacaca ttttcctggg tggagatgtt     27840
     aaaatccctc ctctttgata gagagtacac ctctaggttg aatctaaatt gtatggttct     27900
     gaagacattt tgcagttgtg ctcttattac agtgttgttc ttgaatctat tgccagtgtg     27960
     tgatatgtta tttacaacca ggttttagtt atctgcggaa gctttttaga atctctctct     28020
     ctaaggttct gaaattttat aacagcttgt tggggatctt ttcattttat tgaggctact     28080
     aaacctgcag actatctctt cttgagaatt ttttttttat tttctctgtt acttttttac     28140
     tgatagtctt gttattcaga tgctaggctg cttagaccag tacacctgca ttgattttta     28200
     atttttcccc ttgtattttt ttcagtttgt ctttttattc tagttctggg atattctgtg     28260
     actttatcct ctactatttc tattgaattt tgtatttttt gagagtgttt taagattttt     28320
     ttttaaagtt ttgctcctga ttttgactgg tcctatcaat tccttttttc tattgttttg     28380
     atctctttcc ttggaggctt ccctccaatg tgtggtggtc cctggcctgc tttatttgga     28440
     agcaggattt ctgttaactg atagcactca gtgtgaggcc ttagaagcct gactagcttt     28500
     tcatttggga gacctcagtg tattatctgg ggatctttat tgaagacatt tcagtttctt     28560
     ctgagaagga tctcccaatt ttctgcctgg aaagtaaaag caggcctgga aaggaaaagc     28620
     agagttagca aagacagttg gagttccatt tttggtgtac agttttcttt atatctcagg     28680
     tttaagccat agtatctctg agccagaaat tctcaggttt gatatatcca gagaacacac     28740
     atctaagttt cttgtcagat ggaaggacag gtggactttg ggctctagtt agagatttgc     28800
     aactgacctt gctggctttt ttttttttac attttaccct actttccaaa gtgccatttg     28860
     cctgtaagtt cacaacctgc ctttagttct gcaagacaaa ctggctcgct tctgttccag     28920
     tcactttctg tagtcagcaa agttgtgttt ctgtgttatt taccactcct ttgtctactt     28980
     tttatgtctc agcatttact aaaaattatc tctgtcaacc ttctgtgctg gtcatgggtg     29040
     taacctttat tttatgacta atgaggcttc cagagggaga cgaaataaat ttgtggtcaa     29100
     tctattatat ttaatccaaa tttaggacct atgtttaaat caaagtctaa tttgagtata     29160
     atgatattaa gccagagaat tttttaaatt aatgtatcta taataagcat attacacttt     29220
     tctcctaagg ccttgtttaa tattttcatt caaagtttat ccactgccat atgcttccca     29280
     ttacttcaca acataaatgg agctgttttc ctgaatgccc aaggtgttag aaatatttaa     29340
     gttaattaag atttgttcat ttttagcctg gtcaacataa caagacctca tgtctacaaa     29400
     aaggttaaat aacaaattag ccaggcctgg tggcatgcgc ctttcgtatt acctactcag     29460
     gaggctgagg cagaggatca cctgagctca ggagtttgag gctgcagtta actataattg     29520
     caccactgca ctccagcctg ggcaacaaag ggagaccctg tctcggaaaa aggaaaaaag     29580
     ttactaattc tttaaaaacc tatctaaaat ttgtcctgcc caaaaggaga gtgaaaaata     29640
     tgaactttag tctttgtttt tttttttatg tttgctgaga aaaatgctgt actttattta     29700
     tttatttatt atttccatag gtttctgggg gaacaggtgg catttggtga catgactaag     29760
     ttctttagtg atgatttgtg agatttaggt gcacccatca cctgagcagt atccgctgaa     29820
     gccaatttgt agtcttttat ccctcaccct cctcccagcc tttcccccaa gtccccaaag     29880
     tccattgtat cattcttatg gctttgcatc ctcatagctc agctcccacg tatgaaagag     29940
     aacatgatat ttggttttcc atgctgagtt atttcactta gagtaatagt cttacttcca     30000
     cccaggttgc tgggaatgcc atgaatttat tccttattat ggctgaggtg gtattcctca     30060
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatgtatgta tgtatatcac     30120
     agtttcttta tccgctcatt gactgatggg catttgggct ggttccatat ttttgtaatt     30180
     gtaatttgtt tgagttcctc atagattctg gataatagcc ctttgtcaga tgtatagact     30240
     gtgaagattt cctcccactc tgtggttgtc tgtatactct gctgattgtt ccttttcctg     30300
     tacagaagct ctttagttaa gtctcaccta tttgtttctg ttgcatttgc ttttgtgttc     30360
     ttggtcatga agtctttgcc caagccagta tctagacggg tttttccaat gttatcttct     30420
     agaactttta tggtttcagg tcatagattt atgtccttga tccatcttga gttgattttt     30480
     gtgtaaggtg agagttgagg atccagtttc attctcccgc atgtggcttg ccaattatcc     30540
     cagcaccatt tgttgaatag ggtttacttt cttcacttta tgttttaggt ggctttgttg     30600
     aaaatcagtt ggctataggt atttgagttt atttctgggt tctctattct gttccattgg     30660
     tgtatgtgcc tatttttata tcagtactgt gctattttgg tgactatggc cttatagtat     30720
     agtttgaaat caggtaatgt catgcctcca gatttgttgt ttttgcttag ttttgttttg     30780
     gctgtgccgg ttcttgttta gtccatataa atttcaggat tgttttttct agttctgtga     30840
     agaaggatgg tggtattttg atgggagttg cattgaattt gtagattgct tttggcagta     30900
     tggtcatttt cacaatattc attctaccca ttcatgagca tggggtgtct ttccatttgt     30960
     ctgtgtccat gacttcattc agcaatgttt tgtagttccc aacggcatat caaaaagata     31020
     atcgggccag gcacggtggc tcacacctgt aatcccagca ctttgggagg atgaggcgga     31080
     cggatcatga ggtcaggagt tcgagaccag cctggccaac atggtgaaac cccatctcta     31140
     ctaaaaatac aaaagttatc cgggcgtggt ggcgctcacc tgtaatccca tctactcggg     31200
     tggctgaggc aggagaatcg cttgaacctc ggaggcagag gttgcagtga gccaagatca     31260
     ccgcattgca tactccagcc tgggcaacag agcgagactc catctcaaaa aataaaaaaa     31320
     agataatcca ccatgatcaa atgggtttca taccagggat gcggggatgg attaacatac     31380
     acaagtcaat aaatgtgata caccacataa acagaattaa aaacaaaaaa tcacatgatc     31440
     atcttaacag atgcagaaaa agcatttgac aaaatgcagc atccttttat gattaaaacc     31500
     ctcagcaaaa tcagcataca agggtcatag ctcaatgtaa taaaagccat ctatgtcaaa     31560
     cccacaacca acataatact gaaaggggga aaagttgaaa gcattccccc cgagaactgg     31620
     aacaagacaa ggatgcccac tctcaccact tgtattcaac atactactgg aaggcctagc     31680
     cagagcaatc acacaagaga aaacaataaa aggcatgcag atcagtaaag aggaagtcaa     31740
     actgttgctg tttgatgatg atatgatcat atacctagga aaccctaaag actcctccaa     31800
     aaagctccta gaaccgataa atgaattcag caaagtttca ggagacaaaa ttaatgtaca     31860
     caaatcagta gctctgttat accccagaag tgaccaagct tagaatcaaa ccaagaactc     31920
     aatccctttt ctgatagctg caaaaataaa ctaaaataaa ctaaaatact tcggaataga     31980
     cctaaccaag gaggtgaaag atgtctacaa ggaaaacaac tttagtattt ttaatgggtt     32040
     aaaatgagag gcagcaggta cagcagaagt cagtgcgtgg gcatacgcat ccaatgggta     32100
     ctgcaccttt gatggtaagg ctttggtttt gacttactaa attactaggt acgattattt     32160
     tctagttttt gtcattaaac cttaaaacta ctaagtaacc ccttccattt cttgttaaat     32220
     attgtaaaat ttcatactct catttatgct gactgacgtt agattgtttg tttctatttt     32280
     gtgactacct taaataatac ctataaagag taaactgtta gtagtgtttt tgctgtaatt     32340
     aaatgtagta agacttacct tccaaatgat gactgaattg tcaaacactt gtcgaagttt     32400
     tggatttact caaaattcta tgctcagcag ctggaggtag gaagagtaag ggccctccct     32460
     tactcttatg gagaggcata ctttctcacg aggggaatac tctgcaggaa ttagcatctt     32520
     gtaagcagtg gtgaattcaa ctaattagtg tataaaaata cattttttgg tgtggctgcc     32580
     gacaaagaga tccaagaggg tagatggagt cgagcttgct gaagcaagga aagagaaaag     32640
     cagtattcta ggcagagagc aggggtagag caggaaaatg gctaggtgca ggtcagatga     32700
     tttatagaat gcaattgatc aagttttgaa gtgaatgcaa agtattctcc gagagtctca     32760
     tttgagtcat gtcttggcag tcttatttaa acatgaagtg aaagttagat tttttaagtt     32820
     gtcatttgtt tttagggtgt gagagaatat ttaagtgata ctctttttat cctccacata     32880
     agaaaatagg actagagaaa cctatggctt cctcacttgt tggtggccta gcagccctgg     32940
     cacacagagc ccctgaatct gaagcacttc ttttgtaaca atatcacctg aaataataca     33000
     tttaggatta gtaatttagt aaatgcatta gtcttgtatt cactgcaata aaatgctctt     33060
     gtagcaggat tatttaatac actacatttt atcgtagtaa ataaataata gaagggctgg     33120
     gcgccgtggc tcacgcctgt aatcccagta ctttgggagg ctgaggcagg cagatcgcga     33180
     ggtgaggaga tcgaggccat cctggctaac acggtgaaac cccgtctcta ctaaaaatac     33240
     aaaaagttag ccgggcatgg tggcgggcgc ctgtagtccc agctactcag gaggctgagt     33300
     caggagaatg gcgtgaaccc gggaggcgga gcttgcagtg agccgagatc gcgccactgc     33360
     actccagcct gggctacaga gcgagactcc gtctcaaaaa taaataaata aataaataaa     33420
     taaattaatt aattaataga aattcttggc tgctttttat tgctgtagaa aaaaatatga     33480
     aatctcattt taaacttttc tttctttttt tttttttttt ttgagacgga gtctcacttt     33540
     gtctcccggc ctggagtgca gtggcgcgaa ctcggctcac tgtaagctct gcctcctggg     33600
     ttcaccccat tctcctgttt cagcctctcg agtagctggg actacagggg cctgctacca     33660
     cgcccggcta attttttgta tttttagtag agacggggtt tcaccatgtt agccaggatg     33720
     gtctcgatct cttgacctcg tgatctgccc gcctccacct cccaaagtgc taggattaca     33780
     ggtgtgagcc accgcgcccg gcgaagccga cttttcccat tatttttaac ggtaattcat     33840
     aaaatccttg ttaggtttga tgacaggtac catattaagg gcagcatttt ataacccata     33900
     tcttaaacat catctctgga agttgagagc ctccaatggg ttttctatag agtgcacatg     33960
     ataccacact caggcagttc atggagtgta agacatatct tagtgctttg tcatttgaca     34020
     ttttaactga gaaaaaaata cactttgata agtttgactt acacttccct tccccttcag     34080
     gtatctactg agcgtttcag tcaacaatac agctcgtgtt cgacaatatt ccttgatgac     34140
     agcacagcca gccagcatta tcttacaatg acaataatat cgtgagtaca actatgctgc     34200
     cgagggacag attcctttat tcggaaatta tttcagccat ttggttgtcc tcttcagcaa     34260
     tcagcttaag aaattggagt caaccatata ttgatatcca gattctcaat attaagtatc     34320
     agtttctctt ttaatcttag acgtcgtggt ggaaggaaaa atcagttagc aaagaagcaa     34380
     acccagaaac agtgtatctt tttgatgcct ttatgccttt agacaatgtt gaacacagtg     34440
     agaaggatag gttccctttc ttgaatgttt tttgtggaaa cttagttttt caatgcatca     34500
     taggcccaaa tcagtgtgca ctactttgga cattatcctt ggaagaagga acagcttttc     34560
     ttcttctggc accacagtgt atctgcattt gaatttctcc cattgtgcat gagcacctca     34620
     tgggccacaa agatgcgctt tgagagcacc ctgagatgaa gtttatttta aaaggaacaa     34680
     caaccaacac caccaccagc tccacagggg ccgtccagtg tacattattc tcatctcctt     34740
     gggttattag tcttgatttt tagaacacag tttggaaagt gctaatttag aatattaatg     34800
     tctttatctt taatttaact tttcattctg taaacataac tagcttataa acaattttgt     34860
     ttcaaatgca ctagcctttt tagctaattc aattgtcaat aacttttact tcaattaaaa     34920
     gtggcaagtt tacactcata ataatgtcac tttcctccct cccttttaac aatagttgag     34980
     aggaaattgt gtttcaaaca aaaactgaac tcaaactctg tctcaagtcc tgagctttgg     35040
     gacctattga gtaatcacta aatgtctgta gtcagccaag tctcttaaat ctctgagcac     35100
     acatacacaa aaattacttt gactagagtc cctggcttct tctgagttcc aaagattttg     35160
     ataagttagc atataattca aaagcagctt tgaagattaa ttttgctgaa actaatttcg     35220
     tgcttttttc ctcattattc tactttttag aagtctactt ttgagagtat agtaagtttt     35280
     aatttgccac cagcaagttt gagaaatgat catttggtgt attcactatt ggtgaaataa     35340
     agttattgaa caaattaata gggcaaattg gcttcaagaa gatattttga aaaatgtttt     35400
     atcatgaatc agtagtgcac tgttgtcagt gggataggtg gaactcgctg agatcactta     35460
     tgcaaggttt ttttcaaaat gcaagtctgc aaatacatgt atcttcccat ctccactttc     35520
     cctctatctc taggcactga gaagcctttt aggaaaatcg ggatggatgt gaggcatctt     35580
     tctgtgaaga aaagcatccc agaagattct gattttcacc ccagctcaat cattccaaac     35640
     tttgctgctg attgaaatca cctgggaaac gtttaccaag aaccttgatg cccaaagcca     35700
     tacccaatac taattaaatt aaaatgtctc atgtggaaga tgaggcagat attaaagctt     35760
     ctcaggcgat tttaatgtgc agcaaagttt gagagccact gcttaatttg agtttaggac     35820
     gagaaactgc tcctatttgg tgggaccttg ggcaagtcag ttttaaggtt tgtttccctg     35880
     atctgtaaaa cgagtgttga attaaatgtc acataaggtc attggtcctt tccagcatgt     35940
     aactttaaat tctgtgattt taaaattatt tcagagatga aaactacttg aagcactata     36000
     gacatatcca tctcacatgc taatgttaca ggctttttaa aaagtgctga tattgtgtag     36060
     acctattagt agaattgaga tttaccttcc ctcagttgtt ttgagcctca ctctacaaaa     36120
     ttagctgggc gtggtggtac atgcctgtaa tcccagccac ttgggaggct gaggcaggag     36180
     aatctcttga acccgggagg cagaggttgt ggtgagccga gatcacacca ttgcactcca     36240
     gcctgggcaa caagagcgaa actccaccca ccctcccccc aaaaaaaaaa ttatctgggc     36300
     atagtggcgc aaacttgtag tcccagcttc ttgggaggct gaggcgtgag aatcgcttga     36360
     acctgggtgg tggaggttgt gaggagtcaa gatggcacca ctgcagtcca gtctgagcaa     36420
     gagagacaga ctctgggtca aaaaataaat aaatacataa aataaatcgc atgggatgaa     36480
     aggtttcgtc ggtagaaaag catataaaag ggacatctgt tattatttat atattgtaat     36540
     caccaacaga aacgcgtctt ctaacggcat atttccttgc attttggttc tcatattttt     36600
     gtaaaaaaca aagaaatgaa aacaaagtgc ccttatggta ctgttctgaa ctagaagatt     36660
     tgaatttcag ggccgctagg agagtttcct ctgcccccct tttaaaaaat gtcttcaggc     36720
     ctaacaaatg ataacatcta ttgttatgaa ttttttttcc ttccacagtg tgaccttgga     36780
     gatacctcat catatcacac aaaggtgagc tttttagaaa cctgtcttgt tattctagct     36840
     aattactttg caagatatca agcacagtgt taggtcacag ctctagacat cataagctgt     36900
     attgtgccta ctaaaatatc gaagcaaatt atttgtattt tctttgttcc ttaagactct     36960
     cataattctt aaatgattga gaatctcaaa gagtatatgt ttatattgat tatattgata     37020
     tttagtgtgg tagaattata caattgaaat tttttcaaaa tctattttta gtttagattt     37080
     cacagcctta ccactgttga tattatgggc tagataatgc tttgttgtga ggactgtctt     37140
     gtgcattgca gagagtttag cagtattcat ggcctctacc aactagatat cagtagtaac     37200
     ccatgaccca ggttataaaa acagaaaata ttccttgaga acagtattgt taacagaagt     37260
     ttttcattga aaaaaaactt ttctacaaca aaaagttgag taaaaagtgt gtcatttgtt     37320
     tatattattt aaagtctcgc atgttgagct taataggaga caaatggatt ctctagagct     37380
     ttctttgcaa tttgcttcaa agaagcaata tgaggctggg cacagtggct cacgcctgta     37440
     atcccagcac tttgggaggc tgaggtgggc ggatcacaag gtcaggagat cgagaccatc     37500
     ctggctaaca cggcgaaacc ccgtctctac taaaaataca aaaacttagc tgggcatggt     37560
     ggcacgcacc tgtagtccca cctattctgg aggctgaggc aggagaactg cttgaacttg     37620
     ggaggcggag gttgcagaga gctgagatgg tgccattgca ctgcagcctg ggtgacagag     37680
     caagactctg tctaaacaaa caaacaaaaa aagcaataag ctggtggggc gcagtggttc     37740
     acacctgtaa tcccagcatt ttgggaggcc gaggtgggtg gatcacttga ggtcaggagt     37800
     ttgagaccgg cccgaccaac atggtaaaac ccgcctctac tgaaagtaca aaaagtggct     37860
     gggcatggta gtgcatgcct gtagtcccag ttacttggga ggctgaggca ggagaatcgc     37920
     ttgagcctgg gaggtggagg ttgcagtgag ccgagttctc gccattgcac cccagcctgt     37980
     gtgacagaga gagactccgt ctcaaaaaaa gagaaaaaga agcaataaga tgacctaacc     38040
     tcatgcaaat atgtagttgg tagaagatgt atttttaaag ttttcagaca gttgtgggta     38100
     tttgttaaaa cactaaatca aaacttcaca agtggtggtt tcttaaatta gttacggtgg     38160
     cattttacat attaataaat ttattccatc agtactcatt gatctttctt gcacagtaaa     38220
     tggatctttt gctccatact tgcatttata atatcatgca ttagttactt ggaatatatt     38280
     ggtttatgtt ttattgtgtc aaaaatcact tttagtttaa ccaccaatct tactttaaca     38340
     cgcctttaag tattgaaaag ctgccaagcc tacagtagaa ggaacaagtt tttcaaagtc     38400
     cagaggaaag cttaaatttt atcattggga acaaatacgt atttcccttg aagtgacaac     38460
     ctctcacttc atttattttt gagaatgata gttgaactgg ttttttagac cgagtttcac     38520
     tctgtcactt ggctggagtg cattggcatg atctcagctc aagcaatcct ctcacctcag     38580
     gctcctgtgt agctgggacc acagatgtgt ggcaccacgt caggctaatt ttcttatatg     38640
     tttgatagag acacggtttc gttatgttgc ctaggctggt cccgaactcc tgaaggagct     38700
     caggccatct gcctgctttg gcctctcaaa gtgctgggat tttacaggcg tgagccactg     38760
     cgctggccca gttgtacttt taaataaaaa tgatgttctg tgaaaaaagt gatttttcag     38820
     ttcacagtta aatcacggat tctttaaaaa caaacaaaaa agcacttctc attaactttc     38880
     cacttattca gaatattaga gacatgtcaa gatttaacaa cattaatttt tattgcttca     38940
     tcaaagacgt tcttaagaaa ttcaggctat gttttttacc tgtaggggac agtgaagaat     39000
     agaatgacta ctaatgtaat tggtaccact gccttgattt atgctgagaa accagccatt     39060
     gtacctactt ttgcttttat acaatcatgg caagtgtcaa cgaaaaagca ggcaatgact     39120
     ttcacaaatt tttaaaattt ttcatcagct ttctcaggtt taattagtat gattcagaac     39180
     agtgttggcc aggcacagtg gctcaggcct gtaatcccag cactttggga ggccgaggca     39240
     agtggatcgc ctgaggttag gagttcaaga ccagcctggc caacatggtg aaaccacatc     39300
     tctactaaaa atacaaaact tagccaggag tggtgacagg tgcctgtaat ccctgctact     39360
     tgggaggctg gggtaggaga atcacttgaa cctgggaggc gaaggttgcc atgagccgag     39420
     atcacaccat tgcactccag cctgggcaac aagagtaaaa cttggtctca aaaaaaaaaa     39480
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa cagttatgac ctcttaggcc ttctggaagg ggtcttcggg     39540
     atcccgagag gtccacacag cacatttgga gaaccactgg tttatacaca ggcacaatgc     39600
     attagtttta caaagtttaa agttcatcaa agactggcct cttaaaaagg caggtgagtt     39660
     tgtcattcag acaacagaaa atacataaaa acatcatgag agtatactac agagaactaa     39720
     agagaaagga agctaggaaa tctgaatcac atttacattt attaaagttt actactactg     39780
     ctttgtagaa cattcttgtg tttcaatgtg tggttagaag agtgaaaata tgtttggttt     39840
     attgccatgg cctgttaggg agagtcaata ctcatgggca tttctgactg gttatcatat     39900
     aaaaggcttc acggtacagg ccatgatgta ctgagaaaga agaagtcagg aaaccctctg     39960
     caagtcagga tccaggagaa gaattcgtaa aaactgcttt ggtaaagtaa acaccaaagc     40020
     acacaggagg aagtatttta ctcaacaaat attatactaa gatattaaca gtttttgaag     40080
     taacgcgctt tcttatttta tagagatgca gatagatctt tgagcatacc tgatgaacag     40140
     ttaactcatt tgcggtaagt ggcactttta ttgaggttgt attttcattg tacacttgta     40200
     tctgtttcat gctgaagtca aagccatctt tttttaaatc ttccccattt catgttgcat     40260
     ttagtcatct taagtgttgt aaaaagaatg tgctggagta agaactgatc tgcagctctg     40320
     tttagttagt gagctagtat gagtaaatat actatccaaa caacagaaaa tgtatctttt     40380
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tttgatggac tctctttctg tagcccaggc tggagtgcaa     40440
     tcgcgcgatc ttggctcact gcaggctctg cctcccaggt ccctgttcaa gcaattctcc     40500
     tgcctcagcc tcccgagtaa ctggaattac aggcatgtgc caccatgccc agctaatttt     40560
     tttttctttt ttcttttttt tgtaaagaca gggtttcacc accaggatgg tcttgaactc     40620
     ctgacctcgt gatccaccca ccttggcctc ccaaagtgct gtgattacag gtgtgagcca     40680
     ccatgcctgg cccagaaaat gtatcttttt aaaaggtaat tgtgagctgt ctataggacc     40740
     ctgcaagcca ctacccaatt tttgaagcca ttcctccttc tgttccacac aggtttccac     40800
     cgtgcacatt acgaagaaca gaaatggagg tgggagttta aataactatt cctcctccat     40860
     tccatcgact cccagcacca gccaggagga ccctcagttc agtgttcctc ccactgccaa     40920
     cacacccacc cccgtttgca agtggtccat gtgctggtcc aacctgttta catctgagaa     40980
     agggagtcac ccagacaaag agaggaaagc cccggagaat catgctgaca ccatcgggag     41040
     cagcagagcc atccccatta aacagggcat gctcttaaag cgaagtggga aatggctgaa     41100
     gacatggaaa aagaaatacg tcaccctgtg ttccaatggc gtgctcacct attattcaag     41160
     cttaggtgat tatatgaaga atattcataa aaaagagatt gaccttcgga catctaccat     41220
     caaagtccca ggaaagtggc catccctagc cacatcggcc tgtgcaccca tctccagctc     41280
     taaaagcaat ggcctatcca aggacatgga caccgggctg ggtgactcca tatgcttcag     41340
     ccccagtatc tccagcacca ccagccccaa gctcaacctg cccccttctc ctcatgccaa     41400
     taaaaagaaa cacctaaaga agaaaagcac caacaacttt atgattgtgt ctgccactgg     41460
     ccaaacgtgg cactttgaag ccacgacata tgaggagcgg gatgcctggg tccaagccat     41520
     ccagagccag atcgtggcca gcctgcagtc atgcgagagc agtaaaagca agtcccagct     41580
     gaccagccag agcgaggcca tggccctgca gtcgatccaa aacatgcgtg ggaatgccca     41640
     ctgtgtggac tgtgagaccc agaatcctaa gtgggccagt ttgaacttgg gagtcctcat     41700
     gtgtattgaa tgctcaggaa tccactgcag tcttggcacc cgcctttccc gtgtgcgatc     41760
     tctggagctg gatgactggc cagttgagct caggaaggtt atgtcatcta ttggcaatga     41820
     cctagccaac agcatctggg aagggagcag ccaggggcag acaaaaccct cagtaaagtc     41880
     cacgagggaa gagaaggaac ggtggatccg ttccaaatat gagaagaagc tctttctggc     41940
     cccactaccc tgcactgagc tgtccctggg ccagcacctg ctgcgggcca ccgctgatga     42000
     ggacctgcag acagccatcc tgctgctggc acatggctcc cgtgaggagg tgaacgagac     42060
     ctgtggggag ggagacggct gcacggcgct ccatctggcc tgccgcaagg ggaatgtggt     42120
     cctggcgcag ctcctgatct ggtacagggt ggacgtcatg gcccgagatg cccacgggaa     42180
     cacagcgctg acctacgccc ggcaggcctc cagccaggag tgcatcaacg tgcttctgca     42240
     gtacggctgc cccgatgagt gcgtgtagta tctgttttat ttgactgcag tctccttggt     42300
     gcaaaaacaa aatgggaaaa ataaggataa ctcagaattt caaaaggaaa tcacaaattc     42360
     agctagtaat agcattttca gtacttttcg taaactaagt gaatacacaa aatgttgatt     42420
     tttctgacca taagacatat tttatgtcct tttgccaagg tggatgtgtt agtctcaggc     42480
     cctcctggcc acattgccca agtcacacag gcttctgtat tatgtattta gataaaatgt     42540
     gtgaaaatat atttgaaaaa aagttcataa atatgcattg atttttgtac acatggcacc     42600
     tctttttcat ttttattttt attttttttt tggaggatgt tttgctctgt tgccccagct     42660
     ggagtgcagt ggcatgatat ctgctcactg caagctctgc ctcccggatt cacaccattc     42720
     tcctgcctca gcctctcagg tagctgggac tacaggtgcc tgccaccaca cctggctaat     42780
     tttttgtatt tttagtagag acgtggtttc accatgttag ccaggatggt ctcgaactcc     42840
     tgacctcgtg atccacctgc ctcggcctcc caaagtgttg ggattacggg cgtgagccac     42900
     cgtacccggc ccatggcacc tctcttaatt tataaattga actggatgtg aagtaataat     42960
     gtcagctagt tgagataaga aggttacagt tcggctgggc gcagtggctc acacctgtaa     43020
     tcctagcact ttgggaggcc taggcggact gatcaccagg tcaggagatt gagaccatcc     43080
     tggctaacat catgaaaccc catctctact aaaaaaaaac aaaaaattag ctgggcatgg     43140
     ccgggcgtgg tggctcacac ctgtaatccc agcactttgg gaggccgagg caggcggatc     43200
     atgaggtcag gagatcaaga ccatcctggc taacatggtg aaaccccatc tctgctaaaa     43260
     atacaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa attagccagg tgtggtggcg ggcacctgta gtcccagcta     43320
     cttgggaggc tgaggcagga gaatggcgtg aacccaggag gcggagcttg caatgagctg     43380
     agattgcacc actgcactcc agcctgggcg accaagcgag actccatctc aaaaaaaaaa     43440
     attagctggg cgtggtggcg ggcacctgta gtcccagcta cttgggaggc tgaggcagga     43500
     gaatggcatg aactcaggag gcaaagcttg cagtgagcag agattgtgcc actgcactct     43560
     ggcctgggca acagagcgag actcggtctc aaaaaaaaga aaaagagggt tacagatcat     43620
     tgcacatgga aaatattccc agcagtaacc acttccatta atgtgatcta cagcttttaa     43680
     aaaggagcat ctcagaataa gatggtggta caatttgctt attgagaaag gaaaaaaaaa     43740
     aaaacacgag tatattacaa agggaaaaga aggaatgtga tttctcatga ttgaaagctt     43800
     gatttagatt gcatacagct tttgctaccc aagaccaaga ggctctggca agacagggtg     43860
     gttttccgaa tgccagaccg aggtgcctta tgaaggcagc tgccgatggt tccagatgta     43920
     gagagatagg tgatgcagga gggaaagctg gattggaaaa gggagagttt tgtagatggg     43980
     ctacgctcat tgtgcctttg aaagagcaga gccggcagcc tctagtcatc atttggatat     44040
     acaggactag agcatgaatc tgatgtagag ctacagaatg aagagcaaca gcagctgttt     44100
     aaacaccaag aaagtgtgta gaatgaaatt ggacaagcca agcatggtgt tttcatgcct     44160
     ttagtcctag ctactttgga ggctgaggtg ggggaattac ttgagctcag cagtttgagt     44220
     ccagcctggg ccagatggtg agaccctgta tcttaagaaa agaaaaaata agaccaggtg     44280
     cagtatctca tgcctgtaat cccagcactt tgggaggcca agttgagagg actgctcgag     44340
     tgtaggactt caagaccaga ctgggcaata aagtgagacc catttttacc aaaaaaaaat     44400
     caagaaatta gctggacatg gtggcacatg cctgtggcct cagctacatg gcatggcagg     44460
     ctgaggcagg aagatcactt gagcccagga ggtggaggct gcagtgaccc atattcatgc     44520
     cactgcactc cagcctgggc aacagagtga gaccctctct caaaaacaga taaagtggac     44580
     agaaaatagg tcagtaagga ctaatcattt aagggacaag cccccagaag agtggctact     44640
     agagtgggag gaggaaaagc agaaggagaa agagttgaag ataggcgagg ctgtggtccc     44700
     agtgctgaat tctgccaagc agtgacttga ttcatgaaca ctcactggat gctgactctg     44760
     tttctcttct gagtgctggg gtagaggaga ggagaggtgg agcacagttc ttgcttttat     44820
     gagcttatgt tctaggaagt tcaagtattt tttcaggtag tatgaaatag caggaagagg     44880
     aagcaggcta aagggacaca gagtgattgg gggctatttt aagtagaatg ataaggaaga     44940
     gcctgtctag agagctattt gaacagtgac ctgactgaag ggacaacaga aagcagtgct     45000
     gacattacag gtagcaggat gactgccaag acagaaacgc atttcatatg tgttcgagga     45060
     acaaacagca aggtgaccag catggggaga gtgaagaatg agggaaacct tgaatgagaa     45120
     taaagcaatt ccatgttgga tgctaatctg ccatattctg attaatccca gttccaacaa     45180
     ttcatctacg atttctattt tatcttttta aaaaatatat tttttatttt ttgagactga     45240
     gtctcactct gtctcccagg ttggacttca gtggcacaat ctcagctcac tgcaaacttc     45300
     acctcctggg ctcaagcgat tctcctgcct cagcttcccg agtaactggg attacaggcg     45360
     cctgccacca cgcctggcta atttttgtat ttttagtaga gacgaggttt taccgtgttg     45420
     gccaggctgg tctggaactc ctgacctcag gtgatccgcc cacctcggcc tcccaaagag     45480
     ctgggattgc aggcgtgagc caccgtgtct ggccatacac atccctgctg aagcccgcat     45540
     tacccttccc ctatgctata gaagccctgg gtcggggggg tgggggtgat ggcacaggga     45600
     tccaccatct tatcttggtg ccatccctga cttgccttct gttcataaac gcctattaaa     45660
     tgtttctttc tgagaaactg gatttgtcag cctctttctt tggtatctca ggttccttgg     45720
     cctttgcggg taggtttata tagacctgct cagcacagga caggcagttt ctcaaaaaat     45780
     tgaaaataga attaccaaat gatccggcaa tatcacttct gggtatatag ccaaaataat     45840
     tgaaagcaag gtctcataga aatatgtgta cactgatatt tatagcagtg gtattcacac     45900
     tcgtcaaaag atggatgcag ccgaattgtc cataggcaga tgaattgata aaatgtggta     45960
     tatacataca ataaaatgtt cttcagcctt aaaaaggaag gaaattctaa cacatgctac     46020
     aacatggatg aacatcgagg acattatgct aagtgaaata agccagttag aaaaagacaa     46080
     atacggtgtt ccttcactta tgtgaagcgt ccagactgag taagcaaact aatagaaaca     46140
     gaaagtagaa cggggtttgc cagggacatg gggaagggag aaaatgggaa gttgcttagt     46200
     ggatatagag ttttggtttt gtcagatgaa aaagttctgg agattggttg catggcaatg     46260
     tgaatatacc ctacattacc caacccaagg gctctccttg acccctgttc caactgccac     46320
     ttagaagtgg ttaaggtagt aaattttatg tatattttac cacaattcaa aatagaatta     46380
     ttattttttt attataattt tttgagatcc ctcactctat tgcccaggct ggagtgcaat     46440
     ggcgccgtct cggctcactg caacctctgc cttctgggtt caagtgattc tcctgcctca     46500
     gcctcccaag tagctggaac ttacaggcac atgccaccat gcccaactaa tttttgtatg     46560
     tttagtagag acggggtttc accatgttcg ccaggctggt cttgaactcc tgacttcagg     46620
     tgatccgcct gccttggcca cccaaagtgc tggaattaca ggtgtgagcc accatgcccg     46680
     gctgtcaaaa taggtgtttt gttgtttttt tttttttgag atggaggttt gcttttattg     46740
     gccaggctgg agtgcaatgg caggatctcg gctcacagca acctccacct cccgtgttca     46800
     agcaattcta ctgcctcagc ctcctgagta gctgggatta caggcatgca ccaccatgcc     46860
     cagctaattt tgtattttat tttagtatag atggggtttc tccatgttgg tcaggctggt     46920
     ctccaactcc tgacctcagg tgatccaccc accttggcct cccaaagtgc tgggattaca     46980
     ggtgtgagcc attgcgcctg gccttttttt tttttgtgat ggacttttgc tcttgttatc     47040
     caggctggag tgcaatggca cgatctcagc tcactgcagc ctctcctccc gggttcaagc     47100
     aattctcttt cctcagcctc ctgagtagct gggattacag gcatgcacca ccatgcctgg     47160
     ctaattttgt atttttagta ggtatggggt ttctccatgt tgatcaagct ggttttgaac     47220
     tcctgacctc aggtgatcca cccacctcgg cttcccaaag tgctaggatt acaggcgtga     47280
     gccacggcgc ctggcctgaa aaaaaatttt aaagtttgag aaaatacaaa attttcatag     47340
     tctccaagta tttctcctaa gatctttccc cctatgaggg ggaaagatag taactttaca     47400
     atggagaaac ccagcagaaa cctgaaccaa atgaacaagt tcaacatcat cagtaagaag     47460
     aactatcaat gccataactc tgatggaatg cactgggaag gattccacat catttttgtg     47520
     ctgtaattgc caaaagttcg taacttcagt ccaatcatgg aaatacatca gacaatccca     47580
     aatcgaggaa catttcacaa atactgatca gtactggttc aagatgtcac ggttatgaaa     47640
     gataaggaaa gattgaggaa ctgttattgc agtcctacaa aacggcgaga gactaagaaa     47700
     taactaaatg cagcgtgatc ctgggtggaa tttgggaaca gaaaaaggac attagtggaa     47760
     aaagtggtga aactccaata aggtcttttg tttagcgaat atgttcattt taaatcagtt     47820
     aaattattta aatatattta aacattagtt aaatgtatgt aattaaatta ataaaattgg     47880
     ttattttgtg aaataatttt aatatagtta aatatgagaa tgtggatttc ctggttctga     47940
     tcaccgtact gtggctatct aagaggtgca tgttcaggga ggctggggga ggaataaatg     48000
     gacattatac tattaagttg gaagagagaa acctacccca tcagtcacaa aaccctcaca     48060
     ttcatggcag tgtgtcggac gttgcagtat gaatggcatt tcccagatgt cagcgcgagg     48120
     tccctgtgga gggagtgggg ctccctggga atctagtgga gagcattcgg ggctcccttc     48180
     ctcaggagcc tgcccttcct gcacagaagc gtcagcctca cctctgtacc actgcccctc     48240
     tgcctctcag aacccactcg gcttcaggaa gattctactg ccagcctcct ttcccagata     48300
     cagcctccag ggactcagcc ctgccttccc aagtgttccc gcctctcttg ggaaggggtg     48360
     ctctcagatc ccacacccct ggacttccct gggcaccacc tgctccttct tcacttctcc     48420
     agctctgcgt tctcactctg agggtcctct cctgctggga gtgtgtgttg ctggcaacag     48480
     tgaagattcc cccctgggtt gccccccatg ccctgttctt ctgcacttcc ctggcttcct     48540
     gcgttggttc tgctggtgtc tcctgctttt gggtttacgt ggcttcccag cttcctaatt     48600
     tctctgaagt tgagtttgat gtgtgtattg atgatgggct ttttcctcct cctcctcctc     48660
     ctcctcctcc tcctcttcct cctcagtctt gttgttgccc catatacttt ccagaaggag     48720
     aaaagggaca ctgtaaaatt aagctgctgc aggctgggca gtggctcatg cctgtaatcc     48780
     cagccctttg ggaggccgag gcaggtggat cacctgaggt caggagttca agaccagcct     48840
     gttcaacatg gtgaaacctc atctgtacca aaaatacaaa aattagcaag ccatggtggc     48900
     atgtgccggt aatcccagct actcgggagg ctgaggcagg aggatctctt gaacgcggga     48960
     ggcagaagtt gcagtgagcc gagatcatgc tactgcactt cagcctgggt aacaagagca     49020
     aaactccatc tcaaaataat aataataata ataataataa taataataat aataataata     49080
     atgccgtgtt tctatcagac ccagaaatcc cgcagagtga gctggaattc tctgtttatc     49140
     tgtttcccct tcatacccac tggctcctct ctgcccgctc cttcttggac tgcatcagca     49200
     gggtgcctca ctgtctggcc ctagtggaat tcacacagtg gaggacgtca taggaggtgg     49260
     gagagagaga gagagaggag aggtggttat tcactcagat tcttccttgc tggtttggca     49320
     gtggccacat ctttctactg atggctgcag ctcctgatga tcctcctcta tagccacagc     49380
     tctctttggg atctgtggac acctttcctg tccctctaga cccagggaga taacagctcc     49440
     cactcttgct ggtccaggac attcctcatc tcttactggt tcccttaact cggtccacac     49500
     ttctgtgaac agcccctttc ctcaagcacc cattcgaata tgtcctctgg cttccaccag     49560
     gagcctgact gatacccaca ggtgggtgaa tgctggcgtg ctgctgggcc cctcttcctc     49620
     tggtgactgg ccagccaagt ctccaggagt ctcgttaggg tgggcaggcg gtgggcacag     49680
     cataaactgt gagctcaaat ccacagaaca aaagtgggag aagacactgg caggatggac     49740
     cgccacaaaa ctcttggcat tcgtgacgtc tgtcctttaa atcacgcaag gcatcatcat     49800
     gcttcagaca tgagacagcc taagtattta agtgtttcaa ataaacaaat tgtttttcag     49860
     aattggtaat tgctaagttg gcaaattgct attggaaaca ttggctgtcc tcgactcaat     49920
     gattcagcca gctagtccct tgccaaacta gtttgttggg caaattccac cttgagaatt     49980
     tatctgctcc tgtcaaagcc agattctccc tgcctgaggg gaggctggac ttgaccttct     50040
     gactcaggat atgctgactt gggtccctag gtccaagggc ggccctcttg ggcccactgt     50100
     gggctggacc tcttccatga tggggtggtg gagggcaggc cccacctgat tcacacttga     50160
     cctcatccag gcaggtgaag ttccctgcag gagtcacctg agcccagccc ctcagaccag     50220
     gatccatcat gtttaggagg atttggggct atctcatgtt ctttggctag aaaggggtcc     50280
     cactcttagg ggtctgccct ctgtggggca cagatggctt gctggggccc atggacgggg     50340
     ctgggtgaac gggaatctgg tcacagcagc agcagctgga aggccaagag ggagggcacc     50400
     agggcctggg acccatgtct tgtcctgagc ctccccgggc ctcttgcctt ctccccagca     50460
     ggcatttggg atctgtgtct ggacccagcc tcacccagaa ggccatggtg tgttgtcatt     50520
     agaatcacag tgctcacacc aaggcagtgc attaaattag cagggcaggg tctcatgggc     50580
     aggggaccat gtggaggggg tggggggaag ggcagttgtc cccagaggcc gtggtgggcc     50640
     tggctctggg ctgggcagtg ggccagggtc ctgctgtgtg gatgagctct gacaacaggc     50700
     tgtctgggtc tggtgagctc ctgaaagcgc ggactggtgg agagtaccct agggtgggag     50760
     ctcatgagga gggggtctgt ggggtctgga agccattcta gagcaggcag atgacattta     50820
     tcaggggagc aggcatagaa aggacccttg tgcgagtggg ggggacacag cctcagaaga     50880
     aacagggaag gggctttgac aggtccaggg agaatccctg aggtttccta gaacaattcc     50940
     caccagccat gtcccaggtg tcgccccatc ccccaggcct ctgcagtgcc agcccaatgc     51000
     cctgggcaaa gcatcctgga ctctggctgt tacaaaagga ggacagggtc atctggaccc     51060
     gcctgagctc caggcccccg actttcacag ccccttctgg gtccagaagt tcatacgtat     51120
     ataaatgaaa aatgtgcaag aatcatatta ttgtattctt tttcataaag aggcccctct     51180
     aaattgttga agccccgatt cacccctgcc caaaggagac agcaatggca tgtgtggggc     51240
     cacagtcttg agacccagag gtcctgctgc ccacgatacc cactgtccac cctaggggta     51300
     ctggccgtag ccctggagcc cgcaaacacc atgcaggaat gcaagagggt ctcagctcca     51360
     gagtcccagg ctgggagggc ccacagtcca gtaaactaat caggccctga cacatccagg     51420
     agagcagctc caggagcctg cattggggag acagcctcgg acccctgcca caggcctgca     51480
     ccccagaagt aggagcatgg gaagacctct ccttggctcc tggccagcag aagtcacatt     51540
     ccccagccct ctggctccaa ggcagcctca cgtcccagtc actccttggc acaccctacc     51600
     ggttggtcag agctcactgc caaagggcac ctcaatgatg agtggaggga acaggtgttt     51660
     accaggagct tgcatgcttt gtctcaggga tgattaggga cacagccaag aaggcacgct     51720
     atgcccattt tacagatgag gaaacggagg ctcaggttgg gctggtgact aagggaagca     51780
     gcatgtggca ggtggcttga ggcatgtctg tccatcatga gtaactaggg agcagccctg     51840
     ccactcctca tgcgatgcac caggagccag ggaagctgct ttctagggga ttctagctaa     51900
     ggccagaagc atctccctga gtggtggtgg aggcctctgt ctactcctcc aggactgcca     51960
     ggggatagga gggcaccgct gacctcacag agcctcttgg gtgagtgagc atcagctgag     52020
     tgacaccagg tgactacgct tctgcccagt gctgtgcccc cctctgactc aggcaaggca     52080
     ccaccctgaa cggcccaccc tgtcccatgg aggccgcaaa ctgctctgca gagccagggt     52140
     ctccaggaat ggggagggca gtcaccctca ttccacttgt gttcatgacc caaaggactg     52200
     cccaggtctc caggcccata gaacccccaa acctcttact aggccacact ggggaccttg     52260
     agcagcaggc ttggaatcct aggccttgtc tccaggtaca tatcagtacc caggcttggg     52320
     aagctttggt ctcagggggg ctggcactca ggccctctgc ctcaaggaag aagcatgtcc     52380
     agatctctac tgtccagccc tgctccctgc ccctatcctt cacggggtcc ctaggacagg     52440
     gttacagaag cctcatgctg tcaggggatg ctgccaccct agttccaggg tggctccgcc     52500
     cagccccttc ctgctgccgc cctcactgac tcacctgtcc agcctcctac tgggctgggg     52560
     tgagggctta ttgccccaga gcctagacag gcaccagagg cagctataaa agcatgttgg     52620
     gccagtcctc agcatcctag tttgccactg tctgctgcca cacgatgctg ggaggcctgg     52680
     ggaagctggc tgccgagggc ctggcccacc gcaccgagaa ggccacctag ggagccagtg     52740
     aggacccggg gctcctttct acctgggctg gggggatctg gggcagactg agtctgtggg     52800
     aggcggatct acgtaggcag gcgaggacct gcggagaggc cttggcccct caggaaccct     52860
     ggtctcctgc tctaccaagt cagcacggag ttgaggggtg cagacctggg gaggtctcct     52920
     gggggcaggg catgagtcct ggtgctgggt gaacactggc agcttggacc cttccctctg     52980
     gaaatctggg gagcctttct tgtcaaaaca gcctattctg aataacctat gcaggaaaag     53040
     gaagatggat ttttattttt accataactt taaagcttca aagatttctt aacaagtcac     53100
     caagtctgtt caaagtcaaa aagggcattt tcaatttcat ccaagtcccc taaagcatgt     53160
     ttatttttat ttgtatttgt atttgaaatg gagtcttgct ctggcaccca ggctggagtg     53220
     tagtggtgcg atctcggctc actgtaacct ttgcctcctg ggttcaaagt gattctcatg     53280
     cctcagcctc ctgagtagct gggattacag gcacccacca ccacgcccga ctaatttttg     53340
     tatttttagc agagacgggg tttcgccatt ttggccaggc tggtcttaaa ctcctgacct     53400
     caagtgatcc attcctcttg gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat tacaggcgtg aaccactgca     53460
     cctggtcccg aagtgtatgt tgtattcaga ggtcagcagg tatgtgtggg gaggcccagc     53520
     caggccccac tcatgggtca tcgtgtgaaa aagtcttgcc tgagtttgtg tcctctttct     53580
     aaatggcagc agatgcgtat tttgtttttg actctgcagc tggtgtggac cacctgcttt     53640
     aacctttcac tagcctctga gttttttatg attcctgctg ggagaaaagc tgagcgttgg     53700
     gagaaaagct gaggcagggc ttgctagact tgctggctcc ttgcttctag cactgccatt     53760
     ctctcaagta gccatatgtt tctcattcac ttgatacact gttgcctttc aacctccaca     53820
     tcctcaccac ctgtttcttt gttagatcac caataaatag cgtgggctcc cagaactcgg     53880
     ggccttcgca gcctccacac tcgcgatagc gctctgctcc cattttctct ctcgaactgt     53940
     ctctttctca ttcctttgac tccgctggac ttgccgcccc cgtgacctgg tgttgggtct     54000
     catcatccca acagattccc attctaaaga tgagggaacc aagaggtgga aggtagagtt     54060
     agaataagaa ccatttcttc tgactctgaa atccttcagt tctagcacac taccacccac     54120
     actttaaaaa actctgaagt aggcagagaa ttccgttttg ttggaggaat tgctttgaga     54180
     gacctggtct tactggatga ggctttggaa accaacctga ggcaggcgct agcacatcct     54240
     gagaggggtg tgacctggca cacaggccca gcctgggctt catgtctcag ctggcaagac     54300
     tgcctgctca ttgccattcc aggccgggca gggccaaggg gcttcaggga cccatgccct     54360
     catggggctc attgagctcg tctcccagca gccaaggccc tggcatctcc aaatgaagcc     54420
     agctgtgggg gaaggtcctt ctcatgagcc agtctgtcct ggctgggggt ggcatcccag     54480
     agccccatct aggatgccca gggatgtata ggtctgttgt gaggataagc cagcactgag     54540
     ccctcaccct ggactgggag ggcagtgggc ctgctctgag ccctcaccct ggactgggag     54600
     ggcagtgggc ctgctctgag ccctcaccct ggactgggag ggcagcggct ctgctctgaa     54660
     ccctcaccct ggactcgggg gcagccggcc tgctctgagc cctcaccctg gacttgtctc     54720
     ctctgttcag ttcatgccgt ggaggaagtg gtgaaggagg tggtgggaca tgccaaggag     54780
     actggagaga aaggtacagc cggctgaggt cgggcaggga aggagggagg gaggaaggga     54840
     agctaggtgc tgggccaacc tgttctttga ctaaccaggt caaactctgc ccctaatgtt     54900
     gcagcctttc agagcctctt agctggggca gttatctatg ctcatcagag gccacagact     54960
     gtactgcgtt aggacactgt ctagatggtt ctctctgtgg aataagaaga caaagtcaca     55020
     caagactatg tgacagcaca ctgggacaaa acatttaaca tggcagggcg cggtggctca     55080
     tgcctgtaat cccagcactt tgggaggctg aggagggtgg atcacgaggt caggagattg     55140
     agaccatcct ggctaacacg gtgaaacccc gtctctacta aaaatacata aaaattagcc     55200
     gggcatggtg gtgggtgcct atagtcccag ctacttggga ggctgaggca ggagaatggt     55260
     gtgtacctgg gaggcagagc ttgcagtgag cctagatcat gccactgcac tccagcctgg     55320
     gctacagagc gagactcggt ctcaaaaaaa aagaaaaaaa aaattgctgg gggcggtggc     55380
     tcacgcttgt aatcccagca ctttgggagg ctgaggtggg cggatcatga ggtcaggaga     55440
     tccagaccac ggtgaaaccc catctctact aaaaatacaa aaaattagct gggcacggtg     55500
     gcgggcacct gtagtcctag ctactcggga ggctgaggca ggagaatggc gtgaacctgg     55560
     aaggtggagc ttgcagtgag ccgagatcgc gacactgcac tccagcctgg gcgacagtgt     55620
     gatactctgt ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaatttaaca tgtaaaattc     55680
     tatgttaaat gttaaattga tgtgtgtgag ctatgagtag tactatgtac aaagcatgtg     55740
     tatatctcct tccttttcaa caaaatagat tccaggtaga tgaaggactt acatttacat     55800
     aaatgaattt attaacttac taggagataa ccatcttagc gcaggctgct attataaaat     55860
     accataggcc aggtgcagtg gctcacgcct gtaatcctag cccttcggga agccaaggcg     55920
     ggtgggccac ctgaggtcag gagttcgaga ccagcctgac caatatggta aaaccccatt     55980
     gctactaaaa atacaaagac cagctgggca tggtggcaca tgcctgtaat cccagctact     56040
     caggagtctg aggcaggaga ctcccttgaa cctgggaggt ggaggttgca gtgagctgag     56100
     attgcaccac tgcactccag cctgggtgac agagcaagac tctgtctcaa aaacaaaaac     56160
     aaaccataaa ctgggtgact tagaaacaac agaaatttat ttctcacact cctggaggat     56220
     gggaagtcca agatcaagga aggcactggc acatttggca tctggtgagg gagtctttct     56280
     ggttcatgga tgggcccagc tctgtcctca catggtggaa ggagctagct ctccgtggtc     56340
     tcttttatgt gggtgctaat ttcaacctcc caaagtcccc accccttaat atcattacat     56400
     taagactgag gatttcagca tatgagtttt gaggggtaag acatcataaa catttagaca     56460
     tagtaataac ttcagagact ttggcctaat cttggagagg ggagaatctt tagaactatg     56520
     acaaaaaaat cagcgccata aaggaaatat taagtaaatt tgacaatcca aaactgaaat     56580
     tttctatagc caaaaaaaaa aaaacactat aaaccaagcc aaaagaaaaa ttatacactg     56640
     atgaaaaata tttgtcataa aaatgataat ccaatataac aacccaatat aaaaatggtc     56700
     aaaagacata agcaggcatt ttccagaaaa aaggataagc aggcaatgta cccatgagta     56760
     gatgctcagt ctcactcaca gttgaagaaa tgcaagttgt tggggaaatt aaaaccaaat     56820
     tcaaattcat tctgcagtaa tcctgctgcc cttggtccca tcgggccact ccagagacta     56880
     atccattaag atggccacat cccacaggcc actcaagggg acacaagttc agcaggtgga     56940
     tcactaggac attcttcctc tttccaacag ccattgctga agccataaag aaagcccagg     57000
     agtcagggga caaaaagatg aaggaaatca ccgagacagt gaccaacaca gtcacaaatg     57060
     ccatcaccca tgcagcaaaa agtctggaca aacttggaca gtgagtgcac ctgctaccac     57120
     ggcccttccc cagtctcaat aaaaagccat gacatgtgta cattgagcgc tggatttatt     57180
     cccatttgga tggaaacact aggcaaagta ttttcttgtt gacataacat attttacata     57240
     tttatggagt acatttaagt atttattaca tgcacagaat agtgatcaat cagggtgttt     57300
     ggggtgtcta tcaccttgaa tatttggtat tactatatgt tgggtacatt tcaagtccct     57360
     tcttctagct actttgtttt tttgtttttg tttttgtttt tgttttgaga cagagtcttg     57420
     ctctgtcgcc caggctggag ggcaatggtg tgatctcggc tcactgcaac ctctgcctcc     57480
     caggttcaag caattctcct gcctcagcct cccaagtagc ttggactaca agcgcaggcc     57540
     accatgtccg gctaattttt attattatta ttttttattg tttttatttt tagtagagat     57600
     ggggtttcac catgttagcc aggctggtct caaactcctg acctcaggtg atctgcctgc     57660
     ctgggcctcc caaaatgctg ggattatagg catgggatac tgtacctagc cttctagcta     57720
     ctttgaaata tacaatacat tgctgctaac tatagtcacc ctaggtgaag tatttttcaa     57780
     cagaaacact ttgcatgtcc cccgtgtctc ctctgctgag gtggacactg gcactggggc     57840
     ccctgctgct ggttggatag gtcctcatga tgaaacagat gcttctctgt catgctaagt     57900
     aagatctttc atgtcaggaa ggggctcttc tggaagaata gttagtgtct gtgctacatt     57960
     tcctaaaaaa ctgtttcccc agaaactata tacagctttc aggtgcctca gtgcttcaag     58020
     acatgctaag ggaggaccct catttgtctt gcatgttttt gggatttttc ttgagatgtt     58080
     cttgcaggac tcagggcaga taacagacca gcttgatgaa gaatttagca aggaaggccc     58140
     ccactgagct gcttcctgtt ctcgcagaga tcagataagc atttctgctg gacagttaca     58200
     gaatctggtc aaggagagac tgagtcactg ctcatcatcc tagaagctgc tgttgatttt     58260
     ttttttttaa agacggagtt tcactctgtt gcccaggcag gagtgcagtg gcatgttctt     58320
     ggctcactgt aacctctgcc tcctgggttc aaacaattct cctgcctcaa cctccccagt     58380
     agctgggact acaggtgccc gccaccactc ctggctaatt ttttgtattt ttagtagaga     58440
     tggggtttca ccatgttagc caagatggtc tcgatctcct gacctcatga tccacctgcc     58500
     ttggcctccc aaagtgctgg gattacaggc gtgagccacc gcacctggcc cagaatattt     58560
     atttagagag tgatgtcagg cctaagtgtt gatagtgggt agtagtgggc aagatgcctg     58620
     gccctctctc tttcttctca tgagagaagg tggaatgcct tccaccaaag aaacgagacc     58680
     tccccatgac cagctgctcc actaaccaca catcctccag tgatgcctct gaatggtccc     58740
     gaggggctgt ggtggccggg cagagccagg caggagccag agtcagcctg gggggtgatg     58800
     gagctgaggc catcaccggt ctgacagtgg accagtatgg catgctgtat aaggtggctg     58860
     tgccgcctgc caccttctca ccaactggcc tcccatctgt ggtgaatatg agccccttgc     58920
     ccccggaaaa aaaataatat tgcatatgca gttgattaaa tggcatactc catggctatt     58980
     aggaatgatg aaaatgggct gggtgcggtg gctcacacct gtaatcccag cactttggta     59040
     ggccaaggtg ggcagatcac ctgaggtcgg gagtttgaca ccagcctaat caacatggag     59100
     ctgtgtttac tgagtggggc tttcgcaggc tggagctaag aatttccagt atgcgtaaca     59160
     gccacagccc aaatatctgc cagtgagttg tgtaattccc cagagcaggc ctgggcagtg     59220
     tctgggtggg gcctgggagc cacaggagac gcccaaagcc aggcagagcc cgggggcgag     59280
     ggggcggcag gcaggtgtag cgctgccctg ggcgggcttg cacccccaca cccaagtgag     59340
     cggcctgctc actcctcagc tgcaggagcc agacgtgtgg agtcccagca gaggccaacc     59400
     tgtgtctctt catctccgtg agaaaggtgc ccccgaagtg aaagagatgg cctggtggaa     59460
     agcctgggta agtgggagct ggcaggagat ttgggttcct gcatggtgtt gggtgctggt     59520
     caccagggag tcctgagaaa tgtaaagtcg cccttggctg ggagtggctc agtctacatt     59580
     tggctgcctc ctgggccaag catggagggt gggaaggggc cgagaagaaa cagtcccagg     59640
     cctagagtgc ccacggcagg gatgggacct gggccgggag acaggctgat gaagaaatct     59700
     agaaatgcaa gggggaagct gaggtttgag aagagtccag gggagggacc cttgcagggg     59760
     tggggccact caaaggaggg ggtatcatgg ttgagccttg tgtgtaaatg tgtatggggt     59820
     gcacacacgt gtgcatttgg ggagaatcag gcatactgct cctggcagag ggaactgtgt     59880
     gcagagggtc agagggcggg gagcttggct ttgagggaag ctgctcagca cagctcaagg     59940
     gtcctggtac cggaggagat ggacctgggg aagcaggcag ggccaggtcc tgaaaggcct     60000
     tgcctggcag gctgaggagt taggctttac cttaagagaa gtgggaaggc actgaagggc     60060
     tttgagcatg agagtaacct gaacctgctg ttggggaccc atcaatgcct tcacctcagg     60120
     gatcaatgat gttcatttgt caagactgga gagggaagag gggaagcagg aggacctagc     60180
     ctgctagagc ctggaggaac ccggggctca gggcagccca tgcccagcag aactgatggg     60240
     ttctcgggag ctttctgtct atggttgagc ctgaggccat cgctgtgcta aggagttgaa     60300
     tatccagaag gggacagagg tgacatctcc cggctgccgg ctctgcacac ccttttcctt     60360
     tcctcccagg cagcctcagg atgtcagggc tgcactttct gttttgcaga tgatgaaatg     60420
     aaggctcaga gacactgagt gacttgctag ggtccaatgg ccagcaggct ccagtcagag     60480
     agcagttggg tctctctgcc cagccccagg ttctctgtga gcttttgtgg gatacccagg     60540
     cttgtacagc ttcagggagt ctctggatca tagatgtcgc aacccaagca agtgtcctca     60600
     gggtcagaca tgctaggttc tggacaggtg ggacaaagag gaagccaggc tgaggtgggg     60660
     cagctgtcct ggcccccagg gaagcagcct tcttccagga caaggggcca tggaggcctg     60720
     cagcttcaac cagactgctg ggaacctgcc tttgaggagg tggacatggc agggagagcc     60780
     cagtgctggg tggtttccaa agtcagttgc tggccaaggc agtctggcac tgggccttgc     60840
     acccagtgca gcaggacaaa gggctgtcca tgtagggacc tgccaaattg acaggatcac     60900
     tgtgacactc actgagtccc tactatgtgg ccggaccctt ctctaagcac ctcacattca     60960
     atatctccct tgaacctcac aaggagtcta tgaagtagac accagtatcc ttatccacag     61020
     atgaggaaac tgaggcacaa gtaggctagg caggtgcccg aactcactag taagtgtgag     61080
     agtctaggtg agaatctgaa cagcctgact ccagggccaa aaccataccc tggtcgtcca     61140
     taccccatgt gagagctggc tcggggtagc aagttcacag gtagacccca cctgcaacag     61200
     ctgagctgct agcgaagacc cagtgtcctc taggcacaaa gctgggccag gaacgggatg     61260
     ggaggagatg agggagccac tggagagaga tctgtctgca ggcagggccc atctgcacct     61320
     ctctttttgg tgttgccttt tcctctgtgt ctctcataga gacaaaccca tctcccaggc     61380
     ctctgggcag ccacatagca ggggaaggcc aaggcgtggc agctcccctg tgcctgtcac     61440
     agaacaagtt atattaatag atgtagtcac aggctggtct gagtcacctt ttcagtgaaa     61500
     atgtgcctgt ctggactagc acggccctgg gcaagaccct gcaggagcct gaggctgacc     61560
     cttccttctc agcaggaggt ctggagctct aggactccac actgatagcc agggctccga     61620
     ttcccagaac acttattttc taaaacctta gagtgggaag tgagacagag gcttctcaat     61680
     gcagcaaaat cagaaccagc ccgggagctg cttacaaatg ctgcacctga gatctaccgc     61740
     acccctgcgg gactgcatgc tcctcaggga tgcggttaca cagcctggcc actcactggt     61800
     gcaccacagc ccccgagtgc tggggcagag ggaagccggc aggcactgag agctgagatg     61860
     cctcccacat tcccagacga cctgcgttcc tgtgggtgaa gcttccttca gtggaacgtt     61920
     ccaggaacac tcattgcctg ggaaaggtgg agtcatcagt agggcagggg aggtagatag     61980
     agctcagctt ctgagtcagg ctggggagtc ccaacagcat cgcttaatag ctgtgtaagg     62040
     gagtccagct ccctttctgt aaagtgaggc atcagtactt acctagcaca actgttgagg     62100
     aagccatgac ataagcattg cttctaaagc acctggccca ggtctggcac acacaagggg     62160
     cttgaagtgc taacaggagt aatagcagag cgtgactcca caagcaaggg atatcgtgtg     62220
     tgtggacacc gatgagcaat atctgggacc acactggctc tctctggatg gaatttccat     62280
     aggaattatt tctaacaatt tctgctgtga aacatggtgc taagaaatga ctcaggaaga     62340
     tctgtcacca gacatttgaa attaaagcaa agagttcaga aagatgcctt acctcttact     62400
     caaaggaaag atacttacag atataccatc catgggaatc tctgtatttt cacaatctaa     62460
     cccagggctt cgatggatgg atggatggat ggatggatgg atggatgggc gggtgcatag     62520
     atggatgggt gggtggatgg atggatggat gtggtagtca aatgggtaag tgcgtaggtg     62580
     ggaaagtaga tgggcagatg atggaggtga tggaaggaat aagtgaacag gtaaatggaa     62640
     gacaagactg gatgggacta aactcttttt catcctggag gatctctgag tctccctcta     62700
     attcaatacc tatctccaat atccctccat tctctaccat tcctccaccc aaaacacact     62760
     tatgtccatg ttaatcatct gagaaattct gcagggcaca agtttaaaga gccctcaggc     62820
     aagccctgaa ctggaggctt ggaaatcaag ggttcaggcc cttggttatc tggtttattt     62880
     cacaatctgc agagcatcgt gcgggttttt ctaaacctga cgctctgagc cccatgggcc     62940
     tgtggacttg caaacaccct gaactatcaa tatgctcagc tgggcccctg ccctctaagt     63000
     tgctgtaagt cccaactccc caggaagagg gcagactgag ctcaaaccat tcctcagaaa     63060
     ggcagaacca tgctcagcct tccaacctca tctgcacact ctgaaggtgg tgcatgcagc     63120
     tccaggaagc ctttgcttca gtgttctttc ccctcctaac tttgggtgag tttgtccctt     63180
     cctgctgctg gtgggtgatg ctggaaggag ctgggtgtgg ctggggctgc tgtctgcagt     63240
     cagatggcac agacagggac aggaaaggtt ttgtggcttc tccccacaag ctctggctct     63300
     ggctactcca ccctgttggc caaggggctg aagggtggag cactggcctg caagggctga     63360
     gcagatctcc gtgcccaggg aaggggctca ccctgtcagg gcgggctacc agatgggctg     63420
     ggagcctgct ctgccctccc tgtccctgcc tgctttgagc aggcctggtt ctcttgcaga     63480
     ttgaacagga gggtgtcaca gtgaagagca gctcccactt caacccagac cctgatgcag     63540
     agaccctcta caaagccatg aaggggatcg gtgagtgggt gttggcagcc ttgccacctc     63600
     tgctcaagac ccctccgctc acagccctgg aaagcgggtg ccaggggaca tctggggagc     63660
     tggggtgtcc catgatactc tgaaactgat tccactaccc agagaatcac acagccctct     63720
     gtttctgcag tgaggtcagc acccaccctg caagactgga caggagggtg ctgctcttcc     63780
     ctgggtaatg ggggtgggga ggtgagctgt gtgtctctgt gagtgacttc ccatcagtct     63840
     cagctttctc acttgtaaag tggccccaag aattcttggc ctcgtgtgtc acatgaagtg     63900
     tgaagggggt ggtgctttat gatgccaggc acagagctgc tggggctgtg aggtgttggg     63960
     agtttgtggg gctgattcaa ggcccccttg ccccatgtcg atggccatgg agccggctcc     64020
     cttcccatct cctgcacttg cccagtgctg ccctcagcac taccgtgagt gggcgagggc     64080
     tggcctgagg ccagatttaa acagcttgcc cagaaagccc tcctgacctg agagcagagc     64140
     atgtaccctg acctcacccc aggtgggact gaccccttag ccggctctgc ctgaggatca     64200
     ggggccttaa tgagaactgc cgctcctgac aagcccagaa aacgttctca tgccctctgc     64260
     tttctgtgaa gcagaaagtt atctccactt cccaaatgag aaaacggagg cccagggaaa     64320
     tgaggctggc tgcccaatgc catgcagttg ctgggccagg cctcggattc aggggttgga     64380
     ctcttagtct tgaccttccc ctactgcgac caacacaaag gagggcaggg ccagagatct     64440
     cactcggcca agctccaaag gcccgggctg atgtccagag ccacccagac ctcagattcc     64500
     atcttgtgag gctggccttg ggcacgcccc aacattgtgg gggtgtgggt gggaaatggg     64560
     gaggcagatt tcctaagggt cttgtttaca ccacgaaaat ggtctggggg tttggaacta     64620
     tccaggtgtc gggtcccaac tgctcagcca ccaagcagct gccttcgcct tcccctcctc     64680
     cgccctcacc agtgtgtcac cctgggggca gcagggtcac ttgtgctgta accctgcagg     64740
     gaccaacgag caggctatca tcgatgtgct caccaagaga agcaacacgc agcggcagca     64800
     gatcgccaag tccttcaagg ctcagttcgg caaggcaagg ggaaggctgg tgggggtggg     64860
     gataggtgag ccttggggtt gggggtacag cctgggaggc agctccattc tggacgactt     64920
     tcccctagag ccagcccact ggcagcatgg gcacatggaa cctgtttgca tgaaaacaat     64980
     tgttctttat tgaaattcaa atgtaactgg ctgccctgtg ttttatctgg cagatctact     65040
     tttaggtgtc agagcccggg ccgggggctg gccttccttg cttcctttcc tgcctcctct     65100
     ctcacagcat tccttctcat gcacccaaca ggccccactg gaggtctgtc tccctgcccc     65160
     caggctatct cgccctgccc tctgagccca gaccaccttc tcttttccat gccccaggca     65220
     tgcaggcctg gctttgctct gttctggggc gtgggcatgc tttcctcagt tgagctgctt     65280
     gcacccacac ctcgtccctt ctgcctcctg ggaattctaa gagcctggag taagcatgcc     65340
     aggccctttg tttctcctcc cacctgcact ccacccctag gacaaagcct gacatttggg     65400
     ggtacacagt aaacacagga ttaaatatgt gcacagccat ggttgcctca agcctctagt     65460
     gactcatatc attagtttgg agatgtaacg aaggaagatc agctcaaata ttctcttgga     65520
     gaacccggta tgcattttta cagtttccct ctcttagtcc tcacagtgat acattctttg     65580
     tattcaaaca tttggggaaa ctggcactca gagaggtttt aagttgccca aggtcccaga     65640
     gcctgtaatc aacaaggtgg ggattaaaat ccaggtctga caaagccctt gatctctctg     65700
     ctgctctgta gatcagctga tgtagcctgg tggctcctcg tagcaacatg tgaccttaga     65760
     aggaggcaca tgtgagacga agtctttaat tcaggcatgc attcattcat tgagtgccaa     65820
     gtgacaggta ttttatggtg atgccatact cagagcttgc agtctagcta gcaataccaa     65880
     cttcatttta ctgagagctt atgatgtgcc cagcactgca ctgaatgctg aattgagtca     65940
     cacacaaccc cctaagcaac gggatgaagc aggagcacgt ttctctccgt gtaaccggta     66000
     aagatactga tgctaagaga agctaaggag ctggcccaag aaacccagcc agcacgtggc     66060
     aaggcccacg cagaatccag cccaagcccc tggacccagc caccactccg ctgcctgcac     66120
     tcaggtgggc ctggcttatg acaaatatca cctttccctg ttcccgcatt aggacctcac     66180
     tgagaccttg aagtctgagc tcagtggcaa gtttgagagg ctcattgtgg cccttatgta     66240
     cccgccatac agatacgaag ccaaggagct gcatgacgcc atgaaggtaa ccaggcagac     66300
     agggcagggg agtggcaggg gtgctcacat gactgggtag gggcaatgcg gggaccggga     66360
     acctacagcc cagagctccc cttgagccac tgtttggaat ggccatatgg gccatagctg     66420
     ggcccagtga gcaggcagcc tgctgctcag actgcaccca acacctggag tcactggtgc     66480
     ctgattgaca cgttgagtgg ccgtgatgaa gccaaaatca gtacttctca gaacctcacg     66540
     agctcaggtg tacagtggta ttggaaaccc acctctacag tcccaggcac agccccttgg     66600
     gtttcccttt acctctcact actctttgct tttgcagatt aataaggatg gggacccagt     66660
     aactatagtc attttgtttg gaaagacact tgctgcatgg gcactgccag gcattttaca     66720
     cccacgctcc ctaatctacc tttggcgcag gggaggcttc ttattcctgt ttatggatcg     66780
     ggatgcttag gctccaggac atggagcagc ctgtctgaga ccacccagct aaggagggag     66840
     agctgagaca gggcttcccc gtcacagcac ttgccctcaa tgttcatcac tgaagacaag     66900
     catgtgattt tctcatcaca tcctcccact tcaagtgggg cagggcagtg aggtccttcc     66960
     tgaggctcag gcatcttgag aaaagaaggt gtggacagag cagaaggtca tggcagagca     67020
     ctccagcagg cagaggtttc tgtccacagg gcttaggaac caaggagggt gtcatcattg     67080
     agatcctggc ctctcggacc aagaaccagc tgcgggagat aatgaaggcg tatgaggaag     67140
     gtaaggggtg gcacagatgg aggggctcag gagtggccac aagctttggc agcctggcag     67200
     ggaacaagga tcaagaatta acctgggcca cactagaaag gaccctttgg ggactttttt     67260
     acccacaggt gctgagcacc taccgtatgc caagatctgt gcctgatggt gacactgaac     67320
     atgactcaga cttgatctgt aagctcacca gctcctctta caggggagag aggcctgtga     67380
     ccaactaaaa tctctgccct tgaggactgt ggtagtaggg ggtgtggacc ccaggctagc     67440
     agaggccagt cagtcctcca catcatgtac ctagtgggga gttttcctgg aggctttggc     67500
     tttgccaagc cttgagatga aatggagctt ggttggcagc ccctagcctg gctctctgac     67560
     ctggtccatc ttgtgctttg agcttggttg ggtacgcatg tcgcttctag ttgtgaagca     67620
     ccacccaggc gacagccact tggacacccg ggcattgcat ccatgccctg tgccaaggac     67680
     tttctttcct agaaggcttt aataaggaga agtatgggga acagggctgg aaggaggaaa     67740
     gcaggccccg ggtaggctgt gggcctctgc ttgtgcctca tggtcctgtt tccctgcaga     67800
     ctatgggtcc agcctggagg aggacatcca agcagacaca agtggctacc tggagaggat     67860
     cctggtgtgc ctcctgcagg tgtcacagcc taggctcttg ggagtgcctt ggtttgggag     67920
     tcccaacagc tccaccccag ggagcagccc ttgaatagcg ccacaagagt cagggtaggg     67980
     gcatgggata gcccagcagc cagggctcat tgggtgtgtc tcagcatggt tagagggtcc     68040
     caactgcaga gcccccacac ctgtccttac tcagccatgt gagagcatcc tggaagcggg     68100
     aggagagcag gtccttcgtg cagacctcat gccaggcact ttgcttacct tagctcactg     68160
     aatccgccaa gccttatgag gcagtcctta ccacccccat tgtacaaatg aggaaaccaa     68220
     gggctgaaga gaataactgg cttgtcgaag tttccacagc caaagagcag cagagccatg     68280
     cctaccctcc aagcccagga tcccccctgt gcccttaatg ctctggtcag ctggcctgtc     68340
     ttacagagcc acctcctctg ttcctagggc agcagggatg atgtgagcag ctttgtggac     68400
     ccggcactgg ccctccaaga cgcacaggtg aggctgcgcc cagccggcca tgtggcccca     68460
     ccccctgcca tctggactct ggctcctctg cccacggggg ctttctctga cactgggctg     68520
     ggacccaccc agctcagctc cctataggcc tttgtcctgt ggtgtctggg gaggagagtg     68580
     agggtgttgg gagactcggg aggaaggagt gtgacttggg ggtgggggag cactaaagct     68640
     ctgtcctggc aggaacagcc catgaacccg ggggcgctag gccccagtgc tggacacagg     68700
     tgtccgggtc tctgtaggtc tgcctgctgg cagagggaag tctggggacc aggcagttcc     68760
     tagagcagct tgtggcccag gatagagaaa atattctaag ccagagctgc tagagaaagg     68820
     ggagctccct atcagagatg accaagcagg ggagcatgct ggcctggcag agtggacagg     68880
     gccaggccat ggccacagct ctgggactct ggggctcagt ccctcacctc cctggtctcc     68940
     ctcactggct tattgtgggt gtcccaatgc taggatctgt atgcggcagg cgagaatatt     69000
     cgtgggactg atgagatgaa attcatcacc atcctgtgca cgcgcagtgc cactcacctg     69060
     ctgagaggta ccagggaggg aggggctggg gccggggcca cagggggtgt cctggccatg     69120
     agcctctccc tcgtgcttct gccttgtcaa gtctagagtt agggagagag ccagggagcc     69180
     caggactgtt tccccagcca ccagtgggag gtcagggcgg caaattgatg tgcgatctct     69240
     gatccgagac actgaggggc atcacgagga ggtctgacca tcccctgagc agagccctct     69300
     ccacagtgtt tgaagagtat gagaaaattg ccaacaagag cattgaggac agcatcaaga     69360
     gtgagaccca tggctcactg gaggaggcca tgctcactgt gggtaagagc tcagacttgc     69420
     acgtttttca ggccacaggg ctcaccgtgg ggcagcacca aagaacaaag ggcctaggga     69480
     tgcgaccaca agagaaagaa tccctgtgtc accttcacgg gatgtccccc cgactcacac     69540
     tctgcctgtc tccctcaccc agggactgct ccacctctag agtcccagtg tgtgctgcca     69600
     aagattgttc tctgtgctgc ccacgtggtg cccagtgctg tgtggatgtg tctgcatgag     69660
     tgtgtgtgtg cgtgagagtg tgtgtgcctg agggtgtgtg tgcatgactg tgggtggaat     69720
     gtgagtgtgt gtgtgtgaga cagacagtgt gtgtgtgtgc gcacacaaat gcatacgcca     69780
     gtgattatgc cagccccaac cctgtgtgta ctcatggcag ccatgcaggg agcactctgg     69840
     ctgtggttgt gaagccctgg ccagcacaaa gtcatctttc tggacatgaa ccaggggcct     69900
     ggcccctgcc ttcattgcca gttgaagaaa cagtgatgtg tggcttgagt ccaaactgag     69960
     tgacggatgg tctgatgctg agaaacactg gggatcttcc ccacagcagg aagtcagggc     70020
     cactcaggag gacccactcc agagctctca tgggttccag ggctgagatc acaatgggaa     70080
     gagtcactgc agagtaaaga gctgaggccc agggcagagg gacgtctctt ctcccactta     70140
     cacacagagc ccaggtccgg actcctggcc tgcagctctc acctccacac caggctgcct     70200
     ccgtgcaaag ccagcagcca gcaggctccc tgctgtttcc tagcctctct gggtggacag     70260
     ggccatctga gacactccag ctggccttgg atgctgtgat acaatccggt ctatgtcagg     70320
     acatctaatc acacccctgc tccaatctca gcttccaccc ctggatctgg cctgaaccca     70380
     ccaagaatga agtctgccag cagggaatag tgaagccatg cagtgctccg tcatgctggg     70440
     ccttcctatt cacttcacct tgaagcctcg catcagtctc acttcccaga tgagtcaggg     70500
     aggttgagta atgaagccat actgcaccat caaggcagga agtgaacaca tgcctacctc     70560
     actcaaagcc catgctcctt ctgcagccct aagtgaaaat gccaaccttc cccacccaga     70620
     tgccaagtct ctgagcagta cccatgggag caaacatggg cccagtctct ggaccagacg     70680
     cccccaggtg ccttagtcct gtggggccaa actccacttg tcacatggga attcaaaatg     70740
     cagggttcct gctgataagt gtgagagaga gggcactctg aggccagcag ccaccatccc     70800
     atggtgcttc tgtggagctg agaggctgga tttttggtgg aggtgtctct gggttgagag     70860
     cccagggcct gtcctgagtc tgagctgccc ttggatgggc ttgagctggt gtcttcagac     70920
     gagccccaca gtctggtgca tttcacatct tacccttttg cctgcctgct tgggcctttg     70980
     gagctgtgcc cagtgccccg ggctaccttc cctgtcccac accacctgac acaaagcctc     71040
     tcacattggg aaaggcacgg aacaaagaaa tatgccaagc cttgcacaac actgactctt     71100
     aagacctaag gcaagacata aagttgtagg cagtgccacc taccagctcc agacattaac     71160
     acagctttct tgtttgccag tgaaatgcac ccaaaacctc cacagctact ttgcagagag     71220
     actctactat gccatgaagg taactgtcct gtcttcttcc tgacgctcac cctacatagc     71280
     accaagtgca aagccaagga gctcaaagcc accacgatcc tccacacggg ggagttatct     71340
     tacccaaacc tgtcgtggat cagaaaggtt ttagttctcg gaggtgaaat tgagtctggg     71400
     aaagggacgc tgcatctcca gaggtgaata attccctgaa actaaaacca ttgcccgttt     71460
     tctctgattg atggttgctg atatcccctg aagttagttc cacacctgaa acccaagccc     71520
     tctggccact tctgcccagg aaatgagaga gggcatgcga ttcccttggc catgtggccc     71580
     cagctgacat gagactggtc agggatgaag gtgagcagga aggccctgcc tgtgaaattc     71640
     ctggctgagc tgattgctgc cattgctcta gtaggaagtc ttgttcctgg agcagtgagt     71700
     attttgtgtc tagaatctga tgtggcaaac caaacatact gcagtttgga gcacttggca     71760
     tcataaagga agagttctgg gcagtgggtg agaaggaatt aagggagtgg acaccctaag     71820
     ccaccaaagc ttccctccta atgcttccct ggctgaagca caggctcctt cccacatctc     71880
     cctccctcta aaagccccag aacccaacca cacagatccg tccatcactc agagatggac     71940
     aggaaaggtg aggcaggatt gttgatggct gctgtcttgc ccagggagca gggacgcgtg     72000
     atgggaccct gataagaaac atcgtttcaa ggagcgagat tgacttaaat cttatcaaat     72060
     gtcacttcaa gaagatgtac ggcaagaccc tcagcagcat gatcatggta agcaggcatt     72120
     cccaatgctg aggccagcct gaaacccaga cattcaggga aacctggagg ctgtggccaa     72180
     cactacgtga gcccctccct tcccagtggg caccatgtgc ttgcattcat gaccatgtgg     72240
     tgtgtgcagg gaacagcaga ggtcagtgtg gctggatccc aaggggaatg gggggcagag     72300
     gggagatgca gagaccaggg cacagaggct cccctgtgtc ccactcagaa agttggtttc     72360
     acatttaagt tatggttgct ccttggaaaa gacaccaaat ccttgcagaa gaagccacct     72420
     ctgaatagtc aatgagatga actagtccgg taggaatcgg gcccaccgct caaatccaga     72480
     tttaagtagt cctggcggcc aacttctaag gagataagtc agatgagcgc caatagacta     72540
     tctaaccaga ttccaattag caaaagttct ggagccttca aaacacagac tgattatcac     72600
     gctgcgataa ttgggagaaa cagctcttct gggggtgtct gcaaattgag gtcttgatga     72660
     tttcattagc agaagtcaca ttaggacaaa tgtatcccca agttttcttt ggctactaag     72720
     tcaagtctct agctcttctg caaatgtcgt tgttaagtgc acttttcaag aaacacatag     72780
     ctgacaatag gtggaaaaga catttctgtt tccagatgtt tcaagatggc aacatcttga     72840
     aacaggtggg caggggcaag agaggattgg aattattctt ggtttcactt gaggctcccc     72900
     agccaatctt gtcgggagac aggagggcaa ggcacacacc agcctggact gtgctgtcac     72960
     ctgcagacag tctgagctga ttgtcattaa cccttttaac cacacatggt aacttacggc     73020
     atcagagaga tttctacaga tacatgaagc caccctcttc aaattttatc taatgttgtt     73080
     acttaagaaa attgagttag aatcatgaat acattgacca aacgtttctt tttagtgtag     73140
     accacagatg tcattaaagc aaaaatggtt ttcaacacta atatgagtta aaaactcctg     73200
     cattgaaatt aagaggcaaa tgtataaaca ctccaagtat aactcatgta tttgaaaaag     73260
     taaacaaaat taatgctttt ctttctaaaa actattcgaa aaattgtcct caaaataata     73320
     aaaatcacca ggcgtagtgg cccacacccg taatcccagt gctttgggag gccaacgcgg     73380
     gaggatcgct tgagcccagg agtccaaggc tgccgtgagc taggactgca tcactgcact     73440
     ccagcctggg tgacagagtg agatcgtgtc tagaaaggaa aaagttaaaa aaaatttcat     73500
     tgtagtttga aacccgtaat gagatttcag gctcaaaaca ggcaaatttt actaaatggt     73560
     gaaaagtaga caataaccat gagacctaaa ctggtccaga gtgtggaaag tgggtctagc     73620
     cccagtctac cccttactca ccatgccgtt gtgaatgaat tcactcccct ctcttggccc     73680
     cgctgtcctc aactgcatga agaagaatct gggtgatctg acctggccca tttcccagct     73740
     ctgtatgcag accccggact agccagtccc atcaggacct accactatct aagaaacagg     73800
     gctcctcagt catcggacca caaggtcagt ctcatcagga gacaaacact gtggacccga     73860
     tgtgagccag atgcagggca gaccagctcg ccttcctcct gctgtaccct caccacgtct     73920
     cagcaagatg cacagcagca cagcattgat ctcatttcat agatgagtcc cacagaggtg     73980
     aaggggcttg cctcggccac accgtcaggg tgcgatggtc caggctccct ccacccccgg     74040
     ccctgccccc aggtgtgtgc tgatgcctca ctctcagcct tgattcccaa gctgccacag     74100
     caggtgttga ataatgatgc atcctgttgt gtaaatgaat ggctgggcac cctggctccc     74160
     gaatagaaga accctgggac agctgacccc ttccttgttt aggagtggaa ctgtctctga     74220
     ttcattttcc acatcaatcc tgcatgtagt tggtaagaga atcaaaagga aatgtaaagg     74280
     aatagcctga aattaaaaac aaggaaagag gggtgatggc acaacccctg cggctaggaa     74340
     ccctggaggg ccgggccagg tgcaggccag gggcacacct cttagtcata ataacacagc     74400
     cgccactgcc gagccaggca caagcaaacc ccttctcacg cttatgcgcc tcctgcccac     74460
     aggaagacac cagcggtgac tacaagaacg ccctgctgag cctggtgggc agcgacccct     74520
     gaggcacaga agaacaagag caaagaccat gaagccagag tctccaggac tcctcactca     74580
     acctcggcca tggacgcagg ttgggtgtga ggggggtccc agcctttcgg tcttctattt     74640
     ccctatttcc agtgctttcc agccgggttt ctgacccaga gggtggaacc ggcctggact     74700
     cctcttccca acttcctcca ggtcatttcc cagtgtgagc acaatgccaa ccttagtgtt     74760
     tctccagcca gacagatgcc tcagcatgaa gggcttgggg acttgtggat cattccttcc     74820
     tccctgcagg agcttcccaa gctggtcaca gagtctcctg ggcacaggtt atacagaccc     74880
     cagccccatt cccatctact gaaacagggt ctccacaaga ggggccaggg aatatgggtt     74940
     tttaacaagc gtcttacaaa acacttctct atcatgcagc cggagagctg gctgggagcc     75000
     cttttgtttt agaacacaca tccttcagca gctgagaaac gaacacgaat ccatcccaac     75060
     cgagatgcca ttaacattca tctaaaaatg ttaggctcta aatggacgaa aaattctctc     75120
     gccatcttaa taacaaaata aactacaaat tcctgaccca aggacactgt gttataagag     75180
     gcgtgggctc ccctggtggc tgaccaggtc agctgccctg gccttgcacc cctctgcatg     75240
     cagcacagaa gggtgtgacc atgccctcag caccactctt gtccccactg aacggcaact     75300
     gagactgggt acctggagat tctgaagtgc ctttgctgtg gttttcaaaa taataaagat     75360
     ttgtattcaa ctcaaagtat ctttggatgt ttagcaggga ccagtgtagg accaatttaa     75420
     tttgtcagaa acagagcttt ggggagccac gaagcctgag cgcctcgtgg gcatctccca     75480
     gtgggaacac tggatgggct gtacctgagc acctcatggg catctcccag tgggaacact     75540
     ggatgggctg cagccaccgc tgccctgggg acaactcttg caaatgaggg tagattctat     75600
     tcacctcctg atgtgtaggc tacatccttg tatctcaggg ttagagaggg atttaaagtc     75660
     agctggtgct gttccaacct gtggcctgac tacccccttg gcatccaccc aggggtggtc     75720
     cttggtgtgc ttggggtgca cttgggtact cagggtgtac tggcgatact cagggtgcag     75780
     ttgagtactc cgggtgcact tggctgcctc caaagatggg actcactgcg tcctttgaca     75840
     gcccaatctt tttccaatgg atgtgaccag caaagttctt gctttacctg aaccaaaatc     75900
     agccgcatca agcccacacc tctgccatct agggccacaa cacttattcc ctcccagtaa     75960
     caacattttg gatatctgaa gaaggcccac aaattctgcg atgacctctg tcaaagccca     76020
     gtgtccccag tcccttcagt ggtccctcct ggagcctgtt tggggccatc acccctgaac     76080
     atgctccagt ttgcaaactt cccctcaagt ggccctgagg ggtaagcgtg tgcccaggaa     76140
     ccagcctgat cagggagatg ggaatagcgt gggctctgaa ttcacttgga cgggaggcag     76200
     attctggctc tgccctgcac cagctccatg actttgactg tgttaggcta ttcttgtgtt     76260
     gccataaagc aatacctgag tctgggtaat ttatttaaaa agggggttta attggctcac     76320
     agtcctgcag gctatatagg aagcatggtg ccggcatctg ctcagcttct ggggaggcct     76380
     ctggagggac cttacagtca tggcagaagg tgaaggggga gccaacatca cgtagcgaga     76440
     gtgggagcaa gagaggtggg gggaggtgcc acacactttt aaacagccag atcctgttag     76500
     agctcaagat ggtgaggaca gcatcaggcg atgagggatc cgccccctga cctaaacacc     76560
     tcccaccagg ccccacctcc aacactgggg atcacatttc aacatgaaat ttggagggga     76620
     tatccaaact atatcagtga ctgagtcact tactctctga gcctcagttt cctcacattt     76680
     ctatacaggg tgggctccca gttacaactg ctgcctttcg aaccacccca gagccagtag     76740
     cataaaatcc tcatgtataa tgttcacaga ttctgtgggt cagcagttct ggagggcaca     76800
     gcaaggtgct tgtctctgac ccaacaagta aggggactca gtctcagttg ggaagacctg     76860
     aaggttgggt gactctaggg cagaggggtg caaccatctg gatgcctctt cactcacatg     76920
     ttgggcccct ggtgagatgg ctggaaggcc aggctcaact gggactgtcc cctgcactcc     76980
     tacacgtagc ttctccagca tggtggcctc agggtagcaa gtggtagggc tccaccgtct     77040
     cccagtggac aagaaggaca ccacattgcc ttctgtgagt tagcgtcagg agtcacatgg     77100
     catcacttcc ccggtgccct atcagttgaa gacaccacaa gccaccccag cttcaaggaa     77160
     aggggacaca gacccaatct gtcaatgaga agagtgtcaa cgaatctggg gactgttttt     77220
     aaatccacca caagtggtgc tcagaatatt taacaactgg tgcagcacaa cccactcacc     77280
     tgaatggctg ctgtctgcag gggtggagca gagctcgagt agcggcccct gcagggccag     77340
     gcctcaaccc ttagtgctgg atggcagggt gtctgtgggg ccccagggga ggctcctggg     77400
     tgttgggggt gcagcagcta ttcaccaaca tgtcttagtc ttttcagact gacatacaaa     77460
     ataccataaa taggtggctt aaataacaga cacttatttt gcacagttct ggaggctggg     77520
     aagtctaaga tcaattcagt tcctggggag ggcctcttcc tggcttgcgg acggctgcct     77580
     ttttgacacg tcctcccatg acctttcctc tgtgcttaca cgtgttcacg gggggaagag     77640
     ctctctctct ctctcctgct cttttcataa gatcactata ccatcatgag ggccccgccc     77700
     tcataacctc atctaaccct aattagcttc caaaggctca tctccaaaca ccagcaaact     77760
     gggggtaagg gcttcaacaa tacacaatca gactgtaaca cagcaaggca ggggcccttc     77820
     gggagtttaa caacctttta gtagttgtat cagtgtgcgt ctcttggatc ccagccctgg     77880
     gtgagaattc ttattccttt ctttcagttc aagtcctgct ctgtgtgcag acttgctttc     77940
     agttctgagc cattgcctag ctgctttctg ccaaaactct ttagaaagga tttagagggg     78000
     ccaggcgtgg tggctcagtc tgtaatccca gcactttggg agaacgaggt gggcagatca     78060
     cgaggtcagg agatcgaggc catcctggct aacacggtga aaccctgtct ctactaaaaa     78120
     atacaaaaaa attagctggg catggtggcg ggcccctgca gtcccagctt actcaggagg     78180
     ctgagccagg agaatggcgt gaacccggga ggcagagatt gcagtgagca gagatagtgc     78240
     cactgcactc cagcctgggt gatagagcga gactctgtca aaaaaaaaaa agaaaaagaa     78300
     aaaagaaaga aaggaaggaa ggaaggactt agaggatctc tctgccctgc aagctcccct     78360
     gaccactggt tcgatgggtt cttttgcagc ccaccccaaa acaggcctca tgtggccaaa     78420
     caggagcctt gagaagagct gcagccaagg aaatttggtc aagtccaagt acatgcccag     78480
     caaggggatc tgcttaagca gagtcatgaa gttgatcatc tcccctgatg gggcagaatg     78540
     gacatcaccc ccactgcctc cctgccagca gagaaatgtg ggacaggcct ggaagcaaga     78600
     ggtctcctca gattagaggg gaagctctct ctgcctgggg tcagagctgg agcagcatgg     78660
     gtgtaagggg tcacggcccc atgtgctgac tccctccagg tgacccccat ggcacctggg     78720
     gaaggaagca aaggggccct ggccaggaca ccagcagcat ccacagcacc tgctaatcat     78780
     ttttgctgga gtaacctttt gggcacttct ggtaaagcag acacgctcca caggtgcttt     78840
     tgcaattgct ctttggaatt tgttaaaaat acacctatgt ttttaaagat aatttggagt     78900
     ctgcctagtt taatttcagc ataggggaaa aataagggaa tagtgacaaa gtttctttac     78960
     ttgagcaaac ttgagtcagg ctcctgaacc ttctaggctc atctgtgtac tttcttgtaa     79020
     aatccaattt gagcaagaat cccactaagt caattcagca agaactcccc ttgttcctat     79080
     ctgaccactc ccaatatccg atcagggtcc tcatcctcca ccttcccagg tgatgtctgg     79140
     tcaccctggc ctttcttcag caggtctcct gttaggtcag tttagccagc atcaccctca     79200
     cccctggcat ttcctcttgg taattttcca tctttcaact cctacctgct ccatggctcc     79260
     aagtctcaac ttctcatgct gtttttagaa tcagcctgac tgtatattga ggtctctttt     79320
     cgcttattgc aatagtcctg aataaaatct ggttttacta ctttatcgtc tagctctggt     79380
     ttttctttgc cataggtatt ccctacctgt agccttgcca tagctctatc atcgttgctt     79440
     tttaattccc tccaagagat gatatctaca tatactccct ctctatcctc agatcaatgt     79500
     tttgcatttc ctaggagctg aattcctttt cttccattgc agcactggct gggagagaag     79560
     gcacaacatg gtccagcata ctgagcccca agtttgtcct gcagcatgat ttgagacaca     79620
     gtgttcgtgc cacacagaat tctgtgagcc gtccaatagc ctttcataca tttgttttct     79680
     gcttaaacta cagagtagat gctcttgtca gcacctaaga acactctcta ttacacagaa     79740
     ctacacccta atgacatttt atctgtttac gtgtcctctc agaaaagctg tgagcccctt     79800
     gaaggcagga actttatttg tttttaaaca ttcagggcct agtagatagc aggctttcaa     79860
     caaatatttt tgaataacaa caaacaagag tatggacttt gggaacagga gagcctagta     79920
     gccagcaagc ctgagccaat ccttgatggc ctccaattct gagaagactc tctgggcccc     79980
     cttaggctcc ctgtggaaga aagcttcccc agtcaatcct aataaaaata cttctgagac     80040
     agatctaaca ggacaaagtg gagtctctcc actctttcag tagctccttc accccaggtg     80100
     ctgtttgggg ttctgacact gccatggcat ggccagcagg atggccccta gggctcctgg     80160
     ggctgctcta taagagcttc ccacccctga cctgcagtcc atgagggcaa ggccagatcc     80220
     gggcacacgc ccatccgtgt tgttctcatg ctctcagggg gtagagctag tgtgttggac     80280
     ttggcatgtt tagggtcacc tccctgaggg ttgacaacct gagcaaaatc agcattccct     80340
     tggcaaggaa taaaggggga atggatttgt ggtcagcaac ccacatcgtt ggtcagcaac     80400
     ccaccgccaa gcattctgcc tgcaacaggg tggggctggc caggggaggc tcctcaggga     80460
     aggtgaaagc tgtgcagagt tttgcaggat gactcagtgc ttatcaggta gacagataag     80520
     gaagaacatt ccagggagag ggaggaatgc taacaacagc aggggatctg gtctgtacta     80580
     gacatgccaa aggaatggtg tgtccatatc aacagaggag ggagagacag aagagaaaga     80640
     gcttgtcagg gcctgagtca gagcgggctc atgctgtggg gctaagaagc tcaaacgatt     80700
     tccagagaca gtggggaagc tttacaggga caggcagggg aggatcttaa cccggctttc     80760
     gtaagcctct ggcttgagta tggaaggtga gtctgggaca gggagcccag cgccgaagtg     80820
     ttgcaacgct atagggagac atacagacca attccctccc acctaacagc tctgtgcttt     80880
     ggggtcctgg gttagtttcc tgggagaagg ctggccttgg ctacctctgt ccttgaccaa     80940
     ggacatcgtt ttaaatattt gtgatgtgtc ctaggccact gcatctctgt ccctgtagtg     81000
     aagagaagat actgattcct aagctcctac tctgagaaca caaatatctg caatacttcg     81060
     gtaagcccta ggcctgagtg tgaggttgca ggcacttcca tggccccatg caggtgtcca     81120
     agttccctcg tggtatttgg ccaagggggg ccctgtgtga tgccctagcg cggtgactac     81180
     ccgtgttcct ggcccatggg catcttccac ggaattctgg gcttagcctg gggattcatg     81240
     cgggcgcatc tctgtgatct gctctggagc aggatgtaca tcaggtctct cagacctgag     81300
     tccctggtgc ctggcgctca gccttgactg aagtgctcgg cccaccctgc tgggccagcc     81360
     agctcctgct cagggccaca gccctgtaac cacggcttcc tccccaggac tcaggaattc     81420
     tcccactccg gaatgccttg ctgctggggt gaccaggtct tcacttgtga aacaggagtc     81480
     ggccacctca gccctgcgcc tggcctggtg gaacatgggt caccgcccca acctggggca     81540
     gccgccccat cccaacgcag ttgctgccgc tctccatgcc tccctgtgcc cagctaactg     81600
     ggggacttgt cccctgggaa aacctgggta cccaggctgc ctttggtttc agcccctact     81660
     cctcttcccg ggctgccttt gctccccgga cggccccttt ccccgggctg tgttcacatc     81720
     ggctgggaag ggtcccttgc agacagatct tggacgaggt cgcgtccccc ctcgtgacca     81780
     gcaaactcct aaaagccgcc cttgccccag agcccctgta gcctccaacc ggcagtcagg     81840
     aggcagcgcc gtctcagcgc cgcttagtgg cgccaggcgt gcctggaaat ccgctttcgc     81900
     agcgccccct cgtagccgcc tccgcccgca gaaaggcgtt ccctggacag agaagcgggc     81960
     gcgcgggggc gggcgcgcgg ggccttgccg gagaacctga ctctccgcag cagcagtgga     82020
     agccagagtg acgcgttgtg ttgaacacca gttttctgga gcgctgtgtg ttctcatagc     82080
     tgagcagtct gtttctccaa tcaggtttca aagccacttc aactgcactg gcccctgtgg     82140
     gtcactgctg caccgccctg gcccatgtgg gtccctgagg agcgacctgc cggggccacc     82200
     tggctggacg aaaaagacac accttggact taagccgtga gaaaaaaaaa acttcatcag     82260
     taagaaacaa gtcaatagac aagtaaaaga ctaggagaaa atatgcataa aacataaaaa     82320
     agtgacttga ttcctgattc tggagtattt aagaattcct ataactcaac aaaaagttca     82380
     gttttttaaa atgagcaaaa ggcttgggta aactattcac aaaggaacat agacaaatgc     82440
     cagtacacac atgagaagcg catacacatc cacaaacttc aaacaagccc acctcatgta     82500
     tttctagtga gtaaggaaaa gaacgcaaac acttttgaaa attgtttggt tgtttcttgt     82560
     aaatttaaac aaatacccta ttatattatc cagcgagtcc atccttaggt ttttatccaa     82620
     ggataaagag gtgaaaactc atatctaaca aatagacttc tgaaaagatg aaaatagaag     82680
     ctttattcat aaaagacaaa aactagaaat aacccaaata ttcattcaca ggagaatgaa     82740
     taaacagact aggttgaatc catacaatgg aatggtagca gacaataaaa agaaaatgaa     82800
     ctattgatgc cccctactgc acagcagaag ctctgaatcg tgttcctgaa tgaaagaagt     82860
     caggtatgaa agaataaaca ttgtatgatt ccatttatat gaaaatgaat ctgtgattta     82920
     aaaatcagac tagtattagg ttggtgcaaa agtaattgcg gtttttgcct tttttttttt     82980
     tttttttaaa tagttgcttt ggggtttatg gatggagtgg catggtagag gttagctgaa     83040
     gggggcatga aataactttt tgggggtgct agagtgttgt aaatcttaca gtgggggagg     83100
     gacaggagtg caggcatttg acaaaacaca ttgaattgtg aaatttaaga tttttgaatt     83160
     tctttgtatg taaattacct gccaataaaa acatgacgaa tagagcagtt atgagcattt     83220
     gtgtgtagct ttttgtgcaa acttaaatta taatttctct gataaaagcc caggaatgtg     83280
     attgttgagt aatatggtaa gtgcatgttt tttgagaaac tgtcaatcta tttttgggag     83340
     tggctgtgtg tatcatgtta tattcccaca agcaagggat gagaaatttg gtttctctgc     83400
     atccttgcta gcatttggtt ttatcattat atttttattt caactgctca aataagtgtg     83460
     cagtgatttc tcatgatctc aatttgcatt tccccaaagg ctaatgatgt taaatatatt     83520
     tccacatgct gatttgactc ggccatgaaa tgtctcttca tgtctattgc ccaatttctt     83580
     attagatttt ttttttactg ttgagttttg agagctcttt atgcattgta aatgtgagtc     83640
     ctttgtcaga tacgcgtttg caaatatttt ctcccctcca tagcttgtcc tttcatcatc     83700
     ttaacagaat attttgcaga ggcaaagttt ttaattttga tgaagtccaa tttatcaatt     83760
     ctttctttaa tgaatcgtac ttgggtgcca tgcctatgaa ctcatcctca actcctaggt     83820
     ccagatgatt ttctcctgtg tcttcctatc atagccagaa actagaaaag aaccaaaatg     83880
     tccctcacta agtgaatgct taaactaagt gacacatcta tgccaatatt cagcaataaa     83940
     aagaaacaaa ttattcatgc aaataactaa atggatggat ctcaagagca ttaggctaag     84000
     tgaaaaaaac caatctcaaa aagtcacata ctgtacgatt tcacttgtat aacattcttc     84060
     caggggcaaa attataaaca gtgaaaacag attagtggtt ggcaggtgtt agaggcggtg     84120
     gtggggaagt gtgactacaa agaggtagca ggagagatct tgggatgatg ggatagtttt     84180
     gtgtcttggt ggttacagga atctacacat gtgatacaat gtaatagaag aacacacatt     84240
     gtgctaatgt cagtttcctt gttttgatat tgttctgtag aatgtaaaat gtaaacagtg     84300
     gagaaactgg gtgaaggata ttgggacccc ttcacaaatt cttgtcaatc tacgattatt     84360
     tgaaaattta aaagtctaaa ggctctgggc agggcctctc tctctctctc tctctttctc     84420
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcacgta ggttttctat     84480
     tttacatttc aagcagatgg ccaggccctt ggtattgcac aggtgcttgc agtgtgtatt     84540
     agccagggtt atccagagaa atagaaccaa caggctatat acaggtatat gcaagaggag     84600
     atttattata ggaattggct catgtggtta tggagactga gaagtcccac ggtttgctat     84660
     ctgcaagcta gagaaacaag aatgtcaatg gtgtgactca gtctgaggcc gaaggcccaa     84720
     gaagtacagg gctggggggt ggggcaatgg tgaaagtcca aatgctatga cctgaaagtt     84780
     agtgtcccct aaagattcat atattgaaat cttaaccccc aagggatggt atgagaaagt     84840
     gcaggtatgg ggaggtgatt aggtcaccag ggtggagcct catggatgga attagtgcct     84900
     ttataaaaga ggtcccagag ggctgcctca gcccttccac catgggagga cacagaagac     84960
     attattggcc aaaagatgct aacaatgaac cagagagctg actctcacca gaaactcaat     85020
     ctgccttgat atggacttcc cagcctccag aactgtttaa aataaattcc tgttgtttaa     85080
     aaattataca gtttgcagta gtttctttag agcagcccaa atggactaag acacagtggg     85140
     aacagtggcc tgaagtgaaa ctctcttcca tcttgtgtta agatggaaac tcctgagagg     85200
     tgatgctcag tgtctctgaa tgagggagtg ggcagggagg tagagaaggc agaggtcagg     85260
     gagttagaga tgtagcttgc acgtcactgg acccccaagg ggtgtctaga tggtgccagg     85320
     cccagggacc cagcctcacc atggccctgg actgaaggac ccatgcaggc tggacagtgg     85380
     gtgattgggg aaaccaagag gactgctgac cagggggctt ctggacacaa gactttgacc     85440
     caaccctgga gaaggaggag cccttcaggg ttatgtgaaa aatctctcta actatcaaga     85500
     attccatttt gaaattatga atctttgaga tgaaccacaa accttgcaaa aatttcacag     85560
     accacttgag aatgtggccc cagcttgggg tgttcacttc ctctatcagc tggagaattt     85620
     ccatggaaag tataggaaag cctgccttag agtccatatg ggagatccca gcctgagcct     85680
     ggctacaggc tatgcagagg caggacccaa gaggagacca gaaggacagg actgtagtga     85740
     ctataggttg ctggctcatg atcacccggg cagccaggcc tcagcaggac cagacattgg     85800
     aaagcccaca ggacccctgc ttggggtctc cttcaggttt ccctgctccc tgggccatgc     85860
     ggcctcagct ctgctgtctt ctccccacct ctgcctctct gtgtacttgg ctgctagtag     85920
     ccctgcagtc tgcggttgct catcctctgt tcagatgacc ccatggccac tttgctgggg     85980
     agagattctg atcccatagt ctgggtcaag ctgtctatgc ctgatctgac caccaaggtc     86040
     ataccataca atcagggctg ctgctggacc cagcacgggg tatggagaag tttgagggtg     86100
     tggctgtggg cagagcaggt gtccccaaag ttgtctccag caagtggagg agcctgttca     86160
     cctgtctccc catgagtggc ccctgtcacc ttgcttcctt tactcctgct ccagatgctt     86220
     ccacgaagct gagccacatg ggaaagcaag catccctctg ccaccctcac tgccttggca     86280
     ccgccccttc catcagatcc cactcctgcc tgctgcctgc agcctacctg gtgagctcat     86340
     gccagctcag agaccagggc tgggcctggg cagagggagt cccatgcctt atgtgcagga     86400
     agcatgggtc tgggctgtta acagcaaagc cattgtattt gtccactagg cagccagaac     86460
     aaagtcccac gcactgagtg acaaaaaaac agacattttt tttttcctca gaattctgca     86520
     ggctgcaagt ccaaggtcaa ggtgtgggga gggttgtttt cctctgaatc tcatggagcc     86580
     aggttttgct gatggccgcc ttcctcctgt gtcctcccat gcttttccct ctgtgcatgt     86640
     ctgtttctta aactgttcct ataaggacaa cagtcgtact ggatcagggc ccaccctaat     86700
     gactttgttt aatttaacct ttacaaatcc tctccaaaca cagtacagct gcattctgag     86760
     gaatctgggt taggacttta gtacataaat ttggggagga cacaattcag tgcatgccaa     86820
     gctttatcag cagcactacc ctctctaagt ggtaatttct aaaagacaat ggggctctgg     86880
     ggaaagactc caacatgttt tgaagccaaa aggccccagt tccagctgga ctgcatcgtt     86940
     atgggtagtt tgggggccac aggcctcctg gcttctgcag agaccacagc tgtccagagt     87000
     gaatgagatt caatatgtcc cccctgccca gcacacccgg ggactcctct atggctgctc     87060
     ctgcaggatg agctccaggc gtctgatgcc atgctgggtc aggaccctgt ggctcaggcc     87120
     agcctgcaat accggagggg accttggaat ctcgtcattt cctctgacga gtgaggagcc     87180
     agggtagacc atgtgggtgc cctcattgtt ctggggcagt gaccccctgc tcatgatccc     87240
     tgtggaggtt ctgggctcca gggacatcca ggccagaatg cccagcagtt cagctcatga     87300
     gtccaaaggt aatctgggag tctcaaactc acggatacaa ttattgcaac cagaaatcct     87360
     ggtcctttct tccctatatc cctgcttctg tgggtgggtg ggggcatccc aggaggaaaa     87420
     ctcttgctca gagagcagat ggccctggag gtgtttgttt gacagctggg actccatgaa     87480
     gggaagggtg gccccagctc aggctgtctc agaaatggga aggaacaaag tctgcagaag     87540
     ctctaccctg gggcccaggg gacagcaggc acaggggctg agaggcatct cccatttacc     87600
     ctccccccag ggtcttcctg ccttggtggc ctcagacatc agtggcgcag gggcctccct     87660
     gaggactggc atgaagatga gaagggggtg gtgacagtcc attgttccag gagacacaag     87720
     tgttacattt gtttactagg ccgatgttac aaactgattt ttaaaacaat gcttgcagag     87780
     tcatggaaca aataccacgg agcagcacct agcacagagg aaggccccct gccctgggca     87840
     tctgtgggaa accagggccc caagtctgcg gtgagctggt gcagaaactc tgagctgagg     87900
     agctaacatt atacccatct gcaactgaga gaacctgcca ggctccaaca aagccaaacg     87960
     ggaaactctc cccgggagac accgtcctca tccagggaaa ccaggattct catggaacgt     88020
     cattttctac tgaagaggag cgcagaggaa aaactcccag gtatcccaaa gagaggcagc     88080
     aaatacaaga aacaaggaga ttcaagtccc agaaagtaaa gagaatggag tgatctaaaa     88140
     ggaatattta aatgagggag tgtgaaatgt ttaaacaaga taaaggaata aaattatatg     88200
     acaagaacag ctaattaata caaatgcagt tttaaaagga ccaaagttct aaaattcatc     88260
     aatgagaaat gaaacacaac agagagttta agacaaaagg tggaataact ccaaagacag     88320
     acctgagcag catctgccct gcagcactgc tgaccgagac agaaaccaga aacaggatat     88380
     tgtgcacaag gagcacatga gaagtgtcta gcaggacagg tcactccagc atcctccgct     88440
     caccccagca tcctcagctc actccactat cctcagccca ctccagcatc ctccgctcac     88500
     tccaccatcc tcagctcact ccaccatcct cagcccactc caccatcctc agctcactcc     88560
     agcatcctca gcccactcca ccatcctcag ctcactccaa catcctcagc tcaccccgtt     88620
     ggggaggcaa ccattgaact ccctctgatt tttctcattc cctctggatg ctgatgctta     88680
     gggaatgcag accccagccc accaacttct aagcaaagcc agcaatgaga ggagctccct     88740
     gcttgctgga agggaagggg agtccatcct ccctgcccag cctagggact tccgagatgc     88800
     gctggatagg tctttccccc ttgatcttta gcacaaccca gagggtggtg atttccccct     88860
     ttggcatctg gttggacaat ggatgggctt cgctgagggc tggcagcctt gttgagcctg     88920
     ttctttcaga gagtgggagt gagtgtccaa agggtcctct cagccgcctc ctgctacatg     88980
     cccctgccca ctctcctagg gttctgctgg ggaccccagt gggggcaaag ctcaagcctg     89040
     ggaaggatgg ggaaggtctc tgggcacagg tggagaatgt gaaataacat gaattcagca     89100
     cttgccatgt gccaagcagg atgctgagca catccaaacc cccaggacct aaccatgctt     89160
     acacgctagg agggaaggca cagagcattc cagcctgtgc acagggtcag gactggatgg     89220
     gcccctgggt cctggctgag ccgtgctgtc cttccattct ccagtgctcc cggcctccag     89280
     cactgggtgg caggtgctgg caggctgccc cacacatcgg cctgccccag gctgcccttg     89340
     caccagaagt tgctgcttac gggactctag gggactctcc tcaaactact caggacccca     89400
     gcagctcact ggaccctcta gctgcatggt ggccccagag ggcttttgtg gtctgacctc     89460
     agtaaatgca ggtgatggga agatggtgtg gggaagctgt gggtctggcc tgaattgtgt     89520
     tccctctgct ctgccttgtt tgctgggttt ctgaggtgga ggagggatga gggagaggag     89580
     aggggaatgg ggtgaagagg caaagaattt tccagtagag ggagaccagc tgtgagagct     89640
     gtgtgtctgt cttcctgcat gctcagcatg gagtgtgtga gtgcacatgt gtgtgcatat     89700
     gtgtgtgtgc ggggtgtatg tggtgtgtgt gcatgtgtgt gcttgtgtgt gcatgtggtg     89760
     tgtgtgtgca tatgtgcata tgtgtgtctg tgtgatgtgc atatgtgtgt ctgtgtgatt     89820
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtggtg gtgcatgtgt gtggtgtgtg tgtgcatgtg tgtgtggtga     89880
     gtgcaagtgt ctttgggggt gctgggattg tggggatgca gcgagttgcc atcctgactc     89940
     tcctttgtgg gcccctcttc tccacaggcc tcagagtgct ttactacatt tatctcacct     90000
     ccctatatct agcaaggggc cccaaagcag aagagttgag gtgggaggtg gggaatgggt     90060
     gtcacccgcc ctggctgttt ctctggcttc tcagggccac gtgcttcctc tccagcccga     90120
     gaacacggct gtccttcatc acctactgca tggaggacag catcgtcctg cagctcacac     90180
     tcacactagg caggggagtg ctgctttgag cccccaaggg aggcctgagg ggctgggcca     90240
     gagggagctc cagggagctg aggggctccc tgagaccttg gttgggagcc tgacagcaca     90300
     catggcaggc tggtcaggac accactcagt gcccatcctg atctcaatga ctgtttccct     90360
     gaacgctccg gcccctggct gcactgctac tgcaggtcct tgtgctccga aagttctcgg     90420
     cctccctgat cttctccctc ccctgccctc cctctgccct gcctccttcc ctgggaggtg     90480
     gctgtgagga ttccttgggt gcaggggctg gcggggcaag tgtgtgtatc ctgtgaacac     90540
     ctgcctatgc tggcagctgc tctctgtgtg tccctctccg ccctggccgg tgggggaggg     90600
     agacagggtc aaagccacgg ggagtgctga ggctttagcg cagggaagtt ggtgggccca     90660
     gacaggggag ccactgggtg gagtcctgag ttccaggcca ggctgggaag ctggagggag     90720
     gcaggaggaa caagtgtcca tggtgctgga ggtggcacag ccctagggca ctgcagagct     90780
     gataggcggg gaggtgagga cacttccaat gcagatgcct ggaactgagc ccagagggaa     90840
     cgaagcacag aggagaggtg aggacactga ggacgggagg gggcctgggc ccctcttgca     90900
     gctttgacgg ggagcaggga ggaggcttcc cctctgtggg agacgggagg cttgggtgtg     90960
     tgcctcctgt gctgtgggtt tgggagagag agactgaagt gggcatgagg gggaagaaag     91020
     caagtctatg ggggaggact gtggtgggag atgcagagag gcagtggggg cagggccctt     91080
     caaaggctga gtgaggaaga atgggtggct gcctcccctc caacctccct gttcctgggg     91140
     gtcctccccc aaactgaatt cccagaggct gctgtgagga agcggctgtg tctcaaccaa     91200
     tgtctgtgtg tccgctgggc caaatcttca cctggtgtca ctgagggtcc aagaggaggc     91260
     ggctggacct tgagtactca agggccctct ccccaccatg cctgaagcaa ggagcccagg     91320
     aaaggtctca cttggcccct gcacagggtg ggcttagcgt gatgttcccg ccctgaaatc     91380
     tgtggtgctc tctcaggccc caggggtaca ggctgtgcac tcagccaggc cctccctgat     91440
     gtcaggtgta agtggagcca caaggctgcc tgaagatacc atgtctcatg cctcagctga     91500
     gcacccaggc ctcgatgcct tcttcagggc tgctgaacac tcggggtctc tcctccctgt     91560
     ccttctgtgt gcctgtggca ggcaggacac ccacagcggc agggccagga cacgggtgcg     91620
     gcaggcgagc cacttaggac cctgctcagg gcaatccatc acagaagccc tgttttagct     91680
     gcgattccag agacctacag gtgattcccc atctcctgct cttcctgatc caacaaggac     91740
     caccgggcac ccactctgag gctcagggag tgtgtccttc caccactgtg gctcctgccc     91800
     tgagacaaac accacagggg acacagggca ggtggggctg gccccaggag ccagctgggg     91860
     ttcccacagg tctgcagctg ccaagggcat tggcctccac cccgcctcct ggccctggcc     91920
     ctgtgcattc caatccctgc tgacgcctgg ggtgcccctg gtctatgcac ccaaggaaag     91980
     ctttctctga accctgcttc ttgtctttct gcagtgtcac accttcaagg cgggctgtgg     92040
     gtgaagctgg cctgccgaca tgctttctga ggctttcaag gattttcaaa aacgggagcc     92100
     cacagttaaa agcccaactt tgacaggcac agtggctcat gcctgtaatc ccagaacatt     92160
     gggaggctga ggtggggaga tcgctttagc ccaggagttc aaaaccagcc tgggcaacat     92220
     aatgaggccc tgtctctacg aaaattttta aaatttagct gcagtgagcc atgatcgtgc     92280
     cactgcatgc tggcctgggc aacagagtga gaccctgtct caaacctgaa cattctttct     92340
     aaaaatgcaa atttctagat tttttgtaaa atgggaatgg caggaatagt gggtgtccct     92400
     ccatgtcggc ccctggctgg ggcctggggc ttcaccctcc tcacatgggg agctgcaggg     92460
     cccaccttca ttccaaggcc ttccaactgc cgacttcagc tggcttgtcc tggcctgctc     92520
     ctcctcatgg tatctcctgt ttggcctctg aggtcaccca tccaatggcc atgatgcttc     92580
     cttaggaaga aacttgtggg ggcactgaga ctgtgagaga gagagcagga aaggccagct     92640
     tggtgccctg tgctgagctc ccaggcctgg gtcccctcag tgcaagcatt gggtcctctc     92700
     ccacagctga ggccaacagc agctgcttcc aaatgtgatg ctcccaggct gcactctcaa     92760
     catctccctg ctcaggtttc taaagggcct ttgccagctg gacactggaa ggtacatctg     92820
     agcctgggtg gtgcacacct tggccagccc aactcggcta ccctgagcag ggctaggggc     92880
     tgctctggac cttcatggaa cgggtggttc caagttacat tctgcctctg tccctggcct     92940
     ccttcctggg ctccctagaa ccctcctggc ttcttggtgg cagcctgctg agagggctca     93000
     ttctgttgca tctggggttc aagcttctgc cttggccttt ccctgctgtg actgtcaccc     93060
     tccatgtggg gcagctttgc acaagtcggc caactgacag gtcagtgctg tgactgccgg     93120
     gccacgtgag cagaggcaga gggccgagct ggtgggcaga gggcacctgt caccttgact     93180
     cagctgcctc cagggaggag tgacgactca catcctcacc tggggttgcc agggctgctc     93240
     agacgccaca gcctgtgcat gtccagggga catcatcaga ggagcgcagc tgtcacactg     93300
     gctgcacgac tgagcagctt taaatcagga gcaacagaaa gagaccccga cggggagggg     93360
     aactctctac tccaccccca tcctcagctc tgcatcgggg agaggcaggg tcgaggacag     93420
     agcccaggac caatcatgga agtgtcagcg cagctcctgt ttctgggacc taccagctcc     93480
     cagccctgtg ccagtccccg cagagctcag tgccctggga ctcaagacag gcctaacagc     93540
     gtcctttctg ttcatgggag gcactgctgg agcttgctga cattggacaa tttgctcctg     93600
     gtagtgtgcc catggggagc agagctcaga catgtatggt gtgtctgtcc ccacagccta     93660
     ctgccagggc accctgcagt gagaaacagg gaggctagag cccagctgct ggtctggggc     93720
     cagtggcacc cagccttatg ctgtccccat ggagggagga tgcccagggc tcccttcctc     93780
     tccagcagct gcagctgtgt aaatgctggt caagcagagc cccagcacac acaggcagag     93840
     gtcaggacag atgaggtcat cacagaggac cacacagggc tgtcaccacc catgccagga     93900
     ccctggatgg taagagggca tcctcaccat gtcccagaca gcagagacag atgctgtgat     93960
     ttatcctgtg gggccaaggt gagctgaggg tgtttgtgtg gacgcctttg ttgggctatg     94020
     gaggtttcct tctgctcaca ggatgctgac gcccccactt cttgttcttc atcccctgag     94080
     ataaccgcct ggttcctgtt tctcgttttg ttgatgtggt aaattacaca gatatttcag     94140
     ctcctgcacc tgcctggcct tcctgagagg aggcctggct gctcctggcc tgtggtctgg     94200
     gttagctgct gctccatgcc atttgctggt gtttccctga gagcttctca cacatgtctt     94260
     ttcttgcttt agggttaaac ttattgttgt gaggtaacaa cacaagaatt gtacacaggt     94320
     actcacacca ccaccgctgc atattccccc cacagcaata gacactcaca ttcacactca     94380
     tgtgggccac acatccacac ccccccaccc atgcagattg caccacaaac acactcaacc     94440
     caccccatac cacacacatc acaccacaca cacataccca aagcacacac acacataaat     94500
     agcaaacaca catacaccaa aaataccaaa gacacaccac acatcccata cacacaccac     94560
     acacatcaca catcatacac gcaccacaca aagggcacac attcccctct ctgccacaca     94620
     acacacacac ccagcatgca cccaacacca tacacagcac acacacatca cacacacaca     94680
     caccccacac acactacaca cccagcacat acacatactc acacaccata gacacacata     94740
     cttgatacac acagaacata ccatacacca cacacaacac accacaagat acacatacac     94800
     agtgacactg ccacacatac cacatatcac atacacagca aatacacaca catcacacat     94860
     agccctatac atgtacacaa gcaccacact caccacacac tatgcacaca taccacatgc     94920
     acattaccta tcacacgcac ccactacaca cacacacatg caatgccaca cacataccac     94980
     acacaaaaca cccacacatc acacatgacc ctctacacgc acacagccac catacacact     95040
     acaaaccatg tatacatact acacacatac cacctatcac atacccccaa cacacacatg     95100
     accacaaaca cacaacacat tacacaaaaa tagcacacac aatgcaccac acaccacaga     95160
     aaaacacaca ctagacacaa aacacacaca cattgaaccc tcacacacac cacacaacaa     95220
     atacaccaaa ttcacacact gcacacccct atacacacat acagacagct acccatacta     95280
     catacatgtc acataccaca cacaccacac acacacatca tacgcagcac atgcacacca     95340
     tcacaacaca cacatactac acaccacaaa cacacactac ttacacatgt gccacaccac     95400
     acagaaaatg cacacacata tgcccatcac ataccacaca catgtagtac acacacaccc     95460
     acacaccaca aacacacata accacataca caggcaacac acacaaacca cagccttttc     95520
     ctcaccccca gacgtaggca cagacatttc tgccctcagc agggcctcct cagctcttac     95580
     ctcctgcaca cacagtgggg gctccgcaga cctaactgca gtgcaggcct ttgatgtgag     95640
     ctggaacaca ggaggggtgg agcagggcag ggagagtgag cctctggcca taggagccag     95700
     gcgcctcagc ccctcacatc agcccactca tggcatcaat ggtgcttctc agggccttga     95760
     agccattctc cactgcaaac acatggtcca ggctgtctgc aattgttgtt atctacagag     95820
     atgggaggtg gcttggactc ccggccaggg ggtgaggatg cagcagatcc caggctcagg     95880
     ggacaatgtc tgtctgcttt gggggcagca gaatgtcagg ctctgagggc cacaggcttc     95940
     tccagccagc agcccactct tggggagcgg aggagctctt cagccctccc ctctggtgtg     96000
     gtgggattta tacgatctgc tggtcaatca cttctgcagt ggccatgggt cggcccaact     96060
     cacttgtggc aggttagatg atggggtggc cctgggagag ccacttggga cacctttccc     96120
     cagtaggctc cagagtgaca cctgccacct gttctgagtc acccgctcct actcacattg     96180
     gctcataccc acgatgtaaa tggtggcccc caggctgaga tttatcagcc caggagaaag     96240
     aaggtgctga gtataaatca cccagggact ctggtattcc ccctacatga ccaccatggg     96300
     gacagcaggt gcttacatcc agagttgaaa tattccatct tctgaattgc cttcaaagga     96360
     atgaagaaat attgagcctg gacagtgaga tgaccccagc aatgttctaa gaacttaaga     96420
     aacttgaata cattatctgt gctctagtgg tctgtgccct ttcaaatcct ctcagtatga     96480
     acatttctcc tgctggcaac atgtacaaag agccctacat atttcttttt gaaaaaaaaa     96540
     agtaaaaaga gggttgagat ggagtggggt tgactgttaa aaatcggctt ccaagctctc     96600
     caggagccac tgttcattgt gcagggcttc ctggatggag gagggggcca ggcaaggtct     96660
     ctgtcctgct cattcctcac tgtgatgttg actagagatt tcaaggcctt ctgagctcat     96720
     cccagtctca gggaacacag gcctaagtga cctcaccaag ggccccacct ggaccattga     96780
     tggtgagaga ggaagcttcc catggatgtg caaaggcaac tcaggctcta acagtggacc     96840
     aacattccta gccctaagcc taactgcaac acagggatgt gcagctgagg tcagggacag     96900
     gcaataggac aggccttcct aaccatagcc ctgtgggctc tcttgtattg ggcactctag     96960
     ccttcaacag gcagggctga gttcaggaaa actcagcccc cacagctcca tacccccgac     97020
     cctgactcag tctccccttg tctctttgct ataggaagca gcaaaccagc tcaattagag     97080
     tgccagggct ccttgacttc ctgtgcccct gaaacaaaaa gaccaaagga ctttgttcct     97140
     tatttccctt cttattgttt atatttgtga ttgggttgtt ttatctaatg attttccttt     97200
     ctctttctcc tttgtgtata agttatacca gtgagtttta tagttttgca ttttttcatc     97260
     atggtggtta ttatctgttc atttccagat acaagacttc cctgagcatt tcttggaagt     97320
     caggtgtagt tgtgataaat ttcctagttt ttgcttgtct gtgaaagatt ttatttctcc     97380
     ttcattccta aagagtaact ttgctgggta taatattctt ggctgttagt ggttttcttt     97440
     cagtactttg aatttatcat cccactctct cctggcctgt aaggtttctg ctgagaaatc     97500
     tgctgttagt ctactgggta tttccttata tatgacttga ctattctctt gctgctttta     97560
     gaattctttc tttgtcttta ctattgacat tttgacaata atgtgccttg gagaggatct     97620
     gtttgagtcg aatctgtttg gggttctttg aacttcctgg acctggatgt atctctctcc     97680
     taagacttgg gaagtcttcc aataatattt cactagatgt attttcctca tctttcccct     97740
     tctgcttttc ttctggaatt ctcataatat taatatttgt tcacctaatg gtgtcctata     97800
     catcctgtag atctttgtca atctctttca ttctttgttg tgtgtatcct atgaatatgt     97860
     aacagtacta tttgtcagtg tattaggcca tttttgcatt gccataaagg aatgtttgag     97920
     actgggtaat ttataaagaa aacaaggtta attgactcat ggttctgtag gctttagagg     97980
     aagcatggtg ctgatgtcta cctggcttct gtggagactt caggaagctt ccattcatgg     98040
     cagaagatga aggggaagga ggcatgtcac atggcacaaa caggagcaag agagagacag     98100
     cgaggtgaca tacactttta aacagacaga tcttgtgaga agtcactcat aattgtgagg     98160
     acaatgccaa gaggatggta ctaaaccatt catgagaaat ccacccccat gatccaatca     98220
     cctcctacta ggcctcacct ccaatactgg agattccaat tcaccatgag atttgtgtgg     98280
     ggacacatat ccaaactata tcatttggtt aaaaaataaa gtatatagta cagagtctat     98340
     aaaaaagact ggaatgggaa gccacgtcaa aaaacaggac ttgtatagct gacgttgccc     98400
     caaatctgga aggtccccca ggactgaggt gggtcctgag gtgttaggac cacagggctg     98460
     ctggtgcatg cagctctgtg catttataag atgaatctat cctgtactag atttgatggg     98520
     ggatgctcta ccttgctctg gggtcatatg tctaaatgga tggcattata tgaaattttt     98580
     ttcccccagt gctggttcca aacttgtcca caccattaag gtgactaacg tactggataa     98640
     gtctgatgat gaaacctgat ggcaagggcc ttgttttcta cccaatacag gctgcagggc     98700
     aaaccattta cataacataa aagaggtttg tgggaaagac agtatcaaaa agtgtggagg     98760
     aaggggagat agatggttcc agatacacca gctacccatc ttcagaggtc accctactca     98820
     gttcacaccc tttagaaatg cttccccatt gcctgcagga tccagtcccc atgcccaacc     98880
     aggaagcagc agggggcttc agcacaggga tgaagggcgt gcttgagtgg ccagtgttga     98940
     gggggaaaag atcccagagt tcctgcctgg tgctgccctc cctctccttg gtcctggctc     99000
     tgtctgtggt cagatctctt gcttcctcct gggagtgtca ggctcatatg cagcctcagt     99060
     gggcatctgg ggaagccagg cctgtgtctc tccagagtgt ggggcacaga gaagccaaaa     99120
     cacagcatcc agggggagga agtcacctgc cagcagcctg cactgccttg caacacacgg     99180
     ccctcatccc atccccacca gggcccagaa aggcctgact gcagccccga gtggccaagg     99240
     gatgtccacc atgggtcctg ggctgctttc tggcctgttc ttgccttcct cttctctatt     99300
     ccctggtctc aggcaccttc cctcaatgag cagagcatgg tcctctcacc tgccttaccc     99360
     ttgtgtgccc ccctaaagca gggctccttt cccattccac cagctcctgc ccaggcccca     99420
     ttcccacctc atgtttcaat tcaggacctg tactcagcca gcacatgtcc ttccaacttt     99480
     tgtacttttc ctctaaaact atccctggct tctcctcctc ctacatcaaa aataccgttt     99540
     tatttccaga ttccaaactc tctgtggccc acagtggcca tcccctaacc cataaggctg     99600
     ccaggacccc tcccccagga ggagactgaa gtcttatctg ggtgtgtttc tggggacaga     99660
     gctgaggtga gctgaaggat cctgatgcct tctggaggca gtgtctaagc tgcattgctt     99720
     cctcatgacc acattgcttt tcagggcagt caggatactt tgtgcaacct tattcaccaa     99780
     gctgcaacca ggtgccatag atatggtgcc agtgcagggg ctgggtgagc tggggcacag     99840
     agaccttccc agtgggctga aggccatggc ttttgccctt gacaattgcc ctctgggatc     99900
     atggctcttc agagagccat gtcaggcatc tgctgaggag ggctgcacaa ggcacatcga     99960
     aatggtgccc atgggccccc cagactgtgt ctggacatgg aacccattca tttcatttgc    100020
     tggtcacttg aggccaggaa tgctgctggg tgtgtttgac aaggttgtgt gggcaaccct    100080
     gacttgttct aacagggagt aaagataccc tccttggtca tcaccttgga accatgagaa    100140
     agcaaattgt taagattgtc ctcctccttg taacataatg aggactaata cgtattgagt    100200
     cttcctgtgg gccagttgct agactaagaa ctttccacgt tttcactatt ttaatcctcc    100260
     cagtaactat acaagtaaat gctactatta tcccagttta ctgaagggaa ctgaagcaca    100320
     gagaggttga gttacttgtt ccaggttaca aagcatgaga ttcataaagc tggatgtgaa    100380
     ctgggtctgg ctcctgctct tcacactgcc ctgcccctct ttggaccagc attcaagacc    100440
     tggtgatggt tactcccaaa ccactggaga gcttccctgc tcgggccctg gttcctgggt    100500
     ttgcctggag ctcatcttcc tgtgcttccc gtggtcagat ccttggccca gactgagcca    100560
     ggagcctgag ggatgatctg atcctcaggg tctgtggtga gggctgcact ggacacattc    100620
     cctggatcag cccaataagg aacagaggag atcactgacc aggaaggaag gccctccttg    100680
     ggcctaggtt ggagtctgga tgccgtctct agggtgtgaa gagggggctt caggctgccc    100740
     atgattgagc cactccagga aggcatagac tgtcctggta catcctggtg gtatgttccg    100800
     ggctctgggc ccagctggct cgtagttagg agtggcggtg aaggtggaat gtgcttttga    100860
     gccgtcctga gccctgagaa gaggtagaga gaggctgttg ttgtacctcc aggctgaagt    100920
     ctgggccaaa cctgtagaca ttctggtcat tcttgctttg aattcagttc tgagcttggt    100980
     gtgacctggg gaagggaaga caatggttct gtgaggtgaa agagctccca aacctgtgtc    101040
     agaagaggag agagacagaa agagacagaa aatgtctatc tttagtgctg gggaaagaga    101100
     ctcagccaag tgctcgtgct ctggggcttt gagatcagag tgctccctcc ctcggagctt    101160
     cagggaaggc agtttatcag aggcaagatc agagctgagg ctcaggctta gaagacagct    101220
     gagccttggc gtgcaaagtt agtagatgca gagaagagcc ctcaaagcag aggggtgagg    101280
     gagggtgcct gagacatggt cgggtcttct aggggctggg gatgtgggtg cctggagctt    101340
     ctgctttcag atctccatct cagcccctgc tgtctgcagc tgttgtaagc tcatctcagc    101400
     tacaaggccc acttggtgag ctcttttcat cattctgccc aaagagcttg cttccagggc    101460
     ttcaggtgcc accagcattt ccccagagtt ttcatggtgg taagaacgtg gctcatgact    101520
     ggtccttttt gtttttgtaa aaaaataaaa taaaatttta ggatcttcta aatatattat    101580
     gccaaagggg acgctaagct ctggaaactg agtcatgtag catgcttgca attctgcttc    101640
     ttagattata gcttaactct cttcctcgtt gttctagttc tataaatgac taggagagac    101700
     cagagatcag acatccctct gtccaatcac tgatctttgt tatcaattac ctgcctcctt    101760
     tattgtcctg tttctgagac cagacggtaa ccaaaatacc ttgatattta catcttcagt    101820
     gtggaatgtt aaatctacct ttcccaaaaa gaaagaccac ctcaactaat cagaccattg    101880
     taagtatgca gtacaccttt ttaagatttt gttaaacatc ctgaaatttg tctatatgaa    101940
     tgatcccaaa cttctacact ttggaatact gacctccatt ctttggactc tgtgctttct    102000
     ggtcagccta tccttacact ttgtgcttga ataaactctc tttaaattgt attttgaccc    102060
     tttgattatt ttagattgac gttcggccac cttgaaggga ctcaaagtgc gcctcaactg    102120
     atccctcctg ttatgtcatc gaccaaggct ttggtgccaa gatgaatgcc ttttcattcg    102180
     cccaacttgc aaggactgac aggaatctct gccatggctc ctcttgggtt tcgaatctct    102240
     ctaattttgg tttgagattc agacattatt ttagtgatcc agttccacat ttgatggagc    102300
     tagaattgaa gctctgcttt taaggtagga gtttcacaca cacacaacat tagaatatat    102360
     atattagaat atatccatat atattaaaaa ttctgctgtt catggatttg tgatttttac    102420
     ttttctctaa ggttgcaggt tgcttgttga actacccttc agagtttgta cgtccttttc    102480
     tctcaccaca attttggtca gggaagaaaa tagtttcctt ctctgaaaag aggaggtgaa    102540
     tgtttcatag cataagaaat atttaagaag tatttaagaa ataaatactt tttatttaaa    102600
     aactggctaa acgctgaagc ttggttcatt tggcgtatgt aaagtcactt tatgagtgag    102660
     caaaaccaat gagaaacttt ctttgaggat aaagatgagt cctgggataa gggaaagttt    102720
     tcttctttgc caaaaggaac ctcaagcaat taaggtcttg cagaagtgtt tgacttcatt    102780
     gcttgtaaca tgcgattgag ttcatggctt gtaacatgcg attgtccccc aggtaatctc    102840
     caagaagaac atgcagtgaa gcttgtttac cctggtgggc acataagaag ggttgttctt    102900
     ccagtgccgt aagtgctcat gattcctgga tttagtgagc catgtaaaag agaagaagtg    102960
     acacaagagt gacaccttga ggagtaaacc cccttaagca gcacaccaga tccaaaacat    103020
     ctttcccttt cagtctttgg tcacttgaaa agataatcca tttttttcaa gatggcggac    103080
     tagggacatt ggatgccaga tctccttagg aagaaggtct taagttactg ttaaatggac    103140
     aagttctgaa ctgaaaacag agggaaaaga gccaggacct gtcatcgtgc ccatagaaag    103200
     aagctgaggc atggaaaagg aaagcagcaa gagtctcgca gagatcaacc cccaaggaac    103260
     tcagagccct gtggaaagtg taggtgggag tgcttctctg ctcttctctc ctctgtgaca    103320
     atctactgaa cgcccaactt ttggagagca ccttttcgct tttgacccag ggaaacacta    103380
     ttggtagcta tttgagaact ccccagggac agcaaactgc ttggccagct tgtggaggca    103440
     tgctcacatt gccctcagaa gcaaactgag attgtgggca ccatactgag tgtgcattga    103500
     tggtgctcct accctgactg agaattttct gcccttgagt cactgtacca ccagatcccc    103560
     ccctgctctc actttggcta gcatggctgg tccccaggga gttgtgggac tccctggaga    103620
     tctaaccctt ggggtgggct gcccctaaag gaagaggaaa ggaaacacag cctgccaaag    103680
     cccctcttag gataaagagt atgtgggtgt gggccaactg ctgcaggggc atcattgatg    103740
     actgggaaca aatgttagga ggggtttcat ctcccacctc ccccaccata cactgttgtg    103800
     gatgcaaagg tggtcgtccc tgctagggat ggtgagcatg aactcaagga aagtgctctt    103860
     catggtggca ccacccctac tgaaagtgag cctttgcctg cttccagctt tcatgaaggc    103920
     aaaggcctaa ctccctcatc ctacacagag cagcagcatc ctggcaatgg aggatagacc    103980
     atggagttgc ctgccatgga ctaggggaag aggctctgct tcaggcccca ttttagtgat    104040
     attcatcaga gaggtatatc cacagccccc agccacagtg tggctgggaa ccaaaggatg    104100
     aagcctttat aaacagaagg tcatgggtcc tgtgacaggg gtatcgtagg aaagtggatc    104160
     gcattcctgt cggctcagga tggggatttg cagcacccac cttttctttg cctcaggacc    104220
     tcaatgcatt ccatcataat ctcttcctgg tgtattcagg gcgaatgcat ccattcagca    104280
     ccagccagcc tgccggctct tactcttaag tgctatctac tggacagtag cctgaactgc    104340
     atgagcaaac aaaaaacctg ccaccgcaag ggcttagtgc cagtccatga aataagcctc    104400
     ctgagacttc cacaccctca gccctgcagg agatactgtg tttgccctta cacccaatac    104460
     atagctataa gaagcaacac ctaagaaagc cactgcactg aagctataca caaccaatta    104520
     acctatacag agccttggtc ccctgaaagc acccagagat gaagccacac aatcatatac    104580
     aacatacatg acagccacac cctcaagaga aaaaaataag tttacaaaag tcccatttaa    104640
     atgacagaaa attcaaattt aagaagctac ggctccctca gatgagaggg aatcagcacg    104700
     attctgacag tacaagaagc cagagtgttt tggcaccttc aaaggatcac acagctgcta    104760
     gaaatgaatc ctaatcagac tgaaatgtcc aaaatgacag ataaagaatt c             104811

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