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1. ASFUM1_4.PE428 Organism: ASPERGILLUS FUMIGATUS AF293                                           
Location/Qualifiers                      (length = 387)
FT   CDS             join(complement(1644035..1644201),
FT                   /gene_family="HOG000048509"
FT                   /product="Putative uncharacterized protein "

2. ASPFC_5.PE66 Organism: ASPERGILLUS FUMIGATUS A1163                                           
Location/Qualifiers                      (length = 405)
FT   CDS             join(complement(194637..194803),complement(194322..194559))
FT                   /gene_family="HOG000048509"
FT                   /note="transcript_id=CADAFUBT00006303"
FT                   /note="C+G content in third codon positions = 54.8 % "

User reference: ACNUC7421

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