(data stored in ACNUC22857 zone)

EMBL: AL645522

ID   AL645522; SV 12; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 183758 BP.
AC   AL645522;
DT   03-NOV-2001 (Rel. 69, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 27)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-64E17 on chromosome 11
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-183758
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Tromans A.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; ee5e66c222e056c427f624202de57326.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456157.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000009090; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000020396; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000034201; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000034209; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000034274; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000034285; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0017990; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0017991; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0017992; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0017993; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0017995; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0017963; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0017964; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0017965; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0017966; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0017968; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0017927; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0017928; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0017929; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0017930; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0017932; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0017931; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0017932; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0017933; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0017934; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0017936; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0017744; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0017745; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0017746; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0017747; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0017749; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0018383; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0018384; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0018385; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0018386; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0018388; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0017305; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0017307; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0017308; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0017309; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0017311; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0017719; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0017720; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0017721; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0017722; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0017724; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0017829; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0017830; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0017831; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0017832; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0017834; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0017821; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0017822; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0017823; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0017824; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0017826; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0017900; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0017901; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0017902; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0017903; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0017905; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0017847; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0017848; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0017849; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0017850; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0017852; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0018423; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0018424; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0018425; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0018426; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0018428; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0017086; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0017087; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0017088; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0017089; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0017091; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0017360; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0017361; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0017362; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0017363; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0017365; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL645522.12:1-183758; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000037146; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000037218; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000038237; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000056649; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000093369; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000101613; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000101615; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000109895; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000109897; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000136552; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000139737; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000142543; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000152257; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0027839; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0027845; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0027851; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0027852; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0027863; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0027808; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0027814; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0027820; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0027821; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0027832; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0027769; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0027775; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0027781; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0027782; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0027793; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0027787; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0027793; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0027799; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0027800; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0027811; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0027585; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0027591; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0027597; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0027598; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0027609; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0028289; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0028295; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0028301; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0028302; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0028313; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0027168; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0027185; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0027195; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0027197; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0027208; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0027514; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0027520; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0027526; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0027527; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0027538; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0027641; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0027647; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0027653; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0027654; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0027665; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0027627; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0027633; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0027639; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0027640; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0027651; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0027757; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0027763; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0027769; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0027770; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0027781; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0027609; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0027615; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0027621; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0027622; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0027633; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0028316; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0028322; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0028328; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0028329; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0028340; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0026870; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0026876; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0026882; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0026884; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0026895; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0027096; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0027102; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0027108; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0027109; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0027120; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; A0A0R4J0J6.
DR   GOA; P19246.
DR   GOA; Q8K5A4.
DR   GOA; Q9D2H3.
DR   GOA; Z4YN41.
DR   InterPro; IPR001715; CH-domain.
DR   InterPro; IPR001806; Small_GTPase.
DR   InterPro; IPR002553; Clathrin/coatomer_adapt-like_N.
DR   InterPro; IPR003108; GAR_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR008152; Clathrin_a/b/g-adaptin_app_Ig.
DR   InterPro; IPR009028; Coatomer/calthrin_app_sub_C.
DR   InterPro; IPR010790; DUF1388.
DR   InterPro; IPR011008; Dimeric_a/b-barrel.
DR   InterPro; IPR011989; ARM-like.
DR   InterPro; IPR012295; TBP_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR013037; Clathrin_b-adaptin_app_Ig-like.
DR   InterPro; IPR013041; Clathrin_app_Ig-like_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR015151; B-adaptin_app_sub_C.
DR   InterPro; IPR016024; ARM-type_fold.
DR   InterPro; IPR016342; AP_complex_bsu_1_2_4.
DR   InterPro; IPR018039; IF_conserved.
DR   InterPro; IPR019163; THO_Thoc5.
DR   InterPro; IPR020849; Small_GTPase_Ras-type.
DR   InterPro; IPR026739; AP_beta.
DR   InterPro; IPR027417; P-loop_NTPase.
DR   InterPro; IPR029931; GAS2L1.
DR   InterPro; IPR032682; Cnd1_C.
DR   InterPro; IPR033183; NF-H.
DR   InterPro; IPR036534; GAR_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR036872; CH_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR039008; IF_rod_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR042180; IF_rod_dom_coil1B.
DR   MGI; MGI:1096368; Ap1b1.
DR   MGI; MGI:1278344; Nipsnap1.
DR   MGI; MGI:1351333; Thoc5.
DR   MGI; MGI:1922918; Rasl10a.
DR   MGI; MGI:1926176; Gas2l1.
DR   MGI; MGI:97309; Nefh.
DR   RFAM; RF00005; tRNA.
DR   RFAM; RF01200; SNORD125.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; P19246; NFH_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q8JZP9; GA2L1_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q8K5A4; RSLAA_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A0R4J0J6; A0A0R4J0J6_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F2Z416; F2Z416_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q9D2H3; Q9D2H3_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Z4YN41; Z4YN41_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-64E17 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..183758
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="11"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-64E17"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    163645..163683
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional primer reads and dGTP
FT                   big dye terminator reads only."
SQ   Sequence 183758 BP; 44502 A; 44911 C; 44874 G; 49471 T; 0 other;
     gaattcaatt tttggcacca atttggtagc tcacaagcat ccataatcta gttccaggaa        60
     gttcacatcc tcttctgatg gttgccatag gcaccaggca cacatatggt gtgcttacat       120
     gcatgtatgc acgtaggcaa acactcatat acataagttt aatcttgaaa aacaaagaca       180
     aaaaaatttt tttgacacag ggtttctctg tatagcccca gctatcctag aactctatag       240
     tccaggctgg ccttgaactg agatctgcct gcctctgcct cctgaatgct gggattaaag       300
     gcatgggcca ccgttgccta acttgaaaaa aaattttttt ttctaagttc atgctggctc       360
     atcctgtaat gctagaattc aggagactga agcagaagga ctgctgtgag ttcaaggaca       420
     gcctggtctc cagagtgagc tccaggccta tagaatgagg ttgtgtctca aaaaaacaaa       480
     ataaagccgg gcgtggtggc gcacgccttt aatcccagca ctcgggaggc agaggcaggt       540
     ggatctcttg agttccgagt tcgaggccag cctggtctac aaagtgagtt ccaggacagc       600
     cagggcaata cagagaaaca ctgtctcgaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac aaaaaaaaca       660
     aaataaaacc aaaccaaaaa actcccaaaa gtttcaattc cttggtcatc tctgacacac       720
     attgagtgct aactgatagg tgtgcctggc tcacagctgc tgttggcaga gagctgtaaa       780
     cattgccagc gtggtagagt atgatgtggg atggtacagc cgatacagcc ttctcagctt       840
     cgctcgacaa cagacacttg gtacccgtct caatcctgat aggtatgtgt ttgtaaaaag       900
     agagagaaaa atctatgagc ctagcgtggt ggtgcacatc tgtaatccca atacaggaaa       960
     cagaggcaga agttcagggc cagcctggtg ttcatatcaa gtttaggcca gtgagagctt      1020
     cacagagaaa tcctgactca aacaataaag ttaggaaatg tgttaaagag aagagcagcc      1080
     gggcagtggt ggcgcacgcc tttaatccca gcacttggga ggcagaggca ggcagatttc      1140
     tgagtttgag gccagcctgg tctacagagt gagttccagg acagccaggg ctacacagag      1200
     aaaccctgtc tcaaaacaaa aacaaaaaca aaaagaagag cagctcttgg taaccctcta      1260
     ctctgtcttg gtcataggca ttggcatgat aaacaaggac aagccatttg ccttcagctt      1320
     agcactggca gtagaacttc ttggctgaca taataccaca gactcaaaga acatgagtgc      1380
     attcttcatc attgggagcc agaaggcaga aatcaagctt ggctctgtcc aggcttcctc      1440
     cgcggctgca gggaaggaag atccctctgc ctcttgcaac tactggttgc tagaaaccct      1500
     tgacattctt tggcatgtgg acacaacagt ctgagcgtgt tctgtgtttc ctgggttaca      1560
     tggtgtcccc tttgtgtgtg atctttctct tcttatatgg gcaccagata ctggattgaa      1620
     gttctatcca gtgttatata ggcttagctc agttatgtac agagaccatg ttttcagact      1680
     aggtcacaca gtgaggctct ggcagggtac tgaggggcta ctctttaagc tggcagagaa      1740
     catggggaaa tctaatagga caaagggctc ttggagagaa agaggctggc ttctccctgg      1800
     acctctcctg ggcttctgta gtcagtctct tgagtcacca ggaggtcttg tgtacattgg      1860
     catctctgta tgtatcctcc tacccctaac cacacgctga tacattcctg gtatctcagt      1920
     ttaatcctta gtttgatttt tttccccatt cccttggtgc cttcttcctt ctgtctgtcc      1980
     ctcccttaat tcctcctttc gttccttttt tttttttttt tttttttgac agagtcttat      2040
     atagcttggg ctggctttga accttctgat cctcttgtct cctgtgtgtc gccagccagt      2100
     ccagttttat gcagtgtttg gggatttgaa cccagggctt tgttcaggct accagctgag      2160
     gtacatcccc agcctgcttc ctttcttttt aaggtggggt ttccctctgt tacccagaca      2220
     ttggctcaat atatcatcct gcgtcagctt cctaagtggc tgggaccaca agctccctgt      2280
     ttccatatgt agttacaact gttttttttt tttttttttt tttttaagat ttatttattt      2340
     attctattta agtacactgt agctgtcttc agacactcca gaagagggcg ctagatctcg      2400
     ttacggatgg ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggattt gaactctgga tctttggaag      2460
     agcagtcggg tgctcttacc tgctgagcca tctcaccagc ccccacaact gtttttattt      2520
     gcttattttt cttacgttca ttgccttgga aggttcctgt tttgttattg ttgtttggtt      2580
     ttttttgcag agataatgga tattagggtc tcctgctgtt aggtgagtgg tctagcctga      2640
     gctacagcac cagcctctta gagtgtcctg tgtctgttca tcagacttac tcctccggtc      2700
     cgtccagccc ctcatggtct actgtccgtg tgtgcactgc tgttcctagg atggaagaca      2760
     ctctgatcat cttttgctta gttttctttg tgatgctgta gatgacagcc aggtccttct      2820
     gcatgccaag cgtgtgtttt atcagtagcc acccctcacc tcatctgatc ctcttgttgc      2880
     tgctgtttaa ggaatgtgag taggattttg tggacgagag cattgagtcc ttgaaggggt      2940
     caaaggccat caagctgagc agagctagtg ctctcctggg cttgccactg aggtcacctc      3000
     cccaccacct ccacccagtg ctacgcctca ccaagacaga tggagctagg agacctccgc      3060
     tctgctgcca catacagtcc agccctggtg tcaggcaggc aggatccctg tagctccttc      3120
     acctgtattc ctatccccaa cagtacacct atggcggttc tcaggtggct acccggccct      3180
     catggactgc atgaacaagc taaaaaacaa caaggtatcc cagcatcctg tgtgcatgtt      3240
     gcttccagcc cagccctgtg tggaggggag tgtgggacaa attccccctg ccacccatag      3300
     ggcacactga cagggtagca cagtcccctg gctatggtgc ctgtaatgct cttccttcag      3360
     gagtacctgg agttccggaa ggaacggagc aagatgctgc tgtccaggag aaaccagttg      3420
     cttctggagt tcagcttctg gaatgagcca cagccccgag ctggccccaa tatctatgag      3480
     ctgaggacat ataaactcaa ggtacctcac ttccaacaaa gctgccccct ccccctgccc      3540
     tctatcttct ctgctattgt gttgcttgct ttgcaagagc tcagggtagg gtggcctgat      3600
     gcttcttcag ctttatgagc tcagagctga gatgtgtgca ttggtgtgta tagctgacat      3660
     caaatgtgag tcagggccca ggaacgagag gccctccagg tcaggggtca gggaaaggct      3720
     agtttcccat ctctgcccct atgatgttgg gagtcctggt ggggctcact ggcttctctc      3780
     tctgggtctc tttcagccag gaaccatgat tgaatgggga aacaactggt aagttggcac      3840
     tggccttggg aatgtggcag tccctgctgt cctgggacat tagggaaccc attaggttcc      3900
     tagtgggctt gttctgggct gtgacccagg agcccagcat gctctggtcc ttgaagcgct      3960
     cagagaagtt tccacctgag caggacaagt tctctagagg aaagtgctgc caaccagcca      4020
     gcagctgcac tcccagagtt cattcccttg gccccacttt ggaccccttc caaaaaaatg      4080
     tggccaagga atcatccggg ccaccttggg ggacgattgg ctgagcttct ttcccttgtt      4140
     ctctgccatc tccagggctc gggccatcaa gtaccgtcag gagaaccagg aggcggtggg      4200
     aggcttcttt tcacaaatag gagagctcta cgtggtacac cacttatggg gtaggttgga      4260
     ggcactcaag cctctgtttg tcccttcata aaacatgtgg atgcatttgt gttccgatag      4320
     ttcttacgtc ctagcagagg gagactgcat tctcagacat aaactagcac aaaggaccca      4380
     tttcacagtg agacatactg gggaagacta ggcaggggga gacaacaagc acttttttgg      4440
     cttgagtagg caagatcatt ctgaaggata acatacaaat cctgagctgt agggtgagaa      4500
     caccagctag gaactgtggg aggcaggagt gtgaggggag gtttccagtg gaaggagggg      4560
     cagtggagtg gggaggctgt cgatgagtgg atgggaggag agatgggtgg ggagcaactg      4620
     ggaagagtga agacaggctg gaggacagct acagatcagg ctgtggtggg aggagtatgt      4680
     atgagttctg tagctaccat gttctttgtc aagagtgcct ggtggtggta ggaaaccagg      4740
     caggtgacat gggctgactt ccggtagtgg taccagcgtg ctcagacaga cccattgctc      4800
     tgtgatcagt gggacatgag aacagattgc tggaggagga aggggaggct aagggagcac      4860
     tcaggctcat ccctaagcag ccgtgtgccc ttgtctgtgg caaggaggtc taggagagga      4920
     gcaaggtcat gggatggagt gtaattcggg gagtattata tatttaggat gcggatgctg      4980
     ggctagccag atggctcagt aggtgagggc acttgccacc aagcctgaca acctgagttg      5040
     gtttccagga tccactggaa tctgactcct gccacttatc ttccgacctc cacacactcc      5100
     cccctaacta taaatgaata tgtaaattta gtaagataat tataagatac atatgcatcc      5160
     aactagaact atcacatggg tagtgaatat aggagtccat gggagaattt gagactggaa      5220
     gggagttgcc aacatatgta tatgcttcca aacccttaag ccctaccaca gggcctttgt      5280
     tacatgccag tcctccctgc caccccccaa tgctttttcc caacagtcta cacttggctt      5340
     gctttcacct gctagctctg gtacttagat ctaattcctt agagtcattg ttttcttgtt      5400
     acccaagatc ttttgtcatc tcttttccca cttgtttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt      5460
     tttttttttt ataagcattg tttgtaatca tctggaattg atctttttaa tatgtgtgac      5520
     tggatgattg acacagcagt gtttgttgac aggctaaggc acagggatct ggggaggaag      5580
     agagtaggga tttggggcaa tgcaggattc ttgtgctgag gacgggatta ggttctctga      5640
     agaatgagcc tgtgcccttc tcacagccta caaagatttg caatctcggg aggagactcg      5700
     aaatgcggcc tggagaaaga ggggctggga tgaaaatgtc tactacacag gtgagtgttc      5760
     cctctggggg ttagtggcac cgttgcaagt ggtctgctag gagacctggg gatgcagggc      5820
     tctgcaagtt tctctgcaag gacagataac atcacgtggt cacctccagt gtaggaactc      5880
     atggttttat ttgtcttctg tcatgtgccc catccctacc ccctcacctt ttgagccagt      5940
     gtcttgctgt gttgcccacg ctcattctga gtagacattt tccctcagtc tctcaagttg      6000
     ctgggttaca ggcatgtgcc actgggtaca ggtgggaact tactctgaca tgagtgtgac      6060
     attccacacg ctccgatgag tcctgaggcc ttaggattct aatacagagg tgacatataa      6120
     ccctgggtca gttctgtacc tctcagagga cagggagtta ggttatggaa agtgctttgc      6180
     cctgataaca tcaaaacatg cagccaattt tttgagtgta tttttcctga aactgttgcc      6240
     actgctagaa gcccaaagat gcacacaggg tcagtaggta ctgaccgagc cttcactaca      6300
     tgctggacag gcgggagcat gtgagaagca tgagtctgtc ccgcccttga tgcctttagt      6360
     cttccactcg tctactgggt gggcaagagc atgtgtgttg aaggagtggc atgagccttg      6420
     ctattccaag tgtggtccca gcggacagca ccggcatcca ctggttactt cagaaaaatg      6480
     ccaacttagt gtttcctgac cgtctgtgaa ctagatttgt aggggtttat atccacatca      6540
     gagtctgaga gattaaacac aggaagcaag aactaaactc taggctggat ggctcagtgg      6600
     ttaagcatta tactgttctt agagaggacc caagttcagt tctccgtact cactgtggga      6660
     ggctcacagc tgcctgtaaa tccagctctg gtggatctga cgtttttatc tcctgacctc      6720
     catgggcact gtactcatgt gtatataccc acatgtagat atatacacat gaaaaataga      6780
     aaatcctttt taaaaaaatc tctcctcctg ggggctctcc actgacatcc gtccccccac      6840
     tggcatggcc tcctaagctg tacgggggca gttgcaccaa gtcaaacctc aggccttaca      6900
     gctcttcctt gccggtatat accgctatag ttctctcttg cttgctgttt tggtgttggg      6960
     gatcgagtcc gagatctcac tcacactaat cagcatacac ctaaccacag aaccgcagcc      7020
     ctgcccgtag gatcgatctt gttgcttcag ccgacctctg tgtccttgtt ttcatagcat      7080
     taggctttgt atgtcttgct tgttttggaa gcattgacga taggatgcga gggttcatat      7140
     atgctaggga agtgtactac cactgagcta tctcactttc acatacatag aaggtgaata      7200
     aaaatttcca aaatacttgg cttattacca cctaatcctg tctcataact tgggaaccat      7260
     gggcctctct cagatgatag tagggagccc tccctgtcac aggcttttgt gagttttggg      7320
     tcagtgacca agggtacctc ccttgccccg ggcaccctgt aacctctgct ttcctccctg      7380
     tagtcccctt ggttcgacac atggagtcac gaatcatgat tcctctgaag atttctcctc      7440
     tccagtgaag ctggcactgc ctccacctcc ttccctttct cctgtggact agcctggaaa      7500
     ggaggcgctt ctaggccacc tggcacagtt ttctctgaac tctggaagac ttctgatggg      7560
     tggtgttcag cttcgacaaa gatgacgttt tctgagaact tagtccgtcc gtacccagct      7620
     aacctctctc ccatgctgga tgaagaagtt cttaacttcc caagctgcag aatagcaacc      7680
     ttttaagctt tcacacactt tcctcttaag atccgtcatc tccaggacat aagtccccag      7740
     ctcccaactg tggccatggc ttagttgcat aaaagcaggc atgactggct gttaggaggt      7800
     atggtgtgaa agggtatcag tccaggtatg gcccgggaac tctctggtgt ctacttgtta      7860
     aaaaagcaag cctgagtctt taaaaaaaaa taaataaaaa tcctggaact gccataaagt      7920
     ctgaagtcgt gacagtcagg aggaaatcca gaagttatca gtgtcagtag gtggtccaga      7980
     agtctactta aagggctagg aaaagggtgg gagtgggaag gatctgggta catgagacag      8040
     ccttgaagca ggaacccttc acaagtgggc acataggatt cagaatttaa aatacagaat      8100
     tgggaagaca ggacagaggt gacagaggat cttaagggag caccctgttc ctagacagat      8160
     ggagaggcgt atccatgttt tcctacataa tgtggttaaa acttgaattt gtgcttcagc      8220
     tcttctgtac ttcttccttc ctacaggcaa aaacacaggc tgagacctat agttccatca      8280
     aattctttct ttcccttctt gacattgtcc cccaaaccct cattttgcag aaacactagg      8340
     tctgtggagt aggttgtgat tctggggtct cttcaatgac cccggtacct catgaacccc      8400
     tgcttagcat ggttgtgcta ccatccagga gaatgttgat ggaaccaaat taaatattta      8460
     ctgtacgttg tggtgttgtc ttcatctaca aggaatctca gtagttgtct aaggcagggc      8520
     agcttccagt tggctgaggg ttacactggc tttgatctct tagggagacc gtcttcatct      8580
     tcgtcccaga gcaagaaaag gagctgtttc ggcgccacaa ggtattcaat gttcatgttt      8640
     gcagacaacc agaatttact ccagaaatgc caggcatagg aaacatctga agcttacagg      8700
     tactgcacta gagtcttggg ggaaaataaa aaatcaaaac aaaacaaaac agtgaagcag      8760
     gaagcaggtg taatatagga ttatgcccct gcctcagttc ctttctgggt gtagtgactc      8820
     cgatagtatc aagaagttag agtggggggg gggggcggtg gtggcacacg cctttaatcc      8880
     catcacttgg gaggcagagg caggcagatt tctgagttgg aggccagcct ggtctacaaa      8940
     gtgagttcca ggacagccag ggctatacgg agaaaccctg tctcaaaaaa caaaaacaag      9000
     ggctggtgag atggctcagt gggtaagagc acccgactgc tcttctgaag gtccagagtt      9060
     caaatcccag caaccacatg gtggctcaca accatccgta aagagatctg actccctctt      9120
     ctggagtgtc tgaagacagc tacaatgtac ttacatataa taaataaata aatctaaaaa      9180
     aaacaaaaca aaaatttaaa gaagagtcag gcatggtgac acctgcctaa gtccagcgag      9240
     tccaatgcag gcggatcgta gtgaccagcc tgatctatat agcgttcaag acccgcaagt      9300
     gtgctatgta gtgaggccct gaacaaagtc agaagacaaa atccactcct gttcaaatga      9360
     tagcacagcg acacttgtgc tttcttgaga taccacaaac tcactcgagt gagtcggcgg      9420
     agggcccact aattcacact ccggtgaagg ggcacgaagc acagacttgg acattatcgc      9480
     cccagtttcc caacttaata gaactagact cgccccttcc ttgcttccca agctgcatct      9540
     ggccttcgtg tctcacttcc ggcctgtggc tctcttcttc cgcttctcta tggtcgcgag      9600
     ccggaagtgg ctacccggct ggaaggcgtg aggagcattc tggtgagcga gggtagaggg      9660
     ctgctggctg gggctgcagg tcctcgctgg gcgatccggg cttgatgtgc agacggcacg      9720
     gagcgtgtcc gcgggctggg gtcctcacct gtcggggtcc cccaggctcg tggcggtttt      9780
     ctaggaacta accggagcag catcctctgt ccccattgta gtctcccgag agtgctgctg      9840
     ctggtggtga ccctcgtcga tggtcctctt gggcgtgtgg caaacgctcc tgggtggcgg      9900
     ttggctttcc cgggttttcc gtgccaccct tgtgggtttt gtcagatgag tccgccactc      9960
     gtttacctgt caccggcagc ctcctgcggt cctctgagag aggcgttacc atcgtcgcgc     10020
     cgcaccagac tccaaggagt cgcagaaaag agcttttatt gctggagcag aaaggctgag     10080
     agcgcgaagt gcggacgtta caagggcaaa gaagcttggc ttggcttttc tttatgttgt     10140
     ccgctctatt tcctagctag ctggctggac ttagtgtatt tgcttcatta aatattttgc     10200
     ttatcttaat ttctaagaaa aggaaaacaa gaattttttt tcttaagtta tactgcaaag     10260
     ggctcgggca gtaagaagag gtgccacctg ctccgtttta atgaagattt taaatgcagt     10320
     cactatagtc ctgtctgtct ggcagcttct gtagtccagg ttggcttcac attggtaaag     10380
     atccctctgc ctcagtcact caagctctgt gattcctgat atttaccact atcctgtctc     10440
     acagcccatc cgcccctccc cccttttttc ttggagacga gattttatta tgtagcccaa     10500
     actgactttt gaacacatta tatagcaaaa gctgatctgg aacatctcgt cagccagctc     10560
     tcagtctgac ctgttctcat tgcaggcatg tcccgccaca cagttttatg cagtccagga     10620
     gatcaaacac aggcgtttga gtatgctagg ccagcactct accagctgag taatattccc     10680
     aacttcacag tcacttttta aacctatagt tactttggta gaagaaaact tgggtctggt     10740
     ctgcatgcca taaataggaa atggcttcca cttgtcttat gatattgata taactgcata     10800
     gtatacatag tatgatgaaa acatttatta ataaattctg tcttggtttc cttgtctaag     10860
     attctgagag agaatccatt tctttttaaa ttatttttat tttatgtaca tcggtgtttt     10920
     gcctgcgtgc gtgtccgtgt gaggtgttag atcttgtagt tacagtcagt tgtgagctgc     10980
     cacgtggatg ttgggaattg cagctggatc ctctggagga gcagtcgatg atgctcttaa     11040
     cttcagagtc atctctccaa cttgagaatc tatttctcac aagaaccttg gtgtttgtaa     11100
     atattaacaa taaactagga aacttgaagt aattagacat ttcgtttgtg atttttgtct     11160
     cactgtgtag accaggctgt cctcaacctc acaaagatcc acttgcttct gctctccact     11220
     cctggagtgc tgaaattaaa ggcatgcgcc ctcacagctg gccagaaaaa tgacagcaca     11280
     gcactgtgac ccgtagctat aatctcagca ctgttgaggc tgaggcagag gggtctccag     11340
     tttggaagca gtgtgagcta catagacttg tccaaagaga cggcgggcag gttgacctgt     11400
     cctctggtgt ttagcataat gcagagtcac tccagatcca ccctgaatcg agttcctcat     11460
     cctcggggat gtgctttgcg tgtctgcgcc ccttcaatcc cagaaggact attgtgcatt     11520
     taatttgaga gaaaacaata atgaagtggt tcgttgaggg gcccatgggt ctagaacagt     11580
     caaatggagg ttctgactca ggcttctcct acaagtattg gtggtaaatt aaataaggga     11640
     caaaactacc ctcccttggt tgttgggggg acgataagag gcagaacctc ataaaatgta     11700
     ggctttggtc tttacttatt tttgcttctt ttgagacgga gtctcattat ttaagcttgg     11760
     ctagcctgga actcagagat cttcctacct ctgtcacccg agtgctgaga ttaaaagcat     11820
     gcgcctgcca ccttgccttg ctcttcttca tttgaatatt agagccggac agggaggtgg     11880
     cagggatgct ggtgagactg ggcgatgcag tactgcaggt gtgtaagcat tggagtagca     11940
     tcagatgggc ccattctagc tgtgcagctt tgaaaaacca ttacctctct aagccttgct     12000
     tttctcatct ttgagatgat agagatggta gtggttctta tctgaatggc tttgtaaagt     12060
     aaccaagtgt gaacatatct gtagtggcta ttcctggttg tcaacttgac tatatttgga     12120
     atgaattaca atccagaatt ggaaggctca ccagtgaccc ttatctggag gcttggagat     12180
     ccttatctgg atcttggttt ggagatcttg agccatagtg gctatggatt ccagaagatt     12240
     gaatctccga gtttaaggaa cacaccttta atctgggcta caccttctgc tggagacaat     12300
     ataaggacat tggaagaagg gagtctagct cttgctcttg ctccttcgcc tgcttgccgt     12360
     gtgagactga gtaactgcta gatccttgga tttccattca cagctgcgac tgaacaattg     12420
     ttgggaattg ggctgccgac tgtaagtcat caataaattc ctttactatc tagagactat     12480
     ccataagttc tgtgactcta gagaacccta actaatgcaa tatccatcaa gtgcttcaat     12540
     caaagtctac tattcagtgg ccagtcagaa gtatttcgaa tagggttata caccagacag     12600
     gaattaaatc taaatttatg aagtgctttg ccaggctcat gagtaagagc agagctcata     12660
     gtcttggcag gaacttggtt ggttgttttg acttaagata gggcatcttt atatatcccc     12720
     gactgtcctg gaattcaccg tgtgggccag attggcctca gactcacaga gatcttcctg     12780
     cttctgcctc ctgagagctg agattaaagc tgtgcgccat cacacccagc tgaattctga     12840
     aacatcttaa agctcgcttt ctttttatta ttatggttgt gagctatctg atgtgggtgc     12900
     tgggagagga actcaggtct gctgcaaaac agtacatgct cttaactgtt gagtcaacct     12960
     ttcaacccct gaccctggaa agtctttgtt tattttcctt tttttcgttt gttgctttgt     13020
     tttgttttgt tttgttttgt tttgtttttt tgagacaggg tttctctgta tagccctggc     13080
     tgtcctggac ctcactctat agaccaggct ggcctcgaac tcagaaatcc gcctgcctct     13140
     gcctcccaag tgctgggatt aaaggtgtgc gccaccactg cccggcttat tttcctttta     13200
     aagtgttccc taatgagcct ctgaatttca ttagcatcca tgtgactttg tatgtttgtt     13260
     tctaatgtca attaatttag gtcttctctc tttcttggtt agtttggtta tgagtttgtc     13320
     tgtctgtctt tgctaagaac cagctctttt gctgacattt cttttttgtc tctttacatg     13380
     tgatttattt cttctaatct tatgtgcctt ggtgtttttc ttgcattcat gtctgtgtga     13440
     gggtgtggga tcctctggaa ttggagttac agacagctgt gagctgccat gtggatgctg     13500
     ggaattaaac ctaggtcctc tggaagagca gccagcactc ctaacccctg agccatctct     13560
     ccagcccttc ctctcttttt taaaaaaaaa tacttttatt aattctttga atttttcata     13620
     cagtgtattt ttaatttttt tgtttcgttt tgttttttga gacagggttt ctctgtgtag     13680
     ccctggctgt cctggaactt agtttgtaga ccaggctggc ctctaactca gaaatacgcc     13740
     tgcctctgcc tcccgagtgc tgagattaaa ggcgtgcgcc accaagctcg gcttaaattg     13800
     ttttttgtac aatgttatgt gtatatatgt ttttcctaca tgtgtatgta tgtttttcat     13860
     acatgtatat ttgtgcgcca catgtgtgat tggtattctc agatgtcaga gggcatcagg     13920
     tgccctggag cttagttcta gatgaatgca gggagtctaa cctggttcct ctggaaaagc     13980
     aacgagtgct cccattgctg agtcatctct cagcttctcg gtcgcaaacc ctgaaaagct     14040
     ttctctccta acagcctttt cacctggaag cacaatgtca tcagaatcca gcaaaaaacg     14100
     gaaacccaaa gtgatccgga gtgatggaac cccaactgaa gggaaacgga accggtctga     14160
     cacggagcag gtgagcacgc tgctgggaaa ctgcagactg agagtgtgga ggagctcagc     14220
     ggcatgtgtg ccacagacgc acttctgggt gcccacacta gaccagacga cttgaattcc     14280
     cacaattgta caaaagatga gtgttcacat ccggtgctgg cctgttggct attggtattg     14340
     cacagagagc atgtcccagc gcgctgttcc cagcttgcct atgcactgac tgcacggctc     14400
     tagagcttcc aagagaactc atctttggtc ccagaggcac gtgcccccag gagttctgtg     14460
     gtccaggagc tctgtcacca gcacggtctt ctcttgtttt ctcttggagt ctgtcaagct     14520
     gatctgtggt gtaacatgca ggaggttttg gtttgttgtt tttttgttga agcagggtct     14580
     cagagagccc gggtagcctt gaacttgatg tatagctgag ggtgaccttg agtttctgat     14640
     cctctttcct ccacccttac ccctgttttc agatcctgca aggccctgaa ttagaacctc     14700
     atatcaagag acattacttt tagtgcttgt ttatttgttt aacttttaag cagtaatttc     14760
     taaacaagtg caggaaataa gccctctttt acaacccaga gctcattttt tataaaaatg     14820
     tttgtttttg tgtgtatttg cctttctagc gttttaagaa cgtcattgtg tgcagtgcct     14880
     gccgaggcca gaagagggcg ctggttcctc ttgtgttgtt ggagactgaa gctggttgtc     14940
     tgcacgatta ctccaaacca ttaggattag ttctgtatac ataaatggga atttatggac     15000
     aaaacaaagt aaagagaaaa atgaaacaac agcattttcc atagttccag gaaatcaaga     15060
     ttaatgtaga gatttttttt ttcttttggc actgatcaca gcattgctaa tttgtttgtt     15120
     ttttgagaca gccctgtttt gaagtcaaca tcaccctgtc tccatctccc aagtgctgca     15180
     attacaggaa taagtcacaa tgcctggcta atagtgtttt ttacatttgt gtatttatgt     15240
     tcacatgtgt gtaagtgtct tactgtgccg ctagtgggcc aggagtcact gtgtagccca     15300
     gactgaccat acactggcaa ctgtaatgtc cttatagaat gaaggttttt attcttactg     15360
     tccctgatcc tgtcagggag accctcaccc aggacctctc tttttgcctt cacaggaagg     15420
     caaatactac agtgaggagg ctgaagttga cctgcgggac cctggcagag actatgagtt     15480
     gtacaaatac acttgccagg agctacaaag gctgatggcc gagatccagg acctgaagag     15540
     taagggcagc aaggacctgg taaggagaaa ggccagggat gctacacctg gcatgtttgc     15600
     aggctggggc tccttttgct attagggggt agggtccgga agcaccagag acctgtctat     15660
     taacttgtta attaattcca taacagcccc atcttccatt atagtaatga aagtacaaga     15720
     tatctttttt cctatagcta taatgtgata ttattgattt aatatttttt acatgccagt     15780
     cattttgcta agtgttagaa gtatatgcaa ataaatcata gagctcaaaa taaagttatc     15840
     atggatgtta aatgcattac tcaggcagat ataaaactaa acaatgtcta aaaactaagg     15900
     tgatttaaag aggaattcac tttttttctc agcagtctta cttattttca tgtatattga     15960
     ccagtgttgt taagatagtt atattctata gctctggcac tataaccaag ctttatacag     16020
     tcagcctgct cgccctccct ccctcccttt ctccttccct tctcccccca cgccccttgc     16080
     tttgagactg tgtagccctg actagccttg aaactcccag agtagaccat gctggcattg     16140
     aactgtgcct cctcattact gggattaaag tccttagagt gccatcatgc ttggcctgac     16200
     tctttcactt cctttatgac atttctcact gtcccaggct ccctttagac tttgcttatg     16260
     gccctgcatg gggttggctt ggcagccagg gtctggagaa aactgagctg tcatctgtta     16320
     gtcgtcgtta ctggtctctt tgtgaacagg ccattgaaat tgaagaacga aggatccaga     16380
     gctgtgtgca cttcatgact ctaaagaagc ttaaccgatt agcccacatc agattaaaga     16440
     aaggaagaga ccagacccac gaggtagagt tgaaaggctt aataacatgg gctctcaccc     16500
     ctccctctgc ccactttaac tctccctttg cccttctctg actttggtga tggtcagtcc     16560
     caccccatgt tgccctgctc acctcatcct ctcttcaggc caagcagaaa gtcgatgcct     16620
     accacctaca gctacagaac ctgctctacg aagtgatgca cctgcagaag gagatcacca     16680
     aatgtctgga gttcaagtga gtgtgggagg acggggcttt gacttacgag tctgtggtaa     16740
     tgcctgttct tccatggctg ggtgtgagcc atccctttga aggagaatgg gcgggcttac     16800
     aagattacag gatttggggg agagatcagg acatcacttc aaatagagaa cctcaagcgg     16860
     tcatttcaga ccacacagag aactgtggaa gcccctcggc cccttttgag gtttgagctc     16920
     agcacttggt aaaagcagtt tttctcctca acatgtattg ttatttattc accttctgtg     16980
     ccatagaata ccagtaccta cttgccccat tgaaaaaata atgtgcctga tggctaacat     17040
     ctcccgctcc agtgctgttt tttcaaagta tgacggttga gaatgtataa aaacagcata     17100
     aaagaacgtt actccctcct tgtaatcttt gcttaatgca agttggtcaa gtcaggctat     17160
     aatgaactca ggcaggtggc cacaaaaaag gatcgtgggt tctgcagtta atacacaggg     17220
     tctgcctctc actagctgtg taatcttggg cacatttgaa aaagtggtgg ctcacgcttt     17280
     taacccagca cttgggaggc agaggcaggc agatctctgt gagtttgagg ccagcctgat     17340
     ctacagagtg agttctagga cacccaggac taacagagaa aacttatctt gaaaaaacaa     17400
     aaacaataga aacccaaaca aacaaatgaa aaatggaaga agactagagt atagagtata     17460
     ggtaaattat actataatat aaataataaa gcgtaatagg tttcaaatgg agctaaagcc     17520
     cccatctcct aagaacaatg tgaggaggac agaggtgagc cagcatgtgt aggagcgtat     17580
     tgactatggt agctgtgatg cctatgtggc catggcatga gcgcttgtgc cattaatcct     17640
     gcagagaatt cttttctcta aataagcaaa atttaaagcc tctagatttt gcttacttct     17700
     agttcggcca aactggcttt ttcttgtctt acacatgtgc agggaaaatg ttttttttgt     17760
     tgttgttgtt ttaaagattt atttattatt atatgtaagt gcactttagc tgtcttcaga     17820
     tgcaccagaa gagggcatca gatctcatta cagatggttg tgagccacca tgtggtttct     17880
     gggatttgaa ctcaggacct tcagaagagc agtcaatgct cttaaccgct gagccatctc     17940
     tccagccccc aagggaaaat gttttaaagt tatgtataga ctcttaggtt tatctttcct     18000
     ggtgacgtgt cttggtttca tcatgatggc ataagcccag gctgcaggga ctctgagtct     18060
     cttagctgat acttctgttc agctaggaaa ggcctgcaag gtcattgagc atcctcctcc     18120
     agccttcagc tgatttgtgg ataagtaggg tgagcaacat gggcaaatga ctctgtggta     18180
     agtcactaat aactatcatc acactgaaat gcctgtcact gagcattgac tgagattgaa     18240
     ttccaggatt ttcagtagcc ataggctggg gctgcataga caatggaacc attgcccctg     18300
     ctaatccaca gcttggggtt ctgaaaatgg ctgcctgaga acttcatttt gcttataggt     18360
     caaagcatga agaaattgat ctggtcagct tagaggaatt ttattcagag gctccaccaa     18420
     gcatcagcaa ggccgagatc accatgggag accctcacca acaaacattg gcacgtttgg     18480
     actgggagct ggagcagcgg aaaaggtggt gaccttcctg acctggttaa ccacacagtg     18540
     acagtccttg gtcatgaccc aggattagcc attttctcca ggaccaagtc tcactttctt     18600
     attaattcac cctggattat tcaaacctga ctgacctctt tcagggtggg ctgatgactg     18660
     ctaaggttac cagtaggaag ctggaggtga tggtatgtgg ctcagtggtg gtatgtgtgc     18720
     ccaccatgcc caaggctctt gactcagtgc ccagcactgc aagggagggt ggctcagtag     18780
     ataaagcact tgttgtatgt acaaggcttt ggctctgaat ttggatccca ggtacatgtg     18840
     aaaaagctgg tggaatggca tgaatctgag gtgtagtagt agatccccga cgttggcagc     18900
     ctaagcgtga gctccaggtt cagtgagaga cctggcctca gaaactagca gagagtaatg     18960
     aagaaggaca gttggactga ctgccgtctc tgcgtgtgca ctcatggatg agtgtatgta     19020
     tccacacaca cacacacaca cacacacgca catgcatgca cacacacaca cattatagag     19080
     tgaagtaaga aatggggaga gataggggaa agcagtcagg gtgacaaaca acaagataaa     19140
     atgataaata ttcagaaaaa tgtcacagtg aaactttgtt gtttactaac tgtattagtt     19200
     actttccttg ttactctgac aaaattgttc tctcctccca cccttccatg agttcccagg     19260
     gttgatctca ggccattagg ctcgccaagc aagtgctagg atttagatat gcaccatcac     19320
     atcgttatgt ggtgctaggc cagcactcta cccactgagc taaatcttaa gctcctaaat     19380
     accttggttg cttgtcttag atagggtgtg tttctattgc ggtgataaaa caccgtgatc     19440
     aaaagcaact tagggaagaa aaggtttatt tcagcttaga accctcagct cacaatccac     19500
     cactgaggaa agccaggcag gaagctgggg tccttacctg gagcagaggc agtgaaggga     19560
     tgctgtgtac tggctccttc cccttggctt gctatcatcc tagctacaac ttgactttga     19620
     tccctggaaa ccaggtcgta ggagagaact gactagcgta agttgttttc tgatctccac     19680
     acgtgccata acacaagaat cctctccctg ccccaccccc acaaaaatat aataaatgtt     19740
     aaaaactagt tttaagtcaa tgtatttgag gatttatgta attactaaga ataatagtgc     19800
     ttgtatggag cttactaaag gacttggcac atagtcagtg ctggaacagg tgtgtgcgct     19860
     atccctgcaa ggcatgcctg acagtgccct atgtgcccct ttaggctggc agaaaagtac     19920
     cgagaatgtc tgtctaacaa ggagaagatc ctgaaggaga ttgaggtgaa gagggactat     19980
     ctgagcagcc tccagcctcg cctcaacagc atcatgcagg tgagtgtggc tccgcttcac     20040
     cacagaccag ccagagtcca ccacacatgt gtgtgagtat gtggcctgat tttttattgt     20100
     ttgtgatgcc agatttggtc taaattctta tagttttatg aagcaagata aatggctaat     20160
     gaggaggaac tttgtaaaag gaatggagag aagtttaaat ctgtttttct aggacttggc     20220
     aaggtcttca cttcttcctc tcagctctgg acatggaatt agagttgtca gcaaaaacac     20280
     atttttctag taggacttca taatagaaga gaagagaacc tggggctggg ctgctgatgg     20340
     gcctgggaag ctgcagcagg aaggttgtgg atctgaggca gcctgcgctg agtgaagggt     20400
     agactctgtc ctacccaggc tacataacta cggctgtaat tgctggtaca tacttacctt     20460
     gaggctagcc tagacctcat aggagttcca aactagtcag gtcttcagag tgggatccca     20520
     tctcataatc acacaggggg gagagaggga gatgaaggga gagcagagac gagggactgg     20580
     gagtgggact aggcagtcct ggctgcattt gatcctccag gccctccgca ttgctgttac     20640
     gtgtccggta cttactgctt aaaggtcatt cagggcatag gcacacagat cagaataact     20700
     agagggaaag gtctgttatg aaacagttac agtgcacttt catttctgtg ccttggcttc     20760
     tggtgtgtct gtatggagat gatgtgtgtg tgtgaggttt ttttggtttt tcgagacagg     20820
     gtttctctgt atagccctgg ctgtcctgga actcactctg tagaccaggc tggccttgaa     20880
     ctcagaaatc cgcctgcctc tgccccccaa gtgctgggat taaaagtgtg ctccaccacg     20940
     ccccgcagtg tgtgtgagtt ttgtgtgtgc ttaggaaaaa gcctgtagtc acaccaaacc     21000
     attaatagtt gccttgctaa ctgggaggtt ttgttttata aaataaattt gaatatatct     21060
     tttatttttt ccttccttcc ttcctttctt ttcttttttt cctttctttt cttctttctt     21120
     tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctctc tttctttctt     21180
     gctttcttcc tttctctctt tctttctttc ttcctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt     21240
     tctctctttc tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttaaaga tttatttatt tattgtaagt     21300
     acattgtagc tgtcttcaga cactccagaa gagggagtca gatctcgtta aggatggttg     21360
     tgagccacca tgtggttgct gggatttgaa ctctggacct tcggaagagc agtcgggtgc     21420
     tcttacccac tgagccatct caccagccct cttttttttt ttaagacatg ctatctctgt     21480
     gtggccctgg tcgtcctgga acttgctcta tagaccaggc tggcctcaaa ctcatagaga     21540
     tccacctgcc tctgcttccc gagtgctggg atagagatgt gcccctccaa gcccagctct     21600
     tttctatcct tgcatgtggt gtgtatctgt atatgtgttc atgtgtgtta gaggttgaca     21660
     cccatgtctt ctattggtgt gtatctgtat atgtgttcat gtgtgttaga ggttgacacc     21720
     cgtgtcttct attggtgtgt atctgtatat gtgttcatgt gtgttagagg ttgacacccg     21780
     tgtcttctgt cagcctcatg agataggagc ttacctattg gctagactaa ccggccagca     21840
     agccaagact cctcaggtct ctcctgtcct ccagcacaca gtgcaggatt acagtcttgt     21900
     caccatgtgt ggctgggacc cggactcaga ccctcatgtt tgagcagcaa gcactccact     21960
     gactgagcca tcttcacagc cccttgaact cacttctgat ccatacatgt atgcattact     22020
     ttaaaaaaaa tctgggtatg tatgcttgta gccccaacaa ctaagaaggg gggttacttg     22080
     agaccatgaa tttgagacca tgctgggcaa catagctaga cctgattcct aaaaaaaaag     22140
     ccatagtttt ggagcaggaa agatggctca gtagttaaac atactggctg ctcttccaga     22200
     acccttatgg cggctcacag ttgtctgtag ctgcagcccc atggatccag caccttcctc     22260
     tggcgtcttt ggaaatgccc gtggtgcaca gccatacatg cagacaagac atccgtgtac     22320
     acaaaagaag catacatttt taaattaaaa aacagtttag tggttttggg ttttttgttt     22380
     tttgtttggt tggttttttt tgacacaggg tcttactata cagcatgaac tcacagagat     22440
     tctcctgcct cctaggagct agaattaaaa gtgtatgcca tcttgcttgg cttaaaataa     22500
     aaaaaatatt tttaaaattc ttaattgttg gaggcttggg atgcaattca gtgatagatt     22560
     gcatgcttag tatgcagaac caaattacca aattccccat caccaaaaaa taataccaat     22620
     aactttacat atagaaaagc atacaactca ttatgtacag ctgggtgact ttttaaaaaa     22680
     tatttattta ttattataca taagtacact gtagctgttt tcagacacac cagaagaggg     22740
     tgtcagatct cattagggat ggttgtgagc caccatgtgg ttgctggtat ttgaactcag     22800
     gaccttcaga agagcagtca gtgttcttac ccactgagcc atctcactag cccacgggtg     22860
     actgtttatt aagtgaacac atctatataa ctattcaaaa tcaagagaaa gaacttcatt     22920
     ttttaaaaaa atgttatgtg tgtgaatgtt tgcctcatta acgtttgcac cacacgtgtg     22980
     cccggtgccc tgggaaacca gaggggctgg agtccctaga gctagagttg caggtagttg     23040
     tgagccacca tgtaacccat gtgggacata tggaagacag acagtgctct taccttgctg     23100
     agccgtctgt ctagcctgtg ctgtcttttt atttccagct cccagacact atattctcct     23160
     gcccctcggt aaccattatt ttggctttta atatcataga ctagccttct ctggatttaa     23220
     tatcatagac tagccttctc tggatttaat atcatagact agccttctct ggatttgaac     23280
     tttttgtaaa tagaattata taaagtcttt ggtgtctagt ttcttttgcc cattggattt     23340
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tggtttttcg agacagggtt tgtctgcgta gccctggctg     23400
     tcctggaact cactttgaag accaggctgg cctcgaactc agaaatccac ctgcctccgc     23460
     gccccccccc ccccaagtgc tgggattaaa ggcgtgcgcc accacgcctg gctgcccatt     23520
     ggtattttta aaatttatct gtgtttctct gagtgtcaat tttttttgtt tgtttgtttt     23580
     ttttgtttat aataatttta tttcagctat tttcagattg ggtctgttat aaataatgta     23640
     gctttgagta ttgttatacg tggtcctcaa acgtacccat ttctgtggaa tgtgaaccta     23700
     ggcacaaaac tgctgggcca tgcattctgc ctctcatact gcttcctaag gtgaccacac     23760
     agatcagcag catggagctt gagatccgtc agtgtccttg ccagtgcttg caactgccat     23820
     tgctcgtagt cttagccagt ccggaggttc tcatttggtt ctggttgtct ttaaagttgt     23880
     tatttgtatg tttgtgtgca tgtatgtgtg tgtatgttgt acgtgtgtat gtgtatgtca     23940
     tgaaagtgga ggtcagagga caccttgcag gaatctgttt tccccttcca ccctgtggcc     24000
     agcaggcttg gtagcgagtg cctctccctg ctgacccatc tggatgtccc tgcttcttgt     24060
     tttgtatttt tcatttcacc agggtcttgt gatggtgagc acaatacatg actcttcctt     24120
     tcttcctgct ctccctccgc ccctttcttg ttttgtttgc cactgagcca cactctcagc     24180
     cccttaatgt tttctttttt ttttttttta aagatttatt tattatttat gtaagtacac     24240
     taaagctgtc ttcagacact ccagaagagg aggtcagatc tcattacgga tggttgtgag     24300
     ccaccatgtg gttgctcgga attgaactca ggacctccgg gagagcagtc agtgctctta     24360
     acctctgagc catctctcca gcccccccct taatgttttc tgattccatt agaaatgtgc     24420
     aagtgacatc gcataatttc attttctcac tctcttgcct ttatttttat ttttttaatt     24480
     atttatttat tatataaaag tacactgtct tcagacacac cagaagaggg catcagatct     24540
     cattacggat ggttgtgagc caccatgtgg ttgctgggat ttgaactcag gacctttgga     24600
     agagtaatca gtgctcttaa cctctgagcc atctctccag cccctctctt gcttttacaa     24660
     aatgcatgtt tttatactga gcttttgtct tgccatagtt ctactagttt attatatatc     24720
     atctttgtaa atgaatatta gctgctgggt gacagagctc agtttcagaa tgtttgcctc     24780
     acgtgttcaa ggctctggac tcaatctcca gttcagcaaa aaaaaaaaaa ggaaagcaat     24840
     agtcacaaag cctccatgtg ggtaggctaa aaaccttctg ttgcttgcag gcttccctgc     24900
     cagtgcaaga atacctgttc atgccatttg accaggcgca caaacagtat gagactgcca     24960
     ggcacctgcc gcctcccctc tatgtgctct ttgtgcaggc cactgcatac gggcaggcct     25020
     gtggtgagta tgggggctgg gcagggaggg gggctatggg agaagcagcc atagtgagga     25080
     agggctgcct gccaggagag caccccagct ttgcccagag ccctcaggtg gcagatgctg     25140
     cctcccctct gcaccttcag cgtggctgct gcaccagctc gcctgaggct tgagcaatgt     25200
     gacggacgtg tcagaatgga cggctttgga ttctcatgaa cctggctgta tagctcctag     25260
     gggcagcctg tgttggctct cacatgctta ctctatcaga tacacttggc aggtggacca     25320
     gtgcctcctg ttgtgttttg ggggtggggt gcttggtgaa ctcgggtcct aggcagcact     25380
     cccaggcttt cctgtgccgg aaacagcctg cgtggtttta gagcatcacc aggtgagagg     25440
     aaggacccct ggctgctcag cccagccttg actctgctaa ggattttaag ggttttgctc     25500
     tgcctgctca gctctcactt agcactaaac ttttcttcct tgttcacacc ttatcccatg     25560
     gcatcagaca gacatacact gttcctgtgc atgccccgtc ccagccatgg caccaggaca     25620
     ttactgtgtc ttttcttgtg tctccttggt ccttccgtct cctcctcccc ctttgctctc     25680
     ttccgttgcc atcatcagct catatgaaat cctcctccca gccccctaga cagggtgagt     25740
     aactttcttt tgtgtttaaa gttctactgt ttgcacttct attttcctgt agaattccag     25800
     actaacctat taaaaagact gctgtaggta aggactgtga ctctggtagc gtgacagcct     25860
     ggcatgtggg gtgaactgga gcctcaaggc agttagagcg ctcacctggg gtccagcttg     25920
     cttggttggg atgggatgat ttaaccattg tttccagcta taaagcagta gttggctgtt     25980
     ggaaaagttg tccttccttc ttcatatgta gtcaggcaaa tggtatccgg gatctgtggc     26040
     attcctaccc ttaggacgga ggaggaggag ctggggtgta gcttaagccc tggttccatc     26100
     tcccactacc atcaggaaag aaaaaggcag agaaaccaga gtgtcttact tgctcaccgc     26160
     agtaggatcc cagagttcca cagtaacata ccaagagacg gacgactcat gtcacatagg     26220
     cagagtggag cagattgttg ctgagtgctt gagagacaag ctcactccag tcagcctgaa     26280
     gtggactgtg ctctgtgtcc tgagtgtggt ttgttacttc atgacactaa gtttctctac     26340
     acgtctgtac tactagtatg ctgcatacgg ttgtgagact ttagagtgtg taggttcact     26400
     tgtgtggtgc tgggaccaga gccgcagccg tctgcatgct aactctactc ttcagggctg     26460
     catgcctcag ccaagtctac tgtatgtaag gatgcagcct agtgcactgg tctcctgccc     26520
     ccagtctctc ttttatagct gtgggaactg agcctcctca cgtcagtaag tttatcttcc     26580
     aggtcacaaa ctcagtaatg tgtgggacag gaattcattc gggtctgcca ctgggctgca     26640
     gcacccatgt tcctatctgc tcttctctgc gcccagtaaa gatgggacag gcagaccagg     26700
     tgcttggtga catgcagaac acagaacttt ttacagaggg taacccatca tctctgggat     26760
     gtggatgggt gctggcttct gggtgcagac tttctcagga cggctggtga aagggtcctg     26820
     tggggtgaca aaccccgggt ctatgttcct ggactttgca ctagtctcag ggatgtttag     26880
     cagggaagca gccatagaga aacgatttta ggtgctgtct gccctgtgtg gagtgtgcgt     26940
     gccctcccac tcagtcagtt cggagctggg gggagtatgc tgagttggct tgcactcagc     27000
     aacctctcca gaagcttttc caagaggcct tttctcacct ccagataaga cgctgtccgt     27060
     ggcaattgaa ggcagtgtgg acgaagccaa agctcttttc aagccccctg aggactccca     27120
     aggtaaccta gtgaatgggg tactcactag tcactgctga ggtcttggtc ctttgagaaa     27180
     tagctggact ggtgtaatat agctggaggc ttggccttag gtcagtttta gggtaggccc     27240
     aagagaactc agttcccaga atcaccacat gcagcctttg ggtttcagcc ctgccaccca     27300
     ctagctccca ggagcatttt gaccctgagg aaggcaggta atgtgtttga ctccctgtaa     27360
     acggtagctg gtagctagtt ataggttaat gcccgtaacc cccaaattct ggaggtagcg     27420
     gtgagaaaat ttacacagat ttgaacccag attggtcaat aaagcaactt ccagggtgac     27480
     atattgagat gtttcagtgt tccccttttg cccccaaaaa gagagacaat atttttatat     27540
     agaatcattg tgtggattac atgaaagagt ggtcttgtct tatgcacaca gcaaccgtct     27600
     aactgtacca gcactactct ttaaaaaaaa agatttattt attcatttag ttatttattt     27660
     aaagtatatg agtatactgt agctgtcttc agacacccca gaagagggcg ttggatgacc     27720
     attacagatg gttgtgagcc accatgtggt tggtgggatt tgaactcagg acctctggaa     27780
     gagcagtcag tgctcttaac cactgagcca tctctccagc ccatacgctg ctcttaaaac     27840
     cacaaagagc tttatgctcc ataaaaaatg acagttaaaa gacccttgaa caccaggcct     27900
     ggaggctggg gaggtggctc agtaggtaaa gcctcgctgc acaaacatga agacctgagt     27960
     tttgatccct agcacccaca tcaacaaaac acaataaaac aaaacacaaa aacctggcta     28020
     tgacggtgtg tgctgttacc ctcaatgctg cgggagaaag gcagatccca ggagctgctg     28080
     gccagcccct ctagctggaa tgtccagctc tgtgaaagac tgcctcaaga taaataaaca     28140
     aacagctggg cgcactcagg aggcagatgc aagcagagct ctgagtttga ggccagcctg     28200
     gtctatagag tgagttccag acagtcaggg ctacataggc tctgtttcca aaaaacaaaa     28260
     atgaagtgga gaggtgactg atgagtacgt ctggagtaca atatctggcc catatgggca     28320
     aacccacgca cacacatgag cacacacgtg cacagaacca gggctgatgg agttataagt     28380
     cattctttcc atggtgtttt ctatgccaag aagtagctag ttaactcata caaaggacca     28440
     tgtggatggc ccctcactca gtccctgagg ttgaggctca tcagggcacc tctgcagtga     28500
     cctcatttct cattgccttc tctgtggctt cagatgatga gagcgactca gatgctgaag     28560
     aggagcagac gacggtgagc ccactttctg tcgtgggaat attatgcagc catgctggtg     28620
     ttttcaagca aaaggaggag ggctgaatac gtgtctgctg ggacaaggac ctggcagcag     28680
     ggtagctgag ggagagggtc ccaggcagct gtgctgagac tatgggaggt agggatggaa     28740
     aggggagagt cacatgactc atgcttgggt ttttcttttg tccagaagcg gcggcggccc     28800
     actctcgggg ttcagttgga tgacaagcgc aaggagatgc taaaaaggca cccactgtct     28860
     gtcctgctgg atctgaagtg caaaggtctg actgtattca cgtacctcca tagtacctaa     28920
     gagcctggtc agttgttggt acaaagctct agtaagctag agactctaat atttcagtgt     28980
     cctatttcag gttttcctcc tttaaaaaat gtgtatgtgt gtgtgtgtgc gcgtgtacca     29040
     ctgcagcagg catatggaag tcagagaaca ttggggacta attctctact gtatgtctca     29100
     ggaattgagc tgagaccatc aggtggcacg tgactttacc ctctgaactg tcactctgtc     29160
     catttttcat cttacatggt gtggtgtttt gtttttgttt tttgtttttg tttttttaat     29220
     tttttttaag atttatttat ttattatata taagtacact gtagctgtcc tcagatactc     29280
     cagaagaggg catcagattt cattatggat ggttgtgagc caccatgtgg ttgctggaat     29340
     ttgaactcag gaccttcaga agagcagttg gcgctcttaa ccactaagcc atctcaccag     29400
     cccatttttg tttttattat tctttttttg ttttttgttt tttttccaga cagggtttct     29460
     ctgtatcgcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tctgtagacc aggctggcct ccaactcaga     29520
     aatccgcctg cctctgcctc ccaagtgctg ggattaaagg cgtgtgccac catgcccgcc     29580
     tatgttttta ttattctttt gagatgggga ctttagtagt cctggctgtt ctagaacttg     29640
     cttgtacacc aggtggctgt gaacgtagag atccccttgc ctctttgcag cacccccctg     29700
     ccctctggtg tgcttgattc ataactgagc tcttctcttc ctggtcctgt agacaacagt     29760
     gtgcttcatc tgactttcta ctatctcatg aacctcaaca tcatgacagt gaaagccaaa     29820
     gtgacgaccg ccgtggagct gatcaccccc atcagtgcag ggtatgggga tgggaggagg     29880
     gggtgggagg ggcctgcgtg ccgagagccc tggttactag tcctcctgct ggctatcaga     29940
     ggatcctttg ccatgctgat ttctgttact gtgtccccag agtttgggaa tcctgatggt     30000
     cactgaaatt tagaagtgct ctctgatttg catttgtgaa acttcttact acacagcaga     30060
     taaaacaagc gataacatta catttgctgt ttagagcaga gtcgcaggct ttttacagcc     30120
     agtaatgcat gtaaatgcat gaatgaggta tgagacatga ccaaattgac acattttggc     30180
     ccttttcttg tttttgtccc aagctgccag gatatcgttt cccaactcag ctcagtcccg     30240
     gcattggtag tcttgttgtg cagtctagat tggaagaaca gcggacagaa aggacagggg     30300
     tacaccagcc tgcacctaga ggatcgctgc cctctcctag cattcctggc cctgctgtca     30360
     gcctgagagg gagtcctgag gctcaggaag gcacaggtgt ggtgcctcct gcagtagagc     30420
     tctgcctagc tcttgccatt ctgccagatg gaaggaggtc ctggctttag agcctgcact     30480
     tggtgtctac ctcttctgtt caggcttctg cggccttggt agttttgggc ttcctagggc     30540
     atgctgggtg cagttaacct tgttcccagc agagggagcc cagagcttgt ttcttctaag     30600
     gtccacatct tagccaggtc tttccttctg agcacttcta ggactctgtc tgtctgtctg     30660
     tctctgtctg tctgtctgtc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctttctctc     30720
     tctctgggtg tcactatgta gtcttggctg gcgtggaacc tgctatgaag accatccaat     30780
     tcacagtgat cctcctgctt cttgaattct tgaattcaag ttctagctgg gctgtgtaga     30840
     aagttccagg ctaaaataca tagtaagacc ctatctacaa aagagtaagt aactttagag     30900
     aggtagaaat gctaagtaca tgctgggcgt ggtggcgcac gcctttgatc ccagcactca     30960
     ggaggcagag gcaggcggat ttctgagttt gaggccagcc tagtctacaa agtgagttcc     31020
     aggacagtca gggctacaca gagaaaacca aaaacaaaag aaatgctaag tactctgatc     31080
     attacttatt gaatttgttt gtcaaattac tacaccatac cctacagatg ttctatcttt     31140
     ccatatgtac aatatagaga gattgtatac accaaggacc tgtactcaat ggccagatca     31200
     cttataaaaa cttaactgct cgtgtaaaat tattgcggta attatttctg gaagtattat     31260
     aacttcatgt ggttttccta ctccaaagta ttgtctggcc accagatgac ttgtctgtgt     31320
     gtctctgtgt gtgtgcagat gcacgtgtgt agagaccaga ggctctgcat gagggtcttc     31380
     cttagccact cttccacctt tcctttgaaa caaatctcac tgaacttgaa gcctgcagat     31440
     tcagttagac tggttggcca gaaagcccgg gatccttcgg tccccctcct cgggagttct     31500
     aggtgtgtgc tgctgtgcct gggttttatt tggatggtgg acattgacct caggcgatgg     31560
     tgctgtgcag caagcacgtt actgacttat gtactcagcc ccacagtata attccggaag     31620
     ggatcacttt aaaaacagcc aaacaaaaca aaatactaaa ggatcctgtt ctcagtggcc     31680
     agggagatgg cttcttagat aaaagcactt ggtaccctag ctcagtgacc tgagcgcagt     31740
     tcccagagca cctgtacaca gccagctgtg atctcttctc cctcagctgg attgcttgga     31800
     gtagaccgta cccagcagaa gcagagagac cttcctcaat aagatagagc acaagaagtg     31860
     actactaaac actgtcctct gtgtgccacc gtgcacacat gcgcacaaaa taaagaaaaa     31920
     tgttcttctt tctgatcaga gagtggtctg agcttcagtg tccccctttt aaagcttcga     31980
     gtttgtatct tgagaaatgg gataatggtc ctttctgttc acaaggcttg ggaagaatcc     32040
     actagcttga agcacataaa tgttttgact cacaggaagc attcagtgaa agatgtcagt     32100
     agaggcagga gtggtggcga acacctttaa tcctagcgct cagaggcaaa ggcaggcaga     32160
     tctctgagtt tggggccaac ctggtctaca gagtgagttt cagaacagcc atggctacac     32220
     agagaaacct tattctccct cccccctccc cccgaaatca ccaccaccaa caacaacaga     32280
     aagacggtgg ttgacatcct gagagctgag tggtacattg ccactctcca atgcccaggt     32340
     ccactccagg ttggcaggca ttttcactgc ggtcttttct tctgcagaga cttactgtct     32400
     cctgactcgg tcttgagctg cttgtatccg ggagatcatg ggaaaaaaac tccaaatcca     32460
     gccaatcagt atcagtttga caaagttggg tgagtaagcg tgtgcagctg ctcctgacct     32520
     gtggctgcat ctgtacgctc aggccaggct gggccaggct ggagaccatg gggctggagg     32580
     gacgtcttcc tgctcttaca ttgaaggcaa agggatgcca tgggaagatg aaagcttggg     32640
     aagtgtaggg atactagtgt tagggaggtg attttgtggt actatggtgg ggtagatccc     32700
     tagtaccaca aaagcaaaaa caaaagcaaa ccaatatcaa taataaaatg tatggaagcg     32760
     acctgaggtg aagatgggtc actgttctct tgacccagaa accttacaaa atcatgcaaa     32820
     tcaaggcgtt taaattgtcc tgttcccttt acaaagacct gtgaggctgt ccacaccatc     32880
     aagggtatac atatctggaa agtgtctgaa agatgtcact ttaaatgagc catgggtgcc     32940
     attgggctgt ataacatgga gtcagtaggt gtgccctggc caagcagggg acacagggtc     33000
     agtggccaaa ataagagtgt tgaattcttg ctccacgtgc ttaaaaatgc agagaataat     33060
     gctgaatatc gggatttgga cgtagtttct ctgtcattga acaaagtgcg taagctgtgc     33120
     agatgacctt acagagctca tggccacatt aacctgtgca caactcccca cgcagtgatg     33180
     atccttgaag aaaaggaact gagttccaaa gccagaagag gatgctgcac agaagaaaag     33240
     atatcagtga gaaacaaaaa cttaaggcac gggaataaat ccagcaaaaa gttcaaataa     33300
     aagtacaaac aaacgaaaac aataaaatat ctgcattagg ccaggcggtg gtggtgcgca     33360
     cctttaatcc cagcacttgg gaggcagagg caggcggatt tctgagttca aggccagcct     33420
     ggtctacaga gtgagttcca ggacagccag ggctacacag agaaaccctg tctcgaaaaa     33480
     ccaaaaaaaa aaaaaagtct gcattttagt tctcttgagt gtttgagatt taaaagctgt     33540
     tttgcaagtg ggtattgcag tgaggaggtc agtatactgc cgtttgagat ctgtcttatg     33600
     acagaaaggt tccaaggcaa aaagaagtaa agactggaga tgaattccag ggagcgatct     33660
     tatgcagctt gtgaggctgg gtgcagggaa gactgcaggg atgcagggag gactgtaggg     33720
     atgcagggag gactgtaggg atgcagggag gactgtaggg atgcagggag aactgtaggg     33780
     atgcagggtg gactgtaggg atgcagggag gactgtaggg atgcagggag gactgtaggg     33840
     atgcagggag gactgtaggg atacaggaag gattgtatcc tagggccatg cagcattcag     33900
     gatgagcatc agtcttgatg tgaggacact gttcctgagc tacgttccca actcataaaa     33960
     ttgtttcatt ctgtcttgct tttttttttt ttccagcatc ctgactttga gagactatgt     34020
     acttgagtta ggtcacccct acttgtgggt acagaagctg ggtggcctcc acttccccaa     34080
     agagcagccc caggtgtgta ttctgaccct gcctccttgg ctgagacgct gtacctgtcc     34140
     tccctggaca cacagaaagg cctctgagag cttcatagca tttgatctag tagaacatct     34200
     tcttttgagg ttatgatctg acctcactta gtgcctcagg gcattaaaat accctaccta     34260
     gtcttcaagt gttgagatga cttggccttc cctggaagct ttgtagtcat ctaaaccaaa     34320
     gatgccagat gtggcacagc tacagccttt gctgcccttg gacttatgta caaggatgct     34380
     acaaatgagg atgggcagaa ttctggggca gacaccttcg aagcctgcct tttcttagaa     34440
     gctggccaca gattcatggg aaccctggaa tcttgtgttt ttgccagggc ttagcatttt     34500
     acctgatcta gtgggccaac tctgccattc ccaaacagca cttgtcttag gacatggtct     34560
     ggctggtccc gggggagatg gcagtccctg aaggaagaag ggagctctta catgtatcct     34620
     tcattgtcat tcactactag caaacagtga tgcctgacca ctcacagagc gccagccaca     34680
     tggagaccac catgaaactg ctgaagacca gggtacagtc ccgcctggct ctccacaaac     34740
     agtttgcatc tctgggtaag ctggggcagg gactagggcc tgacagccac ttcttcaaca     34800
     tacaaacaga aaccttttcc tcagaacttg taaatcctga tcacagatca aagagacctg     34860
     tgttcctggc cttactgagc attggatggt agggccggtg gggagagctg caggcccatt     34920
     cagacaggtc tgagctcctt gcagactggt cggttctgtg tcagcccttc cagaggaccc     34980
     caaagccatt ggcacaagtt gacaggctca acaaggcagc atttcctagg tgcatgcatc     35040
     acagatccat atgcacttgg taggtattta gtgagtctaa ttcatgctgg cacccaatag     35100
     cctaagagga ggaacaatgg gaccctgtat ccactgagct cacattcagc tcactgactg     35160
     tagttatgca gggtcacccc attatccttt ccctaagacc tgctgagcaa atgcttctaa     35220
     gcacttctga gctcccaggc gattgcgagg aaccactgac ctagtagtca catgactttt     35280
     aggtcattca ataaaaactt gatgggtatc tacaagatac tagtagggta ggagtaaggt     35340
     tttggagggt gtcagatctt ttttggtatt aaagaattac tgtctgctgg gtgttggtgg     35400
     cccacacctt tagtcccagc actcgggagg tagagtcagg cagccctctt atgagtttga     35460
     ggggagcctg gtctacagag caagttccag gatatctagg gctacacaga gaaaccctgt     35520
     ctcaaaaaag ccaaaaataa gattaagtaa gtaaatggaa agactcactg ttaggcgagg     35580
     cattggattt ccagggccca tctggacata ggtgccctct tcctggcttc aagccagttc     35640
     tttggttcca tgtggatgct gatctccagt gaggcactgc tcaggccttg ctccccactc     35700
     agcactgcca gcattgtcaa ggttggatga ttgtcatcag atagtgtccc tgtgttagca     35760
     gatttgtttg ttggaacagc agcagggaac tgacacagaa cactgcagtt ggtttttctg     35820
     tcaaggtcag ctaagaaatc acagccctct ggctgtttga tctaattagc agttcctgcc     35880
     gcagagacac tgatgctagt catggcttca gggttctgct ttgctacagt tgtctgcatt     35940
     aaggataaag caccatgaat gcagatgctg ggtctgaccc caggcacata agccctgcgt     36000
     gcagtggatg tcaggttgag atgcctctgt ccctggagtg tgatgagcag gtacttcttg     36060
     agcatcagat gtactggaca agtggcgagg ccacctcagc cctgcagcaa gccacaggca     36120
     gatgctagtc cccaactgtg gctcccgatt tctaccagta atgcccctgc tttactctct     36180
     cttagaacat ggcattgtgc ccgtcaccag cgattgccag gacctcttcc ctgccaaggt     36240
     tgtttctcgc ctggtaaagt gggtgataat tacccatgaa gattacatgg taggtagaac     36300
     tgtagtccta tgatcatgtc acctctcggt tcctgtcccc agcccctgcc atccgtgcag     36360
     aggctttaaa ggagcagcag ctcacactgg ttcctgttgt aggagctgca cttcactaag     36420
     gacattgtgg aggcaggact ggccggagac accaatctct actacctggc gctaattgaa     36480
     aggggaacag gtaggtgatg gctctgctga tcacaggcag cctctcaagt gtcacacatg     36540
     cctggaagtt gcccgaaaaa agcaaaaagg tcctagaatc ctccatggaa tttacacaca     36600
     ctagtgacta ggggatcacc cctttcagtg aggacttgtt ctgtaacatg gccatagttt     36660
     catgtcatta aatcctcaca acggtcaccg ggtggtggcc ttatcccact cactagctga     36720
     ggaaagtctg gccggatcag agcttggtcc cacctcagct ttcagcttgg ctttgctttg     36780
     ttttagttct ccttcatccg gctaacagaa gggcagagct gttccttaga tggtaaagac     36840
     tggataacag agaccctccc ttctccacag tccctctgga gtcatggacc tctgtgcttc     36900
     cttcctcttc tgacatctga tcctgccagg gccttccaca ggggtcactg acatcatgca     36960
     caggcgttag gctgttatcc tacccctgcc tcacagcaac aaacactggg ctgagaatgt     37020
     ccttcattct ttgataggtt gagtgatgta atagcatttg tgggctgggg atatagttca     37080
     ggggtaaaac acttgcctag catacctgag accttagatg atttccagta ccacaaaaga     37140
     taaattaaac agaatgtccc aaagctggaa gcattataaa gaagagctta tttagctcaa     37200
     aagtttgtgg gtttgcttgt tacaattttt attaaattta tttataatgt acgtgtgtgc     37260
     actcagatgt aagacacact cgcacgtatg cacacgagtt atatatcaga ggacggcttg     37320
     agggaatcac ttctttgctt cagccttatg ggttctaagg atcaagtcgg gtcgaggtgt     37380
     gggagcaggc actgttacct tctgagctgt cccactggcc cgctttgttt gtttctttgt     37440
     ttgtttcgtt gagacagagt ctcatgaggc tctagctggt ctggaactca cagagatctg     37500
     tctaactctg ttttaatttt gtccttgaga tcagctcaag ctggccagaa tccattatgt     37560
     agtccaggct ggccttgaac tccccatctg cttttttctt agcctccaga gcactgggat     37620
     tgcgcacatg agataccatg cctggtttag ctttactatt tgaaggctga aagtcccagg     37680
     tgacctgatg acagcctcgt ggcaggtgat aatgtagaga tgtggagaag aaggcacagg     37740
     tgaaaaggaa accagaggga gttgggagct aattctgttc tatagcagcg ttctagacac     37800
     taagcagagt cccaaggccc ttaatccttt tagaaggcaa ttccctctca tccaaaaccc     37860
     agctacctct cacgagagcc cgagtcttca gattcaactg ggcagcagca cagagctacc     37920
     agcttcttgt ataaatatct ttgggtaatg catatgagcc aaatcagaag gaccaatcca     37980
     aagccgtctg ggagccagga gagggctcga ggttaaagcg cttgctgcac aaacctgatg     38040
     acctgagctt gattctcaga agccacgtca gcatgtggag tgcagtgcag tgcagctcta     38100
     atccccgcac tcctggggga agaaaggtca aaggctgtcg ccagagggga acttactata     38160
     tggagatagt ttattcaccg attatgaaag cagatttgat gccaggctgt tccggttgag     38220
     ctcagtcctg tacttctgca gctccttact ggtagagaag tttctgtcag agcctcacag     38280
     tgacagatgt gatatgagga gctgggacca tttgccgcta gtcctaggtg ggagtcagag     38340
     caggaggatc aggaattcaa ggccatcctt gactatagat tgaacttgaa gctagtttgg     38400
     gctatgtgag actctcaaca gcaacaacaa caaattcttg aaagaaagaa aaggaaggaa     38460
     ggacagggag ggggagggag ggaggaatga aaggaagaga gggagggagg gaggaaggaa     38520
     gtggggaggg aggaaggaag aggctgtaga gatggctcag tagttaagag cacaggctgc     38580
     tcgtcctgag gacctgaggt caatcccagc acctacatgg cagctcacaa ctgtctgtaa     38640
     cttcagtccc aggggtccag tgccctcttc tgcatcccaa aggtgatgta tgcatgttgg     38700
     tgccaatata catggaggca agcaaccaaa cacaggcata cacacacatg cacacacgac     38760
     gttctcgaag tagcagggtt tttaatccat tgacaaaccc cagcaagtag aacaggctct     38820
     ttgggggaac cagagtcgtt gtgccttaca ctggggacct ggcagctcag cttgcatcct     38880
     aaagcagtct ataccagcat actcagcagc acttcagtta gaggagccat ttgtgttggc     38940
     tctggacacg tgtggagatc accatggaat gctgggtaat cactgaatgt ctgcctctcc     39000
     cttcttctca gctaaacttc aggctgctgt ggtactaaac cctggctact cctccatccc     39060
     accggttttc cgactctgtc taaactggaa aggggagaaa accaacagca acgatgacaa     39120
     tattcgggta aggcccacgt gggtggcagg agaccaggga gagccctaga gaggtgagca     39180
     gtggccaagc ctgcagttgc tgaggctgtg ggcagtgtca ctttcaggac agggccttac     39240
     caggatttac agaacgtgct caccgcttaa tttccctgac ccacagcttt tcccatgtag     39300
     tactgttagc actgttaact ggcagtgtct gtgtaccact ccagtacctg actgggggtg     39360
     acgagggaaa aacagacaca cagacagctg cagtccagtg tctgactcgg ctggagaacc     39420
     cttagcccac ccccaggccc ggcatgttta ctacgtaaga ttgcataggg aagcagggct     39480
     acagagatgg atcgaggagg caggcttagc caacctcaac aggagcaggc tgtagggagc     39540
     catctccagg ctgtaactac ccagaaggag aaagctgtgg tggacacttt gtgtccacac     39600
     catcaacatc tacacacaga tgagaagaga aggctctggc attcctcctg gcctcatatc     39660
     aggcaggggg aggctttgct gtacttggtg ggtctggggc tagggtccta gataggccag     39720
     ttcatgtcaa caacacacat ccactcgggg tctcctgcac ttagggtttc ctgcactccc     39780
     ttcagcaagg tgtgccggca cacactttta atcgcaacac tgggaagaca gaatagacag     39840
     atctctaatc tcaaggccag cttggtctac atagtaagtt ccaggccagc cgcctagtga     39900
     gaccctgcct ccaaaaacac ccaaaaggtt tcttgtcacc ttgggcttct gtgtgatggt     39960
     aaataagctc agaagtatta tagaaactca aattcagtga gagtgagtgc tgtagtgaga     40020
     gtgagtgctg tagctactgt caaggacaag tctcttggtg gccacagaac atgtcttcct     40080
     ctacatgtcc atggtccttg ctggaggtgg cgaggtgggt gataatcagg aggggcccat     40140
     tgtcttgagg agacggggtc tctggacgag gttgtagccc agctgtgtac agatcctgtg     40200
     caggcatcag caggagatct tgtggtaccg tcaggctcag ccatgaggta aaagtgctcg     40260
     gccatactgc ggaagcaaat gctgagggtc tggcttccca cccacacagg ctatggagag     40320
     tgaagtcaac gtgtgctata aggagttgtg tggccctcgg cccagtcacc agctcctgac     40380
     caaccagctg cagagactgt gtgtgctgct ggacgtctac ctggagaccg agagccacga     40440
     tgacagcttc gagggcccca aggagtttcc ccaggagaag atgtgcctgc ggctttttag     40500
     gtgagtagag ggctgggctc ttgtgacttt cctcaaggat gtgaacagag atcgcagtcc     40560
     tctagaagac taggtctcat tggacaggac ctggcacaca gagagggcat ctgtctttgt     40620
     ggcagacaat tctgcagcca gatttccagg aaacacttgt tttctctttc ctgagacttc     40680
     cctgcaactg cagcctggct cacctgttct tgtcagccca tggatcaagc aaccaaggag     40740
     actgccctga ctgagccatg ctacaaagct ttgactgaac tttgattgtt ttttttttgt     40800
     gggaaacagc agggcctgtt tacttttagt ctccaagcga gcacttaagg tagtgcatcc     40860
     ccactgtccc tagtgagtgt gctggcatct aagtcccttg gtgtgactca ggacagtggg     40920
     cagtcaggca gcatagggaa caaaagaaag cccagctctt gtagaaggca ggctgtgtgc     40980
     atgctgagga gcgagcagtc cacggcagcc agcactgagc ctagggccga cgtgggggac     41040
     tgagaccttg tagagagccc aggtaggttc aggtcatttg tgtaaagttc ccagatgatt     41100
     cctgctccat gtttggggct cagggtatgc tcttggcaac ttgctattta tagtgtgtgg     41160
     gctcgcagtg cctcagacca gttttccatc tttatgggta ttagggcttc tttcctgttc     41220
     atcccctaat gtgttttgtt ttgttttgtt ttttcttttc aaaaccctag agattacttc     41280
     ttagtctccc ttctgtttta gacaaggggg taaagaagaa ctgtgtttgg attatcttta     41340
     taatctatca ggcctggtgt tacaactgat gcctataatc ttagcccttg gaagctggag     41400
     gcaggaggat tgccatgagt tcaaggctaa ccttgcctac agaataaaca aaaccaaaaa     41460
     agttcctcac cttgctctca gttgtaacgt aaagggaggt gtcccagcat tttccctctt     41520
     gtctggcacc tctgctgccc tggttcatgg tgttgttaat aataaccaga aatgccccaa     41580
     gtggctacag gaagcagagc tgactgccca atgccagcct gagtcttctc tctgcagtgg     41640
     tctgtgtgaa gtctcagctc ttctcacctc tcctcccact cccgcacatt tgcaggatgg     41700
     gagcccacac agcctgtgct tgtttctccc aaatggttcc tggaagactc atttctttat     41760
     gtgttgagct gtgtcagtgc tgtggcaaga cttagcatca gagctgatgg gtggcctgga     41820
     gtgtagctga ttgctggggt tcggaccatc aggagactga gggcagagtg ctgctgtgag     41880
     ctggcaggcc ctagctgccg cttggcctga gacttgggca ctctgcctcg gtgtacccct     41940
     ctgctgtttg gaggctaatg ccgtgaataa ctctcagctc cagcttcctt ccacctgaga     42000
     gggagtctct gtatttcacc ctccaggcag cttatgtttc ctgtgttatg gaaaaatgac     42060
     actgagacga gaagtcagca cagtacaggc tgggaaagaa ggttttatac ccttcagcca     42120
     ctggagaaga gtaaactttc cttacctttc ctactctctg cagttccttt ttcactgtga     42180
     ttaaaaacac catgaccaaa accagcttgg ggatgaaggg gttaatcccg gtttacagtt     42240
     agtctttctt gaagagaagg aggggcagaa actgaaacag agggcatgga ggaatgctgt     42300
     ttactggttg ctctccatgg cttgctcatt ccacttgctt cttcccatgt gaccctgact     42360
     tgtgttaagt tgaggaaaaa ctaccctgtc cccatagtcc ttagaccaag tcccagagtg     42420
     tcaccggtta ctgctgtcgg agcccttttt gtagatgttt gtctttatgg agctgtgtgt     42480
     aacattccct ctgtgaagtt tttgcttgag gacacagaat tactgctaaa atcttaggaa     42540
     ggaagtttga acatagatca tggcctgatc tgttgcttcc tggccatgca ctattgtgca     42600
     ctgtcttgct tcctttgcag ttgtagaaat taagtgtttg ctgataaagt tataagcaat     42660
     gatccaaaac atgttgggca ctgggcactg tccctaaaat gtctgattaa gggatcctcc     42720
     aggttcgcac atttgtaagc acatagagac acttttacaa aggtggtatc actccttcac     42780
     cagtgtggtc tgctttctcg ccgtgccctg ggcctgaact atgcagctct aactttcccc     42840
     cgatgacagc tacgcgacct tctcttgtga gtgaactgta atttatttta tcagtccaga     42900
     aggcatgcta ttaactgctc tccctcttgt ttctctaggg gtccgagtag gatgaagccg     42960
     tttaaataca accatcccca agggttcttc agccaccgct gactcccctc gacttgtcat     43020
     tccccaaagc cctgtcctgg ctcctgggta tctgcttttt gctttggcca catgtggttc     43080
     ttgatatttt ccaaagacac cagctaatta aaatgtcatc tgacaaatgg actctgtttg     43140
     tagctccttg ggcagtctgg aagagcaggt gggaccatgg tagcatgaag aatttctgga     43200
     tgctgttttt aagggtggcc gataatgtag gctgtagcct gctcattcac attcttccga     43260
     acaaaagcat tgccaggcct atcacagcaa tagcccagtt cctggtacca acttctgtct     43320
     tagttatggt tttactgctg tgaacagact ccataccaag gtaattctta taaggacaat     43380
     acttaattgg ggtttacagg ttcagaggtt cagcccatta tcatcaaggc aggaacatgg     43440
     caacatccag gcaggcattg tgcaggagct gagaggtcta cttcttcatc tgaaggctgc     43500
     tagcagaata ctggcttcta ggcagctagg atgagggtct taaagtccac acccacaatg     43560
     acacacctac ttcaacaggg ccacaccttc taatagtgcc actgcctggg ccgaagcata     43620
     gacaaaccac cacagaaggt aagcacatta gggttccctt ttggatagga gagtgagacc     43680
     ttaacacttg agggtctttg agacagtgac ttgatacgcg cctttactcc caggacttca     43740
     ggggacaggc agatctctgt gagttcacaa aaagaagagc cccccctgtc ccaaggatcc     43800
     ttggacgttt gtctggaaaa tctgctctct gaccccaacc agtattaaat tcacaatttg     43860
     gcttaagtga aagataaggc tgagaacatt gctcagtgtg gagcacatgc aggtggtgtc     43920
     gttcctcagc actaacaaat aatgagagaa ccaagataca aagtgcaaaa tatttcacaa     43980
     ttattgaagg gcactttgga gcatgccttt aatcctagca ctcgggaggc aaaggcaggt     44040
     agatctctgt gagttcaagg ccagcatgga ctaaatagtg agttctagga cagccagggt     44100
     tatgtagaga gatgctgtct caaaaatcag aaaagtaaga attagtctgt gtctgcagac     44160
     tagggatata tctctgttgc tagagtgttt gcctagaatt catgaagctg tgggtttgat     44220
     ttcctacact acctaaaaca gccttagtgc tgcatgcata taatcccagc atgaggtaga     44280
     gtcaggagga tcacaaattc aatatcacct tctgctgcgc aggaggtttg aggggagctt     44340
     atctcagcaa taaataataa gtctattatg gaagtatagt ctagtttgct aactatataa     44400
     cttttattat agttccgggg aagctgtttc aagcttattc tccctgtaga acgttgcaag     44460
     agcactttgc aaacacatct atggtggttt caataggaat gtgcttccca tagactcccg     44520
     tttgaatgcc tgaggcaggg tgtgtgtggc cttgttggag gaagtgtgtc actggggagg     44580
     caggcttgga ggcctcatgt aaactcaaac taggcctagt gtaacactct cctgttagcg     44640
     aattaagatg tggaactctc agctccttca ccagtaccat gtctgctgca tggcatgcct     44700
     ctccccagga tgctaataag ctaaacctcg aaactaagtc agccccaatt aaatgtttcc     44760
     cttttaagag ttgtctcagc catggtgtct cttcacagac taagacatct actctataag     44820
     tagatgaccc gtgacagcat gggcctctca catggaaact gccttttctg tcctttcagc     44880
     tgagcatctt aaagatgagg atttggggga agatgaggct gtgaagatga gatggctcag     44940
     gggttaagag ccagcatcca tgtcgggtgg cttacaacac ccctaactca gcctcaggga     45000
     tccaatgcac ctggcccctc catagcgccc gcattcatgc atataccacc acttacacac     45060
     ttgactttaa acaatgcttg ctaagagatg ctggtaaaca ccagtacctg cctaagtaaa     45120
     gtcccacggg aggagaattg taccttaggg tagccttaaa tgtccatatc tcaccccaca     45180
     ctgccccatt cctctggctc acagaggcag gctctcttca accagaggcc ctcaaactac     45240
     acaggagtta cctccccata agctgatccc aagcttacac caagtcttcc aactcagttg     45300
     acctaagatg ggccaaggaa gtatattttt taacaatctc ccaaatgcat tttgccctag     45360
     ctctttgaag gcattgaatt gtttgtccct tctcatccct catttttctt ggtgacacag     45420
     agcacaggag agccagctcc ttctctgctg tcttacgaag cctgagcatc taagcacttt     45480
     ttttttcccc atgcacacag aaaaatcttg tcttttttcc tgacctagtt gtctgggact     45540
     ttgtccctgc tagcatcttc ttagtctggc tactttcagg cctgtgtttc actgcctgtg     45600
     ctgaataaga ttaaagcagg ctaaaaatag ttcctttaat ggcccctggt cttggctggc     45660
     acagagccaa actgacttag ctcaaaagct cacctctaga aagaagcagg gactgttgca     45720
     ctgctgggag aggctctgct tgctaggtac agcttgtccc catcagaaga gggtttttcc     45780
     tttcaaagag caagcagaac aaaagaagct ttggccttat ggagaaaggt agtaacataa     45840
     atgagaaaca aaagacagtg cagacccttt gggatgctta gcggagccat ccatgcctag     45900
     ggtgggaaga taggggaaag acctcacagc tgcttctacc ggaactgtct ataatctctg     45960
     agctagggca catcccaaga tgcagcccct gccagcactt gccctgaacc agaaaacccc     46020
     attcgcgttc cttgacttta tttatttcgg tactggggat ccaacacagg gcagcatgct     46080
     tgctccgcaa ggaccgctga gatgcagccc ctggcccgtc agccttagga tgtttattgc     46140
     tgtgttgaga tacgacaacc aaaagcaagt tatggaggaa aggcttattt gtctcacaca     46200
     cacttccaca tctctgtgca tcatcaaagg aagtcagagc agcaaatcaa acagggtagg     46260
     aacctagagg taggagctga tatagaagcc atggcgtgtg ctgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtct     46320
     gtgtgtgtct gtgtgtgtct gtgtgtgtct gtgtgtgtgt gttgctgctc actggctccc     46380
     tcctcatggc ttactcagcc tgcgttctta tagaacccag gaccgtcaac ccacgatggg     46440
     ccgaacatac cctttagtga gatcaatcac taagaaaacg ccttacaggc tttcccatct     46500
     acagcgccaa tcttctggaa gcattttctc aactgaagct ccctcatcta gcccatgtca     46560
     agttgacata aaaagtcagc cagggcacca tgcttgtctt tctaaaacct aacctccata     46620
     tccttgatct ctcttcttgc tatggttgaa aatgagcctg aactgctgag cctcccacct     46680
     ctgcctccga agtcctgtga ttgtaggtgt tcaccaccat acctagcttc tccctcactc     46740
     tcttcacagc tcacactctg ctgttttctc taccatctaa atgacctgtg ttggttcaag     46800
     ggcattctca ctgagcatgc tgatggaaca aacccctctc cagagaaggg tgcggtcacc     46860
     acactccacg ggaactctct ccctgtctgc accctaactg ctcagcagcc tttgaccaga     46920
     gcagacatga agccttttct ttaggtaagg ccctgaacgt atcacaatct cacgtttctg     46980
     gcctatttaa ttgcagctgc tgccaggatg catagactct ctatttggca tggttggggt     47040
     gggttgagaa gtctcaatat ataggcctta ctggccttga accagacatt ctcctgcctt     47100
     tgtctgctgg gactcctcac agtacactgt acactacatc cagctctgct cccttcattt     47160
     ttacagtaga ggaatctggc tcaggatgca atgaccaacc atgttcctgt gtctctggag     47220
     ctgccccagg ttataactga gaggtctgtc tgcatctaag gcttacacag tagctgtcgg     47280
     ctaaagccta tatgggatag cactttttct gggctgccat ccatttcagc aacattattg     47340
     ttcatgtctg tatactcaga gaagcctggt cacaaggaac tgcattttag tgtcctagtg     47400
     acccactgga tccttttcca cctgtgagca gctgcttcaa cctggacagg ttgtttgact     47460
     agtccttggt attgggatga atcttttcca aatgggactg gatagaatgg gattaagaac     47520
     ccactcttgg ggaccaccaa aatagatcaa tgggtaaagg ggtcccagga acccatgcaa     47580
     aggtggaagg agaaaaccaa ctccacaaag tttcctgtga cctccccatg cctggaaacc     47640
     catgcaccaa gcatacacac aaggactagg tggctcaggg gttaaagatg tctggtgcac     47700
     aagtctagtg acctaaatgt tgatccctag gatgcatgtg gtggaaggag aaaactgact     47760
     gccataggtt gtcgatagac acaagcactg caacacacat gggcctgcac atgtacacac     47820
     acacacacac acacacacac acacaccata ataagtaaat atatgtaact gtggtggttt     47880
     gaataggtat ggcccccata gactcacgag tttgaatgct tggcccacag gaaatggcac     47940
     tattaggagg tgtggccttg ttggaggaag tgtgtcactg tggggtgggc tttgaggttt     48000
     cctatgctta agctctgccc agtgtggaat tttgagtctc cttctggctg cctttggtca     48060
     agatgtagaa ctcccagctc cttctccagc atcatgtccg ctgccatgct tcccaccatg     48120
     atgataatgg actaagcctc tgaaatggta accttgcccc aataaatgtt tgcttttata     48180
     aggtttgctt tggtcactgt tgtctcttca tagtttgttt gttgagacag gtcccaccct     48240
     gtagtcctga tggcttggaa ctggtccacc cagacgctcc agggctccac ccagacactc     48300
     cagggcttca catcttgaga tgcttaacct cactgctctt tttttttttt tttagattta     48360
     tttattttat gtatgtgagt acactgtagc tgtcttcaga cacaccaaaa gagggcatcg     48420
     gatcccatta cacatggttg tgatctacca tgtggttgct gggaattgaa ctcagggcct     48480
     ctggaagagc agtcagtgct cttaaccacc gagccatctc tccagcccca gcaataaaat     48540
     tttaattact cttgttgaat ttgtgcatgt gcgtgcatgc atgcgcgcgt gtgtgttttt     48600
     atgtttgtaa gtaggagaac aacttttttt aatttaaaaa atgtttttca ttaattaatt     48660
     tatttattta ttccctttac atcctgatca cccgttctac atcacatctt cttcagtggc     48720
     aggcaagaat cagagacagc ctctgctcca gttgttcagg acccacatga agaccaagct     48780
     gcacatctgc tacagatgag taggggccct gtgtgctctt tggttggtgg ttcagtccct     48840
     gtgagcccta tggggaggac cagcttttga gacttggttc tttccctcca cctcatggtc     48900
     cctgggtcac ttgggtcatc aggcttggct gtgagtgcct tcaagcacta ggccatgtcc     48960
     ctggcctggg catgggaatt ttgataggga tcatggtgac ttggtaatct gcccttagca     49020
     ggattgctgt tcaaacaaag caaagagtag ggtgcggtgg tgcacactgg aatcccagca     49080
     cttggggaac agaggccagg aagcaggtgt cagttttgta aatgcagtgt gagaccaaag     49140
     tgtcctctgt gagaccctgt ctcaaaaaaa aaaacaaaaa caaaaacaaa aaaaccaagg     49200
     ttaagtattg caacccacaa atacaaggtg cccgaacttc aattcatgtg gattttcttt     49260
     ttggagactg acactgtgta gaccagactg gctcacacat tgatctgctt gcctctgcaa     49320
     gtggatcttt taatgctatt tattatacat tattttttag cttctccatt cagccagatg     49380
     tggtggccca gccctttagc ctcagcactc aggaggtaga ggcaccagac ctctttgagt     49440
     tcaaggccaa cctggtttcc atagcaggtt ccaagccagc ttgggttact ggtgagaccc     49500
     tatctaaaaa aaacaaacaa caacaaacaa acaaaactag atctctgttc agattgctta     49560
     ctgctagtgt cctatgtgtt cactgtgcca cattcatcac tagtgtcaag agacacaaaa     49620
     ttgactcaat tattctgctg tttttttttt ttttttcaga cagaatctca ctttttccag     49680
     gatggctgtc tctgactttt atttttaatt atttgattat ttaattttat gtgtatgaat     49740
     gttctatgtg catatatgtc tgtgcacatg tctgtctagt acctgtggac tacctgatta     49800
     cccgggactg tagctataca gacagttaaa agcccccttg tgggtgctgg gaatcaaacc     49860
     tgagctcttg gtcacagcaa caagtactct tttttttttt tttaagattt atttattgta     49920
     ttatatgagt gcactgcagc tgtcttcaga cacaccagga aagagcatca gattccatta     49980
     cagatggttg tgagccacta tgtgggtgct gggaatcgaa ctcaggacct ctggaagaga     50040
     actcagttct cttaaccact gagccatctc tccagcccat ccagcttgtt tgtagtgcga     50100
     agatgacctt gaccttctaa tactctgacc cccacctctc gaatgttgag agtacaggtg     50160
     tacgccacac acccagttta tatatgtggg ttttttgtgt gttgatctgt accctgaagc     50220
     tttactgaat atgacttttt ttttttttga gatagggttt ctctgtatag ccctggctgt     50280
     cctggaactc actttgtaga ccaggctggc ctcgaactca gaaatctgcc tgcctccgcc     50340
     tcccaagtgc tgggatcaaa ggcgtgcgcc accactcctg gcatctgaaa atgactttta     50400
     ttagctccag taattttttt ttttacttct agagtcaaat cctagctctt tcccttacct     50460
     gtggtgccac aatcttctgg aaatatccct cacatcctaa gactggaact ttggcagcat     50520
     ctcacaaaat acagcgttgg ggtcacttaa gcctgctctt ggttaatgtg gattttttct     50580
     cagttaaatg gcttttgttt ccttccgtag tacaacccag atgcattaat agtgactcag     50640
     agttaatcac tgattaattc atttaatctg taaaccaaac agctttgggt tcccactcca     50700
     cttcctcaat cttaacccat cttgaaaaat agaactaagg atatagtttg gttgatcgag     50760
     agcacaggcc ctggatctga tccttgggac tacataaacc agggttggtg ggacacacgt     50820
     gtaacctcag cccttggaaa gttaaggaag aaaggtcaga agctgtggca ttctctacaa     50880
     cgatataatg ttagaagcta gcctggacta cacaaggctc tgtctcaaaa gaaagatgcc     50940
     caggtagact acagattaca tgttacattt ctataatata gttatctctt aacatgctgg     51000
     gtcatcttta taagcaattt ggagtattca aatggctgac atttctaggc aagccagatg     51060
     gggagagcca ggtgtggtgg ctcatgcctg caatcgtggt actcgggact ctgaggcaag     51120
     agaattacaa gaaaggactg gctttgcttt tctgccttcc agatcctcac tttatgttca     51180
     gatgtggcta tgtgcgaggg cgtatggatg tctgacccag gtgagacaga tcaggtttgc     51240
     agccattgat tgattacgtt gataactaag tgattctttt ccaggggctg aggtgcaagc     51300
     ctacggtgca gccctcagga ggtggaagca gggagagcag ggagagcagg agttcaaggt     51360
     catctcggaa caagtcaagt aagaggtaat ctcgtgttag acacgagtct gtgtcaaaca     51420
     cacacttctt tatttaaagg tgaccgccct aacctgtctt ggcattcttt taatacttca     51480
     atctttgtga cagatggaga acagaatttt ggggtatgga gatagaggcg cttgctcact     51540
     ccctgacgtg tcactattct gccattctgt cactagcaca agcataaatt actttttttt     51600
     cttttttgtg ataccgttgc tctatgcagc cctgactgtc ttggaacttc tctatagacc     51660
     aggctggcct caaatccaga gattcagaga tctgcctccc aagttctggt attcaaggtg     51720
     tgcaccacca ccgctcagcc aaaactcccc tttcagtcac tgcattattt agagctctcc     51780
     ttgttgtaaa tcagtgttat aacccgaaga gtttggtaaa gaaggggatt tatcactttg     51840
     aggaacggcc aaaagccgtg ggttggatca tcaggatgct caccatagct ctctaggtat     51900
     cttgttccta ttcatctcac catgtctcag actgtcttac tataggtctg gaaacatggc     51960
     tgcccatggc tcctgactcg aatcccccta ccagtcactc tggtcccaag tttaaaatcc     52020
     cagaaaagag catccttagc taactggcca ttctggccaa tcctctgacc agaagtagga     52080
     agattagaca ggatagctgc tgagagccac ccgtgggggg aggagcagag aggcaattcc     52140
     tgggaggggc gttgagcaca cagaatgggc cactggcagt gccaccacac aagcaaggac     52200
     ctaaacagtc agggtgtcat ggaaacctgt aagagggcca tagagctttc aaaaccactt     52260
     ccagagctag gcatagtggc atgtgcatgt aactccagat acttgggtga tagagacagg     52320
     actatgagtt caaggtcacc ctgtgtatgt aaccaagaca ctgtctcaaa ataaaaacac     52380
     aaaaaagggg tggtagtggg gtgcatactg aaaaaaagaa tccatgctca gagaagcaca     52440
     gtgagtgtaa attaggtgac tgttgactgg ccattgtctt cacaacagat gaattatcca     52500
     catgtggccc ctcatgcaca ggtactttct catctaacac gcagagtcca tgggccgttc     52560
     gacatcctcc ccagctcact gttcccagta tctcagcatc agtgttcatt agggtaaact     52620
     gggatctggc caggtgtgtg ctttcccaca tctccctcag attgtgatgt caatggtgtg     52680
     cagtcaggag tctgtgggtt tttctgtttt tttttttttt taatttattt aatgtatgag     52740
     tgttctgctg catatacatc tgcctgccag aagaggacat cagatccctt tataggtggt     52800
     tgtgagccaa atgtggttgc ccggaactca ggacctctgg aagcacagcc aatgctctta     52860
     accactgagc cttctcacca gccccgtatg tgagtttata aggctcccag gtgatgctga     52920
     tgaagatgcc ctaggccacc agcacagatc tgatgtgacg tctagaccgc catcccttgc     52980
     cttcccagag gaagagaaca agtaaaaaca accacagttt tatttcagaa gcacttggtt     53040
     ttattgcatg gaagcaattg aaagtggact tcagtggaga gtacaccctg gcgtggttca     53100
     gtggccagcg ccctgcctca cctgctgcag ctcttccagg agcgtgtact gggcaagggc     53160
     ctgaccactc ctttggaaaa caagaaggca ttcaggaata ggttacaaca tttcaagcat     53220
     aatgcgtttc taactgctca ttcattattg cggtcatctg tcagttggac atacaggaaa     53280
     taaatgcact tacttggaaa ggagggggca gtttttagac gcgtgtttta cgcgtagcgt     53340
     tcagcataca tcacgttcgg ctacaagaag ctatcataat tgtccatcac ctggggaggg     53400
     ttttcggcgt gggggacaag gctcagggtt atcttctctt gctaacttaa tcttaataga     53460
     aattcctgtt tggtgagggc aggcccacca tctaagcagt gtttcttctt acggagggaa     53520
     aggaagaaat aaaatttatt acgccgaccc ctgagtactg ggaccgtcct gagtttcttt     53580
     ggctattctg ggtgtttctc ttgttctctt acttctctcc cttggtggcc ttgtcctctg     53640
     tggtcttctc tgggggctgg ctttctttct ggtctgtgct agaggatttt tcagcctttt     53700
     ctgtcttggg tttgctaggc tctttggaaa ggctcttgtc atcctccttg accttggcct     53760
     ccattttggg cttctcctca ggcttcctgg actctgtggt cttctcctcc ttggtgtctt     53820
     tcttctctgg tgccgctggc atctcctctt tctttggctt ttccgtctct gtgggtttgc     53880
     taggttcttt ggccttggtg tcttctgctt ctgtcttggt tgtctctgtc ttctctttgg     53940
     gtttagcttc ttccttcaca cccaacttgg caggagtctc ctcctctgag gccacggctt     54000
     tcttcttctc tccagcctct tccttcttgg cttctgctgt agagtccttg ggcttttccg     54060
     tgggagtttc cttcttctcc tccaccttgg gcttcggggc ctccttggga gcttcgtctt     54120
     tcttactctc cttcgcctct gtctttggtg taggcagtgt cttctcttct tctaccttct     54180
     ttgggggttc tttggctttt acctcctcct tcacagggga cttcacctct tccttcttgg     54240
     gagccacctt ttcagaagtc ttggcttctt ccttctcagg ggacttggcc ttctccttgg     54300
     caggactttt cacctgctca gggggtctga tgtctgtggg gtgcttcgct tcctcctgta     54360
     ctggagtctg ggcttccgga gacttcacat ctagaggctt ggccttctca ggaggctttg     54420
     ctccttcctt cacggggctc ttggccttct caggggattt cgcctcagct gggggcttga     54480
     tatcttcctt cacgggggac ttggccttct caggagactt ggcctcagct ggagattttg     54540
     ctccttcctt gacgggggtc ttggccttct ctggagattt tacctcaatt ggtgacttgg     54600
     cctcagctgg agatttggcc tcagctggtg acttggcctc acctggggac ttggcctcac     54660
     ctggggactt gactgcagct ggagacttgg cctcagctgg tgacttcact gcagctggag     54720
     acttggcctc acctggggac ttgacctcag ctggagattt ggcctcagct ggtgacttga     54780
     cctcagctgg agatttggcc tcagctggtg acttgggctc agctggagac ttggcctcac     54840
     ctggtgactt gacctcagct ggagatttgg cctcagctgg agatttggcc tcagctggag     54900
     atttggcttc agctggagat ttggcctcag atggtgactt ggcctcacct ggagacttca     54960
     ctgtagctgg agatttggct tcagctggtg acttggcttc agctggtgac ttggcctcag     55020
     ctggagattt ggcctcagct ggagatttgg cctcagctgg agatttggct tcagctggag     55080
     atttggcctc agatggtgac ttggcctcac ctggagactt cactgtagct ggagacttgg     55140
     gctcagctgg tgacttggcc tcagctggag acttgggctc agctggagac ttgggctcag     55200
     ctggagactt ggcctcacct ggggacttgg cctcacctgg ggacttggcc tcacctgggg     55260
     acttggcctc agctggggac ttggcctcac ctggggactt ggcctcacct ggggacttgg     55320
     cctcttcttt cacacgagac ttggtttctt tttctggaga tgcagcctct tctgcagggg     55380
     gagatgtagc tgctgctcct tcctcttctt ctttttcttc tccctcttct gcttcttctc     55440
     cttcctgacc ttgggcctct ttgtcctcct cttctgtcac tccttccgtc acccggatct     55500
     cttctgtctg tccttctaca atcacagttt ccttctcgga tttctctact acctttatca     55560
     tctcttcgct tttgactttt atgtgcgtgg atatggaggg aatttttggg agtccttcag     55620
     taagagagaa gggactcgga ccaaagccaa tccgacactc ttcgccttcc aggagctttc     55680
     tgtggagtgg ataatgggat acactgttac ctcagagctg gactcctggt tggctttctg     55740
     aagccctagt atgtgcaggg acagggtttg gtgaatgaag ggtatgactc aatggcagga     55800
     atctctctct ctcccttgct ccctccactt ctcttctcta ctgctctttt tttcagattt     55860
     ttcattttca ttcctaatag acttttgaac tcacttattt tttctggtgc tggggatgga     55920
     gttatgctaa caataccctg ccctgagtca cagccttggc aggaagactt tgagagttac     55980
     ttcgggaact gttccggtgg ccgcctacaa agcctgaccc tcatgggggc tgcactgctg     56040
     cttaagggag gaactttcgc cctaaagagt ggtcctccac agaagaccct acactgacaa     56100
     aagttacact gcgtgtctct caactaacac ttaattcaag acaggcatgt tggcacgaga     56160
     ctttaattca gcacttgaga gacagaaaca aatggacctc tgtaagttcg aggccagcct     56220
     gttctacaaa gcaagttcca ggacagccaa gactatacag agaaagcctg tctcaaacaa     56280
     tcccaccccc ccaaaagaaa aacctatttc aagagaaagt tgggggtcca gggttatagc     56340
     tcggtggcat attgctggtc cagtatgtat gagtctctgg gtttggagag acagagagaa     56400
     tgactcctga atgttgtatg taacctctac acgtgcactg cacacacaac aacataaaat     56460
     gtaagccctt cccatggctg aagggaatga ggaagcccac attcaggctg aggggtttcc     56520
     taatggctcc ttttggagcc attctttggg atttcccctc tcacttagct cctcaagcta     56580
     cccagactct aaaggcctcc atttcttcat tggtaaaagg ctgatcacca gcatccttac     56640
     ctcagagggc tgcttctgtg aggggaatga gtgttaaggg cttggcggga gatgaggtgg     56700
     ctgcttagtg gatgcatagg ggcttccccc agaacagtgg cttccaaatt taacagctta     56760
     caaattatcc tggatcctgt taaactacag atcttaatct acagcctggg gcagggcccg     56820
     tgtttctatc tctaggatca ctgtactaca ctgagttacc aagattagag cagagcagga     56880
     ggtggacagc caaggacacc aaccagaaga agcctgggat gtcatccctg ctaggctgtg     56940
     atgtctcatc tttggggact ggtcgtctca tggctaccat tcagtgagca ccagcagaac     57000
     ctgtgtcagc tggacacctc gtaagcagga ctggctgagc tcccaccaac ccatggtttg     57060
     gatgttgttt ctgttgtctc catttacttc tgcaaggaat gaaggccaag caagctaaga     57120
     aactccatag agtggggctg taatagtgtc tgactagcta agtgcctctt ttcctccaaa     57180
     gcaactctct gactagctga ctttgggata gagaagggtc tttaaactgt aaggcgccgt     57240
     cagaaggata agaagtcact cctgagtcaa tgattttgga tggagggaga ggagtgttgt     57300
     gtatacaaat atatgcaaat gaattcaaca tcactgactt attttagggg ggagggggtt     57360
     tcgagacagg gtttctctgt gtagccctgg ctgtcctgga actcactttg aagaccaggc     57420
     tggcctcgaa gacatgttct tttaaaactg ttaaatggcc aatttaagat atagacttta     57480
     taatactttt ttcttatttc attgtgctcg tgcgcaggtg tgggtacatg ggcgcctcag     57540
     tgggggaggg aggttatgga caactttcag gaatcaaagt tctctctcta caggagattc     57600
     tgctggtcaa acatgggccc tcaggctttt atagcaagtg cctttaccca ctgaaccatt     57660
     ctgctgacca tacatcatta aaatatattg tactataatt agtatgggag ggacagctga     57720
     gcttttaagg gttaaggctc acaactgaaa tactttgggc tggtaagatg gcttggtgag     57780
     tagagaggct tgctgcacag gccttaatgc ctgaattcca ccctcagagc ccatgtaaag     57840
     gtaggaggag agagactcta cagaggtgtc cctggtccat gtctttagct agattgtgat     57900
     gacacacacc tttaatccca gcacttggga tgcagaggta ggtgggtctc tgtgatctag     57960
     taagatctgt tttacaaaat aaaacaaaat aaaaactaaa agaccttctg tttctaaaac     58020
     gcaggcagcc acccaaacac aatctgaaac tgaaggctta gtactttatg gaggtcaggg     58080
     ttctaccctg cctcgagctc ctgggtcatc ttacctgtaa gcggcaatct caatgtccag     58140
     ggccatcttg acgttgagca ggtcctggta ctctcggagc tgtgcagcca tctcccactt     58200
     ggtgtttctc agctcactgt ccagctgctg aatagcgtcc tggggaagac agatcagaca     58260
     tcaggagagt catctgccaa gcagtacctg gcaaggtaag ctggtgctac cctgctcagc     58320
     cacctggctg gaggacaaag ccccaccctg gcaaagtttc gatgtgcatg tacaatcatg     58380
     gaaaagtctg gagcaaaact ctcagcctga ggaaagttct ggaatgaaat acaacagaca     58440
     ctgactcagt cagaatgatg ggtgaatttt tacagatgtc ttagaaaatg ctcccttaag     58500
     ggttgagacg tagctggggt ggtacactcc acagggatac ctggggcaag agcagtctta     58560
     gttactttgt tttctgttct ttccaaaagt gcctgcaagt gtcaaccctt gctatttgat     58620
     tccctggcaa gccagaggct acccggaagc atactggata cagatgaaac ttcttttccc     58680
     tggaccactg cttaaagcag tagttctccc aggggtttaa caaacctctt tctccaaaaa     58740
     atagttacat tgtgattcat aactagtaaa attgcggtta tgaaatagta atgaaaataa     58800
     ttttctgact ggggtcacca cagcatgagg gcctgtatgc aaggacagca gtgtcaggag     58860
     ggctgggaag cactgcctta gagtgaacca tcatacggcc ctttacttac tccttaatgt     58920
     ttctccggct gccagtgtct ctgtagtctc cacatttact tgtttatcag gttctaggaa     58980
     agtgacactt ttctccccag actgacagaa gaaatcttcc caggccacac ccacagacac     59040
     tggtgactag aatgcctact ctaaccgaga ttatgctgag catttatact tgagtagtaa     59100
     attctttctt agatgctagg acggagccca ggacctcatg cactcgacca ctgagctctg     59160
     tccccaaggt tgtgagcact ctaaatctct tagatcttca cagatctgca aagcggaggt     59220
     ttatgctggt tttcttccgt tcactccaga gagggaattt tagttcaggt aggcagagaa     59280
     ctctccaggt cacacaacag cagatgtgaa gtctgactca gaggccagag tcctgctcta     59340
     agaaggtcag tcagtcaccc tcccctctgc tcacctggta ggaggcaatg tctgcctgat     59400
     gacggtcctc tagctcagag cgctgcctct ccagtgactc cttggtgctt ttcagggcct     59460
     ccaactctgt ggtcctggct tgcagctgcc gccggtactc agttatctcc tcttgggccg     59520
     agcgcatagc atctgtgttc actttggctg cctctgagag tcggtccaac ctcactaagt     59580
     agggaaggaa tcaggacaca gggttagcaa catatgaact tgggttgcaa tcagaaaagt     59640
     ggcatgcatg ggttgaagac ctactgggtg ctaggatatt taatacaccc tttcctatga     59700
     cagttaagta gttatggtcc aaagccacac tgctagtgag tggcaggatt caaattgagt     59760
     ctatctggct tcagaaaaca gactgtgtct ccctcaactt gatccataaa ccactcagga     59820
     gacaggaagc ccccattggt gattctagtg cctggcagag ttccttaaca aagggttggc     59880
     acactgcact gaaggttcag atgggaagct agcatgaggc ctaactctga gctggggtat     59940
     acaggcttgg gaaggaagtt catattcctc tgacttcccc aggtatgaac acaagccgtc     60000
     agttacaatg tagccatggt aacttcattg cagatttcta cggagtccaa ggtcatagga     60060
     gagtacaagg cccgtcctgt cccagcctct gtcccttcct cttctgactc ccttaacaca     60120
     gcagccccag agccagtgga gtctctgcca ccaactggca cctggttctc agatcttgtc     60180
     caggccagtg gaaataagaa atcggtctta atctccagaa agtgaacatc ctgtatccaa     60240
     gagctgagtc cgggtggaaa gaaagaggcc agctggtggg aacacatatc ctgggatgct     60300
     ctgcttggtg aagggcaaac ctaaaagaag agaagaggtc ccctctggga ggagccttgc     60360
     tgcagagatg ggggaagggc actgccaccg caaaggcgta gaacatgaaa agggaaattc     60420
     caaccatcca aatcccagca ttcctggctt tccatgctgt tagcaaaggc ttaaaagcca     60480
     ctcaagttag gattcttggc tattatggat cacagacact tttgaaaagc gcagatgctc     60540
     tgtacttgcc tccagattta tagatgacta caggaacgac tacagcagat gactgcagct     60600
     gacacaaaga agcccagtta ctctttgccc caatcccaaa agaaatgaga atgagagaaa     60660
     gccaatgttg gtcaaggtca ccctgcagct aaagggtaag gtttcagggc aactgcagtc     60720
     tagctgactc agaacccctg taaattttgg gaaagaggaa ggggatatta aataacagcc     60780
     atttacagca atgaggtcca catgatggtt ccgtactggc tagaaacggc atgaaaatga     60840
     atggctttca tttttacaca gcaattacta aaattcgcga tgttatgtac tgagcaagta     60900
     gtgggacgaa gcctggtaga acgaatactc ctgttccacc cactgcgcag ggtgcgcaag     60960
     aaagggtggg cagagttggc atggcaagcg gctgctggat acctgatacg ctgggtccag     61020
     acggggcttg ctccatttca gatgggagat cagtctgaat ctggggtcta acagtgtgtg     61080
     gggcacaggg gttggccccg gtgtttaatt acagacataa aaaatgtgga gggtggtttc     61140
     ctttttctaa aggaaaatcc agagttgggg cgccccaagg gagggtctgg gtaaaaccgc     61200
     tactttgtca ggtggcatgc acctcgcagc gggtctagct acttctgaga ggagtcctct     61260
     cgggctgctc actgctccgc caggaggggg cgaccccttc ccaccccgcg ctcccgcgca     61320
     cctcggaacc actcctcgga ctgcagcgtg ctctgcaccg cgtggccttc gagctgcgcg     61380
     cggatctccc gcagcgccga cgtcacgtcg cacttgaggg cgtcgcgagc ctcggcctga     61440
     gcctgcgcct gcgcggcccc gcagccctgg atctgaccga gcagctcgcc cacctcctcc     61500
     tggtggtggc gccgcaggta gccgcactcc tcctgcagcg cctgcgcctt cttctgcagc     61560
     tccacgcgcg ccgcttccgc ctcctgcgcg aagcgcgcca gggcgcgcgc cgccgcctcc     61620
     gcctcctcac gctgccgggc ctcctcgtcc agccgctggc ggacgtgagc gatgtcctcc     61680
     agcaggtgct cctgctccag gcgcagctgc ccgcgcgccg ccccgaggcg cagcacggcg     61740
     ccgcgcatct cgcgcacctc gcgctcgtac agctcgccca tggcggcgcg gccggcttgc     61800
     tgctgccgca gcgccgccgc ctcgccctcc aggctgcggt tgtgcgcctc gagctgcctc     61860
     accttgtcga tgtagcccgc gaagcggtcg ttcagagcct gcagctgctc cttctcgctg     61920
     cgcgccgcca ccgccgccac cacgcagccc tctgggccgt tgcttagggt gtctagcgag     61980
     tcggtgctcg aggcggcgcc gcggaagcgg ctgggtgagg cggacacgga gctcacggac     62040
     gtccgcgccc acgagtggaa gccgctggag gagccggccg cggagcgcgt gccgcccggg     62100
     cctgccttgc ggctcagcga gtagtgcagg ctgccgcctc cgtgcagcgg cgcgaacggg     62160
     gcgcccagca gcgcatcggc gctgccgaag ctcatcatgg ccggagcagg tgcggccgcc     62220
     agcggagcgg gagtgcgggg ctgggacggg gcaggcagca ctgcggcagc tctgggactc     62280
     cggctctttt atatccgcgg tggcccggtc cggcccctcg gcagtggggg gctggggagg     62340
     agggccccac cctctccacc tcctcccccg cggccccggg ccgaccggct tctccgcagt     62400
     gagaggggcg gggctggggg ggacgaccca ggagtgaagg ggaatcgacg catcgtcagt     62460
     agagcctccc gaggtcagac caaggagtaa aggacttccg gagcggacaa gtgcagacct     62520
     ccaggtgcat gtcggaagac cctattagtc agaataagac cctcagaata agagagggca     62580
     ctggaaatag ggagaggatt gcagaactga tgggtcaggg cgccttcggg ttgaagcagt     62640
     gggagactgc agtgattact atgagaggac acccccactt gagaagcagc acagggttgg     62700
     ttccctgata gttagagagg accttgagat gaggagtgca gactgcagtc acccacgaag     62760
     ggattctgta tggggttgca tgatggatgc tactgatgat aaatggggac cttctagctg     62820
     gcggtgcagt gttccccaga tactacagcg gccctgggcc acccaaaggg gcttaaggaa     62880
     ctgtacagct ggcttcgggg ttggggttgg ggtgggcgtg gagtttgaaa ggaccgcaaa     62940
     gctaccctga gaaggagaac actgcagacg gagaaaggga gcgctgggtg agaggaacgt     63000
     ggtgctctct aaaaattcca gtggccacga ctggaaagtg gagtctcctc ttgcccggaa     63060
     aggaaaactg cctacgaaga acagggggtc cctcagtagg cagcaagagc ctcaacaccg     63120
     aagccaagtt ctgccacagg gtggggttag cttctgtgct tcgctagctg aatgaccttg     63180
     tacaaattgt gttctcctat gtttggtttt cccttgtgtg caagagacaa gatgcagctc     63240
     caagctccca tgtgccccta ggaggttcga acttgggaaa tgtctggctg attttgggga     63300
     ggagaaccca catattgcca gtcggaatag taaccagttc ctctcacctg agaactttgt     63360
     ctttctccct tccttgcccg atttttctgc tttatcttgg catctcattc cttttccaga     63420
     atagatgaac cagtactgcc gtaagcatcc cctttcatgc tccgaggaag tggtggagtg     63480
     gtttttcagt accaaagtcc accgacctcc atcatgagcc ctactgaggc ttcaggtgaa     63540
     agggcgggga cggcggaggg gcttagactt ggagctcttg ctttattata cggctcgttc     63600
     ttggtttggt tttccggtca aaagcggtgt tagtggacgg agccgcccgt gccgctatcg     63660
     cttcagcacc acggacagca gccgctcctc ggatgggaag ggttaaatct atgcctaacg     63720
     gagtagggag gttccatagc ttttccaagc agtccctctg tgcggtacag gggaggattg     63780
     gatgagtcat atgacgggct cgaaacgacc tacggttgta tgtaagtgac ccacccctgc     63840
     atgtcctgtc cagtgcctgg ctctctgtga agttctttct ccctgcaaac ctcttcccgg     63900
     agcagagaga gccccactcc aatgcccact gacaagctct ggaaaccagt atagacttct     63960
     tcagatcaga acttctccca ggcagttacc tcaagcctca ctgcacccca gtttgctgtg     64020
     gttttctctt ttggagggat ccctaggagg agaactgata gattccctaa aagagatccc     64080
     tttcctgtcc tgtgtctcat tcccagcccc tggctgcagg ccaggagagt gcactaggga     64140
     ggagggggag gagactctag tttttcatga tggagcagaa catgatgaag cattttccca     64200
     atttaaaggt ccagtcatgc tgctctttgc aggggtcaga aaggctggga ggcactgcag     64260
     atgccatggg gaggggactg ggatgcagac ctctaccccc ttacgcccac atggcttccc     64320
     catttatctc ccatactgct tggatttttg ttattagatt cttgttcctt cgagtctctt     64380
     cagttgtctg cagaatgcac atgcccttct tgggggtgag aagtctgaca agcagttgac     64440
     agcacacatg aatgatagga gtggggtgtg tgtgaaggta aaaggtgtgg cttttgtggc     64500
     tgtaaggttg tcatgaatgc tgagaccctg gtcagtcctt cagcctcacc ttcccttcac     64560
     cctgagcctt gtcccctcct ggggttctgt ggtccttgcc cgcatgctgc ttcccagttt     64620
     gtcattgtga gtggatagat ggatgaattc taatcagctc tctagcaaaa cgtatggccc     64680
     agagagagct gagaatgatt ctttttgctg tgcagtggta gcgcacgcct ttaatcccag     64740
     cattcaggag gcagaggcag gcaggcagat ctctgtgaat ctgaagtcag cctcactcag     64800
     cctgagtgag ttccaggaca gccaaggcta catgtgattc ttttctaaga tcttgcagtt     64860
     gaaataactt ttgccttcca tcctgcattc ttaacattta gcagcgaata agacaacata     64920
     actatccatc catccatccc tccatccctt aattgcatcc ctgactcttt ccttgcccat     64980
     tgagctgctg ctgcgtgtga taggcacaca ttggatgatg gtgccactga actcagtaag     65040
     cccacctttc caggtgtctc cttaggacaa ttctgaattc ttcccagatc tcagcccaga     65100
     atgtcctagg gtacctttaa gatgtttcat gctatgtatg attccatgtt agcgatttag     65160
     ttcccaggga gttgccattg gacgatggtg aagactttaa gcaacgaaat cctgcttaga     65220
     gatattcaga aactatgggc atgctcctaa gggaagctgt gagtcccagg tcctttcctt     65280
     cctcccttct cctcctgttc acctttcttc ttctcttcaa cttcctctcc ctccctttct     65340
     ctcctccctt actccctaac tccctttcta tcttctcttc ctcctcctgc tctttcttcc     65400
     tcctccttct cctcctcctt tttcttcttt ctttttttct tttcttttct ttctttcttt     65460
     cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttctccttc tcctcctcct cctcctcctc     65520
     ctcctcctcc ttctttttct tcctcctcct cttcttcttc ctcctcctcc tttttcttct     65580
     ttctttcctc ctcctcctcc ttcttctcct tttccttcct ccttctcttc ctcctccttc     65640
     ctctctctct ctctccccct ccctccatcc ctccctctct ttctctcttc acagcttttg     65700
     ctgttgcttt ctgtcttagt cagggtttct attgatgtaa tgaaacacca tgaccaagaa     65760
     gcaagctggg gaggaaatgg tttatttggc ttacacttcc tcacagtact ccatcattga     65820
     aggaagtcag gacaggaacc tggaggccgg agctgaagca gaggccatgg agggtgctgc     65880
     ttactggttt gctcagcctg ctttcttagc ccagggatag caccaccggc atcagtcact     65940
     aattaaagaa acaccctaca attagactgc tggaggcatt tcctcagtta cgattccctc     66000
     atttcagata actaacttgt gtcacattga cataaaacta tccaaggatg ttctcttgct     66060
     ctctttttag acaggatctt gcctgggcta gctttacatt ctgccctcct ttctcaggtt     66120
     cccaagtgtt gctattaaag gcagttttat tggctcattg aggcagcctg tcactgtgtt     66180
     gcccaggctg gtcttgaact cctgatcccc ctgcagaagg gccagggccg caggtgtgcg     66240
     ccttcatgtc tgacacttca cttctctttt ctttctggcc atgaattgag aggtgtttgg     66300
     ttttttgctt gtttgttttt ttgctccatt atgctgcctt gccaaatgca gcaatacagt     66360
     gccaaagcaa tgggcccaac tgatctcgac tagaatcttg aaaactacaa accaagatga     66420
     acccaccccc tttcttgtaa gtcacggtta caaaagcgaa catataccat gggtattcct     66480
     ctaacaaaaa ggaaaggaga agccaggtgt gattgcttac gacttctagg atttgggagg     66540
     ctgagacaga aggattgctg taagtccaag atcagtctgg gctatatggc aagtttcagg     66600
     ccagcttaga ctacagtgtg tgtgtgtggg ggggggagtg ttgtgtgtct cccatatgct     66660
     aactagagtt gttggaacct tccagagcct gctactgtga agagccatgg gaatctccca     66720
     gatccaagca tacatgctga gggcctgagg ttatttgctt tcggggccca tcctgcttca     66780
     ggtatctccc aggcaaagtt gcagtggccc acagtgaagg acttggagtg atgtctcact     66840
     cttggctggg ggtggggggt aggggggcgg ctactgccag catacaggtg agcttgtggc     66900
     tggcctcctc aggagcatag ttgaaggttg aagttgcagc cttcccagca ggcactgctg     66960
     cccccactcc tttcattcag tattgctggc aagtcagcag gaggaggttg tggtagaagc     67020
     aggtccctca gctcccgtgt gcacagcaga gaatttcata gtacattgct gatacagaag     67080
     cattgacacg tgggttagtg agaagtccct gggggagggg atggacctga gttttctgga     67140
     gccgagactg gggagagggc tggcttctgc cgagagtcct gcggccagca tctgcacatc     67200
     tgggttatgt tttggtttta gtgaattcgg accctcggag ccaaacattc tttctctcct     67260
     taaaaagagc atcacgttcg tctcatacag ctgcttttct gtcggttttc tgatgaacac     67320
     cgacaaggac cacgtactca gatgtccagg gagatgggga aatctcattc gtatcctcac     67380
     atattcacct atttacatac atgtgcgtat gtgagtgcag gtgctgcaca catgccatag     67440
     cacgggaacc caggtcagag gagaacgtgt ctctctcctt cccgtcctcc tcccatgtcg     67500
     ggagacctac actgacctga ggctcatata cagctgagac tgacgttgaa cccatgatcc     67560
     ttctgtatct acttcaaatg cttttttctc atgcgtgttc tggggattgg actcagattg     67620
     tcagacttgg cagcaagcac ctttacccaa tgatccatct cgccagccca gctgatttct     67680
     cttcttctaa ttaggtgtgc ctgtcttctc tcacaatgaa agttttatgt ggggaagtac     67740
     atgtccattt tatacactgc tggcctccac cagtgctcgg actaatggtt gcatccatag     67800
     gagcccagca gggacttgtg aagtggcagc aatgctctgc agggacatct cagcaccagg     67860
     catgtggaca gcttccagtg tcagctttgc ggggcgctgg ggggagggga gcagtggggg     67920
     gaggggcaca tcagcccctg cgtgtcccct ttggggaggc tcaggccatc cccactctgc     67980
     cacctgtaga ctcacctttt tttggttcag caatttcatg tctgacgtct gcttgcttgt     68040
     ttgttgtctc cagtggcgtc acaccccacc cctctgctcc tgtcccctgt ccgttccttt     68100
     ctctgtccat cccacctctc ccctccccca tctccatctc ctctccgctc ttctgctcct     68160
     tctgggctgt gcctcctcca ttctccctgg tttctatccg cctgtccctt gtaagctctc     68220
     ctttctaaga tgtgtcttct ttttgcctga ctcagatccg gtttgtagta agaagaaggc     68280
     agcctctcca cccttccacg ctttaggaag caagctgcaa agacagaaca gggtgcagtt     68340
     tttatcctcc cttcatagct ccacccacag ccttacccca ccccctctgg actgcctatt     68400
     gccctcagca accctgccgg cacacacaca cttctgaagc cctgggacgc cggcccgcct     68460
     gcagtgggga gagaagctga attctgcctc aaaggctggt tgctggtggg tgggttcaca     68520
     ggtctggctc acagcatacc cacagctcca acgctgttct gagctcttct ggttgagtgg     68580
     ctttctcatt gtgggtcctg agatgcagag tgaggcagtt agtttgtcct gaggaacctc     68640
     tatctagtga ctcagtgggg ttgctcatca gggtctctgc agctcttaga actctcctta     68700
     cctggagcca gaggctaagc agccacacaa atgaaacttg tgctctctgg aaggagaaaa     68760
     tgatcttatt tattttttta tttacttact tattttttat gctaagagtc aagcatggag     68820
     gcctgtgctt actagctggt cagtgctctg cctctgagct gcatctccag ctcttggtct     68880
     tatctgggtt tttttttttt tcatatttat tttattattt tatgtgccgg agtgtcctct     68940
     gtgcatgttt gtcagcactg tatgtgtgcc tggtgtttga ggcagtcaga agagggtgaa     69000
     aggtcccctc tacagttgca gatggttgaa agctaccagg tagatgctgg gaattgaacc     69060
     tgggtccttc ggagggacac ttgtgctctt aacctctgag ctcttttgtt ttaaagcaga     69120
     atcttactac atagcttagc ctggccttga actctctcta tagcttatta tcaaacttat     69180
     tatcctacct cagcctgcca agttctggga ttaaagacat acggttccac ttctagcaag     69240
     actctctgct cttttttgtt tgttttttgg ttttttgaga cagggtttct ctgtgtagcc     69300
     ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tctgcagacc aggctggcct cgaactcaga aatccacctg     69360
     cctctgcctc ccgagtgctg ggattaaagg catgcgccac catgcccggc cagtctctgc     69420
     tcttatgtct acccttttat acatccaacc tatgaagtaa attctgttac tatacctaca     69480
     taagctcaga gaggttgagt aacttgcccc aaatcacaca gtttgaatgt ggtgtaaccg     69540
     aaattcaagt ccagtttttt gggctgtgca gaagggatga tcaactgtga gactgccatc     69600
     gtacactgct tttccaggaa ggccctgctg agccagcacc tctccagttc atgaccacta     69660
     gctggaggat ttgctctgtg gatctctgtg gcaccttgct ggaagcaagg ggtgttgaga     69720
     actgactttg ggttttctgc ttttacgttt tttcgtcctc tgggttgtct tgggaggtct     69780
     aggagagggg gaattcccag gtggcatagt taggaagtca aaatgatggt ggggtcagct     69840
     ttcctatatg ccccatcctg gagacgccta agtcaaagaa gtgactggcg agtaggagat     69900
     tgattttcac agtgtacatc tgagtcatta aggaagcagc tgagcagctt cacttgcgag     69960
     cacctgtctg cttgttccgg ctgctgacct gtatggtact ggccttgctc tgtgaggact     70020
     gcagtgtccc tcagagtagg acactgaggt cagagggaga atgtgcctgg caaggttgca     70080
     gggagagggg gcttggggcg gggcctggtg gagcgtggtg gggggtgggg gggcagtgtc     70140
     tataccagag gaggaggaag tccacagtca aatagccgat gtcagagttc agagggaggt     70200
     gtggaaactc aaaataatta atttcaatat tcagtatttg aattattaat ttaataatag     70260
     ttagattaag agttcattcc tggatggaca gagtggtaaa cacctttaat ccctgcactt     70320
     gggaggcaga gaggcctggt tcatatagtg agtttcagga cagccctgtc gtcgtcgtcg     70380
     tcgtcgtcat ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct tcttcttctt tagtcgttta tttcatgtat     70440
     aggaatacac tgtagatatc ttcagaaata ccagaagagg gcatgggatc ccattacaga     70500
     tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg gttgctgggg attgaattca ggtcctctgg aagagcagtc     70560
     agtgccctaa actgctgagc catctttcca gcccctagag cctgtcttca aaacgaaaca     70620
     aaaaagcaaa caagaaaatt tcatccctgg aggtcaagtt tgatgggtca atgagaagag     70680
     actgagcttt gaagccccag ggccttgggg tgctggtcca ctggtcctct cctccatgtc     70740
     agccaggtgt acttgggatg cttgtagtct cagcacttag gagacaggca ggaggagcag     70800
     aaatttaagg tcatcctcag ctcacaagtt tgaagatggc cttggccaca ttagtctcat     70860
     taaaataaag aactaaacaa acctctgcag ctcaaggtgg acgtgaagct tgcccttcct     70920
     gggacagcac actctgacct gtcgctctgt agccaggctg tgtgaggaca gagacagccc     70980
     cgcagcacca tggctcttgc tcagaggcaa gagatgccaa tgtggaatac gtgtgccagg     71040
     aagtttctaa agcctgtgct tcaaccctga gctaagtgct taggtccgaa gactaaagga     71100
     aacccaggtg gacctggacc agggacctag tcacaccaga gttccagagt cgtcgcttga     71160
     gctacaactg tgagctgtta gcagcagagg aagggagagg cagagcagcc actgagggct     71220
     tcgctgtctg tgagtggcag ttggtggaaa ccattactgg gggggggggc ggttaggatc     71280
     tggtaaggac tctaccagag agtcccactt gcagctctaa ttttttcttg ttactgcttt     71340
     gagacaaagt ctcactctgg agcccaaggg gggccacatc cccctgttcc agcctctcta     71400
     ctgctatgac gataggcatg aaacaccgca cttggcttag tttaaaaact aaaatccctg     71460
     gtctgagaac atggcttggt gatcctgatg acctacattt gatcccaaga aatccttaca     71520
     aagctgaacg cagaggctgg gatgtggtgg cgggactctc tgctcccagc tcttccgcag     71580
     ccaagtggga gggaggcaga gacaggaaaa tcagcaggca gctctcaagc cagcctgcat     71640
     ggagttagat ccatgcagca ggaacgagag agacccccac ctcagtgagg tctgaagcag     71700
     gaacagcgga ctcccaaagg tcctctgact acaggtgtac cccagggcca aaccgagtca     71760
     cacatgcaca cacatatcca aaacacgttc ctaaggatcc cacttcagtt ttgtttgttg     71820
     gtgacaagtc ccaggctctt tcagatgacc tggattagaa tctccaaaga tgtccctcct     71880
     gagccaatgt ccctcaagca gaagttcctt tgcatctggt ctcagctaac catccagacc     71940
     ctgtaagcga ccactctgct aagtccacat tatgtcattt agatgccaca gtgatgcaga     72000
     gagccagctg ggatagaaag tggttaagtc actggccgag cattggctgg gagtgcagct     72060
     cagtaagaga gtgcagctca gtgggagagt gctttctgcc acccatgagg ttctcagtcc     72120
     ctcagcattg caagagcagt gctgccaaac acagaaccag aatctgaaat ttcacagcct     72180
     gactctggaa gaccacactg cctgtctcaa gagcttcctt gtgtcccatg ttgtctcctc     72240
     cttggtactg tgggtcttgc tcactaccta agcatcctga gatctaggca atgacatata     72300
     ctggagtcca tggtgcttgt gtcttctgac ccttcccagg tcatgagcct gtgagaggag     72360
     aagctgattc tcggactgag agacccaaca tttgggcatg agtggctgtg agtgaatgga     72420
     tggtggaata tcccacttaa aatgctccta caaaatcagc ctgtgagcaa ggctgtagtg     72480
     tattttctta gctagtgatg gatgtaagcc cagctcatga tgggtggtgc cgtccttgga     72540
     ctggtggtcc tgggttctat aaagaggcag gctaagcaag cctggaggca ggcgggggac     72600
     aagccagtga gcacactcct ccatggcctc tgcatcagct gcagcctcca ggtcctggcc     72660
     ctgacttccc tcagcaatgc agcatgccct gagacccagc tgaaataaaa ctccaacttg     72720
     tttattatca tggtgtttgg tctcagcaat agaacccctt gaagcaatgc tggggttaca     72780
     ggcttgtacc atcattctcc aacactgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     72840
     gtgtgtgtgt ttatgtaagg atggggtgta agacctcatg cacactaggc aagtatccta     72900
     ccactgagct accccaacca cccttccatc ttgcatactt tctggataat aagaccacct     72960
     gatatccagc aaaatatatc ctctgagtat ttctctctcc tccctcctcc ctcttctcat     73020
     caccgtcccc ctccccctcc acttattctg tctgtctgta actactggag atgactcttg     73080
     ggcctcgcac atgctagaca agctcttttc cccaggtctg agaatttcta atgaacatca     73140
     atttcttgcc ttactcagca gatccttggt gacaacaggc agattcatcc aaatgtctgc     73200
     agtgactgta acacttgctt tctgtaccat ctagaacctc cccctgagct cagaccaagc     73260
     cagcgctggt accagcactg ccacttctgc tcaggctgca gaggcaacct ctcctctctg     73320
     ggtcttagtt tctgcctttt tcacatagaa aaataatggt tccagcgtaa accattggtg     73380
     ttactgggat ttggggagaa aactgtaaac aaaactggtg gtaagtgggt gcctatgatg     73440
     tctgcaccct agaggagcct agctcctcct cctggcaccg tgatggtgtc agaagaagga     73500
     gaggcagggt cctagtgagt gatggtgtca gaagaaggag aggcagggtc ctagtgagtg     73560
     atggtgtcag aagaaggaga ggcagggtcc tagtgagtga tggtgtcaga agaaggagag     73620
     gcagggtcct agtgagtgat ggtgtcagaa gaaggagagg cagggtccta gagagtgatt     73680
     gatggtgtca gaagaaggag aggcagggtc ctagtgagtg tgtggaagat ccagatttgg     73740
     ggctcaggcc atcctgacct ctgaggctgc aggtgttcct tgcccggcct ggggtgatat     73800
     taaagagcct tttggcataa tctcaggctg actccttgtg ggggaggagc tgtgtgggga     73860
     tagagagatg gtgttggggt ggctgtccta agctctcagt aagcactatg ggtgaagtgc     73920
     actcctgcca ccatgccctc agatgagcaa aactgcagga tcatataggt tcttcttcaa     73980
     gaggaccaag ataccaaact gtccaaagtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     74040
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtaggct ctcatgtgca tgcacacatt gtgtacatgt gtacacatgg     74100
     ctgtggagac cagtggtcaa tgttggctgt cttccttagt cactctgcat tatttactga     74160
     gacagggtct cttactgagc ctggagtttg ctaactcagt taactggtca gtaagcccca     74220
     ggaccagccc cacccccacc caaggctgga atcagctgca taccaccagg ccaggcttcc     74280
     cacacaaggg ctagggttga taaaactgat ttaggttttg agacagggtg tcatgatgta     74340
     gcctgtgtta gcctcaaact cttgacccct ctgccttaga ctctaggtag caataattaa     74400
     tctgcccaga ttatttttgt gtgtttgttg ctggggtggg gccaagggcc ttaagcacag     74460
     accaactctc aaatgaattc ttaatttaga agtcgagatt gcctgaaaac tgcttcaggc     74520
     agcacccagc tcttaggatg cagccatgga gatgaactct ccttgttagg aactctaata     74580
     aaagcacaaa actacttttt aaaagtattt ttaaaattta ttttcatttc ttgtgcgttg     74640
     gtgttttgcc tacatgtctg tgtgtctgtc tgtctgtgtg agagtgtcag atcctctgga     74700
     actggagcta cagacagttg tgagctgcca tgtggttgct gggaatcgaa ctcaggacct     74760
     ctggaagggc agtcagtgct cttaaccact gagccatctc tccagacctg taagggtgga     74820
     ggccatgaaa gcctggcttc aggaggtgct ggctgagtgt ctgctccccc ggaggtgaag     74880
     cttgccccag catcctgact aatagcacag tgttcttttc cttccttgga ccctattgtg     74940
     cagggcctct cgcagtgcac actcagtata gcagcatcca ggtacttctc caggatgcca     75000
     gtttcccacc tccatggggg tggtctagct gctctatgtt acatggacag acatacacag     75060
     ccaagaaggg tcagcaacta gggagagctt cccaaacgag gtctcagagc tgaaggacta     75120
     ggaacagggc tcgtgaagaa gtcaagtgga ctccctgggc ctgggttttc tcagacatac     75180
     acctgagtat aatggaggaa tttggggctg gggccttgag ctggggatgg aggacccccc     75240
     ccgggggggg gttggctcag atggctgagt ttaaacttaa tcatagtttg gtcaagatcc     75300
     ctcaattaat ttatgtcatg ggtctaagcc acttccttta aggaaatgat tactagttgt     75360
     accgagggat agggacgagg ctcattggta gagcgcctga ccagcctgtc aaggttgtga     75420
     gtcccatcca tagcagcacc cagggaaaag aaagtgcctt gttcaaaagg cacttgaacg     75480
     gtgtatgacc cccttcatgt gacatatcga gagtaagcag gtctagagag atgaagtcct     75540
     gtagggtggt tattgtagcc agagctacac agtgagggga ttaaggtttc tttagaaggt     75600
     tgtgaagctt taaaaatcca ttgcggggct ggagaggtgg ctcagtggtt aagagcactg     75660
     actgctgttt cagaggtcct gagttcaatt cccagcaacc acactgtggc tcacaaccat     75720
     ctgtaatgag atctgacgcc ctcttctggt gtgtctggac agctacatac atgaaataaa     75780
     taaatctaaa aataaaaatc cattgccatg gtggttatat actgttacta aggatatgaa     75840
     agttcaggaa attgtgactt cccaccattg aacattggaa ttatgtctca ttcaaactat     75900
     tacaaaaaca ttgtaaagta tggctaagcc aggcatggtg gcacacacct ttaatctcag     75960
     tgttcaggag gcagaggcag gtggatctct gtgagttcaa gccagtctgg tctacagagt     76020
     gagtcccagt atagtcaagg ctacacaggg agaccttgtc tctgaaaaag gcaacatgaa     76080
     ggctttgcag caaaccaaag tcgagtggtc cagctctgtc actcctggga acttacctga     76140
     aggactatgt ttctttcttt tctttttttg gttttcccag agaaggtttc tctgtgtagt     76200
     cccagctgtc ttagaagtca ctctgtagtc actcaggctg gctttgaact cagagatctg     76260
     cctgatcctg tcacccgatt gctgggatta ggtgtgccaa cactgccagg cctaggattt     76320
     atttttattg tatgtatatg tgtgcacata ctcatgcgtg catgcatgag tgcgtgtttg     76380
     agtgtgtgtg tatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt gatatgtaca cattagtgca     76440
     gatacccacc taagccatag aaatcagata accctggagg tggagttaaa ggccattgtg     76500
     ctaactcatg tgagttctgg gaaatggaat caggtcctct gggaaagcag catgagctct     76560
     tagtccctga tacatcactc cagtgctggg tcctagactt ttgtttgttt gtttttattt     76620
     ttgttttttt caagacaggg tttctctgtg tagccctgtc tgtcctggaa ctcactctgt     76680
     agaccaggct gacctcgaac tcagaaatct gcctgcctct gcctcccaag tgctgggatt     76740
     aaaggcgtgc gccaccaccg ccccgcatga gtcctagact ttatgtagat gtataaagta     76800
     atttatttat aacatggaag cagaagcaaa atgggcaaag aagggggctg tcaagagtca     76860
     ggagaagaga gggtacggag ttgctatggt cagggtacat ggtgtgaata agaaagtctt     76920
     tatgatactc ctcgctgtag aatacatgca gaaaataaat attactagga gatttggaga     76980
     agctgcatgt ctggtagatc atgagtgcgc atacctaaat gttcacttca cgaccccatg     77040
     ttatacagac agccccactt cccctagaga aaactgagag gagggaagag cctggcttct     77100
     ctaagtcaca gggaaaggga aggcggggca aacaaggtgt gtggcctcct tgggcttttt     77160
     ctcctgtggg gacaggagtg gctttccagg ggctggttac ctccagagac tttaaagcta     77220
     gatcagacca tggagttggt attcctctct ctgcccttag ggctcagctt ccttagggat     77280
     cttacagctg ttttctcagg gctaatgtca ctcaaggcac tatacaagaa ctagaacagg     77340
     aactccctcc ctgctggcac taggaaccca ggaatcgggg gcaaggtgtg ctctgcaggt     77400
     gctgagatgg agctatgcag gcatgtaacc ttgcatgtta ctcaggcctg ggttacctct     77460
     tctgtgaaat ggggctggct agagccccca taccatggcg actggcagtg tctgttccct     77520
     agtgcttata ggctctgctt cctgcagagt gttttcaact gctgtcataa aaggggacat     77580
     gcctacaaag tggcatttat gataccaccc agcttccttg tcagtgagtt atgtcattgt     77640
     cttgccctga actgtcaact tccctttgat ctttcccact tggctcttcc tagcctaaag     77700
     cctgattctg atctccccct ctcctgcttt ctttctttcg gaagtcagtg ccttcctcct     77760
     gcctctcctt ccactgagct tcggggaaga tcaccaggca acactcagag ccagtctggc     77820
     cttcacgtct tgctgagctg gaaatatctg agcccagctc agcatcagct tgcaagtccc     77880
     tccctctgca gggccagggc caccatggag gagctgctgg gccctggtgc ctgctccctg     77940
     cactgcacca gcagctgcaa tgcctgatgt agggctctgg gctctctcca ggaaagctgc     78000
     tggcagacag tcctcttgga gagttccgta ggtccctgtt tgcagatagt caggttgttt     78060
     cagcctgggt cactcagcag gcctccaaaa tgttagagca ggttgtccca gcataactac     78120
     gtgggctaga tgtcatcaag cgtcttaggg gaaaaacaaa actctgtacc tcagtttctc     78180
     catttgtcca aggtaaatga tttggaagct agctatctac cagtgtccat acttctgatt     78240
     cctctccatg ccttcctacc catgagtcca ttgacttagc acttgtgtat ctgctgggaa     78300
     ccatgacaat caggcaaaca ggagctgacc agaaagagat gtacaacagt ggaggaggag     78360
     aggcctacac agccttggaa tctgtgactt tgggcaggac tcctgcttcc cccaggtctc     78420
     caacctctga ggccagcttt ctcacccccc ccccaccatg acgacagggt tttcatgctg     78480
     ggctcagcac tagcaagcga tcataaacac gggtcgccca ttccctcaag gcccagccca     78540
     acgtccctga gcctcaaccc tagggctcag acccaagctc cagccaaccg caggaagacg     78600
     ggacattgat ggctatctgt gggggtcaag gtagtagtga cagaggaggg cataggactg     78660
     ccaagagctt gacagtcttt cctgatggtt gttatgctcc tgtggggcca ctcctccagc     78720
     gccttcctat agtaacctgt ccttagagca gtggcaccac tttggctcct tttttttttt     78780
     tttaatttgg tttttcgaga cagggtttct ctgtatagct ctggctatcc tggaactcac     78840
     tctgtagacc aggctgtcct cgaactcaga aatctgcctg cctctgcctc ccaaatgctg     78900
     ggattaaagg tttatgctac cacacctggc cactttggct cctttaacag tgaggttact     78960
     cagctgttat agcccaaggt caaccagaag aaacactgtt taaccaggat ccagcccact     79020
     gctcctgtaa acagggctgc tgttcttcag cttctcgttg ttctcagtgc tggcctcctt     79080
     cctactgctt ctggaatcat ctgttgactc tcatccattg ctcttgcttc ctccccttgc     79140
     ccattcccga ccacctacct ctccactggt tcatccattc actgttagtc ccgactctgc     79200
     tatgagccag gcattagggc atgtgtctgt gatgccagtc aggagttcaa ggcctgccag     79260
     agctacagga gaacctgtct caaacaaaca aaaaaaccag ctgggtggcc cacaccttta     79320
     attctagaac tctggaggca gagacaggtg ggtctctgtg cattcaaggc ctgctgggtc     79380
     tgcatagcga gtttcaggct ggccagaaat acatggtgag acgatatctg ctccccaccc     79440
     cccggggaca tttttcattg tccctgcagg aatcggtgag cctcctccct atgtccccca     79500
     tgccacactc atcctaacac ttgtctccct ccttaaaaaa aaattggaga ctatgataaa     79560
     acagtttttc tttgttatat atgtgtgtac gactatattc ctctttttct ctccctcccc     79620
     ctcttgtttg tttgttgttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt gagagagagt ttctctgcat     79680
     agccttggca atcttggaac tctctctgtc gaccaggcta gtctcaaact cagagatctc     79740
     cccacctctg tctcttgatt aaaggtgtgt gccaccactg cccaatgact gtatgtaagg     79800
     tgtgtgccac cactgcccaa tgactgtatg taaggtgtgt gccaccactg cccagtgact     79860
     gtatgctcct acacatataa ctacaagctg ctcattctgc tacttgcatg tatgttttca     79920
     gggtaatgtt ccagtaccat ttggtactgg ataaccgatc attgtacctt tttgtgggga     79980
     agactgtgtc tccagctcaa cactgtatct cctgttcaac acagttgtga atgtgtctgg     80040
     cccttcctgc acactgcagc ccctcaccct cacccttgta cttacccctg actgtgggac     80100
     aaggagactg ctgggaaatg ctgtatatgt ctatgcagat gtgtatacag caccgcatac     80160
     actgtggggc tagggctgga acagggcagg tgagacaagc actctgcctc gggatttgag     80220
     cttttaaaat tgtttataaa tggctcaaaa gtcaaaaagc ctttctccaa gtgaagatag     80280
     ggcagtcatc cattcctagc cactagagtc gtccccgaaa agtggcacag cgttccaccg     80340
     cacatgccag gtttatgcag tcctgggggt tgaaccacca gctttgtgcg tgctctgcag     80400
     tcaccctgcc aactaagcca caccctcagc ctgagatgca aactgatgag ctgttgttgt     80460
     ttgttgtttg tttgtttgaa cacctggata ttttatgctt ggttttgttt ggttggttgt     80520
     ttggtttcaa gacaaggttt ctctctgtag ccctggctgt cccagaactc gttatataga     80580
     ttaggctggt ctcaaactta gatatttgct gcctttgcct cccaggtttc ctttgcaatt     80640
     gtgatgggcc atgtgcctgg aggactgaga cttgggaaat cctcgcccct acacacacac     80700
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacgcaagc cagcaccagc ctgtcagaat     80760
     ttcccattga aattcagagc tgcttggcca aagagcttga gaaatggtgt ttgtagagtt     80820
     aagctcccca gaggctgagc atgcagagga aggtcagaca gggtgcctga gatgacacta     80880
     caaatgacca aatggctgga acagttgcca gcattaatca gatgcccctg agaggaatac     80940
     caaaatattc aggaggggtt tcagacctcc tcagacttta gaccagcagg aagtcctgat     81000
     tagctactta gaaggcagag gcaggagaat agcaagttca aggcccactt ggaccacata     81060
     cagaaagagg agagctgcgc tcacaccaga ggtctcttag ttccagctct ggagttagtg     81120
     gcactccaaa tccagactgc agccaggacc caggacccag gaccctgtgc ctcaggaagc     81180
     aggttcttac cagacagcga tactaacact tccattacgt ggagacaggg ctgcagggta     81240
     ggggcaggag tagaggatgc tcacacacga tagcaaggct atcgtggtta cccaaaggca     81300
     gtctagggct gctgtgatgc ctgggcctgc cctctaagcc ccaagagcag gagaactctg     81360
     catcctgccc cgcctccccc acctcctcct cccaggcagc agcattggca gaacttcatc     81420
     ctctggagag ggatgcagga aaatgctccc tttttgatga gacagcaatg aggtgatgtc     81480
     tggaatttta tagtcccatg gctgagctgg tgccagatgc cagtccagcc aaatcccatg     81540
     agccacattt gtcctctgtg ctcctggcct tggggagacc ttttaggggt ctgctttgag     81600
     atccagactg ccaagcccca agtcactgtg gttattctgg gtcccttgct gactctcagt     81660
     gtgattatgc tccacaaaag gatcaatggc ccagggaacc tgaaattgtt aataacactc     81720
     tacgcacatt tcatttcact ttaaatattt ttttttcttt ttaatgttac ttcctttgaa     81780
     acaagatttc ccagtgtagc ctggaacctg ctgtgtatac gtagcaggcc ttaaaatcaa     81840
     aatcctcctg cttcagtccc tgggtgctgg gagcacaggt gtttgccacc atacccagtt     81900
     taggattgta ttttaaatgg agaagaagcc ctaaaagaaa catggaaaag aagaatcttg     81960
     tgacagatgt gtgtgcagga tgcagtaaga gcccgggagg ccctgctctc cagagataag     82020
     ctgtggggct ggctgtcaca tgactcctcc aaactgccct ctgcacatgg gtcttaaagc     82080
     ttgggtcttc aacagtcaca gtatatttat cctgctttgt tttgttttat tttggaattt     82140
     gctttttgca agcagtagca gcagctcttt gggcatggag atgaaagaac atgggcttag     82200
     tatgctgaag ccctaggggg ccagaaatca aaaacccaaa ccaatcagaa aggggtagct     82260
     ctttaaatgc agaaattctt tttttttttc agataaaata ttataggttt acttaaaact     82320
     tatttctcac cttgagtatg caaaatacaa actccacaaa atgttcattt tttttttact     82380
     ttgtagttca caaatataca aaatagaagt ttgcttaaat ttatattaca tgtttattaa     82440
     ggcaaggaac tatatagaaa aacacattta ttcagcttga aggcatactt gggaataaac     82500
     cattgtacag attattgcac atctgaaacc acagtaaatg cagaaattct taacctggca     82560
     ggtaggtctg gtgggagcag aagtgaccag taaattgtac aaaatcctgt gtcgggtgca     82620
     tctgtgagca gttattagag gccgtggcga tgaccctctt ccaaatgtta agaatgatcc     82680
     agatgcaagc cgcttgttat tacatgggga aagagaccca gatgagacgg atgggaagcc     82740
     aacccctctg atggcctcga gagcagtgcc agagtactgc agttaccgga acctgggcat     82800
     cctgccctgg cctcacggag gaactgcgtc ctgcagagcc taaaggaggg cgagggaggc     82860
     agtctgccca agctgccagg acaagcctct gcagtccctt cctgagagat ttacagctgc     82920
     caggcacgct aagaggttgc agaggaaagg cctggtgcag gaccagacac tctgcagtgt     82980
     ctgcaggctt ctccaggctc ctgtctggtc ttccagtgct agcctaagct agtgtgagca     83040
     tgagagggga agggaaaagc aaggattcct attgccagaa cctgagcact ggacctgacc     83100
     cctctcctca tattttggtg gggtttgtgg ggccatgtgc atgctaggca agaactcaga     83160
     tcccagcccg tctgaggagg attgcccagg acagccagga agcctcgtgt agcttggata     83220
     ttggatcttt ccctgctgca gtaggatggt ctcatttcac ccacatgagc agcccatcag     83280
     tgagtgagtc tcctggaata agcaagcaca cacaccccac tcccatatat acttcatcct     83340
     tgaactcgcc ccagccaagc tgccccaaac ccaacaggga ggttctgtta gtctcccccc     83400
     cccccccccc ccccccgctc atgtggctca gagaggccaa gatgcttgca cagcagctgg     83460
     gggtatcact tagtcagtat taacacaaac ctgcacaagg ccagtagggc catcagatgt     83520
     gtaatagagc ctggcatgcc agttctgagg tctcagcagg tggtcctcaa actcagtatg     83580
     aggataatga tggccttgca ttgatcctcc tgcctccgtg tctaagtaac agattaatag     83640
     gcatatatta tcacacctgg ttttacgcag tgctgaatat ggaacccagg gccttgtgcg     83700
     tactagctaa gtactcttat caaatgagct acatccatag ccacttaatt ctttttgttg     83760
     ttatttttgg ggcatgacag tgtgtgtgtg tgcgcgcgcg cacaagtgca tacttgtgca     83820
     cctacataca gatacactct caaaaatgca ggaaacacac gctcccccca aaaagaataa     83880
     cagcctcact ccttggcatg tcagtcctcc tcagggacct gcatagacga cagtaatgcc     83940
     ttggagtaca gcatcctctc aggactccaa ttggtaagga ccatgagatc agctagtttg     84000
     ggggacctag tttgcttttc tcttgactgt gataaacact gaccaaaaac aacttggaga     84060
     aagaaagttt atttcatctt ccagctccca gagaccatgg ggtacactgt ttactgactt     84120
     gcttttcgtg gcctgctcag cttgctgtct tacacagccc aggatcacct accttggaat     84180
     ggaacctccc acactgggtt cccataacag ttaatggaga aatgctccag aggcctgtct     84240
     ataggccaat gtgatgtagg tgccctcttc tcaggcgatg ctagtttgtg acaagttgac     84300
     aaaaactaac cagtatagga attgcttggt gaagaactgg gcaggaggcc agggccaggg     84360
     gacaccaaag cagcaccttc caatagcaac tgagaggctc tcgtggtggg atttccttgt     84420
     ctggtggatt tgcagagtgg acattgagtt ttgagcaggt tggttgcttc tcaattaggc     84480
     attggcatag tttagatcta gagtgttccc cagtgcctct gtgtgggagc cctggccaac     84540
     tctgtgtggc ccccagtctg gtgctttggg gaagggtgga acctttaaga ggtagggcca     84600
     aaaccaggtg ggggtggggg tgggggtggt gcacacctta aataccagca ctctagaggc     84660
     agaggcagaa ggatctctgt gaaaggccag cctggtctac agagcaagtt ctaggacagg     84720
     cagagctaca cagagaaacc ctgtcttgaa aaacaaacaa acaaaaaaga tagctgatgg     84780
     gacatctttg ggtcactgag gattgtggaa ccctggtctc ttccactttc tctttcatgt     84840
     gttgattgta aggtacctta tgctgtgatt tactggcacc ataggcccaa agctgtgagt     84900
     tttgcacgat gagctaaaac aaccttttct ctttataagc tgagtgtctg gtgcttctta     84960
     tagtagtgca gagctgactg acctgtcacc ccaacaaaga ttttgttttt gcctagcctc     85020
     agtgtggtca ctctactacc ctaatgcctt gatagtaatg gactgaacct ctgaacctgt     85080
     aagccagccc caattaaata ttgtccttca taagagttgc cttggccatg gtgtctgttc     85140
     acagcagtaa aagacagaag ggaacaaaac ttgcccagtg tcacactgct ggaggcagca     85200
     cagccattca cgtcctcttt ccttttcgtt gagatacaac ccatctgact tggtacattc     85260
     accatgttca agtacacagt acaatggctc caccacagcc acgagatatg cagccatcac     85320
     ctaatactag agcgccttat ctcctcaaga agaagcccca tcccactggc cctccacccc     85380
     tccccctcct cctgcccctc cccactggcc ccctcccgcc cctccacccc tcccgccctg     85440
     caatggtttg gataaacaat atcccctaaa agtccatata ttggactcaa gagtttggtc     85500
     tcaagagtgg tggtactggc caggcagtgg tggcacactt ggaaggcaga ggcaggtgaa     85560
     tttctgagtt cgagtccagc ctggtctaca gagtgagttc caggatagcc agggctacag     85620
     agaaaccctg tctcgaaaaa caaaacaaca acaaaaagag tggtggtact ggacagagtc     85680
     gtggacttta gtgggtgaga attaggtcac ttggggtatg agattgggat cgtgagaccc     85740
     ccacatgtct gtctgtctgt ctccacctcc ctccatctct gcttgctgac ccatgacatt     85800
     acagcttggt tcagtgttca ttgttccttc ctgtcccttc atcctattag tgcgaaaaag     85860
     caccataagc aaggcaactt agaaaagaaa gcttttcatt tggcttatac tttcagaggg     85920
     tgagagccca tgacagcaga gttaagcacg cttagcgctc acatcttgat ccacaaccac     85980
     gagacaaaga gagactggga aactcacagt cttttaaaat ctcaagccca ttcccaggga     86040
     cacacctcct ccaacaaggc cacacctcct aattcttccc aaacagtttt atcaaatgta     86100
     tgagtttatg gggccattca ctcaaaccac cacagagaac ataagcaacc cctgatcatt     86160
     ttttgatttt gtttttcaag acagggtttc tctgagtagg cctggctgtt ctggaatttg     86220
     ctgtgtagac caagatggcc tcgaaatcag agatacacgg gtctctgcct cccaagtgct     86280
     gggattaaaa gtgtgcacta ccacctcccg gcatccaccc caatcttgaa tatgaacctc     86340
     cagctaaaca acctttcctt tttatcagtt catgacccca gatcttctac catagttaca     86400
     ctgatctggc taacacactc cagttctctc cattctataa tcccaggcaa ccgctaaatc     86460
     attctttatg gatttgccta ttgtgaccat ttcaataaat gagatataaa caatacttgt     86520
     ctcttacttc tggcttcttt cacttagcaa gatttcaaag ttcattcaca ttgtagcatg     86580
     aactggtatt ttttaaagat ttatttattt attttatata tgtgagtaca ctgttgctct     86640
     cttcagacac accagaagag gcattggatc tcattacaga tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg     86700
     gttgctggga attgaactca ggagctctgg aagagcagtc agtgctctta cccgctgagc     86760
     catctcccca gcctgggaac tggtttcatt gctttgtata aattcaagta tctatgcagt     86820
     ggagagatgc agacactttt tccatttact caaaacctag gtaatttgtc cccaagccca     86880
     gtgccatttc aggtgtgcca gccacatgac cttaggatct tagaagctct gtcattggta     86940
     gtgactgtct gcgtcatctt gcatatggca gtgttttgca ggttaatggc tgcacagttg     87000
     aagacctgaa gtgttctcaa accagcaaaa ggctcaaagg gcaggtcgga ggcaggaaca     87060
     gtcactcaga aattagtgcc ttcagtcagg aaggaagagg aaaaggaaga agaagatgag     87120
     gaggaggaga agaaaaagaa gacaattatg cccacagcaa caaggagaca actatgacat     87180
     gttggtcaga tgaagcattc attcaaggcc cctgaggggc taccaggacc cctgtctagc     87240
     accgtaggga ttgtaggtaa agtttagact cagggtgaag agtgctgaga gatgggccca     87300
     cagagccact ccttaacatc agtagtgata atagcaggct gaggttgtag ctcacttggc     87360
     agagttcttg cctaactaac tggcacgaag cccctgagct caatctcacc atcgcatcta     87420
     tgtgaggctt agtgacccat gcctggactc atactagtag gatcagattt tcaaggttaa     87480
     cctcagtttg agactgtgcc aaaaaataca cacaccacat gcacacacac acacacacac     87540
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacttactt gtgaaagctc aaaacagccg     87600
     tgaagctgcc tggctcgcct cgtatgtact cactatgcac ctaacctcca ctaggggtca     87660
     ggcttgccta ggagtcactt ctctgttcac attcataaca gcagcttctg ggtagtcctc     87720
     aatgtctaca tgcataaact gaggcccaga gagctggaga ggcttatcca agtcacacag     87780
     ccattagccg aaaccttggt cggcatgatg attcacacct cagggcaagg cttacacaga     87840
     gatgcctctt cagagagccc tcagccctcc cgcgctttgg cattattgtg agggtgtaat     87900
     cccaggaggc ctgtgagacc cagggcctgg cacagaagcc acatacatta accagctgtg     87960
     aacaggatga tgggggtgga gctcagtgac acagcgcctc ctgagcctgt gtaaggccct     88020
     gcgttccatc cccagcattg aggagaagag aacaaaatgg caaaagtcca ggacatttct     88080
     gtcttgtttg agacagaggg tctggagcgt gtagacatac tttttggtca atttattggg     88140
     ttctattatc tcccaccttt ccaacccttc ttccactaca attccttcta gccccccaac     88200
     actaggcaag agaagaaaga aagttagagg ggtaaggggt atagatctct ttaggctacc     88260
     ttctgctgat caggggcgtt ggtttccttg gagcaagtcc aatcttcttc atcagaatat     88320
     ctccaaccaa cacaggaagc agaagtagta gcagcagccc taccccaggt cctctggggc     88380
     tctggcattt accctctcta gagtccccag aattctaaac aaaactttct gcagctggca     88440
     aaaaccatgg ccctcctaga gcaggagcca gtcctagcca gcagccatgg gcagtctgaa     88500
     gcaagccata tcctgcgcct gggattaaaa caaaaacact cacaggacat gactagggtt     88560
     ttttgttgtt gttgttattg ttgttttgtt tttgtttttg cttttcgaga cagggtttct     88620
     ctgtgtagcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac attgtagact aggctggcct cgaactcaga     88680
     aatccgcctg cctttgcctc ccaagtgctg ggattaaagg cgtacaccac catgcccggc     88740
     tttttttttt tttttccaga tagcagttct tgaaaccctg agtgtaggac agttcaaggg     88800
     aggggggcaa gagaagtggg ctccagaagg ccttacagag gaagctggga gaatctgaaa     88860
     gaacaaacag gaagagactg gcttccagta ggccaggaca aggagaaatg cctgcaggtt     88920
     gggcaggcag ctttgtggcc agttggaaag tccctgtgtg gctcttccag ggggacaccc     88980
     gagtctgtca tgaaatccta gttccagact aggtatcctg cttccccagg gccttaccca     89040
     cagggaagag ggtgcaggct gtggagggaa gtggaacagc gtggtccaaa cccaagccgc     89100
     aaagatgtat ttcccattct gcacggcaca ttctgcaatg attgatgtct gtgtacacag     89160
     gaagggtaag tgccttgctc aggttcacac agcctaaaac agcaaatccc atgtccaaga     89220
     tgcccagccc cttgtaatca tgaactagac cttccccgga agtactgact tcctcccagc     89280
     acacatcctg agctgtctgt atctttgtga aaccaggaca gcagctctgc ctatcccagc     89340
     gtggttgtgt ggatgaaggg agggaggtat ttgcgtagtc tagactctag ggcagcagtt     89400
     ctcaacttgt gtgtggaaac cccacagagg ccgcatatca tgtttacatt acgatttgta     89460
     acagtagcaa aaatacagtt atgaagtaac aatgaaataa ttttatggtt ggggggtcac     89520
     catgacatga ataactatta agcattagga aggctgaaaa ccactgttct agagcaccgt     89580
     gagttacagg ctaatgatcc cagtgccacc gccatttgca tcatcactag gaaggtagaa     89640
     gccaactgaa tgatttaacc cggttattgc acggtgaagg aaactgaggc cagacagaca     89700
     gggtatatgg atcatggctg ataattagga aagaaacttc taaaatcctc ttgggtatga     89760
     tgcctgtcat ctccaccctc ctgccctggc tggtaataca ttcccaggag tgtagccagg     89820
     acgcccagtt tcacgcggtg gactacaggt agccatggca tccagagttc agctgcgaag     89880
     gaaaatccgc cctgcccggc taggctagct gttgcagacc cctcgggcag ttcagctccc     89940
     accccccacc cccaccccca cccccacccc cgactcttcc agggacgcag cgtcctcgca     90000
     gttgtctatt gttttgtatt aagcctcctc accggtgtct tttgcacctt aaggacacac     90060
     tgccttccta gacgtgactt tagcgcctcc tactgggcag agcactagct tcccctgaag     90120
     agcccgctta gctcagctca atgggccagc aaaagtttca agcaagtttc tcagagccac     90180
     acctgctcta ggggagctat ggcctcatat cggtggggtg gtgggctagc acacacttac     90240
     aaaatccggt cacattttgc gacaccaatt ccaggtgttc cacttatcaa agtccctata     90300
     atgggggaac atcgggcatt ttagtgagag aaatggggtc tccctgttga ggtgaggtct     90360
     caagatcttt cctcctgact cagactcccc attagctgaa gctacacagc acatgtacac     90420
     cacaccaaac taggatcctt acctaagagt gtaggctttt tacgtttatg ttgaaacgct     90480
     ctatagtcca gcctggcctt gctcacactg tgtagccaag gatgaccttg aactcttcat     90540
     cctcctgtct ccacttccta aatgctggga tactaggtat gtcccaccat ctccagctcc     90600
     cggcttgcgt gcctgcctct actgacccag tgtagccaca ctgattcagg ctcaggctca     90660
     ggagacagaa tcctgaggtc acagaataaa aggcttgtcc cagatgcttg gcctcatgtg     90720
     attgtaggag ctgcataagt actttctgga aggctgacac ccttcagtct tctgtgagcg     90780
     ctttaagtcc acaggaagaa agaaaggggg attccgaatg ggaaatagca gaacccacag     90840
     aaagccccag gagcctgggc gagtgggcag aacaccaagt cagcccttgc agaccaggga     90900
     gggatgttgc tccacaccct ctcatggcct gggtgttggg gagccagagc catacacagg     90960
     gaaagcagag tagccgtgga aggtctgagc ttcccaccaa caaaaagacg tcagaggtgc     91020
     caggcaagtg ccacaatggg gcagtggttt cacctctgcc ctccaaatcc tgcacatgcc     91080
     ccttctatgt cccacccaaa aaggggacat gaggaatgtc agtccaacca aaatggtata     91140
     ttaaaaatct accgggatag ccaggtgtgg tggtcacacc tctaacctta gcacctggga     91200
     ggcaacgaca ggataatgtt ggtgaattca agagtaatct ggtctaggta gcaagttcca     91260
     ggaaaaccag gcttatacgg tgagaccctg tctcaaaaac aaaacacaca aaaaaacaaa     91320
     caacaacaac aacaacaaaa cccacaagca aacagaagtc tcttggagtg taaaggaggc     91380
     tgcagaggtg gctcagttta cagagtgggt actctcagaa ctggagattg aatccccagg     91440
     atccacataa aacaaaaata caaaagcaaa accaaaccca acgacaaagt tttataagcg     91500
     cctgtaaccc cagtaccatg gagaaggtcg aattccagtg tagcctaatt ggttagcttc     91560
     aggtagcctg tctgccatgt agaattaagt ccaggcttga acttgggttg tcaggccagg     91620
     caacacacct ttactcacgg aaccatcttg ccagcactac tggtttttca gacttgcagc     91680
     tctggggatt aagcactggg cttgcaacaa gctaggcaag agctctacct gggagccaca     91740
     cttacccagc ccttgtccac tttgatctct acctgactca tgatgaggaa tacagcacag     91800
     acgctatggg aatagtggtt agctacattg ttaggggagc agtgagggaa gaggaattcc     91860
     tgtgtgtgtg tggttttttt cttttttttt tcttttcttt ctttttcttt ttcttttttt     91920
     tgggggggtt tgtttgtttg tttgtttggg tttttttttt gtttttgttt ttttgagaca     91980
     gggtgtctct gcacagtcct ggctgtcctg gaactcactc tgtagaccag gctggtcttg     92040
     aactcagaaa tccacctgcc tctgcctccc aagtgctggg attacaggcc tgtgccacca     92100
     ttgccctgca tcctgtgtgt tttctatagg aactttttcc tggtaagtga ggtatggccc     92160
     agtagtatcg tacttgacta gtgcgtgcga ggttaatcca agcactacaa aaatgaatga     92220
     atacatgtaa ggcgaaccat acagggagat tcatgtaggg aaaaaaatac atgggatggg     92280
     gctggagaga tggctcagat gttaagagca ctggctgttc ttccagagga cccaggtttg     92340
     attcccaaga ttcatatgga ggctaacaac tagagtagcc cctgttcaga ggactttggc     92400
     tttctagggc aatacaaaca agtggtgcat agacacacat acaggcaaaa cacccacaca     92460
     cataaaacaa atattttaaa atatgaaaat aaatatagat atacaagaaa cccagcctgc     92520
     tagatgtaag ctggttagtc ataggtatgt actggttaat aatgtcaatg aaggttttca     92580
     ttgtatcttc acgctctgga gggagctgcc gagatatccc accacactgg tttccgacct     92640
     ggttagtctt cagaagtctg taaaggctag agtcgtgggg ggttgtcttt ttgtttggtt     92700
     tgttttggat tgggttgttt ttttccattc taaattttag tgtgtgtgcg tgtgcgtgtg     92760
     cgtgtgcgtg tgcgtgtgcg tgtgcgtgtg cgtgtgcgtg tgcgtgtgtg tgtgtgaatg     92820
     tccatgcttg cttgcagaga acagaaatgt aggatcctgt acagctgaag ttacaggatg     92880
     ttgtgagcca tgagttatgg gtgctaggaa ttgaactctg gacctctgga aaagcagtaa     92940
     gtgctcttaa ttgagctgtc tctccagtcc ctggttttgt ttgtttgttc gtttgtttgt     93000
     tgtttgtttg tttaatttag catgagtcct tggtcgtgtg gaggttcaga gagcactttt     93060
     gagagtcaat ccattcttgt cttccacctt gctgagacag ggttgtaact ttcttctctc     93120
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc ctggtttttc gagacagggc     93180
     ttctctgtat agccctggct gtcctggaac tcactttgta aaccaggctg gcctcgaact     93240
     cagaaatcta cctgcctctg cctcccgagt gctgggatta aaggcgtgca ccaccacacc     93300
     cggcttattt ttttttcaaa tcctattgtt ttaaaagatt tattttatgt atgaaacact     93360
     gtagctgtcc tcaggcacac cagaagagtg cattggatcc cattacagat ggttctgagc     93420
     ttgtggttgc tgggaattta actcaggacc tctggaagag cagcaagtgc tcttaatcac     93480
     tgagccatct ctccagccct caaatcctgt gtttaatgat ggttcttgaa cattttaacc     93540
     ttccttgtag cccatcacct accataggta cttgctttaa acagaacatc ctctctcctg     93600
     tgtctgcttc acaaaacatt ccttcatgtg ttttccccag caaaacagca cccaaccaac     93660
     attccaaaga accgttaagt ttccacgtca cagagtctct cttatttctg atactgagct     93720
     gtgtactggc cccaagcatt gggccatttc tcctgtcctt gtttcccact tcgccatagg     93780
     atcacagatt tgcaccaaca catctgcctt tctgtgggtt ctggtcacca cagtcaggag     93840
     tcaggatagc accacaggca gctttaccct cacagccatc tcctcagcct tcattaggtt     93900
     cttgaaggga gacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacacc acacacacac     93960
     acaccacaca cacaccacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacca catacacaca     94020
     cacaccacac acacacacac accacacaca cacaccacac acacacacac cacacacaca     94080
     cacacacaca cacacacacc acacacacac accacacaca cacaccacac acacacacca     94140
     cacacacacc acacacacac acacacacac acacaccaca tacacacaca cacacacaca     94200
     caccacacac acacacacac cacacacaca caccacacac acacacacac acacacacac     94260
     cacacacaca cacacaccac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacatgg     94320
     gacctacaag aagctgtatc aagacctgtt gcaagcagat ggtctctcta tgtagccatg     94380
     gccaccctgg aactctatat aaaccagggt gtccttgaac tcatggaaat cagcctgcct     94440
     ctgcttcctg agttctgaga ttaacacaca cacacgcaca cgcacacgca cacacacaca     94500
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacttc tcttggtgag cccaaggcta tttggagacg     94560
     tctaaaagca gagctctttg tccagttgat agcagaagtg gggaattgga gctgagattt     94620
     ggtgctgagg aagttctctc tcccttgccg agcaggagag ccatggggca ggacctgagc     94680
     acagccagat tggtctcctg ctgacaactg gagactaagt ggggaggaac atcaggcctc     94740
     caactataag ggattgtact acagctggtg agcctggaaa ggaggcaggg acagacagca     94800
     gtacagggca gccaatgcct tgctttcagc ccaagtcaca ttttcagcgg aaaaacccag     94860
     gcaagcaatg ctggaagtct gcttctagaa ctgtgaagca ataaacggat gttgttcgaa     94920
     actgctaaat aggtggtaat ttgttaccca gcaatagaaa acaaatatag gccactaact     94980
     ctttgaaccc caagggagag gtattaagct gttttcactt tccaatgaaa gggctcagag     95040
     gttaacagcc ttcaaaagat caaacattag gggtaagctc cagaaccagg cctgggggct     95100
     ctcaggctga gctccttggc ttcccagtcc agcaaggctt ttcctgaagg ttaaaaggca     95160
     gcaatgagca cctgtcgtgc aaacaaactg ggatgtgtcc tgtttattcc ccagtgatgg     95220
     agagggaggg cccggcccaa atcattgcat attctggaca ctggaaatgt ccacggtaag     95280
     gctagggcta ctgccatgca aacgctgtaa acagaagcca gcaacttcaa tctttaaggg     95340
     gtttggaggg agtggggttt gccctcagtt tatgttgtag tagatgatag ggtcaggtga     95400
     cttgacactt ttcaagttta cctcggacca ctgagaagtt ccagaataac tcatagcaat     95460
     gagcacaccc agcacttagt gctaggtttc taccattctc aataaaagac atttgggaaa     95520
     atgattggta gtggtagtga gcagggtagt ggtactgacc agccagggac agcttgagtt     95580
     gcctgaaatt aaggaagtac taccaaaagt gaacaaacaa acaaataaaa cttgctggcc     95640
     ttggcagtgc acacctgtaa tctcagcacc cgggagactc cagtttaaga ctatcctgga     95700
     ctacacagac ttagtctcaa agataaatca tgtgcccaaa gagatggctt agtagttaag     95760
     gcactggctg ttcttccaga ggacctgggt tcaattccca gcacacacat ggcagctcac     95820
     aactgcctat tagctccagt ttcaggagac ctgacacact cacacggaca tatatgcgtg     95880
     caagacaccc atgaccgtaa aacaataata aattttttta aaataaataa tgtgccaggg     95940
     tggggggggg ttgtaggctg gtggtgcaca cctttatctg tcccatcatt caggaggcag     96000
     aggcaggggg atctctgtga gttccaggcc agggctacat agagagaacc tgtatcaatc     96060
     aataactaga aagagaaata aataatgata tgagtttatt cgaggagtca acctaaaaga     96120
     actttttaca gttgagacaa ataaataatc ataggatgtg tgtgtgtgcg cacgcgtgca     96180
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcgcacg cgcgtgcgtg tgcatgaata     96240
     ctactcagct gtaaaaagga ggtttgggct ggttagatgt ctcagcaggc agaagctgct     96300
     tgctctcaag cctgagaccc tggattttac ccctagggat gcacattaac aaaggggaga     96360
     acaaacttgt gcaggttgtc ctcggttctc tagctaatct gtgtaaataa acacacacac     96420
     acacacacac acacacacac acacaaatta aaaaggaggt ttgagtctga tgtggtggca     96480
     catgccttta attatagcac ctggtagagg caggtggatt tctctagtga gttccaggac     96540
     aaccagagct gcatgctaga gagaccctac cttaaaaaac aaaccaccaa gtaaataaat     96600
     aagaggtctg gaagttggct tagtggaaga gtgtttacct gggttataca ggccctgggt     96660
     tccatcacag cgctgggaaa caaaagggat cctgacatag gctacatcat gtatgaacct     96720
     tgaagatatt acttatgatt taaaacccac ctagacataa aggggcagat atattagatg     96780
     cctcagttag agttacattg ctgtgatgac atcatgtcca aaagcaactt aaggaggaca     96840
     gggttatttg acttacatgt cctgaatcac agtccactga gggaagcaag ataggaattc     96900
     aaatgaggca ggaacctaga ggctggagcg aggcagggag gggctggctt tcttatagca     96960
     cccagggcca tcagcctagg gatggcactg ctcacaatca ctgattaaga aactgacctg     97020
     ccgggtgtgg tggcgcacgc ctttaatcac agcactcggg aggcagaggc aggtggattt     97080
     ctgagttcga ggccagcctg gtctacagag tgagttccag gacagccagg gctactcaga     97140
     gaaatcctgt ctcgaaaaac caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga aaagaaaaaa agaaactgtc     97200
     ctacatgcct gcctacagct ccagcttatg gggacacttt ctcaactgag agtccctcct     97260
     ctcagatggc tccagcttgt gtcaagttga tgtacaactt gctggcacat tgggttagct     97320
     ttgtctaagg tgctccgaat ggtcaaatgc agggagaagg aaactggaac agtgactacc     97380
     agactctgag gagggaaggc agtgggaggt gttggtcctc ggcacactgt ttcagtctga     97440
     ggtgaggaac tgtctctgca gttggatctg ggccagggct gacagtagtg tacaagtgct     97500
     cagacacgga gcacagacaa gtcctgcagt gtgggagctt attgctgttc tttgtgcctg     97560
     ctttgggttt tgttttgttt tttttctgga aattgaatcc aaggccttac acatgataga     97620
     caggttcttt gctctttttg agtgacaggg tcttcctaaa tagcccagga tggacttaaa     97680
     tttgatatgt agtataggct ggcctagtct gccttctgaa tgctggaaat attcgtgtgc     97740
     accactcaca catggtgcct ttagaaatgg cactcttagt gctggctagc tgtgtcttaa     97800
     gagcttttcc tatctagatc ttcttgatct ctgtataaaa tagggtatta gtctcatttt     97860
     cctgatggga cattgaggct caaagagact gagttacatg ctcatgcaca cagtggctga     97920
     gcagaacaat atcaaagcaa acagtggacc ctattcagca ggaacatcaa gatatcagct     97980
     actgaacgtg aatgctgagg ctttatctct aggagggatc tttcaaggag acttagtaat     98040
     cctgttttct aggttgagga cagagctccc atacctaggg atttggagcc tgggtggaca     98100
     ttttcattct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctccccct     98160
     ctcgtactgg agattgaaac tagggctttg agcatgctag actaacacgg ttccactgag     98220
     ctctatattt ccagatctag cgtgggcctt ttcaattgtg gaatagaaac tggtccagcc     98280
     tagggaactg gagcaaggag agagctctga gaggcagcct gtggcaggag agcctgaaga     98340
     gctggacaga attttgctcc cgtcaacacc agcaatggtg tattggatgg agggagcccc     98400
     agaggcctcc tggcccctct actctgccag ctgtgcccca taagatgagg gtcagaagga     98460
     tatgaagctg tccgcctctg caggtcgggg gtggggtggg gtgggggggc gctggtgttg     98520
     tcagtgaggt ccttaacata gtcactttgt gacaactttt agggatttaa aggattaaaa     98580
     gcagtaagca gagactggga tggcagattc ataaccatat agaaagaaaa gtctagaaac     98640
     gtggactaga aggacgtttg caaggcccgt gctgaaaata agattaaaga ggatggtggc     98700
     taatgacact tgtgggccct ctagtggaca cagaagtgaa gaacactgtt taatttgtcc     98760
     aaattaagtc tatcttgcta tctaccagga atttggtacc aggaccaaaa tccctgaagg     98820
     tccaaggtcc tgatattgaa atacgatatt ttcatagtgc ctaaatgtat ccttctctat     98880
     actttaagat gttgctgaat gacgtatata atatgtaacg cggagtagat actatataaa     98940
     gagcagatat actgaaggct ggggacatgg ttcagttagt tagctctaac tatcaagtgc     99000
     tcgcttactc tcagggaacc tattatacag tggcctctct cgagggaatg gagggtctag     99060
     cagggagaaa agctggctga gaccctttat aaggagcagg caggggcgca gacttgggct     99120
     gaggaagttc atgcagttta ggggctatgt gcaggtttgt ggtctccctt tcctggaatt     99180
     gtctgcttca agtaagacag ataatcttgg gaaacaggct gtctcttcaa cattcttctc     99240
     tgggctaagc aaggtcagct gtaatctcat acaaatcctg tttttaaaac caagacactt     99300
     tatcaaaaat attttaccaa tgacaatttc cgggtgttac tattatcctg tgtcaccatt     99360
     gagggaagcg gggtgaaggg taaatggtat tctttttgtt gttgttttgt ttgtctttga     99420
     gacattgaga caaggtttca ctgttgtaac tttgggaatt ttctatgcag accaggatgg     99480
     ctttgagcac acagaaatct acttgactct gcttcccaag tactggaatt actggcatgc     99540
     accaccaagc ctaacctttg ccctggatgt cctgaaattc tgtctgtaaa ccaggctggt     99600
     ctcaaacttt ggaatccatc tgggattaaa ggtgtatgcc atcactactt ggcaagattt     99660
     atttatttta ttttatgttc atatgtgcat gtacctgtgc ttgcatggtc agaagagggt     99720
     tttagatcct cttggactat agtcacagat gccatgagct gccatgtggg tgctgtgagc     99780
     tgccatgtgg gttctgggaa tgaacccctg ttatctggaa gagcagccag tgtttttaac     99840
     tgctgaacca tctcttcacc ccagcatctg gaattctatt ttgtctattt tatcaatttg     99900
     ccataactat tttatcaatt tgtcataatt atattatgac aaaactttaa agaatgtaaa     99960
     aacagctggg tgtggttgtg cacaccttta aacccaacac tgtgagacag aggcaggcag    100020
     acttctgctt ggtttttcag tttccaggtc agccaaggtg acagcgattc agttgttaga    100080
     gtgcttgcat aggatgtaaa agctctgagt tagatcccag cactacatag accaggcatg    100140
     atagtacatc actgtgagct caacaatggg gctggcttgg gttacacagc aagagcttgt    100200
     ctcaaatcaa taacacacaa ataataaaat aaaaaggcag acatattaca tctaggagga    100260
     taaccaagtg ttaaaaaacg attttctcag gagcctacgt gttttggttt tgcctttttt    100320
     ccttactaat atatttcttt tttttttaaa aagaattatt tattttgtgt gtatgagtac    100380
     aacactgtcg ctgtcttcag acacactaga agaaggcatg ggatcccatt acagatggtt    100440
     gtaagccaca gtgtggttgc tgggaactga actcaggtcc tctggaagac cagccagtgt    100500
     tcttaatcac tgagccatct ctccagcccc cactaatata tttctttttt tctgcaatgc    100560
     agatattatt ggtttaataa aaatgctaga atagaagttt tataatgttt taaaggggat    100620
     gaacacaagt tatctattag aaagagaaaa ttaataggac caaagtcagg aatgaaatgg    100680
     ctgtatcagt tgaggtctca ctgtgaagta tcccttggat aagaagtctt ggacgtagct    100740
     tatgttttcc ttttagaaca atgaattttc caagggcagc agaaaaagtc tcgttttagc    100800
     ctagcagaca ggcgcagtcc agcagctgat cagatttgta gctccgactt tcccttttcc    100860
     taagacaacg ttggcctcag tcttcccatc tgtaactcag aaagagatga actttaaagt    100920
     cttccaagac cctttcgatt ccatggtgtt tgagagggag cctggccagg gattctgagc    100980
     aagggtatcc cagcctgaac ttagccgctt ggcccgccca ggccctcaat tctcataaaa    101040
     gccggctctg ctaaggcccc gcccttccca cacaggcccc gcccaacagg tccccagccc    101100
     ctcccgccag gttgcaccct cgaccccgcc cccggggtgt gcgtccaccg gaagttccgc    101160
     gcacgggcct cttacttccg ctcggcaggt gacagccgtg gagcttggag ccgccggctg    101220
     ctgcgacgca ccggaggaga gggaggcgga ggctgcggac attttgctgc tgaagcgagc    101280
     cgagccgcgg cacccggagc cgtttggatt tgtgggtgag gaaaaaggca gcccggcgag    101340
     ataggaaaac aaacaaaccc gaaggggtcc gaggagtggg gggggtctgc gaggtcagag    101400
     gtcacggaga ggacgctgcg ctggagggtt gcgagccgcg agagggcgaa ggtgaaaggc    101460
     ctgcgtgctc attcattccc gacggcttgg cggcccggcg tcaagccgtc cgtcatttca    101520
     ggtccgcagt ccggttcgga gagactcctg cacttaggcc tcccctgcgc cctgcttgtc    101580
     ccttcccact cctcggccaa cctcaggcct cctcgttcag ggccttatct cttagccgcc    101640
     gcccccccaa aacggggcaa acatctagaa atggccttct gccacccgcc cctcgtcctt    101700
     tggatcctca gggacacgtt gacagaatgg gagcacttgt cttagttcta acaccacaag    101760
     aatgtcttgt cactggttct ccagcccttc ctgacttcga acctctgtgc taagcacttt    101820
     gtgtactgag ctcacagctg cctctgtaag gtagctactg ttgctttccc cctctcactc    101880
     gcgaggacac cgaggcacgg gaggttaaat gacacacgga aggtcattcg agtagtagag    101940
     gcaaaatcag gcttcctatg taggtctcca gagaccttca aagctcgggg agaaaggcac    102000
     ctggagctgg cttggggtct agaagtgact tgatatattg tcgccaatat attgtgtgag    102060
     ttggtgtcag gatgcagcct tctcacctgt cgtctgatcc gatgtttagg aggagctgtt    102120
     gatacacttt caacttagga ggctgttcgg ccaggttgtt tttgtcagtg ttttggctct    102180
     caggtcttcc tgcctattgg gctattcttg gaattgatat ccagacaacc ccttcatccc    102240
     gtttgcactt tattcgtttt gcagtaaaga ggggaacaac ggggcccctt gggggatctt    102300
     ttggtcctag gttctagggg aacaggccca caggatggcc tttggcctgt catggtgcct    102360
     gggatgactg gtctgcgtgg gagatgggaa ggcgacttgg tacctggggt gtgagcctct    102420
     tttcctttag agacattttg ttgctccttc cttatacctt agtttccctg acagcaacac    102480
     aagagagact tactatcttc ctacttcctc ttgagtgcaa ggaactgaaa tgagcctgtg    102540
     aaagtttcct tgctcttttg gaaaaaagta gtaagtaaaa atgttacatt aattgccttt    102600
     tttttttcca gtctcactct gtcccagtct ggccaggata tctcatgtgt cttgaattca    102660
     tagcagccct tttgccttag actcccaagt tctaggattg attacagagc tgaaccacca    102720
     cacccagcta gctcctctgt ctgtctgtct gtctgtctgt catgagctct gtgatgtttt    102780
     tctagtccca ttggattcac agaaacttaa taatgtcacc ttatccctat ccttccaagg    102840
     gataattgaa gataaagcaa cttgtagggg cataaacaga ggtctgcgtc ttaggaactg    102900
     tcaagagggc tttgctagtc cccaagaatc agaccttccg tgtctctgta gagatcatct    102960
     gatgagtgtg ggttgactgg aagcttcaca ccgagtagtc tgaagggctc agaggtccag    103020
     aggaatgagc actcactccc tgccagtcag ctcctggctc tagccccagg tcagcagctt    103080
     cccagttgtg tgacctggat aactcaactt cagcagggtt tctatcctaa taaaatatgt    103140
     agatacggtg gtagagcact tccccagcgt ttgcaaggct ggtttctatt cccagcacca    103200
     agaaaaataa gggttttggg gagacgtggt ggtccatgcc tgcagcccca gtcagcactc    103260
     ataaagctga gctgggagga ggcccgcgtg atctgcatgg taagtaccag ccatggctac    103320
     ataaaaagac cttgtctcag aatggtccta agaaagcact gctgagcacc tccatccagt    103380
     gtctgaggtg ttgggtgagg atatcttgca gagcacatta ctgttgaccc tgagccatgg    103440
     tacctgctgg gtcctgtgtc tgaggaaggc tgtctgccct gtaaggttcc ttattgcttc    103500
     cttctccgac tagaccttta aatactaagg acctctcccg ctcatctcac ttctcttcct    103560
     aaaagtagtt gagaacagtt tgttgtgagt ctagcttggc ctgggttgga ctttcatctt    103620
     ctgcatatct gactgctcac ttccccccac tctggcaccc gagcctgcag tgctgacagg    103680
     aagcaggcat ggtttatagt tgatgtgctt cagatggctg aggggtactt gtcccttgaa    103740
     ggcacttctg tttctcaaca ggtctttttt cctaagatat gctgctgaga ttatcacaat    103800
     cagaagagct agcttggtgg tgctggtggt gctggtggtg ctggtggtgc tggtggtgct    103860
     gctgctgctg ctgctgctgc ccccccctct tcctcctcct cttcctcctc ctcctcctcc    103920
     tcctccttct tcttctgata tttatcactt tacagagagg aaaaaatact ctagggagaa    103980
     aattggagaa attaaaaaaa aaattcacca ggtttggtgg cacatgactt taatttattt    104040
     taatcccagc atttgggagg cagaggcaag cagatctgtg agcttgcaac cagcttagtc    104100
     tacagagtaa gttctaggac agtcagggct gcacagagaa acccaccttg gaactctgtc    104160
     agtggttcct ccttgccctc agctggagct gactttagtg tagcatccaa gcccttctag    104220
     gcttagcttc tacctggctc ttcatcttca gcttctcact ctactctttg accttccatt    104280
     cgcactcaga tgtgccacct ttgcaagccg cacctgtgct tgtcttcgct ctgtgctctt    104340
     ctgtctgtgc acagcccaca cctgctgctc ttgcccggct cctttgctag actgccccct    104400
     ggggagttct gagctggctg ctcctctagg gtcctgtggc agtgatcaca gtgaatgtag    104460
     ttgtctgctt agttggctac cttcttagta aagatctctt agtcctttgc aagcacttgc    104520
     ctgaactgtg tgtgtccagc atctagtgag gcacatggca atgtcggata tgtgtctgga    104580
     gaaagatcaa acgaatgaat attccgttgc atggtgaggg ctccaggtga tgttctgtgc    104640
     atcctcatgc catcccagcg ggatagggaa agtgtgactg ttagaaggac ttatgtgctt    104700
     caagcttcca ttgctgttcc ctgttagcag cgtgcctgag cagagtctgg tgggcaggga    104760
     gatggcagac cttcattagt gttggctgaa gtttggattt cacatgtgtg accggtttta    104820
     gctttgtcaa cctctaattc taggatggat cctgttagct agtggggcca gaggcttggc    104880
     tgtggttccg gaattgaagc tcccttgtgt cttcaacctc taataggatg gtctctaaag    104940
     atgggaggac ccttctattt aagggttggt atagctggta gactacagaa gttcagagtc    105000
     cattacctag gataccatag tcattgatcc ccccaggttc cgatctggtc ctcttagtgc    105060
     accctaagat gacagatgga gctggtagag cacaatagaa tgggggaatc atacttcaaa    105120
     atcttttaca ttctgtgtgt gtgtgtgcca gtgggcacct gtgcatggca aatgacaact    105180
     cccaggacct ggctctctcc tgccatggga gctcagtgcc agagatcaca cccagattga    105240
     caggcttagc aacaaatgcc tctgcccacg gggctctctc accagctctg atttgtttta    105300
     ttttttagta ctgggggata aacctcgacc ttatacatac caggaaagta gaccacctct    105360
     tacttatatt cccagtcctc aaaagctttt taaaaaagtt atgtgatggc tacctgcata    105420
     tatgtatgtg tgagtttggt gctcttggag accagagtag accaacaggg cccctgggac    105480
     tagagttaca aacagttgta agctgttatg tgggtattgg gaactgaacc tgggtcctct    105540
     gcaagagcag caaatgcctt taatctctct cagacccctt aagaaccttt aattacattt    105600
     atttattttg tgtaggttca gggacaccgc tgccatggcc agtgagaatc agaaaacaac    105660
     ttttgggagt gggttctctt ctgctaccat cagggtccca ttcagggctc aaatcaggct    105720
     accagacaaa tactgtccca ctgagccatg tcactgaccc tttcctcaga agctttggag    105780
     acagtgcttt ggtgtttggt ttaagcactt ccccagctat gttatctaca ggagtggatt    105840
     tgggcatcgt atacttttaa ccacaccctg gttgcttttt gatcttaagc tctttgaggt    105900
     agaaagacag tttttgtgtc actagttgtt gggtctgctt ccatcttctt tatgttgaac    105960
     agttgaagtg cttggtgtta agattctgac aacagagact tcctaagtct agcattcatc    106020
     cattcatttc attcattcaa tgtttattga gacccactag agtctggcac tggaatgtac    106080
     cagtaggtaa acaagccaga cttagtttct gccatagtgt tgctttctct tgggggagag    106140
     acaaagcaaa aatagaaaac aaatgccata atacaaaact aatagggtgt gaggaaaaca    106200
     gaacgcatag cagccagagc cagttaaaaa ggacacctag catcttgaga tgcacctgta    106260
     tacctgtcag gattccacta cagcagggta gagcccacac gctttcagtg atggcaggct    106320
     gttcttctga cactcagtgc ccagtcccct tcagtgtgtc ctcattgccc atccatcctc    106380
     tctcctcaga caccaggcac gctcccacct gtgctctgct gggggacctc atgcttgctg    106440
     agccgctgct ctgttactga gccccatgcc tagccccagc tgttccttgg tctggctgat    106500
     gttttccaaa catgcttcac ctcctggagg ccttcggtgg ccaccagtta agtttcagcc    106560
     tcctttcctc ctgctctgtg cttgctggcc tcctttcctg ccttgctttg ctttgctctt    106620
     ctcttctctt ctcttctctt ctcttctctt ctcttcttct cttacttctt ttcttttctt    106680
     cctcccttcc ttttttcttt tttgccagct ctgtcttttg ttgttttgtt tttgttttaa    106740
     tcttaatctt gcttgtctgc aaagattttt ctttccttca gtgcacataa acggcttcca    106800
     ggtcatggta ggcgcttggt gaatgtgtgc acatgcatgg aaatcctgga gagtagcata    106860
     taaatagctt cttaagtagt agatgcaggg agtgtgtctt taaagtgatg tcatctaagc    106920
     tgagatttga aggataattt ggagcagcca tactagggca ggagaggata atcctggtag    106980
     gatcagcaag tacagagaca ctgagggcct ggtggtctga ggtccttgag ggcctggtgg    107040
     tgctccacct cttaggttca ctctgagcct gcaggatcag gttatggcct gcctcactga    107100
     agaaaggggc ctggacatgt ctctcctcca attttttatt gtcctagcta cttttcaatt    107160
     actgtgaaga gacaccatga ccagggcaat ttatgaaagg aagcatttaa tctggggact    107220
     cagcattcca aagggttaga gtctatgacc atcatggtag ggagcatggc agaaggcttg    107280
     agcacgagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagcgagct agctagttgg    107340
     aaatggtgtg gcttttaaaa cctcaaagcc taccccacta acacctcctc taacaaggcc    107400
     atacctccta atagttccca aatagttcca ccaactagag actaagtaag tattcaaaca    107460
     tctaagccta tacactgaaa ctaccacaag tatgtacttt tcattaatgt tttgtgatcc    107520
     tgaggataga tggaacctct ggctcgtgca tgctagccaa atgctttccc actgagctct    107580
     cctctcagcc catttccccc atctgagatg ttgccacctg gtcatctcct ctgtgccatt    107640
     ttttctctct gatctgtatg tttaaccttc ctcttactgg ctgtgaaatg agcttggtgg    107700
     tctggcattt tccatttcac aatagtcaat agtagtgtga gactggtttg caaaacatga    107760
     aattctctaa gagttgagca ttagttatca atgtgtgctg agcacctgtt tgcttgatgc    107820
     aagaggtagg aacacagtac tgagctaatc taagtcctgg ctctcatgaa atctgcattg    107880
     tggaagaaga aatagatgct ataaatactg tttataatat gttaatactt caaaagaaga    107940
     aaataggaaa gagggttaga cagtgttggg gattgaagag gtatactgct ttagataaag    108000
     cagccagcta ggcataatag tacaaccctg taacccagca ctgaggcaga aagaccatga    108060
     atccaaggct attctgggcc actagtgagt cctaggccag cctgagctaa ataataagac    108120
     cttgtctaaa aacagtctcg agaagatatg tgtggtgatg tacacctttg atcccacaac    108180
     tccaagtact tgggaggcag aactctgtga gtttaaggct agcctggtct agtagcaagt    108240
     tctaggccag ccaaggctat gttttgagac cctgactaaa aagcactaat aataaaagaa    108300
     ctaaggtagg gctgacaaga tagttcagtg gataaaggca cttgccacca tgcctgacaa    108360
     tctgaatttg attccgctgg cactccacat ggtagaagga gagaaccaat ttcaaatttc    108420
     tccaagatgt cccctgatct acatatgtat actgtatgtg tgtgagagag agggagagag    108480
     cgagagctac taaatcaagt ggtcagagaa gccttaagaa gaaggtaaca gctgggtatg    108540
     gtgtctttaa tcccagcact tgggaggcag aatcctctga gctcaaggcc agcctggtct    108600
     atattgcaag ctccagaata gtcaggacta catagagaga ccttgtcttt ataaaagaga    108660
     aggtgatgtc tgagccaaga ctcaaaagga ataagatcca agacatgaag ctatccagag    108720
     aaaaggtctt cctagcaaag tagacagatt gtagattaga aaagaggcct gggctgaaga    108780
     ggaggctcag tggttaagac tggatcttga agaggaccta ggctgttcaa ttcctagata    108840
     tggggtatgg gagcagacgt gatgaagtgt aacagatgtt aattgttgtt ttggaggatt    108900
     actgatgaat aataagctca ccctttctag ctctttctga actctagctg gctagttcat    108960
     cttagctgtt gtggctcaga ctcctctcca gtctcactga ttcaacctgg cttttcttag    109020
     cttctcactg aattgctctg cttggcctca cactagctct ggcaatttgt tttaattttc    109080
     tgactcctta ctctggcttc aactgcttct gctgacctgc actgaactgc aggaactcac    109140
     gaagaactca ctgcattggt tctcagcttc tccgctccat ctctgactca ttctgttaag    109200
     tctttctctc attcatcact ttgtctgcct ctcagttaga catcactttc aaacatggct    109260
     gtttcctcct acaaactgac cataccttca ttgtttggga ttaaaggtct gtctgtattc    109320
     cagccagaga ttaaacatgt ggcactccag ccagatcaca cagacctaga aggtctttgg    109380
     gtgtgatccc atgccagatc gaccacatcg tatttaaatt cctctacagt caagaaactg    109440
     aggttttgat ccaggagcct gctacagatg gtgttggtag aaagtggatg atgaaaactg    109500
     cagggtagca gtgtttgggg aggaaaagct gctagaggtt agttgtgatc ttgtgcagtt    109560
     tgagcccctg ctatagagac ctttgaatgg agctgtcatc agttaggagg cctggctaat    109620
     tgaactggga gttgcaggga gagttgggac cagaggtact aagtgtgagt tgtcagagtg    109680
     tggatgagat ctccagaggt gaaatagtgt agatggagat tgggcatgag ccgctcagct    109740
     ctcctgtgga aggacaggaa ggggcaaagc aaaggagaag gcacggccag cagcattgga    109800
     ggagaaagca gagtgtgagt tcccggcatg caagggaaga aaatgtctgg gaagtggcat    109860
     tgctgggcag tggcagatgc cacttgatat ttgacaagac ttttgtgtct tctgctggca    109920
     gaggccacca cactggcctc caaggccatc cctgagcctt tacttccttc tctaaggtcc    109980
     tttgctcatc tcttctccca agtctttgtt ttgtcttgct gtgtagccca gcccaaggct    110040
     caaactccat ccctcttggc tctacttccc aagtgcatgt gtcaccatat ttggcttagt    110100
     ggtggctttt tatatattaa ggaaaataat tgcccttgtc acttaacttc ttaatccatg    110160
     ggcttctttg tgcttgaaca tggtgttctc ttcttcgtgt cctggccctt gttttaagtg    110220
     gattaccata acagtgaaat gagttggagc ctgcttctag caacactggc agctccgctg    110280
     ttctcaggtc cctgccttgt tacactggaa tgcgttgagt gagtattctc cctgtcaccc    110340
     atctttccat agctgcccag ttttcccttc accttagaga acttccctga tgctccaccc    110400
     atttcagggc tcccctcgga gctttggtca caatttttct gaagggcggg atcactctcc    110460
     tgtcttatgc cattctatct ttggcctact ttatacaact cgtgggcata gtcccaggcc    110520
     tgcagtggat ggcactccac actgtgcctg ctgaatgggt ggctacagtt ctccagaaag    110580
     tgggtgggag agcagagatt gtaataagcc ttgtttctct ggtttctttc ttattttaat    110640
     tatcatgagt attgtcccaa agacattctt actaatttgt ttattttgtt tttattattt    110700
     agttttattt tctaaaacag agtctcacta tgtagctctg gttgtcctgt aactcagaga    110760
     tccacctgcc tctgcctcct aagtgctggg cccaaaggcg tgtccaccac ctgcctggta    110820
     gggttgtttg tctgttttgt tgtaatccag aggatgaggc tctgttggta cattactggg    110880
     aaactgaccc ctgactctga agtgaggctc ttgaggctca ctgctgacga aggacttgca    110940
     tgtggtactt ttctaccttt gggcccttct cattttgaag cttttaatta ctacgagcct    111000
     ccagagatgg ctttgattaa tcagttctca tctaaatccc aagagactca cagcttggca    111060
     agcttatcca gacaggcttt tactagccat gtcaccaaac ctgctgttcc tgctgtttca    111120
     gtaggtagat ggggcctaaa gttgcctgct attcaacatc tgaggaattc cgctggtata    111180
     tgtggcagct tgtatcctgt accctttagt ctgacctata ttcagttcta ccagagcttc    111240
     gtttagagga aagtatttgc ctccctggac tgagtgggac atgtgacctc ctcataagac    111300
     agtgttagag ggtgttggct ttattgcttt ctagctgtgt gactctaaac aaatgtctta    111360
     acctctctcg gtctcagttt tccttatctg tgaacctgtg ctattgataa aatcttcttc    111420
     acagatatta tgaagatgga attttttttc tctccttccc tttccccttc ttgctctggc    111480
     cctactctct ctgggtcctg ctccggccca taggctcttt atttgtttct cattatggat    111540
     ggtagtgagc tatcatgtgg ttgctgggat ttgaactcat ggcctccgct gagccatctc    111600
     accaggaact tttttttttt tttttttttt ggagacaggg tttctctgtg tagccctggc    111660
     tatcctggaa ctcactctgt agaccaggct ggtctcaaac tcagaaatcc acctgcctct    111720
     gcctcctgag ttctgggatt aaaggcgtgt gccaccatgt ccggctggaa ctttttttgt    111780
     ttgtttgttt gtttttgttt ttgtttttgt ttttcgagac agggtttctc tgtgtagccc    111840
     tggctgtcct ggaactcact ttgtagacca ggctggcctc caactcagaa atccgcctgc    111900
     ctctgcctcc caagtgctgg gattaaaggt gtgtgccacc acggcccggc tccggctgga    111960
     acttttaatt aatacttttg ttatatagtg tgtggaagtc aggacaactt acagggtttt    112020
     ttctctttct ccaccacatg gagaaactca gttcatcaga cttggtggca ggcaccttta    112080
     ccagctgagc catccttacc ccatgagaac taaatttaaa attccgtgtg gggtctggcc    112140
     cacaatgtat gtctgtttgt catacttctg taagcactgt ctttgttctg catttcatgc    112200
     caagcctgaa gaacatggaa cattttctca tagttgccga gctgacttga aagagcctgt    112260
     ttgtatgagt ctggagacca cattgtctca gagaggtagt ctgaagtgct ttgtctgccg    112320
     acgactcgcc ttttggtctt ggagttagcc ttccctgttt ccctgtcctt aaaatgggtg    112380
     ttcgtgctca cctgggagga accatttcct ttttaaagac tgtagctccg gggtagtttg    112440
     ctttgtaggt atgacactgg attcagtcac caacaccact aggaacactg agtaagatga    112500
     aaggttgtca aatggggaga agtgcctgga atcttgctca gcctcacagg cagggtcaca    112560
     gttaggcagg ggacattggt gtgataagcc agtctctgtc cttgagacag ctagctgaaa    112620
     gagctgagca cactccagct ctcctgtctt aggtgaggaa gaagcagcaa ccccactcta    112680
     gcctccattg tgtgtatttc cgtgtgtgct ggatgagtgt gtagatacag tcacgtgtct    112740
     gtagaggcca gaggtcaact tggaggtatt gttcctcggg cattagccat ctggatcttt    112800
     gagagtttct cactggcctg gaaatcatta actagtttag tttgcctggt cagtaagctc    112860
     caggggttca cctggtggtc acaagtgcag ctccagcttt cttccctgag ctctggagaa    112920
     ctcaggtctt catgattgct tggcaagcac tttaccagct gggctttctt tttggttaaa    112980
     gaatgcccct tttcattccc tctctttctt agcctttccc ctttctttcc tttttctgag    113040
     acagggtctc cctagggaat ccaggctgac ctggaatcca tgatccttgt tcttcagcct    113100
     cccgagaact aggattgcag gtatgggcct ctgtgtctgt tctgacttac tcctgatggc    113160
     ccttgagatc catctatcct tgtggcaggt ttctgagcag ctgttgtcag gaagggatgg    113220
     aacagttaca gctccagcag agaccttcag gggtcagtgt tccctgcctg tatatatcta    113280
     tatccatgca ttcagaagtg ctgctgcacc tgagtcagac cttaagttgt tctcatctct    113340
     gtctgttttg ctgatcagct cccttgtcaa ctcaccatgt gccctcagtg ttcagtgcat    113400
     atacttgcat gccaccctca aagcttctca atgcagagat tgcatggcct ggaaggaaga    113460
     aaggcaccac tggccagtgt ctgcccttgt ggacaatgga gcactttcct cctcagagtg    113520
     gtatggtctt ccttcctcct gaagacttaa tcacccgagc atggtggtgt atacctgcag    113580
     tcctgtccac cagctgaggc aaaagaatca tgagtttgag gctagcctga cttacataat    113640
     ggagttctag ttcttagtta cttttctttt ttctttcttt tttaaagatc tatgtattta    113700
     tttcatgtat gtgagtacac tgtcactgtc ttcacacata ccagaagtga gcatcggatc    113760
     cccataacag atggttgtga gccaccatgt ggttgctggg agttgaactc aggacctctg    113820
     gaaaagcaat cagtgctctt aaccacggag ccatctctcc agccctttag ttccttttct    113880
     atgctgtgat aaaataccgt gaccagaagc agttgggaag gaaaggtttt atttcagttt    113940
     acagctccac actccagccc agtgtaaagg aagttagggc agaagccgaa gcagaagcca    114000
     cagagaatgc tgcttactgg cttattactc agcgtgcttt cttctacacc caagaccacc    114060
     acccacacaa tcattaataa gatgtcctac agacttgtct acagacaatc tggggaagcc    114120
     attttctcaa gcacacctct tcttagatta acaaagcatc aggatagctt gtctcaagaa    114180
     tttagacagg gcctgtgagg tgtaaaggcc cttgccacca agcctcatga actgattgag    114240
     ttcctagagt ccacatggtg gagggggaga gccagctcct gcaagtcgtc ctcttgttac    114300
     atgcgcattc cccgggacag accctaaatc aatgggaaaa cctttcataa ggttgattgg    114360
     ctctgcctgc ttgcatgctg aactttcccc tcttctgtcc ccttaggaag aaagatgtct    114420
     catgcattta cagtgatccc attctgcttc ctattgtttg acaccagaag aacatctatt    114480
     ggtggggaag ttgattgagt ggcaaaccag aacatctgaa atgtggttat ctgactggtt    114540
     ttcaaactct gcattgacct gcgggctgcc tgggcctggg tgagaaggga aaccaggggc    114600
     ttagttggat gagtcaggat ctgcccccag cttcctctgt catccaagtt ccaccttcac    114660
     ctgttgtaca gatggaaaat gtgaggtcag agtaagattt accagctgtt tgtagtaaag    114720
     ccagactctg gtagccatct tggcattagt tcagccttgc tgtatctgtt gaaggttaac    114780
     tacaaagcct tctgttcctg gcccctggtg cttgtcacag agttggattt gttgtgagcc    114840
     cttggttttg tagcttcctt gggaacctgc cttttctttt tcttttaaga tttatttatt    114900
     tattatatgt aagtatactg tagctgtctt tcagacactc gagaagaggg agtctaatct    114960
     tgttacagat ggttgtgagc caccatgtgg ttgctgggat ttgaactcag gaccttcgga    115020
     agagcagtca gtgctcttga ccactgagcc atctctccag cccgggaacc tgccttttta    115080
     ttcattgagc tggccagcat ttggtgagct cctggaatgt gccaggcact gggttgacta    115140
     tgttaaacag aacagatctc aaattagaga aatgagaagg ctttagagag attggagtca    115200
     ggagcgagtc taatgtcagg aggcctgtgt cccttttcct gtagaggtag gtagctgtgt    115260
     gggcaggaga gttaaagctg aggctgcaga ctgagcatgg tggtggaacg agtgttaggg    115320
     gtaaatgtac caaccataaa cctcagctgc tttacgttag aataggtgct ttgtacacac    115380
     agcacagttt ccaagttata gaagaggtaa aagaagagtc cgtctcatcc agcctcctct    115440
     ctggaaggaa ccactgataa ctgttctgtc ctcttaaaga cagtggatgc gcttggaaac    115500
     ctgaaagata ctcacgtgtt tctatagcaa ccctggcatg cctttctatt gactgtctct    115560
     gatagttatg acgaaaacat gctgaactgg agcgatgtct tggtgggtaa gagcactggc    115620
     tgatctccca gccacctgta actccagttc cagggaatcc catgcccttc cctgtctcct    115680
     gcagacacca ggcatataca aggtgcacat acatacatgc aggcatgcac ataagacctt    115740
     ttaaaaagca tgtatagctg gagatagagg aacattcttt taatcccagc actcagaaag    115800
     cagagccagg tggaatttac agttttgaaa gcaactgcca cactaagagt tgtagaagac    115860
     aattaattta gattcttgtt gacaccacat gagggtcctt atctcctaca tttgtatcag    115920
     catggcatct tatcagagtt ttgggtcttc atcagtccag tatctgatca atggcgtttg    115980
     attgtaattc cagtttccat ctcttatgac taggtatgaa tgtcttatat ttggtaaact    116040
     gtctacatac ctgtgtctcc attcttctct ttgtattggt ggggttttgt ttgttttgtg    116100
     acaaggtctt gttatgtagc cctaggctgg cctcaaactc atcatctgtt tcccaaggac    116160
     tgggtacccc atgtgccacc ttacctgcct caggtacgat ggattttgcc atgttatgga    116220
     aatgattttg cctttgtcgt caatgtcatg acaattattg tgagtttaaa atttgcctct    116280
     ttttgttttt attttgtttt ggtcatacag gaaaactgat tgtttataac tggaccttta    116340
     aggctagctt ttatgccaca cagaaagccc cccccccccc cgtattttaa tccagcctac    116400
     attttcctct ccaacattgg ctcttactgt tgttttttgt tttgttttgt tttgttttta    116460
     actattattg tttgttttct cctggacagg gtttccctgt gtagccctgg ctgtctggaa    116520
     ctccctctgt agactaggct ggctgggaaa ggtgtgggct accaccacct ggcttttcct    116580
     tacttttttt tttcccccaa tatagttcat tcatagatgt cagagaacaa actacaggtt    116640
     tgccttttcc ctttttgggg ttcagggatg gaactaagtt tgtcaaactt ggtcacaagt    116700
     acatttatct gatttagccg tcttacagat gtaaaatagt catctcctct ttcctttctt    116760
     tcttcctttt cttttctctt cttccattca ttcattcatt catttgcttt tttgtttatg    116820
     atagggtctt tgtagtcctg acctgaaatt tgctttgtag accaggctcc cagactggcc    116880
     tcaaactcaa agagatcctc ttgcctttgc ctcccaaatg ctgggattaa agatatctgc    116940
     cacctcatcc aattaagaca ttgtttttaa tgtttgtgtg attcacagca agtggcatgc    117000
     tcagctctta gctacactgt gccgggatat gcatcaggac acaggtaatc ttcatcacct    117060
     gcagggagct tccagcccca ctgtggccag tgtcctctga cctggccaat accagcagaa    117120
     catagagcgg catttctact ctacagcttt agccatatga caccccatga tgcttaagga    117180
     gcttgtattt attctgtttg gttgattgtg ttttgtttgg aaacaaaata ggggccagaa    117240
     caatgactcg ggagttaaag acactgctgc caagcttgat aaacccgagt tctatctctg    117300
     ggacccacac agtgggagga gaggatctaa ttctgcaagt tgtcccctga cttccacacc    117360
     catgttggaa catggtgtat acccacacac agtaagtaca acgtaagaaa aaaaagcaat    117420
     gaagttaact gactttagta cagtagtcta gtgtttcatt tagaaagtta gtattgtagg    117480
     agttagagag atggctcagc agttaagaac atattacttt tgcagagggc ctgagtttga    117540
     tacttactac ccacagggtg gtttataacc atccataact ctagttccaa gggattcagg    117600
     gtaccaggca cacacgtgtg cacatagata tatacgtaca ggcaaaacac tcatacatat    117660
     aaaataaaat ttaaaaaatt taaaattact attaggctgt ggagatgctt cagtgggtaa    117720
     agctcttgct acactagtac gagaatctga gttcagatcc ctaggatgtg atgtgatata    117780
     tgtgtctata atcccaacac tcagacagga cactccctgg aaacacatgg gcgggccatt    117840
     gtgcctgcag tataccacag gaaataaaag atcatgtctc aacaaaatat aaggcaggaa    117900
     ttggtactta gtgtggccct ttgacccccg tacatgtgct gagatgtgag tgtgcctgaa    117960
     cttacatgca aacacataca tttttatttt aaagttatta ttaataagaa ctggaggaat    118020
     ggctcagcag ttaagtactt gttgcttttg cagaggacct gggttcaatt cctggtaccc    118080
     acatgatggc tcataaccat ccataacacc agtttcacgg gatctgatct tttcaggcat    118140
     taggcacaca tgcggtatac acacatacat atatgcaggc aaaacactta cacacatcaa    118200
     ataaataaat ctggaaattt aaaaacaaag ttattatcag ctaggcataa cagcatacac    118260
     ctttaatccc aggactcaga aaggtaggta ggcagtccta ccaggactac atagtaagag    118320
     tgtatctctc tctctctctc gttcgctcgc ttgcactcac tctctctctc tctttctctc    118380
     tctctctctc tctctcacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acaccatgta    118440
     actattaaca attttgagtc tttggagaaa aactcactta aaatttcctt atagatttaa    118500
     attcatttta ttaatttaaa acagatcgtt tatatctctt gttttaaaat ctgaaattag    118560
     ggggctgaag agatagtgtg tctgaagagg gtgacagtgt actcacatac attaaacaaa    118620
     caaacaaaca aataaataaa taaataaata aataaatctt tttaaaaatt tagatttagg    118680
     taagttatat gaagacaaaa tatttgaaaa gtgttgagga ctttcttaag cctaatccta    118740
     actttatttg tttgtgtgtg cacacacatg ccagtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    118800
     tgtgtgtgtg gtcagtcctt ccatctacct tcccatgggt cctggtgatg agactgaggt    118860
     tgcctttatc caccgagcag tcttgctggc ctagctagga gaacttttat gggtggattt    118920
     tttttttttt tttttggttt gtttttgttt tttgttttgg tttttcgaga cagagtttct    118980
     ctgtagccct ggctgtcctg gaactcactc tgtagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa    119040
     tccgcctgcc tctgcctccc aagtgctggg attaaaggcg tgcaccacca ctgcccggcc    119100
     tatgggtggg tttttggggg tatcttcttc cctttgactt aggttccagt tctcgacccc    119160
     catctctgta gccagtgtgt cagtgtcctc agcaagagct gcttagttat tttgcagaac    119220
     ttaagggaaa ctgctgcttt tcagctttta tgtgtttggt ttgagtctta aaaagtgagg    119280
     tgagtgctgt ggagatggcc tgacagggaa gaccgttact gccaagcctg gaggcctgag    119340
     ctctgtctct ggaacccaca caacaacaag aaataaatac ataatgctga tttttttttt    119400
     aagtgaagtt aataggattt gctgtattac ccgtgtggca tcaggagtct tgggatcgca    119460
     tgcttgaggt gggacaaggg cagtgattcc tgaagggcaa cccagttatt ccaggagtgc    119520
     ccccacctca aagtatttct tggcttgtaa atgctaaaat tgaggggatc tcagccccaa    119580
     attcggcctc tttccaccag aatggtttct actgccaaat tactaccttg tttgtttacc    119640
     agtttgacat aaagtcttgc tgtgtagacc tcaaactcat ggcagtcctc ctacttctat    119700
     ttcctgaact agtcttgtgg gtgtgaacta ccacacccaa tttaactact tttgaaaatt    119760
     ttccctgcca ctcacaaaga tagaatctaa ccctttatac tttttcttgc ctgaattggc    119820
     tacataaacc ttccagtgtg cttcatgtac tggatcaggt gcattagagg atagggtctt    119880
     agcacctttg gcctcatgtg agaggaatgt gccgcaggcc acagctgcct gggagctgct    119940
     ttcctaggcc tccgcaaggg aaagtgcctt cagagctgaa cagagagtac aaggtctccc    120000
     ctgtactcac ctggcactgg tgtgaggaag ctcattaaag agcagacaca aggcagagca    120060
     ccctatagca gatctttaag ctgtgggtgc tggctttcac agtgggatga gggtgtcttt    120120
     acttttagcc tgggcatttg ggtaactttc caaatcattt tcacttttcc ttgtattcct    120180
     ttccttcttt cgtttctgga cacgatcagc ttctttggaa cacagtctct gtatcatccc    120240
     actgggcctt ctgcaaaata gatactgtag aaactagcat atcagggtca gctcaaattt    120300
     gtgggcagtt gttatactat gaaaaaagat gtgtcaaacg ctcggctgca aaactatgct    120360
     ggtttgacag actgacctga acttctgtgc tcaagtagtc ctgcctcggc cttgtaagga    120420
     gctggagtat agattatacc atttcccttt ttttctattt atctatcatc catctaccta    120480
     tctacctgct tacctacaaa aagagaagcc ttcctgtcct ttgttctcct ggtcagctac    120540
     atgcaacatc aaatctatcc ctggtgggtt ttgtcctggg aattagggct tctacataat    120600
     aatgctgtgc ctacagagta aggaaagtcc ctgatggcct cctgcagaag aaaaacccag    120660
     tcgcccaaag ttggatatca gaggtagttt tctccctcca tttttatttt taataggttg    120720
     tttgcttgtt gcttttagta gcaacaaaat ggtcttctta tgtccgatgt tctcatcctt    120780
     tctcgcctcc caagtgctag ggctacattg tgcacctcca tgcctagtta gttccttgta    120840
     gggttaatgc tggaggggtt tagatattac attctgtggc ttcctgggcc ttaatcattc    120900
     tcttagactt ggcaaggaac atgggctctc ctgctttgga ccctttgggc agttatgctc    120960
     tcaaatctgg ctttttaaac cgtgtatccc tttatgatac agtagaaagc ccattatctt    121020
     ttccgcctca ttattagcat tctgaaaaaa gtggctatgc gagtttacaa aagaacacgt    121080
     aagcaagtca ccactgacaa tgagtgcaca gcagtacata gcgggctgtc aggaaacaag    121140
     ggtcctggga tcgccagtgg cccttttatg tttctttgaa aaactgtcaa ttaaaagcct    121200
     ttttaaaaat tttttattag atttttcttt atttacattt caaatgttat cccctttcct    121260
     agtttccctt ccaaaaatcc cctatctcct ctcctcaccc cctgctcccc aacccaccca    121320
     ttcccgcttc ctggccctgg cattccccta tactggggca tagaaccttc acaggaccaa    121380
     ggacctctcc tcccattgat gactgactac agagcacagg gtccccaatg aaggagctag    121440
     agaaagtacc caaggagctg aaggggtttg cagccccata ggagaaaaca atatgaacta    121500
     accagtatcc ccagagctcc ctgggactaa accaccaatt agaaaaaaca catggtggaa    121560
     ctcatggctc tagctgcata ggtaaaagct ggtcttatgt agaactctga tggtggacca    121620
     tgccagctgt gaggcaagcc tgtatgcccc tccccttatg ggttgtttcc agccctggct    121680
     tatgctgtgg ggaccagcaa agcagaggct acactgtatg tagcacttgg atcttttctg    121740
     aagcgacata taaggtttac atcattagat ccagcttctg ctatttcctg cagctccagt    121800
     gtgaaagaaa gagccttcat tctttttgaa ctttgcaaaa gaaagtagaa ttgtgtcttt    121860
     ttttctttac agtgttaatg tagcctctct ttttatttta tggcggtggc tctcaaccct    121920
     tctcatgctg cagcccttta atacagttcc tccagctgtg ttgactcccg actataaaat    121980
     tatttttgtt gttacttcat aactaatttt gctgctgttc tgaattgtaa tgtaaatatt    122040
     tggagatttg agggggttct cacacctcca ggagctccct gatccagtta gactggctga    122100
     ctaatgagtt cttgggaccc acctacttcc acttaaagtc acgcaaccct gcacctggct    122160
     tttacatggg agctagagat ttgaactcat gtcctcactt cactgaagga gccatctccc    122220
     cagtttttaa ctttatcgaa agtctcgagg aggctgtgta acctgctcaa gtcacagctt    122280
     gtaggtggct gaatggaatc ctagttctcc ctgagctcga ggtgtatgct ctcttgaagg    122340
     aattcttccc cataggagag ggaggacagg gctctgacca tatttgcatg gctagagctt    122400
     ttccctgcag agccatcttg cctgtgtccc tcccacttcc ctttactctc ttagctgttg    122460
     atcaagagag ctgttgagca cagagtagag gctcagtaaa tgcttgctac atgatcatgg    122520
     gagcttcagt actttctctg actccctgac ttctacagtg ctttgcacta caagttctat    122580
     gctggatatt atttttaaaa aaaaaacaaa aacttgacca gacagatgtg agaagcgctg    122640
     ttgtcacagt gtgccagact ccagcctttg agagataata gtagatgttt agaaacttga    122700
     tgggagttgt gggaagaaga cacccccccc catttcttga gatttattta gggggctgga    122760
     gaaatgactc agcagttaaa aacaccagct gctcttctgg aggaccctag tttgattctc    122820
     agcactcaca tggtgactca caactatctg caattccagt tccaagggac ctgatgccct    122880
     cttgcctcca caggcaccag ggacttctgc agtacagaat gtacagatgt acatgcaggc    122940
     acaacactag cacacacaca tacaaatttt aaatagttaa gtatttattt tagggatata    123000
     aaatatcctg agtgaatgca tgtgtccttg gaggcaggaa aagtgtgttt gggtcccatg    123060
     taattagagg tggttgtcag ccgccatgtg ggtgctaaga aacaaatctg gtgtcctctg    123120
     caagagcatc cagtgctctt gactactgaa acatctttcc agccccctcc ctcactctta    123180
     aacttttcat ttctcacgga aatttgcatc cctgaggtga ggatggcccc tgagctttgg    123240
     tgagctgagc ccacagctga agtggagatt tagaacattc taaacacaat gaattctaca    123300
     gagggcggag ctaagactgc ctggcaagag atgtgtattt ctaatctatg ttttcgtcta    123360
     tagttatctg tgactgtgtg tttactgata gtcaggaagt tttttccagt agtatggtca    123420
     tagataatga tactgaaaaa gccagatgac ctcaggctcc cattctgtgg cagattccta    123480
     gaagaaaaag tgtgtcaaaa gatattcaag ggggagtggg tgggtagggg attgtggggg    123540
     tgggtatggg ggacttttgg gatagcattg gaaatgtaaa cgaggaaaat acctaattaa    123600
     aaaaaaagat attcaaaaca ctgatagatt cttcagttac cctccaaaat gagaccaacc    123660
     ataatccaac agttcatttg cctgtgaaat gagataaaca gctatcttcc ctacttgtgt    123720
     gttctggatc cctgtacata cgctgactga aaatggaata gagcacagat ccaccctctt    123780
     ctctgtcttg cagagtctgg ccacagataa aggaccaaaa tgactgactc aaaatacttc    123840
     accacaacca agaaaggtac tgtatgtttc accacagacc tgtgttacat cccccaggtc    123900
     ttggggagca cggggaaggt gggtggggtc tggaggcagc atggaaattg atgatgtaaa    123960
     gacctaagtg ttccttttag aacccagaca agaacagtaa cactaggcat gaggggaagt    124020
     ctgtgtcttg ttccccatgg cttaaaaaca ttaaatataa tctctctccc tagagaaagt    124080
     gcacagcctg tcagcagccc tgcttggggg tggggtgggg ttcttaccgc tgagctttat    124140
     tcttcatgtt gtagcagctg tttttaccct gttagtcatt caacatcctc ataagcattt    124200
     cccagcagtc ctcatgactc aggattaagc cagttaagtt gctgcagtgc agtttactaa    124260
     gctaggttaa tgtctttgga cagtttattc cttttctgtt tttaaagaaa tggtggaaga    124320
     tgttgtggct ggcaagtatg ctttatcctc tctgtcctgc ccttccttat ctgtcctttc    124380
     tagtgcctgc tgacaagggt gaaaagatct tagttttctt taaatgtgtg tgtgtacata    124440
     catatttgta tgtttgcatg gatgttttgc ctgtatgtct tcacccatga aaactgaaga    124500
     ggatgttcaa tcctcagaat aagagtcaca gagttgtgag ccaccatgtg gatactggga    124560
     gcccaaaccc agtcctgaaa atgcttttca ccacttagct gtctctccag tttttactta    124620
     acttcgttga atcactgagt tggatcccaa agtctgccca tcagcaggca ttttactcac    124680
     tagtccagct gttgcttagt ttggtaagac agccttgtca catgtgctgg atctcagctt    124740
     gggaggcaga ggcagaaaga tcagaggtta aaggccatgc ttggatacat agcaagttca    124800
     agcctaacct gttttatggg aagccctgtt ctggatcctc tctgactatg agagaaattg    124860
     agacagtgaa cataaataga cattcctaga ttcaaatcta aatctgacac cctggatcag    124920
     ttattgattg tttttcttgt tcaaggactt gtttctctgt atagccctgg ctgtcctgga    124980
     actcattcta tactgccttg aactcactgc ctctgccttc caaatgatgg gataaaaggt    125040
     gtgtgccacc actgccaggc ttctgggtcc tttttttttt tttaattttt tattaggtat    125100
     ttagctcatt tacatttcca atgctatacc aaaagtcccc catacccacc cacccccact    125160
     cccctaccca cccactcccc ctttttggcc ctggcgttcc cctgtactgg ggcatataaa    125220
     gtttgcatgt ccaatgggcc tctctttcca gtgatggccg actaggccat cttttgatac    125280
     atatgcagct agagtcaaga gctccggggt actggttggt tcataatgtt gttccaccta    125340
     tagggttgca gatcccttta gctccttggg tactttctct agctcctcca ttgggagccc    125400
     tgtgatccat ccattagctg actgtgagca tccacttctg tgtttgctag gccccggcat    125460
     agtctcacaa gagacagcta catctgggtc ctttcgataa aatcttgcta gtgtatgcaa    125520
     tggtgtcaac gtttggatgc tgattctggg tccattttta aagtgagggc ccatacaaag    125580
     aagattgtaa taaaagtctg aagagagtta gggaaactag gattacaact ctgttgagac    125640
     acaacagcac caatctgggg gtatagtctt gcaggtagag ggaactggtt gccctgtatg    125700
     ggattcagga accaggcata atggctgttt ggggggcctg ttggagaaag acagcatctc    125760
     agaagcagtc tgcctgagct tacctcactg gtggattctt agggcagatg tgactgacct    125820
     ccacccatca acacacactt tgagtaaagc agtgacatct ctgtgaggac agactcaagg    125880
     ctgtcactgc tgctgggtcc aggtgcctcc tgcaggagga agatgtgttc cttcataaac    125940
     acgaaccaca ggatctacag agtttcctgg ccctgttaag caatgtcctt agtgagtccc    126000
     tgctcaggct ttgctaggtc atcattttca ggcaactgtg tttactgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    126060
     gtgtgtgttc atgatttaaa aaaaacaaac cctcatcttt ttttctcatt aggaatctac    126120
     ttagttttct catccctttc cccacataac agccctatct caccccaccc aaagagactc    126180
     acgaaaaaga acctaagtct agaattcttc atgtggctaa ttaatatcag cagctgtcct    126240
     tgatgcagaa cagagtgcca ggctctgaga tggacacttt acagctgaga gtaagtgaga    126300
     gaattcattg cccagtccag agagaacagg caagaaaatg gggtcagaga ggcaaacggg    126360
     tgtctatggc agagccagcc aagcaaagga tttgtttaga acctaggatt tgcaaggaac    126420
     aaacctggtt ttcaacttag cctgtctcat ctgctatgga acagcctcca ctgctcactt    126480
     atacaatggg gaaaggcagg ttgttttgaa tatgaaataa gaaagaatac ggaaaaaatt    126540
     agtgtggtgc tgggctcagt gaaaggctca ggagctgtct gctgcctaac atgttagcag    126600
     gtcctgaccg tgtccagggc atggggccgg ggggcaacca cacgtctaca tttccttttt    126660
     ccacatcatc aagttcttga gaacagaatt tgttacatgc tgcagctctt gtagaatagc    126720
     tgaattcctg tctccaggct gaggaagtga aacccttagc aagctgtttg agctcaggct    126780
     tctgggaaaa caggaaaagc ctgcatgtga gatcaaccaa ctcccccacc tcaccctcac    126840
     ccagtacccc aattccattc agcctttagg aatcagggca agggagaaga ctgaggagag    126900
     cttgcagtgc atttttagga gtctagctga gcagcccttc aagatcctcg ttcctgtttc    126960
     ttcactccaa catggcctcc aggctcctat cagcttcctt tctcttcacc attcctgtct    127020
     cttgtccttc ctaaagccaa gggcctaaag ctgctctctg cctccaccta gttctctggg    127080
     aaattggtgc aagaagtcat cttacacatg gggataaact gctcatggct gtcttctttc    127140
     cttaggggag atctttgagc tgaaggcaga gcttaacagt gacaagaagg agaagaagaa    127200
     ggaggcagtg aagaaagtga ttgcatcaat gactgtgggc aaagatgtca ggtatgcagg    127260
     agcaagctgg tgacggcgag gtgctgacca acacgaggtg ccatagctta ggtccagttt    127320
     gactctttgg ctcctttgac aaacttcatt tccagacaca ggattctgtt tgcacatgag    127380
     tgacaagctg aaatactaat ggctcagaca gtgagggagg gagtgaaata gactgggatg    127440
     aaagggcagc aggcattcag ggggtgcagc agaaagcctc tcagaagccc tgcagattgc    127500
     tgcctggtaa ggaaaatgag cacaggacag ctgggcaccc tcgggtgttt gttttcctta    127560
     acaacaggaa atgtgggttt gttgctttgt tgttctccat tctgacactc tggtctagtc    127620
     agtcttcatg ttggatatag ttgtgtctaa ctgcctgtca agttgagaag tctccaggtg    127680
     atagatttca tgactgctct gtgttttctt tttttttttt tttttttttt actgttttgt    127740
     ctttccattt ttttttttaa gatttattta tttattatat gtaagtacac tgtagctgtc    127800
     ttcagacact ccagaagagg gcgtcagatc ttgttacagg tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg    127860
     gttgctggga tttgaactct ggacctttgg aagagcagtt gggtgctctt acccactgag    127920
     ccatctcacc agccctgctc tgtgttttca ttggcccatc tatagaaaac ctttggataa    127980
     cgttttctca ggttctctac acatcccatt ggatgcaatg atgtttcttc tgccaaaata    128040
     aatgagacaa agaatgagga aaatgactga aatagtcaca tggccagtgc agaactagaa    128100
     atcaagcctg gccctttcag aatccagact ctgtcctctg tatgtcatgg taccgtgcac    128160
     ctgccacaga ggttctggta ctctctggct ggaccttaca gaatgttccc actgtcccag    128220
     gcttccacac aaattggcca ccccattgct aaccttaggg aaggcccttc tgcagccagg    128280
     ttaggagagt cgctagcaga tacctcatta ggtcagagtg taaaaggatt gggtgtctgg    128340
     ggtgtgaagt gccgcagtgg gtaaggtgtc tacctccaag cctggtgacc tgagttcagt    128400
     ccccaggacc cacgagactg tcctctgctg acctccacat atgtgctgtt gaccacacac    128460
     acacacacac acacacacac acactcaatc aactatgatt ttaaaacatg ttaaaagggt    128520
     tggacatctc taggtctcat actttcaaga aagaaaaact gtcctccttc agttagaaca    128580
     gtactgtcac ttcctaacag agctcgcttt gctcatgaca cctgctagag ccattcaggc    128640
     tcttcacttc ctcttcctct ccacagtggc tctgttctgc tgtgccatct ttccaggtga    128700
     ctttgtccat tgcagctctg agggaacctg gcctattggg tgcccccttc atgttctatg    128760
     cttccttgtt cttggcaatg aaagcccaag aattgagaca ggatgatggc tcagattcca    128820
     gaaaaccgat gtttgcattt cacatctcag ggcctctact ctgcagtgac cactctggta    128880
     ccctataggg aagagtactg tcaagaacag caacagtcat agagctggct cttcatgtta    128940
     tttgggaggt gggcatgcag gttgaaaaca gagcttcttt gtgtagccct gactggcctg    129000
     gaactctgta gaccaggcta gcctcaaact ccaagatcca cctgcctctg cctggtcagt    129060
     gttagattaa taaaataact taatgcacgc accaccacca ccaccaccac caccaccact    129120
     gtttaagatt tcttattctc agagtaatga attgggaaca tgctcctggc ctcctgagac    129180
     tgttcaatga gatgaagtat gtctaaccct tagcaccaag cctggcacac agcatatgca    129240
     ccatatacct tgctggttct tagtggatgc caaacctgtc ccttcagccc tgcttccctg    129300
     agatgctctg gagccagcaa ctcaatataa gggatcaatg aagtgttagg aatggaaaaa    129360
     gacttagtaa tgcagcaaag accagaagct tcaggaatgc tctctttttt aagtatcaca    129420
     agggcctgga aaagtgggtt tcagaaggta gggaggagta ctgggaattg aaccctgtac    129480
     tttgtatgtg ctaggcaagt gctctaccat taagtcccag ccccagccaa agtcaaccta    129540
     ctattgcacc ttctttacaa atgaagaaac ctggggctgg agagatggct cagcggataa    129600
     gagcattgac tgctcttcca aaggtcctga gttcaaatcc cagcaaccac atggtggctc    129660
     acaaccatcc gtaacaaaat ctgatgccct cttctggagt gtctgaagac agctacagtg    129720
     tacttacata tatataaaaa caaaaagaaa acaaacaaat gaagaaacct gtcccctgct    129780
     tctccctgtc atcccttccc tcccatgctg cctgaaaagc cctcttttct cagtcttcac    129840
     ccacttctga tgctactttg attttgcagt gctctcttcc ctgatgtggt gaactgcatg    129900
     cagacagaca acctggagct aaagaagctg gtgtacctgt acttgatgaa ctatgccaag    129960
     agtcagcctg acatggccat tatggctgtc aacacctttg tgaaggcgag tagaaaccca    130020
     gtggaagtgg ggacaggggt gagagagggc tgctcactct ctcatgtccc cgtctttttg    130080
     gagtgcttgg cacttgggct caattgcaga ctataggctt cctgttcagg ctgagggcat    130140
     cttcctccag cagagggctc cctctctctc cagaaccaca gactatgcct cattcacccc    130200
     ctgtgaggtg gcaccaggcc tactggcctc tcattctcct gggctgggca gtcattccct    130260
     gtgcctactg ccagcacaga cttcagcagg catccaagag cagctctgtt ccctttccat    130320
     atgactcctt tctatgtttt ctgttaccag atgaggagca aagcatgaac ttggacattg    130380
     actcctagcc cactgatgct cgcatacagg aaacttaggg gtttctgtgg ctatatgtgc    130440
     ctatcatgcc agcacttggc agactaagga aggagaatca ctatgacagt aggtcgtagc    130500
     taggctatat agtgagcaac atgccaaggt cctgtctcaa aaagaaaaga ctatggtgct    130560
     aagagcattg aggttcggat tgctactctg ctctgactgg gtgagcccat aacctccaaa    130620
     gccccgcctt ccttggttgg gaaatggcct taggaagagc agagaaagtg tgtagagcct    130680
     ctcacacagg atgtgacaaa tgcttggcat ccattctgtg gcatttgctt tgactattgt    130740
     tgactatggt cagtggagat cccacagcag ctgatgttgc acagagctgg aggccaggaa    130800
     gaataggaag ccacaggtga ctcatcccgc ctctgcccct gcccctggcc aatgactggt    130860
     tctcctcagg actgtgagga ccccaatcct ctcatccggg ccctggctgt gaggactatg    130920
     ggctgcatcc gagttgacaa gattacagag tacttgtgtg aaccactccg gaagtgcctg    130980
     aaggatgaag acccatatgt gcgcaagaca gcggctgtgt gtgtggccaa gctccatgac    131040
     atcaatgccc agctggtaga agaccagggc ttcctggaca cgcttaaaga cctcatctca    131100
     gactctaacc ccatggtgag ttgctagcag tcattgtgat gcctccacag actcctcctg    131160
     gattgcctga gaagacaacc tgggttggcc cttcacctag ctttccacct tagaagttag    131220
     agccttgctg aatatctaat tgtgattctt ccttgtggtg gtttgcaggg aactaggcct    131280
     ggatttcctg tgagcctctc aaactagcta catttaggac agctccctaa tctttcagag    131340
     ccctgtttgt ctcatcatta gattttggga ggtcacatac ctaacctgag ctggcctgat    131400
     ctggcaagca gtgactacag tcagtctatc gctttccagt tactgtcatg tcagtaactc    131460
     ctaaccaaga cctcctgtca tctccaggcc cgtagtcctc ttcctacagt gcagaagaca    131520
     ggacaccagg atgtattagg tgggaaccca atcccctcac tcactgtgat ggcaggggtt    131580
     gcagtgaaga ttgtgaggat ctgtaatccc agcaatcaga cggctgaggc aggatgattg    131640
     agagttaaag gcaaatcatt gatgcataac aagatttttc taaaaattga aaactatgta    131700
     agaaaaaaaa tgaatattta aaacactggg cactgctccc actctgtatc caacagaaac    131760
     accgattgct catagattaa agacagctaa ctagaccact gtgtcagaga ggaaagatga    131820
     aaacattgta gactgtacag aaaaggagtt gtcctggccg aaacatttag taaacccctc    131880
     tatagcccac atccactacc agcagccttg acgagatgtg caggattctt ctgtctcgga    131940
     gaagcacggc tgacaaccac tgcaatgagc actctggcca gtagagggaa gttgggttgc    132000
     taacaggcat tgtcttaaaa tgcgaggtcc ctggacttgg gctactttcc ccacttcttt    132060
     tcaatggcag gtgtactaat tttagttttg ctttacagag gggtccgtag ggtgagtgct    132120
     tgtcataggc cagactttct tggggctcta gaacctacca gtagggtcat accatagtcc    132180
     ttacagaaca tcccatcttg atctgctagt gtcactagcc tctgtgctcc ctgacttgag    132240
     cagtaccttc agcctctacc cttctacctt ctcatccagg tggtagcgaa tgcagtggct    132300
     gccctgtcag agatcgctga gtctcacccc agtagcaacc tgcttgactt gaacccacag    132360
     tctatcaaca agctgctgac agcccttaat gagtgcactg aatggggcca gatcttcatt    132420
     ctggactgtc tggccaacta catgcccaag gatgaccgtg aggcccagag gtgagcagac    132480
     caaccccttg cttaccagcc tacttggata tggtcctcac ggggctctct gcgtggggcc    132540
     tcagacctga gtgggcctct ttccaagacc tttcttccta gcatcagaca cactttaagg    132600
     gaactagcac gctactcacc tccagagcca tgctatcagt tgtatggttt caggcaatga    132660
     gcttcctgct tgctgtgagc cagaaacgga caaggatctg tctgggctga atcaagagtt    132720
     ttgtagctcc aaaaccagta gtttttctag gtacctgctg catgccttca tgttaggtaa    132780
     ccttcaagtc tgtgacatgc gccctgtcgg cctagcccac ctcacagacg aggaagctga    132840
     gttagtgagt ggggaggagc tgtgtagttc acccagctgg acctgtcatg gccaacgtga    132900
     gtgagtgttt aggcagtggg gagagagaga aagagctggc agttagaggt atctatcctg    132960
     tcaggctctg cactcattct gttcatttac atgcctgcaa gcctgtgctg cagacatgat    133020
     tgcatgcatc aactctaaga tggggaaact gaggctcacg gtgtcttggg cctgttagtc    133080
     ggtaggcaac agacaaggag gccttccttc tatagaagat aatctgtttt agccagagat    133140
     ttagtttggt tggtagagtg cttgctgagc atacatgaag ccctgcgttc tggccccagc    133200
     actgcatcaa ccatgcatgg tggtgtgtgg gtagtctcaa cacttggaag tggagttaag    133260
     aggatcagag tgttaaaatc agtagtagaa cacttgtctc acagacatga ggcctaggtt    133320
     cagtgctagt actggaagaa aaagaaaaaa tgggggaaaa aggaaacagc ctttggcttg    133380
     agaaagtcat tggctgcata gcccatctgg gttacatctg tctcaaaaaa aattcccccc    133440
     caaaaaacaa aaacaaaaaa ccatgctatt ttaaaaagtg aaacagaact tttcccttct    133500
     ctctttctct ttctgtttgc tctactggga ttgctggacc gcagcatctg tgagcgggtc    133560
     actcctagac tctcccatgc caactctgct gtggtgctgt ctgcggtgaa ggtgctgatg    133620
     aagttcatgg agatgctgtc caaggacctg gactactatg ccacactgct caagaagctg    133680
     gcccctcccc tggtcacact gctgtccgca gagccagagc tgcagtatgt ggccctgcgc    133740
     aacatcaatc tcattgtaca gaaaaggtac agcgacgacc acacgtttgc catgtactag    133800
     agacaggaac cctcaaggga gaccaatttg tcaccatgta ggaaggggtt ctcagccaga    133860
     gtgcctttcc cctcggggtc cttgataata ttggagacat acttggtttt cacaactaga    133920
     ggttgctacc gacatccaat gggcagagac cagggacact gctcagtgcc ctgcaattgc    133980
     tgtgcactcc caggtcagcc tcagagagga ctgacaggta aaggtaagtg tgatgctact    134040
     ccaacattgg gcagctcaga gcctgcacag tccttgagat ctgaagactt tgtatgtgtg    134100
     cactttgctt gggaacaaag ttcataggcc tcatcagaat cctcaaaatt ggagacatta    134160
     gagatggtga gggatggtgg acttggcata acctcaaggc ctagggagaa gtagagtgct    134220
     gggcagcctg ctttctcctc ctaagggagt gactcaggaa gtcactgctc ccaaggaagg    134280
     ggtccagcgc tagatgggga atgtctgaag tgctatgagc agcaccagtc agaagtgtca    134340
     cagaagtgac ctcttctgag gcagccctga gggagggcat cttgcagctg ggtcaggatc    134400
     tacctcctaa aatctcctgg cctttagtct aatagatctc tctgtagtcg gggcttagtg    134460
     ataacagctc attcctgctg tctgctccca agaaccagga gcatggtggt caggccccag    134520
     gaaggtagtg tactctttgt cacagcatct gttggattct tgatatttct ttcctttttt    134580
     tttgtttttt ttttttgttt tttttttttt tttcgagaca gggtttctct atatagtcct    134640
     ggctgtcctg gcattcactc tgtagaccag gctggccttg aactcagaga tccacctgcc    134700
     tctgcctccc aactgctggg agtaaaggcg tgcgccacca ccgcccggcc ttgatgtttc    134760
     ttagagggct aaagatattt actgagctgg gtggtggtgg cgcacgcctt tactcccaac    134820
     acttgggagg cagaggcagg tggattttct gagttgtagg ccagcctggt ctacaaagtg    134880
     agttccagga cagccagggc tacacagaga aaccctgtct caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    134940
     aaaagatatt tactgagctg gcacatttgc gaagatttgg aaggtaaaca tgggtaaagt    135000
     atcccaagtc cctaagtgat gtgaagaaac ttggcctttg ctcctgcagt gcgggtgtct    135060
     gtgcagtgca tggccactgc attagttaga atataggagc ttggtcagca tgcagggtcc    135120
     tctgtgctat atttgacatg atagtctctt aagacattgt ctgtgtcatg gggtcatgac    135180
     ctgtgccagc ctgacgtgac acggtggcct ttgccaagtc ttgcttatgg aagtcatctt    135240
     cctgctaccc atctcacttc ccttcccaca gagcacccag agctcactca gccagccctc    135300
     cacataggtt tatagacacc cagagctcac tcagccagcc ctccacatag tttatagaca    135360
     cccagagctc actcagccag ccctccacat aggtttatag acacccagag ctcactcagc    135420
     cagccctcca cataggttta tatgacaccc agagctcact cagccagccc tccacatagg    135480
     cttatagaca cccagagctc actcagccag ccctccacat aggtttatag acacccagag    135540
     ctcactcagc cagccctcca cataggttta tagacaccca gagctcactc agccagccct    135600
     ccacataggt ttatagacac ccagagctca ctcagccagc cctccacata ggtttatatg    135660
     acacccagag ctcactcagc cagccctcca catagtttat agacacccag agctcactca    135720
     gccagccctc cacataggtt tatagacacc cagagctcac tcagccagcc ctccacatag    135780
     gcttatagac acccagagct cactcagcca gccctccaca taggtttata gacactcaga    135840
     gctcactcag ccagccctcc acataggttt atagacaccc agagctcact cagccagccc    135900
     tccacatagg tttatatgac acccagagct cactcagcca gccctccaca taggcttata    135960
     gacacccaga gctcactcag ccagccctcc acataggctt atagacaccc agagctcact    136020
     cagccagccc tccacatagg tttatagaca ctcagagctc actcagccag ccctccacat    136080
     aggtttatag atacccagag ctcactcagc cagccctcca cataggttta tagacaccca    136140
     gagctcactc agccagccct ccacataggt ttatatgaca cccagagctc actcagccag    136200
     ccctccacat agtttataga cacccagagc tcactcagcc agccctccac atagtttata    136260
     gatacccaga gctcactcag ccagccctcc acatagttta tagacagcac agactcctga    136320
     gttcctcctt cctctgcgcc catcacaagc ttcatccctg gctgaaactt tattttagaa    136380
     ttattaattt ctgtcttgga aagggcacag aagtagaatc ggatggtgcc ttttaccatc    136440
     aagctctcaa ctgtttagtg tgtgacagat ccaagctttg taacctttct gaatgtcctt    136500
     gttttagaaa cacgtcctgt gggaccattg agggcagcag gtggcagcag atgagcagtg    136560
     ggcacactta gattgctcat caggtgacag ttcctattag caagtgcctt cataaagcag    136620
     acattgatta tcctagatgt ctcatctccc tcacaagagt ctgtttgtgg ccacagactc    136680
     agccttatgt cttgaagctg gctagcattt cccaatagtc agccgttgtg ctcctcccaa    136740
     agaattccta gagcgcctgc agcttggtca taaaggagaa tatggaaaaa gtcacgaaac    136800
     gtttcctcat gggctttccc tctgttggag ggtcacacga gacagacagc gtgtgtggaa    136860
     tgtttctgcc catggagcct aattgagaca gggtacctaa ggtgtgcatt aggggtacac    136920
     tccaatattt tagggctcca gaaggaaagc agggtttgag cataaatcat aagtagttta    136980
     taagtagtgc agtcaaccat ctttatcatt gaatgaacag gatgaatgtt cccagagttt    137040
     gagtttatca cacaagatct aatactagca gatttgggcc tgtggtggta ataattgttc    137100
     ctgcatagtt cattcttatt tcatgggtta ggaatgctgc ctgctaacct tgaactattt    137160
     tcccttcctg agatatggcc caacaagctg tagcaggcag aaccactgct gataatcaca    137220
     caatcttata gaggttctgc ctccctagaa atcaggtttc acctgcagcc caggaattct    137280
     ccagcagatg tggaatagct tccttaaaga tcttatgatg tctgtttgtt tgttctctgg    137340
     gcatcctgtc ctgccaccag gccagagatc ttgaagcatg aaatgaaggt tttctttgtg    137400
     aagtacaatg accccatcta cgtgaagctg gagaaactgg acattatgat ccgcctggcc    137460
     tcccaggcca acattgccca ggcaagcaag cagagtatgt ggtgtggggc acaagctttg    137520
     ctgtcaagac agtttccgtt actagctgtg tctgtaggtc aggtcggcta aacatgctcg    137580
     gtgttgacat tttgtctcag agttcagcag ggggcgggtg ggctgtagag cattgtaaac    137640
     aggcaaaacc aacttaaaca ggcaaaacca actaatattt ttactactga agaatgttct    137700
     taagctgtgc acccaggtac acttctgaag tcccagatac ttgggctcct gaagcaggag    137760
     aatcaccagt cctgagatca agactatcct gggcaacgtg tagacttcct acatttactc    137820
     aaaaagttca catattctcc ctatggcctg tcacttactc actgaagagt gataattgga    137880
     cacctaggga tggatatcgc tcagtcagta aagcacttac tagggccagt tatgaagact    137940
     tgtaagtggt gtcctaaggg agctgaagag atgactctgt agttaagagt ctcactcctc    138000
     tttcaaaggg catgggttta gttctcagca cctacttcag gaagctcaca aacaccagga    138060
     actgcggttt cagagtatct gatgccgcct tctgtcctct gtgagacaca cacacacaca    138120
     cgcacacaca cacaccaata aaaaaataga tcttttttta aaaactgagt ttggtggtgt    138180
     gcctttataa tcccaactct tgagaggtag agacaggtaa attcctgggg ctggctagcc    138240
     agctagccta gcttcatcca caagctctgg gccagtgaga gactgtctca aagcccccaa    138300
     aagcagtagt tgaggctggg agtgtaggtg ggtggttaga gcatctactt agagcccccg    138360
     atgaatcccc agtaccacac acacacaata atgcacttgg atatagtagc tgctaatata    138420
     aagcaagggt tgttgtccct tgctacacag tcatcctcta cctttcaggt tcctttgagg    138480
     aacctaatga tacccaccct acccctgggg gaggctgtca tgtgagcagg cagcagaatc    138540
     atgtcccttt gggcgtttgt gcattcctat tacccaggag ttgtaacagg ttgtttcatc    138600
     agacccatcc aacctatttt ttgtttggac cacaggtatt ggcagaactc aaagagtatg    138660
     ctacagaagt agacgtggat ttcgtacgga aggcagtgcg tgccattggc cgctgtgcca    138720
     tcaaggtgga ggtgagtagg ttctgagaat ccattcttac ccaggcaggg agaaggttgt    138780
     taaaaacaga aagcaggctg atcttagcag ttattcatga tacacttctg aagtcccaga    138840
     tacttgggct cctgaagcag gagaatcact agtcctgaga tcaagactat cctgggcaac    138900
     gtgtagactt cctacattta ctcaaaaaat tcacatattc tccctatggc ctgtcactta    138960
     ctcactaaag agtgataatt ggacacctag ggatggatat cgctcagtca gtaaagcact    139020
     tactagggcc agttatgaaa acttgaaagt ggtgtcctaa gggagctgaa gagatgactc    139080
     tgtagttaag agtaatccaa gggttaccaa cagagcctcc aaggtgccta ctatgcagat    139140
     taaattggct ctttctcact ttaggtctgt gtgcaacagg taatgatggt tctacagcat    139200
     tgcttacggc catagagcag ccagcagctc gtggacttcc tattagattt atcacagaga    139260
     tctggggcag acctctgcct accaagccac tctaacacct ggtcctggca ttttatcccc    139320
     tccttctctg cctgttcctt gactgttgac ctagattcag tgggtctgtt ggtggcttaa    139380
     ggatcctggg gatagctagt cacactcagt acagacctta gaggcagtta aggtgttttc    139440
     cccttgatgt ttatttatta gggccctcct gagacatctg caccattggg ctattattgt    139500
     tttgtataga aataaaagca aaagactagg aacagaaact gtggatttag tcatagcagc    139560
     ccattttacg aaacaagtca gagacaagta aggtcattca ggcctttgcc tagaggaact    139620
     ctccacctca cactgtcaat agcttcaccc tgggtttctc atgttcttat ctatctctcc    139680
     atccttttca tcctgagcct tcagttggcc ctttttctct acctcctcca caagggagag    139740
     tgatgttctc atgctgtgat aaggaaggtg gagccaagtg acctaaggtg cttggccttg    139800
     gcttgatcat tagtcctgtt ggaaaatgtg tgcccacact gcctcttttt cccacagcaa    139860
     tctgcagagc gctgtgtgag cacattgctt gatctcatcc agaccaaggt caactatgtg    139920
     gttcaggaag ccattgtggt cattaaggac atcttccgca agtaccccaa caagtaggtg    139980
     cccactcttc ctggccagag gacagcctgg cttccccttc ctcatttcct tttccatttc    140040
     acaagctgct ttctcaggaa aaactttttg tctttcttct tttacccaaa ctgtctatcc    140100
     aggccaaagt aagagcagct aaactccagc agctaaaaca tcccctctca ccaggcagtg    140160
     gtggcgcttg cctttaatac tagcagttgg gagacagagg caggcagatc tcagtgagtt    140220
     agaggccagc ctggtttaca tagtgaattc caggacagcc agggaaagtc tcaaaatgaa    140280
     accaaaccac accccacacc ccctacccca ctctctctct ctctctcaca cacacacaca    140340
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacact atccttagct cctctctctc ccttcctccc    140400
     ccaccccctc cttagctaca cacactccct ctcctcagct tctctccaga tctgggaagc    140460
     tgcatgtctt cattggtgct cacgtactgg ctcaatcatg cttcccaggt atgagagtgt    140520
     gatagctaca ctgtgtgaga atctggactc tctggatgag cctgaggccc gagccgctat    140580
     gatctggata gtgggcgagt atgccgagcg gattgacaat gcagacgagc tgctcgagag    140640
     cttcctggaa ggtttccatg atgagagcac tcaggtgagc ccccaagtgg acagacccgg    140700
     acctcctggc ccactggtag gtatggatgt acacatgtat agtcacatgc agccagttct    140760
     gagtgttctg ggcatttgtg atccataacc actataattc ccgaagaagt aagtactgag    140820
     ctagcacttc cagaagagac gaagttagat cctatgatgt ctagacattt tatcaattgg    140880
     gcaacagtaa catcattgat tcattagcat tgaactctgg ccaacaactc tgtgatttgt    140940
     gtctgactga agtttatcta gcatacaaat ttcttaacag agaccattcc agccctctgg    141000
     acaagcacta cagcatcaca gcttagagac agttttaagt gaggaaaagg agactttttt    141060
     ttagaggatg agagctgaaa caaaggtaga gtcggccgtg tcttgtccaa ccccagcttg    141120
     gacatctaga gcaggtgatt tatgcttcca gtgctctgcc agtgcaggtg cccactcaag    141180
     ccctgtgtaa atactgatgt taaagggcaa cgagaggcag acttacaaac cgagaagcag    141240
     gctgtggcaa tgtacacatg gaatctcagc atttccaagg tggcttgtca ggtgtttgcg    141300
     gtcatccttg gctctgtaga gagtttgagt ttggcctggg ttacaggaga cttgatcagt    141360
     aaaccgaggc tggtgagatg actccacctc cacccagcct gacatcttca attttgtcat    141420
     aggaacgcac gtggtgttag gagagaacga gtcttatgac atgcacagcc actcacacac    141480
     acacagataa ccacgtctct acaagtgtgc ggacataaac gctacagtag tttagaagct    141540
     tgcctttccc ccttaggatg tattgagagg cattgtcatc attaatttga gtgtccttaa    141600
     tccattggac atttgtgtgt ctagtctgtt tttgtaaaca tactgctgtg acaggcagca    141660
     tggtgtcgaa ctgtgagcat ttcagggatg aaccttaaac agatagcttg gagagaaggg    141720
     attgtatact agagatctgg gtagctcact agagatctgg gtagctcttg cctgattttg    141780
     ttaggtagag gggttgtcct ggtttgacct cccatctcag atagtacttt cctgcctttt    141840
     ttttggtgtt ttggtgtttt gtttgtttgt ttggctttgg ttttggtttt ggtttttcga    141900
     gacagggttt ctctgtgtag ccctggctgt cctggaactc actctgtaga ccaagctggc    141960
     ctcgaactca gaaatccgcc agcctctgcc tcccgagtgc tgggattaaa tgcgtgcgcc    142020
     accacgccag gcttacttcc ctgcctcttg tacttggttt gagcagctca gaaggtagtg    142080
     ggtgtagttt gttgacgatt tctatcagtg ttccttttgc tgttaattag gaaatgtctt    142140
     ctgcctggtg caggcagtgt aaataagtga gttcaagcat gcagagtgga gtcagagatc    142200
     ctagagccca cacttcacat ccactaactt tcacttagtg attatgctca tcttgtgtct    142260
     agcccatcag aagcactcat cattggtagt attgacctgg gtcagtctta gattcagaag    142320
     ggaagtggtt caggagaaag cagagcctgc tagtccccat agcccacgtg tctgagcagc    142380
     acaggcctcc ccatactcct gctgcattac ggtgttgggg ccatctctgt cacctccatg    142440
     gctctgcctt ggtcacagtc ccacaagcag ggttacaatg gatcaaccgt tcaggctctg    142500
     tccttaaagt ttcaacaact ctcatggaaa gcaaactttt acaccaaatg gtcggtccaa    142560
     cagaagcccc aaatctgtgt tttctggagc catttaccaa aacgagtcag ccagttgttc    142620
     attctgatct gtataggttg gaagagacag acagcattct ctgaaggaaa gccagcagag    142680
     tgggtgctaa gtgagcaaaa acagcagatg tccatggcag agtcacagtg attctctttg    142740
     ccacttccct cccactgcca cccgcccgcc cgcccgcccg cctctgtgca gcctcatttt    142800
     cacaccagac ctgtctgtgg ctcccaaaaa gcccagcctt gcctgtattg tttctgccca    142860
     gtaaccaagc cctccttaag gttacagtga ggattgcctc agagtgtaaa ctgccaaata    142920
     tttggataaa tcttgtagcc tcttctgcac aggaataaac ctgctaaagg gccagggatt    142980
     ggggcagttg gaaggaaaag ctgagtcagg agtctgtagg gaaaaaaacg gtgtgatggt    143040
     gcccagctcc agcctcagca cagatgggtg ggtgcacaag ggctgttgcc gttgagctct    143100
     ttgacttata ccccattgta cagatgagga caccaccaca gtaacttcag tgactgttgg    143160
     gaagagagag tcggagttcg ctgaggagtg atgtcactcc agctcctgag ggttgtttgc    143220
     aaagctcaca agacaccagc tccatctgaa gcaggcattg ctccttctcc cttatgggtt    143280
     gttgttgttt tttggtttgt ttgtttgttt ttgttttgtt ttgtttttcc gagacagggt    143340
     ttctctgtat agccctggct gtcctggaac tcactttgta gatcaggttg acctcaaact    143400
     cagaaatccg cctgcctctg cctcccaagt gctggaatta aaggcgtgtg ccaccacacc    143460
     cgagtttttt ttttgttttg ttttgttttt taagggagca agggagggca tattacagca    143520
     cttgagtgaa gaccaaagac aactttcagg agttagtttt atctttccac catatgagtc    143580
     ccggggattg aacttgggtt caatcagcct tagcagcaag catctttacc cactgagcca    143640
     tcttatcaac ccatcctctc cattcctact cctgttgtca gaccaccctg taagctaggg    143700
     agatgaagtc ccattagcag ctgctgctga gctgcctgga ccattgcttc cagtttcgcc    143760
     acagcctatc ccaggctgac aaaacgaaaa gcacttagga aggaccatct gcatggccta    143820
     gccatgaatt catttctgtc tgtctgtctg tctgtctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    143880
     tctctctctg tttttgtttt ttgagacagg gtttctctgt gtagccttgg atgttctgaa    143940
     attcactctg cagaccaggc tggcctataa cttagagatc tgcctgctag ccaagtgctg    144000
     agattaaagg tgtgcaccac cactgtgcag aatgcttccc ttttcgtggg catagttaac    144060
     agcgtctaaa atgacatggt ggctcatgcc tgtaattcca ggacttggca ggttgagggt    144120
     ggagaatcgc ttcgcattta ggccagcctg agtaagttag aaaatgagtg atcagccctg    144180
     ggctacggag tgtgagcctg catcaaaggc agaacaagta aataaaaata cagtgaattt    144240
     aaaaaattgt cagcactcca cagataccta agcttctgga ctctaggcat gggcaacctt    144300
     gggaaactga ctcaacatgt ggtttgaacc acatccactc tagtcttgga aactcagtac    144360
     tctaagccat ccaccacttt aaccgggctc ttctagaaga catagagtat acttcgaaca    144420
     gctgctcaaa gcagggccca acatggcccc tcttttaaaa acctagatca cagtagcttg    144480
     tggttaggag ggcctaatgt actctttcag cgtgcatcac agcatgaatt tcttaagtgc    144540
     cttctcccct aggcactagc ctgagcagtg tagagtcaca cagtgaggta gacagcccta    144600
     tccccactca tcaaaagctc acggtcagcc cactgtggtg gcacacagca ctccgaaggc    144660
     agaggcagac aaagtactga gttccaggac tgccagagct atatagtgag acttgtcttg    144720
     gaaaaaaaaa gaagaagaaa agctcacagc catagggaca gcctggtagc tgataaagac    144780
     atagaggtga ctggaagtgt ggggctggga accagcatga ctccgatagg agtgccagca    144840
     aggctgagga tatctcaatg ggatggaggg ctcaggaatg cttcctacct tctgataggc    144900
     atgtagttcc tcagtggcag gctagctctg tggagcctgg ctggcctgtg ctctggatct    144960
     ctgtggcacc attaacaccc taaggagcat gccagtcata catgttgcct ttgaagtcct    145020
     ctcttagaac catggacttg aagctcttga caggcatcta ggaatctagc tgagccctac    145080
     ctgccacaca gggcaatgcc cagatccaag ttcctcagca gcagcagccc caggacaaag    145140
     agagctgttc ttggttccca tctgttccga gacctgccac acctcccttg gttgtacatt    145200
     ccacctattg ccttgtcccc tgcaggtcca gctacagcta ctgacagcca ttgtgaaact    145260
     cttcctgaag aagccaacag agactcagga gctggtgcag caggtcctca gtttggccac    145320
     tcaggtagtg ccccacctct ctgttgctcc tcatatcaaa tcaaagcttt attcctggga    145380
     gctggtctcc ctctaatctc tcaagagtag cgcatgtgcg aatcaatgtc agagtagcct    145440
     gagatcgctg acttctgggg gtcagtgtca cagacaggtc atgtagcatg gtgtcaccag    145500
     gtgaaactaa agagggttat gtgggaacgg atgctagaag attcactgca aggtagggga    145560
     atgaagacag gagtgggcat gactagacat ccaaggagcc aaggctgaaa tgtgcccctt    145620
     agggtggttt gaaagccaac ttttgggtat gttcagaatc attgaatgag atgggtatgg    145680
     tggtacatgc ttttagtccc agcacttggg aggcaaaggt aggcagagct ctgagttcaa    145740
     agtcagtctg gtctacagcg tgagttcctg agaaacccta tctcaaaaac ccaaaaagaa    145800
     aggggggggg gaactgataa ggctggtctg tggggggggc ccccttctca tatgggaagg    145860
     aggtacacag gctgctccaa ctccaccccc aaggactcag acaatccaga ccttcgggac    145920
     cgtggctaca tctactggcg cttgctctcc acggaccctg tagctgctaa agaggtggta    145980
     ctggctgaga agcccctcat ctcagaggag acagacctta ttgagcctac acttctggat    146040
     gaactcatct gctacattgg cacgctggcc tctgtctacc acaagcctcc caacgccttt    146100
     gtggagggtg gccggggagt ggtacataag agcctgccac cccgcactgc ctcgtgagta    146160
     tagctgtcca gcatgcatgc agcccttaga agatagcccc tggagaggcc ttagtttaag    146220
     taaactaaga ttctagccac tttcggccaa tgtttaacta catactaggt gtctacagtc    146280
     accccatgtc atattctgag ttgctgagac aaagtgtcca tttaacagat aaggatagtg    146340
     ggtgtgaaga gtttggacag ttcaggaccc catagctagc agaacgactt ctacttccaa    146400
     agacctgttc ccacaacctc tgttgctcct aggtggctag tttgtcccaa tgacagtcct    146460
     tggaggctgg catctagttt ccttttgaga ataagctaga atatgcacag ttgggtcatc    146520
     ccatgagact aaggaggcag agagaaaagt catatagtcc tgtgcccaca cccccaggca    146580
     gcgaggagac ccaggcaaag atcttggaga ttaacgtctc tttaccttcc ctggaacatt    146640
     ctgatactgt tacccgacct gatcctctct gtgtctaaca ggagtgagag cacagagagc    146700
     cctgagacag ctcctgctgg agcacctgct ggtgatcagc ctgatgtcat tcctgcccag    146760
     ggtgacctgt taggtgacct cctcaacctg gaccttgggc ccccagtgag tggcccaccc    146820
     ttagctgcct cctccgtgca aatgggagct gtggatcttc ttggtggtgg cctcgacagc    146880
     ctggtatgtc ctaggtcccc gggtgatatt aatgatcttc agagcagcag gctttgattg    146940
     cccctctttg ctatatcaaa caggggaggg tacgtgaaat gcttactgtg ctcggtggtg    147000
     attttgtagc tccatgctta ggcagcgcat cctattaggc tgtttctagc tttgaggagc    147060
     cagatccttg tctattcaca ctccgtctac cagctaggga gagcagccta gtccagggcc    147120
     tctctgcctt tcctcaggca cgtagtgggg cctcaggcac gtagtggggc ctcaggcacg    147180
     tagtggggcc tcaggcacgt agtggggccg ggcagaggca gcttctgaat gtccccttgg    147240
     tgttaatagt ctggccacga gagagcctag gacaaagtac aagttatggc tcagagtgtg    147300
     agggagggtg ccaggctaga tgaagccatg aggaagggca gtgtccttca gaggggtggg    147360
     ttctgggcct cagaacagac ttatccctac tagagccgca gttaactaac ccatctcttt    147420
     ctttctcttg tctcatgttc tttccttgcc tctctctctg catgttgctg ctgtctcttc    147480
     accctgcctg cccttctgct tggagatggg ggatgagtct gaaggggtat ggttcaaccc    147540
     tctgtcacca gttctctatc tgtgctcaac cttggccatg gcccagtgtc tgagcagtct    147600
     ctgctctgac ttcctggcat gcaggtgccg ctgggcaccg tgcccaaccc catgacagtg    147660
     ataaaagctt gccgtcctaa aagctgctgg cccttggccc tgagctgctc atctggagga    147720
     gagccccata tgctaaaggc tccccttgga tgggttgagt cttctcacag agatcactcc    147780
     ttgaggttca aggcttgtgg gactctgggg tactcagcct cttttccacc tacttcactt    147840
     tgtcttgttt ctgctactta aagttgatgt ggagtgtggt cctgttctac cccactgttt    147900
     tcaaacccct aatgtccctg cctcatgcat atctgtgatc tgtttgccag attggagata    147960
     gcaactttgg ggcaccttca gcatcagtgg ccgcagcacc agcaccagcc agacttggag    148020
     cacccatcag cagtggctta agtgacctct ttgacctgac cagtggtgtg ggcacccttt    148080
     caggatccta tgtagctccc aaagcagtaa gtccttcacg tgctctccgg ctggagcaga    148140
     gaaaagagac tggattggga ttgctgaggt tctcccacta aacctgccct gtgagaaggg    148200
     tgatgagcct gaagggtgca gcgctcgtcc cagcctttca ctctcactga gcttagctgt    148260
     ggtctcgggt ctgacagcct ctgctttgac ctgtgggaca gcctagaggg aaggtggtct    148320
     tatcagagca caggttctca gtactgttag atcccgtgcc tcagacacag agaacttgtg    148380
     tctgaagaca gctgatggcc tatatgacct gtctacatag gcaaacaaaa aataaccatg    148440
     tctccatcag tgtatggaga caaactgaag aaaacacata ggccagggtt ataaacatag    148500
     cacactttat ctgccctaga ggacatggca gtgtactgtc actgtgacat gaccggcatg    148560
     ggtggcatta gtactttagc atgagtgtgg ctggtggtac tgttcagtgg caactgactc    148620
     tcagtacagt ttcaacagag caggtaccag gtgtggtgat ggaaacctac aatcccagca    148680
     cctgggaagc agagacagga ggatcagggg ttcattgtca ccaggcatgg tggtacatgt    148740
     cttaatttca gcactttggt ggcagagaca tgcagatctc tgtgggttcc atgccagcta    148800
     aggctatgta aaaagaccct gttttgaagg ccagggtggg ggctctggtg gtacactccc    148860
     ttaatcctag cactcaggaa tcagagacaa atggatctct gtgagtttga agccagcctg    148920
     gcctacatag agagttccaa gacagccaga gctgcataat aaaaagatcc tatctcacga    148980
     agaaaaaaag aaagagaagg aaaacacaaa acaagctacc cgtgagttag tcttgagaac    149040
     ttctgtgtgt ttacataaga atgctcaaag gatgcatgga gtgacccatg gcagtgctca    149100
     gcattcctgt cttcagtccc taaaacacag tgcctcaccc ccttacctca tcatgtttcc    149160
     tgcagaatgg tccataagta ccaaatgtat tcatggtcca ctaagacatt ttgctaggct    149220
     agagtttctt gagacagaaa gccaagccag gctcagtgct tcctcgtggt acagggtcag    149280
     caatagccac tggagagttc tacactgaat gatgaaatgg cttcatttac aacatttgag    149340
     ctttagcact gtggaaaggt gtggagttgc attgagccca aagaagaata tcaaggagac    149400
     taagacaggg aaactttctc agtggtggga ataacagaaa acagaatatg aaggggctga    149460
     agccattctg atgagagcag tcgtacaatt acaggcactg agataaagcc attggcaaag    149520
     ccatgggtga aaatagctaa gcttggcata taaatgtttg tgcctggtac taggaagagc    149580
     acagtttggg tcatgtcact tgtgccaggg aagttctaca aggacatgta tggcctaatt    149640
     atttcacaac atcacaacac aggttagagg ctatgtctgc tgaaccctca tcttctgagc    149700
     ttcccatctt gggggtttta cccctctccc ctcccccctt ataaatctgt aagcagcacc    149760
     tgcacctccg tgacccagcc tcacctgcag agagtagtag ccaaggcccc aggcaagccc    149820
     cttacaggct cggtctctga gaaatccaca tgacagcagc tctaccacat gcaacagcag    149880
     gcttgatgcc aggcacgcag cagccttcca cagcagcagc ctacggggcc ctcctacagc    149940
     catatgttac tgttattcat tttatggttg agaagtttga gtgcttttgc ctgtggccac    150000
     atagctcata agtgacagaa tctgaaactg catgcagggc agtgacacta tagcctatgc    150060
     ttcaacttct atgtcactgt actgcaaagt aaacacttgt atgctttcca gttttgagac    150120
     agggtctcac tgtgaagtcc catgctggcg ttgatcttgt ggcaattctt ctgcctcagt    150180
     tcccagaggt ctaggattgt agacatgatg acaagtcagt cagcaggccc agagtgcagg    150240
     gcgctataaa ctactacaca gattgttgac accgagcacc aggtcaaaac atactcatcc    150300
     tagcaatgac cattttgggg tgtaaggcag gaagatcagg agttcaaggc cagacttggc    150360
     tatgtgaagt caaaacaagc aaacaaataa gaacaaaaca ctcagtggag ccagtgacat    150420
     cacttagagg gtaaaagagc ttgccaccac acttcatgac gtgagttcag tctctgggcc    150480
     ccacatggta gaaggaaata actaactgat gcacaggttg tcctctgacc tccgcatgtg    150540
     catcatggca tctgcaatat atgcacatat gaaataagta gaaagaaaac ggtttcttaa    150600
     aaagttgatc aacaggatat agtgtaccca tgtcaattcc cagcattaaa aggcagaagg    150660
     atctcagaac aagagttact gatgccacag ggagtaatcc tgcttcctgc cactcactgc    150720
     atactcagca gcaaggactg agaagccatg agctggcctt ccatgtgtgt atgtataggc    150780
     tttaactgct ggcatcacag ctagtctggg agaggtgatg ttcctggtca cacttagtgc    150840
     tttccaacac tgggagatag caggggagat atcctgaggg aagggacaag ataaacttga    150900
     agtagacacc aggctcagta caaactggga aagggttttt caagtgttca cgatcatgtt    150960
     tgcattttac aagatgatcc caactgctgt aaaatggagg gaagagaaat ctgggcagcc    151020
     acctgagtaa agtgctacct tgaaaagtag aagccttgag ggcagatgtc gggctgtgta    151080
     gttatagcat gagggacagg tacactgggg acttgtggaa gctgtctggt agaactgtag    151140
     ccttctaata tcaaggggcc agcaagccag tcaggagaca aaaggcccga gaggcacctg    151200
     tgtaatccaa aggtgactct tacagttccc cttcacaggc agggttgatt cttgacattt    151260
     atttagtaaa caccctgtgc actgcagcac cacaccaggg tctaagctgc agaggaggac    151320
     ggaacatcaa aacacttccc ttaatggtct ctgtgcaagc agtaaggagg agagagatac    151380
     aagctcatga gggcgagctt cctgatggag gaattctatt cctcagcctg ctaagggggc    151440
     agtcaggaca gtggcaggtg agaacttatt tcgtactgtc aggtcaggac agtttcttca    151500
     gtggaacacc agccatatct cctgcaagga aggacagact gtaacagcca agaagagttc    151560
     aggtggctgt ggccaggatc cagaatgctg ttggatctca actctgacct tggcttgtca    151620
     tggtgctggc aggggtcacc tatcttcatc agtattgcct ttggcctctg aagatgtcct    151680
     ttctgtcctc agctactctg atagacggct gtgccgtgat gctggccctg ggtgggctgc    151740
     agtattagct ttatcgtcaa ggtacgttta tcatgcctta gtggtagaag caggttgatc    151800
     agaaggccct ttaggaaaga aaggatccca ggctagctat gactctgacg tggggaagag    151860
     gcacacagct cctccttcca ccctcctccc tacaggtctg gctccctgcc atgaaggcca    151920
     agggactgga gatctctggc accttcaccc ggcaggctgg ctccatctct atggacctgc    151980
     agctgactaa caaggccctg caggtcatga cagattttgc tatccagttc aatcgtaaca    152040
     ggtaagtccc tggccaaact cagcagcagt gtcttgacca ctgtgtgaac ttcagagcac    152100
     cagacagaat ggacagggca tccccgctaa cttgccctcc actgcccaaa ggatagtttt    152160
     gtcagaaatc actgctctaa gccagctgcc taccactgga agtgccttat ctgcctctcc    152220
     tcccagacct gagtcacttt tctgttgggg aacaactcag aaaaagtggg ttgggtagta    152280
     agccgctagc cagcctcccc tgaaagcaaa acaggcctca gcccaagttt tctcatcaga    152340
     caaggactca ctctgagaat gagtagtggc tgctccaaac tccttgttgc tcccaggccc    152400
     tatgtttcct gtactgcaca ttggtgagaa aatatgcttg ttagcaccat gagccagcaa    152460
     ggccaggctc tgggaacctt ggcagcccct cttggtgatt cctcctcctg agtggctcca    152520
     atgatgagca aactgagctt ctaagaagtt gactgaatgg gcagctctgc ctcttccatc    152580
     cacaggacac tagaggtata agtgcatgac tgcttagaac aaaccctctg tgcattaagt    152640
     cttcctgggt agaggatcct aaggccaagg actgtagagt attagtttcc gaaaagccac    152700
     ctgacagtcc agtagaagta gatgttgtta tttactcctt gtaactcaaa ggccctgccc    152760
     aatgtcacag agctgacaat gatggcagac ttgggcttcc ctctggattc taagcaagtc    152820
     atagtttcag ttttcagcag ccgttcaccc tgtaagagcc aggagctggg tctaagcctg    152880
     ttcctcagtg agggtctgtg ttctcatcgg gaagaaggaa ttgtgcgtat ttctgatttc    152940
     tgccatatgc tacgctggac atactgagtg ctcagtacag gtccctccac agcactgtga    153000
     cagcttgcgg tggcacagca tggcagtgga agctcagaca gtgagatctg ctcttcccag    153060
     cctgtccaga cctctctttt gacttctggg tcgtagcagt aaatatctag gctggcagtt    153120
     ttccatcgag aaacttgtag tccctggtgt tgggtggagg tcctgaggga aggggcaggg    153180
     ctatgctatc atggcctacc aagagccagc ccagaggaga aaaagaagca gagaagtctt    153240
     gctggaccca agttcttgcc tcctgtctac atggtccgta gagcagggat ggtcagagct    153300
     tgggaaagac tgacttgatg aggaagttct gtgcccatca ccccccacac actccctaca    153360
     acttctgcgg acttctttct cttttcagct ttggcttggc ccctgctgca cctctccagg    153420
     tgcacgtacc actcagcccc aaccagaccg tggagatctc cctgcctctt aacacagtgg    153480
     gctcagtctt gaagatggag cctctaaaca atcttcaggt gtgtccccac agggccagac    153540
     accccatttc tacccagtgt cagccatgtg gtggatgcta gctagccata tgtgcaggga    153600
     gcctgagaga actgtgttct tggctacagg tggaacctga gctaggggac agggcaggac    153660
     ttcaggggag agttctatga gaaaacctgc tcgggacacc ctacttgggc cctgggaggt    153720
     gggataagcc caagaatcag ggtgtcaagc cttggggact gactggagat ccccgtgcct    153780
     aggtggctgt gaagaacaac attgacgtct tctacttcag cactttgtac ccactgcatg    153840
     tcctcttcgt ggaggatggg aagatgggtg agtggtgaag gctctgggta gccatgcagt    153900
     aggaacctgg gaaggctggt gcctggaata agggtcagca ggacagctgg gccttaggat    153960
     gggatcttca gctcatcctg ggggccccat ttctggcttg aaggtggccc gtgccacctc    154020
     acttgtgagc actgctgctc accctttagc ttgtctgggc tgcaaagaac caagtcagtc    154080
     accatacctg gtggcagtgt ggccatcacc tttgccacag aaccatgtct aacaagcaga    154140
     ctgcacagga ggaggagact aggaggtcag atagctggaa aggcaaagga gaggcaggaa    154200
     gcagagggca tttgggaaca agtctgtcct gagctgagtc agagggaact gtggaggaga    154260
     gaggccttcc ctcagcatgc aggtagcacc cattcctgcc atgtggtgcc taggggccac    154320
     agtctattta aaggccatct ctcaccccac cctgcagacc ggcagatgtt cctggccaca    154380
     tggaaggaca ttgccaacga gaacgaagcc cagttccaga tcagagactg cccgcttaac    154440
     acaggtgagc cctccctccc ccagtacccc actcactctc tcctctgtac ccactgaatg    154500
     tgggccttcc gtggctgtct gatcctgcag aggctgcgag caacaagcta cagagcagta    154560
     acattttcac tgtcgccaag aggaacgtgg agggccagga tatgctctac caatctctga    154620
     agttgaccaa tggcatctgg gtgctggcgg agctgcggat ccagccaggc aaccccagct    154680
     tcacggtgag agcccctgta cccactgcca ggtcttgacc ctccacctcc ctgccctggc    154740
     aacacttccc aaatcagcca tcctggtctg tgcagttaga gactgatggg tgccactatg    154800
     ccaaggtctc tttgagccca gtgtgagaat tggttcttaa acttcacctc aaccccatca    154860
     ggttacccaa ataaggcaga cagagacagt ctcactggct gcaggagttg ccctgctgcc    154920
     atggggtgcc tgagtgcctg ggcggggcca gcttctaggg cactctgggt actttgtaaa    154980
     ccccactgct gttcccaggc ctggagtcca ggctttgctc cccccacccc ctctgcgcgc    155040
     cctgcctggt aggtatggcc cttcccaatg ctggtgacct tggcgctggt gggtggagct    155100
     gtgatggtgg ctgaggtggt ggtaatttcc atcttcctgt ttgattgctg catgtccacc    155160
     ttccctgcgg gtgccatggt acaggacttg gaggttagca gattgcttct ctcttcttgt    155220
     tcccacctcc atccttccta gcagtactgc gcatgcctca tctcctactc ttgccccagt    155280
     gcattctgct ttccctggtc ttggccttgc ttcagcctga tgctcccagg gcccagcaga    155340
     tgtgcatgga agttaccaac gccgagcttg cacatgcatg gtgtgcctta aagggaggct    155400
     cgtggacccc tctgggggcc gctgctgctg aatccagaat cctgcctgcc actccttcat    155460
     agttgcagcc tcagacctga cgttctcaag tagaaaggct agtcggcttc cttcccttct    155520
     gcctgaaatc tcaaggctca gacctcttct agcactgatg cgattccaca caaacttgct    155580
     tcctgtgcag gaaccagagc aagccccaca taccttgcag tccccaggag agatctgctt    155640
     aaccctttac ccaccaggac tgtgtcagcg ctgctccaga ctagacttcc agagcttatg    155700
     tagtagggca gacaacccca aaggggcggc ctgggtactc ctgatggctc gtgaatcatg    155760
     ccgcctgcca gtggctcccg tggcagaact gacagcaggc atgggggctg caagtatatt    155820
     tggttcccac ccggctgact gatggccacc tcctctgctt tacctcacat ctggcctact    155880
     cttggcttcc agcctgccgt gcgtgcatgc ggtatactcg tgctcccttc ccctcccttt    155940
     acggaagata agttctttcc ctgcctcctc ttttcctgca gctgtccctg aagtgtcgag    156000
     caccggaggt gtcccagcat gtataccagg cctacgagac tatcctcaag aactgaagcc    156060
     ctgtcgcatc caccccagcc ttctgccagc ccagtcatgg aaccctgcag gtggcagtac    156120
     ctcctccttt ctttgaggaa aggccaggtg ggctcctgaa ccacccagga ggctcccctg    156180
     atcctaactg agggtctgga gcagggccat gtctcctccc agagtgaaat ctcagtgcat    156240
     ctccagtggc tgcttttttc tattgctgtt gatgtgggat caaaggaaat ggagccagca    156300
     cagcatcaga agctggacag agggccacag ggtgctcttc cttctcttct cctgggtgtg    156360
     aacatggacc ccacccccac ccccagggtc ctagcccata atccctgccc agtctcctca    156420
     gtgagcctgt cctgggtgga gtcctctggg tgccaatatt actgcttggg actccaaggg    156480
     ctggaagtgg tgatgggcag atgtgagccc agaggagcag cctgggccag caccatctgc    156540
     cccatgtaac cccagtcggt gctctgtggc cacctgcagg tcccagagcc cagctgggat    156600
     tatgttctct gtgccccgga agatggtcac tgcctacaaa acattcctgg tgtcccctct    156660
     gtgagtccag ggctcttaga acagaaatag ggtaagaggt ggagcaaggg gcagtggaca    156720
     tgcttctggt gtgaggtcct gtgggttctc cagcagccgc tggctcccct ggctcccagt    156780
     ctgtgtgtgt gacagctatc ctgtcactgc tgtttgataa taaagagatt ctgctttcgg    156840
     caatcatgca catttcttcc ctctacaaac tgcttctggt aactggggat gtctgatcct    156900
     gcagtaatta tatctaatac atataatgaa atatatattg tatatttacc cttttttcaa    156960
     ataagaaagt gaataaaaac gatgacatca agtaagttcc tggccagtgt gtcaggtggt    157020
     aaggctcttc tgggcaggag tcctgcgctg aagccatatg tctggctatg gtcccttccc    157080
     ttcattctgc ctactgtggc ctgctggtgt ccctgccacc tttctgccat tggtgtcaag    157140
     tccttgccag ctgatgctgt gtcccctttg atccaaggaa ggaattgttt catttgagtt    157200
     tcctccttcg tgccaccttg gagcagtatg actgagttgg gcggacagga gagggcagcc    157260
     cagtgttgca tgtgttctcc tgaggagaca cccaggaaga ggactcacaa gagactaaag    157320
     aaacagtttg cccaaggaac acgaactact tacaggaagt tgtactaccc aagtacacta    157380
     ccacctcaac gctgttaacc tcttcctctc cccagggagg ggcaagagtc tcttgctgcc    157440
     tgcttgtatg aggtaatggt ggtggattca gctttgtgat ggtcttatgc aattagtcac    157500
     agctaggaat tcaggacagt aatggctagt catatcttgc ctgaacaggg ttccacggta    157560
     acttacgcca ttcttcagct ctgacatttt tccatctcct ctttgggggt gagcattgtg    157620
     ctggtagcca tagcaatagt catgtattct cagtactttg gccaactacg aatttctgca    157680
     gtaagcaccg cccactgcaa agctccccta gctaggtgtg gtggcgcacg cctttaatcc    157740
     cagcactcgg gaggcagagg caggcggatt tctgagttcg aggccagcct ggtctacaaa    157800
     gtgagttcca ggacaaccag ggctacacag agaaaccctg tctcaaaacc tcccctcccc    157860
     caaaacacct cccctaagca aggcctaagc aacaaccatc tcaacagtgg taacatgccc    157920
     actaggggtt aggacttctc cagccacaaa tttttgtctt ataataaatg agggttcctg    157980
     ctgtggagca gaccttccaa ctagaaagca actgactgca cttacaacac atggaccact    158040
     tggcacatct tgcttaacgt gctgcctgta tccatggctg agaagcacca ctgacaagga    158100
     cgtgtcagcc tgcatagctc ctggtgcaaa gaaagcagga ggaccggtcc cccagccctt    158160
     gccaggtgtg tttccatgtc ctccagcata gtttatggta tcttcagcaa taaggactta    158220
     ccatccagct ctattgtgca atcaataaca atgaggattg cccttgtgat ttgtaaggcg    158280
     ataggggtct cccttgccac caacttgtag aaagatccct agccactagg attgttgtcc    158340
     aaaaacattc tgaatgtgtc ttttcccccc acacagcacc ttcattattc aaacgcctta    158400
     actgttttta catttataca cacaggctgt tgtagggttt tctgtcacct tcttgggtat    158460
     tatctgtgcc ttagccgtaa catttccaag aactctgcag tgtggataaa cttgttcatc    158520
     ctcgcaagtt atttcagatg cttctctaaa cttgtaagag actcggaggt tgccattata    158580
     taatggagtt tcagggctgg ggacaaggca tcagaataac taatagtttt tttcatacaa    158640
     tatattctga tcatggttcc cctcatcacc tcccagatcc ttcccaccca tccaaccccg    158700
     tgcattcttt ctacaaaaaa ccaacacaga cgtacgtgct catgcagaaa acacgtaaat    158760
     cagaaatatg agcttgcttg ggttaggctt ggctgcggag ctggacacta ccttgaacct    158820
     tactttatca tccatatgat tctccatgag ccctccctgc ctcctcctcc tcctggagtg    158880
     tccctggggg tgcacggttc tccatccttc agggctttgc aggctccctt tatgtttctg    158940
     gctcagccta cggccaagag caagtgaggc tgggtttcac tgtacctcca aatggctgct    159000
     gctgcctcgg tggtcacagc tggctattga aagggccctg gtggagtgtg gtgaacagtt    159060
     tctaacccaa gcatccttcc ttccaagaca gaagtgtgca cagcttcctc cgtcacacca    159120
     gtttctcatc ctggatattc atggagagct cagctgacaa taactgggta aacctagtag    159180
     ctcatatggg ctggtccttc aggggctcat ctccctccag tagacctctc aaatcacatg    159240
     cagcctttgt cttttttttt tttttttaag atttattttt tttttatctg taagtacaaa    159300
     cagacacccc agaagagggc atcagatctc attatagatg gttgtgagcc accatgtggt    159360
     tactgggatt tgaactcagg accttcggaa ggaagagcag tcagtgctct caaccgctga    159420
     gccatctctg cagcccccgc agcctttgtc ttaagcagtt atatcaatca attactctgc    159480
     atccccatgt agtcttctaa gtcaaacagt gaaaggctct cccatttctt ccttcctttc    159540
     ttccttcctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc    159600
     tttctttctt tccttctctc tttctttctt tctttttctt tcttccttcc ttcctttcct    159660
     accttccttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct    159720
     ttctttcttt ctttcgttct ttcttttgaa acagggtttc tctgtgtagc cctggctgtc    159780
     ctggaactca ctctgtagac caggctgacc tcaaactcag aaatctgcct gcagctgggc    159840
     agtggtggcg cacgccttta aatcccatca ctcggggctg gtgagatggc tcagcaggta    159900
     agagcacccg actgctcttc cgaaggtcca gagttcaaat cccagcaacc acatggtggc    159960
     tcacaaccat ccgtaacaag acctgactcc ctcttctggt gtgtctgaag atagctacag    160020
     tgtacttata tataataata aataaatctt taaaaaaaaa aaaatcccat cactcgggag    160080
     gcaaagtcag gcagatacaa gttcaaggct atcctggtga catagcaaat tcctgaccag    160140
     ccatagctac atagtgaaaa ggggaaggag gagggggaaa gtaagaagag gagaagagga    160200
     agaggggaag aggcggagga ggaagacgag gggggaagga gaggaggaca ataatgatga    160260
     agacaagaag gagaaggcgg caccaccata tggaaacctg ctattggata agctaattgt    160320
     tacccccaac tcccctgctc ttggctgccc accctattgc tgaagacacc acacaccacc    160380
     ttggttgcag gacatagaga agttgaactg ggactggact ggaatccttc tcccggctgg    160440
     atagctttca tagcaccaga ttgttatgca ggccactgag ggaaaagtca tctagggagt    160500
     tgtcacccac ctgtcaccct ctctgttaca gaggtaacca gttggcttca gttcgatcgg    160560
     agaccagctc cacaggtgtg tccatggtgc tgtggaccca gtcaaaagcc cgtgtctggg    160620
     ggggaatacg ccctggcagt gaaccggtta catttgtctt gctaagtggg tacattgtca    160680
     gactaacacc ccatacttat gcctgcaccc acagacaggg gagctctcag ccttgatcca    160740
     agaatcttct ttttatagcg aacagcaact aatgcagact catggctgct atgagtactg    160800
     aaaataaatg actgttaagg acgcagccct aactgggaca gctgcattac ccacctccaa    160860
     ggctcaggga acatcacaaa agagggagca gaaaggatgt aggcgcagga tggtgagggc    160920
     tcaggagcta ggaacacttg cttttaccgg ctagtgtcct cggagaggga ggagcctcgg    160980
     ttgaggaaat gcctccaggc gatccagctg taaggggagt gcccaattag tcatcagtag    161040
     gggagggctc agcccgttgt aggtgggacc atccctgggc tggtggtcct ggattctata    161100
     aaaaagcagg ctgagcgagg caggggaagc aagccagtcc ttagcaccct ccatgacctc    161160
     tgcctcagct cctgcctcag gttcctgccc tgctggagtt cctgccctga cttcccccaa    161220
     taatgaatta tgatctggaa gtataagaca ctgaataaag tacttcggga ggcagaggca    161280
     ggcagatttc tgagttagag gccagcctaa tctacaaagt gagttccagg acagccaggg    161340
     ctatacagag aaaccctgtc tcgaaaaaac aaaaacaaaa aaaccaaaac aaacaaaaaa    161400
     agacactgaa taaaacctcc cccacttgct tttgggtcac ggtgtttcat cgcagcaata    161460
     gaaaccatga ctaagacact gctcgtccta aggaccttag ttcagttcct aaacccctgg    161520
     taacaagatt cacagttatc tgtgacccca gctccagggg cagcttctga actccgtgag    161580
     ctccagcact caaatgcaca tgaccacata cacacaagtt taaaaaaaaa aatctttttt    161640
     aaaacgctgg atgataaaga tgaaggccag aagaaaactc tgtcttctgg gcatgacagg    161700
     accattgcag tcataaaccc actgcagccg agcttggcta tattgtgtct ccacaagact    161760
     gggcctggtc aggaacaaag aaggggctca cagggcacag ggccctcagg tccctgagga    161820
     actactggct gttaaggggg gaggggaggg acaggcacct ccctcagtag tgtatcaggt    161880
     gagtctctcg tgcactagtg agtagctctc cacccacaca ggtgacctcc ttaatcacaa    161940
     gaggaaaagc catgaaagct ggaggagggg caggtggtat tagactgcat cagatgcatg    162000
     tataaaatta atcataaggg ggctgcagag atggctcagt ggttaagagc actgactgct    162060
     cttccagagg tcctgagttc aattcccagc aaccacatgg tggctcacaa ccatccataa    162120
     tgagatctga cgccctcttc tggagtgtct gaagacagct acagtgtact tatatataat    162180
     aaatcttttt ttttaaaaag ttaataatta aaaagagcag gggctgcagg ggctgcaggg    162240
     gtggcctggg gttaggagca cttctgctct gcttggaggg ccacagtttg gttcaaagca    162300
     ctcacatggt tgcttgcacc catctgtaac tcccgaccca ggggatttaa cagcctctct    162360
     tggcctccac agcagcacat acagatgctg ggctaacatg caggcaaaaa cagccataca    162420
     cgtaaaaatt taaataataa ttaggaaaat gtttaaaata accaagagga gaagggggaa    162480
     ggaggaagaa agagaggagg agggaaaagg aagaggagga ggaagaagag gaagaggagg    162540
     agggaaaggc ttaacacata catggagaaa ctgagtcagg agacttggtt ctctaagcct    162600
     cctgtgatgc ctgagagctt tgcagtatct ttgcaccagg aaacagatgc ccatactccc    162660
     cgcccacttt ttcaggcctc agtttcctag aagataaagt ggggttgtta tcattagttg    162720
     cttggttttt tttttggggg ggggggcttg ttttttgaaa tagagtttat gtggccccag    162780
     ctggcctaaa tatgtagcct aggctggcct ggaatttgca tcagtcctga gtttccaggc    162840
     ctgtgccaca gtgcccagta taatttgagt ttcttccagg agtcaaacac tcaggtctcc    162900
     aaacaaaccc tgaagaaccc tctaacaaac ggccacatct gagcacgagc atgctggcac    162960
     atcgccgcca tgactttctc tcgggttctc aggctgggat ttgaagtcag cacctccttt    163020
     ctgcgtaaat gctcatctct gctgctgctt actggagagt gatgtctgga gcccggtccc    163080
     tgcagtgcag acacattggc ccacctcagg attccgaggc cagagactgt ccttggatga    163140
     acatgaggga tgggcttgtc ttctgtgagt ccccgtgatg ctgcagccat tccctgccac    163200
     acactgccac ggccactggg acagtgcggg taggtatggt gcctgcacat atggacagtt    163260
     actccaggtg cctgcagtag agggaggata acatgacgtt tacatctaag attgtggttg    163320
     gggcaagaga ggtgggggtg ggggctaagt ggactagagc actgggatgc aatgaccagg    163380
     gtttcataca gcactaaaaa gaaagaaaaa agaaactatt actctctcca aggggaagga    163440
     actaatatgg ttatccagta tctattattt tctttctccc tccctccctc cctctctctc    163500
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctttctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc ccttcctttc    163560
     ttccttcctt ctcctcttct ccttctcctt ctcttctctt ctcttctctt ctcttctctt    163620
     ctcttctctt ctcttctctt ctcttctctt ctcttctctt ctcttctctc ctctcctctc    163680
     ctctcctctc ctctcctctc ctctcctctc ctctcctctc ctctcctctc ctctcctctc    163740
     ctctcctctc ctcttctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    163800
     cctctctctg agacagggtg tcactatcta gtccaggcta tcctggaact ctttatgtag    163860
     accaggctgt cctcaaactc aaggccggcc agtctctgcc ttcccggtgc tgggattaaa    163920
     agcatgtacc accacatctg gctttctttt ctttttcttg agacagagtc tctctgtata    163980
     tccctggaga gactggaact ctctatgtag accaaactga ctttgaactc acagagattg    164040
     cctgactctg ccttccacat gctaggatta aaggaagact ccaccaccag gcttgatttt    164100
     cctgttttgc atacaaatgg tgttgctaaa gatccctggg caaaggaaag aacacctact    164160
     atcctgtctc ccaagatccc aagagaaacc aagtgagcac aattccacct gtattcaatc    164220
     tggggaacca agaaatgcac gtactgggtt aatttacaga gcgtaggtga tggattccct    164280
     acagggtggc gtgctcctct gcacaaagcc acactggagg tctttgcttt cccacaatct    164340
     cagggatggc cgcatccccc gatgctcccc cacctataca cgctagctcg tcacgcgcaa    164400
     ttaaggcgtt gcaaacaagt agtgatcgag agcagccgga cactcagcgc tggtgtcctg    164460
     accgccattc cctccggaag agatggagac agcccagctg ggttgattct ttcccaaggg    164520
     cacagctgat ctccccctgt ggacagtcct gcacaacaaa ggaaatgcac tattccacac    164580
     catactaaac ccatattccc atcactgata cattacagag gcgttccagt gccttcttca    164640
     gatggacagc atagtactcc aggtagcacc agtatcacca gtacagctac attagggctt    164700
     tctagagaaa cacttgatag aattaataca tactaaaagg atttagagcc aggcgtgatg    164760
     gcatatgcct tagtcccaac aattgggagt tcaaggccag cttggtctac atagtgagtt    164820
     ccaggacagc cagggattta gggatggggc tggagagatg acccaatggt taagagcact    164880
     ggctgttctt ccagaggacc taggttcaat tcctgcatct acatggcagc tcacaactgt    164940
     ctgtaactcc aggtccaggg aacttgacac cttcacacag acatgaatgc agatgaaaca    165000
     ccagtgcaca taaaatcaaa tttaataaga agtaaaaagt agtgttaaaa aaaggatgta    165060
     agggctggag aggtggctca gctaagagca ctggctgttc ctgaagaggg cccgggtttg    165120
     atctccagca cccacagata gcttacaact atctgtgagg ataggttccg gggacctggt    165180
     gccctcttct gacctgtgtg gtcaccaggc actaatgtag tgcacagacg aagcacccat    165240
     acacataaac taatgttgag cagcccaaag tggtgctaaa ggcctagatt cctggagagt    165300
     tactggctag tcttcagtcc acattagaaa gtcgaggaga atgggttctg atggtggcaa    165360
     agggcagctg ccccgtactt accagctaga gacaaagtga gcaggcacaa tgcaaaagct    165420
     cccatccccg cttcttcata gctcgggctg ctgggaggtg ccgcccacat ttagggtagg    165480
     cctcctccat tcagtcagtt tagtcaaggg aacactcaca gctgtgccca gaggtttgcc    165540
     tctcagctga ttccagatcc agttaaattg ccacatctgt agtgagcacc acggacagac    165600
     aaaaccccga acataggaat tgctggcctg caagactttc cacttcctac cacagcggat    165660
     tccaaactgg caggtgaaga atgccatctt gctgtgtttt catttaatta cttaaattat    165720
     ttaaattaat tttttcatta cgtttgtgtg ctgtcagcca cacacagggg tggactcagt    165780
     cttcaggctt ggagcttgct cctaccttta cctttgacct gagcaccagc acctccccta    165840
     ccccatcaga gagacagggt ctccatatag catcaaagta acgaacttct gatcctcctg    165900
     cctccacctg ccaagtacta agactccagg tacatgctac cacaacctgc aataccgtgt    165960
     ttagaaccag ttttaaacgt actcatttta cttcctgtga acaagcgttt tgcttgcatg    166020
     tgtaccatgt gggtactgtg gaggcctgaa gcatatgctg ggttcctggg aactggagtt    166080
     acagacagtt gtgcggcact gtgtgggtgc tgggagctga aattggaccc tctgcaaaag    166140
     cagcaagtgc tcttaacccc tgcgcctccg catctccagc ctccctaagt ggatcttggt    166200
     ggttttttgt ttttgttttt cgatccgcct gcctctggct ctgtgctggg attaaaggcc    166260
     tgcgctacca cgcctggctt cagtagtgga tcttaaatgg gcctatattc cagtatttct    166320
     gggcaactgc tcttctctgg aactattttt atacttttta cctatttctt ttaggtggtt    166380
     gttggttact ttctattcat ttgtcttcac ttctcttcat tttgtaactt ctttcctctt    166440
     ccatgtcttt tttttttttt tttttttttt gatttgaaac agggttctct gtgtagccct    166500
     ggctgtcctg gaactcactc tttagaccag gctggcctgg aactcagaaa tcctcctgcc    166560
     tctgtctccc aagtgctggg gttaaaggcg tgcaccacca cgcccagctc tttcttcctt    166620
     atttgtgtgc atgtgtgctg cgcgtgctca gggaggccag aaaaaggcgt tggatttgct    166680
     ggaactggaa ttccagatgc ttaggagctg ccaggtgtgt gctggactgt ccccaccctc    166740
     tgccagagca gccagcactc tcagccatct ctgcgttttt tatgtaactc tcttgtatct    166800
     ctttctagta cttctgtgct gagaaccttt gcatttcact cctgctccat ctggccatgt    166860
     gtaggaatga agtaggaatc caattttccc tccccctcat ggctccccag agcctggatt    166920
     ccacatactg agtatccacc cttccccaca gatctgacat gcgctttcat cctgtgtgaa    166980
     cttctgcata cactcaaatg tctttccagc cggcaccagg gaacttcacc acgtatcttc    167040
     tgcctcaatc ccagccttca ggaggcggag ccaggcagat ctttgagttc cagaccagcc    167100
     tggtctacag agtgaattcc agccagggct acacagagaa accctgtcca aaaaaacaaa    167160
     aacaaaaaca aaacaaaacc aaaataaaac accacacata cgcaaaaata acaccctcta    167220
     tatctctatg tctcacataa agttcagaat tagttaatgt ttggggggaa agtgtttgtt    167280
     tctatcattt ggagccttgg ctcccttata aagatcccag ttaacaccaa gggggctcag    167340
     tggtaaggac cttacctagt ctgtgcaagg ccgggagtga ttcccaacac cacccaaaca    167400
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaga gttttgattt ttgggcaggg tctcactctg    167460
     tagaccaggc tgacctggaa ctcacagaga tagaccttcc tctgcctccc aggagctagg    167520
     actaaagggg cgtccaccat gtttggttgc acacataatt ttgtattttg tttgtgtgtt    167580
     tgttttttga gacagggttt ctctgtgtag ccctggctgt cctggaactc actctgtaga    167640
     ccaggctggc ctcgaactca gaaatccacc tgcctctgcc taccgagtgc tgggattaaa    167700
     ggcatgtgcc accatgcccg gccccacata attttttaaa aattaaaaat aataaaaata    167760
     gttttaaaag aatcacttag aaagtggtag agggggatag ccaacattgc ctctggatga    167820
     cttcaccgca cacatatgta ggaagctcac ccaagcaaac acgggtatct atacagtact    167880
     cacacaacat atacacataa ataagtaagt aaacaaacaa gtctgaatgt gcttggtaaa    167940
     ggccagatgc agtgacacat gctggttatc ccaggatgca ggggcaagat gattccacaa    168000
     gttcaaggct agcctggtct acatagtgag tcccaggcca ggcaaggtta tataatgaga    168060
     atgtctcaga aggcgagaaa gaaatgctcc ttagacatgc ggtcacgtgc atttaattcc    168120
     agcttcagga ggctgagact agagggtcat gagttttagt gtcagggctg gatgacactt    168180
     gggctgaaat aaaccaacaa aataatacat aaataaaatt cattgccggg cagtggtggc    168240
     gcacgccttt aatcccagca cttgggaggc agaggcaggt ggatttctgg gttcgaggcc    168300
     agcctggtct acagagtgag ttccaggaca gctggggcta caccgagaaa ccctgtcttg    168360
     aacaaaaaac aaaaacaaaa aacaaacaaa caaataaaca aaaaaattcc tttattcatt    168420
     tcttccacac tggggattaa ccaggaacct tgtgcctgcc ctaattctcc tgctttcctg    168480
     ggtcccttct ctctcctctc tgagcagagc caggctgggc cggaactgga attactcttt    168540
     cttctgcctc cccagtgcta gggtcaaggc ctgagtcacc accacgccca gcttccttct    168600
     gggtcttcct ttctctctcc agccctaggg ccacagcgag gcccttgcta ggcaagtgct    168660
     gtggaccgtg cacccatcgt ttcttatcag tttggacttg ggatccgttt ttgtgctagc    168720
     tttgattgtg tgtatgttat gtacatacat gttcgcgcgc gcgcgcgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    168780
     gtgtatgtgt gtatgtgggg gggggggtag agcgtgcact ttactgactg acatcttcct    168840
     ggcagccctt gtttttttac tttgcagaca aggtctcacc acagtctaaa cagccctcaa    168900
     actcatggtc gcctcgcctc agcctgctgt gtgggggtta caggcgccac tgtactcgcc    168960
     tcatggtcgc ctcatggtcg cctcgcctca gcctgctgtg tgggggttac aggcgccact    169020
     gtactcgcct catggtcgcc tcgcctcagc ctgctgtgtg ggggttacag gcgccactgt    169080
     actcgcctca tggtcgcctc atggtcgcct cgcctcagcc tgctgtgtgg gggttacagg    169140
     cgccactgta cttggcttac agggccctag gacctgagca agtctcctgc taccatgtct    169200
     cagtgctgag gctggaccgg ctccagccag caggagcact ttcctgtcct acctaccagt    169260
     ccttctgacc cgacatcctt gtgctaattt atttgttttg ccatttccct tttgtcctgg    169320
     ctgcctaggc attctgagtt gtgtttgtcc tgtcctgacc ttacagctgg ccatttctca    169380
     aagagcctgg ttcctatcat tgaacacaga gtcccttacc gagacctaga tctgagcgtg    169440
     cctgttacta ttcagggtgt ctctggtcct cacagctgac agagcgagaa catgtgcctg    169500
     cttactgtct acatgcatgg ccaccatctt gcctccacat ttacatataa aatggaattc    169560
     ttttctctgt acagattttc tttccccagc ctcaaaggtt tcctctttgt gttatcccat    169620
     tgagtcccac aacaaccctg tgaggtccag actattattt aataactcgt tatcttatat    169680
     gtctattttg cgacagggcc ttgctctgca gtccttcatc ctctggagtc cctgctgccc    169740
     ccatcagcct gtttattgtc ccttttggtg gaaaccaagg ctctgagagc gtaagcagtt    169800
     tgcatagatg gcatagctct gggaggaggg ctcggcctca cctcagtgcc tgatgtccgt    169860
     gaaatcccat tttcccttca ggaagctgac tggccaccag ggatgtggtt gtaatgagga    169920
     caacctcatg ccaggtgtct gagcagtaga ggactcccat ctagacctca gggaggtgag    169980
     taagtgctgg gacaactggt gtcatgataa caggtaagcc agcatgtatc ctcggagaac    170040
     cctggcaaaa agcccctgga gctggtacag cgctgagccc cagggaaaga ctgccaggct    170100
     agccaggaag aagctatgtt ggtgcaggtc agcagggtag atctgaaata tgtcacttta    170160
     tgaagatgga gagtgacctt cagattgctg cctgagaggc aagggcagga ggagcctgct    170220
     ccccagccag gaacctgttc agctgccacc cagcctctga agccatctga aacgtcctcg    170280
     tttctcaggg tttagcttag gtgacatgac agtgtcctca aacccttctc tgggcctccc    170340
     tccatccttt aacgctcccc caacctgcca ctgtcaagca gcccagactc ccgcttcctc    170400
     tttctgcttc tttgggtttt cctcaaaggc cgaggggcag gaatggcctg atggacccta    170460
     aggcagacgc actgcatccc acggagccca gaggggcaga tggcccagct cagggcgcga    170520
     ccacaccagc ctggataagt gggatctgct gttggtaact ctgttccagg gatggcgtct    170580
     tccacagcac gggagttagg catactgctg cacatatgta attcaggtac tcgaaggact    170640
     ggtgcaggag gattaaaact ttgaggtcag ccaggcatac taaatgagac tgttcaaaag    170700
     ctttgaagtc tcgctggggc ccagagcttc ctcacccaca atcctcttgc aactcccaag    170760
     aaagccccgg cgtggccgct ctgctaagaa agagaactct ggagccgggc ctaggcacag    170820
     gcagccccag cgagaccagc caggcggtgt ctgccttgtc ctgctgtgtg aggagaggaa    170880
     ggggctgagt ttatccactc ctttctgttt ctggaagcga aaagcagctc acaaacccca    170940
     gaagcctgga aacctgtaaa tggaacagaa gtcattctag gggaatctca gcaagagggg    171000
     ggagggggga aagccagctg tcgctactct gaatttaaag acctagaata tccctagtgg    171060
     ctgaaagggg gaagagaggt gggggtgggg gtggtgaaat cagaccaggc cctaagtcta    171120
     cctggggaag aggactagac attagtgtta aggaatacct tccagctgct gtcacctgtt    171180
     ccccgcggga gggtgtgcct ccttccccct tgacgggcta gtttctcctg cccttccttc    171240
     cacttaattc ctggccaggt agacatatta tcaatgcctt tagaggcctg gatctaagta    171300
     tttctagagc cttctctcct aagggagagg agacagttct ttttcctttt ggctccattt    171360
     cagcattctg gccacctgtt agacttgaag cattcgttga atgagtgagt cttgttcaat    171420
     gccgggtgcc tgcatttcac agtacctggg tggagggcag aggcctggga actcctccag    171480
     tgtgtggaga ctggagggcc ggacggaggt tgggcaaacc cagactttcc gaaccctcag    171540
     aggagcttcc gaacttgtcc agggaagagg gcatggtgca cccctgggac agactctggg    171600
     acagacccgt ggatctgttt cttcgcctcc aacctgttgg ggcagtgact gggggctgag    171660
     ttgctgagca gacttctgtg ctgggctcaa acccttctgt ctccactccc caccccctct    171720
     gggctggtcc tttgaaacag tgttcttcta gtcgtttgtc cttgtaggtg taatgaaaag    171780
     tggcccgcag gcccgggacg gagtcccagt gtccttctca ctttgagata cctctccagg    171840
     gtctcagttc cctcctcctt aaaccacgag tacccaggtt gaggctgcgg ttcgaagatg    171900
     atgcagggga gagcccagaa aaggagttgg tgcccagggt ctcacaaaac aggaggaagc    171960
     tttgaagcca tcggcctttg gtggacaacc gggatgcaga caaaaagtcc aatgcgacga    172020
     ttggcccaag gtcattcaac caggactggg tctgacccca agtggcctga ttctaagagc    172080
     ctgggcttgg tcaacagcca ggttgcagcc agcggtgttg gaggaacagg gaggtggcgc    172140
     ccagcggctt cggttttgaa acggttgagg gaagctgact gccacctggg gaaccaggct    172200
     ttaacaaggc gacccgcctg gcagtcactg ggccgcgacc ctccccggga ggggcggggc    172260
     ggacagttac ctcatcgccg cctccgggag gccccgctcg cttgctcgcc cgcgcggccg    172320
     actggggcgg cggctcccgg cgccggagcg agaaggggac ggagctgaag gtgggggcgg    172380
     gtctgcaccg caccgggtgc actcttcctg cggagctgcg ggtgcgtccg cccgctcgat    172440
     cctcaggcct ggcctcttgt ggctgaggtg ctgtaggcga cgcgatgcgg gtatcccggg    172500
     ccgggcaagc aaggcgcaga acgggctcat gaagctcccc ggtgccaggc gcgggagcgc    172560
     gggccagcca tgggcggcag cctgcgggtg gctgttctgg gtgctccggg agtgggtaag    172620
     accgccatca tccgccaatt cttgtttggt gactatcctg agcgccaccg acccacggac    172680
     agtccctgcc tctaccgacc cgcggtgctg ctcgacggcg cggtctacga cctgagtatc    172740
     cgcgatggtg acgtcgctgg acccggctca agccccagaa gtcttgaggt agcggttcga    172800
     gggggccagg ggtgtgtgta cacttggtgc ccatgtgtac tgatccaggg cgcccgagcc    172860
     cgttctggga ttgaagtgtg tgtgtctagg tagtttgcat acgagcttcc tgcgctaacc    172920
     tgtaggtgcc ctgtggctgt ttcctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    172980
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctttt gtttttgttt ttgttttttt cgagacaggg    173040
     tttctctgtg cagtgctggc tgtcctggaa ttctctctgt agaccaggct ggccttgaac    173100
     tcagaaatcc acctgcctct gcctctcaag tgctgggatt aaaggcgtgc gccaccacgc    173160
     ccggctctgt ggctgtttct tgtcttcttt gcctgcctag gctggtgtct gggtcagtgt    173220
     gtggcacagc ttgagctgag ccgcgccgct gtgacagact ggaccagaca caggagtacc    173280
     ctttctagag ggggccaccg caccctcaga ctcccagtct ttggcgctgc attcatttca    173340
     aagctggcat ttgagcagca cctgggaggc taaatgaagt tttggtgaaa gaagctgtaa    173400
     gaatattgca agggggaaag agcagcaaga gacaagccag aggcttcacc tgtacagctg    173460
     caccaggaca gtcagttacc atctgtcagc cggtggacgg cagatcccag gctctgaggc    173520
     agtaggagca tagtaggttg acgggtggcc caggaagtag gagggctaag gactgacaag    173580
     atccaagcac ggctgggaag tctggcctgt gggagggcgc gtcccatccg gagtattgct    173640
     gggaggtgac ggggagtgag gttgaattgg agtaaacccc agcctctacc ctctaggagt    173700
     ggccggaccc taaagactgg agcttgcagg acacagacgc ctttgtgctg gtctacgaca    173760
     tctgcagccc cgacagtttc gattatgtta aagccctgag gcagcgtata gcagaaaaca    173820
     ggtgagggct tgactggagg tggaggtctt gctaggggag cgggtagtta tggcctgggt    173880
     gcttctagat catactttgt gcccacttga aggtctcttg ctgtatgaga cacttagcac    173940
     accggggtgt gtgtgtgtgt ctgccatagc aggggactcg ccttcatttg tacacatggg    174000
     gtgggttcct ctggccatgg agtctccagc actgcgtctc tcatctccat cgggcctcca    174060
     ggccggcggg agcaccagag gcacccatcc tggtggtagg caacaagcgg gaccgtcagc    174120
     ggctgcgctt cggacctcgc cgtgcactgg ccactctagt tcgtaggggc tggcgctgtg    174180
     gctacctcga gtgctcagcc aaatacaatt ggcacgtgct gcgtctcttc cgagagcttc    174240
     tgcgttgtgc tttggtgcgc acacgtcctg cacatccgac cctccgcctg cagggggcgc    174300
     tgcacccagc gcgctgcagc ctcatgtgat tggacaggga aatctcttga aagcaggctc    174360
     ccacccagac tcctggccat cggacttttc tttgatcttg attggaccca gctaactccc    174420
     aatcattgga caggtcagtt ttacctgaga ccttattggg tcataagcac agatggaaag    174480
     gacttgacta tgaatgtgat cagaggcatt tgaacagctt ctagcactca tattgaacta    174540
     catagacccg cctgcctcta cctctccacg gctggactgg ctactggaga cacttttaaa    174600
     gccatgccta accaggtaat aaaaacaaat gcaaaaactg taaatgcaca atttaagggt    174660
     ttcttgttct ggtatatgca ggttcagagc attgaggtct ggcttctagg cagttaactc    174720
     tagaatccca acatataatg aaggctcagt ccccaaaaaa caggagctgg agcaagactt    174780
     tactgtcaga ggttctgctt actggaccac aggtcctctg gacaccgggc tggcccggtc    174840
     tcctctaagg cattcaataa tattagtaat taaatagcaa tgctcatccc ccaaaccgga    174900
     atgtacaaca ggtgtcccat tgtgccatgt agtcccgtgg ggtctggtcc catgaggtct    174960
     ggtgctcgag atggaagggg ggtccctgat gcaaagggta ggttaaggcc acaaagaaaa    175020
     tggaatgggg tgtgggtgta gctaagccgg tccatcacat cgaagaatct ggctcggtcc    175080
     ttggggtgac cgaatgctgg gcatgccaag ccccgagttc tatgggtccc gatgggcggc    175140
     ggggtccccg aggtgtcggt atgcgtgagg gtttacggtc tggttgtgtg tccatccgcc    175200
     cccttgccca ggtcagtgag ggttctgggc cagccaaaga gctcctggtt gcatccagtg    175260
     cccctcctac agcaaggtag gggctgccct catcggaaga actggacaga gcttggctgc    175320
     ggggcccagg cagcccattg gctgtgcggc ctgactcccc aggttggcca catttgccac    175380
     ccaggacact gagtgatgaa gacgaggagc tggatgaaca gtaagcagag tccggagctg    175440
     gagggtcagg ggcagatccc atgggggtat ggctggcagc agcctccaag gcgcgggcat    175500
     tggctaagaa ttcctcttcc aggcgcctga acagctgctg ctcctgctgt gggtcaagct    175560
     gcaggggcgt gcggaagatg ctggcaggtg tggcagccag ctctgggccg gggctggggc    175620
     ccctggaagg ccggggtgct gcagggctga gggcacgcgg agtctgcggg gtactcctcc    175680
     cagaacctcc tgatcccccg ccacccctgc cccgggccac ccacgagtgc tggccgtctc    175740
     ggtccctgcg caccatcagt accgcctgtt cctcgcggct ctggctgcgg gtgcgccttg    175800
     ctgggctgga ggtcgacagc tgagcgcctc ggcctcctgg ggccacgcgg ggccgtcccc    175860
     ggtccagccg gtctcgagac tggctgcgag gcgcggtcgg ccgtctcggg gaggccggaa    175920
     gacaggaggt cggccggtgg ctgggccgct ccctccggga gccagtggct gaatcgtcgc    175980
     tgcgggcacc catggggccg ctctgagcag aggaggctga ggagtcactg tccccagagt    176040
     agcggcggga gcggggaagg gggggcagct gatcgcgggg cctgaggtgg ggtgtgagag    176100
     agatgtgtat cactggcgcg ggtggagcga gctggtgagg ctcgggctct gccaggggac    176160
     ttccaggcac aagtgagcgt ccaggctgag gccgcgactt cccgcccttg gcttccgaag    176220
     ccagggttgg atcagccacc gcccggagcc cgccccagct gtgttgttgg tttgtctggg    176280
     ttgccatgga gatggaaagc cggtaccgcc cccacgcacg ggaacttttc ccagggtgtg    176340
     agtcatcgcg cccaggcgga cgccccaccc ccaccagccc ttggagctcc ggaggtgatc    176400
     gatcctccaa cctctcacct gagcggggtc tcaggcccct cctttgtgcc tcgcaggctg    176460
     atgggggtta cttcgggccg ggagctcctg cgctcactcc cagggactgg gctaccgggg    176520
     cgggggctag gagtgggtga tcccctctgc ggggagaaag tcccggtcct ctgctggggc    176580
     agacggtgcg ctgtgggaat ggatacagca agtgaggggc aacaccttag aaaccggccc    176640
     ctctctgctt gtggcccaca cccccaccag gaacttacta gaagacgagc agcgacaagg    176700
     gtcatgcttg tctaggtagt gctccagtgt gtcccagccg ccccccactc gcaccatcac    176760
     gtgactcctc agcacctatg ggccgaaggg caggtcactg cgggcctcct aggccacccc    176820
     tgaggtgctg gcctgggctt ctcctccccc cacttaccct cacgaagatg agcaagctgg    176880
     agtctcccac tcggtacttc ccctcggaga ccttgatcat gggaaactgg tcggggcagg    176940
     tgcacctgcc taggatctcc cttacctgaa ggcagagaag agcgggctga aggtcagggg    177000
     tcaaatccct cctggggttt aacaagcagc tgcgggccag gaggaagtaa ctattccagc    177060
     ctacacggga ccttttgcct gatcacagtg ggggctctga gagccaactc gaagaagagg    177120
     agaagccaag gcctatctcc tggaagaaac actctgaaag gccttaagcc cataacatct    177180
     tcacactggt gaggtccaca gtctggacgg gaaggttcaa gatgagtgca gggggccatg    177240
     ctcccagctg agcatggcaa tcagagggta ccacgtcgga cactactgca tacttgtcaa    177300
     tggaggcagg ctggctatgt gggaggccta cccacggcag cccggtgcca gagggaatga    177360
     gctgggttgg ggggggtgga ggctgggggt gagtgggtgg agatcgggcc accattctgc    177420
     ccacaaccat cggatgcctg acttgggcag gcacatcata gtcctaagct cctgataaga    177480
     aagaaactct tggcccagtt gcgggggtgt cagggacaca tcggtcttgg gaaaggcgga    177540
     gggagctggg ggtctgtacc tcctgtgctc ccaagtgcac ctcctgttcc caggagcagt    177600
     ggtagcgggg ccaggctctc tatcagggca ccagggttgg tgtcttccca gaccctcctt    177660
     gtgtaccagg cttcttgcca agagcttcct acatatatag cctcaagccc gggtagcggc    177720
     cactcagccc caggtctgag gctgccaatg catctgcctg gcacccccca agtcacagtc    177780
     ctccaaatga aggaaagcac tcaacttagt tgccgctcat ttaatactaa aagctgatct    177840
     cctgcctcag acccacctga gctgtgtggc ctcactcagc acctctgcct ctctgagctt    177900
     atttctttgt ggccaggtac acacttggca gtcaccatat gtactcttag tggggaaggc    177960
     tgctgagaat gggcccctgg aggcttaggg ttggggtagg tattagctct gccatctggt    178020
     cccctgatgg gggggggggg acgggacggg acgggatggg acacccaatg tggatatcag    178080
     aagactcacc agctcatcaa ggtttcgaag gtcattgggc gtcatgcggg gtgtgcgggt    178140
     gggaacccct ggtacagtgg caatttcagt gacatcctct tcagcagcag ggacgctgga    178200
     aacctgaggg gtagctcgaa gctcccgctc gatctcctgc tcgaactgta ccagcctcgg    178260
     ggcaagcagg ccaaggcgcg ccccacgccg ggcgacctcc agcaggcaga gcaccacact    178320
     cttctcgttc ttgcgtagca ccaggtcctc tgtctcaaac atgagcactt caggcacgcc    178380
     cagctcagcc cggcaccagc cgatgaaaga ggccacgttg tctcgggcca tgaaggagcc    178440
     aggcgccaca ctgtgtgcct ggaaggccac acctcgggtt ggacgggcag cagccagagc    178500
     ccgggcagcc tcggtgacag cgttggcatg ttggcacagg gttgtgcctg tggccagccc    178560
     cgtgaggaag ccatcgccac tgccggggag acctagactg tacaaagcat tgagccaatc    178620
     ggccaggtct tccttcatgg cttccacata ggcctcactg gatcggaagg gtcgcacact    178680
     cttggcggca gagcctgcga tgcccgccac tgggttcgcc atgcccagag ccagtggagt    178740
     cactgtgggg acataggtca ggattgctgt gaagactcga aagggttcag aatggtccac    178800
     ctctaccagc ccgccactca ggggagacgc taagtttaag agcaagctgt gaacaagcaa    178860
     acgtagcacc acattgttct cacggtgcca tgacctgctt taagggactc agtaacattt    178920
     acaccattgt agtgtttatg tttgctgtct ggctggtcgg gagagggtgg ctggggacaa    178980
     gttggcaccc acgaggaaga aatgccattt aaaaacatga agacatgtgg gtagggaggg    179040
     acaggagagg agcctcgccc agaaccacgg agagactgtt tccattgctc agcccataac    179100
     ctgcacgaag tcccgccttt cccttctcct ctccgctaag ggccgcgcca caggctgagc    179160
     ggcgaccgcg tctccattct acagatgagg aaactgaggc gcagtaaggg caggcattcg    179220
     ccgaaggtcg cagagcagtg ggtggaggaa tcgggtcacc caggcaggcc ggattcctgc    179280
     tgcgaaaagc cgcccgagct ggtgcctgaa aggccgggac tccgaacggc ccccgcgagc    179340
     ctccgcagtg ctcgaggcct ggtccagaga gggtgagtgc ccagtcaggg tcacacagcc    179400
     ctgggaagca gagagcccgc accgcccggc ccacctccag gcactctggc tagggctcct    179460
     gggggtcccc gcgctcacct ggctcacccc gccgccccgg ggagcatcgc cccggcgggg    179520
     ccggagccgg gccgcgccgc cgcacacagg cgtcgcccga gatcgctgct tccaggcgtc    179580
     cgctctgccc cgcccccctg gaatttggat ccggccagga aggggcggag ctgcgctctt    179640
     aaaggggccg tgcctttctc gggccttagg ccctaaggca tcacccccac ctcacccccc    179700
     ctttaactcc gggtctgggt cttcctaggc ggggttcaga tcctttcagc tgtccttccc    179760
     ccgtgacagt ggcctccccg gaagcgatag gggccgggga ctgcagagtc acctccgtcc    179820
     cgggtggacc tctgcaagtc agataactgg gtgctcttcc tgcaggacgg cccagggata    179880
     gcttaaggta caaggacgat gaggctcagg gatcggaagg tggctgcggg ttaggttaaa    179940
     agagggggtg tggcaggggc aactacacgc cttaggagga acctggaaga tctagggaat    180000
     cctgccccct actgtcgccc gagagaggag tgagatgctg gagagagact ggaaatcttg    180060
     tgggggtgtg tggacttaat tttaactcag atcaaggaag gaggcgacgg aggaagctga    180120
     gagtcatcta gagggaaagt ttttcacact gaggaagcct atctcaaaaa aaggaaagga    180180
     aggaagaagg aaagaaaaat gggtaggttt gcaaggctga agtggtgaaa cattagggcc    180240
     ttgtggacca tgcttttcaa aggtcatgga agagaggttt atttgtttgt ttttttttaa    180300
     agatttattt attatatgta agttcactgt agctgtcctc agatactcca gaagagggca    180360
     tcagattttg ttacggatgg ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggattt gaactccgga    180420
     tcttcggaag agcagttggt gctcttaacc actgagccat ctccccagcc cccggtttat    180480
     ttgttaatta ttattaaatt attattgttg gagtttgttg tggttttgag gcaggatctc    180540
     actatgtaga ccaggctggc ctggaactcc ctatatagac caggctggcc tcaaaagtca    180600
     tagagatctg cctgtctctg ccgcctgagt gctgggatta aaggaatgtt ccaccatgtc    180660
     attactttta cagagttctg ctatgtagcc tgagctggct ttgaactcat ggtgtgctct    180720
     ctctgttggg atcccaggcc tctctctaag gaggaattta ggagaggctg acgtagcagc    180780
     cataagggct cctgtaactg ctgttgttgc agcgtcaggg tcagggtcag ggaagcctct    180840
     gagggaggca agtggtttag gttgaatggg gagaggggat gctggatctt gactgcctgt    180900
     tgaaaactga tgatgtatgt tagtgaggtg agtgtgtgag tatagatgag ggagaaatcc    180960
     caggtttggg ggtgaacatt gtggacacgg agttgttaaa caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaata    181020
     acacctagca gggagtgaag tcctgaagaa ttggctatgg agactgaatt ctaagtgaag    181080
     gaattgagaa atgacttgtc ctggaacaag cagtaatgaa ccgtcatacc cagcaatcat    181140
     cttcaaaata atctgataca ccgatacttt ttattacatc tgtttagtga gtgtgtgtct    181200
     gtgtcaaggt atgtaggcaa ggcaaacttt tgggagtttg ttctgccttt caccatgtgg    181260
     gatcctgggt attgtggcat ggtggcaggt tcccttatcc agcctcatat gatggttttg    181320
     tagatctagg gaagctgagg actggggagg ttaaggtacc attgccatca gcagctctgc    181380
     aggaatttga cccctactta tagccacctc actgtgcttc agtgttctgg acatagaaga    181440
     ctgaatctaa gctctgttgg tcaccagtgt tgtctgacaa acttcctggg ggagatgtca    181500
     cacacaagtc tgtgcactcc tgatagggaa cccacaacag accaaaggac tgaaaccaca    181560
     aaagcccaat ttttattgga gttacaagaa cagacatggc tcaaacagca gcatcaccaa    181620
     aggcccaccc aagcatgagt gacagctccc aaagatggga acctgatcat agcctgcagg    181680
     cagctcaaca ggttctggaa tgtcctttct aggtgcctca gttggtctaa aactctcttc    181740
     caggcagctg ctctggtctc aagagtctcc tttcactcgg gaggcagagt caggaggatt    181800
     tctgagttcg aggccagcct ggtctacaga gtgagttcca ggacagccaa ggctacacag    181860
     agagaccgtc cctgtctcga aaaaaaacaa aaaacaaaaa caagagtctc ctttaaaact    181920
     tggcttgtct gagagttttc tttgcagctt ggctctactt atcctggcaa gttggggcct    181980
     agtgaatctg gtctgttcca gggacttcct gaagccattt tgagttgtct actttccttt    182040
     ttaaagagct tcataaagga tgggatagaa tgtttcaata tgaaactctt acacaaaaac    182100
     taggtaccat gcttaatctc cctaagcctc agtgacttca tctgtaaaat ggaactgtag    182160
     ttatcacatc ataattgtca aaatactagt tatcagttca actccgggtg gcctggtgat    182220
     ggagacatgt ctactactac ttctgaagag taacaaagac aaatctagtc ccttgatctg    182280
     gggcctgttt gagtcttatt ccatactgta gcctctagta tgggatttcc tgacatgaca    182340
     gtaatgcaga cctcactgat gtactagaat cctggatact tatagatcca agagcagaga    182400
     caactatttg tatgtgagca gagcccagtc taggacctat caaattcaca agtttcagaa    182460
     tgctgttagc tgtggacttt gtccagtgcc ctgccagaac aaagcagaag gttcaacgca    182520
     gtccacttga gtgctgcccc cacaccccta caaggcagaa tgggatggca gagtggccag    182580
     ctgctgccct ggaccctgat tgtactgaag taaagagggg cactcagtga acctcttccc    182640
     acataaaggc ctgtgctgta gggccataaa attatgcttt aaatttattt gctgtcgtcc    182700
     tttccctccc tcgaggcatc caccagcctt aggatggctt ctacactgcc tgggcgatca    182760
     agcactgatc cacccttagg caagtgctcc agttctcagt atttggaagt ctgtgacctc    182820
     aattttgcaa tcctatttgc aatctcctga gtgctgggaa tcaagtgtgc actaccacac    182880
     tcgagtatgc gcaagttctt tgacctctct ccaagcaggt gtttggagtt aacatgtgag    182940
     gacatttgac atagtggctg gtagaagaag cctggtggca atgactttag gccccacaac    183000
     tgtgtgtaga tggtgctgtc ccgtggggct tgactgcagt gataaaagga agagcagggt    183060
     tgtggtgaga caatagttga gatcagaggt cttgatagtt cactcaggca tgctggggaa    183120
     ccaatgaagg tcttgtgtcc agtgtcctga aagtgctctg gcctctgaaa aaaacggcaa    183180
     ggatggggaa agggagtcaa gttcgtttgt gggtggtcat agccttataa ttactagaaa    183240
     tggacagata aactaagatg gaggctggtg tggggtatta atagttactt gctgtgacag    183300
     aaccaagccc tacttcctgg catactgaag cagaggcagc tcttggaaga agggtgccaa    183360
     ttgagttaaa agcacagggt gggcccactc tgtgaggcta acctggtcta cagagcaagt    183420
     tccaggacaa cagagattac aaagaaaagc cctcttaaaa aacaaaaaat aaactgggca    183480
     gtggtggctc atgcctttaa tcccagcaat tgggaggcag aggcaggcgg atctctgagt    183540
     tcgaggccag cctggcctac agagtgagtt ccaggacagc cagggctaca cagaggtttc    183600
     tgtctcgaaa agaccaaata aataaatgag ctgggtggga aagccccatt ttgaagtccg    183660
     gaagaaggca gcaaaggact agagtgacca cttggcactg cagaggacac gatcaggtct    183720
     gctatcccag caaaggcaca gggcgatcct gtgaattc                            183758

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