(data stored in ACNUC10243 zone)

EMBL: AL772404

ID   AL772404; SV 5; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 157345 BP.
AC   AL772404;
DT   19-JUN-2002 (Rel. 72, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 13)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-374O4 on chromosome 2
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-157345
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Almeida-King J.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; c4e169cc4ef37c5d5901962367f4e9a1.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456092.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000015839; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000059005; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0025856; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0025857; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0025835; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0025802; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0025803; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0025828; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0025829; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0025588; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0025589; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0026275; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0026276; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0025053; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0025569; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0025570; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0025700; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0025701; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0025662; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0025663; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0025788; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0025789; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0025694; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0026332; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0026333; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0024794; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0025120; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0025121; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL772404.5:1-157345; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000102672; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000111961; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000141974; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0055405; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0055408; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0055442; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0055393; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0055396; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0055369; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0055371; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0055100; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0055104; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0055851; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0055857; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0055302; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0055053; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0055056; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0055157; mus_musculus_dba2j.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0055118; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0055121; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0055258; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0055260; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0055106; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0055998; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0056001; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0054902; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0054373; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0054374; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; A2AL12.
DR   GOA; Q60795.
DR   InterPro; IPR000504; RRM_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR004826; bZIP_Maf.
DR   InterPro; IPR004827; bZIP.
DR   InterPro; IPR008917; TF_DNA-bd_sf.
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DR   MGI; MGI:108420; Nfe2l2.
DR   MGI; MGI:1917171; Hnrnpa3.
DR   PDB; 1X2R; X-ray.
DR   PDB; 2DYH; X-ray.
DR   PDB; 3WN7; X-ray.
DR   RFAM; RF00026; U6.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q60795; NF2L2_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A2AL12; A2AL12_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A2AL13; A2AL13_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-374O4 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..157345
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="2"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-374O4"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    52892..52991
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_39615, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    67549..67570
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    81306..81382
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    90573..90619
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    123395..123441
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence generated from a
FT                   transposon library derived from a single pUC clone.
FT                   Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye terminator reads
FT                   only. Restriction digest data confirm the assembly."
FT   misc_feature    124967..125081
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence generated from a
FT                   transposon library derived from a single pUC clone.
FT                   Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye terminator reads
FT                   only. Restriction digest data confirm the assembly."
FT   misc_feature    125082..125082
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 110bp by restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    125082..125109
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence generated from a
FT                   transposon library derived from a single pUC clone.
FT                   Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye terminator reads
FT                   only. Restriction digest data confirm the assembly."
FT   misc_feature    126028..126177
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_173550, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    128823..128828
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_173550, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    137896..137897
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence from clone PCR only."
FT   misc_feature    137898..137918
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence from clone PCR only.
FT                   Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye terminator reads
FT                   only."
FT   misc_feature    137919..137919
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 80bps by restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    137920..137934
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data. Sequence from uni-directional dGTP
FT                   big dye terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    137935..137942
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    152414..152524
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence generated from a
FT                   transposon library derived from a single pUC clone.
FT                   Restriction digest data confirm the assembly."
SQ   Sequence 157345 BP; 43926 A; 34141 C; 34505 G; 44773 T; 0 other;
     agggcttgga gagatggttc aacatctaag agtactggct gctcttccag ggaacccagg        60
     tttgattccc agcacacaca tggtggctca caactgtaac tccagttcca ggagatccaa       120
     tgcccccttc tggcttctgt aggcaccagg catggacatg gcacatgcaa tgtgggcaaa       180
     cacctaaaca gatgcaataa aataaaaaca aattaaaatt ttaaaaatct tttcaaaaaa       240
     ttaaagtgaa caaaaagtaa aagaggaatt caatattata ccttaccttt ttttctggac       300
     ttaagacctc accatgtatt ccagcctggc cttagactct agctattacc tccttactac       360
     tacagatggg tagcaccata cctagaaact tacgtttctt aatggtattt tctgcaagtc       420
     tattgggtca gtttgggctg tcatttagga aaagagaagc ttctgcttgg tggccatcac       480
     tgttctcctg cacaaaggcc cagggatgtc tctagagcgt tccagtgtgg cagggtcaag       540
     acctcaggag ttgcttactg agtgaaccag ttcatctcct gctctctcag attctaactt       600
     gacctcaaat tcgctcttaa tcttttatta gctatatgat tataaacaat tatttagcct       660
     ctctaactca caataacttt ctatcttcca aggaaataat aaacctacca atgaccaaca       720
     agatgattaa tttaggcaat gtacataaac acttttaact aggggtaggg tcacctccac       780
     cttttaaata gaattggaaa taagaaacca cagtgttcct acattgttat ctttgttgct       840
     tagataattc aaactcacaa cacaggaaac agtacagagt ctaatgctgg aactggttga       900
     cagccaggaa gggaagatgg ctgctttagc tgcactgaga accactcaac cccagacaat       960
     caagttctcg aaaggacaag aaaaagattt aattttagtt atattttcaa aatacatttc      1020
     actatatata gaaatttggc cttttaacgg tttttagaaa cagtctttgt tccacacagt      1080
     taggaatacc ttaatgtcat tctccttcac tctacgatca cattaaaaaa tgtctcggaa      1140
     agaatgtgat attcttggca cctagaaata gcctgcttgc tgtcctttcc atcgctgtgc      1200
     taaacagttc ctttcactca tgaaaggtat gtggtcataa aaatatgtcc aagactgact      1260
     gacgtgtttg tctgtttgtc acagaattta cattaaggat ttcaagacat attttgtgtg      1320
     tggggagtgg ttttgggttg gtttgtattg tgggggttaa ggaggcctac ttgaggttta      1380
     ctaataaaga catggagaaa tctgtagagt gtaaggctgt tggtctcttt gctgtggcag      1440
     tccttcagtt agacaggtaa acttacgcca acttccctgc cagtgtgtcc caccatgtag      1500
     ctctctctct ttacgtcctg gctctgtccc tgttcatgct ttaatgagca acaaattcca      1560
     taacagcccc taatcagatg tgtgccaagc tggaaggccc ctggcttgtt tgcttgcctc      1620
     tataaatgct tgcttgaaac tgggctcggg gcttccccct cccatcctgc tgtttcagtg      1680
     atgacaataa ggctccagct cgaactcgaa taaagaccct agtgcaattg gattggaatc      1740
     gactccttgg tggtcttttg gggctcaagg aatgagcaca acaaaacaaa cggaaaaacc      1800
     caagatccct agggagtaag taacatgctc aatttcatag acatttatta aaataatcaa      1860
     atgtcaagaa tgagaaaaat tttaataacc acgttagatt tttgtctctg gtttaggttt      1920
     tttgttttgt tttgtttttg gggggttgag gaggtttcaa gacaggattt ctctgtgtag      1980
     ctctggctgt cctggaattc actttgtaga ccaggctggc ctcgaactca gaaatctgcc      2040
     tgcctctgcc tcccaggtcc tggggttaaa gggatgtgcc accactgcct ggcctggttt      2100
     agttttatag gacaagggtc tcctacatcc caggttggcc cagaactagc catgtaagga      2160
     gaataacttt gaacttctga ccctcctgta tccacctctt caggtgatat cacaagcacc      2220
     acacctggtt ttatatagtc ctggagatga ctcagggctt tgagcctggg aggcaagtgt      2280
     tctatcaact gagagccagg ccctgtttct tccattcatg tgacctatct gctagaattt      2340
     taagggctgt atggatttgg aagccccatg acaagatgca aagcccacct ccatgcaaag      2400
     cccagggaat gatgactctg agtacacact tcccttgcta gcttctattt tctcttcttc      2460
     aaaactaggg gacccccatt ccagtcacaa aatactctca ttgcttttta aaaggtttga      2520
     ttcttctgaa aattttaaat atttcaaaag gtttttcact ttatttattg tttgagacaa      2580
     agtcttaata cagagtctgg gcaagcctag gtcctgctta tgtaggctag gctggccaca      2640
     gactccccag agatctacct gtctctgttt tgtaaaccag gttcctagga tttatgtact      2700
     cagggctggg gctgtctgta aggcagcaca gctggatgga taaagcttct gatgagctcg      2760
     actccatgaa atgctgagtg tttgtcagac tacataatgg cagtttctat tcctttgtag      2820
     tagccaatgc cttttaacca tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttttggtg cttgcagata      2880
     gtagacaagc actctaccac tgacctacag ccacattgta atggcattta aattgtttat      2940
     tgtcagtgca aataaattct gaaagctaga gttctgatac aaatttaagt taaaattttg      3000
     ggggtagggt ctcaggtagc ccaggctggc cttcaattta ctgtgtagcc aggagtgatt      3060
     tccctatctt tgcctcacaa atactaggat tacagatgtg ctgatactat gtatggctca      3120
     atgcagaaat attaatataa aattcctaca tggtttaaaa tccatttgca atatcatatg      3180
     aaatgacatt acatttgtca ataaaaggaa gagttgtttg attctttcga tagaattata      3240
     attgtaaatt tgaatggcta tgtaaaatgg ttttaaatat tttattaccc acttatgtga      3300
     tcacagtccc tcagcgataa tgagtattca gaatatgagg aattcatcat taaaaagtct      3360
     gaatcaaaaa ctgcataaag ccatttcaac cataaaactc aatactaaaa tatagtcaca      3420
     ggatcaagtt caaagtgatc attaaaaaaa aaaatgggaa tttttatttg aaagttttat      3480
     gcaaattcca tgggtaatag cttccctaat aatttgcatc ttattttttt aatcacaatt      3540
     atataaagaa aatgttatgg aaaatttaaa tcagccatca tttagatggc tccaagtctt      3600
     ttgctgctta ctttagtttg ctttaaaaaa aaaaaagatt ttgtaaggtt cagggtcacc      3660
     ctcagttaca cagtgagttc aagacagatt gggctgcata caatcctatc ttaaactact      3720
     tttgttgtta attattttct aggttaggct tggtggcaca tacccataat ctcagcactc      3780
     tagaagcact gggagataga gctttcggag ctctaggcct atttgatcta cataatgaat      3840
     ttcaacaagt cagtgctgca taatgagagc ctgactcaaa aaaaaatttt tttttctgta      3900
     ccttgtgaaa tgaaagaagt tgaaagaacc ttatataaag tctataggcc atgcatccca      3960
     ccctagcacc cctatctcct ggctctatac tctacatacc ctcatttcaa agttagggct      4020
     acaaggattg acagaagaca aagtttgaca aggcctgagt gtgtgtttat agaatcaaga      4080
     gctggagcag cgctatttat gtctaggaca tattggtctc tagaactgaa ggtactttta      4140
     ggaaaaaaag aagaaaaggc agaaaaatag ctgggcatgg tagctcatcc agagcagagc      4200
     tgtttttgtt gggcctcagt gggagaagat gtgcctagtc cagcagagac ttgatgtgcc      4260
     agggtgagtt ggtacccagt gggggtgtcc cccttctcag agaaggggag acgtgggggg      4320
     aggactatgt gggggagact gggagatgag gaggagcttt gatcagaatg taaagtgaat      4380
     aaataaataa aggagaaaaa tactgtcctt cctgttaact cagaatgcta ttatgtccat      4440
     caaagtcacc tggtaaggag gaacccaagt ataacacaca aaaacacaaa gtctgccttt      4500
     tctatcaggc agaaatgaga aacaaccaga cagtggcact cattaaaaaa aacaaacaaa      4560
     tgaacaaaca agcaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aaaatgaaaa cctcatccct taacaaaacc      4620
     ccacaaatct gacctttcct atcaggcaga aacgagaaac aactagaagg cgtttgtcac      4680
     acacaagaaa agaaacttat cctttcctcc ttgtcaggaa gagacaaaag taataaaact      4740
     ggtgtggcgc ccttggctct ccgagcctac acccacccca attgggtctc tcgacttctc      4800
     ctggccctgc ttggccatga ccccctgata aatctacctt aactgcatct tggacacaga      4860
     tacaaattca aggcctcttt tccagaacag atttacagat gtggctccac tcagaattta      4920
     cgaacaaaga accgcataga ccacactgtg tgaaaccatt tttaacgtac agacaggaaa      4980
     gaaacaggaa gtttatcata gcactacaaa cacatttata gacagaccta gactggattt      5040
     gccaacatca ctctctagat ccatagtcct aaaagccatg aggaacctca aggcctgtgc      5100
     accaaaatgt agcaccaagg aagtattcaa gaaccccgaa agaccaatca ggtgcagatc      5160
     caatgcaatc ccaccagagt ctttattcac aaactcaagc ttggggctta acacactgca      5220
     gacccacagg acagttctgg tgaagaaaag cccccaacac tcattaaggg aaggttttat      5280
     atagaaaatg gcaagcgagc agtgactgtt tctagcctgg caagcatcta attgggctga      5340
     tactgtggcc tttagcaaaa ctggctggtg ctaggagcca aaccataaac ttaacttctg      5400
     ttttcttttt gttttttttt gttttttttt tttttttttt gagacagggt ttctctgtgt      5460
     agccctggct gtcctggcac tcactttgta gaccaggctg gcctcgaact cagaaatccg      5520
     cctgcctctg cctccggagt gctgggatta aaggcgtgca ccaccacgcc cggcttctgt      5580
     tttcttttta attggtggtt attaggcagg ggagggcttg taacctggag gtgtagactt      5640
     attggggaat aacctggaga ggcaggtctt gtttgggggt agcctgggaa ctggaactag      5700
     gtactggcct gttagtttac ttgagtttaa acttaggtca ggttttgttt gtttgtttgt      5760
     ttgtttgaga cagggtttct ctgtataacc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tctgtgaacc      5820
     agtctggcct tgaactcaga aatctacctg cctctgcctc tgcctcccaa gtgctgagat      5880
     taaaggcgtg cgccaccagt gcccagctag gtcaggtttt ctaagatgga atctaaaccc      5940
     caaaatttgg tctctcaaaa accatcttga aaaaccaagg atcaaaaaag atcggtatct      6000
     gagcatgggc cagagaacaa accagccaaa gattggttat cgtttctgct tcacttcctg      6060
     ccctcatttc cttcaatgac aaccatgacc tggaagtata acattttccc cttttgagtt      6120
     ggttttggtc atggcgttta ttacccagca acataaagca aactagaatc agggtatcat      6180
     gtagcccagg gaggcctcat accccacttt gtagctgtga atgtccttga gcccttttga      6240
     gacagggtct ctgtatccta gagctagatg taggtcaggc tggcctggta cccccagaga      6300
     tccttctgca tctgcctcct ggttgctgtg attaaagtcc tgagacacca cacttggctg      6360
     ctctgagttt tttcaatctc ccacctccaa tccctaaatg ctgtgggttt gagggattag      6420
     gagctgtgtc acctgcccag tttgcagaga tgaggatcca ggcctaggtc tcatgtctga      6480
     ctgctgggat taaaggtgtg tgccaccatc tgaatccatt tctcatcttt cactgggaga      6540
     gacagataaa ttgcaaagga gtttgctatg cagaatgtta aaatatgcaa tttgttgcag      6600
     gaaaagaagg cttgtcaatt gtgctttttt tcttaccctc aataacttta tttaaatgag      6660
     atctgcagat tttttttttc ttttgagaca gggtctcact ctatagcact ggctccctga      6720
     aactccacat agccagctag agaggcatgg gcctctgcct tcagagtagc ctagaggtga      6780
     cacataccac gactagcaaa tctgtagact tttaatttac agttgttatt gtgagaaggc      6840
     taggctaagt ccacgacagg cttcaaatta gcagctaagg agacgaggtc taaaaaccca      6900
     ggcttcaggc agctaattag aaactgcccc accacctggc ctgaaacaag gacaatgggt      6960
     cagcagttcc cagccagccc ccacgcccca gtaatggaat gtccttcgag atagcataag      7020
     acacagccta ccacccccca ccccagattc ctcagccagt ttccaggcac cataccctag      7080
     tatggttctg gaatacctag agacagagta agacaaagcc cacctacccc aggattccac      7140
     taaggtgctt taaattggtc ctgcgggctc acttcaggct ctatcttggt aacgggagac      7200
     cccagcatgc tggacttcta cagaataaaa acagtgtttg cgtttacata ctattagaat      7260
     ccggggtatc attcttcgtt acagtgggtg tttcgagact acctaatcct atgtttgctt      7320
     ttatttgatt aaaaacccaa atcgttccaa atccctttgc taagcaaata aacgattcga      7380
     cttatttcgt tcatatactg cacactaaaa ctcgaaactg atgaccactt taaataagaa      7440
     acaaatctct agccaacagg tagagggcct atatggccag aagccttttg gaaacgttgg      7500
     aaatcgttcc attctctcaa ttctataccc aagtggctct gcttcttcct cccagactgt      7560
     cttaatttgt aaatgtgcaa gctgctaagg tgaaaaccgc agtaactcag ccgcgttttg      7620
     cggtccgtga gacgtgcccc gactgcgact tgcagtgtgg gtctcccagg aaggcggcgc      7680
     agtcacattt ttccaaacct gggctctcga catttagaaa gccgcgaggg aggcgaagat      7740
     ggtcaactgg ctttcttaca accttaagtc tcaagtcaga aaagcgtgac tttccatttg      7800
     gctctggaat ggaggtgaac tcggaaatgg agacccgcag gcgcgcgggg gaggggcgag      7860
     aggggccaga agaaagggaa aggcctttct ctaagctgac gcgcggtcac gcggctttct      7920
     cccgacgtgg gctctcgcca ttggtcgagc tgccgctgac gtaagcgtcg ctgccgggcg      7980
     cgaaccgcgg cgaaggcggc gctgcgttgg aagttggcga ggcgcgcgcg ctcccgccgg      8040
     cggcccaatc cccgctctcc accctcggcc cgccaacgcg gtggaccagt cgcgctccgc      8100
     tttctcatga ctccgccccc agtgggcggg cggcgcgcgg atagcacatc acgtggtgac      8160
     tggccccgcc tcttcctctc ggtcccatat tgaactcgag ttggaagagg cgagtccggt      8220
     ctcaaaatgg aggtaaaacc gccgcccggt cgcccccagc ctgactccgg ccgtcgccgc      8280
     cgccgccggg gggaggaggt attaggggga gagcgggggg ttgctgggta gttgccggca      8340
     tgggggggct ttggctcgat gggagtgggg aggccgggga gaccgggacg atcgtcccgc      8400
     gctttgcgct gagggcggtg ggagggggag gggagcgggc cgggtggcct cctccgggcc      8460
     ctccgtcggc ctggtcctct cggtcggccg caccggcagc cctcgaagac gcggcggggc      8520
     cggggagtgg ctcggcagcc gggcgaggat gccctcgggc tgcgcggcct gacttagcga      8580
     ggccgcgggc ggcatggcgg gcctccgcgg gagcggttgg gaggaggcgg tgggggaggg      8640
     gaggagcaca tccgggcgag cgagcaggcg ggcggcggcc gcattgacat tgatccgccg      8700
     ccgccgcgtt acgaaatggc gcagtggccc gcaatggccg ccgcctggct acgccgccaa      8760
     gaaggagtgc gcggggattg gaggggacgg cgggaggcgg cccggcgttt ctgccgcaga      8820
     tggcctccag gctccgggcg cggtgctttc cgctggggtg ctcccgacgt ggatctaggc      8880
     cttggcgggc cttctgggtg atgacaatcc gcgcaatact cgggccggat tttctcagcg      8940
     ctcatttggg gatacattac tgaaaagctt gctgctttaa ggtgcttcct aacccgctgc      9000
     ttgtgctcaa gtatttggaa tgagagtatt tacagcgtcc tgtggttgaa gtcttaacca      9060
     tttcgggggt ttgagtgtag atgtgtttac ttggagctta atatttttat tgatctaatt      9120
     tctcatactt cggattggcc cggattttgg ttttcctgga ttttggtttt agagaactgc      9180
     gaccacacta gaaaatacca cgattacgag aattttgtgt gtatagagat gctttttgtg      9240
     tattgtcaaa ttcatttatg cgaggcttga ataaaggggt tttacgtgaa tttgggtagt      9300
     tgggtttctg gtatgtggct gtctgcatat tgaatgttct aactaatatt tccagaagat      9360
     ggaagaaagt gagccccctt taagggcttg tgttgaattg tcttaatgcg ttcattaaaa      9420
     gcggttcact cgaaagtaaa atcttcaaaa agaaaaccac aggctagata ttttctaagt      9480
     ctctcagtta cggttttgtt tctaattcct ctggtcaggc ggtatatgct ataccttgta      9540
     aatccaaatt acacgcttgt gaatgtaagg atcgcattcg aaataacttg aaactatatg      9600
     atgtaagtgg gtataaccaa ggtaaattga ttacagaaag ctaagtagtg gaaccaggtg      9660
     tgaatggtgc gtgcacacct gttaccctag tatttgaaag gctaaggtag gactgcctca      9720
     agttcaaggc tagcttagcc tgcctttcct tgagagccag cctcaaaacc ctcacccacc      9780
     cttttaaccc ccacaaggta tcacggggtt aagtcttggc tgtgttttgt gggatatgcc      9840
     taatttgctt gggaatgtct tttaataact gaaatgttat tagctggaaa tgtgaatttc      9900
     tcttaatttc ccgttgtaag cttctaagtt gcatttcata gatcatgttt taaaattaca      9960
     ggtttgttgg tgttgcagac tgaggacagt ggagatggca cgggcagtct ttggggttta     10020
     tttttctagt gaatgatttg ttagaaacat ctgaaatact ctagactttt tagttgtagc     10080
     ttaaagttta aaaaatctgg gactgtttgg gggttcagtt taatgtgacc ccagatacca     10140
     ttttagtggg atatttttgt ttttaagaca acctactccc tatgtacctc atactggcct     10200
     agaagaactg acataatcca ggccagctgt ctcccaaacg ctgaaattaa ctggtgtgta     10260
     ctatcatgcc cagcgtggag caggtttttt aaatggatgg aatattgatg ttacagattt     10320
     gagacagaac ttcattttat ccaagaaata actatattga tcttttttcc tcagggccat     10380
     gatccaaagg aaccagagca gctgaggaag ctatttattg gtggtctgag ctttgaaacc     10440
     acagatgata gcttaagaga acattttgag aaatggggca cacttacaga ctgtgtggtg     10500
     agttcttggg gtaaaaatgg tctaagaaag ggatgggaac ctatagcact atttaatact     10560
     ttgaactatt tatttgtagg taatgagaga tccccaaaca aaacgttcca gaggctttgg     10620
     ttttgtgacc tactcttgtg ttgaagaggt ggatgctgca atgtgtgctc ggccacacaa     10680
     ggttgatggg cgtgtggtgg aaccgaagag agctgtttct agagaggtat tttaataaca     10740
     tgttgtataa tacttggata tgtttcagtt tggttttttt gacttataat tattttattt     10800
     gtaggattct gtaaagcctg gtgcccattt aacggtgaag aaaatttttg ttggtggtat     10860
     taaagaggat acggaagaat ataacctgag agactacttt gaaaagtatg gcaagattga     10920
     aaccatagag gttatggaag acaggcagag tgggaaaaag agaggatttg cttttgtaac     10980
     ttttgatgat catgacacag ttgataaaat tgttggtaag taacaattta tttgagtttc     11040
     gttttcataa atcatctaag tcagtggttc tcaaccttcc ttatgctgtg actcttaata     11100
     cagatactca tgttgtgaac cccaaccata aaattttcat tgctacttca taactaattt     11160
     tgctactgtt ataaatccat gtatatctga taagcaggat gtctgtgact caacctatag     11220
     gctgagaact attgatctag atcaggaaac atttctaaaa tattgactca ttctcttctc     11280
     agtctaccat cttaataata ttttaattaa ttgcatggtg ataaagggtt cactttaaca     11340
     tggttttcca aacaaaaaat aacttttctt ttgtttttga cttaaaaaaa tatagttcag     11400
     aaataccaca ctattaatgg gcataattgt gaagtgaaaa aggccctttc taaacaagag     11460
     atgcagtctg ctggatcaca gagaggtgag taggctcaga tacacataaa cagtgggcat     11520
     gaacagttgt gggaaagatg tgaacttttc actccaattc ttgttacagg tcgtggaggt     11580
     ggatctggca actttatggg tcgtggagga aactttggag gtggtggagg aaactttggt     11640
     cgtggaggaa actttggtgg aagaggtaag gtgttctcat tatatgtgct gatctatcaa     11700
     atttactagt aagttgaaag tgaaatttta attcaaatct tgcatttcct taggtggcta     11760
     tggtggtgga ggtggtggca gcagaggtag ttatggaggt ggtgatggtg gatataatgg     11820
     atttggaggt gatggtgagt cttaaaatgt tgaacttggt tatttttaat ttctgcattg     11880
     ctgggaatca caaggcctca aatgctaggt ggtaggacat acaacacatg tggtaggcga     11940
     catgttttgg ttttaacaac cacattaaaa atgtcacacc ttctaattcc aaaactttga     12000
     ataggtgaaa tacttttcta actagtacca cagactagga agcctctttc caaagatgga     12060
     agtcaaatat tagttagttg tccttggctt agtagagtag gatttattgt accagaaata     12120
     gaactaaaat tttccaaagt aaaattgaaa actgacttta aaggaaagag ggccaggtgt     12180
     ggtggcgcgc gcctttaatc ccagcactca ggaggcagag gcaggtggat ttctgagttc     12240
     gaggccagcc tggtctacag agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctataca gagaaactgt     12300
     ctcgaaaaac aaaagaaagg aggatgctaa tattaagatt tttttaaccg tcaagattac     12360
     tttgtgctct gtgactagat tctagagtgt gaaactaggt cttgccactt acagtatata     12420
     ataaaaagtt agaattattt ggtccccctg aacaactttc tatgtggttt tctttgcagg     12480
     tggcaactat ggtggtggtc ctggttacag cagtagagga ggttatggag gtggtggacc     12540
     aggatatgga aaccagggtg gtggatatgg tggtggagga ggaggctatg atggttacaa     12600
     tgaaggagga aattttggtg gaggtaagtt acatagatgt ctggattaaa tgcaaaccag     12660
     cgtttaaatt aaaattcctt gcagtatgtg gaactgcttt aaaagataag ctgaaataaa     12720
     gttaactgtt acagctctac tgtaacacag cttatccatg tgaaatttac aacttaaccc     12780
     taactagtca ttatttttaa cttgtgggaa tatagcacta cataaatttc acatttgaag     12840
     gtgagtgtgc aagggggggg gtcctttgaa ttccaggtta gtctggatat tagagaagaa     12900
     aagtgaaggt ttctattgta caactcaatg gttttttgtt ttttaaaaga ttatttgagt     12960
     aaaaggttta aaagtttatg actgcagctg tccagacaca ccagaagagg gcatcagatc     13020
     aattgtacgt gattgtgagc caccgtgtgg gtgctgggaa ttgaagtcag gacccttaac     13080
     cactcagccc atctctccag ctcccaattc aatactttta agaatattca cagtatttta     13140
     taatgctcat cactagtccc agaacatttt cgtcaactca aatataggac cttattttat     13200
     ttagcccagc aagcctcggg ctacattggc ctctggcttt gttctttctt ggacccacct     13260
     cccgagtgtt gggactggat ttagcatgct aggcatttga tttttaaaaa ttgttttgca     13320
     gtgtctgtag atactgcaaa ttggcaagct ttactgttta tttagcatag tgaaacgtac     13380
     atttactagt ttagtaaatt aaaagagaag ttttaaattt tggcttattg ctgagatttc     13440
     cttaattctt ggtgaatgca atgccaaatc agcttttgga atacattgga tattactgta     13500
     ttattatcta ttgataaata ctgcttatat actaactgta cggtggactg tacacaatta     13560
     ttgcatgtaa tttacaggag aaacttgaac ctaattgatg tgagtgactg acattaacat     13620
     accttccgtt actgctttaa aagttgcatc aaaatcacag caaatactgg tctaaatgat     13680
     gtggcaggaa tagaaaagtg ggtgtttttt atgtatgcta aaatttgata agcgtcttag     13740
     aagtagacag attccactta ctggtccctc tttacctgtt tattagatca cttaggcttc     13800
     tgataaatgg agtttagtac ctaaaattgc aattgatgct tgcatgaaaa tacgtataat     13860
     acttgctgcc atgatggtcc gaatagttac agtggtatta ttttagaaac tacaaataag     13920
     atctttgtca tttcaggtaa ctatggtggt ggtggaaact ataatgactt tggaaattat     13980
     agtggacagc aacaatcaaa ttatggaccc atgaaggggg gcagttttgg tggaagaagc     14040
     tcaggcagtc cctatggtgg taagtctttt taatcaaaaa ttttcagagc catcttggtt     14100
     aacatattcc gtatattcag aactgttatg tgttatttcc aggtggctat ggatctggag     14160
     gtggaagtgg tggatatggt agcagaaggt tttaaaataa aacagaaacg gtaggtatct     14220
     ttatattttt aaaaataatg ataaaaaaga atatatggaa ctgttcactg agtgtaataa     14280
     tttttttatc ctatattatt caacaggcta cagttcttag caggagagag agcgaggagt     14340
     tgtcaggaaa gctgcaggtt actttgagac agtcgtccca aatgcattag aggaactgta     14400
     aaaatctgcc acagaaggaa cgatgatcca tagtcagaaa agttactgca gcttaaacag     14460
     gaaacccttc ttgttcagga ctgtcatagc cacagtttgc aaaaagtgca gctattgatt     14520
     aatgcaatgt agtgtcaatt agatgtacat tcctgaggtc ttttatctgt tgtagctttg     14580
     tctttttctt tttcttttca ttacatcagg tatattgccc tgtaaattgt ggtagtggta     14640
     ccaggaataa aaaattaagg aatttttaac ttttcaatat ttgtgtagtt cagtttttct     14700
     acattttagt acagaaactt taacaaaatg cagtttcgaa ggtgtttcct tgtgagttaa     14760
     cacgtgaaga agatcattgt taattactat tttgtatgaa ttttgctaaa gttaactgta     14820
     aagaaacacc tactgacttg caatttaagg ggaatctatt ctccccattt ccaaaacaat     14880
     gatgaatggg cgctgacatg tggagagaat agatatttgt atgtttgcaa tgtgtgtttt     14940
     agataattag aattgggaaa taaaaaaata gcatatttgt gaatttaata gcattaagat     15000
     taccttcaaa tgaaaaagat ctcaaaagtt gctgtttggt ttttgtgcat tttctttcaa     15060
     agtgtaatca tgattttagt gtattagatt tattgagtcc tagccatgtt aagaacatct     15120
     ccattccaca tttaccttga tcccgttgaa actgctgcca atagttcggg gtacaaagtg     15180
     ttcatactgc tctttactca ccaaggctgg tagatgtatg tcatctccca gtttaacatt     15240
     actttcccat acagacccac aaagtctgct gggtctgagc aaactggtgg gtacctggtt     15300
     tgcttttgct tataaaggtc tcaaggccca ttggtctagt cattttcctt ggttaagtgt     15360
     cccacacaca cagcttttca gagcaaagga ataaaagtca ctcattgaaa cccctgactg     15420
     gctggcatgc tttcctgttt atccattttg ctagatgatg aaacaaaatg atagtaaggt     15480
     gttgtccaaa caaagcagca gaagatgtag cacacacggt tgctcagtgc aagcacctca     15540
     cagccccaaa tatctgaact caaattcgga atgtcttaaa tccccaaaga agaacacatg     15600
     gttattcttt gtgtatatat atatatatct ctcattttaa aacgtcgggt gtgacaattt     15660
     gtttggagac cctgtttgag aggagtttca gataaaaggt catatataaa aattgtctac     15720
     tgttgcgcca gctagtgctg aacaatttca ttcaaatcct gagtatgtgc cctgctgtta     15780
     cttcctttgg cagttgaccg ttgaaatcag atttttactt ggtttttaaa gtataagcta     15840
     aacaagcaat aaaaggggga atggggcgtg ctagtatttc aatttgctct cttgttgctc     15900
     tacttctgtg cctctgtgca ttattaatat ttggatgcat gcagtgctag catggaactt     15960
     tggtcttcac aattactgca gtttttccag aaaacactca caccaataaa tgtaacagaa     16020
     cattccattt gttaatgggc atatgtgcat aagcagtgta gaaaataggc tcatgttaga     16080
     aactggctac atccttcata actaaaagtg tggttatatg aatggacact gtcaatgttc     16140
     atagcttaaa cctgggtacc tggtcaaaat gcttaggaaa cattaaaatt gagctaaatt     16200
     gtctcaagtc cttttattca tataataaag attgaaggga tgggggggag gctgacattt     16260
     tctggttttg tttgtgaaat tgctggacac aaccttgaca gtatccttta atgtaatgag     16320
     gtcaattgta ttgttaacca tctttttatg tataatagtg aaaaatttac agtaagttgg     16380
     tgtttacaac ctataatcag gtaaaatctg tatgtgacct gtttataagt tgtactgagt     16440
     tagtttttgt gaactgtgga agagtaagcc atgagagcga tttaaccagc tttaaaggac     16500
     ataagttgtg ctttttaagc acggtggatc aaaggaaaac ccactaagac aggacttcag     16560
     cagccatttg agtatggaca agtcagcata aataaagaat gagaaggcag cagcagcaag     16620
     agcttcaaca acagagaagt ggaggcataa gatactatga tgctagtgag caacttccca     16680
     aaagctagtt aaagctgctt attgcaactg aaatgtcgaa gaaagtagca ggaaggagct     16740
     tcgccttttg gaacatcaat gagctagttg ccacaggcgc taggtctagc atttagacct     16800
     gcaaggaagg gcaataagca ttaggtaagg cttgaatttg aattttttca ctaattaaat     16860
     gagtgctttt tttgtaaagc aaggtaagag taatcttttt gatttgcagg tgaatgagaa     16920
     ccctacctgc ctaacgagga atgtctttcc cacaccttaa atacgaaggt ttctggctgg     16980
     gtaaggtttg tagctcacag taaaaaccga tgacactgtt ggtttcccac aagtcaatgt     17040
     cacagttgag acacccctca agctcagttt tgttttggtg cccattgaac aaattctaag     17100
     acataggcag ttacattctg caaagccatg ggtgtttgtc ataagctaga tgtgcctctt     17160
     catgtgtaca actcaatgtt ctaaggtaaa gtcatccttc aataagggga agtcatgttg     17220
     gcttttcaaa agtaagtttt tcatgtatga ctttaataag ctgttcccac cctaagaact     17280
     aggaactttc acagttgtca gaataattgt cttccttaaa gctctatagc gtgtaagttt     17340
     actcttgtgt ggaccagtag ggatagtcaa gtgtttagtc ttctccccta acccatcaca     17400
     aacagggtct cactgttgtc ctagcctgga actcaatcca ccagccttct gtgtctccca     17460
     agtgctggag ttaaaagggt ggtgcctgta tgataactca agttcctttt taaaaaaaca     17520
     tccaaagaac agttgggtta ctattcacat aatgttgctg gttgttcata agggctattt     17580
     ctgctgccct gaaagggctt atttgaaaat tgcttaattc aggttacttc ttaatagaac     17640
     attttcaggg gacaaatctg caaaatgttt cccacacagg gaacatccct gcatcaacaa     17700
     gtttgcttgg catttaagtc aggacaaagt tcacagaaat catagttacc aatgaggtag     17760
     caatcgttca atggtggtta acagattgga gaaaatacat ttgcttagga ggcatttaca     17820
     gtccatttcc tttctgaaat aaagttattt tactaatatg gttccactgt catttctgca     17880
     aaaacacttt acaatggtag aagggtaagc ataaaacaaa agaggctgcc tctggttttg     17940
     ttggacctgt gggatgctgc tcccagttta catgtctgaa aggtgtgttc acattcgtgt     18000
     ataaattagg ggacacatgg taagaaaaag tccatctagt aggggactac agagaaatgg     18060
     gctcggtttt taagggttct gttaatgtca caatttgaaa cgctcctgac aatagttcag     18120
     taattggcat ggtagcaagc atgcagatgt gcaaggtgct gtgaggattg gtagcctgag     18180
     tattcagttt taaacttaac atgtcttcta atctttatga cagcagaggt ggtctgtaat     18240
     tcaattgttt tcatttgtag cataatgaaa tgttacagaa agatgacctt ttcattaaaa     18300
     tatttttaga aatgtgtgtg tggttttatc attttgcaat atttgatttg gtcctataag     18360
     tggttagaca ttttaataaa gtgaagtctt aaataggaag tagaaactac tgtactgcca     18420
     cattatacaa aaacatggga taattggctt atgttacaga ttttcttggt gggaagagaa     18480
     ttgggcaagt gaaaaggcta ggggtaaaat gagtggcacc tataaggtag ttcaaaggta     18540
     aaaaaggaag gttggttttt tgttttgtat tttcaaaaca gggtttctct gtatagcccc     18600
     agctgtcctg gaactcaggt tgtagaccag gctgggctcg aactcagaaa ctcgcctgcc     18660
     tttgccttcc cagtgctggg atcaaaggag tgcgccacca ccgcccggct ggggagaagt     18720
     ttttgaagtt tgtcttagtc tctctactga ggtttaccca aaaagtgtac tcacttggta     18780
     atactgagat aatggccttt taccttttga gattgaggct gccttctcat acctgagatt     18840
     tcatttttct cggtttaagt actaagtcta tgaaagtgcc tggccacatg tgaccccaag     18900
     taagttattt ggtaaattgg atccaggtga ggatttctgg taggatttta acgcatgctt     18960
     cgaatattgg tatgaaatga gcagtcatat tttacctttt taataggcct aatccaaagt     19020
     gagcgttttc accaaaatat cttcaaccct tgagtgctga gggtttatcc ccgggacatt     19080
     tgcctagtgt gcacaagatt ctgggatcag tccctcccct gtaaacaaag ttggctaacg     19140
     aagttaaaac ctttgatgga cttaattttc cttagcaaaa tcagtaagtc ggtgcaggtt     19200
     caggcttact aaagaatgac agctgttggc tatccccttg aaaacaatgg tagggatata     19260
     ctagctgcag gtccacgcag cctcaatgga cagttccggg acctagaaga taaatgtcta     19320
     ttatttagat ctagagattg tcactaaaca gataccaagt tacatctagg gcaattttga     19380
     tctttaaaat attaaaggat agaaatggat atagtttata gtatgcccat ttgctatgac     19440
     catgatattt ttctaagggt tgcgttttgc ctaggtgcac ataatgtgct tatctggtgt     19500
     ccttagaacg tagaagagga cttcattctc tggagccaga gattgggaga accatctctt     19560
     ctgtcccttt gcaactttaa tggcttcaaa tagagatgga gagcttatag gtaattttct     19620
     tttaaatagg tattgtcttt cactgtgtag ttatggaaac atcctttaag cttcagatag     19680
     gttgcctgct gtgaattaat ttcagctgtc ttaggccctc atttaatgtg ttaggttctg     19740
     tttagtattt aagctttgcc tatcaagttt agattctgaa cttaaatcgt ggacttggac     19800
     actttgaggg ttattttgtg tttccttaac tgtttgatga tgccaagctt aaaaataatt     19860
     gggttttggg cgtagtggct atgggtatgt tactttccca gcgtacttag gtttgattcc     19920
     cagcacccac atggggcagg gcagctcaac tctctgtact tacagtccca ttggaatcca     19980
     gtgccctctt ctggcctttg aaagccacaa gtgcagccaa gcatgtttac aaaacaccct     20040
     ccagacataa atttttaaaa atttctttgg agattgtggt acatgctttt tatcccaact     20100
     gttagaatac aggggcagat aaggcctttg tcagtttgag gccagccagg gttatatggt     20160
     gacaccctat ctttaaaaaa aaaaataaag aaaaaaaatg ttgggttggt gagatgtctc     20220
     agtgggtaag agcaccgact attccgaagg tcctgagttc aaatcccagc aaccacatgg     20280
     tggctcacaa ccacccataa tgagatcaga cgcccttttg tggtgcatct aaagacagct     20340
     acagtgtact tacaataata aatcttaggg ccagagcgag cagggtctac tggagcaaag     20400
     aagtcctcaa gtcaattccc aacaaccaga tgaaagttca taactaactg tacagctaca     20460
     gtgtatagtc atatacataa aaaaaaatgg ttcagagacc acccaagtct gacttcaatt     20520
     aagaaaaata agaccagggc tggtgagatg gctcagtggg taagagcacc ctactgctct     20580
     tccgaaggtc cagagttcaa atcccagcaa ccacatggtg gctcacaacc atccgtaaca     20640
     agatctgact ccctcttctg gagtgtttga agacagctac agtgtactta catataataa     20700
     ataaataaat cttaaaaaaa aagaaagaaa aataagacca gccaggcttg gtggcacacg     20760
     cctttaatgc cagcactagg ggaggcagag gcaggcgaat ttctgagttc gaggccagcc     20820
     tggtctacaa agtgagttcc aggacagcag ggctatacag agaaaccctg tctcgaaaaa     20880
     tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aacactaagc aaagatggag attattgcct     20940
     gaggttaagt gtgaagattg gctaaaaagg gtgcctatta aagagtgctt ttggtagtgt     21000
     tttaacatat cccgaaagca tacttaaaat ctaatgagtg attagctaag tcaggatctt     21060
     gatttttttt ttcccctttt tttctttgaa gtatacttct atcaattgaa actgctgtcc     21120
     tttttttttt tttttggagg gggtgggggg tccgagacaa ggtttctctg tatagccctg     21180
     gctgtcctgg aactcattcg tagaccaggc tggcctcgaa cttagaaatc cacctgactg     21240
     cctcccaatt gcagggatta caggtgtgtg ccaccactgc ctggctaaac tgctgtcttt     21300
     taaaatggaa agaatgattt ccccaccccc accccgtgcc aaaaaaaaaa aaaatagaga     21360
     cgatatcaca gtgtagccct ggctgctgag tgctaggatt aagctatata ctgttacaca     21420
     gcttcataat catatcaatt aagggtgtgg cagtacattt aaatagcatc ttcccattcc     21480
     ctcaaaaact agagggtttt ttgttttttg ctttttaata taaagggctg gagagatggc     21540
     acagtgatta agaacgtttg ttgcttttgc agattcccag tcagtcccac atgtagttta     21600
     cgaccatcca taactggttt cagaggacat acatgcaggc aaagccttca tacacatata     21660
     atctaagggg cggggcatgg agggcatgga gagatggctt ggttaagagc aagtcttttt     21720
     gcagagaact agagctcagt tctgggactc agattagatg gttcacagcc atgtgccaga     21780
     gaatcccaaa caccctctct ggtcacactc agatatacag tcatatacat aattcaaagt     21840
     taaaaagatt taggaaacaa tgttggacat atcctcaaag gtgtgcattt tagcttatag     21900
     aattgaatta aaaatagttc aagtaaggct aaaacgggct agagtttgta tttcaaatgc     21960
     agaacaaagg gaattttgtt cttaatggtt aggtaagcta ggatttgttt tacatttttt     22020
     cttttctttt ttcttttttt ttttttttaa gatttattta tttattatat gtaagtacac     22080
     tgtagctgtc ttcagacact ccagaagagg gcgtcagatc ttgttacaga tggttgtgag     22140
     ccaccatgtg gttgctggga tttgagctct ggaccttcgg aagagcagtc gggtgctctt     22200
     acccactgag ccatctcacc agccccattt tttattttct taaaagactt gtgtggtatg     22260
     tatggatgtt ttggttgcat gtctttctgt gtaactggtg cccatagagg ccaggggagg     22320
     gtgttgtgtc cccctggaac agttgggaca gatggttgtg agttgccatg caggtgctgg     22380
     gatttgaacc caggtcctct agaagagcag tcagctctta gccaatgaac cattactact     22440
     caacataagt tcaggtctgt aaggttctat ggtgagttcc gttttaggag tagcagaatc     22500
     ttgtcaagtt ggactgtgat aatgtagatg gatacagtct gttcttgcgt gctccagatg     22560
     gggctgcacc caaggttcct gtcagtttca tttggaacag tgtctcctag aatcttccat     22620
     cattaccatg cccccagagg accaagcctc tcatgaatcc taggtccaat tttgactcaa     22680
     cccttcagtc atacatcata ttctcttact agtttttcat gtcaccaaaa ataagttttg     22740
     aagatgatga acaatgtatc cacttctggg tgtttccatc ttatggatga gataaggctg     22800
     agagctcaat gagtggctgg aggccattca ttctctaaca aatgactggc aacaggttca     22860
     gtctagtgcc aggcctagta agtacaaggt tggtcctagt gtatcgatag gacttgagag     22920
     ggaaaatatg caagtctatg cttattgaca tacacaattc ttaagtgcat ctcaggaccc     22980
     ctttcctcaa atcccattac gtagccttgg gactgcagag gctgggtttg aatgtagata     23040
     gataatactt cctccagagt gtagcgccat acccagcacc caacttttac aatggcagta     23100
     aggatttttg ttttaaagaa atgttcaagc cgggcgtggt ggtgcacgcc tttaatccca     23160
     gcactcgtga ggcagagcag gcagatttct ggtctacaaa gtgggttcca ggacagccag     23220
     ggctatacag agaaaccttg tctcgaacct cccccacccc accccacccc ccccaaaaaa     23280
     agaaatgttc attgtccaat tttagggcct ttgtttttat tccctctaca tgtctaatca     23340
     gtctcaacct atccacatta agtgagctag tttttccacc attacaaaat ggtggcacac     23400
     gcttttaatc ccggctctcc ggagatgagg gcaggcagat ctcagagttc aaagccagtc     23460
     ttctgggtga cttctaggac agccagggct gcagagagaa accctgcctt gaaaaccaag     23520
     agggggttgg aaagagatgt atgagatgta tatatggaac aactggtctc tctcgtccca     23580
     cccctcacct gggctgctcg ggttcaggtt cactgaccag aggaccagtc tcatagccca     23640
     cttcaacctc agatcccccc tttttaagac tgcccatgcc tgtgcttttc ataacgctct     23700
     tcttcccatc acttccagcc tctgtgcagc ctgctcagct gtgctctgtg gagctgatta     23760
     gcatatcaac ctataccttc agatgttgca agctcctata cgttgtgatg attttcacta     23820
     gtgtttattt ggacttgttg acccagggtc tctttctaca tagctctgat tgtcctggaa     23880
     ctctctatgt agaccaggct gggcaactca cagatttgcc agactctgca ccagagttca     23940
     aaggtagcct tgtctacaga gctcagcaat tgaagatgta agccattacg accagctttt     24000
     tttaaaaact ggttttctca atcccccccc cccttcctta gtatgcttcc tagccctctt     24060
     agaatgccac ttctaagaac acagggaggt tacaggtttt gttctctgtg ccacagtact     24120
     gtacagcagg cataccattg tggatatata ccatctcctt gacaatccta gctaacgttt     24180
     agtatagaaa gggtttgtct ttcttgagac aagctctcat gtagccttgg ccgtcctgga     24240
     gcccagggat ctgcctgctt ctgcctcctg aatgtcggga ataaaaatca tggactgcca     24300
     cacatggcta taaaatgcct ctgtattttc aaacccattt tgaaaatgta aaataaccaa     24360
     atgtggtaaa tgagtgattg tcctatggaa aatagtgtga ataaattcaa aaagtccaaa     24420
     gtagtttaag tcatgatatt cttttattag tgctagctcc ttttaatttt tatgagctaa     24480
     acaatttaat ataaaaatgt catttcctgt tcatacagta tataaaaaag tatagtggtc     24540
     tggttagttt tcaatagttt gcttttagcc agatgtcata taagtctatg actgtaacaa     24600
     gtgagaacag tataaataag ttctgtagta tttacactta aacagaaact ctcccaaatg     24660
     gtgcctaaga aattaacttg agagttaaaa tgaaactgat tcaacattga gactttaatg     24720
     ctttgtaaag tttcatatta ttgctatact agctttggct ataattctgc atagttactt     24780
     ataaagtgtt tctgcatttc acatcacagt aggaagtttt agcagtacaa aacaaacact     24840
     agctcagaaa aggctccatc ctcccgaacc tagtttttct ttgtatctgg cttcttgctt     24900
     ttgggaacaa ggaacacatt gccatctctg gtttgctgca gagagtattc actgggagag     24960
     taaggctttc catcctcatc acgtaacatg ctgaagactt caagatacaa ggtgctgagc     25020
     cgccttttca gtagatggag gtttctgtcg ttttctccct tttctctgag tagtttttct     25080
     ctctcgtctt ttaagtggcc caagtcttgc tccagctcga caatgttctc cagcttcctt     25140
     ttcctacagt tctgggcggc gactttattc ttacctctcc tgcgtatatc tcggatcaat     25200
     gcgagctgag cttcattgaa ttgctccttg gacatcattt cattgaagtc atcaacaggg     25260
     aggttaatga ttttttcgac agggaatgga atatggagag cttttgccct aagctcatct     25320
     cgtgtgagat gagcctctaa gcggcttgaa tgtttgtctt ttgtgaatgg ggctttttga     25380
     tgaccaggac tcacgggaac ttcttttttt gttgtatttt cacattggga ttcacgcata     25440
     ggagcactgt gcccttgagc tggtgacaga ggctgtactg tgtctccagg agaatgtgct     25500
     ggctgtgctt tagggccgtt ctgtttgaca cttccagggg cactatctag ctcctccatt     25560
     tccgagtcac tgaacccagg cggtgggtct ccgtaaatgg aagactccac ggagtgctct     25620
     ggggacgctc ggctgggact cgtgttcagt gaaatgccag agtcagagtc attgaattcc     25680
     attgtgcctt cagcgtgctt cgggttgaaa gctttacaca gtgacaggtc acagccttca     25740
     atagtcccgt ccaggagttc agagagtgac tgactgatgg cagcggagga aggcatgctg     25800
     ccaccgtcac tgggctctgc tatgaaagca gaataaaatt catcgccaaa atctgtgttt     25860
     aaggtgggat ttgagtctaa ggaggtcagc tggctggcat catcagtgga gaggatgctg     25920
     ctgaaagaat cctcaaaacc atgaaggaaa tgtggaccac agttgcccac ttctttttcc     25980
     agcgaggaga tcgatgagta aaaatggtaa ttgctgtcca tttctgtcag tgtggcttct     26040
     gggctgggaa cagcggtagt atcagccagc tgcttgtttt cggtattaag acactaggaa     26100
     agaaggtcac attgtatgag cagaggctaa gtgcatttta gatcaattcc ctacccccaa     26160
     atccaaggtg ttcttttcaa taattccttc aactcccatt tttcaataga taagtatttt     26220
     atctttgtca gaactctaaa ttagctttca gtctttgaat gaatttatcc agaaatattc     26280
     agtctgatta cctaaaaact atgtgtgtta agtgagtctg ggaagctctc atgagtaatt     26340
     taaatgcacc atcaatttct tcctttgagg aggtagcatg taaataataa ataactagga     26400
     tgactaattt aaaagggccc gcagaaaaca gcacactcct agagctctct tacctgtaat     26460
     tcgggaatgg aaaatagctc ctgccaaact tgctccatgt cctgctctat gctgcttaaa     26520
     tcagtcatgg ctgcctccag agagctattg agggactggg cctgatgagg ggcagtgaag     26580
     actgaacttt cagcgtggct ggggatatcc agggcaagcg actgaaatgc aagtgaagaa     26640
     agccaagatt gacgtgacat tgattcatgt gagtgagaac caaggcatga agaacagaca     26700
     gcagcagggc ctacagctct caggctgctt ttataaaatg aaacatttcc tcctcccagt     26760
     gactccatat taatacactc ctaggttatt tcactccatg tatttaaagg cagacttcaa     26820
     aatggataaa aacattcatt aggacttaat ctgtacccat aatatctagc agaatgcttc     26880
     aaacaacaga ttaagatttt tttaatccaa atgctgatta atagttgttc tttactagtc     26940
     aaaatatttt atatacctat atccagtttc cagggaaaat tattctgatt cctgtttcca     27000
     gctatacagt aaaatggact tgtagtttac aggccttatt tttttttttt taaagattta     27060
     tttatttatt atatgtaagt acactgtagc tgtcttcaga cactccagaa gagggagtca     27120
     gatcttgtta tggatgttgt gagccacctt gtggttgctg ggatttgaac tctggacctt     27180
     cggaagagca gtcgggtact cttaccaact gagccatctc accagcccat acaggtctta     27240
     tttttaagca ttgtatagct ctcatacagt ttacttgaca atttctttga tcaatttttt     27300
     ccttctaaaa ttttcttttc ttctcttaat tggagacaca tgaaaggaac taatatcaga     27360
     taagggagtt ttgctgttaa acaaacattt ttatacctca tggtcatcta caaatgggaa     27420
     tgtctctgcc aaaagctgca tacagtcttc aaagtacaag gcatcttgtt tgggaatgtg     27480
     ggcaacctgg aggaagggga aaggcacaga gagcatcatt tatgaaatgt tctaagcaca     27540
     gggtcacaac gagcaataag acttgttcat aaaataacct atggtttcat ttcagaaatc     27600
     gatttgcata gattcaaacc agattgtgtt caaattatta gtccctcccc tttaacgaac     27660
     agcgctgggg gactgaaccc agggctctgt gctaggcaat aacctccctt catttctttc     27720
     tgagtgttct gggcgaatgc tttagttgtt tagacatggg aatataaaat gggaatcata     27780
     cttaacacag ttaagtcagt tacccataca atcagggccc tgcctaccac aatgagcaat     27840
     gcctacttct tttactccca acagtatttc tgctgctgtt tcatcaccac agaggatgtt     27900
     tctgtaactc acaaagtcct ccctgtgatc tgtgtcctga ttatcaagaa gcgaagtttg     27960
     agaacttctc ctcctcacaa aagacacagt aaatggcaga ccaagaactc aactccagag     28020
     agtctgcttt ctcactagag ttttccttag ctcccaccac gacgagtgta cctgggagta     28080
     gctggcggat ccactggtgt ctgtctggat gtgctgggcc ggctgaattg ggaggaattc     28140
     tcctgtttct tcatccagtt gaaactgagc aaaaaaggcc ttctcctgtt ccttctggag     28200
     ttgctcttgt ctttcctttt cgagtttttt ctgtttttcc agctcatagt ccttctgtcg     28260
     ctgactaaag tcaaacactt ctcgacttac tccaagatct atgtcttgcc tccaaaggat     28320
     gtcaatcaaa tccatgtcct atgtttaaaa cagaaaagga aggagaagcc atggttaaga     28380
     tggtccacac gggttagttc actacatgtt atcactgatg gggaagaaca caaacaaact     28440
     gaatgagaat acagaagact gtcaattcca ttcactcaat atatattcgc taaaagcaac     28500
     aagatctagc tacccattcg aattagtttg gatcactgat gactgcaaaa caacagaaat     28560
     agctaaactt atgcatattg ccatactttt aagactccca caccttcccc ccccctttta     28620
     agatttattt attatgtata cagtggtctg cctacaggca agaagaaggc atcagatctc     28680
     actatagatg gttataagcc accatgtggt tgctgggaat tgaactcagg acctctggaa     28740
     gagaagtcag tgctcttaac tgctgagcca cctctccagc gcaccccccc cccccgcccc     28800
     tttagaagag aggatagcaa atgcactgag acactcatgt ctgccatgaa ccctgtctca     28860
     ataaacagac atccgcaaat aaaaaacaat attcgggggg tttgctttgt tttagttgag     28920
     acagggtttc tctgtgtagc cctggctgtc ctagaacttg ctctgcagac caggatgcct     28980
     tcaaactcag agaactacct gcctctgcca ggattaaagg catgcgccac cactgcccag     29040
     gcacgttttt gttttttgaa atgggatcat gtagcgcaag ctggccttga accactaacc     29100
     accctcttcc ttgaactact aatgctcctg cgctgctaac caagggctgg ggtgtgccac     29160
     cactaacacc gagcttccag ctatagctat gtactaacaa ggagtaaaac aaagtctgct     29220
     ggacttctca gccaaaggac gggatgacaa tttctaatgg aacttaccct aaaatcatca     29280
     gtgtcaaaca tgctaagagt tgattttaac acaattattt tttcttgttc ccaccaaatg     29340
     ataatgcttc aaaacttcag aagtgttcat tattctttcc tgccccagca tacagatggt     29400
     taccaaagga gacaaatttc ttcacaaata taaaataagc cagagttagc aaatgttcac     29460
     tgatgggaga cctgctgtaa gcaccaaact ccacgccaat gcatttgtaa caaatggaac     29520
     agtggtgggc tgtaacactg agactagctg aatattactc ccaaatcatg gatggtgtca     29580
     caatgaagct tctaggtcct cctctgaaac atgctaacat gtacttttgt tgtctttgtt     29640
     cttgtttttt gaaacagggt ttctctgtgt agccctggct gtcctgacac tcactctgca     29700
     gaccaggctg gccttgaact cagaaatccg cctgcctctg cctcccaagt gctgggatta     29760
     aaggcgtgcg ccaccactgc tctgcttgtc tttgtatttt aagggagttg agacatccat     29820
     aaattagagc atggagttta ggtggtagct gaaatgtgga gagcggtgag cacctccttg     29880
     tgctgtatat tagtcacagg cccattcagt caccaacagt ttcctaggat gactttccct     29940
     caatgcacat cctaaaccat cccagtctgt ctttgttttt cgtttcctgt aacatgatca     30000
     gaaaagaaca ccttggggga tccttatcaa ggcccaggaa ggctcagctc acctggaaca     30060
     gctctgagct aaaactgtgg cccccacagc ctagcatgca tttccagcag gaaggtcacc     30120
     aagaggtttt tacacttaat tgttcatggg ttgctggtca caaacttatt atgtgccaaa     30180
     aagatagcct tgactcctat cttcttgcct gcatctcccc agtgctggga ttacaggcat     30240
     atgccaccca tacctggctg tcatctaatt gttccagtgg gccagggaca tccagtgtga     30300
     tccctgtctg gcacccacac aggcttcata gagtccggga agttctctgc actttcagag     30360
     ctgtgctata aagcgtgcaa aagaaaaaga aaactgcttt ttaaaaccta gctggtgaaa     30420
     ggttcagcag tgaagaccat gcactgcccg gaggacctgg cacccacgtg acgctgctca     30480
     caactgcctg gaactccagc tctaggaaat ctgacacctc tagcttctac acacacacac     30540
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acgattaacc     30600
     ttataagttt taaaaagtaa aaacaagccg attttaagca acttttatac tttggattcc     30660
     taaacagcac acatcttcct atcagagtac aagccagcgc tgatcctgct tagcatcaaa     30720
     tagcaccagc ccatgttcag agtgatctgg tcataggtct gaattcagac attcttatct     30780
     gaatgcagca acagtgagtt tcttcctgtg cccaacacat tttgctgttt tagatttcca     30840
     cacaagtttc agaaggaaaa tgtctgaaat ttgatttttt ccctcttttt tttttttaag     30900
     atttatctat ttattttatg tgtatgagta cactgtagct gtacaggtgg ttgtgagcct     30960
     tcatgtggtt gttgggaatt gaatttttag gacctctgct cactccggcc aaccccgctc     31020
     gctcagtccc tgtttgctct ggcccaagat ttatttatta ttatacagaa gtacactgtc     31080
     gctgtcttca gatgtaccaa aagagggcgt cagatctcat tatgggtggc tgtgagtcac     31140
     tatgtggttg ctgggatttg aacttaggaa cttcagaaga gcagtcagtg ctcttactga     31200
     gccatcttgc cagcccaaga gcatggcaca ctttatcttt tgtaattttt tcttcagagg     31260
     tgatgaccaa acccagggcc ttgcacttgc ttcccccacc tctcccccgc cttttttttt     31320
     tttttttaaa gatttttaaa tttactttat gtatatgagt acaccattgt tctcttcaga     31380
     cacaccagaa ggtggcatca gaccccgtta cagatggttg tgaaccacct tgtggttgct     31440
     gggaattgaa cacaggacct ctggaagagc aggcagtgct cttaactgct aagccacctc     31500
     tccagccccc ttttttccct cttttttttt tttgtttttt taaaaattca tgtcatgtat     31560
     gagtacactg tagttgtctt cagacacacc agaagaaggc atcagatccc attgtagatg     31620
     gttgtgagcc accatgttgc tgggaattga actcaggacc tctggaagag cagccagtgc     31680
     tcttaacctc tgagccatct ctccagcccc ccttttccca cctcttaaga caaaatttca     31740
     tactgaagcc caagatggat tcgagctcac agcaatcctc ctgccccagc tttccaaagc     31800
     ttggattaca agtgtgtgtc acaatgacct agcttcagag actggatgag actgtatgaa     31860
     acagtcaaag cattaccctg ggaagaaata ctgtacacaa gtctgttaac ccaaagcact     31920
     gcctgggagg cccacagcac aagtgctatt ttctgcaatg aacaaagcac tcagcatttc     31980
     ctgtaaggaa ccccgtgact ggcgcatgac ttacaccaca aagacctatc cccgaaccac     32040
     tgctttgtga aacctgaaca gcatctcaga ggaaatgcta gggtggagcc cctaacaagc     32100
     aagaacaaga cagcagacag cggggaagag aagcatctaa ggaggactaa cactgctctt     32160
     gccaaagttc tgaaaagcag ctagctgtcc gaccctgacc gtgtgggtct cccaggaggg     32220
     aaggccacat aaacagtctg ggggacgggg ggacgacgac ccgaaagcag acaacagcta     32280
     gcacagcact ccaacagata ttttcttaga ctggaaaaag ctgcccaagg gtaggtaacc     32340
     taagtgccag ggtgagcctc gtggtgtacg gggcaaatgc tgcctgccac ttacggattc     32400
     ctgagtgtgc tccaagttcc actacaaact tagcttacgc aagagacaga aggaagcaga     32460
     atgttggaca attcatgttc taccaccatc tgctccaaca aaaagttaga ttcaaaatgt     32520
     gtaataatta tttgctgtct gggtaatcca tcacaggcct cgtggaaggg tacagtttga     32580
     caacaaagtc agggcatttt gaaataaaca tctctgcaca aggataaaca gagaccttga     32640
     acactgaagc catattatat ttcaagccag tctttgaaca aacatttagc aaaagatttt     32700
     aaaatgattc ccaccctaca ataaagttct tcagtaaact gagaccttgg catattattg     32760
     aaattaaaaa ttgtatcttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ggtttttttt cgagacaggg     32820
     tttctctgta tagacctggc tgtcctggac ctcactttgt agaccaggct ggcctcgaac     32880
     tcagaaatcc acctgcctct gactcccgag tgctgggatt aaaggcgtgc gccaccacgc     32940
     ccggcaaaat tgtatcttaa agtacggatt tttattactt tttattgggg tggtagcagg     33000
     aggggtggga accagacaca tgtgccacag agtataaata gaggtcagag ggcagcctgc     33060
     aggagctgtt tctctccctc taccatgtgt gtctcaggca ctaaggccat catcaggttg     33120
     ggagcaggca cctttaccca ctatgccatc tttcaactac cacaaaaaca gtagctcaac     33180
     aagccgctaa caataagaaa ctgtacttgt catttagcac agaataaaat gggtctttac     33240
     tcctaactct ataggaaagc ttgttctccc cccaccccct tttattaggg atctcactat     33300
     ggaggtcagg ctgacctcag atgcatcctc ctcctcctca ctcaagctcc caaatgctgg     33360
     ggttgcataa ggtgtacgca caccccaaat acccacctta gtttaccctt tgcttctcgg     33420
     cattctcttc ttcatgcaca cattcgttac tagaacatcg agagtgaaga acacttggct     33480
     acagtgccca tcctatatct cctatgatgc ccagctgaat atatattatt cacctagaaa     33540
     gtaaacctgg tttagctccc ctgtcaacag acaatgccta agtatttttg aataaaacca     33600
     gatagaaaac aagactcatg ttctacagtc tgaaagtcac ccaggggagg gctggcagcg     33660
     tctgtgagtg cactgaagga atgcccaaac cttaacagtt gaataaccag ctgcataatt     33720
     aaccttcatt tacaaagccc tactctgtgg tcttactgcc taataaataa acactttatt     33780
     tattaatacc tgcagtatta cttgtagtaa taaatgactc caggcagatg tgtcttttaa     33840
     atctatctta cttatgactg ttgcatttct aaatatttgc ccatttactt ctcgaaggtt     33900
     cctgtcccac actgcattac atggtagaca atataatgcc atctgctttt caacaaagac     33960
     tccaaaggca gaagacaggc ctatggctca ctgtagtcag ccccacacca agttcttttg     34020
     gttttcacgg attaattttc taattctttc tgctactact atgaaatagg tgattaaaat     34080
     atacggaata attaaaatac agaatagtgt agggtcacag agggccttac agtcatctaa     34140
     atcaggtaca ctattgctgt ttatgtgtgt tacctcagca atattagaaa gacctagtta     34200
     aacaactcat atatacttgg cagactatta atactcaaca ccagccaacc caagttttcc     34260
     tcctacagaa atcctatctc aataatcaac aactagagat tttcaccaca taaaaatttc     34320
     tgaattcgta ccaaatacaa atcactcagc aaggttaaag ccccggtcac gaaagcacca     34380
     ctccagaggc ctggagacat cctccacttg gtctgagcta gaaagtgtct gcttcctcag     34440
     cctggcaggc tacattacca tgcacagaaa cgtccatggg ctgcttcctg ttctcaagca     34500
     aggttcttag gaatgactca ctcaatctaa gaaataggac ccggccagct tactggaact     34560
     ctcacccatt acgcagccca taacctgcaa catgatgcaa gactacgcaa agctggaaag     34620
     tgaaggcagt cagaagcccg actttctcca gaggcatagc tgttctgtgg tcaaaatgaa     34680
     atcaccaagg acattcactt ttcaaaccct gggtaacccc acctacctgg tggagaaacc     34740
     accaagctct gacttctcca caagtttcac acttggcttt caagagttac aatctggctg     34800
     tgctggtgca gggtggccct tactctgtca ggagaacagc aatccttagg atacagttgc     34860
     tggactctgc ccattctgag tgagcaagcc acacagagaa agcacttgat gaacacactt     34920
     cagttactgt tagaacacac acacatcatt accaaaagaa ccttcaggaa cactgcttcc     34980
     atcttcctca tctacttcac ctgaggggaa acaaatcagg agaccaggca ggcaactccg     35040
     cgccttgctg cctccaccct tgacctctct gatgggtcag ctgaaggagg gaggcctcga     35100
     atcagagact cttcacagaa actgctgata tttctcaatg cttcaagctc ctttatccat     35160
     tttcagggtt ccccaaacta aattatttaa tactcatggt cacttttgga tctaaccaat     35220
     taacaattaa gtaaacatag caacaatcaa gagcatccac ctaggcctga gagataggga     35280
     agaactgtgc agtcagacaa agaccctggc tcttgaggca tggctatgct gctatcagtg     35340
     gtgcggagga attttatata tgaatttaat gtactgaatt atatttagac cacagagaac     35400
     actttaaaaa agccttttta atgagccccg gacactttta gggtactttc caaagggtct     35460
     gctaactttt taaaactgtg aactttttaa aagtatgatt cccaccccac ccaaaacaag     35520
     gctttttagt gtaaccctgg ttgtccttga acttgcgaga tccacctgcc tgtgcctcct     35580
     gagtgctgga attaaaagtg tgtgacacca cccagcaagt atgattgggg ggatgggggg     35640
     gtcctgtaaa atataaggaa aacctcacaa attttcacat tgtctctgta caaaggcatg     35700
     ctaacctctg tgtcagtcca attttcctgc acctgccaca aaggcagcaa gagcaagcaa     35760
     tatttcttaa aagtaatatg cactaatggc taaaactctt accaaaaagt ggtagtaaca     35820
     caagtggtag tcaagaacag caagattagt gtacagacta agtgggtcat tagtttatct     35880
     accactgaac aatacattca cacaggtcac aggaacagtg aggtgccagt aacgcaaggg     35940
     ctgtttgtta ggagacatga ggagcagcat taaggacctc tggcagcaca gagaaaagcc     36000
     actaagtagg cagagacaca acagaagtag taactgccac ttcgcacaac agtcacgacc     36060
     atgaacataa acaagggcta agtctggact cccaaggcct gactcagtga gtatttgaaa     36120
     gcaacaggtg tcaggcacac acctgtaatc acaggactca ggcagctgga gcaagaacag     36180
     ttctgagttc aaggtcaaca cgaaccaggg caagaatgtc tcaaaacaga aaacaaggca     36240
     gtaagagcat ataaagtcaa cccagctgca accttgtgtt cttggtcttt ctgcgtgaca     36300
     gtggcaatat tttctctcgt tctcaactgc gagcatcccc cttccccgca aagttccagt     36360
     tctccagctc aagggaaact ctcaccccca gagctttcct tcctccttac atctggacct     36420
     tttggtacat gtgactcgga tcacatggga acacatggga ccgcacagtc atggaatacc     36480
     actacagaga gggctgtcgg aatcacctag acagtcctct gcttttgcaa aggtgagata     36540
     actgcccagc agcagagggc aaagaactgt aaaactacct ctagtctact tctctattgg     36600
     ttctttgttg ttgttgttgt taccatgctg gcagaggaaa aaggatgtac ctctatttca     36660
     ctattccttt tcaaggggct ccccaccctc agccccccag acgaggtttc tttaatgtcc     36720
     tggaactcag tccgtagact agattggcct ttagtagact agatccacct ttctctgcct     36780
     ctcgagtact gggagccccc acacctaatg tgcttttatg ctttttaaaa acttcatgtt     36840
     tttgtgtgtg ggtgcatatg ccaacacatg ggagtagagg ccagaggaag gtgtcttcat     36900
     caccaggtct tacggcttta agtcagggtc ccttcttgaa tctggagttc atggtttttg     36960
     gtcaggctag catcagtgag ctccaataat cctccctcaa gactctgggg ctacagtcat     37020
     gcacgagacc gtgccagttt gttatgtgaa tgctggattc caagctcagg tcctcataat     37080
     tgtgcagcaa tcgctcctaa tcactgagcc atccttccag cccccaggtt cacggtttat     37140
     aggagaatgg agagatggct cagcagttaa gagtactcac tgtttttcca gaaatccagg     37200
     tttgttttaa atttagttta tttatgtatg agtgttctgt gtgcgtatat gtgcatgcca     37260
     ggcgagggcc tcagattcca ctacagatgg ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggaact     37320
     gggctcagaa cctctaaaag aagagacagc attcttaact tctgagccat ctctccagtg     37380
     tgaataaact ctctggagtc tatgcccacc aatgctctag ccaagctcct gttcagctgc     37440
     ctgcacatcc acagggataa aatccagagg atgtagtgta caaagggaag agtaggtgaa     37500
     tgaagtctta tcagcagcaa caccccagca cagcaagcac aaccagcaag cacaagcaag     37560
     cctcagactg ctgaagacaa gctacagaag acaggagaca agtccagcca ggctgaccca     37620
     tccattggtt ctttaaagtc tagaaagatg tcctttctaa gactgtctgt tggtcattga     37680
     ctgacactta gaacaggttg taactgactg taaagaaagc taacagtgat ttgtgcgatc     37740
     acagccaact ctggggctat aaattagtaa tccaaggctc aaaatgctaa gtggacaacc     37800
     ggtgacaggc tttttgtgac tgagcagaac acaggagaat acatctggtc aaccaaacac     37860
     aaatatcaga cagactttct ccttacaatt tcttgaaacc ttttaaaact tactttacac     37920
     acattttgtt tacatgattc accatgtcca tgcttgatat gcctgctgag gtcagcagtg     37980
     ggtgtcatat cctctggcac tggagttgtg gatggttgta agccactgtg tgggtgctat     38040
     gactcacaca cggatcctct ccaagataac tgcttagcca tgtttccagc ccctccatta     38100
     cagtttcttc tactaagaaa aatcaccaac ttttatggac ttctctgaac accaacactg     38160
     acaatactgt tgccaggtta ctagcacaca cctcaccatc ctgcactcag aatgcagggg     38220
     cagaaagaag tattgctggt aaattggaag tcagcctgag ctacagagca agactcagtc     38280
     caatcaaagt aggggaaaag caaaagcaaa aacaaacaaa aaaccaagta acaaaccctg     38340
     ctatgtggac ttatctgtga agctaaaata acagcctgta aaatcctgtt attaaaaact     38400
     cagctgacat ctgactagtc agggcctcca gggaccctgc acccttccat agaggcatgc     38460
     atgctttcac caccagaagg tttgaatagc atgcttcagg agagcctccc agccctcagc     38520
     ccctgccaca gcctatctag ggcctggcct ctagggtaac ctgaccacag cctgaaacta     38580
     gtgtgtactc aaaaaagccc gaattggaca acacaggcca catacccact aagagcaaca     38640
     caaagctgac tgttcacccc cagcttccca agactgggga cctgggcaat acccttgtcg     38700
     tccttgagaa aggcacttct tgggcactgg ctctaacatt caagtgccta gaggtcacaa     38760
     acattcactt gcatctttat gtcgtgtaat tcctatgcct ctgtgtgacg gttaatgaaa     38820
     gaaagaagac acgagacaca catgggctgt gtctacggct cgagctgcct acctccacgc     38880
     ctgagcgggt tctggtcacg atctcaggtc aggcctggga aatcagaaca acacaaaaag     38940
     gcctaaactt ttaagtgatc tcagaactct atctaaacac actcagtcaa attctttttt     39000
     ttccttaagg acacaagcta tgggtctgct tttaaagtgt gttgctgttt tctgtttgtt     39060
     tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt tgtttttaaa tctatggctt tgagttaggt tatagtagca     39120
     tcccctgctc aaaaccttta aatctagagt gcagtaggca gacaggtggt gcagtaggca     39180
     gacaggtggt gcagtaggca gacaggtgga tctctgagtt tgaagccagc ctggtctaca     39240
     gagcaagttc caggacagcc aagtctactt aagagaaacc ctgtctcaaa agcaaaacaa     39300
     gggctggtga gatggctcag tgggtaagag cacccgactg ctctcccgaa ggtcaggagt     39360
     tcaaatccca gcaaccacat ggtggctcac aaccatctgt aacaagatct gacgccctct     39420
     tctggagtgt ctgaagacag ctacagtgta cttacatata ataaataaat aaataaataa     39480
     ataaataaaa aaaagaaaaa aacaatgtgt ctttacctga aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     39540
     aaaaaaaagc aaaacaaaac atctctggct ttgggaggaa aagactaaaa gtaggaaaac     39600
     tagtatggag tcttccaaca tggatggcca cacacagtat gggaatatga gcattactgt     39660
     tcgtgaaagt gttatcacac tgcccaggaa tgacacacac agtgaacacc tactgaacac     39720
     actctttcca ctggtcaggg acagcagcca cattcctttc cacctgcaat gctgtctttt     39780
     ctaaggacta aatttctatt tgtaacagga aaaagatgac taggtttcag gccctacctg     39840
     gaactgggca ccatcgattg atagaaacct tctgccttgc tttctgcacc ggaaagaggg     39900
     tgggactgga ccggaagatg tctaaacctc taagtgtttc agattttatc atgtccaaac     39960
     tacaattgaa aattcatttt aatgtaaaaa tacacactaa ttttagatta cagaatgctc     40020
     taaaggaact tcataagaaa tataatgtga ataacatatg taactgatat tgtttgcagc     40080
     tcagacacaa taacaaaaac aacacagtga atttaatttg aacaacgtat ttaatccaat     40140
     ttggtccaat agcattttaa catgttaaca gtattgttgt gatattaaag gtgacagagc     40200
     acaataatct tacccacaag acagcgcaca atgctgccct acaaaggcag gaccaggagc     40260
     cccgagcctc ctcctgagct agaggactac ctaaggctta ttaaccagaa aagtcgtttc     40320
     tgctgtttat aaatgtcatg ctcattaaca ctaaagctcc agcctcttgg tttctgtcac     40380
     tcatcacatt tccagactgc aaggtgacta gtggctgcgg tggtggacag cgcagccctg     40440
     cagcggtccc cactatggcc catgccctcc tcgggtgtcc tctaagcaaa tgtgtggcta     40500
     acaacttccc gaggctacaa ctgtggacat tagcccttcc aaactactct aggtatcatt     40560
     agcaattact ccaaagagct ggtgtgaatc tgaatcacaa agagggctct taatgactaa     40620
     actcaatagt ttttcatatt attccataat agcataattt acaaatgaga tgattaccat     40680
     ggctactaaa cacgtcatgt aaaagggctc tgtgttccca ataaagacat aaattaaccc     40740
     tgagcttaga aattatattt caactacttt catatgtata tatctgaaag tgcatcatgg     40800
     tactcactat tgttgctgac tactacaatg caatttgggc ctataaaaag gattactagg     40860
     gactggagag atggctaaac cagtggttaa gagcactcac tgctcttaca cagaagctgg     40920
     atctgttcat ggaacctata tggcaactca caactgtctg taatctgatg ctctcttctg     40980
     gactctgaag gcatcgagta catgtatggt acacagaaat acatacaggc aaaacaccca     41040
     tatacataaa aagcagatta aaaatctact atagagttgt gtgagacact ggtcacactg     41100
     ggttttgaga acggaaggtt acaacgtggg gatggtctaa gtccagataa agtagacact     41160
     gcactgcaac aagagcagcc acctctgatc acacactttc tgcgtgctca gaaacctcct     41220
     tccaaaactt gtaccgcctc gtctggacgc acagcaatcc accaagtggg caaccatcac     41280
     tctggagtaa ggaaatggaa gcacaaggaa ctttagtact tttgccagca aacacccaac     41340
     ccatcgtgac agtgagagcc acagcaggca cagtgacact gtaggacaca ggcatctact     41400
     tctcagcccc cttctttggg gacgctgttt gaacaacgga cagacagcac actacagctt     41460
     agaagccttg ggcaactctg ttgtaaactg tgtaggtgac gatgcccact cgcccaccct     41520
     accctcacag tggattccaa ttcaacagaa agccaagaca acaccggtcc tccctcaaaa     41580
     tgatctttca tatgaagaaa gtgtgtaagt gcctctttaa agtataaagg agcaggctgg     41640
     ggtgtggcag caacactatt aataaatcta tctcctggag caaatgtcag tgactatgaa     41700
     agcagtgcct ttttctgggt ttagccactg catgaaaaat agaaggtgag gccataactt     41760
     gtttgtcacc agcacctgca tggcaacaaa cagtggcaaa cgcaaaagcc tctcagctgt     41820
     gccattgcgc ttccagggtc cccagaggtt ttccttctct tcactgctca gctaacttta     41880
     aaagccaaag ttattttgga agagggagta taaaacaata ctttaaaacc ttgagggggg     41940
     tgggggtgag gagaggacag gagatgggct ggtttggttt gcatttggat ttagccttcc     42000
     tccaaaggca gacactcgcc aaacttctct atccagttgt actgacagga ccctaggttc     42060
     ctaggccgga atccctgagt aagaaattct tgtgcaagtg aagagacagg tctggaagtc     42120
     gttctattca atggcttatc aacccactta atgacaaagg gtccagcaac gggttggagg     42180
     gctcccaggg gaacctaggc agtgtacgtg gcctttgttg ggttgagatt cacaaaaggc     42240
     ctagccagga gacttcagtt tccaggcagg cggcatataa taagggcagg agtgtgagag     42300
     aaaggcccca caaaaacagg acttatggca aagaacacaa cagagcagga agtctgagct     42360
     ctgatgaggc tacaaatgga caaggaattt tgttttcaag tggccaatgg aaacctcaca     42420
     ttgctacaca tccaaatccc cccagcatga caactggggg tgccacttgt tgaatatctg     42480
     tgtgctattt tacatcacag gccaaatcta caataaaacc caggaaaacc cactgtaaca     42540
     gtctgtctat aaggcctctc gctaggcctc agttcttcac tgaaaggaag ctccttccat     42600
     cacgggtgca atagaattgt gcccaaggaa agtattttgt taaagcacat agcaccatgc     42660
     cctgtgctgg ggagagcaca agacactaca gctgaggcta ggatagtgtc tgtttctcat     42720
     tttccctttg gtgaataata ataattagta tgactggaag ccaaggaagg gattgctaca     42780
     gaccacatac acattgacct cagaagggcc aaaagaggca ctccctccat gccatttcag     42840
     agaagaaatg aaagcattct gaaagcaaag gaccaagtct gactgggttc ccctgacttt     42900
     tgtcaatgga actgagcatt ctggcagatg agttcctaac agaacatgca aacacaggcc     42960
     ctgtgaggcc aagcacagct gattttgtgt gtagacaatg ctataatggc cagtcacaca     43020
     agctactaag ggtaggtaag agactccctt ttcgagtttc ctgagcaact attaaacaaa     43080
     agcaaagcac cttaagaatc tacatccccg aaggatagac ggcattaatg aaattacact     43140
     aatcaccata taaaacacat cctgtaattc aggagtgcca agagccaaag ggttagagta     43200
     attagaaagg gcaatttcag aaactcatgt ccttgaagaa caactgctcc actatctcca     43260
     agattaaagc aatcttcatg ccatgcaagt ccggatgtag acctcataaa tatttgtgaa     43320
     atgagtatgt acacattatt tagtcacaga atccaatatt ttcattggtt cttttgggtg     43380
     tttgtttgct tgtttgtttg tttttgagag gccgaggtaa aagaaatacg aactttaatg     43440
     aagactattt ccctttcgta taagacatcc aaactaaaaa tttggcgacc atcccttgtc     43500
     cagaaagctt acatacagag tgagcttgca aggtttctgt gctggccgca gctgcccgaa     43560
     agcagaaggt aggattaaaa ctatcacatc atagtcccac aacactgctc agccaaattt     43620
     ctgctcagtt gtcttggtga aaaagaaaaa ggggtggggt acaatcctgt cctagtcaag     43680
     gccagggagt aaaatcccaa aagttgttta aaaaaaaaaa gtttggaaaa atcaatgagg     43740
     tgatgtataa atttaattga ttatcataat tctgtgctca aaagtcagca atgaaaaata     43800
     aaaccaggaa aataaatcta cagccctaaa atgtatacat gttttttaaa aaagagagtg     43860
     cagttccaga cctgcaaatg gtattgggga ttgtctacta cttcagtctt attgcctcca     43920
     caaaacccac actgactgta caaggcccaa gtcagacgca cacacccatc ccaaaggagg     43980
     gaggcgggat ggggttacag tgagggctat actttggctg tagactataa cacacatgca     44040
     aacatgggag gagcaggctt gagaaatgta tacagacccc ttggaggaaa ggcattgagg     44100
     tcaggaggca ctgagcaaca agacaggtcc agtcctgccc ttccccacta ccatcaggaa     44160
     ggcggctctg gggtaattac tctttttggt ttttggagac aggttctctc tccatagccc     44220
     tggctgtcct ggaactcact ctgtagacca ggctggcctc aaactcagaa atctacctgc     44280
     ctccgcctcc cgagtgctgg gattaaaggc ttgcgccacc acacctggcc aatattttca     44340
     ttgttaatca taggtatctg aggttatacc tcaaagtact gaaacaacaa aggcacattt     44400
     ctttcatatg atttatgacc aaataccgag cacagaaaaa ttatttagct ccactcctat     44460
     aacaatactt agacattact gaatataaga agtaagtatt gcatcctaag gatattagca     44520
     cacactcttc tcaagataaa aacatctttt aggaagagta ggggatgtta ccagacattg     44580
     agccttaggc ctggtgcaca ctaggcaagt gctctcacta ttcccaagct agactttcag     44640
     ccttaattct ggtttttaaa ggagaatagg gccatatctt gaaatgttca caaagaactc     44700
     tgatctggat gctggccgct tggtgcagac ctggaacccc agcgttcagg aggaggaggc     44760
     catgtgactg tgagcttgag gtcatcctgg gcttcacaga gcgttcaagg ctaaactgct     44820
     accacagtga gtctgtttaa aaagcaaaag tcaaacgttt gcaatcaggg aggcagtaaa     44880
     agctaatgaa tccgtcaatc taattgctga ctgggtgtat tttcttcacg actcgagctg     44940
     tttccctcac aatggtcaga aaagatggat ttgcacccac aggctgctct tctctaaagc     45000
     actaagctcg tccctaggca ccacaaccta gccagccacg cccagctttc caaactctaa     45060
     ccccattatt cagacttcct taagtgcaaa gaacaagagg agaaacaaat atagcccagt     45120
     tttaaactct gccttccaac acactagaca agaataatat taaatcatct ttttagggcc     45180
     aactccttgc agctatagat tcctgtatca gtgttccagc aaaccaggcc acactgtcct     45240
     tggtgggaaa ggatctgggc aagttatgtc aaggaaatgt gcgggtctct agaactgtct     45300
     atgcgctctc tccctttgcc tccatccctt gagaataaag gtacaagcag ttcactaagg     45360
     agatggtggg tttccctaca aacaagacag taatcatctc tcaacgttct gcagctctgc     45420
     agccaggaga cttgtatggg aagcaagggg tggggccttc tggtaccgca ggcctgctct     45480
     ggctctccat ggagaagctg ggtgcagaag cacacagttc ccctttggca ggaactctct     45540
     agcaatactg tgaagagtcc ttcgtcctcc aacagctaac aaaagaagac cctttcactt     45600
     ttagagaaag acagaaaggg tgaggaagta ataagccagg agccagagag tagggaccag     45660
     ggaaatttgt gttccctgtt ctgtcacaag caaagtgctt tacgaactga gccatcttgt     45720
     cagtcctttt gttaagagta gcagaacatg tccagggtct gctactagca gaacatcaac     45780
     aacttcagtt tcaactcctg ccctagaaat tgccagtgca gcagtgtcgt tagccctcca     45840
     aatccaatag ttttacattg tcggttcaag caaccctcta ctgaaagaat tcgttaagtt     45900
     atctgttact acgtaggctt tattaccctc taacgatata actctttatg aagcctgcat     45960
     taggtagtat tggggagtta aggatgactt acagagtaaa agctatgtgt attttacaag     46020
     gaagatttga acatctgagg ggtttagtac ccataggttc taaaactaca gtccctgaca     46080
     cgctgaggga caccagagat tggctacctt cataggtgga gggtgagttg gtaccagaaa     46140
     accaagattg tctcttctct ctgttactgt cttttgcagc gcagacccaa cactttacag     46200
     ccacagcctt atcaagggaa ctttggacac ccgaagcaca agacacagac cccttgaact     46260
     ttggactttc agcagagcca ggacaggaga aaatcaggtt tgttcctaag gagccatttt     46320
     gacccacatc cctggagaca gaggacagta cttgtcaagg tcaatgagac acagttaaag     46380
     tgccgggcca cacctgcccc actacacagc agggacaaga ccctggatta gtcagaagca     46440
     actgcttcag gccaggtaga gattttcaag ggactgtccc tagagcagac ctactctcag     46500
     cctgggaacc agtaggaaca attatgagtt ggtggtacag gtttccctcc tagcagcaac     46560
     atgaagtaaa acagactatt gagagtggct ttcaatgtgt atttcactgt aattcatttg     46620
     taattcaatg tgtaattcat tgggaattgc caccagcaaa aataaaacct tctaaacttg     46680
     gcagtttttc ctactgcaga taaaaatgtc ttgattttca tcaccaagat ttgaatggtt     46740
     taacaacaac aaaagttcat gactcttcaa gcactctcta ttcaaagatt ctctgccttg     46800
     ccaggcgtgg cgagcgcaca cctgtaaacc cagcactagg gagctgaagc aggacctggg     46860
     tcttagtgag tttaaggaca atttgggcta ctgtaagaca tcctgtctca agaaaacaaa     46920
     acaacaacaa aaaaaccaaa aacaaccaaa caaacaaaat acccaacccc tgggtccagt     46980
     tctgcaaaac aaacctggtc acttaagaac cgcaacgaga gcaattgatt ccatcaggga     47040
     gtcagctctg caagcctctg ctcacagcag gcaccaacca cttcccctgc aaccgactgc     47100
     caggggctgg acagaggtta gcttctgctt ccatgtgcaa tgctacaaat ccctgctaca     47160
     ccagagcaga aagactgtca gatctgacac acaggaaaat tccaactccc cctttcagag     47220
     tgccagtcac ttagtcacag tgacacagcc ctaacactcg tggccttcct caaaatgaat     47280
     tcagcaggta ctaacccact ccaaatctca ggtctttttt atttgttttt tttttttttg     47340
     agacagggtt tctctgtgta gccctggctg tcctggaact cactctgtag accaggctgg     47400
     cctcgaactc agaaatctgc ctgtctctgc ctcccaagtg ctaggcgtgc accaccacgc     47460
     ccggctcagg tattttaaga ataaaaataa gatactattc ttcaaaatct taaaagcaac     47520
     aagagacaag cttttactaa cttcctgaca ggtgattaaa ttatacccca ttaaggagct     47580
     atgggaatgg ctagggtaac gccaacctgc tctgcctggc agccctgagc aggagaggca     47640
     ggagtgtgcc aggcgatggc agaggccagc tgcagtggtc acactcagta gccccccaca     47700
     cgcagtgtac ccaccaacaa gtcagcctct cgttccaact gtgtaaatca gaaaatcctt     47760
     ctgggcaact tcagtactga ttcctgtggt ctggactaca aagttgcctc taacgggcac     47820
     aaccaaaaag cggagttggc ttgcccatgc cagggttttc tttgcagaaa agaaacaaaa     47880
     agcacaggaa tgaagtgtgt acaggaatct acatccaaca cccaccccag caggaacatt     47940
     ccagtctcct ccggtttgtc tggagacagg gttctatgct gcaggccagg ctgttttacc     48000
     actgactgca atcctcccta ggagctggaa ctgcaggagg gatccaccac actcctggct     48060
     ctcactgcct cttaaaattt tgtgtgggtg tatagctagt gcatgaaggt gccaggggaa     48120
     gtcagagact tcaggtcctc tggagctggg gttataggca gttgtaagcc acctgatata     48180
     ggtgcgatga actgaacttg gatcttcaag aacagtaagt acgcttaaaa atgtagccat     48240
     ctttctagcc cccacttcac agtcttttta acatgtcatt tctaaataat cttattgtaa     48300
     gttattcaca cccctgaaaa aagtcatgga aaagtcctac tggttctttt ggggaaagcc     48360
     tgttgctaac acggtcatca cccaaatctt cattaggtat tgaacattca ctgcagacag     48420
     gatgcctcca aagttcacca ggtactgagt tagggcctaa ggtactagtt cttaatcctc     48480
     tctggaatct agtgagatgc cttaacacag agcactaacg cctaaagcca tccctagaga     48540
     ttttgactga atagaataca gtctgggcat cgatatttga catactggag gtgagtctaa     48600
     taaataacaa agtttgggaa cataaaaagt agaaataact caaatgttcc cctatttgaa     48660
     atgtgatatg cctacatagt ggagtaatta atattcagca gttaaaagga ataatgatac     48720
     gggatacctg ttataacaag gtgaatcttc aaagcatcct accaagccaa tcacagaatg     48780
     actccatttc tatgaaacgc ctagcgtgga caaattcaga agggaaaaaa caggtaactg     48840
     agtggttact agtgtgccca gggtttcctt tgcgagtgat aaaaactgac tctaggggtg     48900
     attacatgaa tttaaacacg tttaaatgga tgaactgtgt ggcgggtggg ttagcgccca     48960
     cttacgcagg tttttcagga ggcagctgtt gctggactct aatgatatga gcgggagtca     49020
     ggcatcaaag gggcctgggt aagacaggct gggctctcgg aatccagcct aggccctggg     49080
     atttgtcttc ccacgacaat ggcctggact aaatatgctt ccattctaga acagagggcc     49140
     tttcctagcg aggaggtaaa ctcagtgaag agctcattca tgcaggggcc tgggtctttc     49200
     cctagcaccc caaccatcca tccaccccca gaagaaagaa tctaacacag ggctttgtgg     49260
     catcagtatt attgttcaca tgtttaaaaa aaaaaaagat aaattaacat tgtgctgctt     49320
     cctgataaga gaatcattca aattcttaac attattatag caaggcatag acagagaagc     49380
     ccaatatagg agtctggttt tttttttttt ttccctgagg gacaaactct tataagaatg     49440
     tacttgtatt ttccataaac ttaaacacat ttttgctttt ctgtgtataa aacataccat     49500
     tgtcaactgt tcaagtcttg gcttcttacc ttaaagcccc ccttcctaaa tgctgcttgc     49560
     actcatggca atggaacttc agtaccttct ggacatcaca tcagccaaat aaactctctt     49620
     gcatgtcacc gtaatacagg gtaatcatta ccaaactcta ccaaactcac ctccacccaa     49680
     gcgctcagca tattctgaag tgggtgaccc aggcaagtac ctggtcttac acacagaaga     49740
     ttcgggtaca tattctgatg aaccctaaag gtccttggtt gtatatttaa ttcagaaaaa     49800
     tcagacaata tttcctaaca aaatttaaca gcaaagacca ggaaataaag taattaatct     49860
     tcaaatgtac tagtctcaaa ggtaaaccca cgagccttga gtccttataa tgctgggctc     49920
     aaccaatgca ggggcttagt gtttagtttg aatgaacagc tttctgctag gtgtgctcaa     49980
     ctcactggct cccaacccca aatctacctt ccttccaact tcttaccctg ttgatcactg     50040
     tacaacacac cctcacttac taaacataat tttgatcatc aacccaaaat aaacacagga     50100
     gaccatatga aaaacaaggc aaagagaccc agctgaaaga tttaactttg gaaaagggta     50160
     aatggtcact ggaaaatgtg aaacagactc tcagacactg ctttaaaatg attattacag     50220
     gaagaaacca tcctgactct ccaaatgaaa gccgcctgga cctgcctctg tcttcctgga     50280
     caggaccaca ggctccagcc cactgccggt ttactcattc ttgctgtaat tgaaaggatc     50340
     cactccctct cacatggtta ttaacaacct aggtaagtgc aaagggtgta gagcctagcc     50400
     tttatcatcc cagtctcgcc tcctgggttc cctccagccc tctccaatct accaaagctt     50460
     tgtggttctg ctttaaatgt cctttggtcc agtttggaag taaagactca aagcccttgg     50520
     agttaggcta aatttgaatt ctatctataa tacaaaacag ttgggtcacc tggaggagta     50580
     ctggcctctc tgcgtgcttc tctcctaacc tggaaaggga ggataaagag tctttgggtg     50640
     gtggtggggt tattgagaaa ttatacatcc gaggcaatta tactattgtt tgacttgcaa     50700
     gggagtgtcc actaacctta acaagtctct agcacggaaa ttcttagttt tccctgcatc     50760
     ttcaagctaa ccctggttca agacaaaatt aagaatgatg tatttatgaa aatcttttaa     50820
     atatgctgga tcatgaccga ggaaaggtct agaaataagg gtaactaccc aagtgttccc     50880
     ttttcctgta gctttgctga gcgtgacgca tcctaagtaa aaataaatgt atatctggct     50940
     ttcaacgctt cctgtcagtt ctaaaagagg gttgttcctc agcattgtgt aaggaccgct     51000
     gttagtacaa atggaattcc aaagtggtcc tagttatttc taaggcagag agactgatgt     51060
     agctgtgttt atccacctac acatggcttt tctgtagtgt ctcagagatt cagagatgtg     51120
     tcacctatct agaaagtcaa gtttttctta agttgttctc tctcccttca ttctggagag     51180
     gccaatctcg aatgtgtctt taaaaataat ctcatatgtc ttattcaaga tcaacttcat     51240
     ctcttgcctt caacaaagta ttttatcttt cctagacacc agtgggaaag taatggatgc     51300
     ccacccccgc aacccggtgc tgaagaacca tggagtctac taaccatgag cactgttaaa     51360
     acaaaatgct acagtgccac agctgaatca ctctcaccat gtctttaaat ctgtaactca     51420
     attcaaatcc ttctggacta tcaaacaatg ctttttagct gaattatgat cttaaatgat     51480
     ttcttcaagg tcttcaaata tttaaatcaa tgtctggaaa gaactagaaa tgtccggcta     51540
     acaaagcttt cacacggcag agaaagaaag cagcacagct gccatttttg taaatgaaat     51600
     gttattctac acaggaaaga gaaaaaaaaa aactttacag tcaaagttca tttgcaccgt     51660
     gtatcctgtg gccaggaagc attccttctg attactcatg aagagcagaa atcagaaaat     51720
     acagtttact tattcatcct aatgaaaacc aggctacaac cccaatcatt tcggggccaa     51780
     gttcaaggga ggggtagaat taatgcactg tcagtaactt aaaaactgac accaggacct     51840
     tccaggtcag ccgaaagctt tacatttaaa ctaacttact ctttaccgag ttatacattc     51900
     cctggagtta aatggtttct tttcctaaaa atccaattcc gactcttttg tgtgtgtgtg     51960
     tgcgcgcgtg tgtgccaaca taagcattta cttctttaaa actgcctgaa gtataaccag     52020
     aaactggttt tcacttacat aacaatcttc aaaacttagc aagaaagtgt tatgaaacgc     52080
     aagcgtccca ttcgctgtct tcaaagtgcg caacatgcta agaaaattga ggcagaatct     52140
     caaacagcaa agaaaaatgt attaaggaca caagcgaggg ataataaata aatgtctaaa     52200
     agcaaaactt ctgcaacagt ataaaaagca acaaattcta atctattact cttacccttg     52260
     acggcaagga ccagaatatc ctgccttata cattttggta ttacaactct gtaatgctaa     52320
     atccaaagac aaagccgccc aggggaaaat aacaattgcg caactgatca acagctccaa     52380
     cttgtccctt ggccccagag cagcgaggtt tgcacgctat agagcaggaa agggccaacc     52440
     gagggcctct gtgactgcca actggccgat gtaagccagc cagaagccac agcctcgcac     52500
     actacgtggg gccccgcggg tcaccatact cagaacacac agcccagcat ggggcccact     52560
     cggacctcgg agcccgccgc ccaggtctgc acgtccttgc gcccggcgcg aggccattcc     52620
     cgggttccca ggctgaagga gcgtgcggag ccctgccggc aggccgcccg tcggggcgcc     52680
     agagcacgag ggccacccgg tgactttctc ctccgccccc ggagggctgg gcttttctgg     52740
     atcaagacgg acaggcgtga tcttacagac cagctctcgg gctgaggccg tagacggccg     52800
     agctcaccaa gtcgtagaac gggggttggg gagggcttcg ggcggacgcc gaggagagac     52860
     ctcagctccc ccgagcgcgg ccccgtgact aggcacattt ttaccggcac cgaatcaggg     52920
     aaactacgct gccccggaaa aggccgggcg gcgccggttt agaccgccag catccacccc     52980
     cctcccgcct ctgcgcctcc cacccagcga ggtggtggtg tctctgcctg gccccacgaa     53040
     gtcagagctt cctccacacc ccaacctcgc cgcccctgga gacctcaggc tcggacccca     53100
     ctctcgtcgc ggccccaaca tcctccgttg ccctcccagc tcggcggggc agttcccagg     53160
     ccctgccgtc gtagtcctgg ctcagactgt ccctccctcc cggagccact atcccctcga     53220
     gctcctgccg gcttcttggc acagcccagg ggcccgaagg ttggggcagc acctgctggg     53280
     actgtagtcc tggcggtggc aactccaagt ccatcatgct gagggcggac gctgtggtag     53340
     ggctccccga cggcgaggct acttgcagca gaggtgaggc ggcggcaatg gctagtccga     53400
     gcagcggaga actaggagat agcctgctcg ctggagtggc aggccagcct tagtccgccc     53460
     cgcccccgcc ccctgggggc ggaacaagga cctagggacg ggacaagaac ttagaggcgg     53520
     agaaaaggct agggcaagag gcaagggcca gaggcaggac aagggcatgg aggcggggta     53580
     aggggcgggg caagagcttg gaatcgcgta caggggcagg gcaaggaccc gagggccccc     53640
     cgcaaaggcc tagggcgggg caaggggagg gggggacaag acgggggcca gtggaaggag     53700
     caagagcccg agggcggggc atggacctga gtgcttccgg ccggagttcc cgcgttcccc     53760
     tcgacccccc actgttgatc ctcctctcgc tgtccggggc atggcggagt caggtgggct     53820
     gaagtcgcac ggggggcgga gcgcgagcag gaggccttcg gcccccccag tcctctgtag     53880
     gacagcaccc ccttgctaga gattagcagc tgtttgccga aggtcgctcc agccctggct     53940
     ctttgaagca gtttaaacag ttggtgcaag cacaccggga gccccggccc gtgcgctgct     54000
     atcggagctg ccactccctg atttggacct gcagaacctt gcccgcttta tctcgctcca     54060
     ccggctgact gtggcgccag tttcggggtt agggctctga gctgggaccc ggactttgca     54120
     agaggccaac tgccctctgg ccccaggtcc cattcagttg ctggtgctca aacacctctg     54180
     ccccagggag atggatgagt ccacgctgca aactcgtgct cgcttactcg aaggccctcc     54240
     acttctccca cgtgccctgg gctcggggcc caagcggtca ctcagtatca cttcatccac     54300
     ccagagccca gcaagcgggc acagctctaa cagaatcacc gaagtggatt ctaagactct     54360
     cagggttcct ttacacgtac ttactctatt tgggaatttt gaggtatgat ctcataaggc     54420
     cccacctctc aagctgtttt tagagcagcg tttctcaacc gtcgtaatgc agcgaccctt     54480
     taatatagtt cgtgttgtgg tgacctccaa ctagaaaagt atttttgctg ctacttcata     54540
     actaattttg ttgctataaa ttgtaatgta agtatcggat gtgcaaaata tctgagatgc     54600
     ttggggtggc tctccacagg ctgagaactg taccatagac tctgccactt gggtttggtg     54660
     gtggtggtgg tggtagtgac tgttttcaca acgttcattc ccaaacatac ttctttaact     54720
     gcccccgaaa aaaaatccaa tttctaaaat agttatatgg gcttagaaaa aaaatcgagg     54780
     gatgttttaa tgtgttaata gttgaaaacc cagagtattt ttatctttct ctttgttgtt     54840
     ttaagtatgt ttgaacacaa atatcttctt ttgaattttt tttttttttt ttggtttttt     54900
     aagacagggt ttttctgtgt agccctggct gtcctgacac tcactctgta gaccaggctg     54960
     gcctagaact cagaaatctg cctgcctctg cctcccaagt gctggggcta aaggtttgcg     55020
     ccaccactgc ctggcttgaa atgtatttta aaaaccacta ccctattatg ggcctggggt     55080
     cagttagaga ttcaacaatc tgacaaagaa aggtctctta ctcagatcct agcgctaggt     55140
     ctccagctga gactcaggac ttctgaatgc aatgctcagc catttgttct ctcacaaaca     55200
     gaatgcaaac agaatctcct tctccagcaa aacagaaaca gcagtaaaaa aaatttaacc     55260
     cttaacggcc cttaacattt ggaggtctaa ttttgcttta tagttctctg gagcaccgaa     55320
     aatttaaact tttaaacata aagttagcca acaacataat atttcatagt attaatgctg     55380
     caggggccaa cctctgtcgg caggagagct aagggccttg tgacaactga aagcagagtt     55440
     actagccagg aagaacctga gaaaggaaat gggaggcttt tacttcctcc ttgtagggcc     55500
     ttttccctct ctctgtgatg ccaaaccaaa ctgaatagtt tgcttagtag tttgcgtaga     55560
     agcagcacgt ttccccaagg tcatacagta atctctgtgt tgtgcataaa gcagatcaag     55620
     tgccctacca tgctgttgga gtacctcggt taatgaatcg acctgttctt ctaattttac     55680
     agtagacttt tctaatgcaa ataaatcctg ggttatctga catcttacat ttttgtaaat     55740
     gacaccaagc cattgttgta gctgttgccg gaagaatggc tgccaactgt tagaagggca     55800
     gctgacaatc ctaagttttc tatgagggat agaaggggag gaactgcatt tttctgctcc     55860
     agggggctgg agagatttgc aaaaacaagt actctctcca tgccacactg tcgcatacaa     55920
     acatctgagg aatactagag acaaaagttg gggctttgat acatacgcca aagagctaaa     55980
     agcagggatg tgatcacatg caaaccaaag agttttaacc cagaggtgaa gaaaggaatg     56040
     cccacttgac aagtggtggc caagagctgt gagacatcta aggcaagagg gtctagacat     56100
     atactccata aaagagggag ggaacataga caaaacatta ttagtctata actaatacat     56160
     gatgtgacag ccacacggga gtcttatctt cagtggatct tctcgggcct tgatgacagt     56220
     ccatttttct gcagcagggt catcatcccc tgatcacctg atctgaaagt gatgcatcca     56280
     ggtgtggcta tggtcttcct tgacagcagc agagtgtatg tagtaaggat gatgaggtat     56340
     gggtcttcca gtggggtccc agtttccttt caacctaaca ttctagactt ttgttgagga     56400
     taaggggaga tgcactctcc ttggtaactg cttctcagct ggaattcgtg tgttgtcagg     56460
     gccctggaag gctgtaatgc tggtcaaagg ccaaggggtg gggctctaga caggagctga     56520
     aaagataggg agcaatcaca cacattagct gtactggttt agatcagttt ccagcaagct     56580
     cacaggtgtt tggtgcagtt tgtggtctgc tgctgatcct gggtggggtc agccaagtgg     56640
     acagaggtta aactttaaga acttaaagga aaactcttac atttagagcc tccccccctc     56700
     tggaaggagc agtaagctta ggctgttgat tgacaggatt acctatctgg agttatttga     56760
     cctgtgacag gtgaattcaa gttttattat tattttctca gacccttaca acttacgtaa     56820
     atctcgaacc ttttccattt aaccatttat cataagacac agtggttgat tactgcgagg     56880
     agtcattgca atgcaagttc tttaaataga ggaattgtaa aggctactcg gaaacctgtt     56940
     ttgtgagcat gtctttttca aaccaggaga cccaatagct ctagaaaagg caaggcgcct     57000
     gatttccata tatggaattc atgttccagg cagctgctgc taaacggata aagctacagt     57060
     tagccatcaa caccatcaga gattggagaa gaatacattt gagcaggctg tataaagtaa     57120
     atggcctctg tattagtaaa atggcaggta cttacccact acgtggacga ttactatagg     57180
     ttcctcctca gcaatctcag caatctactt ggatgccgaa tggctttcgc ctccagccat     57240
     cacatgagac accattaact ctcactgcta cacagggcaa catcaacctt cagctgccag     57300
     gcacaaaaga gcctttcctg tgggttagaa cattgagagg ctggcctacc ttgattagta     57360
     caatgaggga cagtcaattc tccagtgtcc tggagatgag tgaagtgtgg ggcagtttaa     57420
     cccattggtt agtgttacca caattcagat ggagtcatct ttggaagaga tcttagggtt     57480
     aaaagatcta aaaactggat tccccccccc ccaatacagg aagcctttaa atgccatatt     57540
     cagcatatct ttgaagacct tttgaagtgt ttctattaag tacatctgac tttatgtggg     57600
     gcggtgagat gtgtataggc agcctggtcc ctggttgagc tcaggcttaa aaccctggag     57660
     acccagcaga tgactgtcac ctgcaaggga tggcagatgt ttggccacac cccttgggcc     57720
     cctgtcgcag ctacacccct cccataaccc cccctccaca cttctccctg gctagtctgc     57780
     ctctcatcat cccagccaac tcagcacagg actgcgtgga gccactaagg cagcactgac     57840
     aaagttggag ccaactgcag cagcacaaga ggcagactct ccctttctgc tcgcactctc     57900
     tcccctttgc cggaaccctc atacccggcc gagccagaga tctccatgga aagcatccag     57960
     cacacaggcc tacaacttta aataaacttt acttgttttt atagttattt gttttaggct     58020
     tatccttaaa agtatataaa gacgtttaaa caaagcttat ccatggtgat gaattatatt     58080
     cttagcacta ctacaaccat agttctggcc atattgaaga atttgatcat ttataaagta     58140
     attgactatt aacctgcatg tcctatgtca tcttatattt ttcaaaacct gctttaataa     58200
     gtgttcttaa atgctttaac ctcccttcta gcccaccacc cactggagat agtggaaagg     58260
     aaaggttaac aggacaaagg aggatgtgga cctgtttaga aataattctt tgaagcaaat     58320
     ccattctgtg ttgtcaggat atcagcagtt cacatgaatc agcggcagta acttgaacca     58380
     ctggcaaacg ccattcacgg acccagcaat ggcattttga tccagaagaa actgtgaggt     58440
     tctactaatc agcttgagtc agggaaagca ccaagaagcc tccagaacac caccagaagt     58500
     tctttggtgc atttctttct acaaagtcat gacaaacaat gaacagcaaa gagtggcaag     58560
     gtgaaccaat gccacagagt gtcattgtcc actgtctgtt gggttatatt tacactcttt     58620
     ctagacatca ctcaagtatc cactctagga aaacatcaca tgcccttttt cctggcagct     58680
     tccagaaaaa caccacatgt atgttctcag caaaacattc tcccgtgtgt ctgcttcggc     58740
     aaaagcattc tctcataaga cagtttccag aaaaacatca catgatataa cggagtctcc     58800
     aaagaaacca gaaatttcca cttcagtcct acttataacc ttaaaatttt acaatttttg     58860
     agttgacact cctttagtac caaaataagt tgatgctcct tttgtaccaa aataaaactt     58920
     caaatcataa atctatccca tagagagact gtgaatatta atttttgatc cttttatagt     58980
     gcatcattat agaatattac agtgtcctgt atgagtcagt ttatccaaat agctaaagct     59040
     taacacagtc agcagagact aggaggttag atatacattt tcaagtcagt ttctgttagc     59100
     ctgaattgat ttaggtaagg agagctatcc cataggctct tccaaaccgc ttagggcagc     59160
     atcttgctac accgtaagat agaaatacct cagtttctgt tgctcagaag ctgtggccca     59220
     aaatccttag ctttacatcc ccccgccccc catgcttttt tcttttatcc cttttcatcc     59280
     aggccaccct gtttcctgag cctctgttat tctttatcta gaataacaca gattcctcta     59340
     catcctggtc tgtctaaaac cctggccaga tcctatttcc tgactttaaa cctctgctgg     59400
     tctttttaag tcttattttt taaccagaag atccaactgt ggatgctggg tagtaactgt     59460
     caagttggca ttataatcta gccagaggca agtagcccct aagccaggag gcctgggctg     59520
     agttgtttgg cttgtttgtt tgttgttttg ttttgttttt tttttgagac agctttcttt     59580
     ctggagcttt cctactgatt tctgtttctg gaaacaattt ctgtattgac ccttttaaat     59640
     ggattttcag gcctagtcct ctgggtcctg aactggtgta tcctagtagc tcaggtacat     59700
     atctggctat agccctttat ttaaaataaa aaccagaatt ggcaaaatta ctagaatcat     59760
     ctttgtatat atcaaacccc tgatgcttgt agactcagtg aattttgaga acaaagacaa     59820
     acattttggt ttaaccctga cattattctg aggtaaaacc gacctgttat ttagccacat     59880
     ttttcaaaag agcaaagagt tactgaacac agtaaacaaa acctcatttg tgttgctgtg     59940
     actgaggaat aaaaagtatt atatttttaa accattataa ccttttcagt gttgtttccc     60000
     aatttttaaa ataaaccttg ttttcctgat tttcttcctc atctgttatt tttgttctca     60060
     ggacaagaat caccacacaa aagtccatcc caatctaaaa tatcttaaga gacccactgt     60120
     tatctaaaac atccatttct ttaaaacaag agatgaatcc aaggtacaca tacagtaggc     60180
     agtaataaat taaggttact tatgtataga tttcaacctc caaccccgat gctatgagtt     60240
     ttaacctttt gttaaatatt ttacaggtct ttaaccatac ccagtaaact tacaaatatt     60300
     gagctataga aagtttacat attagtctta taaatctcca ggtaagattc atatgttagc     60360
     aaacatgtgg ttaaaccaaa accaaaaaga ggacgggatg aggaataata atcccactgg     60420
     gaatagtctc tccttttgtc ctttttgctc ccttttctcg gtcacatagt caggtggctc     60480
     acctgacgtg ggacagagat tttggaggaa acctttaaac aaacatgttt gagtctagag     60540
     gagtgaaagc cataacctaa ctccagaggc agcttttcac tgaagtagaa cagcataaaa     60600
     ctacaattta atattatcca tacctaaaag acgccccaat ctctagaaaa ttgaatccag     60660
     tgaccagggg gaagaaacag agtgagctga gagcaaagaa ggctaaggct aaggttaaga     60720
     atttttttta tttttaaaaa ggaagatgca acatcacaaa cacaatctag gcaacacaaa     60780
     acagactgac aagactctac agtttggtgg tcatccagac aaaccaaaat taaacaaggg     60840
     ccagtgtgag gcatttcagc agtccctctg acttgggaac cagtactggg tctagctcgt     60900
     ctacaagccc cacaaatgca cactacaaac aggatcttta cctagaccac tggaagtttt     60960
     ctgatgcctc ttttctcaca gtctagtgtt gagagcctgc tgatggttcc ctccaaaacg     61020
     ctaggcctat ctgatttctt ggctctcaga aggccaggag cctccaggtt tccaaggtca     61080
     gccaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaaggtagat ccagctgaat gtccgaatct     61140
     taaacaagcc cccaaatgtt ataggtctgg ggttgctcag agattcacca ctctgaccat     61200
     taatacgttt taacaaagga gaggctttta ttcagacacc agccaccaag tcgatacctg     61260
     gactaggaat tcccaaatgt aatacctagc cagctcagtc aaatgtttat aaaggcaaag     61320
     aatacaaaat aacaatttgc tctcttgcag gcagaaggtt ctctcatgta aaacaaattg     61380
     tttatttagc agaaatagta gtaaaaattt taacccctaa tagcccttaa tattaacatc     61440
     aacaaggtct aattttgatt tatagtctcc tttgatttat agttcttctc taaagcacaa     61500
     agatttaaat tttttttttc gagacagggt ttctctgtat agccctggct atcctggaac     61560
     tcactctgta gaccaggctg gcctcgaact cagaaatcta cctgcctctg cctcccgagt     61620
     gctgggatta aaggcgtgcg ccaccactac ccagcagatt taaaattttt aaacattaag     61680
     ttagccatta gtatgttagt catcacaacc ctaagtcagg catggtagca cgtgtcatta     61740
     aggccagcat ttgggaggca aaaaaagtag atctctgagt tcaaaactag actggtctag     61800
     agagtgaatt caaggatagc cagggctaca cagagaaacc cttttttaga aaaacaaagc     61860
     aaacatcatc aacaacaaaa aataaaaaca tactcacact gtatgggtat gatggtgcca     61920
     gactttagtt ccagtgttgt gtgacatggg taaccccaga tagggagtcc acaacaaacc     61980
     aaagtccaat ttggtgaacc aatacgtttt attgggatta gtctctggaa tatggctaag     62040
     ggttacttac cattagactg gtatccatag tcctgctgca gcccccactg tattgtaaat     62100
     cactccctta cccagacatc accaaaacca agttctgtgt agctttcctg aatgaccacc     62160
     aggtgccagg cacaggatct ttttttcttt cttttttttt tcttcttttt ttaaaagatt     62220
     tgttcatttt gttagtctga gtacattgta gctgtcttca aacactagaa gagggcattg     62280
     gatcccatta cagatggttg tgagccacca tgtggttgct gggaattgaa ctcaggacct     62340
     ctgggagagc agtcagcact cttaaccact gagccgtctc tccagccctc gaaacaggat     62400
     cttatatgga aaaaaattcc agctcttgtc tgacatttca cccttccctt tgcctgggac     62460
     tataagaact gtctaacttg ggtcctgggt atgatttctc tggccccttc cctggaacta     62520
     gtgaaccctg ccagagagtt gcaccaataa acctgagttt gcttgctgcc aatttggtct     62580
     gatctggtca tttcacgttg gtcatttcac gttggtcatt tcacattgct ccggagcctc     62640
     tcacttatgg aggtggaatg actcaaaagc atttccatca ccaaggccca tgccagcata     62700
     ggagacagct cacaaagctg ggaacctgga gcacacagta cagcctgaag acaatgcaaa     62760
     gtgccaggtg caggcttcca ggctgctagt ctagcctccg agtcttcttt gtttttggtt     62820
     tttgtttttg tttttgtcca tttgtttgtt tttgtttttt ttcgagacag ggtttctctg     62880
     tgtagccctg gctgtcctgg aactcactct gtagaccagg ctggcctcca ttttttttac     62940
     agcttggctt ttcctgaggg aaattctcac ctttactgtt tactctggga gggaggggcc     63000
     tagtgaatct ggttagtttc agggacttcc ggaaactatt ttgagttgtt taccttcctg     63060
     cctaaggagt tttcctgtag aatggaatgt ttcagtctgg aggaaactta tataacacct     63120
     agcacttgga agacagaagt aggtgtgtct gtgagttgaa ataagcctga gctacacaaa     63180
     atgagttcct tcttggccaa gggatacatt gtgagacctt gtctcaaaga ggggaaaaat     63240
     cattgcctat agaaaacatc aagaatttca cgacataatt tgagctcata aattcttttt     63300
     aaagaatggg ttttgtgttt tcttttatgc tttaataatc taagtcttta atgtgattta     63360
     cagttttttt gtttgtttgt ttgttttttg atttacagtt tttaactcct tggaattatt     63420
     caaaaacaat taaagctgac aattatatag tttcattaaa aaaaaaacct cacagagtgt     63480
     gcacactgac taaagcagat agactctcaa aaaaaatgca gactaacttt ctcttagttg     63540
     cataatttga cactcccagg atttctatgt aaactttatg ttcaaatact ccttgagata     63600
     agtggagcct aaattcatcc cttgtaattg aagcaagatt ctccaacttg aattaaacct     63660
     ttcatctgtt agatgaaaag cctgcaaata ctctgcacag tgaaaacaag cttagaagaa     63720
     attatttaca aaggccttga cacaaaaggg gcagcgatgt agtaatggtg aaattacgtt     63780
     tctgcatcaa agagagaggg aagtgtataa tgctaacaat tcaggttaca tattaaaact     63840
     gctgcatctg aaaaggtaaa caaagagctc gggaggtaga tcataccaaa gtcctgggtg     63900
     acacagctac tgccctgagg gagtttataa agtattttca tttccttgtt aagtagtatt     63960
     gctgtggagt ttaggccgaa tgaaatatcc attaccttca caaaatgaat gtaatgggta     64020
     tatattattt taggcagctg taacatacat tctttcagag ggaggaaagc tgtatgataa     64080
     gagcctgaac acactaaaga aagaaaaaca tctaaataca ggagaaactc gttggtggtt     64140
     cagcttaaga cattggaagc tcagtttcag accacccaag tgaaggaggt tctcagccct     64200
     tgcagatgga gaactaaatg atcttcactg tgaggatgta gtactactag gctccatcgc     64260
     aggcccttga gcatgccagg taagtgctct atcaccgact acactcctac tgctgctgtt     64320
     tatcctcagc ccggattggc ttcagtcagt tcgaaattct gctgaccctt gtccatttcc     64380
     acagatgtct gaatttcttg ttgtgtttga aatgcctaat ccccatgcat gcttcaggtg     64440
     tgtctgtctg cactattgca gctcaatcca gagttttcca ggaagtgtca tcaaagaagg     64500
     cttccgaggg caacaggatt ggatactggt gacgctttgg ccccttcatc tacccagctg     64560
     atccaccaag tgtcaaggcc tgagggatga atccgctgat tcacactctt cccaggcttc     64620
     aaggcttctt cctcttactg ttggagctgg aaagatcctc ggaccccttt ggaattgcaa     64680
     tcgaaatgtt ctatggtcca gtaggctgag tattacgtct gcaaacagcc tggtctatgc     64740
     aagtttcctg ccttccaggc cttcacaggg agactttgca ggaaaaaaaa aaaaaggaaa     64800
     aaaaggaaaa gaaaaaaagg gggaaaaaac aaagaggaaa gaaaggaaga aatgaggcag     64860
     acaagatggc tcagagaagt cctgcaaatt gtcttctgac ctctgacctc tacatttttt     64920
     ctgtaggact tatgttgcac atgcacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacataa     64980
     tacatttttt tatattaaaa aaaaaaggaa caaattgccc tggcccttgg accttccatg     65040
     cctgccatct caagccctag aggattctag ccctaggcac aaggagattg ctgccaggta     65100
     acagaagcct gcctgtttgg actgtcaact ccacagacct gtgacagatt acataaatca     65160
     ctgccaacta ctgagtatta ggtggtttgt ttcgtaacag tagggtgatc tgatgagcat     65220
     atgttgagtc tcagaggcag tgtgcctcct gggtgccttg tttattaact gccactgaga     65280
     acacgcacag ggaccgctct tagtgattac tttaaataaa acctccagac cctcagaaaa     65340
     gaacttactt ttctaagact gaggaaagta tttttcccat aatatatatc tgttgctacc     65400
     aacagagcaa atgacctcat cactccaggc cttactttct gtccaataga tgctggtaag     65460
     atactctcat taaacacaca gagcacagac accatctgct taggactaga tggtgatgca     65520
     aatgcatacc cagatattga ccctgcctga cctcatttac tcaggttacg taagatgctt     65580
     tgtgaaaggc tactaaggaa atttgaactc gaggagccgc ctgcccagta gataaactga     65640
     actccagcac atcagggtgc aggataattg gtgtgttaac ttccaaacac gcccataacc     65700
     ttgagtcttg gacttaagac acctcactgt gcaaactata cgcacaaagc actggaattc     65760
     tacaaagcca attccaacca gtgtagtttc ctgttcctcg ctgaaacaga gccctgcagt     65820
     gggagtggtg ctgtgaggaa acaaagagag cagaagtgtg aaagccgtct tagaacttca     65880
     cctggggacc tccacaaaaa tagacacgga ctgaacgcag acagaatgga tatcttccaa     65940
     aatggccact gatttggcct gtctgctgga gactgatgat tttactcttc ttggttttgt     66000
     ctgtctgtag tttcctgagt aaattacttt cataagaaat atatatatat atatatatat     66060
     ggggctggag agatggctca gcagttaaga gcaccgacta ctcttccaga gttcaattct     66120
     tagcaatcac atggtggctc acaatcatct gtaacaggat ccaatgccct cttctgatgt     66180
     gtctgaagac agctacagtg tactcatcat gtatataaaa taaataaata aaatcttaga     66240
     aagaaagaaa gaaagtatgt atgtgggggt gggtaggata cagaggcgag gagggtagtg     66300
     tttccttttg tcctaagcca ctgggcctat tttattttca aactggattt tattaatgta     66360
     tattttatta cctttatttt attttatttt attttatttt tgcaagtcag ggtttctctg     66420
     tgtagctcta gctgtcttgg aactcattct ttagaccaag ctgtcctaga actcagaaat     66480
     ctgcttgcct cagcctccag agctcaggga ttaaaggtgt acaccactac tgcctggctt     66540
     cttttctttc cttttccttt cttttcaaac tggattttta atcacagact ttgcaagtat     66600
     attcactctg tatttactca tgcagagccc agtgactgga ttatatcttg agttgtggtt     66660
     ataatgagag cctggaagag cctttcttct ctcaacagac tctgaatttg caaagatttt     66720
     tacagcagag tagaaattcc caaacatgga ggtttatgag cagagacgaa ggactgaatc     66780
     ttcagagtaa ggtgcaaaac attccatgta taacactgct gtatggggaa aattagcaag     66840
     atgtataggc ccgaatttat gtctgccttg ctgctccaca cagaaattaa taatggagga     66900
     gaagaccaaa tactcttcat ttttataggt atttttacat tttaaaatta attaagtaag     66960
     taattaatta atgtgtgcat gcatgcatgt gtgtgcatgc catggtgcat atgtggagat     67020
     cagaggacaa cttgtgggaa tggcttcttt ccttctaccc tttctacagg gttctgaatc     67080
     ataaggtatt gacagtggca gccttattgg atgagctatc ttgctggcct tcatttttgt     67140
     cttcttctat gtccagagtt ttgtggaaaa aaattttaga acaaagtaat taaacggctt     67200
     ccactttgga caagcagatg ttgggatgca gtgagagagc gagcaacgtg tccctgtgaa     67260
     ctggctgtgc agagaggacg cagagtgggg aggggatgca tttatgtctg ctgagagagc     67320
     tgtcttctgt catcccccac ccccgtggat ggactttgac ttttgccctt tgaatgattt     67380
     taaaattaaa agaaatctta gacatcttat ggctcagtaa tggtcagttt cttccccacc     67440
     ccccttcttt ctctctttca ttcttttgtc tttattcctt ttttgacttg tctcccttcc     67500
     ctctctctgg ctcactttcc tccctccctc cctccctccc tccccccctc cctccctccc     67560
     tccctctctc ccttcctcct tcccttcctt cctttagatt ttcttgtaat aggatcttgc     67620
     tttgtagctc aggctggccc tgaactcaca atagtcttcc tacatcaact tcaccagtgc     67680
     tgggattata ttgtgcacca gtgtaccaaa gaaagtgggt ctcatttaga ttgtcaattc     67740
     aaatctgtta cacagtggct cctgacaatg ctttaatgag tgttcagaag cagttattca     67800
     gtgtttctta cgtgaagtcc ccttaacctc tgtgttcaag atcaaatcca gaccctcacc     67860
     caaaccaggc aatcattgta ccatgcagct atacagcact caacttccta gcttttcaat     67920
     ttggtgtaaa gatcagtaat taattattaa tgtctgcaat ggcacaaaaa ttacaaaata     67980
     tttttaaagt atatttcctg gtcaaccatt tacttttcta tttgaggaga ctgaggggtc     68040
     aactggttac tgatcaccac ctgctatgga cagaaatcag aaaaagaatg acatttctca     68100
     actcttggtc ttctgtttat cccatgcaaa caagctgagt tcccctttga aggtcatact     68160
     taactgagcc atactgaacc atacgtaaat gatcagatta aatattactt acatataaaa     68220
     ttttggattc tgagggggat taatataacc tagtgagggt gagttattgc atttattttt     68280
     ataaatattc tctacaaatc taggagatgt aattggttct aatataaatt agactatggc     68340
     agtttatttt ttttaagtaa ctggctgaaa gttcaagaaa aactgatcct gaaaatggtt     68400
     ggttccaaag cccaggctta gtccaccgga ggtcagggct ctggagtctc ttgactcatg     68460
     ctgtatttac tgagctcact catagcaggg ttccctgaag attccacttt tccacattct     68520
     gtttaattaa ttccccaagg gcagaacaac aaagtgtttt tcactagaga aagcatgcaa     68580
     acagatacaa gaagaggatt tccacatgaa ggaactctga agtggaggcc agagagacag     68640
     tcgattgtag atctttattt tcttctccgt ggaaaggtct aaggacaaag tatagcatat     68700
     gctgatgaga ccataagctg ctgtgcccat tgcaattgtt ctaataaatt aaattcctct     68760
     agttgcatgc ttctagagag cttagccgtt aggtgacctt tactatcagc ctggaatggt     68820
     tccttcctct ggggaaggtc tagatcacac tatccatcac atttcctcta tcctaatgaa     68880
     agatgggata tgtctgtctg tggagttcat aaactaaaaa gtttatgtct gagatataac     68940
     aattcacttg caactggata tgaggacagg aggtttctct cttctagcat acattgtaga     69000
     aggaggatct ctgagtttga ggccagcctg gtctacagag agagttccag gacagctagg     69060
     gctatgcaga gaaaccctgt cttgcaaaaa acaacaaaac aaaacaaaaa cacagtggaa     69120
     ctgtagacct atgaatagta atagcaacct aaaaactaaa gccaatattt agtggtcact     69180
     agggatcatg tgctttgtat ctgatcatgg tttattttga gtctttgaaa aagaaaaaaa     69240
     gaaagacata ggtagattat tatcccctta acaacctagg aaggccgagt gagatgactc     69300
     agtggggaaa agtgtttgct gataaccttg acaagctgag ctcagtcacc aggacccacg     69360
     cgtgggaagg aaagaatcga ctcctggaag ttgtcctctt ttgatctccg tgcatacaga     69420
     cacacagaca cagacagaca gaaggcaggc acacacacac cacaaaagac acatcttttt     69480
     tctttttttt taactgagaa actgaggcct atagagaata ctttttctct gtgctctagc     69540
     agctgaacac tgcctttcga ttttgtctat ttttggcttt ttttttggtt ttggttttgg     69600
     ttttggtttt tttgtttttt tgtctctaag acatagtctg actctgaagc tctggccagc     69660
     atctaattac aaagaccttc ctgtctcggt ctcccaagtg ccgggattac aagaaccgga     69720
     caacatgtcc aactacaatt cttaagtgta acgtcatact gtgaaccacg ggtgtttcca     69780
     aaattgcaaa attaatttgg aaagttatct agaaccattt tgatgttcta aaaacattta     69840
     aaaatgtttg ggcaagggac tggagaggtg atggctcaat ggttaagagc actgactgct     69900
     cttccagtgg tcatgagttc aattcctagc aaccccatgg tggttcacaa ccatccataa     69960
     tgaaatagga tgtccttctc tggtgtgtct gaagacagca acagtgtact tacatacatt     70020
     aaataaataa acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa ataaataaat agatatttta aaaaaatgtt     70080
     tgggcaaaaa gtgtccagat agttgattac ccatttaaaa caaaaacaaa aacaagaaca     70140
     aaaacaaaac ccaaaaccaa caacacttga atacttagtg agcagtagcc tgctggtggg     70200
     ggctgggtgg gaggtgaggg acttgagtta aatacagatt ttacctttaa atcccaacag     70260
     cccagaaata aaatatcaca atcgcccata ctcaagaagt aatgaagatc cactcttagg     70320
     ctagagggcc agagtttcct ttttatttta tgcaaaaatg acataatttc tttccttcat     70380
     tcctttcttt ttaggttata ggaattaaac tcggaacctt acctatgcaa ggcacgtttt     70440
     gttttctcgt ttttagattg agatctatct gacatacaat acatggcaca gatggacgta     70500
     cataatttgg taagcgcatg tacatcccta cacacactaa tgaaggtaat aagcaacttc     70560
     tcattccaga gctgtgctcc tcctgtgctg ctgggggtct aactcggggc cttctagctg     70620
     tctcacaagt actatgccac tgaactacat ccaaggtaaa acacttgctc tgggctcaat     70680
     tttaatccta cttcttcctg cctttcttcc ttcccaggtg tctactggtc taccttaggt     70740
     aactatggtt taatttgata ttctacaata ccacaaatag aatcatataa tatggactct     70800
     cttatggagt ccttttactt agcatcattg ggattcagct atattgctac atatatcaat     70860
     agctaactct ttttttcatg tactgaatgg tgtatatcag aacatgttta accattcacc     70920
     tgttgacagc attaattgta ataaataatt ttcatcagat tggctcaaat tatcttctaa     70980
     ccaccctaca atatcttatt ttgcatttgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatgtgt     71040
     gtgtgtgtgt ccatgacatc atataagact agatgacaac ttttagaaga tagtcctctc     71100
     catctgaaga tcaagcttgt tgaaaaacac atgctgaaac ttctagaagg cccagtttta     71160
     tctttctaaa aaggccttaa atattgaata gaggggctgg agagatggct cagtggttaa     71220
     gagcactgac tgctcttcca gaggtcctca cttcgattcc cagcaaccac atggtgactc     71280
     acaaccatct ctaatgggga tctgatgcca tcttctggta cgcctgaaga cagctacagt     71340
     gtacccacat gcatgaaata aataaataaa ttttttaaaa aaagtattga atagataggt     71400
     agatgctttc tgagctggac ttgccactgg gcatctgtga ttgcaggact tgagagactg     71460
     acccaggatg atggcaagtt ggaggctagc cttgtaagac acaggcccag tcacaaacaa     71520
     acagcaacat agggatgtat gctttgtgac aatcctgatt gacaaggtag acgttttctg     71580
     cctgtcttct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     71640
     ctctctctct ctttctctgt ctgtctctcc tcttcagaaa aggaacatca tggaggcatt     71700
     tcttactaca attcacccaa tccaggctat tgaggctctt gagttacgag cagcagtaaa     71760
     tatgtcttct cagttgccta ctccatgggg aaggtcagat acaaagagct gatcttctcc     71820
     tccttcctgg gaagagttct tgagaggctt gactttcttg agccctttga ctaaagcatt     71880
     gcatccggat gccttcattt gccgttagta atcctcacaa tgaccatttg caggtgataa     71940
     agtctggttt ggtttgatta ggggaacttg gccaaggtca catagttctg tgatttggtc     72000
     actcagctaa agttccaagg cagagctccg ctcctgtgca atcctaggtt agctgtttac     72060
     aaaaccttgg ctcttttcac tgcatcaggc taagccacga aatacatccc aatgctttgt     72120
     gaataattaa acaccatggg gctcatgatc tataccgtaa ttttgcccct gacccttcac     72180
     tatatgacat aatttgaagg ctgaaacata attctgtgct attgggtgta ataaagccat     72240
     aatagccgtg tttttcatgt tgaaattcaa attaagatgc tcataaattt acttttattt     72300
     ccttttcttt ttctctgtgt ggcatttgct ttatttattt atttattttc tgtggtgggc     72360
     acaggaagga gaactctact aaggaagaag aagaagccat attggtacag cttcaagacc     72420
     ttgctcctct tactcctgcc ttgattgctg cttatcaacc tctgccattg actcaaatct     72480
     gtaaatacat aaatgggaat tataagggcc tctaaatctc tgtatctgat tgttagtggt     72540
     tcgtaggtga atttgaagaa tatcgctccg aggaacgtgg ttcaatcttt acagtctggc     72600
     tccacagtcc aaagtcttta aagccaacat cgagtttata ccagatttta tcaccgcact     72660
     ttgctccgac tatctctttt tgctaaggat caatttccta tctgacatgt catatttacg     72720
     tccactctga gtgcactagg aattgacaat tcacaaaaga gctaatgctt tgtctgggtg     72780
     tggtgctgca ctcctgtaat gccacttccc agtaaactga ggcaagagtg gagggcacat     72840
     tccaggcctg cttggcccaa ataataataa taagaagaag aacttgtctc aaaataggta     72900
     gacatacata gaggaaaaaa agagaaaaga agagactgtt tccagaaggc tcaaggagaa     72960
     gaggcaaaag agagtacact gtaagggaat cagtgtgctt aagaacaacc agggccaggg     73020
     agatggctca gcaggtgatg tgcttgccat gctagcatga gaacttgagt ttaatcctta     73080
     gtttgatctg cataaaagct aggggtggta aaatactggg gaggcagagt caggaggaat     73140
     gctggtttac tagctagcta gcttggctga atgcatgagt ttcatgtcca gtgacagaga     73200
     caaagacatc tgtcatccat atctggcttt cacataccct attgattgtg catacacaat     73260
     acacacacaa tcaggtactt taaaaagcta taataataat aataataata ataataataa     73320
     caatacccaa tagagacata acatacttgg aatgggcatg taaaaggtat ggagtggagt     73380
     agttcaaaga aaagatgaga ttataggaag gtttgagaat aaaaggcaaa taggtataat     73440
     gggggaaatt agaactccat ttaatgtaag gtatggtagc agctgatgcg aatagggccc     73500
     atggtcatct gatcagccat ggagacccta gaaacacatt gcatttacac ctagggcgtg     73560
     gttatctctg gtgtgacatt ctctgtgaag acggaagctt taatgttcaa atgaaaaccg     73620
     ttgcaagcag ttctttacag attgcatttt gtttacatca tatatatgta aattttaaaa     73680
     tttatcttat gtgtatgagt gttttgcctg cgtgcatgtc tgtgtgtcat ctgcatgccc     73740
     ggtttctgag gaggccagag ggaagctcca gggtcccctg agatagttgg tgggtgggtg     73800
     ggaatccaac ccaggtcccc tggaagggct gccagtggtc ttaacagctg agccatctct     73860
     ctgtccctct tcttacattt tgaacagtcc tgctgggtgc tatggtgtag tgaatgtaag     73920
     tgcagatctg ggtttagttc cttggctgtg tgatcctggg aaagttgcct agtctcactg     73980
     acagacttcc tgaaccgtaa aatggaagct gtcaggaggt taagaacgca ttagaagtta     74040
     cttataaaga ggaagagcac ttacaagtcc tgacatgacc atgtgaaaac cgaatttggg     74100
     ccaaagagat ggctgagcag ggaaaggtgc caagcctgac cacctgcgtt caatccctgg     74160
     gacctactta atggaaggag ggaagtgact gccaaaagct gtcctctgac ctccatatgt     74220
     atgtcacgac acacaaatgc ccacacatgt gtgcatatac atatacacac agaaacacaa     74280
     aatgagtgca atgaaaagga aggggggggg aataaaagct tactctgtaa aaagtactga     74340
     tttaatgcta gaacctacat gcaaagtagt tagttagttt gtttgtttgt ttgttttaag     74400
     caaatgaatg ttatttgaca taataaaaag aaatgccctt ggggattgga aagatcgctc     74460
     accaattaag agtatctgct ctggttacag aggaccggag tttagttccc agcacccaca     74520
     tgggtcacga gcatttgtaa gctcacaagt ccttgaggat ctatttctct cttgtggcct     74580
     ctgctggcac ccacaggctt gtgtgcagac acgcagagac aaatatacac atacatttaa     74640
     aacatttcat aacaaaatgc tcatctgagc ttgagacacg taatgactct caagatcaaa     74700
     ataacggagt tggctaacac ttcgactcct caagagctgg aaactgtacg tcatctccct     74760
     cggtttactt ttcttcattt tgcaggggca cactggattc gggttactga gttagaggat     74820
     catatgagga aagtgccaac ttctaaggtt tctcctaaca acagctgttc tgctaggatc     74880
     tggggagcct gctgtgtaaa cacatgtttt tattgtttgt ttttttgttt ttggttttgg     74940
     ttttggtttt tcgagacaag gtttctctgt ataggtctgg ctgtcctgga actcactttg     75000
     tagaccaggc tggcctcgaa ctcagaaatc cgcctgcctc tgcctcccga gtactgggat     75060
     taaaggcgtt tgccaccatg cccggcgtaa acatggtttt gctgcatcgg attagagcaa     75120
     atataaaata taactgctgg ttggcaagag tccttgatat gatatgttga tatgaagagt     75180
     cactgtatct aatcttgtgg atcctttagt tgataaatat tcacaaaaat ctcattttcc     75240
     tacccactaa cacattttat ggtacaaaga aactaagtct tgagatggag atggtctctg     75300
     ggtttttttt tttttttgta attatactta tttattatgt agcatgtatg tgtgcatgtg     75360
     ccccagcatg gatatgaagg cagaggatat cctgggtctc cttctaccat gtgattccca     75420
     gggatcgact tgggctgttg tgcttagcag caagtgcctt ttgctggttc agagagaggt     75480
     ttttgttctc agtgctgggg gctgaaccca ggacctcatg catgcttggc aaacattcca     75540
     cccctgagct tcatctccag tccgatgtta cccaattttg aaccatattt atgaggatct     75600
     aaactttaga ctgttatata acaccctcca ttctcctttt atatatttca tttgtattgc     75660
     tggataatat ttcattcctc tgatgagttt tggttcactg gactggcttc atattaacac     75720
     acacatgttg tgttactcac aatcctgcta ttgttaagta atgatttcat gaatggcttt     75780
     ttatcttggt catttttttt taaaagattt atttatttat tatatgtaag tacattgtag     75840
     ctgtcttcag acactccaga agagggagtc agatctcgtt acagatggtt gtgagccacc     75900
     atgtggttgc tgggatttga actctggacc ttcggaagag cagtcgggtg ctcttaccca     75960
     ctgagccatc tcaccagccc atcttggtca tttttaaatt aaagatttac ttttactttt     76020
     tgatgagtaa taatagtata cttatggtta taatgtaatg ttctatgtat gtatatatat     76080
     atatacacac attatatatt tacatgtatg cacacataca tgtagatatg tgacatacgt     76140
     gtacatatat gtataaacat gtatgtgtat gtatgtgtac atatatataa catacatgca     76200
     tctatacata tgtatgtgta catatactga tattcataca tatacacata tatatatgag     76260
     atactgacat gtatatatgt acacactata caatggttaa atcaagcaag tcattgattg     76320
     tgtcaagcat attcatatga tatattagtt agggggtttg agtcaaggat atatgtgtct     76380
     tttagtttaa tggctctcgc aaaattgtct cccatagaat agtattaatt tttaattcca     76440
     caagacagat tttagaacat atcaatagat atataaatat ttacttctta tttttttact     76500
     ggagtgttaa atttcagtct catatttcta gaaatgtttt gtgtacaaag ggtatttaat     76560
     catacaatat ctctagcagg tatttttagt cttttttttt tttttttttt ggtttttcga     76620
     gacagggttt ctctgtgtag tcctggctgt cctggaactc actttgtaga ccaggctggc     76680
     cttgaactca gaaatccacc tgcctctgcc tcctgagtgc tgggattaag gtgtgagcca     76740
     tcatgcccag ctagtctttt ttttttttta agtttgactt attttatgtg tattagtact     76800
     ctgttttcat gcacaccaga agagggaatc agattccatt atgtgattgt gagccaccct     76860
     gtggttgctg agaattgaac tcagggaact ctagaagagc agccaatgct tttaaccact     76920
     gagttatctc tccagcccct tctagcaatt tttaatatga aggccatcag tactttttct     76980
     atgatatgag ccaaagacat gtttcctagt gtgcctttta actttatgac tttaaatttt     77040
     cacatagttg aatgtatttg tttatcttgt atggcactgg tgatggaacc tagggccttg     77100
     ggccttctgc atgctagaca aacactctaa tactaaattg catcccaaat ttatcaattt     77160
     ttacaatagt ttttagattt tgagctacat gaatctttca gaacacaaat aagttttctc     77220
     ataatacaaa aatatgtaag gtagaaaatt aggttcccat aaccctaaga cgacaagaaa     77280
     actagtgact atggtctata gtgtacttag aggcttagtg tacatggtcc ctgagagcaa     77340
     gtaagggagt tttaacactc agatactcct ggcagccagg cacagttgca taggccttga     77400
     atcctagcac tcaggaggca gaggcaggca gatctctgag ttggaggcca gcctgatcta     77460
     caaagtgagt tccaggacag ccagggatac acagagaaac cctgtcttaa aaaaacaaaa     77520
     acaaaagaat attcctggat tctttccttc tcattctaaa aatacatata ataattatgt     77580
     gtaattataa taataataaa atacatatat aatatcatct tgtcgagcat aaacgtattt     77640
     taattggaac catgttaaaa tattcattta aggagaggtg acattttagg cattaaaata     77700
     gctcatcaat gtctgtcagt ctactcattt gagacttttc aggttctttg ttttttttgt     77760
     ttgtttgttt gttttttgtt ttagttttca tcagctagaa ctgtacatgt cctgttgatc     77820
     catttctagg cacttactgc ttttgttgtt cttgttactt aagtaaggtc ttccttatgt     77880
     tgccagaaag caatactatt gcttgtaagt atgagactga ttggtgtctg tatactaact     77940
     ttgcatcctg tatcaaattg tcttactgta tatgcacttt cagttgagcc ttcagtttgg     78000
     aagcacaatt gtcataccac atggagagaa tggaagcttt cccttctttt ttcatttttc     78060
     catttgtact ctttggagga cattgttatg aattgaacca agggccttct gcatattaaa     78120
     tcctgttaaa ctacaaccta aactctgtga agtcctcaga gagtctaatc gcaattgcta     78180
     gtgcacttag taaaagctga caaattatgg cagagaagac tcctgttgtt ttagccctta     78240
     gtggttctgt ttgtggttct gtctgtagca tttccccatc aaccacaagg caggtgaaat     78300
     tataccatca tgttgaaaaa ttcatctgct tatatcttat tggttgttga actaagagca     78360
     atttttttca tggtcttact acatagctct ggcagtcctg aaactcactt atatagagca     78420
     ggctggtctc acatttacat agactcacct gcctctgctt cccaattaca ggcattaaag     78480
     gcatgcatca ccaccacaaa tggcttaacc atgagcattt taatggatac acatgacagt     78540
     attctagact tctggttttc tgccctccaa acgcttgtac aagtccacca ttgactgggt     78600
     ctaagaacat ctaaagacac agagctggct gtgttggggg gggggggtaa agtgatgggt     78660
     ctggaagtgc aggctgggca tgccagtgtg tccagcatag acaccacaga taacagaata     78720
     gcctcttcag tagctgaaaa acagaaagat atgggtgata aaagcaattt tcctggagcc     78780
     aataccatta cctttgttgt gacaaagtga aagaaaagtg tggtgtcaca gacattttta     78840
     acagagaact gtcaatacaa gccaattcca gatttgactg gagtaggctc atgagttgtg     78900
     atttctggcc ttgcagtcaa gttcaggagt atgctgctta gatgtacccc tcccgccttt     78960
     atctgttacc ttatgcttta aacctcgata ctgcttcctt gggcctgaaa ataatgttct     79020
     aggctggtga ctaccagaca gctcggttgt tggaaccact ccgccttctg ggaaggatcc     79080
     agcagagcat gcctgtcttc ttgcatcttg gcctgggctc caggagcgtc ccgttcagga     79140
     tagcctcaga tgcccccttg catcagctcg cctggctttc agggcagcca cttcaccaaa     79200
     atgtactgtg tgatcctctc cctggtgggc tcgttctttt cctgccagac gcttggatgc     79260
     catcccgaac acccacagtg atcctggctc tctgcagcac aggagataag tgtacagtta     79320
     agtttgactg tgagtataag tatcattcgt ggatgtacct gtaccaaatg gtatttgttg     79380
     tttaggtgaa agccaaattc aactggccag tctgtatttt tctttgctaa atttggcaac     79440
     ccctgtcatt gacctcttcc caaaatagcc aactgtgctt tcctccacca cctccccatc     79500
     ttctagctcc aaaatatctc ccctagggct aggttcattg caatgttaag atagcctagt     79560
     aggggtgtta aatctatgga tcacagttgg ggttcatttt tgaagccatt gactctgttt     79620
     atccaaggtt aatttgtcag gttagtaaat ctgtcgcatg gacacttagg gacatgatgg     79680
     tggttggcaa tatggacaaa atactgaata actagatctt atggctcagt tggtagtctg     79740
     ctagcaagaa tgaagcctat gggctggtga gatggctcag cggttaagag cactgactgc     79800
     tcttccagag ggcatgcgtt caaatcccag caaccacatg gtggctcaca accacccata     79860
     tcgaggaaac aaacaaaata aaacctatgg gctggaacga gcatatatac atagaactca     79920
     accaatcagc attttgccta aagccttggc attattttgt cttctgtcct cctctccctc     79980
     cctttgttca atccatagga agcagtgaga gggttaggta gagagcctgg atcttgaagc     80040
     acagaaagca gaagaggcca tggaaacaga aaacaactgc taaacaacca aaggcttgga     80100
     ggaaaatcac ccagaaagtg aagtaaaacc aggaaaaatg ttacagtgag gggattgaca     80160
     tttaaggaaa aagtccaaag ttggccaagg gcaacgagta ttgcagcact caaaacctct     80220
     gaatgatgaa acttttgaaa agggaagtca ggtggagcat gggcgtcctg ctgatctgtc     80280
     tccccaggcc acacttctcc attcccaggc tataggaagc cacttagaat ccccccaccc     80340
     catccgcccc attgtggatt atggataagt gagaccacag cctcattttg agagacagac     80400
     tccatgtaag cagtattctc acatgtcgca gtccaagagg ctaagagttt ggtcagccat     80460
     gagtcacaca cacttcagct gctcccctgt gacatccaca cccaggcctg aagaactggc     80520
     tgccgtgcag agccatcctg ataaaactgc atttgagcta gactgtgtag cttgtgatcc     80580
     taacaagcct gcttagatct gaccagccca aagaggcaga cggcccgagg cttcacttct     80640
     ttgatggtgg gcaacttgtc cagaacttcc cctgatttga atactgtaaa tcctacaacc     80700
     ctatgcccct gataacagga aggctcactc taaaagcaag gctttggtat ctcaatatca     80760
     ggttcctaat ctgtaaagta ttggaactgg ctggtgtggt ttgtaatgct actgtcagat     80820
     cccagactct ggtttacctc ctcctggctc cctaatctca cccctctgca gctcaattac     80880
     caaggaacaa ccacttgatc caagtcctga gttcacaaga tcaatcagca gtgtgttagt     80940
     gggagaggtc tgtcaagttt acagtggaat gttgacagtg gctctggaag acagcatgtg     81000
     gctcacacag tggcaagctc cactggggat aaggcggtgg gtgggtctgt ggcattgtga     81060
     gaggaagata atctcgggtg ggcagcttgt aggggaactg gttaacaatt agtctgatgg     81120
     tctaatttag ggcaagacag gtcctgtggt gatggtgatt tgaataagaa tggcccttat     81180
     aggttcctat ttttgaatgc ttggttcttg gtggactagg aaggattaga aggtattgcc     81240
     tttgttggaa gaggtatatc tccaggtact ctcttcctcc ccctctcccc ctctccccct     81300
     ctccccctcc cccactcccc tctccccctc tccccttccc tcccatcccc ctcctctctc     81360
     cccctccccc tcccctcccc ccttctctct ccccctgcaa ccctaaacca gattagaggt     81420
     cttagctact gctctgacgc catgcctgcc agcctgctgt ccttcttccc tccatgatga     81480
     taatggacta accctctgaa actgcacaca acccccaatt aaatgctttc ttttataagt     81540
     tgcattggtc atggtatctt ttcttttttt gttgtttgtt gttttttgtt tgtttgtttg     81600
     tttgtttttg gtttttgaga cacggtttct ctgtatagct ctgggtgtcc tggaactcac     81660
     tctgtagacc aggctggcct ccaactcaga aatctacctg cctctgcctc ccaagtgctg     81720
     ggaataaagg tgtgcgccac cactgcccgg ctatggtgtc ttttcatagc aaagaaatgt     81780
     aactaagaca gccatagaca gggcaatctt gtctgactca ggtcaacttt tacccaaggg     81840
     cctgaataaa gggagcagtt gaattcagaa actgcagaag aaaggaagca atctactgat     81900
     atagatatag atatatagac atagacatgg atatagatat atagatattg atatcaatac     81960
     acacacacaa acacacacat atatatataa tttgctccaa gcctaaccta tcagctgaga     82020
     tataaatatg gaactctctt ttggggaaag ttgagaattt aaaactctga acatggagac     82080
     tgggcatgag agcctgagtt ctagcccagc acccatctgt aatctcagca ctggaaaggc     82140
     agacaggagg atctctggag tctggtgaac tgtcagttta gctgaagggg gaagcttcta     82200
     ggttagtgag agtctgtctc aaagaagaag gtgtcagaga ctgaggaagt tagcctgtca     82260
     tgaacctcta acttccacaa ccacaaagag ttcgtctgga atcagtgccc actcatttcg     82320
     atactgggga agtaggtggt tgacgcacat gaatttgctg atatttggcc ttttcgattt     82380
     acaaaaatag ggaggccaca tgatcttgtt taataacctt ctctcttttc cttggcgtcc     82440
     tcatgtatgc agtgcggagg caccaacctg gaaaggacgt tatgaggtct cagagagagc     82500
     aatgcactca gctcctgatt caccgttcac aatgggtgag ctcagctagg tgggcgccac     82560
     taatgtcact ggttaataat aaaaaagaca cagggcattt tgagtctacc agctgatgaa     82620
     aggagaccta aacccttcat aggacaaacc aagcctccta cctcacttta gccaaactct     82680
     gggacttcat tctaatctca ggaagagtcc accatgccca ttttccaggt ggcttggaga     82740
     actgaaggtg tcttctgatg tggaccatca attgctagcc atggcagtag gctttgagat     82800
     ggggtctgct ctaatactgg acctcaccat cagccttaca tctgcttgta aaaaccatgt     82860
     gacctgcctt cttattcaat ttgattataa ttcacataga atgcacacac tttgggaagc     82920
     acacggaaaa caaacacaga agccgcatca ttaccaaagt acaaaggagt cacatcggtg     82980
     ttctttccac taatagaaga gaccaaagac ctactgtagt atcatcattg taattaagta     83040
     aaatttatga agataaatac ctttatttgg gctttttagg gctccaaggt taggaaatag     83100
     cttccttaca taggctgaag aaatgcattt tgggtcctgt tatatttttc ttccctagga     83160
     cactctcaag gtcattgttt tgaagttaat gagctcaagt ttcaagaaag aacagggaac     83220
     aggcctgtgt ttgtgaatga tggcgaggga accatgagac tccaatgcca ggactttccc     83280
     attgtgcaac tcccacagag ctgatgtcag acatctgaaa aaagaaaaaa gaaaacaaaa     83340
     aaccttagac ctggcttggt ttgaagtttc tcttaagcag gcctctatca aacgtgagaa     83400
     agttcaggtc tagcatgcat taacaaaagg tgtttaccac atggtgcctg gttaacccta     83460
     ataatggctt tgctttttaa atagattcct ccctgatgac aaagactgag cttttgaact     83520
     tctgagtttg gctaggctgg gcatttttga cttggcttga ctctcttaca ctggtgggag     83580
     aggcttcgag aggccctggc catttgtagt cggtaattac tgtaccattg tcagcgtgca     83640
     ttattgaaaa tttagttttt gactggaagc caactgtact ctttaagaca aacagctttt     83700
     gaaagcctgg catatattgg aatgacctca aaatccattt tgtaaataga ttactgcaca     83760
     ctggtatatt ttagggtggt tttgttgttg tttagttttg ttctgttttg ttggttaatg     83820
     acaatgtttt gcttctgtgg ggcatcatat tgccagcacc ttggcttgaa cttcttcagc     83880
     tcttacaagc actgtgcctc tgttgaagct gcctgaatgc tcccgtggac ctacaccacc     83940
     accgccacca agcttagtct aaggtgtgct tcgtgaaaga ggcaggggca atgacaaaca     84000
     actaaaaagc ccaagaaaca aaatgttttc ttatatttag aagacaaaaa agtgaggtat     84060
     gggggcgggg cacggtaagc ccatgagatg gcttaatgat gaaggccaag gagttctcag     84120
     atggtggaag gaatgaatta gttcttgcaa gctgtctccc aacttacacg tgccctactg     84180
     caggtgtgtg cccaagccct gccacagaca aaatacatac gtgtaacaaa agaggtttta     84240
     atacaactat atgacctgtg gatagacttt cacaaatgta gatctccttc agagaaggcc     84300
     aggcccctgg ctaactgaaa atttcgtcag tttgattgtg gggaaatgat ccagcagttg     84360
     ttgctaattg caagtataag gaccaggatt tggatgctct gtagcccatg caagtgtggg     84420
     gtgggcacag tggtctccca ggtaagctag ctagcccaac caattgaatt ggtgagctct     84480
     gggttcaaat gataggccct gactcaatat ctgaggggga cagtcattga ggaaaacagt     84540
     ggcttccgca ccacatgtac ctagtaagca tgcatgtgga gccacataca tacaggagca     84600
     ggcatacaca catatgcact ccatacatgc aaatgcgtac acatacatgt gtgtgtatgt     84660
     gtgtatgtat gtatgtgtat gtatgtgtgt atgtatgtgt gtgtatatgt gtgtgtgtat     84720
     gtgtatatgt atgtgtgtgt atgtgagaga gagataggaa catgccacct agagtggagc     84780
     cttggggttc aagtaggtga gttgggatgg cacatttaaa agcccatcag aaaggagaat     84840
     gctaacctgc cagcttccaa actgagctcc caccaatgtc tcatcccctc ccagttagca     84900
     tggcatgggc gctcccctta caaggacatc acaagtgtac actgttgatg ggggaattgt     84960
     tttcatggca tttccctact cccttctcct tcgtggtgca cacataagag cccacacttt     85020
     gccgtgtacc ttacagctaa ggtggaactg tgcaattgga ttttgattaa ggagatatag     85080
     cataggtagc ctatgatgtt cacagagcta gccacaaacc ctgctgtggg gtctcatgca     85140
     tctctctctg tggcaatggt tggggcccag tgatggagac aaagacattt tagggtgaaa     85200
     aagtcctgaa tccccatgct agctagaatt tagagaatca gccagaactg tgatacatga     85260
     gacaaattct atcctattaa atccatatta ttttaagata tgtgtgatga tgttacctag     85320
     ggtgcctcac gcctttaatc ccagcactcg ggaggcagag gcaggcagat ttctgagttc     85380
     gaggccagcc tggtctacag agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctataca gagaaaccct     85440
     gtcttgaaaa accaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagact ttaatcaaac cataagtagt     85500
     gataatagat gatatgtaat atcatgtatg tatgcaagta ccatatatga gataccttga     85560
     aatatgaaaa gagtgactag gtcaactatc ttccctcata atgtgaataa cataaagttc     85620
     attttgtgct gctttgggcc aaagatgcca caaacttgat aactctggag tatgtgtctg     85680
     gtttaggtag tggtagtaca ttcacctaga agactggggg acaccacccc ttgcctggag     85740
     taggacatac caacccgctg cactacatca tctcagctac tggagttctt cattgcatag     85800
     tccctcctca tttccagctc tccatggaca ctcaacactc taacccgtaa gactcagagg     85860
     atgccttgga tccagacaag gaagaaaagc tgtccttcag ggagcattaa agttacaaaa     85920
     tgttccaaag caagttttgc ctgtttgctt gttgtttcat gcattacctt aatgattcta     85980
     acatgaacga ttgctcctta ctgtgtcctc aggccagcaa gcagaacctc actgtgttct     86040
     ggaggctgcc caactagtgc tttccccata aatcacactc tttgtcccga gctgccaaga     86100
     gagccaagtt atctttgaag actatgcttc aaattacctc ttctacaagc tggccactac     86160
     ctctcactag ataaggcttt atgctgatgc ctgtagatgg gtgggaagga gtcataggga     86220
     gggtcaagta accattagta acagatatta tcattgtttg gatcacttag ctggctttga     86280
     cccaaggtgg aagatgcctg cccagtgggt atgcagatgt gaaccacaca ggataaagga     86340
     ggaaccaggg cacagtggca gtctgagttc tcttcagaat gaagactggt aagtgctgtt     86400
     ggtacttccc tccttccacc ttcccttttc ccctcccctc cctccctcat ctcctcccct     86460
     ctctccaggt tctcactaag taactctggc tgttctggaa ctcattctat agactaggct     86520
     gccttgaacc cacagaggac cattgcctct gccttccaag tgctggggtt aaaggcgtga     86580
     gctacttact gtgcctggct tgttacatca ctttcaaaca aacgggacag gggacagact     86640
     gtcagagagg gaagccttaa tgcacttcct acaggaatta ccttcacagc agtaagaatc     86700
     agtaacccga agacaaaagt cacttgagct gccttgaagt gttgttttta aaatcataaa     86760
     attaatatat atctggcatg gtaatgctgt catttaatac cagcactaga aggcaaaggg     86820
     aggtgggtct ctgagtttga ggctatctgg ctctacatag tcccaggcta gccagaagtg     86880
     catagaaaga cctctgtttc aaaaacaaat acccacacta aaatacacgt aagccaagtt     86940
     acctgttacc tgtagtcagg gtttgggcca agtgtttcaa agttgacctc ttattcaagg     87000
     aattgaaata aaaactcaga tagatttgta aaactctcca ggaaatttta ttgtggagac     87060
     aggagaatca gaaagtcaag gccatcttca gctacaggag aatccaggcc agactgggct     87120
     atgcaggatg gagtttcttt ttctaaaaca tattttattg ttttatttta ttttatttta     87180
     ttttatttta ttttatttta ttttatttat gtgtattggt gttttgcctt acacgtgtgt     87240
     ttgtgtgaaa gtgtctgatt ccctgagctg gagttgcaga cagtgtgtga gtggtcacgt     87300
     gggtgctaaa aattgaacct gggtcctcta gacgagcagt cagtgctctt aaccaccaag     87360
     ttatttctct agttcatagg atgtagtttc tagatagaca gacagacaga cagacagaca     87420
     gacagataga taacaaatta gtatgttctt attgtggtaa aatttcaaaa catagtcata     87480
     cataaactgt tttaatagct tctacatcat atggttagcc atgaacatgt ctattcttgt     87540
     gttctatgtt ctcgagggaa gaaatcaaac catctttttt tacctttata tagctcacaa     87600
     cagcagcaca agtatttcat gttcataaat gaatggcatt cagtgatttg agaatagctc     87660
     ttccctctgc cattgtagag ccttgtctat aaaaactgga acaaaataga agagttggag     87720
     aaatgactca gaaattaaga acactggttg cccttccaga gaactggagg tcagtttgta     87780
     cacggtggct cacaaccacc tgtaactctt atccaggtct ggtttccttg ggagccaggc     87840
     agacatggta ctcagatatg catgcaggca agacacccac acatttaaaa attttttaat     87900
     taaaaaaaaa aaccaaaata gaggtttgta tcttatactc aaatactcaa ataaaaccct     87960
     gtagtagaaa acaccagaac ctagggacaa taacacataa aaatatggtc attgaaatga     88020
     ggcagatgta gtctagaatc cacctctgat tttcagcagc aattgcccac aggaaagctg     88080
     ttcaaacact gtcagactcc aattcaagga cagtttgcct ctgatcgcct ttctacctgg     88140
     actcttgctt ttggagtgat ggattgctac acggctgata attgccctgg tgggtcactt     88200
     actctgggct aactcaactt tagtgctgaa aatggcatcc cttgatctta agtaaacctg     88260
     gataatgagc caccctagga aaactgtatc tcactcacca tatctatctt tttcttttcc     88320
     tttaatttca gtgttgggat caaacccaga gtcttgtacg tactaggtaa gtatgctgtg     88380
     actgcaatac atttcctagg ctctacttgg ttcttaaagc ttctcaatgg aggcaaagca     88440
     acactcggtt tctatggcct agacaagtca aaaggccatg agacatccag gggaaggaga     88500
     ccatcctctt atagtctgca gtagagagct ggacttcatt ggtcactggt tctaatgact     88560
     acaacattca ttttgccttc ttgcccagtc tgggattaga gtacccccca ggtgacattc     88620
     aggtctagcg cttgctcccg acacaatcat tgccatgaga ctgccattcc ctgtgtttta     88680
     ctccaagagc ggtgacatgc tggagtttgg atgccaaaga caaatacaaa ctcagcttct     88740
     ctctcagtga tgccatttat ggattgattg attagggaat ccattcatta gacaagtgtt     88800
     gattgaatcc tcctaatgcc agagatgtgc taagtgagat gacaagaact ttagtacaaa     88860
     acatataaat ctaaggatga ctgagatggg aagagctggt catattaacc ttttactatg     88920
     gcacatagat atctcatttc ctccactaaa ttactctgag gatagttggt attttctccc     88980
     ctccatcttc tcaacattca ataaagaata aatttatgag tttaaggtaa gaaaggcttt     89040
     agaaagtgct cagactaata ggtttttgct tactcagccc gagagcattt cccagctgta     89100
     gtggagaaag acacagaact taaaatcggg aaactatgat gcttacacat ttgctagtcc     89160
     ctggagtctt actagactgc aaacgtgcct ttggtggctc ccgaggaaag taattgcttc     89220
     agaaagccca gggacctcca tcacctgggg aactttaaaa tgaccttttt ggagacgtca     89280
     tcccaaaccg actagatcag actctctagg gtagtgtaac acacaggtgt atgaattttg     89340
     aaacttatgt tcagtgacgt cattggccta ggggcacagt tcttaagctg ttgctgttgt     89400
     taagatttgt ttgtttgttt tatgtagatg aatgcactgt cactgtattc aggcacacca     89460
     gaagagagga tcgggtccca ttacagatgg ctgtgagcca ccacgtggtt gctggggatt     89520
     gaactcagga cctctggaag agcagtcagt gctctaacca gtgagcaatc tctccagtcc     89580
     tatttctcaa gttttaacac atgccaaagt cacctggaaa gtgggttcaa atccagatct     89640
     ctgggtccct tccccagagt ttgagagtca gtaggcctgg agtagtctgg tggtttcttt     89700
     ttatagcttc ccagatggtg acaatggcat tggcctgggg accacatggt aggatacctg     89760
     gtctaggaca cctttcctgc cattaataac tcaatggaat ggagctgaga atgaggaggg     89820
     aagctgggtg ggcttgttgc ttttcttttt ttcttttctt ttcttttttt ttcttctctt     89880
     ttttcttttc ttcatttttt ggccaaccaa caagatcact tcagaactgg gaaagtcaag     89940
     ccattgggag agtcttctaa ctaacgattg atgtgggagg gagagcctcg cccactgcag     90000
     gcagtgccac ccctgggctg gtggtcctag gtagtataag aaagcaagct gagcaaacta     90060
     taaggagaaa gccagtaagt gtgagccctg cttcagtgcc agcctccagg ttcctgctcg     90120
     agttcctgtt ctgacttccc ttcactaccg agtggaagct ctaaggtgag acaaaacttt     90180
     cactcccgag ttgcatttgt tcatggtgtt tattgagcac agcaatggaa accaaacgag     90240
     gacagcctct gttagctttg gttctctttg cagagcctgg ctgcttcatg ggctcaaatc     90300
     cactcaagag atctgtaacc cagaaagtta gtggaaaagc caggtaggta gctgtgacat     90360
     tccagtgagg tacgctcttc aagcacttag ttccataggc ggccacaaga gaagcactcg     90420
     atctcactaa caaaagtttg tcaggagttg gtctcttcag gagttcaggt ttagtcaggt     90480
     tcctttggaa acccagaaac cagactggaa tcttggaatc tttgagggtc tgacatcctg     90540
     ctgcttcttt cctccctccc tccctccctc cctccctccc tccctccctc cctccctccc     90600
     tccctccctc ccttcctccc cccccctcat tcagtctggt gaggtggctc agaacgaccg     90660
     tttaaagtac tggttgctct ttcccaggat tcacgctgga ttcttagcac ccacatgatg     90720
     gctcacaact ctgtaactcc agccccaggg gatcttctgg cctctgtggg ccccaggtat     90780
     gtatatgctt cagagatgta agtgcaggca gaaaacctat acctataata aaataacatc     90840
     aaaaagaaaa gcttttattt actaactttt gtgtggatgg gctctcccac tgagctatac     90900
     ctcaacctgt tttttaactt caagtgctta atgttattcc ttagactata gaatcctctc     90960
     tgactagtct ctttagtctc tcattagcct ctcttatcta tatcttcatg atatctgtct     91020
     atcgtttatc atctgtctag ttgtctttcc acttacagtc atctctacat agaagtgact     91080
     gttctcctgt atgggacctg cattgtgtgt gtgtaagtta tacaactgtg ctaatccctg     91140
     cttgtgctgt gtgtagtttc atattccctc ttccagggac agcaaaagtc tgtgcttttc     91200
     accattatgc aaggctgctg ctactggttg ccctacaatg ctccaacaat gatcgcacaa     91260
     aggccaacat atacatcaca tcccactgcc ttctgctaac tagcatggga tgagctttta     91320
     aaggcacagc aagatgacaa gataagctac agatgaatct caatcagcta cccaaatttc     91380
     tggtcactcc aaagagaaac aaagcatgca aatatgataa gcatcatgaa acatacaagt     91440
     tacttaacct ctcatttcca ggcagtttga tacctgtgat ggttgatgta agtcactaga     91500
     ggagttcctt gttacagcag cacaggatgc taaggcaagg atggccagca tattctgggc     91560
     tgggcccctt taggaagatt gtattagctc attttctgat actaccacaa actaactagg     91620
     gctgtgtact tataaataga agactggagc taggtgtggt ggtacatact tttaatcaga     91680
     gcattcagga ggcagaggca ggtggacctc tgactttgag gtccagggct acagagaaac     91740
     cctgtcatag aaagagaggt ggggagacta tttttaactc ttactttcgg aggctgaaag     91800
     tccaaacagt ctggtgtggg ttctgaaaag gacagaagtt tgtataacat cataagacat     91860
     ggcagaagta tgactgaaga ggacagaaat cgtataaaca gagaagtcac cactaagcag     91920
     ggagaggcca ggaataacat tccactaggc tctgcctctt aaaggaccaa gctcctcctc     91980
     ttaaaagtct gccatgttac catcctcact ctgagggcca cacttccaat ctatggatga     92040
     aagaagaacc acactggatt acagcagaga cactgaccaa gactatgatc cttgcccctg     92100
     gttccatcgc tcttgaccta tgcaactagt ctatgcagcc ctacctctgg atagaataca     92160
     gttcttccac aaactgtccc agtgacagca atatcatggt ctacaaccac agttgcccct     92220
     ttctaagcct gagcaatttt tcattgcacg gaacttaaat catctggcag aagaagggct     92280
     cacggtttga aaccaacact tggcttcagc tgggtggggt gacacatgcc tacaatccta     92340
     gatacttgag aatatgaggc agggggattg taagttcatg gtcagcctga acaacttagt     92400
     aagattctgc ctcaagaggc agtggtagaa gggtggaagg gttcccaaga ttggtaaaat     92460
     gtttgcctag tgttcaagag gtcctggata aaatggctct ttgaatgatc ataaatggct     92520
     agttagctgc cagcctaatg atttctcctc ctcctcctcc tcctccttct cctcctcctc     92580
     tttctcctcc tcctcctctt tctcctcctc ttcttccttc tcctcctcct cttttctccc     92640
     atcccctctg tagcgtttga accgatcact ctcttcccta cgatcatcaa tccagagact     92700
     cttgctcttt tgaatcttcc ctcactgaca gtctcccctc agcttctcaa gctcctttct     92760
     cttgcctgag gcatgaagtt tagactctat tgcctggtct atgccttgga gacaacccta     92820
     actttccttt gctttatttt tattgtttta aaagattttt actccgggcg tggtggcaca     92880
     cgcctttagt ccagcattca ggaggcagag gcaggtggat ttctgagttc gatgccagcc     92940
     tggtctacaa agtgagttca ggacagccag ggttttacgg agaaaccctg tctcgaaaaa     93000
     ccaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga tttttactat tgtatttttg tattcatgtg agtgtatgtc     93060
     acatatgtat gtgtggccaa gggggccaga agagggagga gatccgaagc tggaattaca     93120
     tgtgtttgtg agctactggt gtgagtactg ggaacataat aacttgagtc ctttgcaaga     93180
     acagtatgta cccttcacca caaagctttc tctccagccc ctccccctca cgctcatctt     93240
     cacagataac atttttttaa aaatcatttt tcttcatgtg accatcccag caatccatca     93300
     ctcaactccc tctgctacaa acactccaca tctctccctc agcatcctta acttctccag     93360
     ttctgtacct taagttatgc ttgtccctga gagctcagcc aatggtactt ttcacagaat     93420
     gactggtata gcctcccaag tccaagctat caaattaccc cttggcctct gagagttctt     93480
     ttagctctcc acacctctct tatgagagtc tttcctttgt ttattaaagt tgcttgtact     93540
     aataacaaca gatatctctt ggtcagaagt gggctttttt gtttgtttcc ttttgtttgg     93600
     tttggtttgg tttggtttgg tttggtttgg tttggtttgg tatggggata gtaaacccag     93660
     accttgcttg gcatgcgtta gacaagtatt ctaccattga actatacatc cagcacctcc     93720
     tccccctttt ttttctccag tttttaaaat ctatttggaa cattagacat ggtaaaagta     93780
     gaaaaacaat ctctcatgaa gtcctctatg aaaggaaatt gtgcaggttc ctgattagac     93840
     agaaaccagt ccatctccaa gggagaatat gcagcgtaac tgtggcttca tggactgggt     93900
     agtgttcctt ctgttcctat tttgtggaat agtttgaaga gtattggtat taggtcttct     93960
     ttgaaggact gatagagttc tgcactaaac tgatctggtg ctgggctatt tttggttgga     94020
     agacttttaa tgactgcatc tacttcttta ggggttatgg gactgtttgg atggtttatt     94080
     tgattctgat ttaacttagg tatttggtat ctgtctagaa aattgtccat ttcattcaga     94140
     tttttccagt tttgtttaat ataggatttt gtagtaggac ctgatgattt ttttgaattt     94200
     cctcagtttt tattgttata tctccctctt catttctgat tttgttaatt tgaatactgt     94260
     ctttgtgccc tctggttagt ctggcttagg gtttatctat cttgttggtt tttctcaaag     94320
     aagcagctcc tggttttgtt gatttttttt ttttttgcat agttcttttt gtttctactt     94380
     agttgatttc agccctgagt ttgattattt cctgccgtct actcctcttg ggtgtatttg     94440
     cttctttttg ttctagaact ttcaggtgtg ctgttaagct gctagagtat gctctctcca     94500
     gtttcttttt ggaggcactc agagctgagt tttcctttta acactgcttt cattgtgccc     94560
     cataagtttg ggtatgttat tccttcattt tcattaaaat ttaaaaaatc tttaatttct     94620
     ttctttatta cttccttgac caagttatca ctgagtaggg agggcattgt tcagcctcca     94680
     tgtgtatgtg ggctttctgt tgtttttgtt gctattgaag aacagcctca gtccatggtg     94740
     atctgatagg atgcatgggg ttagttcaat tttcttgtat ctgttgaggc ctgttttgtg     94800
     accaattaga tgggtcaatt ttcagcaccc cccccccttt gtaaaattaa aatctttatg     94860
     catttttgtg atagttttat tttctttttg agacagtctt actttgaagc tctggcctgg     94920
     aacttgatat gtagaccaga ctagttttga acttacaaga ctgctctttc aaaaaacaaa     94980
     acaaaacaaa acaaacaaac aaacaatcca ggcatggtgg tgcatgtctt taatcccagc     95040
     acttgggatg cagaggcagg cagatttctg agttcgaggc cagcctggtc tacaaagtga     95100
     gttccaggac agccagggct acacagagaa accctgtctc aaaaaaacaa aacaaaacaa     95160
     aacaaaacca aaagacaaaa ataaaacaag acttctcttt ctgtagccct aggattttct     95220
     tgtttaatcc tcctgatgac ttcatgaagt atattattag ccccattttg aaggctagga     95280
     agcaggggca tgggagagtg ttcactatgt aaactcattt ttgtagccat aacggcctga     95340
     gacagtgttg tggtttccta gacttgaagc tctcagatgg caaagcccct gctgctccac     95400
     agtttcccct cccacacaca tctccccctc ttttctttta tttcgttctc cagaaccccc     95460
     ttctgccctc agcctggaca gaagacagtg ctatcaggaa ggatggctga accactttct     95520
     tctcaaagaa ctcccaaaag ttcttggagt gcccttaggt gctcaaacct gttgttctgc     95580
     agcaggcaaa tgccctgcag ttgttaacct caggttgctt aggggaacag caaacatgga     95640
     ggacctgatc tttgattagc tccatatggg gtgttgcagc ctgggaagcc tggaaaaaaa     95700
     tccagttatg gtccacgctg tcctcatctt tctcaaacag tgataaaatt gttaaattgc     95760
     tcttgaacca taatctaaga cttagatgat ttttatttct ttattggctt gttattttga     95820
     gacatactat ctcagtatat accagcttgt ctttagagtc ttggttgcaa gtgtatgtca     95880
     ccactacagg ctagagatta ctgtttttat ttttcaaaag ttctcccccc cccctttttt     95940
     ttttaatttg gtttttcgag acagggtttc tctgtatagc tctggctgtc ctgggactca     96000
     ctttgtagac caggctggtc tcgaactcag aaatctgcct gcctctgcct cccgagtgct     96060
     gggattaaag gcgtgtgcca ccacgcccag ctttttttcc cccctctttg agagagtctt     96120
     actttatagt tcaggctggt tgggaactca ctaggcttaa acttgcgaag atcttcctgc     96180
     ttcagcctcc caagtgctgg gattatagat gtgagttacc acattcagct agatattatt     96240
     tttaaacaag aattattttc attttaaaca gggactaatg taaaaatgga aattcatgtc     96300
     ctattcttgt taagaatatc tacagatagt cactgtgtca gcagctgctg cttgaacagc     96360
     tgttaataaa ggtccattga atgagttcca caaagactta taatctgggg ctgtaaaacg     96420
     taatttttta aattgatggt tctactgaag ctaatgatat aaaatgaaaa aaatgattag     96480
     atctgtaaat aagttatttc atgttttata atcatttgcc gctttacacc cacagagatt     96540
     ctaagagttc cctgggtgag ggacggggcg gggcagaaag aaagcttgct caaggcactg     96600
     atgtttatga ctgggtccgg ctctgctagg tgtgtggcaa gtgtgctagc acttatgggg     96660
     gggatttaga caaggacagg caagacttct aagacaccta cctactgaga actgtgaacc     96720
     aatataacaa agcaacaaat accgggcatt gagatgttca aagctcatgg tatctggatg     96780
     tattatacga aaagcatacc atttgactcc acaggccagg agcaagattg ctttgcttgc     96840
     tcccagtggt tcacactgag tctactgatg agaggttcac actgagtcta ctgatgagag     96900
     gttcacactg agtctactga tgagaggttc acactgagtc tactgatgag aagttcacac     96960
     tgagtctaca gatgagaggt tcacactgag tctactgatg agaggttcac actgagtcta     97020
     ctgatgagag gttcacactg agtctacaga tgagaggttc acactgagtc tactgatgag     97080
     aggttcacac tgagtctaca gatgagaggt tcacactgag tctactgatg agaggttcac     97140
     actgagtcta ctgatgagag gttcacactg agtctactga tgagaggttc acactgagtc     97200
     tactgatgag aggttcacac tgagtctaca gatgagaggt tcacactgag tctactgatg     97260
     agaggttcac actgagtcta ctgatgagag gttcacactg agtctactga tgagaggttc     97320
     acactgagtc tactgatgag aggttcacac tgagtctaca gatgagaggt tcacactgag     97380
     tctactgatg agaggttcac actgagtcta cagatgagag gttcacacta agtctactga     97440
     tgagaggttc acacttagtc tactgatgag aggttcacac ttagtctact gatgagaggt     97500
     tcacactgag tctactgatg agaggttcac actgagtcta ctgatgagag gttcacactg     97560
     agtctactga tgagaggttc acactgagtc tactgatgag aggttcacac tgagtctact     97620
     gatgagaggt tcacacttag tctactgatg agaggttcac acttagtcta ctgatgagag     97680
     gttcacactt agtctactaa tgagaggttc acacttagtc tattgatgag agattcacac     97740
     ttagtctact gatgagacta aggtcaagca ctaaggtgag aggcacctgg cttgcgcgaa     97800
     gactttgaat caggaaatac atgttaacac atggcatgct atggaggagg tggggatgga     97860
     gtctggttct ggaaaatccc ttcagggatt cgtcccctaa tccttattga agccatctgt     97920
     gcagggagag cctgtggtag actgcgattt agttcgaact tgaagttttt gtggtttgct     97980
     gtgccaaccc acgttttttc ctcaggcaag gactagatga ctaggactaa ctactgctca     98040
     gagttcagaa gcaattgaag agtgaggatg gggtggggta gggggaagga ctgggtgagt     98100
     aagggatggg ggtgggtggg tgagggggat gggaataagt aagtggggga tgaggttggg     98160
     tgagtggggg tgggggtggg tgagggggat ggaaggtgag taagtggggg atgggggtgg     98220
     gtgagttggg gcataggagt gggcaagtgg gggtgtagag gtgagaggat aggagtagat     98280
     gagtggagag atggggtaag tgggggaatg gatgtgggtg cgtagggaga tgggatgggt     98340
     gagtgggggg atagggttct ggttgttgga agacagtaag cattaactgt atacctggaa     98400
     atcttacgga tgagactaaa tcaaacattc aagtagccta gaaaaatatg ttcttccttc     98460
     tgccctccaa cttagccata ggcttgaagg tcttcctatc cttggcgata gtctatcaga     98520
     aggcttaaga tgatcatgtc tgatcatgtc ccttctaaga cagtcaagaa caaaactgca     98580
     agccagcatg gactttctgg aacaaagaaa caaagaaact ggattcaaaa tgaaaacagt     98640
     taacttttaa aaaaaaagtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtttg agcgcgcgcg tgtgtgtaga     98700
     tatccaggca gaccactgaa gatcgatagc cagcccattt agccaatcag tgcacttcat     98760
     ggtcaatgtt agatcctgtc tcaaaagtaa agtgtgggga aaaaaaggga ataaggagag     98820
     tattagagga ggagattcaa cgtagaaccc tgacctctat gtgcgcactc aagcacacac     98880
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacagtctg tctgtctatc tacctaccta     98940
     cctatctatc tacttatcta tctatctatc tgtatctatc atcttatatt tttggttgtg     99000
     agcctagcct ttaacggctg agccatctct ccagccctgt agctatattc ttaaatcaaa     99060
     tccccatttg aactgtatgt attatttagc agttcttcat atgagcatgt taggcaaaca     99120
     ctgtagcgct gagacacatt cctggctcag tgtgttctgt ttacacttat atgtagtcaa     99180
     aacttagcct cactttgaag ataaattttt actatcattt acttcctaca tgccaggaaa     99240
     cagctatagt tttctatcaa acacactttg ctttgaagta aacatccaga gatttatttt     99300
     tattgtgtgt gcataagtat tttgcctgcc tgcatgtctg tacagtgttg cctggtgcag     99360
     aaggccagaa gaatgcccca ggatgccctg gacctgtgtg cataggcagg caattggtgt     99420
     agacaggtgg tgtagacagg tggtgtgggc aggtggtgta ggcaggaggt gtagacaggt     99480
     ggtgtagact ggtggtctag acaggtggtg taggcaggtg gtatagacaa ctgcatcagc     99540
     aggttcaagt gtaggtagag ctgtggctgt cttttatgtg tatcatttta tattttcttt     99600
     ccttctcttt ctctttttaa atctattttt ttaggagtta tgaaaggttg taagccacca     99660
     aaaagcaagt cttctgcaag agtggcaaaa cctcttctct gctgagccat gtctccagcc     99720
     ccaaatttta gtaaaccttt aaagcataac ttgtatgcag aaagtatatg tttaaagctc     99780
     aattaatttt cataaaatca gcacactcaa gtcactagtt tccaaatcaa gagtggaaca     99840
     attacgatgt catagctact tctgcgcccg aatcccactc actagtccca cagtcctgta     99900
     ggtaacggtc accctgactt ttaatgtcat agattgattt catcagatgt tgcactttat     99960
     gtaaacagag ccacgtggtg tgttctcatc catgtgtggc tgcacctgct cctcacatgt    100020
     gagacttttc tctaggctgt ggtgtggttt agtttctccc tcactcttgc ctcgcagtgt    100080
     tccttagcgt ggcgagctct cagaacttag ctgttctagc gcaagcgaga atggagattg    100140
     tctctggctt gtgtttttat ggattaataa ggatattatg cagcagtgga tttttttaaa    100200
     caaatttttg gtgaaaacag agtatgtttc tacggactag ggtacatact catctaaaat    100260
     atgaaaaaaa atataaaaat tccgtttttc ttttctctcc ctccaaataa aactattttg    100320
     cttaacaaaa tttaaacgtg agggctggag agatggctca gcccttaaaa gcactgactg    100380
     ctctttcaga ggtcctgagt tcaattccca gcaaccacgt ggtggctcac agccatttgt    100440
     aatgagacct gatgccctct tctggggtgt ctgaagacag ctacagtgta ctcagataaa    100500
     taaaaataaa taatataaaa aaagaaagag aaaaaaaaat aaatgtgtac tagataaatc    100560
     ttaaattaat aagatagttg ttagagagag agagacgggc gtggtggcgc acgcctttaa    100620
     tcccagcact cgggagacag aagcaggtgg atttctgagt tcgaggccag cctggtctac    100680
     agagtgagtt ccaggacagc cagggctaca cagagaaacc ctgccgcgga aacaaacaaa    100740
     cagacaaaga atgtaaatgt gactatgttg cagaagcatt agccttcact cacttctccc    100800
     tgggaatctt tctgctctga ggtgagctag ttgagaggtt tccaccaggc ataaggaggt    100860
     ggagacccct gggtatggcg gtggcactta tagaaaatgt gaggcatggg ggaggggagg    100920
     gggagaggaa gggagggaag gggagcgcac tcaaggtctt gagtgttttg tttgaaaaca    100980
     aatcacttca aagacttcac aggacttgtt tcaaaaaggt tgtccttggc tttcacggcc    101040
     gttcccctcc tttggcttgc tctcatgaga agtttgatac tttcctaggt gtttctaatt    101100
     ccagtgttaa gcacctagga ctagatctca cagtgagacg ggtgggtgaa tgttacatag    101160
     ccctcccctc agaggccagt ctgagggcgg gtgtccagtt aatccttttc agatcaatcc    101220
     gatactccct tctcagaagc agggatacaa ggagaccctg aatcagaaaa tatgtcttcg    101280
     attcctcctt attatcaaat actgtagact ccgagggaca tgtcaacaac tgaccttatt    101340
     taacaaaaga caaagagagc gacagtaagc atcagcttat actttggcct gcctcaagtg    101400
     agtagctatt gtgatgggac agaaaaaagg gagccaatgg gccgggggtg gagattcagg    101460
     atagtttcag ccctgcgggt ttggtgggag cagggcgtgg aagccaagga gaggatgccg    101520
     gtgagattgt taagcacagc ccaagctgga aaaatgtttt agagtaaccg agagtttgag    101580
     gtacaatgat tcaaaggaca ggatgtccta gagaagttgt gcctagtttt ggggtgagtg    101640
     tgatatatgg agaggaagat atgccgaggc ttagccgcaa ggctaagatc atcgcagagg    101700
     tgaggacgga agtctgggat agcggtacat ctgagagaga cttgctctta aaaagaattt    101760
     tcagaactca gatctggact tgtgccgttt gagatctttt gaaatcggct cttggggact    101820
     tgccataaag tcctaccgca gatgtcacga gatgtggctg tggccttctg tggatggcca    101880
     agaagattgg gactcacctg acaactccag acaggtactc tcttgcatgc gcttcagtgc    101940
     ctgagaaagg attaaagctg atcggggcca actctgccaa cgggttcgat ccaattgggc    102000
     aagcttattg ttggcaacag cctccaagtg tgtattttct tagagatgga ttccatgcaa    102060
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagt cttgttgcca agaacgagaa taaataaaca gtttacaaaa    102120
     tgtgaaagga aaataggctg tttctttatt tcacccgtgg aaaaggtttt tcccttttta    102180
     cactgaaaag gaccagtaac cactaagttg atggctatgt tttgtcatgt gtgtgtgtgt    102240
     gtgtgagtgt gatgttttgc tgagtataga acccaggacc ttacatacag ctaggcaggt    102300
     acttgccact ggtgacatct tcagcccttt cctcttgtta ataaatggtt taaggcttgt    102360
     ccttacatga ttggcccctg ccactgtata cctacaggga gcctctcatt taatttacag    102420
     aatgaataga attatttcca tttcaagtct acaaagttaa aagcctatga gatgttgggg    102480
     ctggagagat ggctcagcag ttgagagcac tggctgctct tccagagggc ctgggttcaa    102540
     ttctcagcaa ccacatggcc gcttactact gtctataact ttagttccag gggacataac    102600
     acattctggc ctccgtgtga tgtacagaca tacatgcagg caaaacaccc atatgctaac    102660
     aaaatgttta aagatagtaa aacagggttt ctttgcttgt aagtgtgcgt cttccaagta    102720
     tcttttgtgg aagcatacaa tctcaccctt acactgtcgc ctggatggga tcattactcc    102780
     cacagtctcg tcagactacc aggttggata gttttcctaa gggctcagcc tcgatcagtg    102840
     gattcctatt ccttatcatc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaatccaa aggatttggt    102900
     tgctccatat acacttaaga taaacacctg gttgtgatga aggctttcaa agacattctt    102960
     tggggacagc ccagatgcaa ttgctcaatt ttgcaggcag aagcacagac taataatcac    103020
     tgtttctttt ctataccagc aggagtttct ggcctgactt ttgagcgtat acaatgcagg    103080
     caccctgttt agcacttctg ctgaaaattt cacttcttaa gtgtgtttca agtcttggag    103140
     aaaaaaaatc ataacacagc acttcttaac ctatgggtca tgaccccttt ggggattgaa    103200
     cgaccctttc acagggatca gatatcagat atcttgatat cagatatgta tgctacgatt    103260
     caaacagtag caaaattata gttataaagt aacaatgaag cccagcgtgg tggcccacgc    103320
     ctttaatccc agcacccagc acttgggagg cagaggcaag cagatttctg agttcgaggc    103380
     caacctggtc tacaaagtga gtttcaggac agctagggct atacagagaa accctgtctt    103440
     aaaaaaataa aaggtctggg actcatatgg tgggaggaga gaaccaactc ctgcatgttg    103500
     ttctctgacc tccatacgtg tgccccccct cacacatgcg cacacaaaca caccaaaatt    103560
     gaaatggagt caatgttttt ggaagaatga ctctgggaaa tgtcctgaat catccagaga    103620
     acattccttg gtctttgcat aactaatgag atatacacat catgtcattt aagagccaac    103680
     aaacgaaagc gaaggctttt gctaacacta gtctccatgt gacagaagtt caaagtacaa    103740
     aaagcacatg gggctcaaat tcgcattatc tctttcagat ttactgtggg ttcattggga    103800
     ggcactactg tttaaatatt ccttttgagc ctggcctagt ggcccggctc taatcccagg    103860
     tctgtaatgc taacaatttg ggaagctgag gctgggggat cgaaagttca aggcaagcca    103920
     gtacagctta gtgaaactct gcctcaaaga aaaacacttt ttcaaaagag ttacaggcat    103980
     atccatggcg cggcacttgc ctagcgtgtg cgaggctaca ggctccatcc tcaggatgaa    104040
     tgaatgacaa aaataagtgt tctctcgtgc tgcctctttc tccctttgtc ctaccctctc    104100
     acttctcaag tttaggtgaa ttctacttta gctaaaggca aaatggcttc atctcgctga    104160
     cttctgtttt gtaccaagtc ttcagttgtc tcttctcctg gcctaccttt ctcttctttt    104220
     tttttttctt ctcctttttc atcttacttt tcctcctatt ctcccccccc ccaacaactc    104280
     ctcttccttt tcctcttcct cttcctcctc cttctcttcc tcctcctcct ccctttagac    104340
     agggtctcac tgaataccca caggctagcc ttaaacttgt aatcctcctg catccacctc    104400
     tggaatgctg aggttataga tgaacaacat cataccttgt atttttttct tctgttttct    104460
     ctccttctgt ttcttctctt taaggtgtaa tctgaccatg cagtgtacat tggcttggca    104520
     gtcgctgtgt aaccaagact cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacccctc    104580
     cacagtgttc tggtgtagac tatgctcggc tttagtaact gttcacaaaa attcatagtg    104640
     caaggaaaaa gtccaaatac agtgttttgc ccttttctat atttcaattt ctgaggtttc    104700
     agctactcat ggtcaacaaa caaccaaaaa catcaagtgg aaaggtccag aaatcaataa    104760
     ttcatgactc ttaaaactac tttattacag catattgtta tagttgtttt gcctgatcat    104820
     gttatcactg caaatccttt actagcctaa tatgtaattt aaactatgtt aggtacttag    104880
     gagagaaaag cattaaattt atgtatttgt ggcaatcaca tggtgtatat taatatctgg    104940
     ttctagctga agtttcagac attcaccctg agtcttggag tgtaactagt accaggaagg    105000
     agagactctc acaataaaaa aggcagggga aaaaaagtct ccctgccggg tagactcctc    105060
     acttcagaga cggaggcagg acccagaacc agggccaggt gaagcaagga gattcccctt    105120
     ctggactttt acgaactgtg ctcttggtgg ctctgcgtgg gtggaaggtt ttgatcattt    105180
     gagaggaact gggaaaatgg gagattaaga gtatgggctc agtctagtat cttgaatttg    105240
     tagcctttca agggctttta agagtttttg attcatctcc gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt    105300
     gtttgtttgt ttaagacaag gtcttacaat cctgggtctt actagccagg aacacactgt    105360
     atgtaaccca gattggccat gaactcgcca tccttcagtt tctgcctcct gagtgccgag    105420
     cttatagaaa cactctagta tgtctctagg agcttttgga agtccacaca tacgtatcca    105480
     cacatttatt tactttacca gaataaaacc atgtgagtat atactgggaa ctatggttgt    105540
     ctttcagaca tctgagacat cttatcccag cacaaatgtt tggcagctta ttttaaatat    105600
     aaacgggtgt atcacggtaa ggatgcattt gttgaactct tactggtttc attaagactc    105660
     ctttattctt tctgtgtgat gaacatagct gcacaagctc cctaattact gccttaattg    105720
     cttccgaagg acagagccat aaaatgaggc aataggtgtt tgtgtctcta cctttaaccc    105780
     cagggaccaa gccctggcct cacactcgtc agaaaagcac ctgacggagc tgcccctcac    105840
     caatctgtac actctagggc ctttgagcat gtagtacgct tctactttgc tgttttactt    105900
     tttcctttat tttgaatata tctataaagt gtgcttgtta atgaggtgtg gtgtgttatt    105960
     ccactgtatg aacgctgcgt gtgttaatca aatccagctt gcttttattc ctccttcctc    106020
     cacccttccc aaactctagc tgacactgcc ctacactccc ttcaacttct cagcgtctgt    106080
     gtataacaga gaacatgtgg ttcttggctt tctatgtctg gtttcttttc cttagcacaa    106140
     catctcccat ttcactgcag atgacggaat tctgatcccc cttaaggcag aataatatcc    106200
     ccaatggtgc acataggcca tgtgttcttt atctgtgtgt ccaccctctg atcactaccc    106260
     aagctggctc ctcaccctag ctattgagga cagagtcctc ataaccaggc atgttcccac    106320
     atttaaactg caatctggac gctagcgaat ctagctcctt cctattcttg gttgagccat    106380
     tgtaaactgc tttcgtgtca agatctgctt tattttccaa agtgggagtt gaccgcatca    106440
     ggctgagggg gtggaagctt aatcctcctc tcaaaggctg cagtgagtca cgctctcagc    106500
     ttcctctctc cacccttctt cactccatgc acgtcccttc gtttttcttt tcctattttt    106560
     tttcccgaga agtggaattc agcataaaag ttcttattga agcagaattg gaagaaagac    106620
     atctgctcca ttatactccg ataacatcca cggggctctg gttagatcca tacatgtaga    106680
     cctatagctg tcatgcacag ggctctgggt tagatctcca actggcaaat aaaataaaag    106740
     gtgctgggat gtacaccagt gcctcacact ctgctacaga gctgcatgcc acccagccta    106800
     tggtggctgc ttgtttgtta gttagtttgt tttgttttgt tttttaaatg aacttgagtg    106860
     gacgtctatc taggcaatga gtctcacata aattgcacta ccaaggcctg ggtcggtccc    106920
     ttgtatgatt tgagttcttt cctgagttta cacaggaaag ccatcctaac tctcacaagg    106980
     cctatgagcc tccagcacac aagattaatg ccacctcgga cttcttttat ctttttactg    107040
     tcactggcca cactacatta gctgtgatag agcaatgggt ttaaaacgta atttggtcat    107100
     catgactggt cagtcagtgt attttctaaa ttgagaagct aaagagacaa acagacaaac    107160
     aaataaaacc cccaatatcc agccctgtag ctttaatgtc tataaggcgc cattgtgtct    107220
     tacaccctgt gttcttacag cctgttgagt cagcaacgtg acccatttta cagatcacaa    107280
     aaccctagtg gatggaagtt caaaactgct gaggatgaag tccagggttt gctcatgtga    107340
     gtgctgtccc ctcccagggg ccacattcag gcacggactg tgtaaggtga agcaactggt    107400
     ccaactggct cctcccaacg tagggatttt atgctctctt gcagggctgt gaactctctg    107460
     cccagaccca cctgccttgg aaagagtgct ctcattttcc cttccttggc attcgctcat    107520
     agtcagaaac ctcccaggga ctgtggcagt agcaccagct cccacggcag gctttcttac    107580
     tttcagccga ttacaggttg gcattccagg gttttccaaa aaggataacc aggactcaag    107640
     gccatgctct cacggcttcc ggaatccaca tcagataccc tcagccccag cggggctaaa    107700
     ggcacactct cttcaaggtt agaactggca tcagggtaga aatatctact ttttttctgg    107760
     aagaaacagg gagaataaat agccgaagcc ccaggttagg gaggccaggc ttgcaagggt    107820
     taagtcacca atgtaataag caatgtaagg agtgtcctga ggttcttatc aagggctgta    107880
     tcagactgtg ttccaaaact gctgtttgga gatgtggaca gaatttccta tagagacgtc    107940
     tcttcagtgg ttagctgcca ggtttgcccc aaagcctttc agaattacgt gctctgtggg    108000
     taagagcact gtctaccctg tctgaggatt caggtttggt tcccagctgt ttgtaactct    108060
     agttccaggg gatcttacat cctcttctgg gctctgagga cacccggcac acacgtgcag    108120
     gcaaaacacc catacacata aactaaataa actagttaaa aaaattaaaa acaactgcat    108180
     ttactctgaa gtggtatttt ccaagctgtc tgagatttcc gtctccagaa aagccttgca    108240
     tgtcatgcat tggacagcgg ggagcctggg ccttgaggct gctgaacttg gaggtgatgg    108300
     acctggatca tgctcagctc ggagaccttc atatgagcgc aagagcaaga ggaagcttgg    108360
     gctgcttctg ggggataaca gagaagtcgg ggacattaaa tacaaaatta gctctgccct    108420
     tttttttttt ttttctctct accctgatca gtcatcagca ctgctgctgg gcacataggc    108480
     agtgccaaga aatctttgtt tcatgaaatg aatgagggga tttactaaga taaccggcat    108540
     gctttggtgc aatgggcctg taccgagatg gattctttga gatggtaatg agaggtttgt    108600
     ggaagatctg caaggcagag cagggatgta ttgatgggtc attagtgaac tttcacacaa    108660
     gagccaagga gttaatccac agcaaaagct tcaccactta ggagacacaa ggccttcggg    108720
     tacccacgca gcctaagctc caggcctcca tgtataaaat acaggcagtg agaaccacag    108780
     agatacaggc ctattacgta agtgaggatc atttaagaca aagcatgtaa agtagttact    108840
     agaggatttg gaaaacagaa ttggcaagat cgtaggagct gtgcagaggg tcagaccttt    108900
     gggaggggga ccacaaaatg acagagggat cacaaagggc tctcgaagca caccttgtcc    108960
     accagtcttg aactggtcat tgcaaaccca ttaaggatca ctaaggtacc taccctcttc    109020
     cggaagcctt ggtaaggtgt gaggtcctac cactgtgtga ggtgacttag gaatgtgccc    109080
     tggaactgct tctaatggca agaggtaggg gaacatgatt gggcttgaga cattacaatg    109140
     gcagctcacc atctgctttc tcatctttta tcactaggga gtctgtgcat gtggctgagg    109200
     gaaagagctg gaaatcaggt tctgtgtaga agacacttgc tccaggtaca ttctacggtc    109260
     ttcataacca ccccatagct gatggaggac cttgaggtgg gggaattgta gagaagctag    109320
     gcagcatgct ttaaaatccc ttcgtgtagc attttgtatg ttactgagaa aacaccaatt    109380
     gacccatggg aaggaaatca gctggagtca ttgtccctgt agttgagaga ggcagggtat    109440
     caacccttgt aggaataact tccctaggct tgtgcttatt atttttgact aaagctataa    109500
     gacttctctc ctctttcccc cttccctctc ttctcctgtc ttcccctctt attctgtctc    109560
     ctcctttctt ctcatcaaat gcaaggcctt gcaaacctgg gctgtctgtc tgtctgtctc    109620
     tccttctttt cttctttctt tctttttgtt tttgtttgtt tgcttgtttt ctttttcaag    109680
     acagggtttc tctgtatagc cctggctgtc ctggatctca ctctgtagag caggctggcc    109740
     tcgaactcag aaatccacct gcctctgcct cccgagtgct gggattaaaa gcatgcacca    109800
     ccactgcctg gccctggtct tctttctatt tctttgagat ccggtctatt tttgcaagga    109860
     ctccaggctg ctctgggcaa caaaggcaac aacacccatt gaggtgagtg ttgaagctga    109920
     gtgagaaaga ggtagagcag atgctggggg agagtgtgga gagtgcagaa ctgcctctgg    109980
     gagctagtat gcatttgaaa accagttcag ggggttggga gtatgcctcg gaatcttctg    110040
     ttgtttcttt ctgtggtgtc tgggatggaa tctaggccta aattacccca gtccattgct    110100
     acacggtgta agctctcacc cacctttgcc acacccctat gatagatgta gttcacagca    110160
     actgggaagc tcaaaagtgt gttatctgct tttcactctg cgtggaactc aacaccagat    110220
     gaattataaa ttaaactgtg aatagtacaa caataaagag cttaatgaaa tagaggttta    110280
     atgaaacaat aaagggttta gtgagagaac aaaagaatgt tccccagccc cctgtgtcac    110340
     tgaagttggc aaagatgttt ttaaagtaga caaaggtaaa aaaaaaaaaa aatgaatcag    110400
     agatcaacaa ggaaaaaaaa atcagcacac tgatagacca tcaaccaaaa accttgaaga    110460
     aggcaggcat ccaggggcta ataagcctat gaaaaagtat cgtctttctt agaagagatg    110520
     agaaagttgg agccaaacta tatctgatct taaattacat ttatctatgt gttgtgtgtt    110580
     tcaggggtca tttctcaccc tccgactgtg tggaatctgg gcatcgaact caggtcatga    110640
     ggcttgacag caagtacctt tacccaccga gccatcttgc tggccccagt tcagatagct    110700
     ttactgggaa actccaaaga tgaataacac ttgaacgaat aagcttaaaa ttgcatgtca    110760
     ttctgaatag cctgataaaa atctcagcag ggccctactc tgctgcttct gggatgggaa    110820
     gcgtgccatg ccgcttgccg atgctcgtca cccgtgtcca acctagtaac tgcatccagg    110880
     gagccatgtc acttgaattc aagtggtcca tattgtattt aatagcagtt ccagagcaag    110940
     agagcagtga accctgcaag ctgaacatgc caaagagcag caatgaagta atctctctcc    111000
     ctccttcccc tatctccttt cctctttcct tctgaaatag cttctcttgt acctcagtct    111060
     tgtagtgtag ccaagaatga tcttgaaggc aatccttctg cctctcatcc tcaagtgctc    111120
     agatggcagg cactcacaac cacacccact ctatgtgatg ctcgggacca aacccaaggc    111180
     tttgtttctg ccagggaggc gctctctaca gatggagcta ccccatcagc tttgtgaagt    111240
     atgttcttta cacaaaaagg gaaacgttct tgacttaaga aaaagaaaat gaatggattc    111300
     tgacgttgct ctgatccact gtgatcggat cttcttactt agaaatggag tgtccggctt    111360
     tccaagtctg gctcatttca tgtaacatga tgatatctgg ttatacccat ttgttggtag    111420
     ataggatctg gggctttccc cctggaataa tactccacgg ggtggataga ttacgttttt    111480
     cttaatccgt tcttccgttg atggatatcc aggctgattt cacaactctg agtattgtga    111540
     taaccactgg tgtgcaaatg tttttggtga cactcataca cagattcctt taggtatcta    111600
     aagaaattgg ccagctggat catataacaa ggtctttgtt ttgtggctgg actaccttac    111660
     tttgccacca acaacgtgta aggcatctct tcctatatct gttctaacat tttctgtttg    111720
     ttttctgttt gatagtcact ctgactgggt aaaatggaaa aacagtgtag ttttgatctc    111780
     aagtttcccg atgactaagg acattaattt ttttgtatat atttattggc agttcttttg    111840
     ggcactatct attcatctca cctttgcatt tattggttat attacttgtt gttaggtggt    111900
     ggatattgaa tcgagggctt tagttctacc actgagcctc actccggctt agaaaggagt    111960
     gtgcagtggc ttctggagtt gctgatagca tccatttcct ttgctggggg ctggctccat    112020
     aggggtttgc atatgaaaat ccaccaatct cctccactat gatttgaata tttgtatgtg    112080
     cggatggtct acctcagtgc aaagcgattt gcagttaaaa caagagcagt gccgttctta    112140
     caccgtcctg cctagagaat tccacatgta actaaggcca gccagatgga atgatgggag    112200
     atttggaagg ccaaagggag atgagaggtg tttcccctgt ctgtgagggt gctgaggagc    112260
     ttgctatgtg aaacgggatt ttcccagtct accaacacca ttggggataa gtggtggtga    112320
     tgtcagcagt gactgtggag agcttcttga cctcttgaat gtaaccatgt ggtctgaaca    112380
     ggaagcatga ccgcagcctt ctgacttctg ctctcccagc ccttcctgag gtttcctgag    112440
     cacatgattg ctggtattca ctggcagctg tggtgtgtgt gcagcccaca agctgatagg    112500
     cagctagcta gtaggcgtgg tgcttggtgt gaactaagac tctcttggaa agggaatgat    112560
     cacctgcagt tctaccaggt agagccattg cttttctaga gaaaattagg ctttagagct    112620
     agcctaaatc tacctgatgt accgtacagc cacctacatg acaaggtctg ctggtttctg    112680
     ctgccactca acagcaattc tgagaccatc atttttgttc tctacagagg taactggatg    112740
     agtctttttg ctttagtcta catgtcctgc atgtctttcc acttgtgggc atttgaataa    112800
     aggattcata gaagagctgt agggggccct ccagagatga acacacagac atcagccaaa    112860
     tggaattctt tattccaact gcgactctac ttctgtattc aggactgaag tgtaatgcat    112920
     cgtgtttaga gaaaggggtt tttgaaggca aaaaccacat cttggaatct cgcatggcag    112980
     ctgcagggaa ggttttgcaa aagcaaaccg tttaacagaa gtcaagctaa gcaattagct    113040
     gggtgagggg gctctgcata aacaggtagc ataacagaag ccaaagtaag ctatctggga    113100
     cattattgac ctcaagttcc tagaatagag ttggacaatt ttccatgaaa gggttctcat    113160
     gaagaaggta aaattctact caaacctaaa atgtcctcag caagaaaaca agatggagga    113220
     acctctgcac tgtcttgctc agtcacataa ggacttccta ttctggtagg attagtatcc    113280
     cttccttttg gtcatcttac ttgattactt tagcaaagcc ctttatttta ctcaaggcta    113340
     gcttatgacc ccagcccagt atcgcatcat cattggccga gacttccaaa gatcaaagca    113400
     gattggtaaa agacagaaaa cgaaaacttg taagcctaag gcatctatat ccagctttct    113460
     tggaacacct agcatttaaa ctcagacatg agcactgaga atcagaagca caaagacaaa    113520
     ctgatgtttg aagaggaatt attgaagcga ggaagtacag gattcgtgtg cttgttagga    113580
     aaagtctata tagaccaagg acctgagccc agaggtgttt gcaagtcctg gttctgtgct    113640
     caatgccttc tggtttgcac agacccccta ctctaggtgt ggctcctacc tggcgacatc    113700
     agcactccag gagctgctta atgttgtagg atcttgggtc ccagacctta tcaaaatgga    113760
     gcccacattt taacatgacc tctacaggta aattgcatgt atgatacaat ttgaggacta    113820
     gagctgagta gatggtttag tcagtaaagt cttggcatgt aagaatgaaa acctgagttc    113880
     aattctcaga gtaggcacat acagagatag acagacagaa gacacacaca cacacacaca    113940
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacgcatg aatgcatgca catactcaca cgcacagtga    114000
     cgagcaccat taaaagctcc ttttattttg tttagcagcg aaattatatt catagaaagc    114060
     ctgatctctc taaggcaagg cctaaattat ttcaggtctt aaaataggag atcgtatgaa    114120
     gagctatcgt aaacaagaag agcaactctc tctaaggacc tctggaggaa gggtatctgt    114180
     tggagcactg ctcatttttc ctatagccat tccaatttca atctactaga aaattaaagg    114240
     cctatttccc ggtagcatgt ccttcaaaaa gtaagttcaa caaagcaaaa gtatttaagt    114300
     caatatttaa attattcagt tatcagtcat ttaattttca gttacataaa gataattaca    114360
     ctagaaccca ccttattcac tccgccctga gaaaatgagg ggatgttgta ataagctcag    114420
     gctttgaggc tatgactgat ctccactccc ttttggccag gacctgaatc catttgcttt    114480
     aagcagttta gggtgtatgc taggaatatg aatggtgcca acgccctgtg acccttgtca    114540
     ggagtggcat gacatcatta tttgtgtggt acttgtgagg gcacaggccc agcttctcgg    114600
     ctcacttagc ttgggaattt ggcccatgtt ggaaagacag gtccccagga aggagagtgt    114660
     agtagcctgg ctctttctag aacagtagct ggtaaagcta cacgtggagg agacttctgg    114720
     gatgtcagca gttttttttt taagatttat ttatttatta tatgtaagta cactgtagct    114780
     gtcatcagac actccagaag agggagtcag atctcgttat ggatggttgt gagccaccat    114840
     gtggttgctg ggatttgaac tcaggacctt cggaagagca gttgggtgct cttacccact    114900
     gagccatctc accagcccag cagttttctt ttacttgaaa gattgctggc tttaagaata    114960
     ggggggtttg agtttggaag ttgaaggact ttgagcagag aaaaatgcaa actttacaaa    115020
     atgcaagaga cagtatttgc aaaggtagca aaactcaaag tcacctttcc ccagccccat    115080
     caacttgacc agattttaaa ccaggtcctt gaatagctta gccatccatt cgaccacagt    115140
     gcttactggt gaaagtacat atgtgattat gtgcagtcaa taatgtcact atttcatctg    115200
     tcaagtagaa taagtttata aagggatttt tttttgaaga gataataact tactctaaga    115260
     tagactttaa ttactggacc ttgatagcaa ccgacctgtg aattaattag cttacatcac    115320
     tgccaagtcc aaggcttgca taaatttgaa ggagaatgtt acagcattca aaataacaga    115380
     aaatatctat ggcataaatg ttaaaacacc atcagctcta ttgttcatca gtataaagag    115440
     aaattaaata caagaactaa aatgaactct agaatgggaa tcagtcagtt tacaaaaacc    115500
     atctcagtcc agaacaaggt accatgcagg caggggacag tagtgcttca gtccagtggc    115560
     agagtggcat gccaggggcc ctgggatcaa ctgccagcat tgccaaaaat aaacaaactt    115620
     aataaaccaa cacccccttt cccatcctga gccttatctt gtgtgactag ataaccctgt    115680
     gagattagag tcctgtgtat catttctctc actggcctgc tgaagtgctg gaaagagatc    115740
     ttttaatcaa gagacacatt agggctggag agatggctca gtgctgaagg gtggttcgtg    115800
     ctcttttctt gcagaggtcc aaagagtatt cttatcaggt ggctcacaac cccctgtaac    115860
     tccagaggga tggagtgact ctgatctcct tgggaacctg cactcatgtg ccaacatata    115920
     cacattaaat acattaaaaa taaatcttaa aaaataaatg aattctaggc tgaactatga    115980
     gagaactgat tagactgtaa attttagaac agtttaatgc tggagattgg ggttgcatct    116040
     tagcagtaga actcaaggtt agtgagcaca tacatgcatg catacaaaca cgcacataca    116100
     caaacatgca tgaccacact cataaacaca tgcacacaca tatacaaaca tataggaact    116160
     catgcacaca caaagataca cacgcaggaa tacacccacg ttcatgaaca caagtgcaca    116220
     catagccaca cgaacacccc tccctccccc ataaactagg gaagctgtat gcacgtgctc    116280
     agttctgcag ttcatggtct cctatgtcct atctcggtga aactctgctt ctaggcataa    116340
     gcagaatttt ttaactggct ttggggaaac aagcaagcat taaaatggtt tctactcgga    116400
     atagttttat ttattaaaaa tagttatagt gacttgagat gtgacacatg aggtagttca    116460
     ttgataatta tagaaataaa aagtagcttt ataaaacaca cacgcattga cttttatggt    116520
     caactatttt ttgtaacaag gggatcaaga caattcatca ggtaaggcgt gccgggcaac    116580
     aggactacat ccagatgcaa agacttttta cttcacgcca aacatcaaaa ggagcactaa    116640
     gtgaatcaga ggcctcaggc tcagactcag tgatgaaaac gtgggaaaaa gcatcgatgt    116700
     ctttgttcac ttggtttctt agacaagatg acaaagcaca agaaacaaag acagcataaa    116760
     gtagatgtca tcaagtttaa aactttgctg ggtgtagtgg cccatgtctt aatcactgag    116820
     tctggaatat ggaagtagta gaaccggagt tcagggcgag ggggatcaga attcaaggct    116880
     agctttggct atgtggtgag tctgaggcca gcccgtgctg taggaaacat gatctcaaaa    116940
     aaaaaaaaaa aaagcagaaa caaacaccac cccctcccaa aataaaatta aacaaaaaaa    117000
     ctcccccaac cttaaactta tataatggta gaaactgtgt tcaaatcgtg tatttgatgt    117060
     gaggtctgtg tctagaatat acacatgaac tcctacgact cagtaacaca aaacaaatca    117120
     cccaacttga aagtggatga actgaacagg catttgtaga tagcagatac acagtgatct    117180
     ttaaggaaaa gctgggactc caggaagaac ttcctgggtc tgaatccaga aggagccagg    117240
     tggccattta ctgattgaga ggtcacaaat acttaacttt gagtgtcttg cctgggcatg    117300
     ttcttgcttc aactgccaaa gtaaacagct atcagagagg ccagtctgct tcctggatct    117360
     ggccaatgag ctgtgcctaa caatcaacta atcagagcgc cttccctggg gtttgcagcc    117420
     tcatttgcat aagcagattg gatcgagaac ttaggcaaca gttttagccc ttattatatg    117480
     cttgaatttt gtaccaaagt ctgaatttcc ctggcttgaa actgcttagt tttgaaacaa    117540
     aggctccctt ttcatcttga gttctttcct ggggagtttc tgttgacaat aggaatgaat    117600
     gaacattaaa cacaaggaaa aatgcttgct gtaattaatc ttcagaaaaa atacaaatca    117660
     aaactgtaat gatccgacac tagacagcca ctcccatggc tagagtcaaa agacgtagta    117720
     acagggggtc agtgagggtg cggggacatc agaagaacta gttggttttg cacaaccatg    117780
     accaaaatgc ctgagagaat aactcatagg aggaaagatt gactcagctc accattccaa    117840
     ggatttcagc ccttggcttt gctgttgcat agcaaggtga agcagcatca tggtgggaat    117900
     ggggtgtgtg gtgtggaact ttattttaaa acaatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    117960
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgctta cctgtgtgga ggtcagaggt caacttgcaa gagatggttt    118020
     tctctgttca ccacataggt cctgggcatt gactgtggat catcaggctt gctgacaagt    118080
     gcttttaccc actgaatgtc ttgttcaccc tggaggaact tcatcccatg ggctgaagcg    118140
     gagagcaaga cagacagaag ctgttacggg ctgtcctcag aaccacaccc ccaggagctt    118200
     tctcctgcaa gatcccactt ccacaagcta ctgacacatc tctaccagct agggatcatg    118260
     tgatcaacat tccagcctgc ggagggggtg tcaggggtca gggttcccct tcaaactgta    118320
     ttgttgtagc attaatgtca tgcattgttg tcaggaatgg gtaagagtat agttatgtga    118380
     gaaagaatgg gccagttttg ggagctggag agatggttca acggttaaga gcaccactga    118440
     ttgcttttcc gaaggtcctg agttcaaatc ccagcaacca catggtggct cacaaccatc    118500
     tgtaatgaga tcatgccctc ttctgggtgt ctgaagacag ctacagtgca ctttcatata    118560
     atacataaat ctttaaaaaa agagaaagag aaaagaatgt gtcagtttca tttcttttta    118620
     ttatacttat tgaatgtgta tgtgggtatg tgccacatca tacttgtaga gaccagagaa    118680
     caacttgcaa cctactgtgt aggtcctgca aatggaactc agactgccag ccttggtggc    118740
     aagtgctttg acccactgaa ccatgttgct ggccctaaat atgccagctt ctcaaaaggc    118800
     taaatccagt tatcacatgg accaactcct ctcttcgatg tataacccaa aagaaatgaa    118860
     aatatgacca tataaaagct cttatctaaa tgttcataac aacattgttt atgacatcta    118920
     aaggaaaggt ataactcata tgacccttga aaacatgcta tgtgaaaaaa aaaaagctat    118980
     gctatgtgaa aaatagtttc tgattccaca atgagagtaa ggtttagaat aggttgctgt    119040
     agaaatagag tgtagattag tgtttactta gggatagagt agggagttga gggaaagtag    119100
     aagttactaa tccatacagt ttcttttaga ggtgatgaga acaaactaaa agtggtcctg    119160
     tagcgatgac tacacctgtc tgtacgcact ccttgttatt ttccctgagt cagggtttct    119220
     ctgtgtaaca gagccctgga tatactggaa ttcatgatag agaccaggcc agtctcaagc    119280
     tcacagagat ccacctgttc ctgagtgcag gatttgtatc aggtcagaga tggaagatcc    119340
     ggcacactat tctaatctgc tttctccttc tctgccagca ggatggccag agcgcatatg    119400
     gttacgaagg aataagatca gcacagctga agagcagagc caacacaggg aaggaatgtt    119460
     ctggagactc agacccgtgg ctgagtgatt ttgagtaaaa gagaaatgat tttgcgtgtt    119520
     aaaaagaaca gcaacagcaa tgaccaagga acacatctta ttcaattttt gttgaaagga    119580
     gatttagaaa tagtttatct ggtctggaat ttctcaacct cttatcaata ttgacatttg    119640
     gatgggatag tttgttgcca ttgaggtaaa agagtaagct aaataaattc tacctgcccc    119700
     catttctttc agtacacttc acagaaaaaa ggaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac aggaagagaa    119760
     aaataagatg acatcaccca tgtcattcaa ctggtgacct aactgcagct tgtcagggag    119820
     tcaagtctcc tccacctcag ctagctgctc ttgtctcact ctttagaaac caaacttcct    119880
     acttctccat ttgataacaa gcaaagaagg cactgagatg tgttggcgga cttttctgca    119940
     agggtcttag catggattct tctgaaaggg tcctctccca tttggaggat gttatgcagt    120000
     ggagggggag gttaaggtga aaggcaataa agactatgga tctataggac cagccactgt    120060
     gggacagtgg ctccctcttc tctctagtgc agccgctaag cattcttctt ctcactcgat    120120
     tctacacctt taagtatgaa ggaagatggc tcagggacgg tccaggaagg agtcgggtac    120180
     agcgcaggtg aagctgcaca tgtcagaaag catctgagat ggacagagtc ccgagcaagc    120240
     ctcgagatca aaagggaccg actgggaatt tgctccggta tttggtcatg gggccttcta    120300
     cataaggctt cgctgtgtaa cttaaatatc ctaggaagat aagaactgat aacttaaatg    120360
     gaaacagggc agcttaataa aacacagaaa catatactct gtcagagggt accaaatgat    120420
     aacaacatct gaggagagaa tataagctac taaatctatt gggaaatcca aacaagattt    120480
     taaatcaatc tctgtttttc accattttga agtgtaattc tgacctaact gatatcaaat    120540
     aaacttataa tgatcatgtt gaagggtagt tttgttgttg ttgttgtttt tgttttgttt    120600
     tgttttataa cagggaaata atacattaca ggggtcaggc ctcttcttaa catttataag    120660
     gtgttacaaa tcccactaaa tgggagtaaa ggtttgggaa aatagcattg gctataggag    120720
     acactggggt ttatatagcc ccctcctcaa actgtaagag caagggcttt tcaagggttg    120780
     ggggatttcc ggaggacttt tggctatgta ggaacttggc tgaacatttc aaaattattt    120840
     ggcagggcat cttatcttat cagggtggag gttggggtat agggtgtgga acgtgacaaa    120900
     ttccagaaaa taggtaagac gtggtcaaat ccaagtttta cagataacag ggatgaactt    120960
     tttttgacct tgtaacaaga tggcttttaa tctttttttt ttttttttaa acttaagatg    121020
     gagtcaggcc agtccattaa aggccaaagg taaagggata aatgagacaa tataattcat    121080
     atgtttaact gtggggaagt tgtaagtgaa attgataaag aggatctttc cactttgata    121140
     aaagaaccaa agaccagccc gattagaatg taaaattctt gaactctttg aagttttctt    121200
     tttaccagaa agtaaagtta tgggggagcc tggaccccaa ttcaaaactc ttctcttctc    121260
     ttcccacccc tgacagagtg gccttcaagt ggctgttcca ggctgcactc catgctctct    121320
     gcagcaggtt ccacttggca agcctggagc taattacact tcctagtact gttgtctgcg    121380
     ctgggaaaga agtctaggca agtcctggaa ttagtcttcg tacatttgaa caaggaattc    121440
     tgaggtaagc caagatgtcc tagtgaggtt tagagggaag ttgtgaattc tgagaatatc    121500
     tccttggcct cccagcctct gtcccctgtg gtgaggagat caaggagggt cagagcacaa    121560
     ccccctaaaa gcctgaagct ggttgtcagc tgaaggccct acatcctgga atgtggtcga    121620
     taggaaagtc aggccatcct ggtgcagacc tctgacctac ttcagcagga agggggagcc    121680
     gggactgggc ttgttcagtc acggaaggtg gagcgtgctt ttctagcctt ggagtggtca    121740
     cagaatctta tcgccccgca cgacagagtc tgcccggact tgagtgcctg ttaggttaat    121800
     gatttaagag gacattcacc ttttcactct gctgagaaaa tactagaaaa ttctggcatt    121860
     gctttatccg gttcagagag ctttcactaa gtgggggccc ttccctgctc cccaaccccc    121920
     agtggttcac agaaccaagg agccctctct ctttgcttgc ctgctctcct tgtttctgtt    121980
     cgtttttcag ttattgtctt gacaggagcc ttctctccct gacaaattgt ctccttcctg    122040
     tcttcctaac ctccacctct gactgaagcc cactgtacac ttttcctctc tattctgctg    122100
     gttaaaaaag aaaagaaaag aaaagaaaag gtggcagatg gctcagagct aggctgattt    122160
     gttctggctt tcatttttac tagtgaactc tgcttgttta gagcagcctt tttgtttgtt    122220
     tgtttttttc gagacagggt ttctttgtgt atccctggct gtcctggaac tcactctgta    122280
     gaccaggctg gcctcgaact cacaaatccg cctgcctctg cctctgctgg gattaaaggc    122340
     atgtgccacc acgcccaact atagagcggc cttcttaaat taggtgccac acacctgcaa    122400
     tcccagctct tgaaagctaa atcaagggga ttgctgtgag ttcgaggcca gcctaggcta    122460
     cattgctaga ccctgtcttt taccacccac ccacctccaa aaaccaccac caccgaaaat    122520
     ccccaccttc ccaccacatt ccccagaatt ccctttctct gttccctcca gttccctcca    122580
     gcaccagcct gcttctgcat atgacttccc ctcttgctta atctgagaga gcaacatttt    122640
     ccagcctgac tctcctcttc ctgcctcatc tctgctgagg aatatttaaa gacaacacca    122700
     cctcttggtt tctaagaacc gaacccaggt cctctgagcc aactcttcag tccctcgtgg    122760
     atctaagctc atctgtgaga tttttatcct aaaggcaatg ggaaagttta agcaagtgga    122820
     ttttctattt aaaactgtgg cttgggaaga gtgcagctgg acaatgtggg aagttctctt    122880
     gggtttctct actcctcttt ctcctcaggc tctggactgc caactggtat cttctacaca    122940
     taaatgggca catatgtata agccctccct ctaccaaatt gttttgtcaa tcaaatgtaa    123000
     agcacattat tgtgcagagg ggctctctat cacaaaacat aaacataaag cgctctgctc    123060
     cttaatgtgg agataaaact gatgtaataa aaccagtttg cacaactgca tagatgtgac    123120
     ttggttactt tcccctctgt ggtgggagaa gaaataggtg atatgtgtct gagttagtgt    123180
     tctattgctg tgaaaagacg ccacgatcaa ggcaattgtc atacaagtaa gcagttaatc    123240
     gggggattga ttacagtttc agaaggttag gccattatca tcgtggtggg gcgtgtggca    123300
     gcattctggc aggcatagtg ctggagaagg agctgagagc ttaatacatc ctgatctgta    123360
     ggcagaaagc agagaggggg gagatggaga gggggagggg ggggggaagg agagggaagg    123420
     agagggggag ggggaggggg agggggaggg ggagggagag gtggtggggt aggggagact    123480
     gagcctggca tgggttttga aacctcaaag cccactccca gtgacatgat tattccaaca    123540
     aggacacact tcctccaaaa agcctatagc ccatcaaaca gatctactac ctgagaacta    123600
     agcatttaaa tatatgagcc tatgggagcc acttttgttc cagccagccc agtgtaaaag    123660
     gagatgtggt aaggcagtgg ttctcaaagt gggtgacggc ccctttggca aacctctatc    123720
     tccaaaaata tttacaattc ataatagtag caaaattata gttatgaagt agcaacaaaa    123780
     ataattttgt ggttgggggg tcaccacaac atgaggaact gtattaaagg tttcaacatt    123840
     aggaaggtta ggaaaaggaa gggttattcc tagattgatg actggggttt caagagatac    123900
     aggcacggct ggagagatgg ctcagtggta agagcactgg ctgcttgctc ttccagaggt    123960
     cctgatgttc aatacccagc aactgcatgg tggctcacaa ccatctgtaa tgatatctgg    124020
     agcctttttc tggtatgtct gaagacagct gctgtgtact catatccatg aaataaataa    124080
     atcttgaggg agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagaccttc    124140
     ttctaggact agaaaccact ctcatcagag ccagctggct ggacccaatg tcccaggaga    124200
     tgcactgggc ccaacttgtg ttgaggaaaa tagtggtagc tgctcagact aagagtaggt    124260
     tccccttccc tagcctcaaa acaccacagt caatcacaca tgggcttcat ctacttcctc    124320
     atttcctttg ggcagccatc ccaggaaccc tacgatgcaa gaacagggga aggaaggtct    124380
     gaaattaaat tctgaactag aatatttagg taatcccagt tgacagacaa atcacagaac    124440
     ccacttgaga gcatctagat tgaatctaga cagattaaat ctaccaggaa ggatgctgaa    124500
     agtctagatt aggaaatcac atttcctctg gggcagattt tgcataggtg tttgtggagt    124560
     ctggcatctg tgagattcct agtctttaca aatgtggagc tgccgggaaa tggtttgtaa    124620
     agaaaccggt ttgggtgagg tgtggtggtt ggtggtagag gagagggcct taggctatat    124680
     ggtagaagag acatttaggt ggcagagttc ttggtgacaa aactaaatgt gagaggtggt    124740
     gtagacagag cagttagggg actccaggag tctatggcag cagcagtagc ccataataac    124800
     ccttgcaagg gagattcggg aggatgaaca agtctgaaga ggaaatgaag tcagcttgag    124860
     tttgagatgc ccacgaagcc tgtagggctt ctgatgttct ggacaaggga gagagatgga    124920
     gagggagaga gggagagaaa ggaaggaggg aggggggaag ggagggaggg ggggagggag    124980
     gggggaggga ggagggagga agggaggggg gagggagggg ggaggaaggt aggggggaag    125040
     ggagagaggg ggagggagga aggggggaag ggagagaggg ggggagggag ggagagagaa    125100
     aaagagagag agagagggag agagggaggg agaaaaagag agagagagag aggaagagag    125160
     ggggaaagag aatatgagaa tgatgagtta tagatcttca ggtaagagaa agattcaaga    125220
     gccatgttat gtcataagtt gctataggtc aaataaagag aaaagggaaa agtgcccttc    125280
     gaatctaact gtgtgtagat cacagagtac cttggagggg gaaattctgg ggagtgtgca    125340
     ggaggtgagc aagttgaaac agtgaatgta gagcgttatt cacaaacaca gttggccagg    125400
     ggaggagaga aggctcagat ggagagaatg tggcttcttc agtctaggaa ggaaggaact    125460
     ggtggagagg caaagttaaa gatacagtaa gtgagaaaga acagcagaga gatgggatag    125520
     tgataaaaag ggaccaggta ggtagtggct gacacccggc acaggatgca cacgggataa    125580
     tgaccccgtg gagtgggtct cagggggtaa agaacggaga aaaaacgcag tgtatacaga    125640
     gaggagcagg ccctgtctcc acttatggtg gctggagagg aagcagcgtt ctcgggagga    125700
     aacggatttt tctggctaga aggtgaagag gtcgagacgt catgggcaat gagatggtat    125760
     ccacgagtaa ctgttttgga tgaagctggg gtgtgtgtgt gtgtcaaaga tggatgcgag    125820
     gtttcagtaa agaagctgac aagatagctc catggtttgg ttaacaggaa ggtttttatt    125880
     atgcatgaga gagagaacgt atccagaagc agagagaagg agaagcagat ttgaacatgg    125940
     ttagggctgt ctttgagagg aaggtgaaca gcaagggaag agagaatagt gaaagcgggg    126000
     gcgggggggg ggcgtagaga gactatcaga gccatagaga gagcaaggga ggaggagcca    126060
     aaggggagga gctacagggt gctgtgcggg gagaatagtg ggagctgagg catggggcac    126120
     agggttttat aaagagagca tgatctaagg taagaaaatc caggataggg gctttgaact    126180
     gtgtagcaag tacttgtgag tagggactga gggagcctgg catgggtttt gatacacagc    126240
     cacaagtccg cgtcactgga accctgtgtc ccttctgcca gaggtaaggg aagtgactcc    126300
     ttttggcaga ggggaaccag tttcacaagt tcctgaggaa tgctggcttt tatctaacca    126360
     ctagaaaccc tcttatcgtt caggctgagc tggacctaga ctcaattttg gacctcagtg    126420
     tgcctgccct tttcttgggg tgggcaggtg ggtgagaggt gatagggtga ttttttcccc    126480
     ctccttataa actccaccaa tgttacattc tggtcactaa aatgtatgtg gatttctcct    126540
     tccaacaaac attttctagg gatgcagtgt tgttgtgtct taacaattta gcttggttct    126600
     aacattgtct actggagatg gcatcagaac caacaaattc tggagtgtct caggattgcc    126660
     ccgcccccac ctccgcttca gaccgactgc agatagtaag ttgttgccta gagtcctgat    126720
     tgactacccc aaatccgaag ttcccatccc tcctccccag cattcattaa ttggctagag    126780
     caactcacaa aacagaaaaa cccttccgtt tgcttttact gggcataatg aagagccaga    126840
     tgggtgcaaa atgctggggt gtgggggagg ggcgggggag aggaatccac gtgttcagct    126900
     gtgtggagac cctccaagtt ctgtcctgag gactttgatg gaggtggtat ctcatatgta    126960
     aacacaatca attgttgatc attgtcaatc aactcagtct ttgacttccc tccttctcta    127020
     gaggctgggg gttggtgact tggggtggtc agttttcctt accaactctg actgcattag    127080
     ggctcaccta gagacacacc tgtgcacaag tctgtcaagg cttttccaaa gtcccagccc    127140
     gaagtccatg acggtcaccc cttgtctcag cctgagcaca gagagaaaaa ggaagcagca    127200
     agcagagtac cagaagcaat gtgactttgc aatgtgacta tgcatctcgc gctctcttgc    127260
     cgccatactt tctgggctat gatggaccga atgccctcaa actgaccaca ggataaaccc    127320
     ttccttcctt aaattatttt ggttccagca atgagaaatg gatccgtctc tatcctgaag    127380
     ctagttgggg gcctccagca cccagtggtt ttcattagca ttccacactc tggggccttt    127440
     atgggctttg gagttgtgtg ccaggaacca aagttggaag ccaattatct gttatattta    127500
     ttgttcgttg atggtgctgg gggattgaat cgatatttaa gagagaagtg ttgcatgcta    127560
     ggcaagccct ctgccactga actacatacc acacttctct cttaaatatc gatccctcct    127620
     ccctccttct ccccttcctc ctcccccttc ctcccccctt caccccactc ccaaaacagg    127680
     gtctcactat acagctcggg ctatcctgaa ctcacactct attgaccagg tttgatgtga    127740
     actctttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt aatttatatg agtacactgt agctgtcttc    127800
     agacccacca gaagagggca tcaaatctca ttacagatgg ttgtgaatca ccatgtggtt    127860
     gctgggaatt gaactcagga cctctggaag agcagtcatt gcgcttaacc actgagccat    127920
     atctccagcc acctgacgtg aactcttcag cgacaggcta gcctctgcct cttgagtgct    127980
     gggattaaag gcatgtacta ctctgcctgg gttctctctc ttcttagatt ttatgtatat    128040
     gagtgttttg cctattgtgt gtctgtgtaa gcctggttcc caaagaggtc agagaagggg    128100
     atcagatcat ctgacactgg agttacagat agttgtgagc tgccacgtgg gtgttagaaa    128160
     tcaaagcgta tcctctggga gagcagccag tgctcttaac tgctgagcca tctctctagc    128220
     ccctcaaata tctggttctt cttatattat catgcaccag agaggaatga aggaccacag    128280
     ctctggaagg acctttcttg aacacattta aagataacag agatctggga atgatggttt    128340
     aggcaggaca catggatagc tagtcaggaa gagcatccaa gcctcctggg acttagtttt    128400
     gccctgtgtg tatcacactt cttgggtcga ttggtgctaa ggaccattgg cttgcagctc    128460
     agggtattat tgtccttaag aggcatgcag gctgggtgtg atcccactgc tttggttaca    128520
     cagcaaatat aaagcggctt gtcctccagg ctcctgctcc tacccagtgt gcagcatgta    128580
     tctccgtgct cctcgtcctg ttcactttag aatccgattt tgtctttatg ctcagagccc    128640
     atgggaaagt atatagagat cttggagcac caggagtggc ttgggaaagg gagtcaggcc    128700
     aattggccgt aatattaacc gatttcaaca cacactaatt actgtaggta ttcatctaag    128760
     gacaggtgtg atgttaatag caatttcctg gaatgattgc ggggggagga ggaggaggag    128820
     gaggaggagg aggaggaaga ggaggaggag gaagaaactg ggtgtgctgg tatataccca    128880
     tagtcctata ttagggaggt gaaggcagaa gttcaggaaa tcaaagtcaa ctttggttcc    128940
     acagcaaata ggaagccaac ttgggttgca taaaatactg tcacaaccct caacccttcc    129000
     tttccccaaa attaattaaa gagagagaga gatcaaaatt gagttaaaga atatatgaac    129060
     tgatattcac ttcttttctt tcttttcttt ttttttggtt tttcgagaca gggtttctct    129120
     gtgtagccct ggctgtcctg gaactcactc tgtagaccag gctgacctcg aactcagaaa    129180
     tccgcctgcc tcttttactt ttacttatgg attatacttt ttttttaatt cccctcagag    129240
     atgtttcatt ttaccacgtt gaaggtatgg gccacctttt agcccctgtc cagctcacta    129300
     cacatggaca atttagagtt ctttggagca ctgtatggcc tttgaaatgc catccattac    129360
     ggggactggc ctccttgttt ttccctgtca gcagattctg tggagagcat cttgctggta    129420
     gaccccattt tattgtctaa tgatgagatt caatgaagca gtgaagggta aggcttttaa    129480
     aatatcccta gtggggcttt gatatagagc ataaaggtct cctctctgga cccgctccac    129540
     tccttttctc ctgctttatt aattcaaccg taaattgcac acttttaatg aagtgttacc    129600
     tttctgctaa cttccccagc ttcagttcgg tgcagctcct gatggtacag ggaccagttt    129660
     acagctggct ccaagcatca gctgacaaga ggatccaacc tagcattgtc acggatctta    129720
     aatgaagcca acacgttagc aaaccaggtg gtttggagtt gggccgtatc agatgcccag    129780
     aggaaggaca caaatcacca tgcctctgta accagcatgc cacaggacct gaggagagta    129840
     cagctagcat tattttaaag atacagacaa catcgtaagc ctgtgggaga cacatgcatg    129900
     gggaaggggg ttcggggagg gggttaattc cctcatccat tatcaataat catttgcatt    129960
     gctatgtgat tagatctatt tgagggaaaa acaaaagcaa aaaccaaaac aaaaccttgt    130020
     tggtcaggca tggtggtgta cacctttaag cccagcactc agaaggcaaa agcagaggta    130080
     ggtggatgtc gatgcattca agtccagcct gggctatata atcacatgct gtctagaaac    130140
     aaaacaagca ggcatgtgtt tggagaaggg tggtctatgg ccgtttgttg ccactgaact    130200
     ctactgagaa cccagacctg ccggcatttt tttcacctct attgccatct agaggagaca    130260
     attggaagga catgaagtaa gtccccagat ggaattaagt gaaaaccaat actggaaaga    130320
     aacatttgta caaaactcta agaatcacta cactttgttg gctccaactt tatgtttttc    130380
     tcctctcttt ccatctggct cagttacagg caggatttga atatccactt atgggctttt    130440
     atatcagcac ttccggcatt tcgagggctc cggtggacac ctcttataga cataaaatca    130500
     tgaaactttc tgatgaggtg gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt acttggattt tggtgaatgg    130560
     agaagaggat ggagcctttc aacacagaga ggcagtttcc tgacgtccat agcctcagaa    130620
     cctattcatt ttgtggggtg tttataggta gcacgttggt caaatatgtt ttgctaggga    130680
     gagcagtact gagccgtttt ctttacaacc tttaaattac tggtgtgcac tgtggacttg    130740
     aggagatcaa acacggggca agcagtgacc ttggagcctc ctgcctttca cagaaccgat    130800
     gggaaatatc ctgtgtacac ttcaaggact gttcccacag gcaagagaag ctggcctgct    130860
     gcatgcacac catgtgcaaa cagaccagcc cttcctcagc tctcctgctc ctctctgtct    130920
     aaacattgtt gaagctttgt tttggggttg agtggcttaa agactgtaac catggtcact    130980
     aacaacaggg atacatcttt gtgagcgtat cgttgagtgt gctttcgtaa gcctcaatgg    131040
     tatgagctaa tttactctat gacatggcct cttgtgcaac cagcaactgt aaatgcagca    131100
     tcaggaggct gctgctggcc taacatgaca aacttttaag taaactcctt ttgatctggt    131160
     ctgtgttgtg cctctgctca tgcatgaggg gcccagacca gggtgtttgt taggcatcct    131220
     ctgtcactct ctaccttatt ctgcgtgtgt gggggtctgt ttataaacct gggggttatt    131280
     attttttctc actacatagg cagttaatag gctccagtga gtctcccctc tctaccttct    131340
     acagccctgg ggttacatgt acgcatacaa taatgcctgg cttgttctat gggtgctagg    131400
     atctgaaccc aggtcctcag agttgtgcag caagcatgat taatcactga gacaaatcat    131460
     cacctgcctt ctctatttct tggaaaagat ctcacgtagc ctgttatgta gctgaagatg    131520
     actttgagtt tctttttttg ttttaaaaga tttatttgtt tgtttgtttt atgtatatga    131580
     gtacactgta gttgtacaga tggttgtgag ccatcttgta gttactggga attgaactca    131640
     gaacttctgc tcgctctagc cctgctcatt ctggccccac tttctccagc ccaaagattt    131700
     atttattatg tataagtaca ctgtagctca cacacaccag aagagggcgt cagatctcat    131760
     tacagatggt tgtgagccac catgtggttg ctgggatttg atctcaggac ctttggaaga    131820
     gcagtcagtg ctcttaaccg ctgagtcatc tctccagacc caaccttgaa ttctcctgca    131880
     tctccctcct ggatgcttgg attacaggac tccaccacac tgggtttatg tggtgctgag    131940
     gtcgaatgcc gagcttggtg caagtgctct tccgacggag ctgcttctcc aacctcttct    132000
     gttttacttt tcttagtacg taggaccaca ctctaaaata aagacaaaaa cactaactta    132060
     gcaacgcaca tgtgggtact gtgttccttt attgtcctta ggaagcattc tgtattgtac    132120
     ataactgtgc tgtactttca taagtgtaac agcatggtgg ctgtatctac tccaacaatg    132180
     tcatgacagg gatggaatgt gctgtgctac attgtgaggt tggcaatgtc acaaaatctc    132240
     cagttgcatt gtatctgtaa gacaccaact atgccggcct gtgactaccc aactatcagt    132300
     gtgtgggtcc ttaactacgt cccccccacc cccagaagga atgcagtagg gatgggtttc    132360
     tttttttttt ttttttcttt tctttctttt tttttttttt ttttggtttt tcgagacagg    132420
     gtttctctgt gtagccctgg ctgtcctgga actcactttg tagaccaggc tgggctcgaa    132480
     ctcagaaatc cgcctgcctc tgcctcccga gtgctgggat taaaggcgtg cgccaccacg    132540
     cctagcaggg atgggtttct ttttgacagt tgctatgtcc agatgaaaca cagtaagctc    132600
     atcggtaaca taagacacac tctatcagca ccaaggagca tgctgtaaga tggtctctct    132660
     acttccaata catctagtct actaactcca cgaagggccc agtgggaggg agaccagagc    132720
     tgagagagca agagcctttg ttgcaccatg gagtaagtag agtgatacgt ttacatacaa    132780
     agatttctta gatagataaa tgatcatcct accagattta ttcattgtaa ctggaacagt    132840
     gggactttgt ttcttgtgga gcaaggccac attcttccgt ggaaggcagc cttacaggaa    132900
     ggtggttata gtagcaccat tgttagagca gttcacccca gtttagaagg tttaaatgcc    132960
     aatgactatg tgactatgaa tatctattgt gttaatcctg caattttatg tacattgcag    133020
     tgctctgctg ctgagccccg tacttagctc ttgggttttt ttgttttgtt ttgttttgtt    133080
     ttgttttgtt ttagctttag cttggcctga actatgtagc ctgggcaggc ctcacgcttg    133140
     tggtcctccc cacctcagca tcaagtaaat aatattaatg tttcttctgc aatagctttt    133200
     ctgctatttt tagggaaaga aatatgcaat tcacattttt tgattcaaga ttataatatc    133260
     ataatcatat aatacctgat tgtttagata ttaatgaggc tggtagaaaa tatcatccct    133320
     tacgagggaa atgtgctatt ttcatcttat aaagaagcaa ctcagagaca cttgcgtgtt    133380
     cagtaatgtg aggagacagg agcaggttct aattcagttc tatttgactc ctggtcctaa    133440
     aactattggt ttatctgatc ttggagcaga gtaattttag aaaatgcttg cgtattcttt    133500
     ttgttgttga agtgggggtc tttctcaata gcccacattg accttgaact cataaactca    133560
     agcaatcctc ctgataccca agtagctgag tctacatgtc tgggcctctg tgctcggttg    133620
     cctctgattt tcatcatctg aaactaagac ctgccaaagt gggggggggg cagttttcct    133680
     gagatttcga gacttgcatg cgcggtactg gattgatgtg agagcaccct ctggggccat    133740
     ctctgttcta atccccgggc ttggtcttct gcagcctttg gaaaggttat gtttcagaat    133800
     aggtgttggt ttacaccgat gtttttcaat gcttcatagt catttttcaa gataattcag    133860
     ttatgactct ataaaagaaa actaaagaaa cagggttaaa ttcaggtcat ttgaaaggaa    133920
     gtctttgcca gctggtggta gcacatgctt ttaatcctag cactgtggag gcagacacaa    133980
     gtggatttct gtgagttcga ggccagcctg gtctacagag ctagtcccag gataaatagt    134040
     gtttccctat cttttttttt ttttttttaa tttctttgaa aaatatttct ggcagcttca    134100
     agggcagaag ttgtttattt gtgtgtgtga tttttttaat taggtatttt tctcgtttac    134160
     attttcaatg ctatcccaaa ggtcccccat acccaacccc ccaatcccct acccacccac    134220
     tccccctttt tggccctggc gttcccctgt actggggcat ataaagtttg caagtccaat    134280
     gggcctctct ttgcagtgat ggccgactag accatctttt gatacatatg cagctagaga    134340
     caagagctcc ggggtactgg ttagttcata atgttgtccc acctataggg ttgcagttcc    134400
     ctatagctcc ttgggtactt tctctagctc ctccattggg ggctgtgtga gtgttgccct    134460
     atcttgaaaa agaaggagga ggaagaggag gaggaggaga aagaaagagt atttgtgtgt    134520
     gacatagtct gaatttgcca ggtttgtgaa catattttct agtaattttc aacaattaat    134580
     tcagcatacc atgagttaat ttatggtgat ggagaacctt tctgtgtatg gatgcctggc    134640
     cattttccca acaaattcat ttgctgaaga tggattttta caagtaggtt tggaagtgaa    134700
     ttaggtgtga atatagaaac tggattttaa atatgcgttt ctttagtcct ttgttttata    134760
     tgtgctgaaa agaaagcagt aacatctctc tctccccctc ctgcctttcc tcccttctta    134820
     ctttccaccc ccctcttctt cccctggtcc ctccccgtac agtacacctc ccacttctct    134880
     actcactcct cctctggctt tccttttgaa aggccaggct cccatggcta tcaaccggcc    134940
     aaggtatatc aagtttcagt aagaaggaag ctggattctt gaagaactaa ggacagatgg    135000
     agagcgaaaa atcttggcca accatgggat tttaaacaaa tcatttctcc ttttccttct    135060
     tcatacctct ctctttttga tctagctaac tacaaaggct cctccagttt ctaactgcct    135120
     gtaggatgac actgggggca gacacaagat gtacattctt agtaaacaaa gccatgctcc    135180
     gttgtgtcca ctaggaggca ctgtagcacc agtgcactat cgtctgtcct tcaatttatc    135240
     caagtcaatt tattttcctt aaaccttcaa attcaagttt atgctaccgt gaaagctaag    135300
     atttaattta gtaacagcat ctggttaaat ctaggaagaa ttcagccgag agacttactg    135360
     actagggaaa atcagaatcc cggagccatt tgcattgtaa atggtgtctc atgattttga    135420
     aagggcatca ggaggggctt gaaattctca agggaaatat agattggacc aatcccgact    135480
     tccctaacaa tgaagtcata aatgaagaag tgtgcaaact ccatgtgaag acaactataa    135540
     tattactcaa gggtagaaaa gaatacttaa attgagatat accatgttct tggatacaaa    135600
     ggttcagtgc tgtataaatt taaagctatt ctacaaatat actcacacat ataatgtgat    135660
     caaaaatttt ttttagaaac ttgataaagt ttattgagga caatgaagct ggaaaaaata    135720
     aaggaagaaa attgaacttt ttgaagggga agagaatttg aaccactggt tttttgtttg    135780
     tttgttttat tttaaatcat gaaacagttg aacgtaaata tctctttata ggtctctggg    135840
     aatggctgag cagggaacgt gcctgccaca catgcatgaa gacgtgagtt tgtataccca    135900
     gagtatacat acaaaatgcc tgtaactcta gcactggggg caacgaggca tggaaaagca    135960
     acagcagatg cctgaagctc actggtcagt cagcctggct gaagctaaga gctttagatt    136020
     catcgagaaa agcagcaagg tgaaggtcct tgccaccaaa gctctgtaaa gaacattcag    136080
     tcccaagagc ctacatgatg ggaggagaga acagattccc tgagactgcc atgtgtcttt    136140
     tgtcttccac atgtgtgctg tggtacccac cccacccctc accccaactc cccaatgcac    136200
     acatagtaaa taaatgggaa aatgtaaaga tagacagcaa tcagggaaga cacccagggt    136260
     caacctctgg tctccacaca taggtacaca cacataccca acacacacag ttactcatgc    136320
     atacattgat gagcacatat gccacatcta tacaatacta cacacacaca cacacacaca    136380
     cacaaagttg ctacaaagta ttaggccaac aaaagaaaat aacaagtctt gaaagcgtgc    136440
     ttgaaaagca agcatgatag actggactct ctctctgtcc tctgtctctg tctctgtctg    136500
     tctgtctatc tcccccctcc ccatgcattc atgtgtatgt gcataggtat gcatgtatag    136560
     atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgcgcgc atgtgtgtgc atgtgcaatg aggtatgtct    136620
     agtcttcctg tgacattgaa ccccgaggag tggtacaaag acgccagtcc atcacattac    136680
     ttacctgcac tgatgatgag gggtctagtg gtgatagtgt cagagaaact tcccctgaag    136740
     tagcaacttc ttcctgtcag agttctggaa gcatcctcac tggactgtgc atcagtgatt    136800
     cttagctttc tgctatcagc tgactctgct cttgtctgct tcctgagcct gatcttagct    136860
     ttctcaggga tgctgtgccc tacttggtat ttttcaaaaa gtcctttttt agttaagtca    136920
     catagaattg gttgctaatg ctcaaaccta ggtcctgaca catccaaaag ctggtaaccg    136980
     gggcattgtt attgaaagag actcttaggt aaaccaggag gctctgatca tgcagactca    137040
     gtatttccaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaatgataa aacccagtta atatcagaga tagaactctg    137100
     aaatcccatg cctttagtag caaaatggtt aataaaatga acgcctctgc acattagagc    137160
     caaggtgggc catggaggac tactggttgc cacagggcaa tgtgaagggt ggcttagagg    137220
     attccagagc tgtgtgctgt gtacttccat cgaaaggctg agcagtgaga ctctctaggt    137280
     ttccattcta gaatgttcac cgaaaccccg agtatgagtg tgtaagggac tctgatggtg    137340
     ctcagaatgg agacagggag aacaatacag gatcttactg actgctaact tgcaaatcag    137400
     tctaccctct tactctggct cttatatgag cattatttga tgtgctgatc tagaaagatt    137460
     aagatttata aaattaaatt gctgtagggt gcaggatggg aggagcttaa ggagcccaga    137520
     tgtccaattc ttagtttctt ggcagctgtc gcttttgctc ctctgttcag tgcttttgga    137580
     aacccccagt ttgaggaggt tacctttgga gaggaagtcc gttccctcag gccccagtca    137640
     tcttctgtct ctagatctat aattagggtc aaaccctagc ctgatctaag aggaaattga    137700
     agggctaaga gcagagctca ctggtggaat gtctgtctag tctgcccagg gcgatgcttc    137760
     agtccccagt acagaagagg aggagaagga acaagaggag gaggaggaac aagaggagga    137820
     ggaggaagga gaggaagaga aagaggagga agaggtggaa gaggaggagg agggagagga    137880
     ggaggtggtg gtggtggagg aggaggagga ggaagaggag gaggaagagg tggaggagga    137940
     gaaggaggaa gaggaggagg agggagagga ggaggtggtg gtggaggagg aggagggaga    138000
     ggaggtggtg gtggtggagg aggaggagga ggaggagatt tgttaatgac ttgtggggca    138060
     tggcctagta tagctgctaa atgaacgtaa gaaagtcaag ttttgagact gggttgaaca    138120
     tgagaggctg ggaatgatcc tcttttcctc ttctagaagc tgatggactt caggaccagg    138180
     gtgattcaca aacacaagag ccttctggtt aattccacag ggagagacaa acgggtgttc    138240
     tcaggagttg ctctgaatgc ggtatattta ctttggaaag tgtgattctc aatccctctt    138300
     tctgtctctc tctctctctg tctctctgtc tctctgtctc tctgtctctc tctgtctctc    138360
     tctctctctc tctctctctc acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acactgaatc    138420
     ttgagattca tttgcaaact gagtgtgagc ctcactctcc ttgtcaactt gattttgatg    138480
     taacttacca atgcctctgt aacagcgaag acaggtaaag gaagaataag catttctgca    138540
     catgggcaaa ctggcattta gatccccagt acctgtgtaa aggccaggca gcatggtggc    138600
     cagccgttag tcttactctt aagacgggga gacaggagat tcctggagta agctagctag    138660
     cttgctgaac tgccagtctc tagtgggaaa ccttgcctca aaatgtaagg tgacaagtgg    138720
     ttgagaaaga cacttgacat caacccctgg tctacctagg cacctgtaca catgtcacac    138780
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac accccacaag ggaaaaattt tgatagtagt    138840
     ggaaaaattg aaggaatgtg tgtaatgtca aaaaatggat acaactcaaa tatgaattca    138900
     ttacttacag agcatttgtt ctatatatct cccttctagc aagtagtttt gtgatagcaa    138960
     acaaattaaa atttattgcc catgaatcct aaggagggat taaaaagctt gcttgtaagt    139020
     tacccagggc tgtaattgga cctgaggggg caatcagggg cggacacggg cgtcagagtc    139080
     ccctgtcaag ttgaccggct ggtcctgcat gtcagcatct ccctctgctg cagctgtaca    139140
     cggaataccc tcatgaagtg gaaaaccacg agtgccagca gttcttcgga tcagcgcctg    139200
     tggttgactt tcttggttct aatcaaaggt ctcagacgtc ttactggccc gtgtcaggtg    139260
     cctgtcgtcc ttgatctctg agtgtggtcc gggaagtaag agcatatgta caaacaaaag    139320
     tggttgtggc cgtgtgggaa gtgggaggag ggggcactgg tatttatcaa gagagctttg    139380
     gaggccggta atagcacaga tgactctaat tattaagaat cctagcacaa ttaaatttta    139440
     tctaattgat gtatttaatt aagtatactt tacttcaact gtaatttcta actgatcggg    139500
     acccactcac cctgcagctg gctcccccca tcacgggttc tttttaggtc tgtttacact    139560
     acaagtttat atattccaaa ttttaaaatt atttttcttt ttagaaattt agaaataatt    139620
     ttctttttaa aaatctaatc acattgtttc caaactacca tacctcatat ttgttttgat    139680
     gttgatttta ttggctgggg cttccagaat catagggtaa ttatgtgtta ttatgaaggc    139740
     catgtagaca cagactgtag ctgggtagca ttaggaggca ggagggagag agcactgctg    139800
     ggcagttata gaactttctg ttggagtcag aagtgaatct acagacctta ggcttctttg    139860
     ccttggcgcc agtctatgga atacaggcta cctggccttt aagatggtga aacagttttc    139920
     cgtgggctga tgatcccaca gctacccacc tttgccttgc atcctagatt tagactatgg    139980
     cacagcagaa ggctatccat tctggttgac gccagacagt tgtttttcta ctttgagtgc    140040
     cagggatatt aaaacacgct aatttgactg tatatgcctc ccagtgggat atccctctga    140100
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acatatcctc cctaatcccc    140160
     caaatacctc aaattatgct ttttaattat tttttatttt attttatttt attttatttt    140220
     ttttttttta aagatttatt tatttattta ttataagtac actgtagctg tcctcagaca    140280
     ctccagaaga gggagtcaga tcttgttaca gatggttgtg agccaccatg tggttgctgg    140340
     gatttgaact cctgaccttc ggaagagcag tcgggtgctc ttacccactg agccatctca    140400
     ccagccctta ttttattttt gagacagggt ttctctgtgt agtcctggct gtcctggaac    140460
     tcaggctgta gaccaggctg gccttgaact cagaaatccg cctgcctctg cctcccgtgt    140520
     gctaagatta aaggcgtgct ccaccactgc ccggcttcaa attatgattt tttaaaaaaa    140580
     tgtatttatt tattatatgt aagtacactg tagctgtctt cagacactcc agaagagggc    140640
     gccagatccc attacggatg gttgtgagcc accatgtggt tgctgagatt tgaactcaag    140700
     acctctggaa gagcagtcag tgctcttaac tgctgagcca tctctccagt tccccaagtt    140760
     atgattttca acattagaat ttaatttgaa tttaacaatc aacttaacag taaaaattca    140820
     gaaagtagta atgatgtaaa tgttggtgct aggcattgta gtcctgtacc ggtcacgtta    140880
     taaatgggca gtcagacctc ggacctcccg aaagtgccac gtaggagctg ttgccaaaaa    140940
     gtacacattg agccagagta agaagaagca tcgaactaga cctaactggc attttacagg    141000
     aaacagtggg acctaagatc aagatctgtt gtcacgggaa ggctatcagc acaacccaga    141060
     gacagagtga aataggaaac ttgttaggat caaaggctgc tttcttctgt gaaagcggac    141120
     ggcaatcggc tcaggacatc tacgaaggca acacagtaca aaatcacgaa cttgtccaaa    141180
     aacatcaaga tctatctttc tttgtttctt tctttgtttc tttctttgtt tctttctttg    141240
     tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    141300
     tctctctctc tctctttctt tctttctttt ttttaacttg attgaaaggg tttggggtgt    141360
     gaactcgtag atgatgaccc tgtgacacag tgtccaaagg ttgggcgggc cctcagggga    141420
     cagagtatgg aggaggagga cacgcatgcg cagattttaa aaggctgagc agatagtcag    141480
     tatgaagacc ttgctttgtg tggtttctga cttaagtaag ccaatgactg ggagaaaggg    141540
     gaagtggggg agggatagag ggaggagggg aggagggaga aggaagtggg ggagagggag    141600
     gatgtgagag ggagcgggga cgactacttt gtaacctgaa gtaggggagc taaggacccc    141660
     ccccccccac acacacacac actatggctc atcacagccc caaagtgact ctaagaggtg    141720
     attggctggc tacagagtgt tcctcaggtt gcactctctg caggaggact ggagaatcga    141780
     cacctttcca gacctagtcc tgtggcattg tgaaagaaat agaagtcaac tgaattcatt    141840
     aacagtttcc tcttcctgta tttgacataa gaaattgctc aggattggaa atcagagttg    141900
     accttctgag gcacagctgt ctgtggctcc aaccaaagtc tatgtggcca gcctttccga    141960
     agagagacca acccagcctc gctgcatgct aaacacacaa taattacgca aaaatgaccg    142020
     gctgcatgct tacagagtgc tcacgaacct actgtgattg gaagaatttc atcctaagtc    142080
     tgtctctccc tcctgatgct ggtagtttgg cttactttcc ccccatgaga ctgaggcacc    142140
     taagaatatg aacatgaaag ggaaaatgga acaaaactca ggtgttgcca gggctcccat    142200
     attcacgtgt gtgtgaatgt ctacaataag ttcagggtca tgaggcatca agagaaatca    142260
     gaaatgtttc agtcatccag tttctccacg ttataatggt tatgaataaa cttgtttaaa    142320
     aaacttttgg atgatgtcag ctttcagatt tgaacacaag aacacacaca tgtcttcttc    142380
     tttttttttt tttttaagat ttatttattt ttatttatga gtagactgta gctgtcttta    142440
     gacacacacc agaagagtat atcagacccc attacaggtg attgtaagcc accatgtggg    142500
     cgctgggaat tgaactcagg acctctggaa gagctttcag tgctcttaac tgctgagcca    142560
     tctcttcagc cccagcacac acatttctta ttgacagcag ataaagtgtg ctggtagctt    142620
     ttgtttgttt gtttttttta accacagaat cgctttctca gtctgttccc tgtgctcggt    142680
     ggtaggggag tcctaaggtt gtgctgatcc taaggttgct attacagtag aacaaaactt    142740
     aaagagctta agagaaagaa ctcaggactc ttatttgtta tcttcccttg aggccccata    142800
     agtttcttag ttttacagta ggaaaagagt tgaggtctaa aggattcagt cactaaaaaa    142860
     aatgacttgg gctggagaga tggatcaatg gttaagagca ctggctgttc tttctgagtt    142920
     caatttctag taaccacatg gtggcttaca acccatctgt aatgggatct gatgccctct    142980
     tctggtgtgt ctgaagacag tgacagtgta ctcagataca taaaataaat aagtctttta    143040
     aaaaagaaag actttgtagt ctcagtcctt actttgtgac caatgcaagt aacctcattt    143100
     atctggggct cattttacca tgactatgag accaacagtg ttggttacgg aggcttttat    143160
     gagagcatat gtaggccgtc ttccaggctc agagagcaga agctcattag gagtgtaaga    143220
     acacacagct gatcccagcc tagagcacag gacccttgcc gcttgcttgc tctgctctga    143280
     attcatcagg caaccaacac ttacgagaaa aggaatactt gaacaggagt catttggcaa    143340
     taatgaaacg gtttcaggct ggagagatgg ctcagtggtt agctgcactg actgcgcttc    143400
     cagaggtctt gagttcaatt tccagcagcc acatggtggc tcacaaccat ctgtaatggg    143460
     gtctgatgcc ttcttatggt gcatctgaag acagtgacag tgttctcaga tatataaaat    143520
     aaattttaaa aaatcttaaa aataaaaaag cagtttcacc cacaatttgc ttccctacat    143580
     ggacctgtca taagtaatgg ctgcagcctg gtttcttaag tcatggcctg gctgtggcct    143640
     gccctccaca gggcctggtt aagggtcaag gggaaaggaa tttgctatga gaagttttct    143700
     agcattctca cgtgcagctt cttatagtgc taatctgccc agttcaaagt cactcttccg    143760
     gacagggcca gcaatgtcca ggtctataca cttgcttttg gggaccatat tattttcaaa    143820
     gatgtataaa aggcaccttc aattcatcac caggaccctg ccttcctttc ttttatcatt    143880
     catctctcca gctgtcagtt tcagatgctc tgggctggat gcctctagca ccttaaattc    143940
     atctgacttg aggaagaacg tgaggctttc aatgcgtgtg cgtgcatgca cgggcactca    144000
     cagacacacc ataccacgta aacatatttc ttggtgattt tcattttctt aaatcatttt    144060
     tttttataaa cctctttatg tcttccctct ttgtcagtcc ttctgaaaac cttccctgtc    144120
     tcggttcttt gcaagacttg ttggaaacaa ggagggcttg tgtgatggag ctgagcgatg    144180
     aacactctta agtctgtaag acttcgcccc actcgctggt tctgtgccct gaaaaaagtc    144240
     aacgtttctt agtaagcacc gaacactgtg ctggatactg aagatgcaaa ggagattcac    144300
     agctctctca gctccataca cttggagagt gggggggggg gggaaggggg gtgggttggg    144360
     ggagggattg agtagtgggt tcagcaggtg gtcaccaaga ccaccttaca agcttacaag    144420
     aggaagctag agagcacact tgctaaccag gcaaacatca aaggcttcgg aagagagaag    144480
     ctctgaccag gagagacagt ctttagaaag aaagtggctt gcagtgaggg ccttgccaaa    144540
     tttacctcag cagacatgag tgcctttgct aagtgaatgt ggccatgata ttaaatgagc    144600
     cctattttgt gctggcctgg catcgatgct gggaatcggg cagtaaacat gacaaccaga    144660
     ggccccagat tcatgggttt aactgcggaa accaacaatt aattgtgcaa ttaagtcttt    144720
     aataagcacg atgaagagaa gctagggaaa catctaacag ctatcggggc attggggaag    144780
     tcatactgga gctgggcact ggacagaggg gcgggggaac agggttagag ttggggcaaa    144840
     gggccatggg gagcagactg gaggtagcat tcctatgagt ggcccacaaa gggcgcagaa    144900
     gctaaggaga tgggggtaag cctctgtatg tggccctttc agaatctcag tcattactag    144960
     ggagtaacgc gtgttttaaa ggttgaggga aggggtgagc aaccccacca ccttgcacgg    145020
     ctttcctttg ggataaagac ctacagagtt cctgctagag agtcagagta ggggtggtgg    145080
     tgggggaggc agtccagaaa agggcaaggt cagaaacgaa aatgactggt cagattgttt    145140
     gtcttgtttt gttttgtttt cttgcttttt cttttttctt ttaatttatt tctcttttta    145200
     agactgggcc ttgaactcca cagcagcaaa ggatgtgtga ccttgaactc ctcatcttcc    145260
     tgctttacct cccaagttcc aaggtcacat gtccgtgcca gcacaccagg tttaatatta    145320
     gctcatttgt agttataata gcctttcctt cactccagaa tcctttctca cactccaaac    145380
     caagcctaaa gtcagctgag aatttcaaga tttcagccat cttttttttt tttttttttg    145440
     gttttcctgg ctgtcctgga actcactctg tagaccaggc tggccttgaa caaagaaatc    145500
     tgcctgcctc tcagccatct ttgtctaaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    145560
     cacacacaca cacgcatgca tacacataca tacacacttt tatttgggtt cagtttggtg    145620
     acattttgtt tgtttgtttg tttttgtttc tcttttgggg tgtggttttc tttgtttttt    145680
     ttttttattg tattgtgctt ttgtttgttg agaaagaaac tttaagttgg gtgagtaagt    145740
     cgaggaggag ggtctggaag gacttgggaa ggggaggaat atgatcaaaa tatacctgaa    145800
     ttttcaagtt attttaaata gtagaaaata caattaaaaa agaagaaggc cgatgagatg    145860
     gctcaatggc ttagaacact tacggcttcc gaagaggacc tagtttagtt cctagaaccc    145920
     acatggtggc tcacaccatc tgtaactctt gttccaagga atgcaaccct ctcttctgac    145980
     ctccatgggc accagacata tggacacagg caaaacactc atacacataa tataaaagga    146040
     aataaatctt ttttgtatat aatttaaaga aaattcaacc tgggctgcca tatgaggtcc    146100
     ttctttttta aaaagtgtaa atatgtactt tagcacagac attagttgct atagtgggta    146160
     gcactttgtc ctccagccag gatctagatg ggagactaag gaaagaaatg tttagacctg    146220
     ccggctcttg gagaagaagc tcacacattc tcagagacag ccagccagcc acgggggttc    146280
     atcatcgttg ttcccctaga ggtacaagca aaggactaac tgtgctcaca cagcaggaca    146340
     agattcatcc tgactgagga tacaaggaac ttcaaaccct cccatgcaca cttaggtctt    146400
     caagacccag ctaccaagaa gtgaattaaa agcataaacc gagaagcacg tttatataga    146460
     agtcagtttc cagacatgtt gtagggcaat gggctaaaca cagatggcct ggtctccagt    146520
     cgagctgagg tctgaacccc agtagaacct ggtggtgata attcacctgt atgggacggt    146580
     agatgtcccc tcatgtctcc tgggctcaag gctcctgtca aagttaccac ccccacagct    146640
     cccacaagtg aagcatgtgg ctagtagtca catagacaat gtcccaggct tccgaccttt    146700
     aagctagact cctccgagtt acctagcaaa ggtaaaataa cagcccacca taagaggggc    146760
     tgtttggccc cacctcactc tctcctcatg ctctcctcac tctctctcac tcttgctcta    146820
     gcctttcttc tctctgcctc ttcccccttc tctcctcttg gccatagcct gtctctctct    146880
     ctctctttta ccttctctct ttccccctgc ctttctacaa taaagctcta aaaccatgga    146940
     ctgtctctgt tcatcaaggc ccgctgtgct tggacgatgg gataggcttt ctctgaatga    147000
     gctgtttcta atctcccaat ggaaggcctt cctgtattcc agtcaaggcc cggtctaagg    147060
     actcttcgcc tgcgtgggaa cctctctccc tctaccctct ctctcataac tccagggctg    147120
     agggtgtcgc cctggggccc ctggtattgg gggcttcccc ttgtccacca ccaccccacc    147180
     ccccgccaag tggggtcagt ggcatagatg cccaccgggg gccaaatgga aagtgtacgg    147240
     cagccctcct gtgtccgcct gcccagagca caggagctct gaccggacgt gggctatctc    147300
     cctccccctt cttttcccta ccccctcaac cccacaacat gtcagctttg agatgctgac    147360
     actgggaagt caccatcttt aagtaactgg cacacacaga ggggagaaga tgccagtcac    147420
     ctatctgaca gtaaatcaaa gacaagatca tctggctgcc ccagcacata taatccgggt    147480
     aattacagta gcttgacttg gcccaagtag agcagaacaa agccagaatg cttttcagag    147540
     cccgggagtg ggcagactgc aggaagccct caggatgggg agaggattgc agttctgtgg    147600
     aggatttacg atgaagcaag ggaggtggca gtcacctgga gaaattgcaa aatcagctca    147660
     cctttgtttt atctttcaca aactgtcctg gatccagcct ttaattaaat tgtagcaaaa    147720
     aaatattctg ggttcaacag ccaggtcaag gtatctgagc aaggcctggg acaaccaatg    147780
     ttaatgtctc actcttccct ttaacctgtt actgtcgtta cactttactc taagtactct    147840
     ctcccacttc caccaaatta cccctacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    147900
     cacacacagt gtaatgaaac ctcaaagtta cacatttgta caagaaaatt attgatcctt    147960
     tgggcagtgg tggcacatgc ctttaatccc agcagaagca ggtagatctc tgagttcaag    148020
     gccagcctgg tctaaagagt tccagagtga gttccaggac agccaaggct acacagggaa    148080
     accttgtctc taaaaaaggt ggaggagaga tgagtgttcc atttagtagc gagtcgcaaa    148140
     gtctgtgtct ggctccatcc tgctcttact ttcatttttt tttctttttc aagcacaaga    148200
     atgtgacccg agagcatatg agcatcagct atgcaggtgc accggggaaa gcctcctcgg    148260
     tcatttctgc caagtaggtg gagaatcgct tgtgggcacc atgctgcctt cagttagctc    148320
     tcatgagcac aggccttttt tagtggacac tgcttagacc agagctccta agtgttggtc    148380
     aggagcttgc ccattgttat ctgatgatgc atgtccaact ctcaaagcct tgtttgtttg    148440
     tttgtttgtt taatcataaa aatgaaagca atccagcctg tacttcacac agtgacacta    148500
     agaatccaac cagatggata ttggatggga ccattccttt ctaagatgct tatcacaata    148560
     caaagtaagt tctaatataa atttaaaata aaagctataa agtaaatgct cttattaaca    148620
     atagtagcat gtgttatcaa agtctgtttt catacagtct cactaaagaa tcctcaaagc    148680
     ctatatacta agatcttagt attcagaagc tgtctgatag ctgcatccag ggataagggc    148740
     ctgtaatcct gggactcaag agcttgaagc agaaggatct taagtccaaa accagggtga    148800
     gttatacatg aagaccctgt ttcagatcaa gcaatcaaag agccattgtt ctggtacaat    148860
     cagcagcaac aagtaggaag agagagacaa gaggaaaggg tactttaaag agaaaaaaaa    148920
     tggaagaaaa ggaagctggc agacagacag atgggagaag aaagcacagg gaacttgggt    148980
     gtgggtctgg gaacggaggg gtctcccact gcctgccttg tccttcctgc ctctctgaga    149040
     cagggtttct ctgtgtagcc ccttggcttt cctggaactc actttgtaga ccaggctggc    149100
     ctcgaactca gaaatccacc tgcctcttcc tccccaagtg ctgggattaa atgtgtgcgc    149160
     cactactgcc cggccctgcc tctccttttt aattccaaaa gggattgggg atttggtatc    149220
     atcaacagtc atgtttggtt ttctttaaag atactgcctt aagccagtac taaacatttt    149280
     caagctgtga gtaatttatt cagagtctag ctatcttatt attcagtaag ttattttctt    149340
     ggggctggaa agatggctca gtggttcgga gcacttcctg agtttgtaaa ggatctgggt    149400
     tcaattccca gcaccctcac ggaggctcac aaccatctgt aactcaaggt tcagagcatt    149460
     tgatgccctt ttctgttctc caatggtacc cggcacatct gtggtacacg gatatatgtg    149520
     caggcaaaac actcatacac ataaaaatta ctagtattaa ttaatagttt tagtttagtc    149580
     aaagctcacg atcttccagg tttcctaata aaatcagctt agaatcgaac cttttggtcc    149640
     tttctcttgt tcccagagct tgaatctctc actaggcagt gttcccttag atgcagaggg    149700
     cttaaacaca atctcctctg tagctcgcag aggagctaag tcagtaccca gcatccataa    149760
     cagcgtgtag ctccaactcc aggagatctg atgacctcct ttggcctctg aaggaaccag    149820
     gcgtgaacac agcgcacaga catgcatgca ggtaaaacat ccatatacag aaacagcaag    149880
     atagtcaaaa gatttaagct ttatctccag caaagagaag gaaagggatg gatggggaag    149940
     caagaaccga agggccagaa atacggtgct agaaattgtg aagctacatt tttaatttta    150000
     ttgttttcta ctaatttatt aatcacatat tggtagtgga tactatgtta gacagcataa    150060
     ttctagatga ttcttttggg aggttggata aggtgccaca ggtactattt tgaccctaac    150120
     cagagagatt tatccaaggg gtaattatgt ctccagaatc tccagcttaa cggagtgatg    150180
     ttatttatca agacaaagat ggctgctctg aacaaagcag gcagcctata ccacttcagt    150240
     ggaaactctg tccagagaaa gagggaatgg gtctgtgagt tcttgttagc acagtcctag    150300
     tctatccctc aaagtgaacc aaataaatcc aattcaatat tttctttttc atttttgttt    150360
     gtttgttttg tttgagacag tgtctctatg gaacactggc tgtcctgaaa cttcctatgt    150420
     agactaggct gaccttgaac tcacagagat ctgcctcccc agggctggga ttaaaggcct    150480
     gtgccaccaa gtccagcctc caacataatg ttttttttta tgttttccca actgtgtgct    150540
     cactgggaaa gttttgtgtt tctgtgccaa ttccttttat ggaatacttc ccgaaatccc    150600
     ccaagatcga gacctcggaa actttttttt ttttaactac tggaattagg agaccattat    150660
     ccattgttct tttgcaaggc ccctgggagc cttccaagaa gtaagttgca cttctgttat    150720
     aagaaaagag aactaaatag aatctaaagg ctctttgttg aaaaattgcc ttttgacaag    150780
     tatggtttat ctaaaggctc tttgttgaaa tatctctctc agattgtgtt tattctgatt    150840
     gtgtgctgat aagtttcttc tcaaaaatag aaatggggta agaagctgac aaggacccaa    150900
     ccattgccct catgcctttt gaaatagttc tgattgacag cgctccagct tcctgctcct    150960
     gctaccccag atccagtgaa ctcatgtggt gaaggggcca ccatgtgcag aagcggagag    151020
     tccggaagtc tcctgggcag cttctgtacg tctgctgcca cgtggagaga aaatgactca    151080
     ccaaaaggtc gaggaattgt atgtatttcc tttgttatgg aagactgagc agcctagaaa    151140
     agaagccaga gtctgggctg cctggagaac gatctgagga ggtcgagtta aaggattggg    151200
     gatttgggaa actgaggact gctttaaaga cagaattact ttcagaccct aacaggtgct    151260
     gggatgaatg aacgtagttg aaacaattgc ttcctaatct ggagcccgga taagggagta    151320
     caggtccgga ccttgcctcg ggttcggcta aaccgagcca agcaggctct gctgccttcc    151380
     ctctttggag gcttttctgt ttgccattct ccccacaccc tcaaacctat acagactcct    151440
     gggtttccat gactatacca gaccctcatg cttactttcc atcattcata gtctccttgc    151500
     tttgaaactg agtggacacc gaatcctcaa gagtctacca ctcactagaa ttcccgactc    151560
     tcagctcact tttaaaaaat gatttatttg ctcttatgct cttgcctctc tcttgcctct    151620
     tacccccacc ccctccccat tcccttcccc cttctctcca tgtggccatg gccagcctct    151680
     gcttctctgc tctctccttc tctctgcctt tctctgcctc tgctaccctc ttaactcccc    151740
     tccccaagtc ctaaataaac tctattctat actaaaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga    151800
     aagaaagaaa gaaaggaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaagaaag atttatttat    151860
     tcacttattt tccatgcatt ggtgttttgc ctgcatgtct atgtgagggg gtcggaaacc    151920
     ctggaactga agttatagac agttgtgagc tgccatgtgg gtgctgggaa ttgagccagg    151980
     tcctctggaa gagcagctag tgctcttaac ctctgaggct tctctccagc ccatctgatt    152040
     tcattttgta tgccccgaag ttcctactcc acaacagcag ccagtcccct gtgcattcat    152100
     gttccttgtc tttctgtaac aaagttataa aagccgagga ctccatagtt tgtgctgtgg    152160
     ctacctagcc ctagagacct cagaacagct ccatcctcta cgctgttgaa cttggcttcc    152220
     cttcaagcag tatttactta gtgaccacag tatccaagcc agtcccaggg agagcttcaa    152280
     acaggactgc agctgaggta cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacact    152340
     ctctctctct ctctctctct cacacacaca ctctctcaca cacacacata cacactctct    152400
     ctcacacaca cacactctct ctctctctct ctctctcaca cacacactca cacacacaca    152460
     tacacactca tacacagact ctctctcaca cacactctct ctctcacaca cacacactct    152520
     ctcacacaca cacatacaca ctcatacaca gactctctct cacacacaca cactctctct    152580
     cacacacaca catacacact catacacaca ctctctctct cacacacaca cactctctct    152640
     ctctcacaca cacacacata cacactcata cacacactct ctctctcaca cacactctct    152700
     cacacacaca cactctctct ctcacacaca ctcacatata cacactcata cacacactct    152760
     ctctctcaca cacacactct ctctaacaca cacacacact cacacacaca ctcacacaca    152820
     cacactctca cacacacaca tacacactca tacacatact ctctctctca cacacacaca    152880
     cacatgcaca tgcacacact ctctctctct cacacacaca cactctctca cacacataca    152940
     ctctctctca cacactctct ctcactctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    153000
     ctctctcaca cacacacaca ccccactatc tcacacacac acaaaactat gtagtccttt    153060
     atatgttggt caacttctcc tgaacaggag gccctgtttc ctggagtggt tgaaaagcaa    153120
     acctactctc actctattgg agaaaactaa ttttctcact cccagaaggc atcagtgaca    153180
     gctcaattat taacctttag cctaggggtt aggttttctt tcattcattc attcattcat    153240
     tcattcatcc attcatttaa aaacttataa caaaataaaa tataataaga taaaacacat    153300
     caaattgaag ttgaacaaga caaaccaaca gaaagagccc aagaagatac aaaagaatca    153360
     gaggcccact catttgcaca ctcgggaatc tcataaaagc actaaactgg aagccgtagt    153420
     ataaacccag aggagccggt gtggaccagt gcaggccctg tgcttgctgc tcagtctctg    153480
     agtgcagatg tgcattgctc gtgttggttt aaagtcttgt tctcctggtg tcctccgtcc    153540
     ctctggctcg tatactcttt ctgcctcctc ttcctcaggg ttccgagctc tgactggagg    153600
     gagggatttg atggtgacgt cccacatagg gctgagtgtt ctcactctct ctgtaatgtc    153660
     tggctgtggc tctcggcatc tgttctcatc tgctgcaggg ggaagcttct ttgatgatgg    153720
     ttgaacaaga cactgatctg tgagtactgc atatcattag agccatttga acattgactt    153780
     tcttttaacc ctaagttcct gggctatcta gtctcaggtt cccagccatc cagaaagtgt    153840
     caggtagggc ttccatcttg ttctccaggc ttttcaaatg agcttttttt ttttttcttt    153900
     ttccttcttt ttcctttttt tctcaaatta actttaacta gccccttact tttctctatt    153960
     ccagttctga atacttcatt cttcagacat tccttcccac acccctgtct caaaagatta    154020
     tatatatata tatatatgca tatatatatg catgtctaat tacatggata caaatataaa    154080
     tattataatt gagaagttca aattgttgat gtcttttgaa acacaaatat gtttaatttg    154140
     aatgcttttc actagaaact taggggagta tagaaggatt taggttcaga ggctgtgcaa    154200
     gaaactatat gtcccaacat tgatatgaac tgttaagggt agttcctggc acagaatagg    154260
     gacaccaagg aatattaatt taatgctatt actaataact ttcccaccac ctacaacttc    154320
     ctgttatttt atttttcttc tttctttttt cttgcgatca caaagtcacc ttctgtctct    154380
     ggttattttt acctcacgat cctcacctct atctgtattc tctctcctcc cttctcaact    154440
     agctctctgg gtttctctct gtagccctgg tggcactgga actcactctg tagaccaggt    154500
     tggcctcgaa ctcagaaatc tgcctgcctc tgcctcctga gtattgggat cgaaggtgtt    154560
     cgccaccaca gcctggcgta actatctagc tttgtcaaac accctctccc tggcctcatt    154620
     cttaaccttt cgtatgtatt tagccatgtt cctccagcat ataaagaagt ttaagaatcc    154680
     ttcttataaa taaagctctt tccacacttc atctctcttg tcctatcctg ttaactgcca    154740
     tctgcccttt ccttagccaa ggttctcaaa aggcgagact acgctagtca ttagacctag    154800
     cactgtctta tgaagaagca tcagtctgct gcaatctctc tctcagatct ctccgggggc    154860
     ctttcttact aataatagtg gtttcttact cacaacatag tggctcctaa gaaccactgg    154920
     attgcaaaag ccagaagggt actaacattc agttagcttt caagcttctc tttgggttgt    154980
     ctcgagaacc cctggacatt aatttccctt tgcaatgcac ttgtctgacg ttcccataag    155040
     cactctgaaa gcaagggtcg catctctttg tattcgttcc ttggtatagt acctggcatg    155100
     gggagatatt gtcaaaatgt ctcatgagtg actgatagga aaaaatgaat aattatctcc    155160
     cccttactgg catagtatag agcactctat aacatactta aaatagtcat aattgggtag    155220
     tattgttttt atatttgtct gtgagctaga gatttgaaca cacagccttg tccacagtag    155280
     ataagcacct gaccactgac ctgcattcct gccatcttgg atttgaaggg tgttcttgta    155340
     aaaaatctgg caatgcagca gccaagaact gtgagatagc tctctctaca aggaaggcaa    155400
     aggaatggaa tggaattatc tgaaatcggt gagtattaag ctaggtgtat atataactta    155460
     ggtacttggg ggataatctt gatttaaaaa gattgccaag atctggagca attagacttg    155520
     cctgagagta ttacaaagga tgtgttagga agaggactcc agcaggggtg tgcagagtga    155580
     ttgaaaccac agggactggg gaaggctatg ctgagcagga acagggaggc tggaatagag    155640
     cagaagccaa agcacacacg gaaggctttc gggtttgtac gtgagaacag ggaacactag    155700
     tagacttagt agatttgggg aacttgactg tttgttgatg cagtcaatct aagactatat    155760
     tgagaataat gtttaagtag ttactgttca gaaattctga ttgtaaatgg gaagaatgta    155820
     ttctagaaat gagttacatt ctgatgtcaa ggcccaagtg agaggaacag ggactggctt    155880
     tagaactcaa ggaatgtggc ccaccattta gcacaatcat gatgggcgtg cctccgtgtg    155940
     gcttccatgt agaaaaatct tagggaacaa tttgaagtcc agaaaggcac actcttaatt    156000
     atttagctgg ggatgtttta aagtcaagga acaagaacaa cagtagcctg accagcacta    156060
     aatgacgtac ctctcttgaa aaagctgggc tgacaatcaa ggcaatggtt aatgtcttat    156120
     acctatttgt gcccttggct tcctggtata attaataaaa aattgttgat gagtagatgt    156180
     gcacactgag gattcacaat agaaatgatt ttttatataa aagtttagat ttgtgattct    156240
     cttgatcttt tatgagatta cttttaaaaa taaataatag aataatcgat cctttttttt    156300
     tttttttttt tttttgtaac cacaaattgc agtaagagca actggctgag aacattccct    156360
     tggttgctta agctttgtta ctctataaca agtggcttag ttatgaacat acatgggttc    156420
     ttgggaataa cgtgtcctgt atctgtatta tgtaaaacat tcactcgtgt aaaaggtact    156480
     agggaatata ctaggttttt ggtttttttt tttaagtaat cttttactag aagaaaaata    156540
     gaatattacc acactgtgat ttttttgtac tgcttgaaag gctttgtttt gctgggatac    156600
     gtgaaccgtg gaagcaaaaa taaagttact ggagctttgc tccactcacc aaatttaagt    156660
     atgcgaatgt atgtggttgg agctttctgg agccttgctt catccaccaa gtgtgtatag    156720
     gtatgtatat aggtaaaaaa ctggacttag acacacattg atttggtaag tctgcagaca    156780
     attgctgatt cctctataca ttccaggccg tctttgctaa acaccaagca ggctaaatca    156840
     tgaaaatgta gagacagaca ttcatgattt ctcatgatga gtttttcctt ttgcaaccca    156900
     tgaataccaa ctgccgtttg ctgcaggact tctgtagtca agggagagaa aatagaacat    156960
     gtgatggtgc atacctttaa tcccagcact caggaggcag aggcagaggc agatggttct    157020
     ctgtgagttc aatcaaggcc tgcctggtct acagagtgag ttccaggaca gtcagggcta    157080
     tacaaagaag ctctgtctca aaacaaacag ataaacaata acataaaaag atttcttgtg    157140
     tctttaaaac atggtccccg cttcttcccg gccagacggc gggacagacg gctgggtgtg    157200
     cagcgacctc gaacccgtga gccagaaagc agagcttctg cgtcccaggg actccagcac    157260
     accaccatgg cggattctga gcgtctctcg gcccccggct gctggttagc ctgtaccagc    157320
     ttctcgagca ccaaaaaggg aattc                                          157345

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