(data stored in ACNUC18858 zone)

EMBL: BX511209

ID   BX511209; SV 11; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 159017 BP.
AC   BX511209;
DT   24-MAY-2003 (Rel. 75, Created)
DT   05-MAR-2015 (Rel. 124, Last updated, Version 24)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone CH211-129A6 in linkage group 5 Contains
DE   the gene for a novel protein (zgc:113046), the 3' end of the gene for a
DE   novel protein (zgc:92147) and the gene for a novel protein similar to
DE   vertebrate 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-Coenzyme A reductase (HMGCR).
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-159017
RA   Holt K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: zfish-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests:
RL   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/D_rerio/faqs.shtml#dataeight
DR   MD5; 242c5b8011a169b3fcc4ccf5a02628c6.
DR   ENA-CON; CT991873.
DR   ENA-CON; KZ115147.
DR   BioSample; SAMEA3146246.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000035198; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000109336; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000110336; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000110459; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000112162; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000115913; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; BX511209.11:1-159017; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000035299; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000050988; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000183150; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000189244; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000192299; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000193057; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000193919; danio_rerio.
DR   GOA; A0A2R8QF12.
DR   GOA; F2Z4S5.
DR   GOA; Q71SG7.
DR   InterPro; IPR001849; PH_domain.
DR   InterPro; IPR002202; HMG_CoA_Rdtase.
DR   InterPro; IPR003406; Glyco_trans_14.
DR   InterPro; IPR004816; HMG_CoA_Rdtase_metazoan.
DR   InterPro; IPR009023; HMG_CoA_Rdtase_NAD(P)-bd_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR011993; PH-like_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR023076; HMG_CoA_Rdtase_CS.
DR   InterPro; IPR029623; FAM169A.
DR   InterPro; IPR029625; FAM169.
DR   InterPro; IPR041952; STARD11_START.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q71SG7; GCNT4_DANRE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A2R8QF12; A0A2R8QF12_DANRE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F2Z4S5; F2Z4S5_DANRE.
DR   ZFIN; ZDB-GENE-030131-3231; gcnt4a.
DR   ZFIN; ZDB-GENE-040401-2; hmgcra.
DR   ZFIN; ZDB-GENE-060825-117; fam169aa.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: zfish-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/C_elegans/wormpep
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone CH211-129A6. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone CH211-129A6 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone CH211-129A6 is at 159017 in this sequence.
CC   CH211-129A6 is from a CHORI-211 BAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..159017
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="5"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-211"
FT                   /clone="CH211-129A6"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..159017
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: CH211-129A6"
FT   polyA_site      complement(95898)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(95898..96558,99429..99546,99656..99732,
FT                   104217..104361,104465..104607,104742..105034))
FT                   /gene="CH211-129A6.4"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-129A6.4-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:113046)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BQ618316.1 Em:BQ618546.1
FT                   Em:CK681880.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC093592.1"
FT   regulatory      complement(95910..95915)
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   CDS_pept        complement(join(96329..96558,99429..99546,99656..99732,
FT                   104217..104361,104465..104607,104742..104814))
FT                   /gene="CH211-129A6.4"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-129A6.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000019049"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:113046)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q566E7"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A2BGX0"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020683"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR036770"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A2BGX0"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-050417-473"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM13173.1"
FT   unsure          110501..110502
FT                   /note="number of bases in mononucleotide run unsure"
FT   misc_feature    115056..115070
FT                   /note="Single clone region"
FT   mRNA            join(118097..118285,119430..119619,120038..120149,
FT                   122881..122968,123056..123140,123225..123330,
FT                   125200..125306,125391..125510,125594..125754,
FT                   127590..127831,127886..128082,129917..130111,
FT                   131901..132059,132200..132357,134175..134280,
FT                   134365..134535,136478..136618,136726..136884,
FT                   137578..137732,139085..139256)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-129A6.5-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate
FT                   3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-Coenzyme A reductase (HMGCR)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI496882.1 Em:AI497311.1
FT                   Em:AL927166.1"
FT   CDS_pept        join(119455..119619,120038..120149,122881..122968,
FT                   123056..123140,123225..123330,125200..125306,
FT                   125391..125510,125594..125754,127590..127831,
FT                   127886..128082,129917..130111,131901..132059,
FT                   132200..132357,134175..134280,134365..134535,
FT                   136478..136618,136726..136884,137578..137732,
FT                   139085..139139)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-129A6.5-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000019048"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate
FT                   3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-Coenzyme A reductase (HMGCR)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P51639 Sw:Q01237 Sw:Q29512
FT                   Sw:Q5R6N3 Tr:Q4T4P7 Tr:Q58ER2 Tr:Q5BJ42"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A2BGX2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000731"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002202"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR004554"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR004816"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009023"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009029"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR023074"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR023076"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR023282"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A2BGX2"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040401-2"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM13174.1"
FT   misc_feature    121307..121459
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Assembly consistent with
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   misc_feature    121460
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 180bp by restriction digest data"
FT   misc_feature    121461..121606
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Assembly consistent with
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(144965..146179,148503..148640,
FT                   149639..149768,149871..149999,152224..152294,
FT                   152430..152562,154127..154222,154309..154386,
FT                   154700..154789,155925..156011,156101..>156193))
FT                   /gene="CH211-129A6.6"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-129A6.6-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:92147)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI667104.1 Em:AL910934.1
FT                   Em:BM890535.1 Em:CK016790.1 Em:CK704472.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC088384.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(144965..146179,148503..148640,
FT                   149639..149768,149871..149999,152224..152294,
FT                   152430..152562,154127..154222,154309..154386,
FT                   154700..154789,155925..156011,156101..156193,
FT                   158874..159017))
FT                   /gene="CH211-129A6.6"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-129A6.6-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:92147)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI667104.1 Em:AL910934.1
FT                   Em:BM859835.1 Em:BM890535.1 Em:CK016790.1 Em:CK704472.1
FT                   Em:DN902113.1"
FT   polyA_site      complement(144970)
FT   regulatory      complement(144992..144997)
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   CDS_pept        complement(join(148513..148640,149639..149768,
FT                   149871..149999,152224..152294,152430..152562,
FT                   154127..154222,154309..154386,154700..154789,
FT                   155925..156011,156101..>156193))
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="CH211-129A6.6"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-129A6.6-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000019046"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:92147)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q9EQG9 Tr:Q4RUQ8 Tr:Q4S264
FT                   Tr:Q53YV2 Tr:Q5M7Y0 Tr:Q5R6M6 Tr:Q6NRZ4 Tr:Q6VVX1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q5M7Y0"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001849"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002913"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011993"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR023393"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR041952"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q5M7Y0"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-080724-10"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM13175.1"
FT                   AILF"
FT   CDS_pept        complement(join(148513..148640,149639..149768,
FT                   149871..149999,152224..152294,152430..152562,
FT                   154127..154222,154309..154386,154700..154789,
FT                   155925..156011,156101..156193,158874..158978))
FT                   /gene="CH211-129A6.6"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-129A6.6-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000019047"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:92147)"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q5M7Y0"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001849"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002913"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011993"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR023393"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR041952"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q5M7Y0"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-080724-10"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM13176.1"
FT   misc_feature    159017
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CH211-129A6"
SQ   Sequence 159017 BP; 50272 A; 29177 C; 27450 G; 52118 T; 0 other;
     gaattccatc ctctactagt gttatttacc ttgattcagt ttttcctctg gaatttcgca        60
     atcataggtg aacagtgctg ctttcacgac cacatgcgct gtcttttagc agtaaattat       120
     gaataaaaat attcgctaaa actggaattg gtcaagaaaa ataaaaacaa ataaataatg       180
     ccattgttta ggcatatacg acaactttac gctttaaata aagccactaa acactgtaaa       240
     taaagcaacg gtctgttcac cagtgtttcc gggctgtgtc gcccacattt caaaataaaa       300
     gttccagcag attccttcat tagacgagtc ccttactaaa agatatttaa aacagtattt       360
     aaaaatgtga ctttgtaatg tattttaacg ataacatata tcaaaatata tatataaaaa       420
     ctgtggatat tgtgaaaaga ggacacttta tctatctact aaaatggcat ttccactaaa       480
     ctttttttaa aactgtaatt tggaaaatta agtacctcag aatgaatgtc tttgcttgtt       540
     taataattga gtctattgga atatggaaag tgtgaatttt tagggaaact gcatgtattt       600
     gtaaccttaa gttttcttca aactcataca tcacctgaag tacactatca tctttttcat       660
     gctacataaa ggtgtgcaat aaaaaaaata ctatcgatat attttgactt gtacaaaata       720
     tactatatta aatgcaagaa gtcacccctt attgtatcat tgtaactaac ttaaattaat       780
     cattctactg ctgtagcttt aatgttacat aaagggttca tctatgtcac aggtgtcaaa       840
     ctcagtttga cttgtttgac tcagttttaa cttgtgcctg ctgggtgttt aaggccattt       900
     cggtcatcat acagtaaata tccatcatct tgcctcaaca cacctacacg gatgtttcta       960
     gaaaacctag tatgagatta attagctagc ccaggtgcat ctaattgtga ttggaactaa      1020
     actttgcagg acaccagccc tccaggaccg agtatgggca cccctggttt agatgcatgt      1080
     cactgatgag aagatgatgg atatttactg tatgatgacc gaaatggcct taaacaccca      1140
     gcaggcacaa gacctcaaca tgccgtcaga ttgaaattgt accctattgt cgtagagatg      1200
     ctgcattttg tttggaaatg aaaatcaggt ttacatcaga actcaacatc agccaaatgt      1260
     caatgtccaa cgtccaacct aaaaccaacc aaatatcaac gtctaatgat gttaaagcgt      1320
     gatgttgtgt caacattacc actatgacat ctatcagacg ctgaattttg gtcgccatac      1380
     ctgatgaata gatgtcagta tttgacgtca ataggatgtt ggtttaagat gtgtaacatt      1440
     ttattttggt cactttataa caacctaaaa tcaaccaaat atcaaagtcg tttgatgtca      1500
     ttattggaca tcaaaataat gttgtcctta gacactggct agacattgaa ttttggtcac      1560
     ctgacatcac aacttgaatc taacctaata ataacgtttt atgacatcgt gtgcctgctg      1620
     ggtaataact aaatgcacta cagaatgtta cgtttacaca catccacaaa ttacatgtaa      1680
     acgcatcaac ttttaacagc ataatactca gtactcacta ctcatgagta gttttaaaag      1740
     ggctactttt tactcctact ttgagcaata tttacaacag gtacttttac tctactcaca      1800
     ctacattttt aggcaagtaa tgacactttt acttaagttt gctttttcag tactctttcc      1860
     accactggtc tcagcaacta aaattcttca aaatatttta tttttgtgtt catcagaaga      1920
     taaaaaaaga tttttttttt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt tttgaacaaa taaaggtaaa      1980
     ggaaatgaag accgaattac gatgcctttc atttatgttt ctttttgtgt ggttacaaat      2040
     tttagatgac ataaattttt gcattgaaaa actaaaagat aaatgtatat gttactcaaa      2100
     acattaatca gtgataaggc attgagtgtt ttccttgtga aatttcttca gtcatagttg      2160
     tcttagtgtt agtaaagcta agcattaata tatccaaaag taaaaagtca tattttactg      2220
     tgcaaaatgg attaacattc atttattgtt aataagttaa ttttggggtt attgtataag      2280
     actgaaagat attttgtgtg tagtaagtaa agtaaatttg atatgacgaa ctcgcttcga      2340
     atataatcac tggattgaat gggcgttttc agtggtgatt gatatgggcc agtagggcca      2400
     ttctgcactc ggaaggctgt tatcacccat ccacatagtt aatcagctat actaatagag      2460
     aagactccag attcatatct gtttttacaa tactgtaaca gatgaattta gggttggggt      2520
     aggggtagac gttaacaaaa tacaattaat ggaaatttaa taaaaaatag aaataattct      2580
     acctaacttt cggccgaagc tgtatgtgat ctatagctga ttaaccatgt ggatggatga      2640
     taacagccct ctgagcctac cagcaggagc ggaaggttcc tactggcctt tatctatcag      2700
     ctgataatcg ataacggcca ttgaattcag taatcacgtt ctactgtttt tggttgtatt      2760
     aaaaaagctt tttacccacc aaatttaaca gtttgcttta tgtgattaaa gattgtgagt      2820
     accccaacaa acaattgaca caaataaata aaaccaaaat aaactcaggt aattaatgac      2880
     tttattaaaa caagtaaaaa aaaaaaacaa gtaagaaaat cacaatcaca aaactcaatg      2940
     aaactaaata atgaaagtga aaagcaaaac aaattacact cctctgctaa caaaatgaag      3000
     gatgaaataa ccctttacaa acccacagaa ttacatatac accaacatat tacagaaatt      3060
     atatgaatat gataaaataa ttcagttaca aagtaaatcg ctttcagata cacaattgct      3120
     gtcacatttt ataacaataa ggttccagtt aatattaatt agtgtattta ctaactttaa      3180
     ctaagaataa acaatattta ttaataatag tttactattt actaatgcaa tgcttgttaa      3240
     ctttattttc ataatccaac actttattaa atgaattgtt tatcatttct tcaagttagc      3300
     aaatacattt aataacatta actaatggaa acttatatta aagtgttacc cgcaatgcaa      3360
     ataggttttc tagaataaaa taagtgttat acacattaaa gttatacatg ttacaaacct      3420
     tgaaaggtat attgtatgta atgaaagctc aaactgtaca ttattaaaga tatagttatg      3480
     gtctgattgg ttgagctgtg tttaattctg caaaaacaca cctgtgacct ttgcttggca      3540
     acaattccac taagtactga cccaaagaaa cgtttttttc tattgttttg tgaaaccttt      3600
     ctacaattat ggaaaaccta ttttctaaaa gcaataaatc cctagaagca gctttgcagt      3660
     gagtttataa caaccaaggg cttgaaatgt tccttagata ttatatattc acttcaaacc      3720
     acagctttgt ggtgtttttt gctttattaa aaaactcttt caaacaaaag actttaacat      3780
     gtgaacaatg tttaatttag cctcctatcc agagccaaac tacactgaag atttacagaa      3840
     ggtaaacaaa attatttaat atgaaatgca tataaaatat cactgtacat tacaaactat      3900
     ttctattagg gatttgctga atgtaaattc actaaataaa ataaaaaaac gaaaaaagaa      3960
     agaaagaatg tgtctaactt taagaatata gtgtaacaaa tcaaccgtgc cagattaact      4020
     aaacagttct gtaagtgctc cactgacaac caacaattcc ataaaatgta ttataatcta      4080
     ccaagacccg cacaaataag gtacaaacga gcagagttaa tgataagcaa gtgtggaaaa      4140
     tctactaatt atattggcgc acaaaagatt ttggtgcatt gaaggtgcca tagaatgaaa      4200
     aactggatat acctagtgtt gtaaaaaaat aataaaatga gtgagtaaaa agagaagaga      4260
     agaaataaat gaatgaaaag aagagagaac ccagtccagg agactcgaaa caagcagaat      4320
     tcctttattg agacgtgttg gttaatctgc agtcatacag cgtctttaag atgtctatgt      4380
     gtctgcaaga gcctactaga ggtccgcagt ctgcaagttc tttcacgagt ctctcacaag      4440
     tctcacacaa gtctgcaaaa tagtctgaat taagacaaag atttcatgtc tatattgtgt      4500
     tcttaggagg aggggatttg gctaaacaaa gcatgaaaat taagcgttgt ggtcggcagg      4560
     gtaaactgct ctttcaggca ttgatctcat catgttctgg agacagaaac cgcctgacca      4620
     tttgatcgaa aagagaaaac aatagacacc ccatgctgtg aaactgacaa tttgcattac      4680
     tttggcttag cctttaatca gaaagacaaa aggttaatgt ccttcctagc tgggatgtta      4740
     atgaaattat ataattaaaa accagagaat ataacttttc agttatacgt agattattgt      4800
     tcatttggaa ttagttgata gaaatttata tttccacact aggcatagcc aaacaataaa      4860
     aattctgtac atttaaatga catacattaa gccttaaaca ctactgagtg taaaacatgg      4920
     tgaaaaacag gccaatccaa acaaagccca aactctgacg ttactcaaga gatcaaaaat      4980
     atgcacgcca ctgcagagtt tgtttggctg caatgtttac tatcttctgt tatatttcct      5040
     atgtatagga ctcttatttt gaaaatgaga ctggcgttag ctctgaggta agccaatgaa      5100
     atggcaactt aattgtgtat agcttgttaa aacagaaaat gatggattat aaattcattc      5160
     agcggctcgt aaggaggcat aaggtcagtt tttaactgta tattttctta gtttaacgtg      5220
     tatattggta attttccata taagtgatta accctttaac tgcctgattg accaaatagt      5280
     tgaccatatt ttgagtgact atactttact gagaggagta ccaagagggg tctggctgca      5340
     gactcagtgc acccgcctaa tgcgctcacg ttaccccacc cctaatctct gagtgatgca      5400
     atctcagcat gcatcataaa ggctgcatcc agatactatt gggggtacct aactttacta      5460
     aacctgattg agccatctct accatctggt tgaagtatgt tatgccaaca aaatctacta      5520
     gttgtcacta actcaatcaa ctgcactcat aacaaaattg cttctaccat tgaagccaaa      5580
     aacaaggaaa tcacaccata catgtgaact gtttttggtg ataatttgca aggtaagcat      5640
     tttttttttg acatattacc ctctaagagc cctaacttta caaagttatg ttacttggtg      5700
     tcgtaaaaaa tatttagttt gtttgtaata aattttcaaa aacatactca gccaaatggc      5760
     tgatttgtca cttcatggta aatgtagaaa agcaaaacta atttttttat catgcatttc      5820
     tgcattcaga ctggactgtt agctgagaaa tattcacttt tgatcattca cagaataaat      5880
     atgacacagc ttgttattta ttcatgaata tactgaggtc atttctgaag tatatatata      5940
     taatttcgaa acttttagaa tatttttgga ataaatttaa cgaattctta gaactgatgt      6000
     gtggaaatcg taattctcaa agacgattac ctcttaaatg gcaaatgctc attcacgttt      6060
     ctgtcctatc actgagctct tgtgattttt ctagagtgaa aggatcataa tgaacttcat      6120
     aaaactcatc tgttaacgta ataagttgat attaattcct gctgtaattt caaatatgtt      6180
     aagtccacat aattcaactc tctgcatgga ttctataggc ttgtaaaaca gtttctggag      6240
     tttttttccc tattatacct tctatggaga tagcagaaaa tgatttaaac atgaaatgaa      6300
     tcaatggatt ctatggcacc tttaaataat agtgcacaca ccagtaattt gaccactgaa      6360
     acctttacta aatctcattc cactattcat ttaaacattc aaattttaaa acttgcattt      6420
     aaaaagaaac tcctaattat ttatgtgctg agaggtcagc tgcaaaacta tctgtgtgta      6480
     aaagagcatt tttgctgaca caagctgtta gtaaatctga ccctaaatgt tatacttaac      6540
     atgcgtaatt tacaagaaaa ttattattta aaaaaaacag tatttttaaa aaatcccaca      6600
     aatatcttta aaaaaataca aatctatatt tgtttagatc atttgtatta ttttgcatat      6660
     taaatataat agaaaacttc acattatgta aatattttgc tggtccttac ttgatgcatt      6720
     gaaaacttga caaacacagg agcaaaaaat cgactaaatg tttttatccc ctagcatggc      6780
     gttttgacct tcgtgcaggt gttgaatcgg ttatggcttt tcgtttttca ttttcgttta      6840
     caaatctata tttgtttaga taatttgtat tattttgcaa attaaattaa atagaaaact      6900
     tcacattatg taaatttttt gttgttacct tacttgatct attgaaaacc taacaaacac      6960
     tggagcaaca aaacgactaa atgttttttc ccctagcatg gcgttttgac cttcgtgcag      7020
     gtgttgaatc agttatggct tttcgttttc tctgaaatct cacttctgac tcttccgagt      7080
     cagattcatt cgttttcttt ttcgattcgt gcatttgtag tctcattgat tttcgtctag      7140
     ctgaaactgc agctttggta ctctgacaaa catgcttttc aatggaaagc cctttctcgt      7200
     cgttatcaga ggtattttct tcaccttcta atttttctgc agatgtggat accacttttg      7260
     gaggctcaat ggacatgctg ttttcctcat ctactttgtt ttcctctaga tcagatgttt      7320
     cctctacctc caactctaaa gtgaaaccct catttgcact ggactcaagt tgttgttctt      7380
     ctgcctccag acattgctca gatatcactg tctccagtgt ttcatctgtc gtttctattt      7440
     gtctgttgct tttctctgta tttctcagaa ttttctgtaa tatttcttcc tgtgaattac      7500
     tagccttaaa aataactgta gattcatctg acctcagctc tacattgtcc tctattgact      7560
     cagattgccc cataactgct tcctttatgt gctcgatatc ttcactgtgt acttctttgc      7620
     gagaacgttt ggattttctt ggagcagctt cttccactat ggttcttttt ctaagggtta      7680
     ttcttgtttc ctccgtatca taagaacatc cttgcacacc tgcagcactc tcattttgaa      7740
     tttctttgag ttgcttctct ttatccagta catcagagac ctcatcctgt tctttagaga      7800
     cctgaacatc ttctctctca agattgtcat tgtgagtctt ctccagctca tttttttctt      7860
     ggatttcttt tccctcctcc actgtatcct ctcttgtctc aatttttgca accatatctt      7920
     cagtatttag ctgaataatg tcctcttgat cctttgtgtc ttcaaattca gcaatacttt      7980
     ctacagtgat acttaaatca tcagctagtt gtggtaatgc cgagtcattt tcatttccac      8040
     atgtgtcact ctttgtttct ttttctggct ccaccttctg tctgtggagc cgttttggcg      8100
     ttcttcctgg tgtagattgg actgttactg ttcgggacct gagacttctt ctcgtaatta      8160
     aggttgtttc ctgatctgtg ttttctaaag caacctttgc ctcaacagct gttgccctaa      8220
     agttagctcc tggattggtt tcccaaacat tgtcctcctg agacactgct tcttgataag      8280
     taatcatttc attttctgtc ttatcctgat tgttcttctc ttgttcctgg tctgtgtttt      8340
     ccccaggttt ttgttcttcc tgaactccct catctaaatc tttttgtgtt tcttctactg      8400
     tgttttcagt tgttttagtt gagccctcga tatcaacatc ttctttatct gtagatatgt      8460
     tatgcaaact ttcatcaacc ttccctccat catttgatga gtctatccct tgttcgtctg      8520
     aattagtttc cacatttcca ctcacagaaa ccatatcccc atatacattt agaagttcag      8580
     cattagtctc tactgtttta cttcgtacag tttctattgt aatcaatgaa tcatcttcat      8640
     ttctgcttgt atctgcttct ttcgttaatt ctaactctgc gtgtacggtg gtttcctcta      8700
     caatgtaaat ctgctctttt gtaaccattg aaacttcatc agtctctatg atgttttcaa      8760
     ccatgtcctc gtttttctgt tgttctaata tggcttcttc tctttccatc ttatgtgcct      8820
     cctcattttc tgaatgtatt tccttattct ccatattttc tactttttct gctacacact      8880
     cttcgggttc tgtttctaca ggtaggatct cctctaaagt tgcctctaca gtggatttct      8940
     gaagtgtttg cttgctatca tctatttttg tagcctcttg atgctcatca actgcctttc      9000
     ctgttattgg gacttttgta gttttttctt caaaagcttt agcctcttgt ttttgtagac      9060
     gtcttgattt cctttttagc ggagactgaa tttgtattgt tctgtgtctg agacttcgct      9120
     ctgtgctaac tggtacctcc tcttctaagg attcctggac agcttctgcg acctcatgag      9180
     caagatagct tatttctacg ttactgtctg catgcttatc ttctagagca atattttgat      9240
     aattttctgt ttcctgaata tttgtgtccg ctgccattgt tgttgcttct gaatgctctc      9300
     cagattttac agcttcttgc acatgctcat ctatgatttc ctctacaatt gtcctctgta      9360
     catttatttg tctttccaaa tcttctgttg gtttttgtcc ctcagatgtt atatcctgtt      9420
     ttccagtttc attgtgctcc tcatctgtgc attcttcctc cactttgtct ttctcagggg      9480
     ccttttcagt atctttctct ttctgtagct cttgctgttc ttcttctgtt cttttattac      9540
     atagctgttg ttcactataa actgggctat ccagttccat gttttcctct gtctgagaat      9600
     gtattggggc tcctgaagta tcactctctt cctctgtatt ttgggattgt ttgtttagat      9660
     ctacaagtac aactgtggct ttttgcagtt gtgttactgg agtatcatca tctttctttg      9720
     ctccctcatc agatcctatg tcttcaagaa ggacctcctc cgcagtctga ggtgcttcat      9780
     catatgtttt tacaccgatt agcagttcag aagtctcatg ttcaaccgct tgagtttcct      9840
     caacattgat gtttacagta ctaacttttt tatttaagct aatctttctt gttgctgtag      9900
     aagtttcttc aaattcatcc ctacttatat ctgcttcttt tgctagatcc aactctgcat      9960
     tgtggagacg tgctgatttt ctggttttct ttttcaatgg gactgacttt gcactaagcc     10020
     tgaggcttct ccttttaatc ttttcatggt cattttgatt gctttctatg ctttccacgt     10080
     gtgggacctc ctcctctact aagtgaatga tggtctcttt caaaacatat gtttgcacct     10140
     tgttaaccac tggatcttta ttgatatcca tgggtttttc tgtctcaact gttccttcct     10200
     catttatggc caatggatga gtttcctgtt gctctaaatt ggctgctgtt ttcatgtctg     10260
     gtgcctcctc atctgtgtct tttgccacaa ctaaatttgt ttccttgttc tccaccttgt     10320
     taatttcttc agctacgttt tctgttacac atttatcagg ttctgcttct ataaatgaga     10380
     tcttctcagt agcctctaca gttgattgct taatagtttc ctcgttgcca tccacttttg     10440
     caatttcttt gtgcatttct tttgctgcct ttctggttat ttgtactttt cctactttat     10500
     ctccagaagc ctcttgtttt tccacatctc tcgttttctt tcttggtgtc gattgaattg     10560
     ttattgttct ttgtctgagt cttctctcta tattgatagg tgcctcatct tgcaccaata     10620
     tctcttggac agatactgct gactcctgaa gaagactgct catctctgcc tcaccctctg     10680
     tttgtttctc ttttaaatca acatcctgaa ttatatttga cttgtctgct attgctgtgg     10740
     cttccagatg ttgtttctct attacatcat tttgttcttc caaatcttct gtcagatttt     10800
     gcccctcaaa tatctcatct tgtttgttat atttgttctg ctttttatct gtgacttctt     10860
     cctgcatttc tttcagctca ggggtctttt caatatttcc ccccatttgt agtacttggt     10920
     tttcttcctc ttctgctgtc agtttaccca atccatggtc actataaatt ggttccttca     10980
     gttcaatgtt ttcctctgtc tgagaatgtg ttgagatttc tggagtatca ttctcttcat     11040
     ctgtattttg agaaagtttg tttaaatcta caagtacaac tgtggcattt tgcagttgta     11100
     taactgaagt tctgtcatct ttctcaacca agtcatcaga ctttgcttct tcaagaggaa     11160
     ccatctccac agtctgtggt tcctcctcat taccatctac acccagaagc agttcagacg     11220
     tctcaagttc aacagctgga gtttcctcaa catttttgtt tgataaatca tcaaaacttt     11280
     ccaagttagt ctcaacagta attgctggtt tacagacatt cactgcctct tctgttcttg     11340
     ctgaggattc ttcatattca tctctattca tatctacatc tttcactggt tctgactctg     11400
     ctttgtggag acgtgcagat gatctggtct tctgtgtagt tttaacggat ttggtaatga     11460
     gcctgagact tcttcttgtg atcccttctt ggccactttg attggattca ttgctttcca     11520
     cctgtgagac agcttcctct tcctgaatgg tggtcccctc tactatgtat ggttgcccct     11580
     tgctaactac agggtacatt tctaaggatt cttctgtctc agttgtttct ttcttattta     11640
     taaccagtgg atcattatct tgttgcacta aattagcttc ttccatctct attgtctcct     11700
     cgtttgtgta tgttagcttg ttcttcactt ggttaatttc taaagccact ttttctgcta     11760
     cacaatcttt aggttcctct tccgcaagtg ggatctcctc gtctgtaatt tctactgttg     11820
     atgtttgagg catttcctct ttaccatcta tttttgtcat ttctttatta atttcttcaa     11880
     ctacctttcc tgttactgtt agttttccat ttttatcctc aaaggcttct gccacttgtt     11940
     tttgtacaag tcttgatttt tttcttggtg gagactgaac tattattgtt cttcgcctga     12000
     gacttcgctc tgtgctgaat ggtgtttcct cttctaagat ctcttggaca atttctgatg     12060
     ccccgtgagc aatactgctc atctctgcct ttctgtctgc ttgattccct tttaaagcaa     12120
     catcttgatc ctgttttgtc tccttaatga tatttgtttt gtctgccatt tgtgttactt     12180
     cttgagtctc tccagatgtt acagcactat aaccctctat ggtttctgtc tcttttgcat     12240
     cattttgttc ttctggttta tctgtgtttt ctttctccat tttgtcatgc tcaggagtct     12300
     ttttagtttc tttttcattt tttagttctt gttctttctc ctctggcgtt acattacata     12360
     gttgatgttc actataaatt ggtttgtcca gttcactgtt ttcctctgta tgagaatgca     12420
     ttgagatttc tggagtatca ctctctccat ccgtgttttg agaaagtttg tttaagtcta     12480
     caagtacaac tgtggctttc tgcagttgta taactgaagt tctgtcatct ttctcaacta     12540
     agccatcaag ctctgctttt tcaagaggga ccacctctac agtctgtgtt ccctcctctt     12600
     tgccatctat ttcttcatcc agttgaggtt cagaagtctc aggttcaaca gctggagttt     12660
     cctcaacatt tgtgtttgct aattcatcaa aactttccaa gttggtctca acagtaatta     12720
     ctggtacaca gacattcaca gtcttatctg ttgttgctga ggattcttca tattcatctc     12780
     tattcatata tacttctttc acaggttctg actctgcttt gtggagacgt gcagatgatc     12840
     tggtcttctg tgtagtttta actgatttga cattgagcct gagacttctt cttgtgattc     12900
     cttcatagcc actttgattg ggtttaatgc attccacctg tgagacctct tcctctacct     12960
     gaatggtggt cccctctaca ttgtatggtt gccccttgct aactacaggg tcaatttcta     13020
     aggattcttc tgcatcagtt gtttgtttct catttatatc ttgttgcact aaattatctt     13080
     cttccgtctc tagtatctcc ttgtttgtgt atgttacatt gttctccact tggttaattt     13140
     ttttagccac tttttctgct acacaatctt taggttcctc ttcagcaagt gggatctcct     13200
     tatctgtagt ttctacagtt aatttttgag gcatttcttc aactaccgtt cctgtaactg     13260
     ttaattttcc atttttatcc tcaaaggctt ctgccacttg tttttgtaca agtcttgatt     13320
     tttttcttgg tggagactga actattattg ttcttcgcct gagacttcgc tctgtgctga     13380
     agggtgtttc ctcttctaag atctcttgga caatttctga tgccccgtga gcaatactgc     13440
     tcatctctgc cttactgtct gcttgtttct cttttaaagc aacatcttga tcctgttctg     13500
     tctccttaat gatatttgtt ttgtctgcca tttgtgttac ctcttgagtc tctccagatg     13560
     ttacagcact ataaccctct atggtttctg tctctattac atcaatttgt tctatcagat     13620
     tttctgttag tttttgcctc acaaatgtca catcttgttt attgggttta tttttctctt     13680
     catctctgtt ttctttctcc attttgtcct gctcatgggt ctctttagtg tctttctcga     13740
     tgtgtagctc ttgctgttct ttctcctctg gtgttacatt acatagttca tgttcactgt     13800
     ttggttcctc catttcaatg ttttcctctg tctgagaaag tgttgggaat tctagagtat     13860
     cactttctct ttctgtgttt tgggaaagtt tgtttaaatc tacaagtact actgtggcat     13920
     tctgcagttg tataactgaa gttctgtcat ctttctcatc caagtcatct gcttctgctt     13980
     ctaaaaaagg gaccacctcc acagtctgag gtttctcctc tataccatct atttctgcac     14040
     ccagtagcag tttagaagtc tcaggttcaa cagctggagt ttcctcaaca tttgtgtttg     14100
     ctaattcatt aagactttcc aagttggtct cgacagtaat tactgattca cagacattta     14160
     cagtctcttc tgttgctgct gaggattttt catattcatc gctattcttg tctacttttt     14220
     tcactggttc tgactctgct ttgtggagac atgcagatga tctggtcttc cgtgtagatt     14280
     taactgattt ggtactgagc ctaagacttc ttcttgtgat cccctcttgg tcactttgac     14340
     tgggttcaaa gcattccacc tgtgagacct cttcttctac ttgaacgata gtcccctttg     14400
     aaatggttgt ttgctccttg ctaaccacta agtcagtcag attttctgtc tcaactgttt     14460
     ccttctcatt ctgttccagt ggatgatttt cctgttgctc tgatgtggct tcttctctca     14520
     tttgatctgc ctcctgattc atgttctttg tcacagctac acttgtttcc ttgatgacca     14580
     tcttgtttat ttctacactt tctttttctg caacatcctc ttcagggatg cccttctcag     14640
     tagcttttac atttaattca tgaggttctt tgtcttcatc atctacttct gcacatgctt     14700
     gatccccttc atcagctctt ttttctgtta ttaggactat ttcagttgta tgtcccaaag     14760
     tttcagcttt ttgcttttgt atatgcccat ctttcctttt tggtggagag tgaacttgta     14820
     ttgttctacg tctaagactt ctttctgtgg tgactgcagc ctcatctagg ttttcctgaa     14880
     caggtttctc tagagaaaga ctgctaatct ttttatcttt actctgatct tctgttggca     14940
     tttgttcctc attgagttta ttaaggtcat atttttctac aactgtgtct tccatttttt     15000
     cttcctcagg aatcttttca gtgtcgttat ttttttgttg ttcttgctgt ttatcctctt     15060
     ccagttcttt ttcatttttg tctgtttcat ctagtttcag ttgttcctca gttttggaat     15120
     gtattaagaa atctgaactc tcaccatctt tttctctatc ttgggaaacc tggctcaaat     15180
     ctacaagtac tactgtggat ttttgtaatc ctattatttg agtaccatca tctttctctg     15240
     ccccctcatc atgatctgct tctagaagtg agacctcttc ttcaggactt ccaacagtct     15300
     gaatggcctt ctctttatca tctatatcta caccaatcac aactttttca gaactcttaa     15360
     tttcaacagc catagtttcc ttaacatttg agtttgacat ttcttcaaga caggtctctg     15420
     ctgtactaac tgacgtacag acattcacaa cctcttctgt tgttgctgag atttcttcat     15480
     atttatctct acttatctct gttttttcca ctggctccaa ttcagctaag cttgctcctg     15540
     tgttctccag cttactcacg cattgatcca taacttcatg tctctcttct gtaactgaga     15600
     ttatttctgt ttttttcttg ctcattaatg tatgtcttgc ctgatgttca acaacaacct     15660
     catcttctcg tttttgtaca cgtccagatt tttttattgg tgtagatgta acctttattg     15720
     ttctatgtct aagacttatt tctgtgctga caggtgcatg gatgtcctgc tcatgaacaa     15780
     ggctacacat ttctatgtct gtttcaccag ctaaattaat ttcctcattt gtcatctttt     15840
     tgatttcttt ggttgctttt tctgtggcat cgtcattttc tacttccact gctgggatct     15900
     tctcctctgt agcctctgta atttgaggta cttccacttt gtcatctgtt tcagtagctt     15960
     tcagtagttc tgaacttcca gaagaagttg ctgtggcttt atcaatattt gtgtttgtca     16020
     tttcactttc ctctggcgta acattttcat ccatgtcaat tcttttttcg gtcagaattt     16080
     ttgctcgagt ttgtggctga ctcagtttgt gttgtatcac ttctttgcta cgtgtagatc     16140
     tcctaacagg tgtcacccca gggtcaatag gttgatctct aagtcttgtg gatctacttg     16200
     agacgtcggt cagttttttc tttttagctt gttcaccttg ttttggatac tgtttgtctt     16260
     cctcatatga atcctgttga tcctttttag aatgttcagt tgtagttttt tcatctttgc     16320
     cttgaacaat aagatctgtg gttttcactt cagacttatt ctcttgttct tgagttacag     16380
     aaacatcagt tgctacgatg tagcctcctg tagtacaagc tagttcttcc attggtttgg     16440
     tgtccatgtt caatgttcca tcttgttctt caactaaagt atcttcagct atttgatgtt     16500
     ttgttgacac caaatccttt aattcgcctt gttcaacaat atccatttct ccatgatcat     16560
     cacctgcctt cttagaagaa acctcatcaa attctataat aacaactttg gttttgctat     16620
     gttccactct ttcctcatgc tcttcgaatg ttgtttttga ttcttgtacc tcaataggtc     16680
     ctgcagatga ctgttgcagt acttcttcat gagatttttc tgctcctttt actaattcag     16740
     aaacagctgg aaccacataa agagttttct caatttgtct aatttcattg tccacagtag     16800
     atacagtttc cactgtaagc tcattttcga tgcattcctt aacttcattc tctgctcctg     16860
     actggtgttc agctgagctt tcttcaataa ccttagaact atcatgttca tatttatcta     16920
     ctggttgttc agtatgttcc tcttgaataa cagctttgct gtgatgtttg gttctttgtt     16980
     ggcttgtttt tacagacttt gtcattttaa tcatttcagc aggttcatgc ctgagtcttt     17040
     tggatctcct tgaaggagtt tcaggtgatg ttctcttttg agtcagttta ctttggctga     17100
     acacttgttt tgtatcatca gggcctactt tatttttctt agctttttca aatgctgtgc     17160
     ccttgtatgt ctttctttgg tgtggttcag agacttcttt ttcggcctca cacagttttt     17220
     gttgttcaca taagacctct tcagtacaaa gaacctccat ctctgtttgg tctttgattt     17280
     ttacagactg ctgcagaact atgtttttat gtatggtttc acatttctct ggacttaagt     17340
     tgtcatttct gttttcctca attaggtcct ttccatgaac ttcaataacc tcacttcctt     17400
     ctctttcttt cttctctgtt atttccacat cccaagaaac ctgttctttt tcacttaatt     17460
     tagcgtgtat ttcaggttgc tctgtaatct cttccaaaac ttcagtcctg ctaaatgttt     17520
     catcagtctc actctgagca tttccccctt cgagttcatc tagcatttgt cttatttccc     17580
     ccttccctgt ctcactgaca gatttatctt cctcaagatc tttgttttct aaattctcat     17640
     gttgttcctc ttcagttcct gtactcatct tgacaatttc tacatttacc acagactgaa     17700
     gttggctttc atcattagac cctataatgg ttccttgtat ttcaacagta tgctccttaa     17760
     ccattccaaa ttcctcttta ctgccttttt tactctttat ttcctcggat gtggtgagtt     17820
     gagtgactgg agtcccatct gatgttgctg taattatgta ttttcccatt tccttctgtg     17880
     aacttctaaa ctctgatatt cttgtgacag tcgcagttac cgtgtcagtt gtactctgcc     17940
     aaataaaaaa agaagaagga tgttaatgta cagaaaaatt gcattgtaaa ggaacactcc     18000
     acttttttgg aaatatgctc ctttaaccac tcccctagag ttaaatagtt gagttttgcc     18060
     aattctgaat ccattcagcc aatctctggg tctggtagga gcacttttag cttacttagc     18120
     ataaataatt caatcagatt tgtgaattag atcataaaca catgcttaaa attgatcaaa     18180
     gagtttcagg aatttcctta attaaagtgt gactcttctg tagttgcacc atcaactaag     18240
     attgactgaa aattaaaagt tgctatattt ttggtcaaca aggctataaa ctatactctc     18300
     attccagtga taatcaagga actttgctgc agtaccattg cgtacaaaat atcagcttgg     18360
     tctcactaca caatgtaact acagaagagt caagctttaa atagaaaaat gattggaact     18420
     ctttagtcat ttttgattga gatgctaatg gtctaatcgg attgaatgat ttatgctaag     18480
     ctatgctaaa aatcccccca ccagacccgg atattgattg aaaagtaaaa aaaagaaatt     18540
     caattattta actataaggg gtcttttaaa atgagccttt ttccaaaaac gtgggtttct     18600
     ttaagaaaac aatgcatgta ataatattgt tcgatctgtt atgcaatcaa gcaaccatga     18660
     acattgattt ggttgaatac ataccatgat cacagtttct gagtcattta cagaaaaagt     18720
     gttatcaaga cttccctcag tggccacttc aattggactt ttaactcccg cctcaatgtc     18780
     ttccaccctt ttaaagacag ttgattgtgt aaattgtgta gtacataata ctgttattta     18840
     gtaatgtact gacacattat gtgttacctg attatgttct ttgaaagcct ctcttctgaa     18900
     ttttctctga tacctctacg tttcagattg ctacttgtac tacgtcttgt gacaggtatg     18960
     tcatctgctt ctgtaacagc gaagaacatc agttatttta ggctagaaag attcattgat     19020
     ttttcagagt aaattaatgt taaaaccaaa atcatacttg cctttcatga tgtctgctat     19080
     ggtctcctcc taaagtggta aagttaatat agagatcatc acattggatt tacttcaagt     19140
     tcataataag ataaagtcat tttctaggtg gattggctga aaaattgcat atcaatgcaa     19200
     atctccgtaa aaaaaaaaga aatatgccaa acatcttaca aagtgacaat ttattttact     19260
     tctaactctt tattttattt tttcatattt aatgttgagt tcctactttc attttgtaat     19320
     taagtgattt ttggattaag ttaatcaact ttaatcaact gtatcactgt aaatatgctt     19380
     tcctatactt tctatatact aaatcaaatc aatgttatta aattcagaat aaacagaatg     19440
     ttgtttctta tcttacctca atttccatgg tggattcagt ggtttcctga atctttgtga     19500
     tctcaatttc cattggagcg gtggcatctt cttcctcaaa aataagtttg ctcacaacat     19560
     ggtccttttc tgttaacaag gtattacatt tattagagtt ataagttcat tacattttaa     19620
     ctagatcatc ccattggata agtccatcca cacaactaat tataaatggt aattgctaag     19680
     aaatcttcag tgagaaactt taaagggcag ctattttacc tctttttcaa gatttaatac     19740
     aagtcttttg tgtctcctag gaatgtgtct gtaaagtttc agctcaaaat acccatcaga     19800
     ttattattat gcctttttaa atctgggaga tttaagcggt tgtagctgtt gcctgtgcct     19860
     ttaatgcaaa tgagctggtt cttcccaccc tacgttccca cgtgcatgtg aaagccataa     19920
     acttcatgta gattaacagc acagtgacag acaagaatga agcacatctc tcttactaca     19980
     gtttataaac ggctatttga tgttacttgc tgtggagtta attcaaggct ttctgcaatg     20040
     atgattcaca cacaatctca ttataaagtt cacatgtgcg aacacacaca cacgtttagc     20100
     tttacactgt ttttgctcag caaagtgaca ggatacactt tattatacac tgctgcatgg     20160
     atatccatta tgttaatgca caataaaaag atttgtggac agatttaatg tccacaaact     20220
     gggattaaag cattttcttt tataattgta tacatgcctt atatgcagct gtgttgataa     20280
     agtaaagacg gtaaaattgc tgtaattcat tacaaacatt cactgtttta gaaacgtttt     20340
     aaacttgtaa aactcattct tgctcacatt tgattatgat tgatgatcac agagagctca     20400
     acagatcttt taatcccggt tgctttgctc acgtcttgtc tagttgatat gtttatacgt     20460
     attactaaat agacatgttc atacacagct tttaatcgat tcggtggacg gggaaaacca     20520
     cactcctatt agaggatgac atttttttgg gaatcccgag ggtctcggga ttcccgtggg     20580
     attcccgcag gatgggagtc atctttgctt ttaatcaggg gattgggaca gtacaggact     20640
     aaatagttaa tgggagcaga cgaaagcggg aatcaaccaa caggaagata actaaaaaat     20700
     gcactataac ttttgtttct gcttttttga ttcctttttt tcaaaatgtg taaatattta     20760
     attaatactt tttaattgtg catgctgctt atctctcatt atgcaagagc atattggatg     20820
     aatattgtta aagttaaaaa acttcaacta aatgagttaa atgcagcttg gtataaacga     20880
     tgtactgttt ttcttttatt tactgtaact gatctccaga aaatctagaa acagggactc     20940
     agaagctggt ctaaaacagc agataaaatc aaattctacg tactacttaa aaaatatata     21000
     tatgggagcg gtacaggagc gggagacatt ttaaacagga gcgggattgg agtgggagtc     21060
     attttatcag gagcgggatg ggacaggatt atttttttta actttgttgt ggactggagt     21120
     aaaaatccac tcccgcgtca tcctctaact cttatgttac gttgtggggg ccttaaattg     21180
     ggagtgattt agatcctatt ttaacgtcaa gaaataaaaa aagagactta ttgtgtttat     21240
     atcactccaa tatgcctgtg gacacactat acctacaaac agttctgtcc aaacagctta     21300
     caaaagttga ttttcatcat tggtgcagtt taaacatata tttataaaag cactgattag     21360
     gaaaagtgcc aataaagcta aaaatacaca tattttcttt acctttttgc ttcaaccctt     21420
     gtagcctctt cgctattaga gttctctgga aaaagcctcc tgtattttct acttcccaga     21480
     ggaactcttt gtctgctgga tatattctca agtacttttc acaaactgta agaagagaga     21540
     cagttgtttc catgaacaat atctgataga atgtaacaaa aggtgactag ccagaatgta     21600
     agattgattc cataccttta tacatagctt cagaaagagg aaattttaat cctgtatcct     21660
     catttctgaa gctacaaaaa aaatcttcca gtatctttac gccatgatcc ttgcctcggt     21720
     gacacttcct gacaaaaacc gtgtccatga caggaagctg atagcactgg gtcacaaagt     21780
     ttttgcacaa gctccctgta aatgaagagt aatatgatgt atccaataat taaggtctaa     21840
     atgtaatgat acatgatgtc attttttgtg caatgtttct gtcaactggc aactgggtgg     21900
     gacacaggtc aactattcag tggaacaaaa attcattgtt accatctgct accaaaacct     21960
     tgctcagagc cccaatcgta aagtttaatg ttcttgaaca gctcccacta gctgaatgca     22020
     agagtggttg tttatttatc atagcagaag tgaaacacat taataataaa gctaatataa     22080
     tgaatgcatg acaaggaagc acaaaacaaa cacacagaaa cttgacacct atgcaaaagt     22140
     atacaaggaa tctaaatcac ttactgcacc tttaaccctt tcacacgtac agtttaaata     22200
     ctttatacga ctatactgta tgaccatact gcgtcaagtt tatcaccaca gccccagtta     22260
     tttatgcata ctgtatattg tttctttttt ccctttctag caaatgcaaa tgataaatgt     22320
     aaatattata ttgtgaaata tctgatattc caatcctcat gtgtattcca tcataaaaaa     22380
     gcagcttaaa aattatcatt gtttgatatt tgatgggtat ttctattctg ttggaagatt     22440
     tgctggaaca tgtcaattca tagttttctg tcaaaataaa tggaagttag cagctgttta     22500
     actgtaaaag gaaaagagta aacataaaca gtgtgtttct tatgtcaatg aagcacagca     22560
     tttccccttt taacacaata tattttattt tgagaaacat ttaaaatatt ttggagcagt     22620
     aaacatgtca ggctgaataa ttcaaatcaa tcgctgactt ctgttgtctt tattttaaaa     22680
     cacagatttc ttgacaattt aaaacgttaa atctttggat atcttttctg ctggagataa     22740
     tgttgttcta aaaaacatag ataaaaaatc ctacatatac cctaggaacg gtatagcaga     22800
     aaattttggt ggttttaaaa ctttgacttt tccgaaccgc agtatacctt aaaaccagtt     22860
     attgtcccat gactagctag tacatatgtg tatttgaaag tctgaaacct aaaataaatg     22920
     ttatttgttt gaaaacactg ataaactgtc atttcttacg agcaccatgt gcctctttct     22980
     atacctcagc ctaggggtgt tcgatttaat ttgttttgag ttcttaactc ctaatttttg     23040
     agtccatgaa atcgactgca gaatcaactc catttacatt catttgaaat agcgcaagaa     23100
     tgaaacatta atgacgcttt atacaatgct attctttggc agttgaaagt agttattaga     23160
     ctacaatttt tttacagcat attttaattg tctaatttag atccttttac atactgcttg     23220
     caagagacag aaaggtaaaa catgaaatta ttatcaaaat ttttaatgaa aagaagtata     23280
     gcagtacatc aacaaagata gccttaatag cctaaatatc ttaacctaac gaaataattt     23340
     ggcacagaga acattcacat aaggcacgcc caaaattgtc aatttaaagt tgttactttc     23400
     tgtaattttt tttaacggca tcacatgctc gatcgttaat tgatcaataa cctgtcctgg     23460
     agtctatgtc cattaagagt cgagaaatcg attctttcgg agtccactcc ccatccctac     23520
     ctcagctcaa tgacatgtga tcgtacgctt gagggaccag tgtgatgatc tcaccagtat     23580
     gattataagt gtgaaaagga ttaaattcca cagctgtagg aaatgctcac tttccaccga     23640
     acaactgcta ctgatagctc cgagctggtc acgtgattcg ctgctattat tctgattgga     23700
     ggacctcaaa atttgcagat gactgatcta acgcacagtt ttgttgtgca ttctcagtag     23760
     aaaagtagcc aagcaacatc actctacaat atagccagga aatattactt aaaaattata     23820
     gacaaggctt tataagaact atccttacct ttgggcttga atgagtaaaa gccaatggcc     23880
     actccatcct tccacagtat ttttgcagat tcatgctcac catggcagag gaagaaaacc     23940
     tcttcaccgc tcttctcatt tctcaacaca attctgttga ggacatacag gactatcctc     24000
     tccccaagag tgctgacctg gcataaacat ggcaatagtg ctgtagcagt tttgcacgct     24060
     atttcaaata atgaatacat ttgcagttta acaaaatatt aatgatggca cttttaggcc     24120
     actgaagcat tgcataaaaa agagaaaaca ctgaccttga tcaagcctgt tcttgaaggc     24180
     tctgctgttt taagaacctc ttcaactccc caccacttcc ccagcaaata aagccctaca     24240
     actgtacagt agatataatt caatctcaca taaaacagat agtggtaaca tcacaatatg     24300
     tgcaagtaac tcagattttc ataatcatat tacctgtgat ggagtcgtca ggcgagaaca     24360
     atgcaaggat cttcttctta gtatctgcac catatagagg gacgaaactc acattgcaga     24420
     gaccaatctc tatctgttga tgaggaaaca tatttgaaaa gattaaaatg tttcttataa     24480
     cttttaacag ggtttctaca gttttcatca agtcaaattt aagacatttt aagaccataa     24540
     tgaatgaaat ttcagactta cacaaggcaa aatgaaaaag attttttaat tgaccagttt     24600
     aaaaccttaa caatacttat taacatgtta ttgtagggaa gagaattcaa ccatattaag     24660
     aaataaaaaa taaacatttc ttaaaacttt tagctttaca tgaacacact gtaaaatcta     24720
     accatttgag gaaaccgatt gcaacaaaac atttaagtta aaaaactaat cctaacgagt     24780
     actgtaaact taatccactt aagttgaagt aatgaagtat ttaattaacg cattattttc     24840
     aacactgagt tcaaaactct tttcaaatga gtagaattaa tttttagtaa aatttgggtt     24900
     aactacactc atttcttatg ataaagttga ctgttgggtt ttacagtgta ggaaaatcaa     24960
     aacctattta aaatgattta agacctacaa cacaatattt cagtggattt aagacttttt     25020
     aaggcctgaa atttggtttt tgaattttaa gaccacgcta ataccctgtt ttaactacca     25080
     tttatttttt aaagaaagaa gtatttctta tttctgtcat gacaactctt agagagattt     25140
     ggtactatat cagtatatgg cattttccca tattacctgt ttggaattag gcaggatgag     25200
     gtactcaggt tttctatatg gaagctgaga catgtattcc tctgctgcct gctccaagga     25260
     ctcatgatcc acatttgtca gaatatctac aggaaatgcc atcctatgga agaaacggta     25320
     gatggttttt acaataataa cagtaataat agtaaacgta aaaaaaaaaa aagtagaaaa     25380
     gttcactcac ataaaacaca ttaaattttg cctctgacta ctttttaatt acctatattt     25440
     taagtttata tacatcaacc tgtgcagtgc acatgccctt tttagtctcg gatagaaagt     25500
     gcccctccaa aatgatcaaa agtgcccccg cacaccctct atctcaagag caaactcacg     25560
     tgaacgcagg gagaacatgc aaactccaca aagaaacgcc aactgaccca gcagaggctc     25620
     caaccagtga tctttttgct gtgaggcgac agcactacct actatgccac tgcgtctata     25680
     aaatatgcat atagacacag aacaagaaca aacactggct catactgtag acatacaaat     25740
     gacattgatt cattttcttt tcggcttagt ccctttgtaa atctggggtc gccacagcag     25800
     agtgaaccgc caacttatcc agcatatgct ttacacagtg gatgcccttc catctacaac     25860
     ccatcactgg gaaacatcca tacactccga ttcacacacg tacactacag acaatttagc     25920
     gtacccaatt cacctttttc acatgtcttt ggaattaagg gggaaacacc cgttggggga     25980
     tgcacctgga gagaaaacac tcgaacacgg ggagaacatg caaactccac acagaaactc     26040
     caactgaccc agccaaggct cgacccagcg attttcttgc tgtgaggcaa tcgtgctacc     26100
     cactgcgcca ccatgcagcc cacatacaaa agacaatata aaaaaaatca aaaaagaaaa     26160
     aaaagcatca tagtcacaaa acatacagtc aaaactagag agggtatatg acttaaacct     26220
     cagaggggtc actggattgc tcttaagata tggatttgtc aaataaatca agaaattgac     26280
     ctcatagcca aaaatttgaa tctccatcca aataacatca aatcagaaat cctgttctgg     26340
     aatgagggtg ataatggtga tttccaatta ttattctatg actactttaa cacagctttt     26400
     tggacttggt acatggtaca aaatataaca atgtgatatt tgtcacttga taatactgta     26460
     gttttgttcg gacaatgtgc aacctgacat tatcaagtat gtcactcact ttggaaaaaa     26520
     acaaaaaaac taaaagcaaa aatagagaga aagacagaaa gacagactca taaacctgtc     26580
     agaaaggctc tattagttaa gtagttatgt ttataaaaga tgatgtaatt aagctaatca     26640
     cacaactaaa agagtgacat tttcctgatt atcatggggt aattgcatgg gtgtaattgc     26700
     aaatgtgatc ctcattttat acaacaacta acaagttatt actgttcaaa aaagctggtg     26760
     cagaacattt tgttgtttca gagcaacact accgtgctta ttgctgttgc cactataaat     26820
     acattcttgc tccccttgtg tttttgttgt tgttgaatca atttaaattt tctagtcatc     26880
     tcaacttata tcaatcaaac ttttgggcag caagtctgtg cagtttatgc tgtagtacag     26940
     tggtgagaaa ttcttagaga gctgcagctc tgcagagttt agtttcaatt tttttcacac     27000
     actgaagctg cagtcacact gcacttttct ccccatagac ttccatacat gaatgcgtca     27060
     gacaggaaac gcaaactcgt ccgacaagtt ttacagtttg ctacgttgta cagttcgagc     27120
     ttggtaaact ctgacctgcg aatcgcatca gatgattgcg tgagaccact caaagatcaa     27180
     aacatgacct ctctggacag aaatttaaaa tatggatcaa tcactcgctt ttttaaatgt     27240
     ctaatcatct tgttaaatcc aagctcaaac tctagtgtaa ccacagcttt atttgtaggt     27300
     tacaaacaag cctgaaggac tcatttattt tgattacatg tgtttcatta gggttaaaac     27360
     taaactgtgc agagctgcag ccgatcaaca tgtttcaatt attttactca tgtaaaaccc     27420
     aaaaataaaa tctagatcgg aaccacaaca aaaggatgtt tatcattcta gagtggttgt     27480
     gtacacatac cgtcaacaca catttgattg aaaagacagt tataaacaat tttacccttt     27540
     aaatataata cattttggcg acgcagtggc gcaagaaggt cgctggttcg agcctcggct     27600
     gggtcagttt gcatttctgt gtggagtttg catgttctcc ctgtgttcac gtgggtttcc     27660
     tctggctgct caggtttccc ccacagtcca aacacatgca gtacaagtca gttgggtagg     27720
     ctaaattgtc cgtagtgtat gagtgtgaat gagtgtgtgt ttcccagaca tgggttgtgg     27780
     ctggaagggc atctgctgcg taaaaacgtg ctggataagt tggcggttca ttctgctgtg     27840
     gcaaccccgg ataattaaac gagctaagcc aaaaagaaat tgaatgaatg aatgaatata     27900
     atacacttta taattgattt agatttattg aagagtaaca aagcaaaagt gtatcatatc     27960
     acttcatact tacttcctgg gccatttata ttgaagttga tacatagccg caccatgttg     28020
     gtgttttgta acatctattt ttatgaggtg agttgttagc ccaacactca acccccaatc     28080
     tggaggacca ggacatacac acatactcta cggacgattt aacttaccca attctcctac     28140
     cgcacatgtc tttggactgt gggggaaacc agagcactca aaggaaaccc acacaaacac     28200
     agggaaaacc tgcaatctct acacagagct aacccaacca aggctcaaac cagcgacctt     28260
     cttgctgcga ggcgacagcg cttccccctt cactgcctta ccaccctatc atatcacttc     28320
     atagttcttc atatttttct gtgtgaacct ttttaactgt ggttgaggaa tgcggtaaaa     28380
     gctgcttgcg acataaacct gaattgccct tgagtgatgc agctgacagc tgcttctgac     28440
     aataattgca gaggcagaga aaaatatatc aacttaatga gatattctgg cgtgccacac     28500
     ctccaactca actataacac atagtagtac ccatgtgttt cataacaaac agctctgcac     28560
     aaatatggaa caggagctga agaagtggga aaatcaatgt gtgcaccaca taaacaaaca     28620
     catttgtgct gtgggctcct ttcctggttt ggcacgttca cttattgctt aaaaaccact     28680
     gtgtatgtac agtgtacaat caaatttgta gagtatgcca aaagacagaa gatactcaaa     28740
     aacagaactc aaaaactgga gggccgcagc tctgcacagt tttgctccaa ctctaatcta     28800
     gcacagctga tccagctaat caaggcgatc aagactacta aagactatta agcaggtgtg     28860
     agttggaggt ggttggagct aaactatgca gagctgctgc cctccaggaa ttgggtttga     28920
     gtacattgtc ataaggattg agtcaatacg tattaaataa aagctttaca agcacaaact     28980
     gaacgttagc cctgcctgaa ctagtcaata ctacaacatg ttgttattaa gccagataat     29040
     catgtgtatt tgttcacatt tgtgcctcta cagtgaacat attttgatag gaaaatcatt     29100
     taaaggctgt gaatgcgtca gtgggccttc tgtcagagtt cattaccagt gaggcagaag     29160
     agcgagcttt gtttgtgtct atgcatttgg gtttgctgaa ccagatgaac accttcctca     29220
     tgcatacacc ttcagggcaa ctaaatatga atatctgctc tttgcagaaa cacgctcact     29280
     aaaacactac ccctgtgaaa actggtgctc tggaagataa aaacatcaaa catagcagta     29340
     ttgctaaatg ctaccaccac aacttagctg ggttgtcatg atgtgccaga ttaacaacac     29400
     tagtgacata agacaatgac tacatttaca tggacatcag taataaaatt atttgcctta     29460
     atctgaataa gacaataata taattaaggt gtttacagga gttgcttttt gaaagttcag     29520
     tttatgatcc agttttacgt gttatagcac ataatttgat taacgtccta atgtcatcac     29580
     gatatccaca atttccccag agtttcatgt aattttaggt atttcatttt taatttgtca     29640
     actttaaatg cagtttggca ctttcacttt cattcaggaa catttcatcc atgcccccca     29700
     tgataaatga gataatgcat gcgagtatga actgctggaa gagtgttgtt ttaatgaaat     29760
     ttgataccgc acaccagtgc ctaatttgtt tatgcgaggt cctggaacag atcggggtaa     29820
     cggatccagc aggttagcca aggatggaga aatgtaacga tagagaggtg gtaggggggg     29880
     ttggttttgg atggcagagg ggtgtcgctg atgaagtacg aagtgaagag cggtgggtgg     29940
     tcgcggataa aagtgaagag gtttagggag tcgtggaaga aagtgaaagt gaacagcgga     30000
     cgggggaaga gggcgattga ggagggggat ctgtaaaatg aggtgccctg ccgcacactg     30060
     tatgggagaa aaccttcaca tttcgtgatg cagatgtctg tggtccttca ctgacttagt     30120
     agatgcaaaa aataacatca aacagccatg tgtagactat cctgacgcaa aatgcagcga     30180
     aaatcctaca cgacagtaag tttgattgca gtgtctacat gtctatactg cagtcaataa     30240
     tgtcagtaaa atcagcatac tccacgttag tttgatttct gtatagttcc attatgacct     30300
     taattattga tttatatcag accttaatga ttaaattagt caaaaaacac tgtttacatg     30360
     gtagactctt aatcagagta ttgtctcaat cgcattaaat taggattatt ggtgtccatg     30420
     taaacgtact taatgtcaac ttcagataaa cttgctatat tcatgccttc aattcaaagg     30480
     tattagggtt atcagattat aaagctgctc tccaagagta tcacattcac gtgcgctcca     30540
     aaaaagtata gctgatgttt tttataaaat gcattgtaca gaacaaattt agtattgccc     30600
     atgggaagtg ctttgcacat ggcatttgca tgtgagtttg taggtcaaca taaaaacaag     30660
     tttagattat tagcatatgt gctgttgtac tttctttaaa gtctcttcaa tcattcattt     30720
     tcattcacct tagtcacttt atttatcagg ggtcgccaca gtggaatgaa ccgccaacta     30780
     ttccagcata tgtttaaagc tatttaaaat aatttatcat aactttttgt cattttttgt     30840
     caacataacc acaccaactg caatatatta atgaagcttt ttatttattt gaataaagaa     30900
     atcacaaaac acaaactttc tgacaacttt cacacaaagc gaatgcttaa tccagttaca     30960
     atgctattaa aattatctaa agtttgtaca cacagaaatg ttacattaca atgttgtcac     31020
     tgggactgta tttaaaagct acaattttgt acttttataa tacttaagta ctgcaacagt     31080
     gtcagatttc gaacgtgtat ttctgtgaaa ggtcgtcagt acatggatcg cctgacaata     31140
     ggtttggtaa cacggtgtac ttaaagcgcc ctaaagctcg tgggtgtgtg tgcaacctcg     31200
     ctgcaggaat cttcgcattt aaagtcccac gaactaacca ataaccaacc caacactttt     31260
     gcacaagtta ctccatctca accagcaaaa cttgtctgta aaacatttaa agacaaatac     31320
     atcaacactt ggaacccttt gtttatgttt tgtaattagt tgaaacttgt ttttggtggg     31380
     tttgagtaag gatagctgtg tatgcgcgca tgtttgcaaa catttctata ttttaacatc     31440
     taaggattat gtgggcccgt cgagtgattt caagctactg tttagctgga gtgagcagga     31500
     ttcagttgca gtagcctaca acacagggaa aacatgcagc cccgaaaaga ttgcaattgc     31560
     ataatacagc gcacatatgt cattaataat gaactaattg atttaaacat tccagtcgtg     31620
     ctgttacatg ttctgcagct ctgcaagggg gaaactggtg tttaaaaaca gctttctgaa     31680
     aattattatc aacacaaatg gtcagacata tgagtaaaag tgatattttt caataaacat     31740
     gcaggattta ttcagtataa acactgcacc ctgtgaactc gagcaggaga agcttagtaa     31800
     acaaacacta atccagcgcg ctgaagatgc gtatttggca cgtcgcgcca ttacattgtt     31860
     gttttgattt gaagaacaaa attaaccacc cagaatgtgt catagaaaaa aagaataact     31920
     tacctggctt tttaaaattc ccggcgttta tgatttattt ttttattctc gtgaacctca     31980
     gtgcatgaat attacgtggc tgttacatag ttgtgcatac gcgcgtgccg aagctccctc     32040
     cctctcgttc cctccacttt gagcagcgca cgagcagcca acgggagagg agcgcacaat     32100
     cgcgttatgc aatcacagac taaatctgga acgcgtttta tataaaaaaa aacaaataga     32160
     tctgacacca cgtaaacaca tatgaagtat tagtggaatt tagaagtcca tactaaatca     32220
     taaaagtagg catttcagat aaaatcgatg tacggtctta aaatgataac ccggaaaaat     32280
     tactgatgca gaaaattatt cagagaaagc agagaatgct cagagagcat aacaagccac     32340
     gactgaaaaa ataatcatcg gtttgccact ggaaacagta aagaaacacc ccagagggta     32400
     gagtccagcc ccctacgttt tttttccaca tgccattatt ttatttgttt tgctattgaa     32460
     tattagccta taaatcagtg atataatctt tacagacccc ctataatata taaaaccaaa     32520
     gtcacatgaa taaccaatac tgcactctca gaaaaaatgt tgtataccaa agaaggtaca     32580
     aacccttggc attggggcag taacttttta tgggacagaa ttgtacctta atacaaagaa     32640
     actaatttgt gctattgcag tttgtacttt taaggacaag gacatgattt gacccatgga     32700
     aaacctaaat gtacctttgg tttttaaatc tgcaaaaaca atattgtacc ccaaaggcac     32760
     aaatctgatc tatgacaaac cactatacaa taccactaca gtgacaagac attttgtacc     32820
     ctaacattgt caaaggtgtt tcttcaagaa ctatttaaat acattttgct tcatccaaaa     32880
     tgcctcagtt tattttcagt aaatataaaa catcaaatac atttttaaac aatgttttaa     32940
     agacgtttct tgttgtgtaa atgcaccttt tccatttata ataaagaata aaaaaacact     33000
     aacataaatc aaaatatcta tttttgctaa acatttcaca acttttttca caaaaagtta     33060
     cagaaataca ttctcccatg tacaatatta aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa     33120
     caaacaaaca aacaaaccaa aaatctccaa ttttcacatg atgcctttgt aagcatgtca     33180
     aagttcattt aatttactta attttaaaat agaaatgcaa acatattgta atgagatatg     33240
     cacaatgttt aattagtttt acaatactaa aatgtttgca tgaacacttt gtatatgcag     33300
     gactttcgcc agatactagt ggaaggcaaa caccaaaagg tgcgaatatc aataatgaaa     33360
     ctgtaattat cagtagatgt tttctaaatg tttattaaaa agccttacat gtttactttc     33420
     caacacctaa agttttgttt taccattttt ttgtattata gaacttaata ataaatgttt     33480
     acgagtttct ttaaacatac agttgaagtt agcattatta gcccccctga atttttagac     33540
     cgcttgttta ttttttcccc aatttctgtt cgacagagag atttttaaac acatttctaa     33600
     acataatagt tttaataaat catttctaaa aacagattta ttttatcttt gccatgatga     33660
     ctaaataatg tttgactaga tatttatcaa gacagcccaa agtgacattt aaaggcttaa     33720
     ctaattagct aactaggcag gttatggtaa ttaggcaagt tattgtataa cgaaggtttg     33780
     ttttgtagac agtcttgaaa aaatatagct taaaggggct aataattttg accttaaaat     33840
     ggtgtttaaa aaattaaaaa ctgcttttat tctagccaaa attaaacaaa aaagactttt     33900
     tctggaagaa aaaatattat cagacatact gtgaaaatat ccttgctcag ttgaacgtta     33960
     tttggaaaat attttaaaaa gaaagttaaa gggatctaat aacctcaact gtatgctttt     34020
     aaatgaagat tcttgtttta ataggagttt atttataaat cactttgcct ttccagtact     34080
     atttattttt agagatgttg taataaagga gttgtccaac acttatgtac cttttatatg     34140
     agaaatattg tgtagcttca tttcaattag accataaaag gtacagaaca gtactatata     34200
     aggtcttatc tgtaccataa ggtacaactt ttacaaaggt acttaaggaa cattaaggtc     34260
     cttaaggaac attatttgta ccactgtgta ccttttttct gaaagtgttt aatatacaga     34320
     cacatattat agtttatgtg gttctaaatt taaatatatt aagttaatat aattattgtt     34380
     tgtacttatc atatactctg ttcagttata tgcacattga tttgcatata acagtatttg     34440
     ctattattaa tttcacttca catggaattt gtgacaatct gtttaaatct tacagttttt     34500
     ttatttattt aaattttttt ttttgattgc taaaacaatt tctgaaccct ttctccattt     34560
     tcttacacca ttaaacacaa aaccttattt tcaagttcta ttacagtgtt tctcaactgc     34620
     taaaacacta aaccctattg tctgaaccaa atgctccgtt gcctgaaccc actgattgaa     34680
     tcaatctatc ttttggcaaa accataagca cttttcacct gtttagacac aacttgcaac     34740
     acgtttttta ttgtgatgca ccactgctgc ataatgtggt gagaaaaagt gacaaaaata     34800
     aaaaacaatt acagtttttt tataatggct atgacagttt tttcaataca tttaacacgt     34860
     ttcctaaact ctaagttatt ttttttttgg attgcttaag cacgattttt aaaacagggc     34920
     ccatgttttc aaaacagtaa acacaattag cacaaccaca cacccaatta gcaaaacact     34980
     acagatcctt tgcataatta aacactcttg tgaaaactat acacttgtgt ttaaaaacca     35040
     cacttttttt accataagaa acacacgttt cacatttata cactgtttgc acgagttaca     35100
     cactgctgtg ataaacctaa aacactttta gcacttctac ttccctatga ttagagtagg     35160
     ctaccatcaa caaagcacaa ataaaaagta aattcccaaa cactactcaa gaacaatgtt     35220
     gcaccttgaa gaaactcatt tattcctcaa gatgtccaac atgtttacat gaagattcaa     35280
     agtactgtaa catgtcactt tacgtattga actgtaagtt agacattgtc tcttcgtcta     35340
     gctggatctg gcatgagaat tatcaacatt gcaatgttgt ccttagctag acaccttgga     35400
     aagaaatgtc ttgaatgtag aatcttgtat tgctgctacc tccatctggt cacaggcctc     35460
     ctccatggct tggatgaggg gaacctcagc ttgtagacgg agatcatata cctttcacca     35520
     ctatgccaag aaaaactctt caatagggtt gaggaatgga gagtgtggtg gaagatatag     35580
     gacgttgaaa tgtggatgtt gctgaaacca gttctgaacc agagcagaac ggtggaaaga     35640
     cacattgtcc cagacaacaa tgtattgcaa atgatcgatt tgattttctg ctgttatgtt     35700
     gtgcaattgg tccaagaatg taagtatatg tgctgtgttg taagggccca tatggtcatg     35760
     gcagtggagg accccattct ttgtaatggt tgcacagagt gttactgtat atttccccca     35820
     cgttgccctg ggacattgac tatagccctg tgcccaatgg tgtttcttct actccatgtt     35880
     ctcatcaggt taaacacacc atcatctacg tcagtggttc ccaacctggc cagagttcac     35940
     aaggggggcg cgggagagga taagtgttga ggtagaaaaa ggcataaaat gctccactat     36000
     tatacagggc tgtacaatta atccaaaatc cgatttcgat ttcaaacgat tataaaaaag     36060
     cattaatcaa gataaacaat tatatgcatc atataccgcc ccctttccag ttgtatgtgt     36120
     tgcgaaagac cgcgtgctta tgtgtgtgtg caacacgcac acgcagtcag aagcatgcgg     36180
     ccgtcagcat tcgctctcat tcgcaccctg agacgagcag agaagcgcag acatctagtc     36240
     atcttaacgt gagcgcttta atggtcaaat aggtgtcaaa acgcggtgtt tagtgattat     36300
     ttatattaac cctcatttgt gtaataaaca aacgagttga ggatcaaaag acgtgaaaga     36360
     gaaaccatta aagagacagc gcaaaatatt cctgctgccg cctgttttta ttatcattaa     36420
     tcaaacataa cgagaaaatg tttctctgct cttgactgaa ggatttctgt agctaaagtg     36480
     ttttttttac agtggagatg cttaaagcac agtttgtttt atatttttat tctattgtat     36540
     ttatttctct ttcctttgca gggtggaaaa taactgtata tatacacttg aagttagaat     36600
     tattagccct cttgaatata agcaaacctt ttcctgccca atttctgttt aatgtaaaga     36660
     attttttttt acttatttct gaacataata gttttgatat ctcatttcta attactgatt     36720
     tcttttatct ttgctatgat gacagcacat aatattttac tagatgtttt tcaaaatata     36780
     agcattcaaa tttaagtgca attcaaaggc ttaattagag taattaggca attcattgta     36840
     taacagtagt ttcttctgca gacaatcaaa aatatatatt gcttaagggg gctaataata     36900
     ttgatcttaa aataggttca aaatatttaa acctgctttt attctagcta aaataaaaca     36960
     aataagccta gaagaaaaac aaatattaga ggaaatactg ttaaattcct tgttctgtta     37020
     aacataattt gggaaatatt tataaaaaaa aaaaattctc aggaatatat gtatttttaa     37080
     gtaccaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa atcaaaacac atgcttaaaa ttccaacata atagtaaaaa     37140
     taattaaaat aaatgactct aaataatttt ttacattttt ctcacttgcg caatgtgctt     37200
     gtccaacttc tcgtaaaggc aaaatcaaaa caaaaatggc agacaaacgt caatgtaatg     37260
     attcttcaga ggcgaagaaa aagattagac agtatgacaa agcctatcta aatacacata     37320
     aacacacaca tacagtaata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     37380
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatggtacat atgtgtgtgc gtgcgtgtgt     37440
     atttatatgg tgggggggct ccaatgtttg tatatgttca tggggggggg ccccagagaa     37500
     aaaggttggg aaccactgat ctacgtaagc aaactcatgc tagatctcct ctccatccat     37560
     tcgtaaaatt acctgaagca cagtgtcagg caaaattgtg cagttcagtg tagatctagt     37620
     attacagtac agtaaaagat aatgagacag tatgcaagat tacactgcta aagtgaatac     37680
     ataactctgc ataatcatgc cacagtcttt tcaccctttc gaaattgtgc tcgaaaggca     37740
     ctccataaat ttgcttcatt tgaatatgtt tttaaaattt ttttatggtg tgtgccagtg     37800
     ttgatattga gacctaatgg ttttcattta aactggcatt ttacagtgct taaacacctg     37860
     attgatatgt ctacaattaa tcaaacaagt gtttgcacac ctgacggaag tgactttatg     37920
     atagatttta gtgtgtaatg tatgttaagt gtgtttagtg ttttgaaaat cactgtgtgt     37980
     agatttttgc aacaagtgtt aagttgacaa tgtgcttata gttgtgcaaa tatgggctga     38040
     tgttttgata cttgtgtgta aggttttgct aagtgtacta cttttaattt tagtgtgtaa     38100
     gcaatccaaa caaggtaatc ttctattctt cccggtcttc tgcatttggc cacatgttct     38160
     catccacatt acacttgata tcttctatgg cccggcacgg taatggtagc cattattatg     38220
     tttctcccat ggctacatcc ccagcctcat caacatagat aattccaggt acttgattgg     38280
     cctccaactt catgactctc tgaaagtaat tagacacagt gtatgcaaat gctgtactgt     38340
     actgtatatc tactgtatgt actaatgaac tccaggtttt agagtagttt actgtgaaac     38400
     acactgtgta tagtataagg actgtattgc ataaccttac ctggatgtat tggtgatgga     38460
     gttctttgat tcgctcactg ttccattcag tgtcctcttt tagaacatat aatcatgtga     38520
     tcagataaac ctcaacacat gagtgtggtt tctcgataaa atcagttgtg agatacattt     38580
     aaaaactaaa ataagcaatg gaataaaata cagggaatat atctgtgttt cagttcacaa     38640
     tatgagcagc tgttaacttt gactactagc ctatataagt tgtgtttaga acatgaagtt     38700
     atctgttctg acattcagag tgaaagcatt tgtaaatttg actataatat tacattattt     38760
     tggtcttggt tgagtttgtg tgtaaaagaa gttcaagcat tttaaattgg tgttaactgc     38820
     atgcattttg tatcaaacca acaagaaatg tgttcattgt atagcctaca aagacgaatg     38880
     ttgtgctaat cgtgtaaaga atttaggaac cctgttaaat gtattgaaaa aactgtcaaa     38940
     gcaattgtaa aaaaaaaaaa ctaacaaaac cactgacttc tcttgcaaaa ttaaactttt     39000
     gtcttaaaca gttttaccta tgttcaaagt aaagcactga tttcaaataa tacacaaagt     39060
     gatcaaaatg atatacacca tcaagaagtc agtaaacaat acaacacaaa acaaaaaaac     39120
     atgtagttta aaacatatat tctcagaaat aagaacagtt ttacagtttt tttctaactg     39180
     ctaacacatc ttttaaaaca acatctgctt ttttaaaact ctacacacaa ttttcaaaac     39240
     tgcactcaaa aaggcaaaat gtctcacatc ttcaaaatgt aacactgcat tcaaaatata     39300
     ataaagatgt cagaatgaag cattgcatca tgtaatatat attttagttc catttttatg     39360
     tattttttcc actaaagatt tccacatgac ttaaatgacc tttaacaaaa tcgtaaaaca     39420
     tactttttca agaatcaaga atcagtgcat atagacaaaa agagacattt aggtcaacat     39480
     caacacctta aaatattgaa caccatgaaa acattcaggg tgaaaacaca gaactaaatg     39540
     catcaacaaa tggcataatc ttcacaatta caaactttaa aatgtcaaaa aagtgttaca     39600
     aataagaata ttcgcattac cgtttcaata tgcattttca tagacaccaa tgactgcaaa     39660
     aaaattttac ttttacttaa aatgaattac cattacagta acgtacatga tctgtcccta     39720
     aaataataat ataaatacag tgaataaaaa gtattccatc ccaaagatgt ctaaaatgga     39780
     ctggtggttg atatctgtga gttgtttagt aaagggatat gtcattcatt tttttcttta     39840
     ttaaaaacac ctcacaaata tacaaaccct gtcattgtcc ttgtgctcag cccaattgaa     39900
     cctacatttt tgttatgcta aaaacggtta ttttgaaaat aaaattactt cagaaatagc     39960
     tcagtttaag tttttatcat tcacatcaat taaataaaac attaaattat taatcaatta     40020
     taaaaacaat tactacaaaa ataaaataca aataaattgt ttctgtcagt cctgtcacat     40080
     ttgcatttta aatttaacat aaattgtata atttttcagg acgaaaataa aagtcaggcc     40140
     ctgtcacatt tttaatgagt gaaaataaat aaagacccca gtaatactta tactcaattg     40200
     aacgctgata aacctgcagt ttaacaattt cctctttcaa ctagtttaat gtactgttat     40260
     ttaaaaacat tcaaaacttt aatgtacgct gtaaaatcac taggtggcgt gcgatgttca     40320
     tttttagatc acagtgcttt gaataagact ttctcgtata aaaatgaagt tatattaaaa     40380
     cactgctgta tggtggccac atttcctggt gcgtctccta tagtgcattt ttttttaatt     40440
     ttgtgcaaat taaaataaac aattaggatg tgtgcagatt aaatcagttg ctttaattat     40500
     gtttaatcaa aaatctcact atgactcaca taatataaaa aaacaccaaa ccaatattaa     40560
     ttttttttac taaatcacag tgaaaaataa aacgaaagaa acgtgagatc atatattaaa     40620
     tgtaacattt aaatctacct atttaacttt tttactttac aacttttcaa atgtcatttt     40680
     atgctcatat ttcgtttcat tatttttttt attgaacaaa tattaatgta cagcaacttg     40740
     gcattatcat tacaccttta cattacaaaa aaataaaaat aaaacaggta caaataaaga     40800
     acagataata tgttacataa aataattcta attaaaataa tacataacta aatataaaaa     40860
     ataaatgaaa aggactagga gttttcctgt aatttatact tttctctcaa agacagacta     40920
     attgcatcat ctttagggat tttagatgta aagtaatctc attataaaaa gcacaaaaca     40980
     ttggtttcac ctttaaatat tttgattttt gtaacatttt ccaagcataa ggatgttgtt     41040
     gattaaaaaa gcatctttat tactgtccat gacaagtcca taaatgatgt cattcacatt     41100
     aaagatcctg atgtgtggaa tattttggta aagccaggca ttacgcatcc acaaacatac     41160
     agtgatgatc tgttgtttca atatcatcac aaaacattta taagactcaa atccaaatct     41220
     aattcttaaa tattcacttg acgaataaat acaattttta tataaaaact tctttagttt     41280
     ttggaggcag aggaagcttt aaatgttcag ttatatgtga atggtatctt aagataattt     41340
     aagtgcaatt gagtttctaa accgctagag gataatgttg ttaaattaat ttctaatctt     41400
     tttgtttgaa ccttctttgc aatcacacct tcaatgaaaa aggggggaac agttgcggct     41460
     gcaagggtag ccagaaaata tggctttata gattcaaatt gtactcgatt agaaattata     41520
     atatatttat tacaaacatt cctgtgaaat tgctcatgga atttaattac ggaagtccta     41580
     agaagccatg cagtcaaata ttttttcttg ttttgtcgtg atcacgactt atttatctcg     41640
     tgatctcgac ataacaaaaa gttgttttgt cgtgatctcg atataacaaa aagttgtttt     41700
     gtcgtgatca tgacttaatt atctcgtgat ctcgacataa caaaaagttg ttatgtcgtg     41760
     atcacgactt aatttttttt ttttttgctt ttatttatta attaatttat ttatttattt     41820
     atttattatt attattatta ttattatgct atatatattt ttattaatat ctggccaatg     41880
     tctgtccagg cagtgaatag cctatgcact gcaaacaggg agaaaatagc cttactgcaa     41940
     atgcgcattt catgcaacac aataaaggcc ttcagaacac ccgatttgag cgcaaacgtg     42000
     ctcatgatta atgtacattt atgatttaat gtgttatata ttactattta caatcatatt     42060
     ccctcaacgg tttccatttt aaagtaactc tggcgcaatg ttcaagttgt aaataatttg     42120
     acgaacttga cgaataaaat aacattttta tataaaaact tctttagttt ttggaggcag     42180
     agaaagcttt aaatgttcag ttctatgtga atggtatctt aagataattt aagtgaaatt     42240
     gagtttctaa accgctagag gataatgttg ttaaattaat ttctaatctt tttgtttgaa     42300
     ccttctttgc aatcacacct tcaatgaaaa aggggggaac agttgcggct gcaagggtag     42360
     ccagaaaata tggctttaat aatagattca aattttactc gattagaaat tataatatat     42420
     ttagtacaaa cattcctgtg aaattgctca taaaatttaa ttacggaagt cctaagaggc     42480
     catgcattaa aatatttttt cttgttttgt cgtaatcacg acttatttat ctcgtgatct     42540
     cgacataaca aaaagttgtt atgtcgtgat ctcgacataa caaaaatttg ttttgtcgtg     42600
     atcacgactt aattatctcg tgatctcgac ataacaaaag tttttatgtc gtgatctcga     42660
     cataacaaaa agttgttatg tcgacataac aaaaagttgt tatgtcgtga tcaagactta     42720
     ttatctcgtg atctccatat aacaaaaaag ttgttatgtc gtgatcacga cttaaatctt     42780
     tttcttatat ttatttattt atttatttat ttatttatgt attattatta ttattgttat     42840
     tattattatt attattatca ttattattat tattattatt attaggctat atatattttt     42900
     tattaatatc tggccaaatg tctggccagg cagtgaatat atgcactgca aacagtgaga     42960
     aaacagcctt actgcaaacg cgcattcgtg caacgcatta aaggcgttca gaacacccga     43020
     tttgagcgca aacgggctcg tgattaatgt acattcatga ttatattaat gtgttatata     43080
     ttactattta aaatcatatt ccctcaactg tttccatttt aaagtaactc tggcgcaatg     43140
     ttcaagttgt aaataatttg acgaacttga cgaattaaat aacattttta tataaaaaat     43200
     gtttatgcgg ctgcaagggt agccagaaaa tatggcttta ataataggtt caaattttac     43260
     tcgattagaa attataatat atttagtaca aacattcctg tgaaattgct catagaattt     43320
     aattacggaa gtcctaagag gccatgaatt aaaatatttt ttcttgtttt gtcgtgatca     43380
     cgacttattt atctcgtgat ctcgacataa caaaaagttg ttatgtcgtg atcacgactt     43440
     aattatctcg tgatctcgac ataacaaaaa gttgttatgt cgtgatcacg acttattatc     43500
     tcgtgataac aaaaaagttg ttatgtcgtg atcacgactt aatatctcgt gatctcgaca     43560
     taacaaaaag ttgttatgtc gtgatcacga tttaattttt tttttttttg cttatattta     43620
     tttatgtatt attattatta ttaggctata tatttttatt aatatctggc caaatgtatg     43680
     gccaggcagt gaatatatgc actgcaaaca gggagaaaat agccttactg caaacgcgca     43740
     ttcgtgcaac acataaaggc gttcagaaca cccgatttga gcgcaaacgg gctcgtgagt     43800
     agcctacatt catgattata ttaatgtgtt atatattact atttaaaatc atattccctc     43860
     aactgtttcc attttaaagt aactctggcg caatgttcaa gttgtaaata atttgacgaa     43920
     cttgacgaat aaaataacat ttttatataa aaacttcttt agtttttgga ggcagaggaa     43980
     gctttaaatg ttcagttata tgtgaatggt atcttaagat aatttaagtg caattgagtt     44040
     tctaaaccgc tagaggataa tgttgttaaa taaatttcta atctttttgt ttgaaccttc     44100
     tttgcaatca caccttcaat gaaaaagggg ggaacagttg cggctgcaag ggtagccaga     44160
     aaatatggct ttaataatag attcaaattt tactcgatta gaaactataa taaatttagt     44220
     acaaacattc ctgtgaaatt gctcatggaa tttaattacg gaagtcctaa gaggccatgc     44280
     attaaaaata ttttttcttg ttttgtcgtg ttgatcagga cttatttatc ttgtgatctc     44340
     gacataacaa aaagttgtta gtgccccaca tttcaccccg gtatctgggc ccacagtagc     44400
     atgaattgtg gggcatgtgt gggcccactt tgagacagcc caaaagtgtg ggctgactgt     44460
     gggataaccc gctctgatta gtgtgggata gcccacagtc agcccacacc attgggccca     44520
     cagtgggcga ctcgcaatga tcctgtctga gccactgagt ctggttctac tttgtacata     44580
     cagaaaacca ttatacaatg cattttcaga acagttttac ttgacaatac actgtttcat     44640
     gttcgtaaat atttatttac agagtttaat aacaaaaaat gaacaactgt atgatattga     44700
     aacagaatta tattttatac aaaatcaaac ataaataaac acacaaaaga aaacgcaatt     44760
     ttttaactcc aaaaaatgta attaaaagta agtcccttct gagttttggc ccttccttgg     44820
     cgcccaccat ctctgtctct tgactttctt aaccatgatt ttattgttgc ttctacttgg     44880
     caagctgttc ctttgctgat tttttttaca gtgtctggga aataaaacaa ttgaaataca     44940
     aatgtttaaa acaatgtgtt atttaggttc aatggaccct tttgacaatt ctgggttgtt     45000
     tagtagcaga agtcatcata cttatggcag aatacaacaa aatgtttgca ttttattttg     45060
     ctccaataac caaaggaaaa ctcagtgatg gtgttatcaa tactttcaga aaaagcaaaa     45120
     aaattaaaat aaaataataa taatattagt gtgagactga taatggcaac cagaggagag     45180
     aacctgccca ttggaactgc attagaaaca cctgacataa gcaatctttt tttttttttt     45240
     tgtagtttga cgcacagatg acataataca aagtatagct ttagaagtgt acatacattt     45300
     ttttaaaaat ccaaaatgaa aaagaactaa agatttaagt tgctaatcac cattaaacac     45360
     atcataacct ttttgtgaaa agggtccatg tactcttaca aaaaatgtat tcaagtatac     45420
     tattatattc attttaaact acaattaaga aagtatagag tatattcagt atacagcaga     45480
     ataaaactat agtggtttgt tgaaagtgta ctcactttgt acctcaagga agtgtgtgtg     45540
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatcttttac tctgtgtgca gctgtaatgg     45600
     ttaagtgcaa tagtcaagtt ctaagcaaag aatagagtac ataaactaaa tatttacaac     45660
     aagtattata aaagtatact actcaggagt tcacttgccg tacaaatgaa aaatgtcatt     45720
     gtgaaatttt caagtagtac acttacaagt atactagtag ttaatacata acgcatatca     45780
     catctattga atctgagatt agattttctt ttaagggttg tttctgtttc taaatcgtta     45840
     atactctgtt aaactgttaa aactgttaaa aagtgttaaa aagatgtgct tggcaggttt     45900
     taaaattaga caaattgacc aacattataa ataaagttaa aaacttatat tattatttgt     45960
     agctgttaca aagcccctgg ggttgtaaaa agactccagg ataatgaaaa gtgtttcagt     46020
     ctttaaaaaa ttgtggacaa ataaatgtta cttacttaac tgtttctact gttcttactg     46080
     tatatgacta gtaatttttc cttcagattt cctttttaac tcctgttaca gagggttata     46140
     atatagaaac attacatact ctacctttaa atgctttgca gatgagcatg ctcctaatga     46200
     cctagccctt ctagcagttg ctgggctagt ggagtgtcag cacagtatca tacatctgct     46260
     ctgcatctct gggacagctc tgtgtaatcc aaacgtaaac aattctgtaa cagtcgttgt     46320
     aaccctcgtc ttaaaccaaa aatgtattta tacaatcaaa agtgatatta ttatcgattt     46380
     caacaacttg aatacaaaaa catagcattt acagaggatt tcagcctggt ggagcccttt     46440
     cgttaaagag cccataatat acatgaaaaa aggtcatatc ttggttgtaa gggtctccaa     46500
     caacagttta atatgcatgc aaggtcaaaa aacactttcg tggtcttata atctgcattt     46560
     atttttacct aagtatccca gcgactcctg tatgaatcgt ccagtgattc atttgtggca     46620
     tgcactaaat tccaggggtt tcattaccac aacgtaaaat ggacgtggct tgatctgtgt     46680
     ttgggaaacg cccccttaaa aaaaaaaaaa acaatactga gaggtcaccg atcatgcgca     46740
     gtacaggttc ttttttagcg cggtcatttc aaacaggatg attatggata aagaacctac     46800
     cgcggtggat aacgaaggaa aaaacaatca tacaggttat ttttttgttg ttataatgtt     46860
     atattttaaa gatttcatta gcaaaaacag ctcacctcgt tttaatccgt tttaatgtct     46920
     ctgggctttt gtacttccat tttaaaccaa ataataatgg ttgtggtaag attaaccgtg     46980
     tttttgtagt ttaaaatatg gtattcagtc atgtttaaac aaataaatac cacattttct     47040
     gtaataaacc gtggttaatt tttctttctc gatcttagtt aattaacata cctcatattt     47100
     attttctatt tttatttaaa gtcatcatac acaaaacacc tggtatcagg acaggtatct     47160
     gatgtcaact aatataaaag tgatcataca tgaaacacct gggatcagga cagttatctg     47220
     atgttaacta atataaaagt gatcatacat gaaacacctg agatcaggac aggtatctga     47280
     tgttaatata tataaaagtg atcatacatg aaacccctgg gatcaggaca gttatctgat     47340
     gttaactaat ataaaagtga tcatacatga aacccctggg atcaggaggt atctgatgtt     47400
     aatgtatata atataaaagt gatcatacat gaaacacctg agatcaggac aggtatctga     47460
     tgttactgta tataatataa aagtgatcat acatgaaaaa cctggaatca ggacagagat     47520
     ctgatgttac tgtatataat ataaaagtga tcatacatga aacacctgag atcaggacag     47580
     gtatctgatg ttaactaata taaaagtaat tatacatgaa acacctggga tcaggacagg     47640
     tatctgatgt taactaatat aaaagtgatc atacatgaaa aacctggaat caggacaggt     47700
     atctgatgtt actgtatata atataaaagt gatcatacat gaaacacctg ggatcaggac     47760
     aggtatctga tgttactgta tataatataa aagtgatcat acatgaaaca cctgggatca     47820
     ggacaggtat ctgatgttaa tgtatataat ataaaagtga tcatacatga aacccctgag     47880
     atcaggacag gtatctgatg ttactgtata taatataaaa gtgatcatac atgaaacacc     47940
     tgggatcagg acaggtatct gatgttaatg tatataatat aaaagtgatc atacatgaaa     48000
     cccctgagat caggacaggt atctgatgtt aactaatata aaagttatca tacatgaaac     48060
     acctgggatc aggagaggta tctgatgtta ctgcatataa aagtgatcat acatgaatct     48120
     cctgggatta ggagaggtat ttgatgctac tgtacatgat atataaagta tttgacacaa     48180
     aagccctggg atcgggacag gtatcttaag ttataacaat attaatgtaa tctgagatgt     48240
     atcttaagtt aatttgttta atataacact gactttacat gaaacacctg cgatcaggac     48300
     agctattttg tactgcatat aaaaggcatt ggacacgaaa cccctgcgat tacgtacagg     48360
     tatctgaatc taacggctgt tcacaatctg cgcatgatca gtgacctatg caaattaaca     48420
     gataggcccc gcccacccga tgacgtagta gcggttacgc tcaatgactg taaaaaatat     48480
     ggacgacgcg acagcccctt ttcccattga acgcctagag ggcaaaacgc ctgcttgacg     48540
     ggcacaaact gtcgcaaaag actgctgaaa ttggagcctt gacatgcgca gaaggactgt     48600
     ctgatggagc cagaggagga gccgcgaaaa tgagcagagt cgagcttcca accaaacgct     48660
     ttatttaaaa tcaaccacgc cccccgaact tctcagcatg cgtttgctgt catatcaaca     48720
     caaatggatg taataacgtt aacaaatatg agggttttat atattctatc gcgccagctc     48780
     cgggctgcag cgcataacat actcgcggcg tcgcgggctg attccggctc gcatgcggca     48840
     gcgccggctc gctcggccgc cgcatctggc tcgattgact cgggctgaaa ttgggcagtg     48900
     agtccaggca tccggagaag gtccagctga ggtagtcagt ctgagctctg aggggtaagt     48960
     ctccggcagg cgagaatcta gccgaactgg tccgagtgta ttttgccatc tgggtggcta     49020
     ggcgtgtatc agcaaactaa taagcccgaa aaaagccctg actttagcga ataaacagtg     49080
     ttccaccagg atcatgtatg tcagaaactg tagtttactg ctgaactcat tttgtcatgg     49140
     taaaataaca cagaaatcga aaaataacac ttcagtctcc tgccgaagct cagacgcgct     49200
     gctttgagaa acggtcaatc acagctgtca atcacgatga cacgcccagc attaaattac     49260
     tgctaaaaac aaactgttta caaaaatgaa gatctgcacc aatgactgta aaaaatatgg     49320
     acaacgcgac agcccttttt cccattgaac gccttgaggg caaaacgcct gcttgacggg     49380
     cacaaactgt cgcaaaagac tgctgaaatt ggagccagac atgcgcagaa ggattgtctg     49440
     atggagccag aggaggagcc gcgaaaatga gcagagtcga gcttccaatc aaacgcttta     49500
     tgtaaaatca actacgccct ccgaacttct cagcatgcgt ttgctgtcat atcaacacaa     49560
     atggatgtaa taacgttaac aaatatgagg gttttatata ttcaatcgcg ccagctccag     49620
     gccacagcgc ataacttact cgcggcgtcg cgggctgatt ccggctcgca tgcggcagcg     49680
     cctgctcgct cggccgccgc atctggctcg attgactcgg gctggaattg ggtagtgagt     49740
     ccaggcatcc agagtaggtc cagcagaggt aacattagtc agtctgagct ctaagagata     49800
     agtctccggc aggcgagaat ctagccggaa ctgtgttttg ctatctgggt ggctaggcgt     49860
     gtatcagcga actaataaag cccgaaaaaa gccctgaact tagcgaataa acagtgttcc     49920
     accaggatca tgtatgtcag aaactatagt ttactgctga actcattttg tcatggtaaa     49980
     ataacacaga aatcgaataa taacatttca gtctacttca gtctcctgcc gaagctcaga     50040
     cgccgcgctt tgagaaactg tcaatcacag ctgtcaatca cgatgacacg cccagcatta     50100
     aattactgct aaaaacaaac tgtttacaaa aatgaagatc tgcacctatt tcagcacaat     50160
     aaccagtgcc ttaatcgacc agaactatct ttcgagacat tttattgcaa gtgtaatatt     50220
     tttttttatt tgggctcaag tctccttcat taacacggag gaggctggct ttatgacttg     50280
     tactgcagcc agcccccagg gggcgatcta acggccgaaa ccttcactca aacgcaggct     50340
     tgcggcacac ttggttacgc tgtactgaaa cccctggaaa aaagtgcctg ccattcattt     50400
     gttcccaaac ccctccttag cgcgaagcta atctgcgctg attggaccaa tgacagtctg     50460
     ttgcgattgg tcgactgcct tcagtcagag tgaaatgcca aacagctaat cagcaatata     50520
     aaagtaatca cagttcatac acgctcgata gcgtaggcgt ggattttcgc tgccagtggg     50580
     tcaatgtaaa tacagactat ggacttgaaa attcagacga ctaactattt tattgagcaa     50640
     aaactccaaa aacagttgag gagatctcct agcttctcac tctgctcttt tcacagacac     50700
     acacacacac acatattgca cacacacaca cacacacgca cttaaccctg ctccggacga     50760
     cagcgcgcgc gcgcaaacac acacacacac acacacgtcc ggacgacagc gcgcgcacac     50820
     gcacacacag acacacacac tcgccatact cctcgtccac ggagctccgt taacaaagca     50880
     gcacgcgtcg cgtttttaac gtgactttgc tcgcgataag agaatatagc cagttaacct     50940
     gatacagtac acgcggttac aagtaacaaa tcacaactaa atacatttgc aagctagaat     51000
     caacgaggca acaactttaa tcgcacgtac ttacacttga gaaatggagg aagaaaaatc     51060
     catcctgacg tccatcagta agttactctt tactgatcct tcctttaaca aatgctgatg     51120
     aagtattctt tgtaacgtag actaaccata ttccgtacac aacgatgttc cgtacagatt     51180
     accttttaac gttaatctct gaatacatac ttatgggtcg taggcaagct atatatctgt     51240
     gtaatcttta attctcactc tttcagcccc aaccacaaca gagacattcc tactatatgt     51300
     ttccgagtaa aatcagtaag tttgctacgt ccacctaatg cgcttgaaaa cagaaagtgg     51360
     gcaagcttaa agtgcgagtg tcgcctggga ggggtgacat tcaaagctcc gacaatatgc     51420
     ttttgcattt aatttatgca tcacacggta ttacagtctt tatgaagtga atattatgtt     51480
     atcacaaatt gttaaataaa ttatcttttg ttaaataaaa gctttgaaat ggggatgttt     51540
     aaacatcaat tgtgggtaaa taccgcatgt cgcaactctc cgactgagag acaggctgca     51600
     aacgctgttt ggatcctcct tttgcagtaa tgatgtttat attcataaaa ggtcagtcaa     51660
     gttagcttca atgtgcatga atttaatgtt ttaatatttt aaattgtcat gctgtaataa     51720
     aataaacatg atataaaaag taaatgattt tgaagctatt tcatttaaaa ctttcataaa     51780
     agagttattt aatatatcat taacttcaag ttaaacacaa taatagtata ttctgacata     51840
     agaatttaat aagacttcaa acaatgccca tttttgccag taaattaaag ttatgcgccc     51900
     tgtacggaac actattttag tcgtgtacgg aacaccgtta atacctatca tcttccgtac     51960
     acatgcgaag gcggtactta tcccatcttt tctcaaaaac tactggtcca aaagacatca     52020
     atcaagattt ggattgtgca ataggtattc ccccagagaa tgaacacaca agcatgctta     52080
     tctggctttc aatgacggag gagtggtcgt ttgagtgcgc tgaatagcga aaagtgtacg     52140
     gaacatggtt agtctacgtt agcatgtagt ttgcagaagt ttccagtagt ttccaactgc     52200
     ttggctataa tgctgaggtt tcatctttgg gtagagactc aatatatcca tctgcagtgt     52260
     gatttcaatc aaccggcatg tttgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tttgtggctg tgtgtgtgtg     52320
     tgtgtgtgtg tctgggtttc tgcgtcagag ggcggggcct caggtttgaa atctcccggg     52380
     tttgcgcgtg cacgtgaata acttggtttc gttcgtacgt catggcgaaa cacctaatga     52440
     atcggtatca aggcgactcg tttgaagcac tatgagtcga ctcttttata gatgaatcaa     52500
     cagttttaaa cactgtacac taactgtaca tttcatcgat tttgtgatag aatttaccta     52560
     cctaaaagat gagacggctg cgttgttgtt caatattaag gcgctcttgt aatgacactc     52620
     ttgcggttcc ccgttaccat agcaaccctg taaacaaacc atcccggtcc cacccactct     52680
     tcactcatga tatttaaata cagctttaga tgaatcatga agaaaattaa caaagagaag     52740
     cagattttat tatatatact taaaagaaaa aacatacata taaacgtgtg actaaccatt     52800
     cagggtgtca cactttcccc tagaaaataa ctgctccagt tatgattttt ttttcacact     52860
     taaggacact ttttttaaac acttttggtg tcaaaatttt ctaaaaaagt ggacaataaa     52920
     caaacatatt ttgggtggct caattggcta ccccacatgg gagccacatg tgtttttctg     52980
     ttggattgtc ctgcccacac tgtcccacag taaacccaca cttacagggt ccacactgtg     53040
     atcatatgtg atcaagatta tatataaaac tataatttct ggatgatttt ctctcagcag     53100
     caaggcagtt tttgtccttc acactatttt gaccaaaatg aaaatgattt attgtaattt     53160
     ttatatacaa gctaaatata aaatttaact taaatttacc cacgaaatac aagttggggc     53220
     cacaaaggga aaatccattg ggccctgctt gggctgacct atatggggcc cacatgggtt     53280
     tttctgtggg caagcccact gtgggattgc ccacagaaaa cccacattgg gccccaaagg     53340
     gtaaaatcca ttgggcccca aataggctga cccttatggg gcccacatgt gtttttctgt     53400
     gggcaagccc actgtgggat tgcccacaga aaaccaacat tggggcccca aagggcaaaa     53460
     tccattgggc cccacatggg ctgacccatt ggggcccacg tgggtttttc tgtaggcaag     53520
     cccactgtgg gcttgcccac agaaaaaccc atgtgggtcc caaaggggaa aatattttag     53580
     gggcctgcat gggctacccc atatgggccc cacatgtgtt tttctgtgag attgtcttgc     53640
     ccacactttc ccacagtaaa cccacactta cccacagtgg gcccacactg gcatgtttgc     53700
     ggggttccgt ggcgaccccg gattaataaa gggactaagc cgacaagaaa atgaatgaat     53760
     gaataaatga tagtaataat aataatgata ataataataa taataataat aataataata     53820
     aagacattgc ctaaaataaa agcagaaaat aagtcgtgat ctcgccaact tttagttatg     53880
     tccagatcat gagataatta attcatgatc acgagaaaac aactttttgt tatgtcgtga     53940
     tcacgactta tttttttgct tttatttatt tatgtattta ttattattgt tgttgttgtt     54000
     ataattatta ttatttatta ttaatattaa tgttgatatc tggctagtct ggacagggag     54060
     tctgcactgc aaacagggag agaatagctg cgcattcctg gaacacataa ggcgttgaga     54120
     acagagtgca aacgggctca tgattaatgt tcattcataa ttatattcat tatatattaa     54180
     tatttacaac catattccct caactgtttc catattaaag caactagcct acatgtagaa     54240
     aagttcattt ttagaaaaat ggtgattaca tctcgatgtg taggaaatct gtttcggtca     54300
     agttattgat ccggaaaata caatctgcga aactgttgct aactttactg aactcaaaga     54360
     ttagcatctt catcattctt cataatttca ttcatacagc aattcttttg ggccaaatag     54420
     agttgtttta aaatggtaac agagagagta ttgtaaataa tggtaggcta taatcatacg     54480
     tgtttataat catgtacatc atgagcttga gcgtttgctc tcatggctgc tctgaacgcc     54540
     taatgtgttg cacatttgcg cgcttgcagg ccctgttcac agggccggtg tagactctct     54600
     agcagacatt tgcaacatat taataataat aataataata ataataataa taaacacata     54660
     gcccaaataa aagcagaaaa taagtcgtga tctcgacata acaactttgt tatgtcgaga     54720
     tcacgagata attagtttgt gatcacgaga aacaactttt tgttatgtcg taaactcacg     54780
     acttaattat ctcgtgatct cgacataaca aaaagttgtt atgtcgtgat cacgacttat     54840
     ttataattta tttatttatt ttgcttattt gtattattaa ttattattat tattattatt     54900
     attattatta ttgatatctg gccagtgagt ctgcactaca tttgtgtagg aacaatgttt     54960
     cgatcgagtt atttttgatc ctgaaaatac gaatctacga atcttttgct aactttacta     55020
     aactcaaaga gttagcatct tcatcatttt tcataactgc attcatatgc agcaattatt     55080
     ttgggccaaa taaagttatt ttaaaatggt aacagagaga gtattgtaaa taaaggtata     55140
     ggctataatc atacatgttt ataatcataa tcatgagctt gagcgtttgc tctcatatgg     55200
     ctgctttgaa cgcctatcac atttgcaagt ctgcaggcta tccctgttaa cagggccggt     55260
     gcagactctc tagccagaca tttgcaacat aataataata ataataataa taataataat     55320
     aataataaac acatagccta aataaaagaa aaaaataagt cgtgatcacg agaaaacttt     55380
     ttgttatgtc gtgatcacga cttaattttc tcgtgatctc gacataacaa aaagttgttt     55440
     tctcgtgatc acgacttaat tatctcgtga tctcgacata acaaaaagtt gttttctcgt     55500
     gatcacgact taattatctc gtgatctcga cataacaaaa tgttgttttc tcgtgatcac     55560
     gacttaatta tctcgtgatc tcgacataat aaaagttatg tcgagatcac aacttatttt     55620
     ctgcttttat ttaggctgtg ttaattatta ttattattat tattataatc acgtgtgtat     55680
     aatcataaat gtacattaat attgagctcg taaaacaggt atgaaaatca tgtcactttc     55740
     tttaggtcta tataattaca caaaatatta ttatggaagt ttttcttcct aaaaagattt     55800
     aaatgaaaat tcaaatgctc aaaagctcaa atgataaatc aaatgctcaa ataaattaaa     55860
     atcaattaaa aatggtttga ggatttgatt catcatttgc gatgttggtt tgaggatttg     55920
     atttatttga gcatttgatt tatcatttga tcttttaagc atttgttagg aaaaacgttc     55980
     atagtttaat ttcctattta gcacccgtct cttccctttt gcgctgactg cacatgggag     56040
     aggtgggtgt aaatcatctt tactttaaaa aatcatataa tattaagtaa tatttatacc     56100
     tttgtttttc acatatattt cattattttt gtgtttttac tttaattgag gttttgattt     56160
     attttgctct aactgagaga ggagtctgga tgcaaacctg gtgcagtgca atctgggctg     56220
     catccagtgc ttttaaatag gctcacttaa ccccagccct aaccctaccc ctcacagtga     56280
     agtcactagc tccatttgag tgcattgtgt ctgacattgc atggctgagt gatgcaatct     56340
     cagcttgcat cataaattca aatcataatg acgacatgat gggtctagta catctgatca     56400
     ataatcaatg tttggttgtc gttcagataa aagtctttgt tgcagtcaaa agttttgctg     56460
     tcatttcaaa catctataaa acattttttt catcttaaaa tgctgccaaa ctatgacttg     56520
     ctaatgcaca aaagcatatt cacgactttg atctctcagt tagactataa tgcattacta     56580
     ggtggttgcc ctgtaggtct aatcaacaaa ctgcagctgg ttcaaaatgc agctgctgga     56640
     gtgctttcta gaactaagaa tctgaatgac ttagctgagc tcccgttgta ttactgcccc     56700
     tcacgtccac tactcccact tcattctgga caactggcta ttcctagaat atcaaaatat     56760
     tttagcgggt acatctttct cttaccttgc ataccttgtt gatcattcct tgccaggcca     56820
     tcctgctaat aaaccctgca tttggatcag cacctctgtt gtcagcctcc cacgtcacat     56880
     tacgataaca gtgtgacaga ctgcacctta aagcacatca tatttgcttt tattgtagtt     56940
     aatgtcatgg attgataaca gctgtaggtg gttgattagc acaaagcatg acaggatgtg     57000
     tagttgtgtc gtgtgatatt tgatagcaac ctctcatttg aagaccccat ttcaagcatc     57060
     cataagacaa cattttgtca tcttaaaaat gttgccaaac tatgacatgc tattgttatt     57120
     gtaatcagtg tctggattga taacagctgt aggtggttga ttagcacaaa gcatgatggg     57180
     atgtgtagtt ggaatgaatg gctggtggag tttacatatg gctggagtgc cctctagtga     57240
     gtttgatggg tactccagct aacactcatg acatttactt cctcataata ttgtttttca     57300
     tttgtaacat ttgagtgttt cccagtactg ggttgcagct ggaagggcat gcgctgtgta     57360
     atacatatgc agaaatattt gacggtttat cccactttgc tgacccctaa tatgggacaa     57420
     agctgaagca caatgaatga atgacttgac ttgttttgtt ctgttaaatt tgttaattaa     57480
     aagacgtcat taaggatgtc gtatctaaat gagataggaa aaggcatgtg ggtcagaaag     57540
     gtgggacatc atttttcacc acaaacttaa tttgggatca tgtgtatttt aattttaatg     57600
     catgttttgt tggtcattac aaaataaacc aaaataatga ataacatttg aggtgaaatg     57660
     aaatgcattt aagacagcct gtggccaaaa caaaaagcca gaacaaactg ttttgttaaa     57720
     agtgaattaa aagttaagag ttaaaagtaa tgttttttta catagttaat tatagtctat     57780
     gtctgattgt taactgtatg accaaaaaac aaaagccttt taaaaacttt tagctgttca     57840
     ttgtgccact tgataaggtt gtttgaccac agttagcagg aaaggcgcat ttcactgcgt     57900
     ttttcaactg ctcactaaag ccatgaccgg ccaaaaatta ggcaagcgat tacactgaat     57960
     tcattggatg atcagttaca ctaataacaa aactgatata tcaaataatg gaacatagtc     58020
     atccaaaatg cttcaattta cagatgttta ttcacagtaa taaatcaaca tcaacattgt     58080
     atattttggg gattttaatg gtcatacttt tgtacttgcc aaaacactgg cttgtgcttc     58140
     tattagccat gtgtttttac gttgtctctt gtttggtgtg aaaacacagc atttgcatga     58200
     ggacaaaagg taccttattg attatgtgtt cttgtctaat tttttgtgag agcagagggt     58260
     gttttctttg tttgtatgtc cctaagttgt gtgttcttgt ctcatgtgtt ctgtgagcac     58320
     aagttttttt tctcttaatg tacagtacgt ggtctctgga cctatagttg cctgctgttt     58380
     tgtttattta ccccacctgc tttccctcat tagctaatgt gtttgctctc ctatttgttc     58440
     tccttctgtt tttaatcctg tgctggtttg ttgtctttac tcagtcatgt ctgcttcttt     58500
     cagcaggccc gtagccagcc tgttgaaaag agtggttatt tttttttttt caaaatatgg     58560
     atccttttgc agttattagc ctcatttttt actttattat gaggtttcaa gctgaagcag     58620
     catccaaaag agcattctgc ttggttttaa accctacaag ggttattttc acaatgtatt     58680
     acagcatagc agtcaaaata ggccaaatga gctcatgtat gagacaaact ctggaccttt     58740
     gtcagttagg ggtgggtctt tcgagccacc gaaacccctg tggctaagga catgttcagt     58800
     ccagcccagc tgctgttgtc ctgaccccag agggtagttt atgtatgtta acatattatg     58860
     taatttagga tagtttttaa tattaaataa tactcattta gggggctgta attaaacttt     58920
     cacctcataa tgttaatcat acctgacagc attttcgcaa aatggctgaa ataaaaagtt     58980
     ttacggaaaa aaaatatgaa aaataatcat ttgtaaactt cataggtcat tctcaaagtc     59040
     atttcttctg actgagtctt tctttcatca gtctttgtct atgatttata aatgattttt     59100
     atatgtttaa catttctttg actcagtcat gggctgtttt gtcaatatgc attcttcagc     59160
     tgtctttggt cgttgtgttc ccatgtaacg tcatcatcac ctgccagagt tcagttccaa     59220
     aactcaagac tgcaagaaca ggggatgcgt gaaagttccc agatgtgttt ttgtattgag     59280
     gatgcacaga tgcagacttg agcactgaac tccctctata agtcccagaa gtttatgtgg     59340
     ctgaataaag aaggcggaaa atgcagaatt ttatgtagat ttattattaa ggtcagaaat     59400
     ataacttatt tatctcgaga gtttccctaa atgagacggt gaaagtaaac attaccatga     59460
     aaatcttaat aaaggcataa acacatttat ttccagatat tcagattaca gttttttttc     59520
     tcaaatgcta aaacacaaaa gccaatcctc taaaccaaat gaacagttgt ctaaacacat     59580
     gtgtttatga taatggaaaa tgatggctag atttagtaaa tgtgtttagt atatatatgc     59640
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatacat acatacatac     59700
     atacatacat aactgcaata agctgtttct ccttggcaat ggaataaaat atatgtgtgt     59760
     ttcaattcac aattcacttt gactttatcc tatgtaagtt ctgtttagag catggtgtta     59820
     tctgttctga catactgtgt gaaagtattt gtaaattgga ctgtaatatt acattgtttt     59880
     gatcttggtt gagcgtgtgt gtaaaagaag ttttaagcat tttaaattgg tgttaactgg     59940
     ttgcattttg tgtcaaagca acaagaaatg ggttaattgt atagccaaca aagatggaat     60000
     ttgtattaac tgtgtttaga gtttaggaaa cttgttaaat gtattgaaaa aactgtcaaa     60060
     gccattgtaa aaaaacaata tttataaaat tttccattaa ttgtatttta ttaacgtcta     60120
     ccccaacact aaacccaact gtcacaataa tgataaacag atctggatct ggagtcttct     60180
     ctataagtat ggcttattat ccatgtggat ggatcataac agccttctga gcccctactg     60240
     gcccatatct ataagctgat aatcactgat aacacccaat caattgagtg ctgacattca     60300
     aagcaggtga atgtttcata cacgtgttgt caaactgata aagatatttt ctcagtgttt     60360
     ttctgtttgc atgtgttttc ttaacttagc agatttgtct agaccaccaa aattatttat     60420
     tatgaaaaac ctgagagcat ttcatctgtg acttatatat aataggttta atagtaaaat     60480
     atttaccaaa gtaggcttga gcagattttg attttgaatg tttgggtgtc aacgatgtct     60540
     tgaagctaat cctggcagtg tattttgagt aacttgaaat tctggtctta ccagcattgt     60600
     ttaaacattc tgagttcttt tttggaagct aaaacctgtc cttcatgaga tatgttcaga     60660
     aagtatccag tctaaccaac aaaatgttat tcacattaca gaattatttc agctagacca     60720
     gaatgcagtt ccaacctatt ttaagattga tccaatctca aaagaatcac atgtcaaatt     60780
     ttagagtaaa agcaaaaaat aaaatgatgc tataatttat tcaccctcaa aaatgcattc     60840
     acctgtcttt tctatttatt ataataattt atccagacta ttccatgtta tataatgctt     60900
     ttgaccagtg gcttttattt tgaagcttcc aaaagtgcat aaatccatca tgaaactagc     60960
     tcatacaggt gattgacacg tcttataaat tatatcattg cgttttgtaa caaaaatttt     61020
     tttaataatc tttttgtcac aaaatattta ggaaatagaa gcaggaaacc atgtaccaca     61080
     cagtttgttt gccaaagaag acaatgtcta acaagaaaac aagttggctt gggatcacta     61140
     tataataata tacagcatat tactcttaca atacagcata catatgtcta tctgtctaca     61200
     tcacacataa gacgtgttaa cctggcagta tatgggttgt tttatgcttc ataataaaag     61260
     ccactatcca acacaattaa acagcattga agaaccgaga ttaaatataa aaatactgtt     61320
     tgtcttaaag aaaaaaaata ttttatacaa atatatatta tatatggtca ttttaatttt     61380
     tggtaaatgc acagctaagt tcatttacag aggtcctatt atatcccttt ttacaagatg     61440
     taatataagt cttcaatgtc tcaagagagt gtttgtgaag ttttagctca aaatacccct     61500
     aaaatatttt ataactcttt gaaactgtcc cttttaggct ttgatctaaa ttgtggcatt     61560
     ttggtgacag attaagggct gagctacaga tgtctatgca acagcatagt ggcagattca     61620
     aaaacagggt tatctcatat ggctcaaaag aagacaggtc actctggtgt tcatttgtgt     61680
     attctaaaat ttataatgca tcttggtcca tggctgtttt tcaatatacc tttttgtctg     61740
     tacttggatt cttgtgtcct catgaaatgt catcaaccgt cgccgaagta ctgttccatt     61800
     ccaagttcac attttcccaa gtgcagataa aatgatctga tgtgtacttg ctcagccctt     61860
     tttgtcgagg atgcatcaag aagtgatttg tgcgaacttg cgaagcacag gtatcccaga     61920
     atgcattgca gcccaaccag cgaaagctag ttgcggatgg gaaaacccac acgatttaaa     61980
     aaataatctt ctgttgtgtc acaaaataaa gttttaggag ttattcatgc gagaatgtag     62040
     ttgttttaaa ctcaaatcgg cagttcattt acaagatggc ttgtatttga cgatctgctt     62100
     tcatttatgc ggactctggt atgttaagtg ttgtacactg tctgtgtata ttaataaacc     62160
     atttcactcc acatttatgg tgatttacgt ttatattttc ttaaatcaaa atatttattc     62220
     ataatattaa ataattataa ggtcgtgctt tatacaatta aatcatttta ttgttactgt     62280
     gaattgaaac caatgagtcc atggtgaggt aagtgatgtt ataaagtaca ctgccagtcc     62340
     atttgaagaa gtacctgact tgtgtccttg ggagatcatt cttctaagtc tgaactgcca     62400
     aggatgcaag cccaaacttt gcgtatttgg tattgagaaa cagcccatga cattatcttc     62460
     agcaggtact gtgacaacta caactatatt tgcatatagg tctcctttaa cattgtttgt     62520
     taaaaaggtt aacttaatta agaagaatag ctggtcaggc acacctttct ttccttaaga     62580
     atgccccaca acccttggtt gtaattgtag agattcttta aatacctgca ttaaagacac     62640
     ttgcaacatt tcacagtcat tgcggcatga cagcttgtga gggcctattg tttgagcaat     62700
     gccaataagc ttcaaagaaa tgtgcactat catgatcaac acgagggcac taatgtaacc     62760
     caacacttac ctctccgtct tagccacaca aagatacaat tgtttacgca gcggatcatt     62820
     ttcagccctc ctgtaatgcc ctcctctgta ttctataggg tgggcgtgca ggtggccgag     62880
     taattaagga atattgcgag gtgggcttat caataaatta aaatgagggg gcagagttgc     62940
     tttcaattat tgatatgaag tcttgtgtat cctgacgctt ctcctgccca ggtggttaca     63000
     agtcactgac tccactgagg gttgcagtca gtgggggaga agaacaggca gagagcctgc     63060
     cgagtcaagg acgccaccac ttcctgctct gctcgctttc atggaaaagt gtaaagagag     63120
     aagggatagg tgagagagtg tggaattgaa aactttaaat ggaggagggg ttgaatacaa     63180
     aagcatttac aataattact tgatttgctt tatttcaaat atcattcagt catggaggat     63240
     tataaggaaa cggaatctca gcaaaaaaaa caagtaaaaa tataaaaact ggttacaccg     63300
     ctctgccttg tttatagctg ttagtacata tttatcctgt ccaatctcat gtggaaacgt     63360
     tgctatttta tgtattgcca aaaaagtggc taatttgtac aaaatcatac aaaaacgtac     63420
     aattaagagg aggcatgctc ccaaacgaca ccccttaaag ggcatctatg atgaaaatca     63480
     tattttgaca gaacagtgtg ttagtgtcca tgtgttcact gtagagtgat cgatacacaa     63540
     atctctcttt ttttaaattt ccagacgtta aaatgttttc caaatacctc ccattttgag     63600
     gcccaccgca acgttacgta ggagtgcaat ttcaccgccc aatgcatcga ttgacagcca     63660
     cgtattaaca tgtctctgta ataacaataa tcttatccac aagacaggac gtgcgcaaag     63720
     caattgggat taaaagatct gttcagctca ctgtgatcat caatcatcat caaatgtgat     63780
     caagaataag tttcaccaaa cagtgcatgt ttgtaataaa ttacagcgat tttaccatct     63840
     ttacttcacc acaccgcgtg tcagtacaat aataaaagaa gatgcttcaa accctgtttg     63900
     taagtcaggt ttattttgta cattaacata acatatttat acagcagtgg atattaatgt     63960
     gtatcatgtc acatttgcta ggcaaaaaca gtgtaaagtt aaacacgcac gcgtgtaaac     64020
     tttgaaacaa cattatgtgt gactcatcaa aagacttgaa ttccccaact agaactcccc     64080
     aatacatcaa ataatcattg ggaaagttct cactgtcgta tttctcacaa atgagatctg     64140
     cttccttcat ttttgtaact gtgctgttta tctgacgcag ctgaggcgga gattgaggca     64200
     cactctgaca gttatatggg aatagtgggt gggaaaaact gatattacag taaggaacag     64260
     gcaacaaaaa cagctacatt gtgttcagag cagaaaataa aaaatatcta aaaggtataa     64320
     taaataatct gatgggtgtt tcaagcttaa actttacagg aacaatctgg agacacaaaa     64380
     gtagggctta ttttgtgcca gaacaagcca gatccggcac ctgtgaaatc taattcggca     64440
     cctcatttta ccgatccccc tccctatccc tttttacttt caccagcccc cgatattcac     64500
     ttttgtccac aacatctatc cctcttctag taacatgcca gatcctttac cccaatctgt     64560
     tccgggacct cacaatttac aaattatgaa ctgaacaaaa acttatatta aatattgtaa     64620
     aaggggtaaa actgtcactg gtgaatgagg aaaacccgca aatgagacca tacaaataag     64680
     atcatagtca cacaaattag tttctaaaaa aaaaaatttg ctgtgagatt gtgttatttc     64740
     agcaaaatgc tcctgtctac atttgtgaac taatgagttt tacatactga atggctcttc     64800
     tgaggtaaat ataatgcaga ggatgtgact tggtttatga gctgccttac taatgttgtt     64860
     ctgcagatgg aacattgatt cagagattaa gattcactca acaacaaggt tcatcacttt     64920
     ttggggcccc tgacacattt cctttgtggt ctgtgtaata cagtagcagc gtgtttctgt     64980
     gttttcatgt gttttgataa tatgtgtgca cgtgtgtggt gtcaaaccga tctaaaggat     65040
     ttctcagttg ttagtgtgtt tctatttgtt gaagtatgtg ttctcgcaga gcatttgagc     65100
     tcagtacata atgtatcgca tgtcaataca gaatccttgt atatttaaat acatactcac     65160
     cggccacttt attaggtaca cctttccaac taatccttaa cacaaatttc aaatcagcca     65220
     atctcatggc agcaactcaa tgcatttagg caggtagaca tggtcaagac gatctgctgc     65280
     agttcaagtc gagcatcaga atggggaaaa aaggtgattt tagtgacttg aacttggcat     65340
     ggttcttggt gccagacagg ctggtctgag tatttaagat actgctaatc ttctgggatt     65400
     ttcacacaca acaatcttta ggttacaatt cgcacaggct cactaaagtt ggacaataga     65460
     agatttgaaa aaagttgcct ggtgtgatga gtctccattt ctgcagcgac attcgcatcg     65520
     tagggttaga atttggcatc aacagcatga agcaaggatc cattctgcct tgtatcaatg     65580
     gtttaggctg gagcaggggg tgtaatcgtg tggggaatgt ttgtgctcaa ttgtaccaat     65640
     tgagcatcgt gtcatagcca cagagtacct gagtattgta gctgagcatg tccatccctt     65700
     tatgaccaca gtgtaccaat cttctgatgg caaatcttag caggataatg tgccatgtca     65760
     taaagtgtga atcatcttgt gaatcatcaa tcatagatgt acagtcaaca tatctgctat     65820
     catgatatgc tatcatgtca atatggacca aaatctctgt ggaatatatt cagtaccatg     65880
     ttgaatctat ggcaaaaggg ggtccaacct ggtactagtt aggtgtacct aataagtggc     65940
     tagtgagggc atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     66000
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atacatgagc aatatcacac gagtagcagt     66060
     gtgatatggc tgtatatcag cactggtggg aggcgtgcga tggcacgagg ccgtaggccg     66120
     aggaagaaaa aaaaggaagt gttggctggt gtgcacacca gtttaatatt gatttgatct     66180
     gctatagtta aaaatcagac tgctggctgt aagtgggcgg agtaatacac aaaggataaa     66240
     gaggctgtac agatgctgat attacttaaa tatatcacgg ctatcagcca atcagattcg     66300
     agatacagac agaactgttg tatgtatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     66360
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatttaaaat attgcacttt tacaatagat     66420
     tgtgttaaag cagcttaaca tagcaacgaa gagttaaatg gaaatggctt cagttcagtt     66480
     tagtgtaaac gtcactgttt aatttcagtt tagtttagct cagatcagtg catagcaaat     66540
     ttcacggctg aacgctgatc aaattaatat ttacttaata ttactttagt aattgcgttg     66600
     tttaacatac tctgacttga attaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagaacaga atactggtca     66660
     caccagaata tccggtttca cagatgactt gctcctatgt catatctaac gctgacatca     66720
     tttagtgtat taaattacaa tctaatgcat atgttaatgt ttactcaagc ttattttaaa     66780
     acctttttaa cacaccacaa tagtttgcta aatgctacaa gtacatctac tgtagatgct     66840
     agtctagcat atttcctgac tcaagatgaa gactgccaag ttgcatgctt gattacttag     66900
     attagataat ataaaatagg aagagctttc atcttctttc tttctaatcc tatttaaaaa     66960
     aaagacttgg gggcacataa gcttagcctg cggtgctgtg aacgatgaag aagaatagaa     67020
     aggctctttg ttatagtttg gtgggtttgg ctgtcctact ctgggcaaga tgctgagtga     67080
     cggggcttgt cctgctagct cttacggtcg tcagggctct gctcatctgt catgggcccc     67140
     ggggcctcca tcaccaagcc cacaatgggc gtgattataa gcatgattat ggttatgatg     67200
     acattgttca gagttggtca aagagcacaa attcaagacc tctcgctcaa ggaaatgact     67260
     tttacacaac ttctatttgt attgatttca atgtcaatgc tcttggaaaa aacctttcct     67320
     tcaatcaatg aaagattaaa cacacatggt gcgtcacatc tgtcagttct ggcaagtggc     67380
     aaggctagtt ttctgattaa tgtgttcaca tgctcaacat aggcaagatg caattgtgtt     67440
     ataaaaagcc tcgtttcctc cggctattga cgtgttttcc atgatcctat cacacttggt     67500
     caaacaattt ctggtattaa cccttaaaaa caaagtaaga tatcaaatat ttagaattat     67560
     ttgtagattt aatctattaa ttatataaat aaatattatt agagtgtctg ttttctaatt     67620
     aattttttgg gaaatacgta tagcgttgtg cgaaacctga agggtggtct cataagtata     67680
     attttttttt ctgcaaaaca gctattaaag ggatcgttta cccaaaaatg aaaattacct     67740
     catcgtctac tttatgatat ttttcttctg ttgaacacaa aaaaaagata ttttgaagaa     67800
     tgcccattga cttccatagt acagaaaaaa ttaccatgga cgtcaatggt gcctgcaacc     67860
     agcattcttc aaaatatctt cttctgtttt caacagaaat aaatcaaata tgtgttgaag     67920
     aaattgaggg taatgatgac ataattatgt tcatttttat aaattacata atttacactc     67980
     actggccact ttattaggta caccagtcca actgcaaatt tctaatcagc caatcacatg     68040
     gcagcaactc aatgcattta ggcatataga cttagttaag acaatctgct gcagttcaat     68100
     tcgagcttcg aaatggggaa gaaaggtgat ttaagtgact ttgaacgtgg catggttgtt     68160
     ggtgccagat ggactagtat gagtttttca gaagctgctg atctactcat gcataaccat     68220
     ctctagggtt tacagagaat gggctgaaaa aagaaaataa ccagtgagcg ggagttctgt     68280
     ggccacaaat gtcttgttga taccagaggt cagtggagaa tggccagact ggttccagct     68340
     aatagaaagg caacagtaac tcaaataagc actcgttaca actgaggtct gcagaagagc     68400
     atctctgaat gcacaacaca tccaaccttg aggtggatgg gctacagcag cagaagatca     68460
     caccgggtgc cactcctgtc agctaagaac aggaaactga ggctacaatt ggcacaggct     68520
     caccaaaatt agacattacc aaacttgttc ctggaggtcc ggtgtcctgc agattttagc     68580
     tccatcccta atcaaacaca cctgaacaag ctaatcaagg tcttacttgg tatatttgaa     68640
     acacccagtg aggtgtgttg agacaatttg gagctaaacc ctgcagggac aatggccctc     68700
     caggaccgag atttgtgacc cctgcaatag aagattggaa aaacgttgcc tggtctgatg     68760
     agtctcaatt tctgctgtga catttggatg gtggggttag aatttggcat caagaacatg     68820
     aaagcatgga tccatcctgc cttgtatcaa tgtttcaggc tggtggtata ggtgtaatat     68880
     aaattttctt gacacacttt gggtctatta gtaacaactg agcattgtat caacccacag     68940
     cctacctgag tattgttgct gaccatgtcc atccctttat gaccacagtg tatccacctc     69000
     tgatggcttc ttccagcagg ataatgcgcc atgtcataat aatcatttca gactggtttc     69060
     ttgaacatga caatgagttc actttactca aatggcctcc acagtcacca gatctcaatc     69120
     caacagaaca cttttaggat gtggtggaac gggagattgg catcatgaat gtgcagctga     69180
     cagatctgca gcaactgctt gatgctatca tgtcaatatg gaccaaaatc tctgaggaat     69240
     atttctagca cattgctaaa tctatgccac aaacgattaa ggcagttcgg aaggcaaagg     69300
     ggggtccaac ccagtactgg taaggtgtac ctaacaaagt ggccagtgag tgtatgtttg     69360
     ttaactcaat aagtacgcac acacaaacac aaaatattca ttggatttat aattttttaa     69420
     ggtaagttgt tgcaaacatt ttatatggac tgcatttaaa caagaaatta aatttagcaa     69480
     tgtgtacctt agtttgttta aattcagctc ataaattgtt tgtgaccact taccgcaaaa     69540
     aaataaaaat taaaaatgca aatccattaa ttcattttct tttcagccta gaacttttaa     69600
     ttgtaaatcc aacaaatcat tttcagtgta caagctaaag gagcaatgct ttgtttttat     69660
     cttttgcata ttcttattca aatttcagtc acattttatg ctcccacagt tagagatcca     69720
     tccatgttag atttttaggt gtgggtcact aaagacatct gtttgttatg atgattggca     69780
     aaacattcat gcatttaaag attaatatgt gttcccttct tatttgatta tgctctacat     69840
     cctttccagg gcctttgaag gatgtgaatg gcagccacaa tttcttctgc aacacgtgtt     69900
     ttggtacaat gcaacagaag ttgagtttcc tgtttttttt taagctctct taaaacaact     69960
     tccataacaa taatatgtca gaggtcagtt ggcagagagt gtcctttttg tctgtttgaa     70020
     agctttagac gtctggatgt tttaaacaat gaaagcaata caactaagca ttttttctga     70080
     gtaattctta gtcaagtgta taagggcaaa atcccattcg caccgtaaaa actcaggaat     70140
     aacaaccgta aataagccat acatttttat taagtgataa ctatctttca gtgtacaaaa     70200
     gagagcttat ttctaacatg tgtttggtat ttttattttt ttggtctaat ttaatacagc     70260
     aatgttgtgt tttgttcaca cttggatggc tgctttacag agcgtgctct tgctgtgttg     70320
     caatgtccac ttaaagcatc atcttagcat catctttttt ccatctgttt aggcatggtt     70380
     catttatcaa agttccaaag tttaaggaat tataatcgtg gacagattca gaaagtaaag     70440
     ctggtaacac tttacaataa ggttgtaaaa gttagtctta gttagtgcat taactaacat     70500
     taccaaacaa taaagagcac atttattcat tcattcattt tcttttcagc tcagtcactt     70560
     tattaatctg gagttgccac cgtggaatga accgccaact tatccagcat atgttttatt     70620
     cagcggatgc tcttccagct gtaacccatc tctgggaaac atccatacac actcatacac     70680
     tatggacaat ttagccttcc caattcacct gcactgtatg tttttggact gttggggaaa     70740
     ctggagcacc cggagaaaac ctatgcgaac gcagtgagaa catgcaaact ccacacagaa     70800
     acgccaactg acccagccga ggctcaaacc agcaactttc ttgctgtgag gcgactgttt     70860
     gcgaaagttg ttcacagtta gttcatttta acttatggtg cgttaattaa cgttattaag     70920
     catgagttag gattttaata agccattagt aaatgttgta caagtattgt aaatacttca     70980
     agttagtaaa ttcattaact aagtgacata cactgtaaga aatgttgggt tacactcaat     71040
     accttcatat tgtctcaaca caaacagatt aagttaactg aatcattttt ccaattttaa     71100
     gtggaatcaa cataaaacaa ttaagttgtc ccccaaaaac tcaagaattg tgctgtttca     71160
     gcttatttta aacaagtagt ttgaagcaaa catatatata tttttcagag taagttaaag     71220
     tacctttaaa acatttgctg ttatgactta ttatatcttt tccatgaagc cagtaaataa     71280
     tattttacta gatatttatc aagacacttc tatacagctt aaagtgacat ttaaaggctt     71340
     aactaggtta attaggttaa ctaggcaggt tagggcaatt aggcaaggta ttgtataaca     71400
     atggtttgtt ctgtagacag tttaaagaaa atttgcctaa aggggctaat aattttgtcc     71460
     ttaaaatggc ttttaaaaaa ttaaaaactg cttttattca agtcaaaata aaacaaataa     71520
     gaccttctcc aaaagaaaaa atattatcaa atatactgtg aaaatgtctt tgctctgtta     71580
     aacatccttt gcgaaatatt tttaaaaaga ggaaaaaaat tcaaaggggg gctaataatt     71640
     ctgacttcaa cagtacattt ctagagatcg caaattatgt agccaatagt acatatggct     71700
     gcatttgatc tttaaatgaa cactactggg cggtatgaca cttttcatgc ttaccagctg     71760
     actgctcacc tctgtatggt cggctttccc actgtttcca gtttgtcggc gaacttgaga     71820
     cacagagttg accacgacaa tggggtttaa gtctggcgaa gaagggttct agaaagcagg     71880
     taagacaaaa actaaagtta aaaattaaaa ttaacaagta aataacaggg tgagaatgtg     71940
     ataaaatgtg gtaaaaatca ggttgccgta gggcgtttct ttttctggat tgctttttaa     72000
     aaccctgcgg ttttgtttag ggaaggcgtg ggcaggtcaa taggtgcttt ttaaaacact     72060
     aacgggggga tttagggaag ggggtgggtg gggatatcag tcggttagtc agtcagtcga     72120
     cagcagcctc taatggattt acgcaagaac agcaggcaca aatggcactt gcaaagaaca     72180
     tttgagatct gaaaaagcgt acacagcagc ctctggtgga ttcacaaaaa ctgcaaaaaa     72240
     tcatatctcc tgggacgtat tttgctctcc agaaatgtat atagggatat gtaatcagaa     72300
     taagccttcg ttgcttaaat ttgtaaacaa aaactaataa attgttaact tgatttaact     72360
     aatgaaagtt aactcaatca aattgttttg ggacaacatg aagaaattat gtggaaccct     72420
     gcatttctta cagtatctaa tggagatttt atagtgattc tttgtcctgg taaaaaaaat     72480
     gctaaattta ataataacat tcaagtgtag aaactgattt tttattcctg taaataaatg     72540
     cacaatgtgt gtacagaaca ggaattaaca atagaagaac tgacaactga attcagctac     72600
     tgtgtgtcac atggccttgg tcctacttcc agaaaagaca tattgttgct ttattctctc     72660
     ttaaatcaaa cattacattt tgagattgtg attatctgaa tgaattaagt taaatatgac     72720
     cgcattacat tttatttttg aactgacaaa cacaacctac ttttttaact ctttgaacaa     72780
     actgagaaac ccctttttta aaaaccctac acatttacgt aaagattgtg ttttggggag     72840
     ctttatacgt aggaggttgt cgtaggcatg cagcagtcgg tgtaaatgag atttcacacc     72900
     cgtttctttc tggcagaggc gacacctaca caaggtagtg ctaataatgt cacatccttt     72960
     aaatagcgct agcatgaata acacagaggt gtggtctcag agagggtccc ctcattttga     73020
     actataacca actttttaag cgaaagctat agactgctct acctgttctg ttttcagttt     73080
     caaccagaga ggcagatggt atttactctg tggtgacgta aatgctttga aagaagaaaa     73140
     tgttcagata tagtagttaa actggcatgt catggaaagt aaaaagggtg aggtttgcta     73200
     tgcagatgct gtaatgcttc acacaaacag ttcccctttt ttcacttttg ctttaatgtc     73260
     aaatatttta gcatgccgtt taaaatgcaa gtattttttt ggactgttta catataagga     73320
     tcttcaacca ctgatattta gccatatggt gttgcgatac aatacaaata taaaaacttc     73380
     attaatggga gcaattattt tatattttcg tggtgctcca caaatattta catctaatta     73440
     accttaaaca tccaccatgg gtcatccact tattttgaat ttaagactta atgaattaca     73500
     cgactgttta ggaaatggac atggacagac ttaaaaacac ttgctgattt tattactgag     73560
     aaaaactgga agatgcttaa caaatgaaaa caatctacag cgggaaaata agcattgaac     73620
     atgtcactat ttttctcaga aagcataatt cttaagatgc cgttgacttg aaattttccc     73680
     tggaagaaat ccatatatac aaagaaaatt gaactagtta gtttacaaat taagttatgt     73740
     gtactaaaat aaaacaacgc agggaaaagt attgaacaca tgaagaaagg gaggtgtaga     73800
     aaggcagtga aagcccagac agcagctgta atctcttagt agttcttcag caaccctctg     73860
     cccttcatca ctgttacact gtaaatgaat ataagctgct tcagtccaac atcttgaaac     73920
     aaaacaaaaa acatcttgag tggacatttc agcaagacaa tgattcaaaa tacagccaaa     73980
     aaatctcaaa tgctttcaaa aaaaaagaaa attaagctgt agaatgccca gccaatcacc     74040
     agacttcaat ccaatataaa ataaaaatta aagatcagat ctgaaagacg agacccatag     74100
     aacaaaattt ttagactctg ttaaattttg tgaaaataat cagctgtgat caatacatgt     74160
     gaatttatac tctattcgag aggcgaaatt tcatttcact agttttctac ttgctccttg     74220
     tgtcatttaa ttgttattac acaaaacaaa tttttcagat tttttttttt tgttatgttt     74280
     tattgttgtg tgtattgttt gggtttttac taaaatactg gaaccatact ggttcaattc     74340
     catgtcaaca gctcctttag aaacgctaat aaaaaataaa aaaaacatga tgggttcaat     74400
     gattattttc ttttttattt tattagcctt aaatacatta catgtgtttg atatctgttg     74460
     atatttgccg atttgatctg aattttggca actagcttag ttttttttag gaatagaaga     74520
     ttacagtaca gatataacac tgctccgtaa atgctgtggc agaacaagta atatgatgca     74580
     tgcaaaggat gttttgcttt cagaatgact acaaaaatac ctctaagaca agtttgcatt     74640
     catttagttc atgtgtgttt tagtcatgac atagcagaat gaagaaaacg gttattaaat     74700
     ggttatttca aaacaatttc acggcaattc gtaacttttt gatttagtgg ttaatttagt     74760
     gggtttataa gccacgcctg ctttttaaaa tcgtacaatt tcgtacgact gaattcgtac     74820
     aaattagcca ctaaactggc aaaacttaaa atacgtattc tcatgagatc aggctggtta     74880
     tttccagtct ttaatgatta acagatgtgt tttgttcaca tcaaagcatg attatgaccc     74940
     accaaataaa taaaaacatt taatggattt acaaaaaaga acacaaatac atttattgtt     75000
     ggcattaata tttactttgt gtagaaacta tttattaaaa gcaaaagtga aatttaggga     75060
     ttaattcgta cgaattcgta cgatctcatt tgtacaattt gcacatcccc caatgacggt     75120
     tgccacgcct cctttttaaa ataattcatt tttccctgga attactctat aaactgacaa     75180
     aacaaaaaat actcaggttt ctttgtgaga tcaggctggt tttacattta taagtatgat     75240
     tttgaagtac atttttgtat ctgcataaaa tgtaataaaa aaattcaagc atggatgaat     75300
     acaacacgat ttaaatggtt atggttttct gtggggttta cgaaaaagca gaaattcaat     75360
     atttaaaatt aaaatggcac tcttcattaa atcaatagct acagccgata gttattaaag     75420
     ctacaaactt cataagtgct tgtgcccaaa tggtttcaat ataattgaca tgatgaacac     75480
     aaatcaaaaa tgatatccaa tcttataatg actccaatta taatcctaac catgcaaatc     75540
     catgatgtga ctattgcaga ttcgaacatt gcaatatcca tgctgaaacg tgcaccacta     75600
     ctgatcaaaa cacatgacat tttcacaata ggttaatact taatatataa atacagtata     75660
     tgaacaaata tgcatgtcaa ccagacacat tcagcttcac catccctaaa ctgaggcatt     75720
     tacataatat acaatcattc ccctcatgtg acagctgcct gtttcctgtt ttgaagccgt     75780
     ttaacatcct attgctaaag atgaactaat tcccctgtta aaccacaagc aaagaggtgt     75840
     atcacttggc ttcatctgtt agaagacatt tcctcttatt ttcctttcag gaaacagcat     75900
     gccactgact ctgctgaacc ctgcttcggc agcccacaca gtgtttatga agatgtcttt     75960
     ttgcatgtaa actagcttag tcaaactatt ggttgtagac cagtaactga tattaagtaa     76020
     ataaaactca acacagaggt ctcactgtac tgtttgcatc tgagagggtc aaagaggctt     76080
     taatggcagg cgtctacatt ccagggtgca ttaacttaca ctgtcaacac cctgaaggag     76140
     ccacctgtgg cggccgtact gcatttagat tgaggaaacc gagcctcgct ggctacctca     76200
     gtggtcaaac atgctgtaca attacgtctc aaacagaaaa ccttttcaga aaagtaggtt     76260
     caagatctct gtttccaacc ctttggtaac aaacagagac agagtagcac agggcaaact     76320
     caggacattg gcacaagctt tgaataaaaa ttaactttca gaatcaagct atttacagta     76380
     cagtatctga caacatttag aacggatata agactgtata gttctctttt ttaaaatgtc     76440
     agttttaaaa atatctcagg ggacatatcg gttttaaaaa aagggtcttt tgggaatttg     76500
     ttcggggtgt gcacttgaga gtgtcttgtt gcagtgaaag tttaggtgct tttgtccaac     76560
     cattgacttg ttaagcaaag gcttacttat tggtcttgca tctccacttt aaagactgct     76620
     atgagctttg cccaacttcg tctcagttga acgacaaagc aaagttaaat aatgactttg     76680
     atgataaggc agatatcctg tttatataag tgattaaagc agtttgtcca aatagaagct     76740
     caacatgagc aaataaagta agtttgtaaa accacacaaa caaaagtact gctgtttcat     76800
     atatcaggtg tcataagatg ttaaatggat cattaacacc ccctaaaaaa agagtattta     76860
     ctcaccttca agatgttcaa agccttttag aggtttgttc ttctcttgaa cacaaaagat     76920
     attttgaaga aagctgaaac cggtaaccac tgagtttcat agtaggaaaa acaaatacta     76980
     tgaaagtcaa tggttgcagg tttccagttt cttgtgttca acagaagaaa gaaactcgta     77040
     aaggtcggaa acaagtaaag agtgaggaaa tgatgacaga attacaggtt ttgggtaaac     77100
     tatttagcat aggctcattc tgaaaatgta accctctgca catttctgga gactgcgaat     77160
     tatctggctg cgtttcattt ttaaataaac actacggagt gctatgatgc cgttcctttt     77220
     ctttgcttgc ctcctctgct gttaccagtt tctctggtat ctcaacaaaa atacaaaaag     77280
     tgggtgagac aaaaacagaa gccaaaaaaa taaaatagac aagtaaataa tggcgagaat     77340
     gtggtaaaat ctaaaaatgg gatcaaattg ggcgagggtt ttattttttc tgggttgctt     77400
     tttaaaaaaa acggtagggt ttagagaagg gggtgcgcag ctcagtcatt gctttttcaa     77460
     aacactattg gttgggatta ggaaaggagg agggtgggtt agtcgatcgg taggtcaatc     77520
     tgtcagtaag tctgtactgt cagtcgacag ctgcctggat ttaagtgaaa acagcaggtg     77580
     ccaatgggag agaaatttgc aagatgtcct cactgcagcc tgcagtttga tgatgtaggc     77640
     aattgtcaac tacgtagcgg accttgtacc aaccacaaag ataactccca tgctactgtg     77700
     acggttgggt ttagggtagg gggaggtgta ggaggtcgtc aactacgtag cagaccttgt     77760
     ttgcccacaa aggtaacgct catgctactc tgacggttgg gtttagggtt tggggagcta     77820
     ctacgtagcg gaccttgtac cccacatgct actgtgacga ttgggtttag ggtaggggaa     77880
     ggtgtaggcg atcatcaact acgtagtaga acttgtacct cccactaagg taacgctcat     77940
     gatactctga cagttgggtt taggttttat ataggggtac gtaagcagca tgagcctggg     78000
     tttgaactat ttctttacat tttttagtat tgaaaaatat cgcaagcaaa acactttaat     78060
     gcttactgta aagcctttca caataatttg ttttcatttt gcaacagtgt gttcaaaaca     78120
     tattttcgaa ctaattggat tgatctgttg ctcaataata tttacataac taacggacag     78180
     catttcaatc atataactat ggccagacag aatctgcgga cattttttgc tatttctgtg     78240
     gggaaatttg tgaaaaaaat ctgccgattt atgcagaaca attttgggat tatcataact     78300
     aaaaacttta tatatgaaac aaaaagtaat acctttttaa aatgtattta aagtttacaa     78360
     ttcatatcca attagatcct gtttatttag taatcaaagc aagtttctca tataatatct     78420
     ctactaaaag acagaaaata ttactgtaca aactgtattg taaacaaatc atatgaatat     78480
     cttcatatta gtcaataatt aaactgaaat taataaaaaa ctgaataaat ataaatttac     78540
     acacatttac acaagtaaac aaacagattt agattccatg tgggcctaca tataactatt     78600
     tcaataaaaa attgttgttt gaaagttgtt aattgtaacg ttatgttata aaaataattt     78660
     ataaatgtca cagaaataac agactatttt gaaatgcctt ttctgaaatc aaatataaaa     78720
     tcaggaaata ttataaagca tatcatttta gctgcattgt ttattttgaa aaccaatgac     78780
     aaaagaaaaa tacaatcaag ttgtaaaact gtcaccactg attcagtaaa caatagattc     78840
     ttcatgcaag acattgttgg ttaaataaat taaaataaat acttaattaa aatgtataaa     78900
     tatttccccc acacattcat catttgtgtg aagtattaaa gctgaagctg ttaggcactt     78960
     ccaaactcat tagcataaag acctagcata tgtagcagac ggcaatatga acgtgaatgg     79020
     aataacttta agatacagct aaacctttca acttgctggt gttttgaaca gagataagag     79080
     cagcaaagat gcatatttca atcaaagaaa gcctctttta agacactctc ctcaagcatt     79140
     gttgaagttg cttctcctca agtttctcct caagacattt aataatgaca gggtcaactt     79200
     tgggatcaaa cttgtttgca aaccaatggc cgtcctccag aagccaccgg agctccgctg     79260
     caccatagat gcagacacta cgtctgtgtg taccagtgca ctttggatac aagcgctctt     79320
     cgagatagtt ccatttaacc aaacgtgtcc tgctcttcag gtctgacaca tcaggttcag     79380
     atcttgctaa ctccccagga actccgggaa ctcttgccat tgatgcccaa aagtgctcat     79440
     cgggagaata tgtgtcgact gaccactgaa gaaaatcctt cgccagttga ttgttcataa     79500
     catatgtcac aaaatcccgt gacaagacaa agtaagcact tccaacaaac atctcaatgt     79560
     tatgcggcgg tgggtcttta gcaatggagg ttttaacagg catcttctgg tattcatacg     79620
     atacatcttt caactggtat ctaaactgaa agcgttgctt ttttactttg ctgggcctgc     79680
     ttgtttcgag catgtttgcg ccgtttagtt tccggagctc agtcaccagc tcataattag     79740
     acttcagtgg aaagtcttga ccacacagat tgatgacata tttccatttg acctctgaac     79800
     tcagtaagtc tgaaaggcaa ttgagatctg ctttaagtct ggtaatgtgc gcatactgga     79860
     cggattcgat tttagaggcg atgaagacat ttggaaaaca actctccaag ttcttcatcg     79920
     ctgcaataaa atcctttgtg gatttttggt cataatgaat gcagtaaata ttctgaggtg     79980
     catagatggc tcgaagtatc ctttccacca ttgcgctgtt cttgtgcacc accaaagagt     80040
     atgcgattgg aaagttacat tcctcatcag tgaccaagac ttcattgtag cgcctttgtt     80100
     cgatgtagct tttgcaatcc gcagtgaatg aagcaattct cccatcatca acttccacaa     80160
     tttttttgcg cctcatctcc agcgacttgc caatttccac tggttccagt tcataaatgg     80220
     ctgtgcagtt aataccatct agtggctgag gtttgagaga tctacgtgta actccatagg     80280
     gctcgatgta gatactgttg tccattgaaa tctttaagta caccagcttc accacgacaa     80340
     acagtgacac gacaaacaca tagaacttgc atcttaaccg gtgtaagaca gcacatcttc     80400
     tcattctgtg ggaaaagtac acaaatagaa atagttagaa aaagcaaaaa aaactcatat     80460
     catcataact cgtttcatat catgtaacag gaaccttgcc taccttgcac actgccggtc     80520
     ttttgttttg tgtcactgcc atcaaatgtt tctcaacatt gcaaaaaata taaacctgtg     80580
     tgacaaagga agaataatgg gttacagaat aaagtatcta ataaatacga agtctattta     80640
     atatctaata aataagtact agtatgctaa aaagttaata cataactttt atctaagtat     80700
     gagggtctaa taaaccatta tttaaaacgt atatactttt ggggaggttt tcatccactc     80760
     tgggggtgat tttgttaact ttttctatgt ttcggagagc ggaataattt ttggtggcaa     80820
     atcttatttt gacacacatt ttgagaaaat gctcagactt ttttattttt tttttttaac     80880
     tcaacaatac actctgggcc aatttactat ccttttgaat gtttgggatg aaaacatcta     80940
     ttaaattaaa ctgctgtgaa aatgcatcag aaaaaatatt tttaaattta ctttgccata     81000
     aaaaacacac ataatgatgt atttttatta taaaaagtat atgtggactg ggttttttga     81060
     accttttatc ttggtctcaa gtcttggaca tgtgaaacaa aattggcttt gatgcattgt     81120
     ttctgatttt cattttttcc ctccctaatt tactgttggt gactgttttt gcctaattaa     81180
     cttccattat agccactttt ttttattcaa agctatgatg taaaataatc ttgtattttt     81240
     gaatgttgat ggttttatcc agctgggaag aggtaaaatt tgtaattttt tacttttgat     81300
     catcagttgg caccattaac ccttagatag gcctgttcaa aaaaaatctt agtttctgga     81360
     ttttatatgg agtacaacag caaattaaag tgtgtgtact atatgtgtct gagtgtgtga     81420
     gagtaacctt tacgcacttg atgtgtctta gaaaatctga aaaacatctc agctctcaga     81480
     actacatgga gtaaacaaaa acaaaggctg tgtatttatt tatcatgtgt ggttatgatt     81540
     aaagagtatc aaagccaatg ttgttaatca ttcacatgtc caagactgtg ataaaaggtt     81600
     tttaaaaatc cagttcacaa ttacttttta tatctaaaat gcgtaatttt gtgctttcaa     81660
     ttttcaacaa atctgtgaca tcatttatga agtttgtaat taaagaatta aaatcctgcc     81720
     attttctaag caatttagta gctttgatca ggactgaggc tgattaacag atttatgcaa     81780
     acaatttgaa aaacatgtta tctaatgcat ttttacaaca gtttaattca gttgactttt     81840
     tatccctaac ataacaaaag gttagtcact gaacatttga acagtgaaca agggttaacg     81900
     attagctctc agtagcctaa ttataggtat catcaaaatc actatttcaa ctgaattatt     81960
     aggctacaag tgttaaaacg gcagccatgg ggcgccacgt acatataaaa tatattagat     82020
     acaatacctt cattcaatct gaaacgtagg aaaacatttt actactattt gcaattcaaa     82080
     accaaaattg aacagcttag taaagagtaa atagacgaca gcgcgcattt tagcgccttt     82140
     tgtctgcatt tgtataatct actaacataa tacaatgcta ccgagatact aactaaatgt     82200
     cgtatcgaac tctaaatgat ctcttggata cttacaactg ctgttgagac tgcgtggagt     82260
     tgctgcttca ccgcgcttct ctcgagatga gttcagactg acttcacttt gtggagtttg     82320
     agtcagtcaa gagatgaggc gtggacgtca ggaaagtcct gtccgcccac tcctttcggg     82380
     cttgttccta aaccctagtc taactttgcg ttcgcatgaa acacaaagtc aagtgactca     82440
     acatgttcct ataacagata taaatacata cataaaagaa aagaaaaaaa tgtctataga     82500
     atatgttaat agctataatt gcaataatta tattaaaagc ggtacatgtg gtgattgctt     82560
     tcttctcatc tggtgtaaaa agaacaacca aatccaaaag tggaagcaat taaaatacat     82620
     tggttttaat ggttaaaaat tgatggctct aatggtattt aaagaggaag ccacaacaca     82680
     cacaaacaaa aagaactgaa aatattttta tttccacatc aagaacttca tttactcata     82740
     ataacaaact tacgagtaac acttttattt catcttataa tctaaaaaat ttaaacatta     82800
     atagtttaga aacttaaaca gttatgaagc tctaaagctt gggctacaaa agcaaattag     82860
     gtttcgaagg tccactcttc actccgtgcg aataaatccc agtatctatc catcacatgg     82920
     cttggaaaaa actcctcatc tctgaccaag tgaattgacc tgatgttcat gaaaacacca     82980
     catttggatg gttcactgtc acttttggat ggctctattg aacacacaca aaaaacatgt     83040
     aaaagtgtat ttcaaactac actcacaggc cactttatta ggtacacctg tccaattgct     83100
     tgttaacgca aatttttaat aagccaatca catggcagca actcaatcca tttaggcatg     83160
     ttgacatctg ctgcatcaga atggggatga aaggtgattt aagggacttt gaatgtgaca     83220
     tggttgttag tgccagacgg gctggtctga gtatatcaga aactgcttat ctacagggat     83280
     tttcacacac aaccatctct agggtttaca gagaatggac tgaaaaaaag aaaatatgca     83340
     gtgagcaaca gttctctggg cacaaatgcc ttgttgatgc cagaggtcaa aggagaggga     83400
     ccagactggt tccagctgat agaaaggcaa cagtacctca aaaacccact tgttacagct     83460
     gaggtttgca ggagagcatc tctgaaccca caacacgtcc aaccttaagg cagatattca     83520
     acagcagcag aagaccactc ctgtcagcta agaacaggaa actgaggcta caattggcac     83580
     aggcttacca aaattggaca atagtagatt ggaaaaatgt tgcctgggtt gatgagtctc     83640
     gaattccgct gcaacattcc aattgtagcg tcagaatttg gcattaacaa catgtaggca     83700
     tggatccatc ctgccttgta tcaaaggatc aaggtgctgg tgtaatggtg tgggggatat     83760
     tttcttggca ctttgggttc attcctgtat gatcagtgta tctatctttt gatggctact     83820
     tcaagcagga taacacccca tgttataata atcatctcag actggtttct tgaacataaa     83880
     aatgagttca ctgtactcaa acggcctata cagtcaccat atctcaatcc aacggagcac     83940
     ctttgggatg tggcggaacg ggagattcac atcatggatg tgcatctgac aaatctgcag     84000
     cgactgcgtg atgctatcat gtcaatatgg acaaaaatct cagaggaata ctttcagtac     84060
     ttcgttgaat ttatgccaca atggattaag gcagttctga aggcaaaagg gggtccaacc     84120
     cagtactagt aaggtgtacc taataaagtg tccagtgagt gtataaaaca tatattgtca     84180
     ttgaaaatat ttgtgttgtt ttaaagaaag ggcagaagtt tctcaaagaa agtcaaagat     84240
     caaactcaca tgtgttttat caatctttga acaaatctgt gtcatgattt aatagagtaa     84300
     tttaagatca aatttgaatg tgtgaaacta aaactttgat ctgtaatcta agagtgtatc     84360
     atctagagaa tgattgattg tctgtgaaac ttgtccagtt ggcaaacctt ttaaaacagg     84420
     ttttgatgaa ctgatgttgg ttgtgcaaca ttcaggctgt gctgatccct cagttgtttt     84480
     ctttgtattt aaataattcc acggtgactt tgactgatac tcaacctgtc aagtaaaaca     84540
     aaaaggttac taccctaaac cacatcatta aatgttcctc acataaattg aaaggaaaac     84600
     ctttattttt aaaagtgtac ttacatgtgt acatacatat acaagtgtac atgtatcaca     84660
     actattatta ttattattat agataacagt tgtcttatac ctttttccag gcaaaatctg     84720
     aggtgacagg atctgaggac ggatgctcca gtactgattc aaccctctgt tcaagaaggg     84780
     gaaagactct gcctctgaca tctcttatag atccattttc caaataagag gccttgtggc     84840
     tagaacccta aatatgaaaa actccatgaa atacaccaaa ctatcctgac aatgacttgc     84900
     tcaaatggtt gatgaggtac ctcaagtgtc atctctaaat gattatcccc atgttggatg     84960
     atttcatctc taataaggca gggcaagatg ttgttgccac taaaattgat ccttttttct     85020
     tgtaaacact gatctgttgg ggagaactgt aagtcagctc aataaaacat acattaaaca     85080
     ctgtttccat ataagaaatt aatctataaa ggtttggaac aacatatggg tgaatatatg     85140
     tcaatttcta agtcaaaata agccatcttt gctcttactc ggtgtcttct attcaaatac     85200
     tgttacctgg ctgcaagtct tctacagtca aaagctcttc ggaagagtca gttgtctggc     85260
     caggtttacg aaaaggtcct ttaaatgtca aaagcagctc tttcatgctt tcatctgctg     85320
     cgaggtctaa tgcactgtgt cccagcatat tcttgtcatg agcacttgag ccaaactgaa     85380
     ggagaagcct cacaatctat gcataaaaca tcaagaccat gagtgctttt taaccgagtt     85440
     cacactgcag tttcttctgc aaaaaataga ccaaataagt tgtttgtgca cagcaatgca     85500
     acccttagtt atctgacctc ttgttggtgt aaatattgag tgtgattatg tgaaacacaa     85560
     tttagtcttt attcactggg atcgaatcca ggactcactg ctgtacacat tatgtgtaca     85620
     atgctttacc aggtaaaata cacaaatcct taatatttgt gtggaggaaa gggtcaattg     85680
     catggtgtta tttaagcaaa cacttcaatg ctttgtattt cagaaaagta aaaaacaatg     85740
     catatgttca tttaggttgc aggagtgaaa actcaaaatg tgaataggtt gttttcacat     85800
     gatgtcatta atgtcgcaca aaactcagat ggagggcagg aagtgatact tttacatcgg     85860
     aactgctatt agaacatcaa aatgcttgtt ttgtgttgtt tataattgtt tatctgccaa     85920
     catgagaaac gccaaacagc ttttatagct ccaaatgttt tgctcataaa gggcataaaa     85980
     gttcaaaact gactgaaaaa ggaaaaaaag gtggcttgta ataaacattt tctcaacaca     86040
     tccatgtgta caaacttttt ttgaatgtga taattcattt gacagcacta attagatata     86100
     tacggtttat gcactacctg acaaaagtct tgtcctatcc aggttttagg aacaacaaat     86160
     aacttgactt ctagttgatc atttggtatc agtattggct tatatgaaag gcaaaggccc     86220
     ctagattacg cttattttac caaaataaaa catgatcatg ccttgacttt aaactattta     86280
     attaggagag taagatttta ctttgctgag accaaattct tgtcacttaa cagaaatata     86340
     aagtcatagt gcagtggaaa ataataaata ttgtgtatga ctcccagggg cttggaggac     86400
     tgcatccata catctctgca atgattcaaa taacttatta acaaagtcat ctggaatggc     86460
     aaagaaagcg ttcttgcagg actcccagag ttcatcaaga ttctttggat tcatcttcaa     86520
     tgcctcctac atcttacccc agacatgctc aataatgttc gaactggtga ctgggctggc     86580
     caatcctaga gcaccttgac cttctttgct tgcaggaact ttgatgtgga ggctgaagta     86640
     tgagaaggag cgctatcctg ctgaagaatt tgccctctcc agtggtttga aatgtaatag     86700
     gcagcacaaa cattttgata ccttaggctg ttaatgtcat ccactctgca gatctctcgc     86760
     atgcccccat actaaatgtg accccaaacc atgattgttc cttcaccaaa cttgacagat     86820
     ttctgtaaga atcttgggtc catgcgggtt ccaataggtc ttctgctgtg tttgtaatta     86880
     tttgttgctc ttacacctgg atcgatgtca agacttttgt caggtagtat actgtaggcc     86940
     tgtgcattat gtactacaaa caccatcaca ctataacttt ccctgctatg taacttaata     87000
     gctgcaatga aatctccatc ttgttttgca ataatccatt tgtttgctgt catttcgatc     87060
     aataaagtaa acaaccataa cgttattatc gagatgtgta gcattgaatg tttgttgctg     87120
     gttaagttca tcgaccaaac ataaaagcta ccctagtaag aaagacgatt gttattgtgg     87180
     agcaataatt acaaatttaa ttgtaaacaa aattgtaatg ctgtaggcta tgtgtccaca     87240
     cttttgtatg ctttcatcag tttttttttt tcatgcataa aaaagtctgg aagataataa     87300
     aaaaataaat agtaatttat agtgaatact attgtgcttt tgaaccatag taaagtgtat     87360
     aatatatagc ataacttttt gttaatgaat aatatataca gtataaactg taataaatac     87420
     tgtggtctat tctaatggtg tataattagt gtagaaaaat gcagtggcct attggcccta     87480
     taatttgttt attactatag ttaagttgta ccacagaaac catatattta ctagaacagt     87540
     tagtataatg gcattgttca atagtattgt ttaaaaacac agtagtattt actagtcatt     87600
     tttcatgttt acagtattca cccccttgat ggcaagcaaa tatttcttaa ttcggtagaa     87660
     aatgttctac attatataaa tagcctatca tgtccaacat atgtggtcat tttctatgta     87720
     tatctctttt aaaatatggt acaagtcaca aaaaataccg gctttcctct atctctttcc     87780
     tcattcagtt ttttacttcc ttccctccat ttgaattttg cagtcacatg attgcaaaca     87840
     accaatgaaa atgtgatttt gtgattgact ggggatcagg ttgacatatt atagttaata     87900
     atattatagt taatcattca ctcactcact ttccttctgt taattttctg ctttatcagc     87960
     agtcaccaca gcagaatgca ccggaaatta cactggcata tgttgtacac agcagatgcc     88020
     cttccagcag taacccagca ctgagagtac aacccatagt attgggaaac agccacacac     88080
     tcccattcac acactatggc caatttagtt tatccaattt aggtatacat cactctctta     88140
     aggattgtga aggaaactgg aggtatacta aattattgac tgaacattct ttacacacta     88200
     ggttctatta aactgtaatg gcagagccta ttgtgattgt aacaggactt acacatagtc     88260
     aaattgactt tagaagaata cagtgtatgg gatttctaga acttcgcatc ccctaatcac     88320
     tatattttca ttatacagac acatgtataa cgtacgtaaa atcatgtaag caaattaaga     88380
     ctaatgtgaa taattgtaag ccaccacatt agcaaatgaa ggattttgat gtttacttat     88440
     cattagaaaa tacaagtgca acctcaaagt ggcccatata aaccgcgtca tgtagtgggt     88500
     tacttccatc tatccctctg ctggtcacat cagcacctgc ttccaagagc tgcttcacca     88560
     catctataaa acctctggaa caggcctcgt gaagggcagt ccatcctgcc caagaagtca     88620
     ttgaagagat tatttggcaa taatgcagat atatatacac taccagtcaa atgtttgagg     88680
     tcagtaggat ttttaaatgt tttaaaataa gctgatccag cacaccaagg ctgcatttat     88740
     ttgatcaaaa atacagtaca aattgtaaaa ttatgaaatg ctattgcact ataaaataac     88800
     tgttcaaaag tagtttagaa tttaatttaa tgatttattc cagtgatttt aatgatgaac     88860
     tttcagcttc attacttcag tctcatgatc cttcaaaatg cattctaata ttaattatta     88920
     ttatcattat cattattata gtagtaagta agaggaatat tttctggagt aataattttt     88980
     atttgaaact tcatacaaca agaaagcaga tatatattaa gggtgtaagg gatcacagtt     89040
     gattcgtgat ttgtacggat cacaacccac agttcagaac acatgtgact cgcggattaa     89100
     tacttttttt tttttacgtt gattaatcct aaatttttaa cgatcggcaa gagattgccg     89160
     ctcgcatcat tcaaatcaca tgtatgaaag catttcggct ttcctgtaaa atataatgat     89220
     aatggaagag tttgtggcag gtcattgggg atgaggtggg ttttttaggt tattaaaggt     89280
     gttttttgtc actacttgtt tagcctgcat taatgcattc agtataagct gcacgattaa     89340
     tcattaaaag atcgtgatct caacacccat gcaacaaatt ataaatgatg gtgatttgca     89400
     tatgcttatt attccttcga attgcagcat tcaaatctgt gcttgaaaaa cgcaaaaatc     89460
     aagaaagaga ttcagtcttg agttagttat gaagttacga acagtcccat aacacagaag     89520
     tactgggata acagtttata gtttagataa aaccactgat gtttatagta aagattaaaa     89580
     tcacttcata tgcatttaat gatcaaaaat taaagttgta gccagcaatt aaatttttta     89640
     accaataagt tgtgacaacc agccatcaaa aatatgccac tgtataattc ttcaaaaatg     89700
     ccacatctag caatgaaaca tgaagtttta tgagtgaatg acggaatcat ttattaaaaa     89760
     tgagactaaa aataaatatg ggttgtacaa attctaatat tagatttcta catttagggt     89820
     tatcagcaac aatatattag tggtgtatta gatataaata tatataacaa atattttacc     89880
     tacctgcatt atctggtgca ttaacattgc tcccagcttc aatcaagtct ttgaccattt     89940
     gcaggtctcc tcttttgcat gcccggtgaa ggtaagtctc tcctaagccg tttttcttgt     90000
     gaagaacagt ctgagaaatc ttaaaaggct tctttgatgc tgttgaaagg taacaataaa     90060
     catacataaa aaatgtcaaa atcagtgatg tccaagccag atcctggagg gtcactgtct     90120
     tttgttttat ctctaaatct aataaagcac acccaaacaa gcccatcaag atctgttgtg     90180
     ttatcaatta actctccagg acactggcct tgcaggaaca cgactggaca tccttgttct     90240
     atgtagtgct tataaaattt aaagtctgca tgaaccgaag ttgatacaga attgtattta     90300
     tgtatgatga catttttcca atggtctaaa tgcacaagga ctgttaattt caatcagcca     90360
     gcccctgagc ttccggttgt cattccatat aaatctgctg tgtttacgat cttttttctt     90420
     taaaaaatct tcactacctg gctatgatac gatataaagt gggtatcaga ccaaagtagt     90480
     agcactgctt taaattctat ttttccatgc catgttttta aaatatgaaa agtaatttta     90540
     ctccagtatt ttaaatggag tttttgcgct agcctgctgc taatgacgat ccctgcattt     90600
     aaattttcgt ctctttttgc acaaccaaat ggatgcttac gtctatttaa ctgattgtat     90660
     ttgaatcaca ttacaacatc aaggctgtaa aaagaacctt atgaaattaa aaaatagtca     90720
     cataaagctt tcattggaag ttcattgact gaaaaacaca agctgtgcat agagcccatt     90780
     gaaattaaat attgagagtg gcagtgggca ggtctcagcc ctgcctctta tctttcactt     90840
     gcaataatct aaaaagattg gaagggcaat aagcatgaat ctgtcaaact gacatcagag     90900
     acagaccaga ggggaagcag atggtcacat tttgattgac caaaacagaa aaaaaaataa     90960
     atttcagtga attatcttgc acagctaaat tgttcacctt aaaactagca atgtgtgcta     91020
     gcaaattaaa tcctaactta tgattacatg cagactttaa gatgaacccc aacaaatcac     91080
     cttgttttga tgcatctggg ccatctgttc tgttcaccaa gtcttgtttt ttttgctttt     91140
     tcccactttt cttttttcca gtaggcctac tgctgatccc tccgagagct acgtgtggat     91200
     caggttttga acttgctgct tcttcattgc actccagtga aggacgtgca cagaagtcat     91260
     ccagtaaaac acccgctgag gtcactgtgt atgttggttc cttttcatca agcctctcct     91320
     cagaaccgga gaccttacgt agagttgatt tgatggctac accctgattg tcaatagcgt     91380
     tgggccattc cacaacagtg cagtctgaat cagctgagtt ttgtaatgcc ttttcttcaa     91440
     taacaataca ggaatttcct ggatgaccat aatctacttt ggcatagcaa agcactggtg     91500
     aaacagaaca cgtaacatca ctcactagct cattaactgc ccccaagcaa gaagaatgtg     91560
     atcccacttc tagggcacct ttgtggtctg ttgcatttat gtcaccaact agtctttcac     91620
     catctatagt actatgcacc gcagcacagc tctgactaga tgggtttgtt atctctacca     91680
     ccccctgttg gttatcagta atgaccatgc ctggttcttt atccttgttt aggaacagag     91740
     ttttaggaga ttgcagttct ggagtggtca tttgtgttaa gttgttatgt ggaatgtcta     91800
     cacaggtttc taaccagtca gatagacttt ggagagactc aatggcaagg ctggttgatg     91860
     gcataaatgc ttcttttgat gtctctgtgt ctgctagttt tttgttggtt ttgactaatg     91920
     gttcattatt ctctgaacac tctagactgc atgctgatcc ttgattatgg attatgccca     91980
     taagcaggga taatgaacca ggactgctag agtcaagttg ttcctccttc gataacggcg     92040
     attccacgac tggttcagat gggtgtacat cagcctccct cttgaatgtc tcttgtaaac     92100
     atgagtcaat tagctcattt aaatgaggag gcagcagaga aatgctacat tcttgactgc     92160
     agtcagaaat gcacatgatt tccgattgta tattttggtg aacatcaaca gctggctgtt     92220
     tgtcaatgtg ttcatcttca ttctctttac acgaggggcc atctgcatca tttctcattt     92280
     cagaatcaat agaaggaagg tttatatcaa agttgagcaa gtactccaaa aaatccttct     92340
     ctgcttgatc gttatgcttt tttcttttga ttttcttcat agccatagct gagtgtccat     92400
     ctacctcact atcattctcg taattgtctt ggttttcatc tgatgccctc ttctctgctg     92460
     atgtggcttt agaggagcaa actctccatg aatctccact tgtgctctga cttggcttct     92520
     ccttatcagt aatctaaagg gccatgaaat aaaaatgcag aggagtttat attacaatgc     92580
     aaaattcata gcgcagacac caagagtttg gtttaaaaga tgccactcac tgtatagttg     92640
     tgttcacaga gaaattgtga gcttgtctct tcagccaatg aactggcagt attcatcagg     92700
     gtttcaccag gctctactaa aagtaataaa tagaaacaaa taaagataga ttaaaggtca     92760
     aaggcaaccc ccctccccca actaacaaaa tcaatacttt tatgaccact cggttagatt     92820
     actgtaatgc cctatatgta gggagtactg tagctggtca gctattgccc gtttgcaaat     92880
     agtgcaaaat gctgcagtac accggttaac tgatcctcgc aaatatgacc acatttcccc     92940
     ttgtgttagc ttcacttcat tgcttgccag ttaattttag aatacagttt gagattcttt     93000
     tatttgtttg taaatctcta aatggtcgtg ccccacctta tatctctgag ctgtaaagtt     93060
     gtaacagatc acggttaatc cgtgatgcgt acggatcaca acccagtttg gaacacacgt     93120
     gacccacaaa ttaaaatatt ttttaaatta atacgttaat gcaacattta tgacaattgc     93180
     agagagatct tcacttgcgt caataaaaat cacatgtatg aaatcatttt tgcttcctcg     93240
     taaaatataa tattgacgga aaatgttgtg gtggcaccta cctaaatact ttattaggct     93300
     attaattaaa ggtgttttct gtcactgttt gtttagccag cattaatgca ttcattgtaa     93360
     agctgcacaa ttaaacattg aaagatagtg atctcaattc aaacccacgc aacatgactg     93420
     ataaatgatt tgcatatgtt tattaatcct tcgaagcact ggattcaaat gtgcatttga     93480
     tcaagagaca tttagttttt actttttcag ttagttacaa acaaataaca gaagtactgg     93540
     gaaaattggt tatagttcag atataaacac tgatgtttat ggtaaggatt aaaatgacag     93600
     tttaatggga tttgatgctg gtgattgtat aaattacatt gtgtaaccaa tgggtggcca     93660
     caaactacca tcaaaattat gtcactgaat aagttttcag aaatgatcca actatgaaat     93720
     atgaagtttt atgtatgaat tggtgaatta tcaattgaaa attactatgt tgtacaatat     93780
     ttctatattt atcattatca gcaacagtgg caaagatgat ttttcttatt gaatattttc     93840
     ctttttttca gctggttctt tcttgatttt tattaaaact acaggttctt agccacatta     93900
     gtcaaaacta aaagtttttg cagtaatatc ttttgtttaa atggaaagca aatgacattt     93960
     gtctcctccc tttttttctg actagaaaaa tggtccgatc cgtgactcaa aaaccgtatt     94020
     gtgatccgaa ccgtgagatt tgtgatccgt tgaaccacta ctgagctgat acacccctat     94080
     aagctgactc attctttcag gtcagctgat cagcttctcc tgattgtgct aaaaaaaaaa     94140
     agcataagcg tagaggtgcc tgtgcttttg ctgtggtata ctgtaggtcc tagaccaggg     94200
     gtggccaacc ctgttcctgg agagccacct tcctgcagac ttcagttgca acccatatga     94260
     aacacacctg cctgtaatta tcacgtggtg ttcaggtcct aattaattgg ttcaggtgtg     94320
     tttgaaatgg gtagcaactg aaatctgcag gaaggtgctc ttcaggaaca gggttggcca     94380
     cccgtcctag actttagaat tatttggcac tccccattag acaggcctct tccgtgttct     94440
     catttaaatc aggtcttaaa actctttttt tgcattggcc tttgacactg atcttaatat     94500
     ctgatcttaa ttttttgtgc atttttagat agtttggcta tattttatct tgtattttat     94560
     acactattat acttattttg ttgtatgatt gttgtacagc actttggctc acttttgtgt     94620
     ttgtaaagtg ctctacaaat aaatcttgac ttccgagcag gcacacaaca ccataagatg     94680
     taaatattag gttcgattta ggtcatgacg tcaggtgacc aaaatttaat gtctagccag     94740
     cgtctaagtg catcattatt ttgacattca ataatgacat caaattacgt catttggtta     94800
     attttaggtt gtgttgaaaa gtaaccaaaa tccaatgtct gatagatttc atagtggtaa     94860
     ccacacaact tcaaggtgta acatgattag atgttgatat ttggttaatt ttaggttgga     94920
     cgttgacgtc agcgtgatgt tgggttctga cgtcaacccg attttcattt tcaaacaaaa     94980
     tccaacatcc tcacgatgtt ggggtccatt ggggtacaac atcaataaga cgtcatgttg     95040
     acgtcctgtg cctgcagagt agggttgggc cgaaagacga tgccatcatc catcactaat     95100
     gggcaataga caacacgatg ccgtgctggc atccccgatc ctccgcccca ccccactcgc     95160
     aaacccgctt gtgaagaata cacatttagg tcccgtttac acaaataaaa tgccatttta     95220
     gagtgaaaat gatccacatc cacaccgtgt tttacctagc atttctgaac agccctccgt     95280
     ccactgaaaa cgcacatcac gtgaccacac acaaacacac tgtcatttgc tcgtttgagt     95340
     gagctccaga gagcagtgca tgtcggacag tttatcagtg atgaaacgct ggatctcgtc     95400
     tcactatagt tgttaaatgt gatatttaat taatcttgtc tctatctaac gacttcgctc     95460
     ttttgaatct atcaggtaac gtgtcacagc atcagtacac tgcttcagtc ttatactttc     95520
     atgcttatac ttggtaattt tagtgaaaac ctattttact gaccaacctc cagcggaaaa     95580
     ttggtcattt gtgtgcaact tgtctttatt tatttatgat ttgtttatgg gcaaaacaaa     95640
     gaccatgcag gtcaggtagt tgaaagggta ggctacaaat aattaattcg ttatgaatta     95700
     ataattcata aataatgaat ttgcctccgc ctatgatgac gatgccatcg tccatcgtga     95760
     tgtttcacat tagacatcgt acaatgccaa attggtcgac aacgcccaac cctactgcag     95820
     gcttgacttg acttgaaaaa aacacttgaa caatgtggtt tttgtgttta gacaacaatt     95880
     ttcatgagac aattgcgtga tctaatgtct ttattctgga aaatcaaaac aaacatttta     95940
     atttaataat ttgccaacaa aggaaacccc agtaaatgtg ttattatcta ttttaaatgg     96000
     catacttgta taactgttta cactttatat aacttttata catcacataa caaattacaa     96060
     aacaaatgca ataatccaat cagtgtctga actttggttg cacatttact ttatatttat     96120
     tactgtagct gcgcacttaa tgtgcaaaaa acattttgaa catttaacag atgtcagacg     96180
     catttcttaa ctgactgctg aaggtgatga tgtcacttcc atcaaaacaa ttacataaaa     96240
     gaacaaataa tgagacaaaa tatgtaataa gagaactgac ttacagaaaa taatccaaca     96300
     tttaaaataa aatttcagct tgaagaactt atccgatatt agtagcagag aaatcttgag     96360
     tggcacatag agtccagtgt tgtggtgatg atgaacgatc ttcaatataa tccattgtaa     96420
     gttcgctgtc cgggcagctt gaggtgtctg atccctcact ctcctgatcc tgaagcagta     96480
     aggaaccttg actactaaag tcctgttctt ggtttctcac aaaaagctca ttggtgctgg     96540
     tctgagctga tggttccact gcaaaatgaa aacacataat aatcacatgt gagttgagcc     96600
     tcacaatcta actcgcacct tattataagc ataaaccaat taattccaca acttctttat     96660
     ttgaccaaca gcacaaaaac tatgtaatta gttccaaagt aattagttac gattttgcga     96720
     tgagaaagta aggggttact tttcattttt agataattca attatagtta cttatacttg     96780
     gcttaaatac tgtacataaa attaactgtt ttatataaat caattcaaat atcagagtaa     96840
     tccattggtt ccatgtgagg tcacacagtg gtgcagctgc cattttgtgt atgtcaaact     96900
     gtactatgct ttcagtctgc tgtggtgctg aaatagttga attacgttgt atttagcgac     96960
     gctccaaaca ggatttttgc agccaatacc gagtaccgaa ttccttgacc tggtgatcgc     97020
     cgatacagag taccagttct aatgctttaa gctttataat gcattataca cactttccct     97080
     ctaaatatga tatttaagtt gagatctcgc ctaacctaag tgtataaatt aagaatgctg     97140
     catataatcc ctttaacacg tctcttataa ccatttaagt gtgaacgtgt aatggccaga     97200
     agctgcttta cagaaaatat tatgaaacag atagaaaaat tggtaacaaa gattacaatc     97260
     aagcagcaag tccatagact gtatgaacag gtcacaccgc atcgatcgat catgcaccca     97320
     catatcattt acctcctcac atgttgtggc tgctttaggc tatgtataat atactcgtgt     97380
     acacgtgtgc ctttctctgc ttgtaaactc ctaaacacac acatgtgatc tgttcatgag     97440
     atcggacaga tcaatgagta ctgactgagc catgaaatgt gattatcagc caataacgat     97500
     gttcggttga ttgataagtt atgtttgtat agctatgttg cttcattagc accagtaaaa     97560
     actacttttc atgtacccct tatgtaattg ataactcacg ctttaccaac aggctatcca     97620
     gtaatcatgc ttgtgttact cgactatcgt taaaaccttc gcggaaacag cataaactgc     97680
     accagttgac tttctttgaa gagttttttt tattcttaca caacaattgc cccttagaca     97740
     taaaacaggg atcatgtgtt aagaggccct ttttgaaaat acttggtaaa ttcgttccgg     97800
     caattatctg gaaaaagaag ttgtagcaat accggtaatt tgccggaatg ctgctctgtg     97860
     tgaacacaga aggaaaactg tcggaaagag agttcacgat taaaatgcgc tgacgtgaga     97920
     agtctacttc agccaatcca aacatttaga cgcattcaca tccatactgt ttatgaaaat     97980
     aaaagccttt caatattttt ccagacacat ttagctgctg gttgttagtc aggtatcgtt     98040
     tctatgtttc ttcttaaagc caactgtgta aaaaagtatc gataaaatgc ttatgataaa     98100
     cggctgtttg tttaccttcg agctctgctt cagttgcttg acgcgtgctc cagtgagtac     98160
     atgtacaaag tagatgtaaa catgaccaat tttgaagggt attactagac ttcatggttt     98220
     agcagatcac cagaatgtat tgtctttaaa tactgacagg tttaactagg caggttaggg     98280
     taattagaca agtcattgtt taacgatggt ttgctctgta gaatatcaaa aacaaaaagg     98340
     cttaaagggg ctaatagttt tgtccttaaa atggtgttta aaatatttaa gacttcaact     98400
     gttcattcat tttcttgtca gctcaggccc tttattaatc tggggtcagc ggaatgaacc     98460
     gccaacttat ccagcaagtt tatccacagc agatgccctt ccagctgcaa cccatttctg     98520
     gggaacatcc acacacacac actccggaca atttagccta cccaattcac ctgtaccaca     98580
     tgtctttgga ctgtggggga aaccagagca ctcggaggaa acccacgcga atgcaggaag     98640
     aacatgcaaa ctccacatag aaacgccatc tgagccgagg ctcgaactag cgaccttctt     98700
     gctgtaaggc aacagcacta cctactgcgc aactgcttcg ccaacttcaa cagtatatat     98760
     ataaatatta atgtacatta taattttttg aaacaaaaat tttttatatt tggccaataa     98820
     tcgcaaacgc ttaagaaaaa ataaaatgtt tataaaatgt aggtcaatat atatgacatg     98880
     tataaaatat gtctcaattt attaatttat tgtttagatt ttaagcattt ctttaaacaa     98940
     gactgaaagg tttgtttggc tcaaatttaa agaatttaga atttaattta tattgcctat     99000
     aaattcagat ttatgtggat ttttacattt ttaattatct aaaagtgttt ttaaagattt     99060
     acattttttt aattaaatca cttattgagt aactaagtta cttttcaaac aaagttaaga     99120
     gaaagaaatg tataaatgta atttgcaaaa atacaattgt aagttgtata tatatatata     99180
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatgtt caagtatctt     99240
     actcaacact aacaataacc tatgtttatt tcaccatctg gtaactgctg gcatcatcac     99300
     attgattaga tgacacacta tcatttactg ctgttaaatt tagcatgagc catatctagt     99360
     tcctgcaacc attgactaaa gtagtggaga acctttgaaa gtggtttgaa acgttataga     99420
     aggctcacag tttggttgtt ctctgcttgg accaggtacg ggttcagctg cactacactg     99480
     cacactgcct tcatgctcac tttcatcagc agttcttttt gtcttttgaa gaggaggtct     99540
     tgtgtcctca aagttgaatg aaacaaaagt aacagattag taatcagatc atgtaatgaa     99600
     gccagattta gtgacggcag atattttatc caatgatgca tgacacctaa cttactctga     99660
     tagggttctg gttgcggctt tgacccacac ttggattgac tccagaatca gtggtccttg     99720
     gtgaattgtc agctattcca aaatacagga aaataaaatg tttacaaatt taaacagata     99780
     aagttcacct ccaaaatcta aattacttta tcatttattc aagtggttca aaagtacaat     99840
     gtctctcgtt tatttctttc ttcaaacaag atagtctaaa tgatattgga aaaaacagcc     99900
     attagctaca ctcaccggcc gctttattag gtacagctta ctaataccag cttggaccca     99960
     cttgtgcctt caaaactgtc ttaatctgtc ttacactgct caagattctt ttgaacacct    100020
     tgatcttatg agggttggag caaaactgtg cagagctgtg ctctattgga ttgagctctg    100080
     gtgactgtgg aggcgctttg agtgcagtga actaattgtt atgttcaaga aaccagtctg    100140
     agatgattcg tgctttatga catggcgtgt tatcctgctg gaagtagcca tcagaagatg    100200
     agtacactgt ggtcataaag ggatagacat ggtcagcaac aatcttcagg taggctgtgg    100260
     catttacagg atgctcaatt ggtattaatg ggcccaaagt gtggcaagaa aatatcacca    100320
     caacattaca ccaccaccag catcctgaac ctttaaaaca tggcaggata aatcattgat    100380
     accatgatgc caaattctta ctctactatc ccaatgttgc agcagaaatt gaaactcatc    100440
     cgtccagaca aggtttttcc aatcttctat tgtccaattt tgttgagcct gtgtcaattg    100500
     tagcctcagt ttgctgttct tagttgacag gagtggcacc cggtgtggtc ttctgctgct    100560
     gtagcccatc tgcctcaagg ttggacgtgt tgtgcattca gaaatgctct tctgcagacc    100620
     ttggttgtat tgagtggtta ttcaagttat ttttgccttt ctattagctg gaaccactct    100680
     ggccatactc ctctgacctc tggcattaac aaggcatctg cgcccacaga actgttgctt    100740
     actggacatt ttctcttttt aggaccattc tctgtaaacc cttagagatg gttgtgtgtg    100800
     aaaatcacag tagatcagca gtttctgaaa tactcaaatc agcctgtctg acaccaacga    100860
     ccatgccatg ttcaaagtca cttaaatcac ctttcttccc cattctgatg ctcagtttga    100920
     actgcagctg atcgtcttga ccatggcagc gtccaaaata acatacttcc atactatggc    100980
     gggtgagtgt atgtttccat ccaaatatac atattaagat ttatgagcaa tactggaata    101040
     tcagataaca aatttaagaa tgttgcacca ttttacttcc tgatgagctg gtggcaatta    101100
     tcaaaaagat aattaggctt tgctgtggtt ggaagcctct gtgggccctt ttctcttaac    101160
     ttgcacctcg gaagatgaag aagaaattca actagcgttt tacacagtaa tgttttatga    101220
     atgtattaaa atgtggtcag tccattagtc tgtccattaa tgcgtaccat cttgcacatt    101280
     tttgtcatca taataatgtg aaaaatacaa aatctcatga ctttttttga tgtgcatttt    101340
     tttaagttta ttctgttttt atgcgcattg tcacaattta tgcacatctt ttccattaaa    101400
     cattttaaca tgtgattcgt aaatgcattt gaataggcag atggaaacag ctattgacat    101460
     ctatagtaaa aaccaaaagt caatggctgc ttacattctt tagcatatcc tgcttcatgt    101520
     ttaacagaaa aaagaaactc aaacaagttt gaaccaagtc gcgaatgggt aaattttagg    101580
     aagcagctct ggacagggta cattcctcat ctatatgtgc atttcactgc ctcatttagt    101640
     gtaaagtggt tcactgagta cactggttga aatgtaggct cgcacagatc aaccctacta    101700
     ctgatccgga cagtgataag tgtctttcgg gtttaggcac tttaaccctt atgttctgga    101760
     catgcccagc tctttcctca ttttggggtt cagaatttct ctctctttta gctattactt    101820
     caatagatat agcaccatca tctattattg gcttgtttgg agtgaagcct gataattata    101880
     catcacccac ttacttttta aactttgtgg cctttcttat ttgcttgata ggcgtgtcat    101940
     tttattaaac tggaagagcc cctagccacc tttgcatgta cggtggctga aagacgtttt    102000
     gtactttgtg aaagattaga ttagatactc tcttcaaaga cataacagaa catttgttaa    102060
     aatttgaaag ccttttttat gttaaaactc tccagctggc actagactga tcacccttgc    102120
     tagctcttga caataataat acatcagtct gtaatctttc attacttaaa ttgtaacatt    102180
     gagattgttg cataaatgta gacatctgac cctcatttag ttgtgtaatt gggttttatt    102240
     ttattttatt ttcacttatt ttttattttt attattattt ctataagggt tgtttggtat    102300
     gtttgcaaaa tgttaaaaag ttaaataaat cataaataaa aaatgagtaa ttttttttta    102360
     aatttagggg atttaaaaca atattcttgt gagataagta acagatgatg gatataaagt    102420
     cacaatacga gataagaaac cacaattatg atatttcaat tcaaattgtg caaataacaa    102480
     taaataagtt tcaattcaga gaactcactt aaatcacagt actaaaatga agttatggaa    102540
     aaaatgtgca tttatgggat gtgtcatcat gtctagatat aaaaaatcct aaccttaaca    102600
     ttcatactgt acgtcatcat gattcattca tttattttct tttcgactta gtccctttag    102660
     ttatctgggg tcgccacagc ggaatgaact gccaacttat ctagcaaatg ttttacgcag    102720
     cggatgccct ttcagctgca acccatttct gggaaacatc catacacatt cacaacggac    102780
     aatttagcca acccaattca cctgtaccgc atgtctctgg agtgtggggg aaaccggcgc    102840
     acccagagga aacccacgcg aacgcaaaga gaacatgcaa actccacaca gaaatgccaa    102900
     ctgacccaac taaggcttga accagtgacc ttcttgctgt gaggcgacag aactacctac    102960
     tgcaccactg catcacccat catgattcat acttttacat tagtaatttt ttgtggcact    103020
     gtttacacta ataaatttta gttttaaaat ttaattttaa aaccagaacc atccacgttc    103080
     acacaggtgt ttcatctagc atttatgaaa agatctccat gcacactaca ctgctccatg    103140
     cacactacac tgcacatcac gtgacaaaac acacacgctc tggcatgcgc tgcaacgtat    103200
     gtgggcgtct gagctccagg cagtcagcag gtgctttgag cacatctccc aggtgaacac    103260
     agcacacgtt ggacagttca acagggatat accccctgat ctcatttcac tatggttgtt    103320
     aaactttata tttaattcat cttgtctata tctaacgact ctttggtctt ttaaatctat    103380
     tacttgttct caagtaacac attttggctg agcacaaaga taagttaata aattaattaa    103440
     tgtaaccact cacactgatt ctgcacatct aactgcttgc ctttatttct tttattgtat    103500
     aaatttattg tacattatac ttttataatg gccattctta attattaaaa ctgatattca    103560
     gcgaaagaga cagagtgtgt ttcatatttt tcaacgaaga tgaaaggcag ttttgttata    103620
     ggctgttgtg ttataaattt gcatacagtg aagatgacag tcatataaat atgtagataa    103680
     cgaagcctca acatttttgg tgtctgatat ttcataatat caaaatgaaa ataggcagtt    103740
     ccttatatca cattttcatt ttattgtaaa aatactgaaa caacgtagcc atggtgatgt    103800
     gaatgatgtt atagagtaca ctattccctt cgaagattta ccctatgtgt cctcgggagt    103860
     ttgttttcca tatcaaaatt gtgaagtatg aacataagaa aaggatccaa gactgccttt    103920
     tgtgcactta atattgagaa aaagccagat agatagacaa tctatctatc agatcagata    103980
     gaatgacagc agccatgcct ccgttttcag acatctctgt tttattcctt ccacactggc    104040
     acggagcagc aatgttttaa aaccaaaatg gcatctccag catcttcaaa atgctgtttt    104100
     tagggctcaa aaacgtcagg gtaatgtgga tgaaaggcgt aaccgtttta aaactaaaat    104160
     atgttagtgt aaacagcgcc tcagtgtgag tgttttgtgt aggttgaggt ttatacctgt    104220
     aagagtatcg cttttagtct tttgcagata tttttccacc accatataca tagatctgtc    104280
     agtgatcatg tccattggag tcttccctct gtcacacttc aataatggat cagcaccata    104340
     cttcagaagt agatctacaa tctgtaagta atatgcattc agtatctatc agtctgtgta    104400
     ttccatatgc atgttttttt ctaatattaa ttaatattta taatactata cgcaatatac    104460
     ccactttgta atactgatac tgtatggctt caagtaaagg tgtaactcca tcatctcctt    104520
     tgcagttggc ttgtgctcca gctttaagta aaacctctgt tatgtcatag ttgtttctgt    104580
     tcactgcttc atgaagtgga gtccaacctg aaaatgaaca gacctacaat gtcaacaatg    104640
     ccatcaggtg gacgtatgag ctaacttcaa ccctttatct ttaataacgg tggcaaatga    104700
     gctcatgttt tatgattgat acagttttag gaaattttta cctgcataat ccgctacatt    104760
     gatggaagca ccaactgaga tcatgtctcg gacgtcctga aggtcttctt gcattacagc    104820
     taaatgcagt tttgtctctc caaatttatt ccgtctgttg atggaatttc gtaacagggc    104880
     tttccctgtc tttcggttta taatgccttc accatgaaaa aataagaaac agatttttgt    104940
     atatctggag caggggtgtc ctgtagattt tagctccaaa ttgcctcaac gcacctgcat    105000
     ggatggaaag cctagaaaag ttgcggtcac actggacttt catcctcgtc gacttccatt    105060
     catatgcaca cgaatgcgtc agaccggaat cgctcgcttt tttacatgtc taatcatctt    105120
     gtttaatccc gccccttttt gcagctctgt actacagaat ttcgcaagct taaactctag    105180
     tgtgaccgca gcttagagct tcatttgctg gttcaggtgt gtgattgggg ttggaatcaa    105240
     actttgcaag acaccggcac tccagcacag gactgatcta aagcaggggt gcctggactt    105300
     agtcctggag agccggtgca ggtcaatatt tttggcagtt ggttcaacat tgtgtaatta    105360
     ttattaaatc ctaatttcat attttcttat cattaacaaa ataataatca aacttaaaaa    105420
     aaattaacat tttgtcaatg ttgttaatga aattattact taaattaagc aagttactta    105480
     cttttttcct atttaattat ttgttgaaat taaaaatgat ttgcttattc cagagatttt    105540
     ttttttaatg atgttagata aaagcctaat taaaacaggc caataaacag atagcactgt    105600
     gtaatataaa tttaaaaagg catatccaaa ttctacaaat ctaataggtg ttcagttgta    105660
     aaatgtttgc ttattcaata tctgtaaatc aaaaaacaaa aaagaattat atcttaccgt    105720
     cattatgaat attataaaat aaataaaata aattccattc tgccagtgct attccttcag    105780
     acaaccatgt ttggaggaaa tcattcaaat cataattgga tggcagctgg tagaggtttt    105840
     aaatcatgtg gtttaaaaaa agatttgaaa gtaatgagta actatgtttg tattaaacat    105900
     aacttgacaa tactttaact tgataatact tttatatgtt gctgcagaac ataaagctgc    105960
     aatttataaa acatatttca aataagtaac taggaataag ggtagcacgg tggcgcaggg    106020
     gtagcacaat ggcctcacag caagaaaggc actggttcga gtcccggctg ggccagttgg    106080
     catttctttg cggtttattt tgtggaacaa aaagttattc aagtcaagtt attcagtcaa    106140
     gttaagttct gtgttgagtt tcttcgcaaa ctgtggaaat gtgtgcaata ctactgtcaa    106200
     gttatacatt taaacacagg ctcattggaa aaacatgctt cagcctacat ttttaaaaaa    106260
     cgtttttttt cacagtaatg attacaggga catattattg aaaaaaaaaa atggtgcagt    106320
     ttctcccaca acaccaaata aatgccacaa agcaacttaa cagtgtctat tatttgtgat    106380
     tgaatatggt tgcgtcacct gtctttttcc atatggacaa aatttctgcc gtcattagtt    106440
     ggctcagtaa ctaaatttgt acggtgttgt acaaaaaatg ctagggttcg agttctgtaa    106500
     agcatgattc catgaaagag ttaaaagcta tttacttact aactatcctt cagtttattt    106560
     ttgtgtcaga acaatgtgcg ggacccactc aatttaaaca ctgctcacaa gggtacatga    106620
     atgaacacaa gtaatttgct caggatgaaa caaggctatg aagtttaaat cgtgtgatca    106680
     gatttgcata cttgccttga ctaaagttgg gtttagtctg tttagcacgt gtaggtaaag    106740
     ctgtactcag tgctttagta tctggattct tctttttaga aggcagtgac ctgtaaatat    106800
     tacatccaca gtaaatgtac aaaaataacc gtctgtttgc actgtacagg gcagctgaaa    106860
     ataaatcaat acaacacagt agagaggaat taaatagtct gaggtgattc taagaaaatt    106920
     atttttatta tgttttatta tttttttgtc ccaaattaca tcaagtaggt ttaaggctgg    106980
     tacaaactaa aaggttgaac agattttttg ttccaatgtg caggctggac aagatgacac    107040
     ttgttgacag aagtctgagt tttctgagaa ttctggcagt cagagttgac agatttcaca    107100
     gaaaatcgag aaatgtatga tgaacaaaga ctctgatttt ctagcttcag actatgattt    107160
     catctagttg gaaaatatca aacataattt gatattttga gctgatttta tttcacattt    107220
     tgtttttttg ttatttcttt cctagcaaca agccaatgag attcatgact tcaaccactt    107280
     atccttcatc caaatattat atacaccgac aatgttgaaa atatttaatg ttttgagctg    107340
     attcataaca catatagttt tcctatttat gaggccaaga tatgttatcc agctggaaat    107400
     tactaagcgt tttttttttt attttaggtt gattttatta aatttgtttg tttttacttg    107460
     ccattttttt cctgtgtttc tgtgtatttc tttttgtcag tgctttatca ggttttttag    107520
     gtttaaatat gttatgtgta ttttatacaa tatatttttt gaaaacttaa cttgttaaaa    107580
     ctttgattaa gaagtttaaa tatagcattt tggtgacatt ttatgaaata ttatgaatat    107640
     tttatgaatc atgtgcatgc tatttgccgc aacaaaaatg actgttttgt caagttgctt    107700
     actatggtca tgtgcaattt tgtcagtcca aacacacatt acaagttatt ttttcatttt    107760
     tatggagact tcccctagag gcagacaaat ggcgatattc aataatgcaa tatgttgtga    107820
     taataaatat gcacaatatt cataacaatt attttaactt taagatttat atccgatcaa    107880
     aataaagcga atgaagtgac cagatgtaaa gagcctcaaa aacacggacg tgacgagatt    107940
     attacctttt ttcagttaag taacagctaa tggctgagga ctcccctttg tattaaagcc    108000
     ttcattaaag ttgttttcaa aaatgaggcc gattagtcta gaacctcatg gtagtgacag    108060
     attctcatct gttaggaagt aatgttagcc ttaccctgtt tttgaatata tgttcaatat    108120
     cttgacaatg acgctgatgc ctgctttctc ttccctttct cttgtttcga accatagcat    108180
     tactccgtat ggatgaagat caaagattca aacattaacg ttcagtgggt tatgtcacgt    108240
     gactcgcatc atattattgt actttgaggc tccatgggat tcaaattact ggccatagat    108300
     atttaaaatg acactttata tatgtatata tatttattta tttgtttatt taattttaat    108360
     tcataaaata attaaacgaa caaattctgg accttttgtt catgggggtt gggttgttag    108420
     aaccacgcga accccccctg gctacaggca tctttggggt gcatgtatat gcagttcatg    108480
     aatttttatt ttatttgata ttttcagtat taaataagat ttataatatg gttttagacc    108540
     tttttgtatt gtttagcaat caagaataat atctgaaaac tgctaatatc tattaattcc    108600
     atatagcata tttaaaactg acctgcgctg agtattctgt tgtggtggac tcttcatttt    108660
     gtccaacaga tcagttctga caatttttct tgttgaatgt ctcaaaacag gcccaggttg    108720
     ccgttgagga gcatctagcg agaccgtgtc ctgtacgggt ctgggcctga ccactagagg    108780
     gcagaattta cataagaaaa agatctaaag cctaaactgc ttactgaata tctatgaaat    108840
     agggtgaatc aggtgcaaag ctgacattta aaaaactatg gcttgttaac aacatttgca    108900
     aggcacagaa gttctcttgt gtaccttttt tttaatgtaa agctttattt ttgtagtttc    108960
     tgtgtatcat acacctgggt taccttcgct gtgtaatatg tgatctcgtc ctggagaatt    109020
     ttgctcttga gtaagtacag cttgatctct gataaacaca gaagaaaact aattatttta    109080
     ggaaattacg actttaatga attcatgttt aataaaaaaa tacaaataaa aaaggtgacc    109140
     tttttaaaaa aaggtgacag accttaaagt atttgctggt gaaagcattg tgccatgtgt    109200
     ctgcacatta taaaacaaaa taataatcaa aaacacatag gtacagtaaa attgaaatct    109260
     gattatggcc atagcatgtg cagtctaatg taatttacct gttccgttgt ggaagtcttt    109320
     ctgctctgtt cagtacaaca ctgcaattca atctgaggag aaatatctgg caaacaaagg    109380
     gacaatttca gctccaaatg tacagtgaac gcttttgcaa ctagttttac ttgctaagac    109440
     aattgtatta cccatagtct gtagtatgcc tgtcacaata atcaatatat cacaacacat    109500
     gaacatgagc ttaatcaatt ttggtgatgc aatataaaaa ataattctag cgacttttaa    109560
     actgattttg cactgaggtg tcagtgtcag tattgttaaa aaacactatt gtatttacta    109620
     taaattactt tagtatatta tattttcatg tgaatgtctg ataactaaaa atagcataaa    109680
     tcgcagcctg ttactttttt accttgcact ttttaaaatt attattaatt taggatatga    109740
     gttttcacat tctgattcca atgcctaatt aataaattgt taaaattact ctaaataaaa    109800
     atccctaaaa ataaaatatg atgtgttctt tgaaaaaatg cacttgcatt gtgatgcttt    109860
     tatattgtca ttctggcatt ataaagagag tggcataatg ttgtcttaaa atgacaataa    109920
     tatagtttat agtaatatgg tgcaatatat catacaacaa aaaaatagat attgtgatag    109980
     gcctagactg tactgccata aatattgttt caactagcaa aataaatatt gttctgcatt    110040
     gcaatatgca caatcacgtt ggcagcagtt cccagtgata agttggcagt tcattccact    110100
     atggagaccc ctgaaaaaat aaagggacaa agccgaagga aaattaatga ataaacattg    110160
     gctacagctt ggaagtaaat ttctttccac atctttaaat cttgtaagta cgtaaaaatt    110220
     tctagcaagt ttgaaggatt caggcgaagt ttgtagcttc attacttata tttcatttat    110280
     aaagagaaga caatgcggtg ttattcttgt acatttaatt tttcagtttc tgtttatgaa    110340
     cactattaga ctcctcagaa aaacctcaaa ggactgttat tttattaaaa gttttgttct    110400
     gttgtgttta tctatgctgt taatgtgcat gttatttttt atgaagatgt gttcctcaat    110460
     aaatcaccgg aattttgata gaaattttga ttgggggggg gggggggggg gggtgcactc    110520
     aaacaaacgc agaaagcctt ttatcatctg ggaaaattgt tttcgctttg cactatacat    110580
     gtacactcac cggccacttt attaggtaca ctgcttgtta actgctcgtt aatgcaaatt    110640
     tctaatcagc caatcacatg gcagcaactc aatgcattta gtcatgtaga catagttaaa    110700
     acaacctgct gcagttcaaa ccaagcatca gaatggggag gaaaggtgat ttaagtgaat    110760
     ttgaacgtag catggttgtt ggtgccagac gggctggtct gggaatttca gaaactgctg    110820
     atcttcaggg attttcacac acaaccatct ctagggttta cagagaaaag tcttaaaaag    110880
     aaaaaatatc cagtgagcaa cagttctgtg ggcacaaatg ctttgttggt gccagaggtc    110940
     agaggagtat ggccagactg cactgttaga catttcaaag ggtttttaca gtaacttact    111000
     ggcaacactg ttgccagtaa gttactgtat tttagattta cagtatacaa ctgtaaatcc    111060
     gtttacagca tgttactgta gtgtctgaaa atggttaact actgtaaaaa cctaagttaa    111120
     cagttagcta ctgtaaacct tttaattttg tcctaaatat tttataatat aattttatta    111180
     atattatttt aatactatag acctaaaaaa gacacaatta caaaatatta acaaaataaa    111240
     cactctttat ttaaaacatt ggagatgctt aaaacaagct taaaaaagtg taaaaacaat    111300
     tacacattca aaatatttta ttttaagaaa aaaaaacatt gaaaatgaca aagcacatta    111360
     acatacatgt acaaaactaa tttaagtgtc tgacctgcat attgttgaga aaaaaaaaaa    111420
     acaattttac taagtactac tgacattaaa ccagacacaa ttacaaaata ttccattctt    111480
     taaaacatta ataatgctta aagcatttaa ggaaaatgtg tgaaaattac attaagcaat    111540
     aaaatcaaca cattaaaaat aaataaatca cacaaagcac tagaacatac atgtacaata    111600
     aaaatttaaa cttctgaatt gcatattgtt ggaaaaataa atatttgtaa ctattagccg    111660
     actcagaaag aacccaactt taaaatatta ctagttctgg tgtcaaatgc tcaacaaggt    111720
     ctgaattcac atgttcaaat gcaattcatc tttatttcta ttgcactttt acaatgtaga    111780
     tcaatgatgt caaagcagct taacatagaa gttcttgtaa attgaagctg cttcagtcca    111840
     gttttcagaa ttgaagcagt aaatgtcact gctgaaagtc caaacactga agagcaaatc    111900
     caccgatcca ccaatcgtag ccaagtgatc cagtggcgac agtggcatgg aacaaacttc    111960
     accaactgac gaaagtgtag aataaaatcc cttgagagat accaggctca gttgggcacg    112020
     accagttctc ctctagccaa acttgtgcaa ggccgcagtc taggcaccag aggcttgaaa    112080
     gttcaccagt gggtggtcag gctggcccat tggatcaatg cggaaactca ttgatcacgt    112140
     gtgtctttta ggattcactc ctccatgacc accacagcat ctggtcagga tttggcccag    112200
     tccaggatta tgaagaactc tggataagga caaacagact aacataagca tagaagaagc    112260
     ttgtttaaaa aaataaatca tatactggtt aattattttg aagcatggca gctaggttgg    112320
     ggtagttttc agctggtact gagcaactgg ctcctgctca taacctgctc actaccatgt    112380
     ttaaaagata actaaccaga atgtcctgtt tattttttcc cctaacaagg ttttacaaaa    112440
     acattgtagc atttgtgatg ggttgattca ctgcaggaca gattagacta tttgttttat    112500
     gtattcctaa taaactaaaa ctgactgaat actgataaaa ctattgagag tgtctcacct    112560
     aatccaagtt ctcagttagc tggtgaaaga aggataactc actgttgttc atggttgtca    112620
     ttctcttcac tacttctcct gctatcttct ggctcacttt ggttgttgct gtgcattttg    112680
     tttcatcctc tggaattatt tatacaaaaa attgtattat tttatttatt acaaaatatt    112740
     taggcaacat gaaatgggga aaaagacatt taatacatag acaaatgcat gtatcccaat    112800
     actaattatt gtattttgaa atgtctgacc catgacagac ctcaatctgc tcaaaaatat    112860
     tataaacaaa gatgaaaaaa aaaactacta aatggtttaa taaaaaaggg aaaatatttt    112920
     tttatttagc tagcaactaa acatgtgaca cattttgtat taaaagtaac gttaatatat    112980
     tgagaaacaa atagatgtac agtacttact gttgtatgag gtccagtttg cacaggcagg    113040
     ctcccagtat tctatattga gaccataaaa aagccaaaaa tacagataag aataccatgc    113100
     tacaatccac aacctccaca caactttttt ttatttgttt accttggttg cttactggtc    113160
     ttgcttattt tttaagcata aggctgtgct gatcaagatc tctgaaatgc tgtttgtttc    113220
     ttcagacaaa acctgctgct gtgccagtgc catatctaaa cagaaaaaaa atataatggt    113280
     aacaattatg ttaaaccaaa tgtcaagagt tgtgataaaa aaaataatta gcaaacaata    113340
     aatagcaaaa aggtggttat tagcataatg catagaggta aaattggttt tatattagca    113400
     gattcagact tcccccttaa taatttaatt tcataaaagt attatttgca aactctaaat    113460
     agcgaaatca ttttagcagc taatgactat caaagtacaa catgctcacg gtcaaataaa    113520
     cagtgttaat gttgatttca agtcatactg gcatgctaat tctgatcgaa tattcaaagt    113580
     aacatggtaa acagtataga gtcttctaaa tgaacaaatg tgcgaatata aaaccaactt    113640
     tacctctatg catattgtaa cgttatagat ttacgttagc gttcttatag gttacgtcgc    113700
     gatgttattt tctcaagcta acgttataag ttactctaaa ccagagaaaa ataagttcac    113760
     aacatctaat atatatagta taaatcaata taagttaaac gttgcacgtt aaaatgagtt    113820
     tgagcccaat tcagtataaa cttagctcag tttagctaac agttaacatt accattttaa    113880
     gatcgcttca gccaatgttg ccgagcaaac aaatgctaat agaggtgctc aaatcaatgt    113940
     cgagtgttgt cagcacagac agacgcgctt ttacctggat tatttgttgg tctttcattc    114000
     atattcttct gggggaaaac actctctgcc ggaccgttgt ctcgtgctaa gtgtcctcca    114060
     aaactgtctg catacctctg gttccctcct aaaccaaaac ccgctgcaac accggttcct    114120
     atgtaaataa ataaaaagat atgacgagaa caatggctaa tagtcataaa cagtcttatt    114180
     taaagtaata gtagtgttaa tgtaataaat taaataaagg taacatctta atagatgata    114240
     tatttctcaa atgggcgaaa taacgccaag ccagagaaaa taataatagc caactttata    114300
     ctttactttg ttctattctc gtccacaaaa cattctgtaa aatgaaacac tgcctcagct    114360
     taccagagta aagtttgtta aatccagtat gttcttcagg cacactaata aattgtcctc    114420
     cagaattgct ccagggtcct caggcaaaaa gtggtgcaga gtagtcgaat cgccgcaagg    114480
     tggcgttgaa gcagttgtgg aaaatacagt ataatacacg aatttttaca aatacagtac    114540
     atcgctgtat atgttgttcg acgtcacact aaattcccat aatgcaacgg taaatacagt    114600
     tatttaccgt aaaaggaatt tgcagtatta cactgggtga aatacagtaa ataactgtgt    114660
     aatttacaga aatgtctaac agtgtggttc cagctgatag aaaagcaaca gtaactcaaa    114720
     taaccactcg ttacaaccga ggtaggcaga agagcaacca ttttagggac aaaattatta    114780
     gcccttttaa gctttttttt tttgataatc tacagaacca ctacaataac ttgcctaatc    114840
     aacctaacct gcctagttaa cctaattagt taagccttta aatgtaactt taagctgtac    114900
     agaagtgtct taaaaaaatg tagtaaaata ttatttactg tcattatggc aaagataaaa    114960
     taaatcagtt atcacaaatg ggttattaaa actattatga ttagaaatgt gttgaaagaa    115020
     ttgtctcttc gttaaacaga aattggggaa aaaaataaac agaggggctg atatatatat    115080
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    115140
     atatatatat atgtatatat attgcttatt ttattttatg tcactaagca gcacaaaaaa    115200
     tataggaggt attgaatgtt aaagtttatt gtttaggtgc catttcactg tgacatttaa    115260
     taactctcac attggttgta ctgcagagat aatgtaacaa gctgtgcttt tactatcatt    115320
     ttccatggtt ttattacagt gttgtaacca tgtttggtgg gttcactgat cacaatttta    115380
     ctagaaatac agttaaactt tggttgataa agtatatcta taggttattt gtggttggtc    115440
     ttaactacaa taatcatgtt tttttttgta ggaaatctgt tgaacgttca ttagaaaatt    115500
     cccagactta cagtgattaa gtctttgatt attcaccctc cagccattct aagcctattt    115560
     tactttcttt cttgagcaca aaagaagata ttcggagaaa gtaaccactc accttaaaag    115620
     aatttatctt ccttctgtgg aagttaatgg atggtttcca gctttcttca aaagatcttc    115680
     ttttgtgttc aacatcatca tcatcataaa agaaaccact tagcaaattt gaatttttgg    115740
     ctacactatg aaagggctaa aagggaaaac acacttgtgg ttgaaattct ctgctactgg    115800
     gtattttgtt agtgaatcag agtttttttt ttgaacaatt cgtttaagta aacacatcat    115860
     aataaatatg gatgaatttg gtcatgaatg attcaataat tcactcacag agtcgccact    115920
     agtgaaatgt taaagttccc atgtaacgtt acgtttgaaa acttcagcac agtctaactt    115980
     agtattcact gatttatgtc aaactgaatg aatcatttta aaccgattca aaagctttaa    116040
     ttaacgttaa ttaaactact agtaaatccg tactgcttgg tgtatactgc atattatgta    116100
     ctttaaagct atatattaaa tgagtaactg ttaaattaca ttagtcaggt aagttaataa    116160
     cgttagttga tcttgaacac atgttaacgt taaatgacca aaccttcact catttcagca    116220
     gagaacacga cgtttgagga cgatgactga tgtcctgtca acattaacct gcgatgataa    116280
     gtttatccat cgttacccac agcaaattac atttaattca taaacggagt tattagcaaa    116340
     cgatcagctg acctgcggag gtaaatgctc ccgtttactt caccgctgtc gtcgtcggtc    116400
     gcgattgttt cttcctggtc taaatccatg tttcttagtg ttaaacaaca cggcgtaaaa    116460
     ctctacataa acgtgtgacg gtaatttagg aatattcgac aagaaatcgt atttacgaca    116520
     acgttacaca atgtttctct gtttcttggc gccaaatggg gctgatcgct catatctgat    116580
     tggtcagcag gcatgaagac ggatgactga cgtctgatgg aaattaattg gaaaaacttt    116640
     ttaaatagat tgattgatga tttaatattc aatatctttt atacatttat ataaaaacat    116700
     atttttgatt ataaaaagat ttgaaaaaag tcataacatg gcaaattctt taataataaa    116760
     cttttaattt taagattggt ttactttttc aaagtaggcc tattaaaatt ataataatac    116820
     aaatacaatt accaagcttg attttgggag tgtttgcaca ttaaagagta aggaaacaca    116880
     gtacttgttt aaattaattg ttattatttt taatatatat gctagtttta ttttactagt    116940
     tatttactag tattttacta taatagttgt attattaatt ttatttcaat aatacaataa    117000
     tataacaaca tgccataatt tgaacattta aatatttaag aaaacaaaca gcacatttac    117060
     ttcaaaaata ataattatga ttaattttat tgtttatttt caagcgcagt atttctacaa    117120
     ctgtaaagta atgaacactt ttgatgctga ataaaaatac atgcaaactt tgatctgaga    117180
     caaattatgt cagtggcacg tttgatgtca tgcatgggcc tgatctatga tgtatttggt    117240
     tacataaatc aaaatctaaa aatctgaaat gcattgactg ttatacgtaa tacgatatta    117300
     cacaatacat aaagtataca caatttttat tacgtaaatt atttaattag ataaatcatt    117360
     tatttaaaat aagaaaatat atgtatactg gttttatttt actagaagat ctagaatgtt    117420
     tcagttaatg tttgctaaat aaaattattt ttttcctata aacttcaagt ttatgtgtaa    117480
     ttatgaaaag cgcctcattt agtttaaata tgactagttt tatttatata tttttttaaa    117540
     ttctacttta ttatagattg attgattgat tcaatacaat gcaatttgct acatacattg    117600
     ggaagagttg ttttgggtat gttttcacat tgcaaaaaag taaacaaaca ctgcatgtat    117660
     aataaatgtt gtttaatttg cattaaaaag aggtggttaa aatatctgct ttttaaatat    117720
     tattaataga taatctcaga aactttattt ttctttattg tgttgttatt tatgcatata    117780
     taattactca agactaatta atatgctttt tgtatgtcat gttgttaatt aattacattt    117840
     ccaaggccgt tttttttgtc aaggctgtgc caaggttcaa gttcacacac acctcataca    117900
     aattcaaagg atggccagat cacgcgtcct ctgtcaggac acgcccctat cagtgctggc    117960
     tggaatagtg ggcgtggatt tctcgcgaat cggtgtggtt cgagaatttg attggcttct    118020
     cgctcgactg acgcagagcc atgccatctt cataagcttt agatgaggat gccggtttaa    118080
     gggctggatt cctgtctcaa acgaggggat atggattaat ctcgtcagca tttaattatt    118140
     ccatcagctg taattttgaa aatcataaat gctcatttac aacagtgaaa atatctatag    118200
     gcttttattt attccggcgg aggattgcac agtgattttc tctcggtgaa ctaattcttt    118260
     aaccctcatt gaaccgcact ggtaagtaag tacctgcatc agattctatc taacgttgac    118320
     gttacagctg cagcttttat ttgagctcag tgtcgttaaa agatctgggt ttctaatgtg    118380
     gatattcatt caatttattg cagtatgatt gcatcagtga ctcatctggt ttatcatcgc    118440
     tgatgtagaa taaaggatct ttatttaagc ttaattgggg gggagaatac attttaaact    118500
     aaaaaaacag aatcgtatat tgataagtct tgtaattaat tcaataaaaa gttacattaa    118560
     aagttacatt ttaaaatcga atgatagtgt ttttgggtat ctcagtattt atctataata    118620
     attatctgta aaacttaaaa tacataaatg taaaatatat aagttagtta tatatagtta    118680
     taattattat atatataagt tgatggtcca gtctgctgta gtgaccccag attaataaaa    118740
     ggactaagcc gaaaagaaaa ttaataaatg aatatatagc ttattaaata aaaatatata    118800
     ataaaatatt atataattaa ttcacaaaat aagttatact tacatatttt atcatttaaa    118860
     aaaatatata atatttttca aaaggttgcc ctgtccccaa tttttaaaaa aagtaatttc    118920
     tattttaata ttatatatta tacataattg tgaattaaat ctgccattgt tatccagcat    118980
     ttggttatca taatcaaatt tgtaaataca gaaccagata gaactgttgg tcatacttat    119040
     gtgcattgac cacacggaat gtattatggt atcgtaacta tacaaggtca cacaggcaaa    119100
     aaaagtatct caagaattta atttttaaaa ttaaatttaa ctaaacttta atttctaaaa    119160
     agtgtctctt tcataattgg tggttcattc cactgtggcg acccctgata aatcaggcac    119220
     taagccaaag tacagagcaa gtgagtgagt gtctctttca tgaactaaat ttttttaaaa    119280
     tgtttttttg tgcatggttt tacactcatg aaattccagt tgtggtttac atttcatact    119340
     actaattaaa ctgcaatatt atgagtgtca ttcacatttc ttttactgta atcctgttta    119400
     acaagtttct tcttttttct actctccagt aagtgactgt aacacacctt caccatgctg    119460
     acgagacttt tccgaatcca cggcctcttc gtggcctccc acccttggga agtcattgtg    119520
     gctaccgtaa cccttaccat ctgcatgatg tccatgaata tgttcactgg aaataaccag    119580
     atttgtggct ggaattttga ttgccccaaa ctagatgagg taaagcaggt cattgtggaa    119640
     atacactgcc aaaacaatgc ttttcttact tagggtattg tttctagtcc agtctagttt    119700
     tggcttaaaa acaagaaaat aatcttccaa tggggtaaga aaagtaaagt tattataaag    119760
     caaaaacaat attttatttt actcacccca ttggcagatt aattagctta ttttaaggaa    119820
     aaacttgttt agttttgtct tatattttct aaaaccaaga cactgttttt tgcttgtctt    119880
     gaaaatgttc cctttattta agaattaaat aaaggaaaaa taagacagaa actcttagta    119940
     aggaaagtaa tttttgcata taaatgacat gcctgcagtc aaagagaagt ttaacctaac    120000
     aaaatactaa gttttcctct ctctgtctcg tcaccagcaa atcctaagca gtgatatcat    120060
     catcctgaca atcacaagat gcatagcaat cgtttacatt tacttccagt tccaaaatct    120120
     tcgacaatta ggatccaaat acatattggg tgagttatag tttttaagag attttgactt    120180
     agcttgaatc acaacttaat tgtaattagg ctggcttgag aaacaagcca gactactgaa    120240
     atcctattta aacttattat tttttttata tattattctt cttcttctga gactaaaatt    120300
     caaaatctat ctcctcctag agctttcgag ctatgaccac caaactcaca ccagacatcc    120360
     aaactattct gactcggtat gccatatctt ttccgactga tccgactttc gattttccga    120420
     aaaacgtccc gggaccgtcg gaaaaatccc atagacttaa cattggacca aactttgtga    120480
     cctcataact ctgcatcaga ctgtcataca gacttctaac tgggctcatt ttactcaaac    120540
     tatctaactg ccaataactg atgaggtttt aactttctgg ccacgcccta gcaaccactt    120600
     ttggacccta gaaactgtcc catagacttc cattcaaaag actctcattg acttaacatg    120660
     ggatcaaact ttgtgagctc ataactctgc attagactgt cttacagact aatagctgga    120720
     ctcatttaac tcagactacc aaactgccaa taactgatga gctttaaact ttctagccac    120780
     accctaacta ccagatactg caccctagca acaactgccc catagacttt tattgcaaaa    120840
     gactgtcatt gacttaacaa tagatctaac tttgtgacct caaaactatc tatacttttt    120900
     caaactgcat taatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct    120960
     atctatctat ctatctatct atcatcgtct gtctgtctgt ctgtctgtct gtctgtctgt    121020
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct ataaactgtt    121080
     tttatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta    121140
     tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatcatct atctatctat    121200
     catctgtctg tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctg tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctg tctgtctatc    121260
     tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctataaa ctgctttaat ctatctctat ctatctatct    121320
     atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatca    121380
     tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tataaactgt    121440
     ttttatctat catcatcatc catccatcca tccatccatc catccatcca tccatccatc    121500
     catccatcca tccatccatc catccatcta tctatctatc tatccatcac gctaacaaca    121560
     tgctaattca tgctagaaac atgctagtta cgtgctaatt catgctagaa tcatgctagt    121620
     cacatgctaa ttcatgctag aatcatgcta gtcacatgct aattcatgct agaatcatgc    121680
     taacaacatg ctaattcatg ctagaatcat gctagtcaca tgccaattca tgctaacaac    121740
     atgctaattc atgctagaat catgctagta acatgctaat tcatgttaga atcatgctaa    121800
     caacatgcta attcatgcta gaatcatgct agtagcatgc taattcatgt tagaatcatg    121860
     ctaacaacat gctagttcat gctagaatca tgctagtaac atgctaattc atgctagaat    121920
     catgttaaca acatgctaat tcatgctaga atcatgctag tcacatgcta attcatgcta    121980
     gaatcatgct agtcaaatgc taattcatgc tagaataatg ctaacaacat gctaattcat    122040
     gctagaatca tgctagtcac atgctaattc atgctagaat catgctagtc aaatgctaat    122100
     tcatgctaga atcatgctaa caacatgcta attcatgcta gaatcatgct aacaacatgc    122160
     taattcatgc tggaatcgtg ctaattcatg ctaaaatcat gctaggtaca tgctaattca    122220
     tgctagaatc atgctaataa catgctaatt catgctagaa tcatgctaac aacatgctaa    122280
     ttcatgctag aatcatgcta gtcacatgct aattcatgct agaaccatgc taacaacatg    122340
     ctaattcatg ctagaatcat gctagtaaca tgctaattca tgctagaatc atgctagtaa    122400
     catactaatt catgctagaa tcatgctaac aacatgctaa ttcatgctag aatcatgcta    122460
     acaacatgtt aattcatgct agaattgtgc taattcatgc taaaatcatg ctagtaacat    122520
     gctaattcat aatggaatcg tgctaaaaca tgctaattca tgctagaatc atgctaacaa    122580
     catgctaatt catgctaaaa tcatgctagt aacatgctaa ttcatgttaa caacattcta    122640
     attcatgcta aaatgatgct agtaaaatgc taattcatgc tagaatcatg ctaacaacat    122700
     gctatttcac gctagaatca tgctaataac atgctaatct atctatctat ctatcttttc    122760
     atacttttta aaactgttta aactaaataa acaattaccg tcaggctttc acaagccagc    122820
     ctcaaagttt gttctcaaac tttaagaatc tagttaattt ttgttgttgt ttgtttttag    122880
     gcattgcagg tcttttcaca atattctcca gttttgtgtt cagcactgta gtgattcact    122940
     tccttgacaa agagctgaca ggcctcaagt atgtttctct ctcacttgaa tttttattaa    123000
     ggaaatgtcg ttgtaaataa attaaatgct cttattactt taaccattac cccagtgagg    123060
     ccttgccatt ctttctgctg ttgattgacc tctctaaagc ctgtgctttg gccaagtttg    123120
     ctctgagttc aaactcacag gtacttaacc ttttcgccta tatttttaaa ttaaggtttg    123180
     aataaatgtg actaaccttt tctttgtttt aatccgtcct gcaggatgag gttagagaaa    123240
     atattgccaa aggaatggct gttttgggac ccactttcac tcttgatgcc ctcgtggagt    123300
     gcctggtgat tggtgtgggg acaatgtcag gtaaatttta cccctcattt atgaatatgg    123360
     cagacccttt tatcccaaat tacttgcatt gcattaaaaa tacacttcaa aatgtgcaat    123420
     tttatcaaac tcataacctt ggtcatttct agttccattc tacactgtta ctgagcttca    123480
     gaaaggcaac ccagcaagca ttattgtgtt taacagatgt gtaataaatg tcttaataga    123540
     catcttggca aaaacaaggc tacatttggg ctgccagtga aaatctgaaa tataatgtgt    123600
     aactttggat gaaccgatgt ttttatatat ggccaacttt caaaaagaag ttgcctaacc    123660
     aataaattat gaataaataa agcaaacatg tcactgtaag tgaactacaa tcaaaatacc    123720
     agtagtcgaa aatcaggcag gcagcaagtg tttcaaccaa cagaaataac acataattta    123780
     tctgcctaat tctgttccca gaccgataac gataacatta aaataccatt tatcggccaa    123840
     tatcgatata gccacagata tattgcttac tatatctaac attaccaata ccaataacca    123900
     ataacttttt agatttggag gccaatagct gataaattac ttgataaata ttaatatcat    123960
     tattttctaa tttttcagca tgattgcaaa atcaaaagcc taacacatac attgaacaac    124020
     atagtttttt aaagaactta acttaaagag agtttgaact gatcgctgaa atttagtaat    124080
     gtttttttat ggccaacttt caaaaaaaag ttgcctgacc aaaaaattat gcataaataa    124140
     agcaaacatg tcactatact tgagctaaaa tcaaaatacc agtaatcgaa actcaaaata    124200
     ccagctaaat aatattaaaa agtgacaggc agcaagtgtt tcaaccaaca gaaataacac    124260
     ataatttatc agcttaaaga tatctgccta attctgttcc cagaccgata acaataacat    124320
     taaaaatacc atttatcggc cgatatagag atagccactg atatatagct tcctatatct    124380
     aacattaacc acaccgataa cctataacca gggccggagc aagctgaact gccgctctag    124440
     gcagaggacg atcacgccgc cctcaacccc aatgtgaaaa cgaaagtgac cgggtatgaa    124500
     aatgaagtaa ggtgtcgcgg acctctattc tgctgcccta tgtgcggaaa taactgagga    124560
     cgcacagatg ttgcggacct ctattctggc gccctatgcg cggatataac tgaggacaag    124620
     cgggcgctgt tggaggtgtc gctcactgac gctgccctct ctattctgtc gcctatgcgc    124680
     gaatatatct gaggacgcgg gtggtgaggg aggtgtcgcg gacatcactg agaagtgaag    124740
     acgagggtgg taaggggggt gttgcggacg ccgccctctc tatactgccg ccctaggcgg    124800
     ccgcctaggt tgcctctatg gacgcgcccg ccctgcctat aactcttcag atttggaggc    124860
     caataggtga tacattagtt gataaatata aatagaaata ttttcacatt tttcagcata    124920
     gttgcaaatc aaagcactag cacatacatt gaacaacata gtttttaaaa atatctttta    124980
     tcggctgata tcgatatggt caccgataca ttgcttccta tatctaacat tagcctaaaa    125040
     atgacaggaa tgaatgtcaa cacataaaga ctgtctatgt ttagacatct gttaggcaat    125100
     cttataaaca ccaaactgct tggggggaaa tgagacaaaa aacctgcaca gatggaattc    125160
     accaacatta aacaaatagt gaattttatt ttcttgcagg tgtgcgacag ctcgagatca    125220
     tgtgctgctt tggttgcatg tctgtcttgg ccaactactt tgtatttatg accttcttcc    125280
     cggcctgtgt ttctcttgta ttggaggtat gtggaatatt tgagtgttaa tactctacta    125340
     atgtaggaag acttacagtt catactctaa cgtatattta cttcacatag ttgtctagag    125400
     agagcagaga aggcagaccc atttggcagc taagtcactt tgctagagta ttagaggaag    125460
     aagaggacaa caagcctaac cctgtcacac agagagtcaa aatgatcatg gtgagcattg    125520
     aacaaaaact ttgcagtatc ttgaggtgtg ggtttatgat attgatggtg tgtctcttta    125580
     attataattg cagtctctgg gcttggtgat ggttcatgct catagtcggt ggattgcaga    125640
     tcctgcatca agtgatggaa ctcttgatct tcctgaagtt ggaatgagcc tgaatgaaaa    125700
     tctgcccaag aggattgagc ctgacatgcc cctgtggcac ttttacctgt ccaggtgagc    125760
     acatttctga ggttttgttt ggacacattt tatatttgat cactttcagt tattttcaga    125820
     tgttgaaatg ttttatattt atgcatcaga agattacaac agattttctt aaacaataac    125880
     tagtaaattc tgagtagtac atttaaatta tttgaaaaaa tatttataat taaaacattt    125940
     attcactcat ttattttttt gtcggcttag tcccttttat ccagcaagtt tttacacagc    126000
     ggatgccctt ccagccgcaa cccatctctg ggaaacatcc acacatacat tcacacacac    126060
     acatacacat acactacgga caatttagcc tacccaattc acctgtacca catgtctttg    126120
     gactgtgggg gaaaccggag cacccggaga aaacccacgc gaacacaggg agaacatgca    126180
     aactccacac agaaatgcca actgagccga ggctctaacc agcgacccag tgatcttctt    126240
     gctgtgaggc gacagcacta cctgctgcgc cactgctttg cctaattaaa acattaataa    126300
     ttcaaattac tatattaaca ataaaaagta caatatttgt aacatttttt aaatgttaaa    126360
     aatattattt taaattttaa atatctcatg ttgcattgtt tataatttaa ataataatta    126420
     taattaggga aggatattaa atacttaaat taagaataaa tatttgtaaa tggggctggg    126480
     cgattaatgg aaaagtaatc gaaaccgaca tcgagaagct ataatcgatc taattttttc    126540
     aattaccttc cctaccatgt gtggagtcac atgactccac tctgttaagc ctaatttata    126600
     atttataata attgttaata atgattatta tttattatat tatttcaata ttatacttct    126660
     tccaagcgca cgcgtacaat ccagcgcagc ctccgcatac caacgcacct ctcaaaaaaa    126720
     tttaactaca cgtcacaatg atgcgtagca caagctttgt gattggtcgg tttggtagta    126780
     gtgatgaggg tgggcggcgt ggagagccgt gttttaggca atgtgtgttt taatagttgt    126840
     tcagtgttga tgttcaataa ataatcatat atagtggata gtgtgtgttt acttcaatta    126900
     ttttaaaatc aagctgtgca cccttcattc aaaaatttct cacttgtaaa atatgagcat    126960
     atttactgta caaaacttgt cagtgaacta tgagagcaaa ttaataaaat aaattaataa    127020
     aataagtgta taaacataca taacattaat aataatataa ttccaaaggt aaaaaaaagt    127080
     ttctaaagag aatttagtca cattataata atgctgtttt tataacagaa tttaattaca    127140
     ttatgaaaaa cagatattca ttttaaagtt tgtcaaagat taggtatagt ttagcttaat    127200
     agtttatata tagtttagtg cagtctttct caaccacgtt cctggataac caccagctct    127260
     gcacattttc atgtctcctt aaccaaacac acctgattca gatgatcagc tcttcagcag    127320
     agactgaaag acctgtaatg ggtgtgacag acaaaggaaa catgcagtgc tggtgggcct    127380
     tcaggaacgt ggttgggaaa cacaggttta gtgaatggta aatcacagca aagttagtct    127440
     aaatgtcaga gttggagaaa tcagcatgtg cagttaaaga agaatattag cagataatca    127500
     atatggtatt gatacattgc attttaataa taatagcaat aagaagagca tgaaataact    127560
     attatttcct tttctttttt tgcattcagg atgatcagca tggacattga gcaggtcatc    127620
     actctgggtc tcgccctctt cctggctgtg aagtacattt tctttgagca ggtggagatg    127680
     gagtccactc tgtcccttaa agtgcccact ccaagctcca tgctcactca gaaatggtct    127740
     ccggatcaat gctgcaggaa agaaatcccc tattccacca agcttgacaa acccccaact    127800
     ccccctccaa ttgttaccaa agaagaaaga ggtatttcct tcttacgttt aaatttaatt    127860
     ttcttacgtt ttcgttctct aacagagtct aactgcaaat catctccttt agatttagtg    127920
     attcgacccc tgcctgcacc gaaagaacct gagcaaaaaa gcacttttgt tctgggagag    127980
     gatgaaactc aggaaaacac tcatgtgtcg gagcctgtga tgagtttacc tgctgaaccg    128040
     agacctgtgg aagactgtct gtccattctg aaaaacccag atgtaagatc tttgacaaat    128100
     atccatttct acagctatac aatatttgtt tatttcaaat cataagttgc aattgcagtt    128160
     tggggaaaac attaaacaaa tcacttaaaa tctgtgtaaa atcaaaatta tatggttatt    128220
     ttgcttgcga acattgttat cctttaggta aacaattcat gtttaagtta atccactgaa    128280
     aaaaaaattg ttttgtaatc ttcaatcaaa atccgaccat ttgcttctgc atttggaatg    128340
     gtggttcttc tctgttgacg tcagtttgac ggcatcagac acaatattct taaacacacc    128400
     ccataaccgt ttgttgttta agagggaatt atgcgcaaaa agaaagcccc gccccctact    128460
     caatattcca tttcagttga aagtaaattc atttattcat tcattttctt ttcggcttag    128520
     tccctttatt aatcatgggt cgccacagcg taataacccg ccaacttatc cagcatatgt    128580
     tcaacgcagt ggatgtactt ccagccacaa cccaacactg ggaaagtgga agtaaatcaa    128640
     tatattaaaa taaaagtagg catccataat tctcatggac tttaaaataa aaagattgtg    128700
     ttacaaataa tccatataca taggctgcgt cgaaagtcgc aaacttccct actataatgt    128760
     acgctataaa cagtatgcga gctgagtagt acaatttgta tgaattcaaa aaattagaaa    128820
     aactgtatgc aagaagtact cggatcacct actactttcg gcaagattct gaagtgggca    128880
     tctaatggtt gctaggcttt cccatggtgt ccctgagaga attcatgaat gggagtaaag    128940
     ctacgcaact gacgcaaaga ggtcatgtga tgatgacaaa atggctgatg tggtgcgtcc    129000
     gagttctatt catactactg acattcatac tttatagaac aaaggtgttc aaactctgca    129060
     tattttaatt ccaaccccaa ttaaacacac ctgaactagc taataaagct ctttctagaa    129120
     acctctaggg aggtgtgttg aagcaagttg tagctaaact atgcaagaca ccggcctttc    129180
     aggactgagt ttggacaccc ctggtataaa acatactttt ctaatggccg agtagtacaa    129240
     ataccaatgc agtacctact gagtagtaga tgatttcaga cgcagccata gtgaaaaatg    129300
     agtgagaggt ttggcttttt tattggtcat gaaaataaag ttacgcttcg tgtttttgca    129360
     taatattagt atctagcata tccatgacca aagcacgttt ttgaaattac aaagcacttt    129420
     tttttaaatt aattgtttta taccaccaga tttttttctt tgtattccct acagtacagt    129480
     aatatttaac acgtctgcga gggattattt gtgctctgct gaaagtcacc acataccctg    129540
     tttttttgaa acacttcaca tatagtttag ttttattgaa gttcctctct taattcaccc    129600
     aaagcatcat agggcataag aaaaatgtgg atactattgc ttttttcttt cctgcaacaa    129660
     gattaacctt ggtttccctg cgagaccgaa acctttagtt attttttacc tcagggttaa    129720
     cacttgtaat tgctaatgag atcctcctct tacactttac actcttactc ttagccaatt    129780
     agtttctgac gttggaaagg atcagaggca tgtagtgaaa ctattgacct cgaagaacac    129840
     acttctggta caaaatccaa aaataatcac acgtctgtgt gggagtactt aagcgtttcc    129900
     tcttttgact gtgcagatgg gcgctcggta cctcagcgat gaagaggtca ttgtgttggt    129960
     gaactccaag cacatcccag cttacaaact ggaggccatg atggagaccc ctgagagagg    130020
     agtgatgatt cggagaaaaa tgctcagtcc caaattcccc gagccttcga ctctctcctg    130080
     cctgccttat aaagactacg attactctaa ggtgagcaat agatcatcgc atcatatata    130140
     aattaatgag aggtgatgca aatgtaataa accagagatg cactgatgtt acatttgata    130200
     ttttaagttt gtgcaatgat attcaatggc ttttagtttg ttttttttaa gtaaggctgc    130260
     atttatttga tcaaaaatac aatataaaac gtaattaaaa tgaactgctc tgtatttaaa    130320
     ttagtggtgg gccgttatcg gcattaccgt gctgcgttaa cgcaaaactt attgcgcaat    130380
     aaaaaaatat cgcacctaat ctattctcaa agttgggttg ggagctgggt ttattctaca    130440
     aaagctatga tgacttttac cttgatattt tagcgtagat gaccagtgag tcatctgaca    130500
     aaaaaagtgc ccttctgaat caaatcagca ggacgccctc ttggatcttt cacttacttc    130560
     gaaaacacta ctgacttatt tgccgtaata gacaataata taattaaggt gattatgtga    130620
     agtgctttca tgtaagagtt tcttttaatt ttggctgatt ttaactgcag tttggcagtt    130680
     tcacattcac tcatgaacat ttgatttatg cccctgtgac aaactggatt attagacgca    130740
     aataaggggt aaggaatcgt gagagtgtta tggattttaa taacgcacgg cgaaaagaaa    130800
     gaaaaaactt ccacattttg ctatgtggtt tctcagtaaa tgtaatgaat tcctgtgatt    130860
     caaagttagt ttgttttgct agtcataatt ccagcttttt gttgtaacgt aacaatataa    130920
     cacttgaaca atatatacac aacttgacaa aagtcttgtt gttgatccca gttgtaacaa    130980
     ataatagctt gacttttatt tgatcatttg gaaaagtagc agaaagcaga cttttctgat    131040
     gaatcatctg ttgagctgca tcccaatcat cacaaatact gcagaagacc tattggaatc    131100
     cacatggact caagattctt aaaaaaatca gtcaagtttg gtgaaggaaa aatcatggtt    131160
     tagagttaca tttagtatgg gggcgaacga aagatctgca gagtggatgg caacatcaac    131220
     agcctgaggt atcaagacat ttgtgctgct cattatcata ggagtggaca aatccctcag    131280
     caggatagcg ctcctcatac tccaggattg gccagcccta tgcactaaac actgagatga    131340
     cctctactga gcctggacaa acagctaacc cacttaaatg tattacactt cgccgctcac    131400
     atcctttact aattacacaa acaaaagcct aaagttcgca aattgaaacc aagcctccta    131460
     aatgatccct aatttacaaa tgctttcaaa acgtttcaca agtaagcgca gctaataaaa    131520
     tgcaaagaca aatttacttt aaacaaggga aggaatcatt cctgccttct agcaagaaat    131580
     gtatcaaaac taaactaaca tacgcttaaa aataaatata acactcactc tataccactg    131640
     tccgcaccga atgatgagac gacttctact gagcttcaat gtgcagcatt tgtttgaaat    131700
     atgaatcttt cataacacta aaaaacattt gctaccatac tttaaaagga aataacaaag    131760
     taactaccta gaaactggaa agcaacaaac atttacatat tgaatagcag ccctggcagc    131820
     cccccaaatc attggcaggt ttattaggat ttttggaccc cttgatggaa agatcctcat    131880
     tggtttgcat gttgttctag gtgatgggca catgctgtga aaacgtcatc ggttacatgc    131940
     cagttcctgt gggcgttgct ggtcctcttt tattggatgg aaagcagttc caggtcccga    132000
     tggcgacaac tgaaggctgc ctagtcgcca gcacaaacag aggctgcaga gcgatagctg    132060
     taagctgaac gttccgccat agatgagttt gtttgatgag cagtaggcaa tttcacaccc    132120
     tcctgcactg atgtaatgtt gcataatgtc taggaaagca cattaatcta atgcgcactc    132180
     atgaatggct ttcctacagt tggcaggtgg tgctagcagt cgtgttcttg cagatgggat    132240
     gactagaggg ccagtggtgc gttttccatc tgcctgtcaa gcggctgaag tcaaggcctg    132300
     gctggagagt cccgagggct tcaagaccat caaggaggcc tttgaccaga ccagcaggta    132360
     cggcactatt tcagtaaatc catttacagc cagaattaca aacaaggttc tttcatggac    132420
     accaaattca aggggtttta atcactagta atgttaaatc aagcacaggg ctcgaaatta    132480
     acctttttgc ttggtagcac cggtgctcct aactttaaaa atgtaggcac atcagccaaa    132540
     atttagtcgc acacaccaat tataagcacc gttacaacaa gttttataca aacagattta    132600
     ttgcatttga aatcaacact aatcaaacta acaagcaaaa aaaaaaatat atatatatat    132660
     atatatatat atatatatct atatatatat attctgtaag aaaatagatt tttataacat    132720
     aactgaatga acaaagcata cacggaccgc tcaccagccc tgcacgcact gcttgaaatg    132780
     aatgaatctg ttaacgttat aactgtgctg tggtgtcaga tattgcactg atgcttttga    132840
     catatactgt accttatcat atgcatacgt catgttaata gcaataccag tctttttatg    132900
     agtagcaata tcagtttact cagtgcaagc ccgtttgcga tggtgtacgt ggtgttcaac    132960
     ttgacatata gctgccactt gcatggcgga cagcatctgg cgatgattgg aaggattaat    133020
     cagaagctct cgtgctagat gtggcaaaca gttacctgaa aattccatcc cacagacttt    133080
     tcatagcgga cttgaagcca acggaagtct tttatccact cttcgataag tgtagatgtt    133140
     ggattaacat tcagcacatg atcactagta ggatgtcatt atttataact ttagatgtca    133200
     tggtttctaa aacaaaacct gtcagtttta tcttcattct catcttcagc gctttacatt    133260
     ttttcgcggt agtagctctc tctgtcatcc caagcctgaa ggcactgact gagtgattga    133320
     cagctgatat ttcagtgcta gagcagtggt gggccaataa gaagagtgcg aaggcggggc    133380
     aagcattacg gacttagctt cgtttactgc agcaagttga catttcaact gttttaaacc    133440
     atttccgagc actgcgtttc gcgtttcaag tgcagaaaaa gagcttagag atgcattctg    133500
     cgtgaatgtc tcgcgaatcc gcgcatgtgg tgaacatttt gcagtaaaaa ctggtcgcac    133560
     acaacaattt taagcactcg caccaatcct cccaaatata tttttgttta atatctgttt    133620
     gattagtttg aggtatctgg gtctttactg gatgtcttta gtgtgacagt cgttcaatag    133680
     tcctgacagt agtttttaat agcaaaagag ggtttgcatt ggcgcaagct gttagcacat    133740
     ttggtctttt agggtcccat taaattaaaa caacgttttt ttagacttta gtatcagtat    133800
     ttcataaatc tataagctag tgcgcaccaa aactgtgaca aaaatgtaca tttaagagat    133860
     atacacttat ataaacatgt aaagcttata gattgtcatt tcttcacacc tttcatcaaa    133920
     ccttgaccaa tcaaatgttc tctagtatct gacatgtcct gcccccttca catttgattt    133980
     gacactttca tgggtattgg ctgttttttt aagggggagt ggttacacca tgttccagcc    134040
     ccttttttat gtttcaattg agattacacc aaacactgaa taaaaattca catttttaag    134100
     cacttcacaa gagctttaaa tttccatttt tgtgtacatt tatttaactt tatatttgcg    134160
     ttttttttgt gtaggtttgc acgattagag aagcttctga ttggcctggc aagtcgcaac    134220
     ttgtatattc gctttcagtc cagaacagga gacgcaatgg gaatgaacat gatctcaaag    134280
     gtatgccgaa ttgtattttt ccactattta aatacaaagc gttgtgaaac cccgtcactc    134340
     atttcttttc tctgcgttca ccagggcaca gaacaagctc tcgccagact gaaggaggaa    134400
     tttccagagc tccaggtttt ggctgttagt ggaaattact gtactgacaa aaaacctgcc    134460
     gccatcaact ggattgaggg aaggggcaag tcagtggtgt gtgagaccac cattccagcc    134520
     aaagtggtta aagaggtaca cagcttcatt caaatctgca aaacttactg ctgacaaaac    134580
     tgtaatatac agtgggtgac acttcaaaag gaccattacc gccatctgtg ctgctgctgt    134640
     ggcagtaagg gattaagaac gagtttttag gtgtaacagc attttgcgac tgcgcaaagg    134700
     gacgggatgt gaaaagacag aactatacag tagctgtaaa caccctgcta cttgtaaatg    134760
     aagccttatg attccttcat taatctgcat tgcatttact tgtttaagga gttacactat    134820
     tgaggtttta ggctttttgg cccatcataa agtttttttt tattataata taaagaaaac    134880
     atctcaaatt aagttttaat gatttttttc acacattatt ttttgttttt gtagattcca    134940
     attgcagtga aaattttatt gtcttcttat aaagctataa atctttactt cagctgcacc    135000
     tacataaacc aaataatata gtttttgcat atttacattc tgaagattgt gcgcctacac    135060
     aattacagca taaaactact gatttcttta gggccctaca acatatcatt tcagcatcga    135120
     tatcacgatg tgcgtgtttg caatagtcac atcgcaaaat ttccaatgtt gtgttgtgtt    135180
     tctaattaat caacaattgg gaactcatga gacttgtgaa gtcattgcca agtataacca    135240
     taccacattg atcatttgca tgcgttctaa aggcttttca agagtattca ggcacaataa    135300
     tgtacaacat ttgtaacttt aatgaacact aaatttactg aactattaat acaatgaaga    135360
     ctgtatagtg gtattgtaaa ctttattatt caatttctgt acctgaatac tgtttgactc    135420
     ttcaggaaac ccataaagca gttttttctt tgctctattg taattattct tggttgcaag    135480
     tagtttattt ttatacatga ttcacatcct tacaaaatta acccaatcaa tcaaaatgaa    135540
     tgatttcccc ccaaaacaga gctataaaag ctgtctgggc aaattgtatt cgtatcgcaa    135600
     tatatatcgc acaaaaacga aatattgcaa tgcctaattt ttctaatatc gtgcactggt    135660
     tttcttaata tttttttaat ttctgtaaaa gacagattct tgcttaaatt tggaaccaac    135720
     attcagattt gtgtgctaga aatgtgtgca gattagcaca tatctaatca aacaaagtca    135780
     tcaaagtcat tcgcaaactc attcgcatac tttagaaaac gcaatgaaaa gggtgtccac    135840
     aagctcttaa aaagtattaa aggttgataa atcaattacg agaaaatata ggtattagta    135900
     agtctaaatc gcgtttttac gagatttaaa attttgttta agctttgtcc aaagtgtttg    135960
     acttcacaaa agcataaata tatttatttt cctcctaata ttaacaacat ggcatgctcg    136020
     atccacacga ttcgttcggg ctagggcgca tccgaccaag cttctccatc tgggtgatgg    136080
     cagagtggga aaatgtaagt ttacgtactc ctggttggag aaagatgagt ttaaacagtg    136140
     actaaagcct gtcactaaaa acaatcacat aattaattat ttcaaaagtt tcgttgcagg    136200
     gttgtgctcc attgatttat ttaactacaa ctgtttattt agttaaggtt ttgatattga    136260
     ttagaagtgg ccatgagatc ttaaaatatt ctaaggtctt taaaaactct taaaaaatat    136320
     tgaaatgacc tttaggattc ctgcatttac cctgatgtag tatgttgata aagttcattt    136380
     tgtaccctat tcacctaaag tctttccttc agtgcaatat aaatgtacat ttaaaaaaat    136440
     ataaatccac gagtctcaca caactgtttc tgctcagatt ttaaagacgt cgactgaggc    136500
     tctggtggac gtgaacatca gcaagaattt ggttggatct gcgatggctg gaagcattgg    136560
     tggttataac gctcacgccg ccaacatcgt agctgctatc tatattgctt gtggacaggt    136620
     aataaaatcg atgttattta cagtatgagt ttgataagga atatgatatc tgattataga    136680
     tttacagtag atgcagatgt ttacatatga aattgtccct gacaggaccc ggcgcagaca    136740
     gtgggcagct ctaactgtat cactttaatg gaggcttcag gagctacagg ggaggatctg    136800
     tatatcagct gcactatgcc ctccattgag ctgggcactg tgggtggagg cactaacctt    136860
     cctcctcaac aggcctgttt aaaggtattt ccgctggatt tgggatgatt aactctaccc    136920
     aaaaattaaa tcctgtcatt aattaccctc aaatcattaa aattctctga caccttaatt    136980
     aaactttgag gaagttagat gttttagatg aaatcagaga gctctctcat cctccattga    137040
     cagcaatggt cccgaaatgt tcagaaaagg aaccaaaaac actgcattgg acatgagtgg    137100
     tgccaatgta atcatatgag ctctatgaag acttttgtgt gccaaaataa actgaaaaac    137160
     tgttgccttt gacttccata tcaggtcaga ttagactcta atggtaatat gtcatactgg    137220
     ctgtagttaa cgcacactct gacctaatgt gggaatgaag attagcaaac aaagtcatgt    137280
     ttacagaagt attttggagc tttgtatgat tttagttcca cctctgaaat catgtggaat    137340
     gctttgacaa tgtttttggt tccttaactg tctcatggcc attgctgtct atggaggctc    137400
     agagagctcc ctgatttcat ctaaaatctc ttaatctatg tctcaaaggc taatgatgac    137460
     agaattttca ttttgtgtga actaaccctt taaaacaagg atattttagt gtcagtttgg    137520
     atatatatgg agaaagaagt ctcaagtagt tttattcttt atctgtgatt ctggcagatg    137580
     ttaggtgttc tgggtgccag tcaggagtgt ccaggtgaaa acgcccgtca gctcgccaag    137640
     gtggtgtgtg ccactgtgct cgcgggagag ctgtcactca tgtctgccct cgctgctgga    137700
     cacttggtca aaagtcacat gactcacaac aggtcagaat catttgcagt ttatgaatac    137760
     atctataaaa atgtacagat tttgtgtgtg tgtatataaa tataatgtta tcataacttt    137820
     taaatattgt gtagtataaa ttacatttta caatattgtt aagaatttta ttagaattta    137880
     tcagtcgtgt ttagtcaaat atatagaaat atattattct gtagtacttc tatctgtgta    137940
     tatatatctt aatctaaaag aacaaattac aaatatattc attttttcat tttccgtcgt    138000
     cttatttcct tatttatcac gggaccacac cacaactgaa tgaaccatca attacaaata    138060
     tattgtacta tatatcaaaa tcttaattac aacactgcat agtattatga taatcttaat    138120
     taattaaaat tgtatgtaga aatacatttt taaataatct aaagttttgt ccaattttct    138180
     atattttaac catcctgcat ctatagtatg actaatttgt aatatcatat aataacaatg    138240
     aaacatctgt gtgtgtgtgt atatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtttatatat atatatatat    138300
     atatatatat atataaagtt gacatcatta gtatgactaa tttgtaatat ataataacaa    138360
     tgaaacatct gtgtgtgtat atgtgtgtgt gcgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatat atatatatat    138420
     atatatatat atatgtatgt gtgtgtatgt atatatatat gtatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    138480
     gtatatatat atatacatat acagttgaca tcattagtat gactaatttg taatatcata    138540
     taataacaat gaaacatctg tgtgtgtgta tatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    138600
     tgtgtatata tgtatgtatg tgtgtgtgtg tatgtatata tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    138660
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    138720
     tatatatata tatatatata tacagttgac atcagaatta gcccccctgt attattagtc    138780
     cccctgttta tttttttccc caatttctgt tccacagagc agattttttt caacacattt    138840
     ctaaacatat tagttttaat aactcatttc taataactga tttattttat ctttgccatg    138900
     atgacagtaa ataatatttg acctaaatct aacttcatat ctagaaaaaa cacagcttac    138960
     aaataaatat tgaaatattt taaagattta cagatttacc aagcataaaa gtactttgaa    139020
     aatgtcatat atccatcatc tgcaaacatc tgcataactg tgtctttttc tattttccct    139080
     atagatcaaa agtaaacttg caagaagctc caggaacatg cactaagcag gcatcttgag    139140
     atgtcgcctg ctgaagatac agtacaaagg gacattaaga gagggtctcg tctacaagtc    139200
     gcaaataata aacaatacac attattttca gaccgcaacc aatcccttct tctcttaaaa    139260
     aaaagaagtc tgtacattca catcagatgt taactgtgga cattcaaggt gaaactgaga    139320
     ctgggatcaa gtctacagcc agtatttccc aatcacattt gcacaggatc acttgtttcc    139380
     agacctgttc tgttaagctt gacttgctat gaagagcaaa tctgattttt agatccacag    139440
     gagacagtac acacacatac aggacacgca acttaattta tatacaaata ttttacatac    139500
     aaattatttt tttactgtat ttttttgatg gtgatggcag caggatgcca atttaattta    139560
     attctttttt gtttttgcca aactggaaag caacataata cagaaagaga aatgtgctct    139620
     ttattgcact tgctaaagga aaggcactgg atagtgttta ctgtactaca attcgatagt    139680
     tggtacacat gtagaatact tcagatcgat tgtgaaattg ccaaacgcag ccgtcagcaa    139740
     agtgcttctc atgtcagaat gtacagcagt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttttactg    139800
     tgacaggaat gatctgaatg acttatgtaa ctggaatatt taatgtgacg gcacgacagg    139860
     acatgtattt taaaaggtgc tatgatcctc gtgatgtttc agttctttgt tcatttagta    139920
     aattcttttt gaacattcat aacaaaacac aactgaacac attgtatttt tctaactgct    139980
     tggaatggct tttttcggtt gttttctaca acactgaaag gaataaatgt ttgaacattt    140040
     atgtttcatt ctgaatacac tgaagagaag ctttttattg agttttcccc caaaggaaca    140100
     attcaaaata tgaaataaat aataaactgc aaagttttgt atattttttt ataataaaac    140160
     atatctagtg cattgtcttg tgcttggaat ttatcatgtt tttaatatag ggactaaggc    140220
     gaaaagaaaa tgaatggatt gaaattacat ttaagtttct tatattttaa aatatttcac    140280
     atttaggttt gtcactttta gtacttatac tttgtattta actttagttt tatttcagtt    140340
     ttcggtaatt ttattactgt ttgttagtct actgtatttt taaatgtcat acatctgttt    140400
     ttattttaaa attgttcgtc ttcgttggag ttttctgtcg tttttattgc tgttattttt    140460
     aaatacatct atattgtttt ttaaaaaaaa tagttatcag ttcatttagt aattcaaatt    140520
     aaactcaaat ctaaatattt atatgcaatt agctaaaata tttgatgaca tgttcatatt    140580
     tttcagttcc tttttaaact aatttaagaa aatagaacgt tatttgcatg tttaccaaat    140640
     gaatcgctaa aacatgattc aaacgtctct ttctcataga tatttttgtg tgtgttaaag    140700
     tattaaccaa aaataatatt cctcctcata cataagctaa aaaacagttc aatactaaat    140760
     aaagcccaca gctgtcggtt ttctccgtta actgttacct ggcctgacgg agatgcgagt    140820
     tctcctcagg cgacgtcatt atctgctctc tcctcaccag agggagatcc gaccaatctg    140880
     cagggcctgc atcacatctc accaggacag caactgctga ttggttgaag ctcgacaaga    140940
     ccccgcccac acaggcctga ggggatgaga tgggctttat agacacagct actaatctgc    141000
     gagcgatact cgtgttactc ctcctatcct gcttatcttc actatgaacc caacctcgtg    141060
     cacatgatgc catatcagct catgggtttg tttgtcaatc aacatcagtc attaatgtga    141120
     ctggaaactt tccaacaccg ttgaatacag tacagtgcac tgagttcata gacagagata    141180
     ctgtcggttt atggcactgt acaagcaaga cttgctgtgg agctcaagaa catatttagt    141240
     tgaagtcaga atcctgtata ttatcccaat ttatttttaa cggaaagatt atttgttcaa    141300
     cacatttcta aacataataa ttttaataaa tcatttctaa caactttttt catttatctt    141360
     tgccatgatg accgtaaata atattttact gaatattttt caagacactt ctatacacct    141420
     taaagtgata tttaccactt aactaggcag gttaggataa ataggcaact cattgtataa    141480
     cagtgattta ttctgttgac taaataaata tatattgcta aagggggcta atattattta    141540
     ccttaatttt tccttgtgtt atcacaaggt tttgatatac ttctaatgtt gactactgta    141600
     tatattaata ttaataacat tttctggtca ataataaata tatagcccct tttttatgtt    141660
     attgaaaggc cctaatgatt ttaaggaaat atatgctgtt tttttttttt tgttttttaa    141720
     gcagaaactc tgtctgtatg catgtagtat gcatatgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    141780
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt atttatatct catattatag acaactaatc ctgattatac    141840
     acatgtattc cacatactgt atactgtctg gctagtgtat tgttccctct atttctatgg    141900
     taatagcgct aacacctcca cattcctgcc cattatcacc tgtcccttgt gcagcaagca    141960
     aacaaagccc agaaagacaa acatgaccag tatattttat agaagataat atacttttag    142020
     ttccttttaa gatcactgcc cactttcaaa atgttataaa aaaaaaaaat tcatattcca    142080
     gaacaaccct tgttattatt ttacaataaa tttaatttga aactccaaaa attgtaacaa    142140
     aaaaagcagt ttgaagatca taacagcata ttctgtcatc atcgaattac cttcaagtca    142200
     gtccaaacca ttacgtttgt ttcagaatac agaagttatt ttaaagtaaa acctgagacg    142260
     tctgtgtctc agttatacac attaaccgaa aaaatcttta atgcttcaaa atgtttgtga    142320
     agagatccaa aaataatgaa tcgagctgtt taattttaat aaattgtatt ttattcatta    142380
     aatagttaaa taataaaaat aaggaataca ttttctcgag tgttatctac tatcttaaaa    142440
     caattacaaa aaagtggggt tttgcaccat aaaagaacca tatttagtga acaagttcct    142500
     atacactacc tgacaaaagt ccttctgtcg atcccagttg taagagcaac aaataataac    142560
     ttgacttcta gttgatcatt tggaaaagtg gctgatcttt tcgatgaatc atctgttgaa    142620
     ctgcatccca atcatcacaa atactgcagc agacctactg gtacttgcat tgacccaata    142680
     ttctcacaga aatcagccaa gtttggtgaa ggaaaaatca tggtttgggg ttacattctg    142740
     tatgggggcg tgtgagagac ctgcagagtg gatgacaaca tcaacagcct gaggtatcaa    142800
     gacattgtgt tgcccattac attacaaaca acgggagaga gcaaattatt cagcaggata    142860
     gcgcttctaa tactacagcc tccaaatcaa agctcctgaa agcaatgaag gtcaagtttc    142920
     tccaggattg gccagcccag tcaccaaaca tgaacgttat tgaccatgtc tggagtatat    142980
     attcattctt tttccacggc actatgactt tttattctat actgtacatt atttctttta    143040
     agtgacaaga attttgtcta agcaaagtca gaccttactg tcataattaa ataattaaag    143100
     accatgccat ggtcaagtgt tattttggta agcttagttt agaggccttt gcctttcata    143160
     taagccactt ctgatacaaa atgatcaact agaagtcaag ttattagttg ttgttttttt    143220
     aaacttggat aagcgacaag actttgtcaa gtagtgtagt agtgtacatc tttttcccca    143280
     taataaaaat accttttgca aagtgaaagt gttttaaagt caaagtttcc tgaaatcact    143340
     gatgccaaaa aatatatttt ttatttataa gattttggta aaactgtaga cacaaaaatt    143400
     taaaagaatt gttttttttt tttttttggt ttctttaatt acttagtggt aatacatacg    143460
     cacacaaagg aatcacttac ataattgtct tgttcttgct gggatgaaca aagtgtttca    143520
     ggacattctt ttacgaaata aacgtgcctt aagcaaaaca gcagcagcaa aaatgggatg    143580
     gcaagcatag tggtgacgat ttaatttgca ccttacgtca agcggttttg aacttcatta    143640
     ttatggagga ccaggagtgc tggttagaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaattaaaa atcaatgtaa    143700
     gaattgaatc attaaatgtg tttaaataaa atacatttta aaagaaatat aatacacaaa    143760
     taaatggaca tttaaatgtg gcaaatagag agagaaaagc atttgtcaaa tgccttttta    143820
     aaaagctaat taaattgtgc attcaaatgc attttaaatg gattacaaat atacgtttat    143880
     tgttcgatca atcagcgttt taaaacaaaa aaattaacat ttagaaaatt gtctatttat    143940
     acatttataa agttattttt aaatgcattc atttgtattg ctttattaaa tgccatttaa    144000
     aaacacaatt taaataaaca catttaaata tgtctattta tttgttcatt aaaaccatga    144060
     tttatttata cacgttttaa tgcttcaatt attaccctga taatttgttt tctcatgcta    144120
     tttctaagtg acactcctgg tccttcaaaa attattagac atgttatcga aaaacaaatc    144180
     aacacaatat gattgcaaga ttcatattaa taaactgagt agttttatat atggatttaa    144240
     tttcttatgt aaggaaaaaa aaagactctg aactctttat taaagaagta gaacaaccaa    144300
     aaattatact atgtatttac atcattccaa acttttctgg cttccttttt ttctgcagaa    144360
     cacaaatgtt atagaagaat gttggtcaac tgatttgctt tccattttct tgaatatgga    144420
     gggggggaaa acagaaaaca ataaaagctt gatctaaaaa aacatatata ataataataa    144480
     taataataat aataataata acaacaatga aaataacaac aaaaacaaca acaacaacaa    144540
     caacaataat aataatatat agctttccaa aaagaaagca aatcaagttt ggaatgacag    144600
     tgtacgtaca gcagtgtttc tcaaccatgt tcctagagga ccactagaac tgcatatttt    144660
     ggatgtctcc tttgtctgac acacccatta caggtctttc agtttctgct aatgagatga    144720
     tcaactgcat ctgtagttgt gagcagagct ggttgtcctc caggagcgtg gttgaaaaac    144780
     actgctgtac acgaacaatt catgggtatg ctataccttt aattgaagtc agagatgaaa    144840
     atgaatgtac cattaatgat tcacatttaa aaccaatatg atgaattaga cctatgcaat    144900
     ataaacctgt gaaatgtctt tacttttcat aagcataaat ggcactgcaa aaattacata    144960
     tacattgtgt agattaataa ttgctgagcc gtttattaag caaacaaaac aaaagtggaa    145020
     agtcattgtg aaaccacttt taaaacctat tattactatt attatcatta ttattattat    145080
     caaaatgtct ggaatttaaa gggatggttt acccaaaaac gaaatgcttt ttaatgtact    145140
     tcccctcagc atttaagacg tgacttttcc ttcagtagaa cattgaagaa gatgtttagc    145200
     tagccaatgg ttactgtttg agagccaaag acacaaaaac aggcaaaata aaatgaatac    145260
     ttatggctgc tgctgataca ctaatgtctg gaacagaaac aatcatactg tcaaagagaa    145320
     ggaacattat ttataatatt atgaccttta gatccaccta aatataatat taagccacaa    145380
     ctattcattt gactctgaaa ttgctggtag attatgaatc accaaagacc acaattttaa    145440
     gctaaaaatc ttctttcatg ttctacttaa ggaaaaagcc atttacatct actgattcta    145500
     atgactaatt ctaattgact aaatcatttt tgggtgaaca atttctaaaa aacaaaacaa    145560
     aaaaaaaaaa acgaactttt catagcccga acaaaatacc ctcttcattt tcagcatgat    145620
     taaattatat acaagcagtt cccaatgaat gtacactttg ccaaaatcat tatttatgaa    145680
     tgacaaaact ctaaatgtgt aatggcttca catgtacatg tcgttacaca ttcagactag    145740
     ctgtacaaaa gatctcaagt ctggagtcta cttaattttc ataagacaaa tggctattta    145800
     acaaggccag tgagaaaact cacgatcagc tgagattgga tcaaggcatc aagtttacag    145860
     tgtatatatt taattaagac catactcaaa ctatgatcaa atatttacaa aaagtaaaac    145920
     actttaacaa aaccctgaaa gggggaaaaa ctcaagtaag gccttttgaa tgtgaacaga    145980
     ttgtgttggt gatgtgggtc tagtgtgttt gttggtgtac tgttgctgtt cagtctgtat    146040
     gaatgcagat tgaaaaaggt ttataaagag tgtcaggagc acttggacag agcagctcta    146100
     tggtgggagt gatggtggat cagtgagaat aaggccgttc gtcaggcgat tgaggaaaca    146160
     atgtgtaaat gtagagaacc tggaaaagag gaaaaaaatg agagtttaaa ataaatgtgc    146220
     tgtgaataaa gtttctaata tgcaacatta tcacgctaac tttattacta taacagcatt    146280
     attacttttc ctcataacaa caagtagatc tgtggtgttt agaatattgt cccaaagtgt    146340
     aagcattaac atttttttcc tttaatttga aacaacttgg aaaaactcca aactacattt    146400
     atttatgcct gtttttaatc gaattttaat gccattttca attttagacc aaaagacaaa    146460
     aactgcagag aacaaaagtc tatgctgcac cacactagct agcatggatt cacttactct    146520
     ccaagccata gtaattttgc gttgtgaagg agctttcaca caggatgaag aaagaaatgc    146580
     tctatgaaac ccatttgttt caatggctta ctccacacaa aggcggtctg cactgaacaa    146640
     aggagtggtc ctcaacattt taatcaccac agaacagtca aggattgtca attttacggc    146700
     gtttgtaggt tgctaggaaa ccatcaacca tttttttttc tcattgcgac agctctgata    146760
     caagttttat ttacggaaca aaaaaaaatc tgcaggaaag gactgcattg tttgggtgtt    146820
     tgtctaagat aattagtcta accaaaatgt gtaaattcca tacaagctat agctgatcag    146880
     tcagttcttg ttacatgact ttcggtgcat ttattcactg ggcacatctg gaaggtgcga    146940
     gagtgtcacg ccacttgttt gcgcaagccg cacacctcca ttggaaacaa catacttgtg    147000
     tgaactctag aaaagatgga atatgcaaac ggccactaaa aggctgccgt catttgcgat    147060
     ctccagcagt tgatcttctt gcaagccaca aagttctcaa tactcataac tcaatatcca    147120
     ctcagtggat agtctgctca tgtacgtgta tacatatccc acaggtgagt gggcttgaca    147180
     aaccacttgt aggaaacaca ctttcatctc tctgacactt taactgatac agtttttgca    147240
     cataagcacc agacactttt ctataatcac tccatatcaa tataaaatcg cttcacacag    147300
     gcgagtgggg ttgacaaact acctgtaaaa gcactgttct cgctctaaaa aaaacaaaac    147360
     ttgttatata tgattaattc gcattgttgt ctcagaagtc tacccgaaac ccattttaca    147420
     aggtgccttt gtgaataaac aatgcctcca gagttacggg acaagacagc tgcctatgct    147480
     ttcggatgag cctatgaagt atacttgttc ctgctgcttg cagtaccatt actgcactgt    147540
     catggcaaca ctagtaaaat aacgcctcaa cttgttcacg gtcattaaaa tgtgcctatt    147600
     ttattggctt gtggttttta aagtaaaagt aatgtaaaag ttttaaatat tttatgctaa    147660
     tattttatta aattttatga tttaataaaa taacattaat attgcaatgt attttcagtt    147720
     ttggcccaag tgcatccaga atgtttgatt ttagtttcag cccagaattt tcatttcagt    147780
     acatcctcag ttcacatgaa cttgttttaa gtaccaattt tccattagga ttctccacat    147840
     tattctgttc tcttgtgcat ttgtcttttg tggatggtca gccttttgga gcattgagtt    147900
     cacagaaaaa tcccatattt aaaatgacca acttcttttt atgtgtgaaa ggggtggcct    147960
     tcatcttaat ttggccttca tcttgaaaag ctgttgtcag actgtaagtc acttcaaagt    148020
     agctcatcat cttggaaaag taactaaaaa ctttgaaatt taactgccag ttaaagggct    148080
     tgttcaccca aaaaataaaa aataatttac tccagccata ctttttccaa accagtttga    148140
     ttttctttgt tctgttatac acataagaag aaataacttg taaccattga cttccaaact    148200
     atttacagta gcattcttta aatatcttct tttgtgttca acagaataca taaaggtttg    148260
     gtagagtaaa tagtaagtaa tcaattcctt tgtgtgaatt aacccttaaa atagggttgg    148320
     taagataatt gaggaaatta ccactagatg ctctaatttt cttctgtgtc ctttttatca    148380
     tataatactg tagcgcataa taaacctcaa ataagacgaa gtacagactg caaaatactg    148440
     taggctgttc tctaaatgaa atctttaaaa gtgcaaaaaa agtgatttgt ttggtgtgtt    148500
     acctcgtgtt gttcagaaga ggatggcctc actgctggtc ttcacttcaa catacgaggt    148560
     gaagcgcttg aggaatttgg gatattctct cttggctacg gctcgcaaga ctgacgcagg    148620
     ggcccaacca ccaggattta ctttaggatt acaaacccag agtaaatgtc acattttata    148680
     cgatttattt agtaaagtaa atttacagtc taaactctga tgtatttaga ccaggggtgg    148740
     ccaaccctgt tcctggagag ccaccttcct gcagatttat accagaacca attaattagg    148800
     acctgaacac cacgtgataa ttacaggcag gtgtgtttga tatgggttgc aactgaaatc    148860
     tgtaggaagt tggctcttca ggaacagggt tggccaccac tgatttaaac agtataaatg    148920
     tatgattttt agggacaact gatatttcca acagttcctt cactcataaa atggctgatg    148980
     gcttaacact tttcttttgt gatatacaag ggacttacaa atacaataaa tatatttact    149040
     tagagcatat gggataaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaacagtt tatgctatca ttgctgagtt    149100
     gagcagcttg catttacctt cttattgctt actaaaccat ttttgttatt ttttttatta    149160
     caaataactt gctttaataa attaccttaa tgaaaataaa atgaaaatat attcatcatg    149220
     agctagtggc taaagcaata ttagtaatgt ttgtgtagtt catgttaact ggtcacttaa    149280
     agaaaaataa ttgatcaaaa attttaaaat ttaataaaaa atactttcta catgtttatt    149340
     ttgaaaaata tttactttta acattatgta tttaaaatgt ttattgataa tactgaattt    149400
     acttctgcct aaaaaaagta ttaataactt tgaggcagtt gttatacccg taactgttat    149460
     atactttatt acataaacag cttaaaaaag aatccactga cacccaactt ttgaacatta    149520
     gcatatacac ttttaagaac cctgccggaa gattagtttc tttctgtttt gtttttcttt    149580
     tttttgtaat tatatgtatt ttgtgtggta accaccatta tcgcactgct agactcacca    149640
     ttggcgacat atgtgatttt acagatgatg ttgtctctgc tgatctcttt gtctccctct    149700
     ggtgggctga ttagtgtttg acaaatcatg gctacgttga ttttggcacg aatgcatcta    149760
     gtagaaggct ggaaaacaga aaaaagtaac ctgacgtaca atttgtgtgt atatgcttgc    149820
     agtaaaaagg ctatatgaca tcaaaaatgg cttcaaaagc aggaactcac tggataacca    149880
     tcatgatcca ctgagaagtt gcagaccagc caggtgtctg gatcgttctc attggtggac    149940
     agaattttac gcataactga cacataaagc acatctcgtt gggaagcagg ccacactctc    150000
     tgtcaaagag cagaaaagga aaaaaaaagg atatataaaa ttattttaga aaaaagcaca    150060
     caataagcaa catgttaggg tactcagatc aggccaatta ctggaaacat tatttacagc    150120
     actgctccaa aacatgcttt tctgactgga ccatcatgca ctattatgac actaaaaatg    150180
     atccaaaatg cttcagctta tctggtcttc aatcagtccc tccaggacat tgtaagactt    150240
     tgttctgaat tttgcagcct aaaataactg attttgctgt ggctttattt aaaaatttcg    150300
     gcaatactta aggcattatt ttgtgttgat ttgttgtaaa aaaaatatca gagacaaaag    150360
     tctttattgt atatatttct attactcctt cacccagaca ttgggttctg taacttataa    150420
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaatc acacttaaat ttaaattgtt gttgttttta cagacagtta    150480
     aagtcaaaat tataagcaaa attgttgggg tattcaggag ggctaataat tcttaattaa    150540
     tatttaaatt aaaatacaaa tacataaatc tgagcaacag ccatgagtca gttgtgaaga    150600
     cagtccttgc tgcagcccgc agcttaataa tgtactggac aaggttcccc atgtaatgga    150660
     cgatcgccta cacctcctct accctaaaac caacagtcac agtagtatgg gtgctacctt    150720
     agagggtggt acaatgtcta ctatgaattg gtacaggtcc agtacgtcat cagggctaca    150780
     gactgcaccg aattatcttg tttgctttgg gtgaatcagt gtcatgatga cgccatagtg    150840
     tattacagat acatgagaca tactcaaaat tttggggagt tttcttgatt ttgcaataaa    150900
     ttcaacaaat cacaataaat aaataaataa aatactttgc caaatcctag agggactatt    150960
     taataaaccc aagaacgccc gcataaaacg tctctttatt tccttgtatt ggctaccagt    151020
     tgaagctcac atcaaactca aattattgat gcttccatac agaacagcct caggctccaa    151080
     actgtcacag gctagaagct acagatctat tccctttcag aagcctgcag ttgatcagtg    151140
     agtgatgaat tgtgttacca tcacagagac tctaaaacac attccagaac cttttatttt    151200
     actgttcctg actggtggaa caatttttcc agttacagac agtctgcaaa atcactgtta    151260
     acattcaaat ggcaactaaa aacttctttc ttcaatgaga accatgatct tataataaaa    151320
     acatatctgt aaataaataa ataaaaaaaa tagtaaaata aaaacaaata aatattgtga    151380
     atcgcttgga taaaaaagca atgactaaat gctaaatgac tgagtgtgga acagcagttt    151440
     ttcctgatat aaatactttt attcagcaag gatacattaa attgatcaga agtgacttga    151500
     ttaagacttg actgtagact tgattaatgc tgaaaatcgc cttaaaattt ggatgaatta    151560
     taactgttaa atctatttaa attaaaaaac ataatttaat taatttagtc cacacaaaat    151620
     tatattttaa ttaaattata atactgaatg aacattgcat cacaaacctt tacactttat    151680
     aaagaatgaa atgctgagag ttaattaaat taaaaattaa ttgcataaac tgctgttttt    151740
     gttttaaagt ttacttttta ttaaaagtat ttttaacatt tgtttctcta gtgtgttgcc    151800
     atgtaccatg atgttttttt gtgtattcta ccttacataa acttctacag catggaaatt    151860
     gggttgttgg tctttacaag tgaaatctgg caagactcag aagacactta agaaagactg    151920
     ttcaatggtt gctaaaaaaa agagcttctg ttgaagcaaa tagttttttt taataaaggt    151980
     gtatgacttg tacctatgta ctatgtaaat agcattacta atattctacc tgaaccagac    152040
     agaaaatgag acagaatgat gatttgacag cacatgcttg ccttttacca ttatcagaat    152100
     gattttagtt ctgtcagatc agaaaattaa aagaaagtag atttaatatt tataagcgac    152160
     tactgtagat ttcgattaat aatcaattgg agcatccata tagtgtatag taaaatatta    152220
     taccttcagt gtttggtgaa tgatgcacgc ttgatctgag agcgtctcaa ccacttgaaa    152280
     gctttcaaca gtagctataa aaaaggaata tagtgaatat tttttacata ttttgacatg    152340
     atataaaaaa tcgtgcatgt gtatatttaa ttacataaag atcttataca gatcatcaaa    152400
     aaaaactaaa aactttgaga tgaacatact ctcccaatca ttccgataag cggtgtccca    152460
     aaagtagtgg cagacctcat gacctgtgac tcctttgaca gcatgagtgg ctttaagagg    152520
     atccagaaca atgccgttct cctccacctc tctcctgtac acctgcaaaa acaaatgttt    152580
     cttagtatta acaatggcca aacagcaaac agaccaacat attcttgaac aacagcagcc    152640
     tctagtggaa aaaagaacga ctcgactatg aagactagtt attactagtt agttaatagt    152700
     cctgctgtga aatgtaattc tttttcaagc atttcccagt gaagtttaac agagattttt    152760
     tcctaaatac actttaaaca attgttttaa ttaatttcta attttaacca atttcttttg    152820
     tcttaggcat gatgatggca tatattattt tactagttat tttgcaagat acaagcattc    152880
     agcctaaagt gcaatttaaa ggctcaacta attatattaa ctaggtaagc taggttaatt    152940
     agtacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    153000
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacagg ccactttatt aggtacacct    153060
     gtccaactgc tcgttaacac aaatttttaa tcaaccaatc acatgccagc aactcaatgc    153120
     atttaggcat gtagacatgg tcaagatgat cagctgcagt tcatgcagag catcagaatg    153180
     gggatgaaag gtgatttaag tgactctgaa agtggcatgg ctgttggtgc cagatgggct    153240
     cgtctgagta cttcagaaac ggctgatcta ctgggattct aatggacaac catctctatg    153300
     gtttacagaa agtggtccga aaaagaaaaa agatttccag tgagcggcag ttctgtgggc    153360
     gcaaatgcct tgttgaagcc agaggtcaga ggagaatggc cagactggtt ccagctgata    153420
     gaaagggaac agaaactcaa ataaccactt gttacaaccg agatctgcag aagagcatgt    153480
     ctgaacacac aacacgtcca aacttgatgc ggatggctta cagcagcaga agaccacacc    153540
     aggtgccact tctgtcagct aagaacagga aactgagact acaatttgca caggctcatc    153600
     caaattggac agtagaagat cggaaaagct ctgatgagcc tggtctgctg cagcattctg    153660
     atggtattct gatggctaca tccagcagga tattgtgcca tgtcataaag tgcaaatcat    153720
     ctcagactgg tttcttaaac atgacaatga gttcactgta ctcaaatggc ctccacagtc    153780
     actagatctc aatacaatag agctcctttg gaatgtggtg gaacaagaca gctgacaaat    153840
     ctgcagcaac tgtgatcatg tcaatatgga ccaaaatctc aactaatact tccagttact    153900
     tgttgaatct atggggtcca acccggttct agtaaggtgt acctaataaa gtggcaagtg    153960
     gatgccatgt ttttaaacat tttttagaca atgtttgatg gattgactct tatgtttaaa    154020
     tcacagcaaa tgaaaacaat tgttatttta atgaatgctg ttttctattc taagatataa    154080
     cacaacggct tcagaagtca cctttaaagg tcaataaacc tctcaccttc atatctcctt    154140
     cttcaacaac cagttgccag ttagcatctc caccaacatc ctgtaaagaa tacgtcatgt    154200
     gactgtgcac catctcctca acctgtgaac aaaaccaccg agaggtcact aaatgtatac    154260
     aagacaacta aagcattatt tcaagtcaag ttcaccaact ctctctacct gagcactgaa    154320
     cctgtgcacg tcatctgagg cacttatgag gtcgacggag gacaaggagg acgtgtgact    154380
     gtgaggctga acccaagaga cagaaagcca gagagaaaga gctcaatgaa atgagacgga    154440
     aattaaaatc tgatcatcac ccagagaata cagagcagac tgccactgta aagcacattt    154500
     cagagagagg aactggaaca aaggcaattt tacaaatgta aaaaaacaaa agctccaaag    154560
     atttgacaga gcgcatccac catcagcgat gagacaaatt gcataatcag tcacgaagaa    154620
     gccaatgtgc tttgacagag caagtgtgta ggagtgtgcg tgtgtgcgtg ggggagtcag    154680
     ttaaagtggg ctggcttacc tttgtcaagt atttctgagt gctgatggag gaaaaggtgt    154740
     ctggagtgag cgagatctgt cgagatgccc tgctcctttc cacctgggac tgcaaaacat    154800
     gacagcagga tttataaaag gatgctttca catttggttc agttgcatgg tttgcaccag    154860
     agttcgattg aacactgtcc accgatgtgt tcacacagtg gttttcattt ctgaaaccag    154920
     gtactagggc tgcaaaaatc tgtcaattaa cccatttctg gcagactcta tctatctatc    154980
     gatcgatcga tagatctaga ttaaaacagt ttgaagatag atagatagat agatagatag    155040
     atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag    155100
     atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atacacatac aggggtgtag    155160
     cggacatttt aaagctgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtggttgggg ggctgtttga    155220
     gatccaaaag tttacatgca tataattatt aatcacctgc ttctaaatgt aaggggggcg    155280
     tatcactcct tgccccggtt gctacgcccc tgtatgtaca gttgaaatca aaattattag    155340
     cccccccctt tgattttttt tcttttttaa atatttccca aatgatgttt aacagagcaa    155400
     ggaaattttc acagtatgtc tgatgatatt tttttcttct ggagaaagtc ttatttggtt    155460
     tatttcgact aaaataaaaa gttttaaatt ttttctttgc cccattaagc tattttcttt    155520
     cgaaagtcta cataacaaac cctctttata caataacttg cctaattacc ctaacctgcc    155580
     cagttaagcc tttaaatgtc actgtaagct gtatagaagt atcttgaaaa atatctagtc    155640
     aaatattatt tactgtcatc atggcaaaga taaaaaaatc agttattaga aatgagttgt    155700
     taaaactatt atgtttagaa atgtgttgaa caaaatcttc tctccgttaa acagaaatta    155760
     gataaaaaaa taaacagggg ggctaataat tctgacttca actgtatatg tatgtactta    155820
     tttctcatgt accagactgc cagtacataa aacaaatgcc tttgcagtaa gactggtttg    155880
     caaaatgatt cattctactg gaataataaa gcctgaatta ttacttgctc ttcgatttgg    155940
     tcatgcttat ccaacgcagc ttccacagca tcaaagaact cctcttcgtt gatcagactg    156000
     tttggtcctt cctgcacaga cacatttatt aggcatcaga gagaaaatgt cagggtgtgt    156060
     gtttaaaagg acggtgtaga tataaaggtt gtgaacgtac ttcatagtct ggtcctccat    156120
     aatgaggctt tttcttcagc tctgtcagtg ctgctttgta agcatcttca gctcgtcttc    156180
     gtctttcaat ttcctttcga agaaaacaaa aattccacat tactgcatac agcaaacaac    156240
     tcgaagaact ccaaaagatc ttcaggggaa aacagggtgg aaggttttgg ggacatagta    156300
     acacacacac acatacataa atatacacac aaatagaggg atggatggat gtagaccaag    156360
     tgcaaaccaa cagtggtttg acaatacaag ttttcaaagc aagtaatgaa tgttttgact    156420
     gaaatttttg attaaaaaac taaagaaaac acccatgaat aggaaagaaa ctaaagtgga    156480
     aataggataa taacgggatg ataggttcaa tattttactc aaatctcaag taagatagac    156540
     gatttgtttg gatgtaaaac aaaaaaaaaa aagcatttta tgttattgaa ggcatgtaat    156600
     tgtgtctgta gttaactttt tttttttttt ttttttagag tttttgattg aatttatatt    156660
     ccaaaattgc atttttacat tttataccac ccacacagta cctaatgatt tctaaaccaa    156720
     aacaaaaaat actaaagggt tcagcaacaa ataaaaataa ataaataaaa aaaaaaaaaa    156780
     aaaaatcaca tacatttaat taaataagaa ataaagaaat tcaaataata aagatagaca    156840
     caaaatacat acatgcatac caaacagaat aaaaatgcat taatttgtag cctagcaaca    156900
     tgtaaggtga cagtgctgga aaatttcaag tcctgacgtg ccaacctttc ccaaccccct    156960
     tcccctctcc atttccaact atgcttcaga tcctcataca gtcctgtcac agtaaaggca    157020
     aaaatgccca aaaatacaaa tctggtgcga ggggtaatct ctgtacaaaa tgcaatcgct    157080
     gctgcacacg agaacaaaaa ctgtctacat gtggcaccca agcatgcaag ctatccatat    157140
     aaacacccag atatttataa gagcacactt gtttaatggg ctctgcgtca ataaacacag    157200
     gtaaatgatt cccaattgac tttggatcaa aaattatttc ctcagttttg ttgattttaa    157260
     taaaatggta gtttaaagtg caccctttag caaacctttc aacctctaaa tggtaaactg    157320
     aggggttact gtgttcatac aaatggctaa gtacagctgt gtcatctgag tattttacta    157380
     caaggttact ggaattatga ctttgtaaac attacattac tgtacaatac agtagcgcaa    157440
     taggtagtgc tgtcgcctta cagcaagaag gttatggttc gagcttcggc agggttagtt    157500
     ggcatttctg cgtggtgttt gcatgttctc ccagtattcg tgtgtgtttc ctccaggtgc    157560
     accggtttcc cccacaagtc caaagacatg cggtacaggt gaattgctaa agctaaaatt    157620
     gttcgtagtt atgtgtgtga atgagagtgt atgggtgttt tccagtgatg ggttgcggct    157680
     ggaagggcat ccgctgccta aaaacatatg ctggataagt tggcggttta ttccgctgtg    157740
     gcgaccccag attaataaag ggactaaacc gaaaagtaaa ttaatgaata aataaacatt    157800
     gtaaacaaaa ttagggagct aacagagcct tggggaacac ctgtgcttgt ccttctgatc    157860
     tctgatgagc tgttatcaac cctgtcctgc tgcttttgat tagttgctaa taaatatatt    157920
     attatatgaa ttatgctaat aaatgttttc ttcaatcaat gctgaaaaca actaagctgc    157980
     ttcagcttac tatggtagct gatttactat ggtagccatt ttacagcagt tatttaaaat    158040
     agaaatcttt tgaaatggta cagttttgat ccataaaagt gcttatttaa aaaaaaaaaa    158100
     caagactgca tgcattactg acttcattca ttcattcatt cattcattca ttcattcatt    158160
     cattcattcc actcccctca tcactcgacc tcaggaactt aaactaagct tcaagtttgc    158220
     ttacaaacaa aatcaaacaa atgtcagttc aggatctaaa ctgagaatcc acagcagaac    158280
     aatgacatga ggcaggacct ctgccagcct cacacttcag tgaaagcaaa cacacccgct    158340
     tcaactgtct ctccagctac agatgccacc aaagatacca ttgtgtcttg catctttgaa    158400
     agcccattca ttaaataaag ggtggaacca atttcatcca tactgaaaac tagcttgaat    158460
     agccaacaga aagccagcat tcaactcagc aaataagtca aatgctgtgt caacaaaaca    158520
     tcaggtacag cgttaaacct tcacttgaga agctttgggt gttgtacaca agacatttaa    158580
     ggagtaattc agtttaatgc ataataaatt agattacttc tgaaactgtg aggtgtggtt    158640
     aaggcagaat cactaaaaca cccttacctg tttttaaagt gtcacaagac aacacccgac    158700
     aactatcaaa aggtggaaac gtgactcaac taaacgacat aatcaaacaa caacaccaga    158760
     aaatacacag aggaaacaca aacaactcaa atatattcag tctaaaaaca cattcattca    158820
     gacatttcaa actgaaggca aacaactggt caactgaagc atgtcaaacc tacagtgaag    158880
     aagctgctct gagtacacag aggaatccag ttttcattag cactccgtag agacccagat    158940
     acccagttca ctacggaagc actgcacacc gtagtcatcc tctacaatac aaatcacagt    159000
     cctcaaatta ggaattc                                                   159017

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