(data stored in ACNUC15465 zone)

EMBL: BX649339

ID   BX649339; SV 24; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 88240 BP.
AC   BX649339;
DT   24-SEP-2003 (Rel. 77, Created)
DT   14-MAR-2015 (Rel. 124, Last updated, Version 36)
DE   Human DNA sequence from clone CTD-2248C21 on chromosome X
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-88240
RA   Tracey A.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (09-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: vega@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 84db32b07fc25f57866d7dd87754a2f9.
DR   ENA-CON; CT009680.
DR   BioSample; SAMEA3293441.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000215269; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000236362; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000274274; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000275113; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; BX649339.24:1-88240; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000440137; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000445148; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000612958; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000621907; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000639028; homo_sapiens.
DR   GOA; P0CL82.
DR   HGNC; HGNC:4105; GAGE12I.
DR   InterPro; IPR008625; GAGE_fam.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; P0CL82; GG12I_HUMAN.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: vega@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/C_elegans/wormpep
CC   This sequence was generated from part of bacterial clone contigs of
CC   human chromosome X, constructed by the Sanger Centre Chromosome X
CC   Mapping Group.  Further information can be found at
CC   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/HGP/ChrX
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone CTD-2248C21. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone CTD-2248C21 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone CTD-2248C21 is at 88240 in this sequence.
CC   CTD-2248C21 is from the CalTech genomic sperm BAC library D.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..88240
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="X"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CIT-HSP-D1"
FT                   /clone="CTD-2248C21"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   misc_feature    35081..88240
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   mRNA            join(AF235097.2:138592..138665,AF235097.2:139706..139797,
FT                   AF235097.2:140263..140335,35081..35128,37936..38061,
FT                   40496..40609)
FT                   /gene="GAGE13"
FT                   /locus_tag="AF235097.8-001"
FT                   /product="G antigen 13"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:U19145.1"
FT   CDS_pept        join(AF235097.2:139714..139797,AF235097.2:140263..140335,
FT                   35081..35128,37936..38061,40496..40518)
FT                   /gene="GAGE13"
FT                   /locus_tag="AF235097.8-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTHUMP00000025836"
FT                   /product="G antigen 13"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q4V321.1"
FT                   /db_xref="HGNC:HGNC:29081"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008625"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR031320"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q4V321"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI95426.1"
FT                   VKTPEEGKKQSQC"
FT   regulatory      40584..40589
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      40609
FT   mRNA            join(42850..42913,43954..44042,44508..44628,47462..47587,
FT                   50050..50166)
FT                   /gene="GAGE2E"
FT                   /locus_tag="CTD-2248C21.1-001"
FT                   /product="G antigen 2E"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF055473.1"
FT   CDS_pept        join(43962..44042,44508..44628,47462..47587,50050..50072)
FT                   /gene="GAGE2E"
FT                   /locus_tag="CTD-2248C21.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTHUMP00000070311"
FT                   /product="G antigen 2E"
FT                   /db_xref="HGNC:HGNC:31960"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008625"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR031320"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q4V326"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI95421.1"
FT                   KTPEEGKKQSQC"
FT   regulatory      50138..50143
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      50166
FT   mRNA            join(52403..52466,53507..53595,54060..54180,56981..57106,
FT                   59547..59663)
FT                   /gene="GAGE2D"
FT                   /locus_tag="CTD-2248C21.2-001"
FT                   /product="G antigen 2D"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF055473.1"
FT   misc_feature    53160
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CTD-2248C21"
FT   CDS_pept        join(53515..53595,54060..54180,56981..57106,59547..59569)
FT                   /gene="GAGE2D"
FT                   /locus_tag="CTD-2248C21.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTHUMP00000070310"
FT                   /product="G antigen 2D"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q9UEU5.1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q9UEU5"
FT                   /db_xref="HGNC:HGNC:31959"
FT                   /db_xref="HGNC:HGNC:4106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008625"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR031320"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q9UEU5"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI95422.1"
FT                   KTPEEGEKQSQC"
FT   regulatory      59635..59640
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      59663
FT   mRNA            join(61902..61965,63006..63097,63563..63683,66504..66629,
FT                   69070..69186)
FT                   /gene="GAGE12I"
FT                   /locus_tag="CTD-2248C21.3-001"
FT                   /product="G antigen 12I"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF055474.1 Em:BC031628.1"
FT   CDS_pept        join(63014..63097,63563..63683,66504..66629,69070..69092)
FT                   /gene="GAGE12I"
FT                   /locus_tag="CTD-2248C21.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTHUMP00000070307"
FT                   /product="G antigen 12I"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O76087.1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:O76087"
FT                   /db_xref="HGNC:HGNC:4104"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008625"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR031320"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:O76087"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI95423.1"
FT                   VKTPEEGEKQSQC"
FT   regulatory      69158..69163
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      69186
FT   mRNA            join(71425..71488,72529..72617,73083..73203,76042..76167,
FT                   78608..78724)
FT                   /gene="GAGE2C"
FT                   /locus_tag="CTD-2248C21.4-001"
FT                   /product="G antigen 2C"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC069309.1 Em:U19143.1"
FT   CDS_pept        join(72537..72617,73083..73203,76042..76167,78608..78630)
FT                   /gene="GAGE2C"
FT                   /locus_tag="CTD-2248C21.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTHUMP00000070309"
FT                   /product="G antigen 2C"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q13066.1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q13066"
FT                   /db_xref="HGNC:HGNC:31957"
FT                   /db_xref="HGNC:HGNC:31958"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008625"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR031320"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q13066"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI95424.1"
FT                   KTPEEGEKQSQC"
FT   regulatory      78696..78701
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      78724
FT   mRNA            join(80951..81025,82066..82154,82620..82740,85577..85702,
FT                   88143..88240)
FT                   /gene="GAGE2B"
FT                   /locus_tag="CTD-2248C21.5-001"
FT                   /product="G antigen 2B"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC069309.1 Em:U19143.1"
FT   CDS_pept        join(82074..82154,82620..82740,85577..85702,88143..88165)
FT                   /gene="GAGE2B"
FT                   /locus_tag="CTD-2248C21.5-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTHUMP00000070308"
FT                   /product="G antigen 2B"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q13066.1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q13066"
FT                   /db_xref="HGNC:HGNC:31957"
FT                   /db_xref="HGNC:HGNC:31958"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008625"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR031320"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q13066"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI95425.1"
FT                   KTPEEGEKQSQC"
SQ   Sequence 88240 BP; 22020 A; 18492 C; 21021 G; 26707 T; 0 other;
     aagcttagtt tggctggata tgaaattctg ggttgaaaat tcttttcttt aagaatgttg        60
     aatattggcc cccactctct tctggcttgt agggtttctg cagagatcca ctcttagtct       120
     gatgggcttc cctatgtggg taacccgacc tttctctctg gctgccctta acattttttc       180
     tttgatttca accttggtga atctgatgat tatgtgtctt ggggttgctc ttctcaagaa       240
     gtatctttgt gctgttctct gtatttcctg aatttgaatc ttggcctgtc ttgctaggtt       300
     ggggaagttc tactggataa tatcctgaag ggtgttatcc aacttggttc cattctcccc       360
     gtcactttca ggtacaccag tcaaatgtag gtttggtctt ttcacatagt cccatatttc       420
     ttggaggctt tgttcgttcc tttttattct aatcttgttt tcatgcttta tttcattaag       480
     ttgatcttca gtctctgata tcctttcttc cgcttgatcg atttggctat tgatacttgt       540
     gtatacttca tgaagttctc gtgctgtgtt tttcagctct atctggtcgt ttatgttctt       600
     ctctaaatta gttattctag ttagcaattt ctctaacctt ttttcaaggc tcttagtttc       660
     cttgcattgg gtaagaacat gctcctttag ctcgaaggag tttgttatta cccaccttct       720
     gaagcctact tctgacagtt cgtcaaactc attctcggtc cagttttatt tccttgctgg       780
     caaggagttg tgatcctttg gaggagaaga tgcattctgg gttttgcaat tttcagcctt       840
     tttgtgctgg attttcctca tctttgtgga tttatctccc tttggtcttt gatgttggtg       900
     accttcagat ggggtttctg tgtggatgtc ctttttgttg atgttgatac tactcctttc       960
     tgtttgttag ttttccttct aacagtcagg cccctctgct gcaggtctgc tggagtttgt      1020
     tggagttcca ctccagaccc tgtttgcctg ggtatcacca gcagaggctg cagaacagca      1080
     aagattgctg ccttttcctt cctctgggaa gcttcgtccc agaggggcac ctgccagatg      1140
     ccagccggag ctcttgtata tgaggtatgt gtcagcccct gcttgaaggt gtctcccagt      1200
     caggaggcat gggggtcagg gacccacttg aggaggcagt ctatccctta gcagagcttg      1260
     agcgctgtgc tgggagatcc gctgctctct tgagagccag caggcaggaa catttaagtc      1320
     tgctgaagct gtgcccacag ccgccccttc ccccaggtgc tctgtcccag aaagatggga      1380
     gttttatcta taagcccctg cctggggctg ctgcctttct ttcagagatg cccttcccag      1440
     agaggtggaa tctagagagg cagtctggct acagcgggtt tgccaagcgg ccgtgggctc      1500
     tgcccagttt gaacttcccg gaggctttgt tcataatgtg aggggaaaac tgcctactca      1560
     agcctcagta atgacaaacg cccctccccc caccaagctt gagcatccca ggtcaacttc      1620
     agactgctgt gctggcagtg agaatttcaa gtcagtggat cttagtttgc tgggctccgt      1680
     ggtggtggga cctgctcagc tagaccacat ggctccctgg ctttagcccc ctttccagtg      1740
     gagtgaacgg ttctgtcttg ctggcattcc aggcaccact ggggtatgaa aaacaactcc      1800
     tgcagcaagc tccatatctg cccaaacggt tgcccagttt tgtgtttgaa acctagggcc      1860
     ctggtggcat aggcacagga gggaatctcc tggtctgtgg gttgagaaga ccatgggaaa      1920
     agcatagtat ctgggcctgg atgcaccgtt cctcacagca cagttcctca taacttccct      1980
     tggctagggg aaggagttcc ccgaccccta ctgcttcccc ggtaaggcag tgccccactc      2040
     tacttcggct tgccttccat gggctgcacc cactgtctaa tgagtcccag tgagatgagc      2100
     cgggtacctc agctggaaat gcagaaatca cccaccttct gccttgatct cactgggagc      2160
     tgcagaccag aggtattact atttggccat cttgctattg ctgctgtttt tttttttttt      2220
     tttttttttt ttttttaaga cagagtctca ctctgtcacc caggcgggag tgcagtggta      2280
     caacttcagc tcactgcacc ctctgactcc caggctcaag cgatcatccc atctcagcct      2340
     cttgagtagc tggaactata ggcacaagcc accgtggccc gattaatttt gtttttttga      2400
     tataagtttt gtagagatga ggtctcacta tgttgcccag gatgggattc tctggctctt      2460
     aataaataat tgctttttaa atctttcaca aaggaaacct tgagtgagtg aataatcaaa      2520
     aggtgataga ttgtttagtt tctattttct gtggcatgaa ggtcagtgat gctcaggatg      2580
     ggtgtgagta agatgcttgt gctaagcatg ctccctgccc cacagtcagt ctgcatgagc      2640
     cactgtttct aataagactg tggatagagt gatataatca cctctaacca tatcaaatgt      2700
     tacacgtaag tttcagattt tgagacatga gttgataaga tttgaagttc aaagaccatg      2760
     actttagtac ttcctgagta atcaactgaa atatgtttta catatgtgtt ttccaaattg      2820
     ctgaccattc attataagtg cttctgaatt taaaggaggt acttgatgta taggtaagaa      2880
     attaccttta aattctggag gtctaccctc aaagtgtata cagaggttta attggatgta      2940
     agacacagga tcacctttag ggttctgttt ttttgtctat ttaataaaac ccaaactgta      3000
     gtatgcttta catgccttta gaatcatata aataaactgc tgttaagtaa tgttcccagt      3060
     tgttatgttt ctgttacagg tgaaaagcaa tcacggagtt aaaagaagac aagctgaaat      3120
     gatgcaggct gctcctatgt tggaaatttg ttcattaaaa ttctcccaat aaagctttac      3180
     agccttctgc aaagtagtct tgcgcatctt ttgtgaattt tatttctagc tttctgatgc      3240
     tgtgaaatat gtatcattct ttgaaatttt atattctaac tgtttcagct ggtatgcaga      3300
     gacatcattc cttttttttt tttctttttt tctctttcca gacagagtct cactctgttg      3360
     cttaggctag agtgcagtgg tgtgatctct gctcactgca acccccgcct cctggatgca      3420
     agcaatttct gcctcagcct cccgagtagc tgggattaca ggagcccacc acctacccag      3480
     ccagattttg tatttttagt agagacgggg tttcgccatc ttggccgggg tgctcttgaa      3540
     ctcctgacct cgtgatccac ccacctcggc ctcccaaagt gttgggatta caggcgtgag      3600
     ccaccgcgcc cgggcgagac ataattctta tatattgatt ttctatccag cagccttgtg      3660
     aaatatgctt atgaattcta aaagtttact tctaggtggt tttcagtctt caacatacag      3720
     aatcatacca tccttgaata agaacaattt tgtttctgcc attttttttt tctttttcct      3780
     tttgtatttt ttgtagagac ggggttttgc catgtttccc gggctgttct tgaacttttg      3840
     agtgcaagtg atgcacccgc ctcacctccc acagtgctga gattactgac gtgggccacc      3900
     gtgccgggcc tgttgttgcc attgtaaaga gttttatttc cttttctgat tttatggcat      3960
     tgtgcagacc cacctgttaa aatggtgaca gtcaatatcc ttgtcttatc cctgatgaga      4020
     aaccgaaaaa tttcaacatt tcaccatcct atttactgtc ctttttttgt agatggactt      4080
     tatcagagta agtcattcca ttctgttcca aatttgctga gagtattcat ttgaatatat      4140
     gttgagtttc atcagtgcat ctattttgtt tataacagca tttttttccc attcatctgt      4200
     taatgtagtg aattagattg ataactttgt acatttttat cttctatttt taaaaatcga      4260
     gacagggtct cattctatca cccaggctgg agtgcagtgg tgttatcaga gctcactgca      4320
     tccttgacct tcttggctca agtgatcctc ccacctcagg cttctaagta gctgtgacta      4380
     taggtacatg taaccattcc cagctaattt ttcttcttct tttttttttt ttttgtagtg      4440
     atgagatttt ctcatgttgc ttaggctggt ctcgaacacc tgagctcagg caatctgccc      4500
     agctcagcct ccaaaaatac tagtactaca ggcatgagtc ttggcctggc cagtttttct      4560
     tatacaaggg tcttctctat gtaaagacta aacttatctg tatctttgtg agggtgtgct      4620
     aagggcatga tgaaatttat cattctattg atttaaagaa aactatcctt gactttccag      4680
     tgtgtaagtc catgaaagca taattatgtt gaaagcatat attgttatgg gtgttgagaa      4740
     ccctgcactt tctgctgctg tgggagcatg tccttggagg tacctttcgt ctgttttctc      4800
     aactccaaac atcttaggac catgggttgt gactggtaag gaatgtgtct tgcgagtttc      4860
     aagatggagt tgattttcac atggtgtcac tctggctctc ctgtttctct aatactggca      4920
     cttctctttc tgtgattctg atgctacaaa tgatagatat cgttttagta ttttcttatg      4980
     ggtcctagag attgtattca tttttctttc agtctctttc tctgacttgt tcacatttaa      5040
     caatttcttt ttggggtagg ttgctatttc tgttttcgca ggtggtttac ctgtcttctc      5100
     aggcagtcac cgtggtcctt gtccccatgg tggggccggg gcaagagagg gccctggagg      5160
     ggaggggggt ttagttgaag atggagtgag ttttgagggg agcactactt gagtcccaga      5220
     ggcataggaa acagcagagg gaggtcagat tccattatcc tcagtgggga tgggaatcga      5280
     gggttggggg cgtggggctg ggaacggcag ccttccccaa cccgcagctg tacatgctcc      5340
     ttggctcccg cctcagtgcg catgtccact gggcgtcttc tgctcagccg ctttacccac      5400
     gtggagaacg ccagggagct gtgagggtgt gtggtctcgt tcctgtcgtc tggaatattt      5460
     ttcctctact gagattcatc tggtaggtct gcaggccagt cctcccgggg tctgaagtgt      5520
     gagtgagggt gaagagcagg cagtgtgctt cgggtgagtc cgttgggtcc tgcttcgtgg      5580
     tctgtggcct ctgagggaga agggcctcga ggcttctgaa agggaagggg ctcctggcct      5640
     ctgaaagaga agggccttga ggtcgtcctc cttctctcaa aggctgtgag gccaccatct      5700
     gctttgtggt cgtgaagggg ccaggacaag gaggaaggtg ggccatggag gggaggcggt      5760
     caggggctca ggtgaagaag gggcgattgc tgggtgtgct gtcagaggga tggaagtccg      5820
     gaggtgccag gaatacccga tacaggggag atccctgaat gaggtcccgg acaggtgcga      5880
     ggagggcgat aaagaaggga cctggcacct gggaagactg cgggctggtg agtgcccctg      5940
     agctttgtgg agtggggagc cccgagtgag aagcatcgca agatctcacc tccgccatgg      6000
     aaggtctggc aacagtggga aggactggga gaggctgtgc ggtccaatca aacttgattt      6060
     gagagaagtg aatggctcta gtaagtggga gtgtgcccaa agtagcaatc acgagaatta      6120
     tgattcacta atgttttcat gtggagtcca cttgtgaaac taaacctcat cagaaatgac      6180
     ctctgccagt ggggcgccat ggcctgcgcc tgtagtccca gttactcggg acgctgaggt      6240
     gggaggatcc cttgagcagg aggtcgatgc tgcagtgagc tgtgatcacg ccgctgcact      6300
     ctgccagagc aacacaggga gactgcggga ccaaaagaaa tttagaaaaa aaatgtcctc      6360
     tgcgttttgt cacacgcctt aagatgattg ctctgccagc ttggccagca taagtggctt      6420
     tgtaggcact cagaaaaggt acacacatat gcttaactct gggacttatt ttgaaagtat      6480
     tttcaaaatt aaaacgacaa gttaacattt atccatggag gtgatggaat atagcagccc      6540
     tttcgagggc atgctcccaa tcacggttgt ctgttttcag tgtgaaatat gagttggcga      6600
     ggaagatcga cctatcggtc tagaccaaga ctctatgtag agccccctga aatgattggg      6660
     cctatgctgg tgagtgctta aacgttaatt cgttgttttc tattagcaga aattaatttt      6720
     tgtgacagta ttgttgcatt agtatggaaa tgctgataaa ggtctttcct gctcataaaa      6780
     aatgatgatg gcgtctcatg aaggaaacat tgattctgga gaattttttt tcctctagtg      6840
     ttcttcagct tttgcccatg acttctttct caggctttgt ttgttaatga cagattgtac      6900
     acatgtattc caacactgag tataatagcc tccaaagtcc tcgtgcgtca cttttctcat      6960
     agtaaccttc ctgtgggtcg agtaacctta ttgggcatag agcatagagt tggagaaatg      7020
     tctttaggct tagttaggac cagaaatagc tatgtattct gtgtatatat gtaaaatttt      7080
     gtatcaataa cgaaacttat tttttatttg cacacccaca cgtattcccc agcccgagca      7140
     gttcagtgat gaagtggaac cagcaacacc tgaagaaggg gaaccagcaa ctcaacgtca      7200
     ggatcctgca gctgctcagg agggagagga tgagggagca tctgcaggtc aaggtgaggg      7260
     aaagggaaga agaacgtctg ctggtgtgtg cgtgtgtgtg tgttcgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg      7320
     cacgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg ttaggcattg tcacatagga ggaagaggag gaaagaaaac      7380
     aatggaaaga atgcctgaaa ttgactggaa aagcgaggag gctatgtagt ttgcagctta      7440
     gcttaggcaa atccctcact atgataaaag ttctcatctt tatgaatgag aaaatggagg      7500
     cgctgggatt gtgttttatc caagagccct tgactggtga atacaaaatt tgtattttgt      7560
     tccaaggttt gtgtcttcct accatctatg ttgctgtaaa aacggaaatg attttgctga      7620
     aaatgcttaa aactcaaagg ctttactgta aggtagctta gtactgaccc aagaatagac      7680
     ccagttcaga ggagcaggag cagctccaaa aaccgagtca ctgaatgtca gccactgttt      7740
     cctttgattg atgtttttat atggtacatt tgataaaagc tggataaatg aggatactgc      7800
     catacaggta gctggtttag ttattttcta agtggctttt aggaggtgat taaatccttt      7860
     tatggttaga aaaagcaaaa aaggaattat cctgagatta acattgagat agaaataatt      7920
     tctcctagat aaaatatttt caaacaaaac atttatgtaa ctgaggtcat ggattattcc      7980
     agggatgcac tgttaaaaat ttctagaatc tgactgacaa caatgcccat taattgctgt      8040
     cctcccactc ccttattctc agtgtgggac agtatatttt ctgtgattca caaacaatgt      8100
     tatatttggt gctttgttct tcacggggtt catttatgga atattacatt taggaccttt      8160
     ggacctaaat ataactttat ttgaacaaaa tgaagtttct atttacctca ataagtaatg      8220
     ggtgtcatga ctgtaagatt ttccatagtc ctcaaatcca ttcagctaat cgatccttca      8280
     gaaattgaca ttgtaattgt aaccgaaatc ctatccatgt ggtagacttg agatttctta      8340
     gctgatgcac actgctctcg gtactctatg gctgaatata agcattatac atgtcctgtg      8400
     gtttatcctt agattgtcat ttaggagaaa ggtctcaagc tgggctgaat gctgtgcacg      8460
     catagtccca gctacttggg agtctgaggt gagaggattg cttgagccct ggagttgaag      8520
     cccagcctgg gaaacatagc aagaccttat cactaataaa taaataaaca aacaaacaaa      8580
     caaacagata actaaaggtt tcatggtata ggaaaacaca gatgcaaagt ttgtgcctag      8640
     ttgctggtaa tgttgcaaac ataactcctt agtgaactgt accacttaaa aatagttaag      8700
     atggtaaatt ttagaatatg tgtatttttt accataatta aaaaaaacct cctgtcttcc      8760
     taaagttcag tgtaattgtc atatattctt ttaaattttt actgtatcta ttttcaaggc      8820
     ataacattat ggaaaatttg caagaatagt acaatgaact cctatacttt tcacctagat      8880
     tcaccaattg ttaatagctt tcgcttcata ggtttcatat cacttccctc tcttaccctg      8940
     cttcccacac actcacacac acacacatac agatatatgt ttactgttat taatgctgaa      9000
     ttgtttcgat aaattttcag gtgttatgac cctttacacc aagtacttga gggtgtgtac      9060
     atcatcagaa caaagaaaaa gtaattcctt ggtcatcact gcagaaaaat caaaatcagg      9120
     aaatttaaca atgagaaaat gcagtcattt attacacagt gtatactcaa atttcgccag      9180
     ttctccagac aatttctttt ttcctttttt tttttttcct ttgttgagac ggagtctctc      9240
     tctgttgccc aggttggagt gcagtagtgc aatcttggct cactgcaacc tacacctccc      9300
     aggttgaagg gattctcttg cctcagcctc ccatgtagct aggactacag ggcctggcca      9360
     ccgtgcctga gtaatgtttc cttttttttg tttgtttgta tttttagtag agatagggtt      9420
     cgccctgttg tccaggctgg tcttgaactt ctgacctcac ctgatctgcc caccttggca      9480
     tcccaaaatg tttggattac agttgtgatg gaacaggaat taaaagaaat taaagaatgt      9540
     gtaagcaaaa actcagttgt atgtaagaaa acccaatttc ccctgaggaa gagaaagagc      9600
     tggagtcctt taaaattaac tgcctgtttt tccttctgtg gctagtgagt cttatctctc      9660
     cctttccgag gcattgtgaa gaccctgttt ctctagttgt gcagctgcaa ggtcactaga      9720
     cagataatct caagtggtaa aacatgttgt tccttgaaaa gtaagaaata atgtaatgca      9780
     tgtttcaatt gagtaactgt atttgtttcc cacttctgta atatgcttcc cctgcacaga      9840
     tctccccctg ccccacgaaa tgcttaaaag atagcttgac tctttgtttg gggctcagtc      9900
     ctttggatgt taatctgact aggtcggtgc atctaaataa ttaaataatt cctcctcaac      9960
     ccctcggtct ctctgattcc ttaattatcc tgcagcattt ctggtgaccc ggacagggat     10020
     tggagatggc agatttactg tctcctttgt ctgtgggact agagccccac ggccagggga     10080
     gacctggtat ccaaggcgtg ccgtagggga gcttcacctg gatggagact ggctctcccg     10140
     gcatcccagt ggcctagctg gctgcacaac ggaactggag acggggctgc agcatgatac     10200
     cagcacttca ggtaccacag taaggagaaa gggcccaagg caggaaagcc catcccatag     10260
     ggatgaaggg gagcttgatc acctcccggg gaccgaccac taatccaacc cagagtggct     10320
     ggggggcagc aggagtggcc tgccaatttg gatgaacctc atgtccccct aataaagtga     10380
     aagtggctca gtggtggaga aaatgggcca atagagtggc aagtgcagca aggaagagct     10440
     tgctggcagg gtgcaagagt ggcttgccag cccaactggg agtgtgtggg tgtgtgtgtg     10500
     gacctaccca ggacatgaga gaggctcgtt tcgtctgatg aggagtcctg gggtaggagt     10560
     ggtgtgtagg tgtgtgaatg tgggagccta actaggctca cccaggacac gggagaggcc     10620
     cgttttgtcc gatgaggagt cctggggcag gggacatgtg tgaaagtgtg tgaaagagac     10680
     ggtctcggga gaggccaatg cggggagtga cgtggggaag cacagatccc ttagcgtggg     10740
     ctgtgtgctc tgaggcaagt gcgggggaaa tcagacctag gacgttgtgt acagctgata     10800
     ggaccagctc catggccaca gcaggctgtg agaggggaag gcacgttcct ggctaagcag     10860
     cctctgaaac tcccataata ggacccagtc tagtggaccc gagagtgaaa gtgagagtga     10920
     aagtgcgcca caagggagga aatgggagga aaagtgttga aaccaactcc tttggagtgc     10980
     atgatgaaaa aatttaaaaa aagatttaga ggtgattatg ggatgaaact ggatgctcaa     11040
     aagttaagga catactgtga attagaatag ccctctttta gtgtcagatg gcgggccgaa     11100
     ggcactacag agaaattggc catgtgtttt aaggtggtga ctagggtcag aggacagcca     11160
     gggcattcag acctagtctt tacattgatg actaaatgaa tgcagccctg cctagcagtt     11220
     tattgtagaa tgctcgcagc tcatgccaag agaaaccagc tgctctgacg gctacagagt     11280
     taaagggaaa gtcacagagg cttgtaactc caaaagtaaa aagtgaaaag taaaagccaa     11340
     aagtgaaagt aaaaatcagc tgccctggca gctatggaaa caaaagaaaa gtctgaggaa     11400
     ggagaaaact ggttttgcaa gaaccacagg agggaataga gacccctcct ccctacattc     11460
     caatctaccc ccctttacta aggctaactg cccctaagga gttaagttca aagagataca     11520
     ggctcccagt ctcacagaag gagaaatcag agctccagga agttaaagtg aaaagctaga     11580
     aaagtcaggt aggccgtctc aggtctggcc atgccgaagt tatgcttacg cctcttacga     11640
     ggacaaaagg acccccacta ggacccagat gatgcagtct ggcttcaaca cctacgaagg     11700
     tgccgagaaa cacttctgca aaagctaaag gatagtaaaa gaaaaagaca accaatataa     11760
     aaaatctcag aggtgctcca gggtgcagat aaaagcacca gccagtttta agaaagactt     11820
     tgtgaggcat tttgggtgta cactccgttt aaccccaagg ctgctgaaaa tcagtgcatg     11880
     gtgaatacaa catttgtaag tcagggccaa ggagatatta ggcataaatt gcagaagtta     11940
     gaagctccgt aggtgtgaat gctactcagc ttattaaagt ggctaccaag gtgtacatta     12000
     actgagatca ggaggcaaag aagaaagctg atcggaggct taagaaaggc taatttacta     12060
     gcagcagccc ttacaggaag agaagctggc tctttgcaag gagacatgga cgcgggtgtg     12120
     aacgcagtca tggaaaaggc tagtctggac aggagtttga aagccggccg aggctagaga     12180
     gagattaatg tgcacggtgc aaaaggaaag gacactagaa ggataaatgt caaaagagta     12240
     aggagaatgg tcaatggcct aacacccaag agcggcgttc ggttgctagt tgtggtgctt     12300
     ccgaggcaga tcctgatctg atcggcttag cggggggccg agaatttagc agactgagac     12360
     agaccgggct ccatcctttt aggccccggg gagcctatgg tctctatgga agtagggggc     12420
     cgatcaatgg atttttttgg tcgatattgg tgctgatttc tctgtggtaa cccacccgat     12480
     tagccccccc ccacaaagaa ctgtgctact atcgtagggg gtacaggggc caaagaaaag     12540
     agaccctttt gcaaatccag gagatgtatt attaggggac aagaagtgca gcatgagttt     12600
     ctatatatgc caaattgtcg agtgcccttg ttaggaagag acttactcca gaaactgcag     12660
     gcacaaattt cctttacacc taaagggaat atgacactgg agtttggaaa gtctaaggca     12720
     atggtattga ctctaactgt cacaaaggct gaggaatggc ggctctgtga actgtgtgcc     12780
     agaaggctac cggagccaga cctacacaat aagtggggaa tgcttttcaa ggaaccaggt     12840
     gtataggctg aggacaaccc ccctggactt gctgcaaaca gacccctggt ggtagtagag     12900
     cttaaccctc atgctgccct ggtacgagtc cgtcaatatc cctacccaga gaggcaattg     12960
     atggcataac aaaacattta aatcggctgt atgaacatag gattatagtg aaatgcaagt     13020
     ccttctggaa tactcctctg ctgcctgtgc gcaagccaaa tggtgaatac aggccagttt     13080
     acaaagtgtc cagggacaag gcaaaagtct gttttcggga ggttggatat ctaggattca     13140
     tggtatccca aggccagcgc aggcttggaa gtgcatgcaa ggaggctgta tgtgcattgc     13200
     ccaccccagt ttcaaggcag caggtcaaga aatttctggg tgcagtggga ttctgccgaa     13260
     tctggattcc aaacttctcc cttacagcaa ggcccttata tgaggctacc aaaggaaaag     13320
     aaagagagcc cctcgtatag gaaaaggaac agcaaaaggc cttcaaagat ataaaggaag     13380
     ctctcatcca agccctggcg ctagggttgc cagatgtaaa aagcccttct tttgatatgt     13440
     ggatgaacgg aagggaatgg cagctggagt cttcactcag ttgttgggct cttgacattg     13500
     gccggtagca tacttatcca agcgactgga cttggtggcc ttaggttggc cccactgcct     13560
     cagggcgctg gcagctatgg caatccttat agaagatgcc aacaagctag ccctaggtca     13620
     gaagacaata gtctgggtgc cacacgctat agtcacctta atggagcaaa gaggacatcg     13680
     ttggctgtcc aactctagaa tgctaaagta tcaagggctt ctgtgtgaaa atccccagat     13740
     aacactggaa actataaata cggcctgtgg aggaccctga ttggaatgat ggtgggttgc     13800
     ctcactgctg gcaggacctt ccccactgtt gcataaatac ggtgaacgag ccgggaagat     13860
     ctcagagata ccaccttgga gagcccagat gttgaatact tcactgatgg tagcagtttc     13920
     ataacagatg aggtgtgata tgcagggtat gcagtagtga cccaatactc ggtggttgag     13980
     gctcaagcct taccttctgg gacttctgct tagaaggctg aattaatagc attaaccaga     14040
     gcactgttat tggccaaggg gaagaaagta aacatatgta atgattcaag atatgctttt     14100
     gcaaccctgc atgcccatgg ggcaatacac aaagagagag gactattggc tactgaagga     14160
     aaagaaataa aaaataaaga ggaaattttg caattattag aagccatatg ggctccagag     14220
     aaggtggctg ttattcattg caaaggacac caaatcggga agagctatga ggtgcccagc     14280
     aacagaaagg cagaccaaga ggctaggcag gcagcaatga gaaaggcttt acctgaagaa     14340
     agaactctag caatgcctct ccttatagag ccccctttat tggaggtaac caattactct     14400
     tcaagggaaa aagcttggtt tggtcaggaa acaggaaaat atattaaaaa tggatggtgg     14460
     ctgttctctg acgggaggct agctgtccca gaaacaaaag ccccaaggtt tgtgaagcag     14520
     atccatcaag gaacacacat tggaaggacg actagaaact ttgataggtc ggcatttcta     14580
     tgtgccacgg ctctctgcca tcgcccatgc tgtttttgaa caatgtctat cctgtgcccg     14640
     gaataatcca aaacaaggac ctactcgact tcccggaatt caggaagcag gaactgttcc     14700
     ttgtgagaac ctgcttgtag agttcactga gttacctcta gcaggaggtt actggtatat     14760
     gctagtgttt gtttacacct tctcagggta ggctgaggcc ttccccacca gaactgaaag     14820
     ggcacgagag gtgacaaagg tgctactaaa agacatcata ccaagatttg ggttgccttt     14880
     aaccctagga tcagacagtg gtcctgcatt tgtggcagaa gtagtacaaa agctgactca     14940
     acttttaaag atcaaatgga aactgcacac agcctactca ccacagagtt cagggaaggt     15000
     ggaacggatg aaccggacac tcaaacagct actaaaaaag tttagccagg aaactcactt     15060
     acgatgggat caggtcttgc ccatggtcct cctccaggtc aggtgtacac ctacaaaaca     15120
     aactgggtac tcaccctatg aaatattgtt cggaaggcca cccccaatta ttaatcaaat     15180
     tagaggggat ttaaaggagt taggagagtt aacccttagg agacagatgc aggctttagg     15240
     agtgggaatg taggaggtgc atagctgggt aagggaaagg atacctgtaa gtctaacaga     15300
     cccagtgcat ccacataagc cagaggactc tgtctgggtt aaaaggtgga atccaacaac     15360
     cttggggccc ttatgggatg ggccccatat tgtgatcatg tctacttcca ctgctgttaa     15420
     agttgcaggt gtcacacctt ggattcacca tagccgcctg aaaccagtgg cagcagtgac     15480
     tcccgacgat gaccagtgga ttagccaaca agacccagat tgtcccaccc gaatgctcct     15540
     acggcaaaac ccaaccaccg gtaagaagga cgactgccct gctctgacca caccagaggc     15600
     tggtcagtct acatatggct gaagcttgag gatcctacaa gctctgctct agtcacatcc     15660
     tggaagctga ctagtctatg catggccgaa gctaagagga ccatctccgg ataattaaat     15720
     gtaaatacaa tttataagcc tagttataat tctgtcaata ctgattgttc tgttgttatt     15780
     actgcaaatg ctgcaaatgt ctatgctcag aagaaggttt gccatgccca tgtgtagtgt     15840
     aaacatgttt ctattacgta cactgatgtt gttaccattt ctgcctatac taaaagggga     15900
     gaaatcttga gaaggatgcc cacattgtgt acacactacc tgggtaaaaa ataccatagt     15960
     taaaattcta ctgtaccata cctactataa atgtacagga atcaagttaa gaacctacac     16020
     atacaaccag aaacagtctg caatggttta acacaagaga ggcttagcag gaccagccct     16080
     aaacatctgt atggagaacc acaaatcaga tgccctgact gtaacattca gtggtctaca     16140
     ctaacacagc tctaacactt atattcagga aggactgctc tgctaaggag tatgtcaacc     16200
     aaaccaaatt gtaagacaag gacatgcaat cctttaaatt ttactatctt aaagccagag     16260
     ctacctttct cgtctacagg acagacagca ctattacagg taaacagaca aggagcaggc     16320
     cttggagttc cactactaat tgtcaaaaag actagaagga ctcaaatgcg tccaaccccg     16380
     caatttcggg tccgtaagtc attctataag cattttgttc agtcagtgcc tgagcttccc     16440
     ccatcaacca aaaacttatt tgcccaatca gctgcaaaca tagctggcag cttatgaatt     16500
     tcctcatgct atgtatgtgg aggaaataat atgggggacc agtggccatg ggaggcaaag     16560
     gaattaatgc cacaagataa cttcactttg cctaaccctg ccagtgaacc aacagcctca     16620
     gccagtgttt ggttgttaaa aacctccata attgaaaaat actgtattgc ccgttgggga     16680
     aaggctttca cagagagagt aggagaaaca acctgcctag ggcaacagta ttatgataag     16740
     actaaaaaca aaactctatg gagaaatgcc cagaatgact cctacttacc agatccaaac     16800
     cctttctctc ggttctctac tctaagccac tcttggcatc tctagaggct ccaaatgctt     16860
     ggaaagcacc ctctggccta tattggatct gtggcacata ggcatattgg caactgctgg     16920
     ctaaatggac aggggcgtgt gtgttaggaa caatcaagcc atccttcttt ctaattcctc     16980
     taaagcaaag ggaactctta gggtatccag tttatgagga aaataaaaga agaactagaa     17040
     gaagcatatt cacaaaaata gacacaaatg tcaaaaagga tgtagacata ggagactgga     17100
     aggataatga atggcctcat gaaacaatca ctaaatatta tgggccaact acctgggcac     17160
     aggatgggtc atggggatat cacaccacaa tctatatgct caactgcgtc ataaggttgc     17220
     aggcagtcct tgaaattata accaatgaag catcaagggc actagattta ttggcaatac     17280
     aagcaacaca aatgagaaat gctatacatc aaaatagatt ggctttagat tacctcttag     17340
     cctcagaagg aggagtatgt ggaaaattta atttaaccaa ctgttgccta gaaatcgatg     17400
     ataatggctg agctgtcatg gaaatcacag ctagaatgcg caagttggcc catgttccag     17460
     ttcagacttg gtccggatgg tccttggatt tgttgtttgg aggatagttc tcaacctttg     17520
     gaggattcaa aactctcatt ggtgggtttt tgtttaatct tggcatctgc ctcatcctcc     17580
     cttttatttt acccctgatt attaggagta ttcagtcaac tataaaggca atagtaaccc     17640
     gacacactac ctcacagttg atggcattaa ccaaacatca gctgctgcca gtagaagaag     17700
     aagcccagct ccacgaagag gtggcaaata atggtgcttg ctatgaacac ctttgttatg     17760
     aaaagcacca aaggggggaa atgaaacagg aattagaaga aattaaagaa tgtgtaagca     17820
     aaaactcagt tgtttgtaag aaaacccaac tccccctgag gaagagaaag agctggagtc     17880
     ctttaaaatt aactgcctgt ttttccttct gtggctagtg agccttatct ccccctttcc     17940
     caggcattgt gaagactgtt tctctagctg tgcagcagta aggtcactag acagataatc     18000
     tcaagtcgca aaacatgttg ttccttgaaa agtaagaaat gatgtaatgc atgttttaat     18060
     tgaataactg cctttgtttc ttgcttctgt aatacgcttc ccctgcacag atctcacctg     18120
     ccccacgaaa tgcttaaaag gtagcttcac tctttgtttg gggctcagtc ctttggatgt     18180
     aatccaactg ggtcggtgca cctaaataat taaataattc ctcctcaacc ccttggtctc     18240
     tctgattcct taattatccc gcagaagtga gaccccacgc ccaacgcaga taattttatt     18300
     gatagaattc ctttttctga tccggagtca agttcaggat cacatcttgc atgtgctttt     18360
     caggtgtttt tagtttcctt taatctggaa tgtttcctta atttgtcttt gtcattcatg     18420
     atacagacat ttttgaagag gatagaccag ttggtttcca gaatgttctg cagtttgggc     18480
     tttttcatgt cttttttaaa gacctttttt aaactcagca tttattgctg gctagtcatg     18540
     ccatataaca gtctaagtgc taggagtgta agtgctgtga gagacaggat ttcagccttg     18600
     aatcatttaa tatgagaagg acaatcagag gtagaataac aaagtgcaaa ggaggcagca     18660
     gagttgtctg agggcagtct ctggaaagga agagggtaat atttggaaca ccttgttttc     18720
     ctgttttctg ctaacagact cctgaaataa tgttcatggg attcttatca acatatttat     18780
     tattatacta gctaaagctt ttatataata acaccgagag catgaatatt attttcttat     18840
     tcatatttca tgttttactg cttaaattga tatgtatttt ttatttttaa tggccgaagc     18900
     ctgaagctga tagccaggaa caggttcacc caaagactgg gtgtgagtgt ggagatggtc     18960
     ctgatggcca ggagatgggc ctgccaaatc cagaggaggt gaaaaggcct gaagaaggta     19020
     gggaatccat taggcatgca cattgtaggg tgtctgtttc cacagtatcg tatcataatt     19080
     attattacat ttttgagatg gagtcttgct ctgtccacca ggctggagtg cagtggtggc     19140
     atctcggctc attggaaatt ccgccttctg ggttcaagtg attctcctgt atgagcctct     19200
     cgcggagctg ggcttatgga catacaccaa tgtgcccagc taatttttgt atttttagta     19260
     gagacagggt ttcattatgt tgcacaggtt gttcccgaac tcctgacctc aggtgatcca     19320
     cttaacttaa cctttgaaat tgccaggatt acatgcgaga gccaccatac gcgaccaagg     19380
     cattatattt ttaataacac aggtaacaat actgcctctt tagtaagaga gttcttatat     19440
     gaaggttatt tgaaacgtag ttcaggcccc agcacccgac tgatagactg tcagataggg     19500
     aaacaaactg agtcaaagct atgttgaatt aaaagttttg agtataaatc cttaaaccag     19560
     tagctcacaa ttttcagatg cttttgtaaa ggtctgcttt taatcaatac ataacacgtt     19620
     tgtaacaccc atcacttggt gtgaaaaatg ctgaagcact catgcgggtt ctaataccag     19680
     ctcttacagc cttggcgaga ttctgagtga gtcctttccc ttctaaacct atctttggtt     19740
     cttatgaaaa tagtgagttt aagtcagaga ttttaaaacc attttgcatt ccgtttcttt     19800
     catactctga tcctgttgca tagaatgcgt gggacacaga gatcatctgc ttcgcatggt     19860
     ttgttaatca caaatcatga aaccctggcc cgagtcatct gaaaatctct gaattgagat     19920
     ttcattgtca gtaagacagt gagcgggccc tctgcttcat cctagttttt ccgtgtggag     19980
     agctgaatac gtagtgtaag atcttgtgaa attgtgaatt ctccctcttc ttggtttgtt     20040
     tgtttgtttg ggacagagtc tcagtgtgtc acccaggctg gagtgcagtg atgcaatttc     20100
     agctcactgc aacttctggc tcccaggcta aagccgtcct cccacctcag cctcccgagt     20160
     ggctggaact acatgcacaa gccaccgtgc ctgactacat ttttttgttt tcatttttgt     20220
     agagatgagg tctcactgtg ttgcccaggc agggtttctc tggcttttaa tgaacaattg     20280
     cttctttttt ttccttttat ttatttatta tactttaagt tttagggtac atgtgcacgt     20340
     tgtgcaggtt agttacatac gtatacatgt gccatgctgg tgcgctgcac ccactatctc     20400
     atcatctagc attaggtaca tctcccagtg ctatccctcc cccctccccc cacccgacaa     20460
     cagtccccag ggtgtgatat tccccttcct ctgtccatgt gatctcattg ttcagttccc     20520
     acctatgagt gagaatatgc ggtgtttggt tttttgttct tgcgatagtt tactgagaat     20580
     gatgatttcc agtttcatcc atgtccctac aaaggacatg aactcatcat tttttagggc     20640
     tgcatagtat tccatggtgt atatgtgtca cattttctta atccagtcta tcgttgttgg     20700
     acatttgggt tggttccaag tctttgctat cgtgaataat gccgcaataa acatacgtgt     20760
     gcatgtgtct ttatagcagc atgatttata gtcctttggg tatataccca gtaatgggat     20820
     ggctgggtca aatggtacaa ttgcttctta aatctttccc cacggaaacc ttgagtgact     20880
     gaaataaata tcaaatggcg agagaccgtt tagttcctat catctgtggc atgtaggtca     20940
     gtgatgctca gcatgggtgt gagtaagatg cctgtgctat gcatgctccc tgccccactg     21000
     tcagtcttca tgagccacta tttctaataa gacggtagac acacatacga tataatcatc     21060
     tctaatcata tcaaatgtta catgtaagtt tcagctttag agacatgaat tgataagatt     21120
     taaagttgaa agaccatgac tctagtactt cctgagtaat caactgaagt atgctttaca     21180
     catgtgtttt ccaaattgct gactgttaat tgtaagtgct tgtgacttga aaggaagcac     21240
     ttgatgttca ggggggaaat tccttttaaa ttctgcaggt ctacgctcaa agtttatgca     21300
     gaggttcaat tgcgtgtaag acacgggatc acccataggg ttctgttttt agtccattta     21360
     ataaaaccca aactgtagtg tgctttgtat gcctttaggg tcatctgaat aatctgttgc     21420
     taagtcatgt tcccaatcgt tgtgtttctg ttacaggtga aaagcaatca cagtgttaaa     21480
     agaagacacg ttgaaatgat gcaggctgct cctatgttgg aaatttgttc attaaaattc     21540
     tcccaataaa gctttacagc cttctgcaaa gaagtcttgc gcatcttttg tgaagtttat     21600
     ttctagcttt ttgatgctgt gaaatatgta tcattctttg aaatcgtgta ttgtaactct     21660
     ctgagctggt atgtagagac atcgttcttt tttttttctt tctttctttg tcctcttttg     21720
     agacggagtc ttgctctgtc gcccaggctg gagtgcagtg gcgcgatctc tgctcactgc     21780
     aaccccgcct cccggattca agcaattgtc tgcctcagcc tcccgagtag ctgggattat     21840
     aggcacccac cagcacgcct ggctaagttt tgtgttttta ctagagatgg gctttcgcca     21900
     tcttggccgg ggtgctcttg aactcctgac ctcgtgattc acctgccttg gcctcccaaa     21960
     gtgctgggat tacaggcatg agcctccgcg cccggtggag acataattct tacatattgg     22020
     ttttctatcc agtggccttg tgaaatatgc ttgtgaattc taaagtttac ttctaggtcg     22080
     ttttcagtct tcaatataca gaaacatatc atcctggaat aagagcagtt ttgtttccgc     22140
     catttttttt tcttttccct tttgtatttt tttgtagaga cggggttttg ccatgtttcc     22200
     cgggctgttg ttgaactttt gagtgcaagt gatgcaccca cgtcatctcc cacagtgctg     22260
     ggattactgg cgtgggccac cgtggcgggc ccgtcgttgc cattgtaaag agttttattt     22320
     ccttttctga ttttatggca ttgcgcagac ccacccgtta caatggtgac agtggacatc     22380
     cttgtcttat ccctgatgag aaaccgaaaa atttcaacat ttcaccatcc tattcactct     22440
     cctttttttg tagatggact ttatcagagt gagtcattcc attctgttcc aaatttgctg     22500
     agagtattca tttgaatata tgttgatttt catcaaacag tgcatctatt tcgattacca     22560
     cagcgttttt tcccattcat gtgttaatat agtgaattcg attgataaat ttgtacgttt     22620
     ttaggttcga ttattaaaac ttgagacagc gtctcactct gtcaccgagg ctggagtgca     22680
     gtggtgttat cagagctcgc tgcagccttg acctcctggg ctcaggcgct cctcccacct     22740
     cagcctcctg agtagctgtg agtataggta catgccacca tgcccagcta atttttcgat     22800
     ggttttttgt ttgttttttg tagtgatgag attttctgat gttgcttagg ctggtctcga     22860
     agtcctgagc tcaggtgatc tggccagctc agcctcccaa aatactagga ttacaggcgt     22920
     gagccttggc ctggtctggt ttttcttata taggggtctt atctatataa agactaaagt     22980
     taatctgtgc ctttgtgcgg gtgggctaag agcatgatga cttttatcat tctattgatt     23040
     taaagaaaac tatccttgac ttaccagtgt gtaaggccat gaaagcataa ttctgttgaa     23100
     agcatatatt gttaatgggt gttgggaacc gtgcactttc cgctgctgtg ggagcatgtc     23160
     cttggaggta cctttcatct gttttctcaa ctccaaacat cttaggacca tgggttgtga     23220
     ctggtaggac tatgtatctt gctgctttca agacggagta tattttcacg tggtttcact     23280
     ctggctgtcc tgtttcccta atactgtcac ttcaccctct gtgattctga tgctacaaat     23340
     gatagatatc gttttagcat tttcttacgg gtcctagcga ttctattcat ttttctttca     23400
     gtctctttct ctgacttgtt cacaatgaac aatttccttt tgggataggt tgctatttct     23460
     gttttcgcag gtggtttacc tgtcttccca gccagtcaca gtggtccttg tccccatggt     23520
     gggtccgggg caagagaggg ccctgggttg ggggtggggt tcagttgaag atggggtgag     23580
     ttttgagggg agcactactt gagtcccaga ggcataggaa acagcagagg gaggtgggat     23640
     tcccttatcc tcaatgagga tgggcatgga gggtttgggg cgtggcgctg ggaacggcag     23700
     ccctccccag cccacagccg cgcatgctcc ctgggctccc gcctcagtgc gcatgttcac     23760
     tgggcgtctt ctgcccggcc ccttcgccca cgtgaagaac gccagggagc tgtgaggcag     23820
     tgctgtgtgg ttcctgccgt ccggactctt tttcctctac tgagattcat ctggtaggtc     23880
     tgcaggccag tcatcccggg ggctgaagtg tgagtgaggg tggagagggc cttgggtggg     23940
     tcaggcgggt cccgcttcct ggtctgtggc ctccgaggga gaagggccac gaggtcgtcc     24000
     tccttccctt cacaggctgc gaggccaccg gcggcttcgt ggtcgtgaag gggcctggac     24060
     ggggaggaag gtgggccgtg gaggggaggc ggtcaggggc tcaggtgaag atggggtgag     24120
     tgctgttggg gggatggaag tcccgaggtg ccgggaaccc ccgacgacac agggcagatt     24180
     ccctgaatgg ggcctccggc gggggcgagg cgggcggtga agaaggggcc tggcacctgg     24240
     gaaggctgcg gcctggtgag cgcccccccc agcggtgtgg agtgcggagc gcctgagtga     24300
     gaagcactgc aaggtctcac ctccgccatg gaaggtccga aaacagtggg aaggagtggg     24360
     cgaggcagtg cggtccaacc aaacttgttg tgaggggggg tgaatggctc taggaagtgg     24420
     gagtgtgccc aaagcagcaa tcacgagaat tgtgattcac tagggttttc gtggggagtg     24480
     cacttgtgaa actaaacctc atcagaaatg acctctgtct gcggggcgca gtggcgctcg     24540
     cctacgtagt cccagttact cgggacactg aggtgggagg atcccttgag cgggaggtcg     24600
     aggctgcagt gagctgtgat cacgccgctg cactccagcc tgagcaacac agcgagaccg     24660
     cgtgtccaaa agaaatttag aaaaaaatgt cctctgcctt ttgccacatg ccttaagatg     24720
     attgctctgc cagcctggcc agcagaagtg gctttgtagg cactcagaca gcgtacacac     24780
     gtatgcttaa ctctgggact tatcttgaga gtattttcaa aagtaaaacg gcaagtttac     24840
     atttatccat ggaagtgatc gaatatagca gccctgtgga gcgcacgttc ccaatcacgg     24900
     ttgtctgttt tcagtgtgaa atatgagttg gcgaggaaga tcgacctatt attggcctag     24960
     accaagaccc tatgtacagc ctcctgaaat gattgggcct atgcgggtga gtgcttgaac     25020
     gttaattcga tgttttctat tagtagaaat taatttttgt gatagcgttg ttgcattagt     25080
     gtggaaatgc tgataaaggt ctttcctgct cataaaaaat gatgatggca tctcatgaag     25140
     gaaacattga ttctggagga tttttttttt cctctcgtgt tcttcagctt ttgcccatga     25200
     cttctttctc cggctttgtt tgttaatgac agattgtaca catgtattcc aacacagagt     25260
     acaatagcct ccaaagtcct cgtgcgtcac ttttctcaca gtaacctccc tgtgggtgga     25320
     gtaaccttat tgggcataga gcatagagtt ggagaaatgt ctttaggctt agttaggacc     25380
     agaaatagct atgtattctg tgtatatatg taaaattttg tatcaataac gaaacttatt     25440
     ttttatttgc acacccacac gtattcccca gcccgagcag ttcagtgatg aagtggaacc     25500
     agcaacacct gaagaagggg aaccagcaac tcaacgtcag gatcctgcag ctgctcagga     25560
     gggagaggat gagggagcat ctgcaggtca aggtgaggga aagggaagaa gaacgtctgc     25620
     tggtgtgtgc gtgtgtgtgt gttcgtgtgt gtgtgtgcat gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     25680
     gtgtgtgtta ggcattgtca cataggagga agaggaggaa agaaaacaat ggaaagaatg     25740
     cctgaaattg actggaaaag cgaggaggct atgtagtttg cagcttagct taggcaaatc     25800
     cctcactatg ataaaagttc tcgactttat gaatgagaga atggaggtgc caggattgtg     25860
     tgttatccaa gaacccttga ctggtgaata caacatttgt attgtgttcc aaggtttgtg     25920
     tcttcctatc atgtgtgttg ctgtaaagaa ggaagtgatt ttgctgaaaa tgcttaaaac     25980
     tcaaaaggct ttactgtaag gtagcttagt actgacccaa gaatagaccc agttcagagg     26040
     agcaggagca gctccaaaaa ccgagtcgct gaatgttggc ccccgtttcc tttgattgat     26100
     atttttatat ggtacgtttg ataaaagctg gataaatgag gatactgcca tacaggtagc     26160
     tggtttagtg atttttctca gcggctttta ggaggtgatt aaatcctttt atggttagaa     26220
     aagcaaaaac ggaattatcc tgagattaac gtgagatgga aataatttct ccgagataaa     26280
     atgttttgaa aggaagcgtt tatgtaatgg aggtcatgga ttattccagg gatgcactgt     26340
     taaaagttcc tagaatctga ctgacaacaa tgcccattaa ttgctgtccg cccactccct     26400
     tattctcagt gcgggacagt atattttctg tgattcacaa acaatgttat atttggtgct     26460
     ttgttcttca cggggttcat ttatggaata ttacctttag gaccttcgga cctaaatata     26520
     actttatttg aacaaagtga agtttctctt taccccaata ggtaatgggt gtcgtgactg     26580
     taagattttc catagtcctc aaatccgtcc agctaatcaa tccttcagaa actgacattg     26640
     taattgtaac tgaaatccta cccacgtggt agacttcaga tttctcagct gacgcacact     26700
     gctgttggta ctctagggct gaatataagc attatacatg tcctgtggtt tatccttaga     26760
     ttgtcattta ggagaaaggt ctaaagctgg gctgaatgcc atgcactcat agtcccagct     26820
     acttgggagg ccgaggtgag aggattgctt gagtcctgga gttcaagccc agcctgggaa     26880
     acacagtgag acctcatcgc taataaatac ataaatgaat aaataaataa atacataaat     26940
     aaattcatta aataagtaaa gttttcatgg tataggaaaa cacagatgca aagtttttgt     27000
     gcctagtggc tggtaatgtt gcaaacgtaa ctccttagtg aactgtacca cttaaaaata     27060
     gttaagatgg taaattttag gatatctgta ttttttacca caattggaaa ttcctttctt     27120
     cctaaagttc agtgcagtta tcatatattc ttttaaattt ttactgtatg tatcttcaag     27180
     acatagcatt catagaaaat ttgcaagaat agtacaatga actcatatac tgttcatctg     27240
     gattcaccaa ttgttaatag ctttcgcttc atcagtttca catctcttcc ctccgtctct     27300
     taccgtgctg cccacacact cacacacaca cacacacaca tacatactgt tattaatgct     27360
     gaattgtctc gataaagttt caggtattat ggtcctttac cctatgtact tgagggtgtg     27420
     tatatcgtca gaacaaagag aaagtcattt cttggatcat cactgcacaa agatgaaaat     27480
     caggaaattt aacaatgaga aaatggagtc atttaataca gagtgcatac tcaaattttg     27540
     ccagttcccc agaaaatttc ttttttcctt ttttttttct ttgttgagac ggagtctctc     27600
     tctgtgggcc aggttggagt gcagtagtgc gatctcggct cactgcaacc cacacctccc     27660
     aggttctagg gattctcatg cctcagcctc ccgtgtagct gggactacag gcgccggcca     27720
     ctgcgggctt gaacttctgg cctcacctgc tctgcccacc ttggcatccc aaaatgtttg     27780
     gattgcaggc gtgagacccc acgcccggcc cagataattt tattgatagg atttcttttt     27840
     ctgatccaga gtccagttca gaatcacacc ttgcatgtgc ttttcaggtg tttttagttt     27900
     cctttaacct gtaatgtttc cttaattttt cttgtcattc acgatacgga catttttgga     27960
     gaggatagac cagttggttt gcagaatatt ctgcagtttg ggctttttca tgtattttta     28020
     aaagagtttt ctcactcagc gtttattggt ggctactcat gccatgtaag agtctaagcg     28080
     ctaggagtgt aagtgctgtg agagacggga tttgagcctt gagtcattta atacgagaag     28140
     gacaatcaga agtagaataa gagagaagtg caaaggaggc agcaaagttg tctgagggca     28200
     gtcttcggaa aggaagaggg taatatttgg aacaccttgt tttcctgttt tctgctaacg     28260
     gactcctgaa ataatgttcc tgggattctt atcaacacat ttattattat gttagctaaa     28320
     gcttttatat aataataccg agagcgtgaa tattattttc ttattcatgc gttatgtttt     28380
     actgcttaaa ttgatacgta ttttttattt ttaagggccg aagcctgaag ctgatagcca     28440
     ggaacagggt cacccacaga ctgggtgtga gtgtgaagat ggtcctgatg ggcaggagat     28500
     ggacccgcca aatccagagg aggtgaaaac gcctgaagaa ggtaggcaat ccattaggca     28560
     tgcacattgt agggtgtctg tttccacagt atcatattgt aagtcttact atgtttttga     28620
     gacggagtct cgctctgaag accaggctgg agtgcagtgg tgccatctcg gctcactgga     28680
     aattctgtct ccagggttca agtgattctc ctgcctgagc ctctggcgga gccgggctta     28740
     caggcgggct ccgccgcgcc cagctaattg ttgtattttt agtagagaca gggtttcgtt     28800
     atgttgcaca ggttgttccc aaactcctga cctcaggtga tccacctgcc tcgaccattg     28860
     aaattgccgg gattacaggc gagagccacc gtgcccgacc cagcattata tttttaataa     28920
     cagagaggta acaatactgc gtctttagta acagacttct tatataaagg ttatttgaaa     28980
     cgtagttcag gccccagcac ccgactgata gactgtcaga tagggaaaca aactgagtca     29040
     aagctatgtt gaattaaaag ttttgagtat aaatccttaa accagtagct cacaattttc     29100
     agatgctttt gtaaaggtct gcttttaatc aatacataac acgtttgtaa cacccatcac     29160
     ttggtgtgaa aaatgctgaa gcactcatgc gggttctaat accagctctt acagccttgg     29220
     cgagattctg agtgagtcct ttcccttcta aacctatctt tggttcttat gaaaatagtg     29280
     agtttaagtc agagacttta aaaccatttt gcattccgtt tctttcatac tctgatcctg     29340
     ttgcatagaa tgcgtgggac acagagatca tctgcttcgc atggtttgtt aatcacaaat     29400
     catgaaaccc tggcccgagt catctgaaaa tctctgaatt gagatttcat tgtcaggaag     29460
     acagtgagcg ggccctctgc ttcatcctag tttttccgtg tggagagctg aatacgtagt     29520
     ataagatctt gtgaaattgt gaattctccc tcttcttggt ttgtttgttt gtttgcgaca     29580
     gagtctcagt gtgtcaccca ggctggagtg cagtgatgca atttcagctc actgcaactt     29640
     ctggctccca ggctaaagcc gtcctcccac ctcagcctcc cgagtggctg gaactacatg     29700
     cacaagccac cgtgcctgac tacatttttt tgttttcatt tttgtagaga tgaggtctca     29760
     ctgtgttgcc caggcagggt ttctctggct tttaatgaac aattgcttct tttttttctt     29820
     ttatttattt atttatttat ttattgttat actttaagtt ttagggtaca tgtgcacgtt     29880
     gtgcaggtta gttacatatg tatacatgtg ccatgctgtt gcactgcacc cactatctca     29940
     tcatctagca ttaggtacat ctcccagtgc tatccctccc ccctcccccc acccgacaac     30000
     agtccccagg gtgtgatatt ccccttcctc tgtccatgtg atctcattgt tcagttccca     30060
     cctatgagtg agaatatgcg gtgtttggtt ttttgttctt gcgatagttt actgagaatg     30120
     atgatttcca gtttcatcca tgtccctgca aaggacatga actcatcatt ttttagggct     30180
     gcatagtatt ccatggtgta tatgtgccac attttcttaa tccagtctat cgttgttgga     30240
     catttgggtt ggttccaagt ctttgctatc gtgaataatg ccgcaataaa catacgtgtg     30300
     catgtgtctt tatagcagca tgatttatag tcctttgggt atatacccag taatgggatg     30360
     gctgggtcaa atggtacaat tgcttcttaa atctttcccc acggaaacct tgagtgactg     30420
     aaataaatat caaatggcga gagaccgttt agttcctatc atctgtggca tgtaggtcag     30480
     tgatgctcag catgggtgtg agtaagatgc ctgtgctatg catgctccct gccccactgt     30540
     cagtcttcat gagccactat ttctaataag actgtagaca cgcatacgat ataatcatct     30600
     ctaatcatat caaatgttac atgtaagttt cagctttaga gacatgaatt gataagattt     30660
     aaagttgaaa gaccatgact ctagtacttc ctgagtaatc aactgaagta tgctttacac     30720
     atgtgttttc caaattgctg actgttaatt gtaagtgctt gtgacttgaa aggaagcact     30780
     tgatgttcag gggggaaatt ccttttaaat tctgcaggtc tacgctcaaa gtttatgcag     30840
     aggttcaatt gcgtgtaaga cacgggatca cccatagggt tctgttttta gtccatttaa     30900
     taaaacccaa actgtagtgt gctttgtatg cctttagggt catctgaata atctgttgct     30960
     aagtcatgtt cccaatcgtt gtgtttctgt tacaggtaaa aagcaatcac agtgttaaaa     31020
     gaagacacgt tgaaatgatg caggctgctc ctatgttgga aatttgttca ttaaaattct     31080
     cccaataaag ctttacagcc ttctgcaaag aagtcttgcg catcttttgt gaagtttatt     31140
     tctagctttt tgatgctgtg aaatatgtat cattctttga aatcgtgtat tgtaactctc     31200
     tgagctggta tgtagagaca tcgttctttt ttttttcttt ctttctttgt tctcttttga     31260
     gacggagtct tgctctgtcg cccaggctgg agtgcagtgg cgcgatctct gctcactgca     31320
     accccgcctc ccggattcaa gcaattgtct gcctcagcct cccgagtagc tgggattata     31380
     ggcacccacc agcacgcctg gctaagtttt gtgtttttac tagagatggg ctttcgccat     31440
     cttggccggg gtgctcttga actcctgacc tcgtgattca cctgccttgg cctcccaaag     31500
     tgctgggatt acaggcatga gcctccgcgc ccggtggaga cataattctt acatattggt     31560
     tttctatcca gcggccttgt gaaatatgct tgtgaattct aaagtttact tctaggtcgt     31620
     tttcagtctt caatatacag aaacatatca tcctggaata agagcagttt tgtttccgcc     31680
     attttttttt cttttccctt ttgtattttt ttgtagagac ggggttttgc catgtttccc     31740
     gggctgttgt tgaacttttg agtgcaagtg atgcacccac gtcacctccc acagtgctgg     31800
     gattactggc gtgggccacc gtggcgggcc cgtcgttgcc attgtaaaga gttttatttc     31860
     cttttctgat tttatggcat tgcgcagacc cacccgttac aatggtgaca gtggacatcc     31920
     ttgtcttatc cctgatgaga aaccgaaaaa tttcaacatt tcgccatcct attcactctc     31980
     ctttttttgt agacggactt tatcagagtg agtcattcca ttctgttcca aatttgctga     32040
     gagtattcat ttgaatatat gttgattttc atcaaacagt gcatctattt cgattaccac     32100
     agcgtttttt cccattcatg tgttaatata gtgaattcga ttgataaatt tgtacgtttt     32160
     taggttcgat tattaaaact tgagacagcg tctcactctg tcaccgaggc tggagtgcgg     32220
     tggtgttatc agagctcgct gcagccttga cctcctgggc tcaagcgctc ctcccacctc     32280
     agcctcctga gtagctgtga gtataggtac atgccaccat gcccagctaa tttttcgatg     32340
     gtttttttgt ttgttttttg tagtgatgag attttctgat gttgcttagg ctggtctcga     32400
     agtcctgagc tcaggtgatc tggccagctc agcctcccaa aatactagga ttacaggcgt     32460
     gagccttggc ctggtctggt ttttcttata taggggtctt atctatataa agactaaagt     32520
     taatctgtgc ctttgtgcgg gtgggctaag agcatgatga cttttatcat tctattgatt     32580
     taaagaaaac tgtccttgac ttaccagtgt gtaagtccat gaaagcataa ttctgttgaa     32640
     agcatatatt gttaatgggt gttgggaacc gtgcactttc cgctgctgtg ggagcatgtc     32700
     cttggaggta cctttcatct gttttctcaa ctccaaacat cttaggacca tgggttgtga     32760
     ctggtaggac tatgtatctt gctgctttca agacggagta tattttcacg tggtgtcact     32820
     ctggctgtcc tgtttcccta atactgtcac ttcaccctct gcgattctga tgctacaaat     32880
     gatagatatc gttttagcat tttcttacgg gtcctagcga ttctattcat ttttctttca     32940
     gtctctttct ctgacttgtt cacattgaac aatttccttt tgggataggt tgctatttct     33000
     gttttcgcag gtggtttacc tgtcttccca gccagtcaca gtggtccttg tccccatggt     33060
     gggtccgggg caagagaggg ccctgggttg ggggtggggt tcagttgaag atggggtgag     33120
     ttttgagggg agcactactt gagtcccaga ggcataggaa acagcagagg gaggtgggat     33180
     tcccttatcc tcaatgagga tgggcatgga gggtttgggg cgtggcgctg ggaacggcag     33240
     ccctccccag cccacagccg cgcatgctcc ctgggctccc gcctcagtgc gcatgttcac     33300
     tgggcgcctt ctgcccggcc ccttcgccca cgtgaagaac gccagggagc tgtgaggcag     33360
     tgctgtgtgg ttcctgccgt ccggactctt tttcctctac tgagattcat ctggtaggtg     33420
     tgcaggccag tcatcccggg ggctgaagtg tgagtgaggg tggagagggc ctcgggtggg     33480
     tcaggcgggt cccgcttcct ggtctgtggc ctccgaggga gaagggccac gaggtcgtcc     33540
     tccttccctt cacaggctgc gaggccaccg gcggcttcgt ggtcgtgaag gggcctggac     33600
     ggggaggaag gtgggccgtg gaggggaggc ggtcaggggc tcaggtgaag acggggtgag     33660
     tgctgttggg gggatggaag tcccgaggtg ccgggaaccc ccgacgacac agggcagatt     33720
     ccctgaatgg ggtccccggc gggggcgagg cgggcggtga agaaggggcc tggcacctgg     33780
     gaaggctgcg gcctggtgag cgcccccgca gcggtgtgga gtgcggagcg cccgagtgag     33840
     aagcactgca aggtctcacc tccgccatgg aaggtccgaa aacagtggga aggagtgggc     33900
     gaggcagtgc ggtccaacca aacttgttgt gagggggggt gaatggctct aggaagtggg     33960
     agtgtgccca aagcagcaat cacgagaatt gtgattcact agggttttcg tggggagtgc     34020
     acttgtgaaa ctaaacctca tcagaaatga cctctgtctg cggggcgcag tggcgctcgc     34080
     ctacgtagtc ccagttactc gggacactga ggtgggagga tcccttgagc gggaggtcga     34140
     ggctgcagtg agctgtgatc acgccgctgc actccagcct gagcaacaca gcgagaccgc     34200
     gtgtccaaaa gaaatttaga aaaaaatgtc ctctgccttt tgccacacgc cttaagatga     34260
     ttgctctgcc agcctggcca gcagaagtgg ctttgtaggc actcagacag cgtacacacg     34320
     tatgcttaac tctgggactt atcttgagag tattttcaaa agtaaaacgg caagtttaca     34380
     tttatccatg gaagtgatcg aatatagcag ccctgtggag cgcacgttcc caatcacggt     34440
     tgtctgtttt cagtgtgaaa tatgagttgg cgaggaagat cgacctatcg gcctagacca     34500
     agacgctacg tagagcctcc tgaaatgatt gggcctatgc gggtgagtgc ttaaacgtta     34560
     attcgatgtt ttctattagt agaaattaat ttttgtgata gcgttgttgc attagtgtgg     34620
     aaatgctgat aaaggtcttt cctgctcata aaaaatgatg atggcatctc atgaaggaaa     34680
     cattgattct ggaggatttt ttttttcctc tcgtgttctt cagcttttgc ccatgacttc     34740
     tttctccggc tttgtttgtt aatgacagat tgtacacatg tattccaaca cagagtacaa     34800
     tagcctccaa agtcctcgtg cgtcactttt ctcacagtaa cctccctgtg ggtggagtaa     34860
     ccttattggg catagagcat agagttggag aaatgtcttt aggcttagtt atgaccagaa     34920
     atagctatgt attctgtgta tatatgtaaa attttgtatc aataacgaaa cttattttct     34980
     atttgcacac ccacacgtat tccccagccc gagcagttca gtgatgaagt ggaaccagca     35040
     acacctgaag aaggggaacc agcaactcaa cgtcaggatc ctgcagctgc tcaggaggga     35100
     gaggatgagg gagcatctgc aggtcaaggt gagggaaagg gaagaagaac gtctgctggt     35160
     gtgtgcgtgt gtgtgtgttc gtgtgtgtgt gtgcacgtgt gtgtgtgtta ggcattgtca     35220
     cataggagga agaggaggaa agaaaacaat ggaaagaatg cctgaaattg actggaaaag     35280
     cgaggaggct atgtagtttg cagcttagct taggcaaatc cctcactatg ataaaagttc     35340
     tcgactttat gaatgagaga atggaggtgc caggattgtg tgttatccaa gaacccttga     35400
     ctggtgaata caacatttgt attgtgttcc aaggtttgtg tcttcctatc atgtgtgttg     35460
     ctgtaaagaa ggaagtgatt ttgctgaaaa tgcttaaaac tcaaaaggct ttactgtaag     35520
     gtagcttagt actgacccaa gaatagaccc agttcagagg agcaggagca gctccaaaaa     35580
     ccgagtcgct gaatgttggc ccccgtttcc tttgattgat atttttatat ggtacgtttg     35640
     ataaaagctg gataaatgag gatactgcca tacaggtagc tggtttagtg atttttctca     35700
     gcggctttta ggaggtgatt aaatcctttt atggttagaa aagcaaaaac ggaattatcc     35760
     tgagattaac gtgagatgga aataatttct ccgagataaa atgttttgaa aggaagcgtt     35820
     tatgtaatgg aggtcatgga ttattccagg gatgcactgt taaaagttcc tagaatctga     35880
     ctgacaacaa tgcccattaa ttgctgtccg cccactccct tattctcagt gcgggacagt     35940
     atattttctg tgattcacaa acaatgttat atttggtgct ttgttcttca cggggttcat     36000
     ttatggaata ttacctttag gaccttcgga cctaaatata actttatttg aacaaagtga     36060
     agtttctctt taccccaata ggtaatgggt gtcgtgactg taagattttc catagtcctc     36120
     aaatccgtcc agctaatcaa tccttcagaa actgacattg taattgtaac tgaaatccta     36180
     cccacgtggt agacttcaga tttctcagct gacgcacact gctgttggta ctctagggct     36240
     gaatataagc attatacatg tcctgtggtt tatccttaga ttgtcattta ggagaaaggt     36300
     ctaaagctgg gctgaatgcc atgcactcat agtcccagct acttgggagg ccgaggtgag     36360
     aggattgctt gagtcctgga gttcaagccc agcctgggaa acacagtgag acctcatcgc     36420
     taataaatac ataaatgaat aaataaataa atacataaat aaattcatta aataagtaaa     36480
     gttttcatgg tataggaaaa cacagatgca aagtttttgt gcctagtggc tggtaatgtt     36540
     gcaaacgtaa ctccttagtg aactgtacca cttaaaaata gttaagatgg taaattttag     36600
     gatatctgta ttttttacca caattggaaa ttcctttctt cctaaagttc agtgcagtta     36660
     tcatatattc ttttaaattt ttactgtatg tatcttcaag acatagcatt catagaaaat     36720
     ttgcaagaat agtacaatga actcatatac tgttcatctg gattcaccaa ttgttaatag     36780
     ctttcgcttc atcagtttca catctcttcc ctccgtctct taccgtgctg cccacacact     36840
     cacacacaca cacacacaca tacatactgt tattaatgct gaattgtctc gataaagttt     36900
     caggtattat ggtcctttac cctatgtact tgagggtgtg tatatcgtca gaacaaagag     36960
     aaagtcattt cttggatcat cactgcacaa agatgaaaat caggaaattt aacaatgaga     37020
     aaatggagtc atttaataca gagtgcatac tcaaattttg ccagttcccc agaaaatttc     37080
     ttttttcctt ttttttttct ttgttgagac ggagtctctc tctgtgggcc aggttggagt     37140
     gcagtagtgc gatctcggct cactgcaacc cacacctccc aggttctagg gattctcatg     37200
     cctcagcctc ccgtgtagct gggactacag gcgccggcca ctgcgggctt gaacttctgg     37260
     cctcacctgc tctgcccacc ttggcatccc aaaatgtttg gattgcaggc gtgagacccc     37320
     acgcccggcc cagataattt tattgatagg atttcttttt ctgatccaga gtccagttca     37380
     gaatcacacc ttgcatgtgc ttttcaggtg tttttagttt cctttaacct gtaatgtttc     37440
     cttaattttt cttgtcattc acgatacgga catttttgga gaggatagac cagttggttt     37500
     gcagaatatt ctgcagtttg ggctttttca tgtattttta aaagagtttt ctcactcagc     37560
     gtttattggt ggctactcat gccatgtaag agtctaagcg ctaggagtgt aagtgctgtg     37620
     agagacggga tttgagcctt gagtcattta atacgagaag gacaatcaga agtagaataa     37680
     gagagaagtg caaaggaggc agcaaagttg tctgagggca gtcttcggaa aggaagaggg     37740
     taatatttgg aacaccttgt tttcctgttt tctgctaacg gactcctgaa ataatgttcc     37800
     tgggattctt atcaacacat ttattattat gttagctaaa gcttttatat aataataccg     37860
     agagcgtgaa tattattttc ttattcatac gttatgtttt actgcttaaa ttgatacgta     37920
     ttttttattt ttaagggccg aagcctgaag ctgatagcca ggaacagggt cacccacaga     37980
     ctgggtgtga gtgtgaagat ggtcctgatg ggcaggagat ggacccgcca aatccagagg     38040
     aggtgaaaac gcctgaagaa ggtaggcaat ccattaggca tgcacattgt agggtgtctg     38100
     tttccacagt atcatattgt aagtcttact atgtttttga gacggagtct cgctctgaag     38160
     accaggctgg agtgcagtgg tgccatctcg gctcactgga aattctgtct ccagggttca     38220
     agtgattctc ctgcctgagc ctctggcgga gccgggctta caggcgggct ccgccgcgcc     38280
     cagctaattg ttgtattttt agtagagaca gggtttcgtt atgttgcaca ggttgttccc     38340
     aaactcctga cctcaggtga tccacctgcc tcgaccattg aaattgccgg gattacaggc     38400
     gagagccacc gtgcccgacc cagcattata tttttaataa cagagaggta acaatactgc     38460
     gtctttagta acagacttct tatataaagg ttatttgaaa cgtagttcag gccccagcac     38520
     ccgactgata gactgtcaga tagggaaaca aactgagtca aagctatgtt gaattaaaag     38580
     ttttgagtat aaatccttaa accagtagct cacaattttc agatgctttt gtaaaggtct     38640
     gcttttaatc aatacataac acgtttgtaa cacccatcac ttggtgtgaa aaatgctgaa     38700
     gcactcatgc gggttctaat accagctctt acagccttgg cgagattctg agtgagtcct     38760
     ttcccttcta aacctatctt tggttcttat gaaaatagtg agtttaagtc agagacttta     38820
     aaaccatttt gcattccgtt tctttcatac tctgatcctg ttgcatagaa tgcgtgggac     38880
     acagagatca tctgcttcgc atggtttgtt aatcacaaat catgaaaccc tggcccgagt     38940
     catctgaaaa tctctgaatt gagatttcat tgtcaggaag acagtgagcg ggccctctgc     39000
     ttcatcctag tttttccgtg tggagagctg aatacgtagt ataagatctt gtgaaattgt     39060
     gaattctccc tcttcttggt ttgtttgttt gtttgcgaca gagtctcagt gtgtcaccca     39120
     ggctggagtg cagtgatgca atttcagctc actgcaactt ctggctccca ggctaaagcc     39180
     gtcctcccac ctcagcctcc cgagtggctg gaactacatg cacaagccac cgtgcctgac     39240
     tacatttttt tgttttcatt tttgtagaga tgaggtctca ctgtgttgcc caggcagggt     39300
     ttctctggct tttaatgaac aattgcttct tttttttcct tttatttatt tattatactt     39360
     ttagggtaca tgtgcacgtt gtgcaggtta gttacatacg tatacatgtg ccatgctggt     39420
     gcgctgcacc cactatctca tcatctagca ttaggtacat ctcccagtgc tatccctccc     39480
     ccctcccccc acccgacaac agtccccagg gtgtgatatt ccccttcctc tgtccatgtg     39540
     atctcattgt tcagttccca cctatgagtg agaatatgcg gtgtttggtt ttttgttctt     39600
     gcgatagttt actgagaatg atgatttcca gtttcatcca tgtccctgca aaggacatga     39660
     actcatcatt ttttagggct gcatagtatt ccatggtgta tatgtgtcac attttcttaa     39720
     tccagtctat cgttgttgga catttgggtt ggttccaagt ctttgctatc gtgaataatg     39780
     ccgcaataaa catacgtgtg catgtgtctt tatagcagca tgatttatag tcctttgggt     39840
     atatacccag taatgggatg gctgggtcaa atggtacaat tgcttcttaa atctttcccc     39900
     acggaaacct tgagtgactg aaataaatat caaatggcga gagaccgttt agttcctatc     39960
     atctgtggca tgtaggtcag tgatgctcag catgggtgtg agtaagatgc ctgtgctatg     40020
     catgctccct gccccactgt cagtcttcat gagccactat ttctaataag actgtagaca     40080
     cgcatacgat ataatcatct ctaatcatat caaatgttac atgtaagttt cagctttaga     40140
     gacatgaatt gataagattt aaagttgaaa gaccatgact ctagtacttc ctgagtaatc     40200
     aactgaagta tgctttacac atgtgttttc caaattgctg actgttaatt gtaagtgctt     40260
     gtgacttgaa aggaagcact tgatgttcag gggggaaatt ccttttaaat tctgcaggtc     40320
     tacgctcaaa gtttatgcag aggttcaatt gcgtgtaaga cacgggatca cccatagggt     40380
     tctgttttta gtccatttaa taaaacccaa actgtagtgt gctttgtatg cctttagggt     40440
     catctgaata atctgttgct aagtcatgtt cccaatcgtt gtgtttctgt tacaggtaaa     40500
     aagcaatcac agtgttaaaa gaagacacgt tgaaatgatg caggctgctc ctatgttgga     40560
     aatttgttca ttaaaattct cccaataaag ctttacagcc ttctgcaaag aagtcttgcg     40620
     catcttttgt gaagtttatt tctagctttt tgatgctgtg aaatatgtat cattctttga     40680
     aatcgtgtat tgtaactctc tgagctggta tgtagagaca tcgttctttt ttttttcttt     40740
     ctttctttgt tctcttttga gacggagtct tgctctgtcg cccaggctgg agtgcagtgg     40800
     cgcgatctct gctcactgca accccgcctc ccggattcaa gcaattgtct gcctcagcct     40860
     cccgagtagc tgggattata ggcacccacc agcacgcctg gctaagtttt gtgtttttac     40920
     tagagatggg ctttcgccat cttggccggg gtgctcttga actcctgacc tcgtgattca     40980
     cctgccttgg cctcccaaag tgctgggatt acaggcatga gcctccgcgc ccggtggaga     41040
     cataattctt acatattggt tttctatcca gcggccttgt gaaatatgct tgtgaattct     41100
     aaagtttact tctaggtcgt tttcagtctt caatatacag aaacatatca tcctggaata     41160
     agagcagttt tgtttccgcc attttttttt cttttccctt ttgtattttt ttgtagagac     41220
     ggggttttgc catgtttccc gggctgttgt tgaacttttg agtgcaagtg atgcacccac     41280
     gtcacctccc acagtgctgg gattactggc gtgggccacc gtggcgggcc cgtcgttgcc     41340
     attgtaaaga gttttatttc cttttctgat tttatggcat tgcgcagacc cacccgttac     41400
     aatggtgaca gtggacatcc ttgtcttatc cctgatgaga aaccgaaaaa tttcaacatt     41460
     tcaccatcct attcactctc ctttttttgt agacggactt tatcagagtg agtcattcca     41520
     ttctgttcca aatttgctga gagtattcat ttgaatatat gttgattttc atcaaacagt     41580
     gcatctattt cgattaccac agcgtttttt cccattcatg tgttaatata gtgaattcga     41640
     ttgataaatt tgtacgtttt taggttcaat tattaaaact tgagacagcg tctcactctg     41700
     tcaccgaggc tggagtgcgg tggtgttatc agagctcgct gcagccttga cctcctgggc     41760
     tcaagcgctc ctcccacctc agcctcctga gtagctgtga gtataggtac atgccaccat     41820
     gcccagctaa tttttcgatg gtttttttgt ttgttttttg tagtgatgag attttctgat     41880
     gttgcttagg ctggtctcga agtcctgagc tcaggtgatc tggccagctc agcctcccaa     41940
     aatactagga ttacaggcgt gagccttggc ctggtctggt ttttcttata taggggtctt     42000
     atctatataa agactaaagt taatctgtgc ctttgtgcgg gtgggctaag agcatgatga     42060
     cttttatcat tctattgatt taaagaaaac tgtccttgac ttaccagtgt gtaagtccat     42120
     gaaagcataa ttctgttgaa agcatatatt gttaatgggt gttgggaacc gtgcactttc     42180
     cgctgctgtg ggagcatgtc cttggaggta cctttcatct gttttctcaa ctccaaacat     42240
     cttaggacca tgggttgtga ctggtaggac tatgtatctt gctgctttca agacggagta     42300
     tattttcacg tggtgtcact ctggctgtcc tgtttcccta atactgtcac ttcaccctct     42360
     gcgattctga tgctacaaat gatagatatc gttttagcat tttcttacgg gtcctagcga     42420
     ttctattcat ttttctttca gtctctttct ctgacttgtt cacattgaac aatttccttt     42480
     tgggataggt tgctatttct gttttcgcag gtggtttacc tgtcttccca gccagtcaca     42540
     gtggtccttg tccccatggt gggtccgggg caagagaggg ccctgggttg ggggtggggt     42600
     tcagttgaag atggggtgag ttttgagggg agcactactt gagtcccaga ggcataggaa     42660
     acagcagagg gaggtgggat tcccttatcc tcaatgagga tgggcatgga gggtttgggg     42720
     cgtggcgctg ggaacggcag ccctccccag cccacagccg cgcatgctcc ctgggctccc     42780
     gcctcagtgc gcatgttcac tgggcgcctt ctgcccggcc ccttcgccca cgtgaagaac     42840
     gccagggagc tgtgaggcag tgctgtgtgg ttcctgccgt ccggactctt tttcctctac     42900
     tgagattcat ctggtaggtg tgcaggccag tcatcccggg ggctgaagtg tgagtgaggg     42960
     tggagagggc ctcgggtggg tcaggcgggt cccgcttcct ggtctgtggc ctccgaggga     43020
     gaagggccac gaggtcgtcc tccttccctt cacaggctgc gaggccaccg gcggcttcgt     43080
     ggtcgtgaag gggcctggac ggggaggaag gtgggccgtg gaggggaggc ggtcaggggc     43140
     tcaggtgaag acggggtgag tgctgttggg gggatggaag tcccgaggtg ccgggaaccc     43200
     ccgacgacac agggcagatt ccctgaatgg ggtccccggc gggggcgagg cgggcggtga     43260
     agaaggggcc tggcacctgg gaaggctgcg gcctggtgag cgcccccgca gcggtgtgga     43320
     gtgcggagcg cccgagtgag aagcactgca aggtctcacc tccgccatgg aaggtccgaa     43380
     aacagtggga aggagtgggc gaggcagtgc ggtccaacca aacttgttgt gagggggggt     43440
     gaatggctct aggaagtggg agtgtgccca aagcagcaat cacgagaatt gtgattcact     43500
     agggttttcg tggggagtgc acttgtgaaa ctaaacctca tcagaaatga cctctgtctg     43560
     cggggcgcag tggcgctcgc ctacgtagtc ccagttactc gggacactga ggtgggagga     43620
     tcccttgagc gggaggtcga ggctgcagtg agctgtgatc acgccgctgc actccagcct     43680
     gagcaacaca gcgagaccgc gtgtccaaaa gaaatttaga aaaaaatgtc ctctgccttt     43740
     tgccacacgc cttaagatga ttgctctgcc agcctggcca gcagaagtgg ctttgtaggc     43800
     actcagacag cgtacacacg tatgcttaac tctgggactt atcttgagag tattttcaaa     43860
     agtaaaacgg caagtttaca tttatccatg gaagtgatcg aatatagcag ccctgtggag     43920
     cgcacgttcc caatcacggt tgtctgtttt cagtgtgaaa tatgagttgg cgaggaagat     43980
     cgacctatcg gcctagacca agacgctacg tagagcctcc tgaaatgatt gggcctatgc     44040
     gggtgagtgc ttaaacgtta attcgatgtt ttctattagt agaaattaat ttttgtgata     44100
     gcgttgttgc attagtgtgg aaatgctgat aaaggtcttt cctgctcata aaaaatgatg     44160
     atggcatctc atgaaggaaa cattgattct ggaggatttt ttttttcctc tcgtgttctt     44220
     cagcttttgc ccatgacttc tttctccggc tttgtttgtt aatgacagat tgtacacatg     44280
     tattccaaca cagagtacaa tagcctccaa agtcctcgtg cgtcactttt ctcacagtaa     44340
     cctccctgtg ggtggagtaa ccttattggg catagagcat agagttggag aaatgtcttt     44400
     aggcttagtt atgaccagaa atagctatgt attctgtgta tatatgtaaa attttgtatc     44460
     aataacgaaa cttattttct atttgcacac ccacacgtat tccccagccc gagcagttca     44520
     gtgatgaagt ggaaccagca acacctgaag aaggggaacc agcaactcaa cgtcaggatc     44580
     ctgcagctgc tcaggaggga gaggatgagg gagcatctgc aggtcaaggt gagggaaagg     44640
     gaagaagaac gtctgctggt gtgtgcgtgt gtgtgtgttc gtgtgtgtgt gtgcatgtgt     44700
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgaggca ttgtcacata ggaggaagag gaggaaagaa     44760
     aacaatggaa agaatgcctg aaattgactg gaaaagcgag gaggctatgt agtttgcagc     44820
     ttagcttagg caaatccctc actatgataa aagttctcga ctttatgaat gagagaatgg     44880
     aggtgccagg attgtgtgtt atccaagaac ccttgactgg tgaatacaac atttgtattg     44940
     tgttccaagg tttgtgtctt cctatcatgt gtgttgctgt aaagaaggaa gtgattttgc     45000
     tgaaaatgct taaaactcaa aaggctttac tgtaaggtag cttagtactg acccaagaat     45060
     agacccagtt cagaggagca ggagcagctc caaaaaccga gtcgctgaat gttggccccc     45120
     gtttcctttg attgatattt ttatatggta cgtttgataa aagctggata aatgaggata     45180
     ctgccataca ggtagctggt ttagtgattt ttctcagcgg cttttaggag gtgattaaat     45240
     ccttttatgg ttagaaaagc aaaaacggaa ttatcctgag attaacgtga gatggaaata     45300
     atttctccga gataaaatgt tttgaaagga agcgtttatg taatggaggt catggattat     45360
     tccagggatg cactgttaaa agttcctaga atctgactga caacaatgcc cattaattgc     45420
     tgtccgccca ctcccttatt ctcagtgcgg gacagtatat tttctgtgat tcacaaacaa     45480
     tgttatattt ggtgctttgt tcttcacggg gttcatttat ggaatattac ctttaggacc     45540
     ttcggaccta aatataactt tatttgaaca aagtgaagtt tctctttacc ccaataggta     45600
     atgggtgtcg tgactgtaag attttccata gtcctcaaat ccgtccagct aatcaatcct     45660
     tcagaaactg acattgtaat tgtaactgaa atcctaccca cgtggtagac ttcagatttc     45720
     tcagctgacg cacactgctg ttggtactct agggctgaat ataagcatta tacatgtcct     45780
     gtggtttatc cttagattgt catttaggag aaaggtctaa agctgggctg aatgccatgc     45840
     actcatagtc ccagctactt gggaggccga ggtgagagga ttgcttgagt cctggagttc     45900
     aagcccagcc tgggaaacac agtgagacct catcgctaat aaatacataa atgaataaat     45960
     aaataaatac ataaataaat tcattaaata agtaaagttt tcatggtata ggaaaacaca     46020
     gatgcaaagt ttttgtgcct agtggctggt aatgttgcaa acgtaactcc ttagtgaact     46080
     gtaccactta aaaatagtta agatggtaaa ttttaggata tctgtatttt ttaccacaat     46140
     tggaaattcc tttcttccta aagttcagtg cagttatcat gtattctttt aaatttttac     46200
     tgtatgtatc ttcaagacat agcattcata gaaaatttgc aagaatagta caatgaactc     46260
     atatactgtt catctggatt caccaattgt taatagcttt cgcttcatca gtttcacatc     46320
     tcttccctcc gtctcttacc gtgctgccca cacactcaca cacacacaca cacacatacg     46380
     gatatatgtt tactgttatt aatgctgaat tgtctcgata aagtttcagg tattatggtc     46440
     ctttacccta tgtacttgag ggtgtgtata tcgtcagaac aaagagaaag tcatttcttg     46500
     gatcatcact gcacaaagat gaaaatcagg aaatttaaca atgagaaaat ggagtcattt     46560
     aatacagagt gcatactcaa attttgccag ttccccagaa aatttctttt ttcctttttt     46620
     ttttctttgt tgagacggag tctctctctg tgggccaggt tggagtgcag tagtgcgatc     46680
     tcggctcact gcaacccaca cctcccaggt tctagggatt ctcatgcctc agcctcccgt     46740
     gtagctggga ctacaggcgc cggccactgc gggcttgaac ttctggcctc acctgctctg     46800
     cccaccttgg catcccaaaa tgtttggatt gcaggcgtga gaccccacgc ccggcccaga     46860
     taattttatt gataggattt ctttttctga tccagagtcc agttcagaat cacaccttgc     46920
     atgtgctttt caggtgtttt tagtttcctt taacctgtaa tgtttcctta atttttcttg     46980
     tcattcacga tacggacatt tttggagagg atagaccagt tggtttgcag aatattctgc     47040
     agtttgggct ttttcatgta tttttaaaag agttttctca ctcagcgttt attggtggct     47100
     actcatgcca tgtaagagtc taagcgctag gagtgtaagt gctgtgagag acgggatttg     47160
     agccttgagt catttaatac gagaaggaca atcagaagta gaataagaga gaagtgcaaa     47220
     ggaggcagca aagttgtctg agggcagtct tcggaaagga agagggtaat atttggaaca     47280
     ccttgttttc ctgttttctg ctaacggact cctgaaataa tgttcctggg attcttatca     47340
     acacatttat tattatgtta gctaaagctt ttatataata ataccgagag cgtgaatatt     47400
     attttcttat tcatgcgtta tgttttactg cttaaattga tacgtatttt ttatttttaa     47460
     gggccgaagc ctgaagctga tagccaggaa cagggtcacc cacagactgg gtgtgagtgt     47520
     gaagatggtc ctgatgggca ggagatggac ccgccaaatc cagaggaggt gaaaacgcct     47580
     gaagaaggta ggcaatccat taggcatgca cattgtaggg tgtctgtttc cacagtatca     47640
     tattgtaagt cttactatgt ttttgagacg gagtctcgct ctgaagacca ggctggagtg     47700
     cagtggtgcc atctcggctc actggaaatt ctgtctccag ggttcaagtg attctcctgc     47760
     ctgagcctct ggcggagccg ggcttacagg cgggctccgc cgcgcccagc taattgttgt     47820
     atttttagta gagacagggt ttcgttatgt tgcacaggtt gttcccaaac tcctgacctc     47880
     aggtgatcca cctgcctcga ccattgaaat tgccgggatt acaggcgaga gccaccgtgc     47940
     ccgacccagc attatatttt taataacaga gaggtaacaa tactgcgtct ttagtaacag     48000
     acttcttata taaaggttat ttgaaacgta gttcaggccc cagcacccga ctgatagact     48060
     gtcagatagg gaaacaaact gagtcaaagc tatgttgaat taaaagtttt gagtataaat     48120
     ccttaaacca gtagctcaca attttcagat gcttttgtaa aggtctgctt ttaatcaata     48180
     cataacacgt ttgtaacacc catcacttgg tgtgaaaaat gctgaagcac tcatgcgggt     48240
     tctaatacca gctcttacag ccttggcgag attctgagtg agtcctttcc cttctaaacc     48300
     tatctttggt tcttatgaaa atagtgagtt taagtcagag actttaaaac cattttgcat     48360
     tccgtttctt tcatactctg atcctgttgc atagaatgcg tgggacacag agatcatctg     48420
     cttcgcatgg tttgttaatc acaaatcatg aaaccctggc ccgagtcatc tgaaaatctc     48480
     tgaattgaga tttcattgtc aggaagacag tgagcgggcc ctctgcttca tcctagtttt     48540
     tccgtgtgga gagctgaata cgtagtataa gatcttgtga aattgtgaat tctccctctt     48600
     cttggtttgt ttgtttgttt gcgacagagt ctcagtgtgt cacccaggct ggagtgcagt     48660
     gatgcaattt cagctcactg caacttctgg ctcccaggct aaagccgtcc tcccacctca     48720
     gcctcccgag tggctggaac tacatgcaca agccaccgtg cctgactaca tttttttgtt     48780
     ttcatttttg tagagatgag gtctcactgt gttgcccagg cagggtttct ctggctttta     48840
     atgaacaatt gcttcttttt tttcttttat ttatttattt atttatttat ttatttattg     48900
     ttatacttta agttttaggg tacatgtgca cgttgtgcag gttagttaca tatgtataca     48960
     tgtgccatgc tggtgcgctg cacccactat ctcatcatct agcattaggt acatctccca     49020
     gtgctatccc tcccccctcc ccccacccga caaaagtccc cagggtgtga tattcccctt     49080
     cctctgtcca tgtgatctca ttgttcagtt cccacctatg agtgagaata tgcggtgttt     49140
     ggttttttgt tcttgcgata gtttactgag aatgatgatt tccactttca tccatgtccc     49200
     tgcaaaggac atgaactcat cattttttag ggctgcatag tattccatgg tgtatatgtg     49260
     ccacattttc ttaatccact ctatcgttgt tggacatttg ggttggttcc aagtctttgc     49320
     tatcgtgaat aatgccgcaa taaacatacg tgtgcatgtg tctttatagc agcatgattt     49380
     atagtccttt ggttatatac ccagtaatgg gatggctggg tcaaatggta caattgcttc     49440
     ttaaatcttt ccccacggaa accttgagtg actgaaataa atatcaaatg gcgagagacc     49500
     gtttagttcc tatcatctgt ggcatgtagg tcagtgatgc tcagcatggg tgtgagtaag     49560
     atgcctgtgc tatgcatgct ccctgcccca ctgtcagtct tcatgagcca ctatttctaa     49620
     taagactgta gacacgcata cgatataatc atctctaatc atatcaaatg ttacatgtaa     49680
     gtttcagctt tagagacatg aattgataag atttaaagtt gaaagaccat gactctagta     49740
     cttcctgagt aatcaactga agtatgcttt acacatgtgt tttccaaatt gctgactgtt     49800
     aattgtaagt gcttgtgact tgaaaggaag cacttgatgt tcagggggga aattcctttt     49860
     aaattctgca ggtctacgct caaagtttat gcagaggttc aattgcgtgt aagacacggg     49920
     atcacccata gggttctgtt tttagtccat ttaataaaac ccaaactgta gtgtgctttg     49980
     tatgccttta gggtcatctg aataatctgt tgctaagtca tgttcccaat cgttgtgttt     50040
     ctgttacagg taaaaagcaa tcacagtgtt aaaagaagac acgttgaaat gatgcaggct     50100
     gctcctatgt tggaaatttg ttcattaaaa ttctcccaat aaagctttac agccttctgc     50160
     aaagaagtct tgcgcatctt ttgtgaagtt tatttctagc tttttgatgc tgtgaaatat     50220
     gtatcattct ttgaaatcgt gtattgtaac tctctgagct ggtatgtaga gacatcgttc     50280
     tttttttttt ctttctttct ttgttctctt ttgagacgga gtcttgctct gtcgcccagg     50340
     ctggagtgca gtggcgcgat ctctgctcac tgcaaccccg cctcccggat tcaagcaatt     50400
     gtctgcctca gcctcccgag tagctgggat tataggcacc caccagcacg cctggctaag     50460
     ttttgtgttt ttactagaga tgggctttcg ccatcttggc cggggtgctc ttgaactcct     50520
     gacctcgtga ttcacctgcc ttggcctccc aaagtgctgg gattacaggc atgagcctcc     50580
     gcgcccggtg gagacataat tcttacatat tggttttcta tccagcggcc ttgtgaaata     50640
     tgcttgtgaa ttctaaagtt tacttctagg tcgttttcag tcttcaatat acagaaacat     50700
     atcatcctgg aataagagca gttttgtttc cgccattttt ttttcttttc ccttttgtat     50760
     ttttttgtag agacggggtt ttgccatgtt tcccgggctg ttgttgaact tttgagtgca     50820
     agtgatgcac ccacgtcacc tcccacagtg ctgggattac tggcgtgggc caccgtggcg     50880
     ggcccgtcat tgccattgta aagagtttta tttccttttc tgattttatg gcattgcgca     50940
     gacccacccg ttacaatggt gacagtggac atccttgtct tatccctgat gagaaaccga     51000
     aaaatttcaa catttcacca tcctattcac tctccttttt ttgtagacgg actttatcag     51060
     agtgagtcat tccattctgt tccaaatttg ctgagagtat tcatttgaat atatgttgat     51120
     tttcatcaaa cagtgcatct atttcgatta ccacagcgtt ttttcccatt catgtgttaa     51180
     tatagtgaat tcgattgata aatttgtacg tttttaggtt cgattattaa aacttgagac     51240
     agcgtctcac tctgtcaccg aggctggagt gcggtggtgt tatcagagct cgctgcagcc     51300
     ttgacctcct gggctcaagc gcgcctccca cctcagcctc ctgaggagct gtgagtatag     51360
     gtacatgcca ccatgcccag ctaatttttc gatggttttt tgtttgtttt ttgtagtgat     51420
     gagattttct gatgttgctt aggctggtct cgaagtcctg agctcaggtg atctggccag     51480
     ctcagcctcc caaaatacta ggattacagg cgtgagcctt ggcctggtct ggtttttctt     51540
     atataggggt cttatctata taaagactaa agttaatctg tgcctttgtg cgggtgggct     51600
     aagagcatga tgacttttat cattctattg atttaaagaa aactgtcctt gacttaccag     51660
     tgtgtaagtc catgaaagca taattctgtt gaaagcatat attgttaatg ggtgttggga     51720
     accgtgcact ttccgctgct gtgggagcat gtccttggag gtacctttca tctgttttct     51780
     caactccaaa catcttagga ccatgggttg tgactggtag gactatgtat cttgctgctt     51840
     tcaagacgga gtatattttc acgtggtgtc actctggctg tcctgtttcc ctaatactgt     51900
     cacttcaccc tctgcgattc tgatgctaca aatgatagat atcgttttag cattttctta     51960
     cgggtcctag cgattctatt catttttctt tcagtctctt tctctgactt gttcacattg     52020
     aacaatttcc ttttgggata ggttgctatt tctgttttcg caggtggttt acctgtcttc     52080
     ccagccagtc acagtggtcc ttgtccccat ggtgggtccg gggcaagaga gggccctggg     52140
     ttgggggtgg ggttcagttg aagatggggt gagttttgag gggagcacta cttgagtccc     52200
     agaggcatag gaaacagcag agggaggtgg gattccctta tcctcaatga ggatgggcat     52260
     ggagggtttg gggcgtggcg ctgggaacgg cagccctccc cagcccacag ccgcgcatgc     52320
     tccctgggct cccgcctcag tgcgcatgtt cactgggcgc cttctgcccg gccccttcgc     52380
     ccacgtgaag aacgccaggg agctgtgagg cagtgctgtg tggttcctgc cgtccggact     52440
     ctttttcctc tactgagatt catctggtag gtgtgcaggc cagtcatccc gggggctgaa     52500
     gtgtgagtga gggtggagag ggcctcgggt gggtcaggcg ggtcccgctt cctggtctgt     52560
     ggcctccgag ggagaagggc cacgaggtcg tcctccttcc cttcacaggc tgcgaggcca     52620
     ccggcggctt cgtggtcgtg aaggggcctg gacggggagg aaggtgggcc gtggagggga     52680
     ggcggtcagg ggctcaggtg aagacggggt gagtgctgtt ggggggatgg aagtcccgag     52740
     gtgccgggaa cccccgacga cacagggcag attccctgaa tggggtcccc ggcgggggcg     52800
     aggcgggcgg tgaagaaggg gcctggcacc tgggaaggct gcggcctggt gagcgccccc     52860
     gcagcggtgt ggagtgcgga gcgcccgagt gagaagcact gcaaggtctc acctccgcca     52920
     tggaaggtcc gaaaacagtg ggaaggagtg ggcgaggcag tgcggtccaa ccaaacttgt     52980
     tgtgaggggg ggtgaatggc tctaggaagt gggagtgtgc ccaaagcagc aatcacgaga     53040
     attgtgattc actagggttt tcgtggggag tgcacttgtg aaactaaacc tcatcagaaa     53100
     tgacctctgt ctgcggggcg cagtggcgct cgcctacgta gtcccagtta ctcgggacac     53160
     tgaggtggga ggatcccttg agcgggaggt ggaggctgca gtgagctgtg atcacgccgc     53220
     tgcactccag cctgagcaac acagcgagac cgcgtgtcca aaagaaattt agaaaaaaat     53280
     gtcctctgcc ttttgccaca cgccttaaga tgattgctct gccagcctgg ccagcagaag     53340
     tggctttgta ggcactcaga cagcgtacac acgtatgctt aactctggga cttatcttga     53400
     gagtattttc aaaagtaaaa cggcaagttt acatttatcc atggaagtga tcgaatatag     53460
     cagccctgtg gagcgcacgt tcccaatcac ggttgtctgt tttcagtgtg aaatatgagt     53520
     tggcgaggaa gatcgaccta tcggcctaga ccaagacgct acgtagagcc tcctgaaatg     53580
     attgggccta tgcgggtgag tgcttaaacg ttaattcgat gttttctatt agtagaaatt     53640
     aatttttgtg atagcgttgt tgcattagtg tggaaatgct gataaaggtc tttcctgctc     53700
     ataaaaaatg atgatggcat cttatgaagg aaacattgat tctggaggat ttttttttcc     53760
     tctcgtgttc ttcagctttt gcccatgact tctttctccg gctttgtttg ttaatgacag     53820
     attgtacaca tgtattccaa cacagagtac aatagcctcc aaagtcctcg tgcgtcactt     53880
     ttctcacagt aacctccctg tgggtggagt aaccttattg ggcatagagc atagagttgg     53940
     agaaatgtct ttaggcttag ttatgaccag aaatagctat gtattctgtg tatatatgta     54000
     aaattttgta tcaataacga aacttatttt ctatttgcac acccacacgt attccccagc     54060
     ccgagcagtt cagtgatgaa gtggaaccag caacacctga agaaggggaa ccagcaactc     54120
     aacgtcagga tcctgcagct gctcaggagg gagaggatga gggagcatct gcaggtcaag     54180
     gtgagggaaa gggaagaaga acgtctgctg gtgtgtgcgt gtgtgtgtgt tcgtgtgtgt     54240
     gtgtgcacgt gtgtgtgtgt taggcattgt cacataggag gaagaggagg aaagaaaaca     54300
     atggaaagaa tgcctgaaat tgactggaaa agcgaggagg ctatgtagtt tgcagcttag     54360
     cttaggcaaa tccctcacta tgataaaagt tctcgacttt atgaatgaga gaatggaggt     54420
     gccaggattg tgtgttatcc aagaaccctt gactggtgaa tacaacattt gtactgtgtt     54480
     ctaaggtttg tgtcttccta tcatgtatgt tgctggaaag aaggaagtga ttttgctgaa     54540
     aatgcttaaa actcaaaagg ctttactgta aggtagctta gtactgaccc aagaatagac     54600
     ccagttcaga ggagcaggag cagctccaaa aaccgagtcg ctgaatgttg gcccccgttt     54660
     cctttgattg atatttttat atggtacgtt tgataaaagc tggataaatg aggatactgc     54720
     catacaggta gctggtttag tgatttttct cagcggcctt taggaggtga ttaaatcctt     54780
     ttatggttag aaaagcaaaa acggaattat cctgagatta acgtgagatg gaaataattt     54840
     ctccgagata aaatgttttg aaaggaagca tttatgtaac ggaggtcgtg gattattcca     54900
     gggatgcact gttaaaagtt cctagaatct gactgacaac aatgcccatt aattgctgtc     54960
     cgcccactcc cttattctca gtgcggggga cagtatattt tctgtgattc acaaacaatg     55020
     ttatatttgg tgctttgttc ttcacggggt tcatttatgg aatattacct ttaggacctt     55080
     cggacctaaa tataacttta tttgaacaaa gtgaagtttc tctttacccc aataggtaat     55140
     gggtgtcgtg actgtaagat ttccatagtc ctcaaatcca tccagctaat caatccttca     55200
     gaaactgaca ttgtaattgt aactgaaatc ctacccacgt ggtagacttc agatttctca     55260
     gctgacgcac actgctgttg gtactctagg gctgaatata agcattatac atgtcctgtg     55320
     gtttatcctt agattgtcat ttaggagaaa ggtctaaagc tgggctgaat gccatgcact     55380
     catagtccca gctacttggg aggccgaggt gagaggattg cttgagtcct ggagttcaag     55440
     cccagcctgg gaaacacagt gagacctcat tgctaataaa taaataaatg aataaataaa     55500
     taaacacata aataaattca ttaaataaat aaagttttca tggtatagga aaacacagat     55560
     gcaaagtttt tgtgcctagt ggctggtaat gttgcaaacg taactcctta gtgaactgta     55620
     acacttaaaa atagttaaga tggtaaattt taggatatct gtatttttta ccacaattgg     55680
     aaattccttt cttcctaaag ttcagtgcag ttatcatata ttcttttaaa tttttactgt     55740
     atgtatcttc aagacataac attcatagaa aatttgcaag aatagtacaa tgaactcata     55800
     tactgttaat agctttcgct tcatcggttt cacatctctt ccctccgtct cttaccgtgc     55860
     tgcccacaca ctcacacaca cacacacaca cacacatacg gatatatgtt tacttttatt     55920
     aatggtgaat tgtctcgata aagtttcagg gattatggtc ctttacccta tgtacttgag     55980
     ggtgtgtata tcgtcagaac aaagagaaag tcatttcttg gatcatcact gcacaaagat     56040
     caaaatcagg aaatttaaca atgagaaaat ggagtcattt aatacagagt gcatactcaa     56100
     attttgccag ttccccagaa aatttctttt ttcctttgtt tttctttgtt gagacggagt     56160
     ctctctctgt gggccaggtg ggagtgcagt agtgcgatct cggctcactg caacctacac     56220
     ctcccaggtt ctagggattc tcatgcctca gcctcccgtg tagctgggac tacaggcgcc     56280
     ggccactgcg gtcttgaact tctggcctca cctgctctgc ccaccttggc atcccaaaat     56340
     gtttggattg caggcgtgag accccacgcc cggcccagat aattttattg ataggatttc     56400
     tttttctgat ccagagtcca gttcagaatc acaccttgca tgtgcttttc aggtgttttt     56460
     agtttccttt aacctgtaat gtttccttaa tttttcttgt cattcacgat acggacattt     56520
     ttggagagga tagaccagtt ggtttgcaga atattctgca gtttgggctt tttcatgtat     56580
     ttttaaaaga gttttctcac tcagcgttta ttggtggcta ctcatgccat gtaagagtct     56640
     aagcgctagg agtgtaagtg ctgtgagaga cgggatttga gccttgagtc atttaatacg     56700
     agaaggacaa tcagaagtag aataagagag aagtgcaaag gaggcagcaa agttgtctga     56760
     gggcagtctt cggaaaggaa gagggtaata tttggaacac cttgttttcc tgttttctgc     56820
     taacggactc ctgaaataat gttcctggga ttcttatcaa cacatttatt attacgttag     56880
     ctaaagcttt tatataataa taccgagagc atgaatatca ttttcttatt catattttat     56940
     gttttactgc ttaaattgat acgtattttt tatttttaag ggccgaagcc tgaagctgat     57000
     agccaggaac agggtcaccc acagactggg tgtgagtgtg aagatggtcc tgatgggcag     57060
     gagatggacc cgccaaatcc agaggaggtg aaaacgcctg aagaaggtag gcaatccatt     57120
     aggcatgcac attgtagggt gtctgtttcc acagtatcat attgtaagtc ttactatgtt     57180
     tttgagacgg agtctcgctc tgaagaccag gctggagtgc agtggtgcca tctcggctca     57240
     caggaaattc tgtctccagg gttcaagtga ttctcctgcc tgagcctctg gcggagccgg     57300
     gcttacaggc atgctccgcc gcgcccagct aattgttgta tttttagtag agacagggtt     57360
     tcgttatgtt gcacaggttg ttcccgaact cctgacctca ggtgatccac ctgcctcgac     57420
     cattgaaatt gccgggatta caggcgagag ccaccgtgcc cgacccagca ttatattttt     57480
     aataacagag aggtaacaat actgcgtctt tagtaacaga gttcttatat aaaggttatt     57540
     tgaaacgtag ttcaggcccc agcacccggc tgatagactg tcagataggg aaacaaagtg     57600
     agtcaaagct atgttgaatt aaaagttttg agtataaatc cttaaaccag tagctcacaa     57660
     ttttcagatg cttttgtaaa ggtctgcttt taatcaatac ataacacgtt tgtaacaccc     57720
     atcacttggt gtgaaaaatg ctgaagcact catgcgggtt ctaataccag ctcttacagc     57780
     cttggcgaga ttctgagtga gtcctttccc ttctaaacct atctttggtt cttatgaaaa     57840
     tagtgagttt aagtcagaga ctttaaaacc attttgcatt ccgtttcttt catactctga     57900
     tcctgttgca tagaatgcgt gggacacaga gatcatctgc ttcgcatggt ttgttaatca     57960
     caaatcatga aaccctggcc cgagtcatct gaaaatctct gaattgagat ttcattgtca     58020
     gtaagacagt gagcgggccc tctgcttcat cctagttttt ccgtgtggag agctgaatac     58080
     gtagtataag atcttgtgaa attgtgaatt ctccctcttc ttggtttgtt tgtttgtttg     58140
     cgacagagtc tcagtgtgtc acccaggctg gagtgcagtg atgcaatttc agctcactgc     58200
     aacttctggc tcccaggcta aagccgtcct cccacctcag cctcccgagt ggctggaact     58260
     acatgcacaa gccaccgtgc ctgactacat ttttttgttt tcatttttgt agagatgagg     58320
     tctcactgtg ttgcccaggc agggtttctc tggcttttaa tgaacaattg cttctttttt     58380
     ttccttttat ttatttatta tactttaagt tttagggtac atgtgcacgt tgtgcaggtt     58440
     agttacatac gtatacatgt gccatgcagg tgcgctgcac ccactatctc atcatctagc     58500
     attaggtaca tctcccagtg ctatccctcc cccctccccc cacccgacaa cagtccccag     58560
     ggtgtgatat tccccttcct ctgtccatgt gatctcattg ttcagttccc acctatgagt     58620
     gagaatatgc ggtgtttggt tttttgttct tgcgatagtt tactgagaat gatgatttcc     58680
     agtttcatcc atgtccctac aaaggacatg aactcatcat tttttagggc tgcatagtat     58740
     tccatggtgt atatgtgcca cattttctta atccagtcta tcgttgttgg acatttgggt     58800
     tggttccaag tctttgctat cgtgaataat gccgcaataa acatacgtgt gcatgtgtct     58860
     ttatagcagc atgatttata gtcctttggg tatataccca gtaatgggat ggctgggtca     58920
     aatggtacaa ttgcttctta aatctttccc cacggaaacc ttgagtgact gaaataaata     58980
     tcaaatggcg agagaccgtt tagttcctat catctgtggc atgtaggtca gtgatgctca     59040
     gcatgggtgt gagtaagatg cctgtgctat gcatgctccc tgccccactg tcagtcttca     59100
     tgagccacta tttctaataa gactgtagac acgcatacga tataatcatc tctaatcata     59160
     tcaaatgtta catgtaagtt tcagctttag agacatgaat tgataagatt taaagttgaa     59220
     agaccatgac tctagtactt cctgagtaat caactgaagt atgctttaca catgtgtttt     59280
     ccaaattgct gactgttaat tgtaagtgct tgtgacttga aaggaagcac ttgatgttca     59340
     gggaggaaat tccttttaaa ttctgcaggt ctacgctcaa agtttatgca gaggttcaat     59400
     tgcgtgtaag acacgggatc acccataggg ttctgttttt agtccattta ataaaaccca     59460
     aactgtagtg tgctttgtat gcctttaggg tcatctgaat aatctgttgc taagtcatgt     59520
     tcccaatcgt tgtgtttctg ttacaggtga aaagcaatca cagtgttaaa agaaggcacg     59580
     ttgaaatgat gcaggctgct cctatgttgg aaatttgttc attaaaattc tcccaataaa     59640
     gctttacagc cttctgcaaa gaagtcttgc gcatcttttg tgaagtttat ttctagcttt     59700
     ttgatgctgt gaaatatgta tcattctttg aaatcgtgta ttgtaactct ctgagctggt     59760
     atgtagagac atcgttcttt ttttttttct ttctttcttt gtcctctttt gagacggagt     59820
     cttgctctgt cgcccaggct ggagtgcagt ggcgcgatct ctgctcactg caaccccgcc     59880
     tcccggattc aagcaattgt ctgcctcagc ctcccgagta gctgggatta taggcaccca     59940
     ccagcacgcc tggctaagtt ttgtgttttt actagagatg ggctttcgcc atcttggccg     60000
     gggtgctctt gaactcctga cctcgtgatt cacctgcctt ggcctcccaa agtgctggga     60060
     ttacaggcat gagcctccgc gcccggtgga gacataattc ttacatattg gttttctatc     60120
     cagcggcctt gtgaaatatg cttgtgaatt ctaaagttta cttctaggtc gttttcagtc     60180
     ttcaatatac agaaacatat catcctggaa taagagcagt tttgtttccg ccattttttt     60240
     ttcttttccc ttttgtattt ttttgtagag acggggtttt gccatgtttc ccgggctgtt     60300
     gttgaacttt tgagtgcaag tgatgcaccc acgtcacctc ccacagtgct gggattactg     60360
     gcgtgggcca ccgtggcggg cccgtcgttg ccattgtaaa gagttttatt tccttttctg     60420
     attttatggc attgcgcaga cccacccgtt acaatggtga cagtggacat ccttgtctta     60480
     tccctgatga gaaaccgaaa aatttcaaca tttcgccatc ctattcactc tccttttttt     60540
     gtagacagac tttatctaga gtgagtcatt ccattctgtt ccaaatttgc tgagagtatt     60600
     catttgaata tatgttgatt ttcatcaaac agtgcatcta tttcgattac cacagcgttt     60660
     tttcccattc atgggttaat atagtgaatt cgattgataa atttgtacgt ttttaggttc     60720
     gattattaaa acttgagaca gcgtctcact ctgtcaccga ggctggagtg cggtggtgtt     60780
     atcagagctc gctgcagcct tgacctcctg ggctcaagcg ctcctcccac ctcagcctcc     60840
     tgagtagctg tgagtatagg tacatgccac catgcccagc taatttttcg atggtttttt     60900
     tgtttgtttt ttgtagtgat gagattttct gatgttgctt aggctggtct cgaagtcctg     60960
     agctcaggtg atctggccag ctcagcctcc caaaatacta ggattacagg cgtgagcctt     61020
     ggcctggtct ggtttttctt atataggggt cttatctata taaagactaa agttaatctg     61080
     ttcctttgtg cgggtgggct aagagcatga tgacttttat cattctattg atttaaagaa     61140
     aactgtcctt gacttaccag tgtgtaagtc catgaaagca taattctgtt gaaagcatat     61200
     attgttaatg ggtgttggga accgtgcact ttccgctgct gtgggagcat gtccttggag     61260
     gtacctttca tctgttttct caactccaaa catcttagga ccatgggttg tgactggtag     61320
     gactatgtat cttgctgctt tcaagacgga gtatattttc acgtggtgtc actctggctg     61380
     tcctgtttcc ctaatactgt cacttcaccc tctgcgattc tgatgctaca aatgatagat     61440
     atcgttttag cattttctta cgggtcctag cgattctatt catttttctt tcagtctctt     61500
     tctctgactt gttcacattg aacaatttcc ttttgggata gttgctattt ctgttttcgc     61560
     aggtggttta cctgtcttcc cagccagtca cagtggtcct tgtccccatg gtgggtccgg     61620
     ggcaagagag ggccctgggt tgggggtggg gttcagttga agatggggtg agttttgagg     61680
     ggagcactac ttgagtccca gaggcatagg aaacagcaga gggaggtggg attcccttat     61740
     cctcaatgag gatgggcatg gagggtttgg ggcgtggcgc tgggaacggc agccctcccc     61800
     agcccacagc cgcgcatgct ccctgggctc ccgcctcagt gcgcatgttc actgggcgcc     61860
     ttctgcccgg ccccttcgcc cacgtgaaga acgccaggga gctgtgaggc agtgctgtgt     61920
     ggttcctgcc gtccggactc tttttcctct actgagattc atctggtagg tgtgcaggcc     61980
     agtcatcccg ggggctgaag tgtgagtgag ggtggagagg gcctcgggtg ggtcaggcgg     62040
     gtcccgcttc ctggtctgtg gcctccgagg gagaagggcc acgaggtcgt cctccttccc     62100
     ttcacaggct gcgaggccac cggcggcttc gtggtcgtga aggggcctgg acggggagga     62160
     aggtgggccg tggaggggag gcggtcaggg gctcaggtga agacggggtg agtgctgttg     62220
     gggggatgga agtcccgagg tgccgggatc cccgatgaca cagggcagat tccctgaatg     62280
     gggcccccgg cgggggcgag gcgggcggtg aagaaggggc ctggcacctg ggaaggctgc     62340
     ggcctggcga gcgccccccc cagcggtgtg gagtgcggag cgcccgagtg agaagcactg     62400
     caaggtctca cctccgccat ggaaggtccg aaaacagtgg gaaggagtgg gcgaggcagt     62460
     gcggtccaac caaacttgtt gtgagggggg gtgaatggct ctaggaagtg ggagtgtgcc     62520
     caaagcagca atcacgagaa ttgtgattca ctagggtttt cgtggggagt gcacttgtga     62580
     aactaaacct catcagaaat gacctctgtc tgcggggcgc agtggcgctc gcctacgtat     62640
     tcccagttac tggggacact gaggtgggag gatcccttga gcgggaggtc gaggctgcag     62700
     tgagctgtga tcacgccgct gcactccagc ctgagcaaca cagcgagacc gcgtgtccaa     62760
     aagaaattta gaaaaaaatg tcctctgcct tttgccacac gccttaagat gattgctctg     62820
     ccagcctggc cagcagaagt ggctttgtag gcactcagac agcgtacaca cgtatgctta     62880
     actctgggac ttattttgag agtattttca aaagtaaaac ggcaagttaa catttatcca     62940
     tggaagtgat cgaatatagc agccctctgg agcgcacgtt cccaatcacg gttgtctgtt     63000
     ttcagtgtga aatatgagtt ggcgaggaag atcgacctat tattggccta gaccaaggcg     63060
     ctatgtacag cctcctgaaa tgattgggcc tatgcgggtg agtgcttaaa cgttaattcg     63120
     atgttttcta ttagtagaaa ttaatttttg tgatagcgtc gttgcattag tgtggaaatg     63180
     ctgataaagg tctttcctgc tcataaaaaa tgaggatggc atctcatgaa ggaaacattg     63240
     attctggagg attttttttt tcctctcgtg ttcttcagct tttgcccatg acttctttct     63300
     ccggctttgt ttgttaatga cagattgtac acatgtattc caacacagag tataatagcc     63360
     cccaaagtcc tcgtgtgtca cttttctcac agtaacctcc ctgtggttgg agtaacctta     63420
     ttgggcatag agcatagagt tggagaaatg tctttaggct tagttatgac cagaaatagc     63480
     tatgtattct gtgtatatat gtaaaatttt gtatcaataa cgaaacttat tttttatttg     63540
     cacacccaca cgtattcccc agcccgagca gttcagtgat gaagtggaac cagcaacacc     63600
     tgaagaaggg gaaccagcaa ctcaacgtca ggatcctgca gctgctcagg agggagagga     63660
     tgagggagca tctgcaggtc aaggtgaggg aaagggaaga agaacgtctg ctggtgtgtg     63720
     cgtgtgtgtg tgttcgtgtg tgtgtgtgca cgtgtgtgtg tgttaggcat tgtcacatag     63780
     gaggaagagg aggaaagaaa acaatggaaa gaatgcctga aattgactgg aaaagcgagg     63840
     aggctatgta gtttgcagct tagcttaggc aaatccctca ctatgataaa agttctcgac     63900
     tttatgaatg agagaatgga ggtgccagga ttgtgtgtta tccaagaacc cttgactggt     63960
     gaatacaaca tttgtactgt gttctaaggt ttgtgtcttc ctatcatgta tgttgctgga     64020
     aagaaggaag tgattttgct gaaaatgctt aaaactcaaa aggctttact gtaaggtagc     64080
     ttagtactga cccaagaata gacccagttc agaggagcag gagcagctcc aaaaaccgag     64140
     tcgctgaatg ttggcccccg tttcctttga ttgatatttt tatatggtac gtttgataaa     64200
     agctggataa atgaggatac tgccatacag gtagctggtt tagtgatttt tctcagcggc     64260
     ctttaggagg tgattaaatc cttttatggt tagaaaagca aaaacggaat tatcctgaga     64320
     ttaacgtgag atggaaataa tttctccgag ataaaatgtt ttgaaaggaa gcatttatgt     64380
     aacggaggtc gtggattatt ccagggatgc actgttaaaa gttcctagaa tctgactgac     64440
     aacaatgccc attaattgct gtccgcccac tcccttattc tcagtgcggg ggacagtata     64500
     ttttctgtga ttcacaaaca atgttatatt tggtgctttg ttcttcacag ggttcattta     64560
     tggaatatta cctttaggac cttcggacct aaatataact ttatttgaac aaagtgaagt     64620
     ttctctttac cccgataggt aatgggtgtc gtgactgtaa gatttccata gtcctcaaat     64680
     ccatccagct aatcaatcct tcagaaactg acattgtaat tgtaactgaa atcctaccca     64740
     cgtggtagac ttcagatttc tcagctgacg cacactgctg ttggtactct agggctgaat     64800
     ataagcatta tacatgtcct gtggtttatc cttagattgt catttaggag aaaggtctaa     64860
     agctgggctg aatgccatgc actcatagtc ccagctactt gggaggccga ggtgagagga     64920
     ttgcttgagt cctggagttc aagcccagcc tgggaaacac agtgagacct cattgctaat     64980
     aaataaataa atgaataaat aaataaacac ataaataaat tcattaaata aataaagttt     65040
     tcatggtata ggaaaacaca gatgcaaagt ttttgtgcct agtggctggt aatgttgcaa     65100
     acgtaactcc ttagtgaact gtaccactta aaaatagtta agatggtaaa ttttaggata     65160
     tctgtatttt ttaccacaat tggaaattcc tttcttccta aagttcagtg cagttatcat     65220
     atattctttt aaatttttac tgtatgtatc ttcaagacgt aacatttata gaaaatttgc     65280
     aagaatagta caatgaactc atatactgtt catctggatt caccaattgt tagtagcttt     65340
     cgcttcatag gtttcacatc tcttccctcc gtctcttacc gtgctgccca cacactcaca     65400
     cacacacaca cacacacata cggatatatg tttactgtta ttaatggtga attgtctcga     65460
     taaagtttca gggattatgg tcctttaccc tatgtacttg agggtgtgta tatcgtcaga     65520
     acaaagagaa agtcatttct tggatcatca ctgcacaaag ttgaaaatca ggaaatttaa     65580
     caatgagaaa atggagtcat ttaatacaga gtgcatactc aaattttgcc agttccccag     65640
     aaaatttctt ttttcctttt ttttttcttt gttgagacgg agtctctctc tgtgggccag     65700
     gttggagtgc agtagtgcga tctcggctca ctgcaaccta cacctcccag gttctaggga     65760
     ttctcatgcc tcagcctccc gtgtagctgg gactacaggc gccggccact gcggtcttga     65820
     acttctggcc tcacctgctc tgcccacctt ggcatcccaa aatgtttgga ttgcaggcgt     65880
     gagaccccac gcccggccca gataatttta ttgataggat ttctttttct gatccagagt     65940
     ccagttcaga atcacacctt gcatgtgctt ttcaggtgtt tttagtttcc tttaacctgt     66000
     aatgtttcct taatttttct tgtcattcac gatacggaca tttttggaga ggatagacca     66060
     gttggtttgc agaatattct gcagtttggg ctttttcatg tatttttaaa agagttttct     66120
     cactcagcgt ttattggtgg ctactcatgc catgtaagag tctaagcgct aggagtgtaa     66180
     gtgctgtgag agacgggatt tgagccttga gtcatttaat acgagaagga caatcagaag     66240
     tagaataaga gagaagtgca aaggaggcag caaagttgtc tgagggcagt cttcggaaag     66300
     gaggagggta atatttggaa caccttgttt tcctgttttc tgctaacgga ctcctgaaat     66360
     aatgttcctg ggattcttat caacacattt attattacgt tagctaaagc ttttatataa     66420
     taataccgag agcatgaata tcattttctt attcatattt tatgttttac tgcttaaatt     66480
     gatacgtatt ttttattttt aagggccgaa gcctgaagct catagccagg aacagggtca     66540
     cccacagact gggtgtgagt gtgaagatgg tcctgatggg caggagatgg acccgccaaa     66600
     tccagaggag gtgaaaacgc ctgaagaagg taggcaatcc attaggcatg cacattgtag     66660
     ggtgtctgtt tccacagtat catattgtaa ctcttactat gtttttgaga cggagtctcg     66720
     ctctgaagac caggctggag tgcagtggtg ccatctcggc tcactggaaa ttctgtctcc     66780
     agggttcaag tgattctcct gcctgagcct ctggcggagc cgggcttaca ggcatgctcc     66840
     gccgcgccca gctaattgtt gtatttttag tagagacagg gtttcgttat gttgcacagg     66900
     ttgttcccga actcctgacc tcaggtgatc cacctgcctc gaccattgaa attgccggga     66960
     ttacaggcga gagccaccgt gcccgaccca gcattatatt tttaataaca gagaggtaac     67020
     aatactgcgt ctttagtaac agagttctta tataaaggtt atttgaaacg tagttcaggc     67080
     cccagcaccc ggctgataga ctgtcagata gggaaacaaa gtgagtcaaa gctatgttga     67140
     attaaaagtt ttgagtataa atccttaaac cagtagctca caattttcag atgcttttgt     67200
     aaaggtctgc ttttaatcaa tacataacac gtttgtaaca cccatcactt ggtgtgaaaa     67260
     atgctgaagc actcatgcgg gttctaatac cagctcttac agccttggcg agattctgag     67320
     tgagtccttt cccttctaaa cctatctttg gttcttatga aaatagtgag tttaagtcag     67380
     agactttaaa accattttgc attccgtttc tttcatactc tgatcctgtt gcatagaatg     67440
     cgtgggacac agagatcatc tgcttcgcat ggtttgttaa tcacaaatca tgaaaccctg     67500
     gcccgagtca tctgaaaatc tctgaattga gatttcattg tcagtaagac agtgagcggg     67560
     ccctctgctt catcctagtt tttccgtgtg gagagctgaa tacgtagtgt aagatcttgt     67620
     gaaattgtga attctccctc ttcttggttt gtttgtttgt ttgcgacaga gtctcagtgt     67680
     gtcacccagg ctggagtgca gtgatgcaat ttcagctcac tgcaacttct ggctcccagg     67740
     ctaaagccgt cctcccacct cagcctcccg agtggctgga actacataca caagccaccg     67800
     tgcctgacta catttttttg ttttcatttt tgtagagatg aggtctcact gtgttgccca     67860
     ggcagggttt ctctggcttt taatgaacaa ttgcttcttt tttttccttt tatttattta     67920
     ttatacttta agttttaggg tacatgtgca cgttatgcag gttagttaca tacgtataca     67980
     tgtgccatgc aggtgcgctg cacccactat ctcatcatct agcattaggt acatctccca     68040
     gtgctatccc tcccccctcc ccccacccga caacagtccc cagggtgtga tattcccctt     68100
     cctctgtcca tgtgatctca ttgttcagtt cccacctatg agtgagaata tgcggtgttt     68160
     ggttttttgt tcttgcgata gtttactgag aatgatgatt tccagtttca tccatgtccc     68220
     tacaaaggac atgaactcat cattttttag ggctgcatag tattccatgg tgtatatgtg     68280
     ccacattttc ttaatccagt ctatcgttgt tggacatttg ggttggttcc aagtctttgc     68340
     tatcgtgaat aatgccgcaa taaacatacg tgtgcatgtg tctttatagc agcatgattt     68400
     atagtccttt gggtatatac ccagtaatgg gatggctggg tcaaatggta caattgcttc     68460
     ttaaatcttt ccccacggaa accttgagtg actgaaataa atatcaaatg gcgagagacc     68520
     gtttagttcc tatcatctgt ggcatgtagg tcagtgatgc tcagcatggg tgtgagtaag     68580
     atgcctgtgc tatgcatgct ccctgcccca ctgtcagtct tcatgagcca ctatttctaa     68640
     taagactgta gacacacata cgatataatc atctctaatc atatcaaatg ttacatgtaa     68700
     gtttcagctt tagagacatg aattgataag atttaaagtt gaaagaccat gactctagta     68760
     cttcctgagt aatcaactga agtatgcttt acacatgtgt tttccaaatt gctgactgtt     68820
     aattgtaagt gcttgtgact tgaaaggaag cacttgatgt tcagggagga aattcctttt     68880
     aaattctgca ggtctacgct caaagtttat gcagaggttc aattgcgtgt aagacacggg     68940
     atcacccata gggttctgtt tttagtccat ttaataaaac ccaaactgta gtgtgctttg     69000
     tatgccttta gggtcatctg aataatctgt tgctaagtca tgttcccaat cgttgtgttt     69060
     ctgttacagg tgaaaagcaa tcacagtgtt aaaagaaggc acgttgaaat gatgcaggct     69120
     gctcctatgt tggaaatttg ttcattaaaa ttctcccaat aaagctttac agccttctgc     69180
     aaagaagtct tgcgcatctt ttgtgaagtt tatttctagc tttttgatgc tgtgaaatat     69240
     gtatcattct ttgaaatcgt gtattgtaac tctctgagct ggtatgtaga gacatcgttc     69300
     tttttttttt tctttctttc tttgtcctct tttgagacgg agtcttgctc tgtcgcccag     69360
     gctggagtgc agtggcgcga tctctgctca ctgcaacccc gcctcccgga ttcaagcaat     69420
     tgtctgcctc agcctcccga gtagctggga ttataggcac ccaccagcac gcctggctaa     69480
     gttttgtgtt tttactagag atgggctttc gccatcttgg ccggggtgct cttgaactcc     69540
     tgacctcgtg attcacctgc cttggcctcc caaagtgctg ggattacagg catgagcctc     69600
     cgcgcccggt ggagacataa ttcttacata ttggttttct atccagcggc cttgtgaaat     69660
     atgcttgtga attctaaagt ttacttctag gtcgttttca gtcttcaata tacagaaaca     69720
     tatcatcctg gaataagagc agttttgttt ccgccatttt tttttctttt cccttttgta     69780
     tttttttgta gagacggggt tttgccatgt ttcccgggct gttgttgaac ttttgagtgc     69840
     aagtgatgca cccacgtcac ctcccacagt gctgggatta ctggcgtggg ccaccgtggc     69900
     gggcccgtcg ttgccattgt aaagagtttt atttcctttt ctgattttat ggcattgcgc     69960
     agacccaccc gttacaatgg tgacagtgga catccttgtc ttatccctga tgagaaaccg     70020
     aaaaatttca acatttcgcc atcctattca ctctcctttt tttgtagacg gactttatca     70080
     gagtgagtca ttccattctg ttccaaattt gctgagagta ttcatttgaa tatatgttga     70140
     ttttcatcaa acagtgcatc tatttcgatt accacagcgt tttttcccat tcatgtgtta     70200
     atatagtgaa ttcgattgat aaatttgtac gtttttaggt tcgattatta aaacttgaga     70260
     cagcgtctca ctctgtcacc gaggctggag tgcggtggtg ttatcagagc tcgctgcagc     70320
     cttgacctcc tgggctcaag cgctcctccc acctcagcct cctgagtagc tgtgagtata     70380
     ggtacatgcc accatgccca gctaattttt cgatggtttt tttgtttgtt ttttgtagtg     70440
     atgagatttt ctgatgttgc ttaggctggt ctcgaagtcc tgagctcagg tgatctggcc     70500
     agctcagcct cccaaaatac taggattaca ggcgtgagcc ttggcctggt ctggtttttc     70560
     ttatataggg gtcttatcta tataaagact aaagttaatc tgtgcctttg tgcgggtggg     70620
     ctaagagcat gatgactttt atcattctat tgatttaaag aaaactgtcc ttgacttacc     70680
     agtgtgtaag tccatgaaag cataattctg ttgaaagcat atattgttaa tgggtgttgg     70740
     gaaccgtgca ctttccgctg ctgtgggagc atgtccttgg aggtaccttt catctgtttt     70800
     ctcaactcca aacatcttag gaccatgggt tgtgactggt aggactatgt atcttgctgc     70860
     tttcaagacg gagtatattt tcacgtggtg tcactctggc tgtcctgttt ccctaatact     70920
     gtcacttcac cctctgcgat tctgatgcta caaatgatag atatcgtttt agcattttct     70980
     tacgggtcct agcgattcta ttcatttttc tttcagtctc tttctctgac ttgttcacat     71040
     tgaacaattt ccttttggga taggttgcta tttctgtttt cgcaggtggt ttacctgtct     71100
     tcccagccag tcacagtggt ccttgtcccc atggtgggtc cggggcaaga gagggccctg     71160
     ggttgggggt ggggttcagt tgaagatggg gtgagttttg aggggagcac tacttgagtc     71220
     ccagaggcat aggaaacagc agagggaggt gggattccct tatcctcaat gaggatgggc     71280
     atggagggtt tggggcgtgg cgctgggaac ggcagccctc cccagcccac agccgcgcat     71340
     gctccctggg ctcccgcctc agtgcgcatg ttcactgggc gccttctgcc cggccccttc     71400
     gcccacgtga agaacgccag ggagctgtga ggcagtgctg tgtggttcct gccgtccgga     71460
     ctctttttcc tctactgaga ttcatctggt aggtgtgcag gccagtcatc ccgggggctg     71520
     aagtgtgagt gagggtggag agggcctcgg gtgggtcagg cgggtcccgc ttcctggtct     71580
     gtggcctccg agggagaagg gccacgaggt cgtcctcctt cccttcacag gctgcgaggc     71640
     caccggcggc ttcgtggtcg tgaaggggcc tggacgggga ggaaggtggg ccgtggaggg     71700
     gaggcggtca ggggctcagg tgaagacggg gtgagtgctg ttggggggat ggaagtcccg     71760
     aggtgccggg aacccccgac gacacagggc agattccctg aatggggtcc ccggcggggg     71820
     cgaggcgggc ggtgaagaag gggcctggca cctgggaagg ctgcggcctg gtgagcgccc     71880
     ccgcagcggt gtggagtgcg gagcacccga gtgagaagca ctgcaaggtc tcacctccgc     71940
     catggaaggt ccgaaaacag tgggaaggag tgggcgaggc agtgcggtcc aaccaaactt     72000
     gttgtgaggg ggggtgaatg gctctaggaa gtgggagtgt gcccaaagca gcaatcacga     72060
     gaattgtgat tcactagggt tttcgtgggg agtgcacttg tgaaactaaa cctcatcaga     72120
     aatgacctct gtctgcgggg cgcagtggcg ctcgcctacg tagtcccagt tactggggac     72180
     actgaggtgg gaggatccct tgagcgggag gtggaggctg cagtgagctg tgatcacgcc     72240
     gctgcactcc agcctgagca acacagcgag accgcgtgtc caaaagaaat ttagaaaaaa     72300
     atgtcctctg ccttttgcca cacgccttaa gatgattgct ctgccagcct ggccagcaga     72360
     agtggctttg taggcactca gacagcgtac acacgtatgc ttaactctgg gacttatctt     72420
     gagagtattt tcaaaagtaa aacggcaagt ttacatttat ccatggaagt gatcgaatat     72480
     agcagccctg tggagcgcac gttcccaatc acggttgtct gttttcagtg tgaaatatga     72540
     gttggcgagg aagatcgacc tatcggccta gaccaagacg ctacgtagag cctcctgaaa     72600
     tgattgggcc tatgcgggtg agtgcttaaa cgttaattcg atgttttcta ttagtagaaa     72660
     ttaatttttg tgatagcgtc gttgcattag tgtggaaatg ctgataaagg tctttcctgc     72720
     tcataaaaaa tgatgatggc atctcatgaa ggaaacattg attctggagg attttttttt     72780
     tcctctcgtg ttcttcagct tttgcccatg acttctttct ccggctttgt ttgttaatga     72840
     cagattgtac acatgtattc caacacagag tacaatagcc tccaaagtcc tcgtgcgtca     72900
     cttttctcac agtaacctcc ctgtgggtgg agtaacctta ttgggcatag agcatagagt     72960
     tggagaaatg tctttaggct tagttatgac cagaaatagc tatgtattct gtgtatatat     73020
     gtaaaatttt gtatcaataa cgaaacttat tttctatttg cacacccaca cgtattcccc     73080
     agcccgagca gttcagtgat gaagtggaac cagcaacacc tgaagaaggg gaaccagcaa     73140
     ctcaacgtca ggatcctgca gctgctcagg agggagagga tgagggagca tctgcaggtc     73200
     aaggtgaggg aaagggaaga agaacgtctg ctggtgtgtg cgtgtgtgtg tgttcgtgtg     73260
     tgtgtgtgca tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt aggcattgtc acataggagg     73320
     aagaggagga aagaaaacaa tggaaagaat gcctgaaatt gactggaaaa gcgaggaggc     73380
     tatgtagttt gcagcttagc ttaggcaaat ccctcactat gataaaagtt ctcgacttta     73440
     tgaatgagag aatggaggtg ccaggattgt gtgttatcca agaacccttg actggtgaat     73500
     acaacatttg tattgtgttc caaggtttgt gtcttcctat catgtgtgtt gctgtaaaga     73560
     aggaagtgat tttgctgaaa atgcttaaaa ctcaaaaggc tttactgtaa ggtagcttag     73620
     tactgaccca agaatagacc cagttcagag gagcaggagc agctccaaaa accgagtcgc     73680
     tgaatgttgg cccccgtttc ctttgattga tatttttata tggtacgttt gataaaagct     73740
     ggataaatga ggatactgcc atacaggtag ctggtttagt gatttttctc agcggccttt     73800
     aggaggtgat taaatccttt tatggttaga aaagcaaaaa cggaattatc ctgagattaa     73860
     cgtgagatgg aaataatttc tccgagataa aatgttttga aaggaagcat ttatgtaacg     73920
     gaggtcatgg attattccag ggatgcactg ttaaaagttc ctagaatctg actgacaaca     73980
     atgcccatta attgctgtcc gcccactccc ttattctcag tgcgggggac agtatatttt     74040
     ctgtgattca caaacaatgt tatatttggt gctttgttct tcacggggtt catttatgga     74100
     atattacctt taggaccttc ggacctaaat ataactttat ttgaacaaag tgaagtttct     74160
     ctttacccca ataggtaatg ggtgtcgtga ctgtaagatt tccatagtcc tcaaatccat     74220
     ccagctaatc aatccttcag aaactgacat tgtaattgta actgaaatcc tacccacgtg     74280
     gtagacttca gatttctcag ctgacgcaca ctgctgttgg tactctaggg ctgaatataa     74340
     gcattataca tgtcctgtgg tttatcctta gattgtcatt taggagaaag gtctaaagct     74400
     gggctgaatg ccatgcactc atagtcccag ctacttggga ggccgaggtg agaggattgc     74460
     ttgagtcctg gagttcaagc ccagcctggg aaacacagtg agacctcatt gctaataaat     74520
     aaataaatga ataaataaat aaacacataa ataaattcat taaataaata aagttttcat     74580
     ggtataggaa aacacagatg caaagttttt gtgcctagtg gctggtaatg ttgcaaacgt     74640
     aactccttag tgaactgtac cacttaaaaa tagttaagat ggtaaatttt aggatatctg     74700
     tattttttac cacaattgga aattcctttc ttcctaaagt tcagtgcagt tatcatatat     74760
     tcttttaaat ttttactgta tgtatcttca agacataaca ttcatagaaa atttgcaaga     74820
     atagtacaat gaactcatat actgttcatc tggattcacc aattgttagt agctttcgct     74880
     tcataggttt cacatctctt ccctccgtct cttacggtgc tgcccacaca ctcacacaca     74940
     cacactcaca cacacatacg gatatatgtt tactgttatt aatgttgaat tgtctcgata     75000
     aagtttcagg gattatggtc ctttacccta tgtacttgag ggtgtgtata tcgtcagaac     75060
     aaagagaaag tcatttcttg gatcatcact gcacaaagat aaaaatcagg aaatttaaca     75120
     atgagaaaat ggagtcattt aatacagagt gcatactcaa attttgccag ttccccagaa     75180
     aatttctttt ttcctttttt ttttctttgt tgagacggag tctctctctg tgggccaggt     75240
     tggagtgcag tagtgcgatc tcggctcact gcaacctaca cctcccaggt tctagggatt     75300
     ctcatgcctc agcctcccgt gtagctggga ctacaggcgc cggccactgc ggtcttgaac     75360
     ttctggcctc acctgctctg cccaccttgg catcccaaaa tgtttggatt gcaggcgtga     75420
     gaccccacgc ccggcccaga taattttatt gataggattt ctttttctga tccagagtcc     75480
     agttcagaat cacaccttgc atgtgctttt caggtgtttt tagtttcctt taacctgtaa     75540
     tgtttcctta atttttcttg tcattcacga tacggacatt tttggagagg atagaccagt     75600
     tggtttgcag aatattctgc agtttgggct ttttcatgta tttttaaaag agttttctca     75660
     ctcagcgttt attggtggct actcatgcca tgtaagagtc taagcgctag gagtgtaagt     75720
     gctgtgagag acgggatttg agccttgagt catttaatac gagaaggaca atcagaagta     75780
     gaataagaga gaagtgcaaa ggaggcagca aagttgtctg agggcagtct tcggaaagga     75840
     ggagggtaat atttggaaca ccttgttttc ctgttttctg ctaacggact cctgaaataa     75900
     tgttcctggg attcttatca acacatttat tattacgtta gctaaagctt ttatataata     75960
     ataccgagag catgaatatc attttcttat tcatatttta tgttttactg cttaaattga     76020
     tacgtatttt ttatttttaa gggccgaagc ctgaagctca tagccaggaa cagggtcacc     76080
     cacagactgg gtgtgagtgt gaagatggtc ctgatgggca ggagatggac ccgccaaatc     76140
     cagaggaggt gaaaacgcct gaagaaggta ggcaatccat taggcatgca cattgtaggg     76200
     tgtctgtttc cacagtatca tactgtaact cttactatgt ttttgagacg gagtctcgct     76260
     ctgaagacca ggctggagtg cagtggtgcc atctcggctc actggaaatt ctgtctccag     76320
     ggttcaagtg attctcctgc ctgagcctct ggcggagccg ggcttacagg catgctccgc     76380
     cgcgcccagc taattgttgt atttttagta gagacagggt ttcgttatgt tgcacaggtt     76440
     gttcccgaac tcctgacctc aggtgatcca cctgcctcga ccattgaaat tgccgggatt     76500
     acaggcgaga gccaccgtgc ccgacccagc attatatttt taataacaga gaggtaacaa     76560
     tactgcgtct ttagtaacag agttcttata taaaggttat ttgaaacgta gttcaggccc     76620
     cagcacccgg ctgatagact gtcagatagg gaaacaaagt gagtcaaagc tatgttgaat     76680
     taaaagtttt gagtataaat ccttaaacca gtagctcaca attttcagat gcttttgtaa     76740
     aggtctgctt ttaatcaata cataacacgt ttgtaacacc catcacttgg tgtgaaaaat     76800
     gctgaagcac tcatgcgggt tctaatacca gctcttacag ccttggcgag attctgagtg     76860
     agtcctttcc cttctaaacc tatctttggt tcttatgaaa atagtgagtt taagtcagag     76920
     actttaaaac cattttgcat tccgtttctt tcatactctg atcctgttgc atagaatgcg     76980
     tgggacacag agatcatctg cttcgcatgg tttgttaatc acaaatcatg aaaccctggc     77040
     ccgagtcatc tgaaaatctc tgaattgaga tttcattgtc agtaagacag tgagcgggcc     77100
     ctctgcttca tcctagtttt tccgtgtgga gagctgaata cgtagtataa gatcttgtga     77160
     aattgtgaat tctccctctt cttggtttgt ttgtttgttt gcgacagagt ctcagtgtgt     77220
     cacccaggct ggagtgcagt gatgcaattt cagctcactg caacttctgg ctcccaggct     77280
     aaagccgtcc tcccacctca gcctcccgag tggctggaac tacatgcaca agccaccgtg     77340
     cctgactaca tttttttgtt ttcatttttg tagagatgag gtctcactgt gttgcccagg     77400
     cagggtttct ctggctttta atgaacaatt gcttcttttt tttcctttta tttatttatt     77460
     atactttaag ttttagggta catgtgcacg ttgtgcaggt tagttacata cgtatacatg     77520
     tgccatgcag gtgcgctgca cccactatct catcatctag cattaggtac atctcccagt     77580
     gctatccctc ccccctcccc ccacccgaca acagtcccca gggtgtgata ttccccttcc     77640
     tctgtccatg tgatctcatt gttcagttcc cacctatgag tgagaatatg cggtgtttgg     77700
     ttttttgttc ttgcgatagt ttactgagaa tgatgatttc cagtttcatc catgtcccta     77760
     caaaggacat gaactcatca ttttttaggg ctgcatagta ttccatggtg tatatgtgcc     77820
     acattttctt aatccagtct atcgttgttg gacatttggg ttggttccaa gtctttgcta     77880
     tcgtgaataa tgccgcaata aacatacgtg tgcatgtgtc tttatagcag catgatttat     77940
     agtcctttgg gtatataccc agtaatggga tggctgggtc aaatggtaca attgcttctt     78000
     aaatctttcc ccacggaaac cttgagtgac tgaaataaat atcaaatggc gagagaccgt     78060
     ttagttccta tcatctgtgg catgtaggtc agtgatgctc agcatgggtg tgagtaagat     78120
     gcctgtgcta tgcatgctcc ctgccccact gtcagtcttc atgagccact atttctaata     78180
     agactgtaga cacacatacg atataatcat ctctaatcat atcaaatgtt acatgtaagt     78240
     ttcagcttta gagacatgaa ttgataagat ttaaagttga aagaccatga ctctagtact     78300
     tcctgagtaa tcaactgaag tatgctttac acatgtgttt tccaaattgc tgactgttaa     78360
     ttgtaagtgc ttgtgacttg aaaggaagca cttgatgttc agggaggaaa ttccttttaa     78420
     attctgcagg tctacgctca aagtttatgc agaggttcaa ttgcgtgtaa gacacgggat     78480
     cacccatagg gttctgtttt tagtccattt aataaaaccc aaactgtagt gtgctttgta     78540
     tgcctttagg gtcatctgaa taatctgttg ctaagtcatg ttcccaatcg ttgtgtttct     78600
     gttacaggtg aaaagcaatc acagtgttaa aagaaggcac gttgaaatga tgcaggctgc     78660
     tcctatgttg gaaatttgtt cattaaaatt ctcccaataa agctttacag ccttctgcaa     78720
     agaagtcttg cgcatctttt gtgaagttta tttctagctt tttgatgctg tgaaatatgt     78780
     atcattcttt gaaatcgtgt attgtaactc tctgagctgg tatgtagaga catcgttctt     78840
     tttttttttc tttctttctt tgtcctcttt tgagacggag tcttgctctg tcgcccaggc     78900
     tggagtgcag tggcgcgatc tctgctcact gcaaccccgc ctcccggatt caagcaattg     78960
     tctgcctcag cctcccgagt agctgggatt ataggcaccc accagcacgc ctggctaagt     79020
     tttgtgtttt tactagagat gggctttcgc catcttggcc ggggtgctct tgaactcctg     79080
     acctcgtgat tcacctgcct tggcctccca aagtgctggg attacaggca tgagcctccg     79140
     cgcccggtgg agacataatt cttacatatt ggttttctat ccagcggcct tgtgaaatat     79200
     gcttgtgaat tctaaagttt acttctaggt cgttttcagt cttcaatata cagaaacata     79260
     tcatcctgga ataagagcag ttttgtttcc gccatttttt tttcttttcc cttttgtatt     79320
     tttttgtaga gacggggttt tgccatgttt cccgggctgt tgttgaactt ttgagtgcaa     79380
     gtgatgcacc cacgtcacct cccacagtgc tgggattact ggcgtgggcc accgtggcgg     79440
     gcccgtcgtt gccattgtaa agagttttat ttccttttct gattttatgg cattgcgcag     79500
     acccacccgt tacaatggtg acagtggaca tccttgtctt atccctgatg agaaaccgaa     79560
     aaatttcaac atttcgccat cctattcact ctcctttttt tgtagacgga ctttatcaga     79620
     gtgagtcatt ccattctgtt ccaaatttgc tgagagtatt catttgaata tatgttgatt     79680
     ttcatcaaac agtgcatcta tttcgattac cacagcgttt tttcccattc atgtgttaat     79740
     atagtgaatt cgattgataa atttgtacgt ttttaggttc gattattaaa acttgagaca     79800
     gcgtctcact ctgtcaccga ggctggagtg cggtggtgtt atcagagctc gctgcagcct     79860
     tgacctcctg ggctcaaggg cgcctcccac ctcagcctcc tgaggagctg tgagtatagg     79920
     tacatgccac catgcccagc taatttttcg atggtttttt gtttgttttt tgtagtgatg     79980
     agattttctg atgttgctta ggctggtctc gaagtcctga gctcaggtga tctggccagc     80040
     tcaacctccc aaaatactag gattacaggc gtgagccttg gcctggtctg gtttttctta     80100
     tataggggtc ttatctatat aaagactaaa gttaatctgt gcctttgtgc gggtgggcta     80160
     agagcatgat gacttttatc attctattga tttaaagaaa actgtccttg acttaccagt     80220
     gtgtaagtcc atgaaagcat aattctgttg aaagcatata ttgttaatgg gtgttgggaa     80280
     ccgtgcactt tccgctgctg tgggagcatg tccttggagg tacctttcat ctgttttctc     80340
     aactccaaac atcttaggac catgggttgt gactggtagg actatgtatc ttgctgcttt     80400
     caagacggag tatattttca cgtggtgtca ctctggctgt cctgtttccc taatactgtc     80460
     acttcaccct ctgcgattct gatgctacaa atgatagata tcgttttagc attttcttac     80520
     gggtcctagc gattctattc atttttcttt cagtctcttt ctctgacttg ttcacattga     80580
     acaatttcct tttgggatag gttgctattt ctgttttcgc aggtggttta cctgtcttcc     80640
     cagccagtca cagtggtcct tgtccccatg gtgggtccgg ggcaagagag ggccctgggt     80700
     tgggggtggg gttcagttga agatggggtg agttttgagg ggagcactac ttgagtccca     80760
     gaggcatagg aaacagcaga gggaggtggg attcccttat cctcaatgag gatgggcatg     80820
     gagggtttgg ggcgtggcgc tgggaacggc agccctcccc agcccacagc cgcgcatgct     80880
     ccctgggctc ccgcctcagt gcgcatgttc actgggcgcc ttctgcccgg ccccttcgcc     80940
     cacgtgaaga acgccaggga gctgtgaggc agtgctgtgt ggttcctgcc gtccggactc     81000
     tttttcctct attgagattc atctggtagg tgtgcaggcc agtcatcccg ggggctgaag     81060
     tgtgagtgag ggtggagagg gcctcgggtg ggtcaggcgg gtcccgcttc ctggtctgtg     81120
     gcctccgagg gagaagggcc acgaggtcgt cctccttccc ttcacaggct gcgaggccac     81180
     cggcggcttc gtggtcgtga aggggcctgg acggggagga aggtgggccg tggaggggag     81240
     gcggtcaggg gctcaggtga agacggggtg agtgctgttg gggggatgga agtcccgagg     81300
     tgacgggaac ccccgacgac acagggcaga ttccctgaat ggggtccccg gcgggggcga     81360
     ggcgggcggt gaagaagggg cctggcacct gggaaggctg cggcctggtg agcgcccccg     81420
     cagcggtgtg gagtgcggag cgcccgagtg agaagcactg caaggtctca cctccgccat     81480
     ggaaggtccg aaaacagtgg gaaggagtgg gcgaggcagt gcggtccaac caaacttgtt     81540
     gtgagggggg gtgaatggct ctaggaagtg ggagtgtgcc caaagcagca atcacgagaa     81600
     ttgtgattca ctagggtttt cgtggggagt gcacttgtga aactaaacct catcagaaat     81660
     gacctctgtc tgcggggcgc agtggcgctc gcctacgtag tcccagttac tcgggacact     81720
     gaggtgggag gatcccttga gcgggaggtc gaggctgcag tgagctgtga tcacgccgct     81780
     gcactccagc ctgagcaaca cagcgagacc gcgtgtccaa aagaaattta gaaaaaaatg     81840
     tcctctgcct tttgccacac gccttaagat gattgctctg ccagcctggc cagcagaagt     81900
     ggctttgtag gcactcagac agcgtacaca cgtatgctta actctgggac ttatcttgag     81960
     agtattttca aaagtaaaac ggcaagttta catttatcca tggaagtgat cgaatatagc     82020
     agccctgtgg agcgcacgtt cccaatcacg gttgtgtgtt ttcagtgtga aatatgagtt     82080
     ggcgaggaag atcgacctat cggcctagac caagacgcta cgtagagcct cctgaaatga     82140
     ttgggcctat gcgggtgagt gcttaaacgt taattcgatg ttttctatta gtagaaatta     82200
     atttttgtga tagcgttgtt gcattagtgt ggaaatgctg ataaaggtct ttcctgctca     82260
     taaaaaatga tgatggcatc tcatgaagga aacattgatt ctggaggatt ttttttttcc     82320
     tctcgtgttc ttcagctttt gcccatgact tctttctccg gctttgtttg ttaatgacag     82380
     attgtacaca tgtattccaa cacagagtac aatagcctcc aaagtcctcg tgcgtcactt     82440
     ttctcacagt aacctccctg tgggtggagt aaccttattg ggcatagagc atagagttgg     82500
     agaaatgtct ttaggcttag ttatgaccag aaatagctat gtattctgtg tatatatgta     82560
     aaattttgta tcaataacga aacttatttt ctatttgcac acccacacgt attccccagc     82620
     ccgagcagtt cagtgatgaa gtggaaccag caacacctga agaaggggaa ccagcaactc     82680
     aacgtcagga tcctgcagct gctcaggagg gagaggatga gggagcatct gcaggtcaag     82740
     gtgagggaaa gggaagaaga acgtctgctg gtgtgtgcgt gtgtgtgtgt tcgtgtgtgt     82800
     gtgtgcatgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgttaggca ttgtcacata ggaggaagag     82860
     gaggaaagaa aacaatggaa agaatgcctg aaattgactg gaaaagcgag gaggctatgt     82920
     agtttgcagc ttagcttagg caaatccctc actatgataa aagttctcga ctttatgaat     82980
     gagagaatgg aggtgccagg attgtgtgtt atccaagaac ccttgactgg tgaatacaac     83040
     atttgtattg tgttccaagg tttgtgtctt cctatcatgt gtgttgctgt aaagaaggaa     83100
     gtgattttgc tgaaaatgct taaaactcaa aaggctttac tgtaaggtag ctcagtactg     83160
     acccaagaat agacccagtt cagaggagca ggagcagctc caaaaaccga gtcgctgaat     83220
     gttggccccc gtttcctttg attgatattt ttatatggta cgtttgataa aagctggata     83280
     aatgaggata ctgccataca ggtagctggt ttagtgattt ttctcagcgg cctttaggag     83340
     gtgattaaat ccttttatgg ttagaaaagc aaaaacggaa ttatcctgag attaacgtga     83400
     gatggaaata atttctccga gataaaatgt tttgaaagga agcatttatg taacggaggt     83460
     catggattat tccagggatg cactgttaaa agttcctaga atctgactga caacaatgcc     83520
     cattaattgc tgtccgccca ctcccttatt ctcagtgcgg gggacagtat attttctgtg     83580
     attcacaaac aatgttatat ttggtgcttt gttcttcacg gggttcattt atggaatatt     83640
     acctttagga ccttcggacc taaatataac tttatttgaa caaagtgaag tttctcttta     83700
     ccccaatagg taatgggtgt cgtgactgta agatttccat agtcctcaaa tccatccagc     83760
     taatcaatcc ttcagaaact gacattgtaa ttgtaactga aatcctaccc acgtggtaga     83820
     cttcagattt ctcagctgac gcacactgct gttggtactc tagggctgaa tataagcatt     83880
     atacatgtcc tgtggtttat ccttagattg tcatttagga gaaaggtcta aagctgggct     83940
     gaatgccatg cactcatagt cccagctact tgggaggccg aggtgagagg attgcttgag     84000
     tcctggagtt caagcccagc ctgggaaaca cagtgagacc tcattgctaa taaataaata     84060
     aatgaataaa taaataaaca cataaataaa ttcattaaat aaataaagtt ttcatggtat     84120
     aggaaaacac agatgcaaag tttttgtgcc tagtggctgg taatgttgca aacgtaactc     84180
     cttagtgaac tgtaccactt aaaaatagtt aagatggtaa attttaggat atctgtattt     84240
     tttaccacaa ttggaaattc ctttcttcct aaagttcagt gcagttatca tatattcttt     84300
     taaattttta ctgtatgtat cttcaagaca taacattcat agaaaatttg caagaatagt     84360
     acaatgaact catatactgt tcatctggat tcaccaattg ttagtagctt tcgcttcata     84420
     ggtttcacat ctcttccctc cgtctcttac cgtgctgccc acacactcac acacacacac     84480
     tcacacacac atacggatat atgtttactg ttattaatgc tgaattgtct cgataaagtt     84540
     tcagggatta tggtccttta ccctatgtac ttgagggtgt gtatatcgtc agaacaaaga     84600
     gaaagtcatt tcttggatca tcactgcaca aagataaaaa tcaggaaatt taacaatgag     84660
     aaaatggagt catttaatac agagtgcata ctcaaatttt gccagttccc cagaaaattt     84720
     cttttttcct tttttttttc tttgttgaga cggagtctct ctctgtgggc caggttggag     84780
     tgcagtagtg cgatctcggc tcactgcaac ctacacctcc caggttctag ggattctcat     84840
     gcctcagcct cccgtgtagc tgggactaca ggcgccggcc actgcggtct tgaacttctg     84900
     gcctcacctg ctctgcccac cttggcatcc caaaatgttt ggattgcagg cgtgagaccc     84960
     cacgcccggc ccagataatt ttattgatag gatttctttt tctgatccag agtccagttc     85020
     agaatcacac cttgcatgtg cttttcaggt gtttttagtt tcctttaacc tgtaatgttt     85080
     ccttaatttt tcttgtcatt cacgatacgg acatttttgg agaggataga ccagttggtt     85140
     tgcagaatat tctgcagttt gggctttttc atgtattttt aaaagagttt tctcactcag     85200
     cgtttattgg tggctactca tgccatgtaa gagtctaagc gctaggagtg taagtgctgt     85260
     gagagacggg atttgagcct tgagtcattt aatacgagaa ggacaatcag aagtagaata     85320
     agagagaagt gcaaaggagg cagcaaagtt gtctgagggc agtcttcgga aaggaggagg     85380
     gtaatatttg gaacaccttg ttttcctgtt ttctgctaac ggactcctga aataatgttc     85440
     ctgggattct tatcaacaca tttattatta cgttagctaa agcttttata taataatacc     85500
     gagagcatga atatcatttt cttattcata ttttatgttt tactgcttaa attgatacgt     85560
     attttttatt tttaagggcc gaagcctgaa gctcatagcc aggaacaggg tcacccacag     85620
     actgggtgtg agtgtgaaga tggtcctgat gggcaggaga tggacccgcc aaatccagag     85680
     gaggtgaaaa cgcctgaaga aggtaggcaa tccattaggc atgcacattg tagggtgtct     85740
     gtttccacag tatcatattg taactcttac tatgtttttg agacggagtc tcgctctgaa     85800
     gaccaggctg gagtgcagtg gtgccatctc ggctcactgg aaattctgtc tccagggttc     85860
     aagtgattct cctgcctgag cctctggcgg agccgggctt acaggcatgc tccgccgcgc     85920
     ccagctaatt gttgtatttt tagtagagac agggtttcgt tatgttgcac aggttgttcc     85980
     cgaactcctg acctcaggtg atccacctgc ctcgaccatt gaaattgccg ggattacagg     86040
     cgagagccac cgtgcccgac ccagcattat atttttaata acagagaggt aacaatactg     86100
     cgtctttagt aacagagttc ttatataaag gttatttgaa atgtagttca ggccccagca     86160
     cccggctgat agactgtcag atagggaaac aaagtgagtc aaagctatgt tgaattaaaa     86220
     gttttgagta taaatcctta aaccagtagc tcacaatttt cagatgcttt tgtaaaggtc     86280
     tgcttttaat caatacataa cacgtttgta acacccatca cttggtgtga aaaatgctga     86340
     agcactcatg cgggttctaa taccagctct tacagccttg gcgagattct gagtgagtcc     86400
     tttcccttct aaacctatct ttggttctta tgaaaatagt gagtttaagt cagagacttt     86460
     aaaaccattt tgcattccgt ttctttcata ctctgatcct gttgcataga atgcgtggga     86520
     cacagagatc atctgcttcg catggtttgt taatcacaaa tcatgaaacc ctggcccgag     86580
     tcatctgaaa atctctgaat tgagatttca ttgtcagtaa gacagtgagc gggccctctg     86640
     cttcatccta gtttttccgt gtggagagct gaatacgtag tataagatct tgtgaaattg     86700
     tgaattctcc ctcttcttgg tttgtttgtt tgtttgcgac agagtctcag tgtgtcaccc     86760
     aggctggagt gcagtgatgc aatttcagct cactgcaact tctggctccc aggctaaagc     86820
     cgtcctccca cctcagcctc ccgagtggct ggaactacat gcacaagcca ccgtgcctga     86880
     ctacattttt ttgttttcat ttttgtagag atgaggtctc actgtgttgc ccaggcaggg     86940
     tttctctggc ttttaatgaa caattgcttc ttttttttcc ttttatttat ttattatact     87000
     ttaagtttta gggtacatgt gcacgttgtg caggttagtt acatacgtat acatgtgcca     87060
     tgcaggtgcg ctgcacccac tatctcatca tctagcatta ggtacatctc ccagtgctat     87120
     ccctcccccc tccccccacc cgacaacagt ccccagggtg tgatattccc cttcctctgt     87180
     ccatgtgatc tcattgttca gttcccacct atgagtgaga atatgcggtg tttggttttt     87240
     tgttcttgcg atagtttact gagaatgatg atttccagtt tcatccatgt ccctacaaag     87300
     gacatgaact catcattttt tagggctgca tagtattcca tggtgtatat gtgccacatt     87360
     ttcttaatcc agtctatcgt tgttggacat ttgggttggt tccaagtctt tgctatcgtg     87420
     aataatgccg caataaacat acgtgtgcat gtgtctttat agcagcatga tttatagtcc     87480
     tttgggtata tacccagtaa tgggatggct gggtcaaatg gtacaattgc ttcttaaatc     87540
     tttccccacg gaaaccttga gtgactgaaa taaatatcaa atggcgagag accgtttagt     87600
     tcctatcatc tgtggcatgt aggtcagtga tgctcagcat gggtgtgagt aagatgcctg     87660
     tgctatgcat gctccctgcc ccactgtcag tcttcatgag ccactatttc taataagact     87720
     gtagacacac atacgatata atcatctcta atcatatcaa atgttacatg taagtttcag     87780
     ctttagagac atgaattgat aagatttaaa gttgaaagac catgactcta gtacttcctg     87840
     agtaatcaac tgaagtatgc tttacacatg tgttttccaa attgctgact gttaattgta     87900
     agtgcttgtg acttgaaagg aagcacttga tgttcaggga ggaaattcct tttaaattct     87960
     gcaggtctac gctcaaagtt tatgcagagg ttcaattgcg tgtaagacac gggatcaccc     88020
     atagggttct gtttttagtc catttaataa aacccaaact gtagtgtgct ttgtatgcct     88080
     ttagggtcat ctgaataatc tgttgctaag tcatgttccc aatcgttgtg tttctgttac     88140
     aggtgaaaag caatcacagt gttaaaagaa ggcacgttga aatgatgcag gctgctccta     88200
     tgttggaaat ttgttcatta aaattctccc aataaagctt                           88240

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