(data stored in ACNUC23059 zone)

EMBL: AL645849

ID   AL645849; SV 17; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 202559 BP.
AC   AL645849;
DT   24-NOV-2001 (Rel. 69, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 31)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-14F5 on chromosome 11
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-202559
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Phillimore B.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 9b81ebf254dcba44aae01d7f3ea01528.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456158.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000020372; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000029394; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000040350; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000040365; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000046879; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000048852; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000058163; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000078154; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000116444; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0018205; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0018176; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0018142; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0018145; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0017959; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0017963; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0029786; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0018599; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0018602; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0030522; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0017522; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0017931; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0018041; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0018047; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0018035; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0018113; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0018116; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0018117; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0018059; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0029893; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0018638; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0030563; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0017302; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0017308; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0028909; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0017572; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL645849.17:1-202559; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000020640; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000031341; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000046903; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000047145; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000049519; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000059930; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000094476; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000097271; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000104959; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000109209; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000109210; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000109212; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000129674; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000131888; mus_musculus.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000149049; mus_musculus.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000229243; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000230442; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0028727; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0028692; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0028651; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0028671; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0028472; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0028486; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0074066; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0029171; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0029184; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0074898; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0028118; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0028391; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0028528; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0028545; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0028507; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0028636; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0028649; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0028651; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0028492; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0074061; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0029201; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0075131; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0027827; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0027853; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0074064; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0027964; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; B2RR25.
DR   GOA; F6X2H0.
DR   GOA; O35207.
DR   GOA; P68040.
DR   GOA; Q60766.
DR   GOA; Q923T7.
DR   InterPro; IPR000315; Znf_B-box.
DR   InterPro; IPR001680; WD40_repeat.
DR   InterPro; IPR001841; Znf_RING.
DR   InterPro; IPR001870; B30.2/SPRY.
DR   InterPro; IPR003877; SPRY_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR003879; Butyrophylin_SPRY.
DR   InterPro; IPR006574; PRY.
DR   InterPro; IPR007743; Immunity-related_GTPase-like.
DR   InterPro; IPR013083; Znf_RING/FYVE/PHD.
DR   InterPro; IPR013320; ConA-like_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR015943; WD40/YVTN_repeat-like_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR017266; DOC_1/2.
DR   InterPro; IPR017907; Znf_RING_CS.
DR   InterPro; IPR017986; WD40_repeat_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR019775; WD40_repeat_CS.
DR   InterPro; IPR020457; Znf_B-box_chordata.
DR   InterPro; IPR020472; G-protein_beta_WD-40_rep.
DR   InterPro; IPR022081; DUF3631.
DR   InterPro; IPR027417; P-loop_NTPase.
DR   InterPro; IPR030385; G_IRG_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR036322; WD40_repeat_dom_sf.
DR   MGI; MGI:101849; Rack1.
DR   MGI; MGI:107567; Irgm1.
DR   MGI; MGI:1202069; Cdk2ap1.
DR   MGI; MGI:2137353; Trim7.
DR   MGI; MGI:2384814; Trim41.
DR   MGI; MGI:3645205; Gm5431.
DR   MGI; MGI:3652173; Gm12185.
DR   RFAM; RF00005; tRNA.
DR   RFAM; RF00055; SNORD96.
DR   RFAM; RF00189; SNORD95.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; O35207; CDKA1_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; P68040; RACK1_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q5NCC3; TRI41_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q60766; IRGM1_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q923T7; TRIM7_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; B2RR25; B2RR25_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; B7ZC92; B7ZC92_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F6X2H0; F6X2H0_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-14F5 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..202559
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="11"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-14F5"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    32256..32260
FT                   /note="1327 bases of IS2 transposon (V00610) removed here.
FT                   This sequence represents the duplicated flanking sequence
FT                   of the IS2."
FT   misc_feature    86047..86232
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Reads generated from a
FT                   transposon library derived from a single pUC clone.
FT                   Restriction digest data confirm the assembly."
FT   misc_feature    86387..86420
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Reads generated from a
FT                   transposon library derived from a single pUC clone.
FT                   Restriction digest data confirm the assembly."
FT   misc_feature    89119..89119
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 70bp from restriction digest and spanning pUC
FT                   clone."
FT   misc_feature    89120..89143
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    93138..93171
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    127849..127872
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    187318..187380
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    187415..187458
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    193068..193100
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-269N23
FT                   (AL627237). Assembly confirmed by restriction digest."
SQ   Sequence 202559 BP; 56453 A; 44654 C; 45468 G; 55984 T; 0 other;
     gaattctttg ttcagctctg agccccattt ttaaatgggg ttatttgatt ttctggagtc        60
     caccttcttg acttctttat atatattgga tatttgtccc ctatctgatt taggataggt       120
     aaagatcctt tcccagtctg ttggtggcct tttgtcttat tgatggtgtc ttttgccttg       180
     cagaagcttt gcagtttcat gaggtcccac ttgtcaattc tagatcttac agcacaagcc       240
     attgctgttc tactcaggaa ttttttccct gtgcccatat cttcaaggct tttccccact       300
     ttctcctcta taagtttcag tgtctctggt tttatgtgaa gttccttgat ccacttatat       360
     ttgaccttag tacaaggaga taagtatgga tcgattcgca ttcttctaca cgataacaac       420
     cagttgtgcc agcaccaatt gttgaaaatg ctgtctttct tccactggat ggttttagct       480
     cccttgtcga agatcaagtg accataggtg tgtgggttca tttctgggtc ttcagttcta       540
     ttccattggt ctacttgtct gtcactatac cagtaccatg cagtttttat cacaattgct       600
     ctgtagtaaa gctttaggtc agggatggtg attccactag aggttctttt atccttgaga       660
     agagtttttg ctatcctagg tttttttgtt attccagatg aatttgcaga ttgccctttc       720
     taattcgttg aagaattgag ttggaatttt gatggggatt gcattgaatc tgtagattgc       780
     ttttggcaag atagccattt ttacaatgtt gatcctgcca atccatgagc atgggagatc       840
     tttccatctt ctgagatctt ctttaatttc tttcttcaga gacttgaagt ttttatcata       900
     cagacctttc acttccttag ttagagccac gccgagatat tttatattat ttgtgactat       960
     tgagaagggt gttgtttccc taatttcttt ctcagcctgt ttattctttg tgtagagaaa      1020
     ggccattggc ttgtttgact taattttata tccagctact tcacagacgc tgtttatcag      1080
     gtttaggagt tctctggtag aatttttagg gtcacttata tatagtatca tatcatcggc      1140
     aaaaagtgat attttgactt catcttttcc aatttgtatc cccttgatct ccttttgttg      1200
     ttgaattgct ctggctagga cttcaagtac tatgttgaat aggtagggag aaagtgggca      1260
     gccttatcta gtccctgatt ttagtgggat tgcttccagc ttctcaccat ttactttgat      1320
     gttggctact ggtttgctgt agattgcttt tatcatggtt aggcatgggc cttgaattcc      1380
     tgatctttcc aagactttta tcatgaatgg gtgttggata ttgtcgaatg ctttttccac      1440
     atctaacaag atgatcatgt ggtttttgtc tttgagtttg tttatataat ggattacgtt      1500
     gatggatttc catatattaa accatccctg catccctgga ataaaaccta cttggtcagg      1560
     atggttgatt gctttcatgt gttcttgtat tcggttagtg aacattttat tgaggatttt      1620
     tgcatcgata ttcataaggg aaactggtct gaagttctct atctttgttg gatctttctg      1680
     tggtttaggt atcagagtaa ttgtggcttc atagaatgag ttgggtagag ttccttctac      1740
     ttctattttg tggaatagtt tgtgcagaac tggaattaga tcttctttga aggtctgata      1800
     gaactctgca ctaaacccat ctggtcctgg gctttttttg ccttggagac tattaatgac      1860
     tgcttctatt tctttagggg atatgggact gtttagatgg ttaacttgat cctgatttaa      1920
     ctttggtacc tggtatctgt ctagaaattt gtccatttcg tccaggtttt ccagtttggt      1980
     ttagtatagt cttttgtaga aggatctgat ggtgttttgg atttcttcag gatctgttgt      2040
     tatatctccc ttttcatttc tgattttgtt aattaggatg ctgtccctgt gccctctagt      2100
     gagtctagct aagggtttat ctatcttatt gatttcctca aagaaccaac tcctcttttg      2160
     gttaattctt cgaatagttc ttgtttccac ttggttgatt tcgcccctga gtttgattat      2220
     ttcctgccat ctactcctct ttggtgaatt ttcttccttt gttctagagc ttttagatgt      2280
     gttgtcaagc tgctagtggg tgctctctct agtttctttt tggaggcact cagagctatg      2340
     agtttccctc ttagaaatgc tttcattgtg tcaattttag agtaggtccc atgaagtgct      2400
     gagaagaagg tatatccttt tgttttagga taaaatgttc tttagatatc tgttcagtcc      2460
     atttgtttca taacttctgt tagtttcact gtgtccctgt ttagtttctg tttccacgat      2520
     ctgtccattg attaaagtgg tgtgttgaag tctcccacta ttattgtgtg aggtgcaatg      2580
     tgtgctttga gatttactaa agtgtcttta atgaatgtgg ctgcccttgc atttggagca      2640
     tagatattca gaattgagag ttcctcttgg aggattttac ctttgatgag tatgaagtgt      2700
     ccctccttgt ctttttcgat aactttgggt tggaagtcga ttttattaga tattagaatg      2760
     gctactccag tttgtttctt cagaccattt gcttggaaaa ttgttttcca gcctttcact      2820
     ctgaggtagt gtctgtcttt ttccctgaga tgggtttcct gtaagcacca gaatgttggg      2880
     tcttgtttgt gtagccagtc tgttagtcta tgtcttttta ttgggaaatt gagtccattg      2940
     atgttaagag atattaagga aaagtaattg ttgcttcccg ttatttttgt tgttagagtt      3000
     cttgtggctg tcttctttta ggtttgttga gggattactt tcttgctttt tctagggagt      3060
     gatttccgtc cttgtattgg tttttttctg ttattatcct ttgaagggct ggatttgtgg      3120
     aaagataatg tgtgaattta gttttgtcgt ggaatacttt ggtttctcca tctatggtag      3180
     ttgagagttt ggctgggtat aatagcctgg gctggcatct gtgttctctt tgtctgtata      3240
     acatctgtcc aggcatttct ggctttcata gtctctggtg aaaagtctgg tgtaattctg      3300
     ataggcctgc ctttatatgt tacttgacct ttctccctta ctgcttttaa tattctatct      3360
     ttatttagtg catttgttgt tctgtttatt atgtgtcggg aggaatttct tttctggtcc      3420
     agtctatttg gagttctgta ggcttcttgt aggttcatgg gcatgtcatt ctttaggttt      3480
     gaaaagtttt cttctataat tttgtggaag atatttgctg gccctttaag ttgaaaatct      3540
     tcattctcat caactcctat tatccttagg tttggtcttc tcattttgtc ctggatttcc      3600
     tggatgtttt gagttaggat ctttttgcat tttgtatttt ctttgattgt ttgtccgatg      3660
     ttctctatgg aatcttctgc acctgagatt ctctcttcca tctcttgtat tctgttgctg      3720
     atgctcgcat ctatggttcc agatttcttt cctagggttt ctatctccag cgttgcctca      3780
     ctttgggatt ttttattgtg tctacttccc tttttaggtc ttggatggtt ttattcaatt      3840
     ccatcacctg tttggtcatg ttttcctgca attctttaag ggatttttgt gtttcctctt      3900
     taaggtcttc tacctgttta gctgtgttct cctgtatttc tttaagtgag ttattaaagt      3960
     tcttcttgat gtcctctacc atcatcatga gatatgcttt tatatcccag tctagctttt      4020
     caggtgtgtt ggggtgccca ggactaggtg gagttggagt gctgcgtttt gatgatggtg      4080
     agtggtcttg atttctgcta gtaggattct tttttttttt tttagtattt tcctcaatta      4140
     catttccaat gctagcccaa aagtccccca tgccctcccc ccccccactc ccctaccaac      4200
     ccattgcctt ttgctatctg gtaatctctg gagctagttg ttatagttgt ctctggttag      4260
     agcttgttcc tcaggtgatt atgttagcct ctatcagcag acctgggaga ctagctctct      4320
     ccttagtttc agtggtcaga gtactctctg caggcaagct ctcctcttgc agagaaggtg      4380
     cccagatatc tggtgttcaa acctgcctcc tgtcagaagt tgtgttccac tcaccagagg      4440
     tcttaagatc ccgtggaggg tcctgtgagg accttggggg tgtccagaaa ctccgcgcgc      4500
     aaggaaccct ggtgctggag tgaaccggaa gggacttgtg cccctgatca ggccgggtta      4560
     tctgcttccc tagttaatgc agtctcaggt cccgtgagat tggattggag cagacgctgt      4620
     gttccactca ccagaggtct taagattccg tgggggatcc tgtgtgggtc cttgcgggtg      4680
     tccggagact ccaagggcaa agaaccctgg tgctggagtg gaccggaaga cccaatcttt      4740
     ttcaaaatgg tatacatgaa gactatgaag caaaaccaga aaagcccctc caggagcaag      4800
     gcaggaaacc acctagcagc agctgctgct attttgccag ctccttgaac aacatttcca      4860
     accccacata acctgtcttt tcctctactt cattagaggc agagttaccc attatgccta      4920
     agccatgttg gatgctacct gtgggcttag atttttttaa aaacctattt taataatggt      4980
     gcttaaatgt ttcaacctcc tttctagtcc atcaatcaga ggtagcagaa gaaaatggtt      5040
     aataggacaa agggaatgtg gacttgttta gaaatagttc tttgcagcaa ttccaaacag      5100
     tagcacaagt ccagtacaaa tagcaaaacc caaaaatgaa tcaataatgg cagttcaatc      5160
     tggaagaaac ctcaaggctc cactgaactg gtacgagtcc atgaatgcag caagaaccag      5220
     gcagaagctg ggcagggtca gcccacgcct ttaatcccag cacttgggag gcagaggcag      5280
     gtggatctct gagtttgagg ccagcctggt ctacagagtg agttccagga cagccagggc      5340
     tacacagtga aatcctgtct cgaagaaaaa agaaaaagaa gaataagcag gcaagaatgc      5400
     cacaaaactt ctttagtggt tttctctcta caacatcatg accagtgaaa atcaatggag      5460
     accagcaaag tgttgcaagg caaaccaatg caagagcttc gtttgttgtc tgttagatta      5520
     tacttatact ctttccaagc attcaggtcc tttcaaatgt ctgcttcagc aaaacatagc      5580
     atgccctctc acaagacagc ttccagaaaa ataccacgtc tgttcccaag caaaacatcc      5640
     tctcctaaga ctgtttccag aaaaacatag catgacacaa ctgagtttcc aaagaaacca      5700
     tacatttcca cttcaatcct gggtctggga agttgaagcc acagagacaa ctcctggggg      5760
     cccataactg gctgatgtta agaggcactt accccctccc gtatgtaaaa tgctcctgta      5820
     gcattcctgg catctaccct ggaggttgag tgcccactct agtatgtaga cttgggaacc      5880
     agcactgtgc agaagactgg ttccacatgc cactcttttt cattctctga ggaagaagcc      5940
     tttggcagaa accacccctg tttgagcagc tctgcagtga tctggctctc tctgtactgg      6000
     aggaaaagtc ttattctgtg tttgagctct aagaaattgc tctaattccc aagtcaatgt      6060
     ggtcagtctg aacgtgacct tgagtctaaa ggtcagttgg tagacaaccc ctgtgctaag      6120
     gattctctct gagttttcaa ttggtttagc acactcttgg gtagagaaaa aaaatgaagc      6180
     tctttatgga accatttcag aaaagtacta agaaaacaag acactcaact gttgcctgaa      6240
     tccatcacct tctgtaatag gctgtatgag gctgatattc tgtttgaata tctcttggtt      6300
     gaagagtctg ctcttgctaa ctctggattt gggccatcca tgcttaggca tatataagcg      6360
     ataacaggat tgttactgat aatagccact tccactggag agtcagacca catgccactc      6420
     tgagatattt attttccatg cttagttcct gctatagaga acactaccca gtagctagtg      6480
     ccacttactg gcaagggagg aaataggtct gagtgtttcc acaacagcca ggttcacagc      6540
     atcaatggga gtgggtcagg atccacactc aggccaaagg cctcaggaag cccatactca      6600
     tcctcactca gagctgatgc aggaaactgt gagtcctgcc agcagtgagt tcagggcaag      6660
     tcagagagac caagaattct ccaccccaca gtactcagtg gaggatgttc caccaaccgc      6720
     aggccccatt cagagtcagc ataggtcacc tgagaaggag tcttacataa ttttgcttct      6780
     gcttgtttta gataaaattc atatctcaac ttgccatttt aagttgtaca gtttaggagt      6840
     attgcaccca tgcataatgc tgtccaatag ccaccactat ttagttccga aatatttgca      6900
     tcaccctaaa agaaaaccct atgaagccat ttctccccca gtcatcctgc tgaccagcct      6960
     ccggcagtta atagctcact tcctgctcct gggaaattgc ctgttctgga tattctatat      7020
     ctataggacg ccctctggga gcaactgtca tccccaactt gttctgtagg cagtggacca      7080
     agcctcaaag cataaggtag tcagaattca tctttctata cctgccctga aattctgctc      7140
     tgctgacact tgactattct ctcccaaact agacatccac atccaccttc aatataaccg      7200
     tctccatcag tgagctcctc cagagcaatg acctggaaaa tcctaaggat tccacctgtt      7260
     ttcctctggc ttctgatggg caggaccaag atggcactga tttttattgg gtagccaaca      7320
     gtgtgaacaa aagtcttcag cccaggcata ggtgtcctca ctggtgagca tgcatcctta      7380
     aaatatctcc cttacctgca ccctcactgg cctttgcctt gagcatcgga gctctgaaaa      7440
     ccacacgcac ccttgtgggt cttcttttaa aattaattct gtggtagtag ctttgacagt      7500
     gaacaggaag actggttatc gttgtgttga tgaattattt tcccttctgg ttagagagaa      7560
     agcaggagag tacttcagag cttgttaaaa tgaaaatgag aaatttgaaa gaggaatggc      7620
     aatgttagcc cagtgttata tttcccaatc acacacacac acacacagag gagagagaga      7680
     cagaggcaga ggcagaggca gacagagaca gagagaggag ggataaggaa gaaaagaagc      7740
     atctgatggt caacaaggga tgcaggcttt gtcctttcag acaaccttac atttcccagg      7800
     accacctagc caaaacaaat gaacacacag aatctcagct catttggtac actctttaca      7860
     gtgtgggcag aagaaaacgc tggattctca ctctactgca ggaaagaagt attcttcaag      7920
     actgcctaag tgctaaccat ttcccaagac tacttcagtt tctctgactc tcaccctaac      7980
     agtagtgagt tatgatattt gagtacttag tatattaaaa aacttcagga agtgtttatt      8040
     ttctgggaac cagagagagg gctctgtggt taagagtgct tactgctctg tcagaagact      8100
     agagtccaga gcccagaaca acccactgtg actccagctc taaggaatgt aatgtccctt      8160
     gtagcttcca tgagcataca cacacacgta aatgcctaaa cattaaataa gtgaagggaa      8220
     aaccaaaact tttggctcac tcagcattga taaccagaca tccaaatagt tcagaattcc      8280
     ataaacaaaa ttccttaaag cactcagata tattgagcct gtgattggct gagctgcaac      8340
     ctcagatgtc caggacagga agatccccta cagcctctat cggatgctct ttttccacac      8400
     ctttctgtga tggagcatgg aatattctta caattttttg ttaactgact cataaaaatt      8460
     atacatattt atagagtatc atgtgatgtt tatatatata tagaattgtt caaatcagag      8520
     taacattcaa aatcttttct tgtgttttct tttaaatatt tattgattga tttaatgtgt      8580
     gttcatatct gtattcccca tctatactcg gtacccaaga aggccagaag agggcatcag      8640
     atcccctggg actggaatta taaattacta tgagcctcca tgtgggttct gggatcaaac      8700
     ctgggtcttc tggaagagca gccagtactt aaccactaat ccatctctcc agccactctt      8760
     atagcttttt aaaatatata tgttagcata catacattca ttagggttct gtagaggagc      8820
     agaacagaaa tgaatacata gtacaaaggg gatttgcttg gttggtttac acttttgttg      8880
     aaatagagtc tgataaccta cttcctgctc agttcaccag actggatacc tcagtgattc      8940
     caagttagca ctgaaggcct aggggattac tggagagcca ctgccttcag ttaatctgga      9000
     aagcccaaac agctggatta ccaggtcagt gaaggacaat ggttggtatg gttgtagatg      9060
     gactcaccag caaagggcag agggcaggca gacctccttc tgattgggcc gccactggaa      9120
     ggtgtcaccc tgtccccacc tccattaatc acagacccac ccagaggctt gtctcttaat      9180
     ttattccaaa gctaatcaac ttgacaatca agattaaaca tcacaataca gggtattacc      9240
     attatctacc gtcactttag ttcacactag aattacagaa ctccatgcct gtctttaatt      9300
     aatggtaaca aagtacccac tagccaacct ttcccagcca tttgtcccag catctagtag      9360
     ccaccactca actctcagaa gctatgagat gaacgttttg acaatcctca catgagtgag      9420
     ttcaataaag cagagtgtgc ctcctatgca cagcttgttt cacttgtcat agtgatcttc      9480
     agctccattc attttgttac aaatggcaag agctcaccca ttttaagatg aattgtgttg      9540
     cattatatat aggtaccttt ttttttcttt gcctttcctt cattgggcag acatgcaaat      9600
     tgttttcatt tttcagccat tggaataaca ctgcgataaa tacttgtcat actcagcatg      9660
     tgcccatgat cctcattctg gggcaactaa tttgcttggg gggccaactg tgctcaatgg      9720
     ctacattagt attcacagtc aaattaaaca tttatgcgac ctctgtctcc tcatttccag      9780
     aggataagtc ctatcattgt ctgcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaatat      9840
     tttccttcac actgcttatc tggtcccctt gacttgaaat tccagttgaa aaaaaaacaa      9900
     aaacacaaaa caaaaaagaa taactaacat tttataagca tggtccagat atttaaaaca      9960
     aacgtgggca tcatccaaat tcaatgtaag aagaaatggg tctgaacaga caaacactct     10020
     ataaagactt cttagagccc aattagagag ctcagtgctt aagagcactt gttgttcttc     10080
     cggaagattc caagttctgc tcccggcacc catgtcaggc agtttacaac catttgtaac     10140
     cccagcctca ggagatctgc tgtctccagc ctctgtggac acctgcactc atatgcatgc     10200
     actcacatac agacacgcat gcctatactt aatttaaaaa taataaaaaa acatctttta     10260
     ggaataacct gttacagggg ctaatgatat gagtaggctc agaacaattg ctgctcttgc     10320
     aaagggccct ggtattctga ctccctcttc tggccgccat gggaaacagg catgcacatg     10380
     gcgcacatac acacataaag gcaaaacact cataccaata gataaatcta ttcttttttt     10440
     ttcagtcttc aaatatcttt tattggaagg ccatgcattg ccttcattta ttgctacgct     10500
     ctccggtcga gtcaactgga caagctgaaa ggcttaaaag tcactcatga ggcaaaagag     10560
     tttcaaggaa gctctcctcc tggagtctag cgttccctac ccatacagta atttttcatt     10620
     cccgcattcc attcttgcgt tagtctagtg tatggatcca cgtgttctct ttcagtattt     10680
     tcctattata agtgcttttt aaaattgaat tctgacatgg cttaagcctt ctgccagtgt     10740
     tccaacagtc caagggcatc cttgaccaag atcaagggtt tagaattcag caagattgta     10800
     aaagctaagt cactccctta cacaggaatt taccatcact taggaagaag gaagtttcag     10860
     accaaaggag aaaccagaat agatactata gcagagttac acccatacac acgtatttac     10920
     aatggcctaa ggggaaggtg gactatacaa gagactcaaa taggaactat ggcaaggacg     10980
     tgaagccctt gaccctggct tctaagatta gcgaatttta ggtggagccc ttgttgatcc     11040
     cagctgttat caatgtattc tatcctgggt ggttcccatt agaccttttg tgtttacatt     11100
     cctctgtttt atgtaagatt ccggttacct caattgtacc ttgcgaatat gtcacccaac     11160
     ttccttattg tcctctgcat aaaaagtctg atgctcgagt tgtaaaatta cattcagatt     11220
     ccacacaaac tctcctgcgt gcgtgtctgt ctgtcattca tccacgcttt gcccacccgc     11280
     gtcgagagac cccgttccac acagacacag ggacccagaa ggtctgcagc aatttattgt     11340
     atttgaaatc actgtacagt tacttttgtg aaaacactgc ctgcattttc tagtgcaaaa     11400
     aaaactgaaa attgtttcag gaatgtagag aaatatccaa cttaaatagc gaaaaaagtg     11460
     caccataatt actaccgtac tgcagtcatt tctgcatttc ccatgtttct taaataacta     11520
     tcttgtctga taacacacaa tataaagagc aattatgaaa aacagacatt tacatatact     11580
     tctaaagtct tattgagaat accctgttgg cacgggatag ccaatcatag gcgcagcagc     11640
     tgcggtagca ggatacgcat atgcctgttg gttcatacca ttgtgcatat ttgcaacatt     11700
     acttccatat tgctgagtgc tatcataatc gttctggtaa gtccctgttg gattaccagt     11760
     cctaaaactg gtctgtatgc cagcagatac aaaattactt ccaaagctcc cattggtgta     11820
     atttgcagta ctgtaaacat cattctgagt tttagcccca aaatctctct taagcagatt     11880
     agagtagcct ctgtcatagt tttccctgtc tctaaaggta ttaaatccac cccttttgcc     11940
     tgcagagtat ctgtcacgac gatcgtcctt catgcctcct ctacccctgg aacgacctga     12000
     acctctgtct tcgaccaact gaagcaactt gggattaatt gcttgattag cttcccgaag     12060
     cacagagata aggtcgctcg cttgctttat gttattaggt gtaaagaaag tatatgctgt     12120
     gcctgttttg gtactgcgag cagttcttcc aattcgatga atataatcct ctgaggagtt     12180
     agggtagtca taattgatga caaatttcac atcttccaca tctagccctc tggaggccac     12240
     atcagtagca atcagaatag aagcttttcc atgtttgaat tcacttagaa cccagtcacg     12300
     ttcctgctga ctcttgtcac catggatgcc catggcaggc cacccatctc tcctcatttt     12360
     tctggtaagt tcatcacatc ttcttttggt ttcaacaaaa acaatggttt tattctcctt     12420
     ctcactcatg atttcttcca tcagaagaat aagcttttca tccttttcga catcatgaca     12480
     tacatccaca atctggagaa tgttatggtt tgcactcagt tccagcgcac caatattgat     12540
     atgaatatag tctttcagga aatcttcagc aagctgtctt acttcttttg gccaagttgc     12600
     actccacatt agtgtttgcc tatcaggtct tatttgatcc acgattttcc ttatctgggg     12660
     ttcaaatccc atatcaagca tcctatcagc ttcatcgagg acaaggtacg ttgttcttct     12720
     cagattggtt ttcccacact ctaaaaagtc aatcagtctt ccaggtgttg caatacagat     12780
     ttccacgcct ctttccaaat cacgaatctg tggtcctttg ggagcaccac catagatgca     12840
     agtagacttc aagcgacaag ctctacaata ttcagcagcc acttgctgca cctgctgtgc     12900
     cagttctcga gttggtgcca gcaccaagca aataggccca tcacctctct ctaggaatgg     12960
     ctggtggatt atgtgtacaa tggcaggcag caaataagat agtgttttcc cagatccagt     13020
     ctgagctact ccaaccatat ccaatccact gagagcaact ggccagccct gagcttgaat     13080
     agcagtgggt tcagtgaagt tctgccttgc aatcacgtcc atgacattcg caggaaagtt     13140
     tgcttcataa aacttcagaa caggttttgg acagttgtga cctctaactg taatttcctt     13200
     gcttcttctg tatgtatcaa cctcttgtgc ggtgcgcctt gccaaatcag ggtgttcttg     13260
     ataaaaattc ttctcaaatt tgggcagctc atcaagattc cacttctttt taactagttt     13320
     ctccccagga tttccaaact tctttccaga gaggggtcct gttctactcc ctccaaatcg     13380
     aggtgcacca aaccctcgat cccggctgtg gtctcggtca ctagaataac tcgacatggc     13440
     gtcaatggtg gcggtgtgcg ggcggaaccc agtgaaagta gaatccagtg gcgaagggtc     13500
     gctgagagaa ggtgaagcct ctgtgggggc gtcaccagcg gagggggctg gtggtgtcga     13560
     gggccggagc tgggagggca aggagcgatg gaaatgaatc gataagtcta ttcttaaagc     13620
     gtaactatta gaccttcttg agaggctgtt taatatgcat ctgaaactct agcttgactt     13680
     taacatccaa accactgggt taagtagtct gagcccagag aattggattt gccatctggg     13740
     ttaaatctag atcaagcttc tctttttcca gtgggctgcc tgttcttaaa tgagaatcag     13800
     gttcgtaagg ttaatgtcta cttggaagtc aaagagaccc aactgtgcat cttagctcct     13860
     tcagtcacaa cctgtgtgac actggaggag tcacctaacc ccactcactg atcatattta     13920
     cttgtcacaa gagaaaagag aggaagggga gaaggagaaa gaatcagaac cactgtgtaa     13980
     actacataag atggcatgtg agaagcagag tgcagaacta gtgtgtgctg tcagccatcc     14040
     tacatattag atatttacat tacgatacat aacagtagca aagttacagg tatgaagcag     14100
     caacaaaaat aattttatgg ttgggggtaa ccacaacatg aggaagcgta ttaaacagtc     14160
     tcagcattgg aaaggttgag caacatggtt gtaaagaaac agaactgagc caggtgtggt     14220
     ggcacacacc tttaatccca gcactcagga ggcagaggca ggtggatttc tgagttcgag     14280
     gctagcctgg tctacagagt gagttccagg acagccaggg ctatacagag aaatcctgtc     14340
     tcaaaaaaaa caaaaacaaa aacaaaaaca acaaaaacaa aaaagaaaga aaagaagagg     14400
     agaggagagg agaggagagg agaggagagg agaggagagg agaggagagg agaggagagg     14460
     agaggagagg agagaagaga agagaagaga agagaagaga agagaagaga agagaagaga     14520
     agagaagaga agagaagaga aaagagacaa ctgatagaat gaatatatat taaaagggga     14580
     tctgtcaggc tgactttcag aatatgggct gagtcgtcca tataaatgtc ctataatgtg     14640
     taggcactgc tgtcacgtag catgtacttt ctaaaacaca ggagttatgc aagatcatga     14700
     gaataagtac ttttgggttt tctggggctt ttaattgttt ggttttaggt aaaggttgct     14760
     attttttttt cagtactagt cagtacttgt taaacatata tttttgtgct aggccctttt     14820
     ctagcattag ctcgtctgat tttcatacag tccagtcatt ttcttagtga aagagagaga     14880
     gagcaggatt aggtaccatg ttgcctggtc ccacatctgc cctctagatc actgttcaca     14940
     ccattgatcc gctgttagtt ttgtacaatc ccaaaaaagg gggaaaaaaa caaaggttat     15000
     tttaaaaata attcaagatt tttaaatata tatttgtgag atgactataa agccctgcca     15060
     aatgtctaag aactggaaca aaggcaatcc tttaatgcaa agtactactc tctatatata     15120
     tgtgtgtgtg gctcacaacc atctgtaatg ggatctgatg ccctcttctg gtgtgtctgg     15180
     aaacagtgac agtgtgttcg aatataaatt aaataaacaa atctttaaga aaaaaagtag     15240
     gcaaatggat ggacctggag gatagcctcc tgagtgaggt aacccaatca caaaagaaca     15300
     cacatgatat gcactcactg ataagtggat attagcccag aagcccagaa tacccaagat     15360
     gcaatttgca aactgcatga aactcaagaa gaaggaagac caaagtgtgg atacttcgat     15420
     agaaggggga acaaaatacc catggaagga gttacagagg caaattatgg agcagagact     15480
     gaaggaatga ccatccagag attgccccac ctggagatcc atcccatata caaccaccaa     15540
     acccagacac tattgtggat accaacaaga gcttgctaac agaaacctga tatagctgtc     15600
     tcctaagagg ctctggcagt gcctgacaaa tacagaagtg gatcctcaca gccatccatt     15660
     ggacggagca cagggtcccc aatgaaggag caagagaaag tactaaggaa ctgaaggggt     15720
     ttgcagcccc ataggaggaa caacaatatg aactaaccag taccccagag ctccctgaga     15780
     ctaaaccagc aaccaaagaa aacacatggt aggactcatg cctctagctg catatgtagc     15840
     agaggttggc ctagtcggtt atcaatggga agagaggccc ttggtcctgt gaaggttcta     15900
     tgccccagta gaggggaatg ccagggccag gaagcaggag tgggtgggtt ggggagcagg     15960
     aggagggaga aggggatagg gggttttcgg aggggaaatc aggaaaggga ataacattta     16020
     aaatgtaaac aaagaaaata tctaagaaaa aagaaaaaat ttgccacagt tgaaattttt     16080
     taaaaaagaa aggtgaactg ttgctgtaaa cagtagacag cccttggtgc tctggtgggt     16140
     gccgccttac catgggatag gaatcactga catcacgttc catgttcata acaaaccaca     16200
     gccgcaagga cgtgtgaacg aggaaacccg cccttcagaa gttaatcacg tgctttgggc     16260
     ttccgtggag caaaacccgc aaatggctga gagctgcacg gctgccacag ataatgtctc     16320
     tactgctctt tctctgactg tctcaagaag ctgcacactg atgggagtct gaaaccctcg     16380
     catgcagtga ataccagctt tttaataccc tctcatcact aaatatcagt gcagctgcca     16440
     ggctctggac tttcgaggca gacactcact cactgagccc gcgtgttcct gagttccgtt     16500
     ttaggaatcg gtggttcctc ctcacctgct ccaccaacag ctcttcaaat ccccctcttc     16560
     aacatttaga cacgggccta ggctgcagaa ggatccgtct ccctgctctc gcttgttgcc     16620
     tcaattccaa gacgagccac tacacctgat ttatacacct cattctagtc cacaacccgg     16680
     agctggtgaa gtgctcaggg ggatatttac tagagatgcg ctcctctggg tgcaccgtag     16740
     ggaactcttt aagtggaaaa ggctcaagag gcaggcatgt ctcaaagagc caattatgaa     16800
     atgcaatcgt ttgatgacca cgtgcggtgg attttgccgt tcattctgtt tcatctaatt     16860
     aaacctttca tttccacggg cagcttgcct tacaagctcg tgtttgcctt tgttggcagg     16920
     aggtaatcaa taggggagat gtgggtgcat ttcagcattt attagcagct caattggaag     16980
     ttgttttatt ttaataacat cttggccttc gttctgttca gggtaaatca acagctttga     17040
     agaataatag aagacaaagg actgctttat gttagctcat taggagtaga gaaaccagag     17100
     gaggaaagga atcccataga gaaattgaaa agtactttaa acccacattt cctttgttaa     17160
     agggggaaaa aaaggtaaaa gcaagcaaga tgtcacctgc ttgttctgaa ggtcatcaaa     17220
     tccgactttc agaagacata ccttccaaaa cataacagtg aaatcctcac ttctgaggct     17280
     ctccacagat ctaacctgca gcttatacac agttgttgtc cattaatttc aatgagagca     17340
     acaacaggga tcagaaaggg gaaccggata tggtgataca cacctgtaat aggccatcct     17400
     cagctacatg gcaagcttga gccagccttg gctacatgag accatatctt actatatctt     17460
     gaatgaatga atgaatgaat ataaataaat aaataaatat tttaaaaggc taggcactgg     17520
     tagcacatgc ctttaatccc agctcttagg cagcaaaagc agctgtatct ctgtgagcta     17580
     gaggccagcc tagtctgaag aatgagttcc aggacacaga gaaaccctgt ctcaaaaacc     17640
     cagagggggc agagggagaa agagagagag agaaagagag gggacagaga gagagagaga     17700
     ggaaggaggg agagaagggg agaggaagag ggagagaggg ggaggaaaca ggtacaaatt     17760
     gtcatttgtt aatcaaaagt gaacccaatg cataaatgtt cataccctgt attagtcagg     17820
     gttctctaga gtcacagaac ttatggatag tctctagata gtaaaggaat ttattgatga     17880
     cttacattct gcagcccagt tcccaacaat ggttcagtcg cagctgtgaa tggaagtcca     17940
     aggatctagc agttactcag tctcacacag caagcaggcg aaggagcaag aacgagactc     18000
     ccttcttcca atgtccttat attgtctcca gaagaaggtg tagcccagat taaaggtgta     18060
     ttccaccaca cctttaatcc cagatgaaag gtgtagccca gattaaagat gtgttccacc     18120
     acacctttaa tcccagatga ccttgaactc gaagattcaa tcttctggaa tccatagcca     18180
     ctatgcctca agatctccat accaagatcc agatcagaaa cttctatctc caagcctcca     18240
     gataagggtc actggggagc cttccaattc tggattgtag ctcattccaa atagagtcaa     18300
     gttgacaacc aggagtagcc actacatcac cctcaaacac agagcatcct ggtaaaaacc     18360
     agaagccttc agaagaacac catggtgaga tatttatgaa ctcattgcac accttggcca     18420
     ctaggattca actgagcaga aaaacctctt catggatcag agccagatga ctctgcctgc     18480
     aaagcacttg tttcccaaac ctggtgacct gagtttaatc cctgggaccc aagtaaagag     18540
     gaagaaaaga actgacttca caaaattatc ttctgacctt caccggccgg ccatagtgca     18600
     agcacatgca caagtacaca caacaacaac aacaacaata aatcataatt ttctgaaatc     18660
     ctaactgatg tttcccacta tggcccccaa cccttttata atgtgtcaaa agcagacaga     18720
     cttctaggag cattctatag aatgaggtgg acaggggact ggggtaatat tagtgttaga     18780
     acgagatggt tggagttcag ctgggtcaga tactaaagtt ctggaggaag acagtgacga     18840
     cagctgagca acagaggcag gggatttgcg ttcctagaat gaggttggta ttgtgcattg     18900
     ttaggcatgg ccagactctt tcatcttcag actccattgt cgtcttctct ctcccatgag     18960
     gatgtgttgt gctactggcc ctacttctca aaccggccat caggaagctc accctgcctc     19020
     ctcttcatag cttgaccacg ccagaaccat cctcctgcct gagtgggtgt ccgtcagtca     19080
     gcttcccctt attctccgcc atcttcctgg accaagtcat ccctaaagga actcctacct     19140
     ggttttccag cacccactca ctcccagctc ccacaggctg ctccccacca gcattgcaag     19200
     gctgagcctt tatagacaga aattaagcac tgacttttcc tgtgcagaag cttctagcca     19260
     cacttggaat agaatcctct ccaagctttc cttgacccta cccttggcag agttattcct     19320
     acctcgtggc acattctcct ttaacctgct taatccaacg ctttgaaact ccttttgttt     19380
     ctcaaagcaa ccagccttca tgctcactcg gagccttgat ctacagcagt gcctttgcct     19440
     ggaacatcct ctcctctgtc agttgcttgg ccgaattgtt ctttgatttc cggtcttagc     19500
     agaagtggaa ctttcctaaa gtttccctca gtgacatggt gtctatcttc tatcctccca     19560
     agtcctctct tctcttcccc cacccattac cctgtttata tatccatatg agtctattct     19620
     ttcccaggct atcagattcc tgaggtagca atcagggctg cctgaacaac ccaggcactt     19680
     aatacaatat atggtaaaca gtaggtaatc aatacatgta tattgaatga ataaagaaag     19740
     aaagaaatgg gtgatcttct agggcaccct aacagagaaa tgaggaaaaa ctaccattag     19800
     cccagagagc ctatgccttc tgttttcctg aacactcgga aaagtttctg cacagctatc     19860
     tgaaccggct ccagactatt acatgtaccc actcaaagcc actcaacgag gacacacacg     19920
     cactcaaagg tcctcacaaa agagcttcac cttttctgag agagtgtcag tgtgaccctc     19980
     accaaggaca aggagatcgc ttcaaccctt ctcccagctg acataaaacc actgagaagg     20040
     atcacccgtc tactccctag ccttgatttt cagtggcatc ctgccttctg cattggtgaa     20100
     caaattcctt gaaaccacat gagaacagta atagagacag aacataagat gaggtctatg     20160
     gctgccaagt gccccagagc agtcctgatg ccttattcag cataatgagc cagccacggc     20220
     tccctgtgca gacagtcctt ttgcagggga ccttctccta ggtaatgctc caacaaacag     20280
     tacttgggta agaactgctg ctacagtgat tgttactgtt attatggact ctattttatt     20340
     ttcatttaac tggtaattat tttaaattac atggctgaag ggttgttaca atggatattt     20400
     cttggccctc agtggctcat tctctatcaa tgcaaaaata tgggctattt tgagtttagc     20460
     cattaggggt tgcagtgata agcacctctc agtgcagtat gggaagtcta agcctaatgg     20520
     cttttcacaa tagtctaact tctgttgcca ttatagagaa atatgtgaaa actgttttct     20580
     ctttagacag agctcccaca atggcaggct cctgagtctc agagaggcag cagcctaaca     20640
     atctcacagt ctatttgata tttgatgtgg ctcttttctg agagagagag ggagagagaa     20700
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagaa cttaaacagg acatgatgac ctttaatctc     20760
     agcattgtag aggcaggctg atctctgagt tcaggaccag cctggtctac agaaggagtt     20820
     ccaggacagc cagggctaca cagagaggaa agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga     20880
     agaagaagaa ggaggaggag gaggaggagg aggaggagga ggaggaggag gaggaggagg     20940
     aggaggagga ggaggctcaa gtttacgggt ttacagctaa ctcttatttc tgtgactatg     21000
     acatgcactt cttagctttc agaattgatc tgtttacaga gtgacttctc aaacctgcca     21060
     gtctcagata atagggtaga catataaaac aaaatgagag acttaatctc tgtttgtttg     21120
     tttgtttaag gagttcttgc aaagtttttt ttttttttta aagaaagctt ttcttgttta     21180
     cttttatcag tctgttctgg ccctgcttct aataatgtca gaatcacctg ggtcactgat     21240
     agccactgtg catactctag ttaatgttcc tctccctgca cccaattcaa tattattgcc     21300
     ctgcctacaa aaaataaagt ggaaagggtg gaacaggata cctccgacct ccacaggtgt     21360
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gagtgtgtgc ataaaaacag aaaaattagc agtagtgttt     21420
     tataatctat ggaataagtt ggacaccatg gcaaccttca taatgctgac taatttagac     21480
     atgaaacatc attggatgct gaaactctag catgtcacag attgataagg aaaaggacat     21540
     acacggggtc tcaaagtatc tcctcacagg atatttattc actacaagga gaacaaagag     21600
     tgtctttgca gcagagagag aggccagcct aaagctcaaa gtacagcaac cagatagcca     21660
     cactgtgcca ctccagccaa aatgcatgtt agaattcacc ataaagaaac agggcaagaa     21720
     catagaggga gtctgcgaaa cgcatgcctt gcaatcttca tttgtgtcta gctcatggaa     21780
     gcacaaggaa ggctgaggat gtgttccaag gtgagagaga ctagagagac atggaatctg     21840
     gttgctacac atgaacttga actggaccct cagcaatcaa gagcatcacc gaaacagtta     21900
     accttagtgg aagctgtcta cgaaggctgt gccagggttc ctgtagagct actgtgctct     21960
     gtatttcaaa tgcccctcgt aggctcacac gtgtggattc ttggtttccc gatgatggat     22020
     ttgtttgggg aggtcgtgga gtctttgaga gatggagcct cactaagtga agtgggtcac     22080
     tgaagacaga ccatgagatc ttaaagccca gttctgcata ccctgtttat tttccacaga     22140
     gatgtgagga ggtagagagt cccaatggta caccccaccc ccatctcagt gacttcccca     22200
     ccacacagca acaagagaaa gagtgtaata ttatccctag aacttgggag tttgaagcta     22260
     tttccaagaa cgagggctcc agctctatgg tgtagtgttt aacatgcatg agacctggct     22320
     tcggtcccca gcgctgttta ttttgaaagc ctcttttcct taggtgccat gtttgctatt     22380
     cttgaagcag gcaacctcct tttatatgac actttcaata cgggtgcaca tgagatatgc     22440
     ttcaattttt ccattctaca gacaagccta actgtaaggg gaatggcact tgacattaga     22500
     aatatttgct tctttggtaa ataaataaat aaatcattaa acgtttaaat aagccaaggt     22560
     tgggaattca ggcttttgca tgcaaagatg tacaagttcg cttattgttc agaaaataca     22620
     aatcaaagcc agaatgaggt atttgctgtg ccccatccat gacagttaga attaagagaa     22680
     acacacaggc agaaagtgct accaggcgtg tggaggaggt gggttctctg tgcactgctg     22740
     atggaaatgc acatagaaca gctatcacaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaat atggaggtcc     22800
     taattaggaa gacaggaagg aagaaaggaa ggcaggaagg aagaagggag gaaaggagag     22860
     gagggagggt ggggaaggga aattgataaa ttaccatatg actttaaaat gcccatttgc     22920
     aagcaaatat ttcaaaagtc aatacagctg ttcagagatt tgcaaaccag gattcatagc     22980
     agtagcattc acaactaaag gatgcacagc ccccaagcat ctgtcagtga taaacaggca     23040
     aaacaaacaa acaaacaaaa cagcatctag tgggaacaaa cgatagaatg caaagtagcc     23100
     tttgaagaga aatcctgaca ggtcaaacaa catggacgaa ccttaaagac attacattaa     23160
     atgaaataag ccagtcacaa aagcaaaagt agggcatggt gtcatgttat tgcaatacca     23220
     acactaagaa ggcagaggca ggcagatctc tgtgagtttt aaggccagcc ttgatcacat     23280
     agtaaactcc tggaatacca ggaataaaca gtgagatcct gtctataaat aaataaatgc     23340
     actttggtct cattccatta acatgagaca tctgtcatag ccaagttcac agaggcggaa     23400
     ggccagggac tccagggagg ggaagtgggg aggcatcatt taatgggtaa atgattctaa     23460
     aaatgattag tgtaggtact tggcaggcat tacagctgta cttaattcca cagaattacc     23520
     cactttaaag gtctagaatg gtaaattttg tattatctcc attttaccac aattttcttt     23580
     aaaatttcat tttaactgtg ggatcaaacc tgaattcaat ttctaactct gccactgtaa     23640
     agctgttgtg atcctagaca aacaattatt cagttatttc atttttctta ccctcagatt     23700
     tatccttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt gtttttgttt tttcgagaca gggtttctct     23760
     gtatagccct ggctgtcctg gaactcactt tgtagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa     23820
     tctgcctgcc tctgcctccc aagtgctggg attaaaggcg tgcaccacca ccgcccagca     23880
     gatttatcct tttattagat tatgtgtata cgtggttttg ctctcatgca tgtttgtgca     23940
     ccactgtctg cctggtacca aatgaagaca gattggatgc cttgtggatg ctgagagtca     24000
     aacctggatc ctctggaaaa gcagccagtg ttctcaacca ctgagtcatc tctcctcccc     24060
     cggattactg agtaagaaag cagagacccg actcaagtct ctgaagcaga atgattcgga     24120
     agagggagat gggtattaag cgcaatgcct agtgcatact aggtgtacta gtgaccgcac     24180
     cgtaacaatg taacagttgt aacagtataa cactgaccac actggcaaga ctgtaagagc     24240
     ccaaagcata aaacagtcca ggcgtgaact aagtcaggtg atctggcatg attttatagg     24300
     ccaagaagag gtgtacagac tttatcccaa agcctagaga aggccactgg aatcatttga     24360
     gtacgcacag agtaaggcac aaaaactaag ctcaggattc aggggcatag atgccttcac     24420
     atttccagcc gtggcctttt tgttcactaa cagacagtta ggatattggc gcatgggcag     24480
     acacattacg aagggagact atgtataaca cagaaaaggg ggctccctac agagaagtgc     24540
     tcagccaagc aagcctaaag catgaactcc caaaagactg ttctcttccc cttccacttt     24600
     acacagagca tggggtgtcc aggggctttc tttgcttctg tgacttacct aagggcatcc     24660
     cactgggttc tccatctgtc tcctgtcccg tgccagacct tcatgggacc ttaacatctg     24720
     taacaagcag ggctgggtcc cagaacagtt cggctcagat tccaagctgc gcatgcacct     24780
     acaccactgc ctgatctcat ttcaacatga ccacgtggtc gcgtcttacc caccatccac     24840
     ctaacgtcct ggcatcacct gctctcccct gagacctcag cttgtgtgtg aaaactccag     24900
     gtaatgagaa ggcattccaa catcactgac aggcacgtac ccgtctgctt catgaatatc     24960
     agctggagag agccagcctc tcactgcctc agctatgaag gcagtgaaca ctctgtggga     25020
     actctgggac tctccgaacc agacttagaa gctgagtata aaccccttga ctccctcggc     25080
     tacccgactc actcactcac ccagccgagc atttcaacca tgtcttacag cttgactggc     25140
     tccttctcac ccacgtcccg ttggcagctc ctcctctctg acaggcactc tttctgcttt     25200
     ctctccaagc tcatctctcg ggttatgtta catggttcat cactaacctt atctctaaat     25260
     gattcaacga aagtcatagt ttttaccatt tgcctcttgt ttttctcgtt gtcagggcag     25320
     gaatgatgca ttctcagctt tgtatcataa gaaacataag tccatttaaa tgacaacttt     25380
     gtctcgtagc aaatgtataa ccttaagcct gaggacaatt tctaccgcta cacaagactc     25440
     atactgtctt aatgaaaacc cttttctaga gctctgtcag tcacccttca gtcttacaaa     25500
     atttcctcac ccctttatta agcttgtcag gtggccttag attgatgtca tctactttaa     25560
     agacctcgtg tttttattag gatttaaacg gccgaaacac tgagtcatgt ggtgtgcctt     25620
     gccacttatt caagctttcc ttcaagtccc tcagtgatgc gttataattt tatttatgtg     25680
     tgcccccccc ccatgcttca tcgatcccta aacattcagt tttatcctat cttttttaag     25740
     ttttcccttt ttgtattttt ggatgagtgt tgatttcaaa ggataagcct tgagttttac     25800
     aacttgattt taacaccagc tgcctttctg aactcccctc gtaagaagta agttggtcca     25860
     gtgcatgaaa tgtgcacaca tgtgcacatg tacatggagg tgggaaggca gccttgagtg     25920
     ctgttcctcg ggcactttcc acttttgctg tagacagggt ccgtcactgg cctgaaactt     25980
     caccaagtag gctaggcggg ctggtgtgaa agctctcaag gtccttctgt ctctgcccag     26040
     catctcacca ctggtggaat tacaagcaag cttcacagag cccagctttt tacttgagat     26100
     ccggggatcc tccacttgca cagaaagtgt tcgccgactg agtcatctct tcagcccctt     26160
     ctaacaatcc tcattggctt ccttaggttc ccaagtaata tgcaagtaat aatctacata     26220
     ctttattatt cattttaaaa ataaaatctc ttcgtttgtt ttccattcga gctctcggaa     26280
     aatgcttaat aatagtggat attgggcctg ctacccaggg tggcttccca gaagtgccta     26340
     ctgcatgggg tggcccagcc aacttggcag ccatcagggc ccaaatccag tgcttccagt     26400
     tggtcaacac aactacaacc tctacaagct gctggacctc gaggagaaac tggtgctgca     26460
     gaaccagatc cagagcctcc acgtcctccc cacagaagat gagaacctga agcacagtta     26520
     tgatctaaga agtcttgaca atggtccagt gcttccgaga ccagagaggt ctttggtcaa     26580
     gactgactgg cggtgagtat gttcatgtaa agctgtatgg ggggaaaaga gaaatataga     26640
     tatggatata gatacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca ctgagtgact ggctgcaggc     26700
     ttccagtgcc actttgatga acaatggggg aacagagtag tatttactct gtggggagag     26760
     actgaaccac atcgacactg gatcaatgct gttggaggac atgttgatgt ctgtaagcca     26820
     tgctgccact ggggccatgt ctgggtcatg ttcctactgc agtttacctg cggcttgtat     26880
     taccaccgaa ggccatgcag atgtctgtgt ccatgccacc tgagaccaat gttgatatcg     26940
     ctggttcatg ctactgcccg ggcctaagac ctacacgtgg tatctgtggg cagagctaca     27000
     tcagaaggcc atgattttat gtccatgacg caagctgctg tgggaccgtg ctgaggtccg     27060
     tggcgtgtgc tgacactgag gctaggtggg tggctgtggt ctgtgctgtc accagatacc     27120
     acgtgtaggt ctatgagctg agctcctgct gactgaaaag cacaaggaag cttcctctgc     27180
     catcgtatgg atgactgcag actcacagcg gagaaagaga gtcataggag gcttctgtga     27240
     caacacccac tcccacccac cctaccccca aacaaataac aacctagaca ggaagctgtt     27300
     gaagagaact cttaaaagtt gtgatgagga tgctgaagtg taactcgagt caccatagac     27360
     ggttactggc agagactcat ttttctttaa ggagctggct gccacattgg tttgaccacg     27420
     ctccagtgac tatatcaaca acacaaatca gacttggggt tttttgtgga ggggttgggg     27480
     gaggagtcac aagggtgggg atcggcagac ctgggaagac tgggaaacaa ggatgatggg     27540
     gatagattat gtgaaattcc aaataatcaa taaaaattgt atggttaaaa aaaaatagtg     27600
     aatattaggc attgcctgac cctagtggaa aacaccagac agacagcaag tatgattata     27660
     cccatggcag ataaaacaaa tcagctttct caccaatacc ctgcaggtcc cctaacctgt     27720
     acatgaaagg tgggagaaag aagaccctgg catttgggag ctgcccaggt gttcacaagc     27780
     acagccgtga agttctctgt tggacaaaaa ccatctcagg ggctggtgag atggctcagt     27840
     ggacaagagc atagactgct cttctgaagg tcctgagttc aaattcctga aaccacatgg     27900
     tggctcacaa ccatccgtaa tgagatctga tgccctcttc tagtgtgtca gaagacagct     27960
     acagtgtact tatgtataat aataaataag tctttgaacc agcgcgaaca gagactgagc     28020
     aagacgagtt gaccagagac agcagaggtc ctaaaattca attcccaaca accacatgaa     28080
     ggctcacagc tctctgtaca actacaatgt actcacatac ataaaataaa taaatcttaa     28140
     aaaaaaaagt ctcagaaaga caacgtcaaa caactaaaag agatgaagca cacagttatg     28200
     gtggtggcag cctgcaatcc cggcacttgg gaagtgaaag caggaagatc aggggttcaa     28260
     agtcctccac aaccacatgg aaagcttgag gccattctga gcttcaagag acctcagaga     28320
     gagagaagac agatgataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataat     28380
     taaacaacaa ataaataaga tgacgttagt cacattataa ttttgtctaa gcagacaact     28440
     gtaaggttat tgtgctaccc ataaagtgcc aaacatctct ttattttgac caaaagagtg     28500
     actgttgagc cagcaagatg gctcagtggg ttaaggcact tgctgccaag cccgatgacc     28560
     tgagttcaat ccttcgaact catgtggtgg aaggaaagca ccaactccaa acagctgtcc     28620
     tctgcctctc tgtctctgcc tgtggctctg tctctctcca tctctgtctc tctccaccat     28680
     ctctgcctct ctgtctctgt gtctgtctgt gtctgtctct gtgtctgtct ctctctctct     28740
     gtctctctct ctctgtctct ctctctctct ctctgtctct ctctctctct ctcacacaca     28800
     cacacactca cacacacaca tacatacaca cacacataaa cacatgccca catactttta     28860
     cacaaaataa ggaagtaaac ataacaaaag tgactgttca cttttagcca atgatgccta     28920
     ttttctcagt cttgccttgg ctgggaacga gcaataatca tctgtaatac attttgtttg     28980
     ctaaagacgc cacaaaaatc aatgtaggtt cagagcctca ccctgcagag tcacactgca     29040
     aagagcatgg gttttggaga gaggtgaggg aggtaccatg gcaagcaagg cttacgtggt     29100
     caacatcagc agtccctacc cttgagcgca cctcggactc tcaggattta tgaagctgat     29160
     cttcaagggg tttagacatt ttctcaaatt agctccagaa tctgttcttc ctcgtgtaca     29220
     ttaaagaaca ctcttggatt catgtgactc tctttcctta aattctactt tctttgacag     29280
     taatattgtc atcccctgct ttccaaagtg aattttttat gagtcttctt aggccataag     29340
     tgaaagatga tcattcattc aagtttctaa tggaaaaata tttaaaacgc tttattttag     29400
     tgcacaagta tagttcaccc accaatattt cctctttcgt tcaaatgaac ctacaacatt     29460
     ataaccgaca tattctaaat tatacattta agggattcat agtaggctag tgtaagaata     29520
     ctgcctgggg ctggggtgaa gtttaattga tagagtttgc ctggcaagca caaagccctg     29580
     ggcgcaatcc tagcaccaca cagaccaagt gcagtaacac acacctagaa ttctagcaca     29640
     gtgggaagag gcaggaaggg cagaagttca aggtcatcct tggctacata atgagttcaa     29700
     agccagcctg gactccagga gaccctatct tagaagggaa aaaaaaagtg tagatgttca     29760
     taaaaatata aatgaccagc tgggcgtgat ggcccatgcc tttaatccca gcacttggga     29820
     ggcagaggca ggcggatttc tgagttcaag gccagcctgg tctacaaagt gagttccagg     29880
     acagccaggg ctatacagag aaaccctgtc tcgaaaaacc aaatatatat atgggccaag     29940
     ttcagaagct caccccaaaa tttgttaatg ttggctggag aggtggctca gtagttaaga     30000
     gtgctcactg actgctcttc cagaggtcat gagttcaaat cccaccaacc acatggtggc     30060
     tcacaaccat ctttaatgag atctgatgcc ctcttctgga gtgtctgaag acaactacag     30120
     tgtgcttata tataataaat aaacaaatct ttaaaaaaaa aaactgttaa tgtcacctag     30180
     tgtcaccttc tcctgctttg aaatctgtct ggatactcac tgaactccaa aaacatttcc     30240
     tgttttaaaa ccacaagtgt aaatgaaatc ccttttaata agctaaagtt gttgtcccaa     30300
     cctttctgct aattaagaca aaatgcatgg aaaatatcta attttccttc atcatttaga     30360
     gataaacaga tccgctttat tttataatgt ctgcaggaca tgtcacatgt ctttccactt     30420
     ggacttagcc agaccactat atggatcgtt taagcccagt cctctccaaa ggtcatgtgt     30480
     ataccatact acctttgtgg aggagtaaca tggtcctgtt gtgtgggaac taaaaagggg     30540
     gccctggaaa agagagggag gaaaaggccc acgccccgcc agagttccac ttttgctctg     30600
     gacaggcagg tgtggtggga gggctgccag actctttcca ctcaaccccg ggtgggcatc     30660
     caagcctctg acccactctt cagggggtgg acaaggggct gcccaacctg ggagccccag     30720
     agctactctc taaagccccg gggttatggg agacatggaa gagagatgag aggttcccac     30780
     accggcaaga gtgagtgcag tggatctaac tggagcacag gaaggccttc taatgggaga     30840
     ttagaaatgg ctcattagga gaaagcctgt cccatcctcc aagctcagtg ggccttgatg     30900
     agcagagaca ctctaaggtt ttagagctct tttatagaaa ggcagggaaa aagagagaag     30960
     gtagaaaaga gagaggggga aaggctagag agagagagta agagtgagag gagaggagag     31020
     gagaggagag gagaggagag gagaggagag gagaggagaa gacaaaaaga gaagagagag     31080
     gagtgagaga ggaaagaaga caaagagaga gaagagagga gtgagagaag tgagagagca     31140
     aggagaggcc aaacagcccc ttttaaagta tgctgtctta ttttactgtt gctaggtaac     31200
     tggagaggag tttagcctga aggtcagaag cttgggccat tgcatacgtg acttctagtc     31260
     atgcttctct tgtgggggct gtggggggtg gtaccttggg caggagccag agttccagga     31320
     gcatgaggga atgcccactg tgtcatgtag atgaattatc accattccgg ggttcagatc     31380
     tcagctcaac tggagaccag cctgtctgtg aatagcccaa tgccccacac tgttgttcat     31440
     actataaaaa caagtccctt taagtggata tagctcttta ttgggtccta tattcgtctt     31500
     tactctttta ctctcattgt gtctcttgct attttaaaga tgtttggttt tttgttttgt     31560
     ttttttttaa ttatggggca gtgcccacgg aggccagcag agggcagtgg atcctcttag     31620
     acctagagtt gcaagtggtt aggagccacc agatgtgaga tttagaaact aaatactggt     31680
     cctttgcaag agcagtatgt gctcttaact actgagccat ctctccagcc ctctttgtac     31740
     ctctttaagg aaacaactgt gcccagcctc ctgtccttcc aagtttgtag cacacagcac     31800
     aatcaccact ttttacgact gattttcagt cttgcctttc ctgtcaataa cggactccac     31860
     tgggcagaga gagttttcac tctatattcc cagcagcagg catataatgg gggcccaaag     31920
     aattatatga agttgaacaa aacaaaagct gcctatcttt ttttaaatca ccttctatta     31980
     gagattaaca tacgaggtac agtgtggcat gttgtacatt tatttaatcc caacaagctg     32040
     gaggcagaaa agtctcaatg agttccaggc agaccttgtc tacatagaaa gatccagaat     32100
     aaccagagtt acattgagat cctgtctcaa taacaacaac agcaacagtt acatttgagg     32160
     agtgggaaag gagtcataac tgagtgagat caggaagggc tctttgggtt gctgtgaata     32220
     tcctttttat ctggaaggac tttgggggca tgttcactag ataatcatta ctgagctttc     32280
     taacatgctt cctgttgtat attataaacc agcagcctga ggggtcaggg agggaggtcc     32340
     ttgctgggcc ctaccaaggt gtcaccctga acagtcatat gtcaagccta atataaaagg     32400
     gagtttattt ggatcctggg aagggggtag agggagagga gggaggaggg cagagaagga     32460
     cagaaagaga gaggcgagag gaagagataa agaggggaag agaccagcca gggacacaga     32520
     gagaggaagg agagggaaag ggagagggaa agggggaggg aggagagaaa cgtccatttt     32580
     ataagctcaa tggctagctt gtacctgtct gtttctagca gttaactgca ggtcactgtt     32640
     gggcagagcc tagaggaaat gctaacactt cctcaatgtg atccacttag caacaagttt     32700
     aagtctatca tcactctgaa aatgaaagaa gtatttgaag attgttttaa agaataatag     32760
     gttttagttc ctgagcatgt aaagttaaac tgaaagtggg atccgcaaca gtctcttaca     32820
     ttaaaaagtg ctcaagccag gtacttggtg cgaatctgta accccgccct ggagaggtca     32880
     tatagcctgg gctacatgct taacaggtat cagttcttca gcaagcaaga gtctctgtct     32940
     ctctctctct ctctcacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca catacacaca cacatacaca     33000
     cacacacata cacacacaca tacacacaca catatacaca cacatacaca cacacatgca     33060
     cacacacata cacacacaca tacacacaca catatacaca cacatacaca cacacacaca     33120
     cacaggagct ctttcctgtt ccttgtctgt ttacagctcc tgcttgaagc tgtgttttca     33180
     tcacgtaact cccagttgag gcactcacca ggggaagaca gacctccaaa gctcaagccc     33240
     atggtgtctg tgtctgtgct gacaacacgg agtgcctctg gtccaccatt tctccaacat     33300
     ggagacggat cattggggca tttgttaaag tggaagtctc ctgagcccca atactggacg     33360
     gcctgactag gtcagggaat agggtaaatt tgagtgagag tcgtcctgtc cagtccaagc     33420
     tgacctcaga ctcctgagct ggcgtcacag gcagccatgc agctccaagc ctaactctcc     33480
     aagtcattca gaagactgta ctcagagaac actctaggct ccgaaccttg ctttctataa     33540
     caaaattggt agggagacag gcgctgtctc atacttctgg taaagaatat acaagggctg     33600
     gaataaaggc tgccgtcccc ttctccagtg ttattgctgt gactccgtac tgtgtagctc     33660
     aggcccctga agaaatctgg cctggggggc tggtgaggtg gctcagtggg taagagcacc     33720
     tgactgctct tccgaaggtc cagagttcaa atcccagcaa ccacatggtg gctcacaacc     33780
     atctgtaaca agatctaact ccctcttctg gagtgtctga agacagctac agtgtactta     33840
     catataataa ataaataaat ctaaaaaaaa aaaaaaacaa acaaaacaaa ggcctgatgg     33900
     attaaagggg ttgaccccac cccttctttc tttaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa agaaaagaaa     33960
     cctggcctga agcttggctc actccacaga gccttaagac cttttcacac atgaaatgga     34020
     ttagctggag agaccccaaa gcccatctgt gcatttgtta agaatgcaga cccagccact     34080
     gtggaaacct aatttaaatc acagtggtaa tatttacatg ctgtaatatt tacgtgactc     34140
     cgtgacaatt acttgaagcc tgcgtgcttt actttctcct catgtaaaga ggtaaaacaa     34200
     cacatttgcc tcatggtgtg aagaattgca tgttaataaa acactagcac cgagctcagt     34260
     aaataatgag gtcccagtaa gcagtggcta ttaatccatc ttaaaacatg gcaccacaac     34320
     cgcattcctc actcagaaag ttctgcgctg tgctgttcca cgtgatcacc tggaagtgct     34380
     cgcttgaaca gcacatttct ggaactagca agacctagtg gatcccaaca gccgtgggac     34440
     ccagaagttt acattgacaa gcaaggaacc cagatccttc ctttatatac aaaagcgtga     34500
     gttacatttg actagggcca tagagagtgt ttttatcaat gaaaactccg tatcacagaa     34560
     ggccaggcac aattgaacgc taatttaata taaatacgaa ataagtgagc gccacctact     34620
     ggttcatttt agaatgctca gctggcgttg ggaagattct cagtggttca cagctcttca     34680
     gaggacctga gtttgttaaa tccagctcca gggatccaac acctctgacc tctgaaggca     34740
     tcagcactca taagcacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacacc     34800
     gacacataca ccacatacac acgtatataa taagaatgca aggctggacc tgtgagatag     34860
     ctcagtggat ccccgagacc catgttggta agaactaact actgaaggtt tccccgtgac     34920
     ctccatgtgt gcaccattac acactctctc acacacacac actcacatac acactcacac     34980
     acgccagtca atcagcagga cacagcctaa ggttgattca aatcctttct ccctaattga     35040
     ttttgccttg aaaatataga ttgatcctaa aggtatccaa attgcagaaa aagcagtctc     35100
     ctcttgagag gaaatacaag catgcaattt ctttaactag gagagaactt tgaaaattaa     35160
     agcatttctg cagtctgaag ttaatgtatc tagtaattcc tgtcatttca agtcactgct     35220
     gaaacagtaa aggaagacat atccttcatc caatcgccca tggcgatact aaaaggaaaa     35280
     acagaaccgc taaatacctt aaaaccttac agtgaaacac cacagagctc cctcccttcc     35340
     gacactgctt cccctggtcc cgggggaaag gaaattggga caggtattct tgtcctggtg     35400
     ttctatttga ttctcgtccc aacactgcca cctgcaggaa aagatttgga aagctgactc     35460
     tcccactcca aaaattactc aagaccctga acccaaccag ctgttgctat gtcgttgtgg     35520
     ggattttttt tttttttttt tttttggttt tttgttttgg tttgttttgg tttggttttt     35580
     taactttttt tgatttattg attctttgtg aatttcacac cgtgcgcctc cacccttgaa     35640
     acctccctaa cagaaggaaa taatttttaa aaataaataa ataataagca agacaaagca     35700
     tggaaaacag cttattgtgg aagctgtagt gtgtcacact gtgtcacaca gtctatccct     35760
     ctgtccacac atcttcactt gcaaatgttc atcgaggtct ctggcttctg tgacatcatc     35820
     agtctgttat cctattgttg ccctgagtca cggagatcct gcacctttgg atcagcaaga     35880
     ctggcccttt cattcatacc aaccttacac tgatggttta gattttgcag tgggccaact     35940
     cggagccctg gatccgggcc tgggtggcag ctgagctggc aggcacacca actttccctt     36000
     atacacacca ccaggacaag ttctccaaca cagctctggc taggccaccc aatgccacca     36060
     tcagcaggag gcagggtcag ctctcttgct tttacgccct ccggaatggc tcacccacgc     36120
     ctgcaccacc agggtcagct ccactgtgcg ttacatgagc gaagggccgg ctctccaaag     36180
     agccaaagcc agcaaggggc agagccagtt ctgcacagcc cctgtggtcc cccgcagcta     36240
     ccccaaccag gaacatcccc atgttctcta gtggtaatag aagccacgga catcaacact     36300
     gaccagtgct gctgctgaat agccatgatc ccaaacacgg ccctaagttg cggctagggc     36360
     tgggacttca ccatggcccc aggtggcagg gctggccact cctctccgcc ttcgagtctc     36420
     tagtcctatc tctctactgt tccacttctc tttctctctc atctgaccac cacatgctca     36480
     cacattgcgg tggctcccac tgcaggctgg ccttggacta ggcttgtgag ggccctcgtt     36540
     gacatcctca gttggcacag cgtgtcctgg ccacaagagg gcgttgtgca ctcgaggtca     36600
     ggtctgtggg tatatttccc ctgtcctcac cacgtgtggt atggcagatc tcagatctct     36660
     ggctgcctcc tccttcactg cactgcctgg atttggtgtg attttttttt atgtgtcccg     36720
     ggcataaaac agtttggagc accaagcctg acaatgaaca atggacagcc aactgctcag     36780
     cccctgactg atacaagaac accaccacct agccgggtgt ggtggcccac gcctttaatc     36840
     tcagcactcg ggaggcagag gcaggtggat ttctgagttc gaggccagcc tggtctacag     36900
     agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctataaa gagaaaccct gtctgggggg ggggggacca     36960
     ccaccaacaa ggtaactctt tgcctgtcgc cagggggttg ggagtggagg tggggctgct     37020
     gcgatgttta aggctcactt gtggttctag ttgcacaggg ctacacatgg ccatcaaaga     37080
     agatgaatga gcaaagcttt ccaaataatc atgtaagact cgcacagggg cttacaagaa     37140
     gactcaccca gtgaaagctt tgcgaccagc ctgacggacg gacgagcaga gttccagcct     37200
     aggacttaga tagtgaaagc agggaactga ctgttctccg ccctgcaccc ccatgccatg     37260
     ctattatacg catgcgcaat aatgaaatca ctaaaattag aggctagagc gagagttcag     37320
     ccactaagag caccatttgc tctttcagat gacctgggtt caattcccag cacacacagg     37380
     gatggttcat gaccatgccc aattctagtt gcatggaatc caacttttta aaaaattaaa     37440
     gttcaagggc tggagagatg gctcagcggc taagacaaga ctgttcttcc agagatcctg     37500
     agttcaattc ccagcaacca catggtggct ctcaaccatc tgtaatggga tctgatgccc     37560
     tcttctggtg cgtctgaaga cagctacagt gtacttatgt atagtaaata aatctttggg     37620
     ctggagcgag caggaactaa gtgagcagaa ttgactggag tgagcagggc tgaccggagc     37680
     gagcagaggt cctaaattca attcccaaca accacatgaa ggctcacaac catctgtaca     37740
     gctacagtat actcatatac ataaaaagat aaataaatct tttttaaaaa ttaaagtgca     37800
     agttatatgc cctttcagta actcagtgat aaatcattaa aaagttgttt catttattca     37860
     aaaataagca gcgtaacaca gacattgtgg aatcggaatc cctgtcacgg agtatgaacg     37920
     atggtgtggc cgcaacgcac ttcttcactt aggcaggcgt ccttctgagc gcctgtgctg     37980
     aatactcttc tgtcaccttg acgcaagcca gagtcatctg ggaacaggga accactctgg     38040
     aggaaaggcc tccaggagat tggcttgcag gcaagcctgt ggggcatttt cctaatcact     38100
     gattgtaatt aaggagagcc cagcccattg tgtgtgatgc cacccctggc aaggtcgtgg     38160
     agtttataaa aatcaggctg agccagggtg ctggtggcgc tcgcctttaa tcccaacact     38220
     taggaggccc agggaggtgg atctctgcgt tcaagacaag cttggcctac agagtgagtt     38280
     atgggaagcc aggactacac agagaaaccc tgtctcaaaa cccacccacc ccacaaaaga     38340
     gagtaagcat ctttcagctg agaactctgc ttcagttcct gccttgagtt ccagccctga     38400
     tttccttcag agacagagtg taacctgaaa gttgtaagct aaaatactct tttctttttt     38460
     ttctttttct tttgtttttt tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg tttttcgaga cttcgagact     38520
     gggtttcttc tctgtgtagc tctggctgtt ctctctgctt ttctttcaat catgcgagac     38580
     agtacctcag gcgggagtga ggatctatcc tccagcttca taaggtaaca gccatgaacc     38640
     tctccaatgc caatggcaac tctctgccac gatagccaat gtctttcaga cactagcctc     38700
     accctaaggc agactcagct acagaaggga gggggaaaaa agagagaatt acaggaaaag     38760
     attgctctcc ataggttcag agcttggcca gctgagcaat cctctcttga ctggatcctt     38820
     gtgttatagg cactcgctgg ttgactagag accatcaact cccagcactg agaaccagac     38880
     agagttcttg gtattagagt aaaaggctgg taaccccctg ccttcactca gcattcatct     38940
     tgaagagaaa aggatatata ataaatttga atcgtggtca agtctataca taaagtaaat     39000
     aggaatgggt gaaggtggtg tcacattgaa ggtattaccc agcattcctg agcatagcat     39060
     tgtagcatgc acctgcagtc cttggtagat ggagccaatg gggatgtgag tcaaccaaaa     39120
     agccttgcat caacttgact agccacaccc tcactatggc tacttaatga gaccgcactc     39180
     aatgcatcaa ccccataaaa aggggcatcg tgaaggagag acttttgacc tacaatggag     39240
     tgaagcatct atggcagtat gcgacatgaa catgaacagc aagtgtatcc caatagtaaa     39300
     tcaggagcct gtcttctttt taagcctttg agaggctcca ccgagcagcc aagggaaaga     39360
     gatgcaggga gtcacaacca aacactagat ggcgctcaag aagtcttgag gaagagttgg     39420
     gaggattgag ggacccaaag aggacaggga gtccacagga agagaattaa ctaacctgga     39480
     ggactcccag aaactaacct gggggctccc agaaactgaa ccaccaacca aagagcaagg     39540
     acgacctaga cctagacgct ctgcacatat gtagcaaatg agcagcttgg tcttcatgcg     39600
     ggtcccccaa aaagtggagc aggggttatc gctcaacctg ttaactgacc cagtggatcc     39660
     tgcgccccta aagggaccac cttgtctggc ctcagtggga gaaagtgctc ctaagtagct     39720
     acttgctgtg cgggcccgtg gtggggtgtt agggagggag gtggaatggg gaagtgctta     39780
     tatgagggga tactgggagg agagaaagcg ctgatattgg tttgtaaagt gaataaataa     39840
     ataaataaat tttaaaaaga aaaaagaaac ccaggccgag cagagataga cacgccttga     39900
     atccctccgc agcactccgc agaggcagac tgatctctga gtttaaggtc agcttgatct     39960
     atagcacaaa ttccaggaca gctgctcttg tataggacca gaattcagtt cccagcatcc     40020
     agatcaggtg tctcacaact acgtgtacct ccaactccag ggcatccaac ccccttctct     40080
     ggccctcgag ggcacctgca ctctcatgta cgggtacaca gacacaagta caactttaaa     40140
     atgaattttt tgtatatcct tttttttttt tttttttttt tgagacaggg tttctctgtg     40200
     tagtcctggc tgtcctggaa ctcatcttgt agaacaggct ggccttagaa atctgcctgc     40260
     ctctgcctcc tgagtgctgg gattaaaggc gtgcgcaacc acgctgggct gtaaatcctt     40320
     tttttaagtt aattatttgg gtagtgagat ggtgcaacag gtaaaggtgc ttactaccaa     40380
     acctgaggac ctgaagttag tctctggaag gcacagggta gaaggaaaga cccaaaccca     40440
     agtcctctaa cttccacatg catccctttg cgtgcgtgtg cccaaacaaa tgtgcacgca     40500
     cacacaataa atattttctc aatattttta aataaaatag ggcaactgtt atcataaata     40560
     tcaaacagta gattctttac tcttttaaat atagagctac aggaggaagg catgatcaaa     40620
     catccatgga agctgtggtg tgtcccgcag tatgcccctc tacccaaaca gctttccttg     40680
     caaatgttca ttgcagtgcg tcaatggcat gttttgaggc ctctggcttc tgctactcta     40740
     ccaatactgg attctcactg ggactcctct tggatagcct gttgttgccc tgtgtcatgg     40800
     agatcttaac cccttcacac actccagcag ttcgtagata gatagatgtt ggggtgggcc     40860
     aactcaaagt cctggatctg ggcctgggta gaagcagagt tggtcagccc aagagctctc     40920
     ctgctcccct gcctgcagca acctgcaaaa agatgggact agctctcctt tccccatgct     40980
     accagggcca gctctcctga atggtgagtg ctgtgtgctg cagtcagcta ggggcggggc     41040
     tcactcacct gcacccatgc caccagggcc agctctactg tgctgcccag gggagggata     41100
     gcacatgtct ttaatcccag cattcaagag gcagaagcag gagactctgt gaatttgggt     41160
     tcagcctggt ctacatggca agttccagga cagccagaac tacataaaaa gaacctgtct     41220
     caataaaata aaataaaata aatttagggc tggctagatg gttcaacagc taagagtgct     41280
     cactgctctt ctagaggtcc taagttcaat tcccagcaat cacatggtgg ctcacaacca     41340
     tctgtaatga gatctgatgc cctcttctgg gaagtctgaa gtcagtatca gtatactcat     41400
     atatataaaa taaataaacc tttgaaaaaa ataaataaaa taaaggtaca aggccaggca     41460
     tttagaagct gcttaataag aatattttga attaagttaa atacagtaaa accacagtgt     41520
     tataatggaa cctcctagaa ttttgaatcc accaagctca ctattcaact actagaatgt     41580
     aaagtaaaaa catacagatg tcatagacac atgcataaat aaatataaat aaaaagtata     41640
     tatcttctcc cccatcatta aactaaggtt tatatctagt aaataacaat gtgtctaatt     41700
     caaataaaga acctcgggaa atatttttaa accttacaac atccctaagg agattaataa     41760
     gagagtgttg tatgatctgc gtatcccagg ctggccagat ggctcagtgg gtaaaggcag     41820
     ccatcatcag gcctgacggc ctgagtatga tccttgggac ccacagtggt agaaggagag     41880
     aagtgacctg gatgttaccc tctgacctcc acagacacac agaaataaac aaacaaacaa     41940
     acctacacaa acctacacat aacataaagt atatacttgc ctcataaaat gctgagaact     42000
     caagatttca tctaagttta ccaaaacacc tccaaaacag ctacctacct gaaggttggc     42060
     gagatgacct agcagttaag agcgccctct gctcttccac ggatctaggt tcaattccca     42120
     gcacccactc cataactcac aaccctctct agcttctgtc ccgaggaatc tgatgccctc     42180
     ttctggcctc cataggtatt gtacccatat ggtgcatgaa catatacata ggcaacacaa     42240
     tcatacaggc aaaattaagt atcttaaatg attaaaataa ataattatta aattaaaaaa     42300
     gataatctaa ctttgcacag tggcagtact gtagccaatg aggtttatct aaggtgcaat     42360
     aatttaaaaa gataatctgt ccctgactcc cccagccttc aactcttaca agtttaccac     42420
     tttctttttt taagatttat tcatttatct ttatgtatgt aagtacactg tagctgttca     42480
     gatggttgtg cgccttcatg tggttgttag gaattgaatt tcggacctct gctcactccg     42540
     gcccaaggat ttattattat aaataagtac actgtagctg tcttcagatg cactagaaga     42600
     gggtgtcaga tctcattacg ggtggttgtg agctgtggga ttgtgatagg cagcctattt     42660
     tggttgaatg aggcttgctc cggtgaccca gtagagaact cagaaaagca agccatgttc     42720
     ccagagtcgg gtgcctgaaa ccacagagcc cccaactcca tgattctgtg actataagtc     42780
     atacagacaa tgtcccaagc ttctggcatt ctggccagac tccaccccca cagttacctg     42840
     actatagcca ggtatgctcc tccccacagt tacctggcaa cagcaagata gcccagccca     42900
     ctataggagg ggctgcttgg ccactcctcg ctctctttaa gctctcacct ttcttactct     42960
     ctagccctcc ttctctttct cttcccccct ctctcctctg atcatggcca gcctctctcc     43020
     ctctttctac cttctctcta caataaagct ctaaaaccat agactgtgtc tgctcataaa     43080
     ggcccgccgt gcttgaacga tgggatggac tttcccctaa tgagctgctc taacctcctg     43140
     ccagaaggcc atcctgtgct ccagctatgg acaggaccaa cgactgcatg ggaaccatca     43200
     agtgccctct ccccctgcca tctccttcct ttggccccag ggctgattga gccaccccta     43260
     cgtggaaagc atgtggcagt cttccgcgtc tgcccaccca gagcacagga actctggcag     43320
     gactcaggtt ttctcccact ccctctttcc cccacaccca cagcccaaca gtaagccacc     43380
     atgtggttgc tgggatttga actcatgacc ttcagaagag cagtcagtgc tcttacccac     43440
     taagccatct cgccagcttt tttaatcact gaattccagt tcgggtaagt caatgaacac     43500
     tcctcgtacc tagagttaag agtgacagac aaaagaatac tcactgtaca taatgataca     43560
     gtgtgataaa acatgcggct aagtgaataa attattccca gtaaataaca taaatgttca     43620
     tgaaaatatt agcattccta gtcataacaa gtaaaactgt cataacaggt ataattggca     43680
     cacaaatgtc aatcgtgtga ctatcgtttt aagtcagaaa aagttttaag tccaaagtca     43740
     caatttgtgc taacaaggat tactcaaaca aaacttaccc aaaataaaat agtgggtttt     43800
     tttccaaaag aattgacata aagaaatgtc cctaatacac acatgtagat tgaatatatg     43860
     acacaaaata aattactcag aatagtttca gtagactcag caccaacaaa cccctgggtt     43920
     gacactgctc ttttgcgtga ttgaagtcaa tggcctatta tcagctattt gaattttgcc     43980
     actcaggatg tgtcctgatg tgctctattt ttaatataaa aagattgtca ctgtaagtta     44040
     caggatgcta ttacactgtg ttcttgatga gtagcatcat gatatattaa taagaataat     44100
     atataatata taagaagacc tgagttcagt tcctacacct acactggaca gctcacagtt     44160
     gcctctaatc ccatctccag gagatccagc atctctgggc atcttgggta ccttgtgtgc     44220
     atgcgcacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacttaaaa ataatgaaaa     44280
     atggtgctgg agaatggctc agaggttaaa tgaacatact gctcttgcaa ggagcctggt     44340
     ttggttccca gtacctatgt ggcaactctc cactacctct aactccggtt ccagaaaatt     44400
     caagtctttc ttctgtagaa tatgcataca cacttatcca taaagtaaaa taaataacat     44460
     tagaagagtt cagacatgaa ggctttccaa attaattctt ttttaaaaaa ataaatagta     44520
     ttgtttgtac aatattggtg aaaatgtgtg tgttagggtt gctgtaaaaa ggtaccatga     44580
     ccgagacaac cctagaaagc caaacatttg gggctggaga gatggttcag cagttgagag     44640
     cactgactgc ttttccagag ttcctgagtt caattcccag caaccacatg gtggctcaca     44700
     accatctgta atgggatctg atgccctctt ctggtgtgcc tgaagacagc tacagtatac     44760
     tcatacataa aataaataat aacttttaaa aaaaaggaaa ggaaaggaaa aaaggcaaac     44820
     ttacagtttc agaggttcag tctattgtca gcatggcagt gtacagcaga caatggggat     44880
     agatatggag ttctacatcc tgatcagaaa gcagcaggaa ggtcaggcca tcagggggag     44940
     gcacttcctc caacaagaca aggccacacc tcctaacagt gccactccct gtgggccaag     45000
     catagaagca taggagtcta tgggagttaa acctattcaa accaatctgt aactttttct     45060
     tagttttaat tttaaaatgg ggttatcttt ggtcacagaa agcagaaagc agaggcaggg     45120
     aaggtatctt tgagtagcct gatctacaaa ttgagttcca ggtcagtcag agctacataa     45180
     taagaccctg tctcaagaaa aagaaagaaa gaatggcctc agagtcagga gaatagatga     45240
     attggccatg cccctcacca gcttcagcac tcgggagagt tagaccctgt gtcttgagta     45300
     agctggccca gagggcatga gagcaggaga gctgaccttg cctcctgcct aaggcagcat     45360
     tgggtagtct agccagagca gtgctggaga acttgccctg tggtgcagct aaggaaaagc     45420
     gccaaccagc tcagctacca gccaggcccg gatccagagc tctgagttgg cccactccaa     45480
     aaactacatt atctgtgaac tgttggagca tgcaaaaggg ccagtcttgc tgatccaaag     45540
     tttcaggatc tccatgacac agggcaactc ttgcgtgcgc cagactggcc agcaagaacg     45600
     acactgcaac aggatccttc tccacacgtt tattgggaga gcttgattgc agaggtgaag     45660
     agaccccaag cccagacctg gtgctgctta tataggccta ggagaggcat gtctcacacc     45720
     cggattggtt atgcactacg cctcatttgc atgttcctca tctgattggc tactctctct     45780
     ctctgtacct cacagagcct cattatcata cctcatttgc atgtctcaca tctgattggt     45840
     tatactctca aagcctcatt atcatgcccg ggccaggcag tgtctttgca aaaaactttg     45900
     ctgcatatgt acacattggt tgtttgtcca aacttatatg tggtggccag cagtagtcag     45960
     cgtcactctg caacggcaca tgtggcttcc cacaggcaac aacaggataa ccaggaggag     46020
     tttggatcct tggtgaggat ccaatattaa tgatgtctca gaagctatag acctcaaacc     46080
     agaccaatac tcattgcagt gaacatttgt aagtaaagat gtgtggacag aggaatatgt     46140
     tgtgggaaac attgtgacac actacagctt ccataatgag atgttttctg tgcttaggtt     46200
     ttgtgtgtgt gtgtctgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     46260
     gagagtttta tttcctttta tgggtgaggt tgcaagggag gagaatgggt acgagggaac     46320
     agatgaatgg aattgggatg catggtataa aattcacaaa gaatcaataa aaagttaaaa     46380
     cacaaacaca cacacaaatt accactcaag tcatcaaaat atctagcaaa acctgtcctt     46440
     ttgccataca catttaggtt ccaatatttt cactaaaaaa tacaaaactg gcagggcatg     46500
     gtggcgcacg cctttaatcc cagcactcgg gaggcagagg caggcggatt tctgagttcc     46560
     aggcaagcct ggtcttcaaa gtgagttcca ggacagccag ggctacacag agaaaccctg     46620
     tctcgaaaaa ccaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagtataca aaactagcat     46680
     gggtctaaga gcagagactg gagtgaagta ggcctgggtc taaatcttca ctgatttctt     46740
     aagtgaatgg ccttgggttt attacataac ttctacatct cattttttaa aaatgaacag     46800
     aatttcacag ctctcctagt tgggcggtga tggtgcacac cttgaattcc agcacttggg     46860
     aggcagaggc agacggatct ccttgagttc caggacatcc aaggctacac aaagagactg     46920
     tcttgagccc cacccgcaaa atatgcaaaa acaaacaaac taaaaaggct aagtttgggt     46980
     ttcgtttttt ttaaagtctg cacacattct gctgggctgt gatgcacacc tttactccca     47040
     gcagtgggaa agcacaggca gatggaactc agtgacgcac tttgtatccc aggcaggcca     47100
     ggaatacaaa gtgagacccc acaactaaag aaatagataa atcgatggtt aactaactaa     47160
     ctgtcattac agccatccat gtggatacag catacatgtg gacactggcg acaacttgag     47220
     gaaatcagtt atttctttct gctgaaaagg tcctgggcat caaacacagc tcattaagct     47280
     tggtacctta cagctgagcc atctcactgg ccgtgaaata gatcttttgt gatttgttat     47340
     cagtaaatgt tttatcctta tctctatttt atagacctac tgtgtgattt cagtaagaca     47400
     tgtcttccat aggctcttgt atttgttttg ttttgagaca gggtttctct gtatagccct     47460
     ggctgtcttg gaactcactc tgtagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa tccgcctgcc     47520
     cctgcctcct gagtgctggg atgaaaggcg tgtgccacca tgcccggcag gctcttgtat     47580
     ttgaacactt gttccccagt tggtgctgtt tggggaggta gtggaacctt taggcagatc     47640
     agccttgctg gaggaagtgc gtcattggga gctgctggtt ctgagagttg atggcctgac     47700
     tgcacttcct gctttcagtc tcactctcac tctcttgatc cccaccccct cggcaaatga     47760
     acacatgacc agccggctta caccacacac acacacacac acacacacac agttctgcct     47820
     gcagcccctg tctcccgcca acatatggac tctatgcccc tggaaccata gcaaacccat     47880
     ttttccttaa gctgctttgg gctagaggca tttttgtcac agcaacagaa aagcaacaaa     47940
     tatacttaat atattttcct atcccaggtt gcctaaaaga ttcttgggca aaagggatca     48000
     caagtagcat tttctttatt aatcattcca ttcgtttata tctcaaatga tatcccactt     48060
     cctggttatc cctccaccaa ccacccatgc cacatctgcc ctcccccttc tctttgcctg     48120
     tatgagagta cacccccacc caccaccacc gccaccccac cgcttcagca tccgcctatg     48180
     ctggggcatc aaacctcccc aggaccaagg gcctcccctc ccatatattt tgaaataaaa     48240
     atcaatataa tgtcctactc atatgaaaaa atactaaact aaaattcaaa cgaaggctgg     48300
     cgacagggct cagtggataa cgtgcttgcc tcaagcctag cctgactact taaggttgat     48360
     ccccaagtac ctcccaaacg acaaagggaa tagaacccac ttttgcgcgt tgtcttttga     48420
     tgagggagga gagggagagg gagagaggga aatcagacac agagacaaaa aaaagggggg     48480
     ggggggagat tttgtgctta atttactaat gagaactggg aaccaaagcg gacacaaggt     48540
     ggcagcacta agctccacag acggagattt tggaatgttt gcttgcttgc tgtgcctttt     48600
     tgtgcccggt agaacagaat gcttcttgga gtgtccgttt attgcctgat gagtgcttta     48660
     ccctctgagc ttcctcacag gccgcttacg catagtttaa tgtacaaact ataaaatgaa     48720
     tcatccaaaa tggcaaagga accccaagtt ccccaagatg cccaacttgc tcacaagtta     48780
     tttaattaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaacgggca tggtggcaca cgcctttaat cccagcactt     48840
     gggaggcaga ggcaagtgga tttctgagtt cgaggccagc ctggtctacc gagtaagttc     48900
     cagggctata cagagaaacc ttgtcttgaa aaaccaaaat aaaataaaat aaacaaataa     48960
     aaattgttgc ctaggtttga ctcccagcac caaaaaaaag atgataaaga tgtgataagt     49020
     aataaatatg cctctgagat agcacattaa ataacttaca cagaggcaag accagtaatt     49080
     ccaagcactt agaggtagta gagaaagtgt cccacggatg tgtgatagcc ttcatgggag     49140
     gcagaaatac ccaagctctg tccccgatca aggttcaagt cctgcccaga cagctgcact     49200
     ttcttgtctt acttcgacca aatgttccct agaggttcaa gttcttttcc aagttataaa     49260
     tgcttagttc acacatgtcc atgtccagat gttcagtctc tcttgtgcct ctgcctagcg     49320
     tgagcgttcc tgagagtaca taggtactac cagacttgtg tgacaagggt gagaacgggt     49380
     atttgcacac aggcctcgta gcccagcatg gagataatca gagcagatgc ccccatacaa     49440
     ggagggatga aaccagacac agcccagatt tggaggaaga tagaaaagag gcagccaggt     49500
     ccctgtctgg gtctctgaca ccaggccaag aagccagact tgcatcttca agaggtgctg     49560
     ctaggagaaa tgatgcaagt ctaaagaata gatgatacat tttaggggat ccgatatgca     49620
     gcgtgagagc cattccgagc ctcacagtag cctggctggt tatagggccc aagagctcga     49680
     atctctagtg tctggggaca ctttataata cactgttctg gatttctgct cacagaatcc     49740
     ctaacctgct catatctacc ttctagactt atctatcaga ccctgaggaa cctcgagact     49800
     aagtttgtct cagttcctct ctgtgttccc acacagaggt cctccaccta cttcagtgac     49860
     tccaccatag atatttctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     49920
     ctctctctca aatgaagtta ttgcgtggac cgagatcgaa tcgagaccaa gacttcacat     49980
     gtctgtaacc cgcatgctga ggggaggaga gacagagaga attcctggga ctccttggtt     50040
     gcccatcaag ctccaaattc aaggagagat cttttgggct tcatttatag aggactaaac     50100
     tggaacctaa gcggacgcgg ggtggcagca ctgagcaccc gagtccgaga gtgagagcga     50160
     taggaatcca gggtagacac cacacactca tacaggaaag cagtcttccg agattcaagg     50220
     caatttagct ataagccgct ataagtaaat taaggagatg ggagaaggag agctatagtt     50280
     cttataacac aggttataac aaggactgac gcctgcagag gcggagagtg cagcccgcag     50340
     tctgtcctga agtcaggccc ccacgtccct gttgccaggc attgtcaccc cttaccatta     50400
     cacacctcct tccaacagtc agcaagacct gcagggtgtt gattctttga aattggaatg     50460
     ctttaattcc cagcacttgg gaagcagagg caggcgaatt tctgagttcg aggccagcct     50520
     ggtctacaaa gtgagttaca ggacagccag ggctacagag aaaccctgtc gaaaaggaaa     50580
     ggaaaggaaa ggaaaggaaa ggaaaggaaa ggaaaggaaa ggaaaggaaa ggaaaggaaa     50640
     ggaaaggaaa ggaaaggaaa ggaaaggaaa ggaaaggaaa aaacctttcc ccatttaccc     50700
     aggctggtgg ctccccatgg gagcagatgg cccactaagc aacggtggta atagcaaacc     50760
     tagccaactt ggagttagag agcagccacc atgacctaga ggtaaaccca tcttccgcag     50820
     aatcgtgata cggcacgggc ggggagcctg cttcctgctg ggctgtctcc ctgaagaaca     50880
     gaagagctag aaagttcaca gccccggagc cagcctgtaa ggtctgacct ctcattaatt     50940
     tttaactcta atttgtaagg acatggtgcc acagtaattt cctgggaagt ccatgctagc     51000
     cctgggcctg gtatctgccc tttactcaaa cgcctcttgc ccccatgggg acctctctct     51060
     agccatgagg agatagcacc tctttcctcg tcttagatct agtgaggttt tccagattgc     51120
     attctccaga gcatgcttgg tgtagttgac ttcagcgggg cacacagaac tcccattgtt     51180
     ggtatcaagg tcctggccgg tgttggtctg tgagctccgg gggcaggaaa agtctgggat     51240
     tcccgtggac ctgccagagt tgggctccga ctctccggca ccacagacac tgctaggcac     51300
     cgcggaagag ccggttctgg ggtccctggg ccagggacga cacccatgct tgcctccttc     51360
     cacatagatt cctatccccc tgttcctccc tcctaaggac tgaaattgca gagcgcgtgc     51420
     cactaagccc ttctcatggt gctggatatc acaccctcaa atgaagctcg tcccagattt     51480
     ctaatgctgg gaatggtgac aatgtctcta atcccagcac tcgggagcta gaagcagaca     51540
     ggtctctgtc agttcagcta cagcttcatt ggtgaagttt attggcaaag gtcagtgcta     51600
     tctaacaaga ccctatctca aaaacataat ttttgtttgt ttggtttttc gagacagggt     51660
     ttctctgtat agccctggct gtcctggaac tcactctgta gaccaggctg gtctcgaact     51720
     cagaaatccg cctgcctctg cctcccaagt gctggggatt aaaggcatgt gccaccactg     51780
     cccggcttaa aaacataatt tttaactatg tgtttgctcg tgggtctttg ggggggcgtt     51840
     gtattgcatg actgcaggag tcttagaaat cagaggcatc agacgcccct ggagttgaag     51900
     tcacgggtaa gcccactcag ggtgggtgag gtcctggtgg tgctcaaccc cagatccagc     51960
     tccaacctct gtttctctcc tgagctcctt caggtacttt tcagatgctg agttcgaaca     52020
     gaattctagg tgaaagtcaa atttattcct atttattata ctgggtaaat acaaggcctt     52080
     gtgtgtgctg ctcaaaagtt ctaccatgga gctatgttcc ttgccattat ttttttttta     52140
     attcgttttg ctttttcact tttttttttt ttttttttgc ttttaatttt tctttctttt     52200
     taaaatgttt tcttctctag gagtctgtaa tgccagtaga gatgacttct tcccagaaga     52260
     ctgaagagtg gaaggcccag ggcactttct gagttcatgg gacttcttgg aaaagcatag     52320
     aaataattta gatcaatgga ggaattttca tttgcggaag cacacgaata tatgaagata     52380
     ttctcagtgg actggggatg gtccttccat gggaccaggg ttcaattccc agcacctaca     52440
     tgtggctaac agccatgtat ccatcactct agtgtcaagg ggttctatat cctcttctgg     52500
     tctctgagaa taccaggtac acatgaggtg cacagacaca catgtaggca aagcactcac     52560
     gcacaaagag aaaatattca gtttttaaaa aaatgtttaa aaggaaaact gagctatgtt     52620
     tcagccctgc ttttgtgtgt tcagtcaggg acccgataag tggtagaggc tgtccttgaa     52680
     ctcacagcac agtccaggca gacctcgaac ttgcagtctt cctacctcag tttcccaagc     52740
     aactggaatg acaggcctgc accatcagaa ccaccttgta ttgtgtctta aacaacattt     52800
     tactgaataa gccagaagag aaaagtttag ttctttaaaa acttaagggt gggaacacta     52860
     aaattttcca ggagttttat ttatgctgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta     52920
     gattatattg gactaatata tcttggtaca atgtacttct tactaaagca caactcaagg     52980
     aaggagagaa ccccacaaaa ctgaataaag ctggaggaag gatgaagaga taaatctatt     53040
     agtgcattag ccacaaaatg atcctacttc tagtgagact tcctttttct ttttatttgt     53100
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatgg gtgtgtgtgt gcttggacac     53160
     ttgtgggtgt ctgtgttcaa gtgtgcacct gtgtatgcat gcatgcatat atgtgtgtga     53220
     atgcgcatgt gtctgtacat ttgtgtgtga gcttgtgtgc actcgcaaat gcgcatgtgt     53280
     gtgttatgca tatgacagtg tctttgaggg caaaagaggc catcataact cctggagcta     53340
     gagatacagg tgactgtgat catttaacat ggatgcaaga aatgcaacct cggggctgga     53400
     gagatggctc agtggttaag agcacaaact ctgctcttcc agaagtcctg agttcaattc     53460
     ccagcaacca catggtggct cacaaccatc tgtaatggga tccagtgccc tcttctggtg     53520
     tgtctaaaga cagcaacagt gtactcatat acataaaata aataaattaa aaaaaaaaaa     53580
     aaagaaatgc aacctaggtc ctctagaaga gcaccaagca ttcccaggga tacttaatat     53640
     tagagtgtgt tactgttgtt gttgtggtgg tggtggtggt ggtgttttgt tttgtttgtt     53700
     ttgttttgtt ttgagacaag atctcatgca gctcaggctg gccttgaact cactttatag     53760
     aaaacaatta acttaagtgt ttgatcttcc cacctccact tcccaagctt tgagagcata     53820
     aggctatgcc acccacaccc agtttcatgg gtgctagtta tgaagccggg ggctttatcc     53880
     atgttaggca agcactctac caaccgagca acatgagctc aatttgaaaa actttcaata     53940
     acactgaacg aaacagaatt ggatctttct acacatatta taatagcaat gcttgtgact     54000
     gaaactcggg ggtgggagac ggtgacaacc atgtgtgtca ggtacttatc tcactgaatg     54060
     tcttcctttc tgggttcagc tggtggctgc agaatcacct aacgaactgt ttaagcttgc     54120
     tcttctcccc tgtggctgtg aaagatcctg gcagaatgta aaaggacaca gaagccctga     54180
     aattggcaag atagacgtca gtgttagcag aattagcttc actgatttag aaaaatagag     54240
     gtgcacagtg ctctggccac tccttgaacc tgtgtgtctg ccaatgttct gaccaggtgc     54300
     gtgcccattg ctgcaccttc attagactct ttccttgtac ccctcccata cccatttctt     54360
     aagaatagac attatttaga tctgaaaatc ccctactctc ccccttctcc tttcccccct     54420
     gagggcctat aaaaactggg aactctttcc cctcgaggac aactcctcta cccctgcgtg     54480
     ggatatgagt cgtccccaga gctctggctt tccccgaata aagcctcatg tggtttgcaa     54540
     caagctcggt ctgttgtgag ttcttgggtg tccgctattg tcctgaggcc tgaatgaggg     54600
     gctcctcgcg gagcctttca gctgcaccat gggccccgcc ttcacaccga tttcctaaca     54660
     tctaaaattc tcaactctat ttgcagcatt gacttagctc taaggcttct gcaatattta     54720
     aagacgctac cgtgcagtgt cccagagccc actgactctg tattgtttcc ttctgacttc     54780
     tctgccactt gctagccttc catcttatgg gactgagccc ggacccacag ccgtgaagac     54840
     ctggtccacg cttcgactaa agcttctgaa gctcagaagt gatgctttga acaaggtaat     54900
     tctgtggggt tgagaggctg ttctttgtgt tgtcacattc cagttaacag cagtaacgct     54960
     ggtcccctcc gccagttgtg acagcatcaa acgtctccag acagtacaaa gtgtcacctg     55020
     tggagatatc caaacaacat caccataagg ctgaaggact ggcagctctt cccaaaaacc     55080
     cagctcctat tctcagcacc cacgctcgca accccttgta acatcagttc cggggatccc     55140
     gtgccctctt ctctggtcta tttgggcact gcacatatgg tacacagaca caaatgccag     55200
     caaaacctcc atacactttt tttttattgt ttaaatatcc aattgagaac cactagtgta     55260
     aattcaagcc ctgtagactt agtatagact gagaccccat agccagaaca tggcattggc     55320
     attcaaatgc tctcagtgga aggtctagcc agagccttac taatggtgcc cacagcatct     55380
     gtggattaat ggatatgaca ccctctcctc cagatctcag aatggaggca gcaggatccc     55440
     ctcaatattt ttttaaacgt tagagctgtt atatcatgtc cagctgagaa aataaggacc     55500
     gtgacaggca aagcagatac aaaatcaagg tctagaaaac ataagtaatg aaaggcacct     55560
     gctgctgggc agtggcagcc atgactttaa tcccagcact caggaaaggc aagaagaggg     55620
     ggaggaggag gaggaggagg aagaggaagg aggagaaaga ggaaggagga ggagggaaga     55680
     agaggaggag gaagagggag gaggagggag agggaggagg aggaagaggg aggaggagga     55740
     agaaaaaaaa gagaagaggg ttagctacta taggccaaga gtttcattgt ttagatttta     55800
     taaagaatca aaagatccca agcctctctc tagaatcagc tgaggcttca ggacaaaatt     55860
     cagtctgact ctttagccac actttcctca ctagtgatcc ttgcctatct agggcttctc     55920
     tgtctcaaag ttctcaaagc caagactctg caccatgctg accactctat ctgggaatta     55980
     ttattattat tattattatt attattttgc catttagtag ttaagtctgt gagggcgacc     56040
     atgaagatta gaatcctcta caggccaagc cctcaacatg gtactgagaa tacaaaatgt     56100
     gggcagaaac agagcatgcc catccccagg acattgatga aggaagccct taagagtcca     56160
     gtaagtgtgc tttgggcttg ggacctgtga cttcacgcat ggccattaga gggcctaagg     56220
     aacctgacct tgatctgtag gtcaccaagc acttccggca acctcaggtg agagccaagg     56280
     aaatttaggt ttgtctatga ggatggtagg atatagaggg ctttctaggc agaaaaatga     56340
     tctgtaaaaa gcctgtgtgg aagaaaatga tgggtgtgac cacataggga ccaaatgaaa     56400
     ccagtcgcca ggaatctgca tagccaggag gaaggtttgg gccattatct tggtttgttt     56460
     ggttttggtt ttttgtgggc tttttgtttt gatttgtttt gagacaggtt tctttttgag     56520
     aggtttcgtt ttttgaggca agcttcacct caagaagtca gcaacattac aaaacgatcg     56580
     acccactagg ctccgttgtc ctccagcggc cataatggcc tgcacatata ttctttagtt     56640
     tctgtgaagg aactgaagga agactaagaa tctggtcacc cactttttct cacacccctt     56700
     ttctccatgt cccatagttg gcatcaccat cttggccaat atgggttcca aaacaacccc     56760
     cagactctcc ctgtagggcc ccctggaatg agatgctgcc agaatcacat ctgaaagcaa     56820
     gggacgggag ctggaagatt atggaaagat gaaggcagct tcagtctcaa acttcagccc     56880
     cgtcttgcag gcctaggaag gagggtggct cctgagcggg aagaggcaga ataacctaag     56940
     tcataagcag ggactctgtg gaaaacaggg tctatgtggg ccaggctgcc tgccaccgcc     57000
     ccccaccaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacaccgc     57060
     catcaaccta cacctgggag aaggatctac agcagtccca tctcaggcat cccaggaggt     57120
     ctgggaaggg ttcattttaa actcagactt ctggtgctat ctcagaaatg tgctgtttcc     57180
     ttgggacacc cgaggcagag attacgaaaa atagcagata gcagggcttg gtggagcatg     57240
     gcgataatct aaatactagg aaggtaaagg tcagccaggg agctgcacag tgaaaccctg     57300
     tctcagggaa gaaataaagc aaaagaggga ggtaaggaaa acaggggtgg ggggttggtg     57360
     ggggggggag caagaaagaa aggaagaaag gcgtcttagg atgtagctcc ctggcagcga     57420
     gcttatctag caagatagaa accctagatt caatccccca gaccggaaga aaaaagaatg     57480
     gcatcttttt ttcaaatgga aagtcagttt tcactaagga agctggtatg tgggtgtagt     57540
     ggctcacctc tctatgtagc atagcgtagt acagagatag ccaagtgcta gcgtgaccca     57600
     cttaatttta gttagagcag caaactagct ttagggtaag aaaggacagg tgacttccag     57660
     aaccaccaga gaaacacaag aatggcttaa ggcttggaaa aatgaaagac agccagttgg     57720
     gtctaccaaa gagacagatg atgtaaaacc ttggggtgct aagaaggcat ccctctggtt     57780
     gtgaaagaac acatccaggg tagtaccctg catattccac cgagactaca acgggtgagt     57840
     ctgcaacagg ccggcagagc aagtggtctt aattgagaga ccctggtttt tacatctctg     57900
     agcaaccaca gggggctgca acttcacaca acattcacct aacatatacc ttcctttcca     57960
     aatgccttcc agtgcacctt gctaaggtcc cctaatccca gcaaactctg gcaactctca     58020
     ctgctcggcc tacggatccc agccaaaagc ctttgcaatg gaactattcc ccagataccc     58080
     acaagatatt gtgctttcac atctgcctat ggcttccctc caaacttaac ctcactgtct     58140
     taccccacca tgataagacg taaactacaa acaaaacaaa atggccatcc ggcttctttc     58200
     ttccttcggt tcttatctgt gacctaagct ggcttgcctg gaatttacta aatagactag     58260
     gtcagccgtg acatcagtga tcttcctact tctgcctcct gaacactcgg atcccaaacc     58320
     tctgacacca tgcttagtct cctatattcc tttattctcc gcactaccat attttataag     58380
     tactaatttc aatctcttat cacagataag aaactaaact cagctggatg atggtggtgc     58440
     atgtctttag tcccagcgct tgggagacag aggcaggtga actcggactt cagggccatc     58500
     ctggtctaga gggcaagttc cagagcagct aaggctacac attgtctgga aaaacaaaac     58560
     acataagaag aggaggagga gaagttaaat tccatgcaat ttacgaatag aaaaaaacaa     58620
     gccagcatgg tctacagaga gccagggata caaagagaaa cactgtctcc aaaacaaaac     58680
     aaaaccaaaa aaaagaaaaa aaaagaaaga aaaacaaata cttataccta gggcttggtg     58740
     ttttagggct ataatcttag ttacttggca ggctgaggaa gggagatcat aaatttaagg     58800
     ccaatttgag ctatgcacat cctgaatcaa aacgaaacaa ggttgaatgt ggtgatgaat     58860
     tccatcatcg aggccagcct ggtctacaga gtgagtttca ggacagccag gactacacag     58920
     agaaaccctg tctcgaaaaa caaaaaacaa acaaaaaaac gaacaaaaac taaacaaggc     58980
     tgggagttgg gtggatttaa ctctgtaagg cactcttcct agcatgtggg agttcaaccc     59040
     atagcactaa aataaataat taaatgtatc ctttagttca catagacatt agtggttgct     59100
     taccttcctg acctgtgtgt gctccttaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     59160
     aaagtgaagc tgaacaaatc ggctgtagcc aaacacacat ggcaggagag aaaattcctg     59220
     acttcagcca gtgctctgtg gcaatcacaa gcgcactcac acacaaatac tttaaaacat     59280
     acagttaaaa ctttttaagg ccagatctgt gacatttgga aacactacaa aatttgaaca     59340
     cgtgttgagg tcatcgggtt gccaggctat ccgtgttcct ctgcttcccc gtccgggaac     59400
     acttctttca gggcagcaca agacagacca gcaggctttt ctggggaatg atcagaggca     59460
     cagaaagggc ttccaacaga atccccagaa atctgaaccc agcacttcct cctttatagc     59520
     ctcgccgggc ggcggctcgg tttataattc cagtacttgg gagacagaag caggtcggta     59580
     gttcaaaacc atccttggca acacaaccag tttaagacta gccttcgcta catgaaattt     59640
     tgccataaaa caaacaaaca ggccagattt gctggcacac gcctctaatt gcgactttaa     59700
     ttgtacttcc gtaagtcaaa gttggagccg gggtctccaa ccaaggaact gaacagaagc     59760
     ggaaagggcg gagccgcgtc tctgccacgt aagggcggag aggccactgt agtttgcttg     59820
     tgtgccctca gccccacttc tgcttccacg gcatgcttta atctcccgag aagcctttct     59880
     aaaaccctgg cgcatctggc ttcagaatgc atttgtacag cgctgccaaa ctaggttgcg     59940
     tggcagaaga aacgacgata cttgagacct actctcccag ttcctcccac ttctcagtgc     60000
     agctatcttt gagcagcagt gaatcatggg aatccccgcc ttgctctccg agtatttccg     60060
     gttccggcgg aggccgctct ttctttttct ccacagggtc gtggtggcag ccgctgtggt     60120
     gcttggctct ctgagctatc cggtgccatc cttgtcgctg cggcgaccct cgcatcaact     60180
     gcagccatga ccgagcagat gacccttcgc gggaccctta agggccacaa tggatgggta     60240
     acacagatcg ccaccacacc gcagttcccg gacatgatcc tgtctgcgtc tcgaggtacg     60300
     ggctgcatgc cgggtaaatc acccggtgtc ctggggactg catgagagtc tcgtggttaa     60360
     gcaagtggcg cgcgtgttgg ctcggttcat tccccaaccc agttgttagt tggggcgtgc     60420
     ataccccaac ttgggcccca accgggacga ccctttacac atgaacggaa accgagacac     60480
     gtcgcgcaac tgtactcaca ccccacctcc caaagttggc gattttaaat ctctcgcttg     60540
     cttcctggag atgtgtttaa gtagttttac ggggctacaa gacgggcgga gcaatgatga     60600
     ccccaacatg ccatctgagt ggctttgctg aaatccagag gctgtttctg agctgttgtc     60660
     gcctggccct aaactataga cagtgggtaa actttgtaga tgccttgttc cccacatttc     60720
     cggacttgat tgtcccgccc taggttttct tgtaactaat gatttttttt ctttaatgat     60780
     gtatcttcat gtgtatttcc tccctaccca ccccaaaatt atgctcattt tctctcctac     60840
     ctaatactag gcttattatt gtccgtttct gtgtaagttg gttcgtggct aggattgtgt     60900
     ctgatgctac aataacggct gcatttattt cagtaactct caggcgggaa aggctgtctc     60960
     tgctcagcct acatacaccc aagtggtgct tctgctgtta attagtctcg ggcccggacg     61020
     atgactaagg ttagggttag tttcccagac cctgcatggt agcttgcagt catctgaaac     61080
     tagttccagg agacctgaca cgcacttctg aacaccatag acacaggtag cacacatatg     61140
     tatgtaggga gccactttaa ataaaataca ttttgaatgt ggaacttaag tctcaatccc     61200
     aggaagtgtg gtgcccatag tctcacatta cagctgagat ctacagctct tgatattgta     61260
     gagtagtaag cctcttttat ttataacttg aagtttctct gtcccgttta ctggccccag     61320
     tgactttaag actgtaaatg gtgcacagta agtaggctta taccaacctt taccaaccct     61380
     tttagacaag accatcatca tgtggaagct gaccagagat gagaccaact atggcatacc     61440
     acagcgtgct ctgagaggtc actcccactt cgttagtgat gttgttatct cctctgatgg     61500
     tcagtttgcc ctctcgggct cctgggacgg aacgctgcgc ctctgggatc tcacaacgca     61560
     agtagctgct ttggaatctt ggggggaaag tgggcagaac tgaggtagat tcgccggggt     61620
     gcagtctccc cttggtaatt ggtccttttg tagagggtaa agcaacattt gggggtgttg     61680
     ttttaaactg ggtacctatg aagtgtctca tcttgtacgt tgtcttagat gggcatttgg     61740
     cagatgtaat agaggatcct agtgatgaca agacgacatt gtcaaccaat cccccacaag     61800
     ggaatgagga catgtcctgc aattctgaat gggttctctg atacatgtca gacatgacat     61860
     aggctagtag taggttctaa gccacgtgtg gactgtgtgg ggtaatagag cctacggggc     61920
     aaggatgaag ctaggaaaag gctctagctg gatggacaaa acctgtctag aaagtgacca     61980
     ggttctcctt cttaggggca ccaccacaag gcgatttgtc ggccacacca aggatgtgtt     62040
     gagcgtggcc ttctcctctg acaaccggca gattgtctct gggtcccgag acaagaccat     62100
     aaagttatgg aatactctgg gtgtctgcaa gtacacggtc caggtaaagg gataagggtg     62160
     gtagggacag catgttcagg gctacctccc gccccctggg gacttgggtt gtttctgagg     62220
     tgggttcctc actaggtagt cctggtggcc tggagtgatc tgactcctag gtgttggggt     62280
     gaagctgtgt gccaccgact gcctctttag cttttcattg tgtgttgtta gtcctgtgac     62340
     tgtctggggt tgttttttgt tatttttaag ctaagcatgc tggcttgtga ctggcatggg     62400
     acttacaggc gttggaattt tatttaagta cgctgtagct gtcttcagac actccagaag     62460
     agggcatcag attttgttaa aggatggttg tgagccacca tgtagttgct gggatttgaa     62520
     ctcaggacct ctggaaagag tagtcagcgc tcttaacagc tgagccatct caccagcccc     62580
     agaatttttt atttgtttga gaaggggttt ctgtgtagat ctggctgaga tgggtgtgct     62640
     tttaaactgc tggggttaaa aggctagcta gaggtggtac ttcccccttt cattccatat     62700
     taggttgggc catggaaacc caaaccaggg cataaattgg gcagggtctt ggcacatacg     62760
     cagataccca gatatctact aaaactgccc taagggttaa atgatcttaa gtctctcacc     62820
     tacctcctag agatgtgtat ttaaggggct acaagccagg cccaacagtg atgaccacaa     62880
     catgccatct gagttgcttt gctgaaatcc agaggctgtt tctgagctgt gcctggtcct     62940
     gtactctatg agtagtgggt gagctctggg ggtcatctta ggattcaaat gtcagcgggc     63000
     ttgacctcag gtggctttgc caactgagtg gaagactgct gttgtcccac ctagggaagt     63060
     gtggtagaga tctgtaatct gggagaaaga ctgcttcccc ttaaccttcc cctgcatctt     63120
     ctgtaggatg agagtcattc agaatgggtg tcttgtgtcc gcttctcccc gaacagcagc     63180
     aaccctatca tcgtctcctg cggatgggac aagctggtca aggtaagctt caagcaaggg     63240
     catagctctg ccaaaaatcc caaatgtatt cccattcctc tcagatagtg atgcattctg     63300
     atttggaata tttatgaaca ttagtttggc tttggcttct tatggttcat cgcaatactt     63360
     taggactgtg gtttgttgag gctaggattc attctgtatc cctttactga cctgtgtcat     63420
     ccaagcacag gtactgtgac ctgtcttggt cacccaggta ctggaactat agaggcttgc     63480
     atgacatgcc tgttcagtgg tcccttaaaa gtggtgttca tacctttcct gtttagtgta     63540
     tacctttatc ctggtcaccc acagactcct gttttttcag gtgtggaatc tggctaactg     63600
     caagctaaag accaaccaca ttggccacac tggctacctg aacacagtga ctgtctctcc     63660
     agatggatcc ctctgtgctt ctggaggcaa ggtatttggg ttttgtcatc tttacagaga     63720
     aagcttttta tctggttata agcattattt taaaatatgt agaaaagtat accaaagatg     63780
     tttattttta tggttggggt tttgacacat tagaggaaag gacttagaga caggaacact     63840
     atacaacctg acctaacttc ccttttctgt ctgcccagga tggccaggct atgctgtggg     63900
     atctcaatga aggcaagcac ctctacactt tagatggtgg ggacatcatc aatgccttgt     63960
     gcttcagccc caaccgctac tggctctgcg ctgccactgg ccccagcatc aagatctggg     64020
     taagtgtgat ctgttccata catggcacat tgactgactg gcagaaaccc agctttctca     64080
     gtagattcca tcatttagtt gctatcagca ccaaggggag ttcatttttt tccccctaaa     64140
     cagtttgcag cactgtgtga catctgccta atgaaaagta atgcctgtgt atatagcagt     64200
     ttatggagtg ttctaattgc tatgtggtcc aaggtaattc tcttgtgaga gccagtgcag     64260
     gtggcatcta gccaccagat acctattagg agttaagtag ctgccatgta tcatgaagac     64320
     cacagtgtgt atagcattgt agtagaacac tcacttagta taaaagagat ccaaatttag     64380
     tccctagcaa caaagagagt ccttccctat gctgctagca tccacttggc ttcaattctg     64440
     taatctttgt tacaggattt ctggacaact aaatgacaag tagactagac tagcctcaga     64500
     gagcacagat agcctgcctc tatatcctga gtgtgggatt aagaggtgtg cactagccgg     64560
     gcgtggtggc gcacgccttt aatgccagca ctcgggaggc agaggcaggt ggatttctga     64620
     gttcgaggcc agcctggtct acagagtgag ttccaggaca gccagggcta taaagagaaa     64680
     ccctgtctta aaaaaccaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagagg tgtgcattac caactgagct     64740
     gttagtaatt cctaacaaaa tgaatagcaa aaatgttgct gttttgaacc ccttttggtt     64800
     ttgtacctta agcatttgta gcctttccga ggtaagaagt gcccttttta gttggtgaag     64860
     cacatttttt gttgctgggg gatgggttgt gcacacttgc actaagttgt gcagtcagtt     64920
     aaagttggca atcctgcctc agtctcccgg gtatttcaga ttatagacct gagctatcag     64980
     gatctgagga ttttttgctg gttcagcata gggctattct atatccttga aagaaaaata     65040
     actgttagaa atctgaatta tataaagtaa ttcattattt gagtataagt atatacctgt     65100
     gggtcccact agctggcctc atagctaagc aaacctttct ccatagttgt ttctgggtga     65160
     aacctatgtt gccaagcaag gcgttttcac atgtaaccag cctgccagct ctcttgaaag     65220
     gattctaaaa gcaatggtat ccttacgggc tttggtctgt tcctcaggac ttggagggca     65280
     agatcattgt agatgaattg aagcaagaag ttatcagcac cagcagcaag gcagagccac     65340
     cccagtgtac ctctttggca tggtctgctg atggccaggt aagtatattt gacaattcag     65400
     ctcagttctc caacttatct cccttgctct tacttaatat tttagggata agactgtcag     65460
     cataaaatga agtcaaacca ggttaatttt gatggactgg ttatatatag agaatattag     65520
     ataacctatt tctgtctagg gaaagattat ggtatggagt ttttaacctg gaagcttaaa     65580
     aatgtctgaa tctatatggc aagctgctgc ttcctcttaa tatatcacga aaggggtctt     65640
     aagttctttg aattagagag ttcattgttg ggtgtgacct gttgtcattc attcatttac     65700
     agactctgtt tgctggctat acagacaact tggtgcgagt atggcaggta actattggta     65760
     cccgctaaaa gttttatgac aaagtcttag aaataaactg gctttctgaa actggcttct     65820
     atatgtgagt cctggaagct gagtccctgg ttctactgca agagcagacc actggtgttt     65880
     actatcctgg catgtaagca gtaacagcta agtaaacaca tcagatgtca tttcatcacc     65940
     aattagacaa aaatccatca acttggtttg gtctcctgga tccacactat gcctcatcat     66000
     caactcacat atgcaagcat aatttagccc acaaattcag accaggcctg tcctgggtca     66060
     gaaaacaggg agcctgaggt ctgaaaaaca atctctgctt tgcttttaaa agagtccaca     66120
     aaaaaagcaa ataaacactt ttttttattt ttgcaacaca acccaccttt ccccaagaac     66180
     atgagttgac ctcagccacc aaagcagagg acaaaagctg tttagtgtca gaaggcaagg     66240
     ggttactaga aaaatagatt atacccagtg gtctcccgag gatccagacc cctgtctcaa     66300
     gctccctaac agggcttacc aagtggaaat aaaaggcatg gagaggccag aaacttctga     66360
     ataagagcct gacagagaag aagacttagg ctcctacata agatgcagag agaaaataat     66420
     ttattgggta atgtatgtgg tgtcatgctg accatctcag atctcactga agctaaattc     66480
     tggccagtct atggaggtag aaattggggg gtggaaggaa agctttagtg ttcctacttc     66540
     cccaagaaaa agtagactta cacagctcta cccttttgcc cagcctgatt gcctagacag     66600
     ctcctaaagc tcttagctga agcttgcacc aaaacatgga ggggggtgaa aaaggaaagt     66660
     tgaggaatta tctccacaca tccccagagc tgagctaggc gggaggggag gtcatcaggc     66720
     agctgttggt tatcagggac ccatgcagac ctgtcagaca aagtaggtga ggaaggactg     66780
     agctggagga gtctaggagg tctttttgac tcctagaggg agaagcagcc tgggttcaag     66840
     agggagcagg aagcaactca gtaacaaaca gtgggaggaa tccaggctcc caaaacagtg     66900
     ggcaaccatc caccaccacc cgccccccca gtggtgacca gaggggcccc tgcgggtggc     66960
     aggctgatca agggcagagc ttgattcggg tacccttgga aagtacccgg aaaaaaggga     67020
     aaacacgctc gccaaggaag gcagctgaga aggtgtgcac atgggctaag gtatccgcat     67080
     tgtagaagcc taggcgccca gcctcatagt ccaggtatac gccaaagcgc cgtggtttct     67140
     cacatgggct gagcagtgtc tgctctgttg agctctgtgc ctggtatcgt ttgccgtggg     67200
     tgcccacaca ccacacttcg cgctggagta ggagctgctg aggcagatgg agccggcggc     67260
     ggcgatgatg atggcgtgag gagctggcat ccccactgct aacagaggac cccccagagc     67320
     ccactttttc tttatgatgg gttgattcac gggcagcacc cactgcccag cctcgcctcc     67380
     cacccacctc tacctcccag tagtgccggc cagagcggaa gccctgggcc cctagtacac     67440
     agcagtcagc tgagaagcgc ttggaatgtt caggaacctc ctgccgacgt tctgccaagc     67500
     ggactccacg gcgatcaggg gacagcagca gagctgggtg agctgtgtca gggtccagtg     67560
     tcaggtccac ttggaaagag acatacaaaa agagttaaaa cagcttccca tcacaccatc     67620
     ctaccccatc ttcttagttc ccaccctatg ttagaagtca agttcaagaa ctatgggttc     67680
     taaccttcac cctaattcta acacctgctg gcctgtccct gactttccat ctcatccaaa     67740
     acttagctgg gctatcatgg aagcaacttt tggcttgaac ctcagagtag cttccagtag     67800
     tctacaccat cccagtaagc caaaaggaaa ggcaaaaacc tccctacctc ttgcagcctg     67860
     acaaaacatg cggctcattt tcctcacgat ggcgtctgtc aggaagtcgt ggctatgggg     67920
     ttggcatggg tcaggggacc aaatctctgg gggctgcaac tgtatctctt cacacctgga     67980
     ggagggggac caggtagggg gtgggagcat gatattccca gagtgaagaa tgatagctaa     68040
     ggggaaggag cagagggtct gagaagcaga aacttaggtt ctggggagag agggtgggag     68100
     gggaggggaa aaggaaagga agtctcagag aagcagaaat ggggaaccag acactactag     68160
     gttacaaagg gtagagtggg aacacaccta ttgaaagtct ccttgatgtc ctgggaataa     68220
     cagagacaaa aagagggaaa gggaaaaaga gaaagaaagt gtcagctaca caggggtcac     68280
     tgctctcttc agcagagaaa ggtctgaatg tgaacaggaa gggagaaagc agcaccttcc     68340
     aggctcacaa taaacaagaa tatttctcaa ctaccataac taccacaaag acttaatcat     68400
     cctaccagaa actatcagaa tgctattact agtttttttt tttttgtttt ttgagacagg     68460
     gtttatctgt gtagccctgg ctggcctcga actcagaaat ccacctgcct ctgcctccca     68520
     agtgctggga ctaaaggcgt gtgccaccac accgggcttt ctttcaactc ctaaccccct     68580
     aatttaaaca accgaatttg cattctttag gtaggtatga ttgccacaca catactcaat     68640
     actgtcacca gctttttaaa aaaaaagtct tgttcgaggt acaggcagtt ctgcagtagc     68700
     tggagagaaa ctgcctaatg gaacagagag gaagcaggag agtggatcag ggcaaagggg     68760
     aacaacgctc acttgcagta gccgcaggcc cccctgttgg ctccgttctt gggcttcagc     68820
     aagcaagcgg ctcagctggg cagcctgctc ttcaaggcgg ttggctgctg ctcccgcacg     68880
     tcctaactga gcttcgtgca tctcccggag gcgcctctct aatcctgcct gctcttcagc     68940
     cagaaacctt gttagccgcc caaactctga ggccacagct gccagctctg acttcatctg     69000
     gctctgaaaa gatgcaaagg cagacatgaa gacacagttc tgtgatccag aggaacccag     69060
     tatgattccc agcacccaca tggcagctca taaccatctg taaccccagt tcctggagat     69120
     ctgatgctct cttttggcct ctagggcaaa tgaacatatt tgcatacata tacatacatg     69180
     caagcaaaac atccatacac taagatttaa aaaaggagag ttgcaatggg aatagaggct     69240
     accacctgaa tgaatacaca aaaaggtaaa cttgaccttt tctgtctgtt gcctctcaat     69300
     ctcaggcaaa ggagtctcac gctccctaac tccaacgtgt cctgggaacg ggaagagaag     69360
     tctcctcccc cgtctcagtc ttattgaccc tgagataggc caactcctgc atcctgcttc     69420
     acattcacca actgctttct ggaatactta gctcttccct gtctacctaa cttgcttttc     69480
     agatggaaac tttcatgttc caaaggacat gaaaaatctc tcctctccag atttctgtac     69540
     taccaactct gtatttctga ctatatctcc atagtgtatg gtattggaaa tgctatgtta     69600
     gaatacagac aggagtgggg acacatgtaa agatcagagg acaacttgca agagtgggtt     69660
     ctcgaagggc agtggtggcg cacgccttta atcccaacac ttgggaggca aaggcaggcg     69720
     gacttctgag ttcaaggcca gcctggtcta cagagtgagt tccaggacag ccagggctac     69780
     acagacaaac cctgtctcga aaaacaaaac aaagagtggg ttctctcctt ccaccaactt     69840
     ggtcctaggg atcaaattca ggttagcaag cttggtgaca gataccttta ccaacaaagc     69900
     catcttgcca gtcaagtttt gtttttgaga cagagtcctg ctctgtagcc ctggctgact     69960
     taaaactcac aatcttcctg tctctacctc ctctgctagt ttaatttaaa gataagccac     70020
     ccgcccagct ttgtggtgtc ctttaagttt ctcttctact atgccacata ttcccacaga     70080
     taggaccggc ataatccttt accacagtgt catcagaggc tggcacagtg ccaaccacag     70140
     gtaggtactt ggtaagaaat ttttgaaatt accaaatgag agaactcagg aagcaatata     70200
     tgaagtgaac ttagacataa gggctcatgc atataatgcc aaaactcttc aagactgaag     70260
     caagtcaatt attccacatc tgaggccagc ttgggctaca atataaaacc ctttctcaaa     70320
     acacaaaagg aagatgccac acagttaagt cctgactctc agtagtcaca gtcaccagaa     70380
     gagagcagtc actcaagttc tctagactag gagtcagcaa actcctgtaa agttgcaaac     70440
     agtaaatgtt atacacttag ggcaacaggt aaaacatttt ataggtatag ctgctcctag     70500
     atattcaagt gggtttgttt ccaggagacc caaatcagca gatatgcaaa taatcccttt     70560
     ttctcccata tattttaaat gtctcataac acccaataca atggaaatac taccaaatag     70620
     ctaagcttgt ggtgatttga atcagaagcc cccataggct tggtccatac ttgatcccct     70680
     gttggtggaa atgtttggga ggattaggat ctgtagcctt gttggaggtt gtgtcacctg     70740
     gatgggcatt aagatttcaa aagcccccac acaccattct ctgttcacct actcctaccc     70800
     tgaaccatga ggcccaaaaa acattttata agttgccttc atcatcatgt ctcttcacag     70860
     caatagaaaa agtaactaag acaatactgt ataaagaata aacactttct gggggaggga     70920
     tcttactata tagctgtggc tgtcctggaa gtcactacgt agactaggct ggcctcaaac     70980
     tcatagacat ctgtctgtat ctgcccccaa atctgggaga agtaaagact ataaaaacca     71040
     aaccaatcaa acaaacaagt ggtggtgcgt gactctagtc ccagcacttg ggaggtagag     71100
     gcaggcagat ctatcttttt gagtttgagg ccagcctggt ctacagagca aattccaaga     71160
     aaggcaagag gtacacagag aaaacccatc tcaaaaacaa agggcccaca tgttggcctg     71220
     agtaaggagg aggaactaac aagcaggtaa ggtggtagtt gtcaaatctg gtttcactct     71280
     ctgcctcaaa gacacatatc ccaatataca ttttctaaaa ctcagaagac cctcacagta     71340
     ttagcttggg aagctgccag atagcacatt gtgattgaca tttcacagca gtgactccct     71400
     aacgtacaga tggcactact atgagttcta gaagcggcaa ggcccagact gaccaggaag     71460
     gaaggaaagg gtattcccat ctgatgatgg ctgaagctta gcttagccac agtactagtt     71520
     ccagtccagc aaggcctgcg aggcttctga gaacagacag gaaattgaag gaggtaagct     71580
     aacgtaaatg ggctgagaac accagcaaag aggacaggag gtctctgcaa tgctgatgat     71640
     tactaattct atcttttcct aacagtctgc ccttcatcca ggacccagca agcctgtcag     71700
     accacagccc ttaatgttca gagaagctct gcctgccatc tgtgtttatc ctgcaacttg     71760
     gtactcctct ggcagctgtt gtacatattt gctcacttgc tttctatgct atccagagtc     71820
     aagggctggg tatcctctgt agctttagat aggacaacca gcctcaatag gtcatgcctc     71880
     cattttcaca ttttacaaac tagaaagaaa catgtctcct gactctgaag gctgcatccc     71940
     cacagatctc taagaatctg acagtctcat cttccttatc ctcacaacag catcagccag     72000
     tccactcaca cacatcaccc accttcagct ctgtcacccg cctctcctcc ttggccttca     72060
     tcttctgcac agcctctaga tgcttcctaa gtggttccac atgcccttgt agcttggcct     72120
     gagggatcag gaaagggaag gttagtcagg gaaatgatga gaagcacctg tcctacagat     72180
     tctctatcca gtcttcccta caatggagat tcagtgcttc atattaccac tgtcaagtgt     72240
     caaatatgcc cttccttccc acattccttc tctcagatga tcagaaatgc cccatctctc     72300
     ccctgcactc atgatggata ggccctgggt gtgccgtctt cagaggctgg atcttcatgg     72360
     ctgcagaact ctatttccga cagctggtgt acacctgccc taagctcctg accacatgaa     72420
     gtccatcctc aggaatattt ctgccattgg tcacttccat ttgataagcc atcttcctca     72480
     acacctacaa atctaaacac tttctagaga tggtgtgcct gtgctagaag aattaaaggg     72540
     agtcaggcat ggcggcgcac gcctttaatc ccagcacttg ggaggcagag gcaggtggat     72600
     ttctgagttc gaggccagcc tggtctacag agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctacaca     72660
     gagaaatcct gtctcaaaaa aacaaacaaa aaaaagtgat tctacattca aatataaacc     72720
     gtacactttt tttttttttt tgggacgggt ataggattag aagctgtggc cttgttggag     72780
     gttgtgtcac ctgggtgggc attaagattt cagaagccca cacacaccat tctctgtgtg     72840
     aatgagacaa cgctggcaac cctacacttc tattgtcccc tcctacatac ccccatccac     72900
     gcccttgagt tgtgattctc tgctatttcc ttggtctggg attaccctac tccactagtc     72960
     caaggtattc ttcctttaca gcccagctcc caagcattat tctgactcta tgtacccaac     73020
     ttcctctgtg agcctaagga acttaaagag atctacttct tcccagagca tgcacagttt     73080
     acaaatgtgc cttgcagaca ttacagggcc tttcatttcc tgaggcaggg tctgtctcac     73140
     agccctcgag agtctggaat gtagctgtag ctaaggagga gcttgaactt ctcaactcct     73200
     acttccctcc ctagtgctgg gattgccact ttccttcgtt tctatgctct ggctggctgc     73260
     tgtgtttccc attcaattac ccactacgtg aaaacaaaaa gcgctgtctt cttgtagtta     73320
     cagttctaac agccgtcaga tacgtgagct tcctatccca ggcatttaga gccatgcctt     73380
     tctcctgcag acaacaaatg ctgcctttta ctctatcttt ttaatgtctt ttacatttga     73440
     cttgttcctt ccttttcatt aggggaagat gcaggatgag ccttgagcct cgctccaagc     73500
     agaaccaaaa ctgcatctca gtaatttgag gcaagccatg cttcatttcc tcttttaaaa     73560
     tgggaataat gtcaacctca cagatagcaa acttagcaaa atttctaaca tgtggcaaaa     73620
     gatcagtaaa tgctatccag catttgctaa ctacattgta agctgccagt gacatcctga     73680
     taatgaccca tgaactaaaa agataactga ccctgagtac aaaaggcaat tgttacacaa     73740
     ctggttgtgg aaagtattac tggagtaata aatcagtcat tccataaaac aatatataca     73800
     aaattatgcc ttttgatatt attgctattt ctccactagt agaatcagtc atttctactc     73860
     catcaattca gaatttacaa agcttaaatt taccacttaa tatttgtcta agttgacagg     73920
     aaattacaaa catgaatcta aatagattat tacagggtct tgctgtattt taggcaggat     73980
     ttcactatgc agccacgctg acatagaatt tgctgtttag ctcaggctga cctcaaactc     74040
     agaaacctgc cagcttctgc ctccagagtt ctatgattaa agcccatgct atcactcctg     74100
     ccctcccttt cccccttttt tcctttagta caagttctct gagctgggaa gatagttcag     74160
     ctctgaagat aagctccatc gttcaaccca caacgtggaa ggaagaatca attcccaaag     74220
     ttgtctgtta acctttgcat ggggtttaca ctcacacctg caaaggcttt gagtttgaga     74280
     cttgcttggt ctacataggg tgttttggga cagcaagggc tagagagaga ccatgtctca     74340
     aagactataa acaggcaaat aacttttttt tttttttgag tgagtctcgt gtaattcagg     74400
     aactgagtct ggcctctatc ttgctatgta gtcaaggatg cccttgaact gatattcctg     74460
     cttccacttt cccaagcgtt cagttgaggg gcttgctgta ccatgcccat cttaggtttt     74520
     ctacagatcc tctcactgat tctggacttc tgcaataagg cccactgtag ttttaaaaac     74580
     ctactctagt aacggacaat gagctgtgaa gccttagtct ctaagctgag gtgatgatga     74640
     tcacctaaat gaagtcactg actgaatcac aaacaacaaa gatctgggcc agcaaacaga     74700
     ggctccactc tcctcctagt tcctgactca aatctgaaga tagttctatc tgtgctggct     74760
     gtttcataga taaacgtcct tcacatatgt ccaaagaatc agggaaataa agagccagac     74820
     agttaaccaa acgaaattac attccaagaa cagtcaggtc agaaaggtca aactaaaata     74880
     tccaagtagg atgtaggccc caagaggagg atggtcacat caaagtctat ctctaaagct     74940
     gcacaacata taaacctcca agttcagaac ataaacctgc ttcccaatca ataaaatgag     75000
     aatagcaaac atcaaactca cagtgactct gaattataaa cgataatcta taaaaggtgg     75060
     ccatatgcct gtggtaatga aagttcaaag acactctgaa acttgagcaa gacgtcttgc     75120
     cctaagagcc tctctctttt ctggtaaata catgagactg ggtgcagaga gaaagcaacg     75180
     aagctcatag cctaggataa gtgtgggacc cgctgagaga caagtgtttg gaacctgaca     75240
     ctagttattt ctatgctccg gtttcagacc cttcatttgt tcttttaggt ctccattcct     75300
     tcccatctga agtagctctg tcatggataa gacttaagat tcacccagaa gaaaatagga     75360
     ctggagtgaa gcactgcctg tctctaagcc acagagccag ttagaggatc cttctcattt     75420
     acccaccttg aagtcagtgc ttggacgggg agaaccattt ttccaatggc aaggtcctgc     75480
     tgggagaacc ggcatcacgt ccatccccag tccccgttct ctcctcccca tcctgactcc     75540
     actctgccgc ccctgtgtta ctcaccttgt actcctgcac tacctcctcc aatggcacca     75600
     cactatgctg tttgtggctc ctggattcgc ggcacaccac acagatggct tcttcatcca     75660
     cctcacagaa cagcttcagg gcttcttgat gtctcggaca gatgccttgt tcattcacac     75720
     ggctccctcg cccaggagtt gggtgcatct gacggatcac ctggaccatg ttggccaact     75780
     gcaggttggg gcggaagctc cgccgaggaa aactttttcg acactgggga caagtgaagc     75840
     atctccgagg ggctggaggt ggcggcagtt gggtgatcgg gtctagctcc tcttcctcgt     75900
     cttcctccag cacttcctcc tcctcgtcct catcttcccc tctcaggtcc gccacatccc     75960
     ccaagtaata gtccagttct tcctcctcct cctcctcctc ctcctcccac acatagtcca     76020
     tgttgtccca gttagaccca cctataccac tactccagaa cacttcctct tcctcctcgg     76080
     cctcctcctc catgtcaccc tcataatctt cttcccgcat aggggtgtcc cagcccccgc     76140
     cagccccgac agcctccact tcttcctcct ctccgacctc ctcctcctcc tcctcccgat     76200
     ccaactcatc tctgtcttcc tcatcctccc cgccccacaa ctgggttaca cacactcggc     76260
     agaagttgtg cccgcagccg atggacaccg ggtccgtgaa gtaatcgagg cagatggcac     76320
     acaccgcctc ctcctgaagg gtctgcacag ggttgggtgt catggcaacg gcagccatct     76380
     tagtgtccag tcagccaggg tagaagtgcg gtggggggag cggggggtgg ggcggggggg     76440
     tctccctttc ccgaagcccc gtccccaccc cgagcccaac ctctccgcac cttgcctgcg     76500
     gcaaggccaa aggaatgtcc tccgaccagc ccaccccgcc acgcacagtc ccctaccccc     76560
     agacgaccac cgtgtctcac agaggggagg ggacagaggg gagccccacc gacaagccgc     76620
     tcaggtggac ctgagtgcaa atctgcccca acgctcccct ggcctgctca taaacccccg     76680
     cccctcctca cttcctggcc ccgccccccg gcttccggcc tccctcccaa cgcttccggc     76740
     gtctccgcac tacctgaact cacgagttcc cggcgaggca ccgccccctt ctcccacgcc     76800
     ccgccccagg ctgcagagcg accggaaacg agaaggagac gctctagctg acactcggga     76860
     acaggacggg agggctagga cggcggaggc ccacgtctcg gtgatgactg gccgcgaaga     76920
     acgcgtacgg agcggaaggc gcccccatgc cctgccagcg ggaacggaca gcggagggtg     76980
     gcgaggacgt tgagcagcgc cctgttctcc gtgctccaac cgcagcggcc tagcgccatc     77040
     ctaccgacca ggcacggacg attgcagaag ggactcccag gaccagtgcc ggaagctgag     77100
     gggcgggccc gctcagcgtc ctcatatttc cggcccctct agacccgaaa cttgttcgtt     77160
     cgtttgcgag tccgggggtc cctccgagcg ggattctggg cggagcctga cgaaaccggc     77220
     tgggactgga gcgaaaggct ccgccctccc gctggactgg gcgttttctc gccggcttta     77280
     ggaactgcca ctttgctggc ggaccacagc gctcctgcaa gcccagcact gtagaggcag     77340
     aggccgcgga actgtggcaa gttccatgtt tatcaaacct ggactacaaa gtgagaccct     77400
     gtcccagaaa acaaccacca accagtcaaa gcaagccagc aaaacaaaac caaatcctgc     77460
     caaccggtca cttgtcccat catttattat taatatccac atccatatta aatgcaacag     77520
     tgttcaacta tatgacagag aatctttgga atgaattaag tttaaaaagt gaaggtggct     77580
     gaacactgga gtatatatag gagggcaagc aacgttaagt gtattcggta ctctgaatgg     77640
     ctatataaag tatatagtaa tataacgtaa atcatataaa acaaatcaga gttgttgcct     77700
     cacaggattt tgtgaggatg tcgtcatgta aaacggtcag aacggtttct agtatctggt     77760
     aaagaggtta agggctagct actctaccat attctcgtct atagaagaaa acagaatttc     77820
     tctaggaagg ctggccggcc agtaaagaca cttttccgaa aacatagtcc tttgggtttt     77880
     gagacaagtc tgtgtgttct cattaaataa acatattttt caagtgctat gggtttactc     77940
     aaactttagt actttatgtg ggccgtgcat acctttcatg tcttttcatc cgaaatggaa     78000
     attgtttatg agagaattct atccctgtag atccaaagca tttctcgtgc ggttgtttgg     78060
     ttttggtttt ttgcttgttt tgtttgtggg tcataaataa ctgacgcacc atatcctctg     78120
     agcgcagccc agatttagtt gggtaccgtg actcagagca cctccaactg aacaaaccat     78180
     ggagcaagtc tggttttaag aagtgaacgt aagtctgtcc agttgtagct ttaagtactt     78240
     cccagttgcc tcctagaatg tgtagtttcc gtagtgtagt ggttatcacg ttcgcctcac     78300
     acgcgaaagg tccccggttc gaaaccgggc ggaaacaact tttagactgc gtttttacct     78360
     ctccaagaca agggcacttt tggacgtcag tgacattttc ataatactgt aataattaaa     78420
     actggtaaag cacgaggctc ttaatcacaa gcaatgggtt cttaaaacta catgggatga     78480
     acgtccttta gaaaggacaa cgatttgaag cacttttgtg accaaagcaa gatagtgagt     78540
     gctatgctgt cttcactatt acaaagatgg acaaagacca ctaatttgga aagctggaag     78600
     ataagtaaga aatgggtacc atttggcaaa ttccaggagg ctgatcatca ttagccagtt     78660
     caccacctat tagatatgcc cagatatcag gactagctgt gctggtggcc agcctatggc     78720
     taatgagcct aggaccccaa gagcctgaag gcctatctct gtgagcttcc aaaccatcag     78780
     ttaggtttgg acttgcagtt ctagtcagga aagctgttcc gtgtgatgag aacctcaact     78840
     ctagctcata tttctttctt ttttcttttt taaattatgt gttgcaggat atctgctcac     78900
     actgtgaatc cagagattgt gttgtttact gaaggaaaaa agaaagaaag aaaacttttt     78960
     ctagttgtgg tgtggctcag tcccaacata cacctttaat ccctctggat ggaatataga     79020
     cacaccctta gcacacatct ttaatcccag acaacggagg gaggtaaagt tagagggtag     79080
     aaggaagcag ccatgtctga aagtgatgtc taattgggtg acagataaag tgaagaatca     79140
     gaaagatttg acagaacagg gtctgcccag cactcatgag aagagagaag agaggctaca     79200
     tgaggggcga gaaacagaat gacatgagaa catgctagac acaatgaacc agagaaggag     79260
     aaggagacag aagactagaa cagattgcta gagttaattt gaggccaggc agagcaattc     79320
     aggagaagct gagagaagtc agattgaatc ggtcagcttg gagaggagtt tgggccagaa     79380
     cagctgagtt gaaccagccc tcctgagatc agaaagagct gggaagggtg agcttagtca     79440
     gcagtacgtc tcagaggctg aaaacattct aggcctagaa aacaggctag aagcttccag     79500
     aaataggcct aggttagcag aaggaggcag taagcctcgg agatgacaat gacatcaggt     79560
     gaatacaagt tacatttaca gcagcttatt tctatccata cacaaagtaa gaccatagtc     79620
     atagcaacct ttcaggaatg tgtgttctta ggaccatgtg aggaaatctg cctgttttac     79680
     aagttctgac taattcttgt tatggtcacc ctattgggta atacatccat tcctgaaccc     79740
     agctgcacct ttgacacatt tttgaaggtt gatgttatcc tttgtctagt acgtgtaatc     79800
     agtaacttga tgtcattgtc agatttgtag tggcctggtt tgtctgtagg gaagacctag     79860
     acaaccaata agtaaaactg gggtcgtatc tacaagacta aggaacagac tgtgggctta     79920
     tctcacttga cattaatgga gaacttcctg gagttgaaga tattcacgtt agagcttttc     79980
     aaaacaaaag aatacttcta gatttcctta tgtgcggtgg caaagtggag attgcaatgt     80040
     gtagggcaac atctcagcaa agacagactt gtaaaaataa catttattct cctgtcataa     80100
     ttgtttccta ggcttgctgc ctctgcctgc taagctaggc ctagtcctgg aagcttccag     80160
     cctccataca atctaatcta ggcctggaat gttttcagtt tctgaggctt actggctgat     80220
     tgtcagactt gcctgacagg aaatcaccct ttcttgttct tgctcatctc tgactggctg     80280
     attcaactca gctgttctgg ttcaaactcc tctcacagct gactgagtca gtctggcttt     80340
     tttcttggcc tctgaattgc cctgcttggc ctaaactaac tctagcaatc ttttctaacc     80400
     ttctggctcc ttctcgtcct ctggctcatt ctgtctttac ctgtgtctag cttgttctct     80460
     cttcaacctg tctctgtaaa actctcccag taaaacttcc tcctttgttt ttgggattaa     80520
     aggtgtgtgc taaggggctg agctacacca cacctaaaaa cagttttggt ttggtttggt     80580
     ttcagttttt ccttttgggt tgtgaagaag tgtttgagta caccaccctg ccccaacaac     80640
     tacaaatttc ctagctatcc atgggagctc agagcgactt agggagacag aggtggaaat     80700
     aggcaacttt aagtcctgcc tgggcaattt agtgagagat gacttaaagg ttggtatgtt     80760
     ggcagaatgc ttggcactat gtatgagacc ccaagttcaa tccctagcac cacaaaagaa     80820
     aaacacacac atgtatgtat gtatgtatgt atgtatgtat atatgtatgt atatttatgt     80880
     atgtatgcat actatgatat ggccattgcc ctcttgaatg ctgggtagcc tgatattggg     80940
     cccgttaaca cttccgtcat taagggaggg ctcaggaagc cctaacattc cctcttgttc     81000
     aaagaagggc tgagatgctc cagcctgagg gtgcgtaggc aggtgatggt tgctggctgc     81060
     tccagcctga gggtgcgtag gcaggtgatg gttgctgggg aaagggttcc tgaaactgcc     81120
     cggcttgtgc tgtccatttg taatggggtt cggtattatt tatatttgat tttggcttcc     81180
     ccagcatgct atttggtgtt ttgggaggat atgtcctaaa gaacggcgca ttgccgggcg     81240
     tggtggcgca tgcctttaat gccagcacac gggaggcaga ggcaggcgga tttctgagtt     81300
     cgaggccagc ctggtctaca aagtgagttc caggacagcc agggctatac agagaaaccc     81360
     tgtctcgaaa aagcaaaaca aacaaaaaac caaaacagtg cattacagaa aacggcctaa     81420
     acaagcctcg ttcctttcat gctattctgt tcccgagcac cgtacggcga tcgtacatct     81480
     catctctctc tggtatattc ttcagacact ccttttgaag caccggaaga taaacgtgca     81540
     ttcttttcca ccatcacccc tctgttctag aaaggacagc acactgtaga tacgtcttta     81600
     catctttcct ctcaggaaca tacaagacag gaaccctggt ttgtgttttg aggcagagtc     81660
     taagtagttc aggctgccct caaacgtgcc atgtttttga actccagacc gcctgcctct     81720
     atgttctgag aaccagggtt acaggtgtgc accaccatgc ccagctacaa atgccttttt     81780
     tattaaaaac aaaaacaaaa acaaaacaca aaccaaatta tcttccgaca ccaacaacgg     81840
     catagctaaa ccattgcata ttggcaactg aaactaatag tgattatcat gacttgtttt     81900
     aaaaccttag ccagccattc acctggattc tctaaagttg ctgatgagga acacagaatt     81960
     cagcttcccg atccgttcag cagcgatggt aaagacgatt ctaggagtca aagtgagata     82020
     gattactgta gagactctga acttcttgca cagttgcttt cgtagtcttt tgcagattta     82080
     gggccattat tattattatt attatcatta ttatcattat tatcattatt attactagac     82140
     ttttcttaaa ggcacatgcc accatcccag aactagggag acagaggcag agagggttca     82200
     aggccagcct ggtttagaga gtgagttcca ggacagccag acttacacag agaaaccttg     82260
     tctcaaaaaa ccaaaaacga aaaaaatata catgtctctc ctattaaaga ggcatagagg     82320
     ggggcaagct tcttcctcct tgccctccct acaatcatag tgctctagag attgacactg     82380
     ggcataaatc aagaagctca atcttgaatg accagaaagg ctgtgatagc cctgaaagga     82440
     tgtgcccaag acacaaatga atctgaatct tgggagactg gccattggta ttgcggtgag     82500
     actagatgtg actctccagg aacgtgtctc aaaagtttga gaaaaagagg atgaactggg     82560
     tcctgaggga gagatgtggg gaaagcaaac cctgccagca gtctggtaag ggaaggcaag     82620
     gcaccgctgg attagtcagt ccactggaga cctctgatga cctcaaccgg agactcaagc     82680
     tagcccagct gctccctgtg atggtggaga gaggactctg agtcacagac ccaccgagag     82740
     accctgcctt ccaaatcctg actgggtatt caggaatgca gtctgagtgt cagaaaatca     82800
     tattctgatt ttaaccagta ttagccaatg attacgactc tcacatttgc aaaacgcata     82860
     tataacgttt aacatatgct aacctgcatc tcaactctat actgaatgct aaggctgatg     82920
     agattcatct ttatttcaaa ggtccttcgt tgaactttta aattttggta acactttcag     82980
     ctttgcaata aagattagct tgaaagctga tgcttactac ttttgatttt tgtcgaaaaa     83040
     ttatcttaat ttttcataca ataatttctg aaagcatatg taaaatgatt tttcttgtgg     83100
     cattagactc ctttttcact cctccctctg aattgtcact gtcaattgag cctggatcac     83160
     gaggacattt aaatcctccc gctctcttcc tcggaataaa aaagcacaaa tacagtcagt     83220
     cggtcatcag ttgaagtcac atttaccttg cctgctgcca gacccaccgt cgtcattgct     83280
     attttaaatt ctttcactcg gaatttcaag aagttccatg ccttcgtgat accatatcat     83340
     ttagtgaaca ggatctggga atctcaaaat gaaaatgctg ggggaaaaaa aagggagcaa     83400
     gaagtgtcac aatttctctt ttaacaagta gtgagactag gtaggtatgg gtttccgtag     83460
     tgtagtggtt agcgcgttcg cctaccaaag cgaaaggtcc ccggttcgaa accgggcgga     83520
     aacaaaaggt gaaaactttc tacgactagt ggatgtttta aatttcatta attgattgtt     83580
     ggagaaagag acagagaggc agagacacca caccccctgc ctatgcctca ggatgcaaga     83640
     agtagtcttt ttgtctttag actctgttgt actcaaagaa cttggagtcc tagcggatcc     83700
     agcgcgacag gtaggctgta catccacaaa aggaagcgcg ttaccagagc agcggtttgt     83760
     ttggaaatgt gtgttggaag tcaaggctgc ggaagatgcc cacaggagag gtgaccgcag     83820
     taataacaac caaccacaca cacacagtgg atcgcagctc actcaggaac ttttccatcc     83880
     agcaagaagg atgcagtgtc ctcccggttt atcgcaatgc cctgaatcag ccacggctcg     83940
     aaaggaggaa agaaaaaaca aaaacaaaaa caaacaaaca aacaaaaaat aacaaggaaa     84000
     tcgatagaga aatgaacaag atgggtcctg cgacaccatt acgagaagtg ttggacaagt     84060
     agcgattgct ggctagggga cagcggtagg atgaggcggc ttggtcacac ccgcctctgg     84120
     tccacattgt cccagtggtg tctcctttgc tatctcctgc tgtactcaca ggttccaaaa     84180
     ctaccctgac ttcagcctct ccgtctttgg tcatccttac ctgcagttgg gggacaggtg     84240
     agttgagagg agggctcaac tacgcagtcg tcgtgacgtc tgatccccca tctagacgcc     84300
     tcgacagggg atcgcctcag ttgtgtggac ctcacagcga aacctgctcc cacaatgtct     84360
     tcacacacca aactcgtgcg ctaggcaatt tgtctcccgg cagtactgtc acacttgaaa     84420
     gtcacacaaa acatccactg aagtaatcag cggcgtcctt cttaaagatc cacacgtccg     84480
     aagttcaggc acagcatggt ccaaatcagc ctagtagtgg caaaactact cgggccacct     84540
     gcattagcac actttcttcc aaactacacc tacaaagtgc tcattgctca gtcactgctc     84600
     tgtcccagaa actacacatc actaagtcca ggatccagaa taggcttaaa aacccagaga     84660
     agatgtggca aagagtgaaa agatcctaaa ttcgttttga gaattatcta ggagtccctc     84720
     tgcttacatt ttcttttttt cttttgggct tattagaagt gtgtctctcc atccccttat     84780
     cccgggctct ggactgccag gatattcaca gctctccctc cagctgacct atttagctca     84840
     cactggaact ttgggacctc aagatcccat cactcaccca gttaactaat ataaggcagt     84900
     tttcagtgat cttccatgtg gagacaggaa ctaagttgat agataggaaa taaacatagc     84960
     taacaccatc aatcccctgg gatgcccaac agcactcaca ggtagctgtc acttttgagt     85020
     catttgtctt ttaaatgaca ataccatata accttcttac actctttctt tttttttttt     85080
     taatgaaaat aagctttatt acatcaagta ataaatacaa agatgcaaca gtttcagtcg     85140
     ctttcttcca gatgttgtga tgggctcaca gtaaacacag aactgagatc tacagcctca     85200
     ggatggacat ttgcagggtg cttgggaggt tgggtagatg gctctttctt ctgcatgtgt     85260
     aacctgtgca ttttaaagat tgacttccaa gcactcagtc atgcaaacgc ttaggcagag     85320
     aagctccatg aagcagggtc tacactgtac acaggcgggc cagctactga gcaaaggcgc     85380
     tgtggtttgc actcaactcc tcggaggcag gtgagctcag ggaaaggaag tcagctgggg     85440
     tgatgcgtat ccaaaggcag gttagagggg acactggtat ttggggacaa acaatagctt     85500
     gctgtgaagt ggcttcacaa acatctttca aatgtttgga aagaaaaaaa gagctgggtc     85560
     attcctaact acttaaaatg cacatcgtca gttactgcaa aatgtcctcc caatcttttg     85620
     agtgtgggtt cagagcttaa tgactgtggt agaaaaatga ctgccatttt gcacaaagcc     85680
     tctcatctcc acggggtagt gagatgggcc ttcagaccag ccaggggcta ggacctggca     85740
     ttccgttccg tttcagccaa gcactcccga accaggctcc gggcatgaat gatgcctcgt     85800
     tttagcctct ccatggcgct cttgctccct gcatacgtcg gtctgatctc tttccccaac     85860
     tcttcaatga tggccagcag ctctgcatat ttactctgag gcacctggct atttccagtt     85920
     ccctgggtgt agcctagcga tggaggccca tagtcactca gcagctggcg atattgggag     85980
     gaggtcgcca tgctagtaga gggtgagtgg acacttccgg cgttgagggc ggcggcgggc     86040
     atgtgcgcgg tcaagttcgg cttgtacgac atccccgcgg gcggcgggcg cgccgggcag     86100
     agccgggcca ggccgcgagc gcgccggcga ggccgaggcc gaggcccggg ccgggcggcc     86160
     ccacgtcccc gcagccgtcc gagcgcccgc cgggagcccg cgcacttttt gttgtcgccg     86220
     gctcgggccg cgccggcaac tatggccgtc cctcaccctg ccgccgccgc cgccgccgcc     86280
     gccgccgccg cagtagatca cccatacatc gggcgcgcgg cgcaggggcg gccgcaaact     86340
     ttgagcccag ccggtcggtg ctgggccggg gccggaccgg gagggggcgg cgggcgtcga     86400
     gggggcggct cctctcgcgg ccgcgccccg cgctgcgccg ccgcccgcaa cttgccaaag     86460
     tttttcctta cactctttct tttacttttt ctttttttct ttttttttag cagagtgagt     86520
     ttaggattat taaggaaaag tgagaaagga ctcccaagag aggagaaggc gtccaacaaa     86580
     cagctaatct atttagctgg gcgtgcatgg agtatgccta taatctcagc aggagggatg     86640
     tcactacaag ttcaaaaccc tcctaatcaa catactgatc cccttccccc tacctggact     86700
     gcggggttgg gcctcagtgg gcgaggatgt gcagactcct gctgggacta gatgtcccag     86760
     ggaggggtgg tacacgacgg gggtgggggg atcccctttt ctaaggagaa agggaggagg     86820
     taatgggggg atttgtaagg gtggggctga gaagagagga ctggactgga cgtgtgatcg     86880
     ggatgtaaag tgagtaaaaa aaaaaaaatt gggggaaaaa aatccctctt ttttgatatt     86940
     taaattttag cagtttacat cagcccgtac tctatcacac tgtgcccttt gtcgctttag     87000
     ccctggcaat ctgaaagcac tcttgttgcc aggcagtcac ttatgctttg gcttctctgt     87060
     aattttctct gtcctctgtt gcagggtaat gtttaaggag gttgagtttt tgtgtgtttt     87120
     cactgaagtg taaaaatcat aaacacacat gggtggtaca cacctttaat ctcaccaccc     87180
     aggggcagag acaggcggat ccctgagttc cagatcagtc agatctacaa agcaacctct     87240
     ttccaggata gccagagcta cacaaagaaa ctgtttcaaa aaccaaacta aaccaaacaa     87300
     aaacatctag gcagtgtgtg gagctgaagc atctccacgt agaattatct tagagaaaca     87360
     gctgaaagga cccacaacca cctgggaaag tctatttagt gacaacttgt ggagctaatg     87420
     cggcagaaag gtgcttcccc agcatttgtg agtctctcct tttcatccca aaggactgga     87480
     aaagattaaa aacacacctt gcaacacatt taccccctct gtgtgtgcgg ggagggggtt     87540
     gtttatttgc tttttaaaga tttattttat tttacatctc tgaatgtttg cctgtgtgta     87600
     cacaaacgca ccacatgcat gcgtgagaga tgtggaggag tccaggagaa gctatcagat     87660
     gactgctagc cctttgtatg agtgatagga accaaactcc cgtcctcagc cagtgctctt     87720
     aaccactgaa ccatcactcc agccctctct gtttaagact cactatgttg ttcaggctgg     87780
     tcttgtaaga ccccctcaag tcctgtggtg agctggccgg caccccaatg acttgagaga     87840
     aaaccatacc tgatgcaaac tgcaagaggt tttattatca gctagctgag gaagaactcc     87900
     tcagagccgg tgcagggcag gggagttcta cccccagcgg taacagctag ctgaggaatt     87960
     gggaggagtt gagaggagtt gggaggagag ttcttctctg ccggatgtcc ttggtaaaat     88020
     tacaattatc gcatctctgg ctgtaaggct cagaaacaaa aaggcctttt gctggctata     88080
     gagaacaaag agcttctttc tggctgtatt tttagagatg gggaaaacaa gcttggggaa     88140
     cgtccagggg ctttaccttt cagggagaaa cgctctaagt ctcacagtct tgaactcaaa     88200
     gaattgtgtg attgtcttgt ttcactagga gtttctattt tgttttgttt ttcaaataaa     88260
     cctcaacaaa ctctgtacaa aactgtctac ataaaatttt aatggacact caaaagttat     88320
     aattttctct tttgcatatt gttaattctt tttctttctc tctttctttt ccttttcttt     88380
     ctttctttct ttctttctct ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttcttctt ttctttcttt     88440
     ctttctttct ttctttctct ctttctttct ctttttttga atatagggtt tctctgtata     88500
     gccatgtgta ctggctggtt ttgtgtataa acttgacaca agctggagtt atcacaggtg     88560
     aggaaatgcc tccattctcc agctgtaagg cattttctca attagtgatc gaggcaagga     88620
     gggcccagcc cattgtgggt ggggttctat aagagtagtc tgaacaagct aggggaagca     88680
     agtcagtaac agccctccat ggcttctgca tcagctcctg cgtcctaacc ttttggggtt     88740
     tcagtggtga tgaacagcaa tgtgggagtg tcagctgaat aaattctttc cttcccaact     88800
     tgcttctttt tttccttttt aaaaattttt ctagacaggg tttctctggc tgtcctggag     88860
     ctcactctgt agaccagact ggcctcaaac tctgaagtct acctgcctct gcctcccaag     88920
     ggctgggatt aaagtcatgt gctaccaatg gacaaacaaa attttcagct ggaaaatttg     88980
     gagtggaggc caggagaggt tgcccactct ttaatcccag cccttgggag gcagaggcag     89040
     gaagatctct gtgtttaagg ccagcctggt ctacatagag agctccagga caatggcaaa     89100
     agaaagagga ggaggaggag ggggaggggg aggaggagga ggaggaggag gaaaaggagg     89160
     aggaggagga ggggatgatg atatacattg aaacctagac cgtgcatcac tctgcttcaa     89220
     caggtttcag tcttctagca ttcctctttt atctctaccc tccccccccc catttcacac     89280
     tcctgggcca ctgtccccta gtccttcatt ggccaccatg gccaccacct ccttttgatt     89340
     ggttcatgct tgtgttcctt ttgatttgtg ttcatgctta aggatgtaga ggttaatact     89400
     gatagctgca aattaaagta ctgagccctt agtgtgggtt tactagtgtt cccgatgcta     89460
     gacatacatt ggtacattgc gccttgcaat aaacctgtgc catggcactg tcccaccctt     89520
     tgcttctgtt gctgtgatgg aaacacagcc tttcaagaca gacagagccc ccgcctctct     89580
     gaagttcacc ttctgatggg ctatttaaat agtaaacaag tgaacagata tagaaataat     89640
     gtcagagagt ataacaacaa cagtggtttg acagggtggt gtaaacagtg gggtggtcag     89700
     ggaaagacag gtcaaaagat gtgacagtag ctgagtcagg gaaaggaaga gtgagccatc     89760
     atccagaaga cctgaggcct ccactgaaga aacagagagg gttcagagcc ttggaagaac     89820
     cagctggatg ctttcatagg cagagagaga ttggaggtgc ctgtggaggg gcggccggga     89880
     gagaaaaggt tatacctata cgtctttgga tctggattct ggtgacttca gctacatcat     89940
     tcctaaatgc ttggatagaa agatgacagg aggacactgg atgtgctgtc tcaggggact     90000
     cccaggctaa tcaacacatg atgtcagcac aggatttata aagatgcata tttctattta     90060
     tccagggaat cacaaagaag aaatacaccc agaatttcta agccctgtgt ctaagcacat     90120
     ggactagtgg ttaaagcagc ctgactcttc acttccacct gtggcctagt tagcttctca     90180
     gggccttatc ttctcattgg aatgtgaaag ttcagaagtg ctaacgtcat aactgcagct     90240
     tgaaatgtgc aaaggaatga atgtcactgc cactgcttct tagatgttca gggttaggcc     90300
     atttgacagc tgtaattaac caaagtgccg gccaaatgga ttgttcctgt ttcaaaaatt     90360
     gctacagtaa ctttagagaa aattaacaat atttgcaaag tagaatttca aaatcttaag     90420
     acaactgagt attaatattt tcaactatca taaattaaag ttcacaaaat attcacaaag     90480
     aaggtaggta ctcttttctt atttatgaac tccacccttt ggaaactatc atcagcaata     90540
     gtggtaaatt aggagggttt cccaaaatac ccagtgattt taatctgact tgtttttcct     90600
     gacatacagt ggaggatcca gttattctgg gacggctttg ggccacgctt cctgtcccag     90660
     tcactcttgt agaattaggc tgttcatctt gacattttgg catcttcctt gtctacttca     90720
     cgagttcctc agaacagtgg catgtgactg acactgatct tgtgtctggg aggcttgtac     90780
     ccttgcacgg atgtgacaca acaacgcaat aataatgtga gcacttgaga atcattaagt     90840
     cccaatgcag accgtgggag aacagtcctc tcaagctaaa caaaacaaaa gaacaaatca     90900
     gtgagggttg aaaaaaaatg tggaggtaat tttagattag ttagatgata gccacaaatg     90960
     tgcaaaatct ggtgatcatt ttctatatcc aaccaaccca actaggcttt tttgtttgtt     91020
     tgtttgtttt gtctgttttg ttcgagacag ggtttctttg tgtagccctg gctcctggaa     91080
     ctcactctgt agaccaggct ggcctcgaac tcagaaattc acctgcctct gcctcccaag     91140
     tgctgggatt aaaggcatgt gccaccactc ccagcctaac taggctgttt ttaaagattt     91200
     tgttgttact acatatgtat gactgtgcct gcatctacat gtgtgcctgg tgctcttaaa     91260
     agtcataaga gggcatcaaa tcctctgaaa ctccaattag agatggctgt gagctgatag     91320
     aatgtgggta cttagaacca tatatgagct tttgtttgtt tggttggttt gcaccctgac     91380
     cccccaacaa ggtctaactg tatagatcag gctggcctca aactcacaga gacccacctg     91440
     ggtctaccgc ccaagtactg gaattaatgg tgtgcagaca ttatgtcccc ccaaactcag     91500
     gttttctttt ttttttttcc attttttatt aggtatttag ctcatttaca tttccaatgc     91560
     tataccaaaa gtcccccata cccacccacc cccactcccc tacccaccca ctcccccttt     91620
     ttggccctgg cgttcccctg tactggggca tataaagttt gcgtgtccat tgggcctctc     91680
     tttccagtga tggccgacta ggccatcttt tgatacatat gcagctagag tcaagagctc     91740
     cggggtactg gttagttcat aatgttgttc cacatatagg gttgcagatc cctttagctc     91800
     cttggctact ttctctagct cctccattgg gagcccgttc ctccattggg agccctcagg     91860
     ttttctataa gcacacagca agtattttta atcactgaga catccatctc ttctggccct     91920
     acagtaacgc ttttaaataa aaactgttca agtggatagt tgatatggca actgtgtgat     91980
     actctacagt agggaatcat aatttgacaa accacttaca tgtgctttca ttgctaccag     92040
     tcttttcttt aagatgcaac tgtgggatta atttccagaa ctgagatttg ccaaacaggg     92100
     ttcatattta attgtaattt gtagaaatgg ggaacattcc cttttcccct tttcttttct     92160
     tttcttttct ttttttcttt ctttctttct tttttttttt ttttttttgg tttttttttt     92220
     ttttgtttgt ttgtttgttt gtttgttttc gagacagggt ttctctgtgt agccctggct     92280
     gtcctggaac tcactttgta gaccaggctg gcctcaagct cagaaatccg cctgcctctg     92340
     cctcccgagt gctggcatta aaggtgtgcg ccaccaccat ccagctacat tcccatttct     92400
     aaattgatca tccttcccca gtccctccca agacaaaaag tggaaggaat tcaaataacc     92460
     caaaataaat ggatgaataa agaaactttg gtatatacac ataatggaat gttatttgac     92520
     cttgatggac aggaaattta atacatacta tatacaacat gaaagaacct ataagatgac     92580
     ctgttgtgtg gctgttaaaa ggcagaatag ctggcagcat agtgctgacc tacatagggt     92640
     ataggctagc ttaggctaca tgagactgcc ttaaataggg tataggctag cttaggctac     92700
     atgagactgc cttaaatgga gccctacaca caatacacac agcacacaca acacacaccc     92760
     ctcgcacacg gacactcgca ggaagattcc aagctcacac ttgaaggatt ttgatggctc     92820
     caggaaaaat aatagaatta aaaaacagta gaatggcgtt ttcaggggtt gagtaaagat     92880
     ggttgtcagg ttagtgtttg ataaacagtt ttgtctggac agatgaaaag ggaccaatgg     92940
     gccaggcatt gtagtgcaag ccggcaggca ggtctctgag ttcttaggcc agcctggtct     93000
     acacagtgag ttccaggaca gccaggactc cacagagaaa ctctgaaata ccaaaataaa     93060
     taaataaata aataaataaa taaaagaaaa atatttttta aaaaaaggag gcgatggggg     93120
     aagaggagga agggggagga agaagagggg gaaaggaggt ggaggaggag gaggaggagg     93180
     aggaggagga ggaggaggag gaagaggaag aggaggtggc tctgctccgc ctagagatga     93240
     acgatagtga aagcggtaca gcactgtgaa tgtagttaat gctacatgta cagttaacat     93300
     gcttaaaata aagattggag gtgtaactcg gtggtagagt tcttaccgta cgcaaagccc     93360
     agggtttaaa ttttaaaaag aaaatatttg ttaaaatgat agatatcaag tataccttac     93420
     cacaaggttg gtactgaaga ggtagcatta caactgtgag agtgaccatt actaattact     93480
     tttcctttta agtttcggga aggtctttct ttcatttgta ttttgtagag aacgtcttgt     93540
     aaagtacgaa tttggagagc acacactgct gttttgtttt tgtcttgggc taaaaagtta     93600
     ccatgcgccc aacgtggggc tcgaacccac gaccctgaga ttaagagtct catgctctac     93660
     cgactgagct agccgggcgc tgtgtgaaac gtagttttat tttgccaact ctatgtttga     93720
     aaaaaagtca gtcctacatt tgaggctgta accagaattt gatagaattc ccaaaactca     93780
     gaaatgtaaa aatccagccg ttggcaccag atcatccccc ttacttcctt tcattttctg     93840
     tttacttttt tctaccaaca ccagggattg tgtgagtgag attttttgtt ttcccctcgc     93900
     tccttccacc gcgaagctca cagagctgag aagaaaatac acaggtccta agatctcact     93960
     agattgctta ccctcaaatt ttgtcgtgag tagtccgtag ctgggagaag cgaagctctt     94020
     cctaataaac cgcgtcggct caatcctttt cttttggggt gggaggaggc gggtttctgc     94080
     agctgttggc tgtttgtaaa tttagaatgt caaaaaaaaa agactatgct aaaaggtagg     94140
     cggtagccgt ttggagatgc cggggatcga acccggggcc tcatacatgc aaagcatgcg     94200
     ctctaccact gagctacatc cccactcact gttacagtac gctcagaaat gccctagtga     94260
     ttgcatagtg tgccgcttgg ctcctaacag cagcttgaat atagctgttt agaaatcaca     94320
     accaggggga gtgggtgggt aggggagtgg gggggggggt atgggggact tttggtatag     94380
     cattggaaat gtaaatgagc taaataccta ataaaaaatg gaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag     94440
     aaagaaatca caaccagtca ttggctgtcc ggagtattcc tccgatcctc actaacaaag     94500
     ttggtcatcc ccctagagat acccgagggc agacagattc gggagtagaa actgagaaga     94560
     gggttggaaa aattgagaga gacttactca tcaggcactt aggacaaaat agaaccgtga     94620
     cccgaaaaag aaagatacgt ttgctttttg ttttaaatgc aagataatgt agtaaaatat     94680
     aaaatgttta aacgaaataa tgaagttaag tgctctaaat ggagtaagtg cataggaggt     94740
     gggcaggttt tccagtgctc gatgttgttg ttgttgttaa taaaggttta ttcatcttat     94800
     gtaatgagtg ttttgccagc atgtatgtat gtgtactatg agtgcctaag gaggtcagaa     94860
     gtcactccat cctctgtaac tctagttaca gttgtaaaca ggttctgaga acctggatcc     94920
     tttctgtact tacccactga accatctcca atccctaccc ccaccgccaa tcgtaaattg     94980
     ttgtaaggta ttcaccatag actcctgctc agacatgggt agaagccaat agaacgtctt     95040
     tatttgtcat ctgactacta cactgggttt acaggatccc agtgtagccc cgagcccttc     95100
     tcagggtgag cttttaaata cacaagcatg gtctgagttg acattcttca gttaaccaga     95160
     acagttggcc agaagcagat ctatagaagc aaggttagta catttagaga ttttcctcag     95220
     agcgatgcag acttggatgg attaggtctt tgctttagat ggattaggtt tttggcaggt     95280
     ggtgctgtct aaacgctgag tgtgacagcc tgtaatggca cttccatcat ggagtcagtt     95340
     gtgctaagat ctcagggcct attaagtctg tggccctgta acaaaatctg tgtgtgatgg     95400
     tctgtaggct tcatggataa agtagcattt gagaggaggc ctggagacgc cgggtatcac     95460
     actgtacaga ttttggccag aagacagatc agcgagatga gcccagggac tggctcgctg     95520
     gtaaagagct agttgtgtgt ctgggtgaca gtcgcaggtc aaccataaac taatcaaact     95580
     gcttcaatat ggtgtccccg tgagtcaggt gctctgctgt atactcaaga ggtctttgcc     95640
     acactggatt acatattgta tgtgaatgag agatttggat agaaaaagtg accaagttaa     95700
     aataaaaact gcaaaggcat aagcgagata cttgagagtt ccacagaaaa aaactttttt     95760
     tttttttttt tttttgaagc tgggtttcat ataacccaag ctgaccatgg gggatgggat     95820
     ggctatgaca agggatgacc ttgaactcct gaccccgtgc cctttaacgc tgtgatttac     95880
     aggtctgtgc caccaggccc agcaaataac acatcaccga aggtcctcga tgtcatgact     95940
     ctgagttctt ggtgaaccag aagagcctta gctcaccatc agttgtcctg tgcctgaaac     96000
     cggtggccat tctttagtcc agggattcac ttgtttcttc aactgaccta ataatgttcc     96060
     ttatcttcaa aataattgta ggtgagtttg cagaaaattt aaaacgtccc atggtggaag     96120
     aggagagtca agcaagagcc ttgaggttat tatgaagact tcaacttctt tcctgggagt     96180
     tagcagccac tcactggtgg ggtttgagca gagggctctg atggatactg tggagacatg     96240
     ggctctgaaa gggttctcta aagttaaaaa aattttttaa aaatggaagc gattgtagag     96300
     tgtggtgact gaggccgggg gattgaacca gggcaaggag ccgagtgggg gactctagaa     96360
     cccaagaaga aagtaggagg tcatagaccg gagagaaatg gaggtggtag catcccgagt     96420
     ggcgaggaga aaatgctgtg aggaaggaca gacacaccag agaggtgagg tttgcaactc     96480
     tcggttagaa ttgggcgagt ggatagagac attgacaaga gaggttttga gagaggcaga     96540
     gaaagaagct tgacccaagt ggcctccaga atgaaaggat agaaaaacta ctccaaaaac     96600
     aaaaacaaaa cggtccctgg aacccagctg tataccagct ggggagagac agagggattt     96660
     ggggtaggtg tggattctga atgaaatgag ggtaaatggc tgtattactt gttcaaaatt     96720
     aaagggataa ctgtaagaga tgatgtagtt acaaaagtgg acaaaaggcc acgcttggga     96780
     tgaggaggta gagccaaatt ccagacccta agtttagctc agcgcagtgc caggatgagt     96840
     cggtatgcgg ggaaccagac accttgtccc gggagccagg cctttgcccc tgtagggcag     96900
     ggtcagccta ggtcagctac tgggagtgga gcccagctgg ccttgcgcgc tcacctgtcc     96960
     ccgacagttc cctactgctg actgggccat actgggcggc ctagaaaggc ggtggaaggg     97020
     gggtcgacaa aagggagatc ggggctaggg tggtggcttt gggaacccag agaaagggca     97080
     gcacctgcct ccattctcag ctgggtgcac cctcggctca cgtctcagct tgcccgctgc     97140
     cggccccgcc cctcctcgcc cagtgggtac tcggagctca gcccagcttg gacagtagca     97200
     tccagggacc tccccaaagc cacaagactc gaatgtacta aggacacgga tggcgactgt     97260
     ggggccgcgg accgggccga acgcaggagc cgaggcgctg gccctagcgg cagagctcca     97320
     aggcgaggcg acgtgctcca tctgcctaga gtttttccgg gagccggtgt cagtcgaatg     97380
     cggccacagc ttctgccgag cctgtattat gcgctgctgg gagcgtcccg gagctgggac     97440
     cggcacggcg acccgcacgc tgccctgccc actgccctgt cctcagtgcc gcgagcccgc     97500
     gcgccccagc cagctgcgac ccaatcgaca gctggccgcg gtggcctcgc tccttcggcg     97560
     cttcagcctg ccccccaccg cccccgggga gcgcgggact ccagcggtgc ctgcccgggc     97620
     ggcggctgcg cggtgctccc aacacggaga gcaacttaag ctctactgcc aagacgacgg     97680
     ccgcgccatt tgcgtggtgt gcgaccgcgc ccgcgagcac cgttcgcacg ccgtgctgcc     97740
     gctggaggag gcggtgcagg aggccaaggt gggtgcagga tgtcccggag ccctggctct     97800
     gctccagccc tcccagctct ccttgcggac tgcaggcagg gtcctacaga aaagccccgg     97860
     tctccttttt ctctttctaa aactgttttc ccctcatctc ttctcgtccc tcagagcccg     97920
     atgcctggag gcctggaaga tggccccagg gacttgaaat cttgtctgtc cccaaccgct     97980
     aatgtaactc tgcccaggag aaattctgtt tgtcacgccc acatatccac tgccacactc     98040
     ctactgcgtt cccaggggcg tggcactaca caaagtacca agttcaaaga ggaagaacac     98100
     agaatagcgt cctgggttag gtggtctgtc tgaagggctg tgaagcccat tggttctggg     98160
     catcttccct tttagtctgt ccctcgatag gctgcggcac aagaggcgtg tgcagctccc     98220
     agtctctgct gccctgttgt gctccagcct tcctacagga tgagaggaga gctgaagata     98280
     agatagaccg aaccaaggtg ggagtctcga ttctcaccgc agaccacgtg attgatgccc     98340
     ttgaggaagt gagactcccg gacctttgga gttcccctgc atttgttctg caccaatagg     98400
     cttagtctgc aagtctctgt tcaccccata gccagagatg gtatctatcc agtctcctgc     98460
     tcctgagagc agaatcttgg ctttctcctg gatggttcta ggaaagtaca cgagagggta     98520
     tccagaattt tctgaccacg tgtcttcctt ctaccacagg agttgctgga ttccaggctg     98580
     agggccttga agaaggtact ggaagactat gaagcgttcc ggtcaacaga ggagagggag     98640
     agcaaggagc ttctagtgag tccaagtgtg agaagcatag ggttgtggat gaccaaggca     98700
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagaatatgg     98760
     ttgaaacagt agggtggatt tcagaaagac aatatggtat acattacaga ggttgactat     98820
     ataatttata atataaacta gagctgttca attcatcttt agggtgcaca gtcattcgta     98880
     acaaaccagt taggacctgt agcagcatct tgtaatttga atgcattagc atttcttcac     98940
     agaaacacgt catattaagt aggaacatac ggtgaggagc cacacatgcc tgaggcatgt     99000
     tctgccacag gaggaaaaaa aacagtgagg aaaacgtttt gttttctgag ctttaattta     99060
     agaattagag gtttctggct gggcagtggg ggcacattcc tttaatccca gcacattgag     99120
     tcaaggccgg cagatcactg tgagttcgag gccagcctgg tcttcagcat gagttccagg     99180
     atagcaaaac tgcacagaga agccctttgt gctgatgctg aggagggatc agagctgttc     99240
     ctggcagagc actgtggctt ggggacttgt tttggttact atggacaaac acgagtcact     99300
     atcattttct acctcacaaa ttcagttctt ggctcaaagg tgcctgagaa tgaaaggagg     99360
     aaccacgagt gccttttaag gcaaggtcat ttgtttatga aactgggatc agaggggagg     99420
     cctggaggga ccctcttatg ctttaaaaaa ttatctattt acctatctat ttatttgtgt     99480
     ttctatagtt gggtgcatgg gctactgtct gcctgtaaag gtcagagggc aactttgtgt     99540
     cagttcctgt cttctacctt aaggtaaatt ctagggattg aactggggtt gccaggctta     99600
     tgagccaaac agctttacct gttgagatat ttatttcacc agccctaagc ccttaggtta     99660
     ggaagggaag cccatgaaac tcagatacac aggctccttt ctgggcccta tgtggttgct     99720
     attattgttc tgttttgttt gagacaaggt atctctctat agcccaggct accctgaaac     99780
     ttgctacata gaccaggctg gcctcagacc tacagagatc cacctgcttc tgcctcctta     99840
     gtgctggatt gaagctgtgt gccaccatgc ctggccctcc ccttatcctt aactgctttt     99900
     atatctgtag ctattggaca tcccagactt ttacatctga ccattcattt cctaaagcag     99960
     agttcaccca tccagacctt tgttccacct ctttggtttg cacctgtgat gaagaggaca    100020
     ttctctatgg cctgggtaac atcgaagtct ctgactctcc tccccaggac attgtttagc    100080
     acatgccatc tctgtccttt gccaaaccct cccctaacct atccaaagca gggccttcac    100140
     agccaagtca gtgctctacc gctgagccat acagtcctcg ttctgcttgc catacagcaa    100200
     caggtgagcc tccctctgtt gtcctactca acacggtttt tacagttgta cctacagtat    100260
     gggctggaag ggggcggata ggaaggggag agtactttca cccgaaagat gcccttaccc    100320
     cagaggtcac ccagtactgc tagaggcttt ttagttgcca gcactgtgag tgttgccact    100380
     gaccacccca gctggatatg ggggtccctg gaatgagggt tctcgaaagc taagtgggta    100440
     aggattcggc agtgatgaac aaaaaacaaa cacagaggca gttagaatct gagtgtattt    100500
     tgcaactctc aagcagaagt tttcatacat taaaaaaaaa tatatattat agctcctaga    100560
     agatgtgttc agtgagtgaa gcaatcacaa ataccatcat tatcatttgg catagtaaag    100620
     cacaaaaatc aagcaaacat cacaactcag gaaagatgta ctcagtgaat cacaaacaga    100680
     acaggtgaca tcatgattaa tagagatcat ccaagcatta caactctgaa agggtgcatt    100740
     cagtggggca gtcatccaag gctagaggcc tatttccaag agcaggttaa taaatcttta    100800
     tggtcaatta ttgtttaaca tctaatgcct gattgttttt ataaatcttc aatgggtgaa    100860
     tttaaactat gttaattctt tttatttaag gctttcctta ccatatatca aagcctacct    100920
     gatgacacac atgtagccat atgaaacttt attgttggga aagtttttaa tctatcataa    100980
     cactattata taattttgta aataatttat aaagagttgg tttctccagg gataaggtca    101040
     tgttaatgac ccccatctca agagatggct tcttaccaat tattctcgat taagattgtg    101100
     gcctcggcta ccaggaacat gtcgtaaata agaaacggaa taagagaaaa aaaaaacaga    101160
     taaattgctc agtatgttgt tctgagcaag agttccacac ccggtcccag gaggcctctt    101220
     tcttttgaag tcttcatatc agtctgtgga acttgtgaca cagattctac tggggttgat    101280
     gtgccagagt gtcacttgca tttagtggca ggggtcttag gtgtgttaga tatcccagaa    101340
     tgcagaggga aaccctcaga gccaggaatt atctggcccc aagtgttgac aatggcaaga    101400
     ttgggacact tctgtttaca gttttcttgg gctgttagtc acaatatatc atcaagtgtg    101460
     tgctttttaa ggaatatagg cctggtggtt ggtggtggcc taagcagagg caggcagatc    101520
     tctgtgagtt cgaggccagc ttggacagag agccaaggct gtaaaaagaa accaaaaaat    101580
     aaaaataaag aatagaattt agagtttagc tgggtatggc agctcaccac tgagttccag    101640
     tgcttgggag actgaagctg acggttatcc atgagtttga ggccagcctg gtcttcatag    101700
     tgaattccag gacagccagg attatataga caacaacaac aacaacgaac agttatttag    101760
     tttacagttc tggagggtag aaagcctaaa aggatggtgc ccttagctgc tctgcacttc    101820
     atgagacctt tcttactgag ccaaaacaag gcggagggca agacagagag agtatgttct    101880
     cagggttttc actgccctgt tcccttcctt cctctctccc acctccagtt tttaaaggtg    101940
     gtgttgttac ccggtgtctt gtgtgccagg aggaaagaga gagagagtac gccagtgggc    102000
     tggtgaaaca gcaaagcctt ttatcattta tgccacaagt cgggtcactg ctggatcagg    102060
     gacgccaggc aaggggctga agctgggttt ataagcataa aacctgcaag cgcctgtgcc    102120
     aagttacagt tacaattctc accaatcaga atttggagat tggggacttt ccctacgcgt    102180
     tcagtcattg tcaactgaca cagaatgtaa gctttgcagt ccaacagatt catccgggtt    102240
     ttgttttgtt ttgttttgtg cttaggaaca ggcactgtgt tttgaggaac cattgttgct    102300
     ttgcttgtac ccaacagtgt ctcattatgt agctcaggtt ggcctggcac ttgctatgta    102360
     gtccaggctg gcagtgtcct tgcagagcct catgctcctg ggtgctataa ttacagagcc    102420
     tcaccaccag gcacagacaa gagagctgct ctgagaaaca cttttgcttg ggttgttccc    102480
     ttgggagtcc atgctataga gttagcagaa gtgcagactt tgaattcaga ccaccctgcc    102540
     ttagaaccgt agcctaatag gtatgaggat gggtttcctc gccctaaaat ggagtaagaa    102600
     gtgtgctgac ctcattgggt cagggtgagt gaacaaaagt atctttggcc gcagctgtgg    102660
     ctgctgctat ttaatgtgtg tttctattca atggaaatgg ggcaggtata ctgtgggaag    102720
     ccttgagacc catgatctga gcccagggct cctgacttta cttttctcac aatctctctt    102780
     cttcccacct tccttcctct gtaatagcct gggaaaggag cttccatacc tgagcttgcc    102840
     ctgtgaggac agggtcctta cttgttgata gccatgagag tccttgttta ctatattgga    102900
     gttttgctat gcaagtgtgt ttatataaac caagtaggta aaggagtgca tctagacacg    102960
     agaggccctg aatgtgataa ttcaaagatt agaacgtcga gtctgcacag cgcattcact    103020
     cggtgctgcg cgagcggctg tgctgcacct ctgctaacag gaagctttct tcttctctcc    103080
     ttgcacctct ggaattctgt gttttgagtt tacatttctg cttgtagtca gggtgtccca    103140
     ggagaggagc caaggtgcaa aggagaagtg agacaggtgc agtggaccct tgcagctctg    103200
     actgactgac tagcaatcag actgcgtccg ctcctctgag tgattagtaa ccaggtgcct    103260
     ctttatttat acacgtctca cagagacaga tcaatgatta tctgagaagt acaaattatg    103320
     tgttttgatt tttcatcaca tgtttgatgt tacaaggcca ctcacaatta gaaagtacaa    103380
     aaaggacaga ttttattttt tattatcagc cctgtaactc caatttaaag aatctaaaga    103440
     acgtctcctc caaagcaaac gtgattataa tacaatggtc ttctttcagg ctggcggtgt    103500
     ttgcagtttt aaaacactcc agacaaacag aaaaagtctg gacaggtctt tttctgggta    103560
     gcaaatacta atatttagca gcttttactg tgttgtttca tcatctaccc tataaagcag    103620
     ggaacctata ttgtagtctg tctatctcgt ttactgagtt caactcttcc atggctattc    103680
     catgtatgac cccctatctt tacagttcca gagagttcta aacgtgttga aaaaagaggc    103740
     ctcagatctg taacctattc tcctggccag tcagtttatc aatggtctct ttttactctg    103800
     caccaagtat actgtttgaa tttgcttagg ggtggatacc acagaaagat tcctggagta    103860
     atacatggcc ttataaagaa atttctagct atgtgcatat ctgtgtttaa tgatcttcag    103920
     ggcataagga agactttcaa atagcagcta gttaatattg tgtttagaac tttccttaaa    103980
     agattcaggt ataattttct tgggaataca cataaagtga gtcctaatgc agaaagtccc    104040
     taagaatgca gtgtgtagag ccccagcccc taaacggaga gacagagaga tcgtcagcaa    104100
     ctgcagtgct cagctaagct ttgctggaac tgtgtcagac agccttgcta gcttaatgac    104160
     tcaccaaaag gctgtgccac ctttccatca gaattgaagc caaaatagcg ccttaaaaag    104220
     agagaaagaa aaaaaaaatc tgggtttagt tacgcttcct ttaatcccag cactcgagag    104280
     gcagaggcag aggcaggtgg atctgtgagt gcaaggccag gctgttctac agagacagtt    104340
     tcagaacagt cagggctaca cagagatacc cgtcttgaaa aacaaacaaa caataaaaaa    104400
     caaggatgga ccaggcacag ggacacacac ctttaatccc agcactgagg aggtaggcag    104460
     gtatctgtga gttcaaggct atcctggtct acagtgaaac ctccagacca gccaagacta    104520
     caccatgaaa attcatctct aaaataaaat aaaaataggg tgaaaggtga ctaaatgaat    104580
     atatagagaa aggaaagaca acctttgatt tagccttcac tatggataaa ttaattagca    104640
     cactaactta tctctctcat tttcttttct tttcttttct tttcttttct tttcttttct    104700
     tttctttcat tttttttttc caagacgggg tttttctgtg tagacctggc tatcctggaa    104760
     ctcactctgt aggccaggct ggcctcagaa atccacctgc ctctgcctcc caagtgctgg    104820
     gattaaaggc tggggccacc actgcccctg tctctctcat gttttacaga aggaaattgc    104880
     agcttgaagt agttgtgagg agttgaagat gctcaaagat agaagagtcc aggtcttaag    104940
     agacgccaga gaacgtgtgt ggcaggggag agagcagcat gtgttgaggc tctggctttt    105000
     acagagttgg gctattaatg tacagtatgc atgcatgggt gtgtctcatt ggggaagcaa    105060
     ccctgacctg gaggatacct gtcttaaagt cctgtcttaa tgtcatgccc aagtgccttc    105120
     ccctctaagt cgtgtgccca catctcttcc cgagacagaa gcagatggca gcagagaaag    105180
     agaaggtagg ggcggagttc caagcgctgc gggccttcct ggtggagcag gagggtcggc    105240
     ttctaagccg actggaggtg ctgtcccggg aagtgacaca gaaacagaat gagaacctgg    105300
     cccagctgga gggtgagatc actcagctgt ccaaactcag cggccagatc caggagacag    105360
     ctcagaagcc ggacctagac ttcctccagg tgacgctggc tcagtcagag ccttgaggca    105420
     tttgcccgag gtgttaggaa acactgctgg agaacaacca gaccctggga gaaagggaag    105480
     aagaggaagg ggtactgagt ctcctgggat tggaaggcta gagacgatgt gataaaattt    105540
     aatgattata agccattata gtttatttta cactattcta gtctacacac acttgagtcc    105600
     aaagtctctg aaaacagtcc ttactaagtt acctaaaatt cactggaatg tgttttctga    105660
     tattctattt tattaaaaaa aacatagttg gggctggaga gatggcacaa cagttaacag    105720
     tactggctgt ttgatcccca gtacccacct gtgaaaggac cactgttcca cacaggacac    105780
     accaagacca agttctcagc acaaaggaga ttcatttgtc cccccgaggg acaaaggaca    105840
     ggaaatgaga gacagacaaa gccaggagac agagggtgag ggagaagggt aaaggaacaa    105900
     ggaagaagga gaagaaatat ttgccccagg gacaaacgtc tgcctctgga tagagaggag    105960
     gcaaggcctg aggcaactgg cagtttataa agggaaaggg ggaaccccat ttttaggatg    106020
     agttgatttg ttttgagtgg gcatgttaat taggatagcc aaagagagac tttttaattg    106080
     ttgggttcca aaactttgag agttgaacct tggtgatcag ctctaggagg aggaagtgac    106140
     caattatgga acagacctta gcttcaggga tgcagtctat ggtttacaag ggagagggga    106200
     tgggggaaag gcaagccctg ctggagcctg tagagccttt caacctgtaa ctccagtttc    106260
     agggagtctg acaccctctt ctggcctcca tgggcacaca tggtgtacag acatacacaa    106320
     acacttttat aaataattaa ttaaaaaaaa agtcaccagg ggctggagag ttggctcagc    106380
     ggttaagagc actgactgct cttccaaagg tcctgagttc aaatcccagc aaccacatgg    106440
     tggctcacaa ccatccgtaa tgagatcaga tgccctcttc tggtgtgtct gaagacagct    106500
     acagtgtact tacatataat aaataaatct taaaaaaaat agtcaccaga ccaagcatgg    106560
     tagtatacac ctttaatccc agcccccagg caggaagcag gggtaggcag agctctgtga    106620
     gtttgagatc aaagagtgaa ttccaggaca gccagagcta catacatagc gagaccctgt    106680
     ctcaagaaaa acaaacaaaa tccagaacaa acaacaacaa aagaccacca gcatattcag    106740
     atagatttca caagccacaa aagagtcaag catgaaagac agaacgacag aaaagacacc    106800
     gaggcgctgc ccagtgtggt ggcattcact ttgggatccc agcactggga agtgggagta    106860
     gaagtatcag gagttcaaga ccaccctctg ttccaaatga aattttgaga acagcctgag    106920
     cctgtgagtc tgtctcaaac aaaacaatac accagcaaga cgttgtagct tgtgtgggct    106980
     gataaccatg ctaacagtaa acactgggtc ttgttagaag gctcagggag gattttacag    107040
     taaaggcttt gcatatctga gagggaggga gcgttgaagg tatcatcact gtgataccat    107100
     ccagtagcca gccacagctg gaagccactg tcacctgtgt ttagtggggc atggcttatt    107160
     ttctgtgtgt catgctttct ccaaggcgat agaggttata tgatgctgac ttgattttct    107220
     tccatgtttt cttccaggag ttcaaaagca cactgagcaa gtgagtgaac ttcacgcttc    107280
     ctagggtctt tccactccac gttgctttgc tctcccctca agctttctct ttttatccta    107340
     acatcatctc tctcctcctg acccccaact gctacttcct tccctgggta ccctttgagg    107400
     caaaggccca cttacctagc tgtgggaatc cctgtgtaaa gttggatttt ctgttttctc    107460
     tcaactggga gcaacaggga agagggagtg gaggggaatg aataagattg tctgctcgat    107520
     gaaattctct tcaaaggcaa ttctccaatc atgtaaactc cctaccacaa gccccacctc    107580
     ctaaaagatg ggatatcttc taatagggac acaagctggc aatcaagcct ttaacacata    107640
     ggtctctagg attacatgta tctaaactat agcaccggcc taatttccat agggcagtag    107700
     gagtggattg gtgttctcgg gactttctct ggggtcttgt cctgcaggtg cagcagcgtg    107760
     cccagctcca agccaaccac agtctcatct gagatgaaga ataaagtgtg gaatgtttcc    107820
     ctcaagagtt tcgtcttaaa aggattgctg aagaagttca aaggtggggc tctgggtgtg    107880
     ggctggctgc atagtgttgg gtggaagggt gggtgtgctc ctggtagtca tgggatgtaa    107940
     ggctgtgtct ttcttgaact gagaagagga aacaggagtt ggagcatagt aaagccagat    108000
     tgggcatcct gcttcctgtg gggatactat agaagaatac tgggggcacg gagaagctaa    108060
     agggggaggg gtcaggtcag accagttcta gacaatagag ggagaggggg agctagaaca    108120
     cttggggggg ggtcgcttcc atatgttccc atcttggctc catacgtgta actcagcctc    108180
     tggagtatct ggagtatctg gagtatctgg agttgtaagt gagggagaag aggaggtttt    108240
     ctggtcgggc agtgtcccac gctgtgcact ttggctctgc tttgtgtctc tgtagaggat    108300
     ctccagggag agctggagaa agaagagaaa ggtatgaagt gtgatcgcca ctgtgagtac    108360
     aaggctgacc atgtaggcaa cctgcttcct gccagaggtg gtatctcagg gctttacaag    108420
     tggttgactc tgtccgtgcc tgtccacctc agtgacgttt gttactctgc ccccatccta    108480
     atccatgatt gacatctttg aaccctcagg tggcagtgga gccctttggt tcataagcag    108540
     agggtggtct gcagcaggaa tgagttggcc tcaggttgct tggggcagag aaatctcaat    108600
     atcctggatg aacccactct tacctcgaca tctaaacaat aaagggcctc tggggttggg    108660
     ggttatgtgt gtgtgtgtgg tggggaacat gcacaagaag gtaggagggc agatcatagg    108720
     gttctaagaa tgtggctggt tatcttgggt aaatgatgtc actgagtgct ggttttcagg    108780
     tgcagcctgg ggtgtagtgg ggatccccac taagctactt ttatgtatct aacaggcatt    108840
     aaaaaaacaa acaaacaaaa aaaccaaaaa actacagtca ttacattctc agacctaagt    108900
     tcaggctttc tttacatcca ggctccacaa ttattcttga aatcagattt cctgacctgc    108960
     tcaaattgag atccaaatca ggcccgctgt atttcttaaa tttaaataaa tgtctgttga    109020
     agattttaat acgcatttgt taaattgaag aaagagaaaa agaagaaaga aagaaaagag    109080
     gagaaagcta ggtagctaat gtggagggag gagtgttggc aggtgacaag aagggaatgt    109140
     accctgattg tagaggcagc agtgtgtgtg gagacatcct tcctttttct ctctcctcag    109200
     tggaactcac tttggatcca gacacagcca acccccgtct catcttgtcc ctggatctaa    109260
     agagcgtacg tctaggacag cgcgcccagg acttgcctaa ccatcctcgc cgctttgata    109320
     ccaacacccg cgttctggca tcctgtggtt tctcctctgg gcgacatcac tgggaggtgg    109380
     aagtgggctc caaggacggc tgggctttcg gtgtggcccg ggagagcgtg cgtcgcaagg    109440
     gcctcacgcc ttttaccccc gaggagggcg tctgggcaat gcaactcaac aatgggcaat    109500
     actgggcggt gaccagcccc gagaggacac agctcaactg tgggcacttg tcgcgggtga    109560
     gggtggcgct ggaccttgag gtgggagcag tgtccttcta tgcagtggag gacatgcgcc    109620
     acctctacac cttccgcgtc aacttccagg agcgagtgtt cccccttttc tctgtttgtt    109680
     ctaccggcac atacttgaga atctggcctt gaagagctgt caggcttact aggaggggac    109740
     agggcagcgg tgtatctcgg tgagaccgag gtactttatc ttggaccttc cttcacaccc    109800
     ctacttctgc tgcccaagaa ggctgccaga gagcacaaca caggcgctga agactgattg    109860
     agcaaagagg ccctgtgggt aacttcgcga ttgcacagcg aagagatgcc ttggaccctt    109920
     ggtgcctgct ggctcctgta atgttcctgc aaattgtgtc tgaactatgg agaggcatgg    109980
     ctcactggca taaaaaccca gctttaagca aggctgcttc ttaccacaag ggcttactgc    110040
     cttgatttag aagggtccct gtttacacag aacaatgtca aagactagtc cccttgcaaa    110100
     gggtgtggtt tgaccctggg cccatcatgt attactttac attttgtgac agctgcaggc    110160
     tctgcctgga gaggtcgttg agtcccttgg atccagctgg ccttcctgga ttgtttattc    110220
     tgggaggagc attgtgctcc ccaattagaa gccagtctgg ctggatctga aaggagactc    110280
     atgacttata caagaggcca gaactatagt atatacatat aagcacattg ccgttctcca    110340
     gcaactcccc cccccccccc ccatggcttc tctgtgtagc cctggctgtc ctggaactct    110400
     gcagagcagg ctggccttga actcagaaat ccacctgcct ctgcctccca agtgctggaa    110460
     ttaaaggcgt gcctggctct ctccagcact ctttggggca tcctttacca cattgactgc    110520
     cagtgtggtc acagatgcct taagcctcac attttccttt ggctaaggag atcagaggtt    110580
     ctggaactgt gaaacacatg ttgatactta ggagtttaca gatgcagcta gcacccgtgt    110640
     agagatgcac acagctcaag cacagtctta acaaaccctt tctggaacgt tctaaatcta    110700
     tgcaaacacc agaacatgct ggtgacaagg attcctgagc atctgccctg gagggggttg    110760
     ggcaggccag cctccttagc ctctcctctc aactggcttt tgttccatag tgtccacaaa    110820
     gcgaggcaaa gaagggcagg agtgggctgt tccctgctta gtgctctgct tggaagtggg    110880
     agaggagatc gaaatacaga ttgtgagcac atttctaggg gtgtctggac tcattcttga    110940
     ttccatggtc tgactgaacg aggatatgtc ggagtattgg tttctgctag aataatccca    111000
     aatgttgtgc atttgggatg tgtgagctca tgtgcttgta tctcagattt gggatgaagg    111060
     ttacaggaga gggcgattat gagacactgt gtaggggtta gctgttggaa acagacatcc    111120
     acacaaaaac agtttactgt gaaatcatga ggaccagagt tcggatccca gcacccaagg    111180
     aacaggcagc atgccatgta aagatccagg tctccagctt caagggatat ggtgccctct    111240
     tttggccact gtatgcacac ctcagagtct gtgcatgtac atatgtatgt acattcacac    111300
     agaccaatgc attaacaaaa caaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa caaacaaaca aaaaaaccaa    111360
     ccacagcttt cacttcaaag ggaataagag atagtttatt ctggtgtgag gacatgacag    111420
     ccagcccaaa cctgagggca ctgtgttgtt attgcctgct tcgtcccagt caactagtga    111480
     cacttcccct agagtgctta gatctgtgta ataatttaca tccagcttcc ctgtgatggt    111540
     gaaagaaact caatatggta ccaggtaact cttaagggcc actgaccttt gcccaggaat    111600
     gccctgagat cctagtggcc tgcaggtgag ataagagaaa gaggaatgga gcttataaaa    111660
     gcaggtactt ctggttttat aagctccaac attgccgtgg gactggggta agtggtcttt    111720
     tcattactgt acaagaggaa tgagaaacaa ctgaggggga aaacaatttt cttgcccagc    111780
     tacgaattct gtagataatt atactgggca tctttggtgt ctgcctttat aaacatttcc    111840
     tttagctctc tctggcgcag catgctgttt gactctaaaa ctgcctcctg ctagcagtga    111900
     gaataaatcc attgaatcta aatttgattg ccacaacact ggagtcgagt ttaagtgatt    111960
     aggttctggg aacagtttta ggtaattcca aatactgtgt ttttaaaaga taaagtctca    112020
     ctctgtatct ttggctggcc tggaactgtt tatgtaggcc agactggcct tggactcaga    112080
     gatcctcctg cctctggccc tgggattaaa ggtatgtgcc aaccatgctc aacttgcatg    112140
     gccttttgat gatgattaat tcccttcgca tcacttaata gctatgcttg gaatgacaca    112200
     atattacatg tcacaaaaaa gtggcttgtt gggtgtaggc gtcccatgtg aggccaggac    112260
     tgagaacggt gggtagctgt ctgtagtgta tgtgcttgtg tctgtcagag ggtggcattt    112320
     gtagagtaat tatacatttc tgtataatag ctataattcg acaacagtta ctgtgacaat    112380
     tacttggcta caggacaact tagtgacttg gctacacatg ctcatatgag actgtgtgca    112440
     ccaccactct caccttttgg gcatcgtaag atctccagca ttatcaggtc tctgagaata    112500
     actggtctag gcgccaaaaa tccaggactc tgaaccttat cttcacagaa ttccagcact    112560
     caaatgaagg gcaggcccct gggttgtaca acgagtgagc cagccatcat cagcgttaca    112620
     gaaaccttag ggccggttag ccaccaggca gagggctatg gactgccgcc acttcttgtt    112680
     attctttcag attaggactc ttgtcctccc ccaaaccttc atcttctctg acctcccctc    112740
     agggggctct gaggggccat cacaaattag ctcactgcta gcattaagat gcatcataag    112800
     agttggttgt ccttttcaaa tttgcctgtg agtatggtgg gaccagggga ttctaggtct    112860
     ttgctctcta ctgagcacgt ctgctgctct ctactgagca cgtctgcaga acccgaccac    112920
     tactgtcacc accaggtaat caatatttct gacttggcct ctcacaggac agggtcatcg    112980
     attccttccc gtgagcattg tctgaatgtt gaccttgatt ataagccttg attgtaatcg    113040
     ttgattacaa catcgttccc tgttccttcg gcagaccagg gcactcctcg tagggaccgt    113100
     tccctcgctc acacggcagg tacaactcgg accagttttt taaaagtctc tttccgaata    113160
     ctcacgttcc ttctgtttta tctgtctcgg tggatagtgt aatcctgtcg gctgctgccg    113220
     ctactcggtt gaaagactaa aattagattt tatcattttt ccaatttggc gttagagtct    113280
     gcggctgcgc aacgattgtg attctgttaa ctactcgtgc acaagagcca catttgtgac    113340
     tggctccata gctcaggggt tagagcactg gtcttgtaaa ccaggggtcg cgagttcaaa    113400
     tctcgctggg gccttaaggt tactttttca ccattatagt ccaggaccag aacatgaaga    113460
     ggaaatgctg gaactgtgtt tctgggtctg ttcttttgct tctcatgaag ccgcaaccca    113520
     gagctgaatt cctgtgccct tgaaatcaga tccactgcaa atttccctat catgatcata    113580
     cctccagtgc tatttttccc tcgctgttcc ttttctgtac tctcttattg aggtcactcc    113640
     ctactcaacg cccctgtcgt cccaatcggc taggctgtca cgcactttta tagctcaaac    113700
     ccacttcccc tttctggacg gagagctttg caccaatgcg ccccttcgcc actaggccag    113760
     cctccgcgtc tccggcaccg ctgggcaact gtgtctgcgg ttcttgttgc ccgccagtgt    113820
     ggcgtgtcgc gtcgcgggac tgtaggtctc tgtcacctcc gcgtggaatt aaagaaagga    113880
     aaatacaagt aggcgctcac tttcctaaca tccggctggc ccaacgacta actttgttct    113940
     ttccacttaa tcttttaaga aaaaaacctc aatccataac taattaagtt cgttggcaaa    114000
     agtaaagtgt acagaatgag ggcaaactct cagttgaatt cagtgtggtt gtcgtgcaag    114060
     ggccaggggc caagtttctg aagaagtttc cctggggaga catgaacgaa catatatatt    114120
     cattccagaa agggcacaac gaaagaccca gcaaacagaa gattctattt atgtctagct    114180
     tgacaaatgt gctgcgaagt cttgtgccag cttgacacac aaactagagt tacccgaacc    114240
     ttaattgaga aaatgccttc ataagatccg gctgtaagac ctttttccta attagttact    114300
     aattgggaat ggcctagccc attgtgggtg gtgccatccc tggaatggtg gtccttggtg    114360
     ctacaacaga gcagactgag tcagccatgg ggagcaagac gcaagcagca ctcttccatg    114420
     gcctctgcat cagctcctcc tgcctgcagg ttcctgccct gtttgagttc ttgtcttcct    114480
     tcagagatga acagtgctgt gcaagtgtaa accgaataaa ccctttcctc cacaacttgc    114540
     tatttggtca tggtgtttct tcgaagcaaa cagtaaccct aactgagaca gcgaatctat    114600
     cagtttatgg ggattgcttc caggactgtg ggtggagggt tatttgcggg aacatatatg    114660
     attcgaaaac agctgcatct ctgaaaaacc caccccagca gggacagtga gtgacccacg    114720
     aaggttacat cccaggagcg ccctagtgta cttgcaaaca gctccaccag agtccacccc    114780
     agcgacagct tccagttttt atactcctag ggagagaggc tttgtgcttc ttgggcctct    114840
     ctgggctttc agagcctgtt ataaatgtcc tgagtcttaa caaatttcgt tagcttgtta    114900
     atcttaccag cctccttacc agtctctgta ttcggaggaa atagttagac agcccaggag    114960
     tttcaggtgt ctggggataa cgttgctttc ctggctcgta catattccag aggaatgggg    115020
     acctcagaaa agccccgagt gggttgtcgt aggaggctca ggattcgaaa acacaatcta    115080
     catccaggtt acgagagcaa gacaatctct agcgggtgga ggctggaggt gaccgcggtg    115140
     agtggggaga gtagcaatca gggtcgcccg ctgtttcata acagctgttg atatcgacag    115200
     aaaactcaac ccgaggcccg gctctgagtg aatgattgcg aatgtaaacg acagggagcc    115260
     cgaagcactc tcttttgcta tgaagtgaac cagcgcaatc aaagccggtt agacgaaggt    115320
     tgggtcggat gcataggagg agggagcgct tcccagcacg cctgcgcctc agtcagtctg    115380
     cgcaggaggt ggttcccggg caatccagga gaacttggcc agtgctaaga accgcacggt    115440
     ctgtgaatca actactccgg tcagattcac cgcgagcggg catttttaac cttaatgatt    115500
     ccctatggct tcttttgcaa acaaagcttt tctttttgca ttgcttttta tattttcata    115560
     aagtgatgag gaagaaccct tactccttta ccgggatccc cacctaaagg aactaccacg    115620
     tttagacttg cctctctcca ttcaccagcc aactagcctg tcaccctcca ggctctgcgt    115680
     tcttccagag ctttcgggca tggtcacagc tgcgtctcag ttaggttcac gtcagaaagg    115740
     gtgcccagcc tctgcagtga aagaatgctt ctgcctccca actccggatc caggagttct    115800
     caaacaggcc aaaggagcat ggacatttac gctgtacagc attggctatg gctgagtctg    115860
     ggggcagata caaggttaga ctgttataaa taaatttagg aaaaagtaaa gtcttgaaga    115920
     ttctgccata ccatctcatt agtttgataa agtttttcat acacagaaca attatgattt    115980
     gttttagcgg gccacatcag ctggctcgtt ggtctagggg tatgattctc gctttgggtg    116040
     cgagaggtcc cgggttcaaa tcccggacga gcccaagcat tttacatttg ttttggtttg    116100
     gggcagtaat tagggactct cagccaagat ttccgggagt gctgggcatt tagaagaaat    116160
     tcggaccgga agatatgaga taatcagaga atcaccgtgt tggctacgat gagcgcagaa    116220
     ccttggttag atgcttgtgt tcatgcataa aatttctcgt tgtaaatacg tgtaacttac    116280
     ggaccaatta ccagcaagag aattgcgaga gatccattgc tgagaataat agaatttcag    116340
     agggcctttt aagccgtgag tttccgtagt gtagtggtta tcacgttcgc ctaacacgcg    116400
     aaaggtcccc ggttcgaaac cgggcggaaa caagacactt gtctttttct ttacttttac    116460
     aaaaccgagc aagaatagtt tgtttctctt gtgagtattg tcttgttaaa gaccttgttg    116520
     tcatagaaaa taaaacagct ttctcaccct aatcctaaca cacatatagc gctgttttca    116580
     acagcaacgg tcttcacata gcctatttca aatgggctgg cacagtgcgc cacctaccag    116640
     tcaatcggaa atacagaatc tcagaatgga cggcaactac ttttctcaaa agttactggc    116700
     agcggtggga ttcgaaccca cgcccccgaa gagactggag ccttaatcca gcgccttaga    116760
     ccgctcggcc acgctacctc gacgtgtagg tctttaattt aattccactc ggtccatata    116820
     catcctcggg ggtctcaggt acagagaatc taaacgcact gcaaaattgt gcggtctgag    116880
     gtggggttag tagatctgtc caccccggaa attttcttca cccgctctag gagaggaatc    116940
     cacatgcgca tttatcaaga tctttctttc tgaaggaagg cactaaaaaa tgtgtcgccc    117000
     cgtttccctt tggccttgag cacagaggaa atctaattat tttagcatgt tttaaaaacc    117060
     acgtctgtgt gttgctttta taattctttt aaaagaaaga gcaaatgcca tattctcatt    117120
     taaaaaaaat taataacttt tttcccgttt ctgtggcact catgcatagg atcatattgg    117180
     ccatggactg gggtcttggg gactctgctg tcttcggttt ctagtcttta aacaggtttt    117240
     ctagcaggag gcaccggtct tgaaaggact tttgtcaaaa cccgcttgtt tgcacactac    117300
     actttttttt ttttttcgga ttagccaaat gtcggttttt tgtttttttg tttttgtttt    117360
     tgtttttgtt ttttttagca aggtttaagg aaacttatag aaaaaatatc tatctatcta    117420
     tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctacc catctatcat ctaccttggt ttttcgagac    117480
     agggcttctc tgtgtagccc tggctgtcct ggagctcact ttgtagacca ggcttgcctc    117540
     gaactccgag atcctcctgc ctttacctcc aggctccgct actgctaggc ttagattttc    117600
     agtttactga atttttcaaa gcttccttgg aatggctgag tcaaacttaa caaactgaac    117660
     ccacccacgc cctttcccac aaagaaagcc atattttcct tattcatttc tcctcagatg    117720
     cacgctttcc cattgcgaac gaaacagcca tgacaggtcc cttcagctat ctttaacacc    117780
     ctgtgccgga gacacttact gattgattcc gcggctctct tccgaggtcc aaaacccccg    117840
     cccttgaaat cgtgatgttc ctatgtccca accagcttcc ctcacatgct ctgtcatcca    117900
     caaaatagtg ccagctgtct aacccacgtg cctactgggt aaccctatct agactacgac    117960
     attagcaccg ccaactctct ccaggtttgt cacagggctc ttgccaggaa tcccagaaac    118020
     acttccggcg atctagaaga accgcatcat gcccactaaa caaattcaaa ggaacgcatg    118080
     gtcaaagtgc agaactccct gtgaagtaaa acagaagggc cactcgagaa aggtgttccc    118140
     agggatcaca ggtgagctcc tggtctcacc acctacccgc ccagagcaga cgcatgctcc    118200
     tccaaagccg ggacatacat tttaattcct cttttgttgc gtcagaccag tggttctcag    118260
     ccttcctaaa tgctgcgacc ctttaatgtt gtggcgatcc ccacccccac attggtaaaa    118320
     ttattttcat tgctacttta taactgtaat tttgccactg ttatgagttg taatgctatg    118380
     aatctgtatt ttctgatagt ctttagtctg ttgtgacccc ataggttgag aacctctgcc    118440
     ttagactgta ccgaggacag ctggaggaga agacttgtaa tgctgctatt tctgtttttg    118500
     tagatggact gtggataaat acctacctta atgctcgctt ttcataagac acagacaatc    118560
     acgttttaca caaacacatt ctttgttatg ttgatgcaac agtcatgccg agaccctaaa    118620
     gctcttcaat catattatca aagttggtcc ctgatagtag ctttttccaa attctgctgg    118680
     tcctacaaaa ttctagttct taagaggcat ggtggcattc gtggtagtcc aaattacttg    118740
     ggaagttgag gcaggaggat tgcctgaacc taagtaattt gagatcagca ttagttaaat    118800
     agcaagaaga caggtctcta aaatagatgg atagatggat agatagagag atagctccat    118860
     caatagctcg acagacatct aaatcaaccg tcttcaaatg catttgtaat tcaaatggac    118920
     agaaacgtcc tagtgttagg ctactggcgc catctactgt caatagttgg tgattacgat    118980
     gtcttcgttg gttcagattt ctcttaatca cctttgagaa ataaacaata gttcttcctt    119040
     ccctttttct tggcatctga tgctcaagtg atgataaagc ctgcttgaga agaaatagat    119100
     attcattcaa ggcagaggag taagttgtct tgggaattgt gggccaggct ttgacagagt    119160
     gtttgagggg agagaaggaa gcgtcagagg agagctatac ataggagatt tggggctctg    119220
     tacatcctga cttttggatt ttctcagggt accaggacat tctcactaag ctttaaactt    119280
     gatactctct tgtcagtgtt aacagggcac cagggatggt tcaggtcctg ttctagatgc    119340
     tgggatcaag atgaatcaga ttgttaatga cttgttaaga aaatgctgct attgcaggga    119400
     gaatacgcca aagagtcaga gtgtacatgg attctgtgtg aggctggcct ggtccaggct    119460
     gatggccagg cttgcaaaca aacctgactt agtctacatg cccaggtaca tggaaacagg    119520
     cactaggtag ggccacgagg ttctccttca gctgctgggg atggaaaact tcaagttttg    119580
     ttagatgtta gacctcagat cctctaactg ccccactgtc tcctagagat caggcctcac    119640
     actcctgcag tctttttttc caggacagaa tcgataaaaa tgctgtgctg tgaccttgaa    119700
     gtaatgcata tatagaatat gagttaattg ttacctaata cacacatgtg ccataaccca    119760
     taagtgccgg ggaccagccc cgctgtgggg ttcttctttc tggtcagttc ttcttgaggc    119820
     aggggagggg aaagagtgtc agtggggggt aagactttgt cttaggagat atttagggtt    119880
     gctgtataat aaaaagttta cttatctaag tctaagttac tatgctatgt agctgtgatc    119940
     ctctgaggcc agagactgca gtctcaggcg cttagcacct catcctaaaa cagcaggaga    120000
     taaagtaaat aaaggactaa taattgcttg agccttttcc ctattgtcca gctgcttctt    120060
     gcttgtcagg ctagggggaa gtttggagca ataaacttct attgaaccag gataagagaa    120120
     taacactcac agaagaaaaa acttttacat aagtgaatat gcataatctc atgagttcat    120180
     atacagattc atgcatgctc atttattcat ttatacattt ccattcaaac ccagttgggt    120240
     ccaacttgca tgcatcctca caattacata cttacacaca cacatgcata cattctcaca    120300
     attacatact tacacacaca catgcataca ttctcacaat tacatactta cacacacaca    120360
     tgcatacatt ctcacaatta catacttaca cacacacatg catgcatcct cacaattaca    120420
     tacttacaca cacacatgca tacattctca caattacata cttacacaca cacatgcata    120480
     catcctcaca attacatact tacacacaca catgcatact tacataagca gatggagaaa    120540
     aagaccaagc accggtgcag aagaactcac tcattctgga tgaaaaatga gttccaatct    120600
     ttattgcata gagaaagaaa aagcctctgc ccttttaatg ctaaaaggtt agcctgctcc    120660
     ttctgctctc tgcagcgtct tttgccctct ttccctctac attctgcaca ttgccctctt    120720
     agcgttttat gttacctata gtttctaagt tattccactc tgcatactcc ttctaatcgt    120780
     gctctctcct cctgctctga agtcacagca atgctcttac tctccatgcc ttttctcctg    120840
     atgccatgcc tatatttcta agttctcctt gagttcagtt ctgtctaaaa agcgttctgc    120900
     ctaaaaactt ctcaaatcag ctcctttctc agctcagctc ttctcagctc cattcctctc    120960
     acctccactc ctctcacccc agtccctcag tcctgactct tctgtctgtc ctcagcactt    121020
     aagcatcttt cagaatacat gatcacatgt tacaaagttc atcacaagtt cactcaaaaa    121080
     atcaaatcgt aaattgagat agaagtttac agcagagaat gtttacttgc gtatccatta    121140
     ggagtgatta tccagcaatt atccatcacc tgcctcagcc ccacaggttc actgaaggtt    121200
     taaaaccata actgaattat aagtaaagtt tggtatagat aaacccagtc aatattctat    121260
     cttctgtcct agcacctctt aataaatcat tagttctctt tttatggtct ttggttaatt    121320
     gttttacaac ctcttggaat gtgctctgag tgggagaaag tctggttact atctaagagc    121380
     aattaactgg tgacacttgg gacactggca gagttctcat cgtagttttt tgactatcag    121440
     aaaaggacat agtggcagtc ccactataaa tgagcttaac aatcactaat acaattttag    121500
     gaattctttt tttttttttt tttccgagtc agggtttctc tgtgtagtcc tggctgtcct    121560
     ggaactcact ctgtagacca ggctggcctt gaactcagaa atctgcttgc ctctgcctcc    121620
     caagtgctgg gatcaaaggc ttgcaccacc actgcccagt ttgtttttag attttttttt    121680
     ttttaatttt aggaattctt ataggatcat cataaatact taagtcatct atttgtctac    121740
     atcttcatgg atctgcaaag atctgttcta aaggggtgtg ctattactta gtgattatta    121800
     tatatgctta ataataacag gaaaagcata ttaatagcag gaatctttcc caaaatgaat    121860
     ccctacagcc ttgcttaata agggtgcacc tgtcacagat tatataataa tccgaagcag    121920
     gccatttcag gatgatcacc tgcgagttac tggcttgtcc cattatggct cctgacacat    121980
     aaatatatgc agtcattatg attgtatatg tagaaaaaac ttttaaaaat taagttacaa    122040
     aatgatcttc tttgtttaga agtattcaca caattgagtc tttagtacat aaaaatataa    122100
     ggacttatct gacaaagtcc cactgtaagg cttttttatt tgtttgtttg ttttgagaaa    122160
     gggttcctct gtgtagccct ggttgtcctg gaactcactc tgtacacctg gctggccttg    122220
     aactcagaga tcttcctgcc tctgcctcag gagtactggg attaaaggtg aacatttatt    122280
     ttggtttttg agacagagtt tttccaccta gccctggctg ttccagaatt cactatgtag    122340
     actaggctgc actaagacag aaacgcactg gcttctatct cctgagtgcc aggattaaag    122400
     gtatgtgcca ccatgctcag tgtaagttta aaaaaaatta tttgtataga tcaagaatga    122460
     aaagtacctt atatagcaca gttctttgtc tcttaatgtc cctttatgca cagttgtgca    122520
     tgttgaatga gaatggcccc attcatttat ttgaatgctt ggtccccagt ttacagaact    122580
     gtttgggaac tttgaggaga tgtggccttg ttggaaaagg tgtgtccctg agggcaggct    122640
     cttgtcttct gcttgaggat caatatggtg gcttgaatat gcttggtcca ggaggtggca    122700
     ctattaggaa gtgtggtctt gttggaggaa gtgtgtcaca gtggaggtgg gctttgagat    122760
     tttcttccta gctccctgta agacagtctg ctcctgactt cctttgggtg aaggtgtaga    122820
     attcccaggg ctggagagat ggctcagagg ttaagagcac tgactgttct tccaaaggtc    122880
     atgagttcaa ttcccagcag caagagtgtg agtgtgtcag acattggtac acattaagca    122940
     actgcaatgg tcatggtgcg aatttgtgag tgggagagga atagatttgt gataaacagt    123000
     catatctagc ctcttgtctc ctttgttttg tttctataaa atggagtctt gtggtgtagc    123060
     tacttcatca ggcaagcttg gctttttatg gagttgggat gttaaaagtt caccaccatg    123120
     cttggctgta gctctctctc tttgtcttgg cctcttggcc agtgagagag ctgagactgg    123180
     aaatgataca gtaggaagag actggtgaac tgagaagaaa agggtgctca taaagcatcc    123240
     agctccaggc ctggaaacct taagaaggca acagactggg ttacatcatg gcttgagctc    123300
     atttactgct gctatccgga acaactcctt gaaccaattc tttgctactt tgtataccga    123360
     tagtattggt acacacttgc tttgcaatag ctttaacaca ctccagggct ggctcttctc    123420
     tagactcgtc cagattcaat ctgttcttcc ctcatgatct tgggaatgcc agtgactgac    123480
     tggctgtagg gaacaggatc tataagcctt ctcatcctta caggcatggc cacgcaccag    123540
     cccctgggct gcctgcatcc caggatagtt atgaatgaaa cctatttgta ggttaccatg    123600
     tcatgttaca atgtcaaaga tcaactcctc tggagagagg ctgttgggat tctggccagt    123660
     gggcagcaag gacaggaaga gtagagaggg cagcaaggac agggttttgg ttctttcttc    123720
     tgttccttcg aggtacctgg gaccacgtga cttccctttt cctcagtgca gctttcttgt    123780
     aactggttat tattgccaag aaccaacaat ctaccactct gttttcctgc tctggggtag    123840
     gtatgtttta cacctcctga tgtttcatgt gcttatggtt ctcactgtgg tggtgtgaaa    123900
     gtaggggaac ctttaagagg agtgcctggg ggaaagtaat tatgtcctgg ggtcactgtc    123960
     cttggaagag actaatggtg ctcttttaca ttgcattatt tccccataag agttggttgt    124020
     tataaaaaag ggagagacag gtctttaaag ctgcccggca tcctctttcc tacacagtct    124080
     ttccacatgt gatcctgcat cagcccttct gatcctatcc aggatgaggc cctcatcaga    124140
     tgctaaccct acaggatttc tctgtataac agccttggct gtcctggaac tcactgtgta    124200
     ccaggctggc ctcaaacgca tagagatcta cctgcctctg cctcctgagt gctgggatta    124260
     aggtcatgtg ccacctcacc caccttcaat atgcattttt atttgtgtgt atgtctgtgt    124320
     gagcatatac cacctaagca aggatgccca cagaggccag gagataacat tggattccct    124380
     ggacttacag gttagttgtg agccacctgc tgcgagcact gggaacagat ctcagatcct    124440
     ctgcaagagg agcaaatgtc ctacccacag atccatccat ctagatccaa gaacagtgaa    124500
     ttacaaacct cgtttccctt tgtatcaccc aacctcgagt actttgctgc cctttgatgc    124560
     cttgcgaagg tcagtcttca ctgtgttgct tcaagagcca acagtctttc ctggcagtct    124620
     ctgtgagccc ttatcacaca cttggaagag atatcctaag cacattctca tcaaatggtc    124680
     tagcacgaag tcccctgagg ccattgctct cttgctatga cagtcactca cataaaccca    124740
     agttccctct taaggcactg ttgtttggga cctggcagtt gaatgtgtga aaggttggtt    124800
     taggaacact gtctggagtg ctgtccctag tactaaatag aatccagaaa acacttgcta    124860
     ccataatctt ctgctgcttc caaacgtgaa gtaagtgttc ctctgtaaca aatgagtcct    124920
     taacaggggt atctagggaa aggaaggaga gagataatac aaaggcatta atgaagagga    124980
     accgacttta ttgtttcaga ggaaaattga tttggacata tatcacattt aatagctgaa    125040
     aacaaaattt ctaatttttt tcccaaagat ttatttattt atttatttat ttatttattt    125100
     attatatgta agtacactgt agctgtcttc agacatctca gaagagggca tcagatctca    125160
     ctacggatgg ttgtgagcca tcacgtggtt gctgggattt gaactcatga ccttcggaaa    125220
     agcagttggt gttcttaact gctaagccat ctctccagcc caaaaacaaa atttctatat    125280
     tccaaatcta agaatcatgg tcaatgaatt ttaatcacta cttgtccctg tccctcagtg    125340
     gaacaatgca ttagaatcga gacaggggag atgagtgatt ttaactcctc tcagagaatc    125400
     taaaaccctt acaggaagca tttttgtatc tcttgatttc tggtggagaa atagggatct    125460
     aggaaagaga tctaaggtaa cctggcttct gtggaagaag aagggtacca ggctgccctt    125520
     atactagatc tgcggaggga agatggagtc cctcaggatt ttctctagga tgttcttggt    125580
     gtcctgggca actaagaaaa gcatgcgttt atgtctcaag cgtcttaaac agcagcatac    125640
     gcatgggaga aatctcaaca aacggaagaa tgcattcaca attgcacatg tcatcagcct    125700
     cagtttccag tcctctctgc ggagagtata aaagttttgg gacttcatgt tgtccttgta    125760
     ctccatgact actgtcccca tactctgggc tacctgctga actgattcgt catctacacc    125820
     aaatatcagt cggtacactt tcagacactc gcccatgttg tcatcatctc tgacaccgag    125880
     agaattcttc aaggactcgt tggctattct ctgcttccag actgctactt tatcaccaac    125940
     gatcttctca taagtgccat aaagggtctt taagggttca cagcacctga tgttggagag    126000
     atctttatga agtgtgtccc taagcttcgg gaagtcatat agtaaagggt ctagactgga    126060
     taccaggaac acgggggggt acttcacttt ctccttctgc agattctctc ggatattctc    126120
     ctggatattc tgtaggagcc ggacctctga taggacactg gtgctgaggt ccctgtccag    126180
     cttggtccag acaatataga acctctttcc catgctctgg ataattttgg acagcttcac    126240
     atgattcgag ctgaactgct cagaggcaat gatgatgaat aagtcacatg tgctaaattt    126300
     catctcttcc acatagtcct ctacggtttg ggctgtggcc cccaatccag gtaagtccca    126360
     cagcaccaca ttgggaaagt gggatgaaga gtactcagtc cgcgtcttcg tggtcctcac    126420
     caccccagtg ggagccgagg catcttcatc atggccgatg actcgaagtg cattgatgaa    126480
     agatgacatg ccattgccag agtccccagt cacaaagatg ctcactggaa tctgggacaa    126540
     tgttgccaca gtctccttga ttccgtagac cagttccagt agttttcctt ctcttaaagc    126600
     tctttcggtg ctcctactga cctcaggtaa cctgctggag cctgtttggt atgacgtgac    126660
     aaaggggaag gctgagctca ggggagcata atgggtctct gccatgttgg ggagtagtgg    126720
     agcagcctgt aagagtagat gagttgaggc gttagacaca gggtggttta tgaatcgaat    126780
     cggcaggctt tacagcacag cttcagggtt tcagacacac aaccagagaa gtcgcaaaga    126840
     ctgctttgtt tacaaataga acaattcaga agacagttgc acattcctgg ggatggttgt    126900
     gcagctgttg tgtgaagggc tctactacag gagcaggaca gatgttaccc agatcacaca    126960
     gacccccgtg tcaatctaaa tgagcagaca gaacaacaac tgaaagcact agtagccaac    127020
     tttcctaact aagcctcatg gtgatgaggg agggcctgca ggcctcaagt ataattcaat    127080
     tattcttttc taaaaaagca catactctgc ccttccccct ttcaaatgat atttttctta    127140
     ttgactgatt ccttgcaatg aaactgtaac attcgtggta gtagggcatg gctgagaaga    127200
     gaattggttt gggaatcacc aagtggatat ttatttattt attatttttc aagacagggt    127260
     ttctctgtat ggatggccct ggctgtcctg gaactcactc tgtggaccag gctagcctcg    127320
     aactcagaaa tccgcctgcc tttgccttct gggattaaag gtgtgcacca ataccacccg    127380
     gctaaccaag tggattctac ataaggttac aacacacaaa ctgctcattg gacttgaaaa    127440
     gtcctcctat catgagtgac tgttgtgcta tcttctctta aaatttacct ttcttcttgt    127500
     acatgaatac aaataaaaac attctataac tcagggctag tgagatggct cagtacctaa    127560
     gggcacttgc tgccgaatcc gatgacctga gttcaatctc aggaacccac atgggggaga    127620
     gcgaacggac tcttgaaagc tgttctccaa cccagccctc acatgcatgc ttgaaacatc    127680
     tggagacatc tggagacttg ttttgtcctc acatcaagaa ggaggtttcc ctagaatact    127740
     aattcattta tttctgtagg acatgcccat ggccatggta cacccaacaa tacagcttct    127800
     cattttgcag ctctggcttg ggtaaccctc cctccctccc tccctccctc cctccctccc    127860
     tccctccctc cctccctccc tcccagagaa ttacttattt attttatgta agtacactgt    127920
     ctgtcttcag acacaccaga agagggcatc ggatcccatt acagatggtt gtgagccacc    127980
     atgtggttgc tgggaaattg aactcaggac ctctggaaga gcagtcagtg ctcttacacg    128040
     ctgagccatc tctccagccc cttgggcacc cctttcactt ataccttttc tgcaacagca    128100
     cctgaataca atccatctgc tccccatagc cttgctctcc agtcttggga cttgtattca    128160
     tcctctacag aagacagtgg tcaggagacc ggtccatgtt tggggagctc agctctttgt    128220
     aatacagacc cattcttgga gctccagttt tctgcctcaa gcacctgaaa gtcatgctac    128280
     ccacctcgca ggaactgtgt gatggtttca tgataagatc cgagtgacgc tgtctgtgga    128340
     cctttcagct ccctggtgag gctctctggt tttattaggg tctctgagga agccgctcct    128400
     caggttcttc ctccactctt agactttaag cacacaggtc ctctgtctgt gaatctgagt    128460
     tggttccttc gaatgcctta tctcacttaa tactcctcaa accctattag ataagtggta    128520
     ttcattattg ttgattgtgg gcaaagaaac agggacatat gaaaaaatag tctttttttt    128580
     tcccccaggg tcttcctttg tagcccaggc tgacctgaaa cttatgatcg tcctatcttg    128640
     gtttccctag tgctgagatt acagggctat aacactgtgt ctaagaacct gtgtatactg    128700
     tgtctaagtc ctgaactata cacagagtat gtaagaaatc caaaggctga tccctgcaat    128760
     atgactccac gtttctgtct ttacgatgaa gacagtccta ctaaacagag gatttgatgc    128820
     atgctgaggg gttttgtttg gaaaccttga tctactcact gccaccaatt gtcacttacc    128880
     ctttatatgg acacacattt cataatgttg gagaccaatt tttctgccct ctcttataag    128940
     caccacataa ctgaactaca ctgataaagg agctctcccc agcttctcca actctataga    129000
     acttggttta gggttaaact catcaacaga ccaaggtgct ttatcaaata actacaaaga    129060
     tgtccagaat tcagtgagag ggaggacatg ggaaaggttg ccgtcacata tcacatctgc    129120
     ataggggctg ccagcctgtc cagcctttga ctatagaagc cattcagggt ccccctccag    129180
     cagttctcat gtcagactgg ccaagctacg gaatatccag ggctgtactt cctgcttcag    129240
     tgtcaagggg ccctgagctg ggtgtatagg caccagagtg ggctggtgat aaagtctgag    129300
     acaaagctgg ctggaagcca gggggatgaa gctggacaaa cttcaggggt tgaaaacatt    129360
     ctgtaatggg gtgcagagac ggggtacaca gacaagaagc tgtgtgacat tcagtagtgt    129420
     cttgtcctca aggcaattct ctcccctcca tctcacctat cattagccag ggtctagttc    129480
     tgtattggtt ttacttaact gagttccact caccagagta gaagatgaga gcaaaccatg    129540
     ctttctcaga actatttatg taactgtgac tgtagatgga gacttcccac ctgcctgcac    129600
     acccgagagc acccggtgct ggaccctgga cctgcctgca cacccgggat ggtgcaggtc    129660
     acagctgcac gcaggagcca gtaactctca ggagggctgc tgaagtccat acattacaag    129720
     cagactggga aagggcatgg ataactgtat gaagctgcag gatcctccag gagccacaca    129780
     ggaatgttgg tgtggacagc cttgggatac cgtgcctcag aactccaacc cagtatttac    129840
     aaagagccct tagaattctt tctgggattc aagtgaccct ccacttcctt ttttgaggat    129900
     catgaccaga ttatactcct atttcacctc tctgcacagg ggcgaagatc cccaaagaag    129960
     aatatagatc cttgtggctg tcaatctggg aaagaggatg agacccgtga ggaaatgtct    130020
     ttcgagtctc gcaaccgaca cagaacggag agcatgctcg cacacacttg cccatagctg    130080
     catgaaaggt agcagggacc acacaattcc ctctgatatt tatttatctt tggaaagtgt    130140
     gataaacttg ctcacggtga atggggacag tactgaaccc acatgctctg ggaagatggt    130200
     atttgaaaag ctcccatctc attaactata aacttacaga ctagtgaagg aggtggttcc    130260
     ttaaacagag acactttctc caatgcaaat aaaacatttt aatggagtca gacaaaaagg    130320
     tcactatgat accttatact caaaacctac tctgagattc ctattccatg ggtagtccag    130380
     ataagaaaca aacctccccc cccccctatt tttttcatgt atcctagata ttgcctgtgg    130440
     tccattctaa tcctgggcgt ttattttgtg gagctatgaa gagacgctat cttaaattcc    130500
     aagagaatat gggttggcac gctctgccct ccttcaaatt tagccagcat tagaagaacc    130560
     acaaggccag aaataaggtg aggtacgcat ttgcctccag gctggtggtt tagatatatc    130620
     tgaacagcaa agatacagca gggctgtgtg gtactagaca gtcaaagtga ggctctgctg    130680
     tggacactgc ctgagcaaaa gaaaccagac cccaaggtca catgacctgt tttcacggtt    130740
     ttaccgttca tattatattg ggggattcat attagattgg gggtggccaa gctacattta    130800
     agagactttt acttacctga tccagaggag ttattatgtg tgattcgatg ttagtggcct    130860
     tcctggaacg tcaccccttt cttcctagga caaaaacgtt gctgtcctcc ggcagaagtt    130920
     ccctatgtag agatccaaaa ctggaatata gacccggatg ttgagagatg agatgcagag    130980
     gtctggagtc cttctgagag gagacgaacc aagaggaggt ctgatcgcgt ggattttctt    131040
     tcagcttctg gtcttcgagc agaccttgct ttttgtcctg cactttctag accggagata    131100
     tgcctgcctg ggcccagcgg gggagcgggg gggggacgga ctcgaattga gaatcagttt    131160
     cggtttctat ttcttgaaac aggctagttt tcaggattag gctgggcggg ctgcatagta    131220
     gtcttcaaag aggagcagaa ccctgctgtg ctgactcacc gtcaacaggg gtcgggatga    131280
     gggattggag gtggtggtgg aagtggaggg tgggggcgtt ggggttggag ttgtgtctgt    131340
     ttagggactt taacagccag ccccgcgtca gaccttccag tgtctgaacc tgctacttct    131400
     ttccgtggat accacctgtg gagatgctgg ccctgggcaa tgctaacctc cagacccagc    131460
     aacctcaggc caccccgagc ttggaggctg cactgagacc ttgttctgta tgatcgttta    131520
     ccccgtttgc cggctcactt gattaatcac acctctctat ataaaggaga atgtcagagc    131580
     accagggagt cgagaatcgg gttcttgtcc tcgttagtgt ttgagaggga agagggtatg    131640
     agctgagagg ggacatactt cattttcctc agatctagga ggtagattat tagagagtaa    131700
     acgcaggggc tggacgcttt gaccatggca tagaagcact gacccctgtg taacgttttc    131760
     atgaagaaaa acagaatttt ttttttttaa agcaaccggc cacggtcaca gtgacagagg    131820
     gggcagcgaa gaggagccaa gtagctttca gagtgtcggg cggctgttat tctctctgct    131880
     gctcttctgt acctaccggt gagttcttac tgcacagcaa agaggggcag agctgagcct    131940
     gttccatagt cactgcgaga gggagacaga ttgggccagg aggaatgagg cggctcctca    132000
     cacaggcact aaccagtgtt ccaaactcta cttctgccca ttacaggctc agtattgccc    132060
     agaggtttgg gcaatgtgat cctctggtca caaggagccc tttgtcaccc ctccaagtga    132120
     ccagtaatgt gatcctctac cggcgctggt ggctttctct ttctccttac cggaaaagac    132180
     tgagttgctg agaagaggaa caagtgtgag ctgttgttta atgaactgga ggccttgagt    132240
     gatagccagg atctgtcctt gtttgattcc tctaagccct cagcttctcc tcaaagcctg    132300
     aggagaaagc aggctagttt caatgtctgt ctttgagaga ctggacaatc tgtatgtcct    132360
     gctttcttta tgtgatttct ataagaacaa acaggaacag gtctgagcac agtacaggaa    132420
     ggccaggaag agagtttctg gaaccttctg tctcagtgag ccagcatttc aactcagcac    132480
     tttgtgtttc cccagggcca gggtctccct tgagctcaga gttagttctc tcaggctctt    132540
     gctcctgcgg aggaactgag gctgggcaca gcagggtttg ttataactgg gtgtcaggta    132600
     aagattcctc agggcaggat gctgtgtgta cacagtcaat aatcagaaca caggcggtct    132660
     gtccttaaaa atgtcactgg ccgagaatct ttggcttccc taacctactc tctgtgtaga    132720
     ccaggctggc cttgaactta cggagtttac ctgcatctgc ttcctgagtg ctggagctaa    132780
     aagcatgaac tatcaagacg agcaaaggct gagttaatca agatcctgtc ttagtaccag    132840
     gttcttactc tggttaatca ttcattcact gtagaaagga aaggaagagt caacagttac    132900
     aaaagcacag tataggcatt tctctgttta cttttctctg acaccgaagt gtggggactt    132960
     gccttttcac cctgttgttc agcagggaga ccctggtaca gttcattaat cgccacacca    133020
     tgttagttac tccttacaga aagattcatg gagattcact cttgggaacc aaggtcttgg    133080
     acatagctgg tgacctgtca atcacgatct cacacctatc ctgcataata aggcatatac    133140
     atgtacatac agacactcat aaatctacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    133200
     acacttgagg tcaccgagcc tacagagtct tgtactcact actgtgctag gataatgaaa    133260
     tcatctgcta ctttctttgt gactgaaaaa aagagcccca gtatttctgt caggggtagt    133320
     gtaggtgtct tagcttcaag cgcagcactt ggcttctcat gggccttgtt cctatctgtg    133380
     actccaactc acacaggaaa ggcttgtcgg ctgcagcaca gaggactctg actgaaaggg    133440
     ctttcctggt ctcctgctcc cacagggaca gagatagggc ttcatacggc tcctctcctc    133500
     ctcctcctct cacaaagcac ccacagaggc gacttatctc ctccagctgt cacagagaca    133560
     cacctcagtt cttcagtatc tggaattgca ctttgactcg tacaaggaaa ccaagtagct    133620
     gacagttggg gctcggcaag gattttatcc tttctgcagc tgccctctcc aggctgtggc    133680
     ctgctattgg atcctggaca tgggaagtct ttgctgcaaa atatatgagg tatctcagca    133740
     ctctgacctc actcggagga ggtggtttct ctcagtactt catggcataa ttcgattgag    133800
     gtgaagcagt ctttctttat cttcttttaa aaatcacgtg tgtgtgcatg tgtgtgcatg    133860
     cgtgtgcatg agtgtgcaca tcttcacaga ttattttgca tatgcagact aattgcctct    133920
     cctttctctg aaggcataga aagtgggata ttttctcatg taatattttg gttttctaat    133980
     attggactca ctctgccctg gctcacatat ttcagattaa aaacatttct ctctcaagga    134040
     gcattaatct tctctaggga tgagactcct gatggattat gggttattat gtagtctcaa    134100
     gtgaaaatga tcaaccctaa acacttactc ctacaaggag cactaaatgg actcacaggg    134160
     ttttgagggt gtgtgtgtgt aacaatacaa attaaagaag aagaggaatt tgagcagaag    134220
     tggaggatgt gggagagatt ggagggagaa aggcaggtaa ggaaatggtg tgaatggaga    134280
     ctcatgtatg gaagtctcaa aaaatttgac aaaagaatac atgtggaaaa aaaactcttt    134340
     cctaagcagc cgctaggtgt caccctggtt cccttttcca tttcctctcg cactactaga    134400
     gctgcgtaga tagagatggt gatagagaag gcttcagtcg tgtgtctttt ctggagagtc    134460
     atctcttcac cccagataga gcaaagacat ttcctccaag tctgccttag tcaaccaata    134520
     aacagtttgg ggttctttgt agaagcttgg gtgattgagg gcagtgacct cactgataag    134580
     cccaccccaa cctcaccagg actcaggaac acagcatcct tggaagctcc tgcactggtt    134640
     gcagcaggca ctccagaagg atggctcctc tctcccagca agggtttact gcttgtctaa    134700
     gcgtggggaa gggagttgtg agtctgagcc tttgagctca aggttcttga agtttcctta    134760
     ggttcttggg ttttataagc ctccgtcctg aagtgaaggt acaccatctt aagctgttct    134820
     ctgtctcttt ctgtctctgt gtctctacct ctctctgtct cttgtcagcc atgagctgaa    134880
     cagtctccta aaccacatgc ccccaaatcc acgaagctct ccctaaaagc acgagccaag    134940
     tggccaagga ctgaaccaac tctagccttt tcaaaccatg agtcaaaaat aattctttct    135000
     tccttaagtt gtttctttca ggtattgtaa ccagcacaag ttttaccatg gctttgtcat    135060
     tttctcttat caagtcagga cttctgaact aattatggtg accaaataca atctggtcac    135120
     tcaaaaatgg tcactctttg attgaaaaca atctattccc ttttaaaaaa gatttattta    135180
     ttttatgtat tagtacactg tagctgtctt cagaccaaaa gagggcctgg gaccccatta    135240
     cagatggttg tgagccacca tgtggttgct gggatttgaa ctcaggacct ctggaggagc    135300
     agtcagtgct cttaaccact gagccatctc tccagccctg aaagagaatc tgttcctggt    135360
     actggaggct tcatttggtg acgtgagaga tctagttagg gttctgcctc ccccattata    135420
     tggctatttc atttagatca ccttcatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    135480
     tgtgtgtatt ttaggaagca tctactggac taggtttcca tactacccct caaatgaccc    135540
     ttggttttga ttgtctctcc cagtattcct tccttgtttc tctcttccct cttcttctcc    135600
     actttattct ccaattccaa tccaaaaaat attttaagtt gatttattat ttcacataca    135660
     tatatacaca tttattcata ttcatgcata cacacacatg tgtacgtaca cacacacaca    135720
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacaatgtat tgtaatcata ttcccccatt    135780
     ttcctttctt atcccctttc ctttcccagt aaactccttc ttttatgtaa gtcccccttc    135840
     tactttcatg gtttttattt gtggttcact ccatttttaa aaaggctgtt tgcataggtg    135900
     gaagctgctt gtttgagcaa gaacagcata ccaggggtta cacccccgag gacatgactt    135960
     ctcctcctcc agcaactatg acactgctgc agctcctgag gaggaccggg accttgtaag    136020
     ggacctggga tgaggactgg gaccttgtaa gcctccccat ctctgatggg atgtcgaagc    136080
     tcccagtctg gtgcacatct cgtgcaggta gctatgactg ctgtgggttc ttagttacaa    136140
     aagctatgcc atgttcagaa ggcagtgttt catatcattc ctccctgtac ataaatgaga    136200
     atacagtatg cagaggccag aagagggtga tggattctcc cagagctgga gttacaggca    136260
     ggtgtgagct gtctgatgtg ttaggtactg aacttgtgtc ctctggaaga gcagcacttg    136320
     ttcttaactg cagagccatc tatctagccc ttactggtca aaattttaat gagcacttct    136380
     ctcttattag aaaaaaaggt aaaatgattt tattttattt aacatggtag tcaatgtggt    136440
     acaaactagg ttgaaattta tttttcactc tgttcacatt cttttaacaa gtcatcatgt    136500
     ttgcttccct ctgggtgtaa tctatgatca aactcaccat ttccaattaa atctgtgtgt    136560
     ctgagcaatt tctgtttaaa gccaatacag tgccacctgt tgactgtcaa ttgttcagca    136620
     ccccatctag tgttttctac aagagaatag gaacagtaga gtttgtgggt ttgaatgtta    136680
     tttttaaagg tttatttatt tatttattta tttatttatt tatttaatgt aggtgagtac    136740
     actgtcactg tcttcagaca caccagaaga gggcatcgga tccccattac agatggttgt    136800
     aagtcaccat atggttcctc ttaactgctg agccatctct ccagcccgaa tgttagattt    136860
     ttatctgtga tccataacca agatcttaca cacttgtgcc tatctccaat gactaatggg    136920
     cacacaacat atctgagcac caacaaggtc aacatcaata tgctacagac tctggagaat    136980
     tatctcagat gacacaggtt ggaaagtgga caccctatgc agtttgacct tcctgagaca    137040
     tccttcatgg aatgtgggcc caacatagat actaaattca gtaagagaga gaattaacta    137100
     aaccaatttc gcccaactaa gaagaaaacc taaggcttgt agcctatagt atttttagca    137160
     ataccagact gccatgcatt taacagcgca tatgtctatg agtttgctcc acctatttac    137220
     ccatgcatac cccctccttg aagctcttag agctcaaggt aggagataag agtggggaga    137280
     cctttcaaga gctccacata ctaaggcaca acagacgatt ttaggggaag gaggcaggga    137340
     ggcccgcata ctgataactg gggttgcatg acggtggaag gggatgtgtg ttctaggatg    137400
     tggaagtgac tcgattctgt gagcagcata ccttatagtc ttatgagcca tagcaacaac    137460
     aagaaatcca tttcacacag gaaagatcca aatgaacaca cctgggaaaa agaattcacc    137520
     actcaaccat gcactctggc ctattcttcc atgttccatt gagttgcatt aaagatattc    137580
     tattccagat ggataactta ggctatttat gggctggaga aatggctcaa tggttaagag    137640
     cacttgctgc tattccagat aaccagcgtt tagttcctag cacctgtatc aagtgggtta    137700
     tagctccctg taactccagg tctggggaac tcaaagcccc ctggaatcct cagacacttg    137760
     catgtatatg atgtatacat acatatacat aaataaaaac aataaataaa tctttcaaaa    137820
     gtccctttat atttcaccaa ataaaattag tagcttatgt aatatagtga ctaatattcc    137880
     ctggagcatt tcctgtgtgt cgttccatgt agtcatgcct tgctgatctt gacagagtcc    137940
     ccatcaaagg aacttagtgc tatgggaacc agcctggtag ttatgaattt aaaaatttgg    138000
     tggctttttg tgaacataga cgctagtata gaccaaattc ttggttttag accccatttg    138060
     tccagcagga ggaaagaatg agctaaaact agtgtattga ttttttttta atccagaaag    138120
     atttgatatg cttcctcatg atcaacaatg tcagtggcac acaaggcatg tgttgggaag    138180
     ttggtaaaaa gggaatttga aaagcttcca ctgtgttacc acaatgctca aaagactgac    138240
     tttatgtctg cctgtggagt tgacttctca atgcagataa aatactcaag ctgagtcaaa    138300
     gcggaacgtc aaacagacaa caccatattt cagtcccatc ctgagattcc tagtctatgg    138360
     gtggtgtaga tggaggggct catgagttct taacactttc acagtaacca agatattgtc    138420
     tgtggatggt tctgacactg agtagctctg taaagaaaag aagggtgtta cagtagagat    138480
     tcccttagat ctgtgtagca cattctactt cccttctcct caaacatgag ccctatcaga    138540
     agacccagaa agcatggata gggagataaa aggaagatgt gttgcccctt attactgtgt    138600
     tggatgaggt taagcagaaa aaattgcagg atagttggta cagaagacaa tcagaagggt    138660
     agatagttag tacagaggtt aaaagaactt gttactcttg cagaagattc aggttcaatt    138720
     cccagtacct atatggtgct tctcaaccat ctttgacttc tgtcctagag gatctgatgc    138780
     cttctgtgcg catcacttat gcaggcaaaa cactcgtaca cacaaataga actaaataaa    138840
     tatttaaaaa gggtctggag agatggctca gtggttaaga gcactgactg ctcttccaaa    138900
     ggtcctgagt tcaaatccca gcaaccacat ggtggctcac aaccatccgt aatgagatct    138960
     gatgccctct tctggtgcat ctgaagacag ctacagtgta cttggataga ataataaata    139020
     aataaataaa taaataaata aataaatatt taaaaagaag ttcagcagag ggggatcagc    139080
     aaagggggat atggtggttt gaatatgctt ggtccatggg aaatggcact agtaggaggt    139140
     gtgggctggt tggaggaagt gtgtcactgt gtagataggc tttgcggtat cctcctatgc    139200
     tcaggctttg cccagtgcag aagagagctc ttcctagctt cctgcagaag cagatctcct    139260
     tctggctgtg tttggatcaa gatgtagaac tcttagttct tttagagcac tgagtctgtc    139320
     tagatactgc catgcttcct gccttgataa taatggactg aacctctgaa actgtaagct    139380
     agtcccaatt aaatgagttg ccttggtcat ggtatctctt cacaacaacc aaatccaaac    139440
     taagacaggg cccttgctgt gaactccctg aatggagtaa accagacctc cagctcccct    139500
     aacctggtgt caggagttca attgcatgtt acatcacaaa cagggttgta agggttaatc    139560
     ttcattgtca ttttattgga ttaggttata tagagaggaa acctggttgt atatgtggat    139620
     gcatttctag gggggtttag tggtagtagg aagacccacc ctgaatgtgg gtgatataat    139680
     ttccagggct gaggacaggg atggaatgaa atcacctgca tcaccattta ttgctctctg    139740
     tttcctgatg gcagatgcaa tgtgtcctat gttcctgctt ttataccttg gtactgccat    139800
     ggcctatgtg gtggtttgca tgagaatggc ttccaccagc tcataggttt gaaaaacttg    139860
     ctctctagtt ggtgggatat ttgagtagat ttagaagttc tggccttgtt ggagaggtat    139920
     gccactggtc acttcgggaa ggctttgagg tttcaaaacc ccatgacatt tccagctagt    139980
     tctccctggt ttgtgcttgt ggatataagc ccctaatcaa atgtcaagtg ttttcttctt    140040
     tattttttcc ttccttcctt ccatgtcttc cttccttcct tccttgtctt ccttccttcc    140100
     ttccttcctt cctccctccc tccctccctc cctccctccc tccctccctt ccttccttcc    140160
     ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctg tctgtctgtc tttccctccc cacctccccc    140220
     cacagggttt ctctgtatag ccctggatgt cctggaactc actctacaaa taaggctggc    140280
     ctcaaactta gaaatctgtc tgctggtgtg tgtcaccacc acccatctca aatgctttct    140340
     ttttcaagtt gccttggcca tagtgtctta ccattgcaat agaacagtag ctaagacaga    140400
     ctatagttca ttctaaacca taaacaaaag gagccacttg tctttataag tcagctttgt    140460
     cgggggaact gataagaaaa gtagcagaag tccttcactt acctgctaca gaagtgactg    140520
     tggccagatg tctctggtcc tccagaaatg tcccccttct cccatctctc cctaaagaaa    140580
     tagctagagc tcaggtaggg ccctagggaa agatcctcaa atgattctca gtaaaggaag    140640
     gggtgaggag taaagttctg agttcgtcct aggaagtctg gagttagaga tggaggaaga    140700
     ggaggaggag gaagaagagg aaggggagga gaggaggaga aataggagaa gaaggggagg    140760
     aggaggagag aagggaagag gaataagaga agagggagga ggaggggagg aagaatagga    140820
     ggaggaggaa taggaagagg aggggtggag gaaaggagga gaaggggagg aggaataaga    140880
     agaggagggg aggaggaagg agaagaggag gaggaagagg aagaagcaca cagaactgga    140940
     gcttctgata tcctgctttg aaagtatgat tgttccatct aatcattaat tcactgtaga    141000
     cataagggtg aaagcacata gctgttgaga gtgaggtaac ccagacccaa aaggacacac    141060
     atggtattta ctcagttata agtagatatt agccataaag tacaggatca ccacactaca    141120
     atacacagat ccaaagaagc caaataacaa ggagagccca agggaggctg gttgaatctt    141180
     tcttagaaga ggaaataaaa tagatatcag aggtagatgg agggaaggaa ctgggtggaa    141240
     gaagggatgg ggcattggga gggggtgggg ggatcaaatg tagggagaac agggagagag    141300
     gatggaaact ggtggtgagg gcatttctag gacatgccag agacctggga tgtggggatg    141360
     cccgaaggtg tctacagggg tgaatctagc tgaaactcct agcagtgggg aatatggatc    141420
     ctgaagtggt cactacaagt cgccagataa gactctcagt ggacggatag aacagcaacc    141480
     cacccacaaa accttcaact gaatatgtgt cctgcccaca agatgtgcag aaacaaagat    141540
     agagcagaga cagagggaat ggacaaccaa tgacccagac tgagggaagt gctatgcacc    141600
     tggtaagcac tggagtccac gcaggcactg tgggtgagac ccatcccata ggtaagcacc    141660
     aatccatggc actgttaatg atactctgtt atgattgtaa caggatccta gcataactga    141720
     cctctgagag gctccaccca ataactggcc aaagcagatg caggcccaga gccaaacatt    141780
     aaatggagct tgagaagtct tgtggaagag tcaggggcga ggactgaggg acccaaagag    141840
     aataaggact ccacaggaag accaacagag tcaactaacc tgaacccttg gtggttccca    141900
     gagaccgaac caccaaccaa agagcaaaca tggactggac ttaggctcct cagtacatat    141960
     gaagcagatg tgcagtttag ttttcatgca ggtcctccaa caactggggc aggggctgtt    142020
     gctgaatctg ttgcctgcct gtggatccag ttcccttaac tgagccatct tgtcttccct    142080
     cagtgggaga ggatgaacct agttctgtag tgactaatgt tcatgtgtgt gtgtgtttct    142140
     ctctctgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgatacagg gggtgctccc    142200
     ccttttcaga ggagaagagg aggaggaata ggggagaagc tgagagaagg aggtcctgga    142260
     aggagagggg agctgatatt gggatgtaaa atgaataaat aaatcaacca attaatcaaa    142320
     aatgtgtggt tcatgtatta cactgttatc tggctctggg atgcccatgg ggactgtctt    142380
     cctgttgctt cctcttctcc agccccccca ctgtgtgccc aacctgtgac cccttgtaca    142440
     gttttaatca cttgtcattt ggtataggat tttgatgttc caagaaactt caggcaggac    142500
     tcacactcat ccactcctgc gtgttagaca ctggcttgtg agtagctata atctctggtc    142560
     atctctcaca cttaagcaca tacataccac atatgcacac agatgttcac acccccacgc    142620
     aaatgcagat gtacccatgt gaacacatga gggcagacac acagtcttga atgtttggct    142680
     aggaaagaat gatcaagcag cccatcattt cctttgtaga aagcgtccca gtgtctccct    142740
     cagacagtgg agaagtattc gatccgagtt aagtggattt ggtttctttc aaactcaccc    142800
     atgcctagct tgtctcacct aaacacagcg gtagaggtcc catgaggctc tgagggagca    142860
     ggctgtcttg gtcatctgct gtctaagggg caaaggaggt ctctctcctt cctctctgtc    142920
     ttcttcatac tttgagtcac tttcagaggt aatttatgac actttgtccc caaatcacga    142980
     ctcagagctg aagttatgat gaagccagtt actgcactcc aatgtttcac cttctagaac    143040
     tatattttga ctcccataga gaagccaaag tgtaatttac ggttagggtt tgaacagaag    143100
     ttgactaagg ctatgacaga gtgtaagaaa gaaggggtga gtgtatgtcc ctagacaacc    143160
     agaaacagga caaaggtatc tctgcctctt gtatactatc tgtaaggact cagatgttca    143220
     aacagcataa atagtctgga agtttgcaat gcaccataca ctgaactggt agaagctcat    143280
     tgaatgatca gtaggcagtt aatcccctgg tcgctaccct cttggttttt agagacactt    143340
     tttttttttt ctgtgtagcc ctggttgtcc tggaactcac tctgtagacc aggctagcta    143400
     cgaagaactc agagatccgc ctgcctctgc ctcctgagtg ctgggattaa aggcatgagc    143460
     caccaccatc ctgctgggct ggtacttgta ttagatactt ttcctgctgc tgtgatacaa    143520
     ttccctggta aaacaattta acagagaagg agtttatttt ggctcacagt tcaagactgc    143580
     agtacattgc atcagggaag gtagctagtc acatcgaatc tgcagtcagg gagaggagag    143640
     agatgaccgc tggtgctcag tttgttttcc ctatttgata cagtccaggg ctccaaccta    143700
     ggggatggtg ccacccacat ttatggtggg tttccccatc ataattaact taatcaagat    143760
     aatccctcat agacgtgccc agagatttgt cttcaaggtg tctctaagtc ctgtcaagtt    143820
     gaaaatcagt ataaatcacc acacatatac ctccaatgtg ttgaaacatt tcccatgggt    143880
     aggacaaaac acatcctatc gtcagagaca gacttctttg ctgacagcct cccctgatgc    143940
     atgcatgtta gtaacagctt tccactgtga ctatgagttt tgaatacaca gaaatagatt    144000
     aaagtctggg ctgagatggg gagctgtagg taaatggtca ccaggagtag actgctcttt    144060
     aaatgacatc attaaagata atgagttaga agagaagaga ttatttatta ataccactca    144120
     cttttagtgg ttgattcttg tgattcctag aagctgggag ggggaataga gagtcagaga    144180
     gagtttggat aagaggtcac aaaagggtta aaaagaagga acaggttcta ctgtgctgca    144240
     gtacagcaca gagattcatg tttaaagtga tctattatgc tctttatgaa taagcagaac    144300
     agagatgctc agatttgcca atgactggga aatgatagga aatggtaatc ataccctgaa    144360
     ttggtcagca tccactgtat acatgtaccc attagcctga gcaattattg tctattaatc    144420
     acagtaatcc tgatatactt aagaatatgg aagtcaggct ggagagaagg ctcagaggtt    144480
     aagagcactg ggtactcttt cagaggttcc aagttcaatc cgcagcaacc gtgtggtggc    144540
     tcaaaaccat ctgtagagga atccaatacc cacttgtagt gtgtctgtac ttacataaaa    144600
     caaataaata aacctttaaa aaataaaact taaaaagaat atggaagaat gactccacag    144660
     attcttataa agatatttta tttttattta atgtgcattg gtatttatat ataaataaag    144720
     tgggtaagga taataatggg gcttgaaatt aattttacga agtgtcttgt ctaagtaatt    144780
     accaagtacc agtggagatg ttattatgaa agtaattttt tatagtttag tttaaaacaa    144840
     tttatttctt tttattttat gggcaatggt gttttgcctg catataagta tctgtgaggt    144900
     ttgaagacca ctgaaattgt cattacagac agttgtgagc tgccatgtca gtactgggaa    144960
     ttgaactcag attttctgaa aaaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa caaaaacaaa aacaaaaaca    145020
     aaaacagcta gtgctcttaa ttgtcaagcc atctctccag cctgttaaag taattttcag    145080
     atgagactaa attttaactc aggaggattt taatatgtca gatgacctcc tctactgtaa    145140
     atgtcactgt ctaaccagtt gaagacttca gagataaata aaaacaacaa caaaaaccct    145200
     tgataaatcc taggaaagag aggaaagaga gttcttgctg tttggacaaa gctgtaatat    145260
     taactcttcc aaagatttcc aggctgcaag gctgccctgt agatactgtg tttgccaagt    145320
     ctcagaactg agtgggccaa tgagatgatg ttgagcgttt accttaccag aagaaatgac    145380
     aattcaatta gagcctgtgt tgcctacagt ccaaattcca aactcatcct gttgactggt    145440
     gaaggttgtg gaatacaatg tctgtgtctg cacagatctc cagctgtgtt cacttatcca    145500
     tgcattcctc agctcttctt ggagggagca tggacaatgg ttatcatccc atctgctgtg    145560
     tgcctaccat gtctaaggcc ataacacctc atgtggagat gtgtgctgag aactagcccc    145620
     cctgtacttc ctaaacctca aaagaaattc aagacaggat tgtgtcaatt agctcttgtg    145680
     tgtgggaaac aaggggagca taagggaaag agcggggagg gaaagagccc atgtccagcc    145740
     agagttcctc ctatgctctg ggcaggtgga cgtgggaggg ctggtggacg tgggagggct    145800
     gctggacgct ttccacttgg ccctgggtgg acatctaagc cactgacccc actccacggg    145860
     gggggggtgg acaaggggca gcccctgaaa tcaggggccc cggggcgaca ccctttgccc    145920
     tggggttatg ggagagatgg ctgagggaga gagattccca tgcaggcaag acaggattgt    145980
     gtcaattagc tcttgtgtgt gggaaacaag gggagcataa gggaaagagc ggggccttag    146040
     tctgggcctt gactggagga caggaaggcc ttctgatggg agattagaaa cggctcacta    146100
     gaggaaaacc tatcccatca tccaagcaca gggggcctta acgaacagag acagtctatg    146160
     gttttagagc tttattgtag aaagagagaa ggtaaaagag agagagagag agaccagcaa    146220
     tggccaagag gagggaagtg ggaaagagag agaaagagga aaggctagaa agtaagaaag    146280
     agagagtaag agagtgagag gagagagtaa gaaagtgaga ggagagagaa tgaggaaagc    146340
     tagaagagag taagagaacg aggtggggcc aagcagtgcc tcttatggtg ggctgttatc    146400
     tatggtgttg ctgggtaact gggaggagtt tagcctgaag gtcagaagct tgggacattg    146460
     tctatgtgac tactgactgt gcttctcttg tggaggctgt gggggcagta actttgacag    146520
     gagcgagagt tccaggagac atgagggaac gcctaccttg ccatgtaggt gaattatcac    146580
     cactctgggg ttcagacctc agctccactg gagaccagac tgtctgtgta tagcccaatg    146640
     ccccacacct gtgcatggtg tcaaagcaac atctgtcaac aaggagccga atacccacag    146700
     aaaggcagga gaaaatggat gggaaaactg gcagagaaaa aggaactctg ggaaagagtg    146760
     aggctgaaga gattcaccac catgttgtgg aggaagttgt gtgagaagag gcaaccagcc    146820
     acatctcaga catagaatag cataaacagg ttaagttagt tggagaacaa gttgagctaa    146880
     ggtataggca ttaatgcatg aataaacaac ctctgtgtca gtattctgaa actgaggcag    146940
     atacagaaaa acacaagtgg ttatatagtc tactaacttc ttcatcttag gagagtgtgg    147000
     cactgcttgg ggaatctctc tgggaccaag gatcatatat gctgcagacc ctccgggtcc    147060
     ctgtgtctgc gtggaacggg tctctggggc aggtgggcaa agctttggat gaattgacag    147120
     acagatgcac acaggagagg ttgtgtagaa tctgattgaa tttgtcaggt cgagcatcag    147180
     actttttata gtacagagaa tacaaggggt tggaagtcac atcaggcaag gtacattgaa    147240
     gtttaccaga tacaaaacga aggaatgact tcgaaaggaa ttgcaggaac caggtaaatg    147300
     tttacaataa agataagcag tcctgcctag gatcagccta atgacaggca agaatttcac    147360
     actttagtgt taatagcacc agggggttct gctcttggca ggcctcaaga ataatgcaat    147420
     gtcacagacc cctaaattcc taggccttgc taaattctta tcttatctgg ggaatctcca    147480
     tttgtcagga gagtgtacca acttgctttt ggtttgcaat gtagcctgta ctaaagattt    147540
     ctatctcagt gagatttcca ggctctttct gcagaccaga tgagccactg gctccgtcta    147600
     ttgtaattct taattagtta ctgaataggt taaacttcct tgctgctttc tcacaggatt    147660
     ctaggctcgg cggcttctgg gatcttggaa cactggggga agctaactat aacagaatta    147720
     atcttgagag gcatttataa taaaatatta aaagagagct cgtagatcca tacaccagac    147780
     taactcggga atagaaaatt aatgtatggg ttagagagaa cgccagactc caggagtgag    147840
     tttctgtgaa actcttttgc ctcgtgagta gctttcaagc ctcagcctgt caagctgact    147900
     tgaccggaga gcgtggcaca tatatatata accatatatt ctcattcatg atacttaaat    147960
     ggaagatagt tcttataccg tgggaaactc ttctacttgc cacagtggta ttctctctct    148020
     gaaagagatg aatcgtctgg tctttcccag aaaatgtttg ctgcttaaaa ggaggcttta    148080
     agtccatgtc tgaagcaagt ccaaaggtta gtacctcaca actccattcc tgtttcccag    148140
     tattcaggga ggtcagagag gcacgatcct ggtttctctg acaaaaactc ttccttatta    148200
     aggagagact tggcatcact tgccacagta tcaatgaaga gactttgcca gtagtaagtc    148260
     tttctaaagt aaaggcctga ggcaagtggt cccccagtaa cacaggaaat atattcaata    148320
     tatttcaaca gtttttcttt gaaggacatg tcattgttct ttgttaacaa ctggagagac    148380
     ctaaggtgtg ccttaatttc attcacagac acattgaaat ccttggcaat attttctagt    148440
     gaggcttcat ccagcccaaa gtaagacctg tagagagtca aggtctcttc caacttctgc    148500
     attttatctc tgactaagcc cccaagtgga atggtggtcc atactccagc cttcagggcc    148560
     tccagccaga tcctctgtct gaggaaatcc ctcttccggt caatggcagt ctcagtaaca    148620
     ctgtgcaagg acatcatgaa gaggtggcgc ttgtgggctg ggagttccct cagtagggtg    148680
     ttctccagct ttgggaagtc aaagtcagac acatcaaagt tagagactag gaacactgga    148740
     ggctgactgg agagaacctt ctggagatga cctgagcagt catctcttat tttctttaag    148800
     acactgtctc tattgaaaga cttaggttta ctcctctgtt cattactgac atcttgatct    148860
     atcttggttc ggacaaagta gaactttgtg ttcatctttg caatggcttt ggccagatgt    148920
     gcatcaattt ctttgaagcg tgtagccgag atgataatga agaagtcata ctcaccgaac    148980
     ttcatttctg tcagatagtt ttgtggttgg aagttggttg acccaatgcc aggtaggtcc    149040
     catattgtca cattgggaag ctttgggtgt gggtatggag ttctcttcat ggttgtctct    149100
     accaccccag tgggcgctgc accttcttct tcacccctta ctcccctcaa ggcattgatg    149160
     aagctggatt tccctgtccc tgtttctcca gtcacagcaa tgttcagtgg ggctttgtca    149220
     atgttgctca gagcatgact aatttcagac aatgccccct gaaggttctt atcctccaga    149280
     tgggattcaa tcaaggtgat ggtttcctca gagaggattt tgctttcctt cttgaaattc    149340
     ttaaaaaaat tttcaaagct gatcaccaaa agttgagcca ttaaaggaga gggtctgcta    149400
     gaggaaggct ggcatgtagc tgtgtgcagt ggaggatgct gaatagagaa gaaaagagag    149460
     acactgtaat tattagtgca cagggcaagg cctaggaatt tgttcttatg ataaagaggg    149520
     agctcagctg ctgataccat tactagcaga acatcttcct ttctgctcct ggctgatggc    149580
     tccatctctg ctctgcatat catgtgccct cactcagccc ctaccttctg tggttttctt    149640
     tctcctttgt tttttcattc aagatcaact tattccatgt ggttttctac agcagtgttt    149700
     acttcttatt ttaatttgtc tttgttcact gtttactcct attataatta atacccacag    149760
     gttgtaaaat cctcaagata taaaaaacct caagcaacat atctcatgaa aagcctccct    149820
     gccgtctttg agtgcttagg acattgcttc ctaggcctca tgatctctgg tccttcagca    149880
     cagtcattct agtttctctt gtgtagcatg tgaataagga agaagggaca tgaggtggga    149940
     gggaaaagat tcttgacatg cccaacaaag ggtttgatgc attactatat atgtgtaata    150000
     gacttctttt tagccataaa gtacattgaa attatgtcct ttgtaggaaa ttggatgtaa    150060
     ctgtaggtag tcatattaag acaataaagg cagtcttaga aagacaaatc cattttctca    150120
     ttcctggagc tgagcttttg tacagatacg taagttatat tgtagatatg acatgcaagt    150180
     ggaagtgaac ctgtctagag gacagaggaa ctgaggggtg tattcataac atgcaatgtg    150240
     tactcgttag aaacttcaca gatagatgtt aaaaagattc atttaagagg agatgtgtct    150300
     ccatgttatc ccttattttt caaaagaaga ggtaggggac cacctcaatt aaaagcaaat    150360
     tcctaagaaa ttccctgtgt gttcctgttt tttagtgttc tgttcccaaa cctcagtgaa    150420
     ataacccaca aaagcgaaaa atccctaact gggtatagaa gaaaggaagg gaggaaggga    150480
     gggaggaagg aagataggag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    150540
     agagagagag agagagaggg agagggagag aaagcgcgca tgcgcgcgcg agagagatta    150600
     aagaagacac taaaattgag gatactcttt cttttttttt ttttttaatt aagaaacctc    150660
     aaaatatata ttcccatcaa acgccttctc tgggaaagag tcatttctta tggcagaaga    150720
     ggcaggataa aggtcagata tatttccatc aggaatccac acatgttttc cttaaaggtc    150780
     atttatttca atttttggct ttataggcta catccagttt ctggaacaca ttcccagttt    150840
     attataatct gcaaaacatt aaagctattt atatttcatg aattgtggaa aaccagactt    150900
     gttagctatg actatagata aaaagtgatg tgttttttta aaagatgaag agaagggtaa    150960
     tatgttctat ggaggtgtgg taaggtgtgg gggaagaggg tgcctcctcg ggcccaagct    151020
     gaggcattac ttcccactgt tggatggtat agtatagaag agagtttatt aagggcatgg    151080
     ggaggggagt taagagggta gtagaagcag agagacagag acagggagag agagagagag    151140
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agggagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag    151200
     aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagag aagcagagga    151260
     gtagaggtga agaggccagc catgagcaca tggagagagt gttgggtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    151320
     tgtgtgtgtg tgaaagaatg gggagagatg ggggaaggga agagcaagag caacagaaag    151380
     caagagagca aagggggcaa acagccccct ttatagtgtc aggtaactgt ggtccaaagc    151440
     ttagacagaa tgctaacaaa aagtttatca gtattgatac taaaaatact agaactttgg    151500
     gatgaaggat ataaatctac agccatattc ttttgttttg atgttagaaa cacacacaag    151560
     actttggaat tagagttgga acagaaggaa aatgcaggca gtctggagag atggctttca    151620
     gtttgctcta atattctggt gtatgaagat ttcaatacag aactgcaggt atacagaatt    151680
     ctattcttga gtcagccaat catcttgttg gaggctatgt caccaataaa actaagagaa    151740
     aggagggcat agtgtagagc ctactgtcac taggaataat atattaaaat atcacaactt    151800
     ccagggtaat tatttgaaaa ttcgcaggtg aagctgcatg catgtgtgca agtgctcatg    151860
     tatacagtat gagttccaga gatctcccca tctctgcctc tctggtgctg agacattgct    151920
     cacaactgat ttacaagtag aagcaatatt taggaacatc tggtgatcgt ggctacagaa    151980
     atgaattcaa attcatgtac agtgcatcat ttacactctc ctatttatgt cacaattgct    152040
     tgcagtgtat gagagtccca gtcttgtgtg accttatgaa acaatggttc tcaacaatcc    152100
     tgatatggaa tagacagagc caaaactcac tagatgccag cagaatagtg atatggcatc    152160
     ctcactgtga tggccagtgg ggaataaacc taatattaca taactaccca acctcctaag    152220
     acacattttt ctggagaatt ctctatataa ggatgtccca tattagtggt agatatttcc    152280
     attgagaaac acaaattgtt acacagaaca ttgtaactat tcaaaatagc caaagcaacg    152340
     atgaacataa aggatcataa ccctgtaata aaagattctg aggagggctg gaaagatgtc    152400
     tcagcagttg agaagactag ctgttcttcc agaggtcctg agttcaattt ccagcaacct    152460
     catggtggct cacaaccata tgtaatgaga tctgattctt ggttttgagt gtaagtgaag    152520
     actcacatac attaaaataa aagtataaat gaatatttta aaaagattcc aaagaaactg    152580
     aagtagatta aattcctgta gatacttcat aaataatgaa aaaaatctca atcaaatgag    152640
     aggtgagaaa tgttgaagga gaaaatttat ctgatatgca acagagtatg tatgacaaga    152700
     acatgaagaa gggacttttg aggataaaag ggcactaggt agataagggg ggtacaaggc    152760
     agagggcagt aggcaaatga atgagaatag ataagaatga atgacaatgt ataatggcat    152820
     acatgtcata tgtgtaccta aaatgtaatg aaatagaaaa aacctcaatg agatctaaga    152880
     aaatactgat aaatgcaata aaaatgaata tataagattt gtccaagaaa ctcagaaatg    152940
     taaaactttg aaagaaatct tgaaagttca tttacaatag acacaacaca cacaccagag    153000
     aagaaggcag agtaagaagg taggaagaaa ggaaggtaga gagcaagcaa ggaagaagca    153060
     aacaagtttc attaagaaac caaggaagtg agatgctcca aagcagagaa gaaagaaacc    153120
     tcaaagaagg caacaaaaga tgctaagatc cccgtgttta tagtttataa actttaagat    153180
     tgtaaaagtg tccatacttc agaaagtgat ctatagactc aatgcaatct caactagaac    153240
     atcaatgcca gtaagaatag aactggactg tggaatcaca aaactcacgt gggaacacag    153300
     aagactgcaa atagccaaaa caatattgat caaaaccaac agggctagga gtcactgcaa    153360
     tacctgattt caaggcatag cacagagcca cagtgacaaa aacagtccaa taactgcatg    153420
     aagacaggct catggaccat caagctgaca gaaagagtga acccagaaat atatccataa    153480
     ccatgcaggc aacagaatgc atctacagtc agccagtatc tcagcaaggc ttccaaatac    153540
     tcataccgca caaagggcac atggtttgaa gaatggaact gggcgatctg ggagaactgg    153600
     acatcaggaa aggttaaacc ttgacactca cccttcacac tatacaaaaa ccaaccctgt    153660
     gtggcccaaa gagcttgctg taagataaaa accttgaatc tcttaaaggg aaacaggtat    153720
     gaaaaacgtc atcagattgt cacacatggg gtatcaaaag caaactgaca agtagcatgc    153780
     catctaactg agacacttct tgaatacaaa gcaaataaac accagagaaa tgagatgatt    153840
     tacagtgaaa agccttagga gcgcatcatg taacagtctc accagagagg ccccaggatg    153900
     tcaacaggag cagaacatgg acatgacaaa gtttgtcaga gtcactttga aacatctcaa    153960
     agaagtgaaa tagaaaggtg cttcctggac caactggaaa cactttgccc acggactcct    154020
     cccaatatgg agaggcctta gagttgaatg agctcacctg ctctgtgaaa agctcttctt    154080
     tactgaggat aattttaaca tcgcttgcaa ccgtgtcaat gaaataattt tgcaagtgga    154140
     aaacctttga aaagtaagga tttccaatgt acttcaatag tttctctgtt aaggatgtat    154200
     ctggctcatc tgagagcaaa tgtggagact taatgtttgc cttgagctcc tccagtgtca    154260
     cgttcaaatc ctcagcgatg ttttccagtg atgcctcatc caggccaaag gaagatctat    154320
     agtcattcaa agtctgttgc aacatctcca tgtccttttg ggtcagtccc cgggatggta    154380
     tggtagccca tgctcttggc attatggatt ccttccagat cttttgtttc agcatatccc    154440
     tcttccggtc tatggtggaa tctgtaacaa taggcaacgt gagcatgaac atgtggtgtt    154500
     tgtaggctgg gagctggctc agaagggtgg attccagatt tgggaagtca aagtcagata    154560
     catcaaagtt agaaactaag aagactggag gttcttggtg ggtaacctcc ttaagtatat    154620
     ttgaaataga atttcgaatc tgctctaaga tgttctcttt attgaatttc ctaggatcac    154680
     tcagttttac aaccattaaa tcaagatctg tgtgggttcg aacaaaatag aaactcctat    154740
     tcatttgcac aatggctttg gcaagctctg cgtcattatg tttaaagcgt ccggaagaga    154800
     caataatgaa gaagtcatac tcctcaaact cgattttctt cagataatca tgtggttgga    154860
     aggcagtaga tccaatgcca ggcaggtccc acagtgtcac actgggaaac tttgtgtaag    154920
     tgtatggtgt tctctcagtg gttgtatgta ccacccctgt ggaagcagct gcaccttctt    154980
     catcatcccc cactccctgg agagcattga tgagactgga ctttccagcc ccagtctccc    155040
     ccatcactgc aatgttcagt ggggctttct ctatgccacc cagagcactg ctgattgcag    155100
     aaactgtttc ccgaaggttt ccatcctcta gggatgattc aatgaaggca attaattcct    155160
     gagacaggat tttggttttc atcttgaaat tctgaagatt tgtgccaaag ctggcgatga    155220
     aatcaggatc gtcctttgga gggagtgtag aagaggaagt ctgacccatt cctgggaaat    155280
     gttgatgata ctaaagggag gaaagaacca ggaaagtcaa caaattaatt tagcaaaaac    155340
     aaccattgga agagcagggc ccagcatctg cctcttcatt ataaacaggg actttctccc    155400
     cttcaatcaa atgtgcaggg ctgaacagca cttactcctg gctttaggtt taaattttgg    155460
     tttgactcac actcctttga ctattttctt ctttacattg tttttcattc ttcaagacca    155520
     aaatcaagcc tgtaatcgca gcactaagga ggcggctcta tggatcagaa gcttgagctc    155580
     agcctggggt taagatgccc agacttctgt cgagaaaaga aattacctaa gttcatatag    155640
     tactaccgga agatccagca atacctctcc tggcatgatg ttccaacatg taataaggac    155700
     acatgctcta ctatgtccat agcagcctta tttataatag ccaggagttg gaaagaaccc    155760
     agatgtccct caacagagga atggatacag aaaatgtggt acatttacac aatggagtac    155820
     tacacagcta ttaaaaacaa tgaattcacg aaattcttag gcaagtggat ggatctggag    155880
     gatatcatcc tgagtgaagt aacccaatca caaaagaata cacatgatat gcactcactg    155940
     ataagtggat attagcctag aaacttagaa tacccaagat acaatttgca aaacacaaga    156000
     aaatcaagaa gagggaagac caatgggtgg atacttcgtt ccttcttata atgaggaaca    156060
     aaatacccat ggaaggagtt acagagacaa agtttggagc tgagatggaa ggaagaacca    156120
     ttcacagact gccctaccca aggatccatc ccataaacaa ccaccaaatg cagacactat    156180
     tgcatatgcc agcaaatttt gctgacagga ccctcatata gctcttgtga gactatgcca    156240
     gtgcctggaa aatataaaag tggatgctca cagtcatcta ttggatggag cacagggccc    156300
     ccaattaagg agctagagaa agtacccaag aagctaaagg ggtttgcaac cctataggag    156360
     gaacagcaat atgaactaac cagtatccgc cagagtttgt ttctctagtt gcatatgtag    156420
     cagaggatag cctagttgga catcaatggg aggagtggcc cttggtcttg ctaagattat    156480
     atgccccagt acaggggaat gccagggcca ggaagtggga gtgggtgggt tggggagcag    156540
     ggtaggggga gggtttaggg gacttttgaa gaggaaacta ggaaagggat agcatttgaa    156600
     atgcaaatga agaaaatatc taataaaaaa aaagaaatta cccaaattca tagttttgtc    156660
     agcctttaca ggtaaggtca cattatgaca tgcacagtaa tgttcaggtt ttcaaattta    156720
     cttcataatt gacatgaatg gtagcaaatt caatgggaga gctcagctca tggtcagaag    156780
     gcatcctaag gatgcaggag cctcttgaac tacccttctt gggtttctta tgactttgat    156840
     atctacaaaa gttctttcac tatttggtgc tgaaaaccct ttgctttggc aattaaaatc    156900
     cttgtggttg tggaggtcat aggctctgct ggggaagctg ctactgttat tttgtgaaat    156960
     gtgcatgata tgttcttcaa tttgccattt aaatatttat atttgtatct acttattggt    157020
     atgctgttaa ctttggccct agaagctgtt ctgtatagtg agtaagagta actttagatt    157080
     aactcaaaat ggtcagagaa ttgagcataa gtgacttttg aatgctcagc cataaatgtg    157140
     atacctaaag tacagcttcc aatgcttagt gtgatgcaga agagacaaca gaaatgatct    157200
     gagaactggg agaggggtgt agtgttttga caatgtaaaa atagctgaaa caataaaatc    157260
     ccaaatcatt cagtctattc gtgggctaat gagctgtaga gacagtcacc aagagaataa    157320
     atgaaatggc taaaacatac ttgaatattt acttgatatc ttgaactatc agagaaaggc    157380
     caattaaatc ataatggtac caccaagaaa ccaccaccac caacaaatgt agaaaagagg    157440
     aaccatcttc actgttagaa gttggtgcat ttctttcaga aatggattac tgtcccaggt    157500
     acacttctca cttcaacctg aaggactgtt agtcaacaga tcacacagat gcaagctcat    157560
     ccgtggttat agctgctctg ttgatggtct ctatgaaatt aattcagtgt agatatttat    157620
     atacagatga atggacaaag accttatggt acatatacac aattaggttc tatgcagttg    157680
     tgaagaaaaa tgaaaccctg acattttcag aaaaataaat taatgtaact ggaatttgtt    157740
     cagacaaaag aatccagata tcagaaaaaa gatgtagcac atgttgtctt taacaggctg    157800
     aagctaacca tacaaaatgt atgtgtgttt gctccaggaa catggcctac agaggcagaa    157860
     gcatgcagat gagttcaagg tcaacctggt ttacaaagtg agttcaagaa cattcaggcc    157920
     tgttatacag agaaccttgt cttgaaaaat caaaagaaaa cacacaccct ccaaaatctt    157980
     ttgatgtcat tttctctaat ggtacagctg ctggaagact tggtagtaga aaaactaact    158040
     tgttatggcc tgggtactta ttgcctggtt agccgttcat tttatgctct tatgagcaat    158100
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctcaagaa ataggagcta ttattggtag gaatataaat    158160
     taatacagct gttatgatga actgtttggg gtcccctcca aaaatcaaga aatagaatta    158220
     ggataagatc caccaatgtt aacatactca aaagaaaaca agtcagaagg tggtcaaagt    158280
     ctctcaactg tccagttgta ggtctctgtt aattgccatc tactgcaaac agaaacttct    158340
     ctgatgacag ctgaatgagg cactgatcta tgggtataat tgatctctgg gtatttcaat    158400
     gtctttagga gtcactttat cgctatgttc ctttatcaaa ataatgtagt aagttttccc    158460
     ttaggtccac ctgtctagct tcagggtttt ggccttgtag tggtgtcaga cactgcttct    158520
     ttctcatggc atgggcctta aatccaattt taacatgtga ttgtttactc ctataacttc    158580
     tgtgccagta tatcttgcag gcagattact tttgtaggtt agaggctttt tagctggatg    158640
     ctcttctttg gtagcaatga gcaaactttc tcatatgctg tcataactgt taaaggaaac    158700
     tgtctcatgt gctgttactg actgggaacg ttgccatgac tgagttaact gttaaaccaa    158760
     agtctgttat gttctatgct ttattgttct tggaaaccaa tcataacaga ggtcaactgg    158820
     acctgcttta tatagttagc cacaatatgc ttggagttga gacctccctg ggaattgaca    158880
     tcctactttc tgccatgttc gtgggtaact gacaccctgg ttggcaagtt gggacatgaa    158940
     tgctaggcaa gtcaagtcac cctgccacag ttgagtcacc caaccaatga ggacaagaga    159000
     agcatgccag gaagtctctt atacctaaat acagattagt ggaataattt ggcacaaaga    159060
     tttgtggttt tcagggttca aagctctgta tgaatctggc tcagagttaa tcagctccca    159120
     aatctggtct gtggcactga ttggtcagtc ctggggcaaa ttctccataa aatatctgtg    159180
     gctgactgag actggtgtat ggtgtggttt gtagggcaac ttctggaccc caacataagt    159240
     aagcattgta gatttgtctt ttaagaaacc ccaggtgata tctcatcttg gtggtcaact    159300
     tgacttcctc tagaattaac tgaaacccaa gtagctgggc acacttgtga gacatttttc    159360
     tacactgggt catttgaggt tggaagatct accctaaatc tgggttacat cttctggtgg    159420
     cagcccatgt aaaaggatat ggaagaagga gatttttctt ctttgcctgc ttgatctcat    159480
     ttgctctgac aagttcgccc attttgctgc tgagccaatc cttcactggt attagagccc    159540
     acctcttagg gttgccagtg tacactgaag accagctgtg atagtctgcc tcatggattg    159600
     agttcttggc cttttcttca gggaacatct actgttagag tggccagatc acaggttgtt    159660
     agtcactgtg ttaaatctcc tttaatgcat gtagattctt gctaccagtt catggaaatt    159720
     aaaagcttct gtccagtaaa ggaaacagac aaggaaagag acagcttgcc agatgggagg    159780
     ggatccttgt tagcaattca ttcaacagaa gattaatgtt caaaatatgc aaagaattta    159840
     aaacaaaaac cctgatcaat aagaaaacaa acagcccaat caaaccatgg ggcatgtaac    159900
     tgaacagagt tccagaagaa gaaatacaaa tggccaataa atgtaaatat ttctttaatg    159960
     tgttcagtag cctcagccat taaagcatgc gtattgtagc cactttggga tttcatctca    160020
     cctgagtcag agaggtttgc atcaagagag aaaatggcaa cagatgctgg tgtggatgta    160080
     gcagaagggg agtccttatt tgctgctgtg gggctgtaaa caagcacagc cattatgggg    160140
     tcagtgacac cattcctgag catagcccaa aaggacttta tatcctagca caaagatatt    160200
     ggaacatcat gttcattact gctctagtaa tacctgagaa atacaatcag cttagatgat    160260
     aagtggataa tgaaaatgtg ccacagagac acaatggaac tggattcatg cataaatata    160320
     aatgcaagtg tataattttc agacaaactg gcagaactac taaatgttaa gtgagttcac    160380
     ccaatgtcag aaaggcaaac ctgatgtttt cactcacatg tggatttcag cttctcattt    160440
     ttaggtatgt atatttatgt tgtaggaagt gtttgcagag gccaggaaac cggaaggagg    160500
     gccataagag gaataaaaat agctttgggg gggggagcta gatagtagca tatatgggat    160560
     atacaagtgg acttcagaat aatgggaact gagagcttca aacccagagg acagccagag    160620
     agctgtggca caggactggc tgtggtgtgg ccaaccaaaa accgttatgt aaagctaaag    160680
     acgattcagt gggaatccta gccccaaggg tgggctactt ccccatgatt tgctggttat    160740
     gaagactcct caacccccct cccccaaaca gttaaggtat catgagtgct ggttacattg    160800
     aaaaggggaa ctgagaagtt tgaagagaga ggcttctcac agttcccttc tagaagagga    160860
     aatagcagtg ggtgttctgg ataggatttt atcctcatgg gggtaaataa aatagctcca    160920
     gtatagctgg gtgtggtgga gcatgccttt aatctcagcc ctaggaagca gagaggcaga    160980
     ggtagctgga tctccttgag tttgaggcca gcctggtcta caggttctag gtcagtcaga    161040
     ggcacacagt gtgatccagt ttcaccccaa accaaaacca aaaccaaaat aacaacaaca    161100
     aaactccaca acaagaacaa gaacaagaac aagaacaaga acaagaacaa gaacaagaac    161160
     aagaacaaga acaagaacaa gaacaagaac gagaacgaga acaagaacaa gaacaacaag    161220
     aacaagaaca acaagaacaa caagaacaac aacaacaaca acaagtatcc tacaccaaag    161280
     aggttcccgt attgactgtg aggaatctgg tcacacaagc tgccctcttt ctccaagctc    161340
     aagctggcat cagaagagca acagacctag gatgtgcttg tgatagggaa gtttgttgct    161400
     gccttgctgg tgggttgggg ctgctctgtg gtgcagaaca cagagaagag cctttctgtg    161460
     aacaacccct gagtgaaata agccatgacc gaaggtcctc tgcactgcta ccaggagact    161520
     atctttgata ccacaagtaa gcacatgatt tctggccaag ctgtactaga acccttcagg    161580
     tacctgttcc tgagcagtga tgccagtggt cttcttgtga tttcacctcc ttcttctctg    161640
     ggagcaaggt cactggggta gctctctttg gaatcctcta agctgggatg ttcaggaaac    161700
     agatgggatg cagagtgttg gtgtctgggt gctctggaga gaagaataga cgggaagcaa    161760
     attggatgtt ttcatatttc cttccagatc ttagtcccca cagactttgc tctttgttct    161820
     gcaattccta gatctgaatc ttaccttcct tgtccttaaa gggagggact gcagtgaggt    161880
     taggttttag tttctattcc cagacctctg tgtcttattt acacagtcag ctgaaaaggt    161940
     ttcacatcct tcggcataga gggaggtgga gctctgctga agtggacaac tccagggctt    162000
     cctgagagct ctagtcagta ctttggtagc ctagtcctgt ctcagggctc acccccctaa    162060
     ctgatcattt tgccttccta catcttttca gatcatgtca tctattactg agtagtactg    162120
     acttttatac ccaatgtgtc catggttcag tgattgcaga cccttgtaac cctgctctgt    162180
     gcgtattctg ttgattttct ttcttctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    162240
     tctctctctc tctctgtctt tctttctctt tctgttgtgt ttgtgtgtag gtggacatct    162300
     gtgtgtagat gctgtcatct ctcagatatc atgctcctta tttttcagac agacacactc    162360
     actggcctgg acttctccaa ttagggaagg gtggctgaca agcaagcttc agggttctgc    162420
     ccctcacctt tctcagtgct ggaattagaa actcactcca ctatgcctgt cttttatgtg    162480
     gattctgttg tccaatccat aactttctct ttgactctga ggaccagtcc cacaatacac    162540
     cctctttctc caagttcaag atggcacaaa gagatgtcat gaaagagatg gcatcaaaga    162600
     gatgtctttc tctttgaaag acagttacat accacgtgat tatctcccta gccactcata    162660
     gaaaaatcca cgaagatggt gatcactatg attaatgtgt taacttcact gtgctgcatt    162720
     tcattaaaaa caaaatcatt tttatcttgt ataagctatg aggaagttgc tcccactttg    162780
     aatgtactct gtcaactggc cagatggact atttcctggt gcagctgggc tatccttaaa    162840
     aaattgctaa ttgttcaaaa agttttcatt gcccccagat aatcttgcaa gatagtgagt    162900
     gtcaagatta aacaggctaa ctgctaagct ctgctgttgt gtgcactgct tgcttgggtg    162960
     gctgaggacc ctgctggagg tctgttacag aatcaaggct tgcccatgcc cagataggat    163020
     atcatttgat ccccaaaata ataactgtgg tttttccctc tataattctt cagctaacaa    163080
     tagctgggat attacctaga gatttctctc tggtttggtc ttggtcagtc tccttctttt    163140
     tttttttttt ttttttttgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtaagata ctttttttta ttattttttt    163200
     taattttttg cattttttat taggtattta gctcatttac atttccaatg ctataccaaa    163260
     agtcccccat acccacccac ccccactccc ctacccaccc actccccctt tttggccctg    163320
     gcgttcccct gtactggggc atataaagtt tgcgtgtcca atgggcctct ctttccagtg    163380
     atggccgact aggccatctt ttgatacata tgcagctaga gtcaagggct ccggggtact    163440
     ggttagttca taatgttgtt ccacctatag ggttgcagat ccctttagct ccttgggtac    163500
     tttctctagc tcctccattg ggagccctgt gatccatcca ttagctgggt cagtctcctt    163560
     cttaataaaa cacctctaat ttactgaaac caaaaccaca gctgttatgt ctctattccc    163620
     cgggaacccc aggagagctc atgaactgca aggcctgatg taatcatgta taaaagtctt    163680
     tattattatt aagagtcaga ctaggatcac aaaccttatc tctcctttgt tgtaaagagc    163740
     atctgtaaca attgctgata atcatctcaa gcgggttgat gggtaaaaag gacggtgtct    163800
     aatagaccag taccacctgg gtaaccctta cacattacca agtcccactg cagcaggagt    163860
     ataaccttgg ctatttctgg aacacagcct ctttgtgctt tcagaaaaca cttcccagaa    163920
     gatgttacct caatgatgct ggtctctttt taatcatcgc taatttctta gctccagcta    163980
     accagcatca atagtcccag taatgcaaag tttttgtttt agtagttcag gtattttgtt    164040
     aatcacagct gattcttcag ccccagctaa ccagaactac agaatcttca caatcaaaac    164100
     agcaatggcc ctgaaaagag tctttaattt tccctctgaa atttcacaag ccagacctcc    164160
     atcttctgca ctgttctcaa cattattttc caagctccta cacaacattt gacagagctc    164220
     ttaacaacaa atggatcttc aagcccaaag ttccaaagtc cttcacagtc ctccccaaaa    164280
     tatggtcagg ttgtcacagg aataccccac tatgctggta ccaatttgtc ttagtcaggg    164340
     tttctattct tgcacaaaca tcatgaccaa gaagcaagtt ggggaggaaa gggtttattc    164400
     agcttacaat tccatactac tgtttatcac caaggaagtc aggactggaa ctcaagcagg    164460
     tcaggaagca ggagctgatt cagaggccaa ggagggatgt tctttactgg cttgcttccc    164520
     ctggcttgct cagcctgctc tcctatagaa ctaagactac cagccaagag atggtcccac    164580
     ccacaagggg cccttccccc ttgatcacta attgagaaaa tgtcttacag ttgtatctca    164640
     tggagtcacc ttctgctcct gcactagcct ggcctcagag tctttctctc ttacagaaga    164700
     ggggtttctg ccttctccat gtaactggga gctacctcac tggatctaga ccattcccca    164760
     actcagagaa ggtgttggac ccacaggagc tgggtatcaa gccacaagtt gtctggttaa    164820
     cacgagcccc ctcaggtagg cttttgtcct gagagtgcag gtccagcatc tgggttagca    164880
     cacaggcttc ccttgctctc tctttcaggg aggtagcctc ttgcttggct cagagactga    164940
     gtccagcttc atgcactgag gctacagttg aagagctgtt tatttctgca cagccagggc    165000
     ttcttataag agctacttcc aaacaacctc tctgaagttc ttcctttgtt acttgcccct    165060
     gcctggaatt gttgaaccac agtggattgg tgggaagtgg ctatttaaga aagttcttgc    165120
     cagacattca gtgggccaaa tgaaaatgta agctttgcca tgtagcctct ttattttcag    165180
     aaataacaac tgagacttat tgtatataaa tcaatgccta ggccaaaagt tttggattgc    165240
     tcctcaacca gttcacaact tagcttttcc acttaatctg ttctaactcc tgccatgtgg    165300
     ctagttacct atctccaggt tcatgaattt gtcttcctca gtgttctggc taaaagctcc    165360
     cacactcttt ctgtctccca gaattccatt ctttcctact gaaactctca tttattactt    165420
     cctgcctttt gctcattggc caacagcatt ttattgacag gtgatgcttc catgcattgc    165480
     acaagagact ctgcagcaga aggctttgaa tatgtcagat gacctcttct actgtaaatg    165540
     cccctttata atcaattgaa gtccttagag aaaacaaaca aacaaacccc aagacaataa    165600
     aacccttgtc attccttagg gaagagagaa gagaaaattc ttgctgtttg gacaggagct    165660
     gtaataccaa ctcttccaaa gatttccagg ctataagtct tctctgtaga tactgtgttt    165720
     gctaagtctc acaagtgagt gggcaaatga aagacagaag cagggggaga agtaaggata    165780
     gaagagggga gaagaatgaa gaggacgaag aggaagagtg ggaggcagaa gaagagagga    165840
     aagagaaaga gaaatgagag ggaagttgag ggagagatta taggctctta tgttaagcac    165900
     ctcttatcga gaggaggtgg gattttaaga tgttgttgag cctttttcat accacaagaa    165960
     atgacaactt aattagagcc tgtgttgcct acagcccaaa ttccaaactc atcccgttga    166020
     ctggtgaagg ctgtggaata caatgtctgt gtctgtacag atctccaggt gtgtttactt    166080
     atccatgcat tcctcagctc ttcctggagg aagcatcgac aatggtcatc atcccatgtg    166140
     ctgtgtgcct actatgtcta aggccatacc acctaatgtg gagatgtgtg ctgggaacgt    166200
     gacccctgta cttcccaaac ccccaacgaa gttcaagaga ggattgtgtc aatcagctct    166260
     tgtgcatggt gtcaaagcat catctgtcca caaagagctg aatggcgcgt agagagtcag    166320
     gaaaaaatgg gtgagacaac tgcctgagaa aaaggaactc tgggaaagag tgaggctgaa    166380
     gagattcacc accaggttgt ggaggaagtt gtgtgagaag aggcaaccag ccgcatttca    166440
     gacagaatcg acaaacaggt tattttaggt ataaacgagt tggagaacaa gcttacctag    166500
     ggtataagca ttaatgcaag aaacaacaac ctagtgtcat tattctcaaa atgatgcaga    166560
     tacagaaaaa cacaaatggt tatacggtct gctaacttct ttaacttagg agagtgtggc    166620
     actgcttggg gaatctcctt gggacaaaag aacccagttt aattagacaa aatattgcaa    166680
     gtcatatgta tacaaccata aattctcatg gtgatatttt aatggaagac tgtgcttata    166740
     ctggggatga ctcttttttt cttgccagag tggtattctg tctctgaaag aaattaatcc    166800
     tctggtcttt cccagaaaat atctgatgct aaaagtaggc gttaagtcca tgtctgaagc    166860
     cagtccaaag gttagtacct cacagctcca ttcctgtttc ccagtattca gggaggtcag    166920
     acaggcacga tcctggcttc tctgacaaaa actcttcctt attaaggaga gacttggcat    166980
     cacttgccac agtatcaatg aagagacttt gccagtagta agtcttacta aagtaaaggc    167040
     ctgaggcaag tggtccccca gtaacacagg aaatatattc aatatatttc aacagttttt    167100
     ctttgaagga catgtcattg ttctttgtta acaactggag agacctaagg tgtgccttaa    167160
     tttcattcac agacacattg aaatccttgg caatattttc tagtgaggct tcatccagcc    167220
     caaagtaaga cctgtagaga gtcaaggtct cttccaactt ctgcatttta tctctgacta    167280
     agcccccaag tggaatggtg gcccatagtc cagccttcag ggcctccagc cagatcttct    167340
     gtctgaggaa atccctcttc cgggcaatgg tagtctcagt aacactgtgc aaggacatca    167400
     tgaagaggtg gcgcttgtgg gctgggagtt ccttcagtag ggtggtctcc agctttggga    167460
     agtcaaagtc agacacatca aagttagaga ctaggaagat tggaggctga ctggagagaa    167520
     ccttctggag aagacccaag cattcatctt ttattttctt taagacactg tctctattga    167580
     aagacttagg tttactcctc tgttcattac tgatatcttg atctatcttg gttcggacaa    167640
     agtagaactt tatgttcatc tttgcaatgg ctttggccag atgtgcatca atttctttga    167700
     agcgtgtagc tgagatgata atgaagaagt catactcacc aaacttcatt tctgtcagat    167760
     agttttgtgg tgggaagttg gttgacccaa tgccaggcag gtcccatatt gtcacattgg    167820
     gaagctttgg gtgtgggtat ggagttctct tcatggttgt ctctattacc ccagtggggg    167880
     ctgcatcttt ttcttcacta cttattcctc tcaaggcatt gataaagctg gatttccctg    167940
     ttcctgtttc tccagtcaca gcaatgttca gtggggcttt gtcaatattt cgcagagcat    168000
     gactaatcac agtcagtgcc tctttgaggt tcttattctc cagatgggat tcaatcaaag    168060
     tgatggtttc ttcagagagg attttgcttt ccttcttgaa atttttaaaa aaatttttaa    168120
     agttgaattc caaaagttga gccgttatct gagaagtcct gccagtggaa gtctggcatg    168180
     tagctgtgtt cagtggagga tgctgaatag agaagaaaag ggagacactc attatttgtc    168240
     tagcagggca agacctccca gtttgtttta atggtaaaga aggacctcag cttctgataa    168300
     ccattattat cagatcatct cccttactgt tcctagctgc tgggtcaatg tttgctgtgc    168360
     atgtcacgtg ccctcattca gcttttatct ttttctgtgg tttcctgcct cctttgctgt    168420
     cccaagcatg atcagttcca tccagtgacc tttagcattg tttacttttt aagttaagtt    168480
     gttgcattct gtctactacc attacagata ataggcatag gttgtaatat ctttaaaggc    168540
     atatgtcaag atatcaaata cttcaaacaa catatctcat ggaaaggctc cctgccttct    168600
     ttgagtgctt agagcattgc ttcctggacc tcatgacctc ttcttcctta ggacagcatt    168660
     tttactttta cttgtgtagt ctgtttatta agggagaagg agcatggggc agtagcagaa    168720
     aagattcttg acaggcctaa cagagggttg gatacactac taggtatgtg taattgactt    168780
     ctcttgagcc gtaacgaaga ttgaaattat ctccttcgta ggaaagtgga tataactgta    168840
     ggtagtcaca ttaagacaat aaagctagtc tcagaaagac gaatacattt tctcattctc    168900
     atatcttaga ttttgtataa atataaaagt tatatcgtag atatgacatg aaagtagaag    168960
     ttaatctgtc tgggggacaa gggaactgag ggcaaataca taacaggcaa tgtgtgctta    169020
     tttgaatctt caaaactaga tgttaaaaag gtttatttga aaggagatat gctatttttt    169080
     aaattttatt tatcagctgg ggaggtaggg gatcatctca ttgtaagcag tttcctaaga    169140
     tattctctgt gtccctgttt tctagtgttc aatccacaag cctcaaggaa acaacccaga    169200
     aagatgaaaa tcccaaatgg atacagagga aagtcagcaa ggaagaaaca aatataggaa    169260
     gagatgttaa agaatccact aaaagaagaa aatgactcct ttaaaagtta agaaacctga    169320
     ataaaagagg tgaggaggac acatcatctg tcccaacacc aggagtaact gaggccagca    169380
     ggactcaggc aggcaggaac tcctccagac cagtgacatg gattcctttt ggtctgtctg    169440
     ggctggttcc ctgagcagac cttgggtgca aactccaaag tgaatcccac aacacacaga    169500
     ggaagctcca ctcccgggtg ctctaatatg cttaggatcc ccggatccag gagcctggtc    169560
     acaccagaat ctcagggtcc cagaaacatc ttgactccta ggagctctgc tacacccagg    169620
     ttctcaggat cccaggatcc cagaatcaca ggatcccaga gacagctgga ctctgaggag    169680
     ttctgacaca actaggatga caagaaggac aggctgcagt cagatatagc cagggcaggt    169740
     agcactagag ataaccagat ggtgggaggc aagcataaga acacaagcaa cacaatccag    169800
     tccaaggtta cctggaatca tcagaaccca atactcccac catagcaagt cctggataca    169860
     caatcactca gaaaagcaaa gctgggatct atagacattt gtcatgatga caaaagagga    169920
     ctttaaggac atatataact cccttaaaga aatacaggag aacacaggta aacaggtagg    169980
     agcccttaaa gaggaaacac aaaaatccct taaagaattt caggaaaaca caattacaaa    170040
     gagagactac cctagagata gaaaacctaa gaaagagatc aggagtcata gatgcaagaa    170100
     tcaccaacag aatacaagag atggaagaga gaatctgggg ggcagaagat tccatagaaa    170160
     acattgacac aacagtcaaa gaaaatgcaa aaagcaaaaa gctcctaacc caaaacatcc    170220
     agggaatcca ggacacaagg agaagaccaa acctaaagat aacagatata gaagagaatg    170280
     aagattccca ccttaaaggg ccagtaagaa tcttcaacaa agttatagaa gaaaacttcc    170340
     ctaacctaaa gaaagagatg cccatgaaca tacaagaagc atatagaact ccaaatagcc    170400
     tgaactagaa aagaaattcc tcctgtcaca tgataatcaa aacaccaaat gcactaaaca    170460
     aaaatgaata ttaaaagcag taagggaaaa aggtcaagta acatctaaag gcagacctat    170520
     cagaattaca cctgacttct caccagagac aatgaaagcc agaagatcct gggcagatgt    170580
     catacagacc ctaagagaac acaaatgcca gcccaggcta cgatacccag caaaactccc    170640
     cattaccata gacggagaaa acaagacatt ccatgacaaa accaaattta cacagtatat    170700
     ttccacaatt ccagccctac aaaaaaaacc caccaacata aggagcaaaa gtactcccta    170760
     gaagaagcaa gaaagtactc tctcaacaaa cccacacaaa catgattcca cttctagcaa    170820
     caaaaagaac agaaagtaac aattactttt ccttaatatc tcttaatgtt accaacatat    170880
     cctattcgat tgaaattcaa aaatatgagg aatttgttgg ctgtcatcta gtggtctctc    170940
     aaatttggta attggagaaa taggtccaat attgtacaat ccatgtacac tttctgctta    171000
     tttgtaggta acagtgtctt ggtgtgtact acataacggt cttgaaatca tgcttctcct    171060
     atctcagcct ctctattagt aggattgttt atttgatttt ttatactata ctatggtttt    171120
     cagaacagtt tacatatttc aaaattattt atacagctaa aagaagtaga caatcaattt    171180
     gggatgtggt ttgtaagaga acagcaaaga gtgagattga atgctttgct tgatattaat    171240
     aattattgtg tcaactttga agaagaggcg tttataagtt actctttttc tgagatgaat    171300
     gcttttcaaa atcatcacag ccaatgaacc agtatcttac cctcacctaa tgtctgtgcc    171360
     accctccaag cagaaccatt gttcattgaa acagttgttg aatgacttca tggatggacc    171420
     attttaatac acacaccatt tcttaaacga atataacctg ttccatgtgg actgagaatg    171480
     aagacaatca ctcaagacaa atagctttga ccacagcagg aaatctgtat tcaaaatcat    171540
     gcctacaatt cattccttgg tgcagcagaa ctgataactc ttagctcagc tactatggag    171600
     gtaaaatcct ttggtgatgt gagggatatt gaagtacagc cttatcataa tgaactccaa    171660
     tgtctaaaaa ttgttcttat tttgggtttg tactacagta agcgtaagat tttaagctct    171720
     actaaaaaca aaacaaacag gcagacttta tgttcgttta gaacaactaa tagtgatata    171780
     ttattttaaa atatcataca gttaacatat ttggagttat ttaaaattca tattgagaaa    171840
     aatgtatgta tcttcagtat tgctgtagac aagcatctac ataagactgt tcaattaatt    171900
     gttgcttaat atcaaacaac ctttataata ttcattttta ttgttagaat aatctataaa    171960
     ttttaaagaa tatgatagaa taaaaaaaga gtcgatgcca aaataataat aaaaaaaaga    172020
     aacttgaatt aaaaactatt tccatgaaag cccttatttg aggaaccatc agttctttag    172080
     gccaaagaaa caagttaaag gtcagatgtg tttccttcag gaatccacat attacatata    172140
     tgtccatata ttacatattt tggtctttta ggccacataa gtttttttgt ctgatactcc    172200
     tagtttatta taatctcaga aggacattaa aactatgtac atttcatgat tgtggaaaaa    172260
     ccagacttca tgatagctat caaagtttat caatactgat actaaaagta tcattctttg    172320
     ggatgaagag tatgaatcac agctataacc ttttctcttg gtgtttcaga cacacataga    172380
     actttggaat tagaattgga acacaaggtg aatgcaggaa gtcatgagag gttggctccg    172440
     cttagctctg atactctgct attaataatg tgttatgcag atttcaacac aagtttcagg    172500
     cacacagaag tttcaggtac tctattcttg agtcagctaa atatcctgtt ggaagccatg    172560
     tcaccaataa aagtaaggga aaggagagca tccgtattaa gatatcaaaa cttccagggt    172620
     aattatttca caattcgcat gtgatgctgc atgcatgtgt gcaggtgctc atgcatacag    172680
     tatgagttcc agaggtctcc ccatctctgt ctcactggtg ctgtgatgcc ctcaaccgat    172740
     ttacaagtag aagtattatt taggaattct tggtaattgt gaccacagta atgaacttaa    172800
     atacatctat agtgcatcat ttacactctc ctatttatgt cacaattgcg tgtagtgtat    172860
     gagaggccca gtcttgtgtg accttatgaa acaatggttc tcaaaaatcc tgatatggaa    172920
     tagacagagc aaaaactcac tagacgccac cagaatagtg atatggcatc tacactgtga    172980
     tggccagcgg ggaataaacc taatatcaca taacaaccca acctcctaag atccgttttt    173040
     ttctggagaa ttttcttaat taggacatcc tatataaatg gtagatattt ctattgagaa    173100
     gtacaaattg ctacagagaa cactgtaact attcaaaata gccaaggcaa gaatgctaac    173160
     aaaggaacat aactctaata aaagattctg aagagagctg aagagatggc tcagcagttg    173220
     agaggactgt ctgctcttcc agaggtcctc agttcaattc ccagcaacca tagagtggct    173280
     tacaaccttc tcatatgaga tctgattctc agttttgagg ctatgtgaag actcatatac    173340
     ataaaaataa atgtataaat gaatatttta aaaattccaa agaaattgta gtagattaaa    173400
     tttctgtcaa atactacata aataatgaaa aaaaatcaat cccatgagag gtgagaaatg    173460
     ttgaaggagg aaatgtatct gatgaggaac agaatgtgta tgagaagaag aagggacttt    173520
     ttttgggtaa aagggaagta gctacataag ggcggggaat ggcagagggc agtaggcaac    173580
     caaatgaatg agaacagata aaaatgaatg acaatgtaaa atggcataca tgtatggaaa    173640
     tggcataatt aaactctcca tgttgtgtgt gcacctaaaa tagaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac    173700
     ctcagtaaga gccaggaaaa tactgatgag tggaattaaa ataaatatat aagatttgcc    173760
     tgagaaattc agaaatgtaa aattttgaaa gaaatcttga aagttcattt acaataaaca    173820
     catcacacac accagagaag aaggcagagt aagaaagtag gaagaaagga aggtagagag    173880
     caagcaagga agaagcaaac aagtttcatt aagaaaccaa ggaagtgagg tgttccaaaa    173940
     cagacatgaa agaaatctca aagaaggcaa caaaagatgc taagattcct gtttttacag    174000
     tttacaaacc ttaacattga ttgtcaaagt gtccatactt cagaaagtga tttccaggct    174060
     caatgcaatc tcaactaaaa catcaatgcc atttagaata gaactggact gttggatcac    174120
     aaaactcacg tgggaacaca gaagactgcg aagagcctaa acaatatcga tcaaaacaac    174180
     agggctagga gtcactgtaa tacctgattt caaggcatag cacagagcca cagtgacaaa    174240
     aacagtccaa tagctgcatg aagacaggct catagaccaa caaactgaga ggcagagctg    174300
     agtcaccaat atgcatgact gtgcaggcaa cagattgcat ctacagtcag tcagtatgtc    174360
     accaaggctt ctgaatgctc acactgtaca aagggcagat ggtttgaaga atggaatttg    174420
     gcaaactgga catcaggcaa ggttaaacct tgacactcac tcttcacact atacaaaaac    174480
     caaccctatg tgtcccaaag agcttgctgt aagatggaaa ccttgaagct cttaaaggga    174540
     aacaggtatg aaaaacttca tcagattggc ccacctgagg ttctcaaagc ataggatcaa    174600
     aagggaactg acaagtagct tgccatctaa cagaaacact tcttaaatac aaagcaaata    174660
     aacaccagag aaatgagatg atttacaatg aaaagcctta ggagtgcatc atgtaacagt    174720
     ctcaccagag aggccccagg atgtcaacag gagcagaaca tggacatgac aaagtttgtc    174780
     agagtcactt tgaaacatct caaagaagtg aaatagaaag gtgcttcctg gactaactgg    174840
     aaacactttg cccacggact cctcccgata tggagaggcc ttagagttga atgagctcac    174900
     ctgctctgtg aaaagctctt ctttactgag gataatttta gcatcactcg caaccgtgtc    174960
     tatgaaataa ttttgcaagt ggaaaacctt tgaaaagtaa ggatttccaa tgtacttcaa    175020
     tagtttctct gttaaggatg tatctggctc atctgagaac aaatgtggag acttaatgtt    175080
     tgccttgagc tcctccagtg tcacgttcaa atcctcagcg atgttttcca gtgatgcctc    175140
     attcaggcca aaggaagatc tatagtcatt caaagtctgt tgcaacatct ccatgtcctt    175200
     ttgggtcagt ccccgggatg gtatggtagc ccatgctctt ggcattatgg attccttcca    175260
     gatcttttgt ttcagcatat ccctcttccg gtctactatg gcatttataa caacttgcaa    175320
     agtactcatg aatatttggt gtttgtaggc tgggagctgg ctgagaaggg tggattccag    175380
     ctttgggaag tcaaagtcag acacatcaaa gttagagact aagaagactg gaggctcctg    175440
     ctggaaacgt tctttgagat tacttgaaag gcaaattcga atactcttca atatgttctc    175500
     tctattgaat ctcatagggt tacacagttt ttcattctct agatcagaat ctgtctttgt    175560
     tcgaacaaag tacaaacctc tattcatttg cacaatagct ttggcaagtt ctatatcact    175620
     ctgtttaata cgtatagcag agacaataat gaagaagtca tactcctcaa actcgatttt    175680
     cttcagataa tcatgtggtt ggaaggcagt agatccaatg ctaggcaggt cccacagtgt    175740
     cacactggga aactttgtgt aagtgtatgg tgttctctca gtggttgtat gtaccacccc    175800
     tgtggaagca gctgcacctt cttcatcatc ccccactccc tgcagagcat tgatgagact    175860
     ggactttcca gccccagtct cccccatcac tgcaatgttc agtgggactt tctctatgtc    175920
     acccagagca ctgctgattg cagaaactgt ttcctgaagg tttccatcct ctagggatga    175980
     ttcaatggag gcgattaatt cctgagacag gactttggtt ttcacctgaa atgtcaaagg    176040
     aggatcctcc tttggagggg atgtagaaga ggaagtctga cccattcctg gcaaatgtca    176100
     atggtaccta agggaggaac aaaccaaaaa gttcaacaaa ttagttcagc aagaacaacc    176160
     aataaaagcg cagagtccag tatctgcccc tacattataa agagacttta ttccctttaa    176220
     tcaaatatgc aggacaggac agcacttact tctgcccgta ggttcaaatt ttggtttgac    176280
     tcacactctt taacctttgt ttattttctt ctttttcaac atttttagtt cttccagatg    176340
     aaactcaacc ctgtaatagc agcactaggg aggtggtggc gctatggatc acaagtatga    176400
     actcagcctg gcttaagatg cccagacttt tcaggaattt acagaagctt tgcagtttta    176460
     tgaggtccta ttcgctgaca ccattgcata cactagcaag attttgctga aaggaccctg    176520
     atatagctgt ctcttgtgag actatgctgg ggcctagcaa acacagaagt ggatgcttat    176580
     agtcagctat tggatggatc acagggcccc caatagagga gctagagaaa gtacccaagg    176640
     agctaaaggg atctgcaacc ctataggtgg aacaacagta tgaactaacc agtaccccgg    176700
     agctcttgtc tctagctgca tatgtatcaa aagatggcct agtcggccat cactggaaag    176760
     agaggcccat tggtcatgca aactttatat gccccagtac aggggaacgc cagggccaaa    176820
     aagtgggagt gggtgggtag gggagttgga gggagggtgt gggatagcat tggaaatgta    176880
     aatgaggaaa atacgtaaaa aaaaattgtc tggaaaagaa gttacccaag ttcatagttc    176940
     tgtcagcctt tccagataag gtcacattat gacatgcaca ctaacattca ggttttcagt    177000
     tttacttcaa taatagacat gaatggtagc aaattcaatg ggagagctca gctcatggtc    177060
     agaaggcatc ctaaggctgt ggagactctt gatctactgg gtttcttgtg actttgatat    177120
     ctacaaaagt tctttcactc tttggtgctg aaaacccttt cctttggaaa ttaaaacctt    177180
     ttggttgtgg gggtcataga ctctggtggg gaagctgcta ctgttatttt gtcaaatggg    177240
     catgatatgg caatctattt gtcatttaag tttttatgtt tgtatgcatg aattagcgtg    177300
     gctgttaact ttggacatag aagctgttct gtatagtgag taagagtaac tttagattaa    177360
     tggtcaaaga attgtgcata agtgactttt gaatgctcag tcataaatgt gatatctcag    177420
     ttaccccctc caagacttag tgtgatgtag aagagacaac agaaatgatg tgggatctag    177480
     ggaaatggtg gagtattttg acaatgtaaa aatccctgaa acagtgaaaa tctaaatcat    177540
     tcaatcaatt agtgtgccaa tgagatgtag agatagtcaa aagactaaat ggctgataca    177600
     tacttgaaaa tttactcgat ttcctgaact atcagaggaa gggcaattca aaatgttacc    177660
     tccaagaaac cactaccaac aacaaatgtt gaaaagagga agcacactca ctgttaaaag    177720
     ttggtgcagt tccttcagat attgatcact gtcccaggta cactactcac ttcaacgtga    177780
     aggactgtta gtcaacagac cacacagatg caagcacatc cgtggttaga gatgctgtgt    177840
     taatgatcac aatgaaatca actcagtgta gatgaatgga caaagacatt atggaacata    177900
     aacaaaataa acatctatac aattgtgaag aaaaatgaaa ccatgagctt ttcagaaaaa    177960
     aaatagtgta attggaagtt gttgttcaga gaaaagaata tggacctcag agccacaaat    178020
     agcacatgtt gactttcaca ggataaagct aatcttacaa aactgtgtgt gcgtgtgcgt    178080
     gtgcgtgtgt gtgtgcccgg agaacatggc ctacagaggc agaggcagag gcagaggcat    178140
     gcagatgagt tcaaggtcag gatagtcctg tgagttcaag aacatccagt gttatacaga    178200
     gaaacttttc ctggaaaatc aaaacaaaac actcgccgtc caaaatgtgt tggtatcatt    178260
     tttcaaatgg tgcaggtgct agaagactac atagtggaaa aagtgagtta ttctagcctg    178320
     ggtatctact gcttgtctag ccattcattt tacactattt caagtaaact ttctcatgag    178380
     cttttgcgac tgttacaagg aaattttctc atgtactgtt aataggaatg ttttgttacc    178440
     tgagctaact gttaatccaa agtctgttat gttctacacc ttattgttct tggaaaccaa    178500
     tcataacaga ggtcaattag acctgcttta tatagtttgc cacaaaagct tggacttgag    178560
     acctgccttg gaattgatat cctactttct tccatgtgtg tgggtaactg acaccctggt    178620
     tggcaagttg ggacatgaat actaggcaag ttaagtcacc ctgccacagt tgaatcaccc    178680
     aaccaatgag gacaggagaa gcatgccaca agtatatgtt ctttaggaag tctcttatcc    178740
     ctaaatagtg gaataacttg gcacagagat ttgtggattt cagggttcaa agttctgtat    178800
     gaatctggct cagagttaat cagctcccaa gtctgctctg tggcactaat tggtcagtcc    178860
     tggggcaaat gctccttaaa ctatccgtgg ctgactgaga ctggtgtatg gtggggtttg    178920
     tagggcaact tctggacccc aacatgagta agtgttgtag atttgtcttt taacaaaccc    178980
     caaatgatga ctcatcttgg tgctcaaatt gtctctgtct ggaatttact gtaacccaag    179040
     tagctgggca cccctctaat gcatttttct acattgggtc atttgcggtt ggaagatcta    179100
     ctctaattct gggctacatc taaggacatg gaggaaggag acatttcttc tttgcttgct    179160
     tgctctcatt taagctggca agtttatcta ttctgctgcg gcggcattct ttcactggta    179220
     ttagagccca cttcttaggg cttccagtgt acactgaagg ccggctgtga caggcagcct    179280
     catggactga gttcttggct ttcccttcag gagacatcta ctgttggact ggccagatca    179340
     caggtgctta gccactctat tagatctcct ttaatgcatg tagattctat ctagcagttc    179400
     tgctcctgtg gagaatcttg acctaaacta tgtagtaatg agaaatgaga atactctacc    179460
     tatatcatcc tagttaaggg aaaggtaaga tgaaaaacca gcattttttt tttatcttaa    179520
     tagtggcatt atagagactt cttgagaaca tcatctgcag atgacaggtt tgctctctgc    179580
     tcctcttgat accagtaact cagagctgtg tctatgtcct ggacaaccca aatggtaaca    179640
     tatgactcat atatagggca ggcccaaggc ccattactgc ttgtttatat atgatggtac    179700
     atttatagga aaatagaaaa atattagatg ttcagccaga catggttcct aagttcatgt    179760
     tggccacagg agttttaggt agatttttaa aaacaaggtg taaaatatgc atctcagcct    179820
     catcaataca ctagcaagat tttgcaaaaa aaaaaaaaat aaataaataa ataaataaaa    179880
     ataaaaacaa ggtgtgcaag aggcccccag tgggaggacc taagctcagg ccgaggacaa    179940
     ttctcctaag agcccatggt ctgacacaaa agtcaaatgt gttcttcatg acaagttcct    180000
     aaaaaaactg ggaaaggaga gaacacatct ccacatacta aaggcggcat atggcaaaca    180060
     tatggccaat gttgcgtcaa ttgagaaaac ctccaatcaa acacactgag cacaggaaga    180120
     ggttctatca ataatagaat ccaaagtctt cctcagagaa ctcttacaat catttcagga    180180
     aagagacaga actcaaaatc aacataaaaa tcttggtcac cttcatgcat cccaatgaca    180240
     aacatgctaa agaagaaaac agaatcaatc tcatttatac aattagccac cacctttctc    180300
     aaataacatt cctcgatata agagtaacca ggaaaggaaa agccctgaat aactgaacct    180360
     ttaagagctt caaaaacatt ggagtacact aaaaaagaaa tactactcat cccataggat    180420
     tagaagaatt aatgtcataa aaatggctgg catatgaaaa ttaatctaca gattcaatgc    180480
     aattcctatc aatattctaa tgccatcatt cacaggaata gaaaaaaaag tcttaatatt    180540
     aggttgaaag catgcaagat cccagacaac gcaagcctga ggcagggaaa atactgatga    180600
     catcactgtc ctggtttcaa gctctgcctc agaaacacag taagaaaagc acatggtatg    180660
     gcctggatac cagacaggat aaaaagcaat agagctcaga caatacagat ataaatctac    180720
     agggctgcaa gcacttgatt ttctttgttc atttctttgt ttctctcttt cctcctccac    180780
     gtcctctttt tttttttctt tcaaaggatc ttattggtga aatgaccttt atgaaatagt    180840
     gctcaaaact ctgaaaagga ggcacacatt gtgatcagtc tcaaccgaaa ccaaagccaa    180900
     aataaaaaat aacaacaaaa aaactacaac aacaaccctc caccccaaag aggaccctgc    180960
     attgactctg aggaatattt tcccacaata caccttcttt ctccaagttc aagatggcat    181020
     cagaagatca acagacccag gatgtgtggg tgttatggaa ctttgctgct gtctgggttg    181080
     gggttgctct gtggtgcaga agacagagaa gggcctttct gtgaacaacc cctgagtgaa    181140
     ataatccata atggaggacc ctctgccctg gtaccaggag gcctcctttg attccagtgt    181200
     cagggctccc tcctactgac cattctgctt ccctacctca agatcctctt gtcaatgatg    181260
     tcatctactg ctgagcagta ctgcctttca gatccagtaa gcccatggct caatgattgc    181320
     agacacttgc tgtaaccctg ccttattctg ttgatattct ttctctcatc tctctgtctt    181380
     actctgtctc tgtctctgcc tctgtctctg tgtctctgtg tctgtctcta tctctctttc    181440
     tctctctttg tgtgtgtgga catgtgtgtg tagatgctgt tgtttctcag atatcttgtt    181500
     ccttattttg agaaagacac actcactggc ctatatttca ccaattaggc aagggtggct    181560
     gacaagtgag cttcagagtt ctgcgtttct ccttccttag ttctggaatt acaagctcac    181620
     tccactatgc ctgtctttta tgtggattct gggtatccaa ctcataactt tctctttgaa    181680
     agacagttac tttatcctgt gattatctcc ctagccactc atagaaaaat ccatggaaat    181740
     ggtgaacatt gtgattaatg tgttaagttc actgtgctac attttgtaaa aacaaaatca    181800
     attttatctt gtataagctg tgaggaagtt gctcctactt tgaaagcact cagtcagttg    181860
     gccgcactca attttttcct ggtacagttg ggctatcctt aaaattttgt taattgttca    181920
     aaaatgtttc actgatgtta ggggttataa agtgcattgc tgcactgaac ctctgagagc    181980
     actgtggctc atcttccctg ccccttgcac tcatttggat gagaagcatt tcctccattt    182040
     tcactgtgag tgccggtctc tgatcccacg cagaagtcca ctctctatta aaatgactcc    182100
     aaggtggcat taaattgaaa gccaccctca ccaaccccac tcctggccat accagacaca    182160
     gacttcctaa ccacagaggc acagactgta gggacaggag gctaatccat tgttcttcct    182220
     tgctccagca ttttcctatg tgatactatg ggtctgtggt tgttcagaca gtcactagtc    182280
     tggctggagt tttggtttca gtaaattaga ggtgttttac taagaaggag actgaccaag    182340
     acaaaaccag agggaattct ctaagtaagg tccccaatat tgttagctaa agaattatag    182400
     agtgaataac cacagttatt atttggggat caaattaatt cttatcctgt ccaagcactg    182460
     gcaagtcttg attctgttac agacctccag caggaccctc agcaattcaa acaagcagtt    182520
     catacaacag cggggcttag acgttagcct atttcatttt gtgacccatt accttgtagg    182580
     actatctggg gcagtgaaac agttttgaac aattagcaat gttttaagga tagcacaact    182640
     gtgcagagct gggagtattc cctatccaga gctggacctg ggctgtccct tggctggtgc    182700
     ctctcatgac atctgtaaat cctgatatgt agagttcttc ctttccaatt tgtatccctt    182760
     tgacctattt ttttctctct catttttttt tttgtctagt tgctctagct agaattccaa    182820
     gtactatatt taatagttag ggaatagata gtctctggtt ttagtggaat tgcttcaagt    182880
     ttctctccat ttagtttgat gttgcctact ggtttggtgt atattgcttt cactatgttt    182940
     aggtatgggc cttgaattcc tgatctttcc aagactttta acgtgaaggg atgttgaatt    183000
     ttgtcaaatg ctttttcagc atcaaatgaa atgatcatgt ggtttttttc ctttctgttt    183060
     gtttatgtag tagattacat tgatggattt ccatatattg aaccatcccg gcatccctgg    183120
     gatgaagcct acttgaatgt ggtgaatgat gagatgattt tgctttccct cttaaaattc    183180
     ttaaagaatg catcaaagct ggaggcccaa gccatggctc tgtatagcag aagctgaatg    183240
     gagaagagag gagagaaata ctaatcatta attaaagcag gacaagcctt gctgtttgct    183300
     cgtacagtaa agcaggaccc tctccagtcc cccatgagag ccagtattgc cttccctcgc    183360
     ttctctcagt tgctgcttct actgctgacc aggatagacc aagtcctctt gttcagattt    183420
     tgctttctcc tagaaatttc ctcacacttg ctggtgtaag tcagactcca ctgactctgt    183480
     acagttaccc actgcagtct aaaaggacag agcagtacat tcaaggcaaa agaagcaata    183540
     cttcccctgg ctgtgtcctc aaccttatgt gaaccctttc ctaaggtgtc catagggcct    183600
     ctggaactct agcctcattg tgtgggttat catataacga gggaatgaca caggacaacg    183660
     ggaggaatga ctgatttgaa aagaatgttc aaccaactgc aagttccccc ttttgtctta    183720
     gaggaagtgg gacatggcct ctgtggtagg cagactccta agagggccca gtgagccctg    183780
     ctccctgctc ttccgaagat caaggtgtat gctccccgga acagtgctct atgggttgat    183840
     gacgttggaa ctcaagacaa actaagaacc acagcttcca agagattgtg catccagtgg    183900
     acacagccag cactgagggg tacattctgg gagaactctg acaaacagcg tgtgtaatgt    183960
     agttcagaat ttcaaggtaa taacttttct agaaatcacc ttggctcaga tactccagaa    184020
     aacacaagga taaacttgga gaaagaatta aaacaaaact atagaaaaag actacattag    184080
     gaatcactgt ttcatattta cctaaattat ttatagtaca tataggaaca catgcctaca    184140
     tatgtgtata ctttaaatga agtgatgaca cttcctatgg ctgagaatga cttccccatc    184200
     agccacagag taacagaaac ttcactgtca ggcaggagaa actttgagtt gtttgtcagt    184260
     ggtgtacatg aaactccccc aatatatgct attgctgttg accttatttg agcctcagaa    184320
     gttgaaggtc ccttttgtga agtcaccaca cacttcagat acagaacttg gagaaattga    184380
     gctgaatctg acccagaagt gttttcctga ggaccagttt tcataatacc agaaggtgct    184440
     ggaatgttgc caagggagga aagcaataac ctacctacct gtgacaccta tgaagtacaa    184500
     tgaccaccat cacattgaga taactgtaaa ggtgccattg tggcatttgt gtgttggtga    184560
     taacaggcta ctgtctagtt tgacttcagg gctgtctgaa caggaagaaa atcatgcctg    184620
     gtaggtgaaa acctaaggaa ccctacgtgg ccatgtaggt caagggtctc agaagagagc    184680
     ctactaggcc agtttcccat ccaaatataa ttcctcactg cttctcaata cttatcttta    184740
     tacccacagg tatgtgggac tctcactcac tagccattaa agatgctcct tttcccagca    184800
     gtcacagatc atgtcagaga gccacaacta gtcacaatgc agacagcaac tgactgtgtg    184860
     atgctcagcc tcagttgata caacataagc cttacaccta agacaggcaa cactgtagaa    184920
     gagggtgcag aaagactaca gagtcaaaag accagaaagt ctggtgtaag actgagtctt    184980
     ctagatatga caggaatgat acacttgtga aatctcagca atgtggccat taaacagacc    185040
     tgaacagtaa tgccaccagt ggacatacct acgtggatgt gggaaattgc atggattgtc    185100
     acacttaggt gaagagtcac aagcaataaa aagctgcaga gtggcagagt tagtcttacc    185160
     agcgatgagc tccctaaata attcccaaag ttatttagtt cctatgttca gccctaatat    185220
     ctgtctgtct gcctgtctaa ctatctgctc ccgttcatct ggttatcttt tttaatctgt    185280
     atatctttgt atataagcta cactaaatgt actcagcaga ttgagttcat gtatttgttt    185340
     ataggtatgt cacagtcata aagaattaga ggccatatat ttgaaacaga acagtaagat    185400
     caaccttcct gtctacaacc cacccactca ctcacccctc aacccctcaa tgcctttgac    185460
     acttcagatc tctcaacctg caatgcctga taggccactc ccctacccat tccctggcct    185520
     gtcagtgtca ccagttgtcc acccacccac ttacccaggg caatcaggat tcacactgct    185580
     ggatcataga cacccaagtt cccctatcct ttgctgacta accgacataa aacagctttc    185640
     ttaaaaaaat tattattttg tttatttaca tttcagatat tggtcccact cctggtccct    185700
     tcttccagag ttcttcatcc cattccccct ccccttttcc actgagaggg tgccctaccc    185760
     ccatgtatct cccttccctg cagcatcaag tttctaaagg gttaggtgca cactctctca    185820
     ctgaggccag aaaatgtggt cctctcttac ctatgtgctg gagggcctgg ggcccttgga    185880
     ccagtactag tatgatcttt ggttggtggt ttagagatta aaaatggtgg atgaggctag    185940
     agattaaaga atcattaaat caagtgctca ttgggaaggc tcacaacaga gtggaccata    186000
     tggaggagag attatcagga gacaacatag aggaattttc ctagcaaaaa tgtccccaaa    186060
     tttagggaca gaaaaatcac acccagatat atacaagagg attgtagaag tccagatata    186120
     cggggcagaa aaagaaactc ctggagtcat accatagtga aagtccagaa tgcataaagc    186180
     aaattgtttt gcacacttca agagagaaac aggaagaact acaaaatagt cccttatatg    186240
     taacaagtga cagagggcag aagaatcttt tgaaaaccag agggtctaac atgatctgcc    186300
     aagtttgtct gtggctgttt ctgatctggg actttatctc catgggacaa atgaagagcc    186360
     tacagcatgg actccaaggg catctgagta tcccaacctg gcatctttct ccaagcttga    186420
     ctgctccaga agacaagcat ggtccacaaa acacaggtgg aaggaagggg ttgcctcctt    186480
     tgctttggga ttctctctag tccagaagat ggccactgaa ggatactcct gtgcccagga    186540
     tcctccctga gtacaaagcc ctgagttctc ctttcctggt gtcaggggcc actcctcatg    186600
     ttatcacaca tcttgcatta ttgaacaagc tgaacctaga cacccttacc tcagcagtgg    186660
     tgaccttgat ctggtggcaa taacacttct gtgatggatc tcctctcagg aaaggtcttt    186720
     gtctaaaact gaaactcaga ttcaggatgt ctacagagag aaaagaagag aagatatgag    186780
     gtgtggagtt ctggtgtccc aagaagaact acacatagaa aggaagagac cgtggggtgg    186840
     acagtcggat ctccctgagt ttctttgtcc ttactggtcc acacatagcc cttgctctct    186900
     acacttttct gccaggatct gagccctatt tatctaaacc acctaagagg ggggctgtaa    186960
     tcagagtagg tttcactttc tattcctgga aatggctagt ttataggaat caaatatcaa    187020
     ctatattgtg ttttataaaa agaaacaacc aggaatatgt ttgatagagg tgcagtatgg    187080
     tgtgtgtgtt tggggggtgg tggtagtgag gatgcctctg tgggcccctg ctaaggcatt    187140
     ttctccaggg gaggcactag tcacagaaat agaatagagt ttatttaggg catgagaagg    187200
     gtagttgaga agagatgaaa gggaacaggg ggataggggg aaaggaagag agggaatagg    187260
     gggatagatt gtagaggaga aggggagagg ggaaagggga gaaagaagaa aggagaagca    187320
     agaggagaga agcaagaggg gagagtgggg gaggggacag gcgggagggg gaggagagaa    187380
     gagagaggag agaggagaga ggagagagga gagaggagag aggagagagg agagaggaga    187440
     gaggagagag gagagaggag agaggagaga ggagagagga gagaggagag aggagagaga    187500
     ggagcagagg agagagagga gagagaggag cagagaagag aggagtagag gccagccatg    187560
     aacccatgga aaagcacagg gaggggattg gggagagaag ggacagagag cgaggagagt    187620
     aagagggtaa aagagtgagt aaaagagtga ggtgtgtgtg tggggggggg gggcgcgtgc    187680
     gcaagcattc gcaggcgaaa caaccccttt tatagtgagg catacatggc tattaccagg    187740
     taactttggg cagagcctag aaggaatgtc ccactccata tattctcctt tagataaggc    187800
     ctcctttaga tgggtcaagt tgtttgaggt tcaacagaag gccttattgt atctgagggg    187860
     tgacccttta gcacagttca tggtagatac tctggcttgc aaggatggcg aaggcaccta    187920
     ctgaactgcc cacagccctt gctctctaca cttttctgcc aggatctaag ccctatttat    187980
     ataaaccacc caaggaggag tcagagtagg tttcaatttc agttccagga aatggctagt    188040
     ttgtaggaat caaggggcaa ctcccacatt cacaggttag ataaggtcac aaaggtgcca    188100
     agctgttctg cccctctgga ttcctctggg agaatgctaa ctcatgtgat ggcttctaac    188160
     cctgggaaaa ctgtcctggt gtgggtcttg ggtttagaga ttttgcagct tgatttaagt    188220
     tttgctttaa gtaaaattag agcccccccc cctttttaaa attaaaaaga tactggctta    188280
     gacaaaacca gagctttttc taactgaggc cccagctatt gtcagctgaa ggattataca    188340
     gggagagccc acaaagttaa cattttgggt aaattaactc attcttgtct gggtttgggc    188400
     gaggcttggt tctctaccag acctccacca ggtaccatag ccaaccaggc aagcaagcaa    188460
     gcaagcaagc aagcaagcaa gcaagcaagc aagcaagcaa gcaagcaggg agactgcctg    188520
     taagcaaagc ttctcaggta gcctgtttaa tctcgcctcc cattcttgta gaaatagctt    188580
     gggcagttgt taaccagctg caggagttct caggtggaat ttttggggtc ccttaagttt    188640
     cctatcatga catctgcaaa tcctgatatg tagagttctt cctttccaat ttgtatccct    188700
     ttgacctatt tttttctttt ttctcttctt tttgtctaat tgctctagct agaattccaa    188760
     gtactatatt taatagttag ggaatagata gtctctggtt ttagtggaat tgcttcaagt    188820
     ttctctccat ttagtttgat gttgcctcct ggtttggtgt atattgcttt cactatattt    188880
     aggtatgagc cttgaatttc tgatctttcc aagactttta acatgaaggg atgttgaatt    188940
     ttgtcaaaat tttttcatta tctaatgaaa tcatcatgca gtttttttcc tttcagtttg    189000
     tttatgtggt agattacgtt gttggatttc catatattga aacatcctgg gatgaagcct    189060
     acttgaatgt ggtgaatgat cattttgatg tgttcttgga tccattttga gagaatttta    189120
     ttgagtgtgt ttgtatcaat attcctaagg gaaattggtc tgagtttctc tttctttttt    189180
     tttttccatt tttattaggt atttagctca tttacatttc caatgctata ccaaaagtcc    189240
     cccataaccc ccccccactc ccctacccac ccactccccc tttttggccc tggcgttccc    189300
     ctgtactggg gcatataaag tttgcaagtc caatgggcct ctctttgcag tgatggccga    189360
     ctaggccatc ttttgataca tatgcagcta gagatatgag ctccggcgta ctgcttagtt    189420
     catattgttg ttccacctat aaggttgcag ttccctttag ttccttgggt gctttctcta    189480
     gttcctccat tggggaccct gtggtccatt caatagttga ctgtgagcat ccacttctgt    189540
     gtttggtagg ccctggcata gtctcacaag acacagctat atctgggtcc tttcagcaaa    189600
     atcttgctag tgtatacaat ggtgtcagca tttggaagct gatcatggga tggatctctg    189660
     gatatggcaa tcactagatg gtccatcctt tcgtcacact tccagatttt gtctctgtaa    189720
     ctccttccat gggtgttttg tttcctattc taagaagggg caaagtgtcc acactttggt    189780
     cttcgttctc ttgagtttaa tgtttttagc aaattatatc ttatatcttg ggtatcctaa    189840
     gtttctgggc taatatccac ttatcagtga gtacatattg tgagagttcc tttgtgattg    189900
     ggttacctca ctcaggatga tgccctccag gtccatccat ttggctagga atttcataaa    189960
     ttcattgttt ttaatagctg agtagtactc cattgtgtaa atgtaccaca ttttctgtat    190020
     ccattcctct gttgaggggc atctgggttc tttccagctt ctggctatta taaataaggc    190080
     tgctatgaac atagtggagc atgtgtcctt cttatcggct ggggcatctt ctggatatat    190140
     gcccagaaga ggtattgctg gatcttccag tagtactatg tccaattttc tgaggaaccg    190200
     ccaaactgat ttccagagtg gttgtacaag cttgcaatcc caccaacaat ggaggagtgt    190260
     tcccctttct ccacatcctc gccagcatct gctgtcacct gaatttttca tcttagccat    190320
     tctgattggt gtgaggtgga atctcagggt tgttttgatt tgcatttccg tgatgattaa    190380
     agatgttgaa cattttttca ggtgcttctc tgccattcgg tattcctcgg gtgagaaatc    190440
     tttgttcagt tctgagcccc attttttaat ggggttattt gattttatgg agtctacctt    190500
     cttgtgttct ttatatatat tggatattag tcccctgtcc gatttgggat aggtaaagat    190560
     cctttcccaa tctgttggtg gtctttttgt cttattgacg gtcttttgcc ttgcagaagc    190620
     tttgcaattt tatgaggtcc catttattga ttctagatct tacagcacaa gccattgctg    190680
     ttctattcag gaatttttcc cctgtaccca tatcttcgag gcttttccct actttctcct    190740
     ctataagttt cagtgtctct ggttttatgt ggagatcctt aatccactta gatttgacct    190800
     tagtacaagg agatagaact ggatcaattc gaaatcttct acatgataaa agccagttgt    190860
     gccagcacca tttgttgaaa atgctgtctt ttttccactt gatggtttta gctcccttgt    190920
     caaagatcaa gtgaccatag gtgtgtgggt tcatctctgg gtcttcaatt ctgttccatt    190980
     ggtctacttg tctgtcatta taccagtacc atgcagtttt ttatcacaat tgctctgtag    191040
     tacatcttta ggtcgggcat ggtgattcca ccagaggttc ttttatcctt gagaagagtt    191100
     tttgctatcc taggtttttt gttattccag atgaatctgc cgattgccct ttctaattcg    191160
     ttgaagaatt gagttggaat tttgatgggg attgcattga atctgtagat tgcttttggc    191220
     aagatagcca tttttactat attgatcctg ccgatccatg agcatgggag atctttccat    191280
     cttctgagat cttctttaat ttcgttcttc agagacttga agttcttgtc aaagagatct    191340
     ttcacttcct tagttagagt cacgcctagg tattttatat tatttgtggc tattgagaag    191400
     ggtgttgttt ccctaatttc tttctcagcc tgtttgtcct ttgtgtagag aaaggccatt    191460
     gacttgtttg agttaatttt atatccagct acttcactga agctgtttat caggcttagg    191520
     agttctctgg tggaattttt agggtcactt atatatacta tcatatcata tgcaaaaagt    191580
     gataatttga cttcttcctt tccaatttgt atccccttga tctccttttg ttgtctaatt    191640
     gctctggcta ggacttcaag tacaatgttg aataggtatg gagagagtgg acagccttgt    191700
     ctggtccctg attttagtgg gattgcttca agcttctcac catttacttt gatgctggct    191760
     actggtttgc tgtagattgc ttttatcatg tttaggtatg ggccttgaat tcctgatctt    191820
     tccaagactt ttatcatgaa tgggtgttgg attttgtcaa atgctttctc agcatctaac    191880
     gagatgatca tgtgggtttt gtctttgagt ttgtttatat actggattat gttgatggat    191940
     ttccgtatat tgaaccatcc ctgcatccct gggatgaaac ctacttggtc aggatggatg    192000
     attgttttga tgtgttcttg gattcggtta gcaagaactt tattgaggat ttttgcatca    192060
     atattcataa gggatattgg tctgaagttc tctatctttg tggggtcttt ttgtggttta    192120
     ggtatcagag taattgtggc ttcatagaat gagttgggta gagtaccttc tgtttctagt    192180
     ttgtggaata gtttgtgcag aactgggatt agatcttctt tgaaggtctg atagaactct    192240
     gcactaaacc catctggtcc tgggcttttt ttggttggga gactattaat gactgcctct    192300
     atttctttgg gggatatcgg gctgtttaga tcattaacct gatcttgatt caaatttggt    192360
     acctggtatc tgtctagaaa cttctccatt tcatccaggt tctccagttt tgttgagtat    192420
     agccttttgt agaaggatct gatggtgttt tggatttctt caggatctgt tgttatgtct    192480
     cccttttcat ttctgatttt gttaattaga atgctttccc tgtgccctct agtgagtctg    192540
     gctaatggtt tgtctatctt gttgattttc tcaaagaacc agctcctcaa ttggttgatt    192600
     ctctgaatag ttcttcttgt ttccatttgg ttgttattgc ccctgagttt gattatttcc    192660
     tgcattctac tcctcttggg ttaataattt gcttcctttt gttttagagc ttttatgtgt    192720
     gttgtcaagc tgctaatgta tgctctctct agtttctttt tggaggcact cagagctatg    192780
     agtttttctc ttagaaatgc tttcattgtg tcccataagt ttgggtatgt tgtggcttca    192840
     ttttcattaa actccaaaaa gtccttaatt tctttcttta ttccttcctt gactagggta    192900
     tcattgagaa gagtgttgtt cagtttttac gtgaatgttg gctttctatt atttattttg    192960
     ttattgaaga tcagcctgag tccatggtga tctgatagga tcaccatgcc ctaaataact    193020
     ctgttctatt ttatcccatt gttgactagt ctctcagggg gaagggatgc attgacctgg    193080
     gaccacacat gcatcccctt tccccacacc cacatagaac atattcttaa attccttttt    193140
     tttaatgatc acaatagtaa cattatccat agtgacatta tgtatttagt cataaatttc    193200
     tgagatcaat acacagaaaa tgacacacat cattcataat tctccactgt gatatcttaa    193260
     ttagaaggca gcgacacttt gtcactcaaa ggttgctcag gctttcagaa ctatggtttt    193320
     gaaaggtctg taccatttcc tgctcttaga aatataaaca ggatgtggaa gtgggtaatt    193380
     tatgagtggc tctcctgagc tcagtcctgg gtggagtaat taaaggatag acacaggagg    193440
     acactggatt ccaacctgta gggatcttta aaattcctgg gaccttatgg aacaaagttg    193500
     ggtgaagaaa gatgagatat ggatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt tcagatattt ctgttccacg    193560
     ttgaagacct gtgagtgctt atcttggatt ttttttcttc agacctccag cctcccttga    193620
     gactttcatc atctgtagct cacaaatccc cagcagagct gacattttcc ttctcagttc    193680
     agagcctggg gcctggagtc tcacccatgc atgcaaatgc cctgccctgg agtgttctta    193740
     tttcactggg tagctgcatt tatttgctga ggttggaacc ctcctgattt gaggcttgct    193800
     ggaaggtggg gcagacagtg ctcactggcc agggcttggt ttgctcacct cccattcggt    193860
     aggtcctgtg cagagctggc agtattccac atcctcagct ggaccttggc tgacccctgg    193920
     ctggtgctcc cagtttctga tgggaagggt ttacagtgac tgtccttaac aatgtagtga    193980
     aataagcaag aactactcaa agtattcaat atgtattcaa tgtaatagcc acccaagccc    194040
     aaaaatatgt ctttccacac ccacaatgtt gcacacacat ttatacacaa agacatcaga    194100
     tgttcacaaa cttgagctaa tcttaggtct ttgtgacact tttgttttct atcttttctt    194160
     ttattctttt tacatatata tatatttctt tgctgagtct gctgtttcta aaaattcttc    194220
     tcatttcttt cctttttttt attaattatt ccactcgttt acatgtcaaa tgtatattct    194280
     acttctgagt tacccacttc accaacaccc ccacccccat cccatgatat cccacttttc    194340
     cgttatacct ccaccaaccc cccatcccac atctgccctt ctccctcctc ttgtccacta    194400
     tgaggttact ctccaaccca tccacactct cctgcccagt gctccagcat ctccctactg    194460
     tggggcacca cacctccctg ggaccaaggg cctcccctcc cattgctgtc aggcaaggct    194520
     gtcctctgct acatatatat ttggatccat ggatcccttc cttgcttggt ggtctagagt    194580
     ctggaagaac cagactgtgt tgttcttcca atgggattgt agtccttctc tgctcctcca    194640
     gtgttcctac cagctccccc accagcttct ctgagctcag tttgatgatt ggtctcaagc    194700
     aaccacatct gcattggtaa attgctggct ggacctccga aggaactgcc actatagatt    194760
     cctgttagca agatgttgtt ggaccactgg gaagagtctg taatcactta ttgtttacaa    194820
     tgaggttagc tacaaccaca gactttcaca cagttactgc ctgtttgtaa ctactgagag    194880
     ctgaaaggtt tccaagctat catgtttaca gtaagccttt tgccttcttg gttaatcatg    194940
     gatttactat agaaagacat agaaaagata accattacaa aaggcacatg ccaggccttt    195000
     ctctctttac tttcttggga tatgaagtat gtgactgtag tctctgtgtt gtcctttctg    195060
     tcctgtgttc aacattcttc tcctcacagc caattggcca ttactcattt accacagcat    195120
     ttcactggcc ttagaacctg ctgaactcaa gctcttcaca cctcactgtt tactttagag    195180
     gctgatatgt agctacgagt attgtgtcat cagttacaca caagcacaca tgcatgtagt    195240
     ctgaaccctc tgcaaacaca aaaggcaagc accatgggaa cacttccacg cacatatatg    195300
     cagcacacat ggttccttgt actgttggtt gctccaggat gatggtctcc caggatttcc    195360
     attgtaacta aagaatgtac ccgagtgttc ctctcataga aatgggggtg tcctagctct    195420
     gaggtgagcg gatttgattt ttgacagact ccgtttccct tgtgtgaccc tgactcactc    195480
     ttttctggtc tcaactcact ataaaatcaa ggctctaaag tataagtttc cctggcagct    195540
     atccagaggc aaaggtggct gttctcctct gtctcctcct cttcttgaga taagttagca    195600
     cagaaacctg agtcagggct ctaagcatga cgaagtcagc tgctgtaccc cagttcttca    195660
     gctcctagaa ttgcgttgtg acaatgaaac caaggaggag ttatgttcag ggcttagata    195720
     agacaaaagt aagaatgtga caggatgtgt gtggtagggg gaaagtgata actttgtctc    195780
     cagaatatca gagacacagc ctggagacat cagccccttt ctcataggtt ctacttttcc    195840
     agtcattcta acctgtcaat ggactaaata caccataatc agggtgagga gttgctagca    195900
     atatgccaca gtctgagtag gcagaagcat attgtatcag tgggcagaga tgtgtacctt    195960
     taactaggac caggagactc ccatcctcag ggtcagactt catcaaggac aagatgaaag    196020
     ggtgttggct agggaccccc caagaccaag tcctcagcac aaaagagatt catttgtccc    196080
     atagggtcag agggcaggga ctagaaaaca gacacagggg acacatggaa caaggacggg    196140
     aagggaacaa aggagaatgg gaaagggtat ttgtccccga gtgggacaaa gctttacctc    196200
     tggatagagg aggcacatgt ggctcataga taaatggcag tgtataaggg caaacaggga    196260
     aacccagtgt taggttgaag tgtttaattt taattgtgca tattaattag gggagccaaa    196320
     aggggctttt gattactgga catcaattct ttgataacta caccttggta gttgacccca    196380
     ggaagaagaa gtggtcaaat aaacaagata ggccttggtg gcttgcttta ggaatagaat    196440
     ctaatgggtt ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgt ttttagcaag gcagagggaa tggaggagaa    196500
     gggcaaggcc tggcagagcc atgtttgcca ccatggactg tctagcttcc cttcgccgtc    196560
     cgtgctagct cctgacaact tctttcttca aggtgtcagc aacagctttc ctctgtgaag    196620
     tattggagca cacagaagca gattagagtc tgagctaaag tggggcagtg ctctttttct    196680
     atagggagtc tggggtgtgt tttagaagta tgggagggca catccctcca catactgaca    196740
     ttcatgttca ggacacaatg taggtgtggg agcttggtgg tttcttctgg attgagcctg    196800
     tactacttat tcatggacta gattgccact gctgattcat gttggtgtta tgctagtgga    196860
     ctcaactgct gacaatggag attagaatcg cctcagagaa ctacttctaa acaggtctac    196920
     aacccatttg tcctattaga catcttctgc ccctttgttc agtgggctat aaggaagggt    196980
     gaagcattta ggaaccttta ttaagatagg ttttgaaaat tctaagccta caagttcctt    197040
     ccaaaaccca gtgtattttc atagctgtgt tatctgtctc attgacattt aaaaacttta    197100
     aagtcaataa agtattattc aatctatctt ggttgatctt atatttccct tttgttccat    197160
     gagcattttc tttaaagtct tgttagatct cttcataatt gttggtcatg taggattgta    197220
     aggtatggtt ctaacatgtt ctatgtcatg atgtatgaaa cactgttgta atctaatgga    197280
     tacatttgct gaaacatttt cagcctcagt ctgtaaagga atctccaaga atgccatcat    197340
     ctctattaaa gttatgatcc cagaatcatc cttttcagaa gaagtccatt gaaaatctga    197400
     ttgtgtatca atagaatggt gtatcaacat atgtccatat tttagatttt gaaattctac    197460
     aaattggaac ccatatgcta ttgtttgaca tcatcctgag gtcgcatcat cacatagaat    197520
     caggatgctc agttcagaat attgtattcc tattggttgg ttgtcattct aacctttaat    197580
     cccccccccc cccattttcc aatctactac tactcttgtg ttgttttagt aggttctgga    197640
     ttgaattcat ttgaatgttc tttattttga tctttaggct ctcccaacct ctgttctatg    197700
     gcctataatc tttaagtcct tctttaaaaa cgtaagtttg ctttattttg atcttcctta    197760
     aagaggattt ataaaattgt aatcactatt gaacatataa gtatttttat gttaacagtc    197820
     aaagcaaagc cacaggggac ctagtgttct cttctgcaga gttttccatt ttttacatag    197880
     catattttaa aaattatttt aattttccca tttctttgaa gaccttactt taaatttttt    197940
     ttctcttttg tttttctgaa gatcctattt tatttctctt tcttgtttct ttctttggag    198000
     atattaccac tgttttcttt ttttgccttc cattggggaa tttttctctt tctctccttt    198060
     ctctggagac ttcatcttat attacctatt tctttttaat agatattcta tcaaattttt    198120
     ctttttcttt tctttgtttt tagactccac cttgtttctt ctctctcctt tctctagaaa    198180
     tgtttttcct tttttggggg ggaacgtttt cttctatgtg tatttattta tttatttctg    198240
     aatgatatct aaacttaatt tttgtattta attttctcta aattctttcc tctgaggaat    198300
     tgattttaat attgctctta acattttcta aaattaatat ctttttctgt atttaatttt    198360
     ctctaaatta tatttcaatc tgtatgaggc ttattccttt taatttattt aattctctct    198420
     taaaggactt aattttatca aaatcagact atttatattt atctgtgatg tttatattca    198480
     gtcttttccc ttttttgttt taattttaac ttcaaatatt ttagtgtatt tattttttat    198540
     tcactttata cccatatcac agcccgttcc tcctctcttc ccatcccacc cttacaaatt    198600
     cctcctctca atgctccctc cccttctact aagagaagtg gagtccccct tgggtcccac    198660
     ccaccgtgaa acatctagtg ccagcaggat taggcacatg ctctcctgct gaagcccaac    198720
     caggcagtcc agatttgggg ggtgggggtg ggggaagaca gggatccaat ggcagggaat    198780
     agaggcctag acagcctctg ctccacttgt taaggaaaac ttgaaacagg tttttacctt    198840
     atcagaaatt ctgctcctgc actggcctca agacttttta ctctcagaga agaggtgttt    198900
     ctgtctacta cctgtaactg ggacctacct cactggatgt agaccattcc ctaactcagg    198960
     gaaggtgttg ggcccacagg agctgggtca tcaagccaca aggtgtctgg ctaacatgag    199020
     ccccctcaga taggcttttg tcctgagagt gcagctccac cctctgggtt agctcacagg    199080
     cctccattgc tctctctttc aaggatagcc aggctctttc atggctcaga aactgagtcc    199140
     agcttcatgc actgaggcta cagttgaaga gctggttttt ctgcacagcc agggcttctt    199200
     ataagagcta tttccaaaca acctctctgg agtactttct ttgttacctg cccctgcctg    199260
     gaattgttga accacagtgg gttgggaagt ggctattcaa gaaagttctt gccagacatt    199320
     cagtgggcca aaagaaaagt aagctttccc atctggcctc tttattttca gaaatagcaa    199380
     gtgagactta ctgtatatga atcaatgtgt aggccaaaag tttgggattg cttctcaact    199440
     agctcacaac ttagttttcc catttattct gttctaagtc ctgccatgtg gctagttacc    199500
     tattcccagg ttcatgcatt tgcattcctc agtgttctga caaaaacctc ccactctctc    199560
     tctgtctccc agaattccat tcctttctac tgaaactctc atttattact tcctgccttt    199620
     tgttcattgg ccaacagcat tttactgaca ggtgatgctt ccatgcattg cacaagagac    199680
     tctacaggag aaggctttga atatgtcaga tgacctcttc tactgtaaat gccccttttt    199740
     aatcatttga agtccttaga gaaaaaaaaa aaaaaacaag caaacaaaaa caaaaaccaa    199800
     agacaaacaa acaaaaactt agacagcaaa acccttgtca ttccttagga aagaaaaagg    199860
     agggaattct tgttgtttgg acaaaagccg taataccaac tcttccaaag atttccaggc    199920
     tgcaagactg ccctgtagat actgtgtttg ctaattctca caagtgagtg ggcaaatgaa    199980
     agacagaagc agggggagaa gtaaggacag aagaggggag aagaatgaag aggacgaaga    200040
     agaaaagcaa gtggaatagg aagagaggaa agaggaagag aaaggagaag taagttgagg    200100
     aagagattat aggctcttat gttaagcacc tggtgttgag caggagttgt gattttaaga    200160
     tgttgttgag cctttaccat atcacaggaa atgacaattt aattagagcc tgtgttgcct    200220
     acagcccaaa ttccaaactc atcccgttga ctggtgaagg ctgtggaata caatgtctgt    200280
     gtctgtacag atctccaggt gtgtttactt atccatgctt tcctcagttc ttcttggagg    200340
     gagcatggac aatggtcatc attccatgtg ctgtgtgcct actatgtcta aggccatacc    200400
     acctaatgtg gagatgtgtg ctgggaacgt gacccctgta cttcccaaac ccccaacgaa    200460
     gttcaagaga ggattgtgtc aattagctct tgtgcatggt gtcaaagcat catctatcca    200520
     caaagagctg aatggcgcat agagaggcag gaaaaatggg tgagacaact ggcagagaaa    200580
     aaggagctct gggaaagagt gaggctgaag cgattcacca ccaggttgtg gaggaagctg    200640
     tgtgagaaga ggcaaccagt cacatttcag acagaatcgg ataaacaggt taatttagtt    200700
     ataagcgagt tggagaacaa gctgagctaa ggtatagtca ttaattcatg aataaacaac    200760
     ctctgtgtca ttattctcaa actgatgcag ctacagaaaa acaccaatgg ttacacagtc    200820
     tgctaacttc ttcttcttag aagagtgtgg cactgtttgg ggaatcttct tgggacaaaa    200880
     gatctcagtt taattagatg aagtatttaa agtcagacgt acacaaccac atattctcat    200940
     aatggtactt tatttattta tttatttatt tagtatttat tttgtatctt ttttgccttt    201000
     ttaaattaga tattttcttt atttatatta aaaatgctat cctgaaagtt ccctataccc    201060
     tcccttcacc ctgctcccct acccacacac tcccaatttt tggccctggc attcccatgt    201120
     actgggacat ataaagtttg caataccaag gggcctctct tcccaatgat ggtggactag    201180
     gccatcttct acatatacag ttagagacat gagctccggg gtgtaccggt tatttcatat    201240
     tgttgttcca cctataaggt tgcagacccc tttagctgct tcgatacttt ctctagctcc    201300
     tccattgggg gccctgagtt ccatcctata gatgactgtg agcatccact tctgtgtttg    201360
     ccaggcactg gcatagcctc aaaagagaca gctatatcag ggtcctttca gcaaaatctt    201420
     ggtggagtat gcaatagtgt ctgggtggat ccctgggtga agtaatctct gaatggtcta    201480
     tcctttcgtc tcagctccaa ctttgtctct gtaactcctt tcatgggtat tttgttccct    201540
     attctaagga ggaatgaagg atccacactt tggacttcct tcttcttgat tttcttgtgt    201600
     tttgcaaatt gtatcttgga tattctatgt ttctgggcta atatccactt atcagtgagt    201660
     gcatatcaag tgacttcttt tgttattggg ttacctcact caggacgata tcctacagat    201720
     aaatccattt gcccaagaat ttcctaaatt cattgtttct aatagctgag tagtactcca    201780
     taatgtacaa cattttctgc atccattcct ctaatgaggg acatctgggt tctttccagc    201840
     ttctggctat tataaataat gctactatga acgtattgga gcatgtgtcc ttattaccaa    201900
     ttggaatatc ttctggatat atgatcagga gagggattgc tccttcttcc ggtagtatta    201960
     tatccagttt tctgaggaac caccttactg atttccagag tgtttatgca ggcttgcatt    202020
     ccaccagcaa tggaggagtg ctcctttttc accacatcct caccagcatc tgctgtcacc    202080
     tgaacttttg atcttagcca ttctgactgg agtgaggtgg aatctcaagg tggtttgatt    202140
     tgtattttcc tgatgattaa ggatgctgag cattttttca ggtgcttctc agccatttgg    202200
     tattcctcac ttgagaatta tttgtttagc tctgtacccc atttttaaat ggggttattt    202260
     gaatttctag agtccagctt cttgagctct ttgcatatat tggatattag tcccctatca    202320
     gatttaggct tggtaaaaat cctttcccaa tgtgttggtg gcctttttgt cttattgata    202380
     atgtcttttg ccttacagaa gctttgcaat ttcatgaggt cccatttgta gattcttgat    202440
     cttacagcac aaaccattgc tgttctgttt aggaattttt ctccagtgcc catatctttg    202500
     aggcttttcg cctctttctc ctctagaaat ttaagtgtct ctggttttat gtggaattc     202559

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