(data stored in ACNUC16935 zone)

EMBL: AL645608

ID   AL645608; SV 30; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 186759 BP.
AC   AL645608;
DT   13-NOV-2001 (Rel. 69, Created)
DT   24-JAN-2013 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 46)
DE   Human DNA sequence from clone RP11-54O7 on chromosome 1
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-186759
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Hall R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (22-JAN-2013) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 2d70f8f74e49172d221369cb617752ae.
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CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   This sequence was generated from part of bacterial clone contigs of
CC   human chromosome 1, constructed by the Sanger Centre Chromosome 1
CC   Mapping Group.
CC   RP11-54O7 is from the library RPCI-11.1 constructed by the group of
CC   Pieter de Jong. For further details see
CC   http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..186759
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="1"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11.1"
FT                   /clone="RP11-54O7"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   misc_feature    32390..32684
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence generated from a short
FT                   insert library derived from a single pUC clone. Restriction
FT                   digest data confirm the assembly."
FT   misc_feature    58223..58563
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence generated from a
FT                   transposon library derived from a single pUC clone."
FT   unsure          58558..58558
FT   misc_feature    58563..58563
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 170bp by restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    58563..58570
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence generated from a
FT                   transposon library derived from a single pUC clone."
FT   unsure          58586..58586
FT   unsure          58614..58614
FT   unsure          58670..58670
FT   misc_feature    84961..85130
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence generated from a
FT                   transposon library derived from a single pUC clone.
FT                   Restriction digest data confirm the assembly."
FT   misc_feature    88521..88521
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 80bp by restriction digest data."
SQ   Sequence 186759 BP; 35671 A; 54946 C; 57130 G; 39012 T; 0 other;
     tcgcccacac tcccccacac cccacactcg cccacactcg cccacactcg cccacactcg        60
     cccacactcc cccacactcg cccacactcc cccacactcg cccacactcg cccacactcc       120
     cccacactcc ctcacagtcg cccacactcc cccacactcc cccacactcc cccacactcg       180
     cccacactcc cccacgctcc cccatactcg cccacgctcc cccatactcg cccacgctcc       240
     cccacgctcc cccatactcc cccacactcc cccatactcc cccaaactgt tctcaggtta       300
     ggaaaagggg cctctgtgac agccccactc agtggctctc actgtctgag gggtgtcctt       360
     gcccaaccca ggtgcgcacc catctgagat ggccttgcat ggacctggtt gggaaggttc       420
     agctacagca accactggaa cctgcccaca cctagtgtct ccactcacac gtggggctag       480
     atgttcctcc ctcccgtagt ggcacagcca gtggcagagg gggcaagtca ccgctgcagt       540
     tcccacttga gtctgagggg ggatcaggct tagtgcccat gtatttccca attacctggt       600
     tccatctggg ggcttcatgg acaggagtgg tgcttttcca ggcctctttt ccatatgcca       660
     gctacaggcc caggtttcca agtttctgga gcccctcttc cagcctggca agcatggcgt       720
     gttgtagggg aaggacatga agcctacagg cagcagaacc tgtctgggta tgttctctac       780
     ccctggaggc ccctggttgt ttacctcttg ggtgagagtc ggcttaggat ctcaacattc       840
     ttgtaggact tcagaactgt gccgacaggg gcccaggaag gagcagaggc tggggctggc       900
     agctaaccag tgtagtggga gttgtagggc tcagtttggt cttgcaggga attcagggag       960
     gcttggattt gctgaagctc tagatgagct tgggcttgga tatggaaacg gcatggagcc      1020
     agggcccttc tgcacactgg ggtctgagta gttgcactct ggtgcatcca taggtgttcc      1080
     ccacctggag cacagctgtg gatagaagcc gggagagctg tggagggaag aggaggagga      1140
     gggagtctcg gggcagcccc agctgccagg cagggcctct gcaagtgaga tgcagatcca      1200
     gcctgttggc cacttagcac ttgcttggcc gcctgcagat cacctgacct ctgctcacct      1260
     gtaaatgggg gttgcagcag cacttacctt ctgggactcc tgcagcttga aggggcagca      1320
     cacaccacat gctgagaagg cgcctaactc aggcaagctt ctccaacagc accacatcag      1380
     attaacatcc aacctgtaca ggacatcaaa tctccccatc cctcattcca atggaagaaa      1440
     agggagtctc tgtcctaggg gagcaagcac aggcctatct atgcagttgg cagttggcac      1500
     ttgacccagg ttggggaaag gcccttggat acatgctggt ttcaccaacc atctgtgggt      1560
     tgggtttggc ctggacccat gtaccccagg aggccagcag ccccctgcat gggacaggac      1620
     tgggaggtgt gtgggagggc tgagctttga gggaagccat tatttggcct catgggaagt      1680
     ggtgcaggtg gttgttggtg gctcagtttt gcagggcctg ggtgatcacc caaggagtga      1740
     aaattgcctt tttatgagaa attgccaaaa ctgatgcaag ctcatccgtt gaaaaggtga      1800
     gtaatgctgg cagttggctt cacctgcccc ttccccacaa gtaactggtg ttcagaggtg      1860
     gatttggttc cttcccagcc tttcccgttt gcatgtagct gtgtgcatgt acttttgtgt      1920
     gtacacacac attccctgga ggggttactt ttattttttt atttgggggg ataactagtg      1980
     aggcagcctg acactttctt atcttgtctt ttaagtgtgg agtcctctat ggagtgggca      2040
     tcaggtactt cctagctggc ctctgccagc tgtttggctg ccccagtttc tgcccttcac      2100
     agacatgcca gccacctgct gtgacattca gtggccttgt ttgcagctag tgtgatgaga      2160
     caagtggatc aggtacatta taaactgaaa aagcacacga catgcagagg gaaagggtaa      2220
     atgaccatgt gtgtcctgct cggctgaagt ccacatcaca tgactgagat gacatttttt      2280
     cacctaacat ttgggccctg agaaacggca tctatgtttt actttttatt tatgacagag      2340
     ttagaagaaa tactaccagg ctttcttttc cattttcccc aactccctct ttaccccctc      2400
     aagtttacct acctcagaga gaaagcggag ctcgcctggt taatgacagc ctgaaattat      2460
     ttgagtcagg tcactgtgta aaggtcatac tgcttctgtc tccttgtgca tcacctgcgc      2520
     agctcagata tttcatggct ccctgtatac aggtagctgt gttaccctcc tagccgcttt      2580
     cttggtttga tacatgcctg ggagcatgtg ggagcagtta aggtctaggc tcatgggagg      2640
     acagttctgc ccaccccagc tcatctctcc agctcagcct gcatacctgc cttcctccat      2700
     ctgattccag agtaggggat gggaggtctc acactgacct caagtttatg tgactttttc      2760
     cacctctgct ttcccagaca gcccctgctg tgggacttgt aaggagattt gtgaagtcag      2820
     tatctacttt tcttgtgtgg gtgtttgttt ataaattatt cccctggagg ggaataaatg      2880
     ttagaggtac tccaaacccc taacatataa acatctaagc ctggcccttt tttggtggta      2940
     aaatatatat aacataaaac ttaccatttt aaccatgttt aaaggtacag ttccatggca      3000
     tccaatatat tcagtgttgt ccaaccatcg aatttatcca tatctacaac ttctttatca      3060
     tcctaaaatg aaacaccaaa accatgaaga agtcactgaa tagaagactg atgtatttga      3120
     ctccataaaa attaaaactt tgtatgagag aaaaatgcct caaagtcaaa agtcaacagg      3180
     ctggggaaat agatctgcaa tatacatgac acacaaaaag ctaatttggg atatatatat      3240
     acacacacac atatatatac atatggatat atgtaaatat ccatttttaa caccatttaa      3300
     aaaataccat cctttcccca ttgaatagtg ttgactccct tgttaaaaat catgaccgtg      3360
     tttttcggtt ctttatttct atcgcattgg tctttatgtc tgtctctatg ctggtacaac      3420
     attgcttcgg gtactgaagc attacagtaa gtatgaaacc aggaggtgtt tgtcctctaa      3480
     ctttgttagt ttttaagatt gatttggcta cttaggattt ttttagattt catctgaatt      3540
     ttagaatagg tttttctatt tttgaatata ttggaatttt tatagtgatt ttattgaatc      3600
     tgtagatcgc tatagataac aatggcatct tgacaaggtt ttgtcttcca gtccataaac      3660
     acatgatgtc ttttcattta tttgtgtcat ctttaatact tttctgccat gtttatagtt      3720
     tttgctgtac aggttaagtg ggtttctaag tattttattc ttttgatgct atcatacatg      3780
     atactgttgt cttgatttct tcttcagata gtttattgtt attgtagaaa tacaactgat      3840
     ttctgtgtat tgattttgta tcctgcaact ttgctgaatt ttatttattg tatctgacag      3900
     tttatttcac agaaactaaa agatttttaa tatataaggt tatgtcatct gcaaacagat      3960
     aattttactt tttaaaaaat tggaatatcc tttattcttt tactcacctt attgttttaa      4020
     ctaactagaa ccttcagtac tacattaaat agaagtagta aaagcaggca tccttgtttt      4080
     cgctctgagg gtaaaagctt tcagtctttc accatgttag ctgtgttttt tgttgttgtt      4140
     gttttttggg gttttttttg tataacatta tgttaaggtg ttttctttct ttttataatt      4200
     tattaagtac attttatcat gaatgtgggt taaattttga caaatgcttt ttctttaaga      4260
     tgatcacatg aggttttttc cttcattatg ttaatgtgat attacactga ttttcatgtg      4320
     ttagaacata cttttatttc aggagtcagt tatactcatt catagtgtat aatcctttta      4380
     atgtactgct aaatttgaat tgctggtatt ttgttgagga tttttgcatc aacatttgta      4440
     agggatgttt gtttgtagtt ttcttatggt gcctttgtct ggcttggtgt cagggtaata      4500
     ctggcctcat ataataagtt agaaaatgtt acctcctttt caacgttttg aaaaagtttg      4560
     agaaaaactg ggttaattct gctttaaacg ttgggtagaa ttcaacagtg tagccatctg      4620
     gtccaggctt ttctttgttg ctgggttttt tattactgat gcaatcttcc tgctgaatct      4680
     ccttgctcaa taggtttatt caacttttct gattcagtct tagtaggttt tttgtttcta      4740
     ggaatttgtt cattttattt aggttattca atttttttag tgtataattc cttatggtac      4800
     tcttctacat ccttttttta ctccaaaagt ttgttagtta tgtacccatt ttatttttga      4860
     gtttggtaat ttgagtattc cctttttttc ttagtcaatc tagataaaat tttgtcagtt      4920
     tttatctttt tcagagaaca aactgggttt tgttggtttt tgatatcttt ttctattctc      4980
     tatttcactt atttccactg ctatctttat catttttaaa attttgctag cttttagttg      5040
     tccctcttta atagtccctc tttttccctc tgtttttctt tccttaggag taaagttgtt      5100
     gattcggtat cttatttttt ataatcattt atagctataa atttttcccg tgtggtactg      5160
     tttttgatgt atctcttaac ttttggtatt tcatattttt aatttgtctc tagatatttt      5220
     ctattttctc ttgtgatttc ttcttttatc cattcttggg tgtttaataa ctatattttt      5280
     agacataaaa tgtgtaacct acaaaatttt cttgatttgt tacagtttta tttgttgtaa      5340
     gtttttattt cagaattaaa tatgtgtatc aacatttgtt gtgttctcat aaactttgta      5400
     atacatggag atttctggtc cacatatgta agtctctaca ttaatattat tttgaagcat      5460
     ttaaacttct gttttaatat ttcaaaggtc taaatgaaat tgagattttt ggtttctgag      5520
     atgaaatcat ggtaggtgac tgagaaatgc ttaaaaatta gccaaaactt aaaattaagt      5580
     taaagtttac taagtcaccc tgtattgctg gtaataaaaa ataagtcttt aatggtataa      5640
     aagcaaactt cagagaatgt tttcttttcc ccagttgaca tctaaattaa aagctggaaa      5700
     aaaattttat ggctttatgc gtttttcact ttacaatttc aactttttct ggttaaaatt      5760
     tttccaaaca gattcctgtg tatttgaaag acaaattttt tttagttgaa atgcttaagc      5820
     agttaaataa ggccatgaaa ctttcttgaa cctgtgggaa tccatgagaa aatctgacat      5880
     tatgttctat tctcttggaa ggtagaaata tcgtttgact tctgttttgc tgacaagaaa      5940
     tatggtcctg agcaaggctc cctgggacaa tgacctcaca catggaaaac gctggagccc      6000
     atctgtctcc aatctgctgt tttccaaaaa ttagggaact tcagttttcc ctttgatact      6060
     ctgtatttct accaaccaca acgccagggc tgtcctgctt ctacaagtga caatgacaaa      6120
     tataggcctg aaggaagatg agctgatggc attcccagct tactaccact ccttgggtgc      6180
     cttatctcac atacgtggat tcaactcata gactcaggtg ggtgaggatc tattgttcag      6240
     ctacattaga agtgactgct taagactctg gtgtgtggtg aaatgaggca gaattttctc      6300
     aatgcagtgt taggagaatt ttctcctcat aattaccatc ttactatcac taaatcatag      6360
     ctaaaataag gaaattattc aagaagaaat agagatgtaa tcttatgaag acataaattt      6420
     agagatttgt ggagagccct tcataatttc atggtgttct ctttgagctg ggattatagt      6480
     tgacatttca ttataatata ttagctattc tagactttat gcatttatgt aaagttttct      6540
     ttgttgcact ttaagttctg tgatacatgg gcagagcatg caggtttgtt acgtaagtat      6600
     acacgtgtca tggtggtttg ctgcacccat caacccatca tctacattaa gtatttctcc      6660
     taacactatt tctcccccag cctctcaccc catgacaggc cccagtgtgt gatgttcctc      6720
     tccctgtgtc catgtgttct cattgttcaa ctcccactta tgagtgagaa catgcagtgt      6780
     ttggttttct tttctttttt tctttctctc ttttcttttt ttttttttga gacaaacttt      6840
     cactcttgtt gtccaggttg gagtgcaatg gcgcgatctc ggctcactgc aacctctgcc      6900
     tcccgggttc aagcgattct cctgcctcag cctcccaagt agctaggatt acaggcatgt      6960
     gccaacatgc ctggctaatt gtttgtattt ttagtagaga cggggtttct ccatgttggt      7020
     caggctggtc tcaactcccc acctcagcct cccgaagatc tgagactaca ggtgtgagcc      7080
     aatgctcctg gcctggtttt cttttcttgt gttagtttgc tgagaatgat ggtttccagc      7140
     ttcatctacg tccctggaaa ggacataaat gcgtagtatt ccatggtgta tatgtgccac      7200
     cttttcttta tccagtttat cattaatggg catttgggtt ggttccaggt ctttgctatt      7260
     gtgaacagtg ctgaaataaa catacagtgc atgtgtcttt atagtataat aatttataat      7320
     gctttgggta tataccccgt aatgggattg ctaggtcaaa ttgtatttct ggttctagat      7380
     ccttgaggaa ttgtcacact gtcttccata atgactgaac taatttacac tcctaccaac      7440
     agtatgaaag cattcctatt tctccacagc ctcatcagca tctgttgttt cctgactttt      7500
     aataatagcc attctaactg gcttgagatg gtatctcatt gtggttttga tttgcattta      7560
     tctaatgacc agtgacgatg agcttttttt catgtttgtt ggccacataa atgtcttctt      7620
     ttgagaagtg tctgtttgtt tcctttgccc actttttgat ggggttgttt tttcttgtaa      7680
     atttgtttaa gttatttgta gattctggat attagccctt tgtcagacag atagattgca      7740
     aaaattttct cccaatctat aggttgtctg ttcactctga tgatagttta ttttgctgtg      7800
     cagaagctct ttagtttaat tagatcccat tcgtcaattt tggcttcttt tgttgccatt      7860
     gcttttggtg ttttagtcat aaagtctttg cccatgccta tgtcctgaat ggtattgcct      7920
     aggttttctt ctagggtttt tatggtttta ggtcttatgt ttaagtcttt attccatctt      7980
     cagttatttt tttgtataag gtgtaaggaa gatgtccagt ttcaatttct gcatatggct      8040
     agccagtttt cccaacatga tttattaaat aaggaatcct ttccccgttg cttgtgtttg      8100
     tcaggtttgt caaagatcag atggttgtat gtgtatgctc ttatttcaga gttctatatt      8160
     ctggttcatt ggtctatgtg tctgtttttg taccagtacc atgctgtttt ggttactgta      8220
     gccttatagt atattttgaa gttgggtagt gtgatgcctc cagctttgtt atttttgctt      8280
     agaattgtct tggctatttg ggctcttttt tggttcatga gaatttttaa atagtttctt      8340
     ctaattctgt gaagaatgtc attggtagtt taatgggaat accattaaat tcttttataa      8400
     attactttgg ggagtatggc tattttcacg aattaattct tccgtatcca tgagcatgga      8460
     atgcttctcc atttgtttgt gtcctgtctg atttctctga gcagtggttt gtagtcctcc      8520
     ttgaagaggt tcttcacttc tcttgttagc tgtattctga tgtattttat tctctttgta      8580
     gcaattgtga atgaatttca ttcatgattt ggctctctac ttgcctgttg ttgatgtata      8640
     gaaatactag caatttttgc acattggttt tgtatactga gattctgttg atgtggttta      8700
     tcagcttaag aagcttttgg gctgagatga tggggttttc tagatacagg atcatgtcgt      8760
     ctgcaaacaa agataatttg acttcctctc ttcctattta aataccttta tttctttctc      8820
     ctgcctgatt gccctggcca gaaattccag cactatattg aataggagtg gtaagagagg      8880
     ccatccttgt cttgtgccag ttttcaaggg gaatgcttcc agcttttgct cattcagtat      8940
     gatattggct gtgggtttgt catttatggc tcttattatt ttgaggtgtg atccttcaat      9000
     agctatttta ttgagggttt ttaacatgaa gggatgttga atttcattga aggccttttc      9060
     tgcatctatt gagatagtcg tgttgtttta tgtttagttc tgtttatgtg atgaattaca      9120
     tttatagatt tgcctgtgtt gaaccaacct tgtatcccag ggatgaagcc atcttgatcg      9180
     tggtgggcca agctatcctt aacagtctta agttcagtct ttttacataa tcccacattt      9240
     cttgaaggtt ttgttgttca ttcttttttg ttcttttttc tctattcttt tcttcctgtc      9300
     ttgtatcaga tagttttcaa gctctgagat tctttcctcc acttggccta ttctgctagt      9360
     gatacttatg gttgcattgt gaagttctca tgttgtgttt ctcacctcca tcaggtcagt      9420
     tatgttcctc tctaaactga atattctgct tatcagctac tgtgttcttt tatgattttt      9480
     agcttcttgc attaagttag aacgtgcccc tttagctcag tgaagtttga tattacccac      9540
     ctcctaaagc ctacttttgt caattcagcc atctcagcct tgggtcagtt ctgtgccctt      9600
     gctggggagg tggtgttgtc atttagagga gaagaggcat tctgcctttt tgagttttca      9660
     gcgtttttgt gttgatgctt tctcatcttt gtgggcttat ctacctttga tctttgacgt      9720
     tgctgacctt tgaatggggt ttttgtgggg tcttttttgt tgatattgtt gttgttgctt      9780
     tctgtttgtt cttaacagtc agaccactct ttcctagggc tgctgtggtt ttctgggggt      9840
     ccactctgga ccctagtcac ctcagtctct cctgcacctg gaggtatcac cggtgaaggc      9900
     tgcaaaacag caaagatggc agcctgatcc ttcctctggg agtactatcc aagtgggtac      9960
     cgacttgacg tcagctggaa cgctcctgta ggaggtgtct ggagacccct gttgggaggc     10020
     ctcacccagt caggggaaac aagatcagga actgcttaaa gaagcagtct ggctgccctt     10080
     tggcagagca ggtgtgctgt gctgtgctga tccccgggag tctccagagc cagcaggctg     10140
     gaaaggctca gccagctgaa ctggggagat agcagctacc cctctccctg gggacttcat     10200
     cccagggaga aatcagagtt ctgtccatag aactctggct ggagttgcta aaattccaat     10260
     ggggaggccc tgtccagtga ggagggatgt gttttggtct cacttaaaga agcagcctgg     10320
     ccacaatcag gcacagcagc tgtgctgtgt tatgggaaac tcctcctgga ccctggtgcc     10380
     agcaggctag agtggccaac tcaaaccaca gatatagtgg ctgcccttcc ctccaggaac     10440
     tcggtccatc tctggctgtc tccagcctgc tgcctctggc cagctggaat tccaagccaa     10500
     tgggttttgt gaggtgctgt gggagtgggg cctcagaatg atgtcacttg gctccctgga     10560
     ttcagccccc ttcctagggg aatgcacaga tgtatctccc actttgctgg aattctcggg     10620
     gcataggatg caaaactcct gggtttccac gcatgcccca gtgagccagc gagcattccg     10680
     ccgagactcc acacagctct gtgcttcaga cccaaggcca tggtggctga gctcaccggg     10740
     ggacctccca atctgcaggt tgcaaagatc cgtggggaaa gcatggtttc ccaggcagtc     10800
     acgcaatcac tcaccgcctc ccttggctgc gagtgggggc tccctagctc cgtgccacac     10860
     ctggatgggc catcacccca cttgcttttc ctcactccct gtgggcctag tgggcctagt     10920
     cagtcccaat gcaagaacct ggatacctca actcaaggtg cagaagtcac ttgtagtttt     10980
     cattgctctc catgagagcc atgggccaca gctgcttcta atcggccagc ttggccccat     11040
     ctaaagtatg atttcttaat acatgagatg ttttaagtac atgacaataa tgatatttat     11100
     cacaaataat attttatctc aatttcatat aaaaattgct aacaaatcaa ttatttttgg     11160
     ttaccacaaa gctatctgga aatgtaacat ctgccattta taaaatttct gtagagttaa     11220
     tagaactttt cctgaaggga ggccggcaat atgcatcatg aattcaagca ctaccagtga     11280
     agttgtggag tttgaagtgg tactcacatc ttgttactgg gattataaat tcgtacaaac     11340
     tttatctaat gtgattaaac aatatatacc aaaattatca gtggaaatac tctctgattc     11400
     agcaatttca tttccagaaa tttaccctac agacatactc atgatgcctg gaattatgta     11460
     tgaatgggag aaagtattat accacctttt tcattaacaa aagtctggaa atcaccttaa     11520
     tgtttatcag tcacattaat ggttatcacc ttactgtgta ttgaaattat ggttattcat     11580
     acgatagcat actatgcagc tatttaaaaa aataaatttt aaaaggatgc tcaaaaatga     11640
     tgtccaatat atgttacaaa gtaaaaacaa ccctgggtgc agagccatgt gtctgatatg     11700
     cctccattcc tataaaatca gagtgtgtag aaatgcatag aatatctcta ttaactggta     11760
     actgttacaa aattcaaagt taatgcaggc aagacctttc ttttttaatg ctaacactcc     11820
     aaggaactgc acaacatttg aggattccca acacatgcca atctaccttt gaacctatag     11880
     attttaggaa atgaggctct tgaaaaatca agcattaata ttcctagcta cagttgtttg     11940
     ggacataatt agaatgatcc attctttgaa agtttgtaaa atttgctcat acaaccatct     12000
     gggcctagtc cttcctttgt gaaagatttt attttactag agattttatt ttcttcacat     12060
     tatagtactt cttaggtttt ctatttcttc ttgattcttg agtcaatttt ggtaccactt     12120
     tgtaccccac agggtgcttg ggctcagaac acatcagtca aagaaagaga gaagaaagga     12180
     aggcaggaag gcagggtgaa aggaaggaag gaaggaagaa ggaaggagac aaggaaagag     12240
     agagaaggaa ggatggaggg agagaaagat ggaaagagag aaagaaggaa atgagagaga     12300
     gagaaggaga gaaggaagga aggagggaga gaaagggaaa gaaggaaaga aacaaggaag     12360
     cagggaggga gagaaagagg aagggagagg aaggaaggag ggagagaaag agggaaaggg     12420
     aaagaaggaa ggaaagaaac aaggaagcag ggagggagag aaagaggaag ggagaggaag     12480
     gagggaggga gggaaaggag acagggaggg agagagggag ggagggagga aaagaaagag     12540
     agaaaggtga aaggtgggga cgggaaggga agaggagcca gccaaaggct acaggctgtt     12600
     tgttcactct tctacttgac ccaagcagtt ctgcctttta aatattccac cttctgccat     12660
     gagttacact gttcaatatt catttctcag agcattcaaa ggtctatgtg tgccctgcca     12720
     tgatggacca tggcttcagc tctcaaacac aaccctcagc caaaatattc atgactgttc     12780
     cctcccatat actcatcaat cccccatgct atggtctgca tgtgtccccc agagctcacg     12840
     tgttgaaaac ttaatcctct atatgacagt gttgagaggc ggggcctaat aagagtgatt     12900
     aggttataag attctgcccc catgtatgga ttaatgtcat tatctcagga gtgggttagt     12960
     tatcttggga gtgggcttgt attaaaagca tgttcagccc cttttgctct ctttctttcc     13020
     caaactcttg ctcttctgcc ttcagccatg agatgacaca gccagaaggc cctcacgaga     13080
     tgcagacccc tcatccttgg atttcctagc ctccagaact ctaagaaata aatttctttt     13140
     ctttatagat tccctagtct gtggtattct gttatagcag cacaaaatgg gttaagatgc     13200
     cccattacat ggagagtgct gatccacagg gttcagatca ttgacttagg gcttggagtc     13260
     ttatacaaca tccctatggg agttgacctc catattccct atcttcccgg aatcgcaaat     13320
     ggtgatttca gaccaaaata tagcccagat attttgcatt tggcaatatt gccgactttt     13380
     ccacaacttt atcatggcag gtttgatgtg ctcacttcta tgatccctga aaggatatgg     13440
     gttcaagatc ctgcaaggtt acaatccaag gatagaagag cctagacaag agtcccatca     13500
     cctgggcgat cagtgcagag atatgtcaca aagcccctgt aggcagagcc tagacaagag     13560
     ttacatcacc tgggtgacag gcaaacaaca atgacaactt attttcatcc ccacttcagt     13620
     ctttgaggtt agacagacct ggattcaaat ccaagctcca cccctcgctg tgtgagtttg     13680
     ctcatgctgc taacctctct gagacttgac tcttcattta tgaaatgagg ataaagcccc     13740
     ttctctcagg ggctgtgcca aggatgaaat gagtcacgca ttggtcagga caggtgatgc     13800
     tgtgtaacaa gcccctaaac ctcagtggcg tcaacagcaa agttgacttc ttttcttttt     13860
     tctatttttt cttttgttgg gggggtgggg aggtggatgg agtctcactc tgtcacccgg     13920
     gctggagtgc agtggtgcaa tctcagctca ctgcaacctc cacctcctgg gttcaagtga     13980
     ttctcctgcc tcagcctcct gagtagctgg ggctacagat gtcagccacc aggcccagct     14040
     aattttttgt atttttagta gagatggggt ttcaccatgt tagtcaggat ggtctcgatc     14100
     tcctgacctc atgatctgcc tgcctcagcc tcccaaagtg ttgggattac aggcgtgagc     14160
     cactgcaccc ggccttgact tctcaattga tttcacatcc atcacgggtc aacaaggggg     14220
     ttctggtggt cgtagtcaat gagccgagac catgccactg cactccagcc tgagtgacag     14280
     agtgagactt catctcaaaa aaaaaaagtc tcaggctatg tctgaactag gagggtagaa     14340
     agaatagtca ttttggttgc cacaaaccat cgaaacaaag atgcagatca ttgatgtaaa     14400
     attacagtta gttccttccc actccttttc agcttctctt cgttgctatg acccagcgtc     14460
     tcctgtgtca gttttcagtc tattgtctcc cagcttctag tgcacctttc aatatgtgca     14520
     ctgtgataaa ctgggaagca cttttcaata taccttctgg aagtgaacat tctgcaggca     14580
     tctagataga ggatggagag actgcagggg gcaggagctc tctggctggg ccttgttcaa     14640
     gccccaacca cagagaccta ggcatggtcc ctcagccacc ttgcagcctt ggctagcaac     14700
     atctcgacac ggaaaccaaa acgcagcaga gcccatgtga tctgaaggtt cctgaaaagt     14760
     tgcccagacc tcctcttgta cccacataca aagagtgtgt ccagggtcat gagtgagcat     14820
     gatattacag aggaatgtaa acaggaaaac catagcatag agcagtgggg atccatagct     14880
     cacagtgata gcatggaagt ttcctggtta catgaagtaa ttaagacgta tttaaaagcc     14940
     aagagtacaa aattagacct gatgaaaaag caggagttat catcccagcc atgcagaaaa     15000
     gccaagcctt ctctcccttc tcaagaagga acagaagaca atgatgtgat ctgtgagtca     15060
     tgtgtaacat gaaagtacag gaaaagttga atttctgata cacaaatctg aaaagttttt     15120
     atagtaacag atttcaggat taaaagtcaa tatttattac ttcattaaga gcaaataaat     15180
     actttaagaa aaccttgttg ttttaaccaa aatttttagt tttgtatcac tatgttttta     15240
     atattatacc taatttaaat aaactttata aacaatctat ctgatctcaa tcagttttga     15300
     cctcgaggta agatttacgt aaacttttaa taaccttgta taattttttc catcttttcc     15360
     aactttttat acacatttta tctatctttt ttattccttc aatttaaaat aatccttaaa     15420
     aatctctaag cgaatttact ttctctgaaa caaaaaccgg tatacatttt gcatacagaa     15480
     ttgtttctct tgtacctagt agtcttaatc acatatatct accacaatat taatacttag     15540
     taacctttat tttaataaaa aacctaggaa gcaagaaatc ttgaattgtc atatagcagt     15600
     atcttacaga tgagaataat ttcataattt agaaatatgt gttcctaaaa catttttttt     15660
     taagatggag tttcgctctt gttgcccagg ctggagtgca atggaacaat ctcggctcac     15720
     tgcaacttcc gccccccggg ttcaagtaat tctcctgcct cagcctcccg agcagctggg     15780
     attacaggca cccgccacca tacctggcta attttttgta ttttttagta gagatggggt     15840
     ttctccatgt tggtcaggct ggtcttgagc tcctgacctt gggtgatcca cctgcctcag     15900
     cctcccaaag tgctgggatt acaggcatga ggcaccacgc ctgggctaaa acataagttt     15960
     ttaaattgga aataacccag atagttaatg agtatctatt atttaattta acataactaa     16020
     aatttcaaaa ataggctggg catggtggct cacacctgta atcccaacac tttaggaggc     16080
     caaggcagga gtatcatgag accagcctga gcaaaatagt gagatgctaa ctctacaaaa     16140
     aaaataaaaa ttagctgagc atggtggtgc atgcctgtaa ttacagctac ttgggaggct     16200
     gaggtgggag gatcccttga gggcaggagg tcaaggttgc agtgagctgt gatcatacca     16260
     ctgtacttca gcctgggtga cagacagaga cactatctca aaaaaatttc aaaaatacat     16320
     taagatgtct tggatagaca tgtatccatt tacatttact tatttttaac agtttatcta     16380
     gagtatttgt gagaactgag gtattagaca aagctagtca tcatttctag gttattttct     16440
     tgttaaccat gttatagcct gtgaatatca ggtgttcacg taagtgagga cttcaaagtt     16500
     aaatacatgg gtattttacc aataactcag aaaattccat tacttttgtt caacaaaccg     16560
     tattaaattg gtcttatgta ttaaaaaaaa tcacaaaaac aaatattcct ttttttcctg     16620
     tgtttatagc tttataacct tcatgccaaa ccctagcacc ttaaaatatc tagcaaatgt     16680
     aaatataaaa cacagtcaaa aatgtatgct gacaattctg aagacatttc tattttcctt     16740
     ttatccatac tttttaaatt atttgtattt ataaaagaac tcttttgtct gggcacagtg     16800
     gttcatgcct atatcccagc actttgagag gctgaggcaa gaggatcact tgagctcagg     16860
     agtttgagac cagcctgggc aacatagcga gaccgaatct ctactaagaa taagataaaa     16920
     aattgccagg catggtggtg catgcctatt gtcccagcta ctggagagga tgaggcagga     16980
     ggatcacctg agcctgggag gttgaggtaa cagtgagctc tggtcccact actgcactcc     17040
     agcctgggga acagagtgag accttagaga gagaccttgt ctcaaaaaga gaaaaaaata     17100
     aagaattatt tcattctttt gtttttcttc agccaagtaa ccttgaattg gtaataccac     17160
     agacagtaag tttcatctca acaccagtag acaagtcagc agattcaaaa taggcaggga     17220
     aaaaaaaata gacaggcaaa agaactgaga ttttttcatt ttagggtttt taaaaatata     17280
     aactatttga gttctgaatt ttctttcatg ttattcggcc atcaggttta aagtgtgcac     17340
     tagaagccag gcgtggtggc tcctgcctgt aatcccaaca ctttgggagg ctgaggcagg     17400
     tggatcactt gaggccagga gttcgagacc agcctggcca acatgacaaa aacccgtctc     17460
     tactgaaaat acaaaaatta actgggtgtg gtggtgtgca cctgtagtcc cagctactcg     17520
     ggaggctgag gcaggagaat tgctcaaacc tgggaggtgg aggttgcagt gagccaagat     17580
     tgtaccactg tactccagcc tgggaaacag agcaagactc tgtgtcaaaa agaaaaaaaa     17640
     aaaaaaaaaa aatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata ggcctgtgcg     17700
     cagtggctca tgcctgtaat cccagcagtt tgggaggccg aggcgggtgg atcacttgag     17760
     atcaggagtt cgagaccagc ctggccaaca tggtgaaacc tcgtctctac taaaaccaca     17820
     aaaattagcc gggcatggtg gcacacacct gtaatcgcag ctactcagga ggctgagaca     17880
     ggagaatcac tagaacctgg gaagtggagg ttgcagtcag ccaagatcac accactgcac     17940
     tccagcctgg gcaacagagc aagactctgt ctcaaaaaaa tgtgtgtgtg tgtgactaga     18000
     atggtctata atatatagcc agctcgagtc ccagaaaacc tagcaagctt aaggttagag     18060
     cttctcattt tggccttttc aagattaaat ctcctttagt aggcccctcc cctctaggga     18120
     agtacttgcc ggagcgctgc ctaaagttgg ttttctgatg ccctgttgtt tctgttctga     18180
     atggtttatt tctcattata agggctcagc aaagcaggca gagttaaaaa gcagagacag     18240
     gaagaatttt taaaatcgtg gacttcactc ctacactgaa tctcaggtcc ccagaaagac     18300
     agaaacacca tgggaccaca gcaaaggcag gaggaggagt gagggaggga ggtggacaga     18360
     acaacaaaca ggagttggct ctcagttttt cacgtgtgcc attttcttta ggtttttcta     18420
     gtttatggag tctctttgtt caagttgagc acacagataa actagagatc tcacaaggct     18480
     tttgctgaga ccatcaaagc ctttaacctc tgttgggcca aatattttag accaaaaata     18540
     cagatagaca cacaaaagcc agaaccagac cagattgagt atctcagtgg ctgcagcctt     18600
     tattcccttt attctttagg atttgaactc aaaccagatt cagggttcta acccaaccag     18660
     gatccccctg gggtgaaact gaaacccaca gtctagacaa ggttgggggt ctttttttat     18720
     ttttattttt tcattttttt tgagacggag tttcactctt gttgcccagg ctggagtgca     18780
     atggtgcaat atcgcctcac tgcaacctcc gcctctcggg tttaagcact catcctgcct     18840
     cagcctccca agtagctggg attacaggca tgtgccacca cgcccattta attttgtatt     18900
     tttagtagag acagggtttc tccatgttgg tcaagctggt ctcgaactcc caacctcagg     18960
     tgatccgcct gcctaagcct cccaaagtgt tgggtttaca ggcgtgagcc accacgcccg     19020
     gcccgcttgt tcttttcatt tcatcctgat gtccgaatac aggagagtag ctgagttggt     19080
     gttcactaac aagcacggaa gctttgttac atttacagtg tcattcttgg caaaacctga     19140
     agttttgcct cccgggttca cgccattctc ctgcctcagc ctcccgagta gctgggacta     19200
     taggcgcccg ccacctcacc cagctaattt tttgtatttt tagtagacac ggtgtttcac     19260
     cgtgttagcc aggatggtct cgatctcctg accttgtgat ccgcccacct cggcctccca     19320
     gagtgctggg attacaggcg tgagccacgc gcccagccag aagctctgta atttcaatga     19380
     tgattgtgct tttaatctct ttctcggcat ctggctcatg ataaagtttc aggtgtcttg     19440
     atggtatcta aatcagttgt tgattcggtc ctggagaaac acaagcataa cctctacgcc     19500
     aagttattat tttacctatt tcccaacttt ttgttattgg atctgtccac caaaccagtt     19560
     gttctgcttg tgtctttgca gctggtttct gtagatgctg ttcagctgct ggtaacatct     19620
     ggcctttggg aaggctcgaa aaatggaaag ttaataatgc aagattcaat tgtgtctggg     19680
     ctgtcccgta atccctgttt cccccctttt ttgtttttat tatcagttgt tcatctgtat     19740
     gaaatcgtaa ctgagcattt tcaattaact gtgtggaatg aaccatgtat gaagaatcag     19800
     aaatcacatt aataggcata tcaaaagcag tcaatacctc aattacagct acaagctcca     19860
     ctttttgagc tgaaatatag ggcgtctgga aaactttacc ttttgatcca gaataagaag     19920
     ctttaccatt actggaccca tctgtgaaac aatgaaaacg cttagcaggc tgcaggttgt     19980
     ttactgcagg aattgtaaat gcaaatcgtt cacagtcttg ctcagctaaa agggtagtaa     20040
     agaaacagtc ttttaaatct gtgactatta aaggccaatt ttttggaatt atagtaggag     20100
     aaggcaatcc tggctgttat atttccatag gttgtataac tgaattgatg gctcttaagt     20160
     cagttaacat tctccattta cctgattttt tcttaattat gaaaactgga gaattccaag     20220
     gggaaaatgt tggagctatg tgcccatttt ctaattgttc agtaactaat ttctctaaag     20280
     cgtccagttt ctctttgctt agcagccatt attctatcca tattggctta tctgttaacc     20340
     atttgtaaag gtataggttc tggaagctta acaacggccg ccgtcaaaaa tgatatccta     20400
     atctttggca ggaactttgt ctttccactt gaagcagttc tttcaaacct tgcaaatatt     20460
     ttcctagtcc cataccagga acatgcccca tttcatgaat tatatgtcga ctttgagggc     20520
     tatataattg ttctggaatt agaacttgtg ctccccattg ttgtaataaa tctctccccc     20580
     ataaatttat aggtacagaa gttataattg gttgaatagt cccaggttgt ccattgggcc     20640
     cttcacaatg caaaatataa ctactttgat atacttcagg ggctttacca actccaacta     20700
     tgttaaattg agtgggttga attggccacg cggacggcca ctgctgtaga gaaataattg     20760
     aaatgtctgc tcctgtatct accaaacctt taaagttctt tccctgaata gttatttcac     20820
     aggtaggacg tttatcagta atttgattta cccaataagc cactttgtct tgtttatttg     20880
     tgcttccaaa tcctcctgtt catttaattt cacttttccc cattcccaca tatggcacaa     20940
     tcaggagccg atctcctggc tctgctttcc agggaacaga agtagatata acaatttgaa     21000
     tttccccatt gtgatctgaa tcagtgactc ctgtatgtat ttgtacccct tttaaactta     21060
     aactagacct ttctaaaagt aatcctatcg tccctgctgg caagggtcca cagactcctg     21120
     ttgggacctt ttgcaggggt tccccaggca gagggctcac agcttttgtg cagcataaat     21180
     ctactgcaac actaccagct gtggcagggg acagacattg tacggtgggg agggaatggc     21240
     ctgagttgga aatgccccgg tttagaacgg gcctaggatg ggcccctcat ggtgtttccc     21300
     gaaatcgggt tccgttcttc atcaaactta gagtgacatt ggttagccca atgatttcct     21360
     tttttacatt ttggacatat ttcagcttag cagttctctt ttttccccta tctgacagcc     21420
     gactcactga ttttttttct acattctttt ttagtatgaa tagcttcttt aaattctttg     21480
     agtaatttaa aaggaaaagg ttcaaatgta gctataatat ctccctgttg atctgggggg     21540
     tgtattctaa cagggaactg ccaagcctct aaatcaccct ctcttctagc ttgctgaatt     21600
     cctgcctgaa tagaactaag agcagtcgct ccaggcgctg ctcagtcact ggggcaacta     21660
     cttttcgccc acagtcctct ggaaaagaaa tacctggagg gtcattttct tcaaaataat     21720
     aatgaggggg tgcagaaggg tagggatgaa cctctccctc ctttgccgct tcagctttag     21780
     ctggcaaaca aacctggtct gtaacctctt ctgttacgtc gctatactct ccttcctcct     21840
     cctcatcagt gtgaaaaggt tccaaggtga aacgaaccag accccacgcc tgtcccattg     21900
     ttaccctgat gcttccgagc tccccttctt actcaccacg gggatggctt taagagtact     21960
     caggtgtcct ccagctagtt ccacgttctc caaccgtcgc tctggcgacc cttcgacctg     22020
     gattcgagcc cccacgatgg acgccacttg cagagaccag ctcggtcagg aagaccctaa     22080
     cccagcggca ctagaggaat taaagacaca tacacagaaa tacagaggtg tgaagtggga     22140
     aatcaggggt ctcacagcct tcagagctga cagccccgaa cagagattta cccacatatt     22200
     tagtaacagc aaaccagtca ttagcattgt ttctattaac taaaagtatc ccttacggga     22260
     aatgaaggga tgggccggaa taaaggggtg ggtttggcta gttatctgca gcaggagcat     22320
     gccctgatgg cacagatcgc tcatgctatg tttgtggttt gagaacgtct ttcagcggtt     22380
     ttccaccctg ggcgggtcag gtgttccttg ccctcattcc ggtaaaccca caaccttcca     22440
     gcgtgggcgt tagggccatt atgaacatgt cacagtgctg cagagatttt gtttatggcc     22500
     agttttgtgg ccagtttatg gccagatttt ggggggcctg ttcccaacag taaccaatat     22560
     taagtcattc tcatttcaac atttaaactc ttccaactga atgcattaaa aaacaaaagt     22620
     cacacaccac tgtacccctt atatgtacac agcggtcggc aaacatgtga caggtggagg     22680
     tcctgaggca ccactgggag cttgtgagcg gatgggcgtc ttccagaacg cactctgcag     22740
     gcactcggca acgtgaagtg ttcacgtcct gtgatgcagc ctctgctcca ggccacttcc     22800
     ggaactgcga gggaacagct gtgggcgcgc tcatttcagc tttgcttcag atcctgggag     22860
     ttgggggcac cttctttttt tttttttttt tttttagacg gagtcttgct ctgtcaccca     22920
     ggctggagtg cagtggcgcg atctcggctc actgcaagct ccgcctcccg ggttcacgcc     22980
     attctcctgc ctcagcctcc cgagtagctg ggactacagg cgcccgccac cgtgcctggc     23040
     taattttttg tatttttagt acagacgggg tttcaccatg ttagccagga tggtctcgat     23100
     ctcctgacct cgtgatccgc ccatctcggc ctcccataaa gtgctgggat tacaggcatg     23160
     agccaccgcg cccggctggg ggcaccttct ggcccacagt gagggaataa gcaaaccaga     23220
     atggggggtg cctgcacgga atactcctaa gtgctcagac acggcgtcca cagatggatc     23280
     caaatcagtg ctggatgacg ggcactcacc ccaggtctgc agtccaataa cacgggcctg     23340
     agcagaaagc acgtggcatg gagccccgtg gcagatatgg ggacgagcgg ccaatacatc     23400
     agctcaggtg tccgaggggt ttcagggaca tgagagagag tggggaacga agggggaaat     23460
     cgcttggaga cccaggacga gcctggcaca ccaggatgct gattctgaaa gggcgattaa     23520
     ggagattcca tgttttaaaa atctggattt ctggcttctt ctgaaaaaaa tcagaagatg     23580
     tttagcacaa cagcgtggca tcgtcagctg tactcctgcc ccactgtccc ccagggagcc     23640
     tggctcatcc catggctcac agaggcccac actgtggcca gacaggtcca ctgatggctc     23700
     agcacgtgca ccccggctgc agggagatgg gtaccagccc aggaagtggg acactggctg     23760
     aaacaggatg ggatgcaggg atggggtggg atgggagacc aaaccagtgt gaggaatgag     23820
     gataaaggag atgctggaga taaaatctgg gcaagtaagc agggggtggt cctgctggct     23880
     gaggccagag atgccagccc actcagactc ctgcgctggc ccttccacac catcccaggc     23940
     ccaaggcctc ccacacacag cgtcacatac acaaacagca ccctcctcat ggcaacaggt     24000
     gaccctgccc cttcacagac ctccctgccc ccacagtcac cccacatttt aaagggaact     24060
     tgagtccatc ctgatatgta aacgtgaggt taaatatcta tcatggggga gaacagacaa     24120
     atctccagtg cagaatagtt ctaaataacc taagtggagg ctccactctt gaggagatcc     24180
     agcctaactc cccacctctc caacgcggct catcgcagcg acctccttct tccaacgtgg     24240
     ctcatcgcag tgacctcctt ctcaggagtg cagagtggag gtcagtggtg gagtgaagac     24300
     ggaccagggt taacatcggc agtgatcact tgacctctgc acacttgact ctgggtcttt     24360
     ctccccaaaa aaaaccagaa cctcagtata atcgtgagga aaatagacaa atcctaattg     24420
     agggacattc tccaaaatac ctgactggcc ctcctcaaaa ctgccaaggt catggaaaaa     24480
     ggaaagtctg aaaaactcac agtttaggaa cctaaagaga cttgattact aaatggaata     24540
     tatcctggga tcctggaaaa gaaaaggaca ttatgtaaaa actaagaaaa cctgaataaa     24600
     atgtggcctt tagttaataa gaatccatca atattggtgc attcgttgta acaagtagtt     24660
     gtaacaagtg ccacgctaat gtaacacgtt agtaccagcg taactgggtg ccaggcgttt     24720
     gtaaactctg ttccgtcttc tcaattgttt tgtgaatcta aaaccgttct ttaaaaagag     24780
     tttatttagt aggctgggca tggtggctca cacctgcaat cccagcactt gggaaggcca     24840
     agactggtgg atcacttgag ctcaggagtt ggagacatgc ctaggtaaca tggcaaaacc     24900
     ccatctctac taaaaataca aaaattagcc aggtgtggtg gcgcacacct gtagtcgcag     24960
     ccacttggga ggttgaggtg ggaggatcgc tggagcctcg gaggtcgagg tggtagtgag     25020
     ccaagattgc accactgcac tccagcccgg gcaaccagag tgaaacgctg tgtccaaaaa     25080
     ataaaaaaag agtgtatgta aagtgaaaac agagagagta caagaaaaga gggaaaccag     25140
     gggctcagtg gaggtgggca ggggctggtc catgtgcatt cagcccacct ggttggcagc     25200
     tgcccaggtg tctcctcagg tgtcggaaca ggagtttctt ccacagcctt cagtttgctc     25260
     aggtgggcat gtggcgatgg cagacccttg ggctgtgaga aactatgttg ctgttttatc     25320
     caagtcttca cagaccaaag acggggcttt gcccagagga ggccttgaga agccaggctg     25380
     gagtttgtgg agagagtgtg tgtcactcac aggacatatg acgcatttgc aacatgcgtt     25440
     ctcaaagtgg gagccacagc agtgttcgtt ttactattgc tgggcctgta aatggagcgt     25500
     tttatctttt tcgtcagctg gttcattgaa caagtgttta cagagcacct gctaggcaaa     25560
     tccatcgtga cagagactcg gtgtgccccc aaggagctca cagtctagcg gtaaagatgg     25620
     tgcataaact ccctgacact cagggtggca acagccaccc cacctgctcc tccctttcct     25680
     aatgcccaca cggagcagac actcgagggc tgcttttagg agtgctgact acatgcttcc     25740
     ctacctccat gtaggcatgt gtgtacacaa gcgtgtcctg ttttcacctt ttcacaaaac     25800
     tatgtcaaaa gtgaaacatt ttggaataca tttccagtta tgcaaaatgt ttaaaatatg     25860
     aatttcttcg gttaacacaa attaggcatg aaatgtaggc aaccctgttt accaagaaac     25920
     atcagggtgc ggtgtgggtc tgggaggtgc ccatgagcac ctcatcttga ggccagtctt     25980
     catgctagac cctgggtgga gagagcgagg cggctggagg tgggtgtgtg acaccaggtg     26040
     acttagcggc cccaggaggg tgacttcccc tccggaggtg ccatgcgact gtacagctca     26100
     ggagcactcg gggtcaccta caggaggggc aactcctggg tgtctcccaa cagagcccaa     26160
     aacctggaag tggacagagc accccccgct catctcctgg gccctcgtct cagaggaagg     26220
     acggccattc tggccaacac tgaccaatgc tccagcccac actgccctgc actgcctaga     26280
     aggagaacct aggctgggct cccagacagg agagaggggt gcgtttgtgg ggctaattaa     26340
     tagtaataat aggccgggag cggtggctca tgcctgtaat cccagcactt tgggaggccg     26400
     aggtgggtgg atcaccttag ctcaggagtt caagaccagc ctggccaaca tggtgaaacc     26460
     ccgtctaaaa atgcaaaaaa actagctggg cgtggtggtg cctgtagtcc cagctactcg     26520
     ggaggctgag acagaatcac atgaacccgg gaggcggagc ttgcagtgag ccgagatcgc     26580
     gccattgcac ccagcctggg caaccagagt gaaactctgt ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaatc     26640
     gtcataataa taatcccccc tcacctgagt tctgggaggt caatccaggt tcaagattcc     26700
     tcctttgaaa ggtagactgg atttggatac agagggtgcc catgcgtgag gggacgaggg     26760
     ggcccgggat gcgggtccgt gtgaggggct gaagagttgc ccctgtgcta gtcagtgccg     26820
     ccgccataac cgagccccgc cggctgcgcg gcgtcttcag caagcgttta tttgctaatt     26880
     ctgggggctg gaggtccgcg gtcacggtgt ccacagactg acttctccag aggcctctcc     26940
     ttggcttgtg gacaccgtct tctccctaaa tcctcatctc ctcttcttat acattgtatc     27000
     agggcccgcc ccatgacccc atttcacctt aatcgcctcg ttaaagaccc catctccaaa     27060
     caaccatatt ctgaggtcct gggggttagg gcctcagcac aggaatttgg ggcgggggga     27120
     cacacactct gacttcgcac cacctcccca ccactgcgtg gtgtgtgctg cggtttagct     27180
     tgtgtgactg tgatcttttt cgtcaactgg ttcattgaac aagtgttcaa cgggccctct     27240
     aagaaagtaa ttaacgtcaa atgaggccct aagggtgggg ccctgatctg atagaattcg     27300
     tgtccttata aaagaggcac cagagcaccc actccctgtc tccgacgtgt ggggacagaa     27360
     caggcggcca tctgcaagcc aggtaagagc cctcgccagg aaaggcccag ctcacacctt     27420
     gaccctggac ttccagcccc tagaactgtg agaaaattaa tttctgttta acctacccag     27480
     tctgtggtac agtcatctct cagtatctgt ggggcactga ttccaggatc cccacagata     27540
     ccaaaatcca cagatgttca agtcccccag tgagccgtct gcatccatgg aggcagcccc     27600
     agccttggag accgactgtg tttccttagg gcagccctag gcgcagcggt gcaaggagag     27660
     ccacatttac ccctggcgct gcacggccct gaggctgggc aaggctgtcc accccgctgt     27720
     cagaacccca gcagggaagg tgtccagaag gcagtcctgg gaaccctgca cagaggccca     27780
     gcgggcacaa ggttggggca gctctgttcc cagcaggccg agcccgggtg gctggagagg     27840
     gagctctgga aggtcagcct aggggccgtc ggcccctgca gaccctgtgc ccagcccagc     27900
     atcccgggga gctccctcca catgctcatc tcacgaggtt cctgctgcac tcagagtgga     27960
     ggatgggagg cctggggcgg agggccgggg ctttggaatg gctgaggggg acaaggatgc     28020
     acaaggggcc agtgcagagg acagcgcgac tcccaggggc ccggggtcct ggtcttcctg     28080
     gtcctgccgt ttttattaga agcgagccct ccaccccagt gggtgtagag cccaggacgc     28140
     agcagagggt gggggggtgg ggggcggcat cggggcaggt ggcaacccct tggacgcagg     28200
     ctcaggacgc cagggtcagg gcgtgagtgc cggggccccc tcaaagccgc ggggtccaaa     28260
     gaggccgccg gccccggccc cgccctctgc tcctcctccc cctccaccgc caggcccggg     28320
     tggccgccgc ctcctccgaa cgcggccgcc tcctcctccg aacgtggcct cctccgaacg     28380
     cggccgcctc ctcctccgaa cgcggccgcc tcctcctccg aacgtggcct cctccgaacg     28440
     tggccgcctc ctcctccgaa cgtggcctcc tccgaacgcg gccgccgcct cctccgaacg     28500
     cggcctcctc ctcctccgaa cgcggccgcc tcctcctccg aacgtggccg cctccgaacg     28560
     tggccgccgc ctcctccgaa cgtggccgct tccgcagcgc ccggcgcagg ccgcactccg     28620
     ccaccagggg gcgccacagc tcctcgcgcc gccgcctccc gcaaacacaa agagccgcgc     28680
     ggccacgacg gccgcgtgcc cggagcgccg gggtctttcc tgggctccaa agtcaagagc     28740
     tcacgttccg ggaggatctg tccgcggaaa ttcggttctg agcgtcgccg gactccgccg     28800
     cggggaggcg ggtgagggga gggggccgga gggtcggggg tgccgggggg tgcgggaagg     28860
     ctgcggggga ggctgttggg gacgttcgtg gcgggggagg ctgttgggga cgttcgtggc     28920
     gggggaggct gttggggacg ttcgtggcgg gggaggctgt tgggtcccct ccccgcccca     28980
     ccgcgtccca gggaaccccg gcagggcacc cagtgagggg ggcccgggcg tccgcccatt     29040
     cctcactgct gtccccgcct gtgcccgaaa cccccgttca cgttcaccga gaaaacagac     29100
     ataaacccag ccaggcacat ccactagaat ggctgtgatt tcagaaaagc ggacgtaagt     29160
     gctgccgagg agatggaggc gttggacccc ctcgcgcatt gtcggggcgg gtgcagccgc     29220
     ggtgcaaaag gaccttcctc agaaagttga gcacgaagtt cccacaggcc cggaagttcc     29280
     cctcccgggc gctccccaga gagctgaaga ctgggcgcgt gccggcggca aatgttcaca     29340
     gcaaagggcg gcccagtgcg cagctggaac atcagcccca ggcggtcgct gcgacaggga     29400
     cgagcctggg aaacgtgaaa atgtccagaa cagggaatcc acagataaag aaaagacatc     29460
     gtggttgcca gagctcgcgg gagggggcaa cagggaccga ctgcttaacg tgtatggttc     29520
     cccttcaggg tgaggacgtg ttctgggacg aggtcgaggt cagggttgca ggacaagatg     29580
     aaagcgctaa atgccactga attgtttgct ttaacgtcat taattttgtt atgtgaattt     29640
     catctcaata gaataaatag gtcaagctgg ctgcagggcc caccccaccg cggcctggag     29700
     cagggtcttc tggggtgtac cacctctgcc ctcacccagg ctccaccacg accagcttcg     29760
     tccacccccc aggagaccat gaaggcccac gtctgaaatc ctcactaagc ccaccctccc     29820
     atctccctga actacgggta ggacccctct ggcccccagc cctgcccttg acccggccca     29880
     ccaagccccc acccagatcc acaccaccag gcactcttgc ccttggcctg ctgccaggct     29940
     ggccccgctc cttctgggcc tcctggagct tcaacccctg cctccacagc agaccttggc     30000
     ctttagcatg ttcagtctcc tcagtggcag ccccgggagg gccatcttct tgggtcaaag     30060
     ccctcctcac tacccaccct cttgccagga ctagctgtgt cctgcagcag cccagcatgt     30120
     gccgttgagc tggccttttc tcaggcccag tgcccaagga ggagctgatt gcataggctc     30180
     agagtttcca ggaagagtgg ggactcagat gtctgcccag gtgtctccac cgcgtccgcc     30240
     agggcctcca gctttcctaa ccaggaccct ggcctctggc cttggttgag tatttcacct     30300
     tcttccatgt ttagtccctt gggctctgct accctcctgc tggaggtgag agcatcctgt     30360
     gtgcaaccag agatgccctc tggctttcag acctgcctgc ttttcaccct cagccctttc     30420
     tcactcagca aaattgtggg ggtccctagt cagcagctcc ctgggcagct ctctgagcaa     30480
     ggtggtctct gtggtcatga aggagagccg gctaggacag tgccggaaac tcagctgcct     30540
     ctccccttca actcagctgg ccccccgcac ctgaagtgca caggagccgg gaagagagtc     30600
     tggagcccac cccggagggc agcacaggag gtgtctctgc agctggtgtc ctgccacccc     30660
     tgcaggcagc acacgtcccg ggcattctcc ttagccacag acagaacagc cagtgccaga     30720
     gtctgctgtc gcttcccctt taagcacact cattcaccac acccgaggag gccagaggtg     30780
     cagggagcat gggctgtcgc ttccccttta agcacactca ttcaccacac ccgaggaggc     30840
     cagaagtgca gggagcatgg gctgggtgca cctccgcagg agagaaggct gagccaccgc     30900
     cgtcccggga gcccggctcc caggcctctc gttttcccct acctccctaa gacttttctg     30960
     tcactctctg gccattgaaa ggcttctgtt ccttaaagtg ctgttacact ctcctttccc     31020
     aggatgcagc aagccaaaac agtaccactg cacgtcagcc tgggtgacag agtgagaccc     31080
     tatcttaaaa aaaaaaaaaa ttggctggac atgatggctc acgcctgtaa tcccagcact     31140
     tagggaagcc aaagtgggcg gatcatttga ggtcaggagt tcaagaccag cctggccaac     31200
     atggtgaaac cccatctctc tactaaaaat acaaaaatta gcatggtgtg gtggtgcatg     31260
     cccataatcc cagctactgg ggaggctgag gtgaaagaat tgcttgaacc caagaggtgg     31320
     aggttgcagt gagccgagat cacaccattg cactccagcc tgggcaacag agggagactg     31380
     tgtctcctaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagtcttctt tccatgatga gaatgtcagg     31440
     ccctgcagcc tcttgcactg gccagagggg ctggggtcac tgtctgtttc cttgcccacc     31500
     ctcaagggac aaggaggaga ggtgaggctg tgggcgcacc tgattttacc tgctggagtc     31560
     tgtgttctct gggattaggg agcatctgga gctgactctt cctccatggg accctccctt     31620
     tttcaggaaa acttcccctc ctcggggatc ccgcagggct aagaaacacc ctcttcacct     31680
     ccctcctgcc cggtccttct gaccagccga gagagtacag accctccccg atctgggagg     31740
     agggcccatc actggctccc tgccccctgc tcgccaagcc ccccgggact tcccaggctg     31800
     ttccttccac ctgaagggtc tccctctggc caaggcgagg ctcacagttc ccctgtcagg     31860
     atggggcctt agacacccag actgacccag tgacaatcac cttaattctc cacagataac     31920
     tacctacaag ttttctgatt tattcattag tggatttgtt cgtgatcagc cccacacctg     31980
     ttagaatgga agctgcaggc agcaggaacc agtgtggcca agtcggaggg cagcacaagc     32040
     cggtcctcct cgtggacagc aggtgtggag caggccaggc ccacaggagg gcgggcagga     32100
     gggcaggcac cgagaggtgc ggatggcctc tcagaacagg ggtgcaggct ggtgggggca     32160
     gcagctggaa ggggaaggtc acagagccag aaagataggg tgtccgccac agccagttct     32220
     ttggaagttt ccctgaaaaa gggaaaagag acaagatatg gttcaaagga aagcagggcc     32280
     tgggagaggc ctgtgtgcag tgtgtctgca aagggaggag gaggcaaaga tactgaaggt     32340
     gaagagggaa aggaggaagg gacaggggag gtgacagagg gaggggaggg ggaggagggg     32400
     cgggggagag gagggaaaag ggggaggcga tgggacgggg gagggaatgg gggaacaggt     32460
     gggaggggag gagggggtgg gggagaggag acaggggaga ggggagtagg gggaggggat     32520
     gaggggaagg tgggagggga gaggggaggg gatgggggag ggaatgaggg gacaggtggg     32580
     aggggagagg ggacaagtgg gaggggaagg gatgggggag ggatgagggg acaggtggga     32640
     ggggagggaa tgaggggcag gggggaaggg agggatgagg ggcagggggg aagggagggg     32700
     ggtttggccc tgcagcaggt gggattctgc tcagcccatt tcctgggcca cgggattcat     32760
     gaagggcacc gggtcaggcc ccccgggcgc accgttgctg gtatatgcgg tgatcggggt     32820
     caggcccccg ggcgcacctt tgctggtata tgcgggggtc ggggtcaggc ccccgggcgc     32880
     accgttgctg gtatatgcgg gggtcggggt caggcccccg ggcgcaccgt tgctggtata     32940
     tgcggtggtc ggggtcaggc cccccgggcg cactgttgct ggtatatgcg gtggtcgggg     33000
     tcaggccccc gggcgcacct ttgctggtat atgcgggggt cggggtcagg cccccgggcg     33060
     caccgttgct ggtatatgcg ggggtcgggg tcaggccccc gggcgttgct ggtatatgcg     33120
     ggggtcgggg tcaggccccc gggcgcaccg ttgctggtat atgcggtggt cggggtcagg     33180
     cccccgggcg caccgttgct ggtatatgcg ggggtcgggg tcaggccccc gggcgcaccg     33240
     ttgctggtat atgcggtggt cggggtcagg cccccgggcg catctttgct ggtatatgcg     33300
     gtggtcgggg tcaggccccc cgggcgcact gttgctggta tatgcggtgg tcggggtcag     33360
     gcccccgggc gcacctttgc tggtatatgc gggggtcggg gtcaggcccc cgggcgcacc     33420
     gttgctggta tatgcggggg tcggggtcag gcccccgggc gttgctggta tatgcggtgg     33480
     tcggggtcag gcccccgggc gcaccgttgc tggtatatgc gggggtcggg gtcaggcccc     33540
     cgggcgcacc gttgctggta tatgcggtgg tcggggtcag gcccccgggc gcaccgttgc     33600
     tggtatatgc gggggtcggg gtcaggcccc cgggcgttgc tggtatatgc gggggtcggg     33660
     gtcaggcccc cgggcgcacc gttgctggta tatgcggggg ttggggtcag gccccccggg     33720
     cgcaccgttg ctggtatatg cgggggtcgt ttgtggtgtc atcactgcta tcttccaggc     33780
     cgggaggaag gaccgagggt gggcccggcg cgggtggggg tcctgggcag gggcggcggc     33840
     gcggccgggc tggtcctggc gctgggaccc gcagctgcgc cctctgcctg agcagagacc     33900
     ggggccccca cgctccgcgc cagcacccgg ccgcgccgcg gagagggaag ggttacggcg     33960
     gggatggggg tgggggggtt ggcgggggcg cgactgacgg gctcgggatt ggctcggcgc     34020
     gcgcgggacc cgggggcagc tgcgggccca gacttcccgg acgccctggc gcctctgctg     34080
     cccacggcgg ccccgaggcc gcgcccgcgg agaggggggc ccccatctcc tgtcagccgc     34140
     agtgactgcg ggtgcctgac ggcgccgcca gcccgggggg cccctcccgg ccccagcggg     34200
     gtctcccggg gctgcctctg tcggtcccga cctgcctggt ccctggagct ggggtgggag     34260
     tcgtgctttg atcagtcacc gggggcgggg agactggtcg accacccctg agggcccggg     34320
     acttgtttgc cacacctggg gagtttcgcg gcggcatctg gaggggtcct ggttgagcag     34380
     ctaggggggt gtctggtaac cagccgggcc cctcaggctc cctcccggca ggccctgaac     34440
     agacagccag ggatggaact cgccccctgg gcaccctgtg cctgccctca gcctccccac     34500
     tgaggcccag gactttagag gtgggcgtgc ccgccaggct gccaggccgt ccctccgtgg     34560
     gcagctgagc aggccacagt gtggaagagg ctccagaaaa cccagccctg ccgctgcaca     34620
     cgtgcgtggc cagcagataa agtcttcctt gttattgtgg gcagcgtagc tgcacctgcg     34680
     gtgaggccgg cactgctgaa gagatgtcaa ttcacagagc ttgactatga cccaaaggtg     34740
     aggtcaggac tccgggagag gatggcagcg gtcttcaggg gaaactctcc ttttcttctg     34800
     tctggacact ggagccacac actcgcctgt ccccatcctc ccacagcata gggctcctgg     34860
     gacctcggcc ctgggcagga tttgggggat ggccacgtct ctctgagtgg gctctgctca     34920
     tggtcctcac aaggcccggg acatggatga gaccaggctt gcgtcctctg cctccccgcc     34980
     ccactgtggc tgtgccagcc tccctgacag gggctcttcc gtccacgtgc ccctcctggg     35040
     ccactatccc gttataaaca ggcaggagtc ttccttccag cctccctctg gggcgggcag     35100
     gcagcacggc gatcacctgc ccccactccc tcatctatca ccctgaactg tgttcacggt     35160
     aaaattactc atcctcagcc agtgataaat ggcatcagtc tagagccagc ccgcggcagg     35220
     gggtggggct ccctgctcag ggttcccagg cctgggccag ataaacctgg tgagctgcgc     35280
     ctttgtgctc acacgcagct ggcaatggca agtcagtgga tttgtacgtg tctgatgtgt     35340
     gcccttggta aaagcacacg tgtgcacgat tctgtgtgca tgtgcttgcg ggggctgggg     35400
     gctgagggag gccatctggg atgtggggtc tggatgtggt ggccagggtg ggcgctaggc     35460
     aggcagcaga gtggagaagg tatgtcacca ggagaaggga cccaaggaat cgaagagcag     35520
     ggggagccac tgagtggggt gcagggaaga tggggtgtct gggagctcag cctcgtgcag     35580
     agggagggaa gcaggcagct cctgggtgca cgggtggggc atactctcta cagattcaat     35640
     gctggatttg tatagtgtat agattttcaa tagttattta aaatcatcaa aaacaatcgt     35700
     gtttacaatt tactgggcag ccactatatg ctggtcaaca tctagaattt atcaacaatt     35760
     gtacaagcca agtattttat cctcatttct acagaggata aaaccgagaa taaggaactt     35820
     tacattgtca atgatcaaac acctagtgca cccatggccg tgcgtccgca ggacaaagca     35880
     gcctttggag ccctggaact taagatgtcc agagatcagc agctctcggc tcaggcccag     35940
     gcagctggac agcacccagc gcctcctcca ggtcctcctg ggtcccctcc tttctttcac     36000
     tttcagcccg ggaatctctg tgaagtccta gctgataact aaggggttaa tgaataatca     36060
     cagtgatgag ctctggagga gccatggccc agagcagctg tggcctcctt tgattaaacc     36120
     acagaagtcc ggaggatcag gcctcaaacc tccaccacct gccagctggc acctgtgaag     36180
     gaggtgggac cagcacccac ctcacagtgg ctgcagggtc acctgagatg gtgattgcaa     36240
     agtgctgagc catcgggaca catatttcca agacctcctg agtgccggct ggcccctgga     36300
     gcagagatga gacccctgtg gggcctacag tccagttatg aaggcagggt tcctgtgtaa     36360
     gccagcaggc ccagttctgg aaaggccagg atgtgggttc agaagctcaa ggacaatgga     36420
     ctcattctga ctggagggat ccaggaaggc ttcgtggagg aagtggcatt tgacattggc     36480
     atcaaggatg aacaggaata gagagagggg actggtgtct gcgtgaagga tcgccaaagc     36540
     gctgttctgg ggtgagggcg atcagcccct cctgcccctc ctgaactatg aggctcggga     36600
     gcctttggca gaaggtggct ctgcacgccc caggtgcaag cttggagctt ccttttctgc     36660
     actccacagc aggaagaagg gcagtgtgaa ctgctcacca ctgtcttcct gggtttgcag     36720
     ctctgcgcct ggcacagaga caggctcagt gacggttgaa ggaatcggag aaataatgaa     36780
     aagtgtgttc atcctgcagg cagcagagcc tcgggttaac cgttaacgtc aggaaatgac     36840
     agatccaacg ctcctgcttg gggcagcgtg gaggccagcg gaggaactgc aggagcctaa     36900
     aggagatggc gcgcgggcct ggctcaggag agcagccgtc tgaaagatgg cggcgaaggg     36960
     tgcgggagga gatgccccgg gcaggggctt ggcggggtct ggcaccaaac ttcccaaagc     37020
     agctgcctct gtgaactgtg cctggcaggg agggagccac accgggagtg accctagacg     37080
     ctggctcccc aggggtgact ggaggcagtg tctcccgccc atgtgggcct ccggcttggg     37140
     gtccccagag ctctgccctg ctgctggctg cactgagaga ggtggccttc tgaatgggcc     37200
     ctgtccccgg ggagcctctg gtaaagagat tcacctgcac cctcaaaaca cgccatgccc     37260
     attggaggct ctgggtgcag gctgcccctc aaacagagaa aaaccacacg ctgtttaaga     37320
     cccaaaccaa ggagacagcc cctcatgccc ccttctatct ccccttctgt ccagggcccc     37380
     ctgcctgctc tggtccaccc cgtcctgacc ccctctgcct gttcatctga gggccgtgag     37440
     ccaaggcctg ggcctggcca agggtcaggg atcctgggac ctgcttgaga ccatgcccca     37500
     tacactcctt cggccagaag gtcagccgta gagacaaacc cccaccctga gcccgcagtg     37560
     tcagcaacgc cctgtcctca gtgccaggca gtgtcaggct gagacccggg ccacctgatc     37620
     caacgtccac tccaagcaag ccagagccag gtgctgccag cctgcccatg tgcacacgtt     37680
     agcagacagg tttcctggtg tggcacacac gtgttatgac cgcggctgct gcccccagcc     37740
     cagagtgcac ttccgggtaa tccagcaccc tgaggcttca ctgctctcct gagagttttc     37800
     taagattaaa tctccttcac aatgacagcc tcctgtcacc tgggccctgg tgacaaagcc     37860
     tttggagagg caaggaccca gccggggcat tcacagtggg catgctatcc accctccgcc     37920
     cctgtcctgg cccccacagt ggagccgcca ccttgggtaa caggggctgc ctgaggtcct     37980
     ggagaaggaa gaaccaggtg gcccaccttc ggtgcacagg gaacagcagg gacctgacgg     38040
     cagcccccgc acccctccct gggctgaagt tcaggctgtc tcatcccttg ccaggagctc     38100
     agggctgagc taggttggca ggggatgggt tgagggtctg ttgtccagca gattgcccgg     38160
     gccccaccca ggccactcag aaaacacctg tgagagcccc gcaggcatgc agggcactgt     38220
     cgtgagcaca ccagtgggga cagacgtcca ggcaggaggg agcagccaga cccccatccc     38280
     gccagggtca ccaggtgagc aaggctgggg aacaatggag gcggagcccc gcgactgccc     38340
     agctcactgc ccccagtgtc caggctgtgg tgcaggcgtg gggacccagg tgtgttcagg     38400
     ggtctccttc agggaaggag accaagctgg gagtctgggg aggctgaggt gtgaggtgac     38460
     agcaggtaaa gagtgagcca caatcagcat tttcacatga aaggaaacta caggcctggg     38520
     cgcagtggct cacgcctgta atcccggcac tgtgggaggc tgaggtggga ggatcacctg     38580
     aggtcgggag ttcgagacca gcctgaccaa catggagaaa ccccatttct actaaaaaaa     38640
     atacaaaatt agctgggcat ggtggcgcat gcctgtaatc ctagctattc gggaggctga     38700
     gacaggagaa tcacttgaac ccgggaggcg gaggttatgg agagccaaga tcgcaccact     38760
     gcaccccagc ctgggcaaca agagtaaaac tccgtctcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagaagaa     38820
     agaaaaagaa aaaaagaaag gcaactacag aaggtgagga gaaccacccg agatcaccag     38880
     agggaaccgt ggaaggtccg tggtccacca gccaggctgg ggcacctcag cccctgggca     38940
     gagcaccaag cagggccgtg ccctggtaaa ggagggcaca gtcagcccca gactacaagc     39000
     tgccttggtc ctcccagcag ggcttaaaag caagacccca aaggaccaaa cagcttccaa     39060
     gtaacttcct ggagtcctga gcaaagtaag cttttctcag ctttgctaca aaaatagtca     39120
     gcacccagca aaattcacaa tccctgtcac ccattcaaaa atcaccaggc atgcgaggaa     39180
     gcaggaaaag gaaaatgcac ccagaagaga aggagcaccc atcaacgggg ccgcctcaga     39240
     agcaacagac gaccgggcaa gtccaagggc accgaggcac ctgccaccac tgcgcccagc     39300
     actcccgaag ccagagggca ggtgggacat aggtggggac gttctgagca aaaacgcatg     39360
     cggccaagct ggggtcgccc gtgggaagag ggcgaaacgc ttgcacgtgg gtagggcagt     39420
     ctctgcaaag ggctgtgtgg gctccgggac cagatgctgt gagggcctca ccagctgcga     39480
     ggtggcagga ccagatgctg taagggcctc accagctgca aggtggctgt ctctgcccca     39540
     ccccacacgc tcaatgcatg ttaatttcat cttgtttcat tctcattccc attttacaga     39600
     ttgaggttca gagaagtcag aagccttccc aaggctgcac agccagaagt gggcacagcg     39660
     tcctggggtg agggctcaca ccatctgcgc cacctgccct ccaggtccca ccatcctcac     39720
     aaattcaagg caaggttctg gaacccccag ccctccagaa aggggaagct gagcccagga     39780
     agcacatctg agagttcggg tccgtgagtt taccctgcgc tcacgccgat tcctcctgca     39840
     tcctctgtcg ggatgtctgg attccagagt ccccaccctg attttccaac cttgcctcag     39900
     ccttggcttc tcccttttgg ggtgggacag ggaaccccag cagcaggtgt atgagggcat     39960
     gagagggcag gaggtgccct atgcctaccc gccagaccag ggccccagcc ctggacacag     40020
     ggagagagca tgagcgctgt tcctgctccc actccctcat ctgagcaggt gctcccaggt     40080
     acaggtgccg agtcccaccc agaggggccc tgccacaacc agaggactga caaacccaga     40140
     cacaactgtc tcttccccct ggtcagggtc tgggcaaggg tccctctggg ctgctgtcca     40200
     tgctgtgagt gtccgtgctg tgggccactg ccgtgggtgt ccgtgctgtg gcctgctgtc     40260
     gtgggtgtcc gtgctgtggc ccggtatgtg aggttgtgtt tccaacaggg agtaatttgg     40320
     ctttggttac ctgagggtct gaggacaggc actaaagccc cacctttctg gcttccagag     40380
     ttgccggctc cagcagcagc ctccaggcct gagcaggctc tggggctccc acacctgggg     40440
     ggccagggtg ggggtgacaa agggccccag gcgacggctg agagccggcc ctgagccggc     40500
     cagggcgggc agcagaacag ccaccagctc ccgccaggcc ctggcagcat gagcgatggc     40560
     aggcccagcg ataagaaact aataatttat gcttccagct cccggggccg gcgccgaggg     40620
     aaggttgggc cacagcctcc cccgcactga gcggctgcag tcctttattg cacaaattat     40680
     taacgaccag agaatgaatg actctgtaat cagatcaggt tgccagcact tttcattgca     40740
     tttatttgta taaattctga agtcggggtc tgccctaagc tcagcaagcc agcgtcgtgc     40800
     tggctgggcg cccaggcccc cacccagaag gaacacccgt ccctcaccct gcccacgggt     40860
     tccagaggac agagggctca ggaaggggtg cagggaactg ctctgagcca gaagccgagt     40920
     tcataggcac ccaaagcagc cctgggccag ggtcagagct ctgtccttga acctgcctca     40980
     gggaagattc ccaactgtcc tcagagccag gggcacccag ggcttgggag ctgaaggggg     41040
     gtgggtctga gaccaggaga aggctcccca gccctgaggg aaccctcatc acccccctgc     41100
     tctcctcgat ccaggaaccg tcccagggtt gccccaggcc tcctggctct cccgcctcca     41160
     tcccgtgggc ttcccgggag ccccaggctg gtctcccacc tgccccctcc ttttctggtc     41220
     ttgcctgggc tgggcccagg ggctctggct gtgggttttc tgtgcagcac ctcgcagtga     41280
     gcctgacgct ggtcctctcc tgagcccccg tttaatctta ttgacctctc gttacgctac     41340
     agagcgtaaa ttcagattta gagatcttat gttccatcat aaattgggct ggcagacttc     41400
     cgatcaacaa gataaagctg tcttccgtga ggctggtgtt ttattagtct tggtcccagt     41460
     gctgcaggtg tgggctgggg agtgcctgag ggaggggcct ctgcttggga cccttcctgc     41520
     ctgggcgagg ggctgagtcc ctcctgccgc ccgggctggg ccccaggtac ctggcgaaca     41580
     aagggaccct gaaattgccg cctttcccct gcctcttggg ctctgcatat gatttcagcc     41640
     aatccctgct gcccagcctc gcccacccgc ttctggggcc acccccgcgt taagcagggc     41700
     tgtgcagcat gggggtcctg ttctcattca gccaccggca cggccacccc agtgtgattc     41760
     ctcagcagcc acacagaaga cagatggtcc ataggagact cagaaacaga gaagcctcac     41820
     gccaggtcca cagaggcacc cacgcccgcc aaaaggatgc cacgcactca ccctgccctc     41880
     tggggagcac agtgggagtc caggacaccg ccttggatgg ggtgaggctc cgtctgtgac     41940
     ctcagaaagt cagtctgggg ctggacttga catgggaaac agaataaaac tgcctgtcca     42000
     cctgagcttg ccgccctaaa aatccctgac atgatacaga agtcagtgct gacagagggc     42060
     ctgctacccc cagtgaccct gccggtgggg tctcaaccca cccacttctt ctggagcagc     42120
     cggtcacagc tgtggtcctg ctggcgcaca cgggtatgag accctaaaac acacagcgac     42180
     tgcacagtgc aaccctgcat atcccatttg ggtacaagtt tcattacagg aagaaacacg     42240
     gggagggacc ccagagcagc tcacgcgtgg gtaccctccg ctgtgttagc gtcccggccc     42300
     tcacacggca cccaggcctc gttggggcaa ggccttgtgc agacacggtg ggatctgcat     42360
     gtgcactggg gcctgtgcct gggctgctgc tccccggcca ccggtgtcag gatctccagg     42420
     acccccatga gtggtcagtg gagcagagat ggcacagacg ccagcgacct gggtcattct     42480
     ctacctggga tgtgggaccc cagagaccat gctgtgggtc tttatctgcc tcttcatgca     42540
     ggagcaggtg cgacccccgc ctgccccagc catgaggctc tgtcacaggg gacctctgtg     42600
     gcaccctgtg ctgcaggcaa ggccttagga cagatgccac gccactgtcc aggagactgt     42660
     ctcctgagac tgacctcccc ttgcactggg caatgtctgc tgaagataag gacgtcttca     42720
     ctgggccagg cctggagttc tcccagatcg tgagctttcc tctctctgat gaagaggata     42780
     cctgtggtca aactcctaca gagcactggg gacaggaagg caggcagagt cccacctggg     42840
     caggtggtag gagtggaagg agcaggcagg cagcagggct gcccagggct aggagtctgg     42900
     ctgtgagcag ggcccaccct cccctggaca caatggagga ccccgtgtgt ggttttcact     42960
     gactgagcac ctatctcgtg ccagacatgt gggattgccg gtgaattaac aaaagccctg     43020
     ctctcagggg gctcccatcc cagcacatac accgtcacat ctggggtcca gcctggaccc     43080
     ccccatgcag ttggagaggg tctcagaacc aggtctgaga acagcaactt ccagccacgg     43140
     caccccaccc ctccccagct ggcctgggct ccagctcctc gcacctgagg ctgcctgtgc     43200
     agggcccccg gctggtgccc ctctcctctg aagctcgggg gtcgccacag cctggcaccc     43260
     tcatcgggcc tgttacgcac gttctggtct ctccgtgccc acagacccgc caagctcacc     43320
     agccaatgtg cagccagcac aagcccgacc tgctaggggc ctcagaacaa gcggtgtggc     43380
     ccgaggccgt cacacagcac ctgtgctgag agtgagctga cgtggacggc ggcaccgtgg     43440
     ccgtggcaga ggcaccatcc ctccaccctc actcatgtag ggatgtgggg cacacggact     43500
     ggagcccaag gccttcgtgc tgggccctgg ctctgcactc ggctcccaga gtctcccacc     43560
     caatgtcaga gagggtgccg caacagtgct tcgggggctc ctgtcatgag ggctgaggac     43620
     cacctaggcc cacgtccgcc cagcaggtgg cagctgcatc cccggtcccc tccacaaccc     43680
     gggccaggtc caggctgcag gccgcagtgt tggcaggggg aggagagggt gaaattggct     43740
     gagcccatcc attgggacag accctcccgc tccttggggc tctggagaac tctattcctt     43800
     ctctttgctt aacctcaagg tgctggggcc tctggctgct gcagcattta cagaggaatt     43860
     gtctgggatg tgccgggccg agcactgtag ctctcgccgg tgtctgcgtc agcacgctag     43920
     tgacatggca ggtgaggacc acggcaccgc ccctgcgatc tggcagtcag agcccacctg     43980
     tgtgtctgca ggagcatccc tgactacaca ccacgggacg gcagggaagg gtccctcggg     44040
     ccccacccct ttgttctttc aatggtaaag gttcaggtcg gtggacagac tggacttgga     44100
     aacaccttct tgcgtcctcg aaacgacgtg gcacgcagcc agctcacagc acccaaaggc     44160
     acgggcaagt tgcatcacgg cagcccctcc tgtctgacca ggagcaggtg cgttcctgag     44220
     gtcctggcca cttctgcagg agcgtccgag ggagcccagc tgatatacca cagcccctga     44280
     cctcccaggt tagcctttcc atccaacagc accaggactg gacaggccac cttggctgag     44340
     gatcacgtgt gcctgggtct gggcggtgct gatgcccaca ggccctgagt ctgtgttgcg     44400
     cacaggcctt ggaaagcagt gcacatcctg tctgcaccgg tgtctatagt gaagccatct     44460
     ttgtccgtgt ggccatggga gggtctgtct gtgctgtgtg tgtgtcctgc gcgcgtcggg     44520
     agctgctgcg ccacacacag gcacgcaggg tgtgggcaca cctgtgcttc tgagcccacg     44580
     tgcccttgcc ggtggccagg cacacacaca gctgtgcatc cttggcccaa gatcagctgt     44640
     gccacacctg caggctgcag gatcttttct gtatatctcc ctccatcacc agaagtaagc     44700
     tcaggactga ggctgacagg ctggtctgag cgctgctcac ctgcacctcc tggctgcacc     44760
     tgtggccccg gactcagctt ccccatctct ctcctcccca ccccacctct gggtcatctc     44820
     cggctggggc tgtaccacat ctgggctcaa taaatggttg attgattgat gaggggatgg     44880
     atgagaaggg ctctaagaga aatgctgggg agcctgggca ggcactcccg gatggcggag     44940
     gcggcatgcg ggctggggca gcggcccctg gcgcccccac actcccccag gacgtctggg     45000
     gtcaccgtct gctccatggc agccccaggg ttatttatga cctcctccct ctggcggcgg     45060
     gaggcaggct ccagcctcag cccagcggcg gaggggcccc agcaggggga cccggagcag     45120
     cgacagaggc accaaggccc aggcaggcgg ggctcggtgg gccggaggag gggcggtgga     45180
     gtccacaccg ccaggtccct gcctcgctca ggatgattcc agcgccagaa ctccgttcct     45240
     ctggcctctg ccgccagcct gaggagtgca ggggagagtg gggcccaggt gtcccagacc     45300
     aagacaggtg tgtgagtgga catgggacac aggtgtggta gtggaggaca cgtgtgagca     45360
     agtgaacaca tcacacagat gtgcgagcag acacaagaca tgggacacag gtgcgccagt     45420
     gaacacggga ctggtgtaag ccagcgggca tgagacacgg gtgtgagcga gtggacacgg     45480
     gacacgtgtg agtgggcacg gacagtacag gtgtgagcga gtggacacga gacacaggtg     45540
     tgggagtgga cacaggtgtg tgggagtgga cacagaacag gtgtgaacat ggacacggac     45600
     acgggtgtgt gtgagtggac aggaccaagg aaggggcaca accccgtgga aaagggtgat     45660
     gctgggggtg aggagcctgg tcctgtggga acgtggcctc tgaacgggtg cctgcttccc     45720
     aggaagacaa ggaggtggtg gggaaggcct cctcacccag cccctggagg gacctccaga     45780
     acatcaggga gtggacagtg aggatagagg ggtgcctcca gctttggacc cagtcagggt     45840
     cttttctgga agacaccatg ggccccgggt aggcccccac acccagccag aaacccaggg     45900
     ccagccccat gcccctcctt aaccacactg tgggcctgag catgatgaga tgctggtgaa     45960
     caggggaggg ctcttggaag ggaaaggagg cccctctgct ggcccaggtc agaggagagg     46020
     cctggcccaa gggcctcaga ccctgagagg cactgccatg cagacctgcg cctccccagc     46080
     ctccctctcc aaatcactgt gtgaacatca gggagtcagg tgcaggcgaa cctagaagga     46140
     gggtcaggtg caggtgaacc tagtagccca cacacgggca gtagggtcag ggctgcatcc     46200
     agacagtggg cactcagggc cagtccacat ggcctccagc tggccccagg agcagacttt     46260
     ccacatggta tcagacctgg gagaagacac agacttcagg agaggaaggc acaggaactc     46320
     actggcagcc acagctgggg tcagggatgt gctggtgtcc tggatgcaga caggttgata     46380
     gggccaaggg tggccacata aggaagggtc accgacactc acacccacac tcctacctgg     46440
     ccccccagac cccaacagac caacgagccc ccacagaaca gggccaggat agcgggggag     46500
     gcttctgggc atgttccttg cctgagcaga gcactcctgg cccagacctc actccgcggg     46560
     ttggctgtgg gaccagcaga agcctctggt gagataaggt gaaggagccc agcgtggtca     46620
     cccagggtca ggtttatgct caaggaagct ggtctggcag gaggtggtgg tgggctgttc     46680
     cctccctcga agaaggcacc tgtgcaaaca ggcctgtggc ccactcaccc ctggacctgc     46740
     tctgggagat gcccacaggg acatgccagc tgcatctcaa gggcaggggc cagggtcaga     46800
     acaggaggcc cctttctagt ggatgcaaca ccgcacagca gcgcaggaca aggctgtctc     46860
     acctgctgtt accaacgccc ccaggttgtg tttctcttcg gaacgctcca gatgcaatgc     46920
     cgatctgggc acgcagggag gtggggggtg atgggaagct caccaggaac cagggactgg     46980
     ggcccagact gacctgtcag aaggcaccaa ggtggacgtg gtgtggccgg tcctgcttca     47040
     ctagccttgc tcctcctagt gggaggccgt gcactctgcc aacccgctat cccccaccct     47100
     caccctgcct cggatccaca ccaccttcct gctgggaggt gtggggtgac aggaagctct     47160
     tgccccacac catggtcctg gcgcggtcct ggtgtgagac atcctgcatt tgaaacagct     47220
     gtgtgacttc aggagagtta cttgaccttt ctgtctcagc gtcttctgca aaagactgaa     47280
     caggaactcc gtggctcggg cgaactcact cctgtcaagt gcataggaag gggcacgagt     47340
     gggcggggag gtgctgccct gttattcaca gaacactttg cccaggcaac acactacaaa     47400
     tccacaacct cgctccctgc aggtgcactg agaccaccca cgccctcccg gacaccaacg     47460
     cccaccatca gattcgctgc gcaaagtccc agagccgccg gcgcacgctc acaccccggc     47520
     gagcagcccc cagctccctc cctccgagag gagcccggtc cgcgaccagc ccagcccatc     47580
     ccagtcccgc gcggagtcct ggattccagc cgctcgcagt gactcggtac tcgggatagt     47640
     gccgggggcc gcagccctgt cccgctgccg ccgccggatg ccccgagtcg gccgtcacgc     47700
     accccccgcg ggagcccgcg ccgcccgccg cgccggggcc gtttaaatgg gccaagttgt     47760
     ggcggcggcg tcggcggcgg agtctcccaa gtccccgccg ggcgggcgcg cgccagtgga     47820
     cgcgggtgca cgactgacgc ggcccgggcg gcggggcggg ggcttgggac ccccgagagg     47880
     ggcggggact ccgcgactcc tcgctgccgg gctcggcctg gcgggtgggt cggcgagccg     47940
     ggcgtgggac tgccccgggc gcgggcgctg gtggccgggg cgcgggactc cagacgcccc     48000
     ggggagcccc gaggccctgg aactgcggcg ctcggcgagt cgatccggga tcgatagcag     48060
     ctccatgtct ccggcctctg aggccccgcc ggccggctgg gcagtccggg gaggcctggc     48120
     gggcggcgcg taggcggcgg ctgcgggcgc cggggcgcac tagcggacgg cgtgggcgcg     48180
     cggccaggcg cctccccggc ccccgcgacc caactccagc ccgggccgga ataagttgct     48240
     gccgccggcg gagagcgggg ctgcggagcc accggggcgc catgccggcg gtcaagaagg     48300
     agttcccggg ccgcgaggac ctggccctgg ctctggccac gttccacccg accctggccg     48360
     cgctgccgct gccgccgctg ccaggctacc tggcgccact gcccgcggcg gccgccctcc     48420
     ccccggccgc ctcgctgccc gcctcggccg ccggttacga ggctctgctg gccccgccgc     48480
     tccgcccccc gcgcgcctac ctcagcctgc acgaggccgc cccgcacctc cacctgccca     48540
     gggacccgct ggccctcgag cgcttctcgg ccaccgcggc cgcggccccg gatttccagc     48600
     cgctgctgga caacggcgag ccgtgcatcg aggtggagtg cggcgccaac cgcgcgctgc     48660
     tctacgtgcg caaactctgc cagggcagca agggcccgtc catccgccac cgcggcgagt     48720
     ggctcacgcc caacgagttc cagttcgtca gcggccgcga gacggccaag gactggaagc     48780
     gcagcatccg ccacaaaggt gccgccgccc ctcccttcgc tgccgggacc cgcgggcccc     48840
     gaccccaccc cctacccgac tcggacaccc gggagcctcc ggctcggccg agggggcgct     48900
     gcagctccag ggctgcgcgg ggacaccccc gccgcgcgcg gaggcctcgg tgaacacgga     48960
     cagatcgccc cccgctgcac ctccccccag cttgggccac agcgcttggg gctcgcgggc     49020
     cgctccctcc gctcggaagg tctctgcgag gctcctgggc cttaaggccc gaaggaagtt     49080
     tacggggact cgagagagcg ggcaggaggc gggttgggag ggcgcggagc cccgggttcg     49140
     ggggagactg gaggggcgca cgtgcggccg ggtgcgagcg cgcggcgggg gaggctgcgg     49200
     ggcggcgcgg gggcgcgcgc ggagcccgag cggcggcgcc aggtcacaca acctgttttg     49260
     gcgcctgcgg gcgcctgggc ccaagggtgc gacgcggggg cgcctgagcc gggacacagg     49320
     gggtgcggtg agcgccaggc gccgcgggga gttaaaaagt tcgggacctg agcggtgcgt     49380
     ggttccgcgg tggccgcctc ttcctgccgc gcaggccgag ggtcccgacg gcgccgctca     49440
     ccgctccggg actcagcctt tctgggcccg gcctgcggtt ccctcggggc cggggagagg     49500
     gtggagcgcg ggaggagggg cgccgggtgg ggacgcccag gcccttcgtc gggggagggc     49560
     gctccacccg ggctggagtt gcagagccca gcagatccct gcggcgttcg cgagggtggg     49620
     acgggaagcg ggctgggaag tcgggccgag gtgggtgtgg ggttcggggt gtatttcgtc     49680
     cacgagccgg ggagggggta ctggccctgc cgctgactgc gcgcagaagc gtgccgctcc     49740
     ctcacagggt ctgcctcggc tctgctcgca gggaaaagtc tgaagacgct tatgtccaag     49800
     gggatcctgc aggtgcatcc tccgatctgc gactgcccgg gctgccgaat atcctccccg     49860
     gtggtgagat gcggggctcg gttggggctg ggagttactc tcccctgcgg agcttgtccc     49920
     tgcggttttc agggttttca ggatcgagag tcctaacctc acccctgcgg gtgtgctgga     49980
     gggagcctcc gaagggcagg gggaagcggc tttacctcgt gctctcccag cccttctacc     50040
     tggacggggg aggagtcctc gggcacccga gcgccctccc cggtggagac aggggggccg     50100
     cgcttgtctt agagcctccc cttgggtgcc ttttagctgc ttatcctcga gtcctgggtc     50160
     agggtcttct ccctgggagg agtaattcaa cgtgggcctg gcactgtgcc ctgtcaccgc     50220
     ttgggggtca ccgtgttctc tggcccagct ggtgaggtgt gattctggga cgacagcatt     50280
     ttggggagct acaggcttgg gtgtgagtga cttgtgtctc tgggtgctga aggccagagg     50340
     gtgcaagggc ctggacgtcg aagtgtgtcc tagggacgca gaggctagcc aggggcagag     50400
     tctttgcagt gtgggccttt ggtgtccagg gaactggagt cggaggctgg ttcaaggccc     50460
     caacccaggg tagacagcta tggacaccct cactgaggga gcaggcagga gagacgggga     50520
     tgctgggagc tgccttctgc tcagggaggc acctgcaccc cctacccagt ctccagcccc     50580
     ctagttgggc agcaagggtt agaggattga tctgaaaagg aagaatgcct gttgggaagg     50640
     actagtttgg agccaattag ggccatggct gctgggggtg ggggctgcaa ttcctgacac     50700
     actcaggaac cccttcttcc aggaaagggt aggagaggca gaggtgcaaa atgggcctga     50760
     gggtcccggg cgtacctccg cttgcctgct ttgggcctga ggtaggatgg gggaggggat     50820
     gcccaggggc ctgtgagcca tgagtgccgt agccagggag ctgggcggct gcagacacac     50880
     ctgtgaagac ggctggtccc tcagacatac agcatgttgg gcaggggaag gggacacagc     50940
     cgcacctcac ccatgtgccc acctgacaca caatccgaca tggacctgca cgcacaggca     51000
     ggcagctcac agagttccca ggcaggtgtg cagacagccg gcagccccct gtctgctgtc     51060
     acagacctac ccggggcaag aggcccagtt ccctcctttc aagcagctgg tgctggagag     51120
     ggctcctctg ggcagcccgc tgcctagcct tgggtctctg tttggatttg agcggccccc     51180
     ttgagggctc ccccaggagt ggggagcaca cagcctgagc ccagcgtcag tctcttccga     51240
     cagtgcttcc gtgagcatct cctccccacc ccgtggccac agccaggaga tgccccccca     51300
     cctggggctc ccaggtccct gccctgcgtg agggacggct cagatccagg cctgcctctg     51360
     ccagtccctc ccaggcctgt cccacaccct tcccctagga agcaactcca ggggcccctt     51420
     ctttccagcc cccatgtttc ttactcagag gctgtctccc ccaagcccca tgccaaatcc     51480
     gcaggcatgt gcacctcatg gtcacagatg ctccggggca gaatatgagt gtgtatgtgc     51540
     cttggggacc ctgcacaggg gccctgcagg ccaagcacct tccaagagga ggtgctgtca     51600
     ggggccgagt tttcagatct gtgtgctgtg gccgaggtct ctagtgtgga ggaggtgtgt     51660
     tctgtccttg ggcagggtgg gtggcaggga agctgtcctg gtcctcagca cccccatcag     51720
     ccactccaga cctgccctcc aggtgccttg gggcgtggct ggggtgccgg tgtgtcccca     51780
     cgcccgactc tgcgcatcac ggggctgagg ctggtataca gcctgggctc cattcccagc     51840
     cagccctggc ctccttccaa ggggcagtct tctggtcctt gcttccctct cttccccatc     51900
     ccacagacaa gaagcagaga gcaaagcatt gtgtcttctc ctcaaaagaa gggaggtggg     51960
     aggccgggtg tggtggcgca tgcctgtaat cccagcactt tgggaggccg aggcgggcgg     52020
     atcacgaggt caggagatcg agaccatcct gactaacacg gtgaaacccg tctctactaa     52080
     aaatacaaaa aattagccgg gcgtggtggc gggtgcctgt agtcccagct acttgggagg     52140
     ctgaggcagg agaatggcat gaacccggga ggcggagctt gcagtgagcc cagattgtgc     52200
     caccgcactc cagcctgggc aacagagtga gactccgtct caaaaaacta aaaaagaaga     52260
     gaggtgggag aggagaggct gtcagagcct ctaagccctg gtgcttgggc tgcagaaggg     52320
     cagagctaag cgggacttcc cagcacagca cactccggac aggctgtggc tgttgaaggg     52380
     acccccgagc tccagctgac acgcggaggc ccgggcacag acaggcatca taccttcggc     52440
     cttggccgca ctctgtggtc attggtgttg ggggcagccc agggtcaggg cagggtctca     52500
     gcctcggacc ccaggcccca ccccttgccc agcagtgctg cgttttccca gtgagctgtc     52560
     gtggagagag cagaggggac ccagcgcagg cccagtggcc ggtgagggga gacgtggctc     52620
     tgggacgggg gcctccacct gggtgggggg atgctccagc ttccagaccc ttggggaggg     52680
     ggcactgccc aaactaagct ggcactgggg ctgtgcattt gaaggtgatg gtggttctag     52740
     gtctgaggag gacaccctcc taacagcctc atccccaagc tccgggctgt gttgtggcaa     52800
     tgggagggag gaagtctgag gagaccctgg tgactgaacg gaggagggag tgagttagac     52860
     gctctcaagg gctctgccac ctcccggagc cagcggcctg ttactacatt taaaaaagcc     52920
     tcccgcccac tggaaaataa tcaataactt tcctttatcc ctgggggtgg caggacctag     52980
     aaacactgga ggagtccgga agtgcctggg gctgggccgg cgctggtgtg ctgtgcaggg     53040
     tgccgcgggc acgtccgccg cgtgtgtgcg tcagctcggg gctcggctgt gctctgcagg     53100
     gaccacagcg ggcgtgtctg tgctcccacc cgaggcaccc acagctccac acgctcgttc     53160
     cgtgggtgca aaggagatgg gagaaagaag ccctgtgaga aatgcggggc agggtttgcg     53220
     gaacagggga cctgggctgg tgagggctcc tcgtctggtg acctgtgagc cccggggcct     53280
     gcagtctgcg agggttcagc tcagacagtt gccagtggcc ttgcaccagg ctgcagctgc     53340
     ccctgagccg ggctgtgcgt ggcgctgatg aaatagaaaa gggcattcgc ttgtcaacgt     53400
     tggcatcggt ggcagggtgt ggtgggcaga agggtcacaa agtacgggtg ggattggcag     53460
     gcagatacac ggagggaacg tgcgcatttg agtgcacgtc caccagcacc agccccaggc     53520
     cacaggcaga tcccaggaga cacgcagggg ccctaagaag ggagctggga atgaggggcc     53580
     acacaagccc gggacggagg cctgtcgcac atggggtggc cccgactcag gccctggagt     53640
     tggccaggac cctctagcat cctcaagggc tgggccaacc aggctggcgt ggggtggggc     53700
     aggggagggc tgagccagtg ggcgtcgtct gtagggggat gcccaactgc ggccccgtct     53760
     ctcggctctc ctctgggtct ctggccagct gtggctcctg ctggccccag gcgcatccca     53820
     gaggcaggta gagggaggat ggctgctctg agggcacctc tgccgtgctt ggggctcggc     53880
     ctggggtgcg agaccagggc agacccccgg gagatggaac ggcccggtcc agccccacct     53940
     tcctctcctc ctgccccacc ttcctctcct cctgccccac cttcctctcc tcctgcccca     54000
     ccagaaccgg gggcggctgg cagacaagag gacagtcgcc ctgcctgccg cccggaacct     54060
     gaagaaggag cgaactccca gcttctctgc cagcgatggt gacagcgacg ggagtggccc     54120
     cacctgtggg cggcggccag gcttgaagca ggaggatggt ccgcacatcc gtatcatgaa     54180
     gagaaggtac ttggaccagg gccggacagg aaggcgcaag gctcagatgg ggctggagct     54240
     tcaggccttc agctgctcag atgagagtgt ccacaccggc ctcccacacc ttccctcaga     54300
     tgctggtctt tttggggtcc tgtgtgggtc gcaggcagga gctgtttcct catctgcccc     54360
     ctgtctggcg tcccctccca cctctgctct gcggcgctca ctggcagagg caggttggca     54420
     gcagttggga cccagaggtc tgcaccttcc tgggccgacg ctccagctac ccttgctgac     54480
     cgggtcccag tctggccaga gagcagctct agcaacaggg agctccattc aggctcgtga     54540
     ctggctgtgc agaagcagcc tcggccccca cctgcggtac aacaggaggg ctcctctgag     54600
     tgcacggcaa caagcaagag ggagaagggg cctcggtcct gttcttcctg atgcgtgtct     54660
     gctgaggcca ggagctggct ttggcccatg ggcctgtcct agtgggaggc cccagcatgt     54720
     tgagccagta gcaggtggtg ctgggcatgg cagccgccct cgttcactgc ccagggctgt     54780
     ggcccagcgg ggcactgacc cgagacaggt ctgcgcacgc cctgctatcc tgaggctggg     54840
     gtcaggggcc tccagagcaa catggacctt ctgcttccct tcctgcagag tccacaccca     54900
     ctgggacgtg aacatctctt tccgagaggc gtcctgcagg taggagccgt gctgtgcgtg     54960
     cataagaggg ggccgtgact cccctccctc cctcccaccc ctgaccgtgc cctgctgtct     55020
     gctgtccgct gtctcagcgt gagctgatgc tgtgatgctg gctgagtgtc tgccaggttt     55080
     gacatgtgct gcaaggttgt cccccatccc gggaggcaga cagtgttgca cccagttggg     55140
     actgagggac cccagaccca gtcagatgca gctctcggca gcagctcagg tgtgagttct     55200
     gggcagcccg gccctggagt tagagtgcac ttcctcccat gtgagactgg ccatttgagc     55260
     ccaaaaatga ggctgtcacc tcccccttcc caccctccta gagacccaca aggaggtgag     55320
     aatgctgatg tgtgagtggg gccctgaagg gtgtgtagga gctctaaggc gaggggatgt     55380
     ctgcagagta gaggaacagg gaagggcgtg taggagggac gaggagtgaa cctggcagct     55440
     ctggttcagt tggatgctga agagtcatgg atgctgggcc tgtgggcacc gtcctccagg     55500
     cgggagccac cgaaagttct tgagcagggc agtgaccagg tgtatgtttg gagaaggtcc     55560
     ctctggaggc cttcctggca gacaggggat tggattcagg ctgtggaagc aggacggtag     55620
     ggggtgtgat tccaggatgt ggaaaggaga taaaaatgaa gagccccggg gaagaggtca     55680
     agggagttgg gggacccgag ttcctggctc cagggggaag cgagtggtaa gtctgtgaac     55740
     agagcccagc tgtggattct gtcaatgggg tcaggtctca ccctgtggct tccagggcag     55800
     caaggcagga aggaggcgtc tgccacaagg ccagcttcct ggggccagag ccgtgaaggc     55860
     ccaggggacc tgcgtgtctt ggctccacgc cagatgtgtt attatttatg tctctgagaa     55920
     tgtctggatc tcagagccga attacaataa aaacatcttt aaacttattt ctacctcatt     55980
     ttggggttgc cagctcacct gatcattttt atgaactgtc atgaacactg atgacatttt     56040
     atgagccttt tacatgggac actacagaat acatttgtca gcgaggcctg tagggaaacc     56100
     cagccgcggt ccccccgacc ccgctccagt aacggctcct cctgcctgca gccccctcct     56160
     ccgtctgcct ggcctcggga atgcagcgtc cctcggcagc actgacggca gacagcctgg     56220
     ggtgccctag gaagaggcca ggtcttccat cctgcacggg ccctagaagg ggctaggatg     56280
     agtttctgaa tctcccaagg gcgagatttc ggtcagaggg gagggcgtgc tggggtcccc     56340
     ggaggagaag gcccagcaca cgcctgagtg gactgaagcc tccgcctgtt gacctgaccc     56400
     tggtgtccgg tcagagcggg tggtggtccc tgaacccaca cgggctccca gaccatgtct     56460
     gtgtttcttt cagcctgtcc ctgggtcctt ctgcctctgc aggctcccac agaacacact     56520
     gccaggccac ctccatctgt gtgttcattt gctcccgtcc agtggtctcc acccatctgt     56580
     ccgtctgtcc ttccatcccc ttcgccctgt ctggctggct ctgcagtgac cacctgcctt     56640
     ttggagccag cggagcccca ggccgtcctc ctctgcctca ggaacccggg gtggcagatg     56700
     ctcctcgagc cattgtttgc aggcgggggc ttggcccctc tctcctgggc ccctgagctg     56760
     gtgggaaaat gggcaagggc taggccgtgt ggtcatcaat gaggggcggt ggcgggaggc     56820
     ccatgcgtgg gcagctgggg tcacacctgc caggctctgg cctccccctc cccctctcct     56880
     tcctgcgcct cctgccccag ccctgactgc ttctcccagc ttccccacct cctgacctgc     56940
     agcccggccc caccacagag actctcaggg gcttcgtccc ttgtgcgaag cagggtgcag     57000
     agggcattct gtggttcgag gaccatgcgc tgatgtgccc gggccgggtt cctgcttctc     57060
     cactctggga cgtccagggc gtgtttcttt acataaaact ggcataactg gctcactgag     57120
     tggccaagtg accagaacag gttttcaggg gccgggccag gccaggctgt gtcggaacct     57180
     caggagcaaa ctccaaggca gagaccaggg gcggggaggg caggtggcac ccagctcccc     57240
     accaggtgcc actgcccagc cacagcccct ccacccagct attaggccct ccctcacttt     57300
     ccttctgggc gccaggctcg gggctcactg ccagccccca acctctggag tctctgggaa     57360
     actagttctc ctcctgcagg cgtcctgggg acaccagagg ggggacccct ggggagaact     57420
     ccatggcagc tgtggctact gccaggccag ccctcagccc ccaccccatg ctgaggccag     57480
     cagtcctctc ctgacacccc cgcgtcgatt aggatcatgg aagggatgag tctcgctgcc     57540
     gattaatccc ataaagtact tactcccacc cagctgcctt cctatgtgcc tggggggggc     57600
     ttcctttccc actgggagcc ggtgggggtg ggggagagcc gtcatctagg tctcctggaa     57660
     ggtttagagc ccagcctggg agtctttggt gctgaaacgg atctgcttag gggcagcctt     57720
     ggattagccc agctccagcc agcccaggtc aggggagccg ggagctattt aacgaggttt     57780
     agggtaggct cctaggtcac tgcgcaggac tgctccgtta caggtgggca ggggaggcgg     57840
     ctgcgttaca ggtgggcagg ggaggcggct gcgttacagg tgggcagggg aggcggctgc     57900
     gttacaggtg ggcaggggag gcggctgcgt tacaggtggg caggggaggc ggctccgtta     57960
     caggtgggca ggggaggcgg ctgcgttaca ggtgggcagg ggaggcggct gcgttacagg     58020
     tgggcagggg aggcggctgc gttacaggtg ggcaggggag gcggctccgt tacaggtggg     58080
     caggggaggc ggctccgtta caggtgggca ggggaggcgg ctgcgttaca ggtgggcagg     58140
     ggaggcggct gcgttacagg tgggcggggg aggcggctgc gttacaggtg ggcgggggag     58200
     gcggctgcgt tacaggtggg cagggggggc ggctgcgtta caggtgggcg ggggaggcgg     58260
     ctgcgttaca ggtgggcggg ggaggcggct ccgttacagg tgggcggggg aggcggctgc     58320
     gttacaggtg ggcgggggag gcggctgcgt tacaggtggg cggggggggc ggctgcgtta     58380
     caggtgggcg ggggaggctg ctccgttaca ggtgggcggg ggaggctgct ccgttacagg     58440
     tgggcggggg gggcggctgc gttacaggtg ggcggggggg gcggctgcgt tacaggtggg     58500
     cgggggaggc ggctgcgtta caggtgggcg ggggaggcgg ctccgttaca ggtgggcggg     58560
     ggaggcggct gcgttacagg tgggcggggg aggcggctgc gttacaggtg ggcaggggag     58620
     gcggctgcgt tacaggtggg caggggaggc ggctgcgtta caggtgggcg ggggaggcgg     58680
     ctccgttaca ggtgggcggg ggaggcggct gcgttacagg tgggcggggg aggcggctgc     58740
     gttacaggtg ggcgggggag gcggctgcgt tacaggtggg cggggggggc ggctgcgtta     58800
     caggtgggcg ggcggtgctg caggaggact gctcagggag tggcgcctgg accctgagcc     58860
     ccttctctgc tgactgggga gaggctcacg gaaccgggaa ggggtggagg gccgtgctcc     58920
     acacagttcg tctcattgct ctctgggact ctgtggatgt gggattgggc tgaattagca     58980
     agaagaggag aaatgaggga agaaaagagt taaatgcatg ttgattccaa gcccccgcct     59040
     gccgggggga cagcgggagg ttggagcacg cagccctggt gcctggtgcg agctgcacgt     59100
     gtctgccggt gccgtgtgtg cgtggggcgc gtctcatcag ctgcaggact gtggtctggg     59160
     cctcagtttc ctcgtgtgca gaaatcgggg gtcaggggat ggttcacatg tggcacattc     59220
     tctcctgggg cctgtcctgc aggactgccc ctgagcagat cggcctcttc ccgggcgccc     59280
     ggtgggcccc tcgaccccct ttgaggcagg gagtgagata actgtgattc cctgtggagg     59340
     gcgtgaaggc agagccggct ggctgctcca catagaccct ccctggagca gccgtggggt     59400
     cccaggtccc agtgccaggt tctgtgtcgc tttgactcgg gtgctgcgtg ggtgtgcaca     59460
     cagtggcgtc acgggccaca tgccgaggcg tgggcacagc aacgtggcac tcagaggtca     59520
     tccccacgct cacacacaga gctaggcact ccctgtgccc aggctgggct ccagcctcgc     59580
     agctgcccac ggggtcagct tttcccggtc tcgttctgca gccaggacgg caaccttccc     59640
     accctcatat ccagcgtcca ccgcagccgc cacctcgtta tgcccgagca tcagagccgc     59700
     tgtgaattcc agagaggcag cctggagatt ggcctgcgac ccgccggtga ggagcacagg     59760
     gggcctgagg gcggggtcgg ggctgtgggg ccagaggacg gtggcgtctc cactcagcac     59820
     cagcagcctt ggcaggcagc cagagaggca ggaggagcgg cctgtccccc aggggctgca     59880
     tgggatggta attgtgttaa tcccagccag cggggcagac aggaggcaga ggcggtggct     59940
     ccgctgtggc tgccgctggg gtgggcttgg agtagccggg gccctgccac cccctttcca     60000
     cagggcagac gtaggcgtgg cctcagaggt tcagaaacgc acaccctgga ggaacgcacg     60060
     cactcccgca gcgcacgcat gactggtccc gcctcctagg gctcctggac ggaaggggtc     60120
     cccggtcccg cctcctaggg ctcctggacg gagggggtcc ccggtcccgc ctcctagggc     60180
     tcctggacgg aaggggtccc cggtcccgcc tcctagggct cctggacgga aggggtcccc     60240
     ggtcccgcct cctagggctc ctggacggag ggggtccccg gtcggtcccg ccttctaggg     60300
     ctccgggaag gatggggttc tcgggaggga agggatccgg cgcctgaggg aggtgctgct     60360
     gcctggtcac agttgtgggg ggaccaggcc cccctcagag ggcactgctg tagagagggg     60420
     cacagcagag cctcagcccc agggcaggcc gtgaaaggag gcgggggcgc cccgaggccc     60480
     tgtggacccc aggcaggggt gttcccagca gggcctgcat ctcttgggaa ggaggggtgg     60540
     gggaggccca cccccatctg tgtcccccat ccatggcccc catccgcgtc ctcgtgcacc     60600
     taggaaggcc cttgtggggc tgggtggggg cagcttctga tgccgcgttg gagacagctg     60660
     agaggcggtt gataaaatct aattgcccca tcgatccagc agagcggagg gagccccaca     60720
     atgattgaga tattctgagc cagcaggccc tcccctgtgc cttcacacag ggagacctcc     60780
     tcaggtacac gcgtgtgcgt gtgccggcat gtctgtgtct ggggtcctgt ggggtgcacg     60840
     tgatgggggt tgcccggcag ctctcaccca tggagtcagg acgtgttcgt gcacttccgg     60900
     gctcacaggc tctacggggc ctcacgtgtc ctggacccgt gtccaggtct cccatacgca     60960
     ctccgtgtca gggtctggcc cgctccccgg agcctcctct tggaggggca ttcaccctgg     61020
     ggggcgttca cctcttctcc cttcctgtga ccccaggaac cacacatcca tcctgttccc     61080
     agcccgggcc ctcccgctaa gccgcacctc cctgggccct gggctgtgag ggactcagag     61140
     caggtcctgc atctgcctct gtgagacccg ctggggtcca tgagtgagga gtgagcatgg     61200
     cctcatcggc cttcctgcgg tctcattgca ggcccccttc cacctgcccc cccccccacc     61260
     cagtcacctc ccccaggcta ggaggaggcc ttagcccccc acagaacgga gagggtagtt     61320
     tccactgtgt acaatggaaa agtgattgcc aggaggtgag aggccttgct aaccctgagg     61380
     gcatgtgcat ggtgggccag gtggcaggtg tggaaaagag ccaggttccc ccagccttgg     61440
     cccaccccct cccagcccac cgagctctgg cacgggaggc tgtgggggag acgatggctt     61500
     ctcaggggcc tgagcagtgg tgcctggatc cgtgtgtggc caggtgcccc ccgccgcccg     61560
     ccgggcccag ccacccgatc tgtcaccgag gtggggaccc tggaccagac cgtgggactg     61620
     accctctctc tggggccggg cctgacagca gccgggccag gatcaataag ttattagcac     61680
     cactctgtca gctgtaatgt gggattgatc ggtgtggccg ccgcacttcc ccagcctgat     61740
     aaaaatgaca gattaaggga ataagaaaaa ggaattaggc ctggagctga cggcagggct     61800
     tgtgggggga cgggcttggg agccccactg cctaggcctc atggaggtct tgggtcacag     61860
     gggagtggcc cctcactcca cccagctaga gccctcatga ggatgaggaa gggccagagt     61920
     cggaggcact ggctggcctg ggagaccccc agggcgtgga gtcaggggct tcggaggagc     61980
     tcggggtggg tcggagatgg gtacatggat ggtgtggtct ggaatgggtg cggtcggcag     62040
     gacccaaggg aggacctcag gagagtgagc tgggcctggc ctgggcctcc cctctgccac     62100
     ctgctgggct gtgtttgggg ctgaagctgg acctggcctg ggcctcccct ctgccacctg     62160
     ctgggctgtg tttggggcta gggctgggct ggcctcgtgg ctgaggaggt gggtgaagct     62220
     actgggaggt gcaccccaga agcccagagc ctggctgggc tggtggacaa gggcatgaca     62280
     gccacgccag ggtgctagct caggcaggac tgggccagag aggaggacgt gggccttctg     62340
     ggggcaggga tgggtatgac caagtaggag gcctgggagt ggaggcgcct cgaggcggcc     62400
     tggggggccc acagcccagt gactcacaga gcagcaagag gtcaggtgtg aggtccttcc     62460
     cggcttgtct caccccacgc tggcatgtga ccctgcacag cccgccctca ctcctgtcca     62520
     ggaggggaag gtggtgcctg gtcaaaccaa aagcttttta ttctcctcta gggggatgag     62580
     aggggggctc gttaacttgc acaagaggct agatggcggg tggggcagct gggtgcctgc     62640
     tgtggatctc ttctgcacac acgcaccagg gccagtgtca gagctcccct gtgcccctgt     62700
     cccgccacag ccaggcgtga tgtcctctgc gctgaaggct ggggctgcca gggctgggca     62760
     aggcctgtac tcaccaggac caagggcccc ctgagagatg gtgggtgcgg tccaggctga     62820
     gctggagcag gggctgggtt ccccttccat tccttgagat gcaggtgggc actcactacc     62880
     ctcccgcagg tgacctgttg ggcaagaggc tgggccgctc cccccgtatc agcagcgact     62940
     gcttttcaga gaagagggca cgaagcgaat cgcctcaagg taagagcgtg gctgggacga     63000
     gagacaggtc accaggggag ggggcagtcc ctgagggtcc cctggacctc gagcaggcac     63060
     tctagagggg cgtggtcctc ggcagtgcct ggagaaacct ctcaccccgg gtcctcccca     63120
     gcagaggcgc tgctgctgcc gcgggagctg gggcccagca tggccccgga ggaccattac     63180
     cgccggcttg tgtcagcact gagcgaggcc agcacctttg aggaccctca gcgcctctac     63240
     cacctgggcc tccccagcca cggtgaggac ccaccctggc atgatccccc tcatcacctc     63300
     cccagccacg gtgaggaccc accctggcat gatctcccct catcacctcc ccagccacat     63360
     gtactcggcc attcctgttg ctgaggccct gctgacacca aggccaggct ggatgcaggt     63420
     ccctctgcca cacgtcctgc cccatgcccc ctggggcggg ccacacctcc atgtccccta     63480
     ggtccccagg gtcatgacta gctcacattt tatatagaga gaaatggagt ctggggtgga     63540
     cccaggtgag ggtgggcagt gggcatgtca gcagcacccc ccgaggagag caagctcctg     63600
     gaccctgtgg tctgtgagtc gtctatgcag ccagtggacg ccgacctgcc agacgcctgc     63660
     cccaggagcc tggggagggg cagtgagcag aaaggccggg ctgggtgcag tgggcacttg     63720
     gccaccagga ctccccaggt gctgaagaga cgccagctgg aggggctgcc ccttcccccg     63780
     ggtcggccct gaccctgtcc accccacctc aggacgttct ccaggggtcc ctccgggatg     63840
     cactcggacc ccctgcccgc tgcactcagc ctcccaggcc ccagccgccc gcctggcagg     63900
     ggagcttggc ttttcgggct agaggtgggt gggggcgccg ggaaaggagg caggattcct     63960
     cacaccaggc accgtccccc agggcagctc aggcaccaag agcctgaata attcaccaaa     64020
     tgttaataat gtaaaaatcc tcctttttaa ttgctttccc tgctctgcct ggggccgctc     64080
     tgctggccgc gcgggggagg ggcgccggcc gccggggagc gcgctgtcaa tcaggccgcg     64140
     ccgccgcccc ccccccccgc cccgccgcgg agccggccgt aaataaccct gtaactaacc     64200
     cggccgctag cgcgggggcg ctgggccccg ctgggatcga tgcgggcggc cgcgccggct     64260
     gggctctgcg ggctggcacc cggcccgggg cgggacccac ctccgctttc gggtaattaa     64320
     tttataaaca gaggcggcgg tggagctggc ggagcctgca tagtgggggc tgcggggact     64380
     cgggaggccc gggcgggagg gagaggccga gagacctggg acgcggcgcc ttagacgcgg     64440
     gcgctgcgtg cgcattgggg cgagtgtggc cacgcgggac agtgaccctg cgcagccggg     64500
     actgggcgac ccctgtgcta gtgtggcgtg cgtgcgcggg cgctgccttg cctttgtgac     64560
     aagctttggc cagccgcgtc tactatgggg acctcagatt ttcttgcctc ccaccgaaga     64620
     gggggtcccc tgggcggtca gcccctggct ggcacttctg gactctctcg ctgccccgca     64680
     ggctctgtgg cctcgggacg tctgcacagc cccctccccg caaggctcag ccgcctctca     64740
     ggccggaagc ctccaggcac ccggctcccc ttcggggaag agcttttccc gacacttcct     64800
     cgcccagcat cttgtctgcc gtctcggccc tgtggccgcc catcctcctg ccccgtgccc     64860
     gagaccagcc caggggccga gcacggccga gtggtgtggt cagttcccca cctcagtgtt     64920
     ctacgccagg acgcgggctg gggaggatga gggcgcatag ccggggggat cactgctgtt     64980
     gtcccccacc cagatctcct gagggtccgg caggaggtgg cggctgcagc tctgaggggc     65040
     cccagtggcc tggaagccca cctgccctcc tccacggcag gtcagcgtcg gaagcagggc     65100
     ctggctcagc accgggaggg cgccgcccca gctgccgccc cgtccttctc ggagaggtac     65160
     tggggtggct gccgttctct gcttgtttct ggggtgccgc ccgcaccccc gcgctctcag     65220
     ccaccagcac gcgccccgag agtgccaagc actgtgttca gctctaggtt cgggtccggg     65280
     cagagcgttt cgggggtgac accgatctgg gctgcagtgt tgagggcgcc actggggtgc     65340
     gtgagggagg ctgaggccca tcagggggtt ccctggagga gaagccagag aaggggagag     65400
     ctccaagtct ggaaccccgg ggtcagtcgg gaggggtcgg ccagaggact cagagctgga     65460
     ggcggagggg gggtcctggc tggcgctcaa atgtagacgc cggcgccgga tctgttcccg     65520
     gcacagacaa ggcctccggc acagacccgg gtttctcggg tccaggacac gaggcggggc     65580
     ggggcgcctg gagaagggag gggccgcctg aggcccgagt ccctgcccgg ccgctgagcc     65640
     cggcgtctgc agctgcctcc accgccgccc ggattgcggc taatgacgcc cccgcttccc     65700
     ccgccgctcg ggtccgcagg ggaggggagc aggcggggcc ggcgccccgc gcagtaatta     65760
     ccgctgcagc cgtcgccgcc cgccgggtca gcgcctccgc gccgccgccg agattaattg     65820
     gcgccgccgg cgggggcggg gatggcgcgc gacctggggc cgtaacgagc tgcgcatcga     65880
     ccgcccgcgg ggccggcaat tagcggaggc ggcgggggag gggcgccggg gcctttacgg     65940
     gaacgggggc gggggggacg ccgctcattg cgctgccgtc cacagggagc tgcctcagcc     66000
     gccccccttg ctgtcgccgc agaatgcccc tcacgtcgcc ctgggccccc atctcaggcc     66060
     ccccttcctg ggggtgccct cggctctgtg ccagacccca ggtgaggagg cgggtgcgca     66120
     tcccctggga gcccgcgtgg aggctcgcgg acccggccct gcccctgtcg gagccgagac     66180
     ggaccgggta ggggattgca aagggccggc tcggaccgcc tcggaccccc cgaccccgcg     66240
     ttgtccccct ccccaccagg ctacggcttc ctgccccccg cgcaggcgga gatgttcgcc     66300
     tggcagcagg agctcctgcg gaagcagaac ctggcccggt aggtgcgggg aggcgggcgg     66360
     ggccgcgcgg cccgggaggc ggctgacccg cgtctgcccc cggcccaggc tggagctgcc     66420
     cgccgacctc ctgcggcaga aggagctgga gagcgcgcgc ccacagctgc tggcgcccga     66480
     gaccgccctg cgccccaacg acggcgccga ggagctgcag cggcgcgggg ccctgctggt     66540
     gctgaaccac ggcgcggcgc cactgctggc cctgcccccc caggggcccc cgggctccgg     66600
     accccccacc ccgtcccggg actctgcccg gcgagccccc cggaaggggg gtcccggccc     66660
     tgcctcagcg cggcccagcg agtccaagga gatgacgggg gctaggctct gggcacaaga     66720
     tggctcggaa gacgagcccc ccaaagactc ggacggagag gaccccgaga cggcagctgt     66780
     tgggtgcagg gggcccactc cgggccaagc tccagctgga ggggccggcg ccgaggggaa     66840
     ggggcttttc ccagggtcca cactgcccct gggcttccct tatgccgtca gcccctactt     66900
     ccacacaggt gggcaccccc acactctaga tccttccaga gggcacagga ctggcaggcc     66960
     gcctgtggaa gggtcttggg gggaggaaaa attcccctta ggcacccatc ccccacctca     67020
     gcaattgggg cacacgacgg tcaggagacg ggcgggtatg ggaaagccag ccagagccct     67080
     agtaacacgc cccacaactc aggcgcggta gggggactct ccatggatgg ggaggaggcc     67140
     ccagcccctg aggacgtcac caagtggacc gtggatgacg tctgcagctt cgtggggggc     67200
     ctgtctggct gtggagagta cactcgggta agggggggcc ccagttcctg gggcggggct     67260
     ggagctggct ggcagtcact acctccctgg aaaggatggt ggggtagggc cattccccaa     67320
     cgccctctcc ctccccaaaa gcagtgcgca gcagggactg gactgtgcac cccacctttt     67380
     tttttttttt ttttttttgc caggtgtttt ctgcctgaca ctcaaaccca acagatcact     67440
     gtttttaaaa aatttccgtg agctgcacaa acagctcctc ttggctctgc tgggctggag     67500
     gatggagcag cacccgggtc ctgaccctcc ctccctcccc cttccaggtc ttcagggagc     67560
     aggggatcga cggggagacc ctgccactgc tgacggagga gcacctgctg accaacatgg     67620
     ggctgaagct ggggcccgcc ctcaagatcc gggcccaggt gagacgctgg ggagtgaggt     67680
     cagggtctcc agaccacagc tgggcagaaa gctctgggtg ggtgtgcgac agcccccacc     67740
     aggccatctc tctgcaggtg gccaggcgcc tgggccgagt tttctacgtg gccagcttcc     67800
     ccgtggctct gccactgcag ccaccaaccc tgcgggcccc ggagcgagaa ctcggcacag     67860
     gagagcagcc cttgtccccc acgacggcca cgtcccccta tggagggggc cacgcccttg     67920
     ccggtcaaac ttcacccaag caggagaatg ggaccttggc tctacttcca ggggcccccg     67980
     acccttccca gcctctgtgt tgaggttgcc gggggtaggg gtggggccac acaaatctcc     68040
     aggagccacc actcaacaca atggccctgc ctcccaccgc tttatttctt tcggtttcgg     68100
     atgcaaaaca aaaaatttta aaagaaaatg tgacttcaaa ggaaaggaac aaattttcaa     68160
     agacttgggg gagtgaaggc agagcctggt gcagatggac gaggtctgca gacggagggc     68220
     agaggtggtg gaaggggcca ggggcctgca ggcctccccc tggaactggg actggtctcg     68280
     gtctgctgac gtcagggtca gctcccccgc ggagctgact tcagcagccc acagctgtgg     68340
     ggcttcagca gccacaccag cccagcccag cccagctctc gatacgtttg gtctttcatg     68400
     ctgaaaaata aataataaag cctgtcccgt gtctactgcc tcccccaact gcacagacgc     68460
     cagcctctag gcctgactgc cagggaggtg gaaacactgg ccaccagccc ggcagcccct     68520
     acaggccccc cagatgggct gcctcagtcg tcctctgaga gctgcagatc ctccagctcg     68580
     tcctccggcc cctgggccag ctgctgcagc tccccagggg ccagccccgc ctctgcgtct     68640
     gggtctccat ctgcggggag agatggaggc tacataaatt ttgctttatc aggaagaagc     68700
     cagccttaga ggttactcat cactaattaa tcacggcact aattaattta tccctgttgc     68760
     tggctgccag agaacagagc atttggcctg gccttcccag ggagggaaaa gcctggccca     68820
     gagccccacg ccccccgccc acgtggctct gccctcccgc cagatgggct cacagggcca     68880
     caccctctca ccccaagacc attcaccctc cgagttgctg ctgtcctcct cgccctcctc     68940
     ctcgtcctct tcatcgtctt ccaccccatg ccgagtgctc aggggcctca gtatccctga     69000
     ggaacaagaa gcagagtcca tatgactccc acccacaggg tccaccagca aagtcacagt     69060
     gggggcagga gggtggccag gctcccaaca cccttccctc cgctgacttc cagcaggtgg     69120
     agaggagccc tggggaggaa ctgggaggtc acaggcctgg ggacagagtt accaatccca     69180
     gtaggccttc acttcaagga gggaaggcgc tggcaccaga agcctggcaa cactgaggtt     69240
     ggccccagct gggccagaga ctggtgagcc ccctgcagga tgggtacagg tggccctcgt     69300
     ggctctggga agtccagcag agccctccag gcccaccctt cccctgggag caccacgcag     69360
     gccccacctc tctccgagaa tccctcggtg tcgtcctctt cagagctgtt caggtcaaag     69420
     aggtctttaa attgcttcct gtcctcatcc ttcctgtcag ccatcttcct tcgtttgatc     69480
     tcagggaagt tcaggtcttc cagctggaag gccaaagaac caggggctca ggtgagagag     69540
     ggcaggggct ggcggccaca gcagggccag gcatcgccag acccaccacc agggccccat     69600
     gtggccaatt tctagtcccc tctgttccca aatcacaaag ccatcctcca agttgtccat     69660
     cccatgtcca aggtcaaagg cagagccctt cctgcttctc ctcacgggcc cctggtgccc     69720
     acatactggc ctgggtgacg aggtcagtcc agccactcca cctgcccgga gcctccagcc     69780
     catcaggcct gagggggcat ggcctcccca acctagtgca gcctggggct tcccctccct     69840
     ggaaacgcct ggttctggcc agttctccaa cacctacccc ctctccaagt cgaatcatcc     69900
     gggcacggcc ctggccgcct ggcactgttt ccaaaccctc gccctggtct caagtcatag     69960
     tgcgctagat ctgaaaccca ggaagtcaca acacaccccc aggtcccctc gccgagccgc     70020
     acccgctctt tgccactgat ctccagctgg atctcccggt cacgcagctt gcgccagtgg     70080
     ctgtagtaca aggtcagggg tgtcccctct tcccgggtca gcttctccca ggcttcctgg     70140
     ggggttgggg gagttcaggg tcatgcctca ccctgggcaa acccccacat gtagctgggg     70200
     ctataccctg gcaggtgccc tcaggtggca ctacccccag ggcccactaa ccactgcctg     70260
     ctgctcagag acgccgaagg aaaccctctg gcggcggctg cagatgtatg ccgagttctc     70320
     ctgaaccttc ccaagcagct gctgcacctg ccggcagtag ttggccacct tgcactcccg     70380
     gaggaacgac ttcagctgcg gaagggaggg gtcagccact gaagcccagg accgctccat     70440
     gtgcacagct ggcccaggtc ctgtgcaaaa ccacgcgtgg tggccacggg gataccccag     70500
     gaggggacat ggatcccatc tcagggctca agtgcatagc tgttgcagct gggatggcag     70560
     aggcagaatc agcccaccct ctgggccaac cctgcccact actcacctct ggaaataaag     70620
     ttttatgcca ggcgtggtgg ctctcgcctg taatcccagc actttgggag gctgaggcgg     70680
     gtggatcacc tgaggtcagg agttcaagac cagcctggcc aacgtggcaa aaccccgtct     70740
     ctactaaaat accaaaatta gctgggtgtg gtggtgggcg cctgtaaacc cagctccttg     70800
     ggaggctgag gctggagaat cgcttgagcc caggagatgg agattgcagt gagccgagat     70860
     cgcaccattg cactccagcc tgggcaacac agcgagactc catctcaaac aatactacta     70920
     ctactaataa aatacagtct cgctgacgtg cagccacacg tgtgcattgc atggttctgc     70980
     agttgcctgt gcagctgaac atccgtagga agccacgttt accatttggc ccctcaccaa     71040
     aaacattttc tgacccctac cccagacccc gaccctgggc ccttgagtcc agaagcagag     71100
     atgccccaat gccaggtatc accacccaag aggacatggg aggaacagag gctgtggccc     71160
     ctgctgtgag tgccccccag aaagggggtc ccggctctgt gcatgtgaca tgtgtggccg     71220
     tgtgtgagta cacacacatg cacacacctc tatctggata agcctctgac caattgtggc     71280
     tcatgtgagc agatccctcc tccccacact gcacagacct atagtcggca catctgattc     71340
     cagccaccag ggccagacag cagggccccc accccttcca ctaggcacag gcctccctga     71400
     ggctggaaac atcacggctg agagcaaaca gacctcccgt gggggcccag aaggaccttc     71460
     tgaggataag gagaaccccc tcctccaccc cactcctgcc taagatgagg ctgacgtggg     71520
     gtatttagcg gggcaggctg ggccttccta tgaggctgat gtggggtatt tggcggggca     71580
     ggccaggcct tcctgccacc tgagaagcca ctccacccac tccccacacc cgggatggcc     71640
     tggggaagtg tgcgatcagc gtaccagcct gagccagggt cggcatgctc agtcccaacc     71700
     ccgaagcaaa gatcagcctt gtggttccca cctggggagg aggctgttgt gctcccaggg     71760
     tcctcagccc actgcccagg cctgccccca aacctcctga atggcttaga acccctcatc     71820
     agcccctcca agggggcctc acggggcgcg ttgccagcag tcaggttcca ccccagtccc     71880
     aggtacccgg gacaagggca cctcctacca gcctggggca gccaagcccg ttataagaca     71940
     gtctgagtcg gccacgagcc ggtgtgggca ggacacacac ctgcaggacc acaggcagca     72000
     ccagctccgg gaagccgatg cagtgtgcct ggctgtgcag gtactccagg gtgaggtcgt     72060
     acagctgctc caccaggccg tcctgaagag caggagagag ggccgagtgc atcagggaga     72120
     ggctggggct gggcactcag gccccttccc ctcaggctgt cagggcagcg ccatctccag     72180
     ggcacggact gcaaggaagg ggctcctggg ccccagccct gggagaccat gaaggtccat     72240
     gcttgaactt ggaggatgcc agccccctcc catccacctc agcaccccca accccaccct     72300
     gggaactgcc caggcccctc cccaggaggc cagcctcacc cggtacgcct tctcctgcag     72360
     gttgacattg gacagcttca ggatcacgga gaagttgatg ggcttggagc tcatgcgccc     72420
     tggcttcctg ttgaagtcga cctgctggaa catctgcccc aagggccgtg tcaggctctc     72480
     tcggccccat gcctggtcac cctggcttca ccctggctgc accctggtcc ccctggtccc     72540
     tttggccctg cacctggctg caccctggtc accctggtcc tcaggcttca gcacgaggag     72600
     acccaacccg aaacaagaga taagcagcta ggcacggtcc cagccccatg gccccacaca     72660
     gcctggcgtg tccccgagtg gggctctgat cagcagggaa ggatcaggaa cacgggccct     72720
     ctcccaaaat cctgggaagc actaaggacc cacgtctgga gacctagagg tccctgccac     72780
     acagagtacc aggacagccc ccattcctga caacatggca ctgaggccca tcctggccct     72840
     cagcacagca atgccacatg gggctccgtc ccgagcaacc agaagacgca gcagcaacag     72900
     caaagagtgc cagacacagg acgggacaga tggaggtcac gggaggcctg gggggcccct     72960
     cccacaccct ccacagaagc cacaggccat gcacctccgt aggacatgcc aggaggagca     73020
     gagaaagagt cagcctggcc tctcagtctt gtgacccctc cccaaccact aggagccctc     73080
     aggctgtgaa ccagagagat ccagggtaca tgctggggca ccagaggaca gaagcagatt     73140
     atggggggcc caagggtgga ggccccagca agacacccca ctcagcaggg gtggctgcca     73200
     gacagctgag ctcaggtcca gatgggaaaa cgccctggta ctgatgaacc tctgggagga     73260
     cactgccctt ctctagcctg ggccaaaagt atgggcaggc gactggcttc ctgtccaggc     73320
     accggggaag ggcaggcacg gcctacagct gagggctttg ttttagcttt tagggtttgc     73380
     tttttccgga gaggagaggc ctgcatccct gcgtgagagg ggcctacagg gtgcggctgc     73440
     agtgaaccag ggcagtgcac aagtgaagaa acagacactg caagagagta agaaagcacg     73500
     tagccaagga gattggacaa gggaaacaga cacaaagcat gcctggagct gggcagcaga     73560
     gctggaggcc cacagacaca ggggccaggc caagggctgg gcaatcagag accactgctg     73620
     gctgccatgg gagtgaacat ggcttcctaa agatgttcag catccctgcc tcagtggaag     73680
     gggaatcaga acgtgcctgg ggcttccata ccttctggac ccagcaacct ggggacccag     73740
     ccccaaggac agctgtgaca cgactctggg ccttcatgag gctgagaact cattagataa     73800
     acagggtgga gatcgtgaat tcctaaattt acagcggggt ggggcctaac ccacccactg     73860
     aaagttgaaa cttcggactc caatctttcc ctacctgagt ggcatgtgca cgtgcaaaga     73920
     tgcatacaca caggtacaca caggcgcaca catgcacagg cacacacgta gacgcacgta     73980
     catgcacaca ggtgcacaca cgcacaggca cacacaagca gacgtgcatg catgcaccca     74040
     agtgtacagg tacacgcaca ggtacacacg cacagtacac acatgcagat gcaaatgcat     74100
     gcacacaagt gcacacagac acgtgtgtat gcacataggt gcacacaggt acatagatgc     74160
     acgcagacac acatgcatgc acacagatgc acacatgcaa aggttcatgc atgcacaggt     74220
     agacacatgc agacgcaaat gcatgcacac aggtgcacac acgcacaggt acacacatgc     74280
     agacaggtgc acacaggtac acacgcatgt gcatgcatac aggtacacac aggtacacac     74340
     tggtatacaa agacacatgc acaggtgcac acacgcaaag gtacacgcaa aggtacacac     74400
     atgcatacac acaggtgtac acacgcacag atgcacacac ctgcaggcac acaggcattc     74460
     atggatacac gtgcatacac acatacagat gcacacatga actgatatgc acacacacac     74520
     agatttacag acccatgcac ccagatggtg cacacacacg catgcatgca cagacaaacg     74580
     cacccaccca gatgtacaca catcccccat acaaatgcat acacatgcac acaactgtca     74640
     gggcagggca ctgttcagtg tacagttcag caatcagact tgggttttgg cccatctcgc     74700
     ctcctgccta ctccagtctt gggcaagcac ctacagggtc aggtcccggc atcctcaagc     74760
     acagccctag cagcagccgc cttcatcccc agtggtccca cgttccccaa cactgccccc     74820
     agcacacgga ggagcactgt cctcgtgaca cccgtgacaa ggaggcggcc agggctccgg     74880
     gaagtcgccg gacaactcag cacagacgcc cggagcagca gatgctccct acaggagcag     74940
     gcagaggtgc cacacgccca ccacagcctc actcacctcc aggatgaaag gcagcaccgg     75000
     gatgaaggcc cccgagctcc ccgagagcag cgtcagggca cggatgcagt gcattcgcag     75060
     cgggtagaag cgggcagtgg ggatgagcct gggggtggga aggccgagtg agcagaggcc     75120
     ccggctctgg cagcccctgc ccctccccct gctgtcttgg acctcctccc ccactcaccg     75180
     acatcagacc cctaaagcag gacaaggcac gtctgaaccc cagggacctg caccccttgc     75240
     ccagctatgg ggctgcaggt accttaccca gctttcagct ttatttcaac acggtggcag     75300
     gggtcatctg ttcctgcctg ctctcctccc tgttcccgcc tttcctactt cttcccttgg     75360
     acttcccacc tcccttccca gccttgagtt tctaaggctc agccagacag atgccccctc     75420
     ctggccaaag aggccacagt actgctccca ccttttcctg ctgcagcccc taccgtgcct     75480
     ggaccctcct aagcgctcac acccaaaatg cagttcactg catcagatgt gctccaccca     75540
     agaaccccac gtaatgaacc aaactcactg caaactgcac acaagccccc agaacacacg     75600
     ctgggtggca cccgaggcgg ctaaaccgct gttggaggag ctcatgtcac aggtgcccac     75660
     cagccctagc tctccagaat ccagagcatc tccccgtagc aggtacaggg accccagccc     75720
     ttcctcaggg acggccagga cacagactca ggccccaagg ccctgaacgc cagaggcacc     75780
     gcccacacag tcccagcaaa tttgcttctc ctgaccctcc cgcacaaccc tgcccacccc     75840
     acaactcact tgatacagcc aatgatgact tgggcaaggg ggtagaccaa gggctggagg     75900
     gcttcgctgg ggcccgcagt gctcaggacc cggcaccaca ggaagaggca gtgcacatac     75960
     tgccagttgt acacagactg gtatgtttcc tggtcagaga gaaccacgtc agctactggc     76020
     caggctgaca agtcaggctg atgcacgttc ctcctgggcc ggcacaggaa tcatttcctc     76080
     atcttgcaca cggggtctca acccatccac ccttccccca cctgcaagga ccgactgcac     76140
     cagggtgctg ggctgtctcc agacaggggc ttcggggagg ccccaggccc tgccttgggt     76200
     cgggcacctg ggctgcccca ccccatgccc agcatgagcc tggaagggcc ccaccacaca     76260
     ccttcttgcg agtggtcatg gcgttgcgca ggtgtatggc gagctggcgg atgtagagga     76320
     aggcgtgctg gtaggccaca cccggctcca gggccagcag ctccgtcaag gtccactgca     76380
     tgaaactgat gaaggggagg gcaccaggcg aggtgaactt gcagttcctc acatacgtga     76440
     tgtacatttg ctgcggagag acccgggtca gagccacctg ggatcagggc catgcacctc     76500
     caccgcccac tccagggccc ctgtgaacac ctgggccttt ccctcagagc tgggcctcga     76560
     ggaagagccg tagccccttg cacagccccc acccccaagt gcccaccagc ctcaggcctg     76620
     ggagaagctg gggcagaagc tcctgctgca cactgggccc ctctgggggc tgagggtccc     76680
     cacatgcagg ccacccatgg cttggggacg ggcagtagga ctgtaccctg gccatggcct     76740
     caggtcccaa cacccagtgt cctcctccag ccagagaggc cctcccctgg ggaagctgtg     76800
     tgaagcaggg tccaggtggg gccctgagaa ggccgagggc tctcttccct gcccaccacc     76860
     cccaggtgct ctgtgagaca ttcgtgatcc aagggcccag gtctgctcag agctgcagtg     76920
     agggtccagt gaggggcacc aaccacaaag gcagcccgcc ctgcccttag gccgagattt     76980
     ccaatgcaga tgctgaggga cacagacgca gggcccacca ctaccttgag gacggggcca     77040
     aggaaagtgt ccttcttgtg ccggcagact ctgctgagga ccaggaaagc cagcacccgc     77100
     agagactctt ccccagtgct ccatacgatc accattctct gcagaaggtc agacgtcact     77160
     ggtggccccc cagcctcctc agcagggatg ccccagggcc agcacagccc tccccagcca     77220
     ggcaaaggct cccatggcca ccagctcttc ccaaagcacc tcgggggagc cgtgagttag     77280
     gtgctcagtt acagaagtga acagaacagg tgtgttgctc cttgtgagaa gaggaccaca     77340
     aaagtttacc acgtcagaca cgccgacgta tgtgagatca caccgggaag aagatacctc     77400
     accgtggctt tgctcacgga ctgagccgcg ctgcccgggc aggcagggac tgcctgagac     77460
     agaaacccca ggtgggggtg ggggccaggt gcttctgtgg cctctctagc caagcggagc     77520
     cagtggagtg tgggcaccac ctgtgccctg gccaggagtg ggatgtggtg ggggtagccg     77580
     tgtggccccc cgaccccatg acagacacag ggaggggact gggccacgaa ccttgagcag     77640
     catgcggcac tgcttgggga aggtcaggaa gcagggcacc agcacgctga tgtgccgcag     77700
     cacggccgcc aacaccgtcg tctccgacag acaggacacc agctgggggc aggaggggac     77760
     agtgaagccc caaacccatg tattctggga tacaaaaaag gaccgaccac cagatacagc     77820
     caggcccccg tgccctcccc accagaatag cacctgtatg gccgagccca ggtaagcctt     77880
     gatgtccaca cgaagcttcc cccagagcgg gctgctggac ggctgcagca tcctgcagag     77940
     agaccaccca cccctggctg ggaggcccca cggctcggac gcgaggctgc tcagcatgtt     78000
     ggcgcgtgcc ctggccagca tagcctctac gactctgcag agaccccccg tctctccact     78060
     caaaaaagct cagggcccct tacagctgga cagacacagg ggcttaggag gaccctctca     78120
     agtgcattag ctcctccttc agtggccttg aactcctgtc tgccctgccc agggttggcc     78180
     accgccctaa gagtccccgg aagtcccagc ctccaactcc ctctcagaca taaacctttt     78240
     ctaggtcccc ttgatcacat ccccaccgtg agaccacacg aggtccctaa gcccagcagc     78300
     tggtactcag cacctctggg gtcgcccagg caccaccaac tgccgcagac tggtttcctt     78360
     tggcccacat ttgctgcaca aagaaaagaa aatcagaggg caggtgtgga gactcatgcc     78420
     agtactcact gcactttggg aggccaaggc aggaggatca aactccaagc ccaggagttt     78480
     gagaccagcc tgaacaacac agtgagaccc cgtctctaca aaaatataca aaatattatc     78540
     caggcctggt ggcggagtcc cagttacttg ggaggctaag gtgagagaat cacttgaatc     78600
     cagaaggtac gtgtcgcagt gagctatgat cactgcattc cagcctgggc gacagagcaa     78660
     gatcctatct cgtaaggaaa aaaaaaaacc aaaaaccaaa caaacaaaac aaaacaaaac     78720
     aaaacattta ccagagccca cgcagtaggc gctcactaaa atctgctgaa gcatgggaag     78780
     gacaaagggc agggccccag aaaggccccc cgtcctcgac cctcctcaca cctgtgctga     78840
     cactggctgc tgggcacctg cagctgccca cccagaccca ggaggcagct ctgctcccca     78900
     cggcctgact ccctccggta cagctgctgc ctcgacaggg gtccctgacc tggtggctca     78960
     ggctgcagtg cgtgctgcct cccaatcgct gcctgtccct ccacccccat ctgccagctt     79020
     ccttgtcccc ttcggacagc actgcctcca tgtggacatg gctctgttct atccgtccag     79080
     ccccgaccac taccaccagc aacagtgccc ctgtctcctg agccgctgtc ggcgagacct     79140
     ctcctgtggg tctcctttct tcctttgaag gtgtcctggg gcagttccaa ctctaggcct     79200
     ccactgcctc aaggtcacat ggctgcacag ccccggaacc ccaacgtgct ccatgctcta     79260
     ccaaatgctt ggccgtgcgt ctctcttctc tgaaaacctt ccacggcctt ctctgcccaa     79320
     tctttctcta aaggggaagt tgaggccctc aggttctcag cattgatgag gcccctgtct     79380
     acagacacac acagctccag gaaacaggcc agtcatagtg cagagatcaa ggagtatgga     79440
     caggacttac aagttcttac aaagggaaat agagcaagaa ccctaacctg ggaaaatctg     79500
     agagcaaagg cagctgcaca cgccacacct tctgagactc tgagcagaca acttcccttt     79560
     tcaggaagga aagaaggtgg ggccgctcca actggcccca agtgcccagc ctctcccaac     79620
     ggtccctcgt gccccgctgc cttctcaggg tccccaagaa gacgctggct ctgttgccat     79680
     gtctctgtcc tagccacaag gcctctggct tctcctgtgt gtggtcccga cccaccttcc     79740
     accctacccc ccttcacccc ctcccctctt acctgctgct atcctttgcc acctttccaa     79800
     acagcagctt ctggagacag ccaatgaggt ctctgatgca gaaggtaacc agagcattga     79860
     atgctgcaac gaaaaggcct ggatgtactc acgggacaga gaacgcaaca gacagcctgg     79920
     atgccaggct ccccccaagc tcaccagcac tgtccgtgac ctggaatttg ttggcctcag     79980
     cactttcctg gtcccctcgg gtggtggcca cagctgctcg gaacgcctgt accacttcat     80040
     ggaacagctt tggagtgagg cgttgctgaa ggagcaagag taccaggggc gtcaggggag     80100
     ctgagactgc acttggcaga gtggaaacgg cagccccaga gaaaggcacc ctcaccctca     80160
     ccctcagaca tagggcagag gttgggggga ggcacagagc cccatactga taacaaaaat     80220
     ggaaacaaag tctagaattc tctgggaaga ggagggagtc tggctcagga gccccaggaa     80280
     aaggactggg agttccagat cctggactat ggccacctcc aggtggtatc tggagctctc     80340
     cgtatccttg tccctggaaa aaaacactgt gagaggctca gaaggacccc agctccacca     80400
     accaacaaag gcacagtccg tcccacccac agcgggactg actttgggga gtggggcgcc     80460
     aacagagccc ctggaatcta cccaaaagtg aacacacagt cctggggcaa ccaagcaagc     80520
     aggaggagca acgtgttgtc acttgcgctg aagaaggctc caagcgtccc ctgcgtggag     80580
     aacagcccct cccaccagca cagcctcagg cgcctcaggt gaggcaaggc cagatctctg     80640
     cctgggcacc cagctgcccg cccctcgctg ctgctcacct caggtgaggc aaggccagat     80700
     ttctgcctgg gcacccagct gcccgcccct ggctgctgct cacctttgct gcctgcttcc     80760
     atctctcaac catggcgacg gtcacaggaa cagaattctt cttccccttc agccctctgg     80820
     ggactctgtc cccatcttct ccttcctccg ctccatcctc ctcctcactg gcttcctgca     80880
     cagaaaggct gagctgaagg agagtgtaga gacaagtgcc ccccttctgg tttggcccac     80940
     gccctcacct ccagcacatc tggcagggag tggaacggcc cctcttcctc ctcagagctg     81000
     tccgagtcgc tgaagtttag caggctctgg tcattctcct gcaggaactt gtagaactcg     81060
     gggtctctgt ccttcagccg agagagctgg tctttgtgct cagaggcacg gcctttacgc     81120
     cggctgagga ggcagaagtc agcgacccca gtgggaagtg gaagtagagg gggcggggag     81180
     tggcctacag ggtcagtcta ctcccttcac aagggttacc aactagcaag acaggattgc     81240
     caggaggtac gtttttggca gactcacgtc tcctacccaa caacctctac aacataccct     81300
     caaacacact acacaggccc cccagccgcg gtcttccctg gacttgctgt gcctgcgccc     81360
     tgcgctacac aggcccccag ccgcggtctt ccctggactt gctgtgcctg tgccctgcgc     81420
     tacttttgcc tgatggtggc ttcacccttc cagaggctca gactaaaggc aaatctctgt     81480
     ctctaatacc cagcacgcaa cttgtcatca gatctcatca gcaacacctt caaaaccgtt     81540
     cgtgcctcct ctcaaaccac cacatagttc aattctcagt taacctaaag gtctctctgt     81600
     ttccaccctt gtcacctaca aggcactcca ccgctcaaac ccagaagtaa ctccctgttt     81660
     tacgaggcaa tcttatgacg gtctacggca cctggctctt catcaccctt ctgggctcat     81720
     ctacccctat tcaccccctc actcctgccg tagccacgtt tacctctgta ctctccccaa     81780
     atgctcccac tgcaaggctt ttgctgtttt ctgctgcctg aaatcctaag acacgtttcc     81840
     cctactgtct gtgtggcctc cttgttcgag gtctttattc agacgtcatc ttctcaaaca     81900
     accacctccg cttttttttt tttttttttt tctcctgagg cggaatctca ctctgtcgcc     81960
     caggctggag tgcagtggcg caatctccac tcaccgcaac ctccgcctcc cgggttcaag     82020
     cgattctcct gcctcagcct cccgagtagc tgggacgaca ggtgtgtgtc accacgccag     82080
     gctaattttt gtatcttttg atttctttct ttttcttttt gagatggagt ctcactctct     82140
     cacccaggct ggaatgcaat ggtgccatct cggctcactg caacctccgc ctcccaagtt     82200
     caagcgattc tcctgcctca gcctcccgag tagttgggat tacaggtgcc caccacgccc     82260
     ggctaatttt tatattttta gtagagacat gatttttccg tgttggtcag gctggtctcg     82320
     aattcctgac ctcaggtaat ctgcccgcct cggcctccca aagtgctggc attacaggcg     82380
     tgagccaccg agcacagcct ccgctccttc taacagagca actcggctcc cctgcaactc     82440
     tctcttcagc ccctctgtcc ttcctttccc tccccagcac ttatctctct tctaccgaac     82500
     tgcaggcggt gatttcaccc aagaacgtga gagttctcct agatcgggaa gagatttttg     82560
     cacaactcac caacatacgc tccctgccta ggacagagtt tggcacggaa caggagctca     82620
     gtaaacatcg gatgaaagag taagttaagc tgaaaggact ggggggcaga ggtcggcgat     82680
     ccttaggcct tggccctgag accccaggcg aggtcagcaa cccaaccggg gtgggacagg     82740
     acgagcaaga ggttctgctc acgcatgtcc ccactaacct ggccgagggg ctcccgcccg     82800
     gcttatccgg actccgggca gcctcgcgtg cttcccgtgt ctccgcttgt ggagaatttt     82860
     cggactcgga ttcggactcg gagtcaaagc ccgaagctag gaactcgtcc accgtcagct     82920
     ccgccaggcg cctgcgggtc acgcaggagt cacagctgcc cgcacgccca gctcgcccca     82980
     gccccgctga gaggagcaag aaaagccccc ttggatacag acacccaccg ggaggccaaa     83040
     tcggccctcg gacccgcggc ttacctcttg cggctccccg cagctgccat gacaccaacc     83100
     cgaagcgtgc accccacttc cggccccaga atgccgcgcg gctgcgcact tccgccgccc     83160
     aggccccgcc cctttccccg ccccgccgcg ccacgcccag ccgagtggct ctatggttct     83220
     ccgaccgcaa cgccggcggc ctcagggcgg gagggcgcgt tcgcgtgctc ggtgcgggca     83280
     gccccggtgg ggcccagatg cgcctcccgc tcggcgcccg gctccgtagg acgcggtgac     83340
     gccggtgtcc gccccgggga agaccgggag tcccgccgcg cccgcagccc acccggcgct     83400
     ccgaaggcac gcgcctgcga ggacgccaga ctgcaacggc ggggctccta tgcaaagagc     83460
     tcccacaaat caacaataaa aagcagggag tccagtggaa aacgcgaggg gcagtgggaa     83520
     ccgcactgat gtcgccagct cgacaaaaga cgggcgaccc gagggccagg ctggcttcgc     83580
     ctccgatccg cggagaccgg gccagcgcca cgaacaccac gcagggcgct ccccgtccat     83640
     ggccctctgg gtgccgaccg cggctcttcc cggggacgcc gcacgggacg aagacggtgg     83700
     ggaggccggc gccttccttc ccgctaccag cctgacaccc gggcccccgg gcctggacag     83760
     ccagaccccg cgacaagggc gccgcggggc gcaggcacgg ctcccccagc cctggcgctg     83820
     agggggcgcg tgaggcgaac acgggcggat tggcctcggg gtcccattcg acttcttggt     83880
     gccgcggggc cccggggctc cccggaggag agcaagttag ggggtcgggg gagcggggat     83940
     ggcttccggg ggaggaggag ggcgaggcct ggggggctcc tcggaggagg aagagggcga     84000
     ggcttagggg ggctccttgg aggaggagga gggcgaggct taggagggct cttcggagaa     84060
     acaggagggc gaggcctgtg gggggcttcc cggggaagaa ggaaggcgag acctaggggg     84120
     gcttcccgga ggaggaggag gaggagggct aggccggggg cttcccagag gaggaggatg     84180
     gcggggcctg gggggcttct cggagaagga agatggcgag gcctaggggg gcttctcgga     84240
     ggaggaggag ggcgaggcct ggtggggggc ttcccggagg aggaggatgg cggggtctgg     84300
     gggtgcttct cggaggagga ggcggacccg gggcgcagcg ctggaagaat ccgcgtccaa     84360
     cgtctagtcc ccgaagcctc tcgggaggcg gggcgggcgg cgccgagaaa cagcggctgc     84420
     gggcgggagc ggcgggagtg agcgacacag agcgggccgc caccgccgag cagccctccg     84480
     gcagtctccg cgtccgttaa gcccgcgggt cctccgcgaa tcggcggtgg gtccggcagc     84540
     cgaatgcagc cccgcagcga gcgcccggcc ggcaggacgc agagcccgga gcacggcagc     84600
     ccggggcccg ggcccgaggc gccgccgcct ccaccgccgc agccgccggc gtgagtgggc     84660
     gggggtcggg gcgcgggggg cggcctcggg acctgcgcgg cccccgccct cgcgtccgct     84720
     cgcagaaggg gcgggggccg cttccgaggg ccgggggagg tcgggactca ggtgcggagc     84780
     ggggtcggcc cggagtaggt tccccacccg cgccccgcgc gcccaggacg cgactcccgc     84840
     tgcggtcccg agagggcggc tagggacgcg gaggagctga gctcgtgggg gcgccgggaa     84900
     gcggggccgg acgcggggct ctgttcgcgg ctctgactac gccccagggg agcaggggcg     84960
     cagcggaggc ctggacacgg cgcgctccgg ggcgggggtc cttggcggag gtcaggcgag     85020
     ggctgccggc gcccccgtcg caccaggggc tgggtccccg cgggctgccc gggcccccca     85080
     gcggctccag ggcgggcggg cggctccagc ggggcgaagc ctgacccgcc cgcctcctgc     85140
     agccccgagg cagagcgcac gcggccccgg caggctcggc ccgcagcccc catggaggga     85200
     gccgtgcagc tgctgagccg cgagggccac agcgtggccc acaactccaa gcggcactac     85260
     cacgatgcct tcgtggccat gagccgcatg cgccagcgcg gcctcctgtg cgacatcgtc     85320
     ctgcacgtgg ctgccaagga gatccgtgcg cacaaagtgg tgctggcctc ctgcagcccc     85380
     tacttccacg ccatgttcac aagcaagtac ccgcctgggc ggcgctgggg gctccgtggg     85440
     tccctcgggt cagctcgtgt aacccgctgt ccccgcagat gagatgagcg agagccgcca     85500
     gacccacgtg acgctgcacg acatcgaccc tcaggccttg gaccagctgg tgcagtttgc     85560
     ctacacggct gagattgtgg tgggcgaggg caatgtgcag gtgagggctc cctcacccgg     85620
     atcccggtgt cccccgaccc tgtgcctccc tcacctgcct ctcggtgccc cgtagactct     85680
     gctcccagcc gccagtctcc tgcagctgaa tggcgtccga gacgcttgct gcaagtttct     85740
     actgagtcag ctcgacccct ccaactgcct gggtatccgg ggctttgccg atgcgcactc     85800
     ctgcagcgac ctgctcaagg ccgcccacag gtacgtgctg cagcacttcg tggacgtggc     85860
     caagaccgag gagtttatgc tgctgcccct gaaacaggta acagctggcg ggcccagccc     85920
     tcgcccccca ccccacccca ccccagtctt tgtctttgac tcccgacccc gttttgttcc     85980
     tgacacagcc ctgcccacaa tccttagtgc ctgctgtgtg tccccgagac ctttctggat     86040
     ctgggccccc caggagcctc gtctgtggct cctgactctg ctcggcccct cccagtatga     86100
     acactcagcc cccacctgct aaccctccct cctaggcatc ttcagggctc cctgggtcca     86160
     caggaccctc cccagatctc aggtctgagg acccccactc ccaggttctg gaactggtct     86220
     ctagcgacag cctgaacgtg ccttcagagg aggaggtcta ccgagccgtc ctgagctggg     86280
     tgaaacacga cgtggacgcc cgcaggcagc atgtcccacg ggtgaggcgc ggccgcgggg     86340
     ggctcccaca gcatccagga gggcatgcag gtggctgagg gcctggtgca ccctgacctt     86400
     ccccgagttc agggactccg tgggggtggt gcccccacct gtctgaagaa gaatccatca     86460
     cacaggtggt acgggcatct ggggggttgt ctcagccctg acgcccagtg tgcccgaggg     86520
     tcccgcctga ccttggcgtt ccctgcaccc cagctcatga agtgtgtgcg gctgcccttg     86580
     ctgagccgcg acttcctgct gggccacgtg gatgccgaga gcctggtgag gcaccaccct     86640
     gactgcaagg acctcctcat cgaggccctg aagttccacc tgctgcctga gcagaggggc     86700
     gtcctaggca ccagccgcac acgtccccgg cgctgcgagg gggccgggcc tgtgcttttt     86760
     gctgtgggta tggccccccg cccgtttccc tcttgccctg tgccttctac tccccaccag     86820
     cacaagccca ccccacctgt gccggtcagg tcctgacctg cccctccgcc cctccattca     86880
     ggggcctctc caggagcctg gggtgtggcc cagcagtggg atccactcac gagtcccgtc     86940
     tccacctgcc ctccccaggc ggcgggagcc tgtttgccat ccacggagac tgtgaggcct     87000
     acgacacgcg caccgaccgc tggcacgtgg tggcctccat gtccacgcgc cgggcccggg     87060
     tgggagtggc tgcggtgggg aaccggctct atgctgtggg cgggtaagcc tggaggctgg     87120
     acttgggtcg ggtctggcac gtgcccgcca ggccagtctt gacctgcagt ggcttaattc     87180
     cgctagctat gatgggacct cagacctggc taccgtggag tcctacgacc ccgtgactaa     87240
     cacgtggcag ccggaggtgt ccatgggcac aaggcgaagc tgcctgggtg tggccgcctt     87300
     gcatggactc ctgtactcgg ccggcggcta tgacggggcc tcctgcctga acaggtagtt     87360
     ggggttgggg ccccagtggc tttgtacagt ccatctgcaa gaggcaagtt tgtgtcacca     87420
     tcacaggggt cgtatctgat ggggtgttaa aggaggtgat ccgcgaggcc gtttcacccc     87480
     aggccactgc cacactgggc ctgaactctt ggctttgctg ccccagtgcc ctttcctctc     87540
     tcgggtcctt acccccagtc cagaggctgg gcccaggtgg gtgtgcaccc agggttgttc     87600
     aggcagccag ggtcctgtgc ccaccagcgg gccctgcctg gtaggacttt gcggtctgag     87660
     tttgactcct agggtaagat ttcagccatt ccgctgggga gggcaggtcc tggggccggg     87720
     acgcctttct gtctctgctg agctgtggct gcggtcctgg tgcccacagt gctgaacgct     87780
     acgaccccct gaccggaacg tggacgtccg tcgctgccat gagcacccgg aggcgctatg     87840
     tgcgagtggc cacgcttggt gggtgatggg gcctgcctgg ggggcatccc caccttcccc     87900
     caccgtggag accccactcc cagcaggagt gccacgggtg tgttgacttc cggcagatgg     87960
     gaacctgtat gctgtgggcg gctacgacag ctcctcacac ctggccactg tggagaagta     88020
     tgagccccag gtgcatagtg cacccctcct ggccaccccc tcccgtgcgc cgcggggccc     88080
     tcctccctct gtttacccac atccccccca ttcctgacac cccaccctgg agtcggggct     88140
     gcggcagagg agggatgcca gtggcgggtc tgcgtccagc ccacgccctc gcccccaggt     88200
     gaacgtgtgg tcgcccgtgg cgtccatgct gagccgacgc agctcagcgg gcgtggccgt     88260
     gctggagggt gccctgtacg tggcaggggg caacgacggc accagctgcc tcaactcggt     88320
     agagagatac agtccaaagg ctggagcctg ggaaagcgtg gcgcccatga atatccgcag     88380
     gtccgcagtg gggctgcggg gaggggggcg cgggtccgca gtggggctgt gggaggggtc     88440
     cgcgcgtccg cagtggggat gtgctgcggg gaggggggcg cgggtccgca gtggggatgt     88500
     gctgccggga ggggggcgcg ggtccgcagt ggggatgtgc tgccgggagg ggggcgcggg     88560
     tccgcagtgg ggatgtgctg ccgggagggg ggcgcgggtc cgcagtgggg atgtgctgcc     88620
     gggagggggg cgcgggtccg cagtggggat gtgctgccgg gaggggggcg cgggtccgca     88680
     gtggggatgt gctgtgagaa gggagttctc ccaacctcag cgagcatgtc ccgccaccac     88740
     ccctttttgt ggtgcagccc ctccccccgc atcccttcct gcagccaggg gctcaccccg     88800
     ccttcccccc aggagcacgc atgacctggt ggccatggac ggatggttgt acgccgtggg     88860
     gggtaacgac ggtagctcca gcctcaactc catcgagaag tacaacccga ggaccaacaa     88920
     gtgggtggcc gcatcctgca tgttcacccg gcgcagcagt gtgggtgtgg cggtgctgga     88980
     gctgctcaat ttcccgccgc catcctcccc gacgctgtcc gtgtcctcca ccagcctctg     89040
     acccacctac caccagaggc ctgcagcctc ccacatgcct taaggggacc gtggccccca     89100
     ccagggacgt cctgcgccat ccgttcacgt ctctgcatcc attccttcat gtctttattt     89160
     agttgtttat ttatttagtt atttatctta tttattgagg ggtgaggagt gccacggctg     89220
     cccgtttaca cctttagcgt ctggtcctcc tgcgtgtcct cccctccact gcctgcatgg     89280
     ggggcgcggg gagtgaccag gcgggggcct caccgcccca gggccgttgc ctgctcagac     89340
     cttgcaggct gtggagcaag aggccctggg tctctccaag cagctgcaga ccccagctcg     89400
     aattttgcac atggcggggt cccgggaagg gtggggagca gttgtccttc ctgtcgtcgt     89460
     ctgccgtgtg ccatctttcc tggatcttgt agtgggtgca cacgcgtgca ctgggacccc     89520
     acacagcaat acgagtccaa cttaataaac acatttctgg ggttcctcag gctgagcatc     89580
     tctctctggc atgtggggca gctgcgcaac tttgggtcct gtctggggtc cagggtgagg     89640
     ggtgtggggg ggtgccctga gatgcgcagg catctgggag ctgcaaggca gagctgtgcg     89700
     tccagggagg gtgggggccg tgcagttcct gtggaccagc gtcccagtgt gggtggcgtt     89760
     tgcctgggct gggtactgag gccgaggtcc ccgccacatc gtgggctctg gggttagggc     89820
     tggggaggac agccttgccc ccgagtgcgc tgactgtctt ggccgtctag ggggcatgtg     89880
     gcctccctga gtccccttaa gccttgggga ccctgactcg ggtctgtggc gagggggccc     89940
     aggcaggagg ggaggctgcg gtggctttgg ccgccgtctc ctgtgctgga actcctgcct     90000
     cagccctccc tgcagtcacc ggtgactcgg gccggccaga gtttagatgg aaacaggatg     90060
     tgtgggcacg ttgtcccggg gggcctggaa ggtcgccccg ggttcaccaa gccggagcac     90120
     aagcaggtgg ggtacctctg cacactggag gcctcgtctg ggccagaggg gtgcttgccc     90180
     caaggctggc ctctcgagtg gagggcccag ggcagagacc tgcacggctc aggtaggggc     90240
     caggcctctt ccagaaaggc tccaccctcg cccaggccct ggtgccgggc gggacgtccc     90300
     ggagccccgc ctgcccgcgg gaggcggggg caggaggctg tggacaggga cccagacttg     90360
     ccgacctgta cgactctggc catggggaac agccactgtg tccctcaggc ccccaggagg     90420
     ctccgggcct ccttctccag aaagccctcg ctgaagggaa acaggtgagc ggggcgtggg     90480
     tgcggccacc tgggcgcagg gctcccccac ccgctccggg gccaagccac gagacccctt     90540
     gccttgtccc cagagaggac agcgcgcgga tgtcggccgg cctgccgggc cccgaggctg     90600
     ctcgaagcgg ggacgccgcc gccaacaagc tcttccacta catcccgggc acggtgagcg     90660
     cggcgtgcac ggtggctgtg gtctgggagc gtggctctgc ccgcgcgtgt gtgccgtgtg     90720
     tccgtgcagc tcagggtctt cccctcgccc ccggggcgtt cagaccccgg taggtgagga     90780
     gccgacgctg actgccccgc cctggggagc tcatccggcc gaaagtctga gcggagagcg     90840
     aaaccgcgac gcaggactga gtcagtcggg agagagctgg gcggggcggg ccgcgggcgg     90900
     ggcctcccgg gacctcctcc cgcaggggac cagcgcacgt gtctctgtcg ctgcagtggg     90960
     gcttggggtc gtgccggcag gtagtgtcac ttgagagtaa ggggcctcag atgagcagcg     91020
     agccagccgg tcacctacac cggcctttct ccctgggtgt cccgcaggaa gttgccgctg     91080
     ggtatggccg cctggtccac agcaatccct ctgtgcacgc gccggcctcc tcccagcttg     91140
     ccaaggccat gcagcaagga ggtgtctccc aagcacacac taggccacct ctccgtcaaa     91200
     ggagcagaag accaccccca tgcccacccc ccccccagcc cctgtgggac taagggtctt     91260
     cacagggtag atcccagccc ctttcagatg tgtctggtgc tgggatgagg gaacaggacc     91320
     aggaacctgg gcttcagggc agacaggaac ccccactgca cccccgtcag gcagcctgga     91380
     tgggtgggct ccgctatgtg caggccctag gagcatctgc gggagaggac gcctgccctg     91440
     cactcctggg tccagcagct ggcatggccg tgcagacccc tttgccaaca tgcccccgcc     91500
     aggcaggaag ctcgtgccat accctctcct gacctccaga gtttcagggc tccctgcaga     91560
     caagtactgg tttcggaaac cacgctgcct cagaggagtg ggcagggaga gggagccggg     91620
     ctgggttagg ggtggggtcc ctgtggctgc atctcagaca ccactccctc tgtccaggcc     91680
     caggacatgc agtgtgaccc tggggggtcc tatgaggtgt ggtgggtggc cgtagtggtc     91740
     ctcccttgcc aggacatggt agccacagag gcaacaacct gctgaacctc gggaaatggg     91800
     gctgggggag gagctctggg ccagtcctag agccagtgct ccgcggccct gtacctgggc     91860
     tctgcaccca gtgctgtgag ctggctctac tacggctcca agctgagtcc tccccggggc     91920
     cccgaggctg agctgcgctg cagggccagc tgtgtggccc ttcctggtct gtggcctatt     91980
     tttcatgggt gccaacccgg catcagttcc cacgctgggt gtgggtacag gaggccccac     92040
     ccagaggcag aaggccggga aagccatgcg tctgtctgtt cacattcctg ggcctgctca     92100
     ggggcagcta agcttggcca gggcacagca gctctgcagg tagctctcgc cagctcctag     92160
     aaggaggagg acaccttccc acttggccct gagcctgtgg atcacagagg tctccagccc     92220
     caggttcaca cccgtccctt ttctgacttc caacctggtg atcaaagcct gcatttgtag     92280
     aggactgtgt gtgccaggat tgactacatg tggcgtggat gtggagtccc ctcccctctc     92340
     agcacatgca gtgataccca cagcacatcc caggccctgt cttaggctct ggggacacag     92400
     cagtgaacgg aatagacaac ccctgttctg ctagtgctcc cattcccacg gcagagacac     92460
     acgacgggac aaatcaatag atccagtgag cggggtcagg tcggtgctaa ggagaaaaac     92520
     agaggggatg agtgcagagg atcagggaag gctggaattt tagaaaggct ttcagaaaag     92580
     gaattcttgg agcaggtaat gtctgagcaa agctgcaaag cgggtaagga ggggggtcag     92640
     gactgagcgg tccccaaagc aggaacagaa catgcagcag ccagagagca tgggtctgat     92700
     gtgaggagac agtgaggccg gggcagccac agagacccct cgggggagac ccctcggggc     92760
     actgccagga ccccgttgtc ccctgagtga ggcatacgga gcggccaaca cacagaggat     92820
     cgaccccaga aatctcctca catatttcag gctgggggct ggaaatgggc aacggtgagg     92880
     acactgacac cgaggagatt ggcaaacgtt acaaatcagg gcatcggtgt gtttctgtgt     92940
     ctgttttttg tagaaccagg tgttaagcat ttaccataca atactgcaga cgtgggaggg     93000
     ttttgagtgt tacccagaca cccccaaatt cttctaacaa gtcttcagag gttgaataac     93060
     ccaagccatg ttacacagct taggaaagaa tgaagatggg tttaatccac tgagtccaga     93120
     tctcaccatc tctaccacta gaccaggcag ctctgtgtgg ggaagtgtgt ctgtgtgtgc     93180
     gtgtgtgtgc acaagtgtgt atgtgtgcat gtgtttgcac gtgtatatgt gtgcacacat     93240
     ctgtgtgtat atgcacaggt gtatgtatac gtgtgtgttg gtgtatttgt gtgtgtgtgg     93300
     aaatgtatgc atgtatgcag tgtgcatgtg tgcatgcatg tgtgtgcatg tgtgtatagg     93360
     tgtgcatgtg tatgtgtgca cgtgtgtatg tgcacgtgtg tatgtgtata catgtgtatg     93420
     ggtgtatttg cgtgtggata tgtatgcatg tatgcacgtg tgtgcatatc tgtgtatgtg     93480
     caactgtgta tgtgtgcacg tgtgtatcca tgcatatgtg tgcgtgtgtg tacatgtgtg     93540
     tataagtgcg tatgtgtgtt cccgtgtgta tgcatctgtg tctgtattgt gtggcatgta     93600
     tgtgtctatt gtgtgtgtat gcatgtgtgc gtgtatgcat ttatacatgt gtatgtgtgc     93660
     gcatatatgg atgcatgcat gttgcctgca tgtgcacgta tcgggtgtgt gtgcgtgtac     93720
     gtgtacacga atatgcatgt atgcatatat gtatgcacgt gtgtgtaaat tctgccgtga     93780
     ctgttttcct gtggaaaggc tgagtgtgca ggttctgtgc ctgtgggggg ctgttcttca     93840
     cgtatgtgtt gtgtggctgt gcacaggttc tgtgcctgtg gggggctgtt cttcacgtat     93900
     gtgttgtgtg gctgtgcaca ggttctgtgc ctgtgggggg ctgttcttca cgtatgtgtt     93960
     gtgtggctgt gcacaggttc tgtgcctgtg gggggctgtt cttcacatat gtgttgtgtg     94020
     gctatgcaca ggcagaccat gctatagtcc tgtagctgtg tggatgcgag cggagggggt     94080
     ggggggccca ggggaggccc cctcccctga gctctactcc tcctaggaca tcctggacct     94140
     ggagaaccag cgagaaaacc tggagcagcc attcctgagt gtgttcaaga aggggcggcg     94200
     gagggtgcct gtgaggaacc tgggaaaagt tgtgcattac gccaaggtcc agctgcggtt     94260
     ccagcacagc caggtggggg ccgggctggg tggagcacgc taagggtgca gcatccccat     94320
     cagcctgggg ctccccagac tccgcactga cgaccctgct ccccgcgcag gatgtcagcg     94380
     actgctacct ggagctattc cccgcccacc tgtacttcca ggcccacggc tcggaaggac     94440
     tcacatttca ggtgaggcgg tgggcaatgg ggtggggcca tggccgccct tccctccatg     94500
     gatccctgaa gctcctccta ccctgtgcct ggcaggggct gttaccgctg acggagctga     94560
     gtgtctgccc gctcgagggg tcccgagagc acgccttcca gatcacaggt gtttgggatg     94620
     cttcccgggc ccccagaggc actcctgacc caggacttgg agaggggcct gccctgtggc     94680
     tgcggagcac gtgtgtgtat gtgtgtgccc tctctgccct gcccgcaggc ccactgcccg     94740
     cacccctcct ggtgctctgc cccagccggg ccgagctgga ccgctggctt taccacctgg     94800
     agaagcagac ggccctcctc ggggggccgc ggcgctgcca ctcggcaccc ccacaggtca     94860
     gtgccgggga ccccaccccc ctccccaccc tgatcctcgc agccggctct gacctcctcc     94920
     tcacaggggt cctgcggaga cgaactcccc tggactttgc agcgccgtct aacccggctg     94980
     cggacggcgt cagggcacga acccggcggc agtgctgtct gtgcctcgag ggtcaagctg     95040
     cagcacctgc ccgcacaggt gggtgggagg tgcgtggggc tgtaggggga tgggaggggt     95100
     gcatggtggt gggcagggcg gtgcaacagc agctcagttc cctcatcgcc tgaccccacc     95160
     cccacccacc caggagcagt gggaccggct cttggtcctg tacccaacgt ccttggccat     95220
     tttctccgag gagctggacg ggctttgctt caaggtgggc ccctccccac tgtgggcccg     95280
     ccccagggag gcagctgtgt gggggtggga gggggcagcc atgcaggagg aacctgtatt     95340
     tcggggcttg ttgagacaga gcgcagggcc ctgcccaccc agcccgcggt cctggtcagt     95400
     ctggtctccg ctgtgacatg gaggagcccc tgcccgccct gaggttctca ccctgaggtt     95460
     cttgaccgtc accctggggc gggcagcatg gggctgagag cccctcccgg ggactccctt     95520
     gtgtgtgcct gcccgtgagg cgtgtgtgtg cacacgtgcg tgtgcgtgtg tcctccaggg     95580
     cgggctccgg gaagggggtg tgcactcacg gtaaccttca gtcactgagg aacaaacaca     95640
     gggccctccc catggttcac ccggcccaac ttcttctctg gggaccccaa gaggccagtc     95700
     ctgtggcttt gtgtgtctgc ccctagccgg cgaaggcccc cgcgccaggg ttggtggtag     95760
     ccccaggaga catgggaccc actggcctcc ctcagggtgg tggcctcggt gcccagctct     95820
     ccaagtaccc agccaagctc tggagggcaa gagggtggga tgaggccagg cggggccccg     95880
     gggctgcccc tacaaaggcc tggccctcaa tctctgctcc gcagggggag ctcccactcc     95940
     gtgccgtcca catcaacctg gaggagaagg agaagcagat ccgctccttc ctgattgaag     96000
     gtagggccct gaccctggtt ctgcctcccg cctggccagg ccatggtggg gcgggagcct     96060
     gggggacgcc cgactcttta gtgggggcgc tgaggggtgc acccccccgc cagcccctca     96120
     cagcatctgt atgccaggcc ccctcatcaa caccatccgc gtggtgtgcg ccagctacga     96180
     ggactacggt cactggctgc tgtgccttcg cgctgtcacc cacagggagg gggccccgcc     96240
     gctgcctggt gccgagagct tcccagggtc gcaggtgagg ggtcaatagg ccccacagcc     96300
     caggtcctgg gcagtggtaa aaagggggca gcagaccggg cgtggtggcg cacgcctgta     96360
     atcccagcat tttaggaggc tgaggcgggc ggatcatttg aggtcagggg ttcgagatca     96420
     gcctgaccga cgtggagaaa ccctgtctct attaaaaata caaaaaaatt agccgggcat     96480
     ggcggtacat ccctgtaacc ccagctactc aggaggctga ggcaggagaa tcgcttgacc     96540
     aggaggcgga ggttgcagtg agccgagatc gtgccactgt actgcagcct gggcgacaga     96600
     ataagacttc gtcccaaaaa gataaaaggg gggacagcac ggtgggtcca ggcaggggcg     96660
     ggtggggagg gggtccagcc ctcactcacc cccactcact gcccatccag gttatgggca     96720
     gtggccgagg ctcactctcc tcaggcggac agaccagctg ggactcgggg tgcttggcgc     96780
     ccccctccac ccgcaccagc cactccctgc ctgagtcctc agtgccatcc accgtgggct     96840
     gctcctccca gcacacaccg gtgagcgctt acggggtggc agacgaaagt ggggcagaag     96900
     gctgtcgggt aggtgtgtgt tggggaccct ggttcctcag gggaactcag actggaggga     96960
     gccccttgca gcctcagaga gttgcacggg agaggggcca aagggctctt cctggaaggt     97020
     ttgtggtccc cacaggacca ggccaactct gaccgtgcca gcattggccg acggaggacc     97080
     gagctgagac gcagtggcag cagccggtca cccgggagca aggcccgggc agagggccgc     97140
     ggccctgtca ccccactgca cctggacctg acccaggtgg gcccagcaca cccacacagc     97200
     ccctggcctg gttcccaccg ttccgcacca ctggtctctg tctctgggcc cagttgtcct     97260
     ggagccaccc agaggcctct tgcacagaga aggggtggcc taggctgttt ctagccgaga     97320
     agcccatttc tcccacctct gccctgcagc tgcacaggct gagcctggag agcagcccag     97380
     atgcccctga ccacacttcg gaaacatcac actcgcccct ctatgccgac ccctacacac     97440
     cacccgccac ctcccaccgc agggtcacag atgtccgggg cctggaggag gtcaggcccc     97500
     tgctgggtga cagaaagggt gggaggtgcc tgcagcctga ggctggggag gtctagaccg     97560
     tgcgtctcac cctggggtct ggggctgccc caagcctgag gtctgttcag gctctgatgg     97620
     gaggttgagg ttctgggggc ccctggctgc cacccaggcc ccagccctgg ctctccctgc     97680
     agttcctcag tgccatgcag agtgcacgtg gacccacgcc ctcgagccca ctcccctcgg     97740
     tgcctgtgtc tgtgcctgcc tctgaccctc gctcctgctc ctccggcccc gctggcccct     97800
     acttgctctc caagaaggga gccctgcagt ccagagccgc tcagagacac cggggctcag     97860
     ccaaggatgg ggggccgcag cccccagacg cccctcagct tgtgagtagc agcccccacg     97920
     cccgtgtgcc ccgggctccg ggctggccgg gggtctggtg tggggcctct tgggactctg     97980
     agggagcagg gagggaaaca ggaggacggg ggcagatgga ggccaggggg gccagtaggg     98040
     agttggggag atgggactgg ggagggagag cagggggaca tggggggctg cacagtgaca     98100
     ggccgcctcc aagctccctg cctggggctg tgcccggctc tcagacttgc ggtttggggt     98160
     tccaggtctc ctctgccagg gaaggttcgc ccgaaccctg gctgcctctg acaggtgagt     98220
     aaggatcctg cctcctgagg tgagtgcctg ttgcctccca caggctgaca catctctgcc     98280
     ttccctacca gatggtcggt cccccaggag gagccgggac cccggctacg accacctctg     98340
     ggacgagact ttgtcttcct cccaccagaa gtgcccccag cttggagggc ctgaggccag     98400
     tggggggctt gtgcagtgga tctgatggcc gcggtgaggt gggttctcag gaccaccctc     98460
     gccaagctcc agggtacctg cccctctaac ccacttcaaa ttacaagtca gggtctgaac     98520
     ccagtgtgat ggggggagtc tctggggccc tgagttcaga gcccgtccct cagctcctgt     98580
     tccttggtgc cagcagctgg ggcagggaag ggtgggaggg gccccatcca aaggatgccc     98640
     tggccagcga ggctgggtca caggtcaggg aggtcctggc cgtccacagg gtcggccctc     98700
     agctcagccc gccaggagtc agggaggaga ctcgctggga gtgggagggc agcacgggcg     98760
     tgaaggtcgg aggacagaga aaggtcagca gggtcagagt atgtgaggtc agagggcatg     98820
     agggtcacag gtcagcaagg tgtgaggagc acaagccagg gtgccccgag gaggagggtg     98880
     ggtgggtcct tgtgtggcct ggcgcgcacc acagggcagc acgggagacg ttgacaccac     98940
     cggacgagaa agaaaaaaga gagaagagag agaggagaag agagaaaaga agagaagaga     99000
     gaagagaaga gaaggaaaga gagagagaga ataagaaaag gaagaaagaa aaagaaaaga     99060
     tagaatttta ttggtgctgc atccatgtgt tctctgctca gcagccaggg tctcccacag     99120
     tcttgaggac ccccacccag cacccagcca ggcagccccc ttcctctgcc acctcgggcc     99180
     cctcaccgac cttcccacct catctctgac tcctcttggc tgtgggtccc cagctgcccc     99240
     acaggagccc ccgggacaac cccaggagcc cagccctcca tctgaggcca ccgaattctc     99300
     cctctgcacc tgcacccagg gctcccgggg aggggctcgc ggctctgcca cagaccccca     99360
     ccctgcaggg gctgctgcac tggggagggg caggcagagc cttcgctgtc tcaggccaga     99420
     gcccgcagag gccttggcca cagtcctttg aggatcaaga gtgatgggcc ttggagccct     99480
     tgccagccca gcccacctgt gaggaggctg cccatcccct ctttgaggcc accctgtgtc     99540
     ctctcccctg cctctgccca gagctccagc cggagtgtct tgctgctcag acccctccga     99600
     ggtccaagtc ctgtcctgcc actcagctcc ccctgcaccc cagaagaaac gcagggtgcg     99660
     gttgcatttg atttcagata aacaacaact tcttagtaaa atgacctccc cactattgcc     99720
     tgtctgaaat taaccgaatg ccctgtgttc tcatctgtga atctggccac cctcctaccc     99780
     agccacctgc ctgccctcca cccacccaga ctttagcacc tccctcccag gcgtggggag     99840
     tggccgtggt cactggctgg atcctcaggt gagtcggagg gagcagcacc aggacacgcc     99900
     cccctcctgg acgcggtaga agagaggggt cagagggccc gggcgagggc ggcacctcgt     99960
     cctgccctgg gcgcctgtgg tcgtctcctc atcctgcatc tccctggccc gggcctggct    100020
     cctaggagct ggggctgggg ctgtggctgc ggcgcccttg ccccacctgc cggcggaagt    100080
     agcggatggc agagatggtg ccgacgttgg ccagcaaggc tgcaagagaa gcacaggctc    100140
     ttctgagggc cagcctggct gtcggcaccg tctgcccgca agacccagcc ctcaaagggc    100200
     gggcaaggtc ggtgcggcca gggccgcagc tcagcctggg gggagcaggt caggggtgag    100260
     ccccggggcc cccgtgcacc cctcgtcctg ccagcgcccc tcggtctggc ttctaggcgc    100320
     agctccctct gcccccaggc acccaaacct gttttccagg cgtctggggt atgcggatct    100380
     gacgtcctca cagcccaggt ggcaaaagct acaaacacca ggcacatgtc attctggctg    100440
     aaggcaaatg atgggacagg cccccggagc tcccctagga cagaagctca ccttcagccc    100500
     cacggctgca ctcagagatg gccccgcaca cgcccgcccc gggaaccgcc tgcccccacc    100560
     cccaccaacc ccgggaaccg cctcccactc cccccgccaa ccccgggaac cgcctcccac    100620
     tccccccgcc aaccccggga accgcctccc actccccccg ccaaccccgg gaaccgcctc    100680
     ccactccccc cgccaacccc gggaaccgcc tcccactccc cccgccaacc ccgggaaccg    100740
     cctcccactc cccccgccaa ccccgggaac cgcctcccac tccccccgcc aaccccggga    100800
     accgcctccc actccccccg caaccccggg aaccgcctcc cactcccccc gcaaccccgg    100860
     gaaccgcctc ccgctccccc caccaacccc gggaaccgcc tcccgctccc cccaccaacc    100920
     ccgggaaccg cctcccgctc cccccgcaac cccgggaacc gcctcccgct ccccccacca    100980
     accccgggaa ccgcctcccg ctccccccac caaccccggg aaccgcctcc cgctcccccc    101040
     accaaccccg ggaaccgcct cccgctcccc ccaccaaccc cgggaaccgc ctcccaccac    101100
     cccgccaacc ccgggaaccg cctgccccca ccgaccaacc ccgggaaccg cctcccactc    101160
     cccccgcaac cccgggaacc gcctcccgct ccccccacca accccgggaa ccgcctcccg    101220
     ctccccccac caaccccggg aaccgcctcc cgctcccccc accaaccccg ggaaccgcct    101280
     cccgctcccc ccaccaaccc cgggaaccgc ctcccgctcc ccccaccaac cccgggaacc    101340
     gcctcccgct ccccccacca accccgggaa ccgcctcccg ctccccccac caaccccggg    101400
     aaccgcctcc cgctcccccc accaaccccg ggaaccgcct cccgctcccc ccaccaaccc    101460
     cgggaaccgc ctcccgctcc ccccaccaac cccgggaacc gcctcccgct ccccccacca    101520
     accccgggaa ccgcctcccg ctccccccgc aaccccggga accgcctgcc cccaccgacc    101580
     aaccccggga accgcctccc acccccacca accccgggaa ccgcctccca atccccccaa    101640
     ccccgggaac tgcctcccac ccccaccaac cccgggaacc gcctcccaat ccccccaacc    101700
     ccgggaactg cctcccacca cccccaaccc cgggaaccgc ctcccactcc ccccgcaacc    101760
     ccgggaaccg cctcccacca ccccgcaacc ccgggaaccg cctgccccca ccgaccaacc    101820
     ccgggaaccg cctcccaatc cccccaaccc caggaaccgc ctcccaaccc cccccaaccc    101880
     caggaaccgc ctcccaaccc cccccaaccc caggaactgc ctgccccggg agccgcttcc    101940
     cccgcaaccc cgggaaccac ctgccccgca cacggccgcc ccgggaaccg cctgcctccc    102000
     cctccaaccc caggaaccgc ctgccccacc ctaaccctgc acactcttgg cctgggaact    102060
     gcctgccccg cacacgcccg ccccgggaac cgcctgcccc agatacatcc atcatgggac    102120
     atgtctgtcc taagatacat ttgtgctgga cacgtctacc ctggacacgt cttcccgaaa    102180
     cccctctgtc atggacacgt cttcctgaga actggttgcc ccgggaaccg cctgccccgg    102240
     gaaccgcccg ccctggacgc gtctgtcgga gtcacatcgc ccccgtgctt cttctgcctg    102300
     agatttgggt gacctggttg agttgggcca gtttggggga actgccagtg gaggccccgt    102360
     gttctggtct gtaaagcatc tcccagagga catcagtgtg agatgggcct cgtagagtgc    102420
     ctgaccctga aggtagccag gcctgggcgg gaaccctgcc agaggctggg ggagggacgc    102480
     cgccgtcaca tgggcccgaa cacagggcaa cggcggcgca gagccaaccc cctgaacaac    102540
     ccgggtgctt ggactgggcc gccccatctg gactgtgtgc tgggatgact gggggctggt    102600
     ccccaggctc ccctgctagg ggatgaccca agcccggcct gcccggcccc tgcggccccc    102660
     tgcttggcca agatccctgg acagtgtgtg cctgggatct ggacgggctg tgggatccga    102720
     gagcacgtac ctgcccgtct aagagccagg tggagccgct ctaccacggc tggcttgagg    102780
     ggggtcccag gccccgcccc ctcggaggcc gaccggggag gctccagggc ctgcagtggg    102840
     agcgggacag ccggccccag cacgccctca agcctgtcct ccccgaagaa gaagtgttca    102900
     tagacctcag ggatggagat gggcacgggg tctccaggta tgggggccgg cacaggatca    102960
     gctctcggga gcggctccgg ggacccccgc cgcctcgacc tctgggctcc aacgtctggg    103020
     aagaagaact cgcacatgtc cggccactgg acgcctgccg gatcctgacc ggccgctgcc    103080
     gcctcagcct cttcgttctc ctcgatggtg tcacagaaga agaactcgta ggcctccggg    103140
     agggtcacgg caaagctgct cccgggcccg accctcgtca cggcagaggg aggggggcga    103200
     ggcaggtgct tgaggatccg aggctggtgg ggccggggcc cgacagccac agcctcccag    103260
     gctccgggcc ccccgtgggc cccagttgct gtctgggggg ctgagggccg ggctgaggcc    103320
     tgtcctgagc ctggcttatt ggggctgggc ccagccacgg agaagcgcac tttcttcttc    103380
     ctggggactt gggtgagacc cagtgcgggt gccccagagc agcatccggg ggcccctgct    103440
     gagggctcag acacaaccgc ctccatctcc accacatcag gcccagctct gcgggtggga    103500
     ggccaggcga ggccagcggc gtcggctctg ggaacaggtg tagacacaag cccgctggac    103560
     tcggtcatcc tcggcacagc ctccgagaca ggtggagatg aagccacctc tagcttagcc    103620
     actgggcctg ctgtaggcaa ggccacatcc aggccatgtt tggaggcagg tgtggacaca    103680
     gccacgtccg tgtccaattg tggcttggag atgggtgtag acagagccac actggactga    103740
     ggctcagaag ctggtgtaga cacagccgtg tcagattgcg gcttggaggc aggtatagac    103800
     acagccatgt ccctgtcagg ttgcggctca gaggcaggtg tagacacagc catgtccgtg    103860
     tcaggttgcg gctcagaggc aggtgtagac acagccatgt ccctgtcaga ttgcggctcg    103920
     gaggcaggtg tagacacagc catgtccctg tcaggttgcg gctcggaggc aggtgtagac    103980
     acagccatgt ctgacttagc ccttgagaca tctgggaggg cttcccagac agtcgtggac    104040
     actgtgtgca gcttggctcg gcgcggggtt ctgatttggt ctgtgccttg ctctgtcaca    104100
     gggacaggtg tagacaggcc caaacctggc cctggtctgt cttcctgcac aggggacctg    104160
     gggccaggct caggagctcc tgcaggacct ggccccaact cctcctgccc ggctttggcc    104220
     atcagctttg ccgtctcagg actggccgca gggagcagcg gggagcccgt ctgggcagaa    104280
     gcagaggctc ctgtgtgccc accccccttg gcacccacag ctcgcctctt ctttcggctg    104340
     gggctccgtg gtggggctcc agggctatcg gggggcctct gggagccagt gctgtggcca    104400
     ggggacttgg gactcccagg gggctcacca gggggccgtg gggcagggcc ctgcagaagc    104460
     ctctgcatct ggtctccaga agacgccgga ccagggcagg atgagaactg gctgggaggg    104520
     ctggcgccgg ggccgaggga cggtggagct tctgcccgtg cggacgtgct gggtgtctgc    104580
     tgaccggtcc ccagggccaa gacaggctca ccctgagacc tgctgaccgg ctgctgtgtg    104640
     gccacgtcct cctcctcgca gccccgccgg ctccgccctc ctgcagctag ctgcccagtt    104700
     gggagaggtg gggccctggg gggactgctg ccactgctgt ccccttggtc aatgtcactg    104760
     gacaagagct cgtccccaga ggccaggccg gcctgcagga ggccacactc atcggcggtg    104820
     gctgagaact cggcccagtc ctggtcactc agctggacgc tgtactggaa attttccatg    104880
     tggagtcagc agaggcactg gagggtagca gaatgggtcc ggtggggtct tcatgggttc    104940
     aggccccggg caccaccctg cacatgccgc ccctgcccca cgagacctgg gagctcccac    105000
     cgcctcgggg ctccatccat gccctgaaag gaagagaaca gcatctcgag gggagggccg    105060
     cgcttccttc aaacctagtg gtgacgattt ccaagttaga agatccccag ctcccatgac    105120
     cctagttccc aacgcacccc aaatgatagc tgtgtgatga tgcggtgtta cattcctaga    105180
     atcaaggatg attttctacc agtgaagcta taaaaccagc cgtcctcagg tttgaatgct    105240
     ctttcccatc acacctcagc tggggcagcc tcacctcctc caccttctgc cagagctgtc    105300
     tttgcacggc aaagcacctt tcagggtcca cccgatggga ccagtgccct cgggggtggg    105360
     cagccctggt ccatcccagt gcgccccagc tggcagccgg ccacaggaaa ggtttacagg    105420
     gcccagcagg tgcccagccc tcggcgatga ccttccgatc gccttggctg ggccaggcta    105480
     ttctctgagc tcaccaggtg gtgctggcca gagctggccc aagtcagcac ggagagcctg    105540
     ggcaggaggt gcaggctgcg gtgggtctct tgacccagca gccacctcgg gccgtcctcg    105600
     aggtctgcac cacgatccag gcctgcccgg ctgcccgggg tgccttcctt tgccccgtct    105660
     cagagaagca aggagaccct agccagctgt cgggtctacc cctagagggg gccgccctcg    105720
     gcctcaggtc agcccctctg gacccagggg tgggaagtca ctttggtggg gacggtcctg    105780
     agacggaggc cagggcatgg tggcttccca cccactgacc ttcgccctcc tctctggtct    105840
     cttgagaagc ctctgtgggg gttgttacca ttggggcccc ttgggtcagg agccagcagc    105900
     tgaccatgtc ctacctgggt cccggcggcc gagctgggcg tctgagctgc ccgtcctggg    105960
     tcggcatggt gctaggctgt ggctgcacag gctcctcccc ctgtgccaaa aataccacgt    106020
     ccctgtggcc acatgagact cgtgccagcc atcagggtcc aggccacaaa tagatggcat    106080
     ttgagggccc tccagctaca gtacatgagg acgacttcct ggcacggggc cgggctgagg    106140
     tggggtcaga cacgggccgg aggacgctga ccagcaggca gcaccgctca gttcccgtgc    106200
     ctccgccacc cgcggtgaaa cctcagacct gccctccctg ccgcccctgg aatgttcctg    106260
     gcctgcttct gagatggcct ctgtgtcccg gccagggctt gtgcctcccg gtcctgacct    106320
     ctggggctca tgtgagggtg agtgacgcca gggagcgtca gcgtcagagc ccccacgcct    106380
     ggctccgctc agctgcaccc tccaggccgt cctgaccttg gggttcacgg tgcccattcc    106440
     caggcaggtt ccgagccaga ggggacaaga ggacagggcg agggatccaa caataaacat    106500
     ccgatcaaac aggcaggtga gctcagctcc gatggcagca cgtcctgaga aagaagtagg    106560
     gagaggcgtg gctggagggg ccggagacct ctctaaggag gaggcttgga ccgagaagct    106620
     cctgagagtt cagggcacga tactaggaga ctggggtgtg cgccgtgagg ggtggcagtg    106680
     agagctgggc gtgcagaaag tgcatgcctg gtgccatacg atgcttttcc agaaagtagc    106740
     tgccacgaga ccacaggaca aggcgtcccg ccacgcaggg ccggcctgac ttgagctttc    106800
     acaagtggaa tcgcaccctg catccctttc tgcatctgtg tcctcgggcc cacgccgtgc    106860
     tctggagaca gctgccatga gggccgcggg cgactgcccg ggcgggtgag gctgtcctgt    106920
     gtgaacgtgc cacgcggctg tgccgtttcc cgtgggtggc gatgtgggtc gtttccagtt    106980
     tgcagctacc acacacggtg cggctgtgaa tatctgggaa cattcctttc ggcgaacctc    107040
     tcacatttcc aggacgcttg gggtcagcgt cagaaggtgc cgccccgttc cccaggtggc    107100
     tgcgtggccg tgctccaggc tggagtttcc caggagctgc gcatctgctt ctgtgtggcg    107160
     tctctcggct gcggccgcct ccctgtgcct cctccctgtg ggtctgtagg agtccttacg    107220
     tattctggac gagctcttca ttgaactctt gtactgggga atcttctccc tctctgcctc    107280
     ctctttccac cctcataacg gtacctttct ttgcttgttt gtttgtttga gacggagttt    107340
     cactcttgtc gcccaggctg atgtgcaatg gcaaaatctc agctcactgc aacctccgcc    107400
     tcccaggttg aagagattct cctgcctcag cctcctgagt agctgggatt acaggcaggc    107460
     gccaccatgc ccggctaatt ttgtattttt agtagggacc aggtttctcc atgtttccca    107520
     ggctgctctc aaactcctga cctcaggtgt gagccaccgc gcccggccta ttccttcatt    107580
     taaaaaaaaa cttcactgtg tcgcctttca cgctcggctc tgccacacac ttggcattga    107640
     cttctgtgag aggtgggagg tggggggcac gggactcctg tcttcacgtg gacgctcagc    107700
     tgacccagca gcacatcctg ggtggcatgc acgtggcatc cgggccccac gtggaccatc    107760
     acgagatgag aaggctttgg ggcttgggac aggagaggca gggaggccga cggcaaggct    107820
     gtggccaggg agctgtgcga ggaggtctag ggtggcggag ggaggggccc taccctgagg    107880
     ccttttcatg acgagctgtc actggagttg gcctgaggct tcaggggaag cccttccctg    107940
     tatccagccc agtcatgacc cttcctggtg ggagggtggc tgtaggatga ggaatagtca    108000
     gggcccccct gcacttcagg cagcagcacc cctcagtcca gggaggagga ataacccagt    108060
     tctacggtgg aggcagagac cagacccggg cctggggggc aagtcggggg gcggggggag    108120
     gtcgggcagg gtcccctggg aggatgggga cgtgctgtgc ccctagcggc caccagaggg    108180
     caccaggaca ccactgcggt cggctcagcg gctcctgccc tggtcagggg gcgccaggtc    108240
     ctgcccctcc tggggagggc ggggggcgag aagggcgatt ctgggggcgg ttgctcggct    108300
     ccctttcctg aagccatgtg gcccgggtga aagtcccgga ccttgagaca gtcggggagc    108360
     tgatccatga gcaaccatcg catgccgggt acagccgcaa acaatgtaca cagctgcgga    108420
     attatttttc tttctttttt cttttctttc ttttttcctt cttatttatt tatttattta    108480
     tttatttatt tatttattta tttatttgag atggggtttc gctctgtcgc ccagactgga    108540
     gtgcagtggc gcaatcccag ctcactgcag cctccacctc ccaggctcaa gtgatcctcc    108600
     agcctcagcc ttctgagtag ctgggatcac agtcgccatc gccaagcccg gcctcctttt    108660
     cattttttat agctttattg aagtataatt aacacgtaat acacttcaag tatttattta    108720
     tttaactatc tatctatcta tcgtttgaga cggagtctca ctctgtcgcc caggctggat    108780
     ggagtgcagt ggctccatct cggctcacta caacctccgc ctcccgggtt ccagcgattc    108840
     tcctgcctca gactcctgag tagctgggac cacaggcgcc caccgtgtcc ggagaatttt    108900
     tgtattttta gtagagatgg ggttttgcca tgttggccag gctggtctcg aactcctgat    108960
     ctcaagtgat ctgcccgcct tggcctccca aagtgctgga atgacaggtg tgagccgccc    109020
     cggtcttcaa gtatttaaaa tgtgcagttc gctaggtttg gacacatata cccccgggag    109080
     ccaccacaaa cgtctccaac actcccaaac gttcctttgg ccccttggtg attctttccc    109140
     tccccacact caggcaaccc cgaatccgct gtccctgcag agtaagttgc attggctaga    109200
     attgtccgct gggcccttct tcgtacagga cagaaaagta caacacgcct gtcctctgtg    109260
     acagcgtttc ttagagattc acccacactg tggtatatgt caattgttgc ttttcataca    109320
     aagtgttcca ttgttggata cactacagtt tctgtatcca tgcctctctt gatggacatt    109380
     tggattattt ctagtttggg gctatcacag gtaaaactgc tacgaacatt tgtgtacaag    109440
     tgtttgtact gtgaaaggaa agtgaatttt gggacccccc aaatcactga gccaaatgga    109500
     aaagtcaagc tggcaactgc ttagggccca cctgcctccc gttctattct ttaaaaagac    109560
     agcttctaag atttaaataa taaacagctg cctccctccc tcaggacgtg ttcacagggg    109620
     aactccttgc agacacagga tgagcagaat tcaaagccgt tcctctgctt gctgagatga    109680
     gtgaacatct aatcagaaac tcaaaagaat gcgaccctct gttttatcac ctgtgacctg    109740
     gaagccctct cccctcttca aattgtctcg cttcttggga ctgaaccaat gtacatctta    109800
     cacatattat tgaagtctca tgtcttccta aaatgtagaa aacccagctg taccccggcc    109860
     acctcgggca caggtcgtca ggacctcctg aggccgtgtc acgggcacgt ccctaacctt    109920
     taaccttggc aaaatcaact ttctttcttt tttttttgag acagagtctg gctctgtcgc    109980
     ccaggctgga gtgcagtggc gccatctcgg ctcactgcaa gctccgcctc ccgggttcat    110040
     gccattctcc tgtctcagcc tcccgagtag ctgggactac aggcacccac caccacgccc    110100
     agctaatttt ttagtatgtt tagtagagac ggggtttcac cgtgttagcc aggatggtct    110160
     cgaactcctg acctcgtgat cagcccgcct cggcctccca aagtgctggg attacaggcg    110220
     tgagccaccg cgcccggcct ggcaaaatca actttctaaa tggattcaga cctgtctcag    110280
     atacctgggg ttgaccgtgt ggacacatgc tttcatttct cttgggtaca tactcggaat    110340
     tggagtggct agatcatatg ataggtatat gtttaacttt ttgagaaact gccagaccgt    110400
     cttccagtgt ggttgtacaa ttatttattc ccactagagg ttccaggctc cgtgtcctcg    110460
     tcctcaccca cactcagcgc gggacagctt tgtaattcag tcatcccagt aggcgctcat    110520
     tctggtttta atttgcattt ccttaatgat gaacaacact gggcatcttc tcacgtgtgc    110580
     atttgttatc catgtatctt ctttggtaaa aagactgatc aaatattttg tccattttat    110640
     tttatttgag acagagcctc actctgttgc ccaggctgga atgaagcagt gagatcttgg    110700
     ctcactgcaa cctccacccc ctgggttcaa gtgattgttc cacctcagct tcccgagtag    110760
     ctgggattac aggtgctgac accacacctg gctaattttt gtatttttag tagggacggg    110820
     gttttaccat gttggccagg ctggtctcaa actcctgact tcaagtgatc tgcctgcctc    110880
     ggcctcccaa agtgctagga ttacaggtgt gagccactgt ggttagccta ttttgtccat    110940
     tttaaaaatt agtttgtggc ctggtgcggt ggctcacacc tgtaatccca gcaatttggg    111000
     aggccgaggc aggcagatca cttgaggtca ggagtttgag accagcctgg ccaacatggt    111060
     aaaaccctgt ctctacaaaa aattaaatta gaaataaaaa ttaggttgtt ttcttatttt    111120
     tgagtttgca gaattctttt tttttttttt ttgagagttt gactcttgtt gcccaagctg    111180
     gagtgcagtg gcacgatctc agctcacagc aacctccgcc tcccaggttc aagcaattct    111240
     cctgcctcag cctcctcaga agctgggatt acaggcgcgt gccaccacgc cctctggcta    111300
     attttttgta tttttagtag aaacggggtt tcaccatgtt ggccaggctg gtctcgaact    111360
     cctgacctga ggtgatccac ccaactcggc ctcccaaagt gctgggatta caggcctgag    111420
     ccactgcacc agcccaggtt tctttacata ttctgcatgt aagtctttta tcagatatgt    111480
     gatttatttt cttccagcct gtggtttgtc ttttcttgtc tttttttgag atggtgtctt    111540
     gctccattgc ccaggctgga gtgcagtggc atgatctcag ctcactgcaa cctccgcctc    111600
     ccgggttcaa gtgattctcc tgcctcagcc ttctgagtag ctgagactac aggcacccac    111660
     gaacacaccc ggataatttt tgtatttttg gtaaagatgg agtttcacca tgttggccag    111720
     attggtctcg aactcctgac ctcaggtgat ccgcccacct cagcctccca aagtgctggg    111780
     attacaggcc tgagccgccg cgcccagtct tttcatgttt ttaacactgt gtcttgaaaa    111840
     agagttcatg cttaacaatg aggatacaca aaattttttt aaaaaagaaa aagaaaagtt    111900
     cttcctttta atgaagtcta atttgcccat ttttcttgat gtattattct tttggtgtcg    111960
     tatctaagaa atctttgcct aaaggtcaca aagattttta aagttttctc caaaaagttt    112020
     tatggttaga ttttgcattt aggactatga tctattttta gttaatttgt gtatatggtg    112080
     tgaggtaaga atctgttaat ttatttgcat atggatatac agttgttttt gaaccactgt    112140
     tgaaaagact ctcccggccg ggcgcagtga ctcaagcctg taatcccagc actttgggag    112200
     gctggggtgg gtggatcatg aggtcaggag ttggagacca gcctgaccaa catggtgaaa    112260
     ccctgtttct actaaaaata caagaattag ctgggtgtgg tggcatgcgc ctataatctc    112320
     agctactcag gaggctgagg caggagaatt ccttgaattc gggaggtgga ggttgcagtg    112380
     agccgagatc gcaccattgc actccagcct gggtgacaga gggagactcc atctcaaaaa    112440
     aaaaaaaaaa gaaagaaaag aaaagaaaag actctccttt ctctattgaa ttgtctttgt    112500
     caaaagcagc tgaccatcca tccatgggct ggcccatttc tggagttctg ggttgattgt    112560
     ttctggagtt cggggttgat tgtttctggc gtttagggtt gattgtttct ggcgttcagg    112620
     gttgattgtt tctggagttc agggttgata gtttctggag ttctgggtgg agtgtttcgg    112680
     gagttctggg ttgattgttt ctggggttca gggttgattg tttctggagt tcagggttga    112740
     ttatttctgg tgttctgggt taattgtttc tggagttcag ggttgattgt ttctggagtt    112800
     tggggttgac tgtttctgga gttctgggtt gattgttcct ggagttcagg gttgattgtt    112860
     tctggagttt ggggttgact ttctggagtt cgtggttgat tgtttctaga gtttggggtt    112920
     gattgtttct ggagttcgtg gttgattgtt tctggagttc tgggttgact gtttctggag    112980
     ttcagggttg attgtttctg gaatttgggg ttgattgttt ctggagttct gggttgattg    113040
     tttctggagt tctgggttga ttgtttctgg agttctgggt tgattttttc tggagttcag    113100
     ggttgattgt ttctggaatt cggggttgac tgtttctgca gttctgggtt gactgtggag    113160
     ttcaggattg aatgttttct gaagttcggg gttgattgtg tttggaattc tgggtaattt    113220
     ccttgtcaat atatattttg ccaacgtttc ctcccatatg tgatgtcttt tcactttttg    113280
     ataatgccat ttgaaacata agttttaaat tttgatgatg tctaattttt ttctttggtc    113340
     acttatgctt ctggtatctg ttttagtcta ttttgtgctg ccttaatagg atatctgaga    113400
     ctgggtaatt tataatgaac agaaatttat ttctcacagt tctggaggct gggaaatgca    113460
     gatgaaggtg ctggcgtctg atgagctcct tccttctgtg tcatccctgg acaaagaaga    113520
     cagagtggga gagcaggagg ggctggaccc cccttccatg aggaacccac tcccacgata    113580
     ccagcgttca tctcttcgtg agggcagagc ctccataagc taaacacctc ttaaaggtcc    113640
     cacctcccaa cacttccaca tgggggtcaa gctcccggca catgagcttt tggggccata    113700
     tccaaaccac agcagtatcc tacctaagaa gacttttgcc caaggtcttt ccaaacccaa    113760
     gatcatgaca atttactgct atattttctt ctaaaagttt tatagtttta gctcttatgt    113820
     ctgtcatcca ttctgttttg ttttgctttg tttttgtttt tttgagacgg agtctcactc    113880
     tgtcgcccag gctggagtga aatggcgtga tcttggctca ctgcaacctc tgcctcccag    113940
     gttcaagcga ttctcctgcc tcacccttct gagtagcggg gattccagcc gcctgccacc    114000
     atgcccggct aactttttgt attttttagt agagataggg cttcaccatg ttggccaggc    114060
     tggtctcaaa ctcctgacct caagtgatcc gcccacctca gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat    114120
     tacaggcgtg agccaccgca cccggccctt tttttttttt tagatgaagt ttcactcttc    114180
     tcgcccaggc tggagtgcaa tggcacaatc tcggctcact gcaacctctg cctcccagat    114240
     tcaagcgatt ctcctgcctc agcctcccga gtagctggga ctgcaggcac ccaccaccac    114300
     gctggctaat ttttgtattt gtagtagaga cggggtttca ccatcttggc caggccggtc    114360
     tcgaactcct gacctcaggc gattcggcat gagccaccat gcctggcctg tcattcattt    114420
     tgagttctct gtgtgtgtga tgtgaataat gtgagcagct tccctcacgg gcatgtggat    114480
     gttcgggtgt ctcagcacca tttgttaaag atgagtcttt cctccatcga attgtcttgg    114540
     cacccgtatt gaaaatcagt tgactgtagg ccgggcacag tggctcaagc ctgtaatccc    114600
     accactttgg gaggccgagg caggaggatc acttgaggtc aggagttcaa gaccagcctg    114660
     gccaacatag tgaaactctg tctctactaa aaatacacaa attagccagg cacggtgacc    114720
     ggtgcctgta gtcccagcta cttgggaggc tgaggcacaa gaatcgcttg agcccgggaa    114780
     gtggaggttg cagtgacccg agattgcgcc actgccctcc cgagactcca tctcaaaaaa    114840
     acaagtttca tttttatatt gttcattgcc agtgtgaaca aatacaattg atttttgaaa    114900
     aattgatctt gtgccctcca agtattctat accttgctgt acctgtttat tagttctaat    114960
     aactttttta gtggcttcct ttggattttc tatatatgag atcatgtcat ctgaaaagtt    115020
     tcacatcttt ttcttttctt ttgagacaag gtctcactct gtcatccagg atggaatgca    115080
     ctggtgcaat atctgctcac tgcaacctct gcctcctggg cctaagcagt cgccccacct    115140
     cagcctgcag agtagctggg gctgcaggtg cacaccacta tgcccagctg atttttgcat    115200
     ttttttcctt ttcttggtag agacagggtc tcactatgtt gctcaggctt gtcttgaact    115260
     cttgggctca agtgatcctc ccgccttggc ctcccaaagt gctgggatca cgtgcaggtg    115320
     tgaaccactg agcctggccc tggatacctt ttatttcact ttcattttct tttcttttct    115380
     ttttttttct ttttgagatg gagtttcatt cttgttgccc aggctggagt gcaacggcgc    115440
     gatctcagct cactgcaacc tctgcctccc aggttcaagt gattctcctg cctcagcctt    115500
     ctgagtagct gggattacag gcatgcacca ccatgcctgg ctaattttgt attcttagta    115560
     gagacaggga tcaccatgtt ggtcaggctg gtctcgaact cccgacctca ggtgatctgc    115620
     ctgcctcggc ctcccaaagt gctgggatta caggcgtgag ccatgatgct cagcctcttt    115680
     tatttcattt tctttcctaa ttgctctggc aggaacttcc tggagtgtca aaagtaagag    115740
     gcaggagtga gcattgctgt tttatcgtgg cattttgttg acgtgattgc gacgctccgg    115800
     gagtctctgt ccaggttctt gtgctgagag gctccttgga tcagtgggtt tatggttccc    115860
     atcaagcttg gaaaaactcc aatcattatt tcttcagcta ttttaccttc ttcccctctt    115920
     ctgggaccaa ctccaattaa acgtatgtta ggccactcaa cgttgtctca cagctcacca    115980
     ttctatttct ctgtttttca gtttttttgt ttgtttgttt gttttttgag acagagtctt    116040
     gctctattac ccaggctgga gtgcaatggc acgatctcgg ctcactgcaa tctctacctc    116100
     ccgggttcaa gcaattctct gcctcagcct cccaagtagc tgagattaca ggtgcctgca    116160
     actacgccca gctaattttt ttgttgttgt tgtatttttt gtagagatgg ggtttcacca    116220
     tgttggccag gctggtcttg aactcctgac ctcaggcgat ccacctgcct tggcctccca    116280
     aagtgctggg attacaggca taagccaccg cgcccagcct ctctgttttt taaaatctgt    116340
     tttattttaa atagttttta ttgttatagt ttcgagttga ctactgtttt cctttccagt    116400
     gtctaacctg ttggtacttc cccccagtgc atttctcaaa tcacacatca taattttcat    116460
     ctctagaagt tccccgttgg gatttttgta acttcaaagt ccctaacaca ttcgatattt    116520
     cctctagctt ccacttttct agtttatttc tgtttttgtt tagagatgag atctcgcttt    116580
     gttgcccagg ctggccttgg catcttgagt agctgggact ataggcacac acaaccacac    116640
     ctggaatagc ttcttggagt aagttgtagc agcagctttc atatccttgt ctatgaattc    116700
     tatcatctct aacattgctg gaatcttcct gtccatgtgg ggagggttca tgtgtccgtc    116760
     atctgggagg gtccatgtgt ctgtcatctg gggagggtcc atgtgtccgt catctgggga    116820
     gggtccatgt gtccgtcatc tgaggagggt ccatgtgtcc gtcatctggc agggtccccg    116880
     tgtccgtcat ctggggaggg tccccgtgtc cgtcatctgg ggagggtccc cgtgtccgtc    116940
     atctggggag ggtccccgtg tctgtcatct ggggagggtc cccgtgtcca tcatctgggg    117000
     agcatccttg cctgagtgcc aggaaggggg gacactctca ctgtaacgtc agctcagatc    117060
     cttcatgctt tcattgctgc ctccacatgg agatggcatt tgccccaagg atttctgtca    117120
     agcaggtgac agcctcctgc ctgcaacctg cttggtaaca ttaagcccct ggcttggtca    117180
     ggaaaagtcc agccgaaatc ccgcatagta ggttcattgg ccacctcctg gagtgctgct    117240
     ctcacccctt tcccaacaaa ccagcttcct ggggacgtgc tgatggagct tcctcttcct    117300
     aaagccgaac tggaaaaaca gaaggtgcac aacgacacga tgtcctggcc cccaggcgtc    117360
     tccgccgaca gcttgggcct cctcccggtg catgtgaagg aggaagtttg gccagagcca    117420
     gcagacctca tccctgaccg gggctggggg ggccaagacc aagggggcca ctgggcctgg    117480
     ggcttaagag gccatggttg ggggggatcg gcagctggag ggtcccatgc tggagcacag    117540
     cccgccctgc catctggtgt gtttggcaca tgccagtcag tgatatggtt tggatctgtg    117600
     tccccaccca aatctcatgc caaactgtaa tccccagtgt tggaggtggg gcctggtgga    117660
     aggtatagac catgggggtg ggtttctcat gaatggctta gtaccatccc cccgccgtgg    117720
     tacagtcctt gggttagtaa gtgagctcgc aggagagctg gtgtttaaaa gtgggtggca    117780
     ccccaccccc aaccccatct cgctcctgct ctggccatgt gacctgcctg ctccctcttc    117840
     tccttctgcc aggattggaa gtttcctggg gcctccccaa aagctgagca gggccagacg    117900
     cagtggctca cgcctggaat cccaacactt tgggaggcca aggtgggtgg attgcttgag    117960
     gtcaggagtt cgagaccagc ctgaacaaca tggggaaacc ccgtctctac taaaaataca    118020
     aaaattagcc tggcgtggtg gcacatagct gtaatcccag ctactcggga ggctgaggca    118080
     agagaattgc ttgaacccag gaggcagagg ttgcagtgag ttgagaccat gccactgcac    118140
     tccagcctga gtaacaaagc aagactgtct caaaaaaaaa aaaagctgag caggtgccag    118200
     caccatgcta cctgtgtagc ctgcagaagc acaagccaat tgagcctctt ttctgtcccc    118260
     caggctggaa tgcagtggca agatctctgc tcactgcagc ctctgcctcc tgggatcaag    118320
     cgattctcct gcctcagcct cccgagtagc tgggactaca ggcaccgcca ccacacccgg    118380
     ctaatatctg tatttttagt aggaacgggg tctcaccttg gtggccaggc tggtcttgaa    118440
     ctcctgacct caggtgatcc gcccgcctca gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat tccaggcgtg    118500
     agccactgtg cctggcctac aggcaaccga tttttcaaca caggtgccaa gacaattcaa    118560
     tggaggaaag aatggtcttt aacaatcaca ccactgcact ccagcctggg caacacagcc    118620
     agactccatc tcaaaaaaaa agcaactgac aaatagaaga gtgagctgtg ggacaacttc    118680
     aactgatata catgtaactg gagtcagtcc cagaagagga gagctgcccc agctccacct    118740
     gtccctaccc ccagggtccc ccacacccgt tgccctgtcc aggtcagagt gagcccaacg    118800
     gctcagatgc cgctgccttc ctctgcccac cagcttcctc tctccacgct ccatgctgag    118860
     cttataggct gactgtaagt tcattctcac attgctataa agaaacgcct gacagtgggc    118920
     tgggtgcggt ggctcaagcc tgtaatccca gcactttggg aggccaagac aggcagatca    118980
     cttgaggtca gaagttcgag accagcctag cttcaacaag gtgaaacccc gtctctacta    119040
     aaaatacaaa aattagccag gcacgatggt gggtgcctgt aatcccagct actcgggaga    119100
     ctgaggcaga agaatcgctt gaacccggga ggcggaggtt gcagtgagcc gagattgtgc    119160
     caccgcgctc cagcctgggc gacagagact ctgtctaaac aaaacaaaag aaaacccaat    119220
     ctaacaaaga aaaccttact acaaagctac agtcatcaag aagacagtgt gattgataat    119280
     agaacaagga tagatgtata gatcgatgga aaagaattga gggttcagaa ataggtcctc    119340
     acatttacag tcaactgatt tttttttttt tctgagacag ggtctcactc tcagcccatc    119400
     acctgggcag aaccctgctg atcctgcaga tcactggacc ctcaggacac tgaggtgtga    119460
     atgccagaag gggacagtgg gacatcaggg aggctgccac cccagggccc ttgccccggc    119520
     tgcgtccgag gtgggtataa ccctggggct ccagggggcc gtggggcagc agccaggcat    119580
     ggtgaggaga cagtcctgga cccaggtgac cacagaaccc ggcggggcga gcttcagcct    119640
     cacctctcac aagccccggc tccaggcagc cccaacccca cccccatccc taacttgccg    119700
     gcgcccggag ttcatgggcc tggcctagac ttcggtcacc acagggactg aggttctcca    119760
     gatttcaaaa gcctgtgatc tgcggttgtg ttgccccgtt ccccccgcgg cagacaagcc    119820
     cagacacaca cggcccagac accccagagg caaaggaatt cagcaaacat ttattgaccc    119880
     ttggtcctca tcaaggaggc agtgagagat gaactggaag tgaccagggg ctgccagcca    119940
     caccccctcc accgagaaga tgactttcac ctactattca gcagaaaacc aaaagccaag    120000
     ataaaaatcg ctggggaggg gcagggatgg gggaccgggc cagaccccag ctgctgagca    120060
     gccgccacct gaggtgggga ggggcaggaa atgtctggag agtagggagg gcagaaagga    120120
     cccccacgtg agggggcacc ccacatctgg ggccacagga tgcagggtgg ggagggcaga    120180
     aaggcccccc cgcgggaaga ggcaccccac atctggggcc acaggatgca gggtggggag    120240
     ggcagaaagg accccccgct ggagggggca ccccacgtct ggggccacag gatgcagggt    120300
     ggggaggaca gaaaggaccc cccgctggag ggggcacccc acatctgggg ccacaggatg    120360
     cagggtgggg agggcagaaa ggaccccccg ctggaggggg cacctcacgt ctggggccac    120420
     aggatgcagg gtggggagga cagaaaggac cccccgctgg agggggcacc ccacatctgg    120480
     ggccacagga tgcagggtgg ggagggcaga aaggaccccc cgcgggaggg ggcacctcac    120540
     gtctggggcc acaggatgca gggtggggag ggcagaaaga acccccgctg gagggggcac    120600
     cccacatctg gggccacagg atgcagggtg gggagggcag aaaggacccc ccgcgggagg    120660
     gggcacctca cgtctggggc cacaggatgc agggtgggga gggcagaaag aacccccgcg    120720
     tgcctaagca ggttctggtg ggcgtcctgg ctgggtgtag gcagaggctg gctcccggag    120780
     gcccgagggg ggctctgaga agggggcggc ctgaggggga gcccaggaca gcccctatgc    120840
     tgcccccgtc cagcccggcc cctcaggctg tgtttcctga gacctcgcta gtctaaccca    120900
     aacctcccag ctctgtcatt caaagggatg gattaggtcc ccgtgggtcc atttccctgt    120960
     tttgggtgct gaggacagag cttctggaca gactcagccc tcgccctctg gagccccgtc    121020
     cagctgggcc cggatgatgc accacccagc ctgcggcaga tgggatggac gacaagttag    121080
     gaggaaacaa gggggaaaag ccagggggca ggtggtgtgg agcacaaagg aacccagact    121140
     gcgaagggac tgcccaagga ctgtgattcc cccagaacct gagtggtccc tgggcagcta    121200
     tgcagggccc tttcgccaca gtggagaggg cattcaaggc cagagcctgg tggagagatg    121260
     ccctgccctc ttgggaccca cagcccgggt gactttgtgg ggtgcctctc ttaccctgag    121320
     ctcctcccca cactcccagc ttcgctgccc caggccctcc ttccccttct gcactgatgc    121380
     cttctctgag caactcccct cccccggcca cgctgagctt ccagctgccc ccaagaagac    121440
     cgtcccttcc tgtgctgctg aggaggcctc cctcacgggg tctcaagctc ccaaggggaa    121500
     gggggcctcc ctcacggggt ctcaagctcc caaggagaag ggggcctccc tcatggggtc    121560
     tcaggctccc aaggggaagg gctactttga ggctctcctg ggaccaggac ccccagagta    121620
     ggactgctgg ggggaccaag ggtgggaccc ccagcccaat gctaccccgc ccagggtcac    121680
     tggcctggcc ctcggagctc agggaggggg cagggcagcc aggggccagg ggtggcctgg    121740
     cttgttgggc ctgggaggct cctacaagct gtgcacggct gtgtcctgga gggcccaggg    121800
     gggctcctga tggaggcaca gactggggcc tggagggcca gtgctggtgg gagggctcgc    121860
     tcgcctcccg tgggccctgg tgaactcggc cccagttggg aaatggccct gggtgcggct    121920
     cagggggaga ccctctgcct cggctgagtg cctcgaactg cgccggaccc ccccgaacgc    121980
     gggaccggga tggcgaccgc ggcgctggtt caggggaacg tccggcgctg cctggtaact    122040
     cggtggtcga caacggcacg tgctcgggac gatgagggag gagcccccag tcctcaccca    122100
     ctggggaggc ggaacctccc ttaccggggc aggggaggct gcgggcaggg ccgacgccct    122160
     cgtgagcgac gtccttggcc ccggcactcg gtgtccacag cccagctcgg acccgcgcgc    122220
     tcccgccggg cgccccccgc acagacgcct ggaggagggg tctgcggtgg gcacgggcag    122280
     ctctgcactt aacaggagaa cccagcgggg gtcttcaggg ccaagggcgg ccgccctcat    122340
     cccagcgccg ctcaggaccg cagcctccgc cttccgcggt ccggggactg ggagtcggga    122400
     aaggggcctc cgaaaagtaa cttgcccggc gatgctgcgc gaccgccttc cagcaccggg    122460
     aagattctgg gcactcaggg acgttgagct tcccacctga gcctccgggg ggacccctca    122520
     caaccgccac cgcagagcga ggcaaaccca acgcgggggc agagggcggg tgcgcatgcg    122580
     gggctgcagg gatgcggagg ggagggcgcg gagcggaggg cgcggagcgg aggggtcgcc    122640
     ctcagtcctc ggtcccgccc ccagcccgcc cccccgggcc cgcccgacgc ccccagccac    122700
     ctgcagaccg cggccctggg aggagggcgg gaccccggcg cggcgtggct gcggggcgct    122760
     cccaaagtca actcttcacc aagacaaaga aagaaaactc gtgacgcaga ctctggaata    122820
     ataaatacgt tttctctgct acagtctcgg caaaggccac ggccctagaa cggggcgccg    122880
     cctccgatgc agtctcaggg ccacagcctc agcgcagcca cggcctccag ggcccacccg    122940
     ggccctgcgg ccccgccctg ggggcggcgg gcagcgcccg ggtcagaccc ggcagcagcg    123000
     gcggcgcgag cagagggaag gggccgccga gcgatggcag cagcgggcgg cccgcgtaga    123060
     cctcgggcgc tggggcctct gcgggggcag ccggggacag cgaggccggg cggcgggagg    123120
     gtcccagctg gcgcaggcag gctgccaggt ggcccagcag gcgggagcgc acgtcggccg    123180
     ggacgccctc gcagccggcc aggaagcggt tcacctccgc cagacactcg tggaagccgg    123240
     cgcggtactt gcccagaacg gcggggtcgg cgctgagcgc ggctgcggga gcgacacagg    123300
     aggagaggtc ggtgccgggt cccgggggtc ccgcgccctc cccccgcctc caagccgccg    123360
     ccgcccgcgc ctcacccgtc acctgcacgc gacgcaggct ccgcaggtgt ctcacggtca    123420
     tctccaggat gtccgccttc tccagcttcg agtggcggga gctctggggg cggggatagg    123480
     cgggaggtcc aggtcagctg cgacccagac tccgggtctc gggccttcgc ccccgactta    123540
     cctcttttct gagggcgtcc aggatgaggg ttttgagctg agcgaggctc tcgttaatac    123600
     gcgctcggcg ccgcttctcc atgaccggct tggaggactg cgggtcgggc accggctgag    123660
     tcccgcgtcc ctcccgcccc ccggtcgccc ccctcacgcc cggccgggac cccaccttgc    123720
     ggtgctcggc cgcgctccgg ggcttgtctg gggtccggct ggcgctggcc ggcgctcctg    123780
     ccatcggcga ggcgctcggt ttccccggcg tgtctgcggc catggtgcgc cccgcgcctc    123840
     cccgtgccgg gtggagcgcg ccgccacgga ccacgggcgg gctggcgggc gagcggcgag    123900
     cgcgcggcga tccgagcccc tagggcggat cccggctcca ggcccgcgcg cgcctcaggc    123960
     cgtttcccta tttaaggcct cgccgccgcg gggtgtgtga acccggctcc gcattctttc    124020
     ccacactcgc cccagccaat cgacggccgc gctcctcccc cgctcgctgt cagtcacgcc    124080
     tcggctccgg gcgcggcctc cgcgggcgac aatggcatgc ggggcccccg cccgcgcccc    124140
     cctccgacac cgctggggac agggccgggt gatcccgcgc tccccgatgc agccggggcc    124200
     gagcaacgcg ccgggagggg ccgctggggg cgaacggggc ccgggacccc cggggctggg    124260
     cggagtctcg gggctcactc tcccgcccag ggggccggga gccggggctg gacggagctg    124320
     gggctgtggc cgcgcgggaa gtcgggaagg aaattccccc agtggcgcag ggtccggcgg    124380
     cgccgagggg tgggcgagcc tcggtctcga gcctcttggc ttcctccgcc cgtccccact    124440
     ccggtcccgg tttgggccct gctcggtctc cgagtttgat ccgacaccgg ctcggcctcc    124500
     gggggtccca ccctcaggtg tgcggcctgg agcacggagg gctgcagaaa gccttgggag    124560
     cgacagagcc gggggaaggt cggcggccgg gtcggcaggc gggagggcgg agtcagcgga    124620
     cggcgaaggg gcgcacgggt ggccccgcag agcagggccg gtgatggcgc gggccgggcc    124680
     ggaccacgag gagcagaacg tgcgcgtgac gcgagcgggc tggtgacgtc accaggcacc    124740
     cggggcgatg acgcaagcct gctgggatga cgtcatgtgg cccgtgtcgc cacgtgcttc    124800
     caggtgaccc gctggcgaac tcagcagcag caaagtgggg ctcacagaaa aatgaggggc    124860
     cactgttaat ataactgcaa aggggcaggt tgcgtaaaac agggctgtgg ttattttcgt    124920
     gtttgctgtt tttatttcga atgccgctgc ggggcacgtt ggtcctttcc gcactcgggg    124980
     tccccggcgg cctcacgcgt ccgtgcagcg gaggcttcct gagccccctg gagagcctgg    125040
     cctgggcccg ggtgtggaga ccctcccggg ctttcaatcc gggcaggagg cagatggcag    125100
     actcagcagt cacgtaagag aaccgaatta ggtgggtggc ctgggtggac aaaagccttc    125160
     ttgacgccgg gtggtcccaa aggcttctgc ggggtggggg gtcctcaggg gggaagcctc    125220
     aagggagggc gtggcattcc cagggtgcga agggggcgca gggacgaggg aggtggggag    125280
     ggggagctgg gccagcgaga accgggagct tctggtcggg gagggagtcg gggaactttt    125340
     tggggagctt ttctgagcca gggagtcggc tgattggcag gttcgcccct gcccgggcac    125400
     ctggacccag ggtttctgtg cggaagcttc ccctcccctc ggaccccacg tctaatctgg    125460
     ccccaagcaa agtcctgcgg cccacgcggg aaggcgccct cttcgcggcg ctgaccccgg    125520
     ccctccgcgg tgcccctgag gcgcccccca caccccgccg cttgcacagg ggcgcggggg    125580
     gctgcgaggc cggagcgggg gtggcgccct ctccgccgag aggctgtccg cgcccctcgc    125640
     cgactgggga aagccgcggg ggctgggcgg gcgtctcgga ggtggccccg cgagcactta    125700
     agccccggct ctcctgcccc gacctctctg cgcgcgcctc ggcgctggag aggctcggac    125760
     cggccccgta gcccaggagg tggtgtggat ggtgtccccg tcccgcgtcc ctccccggcc    125820
     tgagcgctgg gcccgggcgg gaaagcccgc gagcgccccc agtggccgca gtcgccgccg    125880
     cctcctgctg ggggtcatcc caggggagct gccggcctga atctccccag cccctgggcc    125940
     ccggcttggg aagaaatttg ggggggctct gggcctcccc cagtccctag acaggcaggg    126000
     agttcgggat ggaaggagga gcctgaggat cgtttttatt tatttttttt ttgtagagat    126060
     ggggatctcc ctatgttgcc caggctggtc tcgaactcct ggcccgagac gatgctcctg    126120
     cctcggcctc ccaacgtgct gggactacag gcgtgagtct cctccctgcc aagcgtggct    126180
     gggactgatc attccctcac tggtttttag atgggctcac ttcccctcct tgtacctgtt    126240
     ttctcatctg taaaagggag ctaacttttt tttttttttt tttttgaggc agcgtctcgc    126300
     tctgttgccc aggctggagt gcagtggcac cacaaccttt gcctcccggg ttcaagcgat    126360
     tctcctgcct cagcctccca agtagctggg attacaagca tgtaccacca cgcccggcta    126420
     gtgttttgta tttttagtag agatggggtt tcactgtgtt ggccaggctg gtcttaatag    126480
     gagattctac tttttttttt tcttttttga gacggagttt cactcttgtc gctcaggctg    126540
     gagtgcagtg gcacgatctg ggctcaccac aacctctgct tcctgtattc aagcgattct    126600
     cctgcctcag cctctggagt agctgggatt acaggcgtgt gccgccacac ctggctaatt    126660
     tttgtatttt tagtagagat gtagtttctc catgttggtc aggctggtct caaactcccc    126720
     acctcaggtg atccacgcac ctcagcctcc caaagtgctg ggattacagg tgtgagccac    126780
     cgtgcctggc caggagattc tacttttaaa gccactgacg gcgtccaact catagtgagc    126840
     acccacgccc atctgccagg gttcctgccc ctgggcagca gctggggtcc ttgctgagca    126900
     gaggcaggag gggccaccag cacttgcctc tgctcttctg gagaggaaga gacccccctg    126960
     ctccctgccc cctgccaggg agcccactcc aggatctccg gggactgtgt tcctcccacc    127020
     ttctttgcca caggacagct cccatctgtg tgtctgtctc tctgggtctg tgcccttggc    127080
     ctctgatggt cccctccctg cctctcgaat ctggcctcga tttgtggtag gggcctcagg    127140
     gttcctgagg gccttggggt tcccttgctc tgagtgtggg ggtggatcct gggctgcagc    127200
     ccaggatggt gccgacacct gggttggggg caggttgcgt ttttcagaga cggccgtgat    127260
     agtatctccc atccccatat cttgaaatgc cttctacatg agactctgtg acagtctcag    127320
     ctgggaagaa tggggtgttt ggcaggacat gacttctgag gctgacttgg aagacgccat    127380
     gcgtacctcg ctgtcctggg acagtcgctc ttggaaccca gctgccgtgc tgggagggag    127440
     cacgccctgg cctcaaggag aggccccgtg gaggaatcag cattggattc cagactcctg    127500
     agcagcttcc ggcgcaggtc ccagcgcgcc ccgttccaag gctgcccgca cacagtaggg    127560
     tggttgctga gcgtgctgtt ttggggtggt ttgtggtgcg gcactcaaga ctggaatagt    127620
     ggaggtgggc tggggccctg acccagggag agtgaccctt ccctcctcac ccctgctccc    127680
     tcctcgctga tcccttcctc tcttccacag aggcagaggc tcagcgactt ccccacccct    127740
     cccccccatc taacgggtgc ttcttgggag ccactgaaat ccagccgacc tcctggccct    127800
     gagtgggtca agctccaaat ggcgggtggc cccggggcat ctgcacagcc ccctgttagc    127860
     taaggggggt gactgatgag gacattcaca cgccagtggg gagactgtgg ggaaaaccgg    127920
     ggtgtcttct aggctggacc tgggggggcc tcagccttgt tggggggtct cctcacattg    127980
     ggccactgtg gccgcactcc atgaccacag ccagtgtccc caaaaggcct gtgaggtgct    128040
     ggctgtgacc tcccctccca acctctgacc cagaggtggc ggctgccatc tcgccacggc    128100
     cctcaacacc cccctcacac actgactcct gacatcagag acctgtagcc accccctgca    128160
     ggtggtcctc agcatggtcc ccaactcctg cccagggcag cgggctgtgc actcaggcag    128220
     ctggggccaa agccaccgag gaaccaaggc tggggtgggg gtgggtttct ctcccggaga    128280
     gccgaggtgg gcgcagagct gttcctgggt gtttgctggg attgtagtga cagaaggcca    128340
     gggctgcagg aatccaggct gccagagaga gaccaggact caggcagaag cagcagcacc    128400
     aggctggtgc cactgccacc ccacctgcat gccttctcag cagcggtggg agctgtgtct    128460
     ccaagcagga tggtactgga gtctccccac cctgcctgtc tgggatgccc tcccagcctg    128520
     ttcctgctcc cggcaggcgc tgcttttctc tctgctgtac caggacgagg tgggtgccct    128580
     tgtccctcct cactggcact cccagactgc tttccttttc caccaaaacc acccccgctt    128640
     tgtgaccaga cctcactgtg ttgaagtcat cggcacccct ttcctgcagg aggggacacc    128700
     tgctccctgt cactctcccg gccatgcctt caaaatccac accagcaatt ctccaacttt    128760
     gacttcctct ctttcagggg tcctgtcccc tccccactta ccccactggg tcctttctcc    128820
     caactgcacc cctccacggt ccagcctctc cactctctct gcccccctcc cagctcccgc    128880
     ctctgctgtc cgccagccct gagatctcgg gcagatgcac agcctgcatc tgcggcttcc    128940
     tcctcccctg tctgttctct ccttatcaag agaagcctat ctggccggcc attgtgtctg    129000
     cccctcaccc tccctccttc ctgttcatgt gggcagacca cagcccgtgt ggaatcccta    129060
     ccttcttggt ggcttaagca ccacctgcct attctttccg tagtggggat cagggcagtg    129120
     ccagtggctt cctggggcct ctcacagcct gcggccctgg gccaaggtca gctgggtggg    129180
     aagggcccaa gggtagccat gctggacacc tggggctgct gtccctcagc tgccgggctc    129240
     tctgccagag ccgtgcagcc tggagtccta cccactctca gtcagcttcc tcctaacaca    129300
     tggccagcgt tccaggaggg cgaagtggaa gcctagggac tcttgaggcc aggatccaga    129360
     acgcacatag taaaatctcc accacactcc atcggccaaa gcaagtcaca gcagccagat    129420
     tccagaggag tcgaagcaca cactgacccc tcctcccctc caccgcctgc ctctgccctc    129480
     ccctcgcagg ggcagggctg cctgatgagc cccctgggtt tatctgccct gctggccctg    129540
     ggaaggctgg gatgaaagtg tcatttagtg gcagggactt tagggagcct ggtatggtca    129600
     agccctagcc cccgcagcag tgcccccgca gcagttcccc ccgcagcagt gcccccagga    129660
     cagctgggcc tgggtctcca gtgggtcgga gttttctgaa gccggccgtg ggtcgacctc    129720
     gcacccggtg actgccccag gcggaggggc atgcgtggcc cagcgcgggg gccctgtccg    129780
     tggccgtgtg gggtcaggtg tccggctcgg ggcttctggg ccccctgctc cccaaaggtg    129840
     tgcagctccc gcgtcccctg ccaggtcctt taggtctaag agggtccctc ttgtccagcg    129900
     caccaggctc cacgtacccc caacccctcc ccagctgggt gcctccccct ggctggaacg    129960
     gcagccctcc ctgctcatgg gcctgcccct ccactctatc ctccctgacg cagccagtgg    130020
     catgcttcta acctgcagat gccctcccca ggggccaagc ccaccagaca ccaggcaact    130080
     ctaagtggcc cactgggtcc actgtgtgga gtgggaccct ccgccctgtc tcaggtcctg    130140
     ctgtcccagg aagcccttac agggggctgc agctgggggg tgacatgcct gccgagtggg    130200
     tggggaggct ccggcccggt aagatgggat ccagcagtgc gagactgtgg cccaggtcag    130260
     atggtggcag ctcggccttc ctggtcccag gtggagagac agggtgaggc tcctccccat    130320
     gggatctgga ggggaggggc tgcctgtgta atcagcccag cctcggacgt caacaatcca    130380
     tgtttcttag gaaaggcggc caacccaggg tctccagtga cacgtttccg ggtcatcatc    130440
     cggtggccac agggaatcac aggctcggtg tgactttctc agagcgccat ggtgcccctg    130500
     tggggtttcc cagcccatcc tgtcctgtgg gacaggcaga ggcccagccg tgtcatcgga    130560
     gtgacctttg agctctaacc aaagtccacg tgtcatcagg agccatgagt cactcaggtg    130620
     ccatccaggg cggcggctga ggagtggtga ctggccagat gggaaggcgg ggaagggtct    130680
     ggatttgaat gagagcgagg gagtgggctg caggctggta gactcctcca gatggatgag    130740
     gccagacccc tgcaacagcc atcccgagca aggctcaagc ctccctgaga gtccagggcg    130800
     ccaagtcagc cctgcacctg gcccgggcct cggaccccga cggggctcac ccacctgaga    130860
     tcaccctggc tctgcgggaa ggcaggaagc tttggcatga tcctccacgg gcgaggatca    130920
     cgtagagacg tgtagagacg cgacgaagca cgaagacccg tgtttgacgg gttgccaggt    130980
     gcctacatca gagctcatta aattacacat taaatagatg cacgtgtgtg tgtcaagctc    131040
     ccctaattca agttgtagaa aatcagactc agagttctta cactcggggg tgttttagca    131100
     gctgcgcctc aagattctaa attcaaacgc acacggaata aaacatttcg gtttatcgcc    131160
     aggcgcggcg gctcacacct gccatcccag ccctttggga ggccggggtg ggtggatcac    131220
     ctgaggtcag gagttggaga ccagcctggc caacatggtg aaaccccgtc tctactaaaa    131280
     atacaaagat tagctgggtg tggtggtggg cgtctgtaat cccagctact cgggaggctg    131340
     aggcaggaga atcgcttgaa cccgggaggt aaaggttatg gtgagccaag atcatgccac    131400
     tgcactctag cctgggcaac aagagcaaac tctgtctcaa aaagaaaaag aaaagaaaaa    131460
     agaaaaagtt tattcccagt aaaacacgtt caactctcca gatcgtggtg acatttccag    131520
     cttgatgtgg taacgtgatt gtgagcttca ggtatgacct tcagcataaa tacgtgtgcc    131580
     atctcctgtg caattctttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt gagacggagt    131640
     ctcgctctgt cgcccaggct ggagtgcagt ggcgggatct cggctcactg caagctccgc    131700
     ctcccgggtt cacgccattc tcctgcctca gcctcccaag tagctgggac tacaggcgcc    131760
     cgccactacg cccggctaat tttttgtatt tttagtagag acggggtttc accgttttag    131820
     ctgggatggt ctcgatctcc tgacctcgtg atccgcccgc ctcggcctcc caaagtgctg    131880
     ggattacagg cgtgagccac cgcgcccggc tcctgtgcaa ttcttacaga cccagcttgg    131940
     ctgttctcca gtgtctcctt tgggagttgt acctgatttt attaccagtt ttcatctgaa    132000
     tccactgggg aatgggacga ttttgctttt gtttcttggc caggaatcgc ttaattctga    132060
     aagtctggtg agaagacacg gcgagaatcg gggtccagca cagatgatgg cgacagcgga    132120
     gaagggaagg taagggaggg ggctcaagct tttatcgtta tgggacctcc tgtgtctatt    132180
     atgctttctt ccatgatctt tgttagtatg ttaatgactt tgttaatata tccacacctg    132240
     cttcctttta cttaatattt gtgtggtatg cttctttcca ttgcttgatg ttcaaacttg    132300
     ctgtgtcttt atgtttcaga tgattcttgt ctctggaagc cacacagagc cagttgtttg    132360
     ttttgtttgt ttgtttcttt ctttcttttt ttgagacgga gtttcgttct tgtcccccag    132420
     gctggagtgc aatggcacga tctcggctca ctgcaacctc cgcctcccag gttcaagcaa    132480
     ttctcctgcc tcagcctccc aagtagctgg gactacaggt gcccaccacc acgccgtact    132540
     cattttgcct ttttagtaga gacggggttt cactgtgttg gccaggctgg tcttgaactc    132600
     ctgacctcag gcgattcacc cgccttggcc tcccaaagtg ctgggattac aggtgtgagc    132660
     caccgcgccc ggcgttttgt ttcattttta tttttgagac acggtcttgc tctgtcgccc    132720
     aggctggagt gcagtgtcgc aatctcggct cactgcatcc tccgcctccc gggttcaagc    132780
     cattctcgtg cctcagcctc ccgagtagct gggactgcag gcgcccacca ccacgcccgg    132840
     ctattttttt ttttagaggt ggggtctcac tatgttgccc aggctggtct caaactccca    132900
     ggctcaagcg atcctctagg ctttgcttcc aaagtgctga aattacagat gtgagccacc    132960
     atctgacaat cttggtcatt tagtccacat gaattttggg cttttggcct ggagaactac    133020
     gagagaatac atttctgtgg tgtgaagttt aacacccagt ttgtggtaca ttgttcagca    133080
     accccaggaa actaaagcaa gtgactgcag gtctggtcac cttcctcggt gcctgtgcct    133140
     ggggttggtt ctgtcgaagc aggaagacaa ctggcagaga tgggatgaag taaccaaaag    133200
     gaaaggaaga ttctagcacc gtacgtcagc attaagaaat caggaaacgg gccgggcgcg    133260
     gtggctcacg cctgtaatct cagcactttg ggaggatgag gtgggcggat cacgaggtca    133320
     ggagatcgag accatcctgg gtaacacggt gaaaccccgt ctctactaaa aatacaaaaa    133380
     attagccaag cgtggtggtg ggcgcctgta gtcccagctg ctcgggaggc tgaggcagga    133440
     gaattgcttg agccctggag gcggagcttg cagtgagctg agatggcacc actgcactcc    133500
     agcctgggcg acagcaagac tccgtctcaa aaaaaaaaaa aagaaaagaa atcaggaaac    133560
     atataccatg tttaacaggg catctaaaat gataaaaata aatagaaaat cctgggtttt    133620
     ttgtttgttt tgcttgggtt tggtttggtt ttgagacagg gtctcgctct gtcacccagg    133680
     ctggagtgca gtggtgcgat cacagctcac tgcagcctcc acctcccggg ttcaagctat    133740
     cctcccacct cagcctccaa agtagccagg actacaggtg tgcgccacca cgcccggcca    133800
     atttttttat gtattgcagg gacagggttt caccatgttg cccaggctgg tctcaaactc    133860
     ctgggctcaa gccatctgcc tgcctcggcc tcccaaagtc ctgggactgt ggtgtttgtt    133920
     tgtttgagac agggtcttgt tctcgtcgcc caggctggag ggcagtggcg cgatctcagc    133980
     tcactgcaac ctccacctcc agggctcaag caattctcct gcctcagcct ctcgagtagc    134040
     tgggactaca ggtgtgagcc accacaccca gctaattttt gcatttttag tagagatggg    134100
     gtttcaccat gttggctagg ctggtcttga actcctgacc tcaagtgatt tgcccgcctc    134160
     gtcctcccaa agcgctggga tcacaggcgt gagccgccac cccgcctcct ctttggtttt    134220
     cagatgctga caattttggt gacccctgag atttgctggg agacggggaa gggccaggat    134280
     tcatattcag aatatgttga tttttcactc ttacacttgt ttatttaaaa attatttatt    134340
     tatttatttg aatcttattt aaatatttta tttatttgtt tattactgag tcttagctat    134400
     ccttctcttg ttatgtgctg tgtgtaacaa caacaatttg ggaacagcct aagtattcag    134460
     tgatgtggga tgggttttaa ctaaattaac tctgtactgt aacaggctca ttcttccatg    134520
     ggaaacatgc agttgttaaa acaacctgca cagatgcgtc caccaacacg gatagatgcg    134580
     tgtttttgtt ttttgggttt tttttttttt tttttgagac agggtctcgc tctctcaccc    134640
     aggctggagt gcagtgaagc gatctcggct cactgcagcc tccgcctccc aggctcaagt    134700
     gattctcctg cctcagcctc ccaagtatct gggattacag gtgcccacca ccacgcccag    134760
     ctaatttttg tatttttagt agagatgggg tttcaccatg ttggccaggc tggtctcaaa    134820
     ctgctgacct caggtgatct acccgcctcg gtctctcaaa gtgctgggat tacaggtgag    134880
     ccactgcgcc cggcccatgc ccagctaatt tttcgcattt ttagtaggga cggagtttca    134940
     ccatattggc caggctggtc ttgaactcct gacctcaggt gatctgcctg cctcggcctc    135000
     ccaaagtgct gggattacag gcgtgagccc ctgtacctgg ccttttttgt tgttgttgta    135060
     tttttagtag agatggggtt tcgccatgta ggtcaggctg gtctcgaact cctgatctca    135120
     aatgatcctc ccgcctcagc ctcccgaaat gccggcatta caggcatgag ccgcctggcc    135180
     tggatagatg tttatgatac actgttgcat gaatgaagca ggttacaaaa cagtgaaagt    135240
     atggtgaggc cttttcacct ttgcttttta ttgatgtgaa attcatataa cataaaacta    135300
     accattttaa agaatgaaat ccagtggcgt ttagttattt accacgttgt ccaaccatca    135360
     cctctgtgga gttctgaaac attgtcaccc ccaaaggggc ttgtggctct gaagcaatca    135420
     ccccccactc cccctccctg gcccccggta acggggtcgg cttcctgtgc tgcggctcta    135480
     ccagttccgg tcgtttcccc tgcggtgaat ggaaccaaca ctctgcggcc ttcgtgtctg    135540
     gctctttcca cttagcataa cgttttcaag gttctttcac atgaatcagt gcctcagtcc    135600
     ttttcatggc tgcataatat tccgttgtgt ggacattcca cactttgtgt gtccatccat    135660
     cactgatgga catgtgctcc gttcctgcta cttgtttatt gtaaactgtg ctgccatgga    135720
     catttgtatg caagtatttg aacacctatt ttcaattctt ttggacacat gcctagaagt    135780
     ggaactgctg ggttcccaat aattctgttg aacgttttga gcatcgcggc ggccgcactg    135840
     ttttacattc tcaacagcaa tgcatgtacc aggattccag ttcctctatg tattccccag    135900
     tgcttgttac tgcctttatg tttattttat attatttttt gagactgtct tgctctgctg    135960
     cccaggctgg agtgcattgg tgcaatcttg gctcaccaca atctctgcct cctgggttca    136020
     agggattctc ccgcctcagc ctcccaagta gctgggatta caggcgtgca ccaccacgcc    136080
     cagctaattt ttgtattttt agtagagatg gggtttctac taaaaatgtt ggccaggctg    136140
     gtctcaaact cctgacctta ggtgatccgc ccgcctcagc ctcccaaagt gttgggattg    136200
     caggcgtgag ccaccgcacc cggcctggcc tttattttta ttattacagt cataccagca    136260
     ggaaatagca tctcactggg gttttgattt gcatttcccc aattaataat gatgttgaac    136320
     atcactttac agccgtttct atgtcattgg agaaatgtct attgaagtct tttggccatt    136380
     tgaaaattga gttgcctttt ttttttattt ttatttttta ttgagttgta agagttctct    136440
     atatgtcctg gatgctatgc cctcatcaga tagataattt gcaaatattt cttcccattc    136500
     tatggattgt cttttcactt tctcaatagt gtcccagagt tcatttttgt agaaaataaa    136560
     agataggtct cttttattaa aaaacaatct gaggctccgg gtgcagtggc tcacgcctgt    136620
     aatcccagca gtttcagagg ccgaggcagg tggatcactt gagcccagga gttcgagatc    136680
     agcctgggcg acatggcgag acccccatct ctactaaaaa tacaaaaaat tagccgggcc    136740
     tggtggtgca cccctgtggt cccagctacg tgggaggctg aggtgagagg atcgctttag    136800
     cctggcaggc ggaggttgca atgagatgag atcgtgcctc tgcactccag cctgggcgac    136860
     agagtgagag accctgtctc aaaaacacaa aaacaacaac aaaaaaacac caatctgagc    136920
     aaatactgcc ctaaaccgag tgttgttatc tctgggtagt ttggagttct tgtttctcaa    136980
     ttaaccatgg ggatgttttc caagtttact aattttgcaa gttggtaaat ggaaaatgaa    137040
     accattagtc catgtgatga cagctttagt gcatcctgtg aaggatctgg aatgcgcgat    137100
     atttaggtgt ttccagggtg ttgggtgggg gtggggatgc cgtccgctgt ccggagtccc    137160
     cgccactttt gcttttccct gtctttcggt cattcggttt tgtttcttcc gctcactctg    137220
     gggcatgcct cgggaaaggg aaaccgaaac tgaagccaaa tttggccacc agcgcaggct    137280
     cggcggcacg ccccctgacg tgtgtgcctc aggcttataa tagggccggt gctgcctgcc    137340
     gaagccggcg gctgagaggc agcgaactca tctttgccag tacaggagct tgtgccgtgg    137400
     cccacagccc acagcccaca gccatggtaa ggcagatgtc acaggtgggg ggaggtgggc    137460
     tctgtgccag ccaattttcg tctccctccc ccagccaagg tctcccaggg gtgcagggag    137520
     agcggagctg ctcagagctt ggccaggttc taagtgtgct cctgaaagca ggtcacccct    137580
     gagatcctca gggtggggca cagaggggca ccctagcagg taaagggagg ccacgggatg    137640
     gcggtgggca gctggccttc tagtaacgag ccctcagtgc cttctgtgcc tggggtccct    137700
     gccggcggga tgtagaggac agacaggagg gagcactgtc cctgggtaca ggagctcgcc    137760
     ctgcagccag tgccttgtgt gtggtgggcc tggggctggc gccgcagtct ctgaacctgt    137820
     gtgacgcctg cagggctggg acctgacggt gaagatgctg gcgggcaacg aattccaggt    137880
     gtccctgagc agctccatgt cggtgtcaga gctgaaggcg cagatcaccc agaagatcgg    137940
     cgtgcacgcc ttccagcagc gtctggctgt ccacccgagc ggtgtggcgc tgcaggacag    138000
     ggtccccctt gccagccagg gcctgggccc cggcagcacg gtcctgctgg tggtggacaa    138060
     atgcgacgaa cctctgagca tcctggtgag gaataacaag ggccgcagca gcacctacga    138120
     ggtacggctg acgcagaccg tggcccacct gaagcagcaa gtgagcgggc tggagggtgt    138180
     gcaggacgac ctgttctggc tgaccttcga ggggaagccc ctggaggacc agctcccgct    138240
     gggggagtac ggcctcaagc ccctgagcac cgtgttcatg aatctgcgcc tgcggggagg    138300
     cggcacagag cctggcgggc ggagctaagg gcctccacca gcatccgagc aggatcaagg    138360
     gccggaaata aaggctgttg taaagagaaa tggccgcctc tgtgtctgtg cttgcccctc    138420
     ctccagcgtc cgcctcagac ccctggtgat ggggcgggag aagtcaggag ggagaaccca    138480
     gggtccatcc tggtgaccag gcctgggctg ccaagtgaag ggataagggt ttgcagttac    138540
     agcttcgagg gatcaaaata gggagccccc caccccgaaa ctgaagtaag acagctctcc    138600
     ccaccctttg ggaaattaac ttctaggaaa agaaaaagag acacagttgc tggagcccat    138660
     cctgcctgtc ctccatctgg gacagcagac ggcttaggca gggacccgcc tgatcagatc    138720
     aaaaggggag gctcccagtg ggcccctggg agcagtaagg ggtgagtcct tggggcctgc    138780
     ccggtgggct gtgaggcagg ctctccatag gaactggggg ctggggacct cagccgtccc    138840
     tagcccagcc tacacagcct gctccacctg cctgggctgg gctagggagg ggtagagaca    138900
     ggtcctgagc actcacatca ccactggggc cagctgcaga agacagcctg ggtggctaag    138960
     tacaccccct caaggctgtg cgtgaaggag gggccgtggc cagcagtgga gggcacctgg    139020
     agttggggct gacaccgtcc aggaagcaga gcttgtccca ggtggggggc ccccaattca    139080
     gtacaagcta caagctacac cccttccccc acccatgcac ccttctctgt ctctcctatt    139140
     ccaatttgct aaatgagtct cctagaagcc agctgttggc cgggaagcag ggaggacggg    139200
     gcacggatgt cggctgggat gcagcgagga cggggcacag agggacatgc agagtccgga    139260
     ctctgggcac ttgggcctca gctttcagag ccctcgggag gatccggctg gagacacaga    139320
     gtcccccctg gtctgtgggg gtccatatcc aggtggggag acccccatct ggctgcacca    139380
     ggaccactgt gtgtgcccgc atgtgcccag cagggggtgt cctggctcca gccttgtgtc    139440
     cgggtcccca cctcacccct gtgtcacaat gggcgagtga agcacttagc caggggcctt    139500
     tcctgaaccc ccaacggggg cagggcaggg cagggcctcc tttgtggctt ctggctcaga    139560
     gatctgtagc tagcctgggg tgagaggggc accacaggcc cagtcctttt tattattatt    139620
     ttttttgaca cggagtctcg ctttgtcgcc caggctggag tgcagtggcg cgatctctgc    139680
     tcactgcaag ctccacctcc cgggttcacg ccattctcct gcctcagcct cccgagtagc    139740
     tgggactaca ggcgcccgcc accacgcccg gctaattttt ttttgtattt tcagtagagg    139800
     cggggtttca ccgtgttagc caggatggtc tcgatctcct gacctcgtga tccgcccatc    139860
     tcggcctccc aaagtgctgg gattacaggc gtgagccacc gcacccgtgc tttttttttt    139920
     ttttttgaga tagagtctca ctctgtcgct caggctggag tgcagtggcg ccatctcggt    139980
     tcactgcaac ctccacctcc cgggttcaag caattctcct gcctcagcct cccaagtagt    140040
     tgggattaat ggtgcccgcc acctcaccca gctaactttt ttttgtgttt ttagtagaga    140100
     cagcgtttca ctgtattggc caggctagtc tcgaattcct gacctcatga tccgcccgct    140160
     tcagccttcc aaagtgctag ggttacaagt gtgagccccc gcacccggcc taatttttgt    140220
     atttttagta gagatggggt ttcatcatgt tggccaggct ggtcttgaac tcctggcctc    140280
     aagtggtccg cctgcctcgg gctcccaaaa tgctgggatt acaggtgtga accactgggc    140340
     ctgactgacc cagtcctttt tttaaaaaaa ttacttactt ttcccagggt catactctca    140400
     gctaggctgg agtgcagtgg cacaatcacc gctcaccgca gcctccacct cccacactca    140460
     agtgatcctc ccgcctcagc ctcccgagga gctgggatta caggtgcgtg tcaccacacc    140520
     tggctaattt tgtatttgtt ttgttttgtg tttctttgag atggagtttc gctctgtcgc    140580
     ccaggctgga gtgcagtggt gtgatctcgg ctcactgcaa gctccacctc ctgagttcaa    140640
     gcgattctcc tgcctcagcc tcctgactgg ctgggattac aggtgcgtgt cacccggcta    140700
     attttttagt agaggcagtt tcaccatgtt ggtcaggctg gtcccgaact cctgaccttg    140760
     tgatccactc cccccttggc tgcccaaagt gctgggatca caagcgtgag ttaccgtgcc    140820
     ctgtctgtat ttatagtaga gacagagttt caccatgttg gccaggctgg tctcgaacta    140880
     ctgacctcaa gtgatccgcc cacctcggcc tcccaaagtg ctgggattac aggcctgagc    140940
     caccacgccc ggcccgtcga ctaatttttt ttttttgaaa cagtctcgct ctgtcaccca    141000
     ggctggagtg cagttgcact gtgtccagaa ttggtgggtt cttggtctca ctgacttcaa    141060
     gaatgaagcc acggaccctc gcggtgagtg ttacagctct taagtcggcg cgtcttcagt    141120
     tcgttccttc tgatgttcgg atatgttcgg agtttcttcc ttctggtggg ttcgtggtct    141180
     cgctggctca ggagtgaagc tgcagacctt ggcggcgagt gttacagctc ttaaggcagc    141240
     gcgtctggat tttttgttcc tcccggtggg ctcgtggtct cgctggtttc aggagtgaag    141300
     ctgcagacct tggcggtgag tgttacagct cataaaagca gtgtgaaccc aaaaagtgag    141360
     cagtagcaag atttattgca aagagcgaaa gaacaaagcc tccactgtgt ggaaggggac    141420
     ctgaccgggt tgccactgct agcaccggca gcctgctttt attctcttat ctggccccac    141480
     ccacatcctg ctgatgggta gagcctagtg gtctgttttg acagggcgct gattggtgca    141540
     tttacaatcc ctgagctaga cacaaaggtt ctccacgtcc ccaccagatt agttagatac    141600
     agagtatcca cacaaaggtt ctccaaggcc ccaccagagt agctagatac agagtccact    141660
     ggcacattca caaaccctga gctagacaca gggcgctgat tggtgtattt acaaaccttg    141720
     agctagatac agagtgccga ttggtgtatt tacaatccct gagctagaca taaatgttct    141780
     ccaaggtctc accagagtag ctagatacag agtgtccact ggcgcattca caaaccctga    141840
     gctagacaca gggtgctgat tggtgtattt acaaaccttg agctagatac agagtgccga    141900
     ttggtgtatt tacaatccct gagctagaca taaaggttct ccaaggcccc accagagtag    141960
     ctagatacag agtgtctgtc tattggtgca ttcacagact ctgagctaga cacagggtgc    142020
     tgattggtgt atttacaatc cctgagctag acataaaggt tctccacgtc tccaccactc    142080
     aggagcccag ctggcttcac ccagtggatc ccgcactggg gctgcaagtg gagctgcctg    142140
     ccagtcctgc gctgtgcacc cgcactcctc agcccttggg tggtcatggg actaggcacg    142200
     gtggagcagg gggcagcgct catcggggag gcttgggccg cacaggagcc cacggagggg    142260
     gtgggaggct caggcatggt gggctgcagg tccccagctc tgccccgccg gaaggcagct    142320
     aaggcctggc gagtaatcga gtgcagcgcc agtgggctgg cactgctggg ggacccacta    142380
     caccctccgc agccgctggc ccgggtgcta agcccctcat tgctccgggc cggcagggcc    142440
     ggccggctgc tccaagtgcg gggcccacca agcccacgcc cactcggaac tccagctggc    142500
     ccgcaagagc cgcgcgcagc cccggttccc gctcatgcct ctccctccac acctccctgc    142560
     aagctgaggg agccggctcc cgccttggcc agcccagaaa ggggctccca cagtgcagcg    142620
     gtgggctgaa gggctcctca agtgccacca aagtgggagc ccaggcagag gaggcgtgaa    142680
     gaccgagaga gggctgtgag gactgccagc acgctgtcac ctctcagcac catctcagct    142740
     cactgcaacc tccgcctcct gggttcaagc gattctcctg cctcagcctc ccaagtagct    142800
     aggactacag gcgcctgcca ccacaccggc caatttttgt atttttagta gagacggggt    142860
     ttcaccatgt tggccaggct ggtctcgaac tcctgacctc ccgtgatcca cctgcctcag    142920
     cctcccaaag tgctgggatt acaggcgtga gccactgcgc ccggcccatc cagctaattt    142980
     ttaatttttt tgagagatgg ggtcttgcta ttttgcccag gctagtctcg aacacccggt    143040
     gtcaagagat cttgctgcct ccgcctccca gagtgctggg atgacaggcg tgagtcacca    143100
     cgcccagcct agacacagtt ctgaagggac aaagggggcc tccgctccct cctttcaatc    143160
     ttcagctagg ccaggctccc acttgggtcc tccagccctc agtttccccc tgcacccagc    143220
     caggccaagc tgcagaggcg cccggcccag agctgggaag gggcgtggcg ggacccgcgc    143280
     ttgcagccgc gggacggaag ggggcgcgaa cctccccgcg gcggggcctg ggggggcggg    143340
     gccgggaggg gcggggccgc gccccgtgct ggccaatcag cgcccgcccc ggcaccggga    143400
     cccgcctccg cgccgcagct cccggggggt ccggcccggc cgagcctcgg tgtccggccc    143460
     cgcgggggag gggcgcggcc tgcggagcgg gatcggggcc gggtctgggg cccctcccgg    143520
     cggccttcga gccctgccgc ccggctccgc gccgcccgga gcccctcggc agtcccgtca    143580
     cgtctcctcc agattaggca ttaactcggg tgcagccgca cttccggggg gccgcggcgg    143640
     gggaggggcg cctgcgggat ccagacccgc cccccactct cctctccccg ccccctcccg    143700
     ggccgcccct ttcccgcccc acggccgcgc cgggcgctgc gtcccggggc tttgttcgcg    143760
     gcggcgcggg tcgccggcct ccgggcgggc cgggggaggg aggagggagg gggcgggagg    143820
     gggaaggaag gaggaggggg aggaggaggg cgcggggagg gggtaggggg gcggggagga    143880
     gagaggggga ggggcgccgc cctggccccg cccccccccg cccgcccgcc cgcgctccgc    143940
     cgcctccgga gctgcgtccc gtcctgtcca gtcccgtccc cggcgcggcc cgcgcgctcc    144000
     tccgccgcct ctcgcctgcg ccatggccgg ccggtcccac ccgggcccgc tgcggccgct    144060
     gctgccgctc cttgtggtgg ccgcgtgcgt cctgcccgga gccggcggga catgcccgga    144120
     gcgcgcgctg gagcggcgcg aggaggaggc gaacgtggtg ctcaccggga cggtggagga    144180
     gatcctcaac gtggacccgg tgcagcacac gtactcctgc aaggtgcgcc cacccggacc    144240
     ccggcctccc ctcgcgacgc ctgccgcccc gccgggaccc ccgccccagg ccgtgggaac    144300
     cagccccggt cgctccgcag cccccgctcc ggctcccttg gcgaccgcca agccccggga    144360
     gggggggtcg ccgggtcccg ggaaactcgc gggcgccggg gaaagttgct gcgccgccgc    144420
     cgtcctccgc ccgccgccgc ctccctcctc gcggagacaa gtgcacctcg cccacggact    144480
     gcggctgccg cgcgccctcc ctaccggccg agaaggagag gggcctgggg agggggggcc    144540
     tttgcccggg cggggagcgg gggctgggcc tgggatccgc ttgttcccct ccccagaggc    144600
     ctttcccggg gcgagagggg ttggtcagga gagaaaaagg ggcgcacagc ctgagctccc    144660
     aaccccggga gccaggtggg gggtgccgca gtggtgcggg gggggggcgt gcaggagcag    144720
     agaggtgggc ggggccgtca ccgggcctcg tgtgcttggg ggcagggccg gtgccccatc    144780
     gcgctcctgc gggaaccggg gctccccacc ccggggaggg gaagtttccc tggtttctcc    144840
     ttcaggtgct tctgggagcc cccggggtag gtacgctggg acccccacca tcttctccta    144900
     gtaggggctc gggggaccca gagccggcgc ccgtgtaccc ccaaaaccat ctcctgggac    144960
     cagaaatcca ctcatttccc tccacggagg tggagaaggt ggcagcttct ttcagactgg    145020
     ccggtgcggg ctacagctgg gctcccccgc cggcccagtc tcctccacag cggccagggc    145080
     actttgccag gcccctgcag gattttcccg acttcctccc cgctgctcct gggtgtggct    145140
     ggggtggggg aaggcgatga aagccaccag gccctccccc tgcctgggtc atctgcctcc    145200
     tggagcctac tgttgggggg cgtggaagag gctctgcctg cgcaactgga gggggtccct    145260
     gcggatgccg cagtcctgag gctcccagca ggggctgcgc agtggacagg ccaaccattg    145320
     tctctccccc catccggcag ccccagcccc ccagatctga ggaaggggct gcttctcccg    145380
     gctttgttct caggggagtg cgtgagtgcg tgggtccctg tccccgtgag ggccgccagg    145440
     tcggctgtag cctttaccac aggccaccgt cagagcagct gccctcaggg ccccaggagc    145500
     tgagaaggtg gagggtgggg caccctgcac tgcccaaact tgatttcgtg gttcacaggc    145560
     tgccctgagt gcacagactg tagaagcccg aggaaggggc gtctcagccc agccacaggg    145620
     ccaagctggc cccttacccc aacgccccat ccccctcctc cactgcccaa gcttgctggg    145680
     aggtgggccc tgagcactgg gcaggtgggg agaagtgtgg aaggcaggca ccccaagcca    145740
     ggtgggcccc cttcccaaat tcggccttag ctgataggga cgttattgga gctggggtgg    145800
     ctgaagttgg ttagacctgg gggaggggat gtgttcacag gtgacgcatc tctgagcgtt    145860
     cccgcatggg ctgtggtggc cagtgtgggc ttcccccagc ttccgcccag cgggctgact    145920
     cagaggtctc cccacatctc tgcccagggc ttgagtctac tgtggacatt tgccctaaac    145980
     acctaaagcc cccagtctag ccccttcccc aggagaggac taatgacacc taccgccatg    146040
     tccaccccag gttcgggtct ggcggtactt gaagggcaaa gacctggtgg cccgggagag    146100
     cctgctggac ggcggcaaca aggtggtgat cagcggcttt ggagaccccc tcatctgtga    146160
     caaccaggtg tccactgggg acaccaggat cttctttgtg aaccctgcac ccccatacct    146220
     gtggccagcc cacaagaacg agctgatgct caactccagc ctcatgcgga tcaccctgcg    146280
     gaacctggag gaggtggagt tctgtgtgga aggtgcgtgg tggggggctc gtgtgggggc    146340
     ctgtgggggt cagggcagtg gccaaggggg acaggttgca ggggtcgctg tgcggggtcc    146400
     tttcgtgctg tgccggaggc tgcagcacac ggtgtcttgt ggtccaacct cattctctgc    146460
     ttctccgtcc ctggctcccc agctgcatct ccaagccctc acattagaca tctttggccc    146520
     tggggcccaa ggcaagtccc agccctgcaa acagatggcc tcctgcctcc tcccctcctc    146580
     ccagctctcc atacttcctt ctggaggccc cttctaggga gaagctggac aggtgaatgt    146640
     ccccagctgt tcaagcccct gtgttagccc agacctccgt ctagacgggc ccgcgtgtcg    146700
     agcactcctc gccgtggaga tcgggcggga gggcgaggct gtgcggcgag ggcttctgcg    146760
     gatgtggagg gtgtggcatt tgccatcgtg aggtcttgct tgctgttccc atggctctgc    146820
     cgaagggccg aggagtggcc ctccctgacc ccagcctggt gggggcagaa atcccatggc    146880
     agcccccgca ggacaagtcc cagttgggga ctgagatcgt tggctgggga atgtggcagg    146940
     gaaaatatag gaggtccctg tcgcccccac atcctgtctg ctccctcatg gctgcctggg    147000
     aagggatgtg tcggtggggg ggtctggaga gtgcttcctc ctcaaggcaa cggtaagggt    147060
     cctgacttcc cgtctctccg atctgctccg ttggccggca ggaaactttg ctgccctgac    147120
     actagcctgg ctcttgaggg gtccttgtgg ggtcctggac tgtccactgc tcttgccttc    147180
     tctgtgcatg cctgggggct atgcaggggg aggggcagca cccaaaataa ggaacgctgc    147240
     ggccttttcc ccagcctgtg gtcagtggtc cccaagctgc cttcagggtc cagggcctca    147300
     gtgcagcaca gaggagggtc ccctgggtcc cccactggga ggacatgata accttggtcc    147360
     tcttctgggc actcatggtc tggggaaaag atgggggcat cgtggactca ggataggctg    147420
     tcaggagctg aggaggggct ggagaagggg gttagggcga ggagaggttc ctgtccctgc    147480
     aagatcagga gagggggtca ctaaccccac agccaggtgg gtccagcccg agagtccgtg    147540
     acttagtagc tgaggacttg ctctagggtc agagggcaca tggcaggaga gtcaccccgg    147600
     ctgaacgagg ctctgcatct taccgaagcc gctctacggg tgccaggcac tggctctgga    147660
     gcgagtgccc aggcggagca gagcgctggg aggagggtcc gtggggagcc cctgccaggt    147720
     gggtgtggct tagcccagct gtgggcagtc gcactcaggg acgagctcca ggtggggagc    147780
     ctgggaccca cagccagtat gcagcttggg gagcacccgg gaggggctgt ggccaccgga    147840
     ccccctgggg tggggctggc caggggaggg ttagccaggg aggactgtca tgggaggggc    147900
     cttgcaggtg agccaggggc caaggggagc ctcaggaggg aaacagcatg aggagtgggg    147960
     gagcccagga gcttccggtg ggacatgtgg agctctgctg tggaagtaga ccagggatat    148020
     ctcgggtggc tggggtccct ggctgccggg acagggtaaa tgcctcccag aagcctgggg    148080
     tgagccctga gggacaaggt ctctggagcc agtctggctg gagaagggac aattctgtgt    148140
     gcccacccct cccctcacac tgggtggtgt gggaggtggg tccatctcct gctctgtagg    148200
     agataaggac attgaacccc accctgggcc ctctggtagc caaggcctca ccctagtgag    148260
     ggggatggat ggagggagct tgagcctagc tgacctctcc ccatctgact ccgaccccac    148320
     ctcccagggc acaggatggc gtctgggcag cccctagtct tcagaagcta cccctgagac    148380
     cacagggtcc caccttgtat gggaacccca tcctggagac aaaggcccct ccgagctccc    148440
     caggtcgggg agggccacgc ccctcaccac ccctgcccgg acaccgcctg aggtgcacct    148500
     gctgctgggc cacacctgga ctcagctcta ctgaggactt cctttcctca gtttctcacc    148560
     tggccctgcc agatcttcct ggccctgccc agccaaggcc cctcccccag tcaacaaccc    148620
     tcagaaaggc tcctcccccc ttctctgcct agggagccac attcctggca taactaagac    148680
     aggtatgtgt ccctccctct gcgccacctt tgggcggggg aggcccgctg ctccctccgg    148740
     aaggagaccc ccgcccctgc tttgtcaggg aagtggcctg gcctccgcag tgccagctgc    148800
     ccagggctgg cggctgagcg ggcgactcct ccggccctcg ccaccctgtc ctgtctgggc    148860
     actgcccatg ccctcccagc ccacctcaca aaggctggtc ctagagcctc cctgaagccc    148920
     ccaggaggga ctcctggctg agggccggcc aggccgcccg gggcccatcc ctccctgcta    148980
     ggagccagga gcagagaaag ggagtgttgt ctgcccctgc cggggcctgg cacagggaca    149040
     gggcaggggg ccagggtcag agtgagtctg gcgccttccc agcccggccc tgcccagctc    149100
     tgaagcccgg ggtcccggcg gcctagtccc gggcccgcct gtattccggc gtgtgcaccc    149160
     tcccttcctc cctgcctggc cagctgccta ggcctcagga cggcagtcct aggggaagcc    149220
     cagagtccca cggcaccggg gacagcatcg gtgctggggt tgaggggccc gacagcccca    149280
     gaccaggctc ccctcagtgt ggggcagtct aggagttggg ggaggtttct gggatgcagg    149340
     aggacctccc atagggctgg ggccagcccc ctctcctgcc cagggctcag ctcctgcccc    149400
     caactcctcc gcattcctgc caccctctcc tgccccctcc tgactccagg ttctcatcct    149460
     gccccctggt tcccccaccc ccaccccatg agcccctctc tggccctccc ccaggcaggt    149520
     ctgggctcga ggctgctgcc ccaatctccc tcctgcagct gggagggggt ctgccgggtg    149580
     ggagggcgga gggcctacct ctgtccctcc ccactcacct ctgtgtctcc ccacccaggg    149640
     gctcctggta ggaagttggg gccccacctc tgtttctcct ggagctggga ggggggtctg    149700
     ccgggtgaag ggcccacctc tgtccatccc aaccccgggg ctcctggtgg gaagtcgggg    149760
     ctcggtgctt cccgcctgcg tgaatggact tgtcccgtct ttgacttctc ctgggcttgc    149820
     ccctgccttg gcctgggggg gggctttgct ggctgaaacc aaagggagtg aggtggtggg    149880
     aggggtaggg gaatcgggtt ggtcagttct gtggagatga cctctttgag agggccgggc    149940
     tgagctggtg gaaggaactc ttggcttttt ccagacccca ccccactccc tcactcccca    150000
     cccagagaac agccctggct ccattgttcc tgcagactag agagggaagg ttgttttgga    150060
     actgggctcg ctcccgcttg tccacactgg ccgctctggt ggggcctctg tgggtggtgg    150120
     tggggatggc acctgctgca gcctccaggc caaggtaggg gagaaggagg ttagggtgag    150180
     gacaggttcc tgtccctgca agatcaggag agggaatcat tagccccaca gcctgcagaa    150240
     ggcgggatgg ggctgctcca gggaaggggg tgcccgtgcc tcggggccac aggtccggcc    150300
     agaggtcatt ccagccaggc ccatgcagct tccttcctga agggctgact ctgcccccat    150360
     cactgcagga gggtggaaaa caactgcaga agcagacgcc ccacgcccag ggctttgctt    150420
     ccacctgtgg gacccaggtc cacagcccca ccagcggcct gggtggggca ggaacggacc    150480
     ccctccctgc agtcctggtt ctggcacccc ctccccactt ggactgggct ccccagggcc    150540
     cccgaagccc agcggggctg gggctgcaga cggaaacacc gtggtggcct gcccacctca    150600
     ggatggaacc ccggggtccc aggaggtgcc tgcccctcag agatgagaaa aaggaagtgc    150660
     agggctgaga tatcacccca tggacagtcg cccgctggag gaggaggctc tgtacccctg    150720
     cacctcctgc ctgctgggtg agctgctggg agctgcactg gggctcagag cagtcctgtg    150780
     cgcccctcag gctgtggcaa gattgtggct gggatctagg gaatgaggca ggtctctagc    150840
     ggagcctgca gcactgaggg aagccccccc gaaggggcct ctccccccag cacagatcct    150900
     gggaacttcc tctgaggaag gccccctgcc aggggcagct cacagcagga cctgggaaag    150960
     ggagacggcc cctcccagcc ccctcctcct gcagtccccc cacggagcag aggcgtggga    151020
     gaaggggcgt gctgtgtcct acaggcagcc ggctgtttcc agctgtgtgg cctgcgtgtg    151080
     tgcatgtgtt tgtgtgtgtg tgtacacgca tgtgtgtgca cgtgcctgca gcctcagatg    151140
     taccagcctg tgcacttcag aattctgcct ggagcctcca ctagtgggcc atggttctta    151200
     ccaccctatg tccctgggtt cagcccgggc tggtgctgca ggtgtgaggc tggtggtggg    151260
     tgaccctggc ctgtccaggg ggcctcggag ctgggctctt cctctgtcct cgtgcacgtg    151320
     tctcgcctca gcttgctgtt ggttgtccac tctcctgccc cctgctcact gcgtccagca    151380
     cgctgccccg tgtctggcaa agggcccagg accttctgca ggtgctgcct ctgagatgac    151440
     cagtgtggtt tctgaaggtt tgagatgaag gcatgctggg tcccttgggg cggcagtgag    151500
     gacaggagag ggtcctgggt cacagtccct cacatgcctg cgggacctcg agactgacac    151560
     agatgcccac ccctgcccag atgggactct gtctgggggc agcagggcag tctgggagtc    151620
     agaccaggcc tggtcagggt gggagcgggg gtctgtcgct ggcctgagcc tccctgcccc    151680
     gccgtttggc agccaccttg gccaccctca cactgggccc taggagaagc aagcccctgc    151740
     gtgtccgcag gtgggaggct cccacgcacc ccccgctgga gaagcacaag cacaaacacc    151800
     ggcccacggc cgccccggcc cacagcagct ggtggggagg ggctgtgccc ccttctctcc    151860
     ccaggggagg ctggggtgtg agcagggctc accatgacct tcactgattt catcatcagt    151920
     gccttcccca ttcacacact cacggttggc acctccacgg ggcttcccag ggaagccggg    151980
     aaggagctgt gcattgaggg gtgaaagccc gtgcagagaa ccgtgggaga aagaggctgt    152040
     ggacacgggg cggaagagag ggctggggcg cagtcgtcag ctgccgtgac cccacagctg    152100
     ggagcaagct gattcctgcc tcggagctgc cgtctcccct gctggccgtt ctctctcccg    152160
     tggggaaacg cccccccccc ccccccgccc tgcacctggc tggcggcacc tgtgggcact    152220
     gaccactcca cgccagctgt tttccttggt tggggttggg ggcaccgagc gtttgggtgg    152280
     accggaagtc agcgtctgca ttcgagcctg tgtgcggtgc atgggccaag ggcgcccaca    152340
     cccacgccac cctttccgaa ggaaccgagc cccagcccct catgggccaa gggcacccac    152400
     agccacgcca ccctttccga aggaaccgag ccccagcccc tcgtgggcca agggcgccca    152460
     cagccacgcc accctctccc aaggaaccga gccccagccc ctcgtgggcc aagggcgccc    152520
     acagccacgc caccctctcc caaggaaccg agccccagcc cctcgtgggc caagggcgcc    152580
     cacacccacg ccaccctctc cgaaggaacc gagccccagc ccctcgtggg ccaagggcgc    152640
     ccacacccac gccacccttt ccgaaggaac cgagccccag cccctcgtgg gccaagggcg    152700
     cccacagcca cgccaccctt tccgaaggaa ccgagcccca gcccctcgtg ggccaagggc    152760
     gcccacaccc acgccaccct ttccgaagga accgagcccc agcccctcgt gggccaaggg    152820
     cgcccacagc cacgccaccc tctcccaagg aaccgagccc cagcccctcg tgggccaagg    152880
     gcgcccacac ccacgccacc ctctcccaag gaaccgagcc ccagcccctc gtgggccaag    152940
     ggcgcccaca gccacgccac cctttccgaa ggaaccgagc cccagcccct ctggggcctg    153000
     ccaattgcca gagagcccca gtgctccacc cactccaggc cccaaccccc accttctgag    153060
     ggcaggataa gtacctgcgg gtgcccaacc agagtgtgcc tgtgtccaca cgggaacata    153120
     tgggtgggag gtgaggagaa cgtgccttcc cagtgtatgg gtgggggttg agggacaaaa    153180
     ttaatgttgc acaaagatat gggggatgcc caatatctat gcaggcaggt ggggggatca    153240
     gtgtctatgc aggcaggtgg gggggacatc agtgtctatg caggcaggta gggggagggg    153300
     gacatcccgt gtctatgagg gcaggtggag ggagagaatt gaggctgggg ctggggtcag    153360
     cagtggggct gaatggggca gagtgggggt caaggagcag gggtggtgct gggcaggcca    153420
     ggaataccca ttgtgtggcc gtgtgtgtgt gtgcagtgca tggtgctgtg agatcagcat    153480
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgcagtg catggtgctg tgagatcagc atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgcag    153540
     tgcatggtgc tgtgagatca tgtgtgtgtg cagtgcatgg tgctgtgaga tcagcgtgtg    153600
     tgtgtgcagt gcatggtgct gtgagtgtga gatcgtgtgt gtgtatgcag tgcatggtgc    153660
     tgtgtgagat cagcgtgtgt gtgtgtgcag tgcatggtgc tgtgagatca gcatgtgtgt    153720
     gtgcagtgca tggtgctgtg agatcagtgt gtgtgtgtgt gcagtgcatg gtgctgtgtg    153780
     agatcagcat gtgtgtgtgt gtgcagcgca tggtgctgtg tgagatcagc atgtgtgtgt    153840
     gtgtgtgcag tgcatggtgc tgtgagatca gcatgtgtgt gtgcagtgca tggtgctgtg    153900
     tgagatcagc atgtgtgtgt gtgtgcagtg cctggtgctg tgagatcagc atgtgtgtgt    153960
     gtgtgtgcag tgcatggtgc tgtgagatca gcatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gcagtgcatg    154020
     gtgctgtgag atcagcatgt gtgtgtgcag tgcatggtgc tgtgagatca gcgcgtgtgt    154080
     gtgtgcagtg catggtgctg tgagatcagc gtgtgtgtgt gtgcagtgca tggtgctgtg    154140
     tgagatcagc atgtgtgtgt gtgcagtgca tggtgctgtg agatcagcgt gtgtgtgtgc    154200
     agcgcatggt gctgtgtgag atcagcatgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgcagtgca tggtgctgtg    154260
     agatcagcgt gtgtgtgtgt gcagtgcatg gtgctgtgtg agatcagcat gtgtgtgtgt    154320
     gcagtgcatg gtgctgtgag atcagcgtgt gtgtgcagcg catggtgctg tgtgagatca    154380
     gcgtgtgtgt gtgcagcgca tggtgctgag agatcagcat gtgtgtgtgc agtgcatggt    154440
     gctgtgagat cagcgtgtgt gtgtgtgcag tgcatggtgc tgagtgtgag atcagcatgt    154500
     gtgtgtgtgc agtgcatggt gctgtgagat cagtgtgtgt gtgtgcagtg catggtgctg    154560
     tgtgagatca gcatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gcagcgcatg gtgctgtgag atcagcatgt    154620
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgcag tgcatggtgc tgtgagatca gcatgtgtgt gtgcagtgca    154680
     tggtgctgtg agatcagcgt gtgtgtgtgt gcagtgcatg gtgctgtgtg agatcagcat    154740
     gtgtgtgtgt gcagtgcatg gtgctgtgag atcagcgtgt gtgtgtgtgc agtgcatggt    154800
     gctgtgtgag atcagcatgt gtgtgtgtgt gcagtgcatg gtgctgagtg tgagatcagc    154860
     atgtgtgtgt gcagtgcatg gtgctgtgag tgtatcagca tgtgtgtgtg tgcagtgcat    154920
     ggtgctgtga gtgtgattgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgcggtgca tggtgctgtg tgagatgtgt    154980
     gtgtgtgcag tgcatggtgc tgtgtgagat tgtgtgtgtg cagtgcatgg tgctgagtgt    155040
     gagatcagca tgtgtgtgtg cagtgcatgg tgctgtgagt gtatcagcat gtctgtgtgt    155100
     gtgcagtgca tggtgctgag tgtgagatca gcatgtgtgt gtatgtgtgt gcggtgcatg    155160
     gtgctgtgag tgtgagatca gggaccaggg ggctagtact ctttcctgca catgagcctg    155220
     cgtgggctgg tcagggctga atgattttgt ctgaagatcc caaaatagct catgtcgcct    155280
     gagctccctc cctggctggg cctggggcct caatggccct ttgtctttct gaaggcatct    155340
     gggcctctgt ggggggctca gacactgact ggggctgggt ggggccaggc tgcctgcctg    155400
     gttccccttc ccctggccca gcccaagggg ccctaagcct cattccagtg tcggcctggg    155460
     gcagccaggc cccccacgtg actttcagct tgttgggccc cctttgctgg cagatcccag    155520
     ggtctctctg tgtgggggca aacttcccag gcagtgtttg aggccccctc tgccagcccg    155580
     tacctggggc tcccccaccc ctcccacatt gtggtacctg tcctcctcct gcagagcccg    155640
     cccagagatc ccatggctga aggtggtggc agcaggcggg ctggcgcgtg acctggtagc    155700
     acggcctggg tttgaccctg gcactgcccc tgggactcag agctgggagg tgagaaatgg    155760
     ggaatgcatg tgaaccacct gcctctgcac acagcaagtc ctgttctggg ttttctcatc    155820
     cctgggtcac accctgcgct ggggagataa aaagtcagac cctgcccggg gcacccacag    155880
     tcagcaccgc cggaacactg tcagcctggt gtggacagtg ccaaggtcca gcagggtggg    155940
     gtggttgggg taggagctcc cctgaggaga gagtgaggcc agcaggggtg ggtctccaag    156000
     tgcttccttt gacagctgct ctggatggga cgtggcttgg ggtgggtgag aacccttggc    156060
     tgagtttgga ttttcctgca gggtttcatt ggaacaccag gttccagggc cgtagagatg    156120
     tggaggcctc ctgtctgggt gatggggcat ggtgctggtc cctggctgtg gggtggaaag    156180
     gagtcccaag agagggagct ggcaagacag gaccttccca gctaaggtgg ggttggtggg    156240
     atttggctgg ggcccttgga ggagcctgac caggaggtga gacagggcac ctggaaggaa    156300
     ggaggcgttg gggagagtcc agatggaggc catggggttg aggggcccag acacccggct    156360
     gggggactcc aggaaggcag caggtgtggg cagtgggtcc tctggggtgg actgaggtga    156420
     ggcctgggtg tgaccacgcg gtggcactgg tggctgccgg cagctgtcgt ctgcagagtg    156480
     ggtgagaccg agtgtggcag atggcttggt ccgcggtgct ggaggggact ggcggagcag    156540
     aagcgccctg gcgccgggtc cttgctttcc tggagctggg gcttggggaa tggggtcggt    156600
     cattgcaggg acagaggaga gggcagggta atgggtgcgc aggggtccct tccaaaggct    156660
     gcgggtggcc aggggtgtgc gggggcgctg aggtgcggtc gccgagagat tctggcctcc    156720
     agggtggtcg ggcctggcat ggactctagg ggatggtgca cacaccggac cggacgggcc    156780
     cctcccttac ccccggatcc cccggctggg cagcggccag ggagaggggc gacctacggg    156840
     ggcgggtgtg gggacgccgg actacgcgtc aggagtccca gatgggccca gacccccatt    156900
     ccccgccccg ggccgcagtg acgtcagggc ccggacgttc ccggaacggc ctcttggggg    156960
     cgttccagcc ccacggaccc gcagggagtc cccgccgcaa tttgcatggg gctcatttgc    157020
     atgaccccgc cccgcgcggg agtcgggggc gccggcgact ggaggagcca ctgtcaatcc    157080
     ccaggggaaa gtgggcgagg cgatttctgg gccgctcacc tcactccacc ctccagctcg    157140
     cgccgcacct ggggccctcc cccacctacg ccccgccagg gcggggccgc gggcgcagac    157200
     actcgcgggc acacgcacga cgacgcgcac acgcggtcgc acgcggcccc ccgagccccc    157260
     tgcggcgact ccgattcacc cccgcgggtg cggggcgcgg acccgcccgg cccagctcct    157320
     gctccccagg cgcttcctcc tcccgcgacc tgccccggcc gcacccgcct ccgctccagc    157380
     acgcgacgct gcccggcgcg acccctgctc ccccggccca gccccaccgc tgccctcgac    157440
     tcaatcccag ttgaacgccc gcagcctcag tcccaccccc ggcccagccc cagcgccccc    157500
     agtcccaccc ccggccccag cttcagcctc agcgccccca ggcccagccc cagtcccacc    157560
     cccagtccca acaccttcag gcccaccctc ggccccagcc tcagccaccc cagccccagt    157620
     cccggcccag ccccagcccc agcgctcccg gccccgggcc cagccccagc cccagcccca    157680
     gccgagcacc cccggccccg cctgcccggc gttccctttt gtgcggcgct ctcccgtccg    157740
     catccgcccg atcctctgga actccccgcg gacgccgggg tccctggagg cggcttcctt    157800
     tgtctctgct cccgccctcc ctccgcggcg tcttcgcccc tcactcacct ccccagcccc    157860
     gcggggacga ggggagctgg agggagcccg ggacccggcg cggcctccgc aggcggcgct    157920
     ttcttctcgc tcccgacgcg gccgcccctc ctgcctgccc gctcctatcg ccgcttccgc    157980
     ctctgccggg gacggggaca gcagaccctc ggcgcccggc ccccgcgcac ctgccgcgcg    158040
     caccgcctct ccggcctgcg cggctccggg ggctccggga agaccgagcg ctggcggcca    158100
     gcccggggag gctgtgggca gcaggggtgg ctgcgggctc ccagtccctc ctccgcctac    158160
     ctcggagccc acatttggga tttctactcc gggagaattc tgccctcctc ccacgatgag    158220
     cctggaggac tggagccggg acctggcacc cccagggctg tgactgggtg aactctgagg    158280
     gcacagctgc tgtccgccgc cccaggggtc ccaggatggg gcgagcagcc ctgaagaggc    158340
     ccaagggcac cccgtgagga gcccccacgc tctgagagtg gggcgcagag ccggagcccc    158400
     gggccatgcc tccgctgccg ctggcgcggg acacccggca gccgcctggc gcctccctgc    158460
     tggtgcgagg cttcatggtg ccctgcaacg cctgcctgat cctgctggcc accgccacgc    158520
     tcggcttcgc ggtgctgctg ttcctcaaca actgtaggtg gccgcgggcg gggcgtcgca    158580
     ctggccaagc cccaaccccg aggcccctgc acatagaggc tggaggccgc ggcgggtccg    158640
     cggggctccc ggcagcttcc cggggatggg atgggtcact ctgcggaccc ctcggtccct    158700
     ggaggccgtc cttgggctct cagtgggcct ggccctcacc caaagctgca gaaacacttt    158760
     ctgcgggagc tggggaggga ggggcagccg gctacactga gagccggcag ttgggggtag    158820
     ggcaggacct gcggtggact cttccaggga agggggtcct gcctgcaccc ctgtggctgg    158880
     ggccccatct gacaggggtc aggccatgac tatttggctg gaggggcaga gaaaagcagg    158940
     ggcctctgtc tcagacctca gccagcccat ggggtcaggg ctggaccctt cagcagcctg    159000
     gatccctggg gctagcggtg gggggggggg ggtgggcagg ggtgcccctt tccaggctgg    159060
     gcaaagggat gggacaggga ggagcctgct cagaggagcc taacttgggg atttgttttc    159120
     ttccagataa acccgggacc cacttcactc cagtgcctcc gacgcctcct gatggtgagt    159180
     agggctgagt tcgggggacc tggatgggct gtggcactct tgggagtcag gggccatttg    159240
     gaggtgtgca cccagacgtg tggagtgtgt ctggagtgag gaggaggctg gacaagggca    159300
     cctgcgtctg tcctgggagt ccgcagcggt gggccgcagt aggaactcgg ggtctagagg    159360
     ccgccgcctg acggcactgg acctcggctc tcacttctct gggcctcagc cccctcagcc    159420
     tcaaaactgg gaacaagtcc tgggacccac aggttgtgag gtgatgtcag acctgtaggg    159480
     cagggccaga gtccggtcag ggggctccgc tctattgtcc tcccttctcc ctgttcagca    159540
     aggggtgggg ctggacagag gctggaagtg gacaggagct tgcagggaag gctgagctgg    159600
     gggagggccc tgacctgatc agtgacagct gtctggggag gggcctggag ggcggcagtc    159660
     tgtccctggg actctgcagg ctgtcatggg gggacacaag tgatggaggg ggcgggctga    159720
     ccttgttgac ctgctttgtg aggtggggcc tgtcctcccc ggggtgctcc tggtgtttgg    159780
     gccactgtca tcggggtggt gtgagggtgt gaggggaaga gaggaagtgg tcagctttgc    159840
     agaggaacac agacgggggg accggtggct ccctcgccag gcctggggtc ctttccagca    159900
     ggtggggaag gagcacctgc cccatcactg ggtctcactt gcgttcagtt gtgtgtgcag    159960
     ggctgtctgt gagggctgtg ctgaggcctt cctgaccagc acatggggtg ggaaggacga    160020
     cctggggaat cctgaagtga tctgaagaca gagccctggg ctggatagat cgtctcggcc    160080
     actttccagg tcttgggagt gggggatgat ggctggagga ggtggccagg ccttggcagg    160140
     gggccctgtg atgcccgcct gtgctgagag gtgggggcag cttgggatgc tcagtggtct    160200
     gaaagatagg gtggggtctt ccctcggagt gtggagttta ggcacctggg aaccggagct    160260
     ggattcaggg gtgtgagatg gaggccctct gcttcctcga ccgcctgcca ggctggggtg    160320
     acctgtagtc agctgtgctt tgctcctgaa gccgcacacc agcaagtggg cagtggttct    160380
     cccacacttg gctactcaac tcctggtccc agggactctg gcctggggca gcgctgggcc    160440
     tggggtgagg agctgggcag cgggaatggg gaatggtggc tgtgggaacc cgtcctaccc    160500
     ctgggctcta gccctgcaac ctgtctgttg gcccccagcc cctgatggcc ctccaacacc    160560
     cgccccccaa ccccaccagg ctgttcctat gagatcccaa aggctcctca gagcaccagg    160620
     cttctcttgg actgtgggga gaggagaccg gtctgcgtgg ccaaggtgat tgaggcctct    160680
     gaggggcctc atgccggtgg ggttgctgtc ccccttcctg agactcagga gccctgtggg    160740
     tcagggcagc acagcaccat gggtggtttg tgacctgagg catttgaggg gacacgggtt    160800
     gcaggggcct gcaacaggct gggagagcag gtaggtgagc agctggcttg tcctggaaga    160860
     ccctctccct cctggcagcc ccaggactgg gggcaggagg gtatggactc agagaaggac    160920
     ccgagtcttg caggaagggg cctgaaccct cccagtgggc tgggtcctgg ggaggagaca    160980
     ggtctatgca ggtctatgct ggtggctggg gccgggcagg gccagggcaa gaactgcgtt    161040
     tccaccacct gtgagccaga ggcctggagc caactggatt taaagaggtg ctcaggtggg    161100
     aggtcccctc tcttagcatc ctcagcctcg tttcctgaca cccagaaggc tggggagtgt    161160
     ctccttttct ttacacactg cccccttcac ctggccacag cccaccctgc cacagagtca    161220
     cggagggctc cacaccaagg ccatcgtgac ccacatgcca cctaactgtg gtcatagtta    161280
     cgggccagag ctcacagcag ggctggggca tcctctccat cccccagcct acccaggacc    161340
     aggaagggag ttaaatatac ccgctcctat aaaaagcact gccgcctcca gcgttgcaca    161400
     cagtgggagg acccgtcacg ctgcgggaga gtgggtgggg aggccgagtg gccggggagg    161460
     ggctcctgca ggaggtggag ctaagacagg cgtggcagga cccccaaaaa tgacccatcg    161520
     ggaacacagg gctctcaggg tcctaggtgt gtcacctgca tctatgaggg gccatgtggg    161580
     caggtgaccg gagcacagat gtgtctgagc ccagtgctgg catttctagc agtgtggcct    161640
     tgtcaggtgg cctaccttcc tcctgccagc tggcagggga gacatctcgg ggcgtggctg    161700
     ctgcaatgcg ctgtgcctgg cgggtacgtg cgtgtgtgcc atcaccacgt gcacctgtct    161760
     tcaggtgatc tcgtgtggag cctctatgat cccctaggcc tgtggagact cagcacagtg    161820
     gtgggagcgg cccctcacct aagcccgcag tgtgagcgga gaatgggggg gtggggcttc    161880
     ccggaggccg tgattcctga gctcactctt gaggggcaga tgtgtttcca gcctggatgg    161940
     ggataggagg gagggaccag cactgtgacc tttaaaccct gggctggccg gcagtgtcac    162000
     accatcaaat gctgtgaggg agatccaccc ccactccaca gctggggcca cattccaaga    162060
     ggagcggact ctctgaggcc ctggaggcag aggggaaggg gccaggacct ggccctgcac    162120
     accagatggg gatggggagc cagtgctcag cctggcttca aggtcccgcc aggtacccaa    162180
     ggtctctcca ctgccctgcc acattggtcc agcagctggt cactcagagc ctgtccctaa    162240
     ggtacctcta ggctcccatc ccagagcttg ctctccatgc ccctgcaagc agtccagccc    162300
     cgctcaccct ggtgagctgc catcatcacc ttcttcccca aggctctgtc ttgggacgta    162360
     gcaggacctc gggctggact atggagggag ctgcgggtcc tggtggatga ggagcatgcc    162420
     cgccatccag gaacagtgcc cttggccatg gtgtcagggc cttgggagag gtctggctga    162480
     gccaaggtga ccaaaagggg agaaaggctc aggagccctg gtgcagggag gtgactgggt    162540
     ccttggccat ggggttggga cctgggggga accattggtc cacaggtcca gccgaagccc    162600
     aggagaacag ctggctgggc atcagcaggt gcccgttgga tttggactgg gagtcccagg    162660
     gccttggaca aggcagggcc aaagggagag ggagatgctg aggggagaga gaaggggaac    162720
     cagaagggaa gtgaaagggc caggggtgca tgtggtttga gtttgatttg agccaggacg    162780
     ggggaaggcc agtggtgatg acagccctca tgactatact tacagtggca gcagacgggc    162840
     cacatagcgc tgtgtgctgg gcaccctcta agctttgcag atactggccc atttaacccc    162900
     acaatcctgg gaggtaggtc ctattgctcc tattcaccga aggggatact gaggcccagg    162960
     caggtgataa cctgcccaca ttctcacagt gggtaatgca gagctgagca gcctggctgt    163020
     aagacctgag gtgggagagt agcagaagag gggtgggggc acagccaagg tttggggagg    163080
     aagacaggga tctggtgggg ggagcatggg taggttgcag ggatggcagg cggatggccc    163140
     tcactcagcc ttctggggtg ggggcaggga cacccagaca gacagcgcca gagcctgggg    163200
     tgggctgttg ctatagcaac agctggctcc agctcccagt gcacccaccc tccttggaga    163260
     tggggggggt tcctcctgcc ccatttcacg agcctgctgg gaagtgatgg gtggtagcca    163320
     cccctctgac atgacttatt aatgataatt ggacccaatt aaacatttat taaatccaga    163380
     cagctgcagc cgctaacgga cccttccctg atcctgggtg ggccatgctg ggggtggggg    163440
     tgctcaggat gggctgccgc aggggctctg ggttttaacg tgcctgaggc agctttgttg    163500
     gccacgttga ggtctggtga tgggacgtgt gtcaggcgct gtggtctgca gctgtaagaa    163560
     ctaaaatgag caacagttcc tgcacctctc caagaaggaa gttcgctttg acagagagtg    163620
     agggcgatgg aggaggcaag agtgaggtgg ggggccgggg gatgcccagg gaggaggggg    163680
     cgtgtgggtg ccccagggat cccagggagc gatgggaggc tgcagaaggg cacaggcctg    163740
     ccgcgggtgg ggggctggcc agggagaata ggagatagta gaggcggagg ccaggaattt    163800
     gcacttctcc agggaagctg gggaagagtt ggggagaggg aggcaagaag attccccacc    163860
     catcttaggc gcagggagcg gtcagggagg cgccagaggt gggccagagc tgtgacctgg    163920
     cctcacaccc cgtcccggtg gggctctcag gcccctgagg gccagacgcg ggacctgggt    163980
     gcgacccggg cgggaggcgg cagggctcag ctgtgctgga cgctgcagca gcgcgggaag    164040
     gggctccccc ggctccatgg ggtgaatcgg tgaggggctc cggtgccgat gtggaaggag    164100
     ctcctgagca gaactggggc ctggactgct tgtgcccgag ttggtttcga ggcgtctctg    164160
     cttttcgctg gaggcccacg aggtgggtgg gaagtgggtg ctcgcccgtc gcagaaacag    164220
     agtcgggtgc cgcctgcggc agacgcccct ctccgcgcct gcaggtgcgg ggtgggggag    164280
     aaaggtcatc cctggagagg cccggggctg gcgggaatcc tcggcgggcg gggtctgcga    164340
     ggggcagggc cggtcctgtg agcgcacgca cgcgtgtccg tgtccgtggt ggacccccga    164400
     tgcggcgcgg gggcgggtga atgcgcgggc tgcgagcacg gcaaggtctc tcaggcttgt    164460
     ggacgtgggt acgggcgtct cggcaccctg agctttctcc cctacccgcc ccagcgtgcc    164520
     ggggaatgct gtgcggcttc ggcgccgtgt gcgagcccaa cgcggagggg ccgggccggg    164580
     cgtcctgcgt ctgcaagaag agcccgtgcc ccagcgtggt ggcgcctgtg tgtgggtcgg    164640
     acgcctccac ctacagcaac gaatgcgagc tgcagcgggc gcagtgcagc cagcagcgcc    164700
     gcatccgcct gctcagccgc gggccgtgcg gtgagcgggg cggggccggt gcctggggcg    164760
     gggaggggcg gggcctatga gatggagcga ggctgggagg ggcttcgggg ccagtggggc    164820
     gggggcaggg gcggggcccg gcggggagga gcggggctgg gaggggcctg gggggcggag    164880
     cggggcggga gcgggggcgg ggcctgcggg gcccggcggg gaggagcggg gctgggaggg    164940
     gcctgggggg cggagcgggg cgggagcggg gcgggagcgg gggcgggggc ggcccgtctg    165000
     accggcaaag ccccgcccgc aggctcgcgg gacccctgct ccaacgtgac ctgcagcttc    165060
     ggcagcacct gtgcgcgctc ggccgacggg ctgacggcct cgtgcctgtg ccccgcgacc    165120
     tgccgtggcg cccccgaggg gaccgtctgc ggcagcgacg gcgccgacta ccccggcgag    165180
     tgccagctcc tgcgccgcgc ctgcgcccgc caggagaatg tcttcaagaa gttcgacggc    165240
     ccttgtggtg agcgcggcgg cgggcgcacg gctcgagctc tgtgggcgcg cggcgacagc    165300
     gtcctgactc ctgccctcga cccccagacc cctgtcaggg cgccctccct gacccgagcc    165360
     gcagctgccg tgtgaacccg cgcacgcggc gccctgagat gctcctacgg cccgagagct    165420
     gccctgcccg gcaggcgcca gtgtgtgggg acgacggagt cacctacgaa aacgactgtg    165480
     tcatgggccg atcgggggcc gcccggggtc tcctcctgca gaaagtgcgc tccggccagt    165540
     gccagggtcg aggtgagcgg ctcccccggg ggagggctcc ggccagtgcc agggtcgagg    165600
     tgggcggctc ccccggggga gggctccggc cagtgccagg gtcgaggtgg gcggctcccc    165660
     cgggggaggg ctgcggccag tgccagggtc gaggtgggcg gctcccctct gggagggccg    165720
     cctgctcccc tgctccctgc acatcccagg gcagggatgg agggtgctcc agcctctccg    165780
     tgactccctc acccctgcgt cctagaccag tgcccggagc cctgccggtt caatgccgtg    165840
     tgcctgtccc gccgtggccg tccccgctgc tcctgcgacc gcgtcacctg tgacggggcc    165900
     tacaggcccg tgtgtgccca ggacgggcgc acgtatgaca gtgattgctg gcggcagcag    165960
     gctgagtgcc ggcagcagcg tgccatcccc agcaagcacc agggcccgtg tggtgagcgc    166020
     cccggggtgg aggccaggcg gggtgggctg ctcctgcgtc agtccctgcc tggacatcac    166080
     atgccatctt catccatcat gttcctcttg gggtcctggg agtgggccgg tccctctggg    166140
     aaggctctgg ggagggtgga gcctgtgtgc ggagggtacc tggatacctg ggggctggtg    166200
     aggcagaggc ggggccttgt ccaggctccc tggtccctga cctcagccac gccctccctg    166260
     ggagtcctct ggcctgtccg catgtctcca cgctgtaagc acaggctgtt ggggtgggca    166320
     ggctggacac aacaccaggg tcctcactct tgggacatgg gcagccgtcg gccgttttgg    166380
     aggcagtgtc aggacttgaa gggccagggg gaggcagtgg ccgtcgtgtc ccgtcgtgtt    166440
     cgtcttggtc agttcgccca tcttctggtc tttctctctg cgtctgtctc ttctctttgg    166500
     tctcttcttc cctgtcggct ccgcctcttg tgtcttccag cctgacctgc tggcaggatg    166560
     aggtgccgtg cctgccctcc aggagcccgc agcccgaggt ctgcccctgg tgcggcaggg    166620
     ggggtggctt gctgctgcct ggccttgtgg tcctcagagc aagtggacag acacctcctc    166680
     ccccgtgcag ccctgggtgt gactctgggg gtgcaggctc ctcccaccca cagagagccc    166740
     ccccacatgc atgggtgtcc tggggatgct ggtggtcagg ggtcagtggc ctgggcaggc    166800
     tggggaagcc tggccctccc atagcctgct gtggacaatc aggaagcccc aagcttgggg    166860
     gcagcctcgc ccgcagccac cggggactcc tgggtgtgtg ttccgctcgc ctctgccgcg    166920
     tgtctgtccc tttctctgcc gtgtctgctg tgcatctggc ccttctcctg tgttctctct    166980
     tcctccacca tcccctccct ggaagaggga ctgctgcgtg gggctggggg ctttgcctgc    167040
     agcggagggg gggcttgtgg gaccactgag cccctgtgtc cttcccagac caggccccgt    167100
     ccccatgcct cggggtgcag tgtgcatttg gggcgacgtg tgctgtgaag aacgggcagg    167160
     cagcgtgtga atgcctgcag gcgtgctcga gcctctacga tcctgtgtgc ggcagcgacg    167220
     gcgtcacata cggcagcgcg tgcgagctgg aggccacggc ctgtaccctc gggcgggaga    167280
     tccaggtggc gcgcaaagga ccctgtggtc agtggcgggt gaggggtctg gtgggggtcg    167340
     gggagagaga ggttcctggt cgcctggtga tggaagctcc tccccagacc gctgcgggca    167400
     gtgccgcttt ggagccctgt gcgaggccga gaccgggcgc tgcgtgtgcc cctctgaatg    167460
     cgtggctttg gcccagcccg tgtgtggctc cgacgggcac acgtacccca gcgagtgcat    167520
     gctgcacgtg cacgcctgca cacaccagat cagcctgcac gtggcctcag ctggaccctg    167580
     tggtgagtga ggccctgggg ccgggcgggc cagggtcctg tgcctccctc agcctgggcc    167640
     tgccgacccc tgcctggctc tgtctcctgc agagacctgt ggagatgccg tgtgtgcttt    167700
     tggggctgtg tgctccgcag ggcagtgtgt gtgtccccgg tgtgagcacc ccccgcccgg    167760
     ccccgtgtgt ggcagcgacg gtgtcaccta cggcagtgcc tgcgagctac gggaagccgc    167820
     ctgcctccag cagacacaga tcgaggaggc ccgggcaggg ccgtgcgagc agggtaggcc    167880
     gggggacgct ggcgaaaact gctgggctct ggctttggac aagaagcccc tgggtgactc    167940
     tgctcccctt ccccgcagcc gagtgcggtt ccggaggctc tggctctggg gaggacggtg    168000
     actgtgagca ggagctgtgc cggcagcgcg gtggcatctg ggacgaggac tcggaggacg    168060
     ggccgtgtgt ctgtgacttc agctgccaga gtgtcccagg cagcccggtg agctctgtac    168120
     ccctggctct cggcgggcgg cggggacggg gctgcggccg ctcacactga caccaccctc    168180
     caggtgtgcg gctcagatgg ggtcacctac agcaccgagt gtgagctgaa gaaggccagg    168240
     tgtgagtcac agcgagggct ctacgtagcg gcccagggag cctgccgagg tgagccggct    168300
     gcacgtgggg tctcaggcac aggcggggcg gcgtctgggt ttccgtgtct ggatgtgggc    168360
     gtgcccgtgt gctgcgttgg gcccctgtgg acgtgtgtat tgtgttgtaa gtgagcatcg    168420
     tccagtgttg gtgcctgtgc acatttgtgc agctgcgtgt gtgggcgtgt gtgtccatca    168480
     gtcagtgggc gtgcaccagg ccaggcctca gtgctgagag gcagcgtgaa ccatgcgggg    168540
     ccccaccgtg tgggcacttt ctctgcatac gtccatccgg tcgatgtatc acatcaatta    168600
     ggtaaaagtg gtgcccggtg tgtgtgatgc gcgtgcacag atgtgtgtct gcagaggggc    168660
     gttaactgta cggtttggag gaatgtgggt gagaacgcat gctgacgtct tcagatgtct    168720
     gtttctcgat ttgcaaggaa gctcgcgtgt gtgtgtgcac agagctgcgt gtccgtgatc    168780
     tttggatgct ctgtgtgttg tgtgttcctg gatctgcatt tacagacatg ttcttgcgta    168840
     agatgtggga gcctcacctg tgtcctcagc cccaggctcc cgggctcctc tgggagctgg    168900
     gatcgggacg gctgagtggt gacagtgggg gtaggtggag gcagactggc tgggtccagg    168960
     gtgggtgtcc agcactgcat gaaatctgag tcccgtaccc tttcctgcag gccccacctt    169020
     cgccccgctg ccgcctgtgg cccccttaca ctgtgcccag acgccctacg gctgctgcca    169080
     ggacaatatc accgcagccc ggggcgtggg cctggctggc tgccccagtg agtacctgag    169140
     ctcagccccg accccgggcc tggtgcggct gtgcggccac gtgaccttgt cctgccctgg    169200
     cctttcaggt gcctgccagt gcaaccccca tggctcttac ggcggcacct gtgacccagc    169260
     cacaggccag tgctcctgcc gcccaggtgt ggggggcctc aggtgtgacc gctgtgagcc    169320
     tggcttctgg aactttcgag gcatcgtcac cgatggccgg agtggctgta cacgtgagtg    169380
     acagggccca ggactggcca ccggctatgc cctcctacct gttcaccccc atcactgtgc    169440
     ttctcctcac ctgcccaggc cctggcctga cccacacctg gctgggggct gggcagagcc    169500
     agggttgggg accaggctct ggaggaggtg gggaagcccg tccaggtgcg gacatcacgt    169560
     tcctccccga ttttccccaa agcctgcagc tgtgatcccc aaggcgccgt gcgggatgac    169620
     tgtgagcaga tgacggggct gtgctcgtgt aagcccgggg tggctggacc caagtgtggg    169680
     cagtgtccag acggccgtgc cctgggcccc gcgggctgtg aagctggtga gtgagggcca    169740
     gcgctaccct ggggcttcat ggggtggggt ggggtcaccc gagccacaga ggtttcccat    169800
     gcccgtgccc cagacgcttc tgcgcctgcg acctgtgcgg agatgcgctg tgagttcggt    169860
     gcgcggtgcg tggaggagtc tggctcagcc cactgtgtct gcccgatgct cacctgtcca    169920
     gaggccaacg ctaccaaggt gaggggtgtg ggatgtgaag gggagtgggg aggaggcctc    169980
     gccttgaaca tccttgttct ctgccccagg tctgtgggtc agatggagtc acatacggca    170040
     acgagtgtca gctgaagacc atcgcctgcc gccagggcct gcaaatctct atccagagcc    170100
     tgggcccgtg ccagggtgag gcctgacggc cactgcccca gaactgacca ggaaggcctg    170160
     acgctgccct aaatccagcc ccacccgccc tgagccacct gaccctgtcc caaccggtcc    170220
     ccccgccaac ctccctctcc ttgcagaggc tgttgctccc agcactcacc cgacatctgc    170280
     ctccgtgact gtgaccaccc cagggctcct cctgagccag gcactgccgg ccccccccgg    170340
     cgccctcccc ctggctccca gcagtaccgc acacagccag accacccctc cgccctcatc    170400
     acgacctcgg accactgcca gcgtccccag gaccaccgtg tggcccgtgc tgacggtgcc    170460
     ccccacggca ccctcccctg cacccagcct ggtggcgtcc gcctttggtg aatctggcag    170520
     cactgatgga agcagcgatg aggaactgag cggggaccag gaggccagtg ggggtggctc    170580
     tgggggtgag cagggatcaa ggacttgggg tgggtgggca ggcgccgaga ggctccacca    170640
     gagcctgggc tcagagcgcg tctccccagg gctcgagccc ttggagggca gcagcgtggc    170700
     cacccctggg ccacctgtcg agagggcttc ctgctacaac tccgcgttgg gctgctgctc    170760
     tgatgggaag acgccctcgc tggacgcaga gggctccaac tgccccggtg agtggacggc    170820
     tgggcgaggg gagtgtgagg atagcctggg ctcggccgag gtgctgcccc ctcgcctggg    170880
     cagcaggtca gtgccggggg ttatggtctt gggactcggc cccctcaaac atgtgcgtgc    170940
     cggggacccc acgcctaacc cgtctctctc gttgcaagcc ggtgtggcac actgctctga    171000
     ggagtcctcc tggtaaccga caccagcccc accctggggt ccccactaac ctcatgacca    171060
     tctgactaac atccaccttc ccttgcaccc ttgtggcttg ctgctggggc ctgtgcctgg    171120
     gccagcctgg atgccaggca gatgccaggc agggcctcac tgtacctccc ccacagccac    171180
     caaggtgttc cagggcgtcc tggagctgga gggcgtcgag ggccaggagc tgttctacac    171240
     gcccgagatg gctgacccca agtcagaact gttcggggag acagccagga gcattgagag    171300
     caccgtaaga cgggggcgca gcccccacct acccactggc cttcctcccc agatacccag    171360
     agcagcacca gggcagcccg gcttgggcgg ccccccaagt ccttgcctac tccctgccac    171420
     agctggacga cctcttccgg aattcagacg tcaagaagga ttttcggagt gtccgcttgc    171480
     gggacctggg gcccggcaaa tccgtccgcg ccattgtgga tgtgcacttt gaccccagtg    171540
     agacctgcac cctggaccct tcctgggagg caatgggtgg gggatgcctg gggctctgcc    171600
     atgctcagag ctccctcctc cccagccaca gccttcaggg cacccgacgt ggcccgggcc    171660
     ctgctccggc agatccaggt gtccaggcgc cggtccttgg gggtgaggcg gccgctgcag    171720
     gagcacgtgc gatttatgga ctttggtgag cgccaggcca cgagccacag cttacctgcc    171780
     ccctcctctg cccatgcccc tgcccctcac cccttcctgg ccctgctccc aggaaaccct    171840
     aacagctccc tgtgccggca gactggtttc ctgcgtttat cacgggggcc acgtcaggag    171900
     ccattgctgc gggagccacg gccagagcca ccactgcatc gcgcctgccg tcctctgctg    171960
     tgacccctcg ggccccgcac cccagtcaca caagccagcc cgttgccaag accacggcag    172020
     cccccaccac acgtcggccc cccaccactg cccccagccg tgtgcccgga cgtcggcccc    172080
     cggcccccca gcagcctcca aagccctgtg actcacagcc ctgcttccac ggggggacct    172140
     gccaggactg ggcattgggc gggggcttca cctgcagctg cccggcaggc aggggaggcg    172200
     ccgtctgtga gaagggtaag gatgtccact gcagaggagg gcggggaggc agcagggtgg    172260
     gggcaaggat tgggggtggg gctaagccac catcaggctt tgagttgggg gcaggagccc    172320
     ggattaaggc ggggtttcgg ccagatgcgg tggctcacgc ctgtaatccc agcactttgg    172380
     gaggccgagg caggcggatc acctgaggtc gggagttcga gaccagcctg accaacatgg    172440
     agacactctg tctctactaa aaatacaaaa ttagccgggc gtggtggtgg gcgcctgtaa    172500
     tcccacctcg tgaggctgag gcaggagaat cgcttgaacc tggcaggcgg aggttgcggt    172560
     gagccaggat cgcgccactg cactccagcc ggggcaaaaa gagcaaaact ccgtctcaaa    172620
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag cagggggcgg tttcagggat aaaagtgggg aatcctcgga    172680
     gcttttccag ccggccctcc cggtcgccct ttgcagtgct tggcgcccct gtgccggcct    172740
     tcgagggccg ctccttcctg gccttcccca ctctccgcgc ctaccacacg ctgcgcctgg    172800
     cactggaatt ccgggcgctg gagcctcagg ggctgctgct gtacaatggc aacgcccggg    172860
     gcaaggactt cctggcattg gcgctgctag atggccgcgt gcagctcagg tgggcgggga    172920
     ggggacgggg ccggggcagc tcaggtgggc ggggagggga cgggcggggg agggggggcc    172980
     ggggcagctc aggtgggtgg ggtggggacg ggggcggggc agctcaggta ggcggggtgg    173040
     ggacggggcc gggcgatggt cctgagcacc tgctcctgcc ctcaggtttg acacaggttc    173100
     ggggccggcg gtgctgacca gtgccgtgcc ggtagagccg ggccagtggc accgcctgga    173160
     gctgtcccgg cactggcgcc ggggcaccct ctcggtggat ggtgagaccc ctgttctggg    173220
     cgagagtccc agtggcaccg acggcctcaa cctggacaca gacctctttg tgggcggcgt    173280
     acccgaggac caggctgccg tgtgagtccc ttggagggtg gtgtggcccc gaccccggcc    173340
     ctttggggtc ccggtgtacg aggtggcttt gcctgtggcc cctgagccct gacccggtgt    173400
     ccctcctggt ggcagggcgc tggagcggac cttcgtgggc gccggcctga gggggtgcat    173460
     ccgtttgctg gacgtcaaca accagcgcct ggagcttggc attgggccgg gggctgccac    173520
     ccgaggctct ggcgtgggcg agtgcgggga ccacccctgc ctgcccaacc cctgccatgg    173580
     cggggcccca tgccagaacc tggaggctgg aaggttccat tgccagtgcc cgcccggccg    173640
     cgtcggtgag ggtggggccg gggcgggtgg gagtgggacc ccggggcctg tgggcggtac    173700
     ccaaccgacg cctcctggga cctcggtccc ggtcccgtct tcctccatcc aggaccaacc    173760
     tgtgccgatg agaagagccc ctgccagccc aacccctgcc atggggcggc gccctgccgt    173820
     gtgctgcccg agggtggtgc tcagtgcgag tgccccctgg ggcgtgaggg caccttctgc    173880
     cagacaggtc gggggcgtgg ggctctcggg gcaggggggg ggggggggtt gaacgtttgg    173940
     gcgggtacag gttccaggta gcattgcagt taggatgcgg ctcagtctag tctgggtttt    174000
     gagttaggat ccacacacgg ctggcatggg gtgcaggagg ccccgggggt caggactgag    174060
     gccttggtga ctctccctac agcctcgggg caggacggct ctgggccctt cctggctgac    174120
     ttcaacggct tctcccacct ggagctgaga ggcctgcaca cctttgcacg ggacctgggg    174180
     tcggtggggc aggagcaggg ggaagggccg gcccccacct ccgtctctcc tgtggggagg    174240
     ggacagcaaa gacaccccga ctccccatga ccccagggag aagatggcgc tggaggtcgt    174300
     gttcctggca cgaggcccca gcggcctcct gctctacaac gggcagaaga cggacggcaa    174360
     gggggacttc gtgtcgctgg cactgcggga ccgccgcctg gagttccgct acgacctggg    174420
     caagggggca gcggtcatca ggtgggccgg caagggtggc tctgggaggc ctggggcact    174480
     ggcccggggc cggggcacca gcaggtcgct caggccctgg gtggtcgcgt ggccggtggt    174540
     ggacagagcc cactcacgct gcccctcctc accaggagca gggagccagt caccctggga    174600
     gcctggacca gggtctcact ggagcgaaac ggccgcaagg gtgccctgcg tgtgggcgac    174660
     ggcccccgtg tgttggggga gtccccggtg agtgctctgg gccgcgaggg gactcccgct    174720
     gctgcctgct cttcctcctc gggcggcagc cccgcccctg ccggcgctca cggagctgtt    174780
     tttctgtcct gttctcttgg ccgcctgccc tgtcctctgc ctcctctgcc tccctgctct    174840
     ctgctctcgc tctgcaaccc cacccgctct tcggaggcca gaaatcccgc aaggtactgt    174900
     cggcctctca tccgctcacc gtctctggcg cctcaacccc tagggtagct cctcccccac    174960
     taaggaccct gccatttctg tgtgattaac gctgccccct agataggcaa tgggcgggtg    175020
     gggcgggtgc gtgcaggtgc ctgggccctg ggtctgcacc gtgggtgggc tctgcacagc    175080
     cacttacctg gcgtccccgc aggttccgca caccgtcctc aacctgaagg agccgctcta    175140
     cgtagggggc gctcccgact tcagcaagct ggcccgtgct gctgccgtgt cctctggctt    175200
     cgacggtgcc atccagctgg tatgtggggg cggggcgtcc cagcagggcc tccggggcgg    175260
     gcggggtggc aggcgggaca aggccctcac cctgccctgc aggtctccct cggaggccgc    175320
     cagctgctga ccccggagca cgtgctgcgg caggtggacg tcacgtcctt tgcaggtcac    175380
     ccctgcaccc gggcctcagg ccacccctgc ctcaatgggg cctcctgcgt cccgagggag    175440
     gctgcctatg tgtgcctgtg tcccggggga ttctcaggac cgcactgcga gaagggtgag    175500
     cctggcacag ggcagggggc ggaggccgga tgggcccgga gcccacgagg ccccaccctc    175560
     acctgcctat ctcacagggc tggtggagaa gtcagcgggg gacgtggata ccttggcctt    175620
     tgacgggcgg acctttgtcg agtacctcaa cgctgtgacc gagaggtaac gtgccatcct    175680
     ctgctggctg tcggttccat ctgtgccctc ggggcgggac accggacccc cacaccagga    175740
     gggcccagga ggggacggcc cggtgctgcc acctctgtcc tcccgcctct ctctcacctc    175800
     ccggtcctcc cgcctctcac tgtctgtctc tttgtttcca agcgaactgg ccaatgagat    175860
     ccccgtgtga gtagagctcg gcgccccccg ctccctctca ctcccactcc tccatccttc    175920
     ctggtgggga gcagagtccg gagcccccgg ggaactttcc atcccttgtg gcggaggatg    175980
     ggggtccggc gctatttggc tgcaagaggc cgtttcctgc ctcagaagtg cagtcgcccc    176040
     tcccagggca caggccgagg gtcgccccac agccaacccc caccactgag gctgtacaca    176100
     cctgtgcgca tatgcatgca tgtctgtgtc cgtgtgcact tccgcgtgtg tgaacatgca    176160
     gctgtgtctg tgcgtgtcta tgtatatgga gtggatgtgc aagtgtgtgt gaatatccag    176220
     ctgtgtgtgt gcatgggtcc atgtatatgt gtgtgtgtat atgtgggggg gacatgtaga    176280
     tatgcgtgtg tgactatgcg gccgtgtgtg tgcatggctc catgtatgtg tgtgtatatg    176340
     agggagacat gcaggtatgt gtccgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc atatgggtcc atgtatgtgt    176400
     gtgtatatga gggagacacg caggtgtgtg tctgagtgtg tgcgcacatg ggtccatgta    176460
     tgtgtgtgta taggtgaggg agacatgcat gtgtgtgtcc gtgtgtgtgc atgggtccat    176520
     gtgtgtatag tgtgtacaca tgggtccatg tatgtgtgtg tatatgaggg agacacgcag    176580
     gtgtgtgtcc gagtgtgtgt gcatgggtcc atgtgtgtat agtgtgtgca catgggtcca    176640
     tgtatgtgtg tgtatatgag ggagacacgc aggtgtgtgt ccgagtgtgt gtccatgggt    176700
     ccatgtatgt gtgtgtatat gtgggggaga caggtgtgtg tccgagtgtg tgcatgggtc    176760
     cgtgtatatg cgtgtatata tggggggata tgtagatgtg tgtgtgtatg aacaggtgta    176820
     agtggggagc actcaggtgt gtctgtgtgt gttcgtgtac acgtgtgtat gtgtgtgaac    176880
     atggaggggt gtgtgtgtcc gtgtgtaggt ttgcgtgcat gcacacatgc atgtgtgtac    176940
     tggggcatcc aagcccctgg tctccactcc ataccaccct acgcctacct ccttgatctc    177000
     tgcgcccagc cttggctgtg ctcccctgct gtctgcacgt gggtgtctgc acgtgggtgt    177060
     ctgcatgtgg gtgtctgtgc cctcaagtgt ctcgtgtctg cacgtgggtg tctgcaccct    177120
     cacgtgtctc gtgtccgcac aagcatgtgt aggtgtccct gctgggctct ttggtgggcg    177180
     gccagtgatc ctcgaggtca cgcatgtctt ctgtgggtgc ctgctccttg caccccacag    177240
     tgttgagatg ggtttgcatt ggccccgcct gtcccctgct cacccgcctc cctctcttcc    177300
     tgcttctaag ccccgaaact ctggattccg gggcccttca caggtgagca cgtggcagca    177360
     gtgcctgcag acccctggct ggcccatctg tcctcccgcc cgtctctctg atctctctct    177420
     gccaggctgc ccctgtctcc atccctcttc tccctcccac tgtcggtgtc tgcccaccag    177480
     ccacccctgg gtcccgtcac agcccttgtg gcctccgcag ctggggccct tgtcctcccg    177540
     cctcccccac cctgtcctgt tgccaccttc ctagaggccc tgacctgccc tctgccctcc    177600
     agcgagaagg cactgcagag caaccacttt gaactgagcc tgcgcactga ggccacgcag    177660
     gggctggtgc tctggagtgg caaggccacg gagcgggcag actatgtggc actggccatt    177720
     gtggacgggc acctgcaact gagctacaac ctgggctccc agcccgtggt gctgcgttcc    177780
     accgtgcccg tcaacaccaa ccgctggttg cgggtcgtgg cacataggtg agtagggaac    177840
     ccagcgtgcc gagaatagtg gcgagggctg cccagacttg cccagctggg ctgtgtccag    177900
     tcacttgtga ccaggggtca gggaggacac gccttgctgc ctgagccgag gtcactgcca    177960
     gtgggaggag gaagggccaa gaagatgcag gagaagcaat gatcagtttc cacgtctgaa    178020
     aggcatcccg gccctgcccg gagcctgccg ggggtcgctc cagtctgagc ctggccgtcg    178080
     cctccagcaa agcttgagct gcaggaatgt ccccggcctt ggctcccagt gccctccttg    178140
     gggtcaaggc cacctcatcc ttgcccccag gggtgatacc tcgggggttc tccaggctga    178200
     ggcacctgca gggcatagga aggatgcagg gcttatggtc tagaggaggc agagggaact    178260
     ctgggccctg atggtctccc cctccctgca cacccaggga gcagagggaa ggttccctgc    178320
     aggtgggcaa tgaggcccct gtgaccggct cctccccgct gggcgccacg cagctggaca    178380
     ctgatggagc cctgtggctt ggtgagtgtt ttggggagac tagagaggga tgcccaaggg    178440
     tctcatgata tccgagggac agactccacc ccccagcgcc cacccttgag tcagggtgca    178500
     tgtgagccgg cgggctgggc tctcttctcc cgctgtagcc cctgcagttc ccagtgctgt    178560
     ggggccggga ggcgggtgcc caggtgtggg ccccctgctg gtcacctgct cgttggggtg    178620
     cccatcagca tcactgagtc acagccgggt gactcccact gtctgtgctg cagggggcct    178680
     gccggagctg cccgtgggcc cagcactgcc caaggcctac ggcacaggct ttgtgggctg    178740
     cttgcgggac gtggtggtgg gccggcaccc gctgcacctg ctggaggacg ccgtcaccaa    178800
     gccagagctg cggccctgcc ccaccccatg agctggcacc agagccccgc gcccgctgta    178860
     attattttct atttttgtaa acttgttgct ttttgatatg attttcttgc ctgagtgttg    178920
     gccggaggga ctgctggccc ggcctccctt ccgtccaggc agccgtgctg cagacagacc    178980
     tagtgccgag ggatggacag gcgaggtggc agcgtggagg gctcggcgtg gatggcagcc    179040
     tcaggacaca cacccctgcc tcaaggtgct gagcccccgc cttgcactgc gcctgcccca    179100
     cggtgtcccc gccgggaagc agccccggct cctgaatcac cctcgctccg tcaggcggga    179160
     ctcgtgtccc agagaggaag gggctgctga ggtctgatgg ggcccttcct ccgggtgacc    179220
     ccacagggcc tttccaagcc cccatttgag ctgctccttc ctgtgtgtgc tctgggccct    179280
     gcctcggcct cctgcgccaa tactgtgact tccaaacaat gttactgctg ggcacagctc    179340
     tgcgttgctc ccgtgctgcc tgcgccagcc ccaggctgct gaggagcaga ggccagacca    179400
     gggccgatct gggtgtcctg accctcagct ggccctgccc agccaccctg gacgtgaccg    179460
     tatccctctg ccacacccca ggccctgcga ggggctatcg agaggagctc actgtgggat    179520
     ggggttgacc tctgccgcct gcctgggtat ctgggcctgg ccatggctgt gttcttcatg    179580
     tgttgatttt atttgacccc tggagtggtg ggtctcatct ttcccatctc gcctgagagc    179640
     ggctgagggc tgcctcactg caaatcctcc ccacagcgtc agtgaaagtc gtccttgtct    179700
     cagaatgacc aggggccagc cagtgtctga ccaaggtcaa ggggcaggtg cagaggtggc    179760
     agggatggct ccgaagccag aaatgcctta aactgcaacg tcccgtccct tccccacccc    179820
     catcccatcc ccacccccag ccccagccca gtcctcctag gagcaggacc cgatgaagcg    179880
     ggcggcggtg gggctgggtg ccgtgttact aactctagta tgtttctgtg tcaatcgctg    179940
     tgaaataaag tctgaaaact ttaaaagcat tgcttttgtc catcctcacc agcgcgctgg    180000
     cccgttggct tcttgctccg ctttgtggtg ggagcacgga cttggagctc ccttgggtgg    180060
     ccctggatgg agccaggccc tgcacaggga tccttgtggc tgatgaggcc ctgagtgggg    180120
     agcacacact gctgagcact gtgggaggcg gggccgtgga ggcaggaggc tctctggcgt    180180
     gcacgtgtgg gtgcgtgtac gtgtgggggt gtgtgtgtgt gggtgcgggt acgtgtgggt    180240
     gcatgtgcct gctctctggc gtgcacgtgt gggtgcgggt acgtgtgggt gcgggtacgt    180300
     gtgggtgcat gtgcgtgtgg gtgcgtgtgc ctgctctctg gcgtgcacgt gtgggtacgt    180360
     gtgggtgtgg gtgcgtgtgc ctgctctccg gcgtgcatgt atgggtgcat gtacgtgtgt    180420
     gtgggtgcgt gtgcctgctc tccggcgtgt atgtgtgggt gcgtgtgcgt gtgggtgcgt    180480
     gtgcttgctc tccggcgtgc atgtgtgggt gcatgtacgt gtgtgggtgc gtgtgcctgc    180540
     tctccggcgt gtatgtgtgg gtgtgtgtgc ctgctctctg gcgtgcacgt gtgtgtgtgt    180600
     gtgtgtgtgc ctgcacacat aattggccca catctgtgtc agagcacagg gttgggagga    180660
     ggctgcaccc aggactggaa gggtctgggg ggagccaggg tgcgtggggc tgttgggcag    180720
     ccttttcact ggcccaggtg tgcagaacca acccttggca ctgctggaag cccctaacta    180780
     gaaacccctg gggtagctgg gctcctggac tccctctaac ctgcttccta aattagtgtg    180840
     tgggtgacag cactgcagaa gctgagcctc agggaagggc gcggtggctc acacctgtca    180900
     tcccagcact ttgggaggct gaggctggag gatcgcttga ggccaagagt gggagatcag    180960
     cttgggcaac atagtgagac cccatctctg caaaaaaatt tctttaatta gccaggcgtg    181020
     gtggtacaca cctgtagctc cagctactcc ggaggctgag gcaggaggat cacttgaatc    181080
     caggaggttg aggcagcagc aagctgtgat tgcaccactg cactccagcc tgggtgacag    181140
     agcgagaacc tgtctaaaaa acagagctgg cacccagcac cggcagatgt gagccctggg    181200
     gagaagcagg ggaagaaggg gtagggtgtg tggccagctg ggtggccctt cgcaaactgc    181260
     tgtctcttat gaaaaataac taagtgtagt tttctatttt gtattaatga ttttaaaaaa    181320
     aaagccaggt gcgctggctc acacctgtaa tcctagcact ttgggaggcc gaggcgggtg    181380
     gatcacctga ggtcaggagt tcaagacgag cctggccaac atggtgaaac cctgtctctc    181440
     ctaaaataca aaaactggct gggcatgatg gtgggtgcct gtagtcccag ctactccgga    181500
     ggctgagacg ggagaattgc ttgaacccag gagacggtgg ttgcagtgag ccgagatcac    181560
     gccattgcac tccagcctca gtggctgaag gagactccgt ctcaaaaaaa aaaagaaaaa    181620
     agaaaaccac aaaaacatcg aaataaaata acaccaatgg ctgggcacat tggctcatgc    181680
     ctataatccc agcactttgg gaggctgagg caggcggatc acctgaggtc aggagttcaa    181740
     caccagactg gccaacatgg tgaaaccctg tatctactaa aaacacaaac atctgggcgt    181800
     ggtggcaggt atctgtaatc ccagttactc gggaggctga ggcacgagaa tcgcttgaac    181860
     ccgggaggcg gaggttgcag tgagccgcga ttgcaccact gcactccagc gtgggcgaca    181920
     gagcgcgact ccgtttcaaa aaaaaaatga aaagataata cccacaagct ccacacccag    181980
     gaggtcccat gcgtctgagt gtttgctttc tgggcttttc atcacctggt cctctgggga    182040
     tatgctgacc gaccctgtgt gcctggcagg tgtcaggcac tgggggtcgg ggaggagaga    182100
     gtccaggagc ggtggccaca cacaggtcgc tgacggtggg gggccagggt gggggcagac    182160
     taactttggt tttcaggaaa ggtccagaga aaacacgccc aaacccagac ccgaagcatg    182220
     agcaggggga gggcaggtga ggaggccaga ggcggggcat gtggtgtggg tccattggac    182280
     ggtgtgcagg gccctgtggc ttgacaaagg gatctttcag caggaagcgg aggcgtagga    182340
     gcggccagag gccagcgtgc aggacagagg ccacaggtca gagcagcaga ggctggacag    182400
     agatgggcag ggcaggtcca gtggggctgc gtgggcctgg ggaagagagc tgggggtgct    182460
     gcctgaggag ctgtgggagg ctcctggagg gctccaagca ggaggccacc agatttcatg    182520
     aagacgcccc tggctaggac agggtgctag gctgcagggg gagcagaggg agggatttgg    182580
     gggagaatgg gcgggtcgag gggggtgaga agaggcgctc agggacgtgg agatggagct    182640
     ggaggcaccg gagctttggg tggattcgcc ctgatgcgtc tggagggatg gctgggctgg    182700
     ggaagctggg gttccctgag tggggtccag ggggccgagg ggtgccaggc agggagaggc    182760
     tgggctgaag cctgaggcag gtgctcctgc tgggtgttgc ctaggagagg agaaaaagcc    182820
     ccgacgccag aaatggagga gggaggagga cctcggaggg gaggaggagg gtgcgcagaa    182880
     ccaggagagg cagtttgggg agcaaccgct gcggagcgcg caggacccag aggactcaaa    182940
     ggggacctgg agggtgacga ggccttccgt ggccgggggt gaggaggagg gaagccgcgc    183000
     gggcggagag gcgctggtgg gtcccaggtt ggaggctgtg ggtctgagag gcgaagccca    183060
     ggggagcccg gggccaccgc tgaaaaggat ggcagctgag cgcaggcgag ggagaggcgc    183120
     gcgtgtccgg gacagaccgc ggtgggagct cgactccgga aaccggcggg cctggggctg    183180
     ggacctacag ggaggcggac gcggcacagc cagggaggtc ggtcccgcgg gccccgcccc    183240
     gccccccagc ctggagcgcc cccctccggc cccggtccgc agtggaggcg gccccggaaa    183300
     agccagaggg tcttggaatg gagggcggga cggagccgcc tgcaacgccc gcgacccgcg    183360
     acccggctgc ccgcgggacc cccggctctg aagcggggac ggccggagct tccgcctgca    183420
     gcccaaactc ccaggcgccc ggcaagagtg gcgggcgcgg accctttaag aaggccgggg    183480
     ggcgtggcct cggggcgtgg cccggggcgt ggcatcgggg cgaggcttcg ggggcggagc    183540
     ccaggcagcg ccttcgcgga gttgccggag ggtgcggccg cccagagcgc accccgagcg    183600
     ccggcgagcg gcgcggtgag accctcgtgc aggtgagccc ggcgcacggc ggcccagaat    183660
     cctggacccc aggagaagcg tctacggccc cgacaggtgg gcgtggcgaa atgccacccg    183720
     ggccctcctc gcgctcccag ctgggtcacg cctcagaccc ggggtcctgg acgcctgccc    183780
     ccctccaccc gcaggccctg ccaggacact ttggtccctg gcccgccagg cctggcctca    183840
     ctcaggcttg gctgtggggt cagagtcggg cagaacggaa ccaacagtcc tggcaggccc    183900
     aggcggttgg aggagaagtg gtcggctctg gacacctttg ttgttttttg ttttttgttt    183960
     ttgagatggc gtctcactgt gtcacccagg ctggagtgca ctggcgcggt cttggctcac    184020
     tgcaacctcc acctcccggg tttatgcaat tctcctgcct cagcctccgg agtagctggg    184080
     attacaggtg tatgccacca tgcctggcta atttttgtat ttttagtaga gacggagttt    184140
     caccatgttg gccaggatgg tcttcaactt ctaacttcgt gatccacgct gctgggatta    184200
     caggtgtgag ccaccgcgtg tggcctctgg gcaccttttg aaggtaggat gagaggaact    184260
     catggatcgg agccggcagg gagcgccgag gggggccggg ggcagggcgg ccacccttgc    184320
     ctgtgtgggg aagatgaaga agagggtgtg ggccgcgggg gcaagatcag gagctttggg    184380
     ttttgaagat gttaggaaag acgtgctgct gactttgcaa acggaggtgc tgaaaccggg    184440
     tgtctggagc tcagagaaga ggtggcgctg gactggccta gactctgtgc agacacagaa    184500
     gagccagggc ctggggctcc catcgaggag gaggacaaag ggccctggcc agggcaaggt    184560
     gggaagccgg gaagtgcagc ctccacagag cctcgcagag aaggcgccac tggaagaagg    184620
     cggcactgac ggcctcggag gctgctgagg accggctggg ccccgacgtc cgtggcaacc    184680
     ctgacagcca agtcctccgt gggcttggag ggcgggacac ggctctggag atgagggaga    184740
     ggacgggccg tgccgaccgg caccgcggtg ttcctgagca gtggcaccgt ggctgttgct    184800
     gaattttatt attgttaatt aatttattta tttttatttt tgatactgag tttttctctt    184860
     gttgcccagg ctggagtgca gtggcgagat ctcggctcac cgcaacctcc gcctcccggg    184920
     ttcaagcgat tctcctgcct cagcctcccg tgtagctggg attacaggtg cccatgacca    184980
     cacccggata attttgtatt tttagtagag acggggtttc accatgttgg tcaggctggt    185040
     ctcaaactcc tgacctcagg tgatgcgcct gcctcagcct cccaaagtgc tgggatttca    185100
     ggcatgagcc atcgcacccg gccatgaatt ttaattcatt cctatttaca aatcacacag    185160
     ccatacaaac ttcttccaga agttgtgctc agaggggagc agaggggcag gagctgcaag    185220
     gagtggaggc agggcccgaa ggaggaggag gagctggggc cccgggagag ggacctggcc    185280
     agggtgggct ggagccgggg atggggtccc cagggggacc agccaggacc tgtgggtgct    185340
     gcagaggagg ggagatcttg gctccattct caggggtgaa agcctgtgga ggcctttatt    185400
     ttttatttct tcttaagtga gatgaggtct ggctatgttg cccaggctgg tcttgaactc    185460
     ctgggctcaa gcaatccacc cgcctcctga gtaattggga ttataggcat gagcctggtc    185520
     atggaggcct ttaacagaga ctgcggtgag gcctccattc tagaaagagc cctgcagctg    185580
     ccctttgtgg ggcagagggg gcaggaccgc cctcaacctt cctcctcctc tggaccagcc    185640
     atgggggccg gagcaaggtc tgcccagggc acagcaaccc ccacccattc gtgcacaggt    185700
     tatgattcca ctgacaacca ggccgggcca gcgtggggcg gaggtcctag agccagcagg    185760
     ccccacctgg gtatcatcta tgcagccagg agatgcccaa gagccaggtg tccagaagcc    185820
     gcccctgtgt ggacagcaca gctggggaag acagagggct gggggagccc cacgtcctca    185880
     gttccttcct ctgccgcctc cctccctccc tcccttgtcc ccgttccctc cgtccctctc    185940
     ccccttcctt ccctccctcc ctcaccacca ttccctccct cccacatccc cttccctccc    186000
     ctcttccttc cctccctctc acaccccttc cctccctccc tccctccctc cctcagtcac    186060
     tcacgggtgt ggctcttttt tgctgacatt ctgggctctg gggctgccgc ctgagtacaa    186120
     tgtagtcctg agctccggag tccagtgcca caaaagtaag gagcagttgt gatctcggac    186180
     gtgggctccg gggcagccct gacctcatgg ggggctgcag actaggaagg tcctgggacg    186240
     ggggggctgt tcaccaggaa ggggcagggc tgcagcctca gcctcccctc cagatgccgg    186300
     cagcaccagc ctctgcctgc atggggccgc gaggtttgca gtgacatccc ccgagcttcc    186360
     tgacctgccc cggacacgga gcacggctcc caggggccgc acaggcaccc gctggcctct    186420
     cggcccctcc ctgtgcacca ccccctcctc cccccgaccc ccatccctct actgagtgtc    186480
     tcaattccag tgttatggac ctgggacgcc acagtgcggg gaacagcttc tgccctctgg    186540
     gagataagaa cccgtcgtca ggcagctggg ctgctgaaac agtgaccata agctgggcgg    186600
     gcaggcgctc cttccctcag ctctggaggc tggaagtccg agatcctggc cgtggaggct    186660
     gggaggggtg gagtggacgg ggctgctgac agcctcgggg gcgtgtggag aaggagggag    186720
     ccccagtggc cccaggccct gccacttggg ggagaattc                           186759

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