(data stored in ACNUC15260 zone)

EMBL: AL604065

ID   AL604065; SV 7; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 254938 BP.
AC   AL604065;
DT   30-AUG-2001 (Rel. 68, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 22)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-20M18 on chromosome 11
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-254938
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Almeida-King J.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 2933a6b90ef1da337a6ed4a782e0574c.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456158.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000038807; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000054406; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000058275; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000063116; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000070374; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000070375; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000070377; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000070378; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000070379; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0018686; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0018689; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0018691; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0018692; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0018693; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0018694; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0018652; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0018654; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0018655; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0018656; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0018657; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0018659; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0018660; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0018622; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0018623; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0018624; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0018625; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0018626; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0018627; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0018628; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0018629; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0018630; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0018626; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0018629; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0018630; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0018631; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0018632; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0018633; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0018634; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0018439; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0018442; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0018443; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0018444; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0018445; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0018446; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0018447; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0019077; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0019080; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0019082; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0019083; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0019084; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0019085; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0017992; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0017998; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0017999; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0018000; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0018001; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0018410; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0018412; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0018413; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0018414; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0018415; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0018416; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0018417; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0018518; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0018520; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0018521; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0018522; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0018523; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0018524; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0018525; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0018526; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0018508; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0018511; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0018512; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0018513; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0018514; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0018515; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0018516; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0018589; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0018591; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0018592; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0018593; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0018594; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0018595; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0018596; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0018597; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0018534; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0018537; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0018538; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0018539; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0018540; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0018541; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0018542; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0019117; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0019119; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0019120; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0019122; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0019124; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0019125; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0017763; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0017766; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0017769; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0017770; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0017771; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0017772; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0018046; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0018048; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0018051; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0018053; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL604065.7:1-254938; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000047488; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000052254; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000073675; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000076675; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000077794; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000078936; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000080365; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000102521; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000133561; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000141134; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000143976; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000145524; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000205664; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000205790; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000206114; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000206659; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000206743; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000208896; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000213831; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000214048; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000214303; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000214490; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000214769; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000215550; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000216362; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000216722; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000217016; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0030614; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0030619; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0030624; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0030625; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0030627; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0030628; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0030548; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0030552; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0030556; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0030557; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0030561; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0030564; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0030565; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0030529; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0030530; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0030533; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0030537; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0030538; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0030542; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0030543; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0030545; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0030546; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0030546; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0030551; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0030552; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0030556; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0030557; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0030559; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0030560; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0030342; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0030345; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0030346; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0030350; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0030351; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0030353; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0030354; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0031055; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0031059; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0031064; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0031065; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0031067; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0031068; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0030045; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0030054; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0030055; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0030057; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0030058; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0030256; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0030258; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0030259; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0030263; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0030264; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0030266; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0030267; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0030389; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0030391; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0030392; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0030396; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0030398; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0030399; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0030401; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0030402; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0030388; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0030394; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0030398; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0030399; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0030400; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0030402; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0030403; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0030511; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0030513; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0030518; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0030522; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0030523; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0030524; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0030526; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0030527; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0030373; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0030378; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0030379; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0030383; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0030384; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0030386; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0030387; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0031077; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0031081; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0031082; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0031087; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0031090; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0031091; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0029761; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0029766; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0029773; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0029774; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0029776; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0029777; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0029825; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0029828; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0029833; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0029836; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; A0A0U1RP86.
DR   GOA; A0A0U1RQ21.
DR   GOA; A0A171EBK8.
DR   InterPro; IPR000276; GPCR_Rhodpsn.
DR   InterPro; IPR000331; Rap_GAP_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR000725; Olfact_rcpt.
DR   InterPro; IPR017452; GPCR_Rhodpsn_7TM.
DR   InterPro; IPR035974; Rap/Ran-GAP_sf.
DR   MGI; MGI:1333755; Olfr59.
DR   MGI; MGI:1333770; Olfr43.
DR   MGI; MGI:3028623; Rap1gap2.
DR   MGI; MGI:3030236; Olfr402.
DR   MGI; MGI:3030237; Olfr403.
DR   MGI; MGI:3030240; Olfr406.
DR   MGI; MGI:3030244; Olfr410.
DR   MGI; MGI:3030245; Olfr411.
DR   MGI; MGI:3030246; Olfr412.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
DR   RFAM; RF01417; RSV_RNA.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q5SVL6; RPGP2_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A0U1RP86; A0A0U1RP86_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A0U1RQ21; A0A0U1RQ21_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A140LI95; A0A140LI95_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A171EBK8; A0A171EBK8_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-20M18 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..254938
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="11"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-20M18"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    24664..24808
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-221M24
FT                   (AL611937). Assembly confirmed by restriction digest."
FT   misc_feature    71358..71508
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-221M24
FT                   (AL611937). Assembly confirmed by restriction digest."
FT   misc_feature    143452..143491
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    188445..188520
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-421L2
FT                   (AL627348). Assembly confirmed by restriction digest."
SQ   Sequence 254938 BP; 73838 A; 54383 C; 53010 G; 73707 T; 0 other;
     gaattctttt ggattttagg gtgacagggg gaggtgacaa ggaaagtcat ctttcaaaca        60
     tgacatcgac atcatttgtt caagctgtgg ggcagaatct tgcaactggg agagagaact       120
     cttctgacct aggaagtaac tttatggggc tatcaggaac tagtgtgttt ttacaattag       180
     ccacagctgt ctgtagatgc ttgactaccc tcctctcatg gcccaaacaa aggaccttta       240
     tctcagcaag gatgtttggt attcgctctt cccaaggaca gataccagct gccctgggaa       300
     gtgcttagcc atccatcagt gacagtgaca gcctcggtga catggaggcc aagggaggtt       360
     gccgtttgtc tattctcaag ccagcatctg ttgatcccaa gggaaggggt gtcattaggg       420
     agtacctcta tgaagacaga tatagcaata ttctggcacc agatcggttc tctctgaatg       480
     gctagggagg ggtggggatc cctgtcttag ctgcaggaaa gaacaggggt gaggggaagt       540
     tctgcaagtg atacagagat catctcaaat atcagaacta ctaatggtat ccaaaggtgc       600
     tttgcaagaa agaaagcaat cagagttact actcagatat aaagccaatg aacctgaaca       660
     atagtaagaa tggcaagaca cacccaagag tgcagtagtg acatcttgga ggaaaccaac       720
     aactgtataa ttgttcttac gacccactga gggaattttt tttctctttt gtatttttat       780
     tggatttttc tttatttaca tttcaaatgt tatccccttt cccggtatcc ccacccccca       840
     aaaccccatt caccctcccc ctaccagccc actcctgcct ccccaccttc gaattcccct       900
     gcactgaggc atctagcctt cacaagacca ggggcctcaa ctcacattga tacctggcaa       960
     gaccattttc tgctacatat gcagatggag ccatgggtcc ctccatgggt gttgggaact      1020
     aagaagggta agggaaagag gggcaggaag agagcccaca tctggccaga gttccttcta      1080
     tgctctgggc aggcagacat gggaaggctg ccagatactt tccacttggc cctgggttgg      1140
     catctaagac actgacccca ctcgacaggg ggtggacagg ggcagcccct gaaatcaggg      1200
     gtcccggggc aacaccctca gccctgtggt tatgggagag agggctgagg gaaaggttcc      1260
     cacacaggcc agagtcctta gtccagacct tgactggagc acaggaaggc cttccaacag      1320
     gagattaaaa acagcctatt agaggaaagc ctatcccatc atccatgcac agcaggtctt      1380
     ggtgaacaga gacagcctat ggttttagag ctttattata gaaaggcagg gagaaagaga      1440
     gaaggtaaaa gggagagaga aagagactgg tcatggccaa gaggagagaa ggggaaaagg      1500
     agagagagaa gaatggctag agtaagaggg agagagcaag agggagagag agcaagagag      1560
     caagaggaga gtatgaggag aggttagaga gtgaggtggg gccaagcagc ccctcttatg      1620
     gtgttctgtt atctttattg ttgctaggta actgggagga gtctagcctg aaggtcagaa      1680
     gcttgggaca ttatctacat gacaaccagc cacacttctt ctgtggggga tgtggaggcg      1740
     gtaactttga cagaagcctt gagttccagg aaacatgagg gaatgcctac catcccatgt      1800
     aggtgaatta tcaccactcc agggttcaga cctcagcttg actggagagc agactgtcta      1860
     tagactaatg ccccacacat gtgtactcct tggttagtga tttagtccct tggagctctg      1920
     tgggatctgg ttggttgata ttgttcttcc tgtggggttg caaaccccgt cagctccttc      1980
     agtcctttct ttaactcctc cattggagac cctgagctca gtctaatagt tgtctgggag      2040
     catctgcctc tgtatttgtc aagttctggc agagcctctc aggagacagc tatatcagtc      2100
     tcctttcagg aagcacttct tggcatccac aatattgtct gggtttggtg actgtatata      2160
     ggatggatcc ccagatgggg cagcttctgg atggcctttc cttcagtctc tgatccacgc      2220
     tttgtatctg tacttgctcc catgagtatt ttgttcccct ttctaagaag gactaaagca      2280
     cccacacttt ggtcttcctt tttcttgacc actgagggaa tttatgccta gtactatgta      2340
     acaaggttgg taaggtcatg aactctagag gagagcctac tattgcccaa tttctaaacc      2400
     agtggaattt acagcagcat ttaaaattct tagcattgta tccacaaata agtttagctt      2460
     tcacccctca tcaaagaagc ttccctctac agcagacaga ggtcatcaca gaaatacaac      2520
     ttatatatca cagaaatcca caattagtca aactgcagaa aaaaatgact ttagggtgac      2580
     aatatctgtt gatacctcta caatacaatg ccaatatttg aagatcatga aacatcaaaa      2640
     aagagaatta gaaagactat aagacataga ggaccaggat gttgttgtga ggcagtgtct      2700
     tctaggaatg agaactaatt gcttatccaa tcccaggtgg tcagctgtaa acacatatat      2760
     acataagtaa cactaaattg gctctgtaag ttgtatttaa atattcaaat aatgatattt      2820
     gaagatgtca tgaatttctg aaaatatggg aggacacaat tggagtttaa agaaggggaa      2880
     attgcagtga gaatagtgta aatacaggac tcatgtatga aagtctccaa aaataaatat      2940
     taaatgacat aaacaaaaaa aaaatacagg gatgcacaga tctagatgtg cactgtgtga      3000
     taggtgggtc tcatagaaga aaatggagtg ggagcctgta gaatagatgt taagatttag      3060
     atgttcctta gaatgttaca aatgtatatt taaattctag tactctggtt actgtgtggc      3120
     tataagaaaa ttactgaatc actctgaaat taaattcatt aatctgtaaa acatgagaaa      3180
     tataggtaca agagagtcat tggaaggact gattggaatt caatcaaccc aacgtaaagt      3240
     tcttggtaaa tgagcacaat aaatgagata aaagctatta attgttactg ttactaaaag      3300
     tactagtcat tcccttaaag gaaatctgtg ggtattgctg aatggaattg tcatggaaaa      3360
     tctaaaaaaa ggatatcatg cacattcaca gagtaaataa tgataataat aataataata      3420
     ataataataa taataataat aataataata aagctgaggc ccaatgggga taagcagttg      3480
     ctaagaaagg aaaacaagtc tctccatctc acagtcagtg cattacctct ggggtttaaa      3540
     tacataatca gtagactgac aagctgaaga gtattaagat tgtattgcac agctgtttca      3600
     gttctttctt tcctcatctc tattgctaag gctaccaacc tcaaggggca tggcctaaaa      3660
     ccctcagtta ggcgcaattt tacctccctc aacttcctgt tttgccaaac gcagtgattc      3720
     catggcctct cctaggatca ttacacaaat ctcaaggcat ggtccctctg gtattcccta      3780
     acaaggttct aggtggaaac acattttatc cctgaggatt tgctatggtt acaatgggcc      3840
     tctctgactt gctttctttc ttgagtttct ccttcattcc caggcccaac gcagtttctc      3900
     tcctcaacca caagcttaga ggtcagtctg gctgggtcct caaatcctgt ttatagcagg      3960
     catgtaaagt agctatattc tcagtctcaa gaccctgttc agacctagct cagcagactg      4020
     ttcagacttt gggacagcag acagccctta tgcacctgtc tgttaaacta agcttatgtc      4080
     ctatctcctc tatgtgcctg tagataatgt gaaggttagg acaaagacag aggaaaaatt      4140
     gtggatccct actgtgatgt gaagatccac ttgcctcaaa atgatggttt attaggtctt      4200
     ttatctttgg catgatctta tcagttccca acccatccct cattccgtct gactaattct      4260
     gaggccccaa gaggggacca gtatgatgga aaattctcaa gacaaagatg cctccgcctc      4320
     tctttgtctt gctgacctct atatatacat atagcaaatt gttgtcatcc ataaagctga      4380
     atgagtttgt atgttccttg ttttctcaca tcacttctat gaaatcacac tgattcctgt      4440
     ggatcaccag gtgagtattc atgagctttc ctctaacctt aagtcaccag atgggacttc      4500
     atcagcttct ctgactttct tggtcttata gatatgttga tcagtgtgtt attagcaatg      4560
     tagagacttg aagcagatgg taagtcttcc tcaagtgagg tcaagatcag gttcagcagc      4620
     agcaatggtc cttaccagtg atggtcctct caagatccca tgaactacag acatcttgga      4680
     tggtgctggt aggtgacttt acacacacct attctcttgc tggttgagat taaggtaata      4740
     gctatcattc tgtgccatgg tatgactttt aagaggaaaa ttgttattat tgtaaatatg      4800
     aatttttcag ttcatattga aaagtgtttg agagcaagtg ggtctctaga gcttcatgct      4860
     ttaactagaa tcatcacaac tgcaaggaaa cgtgtttttc actcaattgt gccacagtcg      4920
     cttcaagccc ttcaaaatct agcttatcca aattcatagt ggtctcatat aaattatctt      4980
     ttgataattc ttgctaacca ccaatgcatg gtttgggatt tgagggtttg ggttttgttg      5040
     tttatttcta tttttattta gaatttttat ttgttgataa gttcagccat tcatttattt      5100
     gtgtggtagt gcactgatat catgagacca ctaatgtagg ttacaataat gttgccatgc      5160
     tcttgtactc tagcaaatat tactatgcca aggtagccaa aattggttta tttttcttta      5220
     gaaataagaa ggtttttttt aaatcagtga attgtgtcta ttagacaatt gacctgctac      5280
     acgttacaaa catattgata gtcaagcact cccagttcct ttaactgtta tataccacaa      5340
     caacaacact gcatactttt taattatttg ttttattttt aagattacta tataattata      5400
     tcatttgtat ggaggaaagg gaaagttcca atttgtgtgt tcagatagct atgatttaaa      5460
     tttctccaat tcactgagag gtcctgtggt ttttcctcct tgcatgcttc tttaaaggaa      5520
     ctcatgcaga caaagcctag aatcaatgga accactatta ctgaattcat tcttctgggt      5580
     ttggtggaga caccagagct gtggccactt gtcttcatac tcttcctctt ggcttacatg      5640
     acaacagttg gaggtaacct gagcatcctg gcagctgtct tggtggaacc caaactgcac      5700
     actcccatgt acttcttcct ggggaatctg tcagtgatgg atgtggggtg catcagtgtc      5760
     actattccct ccatgttggt tcggctcttg gtccaaaagc atacaattcc atatggagac      5820
     tgcctcacac agctcttctt cttccatctg ctggctgggg ttgactgttt cctgttgaca      5880
     gccatggctt atgaccgctt cctggccatc tgccagcccc tcacttacag cacccgaatg      5940
     aactacacta tacagaggat cttggtggct atgtcctggg cttgtgcctt tagcaatgca      6000
     ctgacacaca cagtagccat atccacactt cacttctgtg gcccaaatgt aatcaatcac      6060
     ttctactgtg acctgcctca gctcttccag ctgtcctgct ccagtaccca gctcaatgag      6120
     ctgctgctct ttggagtggg tttcataatg gcaggaaccc ctatggcact catttttatc      6180
     tcttatatcc atgtggcagc tgcagttctg cgaattcgct ctgctgaagg cagaaagaaa      6240
     gctttctcca catgcagctc tcacctcact gtggttgcca tgttctatgg cacaggcatg      6300
     tttaactaca tgagactggg ttccaccaaa ttttcagata aggacaaagc tattgggatt      6360
     ttcaacactg tcatcaaccc tatgctgaac ccactcatct acagtctcag gaaccctgat      6420
     gtgcaggctg ccctctggag ggtactcaca gggagacggc cagcagcttg aagaggtctc      6480
     aaggtccctt ccacatattt aatttaaaat aacagctgag aataggggtc tccagtagtt      6540
     tcaaatgcta gaacaatttt tcagaactct ttcatcttag aacttaattt aagggatgat      6600
     aattattgtt gcccaaagat catgcccatg tctacatgat ggtgtatata tggatcctcc      6660
     taggtttgcc ctttgaaggt tctaccttta cttagtgtat tttcccttta gctggagttc      6720
     ccagagtatc tcagaaaatg ttcctcttgg gagtcttatt tcttcctcaa gtttcgatac      6780
     ctttggtcta tgtatgcaac ctaacttgag gagaaatggc tcattcctct tatacaactc      6840
     tatatgattc agaggaaatg agagaaattt tgcactctgg tttcatattc cctagtaact      6900
     ggtatctgca tgcagttcac agacctgact gtacatgtca aaactccact cacaagatag      6960
     agacattatg atggaaaaga gcttccctca attatcttcc tcacatttct caactttaag      7020
     tgccacacta ctcaatatta aatttctctg taaattctca ctcttcacct ctaaatccga      7080
     aagatgtaaa tctaagtttc aatgcaaatc acactatgat gacttatcat gtcagtgaaa      7140
     aagtgtggct ctactctaaa atattctcaa tcccattttc tgttaactgg ccaccaatct      7200
     agtcattact taagtgcatc ttcctcctta cacgtttttt agaattaatc tattcttgaa      7260
     agtgctacta tctcattgat acgtctctaa tccataaatc catctaacac tctcatctga      7320
     tctgaatata tgagttagct tctccattat atatgatttg ggtgggtaga ctggaggaat      7380
     gggctaagat agagttggaa agaggacata aatgaaggca gtaggtagag gatttgttgg      7440
     gaaatgcaga taaactatgt ggacatagga gagattggaa tcaaggatca aagggttgaa      7500
     aagaaatagc agaagcatta cagaggttga catgggctcc agggatagaa tagcatatga      7560
     gaaagaatgc aaaaaaatag gtaagatgcc aagaatatgt taaaagattt cagagggata      7620
     aaattggtat gtcagagatg gattctttgg gtgtactatt cttgtgctaa ggtgataact      7680
     agtttttgac agtcctgaag ccattattgt tgtctatcct ctctcccaag aaaaaggtat      7740
     caagaatttt gctgatagtg ctggagtgcc tgagggtaca tctgccattt ctctagccag      7800
     agaggcacct ataaagtcat ggagaaggtc tgccagatga gggaattcaa cagggttagg      7860
     ggatgtactg ggtaagtgtc caacaaagat tgtcactaac accagggtca cattcctgtc      7920
     ttctgattcc tgcctactaa tgctgtccaa agacagagta aacaagggtc ttacttcatt      7980
     atgtttaact catcagacac acttcaggat acacacaatg agcttcgtac aaggatctag      8040
     aaaatgctct cagattgaat tctctgctgt tcacaatttt tttgacctca cacatttttt      8100
     ttttaccatc tcttgacctg tacttggtaa aatgaacaag gaaggctctc tcagtctaat      8160
     atttttggct ctgttactct atgtatctag aaagattctt attctactag tgcagggaat      8220
     ggtcacttct tccaccatca cttctcagca tttaacacta cagcaaaaca tatcccattt      8280
     gactccgaga ccactgagct tcagcctatc accatcttgc ccttcacgcc atacttcaag      8340
     agataatttg cctagtaact caccatagca ccattagtga agtaaaacag agcaacgggc      8400
     atcactatca caaagaagca catcttttat tttttaatgt tttattagat atttcttcat      8460
     ttacatttca aatgctatcc caaaagttcc ctatgccctc cccaagccct gctgccctat      8520
     ccacccaccc ccacttattg gccctgccat tcccctgtag tggggcatat aaagttttca      8580
     agaccaaggg gcctcttttc tcaatgatat ccgactaggc catcttctgc tacatatgca      8640
     gctagagaca tgacctctgg gggtactgat tagttcatat tattattcca cctataggtt      8700
     tgcagacccc ttcagctctt tgggtatttt ctctagctcc tccattgggg gtcctgtgtt      8760
     ccatcctata gatgacagtg agcatccact tctgtatttg ccaggcactg gcatagcctc      8820
     acaagagaca gctatatcaa gatcctttca gcaaaatatt gctagtatat gcaatagtgt      8880
     ctgcatttgt gggtgacttt gggatggagc cccaggtggg gcagtctctg gatggtccat      8940
     cctttcatct tagctccaaa ctttgtctct gtaactcctt ctatgggtgt tttgttccca      9000
     attctactag aaataaagta tccatgcatt gatcttcctt cttcttgact ttcttctttt      9060
     tgcaaattgt atcttgggta ttctaagttt ctgagcaaat atccacttat cagtgagtgc      9120
     atatcttttg tgattgggtt acctcactaa ggatgatatt gttcatatac acccgtttgc      9180
     ctaaaacttt cattaattca ttgtttttaa tagctgagta gtactccatt gtgtaaatgt      9240
     accacatttt ctgtattcat tccacttttg aaggaaatat gggttctttc tagcatctgg      9300
     atattataaa tgaggcttct atgaacatag tggagcatgt gtccatatta ccagttggga      9360
     catcttctgg atatatgtcc aggagaggta ttgctggatc ttccagtagt actatgtcca      9420
     attttctgag gaactgccag actgatttcc agagtggttg tacaagcttg caatcccacc      9480
     agcaatggaa gagtgctcct ctttctccac atcctggcca gcatctgctg tcacctgaat      9540
     ttttgatcct agccaatctg gcttgtgtga ggtggaatct cagggttgtt ttgatttgca      9600
     tttccctaat gatttaggat gctgaacatt ttttcaggtg cttctcggcc cattggtatt      9660
     cctcagttga gaattctttg tttagctccg tgccccgttt ttagtggggt tatttgaatt      9720
     tctggagatc atcttcttga gctctttcta tatattggat attagtcccc tatctgattt      9780
     aggattgata aatatccttt cccaatctgt tggtggcctt tttgtcttat tgacagtatc      9840
     ttttgcctta cagaagcttt ggaattttgt gaagtcccat ttgtcgattt ttgatcttaa      9900
     aacgcaagtc attggtgttc tgttcagaaa tttttcccct gtgcccatat cttcgaggct      9960
     tttccccact ttctcctcta taaatttcag tgtctctggt tttatgtgaa gttctttgat     10020
     ccacttagac ttgagctttg tacaaggaga taacaatgga tcaattcaca ttcttctaca     10080
     tgataaccaa cagtggtgtc agcacagttt gttgaaaatg ctgtcttttt tccactggat     10140
     ggttttagct cccttgtcaa agatcaagtg accataggtg tgtgggttca tttctgggtc     10200
     ttgaattctt ttccactgat ctacgtgtct gtcactgtac cagtaccatg cagtttttat     10260
     ctgtagtaca gtttcaggtc aggaatggtg atttcaccag aggttctttt attgctgaga     10320
     acagattttg ctatcctaag tatttgttat tccagattaa tttgaaaatt gccctttcta     10380
     acactgtgaa gaattgagtt ggaattttga tggggattgc attgaatctg tagattgctt     10440
     tcagcaggat agccatttca acaatattaa tcctgccaat ccatgagcat gggagatctt     10500
     tctatcttct gagatgtgtt tgatttattt cttcagagac ttgaacttct tgccatacag     10560
     atctttcact tccttagtta gagtcacacc aaagtatttt atattctttg tgactattgt     10620
     gaagagtttg tttccgcaat ttctttctca tcctgtttat catttgtgta gggaaaggac     10680
     actaatttgt ttgagttaat tctatattca gctactgcac tgaagctgtt tatcaggttt     10740
     aggagttctc tggtggaatt tttagggtca cttatatata ctatcatatc atctgcaaaa     10800
     agtgatattt tgacttcttc ctttccaatt tttatcccct ttatctcctt ttgttgtcga     10860
     attgctctgg ctatgacttc aagtaatata ttgaataggt aaggagaaag cgggcagcct     10920
     tgtctagtcc cttattttat tgcaattgat tcgagtttct ctccattaaa tttgatattg     10980
     gttactgctt tgctgtacaa ttcttttatt atgtttaggt atgggccttg aattcctgat     11040
     ctttccatga cttttatcat gaatgggtgt tggattttgt caaaggcttt ctcagcatct     11100
     aacgtgatga tcatatgatt tttgtctttg agtttgttta tatagaagat tatgttgatg     11160
     gatttccata tattaaacca tccctgaatc cctgggatga agcctacttg gccatgatgg     11220
     atgatcgttt cgatttgttc ttgtattctt tttgggaaca ttttattgag tatttttgca     11280
     ttgatattca taagggaaac tggtctgaag ttctcgttct ttgttggatc tttgtgtggt     11340
     ttaggtatca gagtaatttt ggcttcatag aatgaattgg gtaaagtacc ttctgtttct     11400
     attttgtgga atagtttgag gaaagttgga attaggtctt ctttgaagtt ctgatagaac     11460
     tctgcactaa acccatttgg tcctgggctt tttttggttt ggagactatt aatgactgct     11520
     tctatttctt taagggaaat gggactgtta aattgtttaa tctgatcctg atttaacttt     11580
     ggtacctggt atctgtctag gaagttgtca tttcaaaatg gttttccagt tttgttgagt     11640
     ataatcattt gtaagaggat ctgatgatgt tttggatttc ttcaggttct gatgttatgt     11700
     ctccatttta atttctgatt ttgttaatta ggatactgtc cctgtaccct ctagttagtt     11760
     tggctaaggg tttatctatc ctgttgattt tctcaaagaa ccagctcctg gtttggttga     11820
     ttttttgaat agttcttttt gtttctactt ggttgatttc tgccctaagt ttgattattt     11880
     cctgccatct actcctcttg agtgaatttg tttcttttcg ttctaaagct tctaggtgtt     11940
     ctatcaggct gctagtgtat gtgctctcta gtttcttttt ggaggcactc agggcaatga     12000
     gttttcctct taggactact ttcattgtgt cccataagtt tgggtatgtt gtggcttcat     12060
     tttcattaaa ctctaaaaag tctttaattt ctttctttat ttcttccttg accaagttat     12120
     cattgagtag actgttgttc agtttccatg tgaatgttgg ctttctatta tttatgctgt     12180
     tactgaagat cagccttagt acatggtgat ctgataggat gcatggaata atttcaatat     12240
     ttttgtatct gttgaggcct gttttgtgac caattatatg gtcaattttg gagaaggtac     12300
     catgaggtgc tgagaagaag gtatatcctt ttgttcaagg ataaaaagtt ctgttcatat     12360
     ctgttaaatc catttgtttc ataacttctg ttaatttcac tgtgtctctc tttagtttct     12420
     gtttccaaga tctgtccatt ggtgagagtg gggtgttgaa gtctcccact attattgtgt     12480
     gaggtgcaat gtatgctttg agctttacta aagtttcttt gatgaatgtg gctgcccttg     12540
     tatttggagc acagatattt agaattgaga gttcatcttg gtagattttt acctttgatg     12600
     agtataaagt gcccctcctt gtcttttttg taactttggg ttggaagtca attttattca     12660
     atattagaat ggctactcca tcttgtttct ttggaccatt tgcttggaaa attgttttcc     12720
     agccctttac tctgaagtag tgtctgtctt tgtccctgag atggtttcct ctaagcagca     12780
     aaattttggg tcctgtttgt gtagccaatt tattagtcta tgttttttta ttggggaatt     12840
     gagtccattg atgttaagag aagtcaaaca aaagtaattg ttgcttcctg tcacttttgt     12900
     tgttaaagtt gggattctgt tcttgtggct gtcttctttc aggattgttg aaggattact     12960
     ttcttgcttt ttctagggtg cagtttccat ctttgtgttg gtgttttctc tttattatcc     13020
     tttaaagggc cggattcatg gtaagataat gtgtgatttt ggttttgtca tgaaatattt     13080
     tggtttctcc acctatggta attgagagtt tttctgggtg tagtagcctg agctggcatt     13140
     tgtgttctct tagggtctgt ataacatctc tccaggctct tctggctttc atagtctctg     13200
     gtgagaagtc tgaaggcctg cctttatatg ttacttgacc tttttccctt actgctttta     13260
     atattctgtc tttattttgt gcatttgttg ttcagattat tatgtgtcag gaggaatttc     13320
     ttttctggtc cagtctattt ggagttctgt aggcttcttg tatgttcatg ggcatctctt     13380
     tctttaggtt tgggaagttt tcttctataa ttttgttgaa gatatttgct ggccctttaa     13440
     gttgaaaatc ttcattctca ttgactccta ttatccgtag gtttggtctt ctcattgtgt     13500
     cctggatttc ctggatgttt tgagttagga tctttttaca ttttccattt tctttgatcg     13560
     ttgtgccaat gttctctatg gaatcttctg cacctgagat tctctcttcc atctcttgca     13620
     ttctgttgct gatgctcgcg tctatggttc cagatttctt tcctaggatt tctatctcca     13680
     gagttgtctc cctttcagtt ttttttctac ttttcttttt agatcttgga tggctttttc     13740
     aattccatca cctgtttggt tgtgttttcc tgtaattctt taagggattt ttgtgtttcc     13800
     tctttaagga cttctactta tttagcagtg ttttcctgta attctttaag gccttctacc     13860
     tgtttagcaa tgttctccgg taattcttta aggccttcta cctgtttagc aaaatgttct     13920
     cctttatttc tttaaatgag ctattaatac ccttcttaaa atcttctacc accatcatga     13980
     gatgcgattt taaatccaag tcttgctttt caggtgtgtt ggggtatctg ggtctcactg     14040
     tggtgggcat gctgggttct gatgatgccc agtggtcttg gtttctgtta gtaagattct     14100
     tacatttgcc attcactatc tggtaatctt tggtatcaat gttctagctg tctctggctg     14160
     gaccttgttc ctcctgtgat tctgttagcc tctgtcagca ctcttgggag ttcaactctc     14220
     acctgagtcc cagtggtcag agcattctct gcaggcaata tctcctctta caaggcaggt     14280
     gtccagaagt ctggagctct gatccacctc ctgagtcctg tggtcagagc cctccctata     14340
     gaccgactct cctctggcaa ggaaggtgcc aggggtctga gtcgcagctt cacctcctgg     14400
     ctgagaatga aggcccgaaa ggaccccctc caagaagctc tgttgcttct gtcgcccatg     14460
     tgctctccca tgatctgaag tcctgggtgt gctaggggtc ctgcagcatg gagagtcgtg     14520
     gagagtcctc tgtggccctc aaagcccttg gctggattca caaggaagac cacagggctg     14580
     gccccaacca gaaaggatcc cagcctctgg ttgtgcagga ttcctttgac cctgttactg     14640
     ctggcacaag accctcctca attctttgga gctgatgttg tgttccactc acccgagatc     14700
     ccaaggtgat tccgaggtcc tgagacacag agagtactct gcagaccttg gtggcctccc     14760
     ccaggttcag gtggaagatc caaagaagca cttctagcat tgaacttact tctctgttta     14820
     caaaaaaaga ttgtgggggt tcttgaacaa tttggaatcc ttttcctttt aaatctatgt     14880
     cctgtttatt tttattccaa actagaaatc tcttcacaat ttaaatttgt taatagccat     14940
     gaaatatatt ctgttgtaaa agttcaattg gtgcagaatg tcaccactgc ctttctacac     15000
     aaggacaatg ttccatacac acgaactcga aaacaatcaa aacatcacat aggtttgcaa     15060
     agaactttcc tcttttacat tatacagttc ctgaaaccag catacaagcc cttcttatcc     15120
     atttttaaat gtacaaaata ttctacttta tatattaact gtgatctact ttaccagctc     15180
     atttatactt ttccttttgt atatgttaat aaccctaaga taatatttat ctgtgttttc     15240
     atactaccac caatggtaaa attcctacag gtaatgtata agtgtggttg ctcccagcaa     15300
     atatgtaaca gacgaatgcc ttttctggcc acagttagag aggatgtgcc taatcctgta     15360
     gagacttgat gccccaggga agaaggcagc ctgtggggca ccctctcaga ggcaaaggga     15420
     aggggtaatt ggatgaagaa ttcaaaaaga gagagaaata tctggaatat aaataaatac     15480
     aacaattaat gattataaaa tactttgaga aacaaaagca aatataaact ttgataagta     15540
     ttttgtattt cttatgaaat tcctaggcca atggatggac ctggagggca tcatcctgag     15600
     gtaacccaat cacaaaagaa ctcacatgat atgtactaac tgataagtgg atattagccc     15660
     agaaacttag aatacccaag atataagata caatgtgcaa aacacatgaa actcaagaag     15720
     aacgaagacc aaagtgtgga cactttgccc cttcttggaa ttgggaacaa aacacccatg     15780
     ggaggagtta cagagacaaa gtttggagct gagacgaaac gatggaccat ctagagactg     15840
     ccatactcag ggatccatcc cataatcagc ctccaaatgc tgacaccatt acatacacta     15900
     gcaagatttt gctgaaagga cccagatata gctgtctctt gtgaggttat gcccggacct     15960
     agcaaacacc gaaatggatg ctcacagtca gctattggat ggatcacaag gcccccaatg     16020
     gaggagctag agaaagtacc caaggagcta aaggggtctg caaccctata ggtggaacaa     16080
     caatatgaac taaccagtag cccccagagc tcgtgtgtct agctgcatat gtaccagaag     16140
     atggcttagt cggccatcat tggaaagggg ggcccatttg tcttgcaaac tttatatgcc     16200
     tcagtatagg ggaatgccag ggccaagaag tgggagtggg ggggtagggg agtggggggg     16260
     ggtatggggg acttttggga tagcatttga aatgtaaatg aagaaaatac ctaataaata     16320
     aaaaatattt aaaccaaaaa tcaaccaact aacaaacaaa cccaaacaac cacacaacca     16380
     accaaacaaa caaacaaaca aaagaaatga gtaaacccaa gccatgtcct ctctggaaca     16440
     cactctcatg gccaaaccct cattgggtca aggttatcct taatttcact gatccctcct     16500
     ttagtgccac ccaatgcttc ctttgcacct ctctccaaca ccatctgtta gctacagtcc     16560
     ctcttaccac tgatacccca tttgctagtg tcctaccccc actaccaacc acttgttcta     16620
     ttaaccatcc aactccccct ttggaaacca aagccaagtt ctctcaacct ttctacacta     16680
     atccccaaaa tcctgttaga gattgtccct cttacaattt gctaaaggcc atcccaatca     16740
     tctatattcc taaaatgttt caatttcaga acccacctga acactctagg aaagactatt     16800
     ctagtatgac agaagctttt caaattttag tctcctcaac acaaccagac tctgctttca     16860
     gattatatct gttccccagt tatccttata aaactaattt aagtttccca gactcctcta     16920
     aagaactttc aaacaaactt caaactagta ctcctgccaa acaacagctt aagttttcat     16980
     gctcatagcc tattcttagg ggtgtgatct ctccccactt ccctggtctt ggggttcctc     17040
     ttctcctaat gtccaatttc ccccctgtat tggctagttt tgtgtcaact taacacagat     17100
     ggagttatca cagaaaaagg agcttcattt gaggaaatga ctccatgaga tgcaactgta     17160
     aggcattttc tcaattagtg attgtactgg ctagttttgt gtcaacttga cacagctgga     17220
     gttatcacaa agaaaggagc ttcagttgag gaaatgcctc catgagatcc aactgtaagg     17280
     cattttctca attagtgatg aagggggaaa ggccccttgt gggtgggacc atctctgggc     17340
     tggtagtatt agttctataa gagagcaggc tgagcaagcc agggtaggca agccaataaa     17400
     gaacatcact ctatggcctc tgcatcagct cctgcttcct gacctgcttg agttccagtc     17460
     ctttgataaa cagcagtatg gaatttaagc tgaatatatt cttttctcca caacttgctt     17520
     cttggtcatg atgtttgtgc aggaataggc aggaatagta accctgacta agacagtgat     17580
     caagggggaa aggctccttg tgggtgggac catctctggg ctggtaatct tggttctata     17640
     agagagcagg atgagaaagc cagaggaagc aagccagtaa agagcaagcc agtaacaagc     17700
     atccctccat ggcctctgca tcagctcctg cttcctgacc tgcttgagtt ccagtcctga     17760
     cttccttggt gatgaacagc agtatggaag tgtaagccaa ataaaccctt acctccccaa     17820
     cttgcttctt ggtcatgatg tttgtgcatg aatagaaacc ctgactaaga caaattcata     17880
     ccagacgtgg ggtattcatg tgacaacctg accatgtctt ggggaagact gtggaaggac     17940
     tttggaactt tgggctagaa gatccattcg gtgtcaagag ctttgtcaga tgttgtgtag     18000
     gagcttgaaa gataatgtcg agaacagtgc agaagatgga ggcctggctt gtgaaatttc     18060
     agagggaaga ttaaagacta ttttaagggc aattgctagt ttgattgtga aggattagtg     18120
     gttctggtta gctagggctg aagaatcagc tgtgattaac aagataccag aacctgaaat     18180
     aaatacctaa taaaataata gccaatatct tttaaaatcc aaagtctttt tacaattaaa     18240
     agtctcttaa ctgtgggctc cactaaaata gtttcttcct tcaagaagga aaatatcagg     18300
     gcacagtcac aatcaaaagc aaaaatcaat ctctaaccat ccaatgtctg ggattcaact     18360
     cacgatcttc tgggctcctc caagggcttg gttcacttct ccaggcatgc catttgtagc     18420
     acatgcatcg tcctctagac tccagatgcc tgtactctac tgctgctgct cttggtggtc     18480
     atctcatggt actggcatct ccaaaacatt gcttaatcct ttcattcctg ggccatcaat     18540
     tgcaactggg gctgcacctt caccaatggc cttccatggc ctctcatagt gctgagcctc     18600
     agctgctctt catgacacct tcaagccttc aaagccagta ccaccagagg ttcttttatt     18660
     attgataaga gtttttgcta tcctaggttt tttgttattc cagatgaatt tgcagattgc     18720
     cctttctaat ttgttgaaga attgagttgg aattttgatg gggattgcat tgaatctgta     18780
     gattgctttt ggcaagatag acatttttac tatattgatc ctgccaatcc atgagcacag     18840
     aagatctttc catcttctga gatcttcttt aatttctttc ttcagagact tgaagttctt     18900
     atcatacaga tctttcactt ccttagttag agtcatgcca aggtatttta tattatttgt     18960
     gactattgtg aagggtgtca tttcttatgt gggtgtagga tttgttctgg atgttttatg     19020
     tctggggata tctggacagt tattgaatta aggggagtca gttggtcctg gatgtttagc     19080
     aatcctttgg cagaagaaaa gtcagagtgt gagaagagag attggattta tggggaatgg     19140
     gtgatcttgg ggtaatagga actggagagt atgaatatag aaatgtatca gatgctgtct     19200
     catttctgat tgtttgtaat ggaaatcaga aggccaacag ctagggcagg aaggaggaag     19260
     gcagaacttc taggaagaaa gagagaggga gggaagagtg gagggaggga gggagggaga     19320
     gagagggaga gagagaggta gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagaaagaga     19380
     gagagaggtg tgattagaga gtgacatgac atggaatgga acagacatgg atctgagcaa     19440
     tgcatgggga ggtatagagc tagccatgtg gcaagttgta gagcagatag ttgggataag     19500
     ttacataagc tagctaagag attgtcccag tcagaggcct gaactttaat ttataacaga     19560
     aggcttcttg tcttattcat tcccctggtg ggtccaaaaa agtcccactg taagtctctg     19620
     ttgctttaat tgacacaaag cacatttaaa tggtaattcc tactaaaatt tgtctttctc     19680
     agatctctga ggacatttat ggctacctgt ggcttcaaca ccagtaaaaa cttgcctctt     19740
     actgtgatac aaacacaaaa taagaacaat gtatggacac tggagttcat tgtaataagg     19800
     atgtaattca agtccctcac atcaccaaag gattttacct ccatagtaga taagctaaga     19860
     gttgacagtt ctgttgcggc aaggaataaa ttgtaggcac aatttttgga tacagatttc     19920
     ctggtatggt caaagctatt tgacttgagt ggttgtcgtc attctcagcc ctcaaggaac     19980
     aggttacatt gatttaagaa atagtgtgag tattaagatg ctctatccaa tgaagtcatt     20040
     aatcaactgt gtcaatgaag aatggttctg cttggagggt ggcacagatg ttaggtgagg     20100
     gtaagattct ggtgcactgg ctgtgatgat tttaaaaagc attcatctca gaataagagt     20160
     aacttataaa gtcctcttct tcaaattgaa acaataatta ttaatatcaa gcaaagcctt     20220
     cgttctcact ctttgcagtt ctcttacaaa ctacctccca aattaattgt ctacgtttct     20280
     ttggctgtat aaataatgtt gaaatatgta agctggtctc ttgtgagact atgccggggc     20340
     ctagcaaaca cagaagtgga tgctcacagt tagctaatgg atggatcata gggctcccaa     20400
     tggaggagct agagaaagta gccaaggagc taaagggatc tgcaacccta taggtggaac     20460
     aacattatga actaaccagt accccggagc tcttgactct agctgcatat atatcaaaag     20520
     atggcctagt cggccatcac tggaaagaga ggcccattgg acttgcaaac tttatatgcc     20580
     ccagtacagg ggaacaccag ggccaaaaag ggggagtggg tgggcagggg agtgggggtg     20640
     ggtggatatg ggggactttt ggtatagcat tggaaatgta aatgagctaa atacctaata     20700
     aaaaatggga aaaaaaagaa atatgtaagc tgttctgaaa accatagtat agtgtaaaaa     20760
     catcaaataa acaatcctac taatagagag gctgagatag gagaagcatg attgcaagac     20820
     cataatgtgg cacacaagac cctgtcatgt aaaaacaagc agaaaatata tatggattgt     20880
     acaacgttgg acctatttct cccattacca aaatagagag accacacttg acagctgaca     20940
     aatttctaat tcctcatatt tttgaatttc aatgtattag gatatgttga taatattaat     21000
     tttcatatta aaagatatta aggaaaagtg attgttactt cctgttaatt tacttgttag     21060
     aggtagaatt atgtttgggt gggtttattg aaagattact ttcttgcttc ttctagggtg     21120
     tagtttcact ccttgtgttg gtgttttcca tctattatcc tttgtaaggc tggatttgtg     21180
     gaaagatgtt gcataaattt ggttttttca tggtatatct tgttttctct gtctatggtg     21240
     attgaaagtt ttgctgggtg tagtagccta ggctggcatt tgtgttctct tagggtctgt     21300
     atgacatctg cccaggatct tctagctttc acagtctctg gtgagaagtc tggagtaatt     21360
     ctgataggtc tgtctttata tgttacttaa ccattttccc ttactacttt taatattctt     21420
     tctttgttta gtgcatttgg tgttttatta tgtggcagga ggaatttttt ggaggggtcg     21480
     agtctatttg gacttctgta ggcttcttgt atgttcatgg gcatctcttt ctttaggtta     21540
     gggaagtttc cttctataat tttgttgaag atatttagcg atcctttaag ttggggatct     21600
     tcactctctt ctatacctat tatccttagc tttggtcttc tcattgtgtc ctggatttcc     21660
     tggatatttt gggttaggag ctttttggtt tttgcatttt ttttcactgt tgtgtcaatg     21720
     ttttctatgg tatcttctgc atctgaaatt ctctcatcta cctctttttt tatttaaata     21780
     ttttattatt acgtattttc ctcaattaca tttccaatgc tatcccaaaa gaaccccata     21840
     acctcccccc tccactcccc tacccaccca ttcccacttt tggccctggc attcccctgt     21900
     actggggcat ataaagttag catgtccaat gggcctctct ttccagtgat ggcctactag     21960
     gtgaactttt aatacatatg cagctagagt caagagctcc ggggtaatgg ttagttaaaa     22020
     atgttgttgc acctacaggg ttgcagatct ctttagctcc ttggatactt tctctagctc     22080
     ctccattggg ggggccctgt gctccatcca atagctgatt gtgagcatcc acttatgtgt     22140
     ttgctaagcc ccggcctagt ctcactagag acagctatat cagggtcctt tcagccaacg     22200
     cttgctagtg tatgcaatgg tgtcatcgtt tggagactaa ttatgggatg gatcactgga     22260
     tatggcagtc tctagatggt ccatcctttt gtctcagctc caaactatgt ctctgtaact     22320
     ccttccatgg gttattgttt ccagttctaa gaaggggcaa agtgtccaca ctttggtctt     22380
     cgttcttctt cagtttcatg tgttttaaaa ttctttctta tatctcgggt atactaagtt     22440
     tctgggctaa tatccactta tcagtgagta catatcactt gagttctttt gtgattgtgt     22500
     tacctacctc aagatgatgg cctccaggtc catacatttg cctaggaatt tcataaattc     22560
     gttcttttta atagctgagt agtactccat tgtataaatg taccacattg tctgtatcca     22620
     ttcctctatt gagggaaatc tgggttcttt acagcttctg gctattataa ataaggctgc     22680
     gattaacata gtggagcatg tgtccttctt accggttggg gcatcttctg gatatatgcc     22740
     caggagaggt attacaggat cctccggtag tactatgtcc aattttctga gaaaccacca     22800
     gactgatttc cagagtggtt ggacaagctt gcaatcccac caacaatgga ggagtgttcc     22860
     tatttctcca catcctggcc agcatctgct gtcacctgaa tttttaatct tagccattct     22920
     gactggtgtg agatggaatc tcagggttgt tttgatttgc atttccctga tgattaagga     22980
     tgttgaacat tttttcaggt ttttctcagc catttggtat tcctcaggtg agaattcttt     23040
     gtttagttct gagccccatt tttaatgggg ttatttcatt ttccggagtc cacccctttg     23100
     agttctttat atatattgga tattagtccc ctatctgatt taggataggt aaagatcctt     23160
     tcccaatctg ttggtggcct ttttgtctta ttgacggtgt attttgcctt gcacaagctt     23220
     tgcagtttca tgaggtccca tttgtcaatt ctcaatctta cagcacaagc cattgctgtt     23280
     ctattcagga atttttcccc tgtgcccata tcttcgaggc ttttccccac tttctcctct     23340
     aaaaatttca gtgtctctgg ttttatgtgg agttccttaa tccacttaga tttgacctta     23400
     gtacaaggag ataggaatga atcaatttgc attcttctac atgataatca ccagttgtgc     23460
     cagcaccatt tgttgaaaat gctgtctttc ttacactgga tggttttagc tcccttgtct     23520
     aagatcaagt gaccataggt gtgtgggttc atttctgggt cttcaattct attccattgg     23580
     tctacctgtc tgtcactata ccagtaccat gcagtttttc tcacaattgc tctgtagtac     23640
     agctttaggt caggcatggt gattccacca gaggttcttt tatccttgag aagagatttt     23700
     gctatcctag gttttttatt attccagata aatttgcaga ttgccctttc aaattcattg     23760
     aagaattgag ttggaatttt gatggggatt gcattgaatc tatagattgc ttttggcaag     23820
     ttaaccattt ttacaatgtt gatcctgcca atccatgagc atgagagatc tttccatctt     23880
     ctgagatctt ctttaatttc tttcttcaga gacttgaagt tcttatcata cagatctttc     23940
     acttccttac ttagagtcac gccgagatat tttatattat ttgtgactat tgagaagggt     24000
     gttgtttccc taattccttt ctcagcctgt ttattctttg tgtagagaaa ggccattgac     24060
     ttgagttaat tttatatcca gctacatcac cgaagctgtt tatcaggttt aggagttctc     24120
     tggtggaatt tttagggcca cttatatata ctatcatatc atctgcaaaa agtgatattt     24180
     tgacttcatc ttttcctatt tatatcccct tgatctccta ttgttggcta aatactctgg     24240
     ctaggacttc aagtattata ttgaataagt agggagaaag tgggcagcct tgtctagtcc     24300
     ctgattttag tgggatttct tcaagcttct caccatttac tttgatgttg gctactggtt     24360
     tgctgtagat tacttttatc atagttagtt atgggccttg aattcctgat ctttccaaga     24420
     cttttatcat gaatgggtgt tggatcttgt tgaatgcttt ttccacatct aatgagatga     24480
     tcatgtggtt tttgtctttg agtttgttta tataatggat tacgttgatg gatttccgta     24540
     tattaaatca tccctgcatc cctagaataa aacctacttg gtcaggatgg atgattgctt     24600
     taatgtgttc ttggattcag ttagtgagaa ttttattggg tatttttgca tcgatattca     24660
     taagggaaat tggtctgaag ttttctatct ttgttggatc tttctctggt ttaggtatca     24720
     gagtaattgt ggcttcatag aatgagttgg gtagtgtacc ttctacttct attttgtgga     24780
     atagtttgtg cagaagtgga attagatctt ctttgaaggt ctgatagaac tctgcactaa     24840
     acccatctgg tcctgggctt tttttggctg ggagactatt aatgactgct tctattgctt     24900
     taggggatat gggactgatt agatcgttaa cttgatcctg atttaacttt ggtacctggt     24960
     agctgtctag aaatttgtcc attttgtcca tgttttccaa ttttgttgag tatagccttt     25020
     tgtagaagga tctgatggtg ttttggattt cttcaggatc tgttgctatg tctccctttt     25080
     catttctgat tttgttaatt aggatgctgt ccctgtgccc tccagtgagt ctagctgagg     25140
     gtttatctat cttgttgatt ttctcaaaga accagctcct cgattggttg attctttgaa     25200
     tagttcttct tgtttccact tggttgattt cgcccatgag tttaattatt tcctgccttc     25260
     tactcctctt gggtgaattt tctacctttt tttctagagc ttttaggtgt gttgtcaagc     25320
     tgctagtgtg tgctctctct agtttctttt tggaggcact caaagctatg agtttccctc     25380
     ttagaaatgc tttcattgtg tcccataagt ttgggtatgt tgtggcttca ttttcattaa     25440
     actctaaaaa gtctttaatt tctttattta ttccatcctt gaccaaggta ttattgagaa     25500
     gagtgttgtt cagtttccac gtgaatgttg gctttccatt atttatgttg ttattgaaga     25560
     tcagccttag tccaggtggt ctgataggat gcatgggaca atttcaatat ttttgtatct     25620
     tttgaggcct gttttgtgac caattacatg gtcaattttg gagaaggtcc tgtgagctgc     25680
     tgagaagaag gtatattctt ttgttttagg ataaattttt ctgtagctat ctgttaagtc     25740
     catttgtttc ataacttctg ttagtttcac tgtgtccctg tttagtttct gtttccacga     25800
     tctgtccatt gatgaaagtg gtgtgttgaa gtctcccact attattgtgt gagttgcaat     25860
     atctgctttg agctttacta aagtgtcttt aatgaatgtg gctgcccttg catttggagc     25920
     atagatattc agaattaaga gttcctcttg gagaatttta cctttaatga gtaagaagtg     25980
     tccctccttg tcttttttga taactttggg ttggaagccc attttatccg atattagaat     26040
     ggctactcca gcttgtttct tcaggccatt tgcttggaaa atttttttcc agaatttcac     26100
     tctgaggtgg tgtctgtctt tttccctgag atgggtttcc tgtaagcagc agaatgttgg     26160
     gtcctgtttg tatagccatt ctgttagtct atgtcttttt attggtgaat tgagtccatt     26220
     gatattaaga gttattaatg aaaagtaatt gttgcttcct tttatttttg ttgttagagt     26280
     tggcattctg ttcttgtggc tgtcttcttt ttggtttttg agggattact ttcttgcttt     26340
     gtatagggag tgatttccat ccttgtattg ttttttttct gttattatcc tttcaaatgc     26400
     tggattcgtg gaaagatagt gtgtaaattt ggttttgtag tggaatactt tggtttctcc     26460
     atctatggta attgagagtt tggccaggta tagtagcctg ggctggcatt tgtgttctct     26520
     tagtgtctgt aaaacatctg tccaggctct tctggctttc atagtctctg gtgaaaagtc     26580
     tggtgtaatt ctgataggcc tgcgtttata tgttacttga cctttctccc ttactgcctt     26640
     taatattctc tctttattta atgaatttgt tgttctgatt attatgtgtc gggggggaat     26700
     ttcttttctg gtccagtcta tttggagttc tgtaggcttc ttgtatgttc atgggcatgt     26760
     cattctttaa gtttgggaag ttttcttcta taattttgtt gaagatattt gctggccctt     26820
     taagttgaaa atcttcattc tcatcaactc ctattatccg taggtttggt cttcctattg     26880
     tgtcctggat ttcctggatg ttttgagtta ggatcttttt gtgttttgta ttttctttga     26940
     ttgttgtgcc gatgttctct atggaatctt ctgcacctga gattctctct tccatctctt     27000
     gtattctttt gctgatgctc acatttatgg ttccatattt ctttcctagg gtttctatct     27060
     ccagcattgc ctcactttgg gttttcttta ttgtgtctac tttcctattt aggtctcgga     27120
     tggttttatt caattccatc acctgtttgg tcgtgttttc ctgcaattct ttaagagatt     27180
     tttgtgtttc ttctttaagg tcttctacct gtttagctgt gttctcctgt atttcaagtg     27240
     agttattaaa gtccttcttg atgtcctcta ccatcatcat gagatatgct tttaaatctg     27300
     ggtctagctt ttcgggtgtg ttcgggtgcc caggactagg tggggtggga gtgctgcgtt     27360
     ctgatgatgg tgaatggtct tgatttctgt tagtaggatt tttacgttta cctttcgcca     27420
     tctggttatc tctggagcta gttgttatag ttgtctctgg ttagagcttg ttcctcaggt     27480
     gattatgtta gcctctatca gcagacctgg gagactagct ctctctttag tttcagtggt     27540
     cagagtactc tctgcaggca agctctcctc ttgcagggaa ggtgcccaga tatctggtgt     27600
     ttgaacctgc ctcctggcag aagttgtgtt ccactcacca gaggtcttaa gatcccatgg     27660
     agggtcctgt gggggacctt gtgggtgtct ggagactctg cgtgcaagga accccagtgc     27720
     tggcatggac cgaaagggac ttgtgaccct gatcaggccg ggttatctgc ttccctaatt     27780
     aatgaagtct caggtgccat gcaattggat tggagcagat gctgtgttcc actcaccaga     27840
     ggtcttaaga tcccgtggag gatcctgtgg ggttccttgc tgttgtccgg ggactccgcg     27900
     ggcaaggaac cccggtgctg gcgtggaccg gaagggctct catctatctc ttgtattttg     27960
     ttggtgatgc ttgtatctat gactcctgat ctctttccta gattttctaa ctccagggtt     28020
     gtctcccttt gtgaattctt tattgtttct agttccattt ttagatctta gatggttttg     28080
     ttcctttcct ttgcctattt gattgtgttt tccagtatgt ctttaaggga gttttgtgtt     28140
     tcttctttca ggacttctag ttgtttacct gtgttctcct gtatttcttt aagggcatta     28200
     tttatgtcct tcttaatgtc tgatctggca gagttcctgt gtgcctgggt tcaacgggtc     28260
     ccagttactc ccgatgttgg gacagatgtt gttgtcctcc tcacctctga tcctctgatc     28320
     ctgggcattt ggagtgcctg ggagtggagc tgcctcacgg tgttgtaggg ctgtatgttc     28380
     ccaaggtctg ctcagggcac cggcccagac aaactggtga aaattattgt ttttaaacct     28440
     ctgctattta cagaatgctt tctatgaaga tttgaagttc ctaatgtatt gccaattaat     28500
     aattgatcta tatcctcatt tcctagtgcc aatggtcctg gcaaatctgt atgagattga     28560
     atgtggttta tttataatag attatctctg tttctaattt cctgttatcg ttatataaat     28620
     aacaaagtta agtttgaatc atctggatta aattcagcag tttctatatg caaaacaact     28680
     cttaaaacta atgcctctgg aaatttaaac agcattagta ctttatgaat tgattgtatt     28740
     tgattttgca ctagaatttt agcttgccca atgttttttt cacccatgaa ggaatcattg     28800
     atgatgaatt atttccccta ctaggaaatg aaaaatgaaa gggaccttga atattgagtt     28860
     attcccacta acaaagaaaa acaaaaacat ttaaacaaaa accaagcaaa gaaacaagaa     28920
     cattgtaagt tctgtgccag ctgtggtatc tcatgctgct gcagcagggc cctgcccatc     28980
     acactttgaa ttcaggtgtt gttgctccat ggtagtgagc ccttaggaga agttgctgac     29040
     aggcacctta tacccagaga gctctgagtt ccagctacca tcaattctac ttttttctat     29100
     gaggaagagc atttttcttt tatctcttcc tacgacttgc aatttagcac tccctctctg     29160
     ttctctcctt agctatgctt gcttgagtct gatctttctt agagagggca tagaaaactg     29220
     caatcattac tgaacatatt atacctagtt ccatgacagc aacaactaaa atgaagctat     29280
     atggagtcga agtatcttct tccaaagtgt ttccattttt taacatggaa agtatttttt     29340
     atcattatta ttattaatca ttccatttat ttacatctca tatgatatgc cccttcatgg     29400
     ttacccctcc tcaaccccct cattccatat ctgccctttg ccccctcccc tttgccccta     29460
     tgagggtgct ctcccaccca cccactcctg ccacacctac tctggggcat cagtcctcta     29520
     tgggatcaag ggcctccccc cccattgatg tcagacaagg tcatcctttg ctacatatgt     29580
     atctagagcc atggatccct ccctgtacac tccttggttg gtgggctaga gagatggttc     29640
     agcagtttag agcactgact gctcttccag gggtcctgag ttaaattccc agcaaccacg     29700
     tggtggctca caatcatctg aaatggaatc tgatgtcctc ttctggtgtg tctgaagaca     29760
     gctacagtgt actcacatat atagaataaa caaacaaatc ttttttttta agtattttct     29820
     tttttaacat ctctcttttc tttgtttgga gattttactt tattatttaa agttaacatt     29880
     tctttctaca gctgtccaca agagatttct ttcctttctt cagtgtctac atacatacat     29940
     aaaaaaattt acccatttct ctttctctcc ttcttttgga tatttaatat ccaaacttta     30000
     atatttattt ctgtacctaa atctctctac actctgtcct ctgataatta ctcactccaa     30060
     catacattac tggttcagaa gtcctctact ggtgtctttg ctgaagattt ctgggcttct     30120
     aaattctgtc tcttgtgtac ctgcagctca cattaagttc cagcagccag ctatagggcc     30180
     tgccaaagag agaggtactg agactccagt gcctgcccac tgtgatggct gttcagaggc     30240
     ataactctcc catgggcatt gcctgtggcc atcaggttct tggcttcttg ttgcatgttg     30300
     gtatgcttat ggtttctgca aaacagcctg tcagatagct cgtctaactt agcctgagta     30360
     tctagcctat gacccaccac atgactaact ctatcccttc ctctgctctt ctctgatcca     30420
     tgcctgtccc tttctgtgtt cctctctgaa cctctcactt ctgcttcctt ctccttaggt     30480
     cactctcttc cccagaaatt ttgccccctt tttcctgccc tagtttttga ccatcagatt     30540
     tcattacaac caattagcag caagacaata tccgattcac ttctaaattg cctttagatg     30600
     gtgaggaagg atgaatattc acaaaataaa aaaccgagtg attgactata gaaatgataa     30660
     taccaaaaat cctgccagca cttagctctc tgccagaatt aataatggaa aatacagaga     30720
     cacactttca cacaatgtga tgaattgtta ccccaacaga cttagttgac acttatgtat     30780
     gtcattgaag aagcagttgg tcttcaactg tcacccaaga gaagcaatta atcttcagtt     30840
     gttgcatata tcagtggaca gttgcttggc tatcagactc acatctgagg aatttttttt     30900
     cctgtggggg aagaacttag aacaagtgac attactttga tgtggccaaa tacaccagtc     30960
     caaattttgt gtaggttccc agtggcaggt gtagtgtagt gggcagtttt cccagtggtc     31020
     acacccagat gaaatcacca gtgagatgta ccatctgtct gctttggaaa aaacttctta     31080
     aggttttagt taggatattt agtggcacta tgaaccccaa gtgttattta ctgaaaaaga     31140
     tctgttttta gtttgtagta taactatacc tttaatccaa gagttttctg cttgaatatt     31200
     gtaaatagga ttaagtaaag tcaactgtag atcaagaagc tgagcaagta accagttgac     31260
     aagaggtgaa cataggatta ttaagattaa aaccatagag agtaagggga agtcaggagg     31320
     aaggataaag agagccacag gaattagaaa gtgcaaggga gggggacatt cagattgaag     31380
     gatttttttt ttgagacagt gtgagaaagg ggatttatgg tgggatgttg gctgaggagg     31440
     aaggtcagct ggctgcttct tctgcctctc tgagctgtca ggctttcacc ccagcatctg     31500
     gttcccaagt cttcatggga aaattgagtg attgagattt tgttaaaggg aagtttctta     31560
     ttgaacattt taaatgccat atgcagcaga tctctgagga gtttgagaat caagtattta     31620
     ttaagcatac ctgattaggc ccaaccttga aaatatatag agaagcaaaa taaagcttat     31680
     ttctgtaaac catgaatata gtgaactttt accattacag aatatacaaa atataacagg     31740
     tttgctttta gttttgtttg tttgtctggg ttttggggga agggttggtt tggattggtt     31800
     tttgtttgat tagatttaag ctgaaagtgt aatatccata aattcaagac taccctgtac     31860
     cgtctccctt caaaagaact ttccaaactg tactagcagc ccaagtacag agccagataa     31920
     aaagctggct gactaaacaa atatagaaac atagttttaa cggtcaaaaa caagatcaac     31980
     aatttccctg cccttcctca ctctaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagacaa agacagacaa     32040
     aataaaagtc accctataga aagcaaccaa tgtctaaaaa ggttattggc tataccaatt     32100
     aaaataaggc aaactaccct ggtgcctata accggccctt acaaaagtat aaaaagtatg     32160
     ttctttcttt gttctgggtc tctcctctgg cctgcatgct gagaggggat tccccaacat     32220
     gctggataag taaaatcctc atgcattttg caactatggc agtctctgtg ctctttttgg     32280
     ttgagggttt tttgacaagc tattacaaaa gcactgtaac tatagggaat agctatgttg     32340
     gaaaagttgt tgtggaataa ggttgagaga tgcagggttg tagagaatct ggcttccaga     32400
     agaaaggagg aagagatgcc aatgatggcc tcagccttaa cagttccggt agaaccagtc     32460
     tgacataaag aaaccatatc tcaaaacaaa cgaacaagaa agatgtgaat tatggaataa     32520
     aaatgtatcc ttgtataggg tgaaggacaa ataatctgat ccagtggccc caacttcacc     32580
     tcaggggtac tgatgtgagc tttagtttaa aaagatgaac cgagttagaa aaagaagagg     32640
     ttgtgtagtt taccaatcag gggtactgat gtgagcttta gtttaaaaag atgaactgag     32700
     atagaaaaag aagaggttgt gtaatttagc aatcctggac aagagatggt cttactcttc     32760
     acttgttcat ctctggtttt ccatggtgat gcaataaatg gtccatcagc tgtccttacc     32820
     caagaggagc agttttgttc ctgtaagatt atctttgatc ttcatgccac aattgataac     32880
     atcaagaata aaacaataac ttgtggggca ttgggctata catagacagc ctggtctcca     32940
     gtcgagctga gatctgagcc ctgggacccg gtggtgataa ttcacctaca tggaacagta     33000
     ggcattccct catgtctcct ggaactcaag gcttcggtca aagttaccgc ccccacagcc     33060
     cccacagccc ccacagcccc cacagccccc atagccccca cagcccccac agcccccaca     33120
     gcccccacag tccccacagc ccctacagcc cccacaggag aagcatggct agtagtcacg     33180
     tagacaatgt ccaaagcatc tgaccttcag gctagaatcc tcccagttac ctagcaacag     33240
     taaagataac attccaccat aagaggggct gcttggcccc accctactct ttaatcctct     33300
     tactctcttc tctcctcttg ctctcctcac tctatcctct cactctctct tcctcttgtt     33360
     ctctccctct tactctagcc tttcttctct ctctcctttt cccctttctc tcttcttggt     33420
     aatggctggt ctctctttta ccttctctct ttttccctgc ctttctacaa taaagctcta     33480
     aaatcataga cagtctctgt tcaccaaggc ccactgcact tagacaatgg gatatgcttt     33540
     cctctaatga gctgcatcta atctcctgtc ataaagcctt cctgtgctcc ggtcaaggac     33600
     tctggcctgt gtagaaacct ctctccctca gccctttctc ccataaccct gggaccgagg     33660
     gtgttaccct gggacccctg gtttcagagg ctgccccttg tccaccccct gctgagtgga     33720
     gtcagtggct tagatgtcca cccagggctg agtggaaagc agccaagtgg aaagcgtctt     33780
     gcagccctcc cacgtctgcc tgcccagagc atatgaggaa ctctagccag atgtgggctc     33840
     ctcctttccc cctctttccc ctgcccccct ttagttccta acaataactt aaatgaaata     33900
     actttaatga aactcattga gtctccaaga ggagacaaga aagtagaagg aagattagtc     33960
     aggaagaggg agatgagcag gagtgggacg gcggggaaaa agaaagtaaa tgcatgctgt     34020
     atacatgtat gtgtggaaat gtcatttctg acacagggcc agagtgagaa tgaaaatgtg     34080
     taacatagaa acaaaaatac taggccttta ggcccaggct tgagaatgtg acctttgtga     34140
     ctcaatgctc caaggcatgc taatcataaa acaaatagtg acattcttcc acccacccgt     34200
     ttccttggtt cagagagtgt ttgctcaaaa aagaggttac cctgaccatt gctggaacct     34260
     gctatgcaaa tgtgttattg ttagaggctc atagaaactg tcttgggaaa taaccacaca     34320
     attaccaggt atttttcctt gtgactccca cttcctcatg actcttgatt ggtattttcg     34380
     gtattttcca ataacgccct ccccaccccc ttgagttgtg ttttttcctt taaacacccc     34440
     cttctcagct actcagggtt ccacggctct ctacccctgt gtggtgtatt attgtgggcc     34500
     ccagagcatg cctgaaataa aaagtcctct cacggtttgc atcaaggcca tttcttgtga     34560
     gcgatttggg gtgtcacctc tcctgagtca aaacgtggtg ggaggggtcc tcactttgtg     34620
     ggtctttcaa gaactagtat caaaacacaa taataaacaa taaaaataaa ctaaaaccta     34680
     atattgtgtg attactatat gaaaacaaat aagcatttta aagagaacca agttggatgg     34740
     ctcctgagta acaaagagca gatggccaag tgtggtccat gagagttcct taaaacacag     34800
     acctttgcac tatgtccagt aacacacaaa gaacactgag gctttaaact atcaccacag     34860
     gcttttagtg tctataatgt tattctactc tcagcctatt attgggttcc tttctgtgga     34920
     actactgttc tgttaaagct gcattttccc tctcagcatt tcttgttggt gtgagtctct     34980
     gttttttagt attcctttca gaaataaatc tgatgtctat cttgtgtgtt catttatttt     35040
     gtggagtgta aattctaacc acattactta tttaagtcat ttctatgctt attaaatgca     35100
     gtctgctgtt tcattttcat ctatatttct tcatgatgtt atcattcttt tcaaggtcag     35160
     ctcatttttt gttgctcttg gtaacttatt tttgactgga ctcagagtta gaagtagaag     35220
     ctcttgggag gacactgaaa atacataaaa cattaaaact tctaaacatt agaagactaa     35280
     agcactattt cttctatgcc actaaataat tccttccttt tcatagatac tcaggagata     35340
     caaacacaga agagttactg agaaggatat caaaactcct aaatgtatta atatttagga     35400
     taccatgata tctgtgtctg atgatccatg ggcctgacat gagaccacaa tctagataga     35460
     gaacagctag taacagagcc agaagtatgg tgtgatctct gatatatcta gaaaaatacc     35520
     atttaaaata tttcaatatt tattatatac acagataaag gaagtagaga tctgtcacat     35580
     gacaatccat aaaataggag gtgaatatgt agtaaatcct atatagattt atacagaaat     35640
     aatagaataa taagggagtt gagaatttgg ctcagtgtta gagtacttct caagcaagta     35700
     caaagcctcc agtttagtcc tgacctctga aaaaaataca agtggtaaaa tgaattgata     35760
     tatcctaact gttaattatg tgctatgcac tattttaata catataattt taaagttcat     35820
     actattttag gaattacata caattcattc aatcatgatg gtgtgttaat tcttattact     35880
     gttttcattt caatggtata taaaataagt aagcaaatat tggcccaagg caagtacaac     35940
     taatattcat caaagtcagc aagtggtaag ccaatctggg ctcacaggca ttcaccacca     36000
     ctttctgtag aaggctgtga gctctctgcc acaagaggta caaaaatcac aggacaacat     36060
     caatcattag agttgctgta aaggtagcat atgcatgcaa tgctctgatg acttagactc     36120
     tttccatctc tcagaatcta gaaaatatgg atacctgctc tcagcatgct acattaaaga     36180
     aagcatagat tgtataaatc tacattatag aaagcactct aatgcttctc tggccaactc     36240
     ctagtgaaag atgcattgtt attctctttc ttagagacac tagacagcag aaagacctat     36300
     gaatacctat gcagaaatac caagatctca atgccaggct ccttacaact cccacatggt     36360
     ggttcctaat agagtctgaa caacagaggt aaggagatcc caacagagag ggtggaatag     36420
     gtcagcctag agcttgaacc ttggagacaa gctctccagg aaactccaaa tcactcttga     36480
     gagccagtgt tccctaaagg cacatgagga ggaatttcca tgggcatcaa caattactgt     36540
     gacttgaatt tgaatgaaga cctgggagaa tggtgtttca agagaatata taacctgctg     36600
     gcaaattccc aatcttctct ctgctaaggt ctatccagct gtaatttgag agatccttcc     36660
     ttttcagact ccagccagga catcactttt tgttccttct gctcatgggc cagaaactag     36720
     aacccatcta aaacacagca ctactatgct tctctgcatc atgcctctcc cccaaaagga     36780
     atgctagtag gtgctagatc agctgctggg acactttaca gtaatacctg atcaggtaga     36840
     actgagtact ctgaagctcg tatctgtgac tgtggcttta agcaacagag caccaatgag     36900
     tgcatcattg tcattgtttc ctattactcc cacaaagttc ccacaaggta agttaaatta     36960
     tcacattttt ttttctctta gaggtctgtc atcaggtgaa atgaagtgcc aaagtcacaa     37020
     agtagcaagt actgggcaca aatattacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacatca     37080
     catcacagag agaggggagg gagatggaag gaggtatgtg cacatagata agaaagaaag     37140
     agggaattct aaagtaaata tacaaaaaag taacagaaga agacgtttaa aacaaaaaca     37200
     acaaaaacct tcctggaatt aaaaaataat aataagggaa gcagaagtca ggtatgacaa     37260
     gggtcacctt tattctcagc actgggaaga cagaggcaag tcctctgtgc agctcctgag     37320
     cactgggatt acaggcatgg gccagcactc tcactttagg gagtactgaa aagatggagc     37380
     ctagggcttt gggaacccta ggccatcagt ctcaccctag aatatgcatt ctcaagacat     37440
     gtcagacaaa aggcagtgta agagaatctc atctgaccac atttttccta gctccagcca     37500
     tttatacagg accaagcaag agcatctgtg ctcttgcaag taatattgtc tgttctctgt     37560
     cgtgtggata ggcactcata caagcatatg gtttcaggga agagctacaa agacaccttc     37620
     tgccccacac acatcacaga aaggatatgt gtgtcatagt aggtagagga caactttcag     37680
     aagtcagttc tctttctaac atgtagatgc atgactgaat caagttataa gtcctggaat     37740
     cagacacctt taccaattga tccatctcac cagtacttct ctagattcta cctatgaggt     37800
     caggtctgtc cttgcttata attttctctt cttttatttt atatatttca attgtatgtc     37860
     tattgatgtt tggctatgtg tatgtctgtg tgaaggtgtc agatcccctg gaattggagt     37920
     tacagacatc tgtgagttgc catgtagatg ctggaaattg aactcttgtc ctctggaata     37980
     gcagctagtg cccttaacca gtgagtcatc tctccagctc ctcaaacttt attttttatt     38040
     gtaactgatt gcaaatcaca tgttgccaca ttccttagac acttcacaga tttccagtgt     38100
     ttgcattaag caaggacttg gcacttctgt ctccagacat atgagtggaa tctgcatcca     38160
     ctctaataat tcctagtatc taattagaaa caacacttgc atgggaccaa agtcatacat     38220
     attgcctaac ccactcaagt ctaggctttt tcctgttccc tagccagtgc tatatcctct     38280
     tccctagatg aaggtacaga gcatattttg cctgatgtgt tacttcagtg atttgcctga     38340
     tgcacttgct acagttgcct ggaaaaggca tcacatttcc tacctcagta actattatcc     38400
     ccaactcttg cctaagcact caatccatgt tttcccttgc acacttctaa accagcctat     38460
     gccatctatc gccgctaatg gatactatta attgtcatgc aaaacgcatc aagcaactga     38520
     acaccaggca agttactgat actaacattc atgacttaca ctcattcttc accaaagccc     38580
     ttctagggct tcagcatttt atctgtgaag attgatccac actaaagaca tcatctaata     38640
     cctttttgtg ttgaatgata caatggtttg atatttgcac aatctcatct aaacattaca     38700
     aacatgtgtc ttcagtcttg agaaagtctc tctctctaaa gtaggttggt tcagaaagga     38760
     agaatagaca taagaaaaaa gagtagttgt gagagatggg catgagactg agtggctgga     38820
     aggactgcag agtaattgcc agtctgcagg agacagctga tgttcagctg cagagataag     38880
     ggagaactgg gagttcatgg agcaaagtat ctgagaagat actcaagaat aggaggactg     38940
     acctgacacg taggtgctgt tttatgagta ataagacaga tatagacaca tggaaattat     39000
     atggaccaga aagtattgag aaatgctcat tttatgggtt tagggttctc aatgaacagg     39060
     aaagtaaggt ccaaccctct ggaacagtgc tcagatggct gtcacagaga gttggaagag     39120
     ggtgggaacg ttttgggagg atatccatgg acaactggga atttggtgaa gagtgtgaag     39180
     ggtccaagtg aaatcaggta tcaagagttc tagttctgac ttttcatgat ttctccactt     39240
     tgtaggtgtg agagagaaga gtgaatgaat gaaatgttgc cctaggatgg catttttggg     39300
     gaacagtcat aaccatcaca ttgtttataa gggatatgtg aaggtgctga aactggactg     39360
     tttctgaaat gcaccaaaaa cgtgacaaac tagattatgt gttgaagacc aggtttatag     39420
     gaaattcata acctggagag gaactcctgg taattaaata atggtacaaa agatcatcta     39480
     agctattctg cttcttcttg cctatgtctt tcttccatta gtcctgtctc acttgaggtg     39540
     gagagctctg gatccaacac ccactgtggc tcgatccatc tcttcatcct tcacctctct     39600
     acaaggaata cttcctctat tacctctgag agatatggtt gaaccactag attcctggtc     39660
     atactcagaa ctgaatcatt cccaaacctg tagtctcttt atttcaagtg catttatgtt     39720
     ataaggatgg tatttaaaat accagaacaa ccagataatg atatgataaa aatctaacat     39780
     atagacttaa tacataggat atgaatttgt ttgaccaaat tttgagtaaa tattgaagac     39840
     acatttgtca ttttctttct gtgcaaaatc ctctttttct gctgagatag gagaagcata     39900
     atttcaagac aactatgtgg cacacaacaa aaccctgtca tgtaaaaaca agcagaaaat     39960
     gtatatggat tgtgcaatgt tgaacctatt tctcccatta ccaaatgaga gagaccacta     40020
     gatgacagct gaccaatttc taattcctca tatttttgaa tttcaatgga ttagaatatg     40080
     ttgataatat taattttcat attaaaaaat attaaggaaa agtgattgtt acttcctgtt     40140
     aatttacttg ttagaggtag aattatgttt gggtgggttt attgaaagat tactttcttg     40200
     cttcttctag ggtggtttca ctccttgtgt tggtgttttc catctattat cctttgtagg     40260
     gctggatttg tggaaagatg ttgcataaat ttggttttgt catggaatat cttgttttct     40320
     ctgtctatgg tgattgagag ttttgctggg tatagtagcc tgggctggca tttgtgttct     40380
     cttagggtct gtatgacatc tgcccaggat cttctagctt tcacagtctc tggtgagaag     40440
     tctagtgtaa ttctgatagg tctgcattta tatgttactt gaccttttcc cttactgctt     40500
     ttaatattct ttctttgttt agtgtgtttg gtgttttgat tattatgtgg caggaggaat     40560
     tttggggggg tcgagtctat ttggacttct gtaggcttct tgtatgttca tgggcatccc     40620
     tttctttagg ttagggaagt ttccctctat aattttgttg aggatattta ttgacccttt     40680
     aagttgggga tcttcactct cttctatacc tattatcctt agctttggtc ttctcattgt     40740
     gtcctgtatt tcctggatgt tttgggttag gagctttttg gtttttgcat tttctttcac     40800
     tgttatgtca atgttttcta tggtattttc tgcatctgag attctctggt ctatctcttg     40860
     tattttgttg gtgatgcttg tatctatgac tcctgatctc tttccttgat tttctaactc     40920
     caggattatc tccctttatg atttttttat actttctagt tctattttta gatcttagat     40980
     ggttttgttc ctttcctttg cctgtttgat tgtgttttcc tgtatgtctt caagggattt     41040
     ttgtgtgtgc ctatttaagg gcttctagct gtttacttgt gttctcctct atttcttaaa     41100
     gagagttatt tatgtccttc ttaatatcct ctatcatcat catgagaagt ggttttaaat     41160
     atgaatcttg cctttctggt gtgttggggt atccaggact tgctatggtg ggagaattgg     41220
     gttctgatga tgccaagtaa ccttggtttt tgttgcttat gttcttatgc ttgcctcctg     41280
     caatctagtt atctctagtg atacctgccc tgactatatc tgactggaga ctgtccttcc     41340
     tgagatcctg gttatgtcgg aagacagagc ctgtagcaga ctgaaaggca attttcttat     41400
     ttattaatcc tcctttttta ttggataatt tctttattta catttcaagt gttatccctt     41460
     tccccgattt ccctctttcc tggaatcacc ctatcccatc ctccatccct ctgcttctat     41520
     gagggtgttc atccacccac ccacccaatt ccacctccca tcctttattc ctctacactg     41580
     gggcatctat tgagccttca caggaccaag gaactctctt cccattgatg catgccattc     41640
     tctgctacat atgcagctgg agccatgtgt actcctttgt tgatggctta gtccctgaga     41700
     gttttgggag gtctggttgg ttgatatggt tgttcttctt atggggttgc aaaccacttc     41760
     gactccttcc tttccaggtt tcctatataa cagtcatgtc ccagttcgtt tttcttggat     41820
     gcatgcactg gagtttctct agaagccaat taggaggcac atttgctgag ctgaggatat     41880
     gtgatttagg gcttccttac atatgggctc attacataaa tgccagtgtt catttttcat     41940
     ttctttgcaa tacttgaaac tctcagagtt tatttatctg ctccatttag ttaactttta     42000
     gcttttaacc atctagttaa ctatcatttt tccattttgc ttactaatta cactagtttc     42060
     tgctttgtag tttgcctaga caacaatata gaaccaagac actgaatagt gcctgttggg     42120
     tggtggtaga tggcctgggt tgatttagaa gtgagcaagg gaaagcatgg actgggtgct     42180
     taggtgagag ctggaggcta atggttactg aagtaggaaa agtgatgact tttccaggtt     42240
     tcctgctctg tttggggttc tgttctaaaa atgcatagga tcccacagtt tgtcaactat     42300
     taatattttg tggaaatgtg tatgacagat tcctttagtt aacccagggt atgcctttcc     42360
     cttttatttt tacgtacaga ggtttcaaaa cggtcaaagt ttatgataag ttttcttggc     42420
     tttgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatgtgtgta tacaatttga     42480
     cctatttgaa gatggtagct actaccttaa tttcatagat attttctgta tttttcacag     42540
     tttgccattc actattaata ttttatggat tctctctaaa atttactttt aatatctagg     42600
     tagtaaactt tcttatgatt agctgcatat catatgcctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     42660
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctcccagtc aactaggcaa ttctgcttgt cacctctctg     42720
     ccaatactca gccagtatgc tgaaagagca cccagtgctc ttaactgcag ggccatgtct     42780
     ccagtccaca agatagtttc tttatgagcc aaacatgaga gccatggtca tgaaacatag     42840
     atttaggttg ttacaaataa catgtttcac catagaaaaa gctacataaa cttttattaa     42900
     ttgcagaaca aaaataacat aagttaatgt atttaccaag tgtactaatg gggagtatag     42960
     gtaagcatat cgcagcaaag cacagaaaac cctgttctag gtttcacatg acaatctctg     43020
     cttttgaatt catggaaagg agtctcttga gaatgtattt cagatgtgtt ctttttatca     43080
     aaaaaatatg tcaaacatag gattctttag ctagttttaa atgtcttttg ttgcaataac     43140
     ttctcaattc ctcaacactc tccatgacta ttttaaatga ggactttttc atgaaactat     43200
     attttctaat atacttttgt agaagtataa aaacaagatt tttaagtact agtttagaac     43260
     aaaccaacaa acaataaaac ctgaatgtga tgtcttacag tacaagagtt tctcttgggc     43320
     cctcttggta aacaatcatt gttttctgtg gattttatcc ttttgatact ttattcctaa     43380
     actcatgtct acattgacaa atttttgttc tcttttcata cttagggaac tatttcaagt     43440
     gtttaaggca tagacaatga atccctatgc ttcatgtgga tctgtggata tgtcctttga     43500
     gcctaagatc ataaagacct acatctcagc caatgggtcc aaccccaatt gtgactatga     43560
     tcccgagggg gtgatactgc acagacaaca gcttaaagtt ttgttctgag cactcttttg     43620
     gttatcacat taaggtattc ccctgatctt ttaaatattc ccatgcattt taatgcgctt     43680
     ttcgttttta caataatcta caacttctgt gtgctttcat ggaaatgaga caggtcaaca     43740
     tcaacttagt ccaccatgtt gcccaagcct ccctctgaag tcttaccctt ccatgccaca     43800
     taagctatcc acattctcag gcctctgtgt taactaaact ttttgaaaca tgaggcacca     43860
     tgaagaagag gaagggagtc ttaagagatc aagctaagct gcttttggtg cagtgatgaa     43920
     aaggaacatt gtcattagct acaaaaagga tggttagacc tacatcccca tgtccacgct     43980
     ataattcatg taagagatac tgaaaattgg tgattgaatt aatcacatat tcatttaatt     44040
     ttaataaaaa tcactttgga aagattagtg agctacaaat gtctcaatta ctatagcaaa     44100
     cttatcatag gctgtcaatg acttaaacaa gaataaaata ctattttcca caaggtaaat     44160
     gtaaaagata atatttttgt ttggggtatc attcctgtat gtgggaagct cttgatataa     44220
     gttcatccca caacatgacc ccatcattcc attcaatttc ttcaacactt ctagtcagca     44280
     atagagtgtg aaagaagccc aaaactagaa cacctaattg gattggctag aactcagtca     44340
     catagctgca cctccctaca acagagactg ggaaatgtag tttaaatttg tttctcaaaa     44400
     agtccaaagt agcacacttg gctaagcagt tagtagactt aatcatagtt agtataagag     44460
     cacaagatag ggaagatagg aggagactag agaaccagct aagaaaatat tgtaacactt     44520
     caggtactaa accgtggtgg tcaaacatac taaagcatcg agatagaaag cagaaaggct     44580
     gaattgtgca ataacttttt atataaacaa taaacactat cacatgtaca ttcaagagaa     44640
     gataaactgg acacttccaa aaatgaaaca ctagtcagct aaacaaacat ggaatgtggg     44700
     ttgattgttg tacactatga atgacaatct actgggagtt agagtaaaca atatgggcct     44760
     gatgagatat ctcagtgggt aagagcagtt gttgtgaaag catgagaacc taattttaag     44820
     tctccagcac cctgatacac atctgggcat gactgtgcat acctgtaact ccaacattgg     44880
     tggacagaga caagcagatt atgagggtgt ttttagccac catcctaatc cagtcaacac     44940
     gctacagact cagtgaaaga tctaatacac atatgcttca cacactgaac tatgtgtcgt     45000
     ttttttccac aaaccatggc tatttcttct tagcctgtaa tatgctaaag gaagtttagc     45060
     cagacatgtg ggcaagatgc ctgaacatgg aaatgtggaa gaaaattgaa acctttgtaa     45120
     acaaacctaa gagttaacta atctgtagat ataaccatga tgtggttctg tgacacttca     45180
     aaagaaatat gaagaggaaa ggctggagaa agacacacca tggtggtgta cactagagca     45240
     tttgtcacca agaaaaagtc tatgaaatct atttttgtca gtggggattc tgagaacatt     45300
     cactggacta ataccagtga gcatcatggt taaaaccctc cagtgaccac tgtagacaca     45360
     gctacctctt ggtgctatag tgcctgctcg gtgcagcaac tccacatttc caggctatca     45420
     ttaatactaa caggctggtt gcagtgaaat atttcattac cccaaaatgt ccttaccttt     45480
     atactaaatt tttaattcag aactctccac aaaaggaaaa actgctttac atgcagaatg     45540
     aacaattaat atttcccctt aactatgaga caagaaaata taggttattt acattttaat     45600
     tatgaaataa tcaaatctta gatggatgtg tgaaagtgtt gacaggaaaa ctgtaagtca     45660
     gaggtgctca cttgctactt agatgtgcgt ttagagtaaa tgactacttt tgccatggac     45720
     caacaggaaa ttccccaaat tatatggctc taatttcata gatctgggtg tacatagagc     45780
     tgatcccttg agtaaactgt tatatgtgct aacatagatc ataattgcac taatggttct     45840
     gggttcatgt ctactttcat gttgaaggag ccatgagaga agaaaatgag tcttctacca     45900
     tagatttcac tctcctggga gttacaaggc agcgggagca ggaatatttc ttcttcatcc     45960
     tcttcctgtt catttacccc atcacagtgt ttgggaacat gctcatcatc ctagccattc     46020
     actctgacac tcgcctccat aaccctatgt actttttcct ggccaacctc tcccttgttg     46080
     acatcttctt ctcctctgta actattccca agatgctggc caaccatctc ctaggtagca     46140
     aggccatctc ctttggggga tgtatggcac agatgtactt catgatatca ttgggaaaca     46200
     cagacagtta tatactagct gcaatggcat atgaccgagc tgtggctatc agtcgcccgc     46260
     ttcattatgc aacaattatg agtccacaac tttgtgtcct gctggttgct gggtcctggg     46320
     tgattgcaaa tgctaatgca ctgccccaca ccctactcac agctagattg tccttctgtg     46380
     gcaataagga tgtggccaac ttctactgtg acattacacc tttgctccag ctgtcctgtt     46440
     ctgacatccg cttcaatgtg aagatgatgt accttggggt gggggtcttc tctgtgccac     46500
     tgctgtgcat catcatctcc tatgtccggg tcttttccac agtcttgcgg gttccatcta     46560
     ccaagggctt cctgaaggcc ttgtccacct gtggctctca cctgacagtg gtgtccttgt     46620
     attatgggac agtcatgggc atgtatttcc ggcccctgac cagttacagt ctgaagcatg     46680
     cattgataac tgtgatgtac acggcagtga ccccaatgct gaaccctttc atctacagcc     46740
     tgaggaaccg ggacatgaag gctgctctga agaaactctt ccactgccac tcttcctctt     46800
     cttccctcat gtgagaccat gcccagctga tactgtggtc ccaagtcaga agcactagga     46860
     aactcagctt caatgtcacc cctgcaagaa gctgcttgtc atctttccag gttgaaattc     46920
     cttccctcaa gagcattttt tgatagtctg aggaggcaat tcatgcaatg cactaatatc     46980
     aatgtatttc tgctcccttg ggcagaaggc tctgggctca gttctcacca gcctactgag     47040
     caactttgac tttaatgtgt caaaatcaga ctaatattat ctgtgctgcc tatgtcacag     47100
     gctgtgatca gagtaccata tgagtcaaag actgttgttc attgtgtgat gatttttttc     47160
     taacaactgt atttatcaca atggctagcc tgcaagtcta tgtgtacaag acctgtccta     47220
     acatctggct gtaccttcac aatcttggtt atttaacctg catccaaaaa atgtgaatag     47280
     gagtgatatg agctaatttt aaaaaaattt ttggtttttc aagacagggt ttctctgtat     47340
     aaccctgact gtcctggaac tcactttgta gaccaggctg gcctcgaact cagaaaacca     47400
     cctgcctctg cctaccaagt gctgggatta aaggcgtgtg ccaccatgcc cagcaaattt     47460
     ttgggactaa ttaaaatatt aatttctgaa gtttaatcta atcgtgatca gagattacta     47520
     gactggacac ggtttactta gcttctgtct ttttcatttt gttttgtgtc ttcaggcatg     47580
     ctttcataag taacacaggc tggatttgaa ctctcagtat tcttctccta tctgttaatt     47640
     gaagagactg caaaatattt ccattttatc aagttttcca tccttaaatg cttaaaaaaa     47700
     aaactttgtc aggggtgcat ttctatgctg ccttcatgtt taactaaagt acactgtctc     47760
     ttaagatact cttatcaaag tcttactcag atgatgataa ctaacagaat tgttatcatt     47820
     taagcaacaa aattgttaca tgtttaaaat aagaaaatgc tagtttagtt cagtataata     47880
     tgaaatgtag tgagcaaaca cttgggttca atgtaaatga ggagacaaaa acaatataga     47940
     aaataatgtg gccatcttcc tccaatgtgt cccagagaaa gtgaggctgt gatctatctg     48000
     tcctgatcac actggatgtt cctcccaaaa taggggagtt aattcagagg tcactgaaga     48060
     accatggtgc ttcatgatgc tctttttaag aaaatgggaa ttttttttca aaatattagt     48120
     aactatttat cagtctcatc tccgaacatg gtgagaccat gaagaaatag catacaccta     48180
     acagcacgca agcttctttg caaaaacgta taaaattatc atcttctgtg ggtgattcac     48240
     actatcaaaa ccttgttcat ggataaagag agatgatgct tctcgttttt caggcctcta     48300
     atgcactgaa gccaggagct tccatggtga cctaaggcta tggctatgaa tgactacaaa     48360
     tgtgagtgaa tgatcgattg atggaaaagg aaagggattt tatttagaga atttcaggac     48420
     aagatgatga aaatgcttcc caagcaggag ggtcttcatt tggattctca gcactcatgt     48480
     aaaaaagcta gatatatagc cacactcttc tataatgcca gaagagagat gctgtgggct     48540
     atcaggatcc ctgggaatgg ctggccaatc agtctagcaa actgatgagc tccaggttca     48600
     atgagagagc ttgtcttaga aaataagata gtgattgaag aaatcatcag actttgacct     48660
     ctggcttcac atgcactcgc atatgattga gtatgtacct aaactcaagt gtgacataaa     48720
     ttcataaaca cccaacatta tattatcaat acatttcaaa gtttttaatt attttattta     48780
     tttacattcc aatgttgccc cctccttccc attgctcccc tcgcagagtt cttccctcat     48840
     ctcttctccc ctttgcctct gagaaggtga ccccaggggg gggcaccaag tctctacagg     48900
     attagacaca tcctctgcaa ctgagccctg acaaggcagt cttctgctac atatgtgcca     48960
     tgccattaga ccaccttgtg tatgctcttt ggttggtggc ttagtctctg ggagctccca     49020
     ggggtctgtg ttagttgata ttgttggtct tcctatggag ttgccatccc cttcagctcc     49080
     ttcaatcctt cccccaactc ttccacaggg gtccctaacc tcagtgcaat ggttgactgt     49140
     aagtatctgc ttctgtcata gtcagctgct agtagagcct ctcaaaggac agccatgata     49200
     ggttcctgtc tgcaagtaca acatgacatc agtaatagtg tcagggtttg gtgcccaccc     49260
     atgggatgaa tcccaagttg ggctggtcac tgcatgacct tttctttaat ctctgcttca     49320
     tttttatctc agcatttctt ttaaacagga acaattctgg gtcaaaaatt ttgaaggtag     49380
     tttagtgacc ccccatccct gcactgggag cccagtctat ctactgaagg tggtcccttc     49440
     aggctccatc tccacattga tgggcatgtt ggctaaggtc atctccattg agtcctggta     49500
     cactctcaca tcccaggtct ctaggacttt ctagagattc accctgcctg cccccacctc     49560
     caacccccac agctgcatat tttcattcat tctcctaacc ctctgggctt ccctcctgtc     49620
     tctgccccca tacctgatcc tgcccccctt ctccctcctc ctcgactctc tcacccatgt     49680
     tccccctcct ttgcctttca ggattacttt ataccccctt ctaggtggta ttgaagcatc     49740
     ctcacttggg tattctttct tgttaaactt cttaaggaag tatttgtttc cctgcctttt     49800
     caaccaaggc tttttctaat acatgaatct tttatctaag tttgtatttt gtgctcaaag     49860
     ttggatgcca tttgtaacca cggggttttc cacctatgcc tcagttctcc aaataatgac     49920
     tctgagactt cattatatat gaatatctgc ctaggacaga agcttgggat gttccccaac     49980
     tagcttgcaa cttaattaac ccactcattc tagtctataa gttccatatg gttggctacc     50040
     tcttctcgtt taatacattt gtctcctctt cctgtgcacc actatatcca gaattcttcc     50100
     tttcatactg gaactcccac ttcctatttc ctgcctcagc tcattgtata gtcaactttt     50160
     tttttctttt ccatttttat taggtattta gctcatttac atttccaatg ctataccaaa     50220
     agccccccat agccatccac ccccactccc ctacccaccc actccccctt tttgccctgg     50280
     cgttcccctg tactggggca tataaagttt gcgtgtccaa tgggcctctc tttccagtga     50340
     tggctgacta ggccatcttt tgatacatat gcagctagag tcaagagctc cggggtactg     50400
     gttagttcat aatgttgttc cacctatagg gttgcagatc cctttagctc cttggctact     50460
     ttctctagct cctccattgg gagccctgag atccatccag tagctgactg tgagcatcca     50520
     cttctgtgtt tgctaggccc cggcatagtc tcacaagaga cagctacatc tgggtccttt     50580
     caataaaatc ttgctagtgt atgcaatggt gtcagcgttt ggatgctgat tatggggtgg     50640
     atccctggat atggcagtct ctacatggtc catcctttca tctcagctcc aaactttgtc     50700
     tctgtaactc cttccaaggg tgttttgttc ccacttctaa ggaggggcat agtgtccaca     50760
     cttcagtctt cattcttctt gagtttcatg tgtttagcaa attgtatctt atatcttggg     50820
     tatcctaggt tttgggctaa tatccactta tcagtgagta catattgtgt gagttccttt     50880
     gtgaatgtgt tacctcactc aggatgatgc cctccaggtc catccatttg gctaggaatt     50940
     tcataaattc attcttttta atagctgagt agtactccat tgtgtagatg taccacattt     51000
     tctgtatcca ttcctctgtt gagaggcatc tgggttcttt ccagcttctg gctattataa     51060
     ataaggctgc tatgaactta gtggagcatg tgtccttctt accagttggg gcatcttctg     51120
     gatatatgcc caggagaggt attgctggat cctccggtag tactatgtcc aattttctga     51180
     ggaaccgcca gactgatttc cagagtggtt gtacaagcct gcaatcccac caacaatgga     51240
     agagtgttcc tctttctcca catccacgcc agcatctgct gtcacctgaa tttttgatct     51300
     tagccattct gactggtgtg aggtggaatc tcagggttgt tttgatttgc atttccctga     51360
     tgattaagga tgttgaacat tttttcaggt gcttctctgc cattcggtat tcctcaggtg     51420
     agaattcatt gttcagttct gagccccatt ttttaatggg gttatttgat tttctgaagt     51480
     ccaccttctt gagttcttta tatatgttga atattagtcc cctatctgat ttaagatagg     51540
     taaagatcct ttcccaatct gttggtggtc tttttgtctt attgacgatg tcttttgcct     51600
     tgcacaagct ttgcagtttc atgaggtccc atttgtcaat tctcaatctt acagcacaag     51660
     ccattgctgt tctgttcagg aatttttccc ctgtgcccat atcttcgagg cttttcccca     51720
     ctttctcctc tataagtttc agtgtctctg gttttatgtg aagttccttg atccacttag     51780
     atttgacctt agtacaagga gataagtatg gatcaattcg cattcttcta catgataaca     51840
     accagttgtg ccagcaccaa ttgttgaaaa tgctgtcttt cttccactgg atggttttag     51900
     ctcccttctc aaaaagcaaa tgaccataag tgtgtggatt catttctggg tcttcaactc     51960
     tattccattg atctacctgt ctgtcactgt accagtacca tgcagttttt atcacaattg     52020
     ctctgtagta cagctttagg gcaagcattg tgattccacc agatgttctc ttatccttga     52080
     gaatagtttt tgctatgcta ggttttttat tattccagat gaatttgcaa attgcccatt     52140
     ctaacaaagt gaataattga gttggaattt tgatggggat tgcatagaat ctgaagattg     52200
     ctttcagaaa gatagccatt tttactatat tactcctgcc aatccatgag catgggagat     52260
     ctttccatct tctgagatcg tctttaattt ctttcttcag agacttgaag tttttatcat     52320
     acagatcttt cacttcctta gttagagtca cgcctaggta ttttatatta tttgtgacta     52380
     ttgagaaggg tgttgtttcc ctaatttctt tcttctcttg tgtagagaaa ggccattgac     52440
     ttgtttgagt taattttata tccagctact tcaccgaagc tgtttataag gtttaggagt     52500
     tctctggtgg aatttttagg gtcacttata tatactatca tatcatctgc aaaaagtgat     52560
     attttgactt cctcttttcc aatttgtatc cccttgatct ccttttgttg tcgaattgct     52620
     ctggctaata cttcaagtac tatgttgaaa aggtagggag aaagttataa tcagcttttt     52680
     attgacaggt gatactggac tacttctgtt ctcccttgtg accaagtata actcatacac     52740
     aataaatcct cttgctgtta aatgaagaaa aaaaaatcca ctgtctgttg gcatatattt     52800
     ttactatttt attgggtcct tatgcatcta cctcccttcc aacatttatt ttaccctaat     52860
     ctcccccaac actaggtaac agagaaaaaa aggttagagg gagaaaggga tgtagacctc     52920
     tgaaagctgc tttctgctga ttagaggcat taggtttctt ggagtaagtc cagtctttgt     52980
     tgtcagaatt tccagcagtc cagcaaacca gcaatggcaa atgcaacagc aaaaacatca     53040
     gcaagatgaa ccagcagcag cagaggcagc agcaaagggg agcagcagct accacaggcc     53100
     ctctcaggac tctcacattc ataccctctc gagagtcact agaattaaac taactgcata     53160
     tggtaaaaaa tcacacccct gctattgcac aaggcaaatc atagtcacct gctgtgaagc     53220
     aacctattat tccatacctg ggattaaaac taaaacatat tcacataaca tatctgggtt     53280
     ttttaagaaa ccaaaagtct cactatacct gtcttccctt ttggcagcaa ttctcatatt     53340
     gtcaaagtaa actgttacca caaagttgct ttgaataaac tttttttttt aattcaagtt     53400
     tcatctagta atcttcttgg tggccttgaa ctctataaca acataaaagt taaaaataaa     53460
     tatttttaaa aagtaaattt taaaccaatt atcaccaata ccctttatat aactaaaata     53520
     accaaagtat atacttttca ggaattacac attttaaaag gccatgcatg tgacagtttc     53580
     cttggatatt gaagcattcc atccctcagg aaagctcctt aaataggaag gtaactgtgg     53640
     gaacaacaca gaggatgggt tgggggggga gatgtgatgg agtgacatga tgaatcccca     53700
     gaatctgact ccagagacca gtgtcatggg tgcagattct tgtttattgc ccaacacata     53760
     agcttatata cagtgtttga gccaatccaa ttcccttaaa tccttggcca atcatatctc     53820
     gactcattgt caccatgttc caattaaaac actgcctgat gaggtaactc agaaggagtt     53880
     ggacagggtc tggaggagta tcatcacctg tgaagacctg ggcttggttc ctttttgctg     53940
     tctccccgat gatctgggag ccatcttaga tcaaatgcct gtagataagg actttttgag     54000
     gaatcgcagg agcctgtggc acctcattca ttctccttcc cacttttttc ttcacagtat     54060
     tgacttccac atcccccaca gtaaaaattt accaaccctc cacagaagca aagagcctcc     54120
     cctcccattg atgctagata aggacatcct ctgctacaat tgcagctgga gccctgggtc     54180
     cctccatgta tactctttgg ttggtggttt tgtccctggg aactccagtt agtttatatt     54240
     gttgttcttc ctatggagtt gcaatcccct tcagatcctt cagtccttcc cccaactttt     54300
     ccattggagt tgctatgctc agcctgatgg atggatacaa gcatccgcat cagtattgct     54360
     gaggtgctgg cagagcctct caggagacag ctataccaga ctactgtgag aaaacacatc     54420
     ttggcatcag caatagtgtc tgggtttggt gtctatagat gggatggatc cctaggtggg     54480
     gctgtctctg ctccactctt tttccctgca tttcctttac aagggaaaaa ttctgagtta     54540
     agatttttga gatggatggg tgtccccatc cctcaactga aggccatgcc tattcactgg     54600
     atagattctc tacaggttct atctcccctt tgttgggtat ttcagctaat atcatctcca     54660
     ttggttcctg ggaacctctt gcttccctgg catctgggac tttctaacag ctacctccag     54720
     ttccccatcc ccgactgcta cacacctcta ctcaatttca tgaccatctg tacttttccc     54780
     ccatttcctc ccacccctag tacttccccc cgtttttccc tacccctcca cactccctcc     54840
     caggtcccta ctagcagagt ttttaaaagt gtgtgttact ataccatacc aaattaacta     54900
     atgtgtatta tggtatagaa aagaataaag atctatgtag ttttaagttt aaagagattt     54960
     accagcatca aatactaatt tttctgttaa atacaaatag tgctattttg aatgctatag     55020
     gaactttagg aggtggggct cagctggcaa aagtacgggt acttctctga agattgaact     55080
     cagttcttgt tccagcctga ttctctgctt cttcttccac accagtgagc tacccatata     55140
     ctcccagcca ctaatggagc cagtcatgcc gtcacacatt ctgaagtcat gagccaaatg     55200
     aaagttttcc ctccataatt tattctatcc ggggtttact catgacagtg aggaaagtaa     55260
     cttaggtcca ctcttctatc tccaccaccc ctaagtttta gaaagctatc catgtagact     55320
     caacaatagg ctgccatgtt ctctggcttc tgattgggca caaaatgcag agtagcagaa     55380
     gagcttgagc agagggaaga aagcaaggta aattcattct ctaactaatt gtaggttgct     55440
     tcatatttaa ctaaattttt gtcccctgcc agacaattgg ggtgggacag ctgtccattg     55500
     ctatccatct ctgtctctct ccctggctgt gtgttttaat tgtcctcatt cccgaccgag     55560
     taggtcctaa ggcttcttgc tgctagcctc aagttgtgac tgtatggtct ttatatatat     55620
     atatttccta acattctaag ttgtaaaatt tgattgattc attggtattg tgttcattac     55680
     atatctgatt tttaagacag gatcttacta agtatcttgg gctatcctca cccaagttat     55740
     cagtttagac tacagtaatc ttcttgtcta gccttagtag tgctggagat ataagtatgt     55800
     gccaccacct caagctttct cacttcttac aagataccca agtgcttagt cagactatgt     55860
     ttctgtaata ttataattaa tcaaaacttc caataaaata atcaaaacac ataatagtca     55920
     ttattaaaat caatatatct gattagtatc atttattcaa tttttatgga atttttcact     55980
     ctaaaataaa tattttagag gtatattaaa tgtgaagttg gcagaaaaac acttacccag     56040
     gttaggttct tcaaagattt atttagatag gcaaataatg cctggtctag ttatctctaa     56100
     ccataatcac aaactagtat tttcatccac ttttttcaca tttattaagt gttattgatg     56160
     cacttaataa atgcaattat gtccaaaatt gaagagaaat gcaatatata gtcacatgag     56220
     ccttactcat acatgcttat aaacctgaca gagtgatcaa atatagtaaa taaaatgctc     56280
     atgcaaacag taatctagtc tttaaagcat gagctactgt gatcacatcc tgtgacatgg     56340
     gtaaaacaga tatcagtcca accttctaca tgatgaagtc aacacttaga ctcccaactt     56400
     ccttgtcagt ctgcctgtgg gaactgaatc cagagcagtg tgctgtactc tgaccacggg     56460
     agcagaaatg tgttttgaaa tcagtagagt ccataagtta cctccataaa ctatcagaag     56520
     gctcccaagg aaagggattt caacctggaa agatgacaag cagctccttg caggggtgac     56580
     attgaagctg agtttcctag tgcttctgac ttgggaccac agtatcagct gggcatggtc     56640
     tcacatgagg gaggaagagg aagaggggca gtggaagagt ttcttcagag cagccttcat     56700
     gtcccggttc ctcaggctgt agatgaaagg gttcagcatt ggggtcactg ccgtgtacat     56760
     cacagttatc aatgcatgct tcagactgta actggtcagg ggccggaaat acatgcccat     56820
     gactgtccca taatacaagg acaccactgt caggtgagag ccacaggtgg acaaggcctt     56880
     caggaagccc ttggtagatg gaacccgcaa gactgtggaa aagacccgga cgtaggagat     56940
     gatgatgcac agcagtggca cagagaagac ccccacccca aggtacatca tcttcacatt     57000
     gaagcggatg tcagaacagg acagctggag caaaggtgta atgtcacagt agaagttggc     57060
     cacatcctta ttgccacaga aggacagtct agctgtgagt agggtgtggg gcagtgcatt     57120
     agcatttgca atcacccagg acccagcaac cagcaggaca caaagttgtg gactcataat     57180
     tgttgcataa tgaagtgggc gactgatagc cacagctcgg tcatatgcca ttgcagctag     57240
     tatataactg tctgtatttg ccaagcctat catgaagtac atctgtgcca tacatccccc     57300
     aaaggagatg gccttgctac ctaggagatg gttggccagc atcttgggaa tagttacaga     57360
     ggagaagaag atgtcaacaa gggagaggtt ggccaggaaa aagtacatag ggttatggag     57420
     gcgagtgtca gagtgaatgg ctaggatgat gagcatgttc ccaaacactg tgatggggta     57480
     aatgaacagg aagaggatga agaagaaata ttcctgctcc cgctgccttg taactcccag     57540
     gagagtgaaa tctgtggtag aagactcgtt ttcttctctc atggctcctt caacatgaaa     57600
     tcagacatga acccagaacc attagtgtga ttattatcta taggctgcca gtccccccaa     57660
     tctaacaggt gactctctct acacatgagt ccataaaaat ttagtcacat atttggagaa     57720
     gtcccatcag tggtacagat gatcatttat ctgtcaaaac taatcaagtt tacaaaataa     57780
     gggatctgta agcaacaata ttcatttttc cctacaaaaa atgccattta atatttcatt     57840
     atttcattct taaagtttat attgcatgat ctttattcat agtttgacct cagagaaaaa     57900
     tcacaaacaa tggacagtta tgactaatta ttgtttgttc aacatgtagg gcatagtctc     57960
     ttctcctaaa agacttaaag tttcagggag aagccaggat cacacttgcc tcactagcca     58020
     tcatatggaa atcagccttt tgaaatactc tatcatgtac tataattcca agtcctctag     58080
     gaaaaactaa cctagaattt gtcattgttt ctttgaccaa acacaaagtg atctcatagt     58140
     atatagagtg tacacagtga aatgggaaga ctgtaagtta taaggatcac tgaattcaag     58200
     tcctactagc taaaacccag tgaatgttcc tcccaggtgt cccattcaca aagtagacat     58260
     tttctgtctc ctctggtttc cctttggtag cctttcaatt acacacaaca ttgtactttc     58320
     tctcttctct gcctattctt atttattttg ctaccaccac tgcttcataa actctccact     58380
     ctatttctgt agtctcaatt gtcttataac ataaaacata ggctaggcca tcatgttttt     58440
     ctactggtaa tgttgtaata tttctttaac ttattcacca gtctcttcca atttccctta     58500
     tcttttgctc tcagacatta attatagtag agactactag ctacttggtg atattcatgc     58560
     catcctcttc ttaatcatca acttcaacta catttactca tctcctttgc agagaggtgc     58620
     agtgaggtgc agtcatgtga cagagttcta gcaaatccaa ctatgtgttc tacttgggag     58680
     ctttcatcac actacagtac taatagtttg aaaatattga agaagttgaa tgagatgata     58740
     ttgttacata atgagattat cctatgtcaa taggagaggg agagggggag ggggagggag     58800
     agagaaggag agggagggag atgcataaac ctgcttgggc tacacaataa gaaaacaaat     58860
     aaaacagaaa aactggaaca aatatgaaat aatattctag ccaccaaaca cacatggatc     58920
     tttgttgtgg tgctttctgg atgttcttgc attttagcat cagctgtgta ataataaata     58980
     ggatttcaaa taaggatatt acctgttgat gatgatttaa ttcagagaat tgccacggag     59040
     ctggtggctc aagacaatat ttcatggaag ctaagaaaca gagataggat tcattgttga     59100
     gaagttgaaa gtgactggtt tgtcttcaca gctggagagg ggtccaggac cctgtatcat     59160
     gtcaagtgaa catgatcagt gcaagaaaga ctcaattgaa aggaatcaga agagcttgta     59220
     tgatctttga ctaacattta cttatctagt gttcttcacc caggttaata aatttcctat     59280
     gttaaaaacc tcatcttcaa ctcaattcat ggtgattttc tgtctttgtt ccattacaga     59340
     taaccatcca gttattccac cttcacatct gccttccaga cactgggttg attgtcctct     59400
     tccccaaata tgccaccctc agacagcatt ccattctccc actttcttct ctcagagctg     59460
     ccaaagggta gtggagaaat cacacagact tgagattaga gctcttgagc ccagatccca     59520
     agcagaccta tcactcctca tcgagtattg ctattaccta ttgaagtcca tctacaactc     59580
     ttctactccc acagctcacc ccaataccca catgagcaat gggcctaaat cctggactca     59640
     ccattgagta tcttactcca taaaagacca tttcttaata tgtttttgat gcatgtcatt     59700
     ctttgtgttt ttctctgtag tgtccctttg ctcccaagga aaaaaaatgt atccatgtat     59760
     caagcataat ctcatgctga ttttcttctg tttcctgagc tatctcactc catcaacttc     59820
     tttgctggct ccatagtgtt atagctatgt gctctaactg ctgactaaca agcacactgt     59880
     agcctcttca gtccttcagt gaaccctcct tggtctagta acccattcta gcaaccattc     59940
     cttttaaaaa atgtattctc ctcttctaaa tcaggcttgt ttacaaaggt tgctcttcat     60000
     agaactaaaa atatgcttat aaactcaggt atgacacatg gcagagtttt cccaactcac     60060
     tcactctaac cattaactca tagatgaagt ccaagtttct tattgtggag aaagcctcaa     60120
     ggacagaaat tcagacagta acatcagtcc atcaaagcag aggggtacag acaaggctga     60180
     ggactaagaa ggaatcagca tggaaaagaa ggttgtgttt gtcttgtgga gggttgttag     60240
     ccaatacaag ggctttattc aatatcctgc tatttacaca tattagcaca gtgaatgtag     60300
     tttccactaa ccctttatga aaagatatgc tcaccccttt gtttaataca cgttgtgaat     60360
     agtgaatgtg gtaacaagtt gatggacagt ccactgcaaa aattacatga ttatattaaa     60420
     aaaaagtgtg gagttcaaga acatgatgaa aagatgcaac tcaaaggggg aagtgattgg     60480
     tataatcaac agagaaacag aaaatacaag aagtaagagg agagtggttt gttgtgtgta     60540
     aggactaagg catggaggtc catggtgcca gatgttagag agatgccagg agggagagat     60600
     gatttctgta taaacccatg caagaagcaa aatgaacctt gtactgttgg ggagaaaaga     60660
     caaagaggca tcaacaagaa catgtctgag ttccctgaaa ggtatcaatc tcacacagag     60720
     ctcaccacta ctatttatac ccctgaagag tgatctggct ttgacgtgag ctatgctact     60780
     gaggaaaatt tttgcaagga caggtaagac caatggtttg cccttgtcat ctggttgcaa     60840
     gaaacaagtc aaaaaagaat atgcttcaaa tatttttcag atttctgtag taattccact     60900
     ccttaagact ttgactctgc aaagggtcca ctgtttagcc ccaaagtgtg ggagcagaga     60960
     catctttgta gttcctctct taagacctta catttctgca tttgcatggc tgtactccac     61020
     atgcctgtaa cacacagcaa acatataaca catttcaggg gtagacattg cttcaatggg     61080
     ataacagaag cacaactgcc ccttcccagc tctgtattca tggacaaagt cccaggagac     61140
     ctgtagtcag agcaggaatt ctgtctatct gcctttttgt ctattggatc ttcaaaactt     61200
     aggtcagact atgatttgta tccatctaac ctctctgtgt gagtgttagt gactcacttc     61260
     acctagtaaa tgatttgaga aaagggcatg atgattctac ttaccttgtg gagcgtttgt     61320
     gagggtctag gaacagcatg ctggtgatat ggctgcttct gccgtgtgtc tagatcatgc     61380
     tgtcataagt gctctctctc caatgtcctc agacctacct ggatgtcagt agacattgcc     61440
     ataagatatc ctgttcccat aggtttaact cctgttacat aaatgaaact ttgcaagcag     61500
     ctagactagg acctgtgccc aggcacactc agagcagcat cctggggctg tgtttagatg     61560
     aacatgagaa tgggatggtt tgaaacaatg agctctccgt ttccaaccca tgagcggaag     61620
     caacaaaaag tgctgtcctg gattgagcct gaggaggagc aatctcccaa actgcagccc     61680
     aatagatctt agcataaagg ctggggactt accagcagct tttaaagtct cctgaaacat     61740
     cactctccca gatagtcact caggttcaac tcctaataac tgttgatatt gatggacatg     61800
     cctcttccta tagccttagg ggacacagtg gctgccaaca gtaatttgca gtttcctagg     61860
     gagagtgtct ccgaggttca atctctaggc tgacctagtg catcctctct gttggtatct     61920
     ccttacctct gctgctcaga ctctatgagg aaccaccact tgggagttgc aaggacccta     61980
     atatgactga gatcttggta tttctgcaag cttgtacata tgtctttctg ctgtttagtg     62040
     gctcaaagaa agaaaataac attgcacctt ttcgctaaga tttgatcagg gaagcattag     62100
     agtgcaagct atgctgtctt taatgtagta tgctcagagc agatgtccag attttctaga     62160
     ttctgagaga tgaaaagaac ttacagacat cagagcacta tatgtatgtg tcacctgtat     62220
     tgtaacccta atgatgaatg ttgccctgtg atttagtacc tcctgtggca gagagcttac     62280
     agccttccac agaaaatggt ggtgaatgct tgtgagccca agctggccca tcagttgctg     62340
     actttgaagc atattagctg tacctatctt gggtcaagat ttgcttactt atataccact     62400
     gaaatgaaaa cagtaataag aataaacaca tcctcatgaa gttaaaatga ctgaatgaac     62460
     tatatataat tcttaaaata aaacatattt ttaaattata tgtattcttg acatagtgca     62520
     tgacacataa ctaacagtgt atattaactt cttttattgc ttttattccc ttcagaggtg     62580
     cggactgagc tggaggcctt gtacttgcta gagaagtact cttaacactg agccaaagtc     62640
     ccaacactct tactgttcta ttgtttctat ataaacctgt atagaattta ctacatactc     62700
     actattttac tgatagtcat gttacaagtc tctataccct atatcaaact gcatatataa     62760
     tcaatattga aacattttga aacatatttt tggcagatat atcagagact gcaccatgct     62820
     tgtggctctt ctatagctgt tctttatata gattttggtc tcaagtctgg tccatggact     62880
     atcagacaga aatatcatgg tatcctaatg attaatgtct tttttcttgg taaacacatt     62940
     taagggtgtt gctcttctgt gttttatctc ctgggtgccc ataaaaggaa aggaattatt     63000
     tagtggcata gaagaaaatg gtgctttaat tttgtaatat atatgagagt tttctgtgag     63060
     cactgaaaat ggatgttaat tggctcatgc aaaagaatct gattgttctc tcctcccaaa     63120
     atagaaataa tgatcgtggg agttttcctc taggtaaggg ggatgacctg agattgtctc     63180
     taggaagatt tatcttggct ctttttcctg tcattgaata ctttttagaa acaggaatga     63240
     ttgtgcaaca cgccttcaga aagagagtgg taatgataca tgaagtaatt tggtgatgtc     63300
     taggctgtag agtatagcac tgagaagttc ctagtcttag acttgcttca gtcactttac     63360
     agcttctttg ctgttttgag catcatactc actgttgggg agaagtagtc tgctttgaag     63420
     aaatgtcttc agttaagtgc tcacaaatat ggtgattcac cttgacaccc atcccattac     63480
     cattcttttc ctctggccca ctgaaatggg agatactggc tgtattaatg tatagggatt     63540
     ttctatatcc acacttgctc ttaaataata acagagaaac ctggtatttt gttaaaaatc     63600
     ttcttccact gtaactggcc agatactgag ctattttaac ctaacaatgc tggactggtg     63660
     tactttacct gacatcttgt cttaccctac cccatcagtg tcctcccatg gtgactttct     63720
     cagaaccacc tgttcatggc aaatcctcac ggcaaattgc ccctttctct gatccctgac     63780
     agagaccctc ttactgggat cagaagtcct accttatcct gtcctatgca gatattggct     63840
     gatcagctct ttattaacca atcagaggtg aagtaaaaca atttttacac aacactggga     63900
     caggagacac ttcacaatgc caatgtccag cctgtaacca ggtctctgga cacagttgtc     63960
     agcacctgaa tatacaaggc acaaagccat gccccaatag ggctgctttt ggggaaaagt     64020
     ccatactcta cacacaaata gtgtcacagt ctgtcttcac tggacaaaag aaggaacatg     64080
     tgtaagtgga atttctacca gtaggttgtt aggtcattgt tgttattggg gagcaagggc     64140
     tgaacctcct agaacaacat cttttacacg tcattctaca atgtgtttta ttgattttgg     64200
     tcactgtgtt atcactatgt ttgggacttt gaccaggaat ccacatgagc tacttttatt     64260
     tttttgtacc acaacatatt ggaagacacg tgatttcttc aagtgtaggc atgtagtttt     64320
     gattatttgg gaagggtaac atatacagag aagagtatca atagagttta cttttctgta     64380
     atcactataa tttgcttgaa gaattgctgt ggtattaaac cagtattgat ttttcaattt     64440
     taaattttac tagttaaatt gtatcctaag aatgagcatt ctttcttgct ttgtctttct     64500
     atttcttccg ttagcttccc ctacactcat tcattcatcc atcatccatc gactcattca     64560
     tctacatata ccagtgtgat atacttattt ttattttatt cacttactta tgatccatta     64620
     gtatcactct tttgttgttc taccatccaa gattcagcca ataagaactc tacaatatag     64680
     cttgtctctt ggtctgttcc catcaatcgt ggagccttat tctcttatct ctaaaagcac     64740
     taaagtatta ttggggtgac aataatcaag actgaggtaa tatccacaac aaaaagggga     64800
     tgttaatgaa tatatatgta tacatatata tatatacata tatatataca tatatatatg     64860
     catttaaaca aatacactat atataaaatc ttaagaaacc tacacaatga aacattttaa     64920
     gagaacatcg ttatttacat taaagggagt tttatataat gtcagaggcc aaagaagatt     64980
     ttatttggtt gagtagtgta gctttctcta gttcagtaca agaaacagac agttaatgaa     65040
     ttttcttgga agaaatccaa cgctagtgga ccacatactt ctctctttca ataaattgct     65100
     ccttagggaa tatgtgggac ctaagacaat tgctaggctc caagatccca taagagatac     65160
     aatctcacat tggctcttct gggaaataga taggtaagtg ctctggtagc ccaagcctgg     65220
     aacactcaag tattactggg gttctgatgt tgagaaacag ttcactctgc agtcctgcta     65280
     catgacatgt ataggacttc tatagctacc aaagaaggaa cctgcctgtg atcttattag     65340
     actccactgg aaagacaaac agcatcagag tctcagggaa aacttcaggt tatattaatc     65400
     aacatagagg atgaaagaag aggcaccagg tcattgtgat ggtggctgag acagacacag     65460
     gcaatgtggt gagctcaaaa ttgtggtggg acaaagtcct taatgtaaat aatgtttgtt     65520
     ttccagctcc aaagagcaag gagaggaggg cagataagat cactggacag tgaaagtgca     65580
     accaagtcct ggcaactgca gtgcctggaa agaaagacaa tagacatctc aaagtctttc     65640
     cagccaaaag gcaggattcc aaggaagtca gtgcagtcta caaattcttt tagtgagggg     65700
     ggtccaaaga caggctgcag ggagagctga ttgagaagcc tctgaaagct ttgagaacaa     65760
     ggagcacagc atgaggcaga gccatcccta tgggtaggaa gacaggcaat gaaagaaatc     65820
     ttatccttca tgtggacaaa ttcctgggtt catcctttag ggtgtcatac tcccatccta     65880
     aggcacacat tcagaaagga cagtaatctg gatgggggag agtatatgct ttgccaaaga     65940
     agtttcttcc tgtgggatag atcctatata ctagggcctg caataagaca agtatgtact     66000
     tggcccatag agcacaagtg aagacagaaa aggagtttta atttattggt tctttggtca     66060
     atactttcca cataaagtca gggtgactgg atttttgttt cattcacttc catgtgcccc     66120
     agtttctgag gcacagctca tccattctga gctatggatg tccactgttc atgccttcct     66180
     ggctcaggag tcatatgtaa tactgtacct cacttcgttc ctgatattag ctcagacact     66240
     gtagaatcac cctggtggaa aaaggcttgg cctttcatgt ggtgatgaag ctgggtttat     66300
     caaccatttt tacatctaaa tcactgtggc aaattattat gtgttaaaaa acagacagtg     66360
     aaatttaatt tcaggctatc tatccagttc tggaaaagct taagagtctt tgggaactaa     66420
     gaggaattta atgaagaaat gggatatagg ttgctaaaga gacatcccat atacgagaaa     66480
     gagtatcaat atccagacat gaagtctagg taagggttag cagaaaaatc ttcatagcta     66540
     aggaatcaaa aactattgca tttggctaag agagcagaca caataaagat gggactgttg     66600
     tggaaaagac agggggcagg tccctggatc acctggactg agctatctct taaagacaaa     66660
     ttaaggaggt acagagcaac gtctgttaga ccaccagtaa gaaaataacc ctgtcagtgc     66720
     acaatagcta tcaggaggaa atgctctggg tccaaacatg ggctctgaaa ggttatttct     66780
     gtctaaagta ctccacatta cagtatgcca tttggaacca aaaagagtaa agatcacacc     66840
     aaggttttgc tgttttctgg tgtgtgactt tgaggcaact cacagacctt aacttccata     66900
     ctcagcacag gtttacagaa aggtcaacta atcactctga ggggatttaa gatttagggg     66960
     tttgggcatc agagtccata aagagaacca gtggattcag gtgggcatca gggtccataa     67020
     agggaaccag tggattcagg tctgttgttc ttcctatctc aactggaggt gcaggcagga     67080
     acacataact caatattccc agactgaagt ttacttaaaa tatggaagta tctatctagt     67140
     ttaaagctgt tagcctattg ctagcacact ctctcagcca gataataatt taccctgatt     67200
     tatgtaccat tgcatctgtc tctccctgtt cctctcactg cctgacgcca gctccgtcca     67260
     ttccacctcc ttcaagcctg tttgtttctg cctgcttctc ctgtgtctct ctctgtgtct     67320
     ctgccagcat ctgcctgcct gtaagtccca tgcccacact tcctgcacca gctccagctg     67380
     tcaactcttt attatataaa aagccatggc ccagtctgaa ccaatcagca gcaggacaag     67440
     agctgatcca tctcttataa gttaccattt gtcattgaga tctgtttgac ttcaccaggg     67500
     caccttgcat attaaaatat gataatctta tagaatcatc ttttgggcag ttgaagaaca     67560
     agcattgaca tataaaaaac tggtgatggg ttacagaaat gacaatacca aaatgctgcc     67620
     agcacttagc tctctgcccc acagcaatac agagatacac cttcatataa tgtgaaggaa     67680
     aatcatgcca acagctcatt ttacaaaaag tgtctccttc ctcaggatag ggtgatgctt     67740
     tttggatcct gaaatctcag atctggcaga gccaggcttt cagtgtagta taatccaatg     67800
     gaggaactgt tctcccaggt ccccagcacc ctgatgtctc tccttagctg ttcagatgct     67860
     tggttgtccc tcttagctgt ttctgccctt gtcctttact gctccaatga gtgcactaca     67920
     ttgtatgcat attcccttgt acacagatga attgtaatat tctacctgca ttagcatcct     67980
     atgttccaga ggcctacttt gtttctctca gacacagcat gttacaagta tatgttgtgt     68040
     tttcagtctg gacaatacac agttgtgaac aagaaatagg actttatcaa gaaaatagaa     68100
     ggcaacatga ctgcctaggc atgaactgaa ctaggataaa gatagacatg ataagatgga     68160
     tgtgtgtgag agagagacag acagacagac agagacagaa agagacagag agagacagag     68220
     agacagagag agacagagag acagagaact aatgaaaaaa gacaccaggg atctgaaaca     68280
     gaacaataat ttatgttgga gggtttggag gaaagggaaa ttatgtaatt atattaatat     68340
     cacaaaagat aaaataaata attttagtaa ggcattagaa caaagaaaac aaaaaatctt     68400
     agcatataga cagtgtcatg aaatttcaag tgagaaactg gctctttttt tattagatat     68460
     tttctttata tacatttcaa atgctatccc gtaagttccc tataccctcg ccctgccctg     68520
     ctcccctatc cacacactcc cacttctagg ccctggcatt cccctgtact ggggcaaatt     68580
     aagtttgcaa taccaagggg cctctcttcc cagtgatggc caactaggcc attttctgct     68640
     acatgcacag ttagagacac aagctctggg agtactggtt agttcgtatt gttttccacc     68700
     tatagggttg caaacccctt cagctccttg tgtgtcttct ctagcttctc tattgaggac     68760
     cctgtgttcc atcttatata tgactcttat agagcatcca cttctgtatt tgccaggcac     68820
     tggcatagcc tcatatgagt cagctatacc agggtccctt caggaaaatc ttgctggcat     68880
     atgcaatagt gtgtgggatt ggtggctgat tatgggatgg atccctgggt ggggtagtct     68940
     ctgcatagtc caccttttcg tcttagctcc aatctttgtc tctgtaactc ctttcatggg     69000
     tattttgttc cctattctaa cgaggaatga agtatcaccc gttggtcttc cctcttcttg     69060
     attttcttgt gttttgcaaa ttgtatcttg ggtattctaa gtttctgggc taatatccac     69120
     ttatcagtga gtgcatatca tgtgtgttct tttgtgaatg gaatacctca ctcaggatga     69180
     tatcctgcag atacatcctt ttgttcaaga atttcttaaa ttcattcttt ttaattctga     69240
     ctagaatgcc attgtgtaaa tgtactacat tttctgtatt cattcctctg ttgagggaca     69300
     tttgggttct ttccagcttc tgactattat aaataaggct gctatgaaca tagtggagca     69360
     tgtgttcata ttaccagttg aaacatcttc tgggtatatg cccaggagag gtattgctgg     69420
     atcttacatt actattatgt acaattttct gaggaaccag cagactgact tccagagtgg     69480
     ttgtacaagc ttgcaatccc accaacaatg gaagagtgtt tctcttcctc cacatcctcg     69540
     ccagcatctg ctgtcacatg aattttttat tttagccatt ctgactggtg tgaggtggaa     69600
     tctcaaggtt gttttgattt gcattcccct aatgattaag gatgttgaac atttttgagg     69660
     tgcttctcag ccattcaata tatctcagtt gagaattctt tgtttagctc tgtaccccat     69720
     ttttaatggg gttatttgat tttctgaaga ccagcttctt gagctctttg tatatattag     69780
     atattattcc cctatcagat ttaggattgg taaaaatcct ttcccaatct gttggtggcc     69840
     tttttgtctt attgacaatg aatgtctttt gacttacaga agttttgcaa ttttatgagg     69900
     tcccatttgt aaattcttga tcatacagca caagccattt ctcttctgtt taggaatttt     69960
     cccctgtgcc catatctttg aggaatttcc ccactttctc ctctattaat ttcagtgttt     70020
     ctggttttat gtggaggtct ttgatccact tagacttgag tgttattaga cgcgttctca     70080
     cgaccggcca ggaagaacac cacagaccag aatcttctgc ggcaaagctt tatttcttac     70140
     atcttcagga gcaagagtgt aagaagcaag agagcaagaa gaaagagaga gagaaaacga     70200
     aaccccgtcc cttttttagg agaattctcc ttcgcctcgg acgtgtcact ccctgattgg     70260
     ctgcagccca tcggccgagt tgacgtcacg gggaaggcag agcacaagta gtcataagat     70320
     acccttggca catgcgcaga ttatttgttt accacttaga acacagctgt cagcgccatc     70380
     ttgtaacggc gaatgtgggc gcggctccca acatctcccc ctatcctttt aataagagca     70440
     aataggccac ccatattaat gagagtggag atagaggtca aatccccagt gtgtaggtaa     70500
     aggagccatg tacaggatta gctcttaggc tcacaggctt ttacccagag caaccctgac     70560
     ctgttcccgt gtcgttttgc ctgggggaag ggaactagga cactgaacct tcatgaaaga     70620
     tgacatgtct ccctagaata ggctcatata tgccgcagag cctttccatt gcagtgctta     70680
     gccttgcaac tctctcgggc tgctgaagca cactcactct atcccgtgca atgagtctag     70740
     cctcgtgaga tgtaagagct gagtggccag cgacctattg cctaagcata gataaccata     70800
     tatcaggggg agctccatgt tctagtcctg caagcgcctg ggcaataacc accttgtctc     70860
     tcctagtttg ggccttaagc ttacagacca atcaaagaag caacactaat ccacagcaaa     70920
     gtgtatctcc aaataatatt aatcccaccc attttttaaa gaaagaaaat gctgaggaga     70980
     tccaattggg taatcctttg gtcagcgaca ggtccaagcg cgtggagttg acctgaagtc     71040
     tcaattcccg aaggatctgt tcaaattcag ccatccaatt ctgtaacata tactgaaaaa     71100
     gactttttga caatttagct gtcctagtaa atttaacata ctgaatggaa ataacacaca     71160
     atcccagaaa cttttgttca catccctgct gagttatttg tcataataca tctagttgta     71220
     tctggacaag atctatgagt tgattaacca gcatgagacc tctctgtatc ttgacattag     71280
     ctgaggcctg ttcatctatg actgtagtca ctgaggctga caaagtgtta atggtgtcag     71340
     ttgtctggac ctgtccagac agagccaagg ctgtctgaat taaggctaaa cccagttccc     71400
     agttagtggt aaaaaagcag gagaatactt gagcattata catcaccgtc attgggagtg     71460
     gaaatgtcga cattatcccc caacgctgct ctctctttat tattgacgcc ctggacatca     71520
     ccaagacgag ggacattagt attcccttgg tcagtctgga tttttcgggt gagtctttct     71580
     ggtacccaaa atgggttgtc ttcattctgt gggaaaacac agatagctcc cctggatctt     71640
     atcaaaatag gatccgggcc ataccattta ttatcaagga catttttcca tttaaccatc     71700
     tcattgggcc tatctggctc tgaacaatga cgttcagccg cagtatggcc atgaacatca     71760
     atatttaaaa aattgagtgt aaagagtgcc aaagacaccg acactcttgg tgctcggggt     71820
     acagtctcct caaaagttcc cctcttctgt tttataagat aggctttgag ggtgcgatgc     71880
     gcacgctcaa caataccctg tccttgaggg ttgtatggaa gtccagtcag gtgggttacg     71940
     tccatctgac ggcagaactg ctggaatttt tgagacgtat aagctggtcc attatcagtc     72000
     ttaaggagtc tgggtttccc ccaagcactc catgcctcaa gacaatgttg aatcacatgt     72060
     gaggcttttt ctccggttaa cggagaagca aacatgatgc cagaacatgt gtcaatggac     72120
     acatggagat attgaagttt tccaaaggaa gaaacatgtg taacatccat ttgccagacc     72180
     tgtagaggtc gaataccgcg tgggttaatt cccacatgag gaactggcaa gaactcacag     72240
     cagctttgac attgagtaac aatgtcacgg gcttcttttc ttgtcaagga gaaacgactg     72300
     cgtaatgttt cagccgtcac atgaaaattg ttatgaaaat ttcttgcagc ctctaccggg     72360
     gatgataggg cagcagccac cactttagtg gccttatctg ccaaatcgtt tcccagagcc     72420
     atggggccag gtaggcctga atgggctcta acatgagtaa tataaacagg agatcttcta     72480
     gataacaaaa ctaattgtat ctgctgaaaa atattggcaa ctctactgga aggcttaatc     72540
     actccagcca cttctaaaag atttactgca tttaccacat aacaggaatc tgacacaata     72600
     ttaaggggtt ctaaaaaggt ttttaaaact tctaagacca ctaaacattc taccacttga     72660
     ggtgaatttt cattatattg tttggatacc actttaccat tagccacata ggcacctatg     72720
     ccagtttttg atccatcagt atataccaca atcccatttt taagtgggtt tcttactgtt     72780
     atttgtggaa acacaacaga ttgattttgg gcaaactgta agattggatg ttttggataa     72840
     tggttatcta tttttcctga aaaggaggta actaaaactg cccaatcatt agatgcggct     72900
     gccaaggttt gaacctgtgc agcggtataa ggtacaatta aaagatatgg actttgccca     72960
     aagtgggtga ttgctgcttt taggccttta agggcaagct gtgcaattgc atcaggatac     73020
     caatctatta ttttagctgg ggatacgttt ggatggatcc acaacaatgg cccattctgc     73080
     cacaaaactg cagttggcaa ttgtgctgtc ttaaagacac acaaactgaa aggttgcgaa     73140
     tcctcaatac gttgtaattg tgcattctgt aaggcctttt ccaccttttg taaggcctgg     73200
     ttagcagcta gagtaagagt cctaggggag gagatatgag gatctccttc taaaatacta     73260
     aacaaaggcc ttaactcagc ggaaggaatc tttaaaaaag gtctgagcca attaatatct     73320
     cccaacagct tttgaaaatc atttaaggta tggaggtgat ctcttcttat ctctaccttt     73380
     tggggcacaa tcttatctgg ggacaccaca gagcccaaga attgtcctgt atcagaaatt     73440
     tggacctttt ctgtggctat ctgtaaaccc cactgactta aagttttaag tagaagagga     73500
     tatgcctttt gtagcatggt aaggtcttta tggcacagga ggatgtcatc catgtaaagg     73560
     agcaaaatta aagaggggaa ttgttccctc actggcaaaa gagcttcttg tacataaagt     73620
     tgacacatag taggactatt ggacattccc tgtggtaaga ccttccattg atacctctta     73680
     tcaggttcca tgtgattaat agaggggatg gtaaaggcaa atctgggcct atctcttgga     73740
     cacaaaggta tagaaaagaa acaatcttta atatctataa taattaaatt ccagccacgt     73800
     ggtaaggcgg aaagtacagg gagacccctc tgtactgggc caaataagtt catttgctca     73860
     ttaatggctc tgaggtcatg gagcagtctc cactttcctg actttttctt aattacaaaa     73920
     attggagtat tccaaggtga ggtagagggt tcaatatggc ctaattttaa ttgttcctct     73980
     accagttgaa tcacagcttc tagtttttca gaggataggt gccattgagg aacccacact     74040
     gggtcccctg ttttccatgg tatgggtcgt gctgccccaa tggccgctaa ggaaaaccca     74100
     gaccctgtct gtcttggttt ccattaggtg agatgggctc tatccttccc tgttcttgat     74160
     gtcctaaccc ttttccttct ttataaccca tctttgccat gatatttttt gctttagctg     74220
     aataccctcc tgatggggcg ttttcattgg acaaaataag gcccaaatgc tgcataatat     74280
     cccttcccca gaggttaacc gggagtggga gcacataagg tatgaatttc ccttgctgcc     74340
     cttcagagga ttcccacgtc aaggcaacgg agcttatagt gggacatgat tgataaccta     74400
     ggccctgtaa tgaatgagat gactctgtgg tgggccatgc tttgggccac caatgtgtag     74460
     agattatact tttatctgct ccggtatcaa ggatgccttc aaactctttt ccattaatct     74520
     taaggcggag cttaggtcta tcatttaaag atacaaccaa ataggcagaa tcatttcctg     74580
     aggagcccat tttctttatc tcaggtcctg cagatttttc cctggtatac taatagaaaa     74640
     aacgccttta gggcttgagc acaggacctg tatttcaggg gaatgttgac aatccataac     74700
     tccagggtgg actactaagc cctgcaaggt gagtgaacct cggccgagaa taaggcccat     74760
     ggttcccggg ggcaaggatg gtataggctc caccggcacc ggctgaatac tcatttgagg     74820
     cattaatagg aagtcggagg cggcacgcag gtccaccctt gtgggtcttc ctgggtcgcc     74880
     tctctgactg cttcctgggt cctgacaaac cggttcccat atctttgagg gccctgggac     74940
     cgagggcccg atgacccgtt ttttggcaca taagctgatt gattatcagg tgggggaagg     75000
     attctgccct ttatatccct cacagagcga cactggtcgg ctctatgata acccttgcca     75060
     cacttagagc aaagagtgag agtccctccc tgtttatctg gagctctgca atctttctta     75120
     aaatgcccag gctttccgca attaaaacat gtcctctgat catttctgct catggagcgg     75180
     ttctgagatt ggaggatggc ggccgctaag cctgcattgg tgagaggtcc cccaagctct     75240
     cgacagaccc tgagccagtc ttgtaagcct ttgttctttc ttggggctat ggccgctcgg     75300
     cactcctttg tggcttgctc gtagattagc tgttctatga gaggcgcagc ttgctctgac     75360
     tctccaaaaa tacgctctgc tgcctctgtc attctggcca caaaatctga gaaggattcc     75420
     tgaggtccct ggattatctt tgttaactgc ccagtggttt cacctgctcg agagagcgcc     75480
     ttccaggccc taatagccgt ggaagaaatc tgggcataag ctccccaatg gtagtttgtc     75540
     tgatcagcag aataagctcc ctgacccgtt aacaagtcaa aagtccaatc tctctgctct     75600
     ggagtcaaag cagctgcgtt tgctcgggcc tgcgcttgtg cagcttcgtg ccaaagcgct     75660
     ctccattcca tatatttgcc catactaggg agagcggctt ttacaaccgt ttgccagtcg     75720
     gcaggagtta gtgccatgcc agcgagcctg tctaactgca ccaaggtaaa attagcattg     75780
     gttccgtatt tacgaaccga ctcggcaatt tccttaattt gtaagtattc taccggagcg     75840
     tggacacgcc caccctcggc tccttcaaag accggaaatg cctgttgtat tttcctttgt     75900
     tcctctctgg gaatgaatga gtctgcgcac tgcctctctg cgcactgcct ctctgcgcat     75960
     tgctgacgca ctacgcaggg cggggactcc gcatagggcg gaccttgaag ccgactgccc     76020
     tgaggccaat cagcaaactg gccttcgcca gccgcttttg gcttttttct tgaccaatta     76080
     gctggctggt aatgggctgc ttcttcctcc cagtctgttt cctcagagga ggattcttca     76140
     cctgcttcag agctactaag agctggctcc ccgagcccat ccagcgatga gcacaggctc     76200
     cttttcctag agacctccgc taattgatct ttcttctttt ccctttttcc tctttttctt     76260
     ctaatctctc tccaggtatt cctacctaac cttaactttt cctcgggttc aagacccttg     76320
     gaaaggcctg tatacttatt ttgtgtacca tattttctct ttgctcctac tctctctccc     76380
     cgctttactt ctgatagctt gtcctgaatt tcctctagaa ttttcagccc tatcttaatc     76440
     acttgataac atgtgaaaag gaacaaaagg gctcctaaca ccagaaaaaa ttcaaggcca     76500
     aacattttcc actttacttc tgatagactg tcttgaattt cgttagaaag ttcaagatca     76560
     gacttacctc gtaaagctgt actcactggt actctcgttc cccagctgaa aagttctgaa     76620
     ttcatacagt tgaatccttc ttaacagtct gctttacggg aacctttatt accgcgaccc     76680
     gcagttctgg ttctggaatg agggatcttc cttgcgccag tcccgagttt tttctcgtcc     76740
     cggaattcgg caccaattgt tattagacgc gttctcacga ccggccagga agaacaccac     76800
     agaccagaat cttctgcggc aaagctttat ttcttacatc ttcaggagca agagtgtaag     76860
     aagcaagaga gcaagaagaa agagagagag aaaacgaaac cccgtccctt ttttaggaga     76920
     attctccttc gcctcggacg tgtcactccc tgattggctg cagcccatcg gccgagttga     76980
     cgtcacgggg aaggcagagc acaagtagtc ataagatacc cttggcacat gcgcagatta     77040
     tttgtttacc acttagaaca cagctgtcag cgccatcttg taacggcgaa tgtgggcgcg     77100
     gctcccaaca cttgagcttt gtacaaggag gtaacaatgg atcaattggc attcttctac     77160
     atgataaccg ccagttgtgc cagcaccata tgttgaaaat gctgtccttt ttccactgga     77220
     tggttttaac tcacttctca aagtgcaagt gaccataagt gtgaattcat ttctgggtct     77280
     tcaactctat tccattgatc tacctgtctg tcactgtacc agtaccatgc agtttttatc     77340
     acaattgctc tgtagtacag ctttagggca agcattgtga ttccaccaga ggttctctta     77400
     tccttgagaa tagtttttgc tatgctaagt tttttattat tccagatgaa tttgcaaatt     77460
     gcccattcta acaaagtgaa taattgagtt ggaattttga tggggattgc atagaatctg     77520
     aagattgctt tcagaaggat agccattttt actatattac tcctgccaat ccatgaggat     77580
     gggagatctt tccatcgtct gaaatcttct tcagtttctt tcttcagaga cttgaagttc     77640
     ttatcataca aatctttcac ttcctttgtt acagtcacac caagttattt tttttccatt     77700
     ttttattagg tatttagctc atttacattt ccaatgctat accaaaagtc ccccataccc     77760
     acccaccccc actcccctac ccacccactc cccctttttg gccctggcgt tcccctgtac     77820
     tggggcatac aaagtttaca tgtccaatgg gcctctcttt ccagtgatgg ccgattaggc     77880
     catcttttgt tacatatgca gctagagtca agagctccgg ggtactggtt agttcataat     77940
     gttgttccac ctatagggtt gcagatccct ttacctcctt gggttctttc tctagctcct     78000
     ccattgggag ccctgtgatc catccattag ctgactgtga gcatccactt ctgtgtttgc     78060
     taggccccgg catagtctca caacagatag ctacatctgg gtcctttcaa taaaatcttg     78120
     ctagggtatg caatggtgtc agcgtttgga tgctgattat acaccaagtt attttatatt     78180
     acttatgact attgtgaagg gtgttgtttc cctaatttct ttctcagacg gtttatcctt     78240
     tgtgtagaga aaggccattg atttgtttga gttattttta tatccagcta ctgcatgtaa     78300
     gctatttatc aggtttagga gttctctggt ggaattttta gggtcactta tactctcact     78360
     tcatctgcaa atattgatat tttgacttct tcctttacag tttgtatccc cttgatctca     78420
     ttgtctccat ttgttgtcga attgctatgg ctagaacttt aagtactttg ttgaatggtt     78480
     agggagaaag tgggcaggct tgtctagttc ctgattttaa tgggattgct ttgagtttct     78540
     ctccatatag tttgatgtta gctactggtt tgctgtatat tgcttttatt atgtttaggt     78600
     atgggcctaa attcctgatc tttctaagac ttttatcgtg aaggggtatt gaattttgtc     78660
     aaatcctttc tcagcatcta acgagatgac catgaggctc ttgtctttga gattgtttat     78720
     atagtggatt tcattgatgg atctccttat attaaaccat ccctgaatcc ctgggatgaa     78780
     acctacctgg tcatgatgga tgcttgtttt gatgtattct tggattccgt tagcaagatt     78840
     ttttttttaa tttttttatt aggtattttc ctcgtttaca ttttcaatgc tatcccaaag     78900
     gtcccccata cccacccccc caatccccta cccacccact cccccttttt ggccctggcg     78960
     ttcccctgta ctggggcatc taaagttggc gagtccaatg ggcctctctt tgcagtgatg     79020
     gctgactagg ccatcttttg atggttagca agaattttat tgagtatttt tgcatcgata     79080
     ttaataagga aaattggtct gatgttctct ttctttgttg gatctttgtg tggtttaggt     79140
     atcagagtaa ttgtggcctc atagaatgaa ttgtgtagag taacttctgt ttttactttg     79200
     tggaatagtt tgagaaaagt tggaattatg tcttctttga aggtctgata gaactctcca     79260
     ctaaacccat ctggtcctgg gctttttttg gttgggacac tattggtgac tacttctatt     79320
     tctttagggg aaatgggact gtttagatcg ttaatctgat cctgatttaa tttttggtac     79380
     ctggtatctg tctaggaagt tgtccatttc atccatgttt tctagttttg ttgagtatag     79440
     tttgttagta ggatctgatg atgttttgga tttcttcacg ttttgttggt atgtctcctt     79500
     tttcattttt gattttgtta attaggatac tgttcctgtg ccctctagtt agtcaggcta     79560
     aggatttatc tatcttgttg attttctcaa agaaccagct gctggtttga ttgattcttt     79620
     gaatagttct ttttgtttcc acttggttga tttcagcccc aagtttgatt attttctgca     79680
     ctctactcct cttgggtgaa tttgcttccc ttaattctag agcttctagg tatgcagtca     79740
     ggctgctagt gtatgctctc tgtagtttct ttttggaggc actcagggct atgagttttc     79800
     ctcttaggac tgccttcatt gtgtcccata tgtttgggta tgttgtggct tcgttttcat     79860
     taaactctaa aaagtcttta atttctttct ttatttcatc cttgaccaag gaatcattga     79920
     ctagagtgct gttcagtttc caggtgaatg ttggctttct attatttatg tttttattga     79980
     aaatcagcct tagtccgtgg tgatcagata ggatgcatgg gataatttca atatttttgt     80040
     atttgttgag gcctgttttg tgaccaatta tatggtcagt tttggaaaag gcaccatgag     80100
     gtgctgagaa gaatgtatat cattctgttt taggataaaa tgttctgtag atatcagtta     80160
     aatgcatttg tttcataact tctgttagtg tccatgtctc tctgttaagt ttctgccttc     80220
     agattctgtc cattggtgag ggtggggtgt taaagtctcc cactattatt gtgtgaggtg     80280
     caatgtgtga tttgagcttt acgaaagttt ctttaatgaa tgtggctgcc cttgcatttg     80340
     gaacatagat attcatgatt gagaattcat cttcatagat tttacctttg atgagtatga     80400
     agtgcccccc ttgttttttt tgataacttt gggttggaag ttgatatttg ttttgttttg     80460
     ttttcttttg ttttgtttat taggtattta tttcatttac atttccaatg ctatcccaaa     80520
     agtcccccac ctgctccccc acccacccac tcccacttct tggccctggc attcccctgt     80580
     actgaggcat ataaagtttg cacaaccaat gggcctctct ttccagtgat ggccaactag     80640
     gccatcttct gatacatatg cagctagaga cacgagctct ggggggtact gggtagttca     80700
     tattgttgtt ccacctatag tgttgcagat ccctttagct ccttggttac tttctctagc     80760
     tcttccattg ggggccctgt gatccatcca ataactgact gtgagcatcc acttctgtgt     80820
     ttgctaggcc ccagcctagt ctcacaagaa acagcactat atgggtcttt tcaggaaaat     80880
     cttgctagtg tatgcaatgg tgtcagcttt tagagactga ttatgggatg gatccctgga     80940
     tatggcggtc tctagatggt tcatcctttt gtctcagctc caaactgttt ctctgtaact     81000
     ccttcctggg tcttctgttc ccaattctaa gaaggggcaa agtgtccaca ctttggtctt     81060
     cgttcttctt gagtttcatg tgtttagcaa attgtatctt atatcttggg tattctaagt     81120
     ttctgggcta atatccaatt atcagtgagt acatattgtg tgagttcttt tgtgattggg     81180
     ttacctcact caggatgatg gcctccaggt ctatccattt acctaggaac ttcacaaatt     81240
     cattcttttt aatagctgag tagtactcca ttgtgtaaat gtaccacatt ttctgtatcc     81300
     attcctctgt tgaaggggaa ctgggttctt tccagattct ggctattatg aataaggata     81360
     ctatggacat agtggagcat gtgtctttct taccagttgg aacctcttct ggatatatgc     81420
     ctaggagagg tattgaggga tccttcagta gtactatgca attttctgag gaactgccag     81480
     actgctttcc agagtggttg tacaagcttg caatcccacc aacaatggag gagtgttcct     81540
     ctttctccac atccttgcca gcatctgctc tcacatgaat ttttgatttt agccattctg     81600
     actggtgtga ggtggaatct caggattgtt ttgatttgca tttccctgat gattaaggat     81660
     gttgaacatt ttttcaggtg cttctcaaac attctgtatt cctcaggtga gaattctttg     81720
     tttagctctg agcccaattt tttaatgggg ttatttgatt ttctgaagtc caccttcttg     81780
     aattctttat atatatttga tattagtccc ctatctgatt taggacaggt aaaggtcttg     81840
     ttggtgtcct ttttgtctta ttgacggtgt cttttgcctt gcagaatctt agcaatttta     81900
     tgaggtccca tttgttgatt cttgatctta aagcacaagc cattgctgtt ctattcagga     81960
     atttttcctc tgtacccata tcttcgaggc ttttcctact ttctcctcta taagtttcag     82020
     tgtctctgga tttatgcgga gttccttaat ccacttagat ttgaccttag tatttggaga     82080
     ttggaatgga tcaattcaaa ttcttctaca tgataactgc cagttgtgcc agcaccattt     82140
     gttgaaaatg ctgtctttct tccactggat agtttttgct cccttgtcaa agatcaagtg     82200
     accataggtg tgtgggttca tctctgggtc ttcaattctg ttccattggt ctacttgtct     82260
     gtcgctacac cagtaccatg caatttttat cacaattgct ctgtagtaca gctttaggtc     82320
     aggcatggtg agtccaccag aggttctttt atacttggaa gagtttttgc tatcctaggt     82380
     tttttgttat tccagaggaa tttgcagatt gccctttcta attcgttgaa gaattgagtt     82440
     ggaattttga tggggattgc attgaatctg tagattgctt ttggcaagat acccattttt     82500
     actatattga tcctgctaat acatgggttt gggatatctt tctatcttct gagatcttat     82560
     ccagaagatg ccccaacgga taagaaggac acatgcccaa ctatgttcat agcagcctta     82620
     tttataatag ccagaagctg gaaagaaccc agatgcccct caacagagga atggatacag     82680
     aaaatgtggt acatctacac aatggagtac tactcagcta ttaaaagaat gaatttatga     82740
     aattcctagc caaatggatg gacctggagg gcatcatcct gagtgaggta acacattcac     82800
     aaagaaactc acacaatatg tactcactga taagtggata ttagccccaa acctaggata     82860
     cccaagatat aagatacaat ttgctaaaca catgaaactc aagaagaatg aagactgaag     82920
     tgtggacact atgcccctcc ttagaattgg gaacaaaaca cccatggaag gagttacaga     82980
     gacaaagttt ggagctgaga tgaaaggatg gaccatgtag agactgccat atccagggat     83040
     ccaccccata atcagcatcc aaacgctgac accattgcat acactagcaa gattttatcg     83100
     aaaggaccca gatgtagctg tctcttgtga gactatgcca gggcctagca aacacagaag     83160
     tggatgctca cagtcagcta atggatggat cacagggctc ccaatggagg agctagagaa     83220
     agtagccaag gagctaaagg gatctgcaac cctataggtg gaacaacatt aggaactaac     83280
     cagtaccctg gagctcttga ctctagctgc atatatatca aaagatggcc tagtcggcca     83340
     tcactggaaa gagaggccca ttggacttgc aaactttata tgccccagta caggggaacg     83400
     ccagggccaa aaagggggag tgggtgggta ggggagtggg ggtgggtggg tatgggggac     83460
     ttttggtata gcattggaaa tgtaaatgag ctaaatacct aataaaaaat gggaaaaatt     83520
     tttctttctt cagagacttg aagttcttat catacagatc tttcacttcc ttagttagag     83580
     tcacgccaag atattttata ttatttgtga atattgagaa gggtgttgtt tccctaattt     83640
     ctttctcatc ctctatcctt tgtgtacata agggccattg acttgttaga gttaatttta     83700
     cgtccagcta cttcattgaa gctgtttatc aggcttagga gttctctggt ggaattttta     83760
     aggtcactta tatatactat catatcatct gcaaaagtca tattttgaat tcttcctttc     83820
     caatttgtat ccccttgatc tccttttgtt gtcgaattgc tctggctagg actttaagta     83880
     caatgttgaa taggtaggga gaaagtgggc agccttgtct agtccctgat tttagtggga     83940
     ttgcttccag cttctcacca tttattctga tgttggctac tggtttgctg tagattgctt     84000
     ttatcatgtt taggtatggg ccttgaattc ctgatctttc taagactttt atcataaatg     84060
     gctgttggat tttgtcaaat gctttctccg catctaagga gatgatcgtg tggtttttgt     84120
     ctttgagttt gtttatatag tggatttcgt tgctggattt ccatatattg aaccatccct     84180
     gaatccctag gatgaaacct acttggtcag gatggatgat tgtttttatg tgttcttgga     84240
     ttcggttagc gagaacttta ttgaggatgt ttgcattgat attcataagg gaaatttgtc     84300
     tgaagttctc tatctatgtt gggtcttttg tggtttaggt atcaaagtaa ttgtggcttc     84360
     atagaatgag ttgggtagag aaccttctgc ttctattttg tggaatagtt tgtgaagaac     84420
     tgggattaga tcttctttga aggtctgata gaactctgca ctaaacccat ctggtcctgg     84480
     gcttgttttg gttgggagac tattaatgac tgcttctatt tccttagggg atataggact     84540
     gtttagatca ttaagctgat cttgatttaa ctttggtacc tggtatccgt ctagaaactt     84600
     gtccatttca tccaggttcc ccagttttgt tgaggatttt tagaaggaaa acaattttcc     84660
     aagcaaatgg tctgaataaa caagctggag tagccattcc aatatctaat aaaatcgact     84720
     tccaacccaa agtcatcata aaagacaagg aggggcactt cattctcacc aaaggtaaaa     84780
     tcttccaaga ggaactctcg attctgaata tctattgcct tttgtagaag gatctgatgg     84840
     tgttttggtt ttcttcagga tctgttgtta tgtctccctt ttcatttctg attttgttaa     84900
     ttaggatgct ttccctgtgc cctctagtga ttctggctaa gggtttatct attttgttga     84960
     ttttctcaaa gaaccatctc ctcgtttggt tgattctttg aatggttctt ctttccactt     85020
     ggttgatttc acccctgagt ttgattattt cctgcagtct actcctcttg ggtgaattgc     85080
     ttcctttgtt ctagagcttt tagatgtgtt gtcaagcggc tagtgtgtgc tctctttagt     85140
     ttctttttgg aggcactcag agctatgagt tttcctctta ggactgcctt cattgtgtcc     85200
     catatgtttg ggtatgttgt ggcttcgttt tcatgaaact ctaaaaagtc tttaatgtct     85260
     ttctttattc cttccttgac caaggtatca ttgagaagag tgttgttgag tttccatgtg     85320
     aatgttggct ttctattatt tattttgtta ttgaagatca gccttaatcc atggtgatct     85380
     aataggatgc attagacaat tttaatattt ttgtatcttt aatatttttg tatcttgttt     85440
     tgtgaccaat tatgtggtcg attttggaga agataacatg aggtgctgag aagaaggtat     85500
     atccttttgt tttaagataa aatcttctgt agatatctgt tagatcaatt tgtttcataa     85560
     cttctgttag tttcactgtg tccctgttta gtttctgttt ccatgatatg tccactggtg     85620
     aaagtggtgg gttgaagtct cccactatta ttgtgtgagg tgcaatgtgt gctttgagct     85680
     ttactaaagt ttctttaatg aatgtggctg cccttgtatt tggagcatag atattcagaa     85740
     tcgagagttc ctcttggaag attttacctt tgatgagtat gaagtgcccc tccttgtctt     85800
     ttatgatgac tttgggttgg acgtcgattt tattagatat tggaatggct actccagctt     85860
     gtttattcag accatttgct tggaaaattg ttttcctgcc tttcattctg agttagtgtc     85920
     tgtctttttc cctgagatgg gtttcctgta agcagcaaaa tgttgggtcc ttctgtgtag     85980
     ccattctgtt agtctatgtc tttttattgg ggagttgagt ccattgatat taagagatat     86040
     taaagaaaag taattgttgc ttcctattat ttttgttgtt aacgctggca ttctgttctt     86100
     gtgacttctt ttaggttagt tgaagttact ttcttgtttt ttctaggacg tggtttccgt     86160
     ccttgcattg atttttttct gttattatcc tttgaagggc tggattcgtg gaaaaataat     86220
     gtgtgaattt ggttcagtca tggaatactt tggtttctcc atctacaata agtgaaagtt     86280
     tggctgtgta tagtagcctg gactggcatt tgtgttctct tagtgtctgc ataacatctg     86340
     tccgggatct tctggctttc atagtctctg atgaaaaatc tattttattc aatattagaa     86400
     tggctactcc ggcttgtgtc tttggcccat ttgcttggat aattattttc cagcctttca     86460
     ctctgaggta gtgtctgtcc ttttccctga catgggtttc ttgtaagcaa caaaatgttg     86520
     ggtcctgtct atgtagctag tctattagtc tatgtctttt tattggggaa ttgagtccat     86580
     tgatgttaag agaaattaaa gaaaagtaat tgttgcttcc tgttattttt gttgttaaag     86640
     ttgggattct gttcttgtgg ctgtcgtctt ttagttttgt tgaaggatta ctttattgct     86700
     ttttctagga tgtagttcct atccttgtgt tggtgttttc ccgttattat ccattgaagg     86760
     gctggattcg tggaatgata ttgtgtgaat ttggttttat catggaatac tttggtttct     86820
     ccatctatgg tatttgagag ttttgctggg tatagtagcc tgggctgaga tttgtgttct     86880
     cttacggtct gcataacatc tgtccaggat attctggctt tcatagtctc tggtgagaag     86940
     tctggtgtaa ttctaatagg cctcccttta tatgttactt gacctttttc ccttactgct     87000
     tttaatattc tgtctttatt tagtgcattt gttgttctga ttattatgtg tagggaggaa     87060
     tttcttttct ggtccagtct atttggagtt ctgtagcctt cttgtatgat catgggcatc     87120
     tctttcttta ggtttgggaa gtttccttct ataattttgt tgaagatatt tgctagccct     87180
     ttaggttgga aatcttcatt ctcattgact cctattatcc gtaggtttgg tcttctcatt     87240
     gtgtcctgga tttcctggat gttttgagtt gggatctttt tgcatttttc attttatttg     87300
     attgttgtgc ccatgttctc tgtggaatct tctgcacctg agattctctc ttctgtctct     87360
     tatattctgt tgctgatgct cacatctatg gctcctgatt tctttcctag ggtttctatc     87420
     tccagtgttg tctcactttg agttttcttt actgtttcta cttccctttt taggtcttgg     87480
     atggttttgt tcaattccat cacctgtttg gttatgtttt cctgtaattc tttgaggatt     87540
     tctacctctt tagcattgtt ctcctatatt tctttaagtg agttattaat gccgtacttg     87600
     atgtcctcta ccagcatcat gaaatatgat ttgaaatccg agtcttgctt tttaggtgta     87660
     ttggggtatc catgactggc tgaggtggga gtgctgggtt ctggtgatgg tgagttgtcg     87720
     tggtttctgt tagtgagatt cttacgcttg cctttcacca tctggtaatc tctggagtta     87780
     gttgttatag ttgtctctgg ttggagcttg ttcctcctgt gattctgtta gcctctgtca     87840
     gcagacctgg gagtctacct ctctcctgag tctcagtagt cagtgtactc tcagcaggca     87900
     agctctcctc ttgcagggaa agtgtagaga tgtctggcac tcagacctgc ctcctggctg     87960
     tagatgaagg cccaaaacag ggcctgtccc agaagatgtg ttgcctctgc agtctgcatg     88020
     ctcacctaca cagactggtc tctgagggat gtgggacaca agatggctct ctcacctgct     88080
     ccagcagagc ctttcctcta gctaattatt tgaagttaga cttaagaatg aagtctaaaa     88140
     ctgagccacc aagactgcat gttctttatc ctataatatg cctacagatg tgaagtgtgc     88200
     tttgagtatc cagtattcat aattcttatc aaatgctggt ttcatttttc aggatagtaa     88260
     ctgactatga gtcccttatg ctctgtcaac atctccttcc tcatgccctg taaataaagc     88320
     tgaatatttt aacaagaaaa aacaaaagaa tgacgtctac tgacttaatt ggaattgtat     88380
     attaatcaca ttttgatttg agggagctta gaatttttat gataataact tttttactct     88440
     agaatatgaa gtatttatcc ttggtggtac tatgctttca cagatatagg cagagctggt     88500
     ataccctgac agcttcaggc tgttactttt cctgggtcag ggtatgaagg tagagctgat     88560
     cctccttgat aggtgcagga ctgtttttcc taggcaccag caggactcca gaaatgtagg     88620
     tgaagttgta gccctagaag cggagtgaag aaggagctaa gaggaattct gctgctgggt     88680
     ttgtccggag aggatgtcag gcagaggatt ggagtagggg gtctcacctg gtggtcgatg     88740
     attgatggag gtatctggaa atgtgattat atgcatggaa acataggatg gagggaaaag     88800
     gtgtcaatgc agaccttggc tgctgggctt gcttgagact cagcaggcag gagtttgggg     88860
     cttggagaag tcacttggct ggccctggcc acagcaggcc tctggagata cagatggagc     88920
     tgtggccagg aaaatgtagt acagaaggga cctacatctg tagtcttatg cagcatatgt     88980
     atggtaagtt aagtaggaaa ttggaagtga agtgtgttca taggtataat tgaaataaga     89040
     tgataatgta tatatttatc tacatgtttt attattccat taagcatttc tttaaatgag     89100
     ctctcatgaa gcccaggaaa gactcaaatt cactatgtag tggaggctag ctattaactg     89160
     ctcacctttc tacctctatc ttggtgagtt agaatcacaa gtgttgcact cccccttctg     89220
     ctttgcaatt ctagacaaag aaggttttga tattcttttt tcccatatca ctgaagcttt     89280
     gaagagtact ctagatatca cagatattca ctaagtagtt ttcttaccta ctagaaacat     89340
     gtttctagaa gattaagaaa tattaaatgt tgtcttcaaa atattatgtt tgtgacacta     89400
     atggatcaca acaggtgctg accatagatc caagaatggt ttgtgtagtt agggcaaact     89460
     gaattctaat gatctaagtt atcaatgtag atagttatgt ccatctctta gaattgaaaa     89520
     gttgtctgat taagcattat tactgtgtta gttatttggc actgaaccaa gagaagagtt     89580
     ggcatttagt agctataaga catgtaatag tgactgaaca aatcttcctt gatctttaga     89640
     gtatagctaa gtaaacctat agtacaagta gagacaattt ggccagataa aatgcagaaa     89700
     agagtataag aacaatattt gaatggctgt catttacatc ttgcagaact ttctggaaga     89760
     gcatctagag catctacagc agcctatatt aagtgtccta tgcatataca agatggttat     89820
     gatacaaaca ctgtcatttt ttctaaagat cagagaaatg tttgctgagc actcaactag     89880
     agtgaaagtc tcagaaagct aacttaagac tttccttatt gacttctgtg ctcatgggaa     89940
     gagagaacca gacaagcacc tttgagttcc tcctctgggg actctcagag cagctacagc     90000
     aacaacacat cctcttcctg atcttcctgt ggatgtacct tgtcacagta gttgggaatc     90060
     tgctcattgt cctggccatt agcactgatg tacgactcca cacacccatg tacttcttgc     90120
     ttgccaacct gtcctgtgat gatatcctct tcacctccac cacaataccc aaggccctag     90180
     tgaacatcca cacccaaagc aggaccatct cctatgcagg atgcctggtc cagctctatt     90240
     ttttcctgac ttttggagac atggacatct tcctcctggc cacaatggcc tatgatcgct     90300
     ttgtggctat ttgtcaccct ctccactata ggatgatcat gagcttccag cgctgctcat     90360
     tcttagtgac agcctgttgg atccttacaa cctttgttgc tatgacacac accttgctca     90420
     tattccggct ctccttctgc tctaagaagg tcattccaga cttcttctgt gacctgggac     90480
     ccctaatgaa gatcgcttgc tctgaaaccc ggatcaatga gcttgtgctt ctcttcctgg     90540
     gaggtgcagt catcttaatc cccttcttgc tcatccttgt gtcttatatc cgcattgttt     90600
     cagccatcct caggctccct tctgcccaag gaaggcgtaa ggccttttct acctgtgggt     90660
     cccacctttc tgtggtggcc ctgtgctttg ggacagtgat aaaggcttat ctatgtccct     90720
     catcctcttc ctccaactca gtggtagagg atacagcagc tgttgtcatg tatacagtgg     90780
     tgactcccct actgaacccc ttcatttaca gcctgtgaaa caaagacatg aagggagcac     90840
     tggtcagaat tctcaagggc aaagtctcct tcccctgggc ccagagactt ctgcagagaa     90900
     agtgaagatg ttctcaatct gctctgctga ggatctttca gaatgtctac ctcgattgtc     90960
     tctttccgaa ctccacgttt ctttgtcaca ctccattccc tgatccctct agtcaaattt     91020
     cttagacttg aggaaaataa aaatgtatct ttagaatttg ttataagtgg cttctttgtg     91080
     catttatttt ataacatgtg ccccagaatg atggtttagt caatgacaga tggcatacat     91140
     gacaactgtt tctataggga caattattct ggagctgaag atttattttg tttttgttgt     91200
     tgtatgttag tagttgttgt aattgtcccc aagaaaatga agattttgaa aaatatcatc     91260
     cttcaatttt tttgcttata tccaccctcc cccattcact tttttcagtg ttcccccaca     91320
     ttccactctc aaattcatgt cctcttcatc tactgtatac acgtttatac atgtactcac     91380
     ctgtatatat ctcctactga ttctaatatt ccccacaaac acaaggggtt ttgattgaat     91440
     actaggatgt tggcaatctt ccacagttgc tttccgtaaa gaaaattgat tgtccctcat     91500
     tacaagcagc tgatttcaca cagctcttaa actgtgggca ggacctggta tggtcttgtg     91560
     caggcaacta tagatgttga aggctcattt atatcatccc tgtcatgtcc agaatacatt     91620
     gttttgaaga gttcctccga acactctttc catcctctct tgcacagtga ttcttaccct     91680
     cttgtgacct tgtgttttat tgtctttaca aacacattgc caaacttcca tgcaaatctg     91740
     gaagagggcc ccaaggtcca aagaggactc tccacaccaa atggccttgg cacaccctag     91800
     cacacaccaa ggtcctcggg attgcggatg aatggaacac aacatcagtt ccaaagaatc     91860
     ctggagggtc ttgtgccagc aggaacaggc acaaaggaac tccacaccac aagaggctag     91920
     gattcattct ggtcaggtcc agccatgggc catcttcagg gaaaacctgg cagatggtcc     91980
     aaggtcccca gaggactctc cacacagcag gccccctagc gcacccagga ccttggaatc     92040
     acttaagagc acatgggcag cagaagcaac agagcttctt ggacagggtc ccttcaggcc     92100
     ttcatcttca gcccggagat ggagttgaga cacagacccc agggcacctt ccctgccaga     92160
     gaagagtcgg cctccaggga gggctctgat cccaggactc atgaaatgga tcagaggtcc     92220
     agacttctgg tcaccttctc tgcaagagga gagcttaact gcagagagtg ctctgaccac     92280
     tgggactcag gtgagagttg gactcccagg agtgctgaca gaggctaaca gaatcacagg     92340
     aggaacaagc tccagccaga gacagctaga acatctaaca ccagagatta ccagatggtg     92400
     aaaggtaaac ataagaatct tactaaaaga aaccaagatg actgggcatc atcagaaccc     92460
     agtatgtcca ccacagtgag tcctggatac accaacacac ctgaaaagca aggctcagat     92520
     ttaaaatcac atctcatgat ggtgatagag gattttaaga agggcattaa taactcacat     92580
     aaaaaaatac agaagaacac tgctaaacag gtggaagccc ttaaagaatt acaggaaaac     92640
     attgctaaac aagtagaagt ccttaaagag gaaacacaaa aatcccttaa agaattacag     92700
     gaaaacacaa ccaaacaggt gaaggaattg aacaaaacca tccaagatct aaaaatggaa     92760
     gtagaaacaa taaagaagag ccaaagggag acaaccctgg agatagaaat cctaggaaag     92820
     aaatcaggaa ccatagatac aagcatcagc aacagaatac aagagatgga agagagaatc     92880
     tcaggtgcag aagattccat aaagaacatc ggcacaacaa tcaaagaaaa tgaaaaaatg     92940
     caaaaagatc ctaactcaaa acatccagga aatccaggac acaatgagaa gaccaaacct     93000
     acctataata ggagtagatg agaatgaaga ttttcaactt aaagggccaa taaatatctt     93060
     caacaaaatt ataaaagaaa acttccctaa cctaaagaag gagattgcca taaacataca     93120
     agaagcctac aggactccaa atagactgga caaaaaaaga aattcctccc tacacatgat     93180
     aatcagtaca acaaatgcac taaataaaga cagaatatta aaagcagtaa gggaaaaaca     93240
     tcaagtaaca tatgaaggca gacctattag aattacacca gacttctcac cagagactat     93300
     gaaagccaga agatcctaaa cagatgttat acagacccta agagaacaca aatgccagcc     93360
     caggctacta tacccagaaa aactatcaat caccataggt ggagaaacca aagtatttca     93420
     tgacaaaacc gaattcacac aatacctttc catgaatcca actcttcaaa gtataataaa     93480
     aggaaaactc caacacaagg atggaaatta tctcctagaa aaagcaagaa agtaatcctt     93540
     caatgaacct aaaagaagac agctgcaaga acagaacccc aactctaaca acaaaaataa     93600
     caagaagcaa taattacttt tccttaatag ctcttaatat cagtggactc aatttccccc     93660
     aataaaaaga catagactaa cagactggct atgtaaacag gacccaagat tttgctgcat     93720
     ataggaaacc caccccaggg acaaagacaa acactacctc agagtgaaag gctggaaaac     93780
     aattttcaaa gaaaatggtg cgaagaaaaa agcaggagta gtcattctaa tatcgaataa     93840
     aatcgacttc caacccaaag ttatcaaaaa agacaaggag gggaacttca tactcatcaa     93900
     aggtaaaatc ttccaagatg aactctcaat tctaaacagc tattctccaa atacaaaggc     93960
     agccacattc attaaggaaa ctttagtaaa gctcaaagca caccttgcac ctcacacaat     94020
     gatagttgga gacttcaaca ccccactttc atcattggac aacagaaaat aaacaatcac     94080
     acattgaaac taacagaagt tatgaaacaa atggatttca ctgatatcta cagaacattt     94140
     taaactaaaa caaaaagata tacattctcc tcagcacctc atggtacctt ctccaaaact     94200
     gagcatataa ttggtaacaa aacaggccta cacaaatata aaaatattga aattatccca     94260
     tgcatcctat cagatcacca cggactaagg ctgatcttca ataacaacat aaataataga     94320
     aagccaacat tcatgtagaa gctgaataac actctactca atgacaactt attcaaggaa     94380
     gaaataagaa tttaaggact ttttagagtt taatgaaaat gaagccacaa cataccgaaa     94440
     tttatggaac acaatgaaag cattcctaag aggaaaacca taagtatgag ggctgccaaa     94500
     aagaaactag acagagcata aactagcagc ttgacagcac acctaaaatc tctagaacaa     94560
     aagggaccaa attcaccaaa gaggagtaga caccaggaaa taatcaaatt cagggatgaa     94620
     atcaaccaag tggaaacaaa aagtactatt caaagactca accaaacaag gagctggttc     94680
     tttgagaaaa tcaacaagat agataaaccc ttagccagac taacaagagg gcacagggac     94740
     agtatcctaa ttaacaaaat cagtaatgaa aagggagaca taacaacaga acctgaggaa     94800
     atccaaaaca tgatcaaatc ctactacaaa aggctatact caacaaaact ggaaaaccta     94860
     aatgaaacgg acaattttct agacagatac caggtaccaa agttaaatca ggatctgatt     94920
     aatgatctac acagtcccat atcccctaat agaagtagtc attaatagtc tcccaaacaa     94980
     aaaagaccca ggaccagatt ggtctggtgc agagctctat caaaacttta aagaggacct     95040
     aatcccaatt ctcctcacac tactccacag aatagaaaca gaaagtactc tacacaattc     95100
     attccatgaa gccacaatta ctctgatacc taaacgacat aaagacccaa cacagaagga     95160
     gaacttcaga ccaatttccc ttctgaacat ggaggcaaaa atactcaata aaatccttgc     95220
     taaccaaatc caagaataca tcaaaacaag catccatcat gatcaagtag gcttcatccc     95280
     agggatgcag ggatggttta atatacggag atccatcaac gtaatccact atgtaaacaa     95340
     cctcaaagac aaaaaactca taatcacctc gttagatgct gagaaagcaa ttgataaaat     95400
     caaacacccc ttcatgataa aagtcttgaa tagttcaaga attcaaggcc tattcctaaa     95460
     cataataaaa gcaatataca gcaaaccagt agcctacatc aaactaaatg gagagaaact     95520
     tgaagcaatc ccactataat cggggactag acaaggctgc ccactttctc cctgcctatt     95580
     caatagagta cttgaagtcc tagccagagc aattcaacaa caaaaggaga tcaaggagat     95640
     tcatattgga aaggaagaag tcaaaataac actatttgca gatgatatga tagtatatat     95700
     aagtgaccct aaaagttcca ccagagaact cttaaacctg ataaacagct tcagtgcagt     95760
     agctggatat aaaattaact caaacaaatc agtggccttt ccctacataa aggataaaca     95820
     ggatgagaaa aaaattaggg aaacaacacc cttcacaata gtcacaaatg atataaaata     95880
     ccttggtctg actataacta aggaagtgaa agatctgtat gataagaact tcaagtctct     95940
     gaagaaagaa atcaaagaag atcttagaag ataaaaaaaa tgtcccatgc tcatggattg     96000
     gcaggattaa tatagtcaaa atggctatcc tgctgaaagc aatctacaga ttcaatgcat     96060
     tccccatcaa aattccaact caattcttca cagaattaga aagggcaatt tgcaaattca     96120
     tctggaataa caataaaaga acctctgggg gaatcacaat gccagacctc aaactctact     96180
     acagagaaat tgtgattaaa aactgcatgg cattggtgca gcgacagaga ggtagatcaa     96240
     tggaatagaa ttgaagaccc agaaatgaac ccacacacct atagtcatgt gatctttgac     96300
     aaaggagcta aaaccatcga gtggaaaaaa gacagcattt tcaacaaatg gtgttggcac     96360
     aactggtggt tatcataaaa aagaatgcca attgatccat tcttatctcc ttgaacaaag     96420
     ctcaagtcta agtagatcaa ggaactccac atataaccag agactctgaa aattatagag     96480
     gagaaatggg ggaaagcctc aaagatatgg gcatagggga aaaattcctg aacagaacac     96540
     caatggcttc tgctgtaaga ttgagaatcg acaaatggga cctcataaaa ttgcaaagct     96600
     tctgtaaggc aaaagatact gtcaataaga caaaaaggac accaacagat tgggaaagga     96660
     tttttaccaa tcctaaatct gataggggac taatatctaa tatatacaaa gaactcaaga     96720
     agctggactc cagaaaatca aataacccca ttaaaaaaat ggggctcaga gctaaacaaa     96780
     gaactctcaa caaaggaata cagaatggct gagaagcacc tgaaaaaatg ttcaacatcc     96840
     ttaattatca gggaaatgca aatcaaaaca accctgagat tccacctcac accagtcaga     96900
     atggctaaga tcaaaaattc aggtgacagc agatgctggc aaggatgtgg agaaagagga     96960
     acactcctcc actgctggta ggattgcaag cttgtacaac cactctggat atcagtctgg     97020
     ctgttcctca gaaacttgga cacagtacaa ctggaggatc ccgcaatacc tctgctgggc     97080
     atatatccag gagatgttcc aactggtgat aagaacacat gctccactat gttcatagca     97140
     gccttattta taatagccag aagctggaaa gaacccagat gtccttcaac agaggaatag     97200
     atacaaaaaa tgtggtacat ttacacaatg gagtactact cagcaattaa aaacaatgaa     97260
     tttatgaaat tcttagtcaa atggatgtat ctggagggta tcatcctgag tgaagcaacc     97320
     caatcacaaa agaactcaca tgatatgcac tcactgataa gtggatatta gaccagaaac     97380
     ttagaatacc caagatacaa tttacaaagc acatgaaact cgaggagaag gaagaccaaa     97440
     gtgtggatac ttcattcctc cttagaatgg ggaacaaaat acccatggaa ggagttacag     97500
     agacaaagtt tggggatgag acgaaaggat ggaccatcca gagactgcca gaaccaggga     97560
     tccatcccat aatcagccac caaatgcaga cactattgca tatgccagca agattttgct     97620
     gaaaggaccc tgatatagct gtctcttgtg agcctatgcc cgtgcctggc aaataaagaa     97680
     gtggatgctc acagtcatca attggaggag ctagagaaag cacccaagga gctgaagggg     97740
     tctgcaaccc tatggtggaa caacaatatg aactaaccat tacccccaga cctcatgtct     97800
     ctagctgcat atttagcaga agatggccta gtcggccatc attggaaaga aagacccctt     97860
     ggtcatgcaa actttatatg ccccagtaca ggggaatggc aggtccaaaa gtaggagtgg     97920
     gtgggtaggg gagcagggca gggggagggt ataggggact ttcaggataa catttgaaat     97980
     gtaaattaag aaaatatcta atttaaaaaa ttgaaaaaaa aacacattga ccccatgccc     98040
     cgcagagtat agcacatgta attatgcaca acagagagca ctgatggtag tgataaaaga     98100
     ctaggtggta actgtctatg tattcactat accatttgtc atcattttag agtaaactct     98160
     ttccacttac aaaagtcttg tgttaaacaa tgttctttgt tctgctaaga gcaggttcat     98220
     acttgtgttt gcacagttcc tgactacatc cagaggatat tgagtggatg acctgaacca     98280
     tttatgttta tgtctgtaca ctctatgaag ttcttgcaat gatggtactg tctgacagtt     98340
     ttcagaatct gttctcagtt ttgagatatg tgtgactgta ctttttgtat catttctcat     98400
     ggagaactgt atctttcagg attcacaatt ctaaaagtct ctgtagcact ttggaacagg     98460
     ggaaagtgga tttttatata attacattta ttattattta ttaatatttt attatatata     98520
     ataaaatata taaattatat aatataaatt aaatagatca aattaattaa tttaaaaatt     98580
     ttaaaacaag aataaaaatc aaaattttaa aaatgtataa aagtttgatt aatgatgtca     98640
     tgaagaatgg gttagtgatg aaaatattta caagtaaagt caatatcaga tgacaaaaga     98700
     cttttcaact tgaatggaat aagtatgttt gtcctccaga aacaggaaat tataactact     98760
     tattgcataa aagttataaa ctataaacat atttgtagat gttaaaacaa aactcagatg     98820
     gcctagtcgg ccatcattgg gaagagaggc cccttggtct tgcaaacttt atatgcccca     98880
     gtacagggga atgccagggc caagaaatgg gagtgggtgg gtaggggagc agggcggggg     98940
     agggtatagg ggaatttagg catagcattt gaaatgtaaa tgaagaaaat atctagtaaa     99000
     aatttgaaaa aaaatgtagg tggataacga gttagcagag atatttatca aatactaacg     99060
     tgtctattga gggagaaaag aaagacttct ctaacatttg gcccttcacc atgagtgtgt     99120
     gattctgtag atacctgtgg gtttttagga gtagagaaga acaatttcct agcccattct     99180
     tattgtttta acaaatagtg acaaatgtaa atgtatatta taaataaaag acgaaactcg     99240
     ttttactttt aagattcatg aataatttat aattagaaaa tgatataatt ttgagctctc     99300
     ctactagata ggccttaaat tatattagat ggaggtattg gttaccagtg gtaatctttc     99360
     aggtcagtca ttattggtag gctttgcagc tgtgtaggat tactgattgc tttcctcccc     99420
     tgcagctagc ttacataaca taatcccata atatgagagc tagtcctcag ggaggaggat     99480
     tcaaagtcac tgtacatttc aagagaaaaa aggaaagagg ttctaaattt ataatgacaa     99540
     attatgggga ttagaatgac tgagagcaaa atatgagggc acatatgtat gaaaatgcca     99600
     taaggaaaca ttactttgta tgagaactta aattaactta aaattaaatt tacttaaaac     99660
     aaacatttta agaggtaagt ttagtctgat ttaaacttta ttcaatgtac agatgtagca     99720
     aatgattaca tgttactttt gaaaagatat atttcaggac aaattgccaa tgtcagaaaa     99780
     taaggattat ctaaatactc attcaaattg attcatactt atcccagaaa caccaatgcc     99840
     agaaaagtct gaataaatac cagaagtttc tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     99900
     tgtgtgtgca tctgcacgtg tgcacaagca ttcatgggtg gtacataccc acgtgtgctc     99960
     tttgggacag tctctcactg aacttggaga acactagctt ggttagactg tccagtgagc    100020
     cctagagaag tcactgtccc cactttccca ggtctccggt tgtggatacc actacactgg    100080
     ctctttatgt gggtgttggg gatcgaatct caggtcttcc tgattgaaca gcagacagtt    100140
     cactgactga gccttctttc cacccacagt atcagagtat ttagagcaaa ctttctgagc    100200
     acaacatttg atacttacct tagtgttttc ttggcacaaa tctaaacagt gttaataatc    100260
     tatattttac atctgagata ataattcggt gaagagcttg aatttgaaga ctgcaaagga    100320
     attcagagaa aaactttcaa atcctagtgt cactcaaaga gaacttcagt caaaattagg    100380
     ctcttaatac tatatctaga aattttttta gttttgttat tcatttttct tactgtataa    100440
     taattataaa aagttaaggt ctagttggga cttttctaca catgaatata atatactttg    100500
     atcatattaa ccctttcagc tactccttct cacttatccc tctccctcac ttttcccttt    100560
     acacccctgc tagttccttg caacacccac tccagtggag gctgcatgac aaatccaaaa    100620
     gcttggccgc agtcctgaag caaaaagttt cacaggaact ggtctcctgg aggtccttgg    100680
     catcctgtaa cactgatgtg gtccagattt gtccttgtga tagttggtag agggttttgc    100740
     gtgctttctt tcagtattgt tttactatag gtgccaacaa ggaatgattt gacaaatagc    100800
     caaattagat tggatgttat ttcctggcct ccaccagtgt cccaacatcc ttgtcaatct    100860
     tgagcccacc ttgggcttgg aatttcataa gaatgttact tattcagaca aaatgcctac    100920
     agtgttgaaa gagacatagt gaaagaaatc aggcattgca gtttaatgca taagagttag    100980
     aaatctcagg gcaagttcaa ctaagtaaac ttggaattct cattacagtc atgtaaggca    101040
     gactacattt catactagaa gaaagttggt gggctcctct ggtaaatgga ggtcccccca    101100
     caacactttg aataacagct gagtcactcc catatgcagg aatttacaaa ggtctaggaa    101160
     gaaggtggct tgtggtttaa gaaggaacta gagtattgtg ttattcacgg attggttagt    101220
     aagaacagaa cctccctctt gcatactttc acaaagtcca gaagaatagc ataatttagg    101280
     tatttactaa gggacccctg gtggagggtt atacaataga ctagaattgt aactagggag    101340
     tgaagcccgt gtacctggac cataaagcca ttacacctgg ctcctaagaa taagctgact    101400
     ttagataggg ctgactttat gtcagttgta accactgctt agtttctgcg gcttttatgt    101460
     atgcattttt ctgttttgtg tagagtcatt atgcatagaa tgacctcaat gtatcttgct    101520
     gttgtatcac ctaacttccc tgttttcttc tgtaatgact atataactct gatgctcgct    101580
     ttgaaagagt agagtcagat tcagcactct cttgtgttct tgtctgtttg ttaattgcca    101640
     actcctgtgc cacttgaata ccaaaccttg attctccctg ggttgaagga cccccgactg    101700
     ggtctgcctg cagcagttcc tcccctaaaa aagtaaaggg ttattgtggt ggtggtggtg    101760
     gtggtggtgg tggtggtggt ggtggtggtg gtggtggagg tttggggttt ttttgggggg    101820
     gtggggaggg atgaagtttt gttttatttt gtttctgttt tgttttattt ttttggtttt    101880
     ggttttaggg gattgggttt tattgtttta gggggatttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttgctt    101940
     gcttgctttg gtttggtttg gtttttcaca tttatttatt ggggaatttg catgtgaatg    102000
     tcagttcttt cctttcatca catgagtcct cagaagggat caagattatc aaaatcaaca    102060
     gctaacacct gtacccactg aactatcttt tcggccagga agaaaaatgg tttgagtatg    102120
     ttcagcctac tagtgaacta gatagtcact agcagagttt ttttcatttt attttatttt    102180
     taatttattt tttgcactcc atattctgtt ccccatccac actctaactg ctccacatcc    102240
     cacatcacca tgccatccca cactgtctcc ttgtggatgc cccacccacc cacccatcag    102300
     acctctaaac ttcctgggcc tccagtctct tgagggttag gtgcatcatc tctgaattca    102360
     cagacccaga agtcctctac tgtatgtatg ttgaggggcg ttatatcagt tggtatatac    102420
     tgtctcttcg gtggtccagt gtttgaaaga tctcaggggt ccagattaat taagactgct    102480
     agtcctccta cagtcaccct tctactcagc ttctttcagt ctttcgtaat tcaacgactg    102540
     ggttcagctg cttctgtcca ttggttgggt gcaaatatct gcatctgact ctttcatctg    102600
     cttcttgggt cttttggaga acagtcatga taggtccttt ttgtgagacc tccataccct    102660
     caggaatagt gtcagacctt gggaactccc ctagagttaa atcccacttt ggacctgtca    102720
     caagaccttc tttcctcagg ctcctctcca tttccatccc tgtaattctt tcagacagga    102780
     acaattatgg gtcaggggtg tgactgtggc atggcaaccc catcccccac ttgatgtcct    102840
     gtcttcctac tggaggtggg ctctataact tccctctccc tactgacagg cattacatct    102900
     aagatctctc cctttaagtc ctgggagtcc ctcatctcca aggtctttgg gtctctggtg    102960
     tattctgtgg ggggtcccca atttcctatt tcctgaggtt gcctgtttac attctttctg    103020
     ctggccctca gggcttcagt cttgttccct cacccaatac cagatcaggt tcccttctcc    103080
     ccatcccaac cccacagccc tgaaccttgt ccactttcct ttccaggtct ccccttccct    103140
     cctgccccac ttgtgattgc agttttctct ctcccaagtg ggactggggc attctcactt    103200
     ggacacttca actgttgagc ttttcgagtt ctatggactg tatcttgtgt attctgtatt    103260
     attattatta ttttgactaa taccattatt agtgaataca taccatgcat gtcttttggg    103320
     tctgagttac ctcactcagg atgatatttt ctagttccat acacttttat tggttatttt    103380
     atttatttac atttcaaatg ttattcccct tccaggtttc cctcccacca tctccccatc    103440
     ccgttcccct tctccctgcc tcgatgagtg tgctctctct ctcgcgggca cacacacaca    103500
     cacatacaca cacattcctg cctcaccatg ttggcattcc ccctatgctg gggcaccaag    103560
     cctccacaga ataaagggcc tcccctccca ttgatgctag ataaggcaat cctctgctac    103620
     atttgcagct agagggtccc tccatgtgta ctttttagtt ggtcgtttgt ccctggaaaa    103680
     tctgggtggt ccagttagtt gatattgttg ttctacctat ggagttgcaa tccccttcag    103740
     attcttcaat ccttccccta acttttccat tgggaccact gtgcccagtc tgatggttgg    103800
     ctgcaagaat ctgcatctgt attggtaagg aactggcaga cactctcagg agagagctat    103860
     accagactcc tgtcagcaga cacttcttag catcagcaat agtgtctgag attggtgtct    103920
     atagatggga tggatcccta ggtgtggcag cctctgctcc actctttgtc cctgcatttc    103980
     ctttacaagg gaaaaattct gagttaagat ttttgaaatg gatggatgtc cccatccctc    104040
     aactgaaggt catgcatatt cactggatat ggtctctaca ggttctttct cccctttgtt    104100
     gggtatttca gctaacatca tttccactgg gtcctgggaa cctcttgctt ccatggcatc    104160
     tgggactttt tagcagctac ttccagttcc ccatccctga ctgctacaca cctatattca    104220
     attttatgac catctgtatt cactcccatc tcctcccacc tcttgtccta ctcccatctt    104280
     tccactcccc ctcctctctc catcccaagt ccctactggc agagatttta aaagtgtgtg    104340
     ttactataca ataccaaata aactgatgtg tatgatggta tagaaaagaa taaagaccta    104400
     tgtagtttta agtttaaaga aatttaccag catcaaatac taatttttct ttgaaataaa    104460
     aatagtatta ttttgaatgc tatgggaact ttagaaggtg gggctcaact ggcaaaagta    104520
     tgggtacttc tctgaagatt caacccactt cttgttccag cctatttctc tgcttcttct    104580
     tccacaccag tgagctaccc acatactccc agccactaat ggagccagtc atgccatcac    104640
     acattctgaa gccattagtc aaatgaaagt tttccctcca taatttattc tatcaggggt    104700
     ttggtcatgg cagtgaggaa agtaactaac agacttaggt ccgctcttct atctccacca    104760
     cccctaagtt ctagaaagct atccatgtag actcaacaat agactgtcat gttctctggc    104820
     ttctggttgg gcacagtcaa tgaaggattg caggagagct taagcagagg gaagaaagca    104880
     aggtaaattc attctctaac taattacatg ttgcttcata tttaactaaa ttcttaactc    104940
     ctgccagaca attggggtgg gacagctgtc catcgatatc tatctctgtc tctctcgctg    105000
     gctgtgtgtt ttaattttcc ccattcccga cagagtaggt cctaaggctt cttgctacta    105060
     gcctcaagtt gtgactgtat ggtctcccta tctttcctaa cattctaagt tgtaaaattt    105120
     gattgattca ttgatattgt attgatttca gatctgattt ttaagacagg atcttactaa    105180
     gtatcttggg ctatcctcaa ccaagttatc agtttagact acagtagcct tcctatctaa    105240
     ccttagtagt gctggggata taagtatgtg ccaccacttc aagctttctc acttcctaca    105300
     gatacccaag tctttagtcg tactatcttt ctgtaatatt ataattattc aaaacttcta    105360
     ataaagtaat caaaacacat aatagttatt attaaattta atatatctga ttaatgtccc    105420
     tttattcaat ttttatggaa tttttctctc taaaataaat acttcagagg tatattaaat    105480
     gtgaagttgg tagaaaaaca cttacctagg ttaggttctt caaagattta ttcagatagg    105540
     taaataatgc atggtctagt tatctctagc tataatcaca aactagtatt ttcatctact    105600
     tttttcacat ttattaactg ctattgatac acataataaa tgcaattatg tccaaaattg    105660
     aagaggaatg caatatgtag tcacatgagc cttacccata catgcttata ggcctagcag    105720
     agtgatcaaa catagtaaat aaaatgttca tgcaaacagt aatctagtct ttaaagcatg    105780
     agctactgtg agcacatctc gtgacatggg taaaacagat atcattccaa ttttccatat    105840
     gatgaagtca acacttagac tcccaacttc actctccttg tcagtctgcc tgtgggaact    105900
     gaatccagag ctgtgtgctg cactctgccc aagggaacaa aaggttctca agggaaagga    105960
     tttcaagctg gaaagatggc aagcagctcc ttgcaggggt aacattgaag ctgagtttcc    106020
     tagtgcttct gacttgggac cacagtgcca gatgtgcatg gtctcacatg atggaggaag    106080
     aggaagaggg gcagtggaag agtttcttca gagcagcctt catgtcccgg ttcctcaggc    106140
     tgtaaatgaa agggttcagc atttaatcac tgtcatgtac atcacaatta ttagtgtgtg    106200
     cttcagactg taactggtca ggtgcttgaa atacatgacc atgactgttc cataatacaa    106260
     aaacatcact gtcaggtgag agccacaagt ggacaagtcc ttgaggaggc ccttggtaga    106320
     tggaacccgc aatactgtgg aaaagacccg gacataagag atgatgatgc acaacagtgg    106380
     cacagggaag atccttaccc caaggtacat catcttcaca ttgaagcaga tatccagagc    106440
     aggacatctg gagcaaaggt ataatgtcac agtagaagtt ggccacatcc ttattgccaa    106500
     agaaggacaa tctagctgtg agtagggtgt ggggcagcac attggcattt gcaatcaccc    106560
     aggacccagc aaccagcaag acacaaggtc gtggactcat aattgttgga taatgaagcg    106620
     ggcaactgat agccacagct cagtcatatg ccactgaagc tagtatacaa ctctctgtgt    106680
     ttcccagtga taacatgaag tacatctgtg acatacatcc cccaaaggag atggcctttc    106740
     tacccaggag atggttggcc agcatcttgg ggatagttac agagaagatg tcaacaaggg    106800
     agcggttggc caggaaaaag tacatggtgt tatgcaggtg agtgtcagag tgaatggcta    106860
     ggatgatgag catgttctca atcactgtga tggggtaaag gaacaggaag aggatgaaga    106920
     agaaatattc ctgctcccgc tgccttgtaa ctcccaggag agtgaaatct gtggtagaag    106980
     actcattttc ttctctcatg gctccttcaa catgaaatca gacatgacct cagaaccatt    107040
     agtgtgatta ttatctatag gttgccaatt cccccattta acaagtaact ccctctacac    107100
     atgagtctgt aaaaattcag tcacatattt ggagaaatcc ctgttgatca gtggtacaga    107160
     tggtgattta tctgtgaaca ctaattgtaa tggtttgtat attcttggac caggaagtaa    107220
     caccatttgg aggtgtggcc ttgttggaat aggtgtgacc tggttggagt aggtgtcact    107280
     gtgggtgtgg acttaagatc ctcaccctat ttgcctggat gtcagccttt ggatgaagaa    107340
     gtagaactct cagctctgcc tgagtcatgc ctgcctgtat actgccatga tcccgccttg    107400
     gtgatgatgg actggacctc tgaatctgta agatatcccc aattaaatgt tattttttat    107460
     aagacttacc tatagggaac attcaggata gcatttgaaa tttgaagtgc atataaagaa    107520
     aatatctatt aaaaaaaaaa cttgccttgg taatggtgtc tgttcacagc agtaaaaccc    107580
     tagctaagac actaatgaag tttaaaaaat aagggctctg aaaacagcaa tatttatttt    107640
     ccctaccaac atcaccactt tgaattgcct cagtcactct gcagcttctt tacagttttg    107700
     agcatcatac tcacttttgg agagaagtag tctgctttga agtaatgtct tcagttaagt    107760
     gctcacagct atggtgattc accttgacac ccatcccgtt acccttcatt tcaatgggag    107820
     atactggctg tataaatgta tgaggattct ctatgtctac cattgctctt aaagaaacct    107880
     ggtattttta ttaaaaatca gcctccacta taactggcca gatactgagc tattttaacc    107940
     taacaatgct ggcctggcct actttacctg atatcttgtc ttgtcctgct ccatcagtgt    108000
     cctcccatga tgatgttttc aggaccacat gttcatgcta ctttctctga tccctgctag    108060
     agaccctctt actgggatca gaagtccttc cttattctct cctacccata tattgactga    108120
     tcagctcttt attaacaaat cagaggtgaa gtaaaataat tttacacaac attaagacag    108180
     gagacacttc acaatgccaa tgtccagcct gtaaccagat ctctggacac tgtaatcaga    108240
     acctgaatat gcaaagcaca aagccatgcc ccaacagggc tgcttttgga ggaaagtcca    108300
     tacactacac acaaaaagta ccacagactg tctacaccag acaacagaag gaatgtgtgt    108360
     aagtgtaatt tctcccagtg ggttgttaga tcattgttgt tattggggag caaagactga    108420
     aactcctaga ccagcatctt gtataaatca ttctacaatg tgttttatgg attttggtca    108480
     ctgtgttatc actaggttta gggatttggc caggaatata catgagctat tttttttttg    108540
     taatacatca tatttgaaga cgtgatttct tcaagtgtag gcatatagtt ttgatcattt    108600
     gagaagggtg acatatacag aaatgtgtat taatagattc tacttttctg ttctcattat    108660
     aattagcttg aaaaattgct atggtatttc accactattg ctttttcaat tttaaatttt    108720
     actagttgaa ttgtatccta aaaatgagca ttctttcttg ctttgtcttt ctatttcatt    108780
     ctttaccttc tcctctcctc attcattcat ctacctatcc atctactcat tcatccacat    108840
     atagcagtgt ggcatactta tttttatttt atttacttac ttatgatcca ttagtaccac    108900
     tcttttgttg ttccaagact cagccaataa gaactctaca atatagcttg tctcttagtc    108960
     tgttcccacc aatcttggag ccttactctc ttacttctaa cagcactaag ccattactga    109020
     agtgaccatc ttcaaaggct gaggaaaaat ccacaccaca gagaggatgt taatgaatat    109080
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatacatat atatatatat atgtatgtat    109140
     atatatggag caacccagtg tggatgttaa ctgccttgtc agccataagc acttacttac    109200
     aaagtcttgg ccttagtaga aaagtactac cttagttgag ttttctgtgg aaaaagttga    109260
     ggcctctgta gaaaagtatt actcccagtt aagaacaaat agctatagat cttgtggaaa    109320
     ggtacctagc aacacactct gttctgttcc tccagctgaa ttctttacct agccaatatc    109380
     ctgctttagg gaacaggtgt gttctcccag aaactaagcg attttgcgtc atccttctcc    109440
     cccttatcct gtttctatgg gcataaaacc tgcctggaaa aaataaaatt tttcagcttg    109500
     atcgattaga cttgctgtgt gatgtttgtg attcttgccc ctgaatctgt ccacaggtgg    109560
     gtcctcagac cctgttcaac tgtcccacag acagggaaat gtgtgtgtgg tgtgtgtggt    109620
     gtgtgtgtgt ggtgtgtggt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ctgtgtgtgt    109680
     gtgtgtgtgt gtctgtgtgt gtgtctgtgt gtctgtgtgt gtctgtgtgt gtctgtgtgt    109740
     atctgtgtgg gtcagtgtgt atctgtgtgg gtctgtgtgt gtgtatgtat gtatgtatgt    109800
     atgtatgtat gtatgtatgt atttgtgctt atataaacac ttaacatata catgctatat    109860
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtat gttatgtgtg tacatataca tatacatata catatacata    109920
     tataatcttg caaaccatac acaataacac attttaacag aaattcatta aacagtaaac    109980
     aaggttgagt ataatgtcaa aggacaaagg agattttatt tggttgaata gaggagcttt    110040
     ctctaaaaca caccaagaaa aagacagtta atgaattttc ttggaagaaa tccaatgcta    110100
     gtggaccacg tccttctcct ttgcaataaa ttgctcctga gggaatatgg ggggcctagg    110160
     acaattgcta agctccaaaa tcccataaga gatacaatct cacattgact cttctgggaa    110220
     atagataggt aagtcctctg gtagcccaag cctggaacac tcgagtatta ctggggttct    110280
     gatgttgaca aacagttcac tctgcagtcc tgctacatga catgtatagg acttccatag    110340
     ctaccaaaga aggaacctgc ctgtgatgtt attagactcc actggaaaga caaacagcct    110400
     cagaatctca gggaagtctt caggttatat caatcaacat agaggatgaa agaagaggca    110460
     ccaggtcatt gtgatggtgg ctgagacaga cacaggcaat gtggtgagct caaaattgtg    110520
     gtgggacaaa atccttaatg taaataaggt tttctttcca gctccaaaga gcaaggagag    110580
     gagggcagat aagatcactg gacagtgaaa gtgcaaccaa gtcctgacaa ctgcagtgct    110640
     tggaaggaaa gacaatagac atctcaaagt cttccagcca aaaggcagga ttccaaggaa    110700
     gtcagtgcag tctacaaata cttttagtga ggggggtcca aaagacaggc cacagagagt    110760
     gctgattgag aaatctatga aggctttgag aacaaggagc acagcatgag gcagagccat    110820
     ccctatgggc aggaagacag gcaatgaaag aaatcttatc ctccatatgg aggaaatcct    110880
     gggtgcatcc tttagggtga ctgtgagtgc catactctca tcctaaggca cacattcaca    110940
     aaggacagta ttctggaggg gagagagtat atgctttgcc tgagaagttt cttcctgtgg    111000
     gatagatcct atatactagg gcctgcatta agacaagtat gtacttggcc catagaacac    111060
     aaatgcagac agaaaaggag ttttaattta ttggttcttt ggtcaatact ttccacataa    111120
     agtctgggtg actgaatttt tgtttcgttc actctcatgt gtccaatttc agaaggcaga    111180
     atggaaaagt tgaactatat atgtccagtg ctcatgcctt cctgactcag gaattatatg    111240
     caatactgta cctcacttca ttgctgacat tagctcagac actacagaat cacactgttg    111300
     gagaaaggct tggcctttca tgtggtgatg aagctgggtt tatcaaccat tgttaaaact    111360
     aaatcactgt ggaaaattat tgtgtgttaa aatacagata gtgaaattta atttcaggct    111420
     atctatccag ttctagaaaa gttttagagt cttttgggac taagaggaat ttaatgaaga    111480
     aatgggatat aggttgctaa agagacatcc catatacaag aaagagtatc aatatccaga    111540
     catgaagtct aggtaagggt tagcagaaaa tcttcatagc taaggaattg gaaactattt    111600
     catttggcta agagagcaga cacaataaag atgggactat tgtgggaaag acagggggca    111660
     ggtccctgga tcacctggac tgagctatct ctgaaagaca aactgaggag atacagagca    111720
     ccatctgtta gaccaccagt aagaaaacga ccctttcagt gcacaatagc taacaagagg    111780
     aaatgctctg ggtccaaaca taggctctga aaagttattt ctgtctaaag tactccacat    111840
     tacagtatgc catttggaat caaaaagagt aaagagcgca ctgaggttct gctgttttct    111900
     ggtgtgtgac tttgaggcaa ctcacagacc ttaacttcct cactcagcac agggttatgg    111960
     aaaggttgac tagtcactct gaggggattt aagatttagg agtttgggca tcagagtcca    112020
     taaagcgaac cagtggattc aggtggccat cagggttcat aaagtgaacc actggattca    112080
     ggtctgttgt tcttcctgtc tcaactggag gtgcaggcag aaacacataa ctcaatattc    112140
     ccagactgaa gtttaactaa gatatggaag tatctacata gtttaaagct gttagccttt    112200
     tgctagcaca ctctctcagc tagctacaag cttaccctga tttatgtacc attgtgtctg    112260
     tctctcactg ttctcactgc ctgactctag ctccatccat tccaccacct ctaagcctct    112320
     ctgtgtctgt ctgcctgttt ctccagtgtc tgtctctgtg tctctgccac acacttcctg    112380
     ccccagctcc agctgtcatc tctttatttt aaaaaagcca tgatccagtc tgaaccactc    112440
     agcagcagga caacagctaa tccatctctt ataagttgtc ctttgacctt gagagctgtt    112500
     tgaccttcac cagggcacct tgcatattta aatatgataa tctcatacaa tcatcttttg    112560
     ggtagttgaa gaacaaaaat ttacatgtaa aaactgatgt tgggccatag aaatgacaat    112620
     accaaaatcc tgccagcact tagctttctg cccacagcaa tacagagata caccttcata    112680
     taatgtgagg gaaagtcatg cctcagctca ttttacaaaa agtgtctcct tcctctggat    112740
     agggtggtgc tttttggatc ctaaaatctc agatctggca gagccaggct ttcagtgtag    112800
     tataatccaa cggaggagct gttctcccag atccccagca ccctgatgtc tctccttggc    112860
     tgttcagatg cttggttgtc cctcttagct gtttctgccc ttgtccttta ctgctccaat    112920
     gagtgcacta cattgtgtgc atattccctt gtacacagat gaattgtaat attctacctg    112980
     cattagcatc ctatgttcca gaggcatgct gtatgtctct caagcacagc atgttacaag    113040
     tatatattgt gttttcagtc cagacaatac acagatgtga acaagaaata ggactttatc    113100
     aagaaaatag aaggcatcat gacttcctaa cgatgaactg aacaagaaca agaatagaca    113160
     tgttaatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgaaagag    113220
     agacagagac agagacagag agacagagac agatagagac agagaaagag atagaaacag    113280
     agtcagagac agagagagag agaattaatg aaaaaagagg cattagatct gaaagagaac    113340
     aatgagagat ttgttggaga ggttggagga cagggaaaat gatgtaatta tattaaaatc    113400
     tcaaaagata aaataaataa tttttagaaa gacaatagaa gaaagataac aaaataatct    113460
     tagcatatag actgtgacat gaatttttaa gtgagaaact ggctcattat ttgaagtttg    113520
     ccataagaat taagactact gatttaattg gaactgtatt ttaatcacat tctgaattga    113580
     gggaagttaa aatttttatt ataataattt ttttactcta gaatatgagg tatttatctt    113640
     tggtggtacc atgcttccac agatacaggc agagctagta taccctgaca ccttcaggct    113700
     gctagttgtc ctgggtcagg gtatgaaggt agagctcgtg ctccttgata ggtgcagcaa    113760
     gactccagag atgtaggtaa agttgtagcc ctataaatgg agttcataag gagctaagag    113820
     gaactgtcta ctgctgggtt tgtccggagg gggtgtcagg cagaggattg gagtaggggg    113880
     catcacctgg tagtcgctga tggctgcagg tgtctgggac tgtgattaga tgcatggaaa    113940
     cagaagatgg agggcaaagg tgtcaatgca gaccttggct gctgggcttg cttgggaccc    114000
     agcaggcagg agtttggggc ttggagaagt cacttggttg gccctggcca cagcagccct    114060
     ccagagatgc agatggagct gtggccaggg aaatgggtac aggagggatc tacctctgta    114120
     gtcttatgca gcatatgttt ggtaagttaa gtaggaaatt ggaagtgaag tgtgttcata    114180
     ggtataattg aaatatgatg ataatgtata tatttatctg tgggcctggg taccagaggt    114240
     tttccacaga gatctctgtc caggctgggt gggaaggttt tagtgaaggg aagtgagtgc    114300
     aggcaggaag acagtccatg ccttctaggt tgctcagtaa ctctgagcct ctctgaactt    114360
     agtcgggtca ggctgggcca agaaaaagcc aacaatccag tgaggagtgc aggatctcgg    114420
     gtggctcttc aggagagaag atctcttctc aagtgttaca tacagctctt ggagcaaaag    114480
     gctcacacaa aaaaatagtt ctcgcatacc tttaattccc tgcatggctt tatatacatt    114540
     tctgggggtc attcagagtt tgacagcagg cacctctcat tggcttggac tgagagtttg    114600
     gggaaaacct tattatgtgg ctgatagcca agcctctcct gtgggggttg tggggacggt    114660
     aactctgaca ggagccaagg tccaggagac atgagagaac tccttctgcc ccatataagt    114720
     gaagtatcac tactgtgtac gggagttcag gatctagcct cgactggaaa ccagactgtc    114780
     tgcatgtagc ccattgcccc acaggtcccc cttttctttt ttataaggga gaggtgtcac    114840
     cagaataact gtcttctatg tagggaacag tttgatactg aaccaagacc tgattggtag    114900
     tgatctttgc aatgctactc atctgctgct ttacaaactg aatgagacag gctgccaaga    114960
     gaagcaaggc tccaatagct agtagggggc caaggagagg aagaacccat gctaccaagg    115020
     ggttagagta ccaaggggta agggtgttgg gagtatagcg tgcctagagg ttccccctta    115080
     gttctttgag catgtgtaca tcttattcta ccagcccaga ttcattgaca taaaaacaac    115140
     atttctcccc cagcaaaacg caagttcagc agtcagtaag tccagggatc tccggttttg    115200
     gagagcaact cctgctaagg aggttatctg gcgttgaaga gactcaaggc tgtctgtagt    115260
     ggaagccatt gcctggtcaa gcttgtcttg gaagtcactg gccagatgcc ctgtttggat    115320
     gagggctgct ccagcagttc ctcttgcacc cagagagaca gcaaggccta gtccaatgag    115380
     cagagggatg aagatctctc tcttctttcg gctttctccc atctgcaatg tgagttcttc    115440
     gggttcttag agataaacct cggggacaat tatcacaggg gtgcaggagc cttgaaaggg    115500
     ggggttaata caggcacctg tagtgccttt gcaccagagg aggtcaggag ggttaacaca    115560
     tactgatttg gtgatggtga tggtgatttg gccatggaca catgtaagat gggattttga    115620
     ggagggtcct acaaggcaag ggggggggta gagcaaagag aggaatgccc tgtgcttttc    115680
     tcatgggtag agttccatgg aagtcatgaa gggaaatgtt aattggaaca gctgatagta    115740
     atggtcagga aagagaagca cagaaaaaac gttgggagga gttggggtgg gttgttaagg    115800
     aaaggaggtc agctgcatat tggatgtact gtagccagga gagcatagct cacagctcct    115860
     tctgagactg attttcctgt tggataatgt tagcatgagt aaagactgat ttggaggcag    115920
     acacaagctc atgggaaatg tgcaggtcag caactgagta tttggcatag ccattggggt    115980
     aaagtttacc catgactccg gtccaccaac attcatccca tggatcgctg attgaaagct    116040
     gaaaatgagt tttaaggttg gtgatcattc tgccaccatg actggtggat tccattctgc    116100
     agctccagta tctgcaacct ccatatgtgg agacctcctg gaggccttca cctgtgtttc    116160
     agtaaggaaa gcagagaaaa gggctgggtg tagtggagat ggaatctggg tataggggga    116220
     tctcaatcct ggttcaacat tcttctattg gacagtcctg ggtccctata actttgttgt    116280
     gtccattgta ggtttcccta gcatagaatc tccaatggta ggtgttggga aggctaagga    116340
     gaggctgagc agcagtagag atagcatgaa gaataacaaa aaacagccaa gagaatagag    116400
     gagagggggg cttgtagaga acagatgtcc tgggcagcag ttaccaggtc atggatgtcc    116460
     ttccaggaaa tctttttatc cttctgggag tagtgtttcc tctgcttcct cctccacttc    116520
     ttctgtcctt gatctgccag tgataggcgg gccatcttct tggtcggtgg ggtggtgtcc    116580
     aacatttctg gcaggaaccc agataggctt aggctggtcc tgtggaaaga tgcaagcaaa    116640
     acccctccca gttgtaagga tgaggtctgg tcccttctaa attccatcca aaggatctcg    116700
     ccatcatact agaatggggg gtggggggtg gctaattttg gtgtatgcca atggagctag    116760
     ataggaggat gtttggagtt tttgtagatg taaaatatgt ttagggtagt cagagccatc    116820
     attaactgta catgaggggg gataggtagt tgccttttgt tttaggagtt gggcttttaa    116880
     ggtttgatgt gttctttcta ttattccttg gccctgagag ttgtggggaa ttcccatatg    116940
     atgggcaatt tctgagtgtg tgcagaaggt gtagaattga taactagtga aggtccggcc    117000
     attatcagtt tttatctgtt gaggaatgcc catgatggca aaggaggaga gcatatgatg    117060
     aatcaatctt tttgagtttt cacctgtttg ggctgaatcc catataaaat gcaagtatgt    117120
     atctatgatg acaaaaacat atttctgtct accaaattgg ggaatatggg tgacattaat    117180
     ttaccataag gccttggact taaggcctcg ggggttgatg cccatcatct gtaaggctgg    117240
     ggtggtaatg agggatgcac aagaggagca tttctttatt gtcctctaga gttgagcaag    117300
     agggatgtgg gggaatcagg cctgaagccc ctttatattt gtgtgtgtgc atgaatgaaa    117360
     ttgatctgct tgttcagtgg aggtcatgaa tgtccctgtt gaggcagcga gtgcatttcc    117420
     ctcagatata ggacctggca ggggacgacg cgattggaca tgctggatgt agatggggga    117480
     gtctctttcc tataggcggg tggagacctg tatgagtaga ggggaaagtg ggttggcatc    117540
     tagtttgatg aaggatcttg acaaccaagg gagcaaattg acagcatata cagtctgaaa    117600
     agaggttaag ggggccctta cctactttta gagctagata ggtggcatat aaatctttat    117660
     attgggggaa gtgactgggt agctctttga attggaggat agggggttca tcttcaggga    117720
     actagtatat tactgctgca gctctcccat cagtaaagat tgagggggct cctgctatgg    117780
     ccccatttaa gaataattat ggaggcagcc atcacaacag agggagggca gaggcccatt    117840
     tttcatcaag gtaatggttg tcattttgtc ctgggaatcc tattaagctg atagcaaagc    117900
     aggagtgatt tttgattagc cactgaatat cagagaggga gaaggggatg acaagaatat    117960
     caggttcttt ccctagggtt tgcagggctc tatccctgcc attttttaat catgctggtg    118020
     agcacatcta cctcatttaa aattcagggt gcaccaccca tcggtatgtg gagccattcc    118080
     agcaccccct gaagttggta aagggcctcc acaagtgtag gggaagagtt aaagaagaag    118140
     agctgtatag gttttgttgg gtcataccta tcaagagcta tatcttttag ggctgcattg    118200
     acgaaattta gagcttggac tgcctctggg gacagtgttc tcagggcaga gggacttttg    118260
     tctcctttca ggaggttaaa gaggggttga agggtgcttg taggaagggg gatccagggc    118320
     caaagccaat tgaggttgcc cagaaatctc tggagggagg caagagttaa tttttgaggg    118380
     aaggaaaggg tgggattgaa gggacatatt gaagtaaggg atatctctgt tcctaaaaat    118440
     gcaatgggtg gaataagttg gatttttgtg agggaatatt ttgaatccta gggcagatag    118500
     ggagggtatt agctggtcct ttagttcaga gggggaggta gaagagtctt cccaaaagaa    118560
     aatatcatcc atgtagtgat agatacaagg tatctataga tacaaggaca gtcctttgtc    118620
     taaatagggt tttaattcaa tggctacagc ctcctgacaa atgattggac tgttagccat    118680
     tccctgtgaa aaaacagtcc attcatttat ctacatgttt tcttgttccg cttagcattt    118740
     cctttctttt cattttttaa atgagctctc atggagccca ggatagactc aaattcacta    118800
     tgtaatacag gctagctatt aactactcat ctttctaact ccatctctgt gagctagaat    118860
     gacaagtgct gaatgcctgt acatctttgc aattctagac aagagaggtt ttaatcttct    118920
     tttttcccat tccactgaag ctttgaagta tagtctaaat atcacaggtc ttctctaagt    118980
     agatttctta cctactagaa acatggtttc tagaagactg ggaaacatga agtgttttct    119040
     tcagaatatt acatttgtga cactaatgga tcagaacagt gctgctcata gatccaagaa    119100
     tgttttgtgt aggtatggca gactgaatca agtgatataa gatttagatt aggagccagg    119160
     cgtggtggcg catgccttta atcccagcac tcaggaggca gaggcaggca gatttctgag    119220
     ttcgaggcca gcctggtcta caaagtgagc tccaggacag ccaggactaa acagagaaac    119280
     cttgtcttga aaaaccaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagatttaga tgtaggtagt tatgtccatc    119340
     tcatgagatt gaaaagttgt ctgggtaaac attattactg agtaagttat ttggcactga    119400
     accaagagag gagtgggcat ttagttgcta taaaacatat gaaaatgaat gaacaaatct    119460
     tccttgatct tcagagcata gctaagtaaa cctatagtag aactagagac acgttagcca    119520
     gataaaaagc agaagagtgt gcaagaagac tattgaatgg tcgtcattta catcttgcag    119580
     aactttcagg aagagtatct tcagcaggct acataaagtg ccctatgcat atgccagatg    119640
     gttatgatac aaacactgtc atttttccag agatcagaga atggtttgct gagtactcaa    119700
     ctagagtgaa acgtctcaga aagctaacgc aagactttcc ttattgactt ctctgctcat    119760
     ggcaagagga aaccagacca gcacctttga gttcctcctc tggggactgt cagagcagcc    119820
     acagcagcaa cacattctct tcctgatctt cctggggatg tacctggtca ctgtagcagg    119880
     gaatctgctc attgtcctgg ccattagcac tgatgtacga ctccacacac ccatgtactt    119940
     cttccttgcc agcctgtcct gtgatgacat actcctcgtc tccaccatag tgcccaaggc    120000
     cctagtgaac atccacaccc aaagcaggac catctcctat gcaggatgcc tggtccagct    120060
     ctattttttc ttgacttttg gagacatgga catctttctc ctggccacaa tggcctatga    120120
     tcgctttgta gctatttgcc accctctcca ctataggatg atcatgagct tccaacgctg    120180
     ctcactctta gtgacagcct gttggaccct tacaaacctt gttgccatga cacacacctt    120240
     cctcatattc cggctctcct tctgctctca gaaggtcatt ccagacttct tctgtgacct    120300
     gggaccccta atgaagatcg cttgctctga aacccggatc aatgagcttg tgcttctctt    120360
     cctggggggt gcagtcatct taatccccct tttgctcatc cttgtgtctt atatccgcat    120420
     tgtgtcagcc atcatcaggg tcccttctgc ccaaggaagg cgtaaggcct tttctacctg    120480
     tgggtcccac atttctgtgg tggccctatt ctttgggact gtgataaggg cttacctatg    120540
     tccctcatcc tcttcctcta actcagtggt agaggacaca gcagctgttg tcatgtatac    120600
     agtggtgact cccttgctga accccttcat ttacagcctg cgaaacaaag acatgaaggg    120660
     agcactggtc agaattctca agggcaaagt ctccttctcc tgggcccagg gacttctgca    120720
     gagaaagtga agatgtcctc aatctgctct tctgaggatc ttttagaaat gtctacctca    120780
     attgtctctt tctgaacccc atgtgtgctt tgtcacactc cactccctga cactctcctc    120840
     aaatttctca gatatgagga aagtgaaaat gattctttag aattttattt tttatgaatg    120900
     gcttctttgt tcatttattt tataacacat gcctcagaat gatggtttag tcaatgacag    120960
     atggcataca agacaaccgt ttctatgggg acaattattc tggagctgaa gacttgtttt    121020
     gtttttgttg ttgtttttga agtagttgtt gtatttgtcc caaagaaaat gaagattttg    121080
     aagaatatca tccttcaagt ttttgctcat atccactctc ccccatcccc tttctccaat    121140
     gttccccaca ttccactttc aaattcatga catcttcatc tattgtatac acatttatac    121200
     atgtactcac aaatagatat ctcctactga ttctaatatt ccccacaaac acaaggggta    121260
     tggattgaat agtagggtgt tggcaactta ccacagttgc tttccataaa gaaaattgat    121320
     tctcactcat taacagcagc tgatttcaca cagctcttaa actgtgggtg ggacctggca    121380
     tggtcttgta caagcaacta tagatgttga aggctcatga gtttaacatc cctgtcgtat    121440
     ccagaagaca ttgttttgaa gagttcctcc aggttctctg gccgttacac tctttccatc    121500
     ctctcttcca cagtgattct tactctcttt tgaccttgtg ttttactgta attacaaaca    121560
     cattgccccc atgccccaaa gagtatagca catgtagtta tgcacaacac agagcactga    121620
     tggtggtgat aaaagactag gtggtaactg tctatgtatt cactctaccg tttgtcatca    121680
     ttttaaagga aactctttcc acttaaaaaa atattgtgtt gttctgctaa gagcagattc    121740
     gtacttgtgt ttacacagtt cctgactaca tccggaggat attgagtgga tgacctgaac    121800
     catttatgtt tacgtctgta cactctttaa agttcttaca atgatggtac tgtctgacag    121860
     ttttcagaat ctgttctcag ttttgagata tgtgtgacag tcctttttga atcttttctc    121920
     atggtgaact gtatctttca ggattcatga ttccaaaagt ctgtgcagca ctatggaaga    121980
     gaggaaagtg gattttttta tgtaattttg ttttattatc attttattaa tattttatca    122040
     tatataataa aatataaaaa ttatataata taaattaact agatcaaatt aattaattta    122100
     aaatatttaa aactaaagaa taaaaatcaa ggcacctgga ggagccatct ttggtcccag    122160
     atccctcaga gactagtctg cgcaggtaaa agtatggact acagaaggta tacagcttct    122220
     gggacaggca gaagcaacac agcttctggg acaaaccctg ttttgggctc caaacatcca    122280
     ggcaccttcc ctgtcagagg agaggtgtcc accccacccg ggagggctct gctggagcac    122340
     ctgggggagc catcttgggt cccatatcct tcagagacta gtctgctcag gtgagagtgc    122400
     aggctacaga agctacacag cttctgggac aggcagaagc gacacagctt cggggacaga    122460
     accgttttag aatccagaca tccgggcacc ttccccacca gaggagaggg gtccacccct    122520
     cccaggagga ctctgctgga gcacctggga gaaccatctt gggtcccaaa tccctcagaa    122580
     actacacagg tgagagtgca gactaaagaa gctacagctt ctgggacagg cccaggttcg    122640
     gccttcatct tcagccaaga ggcaggttca aacgccagat atctgcacac cttccctaca    122700
     agaggaaagc ttgcctgcaa agagtactct gaccactgaa actcaggaat gagatagact    122760
     cccaggtctg ctgacagaga cgaacagaat cacaggagga acaagcccca accagagaca    122820
     actataacaa ctacctccag aaattaccgt atggcaaatg gcaaatgtaa gaatcttact    122880
     aacagaaacc aagaccactc accatcatca gaacccagaa ctcccacctc agccagtcct    122940
     caatacccca acacacctga aaagcaagac tcggatttca aatcatatct cattatggtt    123000
     gtagaggaaa tcaagaaggg ctttaataac tcacataaag aaatgcagga gaacactgct    123060
     aaagaggtag aagtccttaa ataaatacag gaaaacacaa ccaaacaggt gatggaattg    123120
     aacaaaacta tacaagacct aacaagggaa gtagaaacaa taaagaaaac ccaaagtgag    123180
     acaacgctgg aaatagaaac cctaggaaag aaatctggaa ccacagatgc aagcatcagc    123240
     aacaaaatac aagagatgga agagagaaac tcaggtgcag aagattccat aaagaacatg    123300
     ggcacaagaa tcaaagaaaa tgaaaaatgc aaaaagatcc taactcaaaa catccaggaa    123360
     atccaggaca caatgagaag accaaaccta tggataatag gagtagatga gaatgaagat    123420
     tttcaaatta aaaggccagc aaatatcttc aacaaaatta tagaacaaaa tttcccaaac    123480
     ctaaagaaag ggatgcccat gaacatacaa gaagcataca gaactacaaa tagactggac    123540
     cagaaaagga atccctcctg acacataata ataagaacaa aaaatgcact aaataaagac    123600
     agaatattaa gagcagtaag ggaaaaaggt caagtaacat ataaaggcag acctattaga    123660
     attacaccag aattcccacc agagactatg aaagccagaa gatcctggac agatgttata    123720
     cagaccctaa cagaatacaa acgccagtcc aggctactat acccagcaaa actctcaatt    123780
     accatagatg gagaaaccaa agtattccat gataaaacca aattcacaca atatctttcc    123840
     atgaatccag cccttcaaag gataataaag ggaaaacacc aacacaaggg tgaaaactac    123900
     accctagaaa aagcaagaaa gtaatcattc aacaaaacta aaagatgaca gccgcaagaa    123960
     cagaatccca actttaaaaa caaaaataac aggaagcaac aattattttt ctttaatttc    124020
     tcttaacatc aatggactca attccccaat aaaaagacat agactaatag actggctaca    124080
     cagacaggac ccaacatttt gttgcttaca ggaaacccat ctcagggaaa agaacagaga    124140
     caacctcaga gtaaaggctg gaaaacagtt ttccaaacaa atggtccaaa gaaacaagct    124200
     ggagtagcca ttctaatatt gaataaactc gacttccaac ccaaagttat caaaaaagac    124260
     aaggaggggc acttcatact catcaaaagt aaaatctacc aagattaact ctcaattctg    124320
     aatatgtatg ctccaaatac aagggcaacc acattcatta aagaaacttt agtaagctca    124380
     aagcacacat tgcacctcac acaataatag tgggaaactt caacacccca ctctcaccaa    124440
     tggacagatc ctggaaacag aaacaaaaaa agacacatgt acactaacag aagttatgaa    124500
     tcaaatggat ttaattgata tatacagaac attttatctt aaaacaaaag gatataactt    124560
     cttctcagcg tcacatgtta cctcctccaa aattgaccat ataattggtc acaaaagagg    124620
     cctcaacaaa tacaaaaata ttgaaattat cccatgcatc ctatctgatc accacagact    124680
     aaggctgatc ttcaataaca gcataaataa tagagagcca acattcacat ggaaactgaa    124740
     caacactctt ctcaatgatt ccttggtcaa gaatgaaata aagaaagaaa ttaaagacat    124800
     tttagagttt aatgaaaatg aagacacaac atacccaaat ttatgggaca cactgaaggc    124860
     agtcctaaaa ggaaaactca taaccctgag tgcctccaaa aaaaactaga gagagcataa    124920
     actagcagcc tgacagcaca ccttgaagct ctagaattaa cagaagcaaa ttcacccaag    124980
     aggagtagaa agcaggaaat aatcaaactc agggctgaaa tcaacaaagt ggaaacaaaa    125040
     agaactattc aaagaatcaa ccaaaccagg atctggttct ttgagaaaaa tcaacaagat    125100
     agataaaccc ttagccagac tagctagagg gtacaggaac cgtatcctaa ttaacaaaaa    125160
     caaaaataaa aaaggagaca taacaacaga acctgaggaa atccaaaaca tcatcagatc    125220
     ctactaaaaa aggctatact caacaaaact agaaaacctg gatgaaatgg acaacttcct    125280
     agacagatac caggtaccaa cgctagttca ggtttcagat taatgatcta aacagtccca    125340
     tttcccctaa agaaatagaa gcagtcatca atagtgtccc aaccaaaaaa agcccaggac    125400
     cagatgggtt tagtggagtg ttctatcaga tcttcaaagg agacctaatt ccaactcttc    125460
     tcaaactatt ccacaaaata gaaacagaag gtactctata caattcattc tatgaagcca    125520
     caattactct gatacctaaa ccacacaaag attcaacaaa gaaagagaac atccgaccaa    125580
     ttttccttat gaatatcaat gcaaaaatac tgaataaaat cctctcaaac cgaatccaag    125640
     aacacatcaa aacgatcatc catcataacc aggtaggctt catcccaggg atgcagggat    125700
     ggtttaatat atggaaatcc atcaatgaaa tccactatat caacaacctc aaaaacaaaa    125760
     accacatgat catcttgtta gatgctgaga aagcatttga caaaatccaa caccccttca    125820
     tgataaaagt ttggcaagat caggaattca gggccatacc taaacataat aaaagcaatc    125880
     ttctgcaaac cagtagccaa catcaaacta agtggagaga aactcgaagc aatcccacta    125940
     aaatcaggga atagacaagg ctgcccactt tctccctacc tattccatag agtacttgaa    126000
     gttctagcca gagcaatttg acaacaaaag gatatcaaga ggatacgaat tggaaaggaa    126060
     gaagtcaaaa tatcactatt tgcagatgat atgatagtat atataagtga ccctaaaaat    126120
     tccaccagat aactcctaag cctgataaaa agcttcagtg aagtagctgg atataaaatt    126180
     aattcaaata aatcaatggc ctttctctac acaaaggata agcaggatga gaaagaaatt    126240
     agggaaacaa cacccttcat agtagtcaca aataatataa aatatcttgg tgtgactata    126300
     actaaggaag taaaatatct gtatgataag aacttcaagg ctctgaagaa agaaattaaa    126360
     gatctcagaa gatgaaaaga tctcccatgc tcatggatta gcaggagtaa tatagtaaaa    126420
     atggctatcc tgctgaaagc aatctacaga ttcaatgcaa tctccatcaa aattccaacc    126480
     caattcttca ctgagataaa aatggcaact tgcaaattca tctagaaaaa taaaatacct    126540
     aggatatgaa aaactactct caacaataaa agaacctctg gtggaatcac cttgcctgac    126600
     cttaagctct aatacagagc aattttgata aaaactgtgt ggtactggta cagtgacaga    126660
     caggtagatc aatagaatag aattgaagac ctagaaatta atccacacac ctatggtcac    126720
     ttgctctttg acaagggagc taaaaccatc cagtggaaaa aagacagcat tttcaacaaa    126780
     tggtgctggc acaactggcg gttatcatgt agaagaatgc caattgatcc attattatct    126840
     ccttgtacaa agctcaagtc taagtggatc aaagacctca acataagacc agagacactg    126900
     aaattaatag aggagaaagt agggaaaggc ctcgaaatat gggcacaggg ggaaaattgc    126960
     taagcagaac agcaatggct tgtgctgtaa gatcaagaat tgacaaatgt gacctcataa    127020
     aattgcaaaa cttctgtaaa tcaaaagaca ctgtcaataa gacaaaaagg ccaccaacag    127080
     attgggaaag gatttttaac caatcctaaa tctgataggg gactaatatc caatatatac    127140
     aaagagctca agaagctaga atccagaaat tcaaaaaaca ccattaaaaa tggagttcag    127200
     agcaaaacaa agaattctta cctgaggaat actgaatggc tgagaagcac ctgaaaaaga    127260
     atggtcaaca tcctaatcat cagggaaatg caaatcaaag caatcttgag attccacctc    127320
     acaccagtca gaatggctaa aatcaaaaat tcaggtgaca gcagattctg gcgaggatgt    127380
     ggagaaagag gaacactcct ccactgctgg tgggattgca agcttgtaca accactctgg    127440
     aagtcagtct gctggttcct cagaaaattg gacataatac taccggaaga tccagcaata    127500
     cctctccgga gcatataccc aaaagaagtt ccaactggta ataagaaccc atgctccact    127560
     atgttcatag cagccttatt tataatagcc agaagctgga aagaacccag gtgtccctca    127620
     acagaagaat ggatacagga aatgtggtac atggagtact acagagctat taaaaacaat    127680
     ggatgtatta aattcttagg caaatggatg gatctggagg gtatcatcct tagtgaggta    127740
     accaaatcac aatagaagtc attagatatg cactcactga taagtggata ttagcccaga    127800
     aacatagaac acccaagata caatttccaa aacacaagaa aatcaagaag agggaagacc    127860
     aatgggtaga tacttcattc ttccttagac tagggaacaa aatacccatg aaaggagtta    127920
     cagagacaaa gtttggagct aagataaaag gatggactat ccagagacta ccccacctgg    127980
     ggatccatcc cataatcagc caccaagccc atacactatt gcatattcca gaaagatttt    128040
     gctgaaggaa cactgttata gctgtctcat atgaggctat gccagtgcct ggcaaataca    128100
     gaagtggata ctcacagtca tatataagat cgaacacagg gcccccaatg gagaagctag    128160
     agaaagcacc caaggagctg aaggggtctg caaccctata ggtggaacaa cattatgaac    128220
     taaccagtac cccagagctc atatctctag ctgcatatgt agcagaagat ggcctagtcg    128280
     gccatcactg gaagagaggc cccttgatat tgcaaacttt atatgccccc agtacagggg    128340
     aaatgccagg gccaagaagc aggagtgggt ggagggaggg catagggaac tttctggata    128400
     gcatttgaaa tgtatataaa gaaaatatct aattaaaaaa agaaagaaag aaagaacata    128460
     ttaaaaaaat aaaaataaaa attttaaaaa tgtttaaaag tttgattaat gatgtcatgg    128520
     agaatgggtt aatgatgaaa atattgacaa gtaaagtcaa ttcagataac aaagacattt    128580
     caacttgaat ggaacaagta tatttttttc caaaaacagg aaattataac tatttattgg    128640
     ataaaagtta taaactataa acatatttgt agatgttaaa acaaaacttt ctacctttaa    128700
     gttaaaaata ttcatgaata ctttataatg agaagatcat ataattttga actctcctac    128760
     taggtggatc ttaaatcaat tagatggggc tattggttac cagtggtaat ctttcaggtc    128820
     agtctttgtt ggtaagcttt gcagctgtgt aggatactga ttgctttcct cccttactgc    128880
     tagcttacat aacaccatcc cataaaatga gagctagtcc tcaggtggga ggatacacag    128940
     tcactgtaca tttcaaatga aaaaagtaaa ggggttcatt atttataatg acaaattatg    129000
     gagattagac caactgagag caaagtataa tggcacatgt gtataaaact gctataagga    129060
     aacattactt tgtataagaa cctaaattaa cttaaaatta aatttactta aaacaaacat    129120
     tttaagaggt aagtttagtc tgatttaaac tttattcgat gtacagatgt agcaaatgat    129180
     tacattctac ttttgaaaag agatatttca ggacaaaatg gcaacgtcag aaaataagga    129240
     ttatctaaat acacattcaa aatgattcat atttatccca gaaacaccaa tgccagaaaa    129300
     gtctgaataa ataccagaag tttctgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    129360
     tgtgtgtgtg catctgcacg tgtgcacaag cattcatggg tggtacatac gcacatgtac    129420
     tctttgagac agtctctcac tgaacttgga gaacactagc ttggttagac tgtccagtga    129480
     gccctggaga agtccctgtc cccactttcc caggtctcag gttgtggatg ccactacact    129540
     ggctctttat gtgggtgtag gggatcgaat ctcaggtcct cgtgcttgaa cagcagacag    129600
     ttcactgact gagccttctt tccacccaca gtatcagagt atttagagca aactttctga    129660
     gcacaacatt tgatacttac cttcatgttt tcttgacaca aatctaagca gtgttaataa    129720
     tctatacttt aagtctgaga taataatttg gtgaagagca tgaatttgaa gactgcgaaa    129780
     gaatccagag aaacactttc tatccctagt gccacacaaa gagaactaca gtcataatca    129840
     ttacttaatg ctatatgtac aaaatatttg ttttttgtta tacattttat actgtatatt    129900
     aatcataaaa agttaaggtc tagttaggac ttttctaccc atgaatatac tttgatcata    129960
     ttaacacttt cagctacttc ttctcactta ttcctccccc tgacttttcc ctttccactc    130020
     ctgatagttc ctttcaacac tctcttcagt ggaggaggtt gcatgacaag tccaaaagct    130080
     tggctgcagt cctgaagcaa aaagtttcac agaaactggt ctcctagagg ccctccgtcc    130140
     tgtaagacaa agatggtcca gatttgcaat agtctgcaga gggttttgtg tactttcttt    130200
     cagtattgtt ttattatagg tgcccctaag gaatgatttg acaagtagcc aagttagatt    130260
     gcacattatt tcctggcctc caccagtatc ccaacatcct cgttaattgt tgagccgacc    130320
     ttgggcttag aatttcataa gaatgttact tattcagaca aaatccctcc agtgttgaaa    130380
     gagacatagt gaaagaaatc aggcattgca gtttaatgca taagagttag aaatctcggg    130440
     gcaagttcaa caaagtaaac ctagaattct cgttatacca ctcatgtatg gcagactgca    130500
     ttacatacta gaagaaagtt gttgggctcc tctggtaaat ggaggttccc cacaaacact    130560
     ttgaataaca gctgagtcac acccatatgc aggaatttac aatggtctaa gaagaaggtg    130620
     ggttgtggtt taagaaggaa ctagagtgtt atgttattca tggaaaggta agcaagcaca    130680
     aaacctccct ggtgtatatt ttcacaaagt ccagaagaat accataattt aggtgtttac    130740
     taaggcacct ctggtggtgg gttatacaat agactagaat tgtcactaga ggatgaagcc    130800
     gttgcacctg gaggttgaag ctctagcatg tggctcctaa gaataagctg acttcagata    130860
     gggctaattt tatgtcagtt gtaaccactg cctagttcct gcatctttta tatatgcatt    130920
     tttctgtttt gtgtaatgca taggatgacc tcaatgtatc ttggctgttg tatcacctaa    130980
     ttttcctgtt ttcttctata atcagctgta taagtctgac gctcatttta aagattatgc    131040
     tcagcaaaat cttgctggca tatgcaatag tgtctgcatt tggtgtaaga gtttcttgag    131100
     agcagtcttc atgtcccggt tcctcaggct gtagatgagt gttcagcatt ggggtcactg    131160
     ctgtgtacat cacaattatc agtgtgtgct tcagactgta actggtcagg ggcctgaaat    131220
     acatgaccat gactgtccca taatacaagg acaccactgt caggtgaggg ccacaggtag    131280
     acaaggcctt gaggaaaccc ttggtggatg gaacccgcaa gactgtggaa aagacccgga    131340
     cataagaaat gatgtacagc agtggcacag agaagactcc ccaccccaag gtacatcatc    131400
     ttcacattga agcagatatc agagcaggac agctggagca aaggcatgtt gtcacagtag    131460
     aagttagcca caggccaggc aatggtggca cacgccttta atcccagcac ttatgaggca    131520
     gaggcaggca gatttctgag ttcaaggtca gcctgttcta cagaatgagt tccaggacag    131580
     ccagggctac acagaaaacc ctgtctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaagatggc    131640
     cacatcctta ttgccacaaa aggacaatct agctgtgagt tgggtgtggg gcagcatatt    131700
     ggccttttaa atcacccagg acccagcatc cagcagggca caaagtcata gactcataat    131760
     tgttgcataa tgaagtgagc agctgatggc cacagatcgg tcatacacca ttgcagctag    131820
     tatacaacta tctgtatttg ccaagcttgt catgaaggtc atctgtgccc tacattcccc    131880
     aaaggagata gatggccttt gctacccagg agatggttgg ccagcatctt ggggatagtt    131940
     gcagaggaga agaagatgct aggatgatga gcacattctc aatcactgtg atggggtaaa    132000
     agaacaggaa gaggatgaag aagaagtatt cctgctcccg ctgccttgta actcctagga    132060
     gggtgaaatc tgtggtaaaa gactcgtttt cttctttcat ggctccttca acatgaaatc    132120
     agacatgaac ccagaaccat tagtgtgatt attatctata ggttgccaat tcccccatct    132180
     aacactctac acatgagtcc ataaaaattc actcacatat ttggagaaat ctctgttgat    132240
     cagtggtaca gatggtcatt tatctgtgaa cactaatcaa gtttaaaaaa taagggctct    132300
     gtaaacagca atattcattt tccccaccaa catcaccact tcgacttgcc tcagtcactc    132360
     tgcagcttct ttgctgtttt gagcatcata ctcactgttg gagagaaata atctgctttg    132420
     aagaaatgtc ttcagttaag tgctcacaag ctatagtgat ttatcttgac acccatcccg    132480
     ttacccatca ttacctctgg cccactgaaa tgggagaaac cagctgtata aatgtatagg    132540
     gattttctat gtccacactt gctcttaaat aataacagag aaacctggta attttattaa    132600
     aaatcttcta ccactacaaa tggccagata ctgagctatt ttaacataac aattctggcc    132660
     tggcctactt tagctgacat cttgtcttgc cctgctctat cagtgtccta ctgtggtgac    132720
     tctgtcgggg caacctgttc atggcaaatt gcccctttct ctgatcccta ccaaagaccc    132780
     tcttactggg atcggaagtc caaccttatt ctctcctacg cagatattgg ctgatctgct    132840
     ctttattaac aaatcagagg tgtagtaaag caacttttat acaacattgg gacaggagac    132900
     acttcgcaat gccaatatcc agcctgtaac cagatctcta gacacagtaa tcagagaaaa    132960
     gtccatacct acacacaaaa atgttgcaga ctgtcttcac cggacagcag aaggaatgtg    133020
     tgtaagtgta atttctccca gtgggttgtt aggtcattgt aattggggag caagggctga    133080
     acctgctaga ccagcatcgt gtacacatca ttctacaatg tgttttatgg attttgttca    133140
     ctatgttatt accaggttta gggatttggc caggaatata catgagctac tttttttttt    133200
     ttttttggtg atacatcata ttgtaaaaac acgtgatttc tccaagtgta ggcatgtagt    133260
     tttgatcatt tgggaaggat ggcatataca gaaatgtgtg tcaatagagt ctacttttct    133320
     attctcacta taagtaactt gaaaaattgc tgtgctattt cactagtatt gcttttttat    133380
     tttaaatttt actagttgaa ttgtatccta aaaatgagca ttctttcttg ctttgtctat    133440
     ttcatccctt acattctcct tgcctcattc atccatccac ccatccatct actcattcat    133500
     ccacatatac cagtgtgata tacttatttt tatcttattc ccctagttat gatccattag    133560
     tattactctt ttgttgtgca atcatccaag actcagacaa taagaacgct acaatatagt    133620
     ttctctcttg gtctgctccc tccaatcttt gagccttact ctcttacctc taagagcgca    133680
     ctaagctatt gcttgagtga acatcttcaa agaccaagga aatatcctca tcgaacagag    133740
     aattttaatg aatatataca tatatatata tatatatgct tatataaaca tttaaacata    133800
     ttatatatat atatatatat gtatacacac acatgtaatc ttaagagacc tacacaatga    133860
     aacattttaa cagaagttgg ttatttatat tgaagggggt tgtatataat atcataggcc    133920
     aaaggagatt ttatttggtt gagtagtgta gctttctcta gttcagtcta aggaagagag    133980
     acttaatgaa ttttcttgga agaaatccaa tgctagtgga ccacgtcctt ctcctttgca    134040
     ataaattgct cctgagggaa tatgtgagac ctaggacaat tgctaagctc caagatccca    134100
     taagagatac aatcacacat tggctcttct gggaaatagt aggtaagtcc tctggtagcc    134160
     caagcctgga acactcgagt attactgggg ttctgatgtt gacaaacagt tcactctgca    134220
     gtcctgctac atgacatgta taggacttcc atagctacca aagaaggaac ctgcctgtga    134280
     tcttattaga ctccactgga aagagaaaca gcctcagagt ctcagggaaa acttcaggtt    134340
     atatcaatca acatagagga tgaaagaaga ggcaccaggt cattgtgatg gtggctgaga    134400
     cagacacagg caatgtggtg agctcaaaac tgggaaggga cactatcctt aatgtaaata    134460
     atgtttgctt tccagctcca aagagcaaga aaagggcaca gttatgatca ctggatagtg    134520
     aaagcgaaac caagtcctgg caagtgcagt gcttggaagg aaagacaata gacatctcaa    134580
     agtctttcca gccagaaggc aggattccaa gaaagtcagt gaagtctaca aatattttta    134640
     gtgatggggg gtcaaaagac aggctgcagg gagagctgat tgagaagcct ctgaaggctt    134700
     tgagaacaag tatcacagca tgaggcagag ccatccctat gggcaggaag acaggcagtg    134760
     aaagaaatct tatccttcat atggaggaaa tcctgggcgc atcctttagg gtgactgtga    134820
     gtgccatact ctcatcctaa agcacacatt cacaaaggac agtattctgg aggggagaga    134880
     gtatatgctt tgcctgagaa gtttcttcct gtgggataga tcctatatac tagggcctgc    134940
     attaagacaa gtatgtactt ggcccataga acacaaatgc agacagaaaa ggagttttaa    135000
     ttaattggtt ctttggtcag tactttccac ataaagtcaa tgtgactggg tttttgtttc    135060
     attcacttcc atgtgcccca gtttctgagg gcagcatgga ggagctgagc tatggatgtc    135120
     cagtgttcat aacttccagg ctcaggagtc atatgcagta ctgtacctca cttagttcct    135180
     gaaactagct cagacactgc agaatcacac tggttgagaa aggcttggtc tttcatatga    135240
     tgatgaagct gggtttgtca aacatggata aatctaaatc actgtggcaa attattgtgt    135300
     gttaaaaaac agacagtgaa atttaattgc aggctagcta tccagttctg gaaaagcttt    135360
     agagtctttg ggaactaaga ggaatttaat gaagaaatgg gatagaggtt gctaaagaga    135420
     catcccatat acaagaaaga gtatcaatat ccagacatga agtctaggta agggttagca    135480
     gaaaatcttc atagctaagg aattggaaac tatttcattt ggctaagaga gcagacacaa    135540
     taaagatggg actattgtgg gaaagacagg gagcaggtcc ctggatcacc tggactgagc    135600
     tatctctgta agacaaactg aggaggtaca gagcaccatc tgttagacca ccagtaagaa    135660
     aacgaccctg tcactataca atagctaaca ggaggagatg ctctgggtcc aaacatgggc    135720
     tctgaaagat tatttctctc tctaaagcac tccacattac agtatgccat ttgaaatcaa    135780
     aaatagtaaa gatcacactg aggttctgct gttttctggt gtgtgaattt gaggcaactc    135840
     acagacctta aattcctcac tcaacacagg gttacagaaa ggtcaactag tcactctgag    135900
     gggatttaag atttagggat ttgtgcatca aagtccataa agggaaccac tgggttcagg    135960
     tctgttgttc ttattatctc aactggaggt gcaggcagga acacataact caatattgcc    136020
     agactgaaat ttagctgaga tatggaagta tctatatact atatagttta aagctgttag    136080
     cctattgcta gcacgctctc tcacctacct acgaagttac cctgatttct gtaccattgc    136140
     ttctgtctct gcctgttgct ctcactgcct gactacagtt ccatccattc caccccctcc    136200
     aagcctctct gtttctgtct gccttcttct cccttgtctg tctccatgtc tctgccagct    136260
     tatctacctg ccgagaactc ctgctcccac acttcctacc cccactccag ctttcagctc    136320
     cttattataa aaaaaaagcc atgatccaga cttaaccaat gaccagcagg acaacagctg    136380
     atccatctct tataacttga cctttggcct tgaaagctgt ttgtttgaca ttcttcagag    136440
     catcttgcat attaaaatat gataatctca tagaatcatc ttttgggcag ttgaagaata    136500
     tgcatttaca tataaaaact ggtgatgggt tatagaaatg acaataccaa aatgctgcca    136560
     gcacttagct ctctgcccca cagcaataca gagacacacc ttcatataat gtgaaggaaa    136620
     gtcatgcctc agctcatttt acaaaaattg tctccttcct ctggataggt tgatgctttt    136680
     tggatcctga aatctcagat ctggcagagc caggctttca gtgtagtata atccaacgga    136740
     ggagctgttc tcccagatcc ccagcaccct gatgtctctc cttagctgtt cagatgcttg    136800
     ttgtccctct tagctgtttc tgcccttgtc ctttactgct agtgagtgca ctacattgtg    136860
     tgcatattcc cttgtacaca catcagttgt aacattctat gttccagagc attagcatcc    136920
     tatgtaacat tagcatccta tgttccagag gcatgctgtg tgtctctcaa gcacagcatg    136980
     ttacaagtat atattgcatt ttcagtctgg acaatacaca gttgtgaaca agaaatagga    137040
     ctttatcaag aaaatagaag gcagcatgac tgcctaacca ggaactgaac aaggataaca    137100
     atagacatgt taatatggat gtatctgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtaagaga    137160
     gaggaagaga gagagagaga cagagacaga gagagagaca gagagagaga gacagagaga    137220
     gaactagtga aaaaagaagc aatggatctg aaaaagaaca atgagagata tgtaggagag    137280
     tttggaggaa aaggaaaatg atgtaattat attaaaatct caaaagataa aataaataat    137340
     ttttagaaag gcattagaag aaagaaagca aaataatctt agcataaaga cagtgacatg    137400
     aattttcagg tgagaaactg gctttttatt taaagttcac cgtaagaatg aagactactg    137460
     atttaattga attgtatttt gatcacattt tgatttgaga gaggttagaa tttttatgat    137520
     aataattttt taccctagaa tatgaggtat ttatcttttg tggtaccatg cttccacaga    137580
     tacaggcaga gctagtatac cctgacacct tcaggctgct agttgtcctg ggtcagggta    137640
     agaaggtaga gctcgtgctc cttgataggt gcagcaggac tccagagatg taggtgaagt    137700
     tgtagcccta taaatggagt tcaggaggac ctaagaggaa ctctccactg ctgggtttgt    137760
     ccggaagggg tgacagtcag ggggttggag tagggttgtc acctggtggt caatgatggc    137820
     tgcaggtgtg tgggactgtg attagatgca tggaaacaga tgatggagtg caaaggtgtc    137880
     aatacagacc ttggcttctg ggtttgcttg ggacccagca ggcaggagtt tgggacttgg    137940
     agaagtcact tggttggccc tggccacagc agccctccag agatgcagat ggagttgtgg    138000
     ccagggaaat ggagtacaga agggacctac ctctgaggtc ttatgcagta tatgtgtggt    138060
     aagttaagta ggaaatagga aatgaagtgt tttcattggt ataattgaaa tatgatgata    138120
     atgtatatat ttatctacat gttttattat tccatttagc attttctttc tttttatttt    138180
     ttaaatgagc tctcatggag ctcaggatag actcaaattc actatgtagt agaggctagc    138240
     tattaattgc tcatctttct aactctacct ccatgagcta gaatcacaag tcctgcataa    138300
     ccctatacct tttaaactct agaaaagaga ggtttggatc ttcttttttc ccatttcact    138360
     gaagctttga agaaatagtc tagatatcac aggtcttcac taagtagttt tctaacctac    138420
     tagaaatatg gtttctaaaa gactgggaat catgaagtgt tgtcttcaga atactatgtt    138480
     tgtgacactg atggatcaca acaggtgctg accatagatc caagaatgct ttgcaaggta    138540
     tggcagattg agtcaaatga tctaagattt agatgtaggt agttatgtcc atctcttgag    138600
     attgaaaagt tctctgagta agcattattt ctgtgttagt tatttggcac tgaaccaaga    138660
     gaagaattgg catttagtag ctataagaca catgaaagtg actgaacaaa tcttccttga    138720
     ttttccgcat atactcaagt aaaagtatac tacaactaga gacacgttag tgagataaaa    138780
     agcagaaaac tgtgctagaa aaatatttta tgggtcatca tttacatctt gcagaacttt    138840
     ctgaaagagt atcttcagca ggctatatat taagtgtcct atgcatatgc cagatggtta    138900
     tgtcacaaac actgtcattt tcactagaga tcagagaatg gtttgctgag tactcaacta    138960
     gagtgaaaca tctcagaaac ctaactcaag actttccaaa ttgacttctg tgttcatggc    139020
     aagaggaaac cagaccagca cctttgagtt cctcctctgg ggactgtcag agaagccaca    139080
     gcagcaacac atcctcttcc tggtcttcct gtggatgtac ctggtcacag tagctgggaa    139140
     tctgctcatt gtcctggcca ttagcactga tgtacgactc cacacaccca tgtacttctt    139200
     ccttgccacc ctttcctgtg ttgacatcct cttcacctcc accacagtgc ccaaggccct    139260
     agtgaacatc cacacccaaa gcaggacaat ctcctatgca ggatgcctgg tccagctcta    139320
     ttttttcctg acttttggag acatggacat ctttctcctg gccacaatgg cctatgaccg    139380
     ctttgtagct atttgtcacc ctctccacta taggatgatc atgagcttcc agcgctgctc    139440
     actcttagtg acagcctgtt ggacccttac aaccgttgtg gccatgacac acaccttcct    139500
     catattccgg ctctccttct gctctcagaa ggtcattcca gacttcttct gtgatctggg    139560
     acccctaatg aagatcgctt gctctgaaac ccggatcaat gagcttgtgc ttctcttcct    139620
     ggggggtgca gtcatcttaa tccccttttt gctcatcctt atgtcttata tccgcattgt    139680
     ttcagccatc ctcagggtcc cttctgccca aggaaggcgt aaggcctttt ctacctgtgg    139740
     gtcccacctt tctgtggtgg ccctattctt tgggactgtg ataagggctt atctatgtcc    139800
     ttcatcctct tcctctaact cagtggtaga ggacacagca gcagctgtca tgtatacagt    139860
     ggtgactccc ctgctgaacc ccttcattta cagcctgcga aacaaagaca tgaagggagc    139920
     actggtcaga attctcaagg gcaaagtctc cttctcctgg gctcagggac ttctgcagag    139980
     aaagtgaaga tgtcctcaat ttgctctgct gaggatcttt cagaaatgtc tacctcgatt    140040
     gtctctttct gaactccgtg tattttgtca cactccattc cctgaccctt ctcttcaaat    140100
     ttctaatgtt ttagtaaaat gaaaatgtct ctttaggact tgatttgtta tgaatggctt    140160
     ctttgtgcat tcattttata acatgtgcct cagaatgatg gtttagtcag tgacagattg    140220
     cattcaagac aactgtttct atgggaacaa ttattctgga cctgaagact tgttttgttt    140280
     ttgttgttgt ttttgcagta gttgttgtat ttgtccaaaa gaaaatgaag attttgaaga    140340
     atatcatcct tcaatatttt gctcatatcc accctccccc acccactttc tccaatattc    140400
     cccacattcc actctcaaat ttatgtcctc ttcttctatt gtatatgcat ttatacatga    140460
     actcacatgt atatatctcc tactaattct aatatttccc acaaaaaaca aggggctttg    140520
     attgaatact aggatgctgg caaccttcca cagttgcttt tcataaagaa aattgattct    140580
     ccctcatcaa aagaagctga atgcaagcag ctcttaaact gcgggcagga cctggtatgg    140640
     tcttgtgaag gcaactttag atgttgaagg ctcatgaatg taacatccct gccatgtcca    140700
     gagaacattg ttttgaagag ttcctccaag atctctggcc cttacactct ttccatcctc    140760
     tcttccacag tggttcttac tctcctggga ccttgtattt tattgtcatt acaaacacat    140820
     tgcccccatg ccccaaagag tctagcacat gtagttatgc acaacacaga gcactgatgg    140880
     tggtgataaa agactaggtg gtaactgtct atgtattcac tatatcgttt gtcatcattt    140940
     taaaggaaag tctttttact tacaaaaaat cttgtgttaa acaatgatat ttgttctgct    141000
     aagagcagat tcatacttgt gtttgcacag ttcctgacta catccagagg atattgagtg    141060
     gatgacctga accgtttatg tttatgtctg tacactctat gaagttcttg caatgatggt    141120
     actgtctgac agttttcaga atctgttctg ttttgagata tgtgtgactg tcctttttgc    141180
     atcttttctc atggagaact atatctttca ggagtcataa ttctaaaaat ctgtgaagca    141240
     ctttggaaca ggggaaagta gatattttat agaatttcat ttattattat ttattaatat    141300
     tttatcatat ataataaaac atataaatta tataatataa attaaataga tcaaattaat    141360
     ttataatatt taaaacataa taataaaaat taaatttttt aaaatgtata aagggttgat    141420
     taatgatgtc atggacaatg ggttaatgat gaaaatattc acaaataaag tcaatatcag    141480
     atgacaaaga cttttcaact tgaatggaac aagtatattt ttcctccaaa accaggaaat    141540
     tataactatt tattgcataa aagttgtaaa ctataaatat atttgtagat gttaaaacaa    141600
     aactttttac ttttaagtaa aaatattcat gaatacttta taatgagaag attatataat    141660
     tttgagctcc cctactaggt gggccttaaa ataattagat ggggctattg gttaccatag    141720
     gtaatctttc agggtcagtc gttgttggta ggctttgcag ctgtgtagga ttactgattg    141780
     cattcttccc ttgcagatag cttacattac actatcactt aatatgaaag ctagtcctca    141840
     gggaggagga ttcgcggtca ctgtacattt caagtgataa aaggaaaggg gttcaaaatt    141900
     tataatgaca aattatggag attagaacaa ctgagagcaa agtataatgg cacatatgta    141960
     tgaaatgcca taaggaaaca ttacttctgt atgagaactt aaattaactt aaaattaaat    142020
     ttacttaaaa caaacatttt aagaggtaac tttagtctga tttaaacttt attcaatgta    142080
     cagatgtagc aaatgattac attctacttt tgaaaagata tatttcagga caaaatgcca    142140
     atgtcagaaa ataaggatta tctaaatact cattcaaatt gattcatatt tatcccagaa    142200
     acaccaatgc cagaaaagtc taaataccag aagtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    142260
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgttt gtgtgtgtgt gtgcatctgc acatgtgtac    142320
     aagcattcat gggtggtaca tacccacgtg tgctctttga gacagtctct cactgaactt    142380
     ggagaacact agcttggtta gactgtccag tgagccctgg agaagtcgct gtccccactt    142440
     tcccaggtct ctggttgtgg atgcatacca ctacactggc tctttatgtg ggtgtagggg    142500
     atcgaatctc aggtcctcat gcttgaacag cagacagttc actgactgag ccttttttct    142560
     acacagagta tcagagtatt tagagcaaac tttctgagca caacatttga tacttacctt    142620
     agtgttttat tgacacaaat ctaaacagtg ttaatgatct atattttaag tctgatataa    142680
     taatttggtg aagaggatga atttaaagac tgcaaaggaa ttcagagaaa tactttctaa    142740
     tcctagtgtc acacaaagag aacttcagtc ataattagat tcataatgct atatctagaa    142800
     aatatttgtt tattttttta ttcattttta tactatatat taattataaa aagggcttca    142860
     gtccttttcc ctcactgaac accagatcag gttcccctct cagttttttt aggacttttc    142920
     tacccatgaa tataatatac tttgatcata ttaacccttt cagctacccc ttctcactta    142980
     tccctctccc tcacttttcc ctttccactc ctggtagttc cttgcaacac ccactccagt    143040
     ggaggctgca tgataagtcc aaaagcttgg ccacagtcct gaagcaaaaa gtttcacagg    143100
     aactggtatc ctggaggccc tccgtcctat aacatggatg tgcttcagat ttgtccttgc    143160
     aatagtctgt agaaggtttt gtgtgctttc tttcagtatt gttttattat aggtgccccc    143220
     aaggaatgat ttgacaaata gtcaagttgg actggacgtt gtttcctggc ctccacctgt    143280
     gtcccaacat cctagtcaat cgttgaccaa ccttgggctt agaatttcaa aagaatgtta    143340
     cttattcaga caaaatgcct tcagtgttga aagagggata atgaaagaaa ttaggcattg    143400
     aagtttacag gataagagtt agaaatctca gggtaagttc aacaaaataa acctagaatt    143460
     cacattacag tcatgtaagg caaactacat tacttaatag aagaaagttg gtgggctcct    143520
     ctggtaaata gaggttcccc acaaacactt agaataacag ctgagttact cccatacaca    143580
     ggaatttaca gtggtctaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagatgggtt gtggtttaag aaggaactag    143640
     agttttgtgt tattcacaga aaggtaagca agcacagaac ctccctggtg catactttca    143700
     caaagcccag aagaatagca taatttaggt gttttctaag ggacccctag tggtgggtta    143760
     tacaatacac tataattgtg gctaaggtgt gaagccctcg cacctggctc ctaagaataa    143820
     gctgacttta gatagggctg attttatgtc agttgtaagc actgcctagt tcctaccact    143880
     tttatgtatg catttttctg ttttgtgtag agtcattatg cataggatga cctcaatgta    143940
     tcttggctgt tgtatcacct aacttccctg ttttcttctg taattaccac ctaagtttga    144000
     tgcttacttt gaaagattac actcagattc agtactatct tgtgtttatg tctgtttatc    144060
     acttgcagac tccttgccca cctgagtacc agaacgttga ttttccctga gttgaagaac    144120
     cccaactggg tctgaccaag gcagttactc cccttaaaaa gtaaagggtg gtggtggtgg    144180
     ttgggggttt tttggagggg gtgtaatttt gttttgtttt gttacttttt tgtttttgtt    144240
     tttggaggat tgggttttcc gttttgtttg ggggggggat tttttgtttg tttgtttgct    144300
     tgcttgcttg cttgcttgct tgcttgcttt ggttcagttt ggtttttcac atttatttat    144360
     tggggaattt gcatgtgaac ctcagttatt tcctttcatc acatgagtcc tgggaaggga    144420
     tcaaaattat caaactcagc aactaacacc tctacccact gaactatctt gttgaccaag    144480
     aagaaaaatg gtttgagcat gttcattcta ctagtgaact agatatccaa tagcagaggg    144540
     ttttttttat tttatcttat tcttaattta ttttttgcag accatattcc attcccttcc    144600
     cctccccccg tctatacttc atctgctcca accccacatc tatttgccat cccaccctgt    144660
     ctccacatgg atgcccccac tcccaacccc acttgacctc tgaacttcct gggccctcca    144720
     gtctcttgag ggttaggtgc atcttctctg aatgaacaca gacccagaac tcctctactg    144780
     tatatgtgtt gaggggcttc ttatcagctg ctgtatgctg tctgttttgt ggtccagagt    144840
     ttgaaaggtc tcaggggtcc agattaatta agactactag ttctcccaca gggtcaccca    144900
     tatcttcagc ttatttcaga cttccctaat tcaaaaacat gagtcagaag cttttgtcca    144960
     ttggttggat gcaaatatct acatctgact ctttcagtcg cttgttgggt cttttggagg    145020
     acagtcatga taggtccttt ttgtgagcac tccatagcct cagtaatagt gtcaggcctt    145080
     gggacatccc ctagagttaa atcccatctt ggacttatca ctggaccttc tttatctcag    145140
     gctcttctcc atttccatcc ctgtaattct ttcagacagg aataattaag ggtcagaggt    145200
     gtgaccgtgg catggcagcc ccatccctca cttgatgtcc tgtcttccta ctggaggtgg    145260
     gctctataag ttccctctcc caatgggcag gcatttcatc taaggtctct agctttgagt    145320
     cctgggagta ctctcacctc caaggtctct ggtgtattct ggggatcccc ccaaactcct    145380
     atttcctgag gttgcctgtt tacattcttt ctgctggccc atggggcttc agtccttttc    145440
     cctcacccaa caccagatca ggttcccctc tcaaccctgt ccactttccc tcccaggttt    145500
     ctccctccct tcccacttgt gactgctttc ttctctctct caagtgggac tcagacatcc    145560
     tcacttagac aattcaactt gttgagttat tttttagttc tattgactgt atcttgtgta    145620
     ttttatacta ttatcattat ttggctaata tccacttatt agtgagtaca caccatgcat    145680
     gtccttctgg atctgagtta cctcactcag gatgatattt tctagttcca gccattattt    145740
     gttattttat ttatttattt acatttcaaa tactgtcccc cttccaggtt tcccttccat    145800
     cagttcccca tcccactccc cctccctccg cctcgatgaa aatgagagca ccctcatcga    145860
     ggaatcccct tcagaacatt aagtccttcc cctaattttt ccatcggggt ccctgtgttc    145920
     agtctgatga ttggctgcaa gcatctgcat aaatattggt caagcactgg cagagcctct    145980
     caggagccag ctataccaga ctcctgtcat caaaaacttc ttggcataag taatagtgtc    146040
     tgggtttggt gtctatagat gggatggatc actaggtgga tcagtctctg ctccactctt    146100
     tgtccctgca tttcctttag acaggaacaa ttctgagtta atattttaga gatggtatag    146160
     gacagaacac gggcccctaa agaaggagct agagaaagta cccaaggagc taaaggggtc    146220
     agcaacccta taggaggaac aacaatatga actaaccagt acaacaccca gagctctatc    146280
     tgtagttact atgtagcaga ggatgtacta gtcagccatc aatggaagga gaggcccttg    146340
     gtcttgcccc agtacaggga aatgccagag ccaggaagtg ggagtgggtg ggtatagggg    146400
     actttgggga tagcatttga aatgtaaata aagaaaatat ctaataaaaa ataaaagatg    146460
     aagtacaaat agctaagaaa tgttaaaagg aaaagatttt tgagatggat gggggtcccc    146520
     atccctcaac tgaaggccat gcctattcac tggattctct acaggttcta tctccccttt    146580
     gttgggtatt tcaactaatg tcatccctgt tgggtcctgg ggacctcttg cttccctggc    146640
     atctgggact ttctagaggc tacacccaat tccccatccc tgactgctac acacctctat    146700
     tcaatttcct ggccatctgt acttcccttc catctcctct cactccttgt cctactcccc    146760
     cttttcctct ttccctcctc tctccctccc agggacctac tagaagagct tttgaagtgt    146820
     gtgttactat accataccaa ataaactgat gtgtatgatg atatagaaaa gaataaaaga    146880
     ataaagtttt acatttaaag ggatttacca aaatcaaatt ctaatttttc ttttaaatac    146940
     aaatagtgat aatttgaatg ctatgggaac tttaggtggg gctcagctgg caaaagtatg    147000
     ggtacttctc tgaagattca actcagttct tgttccagcc tgtttctctg cttcttcttc    147060
     cacaccagtg agctaccccc acatactccc agtcactaat ggagccagtc atgccaacac    147120
     acattctgaa gccatgatcc aaatgaaagt tttccctcca taatttattc tatcaggggt    147180
     ttggtcatgg cagtgaggaa agtagctaaa gacttaggtc cactcttcta tctccactac    147240
     ccctaagttc tagaaagcta tccatgtaga ctcaacaata ggctgtcatg ttctctggct    147300
     tccggttggg cacagtcaat gcagagtagc agaagagctt gagcagaggg aagaaagcaa    147360
     ggtaaattca ttctctaact aattgcaggt tgcttcatat ttaactaaat tcttatctcc    147420
     tgccagacaa ttggggtagg acagctgtcc atcgctatcc atctctgtct ctctcactgg    147480
     ctgtgtgttt taattttccc cattcctgac tgagtaggtc ctaaggcttc ttgctgctag    147540
     cctcaagttg tgactgtatg gtctccctat ctttcctaac attctaagtt gtaaagtttg    147600
     attgattcat tgatattgta ttgatttcag atctgatttt taagacagga tcttactaag    147660
     gatcttggga tacgctcacc cagttagcaa tttagactac agtagccttc ctatctaacc    147720
     ttagtagtgc tggggaaaaa agtatgtgcc accacttcaa gctttctcac ttcctacaga    147780
     tacccaagtc ttcagtcata ctacctttct gtaatattgt aattaatcaa aacttctaat    147840
     aaagtaatca aaacacataa tagttattaa atttaatata tctgattaat gaccctttat    147900
     tcaattttat ggaatttttc tctctaaaat aaatacttat tttaggacag gttcttcaaa    147960
     gatttattca gataggtaaa taatgcatgg tctagttatc tctaaccata atcacaaact    148020
     agatatttca tctacttttt tcacatttat taactgctat tgatacacat aataaatgca    148080
     attatatcca aaattgaaga gaaactgcta tatgtagtca catgagtctt actcatacat    148140
     acttataagc ctagcagagt gatcaaacat aataaataaa atgctcatgc aaacagtaat    148200
     ctagtcttta aagcatgagc tactgtgagc acatcctgtg acatgggtaa aacagatatc    148260
     agtccaactt tctacatgat gaagtaaaca cttagactcc caacttcact ctgcttgata    148320
     gtccacctgt gagaactaaa tccagagatg tgtgcttcac cctgcccaag ggagcagaag    148380
     tctcccaaag aaagggattt caagcttgaa agatgacaag caggtccttg caggggtgac    148440
     actgaagctg agtttcctag tgcttcagac ttgggaccac agtatcagct gggcatggtc    148500
     tcacatgagg gaagaagagg aagaggggca gtggaagagt ttcctcagag cagccttcat    148560
     gtcccggttc ctcaggctgt agatgaaagg gttcagcatt ggggtcactg ccgtgtacat    148620
     cacagttatc aatgcatgct tcagactgta actggtcagg ggccggaaat acatgcccat    148680
     gactgtccca taatacaagg acaccactgt caggtgagag ccacaggtag acaaggcctt    148740
     gaggaaaccc gtggtgcatg gaacccgcaa gactatggaa aagaccggga cataggagat    148800
     gaagctttat agcagtggca cagagaagac ccccacccca aggtacatca ttttcacatt    148860
     gaagcagata tcagagcatg acacctagag caaaggcata atgtcaaagt agaagttagc    148920
     cacatcctta ttgccacaga gggcaatata actgtgagta gggtgtgggg cagcacattg    148980
     gcattttcaa tcacccagga cccagcaacc agcaggactc aaggtcgtga actcataatt    149040
     gttgcataat gaagtgggca actgatagcc acagctcggt catatgcctt tggagctagt    149100
     atataactgt ctgtgtttcc caatgatatc atgaagtaca tctgtgacat acatccccca    149160
     aaggagatgg cctttctacc caggagatgg ttggccagca tcttggggat agttacaaag    149220
     gagaagaaga tgtcaacaag ggagaggttg gccaggaaaa agtacatgac gttatgcagg    149280
     cgagtgtcag agtgaatggc taggatgatg agcacattct caatcactgt gatggggtaa    149340
     aggaacagga agaggatgaa gaagaaatat tcctgctccc gatgccttgt aacgcctagg    149400
     agagtgaaat ctgtggtaaa agactcgttt tcttctttca tggctccttc aacatgaaat    149460
     cagacatgac ctcaaaacca ttagtgtgat tattatctat aggttgccaa tccccccatc    149520
     taacactcat gtgtagtgat gccctctaca catgaatcca taaaaattca gtcatatatt    149580
     tggagaaatc tctgttgatc agtggtacag atggtcattt atctgtgaac actaatcaag    149640
     tttaaaaaat aagggctctg taaacagcaa tattcatttt ccccaccaac atcaccactt    149700
     tgacttgcct cagtcactct gcagcttctt tgctgtttta agcatcatac tcactgttgg    149760
     agagaaatag tctgctttga agaaatgtct tcagttaagt gctcacaagc tatagtgatt    149820
     tatcttgacg cacatcccgc tactcatcat tacctctggc ccactgaatt gagagatacc    149880
     agctatataa atgtataggg attttctatg tccacccttg ctcttaaata ataacagaga    149940
     aacctagtat tttattaaaa atcttcttcc attacaaatg gccagatact gagctatttt    150000
     aacctaacaa tgatggcttg gcctacttta cctaacatct tgtcttgtcc tgctctatca    150060
     gtgtccgact gtggtgactc tgtcggggca acctgttcat ggcaaattgc ccctttctct    150120
     gatccctacc agagaccctt ttactgggat cggaagaccg actttattct ctccaaccca    150180
     gatattggct gaccagcttt ttattaacaa atcagaggtg aagtaaaaca atttttacac    150240
     aacattggac ctggagacac ttcacaatgc cagtgtccag actgtaacca aatctctggg    150300
     cacagtaatc agagaaaagt ccatacctac acacagacta acagagcaga cacaataaag    150360
     atgggactat tgtgggaaag acagggggca ggtccctgga tcacctggcc tgagctatct    150420
     ctgaaagaca aactgaggag gtacagagca ccatctgtta gaccaccagt aagaaaagga    150480
     ccctgtcagt gcacaatggc tatcaggagg aaatgctcta ggtccaaaca tgggctctga    150540
     aaggttattt ctctgtctaa agtatttcac attacagtat gccatttgga atcaaaaaga    150600
     gtaaagagca cactgctgtt ttctggtgtg tggctttgag gctacttaca gaccttaact    150660
     tcctcactca gcacagggtt atggaaaagt cgactagtca ctctgagggg atttaagatt    150720
     taggggtttg ggcatcagag tccataaatg gaaccactgg attcaggtct gttgttcttc    150780
     ctgtctcgac tggaagtgca ggcagggaca cataactcaa tattgccaga ctgaagttta    150840
     attaagatat ggaagtatct atatagctta aagctgttag cctattgcta gcacactctc    150900
     tcagctagct acaaacttac tttgatttat gtaccattac atctgtctct ccctgttgct    150960
     ctcactgcct gactccagtt ccatccattc cacctcctcc aagcctctct gtgtctgtct    151020
     gccttcttct tccttgtctg cctccatgtg gcctccagct tatctgcctg cccagaactc    151080
     ctgctcccac acttcctacc ccagctccag ttgtcagctc tttattatat aaaaagccaa    151140
     gattcagtct gaaccaatga ccagcaggac aacagctgat ccatctctta taacttgacc    151200
     tttggccttg aaggctgttt gtttgccctt catcagagca ccttgcttta atatgataat    151260
     ctcatagaat catcttttgg gtagttgaag aacaagcatt tacatataag aaaacagagg    151320
     atgggttata gaaatgacaa taccaaaatc ctgccagcac ttagctctct gccctacagc    151380
     aatacagaga cacaccttca tataatgtga aggaaagtca tgcctcagct cattttacaa    151440
     aaagtgtctc cttcctctgg atagggtgat gctttttgga tcctgaaatc tcagatctgg    151500
     cagagccagg ctttcagtgt agtataatcc aacggaggag ctgttttccc agatccccag    151560
     caccctgatg tctctccttg gttgttcaga tgcttggttg cccctcttag ctatttttgc    151620
     acttgtccat tactgcttag tgagtacata ttccgttata cacacatcag ttctaacatt    151680
     ctagctgcat tagcatccta tgttccagag gcctactgta tttctctcaa acacagcata    151740
     ttacaagtat atattgtgtt ttcagtctgg acaatacaca gttgtgaaca agaaatagga    151800
     ctttatcaag aaaatagagg ctgcatgact tcctaaccat gaactgaaca agaataatga    151860
     tacacatgtt aatgtgtttg tgtgtgtgag agagagagag agacacagag agagagagag    151920
     gggggggagg gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    151980
     gagaactaat gaaaaaagag gccatggatc tgaaaaagaa caatgagagg tatgtaggag    152040
     agtttggagg aaaaggaaaa tgatgtaatt atattaaaat ctcaaaagat aaaataaata    152100
     atttttagaa aggcattaga agaaaaaaag caaaataatc ttagcatata gacagtgaca    152160
     tgaattttca agtgagaaac tggctcatta tttgaagtta gacttaagaa tgaagactac    152220
     tcccttccgc tcgactcgag actcgagccc cgggctacct tgccagcaga gtcttgccca    152280
     acacccgcaa gggtccacac gggactcccc acgggaccct aagacctctg gtgagtggat    152340
     cacagtgcct gccccaatcc aatcgcacgg aacttgagac tgcggtacat agggaagcag    152400
     gctacccggg cctgatctgg ggcacaagtc ccttccgctc gactcgagac tcgagccccg    152460
     ggctaccttg ccagcagagt cttgcccaac acccgcaagg gtccacacgg gactccccac    152520
     gggaccctaa gacctctggt gagtggacca cagtgcctgc cccaatccaa tcgcgcggaa    152580
     cttgagactg cggtacatag ggaagcaggc tacccgggac tgatctgggg cacaagtccc    152640
     ttccgctcga ctcgagactc gagccccggg ctaccttgcc agcagagtct tgcccaacac    152700
     ccgcaagggt ccacacggga ctccccacgg gaccctaaga cctctggtga gtggatcaca    152760
     gtgcctgccc caatcaaatc gcgcggaact tgagactgcg gtacataggg aagcaggcta    152820
     cccgggcctg atctggggca caagtccctt ccgctcgact cgtgactcga gccccgggct    152880
     accttgccag cagagtcttg cccaacaccc gcaagggtcc acacaggact ccccacggga    152940
     ccctaagacc tctggtgagt ggaacacagc gcctacccca atccaatcgc gtggaacttg    153000
     agactgcggt acatagggaa gcaggctacc cgggcttgat ctggggcaca aaccccttcc    153060
     actccacccg agccccggct accttgccag ctgagtcgcc tgacacccgc aagggcccac    153120
     acaggattcc acacgtgatc ctaagacctc tagtgagtgg aacacaactt ctgccaggag    153180
     tctggttcga acaccagata tctgggtacc tgccttgcaa gaagagagct tgcctgcaga    153240
     gaatactctg cccactgaaa ctaaggagag tgctaccctc caggtctgct catagaggct    153300
     aacagagtca cctgaagaac aagctcttaa cagtgacaac taaaacagct agcttcagag    153360
     attaccagat ggcgaaaggc aaacgtaaga atcctactaa cagaaatcaa gaccactcac    153420
     catcatcaga acgcagcact cccaccccac ctagtcctgg gcaccccaac acaaccgaaa    153480
     atctagaccc agatttaaaa acatttctca tgatgatgat agaggacatc aagaaggact    153540
     ttcataagtc acttaaagat ttacaggaga gcactgctaa agagttacag gctcttaaag    153600
     aaaagcagga aaacacagcc aaacaggtga tggaaatgaa caaaaccata ctagaactaa    153660
     aaggggaagt agacacaata aagaaaaccc aaagcgaggc aacgctggag atagaaaccc    153720
     taggaaagag atctggaacc atagatgcga gcatcagcaa cagaatacaa gaaatggaag    153780
     agagaatctc aggtgcagaa gattccatag agaacatcga cacaacagtc aaagaaaata    153840
     caaaatgcaa aaggatccta actcaaaaca tccaggtaat ccaggacaca atgagaagac    153900
     caaacctacg gataatagga attgatgaga atgaagattt tcaacttaaa gggccagcta    153960
     atatcttcaa caaaataata gaagaaaact tcccaaacat aaaaaaagag atgcccatga    154020
     tcatacaaga agcatacaga actccaaata gactggacca gaaaagaaat tcctcccgac    154080
     acataataat cagaacaaca aatgcactaa ataaagatag aatattaaaa gcagtaaggg    154140
     agaaaggtca agtaacatat aaaggaaggc ctatcagaat tacaccagac ttttcaccag    154200
     agactatgaa agccagaaga gcctggacag atgttataca gacactaaga gaacacaaat    154260
     gccagcccag gctactatac ccggccaaac tctcaattac catagatgga gaaaccaaag    154320
     tattccacga caaaaccaag ttcacacaat atctttccac gaatccagcc cttcaaagga    154380
     taataacaga aaagaagcaa tacaaggacg gaaatcacgc cctagaacaa ccaagaaagt    154440
     aatcattcaa caaaccaaaa agaagacagc cacaagaaca gaatgccaac tctaacaaca    154500
     aaaataaaag ggagcaacaa ttacttttcc ttaatatctc ttaatatcaa tggactcaat    154560
     tccccaataa aaagacatag actaacagac tggctacaca aacaggaccc aacattctgc    154620
     tgcttacagg aaacccatct cagggaaaaa gacagacact acctcagagt gaaaggctgg    154680
     aaaacaattt tccaagcaaa tggactgaag aaacaagctg gagtagccat tttaatatcg    154740
     gatataatcg acttccaacc caaagttatc aaaaaagaca aggagggaca cttcatactc    154800
     atcaaaggta aaatcctcca agaggaactc tcaattctga atatctacgc accaaatgca    154860
     agggcagcca cattcattag agatacttta gtaaagctca aagcatacat tgcacctcac    154920
     acaataatag tgggagactt caacacacca ctttcttcaa aggacagatc gtggaaacag    154980
     aaactaaaca gggacacagt gaaactaaca gaagttatga aacaaatgga cctgacagat    155040
     atctacagaa cattttatcc taaaacaaaa ggatatacct tcttctcagc acctcacggg    155100
     acattctcca aaattgacca tataattggt cacaaaacag gcctcaatag atacaaaaat    155160
     attgaaattg tcccatgtat cctatcagac caccatggcc taagactgat cttcaataac    155220
     aacataaata atggaaagcc aacattcacg tggaaactga ataacactct tctcaatgat    155280
     accttggtca aggaaggaat aaagaaagaa attaaagact ttttagagtt taatgaaaat    155340
     gaagccacaa cgtacccaaa cctatgggac acaatgaaag catttctaag agggaaactc    155400
     atagcgctga gtgcctccaa gaagaaacgg gagacagcac atactagcag cttgacaaca    155460
     catctaaaag ccctagaaaa aaaggaagca aattcaccca agaggagtag acggcaggaa    155520
     ataatcaaac tcaggggtga aatcaaccaa gtggaaacaa gaagaactat tcaaagaatt    155580
     aaccaaacga ggagttggtt ctttgagaaa atcaacaaga tagataaacc cttagctaga    155640
     ctcactaaag ggcacaggga caaaatccta attaacaaaa tcagaaatga aaagggagac    155700
     ataacaacag atcctgaaga aatccaaaac accatcagat ccttctacaa aaggctatac    155760
     tcaacaaaac tggaaaacct ggacgaaatg gacaaatttc tggacagata ccaggtacca    155820
     aagttgaatc aggatcaagt tgaccatcta aacagtccca tatcacctaa agaaatagaa    155880
     gcagttatta atagtctccc aaccaaaaaa agcccaggac cagatgggtt tagtgcagag    155940
     ttctatcaga ccttcaaaga agatctaatt ccaattctgc acaaactatt acacaaaaaa    156000
     gaagtagaag gtactctacc caactcattt tatgaagcca ctattactct gatacctaaa    156060
     ccacagaaag atccaacaaa gatagagaac ttcagaccaa tttctcttat gaatatcgat    156120
     gcaaaaatcc tcaataaaat tctcgctaac cgaatccaag aacacattaa agcaatcatc    156180
     catcctgacc aagtaggttt tattccaggg atgcagggat ggtttaatat acgaaaatcc    156240
     atcaatgtaa tccattatat aaacaaactc aaagacaaaa accacatgat catctcgtta    156300
     gatgcagaaa aagcatttga caagatccaa cacccattca tgataaaagt tttggaaaga    156360
     tcaggaattc aaggcccata cctaaacatg ataaaagcaa tctacagcaa accagtagcc    156420
     aacatcaaag taaatggaga gaagctggaa gcaatcccac taaaatcagg gactagacaa    156480
     ggctgcccac tttctcccta ccttttcaac atagtacttg aagtattagc cagagcaatt    156540
     cgacaacaaa aggagatcaa ggggatacaa attggaaaag aggaagtcaa aatatcactt    156600
     tttgcagatg atatgatagt atatataagt gaccctaaaa attctaccag agaactccta    156660
     aacctgataa acagcttcgg tgaagtagct ggatataaaa taaactcaaa caagtcaatg    156720
     gcctttctct atacaaagaa taaacaggct gagaaagaaa ttagggaaac aacacacttc    156780
     tcaatagtca caaataatat aaaatatctt ggcgtgactc taactaagga ggtgaaagat    156840
     ctgtatgata aaaacttcaa atctctgaag aaagaaatta aagaagatct cagaagcacc    156900
     ctttgtgggc cggggacagc cagccaccgt ctggaccgga ggacaggtgc ccgcccggct    156960
     ggggaggcgg cctaagccac agcagcagcg gtcgccatct tggtccggga cccgccgaac    157020
     ttaggaaatt agtctgaaca ggtgagaggg tgcgccagag aacctgacag cctctggaac    157080
     aggcagaagc acagaggggc tgaggcagca ccctgtgtgg gccggggaca gccggccacc    157140
     ttccggaccg gaggacaggt gcccgcccgg ctggggaggc gacctaagcc acagcagcag    157200
     cggtcgccat cttggtccgg gacccgccga acttaggaaa ttagtctgaa caggtgagag    157260
     ggtgcgccag agaacctgac agcttctgga acaggcagaa gcacagaggc gctgaggcag    157320
     caccctgtgt gggccgggga cagccggcca ccttccggac cagaggacag gtgcccgccc    157380
     ggctggggag gcgacctaag ccacagcagc agcggtcgcc atcttggtcc gggacccgcc    157440
     gaacttaggg aattagtctg aacaggtgag agggtgcgcc agagaacctg acagcttctg    157500
     gaacaggcgg aagcacagag gcgctgaggc agcaccctgt gtgggccggg gacagccggc    157560
     caccttccgg accggaggac aggtgcccac ccggcagggg aggcggccta agccacagca    157620
     gcagcggtcg ccatcttggt cccgggactc caaggaactt aggaatttag tctgcttagg    157680
     tgagagtctg taccacctgg gaactgccaa agcaacacag tgtctgagaa aggtcctgtt    157740
     ttgggccttc ttcttcggcc aggaggaggt ccaaatacaa gatatctgcg caccttccct    157800
     gtaagagagc ttgccagcag agagtgctct gagcactgaa actcagagga gagaatctgt    157860
     ctcccaggtc tgctgataga cggtaacaga atcaccagaa gaacaatctc taaacagagt    157920
     caactataac tactaactcc agagattacc agatggcgaa aggtaaacgg aggaatctta    157980
     ctaacaggaa ccaagaccac tcaccatcac cagaacccag cacacccact tcgcccagtc    158040
     cagggaaccc caacacacct gagaacctag acctagattt aaaagcatat ctcatgatga    158100
     tggtagagga catcaagaag gactttaata aatcacttaa agaaatacag gagaacactg    158160
     ctaaagagtt acaagtcctt aaagaaaaac aggaaaacac aatcaaacag gtagaagtcc    158220
     ttacagaaaa agaggaaaaa acatacaaac aggtgatgga aatgaacaaa accatactag    158280
     acctaaaaag ggaagtagac acaataaaga aaactcaaag cgaggcaaca ctagagatag    158340
     aaaccctagg aaagaaatct ggaaccatag atttgagcat cagcaacaga atacaagaga    158400
     tggaagagag aatctcaggt gcagaagatt ccatagagaa catcggcaca acaatcaaag    158460
     aaaatggaaa atgcaaaaag atcctaactc aaaatatcca ggaaatccag gacacaataa    158520
     gaagaccaaa cgtacggata ataggagtgg atgagaatga agattttcaa ctcaaaggtc    158580
     cagcaaacat cttcaacaaa attattgaag aaaacttccc aaatctaaag aatgagatgc    158640
     atatgaacat acaagaagcc tacagaactc caaatagact ggaccagaaa agaaattcct    158700
     cccgacacat aataatcaga acatcaaatg cactaaataa agatagaata ctaaaagcag    158760
     taagggaaaa aggtcaagta acatataaag gcaagcctat cagaattaca ccagattttt    158820
     caccagagac tatgaaagcc agaagagcct ggacagatgt tatacagaca ctaagagaac    158880
     acaaactgca gcccaggcta ctatacccag ccaaactctc aattatcata gagggagaaa    158940
     ccaaagtatt ccacgacaaa accaaattca cgcattatct ctccacgaat ccagcccttc    159000
     aaaggataat aacagaaaaa aaccaataca agaacgggaa caacgcccta gaaaaaacaa    159060
     gaaggtaatc cctcaacaaa cctaaaagaa gacagccaca agaacagaat gccaccttta    159120
     acaactaaaa taacaggaag caacaattac ttttccttaa tatctcttaa catcaatggt    159180
     ctcaactcgc caataaaaag acatagacta acaaactggc tacacaaaca agacccaaca    159240
     ttttgctgct tacaggaaac tcatctcaga gaaaaagata gacactacct cagaatgaaa    159300
     ggctggaaaa caattttcca agcaaatggt atgaagaaac aagcaggagt agccatccta    159360
     atatctgata agattgactt ccaacccaaa gtcatcaaaa aagacaagga gggacacttc    159420
     attctcatca aaggtaaaat cctccaagag gaactctcaa ttctgaatat ctatgctcca    159480
     aatacaagag cagccacatt cactaaagaa actttagtaa agctcaaagc acacattgcg    159540
     cctcacacaa taatagtggg agacttcaac acaccacttt caccaatgga cagatcatgg    159600
     aaacagaaac taaacaggga cacactgaaa ctaacagaag tgatgaaaca aatggatctg    159660
     acagatatct acagaacatt ttaccctaaa acaaaaggat ataccttctt ctcagcacct    159720
     catggtacct tctccaaaat tgaccacata ataggtcaca aatcaggcct caacagattc    159780
     aaaaatattg aaattgtccc atgtatccta tcagatcacc atgcactaag gctgatcttc    159840
     aataacaaaa taaataacag aaagccaaca ttcacatgga aactgaacaa cactcttcta    159900
     aatgatacct tggtcaagga aggaataaag aaagaaatta aagacttttt agagtttaat    159960
     gaaaatgaag ccacaacgta cccaaacctt tgggacacaa tgaaagcatt tctaagaggg    160020
     aaactcatag ctatgagtgc cttcaagaaa aaacgggaga gagcacatac tagcagcttg    160080
     acaacacatc taaaagctct agaaaaaaag gaagcaaatt cacccaagag gagtagacgg    160140
     caggaaataa tcaaactcag gggtgaaatc aaccaagtgg aaacaagaag aactattcaa    160200
     agaattaacc aaacgaggag ttggttcttt gagaaaatca acaagataga taaaccctta    160260
     gctagactca ctaaagggca cagggacaaa atcctaatta acaaaatcag aaatgaaaag    160320
     ggagacataa caacagatcc tgaagaaatc caaaacacca tcagatcctt ctacaaaagg    160380
     ctatactcaa caaaactgga aaacctggac gaaatggaca aatttctgga cagataccag    160440
     gtaccaaagt tgaatcagga tcaagttgac cttctaaaca gtcccatatc ccctaaagaa    160500
     atagaagcag ttattaatag tctcccagcc aaaaaaagcc caggaccaga cgggtttagt    160560
     gcagagttct atgagacctt caaagaagat ctaactccag ttctgcacaa actttttcac    160620
     aagatagaag tagaaggtat tctacccaac tcattttatg aagccactat tactctgata    160680
     cctaaaccac agaaagatcc aacaaagata gagaacttca gaccaatttc tcttatgaac    160740
     atcgatgcaa aaatccttaa taaaattctc gctaaccgaa tccaagaaca cattaaagca    160800
     atcatccatc ctgaccaagt aggttttatt ccagggatgc agggatggtt taatatacga    160860
     aaatccatca atgtaatcca ttatataaac aaactcaaag acaaaaacca catgatcatc    160920
     tcgttagatg cagaaaaagc atttgacaag atccaacacc cattcatgat aaaagttctg    160980
     gaaagatcag gaattcaagg ccaataccta aacatgataa aagcaatcta cagcaaacca    161040
     gtagccaaca tcaaagtaaa tggagagaag ctggaagcaa tcccactaaa atcagggact    161100
     agacaaggct gcccactttc tccctacctt ttcaacatag tacttgaagt attagccaga    161160
     gcaattcgac aacaaaagga gatcaagggg atacaaattg gaaaagagga agtcaaaata    161220
     tcactttttg cagatgatat gatagtatat ataagtgacc ctaaaaattc caacagagaa    161280
     ctcctaaacc tgataaacag cttcggtgaa gtagctggat ataaaattaa ctcaaacaag    161340
     tcaatggcct ttctctacac aaagaataaa caggctgaga aagaaattag ggaaacaaca    161400
     cccttctcaa tagccacaaa taatataaaa tatctcggcg tgactctaac gaaggaagtg    161460
     aaagatctgt atgataaaaa cttcaagtcc ctgaagaaag aaattaaaga agatctcaga    161520
     agatggaaag atctcccatg ctcatggatt ggcaggacca acattgtaaa aatggctatc    161580
     ttgccaaaag caatctacag attcaatgca atccccatta aaattccaac tcaattcttc    161640
     aacgaattag aaggagcaat ttgcaaattc atctggaata acaaaaaacc gaggatagca    161700
     aaaactcttc tcaaggataa aagaacctct ggtggaatca ccatgcctga cctaaagctt    161760
     tactacagag caattgtgat aaaaactgca tggtactggt atagagacag acaagtggac    161820
     caatggaata gaattgaaga cccagaaatg aacccacaca cctatggtca cttgatcttc    161880
     gacaagggag ccaaaaccat ccagtggaag aaagacagca ttttcaacaa ttggtgctgg    161940
     cacaactggt tgttatcatg tagaagaatg cgaatcgatc catacttatc tccttgtact    162000
     aaggtcaaat ctaagtggat caaggaactt cacataaaac cagagacact gaaacttata    162060
     gaggagaaag tggggaaaag ccttgaagat atgggcacag gggaaaaatt cctgaacaga    162120
     acagcaatgg cttgtgctgt aagatcgaga attgacaaat gggacctaat gaaactccaa    162180
     agtttctgca aggcaaaaga cactgtctat aagacaaaaa gaccaccaac agactgggaa    162240
     aggatcttta cctatcctaa atcagatagg ggactaatat ccaacatata taaagaactc    162300
     aagaaggtgg acctcagaaa atcaaataac ccccttaaaa aatggggctc agaactgaac    162360
     aaagaattct cacctgagga ataccgaatg gcagagaagc acctgaaaaa atgttcaaca    162420
     tccttaatca tcagggaaat gcaaatcaaa acaaccctga gattccacct cacaccagtg    162480
     agaatggcta agatcaaaaa ttcaggtgac agcagatgct ggcgaggatg tggagaaaga    162540
     ggaacactcc tccattgttg gtgggattgc aggcttgtac aaccactctg gaaatcagtc    162600
     tggcggttcc tcagaaaatt ggacatagta ctaccggagg atccagcaat acctctcctg    162660
     ggcatatatc cagaagaagc cccaactggt aagaaggaca catgctccac tatgttcata    162720
     gcagccttat ttataatagc cagaaactgg aaagaaccca gatgcccctc aacagaggaa    162780
     tggatacaga aaatgtggta catctacaca atggagtact actcagctat taaaaagaat    162840
     gaatttatga aattcctagc caaatggatg gacctggaga gcatcatcct gagtgaggta    162900
     acacaatcac aaaggaactc acacaatatg tactcactga taagtggata ctagcccaaa    162960
     acctaggata cccacgatat aagatacaat ttcctaaaca catgaaactc aagaaaaatg    163020
     aagactgaag tgtggacact atgcccctcc ttagaagtgg gaacaaaaca cccatggaag    163080
     gagttacaga aacaaagttt ggagctgaga tgaaaggatg gaccatgtag agactgccat    163140
     atccagggat ccaccccata atcagcatcc aaacgctgac accattgcat atactagcaa    163200
     gattttatcg aaaggaccca gatgtagctg tctcttgtga gactatcccg gggcctagca    163260
     aacacagaag tggatgctca cagtcagcta atggatggat cacagggctc ccaatggagg    163320
     agctagagaa agtatccaag gagctaaagg gatcttcaac cctataggtg gaaaaacatt    163380
     atgaactaac cagtacccct gagctcttga ctctagctgc atatgtatca aaagatggcc    163440
     tagtcggcca tcactggaaa gagaggccca ttggacacgc agactttgtg tgccccggta    163500
     caggggaacg ccagggccaa agggggggag tgggtgggta ggggagtggg ggtgggtggg    163560
     taagggggac ttttggtata gcattggaaa tgtaaatgag ctaaatacct aataaaaaat    163620
     ggaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaagatctca gaagatggaa agatctccca tgctcatgga    163680
     ttggcaggat caacattgta aaaatggcta tcttgccaaa agcaatctac agattcaatg    163740
     caatccccat caaaattcca actcaattct tcaacgaatt ggaaggagca atttgcaaat    163800
     ttgtctggaa taacaaaaaa cctaggatag caaaaagtct tctcaaggat aaaagaactt    163860
     ctggcggaat caccatgcca gacctaaagc tttactacag agcaattgtg ataaaaactg    163920
     catggtactg gtatagagac agacaagtag accaatggaa tagaattgaa gatccagaaa    163980
     tgaacccaca cacctatggt cacttgatct tcaacaaggg agctaaaacc atccagtgga    164040
     agaaagacag cattttcaac aattggtgct ggcacaactg gttgttatcg tgtagaagaa    164100
     tgcgaatcga tccatactta tctccttgta ctaaggtcaa atctaagtgg atcaaggaac    164160
     ttcacataaa accagagaca ctgaaactta tagaggagaa agtggggaaa agccttgaag    164220
     atatgggcac aggggaaaaa ttcctgaaca gaacagcaat ggcttgtgct gtaagatcga    164280
     gaatcgacaa atgggaccta atgaaactcc aaagtttctg caaggcaaaa gacaccgtca    164340
     ataagacaaa aagaccacca acagattggg aaaggatctt tacctatcct aaatcagata    164400
     ggggactaat atccaacata tataaagaac tcaagaaggt ggacttcaga aaatcaaata    164460
     accccattaa aaaatggggc tcagaactga acaaagaatt ctcacctgag gaataccgaa    164520
     tggcagagaa gcacttgaaa aaatgttcaa catccttaat catcagggaa atgcaaatca    164580
     aaacaaccct gagattccac ctcacaccag tcagaatggc taagatcaaa aattcaggtg    164640
     acagcagatg ctggcgagga tgtggagaaa gaggaatact cctccatttt tggtgggagt    164700
     gcaggcttgt acaaccactc tggaaatcag tctggcggtt cctcagaaaa ctggacatag    164760
     tactaccgga ggatccagca atacctctcc tgggcatata tccagaagat gccccaacag    164820
     gtaagaagga cacatgctcc actatgttca tagcagcctt atttataata gccagaagct    164880
     ggaaagaacc tagatgcccc tcaacagagg aatggataca gaaaatgtgg tacatctaca    164940
     caatggagta ctactcagct attaaaaaga atgaatttat gaaattccta gccaaatgga    165000
     tcgacctgga gggcatcatc ctgagtgagg taacacattc acaaagaaac tcacacaata    165060
     tgtattcact gataagtgga tattagcccc aaacctagga tacccaagat ataagatata    165120
     atttgctaaa cacatgaaac tcaaggagaa tgaagactga agtgtggaca ctatgcccct    165180
     ccttagattt gggaacaaaa cacccatgga aggagttaca gagacggagt ttggagctga    165240
     gatgaaagga tggaccatat agagactgcc atagccaggg atccacccca taatcagcat    165300
     ccaaacgctg acaccattgc atacactagc aagattttat tgaaaggacg cagatgtagc    165360
     tgtctcttgt gagactatgc cggggcccag caaacacaga agtggatgct cacagtcagc    165420
     taatggatgg atcatagggc tcccaatgga ggagctagag aaagtagcca aggagctaaa    165480
     gggatctgca accctatagg tggaacaaca ttatgagcta accagtaccc cggagctctt    165540
     gactctagct gcatatatat caaaagatgg cctagtcggc catcactgga aagagaggcc    165600
     cattggactt gcaaacttta tatgccccag tacaggggaa taccagggcc aaaaaggggg    165660
     agtgggtgag caggggagtg ggggtgggtg gatatggggg acttttggta tagcatgaaa    165720
     tgtaaatgag ttaaatacct aataaaaaat ggaaaaaaaa agaatttata agtaattata    165780
     agaaaaaaaa aaaaagaatg aagactactg atttaattgg aattgtattt taatcacatt    165840
     tcgatatgaa ggaggttaga agttttatga taataatttt ttactctaga atatgaggta    165900
     tttatccttg gtggaaccat gcttccacag atacaagcag agctggtata ccctggtagc    165960
     ttctagttgc cctgggtcag ggtatgcagg tagagctggt gtccctgata ggtgcaggac    166020
     tctgtttttc ctaggctaca gcaggactcc agaaatgtag gtgaagttgt agaactagaa    166080
     atggtgtgca gaaggggcaa agaggaactc tccactgctg ggtttgtccg gagagggtgg    166140
     caggaagggg attggagggg ggcccacgta atggtcacta atggctgcag gtgtctggga    166200
     ctgtggttag atgtgtggaa atagaagatg gagggccaag gtgtcagtgc agacctcagg    166260
     tgctggggtt actggggaga caacaggcag gactttgggg cttggggaag tcacttggct    166320
     ggccctggcc acaggaggcc tcatgagatg cagatggagc tgtggccagg gaaatggagt    166380
     acaaagggga tctacttctg ttgtcttatg cattatatgt ttagtaagtt aggtacgaaa    166440
     ttggaactga agattgttca taggtataat tgaaatagaa tgataatgta tatatttatc    166500
     tacatgtttt gttattccat ttagcatttt tttccttttc attttttaaa tgagctctca    166560
     tgaaacccag gatagactca aattcactat gtggtagagg ctagctatta actgctcatc    166620
     tttctacctc cacctccatg agctagaaac tcaagtgctg caccccccta cagctttgca    166680
     attctagaaa agagaggttt ttatcttttt tcacattcca ttgaagcttt gacgagtagt    166740
     ctagatatca caggtcttca ctaaacagtt ttcttagcta caagaaacat ggtttctaga    166800
     agactgggaa acatgaactg ttctcttcag aatactgtat ttgtgacact ggtggatcag    166860
     aacaggtgct gcccatggat ccaagaatgc tttgtgtagg tatggcaaac tggattcgaa    166920
     tgatctaaga tttcaatgta ggtagttatg tccatctctt gagattgaaa acttggttgg    166980
     ggaaacatta ttactgtgtt agttattggc actgaaccaa gagaagaatt ggcatttagt    167040
     agctataaga cacatgaaag tgactgaaca aatcttcctt gatcttcaga gtatagctaa    167100
     ataaaactat agtacaacta gagacatgtt ggccagataa aatgcagaaa tgtatgcaag    167160
     gacactattt gaatggccat catttacatc ttgcagaact ttctgaaaga gtatctttag    167220
     cagtatcttt agcagtatct ttagctatat tacatgtcct atgcatatac cagacagtta    167280
     tgatacaaac actgtcctta gtccagagat cagagaaaga ttcgctgagt acttgactag    167340
     agcgaaactt ctcagaaagc taactcaaga ctttccaaat tgacttcggt gctcatggca    167400
     agaggaaacc agaccagcat ctttgagttc ctcctctggg gactgtcaga gcagccacag    167460
     cagcaacaca tcctcttcct ggtctttctg tggatgtacc tggtcacagt agctgggaat    167520
     ctactcattg tcctggccat tagcactgat gtacgactcc acacacccat gtacttcttc    167580
     cttgccagcc tgtcctgtga tgacatactc ctcgtctcca ccatagtgcc caaggcccta    167640
     gtgaacatcc acacccaaag caggaccatc tcctatgcag gatgcctggt ccagctctat    167700
     tttttcttga cttttggaga catggacatc tttctcctgg ccacaatggc ctatgaccgc    167760
     tttgtggcta tttccaccct ctccactaca ggatgatcat gagcttccag cgctgctcac    167820
     tcttagtgac agtctgttgg atccttacaa ccgttgtggc catgacacac accttcctca    167880
     tattctggtt ctccttctac tctaagaagg tcattccagg cttcttctgt gacctggaac    167940
     ccctaataaa gatcccttgc tctgaaaccc ggatcaatga gcttgtgctt ctcttcctgg    168000
     ggagtgcagt tgtcttcatc ctccttttgc tcatccttgt atcttatatc caaattgtgt    168060
     cagccatctt cagggtccct tctgcccaag gaaggcataa ggccttttct acctgtgggt    168120
     cccacctttc tgtggtggcc ctattctttg ggactgtgat aagggcttat ctatgtccct    168180
     catcctcttc ctctaactca gtggtagagg acacagcagc tgctgtcatg tatacagtgg    168240
     tgactcccct gctgaacccc ttcatttaca gcctacgaaa caaagacatg aagggagcac    168300
     tggtcagaat tctcaagggc aaagtcccct tttcctgggc ccagggactt cttcagaaaa    168360
     agtgaagatg tcctcaattt gctctgctga ggatctttca gaaatgtctg tcttgggtgt    168420
     ctctttctga atcccacatg tgctttgtca cactccattt agtgacccct ctcctcaaat    168480
     ttcttagatc taaagaagct gaaaatgaat ctttaggctt tgatttgtta taaatgcctt    168540
     ctttgtgcat ttattttata acatgtgccc cagaatgatg gtttagtcaa tgacagatgg    168600
     catacaagac aactgtttct atagggacaa ttattctgga gctgaagact tgttttgttt    168660
     ttgttgttgt tgttgtgttt ttttttaatt tttttattat tgttaggtat tttcctcatt    168720
     tacattttca atgctatccc aaaggtcccc catacccacc cccccccaac cccctaccca    168780
     cccactcccc ctttttggcc ctggcattcc cctgtactgg ggcatataaa gtttgcaagt    168840
     ccaatgggcc tctctttgca gtaatggccg actaggccat cttttgatat atatgcagct    168900
     agagttaaga gctctggggt actggttagt tcataatgtt gttccaccta tagggttgca    168960
     gatcccttta gctccttgag tactttctct agctcctcca ttgggggccc tgtgatccat    169020
     ccaatagctg actgtgagca tccacttctg tgtttgctag gccccggcat agtctcacaa    169080
     gagagagcta tatctgggtc ctttcagcaa aatcttgtta gtgtatgcaa tggtgtcatc    169140
     atttggaagc tgattatggg atggatccct gcatatggca atcactggat ggtccatcct    169200
     ttcgtcacag ctccaaattt tgtctctgta actccttcca tgggtgtttt gttcccattt    169260
     ctaggaaagg gtaaagtgtc cacactttgg tcttcgttct tcttgaattt catgggtttg    169320
     gcaagttgta tcttatatct tgggtatcct aagtttctgg gctaatatcc acttatcagt    169380
     gagtacatat tgtgcgagtt cctttgtgat tgggttactt cactcaggat gataccctcc    169440
     aggtccatcc atttgcctag gaatttcata aattcatttt ttaatagctg agtagtattc    169500
     cattgtgtaa atgtaccaca ttttctgtat ccattcctct gttgaggggc atctgggttc    169560
     tttccagctt gtggctatta taaacaaggc tgctatgaac atagtggagc atgtattctt    169620
     cttacctgtt gggacatctt ctggatatat gcccaggaga ggtattgtgg gatcctccgg    169680
     tagtactatg tccaattttc tgaggaaccg ccagactgat ttccagagtg gttgtacaag    169740
     cttgcaatcc caccaacaat ggaggagtgt tcccctttct ccacatccac gccagcatct    169800
     gctgtcacct gagtttttga tcttagccat tctgactgga gtgaagtaga atctcagtgt    169860
     tgttttgatt tgcatttccc tgatgattaa ggatgttgaa cattttttca ggtgcttctc    169920
     tgccattcgg tattccccag gtgagaattc tttgttcagc tctgagcccc atttttaatg    169980
     gggttgtttg atttactgga gtccaccttc ttgttgttgt ttttgcaata gttgttgtat    170040
     ttgtccaaaa gaaaatgaag attttgaaga atatcatcct tcaatttttg gctcatatct    170100
     accctccccc atccactttc tccaatgttc ccccacattc cactctcaaa ttcatgtctg    170160
     tctacggaca taccaccctg aacgcgcaca atctcgtctg atctcagaag ctaagcaggg    170220
     tcaggcctgg ttagtacttg gatgggagac tgcctgggaa taccgggtgc tgtaggcttt    170280
     ttggactgcc cccccccttt ctctcgcatg gctggagaga tggctcagtg gttaagagca    170340
     ctgactgctc ttccaaaggt cctgagttca attcccatca accacatggt ggctcacaac    170400
     catctgaaat gggatctgaa gccctcttct ggtgtgtctg aagacagcta cagtatactc    170460
     atatacataa aataaataaa taaatattaa aataaataaa tctttaaaga aattcatgtc    170520
     ctcttcacct tgtatacaca tttatacatg tgctcacaag tgtatatctc ctactgattc    170580
     taatattccc cacaaaaaca aggtgttttg attgaatact gggatgttga caaccttcca    170640
     cagttgcttt ccataaagaa aattgattct acctcagcag ctgattgcag cagctgattg    170700
     caaggagctc ttaaactgtg ggtgggacct ggtatggtct tgtgcagaca actatagatg    170760
     ttgtaggctc atgtgtgtaa catccgtgtc atgtcccgaa gacattattt tgaagagttc    170820
     ctccaggttc tctggtcctt acactctttc catcctctct tccacagtga ttcttaccct    170880
     ctgtgacctt attgtaatta caaacacatt gcccccatgc cccgaagagt atagcacatg    170940
     tagttatgca caacacagag cactgatggt ggtgataaaa gactaggtgg taactgtcta    171000
     tgtattcact ctaccgtttg tcatcatttt agaggaaact ctttccagtt acaaaaacct    171060
     tgtgttaaac aatgttcttt attctgctaa gagcagattc atacttgtgt ttacacagtt    171120
     actgactaca tccaggtgat attgagtgga tgacctgaac catttatatt tatgtctgta    171180
     caatctatga agttcttgaa atgatggtac tgtctgacag ttttcagaat ctgtcctcag    171240
     ttttgaggca tgtgtgacag tcctttttga atcttttctc atggagaact gtatctttca    171300
     agattcataa ttctaaaagt ctgtgtagca ctttggaata ggggaaagtg gattttttta    171360
     tatttcattt attattattt attaacatgt tttgtcatat ataataaaat atataaatta    171420
     cataatgtaa attaactaga tcaaattaat taatttaaaa tgtttaaaac ttaagaataa    171480
     aaataaaagt tttaaaaaaa tgtttaaaag tttgattaat ggtgtcatgg aaatgggtta    171540
     atgatgaaaa tattgacaag taaagtcaat atcagatggc aaagactttt caacttgaat    171600
     ggaacaagta tattttccct ccaaaaacag gaaattttaa ctatttattg cataaaagtt    171660
     gtaaactatg aacgtatttg tagatgttaa aacaaaactc ttttcacttt tgagtaaaaa    171720
     gattcatgaa tactttataa tgagaagata atataatttt agttaaatat tatgaaaagt    171780
     ctactatttt ctaactttat tccagatttt cttttttata ttatacatat atttttatta    171840
     ctgttgagct gttagcagtt gataaatact gaagaagaaa gagtaaattt tctcaaggga    171900
     tgttgcccct taaaggttgc acattagcca gcagatggcc ctctgcaaac ttacatactg    171960
     gtaccactaa tggacttgtc tgggtcttca tgttgtcaac cttggctgac tgtacatgtc    172020
     atggtctata tttgttttgg gaacacacac ctctgagtct ttcccttgga ctacagtcat    172080
     caccagaggt tggcacagat attgatggat cacacagttt tgtttccttg agctgggcag    172140
     cactctgggc ccctgacagg agtgaagagg tcagtagtag tcatgatcca agcagtacct    172200
     tcagaaaggt ggcagtcaag agagcccagg ggtggaggga gcaccaggct ggtgttcagt    172260
     acaattcttg ccttgtcact caggtccaac tgtagctcta ttttttagcc aacttctacc    172320
     ctataacatg gggcttgact ttgtttctgg tgttaagatg tatccactct ttctccttcc    172380
     caaatagaga taaaaataaa ttccataatt cagagttccc ttgaagtctg tggcaagtta    172440
     tgaactgtag gtacaggtgc aataaaataa gaaaatatcc ccactattgt gggttgttcc    172500
     ctaccactct cttgagattc cttcacttag gctcactctg cagcataaat cattgcatag    172560
     aagtaaggat aagctttcac agtaatcagt atcaaatacc atagttagaa gtgtgatgtc    172620
     catcctttct cattgtctac tgaaaagggc acaaagaatg gctaaaaata aagaatggct    172680
     ttaaaatgtc tactttaata gacttattaa caggagtttc tacaccacac tggaaacatt    172740
     atgatgaaaa tagtatagtc tagtaaaagt tttatgtaga atgtgatgcg ttttaacgta    172800
     taaaatgtaa tacctagtgt aaacatttaa agttattcaa agcagctctc tgttcttctg    172860
     tcccagagat agctcatctt ctagtgtagt gctggcctca tcccttagac aagatgaaga    172920
     acagaatgaa cagatttgac tgtattgggc acctggttac cagagctacc tcatcatctg    172980
     acaaagtgga tatcattgcc atcaatgacc ccttcattaa tctcagctac aaagtctaca    173040
     tgtttcagta tgatatctat ggcaaattca atggcccaat caaggctgaa aatgggaagc    173100
     ttgtcatcaa tgtgaaggcc atcaacattt ccaggagtga aggcctgcca acatcaaatg    173160
     agtaatgctg gtgctgagta tgttgtagag tctactggtg tcttcacctg aagggtggag    173220
     ccaaaagggt catcatttcc atcccttctc caatgccacc atgtttgtga tggttgtaaa    173280
     ccatgaaaaa tatgacaact cactgaagat tgtcagcaaa gcttcctgct ccaccaactg    173340
     cttagtatcc ttgaccaagg tcatccatga caactatggc atcgtggaag gacacatgac    173400
     cacagttcat gccatcactg ccactcagaa gactgtgaat ggccactctg aaaacctgtg    173460
     gtgtgttgga catggagctg cccagaacat catccctgca gccactggtt tttgccaagg    173520
     ttgtgggcaa ggtcatccca gagctgatca ggaaactcac tggcatgacc ttgtgtgttc    173580
     cttcccacaa tgtgtcagtc ctggatctga aatactgcat gaaacaggca tctgagggcc    173640
     cactaaatgg gccctggacc acactgagga tcaggttgcc tcctttgact ttaacagtga    173700
     ctcccactca ttcaccttgg atgctggatt gtcattgctc tcaatgacaa ctttgtaaag    173760
     ctcatttcct ggtatggcaa tgaatatggc tacagcaaca aggtggtgga tctcatggcc    173820
     tacatggcct ccaagaagca agaagtcctg gagcacccac tccagaagga cactagagca    173880
     ataaagaggc cttcagttac tgaggagtcc ctatcccagc tcagcctcca accctgagta    173940
     tctccctcat gggaccctca tgaagaccaa gcagcacttc agctacatat atgtagggag    174000
     ctctttagtt ggtagttcag tctctgagag ttcaggttat ttgactcttt tagtttttct    174060
     gaggagttcc tatccccttc agggcccaca atccttccta ccgttccata tgaatcccca    174120
     agaccttggg tgtctgcacc agtctgagtc agctgctagg tggagcctct ccgagaatag    174180
     ccatgctaga tatctgtctg caagcataac acatcaaaaa gatcatcgac catgatcaag    174240
     taggcttcat accaaaggtg caggaatggt tcaacataca aaaattcact gatttaatcc    174300
     accatataaa taaaaaatga aatagaaaaa aaaaagcatg atcctctaat tagatgctgc    174360
     aaaggccttt gacaagattt aacatccctt catgttaaag tctttgagag atcacagata    174420
     caagggacat acctaaacac aataaaagaa atatacaaca aaccaatagc caacatcaaa    174480
     ttaaatggag agaaacttaa agaaattcca ctaaaatcag gacaaaacaa aaccatatct    174540
     attaaatatc ttacttgaag ttttaactag agcaaaaggg caactaaaag agatcaagag    174600
     agtacaattg taaaggaaga agtcaaagca tcattatttg caaatgatat gatagaatac    174660
     ataagtgacc ccaaaaattc taccaaggaa cccctatacc tgagaaacac cttcagcaaa    174720
     gtgtctggat acaaaattaa tcaaaaataa agatcaggag ccctcctata aacaaatgtt    174780
     aagtgggcta ggaaagaaat taaggggaaa aaacaccctt cacaatagcc acaaagaata    174840
     taaaaatatg tttgtgtaac tataaccagg caagtgaaat acttctatga taagaacttc    174900
     aagtctttga aaaaataaat tgaagaagat ttcagaaaaa tgggaagatt gtccatgctc    174960
     atgattagga aggatcaaca tagtaaaact ggtcatctta ccaagaacaa tcgacagatt    175020
     caacacaaac cctatcaaaa ttccatcata attcttttca gaccttgaaa aagcaatact    175080
     cagcatatgg aaaaaaagat agttaaagca atcctgtaca ataaaagaac ttctgaaggt    175140
     atcaccatct ctgatctcaa gctatactac aaaacatgta gtaataaaaa ctacaggtta    175200
     ttggcataag aacggatagg tggattgata gaatcaaatt gaagacccag aagtaagccc    175260
     acatacttat gggttttcaa caaagaagcc aaactataca atggaaaaaa agaaagcatt    175320
     ttcaacagtt gatgctggac taactggatg tctgcatgta gaagaatgca aatatatcca    175380
     tatctatcac cctgcaaaaa ccgcaaggtg gctcaaagac ctcactataa aactggatac    175440
     actaaatcta atagaaaata aaatgagaaa tagccttgaa cacattggca caggagacaa    175500
     ctttctgaac agaacaccaa cagctcaggc actaagatca acacttaata aatggataaa    175560
     tggagcctcc tgaaactaaa atgcttctgt aaggaaaaaa aataccataa aaaggaacta    175620
     taaccaacag cagccagcac caaccctaca tctgatagag ggctgaaatc caaaatatat    175680
     aaagaactca agaaattgga catcaacaaa ccatataatc caatttttaa aaatggggta    175740
     gagatctaaa cagaatcctc agcagaggaa tctataatga ccaagaagca cttaaacatt    175800
     caacatcctt agtcatcagg gaaatgcaaa ttaaaacaat tctgggattc catcttacac    175860
     ccatcaaaat atccaatatc aaaaactcaa gcgacagcac atattggcaa ggatgtagaa    175920
     aaaagggaac actttagcac ttctggtggg agtacaaact tgtacaacca ctttggaaat    175980
     tactttgatg gtttctcaga aaattgtgac tagttctacc tcaagaccca gctatactac    176040
     tcctggacct atagccaaat gatgttccac cataccacaa ggacccttgc tcaactatgt    176100
     tcatagcagt tttattcata atagcctgta gtaagaattt tggttacttt aaaaacacag    176160
     aaatatgtaa ttatgctttt ggtttaatcc caggtgtggg atgcagtgtt gattgagagt    176220
     atccctagtg gctgactata atttgtcatg tgctttggca gggatgtgat tctgccagct    176280
     gaagatagtt tatgttcgga attctgggga ctctttaaga aggtacaaaa aggccagatc    176340
     cctgagagag gcagcagcta ctgctctccc tggtgctgct ggctcatggt gttgcatttg    176400
     ctacttttgc tattactggg ttgctggatt actggattgt tgattgctgg atttctggtt    176460
     gctggttgga gataccctga tgacaaagat tagatttact cttgggaact cagtgccggg    176520
     ctggagagat ggctcagctg ttaaaggctc ggctcacaac caaaaatata agaggaactc    176580
     agtgctccta atcagcagga agtagtctga agatatctac actcccattc ctttctaacc    176640
     ctcttcctct cctacctagt gttgaggagt tggaggggtt agggtggagt aacagaggag    176700
     aagggtggta gatataagaa ccccataaag cagccaaaaa gtacagctga aatagccaga    176760
     aactggaaac aacctagttg tccctcaact gaagaataaa gaaaatgtgg tatgtttaca    176820
     caatggaata ttgctcagct attaaaaaca aagacatcat gaaatttgca ggccaatgca    176880
     tggaaacaga aaaatgcatg gaaaatgcag aaaaatggca tcgtgagtga tccaagtaac    176940
     ccaaaccctg aaaggcaaac atgatatgta ctcacttaaa aatggatatt agccgtagat    177000
     tgcaggataa ccatgctacg atccaccgtc ctaaagaagt taagtaacaa ggagggccca    177060
     aaggtgaaat gcctgaatct cactgagaag ggggaataaa ataaaatttg ttactaagtg    177120
     ccttgtgccc tgctctacag tccttgtttg tcaaaatgga aaatgagctc acatgttggt    177180
     ctgtggactt ctctggtatt aactgggatc tgatgcagag gaggcagaga tggatgggaa    177240
     gctcacactc atagtatgag tattcaatct ttgtgcaaaa ctgagagcag gtcacagcca    177300
     cactttaaca tggactgtag agcagggcga aaggcactta gtaacaaata ggaattgtat    177360
     ggaagcaatc ctcaagcttg gtttcacagt aaaattatat aggaacttca gtagaagcct    177420
     gatgtctaaa ctcttgtcag gagtcatgga aggtgagatc tgggctttag tgtttttcag    177480
     aggtcccaca acactgctgt ctcaggattc ctctgaatgg ctctttcagc caccacttct    177540
     ttcccgtcat ctccttatct ttaaggtaga actgagagtc ctgaacagag aagtaacaag    177600
     catttaaaag atgatgccct gaaaacatta gatatcttac aaagcagtag tattggtagc    177660
     tttaattcct ggtggtctgt tgggctagag taacatcccc attcttggct atcatcaaga    177720
     agtctgaatg gattgatggt gcccaggaag ggtgtttttg aggtggttca aatgtccatt    177780
     catggttgag gatctctggt atatttgcaa tctaggagct gtgattgtag ccaggcttcc    177840
     tcttgttttc ctctttgcag aatgtaaaga ccaccatcct tttcaagaca tctagagctc    177900
     ttataggggt ctttctgcct tggctcatag tgaaggcaat gactacctgt cctgaagttt    177960
     caaaaggtag tttgcatctc actggaccct ttgtgtaaaa agccatctcc agtgaaaggc    178020
     tacctaggtt accagcactc cattccagtg aaaggctagc ttaacaacca gctctctaat    178080
     aaaggctcta ctgcatgtgc ttgcagacga gacagcatat gacctggtat ttagatgcag    178140
     tgatctctgt gcccttcccc ccacccagcc ttgagtggcc tgaatcagac cttatttgcc    178200
     acagtcagct agctcaccta gggtgtcatc ttccaaccta ggtaaaatct attgtcctgc    178260
     cacttctgca gctttctgca agaagtcact acctggtgag caactgagct tattttcctg    178320
     atgagatcat gacaaagtga taagatcctg gcatggtggg ggatgggttt cccctcccaa    178380
     accctagaat taaagttgag ctttgatcag agaactttgt ctgggctcat tatttctctc    178440
     tccatccttc ccatccaacc ccagctttcc tttcaggaac ccaggaacct gtggctgcta    178500
     gtggctgtag atctccatgt cagccttaaa attctaatga cacaggattt aggaggaggt    178560
     agaaacaaac ctcttcaggc cttcgtaaca ttgatgaagg tagttgaaca attttcaaat    178620
     tgacaattga taaccagaaa aactctttac agatgtttaa ttggagacta gctaactgct    178680
     cctgtttcca ctgagttcat tttttttctc cttcttgttt cacttttttt gtcctctcag    178740
     attcagttta gcattgtgtc aagaccccat atttcccacc ttcttgtcta tactattttg    178800
     gtgactccaa tgggccatca ggaatgtagt agtttctctc ccacaggcct tgtcggagga    178860
     gatcactggg agggtggctt ggaatttgaa aatgattctg aaagtggtaa gttggtcttg    178920
     aagtggtggg ttgtggtcac aggaagacaa tgtgctgatg atttaggaag ggataaaatg    178980
     aatacatcag agatagatag atttgtgttt cccattctgt gtggtccagc agtaaccagt    179040
     tgtgaaaacc ccaaagccat tattgtagaa gacaaggcaa tgtactgatg gaagtcattg    179100
     taagtgaggg ttggaaggat gtggctgcaa gtcaagggga tgtcaggaac caacagagac    179160
     ctgttatagc tctcaccaag agcctccagg aagattgtcc ctgctactgc ctttatgcta    179220
     tcccaggtca gtttcctcct ggagtatcca ggcctcttgt gcacctagct ggactggagt    179280
     gcagtgcagg atcttggttg gcaatgagta cttgggcaaa gaacacatcc agtcacagct    179340
     tcagagaact ggttttgttt attgtggcag gggaagtatt tattctacac acacccctgc    179400
     taggggagta gaggtcagga tctctggagc aaggtttgtg tagctgtgta ctgtcagcca    179460
     gggcaaggat gttgacctga cacattataa tatcaaacaa gaattgaagc ctgaaaactg    179520
     tgaggataat aacttccttc tggggttggt ccagaggaag tcagctttat gaaaccaggt    179580
     tgggagtggc taggtaacca gctcctgcct tcttcctgtt tgaggtatcc agtgtcgaag    179640
     ctccctcaac ccttcctcag aaaccctggg ccattatggt cccagacatt tgcattaatt    179700
     tatggggctt atttcagtct tttggaatcc agaaaaatga aataatagat ttctggggtt    179760
     ttaaggcatt cagtgggtaa agatgtgttt cagtagcagt tgaaagttgg cttactattt    179820
     agggatcttg cctgaacttg aaaattccta tagttcctgg agaaaatggg aaaacaagtt    179880
     ctgaccaagg attgaggata gatgtaatga cagatttagc tgatactgga aaacttttcc    179940
     aacttcagaa tggtttgaag ttggttctaa tgaaccactg agattggtgt ggaagttcag    180000
     acagatggtc gacacattgg aggagtgctc cggaaggagc cagaaggatc agggagcagg    180060
     cattacatgg taccaatggg atcgtttctt aagtttcttg ggaagctcta aaggacattt    180120
     ctgtaattag aaagtgaact aaaagctgaa gggaacagaa tcttccagaa gctcagcact    180180
     agtggtcttt tagctttagt ttgctttcct ctgatgacgg atggtgctgc acatctatcc    180240
     tgtattttat atccttcttt gtaaagtatc tgttggcctc ttttgcctat ctgaacctcg    180300
     tgttttggct tcctgttaga attgtaagag gggcaaaatt tctacctggc attactgagt    180360
     tgtggaattc ctacagggtt tgttttccta gtacatgttg gttatcaggc aaatgtcttt    180420
     gaggaaaagt ctctctggga tgacatctct catcttacac agtttgttgt cttttatggg    180480
     tgaccaagct tatatttaat tgtgatggga tagttgtatt caattgagat aaaagttaga    180540
     ctacacacaa aaatatgcac taaatacatc aaaaacttgg cttgaaggga aaacaggaac    180600
     tactaaaaga taccactgat ggatacaatg ttgatacaac gtttaactgg aaaagtcctt    180660
     ttattatgag attgtcacaa aacaaagact ataactgtca tgaaaatgag aaactttatt    180720
     tgggtagtga aatctagggc tctaaaagtt aaatacaagt gggaaattga ggattatgtg    180780
     tgtaggagta catggcaaat gcactatctt gaaacatgaa cagggtttcc caaacattgc    180840
     aaagtttatg caatgtatat gggtattaaa gcctgctagt caatgaatat gtaagatatt    180900
     tacttaccag ataaatttca tttaattgaa ggaaataaaa ttaagaaggt aaacaaacta    180960
     accaaagggg caactaccac atcccaaaac tatctgatgt caggttcaaa gggaacccca    181020
     attccccaaa aagcaatgga tagccccaat atgatagtct cggttcagct tcaattgaac    181080
     aatagaaaga aagaagcata cctcaggcat ctgtgaagta ggtgatgcct gcgaaacaga    181140
     gccgtttccc ttacacatca aagctcgtgc aaatctctag acagacatgc tgttctttag    181200
     aagcctggcc cttctcacct cctcctctcc cctatactcc ctagctgtac cagttcacag    181260
     gtttcccagg ctgctccagt tcacaggctt ccctcccttc agctacttgt cctccttatc    181320
     acccttatga ttttttccat gaaccacttc tctcggcctg gccatgttca gtatgcttct    181380
     ttttctcact tctctagact ccctccagat gcctctggcc attatctctc tctctctctc    181440
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc acctacaata aaaaatttct    181500
     ccctaaatat ggagtagtca gtttagtggt ttctttactg tagcctcact tacaccaaca    181560
     cagacaattt gctgtaagga aaagaaaata accatccatc tatttataga taatgaacca    181620
     catttataaa ggtttcaaat tagaaaaaaa ttgtaatgtt gtgtttaatt gttaaagaca    181680
     aaagatacat ttataatacc cagtgacatc aaagatgtgc agaacaaaaa tactctcata    181740
     ctgccgatca agatgtagaa tgctgcacat ggtcttttgg cctttttttt tcttttggca    181800
     aaaagaaaga cagaatactt accaaagttt atatttgtct ttttatatcc tttagcacac    181860
     atgcaaatgc acccacactt atgcattact tgtaggaatt taactactgg aggtaattgc    181920
     atatgcacag atacacatgt aattattaat ctcagaacta ttaacagtta caaaggaaaa    181980
     atataaatga gttggtgaag tagatcagag ttaatatata aagtggaata ttttatagat    182040
     agatttttaa atggataaga tgggcttgta ttttggttta agaactgtat cgtgtaaaag    182100
     gggtaagtcc ttgcaaagct acatggtgtt tcgaatgtgt gtgtgagtgg cagtgtgtag    182160
     ctcattgttg tggttctagt gtataaaagc agtggtgaca ttctgcactg tttgagcttt    182220
     tacaacacaa tgtatttcat ggctaatggc aaatttaaat tgtgaagaga tttctagttt    182280
     ggaataaaaa ataaacagga catagatctc aaaggaaaag gaggcttgca atttgttaaa    182340
     gaaaccccat gatctgtgtg ggtaaagaga gaggtgggct caaagtccaa agagattctt    182400
     tgtgatagtg atgccagttg ctctgctttg ccctagtgac agtgtcatgg taagtcacta    182460
     ggcaagtcat cccgtgaaac atggcatgaa tggccagagg aggaaaggcc tgtggctcaa    182520
     aggtcttgga gctaaaaaag ctgtgctcta ttgcagtgtt aaatgctgat ggtgagaaaa    182580
     gatggtgcaa gaagagtcca ttccctgcac taacagaaca agaatctttc tagatattta    182640
     tttagactaa cagaactaga cattagtagt gagaaagcct tgacaattgc tttgttgttc    182700
     ctgtcaagca gaggtcaaga aagggtaaaa aggagttttc ttcaggtcaa aaacattgtg    182760
     aacagcagag aatgtgacat gagaattctt gaagctttcc cagacccttg tagaaagctc    182820
     attgtttgta tcctgaagtt tgactcatgg gtttaaaaag aattaagaaa agtccatctt    182880
     gccagagcca tggtggcaca tacctttaat cccagcactt ggaggcagag gcaggctgat    182940
     ttctgagttt gagcccagcc tggtctacaa agtgagttcc aggatagcca gggctataca    183000
     gagaaaccct gcctcaaaaa acctaaaaag ggaaaaagaa gaagaaaaag aaaaagaaaa    183060
     gttcatcttt cctctgtctt tttaagagca ttagtaagca ggaatcagaa ggcaggaatg    183120
     taacccaggt gttagtgaga atctttgatg gacacatacc cagtgcatcc cctcatccct    183180
     actgtatttc ctcatctggc agaccttctc cctgacttta taggtgcctc tctgactaga    183240
     gaaatggtag aagagtcttc atgcacacta gcacaatcag caatgcttga gataccattt    183300
     tcttagggca gaggatggac tacaataatg gcttcagaga tgccagaaac cagatattgc    183360
     tggaccacac agaataggaa acccaaatca tccatctctg acatataaag tatcccgctg    183420
     aaatctttta acaacctttt ggcatcttac ctatgtttgc attctttctc atctgctagt    183480
     ctatccctgt agcctatgtc agcctctcta atgcttcttt tatttcttct caattctttg    183540
     atcctcaatt ccaatctccc cttatgtcca catggtttat ctgcatttcc cacaaatcct    183600
     ctacctatta ccttctttta tatcctcctt ccatctctac tttagcccac acctccagtc    183660
     tacccaccca catcatatat catggagaag ttaattcata gattcagatc agatcagagt    183720
     gttacatgga ttggagacat atcaatgagt cagtagcact gtcaaaagta gtttttagtt    183780
     ctacaaatac atgaaagaag gtgattagtt ctaaaaataa atgaataaat aaatctgtgt    183840
     gaaaaggaag atgcacctag gtgatgactt gatagatggc tgggaaacag aaaacaggac    183900
     tgaatacatt ctaaactaga gccacactct ccctgacaag atgtgccatc atggtgtgat    183960
     aggcattcac gcatagattt gtagcttgga agtttagagg tgaagagaga gaatttacag    184020
     aagaaataat attgaatagt gagggtgatt gaaatgttta aatgtttata tcacaaatat    184080
     cttttaaaat ttagaaatgt gagaaagaaa attgagggaa gctgtttttc cataataaca    184140
     tttcttatat gtgaatggag ttttgacatg tacagtcagg gctgtgagct acacacagat    184200
     acatgctctg tagaattact agggaataaa aaaccacaga gcaagcttcc ttcccatatc    184260
     ctctgaatct tataagaact ttatgaaatg aaagaggtat ttcccctcaa gacttaagct    184320
     gcacacacag accaactctc tctgaagttg aggaataaag aagactcctg aaaggtatgc    184380
     tttccaagac actccaggaa ctccaactaa agagaacagt aactaaaggt agaagtcatc    184440
     aaaaagcaga cctgggatag cttatgtaca tacaccatca tctataccaa gacataacct    184500
     ctgtgggcaa caataattat catcccttat attaagctct gaaatggaaa gagttctgaa    184560
     caaattgttc tactttttga cactaaagga catcctatgc tcagctttag ttttaaagga    184620
     gataggtgga gaggaacctt gaggcctctt caagctgctg gccgtctccc tgtgagtacc    184680
     ctccagaggg cagcctgcac atcagggttc ctgagactgt agatgagtgg gttcagcata    184740
     gggttgatga cagtgttgaa aataccaata gctttatcct tatctgaaag tttggtggaa    184800
     ccaagtctca tgtagttaaa gatgccagca ccatagaata tggcaaccac agtgaggtga    184860
     gagctgcatg tggagaaagc tttctttctg ccttcagcag agcggattcg cagaactgca    184920
     gctgccacat gcatataaga ggtgaaaatg agtgccatgg gggttcctgc catgatgaaa    184980
     cccactccaa agagcaacag ctcattgagc tgggtactgg agcaggacag ctggaagagc    185040
     tgaggcaagt cacagtagaa gtgattgatc acattggggc cacagaagtg aagtgtggat    185100
     atggctacag tgtgagtcag tgcattgctg aaggcacaag cccaggacgt agccaccaag    185160
     atcctctgga tagtgtggtt cattcgggtg ctgtaagtga ggggccggca gatggccagg    185220
     aagcgatcat aagccatggc tgtcaatagg aagcagtcaa ccccaactag cagatggaag    185280
     aagaagagct gtgtgaggca gtctccatat ggaattgtac gcttatggac taagagccga    185340
     accaacatgg agggaatagt gacactgata caccccacat ccatcactga cagattcccc    185400
     aggaagaagt acatgggggt gtgcagtttg ggttccacca agacagcagc caggatgctc    185460
     aggttacctc caactgttgt catgtaagcc aagaggaaga gtatgaagac aagtggccac    185520
     agctctggtg tctccaccaa acccagcaga atgaattcag taatagtggt tccattggct    185580
     ctaggctttg gctgcatgag ttcctttaaa gaagcatgca aggaggaaaa caatcagaac    185640
     tctcagtgag atggggaaat ttaaatcata gctactgtaa aaggtacagt tgcaatactt    185700
     aaaagggaaa cttatatcac tccatctctt cccttctctc catccaaatg atgtaattct    185760
     ataaaaaaaa tctcaaaaaa taagagaaat aatttaaaaa ttataacatg tgttgttgtt    185820
     gttattgaag tatactgtta aagaaactag ggattcttga gtgtcaattt gtttgtaagg    185880
     tgcatcagat caattatcta atgcacacac aattcacagg ccaatcccac tcttcacgct    185940
     aaagaaaaac cacccagtgt ttggctactg tggcatagta agattctcta gaggataaca    186000
     tttgattatc cttggaagat gagaacagaa tagggtgtca ccttatattt aattttataa    186060
     taacttttgt agcactaacg ccattaatct tgagaatttt tttttaagtt tctacattgg    186120
     aaaaatggct tatctggaag aaaaagtgct gttgagataa taagaatgaa ttaagattta    186180
     agaagtcctt atttacttta taggtcacct gtgttcatag acaggaaaca atgaaaaata    186240
     cattctctat tgtgttttcc taaaacagtg aaattctcat ggtatgctat gagaatgaga    186300
     gagggagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagatttcaa tcttgccaat ggctttaaca    186360
     aaggtgacat ttattccctt gcttgtttca gttttccaca ctgtctacag ttgacacaat    186420
     ttttaagtgc tatttagggc tagcatctga agatagccgt gtaaacctac tgagtcccac    186480
     agcacaatga actaactttg caaaggagaa acagtgttct ctttctctgt agcagccaat    186540
     gacttccatg tagacagctt gggggggggg gtcattctct aataacattc aagctgggaa    186600
     gcttgctctg ggctagcttc tactctaagt agttcacatg taggcactac tctactctaa    186660
     ggacttcata tgcagtagat aataattcct tcagcatcct cgtgtaatta ttattttaat    186720
     ccttgcttca catcaagaaa aacatgagca tgcatcaagc aagaggcact ggcaggcttc    186780
     accctccaga ccccctgctc ttaattacta acactaatgt taaccccagg atctcaaggg    186840
     cttgagacct tgcctttctt aacttctccc tgaagctctc tgaaccaatc cacgactcaa    186900
     agtccatcca taatccttgt gtctgtgctt ctgtggactc caatatcttg tcttgcaggc    186960
     aagctgttca agttccaatg agctccctag tgggtcacag ccacagcagc ctttcatctt    187020
     aatttcctgt atcctaatca tcgcttctat tagtttccct gcatagaatg tccttgtagt    187080
     gtctcctggc cacatcttca tgacctggta gaaatgacag atgctacttc cagaacacta    187140
     ccctgactag ttcctgccca ttccaaagtt acacttatgt cttcaatatt ccttatgcat    187200
     ttttattata ttttacatga cacttacctt acagaaatca tttagctatt gacataatca    187260
     ctccagtgta attcaagagc aaaatttaca tctgtaaata tacaggtctg tgcttgtgca    187320
     ccactttaca aataaataaa gaactacatt ttgttaacaa aaaaaggcat tgctggctaa    187380
     caagaattat gaaaagataa ttttatgggg ccactatgaa ttaggaagag ctagacttgt    187440
     gaaagacttt gaatgaatga tggtaccagt tgagcgagaa gcataggttt ctgtgcaatt    187500
     gagatgactc taggtagagc atgaacacac tattaaccct ctagtaagtc acatgctcac    187560
     aaataccttt caaatcattt ttgtagtcag acaaaagcaa acaaaaccca atcatatcat    187620
     ggcacaaaat ggtagctgct gcctttatct caaccaacaa gagactaagc atggatagtc    187680
     acctaacagc acaatgcagg gtgtctgtgg ttgttgggat cctaagagga ccatcaatga    187740
     tgaagaccat cactgacact gatcctgctc ttgcactcac ttgtggaaga cttgccatct    187800
     ccaggtgtct ttttttggct attgagataa tgatcaacaa aactgtaaat tcaggaaggt    187860
     caactctctg agaaagagcc taagtccctt tctggtgact taagggcagt agaagaacca    187920
     tgaaaactta cctggtgatg gcacaagaac cagtgtggtt tagtgggaaa ggatgtgaaa    187980
     cacacaaaga aacatacaaa ttcattcagc ttcaatgaaa gcaaaagggg gctctctata    188040
     tgtctatatt atataagaga gagaaacaaa acagaccctg agacatctct gacctgggga    188100
     ttttccataa taatgtcagc ctcttgggac ctcaaaatta gtcccaagaa attagaagag    188160
     gattgggaac agacaaggtc aggtcaaaac acaagcccta ataaacacca tcctagtgag    188220
     gcagaggagc ttcatatcat agtgaagaat cagaatgttt actatgtcct tgttctcacc    188280
     tcatattgtc tgcaggcaca tagaagagat agaacgcaag cccagtttaa cagacagggg    188340
     ctggcataaa gggctgtctg ctgtccccat gtcactcggg aattataggt ggagccaggt    188400
     ctgaacaggg tcttgccgct gagactatag ctcctttata tacctgctat aaatagaatt    188460
     tgaggactga gccagggtgg tttttaaact tttggatgaa gagagaagct tcttttggtc    188520
     tgctgataaa gaggaaactc aagaaaggag actaatcaga agagtctcat cgcaaccata    188580
     gcaaatcctc aaggataaaa tgtgttccca cctagagcct tgttagtgag ggccagaggg    188640
     accgtgtctc gagattcatg ctgatcctag gagaggctat ggaagcactg tgctgggaaa    188700
     aacaggaagt tgaggtggca aagttactct ctattgggag tttcattgag accctttgag    188760
     gccaggagcc ttagcaatag agagtatgaa agaaggaact ggagcaactg tacaatatga    188820
     ccttcatatt ctctactctg tcagacaact gattatctgc ccaaacccca gaggtagtgc    188880
     ttgctctgtg gggtggagag acacagcttc cgttcttttt tttttaagat ttatttattt    188940
     tatgtatatg aatacacttt cactgtcttc agacacacca gaagagggca tcagatcccc    189000
     cactacagat ggttgtgagc caccatgtgg tttgctggga actgaactca ggacctctgg    189060
     aagagcagtc agtgctctaa accactgagc catctctcca gcccacatct tctattcctt    189120
     agaaactgct aagaaatctt tttggggcct ccacattctt atctgtgaaa tgcacatgat    189180
     ttcctttctt agatttttct atgagaatca aattcaacaa tacccacaga atttcttgta    189240
     ggagatggcc aatactttta gtaacttagt aacaataagt agcctttatc acatgtttgc    189300
     tatattcatt taccaagaaa tttacatcag tttgattgaa ttctaatcag cccttccaat    189360
     gattctgtaa tgtgcctata tttctcccat gttgcagatc aataaattga gtttcaatgt    189420
     gattcagcaa tttccttaca gccacacagg aatctgagga ctagagttta aatatgcatt    189480
     tgtagtcaca acacctatgc tatgggctcc ctctccatat ccttctatga gactcattga    189540
     ccctcacagt gtgtactttt agatctattt ttatgtacag tgctggtttt tctgtttacc    189600
     ttatttaaca ttttttgaga atttaattca ttagtactat attaacatca ttcccactgc    189660
     aatttcttcc tccttaaacc catcttgtgc cttccaattc cttctcaaat ccttgacctc    189720
     ttatttatta ttattatatg tatatataaa tacagcctac tgagtccatt cagtgttgct    189780
     tatatatgtg tatgtttaca gctgaccact tgagattaga taaccaacta ggggctcatc    189840
     cctggggaaa actgattttt ctacctctct tttttttttc tattttttat taggtattta    189900
     gctcatttac atttccaatg ctataccaaa agtccccata cccctccccc actcccctac    189960
     ccacccactc cccctttttg gccctggcat tcccctgtac tggggcatat aaagtttgca    190020
     agtccaatgg gcctctcttt gcagtgatgg ccgactaggc catcttttga tacatatgca    190080
     gctagagaca agagctccag ggtactgctt agttcatatt gttgttccac ctatagggtt    190140
     gcagttccct ttagttcctt gggtgctttc tctagttcct ccattggggg ccctgtggtc    190200
     cattcaatag ctgactgtga gcatccactt ctgtgtttgc taggccctgg catagtctca    190260
     caagagacag ctatatctgg gtcctttcag caaaatcttg ctagtgtatg caatggtgtc    190320
     agcgtttgga agctgatcat gggatggatc tctggatatg gcaatcacta gatgctccat    190380
     cctttcgtca cacttccaaa ttttgtctct gtaactcctt ccagacatta atttcctgta    190440
     gctctttgtc tggcttaagg cctttgtgat attttcttta gccatgtcag catgtcacct    190500
     ggtgtcctca ttgcataggt cttgcttagg caactacatt gttcagattt cattggtgta    190560
     actccctgtc atctatagaa gacactacct cacagcaaac agccttacag tctttctgag    190620
     tctcttcctt gatgttcccc aaaccttata tgtagaagtt gtattgtaga tataccagtt    190680
     ggagatctgc accctaaagt ctgttgttct ctgcattttg accagtgatg gatttttgtg    190740
     atggtctctg tctgttgcaa agagaaactt ctttggtgag gggtgaaaga taaagttatt    190800
     tgtggttata aggataagaa tttagaaatt ctgttagtaa ttctactggt ttaggaattg    190860
     ggcagtagta ggctctcttc tagcatccat gacttaacca gttatgtgta tttggctagg    190920
     tacatagtaa gaggcatgaa tctcctctca ctaagtggat cttaagcaca attatacagt    190980
     tgttggaagt gccactattg aacacttggg aatatcttgt catactggtc attgttgggt    191040
     ttgggtttca taggctttat aactgggtgg gactactgac tgcccatcgc tctttacagc    191100
     ttgcatatca cctttggaca ctatttgtag ttctgttatt ttggatgact attgatgcct    191160
     atgtaggatg aacaatgttc cagagatgaa ccaaagacat cctaatccca gtaatagcaa    191220
     cctgtgatcc atgctaacag cctgattctt aatgctaaat catactttca gctcctactt    191280
     ttgaaataac tctctcatca ttctattata tctaccactt actctcatca caaagaagta    191340
     taaacttctt cttgggaagc tgacttttcc atattgaccc ttggctctgt ctttgttact    191400
     tttctgtcac catgaaaaaa tactgagacc aaggcaagtc atttttaaaa gtattaaatt    191460
     gggacttaca gttataaagg gttagaggca atgaccatca aggccagaag catggcagca    191520
     tgtaggcatt cgtggtgcta gagaagtagc tgagacctta catctgatcc agaagcatga    191580
     ggcagggagc taaccagaaa tagtttgggc ttttgaaacc tcaaagcctg cccctaatga    191640
     cataactcct ccagcaaagt tacaccatct aatctttccc caacagttct accaactatg    191700
     gactgagcat tcaaacatat gagcctatgg aagctatttc tcattcaaac catgatagtc    191760
     tacaaagctc ttggttaaga acttactata ggaatacaga ggctttttgt tgttcagcaa    191820
     ttttttccct aagtataaaa ccaaaagcac tatgatgaaa atttccaatg atagcagaaa    191880
     ctaaaacatc aataacatta attgtgaaac taaatacact ttcctaaata aatcttgagt    191940
     aaaatggggg aaactgctgc aacattgtta taggaatgtc ataatacaat gacaagccat    192000
     tgccgagtag attttcaact ttggtttgtc ttgtactggt cattggatct cattatgctt    192060
     tgaatgtgaa agagtcccta aagaattata tgcttgagca cttggtccat acctgacaga    192120
     gctattttgg gagtcttgga acctttggag tgggaagcat ggggcccatg gagggtttca    192180
     gactgatcct acttctagcc taagctttct gctagctgtc aaaaatgata tcacaaccat    192240
     gcttcagatc ttgatcttgc agctttagat ggagctatct cagtcttcat gcctttccta    192300
     ttatttcttc ccttggtctg cttctgccct cagggaatcc aagcatcatt gtgaatgaac    192360
     tagataggac ttgtaggaat aaaacttagc tggggagggt gggttaggca caattttggt    192420
     aggtgtgggt atgggagaaa aagccttttc tagagacagt tttcagtgaa acatctcttc    192480
     ttactggggg gaacaagagc tatacaaatc ttggggaggg gtaggtgtta ggagctgaaa    192540
     aaggacaagc taataactag caggttatct tcctgagatg atctaccttg gattaaaaaa    192600
     aaaatccaca acagatttgc tctgatagac gaggcccagg agaaattcat tttaggaaag    192660
     attcctgcta ttaatatgtt tttcctgtta ttattaaaca tatacaacaa tcactaggta    192720
     ttagcttaaa cttttgaaca aatctctgca gaacaatgaa gatgtactat gttgtagtga    192780
     tgctatttag acaaatagat gacttcttaa ttcttaatga tgattctata agaattccta    192840
     aaattatatc agtatttatt aagttctttt atagagaaac tgctattagg tccattctga    192900
     tagtcaatac tacaatgata actctgccag tctttggtgt catgagttag ttgcttctga    192960
     gatagtaagc aggaattata ctactcagag cacatgccaa aaagttgtaa aaccattaac    193020
     caaaggtcat aaaagggaac taacaattta ttacaggtgc taggacagaa gataaaatgt    193080
     tgaccaggtt tatctgttca aaacttcact attaacttag ttacagtttt taattctcca    193140
     tgaactgtgg agaacatcat caacaggtga tgaatgctta gccagatagt tactcctaac    193200
     ggatatgcat gtaaacattc tctgttgtaa acttcttatt caatttgtaa tttgaattta    193260
     tgtgtgaact tgtgatgaac ttttcccatg tgatcatgta ttctgaaagg tataagtgtt    193320
     gagggcaaag agaggagagc aatctccttg acccactttt cttagcaatt ctcctcatcc    193380
     ccctcttctt agcactcctt atcccactta tccccttttt cttagaccct ttatcccctt    193440
     ttccttagaa acctcttttc tttttttctt agaggtcttt catagagagc tttttacaac    193500
     gtataagtaa gcgctaaaat cacttttcaa agtgtccctt tttcttcctg caacttcaac    193560
     tagcaggctg aaagttagag ccatgctatt ccttcagaga tagaacaaag gctacattgc    193620
     ttaatcttcc tctctgttag actacaggtg ttaatcgcct aagccagaag cttttgaccc    193680
     tcaagattag agaaaaaaaa gtctttagga ctttttaaaa tttgtcatca acattcagta    193740
     cagttggaga gctggaacat cctgagacca tcagtcttta aagccacacc tgagtagact    193800
     ctgtgtctca tttcaaccta ctccaggtgg gaagacccca gaaggtaggg attttctggg    193860
     tgactgtata ttattggctg tgcctggggt tctggaaatg cttcgtttgc atgaaaaggg    193920
     attccaggtg gcttgctaaa tgtgtcctaa taaggagaga ggaagtttaa cctgaaacct    193980
     agctaccagg ctatgtgacc acatcggagt cagcagaggt ggggggttat aatgcttatg    194040
     tgagctagga catgcaagca tagagcaggg aggaagcact cccatgcctg ctggtctcag    194100
     ggtgagcttt tggggggtta gacatgtctc aacctcactc ttgctttgga cctacttccc    194160
     cagtcatgac tgcacaacta taatggaact ctgaacaaaa gttaccaccc ctcattaaag    194220
     aagcatctct ttgcagcaga ctgagactat tacagaaaaa tacgactagt caaaatacag    194280
     aaccatttat ttttgggttc acagtcctga tggatacatc tacaacacaa ctcctgagtc    194340
     tcaggagtca tcacagaata gggggtgaaa atattttaag agccagagga ccaggaaatc    194400
     tacagtgaga ttgtgtctcc tagaaataat aggaaagtta catccatggt acctcagcaa    194460
     tatgactgcc taggtaagac ctgagcaatg ataataccaa tagacatgct atcgtggaag    194520
     aggaaatgtc acagggcccc acgctccaga caaagaaact aagagatgct ggcaaaggga    194580
     gaatatgttt tgcataagaa tgaatcccct aactggttgt ccaatatcaa gtggtaagcc    194640
     ctgaaatgtt tcatatacat acaagtgata cctaatggac acagcaggtt gtattcatgt    194700
     atttatgcat ttatgtattc atagaagcta tgaatttgag agggaagagg cagaaagagc    194760
     attagatgga gaaaagggaa gggttgaaat aatgtaatta taatttaatt acaatttttt    194820
     taaaagtcac taggctgcac aagagcttct gacaaccaga gcccccagta agtccaggat    194880
     ggatcaggcc taaatgacag ccacagcaat agaaattgtt cataactttt tgacagctct    194940
     tccttgattt gctggatatt attagatatt tagtcaatta agacccatct gctttaatta    195000
     aaaattaaaa actgttaatc ctttattgat gataaagtat ctctgctttg tgttcttttc    195060
     tgcctttgga ttcctttctt ggaggatggt ggaacaagga ccagaatgga agtcagaaat    195120
     gatcttcacc catcagctgt ttcattatct gtagggtcct gatgtttaca gagctataca    195180
     agtatgttca ggaggaaacc agtccaggga ttttcaccct gtcattccag gatatgtagt    195240
     ggaaaatgga attggccagt atatccttca agtgttcatg gaaagttgga gggctcagga    195300
     tctttaactt gcctgtgtgc agtatttatg gggtgtggga agtatgcaca tgaggtgcaa    195360
     agtccaggaa ctccatacat gttcaggcca gatggtcatg gggtggtgga agcgtgagtg    195420
     ggagcacagg gtcttcagat ctcaaacctg cctgtgtagg gtggtcaagg ggctcttggg    195480
     ggagagaagt gagtgcaaaa ggtaggtagg ctggaacctc taacctatct ggaattggtg    195540
     tttgtagaac cagggaaatg ttacaagtga ttttttagta attatgacac aatgcccata    195600
     agcttataaa aatatatttg aaaacataaa atataaaact tgcagttagt ggaagatgga    195660
     aaaacaaata aaagtaaaag aaagaatagc atattgggag actgggattg cttgcagaat    195720
     atacaacaga gtttcttcaa atcaatgtga aaattattaa tagtctatat aaatgataga    195780
     agaggaatac aaaaagatga atcccaacaa agtagcacca atgggttaca ttaccaagct    195840
     cagtctgcca tacaaaatat tgtcctgagt ggcttaagca gaagaaatgc attttgctac    195900
     agttctagag acacaaattc caagatccag ctgctcccat agtcaggatc tgataaagtg    195960
     tcttctcttg actggcagac acctttctac tgcatctctg catgctagag agcaagggtg    196020
     ggaggggttc tgagtctcat aaggctgcct tattggatta ggaccccaac accctttttt    196080
     aaccttgatc tcttacacct tttgggaggg aggctgaaaa ttcaattttt tttatttttg    196140
     agaatttcat acatatatac aattatttta atcatgtcta cctccatcac ccccactgga    196200
     tttgccatgg attcctgccc caacatgtct gcctcctagg ttcacgtcct cttttccttt    196260
     gtaaagagat ataccactgt gtctaattag tgttgcccat aagtacatgg ttgtattgta    196320
     atccactggg gcatgtttac tttctaatta acatatctct agataagtca cattgtggat    196380
     ggaagggtct gggattctat agatgagttg tgaaggaatc atgatttaac tcatatcatg    196440
     aaaattaaat atttgatgat ataaccaaac ataggtgaac ctccaaaact gcatctcaag    196500
     ataacaattt ttatattata atgattttta attatttgca gttaagcatt aaaagagttt    196560
     atttataaca gccattgtta ccaaacattt ggagatcagt tttgcttatc attggaataa    196620
     taaaatagtg taaaatttgt atagagtaaa agaaatatat atatatatat aatataaatt    196680
     tttatttcct tcagcttggg acttgtgttt atcataactt atagaaagat ttgaataata    196740
     aaacaataga ataataaaac aaatctctaa agaaaaatct tgatattgaa tgcattgtgg    196800
     ttttgttttg gttttggttt ggttttattt ttatttttat ttttcttgag acagggcctc    196860
     ttgcagccca ggttggcctc agagttgatg tcaaagagaa gattgaattt cttatcctct    196920
     tgcttccact gtcaagtgct ggattacaca tgtataccag cacacccagt ttatactgtg    196980
     ttttcttccc tcctgttcac cctcatgcca agtctcgctt tcctgtgagt accctcctca    197040
     gggcaccctg cacatcaggg ttcctaaggc tgtagataag tgggttcagc atgggactga    197100
     tgacagtgtt gaggatgcca atgcccttgt ccttgtctga agcctccact gaccccagcc    197160
     gcatgtagct gaagacccct gtcccataga agatgcctac cacagtgagg tgagagctgc    197220
     aggtggagaa ggctttcttc ctgccctctg aagattggat tctcaaaact gcagctgcca    197280
     catggatgta agaggtgaca atgagaatca caggtgcacc agccatgagg acacccagac    197340
     caaagagcag cagctcattg agctgggtac tggagcagga cagctggaag agctgaggca    197400
     ggtcacaata gaagtgattg atcacattgg ggccgcagaa gttaagtgtg gatatggcca    197460
     cagtgtgggt cagtgcattg ctgaaggcac aagcccagga cgtggccacc aagatcctct    197520
     ggacggtgtg gttcattcgg gtgctgtaag tgaggggccg gcagatggcc aggaatcggt    197580
     cataagccat ggctgtcaat aggaagcagt caactccagc cagctgatga aagaagaaga    197640
     gctgtgtgag gcaggctcca tagggaactg tgcgcttgtg ggacaagaga cgacccaaca    197700
     ttgatgggac agtgacactg atgcagccga catccaacat ggacagattc cccagaaaga    197760
     agtacatggg ggtgtggagt ttgggttcca caaatacagc tgccaggatg cttaggttgc    197820
     ccccaactgt gagcaagtag gcgaagagga agactacaaa gatgactggc tgcagccctg    197880
     ctgtctctac caagcccaga agaatgaact ctgtaactgc tgttccattg ctctcaaact    197940
     tggactccat gaattcctgt tataagacat ttcagagtag aaacaatctc tctttactgt    198000
     aattaattaa taaacaatac actggtccac ctccatatgc taagcctgag ggtaaacttc    198060
     tgtgtatgct ggggatgttt gctctcctct agcccttact ggctccagtt ctgcttttag    198120
     ctggactctt cacctgtcag ttgcttgatg gtaccattgc cttagacatt tctccccaca    198180
     ccatgagagg tagttaatgg ataaagaaaa tgttgtatat acatgcaatg gaaaaaataa    198240
     aacaaagcag aaattgccaa cagtaaaact gtctaagtaa aactcaagag agaaacaaac    198300
     gcataggaaa ctcagcattg ggagaaaaat cagtgaagta ggtaaatgtc gttaaagttg    198360
     gccatggtga cacacgagac tgacaatcag cctaggcaac acagtgaggg ggaaagacaa    198420
     agggagaggg acagacagga agggagagag acaaggagaa ggattataca aaactcaagt    198480
     ttttctaaat caataatcaa ctatgaaatc taaatgtctt gacttgtaat atatgccaca    198540
     atttgatata aatcaagaaa tagcagccca caaataaaat tttgcctaaa acatgtatac    198600
     cgacacctag aaaaaatgaa tagtacaaaa atgtccctca gttccaccaa cacataggaa    198660
     gtgggagctt tgagatttat atccctatac ttttctttta atcccaaatg agctataagg    198720
     agtcatattc gtcctatggt cacaatgtat tatatactca tgtgttttat atgtgtacat    198780
     acacacacgt gcgcacacat tcatgtgcta gttcctcagg ctcagaggcc cctcatggca    198840
     gagtgactga ctgcccctct tctcttccct gtcacaggct tgaggtgctg ttcttcagaa    198900
     gattcaagtt tcagattcct acaagaattt ttcaatgttc tatgacgtga caaaatagca    198960
     tttattccat tccctgtttt tgtaaaatcc actaataaca aaacaacctg ctggtttccc    199020
     ggttcccatc ggcatggatc tgtttgggtt ctgcagtgtg aggtatggcc tgctttacat    199080
     ggtgtgtgtg cttaagcaga cgagcactgt cagaacattt atcttctatc tatcaagaca    199140
     attccttcct ttgacatcac tcttgtgatt attttgtttc ctgcagctgt caacttattt    199200
     gtttttctcg tttttattag ttcttagagg acctcataga atgcattttg atgatagtca    199260
     cctctattcc cactcctccc agatctgtcc ctccttccct gttcaacttt gtttcctcct    199320
     gttttgtttt gttttgtttt gttttgagct atctagtact gtttatgctg cctgtatgct    199380
     cttggatata cagcctccac tgggggatat gcctgtcaga agccatgtcc atgcaaattt    199440
     aatttctaat catctatgtc ttcattaaaa ttacccttga tattcttaca taatttttat    199500
     tacgacgacg atgatgatga tgatgatgat gatgatgatg atgatgatga tgatgaagtt    199560
     cccttgccaa tttcttggca ccatgcctga ggctttttag gtggatactg ggaatcaaac    199620
     tcagtccctt atgtgtgttt agcaagccct gtactgactg agccatctac caatctctgt    199680
     attcatcaaa tacctggttt tctatcttga aaatttgaac ttcttaggtg tgtttttgta    199740
     tgactgctaa cctccaaatc tccaggacac catcagagga aagatttgta tgaggaatgt    199800
     agcaatgtgt ccactggtca gaccagtcaa gatggctctt ctagacaggc atctaagagg    199860
     accaccctaa gtctaggcat tacacacata cagaggaatg aaactgggtc cctattcctc    199920
     actatgagtg gaaaaagagc taaaaatgca ccaaaagacc caaagaaaag atatgaaact    199980
     tctaggagac aacaggagaa acactgcaag acagcaatat tggcaaggtg gtttttggat    200040
     aagcccccca tgccccaagc acatgcacag ccaagtggga ttatgttcag atcagaagct    200100
     gcaacatggt aagagaaatg ggacatataa ggaacttgga agattcaata gcaaacaccc    200160
     aagtcctcta gtctacttcc tttctattag gagttatacc tttaagttca gatttcacat    200220
     tgaggactac taactgcttc acaacaagcc aatcctgtga aagagtctga atagcaatcc    200280
     tcaaaagaag acacacacat ggccaatgtt agttatgtct taacctaaaa agctttaaaa    200340
     ggcacaaaat gtccagctat tcatgcaaca gatacagaga actattctta taaaaaacta    200400
     acatggcact ttggacattt tcttctggag gttattggag atggagggtg atgaaacatg    200460
     agttgcctca tgcatttaag agggacacca gcattggctc aaacttccag aggtctactt    200520
     catattctac cactgacaga gttctgatgt tgtgaatgtt gctgaaccat catacaagga    200580
     ggctgtgggg ctaaattaat tctgaacctt tcctgatgta taactgtgtg ctcaacacag    200640
     tacaaatgac agagggcaat gtttttaaaa aataaccact taatttttaa acaaataaga    200700
     attatcatta tttctttgtg tgtgtgtgtg tacacacata ggtccatgca tgtgtgcatg    200760
     gcatatgtgc tatggtgtta tgtgcatagg tcaggggatg acttgaggga gtcagttctc    200820
     tcattctacc atgtgggatc ttggagattg aactcatgtc attgaatatg tcaacaagtg    200880
     tgtatacctt ctggaccatc tttctggccc atggagtgca atcttagtga catatagcta    200940
     aaaattgttc catttctttt gccaagggaa atgttggctg ttagtatgat gcctgtctat    201000
     acatgctttg caatgtctcc aattagaagt ttcccttaca gccatccttt tttttttttt    201060
     ttttttttac agttctctct ggagcaggtc tgactctatc taccacactg atccagcaga    201120
     ccctgtggcc acctctcctc tcctagccag caattggcct cctaatgctg caatccttta    201180
     acaaatacag ttcttcaggt tgtggtgacc tccaaacata aaattattat gttgctattt    201240
     catacccgta actttgctgc tttcataaat cataatgtaa atatctgata cacaaagtgt    201300
     ctgatatgtg agcccaaagg ggacatgatc catagattga gaactactgt gctagacact    201360
     gaagacacac cctaactata cagttaattt tctatataca acttagttaa agcagcagat    201420
     atgggcacag ggatccttgg cagagtgcca atcaaaatcc aaaatgaagg gtccacaata    201480
     tagtgactat gtgtctgctg tgtctgtgag taaggtaggg taacacaatt tgctaactct    201540
     tacattgtct aaaatcccct taaatcaatg gtcacattca ctgggtcatc ttgtggatcc    201600
     taaccataga cctagaagtt attccatatg tgtcacaaga attggcatac taatgggagt    201660
     aagataactc caaggcatat caaaaaacca aagcataaag tacctcctgc ttgctctctg    201720
     caatacagtc taactaaaat tacaaagtgc tcttttgttt cttctatcca caactgtttc    201780
     atctagaatg atttcttatt cctaactcta aacttttttg aatgaaaata cacatcccct    201840
     atgggggtca ccctgctttc cactgcttcc cgctaaccta ctctagcatc tttgtctctg    201900
     ccaccctctt gtatggccac ttctctgtag gacacagctg tgttccttca tggcttatgg    201960
     gagggaagac attcagctgt cttagcttca tattctcaat acctagttta tatgcagtag    202020
     attttcagta tttccaaaat aaatgctgaa tgaactttag aactaaagcc acgagaccaa    202080
     catgacttca gtgagaaggg acactggact gggctgaagg ggctgaggag gtctcttggc    202140
     tgagccagaa actatgcaaa atgagaaagt gatgtgttta taggaagtac aagcttgagt    202200
     gaaaggcaca gatgcactgc tgtgggattt tttaatcttt gtttctatga gatgtttcta    202260
     aggactcatt aggaagaatt caaacaactg acttattcac gcatgatttt ttttcccaaa    202320
     cagcccccca aaatttgtca attaggaggg caaggcccta tgaataaata aggccaaacc    202380
     agaagagtga agctcacaga gaatcccatg acctctgttc tgtgcaggtg gaacttactt    202440
     gtcattccca agattctggg atgagctagg tctgtacatc caagaggttg gtctcacaca    202500
     aggctactgt agtgatcttg gcaggaaagt cctcctgcca ttctcatgca tccagcctga    202560
     gatgcaggcc ttcttaaatt gagccttaag gactctctga tgtcccaacc aaactctaag    202620
     ggtctgatgg agagtctcag tcaggccctc tgatgaagtc aagatggctg ggtccaggca    202680
     gaaaggctgg attctctgaa tgtgctcatc ccccattaga aacaataagt aagcaggttt    202740
     cacccaggga atctgccaga tgacagaagg gccctggcaa gggtgactac ccacccctgc    202800
     ccagcttttt gtttcattca atgggttatc taaacaagac ttgaatcctc tgaaataaga    202860
     ttctttctca tttggtagca gctccagtga cttctcaagg agcaaaaggg agctcccagg    202920
     agtactcact tacctgttgc aagtcctgag ctaggtaagg cttctctgga agagaaagga    202980
     gagagggagg cactgtacag gccctagtcc cagggagcaa ggcggggtca tacatgagga    203040
     aagaagtaaa atggagatga gatcatccca ctgtggggct ccatccacca tagcatcact    203100
     ctctagggac ctcagaaatt agccctccca ggaaggaaga gtttagggag ctgcaatcca    203160
     aaaagtaacc catgttttta atgaaccaaa taataatgct ttgtgacatt taactattga    203220
     agaaaaaaaa aagtcctcac accccatccc ctgttctacc tctcattaat tccatgagag    203280
     taacgaggga gtttagcaac cccgtttttc tttattttta aagatttatt tatttatttt    203340
     atgtatatga gtacaccatt gctctcttaa gacacaccag aagagggcat cagattctat    203400
     tacagatggt tgtgagccac catgtggtca ctgggaattg aactcaggac ctctggaaga    203460
     acagttggtg ctcttaactg ttgagccatc tctccagccc agcaatcccg tttttcacat    203520
     gaggattatg aagtctagtg tattcattct ctccagtcac tgtggaacta aggacgatgc    203580
     ctaagtgagt tgttctatgc tgtctctgag aatcctaagc agagaaaacc aggtcccagg    203640
     tggaatgacc tagcaatggg aagggggcac aagaaaaaga gacaaaagga agatgctttc    203700
     tcgagactca catgcctaat gagtgccaca tgaaggtagc atctttcccc ctcaggatgc    203760
     tgttagcagg gtcctagggt gcatggaagg gtctcatgag gggaaggcag tagaagacct    203820
     gagctgttag gatggtccaa cccagaaatg ccactgcaca ctgattttcc agggccttat    203880
     aagctgaagg tcccaatgat gagattaata cagatgggat gggatcttag tccagccccc    203940
     ccccccacct aagtgcacct cggctaaaca ggactttcct atcatggtag aggatgtgcc    204000
     ttccttgggc acaggacctt tcttcccttt tcatgatttc tagggcagcc tggtatggga    204060
     tgaaaagcag ccagacccgc tgatcttctc aatgaaaata gagtaccatt tcatctaccc    204120
     agggttgacc tgaaaatcaa attaaacata cacaaagtgc atactaagga atcaacaaat    204180
     actatgaatg ataaaataac aaaaaccgat tgttattttg ctgatgtatc ttaatcttca    204240
     taaaagctcc tttttaaatc ttgtttatta gatattttct ttatttatat ttcaaatgca    204300
     taaaagctct ttcatgtagc ctcagtattt gcccaactac agggaaggaa acaggctcag    204360
     aggagcttta ctggtttgcc cagtgttgat gcagcagagc agggactcaa atttccaaat    204420
     caagttttga cagtttttct tctcttcttc caactgctga gaaacacaat tttgtccatt    204480
     ttacctaccc tccgtgattc tgtttctacc ttcaagactg aggtttgtgt cggctctatc    204540
     acatgcagtc ctggatctct ccatctgtat gatgttagcc agtgggaagg ggtgagaggc    204600
     cacatactca ccgtcagata tttgtagttc atcttgtgca agtgttcagt gtctgcctca    204660
     ttagggatag ggtgcatgga gcctggcacc cacaagcaag gcatgctaat tccagtgtca    204720
     ggaattctat ctaaaagcta ccatcaccta cacagtagca ttcttagtac ttgactgttc    204780
     tgcccatcac aacatatctt agaagaaaac atgtcatatt tgattaaaat tagagaaacg    204840
     aatccaaaca tcaaatcaga aggcctagaa atactctgtg taaacttgat atataccatg    204900
     catccatcta gagaatgatg tattcagggg taggaaaatg ggcaggcctt tcagtaaaca    204960
     gtgctgtaag aatccaagat ctatagagga aaaacaaaca aacaaaaaca atgacttcct    205020
     tgtcatatac tcaaaaatgg aaaaatgttt tcagtttcag gtactgagat acttatatta    205080
     aaaaatgaaa gtgcaaaaat attaagacag gtgtggcagt gcctataggt ccagcactcg    205140
     gaggtggaag taggatgatc aggaatttaa ggtcatcctc agctatatac tgagtctaag    205200
     gccaacctat gctacataga ccttttctaa aacaaaacat gcctagcaaa aatttaaata    205260
     tattctgtaa aataaagtta tgatcttttg caaggttact atttaaactt actttatcag    205320
     catacgcttt gtgactctct ctttgcacaa tttttgtccc tgtttctgtt cctattgtcc    205380
     ctgtttttct tctctccttg atctccctaa tactaaagac tttttgcact acgttcatga    205440
     cttcagacct gacttcctcc aacttttgta acatcttttg agtatcagag gctgactgca    205500
     tcacaaaggc tatgttcata gattgctagt tttctagggc ccccagatta atcatgatat    205560
     attcttactc agcattgagg ggtcactcca agaaaccagc acaggattcc tcacttcctt    205620
     ggagaacttc agagacctta gagagattaa ttggctttcc agtggttctc attctagtca    205680
     ggaaggcatg acagtgggca tctagaggtt cattagtgtt gggatcccaa ttaggttgag    205740
     tagaaggaag ggtttgctta tctgtctcct ccatggttgc cggaagaaca gataggcaaa    205800
     ctcagacaga gagactcact gctggaccag agtctacacc agctgccaga actccagtcc    205860
     ccaactcagg cagaaactac ttgctggact agagaccaca ttggctgcca gaaccccaat    205920
     agaagaccca cacacagacc tcttccactg tcttcatgac ccccactatc tacaatcacc    205980
     actcccctct taatcactgt gccccaccac aaactcggtt agagccccac tgttgggcca    206040
     aggtcacact agctgccaga ggtctagcac tcaactcaga cagagactcc ttgctggacc    206100
     agaggttatg ctgtctgaca gaaatccaag ccacaaagac caaactggaa acaagaacca    206160
     aggaacaaaa catatataac aaatataaac tcagaaatca ggacctagac atatgataac    206220
     cacaaacaca gatggctaga tgccagtgta agaacaaaat caacaacagc cagagcaaaa    206280
     tgtcaccacc agagcccagc tatcctatca cagcaagccc tcaatattct aacaccactg    206340
     aatgcaagaa aatgaactta aaactaactt tatggagatg atagtggtcc taaaagatta    206400
     aataaagaaa tcctttaaat aaatacagga aaacacaaac aaactattga agtaaatgta    206460
     tttaagaaat aaatccttta aagaaagcca aaaaaaaagt tgaaggaaag aaataaaatt    206520
     gttcaagacc ttaaaaatga aaatagaagt aataaagaaa acacaaactg aggaattctg    206580
     gaaatggaaa atccagatac gtgaacagga cctactaaca caagcatcac caacagcata    206640
     taagaaatgg aagaaaaatc tcaggcattg aaggtatgat agaagaaata gaaacactgg    206700
     tcaaagaaaa tgttaaatct aacttcagga aatctaggac actatgaaaa gataaatcct    206760
     gagaataata ggaataggag gagaaggccc agaaaatatt ttcaacaaaa tcatagaaga    206820
     aaattttcct aacctaaaga aggacaagac tatgaatgta taaagcactt atacatttat    206880
     agaacactaa atagattgta ccagaaaaga aagtcctgtc ccatcccatt tgattactgc    206940
     cacatagtaa tcaaaacact taactacaga acaaagaagg aatactgaaa actagaaggg    207000
     aaaagagcaa cagataaagg cagacctatt agaattatac ccgacttttc aacagagact    207060
     ctaaaagcca gaagggcctg ggcagatgtc ctgcagactc aaagagattc agactacttg    207120
     ctagcccagc aaaattttca atcaccatac acggaaaaac aagatattcc ataacaaagc    207180
     caaatttaaa cagtatctat ctaccaatga agccctatag aaaatactag aaaaaataaa    207240
     ttcaaacaat atctatccac aaatccagct ctacagaaga tactaggaaa aaaaaactcc    207300
     aaatcaagga ggttaactac atcctcaaaa acacaggaaa taaataatct cacaccagca    207360
     aaaccaaaag aagggaagtg tacacacaca cacaaaccaa caacaaaaac aaaataacag    207420
     taattagcag tcactggtca ttaatgtctc tcaatataaa tggactcaat tccccaataa    207480
     aagacacaag ctaacagaat ggattaaaaa caggatccat cattcttctg catacaaaaa    207540
     acacacctca acatcaaaga tagactttac ctcatagtac taagggctgg aaaaggtttt    207600
     ccaagcaaat ggacctaaga tgcacactgg agtgccattc taatatctaa taaaatagac    207660
     ttccagccca aattaatcaa aggagatgaa aaatgatact tcatactagt caaaggaaaa    207720
     gtctatcaag atgatgtctc aattctgaat atatactccc caaaggcaag ggcacccaca    207780
     ttcataaaag aaatattact aaagcttaaa tcacacattg aatcccacac attaatggtg    207840
     agaaactgaa acatcccact ctcactaatg gacaggtcac caagacaaaa actaaacaga    207900
     gaagtaatga aactaaccaa tgttataaat caaatagatc tactagatac ctacagaaca    207960
     tttcaccaaa acttctcatc acctcaggga atattctcca aaatcaatga tatagtctca    208020
     taaagcaaat ctcaacaaat actagaaaac taactccata tatcttatca gactaccaaa    208080
     gattaaagtg gacttcaaca acaacaggaa gcctacaaat tcatggaaac tgaacaactc    208140
     tttactcaat gaccactaga ccagggaaga aataaagaaa aaaattaaag actttctaca    208200
     attcaatgaa aatgactgta taaaaaaaat tgtacagaaa aaaaaaaact tttaaaagct    208260
     gaatgtaaac agttactctg tatggttaga caatgttgct ttcagaagac acaggttatc    208320
     aaacaaaaat ctcagggcta cacagagaaa ccctgtttcg aaaaaaaaaa acaaaaacaa    208380
     gaacaaacaa aaaaagctgg gcagtggtag cacacacctt taatcccagc acttgggagg    208440
     cagaggcagg tggatttctg agttcaagac cagcctggtg tacagagtga gttccaagac    208500
     agccaaggct acacagagaa accctgtttt gaaaacaaac aaacaaacaa acaaaaatct    208560
     cacaccaggc atgggaggat atctccctac aagttcttga ttgcctgcca tgaccaggta    208620
     gcaagactct atttctgaaa acaccacaca ctttggttgc agtacataga ggaatcaatc    208680
     tcaaaccaga aatttcctct ctgctaatta tctttcatgg tgtagactgt gttgttaaag    208740
     ctgctagaag aaaaagaaat caatgatctt acccagttgt ggcctctgcc cgctacaatg    208800
     ccatcctaca aggcaaggtg tttccatttg ttcaatggtg acataactgt tatggaggaa    208860
     ccaagccttc ctgattggac ttggagcctt ctccacataa ggaaattcta tttctggcac    208920
     tgtaaacctg gtcaaaagtc catggctggg gaagttatag tccttaagtg ggaacctact    208980
     attgttattt ttctaaataa tcatgttgtc aaactacctt tttttttttt tttttttttt    209040
     ttttttggtt ttttgagaca gggtttctct gtatagctct ggctgtcctg gaactcactt    209100
     tgtagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa tccgcctgcc tctgcctccc aagtgctggg    209160
     attaaaggca tgcgccacca cgcccagctc aaactacctt taaaaaaaaa tgtgttgata    209220
     cttgtagata tgagctactt tcagtcttgg tagagaagag aagcttttct tttcagtgat    209280
     cagtgatcca tggagacata cattagccaa ttaaaatgct aagaacaagt gatcatgagt    209340
     gcccagtaaa tggaaacttg gtatcaacga ccctccacaa atctcaggga atatcatgaa    209400
     tgagtaaaaa gtatgaagaa tgggagtagt attataaaat gccatcttct gatcatgatg    209460
     tggctgccgc actaatgaat ttataatagc tctggttaac tacacggaac ccacaaggtc    209520
     aagccagtca aaatttcagc atggatgaga agagactcac aaggccaacc cttacctgag    209580
     gctctattgg cagttgatag aggttgggaa aatgatagcc atttttcttt ggatatttaa    209640
     ccactgatcc aatgattcag cccatgatcc agtggattgc cccaactata ttaacctatg    209700
     ggcagcagga attgaattca gtggactata aaaaacaaac tggagatagt agtagtggtt    209760
     tctcctacta ctattactct tctagatggg caaagtatta aactgactcc tactgactta    209820
     tagttgtatc catagactga tgcatctctc aacccttatc agagaatctt ctatttccag    209880
     tagatggtag ctaacacaga gacccaaaac tggccaaagt gcagaataag agactgcaga    209940
     atgttgttcc catcctgtat gtgacacatg tagcacaatc cccccctcct aaggctcaac    210000
     aatcattgca gaagagtggc cagaaagagt gtaagagcca caaggggtag aagactataa    210060
     ggaaactgtt tctagattca gcaggatagc tatacctagg aactcagtaa ttgagtgatt    210120
     aatgggtcac aaataaaagc aagaaataaa tcaaacttcc tagaattgca tgaaaatgga    210180
     atacaacatc aaaacctata ggatacaatg aagagaattc tacaaggaaa ttttatgcat    210240
     atgggtctgg attcttccct atattcacta ggaaaaaaaa tcctaattag gacttactaa    210300
     tttctaccat ctttcataat acttcatttc taccatcttt cataatactt aaatggcttt    210360
     tcgtgtacat tttttccttt ggggacatga gtgaagattc tccagaacat atagcccaga    210420
     atgaattatt gggagcaagg ctatatgcac ttcagtacta gtggttgatc tgggtacctt    210480
     tctctagctg tttcacacac ccctctctaa ccttctctga gtgttgactg agaatagctt    210540
     gtaatttcca ttttctggcc tgagaagcta aacaactctc cctgtgccca ctatctccta    210600
     tctccaggag ataggagagc aagctttggc caaggactga cactgagttc caaggctgtc    210660
     tttctttcag tcaggtgggt gtgactctat tagtgtgatc tctgccccag agctactcta    210720
     aaaccaagtg aaattttagt gcagcccaca tccttactct gtcttctgag agcatccact    210780
     cctcaatacc cactttcccc attcccagaa accactctcc ttctataacc ttgacaatct    210840
     gcagaagaaa gattttaatt aggcttatgg ttccacagag ataagatcct tgatatcaga    210900
     gcagcgagca gtagccctag cataggaaaa ggaagctgag ggctcactct tgaaccacaa    210960
     ccaagcagca gacaaaactc aaactggcac aagtccgtaa agcctcaaag cctgactcca    211020
     gtagcatatt acctccaaca tggccacacc tcccagaccc tccaaatagc actattagtt    211080
     gggacaagtg ttcagatgtc caagacaatg aggaacattt catttaaact accataacca    211140
     gtagtgccaa aatctgtcca taatatttga acccatgtac tgttaagtct ttgttaagtc    211200
     aggactaaga aagaacaaat cagagagttt agggggaaaa gagcaaagac aaagtcctgg    211260
     tcgtttagat tccacacatg ggcaaggtca ctcggtgctt gtttgtccat gcctggtgtg    211320
     ttaacgtaat tccagttcca tccatgttgc tgcaagtggc tggatttggg gtttctttac    211380
     agccaaacag gatcccatat tgactcattc actgatgaat tcagactgtt cctaactctc    211440
     ggttgttgcg atcagtgctt cagggagtaa ggatgtaagc aggacagact agaagctaac    211500
     actgatcttt cctgagtgtt catgactgtc cagtttatca aactttctcc ctgaattttc    211560
     aggttcattg tatctcctaa accataaaca tcattgcttt ccagtttgtg tctggcagct    211620
     acatgatctg gatcccctgt atgccttcca tgctgcttca tgctcctgtg gtctcacatt    211680
     cttatctgtc tacctctctt tcattacact ctaaatacta tgtttaagag aaataattag    211740
     aggtccaggt gactttttct cctctgtgta tactattttg tcattcctga aactaaacac    211800
     ccagatccac caatcaaaat tcactacttg gctataatgt ctaacctggc caatcaggac    211860
     ttactaactc atcctagctc agacttcctc tgtgtatact attttgttta tgagtcctca    211920
     ctatgtgacc ttgacaggcc tcgtgcatga tcctcctgcc tcagcgtcag cagtgctaag    211980
     atggcaagca tgtgccacca tctatagcaa agacttagca attcttttca aagtttagga    212040
     tcaagcccag ggctccatgt atgccagatg aacactctac cactgagcta cggtcatgtc    212100
     cttggctttt taaaaccgcc ttaacttagt acttgaagtc actagcattt gatgttttcc    212160
     aaacctctaa tggctcaagc caacttcagg acttgtgagc catttatttc tggtttagtc    212220
     tttctcttag ggaaacttga aggattctct gtagtaatga tttgtttcac ctcctgtaaa    212280
     caaggttcgt ttcccaattc ctttgcctcc agatattaac attggagcaa ttagttccat    212340
     gttcatctca ggtaaccatc ttgggattgt ctcccccaag gccactccaa aactaataag    212400
     taaccctttc cagacccttt cttcatgaaa ctggggttca agcatcagtt ctcagaaacc    212460
     atggtccaac cacagcacaa agagccttaa attctgtctt ctgatttata ggactaaaga    212520
     cccaagaaag aagctcctac tccccacttg tagccaatag gacaaggcac aaagtcctgt    212580
     ttttcaaaag ctaacagact gaaagtttat cctgtatatg agaaaaatga aggcaacaga    212640
     actagagcca cacagagccg agggtaaggt ctggatacct ccctccctcc ctccctctct    212700
     gctctccccc tcccctctcc tctttctcac cttctcactc acactacccc ttcaaagtac    212760
     taccccctgc cccacatgct gttctccatc ctcaaggaag gctgcacaga tgagacaaga    212820
     agcccatatc catgtcccca ctcaccatca tcccactaag gagaacagag gacttgacaa    212880
     agcctatttt gtttttcctt taagcgtaga gtcctttttt ttttctcgcc ctatactctt    212940
     tccacacaca gccaaacacc taatagaggg tttatatctc tgcatccatc taaccacaac    213000
     caccctacag agtaataagt ctcctctgtg ctgagaattt gctatctggg tgtgtcctgt    213060
     actgattcag ggaatgggtc tccctttcgc tggggcagtc acagctcaaa gacattctca    213120
     ggcactgtga gacctgcagc tatgtaggtt gcagaaagct gtggtagtct ctgagcagat    213180
     ccagaggatt catcctcttc ccactcagat accaaaagat caccctcacc ctgccacagc    213240
     tggatagttt cttctataaa gaaattctaa tcatcaccta ctccacttta gtcggctctg    213300
     aaacactcat gctatataga cttctgaggc ttctctgggt accttccagg atgagggatc    213360
     tcctgcctcc ccaggtctct ctgctggcac agcacttgct tggtgtaccc acctcattct    213420
     aaccattact ctttaattcc tgacctgaac aatctctccc cttgtatgga aaccaaaact    213480
     agttcacttg cacacttcac tctcctgtgc agttgcaact cagggtctga cacagaccag    213540
     tcaccaacca tctcagtatc ctaggccctt cactgctggt acaggatgag ctgatgctgc    213600
     tcctaaggag ggagcagagc caggccccag acggagagga ctctagaagc tgtgttcttc    213660
     ccctttctcc cacccagagt agagttctct gcaaaaaatg ggtgaaatat accagaaggt    213720
     tgaacaggta gccctttcca taaaagtcta cccgatttat aatcatgtgt tagggttgga    213780
     gaaatgtgcc ccatgtggca tttcaggttt ttgtccagaa tccttggtga gataagctct    213840
     gttacccttg tttgatatgt gagagagcag ctggggaagg agatttggag gtatatcaaa    213900
     ttccagcccc accagttacc agtagaatct tggaaatcca ttagtcttct aaacatttct    213960
     gtggcctcat ctataaaatg gaacaaaaga aatgtctgtt gtgaattaag tgacttcgta    214020
     acatctaggc aaatagcagt gatttgtgtc ttcaactaat gtatttaaca gcagctgtgg    214080
     tttttggacc acagcttttc tgttactctg ggaacttgtc agctggtttc tccttcggtg    214140
     tgttgaaact tttctctcct ctccctctgg ctcttctgtc tcttgatgtt ctatgctttt    214200
     ctgagtcttt gttcattttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct    214260
     tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcctcttcct cttcctctcc tcttcctcct    214320
     cctcctcttc ctcctcctcc tcctccttct ctttctcttt ctctttctcc agcttgggtt    214380
     ttttttctct ctctctctct ctgtttttct gctggcacag ttcacagcag tccatcttca    214440
     ggattgctta tcttcttcat gctagatcaa aactattact gagcccatca agtaaaatct    214500
     caattttgct tgttgtgcat ttcaaaatcc tagagtttcc actgttcttt ttttatactt    214560
     tcttttattc agattcccta tttgatacat cattgttggg cttttcttta gttctttggt    214620
     catacttttc tttgatttta tgacaatata taaagaaaga gtgtgtatgt gcgtgtgtgt    214680
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtattttgta cagctagaga tgtagctcag    214740
     gagtgaagca cttacctggt acacacaaag cactggaatc aatctgggtt tgagtttatt    214800
     tttaggaatg gagggaacaa ggtcttgtca tgttgctcaa gctggcttcc gcctcctagg    214860
     ctcaagcatt tatcctcagc ctgttgagta gtgtagacta tgggcaagtg ccttcacacc    214920
     tagttctaag atacctttaa tactaggaaa gctgttggtt ttgtttatgc tcattctgca    214980
     tctgaacatg agtgcttggt aagcaattgt tggtgctcac attgcagaca actgggaaat    215040
     ggacggaggc aaccagagtg gggactctga gttcctcctc ctgggactct cggaggttcc    215100
     tgagcatcag cgcatcctat tctggacctt cctgtccatg tacctggtca cagtggtggg    215160
     gaacgtgctc atcatcctgg ccattggctc tgactcgcac ctgcacactc ccatgtattt    215220
     cttcctggcc aacctctcct tcactgacct cttctttgtc accaacacta tccccaagat    215280
     gctggtgagc cttcaatccc agaacaaagc tatctcctat ccaggatgtc tgacacagct    215340
     cttcttcctg gtgtctttgg tagccttgga caatctcatc ctggctgtaa tggcatatga    215400
     ccgttatgtg gccatctgtc accccctcca ttacactaca gccatgagtc ccaagctctg    215460
     tatcttactt ctcatcttgt gctgggccct atctatcctt tatggcctca tccacaccct    215520
     cctcatgacc agagtaacct tctgtgggtc tcggaaaatc cactacatct tctgcgaaat    215580
     gtatgtcctg ctgaggcttg catgctctaa cacccacatc aatcacatga tgctgatcgc    215640
     cacgggctgc ttcgtcttcc ttgttccttt tggattcatg atcatgtcct atatctgcat    215700
     tgtcagagct atcctcaaaa ttccttcagc ctctaacaag tacaaagcct tttccacctg    215760
     tgcgtcccat ctggctgtgg tggccctctt ctatgggaca ctgtgtatgg tgtatctgaa    215820
     acccctgcac acctactcca tgaaagactc agtagccact gtgatgtatg cagtggtgac    215880
     acccatgatg aaccctttca tctacagcct gaggaacaag gacatgcacg gggctctggg    215940
     aagactgcta aggaagccac ttcagaagct aacatgaggg ttgtttgggg gaaaggggaa    216000
     tgaagtggag agcatatagc cttcattata tgcagccatc accctacaga ttatgcagga    216060
     gtgtttggat acagctctgg ctctaaatga aacctctgtg gtgatggaaa ggcatgtaag    216120
     tacatcctag catcctttag atctcaccat ctttggtaat aaataaggtc acactaacgc    216180
     caacactaga atattgcagg gtcgaatttt tcaatgtgtc tgaccatagg atcacattct    216240
     tgggcttttc cagtataccc atttatgaca tagagacatc ttttgtgtta tctcacttac    216300
     aacaactgca caaaaaagca atggtgactg attattggtc actgggctat gctggcatgg    216360
     aagaaaccct ttagaaatga atcgacagag ccagaggggt gtaagactcc ggaacacaag    216420
     gttctgtaga tgaaaaagtc attctgcaga tggcacagtt ggccatcact ggaaaaagag    216480
     gccccttggt cttgcaaact ttatatgccc cagtacaggg gaactccaga gccaagaagt    216540
     gggagtgggt gggtagggga gcagggtggg ggaagggtat ggaggacttt caggatagca    216600
     tttgaaatgt aaataaaaaa atatctaata aaaaaacatt taaaaagtca ttctgctatt    216660
     catcaacata ttctatcgag tgtctatcaa aaccttcaaa ctcggttaca agcataaaca    216720
     tgaaactcat gaccagttgt gaaaaataga gaagattgta tgtgtaagac cccctttcag    216780
     ggaccccccc actctagtct cgggagagag agagcacacc caaagaaaca caagaatcct    216840
     tcttgctgta agcacataag gcagtttaat ggcggagctc cgggtaaaac atatctcatg    216900
     cagaagatgg tggattcgac ctcaaggctc gaaagctagg ggttttgatg gggtaaaggg    216960
     cttaggggtg gagaattcag catagtgaca cactattggc ttattcaaaa atcagcagaa    217020
     aaattatatg tacatgcaga tagggtgtca gagttctgtg agttggatgt ttatcaatgc    217080
     tagcagagta tctggtcaat ttgactcagt tcagatagcc ctgttatgtc ctcacattcc    217140
     tctttatctt tatggtcaag ctgttcccag gaatgtttta actatggagc atgtcggggt    217200
     ttgttttttt tttcttagcc ccaggcagcc tctaggctca caaacaacca gcaatttctg    217260
     agtactttat atgacttaca ggtcttgaaa tttcatcttt ctttcatatg taaatgagcc    217320
     tatctcacca attaagaggt aatgtttaac atgctgattt aaatatgtgt atctatctgt    217380
     ttaagatgca aatgctaggg ctagagagac atttcaatta agagcacttg ctgctcttcc    217440
     agaggaccta ggttccagtt cccacatgat aactcacaat cgcctgcaac tccagttttg    217500
     caactccagt ttcagggaat ccaatgccct cttctcaccc tgtgggaccc aggcacagat    217560
     atacatgcag gcaaaatatt catacacaca aaattgaaat aaatcaatct ttttaaaaaa    217620
     taagataaat gagcaaaagg gaaaaagatg ctatagctgg ggatgaagct caaagtagaa    217680
     catttgctga gcatacatga gggggtatgc tcaagttcag ggggagaggg cggtggggag    217740
     agagggggag aggagagaga gacagagaga gggaggagga gagagaaggg gaaagagagg    217800
     agagaggaag agacagaaca ctaaacgaat taaatacaca acaaagcttg aaggtaaagg    217860
     attacaaatt ggcacacacc atattttaag tataatgttg ctatagtaac attagataat    217920
     agactttaaa atagaaaaag cagaccttag caagatcata aacaaaagtc tccatctctc    217980
     tgaccaaaaa taattgcata aaacagcctg ttattaaaat aagatgtttt atctaagcct    218040
     cataataaca atgaagataa gcctatctat agtggttgca caaaatataa aaaggaccct    218100
     gtactggctg gttttgtgtg tcaacttgac acagactgga gtcatcacac agaaaggagc    218160
     ttcagttagg gaagtgcctc catgagatcc agctgaaagg cattttctca attagtgatc    218220
     aagggggaaa ggccccttgt gggtggtgcc atcctgggct ggtagtcttg gttctataag    218280
     agagcaggct gagcaagcca gaggaagcaa gccagtaagg aacatccctc cacggcctct    218340
     ccatcagctc ctgcttcctg acctgcttga gttccagtcc tgactttctt cagtgatgaa    218400
     cagcaatgtg gaaatgtaag ctgaataaac cctttccccc ccaacttgct tcttgatcat    218460
     gatgtttgtg caggaataga aacactgact aagacagacc caaagcattt tcacagtgaa    218520
     atgcatcaca ggaacacagg gtggaagagg agattccact ctcttcttcc taactgcaga    218580
     cacggtttgc tcagctgccc cattctggat tatactcctt tttatgccat gagccaaagt    218640
     aaaccagtcc ttcatttaag gagagaaaga aaaaggaaaa aaatggtctg aaaacaaatt    218700
     acaaagtggc agtagcaaat attcacctgt gaataattaa ttaccttaaa tataagcaga    218760
     tagggttgtc caatcaaaac atgtatagta actggaagga ttgggagttg gggattcaac    218820
     catgcactga ctacaagaaa ctcactttat tgcaaaggat gcattgagat tgagagtaaa    218880
     tgggtaaatg agcaaagaaa tactcaaata tgtatgtatt tttttccaag caactagaaa    218940
     ctggaagagt agctatgttt acatcagaca agtaggtcaa acaaaaagtc aaacactata    219000
     aaaagagaca ataaaggcct cttaaatgat aaagagatga ctttactaaa agacatacag    219060
     ctgtaaatat ctgtgcacat atcagagatc taaatgcata aatcaattgt taaatgactt    219120
     gaaggagaga gattgtaacc atcagagtcc ctgaacaccc cactcttagc aattagaaaa    219180
     catcagaaga tgaaccctgg ccttcctgtt agccactttg cttgtctcaa tgacaaaaca    219240
     gaatacctga cagaaaaaaa aaaactccaa ggagggagga tctattttga cagttttggg    219300
     gctcttagac caccatggca ggggaggcag gcagctgggg cagctccaac caagacagtg    219360
     agagcacagg gtgttcacat caggacacag tgagagccca ggttagccca aggaggacac    219420
     cttcttcaag gcctgtccta gccatactgc agtcccactc tttgggggac tttccattac    219480
     tttccaaaat ggcatcatga gctactggcc agatattcaa acatacgcct gtgaggacca    219540
     ttttacattc aaaccacaca gattgacatt tcactttagg ctaaatggat ctagatctat    219600
     ccaaagctgt ctatccatgg acagcagaat gtatattgct ctagagcttg gttcccgttt    219660
     gtgtgaactc accctggcta actcggtctc ttttgttctt ctaaaaggaa acacctgaga    219720
     ttgagcactt tattttaaag aaaaaagaag agaagaggag aggagaggag aggagaggag    219780
     aggagaggag aggagaggag aggagaggag aggagaggag aggagagaag agaagagaag    219840
     agaaaagtgc aaggctgaag agatgtgggt cagtggttaa gactatttga tatttttccc    219900
     aaggaccaga gtttggttac taacactcac agtgagctgc ctataaccat ccatagaccc    219960
     aggagatcct gtgccctctt ctggcttcca ttggcacctg tgcacacatg gtgtacattc    220020
     acacacacac acacccacac acacacacac acacatttaa aaatgaaaat aaatcttttt    220080
     aaatacagaa gtcatttctc acagtctgga agctggaaaa tcaaagacat tgtaggggcc    220140
     agtccctcag agtcagtaca aaacacaccc agacaccaag ttccctgcac caaggagatt    220200
     tatttcctag gaaggatggg ggtgagggtg ctaactctac atggtacaaa cgaagtaagc    220260
     aggtgtgtct acaggagtga tgtttaagaa gaaaggggga agtctgagca aggatgagtt    220320
     agtaagtcct cattggccag gttagccatt atagccaagt aatgaatttt gattggtgga    220380
     cctgggtgtt tagtttcagg aatgactttg gagtctagct ttgggaatct gattagcaag    220440
     ggagagaaag gagagaaggt aaaacctgcc agctcccatt cttgccatgc tcctgcctgt    220500
     tgaagaccca ctcaatgcca attactgaac tgggtttcct tgcttccaag attctgcctt    220560
     acgcatctgt gctggctggt tttgtttatc aacttgacac aagctggagt tatcacagag    220620
     aaaggagttt caggtgagca aatgcctcca tgagatccag ctgtaaggca ttttctcaat    220680
     tagtgatcaa gggtgggggg cctcctttga tgatgaacag caatgtggaa agtgtaaact    220740
     gaataaaccc tttcctcccc aacttgcttc ttggtcgtga tgttttgtgc aggaatagaa    220800
     accccaacta agacagcatc ctccaaaggg aagaaatgct gtgaccacat actgcagatg    220860
     tgtgaacagg agagctctct gctacataaa gattctttta tatgggtctt aagctcattc    220920
     acaagaattc ttgttacctg atccccttag aggcccacct cttaccacta cacgttggcc    220980
     attacgttta aacacacaac tagaggggaa atactcagac ctatcatcaa cccaacaggg    221040
     aggtattagg atgttctagg tgaggttaat tacacattat acattacaga tcacacgtta    221100
     ttacacatta tgaactacac attatagccc caccttgttt agtcaccaga tgtggggtat    221160
     cctgggaaag gagtggtctt tgggaaaaaa agggctctga aaccaaggca aacccttaag    221220
     gaaaggaccc ccagcggctg tccactgacc attcttgccg cagctgcaca gggagtccaa    221280
     tgtgttggac tgttgctact gttgttctct tggggtgcgg gaattaattt ggttttgaac    221340
     agagtctcac tatgtatgcc aggctgattt caaagtcatg atcctcctgc ttccgcctcc    221400
     cgcgtgctga aagtacaggt gtgcaccacc acaagtagct agaaagtcct gaagtgaaaa    221460
     ctgtctttaa agggcatctc catttccctg tggatatgtg tgggtaaaac tgtcattaaa    221520
     actctgggta tacaaaaaac taatacatca acttatcagt ggcaaccaag tctcctagaa    221580
     gattgtccac aaattatgtg tattatcgtt tctaataatg cacataacat ctaaacatcc    221640
     atagatgttt ctaatgtgcc tgtcttgctt tactttgttt tttcctttct ttctatgggt    221700
     atgggtaatt tgacggcaca tatgtgcacc acccaagtag aggccagagg aaggtgtgag    221760
     gttcaacctg gaaaaagcaa tcattgttat taacctccat agaccatctc ttcatcccaa    221820
     aatatgcttg attttattgg atctaaatct tggataccgg gagcctaaga ggatctgtct    221880
     caggctggga gatctgaatg gacttcagtc accagctctc ttcctcccca ccgagcgctg    221940
     taccctgggt cagggcacaa agagccctac tagggtcatt ttccacagga ggcgatgtgc    222000
     tgagtccctc aaaccgactc caagatgagc tgttttcttg gaaccctctg gctctcaccc    222060
     aaatagcctt agtctccgca gtgcccccca aagtttcaga gcgtggagga cctcggatca    222120
     tcagaggaac agaccaaaga gataaacaca ccctgaagga cagcctagcg cagaagcagt    222180
     ggacagaaaa accgggagct cgctgaccag actggagttc gcatcctcca gttctacagt    222240
     cttcgtgctc catctagcgg cggcttctgg aatcgcgtgc gttttaaata aaattccgcg    222300
     gctgtaatcc aagattccag aaggaagtgc ataaaggctg cagatcctct tctgctcgac    222360
     cctaccccac ctcaccctac cccccagtct ctgactctcc ctaaaattaa gtcattcttc    222420
     cccacaatga ccagctggtg ccggctccca gcaatctgca ttctcattcg caaaagcatt    222480
     tgatacaagg atgtaaaatg aaatccaaga tgattaattc taggattacg ttggggaaat    222540
     aatatataaa cacgacgacc tatcagtcct tagaccacca aagtcatttg atgaaacagc    222600
     actcactagt gattggaaaa acaaaaatct ctgtagtcga ggaattaaaa taataaaagc    222660
     tttaaaaaac aatcagcacc cctccactgc accaactcct gcctccaggt ttctgccttg    222720
     gttgagttcc tgtctcggct tccttcagtg atgaactacc gtgtgaaagt gtaagctaaa    222780
     taaacccttc ctccccaact tgattttggt catagcatag aaacataggt cgttgtgttt    222840
     cttcatagca atagcagccc taagacatct ttatccccaa gatgttataa tcccaaaaag    222900
     tagccacatt tactattaga aacattaaaa tgattgtgca aactgtcttt ctatgggcga    222960
     ttatgacaat gggagaaaga tgtccctcca gattcatttg catgtccatt ataattatgg    223020
     ttattattta tttgaaactt gcagaattgt aaaatgactc cgagagaatc cgaatcagag    223080
     aacccaggaa ggtgtgtcca agacaatgca gttttcattg aagaacaaat tattctcctt    223140
     ctcatgtcac ttgaataaaa tatccttcca tccctcaagg cattgttagc tgatttttct    223200
     atttcctgta gctggacata gtcttcacag attcaacaga tagttttgaa tacacaagag    223260
     ttttcttcta attttcatag agaatagaaa gagccaggtg tccacaacag gcagagggag    223320
     tatttccaac ataaagacta aactaacagc ccccttactt acaaattaca cacaggcaca    223380
     cacccaccac caccaccacc aggaaggaag gaaggaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa    223440
     agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagag ggagggaggg agggagggag    223500
     ggaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaagga agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag    223560
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaaggaagaa agagatttat gacaacagga aatggagatg    223620
     cgtaggaaaa gaaatgcctg aacatagaaa aaaaatgttc agacacattc atgagtttta    223680
     taaaatgtaa attaaaactg tgataaaaat acttctcagg caaagactgg caagtttatt    223740
     gaaggtggga taaataaggt attttcatac cctgtgaaga gatgtattca tatagccacc    223800
     tggaaggaca gttcggcaaa agaaagcagt cgaaatacat atacatttta tcacaatact    223860
     actacttcca ggcattgatc cgacaggtgt gcttgcctac atatgcaaaa ccatttacag    223920
     agaaatagta tttcagaggc actacttgta gtcacaaagg gttgagaggg aaatagttaa    223980
     atagccacat atgcatctat gaaatggaac atcatccaat tatttcaaat aatgaggcac    224040
     agctataatc actcccggca tcaggaagct gaggtaggag gattgccacg agttctaagc    224100
     cagcttaggc cacacagcga gttccaggac agtctgggct actctgcaga atcctgcctt    224160
     aactaagttg gaaaatgaac aaaacagcca ggtttcaagt cagcaagaag gctgtggttg    224220
     ggcaatggta gcgtgtttgt tgtcctggct agttttacat cgacttgaca caagctagag    224280
     tcatttaaaa aggaggaaaa cctcagttga gaaaaatgcc tccataagac ccagctgcag    224340
     agcattgtct taattagtgg ttgctggcag ggttgggggg ggggggggca gcccattgtg    224400
     gatggggcca tccctgagct ggtgatccta ggtactgtat gaaagcaggc cgagcaagcc    224460
     aggaagagca aaccagtaag cagcatccct ccatggcctc tacaccagct cctgcctcca    224520
     ggctcctgcc ctgttagagt tcctgtcctg actttgatga tgaacaacag tatgaaagtg    224580
     taaaccaaat gaacctttct tccccaattt gcattttggt catggtattt catcacagta    224640
     gaaacccaaa ctggtatttt acaatttcaa tattatttca acagctttag tgatgtttct    224700
     acccgctaaa catccagata tgtttttagg ttatcaatat aattcaggtt cccactaaca    224760
     ctctataatt aagaagcaaa aatctacaaa ctccaattag aaatgtgttc acaatggctc    224820
     tttagctgcc ccctcatcca ttgggtgatt tgtggctact ctgtgtccta accactggct    224880
     gggaacgatt gatgcagtga gagatgctca cccactgttg ttgggccaac caaactcagt    224940
     ctgatgagac ttagtctaga accaagtact gtctgcgctg ttctcttaaa gataagaact    225000
     gtggactatg agttaacaaa aacagtgtga gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatgtgt gagtgtgtgt    225060
     gtgagtgtgt gggtgtgggt gtgagtgtgt gggtgagtgg gtgggggtgg gtgggggtgt    225120
     gagtgggggg gggtgagtgg gtgtgagtgg gtgagtgtgt gtgtgagtgt gtgtgtgtga    225180
     gtgtgtgtgt gagtgtttgt gtgtgtgagt gtgggggtgg gggtgggggt gtgagtgtgt    225240
     gtgggggtgg ggggagtgtg agtgggtgtg aatgggtgag tgtgtgtatg agtgtgtgtg    225300
     tgtgtgtgtg agagagagag agagagagtg tgtgtgtgag tgtgtgtgtg tgactgtgtg    225360
     ggtgggtgtg tgggtgggtt tgtgagtgtg tgtgggtgtg ggtgtgtgag tatctgtgta    225420
     tgtgtgtgtg tatgtgtggt gtggttgcat gtgtgcatgc gcacatgcat gtatgtgctc    225480
     agatgcattc accaatgcct gtatatgaag ttcatctttc tctattggtc tcccccttct    225540
     tgagatgggg tctctcacta gaccttggta cggcactttg gccatgctgg ttgcagtcct    225600
     ctctgtcccc tggtgttacc cttggctatt tatgatggtg ctgaggatcc taactcgagt    225660
     actcatattt taacagcaat cattttaccc actgagccag ctccccagtc aaaaaggctt    225720
     cttcagagag acgttaagaa gctggtctac cagcctagac cccattacaa gagaaaaccc    225780
     ccatagcaac ttgaagggtg atggtttaat ataaagaatt attaactata aactttaaag    225840
     actgtcagaa ctggcaacac agccgctatc cctagagtgg aagagatttc cctggaagag    225900
     ctgtcccacc caaggactgg tccagctctg cctggctctg ctcctggagg gtaaacctcc    225960
     atgatccaca gcagcagagc ttactaggca tctgtctctc tcctcaggga gctgtctcac    226020
     tgggagaaat gcacctccag accactggga atgtggagac aaggagggat tagaggataa    226080
     gccaagggtc agagagggct gctaaccact gtgcagtcca tgaactttgc actggagggg    226140
     ctgtgtgcag gccagactgg ccctaaagaa ggttctctgt agtaggagcc agccctcaag    226200
     atgcagagag tgctacagga acctatcaca gaagccccta aaagtttctc taagtagcac    226260
     agcagatagg gaaaagacct ttcagcaggc cctcacttgc acctggctta gaacacagcc    226320
     aacggatctg aacccatttt caccatctag acagtaaaga gggcatttat cactgaggct    226380
     gatgtagctg gactcaggac tagaacgaag ctaatagacg attacatagt tactgtgtct    226440
     gaaaaagctt tctagctgtc acaagcccat tttaataaat ccaacaattc ggctcaaaca    226500
     aaacaaagga acagaggaaa actgaaagca gaagcaagat gaggacaaga gggatgccac    226560
     ttctgtcctt tcaatgcaaa gagacacctg catcttgtta ataaatgccc ctttaaagac    226620
     ttaaattagt ttgagctagt tttgatccct atcacaaaac catcctacta aatactagct    226680
     gttaataatg acgtcctcaa attaaagtct taataacaat aacacaagta cacacacaca    226740
     cacaaataca catactcaca catagatgca tgcacacaca tatacacaca cttgcacatg    226800
     catacatgca acatacacat acatacaaat gcctgtgtat atacatatac acatatacac    226860
     atactctcac atacatacac acacatacac atgtacttac acactcacat acacacatac    226920
     acatgcatac acataaaaac acaaacatgc atacatatac acacaccaca tacacatgca    226980
     aatgtacaca tacatacatg cacataaaaa cacacataca cacacagata catgcacaca    227040
     cataaataca cacacagaac acatgcacac acacagcata cacatacaac atacacaaac    227100
     acacatgcgt acaacacaca catatacaca tcctttccta ctgtattcag tattatgctt    227160
     gaagagtaaa gccgaatttc acctataccc tatagtccac ttttctagca ttttcctcac    227220
     atttcttatt agtaataaat ttttataaaa cttagagatc tgtattttaa ttttttacat    227280
     gttttcattt actgtgtgag catgcatgtg tggtagtcag aggactactt gcaacagtca    227340
     gttctcttct tccaccaggt gggggaccca gagatctaac acaggttcag caggcatgga    227400
     ggcaagctag catcatcact ctctgaacca tctagctaca cacacacaca tatacatgtg    227460
     tatgcagtgt cttagaagga gattattaaa atccatctga tgccctgcac aaacttccca    227520
     ccatcttgtg tgtgccgatc ttgtgtgtgc cggtgtcacc aggcctgatc agtatctacc    227580
     tcattgtttt ctcatggagc tgactgggcg cagcttgctt tgatcacttg cttctcttaa    227640
     atgggctgtt tcatgttatt attccatatt atggggccag ttcgccagct ttgttcttgg    227700
     gtgtgcctct ctctttcatt tatcttgccc ctgatcctgc tagcagaggg aacactggcc    227760
     catgggtgtg agcatctgtt ccccctcccc accccacccc cgcagctgtt tgtccctggg    227820
     gcctcgagtc atacctgccc tctgatcatc tgttttggtt tggagaaggc agcccagctg    227880
     ttttccattt taatagaatc tcccgctctt tcagcctcac caagctctcg cccatttatt    227940
     tcctcatgat gctgctcttt cctcccggca tcccctattt caggatttct gtccttcctg    228000
     cagccaccat ccgtcttcat gtacaattcc tcctctcagg cttcctattt taggacctgt    228060
     tcacggttct attctccttg gtaattcctt tgatattcct acaaaatcct gttttatagg    228120
     atatgcattt ttccactagg gcagtaattg tggaaagaat ctccctaggt gaggggtaga    228180
     tttctctcca ccctgtagat ttaggacagg cttctgtcta acctgtaggt aggggacaag    228240
     tgtctgagcc tgagactagt ccatgggaaa tagattctta agtagagtct gtacactgaa    228300
     tccgtggttc ccaaagcatc ggactacaac agaattctcc acgtgctcat ctaacattac    228360
     acatcttttg aggcatacta gtgcaccact tcaattccag ccctttggag gcagaagcag    228420
     gcaggtctac atagcaagct ccaggacaac cagggcttct tagtgataca ctgtcccagg    228480
     acacacaccc ctccaaaaac tgcagctccc tgggccttac tccagagtga ttgaattata    228540
     aaagtctcaa taccttaaat gagcattcta gagaaagttt ccctgagtcg tacttataca    228600
     aggaacagcc tctttcctga atgtggaaga ggatagcaat actgggttgg ttttctgggc    228660
     caacttgaca caagctagag ccacgagaga aaggagcctc agttgaggaa atgcctccat    228720
     gagatccagc tgtaaggcat tttctccatc agtgccaact tcgggctggt agtcctgagc    228780
     tctataagaa agcaggctga gcaagccaag ggaatcaagc caataagcag caccctttat    228840
     agcctccgct tcaggtcctg cctccaggtt cctgacctgc ttgagttcct gtcctgactc    228900
     cctttgtcaa agaccagtga catggaaatg taagcagaat aagcctctcg tgtcctactt    228960
     gcttttcggt tatggtgtct cactgcagca atagcaaacc taactaagac aatggcctaa    229020
     agttgagaac agtcttctct aaggtctctg tacagcctga tgcttcggat atcatttcca    229080
     cctgaggaaa agggacagaa agtcctaact cttagatcac taccataaag cgactaatgt    229140
     gtcttagatt tcctctctgg aacttaactc tggctcctat aaggagtggc tgccacggga    229200
     gcacacagtg tgccgttaaa tgactaagag ggatgctgga atggaccaca gcaatgattc    229260
     aacccatccc acacttcaaa ttcagaggac cactgaaatc aacagaaaca ggcaagatct    229320
     ccacagctgt gcagatgtga accatcagaa caggcaagaa cagcagcacc ccaccttacc    229380
     cccgaggcaa tcaatacaag aacagctgaa tgaaggcgtg gctgtattag gcttgggtcg    229440
     gggctagtaa cacatcaaca agactgggct gaggaatacc cagagagcat agaaaacgtt    229500
     aattttggat gtgtctatct ggggcatcca gaatccattg atttgaagta ctaggctgag    229560
     tcaccatcac tctcaccatg ggaatgggaa tcctacaatc caggagggcc tgaaaggaac    229620
     cgagcagaga agggacagtc attctctgct caagctggcc tactcatgtg tcagccttca    229680
     tgtggccctg accatcagct ctcctggttc tcaggccttc agatcaggac tggacctgtg    229740
     ccagcagccc agcagatctt agggctcaga tctgaactac actgaagcct gaagcctgac    229800
     ttcccacagg ctgctcccac ccagtgtctg tttccatgag gagtggcaat tataattctg    229860
     tgggatctat ggattcctcg agaggaaaac ttgactaagg actccccagt ggccttaaag    229920
     aagtccttgt agaagtacac tgctattgtg gccacttctg cccagccctt gacccactca    229980
     gtctttcctt taggcatcac agtgacagct gtccaagctg ctccatctcc ctccccgttc    230040
     tgcctcatag gcctttcccc taataaatcc atcattcctg tctcaatgtc tacagaagga    230100
     cattagtgga agggcagacc agcccctaag caaagaaaaa ttacacccgt caaacaaagg    230160
     agactttatc caaaactgtt gcaataagga aatgaatttg aacccaactg caaacatgac    230220
     agagaccagt gggaaattgt agccaagtgg tgaggtgagc aattttctga ggtggaaaat    230280
     taccaagagg aactcagttg ggtatggaaa ccaaagacgt gctctggatg gaaactaaga    230340
     gcagggaatc cttacctggg ttagactgag ttttaactta gatgaagcct aatcagaaag    230400
     tgggctcaga ggagcaggag ggaagttacg ttgacagagt ctgtataaca acccaaggca    230460
     agacaattgt cccatgatgc caacctccac caaagggctg gtgagacaaa ctttgaactg    230520
     aatgtgaagt ttaaagcaag tttggaatgg ggttaatgac tataaccgca gagtcataga    230580
     actggacagc gataccgtta ctggacccag ccagacagca ggtggaagag ctggtcagaa    230640
     agccttcctc cgtatagtgg gcagaataat gggccccagg atgtccaaaa gctccaagct    230700
     atttgaccta gggagggggt gtgcagattt caagaatcct aagaactaaa cctctgagct    230760
     ggaggttccc ccacttagtg ttagaataac agatggaatt ccagggtacc agcagggtcc    230820
     aaaagtgtta agggctagtt attggcccgg gtgaatgaca tccatgcctt gtacagcact    230880
     ttctacatac atgagaattc tgtccatagc taatatctcc ccttcctgtt ttcagagaga    230940
     aaagttgaac ccaggaagca accaaaccct gaggggcaga gagagaggta ccaggtgctt    231000
     gtgtgaaaga tggcgcttca gttcaaatcc tggaggaggc actgcagccc ccagcacagg    231060
     agactgcagg tatggggttc catacaggag agggaagcca atagcactaa caatgcaggt    231120
     tacctgctat actgctgttc agccagcact cccagtcatc tagaacttac cttcatgtta    231180
     atatcagcca tcagattcca gtcctaaaat gagatgtgac tctggcccct taagtggaat    231240
     ggagacacca ccagtctcga tgagctattt tggagactga ggtcataatc aattcttccc    231300
     tcaggcttgt ttttaaaatg gtaagttggt cctatgcagt tgatgtaacc agggataatg    231360
     gcaatcagtc taagacagct tagacttttg ctcttgcatt ttgtccagga ggaatattag    231420
     gtgcgaagga agaccaaagt gtggatgctt ccatccttct taggaggggg aacaaaatac    231480
     tcacaggagg aaatacagag acaaaaagtg gagcagagac tgaaggaaag gccatccaga    231540
     gactgcccca cctggggatc catcccatat acagtcacca aacccagaca ctattgtgga    231600
     tgccaagaag tgcttgctga caggagcctg atatagctgt ctcctgagag gctctgccag    231660
     agcctgacaa atacagaggc agatgctcac agccaaccac tagactaagc acagggtccc    231720
     caacagagga gttagagaaa tgactgaagg agctgaagtg gtttgccact cccataagag    231780
     gaacaacaat gtcaaccaac cagaccccct cccagagtgc ccagggacta aaccaccaac    231840
     caaagagtac acatggaggg acccatggct ccagccacat atgtagcaga ggatggcctt    231900
     gtcaggcatg aatgagagga gaggcccttg gtcctgtgaa gactcaatgc cccagtggaa    231960
     tgccagggtg gagaggcagg agtgggtggg tgggtgggtg ggggaacacc ctcatagaag    232020
     cagggggagg gagaggggat agggggcatg gggggggacc aggaaagggg ataacatttg    232080
     gaatgtatcc aataaaaaaa tattaggttg aagtaggtga cttcactgaa ctatatcaag    232140
     atgcatagaa tccacaaaca cagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    232200
     gagaatacaa catacctcaa acctctgcct gctgcctcca tgtagcctgt gtgctctgga    232260
     ccccatccat tcgtccattc atccattcac ccagctgcag gctatggctc ctctacctcc    232320
     tcatagctcc tgagtgacag ccctccccat gctcgtcccc acagccaaac ttcaggcccg    232380
     tttccagctg ataaatgttg tgtttctttc ttaatcattt agcatatatg aattgttacc    232440
     agttttatta agcttatatg tctttatttc tatcggtcac caataatgta tttgagtgtc    232500
     ccacacttag cccatctttg ccacagttgt ggtttcccac ggtgtgtttt taggggctga    232560
     taagtcatta cagctaactg gctacctatg taagcatcaa ttgctactgt tgagattatc    232620
     attattaact gaatctctgc tactatacat aacgtttttc aaagcgcgtt tgatcaatta    232680
     ggagttcatt tttatcctta tgctttccat ggggcgtcta tttctgatag cacatagagg    232740
     aaaattcaga gcccggcaat gttgagtaat ttgcccaaga tcacaaagca agtctccgac    232800
     agaggcttaa aacctgcctc ttgccttcaa atctacaccc agcaggtcaa gcaaagcaca    232860
     tgaatgagcg tagccactgt gagtcagagg aagataagaa aggcattagt cataggcgac    232920
     ccctcgaaca gaaaatctgc aaaggagctt gggcaaagga gagagactgg tgggcaggag    232980
     acaacaggag actcgtctcc tcagtaccac agaggcaaat agagtgggta agcgatgggc    233040
     gatgggcgat gggcggagtg agcagtaagg agtgctggag aatatggtaa actcgggtct    233100
     caccataggg agttcgagcc cgctttcatc aatccatgcc tgagtagatt tagtctgact    233160
     taaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaaa gaaaagaaag aaagaaactc ccttttttgt tgttgttacg    233220
     gttagtttgc gtgcgcgtgc acacatgtgt tgcatatgta tgtagtgttg ttgcatatgt    233280
     atgtagtgta cccatgtgag tgcacatatc ctgtgcacac atgtgttgca tatgtatgta    233340
     gtgttgttgc atatgtatgt agtgtaccca tgtgagtgca catatcctgt acacacatgt    233400
     gttgcatatg tatgtagtgt tgttgcatat gtatgtagta tacccatgtg agtgccaggg    233460
     acatcactag tcttcctccc tcactctgga ccttactgtc tcgagacagg gtctctcact    233520
     gagcgggaag cttgccatct tcccttggct gacaaacaag ttctcagtat ctgcctgctt    233580
     tcacctcccc tgtcccccac tctagggtca caggatgtgc agtcaggcat ggctttttgt    233640
     gggctggaga ttcaaattca gatccaaatg cttgcggagg gagcacgcaa tcttatccaa    233700
     caaaccactg ccccagtgcc aggtttgttt gctttgtttg tttttaatat taataaagtt    233760
     ttcaaacagg ttcaagctga tagccaccct ccagtgaaag gccctgccga aagtctagta    233820
     gagccccact ccaagaaatg tgaactctaa tggacacaaa atatgttatt tattgtcaat    233880
     ttctgcaaag acacatttaa gcaacaaaat atacattttc aaccttttag aatttgtttt    233940
     atacattaac aaatacaatg tgctaccata gcaataaatt agatgtacac tatttacatc    234000
     acataggcag tcaggatcta caaatcaccc ccctcactga gaggaagcaa agaaaagtca    234060
     tcgtcacagg ggtcactttc aaactacacc tcttaggttc taccacatgg gcatctcttc    234120
     acatggcaac cccggcaccc tgggagctgg agatcaggcg gggacatcac aagttggcat    234180
     agacgctaag gagtgggaag gggaatttca ccctttcaag tggaaatgtc acagaaccaa    234240
     agacaatggc aactgattcc agtcttgcag ccaagcgcac tatccgctgg gggtgttaag    234300
     gcccaggtca aagccactgc cccagctact actcactgca gacggccctt ggctctgggc    234360
     atccaaagaa gcacatagcc tggctgcaaa gagacacggg attggtgtgg gcaagcggct    234420
     ggtggcaaaa cagacaccag agtttcgtag gatgcctcag aagccctcca ccgagtgggc    234480
     ggcaggatca gccttgttca ttgtgccaac ctgtctttgt ctttgattga ggggtaacta    234540
     gaagctgggg agggaacatg gggttccaga gtatggctaa ctaacctggt tgctgctggc    234600
     ccagaagcca tatgttctat cggaacccca ggacccaaca cacgtacaca caacacagct    234660
     gtctttgcag accaagaaac aaaggacaaa aggtgatgtt tgagttggca ccataaaggg    234720
     tcaaagaaaa gaaaatgaca ctggctgtgc cctgcctggt cacctgagct gggcttttat    234780
     tacccatctc cattttaaaa cctggagagg cctgggccta gactcagcgg cagagccctc    234840
     actcagcatg agcaaggcct tggggacgtt cccagcacca ccaaaaaatg aggaagggag    234900
     ggatggagag agggaggaag aaaagatata tcagagaatt agttcatttt atcatcttct    234960
     gtcctgattt cgaacaaaga agtcaagggt agctaatgca ttttgtccag atgactttgt    235020
     cccagtcact gaaaacccaa agaagcactt gactgcaatc cctcctcctc catttcccaa    235080
     gcccccgggt cctcactgat cgaagcttgt catgctggaa aagagcagag gcagaggccc    235140
     tatcaatacc tcggacctca gcacctgccc gccagtgcag agaccccagc taccaggctt    235200
     cctcaaaacc caggctccag gaaatgcaac tgcttgctgt gccaacagta agtacagttg    235260
     gtatgcagga acgggctcaa ggcggctgtg tggcctcagg caagttcttt ctgttcatct    235320
     ggaggatgac atggtctgtt gagatgcaaa cagggcctag gaggcttgag tatcaaaaag    235380
     ggcccacaaa actgaagtcc agatggtttt ccaagaaaca ccatttgaca ttcattatca    235440
     cagagagaga aactctggct aaggccttct atctggagcc ctcccacatc tgctttagtg    235500
     tatcaacaga gctgggggca tctggatgcc tattaacacc tgcaaaatat agtttccaga    235560
     gttgtgacca ggagaacccc ttgtggaagt aacagtggaa atgtcccccc acatccaagc    235620
     agaagtatcg gctacagagg ctcagtcaca tgaaggggcc tcagcaaggc tcggagccct    235680
     aagacttggt acagccatga aaggaaagac tggatcagag tgtggaggaa cagcctccag    235740
     cccagagggc tgagaggaga ctgggccctg ccattattct actcccgtta agcagagaac    235800
     ttgagctggg ctggcggtac ctactctgga agccacagga tgacctatta gatagagaga    235860
     ggcatgagca gagggcaggg gcatctcata tcctgcccag agtacctcag cagcaaacca    235920
     agggtgagga ccacagccag ggcctctcag ttcctcagca cacagtcatc cagcccagag    235980
     gtaatgcctg caggcagagt agccaaagca gtggggacga ggcttataag gtttccagac    236040
     agcgtgggac aacctgaaag cccctgaaga gccccagacc acaatacaac atagcacaat    236100
     caccaagtgg ggaaaactgc ccaacacaga gaagggagcc agagtcctgt aatagtttca    236160
     aagaaaacac ggtttgacct ttcaagttca agcagaaacc tgccagcaga acactgccag    236220
     aatccacccg ccttcttcca gccccggctg ccgctacgct ggcttttaat aaaagataaa    236280
     cagatattct gttgaccttc taactagaac aaatcttacc agactagtat ttcacgtaag    236340
     caggtttcct aagtggagtg agggatgagc tccccctccc ctggctgcac gcaagtgcgt    236400
     gggggatgaa ggaccaaaac tgtgctcaga tgacaaaggc agcagaaaca gttactatac    236460
     cagccccaaa ggctgttcca cccttctgta ctttggcttg ggaataggag cctctgcagg    236520
     caaagcactt ggttggaaat tcttgtcatc tgctcgatga cacaggagcc cagaaccaag    236580
     cagccctgtg ccacagaccc atgtgtactt aatgaggtgg gatcttcaag tgcctgctgt    236640
     gtagagccag cgtttagcct gttggatgct ctattctaca cccagcagca gaaccttcct    236700
     gcaaacctgg aagactgagg agccaaagac agcttctcag tcttcaggat gggctggctc    236760
     acccagagaa ggcagccatg acaaggagta cagatggcct gtggcttaaa gcgcaggctc    236820
     gtggggtctg ggcttccagg ggccctgaag atgggacaat ggcctaaaaa cctgcagttg    236880
     gagatggaag gatgaagact aggggactga gcctagaatc agtccctggg cagtactggt    236940
     cccctcacgg gtaacaggac ctcagaggtg gaagaacact gtattgattc caacactaaa    237000
     ttcaaccacc acacacttgg ctgaccaaaa actgccaaga cactctccac tacatctccc    237060
     ccctctctca cctaagacat ggcttaaact atgtcttttc caaattctca cacaagtgga    237120
     gacctgaacc cctaatgagc cttctcaccc agaggctcct gcactggcct tgtgttcacc    237180
     ttggactcca cactcctgga tgcccactac cagggctcct ccaaccacat agataatcag    237240
     cagcttgtgt agaattagaa aggaaaaaac cttgagacta cagtcaaggg agcatgcagc    237300
     cgggttctag aacacctagc tctgactggg agcgtccacc agcctgagcc tcttgagggg    237360
     gccctggcag aagtgacaga gctccctagg cctgggctgg cagatgtgtc ggaaatacag    237420
     taagattcaa cccagaggat actgggatat tcctggaaaa gcagtccagg aaggcactgc    237480
     actgcgaccc aagacagaca gtacccaccc accattctgc agttacctct gctccccacc    237540
     acacaaccct ctctgtccct ggggcagacg agctccctag cttctcgctg agccccctgg    237600
     gactcagagt cccccttgcc cagatctttt cctgcatgta aaacaagatg ctagttgact    237660
     cagatagccg gtcacatcag gaggtcagaa gcacaggttg gggctttcag gtctggagaa    237720
     ggatctggca aggtcatggc caggtcagga cgtggaacag acagctggtg cgctgggcag    237780
     gtggccagtg agacagcagg cctaaacggt cagagtagtg gatggcaccc ccaaactgct    237840
     ggaattagga gccttctgta ggccagaatc cacacttccc tgggaagata aggaaggggg    237900
     gatggagaac aagcattagg tcaaagagag atgaaaacac actggagcca aagtagggaa    237960
     gccactcagg gcaaggaggc tgccaagtgt aaggggcctg gactcagtcc cagaagccgt    238020
     gtgtaagcat tgtacaccag aagcatccac agtcccacac aggtagtgga ggccaacatc    238080
     acactcccgt ttcctcttct gttttctcag acatgggtta aacataaagt gagcttaact    238140
     ctaccctccc tcttggtccc aactcactca cactccaggg agacctcact gagcaggtgg    238200
     ggccaatggg tctcaggtga cctcactttc aggagttcac tggtatatca tgacaggaac    238260
     agagaccacc ctggggttgt ccctcaaaac aacgcttggg taggggcatc tcatgtcata    238320
     ttggggaaga cagataccag cctggagcct tggccaaaat acaaggagag agactgactg    238380
     taacggggaa aggaaggggt aaacggggaa ttcctcccag ggaaacaagt gaactcttcc    238440
     gctacttccc ctcctaacta ctacaaccag ctccatctag tgtgggggtc taccacaata    238500
     acactggaca acccttcctg gccactgttc tcagccccgc cccccacaaa ggcctggaga    238560
     tgtccatcaa cagtagtcct ccatgttcct cagctgactt tctctggcca ttctcaggcc    238620
     ataaagccat agacactctg acctcaaggg aatagtcccc tctcatggcc acagtaagac    238680
     actcaccttg gataagggaa ggtcttcact ttcacattag tgaccctgta taagaaacac    238740
     acaagatttt ttttttcaaa ccaccagaca acggcctcca cctgcagctt tggtgcactt    238800
     ggctcttggc aatcagagtt caggaaggga cttgggcttc caggggccag cagaacccat    238860
     ctcacctctg gggatggctg tgtgcaagaa tgaggcgcta ctgtaggatg gagtggcaaa    238920
     ggtggctgga gagctcccag cctggtctgc accaagtaag gacagaaacc gtcaccccca    238980
     gatctggcag agcacgcatc tctgcctgct tcaggagaca cccccacaca caccccatgg    239040
     gcactctcta ggtgttctct ctctctggaa aaagtctggc taggaggggt gctggaatgt    239100
     ggggtgtagg gctcataggg cccttcctta gatgcccaca ccatccttac cgcactggag    239160
     ctagcatggc tgagtttatc aaagcggaat ttcaggttgg acctcgggga gtttctgctt    239220
     ttggcatcta agaaaagaaa aaggttatgg agcttaaggg gttattctag caaagtcaga    239280
     gtactggata gggaaagagg cctcaacctc tccccaaaag catgctccct aacaggtacc    239340
     cacccatcag aagcagtact cggacttgga gaactgctgc accctactta ttaaacacag    239400
     gtcacttcaa tattttcaaa attaagttat ggaatctcat aagtaaacaa gccatattca    239460
     aggaagataa tggatattca aaatttgtca tttcctcatt atattgtggt gtttttgctt    239520
     taatctgtgt tgttacatca gctgcattct tctataagaa attggttaag gtggtaggct    239580
     atgcatctct ccccaacacc aagcccaggg atgtagtggt ggtggcttga ggtcagtctc    239640
     aatggaagca ttaagactac tgaagttggc ctataaatct gggcttggtt tatggttttg    239700
     ttccctagat ttaagaaact aatggaaggg ctggcaagat agctcagggg ttaaaagcac    239760
     tggctgctct tccagaggtc ctgagttcaa ttcccagcaa ccacatgatg gctcacaacc    239820
     atctgtaata agatacaatg ccttcttctg atatgcagac atacatgtag gccaaacact    239880
     gcatacgtaa taaataaata cataaatgaa acttaaaaat aagaaagaaa ctaatggaaa    239940
     gtaataataa aggaactaaa cttaaaagca ggttgtaccc ggctgccgct acattgtgaa    240000
     gaccagcgtg ggagacacct gctccccagt gttgaaaaac taccaccaaa ttcaacaaag    240060
     aggttgtttg catccctgac aaataaatgc tgtctttcta gtgcaaaatg tcaatgtagg    240120
     cagtaatatc catcaacacc cacatggtaa ccagatttga ctgtcatctg cagccttgta    240180
     ctggctacag gcaccagaat taagtatcac taaaactgtc ctatgagcat cttatagaca    240240
     gaggactcag agtaaaagct actgaatatt ttgacattat tttcaaactg tgtttcagct    240300
     ggtaatgatg gtaatgttgg taaagttgac catgtccatg tctctctctc tctcacaaac    240360
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacgtgcat acatgtacac acacatgcta    240420
     ttagacctcc ctaagtaacc tgatgattga tttcctctgt gtccccagaa gcccaagtat    240480
     gaatagccaa tgaccaggca tctgcaatta cagaagactc ctgggccatc cctctcctca    240540
     acctgcctct cccgacactc cctggaacag ctggaaacag gtttctagac ccccaagtcc    240600
     atgttacatg aggttagagg tcgaaagcag aaaatcaggg ttaaatacag cctgggggaa    240660
     gatgcacttg ctgggggtgt agttagcact gggaaagatt gcacgcctgt tccatatttc    240720
     ctcctgccct gagtgatctc aaaccagtca gttgcagaca ctcctaaggc ctccccttca    240780
     ctcagacctt gtcccagaga tcattccttt tgattattta tttagtgcca caaaggacat    240840
     ggctgaggca gaagtgccgt agaggttgga ggcagtggct ttcgtgatcc atctcaggac    240900
     agctgtaggg ctgctgggta tacactggcc atgctcaccc agtttctctc ctcagagcag    240960
     ccagccatcc acaacctcta tccaccaata tttattctat ccaccaatat ttaaccaaac    241020
     tttttttaag tcagcaaatg tatagggcta ctctatttta caaacaggga aactgagggt    241080
     tgggaggtga gccagtcagt gccacagctg aggttagagt ccaacctaag agctgcctga    241140
     ccatagaaga gggagctgtg aactgactgt tagctggaaa gctgtccaca aagagccatt    241200
     tgctttttct ctggtctctg ctctatctca tgacatcctc cttttgacat catttggtct    241260
     ctaccgcgtg atgaccagta gatcaccacc cccactccag ccactgtgga aaaaccaaaa    241320
     ataacagttg atattgccga agtcccttgg ggagtgagat tacccctggc tgaaaactgg    241380
     ccagtcccac aagacacatt taggttaatg gttgtatgat ttttatagtg tatgctcatc    241440
     aaatctttat agggagcctt gaaagtcctg agagaatgtg ttttgtggac ccagacagct    241500
     atgtcaagga cccaatgcct tagaccatag aaatggcaaa gcctccccta tcacggtaaa    241560
     gctttgggcc tcctctggtc aagagtgtga atgttgacag tgcatggaag tacaagtgtt    241620
     taaaagagat tgaccagtgt gtgcaaaacc cagccactgc ccttcctctt ccagtctgtt    241680
     tacagcctaa gactgcttgc ctacaaatgc ctcccactga gactagctca cccttccccc    241740
     acagtgccca cctgggtgaa aatctgtcac attgggtact agattgcccc tgagagccaa    241800
     cccatttcct ttttctccaa cctggtactt cctactcagc tcacctgtag gtatccgtag    241860
     agacccaggc ccctatactc tccctaagcc tgcactatca aaccagtaag ctctatacca    241920
     gagcacgctc tgccatgacc ctgcctcccc taggtgccca ctgtgcctct gcaggtgcct    241980
     cctccccagc ttccaccgat tctttctata ctcagcatgc agctgccaaa tggtcttcct    242040
     cagtgccagg cagctcttcc agaaccttcc gtggcattta ccaacaatgc ccgagtcctc    242100
     cccaggcctc ctggcaggcc agtcatggtc cccataaccc ctgtcctttc tcacctctcc    242160
     atctccatga ccccactgcc ctaaacctca cacacacaca cacagaacac agtctctcat    242220
     tcctccagcc ccctccactg ccatttcctc tcactgtcgg gtgctcagaa tcactgctgt    242280
     ggtagcactg gccctcggtg gtaacagggt agagcaagaa gtcagtagag tgtacagcct    242340
     tcttaacttc tctaccgtgg gatcaacatg aaatcattca atcctctgag cctctgtctc    242400
     cccatatata cgaagataag aagatgatag gaagatgggg taccctagtg gaggtaacgg    242460
     gcctgacagc ttagaaaagg agaagttggc ccatcaagcg tgcctgggga acatgccctt    242520
     aggactgcag tcaggacaca gctctgccct tctaactaca tcacgcagat cctcacatgc    242580
     tactgacctg tgggactccg gctcatgatg atgggcgtgg cggcagcccc caggctgggg    242640
     ctctcgctgc tcggggatgg gctgtaggca aacacctcct gcttgaaggg cgaggttgtg    242700
     gatggctggc tgctctgagg agagaaactg ggtgagcatg gccagtgtat acccagcagc    242760
     cctacagctg tcttgagatg gatcacgaaa gccactgcct ccaacctcta cggctcttct    242820
     gcatcagcca tgacttcagc ctttccctga cctctttcct ttcgagttgg tgtccccctg    242880
     gcataagcaa cctccaccac agctctcaag cattctgctg agactcactg ctctctgctg    242940
     agactcactg ctctctgctg agactcagtg ctcttcttgg tagcaacagc tgcagaggcc    243000
     actccttctc catggtattc ttttaaagca gagtatgacc agctaggccc ctgtactggg    243060
     tgttttgtgt ggcattttct cattagtgat caagggtggg agggcccctt gtgggtggtg    243120
     ccatccctgg gatggtagcc ttgggttcta taagaaaaca agctgagcaa gccaggggaa    243180
     gcaagcaggt aagtaaaatc cttctgtggc ctctgtatca gctcctgctt cctgacctgc    243240
     ttgagttcca gtcctgactt cctttggtga tgaacagcaa tgcggaaagt gtaagctgaa    243300
     taaacccttt cctccccaac ttgcttcttg gtcctgatgt ttgtgcagga atagaaaccc    243360
     tgactaagac agcctcagag tgctgttctc tggttgactg agactcgctt accccactgt    243420
     cacactcctc catggcctcg ccctcccctg ctgtgctgct gaagctgctg gtgctggagg    243480
     aggagcggga gatgttggca cggccattct ccttcaactt gatgaagggc ctgcagagaa    243540
     ttggaggcaa ggcagatgga gagagaggca ggtccaccag aaaactgcgc ttgcccaaga    243600
     cagctccccc agcctctgct tggtggtctt tgtgttccag agacttccaa agtcaagaac    243660
     tgccacccca ccccacccca ccccacctgc cccccccccc cgccagcctg cctttcccaa    243720
     aacccaactc ccttacttct ctttgttggg acaaatttct ggagagctgg gatttgacga    243780
     ggtctcagac tttatctcct gagaagagtg tccgccatct ggggttttgg gggtgctgga    243840
     ggcactgtca ctggggaagg agaataaaga gaagtgaagc tggaggccag gagcctgccc    243900
     ttgtccaccc ttggcctcag tcagagctca ggctgcgggg gccagtacac agagggtagc    243960
     cgcctcttcc ctccagacct gagcctctga gattacataa gacagcagag gtttctgctc    244020
     cctacaacaa aggccaattt gaattcatgg tgacagtcca aggccaccaa acagagctcc    244080
     tgatggcctc cagccaagtc tatccctctc ccatgctgcc catccccccc gggcagagct    244140
     atgaatggag agccggtccc atagtgaact gagcggggcc attcagaaat caatgcagta    244200
     cccttggatt cctgagaggg actgggtagg aggggggggg agggggggag gggggacaca    244260
     tgctgtaatg acccttgaga agatcctaca tatgacaagc atccctgggt gctgggaagt    244320
     gaagggattc cctaagccca aggatccaaa agcttccttc tcctgccatt cagcaaagat    244380
     cacaatttac cctgtaccag gaccaggaca gctctgtcct caattcgctt gtttcttcat    244440
     tagtatttct gagccccagg accactgatc tctttttctc tttaagcctt gtttgtgtac    244500
     ttatttattg tctatgtgtg ttcgcctgcg tgtgtgtatg tgcaccacag tgtactcatg    244560
     ggtctgtagc cagcactgga tcccctggaa ctagaattac acatggttgt gagcctctgt    244620
     gtggatgcta ggaactgaac cactgtcctc tgcaagagca gccagtgctc ttaactgctg    244680
     agccctctcg ccagcccttc cgtgcacttc ttgtaatagc agcattaatg aggcataatg    244740
     tacatgtcac attttttaag tgttcatgga attgtgcagc cattgccaca gtctaatttt    244800
     agaacatttt aaggcctttt aaaaaaaaga ctctggctca tctgcaatca ctgcccaccc    244860
     ccacccccac ccctaaccta tttatttctg tctctatgaa ctctgcctag tctggacatt    244920
     ccacagaaat gggacttgac agcatacatg gtcttcgcat ctggattcca ctaccttaac    244980
     actttcaaag tcttccctgg gctgtagcct gcatcggcat ctcagtgctt gttatttgta    245040
     cattttgtgg gtatactcag ctcatcttgc ttatctagtc atcggatgac aggcccttcg    245100
     attgttccca ctacgagcta ccgtgaataa tgctacaatt aataaatatg tgttggtgtt    245160
     gtgggcaact gctttcaatt ctcatggtct cgtacgtaca taccaacggg tgggattgcg    245220
     gggtctgatg ggaactctat gtttagccct tggagggctg ccacactggt ttcagagcag    245280
     atgcactatc tcacatcccc accagcaatg tacaaatgtg ccagtatctc cgcatcctcc    245340
     ataacacgtg ctatctacct ttgcaatcac aggcacccta gaggtgtcga tgacctatat    245400
     aaactctgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtagg tgtggagtgg gggggaaggc    245460
     ctatgcatgt gtgcacagtg ctttcaactg cctgtgccta tggaggtcag aagtcaccac    245520
     gaggtgtgcc cgccacagct ttcctcctca ttttctaagg caatccctca ctgacccttg    245580
     aactcactga ttaaccagaa agccccaggg actctcctgt caccacacct ggctttttat    245640
     aaggatgcta gggatccaaa cccaagtcct catacatgac cagcaacatt aaccactgag    245700
     ccactttccc atccctccat gcactttagt gaggtgacta gtgacctcct gaccgtcaaa    245760
     ccacagggtt gggtcactac aatgaacttc cctcctagct ttggaaaccc cacacacaca    245820
     cacacacaca ccatgcagtc ttcccaattg tgcttgccag gagaccttct acttgtctga    245880
     gtacactggg gctctgtgca ctctctctga gcagtcatag aaatctattc agtttctttg    245940
     catcagaaac tctgatcgct gcccagtcag gacctctctc ctaaacacaa ggaacaggac    246000
     atgcaggcac ctgaagtgag gccgaggttc aggggaagcc tgacactagg aaaacctgtg    246060
     cccatgcgtg ggcacctgac agttatcaag gagaagagag ctgactggcc tcacagctgg    246120
     gctggcatcc aggacctgac agttaccatc gtgtccggct gtctccctgg ccttcagagc    246180
     ccgagtgcag gcgggggaag agtcccgacc gccgcttgat ggggctccgt gactggttct    246240
     tcgcggttgc tgcggccact ggaggctgac gataaaaccg ccacagtgag tgcacacgcc    246300
     cacccggttc ttcccacccc ttctctgatc ttcacatgaa tccttgtctt gtgagaccgg    246360
     agaaaccagc aaagagctca gaccccggca cttgggccac tcacggcctc tttcctgctc    246420
     ttaaaccaag cctgtgccgg caggtaatgg tccaacagag cctagagcac ttgaaggatc    246480
     accatagtgg ggccagatgc tgagctggtt gagatgattt aaatcacaga ttgaaacatc    246540
     tagaggtccc ctggatagtc cagcgtcaac ctttcacctc actaattaga aagccgagga    246600
     ccaggagaca gggatgtgtc aaggtcagct agcaataagg acccagggct cctgagtttc    246660
     catcattgct cgtgaataaa tgggtatcaa tggacccagg caggagttac agcaacagac    246720
     caatgagagc agctgagctg agtccggatg cactgatggg cagtctccgg tctccgggga    246780
     ggagggggac acagaggtga aggtctgagc aagaagccat ggagcctgct aggtttctaa    246840
     ccccagcctc aatgcccatt atgtgctgtg ccactctggg agaatggtca gactctctgg    246900
     gcctcagttt ccccatcctc tgccgctaac atgaccttct gggagaaaca aggtgatata    246960
     tgtgaaaata ttaggtaaat caagccattg ctcaaaaggc tgtttataat agaagtcaac    247020
     accttggtga gtctattctg ttacttaatt tttttttcaa agaaaattcc actctataca    247080
     aatcaaaagc cacttgcctt attaatggct gactatgtgg ttccctcccc ttgtgtgagt    247140
     caagaggcct gagctcacag acccacaagg ctggctctcc ccaagaactg aacacacagt    247200
     aatgaagagg ctaagttttc tatcaggagg tcctgcattc aaaacccaga ccttcatctt    247260
     agctgggtga cttttagtca gttacctaac ctctctgagc ctccttttcc taaagtcagg    247320
     aacagagagt gctcctgtgt ctacacagac aaccgtgaca gggatcaggt aggatcttgg    247380
     atatcagtcg ccagctcagt gcctggtaca gagcaagctg gtgtggtcac tgttaccatc    247440
     atcaataatt agggtctacc tcatgagtcc ccaagctcag ttcttaagaa aactcagaga    247500
     acaattcatg gtacaagcca accccagggg cgacctggcc tagaagtacc acagagccac    247560
     tgtcatcaag cagaggttgg ctcacctcct cagcagcttc agtgttcccc agcccatcaa    247620
     ccagcttgcc ctgctaaagt tgcctagccc aaacctggca tgggatacac ccttcctccc    247680
     tcctcctctt cccccacatg ctggctcagt gtgaaaacac tcaccgagaa ggtggtcttg    247740
     gtgacctcca tgctgttgtg gacaatgccc ccgctgaggc tgccagggag gttcccgcca    247800
     tgcagcttcc tctggctacc caccatggtc tccatggaat ggctgcgcac acggatggcc    247860
     ctctgtgaag tgtgagaaag gtctgaaagt cagaacctgg tactactgga tgacactctg    247920
     ccctgggctc aagtgtacac gcatgcacac acacacgagc aatgaatgta cacactgtta    247980
     cagaagtcca cgcctcagta attggtgtct acagagatct ctaaattctc tcaaggcagg    248040
     gtctgagggc tcagtgctgc aaggtgggcc aacctgctat cctcgtctta tggggagagg    248100
     aagcaagtcc tgcagctcag caaacctcaa tgacactgtc cagtgagcaa ctctacctct    248160
     ctgagttatg gcttcattgt ctataaaatg ggtgtgtcac aattccataa aggatggggg    248220
     ctaaacacag gtgctgaaca ctaactcctt tttattctgg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    248280
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt gtctgtcact gaggaaaaga cctaagatct cgttcatgct    248340
     gggtaagagc tctaccactg agctaccacg tcctcaacca cacatcagct ctgtgttcac    248400
     aaagctaagc ttcctcctaa gtgtgtactg gacttccctc cccactgtga ccacaggtgt    248460
     gacttgtgca gctccatcca cccttgatgt agaaccctgt aacaagttcc tgctcatctc    248520
     tgacccaaag ctgcaactta ccatcccttg gacttagaga gctgaagtta tactttccag    248580
     atcaacacta cagatctgca tggctgttca aagaggtatg tgctcagact gggcacacaa    248640
     aggagctcct atgggtacag aaccttgtgt tcacttatag cttgcaaaaa agcaaaatgt    248700
     ggggcaggtt gggtgggtac tggccagctg ttaagtgtct ggccaatgac aaccaggaca    248760
     gtcaggtttg tcatggtgca tgagaaaatg agaataactg agccatagaa acggtgactg    248820
     gacccctaga agagctggac ctggggtgac aatccctcct cagacttctc tagagtgcaa    248880
     tactgcttct gatgcttaga actcagctcc aactacggca ggacttccaa ccaacaaagt    248940
     gctccaggat cctggctccc tgggataaca ctctgttttg cttccatagt gtttgaagtg    249000
     taagtacatt tcagaggttt tctccagtgg ccccaagccc ttacatcatt gccctctggt    249060
     catctatcta gtttctcaat aagatggctg gacaacacaa cttagtggta gaaagcacaa    249120
     aagtgttaga cgctgctgcc aggagtcatg cctgggctcc ctgctgtgcc ccgttagctg    249180
     agaaccctgc aggttgctaa gcttctttga gacttatgtg caatgggaca gggtgtgtca    249240
     acacaaggag tagccttgag agcctataaa gctcttaaag gagaggccag cacatcacac    249300
     gtgcagcatc tcatggtatt gatattaagc acagtgtgct tgctgtgtgc tcagcaccac    249360
     gccaggaaca agaactgcag tactgaggcc aaaggggtaa tgcatccaag agtgctcaaa    249420
     acacacttct aagaggaggc taataatgca agacccaggg tctatgatga cggtctcttt    249480
     gtatcagttg ttctggggcc taaagagcaa aggctcctgg atacctgtac tattagtgac    249540
     tcaagtacag gtaccaaact ccaactggca gatctcttgc tggcaggacc aacatgcatt    249600
     ccaatgtctc ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct cctcctcctc ctcctcctcc ctgggataca    249660
     aagtactcag gctcaatcta aagcactaat ttaacttatc ccttactaga gaagctggag    249720
     ggatgtctgc tgatggcttt ggggaaagca tctgaaagca ctgaagccat cggggagacc    249780
     aaacctgatg acaaagctgg agaggccagt accacatgga aggaaaaggg aaagaacaca    249840
     cgtgctttga ccagctgtgc cagagtcacc tggacttctt gctacagcaa ttagtagatt    249900
     ttcctcacca tggtgtgagc ctgtcaagac agagtagtct cagaacttgg caccagccaa    249960
     catatatgga ctaagctgaa gccggtgtac ccttacagct ggactcaggc ctgtgcatta    250020
     cccctaagga atgtctctgg aggaagagcg aagccccttg cttcccttga gacatccagg    250080
     aagagcttcc acatacatcc atgcaaatac tattcttcag gaccccaggg acaccttaga    250140
     caccttggaa tggtgaaagg cctcatcctg cctgccattc cacctgacat gggacagaga    250200
     ctcagaaagg ctgctggtag atgccacagc cctcaagaca agccacgaat gagatgtagg    250260
     actaccaccc tccaatcaac atcatgtagc ctctattgtc tgcatcaaag atgccccatg    250320
     agggatgaga cctctcccct ctcggaacca cagaagagtt gcctagcaac agtgttcctg    250380
     ggacactggt tgctagagcc agaatatttg attcattcta ccacccaagc gtcagagact    250440
     ccctggactc attgaaacct gaggatatgt gcctggatgg gaagaaaggc tccttacatg    250500
     acacaaatgc tttggtaaat gccagcacct ttttatatgg ttgttccccc tggcctgtca    250560
     ccaccactgt caccaccact tcaaactctt catttgtgtt ctgatctagt cctcagtctc    250620
     tcatgctctg aaaggatcca agtatgaata acaagccctg tgtaacgtgt ccagtctaag    250680
     gagcttcata cacacaatct aatgaatcct tgcaaggctg aggtatagag agaatagaaa    250740
     atctctcaag cgacaaataa ctgtcacaca ccactaagag acagagctgg gattcaaaga    250800
     taggatccca gaccccaaga ttgaaaacac agagctggat atgggagtgt gtgcctgtaa    250860
     tccatacaac ttggaagact tgagaagtca aggttagcct gagctgtaga gtgagaccct    250920
     atctccaaaa gaaatgggag aggaagggaa ggggtgaagg aggatggagg gagaggaggg    250980
     ggtggcaggg cagggggagg agagggaagg gacggagaga tacaggaaga ggacggagag    251040
     atacaggaag agggagaagt ggagagaggt gggagaagga aaggatgtgg agatgggata    251100
     gagatgaagg ccaagatgga gcaattcact ggctgatgaa ttaaagatga caggaaagca    251160
     ggaggtctgg ggatccgact ctcataaaaa tgtcaaaggc caatgtcagg gaggacagtg    251220
     tcttcagatg cccatgtgcc actgtcaaag tcaacagaaa gaatctgagg acccaatgaa    251280
     ctgacagaat tccagggctt ggcagggtgt cagtcacctg ctctcctgcc cttggcaaca    251340
     ggaagggtga agccctggtt ctcccatggt ccctggcagg aagagctgtc acaaagatga    251400
     aatgagacag tgtttgtgtc caacccctgg gatgacatct gcccactcgg gtcagctctc    251460
     ctgcccccat tttagtgtga agacaagtga tggtcatcgc taagacccaa aacaatgctt    251520
     gatttgaatg aaactgtcca gtgacatcta aataattttt ccatattatg gtccaatggg    251580
     caactgaatg gaagtgccat ccctgtcaat ctaggcaaca gaatcagaag acgggggggt    251640
     gagtgtgggg gaacgaaaag gggaagaggg acggagagga gaacggggta gtgatagcat    251700
     gaggaaggca gtgggaaggg cggtcatgga agcctttgta ttagcttcag gaggctgggg    251760
     cacctgtgct tgacaaagct cacctgaccc ctgcttgagt tctccattcc agctcattcc    251820
     agcagtgggt gccctgaccc tcagaaagtc ctgtgtgcag agcaggaatc tcgcctatat    251880
     ttccaaccat gccatcttgt gctggccatt tcccgtgact gtcccttgcc gtcctcccgg    251940
     ccgatcacct ctagctgcac cgatctccct cagtccctgt ggcccccagc cctcagccca    252000
     ccccactgct gccttccatc cagctctgct gtgaggtgac agagaaagaa tgtactgctt    252060
     tctcattacc cacgagtgtc acctcactgc ccggccacca gcaccacagc ctccttacaa    252120
     gaggtttcta tgagttcttt caacttaaca aactcaacat cagagacaaa aatcaaggag    252180
     attagcacag ggtgggggtt gggggagagt ggaaatgccc atccaaaccc caagagaagt    252240
     aacagaggca gggcctctga cacaaagata ctactagtct cctgcctgct gagatggctt    252300
     cagtcaaggt cttctgttct tccagcagga acatgctggt agctcactta aagactatgg    252360
     ctccaaccca taagctgagc agagccaggc caaggcctga gcaccccact cctctctctc    252420
     tctctttctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    252480
     ctctcactcc ttcccttccc ccctctcatt gcaatccatc cctggtacca tgacttcccc    252540
     ttccatgagc aaaaggagtg gcagagatgt caaaggctgg ggactgtgtc tgccccatca    252600
     caatccccca tccaccatta ctggtgtcac gcaggcctgt agctacagga cccccaaaaa    252660
     gactttgcca gagatgtctg ttggcctctc ctgccactag aggtcaggtg agaccaatgc    252720
     actacctaca ccagttcctc aaagggtgag agaaattagc ctgctgcctc cctgctccct    252780
     gtggttccaa ttctgtccca ctgtcttcta cccctgcctc catattatga ggacagtaga    252840
     gagttgagcc agtccagtgt ttctcaaacg agggtccata tgtgctatac ccataccaca    252900
     cggacaaatc aactgtcatt ttttttcttt ttacttcatt ataggtgatc tagagataaa    252960
     taccttccaa aaggaagtga tacacagctt cttcatcaga taaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa    253020
     acaaaacctg tgaggttccc aagaacatgg ccacagccac ccccttgagc cacagaaaca    253080
     tctttcattc aacgcaacac tgcaaaagat gagtcttttc cattagaaat gtgtagattc    253140
     tcagattgtc atctacatga aaacgaaaac ttccgagtgt cagtaggcct gacaggtcct    253200
     gagatccctc caagcagctt ggtttccaag caaatctagg tgtccacaaa gcaaccagtg    253260
     cgtgtctcct gaaggggaag cttccactca cagccagaac taaagtgagg tatgagtgaa    253320
     ccgtccgtcc ccatggggcg cgcacacaac ccaaggccac agaggccaca gctgggccct    253380
     ctagggaaga ccagtctgaa ggggatagga agtgggtgtc actcatccct gcgcatcctt    253440
     agctagtgcc tgcctgtgag agaactttcg agccacgcat tttcttcctg aaatcattgc    253500
     aaataaccct ttatcctgga gacatcccac agaggtctag ggttaatccc caaaaaaatc    253560
     agtaatcctg acaccacagt cctgactaag gcactagaca cagactcttg aactgggcca    253620
     ggaccatgcc tgccccttgc ccaggcttct ccacatggga gacctgaatc aacaacactg    253680
     aaggggttga caagaaaagc caaggtctcc ttctaggaaa agagaaactc actggccatg    253740
     gtcatcagtg ctccagaggc tcactctgtg tgcctgaccc tcatggcccc ttctatctat    253800
     ccccacaact tcacaacctc aaaggtaggt atgaaatctg aatggaaaaa acgggtctgc    253860
     cttcaaccac agagttaaaa aacaagtccc tgctatactg gcttataggc cagtcataaa    253920
     agagtcttgc agcatgccct cgagtgaaag cccctctagg aatacctcag acaccttgaa    253980
     gtgaaacaaa ccaatggcca ctcctaacag atgcaaaaga ctgagcaaac tgtcctggag    254040
     ccaccatcct tcggctgttg agccacctca tccagtggac ccatgggcag aatgtccaga    254100
     gccgacatac aatgttacag aaacatttga aaccttaaaa aaatatatag ctcctacata    254160
     caaaagaaaa cctgtaggac tcaaagcaac caatgttcat agaatgtctg caaagcacag    254220
     catcttacta gcttgtcaac cgcggctcgg cactgatcat gctacgtaaa ttaatttact    254280
     gtgggagggg agcgggacac tttgataggt gtgatacgag gtggggcaga gcccctggag    254340
     cctcaggagg acactaagtg gccgctcctc taccttccct tggcccaagc ctgcctccta    254400
     ttaccttgcc tcatgctgac cctcctcttg gcaagacaat ctgtccaccg tggctccctc    254460
     ttccttctcc attcctttcc ccctctgtcc tccacttttc tcaaaatcca acagaaataa    254520
     agaagaatct cactgtgtaa cccaagctgt ccttgaactc atcatgttcc tgccttggct    254580
     tcccaaatgt tggccataca ggcaggctcc tccacaccca gctcctcttg catctagatt    254640
     cacccggctt tggcttctcc tcttctcaca gcctcttcaa tcaagactat accagaaacc    254700
     ctaagaatct cctaacagcc tggacaagca cctcggctcc tcccaccctc aggaggaatc    254760
     tcagcagctg gttctagcta gggccagcag agctctgcct gttctcagct gtcagctggg    254820
     cagtgaacaa ctgacccaga cctgcccagg cctggccagt atgggtggaa tcttcatggt    254880
     cagaaactgg gagggagtag tatcatgtag ctgttaggaa tttgggagac ctgaattc      254938

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