(data stored in ACNUC7820 zone)

EMBL: AL611937

ID   AL611937; SV 6; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 109397 BP.
AC   AL611937;
DT   04-OCT-2001 (Rel. 69, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 23)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-221M24 on chromosome 11
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-109397
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Pearce A.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 5e9cc8e9ac8f577949e79882ebd51720.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456158.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000043692; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000047444; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000069476; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000070380; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0018682; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0018683; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0018685; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0018649; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0018650; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0018651; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0018618; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0018619; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0018621; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0018622; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0018623; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0018625; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0018435; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0018436; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0018438; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0019073; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0019074; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0019076; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0017990; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0017991; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0017993; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0018406; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0018407; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0018408; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0018409; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0018514; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0018515; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0018517; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0018504; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0018505; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0018507; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0018585; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0018586; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0018588; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0018530; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0018531; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0018533; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0019113; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0019114; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0019116; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0017761; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0017762; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0017764; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0018043; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0018044; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0018045; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL611937.6:1-109397; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000050678; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000059440; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000074813; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000079827; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000108463; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000116546; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000178159; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000206280; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000213754; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000214111; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000215915; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0030605; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0030608; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0030613; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0030543; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0030546; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0030547; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0030520; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0030523; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0030528; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0030537; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0030540; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0030545; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0030333; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0030336; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0030341; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0031046; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0031049; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0031054; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0030041; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0030044; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0030046; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0030247; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0030250; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0030251; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0030255; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0030380; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0030383; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0030388; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0030378; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0030381; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0030387; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0030502; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0030505; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0030510; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0030365; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0030368; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0030372; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0031068; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0031071; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0031076; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0029757; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0029760; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0029762; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0029820; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0029823; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0029824; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; J3QN14.
DR   GOA; Q60891.
DR   InterPro; IPR000276; GPCR_Rhodpsn.
DR   InterPro; IPR000725; Olfact_rcpt.
DR   InterPro; IPR001909; KRAB.
DR   InterPro; IPR013087; Znf_C2H2_type.
DR   InterPro; IPR017452; GPCR_Rhodpsn_7TM.
DR   InterPro; IPR036051; KRAB_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR036236; Znf_C2H2_sf.
DR   MGI; MGI:2177522; Olfr139.
DR   MGI; MGI:3030233; Olfr399.
DR   MGI; MGI:3030235; Olfr401.
DR   MGI; MGI:3650906; Zfp616.
DR   RFAM; RF00005; tRNA.
DR   RFAM; RF01417; RSV_RNA.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q60891; OL139_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; J3QN14; J3QN14_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-221M24 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..109397
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="11"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-221M24"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    23001..23055
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    36541..36657
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
SQ   Sequence 109397 BP; 32101 A; 22593 C; 21941 G; 32762 T; 0 other;
     acccctttag ctccttggga actttctcta gttcttcttt agggaccctg tgttccattc        60
     aatagatgac tgtgagcatc cacttttgta tttgccaggc actggcatag ttcaacatcc       120
     ttaatcatca gggaaatgca aatcaaaaca accctgagat tccacctcac accagtcaga       180
     atggctaaga tcaaaaattc aggtgacaac agatgctagt gaggatgtgg agaaagagga       240
     atactcctcc attgttggtg ggattgcaag ctggtacaac tactctggaa atcagtctgg       300
     cggttcctca caaaattgga catagtacta ctggaagatc cagcaatacc tctcctgggc       360
     atatacccag aagatgttcc aactggtact aaggacacat gttccactat gttcatagca       420
     gccatattta taataacaag aagctcaaaa gaacccagat gtccctcaac agaagaatgg       480
     atacagaaaa tgtggtacat ttacacaatg gagtactact cagcaattag aatcaatact       540
     actaattctt aatgctgctt ctcataggat ggaaatgtgt cattctttgg tggaggggtt       600
     gtgagaacgt acatgagctc atgcacattc ccacacactg tccagtgtgt tggtctcgct       660
     cattagttag ttagaaagtg agtgtggttg ggaaagaaag gttctaataa tgtttctctg       720
     aagaatgtga tgacatgatt gtctgactgc ttctcagata tcaatcacag tgacttaggg       780
     gcagtatcag gtatgggagg agatggggat gatatacata ggtcaagaat ttgaacagag       840
     atgtgtagca ataggagatg aggaatgggg cataaacacc agcaagtccc agatgccagg       900
     aaatcaagag gttctaggac ccaaccggga tgaaattagc tgaactgttc aacaaaggcg       960
     agggagaatc tgtagagacc atatccagaa gttaggcaag gcccctggct ggggtatggg      1020
     gccacacact catgtccaaa tttttaaccc agaatggctc ctgtctaaag aaaatacggg      1080
     ggcaaagtgt ggaacaaaga ctgaaggaaa ggccatccag agaatgcccc acctgggaat      1140
     ccatcccata tacagatacc aaatgcagac actattgcgg atgccaaaga ggtgcttgct      1200
     gacaggagcc tgacatagct gtctcctgag aggctctacc agtgcctgac aaatacagag      1260
     gtggatgctc acagccaacc attagactga gcatggggac tccaatggaa aagttacaga      1320
     aaggacataa ggagctgaag gggtttgcaa ctccatagga agaacaacaa tatcaactaa      1380
     ccacagctgt cagagatctc agggactaaa ccaccaacca aaaagtacac atggagggac      1440
     ccatggctcc agctgcatat gtagcagagg atggcattgt ctggcaccaa taggagagat      1500
     tgatccttcc ttggtcctgt gaaggcttga ttccccagtg taagggaatg ccaggactgt      1560
     aagttggaag tgggtgggta ggagggggat caccctcata gaagcaggtg gaggaaggat      1620
     gtgatacagg atttctggag gaaaaccagg aaaggagata acatttgaaa tgtaaataca      1680
     taaaatatcc aataaaagta aataaaataa attttaaaat aaaaatatta aaaacacatt      1740
     agtacaaaca tagattttat atataaagga ggctgaacaa tttttattta ttaccatctt      1800
     aatttaagaa gtaaaaatac acaaaaagtt tatctcctgt tcatgattca tgctttaatt      1860
     ttcttccatc tgtatttaat atagcttcta tcaataactt acatggtctt tatctaacat      1920
     tctgcaacgc taagctataa tctcctccaa ccaatactat ctaatttatt tccatcctta      1980
     gacatacttc cgaagaattc ctccaactgt gcacttgagc ttccagtatg agaatgccaa      2040
     ggacatatgt aaggatggca ggacatttta atagccttgt cctgtcttct cacactggat      2100
     acctctttcc tgtcagcacc ctcttcaggg caccctgtac atctgggttc cggaggctgt      2160
     agatgagtgg gtttaacata gggctgagga tagtattgag gatcccaatg cccttgtcct      2220
     tgtctgaggc tgagacagaa cccagacgca tgtaactgaa gaagccagtt ccataaaaga      2280
     tacagaccac agtgaggtgg gagccgcatg tggaaaatgc cttcttcctc ccctctgtgg      2340
     agcggatccg tagtactgca gctgcaacgt gggcatagga cactgagata agtatcatgg      2400
     ggactactcc catgaaagtg gctcccacaa aaagcagttg cccattgagg tagatgctgg      2460
     agcaggagag ctggaaaaga ggtggaaggt cacagtagaa gtggttgacc acattagggc      2520
     cacagaaatc cagcacagac actgccactg tgtgagtcag agcattaatg aaggagacag      2580
     tacagcaaat acccaccagt gtgccctgca cttcacggct catgcgggtg ctgtaggtga      2640
     ggggctggca gatggccagg tagcggtcat aggccatggc tgtcaagaga tgacagtcca      2700
     cacctgccag gaggtggaaa aaaaagagct gtgaaatgca ggcagcgtag ggaactctgc      2760
     actcatgagc caggagacac acaagcattg gaggaacagt gacactgatg catccgatgt      2820
     ccaacagaga tagattcccc aagaagtagt acataggagt gtggagcttg ggttccacaa      2880
     agatggcggc caagatgctg aggttacccc caactgtgac aatataggca aagaagaaga      2940
     caacaaaaag gataggttgc agtcttacat ttcctgttaa gccaagaagg atgaaatccg      3000
     tgacagctgt cctgtttccc caggcacctg gctccatagg ccactgctat gagctggaga      3060
     gcaaaggagg aagagttaga tctcacaata gggaaagaaa gaggcatgtg tgaacatgca      3120
     atcagcatct acatggtgct ggtatggtat gtgcagaaca ctacctgccg attaaaatca      3180
     atacctgcct actttgcagg tatcctgaag ttttctaaag agtcctactg accaaataat      3240
     caacctttta gctactggtc cagggagaaa accagagaat actgggaaag gggttggttg      3300
     agtggctatt taccaacatg gtgtgcaagt atttcaatac taccatacat tttacatttg      3360
     tatcagttta tagaaactga ctaacaactc tcactggttg gtaagtacat gagtttctac      3420
     aaagtacacc atagggttaa tagcaacata agataaaaga gtaataaaaa agttttcatg      3480
     aactcaaaaa ggcataaaga gattgagaat ggagaagaac aagaaatgag ccaaagtaca      3540
     gaaatacatg gaggtggaag actggagctg cggttgacag tttttaaaga atattagcat      3600
     ttagatgtag tgtatatagc tctttttatt taatttcatt aaattctatg aagtaactac      3660
     tgtgcctcta tataatgagg atagtgatgc ttacaaagat tttataaaca ctcttaggtc      3720
     ctaatgttcc caagagctag cacaaactaa ggactgtcta gcaccaatcc caaatattta      3780
     cattgtatta ctttggcatg tgttctacta ggccttttgg ggtgacactg tgtataataa      3840
     aaagaggtat ggcattctaa aactatcagt gttagcatcc aaataactat tctaaaaagt      3900
     cagggtccca tccatttatc ttcattaata attattggtc aaatattaag gagtgttttg      3960
     tggtggaact aacagattgg gtgtgatttg tgaaacacag gtgaaaagat gatccctttg      4020
     ctgagcgact aaaaaaattg agttgatgct aagtataaca aggacacatg attactgcat      4080
     gcctgtgtga aggaagagca ggagcttttc aaaggcaaat ggggaattga aattctgggg      4140
     gatatttcac tggattccac tcacctcata tgacaataag ttcacagtgg atggacagaa      4200
     acaagaaatc aaaggccctt ttattgttat tataaaagtc attcaggaga gtttcctttg      4260
     actctctctg cttctggacc ctcacctatg ctgggccact ctctccctgt aacttaactt      4320
     ctactttttc tgtcaaaagt gctccctcca cagattaaaa aaaaatccct tgggactcaa      4380
     tccttagctg ttgctctatg ccttcaagga aattctcctt acacagccca gtcttcattt      4440
     gagttttccc tcctatggca tcataggcag ttagcctgat cattccagcg cttcaccagt      4500
     agcacagttg caaagctcac aactccagat aaagagctta tctttattag ggtaatgggt      4560
     catcatagga cagtgtggca ctcctgcacc tacaccaatc ccatcaccat cattatgttc      4620
     ttttctacaa aaatccattg gctatctttg agaaaagtga agctcaaaaa aacttacaag      4680
     atcacacaca tcagattttg ttctgaatag acactttact cttttctccc caactcctat      4740
     tgactctcca ggcccctgcc atacatacag atacatatgt atatgtgtga atttaccttt      4800
     ccctcccaat tactcagaga agaaaggctc atcactgcct cttctaattt atcatcacct      4860
     gatacttttc ctacacatag atagtaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gactatctga agttgaagtt      4920
     catggatgtt gtctcacatg tccttatttg acaaggaaag aaaacaggtt gttggagtgg      4980
     tatggaggac tggaaggcac ttacctcact gtagcacctg gtgtgcttct ggttcttaca      5040
     gagagttgag taactaccaa gttgacccaa ggttgtcagt attcagaaag cttataaaaa      5100
     gctgagagta tgtcttgttg ttctcttcat ttgggagcta atcagcaccc aaataatagt      5160
     aatataattc cccaaggatt tcaaaggagt cagaggagaa caacctcagt ccacacgggt      5220
     ttctctccac cacctaaaca agtattctat tcatgacacc atcatcaaca tgttggagac      5280
     aggagagtat gatcttaaat gctttgatag cctgctgagt ccaagtagat ccatggttgg      5340
     agctcagcct ggatttcaga tgatctctga gacccagcaa tgatctcatt taattttcac      5400
     atatttcaga tataattctg gaaagttggc ttgtgtttta tgtaagctta atcatacagt      5460
     ttatgagttt gatagaatgt gcagtaatgg atctagcact tctccaacag ggaggatgca      5520
     tcagtgattc cttatggctc acaagtgatt ccttgtaatt aacactctcc acatactaca      5580
     gccttcagca atgtcttatc tggcttctgt ccctagagtt ttgcctttta ctatggcata      5640
     aatagattca tgcagtatgc atgcatgcat atctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct      5700
     ctctctctct ctctctctcc ctctctgtgt gtgtgtgggg ggggggtgta caggtattct      5760
     ccagtacaca catggagatc tgaggatgac ttcaagtgtc agtccttgcc ttttatctcg      5820
     tttgagtcaa gtcctcttgt ttacagctgc gtacactatg ctagctggcc catgaacttc      5880
     caaacattct cctgtctctg aatcccttct tgttatggga gcactgggat tacagacaag      5940
     tgctactgga ctcagtatca cttaggtggg ttcttgagga tttgatctca aatcatcatg      6000
     cttgtgtggc agactcttta gttattgaat cttttttcca ggccctattc aggttctttt      6060
     aataaattaa tgatttcaat aagtataata cttttgatat ttgtgggaga tggctgtaca      6120
     gttgtccacc ttgtttatga ggaaaatatt ttaaaatccc caggggttat ctgccactgt      6180
     gtgtagccca aacatatata aatacagcat gaatttccca tatacatgta taaaatagtt      6240
     caattcatga atgagattaa ccatcataac taacaataag ataaaatagt tactgcaata      6300
     tgctacaaga aaagttattt aaaacttatt tgttggttcc ttctgtaact ttttgtgtag      6360
     tattttcaga ccatggtaca atggtacatg aaaagcagaa aaaaaatatg gataaagata      6420
     ctagtgtgct aaaaattttt cttcactgaa aagctattct attatataga tatagtaatt      6480
     tgtttagctt tttacctatt tatgtaatgt atggttcttt accattgatg aacatttggg      6540
     ttatttctag attttagtca ttacaaatca gctctagtaa atatgtgttt ccaattcttt      6600
     atgatgatct atgtcttcaa tcctccctgg aaaatacctt caactgtaat tactggagtc      6660
     caggcataaa tgtattgttt aatatgatta actgtcaagg cttaaaagat gactccatgg      6720
     ataaagcact tactgtgcaa tcataagaac ctgaatttga atcctcagca tccaagtaaa      6780
     agctaaaatg atatggtagt atgcctgaat gtgagtgttc tggagacaga gacaggattc      6840
     ccacagcaca ctggctagct atactatcca aatcagggag ttccaggttc agtgagagat      6900
     cctgcctcaa taaaatatag gagagtcaag aaagacacat gacattaacc attaacttct      6960
     ggtatccaca tatgcactca cacgtgtgag cacacatgtg tacatgaatg accaacacac      7020
     actctctctc tcacacacac acacccctca ccggccagtt tgttgtacaa attcgtgatg      7080
     tcattttgaa ttcccagaaa atacaaaaac agaaaaaaaa acaaacatac aaacaaaaac      7140
     aaatctttca cagcaccaga agattccaat ggaaggagag aaccaatggt tttacacaac      7200
     caaaattcct atgaaccaca ataacaataa ggatggtaag atgtccctaa tgatgcaata      7260
     ctggtattca tgtcttggca gtaacccaca gctatctaaa gcctggtcaa cagaaaggaa      7320
     atctttccta gtacttgaga tctacccaat tacccaaagc taatgaagtc atcagtctta      7380
     gaggagaacc taatgcctgc cactttacca atccagaatg gctcctaact gcattctaaa      7440
     tcttatcctt acccacagat aaatgtagct ttcacacttc attaaggaaa ctatccttca      7500
     caacaactaa tcctttcatg cttggaattg ttgctactat atccagtagt atttgtgtat      7560
     ggttactcca ctgtgtgtac agtttccata ctagtctcca agggagaagt atatgcctct      7620
     aattactgtt ttatttctgt attctttaca tagaatagtg ctgaacattc aggatactag      7680
     tacgcattag tcagctgaat gaataaatga agtgaacaga taaatagata tgtacagatg      7740
     tgactaggta tatgatagat aaatatacat tgataaatga taggaaatag atagatagat      7800
     agatagatag atagatagat agacttaaac cttacattta ctattgccat atagtcctgg      7860
     cttccagtgc ttaaattttc cttagattca ttgagtgctt aatccctagg ttttataatg      7920
     aacatataaa tactattatt gcatttaaag catttcatta taattttctt tatgggtttc      7980
     tgtagggcag gaacagtaag tagacatttt aaacaatcca gtaaatcagc gttttagcaa      8040
     gatcacctgt tgaaagggaa atgacagagt agtaacaggg atgagagcca gtgttcacat      8100
     atcgtactaa ctctattccc cttagtaaac acttcagtgg ctgcttttct taatcagcac      8160
     acatatctct atatatagaa aatcaagcat ctctcttact actgttgcat tttcatggtc      8220
     ttgttcttag tctgtgggaa atcatttcat tcttaagcac ctaactgcaa tcaactactg      8280
     ctggtgtttg tccagcagca ctctggcaag cagtcttctt atcttcaata aaactattaa      8340
     aagttctctt cacaatattt ctgtccagcc agggctacat ggtgatactc tgtttcaaaa      8400
     caagcaagaa taagatgaat agagccagca agatgactca atgggtataa atgcctttat      8460
     tatacaagcc tgatatcttg agtttggtca ctgggaccca aataaagctg aaaggaaaaa      8520
     attaactcca taaggctgtc ctctgatttt ctgtgtgtgc atgtgtgaac agaaaataat      8580
     aataataata acaataataa taataatgat aataaaagtt ttaaactcct ttgcgctgtc      8640
     tgtggccttt ttcaaaactt ctctagagag ctgtactcat ctgtgatctt cactttcaga      8700
     cttcctttcc ctggatcttc cctgtgtgtc tacctccttc ccaagaactc tcaaagagca      8760
     catgctacct gagacgaagt tgacttcatt ggaatgacaa gtgcccattt tccattaata      8820
     tgagactcaa tagccccatt aacaaggttc aagcattgcc aagttcataa aaataaagat      8880
     gatcatctta tatgttttca tataaaaata tttctactac tattcttaaa acacaacatt      8940
     caattttact aatgattaat ttcaattaat gtagaaatgg gttataatat gtggcattta      9000
     aacaaataga aataatcaat aattagcaat accagcttgt tcaatcattt ctgagtgtca      9060
     atctaaccaa aggttttgtt gggtgttttt gtttgttttt ggatggagga aagatttatt      9120
     ctagcttaca gttttagagg tcttcggtcc atcatggcag ggaaggccag gagcagttca      9180
     tatcttggtg gacaggaagt agagacagta aaatgggaac aagtcaggga tgatattacc      9240
     tcaaggacgc agtgcaaatg atctacacct tcaaactagg ccccacttca aaagttccca      9300
     aatagcacca ccatgtggag ctcaaacatc gcaatcctga gactgaggga aacaaagcat      9360
     tcaaatcaca gaataattta agatggtttc atagctctga gttcacttta atctcttacc      9420
     acattcagaa tttaaaaaaa aaaaaactaa catttaagtg gggggagtcc ttggagtctt      9480
     atatataaaa tccaaagaat gtcaggtata ctgcactcct gtaatctcag cactctagag      9540
     gcaaaagcag ggcaatcagc gcaagtctgc agcagtctgg gatacacaga aagttcctgg      9600
     ccaaccagga acgtgtagtg agacccatat tcaggaagca atccaaaagt actgggatct      9660
     tgcaggaaaa gacgtaatca aaaagtttct gtctctagct aaatgttttt aagtattcta      9720
     aagttcatac actttgaccc agggccctgc ttcctggctt tctgtcttct tagagttcat      9780
     agcctttgac ccaggaatcc tcataatagg cttttctatt tagcaattgg aagagagtgc      9840
     acatatgaac acacaggaag ctaatcccag cataccatgc agcccagatt attagaacaa      9900
     tcagattcaa tgtaatctcc taatagtata taaatacatt catttcacct catctactga      9960
     aagaaatact atgcacccac aaaaaggatg gcaattatct acatttaata tcatggagag     10020
     tcacccatat tattgagttc acctatgttg gcaaaattat agaattttag gcattaaaca     10080
     attctgttct ttataaatgt atatcatgga caaaagcatt tttaataatt atatattaac     10140
     tgtccatgtg attatctgta aatagtgagc ctaatgttgc cctccattag attttctgta     10200
     ttttcttatt tatttattta tttatttatt tatttatttg tttatttctc atatatttgt     10260
     gtgtgtatgt atatgaatgc atgcttacat gtgcatgtac ccatatatgt gtatatgtgt     10320
     gtatatatat atatgtatgc acctgcatat ggtggttcaa agctgacatt tgctgtcttg     10380
     gtcaatcact ttctattttc ttgcttaggt ggagtccccc actaaactat aatcctgtct     10440
     gagcttgctc taaggatacc atgcctttgc cttctgagag cttggattac agatggctac     10500
     aatatctatt actatacccg tgggtgctga ggacctgaac ttcagttctc acacttatat     10560
     ggaacgtgat ttatcctcta agctatctcc ctagcacctc tagcttttta ataggcacac     10620
     actttgttgt gttgtagaag cagctgtcta aagctttcag ttgaggcagc ttcctcctta     10680
     aggtgacata aagggaacag tcagtttcct gttcaaggat aggtaccaaa actttctttt     10740
     cagttcatga gattttctaa ttaatagact tttatttaga taaaatgtga caaacctctt     10800
     tctaattaaa agcctattga taaatccaga taggctcaaa cagcctgagt ctttggatca     10860
     ttctgtgagc atccttccac aatcatttgt cctttgctgt aagtggtcta atggggaaac     10920
     attctgcctt atttctatga tttttctaaa caatgcctgt tcttcatgaa ttatgtttta     10980
     agatatgttg tctttttatt tgtttatctc ataaactgat attttgaaaa ccctcaatct     11040
     gcaacagctt ctttggacaa atcagattca gcaaagaaat aaaaatctaa ttcagtttta     11100
     attgtggata tagcttttat tacactgaca tttcttttat tactctttat tattttctat     11160
     ttattatcac ctctttactt tagggtgccc ctcctccttg caataatcta ttaccactaa     11220
     gaagcaatag ttacatgtgt agcttgcctc caggatcata tccttgctct gacactcact     11280
     agccctgtgg ctttgaggaa gttactcaac ctctctgaag ttaaggtttc tgatctacaa     11340
     tatgtcagct gcacccacct tatatgatta ggagaataat ggaagtagtg acactagtca     11400
     cttagaacct tgtatgtggc agtgatgatg caagtgatag ttttagggaa ctcccctttc     11460
     taaccaagga tgtaccccat tttgtcatac acacacttca cttctgttaa tctcaatatc     11520
     atttagaagc aatgagagga gctctgacat tggttaaggc caaaagaaaa gagtgtcatt     11580
     agtgggctac ctccctgtga gcaccttccg tagggcaccc tgcacatcag ggttcctaag     11640
     gctgtagata agtgggttca gcatgggact gatgacagtg ttgaggatgc caatgccttt     11700
     gtccttgtct gaagattcca ctgaccccag acgcatgtag ctgaagaccc ctgtcccata     11760
     gaagatgcct accacagtga gatgagagct gcaggtagag aaggctttct tcctgccctc     11820
     agcagaccgg atacgaagaa ctgcagctgc cacatggcca tatgacacag taatgaggac     11880
     caaggggacc acacccatga aggctgctgc tacaaagagc agctgctcat tgagttggat     11940
     gctggaacag gaaagctgaa agagctgagg gaggtcacag tagaagtggt tgattgtgtt     12000
     tggaccacag aatttaagag tagataaggc aacagtttgg gtcagtgcat tactaaagga     12060
     aaacacacat gacaggcaca ctgaggcctt ctgaatcctc caactcatat gggtgttgta     12120
     ggtgaggggg tggcagatag ccagataacg atcataggcc atgacagtca gaaggaagca     12180
     gtctgcccca gccaggagat ggaagaagaa gagctgtgag aggcaggccc catagggaat     12240
     gtgtctgtca ttggatagaa aatgtttcaa catggcagga acagtgacac taatgcatcc     12300
     aacatccagc atagacaagt tccccaagaa gaaatacatg ggagtgtgga gtttgggctc     12360
     tataatgata gcagccagga tgctgaaatt gccaccaagc gtagctacat aagcaagaag     12420
     gaagatgaca aagaggatgg gccgcaaaac tggagtctct gtgagaccca gtaggacaaa     12480
     tgtgctcaca caggaatcgt ttcccaaggt tcccagatcc atgcctctct tccaccagtg     12540
     acagttgaat gaacttcaaa ggtgatacac agacagtgac atcttggtaa caaatatcaa     12600
     gtattgcaat gtccaggtgc attcaagatg taggagaaaa cacaagagga ggaaaagtta     12660
     aaggctgaaa cacagtagga aaaggtgtga tgtatccagc agttactgat acaaagcaat     12720
     ggcatcaatc agactcagag acacacaaac actgacatag caaagggaag aaatgtgatg     12780
     attgatagtt agagggaaag aacatttacc tgaggtcaaa attctagaaa agaaaccaca     12840
     gtcttcagat ggtgacctaa cccaatatag gtacaaaaga tcctggagca tgaaagagaa     12900
     gtttccagag aagagatagc atggtcctct tccccagccc acatatctac agcaaccccc     12960
     agcatcttaa aaggattggt tccatagctt gtcagacacc aaaacctaag ggttctcatg     13020
     tctcttatat aggatggaac agaatttaca tatagcctat gcacattctc ccacacacta     13080
     taagttattt ctagatgaca taaaatatct taccctgtat ccatgccatg tgagtttttg     13140
     ttatcttata ttgcttaggt gatgttgaca gagaatgcct gtccttacta aaacagacat     13200
     aatttttttc acatactttc catccacgga ttaagccaca gatgtggaat ttgcaggcag     13260
     atggacagtt aaaggatgtg agtaataaaa tggccactgt gacctagact attaaaaatt     13320
     gagttgtaaa gccatgacac atgatccaga cctttcacag aaaggtaaaa ccccataaaa     13380
     acagcgacac tccatgagga caacatccca gactccatga aaacacatca ctaaagacat     13440
     ttttcagctc tagaactgat aacaagcagc cttggatttc ctgactccta agataataca     13500
     ttacatttct ctatagggtc cagaaaagtt gggtaccaca gtggtcatgc tttgctaagt     13560
     aagaacaata tggaaaaact ttgagtgagg tgaaaaaatg gatggtttag tgactgagag     13620
     agatgaacag ctatgcagtt caagggacac ccagctggac acactcacaa ctggaatctt     13680
     gagcaagaat atacccagac cctcccattt tatataacat gcatgctatc acaaggctac     13740
     agcatactat agatgcatag atggttccca cacatatggc catttacatg cagccccctg     13800
     agcctcacaa ggacacatag tgatctgcct cattgaagtg aagataatca ttactcagat     13860
     ggatccaaag gcacatagaa aaaggtagaa gctggagttt ctcaatgaca aatagagcag     13920
     aggaacaaga tactcaggtc ctagaaggct aaccactatt agaggcactg gtgttttggt     13980
     tttttttttt ttctttttgc attcacttaa tcataccact atgttcaact cagtatctct     14040
     aaagctcaaa tgtgtattat tctccatcaa ctactgaagg aaatgttttg ggaacagcct     14100
     gattatccta gcagctagta ttcctgcaca ctttacccct tctcagtcaa gtacctgagc     14160
     ctccccaggg ccatcttgga ggagagagat gccattccag agacaaagaa ctgaaatcgc     14220
     ttgtatggaa acccagttgt gagcacgcaa agagggctcc tgaaatgata ctcacctagt     14280
     gaagggggca ggcacttctt gggcagagag gaagccaaat actctccaca gttgggagtt     14340
     tatcaaagac agagaaataa agagacaagc aacttcactg acatcatctt cccaatgggt     14400
     ttgttcctcc cccaattttt ccctgtagtg gagtctgaaa ttaaaacatt ccagggggag     14460
     ccagggcagg atgaataact gctttcccaa gacacaagaa tctccagtgc tttgaaaatg     14520
     ctttagactg tctctgtgct tcaggagtga tgtttaagag tgtagtcaag ttcacacatt     14580
     tatttataaa tgagtttata aactagcact cttgttacta ccattttaca actgttatgg     14640
     ctctcagaaa ctctttacag catgcattga ttgaccatat taatggggct tgatgtgata     14700
     ttcccattgt gcactgatca aattctgtca tactacacac acacacacac acacacacac     14760
     acacacacac acacactttc caatctctag taatcacttt tcaaacttaa aaacattttt     14820
     taacttttct atatgagata aagtgtattt atctcattcg atgtcttcca gtttcaacca     14880
     catttctaca aatcaaagat tttccttcct tatgaaaaaa tggttctcca ttgtgtatta     14940
     gcaccatatt tacaggagtc ttacagttta gaaagacaca gtgttgggca tagagtacag     15000
     atttagggta cagtttagat accacacaat cctgatgtca tgtgaatgtg tcccaaattt     15060
     aggcactcag tactatgaaa gcaaaataag tttgaaggca tcttctgctc caggaccacc     15120
     ctacttttac taaattctga gcacttcttt ggtcatcaaa cacagttcct aactgaacct     15180
     tgttcatgaa taaagctttt caactagatt aaagatgcca taggctaagg aggtgttagc     15240
     agagggcaag ggtggttgga aattcctgtt agcatctgtt cttagaggag gacctttaag     15300
     gaaccaacta gagcccacca ccttctcttc ttggcataac aatgactgtg tatatgcctt     15360
     gaaagatatt tctcatatgc tgctaaccaa ggacactcct tgcttaaaca ccaattggag     15420
     atcttttctt tcccaacaaa tggccgatag gtccctgtgg ctgagctagg tttaccacct     15480
     ctccgtggca ataacaactt aaaagcaata aaaacataaa aatctgcaca tgaacttttt     15540
     tcaatgtctg ttttttatta gatattttcg tgaattatat ttcaaatgtt attccctttc     15600
     ctaatttctc cttggaaaaa gccctccccc tttgccctct cctccccctg ctcaccaacc     15660
     cacccactcc tgcttccctg gctctggcat tccactacac tggggcatag agccttcaca     15720
     ggaccaaggg cctctcctcc cattgatgac cgactaggcc ttcctctgct acatatgcag     15780
     ctggagccat gagtcccact atgtgtactc tttggttgat ggtttagttc ctgagaactc     15840
     tggggatact ggatagttca aaatctagtt tctcctgtgg gctacaaacc ccttcaacac     15900
     tttggatcct ttctctagct ccttctttat ggattgtgtg ctcagtccaa gggatggctg     15960
     tgagcatcca cttctgtatt tgccagacac tgccagagcc tctcaggagg caactatatc     16020
     aggctcctct cagcaagcac ttgttggcat ccacaatact ctctgggttt ggtggttgta     16080
     tatggaatgg atccccaggt ggggcagtct ctgaatggtc gttccttcat ttctgatcta     16140
     tactttttct ctgtaactcc ttccatgggt attttgtacc aactactaag aaggatcaaa     16200
     gtatccacac tttggtcttc cttcttcttg aatttcatgt gttttgtgaa ttatatcttg     16260
     agtattccga gcttctgggc taatatccac atatcagtga gtacatatta tgtgtgttgt     16320
     gattaggtta cctcactcag gatggtatcc tccagatcca tccatttgcc taagaatttc     16380
     atgaattcgc tgtttttaat agctgtgtag tactccgttg tgtaagtgta ccacattttt     16440
     tgtatccatt cctctattga ggggcatctg ggttctttcc agcttcttgt tattataaat     16500
     acggctgcta tgaacatagt ggagctagtg tccctatgtt gaaccatagt ttgcatatat     16560
     gcccaggagt attattgctg ggtcctcagg tagtattata tctatttttc tgaggaactg     16620
     ccagactgat ttaaagaatg gttgtaccag catacagccc tgccagcaat ggaggagagt     16680
     tcctcatttc ccacatcctt gccagcatct gctgtcacct gagtttttta tcttagccat     16740
     tatcacttgt atgaggtgga atttcagggt tgttttgatt tgcatttccc tgatgactaa     16800
     tgatgttgaa caattctttt ggagcttctc agccataaaa gattcctcca ttgagaatta     16860
     tttgtttagc tctgtatccc atttttaata gggttattct ctggagtcta acttcttgga     16920
     gttctttgta tataggatat tcgccctcta ttggatgtag tatcagtaaa gtaccttctc     16980
     ccaatctgta ggttgcagtt ttgtcttgat gacagtgtac tttgccttag aagcttttta     17040
     attttatgag atcccatttg tcaatagttg attttagagc ctgagtcagt gtttaattca     17100
     ggaaattttt gctgtgctga agtgtttgag gatctttccc actttctctt ctaatagctt     17160
     ctgtgtttct ggtttacgtg gaagtctttg atccatgtgg acttgggctt tgtacaagga     17220
     gataagaatg ggacaaatct gcattcttct acgtgccatc tgccacttga accagcacta     17280
     tttgttgaat atgctgtctt tttttccagt ggatagtttt ggctcctttg tcaaagatcg     17340
     ggtgaccata ggtatgtggg tttaatactg ggtcttcaat tctattccac tgatctacct     17400
     gcctctctgg gtatcaatat catgtggttt ttattactat gtggtagagc ttgaggtcag     17460
     gaatggtgat ttccccagaa agtcttattg ttaagaatgg tttactctat tctgggttat     17520
     ttgttgttcc aagtgaaatt gagaattgct cattctatct ctgtaaagaa tacagttgga     17580
     attttggaga ttgcattgaa tctgtaaatt gcttttgata agatgaacac tttcactatg     17640
     ttaatcctgc caatccatga tcacaggaga tctttccatc ttctgaggtg ttcttcaatt     17700
     tctttcttca gaggcttgaa gttcttgtca tatagatttt tcacttgctt ggttagaatc     17760
     acaccaaggt atttaacatt atttgtgact attgtgaagg gtattatttc cctaatttct     17820
     ttctcagcct gtttatactt tgaatagagg aaggccacta ctaatttgtt taagttaatt     17880
     ttatatctag ccacattcct gatgttgttt ttcagggtta ggtgttctct gatggaattt     17940
     atggggtcac ttaagtatac tgtcatatca tctgcaaata gtgatatttt tgacatctcc     18000
     ctttccaatt tgtatctcta tgacatctgt gggaagccac atgtgccgtt gcagagtggc     18060
     gctggctact gctggccacc acgcataagt ttggacaaac aaccaatgtg tacatatgca     18120
     gtaaagcttt tgccaagtca ctgcctggtc caggcatgtt aatgaggtac tgagaatata     18180
     acaaatcaga tgtgagacat gcaaatgagg tatgttaatg aggttctgtg aggtactgag     18240
     agagagtagc caatcagatg agaaacatgc aaatgaggca tagtgcataa aaaatccggg     18300
     tgtgagacac gcctctccta ggcctatata agcagcacga gttctgggct caggatctct     18360
     tcacctctgc aatcaagctc tcccaataaa catgtgcaga aggatcctgt tgcagtgtcg     18420
     ttcttgctgg tcgagtcggg cgcgcacaag agacatcctt tcgttttgta attgctctag     18480
     ctagaattac atttctcctg ccaccacatt ccctcctact tctgttttac atctgtctcc     18540
     agtccactct cagagtacat tttatttccc catctcatgg agatccatat ttgctcacac     18600
     aacactcctc tttacataaa ctctctgtat ctgtaaattg tagcttgatt ataatttact     18660
     taagagataa tgtatgggcc acagaagcaa cagaactcct gagacatggt cctactaggg     18720
     gccttcatcc tcagccagga ggtggagctg ttcctcactc ctctgtgtac cttccctgcc     18780
     agaggagagc ttgcctccag ggagtgctct gaccccagga cttaggtgag atcaccattt     18840
     tctctccagt gtctccctaa ggctgggcca cacagtagag agtatgccac agaaacaaca     18900
     gagcttctgg gacagggtgc tactaccagc ctacatcctt agccaggagg tggagctaat     18960
     cctaagtgat ctgtgcacta gtctcccagg agtgctgaca caggcttaca gactcacagg     19020
     aggaacaagc tacagccaga gacagctaga atatctaata ccagaaatta caagatggtg     19080
     aaaggcaatg taataatctt accaacaaaa accaggacta cttggcatca tcagaaccca     19140
     atactctcaa cacagcaagt cctgaatacc ccaacacatg gaaaagcaag aaatggattt     19200
     aaaatcatat ctcataatgg tggcagagga ttttaagaag gacattaaca actcccttaa     19260
     agaaatacag aagaacagaa ctaaacaggt agaagtcctt aaagaggaat cacaaaaatc     19320
     cctttaaaaa attacagaag aacacaggta aacaggtaga agcccttaaa gaggaaacac     19380
     aaaaatccct ttaagaatta taggaaaata caaccaaaga ggtgaaggaa ttgaacaaaa     19440
     ccattcagga tataaaaata gaagtaaaaa taataaagaa atcaaaaagg gagacaactc     19500
     tggagataaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa ccctaggaaa gaaatcagga gccatagatg     19560
     caagcatcac caacaaaata caagagatag aaaagagaat ctcgggcaca gaagtttcca     19620
     tagaaacatg cacacaacaa tcaaagaata tacaaaatgc aaaaagatca taacaaaaac     19680
     atccaggaaa tccaggacac aatgagaaga ccaaacctaa ggataatagt tatagatgag     19740
     aaggaagact ttcaacttaa agtgccagta aatatcttca acaaaattat acaagaaaac     19800
     ttccctaact taaggaaaga gatgctcatg aacatataag aagcctacag aactccaaat     19860
     agactggacc agaaaagaaa tccctcccca catataataa ttagaacaac aaatggacta     19920
     aataaggata gaatattaaa agcagtaagg gaaatagttc aagtgacata taaggcaaac     19980
     ttatcagaat tacaccagac ttctccacag agactatgaa agccagaaga tcctgggaag     20040
     atgtcataca gaccctaaga gaaaacaaaa accaacctag gctactacac ctagcaaaat     20100
     acacaattac catagatgga gaaaaaacaa ggtattccac gacacaacta aattcacaca     20160
     atatctttcc atgaatccag cccttcaaag gataataaaa gaaaaactcc aacacaagga     20220
     gggaaatgac actgaaaaaa aaaagcaaga aaataattct tcaacaaacc taagatagcc     20280
     gcaagaacaa aatctcaact ctaaaagcaa aaataacagg aagaaaaaca attacatttc     20340
     tttaatatct cttaatttca atggacccaa ttccaaaaca aaaagacata ggctaacaga     20400
     ctggctatat aaataggacc caaaattttg ctgaatacag gaaacccacc ccaggaacaa     20460
     agacagacac tacctcagag taaaaggttg aagaacaatt ttccaagcaa atggtcgaaa     20520
     gaaacatgct agagtagcca ttctaatatc aaataaaatc aacttccaaa ccaaagttat     20580
     caaaaaagac aaggagggga acttcatact catcaaaggt aaaatcttcc aagatgaact     20640
     ctcaattccc aatatctgtg ctccaaatac aaaggaagcc atattcatta aggaaacttt     20700
     agtaaagctc aaagcacata ttgcaccttt gaccttctta atcaaaatac ccatggaagg     20760
     agttacagag acaaagttca gagcagagcc tgaaggaacg accagccaga gactgcccca     20820
     cttgagaatc taccccataa agaaccacca aacccagtca ctaggcagat gccaactaga     20880
     gcctgttgac aggagactaa tattgctgtc aggctgtgcc agtgcctgca aatacagaag     20940
     tggatgctca caggcatcca ttggacagag cacaacgtcc ccaataaagg aaccagagaa     21000
     atacccaggg agctgaaggc aactgaagcc ccataggagg aacatcaata tgaactaacc     21060
     agtacccccc agagctcctt ggaactatat caccagttaa agaatgtgga ggtagaactt     21120
     gtgactctag ctatatatgt agcagaggat ggcctagttg gtcatcaata gaagaagagg     21180
     cccttggtct tgtgaaggct ctatgcccca gtataggaga aagccaggac tgggaatggg     21240
     agtgagtggg ttggggagca ggggaatggg gaaggggata ggagattttt ggagggaaaa     21300
     attggacagg ggataacatt tgaaatgtaa ataaagaaaa tatctaagga aaaaatttaa     21360
     aaaaaataaa aacaaaacaa aaaaagagat aatgtacaca taaataaatg cataccgtat     21420
     ttgtctttta gagtctggat ctgatttacc tcacttgaga tgattttttt ttctatttac     21480
     actcatttgc ctgtaaattt catgatgtca tttttaacag ctgagtaata ttccattgta     21540
     taaatgtaca acatttcttt attcattatt tgattgagtc agcaatatct attttatcaa     21600
     ctttaaaatg agtgtgattg cttcaaggtt ttatttggca tggttgtgaa tatagatttt     21660
     taattaatta ttaattaatt taattattat ttatatcctg gatgcctttt acttatttct     21720
     ttatttcttt cctgaaccag caatcattga gtatagagtt gttcaatttt cataagtgtt     21780
     caggattctt ttatttattt atttatttat ttttattagg tattttcctc atttacattt     21840
     ccaatgctat ctcaaaagtc ccccataccc tcccccccac tcccctaccc acccactggc     21900
     cctggcgttc ccctgcactg gggcatataa agtttgcaag tccaatgggc ctctctttcc     21960
     aatgatggcc gacatttccc ctaggccccc tttttagttc ccacagagag tatgaagcag     22020
     gcttttatta tgcatcatca atgccttaat aaattattaa taatttacat attttaatta     22080
     ttaataatca tttaaaattc ttacatttct taaattctat gagtcccaga taagtagtcc     22140
     caacacctgt ttccttagag taaaaactaa actcaaagca aaagtacaat tccttattat     22200
     tttacagagc ctgttattca taggtagctg ggcacaggtc ttatggtttt cttgtacagc     22260
     agggatcagc ctttagtaac tactttagtg taaaaaggaa aaacaacaga ttccttaagt     22320
     agaaatgatt tcttttctct cacccaaaaa ctagatcagg ttcctctccc ccccccccac     22380
     ctcccccacc ctgtccactt tccctcccag gtccctccct cctgagggaa ctaaaaaggg     22440
     ggcctagggg aaataggggg agagaggata gcccatgtcc agtcagagtt cccacctatg     22500
     ctctgggcag gtggatgttg gagggctgcc agaagctttc tactctgccc gggtgggcat     22560
     ctaagcctct gacccactcg acgaggggtg gacaaggggc agaccccaaa accaaaaggg     22620
     gccccggggt tacaccctgt agccccgggg ttatgggaga gggctgaggg aagagaggtt     22680
     cccacacagg cgagagtaag tgcagtggac cttgactgga gcacaggaag gccctccatc     22740
     gggagattag aaacagctca ttagaagaaa gcctatccca tccttcaagc gcagtgggcc     22800
     ttgatgaaca gagatagtct atggttttag agctatatta tagaaaggca gggagaaagg     22860
     agagaaggta aaagagagaa agagagacca gccatggcca agaggagaga agggaaaaaa     22920
     agagagaaga aaggctaaag aataagaggg agagagagga aagaggagag aggagaggag     22980
     aggagaggag aggagagggg aggggagggg aggggagggg aggggagggg aggggagggg     23040
     aggggagggg aggggagggg aggggagggg gggagaggag gggccaaaca gctcctttta     23100
     aagaatgctg ctatcttttc tgttgctagg taactgggga ggagtttagc ctgaatgcca     23160
     gaaccttggg acattgccta tgtgacttct agccatactt ctcttgtggg ggctttgggg     23220
     gacagtaact tcgacaggag ccagggtcca ggagacatta gaaaactcct tctgtcccat     23280
     gtatgtgaat tatcaccacc ggttcccggg attcaacatc tcagctcgac tggagaccat     23340
     cctgtcagtg catagcccaa tgccccaccc acaccctccc ttgccacttg tgattgcttt     23400
     ctcctctctc ccaagtggaa ctgaggcatc ctcacttgga cacttcaact tgttgagcat     23460
     tttgaattct gtggactgta tcttctgtat tctgtattat tatatttttg gctaatatac     23520
     acttattagt gagtacatac catgcatgtc cttttggtct gagttacctc actcaggatg     23580
     atattttcta gttccatcca tctagttttg cctgcaaaac tcaggatgtc cttgttctta     23640
     atagctgagt aatattccat tgtgtaaatg aaccacattt tctgtatcca ttcttctgtc     23700
     atgggatatc tagattactt ccagcttctg gctatcacaa gtaaggctgc tatgaacata     23760
     gtggaacaca tgcccctgta gtttggtaga gcatcttttg ggtatattcc taagagtggt     23820
     atagctggat ctttaggtag atctatttct aattttctga ggaacctctg gattgatttc     23880
     cagagtggtt gtacaagttt gcaatcccac cagtaatgga ggagtgttcc tcattctcca     23940
     catcctctcc aacatgtgtt gtcaactgag gttttgatct tagccattct gattggtgtg     24000
     aggtggaatc tcagggtcat tttgatttgc atttctctga ttactaagga ctttgaacat     24060
     ttctttttta ttagattttt tctttattta catttcaaat gttatcccct ttcctaattt     24120
     cccctctgaa taccccctat cccatcttcc ctttcccccg ctcatcaacc cacccaggaa     24180
     actcacctca gggacaaaga cagacattca tcccaaagtt atcaaaaaag acaaagaggg     24240
     acacttcata ctcatcaaag gtaaaatcta tcaagttgaa catttcttta ggtgcttctc     24300
     agccattcga gattcttcag ttgtgaattc ttggtttagt tctctactcc atcttttgat     24360
     tgcgttgttt ggtattttgg tgatcaattt cttgagttgt ttagatattt tggctattag     24420
     tcttctatca gatgcggggt tagtgaagat ttttttttcc caatctgtag attgctgagt     24480
     tgtcttattg actatgccct ttgccttata gaactttcct agtttcatga ggtctcactg     24540
     atcaattcta aaaggactga agccctgagg tcctgctgaa agaatgtaaa caggcaacct     24600
     caggaaatag gatgttgggg ggccctcaga atgcacaaga gacctgagaa gtgagaaact     24660
     cccaggaccc aaagggagag accttagatg aaatgctcca cagtaaggag agggaattat     24720
     acagagccca cctccagcag gaagacagta catcaagtga ggaatggggt tgccatgcca     24780
     cagtcacacc tctgagccat aattgttcct gtctgaaaga attacaggga tggaaatgga     24840
     gaggagcctg agaaaaagaa gatccagcaa caggcccaaa gtgggatcca gctcaagggg     24900
     gatcccaagg cataacacta ttactgaggc tatggagagc ttacaaaaag ggatctatca     24960
     tgactgccct ccaaaagacc caacaagcaa ctgaaagagt cagatgcaga tatttgcact     25020
     caaccaatgg acagaagcag ctgagcactg ttgttgaatt aaggaaggtt aaaagaagct     25080
     gaggagaagg gtgaccctgt aggaggacaa gcagtcttaa ttaacctaga cccccaaaat     25140
     ctttcaaaca ctgaatcaca aaacagacag catacaccgg ctgatatgaa gtcccccaac     25200
     acacatacag tataggactt ctgggtctgt gttcattcag agatgatgca cccaaccttc     25260
     atgagactgg aggccctagg gagtttagag atcaggtggg atgggggatg ggggcatcca     25320
     cgtggacttc ttacaaagtt tttttttaat ttacataagt aaaatggtta tctctctcaa     25380
     atatctttcc aggcattatc atctgcaatt cttcaaatag ctaggaaaac aaagtaccaa     25440
     cttttttata tgcttttaca tcatcttttg attctctaat atttgtttcc tcatcctagc     25500
     aattccatag cttcatgtac tctccctcta attcttattt attcctaaat catttataaa     25560
     tttctatttt tcagtccatg ccttttattc tttagaccac tttgactctc tattctcgat     25620
     gtccccaagt tcaccctggc aaactaaagc agtagtcgtg ggaatggagg gtacgagaat     25680
     ttcttcatga ttccaaattc aaaaccaagt ctggcaataa aatatttcta caaaggacca     25740
     tgtagggttt aaggactttg tggttgtgtc cacaaaaact agactcgggg ctccaccttc     25800
     tgctgtgtct tttcccatga gcctaaagga caagcaggcc tgttccttgt tctccacagc     25860
     cacatgacca tctctatttc tctttcctga gaaccacatc tgtttcaatt attatggtgt     25920
     gattagctat gagtaaaagg gggaagaatg ttcccaagaa agtaagattg aaagtagaat     25980
     agtaaagagg gcagatcagc ttcagggcaa cagcaaccat cagcagacat gggaatcatg     26040
     gatggcctga agatgctcca aggacaggaa ctgtgacaga cctcccctta tatggccatg     26100
     cctgactcag cagtatccca gattttctgg atattttgtg tcagaaatat tctagattta     26160
     atattttatt gtttgatgta tcatcaaatg tgagagacca tatcttttgg gctcaggctc     26220
     cattttagag aacctgacct aaagttgaac tcaaggaaac taacagccac tacctaccac     26280
     caatttccca gttatgcccc aataaaacct gtgtctagca ccagattcca ggatattccc     26340
     ccaacaaatc tacaccccca ggttacaaga cttcccctga taattcatat cctaacaacc     26400
     accaaacatg agaaaaaaaa gatattcaga ttatggtttg gcccccagta ccagttaaag     26460
     gccataatgg ctatccaatc tgatatgtac caggctagat accaccttct tgactctata     26520
     aatgcttgcc taaaactagg ctcagggctc catcttcctg ctgtgtcagg gtttgcaggg     26580
     accccaaacc tgagctcgat taaagagacc ctgtgattgc attagaatca gttccttggt     26640
     ggtctttagg gggtcaggaa tgtttccttg cacaaaacat acagcctcaa tggttatatg     26700
     gaggcaattg gatacaaaga tactatccca attactaaac caatgtgttt ctatttcaga     26760
     gtgtgtgctt aaggaaccca tacagtttaa gaaatagtac attctgtcat ccttaagcta     26820
     caagcctggt ttacaggata tttccatctg tctatgttgt gccatgagtc taaatatatt     26880
     tcagtctagt atattttttc ctaagacaaa attgtttgtg gtatagtttg tgttaattta     26940
     aaagtacaca ataaggtttg taatctcttt gtgaactcca tcttgcattt ctgaaatgtc     27000
     tgaatccatt catccatggc tagagcccta agatgtgaaa gtcctaccag agtgaaaaag     27060
     aaaaaagaaa tgaaagagaa atctatggaa aattccaatt aatcattgag gcacaatttg     27120
     atttcttatt agtatttctt ctagagattg atgataaacc atatgggtgc cttttgcaag     27180
     agagaacagt gtttctcctt gtgctgtgca atatattctt tgtagaaagt aaatgacaaa     27240
     ctattacttg gtaatgatgc ctttaatgta acctactttt tagcctctta cctgctttaa     27300
     ggcgctaaca agaaaaatta agaattcagc tgccttcagt gacaggtgaa ggtattagaa     27360
     ttgttacaaa tgtatcatat ttacatatga acagatggtg ttttttataa tgaatccaaa     27420
     agaagcaatg tcactgttaa aaggaacctg gtgagataca taatcatggg taattcttta     27480
     aactctcaaa atcctggtat tttagagtgg gacatggaaa ccaaaagtaa tatctcagtg     27540
     gagacaatgg tgaggcaaga attcattgct ttgtttcttc ttggcctcag gaaagtattt     27600
     tgcttaccta ttatgagaaa tactttcagc tggggttgcc tcacagatac tggccattat     27660
     tgcaaataaa ggcaccaact ttctttagat aaaccacctc aagcaaaggt gaagaaagca     27720
     aagtgtgaat atcaatttta acagtgttca gccttcattt aaaatcccac tctgccagtg     27780
     tgcggtgtag agcaggtcac tagagcacat acccaggtct gcagagaaac acaccagctt     27840
     ctggaaaagc agagcacctg atgcaggaaa ggaaaatctg tttttttttt ccctgcctct     27900
     taaagctcat cattcctgca tctgttccct ggagaaagct tgttagagat ttgattcctg     27960
     cttcccactc ctcagtttta ccagggacag ggaggacctg ctgcctctga ataaagagtg     28020
     gcttctggga agtgaaattt tagtataaac ttttgtgaaa cattttattc tgaaggtgaa     28080
     gaaaaaaatg tgttcttcac aggtaaatgc atgcatgggt atgggaaggg atgactgttc     28140
     ttacaggaat aactttttag ttcaaacatc caaaccttca ctgtgctcac atttacagaa     28200
     ctactttttc atataattat ctgttatatg tatacaataa gttatataac ttacaactta     28260
     taatcagaag ttataattta taaatagtac aaaattcata ttatttattg cacattaaat     28320
     tacacattaa atatataata cataaataac atataacaat tattatatat taaattatat     28380
     agtaagtata tgataaacaa cttatctaat aaggctgaga gcctattgca gtcattctca     28440
     gccttcctac tgctgcaacc ctttaatagt gttcttcagg ttgttgtgac cctaactatg     28500
     aatttatttt tattggtagt tcgtaactat aattttgcta ctgctatgaa gcctaatgta     28560
     aatatctctg ttttctggca gcttagacaa ccaccattag atcatttagg agatcatgag     28620
     agtttttccc caaaagggtc acaggttgag aactgctagc ctattggatc tttacagaga     28680
     agtcacagca ttctttctct cagatcataa ttaatcaaaa gataacattg gttattgata     28740
     acagaacaag ttgcatagtt aactaatatt tccttaggtc aaatctagta cttagacaat     28800
     gggcacgagg gaatagtgtt aattttaatt tcagggtgca ttgacgttca tggatgtggc     28860
     tatagagttc tctaaggagg agtgggaatg tctgaattct gcccaaaggg ctttgtacag     28920
     agacgtcatg ttggagaatt acaacaacct ggtttctgtg ggtaagaaca tttttattcc     28980
     ataattttta cttcatcttt gggctatcta aaaactgcta ttagtatttg gatcagatgt     29040
     tcattaatta gtctatctct taatttttat atgtattgat ttctgattta tttaaagata     29100
     acatgttatg taccttttct tgtttttttc ttcatttaac ctaatgatcc ttcaatttta     29160
     catgtatttt tgtatagaag taattagcat ttatatgtga gtactttgac ctcaacagtt     29220
     atatttttct aatgtggtaa ttttaaacag aaattcataa tttaaaaaaa atttgagtta     29280
     tggagagtct aaaatatttt ggaaagatga gactattaga aagtcattca tgtatctttt     29340
     actcttctcc atgttaccta catggcacat tcctgtgcta gcacccagct atgttcaatg     29400
     gtatgtctgt ttgaatatac aggtgttgct gtttcaaaac gagaggtaat catctgtctt     29460
     gaacaaaaca aagaaccatg gattgttgat gcagaggaaa cacaagtaag agaaccaggt     29520
     aatctgaaat gaaataacat gtgatgtgat gattctaaac caaggagcaa tctaatcctg     29580
     aagtgtgatt agacaagttc ttcagagtaa tgtaccagag aaatattgta ccatggtttg     29640
     tatattagtt ttgtcttatt ttacctgaat agtggggttc tgaaatatag tgtattatac     29700
     ccatctaatg aagtggtata agactattct gtcttctaac tactgtcatt atttttgttg     29760
     catgtatata agtatatttg agagattatt gttttattac acctgtaaag aattttatag     29820
     agtatatttt gctcatatgt ttctctcttt catcttcttg cattccccac actatctcaa     29880
     tatcatggtt tctctgacac tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     29940
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tggaaaagaa aagtaaaaca aaaatagaag     30000
     ccaaaaaatt gtatttacac tgggagtcag ttttgtgttg taaacttttc cttaacataa     30060
     tccatggact atgactaata gacccggtgt tatactgtaa aataaaactt gttatccctc     30120
     tctaagaaaa aagaaaatgt aacatattgt tctgtaagca catgtgtgag cattgattaa     30180
     tgctggatga agaggcgggg ctcagatttc tgtagatagt gctatccctc cctaattagt     30240
     tagtcctggg ttagaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaaagaaag tacagcaagc caggagaaac     30300
     aagccagtag ggagcactct cccatgactt ttgattcagt gtttgccttg agttcctgcc     30360
     ctgatctcct gactcccctc atgatggact atgtttagga tatgtgagct gaaataaacc     30420
     cctttctctc aaaaaaaaaa aaaatctgtg tactttggat aagttcttac cttgtgtgac     30480
     actttctacc tatttcccct tctcaaagct gggggtttta tctgctttga acttgtattg     30540
     atctggtggg tgctgtcaca ttctcggtga gtttatatgg gtattactct tgtgtgtgga     30600
     gatgttgttt atctagtgtc attcactacc tatgcccttt acaatccttc tgtctcatct     30660
     tctgcattgg cccctgagca ttgataggag agatgtgata aagatagcta cataagaccg     30720
     aatgctacaa tgtctctcaa tttctgaact ttcccagttg ttgccttaca tattaagctt     30780
     ctctattgaa ggttgaggga tgcacagatc tactggaaaa gcaatatatc tttaggtatc     30840
     ttattattat gattttattt gtagaaataa tagtagattt taatatagga cctagaaact     30900
     gtttagtctc agattgtggg ctgcagaaac agtgtcagat atagttttaa cttggagagc     30960
     caccaaaatg ccaatcagtg gtaggtatta tcaaagcatt tataatttac aataagtgag     31020
     catatcttac agtaaggtca gcatttcaca tcacagatta aatagctggg tgagacaaat     31080
     aattaatttt gtcctcctat ggccaagtac tacataaata tactatgact gtaaatcagt     31140
     aggcatgaaa atccagttta atttgcagct caatatttct gctgctttat gtatttattg     31200
     tctttggcag tggccacata tcctcaggtt tggagtgcaa ataaatgtgt tttggaatta     31260
     cctgtgctat ttcagtggaa tataggtctt ttggcctata attctaaaag ttgcaaccca     31320
     tttcttgtac tacgtgctat gtatagtgga atatgaaatt tagctttgta ttgtctgttc     31380
     taatttgtgg caatgtcagt taaacagcat tttatatgtt catgtgttag gaaacttcta     31440
     taatcgtagt ctaccatatg gcattaaaca atatgtattg taaaccagag aaatggtgca     31500
     gaagttagag ctgcctgcat tgcaatctta tgacttgaat tcaatatcca gaagacacct     31560
     ggtggaaaat gaattctaca aagcatccct gaatacatgt atactgctac acatagtaca     31620
     tgtataactt caaaaattga tttgtactgt tattaagaac cataatggtt cttctctatg     31680
     tcctatatct tgatataaac ttgatcttat ttctccttta tgacactgtc ttttattttt     31740
     ccttttatga aaaaataaac aagtgtactt gctacctagc cacaatagat agtctaaaca     31800
     taagagatat acccaactct taaacactaa cctagtacat gaaagaaacc atgcagtgta     31860
     ttttttgttg gagtacctca ttcaaattga ttgttcctaa ctccatccat ttatctaaaa     31920
     aatttaacaa ctaaaggaat gaaacatttc ataaacccta aaagaatgtt gtatttatga     31980
     cttacaaaca ttgaatcaag atgaaattga cccttaagcc aacacaaaac ttctaatgaa     32040
     aaaaaaggtg taatcagagc cttccaacta aagaaatccc atggccagat tgattcaggg     32100
     cagagattta ctagaccagc aagttagaac taatgcctag tttcttttag tttttcttca     32160
     gggtaaaact caaggaattt ttcaatttct cctcctcctc ttcctcctcc tcctcctctt     32220
     cctcttcttc ctcttcctct tcctcttcct cttccttttc ctcttctctt tattgaatat     32280
     gttctttatt tagatttcaa atgttatccc ctttcccatt ttccttccct ctgggaaaca     32340
     ccctatcaca tcacatcctc cctccccctg tttctgtttc tatgagggta ttcttccacc     32400
     cacccaccca ctcccacctg tctttcctca actcccctat actgtggcat ctatcaagcc     32460
     ttcataggac caagacctct ccttcaattg atgcatgaca aggacatcct caactacata     32520
     tgcagctgaa gccatgtgta atcctttgtt aatggcttag ttcctgtgag ttctagaggc     32580
     agatgttagc agtcaaccat tgaactaagt tcagggtccc taataaagga attggaggag     32640
     gaactaaagg agtttcaggg gtttgcaacc caatagaaag aacaacaata tcaaccaacc     32700
     agacctccca gaactcccag ggactaagcc atcttttctt cttttaagaa gccacaggcc     32760
     tgcgtggtgg cacatgcatg taataccagc actcaggagg cagaggcagg cagatttctg     32820
     agtttgaggc catcctggtc tacagagtga gttccaggaa agccaggtct atacagagaa     32880
     accctgtctc aaaaaacaac aaaaaagcaa ctatgagttt gtttcaaaaa ctaagcaaag     32940
     atgtgtgtct catcatcctg catgaatata gatgctaaat ttgcagtaag gtattttgaa     33000
     aattaactaa aatgtgggga attgggctat gtacagacag gctggtctcc agtcgagctg     33060
     agatctgaac cccgaaaagg gtgataattc acctaaatga catggtaagc agtccctcat     33120
     gctcctgaaa ctctggctcc tgcctgagtt accactcgcc cctcacagtc cccacaagag     33180
     aagcatggct cgaagtcaca taggcaatgg cccaagcttc tgaccttcag gctaaactcc     33240
     tccccagtta cctagcaaca gtaaagacca taaaaagggc tgttcagccc ctcctggtct     33300
     ctctctccct tacttcttac tctcttacct cttacctctt acccctcact ctcaccctct     33360
     cctctctctt tgtcttatct cctctctcat ctctcttctt tctttgtctt ctcctctcct     33420
     ctctccctct tacactcttt ctctctagcc ttctctctct ctctctctct tctttctttc     33480
     tccctacctt tctataataa agctctaaaa ccatagagag tctctgctac agtcaagatc     33540
     tgctgtgctc actcttgcct gtgttgggaa cctctcttcc ctcaccctct ctcccataac     33600
     cccagtgtca ttagcaaagt agctctggtg ctcccaggta gggctgcccc tttgccatca     33660
     ccagaagagt gggtcagagg cttagatgac ctcctgggta tgagtggaaa gtgtatggca     33720
     ggtctcccaa gcctgactga ccagagaata ggtggaactc tggcagggtg tggatcttcc     33780
     ccttccccct cttccacaag gccccctttt tagttcccaa cactaaaaaa catacataaa     33840
     ttattaccta ccattttaag atggtttcaa tccagagctg ccgatagttc aacataagtt     33900
     aattgataga ggtaataatg ttaataaaca actacaacat agaaaccacg ggataatctc     33960
     agcagattct gaaatggcct ttgacaaaat acagcatcat tatgttatgg ttctagacag     34020
     gccagggata gtaaaactgg tttaaaacca gcctggggac aagagcattc tgcatggaga     34080
     gaagctcaaa gcaattccac taaaatcaac agcaatagaa ggttatccat tttctccata     34140
     gatattcaat atatttttga aaccatatcc agagcaataa gacatttaat gagttttaga     34200
     ggatatgcat agaatagata gtgtcaaagt atccttatta tgtgataata attttttatg     34260
     aaagttgaca ggatttttct cagatttata tgtgtgtgtg ttatatttat gccttatact     34320
     gaatataaaa tctatgtaaa catatcctac ccatatacac atatgtatat tttatataat     34380
     tttaagtaaa tataaaacaa tatttctatt tggctttatg aaaattatct ttattattat     34440
     ttgtcaaaaa tcttgcctct ttttctgtat tgattgtttc cctgctccca gtttagaaac     34500
     tcttcttcta ttagtttccc actacatatg atcagcatta tgggttttcc aatgcaggat     34560
     attcattgct taaacaatat ataatcatga gcaacaaaaa tctactcaca gatatgtttt     34620
     tatgtaattg taaatacaca tagctaaaag acatacacac gcacaacata tataaacaca     34680
     cacacactca caaacacaca taaacacatg tgtgtacctc aagcataatc caaggaaaaa     34740
     ggaaagaaag gttttcaact tgagaaggaa ggtgggaatg atgtaatgtc acctgggaca     34800
     tgatggagga aaagaaggga tgatgaatgt gattttctac ttcagctgaa aaattatttt     34860
     ccttttcttt ccttctttct ttattcactt tacataaaga cttcttgtta catgggtatt     34920
     tcccaagata ttttacttta cttctggcta ttgtaaaggt cattgtttct cttatttctt     34980
     catcagccca tttatcaata ctaaaaagga gggctactga ttatgtgttt actttgtaac     35040
     tttgtaactt tcctgaaggc aaattttgct gtaggagttc tctgatggac ttttgatact     35100
     catttactta tactattata tcatctgtga atagcaatat tttttctttc ttttcttttc     35160
     ttttcttttt tttttttttt tacatttcaa tttttttctt taaaaggagt gagttgtgta     35220
     caggggggtt aaatgcttta tagacaagaa aaaaactgtg ctaggaccaa cttattcacc     35280
     atcttcttca tcttcatctt cctcttcttc ctcctcttcc tcatcctctt cttcctcctc     35340
     ctcgtcttcc tcttccttct ttttcttgct cttttcagcc ttgaccaccc cctttttcgc     35400
     tgcatcaggt tttcctttag ctctgtaggc agcaatatcc ttctcatact tctccttcag     35460
     cttggcaacc ttcttctcat agggctgctt gtcatccgct gcagtgttat tccacatctc     35520
     tcctagtttc tttgcaacat caccaatgga taagccagga tgctcgcctt taattttggg     35580
     gcggtactca gaacaagaag aaggccgaag gagtcctctt gggtgcattg gggtccttga     35640
     acttcttttt gatctcccct ttcgggggaa tgtaggtttt catttctctt tcataatgag     35700
     ccttgtcagt ctttgccata tcttcaaatt ttcccttttc tttagcagac atggtcttcc     35760
     acctctctga acacttcttg gagaactctg agaagttgac agaagcatcc gggtgcttct     35820
     tcttgtgctc ctcccggcaa gtttgcacaa agaatgcata tgaggacatt ttgcctcttg     35880
     gcttcttagg atgtcctttg cccatgttta gttgattttc cttctcaagg cacagagtcg     35940
     tctagtgcct gtctggctaa gcgcttgccc cggcgctgtc tctatgaagc tcaatgtact     36000
     gcaatggctg tgagagcggg aggcagatgc agccttaatt ttctttttta aaaagaattt     36060
     caaatttatt ttatttattc acatcccaaa tgtgaacacc tctcagagtt cttcacccta     36120
     ccccctgccc ttttgcctct gagagggtgt ttccctctct ccacattcac cttacatgag     36180
     gcatcaaatc tctacaggat taggtacatt ctttcccact gaggccagac aaagcagtcc     36240
     tcagttacat atgtgtcagg tgcctcagac caaccaatgg ttggtgactt agtctctggc     36300
     agctcccagg ggtctgggtt agttgacatt gtttatcttc ctatggggtt gccttcccct     36360
     tcatctcctt caatccttct cctcgttctt ctataggcat cctggacctt agtccaatgg     36420
     ctgtaagtat ctacatctgt cttggtcagc tgctgataga gcctctcaga ggagagtcat     36480
     gttaggctcc tgtctgcaag cacaatatgg aatcagtaat aatgacaggg agagggagag     36540
     ggagagggag agggagaggg agagggagag ggagagggag agggagaggg agagggagag     36600
     ggagagggag agggagaggg agagggagag ggagagggag agggagaggg agagggagag     36660
     ggagagggag agggagaggt ttagtgccca tgcacagaat gtatcccaag ttgggccagt     36720
     cactagacca cctgttcctc tgtctcttct ccatttttgt ccctgcattt ctttagacag     36780
     gaacaattct gggttggtga gacaatacct gtccttttaa aagtcatatc tccttgatct     36840
     tttttaatta ttttattctc taactacaac ttcaagtact gtattgagga aataaggaga     36900
     gcatgtatag catgaccttt accctgattt ttaaattttc cctccattta atttgatgtt     36960
     ggctattgga tttttctgta ttgccattca tatgtttagc tttgtatcct tgatctctcc     37020
     aagaccttta aaatgaagga gtattgtatt ttgtcaaagg ctttttcagt gtctaatgtg     37080
     acaatcatgt tgtttgttct ttcagtttat ttatatggtg aattagatta atcgattttc     37140
     acatattgaa tcaccgcttc atgtctgaga tgaagcctac ttgattatgt tggatgattt     37200
     tggctgtctt ctttgaatcc gtttgggaga attttcttta gtatttttgc atcaatgttc     37260
     ataatagaaa ttggtctgaa attctctggt tgagtccttg tatggtttag atatcagggt     37320
     gaatgtgtcc ctgcagaatg agtttggcaa tgctccttct gtttctgttt catggaatag     37380
     atgagtattg atattagctt ttctttgaag ttctgataga agtctccatt aaaccatctg     37440
     gccaagagct tgttgttgtt ttgttgttgt ggttgtggtt gttgtaagat tttaatgagt     37500
     gcttctattt tcctaagtta gactgtttac ctgattttga tttaactttg gtaagtggag     37560
     tctatccaga aaatctttca tttcatttat attttccaat tttatagtgt acagactttt     37620
     gaagtaagaa ttaatgatta tttagatttc ttcagtgtct gttatgtcca cattttcatt     37680
     tccaatattg ttttttggtg gataatgtct ctgggttttt tgtagtttgg gtaagaattt     37740
     gtctatctta ttgacaagaa ccagctcttg gtttccttga ttctttctgc tgttatcttt     37800
     gtttctaaac cattgctttc atccataagt ttgttgattt actgccaccc accccttatt     37860
     agcgtgtttg tttctttttg tacgagtgtt ttcaggtgtg catttacttt gctagtgtga     37920
     ggtgtatcta ttctctttaa gaaggcattt agtactataa gcttgccttt tagcacagct     37980
     ctcatgtctc ataaatttgg gcatgttttg actttacatt caatgaatta aaaaagtctt     38040
     tcaattcttt acttattctt tgaccctgtg gtcaattatt agcaagttat tcaatttctt     38100
     tttttaatta ggtctttatt tcatttacat ttccaatgtt gtctcaaaag tcccccacca     38160
     gctccccacc cacccatttc tacttcttgg ccctggcttt cccctgtact gaggcagata     38220
     aagtttgcac aaccaatggg ccatacagat atttgcaccc aaccaataga cagaagcagc     38280
     tgacctctgt tgttgaatta tggaaggctg aaaaaagctg aggagaaggg taatcctgaa     38340
     ggacgaccag cagtctcaat taatctggac ccccaagatc tctcaaagaa tggaccacca     38400
     aacaggcagc attcaccggc taagatgagg ccccaacaca catacagaga aagacttctg     38460
     ggtctgtgtt cattcaggga tgaggcacat aacgctaaag agactggagg caccagggag     38520
     tttggaggtc aggtgaggtg ggctgtgggg acatcaacat ggagaaaggt aggaatagag     38580
     gaggtatggg atttggagca gtcggagggt agatcggagg atggagtgaa taaaatatgc     38640
     agtgtaaagg aattaattaa ttaattaata aaaagagaga aaatgaatta tgaaaaagag     38700
     gagctgtatt ggaattccaa agagagaagt cttgagagac agctgtctgg aaagttatct     38760
     tgagcagaac tctattcatt catccaaata cccagatgcc ctctgcaacc tgaggcaagt     38820
     ccttggcact tcactcaaat tttgtttctt taactgtgct gaagtatttt agttatataa     38880
     gttccaactt gtcaatcatt ggccttaatt ctgggaatgg agttctattc agaaagttct     38940
     tttaaataga ttgatagatg atagacagat gatatatagc tatataatgg atgtatttgt     39000
     atatagaaag attcttagat aggtaagtgc atatatatat atacatatat atatatatgt     39060
     atgtatatat acatatacat acatacatac atatacatat atacacacac atacctatca     39120
     aaatatccat ttacatatgt aatgtaatgt gacaagggtt tttgctccct tgtcaaagat     39180
     caagtgaaca taggtgtgtg ggttcatttc tgggtcttca attctattcc attggtctac     39240
     ttgtctgtcg ctataccagt accatgcagt ttttatcaca attgctctat agtacagctt     39300
     taggtcaggc atggtaattc caccagagtt cttttatcct tgagaagaga ttttgctatc     39360
     ctaggttttt gttattccag atgaatttgt agattgctct ttctaattca ttgaagaatt     39420
     gagttggaat tttgatgggg attgcattga atctgtagat tgcttttggc aagatagcca     39480
     tttttactat attgatcctg ccaatccatg atcatgggag atcttttcat cttctgagat     39540
     cttgtttaat ttctttcttc agagacttga agttcttatc atatagatct ttcacttcct     39600
     tagttagagt cacaccaagg tattttatat tatttgtgac tattgagaag ggtgttgttt     39660
     ccctaatttc tttctcagct tgtttatcat ttgtgttaag aaaggccatt gacttgtttg     39720
     agttaatttt ctatccagct acttcaccga agctgtttat caggcttagg agttctctgg     39780
     tggaattttt agggtcactt atatatacta tcatatcatc tgcaaaaagt gatattttga     39840
     cttcatcttt tccaatttgt atccccttga tctccttttg ttgtcgaatt gctctggcta     39900
     ggacttcaag tactatgttg aagaggtagg gagaaagtgg gcagccttgt ctagtccctg     39960
     attttagtgg gatatcttcc agcttctcgc catttgcttt aatgttggct actggtttgc     40020
     tgtagattgc ttttatcatg tttaggtatg ggccttgaat gcctgatctt tccaagactt     40080
     ttatcatgaa tgggtgttgg attttgtcaa atgctttctc cgcatctaaa gaaatgatca     40140
     tgtggttttt gtctttgagt ttgtttatat actggattac gttgatggat ttccatatat     40200
     tgaaccatcc ctgcatccct gggatgaagc ctacttggtc aggatggatg attgttttca     40260
     tgtgttcttg gattcagtta gtgagaattt tattgagtat ttttgcattg atattcataa     40320
     gggaaattgg tctgaagttc tctatctttg ttgggtcttt ttgtggttta ggtatcagag     40380
     taattgtgac ttcatagaat gagttgggta gagtaccttc tgcttctatt ttgtggaata     40440
     atttgtgaag aactgggatt agatcttctt tgaaggtctg atagaactct gcactccttg     40500
     gaacaatgtt gttgcacttc tgtgttatat acttttgcta ttatccttgg attagtgtta     40560
     ctttgtgcat tatacatgta tattattttc acacaactcc aacatgacac ataatgtttt     40620
     gctttattac tttcagcttt gtcttgtgaa catactgaga atctactaca aatggtgtgt     40680
     acacaaaatt attttcaaaa agaaataaca caagtatttg gacttaatgg tcttttagac     40740
     ctatatagaa agaagttttg ggaatataga agtggtggtg aggagcatga aatatgtgat     40800
     tatgaaaatt atctgctggc aaaacacatc tgttttaatt ctgaaaagaa taaaggagtt     40860
     ctagctattc ctgagagaac tcaggctgag tcactcccat ttttacaatt ggagactact     40920
     ctagcagaat ttttacaaat tttgaaatgc aacaatgttc tacacaggaa tacaaaaacc     40980
     ttaaagagtg acatttgggt gaataaaccc acttccctga agcatttatc aagtagtatg     41040
     ggatttaaca gtacttcaat actttatgaa caaaggagat attggagaag agaaaaaatt     41100
     actgaatatc atcaatgtga aagatatttc tctaaaaatt cattacagct tcctcaacaa     41160
     ttaaatctac tctgtgacaa gttctaccat gtaggtcaac ataagaaaat gtccatgtat     41220
     gcagtgaaac ttggaacata tcatgtggaa ggtagttgtg gaaactccaa cagagtaaat     41280
     gatagtaaca tgggctatat taaaaaccct tttctgaagt attgccaaaa caatcaacat     41340
     ggagagattt tataccaagg tgatgtcata ttatatgatt ctcatcatga aacaattcta     41400
     agtaaaaatg agataagtaa atgtatttca gaaaatcatt ataaccatga tagtagacag     41460
     gctatgtcta atcactgctc tcagtcatct ttgcaacagc aggatcatac cacatggagc     41520
     ctttataaaa atgactggca ggatgacatt ttaaatgatt ccttaattct tcaggtttat     41580
     aacagaatgt ggactaaagg agatttcaac aaatatacat gtgatacata caggaatgct     41640
     ttaattgaat cgttatactt agagaaagat aacatgaaac acattaaaag acaactttcc     41700
     caggccccag ggtataataa ggtcttgaat ttcaattcca atgtcattca acacgattca     41760
     aaccataatg gaaagggaat ccagaaagtc aaagtacatt tgtatggtat tttcaatata     41820
     caaaatctct tgagacattc aaatttatca gttgaggaaa aaccctcaaa atataaaaca     41880
     ccagagaaat gctccaataa atcctcaggc cttatggtat ttcaagctag agggaaacca     41940
     tggaaatgtg tgcaatgtgg caagtccttt gctcagtact cagctcttca aaaccctcac     42000
     aggatctgta ctgtaaagaa actgtatagt tgtaaggaat gtttaaaatc atttacttgg     42060
     ttctcaaaac ttcaagctca ccacagaata catactacac aggaacttta taaatctaat     42120
     aagtgtgggg aatcatttac ccagtcatca aatcttcaag tttatcagag aatccaccac     42180
     acaggagaca agccttacaa atgtaatgaa tgtggtaaat attttaccca ttcctcaagt     42240
     cttaaagatc accagagaat ccatgcaaga cacaaacctt acaaatgtaa taactgtggg     42300
     aaaagtttta taaagtcctc agatcttaaa gggcactaca gaatccacac aggagacaaa     42360
     ccctacaaat gtaataactg taggaaaagt tttacacagt cctcaggtct taaaaggcac     42420
     tacagaatcc acacaggaga caaaccttac aaatgtaatg aatgtggtaa atattttacc     42480
     cagtcttcaa atcttcaagt tcatcagaga atccacacaa aagacaaacc ttacaaatgt     42540
     aatgaatgtg gtaaatattt tgcccattcc tcaagtctta aagtacacca cagaatccat     42600
     acaagaaaca aaacttataa atgtaataac tgtgggaaaa gttttatacg gtcctcagat     42660
     cttaaaaggc actatagaat ccacacagga aacaagcctt acaaatgtaa tgactgtggt     42720
     aaatatttta cccattcctc aagtcttaaa ggtcaccaca gaatccatac aagagacaag     42780
     ccttacaaat gtaataactg tgggaaaagt tttagacagt cctcaagtct taaaaggcac     42840
     tacagaatcc acacaggaga caaaccttac aaatgtaatg aatgtggtaa atattttgcc     42900
     tgttcctcaa gtcttaaaag gcaccacaga atccacacag gagacaaacc ttacaaatgt     42960
     aatgaatgtg gtaaatattt tgcccagtct tcaaatcttc aagttcatca gagaatccac     43020
     acaaaagaca aaccttacaa atgtaatgaa tgtggtaaat attttgcccg ttcctcaagt     43080
     cttaaaaatc accacagaat ccacacagga gacaaacctt acaaatgtaa tgaatgtggt     43140
     aaatattttg cccagtcttc aaatcttcaa gttcatcaga gaatccacac aaaagacaaa     43200
     ccttacaaat gtaatgaatg tggtaagtat tttgcccagt attcaaatct tcaagttcat     43260
     cagagaatcc acacaaaaga caaaccttac aaatgtaatg aatgtggtaa atattttgcc     43320
     cgttcctcaa gtcttaaaga tcaccacaga atccacacag gagacaaacc ttacaaatgt     43380
     aatgaatgtg gtaaatattt tgcccagtct tcaaatcttc aagttcatca gagaatccac     43440
     acaaaagaca aaccttacaa atgtaatgaa tgtggtaagt attttgccca gtattcaaat     43500
     cttcaagttc atcagagaat ccacacagga gacaaacctt acaaatgtaa tgaatgtggt     43560
     aaatattttg ccagttcctc aaatcttaaa gtacaccaca gaatccacac aggatacaaa     43620
     cctttacaaa tgtaatgaat gtggtaaata ttttacctga ttttcaagtc ttaaagttca     43680
     ccccagactt catactgtag acaaacctgt taaaggtaat tagtgtggga aatcatttac     43740
     acagtcctca aaactacaag cttcccacag aatacacact gaacatcgac cttataaatc     43800
     taataattgt gggaaatcat ttacccagta atcaagtcct ctagctcacc acagagtcca     43860
     tacaagagac aaaccggcaa atgtaattaa tgtggaaaaa gctttatata gtcctcagat     43920
     cttatcaatt agtacataat ccacatagga gacaaacttt acaaatctaa gaaatgtggc     43980
     atgtctttta cctgatcctc atctcttcaa gttcatcaaa gaatccatac tggaaaacaa     44040
     ccatatatgt ggaaacgact gtggaaaatc tttttcctgc tcctcaaatg ttcattctca     44100
     ctagagtatc catacaggag acaaattgaa aaaatatagt gagtatggag ttgatttccc     44160
     aagtcctcga ctctccaatg tcaccacaga atccatcctg ggggcaaacc tttcaaatat     44220
     actgaatgtt aacaatcctt taccctgttc tcagtaactt tataggtgta atgaatgtgt     44280
     aaaatacatt tcccagtcct caaatcttca aggtgaccac agaatccata ctgcagcaaa     44340
     cattgtcaat gtaaagaacg tagaaagccc ttcacacaga aatcatattt ttaaacctga     44400
     catagcatgg atactagaga gaaactgtac aaatgtagat aatctgacaa gtcatttctc     44460
     actttctcaa acctgtggcc acctagaaga tcagtgcaat agaccaagtt gatgagtaat     44520
     tactgtccta gtatgaatac agaaacctgg tatttacaat gagaaacatg tttgtaagta     44580
     tttaaataat gttaaaacct tactctctat cagagaactc acagaggaaa gccctgacct     44640
     tattaggaat tggaaacgtt ttacccagaa acacagctga tagtcatatt aagtagttat     44700
     ttccaaaata aaatatgaaa aaaatctttc acccagtatt aatctaatta taattataat     44760
     cacatcataa ttagtaatgg tatagaattc aggttcaaac aaatttagag aagtagtatt     44820
     ttaaaatgta aggatttaag ccataataat attattgaat atccttatac aaaactgttg     44880
     caaaatgttc tgtatagttt agtaggctag aatattgaca tttgtgagat atggtctatg     44940
     tgaagcttat tttgttttta ctctttgagc ttttataaaa tatacataat aggaaatttt     45000
     taatctcaaa ataatccctt ctttgtcaga attatcaata aacatattac aactgtcttc     45060
     ctattccttc tgcgttggtg tgattagtat ccatttttct gggatggtat cattcttgta     45120
     ctccatttca ggattgataa tgacaacaga aacataaaag ataaattgta aaattttatt     45180
     gctttggaca aatgccaaga aagcaattag acaaaatatc ctgagcagag gaaaacctga     45240
     ggttttctca gtgtgtgtgt gtgtttgtgt gttttatgga taaagtcact gccatttcaa     45300
     ggaatatggc ttctaaaata tggaaaaaaa tccaagtaga gccagtgtgg atccaaaagg     45360
     ttgaagattt aagatgacaa attatcctct ggtccaaatg ttgatattca tagtgtgtgg     45420
     tgaatatcgt cctccataga attttccctc agagaatttt tgtgcaaaat attgctccta     45480
     ctatacctac taagatgagc caaagctgcc tccaccccac ctgtatataa taatgctgcc     45540
     cctttgctta ttcatagaca ttaacctgag ttctttgtta aactgtatgt aatgaacttg     45600
     ctgagctttc tgggtgcagt ggttcaacat tgtacatcac ctcactagga tcacacctga     45660
     aattagcttt aaacagatcc ctttagttgt tgtgttctgc cttttaaata ttcccttgac     45720
     acaggaggca ggaccattga tggaaacctg ctggaaatga caattttagg aaaatatttg     45780
     ttgttcaaac aagaagtatt tttaagtttt tcaattgaat tgcatccata atttctttaa     45840
     ggatgaaaat tgccaatgta ttaagcacta attattatat cagtaaaact tcattaataa     45900
     cattttacag acctagagaa aaagaagctt atcaaaatgt aaacattact tagaattctg     45960
     cctttcaatg tattcagcac ctaaagtatg aactttgtac aagtcttaaa attaaaaatg     46020
     atttctcctt ttggtaaccc aggaaatatg gtttttttag tgcttaaatt gagtatttcc     46080
     acccaaggta atgtgaattt agaatctcta aattttacaa tatagagaaa tgtatttttt     46140
     attaaatgga agtgcattgt atatgatatg aaatctctat ctgtggcaat gaagaaaaac     46200
     aacaaaaaca aaaacatatc tgtatcatta aatctatcaa atttccttac taaatgaaat     46260
     cctatataat tgcaacagaa tggacgtttt ctttttcttt ttttttttcc tttttttttt     46320
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tagttttgtt ttgtttttcg agacagggtt tctctctgta     46380
     gccctggctg tcctggaact cactctgtag accaggctgg ctttgaactc agaaatccac     46440
     ctgcctctgc ctcccaagtg ctgggattaa aggcgtgggc caccaccgcc cggctaagat     46500
     ggatgatttc ttgagggact ttttctgaca aaatgtaaac caaaaataat ttgcataatt     46560
     ttaactaaat atctatactt agcattactg ggatattttg atgtattgaa ttataacata     46620
     tagagcatag tatgtatgca ttattaatag tttcataata ttataagcct acatatagta     46680
     tttccttaaa tttgtgcttt tatctccctg tagaataaat cttgtggatt tacattttaa     46740
     cttcaaatat attacaataa aaatggcatt taaacagatg acctcagttt actccatggt     46800
     gcacatctac ctatcttgta agaaaatgca aacctaaacc acacaaattc acatgagaaa     46860
     tatggtgaac tcaagtacct atagaaaatt actgataaaa aaaaataacc ataaaagatc     46920
     aaaggttgac tttggaccta ctttccaata ttgtaatcag gtttggtgag aggttgttaa     46980
     caaagagaga atgtgttgca cataccaaag aaacaacata attaaaatca tacattgaat     47040
     tccaaatctg attagatcaa aaggcttaac aaatgggtaa gtccttcttt aacttatttc     47100
     agatggcaat atattcagta gtatttgagc acctcttaga aactcaaaat ttcaagcaac     47160
     caatacaaag atttttaatg tgtttgcatt tcatatttat tgtgaataga gcaatgacta     47220
     acaggactga gcaagaattt atggagtagg ttagtgagtc ctttgtccat atgccaggga     47280
     gtagtatggc ttagtcatat agtacattta attttagctt ttaaaatctt ccatactgat     47340
     ttccatagtt gctgtacgag tttccaatct tggacacatg agtgaatttt ccgatttctc     47400
     tgctgtattt cctgtcaatt tcattggtga tctttgctga atgactatag caggatgact     47460
     tctcaaagtt gtttgagatc ctagggctat ctttgaatgg gttgttttta ttataatttc     47520
     acttatgatt tctttataaa ttctagttat ttaattctct gtttaaaata gagctgtcaa     47580
     agaacctctc ccaatctatg ggatttcttc ttcatttttg agtgtgacat ggccaattca     47640
     aaggacagtg tgacatggtt catgacccag gaacagtgcc agcaggaaat ggctcctttg     47700
     aggaactctc tgccaaggtt aatgactcca tgataattaa agacagcaca agtcagatag     47760
     gttagggtgt aggtaatgat acagtaaaat ggtaaaagat aagatcttca gaataatact     47820
     ttaggctgtg agaaagaact ctgaaaacat gagctctaaa aatataattt ctcaactatg     47880
     caaaatataa gaatataata tgagttgtat aagaaacttt gaagaactgt ccagcaacag     47940
     gcctagggtg tgatccagct caaggggggg tgccaaagcc tggcactatt gctggggatg     48000
     ttgagcactc acaaaagggg acctatcaag actgtactcc aagaggccca gcaagcagct     48060
     gaaagagtga gatgttgatg tttgcaccca accaatggac aaaagcagct gaccctggtt     48120
     gttgaattag ggaaggctga aagaaggtga ggttaatgga tatcctgtgg gaggaccagc     48180
     agcctcagat aatctagacg ccccaggatc tctagaacac tggaccacca aacagacagc     48240
     atgcaccggc tggtgtgagg cccccaacac acatacagag aaggacttct gggtctgtgt     48300
     tcattcaagg atggggcacc taacccttaa gagactggag gccccaggga gtttgtaggt     48360
     cgggtggggt gaggggtggg gacatctgcg tgtggacagg ggttggaagc taggattggg     48420
     atgtggaaaa gtcagagtgg tggtgggggg aaaagaacat ggaatgtgaa aaataaattt     48480
     taaaaataaa ataaaaagaa tgcaatatga gttgtataag gagctttgca gaactaaaag     48540
     aacagagtaa tctgcactgt gagccagctt gtctggcaga tacaaaacta agcagattct     48600
     gagttcaagg ccagcctgag acaaagctag gttaggccca ggtgtgatag gaatggcaat     48660
     ctcagagcga gatcccaccc agcaagctta ctgtgtgtac ttaacaaaga caggcagatc     48720
     tctgaattca tttgcaatgt taaacaaata ttcttgctag ctctatctaa gaatcatggg     48780
     gctgggtcct tggaatctga ttcctgagat aatcatgagg caacctggaa taatggctta     48840
     atgaatgtat aaatagaaac tggacttttg atctacaaga gaggagctat ccagcaagaa     48900
     ggcaggacat caagtgagta atggggtttc catcctacag tcaaaactct gatccataat     48960
     tattcctgtc tgaaagaatt acagggatgg aaatggagag gagcctgagg aaaagaaagt     49020
     ccagtgacag gcccaaagtg ggatccatcg caaggggagg ttccaaggcc tgacactatt     49080
     actgagttta tggtgcactc acaaaaatgt aactaacttg actgcccccc gaaagactca     49140
     acaagcagat gaaagaatca gatgcagata tttgcagcca accaatggac agaagcagct     49200
     gatccctgtt gttgaattat ggaagactga aaaaagctga ggagaagggc gatcctgaag     49260
     gaggaccagc agtctcaatt aatctggacc cccaagatct ctcaaagaat ggaccaccaa     49320
     acaggcagca ttcaccagct gagatgaggc cccaacacac atacagagaa ggacttctgg     49380
     gtctgtgttc attcagggat aaggcatgta accctcaaga gactggaggc tccagggagt     49440
     ttggaggtca ggtggggtgg gctgtgggga catcaacatg gagaaaggta ggaatagaag     49500
     aggtatggga tttggagcag tcagagggtg gatcggggga tggggtgaat aaaatatgca     49560
     gtgtaaagga attaattaat taattaaaag agagaaaatg aattatgaaa aagaggagct     49620
     gtccagagag tattggaatt ccaaagagag atgtcttgag agacagctgt ctggaaagtt     49680
     atcttgagta gaactctatt cattcatcca aatacacaga tgccctctgc aatctgaggc     49740
     tagtccttgg cacttcactc aaattttctt tctttaactg tgctgaagta ttttagttat     49800
     ataagttcca acttgtcaat cattggcctt aattctggga ataaagggaa ttctattcag     49860
     aaagttcttt caaatagatt gatagatgat agacagagga tatatagcta tataatggat     49920
     gtatttgtat atagaaagat tcttagatag gtaagtatat atacatatat acacatacct     49980
     atcaaaatat ccacttacat atgtaacgta ctaatctatt ttctgaatga gattcacttt     50040
     tttctaaaca ttaaggtcaa caattaacaa cttggaatac acacacacac acacacacac     50100
     acacacacac actgtcaaat aagtgttaag aaaggaacaa atgcctagta ctttattcct     50160
     gcccaataag taaaatccat ggctggtaaa accataaggc ctagggcaga ccctattact     50220
     attacattac taagtagaca tagtaacaaa ctgtcttata aatatttgcc attatactca     50280
     tcgtttagtg cagttcttag ccattaacag agaacctgtc tgccccaccc catgggcaga     50340
     agtttatgca gagacacttg tcactgtgta gagaaaaagt gattctgggg tgtttagcat     50400
     tattataaac atttttatca ttctccttgt ccccaagtct taaaagataa tcacagaaaa     50460
     agaggctgga aagactgtag gagccagaaa atagggcaga ctgaaggaaa atatgtcctt     50520
     ttggtgtaac gggccattac accatgaact cagagcagat atggttgtat gaacaatatc     50580
     aagccagtca acatttttgc acagaaaaat gagagtattg taagaccttt catctagctg     50640
     aaaagcaatt ggctgtcgat ggcttctata taagagtcag ttttcttctg gtctgttacc     50700
     tctggtaggt tgctcatgaa gcactgagta tggctacacc catgcacaga aaaagaggct     50760
     ggaaagactg taggagccag aaaatatggc acatgcatat gtgagcatca atagattcac     50820
     tgggaataaa aaagaagagg gcatgaggtt caggggagtt ttgggatgga tataatcaaa     50880
     gcacactaca catgtactta aaaattctca aaaaatcaat taatattttt aattgataca     50940
     gaaataaata aagcatttag aacaaaagta ctggtctaat tcgatgtctg catgtggaag     51000
     attgcaaata gatccatatt tatcacctgg cagaaaacac aagtcctagt ggaccataga     51060
     cctcaatata taaatctaat tgaagagaat gtgggcagta gccttgaact catgagtaca     51120
     gaaaacaact ccctgaacag aacacaaatt actcggccct aacatcaaca attgataaat     51180
     ggaacctcat gaaactgaaa atattctgta aggcaaagga acttcaatag gacaaaatgg     51240
     cagcatatat attgggaagt catcttcacc aaccacgtat ctgactgaag gctgatatcc     51300
     aaaatttata aagaagttag ataccaataa gacaaagaac ccaatttaaa aatgaggtat     51360
     gagctaaaca gagaattctc aacagaaatc tcaaatgccc cccaaaaata cctgaataca     51420
     ttaggtttgc tgagccatca attttttaac caagtcttgc actgattact taattactct     51480
     gtcttatttt gtgctgtttt gagaaacctc catttgaaaa tctactttgt tacagaagca     51540
     catatcttca atactgtgtc cataaaaaaa gccgtatagt taatttaatc ttttcacaca     51600
     gatgtgcaac ttaagaggga gggactgaaa aaaaaatgag aggaggctat taaatgtttt     51660
     tagaaatatg ttgccttgat cttatgtagg acatgaagag tatgctcttt aacttagtaa     51720
     atatttttaa catgtacaga tatgttgttg tagctaacca attcttaatc aaaggattaa     51780
     ggaggtcggg cagtggtggc acacaccttt aatcctagca cttgggaggc agaggcaggc     51840
     agatttctga gttcgaggcc agcctggtct acagagtgag ttccaggaca gccagggcta     51900
     cacaaagaaa ccctgcccct ccaaaaaaaa aaaaaggaaa aattcaaaat atcactatgt     51960
     gcacatgata tgatagtata aataaatgac cctaaaaatt ccatcagaga actcctaaac     52020
     ctagtaaaca gcttcagtgc agtagctgaa tataaaatta actcaaacaa aacaatgacc     52080
     tatctctaca caaaggataa acaggctgag aaagaaatta gggaaacaac acccttcaca     52140
     atagtcacaa ataatatgaa ataccttggt gtgactctaa ctaaggaagt gaaaggtctg     52200
     tatgataaga acttcaagtc tctgaagaaa gaaattaaag aagatctcag aagatggaaa     52260
     gatctcccat gcacatggat tggcaggatc gatatagtga aaattgctat cttgccaaaa     52320
     tcaatctaca gcttcagtgc aaatccccat caaaattcca actcaattct tcaacgaatt     52380
     agaaagggca atttgcaaat tcatctggta taacaaaaaa cctaggatag caaaaactct     52440
     actcaatgat aaaagtatct ctggaggaaa caccatgcct gacctaaagc tgtactacag     52500
     agcaattgtg ataaaaaact gcatagaact ggtatagcga cagaaaggta gacaaatgga     52560
     atagaattga agacccagaa atgaacccac acacctatgg tcacttgatc tttcacaagg     52620
     gagctaaaac catccagtgg aaaaaagaga gcattttcaa caaatggtgc tggcacaaat     52680
     ggtggttatc atgtagaaga atgtgaattg atccattctt atctccgtgt actaaggtca     52740
     agtctaagtg gatcaaggaa ctccacacaa aaccagagac actgtaactt atataggaga     52800
     aagtagggaa aagcctcgaa gatatgggca cagggggaat attcctaaac agaacagcaa     52860
     tggcttgtgg tataagatgg ggaattgaca aatgggaact cataaaattg caaagcttct     52920
     gtaaggcaaa agacactgtc aataaaacaa aaaggccatc aacagattgg gaaaggatct     52980
     ttaccaatcc taaatcagat aggggaataa tatccaatat atataaagca ctcaagtgct     53040
     ggactccagg aaaccaaata accccgttaa aaaaatgggg cacagagcta aacaaagaat     53100
     tctcaactga ggaatataga atggctgaga agcacctaaa aaaatgttca acatccttaa     53160
     tcatcaggga aatgcaaatc aaaacaaccc tgatattcta cctcacacca gtcagaatgg     53220
     ctaagatcaa aaattcatgt gacagcagat gctggcgagg atgtggagga agaggaacac     53280
     tcctccattg ctggtggtat tgcacactgg gacaaccact ctggaaatca gtctggcagt     53340
     tcctcagaaa attggacata gtactaccag aggatccagc aatatctctc ctaggcatat     53400
     atccagaaga tgttccaact ggtaataaga acagctgctc cactatgttc atagcagcct     53460
     tatttataat agccagaagc tggaaagaac ccagatgtcc ctcaacagag gaatggatac     53520
     agaaaatgtg gtacatttac acaatggagg tagtactatt aaaaacaatg aatttatgca     53580
     atccctaggc aaatggatgg atctggaggg tatcatcctg agtgaggaaa cccaatcaca     53640
     aaagaactca aatgatatat actcactgat aagtggatat tagcccagaa acttagaata     53700
     cccaagatac aatttgcaaa acacattaaa ctcgagaaca acaaagacca aagtgtggac     53760
     actttgcccc ttcttagaat tgggaacaaa acacccatgg aaggagttac agagacaaag     53820
     tttggagctg agatgaaagg atggaccatc cagagactgc cccactcagg ggtccatccc     53880
     ataatcggcc accaaatgca gacactattg catatgccag caagattttt ctgaaaggac     53940
     cctgttatag ctgtcttctg tgaggctatg ccagtgcctg gcaaaaacag aagtggatgc     54000
     tcacagtcag ctattggatg ggatacaggg cccccaatgg aggagctaga gaaagtaccc     54060
     aaggagctga aggggtctgc aactccatag gttgaacaac agtatgaact aaccaatacc     54120
     cccagagctc ctgtctctag ctgcctagtc ggtcaacatt gggaagagag gccccttggt     54180
     cttgcaaact ttatatgcct cagtacaggg caaacaccag ggccaagatg tggaagtagg     54240
     tggttagggg agcagggggt gagggtatag gggactttca ggatagcatt tgaaatttaa     54300
     atgaagtaaa tacctaataa aaattgggga aaaaatagaa tggctactct agcttgtttc     54360
     tttggaccat ttgcttagaa atttgtttcc agaattttac tctgaggtag tatctgtctt     54420
     tgatactgag atgtattgcc tgtatgcagc aaaatgctgg gtcctgttta tgtatacagt     54480
     ctgtcttttg ggggaaattg agtccatttg tgttaagata tattaaggaa aagtgatact     54540
     tccttttatt tttgttgtta gaggtggaat tatgtttgtg tggctatctt ctttggggtt     54600
     tgttgaaaga ttgttttttt ttatttgctt tttctagtgt gtagtctccc tccttgtgtt     54660
     ggtactccca cctattatcc tttgttgggc tggatttatg gaaagacatt gtgtaaattt     54720
     ggttttgtca tggaatatct tggtttctcc atctaaggta attgagactt ttgctgggta     54780
     tagtagtctg ggctggcatt tgtgttgact taggtctgac atctgcacag gatcttctga     54840
     ctttcatatt ctctggtaag caatctggtg taattctgat aggtctgtct ttatatgtta     54900
     gttgacattt tcccttactg cttttaatat tctttctttc tttagtgcat ttggtgttct     54960
     gattattatg tgtagagagg aatttctttt cttgtccagt ctatttggag ttctgtaggc     55020
     ttcttgtatg ttcatgggca tctctttctt taggttaggg attttttact tctataattt     55080
     tgttgaagat atttgctggc cctttaagtt gaaaatcttc attctcatcc actcctatta     55140
     tccgtaggtt tggtcttctc attgtgtcct ggatttccta gatgttttag gtaggagttt     55200
     tttgcttttt tgcattttct ttgactgttg tgtcaatgtt tcctatggta tcttctgcac     55260
     ctgagattct ctcttctatt tcttgtattc tgttggtgat gcttgcatct atgactcctg     55320
     atttctttcc taggttttct aacatcaggg ttgtctctct tttttatttc ttcattgttt     55380
     ctacttccat ttttagatct tggatggttt tgttcatttc ctttgcctgc ttgattgtgt     55440
     ttttcttctt taagggattc attgtgtttc ctctttaagg acttctagat gtttacctgt     55500
     gttctctatt tctttacagg agtcatttat gtccttcttg aagtcctcta ccaccattat     55560
     gagaagtgat tttaaatcca aatcttgctt ttccagtgtg atggtatatc cacaacttgc     55620
     tatagtggga aaattggatt ctgatgatgc caagtcccac catctgatta tatctagtgc     55680
     tacgagccct cactatatct gactggaacc tgtccttcct gtgatcctcc ttgtgtcaga     55740
     actcttcaga gttcagctgt ctctggtatc ctgtgatcct gagatcctaa gtgtgtcaga     55800
     gctcctgcta gtcaagctgc ctctgtgacc tgagctactt gtgtgaccaa gctcctgaga     55860
     tcctgggaac ctgtgaaaca gtggtcctga gtgtattagg gtgccttgga gtggaacttc     55920
     ttctgggtgt tgtgggactg gctgagaatt tagcgtctaa gatctgcctt agccttaagt     55980
     agcctctctt tcctatttgt tctcttgagt ttgatatatc ctttctctga ctcattctct     56040
     taaatatttc tctaaatttt cacattgtct gcccctcaat tagatgtcac tttcaagcat     56100
     cctgctttcc ttttacaaac taccattacc ttcatagtta gggattaaaa gcatgtacaa     56160
     agggtgtgtc tgtattccag tcagaatgct taaaagtgta tcattccagc agaatcgcac     56220
     agacctagaa attatttgga tgttattctt tgccagagaa gccatgttgc tgaattaaaa     56280
     tttgtctaca tttgacaatt gtcactatcg tattttgggg tttgtattta gaaaaaacat     56340
     tgctgagcaa taaaaaggcc tttgcattca tatactacat tcttaataat gagcatttgg     56400
     agactgtaga aacttaaatg aaactggact ccataggctc atatatttga atgctcagtc     56460
     cctagtaggt gaaatttttg gagaagtgtt aggaggtatg acattgctgg aggatgtgtg     56520
     tcagtagggg catgctttga ggtttcaaag cccatatcat tccagttagc tctctctttc     56580
     tctgcttcat gcttgtgaat tagatataag ctctcagcta ctgctctagc accatgcatg     56640
     cctacatgct gccatgttcc ttgtccagat gctcatagac tctaatggtc tgtaactgta     56700
     aagtcttgat taaatgtttt tctttataaa ttgccttggt catggagttt tttcatagtg     56760
     atacaaaaga gccaagaatc taacataaat ttggagaagt cagcttccca tagaagagct     56820
     ttatacttct ttgagatgag agtgggtagt agatataata gattggtgag acacttatct     56880
     cagaagtaga agctgaaagt gtgaattggc attaaagacc tggcaatcaa gcacagacca     56940
     caggttacta ttgttgagct aaggatgtct tgtgttcttc tttgtaacat tgttcattct     57000
     acataggcat taatagtcat cataagtata aaaacaacta atagtatcca aagatgctct     57060
     gcaagcttcc aaggggaaat acaatagtcc tacctagttg tggagcctat gaacaccaac     57120
     aatgatcaga atgtccagat atacaccaga gtgcaagata tcagtggcac tgatagcttg     57180
     gaggaaacca acaactatag aattttagtt aagagctact gagggaaatt attcctagta     57240
     ctatgtaacc aagtactagg ggaggacttg gtgaggtcat ggactctaga atggacccta     57300
     ttactgtctg attcctaaac cagtagaatt cccaacagcg ttctaaattc gtatcctgat     57360
     atccgcaaat aatctttcac tcctcatgaa agaaacttct ctttgcaaca gacaaagacc     57420
     atcacatctg tccacaactg gtcaaactgc agagaacaac agactttagg atgccaatct     57480
     acaactgata cacctacaac ttctacatct aagatgtggg gaacatacag aaagaaagag     57540
     aataagaaag actgcaagaa ctagagaacc aggctatttg ctatgaggta gtgatttcta     57600
     tagatgaaag ggagttatac caataaaatc ttaacaatgt ggttgcctaa gcaagaccta     57660
     tgcaatgaga acatcaggtg aaatgctaac atagataagg gaaatctcac cagaccctaa     57720
     ccatagacaa agagctacgg acagttaatg actgctaaga aaaggggggg gggagattag     57780
     cctcctcagg gatgagacgc taattgttta tctaatccca agtggtcagc tgtatacaca     57840
     cacatatata agaaaaacta aatggaatca ttcggttgta tttctgtata catataataa     57900
     ataaagaaga gatcaaggat ttgagagtga atggaagagc acaggatagc tttaaggagg     57960
     cggaagctgc agtggggatg atgtaaatta gtactcatga attaaattat caaaaataaa     58020
     tactaaatta gataaatata aaagccagtg ctacacacaa aaattagatc taagagtaca     58080
     ctctgtggtc aatgagtctc atagaatgag agggaggcaa taacataggt gttgggacta     58140
     tgttccttaa aatggtacaa atgcatattt aaactctagt cctctgattc ctatgtgact     58200
     aaaagaaaat tattgaatca ctttgaaatt cagtttagca atctgtaaaa tttgaggaat     58260
     atagacatat gacagaatca ttggaaggac tgattagaat ttaatcaatc taatgtaaag     58320
     ttcttagtaa atgaatataa caaacatgat aaaggctaac cattgatatt aaattactaa     58380
     aggtgttata aatactctac aaggaactct gtgtattgtt gaatttaatt ctcacagaaa     58440
     accttaaaaa gtaaatcatt tacattcaca gattgaaaaa aaagctgcag ctcaaaagaa     58500
     gatatgtagt tattaagaaa ggaggacaag gacaaatttc tgcatcacac agagcatgca     58560
     ttgcctctgg ggtttggtca gataatcagt tgtctgacag agtaaatagt aggaaggcca     58620
     tattgcacag ctgcatcact tccttctttc atctcctcta ttgctaaggc ttcgagttca     58680
     aagggtgtgg cccaaaccca caatagagag caacatctcc cccgtcaact tcctgttttg     58740
     tcaagcacag tgcttccatg gcctctccta gaatcattgc atgaatctca agacacagtc     58800
     cctctggccc tcactaacct ggtgctaggt gggaacacat tttatacttg aggatttgct     58860
     atggttacaa aggacatctt ctgacttgcc ttctttcttg agtttctcct tcattcccag     58920
     acccaaaact gtttctctcc tcaactacaa acttagaagt cagcctgaat cagtcctcaa     58980
     atcctgttta tagagggcat gtgaaggagc tattttctca tcctcaagac cctgttcaga     59040
     cctggctcca cctacaattc cctgagtgac ttgggaacag aagacagccc ttaaaccctt     59100
     gtctttaaac tgagcttgtg tcctatctcc tttgtgtgtc tgtagacaat atgaggatga     59160
     aaagaaaaca aaattctgga tcactaatgt gttgtaaagc tcctctgcct cagcagagta     59220
     gtgtttatta gggttttgtc tttgacaaga ctttctctgt tcccaaccct cctctcattc     59280
     cttgggacta attttgagat cgaaaagagg ctgacactat gatggaaaat cctcaagaca     59340
     gagatattgc agcctctctt tgacttgtta ccctctatat atacgtatag tcccctgttg     59400
     ccatcactaa agctgatgag tttgtgtgtt ccttgtcctc tcacttcctt ttctactaaa     59460
     ccacactggt cccctggctg tcactagata agtattcagg cccttcccct gcccttaagt     59520
     caccagacag ggcttcagct gattctcagt gagttgacct tcttggcttt acagataggt     59580
     tggtcattgt gtaaaacaaa caaacaaaca acaacaaaaa aaaaaaactt gttgcagatg     59640
     gcaagtcttc cccaagtgac tgtaatagct aatttagggt cagagatggc cttttccact     59700
     aaaggacatc tctcaaaaat cccatcaacc acagacatgt ggatggtgct gttaggtaac     59760
     tttacacatg tttagtttta aggtcaaagc agcagctacc tttttatgcc atggtataat     59820
     tgtgggtttt tttttttgta agaaataatt gctctaacta gaacaatgat ttgtaaagtt     59880
     tacattcgaa aatatttgtg tagccaaggc tggactcaaa tttgtgatcc tccttactct     59940
     ccctctttta acaaattcta tgggcaatgt ctaccccaaa aatataaata atctataaat     60000
     aaatgataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagataggtc     60060
     aagagaaaag aaaagtattt gtgagcatgt tggttactgt atgtttcacc tggcatcatg     60120
     gaaactgcag aaacatgtgc ttctcactca actcttacta ccatctcttt aaagtctcaa     60180
     gtttttccaa attcatattg ttcccaatga aaaaattttg gaaactcttg tcatccagta     60240
     tttttttcct cttttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttcttttct ttcttttttt     60300
     ttttttttaa caagtataaa gatgcatttt gggtgaagtg ctgcacactc actgtggggc     60360
     agtgagtgta ggtcccaaag agaaatcaga agtggagatt gtggatactt gagtgactag     60420
     gataatagct aagtgattta tataaggtaa tcaccatgta aaatatagtc atattgcata     60480
     aggatttttg aagacctaag cgtcactttg gaatgaggag gatccagtca aggtagtgct     60540
     ctggaaggag catccataat tgcaccaagt tgtaatgatg tggccaggag actctacagg     60600
     ggcattctat gcagagaaac tacagaagca aacatgagga ggcaggaaat taagctcaaa     60660
     ggcttctgtg gatgtgactc actagggagt tcattgcatc ttgatctact tgtctgcaag     60720
     acaagatctt ggagtccaca gaagcacagc cacaaggatt atgtagactt agagtcatag     60780
     aatggttcag agagcttcag ggagaagtta agaaaggcaa ggcctggagc ccttgagatc     60840
     ctgggttaac tgtagtgtta gtagttaata agctcaggga ctctggaggg tgaagcctgc     60900
     ctgtgcctct tgcttgatgc atgctcatgt ttttatggat ggaaatcaag gattaaaata     60960
     ataattccac gaggatgctg aaggaattgt tatctactgt gtgtgaagtt cctagggtag     61020
     tacccacatg tgcaatcctt agagtatcag ctagcccaca gcaagtttcc cagaagctca     61080
     gattgggtgt tatcagagaa tgccccaaga aaactatcca catccaaaaa ttggctgcta     61140
     cagagaaaga gaacaccgtt tcttctttgc tcagttagtt acactgtgca actcagtagg     61200
     tttacatggc cagctccaga tgctagatag cagtttaaaa ttgtgtagac catgtggaaa     61260
     actgaaacaa gcaagggaat aaatgccgcc tttgttaaag ccactgataa gattgaaatt     61320
     tattttagtg aatgcctgtc tatccatcta tccatctctt tctcctgtgt cacacagaca     61380
     catacacaca gagagacaca cacacaagca ctttaaactc ataacattac acattgataa     61440
     ttctgcttct tagggaaaac acaataatga atgtatttct cactatagtt cctgtctatg     61500
     tataccagtg gtatatgagt aaataaagac tccttttttt attagatatt ttctttattt     61560
     acatttcaaa tgctatccag aaagttccct ataccctcct cccgctctgc tcccctaccc     61620
     acccattccc acttcttggc cctggcattc ccctgtactg gggcatataa agtttgcaaa     61680
     accaaggggg cctctcttcc caatgatggc tgactaggtc atcttctact acatatgcag     61740
     ctagagacat gagctctggg ggtgctggtt agttcatatt attgttccac ctatagggtt     61800
     tcagacccct tcagctcctt tggtactttc tctagctcct ccattgaggg ccctctgttc     61860
     tatcctatag atgactatga ccatccattt ctgtatttgc caggcactgg catagcctca     61920
     cttgagaaag ctatatcagg gtcctttcag caaaatctta ctggcatatg caatagtgtc     61980
     tgggtttgat ggctgattat gggatggatc cccgggcagg atagtctctg gatggaagac     62040
     tccttaatct taactcctat tgtcttgaca actatttttc ttggagaaaa attacttcta     62100
     tccaacatac aatctttata ttttatttct caggattaat gttgttaata ctacaaaagt     62160
     tattataaaa ttaaatttaa ggggtgacac ctactctgtt gtcctcctcc aaagataatc     62220
     agatgttgtc ctctagaaaa tcttactatg ctacagtagc caaacactgg atggtttttc     62280
     tttagaatga agaatgaatt tggtctgtga actctgtgtg cattagacaa ctgatctgat     62340
     atacattata aaagttttga tactaaagaa tccccagttt atttaagtga tatacaacaa     62400
     tatcaatcac ttttaaaact atttctttat gtgcactatt ttattattac atcaattaaa     62460
     gggatcaaaa ggaagagaga gaatgagatg agttcctctt ttaagaatta taattccatg     62520
     ttttccagca gctatgattt aaatttcttc aattcactga gaggtcttgc tattttcctc     62580
     catatgtgta tctttaaatg aactcatgca gccaaagctg agagccaatg aaaccactgt     62640
     tactgagttc atacgcctag gtttgatgga gacaccagag atgtggccag ttgtcttcat     62700
     actcttcctc ttagattata tgactacagt ttagggtaat ttgagcatcc tagcctactg     62760
     tcttggtgga acccaaactg cacaccccca tgtacttctt cctgaggaat ctgtcactga     62820
     tggatgtggg gtgcatcagt gtcactattc cctccatgtt gggtcggctc ttagtccaca     62880
     aacctacaat tccaaatgga gactgcctca cacagctctt cttctttcct ctgctggctg     62940
     gggttgactg atttctgttg acagccatgg ctaatgagcg cttcctggcc atctgcccct     63000
     cacttgtacc ctccttcagc ctaggcagac tggttcagac cgttcaccac tgaggctggg     63060
     ccacctgctg tgctgcttct caacactccc ctttgatgtt acactgcctg ccacctgccc     63120
     tgaggccgaa ctggttctcc aagatttgcc agagtttgtt acaaactgtg aatttggcga     63180
     gtttctgcta aaaggctgtt ctgaaaattt cacatctcta catcaagaaa cttgatgtga     63240
     ctggggatga gcttccctct ttataagcac agattttatt attaaacact tgaaccttga     63300
     acagactagc atgtcttggt tccattattt ctgtactcac ctagattccc ccttctcttt     63360
     cagctccaag atgcctccca ggctcgaacc cagacatgag agctgcaggc tggccccaac     63420
     aagtttgcac ccaacgtggg acctgggaat ggcaaaagat gctggaagaa acactgctgg     63480
     tatggagctc cacggatagg aaaaaattag aaaatttgta ctggaacacg gagaagctgt     63540
     ggtacagtct gagctggaac agcatgctaa cccatgtgct ggattcgctc aggttcagca     63600
     gtgatatcag gatctaggaa cactacaggc agtcggccgc agcttccaga agctgctttt     63660
     taggcgaaag gaataagggt ttaaaagaat gaacaggtgg atggccgcag tcagaaactg     63720
     catcaagcgg gaggaaagtt gggttttgaa actctcccag agacagagag aaacggggat     63780
     gccctgcttt attctctctg ggccctacag aagaagttct ctgccctctt tttgtttttg     63840
     tctaaggtct tgtctaatgt ctggtgcact ggtctgttca tgtgttcaac tcatgtgtgt     63900
     tcgtgtcttc tcatctgaat gactgaatgt tctgtttcat gttggaaaat aaaagatggc     63960
     taaaactttc tctgctggta tagcaaagct gagagtggct cacactttga ctgagaatca     64020
     ggcacagcag gagggctcct gctagaaaaa ctgtttctta agaaagggaa tctgcagcct     64080
     catggatttg gggtgaaaaa gctgatagat ggttttttcc taagaaaatt ctctgtattt     64140
     gtgattattg cgtttagcta atgacaaagt gctttttatt ttataattag agctagaaaa     64200
     attaaaattc tctgattggt ctaagtgtag ccgcttcgtt tggtatcagc tcataagtta     64260
     ttggttagga ttaaataatt gtaacatcgg taacagaagg ttagccttaa gttggcaact     64320
     caggagtctt ttcaaacaca tggcataagc gggccaaaaa actgggcctc ctaagattct     64380
     tctagctgag ataatattta atgtgattct tatcctagaa agtaaattta aagaaaagat     64440
     ttaaagcaat gtctctttaa tgaagcatta aagcttgcac tgtcatgcat tcatgggtat     64500
     aaattggcag ccaaatcttg caatgtggta gtgaagattt aatgttgatt ctaaagtgat     64560
     atattgcttt gaaattgggt attgctttcc caaggctgta gatattattc taacgttgca     64620
     taagaaactt aaaaatcata gttaaaaatt gccagtgttc ctttaagtgc agctggcagt     64680
     ttgattgcaa atttaagatt ttatactcac ccatatattg ttaattaaga taattacaag     64740
     agtaatcatc ttatgagagc actaacacag ctctctgtgg ctatacagcc atacaaagct     64800
     cagggtagcc tcagcgaggt ttgtgtgact ttcttttgtt ttgcaaacag tatgcctaag     64860
     gaagttcttg aaacttgcct ctccttgcct ctcaagggaa gttactttaa atctttgctc     64920
     taacacaggc gcttttaagt tctggggagt aactgttgct ccagaaaaga ttcagaggca     64980
     atatattttt aattcttatg gttttagttt actacagaag gctttgcaga aaataaagaa     65040
     agcatttata attgttatca attataatca atggtaatta aatattagct gcccatttta     65100
     gttaatggtt attaaatgtg cccacagcaa ctctttagca ggctgcattg tgactaaggg     65160
     tgtgaaatcc ttagctgtca ttaagctaac cctaagccta gctgctttat ctttactgta     65220
     aacatttatc tggttcctgt agtccttttg aagtcattcc tttgtttcct gtcaggtaac     65280
     ttgaatgtac tttgcctgct gtgacttcct gcccccttta ttttctgtat tctttggcaa     65340
     gagaaaacat tatttgtttt ctgctgctgg ctgctgcggg gcggggcctt gaggcacaca     65400
     gattttcctg agcatggtgg ctcagaaggc tgtcagaaag ctggtggctt tgtagcaaac     65460
     tcaggagagg gccatgctca ccattgcccc catgagactc cacccatccc cgcctgggta     65520
     gccatatttt tccacgctaa gactcggggt gctctgccac ttgggctttc tagcctacaa     65580
     cagattgggc caccttcagc ctcttccgcc tgagaagaag gccgagggtg ggcaaggccg     65640
     aggtagcgct cacctcaaaa cacagtttca gcatcctatt aaaactgcta tggtgctaat     65700
     aaagaattgt aagataaatt cgtatatttt agaaaactta caacaaaaat tgtgttttaa     65760
     aaaccgacta agtgtctgtt ccttgttcca aacagcaatt aatttggtaa ttacagatct     65820
     attgcatacc atcattttga ataaaattga caatcattat cccaaagata agttaaaaat     65880
     ttgtttttat gcatgcttct gtatcttcta taaattcatg catgcatgca ttccacttac     65940
     tgtgtttaaa aacaacccct ctatgggaaa tgagtaaatg tgaattagat cacacgttta     66000
     ttcttttgag tttcctcctg tttcagcaca gataattaag ttgtgtgctg tagatggtgt     66060
     tttaaaatgc tgaacaatca aaccttaatt tgtatattaa tagtcaatat tatatctcag     66120
     agctcacaat tgcttaagat tgttcgtccc ttctcaaatt tgcaattgct tatgtatata     66180
     caactcataa gtaaaaatgc tagatttatg tctcaggcag tctataggtc ctacatataa     66240
     gatagattgg atatataatc tcgttcttta tatattcaaa acagttatgg tttaagataa     66300
     tattttagta ttcttggaaa ttgtgcatgt caaattgtaa aaaattcttt gctcttagtg     66360
     tcctaggtta ctacttgttt ccaaataata gtgttaattc ttgaggactt atacttaata     66420
     aaatgctgca aataaatact cttatttctg atttaataaa taaataaatt atacacatgt     66480
     gactattaat aacttgtcaa gctttctagt tacaactgct ctttaagaga aacaattaaa     66540
     agtgcaatta gtcactgccc atgttacatt aaaactgact ataacagtca agtatttaga     66600
     tgtcaacaaa ttattaattc tcaagaacaa ggtattgtgg aactttaaaa ctttagcttc     66660
     ttaaaagaca aagaaggggg aaattatatc cccgtgcata ttatttaatg tattcccatt     66720
     cacattattt aaatcatact tttattttag aattttgaaa tttagatgtc aaagaactta     66780
     ataaatgcct tatattatct taaaaggatc tacttattgg catatggctt gatcctgaac     66840
     agctacctta ttaggaaagg aaaaagcata ggttctctcc acagaagcat gatggctaat     66900
     tcatgtgaca agctgacagg tgagtttgct cagtgccctg actgtagtga caaggaagct     66960
     gaattgggca catgttttcg acccatcctt gcttgccatt tttccagttt agacaagcaa     67020
     agctgccttg cttcaagctt tttaacttta tggtaaaaag aacatcagag actgtgtaat     67080
     ctgacttaga aagattagtc atataataga gttataatga ttcttctctt tccttcaatg     67140
     tgaccagtta ttctaactca atcttagact ggtctagtac taattccaat attagagata     67200
     cctattaaag atagctaaaa atcttaatta cctagcaaag ttaatttgga gcacagtctc     67260
     cacttccaga gaatctctgg cttttctgct aatcctcaaa gccagatccc cacaccggga     67320
     ggccagagcc tgagtttgat tgttgctaat ttgcaactga ataaagtacc tgggcttcca     67380
     caaagaagct tttatactgt tgtttttcac tgccccacct ttgtttctca agcaggtcag     67440
     ccattctttt cagcctgact acaggagatg taaagcctca cctccaacag tgcagatggc     67500
     agttattaat cttcataaag aagcatttta agtacatatt gtggccttca tctgatttgg     67560
     gaataaggtg tgctatgagg gccggttagt caatgacgga caaccagatt tcggagccat     67620
     aacaatctaa gacagaggta catgccaaaa ggccatggct gttgataaca caccacagaa     67680
     ccatgtttgt gtgaaatata acacaaacta gctgcatgta gcctccaaga cagaattaga     67740
     tggttcggga aaatctgaga tcctaaggca ggcacggccg ccagccacca taactcccag     67800
     gcaagactat agagcataaa taaattttat gcctcagtcc agttttttta atattattta     67860
     aaggggggaa aatgtacctc cttcagccta ggcaggctgg ttcagaccat tcaccactga     67920
     ggctaggcca cctgctaccc acctagattc cctcttctct ttcagctcca agatgcctcc     67980
     cagactcgaa cccagcctca acactcattt acagcaccca aatgaaccac accatccaga     68040
     ggatcttggt ggcctcatcg tgggtttgtt ccttcagcag tgtacttact catactgtgg     68100
     ccatatccac acttcacttc tgtggtctca atgtggtcaa taacttctac tgtgacctgc     68160
     ctcagctctt ccaactgtcc tgctccacta cccagctaaa tgagctgctg ctctttgcag     68220
     taggtttcct aatgacagaa acctccatgg cactcatttt taccttttac atctatgggg     68280
     cagttgcaat tctgcaaatc cgctctgctg aaggcaggta gaaagccttc tccacataca     68340
     gctctcacct cactgtggtt gccatattct atggcacagg tatctttgcc tacatgagtc     68400
     tcaggtccat caaactttct gataatgata aagctattgg gattttcaac actgatgatc     68460
     aaccccatgc taaacccact catctacagt ctcagaaacc ctgatgtgca ggctgccctc     68520
     tggaaggtac tcacagggaa acagctatca cattgagacc tcaaagcttc ttccacctat     68580
     ttcttctaaa actaaagctg tatattaagg tttcctgtgg ttcaacacta gaacaaattg     68640
     ttcaacattg tttccaatga gaaatgttat gatggaaaag agcttccctc aattatcatc     68700
     tgctgaatgt tttaattttt tgaaagagag gaatttgtaa tctaaacatt taaatatttc     68760
     aaccaagctc taacacttaa tattatttcc tctccaaatt ttactcttca tttctaaacc     68820
     tccatgttgt aaatccatgt gaaaatgcaa aacacagcat gattcctctt actgtctgtg     68880
     aaaggatgta tcactaacca agaatgctct caatcccatt ctctgtttac cagccatcag     68940
     tctagccatc acctaggtgc atcttccacc tcacactttt ttagaactta tcatctgttc     69000
     ttgacattgc tactatctca ctaatatgtg accgatccat ctaacactct catttgatct     69060
     gaatctagaa attaacttct ctatgatatc ggatgtggat gagtagactg taaggatagg     69120
     ctaagataga gtggaaagag aacataaaag aaggtagtat gtagagggct tgtgggaaat     69180
     gcagataaac catatggaca taaggagagt ttggaatcaa gggacaagag gttgagaaga     69240
     aataacagaa gcattacaga ggctgacatg ggctacaggg atagacaagc agatgagaaa     69300
     gaatgtaaaa gtaggtaaga tgccgagagg atgttgaaag gtttcagagg gatacaattt     69360
     atatgtcaga gatggatgat atggactccc actctgtgtg gtcctgcaat aaccagtttc     69420
     ttgcagccct gaaaccattg cagtaaccga acctctctgt tcacccacaa atttcatggg     69480
     ctttttttaa aaaaaataat ttggaagaca cccttccctt tgaaatctat gtcctgctta     69540
     cttttttcta aactataaat ctctatgcaa tataaatttt tcattagtca tgaaatatat     69600
     tgggttgcaa aagctcaaat gatgcagaat gtcaccactg cctttctaca ccagaaccac     69660
     aacaaggttg catgcacaca cacacataca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     69720
     cacacacata cacacacaca ccactcatgc aacacattca aaactgcaca taggtatgca     69780
     gctaattttc ctcttgtaca ttatacaatt ctctaaatca acttacaagc ccatcttttt     69840
     tacctttgca ttgattcttt gtgaatttta cactatgcac cccaaactca ctcatctctc     69900
     tgtcctttgt gtcctcttct gcccttgcaa cctcctctct caagagaaaa gaaagtaaga     69960
     ttgaatagaa acagacttgg catagaagct gtacatattc cacagtatat cctcctgttg     70020
     ttcacacatc ttcactttca aaagttcatt gcaatgagtc attgctctgg ttcaaggtct     70080
     ctggcttctg ctacactatc aatactgaat ccttacaggg ggtcttctca gatattgtgt     70140
     tgttgccctg tcatggaaat actgcagctt tggatcttca gtacaaaaga aatttcacat     70200
     gttccagcag accacacatg tggtaaatgt tggggcaaac acagaaccct agatattagc     70260
     atgggaggta gctgagttgg gcagcctatg agatttcctg tacctgcact accaggacaa     70320
     gttctccagc actgctctgg caagcttatc cagtgcctac gcacattcct gctaatgccc     70380
     agtaaaaaca gacaccctgt gggtcttttg gtgtctagag tatggacata ctctacttcc     70440
     aaagcagccc caagactccc atctcaatgg gccagagaca gtgaagagct atgggatggg     70500
     tgtcaatggg aatcaccata acttgtgagc actcgatgga agacacttct tcaaagcata     70560
     ctgcctccct ccaacagtga ggttcaatac agcaaagaag ctgcagagta actgaggcag     70620
     ttcaaagact aagaacttct cagtgctaca ctattactgt tactaaaagt actagtcatc     70680
     ccgtacaaga atatctgtag gtattgttga atgtaattct cacagaaaac ctaaaaaggg     70740
     atatcattca cattcacaga ttaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagct aagggccaat ggggataagc     70800
     agttgctaag aaaggaaaac aagtctctcc atctcaaaga cagtgactta catctggggt     70860
     ttgaatagat aatcagtcaa caagctgaag agtattaagg ttgcattgca cagctgctcc     70920
     agttctttct ttcatcatct ctattgctaa ggctaccaac ctcaaggggc ttggtccaaa     70980
     accctcaata tggagcaact ttgccctcct caactgctcg ttttgctaag cacagtgttt     71040
     ccatggcctc tcctaggatc attacacaaa tctcaaggca cgatccctct ggtattccct     71100
     aacaaggttc taggaaggaa gacattttat ccctgaggat ttgctatggt tacaatgggc     71160
     ctctctgact tgctttcttt cttgggtttc tcctttatta ccaggcccaa accagattct     71220
     ctcctcaacc acaagcttag aagtcagtcc tcaagtcctg tttatagcag gcatgtaaag     71280
     tagctatatt ctcaggctca agaccctgtt cagacctagc tcagcagact gttcagactg     71340
     tgggacagca gacagccctt atgcacctgt ctgttaaact gagcttgtct cctatctcct     71400
     ctatgtgcct gtagataatg tgaaggttag aacaaacaca gaggaaaaat tatggattcc     71460
     tactgtgatg tgatgcttca ctttctcact atggtggtgt ttattagggc ttgtgtcttt     71520
     gacatgacct taccagtttc caacccttcc cttattcctt gggactagtt ttgaggtccc     71580
     aagagggacc actctgatgc aaaattctca ggacagatat gcttcaggct cactttgtct     71640
     tgattacctc tatgtataca tatagcacct tgtttcgatc cctaaagctg aatgagtatg     71700
     tgcgttcaat tttaatgcac atcacttcta tgaaaccata ctgatttctg tgccatattt     71760
     aggtgagtat tcatgagctt tcctctgacc ttaagtcacc agatggagct tcaactattt     71820
     ctgtgacttt cttggtatta aagatatgtg gatcagtgtg tcaaaaccaa aatagagact     71880
     tgtagcagat aataagtctt ccccaagtga gggcaagatt agcttcagca tcagcaatgg     71940
     tcctcaccac tgatggtcct ctcaagatcc catcaaacac agacatattg attgctgctg     72000
     gtatgtgact ttacacaagt ctattctctt gtttgttgag atcaaggtaa tagctatcat     72060
     tctgtgccat ggtataactt ttataaggaa taattgttat tattgtaaaa ataacttgta     72120
     gagttcatgt tgaaaagtat ttgtaagcat gtgtgtttct ttttttgaaa tttcattttt     72180
     ggagtttttt aatttttttt attagatatt tactttattt acatttcaaa tgttgtcacc     72240
     tttcctggct tcccctctga aaatccccta tcccctaccc cattcccctg ctcaccaacc     72300
     cacccacacc tggccctggc attccccaac actggggcat agagccttca caaaaccaag     72360
     aacctctcct cccattgatg actgactagg ccatcctctg ctacatatgc atctggagcc     72420
     attaagtcct accatgtgta cactttgatt ggtgatttag tccctgggag ctctgggtgt     72480
     actgggttag ttcacattgt tgttcctcct atgggggtgt aaaccccttc aactccttgg     72540
     gtcctttctc tagctccttc attgtggacc ctgtgctcag tctgatggta ggctgtaagt     72600
     atccgccttt gtatttgtca ggcactggtg gagcctctct agagacagct ataacaggct     72660
     tttgtccgtg agcacttgtt ggcatccaca aatgtgtctg ggtttggtga ttgtatatga     72720
     gatggatccc aaggtggggc agtctctgga tggtctggat ggtcattcct tcagtctctg     72780
     ctccccactt tgtctctgta attccttcca tgggtatttt gttcaccctt ctaagaagaa     72840
     tcaaagtatc cacacttttg tcttccttct tcttgagttt catatgattt gtgaattgta     72900
     ccttgggtat tctgagattc taggctaata ctacttatca gtgagtgcat ctgtgttctt     72960
     ttgtaactcg ctcaagatga tatcctccaa atccatacat ttgcctaaga atttcataat     73020
     ttcattgttt ttaatagctg agtagcactc cattgtgtaa atgtacattt tctatatcta     73080
     atcatctgtt gagggtcatc tgggttcttt caagcttctg gctattataa ttaaggctgc     73140
     tatgaacata gtgaagtata tgtccttatt acatcttgga gcatcttctg gatgtatgcc     73200
     caggagtggt attgctgggt cctcaggtag ttctatgccc aattttctga ggaacaacca     73260
     aaatgatttc cagagtggtt ttaccagctt gcaatcccac cagcaatgga ggagtgtttc     73320
     tctttctcca tatccttgcc agcatttgct gtcacctgag tttttgatct tagccattct     73380
     gactggtgtg aggtggaatc tcagggtggt tttggtttgc atttccctga tgactaggga     73440
     tgttgaacat ttttaggtgc ttctcagtca ttcgatattc ctcagttgag aattcttcgt     73500
     ttagctctgt accccatatt taatagggtt acttggtttt ctggagtcta actacttgag     73560
     ttctttgtat atattggatt atagccctct ctcagattta ggactggtaa agatcttttc     73620
     ccaatctgtt gatggtcttt ttgtcttatt gatggtgttc tttgccttac agaagctttg     73680
     taattttatg aggtcccatt tgtctatact tgatcttaca gcacaagaca ttggccaata     73740
     tgttctacac tcttctccac tttttcctct ataaatttca gtgtgtctgg ttttatgtag     73800
     atgtccatgg acttgaacaa cttggacttg agctttgtac aaggagataa gaatggatcg     73860
     atatgcattc ttctacgtgc taactgccat tggagccagc atcattgttg aaactgctat     73920
     gtcctttcca ctggatggtt ttggctcctt tgtcaaaaat caagtgacca taggtgtgtg     73980
     ggttcatttc tgggtcttca attctattcc aatgatctac ctgtctgtca ctgtatcaac     74040
     accatgcagt tttttatcac aattgttctg cagtacagct taaggtcagg gatggtgact     74100
     ccaacagagg atcttttatt gttgagaata gttttctcta tcctgggttt tttgttactc     74160
     cagatgaatt tgaaaattgc catttctaac tctgtgaaga attgagttgg aattttgatg     74220
     gagattacat tgaatctgtg gattgctttc tgcaagatag ccatttttac tatattaatc     74280
     ctgccagtcc atgaacatgg gagatctttc catcttctga gatcttcttc aatttctttc     74340
     ttcagagact tgatgttctt atcatagaga tctttcactt ccttagttag agtcacacca     74400
     aggtatttca tattatttgt taccattgtg aagggtgttg tttccctaat ttctttctaa     74460
     acctgtttat ccttttgtag agaaagacca cagatttgtt tgagttaatt ttgtatccag     74520
     ctactagact gaatttgttt atcagattta ggagttctct ggtggaattt agatctcctt     74580
     ttgttgtcta attgctctcg atagaacttc aaatactata ttggatagag agggagggag     74640
     tgcacagcat tgtctagtct ctgattttag tgggattgct tcaagtttct ctccatttag     74700
     cttgatgttg gctacttctt tgctgtatgt tgcttctact atgtttacgt atgggccttg     74760
     aattcttgat cgttctgaga cctttattat caagggatgt cggatttttg tcaaatgctt     74820
     tctcagcatc taatgagatg atcatattat tttttccttt tagtttgttt aggtagtgga     74880
     ttatgttgat gggtttctgt atattgagtc atccctgcat ccctgagatg aagcctactt     74940
     gatcatgatg gatgagcaat ttaatatgtt cttggaatca gtgtgcaaga attttattga     75000
     gttttttaca ttgatattcc ttagataaat tggtctgaag ttctctttcc ttgttggatc     75060
     tttgtgtggt ttaggtatca gagtaatttt ggcttcatag aatgagttga gtagagtacc     75120
     ttctgtttct attttgtgga atagtttgaa gagtattggt attaggtctt ctttgaaagt     75180
     ctgatagaac actgcactga tgggtttatc atgtcctggg cttttttgtt agggagatta     75240
     tgaattactc tttctatttc tttaggggtt tagggactga tcagagtatt aatctgatgc     75300
     tgatttaact ttggtacctg gtatctgtct agaaaattgt ccatttcatc caggttttcc     75360
     aattttgttg agtatagcct ttttgtagta ggatctgatg attttttgga tttcctcagt     75420
     ttctgttgtt atgtctccct tttcatttcg gattttgtta tttaggatac tgtcttggtg     75480
     cccactagtt agtctggcta agggtttatc tatcttgctg attttctcat agaaccaact     75540
     cctgggttgg ttgattcttt gaatagttct ttttgtttcc acttggttga tttcagccct     75600
     gagtttgatt atttcttgcc atctactcct cttgggtgaa tttatttcct tttgttctac     75660
     agctttcagg tgtgctgtca agctgctagt gtatgctctc tccagtttct tttttgaggc     75720
     acacagaact atgttttcct tttagcacta ctttcattgt gtcccataag attggaatgt     75780
     tgtaccttca tcttcactaa actctaaaag gcctttactt tctttcttta tttcttcctt     75840
     gacgaagtta tcattgagta gagtgttctc cagctttgac atatatgtgg gctttctatt     75900
     atttatgttg ttatagaaga tctgccccag ttggtggtga tctgatagca tgcatgggat     75960
     tatttcaata tttttgtatc ttttgaagcc tgttttgtta ccaattatat ggtcagtttt     76020
     ggaaaaggta ccatgaggtg cttagaagaa ggtatattct tttgcttgag gatgaaatgt     76080
     tctatagata tcagttaaat ccatatgttt gatagcctct attagtttca ctgtgtgtct     76140
     gttctgttta tgtttccatg atctgtccat tcatgagagt ggggtgttga attctcccat     76200
     aattattgtg tgtggtgtaa tgtgttcttt gagctttagt aaagtttctt ttatgaatgt     76260
     ggatgccctt gcatttggag catagatgtt cagaattgag tattcatctt agtagattct     76320
     acctttgatg actatgtagt ggcccttctt atctttttga taactgttgg ttgaaagtca     76380
     attttattct atattagaat ggctactcca gcttgggacc attttcttgg aaaattgttt     76440
     tccagccttt tactctgagg tagtgactgt ctttgtcact gtggtgggtt ttctgtatgc     76500
     agcaaaatgt tgtgttctat tttcataacc agtctgttag tcaatgtctt tttattggag     76560
     aattgagttc attgatatta agagatatta agggaaagca attgttgctt cctgttattt     76620
     ttgttgttag aattggaatt ctgttcatgt ggcaatcttc tttaaggatt gttgaaagat     76680
     taatatcttg ctttctctag ggcataattt ccctccttgt gttggagttt tccctttact     76740
     atcctttgaa gggatggatt tgtggaaaga tattgtttaa atttggtttt gtcatggaat     76800
     atcttggttc ctccacctac ggtaattgag agttttgctg ggtatagtag cctaggctgg     76860
     catttgtggt ctcttggggt ccttttgaca tcttcctggg atcttctggc tttcatagtc     76920
     tctggtgaga agtctagtgt aattctcata ggtcagcctg tatatgttac ttgacctttt     76980
     tcccttacta cttttaatat tctttctttg tttagtgcat ctggtattct gattattatc     77040
     tgtcgggaag aatttctttt ctggtccaaa ttatttggag ttctgtaggc ttcttgtatg     77100
     ttcatgggca tctccttctt taggttgatg aagttttctt ctataatttt gttgaagata     77160
     tttactggtc cttaaagttg ggaatcttcc ttcttgtata tacctattat ccttaggttt     77220
     agttttctca ttgtgtcctg ggtttcctgg atattttgag ttaggatctt tttgcatttt     77280
     gcattttctt tgattgttgt gtccatgttt tctatggtat cttctgaacc tgatattctc     77340
     tcttccatct cttgtattct gttcgttatg cttacatcta tggttcctga cttctttcct     77400
     agcttttcta tctccagagt tgtctctctt tttttatttc tttattgttt ctacttccat     77460
     ttttagatcc tggatggttt tgttcaattc cttcacttgt ttagttgtgt tttcctgtaa     77520
     ttctttaagg gatttttata tttcctttta aggtcttcaa gctgtttaca tgtgttcttc     77580
     tgtatttttg cagggagtta tttatgtcct taaagttctc catcatctca taaaaagtga     77640
     ctttagatcc atgtcttgct tttctggtgt ggtgtatcca ggcttgcaat gttgggagaa     77700
     ttgcattctg atgatgccaa gtaactggtt tctgttgctt ctgttcttat gcttgcctcc     77760
     agccatcaga ttatctcagg tgctcccttc cctggctata tctaactgga gcctgtcctt     77820
     cctgtaatcc cgatttagtc agaactcctc atagtccagc tttctctgtg atcctgtgac     77880
     tccaggatcc tgtgatcctg agattctggg tgtgtcagag ttcctgagag tcaagcttcc     77940
     tctgagaccc tgagatccag gtgtaaccaa gctcctaggc ttctgggatc ctgtgatcct     78000
     aagaacctgg gtgtgttaga gcacctagaa gtggtacctc ctctggagtc tgtgaggcta     78060
     tccactgaaa ttgcaaccaa cgtagaccag cactgaatag aaagaacctg agccactgat     78120
     cgggcatggt tcctgcatcc ctgaatcctg ctggccccag tcactcccag tggtgttgaa     78180
     tcagatgttg tgttctactc acaggtgatc ctaagatcct gggcatgtta gagcaccagg     78240
     ggagtaaagc attctctggg gaccatagga ctgttcacgc tgtttgctcc caaagtggcc     78300
     cattggtgcc aaccagaagg aagcatgtgt gtttctagag cttcatgctc tacctagatt     78360
     catcccaact acatggaaac ctgtactttt cactcaaatt gtaacatact cacttcaagc     78420
     ccttcaatct ctagctcttt ccaattcata ccagccccat aaaaattatc ttttggtgat     78480
     ttttgctaac cacctatgca tggtttagga tttggggggg tggggttggt tctgttgttt     78540
     attattatta ttatttagaa ttttgctttg tcaacaagct cagccattta tttatttagg     78600
     aagtggtaca caggtaaaat gagtccatta atattggtct caataatgct gccattcttc     78660
     tcagttttca tcctcccagg agaaccggat attgtactct aggaaatatt cctatgccat     78720
     ggtagccaaa actggtgtat ttttctttag aagtaagaat gtatttacca gtgcattggg     78780
     tgtattagac aattgtatgt tacacattac aagcatattg actttcaagc actcctagtc     78840
     ctttaactat ataccaaaac aacaacactg catacctttt aaattacttc ttttattttt     78900
     gaggttatta tataaatata tcatttggaa ggaaggtagg gaaggaaggg gtaatatagt     78960
     tccaatttta agtgttcaaa tattatgata tagatttcct cattcactga gaagtcctat     79020
     tgatttcctc cttgcatgtt tccttaaagg aactcatgca gccaaagcca agagccaacg     79080
     gaaccactgt tactgaattc attctgctag gtttggtgga aacaccagag ctgtggccac     79140
     ttgtcttcat actcttcctc ttggcttaca tgaccacagt tggaggcaac ctgagcatcc     79200
     tggcagctgt cttggtggaa cccaaactgc acacccacat gtacttcttc ctggggaatc     79260
     tgtcagtgat ggatgtgggg tgcatcagtg tcactattcc ctctatgttg ggtcggctct     79320
     tggcccacag gcttacagtt ccatatggag cttgtctcac acagctcttc ttcttccatc     79380
     tgctggctgg ggttgactgc ttcttgttga cagccatggc ttacgaccgc ttcctagcca     79440
     tctgccagcc cctcacctat agcacccgaa tgaaccattc agtgcagaga attttggtgg     79500
     cctcatcctg ggcttgttcc ttcagcaatg cactaaccca cactgtggcg acatccacac     79560
     ttcgcttctg tggtcccaat gtgattgaca acttctactg cgaccttcct cagctcttcc     79620
     agctctcctg ctccagtacc cagatcaatg agctgctact ctttgcactg agtttcataa     79680
     tggcaggaac ccccatggca ctcattttta cctcttatat caatgtggca gctgcagttc     79740
     tgcgaatccg ctctgctgaa ggcaggaaga aagctttctc cacatgcagc tctcacctca     79800
     ctgtggttgc catgttctat ggtacaggca tgtttaacta catgagactg ggttccacca     79860
     aactttcaga taaggataaa gctattggta ttttcaacac tgtcatcaac cctatgctaa     79920
     acccactcat ctacagtctt aggaaccctg atgtgcaggc tgccctctgg agggtactca     79980
     caggcagacg accagcagct tgaagaggtc tcaaggtccc ttctacatat ttcatttaaa     80040
     actatatctg agaatagggg tctccagtag tttcaaatgc tagaacaatt tttcaaaact     80100
     ctttcatctt agagcttaat ttaagggatg ataattattg ttacccaaaa atatcatact     80160
     cgtgtataga ctatggtgta tagctgggtt ctactaggtc ttccctttga tgtgttctac     80220
     ctttacttac tgtattttcc ctttagctgg agttcccaga gtatctcaga aaacattctt     80280
     ctgggaagtc ttacttcttc ctcaagtttg gatacagttg gtttatgtat gcaacctaac     80340
     acttgaggag aaatggctca ttcctctttt acaactctat atgtttcaga ggaaatgaga     80400
     gaaattttgt actctggttt catattccct agtaattcgt atctgtgtgc agctcacaga     80460
     cctaactgta catgtcaaaa ctccaatcac atgagagaga cataacagct gtggccatct     80520
     tgcaacaaca ggaaaaactg atcactgata atagaatgag ttattcattc ccaggtcaaa     80580
     gatgcccttt tcagatgtgc ggtctttcct acttgtcaaa aacaaaaaca aaaacaaaaa     80640
     caaaaacaaa aacaaaaact atcagtttga aggttatcat tcctttaccc atttacctaa     80700
     ttatataata gcaaggcttg aaattcccag cttgtaaatt gtccctataa aaaccctaag     80760
     ccccaagacc tgggcatcac tttcctaacc tgttgcctgt tgcacaggga gggttgtcat     80820
     ctgagtgcaa actcgaataa agagtctcat gtgcttgcat cagcattgtg gtccttggta     80880
     gtctcttggg agtctcccaa gttgagcata acataagcaa ggatgtagta aagaaaccac     80940
     caaattgaat gattcatagt tagggagaag gtttttactg tagttaaaag agagaacagc     81000
     aagaggcatc tggaaaagtc cagagcagag aaaaaaagaa gaggactgaa tatagcagag     81060
     ctacgaatat agaaagcaga aaaacatatg agtttttaag tagacaaata gctgcaggga     81120
     gggaagcctg tgaactcgag cagcctggaa acttagggtg gaggaagcaa tgagaaagac     81180
     cagcatgaga gtatagactt ggaaatacat aaaggtacat gtgaatacag actgcaggtt     81240
     tctggggaga agcatgaggt ttgatatgta agggaaatgg ccctgtcttc tgggtagaaa     81300
     ttgctttgca ggttttttaa gagtgatgtt ctctctatac tccaacttga gctgaaaaaa     81360
     cactgtcatt ttggggttat acactccctt ttgggtaatt aggcttccct ttggataaac     81420
     atccagtttg ggagggagta aggtggctgc ctgttacgtc caactcgacc agcaaggaaa     81480
     acacaaccac cggttcttct taaagcagtt tactcaggca gcctctctct tcaaatcccc     81540
     tgcacctcgg ggtacaagcg tttttatcca ctcaagccac aaccacgcct caaccaatca     81600
     ccacaggtca catcacctca ccaggcaggc ttgctcagcc aaccagggat taagggcgag     81660
     ccatccacca aatatgggct tgtttactgc ctggcacaga tttccgtctg gctggccagg     81720
     gagtccggaa tggcttccca caattccccc ttttatattc ttttgaagca agctccatgg     81780
     gtgaagatag aggtctgatc cccagtatgc agaaataggg gccatgtaca ggattgactc     81840
     ttaggctcac aggtttttac ccagagcaac cctgacctgc tcccatgctg tttttcctgg     81900
     gggaaggaca ctaggacatt caaccctcat gcaatcacac atacctccca gagattgtca     81960
     aacagcttcc agactaacct ctgtgcagtg cttagcctta caaccctgca gagcgatggc     82020
     ttcattgttc attcttcagg gcaacaagcc aaatctgagg tgactgccct gcttccactg     82080
     tggcaaaagc ttgcaccacc atggcggcag tgcggacctg ggcattctgc aactgacaca     82140
     tacaccatac acaaaacatg catgccaaaa caagggccac agtgagggca cctatcccag     82200
     cccattcgtt cctgatgcca agccaggatc cactcgggta gaattcacag tgacaattgc     82260
     cgagtgaagc tcattcatct tgccatcaaa atttgcagtc caatttaaac accgacagta     82320
     tcccccatct gggttcctca cccatcaggg gcagacacat gctcatcacc agcaagatca     82380
     gcttcttcat tttgacagcg tcacactagc cgctccggaa cccacactgg ctctgcgaga     82440
     ttctgtggaa acatgcaaac agaccctctc gcccaagcca acatgggatc cggaccattc     82500
     catgatcctg taagcacatc cttccattta gcatacccca gtttactggg gctggtatta     82560
     gcatgtcatt cagcagcaga gtgaccttcc ttatccaatt gcaaaaaatt taaggtaaaa     82620
     agagctaagg agagtcttat ctttggggta tggccatagc ctattccccc tttttgtttt     82680
     attaataatt cttttaaggt tttatgtgct cgttcaatga ttccttggcc ttgaggatta     82740
     tatggcaggc cgtgtttaac ttgtacttcc atctgttgac aaaaagacac cagggttttg     82800
     gcggtatatg cagggccatt gtctgtttta agttgttggg gcttacccca agctgcccag     82860
     gcctccaaac aatgctgtat aacacgggag gccttttccc ctgtcatggg agatgcataa     82920
     actattcctg aacatgtgtc aatgaataca cgaacgtatt tcaatttgcc aaattctgaa     82980
     aaatgtgtca catctagcct caggtgttaa ttcccttttg gaacttaact ctgagtctcc     83040
     ttctaaaatt tgaaacagag gttgtaattt aacatttggg atcttcaaat agggctgaat     83100
     ccaattgata tcacctaaca atttctgaaa atcatttaaa gtatgcaagg aatcaaccct     83160
     caactgtatc ttttgaggcc aaatggccgt aggggcaatc cttgctccta aacaggacac     83220
     tattttcaac aaatccctaa ggtaatgggc agctcaagca catatggttg aatcatccca     83280
     tcatgccctt ccttatcttt ccaagggagc atcctggcac ttatgtctgg gctctttgca     83340
     tagcccagga cttgtaatat ttgttctgac tcctgaatcg gccatccttt tggccagtcc     83400
     ttaaaccaaa aggcagtaag aaaaattacc caaatggcta gaaaaataaa gtaatcctta     83460
     gactgtccct attaccctct tactttcact accctcttac tttcactttc ttgtctccag     83520
     agccagagag ccttattgtc tcttaccgag agcctaattg tctcttacgg agagccttat     83580
     tgtctcttac cgagatcctt attgtctctt accgagagcc taattgtctc ttaccgagag     83640
     cctaatctca atcccgggat ggtatgagtt acttaccata ttcatcctgt caacagaccc     83700
     tgactacaga aagttctgaa cctcttcagt gggggtgtcg gttcctgggt ttcggcacca     83760
     cttgttgcat ccaactcgac cagcaaggaa aatgcaacca ccagttcttc ttaaagcagt     83820
     ttactcaggc agcttctctc ttcaaatccc ctgcgcctcg gggtacaaac gtttttatcc     83880
     actcaagcca caaccacgcc tcaaccaatc accacaggtc acatcacctc accaggcagg     83940
     cttgttcagc caaccaggga ttaagggcga gccatccacc aaatatgggc ttgtttactg     84000
     cctggcacag atttccgtcc ggctggctag ggagtccgga atggcttccc acagctgcca     84060
     actggttcat tgtttacctt tttaaaagtt tacttccttt attattaatt aaattaaatt     84120
     tatctggtaa gtaaaacttg tacatattca tgggctagca ttctttaaca cccatacaca     84180
     ttacataact ttggcaatga ttaagagcct ggcaaataca gagggggata ctcacagcca     84240
     accatttgac tgagtgcagg gtccctgatg gaggagttgg agaagggact gcaggagctg     84300
     aaggggtttg cagccccgtg gggggagcaa cagtggtaac cggccagacc ccccagagct     84360
     cccagagact ggaccaccaa ccaaagagaa aacatggatc cagccatgta tgtgacagag     84420
     gatggccttg ttggacatca ttgggagtag tggcccttgg tcctgtgggg gtttgatgcc     84480
     ccagtgtagg ggaatgccat ggcaggaagg agggagtggg tgggtggatg ggtgagcacc     84540
     ctcataaagt tatggagagg ggagatggaa taaggggttt caagagggga ggcctggaga     84600
     ggtgataaca tttgaaatgc aaataaagaa gacatccaat aaaagaaaaa agggaacaca     84660
     attcatgttt caagatgtca tatctgccct ataccacaca cacacataat ttcgaattcc     84720
     ccactgtgtt taaattttag agcccccact actcaaatga agtttcacat tttcatgaaa     84780
     ttcatctttg ttttgtgtga agttcatagt aataggactt ttccatttaa acattgtatc     84840
     aactttgtat ctgtcagtgc tattttaata cttcctttag tacttccagg tttcccttca     84900
     agctaagtat ttgatgtaat tggtgtttat ttgtatgggc attctccatt gatctccact     84960
     gattacaact gtcccatcgc aaaaataaaa tgtacccttg ttcacctaga aaatgtgtgt     85020
     gatgaacagt aaaaaaaaca aaatactata taatatacaa gctatcatcc cagagagact     85080
     ttcagtcaag agacatttgc ctgataatca tcatgtacta gaaaaacaaa caaaccctgt     85140
     aggaatttta caactcagtg gtgccagagg gaaacattgt tccttttaca attctaaaat     85200
     taagataaaa catgaagctc agatagacag aagaggccaa cagatacttt ataaaggaag     85260
     atatgcaaat acaggataga tatgcaacac aatcaaccat ctggtaccaa atgtctggaa     85320
     gattctgatc ccttcagctt ttagtccact tcttctcttc acaggaaact taagcagtga     85380
     tccctgcggt tccacaaaag gtctctgttc ccagagcctt ctggtttctt cctgagtgct     85440
     cttctaatgg tctaccatca tcctgcctga gcttctaaac acacttcaat agttcattta     85500
     gaacgactct aagtattttt gcaaggagac cctgaaatag gaaagttctc tcatatcagg     85560
     taaatctctg ttatcacaac catgctcact ccttggccat aacttgttct tgaaattcta     85620
     ccaggaaata gaggaattct aagtctggat aagatagcta gagagtgagt cacatcccta     85680
     ctgctactga aacatatttc tatagatcgt atgccttaaa atcacagaag tctattattg     85740
     catctttcta gagaccaaaa gtctgaaata agtccaataa aggcattagc atgtaaaagc     85800
     attagcagtt acagttctcc ctggaggctc taagggagaa actattcctt gtctgtagtt     85860
     ctgttggctc ctggcatccc ttgatttgct gacacattct accaaccctg atttccaatt     85920
     actgccatca gcatgttgct tcttttctac aataatgtct ttcaggctgt cagaattggt     85980
     tactgctgaa ccatacaaat tttctatttc tcgtgtattt aatttatccc tccctaaatc     86040
     atcagcacat tgccttcctg taaccacaac ccaccacttc cagtacaacc tagcacttcc     86100
     agaactattt tcagattcca agccaccatc ctagtggtct gctctgacaa ggcccctaag     86160
     ggaaactact acatgcctat ggacttatta gggagctgag actgaagaag ccttccctct     86220
     actcctcctc cttcccgggg cttcttcttg ctctcaggtt aaagttaagt ctgaaagtgg     86280
     gctcctctct gctcaaaggc tctgggctga catctggaaa agaaaacatt tccctgggaa     86340
     gcctcattcc agtctgcaac tgtacgtctt gcatccaggg agaccaataa ggacatagtc     86400
     acatcttctt ggccccagta actctcttgt tcagtgggac ttgtttcatc tgtcctctct     86460
     cctttcacat tagtctgggg cacgagaaaa tgtcaagagc acagagtgtg aaacactgta     86520
     attgtgttaa ggggtgagat gttctctttt acaggtttct cctaatcctc caggttttat     86580
     aggagggtca acttctaagt ccccagagaa tgacactgct gtgacaaagg agatgccctc     86640
     ttggtttttc ttcgcacaag tcaagcatcc cctgttggga gccgcgccca cattcgccgt     86700
     tacaagatgg cgctgacagc tgtgttctaa gtggtaaaca aataatctgc gcatgtgccg     86760
     agggtggttc tccactccat gtgctctgcc ttccccgtga cgtcaactcg gccgatgggc     86820
     tgcagccaat cagggagtga cacgtcctag gcgaaggata attctcctta atagggacgg     86880
     gtttcgtttt ctctctctct tgcttcttac actcttgctc ctgaagatgt aagcaataaa     86940
     gttttgccgc agaagattct ggtctgtggt gttcttcctg gccgggcgtg agaacgcgtc     87000
     taataacaat tggtgccgaa ttccgggacg agaaaaaact cgggactggc gcaaggaaga     87060
     tccctcattc cagaaccaga actgcgggtc gcggtaataa aggttcccgt aaagcagact     87120
     gttaagaagg attcaactgt atgaattcag aacttttcag ctggggaacg agagtaccag     87180
     tgagtatagc tttacgaggt aagcctggcc ttgaactttc taaggaaatt caagacagtc     87240
     tatcagaagt aaagtggaaa atgtttggcc ttgaattttt tctagtgtta gaagcccttt     87300
     tgttcctttt cacatgttat caagtggtta aggcagggcg gattctagat gaaattcagg     87360
     acaatctatc agaagtaaag cggggagaga gagtaggagc aaagagaaaa tatggtacac     87420
     aaaataagta tacaggcctt tccaagggtc ttgaacccga ggaaaagttt aggtcaggta     87480
     agaatacctg gggagagatt agaaggaagg aaaagaaaaa agaaaagaaa aaagatcgat     87540
     tagcggaggt ctctaggaga tactcgtcac tagatgagct caggaagcca gctcttggta     87600
     gctctgaatc agatgatgaa ttctcctctg aagaaacaga ctgggaggaa gaagcagctc     87660
     attatgagaa aaaagggtac cagccaggta aagtgctagc taatcagtta aggaagccaa     87720
     aagcggctgg cgaaggccag tttgctgatt ggcctcaggg cagtcggttt caaggtccgc     87780
     cctatgcgga gcccccgccc tgcgtagtgc gtcagcaatg cgcagagagg caatgcgcag     87840
     agagatgcgc agagaggcaa tgcgcagaga gatgcgcaga gaggcagtgc gcagagagac     87900
     aatgcgcaga gaggcagtgc gcagactcat tcattcccag agaggaacaa aggaaaatac     87960
     aacaggcatt tccggtcttt gaaggagccg agggtgggcg tgtccacgct ccggtagaat     88020
     acttacagat taaagagctt gccgagtcgg tccgtaaata cggaaccaat gctaatttta     88080
     ccttggtgca gttagacagg cttgccggca tggcactaac tcctgccgac tggcaaacgg     88140
     ttgtaaaagc cgctctccct agtatgggca aatatatgga atggagagct ctttggcatg     88200
     aaactgcaca agcgcaggcc cgagcaaacg cagctgcttt gactccagag cagagagatt     88260
     ggacttttga cttgttaacg ggtcagggag cttattctgc tgatcaaaca aactaccatt     88320
     ggggagctta tgcccaagtt tcctccacgg ctattagggc ctggaaggcg ctctcccgag     88380
     caggtgaaac cactggtcaa ttaacaaaag ttgtccaggg acctcaggag tccttctcag     88440
     attttgtggc cagaatgaca gaggcagcag agcgtatttt tggagattca gagcaagccg     88500
     cgcctctggt agaacagcta atctatgagc aagccacaaa ggagtgccga gcggccatag     88560
     ccccaagaaa gaacaaaggc ttacaagact ggctcagggt ctgtcgagag cttgggggac     88620
     ctctcaccaa tgcaggctta gcggccgcca tcctccaatc tcagaaccgc tccatgagca     88680
     gaaatgatca gaggacatgt tttaattgcg gaaagcctgg gcattttaag aaagattgca     88740
     gagctccaga taaacaggga gggactctca ctctttgctc taagtgtggc aagggttatc     88800
     atagagctga ccagtgtcgc tctgtgaggg atataaaggg cagaattctt cccccacctg     88860
     atagtcaatc agcttatgtg ccaaaaaacg ggtcatcggg ccctcggtcc cagggccctc     88920
     aaagatatgg gaaccggttt gtcaggaccc aggaagcagt cagagaggcg acccaggaag     88980
     acccacaagg gtggacctgc gtgccgcctc cgacttccta ctaatgcctc aaatgagtat     89040
     tcagccggtg ccagtggagc ctataccatc cttgcccccg ggaaccatgg gccttattct     89100
     cggccggggt tcactcacct tgcagggctt agtagtccac cctggagtta tggattgtca     89160
     acattcccct gaaatacagg tcctgtgctc aagccctaag ggcgtttttt ctattagtaa     89220
     aggagatagg atagctcagc tgctgctcct ccctgataat accagggaga aatctgcagg     89280
     acctgagata aagaaaatgg gctcctcagg aaatgattct gcctatttgg ttgtatcttt     89340
     aaatgataga cctaagctcc gccttaagat taatggaaaa gagtttgaag gcatccttga     89400
     taccggagca gataaaagta taatctctac acattggtgg cccaaagcat ggcccaccac     89460
     agagtcatct cattcattac agggcctagg atatcaatca tgtcccacta taagctccat     89520
     tgccttgacg tgggaatcct ctgaaggaca gcaagggaaa ttcatacctt atgtgctccc     89580
     actcccggtt aacctctggg gaagggatat tatgcagcat ttgggcctta ttttgtccaa     89640
     tgaaaacgcc ccatcgggag ggtattcagc taaagcaaaa aatatcatgg caaagatggg     89700
     ttataaagaa ggaaaagggt taggacatca agaacaggga aggatagagc ccatctcacc     89760
     taatggaaac caagacagac agggtctggg ttttccatag cggccattgg ggcagcacgg     89820
     cccataccat ggaaaatggg gaatccagtg tgggttcctc aatggcccct atcctctgaa     89880
     aaactggaag ctgtgattca actggtagag gaacaattaa aactaggcca tattgagcca     89940
     tctacctcac cttggaatac tccaattttt gtaattaaga aaaagtcagg aaagtggaga     90000
     ctgctccatg acctcagagc cattaatgag caaatgaact tatttggccc agtacagagg     90060
     ggtctccctg tactttccgc cttaccacgt ggctggaatt taattattat agatattaaa     90120
     gattgtttct tttctatacc tttgtgtcca agggataggc ccagatttgc ctttaccatc     90180
     ccctctatta atcacatgga acctgataag aggtatcaat ggaaggtctt accacaggga     90240
     atgtccaata gtcctacaat gtgccaactt tatgtacaag aagctctttt gccagtgagg     90300
     gaacaattcc cctctttaat tttgctcctt tacatggatg acatcctcct gtgccataaa     90360
     gaccttacca tgctacaaaa ggcatatcct tttctactta aaactttaag tcagtggggt     90420
     ttacagatag ccacagaaaa ggtccaaatt tctgatacag gacaattctt gggctctgtg     90480
     gtgtccccag ataagattgt gccccaaaag gtagagataa gaagagatca cctccatacc     90540
     ttaaatgatt ttcaaaagct gttgggagat attaattggc tcagaccttt tttaaagatt     90600
     ccttccgctg agttaaggcc tttgtttggt attttagaag gagatcctca tatctcctcc     90660
     cctaggactc ttactctagc tgctaaccag gccttacaaa aagtggaaaa agccttacag     90720
     aatgcacaat tacaatgtat tgaggattcg cagcctttca gtttgtgtgt ctttaagaca     90780
     gcacaattgc caactgcagt tttgtggcag aatgggccat tgttgtggat ccatccaaac     90840
     gtatccccag ctaaaataat agattggtat cctgatgcaa ttgcacagct tgcccttaaa     90900
     ggtctaaaag cagcaatcac ccactttggg cgaagtccat atcttttaat tgtaccttat     90960
     accgctgcac aggttcaaac cttggcagcc acatctaatg attgggcagt tttagttacc     91020
     tccttttcag gaaaaataga taaccattat ccaaaacatc caatcttaca gtttgcccaa     91080
     aatcaatctg ttgtgtttcc acaaataaca gtaagaaacc cacttaaaaa tgggattgtg     91140
     gtatatactg atggatcaaa aactggcata ggtgcctatg tggctaatgg taaagtggta     91200
     tccaaacagt ataatgaaat ttcacctcaa gtggtagaat gtttagtggt tttagaagtt     91260
     ttaaaaacct ttttagaacc ccttaatatt gtgtcagatt cctgttatgt ggttaatgca     91320
     gtaaatcttt tagaagtggc tggagtgatt aagccttcca gtagagttgc caatattttt     91380
     cagcaaatac aattagtttt gttatctaga agatttcctg tttatattac tcatgttaga     91440
     gcccattcag gcctacctgg ccccatggct ctgggaaatg atttggcaga taaggccact     91500
     aaagtgatgg ctgctgccct atcatccccg gtagaggctg caaaaaattt tcataacaat     91560
     tttcatgtga cggctgaaac attacgcagt cgtttctcct tgacaagaaa agaagcccgt     91620
     gacattgtta ctcaatgtca aagctgctgt gagttcttgc cagttcctca tgtgggaatt     91680
     aacccacgcg gtattcgacc tctacaggtc tggcaaatgg atgttacaca tgtttcttcc     91740
     tttggaaaac ttcaatatct ccatgtgtcc attgacacat gttctggcat catgtttgct     91800
     tctccgttaa ccggagaaaa ggcctcacat gtgattcaac attgtcttga ggcatggagt     91860
     gcttggggga aacccagact ccttaagact gataatggac cagcttatac gtctcaaaaa     91920
     ttccaacagt tctgccgtca gatggacgtg acccacctga ctggacttcc atacaaccct     91980
     caaggacagg gtattgttga gcgtgcgcat cgcaccctca aaacctatct tataaaacag     92040
     aagaggggaa ttgaagagat tttaccccga gcaccaagag tgtctgtgtc tttggcactc     92100
     tttacactca attttttaaa tattgatgct catggccata ctgcggctga acgtcattgt     92160
     tcagagccag ataggcccaa tgagatggtt aaatggaaaa atgtccttga taataaatgg     92220
     tatggcccgg atcctatttt gataagatcc aggggagcta tctgtgtttt cccacagaat     92280
     gaagacaacc cattttggat accagaaaga ctcacccgaa aaatccagac tgaccaaggg     92340
     aatactaatg tccctcgtct tggtgatgtc cagggcgtca ataataaaaa gagagcagcg     92400
     ttgggggata atgtcgatat ttccactccc aatgacggtg atgtataatg ctcaagtatt     92460
     ctcctacttt tttaccacta actaggaact aggtttagcc ttgattcaga cagccttggc     92520
     tctgtctgga caggtccaga tgactgacac cattaacact ttgtcagcct cagtgactac     92580
     agtcatagat gaacaggcct cagctaatgt caagatacag agaggtctca tgctggttaa     92640
     tcaactcata gatcttgtcc agaaacaact agatgtatta tggcaaataa ctcagcaggg     92700
     atgtgaacaa aagtttccgg gattgtgtgt tatttccatt cagtatgtta aatttactag     92760
     ggcagctaat ttgtcaaaaa gtctttttca gtatatgtta cagaattgga tggctgaatt     92820
     tgaacagatc cttcgggaat tgagacttca ggtcaactcc acgcgcttgg acctgtcgct     92880
     gaccaaagga ttacccaatt ggatctcctc agcattttcc ttctttaaaa aatgggtggg     92940
     attaatatta tttggagata cactttgctg tggattagtg ttgcttcttt gattggtctg     93000
     taagcttaag gcccaaacta ggagagacaa ggtggttatt gcccaggcgc ttgcaggact     93060
     agaacatgga gcttcccctg atatatctat gcttaggcaa taggtcgctg gccactcagc     93120
     tcttacatct cacgaggcta gtctcattgc acgggataga gtgagtgtgc ttcagcagcc     93180
     cgagagagtt gcacggctaa gcactgcagt agaaaggctc tgcggcatat atgagcctat     93240
     tctagggaga catgtcatct ttcaagaagg ttgagtgtcc aagtgtcctt ctctccaggc     93300
     aaaacgacac gggagcaggt cagggttgct ctgggtaaaa gcctgtgagc ctaagagcta     93360
     atcctgtaca tggctccttt acctacacac tggggatttg acctctatct ccactctcat     93420
     taatatgggt ggcctatttg ctcttattaa aaggaaaggg ggagatgttg ggagccgcgc     93480
     ccacattcgc cgttacaaga tggcgctgac agctgtgttc taagtggtaa acaaataatc     93540
     tgcgcatgtg ccgagggtgg ttctccactc catgtgctct gccttccccg tgacgtcaac     93600
     tcggccgatg ggctgcagcc aatcagggag tgacacgtcc taggcgaagg ataattctcc     93660
     ttaataggga cgggtttcgt tttctctctc tcttgcttct tacactcttg ctcctgaaga     93720
     tgtaagcaat aaagttttgc cgcagaagat tctggtctgt ggtgttcttc ctggccgggc     93780
     gtgagaacgc gtctaataac aatcccctct ccctgctctc tagttggata gctgagtcta     93840
     tgcagctcct tacccttctt tctgaagcct gactagtttg atgtctattc ctgctgtgta     93900
     tgctcacatt tccttcctcg attcttataa agcagaaaaa ggacctttgc catcattacc     93960
     tcaaacgtgg catcacacat ggtgtaacca tgttcctgaa aggaaaaacc cacttagggg     94020
     aagagccaag acagtggcat aggggccttt gctccttttc tgattccttt tcctctgacc     94080
     acttctttct cataaagcct attctctgta gtgtttaaga gtatgggtgc attggctaag     94140
     cacagttcac tgcccaatct acctcctctg catcagacac cctagaaatt tccctcaata     94200
     aacttttcat taagtaagaa agaactttca ctattaggag ttccaagggg gagctgtcac     94260
     tgcttaaaac agctttacag gagggctcgt agtggggccc atgtgactct gtgagattct     94320
     gaaggcacct tgggtaaatc aaaagtcatt tcagaattcc cctggcatca tgtaaggtga     94380
     atgttcatca gtgcctcagg agccattttg ttgcttttct tacactcatc tgtaaggtga     94440
     tcctttccag tacagattct gtctggagtc agtctgtggc agatgttggc atatagatta     94500
     tttgctacag accaactggt ctcataaaca taaaggagtc cctgcaacaa ccctgttgga     94560
     gacaccagac gtctttatca atggtgacac taagttcttg atacctagac ttggaaagag     94620
     catatgagga gatgtcagtc cttgcaccca cagcactaag gcctaggagg aaatggtgat     94680
     gaaaaggtga tggcagttag gggctctctt cgctggcaga ccagtgaagg ggaggaatca     94740
     gaggactgat ctcacaaatg aaaacactct tctaaatgat aataaatcaa tcaagggacc     94800
     aattgtacaa gaatgcaaaa atcagaattt tttgcagaaa aggtactggc tgaaaagcag     94860
     ggggtgaggc catcaaggca aacccaccaa gtatcatttg gaggaactaa atactggcta     94920
     ctaatatcag gatctttgcc aaaatattgt ctggacactt ttgttccttt aacaattaga     94980
     gcagcagaca aggaataata ggttgccaaa accttacttg gacttgaggg gagatatacc     95040
     cataacaaag ggcatccctt ttagtttggg tctgcagcca aaccaacatg gggcttgaac     95100
     ccatgaccct gagattaaga gtctcatgat ctaccaactg acctagccag gttgtttgta     95160
     attaaagcaa gtttttgaga cttacttaag ccaccttgtg aaagttagca ccaatcgcca     95220
     agccaatggt gtagctcgtt cctgcacctg cacaaaggca gacatactct gccagtgatt     95280
     tagaacagta atgtttaaaa atatcttggc aaataggatt ggcatttcca aaagcaagct     95340
     gtttagttta ctaaaggggt tctcaggctc ttggacccca aacaagcact cagccatctc     95400
     caccaggtgg caaatgaaag aattttaaga ttcatccggg ccctgcagca ccttagtgag     95460
     tgcagtggat gagcccaaac cagggggcag tcccttctaa gcagccagcc tggtggacct     95520
     gagccagaag gtcacaggaa aaaagcatct aggcctccaa ggtgttacaa ggtggctcac     95580
     ccaaaatcct ccttgcggtc cacgactcag tgtccagttg cacacgattt ttaattttga     95640
     tttcatttgc catctctgcc acttctgatt tccataatac aaagttgccg ccagtaaatg     95700
     cagcccaggc ctcgaaaatt tcccaggaat aagccatccc tctgcagagg acccaaggag     95760
     caccaaagtg aagggagcag tggggacata attagacact gccgctttaa gttttttcag     95820
     aatcttaaac tctagtggtc gatattgata gcagggtggg gtgccacagg agcatcctca     95880
     gtctcctgtg aagactgaag ttcaccatct atttcctcct cttcctcact tgctgtctgg     95940
     cttttctcca agtcagtttt gggggacaga gactctctaa ggactatggt tccactcctt     96000
     agggagaggg gtaaggctag ggccttcttt ttctgccctt ttttagtttt aagagagacc     96060
     tgaggccatt gttgtaggga aggtattaga tcatacattt ggtctctaat gaatagaggg     96120
     ccctaagcag ttttaattgt tccttttggg tctctaccat atggcacagg aaagctacgt     96180
     tagcagttaa ttgacaacag acattggaca tggcaggtga atctaaagtt cactgcacct     96240
     aaagtcctat agggtggcag cagaaagaaa gacaggagtg tggcagcacc tctcagtggg     96300
     ggtcgggggg agcaaagcta gggcaattgt ggctattttg ggtgaatcac aatagtgctc     96360
     cgattcaata acaagctgcc tcctctgcaa gagtctcttc attagcgggt ggcatttcac     96420
     tatcaagatc aataagggaa ggatacaggc ctgccatctt aatttcctcc ctaggtgggg     96480
     gcaaagaaat atccttaatg agtagtaaag ggggaagatc tgtgatgcca tcagccacag     96540
     aaggtgaagc ggtcaaagat tcctctctta aaggggaagg agacggtgta taaattacta     96600
     ggttagcaga agaatgggag acagattctt taaaagacca ctctccctcg gacaccaagc     96660
     attggcgatc tagccattcg ggggtggttt ttaaaaagtt cttaacgaga gaccagttgt     96720
     taaaggccat aacaggtatt tctgtaggtc caaatgcttc ataataatct ctgaaacaat     96780
     caccaactct gcaccatctc tttacatcag tcattccctc ttgggggaac catgagcaaa     96840
     tctctcccac ataatctaaa aatttcttca aatccttttc cttgacccta gatcctcaag     96900
     tttagagtga ctccttgagc gctgtcacaa aaaatgactg cttagaaaat gcttgtccca     96960
     tgtcttaccg tatttctcct aagatctgtg ctgcttatgt tctctctcct ggactgtctc     97020
     atggttgggt tgacagtagg gttgtgccga accaaagctg ctctatggcg cttcctgaga     97080
     tgagcaggta ggcctatcct ccaattacga gtggtgttct cttcctcaat gatcccctgg     97140
     aagccccaca ttctggatgc cagtttgtcc tgacccacag gacaatcaaa cagggacttg     97200
     aggggctacc tggaagaaaa tgggggaaca agaaacacaa cagacagaag tcttatgatc     97260
     aagctgacaa ttttttattt ttcccacaca ggttatatac tcataggaga aagaagggga     97320
     tggaggggat ctactattgc tgcagcctat gctgcttgca ctggtgagag atggagaatg     97380
     tggcactgtg gtttggccta caacctacaa gctccatagt tattcctggt gagtcaagat     97440
     gtggggcagc tgatatggag acaagttagg gtgcagcagc ctggaagtcc tgcagaagca     97500
     tgtcataact gaatacagcc agtcctaggc ctgccaacca gcacccagca taaatccatt     97560
     atagctgcag tctgctacgt ccactccagt gcagtctgct tggtaggcct aagagcctga     97620
     aagcagtcaa gaggtgaaga gattcaagga aactttgcct cctggaacgt tggcattccc     97680
     atagccctat actcaaaacc tgtccttgcg ttagtctgat gtttggatcc ctgtgctctc     97740
     tttcagtatt gttttattat aagtgccttt aaggattgat ttttgacata gataagcctc     97800
     caccagcgtt ccaatggttc ctagaaaatc ctttaggcca agggtgagct tggaattcag     97860
     tgagaatgtt acctattcag taacattcaa attcacttct agtagagaca gtgaaaataa     97920
     tcaggcatta caaagtacag atctaggaaa gctcagggct agtctgcata gtaattactt     97980
     aggacaatag ttgagtcaca cccaaacaca ggaatacaca atgacctagc aaataggtgg     98040
     attgtcatat gaaagagtta gtggaaggga attcccctgg tacaggtttc ttctctaggc     98100
     ccagaggaat agcataatca ggtatttact aaagaacccc tggtggtagg tttaacaata     98160
     gactagcatt gcatcagaac attcacttgg ctccatttta aatgataaat gtggactggt     98220
     ccccgccaac ttttgattta tgcattcttt ttgttttgtg tcctgtaact tggcagatat     98280
     gtttgcctgg cttttcttgt ttttcttctg tacaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagt cattcttgtg     98340
     tcctgtctgt ttgtcacccc attcttgcct actccttgct cacctacaaa cagaaactca     98400
     ttccccgcag ataggagacc caatagaggt tagactgcgg cagcagtccc tattgtttgt     98460
     cctgatgtga gatgcacaaa agtagagcct ggtgagcctt gtgatggcag acatcaaggg     98520
     caggaaggtg tgtggcagtc aggagcttag acagaaccag tccccaaaca ccctgcttaa     98580
     tttcaacatc acccttatct gggcaacagc aaaatatctg agacaagtct cagcaatgat     98640
     ccagtatttt tggagctcca aaaaccagaa accttgaagc agaccaacaa ttcctaacaa     98700
     tgaatatttg catgtgaagc tgtctgaaca ttaaaatatt atactatgtg acacaccaca     98760
     gtttccagtg gagagatggg aaagactgag gaacagaatg gggagggagt ggtagaaaaa     98820
     ggcagaacta aagatgctaa ggtggtgata gatgtgagag aaggctgtgg tggatgagta     98880
     tgcagtagat ggttacaggc tgttgctgag tggagccaac agtgaggtag tttgcagcat     98940
     cctggagctt gcactctgac acagcagaac acactgttca gttgcacaat cactctggtt     99000
     ttgagcaata acaggatgtc caagaaaaag aatagttcat tttctgaact gaacctcctc     99060
     aaaagatctc tatcttccaa tgctgccccc aggaggccac ttaggtatct gtagttcact     99120
     gtctcaggct gtgttgaagc ctgggtttaa tgtggatttc catggtccaa agacaacagg     99180
     agccatgttg atgtccctgg ccagagttac cactgaaggc catatggaca tccttgatct     99240
     gagccaatac ctaaggtcac actatttatg tgcccatggg ccttgttgcc actggaggtc     99300
     atattatgta tgtcctgcaa tgccacctga agccatgttg atgtccaagt cagtgttgct     99360
     gcatagggcc atgtctgggt ttgtgatctt gtgagacccc gacttagagt gtttctccct     99420
     agaaggtaaa gcccctggac attccccaag cttgttttcc ctgatctcta aaaatacagc     99480
     cagaaagaag ctctttgttc tctatagcca caaaaagcct ttttgtgagc cttacagcca     99540
     gagatgtgat aattgtaatt ttaccaagga catccagcag agaagaactc tcctcccaac     99600
     tccttccaat ccctcagcta gctgttaaaa gccccctact gttaccactc agggttgaac     99660
     tcccctgccc tgtgctgtgt gaggagttcg tcctcagcta gctgataata aaacctcttg     99720
     cagtttgcat caggtgtggt ttcctctaga gtcattgggg tgctggccag ctcatcccgg     99780
     aacttgagcg gaggcccagc tttggggatc ttagatctta acgcagccag ggtctgtgtt     99840
     gttattcgtg gcactttacc actggaggct tgctggtgtc catggtctgt gttgcagcct     99900
     gaacccgtgt tgatgtctct gtgctgtgct gccacccaag ggcagtattg atgtgagtga     99960
     cccacgctgt catctgagac catgggtgct gcacttgtcc tgagatgctg ctgagagcta    100020
     tgatggtgtc tgtggcccat atagcagcag agggctgagt tgatatctgt ggtctgtact    100080
     gccactggag atcatgctga ggtacatggc atatgctcat cctggtaacc atgtggaagt    100140
     ccatgatcca tgcttccgct gactgtaaaa gacaagaaag ctactattgt tatggtattg    100200
     ttgactacag actaacaggt gagaaagggg tacatagtga caacccttta cccccagctc    100260
     acctgactag cccaaatata acagcaaaga cagaaaacta ttaaagagaa ctcttgggga    100320
     aagaattgag agacccaaag agaacagaga ctccatagga agactaacag agtcaactat    100380
     cctggactct tgggtcagag tcccatgacc atccccactc cctgttccct tctctaatta    100440
     tgacactagg aagactgagc actgaaatgt gttgtaaact tagagcctca caatcagatc    100500
     ctgttaggtt tgcagcctgt ttgtctctaa agagaaacta atggccttcc aagggcccag    100560
     gggggttatt ggtttgcctt gtgtgctcca atatggtcat tcaaagtgga ctgctatcag    100620
     tgtgtggttt ctctgcatta attcctagga catcaagaag aaccacctga tactgagctt    100680
     tcttattgtt tttttcacag cttctaaatg ccacaaccac caaatacccc agctctgtac    100740
     atcctcttgg actttaacct gagggaattt aatctgctga ttcttacaat aattttgtca    100800
     ccgtgtgttt ggtgatacac ttgaagcagt tctccaagaa gaagcatagc attgtcctac    100860
     acaaacttcc acaaaccccg atttggtcat cgcattttaa aactttcatt tgtttctgta    100920
     aatggagttt agagggagat gctccatctg tagcagcctc aggaatccag gttcagtcat    100980
     ctgggcacca attaaatata tgaactgtgg gatgggcaaa gtagcatgct gctttaatct    101040
     cagcacttgg gaggcagaga gaagtggatt tctgtgagtt tgaggctagc ctggtccaca    101100
     tactgtgttc caggacagcc aggctggagt aaaaagcaat gtgattgcca gtcagcagga    101160
     aagacatact gttgagctgc agagattagg gaggattggg gagttcatat agcaaagtat    101220
     ctaagaaaat accccaaaat agaaggactg acctgacaca tagatgctgt tttatgagta    101280
     ataagacaga tgtagacaca tggaactttt cttttcatta tttgtttttt attagatatt    101340
     ttcttcattt acatttcaaa tgctatccca aaagtcccct atacccttcc cccaccctgc    101400
     tccccaaccc actcactccc acttcttggc cctggctttc ccctgtactg gggcatataa    101460
     aggttgctag accaaggggc ctctctttcc aattatggcc aactaggcca tcttctgcta    101520
     catatgcagc tagagacacg agttctgggg gtactgatta gttcatattg ttgttccacc    101580
     tataggattg cagaccacat ggaacttata tgcaccagaa agtgttgaga aatgttcatt    101640
     tgacaggctg aggattctca acgtacaggg aagtaaggtt caagcctctg gaacagtgct    101700
     cagatggctg tcacagagag ttggaggagg gtgagaaagt tttgggaaga cctccatgga    101760
     caattcggac ttttgctgaa gagtgtgaag ggtccaggtc gaatcaggta tcaagagttc    101820
     tagtcctgac ttttcatggt ttctccactc ggtaggtgta agagaggaaa gtggatggat    101880
     gggatgttat ctggggatgg catttttgag gaacaggtca taaccatccc attgtttgta    101940
     aggaatatgc aaaggtgctg taactgaact acttctgaaa tgtaacaaaa atctgacata    102000
     gtaaatggtg tgaattctga gttgaagaaa ggtttttgtt ttgttttgtt ttgttttgtt    102060
     ttgttttgtt ttgtttttta aggaaattca taacctggag aggaacttcc gataattaaa    102120
     taatgttaaa aaggatcatc caggctactc tgcttcttct tcttcttctt cttgccctga    102180
     tctttcttcc attggctctg tctcacttga catgagatgg gcccctggat ccaacttcca    102240
     ctatgaataa atctcttcaa cctccacctc tctacaaaga atacttcctc tatccattag    102300
     ctcccagaaa tatggtcttg agctacgaga ttcatggtca tactctaaat taaattagtc    102360
     tcaaatctat ggtgcctatt tcatgtacaa tctttgtttt aagggtagtg cttaaaatat    102420
     aaagactaaa aggataaaag tccatcatat tgatttaata cagtttatat gaatttgctt    102480
     gatccagctt gctgattgca ttaaacaaat attgcaggca catttttttt cattttgttc    102540
     tcatacaaaa gcttcttttc ctgccctgaa taacacagca actattctga tgttgataat    102600
     aacactcaca acatatacta ttgctatatt tcaatataac tctttaaaat tcactcataa    102660
     gaagtgaaca atattctctt atttactatt ccttctttct gtgtctcctt tatgacagct    102720
     gcatccctgt atgtttcttg tatgtatata ggaggcacat ttgctgagct gaggttatgt    102780
     gaattaggac ttacttacat ttgggctcat tatgtaaatg ccagggttca ttgctttgca    102840
     acacttgaaa ttctcagtgt tattttttta attaattgtt ttatttgttt gcattctagc    102900
     tgttactacc cctcccagac cactcacagc tcttcactcc attacccctc ctccttcccc    102960
     ttgcttatga gaggatgctc cccttattcc ccccgggtat tccccttccc tgaggcttca    103020
     gatctgtgga ggattaagtg tgtcttctcc cacagaggcc agacccggca attctctgct    103080
     atatgtgcta gaggtcttgg accagctgat gaatcctgcc tggttggtgg cttagtctct    103140
     gagaactccc aagggtccag gtttgttgaa attgctagtc ttcttattgt gttgccctcc    103200
     ccttcagctc cttcaatcct tcccctaatt actccatagg ggttcccaac ttcaatccag    103260
     tggttgggta taagtataag catctatctc actcagctgc tggtgaagcc tctcaaaggt    103320
     cagccatgtc aggtccccat ctgtaaacac ataatagcat caataatagt gtcaggaatt    103380
     gattccctcc tcacccaccc acccccgagc agattctaat cgaagtaaga aaatctgccc    103440
     ctgttgcaga gaaggtttcc attgaaggag atactgtacc ggtgtatatg ataaggatgg    103500
     atggtaagcc attggagcct ttaaacgtca gatggggcat ccttcagccc tgacagtaag    103560
     agggacaact actcctataa aagccttgtg ggtatccaac atctcagaag gttcccatcc    103620
     aaaattaacc attaagatag acaataaagc atttaagtgc cttattgata ctggagcaga    103680
     tagaacaatt ttaaggcagc aaaagatccc acatgattgg caactgatct ttggtcccca    103740
     gctcataggt atatggggta cctctcacac attcatcact aaacaggctt acaaatggga    103800
     agacctggat ggggctagtg gccttatatg ccccctagtg gctcaagtag ccaccaatct    103860
     tctaagaaga aatattttac aagccttaga gatggttctt accacccaac cagaaagagg    103920
     ccacattaca atagaagaca ttatttataa agataatacc caaggagacc ctaaaaaccc    103980
     tcctccaaat cacccccaat tctagggtac tcagaattag tactacctgt cttgattgac    104040
     tttctgatga agccatctgg gtcacacagt ggcctctatc aagggagaag ctcagaaccc    104100
     tcacacagat gttgttgcaa cacctcttcc cctctcacag tccatggaat acccctgtgt    104160
     ttgcataaaa actttctcag gggaatggag attattacaa gatctgaggg caattaacaa    104220
     aacaatgtga gtctggggct acccacaaag agggctaccc tacaactcag ctatccctgc    104280
     caatgttccc ctgttagcaa tagacataaa agactgcttt ttttccccat cctcctccac    104340
     cccaagactg caaacgctat gcattctcag taacctccat taacaactct ggcccatcct    104400
     cacgatgtga atggattgtt ctcccacggg gaatgtctaa cactcccaac catttgtcag    104460
     gaggctgtag ccactgtaat gaaaccttat ttagacaaat gactcaatat ttatcattct    104520
     atggatgata ttttagtttg gagagaatct tccacctccc cctcccaact taaggaccag    104580
     ccaataccct ccctatcttc cctaagattc aaaatagctc ttcacaaaat ccaacatatt    104640
     ctgcccattg cttttttaag aacagagact tcccttaact cagtacatcc cctcaaaccc    104700
     accctatcct tccctcaaaa attaactctt gcctccctcc agagctttct gggtaacctc    104760
     aattggcttc ggccctggct cctccttcct acaagcaccc ttcaacccct ctttaacctc    104820
     ctgaaaggag acaaaagtcc atcctccctg agaacactgt ccccaaaggc agtctaagct    104880
     ctaaattcta ttaatgcagc cctaaaaaat atggctcttg ctaggtatga cccaacaaaa    104940
     cctatataga tcctcatctt taactcatcc cctacacttg taggagcctt tttccaacct    105000
     caagaggtgc tggaatggct ccacaccatg atgggtggta caccccgaat tttaaatgag    105060
     gtagcatgat aaaaaatggc agggatagag ccctgaaaac cctagagaaa gaacctgaca    105120
     ttcttgtcat ccctttctcc ctttctgaca ttcagtggct aatcaataat cactcctgct    105180
     ttactgtcag cttaatagga gtcccaggac aaattgacaa ccattatcct gatgaaaaat    105240
     gagcctctgc cctccctctg ctgtgattgc tgccccctaa actattttca aaagggccca    105300
     tagcaaaagc cccctcaata tttactgatg gggaaagggg ggagttgcag cagtaatata    105360
     cttcttccct gaatatgaac cccctatcct ccaattcaaa gagctatcca gtcactcccc    105420
     ccaatataaa gaattatatg ccacctatct agctctaaaa gaagtcaaga gcccccttaa    105480
     cttttttcag acagtgtata tgctgtcaat ttgctcccct ggggaaaata aagaaatgct    105540
     cctcttgtgc atccctcatt accaccccag ctttacagat gttgggtacc aacccccaag    105600
     gccttaagtc caatgcctta tggcaaattg atgtcaccca tattccccaa tttggtagac    105660
     agaaatatgc ttttgtcacc atagatatgt acttgtgttt tatatgggat acagcccaaa    105720
     caggtgaaaa ctcaaaaaga ctgattcatc atatgccctc caccttggcc atcatgggca    105780
     ttactcaaca gataaaaact gataatggcc ctaccttcac tagctctcaa ttcaaaacct    105840
     gcacacactg ggagattgtc catcatctgg gaattcccca caacccccag ggacaaggaa    105900
     taatagaaag aacacatcaa accctaaaag cccaacttct aaaacaaaag gcaaccacct    105960
     agcccccaat gtatggctct gattacccta aacatattta acgtctacaa aaactccaaa    106020
     catcctccta tctccctcca ttgtctcata ccaaaattag ccctcccatc ctagtatgat    106080
     ggtgagatct ttgggacaga atttggaagg gaccagaccc cctccttaca accggaaggg    106140
     gtttcacttg tgtctttcca caggaccagc ctaagcctat ctgggttcct gccagaaatg    106200
     tctgacacca ccccaccaac caagaagatg tcccatctct cactgacaga tcaagaggaa    106260
     gaggcagagg aaacaccaca cccagaagga caagatctac tagaaggaca tccatgacct    106320
     ggtgactgct gcccaggcca tatgcccttc acaagccctc atctcctcta ttctcttggc    106380
     tgtttttgtc attctcatgc tacctgtgct gctgccaagc ttctccttta accttcccaa    106440
     cacctaccat tggagattct atgctaggga aacctacaat ggtcacaaca aagttatagg    106500
     ggcccagctg tccacttgaa ggatgtcaaa cccggattga gatcccccta cacccagatt    106560
     ccatctccac tacacccagc ccttttctct gctttcctta ctgaaacacg ggtgaatgtc    106620
     tacaggatgt ctccacatat ggaggttgca gatactggag ctgcagaatg gaatccacca    106680
     gtcatggtgg cagaatgatc accaacctta aaactcaagc taaagggctc tgcagcccta    106740
     taggaggaac aacaatatga actaaccagt accctgcccc cagagcttgt gtctctagtt    106800
     gcatatgtag cagagtttgg cctagttggc tatcaatggg aggaaaagcc cttgatcttg    106860
     caaagattat atgcccgagt gacctggaag gcatggcaga gacttggtct ccttgcctat    106920
     acttgattcc cttcacagaa accctcacac caggcctggc cagagatttc tgtggacaag    106980
     ctctggtaac caggcccaca gaccatagta aatctcttaa aggaatatgt tttattgggg    107040
     ctgtttaatc agaggttcat ttcattatct tcatgacagg aagaatagtg tcatgtaaga    107100
     agatatggtg gttgagaggt aactgaaagt tccacatctg ccacagagat aaatcacagg    107160
     ttgctattat attactggga tttggatgcc ttgagcttaa ttctggaaca ttgttctgtt    107220
     gtgtccgggt caccatggga tccctaggag aactctaaga acctcggacc ggatgtagag    107280
     aaacaagagt ctttattaat ttgagtcaga ctcggatcac aaaccttcct actgcacagg    107340
     acaggagtgc aaccctgccc ctagaggttt tggcattatt tatacaagca taatcaggaa    107400
     ttcttttgga ttttagggtg acagggggag gtgacaagga aagtcatctt tcaaacatga    107460
     catcgacatc atttgttcaa gctgtggggc agaatcttgc aactgggaga gagaactctt    107520
     ctgacctagg aagtaacttt atggggctat caggaactag tgtgttttta caattagcca    107580
     cagctgtctg tagatgcttg actaccctcc tctcatggcc caaacaaagg acctttatct    107640
     cagcaaggat gtttggtatt cgctcttccc aaggacagat accagctgcc ctgggaagtg    107700
     cttagccatc catcagtgac agtgacagcc tcggtgacat ggaggccaag ggaggttgcc    107760
     gtttgtctat tctcaagcca gcatctgttg atcccaaggg aaggggtgtc attagggagt    107820
     acctctatga agacagatat agcaatattc tggcaccaga tcggttctct ctgaatggct    107880
     agggaggggt ggggatccct gtcttagctg caggaaagaa caggggtgag gggaagttct    107940
     gcaagtgata cagagatcat ctcaaatatc agaactacta atggtatcca aaggtgcttt    108000
     gcaagaaaga aagcaatcag agttactact cagatataaa gccaatgaac ctgaacaata    108060
     gtaagaatgg caagacacac ccaagagtgc agtagtgaca tcttggagga aaccaacaac    108120
     tgtataattg ttcttacgac ccactgaggg aatttttttt ctcttttgta tttttattgg    108180
     atttttcttt atttacattt caaatgttat cccctttccc ggtatcccca ccccccaaaa    108240
     ccccattcac cctcccccta ccagcccact cctgcctccc caccttcgaa ttcccctgca    108300
     ctgaggcatc tagccttcac aagaccaggg gcctcaactc acattgatac ctggcaagac    108360
     cattttctgc tacatatgca gatggagcca tgggtccctc catgggtgtt gggaactaag    108420
     aagggtaagg gaaagagggg caggaagaga gcccacatct ggccagagtt ccttctatgc    108480
     tctgggcagg cagacatggg aaggctgcca gatactttcc acttggccct gggttggcat    108540
     ctaagacact gaccccactc gacagggggt ggacaggggc agcccctgaa atcaggggtc    108600
     ccggggcaac accctcagcc ctgtggttat gggagagagg gctgagggaa aggttcccac    108660
     acaggccaga gtccttagtc cagaccttga ctggagcaca ggaaggcctt ccaacaggag    108720
     attaaaaaca gcctattaga ggaaagccta tcccatcatc catgcacagc aggtcttggt    108780
     gaacagagac agcctatggt tttagagctt tattatagaa aggcagggag aaagagagaa    108840
     ggtaaaaggg agagagaaag agactggtca tggccaagag gagagaaggg gaaaaggaga    108900
     gagagaagaa tggctagagt aagagggaga gagcaagagg gagagagagc aagagagcaa    108960
     gaggagagta tgaggagagg ttagagagtg aggtggggcc aagcagcccc tcttatggtg    109020
     ttctgttatc tttattgttg ctaggtaact gggaggagtc tagcctgaag gtcagaagct    109080
     tgggacatta tctacatgac aaccagccac acttcttctg tgggggatgt ggaggcggta    109140
     actttgacag aagccttgag ttccaggaaa catgagggaa tgcctaccat cccatgtagg    109200
     tgaattatca ccactccagg gttcagacct cagcttgact ggagagcaga ctgtctatag    109260
     actaatgccc cacacatgtg tactccttgg ttagtgattt agtcccttgg agctctgtgg    109320
     gatctggttg gttgatattg ttcttcctgt ggggttgcaa accccgtcag ctccttcagt    109380
     cctttcttta actcctc                                                   109397

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